History Matters

history  I grew up a history buff, so to speak.  I grew up learning about the local Indian tribes who were in my area long before I was, one of the wonders of being in the country, having grown up in the city.  I went on to have a major in history in High School, I took every class I could, and excelled.  Even today, when I cut down a large tree, I count the rings to learn it’s age.  History is a wonderful thing.

In our current world we have people who want to erase the nations historical heritage.  At well over 200 years of age, our nation has plenty of good and plenty of bad, of which continues today.  It’s part of life as humans, we are petty, greedy, etc, etc, and we are self destructive to the core.  There has never been a time when humans were not at war in some form or fashion on this planet, which is proven this past weekend.   War, regardless of the reason or reasons, is what humans do, period.  Whether it’s a stupid riot between two rival gangs, two different ideologies or two warring nations, it is simply what we as humans do.  That, my SUFA friends, is history, in a nutshell and it’s not going to EVER stop.

There is no real purpose in removing historical statues, other than to wage war.  History is not the enemy, it is the teacher.  Those trying to hide and destroy our history are not doing so because it offends them, it’s because they want to do the same thing, that is what today’s Progressives/Communist’s/Fascists are doing.  History will never be hidden, it will however, always be repeated.



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    d13thecolonel says:
    August 16, 2017 at 3:46 pm (Edit)

    Ok, Mathius…I think that step one is to identify what caused the crash in 2001 and 2008. Was Bush President? Yes. Did he cause the economic collapse….not only no, but hell no. It did happen on his watch but his policies did not cause it. So, we need to dispel the rumors and innuendo’s that Obama ran on….DId George Bush II cause the economic collapse of 2008 AND did his policies cause the crash of 2008.

    The answer to both questions is NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. Here is why and it will have to come in sgments for discussion because of the length and depth of it.

    First, there was significant carry over from the DOT.COM bubble of 2000. The dotcom disaster was a speculative bubble that covered 1995 to 2001. During this period, Internet stocks, which were both novel and difficult to value, soared as investors sought growth stocks and were afraid to miss out on the rally. On the first day of trading in January 2000, the tech-heavy NASDAQ was at 452. By March 20, 2000, the day the NASDAQ peaked during the dotcom craze, the index had soared 1035% to a record intra-day high of 5132.

    The S&P 500 had entered 1990 at 353.40 and, by March 10, 2000, it had soared by a more modest 300% to 1413.38.

    During the second half of the 1990s, stocks soared and the Federal Reserve’s key lending rate HOVERED ABOVE 5%. Investors, looking for new ways to make money, focused their attention on Internet stocks. The Internet was in its infancy but, by all accounts, the potential for growth was unlimited. VENTURE CAPITALISTS* poured millions of dollars into Internet companies that might have been founded on decent ideas, but had NO PROVEN BUSINESS STRATEGY**. Overzealous management burned through money in efforts to grow their businesses and take them public. Further down the chain were retail investors, who were looking for hot stocks to invest in. This, coupled with the untapped potential of the Internet, helped fuel the tech and Internet initial public offering (IPO) boom.

    Many tech and Internet stocks were hard to value because they hadn’t generated a SINGLE PENNY IN REVENUE***. But again, the potential was there. Fundamentals like revenue, earnings, and valuations were ignored**** in favor of technicals and growing optimism, and the fear of missing out on the next big thing.

    The most infamous Internet IPO of the late 1990s was theglobe.com, inc. (OTCMKTS:TGLO), a primitive social media site company. The company went public on November 13, 1998 with a set offer price of $9.00 per share. Investors went a little crazy; the stock opened at $87.00 and hit an intra-day high of $97.00 (for a one-day spread of 977%) before closing at $63.50. Two years later, it was delisted from the NASDAQ because it failed to meet the $1.00 minimum share price requirement.

    It wasn’t just irrational exuberance that sent stocks and Internet stocks soaring. The U.S. federal government has to take some of the blame. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 lowered the maximum tax rate on capital gains for individual investors from 28% to 20% for equity held for more than 18 months. The legislation was signed on August 5, 1997, but was retroactive to May 7, 1997. (Source: “H.R.2014 – Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997,” Congress.gov, last accessed March 22, 3017.)

    VERY IMPORTANT……The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 didn’t have any impact on dividend tax rates; they stayed the same. This motivated investors to favor non-paying dividend stocks, like Internet stocks, which were less established but were also experiencing the most growth. A great idea might have been behind most Internet stocks at the time but, over the long run, an idea can never take the place of fundamentals. During the dotcom era, investors were more enamored with technicals and momentum than they were with traditional things like…fundamentals. It sent valuations into the stratosphere and stocks became wildly overpriced.

    According to the cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings (CAPE) ratio, which compares current prices to average earnings over the previous 10 years, the S&P 500 was overvalued by 181.5%. In 1999, the ratio stood at 45. The long-term average is 16. This means that, for every $1.00 in earnings, an investor was willing to pay $45.00.*****

    ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT POINT….In the early part of the 1990s, the Fed lowered interest rates to combat the recession, making it cheaper to borrow money. A familiar tale. What venture capitalist and investor doesn’t like to borrow cheap money and throw it at a start-up or red-hot stock market? But the economy never stands still. Annual GDP increased throughout the 1990s and, from 1997 to 1999, hovered around 4.5%. In an effort to help moderate economic growth, the Fed STARTED TO RAISE INTEREST RATES. From 1999 to early 2000, the Fed raised its key lending rate SIX TIMES.******

    Investors finally clued into the fact that the Internet companies with nosebleed valuations that they invested in weren’t making money, and were saddled with debt. Moreover, Internet companies looking for new capital found it difficult to attract new investors. Higher interest rates didn’t help. Investors ran for the exits, and once-high-flying Internet stocks started to go broke. And most went broke…over 90% of the dot coms.

    Now with all this said, let’s look at some key points identified by the asterisks:

    * What is a Venture Capitalist? It is someone with OPM ( other people’s money ) that takes risks for the big hit. THEY get their money up front while putting 401’s etc, at risk.

    **NO PROVEN BUSINESS STRATEGY……this means that they filed no pro formas, red herrings, or other documentation to show earnings and profits. They could not file them because it was all speculative.

    ***Single penny in revenue. Why is this important? Because it is a basic economics 101. You MUST have revenue to value stocks.

    ****Basic fundamentals…building blocks, if you will, were totally ignored because of the emotional craze of start up companies in the unknown tech and internet industry. YOU MUST Have earnings, revenue, and valuations. Much like the human body needs food and water and air.

    *****Would you pay $45.00 to earn 1$? Neither would I. The Law of Diminshing returns.

    ****** RUT ROH…..the Fed now raises interest rates 6 times. Suddenly, cheap money disappears and the “kiting” starts. AND POP…goes the bubble.


    Key Question for Mathius, in his spare time………Do you agree with this assessment so far?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Have at it guys!

    • I might add that the dotcom bust was followed by the accounting scandals that brought down Enron and several other large corporations. This was early in the Bush administration and added to the financial woes. Plus the big one of 9/11 that severely impacted Wall Street, the airline industry, travel in general and the insurance companies. Then add two wars to further drain the treasury. During all this the economy did not roar but it did OK throughout Bush’s first six years with nearly full employment the entire time.

      Clinton’s budgets were favorable because of the peace dividend from the Reagan/Bush41 years, the dotcom bubble that initially well funded the treasury (so much so that CA politicians got drunk on the excesses), and by Gingrich’s fiscal restraint especially on the welfare overhaul. Hence Clinton’s oft praised debt reduction. Bush43 however, had to deal with all the financial woes above and the wars. While he initially had high deficits, they were on a strong downward trend towards the end.

      Then came the housing bubble and crash which I will leave to the Col. to get into as he recounts recent history.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Clinton’s employment #’s were greatly aided by the fact that there was a shortage of skilled workers. Marginal and unskilled tech workers could find a job immediately and get paid huge salaries…….that worker shortfall ended in the 2002 timeframe, then salaries dropped because there was a glut of workers and employers could pick and choose, that also lead to an ever increasing upward spiral of companies requiring more advanced degrees for jobs that could be done with far lower education skills. Which has lead to another debt bubble of college debt.

        Even Google the other year said that the new hires on average NOT skilled enough to do the required job and are dipping into the older worker pool that had been surplused in prior years……I guess the work skills in university are being suppressed in favor of social justice.

        • Actually, Clinton ended up doing some really good things that stimulated the economy..He was fought within his own party quite hard….and the democratic controlled congress over rode Clinton after he left office. The housing issue is coming up as well and what a nightmare it was. I remember it well, and dodged that one as well, because it was evident what was happening.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        There was a deal that BT and Worldcom were putting together back around 2000. If anyone followed the negotiations they would have seen that BT pulled out with releasing one comment n the Financial Times and that was ” We are not going forward because of discovering financial irregularities.” In 2001 during the “Whitebread” around the world race with mega racing yachts the yacht named ‘Worldcom” was seized when it hit a port. The Worldcom financial fraud unveiled later. In the late 90’s those of us that worked in the telcom field were quite aware of Worldcom’s BS and we at AT&T felt the impact of their fraud, but no matter what we in the lower ranks of managment said or advised the senior executives went along with certain hiring. It was a planned and premeditated 5th column attack that very nearly destroyed the division which was 1/2 of AT&T’s revenue stream and Worldcom’s main global competitor.

        Now as then the senior executives seem to not particularly care about the ramifications of some of their decisions. Like during the later part of the 80’s IBM was being subjected to the worst business decisions imaginable inspite of all the advice given. These were under the CEO leadership of a fellow named Charley Bigger and our division GTD was under Nicholas Donofrio. IBM let Microsoft walk out of a deal that would have created a better operating system than “Windows” became. The let Intel walk away and also GAVE them patents of processors we invented. All with he reasoning that we really do not want to be in that low end business ie PC’s. These executives stood to lose NO money no matter what way the decision went. Destroy the company and they got their stock options and buyouts into the tens of millions, just to go away. You saw that with the last AT&T CEO. before the SW Bell buy out. Not Armstrong, who was driven out of IBM before Bigger was named CEO, Armstrong actually was bringing AT&T into the newest things and building top flight systems. He was driven out. Sure to make the new offerings was expensive but the debt was being paid off quickly because the product offered was ground breaking and very good. But this was also at the time that the Brokerage House on Wall Street who was paid to advance our share value and sell the stock, was taking money under the table from Bernie Ebber’s “Worldcom” to pan our stock and steer people away toward his company. As long as their decisions either way netted them tens of millions, why should they care about the outcome…….politicians are of the same ILK. I had understood that “Ethics” had been dropped by Wharton as a required course a few years ago,

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Along this line of thought I looked up “TIVO” This was a revolutionary design in digital recording. I remember that one of the major investors prior to the company going public was Larry Ellison. The device had it’s IPO way before it was a working product. The stock went through the roof. Ellison bailed immediately and took his millions. The stock very shortly literally died. However, engineers at the company stuck it out and eventually did deliver a product that is still with us……but what I came across was this tidbit

      “The baring of one of Jackson’s breasts at the end of her duet with Justin Timberlake, which caused a flood of outraged phone calls to CBS, was replayed a record number of times by TiVo users. A company representative stated “The audience measurement guys have never seen anything like it. The audience reaction charts looked like an electrocardiogram”………..monitoring what you are watching and recording….

  2. gmanfortruth says:
    • Right and if Czechoslovakia and Poland had not invaded the Third Reich, there never would have been WW 2.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Isn’t that the truth. The tactic is to blame the violence on the other person or group because they resisted your ideals. “if you’d just do as I say or want, there wouldl have been no need for me to attack you”. Just give in and capitulate, no matter how valid your side or opinion may be..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Tell that to the people of Portland Oregon and Hamburg Germany where there was NO opposition. They commited the violence and destruction all by themselves.

  3. gmanfortruth says:

    A New York Times reporter said she saw a very violent Left in Charlottesville as they swung clubs and beat the white nationalists marching in the streets. Her assessment, like President Trump’s, was that both sides bear equal blame. And also like Trump’s remarks, that didn’t sit well with some.

    Sheryl Gay Stolberg posted on Twitter some thoughts on what she saw that day, specifically noting that, “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right:”

  4. In our current world we have people who want to erase the nations historical heritage.


    ::Disclaimer: I sincerely do not give a shit, personally::

    You are misrepresenting the position of those who want to take down confederate flags / statues.

    It’s not that they want to erase the history of the Confederacy. It’s that they don’t want it celebrated as a point of national pride. It’s not that they want to act like it never happened. It’s that they want it taught in school, rather than having monuments to Confederate heroes who they view as history’s bad guys.

    In their eyes, it’d be as if you were a Jew in German and objected to a monument to Hitler and the state capital flying a swastika. (that might be a bit extreme, but it gives you the idea).

    They think the civil war was about slavery. They think states rights and the relevant economic issues are all hooey excuses because the South wanted to own people (bad guys) and the North didn’t (good guys). Sure this is wildly simplistic by any reasonably informed standard, but that’s what they think. So anyone fighting on behalf of the South must, therefore, have been fairly evil and, thus, not someone worthy of any statues.

    There is no real purpose in removing historical statues, other than to wage war. History is not the enemy, it is the teacher.

    Surely you can see the difference between learning about a terrible period in our past and having monuments to insurrectionist leaders, and naming buildings after KKK members, and such.

    Those trying to hide and destroy our history are not doing so because it offends them, it’s because they want to do the same thing, that is what today’s Progressives/Communist’s/Fascists are doing.

    Again, they aren’t trying to destroy the history. They just want people to stop celebrating the “bad guys” in the narrative.

    Whether they are right or wrong is another matter entirely (I think they’re about 30% right), but you are misrepresenting them.

    today’s Progressives/Communist’s/Fascists

    Oh, knock it off already.

    Only a tiny faction of the left are anything close to true communists.

    And if anyone is a fascist, it’s probably the guys out there marching with tiki torches and swastikas.. now, remind me again… who did they vote for?

    • I’ve always had an issue with Nathan Bedford Forrest. The man never really surrendered, never put the war behind him. Absolutely ruthless and a scorched earth, take no prisoners kind of guy, he went on to create the first version of the Klan.

      Now to compare him to Lee, Longstreet or Pickett or even Davis who all worked after the war to bring the nation back together again, and who ALL took oaths of allegiance to the United States renouncing their prior acts is frankly an abomination. I believe in redemption. had Lee lived longer than five years after the war, his influence would have spread far beyond Virginia for the betterment of us all.

      There are those who can argue and argue well that the Forrest Klan was aimed at Scalawags and Carpetbaggers and that the “bad” Klan was the one that rose in the 20th century with Wilson and was championed by folks like DW Griffith. However, people like me still see it as born of violence, wrapped in violence and ultimately destroyed by its violence.

      Who wears the masks today?

    • You do not know who they voted for and neither do I but you and Charlie are sure as hell full of “guilt by association” aren’t you, you champions of equality and fairness you?

      Much to the dismay of the press there were not a whole lot of MAGA hats out there that day. Frankly, in the initial reports and video, there were no swastikas either. If I had a great, great Granddaddy who rode with Stewart or Jackson I might have just accidentally found myself in that crowd too despite the fact my Granddaddy died on Omaha beach fighting fascists. If everybody bothered to take the time to check it out instead of relying on half-truths and emotion, they would probably find out that it was true. Instead we have the left screaming, “Remember the Maine” “Let’s attack Spain”. Cripes!.

    • They think states rights and the relevant economic issues are all hooey excuses because the South wanted to own people (bad guys) and the North didn’t (good guys).

      Riiiiight…..I wonder how many know that the very first slave owner in American History was…..Anthony Johnson, referred to as the pioneer of African slaves……oh, did I mention that he was a black man and went to court to change indentured servitude to slavery for an indefinite time and won?

      In the US Census of 1830 there were 3,775 free blacks who owned 12,740 black slaves. I wonder how many know this. The census of 1830 lists 965 free black slave owners in Louisiana, owning 4,206 slaves. The state of South Carolina, lists 464 free blacks owning 2,715 slaves. How ironic it is that so many blacks owned so many slaves in South Carolina. Yet, no one seems to mention this…….

      Some blacks served in the Confederate army, which is another omission in our popular culture. The movie Glory did not happen to mention that blacks served in the Confederate army. Another Hollywood mis-step? And even in that, the movie depicted that the 54th Mass. was a bunch of runaway slaves……oops…..there is no recorded history of one single black slave enlisting in the 54th……wonder why?

      “By 1860, so many Black women in Charleston had inherited or been given slaves and other property by white men, and used their property to start successful businesses, that they owned 70% of the Black owned slaves in the city.” OOOPS…..I think someone forgot to mention this.

      OH MY…seems this tidbit has been forgotten…..”The largest black slaveholder in the South, John Carruthers Stanly, a black man, of North Carolina, faced a number of problems in the 1820s in dealing with a slave labor force on his three turpentine plantations in Craven County. With a total of 163 slaves, Stanly was a harsh, profit-minded taskmaster, and his field hands would run away. Stanley dealt with this through his two white overseers and with a spy network that included a few trusted slaves. Brister, his slave barber in New Bern, was responsible for relaying to his owner rumors of planned escapes …Nor did Stanly have any pangs of conscience about selling children away from their parents or holding free blacks in bondage.”

      SUNUVABITCH……this must have been overlooked as well……In 1860 there were at least six Negroes in Louisiana who owned 65 or more slaves The largest number, 152 slaves, were owned by the widow C. Richards and her son P.C. Richards, who owned a large sugar cane plantation. Another Negro slave magnate in Louisiana, with over 100 slaves, was Antoine Dubuclet, a sugar planter whose estate was valued at (in 1860 dollars) $264,000. That year, the mean wealth of southern white men was $3,978.

      A tidbit of history left out as well…………………..Following in their father’s footsteps, the Ellison family, a black family, actively supported the Confederacy throughout the war. They converted nearly their entire plantation to the production of corn, fodder, bacon, corn shucks and cotton for the Confederate armies. They paid $5,000 in taxes during the war. They also invested more than $9,000 in Confederate bonds, treasury notes and certificates in addition to the Confederate currency they held. Along with the ownership of 100 slaves.”

      Finally…. As an interesting sideline to Black slave owners in the South of the USA, is that there were also an estimated 65,000 Southern blacks in the Confederate military, including over 13,000 who fought against the North in battle.

      A well-known and favourably reviewed novel, The Known World, by Black author Edward P. Jones, has tackled the issue of Black-owned slaves, much to the surprise of those readers who had never heard of Black slave owners. However, the interesting story of Blacks who owned slaves is largely ignored by the media and educators.

      AS you say…history matters. I wonder what the blacks of today would say if this was also taught?

      • A battalion of Free Black men stood with Andy Jackson at the Battle of new Orleans.

        Let us not forget that our Indian or Native American Brothers possessed slaves for twenty years beyond the Emancipation Proclamation.

        Inconvenient History sir, inconvenient history that will NEVER make it into the narrative.

        While our friend Matt has been “funnin” me as those Southern boys would have said I detect his impatience with history. It’s NOW! NOW! NOW! and F the past. Which is sad. Even in economics, there is nothing new, it’s all been done before.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The Stanly house is just a couple blocks up the street fro me. Yes the “black” son was richer than his daddy and bailed him out financially during the Revolutionary war

      • Colonel, the youth of yesterday and today are getting a Left Wing run education, which explains why young people today are ignorant in so many ways.

        If you were to post your comment on every Left Wing Rag message board available, you would be dismissed as a liar. That is how the left is able to ignore facts, identity politics, just give reality a negative label and “poof”, the truth goes away (to them).

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Lest we forget that Slaves were only freed in those areas currently in rebellion, There were slave states that did not secede. Slavery legally existed even up north but was not as prevalent…..they had immigrants to work the mills.

        Could we possible look at the North during the era leading up to the Civil War and during, as the current “Sanctuary” City problem?

        The one thing that has been found is that an economy.that relies on Slaves has a tendancy to NOT develop labor saving tools. Yes Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin that culled the seeds out of a cotton ball, but all it did was create an insatiable demand on MORE cotton to feed the textile mills up north and abroad. There for the demand drove all the arguments to expand slavery into new states as they were admitted into the Union. I doubt the engineering skill existed in the south, but I’m pretty sure it existed in the industrialized North and also Great Britain, or some inventor could have come up with one. A need breeds innovation. Britain and the North had no need, they just wanted more…..I do remember in readings that some of the south’s responses to the north leading up to the war, was OK you object to the slave practice…..help us with a solution.
        I can think of one solution would have been those that objected….BUY the slaves then free them. Like Nature Conservancy. They buy property that should be kept natural, unlike eco terrorist destroy the value of as an example the timber on the land by driving nails and metal ito the trees.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Actually the work conditions in the mills, mines and factories worked by immigrants possible and most likely worse conditions than slavery. Not that there were not abusive slave owners slaves were and expenditure of hard capital. Owners were not likely to be reckless with those assets. Where in the north get injured or sick you were just replaced in a NY minute. Why did the Irish get hired to do the blasting to build dikes, canals and levies and railroads. It was dangerous with a huge likelihood of death and crippling injury. They were expendible, slaves were not.

    • You are misrepresenting the position of those who want to take down confederate flags / statues.

      Negative I fully understand their position of ignorance of history, it is their ignorance that guides them, it is their own bigotry that leads them and it’s the full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome that has them action out against their own best interests.

    • Oh, knock it off already.

      I will not stop stating facts, no matter how much it hurts others, period. The truth isn’t always pleasant and if you are not in the same zip code as these folks, then either don’t worry about it or maybe start taking a stand against them.

    • And if anyone is a fascist, it’s probably the guys out there marching with tiki torches and swastikas.. now, remind me again… who did they vote for?

      Well, who do they vote for? All I have heard is the Liberal media make these claims with nothing to back it up. If it were true, is it not because the Liberal media has shoved the lie that Trump is a racist since day one? Why wouldn’t racists gravitate to someone they are constantly told is on their side? So maybe the blame really is with the Liberal media and their constant lies and fabrications.

      And, as I have posted before, Nazi’s are as Left Wing as you, not that you are a Nazi. I have no idea what these neo-nazi’s and white supremacists believe politically, nor do I care, their numbers are so small they are insignificant.

      • Christ… It’s maddening how everything wrong in the world is the sole responsibility of the left. The Nazis were left, the racists voted for trump because the media is left, the violence is because the left counter protested, the financial collapse is because of the left, the slow recovery is because of the left, the death of coal is because of the left, racial tension is because of the left, hell, I dropped my spoon into my cereal this morning.. because of the left. The left is hypocritical about literally everything. The left is stupid about literally everything. The left is wrong about literally everything. The left is manipulative about literally everything. The left is deceitful about literally everything. The left cheats at literally everything. Crime is because of liberal policies. Poverty is because of liberal policies. Income inequality is because of liberal policies. Gender gaps are because of liberal policies. Climate change is a liberal lie. The bumbing down of America is because of liberals. Unemployment is because of liberals.

        I guess we should all just go home because the right are fucking saints who can do no wrong.

        Take some goddamn ownership and stop passing the buck for everything. Even Black Flag was more objective about these things. I routinely fault the left for their issues. All I ever get from you is blaming the left and absolving the right. Note that I never once said that BLM is right in their interpretation of history, or in their goals, just that you are misrepresenting them. And all I ever hear from you – Gman – you, personally – is “the left” this and “the left” that.

        Hell, you just told me that the reason a bunch of neo-Nazis – the self professed “alt-right” are actually left, and that the reason they voted for Trump (as David Duke so helpfully indicated) is that they were misled by the liberals in the media (despite the fact that Fox is hardly liberal and neither is talk radio). So, in a single comment, you shifted the alt-right to alt-left, then blamed the left for their decision to vote for the right, and absolved “your side” of any responsibility whatsoever. Again.

        I bet the guy who drove his car into the crowd was actually a liberal, too. And that he did it because he liberal wanted to liberal kill liberals because liberals liberals liberal mainstream liberal media liberal Obama Clinton liberal.

        This is useless.

        • I guess we should all just go home because the right are fucking saints who can do no wrong.

          NOt at all for the financial issues….you need to read what I am posting and then reserve your comment…….teaser: I am finding, that in the Dot Com ( of which I did NOT participate ) it is not just the left but the right as well….and, as a matter of fact, I am dropping references to right and left because I cannot discern any difference anymore…..for example, the DOT coms…..just as many REPUBLICANS were to blame for the downfall as DEMOCRATS….it is real easy to see what Presidents inherited things that they had no control over, that were not even started with the POTUS before them……another example, Obama inherited a mess but he did not inherit from Bush….as far as this “Great Recession” the largest since the Depression of the 20’s and 30’s. If you just follow me, I think that you will see a totally unbiased reflection the left or the right….and, when I fact check these things, not on the internet, it is becoming very interesting. Stay with me, sir……stay with me.

          • Colonel, you are far more even handed.

            Though, of course, you’re still batshit crazy – as all Texans are – I am directing my ire here to Gman.

            It has become apparent to me that he accepts zero responsibility on the part of “his side” and instead blames the left for everything. I mean, according to him, it’s the liberal media’s fault for tricking Nazis into voting for Trump. Come on?!

            So much for the party ideology of personal responsibility.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Mathius…..Here’s a question to ponder…..Why did the KKK endorse Goldwater for the Presidency, when it was the Republican leadership in both houses of Congress that got the Civil Rights act passed….not the democrats. It totally shifted the debate away from the true racist of the day and that was the democratic party in general. Their hero, lauded upon his death a few shot years ago was Sen Robert Byrd, What that did was shift an entire voting block away from the Republicans to the Democrats who were their true enslavers, which continues to this day….To be fair the Rino’s are all in now and as a whole shifted so far to the left that they are virtually indistinguishable from the majority of the democratic party..

  5. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Tucker Carlson “What Statues are Next”?

    Knock out the foundations of your culture and it will collapse.

    Came across a tidbit of history today. Hugo Black was appointed to the Supreme Court by FDR and confirmed and he was a KKK member. He claimed afterwards when the full knowledge came out, that he quit being a member when he became a Senator.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I helped a very intelligent balck women who was studying to go to medical school translate an essay by Jose Marti on slavery and racism. Bottom line she and most of the class who were black were in complete denial that blacks could also be racist and practice slavery. That is the reason the professor gave the assignment, to show that slavery and racism cuts across ALL peoples not just whites.

    • I haven’t seen you blame anything at all on the right. All I see is you blaming the left for everything.

      The Nazis are left.
      They voted for Trump, but because they were tricked by the media.
      The media is also left.
      BLM are left.

      So this whole thing is leftist hate groups vs other leftist hate groups instigating violence brought on by leftist media manipulation, followed by leftist domestic terrorism, followed by more leftist manipulation of the narrative against Dear Leader Trump. And, of course, this whole thing would never have happened if the left hadn’t messed up everything in the first place, leading to all these tensions.

      It’s a shame that we don’t let the saintly right run everything. Then we’d be living in a goddamn utopia.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        If the RIGHT was allowed to run things it would not be Utopia, as that is falsely used. It would, however, but a much BETTER place.

        You rant against the use of “left” but you are arguing from a different perspective of what the scale entails. If the scale is true to providing contrasting extremes, then yes the Fascists are on the left, along with all forms of Socialism and those of Dictatorships where State control is in full swing. As I have said many time, the US is currently a soft type of Fascist system. Remember, Fascism does not necessarily carry with it “racism”. In fact, racism was strongest when the US was less Fascist and more true Capitalist, well at least Mercantilist.

        I understand your frustration over comments being mostly one sided. I even agree that sometimes it gets to the point of bias. But part of that is not that the other side is being complimented, it is that the nature of the stories we are discussing relate to one side.

        Were there not many here who criticized the Republicans over the health care “repeal and replace” fiasco?

        It seems to me that some of your reaction is because you consider yourself on the left. Yet the many views you have expressed here show you to be closer to the middle. Still a lefty in my view but closer to the Rockefeller Republicans than the modern Democrats.

        And if you think that the hard left is a small minority in the Democratic Party, you don’t understand what has happened to that party. When Chris Matthews asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz if the party had become the Socialist Party, three times, she did not answer. The Clinton wing of the party is pretty much gone. The leadership has moved farther left and added a dose of “identity politics” to the mix.

        By the way, what the hell difference does it make who the white racists voted for? Why do you put stock in what David Duke says, or any other of these idiot racist leaders? But since you raised the issue, who do you think that Racist Al Sharpton voted for?

      • Oh baloney. Gman hates em all. He’s blamed politicians in general for everything. He just calls out the left the most, cause they are in your face about it more. The right (pols) is just more sneaky about being left. 🙂

      • I am speaking of the most recent events and who are behind them. The Right certainly have their issues, but they ain’t whining because they don’t like to see things they don’t like, that would be the Left Wing snowflakes, who will piss and moan about anything and everything. Your not even close their league of Left, your closer to Center, unless of course your a closet snowflake, then….well…..:)

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Sir… even “liberal” has been co-opted and rededined from its original meaning penned by Jefferson.

  7. Interesting stuff that may matter or may not.

    Going back to the Ukraine uprising and eventual overthrow of that government by…..US supported Neo-Nazi’s whose slogan was….”Blood and Soil” and they marched with Tiki torches.

    So what happened last week leading up to the Charlotteville riots? Neo-Nazi’s were marching with Tiki torches and chanting “blood and soil”. Coincidence? Let’s remember who supported the Ukraine uprising, Obama, Clinton and Neocons like Insane John McCain. Both groups were prepared for violence. So here we have the communists/socialists opposing the fascists/socialists using violence and controlled by the elite; same as in the World Wars.

    Let’s also add to this little story that one of the organizers of the “Unite the Right” rally was one Jason Kessler, a former supporter of President Barack Obama, Occupy Wall Street protester and CNN contributor who provided the network with articles sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Kessler only joined the so-called “alt-right” just last November.

    This whole thing stinks of an anti-Trump set up, by the Deep State. The Russian collusion narrative died when the DNC hack was proven to be an inside job, not a hack and they needed another line of bullshit to oppose Trump and interfere with his agenda. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Jason Kessler is a CIA operative and the events last weekend were intended to cause the chaos they caused, all in the name of opposing Trump.

    Or maybe the country is just plain under attack by the Communist/Socialists and they have lots of players with which to work with. You be the judge.

  8. My answer to everything, “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

    Can you imagine, for one moment a new Dukes of Hazzard? Well for God’s sake, they are even called Dukes as in David Duke? We sure as hell know why THAT was done don’t we?

    I remember watching the TV show with my kids. Uncle Jesse out there having cute little inbred Daisy Duke iron his Klan Robes while the boys planned a few cross burnings and lynchings. Didja ever notice how the Jewish Mayor, Boss Hogg and his trusty sidekick NEVER caught up to those Dukes.


    • Sorry, SK, Dukes of Hazard never made my list. Closest I ever came were a few episodes of the Patty Duke Show.

      But they’re cousins…
      Identical cousins
      and you’ll find..
      They laugh alike
      They walk alike
      Sometimes they even walk alike..
      What wild pair!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      A classmate of mine was John Scheiders stand in, he was the stunt driver of the “General” who also performed the car jump, which still stands as a record today.

      • During one of the famous jump sequences, that was recorded before the series debuted on Friday, January 26th, 1979 the stunt crew actually set a world record. History.com’s date of November 11 and the category of Automotive shows the fact. The jump’s height was 16 feet and length was 82 feet long, occurred on Saturday, November 11th, 1978. Stuntdriver, Craig R. Baxley is believed to be the successful driver of this historic jump.

        Somewhere between 256 and 321 “General Lee” cars were created and mostly destroyed during the series. Less than 20 in various states of disrepair still exist. Despite popular belief, there were no 1970 Chargers used in the series according to all the car builders.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The drivers name was in reality Alan Wyatt whose father founded the stuntmans association in Hollywood….Alan died a few years ago. He had more broken bones and metal pins and plates in his body he could ultimately barely move.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            The first jump shown intially on the Dukes was a baby jump and very well had been by Craig Baxley. Allan Wyatt’s was in the second season and was 230 feet jumping the railroad cars, which does still stand as a record today .

    • Whoa! Light bulb moment! I’m almost, but not totally, ashamed to admit that I never made all those connections before. Duh!! It was just a teevee show. I mean the General Lee and the flag, yeah but the others…especially the Duke name. Never a though in my mind. Seee? See Colonel? Being oblivious isn’t all bad. Ignorance is bliss.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Notes on Allan Wyatt

        In his seven years of working for the Dukes series, Wyatt spent the most time in the General Lee Charger out anyone else, working in 150 episodes. He was also the driver behind the famous second-season scene where the General Lee takes a flying 230-foot jump over a moving train.

        That famous jump received, and still maintains the world record for the longest jump done in an automobile.

        • I suppose that depends on how you want to define “longest jump.”

          I’m sure someone has driven off a cliff Themla-and-Louise style and topped 230ft. It’s just that the landing was a bit rougher.

      • Hmmm…..if ignorance is bliss, we should have the happiest country in the world……I never put the name Duke to anything until today….but, I never watched the show either…..

        I watched such rebel rousing shows as Leave it to Beaver, Dick Van Dyke, Liberace ( what a pianist ), Slam Bang Theater, The Road Runner and Bugs Bunny…Elmer Fudd and Felix the Cat….

        I identify with my favorite cartoon character…..Marvin the Martian.

        Then we cannot leave out the classics: Roy Rogers, Gunsmoke ( My dad’s favorite ), Rawhide, Wanted Dead or Alive, the Range Rider, the Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry (did not like him), the Cisco Kid, Rin TIn Tin, Cheyenne ( One of my favorites ), Sugarfoot, Death Valley Days, Bat Masterson, etc etc……….

        NOT TO MENTION, they were all black and white.

        The shows today are simply not my style because I am not a progressive person at all so I donot watch shows that fall into that genre.

        • I’m sure it was an oversight, but let me help you with a few you accidentally left out:
          Get Smart
          Bob Newhart
          Mr. Ed
          Andy Griffith

          • TIMMY IS THE WELL……..of course. BUt I could have listed many more….time and space constraints.

          • You gotta like Columbo. The scratch of his head, the sideward glance…..his carefully selected wit…….yep…….Columbo was cool.

            • “You know… there’s just one thing that’s been bothering me about this whole mess…. ehhh.. it’s probably nothing….”

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              he’d come across as an incompetent nincompoop. The guilty party would be so perturbed that they’d think that they had commited the perfect murder and this idiot couldn’t grasp their genius……uh sound familiar. Trump is no idiot. His mistake was to make friends wit the RNC establishment and let any one of them near his immediate inner circle. The Dems were a known entity. The R’s are the true snake in the grass 5th column. The only two people he can trust is his wife and his daughter. His son Djr even was stupid by meeting with the lawyer, false flag or not. There was enough crap out there and they didn’t need more to defeat HRC.

  9. G Man….I need to take issue with you on a couple of things and perhaps you could enlighten me on some things that I disagree with you, sir. I would like for you to explain to me, in today’s politics, exactly what left and right is…I am not sure anylonger. There used to be a clearly defined center…..conservative and liberal. As a matter of fact, there were several very conservative Deomocrats in my years of growing up. And to this very day, I have voted a split ticket many many times because I take the time to know the positions of everyone, down to the dog catcher, that runs in my district. I see very conservative fiscal individuals run as democrats simply because they are in a democratic area but tend to lean more liberal on social policies.

    So, what is the left? What is the right? I see Mathius claim to be left….I have called him out on it because he is definitely not left, in my definition. He may be liberal but he is not left….by MY definition…so, to be fair, I will give you my definitions first so you are not put on the spot.

    Left – Communism, socialism, theocracy, anarchism, fascism…etc

    Middle – Progressive ideology, conservatism, greater good ideology

    Right – Capitalism, classical liberalism ( 60’s/70’s ), Pure Constitutionalists.

    This is how I see it.

    • Left – Communism, socialism, theocracy, anarchism, fascism…etc

      Communists (theoretical): there is no government, everyone gives according to his needs and takes according to his abilities.

      Communist (practical): there is a lot of government. It takes everything, redistributes.

      Socialism: Communism-lite

      Theocracy: The Church rules all.

      Anarchy: There is no government. Bedlam.

      Fascism: One person/party is in charge.

      So how is it that the left gets saddled with both “one guy rules everything” and “no government at all”?

      Meanwhile, you’ve put “Conservatism” in the middle, rather than the right. What gives? The middle is the middle between conservative and progressive.

      You also gave us “church rules everything” when the American Left (defined generally, as the Democratic base) has been ardent about trying to keep religion out of politics while the American Right (defined, generally, as the Republican base) have aggressively tried to ban gay marriage, pass laws controlling the potty habits of trans-folk, restrict abortion, keep “under god” on the money and in the pledge, that idiocy with Terry Schivo, and more. Seem to me that “Theocracy” falls deep into Red Shirt territory. So either you’re using some fancy definition of left-right that bears no resemblance to the American idiomatic left-right, or you’ve got some ‘splain’ to do, Lucy.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Trotsky was after the civil war ended after 5 years more like the marxist communist ideal. He opposed the Stalinist approach, which became the reality across the board and was driven out and killed for his troubles.

        “Trotsky’s ideas formed the basis of Trotskyism, a major school of Marxist thought that opposes the theories of Stalinism. He was written out of the history books under Stalin, and was one of the few Soviet political figures who was not rehabilitated by the government under Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950s. It was not until the late 1980s that his books were released for publication in the Soviet Union, which dissolved a short time later.”

        Mathius….you claim that the BLM and others just want to eliminate the celebration, via monuments the confederate idea, but retain the education in schools and university. I just don’t by into that.

        Not with the calls to tear down literally all monuments, like the Jefferson memorial because these founders had participated in what was a normal world wide norm. They came up with an astounding idea inspite of their personal behavior. All one has to do is look around the world and even listen to guys like Cuomo who wish to tear up the 1st amendment. Governments are blacking out any opposing view by labeling it hate speech. Even in Denmark the government is going after a group who advocates giving free passage back to where they came from especially those that refuse t assimilate and wish to impose sharia law. The government and EU are declaring it hate speech. After living in the UK the only hate speech I heard was coming out of the muslims and imams advocating the overthrow of the english way of life and laws.

        Secondary schools are in a constant war as to what books to use. Those like used in CA and NY or those used in TX. The largest markets for these books. Why the fight. Math and science is what it is, but it is over history and social sciences. When teachers are overwhelmingly of one mind set bias will occur by what is taught or assigned as further reading, or grades. Even in ’69 I had teachers that would mark an answer incorrect, if even though it was proveably a correct answer…..but it was one that they said was not the one they wanted, yet made no distinction in the question as to which one they wanted. When you’d protest to the dean or principles they’s shrug and say its up to the teacher. Students would later then of course put the accepted answer down to get the grade just so they could graduate because these classes were mandatory. My nephew graduated from NC State with a history degree before going on and getting an MBA. This was like in the early 2000’s. I asked him how he was handling the professors and what I was seeing an obvious bias in the course material and their teaching. He said that you put down the answer the professor wanted even though it was wrong so you could get the grade. If you didn’t you failed. He said you just put it aside and go on. Both his wife and his brothers wife grew up under communist regimes. They know of what they are talking about and the direction in which we are heading.

        FYI the teacher of the one course in HS that was mandatory to get a passing grade to graduate in all courses of study was handled by one teacher. He’d been hired while i was a student there and I saw he was still a teacher in that one class up until just a few years ago. That was 50 years of being a teacher MOLDING students to one way of thought. Actually we called him a Nazi and Little Hitler, which was no joke and his teachings were definitely taught with a socialist point of view and denied any conservative ideals or answers. He also looked like Himmler

        Your contention that the views and history will continue to be taught in school, you haven’t followed schools like UVM in VT or Middlebury College of recent note Evergreen in WA. The University of Wisconsin or Missouri are front and center. The bias is real and grants are denied for opposing views, then tenure granted or not makes conforming views required. Opposing views are driven out of the education system. Professors CHOOSE what books they teach from, usually it’s their own. When I started university in ’70 , even in Colorado, this was well entrenched already. Why do you think Bill Ayers gave up his terrorist activities “The Weathermen” and went into education. It’s easier to mold people minds to your viewpoint than by violence, which harden walls and people dig in their heels.

      • Whoa….there “podnuh”….I have given you nothing. Especially religion….you shold know that I am not religious by even the slightest of margins….so I gave you nada.

        I am giving you what I have grown up in and seen……In the 50’s…well, I was a youngster then…so can’t much say nuttin’ except that I did write a letter to Dwight D Eisenhower and got a signed letter back ( not stamped..actually signed )….still have it. But did get involved in poltical things, through my dad, starting in 1962…yes, I realize that I was only 14. But, here is how I remember it….and my teachings from my dad.

        Racism, for example, was not a political thing. Yes, restaurants had separate counters and drinking fountains and such but this was the way it was….it was a heritage. A cutlure. It was not Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative issue.

        But I take issue with you on something….you are using labels of left and right…..WHY? I gave you MY……MINE…..definition of how I see it. And you simply do not fit the pattern of how I see left, in the terminology today. You are liberal in your leanings…yes. But liberal is in both left and right in today’s environment. Somehow, liberal became associated with Fascism, Communism, take from the rich and give to the poor ideals…..Somehow, Conservative became linked to Christian values and church….I am a conservative…..but I do not follow any religious doctrine. So, I do not consider myself “right”. I do not consider you to be “left”…..you simply are not that. And, like you, I resent labels. IF I do not believe in homosexuality, why am I right? Why am I labeled a homophobe because of my feelings and belief? I do not believe in it and do not associate with it but I do not discriminate against it. I simply could care less, but I get labeled……just like you. This transgender thing really bothers you for some reason….I do not believe in it and I do not support it. I do not like the idea of it….but it is none of my business except when forced upon me. AND when government forces anything, including laws that prevent choice….I see that as wrong. Does that make me a right side ass hat? Or is it my right to believe that way that I want? You want the same thing, as I see it….but you wish to use force in the way of laws. Any use of force against another is wrong and prevents choice. Any and every law that is passed is robbing us of freedoms. IS this a left or right issue? I do not see it that way.

        So in today’s society, I see left/right labels..now there is far left, alt left, far right, alt right….I see the progressive movement as a middle of the road issue…some I agree with and some I do not. I see conservatism as a middle of the road issue…some I agree with and some I do not.

        BUT…..I find myself falling on the side of the Constitution.,,,and I hear that is considered alt right…..all labels, Mathius and I hate it…..I see you as more liberal than I..but that is our age and our choice, is it not? But I resent being called a racist if I choose not to associate. If I do not want to eat lunch with a black person, white person, hispanic person, Plutonian, martian or Dread Pireate….that does not make me a racist. Labels……it is terrible.

        ” The middle is the middle between conservative and progressive.” No sir…it is not.
        ” the American Left (defined generally, as the Democratic base) “…it used to be…not now.
        ” the American Right (defined, generally, as the Republican base)”….It used to be…not now.

        Digest this first, while I go meet with my financial people and rid myself of some investments now that I see no tax reform coming and no health reform coming….going back to cash reserves again….but would like to discuss with you further…and perhaps you and I can forget labels and do not let them bother us?

    • That’s fairly easy Colonel.

      Left= Communism, socialism, theocracy, fascism, Progressivism…etc

      Center= Somewhere in the middle of conservative and progressive, willing to negotiate certain issues and work together.

      Right= Conservative, Libertarians, strict Constitutionalists . Those who prefer capitalism and much less government.

      Anarchist’s can be either far left or far right, the difference is that far left use violence.

      I see most being closer to the center here on most issues, including Mathius..

      • Anarchist’s can be either far left or far right, the difference is that far left use violence.

        Screw this.

        • um…black flag is very right. Did you forget…”No violence on non violent men” or something close. the antifa guys ARE left. BF would say he’s right.

        • The problem I see is that there are a couple of different groups that people call anarchists. There are the non-violent BF types and the “screw the system! Burn it to the ground!” types. I think this is what gman is referring to as left and right. I don’t really see either as left or right. The burn it to the ground types can come from either side, but right now they are mostly from the left since the right is in power.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Thank you for putting Theocracy in the left side of the equation. By its nature theology is a socialist ideal. The individual is not a good thing in their eyes. It’s conform or be driven out of the society and in all together to many cases death. The communists and socialist had to destroy religion because it is it’s true competitor for power over the masses of people.

        • Ok, well then let’s just drop the pretense of how we’re defining things, shall we?

          If it’s bad, it’s left.

          If it’s good, it’s right.

          If it’s violent, it’s left.

          If it’s non-violent, it’s right.

          If it’s racist, it’s left.

          If it’s non-racist, it’s right.

          If it’s oppressive, it’s left.

          If it’s free, it’s right.

          Got it.

          Why do I bother?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            At this very moment, that is in this particular post, you are being an ass. Deliberately not absorbing what was written above and just repeating your silly complaint.

            RACISM is not a left vs. right issue. It is not a Liberal vs. Conservative issue, by the very definition of all three terms.

            Folks just shared their scales and how they see it. Why don’t you provide yours.

            You think Progressive and Conservative are on opposite ends. WHY?? What the hell is Progressive anyway?

        • Perhaps in the perverted version. In a religion where Free Will is accepted as well as the nobility and equality of the individual man in the eyes of God, Religion bends right.

          Religion urges me to help my brother. Religion tells ME I am my brothers keeper. Religion tries to improve me as a person in the hope I will be saved. Where people say it requires a Socialist government to make things fair or equal, it ain’t Christianity in the traditional sense. You give Caesar his shit and God his.

          The differences between John Paul II and the current occupant of the throne of Peter are frightening. One fought for the rights of MAN. The other would be quite comfortable in something like Peronist Argentina, Mussolini’s Italy or Franco’s Spain. Not sure about Hitler’s Germany, it would be a close call.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Christianity is on the right, the Catholic Church is on the left. 🙂

            • CURRENTLY. Again I point out the late JP 2. The left will never forgive him, Thatcher or Reagan for crashing THEIR God.

              The Episcopal bishop of NY just removed a plaque from the wall of a church at Ft. Hamilton Brooklyn because it commemorates the works of one Robert E. Lee as the NY Army Engineer Boss before the war of rebellion. I am afraid ALL of your mainline Protestant denominations went over to the left side long ago. In the City, a lot of the old, little storefront Pentecostals, mostly Hispanic, have now gotten big enough to start buying up the empty Protestant churches. Those Hispanic folk USED to be Roman Catholic.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Their moral foundation turned into quicksand on which you can build NOTHING

                And people contend that history will continue to be brought forth…not a chance.

                Even the Russians with great reverance sought out after the USSR collapse what happened really to the Czar and his family. The research took years of discovery and excavation, and the final discovery of the last two missing remains. They had difinitively identified all but two. Finally based on records and a chance discovery by people investigators fornd the dismembered bodies and burnt bones of Anastasia and Alexis. The whole family is now at rest…yet even with all the atrocities of Lenin, they still have his tomb and body on display in Red Square. I’m sure with all the people that miss the good old days, if his tomb was removed they’d be in the same predicament that we are barreling headlong into. Lee did great thing before and after the war as did others involved in the war of northern aggression. States Rights were foremost on peoples minds which is a key element of the constitution and enumerated duties of the Federal government and all others are left to the States…#10 That got squarely upended with the civil war and by today even though the Constitution has not changed most people look at States Rights as huh, what, they can’t do that. Yes there have been some more additional amendments like #14 and the right to vote etc, but the encroachment of the Feds in so many unconstitutional ways is amazing. As Texas does….don’t take the money/bribe and they can legitmately say you want me to do what…take your best shot

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Pope Francis would be happy with his flock converting to Islam. Right now they are just abandoning the church in Italy by the droves and he is becoming totally non relevent other than his position on the world stage or pulpit, so to speak..

            • Reading Bill Buckley’s 1990’s book on Religion now. Man the predictions were so spot on about the Catholic Church. Buckley’s funny. When he told his priest friends that Vatican II was causing all the problems they scoffed then he made a point like, If you knock on a door ten times and the door is answered by someone punching you in the nose, when you knock the 11th time you can not guarantee with absolute certainly you will be punched in the nose but you can infer it. looking at the stats from 1965 to 1995 showed a minimal loss of 50% for everything, attendance, sacraments, vocations,schools etc. can only imagine where we are now.

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    History does matter….Just read the history of the life and death of Tsar Alexander the Second. He was making significant changes to the Russias. Emancipating the serfs in 1861 as just one example. The judical system the body politic, turning much more towards liberal systems as opposed to autocratic rule. He was assasinated by marxists. Alexanders son the ended these reforms and then was labled as a “reactionary” Lenin’s brother was executed for attempted assasinations of Alexander III. Lenis sister was just exiled after later attempts. Of course he reacted. Why assasinate the very monarch that was ushering massive liberal and modern changes to the empire. Nicholas II stared reforms again and the Marxist again killed in very spectacular ways the reformers, again ushering in a reaction by the tsar away from reform. In both cases the marxist/socialist would point at the reaction that they themselves caused away from reform…saying see see see…why? Marxists like Lenin and Stalin had no intention of allowing a democratic liberal society to exist but become even more despotic and tyrannical than any tsar wouldl ever be.

  11. Just A Citizen says:


    Want to rethink your claim about what “they want from this?

    “In the aftermath of violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, progressive activists nationwide have demanded, and in some cases illegally carried out, the tearing down and removal of statues and monuments to Confederate leaders and soldiers on public space. Now Black Lives Matter activists have gone even further — going so far as to call for a ban on all Confederate imagery — even in private possession.”

    The article goes on to say not just banned but having any such items would be a “crime”.

    • I believe Dale will back me up. The image of the swastika is pretty much banned throughout Europe. I remember a nice Heller Model of a JU 88 I once bought which came without the twisted cross. That led me to investigate. I think the European feeling is if you ban it, the events never happened.

      The other night they took down Baltimore statues, no doubt they were the REAL reason for the riots a few years back. Now, there will be no more riots.

      Found this brochure on line. Note that on the State Capitol Grounds in AK, a monument to Confederate Grunts, Confederate Women and one commemorating both Union and Confederate POW’s held in AK prisons shares space with a monument to “The Little Rock Nine” who desegregated the schools. This, is the way it should be. History told fair all around.


      • Arkansas is AR. AK is Alaska.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        A public space is public space…..isn’t there some saying about airing your dirty laundry is a good thing.

        Humiliation of a defeated foe is not a good thing. It’ll just breed resentment and ill will. Most fought with honor with a heartfelt belief that they were right. The south did not want conquer the north nor believed they would ever win in a protracted war. They wanted to shock the north into just letting them go…..Assume that happened and slavery continued. How long will it have continued? I believe not long. Britain had been a major buyer of Souhern cotton, sure but the war and their public anti slavery stance they would have NOT gone back to the status quo. They by nessecity created the Egyption cotton industry to keep their mills running. They now had a source. The north could have exerted enormous pressure on the “independent” southern states to drop slavery because they could have also gone to Egypt as the source of cotton, or India as another source. Just ban the imports of cotton into the USA from the CSA.

  12. I am coming to the conclusion that the violence in VA was planned and a setup. The march by the alt-right (don’t really like that term) may have started out as just a simple protest but the reaction from the Antifa and BLM crowds were intended to generate violence that would blow back on Trump. It makes no difference what Trump says, they will find fault with it. Magnify that fault by 100 fold as is being done on all sorts of media, add in spineless Repubs who do not counter the BS, and you end up with Trump standing alone and isolated. Thus he is much easier to topple. This is a coup. The sad part is there are a host of useful idiots who either do not care or swallow all of this BS. If these crowds get their way, this country as we know it is doomed. Orwell got it right.

    • Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck…….probably an aardvark.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I do not think so. I do think the Antifa folks did their homework and intended conflict. I also think the media, which hates Trump, smelled blood. The reaction of some groups immediately linking Trump to the violence should have been anticipated, given they have been pounding this drum ever since his first speech about Mexico sending us their riff raff.

      If someone can provide actual proof, not some distorted garbage from Alex Jones or his ilk, then I will change my mind. But until then, I suggest we don’t start crawling down the rabbit holes. Because we are surrounded by rabbit holes.

    • You have to wonder if they are really that stupid or if they just think that the American public is that stupid.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Yes on both counts

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Both sides assuming that they really are two sides…..have not tried and appear to not even try to persuade by reason and logical argument the opposition to change their ideals or compromise.

          Like the visceral hatred concerning Trump and the attempts to destroy him without real reasoning. And I mean destroy from day one with openly advocating assasinating him as opposed to reasoning.

          The attacks on Trump are not just conservative, centrist or liberal, They are being led by and condoned by the alligators and, cottonmouths in the swamp whose meal ticket is in jeoparody if Trump suceeds.

  13. And now we have activists protesting the Six Flags Over Texas theme park because of the Confederate Flag…..now think about this. Texas has been under six flags….Spain, France, Mexico, Confederacy, Republic of Texas, and the United States.

    The Six Flags park is divided into these 6 categories. They wish to remove the Confederacy category from the park…..the flag that flies is not the BAttle Flag …it is the Stars and BArs of Texas…..needless to say, it is not going to be removed, we are not going to alter the theme of the park….it will not be called Five Flags over Texas.

    In short…the activists can go to hell, do not pass go, and do not collect $200.

  14. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Earlier today people people started putting definitions to broad brackets. I believe we have to amongst ourselves define what we think is a liberal versus a conservative. Each issue we discuss has to be debated based on these two constructs. Like Jeffersons definition of a liberal was a person who desired liberty and individual freedoms and have a very limited government. The Catholic Church became extremely conservative and it took a liberal like Martin Luther to shake them up and bring on the reformation. The communists through marxism and socialism is in modern terms a liberal concept but in no way ever was by Jeffersonian definition liberal. It was conservative because they denied personal liberty, much less leave if you desire to do so. capitalism and free trade is actually very liberal in Jeffersonian terms, but is deemed a conservative idea. Monopolies which can only be achieved by government laws and protection. they though “capitalistic” on the face are actually denying liberty and entrepeneurship. Like Microsoft. Early on they made a good product, but today it’s crap. They’ve gotten contracts written that require their product be installed on a new PC or laptop so the customer has to buy it, though you may remove it and install another browser or OS. They have a guaranteed revenue stream. Same with CNN, CNN is on every cable package from top to bottom and their revenue is guaranteed whether you ever watch it or not.

    I refuse to install cable for just that reason. I strictly use the internet and I download only the services and programing that I use, and pay a fee if required, like Netflix. .

    Each and every topic we discuss has to be honestly bucketed and not just one way.
    The constitution is a very liberal document because it can be changed and updated with changes to the society. If it was stuck and no change is permited it would be conservative. But because the Constitution affects ALL, 100% of the people are affected so to change it requires a super majority of the people and States to ratify changes. Not just a simple majority based on a fleeting whim. The POLITICAL PARTIES do not want to bother with a rather laborious change process of getting a consensus of the people and states to change a law that affect all. They’d rather use EO’s in all ways that what they were intended or pass a hollow law and then let unelect administrators fill in the blanks as they see fit. Like the ACA or Obamacare as it;s called today, was a hollow shell of 2 thousand pages and the people overwhelmingly objected and still do. Yet the government went ahead and then the courts made up law like Comey did to uphold the law and not prosecute where prosecution was due. There was an amendment that was put out way back in the late 1700’s and never was ratified until the 1990’s. Everyone forgot that it had never been ratified and it went through the process again with the States and this time it went through, because in this day and age it was a good idea….not back 200 years ago.

    Demanding protection from competition whether internal or from abroad, or granting subsidies makes the supplier of the product LESS likely to actually compete and make a better product by designing a better or efficient mousetrap. Like the subsidies given to D13’s ranches for a product that they do not even want to grow, never wanted to nor ever will. And they can not refuse it.

    The Spanish electrical generating companies have forced a surcharge on private people that on their own spent money on green energy off grid. They neither buy nor sell the power they generate, but they have to pay a tax on the power they do not use from the government monopoly. It was considered stealing. Bastiat in the 1840’s had an essay on that, “taxing sunshine”

  15. Took a long drive today and had time to think. The black population in this country is at roughly 12 percent and sinking. The White population is sinking too but still at least five times larger. Needless to say the growing Asian and Hispanic populations have zero skin in the game regarding the American Civil War and, if I were them I’d be having a good laugh right now. Actually I probably should include the Asians in this diatribe since they have been “robbed” regarding admission to prestigious universities and probably jobs. Court cases are in fact pending.

    Now, while we have our usual white agitators clamoring like squeaky wheels for the removal of any references to the Confederacy, the larger non squeaky wheel white population may just be a little miffed. I think there is a very strong possibility that this remove the monument thing will ultimately have a huge negative impact on race relations.

    I can remember the huge effect “Roots” had on the population as a whole and I daresay the vast, vast majority of whites fully understand the appalling history of slavery and then the de jure and de facto segregation. Many if not almost all have put those old feelings far behind them. the neo-Nazi types and race baiters are few and far between and the average Joe or Jane Whiteperson wants nothing to do with them. Deliberately lumping Joe and Jane in is going to make them mad, very mad. The abuse I have taken over the past few days for trying to just be logical about this nonsense has brought me to the edge of losing my patience with everybody who is acting like an idiot. A friend called me today who is not a contributor to Facebook but monitors it. Nick and I have not spoken in four years. Our backgrounds are almost identical. First words out of his mouth were, “Has anyone said F— You to you yet today”? second words were “has anyone threatened to kill you yet today”? I answered yes to both. Then WE laughed.

    I think back to a very good conversation I had with a fledgling Black Panther back in the fall of 1967. He was ranting “power to the People”. I said, quite clearly, be careful what you ask for, because if the people ever really get the power the result may be quite the opposite of what you think. The opening shot in that battle was fired last November. people, good people have had quite enough and are awfully tired of being blamed for things they had nothing to do with.

  16. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    On Watch Live…El Paso, Benghazi and Phoenix

    I had NO idea about El Paso, other than the obvious news about the drug cartels etc. Not what was disclosed in this update. Comey deflected any problem “nothing to see here” attitude yet State shortly afterwards released documents contradicting him entirely about radical islamic cells on both sides of the border. The Juarez officials were screaming up and down for help trying to get some action from our government. Benghazi came up because the State Dept attorneys tried to block having to go search the records for HRC’s closest confidants such as Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and some Sulllivan guy. When the original FOIA suit went forward about Benghazi…..no records in States archives showed up under HRC prompting the eventual discovery of her ILLEGAL server. But State had narrowed the search to just HRC…..”Nothing to see here” and they stopped looking. God Leslie Nielson as Inpector Drummond in “Police Squad was spot on. as the world is blowing up behind him.

    Next article not in this video, was that the top investigator under Mueller resigns. This investigator was also the lead in HRCs email scandal. He is still with the FBI, but instead of back in a counter intelligence division which he had been in, is now in HR…..death valley career move.

  17. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Protesters deface Lincoln monument

    Protesters start to dig up the body of Bedford Forest, claiming the lack of movement in the memorial being removed.

    I do not even know where to begin on trying to understand this hysterical insanity. How many of these protesters of Forest even knew or cared where he was buried…..I’ll check to see if it’s in a cemetary or up front in a city square

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Nathan Bedford Forest memorial and grave is front and center in Memphis TN. In Forest Park. The protesters want the memorial and graves exhumed and relocated into a cemetary……that’s fair in my eyes.

      Lee was being encouraged to instead of surrendering disband and turn the army into an underground rebellion, or what would be a terrorist organization. He refused to do so. He feared the consequenses if such actions took place. If he had followed that advise he and his generals and Davis most certainly would have had their necked stretched with the mood of the country after Lincolns assasination. he fought a good fight for what they believed in and…lost…get on with healing and bringing the country whole again. Nathan Bedford Forest was of an opposite mind and wrecked havoc. The excuses that he was only against scalywags and carpetbaggers is in itself a revison of his reign of terror as the founder of the KKK. That legacy is a stain on this country and continues to this day..Just put his moldy old bones and statue in a remote corner of the designated cemetary.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I disagree. That is up to the towns folk. But I would suggest a plague explaining Mr. Forest’s atrocities and his role in the KKK. How he caused the south major problems for decades with his arrogance.

      • In 2015, as a result of the June 17 church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, some Tennessee lawmakers advocated removing a bust of Forrest located in the State’s Capitol building. Subsequently, then-Mayor A.C. Wharton urged removal of the statue of Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest in Health Sciences Park and suggested relocation of Bedford Forrest and his wife to their original burial site in nearby Elmwood Cemetery.[96] In a nearly unanimous vote on July 7, the Memphis City Council passed a resolution in favor of removing the statue and securing the couple’s remains for transfer. The Tennessee Historical Commission denied removal on October 21, 2016 under its authority granted by The Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013, which protects war memorials on public property from cities or counties relocating, removing, renaming, or otherwise disturbing them.

        This explains some about this Memorial, interesting stuff on this person on Wikipedia. He was what I would call an example of a Southern Democrat, as he was a Democrat and a pledged delegate from Tennessee to the New York Democratic national convention of July 4, 1868.

        After the events in Durham this week, I have my serious doubts that the Confederate monument issue is purely race related.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Black Lives Matter, stands between lone cop and Antifa thugs, when they started to threaten the cop. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    A protester was hurt by metal falling from the edifice as the group tried to tear it down, AJC photographer John Spink reported Sunday night. Tensions rose as the lone policeman on the scene was surrounded by black-clad Antifa protesters shouting “pig.” Black Lives Matter protesters put themselves between the police officer and the Antifa crowd, and the gathering soon dispersed.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Had a remembery today. 🙂

    I was pondering on the talking point about how the neo-Nazis have killed more people than Islamic terrorists since 9/11. Which of course does not include 9/11. This could be true. But it is the extension of this argument that has been bothering me. That the white supremacists are on the rise and becoming more violent. That they are a “national security threat”.

    Kind of sends a chill down you back when you think what could result from such a stance. But here is the memory that fits in this story.

    People seem to have forgotten when these groups were in fact LARGER and more widespread than today. When they actually WERE VIOLENT. Hell, the were blowing up federal buildings and robbing banks for crying out loud. The Feds have been after them ever since. Ruby Ridge was an effort by the Feds to extort cooperation from a man in order to catch a bunch of them. Trouble was he wasn’t affiliated with the group they were after. You know the rest of the story.

    Now it is possible that membership in these groups has increased. That would be the case with just an increase in population. Let alone the increased feelings of abandonment many young men seem to be suffering. Note: I noticed an awful lot of gray beards on the neo-Nazi side in those Charlottesvile videos and photos.

    Which reminds me of a question I had. WHY was the MILITIA at this event? I see all kinds of reports that the “Nazis pointed guns at people”. But every photo I have seen of the Militia shows them standing between the two groups. One of a guy trying to push a neo-Nazi away from a confrontation with a demonstrator. AND>………….. nobody was shot. If guns were pointed and then the demonstrators attacked, because this incited them, why didn’t the people holding the guns open fire in self defense??

    Right or wrong, the Militia has now been tagged as PART of the White Supremacy group. And pictures of its members are of course being spread far and wide, in hopes of getting them fired from their regular jobs.

    Lets see, I wonder what affect that could have. A bunch of angry white guys get fired and cannot get work anywhere because these people went after them personally. No, nothing bad could come from this.

    • Saw pics of militia as well and read a little about their presence. From what I read they were there for a security presence and not part of the rally/march. But it would seem to be a contradiction to claim they were part of the violent Neo-Nazis when not a shot was fired.

      But I agree, these people who already hate free speech shouldn’t pick fights that they can’t really win.

    • White supremacy on the rise? I could actually believe this after the Liberal media have been telling all of us for the last 9 years that if we don’t agree with Obama we are racists. Of course, all Republicans are already deemed racists, so adding a bunch of Independents don’t seem to be a problem for them.

      It sure seems like there is a push for a race war.

  20. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/missouri-democrat-i-hope-trump-assassinated

    I’m still waiting for a Trump quote proving he is a racist. It don’t exist so let me put it in perspective, the MSM and Democrats have perpetrated a big lie and group think has sunk in because the lie has been repeated over and over (where did they get this tactic from) until the sheople have fallen for it, even without any clear evidence. So where does the problem really LIE?

  21. CNN is helping Antifa find all Confederate monuments in the U.S. by publishing a handy map thoughtfully provided by the leftist hate organization Southern Poverty Law Center. Sure, there are other public ways of finding out this information, but CNN provided the shortcut.
    CNN’s tweet stated, “Roughly 1,500 Confederate symbols still exist on public land in America. Here’s where to find them.”

  22. The religion of peace has struck again. That must be Trump’s fault too!

  23. https://personalliberty.com/the-hard-truth/

    Hard Truth: Heather Heyer might still be alive were it not for the alt-left.
    “White power” goons came to Charlottesville looking for two things: attention and a fight. Thanks to the alt-left “antifa” thugs and a media which has become little more than a leftist tabloid mouthpiece, they got both. Had the alt-left counter-protested without resorting to violence, Fields would probably have gone back to posting on Nazi wannabe websites, and Heather Heyer would probably still be alive.

  24. Every person who was a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter is not a black-mask-wearing, vandalous, violent member of Antifa.
    AND…Every person who was a Trump voter or is a right-wing conservative is not a member of the KKK or the Alt-Right. Most of us are peaceful people who love our neighbors.

    I wonder where those ideas came from?

  25. Canine Weapon says:

  26. One of the greatest trips I took for a couple of years was touring all of the battlefields of the War between the States. Lot’s of history and very well maintained cemeteries and battlefields and monuments where certain leaders fell. The homes of the South, some of the old plantations, etc. Then, taking part in battle re-enactments and watcing how they used terrain to plan and use tactics. The War between the States is history and part of the heritage and culture of the United States.

    The one thing that stood out at every single one of these places was that there was no reference that it was a bad thing that States lost. There was not one single reference to how “good” slavery was…..the only references that I saw pertained to the reasons that each state joined the fight. Each battlefield and each historical tourist venue referenced how slavery was not wanted by the majority of the South…but that they wanted a fair market to sell their products and goods and wares. There were many references to Jefferson Davis and how he wanted to eradicate slavery after the war was won.

    So, now, I guess, all the monuments and battlefields and tourist attractions of the Revolutionary War are also going to be removed because part of our culture allowed and legalized slavery through the courts? That would only be fitting, I guess. Might as well remove all vestiges of our history and culture simply because some feelings are hurt…..and I question whether these youngsters that are protesting even have a feeling. They have no concept of what they are doing.

    What a shame…..and how short sighted the thinking is on this. Now, please tell me how removing history AND the current movement now to eliminate it from history books in schools, and trying to force parks like Six Flags over Texas to change its name and elminate its history is not creating the same issues of long ago….say…… in Germany?

    Finally, I put no credence in the wearing of masks in protest. It is nothing but terrorism and reminds me of terrorism and the ones wearing the masks……obviously do not believe in what they are doing. I am glad that I do not run across any of these individuals….I would probably make the news.

    Well, enough of this subject. I am going on with my economics because I do not think very many really have understood what is going on…..the cause and effect.

    • That’s a great example for what is happening to Trump, the Salem Witch trials. He, much like Sarah Palin was treated, is now being treated like he is less than human.

      • People are going to be surprised at the backlash over this whole thing. Most of us, God, all but a minuscule fraction of 1 percent have no use for Nazi’s or the KKK. We are tolerant people who mostly have gone out of our way not to be racist. We are now officially tarred and feathered because we may just think that history should be preserved and USED AS A LEARNING TOOL. Because of that we have been moved into the Nazi camp! I see ordinary live and let live Americans bristling over this. I see them changing their tolerant positions on things like affirmative action and quotas. Do not be surprised at the results of future polls of Americans on race relations or related issues. When exactly is enough, enough already. I am reminded of Tevya in “Fiddler on the Roof” In his frequent conversations with God he constantly changes his previous strong stands with the line, “perhaps I should bend a little”. Finally, when his favorite daughter leaves the faith and marries a Christian, he goes through the same conversation……then stops with the line. “If I bend that far I will break”. I am sort of feeling like that right now. Enough is enough already. Maybe I’ll feel better next week but I doubt it. something in me has changed.

  27. SK, Dale……..Veterans over 65 be aware. I received my official notice yesterday from the US Department of Veteran Affairs thanking me for 41 years of military service but that I no longer qualify for Veterans Health nor prescription coverage under the Veterans Health program. The reason for my removal is because I make too much money.

    Here is part of the cover letter that I received.

    “Your eligibility for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healt care benefits and enrollment group is based, in part, on the financial information you provided. VA’s Health Eligibility Center (HEC) as part of the ACA ( Affordable Care Act ) now verifies your financial information to assist with your eligibility for VA Health benefits. Computer matching agreements, established under th ACA, with Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) and Social Security Administration (SSA) authorize the VA to receive Federal Tax Information for the income Verification process. ”

    By rule, established by the ACA, the information we received from IRS/SSA regarding your gross household income exceeds the new thresholds for eligibility established under the ACA.”

    Then there is a chart that reads: VA NATIONAL INCOME THRESHOLDS..and under that threshold it says: Maximum income level for cost free prescriptions/travel benefits for those Veterans whose eligibility is based on income is Veteran with 1 dependent $16,851 or less.

    It goes on and says. ” Your initial application for enrollment was made after January 16, 2010 and is retroactive to January 16, 2001, your verified income exceeds the applicable thresholds and your enrollment in the Veterans Health Care is cancelled. You MAY be retroactively billed for copays and prescriptions received during the stated period.

    In the same day, the spousal unit received a letter from the VA demanding her financial information to be used in calculating my gross income even though we file married but separate tax returns.

    Welcome to the new health care folks. Veterans that make too much money and that are honest and work no longer get the health care that they were promised when signed up. This whole country is full of miscreants that refuse to work, live off welfare, get free medical, indigents and illegal immigrants get free health care…..but the Vets….well, we make too much money if we continue to work and contribute to society.”

    So, I lost Tricare for Life under the ACA and now I am no longer eligible for VA Health because I am over 66 years of age……and forced upon Medicare.


    • The ACA is forcing you to get insurance from the failing exchanges. The Democrats don’t give a rats ass about vets, they have proven that for decades. Breach of contract about said medical care is also the norm for the Federal government. It also seems more and more that the Repug’s want to keep the ACA. Time will tell, but I smell a big fat LIE coming from a lot of Republicans.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I do have an appointment on Sept 19. I’ll either get good news or bad news. I can understand the VA billing Medicare because now that I am eligible Medicare wouldl become my principle provider from a billing standpoint. Just as long as I can continue to get my care through the the Greenville VA medical center. If I lose that I’ll be terribly upset. The local medical center (Carolina East) sucks. Besides more and more providers are not accepting Medicare patients

      • Let me know how you fare…….I just got off the phone with the VA Health Systems and was also informed, even though I do not have a letter yet, I will be losing prescription coverage as well and will have to opt for Medicaid part D.

        I am well connected politically, I will start a crusade.

    • ….you may be billed retroactively… for 9 years???? WTH? THAT is bullshit.

      • How bad does the stench have to be for you to recognize that the hypocrisy not only lies with the Democratic Party but the Republican Party as well.

        • Of course it does, that’s why I’m against the two party domination of elections and deem voting to be useless waste of time…under the current circumstances.

        • you’re not tellin me nothin Colonel. If the last 7 or 8 years isn’t proof enough, then these last 8 months have really shown the true colors of the Uniparty. Bum deal for you. But how many thousands of others also. The ol’ bait n switch trick.

          • Let’s not forget that the democrats wrote this bill all by themselves. It’s their idea of FAIR.
            If the Republican Party continues down the path they’re walking, which is likely, they are worse on the hypocrisy scale.

          • The fortunate part of it is that I can survive….I can afford medical coverage but that is not the point. It is the government going back on a promise. The ACA took my Tricare for Life because they changed the rules that Tricare only goes to those whom were active duty for 20 years….it does not apply to reservists after 25 years like it used to. Now, the ACA is taking my VA benefits and prescription benefits. It does not matter that I was called to active duty for 2 years during Desert Shield/Storm, it does not matter that I was called to active duty for Bosnia, and it does not matter that I was called to active duty for Afghanistan….It doesnot matter that I was called for active duty to South America during Drug Lord I…..it does not matter that my total military time was 41 years. None of that matters to the ACA. In order to pay for it, they are throwing people off good programs. And, I might add, it also pertains to reservists who were wounded in battle but did not put in the 20 years active…they lose their veterans disability and prosthetic service. They now have to pay for it or make under the threshold.

            It sucks…and this is exaclty what single payer system will go to as well. The new surveys in England and Canada are now showing that once over the age of 60, health care dwindles. They actually use a litmus test of if a person has 40 years to live vs a person with 15 years to live….they treat the younger first. Same for heart transplants, kidney transplants….etc.

            This just sucks.

            Rant over.

  28. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Obviously BLM would be a black organization. But antifa which proclaims to be anti fascist where the fascist in germany were quite racist and believed heart and soul in white arayan supremacy. Why is that in the photos in the press that’ve seen the antifa crowd is totally underrepresented with people of color and other races. But appear to be white.

    The crowd in Durham, which has a very large black population, appeared to be dominated by whites, mostly of college age. Just a couple blacks. The second most numerous peoples in the protests or violence around the globe seem to be the press and photographers. Hoping to get the “shot” Saw a video of one of the innauguration day protests. The police had more trouble getting around all the photographers than getting around ???by-standers???

    My guess is is that people with jobs are to busy earning a living than running around the country stirring up trouble. People with a life continue on with that life. The extent of people being photgraphed on iphones and then being identified and then their work being harassed into firing them is I feel a MSM hype story to discourage further participation in future events by the conservative folks. I can see a KNOWN famous person be harassed at a future time, but most john q public would only be harassed only at the local event. Do these harassers hack ino DMV sites as an example or are they just blasting out the images on facebook and twitter and hoping that their sympathizers recognize some and then the job harassement begins. .

    • The Durham people, many were part of the Communist crowd, flag and all.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        And participants in the antifa part of the “peaceful” counter protesters in Charlottesville.

        While driving to an appointment, I flipped on NPR. On Friday, they usually have a pretty long program that covers the previous weeks events. Obviously the horse being beaten was Trump on his intial comments on Charlottesville. What stunned me was Sen Bob Corker from TN and what he said about Trump. Trump had made a statement about what’s next, the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial. Corker said that Trump is showing that he is unfit to be president because he was now infering the next targets were memorials to our Founding Father’s….Obviously Corker didn’t listen to Al Sharpton and his demands about the Jefferson Memorial, Nor the defacing of Lincoln’s Memorial……the rhetorical question is here within 5 days of Charlottesville…to me it’s obvious that the R leaders are the ones out of touch and unfit for their positions…

        • Even if it does not work, I wish that there were an organized group of Republicans out there, truly conservative who would at least BEGIN the recall process on guys like that. Obviously they do not stand behind the issues they were elected on. Time to send a message?

  29. I keep reading about this, know nothing about Nation and Salon isn’t normally on my reading list . So what does everybody think. Should this be taken seriously?


    • gmanfortruth says:

      The Russian collusion delusion is falling apart because it was a lie all along. Even the Podesta email leak wasn’t Russian, that will be coming out soon. Something rather not will be coming out soon on the subject, how soon I don’t know.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There are two stories I remain skeptical about. Only because it is becoming more evident that some powerful players are manipulating pretty much everything.

      One is this story. While it sounds possible I wonder about the motives of those who have come forward.

      Second is the story that Wikileaks was given damning evidence against Russia in Ukraine and refused to publish it, instead going after Clinton. The story may be true, but it has been published as part of an effort to portray Wikileaks and/or Assange as a ….Russian Operative. Our intelligence community has been trying to push this narrative for awhile. I have wondered about Assange’s motivations, because he is pretty much only focused on the west, but there are rational reasons for that. It doesn’t mean his is simply being sympathetic to Russia.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    “In this new Civil War, whose side are you on”.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      It e I’ll come down to people getting shot. Once that happens, we’ll see what happens. If it continues, the Leftists will losr, bigly.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      What the Maryland reactionaries miss or forget to say about Supreme Court Justice Taney, is that he FREED all the slaves that he inherited from his Father back in 1819. The Courts ruling on the Dred Scott case was a unanimous decision and not one like Justice Roberts did with the ACA. The Taney court ruled strictly on the Constitution and property rights etc. He very clearly stated that if you want a different decision, amend the Constitution. The court refused to MAKE up law regardless of their personal viewpoints which is so prevelent in todays courts.

      I was reading about the Duke Family from Durham. The big tobacco and textile mogul’s. The article went on to say that the family founding father had but one house slave, sort of implying they were anti slavery….However the family had NO problem renting slaves from neighboring plantations to run their operations.

  31. While I have not yet been “unfriended” by anyone. I have been attacked and told surprisingly by very old (50 years) friends that they do not enjoy me commenting on the drivel they publish from places like, “occupy democrats”. I was told yesterday by one of my oldest High School Friends that he does not want me to comment because “I enjoy sharing this only with people who agree with me”. Wow! Says it all. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how at age 70 you become an “old” man. Just shut the mind. Next you will be dribbling in your beard followed by an occasional accident in your pants.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Just came upon a quote trying to explain why people become “terrorists” The statement said that “First comes the hate, then second comes the justification”

  32. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    “To err is human, to forgive divine”

    All people commit sins and make mistakes. God forgives them, and people are acting in a godlike (divine) way when they forgive. This saying is from “An Essay on Criticism,” by Alexander Pope.

  33. Yesterday the Governor of NY, also known as the Anti-Christ Damien 6, ordered the bust of Robert E. Lee removed from the Bronx (formerly NYU) Hall of Fame where it has been since the Hall’s construction in 1900. First of all I do not know under what authority the governor, also known as “batshit crazy” did this.

    The pretense must be that the KKK controlled faculty of New York University in 1900 snuck it in.

    The wild eyed governor tweeted.“Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson will be removed from the CUNY hall of great Americans because New York stands against racism”.

    • SK damn you now!!! I can’t even read the rest of your post I’m laughing so hard at that name. Every time I try to continue reading, I see that name again and crack up all over again! Needed that laugh after my day today.

    • One must wonder how many Dictator wannabe’s there really are in political power these days.

  34. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    With all the calls of destroying the past of America and the memory of the Founding Fathers, by the likes of Al Sharpton and race baiters inc…….are they not forgeting just one teenie weenie fact……They were already slaves and held in bondage by their own kind and all there was, was a change of title in the markets on coastal Africa.

    The article JAC posted earlier today from I believe WND, there was a statement of slave free Britain. Earlier in the 19th century yes they did ban slavery in Great Britain itself. All the rest of the empire still was open to slave ownership. In 1833 parliment passed a law banning slavery in the rest of the empire excluding any territory held by the East India Company. Years later that exception went by the wayside. All of these changes about the morality of slavery around the world were all happening at roughly the same time. Some were preceded and some were later. The US was in the middle of the pack and included a bloody civil war.

    Did any textile mills either in the northern states or Britain decide that the product they were making a fortune on was grown by a evil immoral practice.and decide that it would be better to sacrifice profits by finding another source not produced by slave labor? Britain did have a real conundurum, smuggling was rampant but they did develop Egypt to replace the lost source in America during the civil war…..I haven’t heard or read of any. yet Eli Whitney invented a machine that made the production of cotton cheaper and more profitable and actually igniting a possible dying practice and a demand for a continued expansion of slavery which ultimately torn our nation apart. Cyrus Mccormick invented machines that strangely resemble the machines that pick cotton today, but they did other reaping. all during the timeframe of the debate about slavery.

    I think it was Alan West who said years ago…Thank God, my ancestors were brought here as slaves. . Just look at how many functional States exist in Africa. Not many. I wonder why so many people are wanting to bring the successful nations down to the lowest common denominator.

    • I think it was Alan West who said years ago…Thank God, my ancestors were brought here as slaves. . Just look at how many functional States exist in Africa. Not many. I wonder why so many people are wanting to bring the successful nations down to the lowest common denominator.
      Great point!

  35. Well, I have to confess to shock………..Six Flags has now decided to lower all flags and fly only the American Flag.

    The repercussions have been huge so far with 34% turn in of season passes so far. Mine will follow shortly as well as my grandchildren and they will be told whyand who is doing it and taught that destroying history is wrong,

    Wow….the shock still setting in.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Kine of makes you wonder who is behind this and WHAT is it they are able to show as their leverage. They have to have some actual leverage or they would not be making such progress.

      Someone needs to get to the owner/operators of Six Flags and find out just what was threatened and by whom.

      • Six Flags Over Texas
        Steve Martindale, Park President
        2201 Road to Six Flags
        Arlington, TX 76010

        I am sadden at the decision of the Six Flags Over Texas to remove all of its heritage at what made this state the way it is today. To capitulate to extreme groups is cowardice at its finest. To succumb to the rewriting of history has a profound effect and is, quite frankly, a major step towards fascism. As a grandfather who has purchased season passes for years, I feel compelled out of principle to no longer purchase season passes or visit anymore of your establishments. In addition, I will encourage my family and extended family, who have purchased your season passes for the same amount of years to not renew and to encourage all of our friends in the same manner. We will explain to our children and grandchildren the reason for our decision and the reasons for your capitulation. The reason for your capitulation is fear. Your decision erases over 400 years of history and you are letting a handful of fools dictate policy. A handful of fools that probably does not even know how to spell history.
        Texas is steeped in history and culture and your decision destroys part of that foundation. As a retired US Army Colonel with connections to the military in San Antonio and Fort Worth, I will do my best to ensure that your organization will no longer be on a priority visit list at Six Flags Arlington and Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. In addition, as a stockholder and member of USAA insurance located in San Antonio, I will also do my best, as will others in a similar position as mine, to make sure that the Six Flags organization is removed from all lists..
        In closing, sir, you should remove the name Six Flags over Texas from the park. I also know that this letter means nothing to you but at least I will uphold my principles as a true Texan. And, sir, before you classify this letter as a white supremacist, you would be wrong. I despise white supremacy more than I despise the groups that are forcing your decision. Perhaps you should replace the six American Flags with the white flags of surrender and change the name to reflect your cowardice….because that it is all it is.

        ( This is my first draft )….

        • Nicely done!

        • If the latinos get angry at the removal of the old Mexican flag, what will they do?

          • That’s ok. They can run a white on up, an Antifa one up (like they did in VA), a BLM one up, and I’m sure they can figure a few more to bring them back to six. 🙄

        • Second draft…..

          Six Flags Over Texas
          Steve Martindale, Park President
          2201 Road to Six Flags
          Arlington, TX 76010

          I am sadden at the decision of Six Flags Over Texas to remove all of its heritage at what made this State the way it is today. To capitulate to extreme groups is cowardice at its finest, and it certainly is not Texas. To succumb to the rewriting of history, has a profound effect and is, quite frankly, a major step towards fascism. As a grandfather who has purchased season passes for years, I feel compelled out of principle to no longer purchase season passes or visit anymore of your establishments. In addition, I will encourage my family and extended family, who have purchased your season passes for the same amount of years, not to renew and to also encourage all of our friends and acquaintance in the same manner. We will explain to our children and grandchildren the reason for our decision and the reasons for your capitulation. We will explain to our children and grandchildren, the reason for your reverse bigotry and the spreading of hate through acquiescence. The reason for your capitulation is fear…. Fear and the almighty dollar that you put above reason. Your decision erases over 400 years of history and you are letting a handful of fools dictate policy. A handful of fools that blindly follows a political line and has no concept of slavery or bigotry that has already been eliminated.
          Texas is steeped in history and culture and your decision destroys part of that foundation upon which Texas was founded. As a retired US Army Colonel, with extensive connections to the military in San Antonio and Fort Worth, I will do my best to ensure that your organization will no longer appear on any visitor list as a preferred stop at Six Flags Arlington and Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. In addition, as a stockholder and member of USAA insurance located in San Antonio, I will also do my best, as will others in a similar position as mine, to make sure that the Six Flags organization is removed from all preferential lists as an honorable place to visit.
          In closing, sir, you should remove the name Six Flags over Texas from the park. The height of hypocrisy is to carry the name Six Flags over Texas when you no longer fly the six flags. I also know that this letter means nothing to you but at least I will uphold my principles as a Texan. And, sir, before you classify this letter as a white supremacist or racist in tone, you would be wrong. I despise white supremacy movements more than I despise the groups that are forcing your decision. Perhaps you should replace the six American Flags with the white flags of surrender and change the name to reflect your cowardice….because that it is all it is. Cowardice.

          Thank you for your time, I remain.

          • Nice letter Col.

            Many of the CEOs Trump had on advisory committees abandoned him. No guts. It must be discouraging and starting to be lonely to be Trump. The media has certainly done a job on him.

            I heard that Tillerson is going to continue following affirmative action in hiring at State. That bothers me. When are the Repubs going to repudiate that philosophy and espouse merit color/gender/… hiring practices? It is frustrating to the see the capitulation everywhere.

  36. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/08/15/free-speech-rally-speaker-death-threats-charlottesville/

    Navom says he’s been trying to get in touch with Governor Charlie Baker to turn this weekend’s scheduled event into a Unity Rally instead of a Free Speech Rally so people won’t associate it with anything negative.

    Doing some research as to who organized today’s Boston event. First few articles are telling me that the LEFT (yes Mathius, the Left) are going to counter protest. More to come as I learn who is behind Rally

    • This is the best article I found on who the organizers are (they had a similar rally in May, with no issues) and those who are planning on counter protesting.

      The organizers, college kids who are Libertarians , conservatives and progressives, agreed to all the City’s demands pertaining to what speech is allowed, which doesn’t make any sense for a free speech rally, but Boston is a Liberal city, so what else should one expect.

      The known counter protestors, one is against white supremacists and one is anti-Trumpers.


      Left-wing activist groups, including Black Lives Matter and Antifa, have announced plans to protest an event that its organizers are calling a free speech rally Saturday in Boston, as a response to the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.
      The free speech rally in the East Coast state of Massachusetts was organized in July by a group calling itself Boston Free Speech, which says it is made up of a coalition of “libertarians, progressives, conservatives and independents.”


      • At 12:09 the S— is already hitting the fan. A guest on Fox is calling the rally white, fascist, racist.


          The free speech rally was actually organized by the Boston Free Speech Coalition which began online in response to the “outrage over violent protests at political rallies and riots on a California campus,” according to Boston Globe.

          John Medlar, the 23-year-old spokesman, said he and other young men began communicating on the Internet to express alarm over what they viewed as support for protesters who set fires, damaged property, and started fights following the University of California Berkeley’s decision to invite controversial conservative figures to speak.

          “We were alarmed that people were OK with fringe anarchists burning down a campus and driving [out] speakers,’’ Medlar said.

          The group consists of volunteers, no professional activists, and are “mostly young white men in their 20s from places like Newton, Cambridge, and Charlestown who like to think of themselves as ‘free speech absolutionists’.”

          Medlar acknowledged that at least one white nationalist group has been trying to use the rally to insert itself. But he distanced the coalition from that group or any group that espouses violence.

          “We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence. We denounce the actions, activities, and tactics of the so-called Antifa (militant leftists) movement. We denounce the normalization of political violence,’’ the group’s Facebook posting said.

        • According to a Craigslist ad, counter-protesting, without a permit, is being hailed as a  “Rally to Unite Against Hate and Oppression”, and they have been “endorsed” by a number of other groups, aside from the “Stand for Solidarity” group. Those groups include: 

          Coalition to Organize and Mobilize
          Boston Against Trump
          Answer Coalition Boston
          Boston Democratic Socialists of America
          We Unite Organization, Inc.
          PSL Boston – Party for Socialism and Liberation
          Youth Action March ACT UP Boston
          Boston May Day Coalition
          Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice
          Our Revolution Cambridge PHENOM (Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts) Boston Socialist Party

        • Now after watching FOX fawn all over the protestors this morning and afternoon, causing the cops to shut the rally down, I noted FOX had no one on the ground with the rally folk, only the protestors. In addition the two FOX hosts were frankly dingbats even unaware that the permit had been pulled last month. Only, of all people, BBC showed the Antifa and BLM crowd with their “hate” signs and masks and bandanas.

  37. Serious question Where is all this far right violence of which they speak? What the hell are they talking about? I don’t See this Violence .

    I think the guys statement that the nazi’s and KKK are the slime of the earth should be a stand alone fact is exactly right. Now lets talk about the other people causing trouble.


    • The Anti-Christ, Damien 6, is pandering like crazy just like he did when he rammed through the new gun laws a few years back.

      The bat-shit crazy Governor of New York with those malevolent eyes should be in jail just like the former NY Democrat speaker for what he did with the Moreland Commission investigating corruption. He is not. That, I believe, is one of the reasons Trump fired that Preet Bahara guy. Not only did he drop the ball on the Cuomo investigation (or deliberately tank it) he somehow screwed up the conviction of Sheldon Silver, perhaps the most corrupt NY politician since Boss Tweed to the point where the bastard’s conviction was overturned.

      With the dropping of the investigation, he will have a free ride to the Dem nomination in 20 or 24. Then, a prediction, see who he names AG. Do NOT be surprised if it our boy Preet. After that of course, being the Anti-Christ (which by the way I believe), he will destroy the world.

      Another fact. The bills will probably not hit till he is gone but the money he is spending in NY on new everything will bankrupt the state.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The Cuomo’s have been delusional for a long time….obviously it’s in their genetic structure….I’ve heard more HATE speech and KILL speech or assasinate speech and burning and destruction from the Far left like antifa, Ashley Judd etal than any from from the so called right. Would there have been any problem in Charlottesville if the BLM or Antifa had not shown up. Not a chance. The permited protesters would have done their thing and gone home. Disapointed for sure that there was no confrontaion but gone home none the less. Trump is correct the characters of the right left both at fault…like a pregnacy it takes TWO…..but most to blame is the professional “peacekeepers” the police.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The ALT – Right is the new buzz word to tar the conservatives of this world. That is a bastardization and misuse of words……..ALT – Media/MSM means the opposite of or alternate, usually the news presented are opposite of the approved MSM. Then ALT Right means they are opposite of the right therefore leftist.

        How’s that?

        • How’s that?

          It’s Liberal’s being Alt-Smart 🙂

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            He who controls the words controls the conversation

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              For those of us who remember one of the premier protest/rebellion songs of the 60’s

              :The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down”


            • They have been using the terminology white supremacy to attack whites as racists either consciously or unconsciously for a long time. Now they are fighting white supremacists. See how that works!

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                The point being is other than the BLM folks all the majority of the anti white racists are white huh????

                The point of this anthem song was it was a symbol of rebellion, a failed one but still was rebellion…..remember this was at the height of the civil rights movements, the Vietnam stuff was later.. .

                I just wonder if this song is stilll being sung by protesters?

                Can you wonder if any Mel Brooks film could ever be shown today? Especially “Blazing Saddles” ” Let me whip this out” or the first scenes with the camptown races and handcart scenes. “Thank goodness we saved the cart”….everybody took a shot on their prejudices.

                Last night I saw the unaired 1st show of the “Beverly Hill Billys’…….no wonder it never was aired back in the early 60’s. It even pushed with today’s PC attitude would have trouble being on TV. It was hillarious, but you had to be sharp to get the off color jokes.

                LIke when Tennesse Ernie Ford on the Smothers Bros show snuck one by the censors.

                “Show me a well designed building and I’ll show you one out standing in its field”.

  38. New information from Wikileaks is about to shake up the political world. Those in question are “Republicans in name only” or “RINOs.” An email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin that was released as document number 1078645 is about to turn the speculation that certain prominent Republicans who opposed Donald Trump into the truth that they were, in fact, not just disloyal to Trump and the party but were on Hillary Clinton’s payroll.

    The email, sent in July of this year, describes how funds were being diverted from Clinton’s campaign to the Super PACS of Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich.

    According to the email:
    “JB, CF, and JK PACS will be noticeably silent for the rest of the campaign. Each will receive a significant allowance from advertising budget. HRC is in the loop and has talked to all three personally. Eyes only.”
    Other emails that surfaced but do not refer to anything other than title have also surfaced that raised eyebrowS. It seems at a glance that the Clinton Foundation, or as I am calling it, the Pantsuit Mafia, has bought off several key members of the Republican Party to push the Clinton agenda. Such as:

    “He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only.”

    This email was dated days before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan withdrew the invitation to Donald Trump to speak at an event in Wisconsin. Even though we do not have the ‘smoking gun’ to say it was him, no other logical conclusion can be assumed.

  39. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I do love old movies. Three of the best about using, abusing, maniputation and corruption of the media to influence the hearts and souls of the people…for nothing but raw power.

    1) “Meet John Doe” Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold
    2) “The Fountainhead” Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey
    3) “A Face in the Crowd” Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal,

    In others you will hear in bits and pieces jabs at laws and regulations. Like having a women in your hotel room that is not your wife. Or like in “A Bad Day at Black Rock” which is about raw racism, but the jab was at the hotel that was denying Tracy a room based on a law passed under the NRA, National Recovery Act. To share rooms with other hotels a hotel could only let some of their rooms, not all. Making the customer go to another hotel. The nearest other hotel was 75 miles away in Barstow CA.

    One of the many reasons France collapsed so easily when Germany attacked in WWII was the French media was absolutely for sale. They sold untold lines of newsprint and radio waves to the Nazi propaganda ministry.

    When Google/Youtube can simply change a search algorithim either relegating a topic they do not want anyone to read just put it on what is called the back page. several pages into the search results. Or deem something hateful when it is not and only a different viewpoint of a topic that requires further discussion. The alternate science to what Al Gore espouses has virtually disappeared. Usually the way the search worked on YouTube, they had an initial recommendation, because the system didn’t know you from adam. Do a search and results would be shown. But afterwards those topics that Isearched for would become more prevelant in the Recommended section. Today since a few weeks ago that has disappeared. I have to reinitiate the search. Back in days of old it was hard to snuff out thought and history because it was hard to find and destroy all books that disagreed with the powers in charge. Today a few key strokes can eliminate and change history immediately around the globe and reach 100’s of million or billions of people.

    We were all concerned about government control of the internet because of the fear of abuse and violation of the 1st amendment.. This has been totally by-passed by allowing the censorship to be in the hands of a couple “Private” companies.

    • Try “Advise and Consent” some day. Excellent cast where a Mormon Senator is blackmailed for a homosexual indiscretion during WW 2.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        That was very good also

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          “The novel’s title comes from the United States Constitution’s Article II, Sec. 2, cl. 2, which provides that the President of the United States “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consults, Judges of the Supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States….”

          Drury believed most Americans were naive about the dangers of the Soviet-led communist threat to undermine the government of the United States:[6]

          Drury believed that the Soviet Union led an international totalitarian communist movement whose ultimate goal was world domination and that communists were willing to achieve that goal by whatever moral, immoral, or amoral means worked, including propaganda, lies, subversion, intimidation, infiltration, betrayal, and violence. A Drury thesis was that American liberalism contributed to communism’s incremental success in its war against American democratic capitalism.”

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Tonight before heading out to dinner I stopped off at my neighbors to give them some information. Egads they were hot. They just found out that their niece who has NEVER ever had to work, high education, paid by Mom and Dad and life of leisure…is one of the chief organizers of the violence vandalism and protests against white privalege both in Charlottesville and Durham…….when trying to have a meaningful reasoning discussion with this niece the only “reasoned” response by this 30 year old was “you’re all so fuckin stupid”

  40. These protest are reminding me of the early months of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. They were anti-war protests and seemed to grow over time. Then everything took a right turn.

  41. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Duke University capitulated and took down Robert E Lee’s statue. I will assume some group will demand the government tear down the Custis-Lee Mansion overlooking Washington DC in Arlington National Cemetary…..But then the Duke family had only one slave, but built their empire on rented slaves from neighbors, and in the mills abused immigrant labor.

    Especially the calls to remove any vestige of memorials of anyone the least bit involved with our founding and especially anyone who no matter what good they did with honor before or after the civil war who was seceded. The scary thing is that most calls for this are coming from the left, whose very political policies are to take more and more control of your lives subjecting you to literal servitude to the State…..the playing field absolutely should be even…..but then each to their own abilities.

    I do not understand what the flap is with TR.? he was the first president to actually invite a black man into the WH, Booker T Washington. Granted he took such political heat from that it never happened again. Wilson segragated the military and he had a reputation of being a serious racist.

    Frederick Remington the famous artist and sculpter of the westward expansion, showed in his rough sketches done from life, a great many of the soldiers were BLACK….fighting and subjegating the native americans……The Cherokees during their “Trail of tears” relocation to Oklahoma……took their SLAVES with them.

    As Jose Marti, a cuban revolutionary late 1800’s wrote…”there has been NO culture or Race that has not had slaves or not been racist.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      My Junior High School had it’s name change a few years ago from Francis Parkman JHS. He was NOT PC for the LA school boards of today. He was a believer in “Manifest Destiny”

  42. Excellent video:

  43. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Earlier today I watched a YouTube video of a young black women who was a student at Evergreen College in WA. Oh did she have some words for the current state of affairs at the school. She was from east TX and claimed she had been exposed to racism. She basically said that’s life and just get on with it. She went on to say that her Dad was pretty laid back but her mom was very forceful. She said they both would tell her that she was crazy going to the school for it’s bigoted and racist policies. She said the professors and students and board actually are so stupid that they don’t seem to realze they are driving divisions not erasing them between all the diverse people that are enrolled. Enrollment has plummeted so much she doubts the school will survive…..she did make one excuse about the abuse being heaped on the white students. She said that they had not been subjected to racism, slavery etc……not well thought out. Ask the Jews who were predominatly white, ask the millions of mostly white slaves of the Roman empire.

    She also said that she had to do the broadcast from another location from her first one…My bet she had watchers on campus after her first report

    THe only way a white student survives on that campus is to have a disability, be gay, transgender and accumulate points

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The social justice crowd are totally denying natural sciences. Like specific gravity and different elements finding their own level. Gases layer on their own and find their place in nature. FORCE mixing of gases can result in a very violent explosion that one doe not want to be near. Even mixing of rocks when molten will not mix creating veins (example)

      Human, just remove artificial barriers enacted by man and each person reagrdless of race, gender, etc will either rise to their level of competance or incompetence…”Peter Principle”

      Even though I’ve lived in the Racist south for 27 years now, I have not experienced anything close to what is defined as racism. What I have seen is that if you act like a shit regardless of race creed color or gender, you will be shut down. Be civil, reason and you will get along with everyone. Northerners like from NYC do not know how to react to NICE. .

  44. CNN has recently reported that the world is 40 trillion dollars in debt? I was wondering, just who does the word owe? Perhaps Jupiter?

  45. Interesting new clasification of people. They are called “still” people…..

    Still broke…still complaining…and still nowhere.

  46. A mistake repeated more than once………is a decision.

  47. The devil whispered in my ear…..”You are not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

    To which I replied, as I looked him up and down……” I am the Storm.”

  48. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Might be old news, but I just saw a report that the DOJ is stopping the Obama administrations “Operation Chokepoint” which was designed to have banks cut off loans, funding and other transactions to legal gun businesses.

    • Not thej way it is being “reported” up this way. caught the story on the radio and they reported these are terrorist related or drug related businesses. Trust NO ONE.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        If they were terrorist or drug related “gun shops” the Feds most assuredly would have taken far more drastic measures like a SWAT raid, than just pressuring the banks to not loan money to them or handle their accounts. I heard of NO arrests, just squeezed out of business, Then WHY would the DOJ announce the end of the coersive and illegal practice the Feds were doing against legal businesses.

        This Operation Chokepoint was a follow on program to the failed “Fast and Furious” operation which was very much a federal program to discredit the industry. To preceed Fast and furious hRC and Obama were trying to ram down our nation the UN enacted gun laws. Failing that the morphed Fast and Furious into the program it became. That failed when it became exposed to what it was and Chokepoint became the operation dejour.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      In all honesty….how many people would have recognized the CSA flag? Most images that are front and center are ones of the “Stars and Bars” battle flag.

      VT was an independent republic and NOT one of the original 13 colonies. They joined the US later. One of the reasons Ethan Allan had a pretty organized armed force capable of taking Ft Ticonderoga, was that he and his brother Ira were very busy terrorizing the settlers. They were land speculators up from CT and were attempting to carve out a territory mostly owned and governed by NY. Ethan was the muscle side of the pair, a drunk and brawler. Not particularly thought fondly of. Ira was the business end and got very rich. He eventually endowed the University of VT. The State Constitution was created after the US Constitution. They created a document that while using the US Constitution as a model, drafted one that is more “LIBERAL” in the Jeffersonian sense of the word. The State was quite conservative in a good way until the mid to late 80’s. The camel nose under the tent flap was when “out of state” students were given the right to vote. The biggest impact was immediate in Burlington and a perenial also ran was elected Mayor named Bernie Sanders. With 4 colleges in that voting district a socialist/communist is a guaranteed winner. The governor and lt gov are elected on separate tickets. and congress is in session only a few brief months. They had a tendancy of doing little harm. Historically they were in session sort of when you couldn’t do much from a farming standpoint. A socialist was elected LT under Gov Snelling and she was from Switzerland and exceedingly wealthy. She’d be driven to Montpelier by her chauffer in their Rolls Royce. Her income was NOT derived from VT. When Snelling retired due to health reason, She won the governorship. She was a fiscal disaster. She was handed a State that was fiscally sound, great ratings, JOBS etc. Within a bit over two years she bankrupt the State, Drove so many large business out and really opened up the welfare policies. Snelling was asked to unretire and run again. He did and handily won the election. He was reversing the disaster of his predecessor when he died of a massive heart attack….leaving HOWARD DEAN who was the LT as governor and VT was changed forever. He always ran as a simple country Doctor, yet he was very dependent on his families wealth and investments from NY. That is where he was from. Same as Sanders

    • They, the R’s, the D’s and the media still do not understand last November. I am a very reasonable human being and have worked pretty much all my life to use Conservative methods to solve the problems of my little piece of the inner city. Be it a neighborhood or just a small apartment building, I have worked with predominantly minority (90% minimum) residents and have treated them with respect and as adults and equals rather than as dependent children.

      I’ve had it! This statue thing is the final straw. This is the most egregious example of “SMOKE AND MIRRORS” I have ever seen the left use. Like it is going to change something? Like we went through the entire Dr. King led Civil rights movement of the 1960’s and nobody noticed statues? What is needed is to return the minority communities to the faith based, family oriented model of the 1940’s, ’50’s and early ’60’s. Do you realize how impossible it is today to even begin to talk about let alone show how the destruction of the black family has led to the current mess in those communities? You can stand there, quote Daniel Moynihan, show statistics from just about every major University in the country screaming about an increase from 22% to 72% since 1960 in out of wedlock minority births and still draw a blank or worse, a ho-hum. The problems are supposedly caused by endemic, persistent racism by ALL whites. Now statues are causing it for God’s sake because they really can’t find anything else and they sidestep the truth.

      I agree that the problems are caused by racism, just not the kind they say. The soft racism of lower expectations, paternalism, the plantation mentality all brought to you courtesy of the white, lily white, liberal power structure which has had “dibs” on the minority community for the past 60 years. Go ahead, call me names but before you do, you damned well better be able to explain Chicago to me.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I agree…try and bring up that topic and you will be met with blank stares or open hostility, but NO reasonable debate,
        I may be isolated from what is going on in other cities, because here in New Bern, we have such a high percentage of military personnel. Of all races and genders. Officer and enlisted. Old and young and tourists. A real mix of life experiences. Most people are very articulate and very curious to get into discussions of many topics….what we find all in all is that though on some topics we may disagree, it’s a reasoned disagreement, we find we have far more in common than not, NO MATTER who you are or where you came from.

        But across the board regardless of who you are if you are a S**T you will be ignored.

  49. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just found out that a lifetime fishing license for a resident 65 plus is $15 for either coastal waters or inland waters. The demarc is where the water turns from brackish to fresh. Like below the bridge one block over is coastal water and above it is inland water. Combination lifetime license is $30 dollars…..Just follow the size and take regulations…..sometimes getting older is not so bad. Crabbing requires no license unless you go commercial. 1/2 bushel/day and follow the rules, like size and sex. Only males can be taken….sexist (sarc)

  50. Should have heard Judith Miller on Fox today misrepresent the Boston event as a “keep Confederate Statues” event with Nazi overtones. Wow! Needless to say with the NEW Fox marching orders, she was NOT challenged.

  51. MONTREAL (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who once took to Twitter to welcome Syrian refugees into the country, said on Sunday that there would be “no advantage” to entering “irregularly.”

    “Canada is an opening and welcoming society,” he told reporters in Montreal following talks with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. “But let me be clear. We are also a country of laws. Entering Canada irregularly is not an advantage. There are rigorous immigration and customs rules that will be followed. Make no mistake.”

    Irregular aliens. Is that a bad word? We could have so much fun with that word though.

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