The Big Lie

switchedThose on the Left side of the political spectrum have long been claiming that the long ago Democrats and Republicans magically switched moral positions on racism.  To that I answer:

Criminals and police switched too.

Whites and Blacks switched too

Bears and Salmon switched too

Only an idiot would believe any of this LIE!

Are you an idiot?



  1. Tired of the Lies.

  2. Bruce Jenner switched. Chastity Bono. Bradley Manning.

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Our nation is tearing at itself over events long done. We condemn Hitler….not so much vocalization on Stalin, silence on Mao who put the two other socialists to shame on exterminating those they felt threatened by or deemed undesirable. The one group that totally supported Hitler and the Nazi’s in the attempted extermination of Jews were the Muslims headed up by the Grand Mufti and the Islamic Brotherhood.. Active battalions in the Balkans, and unlike the Nazi’s are still openly and actively calling for the extermination of Jews where ever they may be found. European leaders prosecute anyone advocating any Nazi resurgence or symbols, yet turn a blind eye on their unrepentent ally.

    I can not imagine the howls if Trump had as his closest advisor a person who was not able to get a security clearance because of immediate family ties an active nazi…and like not a peep with HRC and Huma Abedin.Islamic Brotherhood ties with her family. But then not having a security clearance was not a hinderance was it?

    • Thankfully most people in the real world are not buying the alternative universe the mega whacko’s on the Left live in. I wish I had a poll to see what the numbers are, but I would guess that that our education system would have put out the “I’m not sure” crowd in far larger numbers than the “Republicans are racists” crowd.

      The Left leaning MSM has doubled down on the identity politics stuff, but the Russian stuff has sure quieted. I guess the report on the “not hacked” DNC emails have shut it down.

  4. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I do not believe the Chinese or Russians have anything to fear from the US Navy. The ships will put themselves out of commision by running into other ships or not getting out of the way.

    USS McCain an Arleigh Burke destroyer runs into a oil tanker in the Straits of Malacca. Just this morning there were press releases as how the McCain was running “Freedom of the Seas” and the Chinese claim over the South China Seas…..OK, then head up the around Singapore and collide……..These are supposed to be the most powerful destroyers in the world with such advanced detection systems…..I guess the forgot to teach the sailorshow to drive the damn ships without hitting something. 10 sailors missing

    How and the heck do you not detect and avoid an oil tanker,

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I’m in a way reminded of the old movie “the Bedford Incident” The crew driven to he point of total exhaustion, tempers flaring and miscommunication. Now I worked on ships that were starting to be more automated and having less crew. These destroyers are far more sophisticated and larger than those I worked on and have less crew and with a fraction of the fleet size plus no let up on operations…..fatigue has got to be unbearable, plus maintenance just can not be being done…These ships are suppose to be able to track hundred of targets simulatiously, Space, air, surface and subsurface. But one does have to be awake…..reports say the McCain collided with the tanker……the ship was hit on the port stern quarter. It was run into. like the fitzgerald just the other side….The Navy concluded in the fitgerald the bridge watch was negligent. Far more negligence was involved., not just the bridge watch.

    • This was no accident, and neither was the fitz. I’m not trying to push any conspiracy theory or anything like that….but I do not believe for one second either of these ‘incidents’ were an accident.

  5. This pundit (and the many like her) sound utterly stupid, just plain delusional.

  6. Final Draft and mailed. Sorry to take up space but the hypocrisy of all of this really pissed me off and now, it is a crusade.

    Six Flags Over Texas
    Steve Martindale, Park President
    2201 Road to Six Flags
    Arlington, TX 76010

    I am sadden at the decision of the Six Flags Over Texas to remove all of its heritage at what made this state the way it is today. To capitulate to extreme groups is cowardice at its finest, and it certainly is not Texas. To succumb to the rewriting of history, has a profound effect and is, quite frankly, a major step towards fascism. As a grandfather who has purchased season passes for years, I feel compelled out of principle to no longer purchase season passes or visit anymore of your establishments. In addition, I will encourage my family and extended family, who have purchased your season passes for the same amount of years, not to renew and to also encourage all of our friends and acquaintance in the same manner. We will explain to our children and grandchildren the reason for our decision and the reasons for your capitulation. We will explain to our children and grandchildren, the reason for your reverse bigotry and the spreading of hate through acquiescence. The reason for your capitulation is fear…. Fear and the almighty dollar that you put above reason. Your decision erases over 400 years of history and you are letting a handful of fools dictate policy. A handful of fools that blindly follows a political line and has no concept of slavery or bigotry that has already been eliminated.
    Texas is steeped in history and culture and your decision destroys part of that foundation upon which Texas was founded. As a retired US Army officer, with extensive connections to the military in San Antonio and Fort Worth, I will do my best to ensure that your organization will no longer appear on any visitor list as a preferred stop at Six Flags Arlington and Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. In addition, as a stockholder and member of USAA insurance located in San Antonio, I will also do my best, as will others in a similar position as mine, to make sure that the Six Flags organization is removed from all preferential lists as an honorable place to visit.
    In closing, sir, you should remove the name Six Flags over Texas from the park. The height of hypocrisy is to carry the name Six Flags over Texas when you no longer fly the six flags. I also know that this letter means nothing to you but at least I will uphold my principles as a Texan. And, sir, before you classify this letter as a white supremacist or racist in tone, you would be wrong. I despise any supremacist group, all of them, but I will not let them compromise my integrity. You did not even have the moral backbone to raise the current Texas state flag. Perhaps you should replace the six American Flags with the white flags of surrender and change the name to reflect your cowardice….because that it is all it is. Cowardice. There are things that money simply cannot buy: Morals, respect, character, common sense, and integrity. Perhaps you need to think about this.

    Thank you for your time, I remain.

  7. I don’t know the knife laws in other states, but effective September 1st, there is no longer a limit on the size of knife you can carry. Used to if the blade was longer than the width of a normal hand, it was illegal. Now, we can go back to the famous Bowie knife or long blades as they are referred to…..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sword canes will make a nice gift for the elderly.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Bowie Knife definition =Hatchcet with a hilt.

      Funny, you see people around these parts wearing Bowie Style knives quite often. Not a lot of them but some and for years. We call them City Slickers, Dudes and Flat Landers.

      • I, for one, am glad because I like to carry a K Bar….the one I used in Vietnam. I used to be pretty good with it…..but it has been hanging on the wall for awhile. I got it down and can still throw it fairly well….it is also a good work knife…but primarily made for combat.

        • Very nice knife. I’ve picked up a few over the years that struck my fancy like the 1918 Aulion trench knife with brass knucks. I got it so cheap back in the 1970’s I wondered if it were a fake. Went to a knife show just to have somebody look at it. 2 of 3 dealers thought it was French Contract because it was rough compared to the US made ones. I picked up a Sykes Fairbairn stiletto from a vacant apartment where the tenant died. Friend asked me to do a little research on one he was offered so for the first time I actually looked mine up. A shame, I should put it behind glass. Turns out out it’s a first pattern and the going price is a grand.

          Nice letter to six flags. What a damned shame this all is. What exactly is it supposed to change? I’ve been defriended by two old white guys including our old buddy Charlie. My two black friends on FB are sane the white guys are not. Go figure. I have a nasty hunch that tolerance is taking a big hit on my side of the aisle.

  8. I am preparing for the “traditional” response to the eclipse today. I have my largest pot out along with the biggest wooden spoon I can find. As soon as the eclipse starts I will begin to bang the pot to scare away the demon eating the sun. I encourage the rest of you to follow suit. It is, after all, a very big demon.

  9. For fellow climate change “questioners” . The attached video shows the exact location of the Spartan stand at Thermoplyea. Remember, it was, at the time, on the beach and supposedly wide enough for only one chariot to pass. Note where the shoreline is today.

    • I wonder……surely there are some older pics that would show where the coastline was and/or has been.

      • The monument to Leonidas and the Spartans is the site of the battle. If memory serves me correct it was twenty feet or so from there to the surf. It is like the questions I threw out the other day regarding Rome’s Port City, Ostia. It too is two miles from the sea now. 2,000-2,500 years ago it was a LOT warmer.

        A year back or so, National Geographic did a big spread on discoveries off the NE coast of England and Scotland when it was basically prairie, occupied and farmed.

  10. A fascinating trip down memory lane regarding the history of slavery, its abolition and who did what to who and when. Note the Muslim countries waaaaayyyuyy down there at the end.

  11. Matt

    I’ve been searching and can’t come up with the article where I first was reading about this, but here are some links which explain what I was talking about.

    • These are the silent things you are NOT allowed to know about.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Anita……China is buying every ton they can get their hands on. Europe has coal reserves but it is what is called BROWN coal. Soft, very inefficient and dirty. They are now buying our HARD coal. Far more energy efficient and cleaner from the onset, but with the scrubbers the Europeans had inplace to handle their crappy coal using ours is a real plus. Great Britain closed their last coal mine the other year.
      Their green energy is hugely expensive and erratic. The costs are passed on to the captive civilian population. Industries that require large amounts of electrical energy are given subsidies to STAY and not relocate making their energy costs per KWH much cheaper….the subsidies are then paid by taxes.
      Our coal industry took a hit until NEW contracts could be arranged. I just look at the difference in the air quality in the Wyoming Valley in PA in 1970 as compared to today. The cities Scranton/Wlikes Barre were the 2nd worst air quality in the country. Gary Indiana was #1. Los Angeles was #22 and if you’ve seen photos of the 60’s and early 70’s out there you can only visualize how bad Scranton was. Everybody burned coal in their houses and the crap went right up the chimney. The ash went on the roads which rotted a car in a few years. Electricity was generated by coal and had pretty loose quality controls, like none. Today, electical energy is still generated by coal(mostly) and the individual home burns coal no more. Usually people heat by electricity and more recently by gas. Lots of power comes down from Canada from hydro. The scrubbers the electric companies use are very efficient…..My earliest memories of the area was a wasteland of burning slag heaps and a denuded landscape up on the mountains. Today the land has recovered and again being covered with lush forests.

      Unfortunately Europe and countries like Australia demolished the traditional energy production sources as soon as they “appeared” to have an equivalent replacement, That was the “rating of waht a turine could do at it’s top performance. Unfortunately as the real outputs come closer to 25-30% output of what they were sold. England has had some very serious shortfalls during periods of a low causing NO wind. Australia right now has been suffering some real serious blackouts due to no power. And as I stated they are demolishing to old sources so there is NO backup.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Even though Columbus never set foot on North America….oh well.

      Cortez was able to conquer the “hated” Aztec’s by being backed up by thousands of indians who were subjected to unbelievable cruelty and subjegation.

      I think this nation all in all has gone collectively mad. I wonder if we would be having any of this if Hillary had been elected? Seeing there was no offense taken during Obama’s tenure.

      • It would all be peace and tranquility because we would all be getting f*&^^d.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Isn’t that the message……don’t resist, don’t have an opposing ideology and there will be no reason for us to attack you and there will be peace..

  12. CNN has published a list of “hate groups” currently operating in the United States, relying on an extremely partisan analysis from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
    Several truly extremist groups populate the list, such as the Ku Klux Klan, New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and others.
    But along with the neo-Nazi and Islamic extremist groups on the list, the SPLC has lumped in as “hate groups” mainstream, well-known conservative individuals and organizations who merely speak out about the threat of radical Islam. Here are some that were included on the list.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Headline: Majority of people disapprove of the way Trump handled Charlottesville. But take a look at the numbers that make up that “majority”.

    A majority of independent voters, 55 percent, disapprove of how Trump reacted to the white nationalist rally where one young woman was killed and multiple others injured after a vehicle rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters. Twenty-eight percent of independents approve of Trump’s reaction.
    A majority of Republicans, 62 percent, approved of the president’s reaction, and only 19 percent disapproved. Eight-four percent of Democrats disapproved of Trump’s response to the attack, while 9 percent approved.

  14. On the eve of today’s solar eclipse, asTruthRevolt reported earlier today, a professor actually argued that the act of nature was racist because it was only passing over predominantly white parts of America. Matt Walsh of The Blaze had the perfect response to this silliness with a little satirical message blasting what he called “Eclipse Privilege.”
    Writing on his Facebook page, Walsh stated:
    Just a quick PSA. Remember that if you are in the path to view a full eclipse, you have Eclipse Privilege. As a person with Eclipse Privilege, it is very insensitive to post photos of the eclipse, as it makes those of us with Eclipse Deficiencies feel otherized and alienated. For the sake of inclusivity, you should not post any photos or express any happiness about the eclipse at all. In fact, the proper etiquette would be to look at the eclipse directly and intentionally blind yourself, so as to express solidarity with marginalized people who, through no fault of our own, are also “blind” to the eclipse. Many of you will not take this step because of your ingrained bigotry and hatred, which only proves that we still have so far to go as a society. Smh
    Those rules make enjoying the eclipse pretty tough, but with so much privilege, perhaps that is the best course of action. Out of sensitivity to the blind, none of us should ever look at anything beautiful again.
    Check your “Eclipse Privilege.”

    • I enjoyed my privilege, guilt-free. It was awesome, seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I was reading an article about the eclipse afterward, and there was a line in it about how Trump had, in spite of warnings by experts, taken off his glasses and looked at the eclipse. It made me laugh. They couldn’t even write a story about the eclipse without throwing in a jab at Trump. Serious Trump derangement syndrome.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Unintended consequenses? I think not. “Drain the Swamp” was not just directed towards the liberals and democrats. It was an all inclusive campaign promise. Drain the Swamp is totally devoid of bias. No prejudice against anyone specific regardless of race, creed, gender or political views.

      I remember back a few election cycles the democrats were telling the republicans that if they ever wanted to be elected again they had to be more like them. Obviously this was during the time when the dems had the presidency and both houses and there was not much at all the R’s could do but play a back seat…..So the house in time went to the R’s, then the Senate. They “promises” that even though they knew Obama would veto bills they were going to hold his feet to the fire and get him to visibly veto the bill and take a stand…….The R’s did nothing close to that and I do not ever remember them sending a politically charged bill up for Obama to veto…..but then the R’s said, just get us the WH and still retain the congress then watch us go…….Yes they got the congress again, but totally missed who they expected to get elected. They in order wanted Jeb Bush who is a liberal of the 1st order, then Rubio, then Cruz and then “never Trump” Trump knew from the outset that many key Republicans were going to be working steadfastly against him. They were totally supportive of Obama’s and Hillary’s international policies.

      Anyone other than Trump elected to the position of POTUS would have maintained the illusion that we the people actually have a choice. Trump was never really a Republican, but was not going to repeat the mistake of Ross Perot. maybe just maybe, viable parties will gain a foothold that actually do give the people a real choice as to which direction the nation will go.

    • This is hillarious… have to follow some of the interview links….the new “privilege” now that is being pushed is……………………..are you ready for it……..height. If you are tall, and tall was described as 6ft or over, then you have privilege over short people. To back up their claim, they said that 68% of CEO’s in this country are over 6 ft. Really……this proves…what….perhaps a more commanding presence? And this is privilege?

      Wow…..then a feminist is down on all women who say that they look for tall, dark, and handsome…..and that discriminates and does not support diversity,

      You gotta follow some of these links….as to different privileges……amazing.

      • In one interview, they were talking to a blackman that was a street vendor in New York…and he said that everyone yelling and protesting needs to get off their ass and work…I am doing it…so can they. But you have to be willing to work. I get laughed at all the time by my own race where they say, look at you….a street vendor. Don’t you want something better? I just laugh at them and tell them that at the end of my 10 hour work day, I load my cart into the back of my pick up truck and go home to my house….not some government hand out apartment….I have three kids in school, a mortgage…..I make out just fine. BUt I get laughed at.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          And little to no overhead, plus he’s his own boss. Just provide fast, good, and safe street food and he’ll be in business as long as he wishes to be, unless cities try and pass ordinances pushed by store front restaurants with far higher costs. Like cities have done to eliminate Uber. .

          • Is that what happened to all the churro street vendors in LA?

          • You walk down the streets of my old neighborhood, Washington Heights and sidewalk vendors are out there hawking everything from Louis Vutton handbags (really?) to batteries that will probably ruin your flashlight. The cops have been told hands off. Meanwhile landlord X raises the rent of Store Y 300% because landlord X has just gone to bank Z and doubled his mortgage (taking cash out) by 200% based on “comparables” pulled out of a hat by the Wizard of Oz.

            Maybe 25 years ago, there was a court decision that allowed street vendors without any type of license to sell “printed” material. It has been expanded to any printed material from old comic books to knock off Warhol posters. Supposedly the solons in the black robes have decided, such action on a public sidewalk constitutes freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

            • Shouldn’t you approve of this? Why should they need a permit government sanction in order to sell things?

              And, if what they’re selling isn’t reputable enough to justify their lower prices, shouldn’t that be a determination for the free market?

              • Perhaps you missed the point. They are in direct competition with people who have licenses, pay taxes and pay rent. Not to mention that sidewalks are almost completely obstructed and you ought to see the streets at the end of the day. If they mess the sidewalk, the landlord gets the $ 100 fine and passes it off yet again to the store owner since it is a provision in most commercial leases that he is responsible for keeping that sidewalk and 18″ into the street clean, 24 hours a day.

              • So your objection should be that the store owners need to have permits, not that the vendors don’t.

                They should all have to pay taxes, and if they don’t, they should get caught, arrested, tried, and sentenced appropriately.

                Not to mention that sidewalks are almost completely obstructed and you ought to see the streets at the end of the day.

                No one has the right to obstruct flow. They should be forced to make way / move.

                No one has the right to litter. If they are littering, they should be forced to clean it up… and then fined.

                If they mess the sidewalk, the landlord gets the $ 100 fine and passes it off yet again to the store owner since it is a provision in most commercial leases that he is responsible for keeping that sidewalk and 18″ into the street clean, 24 hours a day.

                Then, again, the vendor should be caught, tried, and fined appropriately.

                The problem isn’t that he’s selling stuff.. The problem is that he’s breaking other laws. The stand of what should be regulate should be the lest invasive course of action to achieve the desired results. So it’s not “kick him out,” it’s “punish him for his crimes until he behaves appropriately.”

                Personally, I would set up a camera, make sure to catch the guy’s face. Then call the cops when he shows up again, and show them the video.

                If the cops won’t take it seriously, call the local news. Or put up a billboard with his face and the caption “I am a littering asshole.” Take him to small claims court.

                There are lots of recourse available that don’t involve ratcheting up the level of government intervention into the free market, equating to protectionism of established storefronts.

              • Mathius, in New York City, they just choke them to death for selling single cigarettes. Big price for not paying taxes.

      • STATISTICALLY, being tall is an advantage.

        I’m tall, however. I’ve never found it to be much help. But maybe that’s because I’m tall.. and gangly?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          key question

          Does “advantage” = “privilege”???

          • Not in my head.

            It’s actually tougher to define than I would have thought. But I’d call a privilege a level of benefit that is beyond access to all but a few. For example, if a short person could not plausibly get a given job even with comparable credentials, that would be a privilege – or being privileged. But if if you’re just “less likely”….? I guess it’s really a question of extent?

            If you’re 1% more likely, that’s not a privilege. If you’re 100x more likely, that is a privilege. So where is the dividing line?

            I don’t find that being tall is enough of an advantage in my life to rise to the level of “privilege,” though I’d be lying if I said I din’t think it helps. But maybe you should ask a short person? I could be deluded into thinking my success in business, dating, and life is due to my awesomeness when, in fact, it is due to my height and devastatingly good looks.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              Take a family like the Vanderbilt’s. The “Commodore” started a business rowing people across the Hudson to start his shipping business. Ultimately made a fortune. His son Cornelius II increased the family’s fortune exponentially. (this is not a discussion about business ethics) After that the family with all the privileges and advantages pissed it away. There are only two legs of the family that still maintain their stature by seriously hard work. I’ve known one leg, from Vermont, the Webb’s for almost 30 years and I respect everything that they have done and continue the legacy that their ancestor Dr Webb started.

              Wealth and stature in this country can be fleeting and is almost always temporary. The only way to maintain both is HARD work. Lose concept and both are temporary and may only last one generation, sometimes two and rarely 3-4. Trump has his family well indoctrinated to be successful partners either with his business or their own.

              • The adage is that it takes three generations to build a fortune, but only one generation to lose it.

                There’s a reason, for instance, most lottery winners wind up going bankrupt. Staying rich is far harder than it might appear.

                Wealth and stature in this country can be fleeting and is almost always temporary.

                I won’t speak to stature, but for wealth, there are two additional factors not being considered here.

                First is the death estate tax.

                The second is that if you have two kids and split your fortune, then they have two kids and split their fortunes, and they have two kids, by the time you’re into the 3rd generation – even assuming 100% capital preservation – each party only has 1/8 of the original. 1/8th of, say, $100mm fortune isn’t a whole lot in terms of “rich.” That’s $12.5mm. That’s a great life savings – and plenty to retire if you don’t live too lavishly.. but it ain’t exactly Richy Rich. By the time you’ve bought a house, put your kids through private school, and lived comfortably on $250k / yr, you’re looking at, maybe, 40-60 years before the well runs dry. In three generations, you went from 0.01%-er ultra rich to “broke before 60.”

              • My former boss, a holocaust survivor who spent his pre teen years with partisans in the forests of Belarus would say about his three kids. “I came here to the US and turned shit to gold. My children will turn gold to shit”.

      • I don’t know, as a short person, I feel kind of privileged when riding on airplanes.

        • As a tall person with back issues, I definitely do not feel privileged when riding on airplanes. In fact, in my younger years, being so thin, they used to move passengers around and seat the 600lb Samoans next to me, and I’d fly with him spilling into my seat while my knees were pressed against the row in front of me – I no longer fly Southwest.

          That aside, I’d point out that being short for a man is very different than being short for a woman. For instance, it would be pretty uncommon to hear “I don’t date short women,” but “I don’t date short me” is fairly prevalent. If the answer is “short men need not apply,” then I do think it is a privilege – especially since there’s nothing you can do about your height – but I’ve just never seen it as a big issue.

          I think some people just like making issues out of things. The world isn’t perfectly fair – something I keep trying to teach my kids – it’s not fair, and it will never be fair. You can and should fight against serious injustice, but there’s just no way that the world is going to be exactly equal to everyone. They will have advantages that others won’t, and they will have deficits that others won’t. That’s how the cookie crumbles. And if you spend all your energy demanding that everything is perfectly equal, you should move to an island where you are the only inhabitant – then you can be equal to all other inhabitants.

          • I guess being short might be different for a man than a woman, but I actually didn’t like dating really tall guys. The height difference just felt kind of awkward. My husband is pretty short and it hasn’t kept him from being really successful, but I guess people just don’t care how tall their surgeon is.
            I felt pretty good about being short one time when I was running a trail race down the side of a mountain. It was the fastest I had ever run. It was really kind of like falling with my feet occasionally touching the ground. The guy behind me took a face full of tall privilege from a low hanging tree limb that I had just run under. I’m not sure how he fared. I couldn’t stop. There was no stopping until the trail leveled out at the bottom of the mountain.

            • The missus (5’2) played a lot of tennis in high school and took it very seriously. Her serve is killer, and if she can get to the ball in time, her form is great. Maybe not a ton of power, but good control. It shows that she knows what she’s doing.

              On the other hand, I’ve played casually a bit here and there. I know the rules and how to hold a racket. But I have these long arms. And long legs. And I’m very quick.

              So when we play, it’s hilarious to me that she’s there as this pro and I’m there as a total amateur and she just can’t beat me because I can always just stick out my arm and reach the ball halfway across the court (Tall Privilege!). She gets so frustrated that she’s technically better and yet still loses every time. 🙂

              We no longer play much tennis. ::shrug::

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Had a guy on our soccer tem in college. We nicknamed him Ichabod after the character from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and the Disney cartoon film charactertization of him. Tall. gangling kind of loping….Anyway our guy could cover more ground quicker than just about anyone and could get those long legs seeming to come out of nowhere and get the ball deflected.

                One of our coaches was Brazilian and could not play. He had been a forward with Pele and as a professional could not play amateur NCAA……for sure we were amateurs…..there was no way we could stop him from scoring as he was teaching defense and scoring tactics. If we even came close to stopping him, us white boys would do very well against other schools. At another college we used to use different languages to confound the opponents. We could broadcast and speak openly of what we were going to do and the “normal” other teams hadn’t a clue.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The Dutch in Holland are totally discriminatory against those of us that are “vertically” challenged. That is under 6 feet. In the men’s room, even those at 5’11” have to piss up to hit the urinal…….true fact…..I lived there.

        • You should try not being short? It’s pretty great.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            5’11 3/4″…..age is betraying me though, have to straighten up and walk tall with pride and confidence.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Mathius…do you have trouble with nosebleeds at such high altitudes and rarified atmospheres?

            • Ha, no, but at least I am on the right side of 6′.


              But age is creeping up on me, too, and that margin of safety is getting less and less by the year.


              A while back, the wife was hunting for a house and she found an absolutely beautiful 1920’s custom on a great piece of land, in a great location, for a great price. It had been excellently maintained and updated. She just couldn’t figure out why it was so cheap.

              She immediately called up her mother, who came over right away. The two toured the house and thought it was a steal. They were so excited, they almost put in an offer before I’d even had a chance to look at it!

              I came over that afternoon after work. First thing I noticed – something that, apparently, had gone right over their heads – was that all the doorways were about 5’8, and all the ceilings were 6’0.


              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Mathius made a funny “went right over their heads” . I always like my old victorian houses. Tall ceilings. The only problem is that when you move to a “normal” house your furniture will not fit.

  15. Wow, these people have truly lost their minds. This is going against the interest of this Country, not just policy differences.

    • Saw a comment on Gateway Pundit, I’m pretty sure. Since they get these mobs organized on social media…some people are fed up enough to try this….advertise for protesters to show up for ‘name your beef’ and let all these protesters just show up and beat each other to a pulp. The good guys just stay home and watch it all happen on tv.

    • These are the far Left fringe who won’t last long. At some point a moral line will be crossed and they will get their little candy ass’s kicked.

      If I had 50 people and some funding, they would be part of our history.

  16. AH Yes, the LIES continue.

    • Hiring people to attend anti-Trump protest tonight!!!!

      Word is that Antifa is also supposed to be there and Bikers for Trump will be keeping the peace.

    • How is it possible that you think everything is a false flag… except something so obviously BS as this?

      Why don’t you sign up and see what happens?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Good idea. But what if…………..?

        • Then he’ll get paid $50 / hr plus expenses ($200+). And he’ll come back with a great story.

          My doctor constantly tells me I should walk more – seems like a win-win.

          I mean, this is just obvious bullshit. Figuring they’re aiming at 1,000 people, that’s ~$250k. Per event. Who is paying that? For a big march, that easily ramps up into the millions.
          Where is that money trail? Imagine the logistics behind something like this – you’d need staffers and organizers and bussing. And every single person keeps their trap shut about it? And not one conservative activist has ever infiltrated to document it? I’m imagining Alex Jones in a wig pretending to be a liberal activist-for-hire. I bet Fox would happily pay 100x for proof that this was legitimately going on. Yet no one breaks the omerta?

          Who the hell would believe this is real? But I guess there are enough people who want to believe… ::sigh::

          • Dont shoot the messenger

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Now that is a scary thought “Alex Jones” in a wig. The frothing mouth would give him away.

            He reminds me of the “Tasmanian Devil” in the cartoons

      • This isn’t new Mathius:

  17. This is seriously racist, but will never be called out:

  18. I smell a pardon on it’s way.

  19. Churros,,,,Churros….Churros…….(subliminal messaging)

  20. Finished watching the President’s rally tonight and then flipped to the opposition. Were these people even watching?

    Plenty of bandanas and masks and sticks outside before the event.

    Cowards, all think they are living that stupid movie “V”.

    • He was on a mission last night.

      Nailed the media for giving him grief over his Charlottesville comments, condemning violence on both sides.

      Called out Anitfa by name. Anteeee fah!

      Didn’t call out John One Vote McCain by name, nor Jeff Flake by name, cause nobody
      knows him anyway.

      Gave McConnell grief, actually gave the entire senate grief.

      “If we have to shut down the government, we’ll get the wall.”

      Hinted at a pardon for Sheriff Joe.

      The gloves are off. Sorry if you’re offended.

  21. “These are sick people,” Trump said of the media. “You know the thing I don’t understand? You would think…they’d want to make our country great again. And I honestly believe they don’t.”

    I tend to agree.

    • Or…


      Or… the members of the media remember being belittled and harassed for the last two years and being called Fake News and they aren’t inclined to give the guy behind that the benefit of the doubt..?

      Or… the members of the press are human beings with jobs, and part of that job is getting clicks to your story, and the shortest path to that is sensationalism..?

      Or.. the members of the press (like myself) fundamentally disagree with Trump in terms of how one should go about “making our country great again.” That is, it’s dangerous and stupid to conflate the President’s agenda and the idea that there is a single correct path toward a better future.

      Or… the members of the press are a diverse collection of individuals working for a diverse collection of companies, and he is picking and choosing non-representative sets..?

      But what do I know? I’m functioning on 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

      • Then again, it could be that 90% of the MSM are lefties and are deliberately biasing their stories to make the President look bad. I challenge you Mathius to take 2 front page articles everyday out of the NYT times for a month. Read the articles and then go through and cross out all the adjectives and adverbs. Then reread the article. After reading just the facts, draw a conclusion as to the bias of the article, left or right. Then report back to us with your statistical findings. If you do not get the NYT, pick any major big city newspaper.

      • Media bias toward the Left is well documented.

      • Sir “Churros” Mathius…….. “the members of the media remember being belittled and harassed for the last two years and being called Fake News and they aren’t inclined to give the guy behind that the benefit of the doubt..?” {{{ I am sure this is a big part of it, but the press should not have that lattitude.}}}}}

        Or… the members of the press are human beings with jobs, and part of that job is getting clicks to your story, and the shortest path to that is sensationalism. {{{{[ The press is also upset that the public thinks the same way as Trump and they will do anything to bring him down…and they should nothave that lattitude either }}}}

        the members of the press (like myself) fundamentally disagree with Trump in terms of how one should go about “making our country great again.” That is, it’s dangerous and stupid to conflate the President’s agenda and the idea that there is a single correct path toward a better future. {{{{ I have absolutely no problem with you having a fundamental difference and voicing your opinon. I have every problem in the world with the press doing this. It is not their job to be biased at all….that includes private cable as well….if they wish to maintain any credibility. Right now….they are lower than Congress rating and that is bad…I do not think that anyone in the press/media at this time has any credibility.}}}}

        But what do I know? I’m functioning on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. {{{{ Even with only 3 1/2 hours of sleep, 12 monster cans of Red Bull, 2 pounds of churros…..your opinion is still better than theirs}}}}}

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        mathius……Fake news? There are germs of the truth in all. However, after the headline most of all media coverage should be designated to the op-ed section. Even the neglect of a story is faking the story. I do not rememeber the exact story earlier this year and it really was pretty significant, the MSM in total aired exactly 27 seconds.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          As an example a news article said the R E Lee freed his slaves in 1862. Inplying he was against slavery. Looking up the details, he personally owned like none. He was named the executor of his Father in laws will which stipulated to free his slaves after a time which pretty much guaranteed their use until the plantation was solvent again, but the continued servitude was not to last longer than 5 years. Lee used the full 5 years. By that time Lee commanded the Army of Northern Virginia and the topic was relatively moot, seeing the properties were in Union territory now anyway. Like Arlington which was seized.

          Note that Lee was not to long ago granted his full citizenship by an act of congress. I do believe he was rather ambivant about slavery because it never really affected him. If Virginia had never seceded he would have become the US General of the Army and probably ended the war much sooner.,,,,a lot of but what if’s. A very complex time in this period of time even globally over the issue of slavery and bondage. A lot of very smart people were trying to resolve the dilemma and it took generations to reslove.

          Knowledge of the past is very important for the future. However the way people are acting today, they are actually being held slaves to the past no matter which side they are on.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Lee was highly thought of by Lincoln and Scott. By reading, it appears that Lee was preparing to fight on the Union side as their military commander, appearing to not approve of States seceding. However, when Virginia seceded he resigned his US commission. He would have been delusional if he thought that the CSA would allow him to sit on the sidelines and become a farmer.

  22. ESPN removes play by play announcer for the UVA college football game…because his name is Robert Lee…..and Robert is ASIAN.

    Adults are no longer making decisions at ESPN.

    • Poor Robert! He’s just the latest victim of the perpetual grievance monster. I’m sure there will be many more before people stop giving in to these lunatics.

    • If that’s true, (A) they’re morons, (B) they think their viewers are morons, and (C) Lee should sue their pants off.

      Alternatively, they could have just decided to go with “Bob Lee” and ducked the whole issue…?

  23. Jerry Jones: Cowboys Will Stand For The Flag Or “Your Ass Will Be Off The Team”

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  24. Bless their hearts.
    They tried–and failed–to use RUSSIA to bring down President Trump. They tried–and failed–to use WOMEN marching around wearing ugly pink hats.  So now they’re using Barack Obama’s favorite fallback plan of attack: Racism.
    A group called Progressive Change Campaign Committee is releasing a series of ‘anti-White Nationalist’ TV ads demanding Trump fire Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, “and all other white supremacists in his administration.”
    It doesn’t matter whether or not any of these people are actually “racists”, if the Leftists and their media pimps say they are, then, there ya go.

  25. Funny…..there is an interview with Robert Lee……to which he said, my name is Robert… is not “Bob”…….second, as ESPN reported that they talked with Mr. Lee and that it was a mutual decision…..Mr Lee just simply laughed.

    So, I guess it is true and ESPN is a moron….( not good for my Disney stock )…..they think we are morons….and, as Mr Robert Lee said……there a bazillion Asian Lee’s in this world and I am not the only Robert.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Well as a chinese guy, his ancestors must have done something centuries ago that he has to pay for.

      One of the things in this country that people have forgotten is that sons and daughters are not guilty or can be held responsible for their fathers issues, like debt

  26. Ya cannot make this up…….just now, an interview of sorts, on a young black woman that was at Dallas protest. She was wearing a t shirt that said..Give me reparations, Bitch. When interviewed, shw as asked the following questions: 1) Were you a slave? No, she answered. Was your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather a slave? She answered No. Do you know of anyone in your family that was a slave at any time? She answered no……then the interviewer asked……so, you want reparations for what? To which she had NO answer. This just happened on the local news channel…..Then the young lady said…..the very fact that you asked those questions still shows the racist tone. Why would you ask me that? To which the reporter replied, I was addressing your Tshirt saying give me reparations….I was wondering what for? Why do you deserve reparations if you cannot say what for……to which she replied….” Because I am black, that’s why.” This your lady appeared to be between 18-22.

  27. I think the violence going on in our streets for a long time now and the white nationalists showing up to match is a big deal. People have been hurt in many of these situations and people were actually killed at Charlottesville. This needs to be addressed by the President in a very serious manner not by statements or at a rally where he mostly just attacked the media,( they deserve to be attacked) but he also needs to talk to the citizens who were sincerely bothered by how he is handled Charlottesville whether we believe they should have been bothered or not. Perhaps he would address the nation, like he did on Afghanistan. A very thought out, serious discussion on the state of our Country because of the violence in our streets.

  28. I am in a tiff with Social Security Administration. I went ahead and filed ( I want some of Mathius’ tax money )……I did not realize but apparently there are some additional benefits for military service. So, I had to verify time in service, which they cannot do….I sent them a DD Form 214 as proof of active military service and NGB form 22 to verify Reserve duty. Of course, the Social Security administration says that they cannot verify my military status because there is no DD 214 to reflect my reserve time. To which, I told them, that as an officer, we do not get a DD 214 but we get a NGB form 22 entited Report of Separation and Record of Service. So before I go any further, would someone or several someone’s please look up NGB form 22 and please tell me your interpretation. Thank you.


      Another government worker unqualified or new. This seems like a forever problem.

      • So, here is the issue, as I am sure that you found that the Form 22 is the same as the DD 214. I, of course, had my 214 from active military and the 22 from the Reserve military. This SSN worker kept saying that she needed a copy of the 214 from the reserve service. “Maam, there is not one. It does not exist. If you will check it out, you will find that Form 22 is the exact same as the 214. The format is slightly different. As a matter of fact, maam, you will see that the form 22 also brought forward my active duty and it correclates with my 214. The total time of active duty and reserve duty is broken down in tiem 10 a, b, c, and d.”

        “Yes sir I see that, but I need a starting date and an ending date just like your DD214.”

        “maam, what you need according to your guidelines is confirmation fo my total military time.”

        “What I need, is the starting date and ending date.”

        “Maam, if you look at item 8, it gives you the ending date, correct?”


        “If you look at item 10(a) it gives you the total time and years in the active reserves, correct?”

        ” Yes, I see that.”

        “Great, and you see that item 10(b) and 10(c) gives you the total active duty and inactive reserve time that correlates directly to the DD 214.”

        “Yes, I see that.”

        Great, maam, then to get the starting date of my reserve time, you simply subtract item 10(a) from item 8, and that gives you the starting date for my active reserve time, which then correlates directly to the total time. The rules of NGB form 22 is exactly the same.”

        ****pause on the other end****…..more silence, “Maam are you there?”

        “Yes, I am looking for the starting date.” ( D13 is trying not to lose it here, understanding that I had a person on the phone that does not know her ass from her nose. )

        “Maam, this form does NOT have a block that says starting date like the old DD214. It has an ending date and a total time. It is simple subtraction.”

        *****more pause on the other end….*******

        “maam, I am sure we can solve this, could I please talk to a supervisor.”

        “They are going to tell you the same thing, sir. I need your DD 214 from the reserves.”

        {{{{scratching my head}}}} “maam, may I please talk to a supervisor.”

        {{{{{Supervisor gets on phone after a 10 minute wait and I go trhough the whole issue again. At least this surpervisor looks up the rule on NGB form 22 and gives me the link to it and she says, “Sir, if you go to this link you see all the information about Form 22.”

        Still maintaining my calm……”Yes, maam, I am on the same page as you and do you see where it says that NGB Form 22 replaces the DD 214 as a separation document for reserve officers?”

        “Yes, sir, I see that but there is no beginning date.”

        Beginning to get exasperated, I said, ” Maam, subtract the total time for reserve duty, Item 10(a) from the ending date located in item 8, and we have our starting date.”

        ***** Pause*****” I am sorry, sir, but since there is no starting date, we will make our decision based on the documents you have provided. If you disagree with our decision, you may appeal. You need to get the DD 214 to verify your total time.”

        “Maam, no such document exists.”

        “Yes sir, I understand but you still need to get one”.

        To all of this they hung up the phone and rendered a decision on the NGB Form 22, refusing to accept it and subtraction the ending date from the total reserve time to get the starting date for reserve duty, to which, my brain says… your paperwork you will have a piece of paper showing your starting date…..voila, there it is but it is not on the NGB Form 22 as a separate blok saying “starting date.” That was not acceptable, either. So the oath of office did not signify my starting date because it was not labeled as such.

        So, quite naturally, I call the National Guard Bureau in Washington DC…get military records on the phone, properly identify myself, and asked for the DD 214….*****Pause*****

        “Colonel, we do not have a DD 214 for Reserve officers, we have a NGB Form 22 that takes the place of the DD 214.” To which, I explained the whole thing to him and he said all they have to do is subtract Item 10(a) from Item 8 and they have the starting date of your reserve time.”

        “Yes, I know, but they will not take the information on the Form 22 as correct. It must be on a DD 214 according to the Social Security Administration.”

        {{{ Hearing my frustration, the NGB person volunteered to call over the Social Security Administration and intercede on my behalf and explain everything to them. He does this and calls me back in a couple of hours saying that I will simply have to use the appeal route because the Social Security Administration has not updated their records to show that Form 22 replaces the DD 214 since……….1990.”

        I came real close to drinking one of Matt’s Red Bulls…….damn, and we wonder why nothing gets done.

        • Swamp critters?

          • Naw….that is a step up in the governmental evolutionary chain.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              In a laughable event….I was coming back into the US from Victoria BC, landing in Port Angeles WA. The border/immigration/customs officer went through all my documents etc and then proceeded to ask me to open my glove compartment in the dash. I explained to him that there was NO glovebox just an open shelf, plainly visible from where his head was at my window…..he repeated his request with a little more vigor. I calmly answered hom again about that there is no glovebox and I pointed at the shelf because he obviously was blind……Now he really got pissed and looked like he was going to arrest me. He finally stomped aroung the car and opened the door and saw that there was NO glovebox which was visible from where he was. He was so angry I probably was lucky to get out of there without some body search or something just to show their power.

              But then also had a fun time in San Juan PR coming through customs after spending a season working boats on Sint Marten. Customs as you’re going through politely asked everyone to open their bags. I had a sea bag that only one end opened. The lady agent asked the normal questions, asked how hard it was to pack my bag and what I had in it in broad terms, she could see the out,ines of my dive gear…..she said OK thanks…..the next elderly couple had their bags opened as requested, the agent politely asked the same questions, she looked at their declaration cards…..looked down at the bags and gave one pat….clink clink….she said very politely would you please accompany these two people behind you, one beast of a matron for the lady and a gorilla for the gentleman. They started screaming at the agent saying how could you let that damn long haired hippie through and do this to us…..she very calmly said, Sir, he did not lie….Sir you and your wife did….bye. as they were led off under arrest. It was funny the number of people that down the line started changing their declaration cards.

        • I am gonna suggest here that you make a Personal Visit to SSN. I did to sign up and also did so with the wife. One on one allows you to actually show the rules on the form 22. Print out everything and bring copies. My cousin, a former Federal employee (not military) is now on the 2nd year of the appeals process.

          the theory with the appeal is like the “notch babies” (remember them?) you will DIE before you get anywhere near a decision. A personal appearance will get you NAMES which can then be taken personally to your Congressman’s office which will ultimately get a quick resolve.

          Do you remember, when on active duty, they advised, ordered, begged you to NEVER call or have Mom call your congressman’s office? It is a surefire career ender.

          I weren’t a Civil Service guy for 21 years for nothing.

          • Yup……it is on my list to do,,,,,,guess I better leave the equalizer in the car tho…..I am not responsible when on Dr Pepper.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Mom’s can come in handy especially when they are pissed off. She did not follow my advice to just stay out of it.

            I was at an Air Control school at Keesler AFB. However being Navy, I had to check into Gulfport MS Seabee base. Change address all the process but never stayed there, because I was billeted at Keesler, but the Seabees made me go through the whole process as if I was going to be at Gulfport. Now I was suppose to be in Sigonella Sicily by such and such date about a week after the school ended. But the travel office at Gulfport said they’e handle by flight orders. The AF said they’d fly me direct because i had all I nneded with me. My household goods had been shipped already……anyway the travel office kept messing with me. and delaying. I called my Mom to book me aflight on TWA out of kennedy and I’ll get to NY. One of my classmates drove so getting to NY was no problem. About an hour later the duty officere was knocking on my door. He asked if I was Dale Albrecht…I said yes….he then said “Who the hell does your Mom know”? The CO of McQuire AFB jusy got done reeming the CO at Gulfport, who then reemd the Travel office, who then called Keesler and politely asked them to drive me over, my flight has been scheduled. Would I please come and pick up my travel orders…I go over and the AF guy went in with me I’m sure to get a chuckle. The officer at travel,office was quite upset and as he handed my my tickets and travel order etc he said you didn’t have to get nasty…….I’m sure he had a big red debit. General to Admiral…..shit definitely flows down hill. But in this case it landed and stopped at the LT. .

  29. A jury this week handed an embarrassing defeat to federal prosecutors working to imprison four men the government accused of taking up arms against federal agents during the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff.
    The Arizona Republic provided details on the Las Vegas federal jury’s decision on Tuesday:
    Richard Lovelien of Oklahoma and Steven Stewart of Idaho were acquitted on all counts and walked out of court Tuesday night free after spending more than a year in prison.
    “Both Ricky and I were teary-eyed,” Las Vegas defense lawyer Shawn Perez said of the verdict, “I was shaking … I have gotten not-guilty verdicts before, but this was really special to me.”
    Two other defendants, Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler, both of Idaho, were acquitted on the most serious charges of conspiracy and extortion, but jurors failed to reach unanimous verdicts on weapons and assault charges.
    Both men could be allowed to go free after a detention hearing scheduled Wednesday morning. The court ordered both defendants to be released to a halfway house until Wednesday’s hearing.
    “(Parker) is getting released as we speak,” Las Vegas defense lawyer Jess Marchese said Tuesday night. “He’s ecstatic.”
    After the jury’s decision, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro called for the hearing without any motions from the defense, Marchese said. “We didn’t bring it up,” he said.
    Federal prosecutors had little to say about the verdicts.

  30. Media bear the lion’s share of responsibility when it comes to shaping the national mood, and the discontent and rebellion against President Trump. By constantly creating a climate of hysteria with their hyperbolic screeds, misinformation, bias reports, and bald-faced lies, members of the media and the guests they feature continue to whip up the angry mobs in outright revolt. 
    Case in point: NBC’s recent coverage of Trump’s rally in Phoenix, which the outlet declared will create a national security crisis. 

    Trump is right, the media has a lot of skin in the division in the country.

  31. ATTENTION !!!!! I am out of order until further notice. My “stupid people” filter needs cleaning and my “give a damn” batteries have run out.

    D13 to The Social Security Administration: ” Zombies eat brains….you are safe.”

    Mathius to anyone: “Four out of five voices in my head think you are an idiot. The other one, is deciding where to bury you.”

    VH says: “Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth….then it becomes a soap opera.”

    Dale says: ” When life gives you lemmons, squirt them in people’s eyes.”

    Dread Pirate says: ” If rum can’t fix it…you are not using enough rum.”

    SK says: “”The biggest lie I tell myself is..I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it.”

    Gman wonders: ” Why do the women never have to take a DNA test to see if its theirs?”

    JAC says: ” I am not saying to kill all stupid people. Never. I’m saying, remove the warning labels, the problem should sort itself out.

    T Ray, after drinking Calironia water: ” No I have not seen your pills….but have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?”

    Anita offers advice: ” Remember, never laugh at your wife’s choices….you were one of them.”

    Rick thinks aloud: ” Revenge is beneath me….accidents, however, will happen.”

    Quiet Jennie says: ” I’d tell you to go to hell, but I work there and I don’t want to see you everyday.”

    California cop: “Any drugs or alcohol?
    California driver: No thanks, I’ve got everything.”

    Citizen dealing with IRS: Lord. Please give me patience because if you give me strength, I’ll need bail money too..”

    Mathius’ cat: ” Some people are like clouds…..when they disappear the day gets brighter.”

    Canine Weapon says: ” I don’t like making plans for the day because then “premeditated” gets thrown around in the courtroom.”

    Visitor to Chicago Illinois says: ” You know its a bad place to live when you see a bird with an ankle monitor carrying a knife.”

    Sign on Texas border restaurant: ” Mexican food so authentic, Trump would build a wall around it.”

    In New York, there is a gum ball machine everywhere…….with gumballs in it.
    In TExas there are replicas of gum ball machines…. with bullets in them. Free enterprise at its finest.

    Then there is another Mathius philosophy….remember the conversation where words and sayings have changed over the years…..” Fuck that Shit” is a perfectly acceptable replacement for the word NO.

    Ok..this is enough……I will leave a D13 word of wisdom…..ALWAYS carry a knife with you…Just in case there’s cheesecake or you meet someone who needs to be stabbed.”…….

    • Oh, and if any of you bet bored……get four pigs….paint the numbers 1,2,3,5 on them….release them in Walmart and watch security hunt for number 4.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Do the gum ball machines in TX label what caliber the round is before you put your quarter in, or is it a crap shoot?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      can anyone imagine the office dynamics if we all worked under one roof. I just wonder if anything would get done in the way of work. certainly the internet providers would take a hit.

  32. Federal judge again throws out Texas voter ID requirements……….Texas Governor Gregg Abbott says…it does not matter…..again.

    • On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos rejected a watered-down version of the voter ID law that was signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year. The judge’s new ruling came three years after she struck down the earlier version of the law.

      The new version of the law didn’t expand the list of acceptable photo identifications — meaning gun licenses remained sufficient proof to vote, but not college student IDs.
      But the changes would allow people who lack a required ID to cast a ballot if they signed an affidavit and brought paperwork that showed their name and address, such as a bank statement or utility bill. The new version was supported by the U.S. Justice Department, which once opposed the law but has reversed its position since President Donald Trump took office.But Gonazles Ramos said Texas didn’t go far enough with its changes and said that criminal penalties Texas attached to lying on the affidavit could have a chilling effect on voters who, fearful of making an innocent mistake on the form, simply won’t cast a ballot.

      {{{{All you have to do is look at the last name of the judge to understand the ruling}}} we will do it anyway, just like last time.

      • Texas Governor Gregg Abbott made this comment after he said that the ruling does not matter……He was asked about the “rule of Law”…

        He said, ” Rule of Law? That has been destroyed over the last decade. There is no more rule of law, per se…..the Federal Government decided that.”

        • Citation, por favor.

          • Citation for what….the government destroying the rule of law?

            • Well… yes.. that, too..

              But I ask asking about the Costello Abbott quote. Couldn’t verify it online anywhere..

              • Ahhh… was a news item on our local news channel…he and our attorney general, Ken Paxton, were being interviewed on the capitol steps after the ruling from the same judge that ruled before….They both said that it changes nothing about Texas voting. They are not changing the gerry mandering rules nor the ID… was a Federal Judge that has a history of over turned rulings…..

                They both said that they are going to do what is right for Texas and voter ID is something the people of the state want as it was a referendum that passed by 80%……

                His comment on the rule of law was about the same as mine….anytime you have a Federal Government refusing to administer the laws on the books, you have negated the rule of law. Sanctuary cities, defying Federal Immigration Law, and the Feds doing nothing about it…negates the rule of law. They were talking about that in the same vein as the judge issuing her ruling against Texas Voter ID……they did not abide by it the first time and nothing happened and they are not going to abide by it this time.

                But, I saw it on a local channel here but will try to get you the local channel that reported it out of Austin….perhaps you could trace it that way.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                It was interesting to watch one of the members of the voting intergrity commission. Two interviews one with MSNBC and the other with Fox. The NBC interviewer would not let him answer, before she launched into something else. Fox asked one question and then let him speak. Now he is a Black man who was not only the former secretary of the Treasury of Ohio, but also their Secretary of State. Pretty good credentials.

                During the MSNBC interview was a side news panel saying “The Secretary of State of Maine says to verify their voting roles would be to difficult”

  33. The interim head of the NAACP Wednesday requested a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss why free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by any team.

    Some one explain to me, if they can, if no NFL team wants to pick up this clown….why is it racism? Simply because he is black? They want the NFL to force someone to hire a trouble maker?

    • I’ll answer Sir, (and please excuse the words used)

      Because these people are fucking idiots and have no damn idea how STUPID they look to the vast majority of the country.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Just think how the NAACP would howl if the NFL, the NBA etc would hire based on racial quotas. The teams would look like those two generations ago. I remember when University of Alabama got their 1st black player.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Mark 1 Mod 0 eyeballs, Even with radar there should be deck watches scanning all quadrants. I worked on a ship that was doing research offshore of California, between the mainland and the Channel Islands. You had to be on your toes continually and be prepared to take evasive manuevers. We never waited, but made course changes long before any potential collision could happen. Even if maritime law said we had the right of way. Those tankers and cargo ships were a heck of a lot bigger than we were and in most cases cruising faster. Even in close confined and heavily used channels these large ships would use “autopilot”. One night after trying to raise the tanker and were ignored and we made our maneuvers to keep from getting hit amidships, we could see the bridge was TOTALLY unmanned.

      • This is the transcript of a radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995. Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95.

        Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.
        Canadians: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
        Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.
        Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.
        Americans: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States’ Atlantic fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that YOU change your course 15 degrees north, that’s one five degrees north, or countermeasures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.
        Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        This is a commentary on a class of Frigates, now gone from the USN, The Class was FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry

        “Burdened as they were with proprietary hard-wired electronics that left little room for growth, the US Navy began to phase out the short-hull ships (including Oliver Hazard Perry herself)”

        Notice the phrase, HARD WIRED and proprietary electronics. Very important. ALL the newest classes including the Arleigh Burke’s make heavy use of wireless and off the shelf software. Even though the word hard wired does not at all times mean copper wire. It could be fiber optics. We used that method in places.

        The Perry’s were just under 500ft in length with two gas turbines an a single shaft and a variable pitched prop. The shaft always turns in the same direction, no stop and reverse. THe blades on the prop could be reversed……at sea trials with little gear on board and a short crew, we can go from flank speed (top speed) to a dead stop in a little over one ships length. Everything loose would fly to the opposite side of a compartment and also crew if not braced. So it was a test and only to be used in an emergency. Acceleration was also quick. With utilization of the bow thrusters there is no “S” turn during evasive manuevers… was a very sharp “Z”

        Back in days of old, before the internet and companies had proprietory networks. Yes they were expensive, but we suffered NO hacking. There was no path in or out of the network. Once the “internet” came into being, yes cheaper networks at a severe risk and of external intrusion and theft. The untold billions spent on security is numbing. Much less it seems that it is never good enough. The Navy denies the incident in the Black Sea about the russian claim that they jammed and caused an Arleigh Burke destroyer to stop Dead in the water……with these two incidents…..that claim is getting some serious consideration, instead of a denial. Usually the CIC is hardened, but it is nearly impossible to harden an entire 600 foot ship and all the electronics used to create a low manned “efficient” ship.

        • Perfect Cyber Security is a myth.

          There is no such thing as “perfectly secure” for any complicated modern technology. Of course, by a huge margin, the biggest risk is the human element, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other risks.

          I promise you, the navy ships are hackable. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.. but it is possible.

          I have a gift for finding the weakness in systems. I am very, very good at it. It makes me a much better programmer since I can usually see exactly where and how the code is going to fail me. Since 99% of my coding is for my own tasks, I will generally make a determination of risk tolerances and remediate as appropriate. But I never see all ends. Any my code does crash from time to time when the unexpected occurs (and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all). And even the simplest code is almost impossible to make bullet proof. I can’t imagine the hubris it would take to think that you are impervious to cyber attack.

          The only way to be sure-sure is to rip out all the electronics and go back to Spanish Galleys. And maybe ditch the crew, too. I hear good things about manning ships exclusively with Velociraptors.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Back when it was proprietory hacking was very difficult and had to be done internally. Today with all the “extra” links in blocking hacking is virtually impossible.

            My Dad relates a story from back in the 50’s when they were developing the missile defense systems known as “SAGE” During tests out at China Lake CA they had a problem. Troubleshooting found the problem and it was “ONE BIT” program hit that bit and the defense missile guidence went haywire…….this is back in the days of punchcards, plus memory was tubes and logic were woven with ferrous oxide rings. One bad ring or error in the logic the entire “weave” would have to be undone and then rewoven with the new ring installed. I actually worked on such stuff in my early days.

            EWS even back in the dark ages was quite good. I’m talking “60’s and ’70’s vintage systems.

            BAck when computers were coming into general practice in businesses such as banks. My Dad watched a presentation from a van parked out front of a bank in Paris. The surveilance teams just watched the teller transactions roll by. (no shielding) the systems even though were not wireless (not invented yet) the terminals emitted signals, that could be decoded..

            • Today with all the “extra” links in blocking hacking is virtually impossible.

              There’s the key.. virtually.

              Also, lest we forget, no system is secure if you can gain physical access.. how many people on a Carrier? Are they all 100% trustworthy?

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Roughly 6000 including the airwing…..that does not include the support fleet and they are all tied together digitally. Drones are not piloted locally in the M/E. The pilots/gamers are in Florida or Nevada, Kids who excelled at video games make excellent drone pilots. A carrier task force, if the carrier is centered in DC as an example, their range of operations and defense zone extends to around Chicago. PS…the USS Ford just recently successfully launched a plane…..i’m sure not loaded with weapons or topped off fuel capacity.

                I used to track as a side project of mine, vandalism of “cross connect” boxes. The reddest spot in the US was surrounding Boston. This I did even before 9/11. What a way to knock out huge areas of networks. Credit card transactions. banking, Stock trading, airlines can be brought to a standstill. I deliberately drove in that area several years ago and I thought I was in a 3rd world country. And I do not mean Mexico or South America. The second item that should up on the pareto was “accidents” just plain running over a box. Hard to prove as vandalism but…..In South America, literally all business went with Satcom. Anything that went over copper was at risk. Usually because miles of copper would go missing in countries that are in revolt.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        A friend of mine holds her 100 ton captains license. She is actually in the Army and currently deployed to the ME on a larger supply ship, as quartermaster (navigator). They just earlier this year actually started training and qualifying them on OLD methods of navigation and not to rely on GPS or electronics.

        Just drive a car in DC near downtown. Your GPS will be off at a minimum of one block sometimes two. There are areas in the peninsula near Yorktown and Newport News that there are huge areas of NO GPS signals. They are very consistant. the government JAMS the signal, your navigation just ceases to work until you leave the area. Map and chart reading becomes important immediately.

        • That’s why the government made GPS available to the public. Originally, it was scrambled to give you locations only to the nearest 100 meters. But private companies and foreign governments started talking about putting up their own satellites. So, instead, the Air Force unlocked their units and here we are.

          But, because they own them, they can turn them off whenever they want. And that’s a very useful tool to have if, say, an enemy is trying to find your high value targets.

          I believe the power of that exclusive control is the reason why the competing Galileo system was launched by the ESA.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            At any time the GPS +/- can be altered. In a narrow channel that can be deadly unless you actually are looking at where you are. I always used the GPS as one of many navigation tools. I’ve had the GPS show on charts that I was on land. Could have been if the GPS was tied to some autopilot. The area in Yorktown, is very near the Naval Ordinance center, and it is just plain jammed. You drive into a dead zone and just drive out. In between you have to know where you are. It is very consistent.

            I’m sure many on this site know the military term “Wild Weasel”

  34. If your not a Lefty, your a racist:

    CNN used the voices of a few professors and activists to assert anyone who voted for President Donald Trump is a white supremacist in a news report Wednesday, and to blame these “ordinary” people for the violence in Charlottesville.
    Trump voters helped advance white supremacy by giving them room to operate, CNN reported based on the assertions of others in a piece headlined, “‘White Supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible.”

    So there it is (again). If your not a devout Lefty, your not just a racist, your a white supremacist, along with a Misogynist, Islamaphobe etc etc. I just don’t see this lasting much longer.

  35. For Anita on Jerry Jones: “My players are gonna stand for the national anthem. My players are gonna stand.” And I was interested to look at the reaction to this. He owns the damn football team. The people that work for him are his employees, and he can tell them that they are going to stand for the national anthem.

    I’ve heard all of these coaches and some others in the NFL who want no part of this when it’s reported to them that some of their players are not gonna stand, that they’re gonna raise their fists a la John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the Olympics in Mexico in 1968. And these coaches, “I can’t tell these guys what to do, First Amendment, free speech.” What do you mean, you can’t tell ’em? This league suspends players left and right for doing things that they’re not allowed to do. These teams suspend players for things they’re not allowed to do all the time.

    They demand that they be in bed at a certain time during training camp and on the road. They have all kinds of things they demand that they do. But when it comes to the national anthem, apparently, oh, no, no, no, we can’t tell these guys. But Jerry Jones said, “My guys are standing.” That’s considered a throwback now, by the way. That kind of authoritarianism, Millennials will not appreciate that. Well, time they learn.

    Now, a D13 question: According to a letter sent to the league by the NAACP, the meeting will specifically focus on Kaepernick’s PERCEIVED “blackballing” by the league in light of his protests last season. It also questions the silencing of NFL players’ platforms, citing Tommie Smith and John Carlos’s black power salute at the 1968 Olympics, among other examples.

    THe NAACP said the following: ” Last season, Mr. Kaepernick chose to exercise his First Amendment rights by protesting the inequitable treatment of people of color in America. By quietly taking a knee during the national anthem, he was able to shine a light on the many injustices, particularly, the disproportionate occurrences of police misconduct toward communities of color. As outlined in your office’s public statement, this act of dissent is well within the National Football League’s stated bylaws. Yet, as the NFL season quickly approaches, Mr. Kaepernick has spent an unprecedented amount of time as a free agent, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is no sheer coincidence.

    “No player should be victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech — to do so is in violation of his rights under the Constitution and the NFL’s own regulations.”

    D13: That is the statement, or part of the statement, from the NAACP. Of course, all of this is perceived. Despite his abilities, ( and a 50.3 % career winning is not much of an ability ), no team wants to sign a trouble maker and his troubles are not just not standing….he has many off field troubles as well. To judge a quaterbacks abilities is totally subjective…..totally. Imay see him as a terrific quarterback while Mathius’ goes yuck. But the same rights that allows this man to sit…..are the same rights that allows an owner to say no thanks regardless of the reason. If the NFL were going to be racists, there would be no blacks in the system and it is primarily black….African-American players currently comprise 67.3% of the league’s players. It is the highest percentage of African-American players since the 2003 season. The remaining racial breakdown of NFL players is: 31% Caucasian, .7% Asian/Pacific Islander, .6% Latinos and 2% International and Other. So, this is hardly a league that is racist.

    If there is a team out there that wants this guy….they will hire him. You can claim racism,….so prove it in a league where caucasian is only 31%…..seems to me that warrants reverse discrimination it you want to split the pea.

    Last year, he wins 1 game….he was 1-11…….a .09% winning talent? The year before as a starting QB….2-6. Do you want him as a quarterback…I don’t.

    So exactly where is the discrimination?

    • Too lazy to investigate, but I’m wondering if there are any black NFL owners and if that is going to be what the NAACP is going to claim is their basis for discriminating. But I bet it’s also going to bring Rush’s comment about McNabb several years ago back into the picture. Because, you know, you old white guys don’t know the struggle. ESPN didn’t let Rush last 10 seconds after his comment. I dunno Colonel. There are lotsa Cowboy fans around the country. Jerry Jones’ comments could help bring some viewers back to Cowboys. Sports fans don’t want anything political interfering on their favorite sport. OTOH, last season could have been a game changer. People tuned out and may never return. We’ll see, I guess.

      • Here you go………..

        NFL Ownership:

        Currently there are no African-American NFL franchise owners. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the only NFL franchise to have a majority owner of color. Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-born American businessman, joined NFL ownership in 2012.

        NFL Coaches:

        There are currently four African-American head coaches: Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jim Caldwell (Detroit Lions), Lovie Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals). African-American coaches comprise 13% of all coaching positions in the NFL. Despite the consistently low number of African-American head coaches, 9 out of the last 15 Super Bowl teams had either an African-American head coach or General Manager.

        NFL General Managers:

        This season the number of African-American General Managers increased to 7 from 6 in 2013.The following teams have African-American General Managers: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants and Houston Texans. Although African-American General Managers only comprise 24% of all General Manager positions in the NFL, this is the highest number of African-American General Managers the NFL has ever seen.

        NFL Players:

        African-American players currently comprise 67.3% of the league’s players. It is the highest percentage of African-American players since the 2003 season. The remaining racial breakdown of NFL players is: 31% Caucasian, .7% Asian/Pacific Islander, .6% Latinos and 2% International and Other. The key positions dominated by African-American players are Cornerback (97% of NFL Cornerbacks are African-American) and Wide Receivers (84% of NFL Wide Receivers are African-American). On the other hand, the key positions dominated by Caucasian players are Quarterback (82%) and Center (84%). Special teams are also primarily comprised of Caucasian players (97% in 2013 and 98% in 2012.

  36. Just A Citizen says:


    This is how “liberal” bias seeps into the MSM reporting. Although I don’t believe this as truly “liberal” it is certainly part of the progressive belief system. From an article on the upcoming march in San Francisco by the “Patriot prayer group”.

    ““Boston last week is a good example of how these protests can be policed,” Scott said, citing a large rally and counter-protest in that city last weekend.

    There were less than three dozen arrests as about 50 extreme-right protesters saw their self-described “free speech” rally dwarfed by a massive turnout of about 40,000 counter-protesters. Police there officially ended the rally and escorted conservative rally members to protect them from the massive crowd.”

    1. Note the down playing of arrests of counter demonstrators. And last I saw there was no where near 50 speakers who showed up. But maybe.

    2. Note how they are describes as “extreme-right protesters”, when the organizers went out of their way to say they were “liberals, libertarians and conservatives” who wanted to speak out in defense of “free speech”.

    3. And then note how the group suddenly becomes “conservative”. They of course needed protection from the “massive crowd”, notes as being “about 40,000”.

    Since the crowd size estimate may be valid therefore the linkage to “extreme-right” and then to “conservatives” must also be correct. Meanwhile the press is pushing that white nationalists, neo-Nazis, the KKK and of course the alt-Right are “extreme right-wing” group.

    Now does this reporter who wrote this know he/she is committing these logical fallacies, exposing a bias and factually inaccurate information? I do not know what is in his/her heart. I do know that this kind of writing and narrative is common place. AND it impacts the public view of what is happening in the world.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Since I am on the media bandwagon at the moment let me ask this. WHEN did it become “journalism” to get quotes from one side of an argument and then go get quotes from the other and print that as then entire story? With no investigation of which side is telling the truth. No effort to then discredit the one who is lying.

    Latest evidence. A story the other day claiming that removal of National Monument status would be devastating to the habitat and environment on federal lands which have been designated monuments. Part of Secretary Zinke’s effort to review these and possibly remove some from Monument status.

    The article quoted several “environmentalists” making these claims. The claims are outright LIES. The reported then found someone to provide a quote about how these federal lands need to be used for public benefit. Including mining of coal and use of the timber and grazing resources.

    Not one single quote from any Federal Land Management experts or agency staff regarding how these lands are handled outside Monument status vs. as Monuments.

    Just the enviro story of destruction and the industry view it should be used. Thus confirming the enviro claim that if Monument status is removed the industry is going to “rape these lands” and “ruin them for all future generations”. But the “journalist” can claim objectivity because they got quotes from “both sides”.

    • I like to watch Stuart Varney on the Fox business channel ( The only Fox channel I watch ) because he actually presents opposing sides from a business standpoint and he does ask very penetrating questions from a business angle. ( Yes, he is a conservative and he does not like the left very well, but his objectivity on business is spot on ).ANYWAY….he had a couple of “journalists” on he asked the vary question of what investigative journalism is today.

      I found this interesting. One journalist said that their job is to report the news, whether right or wrong. That they had no obligation to determine truth but to report it. And, in their reporting, they had no obligation to remain neutral and it was the duty of a journalist to render opinions that they see or felt.

      The other journalist said that proper reporting is to determine the truth and to “verify” facts and statements. A journalist does not have an obligation nor moral right to render an opinion. Journalists are supposed to present both sides and interview both sides equally.

      Thenthe two journalists got into a verbal tit for tat. The forst journalists was aged 26 and the second one looked to be around 60……that about sums it up. There is no journalism any longer.

      • Sure sorry about all the grammar and spelling errors….this key board is illiterate. Not the user……I amperfect. errr……iamperfect…..I mean…….I do ont mak istakes….errr…..

        D13 alter ego steps in, and slaps the dog shit out of other side of ego…..the Colonel takes over. I try to keep the one side in check but there are times things get out of control. Unlike Mathius and his five egos….I have but two and that is enough challenge for an old fart. So, sorry about his innuendo and seemingly lack of education. I promise to try to do better to rein in the flippant ego side. I AM THE ONE that is perfect. Thank you.

        • I have no alter egos. What are you talking about?

          DPM and I are two completely separate people You’ve met him. You’ve been aboard his ship. You’ve drunk his grog. I’ve never even set foot in Texas (I’m legally barred from entering the state). Don’t be caused by name-similarities.

          Perhaps you meant Canine Weapon? He’s just a sentient, literate dog belonging to this site’s founder. Definitely no relation to me. I don’t even know what breed he is. Or even if he is a he. Maybe he identifies as a cat? Who knows? I don’t judge.

          Or did you mean Stephen K. Trynosky? Ok, you caught me… that is my alter ego. Don’t tell anyone.

      • The line up is great. Cavuto is another gem as is Dobbs.

  38. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    So HRC was “creeped” out by Trump standing behind her during a debate. While she stood by HER man after his affairs became known especially with WH interns. Which unveiled some pretty disgusting practices with Monica.

    Citations are HRCs’ own spoken words of audio outakes from her up and coming book.

    • She is such a freaking liar, she knows damn well he only groped young attractive women, which she most certainly didn’t qualify. 🙂

    • Little history lesson. Rudy Guilliani was supposed to be her republican opponent in the Senate race. he developed Prostate cancer and dropped out. Rick Lazio, a fair to middling State legislator took his place. Now it is bad enough going against the Clinton machine but Rick tried. One of the things he did at their debate was try to get her to sign a petition against something by leaving his podium and walking to hers. next day he was pilloried in the media for “invading her space” and “being threatening”.

      She, the smartest, bravest (remember sniper fire), most competent woman in the world will do what she did when she blew Health Care Reform as co-president in ’92. She will put on her Katy Scarlet O’Hara hat and flutter her eyes and say, “Who, liddle ole me?”

  39. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Does any major CEO of a business expect to keep their jobs, by potentially kissing of at least 50% oft heir business. Starbuck’s and now Camper World to just name two.

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