NYT and the Anti Free Speech Nazi’s

As you can imagine, the Twitter attacks were full speed ahead with threats of rape and murder against Loesch and her family.

Then there is this: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/historian-niall-ferguson-biggest-threat-free-speech-left

“Mark my words, while I can still publish them with impunity,” he concludes. “The real tyrants, when they come, will be for diversity (except of opinion) and against hate speech (except their own).”



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Additional thoughts on the voter registration topic. Tie voter registration in with Drivers License expiration dates plus have an expiration date on voter registration. Every X years update one’s voter registration, either by renewing one’s driver’s license (or other State ID) or sending in a renewal form that can be made available at any grocery store or drug store.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:


      I do not need to add anything, other than Mr Popper, who was with the DOJ and was the last person to have filed a suit for voter fraud in the DOJ. That is before the Obama administration said that THEY will not pursue nor prosecute any violations of the voting laws.

      He is the lead attorney for the suits against the States to clean up their roles. I believe Judicial Watch believes that even though the Trump administration is trying to investigate the problem they will be stymied, so it is incombant for outside organizations to drive an investigation and solution, via the courts.

      This video and panel are a precursor of the new report, this week, by Judicial Watch concerning their status of the suits against 11 States including CA.

    • The Republicans do not have the cojones to go for it. They can basically do what they want in 26 plus states and are with minor exception, doing nothing. My attitude is if the courts keep blocking you, start playing games with the courts. They say no., you tweak the bill they rejected and do it all over. Tie the courts in knots. Make the ACLU spend a fortune for a change.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Question….if the law has been on the books and unchallenged for years, and by the same token ignored by the DOJ now for years, but had been enforced to a degree in the past, how is it now “bad” and something for the courts to block the enforcement of said law.

        Bottom line the political activists on whatever side who disagree with some law of the other do not want to spend the capital to change the “majority” which is in some cases only a simple majority, but to change something serious, like the Constitution, it not only takes a super majority in each State but a ratification by the individual States. It is far easier to rely on a set of appointed and unelected judges to affect the whole body of the country.

        Much less the regulations, which are treated like a law passed by our representaives, put in place after the outline of the law was enacted. In itself then creating a political firestorm of you’re against this “Law”, implying the PASSED and signed law, and not the tens of thousands of little regulations that nobody has a clue of and where they came from. So in reality NOTHING happens to change, but and exponential increase of more of the same.

        My belief is that yes the executive branch is to administer the law and has a few enumurated rights that are not quite free to do as they wish, like make treaties, but with oversight. I believe that ANY revision past the initial bill and signing by the president has to be reviewed and accepted by Congress as falling within the INTENT of the oriiginal bill,and signed by the president, then administered/run by those government workers. They themselves DO NOT get to unilaterally make changes to the law. To me that is “Checks and Balances”

        • The problem is when the courts hold that a regulation passed by an agency given authority, created by a law cannot be challenged because……”It’s the law”. This is how drunks and junkies became eligible for SSI disability. Ask Bob Dole if he intended it.

          Just writing that gave me whiplash!

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            The question I will follow up with, if a regulation put in by just creating it, like the Feds create money and it;s and is then held up as a law by the court…..WHY can it then not be just as easily removed from being a regulation and ergo a law to be enforced.

            Actually this is why Congress is getting increasingly marginized and not relevent. It’s all dependent on who is President and the “court” appointments they have available during their tenure, That is a far more lasting ideological impact on a parties objective than any Congressman, Senator or President.

  2. gmanfortruth says:

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Interview with Steve Damore the former Google engineer.

  4. “Mark my words, while I can still publish them with impunity,” he concludes. “The real tyrants, when they come, will be for diversity (except of opinion) and against hate speech (except their own).”

    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
    -Generally, but unverifiably, attributed to Sinclair Lewis (the general statement traces back to 1944)

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      “First comes Socialism, then Communism”…..Vladimir Lenin.

      A communist State is all about “Class” socialism and Facism nee Nazi is “National” Socialism. Both were and are violent totalitarian States. Yet which one has killed untold millions more?

      To denote the alleged RIGHT WING Nationalist socialist facist state, which was evil, to be used as the horror to be stopped at all cost, is nothing compared to the horror perpetrated by the socialist communist state which between Lenin and Stalin murdered in excess of 40 Million of their non compliant and undesirable citizens and with Mao the numbers are just shy of 100 Million. Hitler, Lenin Stalin, Mao were not right wing conservatives trying to maintaining the status quo. They were Totalitarian Socialists that were bent on transforming their societies, not maintaining them as they were.

      The reason why I posted that incredibly long presentation on McCarthyism as we were all taught in school was how evil a senator can be by going rogue. What was never taught was the years and years leading up to McCarthy in 1950. He was just a short postscript to the struggle our intelligence agencies and FBI had trying to get past the administrations back into Roosevelts years. As it turned out there were embedded in these agencies, WH and embassies giving advise to the polticians as to what to do were highly placed communist spies…….Most resigned or retired in time as they were being discovered and they were not prosecuted. Others even after discovery were shuttled of to other work, like being in on putting together the UN, the IMF, World Bank and developing Bretton Wood.

  5. Very funny interview with a Oprah Winfrey about feminism…….she said that she wished for the day women were treated the same rights as guns….. So let me see if I have this straight.
    She can no longer board a plane, enter a poling place, go to school, or enter a courtroom. She cannot be around children and she will have to ride in a vehicle with someone that has a license to possess her and if she is left alone, she must be locked up…..

    I was thinking about this…..locking her up would not be a bad idea.

  6. Thought for the day…

    A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independencefrom any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government…………………George Washington.

  7. gmanfortruth says:
  8. Just reported on Business channel…..Apple sitting on 250 billion in cash. JP Morgan has only 30 billion…..there is now talk in Congress from the Deomcrat side about forcing corporations to release cash. To reinvest…….according to public records, companies such as Apple, Cargill, ADM……have cash totaling over 750 bilion dollars and estimated to be at one TRILLION by 2020……They have more reserves than all the banks in the US combined.

    Company execs say…..eliminate the capital gains tax, lower the corporate tax to 15-20%, eliminate the health care taxes…..we will bring the money back. Democrats say no to this….and 2 Republicans.

  9. Colin Kaepernick still not signed……cool. A protest outside NFL HQ is scheduled for a boycott of all games until the NFL forces a team to sign Kaerpernick. Protestors are claiming that the entire NFL is boycotting Kaepernick….

    They cannot accept the fact that nobody wants to hire a trouble maker with a train load of baggage…….not to mention the fact that he is a shitty QB.

    Even Mathius throws empty red bull cans better than Kaepernick throws a football.

  10. Great rant in response to McConnell’s ‘excessive expectations’ faux paux. Too good not to share.

    alliwantissometruth says:
    August 9, 2017 at 4:19 pm
    Hey little bitch, er, I mean little Mitch, let me fill you in on something. Everyday, millions of Americans go to jobs & work hard for eight or more hours. Why? Because their employers expect “excessive expectations”. They expect eight hours work for eight hours pay. It’s called doing your job

    You & your ilk have the cushiest jobs around. I won’t get into the ridiculous perks you receive or the great salaries & pensions you get, but the fact of the matter is, you have a job to do

    The American people bestow upon you this high ranking job filled with perks we can only dream of, & we expect a full work schedule that produces results

    Yeah, I know, the “two party” system can result in bottlenecks, arguments & gridlock, but that’s why we gave you the Congress, the Senate & the Presidency

    Why would we do that Mitch, other than we wanted you to do your f***ing jobs!

    But you see Mitch, even though you think so, we the people aren’t stupid. We know what you say is just an excuse, just a ruse, to deflect & hide the real reasons you’re not working with the President to push his America First agenda in order to help the American people

    We know what you’re doing. You’re one of the heads of the UniParty, the bought & paid for politicians who do as your donors / globalist owners order you to, & what they order you to do is the absolute opposite of what’s good for America & her people

    But you don’t care about that, do you little bitch, er, Mitch? Anything for the almighty dollar. Anything to retain power. Anything thing to keep the corrupt gravy train rolling

    What an utterly disgusting human being you & the rest of the UniParty cabal are. Selling out your country & your people for profit

    Your little bacchanalian like orgy of corruption & criminality is coming to an end. The American people are wide awake, our eyes are open & we’re engaged

    Maybe we’ll have the good fortune to see you put in jail one day Mitch, where the “excessive expectations” of your sentence are locked up 24/7

    • Give McConnell a break. It’s tough being the only human-turtle hybrid in Washington.

      • Hmmmm…….are you sure? HUMAN-turtle hybrid? Well, I guess since he walks on two feet without dragging his knuckles, it is safe to say he could be a hybrid of sorts.

  11. Was just watching the National Geographic Channel…….they had Dr. Andrew Weaver, University of Victoria, School of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in an interview with another, DR. Freeman Dyson, professor emeritus of the School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study; Fellow of the Royal Society.

    Dr Weaver is a strong proponent of global warming and Dr. Dyson rejects the theory of global warming.

    There was a very interesting question posed by Dr. Dyson to Dr. Weaver…..it was asked, ” for centuries beginning in 1045 AD, Greenland was a verdant green area with forests and mountains…and to day it is a frozen wasteland, primarily. If the earth is getting warmer, can you explain the area known as Greenland?

    Dr. Weaver’s answer was….”if your argument is going to be along the lines of unexplained phenomena….then it is no use talking to you.”

    • I think the point is that we can have a very good idea of the general trend, and its likely causes, without being able to explain every bit of minutia. His objection seems to be that the argument against is just attempting to poke holes without debating the underlying theory or proposing a credible (and testable!) alternative.

      It’s like: I know that if I detonate a nuke, I can have a pretty good idea of what the mushroom cloud is going to look like. But I probably won’t be able to predict or explain every wisp of smoke.

      It’s possible to have a decent grasp on the big picture without a perfect understanding of every facet.

      Maybe a better example is that I can say Stock X is a good stock to buy, and maybe I can confidently tell you that it’s going up. But there’s no way I can tell you how every step of the way is going to go. Just the general upward trend over a long enough timeline. And if you want to prove me wrong, you don’t “well it was down yesterday” because that’s meaningless in the longer-view. You say “well I think your model has an error with this and that assumption.” See the difference?

    • Like I’ve always said (and been mocked for) why is Greenland called Greenland? Why is the old Roman port City of Ostia now two miles from the sea and why are the polar Ice caps melting……on Mars?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        A partial explanation of Ostia is that it sits at the mouth of the Tiber and silt and shit from Rome flowing downriver has accumulated over the past 2000 years.

        • yes but elevation has changed too. That leaves Greenland and mars.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Watched an interview that Tucker Carlson conducted with an environmentalist filmmaker. The general topic was about a report from Sweden about the most effective way to reduce your carbon foot print is to have no kids. Carlson went on to list the countries with the highest fertility rates and they are all in Africa. He asked why don’t we just start educating and getting on them to have fewer children……The filmakers response was that they actually have a vary minute carbon footprint versus the 1st world countries….OK valid point. So here is the contradiction

            1) Why is the “Global Warming” activists or climate change activists and UN and IPCC wanting to bring social justice and equality of life like the 1st world to the undeveloped countries….isn’t that a bad thing according to the activists. As they develop they become us.

            2) Why is the UN and EU etc so hell bent on bringing millions of people from undeveloped countries into our world and trying to get them to be like us….won’t that blow the doors off any resource utilization that people have worked so hard to reduce. Put an undisciplined child in a candy store and the store will get wasted and destroyed…….Fall of the Roman Empire is noteworthy. 1) in a little over 100 years their currency was debased so much it was worthless to pay for the “growing” welfare state. Citizenship had been fairly well controlled. Citizens generally had a common heritage and lore. One of the emperors opened up citizenship to all comers. The primary reason was to increase the TAX BASE. Where are we hearing this today???? There are many other reasons but they also tried what is called “quantative easing” today. Gibbons is a good source, but it is only one of many analyses.

            Could it be like climate change? Sort of inevidable.

            • Well, regardless, I am still driving my SUV…..my 8 CYLINDER SUV…..I thought it really cool today…..the spousal unit and I were driving into the city…..we were on a two lane Farm to market road 9 cars back….we went around a corner and I just laughed……I told her….look at this line of cars and tell me what you see……1 pick up truck, 1 sedan, 7 SUV’s…and the sedan was not a PRius or some such pregnant roller skate.

              So , it was a subject for awhile….when she asked me….wasn’t California supposed to be under water by now? and aren’t we all supposed to die by 2016?

              Then we got into town and I started looking real close………8 of 10 vehicles was either a pick up truck or SUV. The wind was out of the South, so, we are sending our carbon foot print to Mathius.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Well Gore excuses his huge carbon footprint by buying offsets from his own company. He makes buckets of money selling offsets. His house in Tennessee gets the majority of its power from the TVA. It sort of doesn’t count as a green energy according to many enviromentalist. He is a huge hypocrite. Guys like Kerry and Gore I loathe. Do as I say, not as I do……with all Obamas preaching he sure has been putting a lot of jetsetting miles since being out of office.

                Prior to Carter it seemed that all ex-presidents really retired and rode off into the sunset. Rarely getting involved at least in a interfering way with their successor. They seemed to realize that with all their campaign rhetoric, reality is far different. Carter could never let go and continued to interfer in international politics. Clinton there is no end of him, and Obama is just getting going….Clinton and Obama need something to distract them, like the now found out collusion with the WH, DOJ, State Dept and FBI over the meeting about grand children and golf. Then why all the redaction?…..Does anyone really believe Lynch golfs. I pity the cart, much less her swing would be quite unorthodox

  12. It is really funny to see Trump and Kimme Boy and their rhetoric……neither one of them is going to fire a nuke…….the funny thing is……………….the hype by the media.

    The only thing that China and North Korea understand is force. Sanctions simply do not work and have not on NK for..what…40 years now?

    • Sanctions simply do not work and have not on NK for..what…40 years now?

      I have a good feeling about year 41, though… 🙂

      • LOL……that is what I like about you, Mathius. Not only can you put a perfect spiral on the red Bull can……….you are a hoot. Probably one of the few New Yorkers with a sense of humor.

        • Jokes aside, I actually suspect N. Korea might be the one area that Trump is the right man for the job. I think the various Kims have figured out how to play the conflict-avoiding West like a fiddle. I think the only person he might respond to is someone like Trump who may just be nuts enough to call the bluff.

          Now, maybe, they wind up taking a divot out of Guam in the process, but even that is acceptable in the face of another decade worth of delay, during which they develop bigger nukes able to hit major mainland cities. At some point, you have to look at the trajectory and realize that it’s not going to get any better in the future by delaying, so if you’re going to have to have a fight, it might as well be sooner than later while your advantage is greatest, no?

          Kim probably knows all this.. probably.. and if he does, and if he buys that Trump is as nuts and dangerous as I think he is, Kim, who doesn’t want bitch-slapped, may just back down. His best play is to back down for six months and hope that President Pence is more traditional so that he can go back to playing his old game verse someone who follows the standard playbook.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I agree for the most part. Kim Jong Un , probably the only fat person in the entire country, has actually called himself out by claiming he may fire towards Guam. That’s not just stupid, the THAAD system will take the missiles out and the US will have the moral authority to strike back in defense of it’s territory. BUT, maybe the little fat guy isn’t as stupid as he appears and may only be bloviating to keep the starving masses from over throwing him.

            Maybe it is time to put this issue to an end. I would support military action in self defense, at which time Kim Jong Un and his regime should meet their God and the entire Nork military decimated.

            Pence will win election in 2024 after Trump has served his allowable terms. I wouldn’t listen to the Liberal media, they are literally Fake News and are loaded with wishful thinking.

            • Pence will win election in 2024 after Trump has served his allowable terms.

              Name your stakes steaks.

              I’ll wager a 64 oz bone-in rib-eye prepared by Buck.

              Maybe it is time to put this issue to an end. I would support military action in self defense, at which time Kim Jong Un and his regime should meet their God and the entire Nork military decimated.

              You can’t kill Kim, unfortunately.

              You have to capture him and use him as a rubber-stamp a la Japan. It has become quite apparent to me that we suck at nation-building in almost all other circumstances. And it’s not a great idea to topple a government without replacing it – especially when it’s on China’s border and could possibly be turned into a regional ally instead of a Chinese puppet/satellite.

          • Mathius says: I think the only person he might respond to is someone like Trump who may just be nuts enough to call the bluff.

            D13: Nuts enough? Or do we finally have someone who has a spine that is not made out of slime. Diplomacy does not work with North Korea. Never has and never will. I still believe, however, that China is the key. Trump is now allowing the Navy to buzz the newly built islands in the South China Sea, both air and sea…and telling Bejing that the US considers those shoals as International waters….and keeps our warships there….with a carrier group now assigned which sends a very strong signal to China. It says…take heed, O’ Land O’ the Pandas, we intend to patrol this area and keep it open and we are going to do it militarily and not over some conference table. China, perhaps, sees that the US has a POTUS gutsy enough to play hardball. So, Panda Face in China, seeing a major shift in policy of the US military, our new military budget, and the fact that the POTUS does not need an immediate authorization from Congress for 180 days, to reign “FIRE AND FURY” ( which the pundits are scaring people….it does NOT mean nukes ), NOrth Korea can be a burning cinder…and China does NOT want a destroyed NK on their border. I think the bluff is being called as we speak but it is a dual thing…..Kimme Boy….we WILL respond…..and Panda Face, do you really want us on your border? Because if we take NK….we will be there with an installed partener of our own. You see, China cannot handle a war with us…and it has nothing to do with the military might…we own them with trade.

            Mathius says: if you’re going to have to have a fight, it might as well be sooner than later while your advantage is greatest, no?

            D13: You are correct, O’ Master of the Red Bull, however, a diplomatic solution can still be done, as I sated above….but instead of weeny assed diplomats sitting around a conference table eating bean sprouts and squid, we back up our diplomacy with the fact that….we will send North Korea back to the stone age if you do NOT stop them and the clock is ticking.

            My question to you, sir. Why are you picking on Trump as nuts because he stands up to things? Or would you say that anyone who calls a bluff is nuts? It is clear that diplomacy and strategic peace did not and has not nor will not work. It is also clear that the world has called the US bluff for decades now….from Bush I through Obama. Why is it considered cowboy when we have an outsider POTUS, that is not on the public dole as everyone else has been, willing to put country ahead of corporate? Just askin’……………..

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            China warns the US to not take the first shot. That tells me that China will stay out as long as Kim demonstrably fires first so someone just may get hit “maybe”

            I believe China does have to say the right words but in reality would like to be rid of the albatross of North Korea

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Scott Adams, Dilbert, had a great commentary about North Korean vs Trump today.

      For decades NK has played the insane crazy theatening the neighbors card. Everytime they pop a missile they show the film. very visual. For decades the response has been to talk talk talk and say we want a diplomatic solution and we’ll get back to you. NK has done this with Bush, Obama and Trump and does go back…..Now Trump by the media has been labeled a crazy unpredictable lunatic and he just fired back a NK with a visual headline of Fire and Fury…..Not we’ll get back to you and then hand over all their temper tantrums demands…..like food and energy…..Adams says Kim is probably saying this isn’t going according to script and maybe this guy, Trump is insane and I have no idea what he might do.

      he also op’ed said that we have to make it abuntantly clear that we want no part of their F***ed up country. So if it’s maybe SK pushing the buttons for reunification….we have to make it clear to them, that they are on their own.

    • What do you think should be done about NK? What does everybody think should be done?

      • Nothing……leave it alone until they make another launch….if it even heads one degree to the East…..blast it. If they even think about firing one towards Guam….South east……blast it.

        Trump has just sent a couple of messages to China recently. We crossed their red line in the South China Sea….around their manufactured islands. They did not like it and we sent another across the imaginary line. The message to China…..it is not just NK that will pay a price. China will tell Kimme Boy…ummm….the US did not blink this time.

        This will not stop the nukes being built though.

    • I’ve also read that per some, we should use sanctions against China to show them that backing NK is no longer in their best interest.

  13. Texas being put to the test this day…..transgender restroom law goes into effect Sept 1…….The NFL has hinted that if it does, it may pull the 2020 NFL draft from Texas….

    Governor Abbott yawned….

    Now, what is interesting, is that apparently no one has read the law……it simply leaves the choice up to the individual entity. If Mathius Burgers wants to put in and recognize transgendered restrooms…..go for it. If The Colonel’s Fajita Stop wishes to NOT put in transgendered rest rooms…..go for it. Then, the gendered confused now have a choice…..

    How simple it is to give everyone a choice and force no one to do anything……ahhhhhhh!! The perfect world.

    • I’ll take an order of fajitas.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Why has this epidemic of gender confused happened? I think it will go down as a “pyschologist” scam, Not that there are NOT some real transgenders out there. This will pass just like the scam the analysis perpetrated back in the early 2000’s about that every mental issue a female has is because you were raped by your father. brother, uncle and you just do not remember it. Just holding your child on your lap was a form of rape. .

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Or maybe just maybe the way White males are being treated at school and being abused…..how do you avoid being abused by femanazis….join a protected group.

        • Unfortunately in one of our local affluent High Schools that my wife’s friend’s daughter attends, only five children in her class of 20 are NOT in some some form of special ed or intervention. Therefore her normal child is now abnormal in this system.

          In a society that no longer produces anything there must be some form of employment so we produce counselors, psychologists, special ed. teachers rather than Chevy’s.

          have not yet figured out whether it is part of the educational industrial complex or the medical industrial complex. Or, perhaps we are seeing a melding of the two.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            This is all the offshoot of the 1970’s that NOTHING is your fault. Someone else is to blame. Nobody can be different and any difference in anyway can be remedied by passing another law or instituting another programing program or if all else fails you’re mentally ill and need medications.

      • It is all a diversion to avoid the real issues.

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    You Tube has taken to demonetizing Pro Trump videos, as well as other “right” leaning videos and putting them at the bottom of search results. You Tube is owned by Google.

    OK, Google is a private company, so the saying goes, they can do as they wish….right? It seems more and more that this ideology (a company doing as they wish) doesn’t apply to other business’s like bakery’s and photographers and many others. But this isn’t my point.

    My point is simple, the Liberal Left hate free speech, will do anything to silence opposing views and are nothing short of modern day Nazi’s. Or maybe modern day Communist’s…..either way, there is little evidence to support any fairy tale that the Liberal Left is pro Liberty or pro freedom. There is, however, overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    • My point is simple, the Liberal Left hate free speech, will do anything to silence opposing views and are nothing short of modern day Nazi’s.

      Totally agree.

      Being accused of prioritizing viewpoints with which you agree is exactly like the Nazis.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        SUFA has NEVER censored any form of speech, except personal attacks, that includes links to far Left sites. Frankly, it’s not just Google and Facebook, it’s many on the Left who have rioted to silence speech recently. This is the actions of tyrants and bullies. Maybe Communist/Nazi/Socialist”s or CNS’s for short is more appropriate 😀

        • Yes, who could ever forget the time that Hitler let the Jews run their counterarguments to being rounded up for slaughter, but would only let them publish on page two?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            So, I’ll take a guess that you think what Google and Facebook are doing is OK, as long as it only affects the Right side of the political spectrum, correct? You would then agree with employees getting fired for their political leanings, correct?

            • OOOOO….let me let me……Even Mathius is not in agreement with Google.

              • I have no idea what they’re doing. Do you have a reputable overview?

              • On Google? Nooope…..but if you are consistent, you do not agree with the firing of an employee just because he has a different viewpoint.

              • I am consistently inconsistent, which is distinctly inconsistent with many on here who are inconsistently consistent while consistently believing that they are consistently consistent.

              • .but if you are consistent, you do not agree with the firing of an employee just because he has a different viewpoint.


                Depends on the view. Does he believe that while people are the master race and we should purge the lesser races? Yea, I’d fire that guy.

                But, generally, no, I do not support firing someone just because you disagree with them. That said, he wrote a 10 page manifesto. From the summaries I was able to find, some of his points are legitimate and some of them are.. well, let’s say pretty far from the mark. But it’s not really about being right or wrong, so much as it is about whether he has shown himself to be incompatible with corporate culture to the point where he is “more trouble than he’s worth.”

                You might hire a Hillary supporter to work your farm. And he might even talk about his opinions. And you would probably keep him on. But it got to the point where it was becoming problematic from an employer standpoint, where’s firing off lengthy (and public) missives? Where he was getting hostile and belligerent? You might think it’s time for him to mosey on, no?

                I’d also point out that some of his opinions on women are extremely problematic for a company which is actively being investigated for (potentially) underpaying women. Consider that firing him sends a pretty strong signal (whether true or not) that Google will have no truck with that. It might help them with their bending legal issues. Companies are always happy to throw people under the bus to protect themselves.


                So, on balance, no, you don’t fire people for their opinions, unless those opinions are (A) abhorrent-to-unconscionable and/or (B) disruptive to the workforce and/or morale and/or (C) hitting him with the bus protects the company in some legal or PR capacity.

    • gmanfortruth says:


      If this were happening to Liberal content, they would be screaming for the Government to step in and regulate.

      Maybe thats what needs to happen? 🙂

      • Conservatives: Private companies should have to give equal platform to viewpoints with which they disagree. That’s fascism.

        Also conservative: The government and private companies should be free to discriminate against the gays and trannies. That’s freedom!

        • Hmmmm…what is it if say TMobile only let liberals use the phone lines?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Quite a sticky subject. Mathius is conflating religious beliefs and political beliefs.

            I think business should chose who they cater too. This is NOT the case with Google, they are openly changing their terms midstream. That’s OK, I will not use Google or You Tube or Facebook.

        • Ya gotta wonder here. Google has moved far beyond what it started out as. I’m thinking that it should fall under the same category as any other large corporation that crosses state lines. If the government can regulate the phone company for 100 years then maybe Google belongs there NOT in the 1st Amendment area. It is a transmitter of Information.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            I believe they are not just being a private company who we all argue that they should be able to serve who the wish to serve…..OK fine. Alternate companies will pop up. But I also believe more that they are under immense pressure to shut down opposing thoughts by the government behind the scenes. Europe is using the full weight of their government to shut down any opposing thoughts or viewpoints, via whatever means its transmitted. Like limiting just how much data a reporter can send out during the G20 and they had to get approval from the State to be even able to do that. 40000 internet sites during the French election favoring LePen were shut down. Every major paper facing you on the news stands was pro Macron.

            Even in the 30’s the French papers whored for cash the propoganda fed to them by Goerbels and Hitler and the communists suppressed all others and France rotted from within and was an easy mark.

          • then maybe Google belongs there NOT in the 1st Amendment area.

            “The First Amendment is sacrosanct, except when I don’t like what other people are doing with it.” – SKT

            then maybe Google belongs there NOT in the 1st Amendment area.

            What you are suggesting is basically turning Google into a Common Carrier (while, at the same time, the ISPs are somehow not classified as such).

            Regardless of legalities, this would instantly destroy Google. Google’s main value is that it can pick and choose what to provide to users in a way that drives value. So it knows when you ask something not just “what you asked” but “what you meant to ask” and what you want to see and who you are and what you like and what other people – like you – want to see. So that it can return, quickly and easily, the results that are most likely to please you. To make you happy. Which, in turn, makes you more likely to come back. Which, in turn, makes their advertising more valuable.

            But without the ability to discriminate, they’d have to just barf up whatever you site your search triggers (and by what metrics, exactly? Is the government going to mandate this as well?). And, if they can’t curate, and they can’t prioritize, and they can’t sensor, and they can’t do this or that or the other thing. The results you get won’t be as good. So you’ll stop using them. And they’ll go bankrupt. And we’ll all switch to Bing.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              I will be antedotal again…..While in the military they started opinion survey’s. All hand participated including officers. They followed what then wa corporate models. Officers created the final report that was acted upon. That was quite a filter.

              While overseas we also had the survey. But with a twist. 1) they still had the officers take the results and create a report for action. 2) they created a real subset of the entire base of diverse people. For example, I was white, male, single, senior NCO, dept head lived off base. Where there were blacks, hispanics, married single, officers etc….in other words we created a group of about twenty people out of 2500 that matched the diverse demographics in all ways, of the entire base. Members of the team had several criteria that they filled. We then saw the exact same survey results and were tasked to come up with an action plan that was to be submitted to the admiral for action along with the “officer” only plan. I happened to be on both teams because senior NCO dept heads were considered to be in charge leaders and carried full authority as much as our “officers had. I saw my Captain 2X in 2 years. Once when I checked in and once when I left. so usually they stayed clear as long as everything ran OK.

              The Navy high command reviewed both plans and accepted the “diverse” teams one. The high command also had no idea WHO had produced each report. A real blind taste test.
              The OFFICERS report was very one sided and reflected generally one viewpoint.

              I had taken survey’s at IBM prior to the military and found them well run and real concerns acted upon fairly. However, by the early 80’s after I rejoined IBM, the surveys and results feedback meetings were designed to RID the company of ANYONE who had other ideas than the managment directed program. People caught on quickly and ceased to be honest and lied so the “leaders’ to save their jobs and management became more blind to the shortcomings of their plans and the company almost failed with in a few years…….Google and others will follow the errors of those ways and either fail of get the message. Like I also said in other posts one of the most GROUP think cultures is Japan. They were EASY to beat specifically because of diversity of thought and actions. It’s hard to move a monolithic idea. Where we need to be like an octopus that is extremely fluid and has many tentacles that regrow if cut off.

            • I thought positioning was supposed to be based on number of requests?

              Personally I love to use the 1st amendment against people who do not like the 2nd and complain, “the founders didn’t mean machine guns” I of course like to point out they never envisioned TV, radio, Computers etc. So,. perhaps free speech should only be protected if you are yelling (without a microphone) or running off handbills or books on a manual press. megaphones. by the way are ok.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                “government” controlled censorship is supposed to be verbotten. However, with all the controls the FCC and laws like net neutrality the government imposes or denying a purchase or not unless you do what they want….even the private companies like Google etal are pressured to censor, or they will face the consequences, making it govenment censorship, but the government can deny that they are violating the 1st amendment.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Basically your argument is correct,,,,,except these companies of Google and YouTube Facebook Twitter etc is the main avenue of peoples communication and information today. The MSM has been controled by whomever controls whomever is in government at the time. Cities used to have multiple voices in their newspapers which echoed their owner or editors ideals. The readership is down, partially due to expense, but literacy, and it;s hard to be splashy. People rarely go beyond the headline and dig into page 2 much less the retractions buried in the obituaries. By changing algorithums so certain articles are pushed to the 10th page of the search results is censorship. Sure they’re trying to dry up income sources by taking away the EASY methods like paypal and credit cards another way will pop up.


        • Just A Citizen says:


          You are being DISHONEST in your sarcasm. The issue here is that a platform is using the guise of reducing “hate speech” to adversely impact those who other users disagree. Note, they are using the complaints of users to decide who gets censored or adversely affected.

          I ran into this a couple weeks back when The Hill censored some “comments’. First another user and then mine. I pointed out that neither of the comments violated the rules of use. Their moderator responded directly to me. Something to the tune of we use algorithms to identify potential abuses and cannot monitor all comments personally. And……. we use complaints of other users in this process.

          Now see how the censorship comes to affect? This is an increasing trend among these web sites. That is using the input of users as criteria for censorship instead of objective criteria applied by impartial moderators.

          • You are being DISHONEST in your sarcasm.

            I don’t think so. I think I’m being sarcastic in my sarcasm.

            Their moderator responded directly to me. Something to the tune of we use algorithms to identify potential abuses and cannot monitor all comments personally. And……. we use complaints of other users in this process.

            So their algorithm doesn’t like you – and also, probably, another user flagged you as inappropriate (also, probably, because they didn’t like what you had to say, or thought you were a troll).

            Let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that the moderator, working for The Hill, read your comment, didn’t like your political ideology, and banned you. Not because you were wrong or rude or offensive, just because he didn’t like what you had to say………………. so what?

            It’s his website, not yours. He doesn’t have to give you a platform. He chooses to… when it suits him.

            Don’t like it? Boycott. Or use ad-block on their site and read their content for free.

            Imagine if a neo nazi came to SUFA and demanded that you let him post blatant racism all over the blog – how dare you censor him?! Of course, it’s preposterous, right? You’d ban him – maybe you’d give him a warning or two because that’s the SUFA way, and because we’re a tiny blog and can afford the luxury of the “personal touch,” but ban him you would.

            He doesn’t pay the bills. USW (presumably) does (is he even still alive? I miss the guy!). And, at the end of the day, that means USW gets to decide what content he does – and does not – what to give a platform to.

            Now see how the censorship comes to affect? This is an increasing trend among these web sites. That is using the input of users as criteria for censorship instead of objective criteria applied by impartial moderators.

            Again… so?

            So what?

            I’ve been perma-banned from more than a few right wing sites. I just stopped commenting. I’m actually probably close to being banned from a few left wing sites, too.

            So what?

            Don’t use them. Encourage others not to use them. Organize a boycott. Open a competitor. Try to get a spot on cable news to gripe about it. Write a letter to their board.

            But at the end of the day, you don’t own them, and they don’t have to post your content. They’re allowed to censor you. They’re allowed to ban you and block you. 1st Amendment protections against censorship apply against the government, not against private citizenry or their companies.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              When you invite comments and set the rules for comments and those rules are followed then there is a violation of said agreement. That is what.

              If they did not advertise their agreement as being objective and limited to certain specific offenses then you would be correct. Kind of like Daily Kos. It doesn’t pretend to be anything but a left wing rag and intolerant of others. One reason I never comment there and only read it on rare occasions.

              Now the issue is Google, Facebook, and Youtube, as well as the few other companies that basically provide the lines of internet communications. So when the monopolies start controlling the conversations, beyond the normally unacceptable stuff, then we have a problem. This problem would be temporary if not for Govt. protections which now make new start ups that can compete with these big outfits difficult to impossible to get off the ground.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “Liberal Left” is an OXYMORON.

      When are you going to understand this?

  15. gmanfortruth says:

    On the lighter side of things:


    For the record, I have spent a lot of my lifetime in the woods sitting quietly, walking quietly, etc, in numerous states and I have never seen a Sasquatch or anything that I would consider a scary creature of unknown origin. In short, Sasquatch has one thing over Climate Change, Sasquatch has a better chance of being proven to exist 😀

    • I have never seen a Sasquatch or anything that I would consider a scary creature of unknown origin.

      I dunno, the Dread Pirate made a statement one time about Mathius in a speedo…..

  16. Gman….I will have an article ready in about a day, when you get ready to change.

    • The subject matter will be……Who was the greatest interventionist…..Bush or Obama.

      Here is a teaser: As quoted by Nobel committee secretary Geir Lundestad that the Nobel prize to Obama was “a mistake.” The Nobel committee awarded Obama the prize less than nine months after he assumed office in the hope that he would be fundamentally different from President George W. Bush….we were wrong.”

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Then they should PUBLICLY demand their medal back and millions. They may not get it but remove his name from the list of honoree’s.

        Like in time Gore should be demedaled, but Sweden is not ready for that.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      That sounds good Colonel. 🙂

  17. In a couple of hours, I will be signing up for SS. Mathius you youngun, get your checkbook out. It’s my turn to suck on the teet of government.

  18. And now she is in a swimsuit photo shoot in Vogue and treated like a hero by the LGBT.


    • What! No photo link! I’m disappointed.

      I disagree. The term traitor should be reserved for the crew who do it for personal gain or warped ideology. Like the Clinton’s. Manning is a fruitcake. That term in this usage has no sexual connotation. I am using it in the historic, “nutty as a fruit cake” sense.

      • I wasn’t aware fruitcake had a sexual connotation.

        • It’s usually a slur against gay men who are effeminate. Generally fruity but fruitcake works as well.

          • For us older folk who still remember “gay” as in “I was young and gay” or “the gay Nineties” it generally means a special variety of crazy.

            • Yes and the word queer simply meant odd…..what a queer way to look at it….or that is a queer way of doing things…..wow….what a generation of wimps we have spawned…..words taken out of context…..

              But there is a line that was used in the remake of the Alamo…..where David Crockett says we will have us a gay old time…..and that has now been bleeped out. So very wrong and so very weird….

              Fruitcakes were those things you hated to get at Christmas.

              • Fruitcakes are those things I was totally brainwashed were terrible. I have never tasted one but I’m sure they taste bad. 😁

              • Yes and the word queer simply meant odd…..what a queer way to look at it….or that is a queer way of doing things…..wow….what a generation of wimps we have spawned…..words taken out of context…..

                I don’t think it’s really a question of “wimps” so much as that times change, language evolves.

                There’s nothing wrong with the word “gay” in the context of “happy,” but that’s become a secondary meaning subsumed by the new-primary meaning of “homosexual.” Same with the word “fruitcake” as a pejorative. It still does mean “crazy,” but that’s become a secondary meaning behind “effeminate gay male.”

                I am positive your parents had the same experience when you were a youngster. In fact, I’d probably point you to the word “n**gg*r” – You’re almost 70, which means you were born around 1950, which means your father was probably born around 1920.. in Texas. I’d venture a guess that he saw nothing wrong with the term and, as you got older, wondered what in the hell was wrong with your overly sensitive generation.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Hated fruitcake unless it was one made by a cousin of my Father. Her fruitcake had so much brandy in you could get arrested for underage drinking….ate to much one night while camping out in the Mojave one winter evening I caught a real serious buzz.

                Aside from that…having grown up out in CA with a whole lot of Hollywood types. Everyone knew who was gay. No secrets even though the studio heads tried to hide the fact. Not that the actors acted queer, people just knew from general interactions and being friends. There was NO need to be an in your face activist, which then DOES piss people off. Just go about your life what ever you choose, and most everyone will take the stand of live and let live…

              • pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
                and smile, smile, smile
                Strike up a Lucifer
                to light your FAG
                Smile boys that’s the style

                “boys, go out and get some small FAGGOTS for kindling”.

                Faggots by the way was an SAT word on the ’63 SAT. seemed that only us classically educated Christian Brothers students got it right.

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    What does it matter that a Federal judge yesteday ordered the State Dept to search again for documents fro HRC. Wasn’t enough found with the “investigation” even as flawed as it was. Those emails should show to whome she communicated with via the addressee of the email. Those people then are also accomplices. Obama used an alias. Lynch used an alias to try and hide in the clutter. They’re all guilty of willfully violating Federal laws and security process and procedures. Better bet McCain and Graham are in the mix also

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Looking at MSM about this there was to me only head scratching why at this time…..I just watched the attorney from Judicial Watch who argued the case…..It was to get the emails from HRC’s closest confidants, like Cheryl Mills and others that the State dept DID not turn over. The original FOIA request was narrowed by State to only be those emails that HRC returned to the State Dept, not to whom they were to nor their responses or between themselves. The lawyer stated that they have been fighting this for now two years. going back again and again to get the government to cough up the requested communications.

      Like why was there hundreds of pages of communications between the FBI , the DOJ, State Dept and the WH over an innocent meeting about golf and grand kids, and then when the government sent the communications much was redacted and blacked out. The inbetween lines that were shown were the agencies and WH were developing the consistant talking points they all were to use, especially coupled with the timing of Comey’s unilateral decision to not recommend prosecution.

      The attorney went on to say the responses were bad enough back under Obama’s tenure, but are worsening under Trumps. She was asked whether or not it was a Tillerson ie Trump call or was it Obama and Clinton holdovers. She said ????only can speculate so she didn’t.

  20. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I find it interesting the growing “backlash” in Spain against TOURISM. Tourism makes up close to 12% of the country’s GDP. The islands and other famous tourist areas are putting up a lot of grafitti signs that say “Tourism is Terrorism” and also destroying facilities at resorts etc. Tourist have flocked to Spain when other countries became closed to tourism folling the “Arab Spring” enabling them to recover from the recession of the late ’00’s. Couple that with the EU taking over hotels and resorts to house “migrants” thusly reducing the space normally used by tourists who then spend LOTS of money elsewhere in the community. Voices in Sweden are also complaining about this commendeering of hotels.

    Personally I rarely traveled IN SEASON. To many people mobbing the scene. I much prefer off season when the locals come back out of their hidey holes and get back to lving. Then you see the true culture. Not when there are nut to butt crowds of the very same people you just wanted to get away from back home.

  21. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The most destructive individual on the face of the planet is George Soros. Not Putin, not Merkel, not Obama, not Trump.

      From an organizational level it is the UN, not Russia, US, Iran, NK or China.,

  22. TO Mathius……..I beg your pardon…..I was born in 1948….my dad was born in 1919…mom was born 1921….grandmother born 1898..great grandma born 1875……..all born in Texas and all but great grandma born in Fort Worth. Great Grandma was born somewhere out on the prairie….not too much is known about her but we do know it was Texas…..

    The word you are afraid of is nigger and it was not used in our household. It was derogatory and it was taught to me that way. Negro was the word we used and it was also a color in the 24 color Crayola coloring box. My grandmother, however, referred to them as “darkies.” Texas gets really lumped in with the SOuth simply because of the Civil War. While it was a slave state by definition, it really condemned slavery….we were concerned with Mexican Bandidos and Comanche and Apache Indians.

    But, I will agree that the words change………but who changes it and why? And, why does it have to become derogatory? Who makes it that way…..not society, I would wager. I still refer to the black population as Negro…Obama is a mulatto…..what is wrong with that word…..it means what it is…a mixture of black and white. In reality, he is not really the first black POTUS is he? I hate all of this worrying about words….

    Words have meaning yes….and, according to you, secondary and terciary meanings but most, if not all, of the meanings have been manufactured into some derogatory term,,,and that is very, very sad. ( Even tho Kim is Kimme Boy and China are Panda Faces )…..

    I will not stop using the word gay nor queer or like words simply because it is politically correct. I do not use them in a derogatory manner…..if a person likes males, they are homosexual…they are not a queer and they are not gay…they are homosexual.

    Oh well…….

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Obama only is black for political reasons. His Black Kenyan father took off well before any social imprinting. Raised by his white affluent grandparents and also an indonseian/asian stepfather. NO other black family influence until Michele came into the picture.

      One time I was talking to a retired Army military intelligence officer (yes and oxymoron) who was also black. We inadvertantly refered to SPOOKS. We thought the air was just let out of the office and the gasps of shock by the engineers in the room. WE had to explain to them that it was in reference to SPIES and the CIA..

    • But, I will agree that the words change………but who changes it and why?

      Sometimes it’s just the winds of fate. Sometimes it’s a concerted effort by a faction with an axe to grind.

      Who knows? All I can say is that some things that:
      1. Some things that were OK to say are no longer OK to say.
      2. Some things that were not OK to say are now OK to say.
      3. Some things that once meant one thing now mean something else.

      And, why does it have to become derogatory?

      It doesn’t. Lots of words lose their meanings, too. My grandmother would have issued a spanking for “hell.” My mother would look askance. I might gently discourage (but only because they’re 5 & 2) – when they’re teens, it’ll be a shrug.

      Fuck is headed the same direction. Overuse diluting the impact, reducing its power and, therefore, utility, until eventually, people shift away, and no one will care about it anymore.

      I still refer to the black population as Negro…Obama is a mulatto…..what is wrong with that word…..it means what it is…a mixture of black and white.

      The problem is in the nature of words. They aren’t “things unto themselves.” They are a means of communication. There is no intrinsic meaning to a word, it is just an arbitrary collection of noises.

      You pump air out of your lungs, through your vocal cords, past your tongue and lips, which then vibrate molecules of air which resonate into my ear canal, strike a “hammer and drum,” which sets off nerve impulses into my brain, and re-form a derived meaning.

      The goal of language is to take a thought from your brain and put it in my brain.

      But by sticking to outmoded terminology, you hinder the transmission. If nothing else, you load up your message with unintended subtext. The use of “negro” in 2017 says “I’m racist” whether you mean it to or not. That’s what the person hears.

      You can hide behind “that’s not what I meant” and “well things were different when I was a lad” or “I’m communicating on the denotations of my words, not the connotations,” but at the end of the day, you cannot wash your hands of the inferences made by the recipients when you wantonly disregard the implications of the words you choose.

      In reality, he is not really the first black POTUS is he?

      Well, I mean, that was Bill Clinton, no?

      But also, how would you define this? When was the last time you met a black person in America with exactly zero white ancestry? What is your threshold for “blackness”? If he had 3 black grandparents? 7 black great-grandparents? 15 great-great-grandparents?

      I mean, you’re not really a Texan. 4 generations back, your ancestors were from other states.

      I hate all of this worrying about words….

      C’est la vie.

      You can’t complain that others get the wrong idea when you don’t “keep up with the times” in terms of the current connotations of words. They aren’t the “same words” they were as when you were a kid. They have new meanings. Times and words change and willfully ignoring that fact doesn’t make them a bad listener, it makes you a bad communicator.

      That said, you can put a gun to my head and I’m still not going to start using words like “on fleek” or “lit” or “awake (in the new idiomatic sense).” So, I do see where you’re coming from. And in 30 years, I’ll probably be that old guy shaking his cane at kids and yelling at them to keep off my lawn. But it won’t change the fact that the world will have moved on without me and my stubbornness doesn’t make me right.

      I will not stop using the word gay nor queer or like words simply because it is politically correct. I do not use them in a derogatory manner

      Again, it’s not about being politically correct. It’s about communication. You will be misunderstood if you use the words the way you intend.

      If you see a little kid splashing in a fountain and say “look at that gay boy,” nobody is going to hear “look at that happy boy.” They’re going to hear “look at that homosexual boy,” and they’re going to give you a look. And you’re going to blame it on the PC police, but it’s your own damned fault for insisting that you continue to use the newly-secondary definition and that the world change back to the way you like it.

      • You make great points. But words meanings changing or having more than one meaning isn’t the problem. People can overcome those types of misunderstandings, if they want to. The problem is that we have whole groups of people who want to be offended, who want to use this crap for political reasons and just because they are angry in general.

      • Mathius……well, ok, I will change with the times………when they lay me down dead….actually, I am thinking about being put in the ground butt side up so the whole world can kiss my ass.

      • Lettuce all get back to my question of years past about using the word “Oriental’ which is a western construct and a way to refer to both a culture and a people on the other side of the world.

        Oriental, according to all three of my 30 something sons is highly offensive. I am supposed to use the word Asian which is a western construct used to describe a people and a culture from the other side of the world.

        Now, does any of that make any sense?

        These questions like the one about Greenland, Ostia and the shrinking polar ice caps on Mars, rarely get answered and earn me the same respect as the late John Adams got. That of being considered Obnoxious and disliked.

        You know why they don’t get answered? Because they challenge a weltanschauung. And, in modern times, that is just not allowed.

        • Well, Hell……cant eat Chinese food any longer…it must be Asian food……well, I hate to say this but not all Asian food is good. So I am old school…If I want Chinese food…I will order it. If I want Vietnamese food, I will order it….if I want Thai food……well you get the gist.

  23. gmanfortruth says:

    This is why we are dealing with the current Nork situation, failed Obama administration policies.


    • Mathius says: Well, maybe if Bush II had done his job, it wouldn’t be an issue for Obama.

      Gman says: Yea, well, maybe if Clinton had done his job, it wouldn’t have been an issue for Bush II.

      Mathius says: Well, maybe if Reagan and Bush I had done their jobs, it wouldn’t be an issue for Clinton.

      Gman says: Yea, well, maybe if Carter had done his job, it wouldn’t have been an issue for Reagan and Bush I.

      Sanctions simply do not work and have not on NK for..what…40 years now?

      Colonel D13

      Mathius says: Yea, but you’re probably right. It’s Obama’s all fault.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Bill Clinton gave the Nork’s 4 billion and two nuclear reactors. IF there can be a finger to point, that’s the direction.

        However, the Nork issue has been getting kicked down the road since the 50’s. The real blame belongs too……the UN.

      • It was Bush’s fault for 8 years. What do you expect?

      • No, maybe if Harry Truman had done his job and sealed the border with China in January ’51 with Nukes it would be nobody’s problem today. Academics could be wagging their fingers and going tsk, tsk, tsk as they do over Hiroshima.

        Occams razor, simple solutions, not complicated ones.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Mathius….Dale, says its the puppet masters controlling the presidents. If they don’t dance to the manipulations the strings get cut.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Hillary made it abundantly clear throughout her career she’d dance and Trump has made it clear that he won’t.

  24. gmanfortruth says:

    When lies fall apart.

    The Nation’s Patrick Lawrence on Thursday published a lengthy report based on information gathered by a bevy of computer experts and former National Security Agency insiders. The report in the publication not exactly known for its right-leaning sympathies reaches the conclusion that the Democratic establishment’s theory that Russia hacked servers at the Democratic National Committee is extremely implausible.

    First, the report notes that the type of remote hack government agencies claim breached DNC servers would have been technologically impossible because the information was allegedly taken faster than any internet service provider would allow.

    Secondly, the report concludes that documents leaked online by Guccifer 2.0 have the appearance of poorly rendered fakes produced to frame Russia for the hacking.


  25. Question for anyone…..except G Man…………..I know Gman’s position thoroughly.

    First, Is there a reliable “source” of information out there? If so, whom?
    Second, if a reporter uses a “confidential” source, should you consider that the information is correct?
    Third, if a reporter uses a “reliable” source, how is that proven?
    Fourth, in anyone’s estimation, is there a msm or publication anywhere, that you would consider reliable and unbiased?

  26. Gman……article submitted.

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