Has Atlas Finally Shrugged?

Some time ago…..like a real long time ago, I read a book by Ayn Rand entitled “Atlas Shrugged”. The Cliff Notes version of it was about the economic carnage caused by big government run amok. It was/is a work of fiction that should be required reading. But is it fiction any longer? Several things make me question whether or not the author was actually insightful and sent a warning. The Wall Street Journal said “with each successive bailout plan and economic-stimulus scheme out of Washington, our current politicians are committing the very acts of economic lunacy that “Atlas Shrugged” parodied in 1957, when this 1,000-page novel was first published and became an instant hit.”

The Wall Street Journal went on to say, “For the uninitiated, the moral of the story is simply this: Politicians invariably respond to crises — that in most cases they themselves created — by spawning new government programs, laws and regulations. These, in turn, generate more havoc and poverty, which inspires the politicians to create more programs . . . and the downward spiral repeats itself until the productive sectors of the economy collapse under the collective weight of taxes and other burdens imposed in the name of fairness, equality and do-goodism.”

JAC and I had an interesting conversation the other day bout North Korea and China and where should the USA be today. It spurred some thinking about where we really are and do we, as a country, have a moral obligation to the world or do we have an obligation to preserve our old traditions and culture and quit trying to be everything to everybody. So, I took Rand’s book and applied it to today in economics AND cultural reality. Wealth re-distribution is alive and well and the blatant attempt of the left to turn the US into a socialist European flavor is well on its way. So, let’s take a look.

BY 2008, we had the $700 billion “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act” and the “Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act.” Obama immediately followed that up with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. It took George Bush 8 years to spend 1.5 trillion but Obama took only 100 days to spend 1 trillion and by the end of his term, he managed to add another 15 trillion. The more incompetent you are in business and government, the more handouts the politicians will bestow on you. That’s the justification for the $2 trillion of subsidies doled out already to keep afloat distressed insurance companies, banks, Wall Street investment houses, and auto companies — while standing next in line for their share of the booty are real-estate developers, the steel industry, chemical companies, airlines, ethanol producers, construction firms and even catfish farmers. With each successive bailout to “calm the markets,” another trillion of national wealth is subsequently lost. Yet, as “Atlas” grimly foretold, we now treat the incompetent who wreck their companies as victims, while those resourceful business owners who manage to make a profit are portrayed as recipients of illegitimate “windfalls.” The Robin Hood approach, doncha’ see? Destroy the good for the bad. Too big to fail.

Former President Obama, promised… to raise the income tax “for purposes of fairness”. Interpretation…..to destroy the very foundation of our economic structure. But, as Rand wrote, it is already being done by the countless politicians that are on the “take.” It is all sides of the aisle. The great experiment in Europe is failing….might as well bring the United States along with it. Why can’t we see this and learn from it. The elitists and the socialists have destroyed a once vibrant continent in Europe…..are we next?

So, what do we need to do? Perhaps it is time to protect our Western heritage and Western Culture as Trump put it in his speech in Poland. It is time for the world to face their own obligations and costs. America should be first, Mr. President…we owe the world nothing. We are hurting right here. Our middle class is being forced into the poor class. When profits and wealth and creativity are denigrated in society, they start to disappear — leaving everyone the poorer. When political correctness replaces common sense, culture disappears. When you create a society of takers….society loses. For the want of a nail………………………………………………………..




  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. gmanfortruth says:

    I wonder if the problems in Europe involving the refugee/migrant Muslim’s and all the problems they are cause is getting enough exposure to actually inform anyone. Looking at how the Liberal MSM is covering the Russian collusion delusion, there isn’t enough time to cover much else in this country, much less the problems in Europe. Let them in the Socialist’s say, the results are that it’s overwhelming their ability to help/control the problems that came with them. The Cloward/Piven strategy being used against their own people by their government. This is negatively affecting every aspect of life in countries that have opened the refugee flood gates.

    Poland said it best…we don’t have terrorist attacks, because we didn’t let them in. This LESSON should be blared all over the media, but it’s being ignored, except by the alternative media, mainly the Right leaning ones, because the Liberal Alt-media sites are also too busy with the collusion delusion.

    I agree with Trump on many of these issues. I’m even further Right in the belief we need to eradicate socialism from the planet.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Socialism has been around since the dawn of man. How ever taking a much greater modern role politically since the industrial revolution began in the 1700’s. The debate has raged for centuries with NO form being perfect and obtaining its ascribed goals. To create a perfect society using an imperfect and infinitely random specimen as its model.

      The UN in 2013 determined that the nordic countries are the happiest countries in the world and they follow “democratic socialism” I just wonder if that analysis was done today what the outcome would be considering the damage “social justice” has done to those countries. What they have done is injected another view of socialism called “Islamic Socialism” which is totally contrary to the european brand of democratic socialism.

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    Let me add, the opiode epidemic is CAUSED by our government and they are talking about fixing it. This is typical. The problem is fixable. 1, get out of Afghanistan. Russia had the same problem when they were there. 2. Stop making the damn pills and issuing them to people. There are plenty of alternative methods of pain relief, including pot, that is safer. This of course will never happen because big pharma has too much to lose. 3. Limit use to inpatient care only. If more is needed outside of the hospital, only give out 1 or 2 days dosage and require the pick-up every day or every other day. Watch how fast the epidemic ends!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      “Better living through chemicals”. I believe using the mind bending drugs is a cop out. It’s the easy way out and rarely if ever solve the issue that brought you to the usage anyway.
      Much of the “legal” AMA and FDA approved drugs fall into the same category. They do not solve the problem, just paper it over. The rot just continues beneath the surface.

      With all the effort that society goes to, to save what appears to be the most miniscule form of life, don’t viruses and bacteria have a right to life? They are probably the wisest element God introduced to earth and that is to control and limit any species from domination and destroying the world as we know it.

    • gmanfortruth says:
  4. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Tailwind Caused Sept. F-35 Engine Fire
    A strong tailwind caused the engine of an F-35A to catch fire last fall, prompting checklist revisions and new precautions and procedures to be put in place to change how F-35s are handled on the ground. Read the full story by Brian Everstine and John A. Tirpak, which includes a link to the AIB report.

  5. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Tailwind Caused Sept. F-35 Engine Fire
    A strong tailwind caused the engine of an F-35A to catch fire last fall, prompting checklist revisions and new precautions and procedures to be put in place to change how F-35s are handled on the ground. Read the full story by Brian Everstine and John A. Tirpak, which includes a link to the AIB report.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Is anybody working harder than McCain to bring Trump down?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Well, mini-me, Sen. Graham is second!

    • MSM?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Those folks you’d expect. This is fifth column action. McCain had a real “hard*n” to go to war against Libya…..didn’t turn out well. Eygpt dodged a real bullet because the military is rational and are the real power. Why did he feel that overthrowing Assad will turn out well based on all our political actions from 2001 on. Did they really believe supporting the moderate rebels(how) did they carry cards. If we had left well enough alone the crisis there would have long passed, or even existed. What was Obama’s 1st apology tour about. That we the US would let people pursue their own nations destiny. Right out of the shute HRC and Obama went after Eygpt. Made an absolute hash out of Libya. Syria etal. We pulled out support of Yemen after years of wooing them away from the USSR, then abandoned them when ISIS came calling. Then we went after Saudi Arabia when they went after ISIS ruthlessly.

        One would think that McCain would have had a few years of reflection while sitting in a POW camp in Vietnam about good an bad involvement interfering. Vietnam is infinitely better off than they ever would have been under the likes of CIA installed Thieu

        • You mentioned Vietnam….interesting story…..a true one. There was this young lad fresh out of college when the draft was replaced with the lottery….of course his birthday was drawn and it was a cinch this young lad was going to be sent to Vietnam. This young Special Forces troop was assigned to Ban Me Thout in the Central Highlands and worked with project Omega. He workd with the actual tribesmen of Vietnam called Montgnards. Shortly after his arrival and intoduced to his “yard” counter part. One bright sunny day, in a village not too far away, this young Green Beret was leading his Montgnard recon team to pay a visit to the village Chieftain and Shaman. In tow, were Montgnard bearers carrying ammunition, rifles, first aid, etc…..you now, the tools of war. Some farm implements that they never used but we insisted they have them.

          As I was sitting in what is called a “long house” drinking some awful concoction called “nompe”….pronounced “Nam Pay”….( you do not even want to know what it was nor how it was made )……the chatter around the fire was about the supplies that we brought and that they were divided up. But their division did not match mine from school….exactly one half of the supplies….were spirited off to some place that I was not allowed to see. It was explained to me through my counter part interpreter and my limited Rhade dialect, that they were saving one half of everything they received and that when the war was over and the Viet Cong defeated, they were going to take years of saving everything and turn right around and run the South Vietnamese out of the country.


  7. Just A Citizen says:


    If you haven’t already, I suggest you read The Fountainhead. Also by Ayn Rand. It is a little more in line with what we see today as it focuses on the individual fighting against the collective opinion on what is acceptable architecture, art, engineering, etc. etc… Not so much on the “Utopian” hideout as is done in Atlas Shrugged.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Yes…The Fountainhead was better….especially the “art” critic in the media. Very powerful

  8. Just A Citizen says:


    From Dictionary:
    “An act of war is an action by one country against another with an intention to provoke a war or an action that occurs during a declared war or armed conflict between military forces of any origin. The loss or damage caused due to such conflicts are excluded from insurance coverage except for life assurances.”

    From US Code:
    (4) the term “act of war” means any act occurring in the course of—
    (A) declared war;
    (B) armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two or more nations; or
    (C) armed conflict between military forces of any origin; and

    A Cyber attack, or hacking DNC computers, or meddling in our election process with propaganda is NOT an Act of War, per these two sources. Unless of course such an act was intended to start an actual shooting war or was done during a declared war or armed conflict between the USA and Russia/China/etc.

    • Correct…..it becomes an act of war, however, if a hacker gets into a power grid or air traffic control system or something similar and shuts it down perpetrating real-world damage — the threat of damaging critical infrastructure and lives in the process.

      There is a controversial conclusion from the United Nations Security Council, in 2015, that nations would be in their rights under international law to respond with bombs or bullets against cyber attackers that caused death, destruction or damage on a significant scale. In July of 2016, it was expanded that a cyber atttack on a corporation that caused death or destruction is also considered an act of war. The commission went on to say that hacking into banking or other infrastructure that results in major interruption of critical services is also considered an act of war, even if no death has occured but the threat of death is apparently enough.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Got a link to the documents? That is what I was looking for and all I could find is what I posted above.

        Now, does the Security Council act on something like this without full UN approval?

        • The Tallinn Manual 2.0 is the most comprehensive analysis of how existing international law applies to cyberspace. Authored by nineteen international law experts, the “Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations”, the updated and considerably expanded second edition of the 2013 “Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare”, is an influential resource for legal advisers dealing with cyber issues. The drafting of the Tallinn Manual 2.0 was facilitated and led by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

        • THere is a link to United Nations….I will find it for you. I learned of it through briefings but it is not classified. I will find it for you.

  9. gmanfortruth says:
  10. I find this extremely interesting —why is it okay for journalists but not for anyone else-
    if the info. itself is considered interference whether it is true or not?


    • gmanfortruth says:

      This whole story is just Liberal hyperbole on steroids, and it’s coming apart at the seams. I would have met with a Russian agent to take possession of damning political material, if I was looking for such stuff in an election cycle. They ALL do it, including the hypocrit Democrats.

  11. There is no saving America.

    Public choice doctrine demonstrates that there can be no reduction of the political handouts once those handouts have been created.

    Because their constituency that gets the handout has far more motivation to fight to save it then the masses that pay a pittance for it. It is a matter of cost of time for benefit.

    As such all programs are doing to grow taxes going to grow economic growth doomed to shrink

    There is nothing any politician no matter who he iscan do about it

    To pretend that through political engines the landscape of America today could be changed to stuff this is an absolute fairytale

    The consequences will be at some point the governments discretionary fund will be exhausted. There will be no more money for programs. Ability to borrow money from capital markets will happen so reduced by the economic problems in the capital market that there will be no money here either.

    And the Federal Reserve will refuse to print money

    That’s when the government’s check starts bouncing, America will begin to disassociate. The central government will become nothing more than a stale irrelevant beast.

    Do not waste your time trying to save America. Plan now to create the foundations not for THE United States, but for THESE United States

    • Just A Citizen says:


      As you know, I disagree. But it is in the margins these days.

      It is a fact that the task appears to be growing ever faster than our ability to cause the changes needed. This is due not just to Public Choice Theory, but to lack of a unified Moral/Ethic standard on which we can make those changes. In short, you cannot change if you have no idea what it is you want.

      Change has been occurring at the local and State levels. Not everywhere but in many places. That “majority” may want free stuff, but they still realize it is wrong and disastrous in the long run. But it is an ever shrinking majority. Take the vote away from the ladies and this majority would suddenly grow. Ducking to keep from being hit by Red high heel shoes and a hiking boot.

      Platitudes about “returning to the Constitution” don’t fill the bill because, thanks to the education system, there is not even a unified agreement on what that means.

      I completely agree with you on one major point. The energy, time and money needed to cause change are so large that most people have basically decided to give up. The perceived benefit is not high enough for the costs that must be paid. I see this in my own family. The criticism for spending “time” trying to get people to think about these issues or change their thinking is considered a “waste”. Time that could be better spent improving our daily situation.

      Now notice that this provides an opportunity. If there was enough focus on this one point, people could begin to move their views. Namely, clarify the link between doing nothing and the fact that “improving our daily lives” will become more impossible with each passing day.

      I also believe that it is far better to keep working on this in order to be at least partly prepared should the end come faster than thought possible. It would only take a change in outlook by one generation for changes in the political realm to happen.

      Best to you in your travels
      Your ever Naive and Optimistic friend.

  12. Tarnation, Gman!

    un-trash my post!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I don’t know what to tell Ya Mathius, it’s WordPress. Maybe shorten them to something less than a novel, like 4 mini novels and see what happens.

  13. Just saw a news special that the Russian Attorney that talked to junior was let into the country by the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch….did not have a passport, nor a visa, nor any other papers allowing her in…………..she was let in under special circumstances cleared by Lynch personally…..

    smells like a set up to me

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It is started to be reported that this Russian lawyer was lobbying to get some Act that froze money from a bunch of rich Russians and had nothing to do with the election. I’ll find a link. The bottom line….the Liberal media has egg on their faces and are choking on crow again.

      I sometimes wonder if the Trump team is putting some of this stuff out for the Liberal media, knowing full well what the outcome will be…the Liberal media will make fools of themselves (along with lots of politicians).

    • gmanfortruth says:

      She claimed in the court documents that she was representing her clients but her actions told a different story. Veselnitskaya was using her time in the U.S. to lobby against the Magnitsky Act, an American law that denies certain Russians visas and access to American banks who were allegedly connected to the death of whistle blower Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky, a tax lawyer, unraveled a $230 million dollar Russian mob scheme that allegedly defrauded the London-based Hermitage Fund, with offices in Moscow.


  14. gmanfortruth says:

    Just wondering, but there is clear evidence that a DNC paid operative worked with the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on the Trump camp during the election cycle, which is what caused Manafort to resign due to his past work with high level Ukrainians.

    Is this not the same election meddling that the Left is trying to get Russia on (and Trump jr.)? I’m pretty sure it is. To that matter, neither is a crime, there is no collusion laws, none, zero, it’s all LEGAL! Looking into the future, I can see a Democrat get caught with “collusion”, only so the media can state it isn’t a crime (yet)

  15. Thank you very much…and I will keep you posted. It is going to be published in a military news letter, with your permission….read by about 5,000. You will , of course, get the credit and I will send you a copy as soon as I can get one….complete with comments, which I think will be many. You are very talented. Sort of Twilight Zone-ish.

  16. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
  17. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I am absolutely amazed at young president Macaroon of France. The President, invited there for Bastille Day on the 100th Anniversary year of America coming to the aid of La Belle France is something the left would never imagine this new French President could do. Oh, the betrayal (and does not our President look Presidential?)

    Vive la France!


  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe all the “leaks” that have sprung in the D.C. dike are more a generational thing than a political party thing. That her “staff” would do this is simply inconceivable to me. And that is my point. Not that she was foolish to have the pictures on her phone, which it was. Or that she gave the password to her staff, which she did. But that those who are hired to work FOR you, would work against you.


    • What a couple does is their own business……rule 1…..DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR PHONE. rule 2…….NEVER TRUST A STAFFER.

      JAC…actually, given the climate today, I am not at all surprised.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes, different times.

        Remember the Senator Larry Craig scandal. Waving hand in the bathroom…..

        There were many rumors in Idaho about Larry’s sexual habits. But NOBODY ever produced any hard evidence. NONE, NADA, ZILCH. No staffers ever dropped a dime on him.

        It was only after he got pinched in Minnesota and tried to bullshit his way out of it. But still, it was a police staffer who released the info to the press. Not a staffer.

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    This story broke a couple years ago and was also reported by the BBC, NYT etal. It was interesting reading what the then Home Secretary Theresa May said and her actions today are now that she is PM.

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11.

    There is one thing that really caught my eye about this man’s story….the media’s involvement.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    Meet the next Senator from Michigan 😀

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Stabenow responded on her personal Twitter account Wednesday.

      “I know we both share a love of music. I concede he’s better at playing guitar and I’ll keep doing what I do best: fighting for Michigan,” she wrote.

      Rock then responded to Stabenow on Facebook Thursday.

      “Senator Stabenow and I do share a love of music, although probably not the same kind. I concede she is better at playing politics than I am so I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is being a voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS and letting politicians like her know that We the People are sick and tired of their bullsh*t!” he wrote.


      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Well the Dems have Al Franken a poor comedian at best. If Kid Rock would capture a senate seat and if Ted Nugett could be talked into running that’ll shake up the old rotted timbers of the Capital building

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Our government is supposed to be a government of the people, NOT some political class playground/clique that no one else can play in or join. Unfortunately…..

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          We could have a battle of the bands on the senate floor. Be more fun than listen to the slop the current batch are feeding us.

  22. Sounds to me like that rule should stop almost all H 2b visa’s if it was being followed.


    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      When I lived in Maine one of the notible work practices out of neccessity was to work multiple jobs. Not usually at the same time but at different seasons. The other thing was there was a great deal of pride to NOT be on welfare. The other big thing I saw and heard after innumerable conversations with residents up in this “hostile” environment was they STAYED debt free. No bank came a calling when things got tight.

      I will assume with that short tourist season, at its longest was Memorial Day to Labor Day, but usually was after school let out or the 4th to labor day. Then the season shifts to snow and skiing. Now welfare exceeds what you can make temporarily, why work, the paper work at the aid offices won’t even catch up. With all the “green” efforts and successfully shutting down paper mills, diminishing catches and fed laws limits getting a few bucks there. The nuclear plant in Wiscasset was shut causing huge unemployment in that area, yet the greenies won’t even let a bio gas generation plant be built that recycles organic wastes. Go figure…….the work there was variable at best even at the States largest business employer Bath Iron Works.

      As for Europe it’s interesting to listen to people like Merkels argument that the population is aging and the lack of births by natives we need the immigrants. The fallacy of that argument is that the labor laws in the EU are causing much of the problem. With the YOUNG citizens finding it almost impossible to get a job and in some countries that age demographic is up to 25% unemployed. Just offer the job to residents first and move them. The migrants are not the solution to the aging population assuming they will sustain with TAXES the aging benefits. They are a COST to the system not a benefit to the tune of 100’s of billions a year. Sweden did not need any more workers especially ones that do not speak swedish. Remember in 2010 that Merkel herself loudly proclaimed that the “diversity” experiment has failed, which was the assumption migrants at the time would assimulate. They didn’t……why do they assume it’s different today.? It seems the people that have been the loudest proponants of the mass immigration mostly have the means to live in areas not affected and wealthy enough to have security. The polls consistantly show the people are NOT for this massive influx of people. Migrants that want to become British, Dutch etc are welcome. But what is coming in DO NOT as a whole.

      The EU is going after Hungary for passing a law that requires the NGO’s to declare who their financers are. The NGO’s have openly declared that it is inconvenient to take migrants to other ports besides Italy. And all the EU’s response is with Italy saying this is totally unsustainable is we’ll work on a protocol. All my Italian friends say its an absolute mess in the country and being totally destroyed…….almost all the real news is being broadcast from outside of Europe where Brussels can not get at them.

      • It has to be reported outside Europe, they have successfully made telling the truth a hate crime. We can see the cost by reading your other article about children being raped with Governmental Approval.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Absolutely…..after the “mosque” attack and the backlash especially after Manchester and the London attacks the EU leaders are really considering blocking any communication or dialog covering their political immigration policies……WHY…..any discussion is a “hate” crime. A prosecutable offense. But Iman’s speeches are protected by freedom of religion, a totally hypocritical policy.

          Yes we have a policy of freedom of religion, but our civil laws have really put a damper on burning heretics (sarc). Like years ago when we had the priest pedophelia problem. The church played a shell game with these priests with full knowledge of all the cardinals and vatican officials. Very few were ever sent to prison, only quiet payoffs to the victims. I had great respect for Pope John Paul II for his fight against the nazi’s and communists at great personal risk. However he basically took NO action against the diocies and priests that violated every moral fabric of what the church/religions are suppose to profess….plus the government was equally guilty……they should have withdrawn the tax exempt status of the church until they turned over the guilty for criminal and civil prosecution…….look at what that wink wink nod nod soft glove approach has reaped now. The church wonders why people are leaving in droves. I have had several devote catholic friends who have all left the organized church. One who would have put a nun to shame for her devoteness. She also NEVER let her young son go to any activity at the church unless accompanied by her or her husband. This part two, now much bigger, of the same scandal will destroy the church. I have faith in that….The ramparts of Vatican City will have to be militarized. The peasants will revolt not only against this scandal, but also Pope Francis’s very vocal anti western civilization rhetoric. He even wants the EU to send military forces to quell the anti-migrant factions and governments that are blossoming…….where are the migrant camps in the Vatican square and gardens?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Welfare reform…….Eliminate welfare when jobs are available, any job. If we have foreigners working and people collecting welfare benefits, something is very wrong.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        It is so clear in the EU where the migrants flock. To those countries that pay the greatest welfare. These people are creating a parallel society including legal systems apart from and not of the countries they are entering and living off the other side.

        I read that the muslims that beheaded some british soldiers on the streets were actually making more money on government handouts that the soldiers they murdered.

  23. gmanfortruth says:
  24. I have no problem with women wearing short sleeves. But please stop with the Women are being mistreated crap. I even heard that it was too hot, wearing suits and ties is hot. Anyone talking about what the men have to wear. So update the rules without the BS.

  25. I really like the sound of this. Not sure if it’s possible though.


    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      While looking up something else, like what % or federal workers voted for HRC or democrat. Nothing popped up quickly but the % of donations was huge towards HRC, like averaging 95% with DOJ employees giving 97% to HRC as opposed to Trump. I did come across this article though….

      http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/01/27-percent-of-federal-employees-might-quit-if-trump-is-elected/ I’m waiting……

      Will Roger’s way back in the early 19 teen’s and twenties had a routine about politicians in Washington DC. He said that we in our local communities and States should look around and find the crooks. Elect them to office and put them all in one place like DC so we can keep and eye on them. Unfortunately the people are complicite in the theft DC is doing, because of the routine campaign slogans of “bring home the bacon” or “get out fair share”, One of the congressmen from Gman’s local area was a master of getting money, for pork projects.

      I remember back in CA leading to Reagan’s emergence as governor and also Johnson’s “Great Society” where the Fed’s basically took over areas that were usually reserved for the States, individual or charitable organizations. Edmund Brown, Jerry’s father was a long term governor and was bankrupting the State with extremely liberal welfare with NO checks and balances. That included MediCal. All you had to do was show up and bam, welfare. The State was a magnet. California today complains that it pays more out to the Feds than they get back, as do many States…..fair argument. What if those funds NEVER left the State except for a % of funds needed by the Federal government to items enumerated in the Constitution, like defense etc, Let the States and local’s decide where best to spend THEIR resources. We’d then have at a minimum 50 experiments going on. CA can do what they want. eventually it will either succeed or collapse. Change the rules and people move on that are looking for the easy ride. Most States are suppose to balance their budgets, but with the Feds ability to PRINT unlimited amounts of cash there is no need to balance a budget when the Feds backstop the States because why are the over budget…..doing federally mandated programs…….Just say NO like Texas. Don’t take the cash and you do not have to follow the federal dictates.

      Patton also had a saying “that if everyone says the same thing somebody is not thinking” DC and the Federal policies are nothing but a group think.

      When I worked for IBM in their semi conductor business, before IBM stopped competing and HRC’s State department allowed it to be sold to Qatar, including patents….we used to say that Japan was EASY to beat if we chose to and we did in spades. They were so into group think and pillaried and oustrazied a person or group that did not think or do as the Group thought or did. They were great manufacturing memory chips. One design one size, one speed. easy to replicate. However the US companies specialized in LOGIC, the variations to the customers and uses were endless and required shifting from lot to lot. We had 5000 different part numbers, across each of 4 different generations of logic and at a minimum a couple thosand individual steps. That was on just ONE line in VT and we had 3 there. Japan could NOT do it, nor compete. IBM was 2X bigger in our semi conductor business than the next largest company and that was NEC “Nippon Electronics” and 4X bigger than INTEL.

      But the EU and American systems social justice demands equality and outcome in all areas,for all people no matter their capability or location

      Even the USSR never went there. You were pigeonholed based on your capabilties and level….plus a biggy….party affiliation and nepotism. Based on level and job, better housing ,special stores more goods, including foreign goods, better healthcare, specal driving lanes. School beyond secondary is decided by your ability, It stops if you are truly not able to hack it. But here you can go anywhere and take totally useless programs no matter what and somebody else will pay for it. You want college and can not pay for it or smart enough to get a scholarship, the military/government will pay for it. You just owe them time in service to pay back. I assume that if you fail the program, the payment is still time, but it may be as an E1 not an officer……that’ll thin the college ranks big time and they’d actually get down to business.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I told SUFA over a year ago that Ms. Harris would soon be “groomed”. Well it has officially begun. This is how the “king makers” start the process in earnest. Now think about that for a minute. To run for such major office a candidate must kiss the ring of the king makers. And yes, this is true of both parties. One reason Mr. Trump has so many enemies on the R side. He just didn’t do what the others had to do. Those who grovel tend to dislike those who come along and don’t. But still succeed.


    • Harris is not ready to be president if she ever will be.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I agree. But then neither was Mr. Obama, and we know how that turned out. If the King Makers love her she will be the next “First Woman POTUS” foisted upon us. They will sidestep Warren if they can.

  27. gmanfortruth says:
  28. gmanfortruth says:
  29. Was talking to my stock advisor this weekend…Kraft Foods, in Jacksonville, Illinois and Frito Lay Foods and Kraft Foods in Champaign, Illinois…..closing up shop. Three huge manufacturing plants employing over 2500 people are saying that it is cheaper to move to Texas and build brand new plants than it is to hang around Illinois and hope for the better. It is cheaper to move out of a State that will be in bankruptcy soon and avoid all the new taxes and move to a State with no income tax for individuals or corporations. Kraft Foods has already bought the property and “broke ground” in Frisco, Texas and Frito Lay is combining operations in Irving, Texas.

    Also mentioned were that the labor unions were just too costly and moving to an open shop state where employees can decide on their own whether or not to join a union. They are doing it right…..opening up brand new divisions in Texas to avoid the issue of transferring employees under archaic union rules.

    Illinois has serious troubles and they are getting worse.

    • Hmmm, went to Kroger’s noticed all the Kraft cheese Products were Gone—boycott I wonder. Kroger has a union.

  30. Dale A. Albrecht says:

  31. These people are truly insane. I guess if you aren ‘t an approved minority it’s just screw you.


    • Arrogant SOBs

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      So then the power is to be stolen by the power companies. I assume there will be no compensation, just a law requiring you to do as your told or else.

      It is estimated that 25% of the “windmills” at the Tehacapi windfarms are NOT functional

      • I have driven through the windmill farm above Livermore. Now admittedly some of these are quite old but I would say that greater than 50% of the times I have driven through there, they were not turning.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Old inefficient inactive wind machines seem to never be removed. Just a high tech junk yard that the State and government forgot to put a removal clause. I’m sure eventually the tax payer will be stuck with the bill as they did on their installation and use (subsidies and surcharges)

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:


          One wonders how Europe even remotely is competitive on any world market. The numbers posted on Europe are taken from a study done by Europe breaking down their costs by country and by commercial and consumer (home) use. Their governments give huge subsidies to industries to get them to stay. Industry cost go down to 1/2-1/3 the rates the people pay.

          Fracking has been banned in almost every country in Europe. Those that still do i are in the east.

          thought….Ukraine has some of the worlds largest reserves of gas that can be retrieved by fracking. In fact they have been doing it since the 50’s. They were moving towards the american methods and many companies were involved in that developement…..Conflict has just about ended that…..wonder why the conflict started…could be to take Ukraine off the board as a competitor of gas sales to western europe?

          One also wonders about all the consistant efforts by europe to block gas from Russia. All routes and direct threats occur if a country offers up pipelines. (Romania specifically). Miracles upon miracles that all seems to be in a timeline with Syria being torn apart. Rumor has it that Syria is the last link required to fall to get the gas by pipeline from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, instead of by ship.

          • My last bill was $0.22/KHr. This will go up more if the new cap & trade bill goes through the legislature and even more as we shoot for 100% renewables. They rasied the gas tax recently because the used the older gas tax money for everything but roads (think train). The excuse was the dam failure so we needed money for infrastructure. Before Brown even signed the bill, they were robbing the money for other things. Now they are raising the cap & trade taxes which will drive up gasoline and everything as well. Please, for the good of the nation, cut the ties and let us drift into the Pacific.

  32. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Prediction…..Merkel will be re-elected in a landslide.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Update of the G20 riots and how the government there totally controls the people. The antifa are exactly like the people they claim to be against and they do so with full government and EU support..

    • No bets on Merkel…it is a foregone conclusion…..they already know she will be re-elected and it has nothing to do with votes. The votes will be in her favor…even when they are not. Germany’s voting sysyem is worse than ours, if you can imagine.

      • Thank goodness the electoral college is in…..by the way, Texas is prosecuting voter fraud on individuals now. We have learned how to identify them. One voter that is being prosecuted and not extridited is a Mexican illegal immigrant that voted 64 times in different counties.

        • But, but, but.. voter fraud does not exist. Stop eating the locoweed.

          • Oh…..no more locoweed? Damn the luck…..the most embarassing part of it was no one caught it until he was finished. However, the new software that was put in did catch it. Now, they will not be able to do it. Our voting system is linked statewide now with all precincts.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The system is very effectively shutting down the opposition by closing channels of communication with the help of tech giants like twitter, google, MS, Facebook. Apparently the shut down 30000 sites pro Le Pen. Macron was an elite nobody, groomed by the puppet masters. As was Justin Trudeau…….these guys absolutely like Obama cared nothing for the people and their wishes. Polls in Canada show only 8% favor Trudeau’s immigration stance and he says a big FU. Holland has been dead set against this invasion even since I lived there. The EU goes after prosecutes and imprisons even sitting politicians for opposing the EU dictates..

  33. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    For VH and the rest of you. One of those interesting historical nuggets that you never would have guessed.


  34. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    For VH and the rest of you. One of those interesting historical nuggets that you never would have guessed.


    • Love is a powerful thing. So is a conscience, so what is wrong with disturbing it isn’t that what it’s for!

  35. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    My cousin sent me this from PA. From a small, never very important, coal town in NE Pennsy whose fame comes mostly from being founded by Philip Girard, an early coal baron and gentleman philanthropist.

    How times/attitudes have changed in 100 years. But you guys all knew that.


    • The real bullets part cracked me up. I did take note of the assertion that the name change caused a loss of history. Made me think about all the historical elements of our Country that are being removed. And of all the historical monuments that ISIS destroyed.

  36. Just A Citizen says:
    • I’ve put off talking about this because new information just keeps coming.

      In the past, when I heard someone was lobbying for, or working with “Russians” , I would immediately think, I don’t like the sound of that. But I’ve learned during the Russian headline stories that isn’t at all unusual.

      So I have questions. Where is the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” part of these stories?

      Why should I care if Trump Jr or anyone else met with this woman when it looks like most of the government met with her, who knows what they discussed with her?

      And if this counter intelligence guy is so dangerous – Why was he given citizenship?

      And why is it okay for the media to peddle knowledge obtained from Russians but not okay for a candidate?I

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Note from a Western town run by Progressives.

    They spent millions to litigate a case against the company providing water to the city of Missoula, Montana. What was the suit about?

    The Mayor and his Council decided they wanted to TAKE the Water Companies assets so they could run the water company. They sued to CONDEMN the property under EMINENT DOMAIN. They recently won their case when the Montana Supreme Court ruled that taking a Privately held Company along with all its assets constitutes “Taking” under the Federal and State Constitutions.

    Yes, there was also some compensation given to the company for those assets. Fair Market Value as assigned by the City’s appraisers, of course.

    There you have it folks. Your kidding yourself if you think this is not an idea being kicked around among the Progressive leadership in other States or National level.

    • Of course it is- Just look at California, different tactic, but their trying to take a fourth of farmers land for windmills. 25 friggin percent!

  38. Oh, it just doesn’t get any better than this……

    Flamboyant publicist Rob Goldstone has finally found one kind of notoriety he doesn’t like, after landing in the middle of a mushrooming international controversy involving the Kremlin, the White House and a secret meeting more than a year ago.

    Goldstone, a PR man for recording artists who set up the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, reportedly fears for his own safety. The 57-year-old British flack is globetrotting with his much-younger companion, and posting photos from around the world on social media to “hide in plain sight,” according to reports.

    Photos posted online since the trip began last month in London haveshown them in Venice, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. Goldstone is currently believed to be aboard a ship in the Mediterranean, with his lover and business partner David Wilson.

    D13 muses: hmmmm…so he is afraid but does not want to “lay low”……can anyone say…PUBLICITY STUNT?

    Goldstone, founder of Oui 2 Entertainment in New York, emailed Donald Trump Jr. on June 3, 2016, writing, “the Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his (Emin’s) father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some useful documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.”

  39. Morale among U.S. Border Patrol agents is at an all-time high, the president of the National Border Patrol Council said today.

    Brandon Judd, the union’s president, said agents felt hamstrung for years under the Obama administration’s catch-and-release policies at the border. “Whether you’re in the left, right or middle, you have to say this president has done exactly what he’s promised to do,” said Judd, pointing out the huge drop in apprehensions at the border.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection said this month that apprehensions have fallen to a six-year low, likely due to President Trump’s aggressive enforcement and promises to deport those who enter the U.S. illegally.

    Judd said there is now a “vibe and an energy” among Border Patrol officers that he has never seen in his 20-year career. “We signed up to do a job and this president is allowing us to do that job,” said Judd, expressing hope that the border wall will be built.


    D13 says: In my sector alone (386 miles), our apprehensions have dropped over 90 %….They simply are not crossing here any longer. It is easier for them to go to California. The attitude down here among the border patrol and the Texas National Guard is amazing and they are working with us 100%. We can now support each other.

  40. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Just spent 20 minutes perusing this town blog from PA. It ought to be mandatory viewing for the left to show them how and why their world changed last November. There are thousands upon thousands of towns from Maine to Oregon just like this. Where whatever the former industry was has been replaced by Chrystal Meth labs.


    • That is how they work. The FBI does the investigations then checks with the CIA. Each have veto power.

      • In reading your article, it simply points out how there are “moles” , Obama holdovers, that are leaking information.

        • They also seem to be saying that the President has the right to override their decisions — Does he?

          • No, the POTUS cannot designate security clearance.

            • VH…….FYI……

              Security level assigned to a government document, file, or record is based on the sensitivity or secrecy of the information. Four common security classifications are: (1) Top secret: Highest degree of protection for information that is paramount in national defense matters and whose unauthorized disclosure may cause extremely grave danger or damage to the nation. (2) Secret: Unauthorized disclosure of which may result in serious damage or danger. (3) Confidential: Unauthorized disclosure of which may undermine the defense or government operations. (4) Restricted: Unauthorized disclosure of which is undesirable.

              There is another level that is uncommon and that is SSIR. Very few people carry this one. It is a classification of Top Secret.

              One other thing to remember and this is very important. No matter the level of classification, you still must possess a need to know. For example, I have a TS/SSIR clearance. There is nothing higher but, just because I have this does not mean that I can walk in a look at anything that I want. You must have a need to know and that includes the POTUS.

              Another example….a newly elected POTUS…Donald Trump….does not have the authority to say…..” I need to to get up to speed on things, I want to start reviewing Top Secret CIA files.”

              The same thing I ran into as a Colonel who takes over a command. I do not have the authority to simply review Top Secret files just because I want to and I have the clearance. I must have a need to know and that need to know must be real and specific.

              Does this help any?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:



      Hillary still has her clearance and Huma Abedin never had one, yet the government is still debating if any real wrongdoing has occurred by those two on their handling of seriously top secret documents and every classification .

      • She could still have a clearance but it depends upon the level. I doubt very seriously ifshe is carrying a TS or even a Secret. Probably because of her past associations, she can still review classified…..or eyes only. But I doubt very seriously that she carries anything of importance….I know for a fact she lost her SSIR….I do not know about any other calssifications.

  41. Well, it appears that there will be no health care bill and no tax reform bill……..three trillion dollars went into the stock market, along with a lot of my pittances…….Failure to have a bill by Spetember will result in everyone puling their chips off the table….including me. We have put all hiring on suspension and we are pulling back once again. Too bad.

  42. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put into words how I feel about the Russian situation. But this says it all. My rant through someone else’s words


    I don’t know if I can find an article Harsh enough to say how I feel about most of the Republicans in Congress.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I would really like to know why we put any credence into the belief, “it was the Russians”? Why do WE run with THEIR narrative?

      We now know it was NOT 17 agencies. We were lied to. We now know the Podesta server was withheld from the one agency that could possibly prove where the hack came from. Julian Assage who has no history of lying says it was not the Russkies. The peculiarly dead DNC staffer is still an unresolved issue and the Ukrainians have actively aided the Clinton Campaign.

      In addition, there is the issue, the confusing issue, of why this Russian lawyer was in the US, how she got here and who authorized it?

      Stop giving THEM ammo!

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, well. Maybe the Dems should just find a better, more acceptable, candidate next time.


  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Why do millenials hate Capitalism? This article starts and ends with a false premise/conclusion, in my view. But everything in between seems to have some foundation.


    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      It can be all summed up in this old tune. Logic, knowledge, real world education do not play into the equation……but this does.

    • What is this false premise you speak of?

      I’ve thinking that the word capitalism today is considered another word for Republican. Socialism is a word that stands for democrats. So if you want the free stuff:


      • I have at last a couple of kids who do not get it. Thay have been schooled by me yet “fairness” and “equality” have been drilled into them away from home. God help you if you try talking conservative politics to my eldest while walking down the street in the Adams Morgan section of DC. They are ashamed that we would be overheard and their “status” or perhaps safety threatened. Ditto for my eldest twin son. he falls over backwards to be non-judgemental though the recent requirement by the Department of the Air Force that he preach the “benefits” of transgenderism to his squadron has even him quietly scratching his head. That is especially so since he has had two senior NCO’s put in their papers over it. “Shit major, one said, I went along with the gay thing but this is just going too far”.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Here is the first: ” An entire generation of young people in America came of age during a decade of sluggish economic growth, and as a result, many are skeptical of free enterprise and capitalism. ”

        Objectively speaking, their grandparents were the same age during the Great Depression. Now while many fell for the Socialist trick pulled by FDR and his crowd, they never turned against “Capitalism” like this age group. So the “sluggish” economic growth is not a rational reason.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        And then he ends with: “As I said, we have done millennials a disservice. Perhaps a booming economy eventually roaring along at 4 percent growth and churning out jobs by the hundreds of thousands will change the minds of America’s youth when it comes to capitalistic free enterprise. Perhaps not. ”

        Same argument, same error.

        I think it can all be better summed up by Lack of Fairness and Equality = Bad. Capitalism = Inequality and Unfair therefore, Capitalism = Bad.

        The Millenials are Idiots and I really wonder why we cater to what they think. This is the group that constantly answers polling questions by overwhelmingly saying they DO NOT trust big govt. then turn around and say that Big Govt. needs to address more of our problems.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          JAC…..Why would the millenials trust government? They were sold a pig in a poke by buying into the college degree is required BS. Most have come out mostly unprepared for the real world, much less a job that even begins to pay back the tuition investment. Most started college well after the trend of offshoring had taken root. Any job that can be done via the internet is at risk. Google announced last year that they are going back to the well of older emplyees since laying off or retiring them, The new kids are not passing muster due to the poor education they received. They got good indoctrination but a poor usable education.

  45. It is already starting……the Democrats are now getting worried that they still own Obamacare lock, stock, and barrel. It is going to fail big time and they are linked to it. Now, Schumer is crying that the Reublicans need to step up and help save Obamacare and fix where it is broken…..No, Chuckie…you own it. Run on that in 2018.

    • time to park money off shore, I suppose.

    • Just watching a Republican willing to undo “Obamacare” piece by piece. What a huge goddam mistake! let it fail, as is, cut nothing, leave it intact exactly as written and spend the next 18 mo0onths saying “Itoldyaso”.

      • You do not get rewarded for doing nothing and you do not get reelected by proving you can not govern.

        • This is true…but whom has governed?

          • Depends on how you define govern but if it’s the ability to accomplish your parties goals. I have to say democrats. Obamacare, gay marriage, Dodd and Frank, discrimination laws, men in womens bathrooms, gays in the military, higher taxes, and outrageous budgets. I’m sure there are more. While the republicans have shown themselves to be pathetic as an opposition party and now as the majority. The truly scary part of all this, is that the left seems to feel there party doesn’t represent the base and want someone like Sanders.

  46. JAC…..how soon before Amazon gets busted up? I predict that the minute they enter the pharmaceutical market, they are dead.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Funny, I was wondering the same thing myself, just last week.

      I think it depends on how far out of bounds Amazon gets from the Democratic Party line. Pharma could do it, but not if it remains only about distribution. I think it will be safe if the Dems regain Congress (whole or part) and the White House.

      If Bezos pops off some more then maybe the Trump admin will take action. But more likely it will come from Europe.

      Amazon is a PARASITE at times and an outright PREDATOR at other times. They STEAL people’s businesses who use their service. Now with that said, the way to put them down, like the mad dog they are, is to start our own service that is not a parasite or predator.

      Sorry, that was to long.

      I give them TWO years. No more.

      • LOL…….That’s ok JAC….you remind me of my significant other…..ask her what time it is….she tells you how to make a watch.

        2 years, eh…….I wonder. If the Repubs get no tax reform, the party is dead. That means that the Dems will break it up quick. 2 years max.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Like why did the CIA give the Washington Post $600M. Advertising? Propoganda? No difference in that choice so who is feeding who their news?

  47. I always get the short straw. Kid Rock for Senate? In normal times, no! But up against Debbie Stabenaw, why not? It won’t hurt any worse. Unless someone wants to talk me out of it.

  48. Question – They kept saying that they could only do somethings through reconciliation. Even heard today that we couldn’t repeal all of Obamcare with reconciliation. Wasn’t Obama care passed lock, stock, and barrel through reconciliation – So what gives?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I read someplace that some of the ACA provisions were added later. Which begs the question as to how that happened after the R’s had enough seats to filibuster.

      But yes, the majority of the thing was passed under the reconciliation process. I am also baffled as to why it can be created but not eliminated by the same process. Of course since it is an appropriation reconciliation they could just pass a bill with ZERO funding of the ACA. Simply CUT OUT all the subsidies and the TAXES and the “mandated” coverage.

      • Yes, it is just that easy.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Theft backed up by violence of the government. Like the seat belt law years ago. Insurance giants lobbied the government to make it mandatory. Why, so the didn’t have to pay out as much. Put the burden on local law enforcement. A neighbor of my parents in NY was a top executive from Chubb when the law was enacted. I asked him over dinner one night, why not just put in a policy an enticement to the policy holder to wear the seatbelt. There would be a minimum injury payout on medical if no seatbelt was worn, but an multiplied payout if it was worn. He said that was to easy and they didn’t want to do it and put the burden on the police to enforce criminalizing the lack of use to save the bottom line finances and profit of a corporation……now it is real stupid to not wear one and I remember Dad drilling and bolting in aircraft seatbelts into our car in 1955. Car seatbelts were not available.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Just heard Rush telling people to think about what has the Republicans so scared they are willing to suffer the wrath of Republican voters over failure to repeal the ACA.

    It struck me that he was trying to hint at some other nefarious reason. Seems to me it is quite simple.

    Republicans got ambushed this spring by their constituents over the threat of losing ACA coverage. The American people have moved towards accepting this nightmare, and are increasingly talking about Single Payer. They screamed at the thought of Medicaid reductions.

    Side Bar: Travel back in time, only 7 years ago, when Rep. Gov’s refused to accept the Medicaid increases because they said they could not be counted on in the long run. The ACA would thus create “unfunded mandates” on the States that fell for the trick.

    So the reality is that the Republicans in the Senate and House are in fact responding to THEIR voters. At least they think they are. The same mushy R’s are gumming it up this time as did with the original. Because they represent Progressive Republican voters. Or people who simply want free cookies.

    The Dems knew that if they could get a National Healthcare bill passed that offered coverage for people who could not afford it or get it the Republicans would never be able to undo it. The battle for a National Healthcare System was LOST when those MUSHY Republicans allowed the debate to be ended in the Senate.

    Fact of the matter is that there is far greater diversity of political viewpoints within the R party than there are within the D party. At least at the National level.

    Chris Matthews asked Debbie Wasserman Shultz if the Democratic Party in this country had become the Democratic Socialist Party. She avoided answering the question. Twice.

    • I think its more than that JAC. The Rs are under the thumb of several uncles. Uncle CoC, Uncle Big Pharm, Uncle Big Labor. The Rs were bought off by the uncles. They pull the strings, congressmen sell the deal to the people. Wanna keep your (funding) seat? Keep Obamacare.

      I’ve read where Trump anticipated this and is pondering a deal where OCare stays, for those who cant secure insurance through medicaid…but also a parallel plan where there are custom plans, and where you can purchase across state lines, at affordable prices…both plans would be under TrumpCare.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        All politicians have some link to outside funding and lobbying. The lobby of greatest influence varies by politician. Pharma has in fact donated as much or more to Dems in recent years.

        That does not explain the retreat by so many R’s from the Repeal mantra. Politicians greates fear is LOSING. They will vote per the lobbiest if it does not cost them an election. So it is obvious that those particular R’s who were holding out for some type of Govt. supported program or for other “pork” deals from McConnell are not fearful of getting elected. This means they think the voters back home do not want the ACA repealed and they WANT Govt. supported health care of some kind.

        People can blame the Big Corps. for problems on the margins. But the failure to repeal the ACA and replace it with Free Markets is due to FEAR of the electorate. Those people screaming at them at town hall meetings and the media blitz has taken its toll on them. Their spines went soft.

        Of course, there are also those who simply lied about their view in order to get elected. Knowing full well that once the issue was truly up for change the broader population would not support repeal.

        One other thing. The R’s have no real leadership who understands the importance of Opinion Leadership outside of Washington D.C.. Rand Paul seems to be one of the few to get it. But he is seriously outnumbered.

  50. What’s up with the news blackout about the Minnesota cop who…shot passed his partner from the patrol car and killed the woman in PJs? I’ve been all for the cops to this point (except a couple times). Something is fishy.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not sure what blackout you are talking about. I heard this on the news this morning and it is discussed on the various media web sites, including CNN.

      Maybe there is simply nothing more to report right now because they immediately called in an outside investigation. I assume this means the State LEO agency.

      • Hmmm. I hadn’t heard much today aside from what I wrote except that there were no body cameras on an no officer’s gun had been retrieved. Got that through fb to Pamela Geller’s site. Haven’t been anywhere else on the net yet today.

        • More interesting stuff last night I see. This clown cop is probably the pride and joy of the Affirmative Action crowd. 1st Somali-American cop with two years on the job and three excessive force complaints.

          So we have a assault on a female call in progress, cops respond in an unlit car, caller runs up to police car, white woman, and gets shot by the guy in the passenger seat who fires across his partner and through the window/door. What could possibly be wrong with this?

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning.

    The Democratic Party and all those screaming for Single Coverage, etc. etc. have DESTROYED the meaning of the word “insurance”.

    They do not want “insurance”. They want “ASSURANCE”. They want to be ASSURED that their doctor bills will be paid and this will have minimal impact on their bank accounts or financial situation.

    Hint to the Republicans: Start calling it what it is. WELFARE. They want WELFARE to cover what ever it is they want from a doctor or medically related company. Call it what it is.

    Pass it, fund it and then wait for the collapse.

    In the meantime get the federal Govt, hell get the State Govt.s as well, out of the Insurance business. Let the FREE MARKET develop for medical insurance.

    Remove State’s authority to dictate content of policies. Limit regulations and laws to MAKING insurance companies live up to the contracts they sign. That is all.

  52. Interesting….Mc Connell was just on…..he does not have the votes to repeal. He says they will move on to tax reform.

    On the other channel, Schumer said it is time for the government to bail out the insurance companies so Obamacare can move forward.

  53. Texas Governor Abbott just on the news telling Texans…now do you see why we did not want to be part of the Medicaid expansion? When Obamacare fails the rest of the country, we are going to be ok. We do not have the Medicaid tax burden that is about to fall on most states.

    He is running for re-election and has no opponents.

    • How interesting a country we have. Up here, DeBlasio in NYC is basically unopposed and Cuomo the Younger (also Called Damien, in Omen 6) is also unopposed.

      • And of course our NJ Fat beached whale governor has probably destroyed any hope of the Republicans having a shot at the governorship this year. If the Hack from Goldman-Sachs gets in , I will have a lot of semi-autos for sale soon. Interested in an early Colt SP-1 (AR 15 semi) with no forward assist?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Thanks to buddy Holder who found no wrong doing on the illegal use of client funds and the collapse of Corzine’s company. At least Truman had a sign on his desk that said “The buck stops here”

          Or the Obama and Holder practice instead of charging a company like BOA and Wells Fargo of illegal banking practices, they just said pay this ‘favored” organization and we’ll frop it. At least AG Sessions has publically stopped that practice. I’m still waiting on the tax evasion trials of those wrapped up in the swiss banking corruption. But now I’m sure they’re beyond the statute of limitations.

          Clearly NJ gov wanted to put a stop to any political career in the future. At least TRump had the sense to be hands off from him early on.

  54. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Been digging into the slavery issue that have been jammed down the US for decades.

    I’ll 1st state slavery is wrong, period end.

    I’ve read numerous papers and the slave traffic to the west was appoximately 12M left the shores of Africa. Sold to the buyers by Arab traders or the black africans themselves of vanquished enemies. Just shy of 11M made it to the new world. However, only 300K-600K as a top estimate directly came to North America. The rest went to Brazil who did not abolish slavery until 1880, or central america or the caribbean. No more than 50K from the caribbean then transfered to North America.

    Between 1M-1.5M WHITE slaves were taken by Muslim raiders and sold into slavery into the early 1800’s Raids extended well into England and Ireland and all along the Mediteranean causing large abandonment of coastal areas.
    Scholarly estimates claim up to 112M Africans died enroute to the east with only 11-12 M making it.

    The west STOPPED the trade and the muslims continued…..where is the outcry by the media???? In fact the Emir of Oman came to QEII coronation im 1953 with slaves.

    This does not even touch the Irish slaves sent to the Americas from Cromwell on. Many years ago I had read that the Irish were used in the most dangerous jobs because they were far less valuable (capital investment) than the BLACK slaves.

    Push the quilt button and the cash drawers open in the west, however, Saudi Arabia and Islam ignores any such criticism.

    • Can you tell me the current slave coutries/states? There are several and they ain’t around here. Also, can you tell me the number of “indentured servant” Countries/states? They ain’t around here either.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:


      • Dale A. Albrecht says:
        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          If you read in the text of the article/study there is a definition of “modern” slavery by the US State Depatment. However there is another one floating around that includes people that are not paided a wage that the UN does not deem fully compensatory. So I’ll bet that in the near future we will see the numbers rise hugely in the US to include anyone NOT receiving $15.00/hour. They’ll be considered slaves.

          Saw an interview last night with the CEO of Applebee’s. Cutting 1/3 of the jobs in the NY area due to the increase of minimum wage.

          Now, most restaurants in the US have waitstaff who are totally untrained and look upon the job as a filler job on their way to somewhere else. Very few treat the job as a real profession and work accordingly. As I’ve stated before having lived in Europe several years and traveled, I do not remember ANY restaurant even back in the 70’s that didn’t handle the work out in the dining room with a fraction of the people that are commonly used here in a comparably sized restaurant. The waiters were professional and worked the floor like a well oiled machine.

  55. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    16182 faculty and administrators at the University of Missouri. 32000 students including both undergradute and gradute students. Talk about an efficient business. Can anyone here imagine a business needing 2:1 managers to handhold the employees.

    oh…they also have had a 35% drop in freshman enrollments after the capitulation tothe social justice protesters.

  56. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here is an interesting note about CNN which is a cable exclusive network. The vast bulk of their revenue comes from the “cable” networks. They get paid by the fact the channel is bundled in with your cable provider. You do not have to watch and they still get paid. Advertising does not come close to the money they haul in……bottom line they do not care what you or I think.

    FYI….I do not have cable TV, just the internet.

  57. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I like what Trump said today about the healthcare bill. “I’ve listened to the last 7 years as a civilian from the “republicans” of their promise repeal and replace. I will NOT own anything less. Let Obamacare fail”.

    Pretty much saying he will not own some weasly partial piece of BS legislature.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Just watched Senator Cory Booker being interviewed by Don Lemon, of CNN.

    Booker’s spin was how Trump is so evil for suggesting that we let the ACA die.

    Per Mr. Booker, allowing the ACA to simply fail would harm 30 million people because they would lose coverage. And Mr. Don Lemon just sat there and let him get away with that. Only saying that Mr. Trump said he will blame the Democrats. To which Mr. Booker claimed the Dems were shut out, they made offers but were ignored. Those bad bad Republicans are all to blame.

    For what?? That the ACA, which the Democrats created, which they passed, which they funded, is going to fail. And apparently doing nothing to intervene to fix their “perfect” legislation will HARM 30 MILLION AMERICANS. Repealing it will harm 30 million and allowing it to fail will harm 30 million. Got all that???
    Couldn’t finish watching the interview. Turned it off before I threw something at my TV.

    By the way, I understand the CBO predicted 18 million would lose insurance coverage if the ACA were repealed, last time the R’s passed a repeal bill.

    So repealing the ACA will cause fewer people to lose coverage than the Republican FIX that just failed. Just sayin……………

    This is how phony narratives become part of societies understanding of reality. When a US Senator can lie through his teeth and go unchallenged but the other side can’t say a thing without ridicule, you do not inform the public. You are manipulating the public.

    Reminded me of the time Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a supposed “conservative” pundit that Fascism was what you get when the Corporations buy control of Government. The dolt doing the interview, which was Sean Hannity as I recall, just nodded and asked the next question.

    Speaking of politicians lying, I see that Mr. Trump is now claiming that he has been “saying all along” that we should just repeal the ACA.

    • Trump said it LOUD the other day and it must be repeated over and over. “WE do NOT own it, you do”. Do you think for one moment that Ryan and McConnell have the guts, the intestinal fortitude to say that and make it a mantra?

      What we need here is some low level newbie congressperson with some military experience who understands taking the responsibility to be lead on this and say it loud and say it proud. “Your perfect system is about to implode and we did not touch it”.

  59. gmanfortruth says:

    The ACA debate….BWAHAHAHA! What a pathetic example of just how close both sides really are. Congress is a disgrace to this country. Since most of you here think voting will fix things ( I think this is laughable) maybe it’s time too actually push for term limits and some other changes to campaign financing, like limits on spending based on a per capita amount.

    Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Voting is insane.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I looked the other day and saw the Sen, Patrick Leahy from VT is still around. He was senator when I 1st moved to VT over 3.5 decades ago. After Byrd’s death he became the longest serving senator. That guy should have been tossed long ago. He took the press on a tour of the secure briefing room the intelligence and military use to brief congress. A big no-no to show his power on the Intelligence committee. The room was swept after they departed and the “press” had planted bugs all over. Leahy was admonished but only removed from the committee.

      I am so for term limits. 2 terms for senator for a total of 12, 6 terms for the house for again a total of 12 years. Leave the president alone a 2 terms. And a caveat is that if you move from one house to another the previous years/terms count.

      If one looks at the average number of years/terms most serve the numbers are actually quite low. It’s just there is a slug of senior representatives that that are embedded like ticks on a dog and wield disproportionate power, like McCain Graham McConnell etc.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Gman and Dale

        The problems with Congress are a reflection of We the People. If folks did not vote based on “bringing home the bacon”, then these people would have been turned out long ago.

        The West has held disproportional power in Congress for decades. Because we re-elect people who look out for the State. Thus our Congressmen have great seniority and wind up Chairing powerful committees, like Appropriations. Remember when Max Baucus, was the key player gumming up passage of Single Payer, during the ACA push? He was the Senator from Montana. The most sparsely populated State in the Union. Yet its Senator controlled the Appropriations Committee in the Senate.

        Why was Harry Reid re-elected his last time around when the majority of people in Nevada had no use for him? Because he had POWER that was used to benefit the State. With a weak opponent this became the deciding factor among those who put the creep back in office.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          “bringing home the bacon”? Let’s rephrase that to show the truth….”bringing home the debt”.

          If the Feds were working as intended, there would be no “bacon” to bring home. Hence the need for a MAJOR overhaul of the entire US Federal Government, beginning with term limits, campaign financial limits and balanced budgets that run the NEEDED government, not the 800 pound gorilla it is.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          My belief is that most of what leaves the State in the form of taxes should NEVER have left in the first place. Usually what comes back has strings attached that do not even begin to cover the cost of the baggage at the end of that string. ergo ever increasing debt.

          I just wonder what the cost of the Federal government would be if they actually pared back to the enumerated responsibilities of the national government.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      If elected officials are as corrupt as you say then Term Limits will only cause them to go bananas. They will have less time to accomplish the same things.

      The insanity is not in voting. It is in allowing the system of selecting candidates to continue as is. It is in allowing the media meat grinder to continue, as it has a habit of grinding up good people who might actually have the people’s interest in mind, in favor of “professional politicians” who talk and act according to script.

      Voting is the one peaceful means of transferring power humans have devised. But we sure could use a BINDING “none of the above” on the ballot.

      Oh, I think Congress is doing just fine. Haven’t passed any meaningful laws in two years now. Fewer laws, more freedom remains.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Voting is the one peaceful means of transferring power humans have devised. But we sure could use a BINDING “none of the above” on the ballot.

        ANd the destruction of the duopoly political parties. This would be easy, should some serious campaign financial limits be put in place and ENFORCED. Spend too much money, you lose, period.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Re: The two party system. Consider that what we just witnessed was essentially a multi party system failing to address the ACA.

          The number of divisions in the Republican Party, along ideological lines, is essentially like having a third and fourth party. Notice how the attempts at forming coalitions failed to garner the needed majority.

          This is what a multi party system would look like. Only maybe worse. Because sometimes the Greens and the Dems and the Socialists would partner up to get awful things passed over the objection of the Conservatives or Republicans.

          So how is it that Freedom to spend money on political races does not qualify for protection like all other Rights? You add one more CONTRADICTION in ethical standards to the mix. The result is more evil and/or corruption, not less.

          I suggest we go to a LOTTERY to select candidates. Those who put their name in the pool will be eligible for the Lottery.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        They should be taking the time that has been spent accomplishing nothing (good because they can cause at least no new harm) going back and cleaning up old and archaic laws that should be eliminated from the books. Dig into the laws passed with good intentions and clean up regulations that were invented by the administrators and added way after the original signed bill. Passing a bill that is basically a skeleton with fill in the blanks as needed is a huge dis-service. Put the deliberative thought and time into a complete bill and NO changes will be tolerated unless voted on by congress.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          That is actually an excellent idea. If they would do this it would at least have a net benefit.

  60. The CBO just scored continuing Obamacare about 10 minutes ago. They said that by the end of 2018, 28 million will lose thier coverage under the current plan and by 2020, it is estimated that will rise to 36 million. Far greater than before Obamacare was a thought.

    I am still on the side of let it implode.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The CBO has no clue about the future choices of the people. It’s no different than the retarded climate change predictions.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      let it go and revert to plans companies used to offer based on the needs of their workers, NOT some no choice plan that was dictated by Obamacare except for the deductible and co-payment. Before Obamacare my old at&t plan had infinite choices based on your personal and family needs. After Ocare went in I had to get maternity care etc and a myriad of other things that at my age and for the last 25 years never would opted for them at all. But became required coverage. Plus the plan as generous as it was had lifetime limits. Ocare from what I understood was limitless. That will blow the doors off any budget.

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    Before some of you go nuts over the Senate trying to pass a Full Repeal of the ACA, please recognize this effort for what it is. A vote to get people ON THE RECORD before the primary season begins.

    It will be interesting to see who votes YES, anticipating it will not pass because Snow and one or two others commit to a NO vote. Then what happens if they signal a change in heart.

    For those blaming McConnell for this failure, consider the news that came out during this process. Who it was he was being force to try and pay off to get to yes. Those who would not budge because of the Medicaid linkage. I think McConnell underestimated the entrenchment among the Moderates because they had lied about wanting to repeal the ACA. The Conservatives were up front from the beginning so I don’t think that was his problem. He had figured out how to bring them along with partial progress on some issues. Cruz’s amendment would have done the deal. But the moderates undermined this amendment at the last minute. Which is why Mike Lee pulled his support.

    Bottom line. I don’t think anyone could have pulled this off without outright threats of blackmail against those who would not go along. And you saw how the Politicians work. Those willing to gum up this effort just to extract PORK for their home State or District.

    Those who criticized Newt Gingrich for his style should be longing for those days to return. At least the floor debates were open and votes were held. Many items on his contract were defeated, but at least he forced them to vote.

    Before I forget, the real sin of McConnel and Ryan was in promising the President they could get this done. This led to him making promises he could not keep. In the end they harmed POTUS as well as their own position. But then maybe harming POTUS was part of the plan all along…..bwahahahahaha.

    • JAC, everything you alluded to is correct…especially those who jumped on the free money medicaid train. I remember Texas and a couple of other states that said hell no to the Obamacare medicaid promise and were ridiculed. Now, it pans out just like Texas and a couple others thought…..and they are not on the hook. So the Republicans that jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon are going to pay a price. That is also why there are a couple of Republican representatives that are saying that to let it die on the vine is not good and that they must do something to fix Obamacare because so many people are going to get hurt when what really happened…..is….they sucked the teat and it is now dry and they look stupid as hell.

      I think trump is correct. Let it die. The Dems own it. They will try to spin it that the Repubs are failing to help correct a bad bill……but I do not think it will fly at all. Schumer, et al….is already saying..our door is open….by our rules. I hope we do not walk through it. It is going to take 30 or 40 million people to be hurt to get through to most.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        AS much as I agree…..I think that a large majority of Congress wants Single Payer.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Obama’s goal from day one as he flat out said. But then put everyone on a medicare style system….just look at the cuts and increasingly poorer service one is getting there and ever increasing costs. But Congress can just print money to cover the shortfall..

        • 1. It ain’t their money 2. It’s easy and they’re lazy.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            If a business ran like the way the government runs they’d be history in a heartbeat. Programs in a business are usually designed to fix and resolve a problem and tracked to see if the program is working to its objective. there are few government programs that meet that criteria but usually exacerbate the original problem. A business usually can not do violence against their customers to make ends meet. However they do petition (lobby) the government to do their dirty work for them. The fact that congress many times enact laws that they exempt themselves from. Like Obamacare. Like business moves. Taxable income for anyone whom a company moves, yet government moves are exempt.

            Like all the health requirements and recommendation to resolve a flawed study on heart disease, actually have created a far more sick population on whole. Causing more serious health issues that are now considered epidemic and are allegedly unfixable. Doubtful, but the FDA and big pharma are nut to butt.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              I for one an extremely cynical and fatalistic on healthcare. This national contest to see which nation has the longest life expectancy is sheer BS. Spending obscene amounts of money at the wrong end of the equation. If the problem is something like a broken bone, cataracts ane a lens replacement, a plumbing fix, it’s a finite repair done over. But these problems that are astronomically expensive and actually diagnosed as terminal from DAY ONE why spend the money. This is not compassion, but inhuman torture. I had a uncle who had prostate cancer. Way to late when he went to the doctor, fatal from day one, like in months. He actually signed up to be a human quinea pig for every experimental drug or procedure that pharma wanted to bring to market. NO COST to the tax payer or themselves and he lived actually another 9 years. Not well, but lived. On other hands had a cousin my age now deceased for several years had cancer and at NO time was there any treatment that would solve the problem. yet he went through procedures, not experimental that were NEVER meant to save his life just hand on a few more months. All at taxpayer expense or insurance. Was there something valuable to society that he was trying to finish…..no, it was to sit and watch one more season of the Dallas Cowboys. I never would have subjected myself to such agony by literally being gutted and parts being arranged just to live a few more months. I had another uncle that was diagnosed with the same cancer my Mom died from. Once diagnosed the the odds no matter what were around 6 weeks of life remaining. That family NOT out of their own pocket but medicare and IBM spent horrendous amounts of money and it was still 6 weeks. All because they bluntly said we wanted to spend as much time as we can with Dad. They had at a minimum of 53 years for the youngest of being with Dad. He was a great guy…but they flat out said, we are greedy for what ever time we can get stretched. Even my Dad had a $100k surgery paid for by medicare that was never to prolong his life, but to enable him to die at home and not in the hospital.

              My answer always is in these cases would you or would you not spend the money if perchance it be coming out of your direct pocket or your mom’s survivor benefits. Obviously they would not have. My Mom even asked me point blank the next year when she was dying if she made the right decision with Dad. I said, you know my views. If medicare said NO would you have paid for it? for two more weeks. Her silence was obviously a NO.

              It was amazing that with all the unlimited paid for healthcare via IBM and then Medicare plus IBM after retirement by my family and others NONE have come close to the ages of their parents who were born in the 1st 5 years of the 20th century and had NO healthcare until medicare was passed during the 60’s and they were long retired. They used medicare rarely and was never for some really life threatening problem, But when they died it was quick and brief stay in hospital if at all and one lived 102 and the rest like in their late 80’s. My Mom’s aunts and uncles on her Mom’s side including her grandmother had a median life duration of 97 years. Even their spouses lived seemingly forever. Two of my Great grandmother’s nieces just died last year at 102 each.

              My feeling is to stay as far away from doctors and the healthcare system as one can….like lawyers and the justice system, they are all bad for your health. Live a life with moderation in all things and stay away from foods that you can not read in plain english the ingredients and not require a chemistry degree and you will probably live a long and fruitful life unless just plain shit happens which is just fate.

  62. Was watching David Schweikert, R-Az, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee saying…….Insurance companies and States are hemorrhaging cash and we must do something to stop that and then tackle the reason….

    Can you spell BAILOUT…………..geez………everyone thinks the answer is just to throw money at it.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      States and insurance companies can not print money…the feds can…options are 1) let it fail. 2) Bailout 3) single payer which is an unseen bailout with an ever increasing out of sight debt.

      • What a travesty…Obama took Tricare away from reservists and forced us all on Medicare/Medicaid….I am on Medicare now and war connected VA services….bot are government run. First, try to find a doctor that takes Medicare now. Few and far between. Find a doctor that takes Medicaid now…..even fewer and further between. I even have a USAA Medicare supplemental plan…….but if the doctor does not take Medicare, then the supplemental doesyou no good.

        The VA also no longer gives free medical care. It is based upon your income. Fortunately for me, it is still cheaper to be on VA prescription coverage than Part D. My late father was on part D and his medicines still costs over $300 per month AFTER part D AND…..even though Mathius does not think so…..there is indeed a de facto death panel. My father was denied several medicines in the last two years of his life because it was deemed “not necessary” due to age. If that is not a death panel…..what is?

  63. Hmmmmm…….just out a little while ago. First six months of 2017 reported crimes in Texas.

    1. Rape – 92% decline over 2016.
    2. Car thefts – 81% decline over 2016.
    3. Assaut ( no weapons ) – 64% decline over 2016.
    4. Aggravated Assault (weapons) – 71% decline over 2016.
    5. Burglary of habitat – 81% decline over 2016.
    6. Robbery ( no weapons ) – 57% decline over 2016.
    7. Armed Robbery – 88% decline over 2016.

    Enforcement of border resulting in 85% decline of illegal crossings over 2016.

    any questions?

  64. YOu just can’t make this up……..

    A Senate Democrat who once misrepresented his own military service record is proposing $500 million be spent on a fund for wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) proposed funding would be included in this year’s defense spending bill.

  65. One of the 1000+ problems in DC is that they go for the home run ball every time at bat. They all admit that healthcare is complex. So break it down into manageable bites. First dump Obamacare. Then I would start rebuilding with tort reform followed by allowing private groups to form to buy packaged policies. The Chamber of Commerce could do this for hundreds of small businesses and it would be cost effective. Enhance HSAs and make all medical expenses tax deductible. Come up with rules for concierge providers that allow this practice to thrive in competition with normal insurance providers. Allow sale of policies including catastrophic care across state lines. And so forth and so on. You get the idea. Follow the KISS principle.

    At each stage, determine how much money is saved and reduce the expenditures in Medicaide/care and other subisdized programs.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Agree it should be tackled in smaller bits. But first one should establish what the principles are that govern the governing. In other words, what are the selection criteria to first decide if something is broken and second what it is that needs fixed.

      Let me offer these as options. Govt’s role is to protect or to prosecute those who break the Common Law prohibitions on harming innocent people. Murder, theft, blackmail, all those kinds of things we think of as a type of coercion. Including FRAUD. Next up is that group of violations which fall under providing an independent authority to enforce contracts. That is it, the TOTAL authority that should be exercised.

      So with these as the guide, tackle Health Care Reform.

      First thing that goes away is any attempt to “make health care affordable”. This is not a Federal or State Govt. issue. Neither is covering the poor or infirm. That is the job of the Citizens through Charity.

      In this vane, what existing laws are prohibiting PEOPLE from forming charities, associations, trusts, cooperatives or other such activities or organizations, which could address health care? Any law “prohibiting” such activities should be eliminated immediately. Any law not granting equal charitable status to not for profit health care groups, whether service or insurance, should be changed to allow such things.

      Steamline the procedures for getting and maintaining not for profit charitable tax status. The record keeping required is BS. The only thing that needs to be guarded against is people living inside the Corporation. Just as with any business. The other is that they are not personally raking out profits for their own use.

      • I agree, work on the philosophy and principles first.

        I think a lot of “healthcare reform” at the federal level can be done without spending a dime. It is all rules changes.

        I know here in CA, CA prevents consortia from buying bulk insurance and reselling it. To get around this, I officially work for ADP, not my company. The state also has come down on concierge doctors claiming they are selling insurance and must obey all the rules for same.

        Much of the problems with the cost spiral come from the mandates and the fact that a third party payer is involved. Prices will not come down unless the person receiving the care actually looks and considers the price before authorizing the procedure. I am just as guilty as the next person because the bill goes to the insurance company and I do not see the actual cost of anything until well after the fact.

        We need to be honest with ourselves. All of this is being driven by greed. As a consumer, I love having someone else pay, the more the merrier. The doctors will bill whatever the insurance companies and the feds will tolerate. The insurance companies will write any policy if the feds are going to bail them out just like the banks did. The politicians are greedy because they can dole out other peoples money to buy votes. To quote Pogo, “We have met the enemy and they are us.”

        • Just A Citizen says:


          So True. Oh, you forgot the Doctors in your list of greedy folks. It is We the People. Well at least many or most of us.

          I have started asking my Doctors what the cost of something is when they recommend or suggest it. Then we talk about cheaper alternatives. My last Doc would also include his view of the risks or benefits linked to each option. Very refreshing.

          I avoided an MRI recently in favor of a simple XRay, based on one of these discussions. Then given the result we opted for more PT work in the gym after a visit to a Physical Therapist. I still think it is something worse than muscle, but I also know that building up my “core” reduces the back pain. And if the XRay didn’t pick up a problem and MRI would only find something much harder and costly to fix anyway. Something I don’t really need to deal with if more sit ups will make it tolerable.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Example while I was still working. Many years ago I had my back broken in an auto accident. Ultimately I did have to have major surgery to enable me to walk again. However, the doctors kept ignoring my complaints always refering to how much more my wife was injured and I had to stay strong. OK, in the 2000’s I had to have some outpatient surgeries to clean up issues in the area that the surgery was, Like clean up scar tissue etc. AT&T had a good medical policy for management. Due to stress and overwork, I laned in emergency with a heartbeat away from a heart attack or stroke. I spent 4.5 days in the hospital, one day of that was in emergency. Private room and they ran every test they could think of to see if there was any physical reason for the problem i was experiencing. I even had MRI’s on my back and neck. The total cost was $9000. Insurance paid it at a local hospital just down the street. fast forward a two years and i started having issues with my back again, end result was those outpatient surgeries to clean up areas of the surgery where the scar tissue was abraiding nerves etc. AT&T had subsequently changed medical insurance providers to management. I had an MRI, but my local hospital was now not available to me due to the change of provider. The new hospital had a long history of getting caught with serious over-billing. Just the MRI bill was $9000 dollars. Insurance paid it without question. ok I ask, why would AT&T change insurance providers which had to be hugely more expensive for the premiums and make unavailable a hospital that had an excellant and much lower cost reputation. Tax deductions maybe? This was just before SBC and Ed Whitaker through the finance wizardry of Rahm Emanuel started buying up at&t and those remaining baby bells not under Verizon. After Ocare was passed and I was now retired, my medical premium went to $800/month whether I used it or not. My deductable was as high as I could go to reduce the monthly premium and also the highest co-pay and before any insurance was paid I would have had a $10680.00 payout. with most of what was required by Ocare I absolutely did not need or want. Reduce cost, in a pigs eye

  66. Just A Citizen says:

    Reading and listening to all the howling and raging about the “Republican Failure” on health care. I am really wondering what the hell everyone expects them to do. How are elected officials supposed to represent everyone when there are several hundred thousand or even a million people in their district. Maybe multiple millions for some Senators.

    The more I have thought about all the Whining and Complaining I realized that if this is taken seriously it eventually leads to a dictatorship of some kind. People want “someone” to take action. To simply run over the “other guys” to get what they want.

    Of course the other side of the coin is that diplomacy and statesmanship leads to “compromise” which in turn gets us back to where we are. Because to compromise Freedom and Liberty is to LOSE Freedom and Liberty. It is not gained by compromising with those who do not have the same affection for these values.

    Two kinds of R’s bitching. Those who hate Cruz, Lee, et al. for their “selfish holding out and ruining any chance to “incrementally” fix the ACA.” And those who hate Snow, Murkowski, et al. for their RINO demands that more “welfare” be provided.

    The second group tend to be supporters of Cruz, Lee and the Freedom Caucus. People with more principles. The first group seems to be mostly people who are mad that this somehow makes Mr. Trump look bad. I saw one lady pundit going on and on about how the “Libertarian Wing” needs to suck it up because they are damaging the PARTY and POTUS.

    Really? Choke on your principles because the effing Party looks bad? Maybe the Party should just suck it up and do what they promised when the recruited the Freedom loving Tea Party to the Party.

    • Maybe the Party should just suck it up and do what they promised when the recruited the Freedom loving Tea Party to the Party.

      YEP…this is all it takes.

      My beef with Cruz is not health care at all…..it is deeper and more than that. He will get re-elected again but the margin is going to be very slim. He has lost me and most of the military.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I thought you said he would LOSE for sure. So apparently not all Texicans are as solid with those principles after all. Frankly, if I were living down there I would vote for someone else, if you could find someone of the same political mold that hasn’t learned how to talk out both sides of his mouth yet.

        • Well, if I put a real “for sure” out there, then I can admit when I am wrong. Well, we all know that Colonel’s are never wrong, we are sometimes a little short on being right.****

          But, I will admit that I will be wrong on this one.

          ****Henry Fonda from the movie Midway.

          • The epitaph on my tombstone will be, “He was not always right but he was never wrong”. The children have been told if they fail to do this I will spend eternity haunting them.

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Listened to Mr. Trump’s dressing down of the Senators at lunch today. EXCELLENT.

    The kind of thing you would expect from a strong leader.

    BUT……….. his comments once again revealed his PROGRESSIVE nature.

    He keeps harping about Govt. providing better and cheaper care. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Either you are for free markets or you are for Govt. interference. If you are the latter then just admit it and move all the poor and infirm, including pre-existing condition people into medicaid or medicare.

    Mr. Trump is really on the side of the RINO’s in this argument. The upside is that his lack of Constitutional based principles allow him to accept some compromises and still be able to declare victory.

    Now his dressing down was great. But if he is going to now stick his neck out as a leader he needs to now LEAD on this issue. This means he needs a clear and simple plan of his own and he needs to SELL IT. Stop trying to sell the Senate’s version.

    He has played his cards quite well, although I am not sure it was on purpose. But luck has given him a chance to PERSONALLY LEAD the country to a solution the people will love. Congress will then have to go along or suffer the voters wrath.

    • “But if he is going to now stick his neck out as a leader he needs to now LEAD on this issue.”

      Yes….words mean nothing….action means everything.

      “He has played his cards quite well, although I am not sure it was on purpose. But luck has given him a chance to PERSONALLY LEAD the country to a solution the people will love. Congress will then have to go along or suffer the voters wrath.”

      I am giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think he knew exactly what he was/is doing…..but he needs to now shift into high gear and get moving.

  68. Just A Citizen says:

    I urge everyone to take the time to read this. As I have stated many times, GDP is an overrated metric of economic health. Especially since it includes Govt. spending. This last factor allows the Keynesians to play with a stacked deck.


  69. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw and interesting time capsule letter found the other day in Australia. The guy who put it in the wall made several predictions. He is still alive.

    One was the arrival of Islam as a major destabilizing and war causing force. And that the other side would respond, creating a “holy war” that could not be won.

    The other was that China would move to be the biggest power in the world, take control of the Pacific trade and even move to “take” Australia. He suggested Ausies learn Mandarin and do their best to assimilate in the new Australia. Fighting the Chinese take over would be futile.

    I mention this because when I was in Australia year ago, the flow of Chinese into the country was causing huge issues. This was just before Hong Kong was turned over to the Commies.

  70. MURDER is illegal. ATTEMPTING murder is illegal. A felon owning a gun is illegal. Shooting people indiscriminately is illegal. Using firearms in a criminal manner is illegal.

    Criminals do not go through backgraound checks when urchasing illegal firearms. Criminals will not follow old or new laws. So, just how will new laws make us safer? Furthermore, please explain how restricting law-abiding citizens even more will make us safer?

    Oh, you can’t? Then your argument is invalid.

  71. The way the media is jumping up and down and howling about, you would think that Don Jr. had sold American Uranium to Russia for personal profit while he was Secretary of State or something.

  72. So, Trump yelled at Sessions. Too little too late. this supposedly savvy Senator allowed the dems to use the bogus Russian thing to recuse himself from just about everything. Brilliant move!

    Then he realizes that Mueller, everybody’s favorite “impartial” counsel is hiring all democrats and has expanded the investigation into Trump’s finances, something that has nothing to do with Russia.

    This, is going to be one hell of a ride.

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