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  2. CourthouseNews, that “Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Thursday that Comey had circulated drafts of [a] memo rejecting criminal charges for Clinton over her handling of classified material while secretary of state two months before the FBI interviewed her as part of its probe.”

    Been hearing about this. Obama’s legacy… corruption

    • So we now know that Obama’s Justice Department considered Antifa a domestic terror organization ergo, equating them with the KKK or Nazi’s is more than appropriate. We know that Comey was in the bag. When are folks going to realize that Trump is way out in front. I do not know if it is private intel or he just has dynamite instincts but the guy is there, ahead of everybody, months early.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        If Mueller finds even the slightest violation he will go after Trump and unfortunately Congress will follow suit. They will totally sidetrack all the serious violations commited by HRC and her staff plus the DNC crap where they know was an inside job, not Russian hacking, plus this Awan deal going on. The fact that the FBI etc says it will not turn over FOIA requested information, due to alleged lack of public interest. If Mueller doesn’t shift away from “Get” Trump to the real violations in hand, I will have lost all faith in our judicial system. Trump is such a threat to the establishment they will do anything to destroy him. HRC is and was never a threat to the establishment. She was one of them and would do their bidding at any time.

        The 64 thousand dollar question is who is funding these organizations…drone strike anyone? I’ll bet that Hungary chucks out the US embassy soon, if they do not rid themselves of the Soros groups imbedded there.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Gman….the best models even by the national hurricane centers can not go beyond 5 days with and sense of accuracy. 5 days ahead places it still east of the windward islands and it can go straight across into central america, go above Cuba and swing up into TX again, hit florida before swinging north, before the islands start going nortward an hit my area, missing that it could hit NJ/NY or stay out to sea and miss all together. It was a cat 2 last night. There was one the other year after it made it’s turn north and they updated the models with the newest data, it still was a shotgun pattern of possible paths. And the storm didn’t cooperate with any of them.

      That does not mean that one should not be aware and prepare. My safest place is actually right where I am. Just lay in some water and food that is non perishable. I have the ability to cook without gas or electricity and also lighting…..I was a Boy Scout whose motto was “Be Prepared” My only concern is a massive tree in the back yard that could go over. But then, I rent so if the house gets damaged It’s not my problem. I do have hurricane insurance plus I park the car in a protected area

      Yesterday, a front went through the Raleigh area. My nephew had 3″ hail. Smashed the windows on their cars and dented them all over, plus broken windows on their house.

    • More hype

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Not nesseccarily, but the path is anyones guess at this point. Like I’ve said, a few years ago the NHC updated their models after a hurricane had started North along the coast and they had their models showing a shotgun pattern of possibilities. All hitting the Carolinas. NONE proved true and the hurricane whiffed. But anything can happen and at all times the State is prepared. Reservoirs are drawn down to prevent overflow and a washout, equipment is staged 160 miles inland eqaul distant from any point of the coast and all have preordained areas of repair. No repairs required…they go home.

        But Obviously Sandy caused a severe amount of property damage to coastal area in NJ. But I really want to see how well DeBlaiso handles the disaster if it in fact does become a cat 5 and hits NYC. Obviously the blame will be on Trump as gods will to destroy Trump Towers.

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Mathius…..I do want to take umbrage with the two pictures with people holding signs during a rally, implying a moral equivalancy to the Antifa and or OWS or BLM gangs.

    All of the Tea Party protests were against specific governmental policies. yes they had protests, but there has been NO documents evidence that they ever resorted to violence as the aforementions groups have done. Especially Antifa worldwide. The Tea party worked hard on trying to get representatives elected that supported their views. The three aforemention groups destroyed public and private property, assulted anyone who opposed them even resorted to violence and destruction even when it was a solo event, like in Portland Oregon.

    Yes there were a few and I stress a few documented instances where an offensive word was heard. Yes there were a few documented instances that town hall meeting were disrupted during the ACA quasi debate. And heaven forbid someone allegedly got spit on.

    There is not even a smidgen of equivalence….much less the Tea Party was never ever deemed or thought of as an domestic terrorist group…..such as Antifa has now been designated by the FBI and the Dept of Homeland Security.

    Nancy Pelosi during the OWS was fawning all over them and exclaiming how great they were regardless of what they did, and the destruction, as an example of ports on the west coast. Yet she damned the Tea Party saying she was so afraid of them. Seeing that she moved to California in 1969, she absolutely was not remembering nor possibly caught on a street corner and machine gunned down by the Black Muslims who as an initiation they had to kill a whitey.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      And for christs sake the FBI under Comey and the DHS under i believe Johnson never issued a peep yet their only reason for existance is the public’s safety. This is now coming out with releases of documents.

      Why the mueller special prosecuter is still in action is beyond me. With the documents that have been released to and testimony that Comey Preordained the Hillary investigation and was all a farce. The DNC mantra it was all the Russians and collusion was an inside job, of their emails getting stolen showing the fraud they commited against Sanders. By Wasserman schultz refusal to allow the FBI access to investgate should have stopped any subsequent story. Oh they had their own security guys investigate. Of course they don’t want to be blamed for shoddy security. Trump is between a rock and a hard spot. With Sessions recusal and Rosenstein a buddy of both Mueller and Comey, he willl never pull Mueller off. Trump can’t or else he will be hit with an obstruction of justice charge like Nixon was when he fired I believe Archibald Cox.

    • This is not to mention the fact that the photos do not show a hundred tea party protestors carrying offensive or controversial signs, being masked and carrying clubs or chains. The media focused on one guy in each case. Any Antifa protest involves hundreds of masked hoodlums.

      Now, I will admit it is pretty scary when the right to carry folks show up. But again, while they may be wearing tactical gear, they can all be readily identified. Nobody is trying to hide.

  4. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Obviously the drawback is that they have to be in the area. The option that is always there is to destroy the missile on the pad, probably causing to great of political fallout. Obviously the trajectory can be tracked and determined if it is a flyover or in its terminal stage.
    All these missiles the services have are all designed to be effective on their way down and assets have to be in place.

    • can we trust the navy? Seems like two platforms just went offline.

      • Don’t get me wrong, the USAF is not in much better shape. # 2 son spent 3 hours on the phone with me the other night. Most was bitching over the AF Reserve being broken. Too many deployments, guys with over ten dropping out. Sacrificing the readiness of the reserve to spare the active duty folks. New guys signing up for maintenance gigs can’t get tech school for a year or more. In the interim about the only thing they can do around the hanger is empty wastebaskets and use a broom.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Much less the fleet is probably back in port boning up on basic seamanship with simulators.

        Your response is almost an exact copy of what the retired Navy guy said. There is no way that anyone maintains skills by sitting around.

        I hate to say this but I believe that the concept of being in for the duration of the conflict gives greater impetius to a swift resolution of the war.This idea of 13 months like in Vietnam then bring in a new batch, a units learned skills are lost. In WWII there was no leaving unless disabled or dead. Rotation was only to the rear to take a breather and form up and prepare for the next phase.
        Today, I’d hate to be in the servicemens shoes. My friend is on her 4th deployment to the M/E and she’s 25, Army reserves. She gave up trying to get a regular job, nobody would hire because they knew she’d be pulled out in the near future. Ultimately she got a “civilian” job on the very ship she deploys on. Just changes uniform and does the same tasks. The whipsawing has got to be awful especially on anyone who is married.

        Uh and no I do not believe the readiness posture the service is posing. Examples…they accepted the USS Ford and it had not launched one single plane by catapult. They have now. The Zumwalt class canceled. Two litteral class ships canceled and back to the drawing boards. Air wing readiness is so far below its scary. NO spare parts. Coast Guard newest cutter are breaking up, can’t handle the stress.

        They say an Army moves on it’s stomach (food) My friend say the food aboard is pathetic. It’s not the mess cooks fault……it’s all prepackaged rations……I’m sure Michelle Obama had the meals redesigned.

  5. Just A Citizen says:
    • Well that’s just sick, most of my family on my husband’s side are teachers or principals, these people do not represent them at all. And unions are in real trouble of becoming extinct because the Supreme Court is very likely to stop them from just taking dues from teachers pay checks.

    • Yvette Felarca was interviewed on local (Sacramento) TV during the demonstrations (riots) here. She openly admitted being a Berkeley teacher and clearly called for any means necessary to gain their will. She should not have been suspended, she should have been fired outright and immediately.

  6. Just an observation, during the primary and the general we were all questioning whether Trump using the left’s tactics was a good thing or bad.

  7. At one time I believe we were discussing sidewalk vendors. here is a recent shot of my old NYC neighborhood.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      even a garage sale is more organized…..which in most communities are regulated in such a manner that they do not become permanent. In this photo the city Sanitation dept should have swept it up.

      In ’75 I used to date a lady who lived in Manhattan. Her apartment was decorated in what I would call “EARLY DISCARD” They’d go around on rent turn over days, where the landlords evicted people or dumped left furniture in an apt out on the street. Catch the piles early like 0200 and some nice furnishings could be found.

      In Sicily there was a tradition around New Years. Everyone would put out on the street anything they did not need or want anymore…NO TRASH…just usable stuff. Then we would all walk around and pick up things you needed or wanted. By morning the streets were clean.

      • Cannot do that anymore. Our Mexican friends have sent/brought us bedbugs. When I retired from my favorite job ten years ago, never herd of a bedbug. By the time I left the last job five years ago the infestations were everywhere in the five boroughs. The law now requires that all discarded upholstered furniture be slashed to prevent someone bringing in the bugs. Mattresses, bugs or not, must be wrapped in plastic when put ot for collection.If somebody could produce bootleg DDT they would make a fortune. That’s how the original scourge was wiped out. .

        The above photo is representative of almost all secondary commercial streets not in the tourist areas. This is how illegals make their living in NYC. I think that there were some previous comments about “free enterprise” or some such nonsense. This location is in front of a business who pays rent and taxes.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Question SK…..that looked like all material liberated from somebody else…like stolen property.

          What do you believe will be NY’s response if DeBlasio removes and renames Columbus Circle?

          My question is for all these WHITE people who hate the white influence to North America, why are they not buying a one way ticket back to where they came from? That should include all MIGRANTs voluntary or not. Black’s back to Africa, indians back to India, Native Americans, back to Asia, etc etc etc. Let the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.

          • 1. These guys sell new and used and of course Louis Vuton. And you can get movies before they are released! 20 pairs of socks for $ 3.00! $ 1.00 umbrellas!

            2. The Italians will not be happy, nobody else will care.

            3. They can make it a BETTER world by staying here. By now, you, though an import yourself have noted the influence of Northern migrants to your current state. They screw things up beyond recognition, then cannot handle the result then move and repeat the process. My WW 1 French General analogy, “It was not that the machine guns overwhelmed the troops it was that the troops lacked sufficient elan to overcome the machine guns!” ie. liberalism did not try hard enough.

  8. Alright Colonel, time to come clean. There are plenty of pics in this article. Which one are you?

  9. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Adding my response to our Texican friends statement here instead of adding to 296 comments in the previous discussion.

    Why not arm Japan with equal weaponry? If threatened enough they will change their constitution. Didn’t the UN and Obama allow Iran to continue (allegedly) at a slower pace their nuclear weapons program? Based on the global excuse that why not, Israel has them. But when had Israel threatened Iran with nuclear annihalation, or any other country for that matter. Where Iran’s platform since July 1979 has been the utter destruction of Israel and to kill every Jew they can get their hands on. It was one thing for Iran to support and fund groups like Hamas and Hezzbolla (sp) but now with the Syrian conflict Iran has forces now in direct border contact with Israel. No matter who comes out on top in that conflict Iran wins. If Russia had not interceded as they had, Assad most assuredly would have fallen and then all hell would have broken loose, as though it was not bad enough.

    Just a thought….S Korea I believe is soft like corrupted France was prior to WWII. The only thing putting starch in their shorts is our forces. Without that they would fold like a house of cards… my opinion. They have been infiltrated by communist sympathizers and media and students.

    • Agree on Korea, like western Europe with the possible exception of the Brits, we have done the heavy lifting allowing them to become more concerned about running over wildflowers with their tanks than the end of civilization as we know it.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I drew a cartoon years ago that showed this little old lady beating on a Challenger tank with her umbrella. They were about to run over a flower down in the Salisbury Plains during tank manuevers. The crew is looking down at her from the turret with a “WTF” look on their faces.

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    It was so cool watching videos from TX and LA. The military high clearance trucks, plus those specifically designed high water vehicles that looked like modified farm machines that run between rows of corn. But they have a platform on top. Plus seeing all those red neck mud trucks being put to good use instead of mud rallies and fairground shows..

    With everything so flat in that area it takes a long time for the water to perculate down and out. Like here in eastern NC it takes days and sometimes weeks for the water to reach its highest stages before ebbing.

    I hope the Irma projections are all wrong and the hurricane veers out back into the mid atlantic. TX and the Gulf do not want MORE water. Nor do we need any more. We’ve had plenty without a hurricane.

    Back when I lived in Raleigh still before retiring we had a “drought”. Not that we really had a drought per say. It was man made. The National Hurricane center modeled several hurricanes to hit the area. The area as procedure dictates, they lower the reservoirs expecting huge volumes of water and the need to prevent an overflow which would erode the dams and cause them to collapse. The water from fairly normal rainfall only refills the reservoirs at a slow pace. All the projected hurricanes MISSED and we stayed in a perpetual water shortage for months. Wake County went into a water rationing mode within one month. Since the reservoirs were built the area that they support had quadrupled in population. They knew that they had to take immediate actions. Quite unlike CA and their drought. Drought for sure, but since the 70’s the population has almost doubled and they have not put in one bit of extra capacity much less refusing to dredge the existing reservoirs once they were lowered. But the CA never even put in restrictions for years. So in all probability the State had only a fraction of what they estimated what their overall storage capacity… wind turbines, Might be rated at 125MW opitimum, but only achieve 25 % of that as an average.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yes they are. It is going to be interesting to see how they handle it all. I see a large divide among them that they are only now beginning to see themselves.

  11. Trump to end DACA in 6 months. That gives Congress time to do something. Lefties go batshit crazy whining about how horrible this decision is, not understanding it was not a law. Let Congress do their job and resolve the issue. That takes patience. The reason DACA exists is because Democrats couldn’t get the law passed. However, being a nice guy and all, here are my early thoughts on fixing the issue.

    Deport ALL those on DACA with a criminal record, no exceptions.
    Deport ALL who are getting government aid, unless, they are in school and getting passing grades.
    Keep the otherwise productive ones who are working.

    That’s a good start.

    • I get a kick out of the ones arguing to keep families together. They are the very ones who broke up the black families in the inner cities.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Being illegal is a defacto criminal offense. Not on the books until caught by immigration or ICE. Nothing wrong with LEGAL immigration, laborious to be sure, but there is reasonible control. Might get a health check before entering

      Watched a video last night of the VP of the EU, sounded like a brit, talking about diversity. Saying that diversity is a way of life and those that resist it and try and maintain some sort of historical cultural identity is denying the inevidable. Lots of other stuff he said, but he also said that the west ie europe has to become more diverse like the rest of the world. Huh……China is not racially diverse, Japan not a chance, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Mynamar, Koreas just to name a couple. Don’t see much diversity in Mexico…..Only the west is being accused of racism.

  12. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    “A January 2011 report of the UN Human Rights Council (read PDF here), released just a month before the horrific 2011 crisis began, praised aspects of the country’s human rights record, particularly the status of women in the country, while also citing improvements in other areas. It said Gaddafi’s government protected “not only political rights, but also economic, educational, social and cultural rights.” It also lauded his treatment of religious minorities and the “human rights training” of its security forces. Let’s reiterate: this was *less than a month* before the crisis began and less than a month before Western government officials were calling Gaddafi ‘a brutal tyrant killing his own people’.”

    Let’s see:

    Saudi Arabia was in 1975 actually fairly progressive on rights until Faisal was assasinated. It is very hard line now.

    Iran a secular nation overthrown and radical islamists take over.

    Lebanon a secular progressive nation is in chaos and quite islamist now, under control of Iran backed factions, ongoing conflict

    Iraq a secular nation overthrown and is now under control of Iran and islamists

    Egypt…attempt to overthrow a secular government failed, Islamist briefly held power but the Army held tight.

    Libya a secular nation overthrown and islamists run rampant and chaos reigns

    Syria continued attempts to overthrow a secular government by radical islamists, backed by the US and Iran

    Turkey….attempted overthrown accusations aimed at the US for backing and engineering the attempt……ample reasoning based on the past 40 years.

    The pattern is the US governments primarily and other western nations hands are all over the overthrows or attempts. For what purpose? Human rights, saving lives? When the overthrows and continued attempts have resulted in millions of deaths and continued unbelievable human suffering..

    All these nations were successful by any definition of the word

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Virtually impossible. The two incidents earlier this year could be chalked up as poor ship handling. Even the last two have a possibilty of that. The Navy ships could have been cutting across the bow of the oncoming ships and totally misjudged the speed of them….possible..poor seamanship. I was on a ship off California and the ENTIRE bridge watch including the Captain left the bridge and started messing with fouled equipment on the aftdeck. The ship was left to do it’s own thing. That was the last time I sailed with that ship. A sister ship struck and was sunk after hitting a locomotive. The sheer size of the cargo transports mask the actual speed they are going. But any good seaman never insists on right of way, nor betting on clearing the bow of an oncoming ship. It’slike pulling across traffic thinking you’ll make it. Lots of crosses and wreaths roadside. Your car could stall, A vehicle can change lanes, speed up, themselves have an emergency. Throwing a monkey wrench into your plans. One does not immediately move 10000 ton ships

      Conspiracy theory until proven correct….the other year the Russians claimed that they were able to disable an Arleigh Burke destroyer on patrol in the Black Sea. The Navy emphatically denies that happening.

      Me, I’m inclined to lean towards critical reliability failures of microprocessors, and gundecking, due to lack of parts (resulting in cannabilization) and manpower (lowmanned efficient ships). Seen all four examples many times in my long career. Cheating is so accepted today from the lowest elementary school test to the highest levels of business and government..


    One would have to be a moron to read and believe Slate at this point in time.

    • I do not blieve anything anonymous any longer.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Like anything from attributed to someone who is not authorized to speak.

        I like the newest revelations that Obama used in speeches the same wording that Comey used talking about the server scandal, including his documents written months before the July 5th farce. They obviously colluded on talking points for months. Like Benghazi, and the tarmac chance meeting

  14. Prof finds majority of minorities don’t face discrimination

    Notably, when asked about what they think caused unfair treatment, most respondents eschewed “race” as a motivating factor.
    Rather, most instead chalked up their discriminatory experiences to “other” causes, such as personal appearance or political views, Boutwell explained.
    Such findings, Boutwell elaborated, are both “interesting and problematic,” saying that while he “can’t speculate,” discrimination on the grounds of political views may be on the rise.
    “If anyone feels that their political alignment creates blowback for them in daily life, that’s one possibility,” he said, noting that it’s a “a reasonable one, given the data on political polarization.”

    • A co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Toronto released a video last week in which he urged allies of the movement to stop using the term “white privilege” and start saying “white supremacy” instead, according to The Daily Wire.
      “Popular social justice discourse has used ‘white privilege’ to describe the benefits that come with whiteness,” Janaya Khan, International Ambassador for Black Lives Matter (that’s right — BLM has an “international ambassador”), said in the video. “The problem with describing white privilege is that it looks at the individual as opposed to the system itself.”

      I think BLM and those on the Left who espouse this racial nonsense are full of shit, very full of shit..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Privately political views should be discussed without rancor. If friendships are undermined then decisions are made. On campus political ideals should be debated and I said debate with reason, not threats of violence or disruption. In the physical workplace, that is not the place for political discussion….Take it to Kelsey’s Bar after hours.

      I always remember political debates with some old family friends were kept in bounds, even though political viewpoints were diametrically opposing. The debated were lively. However that friendship became broken over a discussion about “Global Warming” when one of the opposing party stood up and leaned over the table and said into my Mom’s face “Are you F***ing stupid. Now these were people who have been friends since 1952 and in their 80’s now. The friendship was over in a flash. They got to spend the night, but were gone back to DC the next day.

      FYI…these people agreed with all of the Hitler’s socialist programs, they are extreme socialists, but disbelieved his plan for the Jews exclaiming that it was political bluster and he couldn’t possibly mean it. This leg of that family got out luckily, most did not.


    Back to DACA….It’s Congress’s job to set immigration law, nor the President’s….Good work Pres. Trump. at least YOU get this.

  16. Thought for the day:

    “If you are paid $25.00 an hour to show up to a rally to “counter” the other party using physical force and violence, you are not a “counter protestor.” You are a mercenary.

    There is no need for further debate on this. You were paid to attack someone you don’t know for reasons that you couldn’t care enough about to go there for free. You did your “job” and collected your check and your reimbursement of expenses. You’re a mercenary.

    Not a Patriot. Not a Social Justice Warrior. Not a Defender of Freedom or Liberty. Not an upholder of Truth or Justice. None of those things you claim to be. You are a mercenary.

    And mercenaries are not lawful combatants and deserve whatever comes their way at the hands of the people they are attacking.

    You have no 1st Amendment rights when you’re a mercenary.

  17. Just GRRRRRR! Hypocritical little pieces of crap with their fake excuses.

    • Oh, this isn’t all that much that hasn’t happened before. The Liberal media plays in concert quite often, with many, many news outlets repeated the same lame line or saying. Whether they are calling Trump unfit, mentally ill etc, they all repeat the same nonsense all over the country. Just like Trump’s trip to Texas recently and the Liberal media saying he didn’t have any empathy. I found this little example for all to listen:

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      “For many Americans, the first they heard of antifa was last month when a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville burst into the news.”

      This comment by the journalist/fiction writer (for lack of a better job description) goes to show how much contempt the media shows for the people, by downplaying the antifa roles around the world or how uninformed the people are, given the unlimited access to media from around the world, also the result of the media editing. Why are the powers in place trying so hard to shut down any opposing viewpoint of the globalist propoganda. Than God for “Al Gore’s” invention of the Internet. (sarc) we the people would be blind.

      • It also shows the disconnect that the Liberal media actually has with reality. Antifa is well known in Europe and became known during the campaign season to anyone paying attention to anything other than the Liberal media, who ignored them because they were doing the bidding that the Liberal media thought was OK, pretending that Trump was pushing violence and they were just retaliating. The Liberal media can no longer hide the truth of Antifa and are just now starting to push them away.

        With that said, Liberal’s in the media are showing their true colors as well. They will use people if it fits their ideology until their usefulness is a problem or simply not needed. What is strange is that Antifa are just Communist’s still fighting the Nazi’s, and the Liberal media act just like both of them. Now that their “useful eaters” are no longer needed, cast them off. The same mindset used by Stalin.

      • Let’s not leave out this little gem “There might be forms of hate out there that you may consider hateful, but it’s not the type of hate we follow,” Cohen said.

        • Right! They can play their little gaslighting game. There is still the silent majority, out here minding their business, not even bothering to argue anymore. Just gathering more and more reason to primary a bunch of useless congress people.

  18. Well, the POTUS got this one correct. With the 5th Circuit and the Supreme Court saying DACA was not properly done and was outside the scope of the POTUS…..rescinding was the right thing to do……throwing it to Congress and giving the DACA recipients one year to get right with the law. That was the proper thing to do.

    • Press briefing just wrapped up. Wow, Sarah Sanders doesn’t play. The press had all kinds of “poor DACA people” questions. She didn’t give an inch, continuing to lay it at the feet of congress to either do their job and create legislation, as should have been done instead of Obama’s pen…or get out of the way and allow other people to move into congress who will do their job. Impressive. First time I’ve watched a briefing with her.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Congress has been ducking the immigration issue for decades. For the sake of discussion we can start with the amnesty during Reagan’s time of an estimated 12M illegal immigrants. The promise was that they would then fix the process and procedures…we’re still waiting. It’s a 3rd rail topic, like social security and medicare. They’d rather leave it up to the POTUS with EO’s who has a set term and all 535 legislators can point to a single person as the blame. We have continual references to the “Imperial” presidency. Reason why is the failure of Congress. The POTUS is only supposed to recommend and faithfully execute legislation passed into law. Not make law.
      I do not think that I have ever run into anyone that is dead set against immigration. It is a part of ALL our nation populations lore. Including the 1st ones, the “Native Americans” a misnomer because nobody is native in this part of the world. May have migrated 1st.

      I just had a long discussion with an old friend from NY. She says she feels lonely because discussing issues with her kids is a dead end. They all hate Trump except Mom. Their only reasoning is that they fear Trump will get us into a war and they have kids and grandkids.


    We don’t have a gun problem, we have a gang and suicide problem.

  20. Canine Weapon says:

  21. Arf, Arf, Canine.

  22. Proud Grandma moment to share. Granddaughter started grade K this morning. Charter school with lonnnng waiting list, thank God she made it. But I have to report that class starts with stand up and silence…don’t do it quiet enough and you start over as a class. But! the day starts with the Pledge, National Anthem, and school creed. Parents are allowed to stay for this every morning. YES! Is sanity returning? Bonus that her teacher is a Spartan grad. 🙂

  23. [re: NAFTA] Canadian negotiators are demanding the United States roll back so-called “right to work” laws – accused of gutting unions in some U.S. states by starving them of money – as part of the renegotiation of the North American free-trade agreement.

    Let's file this one under "a snowball's chance in hell."

    • Agreed, quite a joke that Canada is demanding anything.

    • Ahem…stolen from another site….

      What this indicates is how far left the Canadian NAFTA negotiation team are willing to go in advancement of social justice issues that have no bearing on actual trade. They are politically virtue-signaling to their own internal domestic audiences rather than actually engage in discussion of trade parameters.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I worked in a union shop once for exactly 9 months. Quit. Couldn’t stand having two sets of managers. One the company wanting me to do work that I was extremely qualified to do and the union nixing it because I did not have enough seniority. Had more experience than any guy in the shop much less being FAA certified where others were not. yet the union AFL-CIO looked the other way on serious safety violations, in fact threatened to have me fired for actually doing what OSHA and the Navy regs required. Go figure.
        The company had actually demanded in the contract a “super” seniority list. Of those employees they needed with skills that were hard to come by in downeast Maine. I was on it and it was limited to 50 people. Especially ones that would have gotten me far more salary at a GS-11 rate by driving to the Portsmouth Navy Yard. An equal distant to Bath. I just didn’t want to be subject to submarine sea trials. I prefer to keep my head above water.

        Canada was socialist enough without now having Justin Trudeau at the helm. Now it’s just batshit crazy.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:


    • You have a nation that shares a border with us yet does not understand our “federalism”. I had thought, in the ongoing debates over National Socialism Health care that Canadian Provinces had a degree of autonomy. I guess not.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    My very good Democratic party friend told me this morning he actually agrees with Trump on several key issues. Especially revisiting our Trade agreements and on imposing penalties on US companies that up and move to another country.

    It is really his personality that is impossible to deal with, per him. I explained my view he wasn’t much different than any other successful New Yorker I ever met. Obnoxious and arrogant. de Blazio and Trump are probably pretty similar in their personality traits. Only de Blazio has had political training so he knows how to tone it down when needed. Trump never learned it because he was always in the business world. He thought that could be very true.

    I explained I disagree with Trump on his policy views except I thought his foreign policy decisions have been pretty good to this point. He also agreed on this point, which surprised me a bit. He is hoping that the escalation in Afghanistan will force the Taliban to the table when they realize they are short in this world if they do not.

    The punch line was “Trump keeps letting his personality get in the way of his policies”.

    We spent two days and one night enjoying the smoke, orange sun, blood moon, pinochle, good food, great conversations and even greater friends.

    Oh, before I forget, we also shared our sadness over the loss of civil discourse, especially since the last election. We discussed our theories of why and concluded that a large number of people were just way to vested in Mrs. Clinton winning (Obama legacy, first woman, etc) and that the internet has allowed vitriol to grow without consequence. This is now spreading to the media and other public forums.

    One more thing……. a cooking tip. Try using coconut milk to make hot cakes. Our host used it with Krusteaz mix. It was awesome. Might be even better with some peaches on top along with real maple syrup, of course.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    The extortion games have begun. Both R and D are calling for the other side to make compromises on key items in order to get legislation passed to deal with the illegal aliens covered by DACA. Neither side thinks a “clean bill” can pass one house or the other.

    Another example of an issue that has been on the table for years, that both parties use as a campaign tool, and which apparently nobody has legislation already drafted to deal with.

    So who gets the egg on their face when it blows up and Mr. Trump is forced to allow the first person to be deported?

    • Nothing will change much in the short term. The Left will bitch and whine, the Right will say it’s the law. In the mean time, it gives Trump leverage on lot’s of things.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Trump put it squarely on the group whose shoulders the responsibility lays on. Congress. I love it.

        The ACA votes proved beyond a shadow of doubt the veracity of the RNC and the Congressional and Senatorial candidates got elected under false pretenses. Just about like the DNC fraud with the nomination of HRC instead of Sanders. Sure Sanders was wanting to take the country further left but Trumps is not a right wing extremist either. HRC promised more of the same and most definitely would have embroiled the US in more wars, she’s proven that and has the track record. yet people say Trump will get us into a war?????huh. Much less WWIII. 3 nations can cause that that event. The US, China and Russia, None will do so over a Stalinist N Korea. It will be sacrificed if Kim does not stop his BS of blackmail every 4 years.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Global business will trump a global war (pun intended). The guy who needs to be sidelined is Soros….not to long ago having actual Nazi ties would have destroyed any credibility of anyone. here is a guy who is a Jew who saved his ass by aiding Nazi’s in the elimination of his friends. There is no statute of limitations for the crimes he has committed and is funding today of cultural genocide. Where is the World Count. Useless

  26. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    an excellent satirical op’ed saying that Orwell would have supported antifa.

    I loved the clip of Antifa defacing a statue of DeGaulle who fought Fascism.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      let me rephrase this. This satirical video debunks an op’ed that claims Orwell would have supported Antifa.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      ROTFLMAO…………… No kidding.

      As I have said before, if our education system was so messed up it needed completer revamping in the 70’s, then how did we put a man on the moon almost a half century before the technology that should have been required was invented?

    • What a cool video………..I remember very clearly that everyone had a bb gun and we would have bb gun fights,… one lost an eye or died. Pump levered for velocity…..two pumps only…..if you were caught with more…you were thrown out of the game and no one trusted you ever again. We handled our own problems……..AND THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS A HELICOPTER PARENT.

      • I remember what my dad used to say…..”Son, I have told you the pitfalls. YOu may your own decisions accordingly.”

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Pop guns with a wad of mud in the barrel worked also. Snow balls with a rock embedded in it was also effective. In CA during the spring you could pull a big weed out of a field. With it came a big clod of adobe. Pat the adobe into a more compact shape and you had a pretty good sling like mortar round. A pipe in the ground, firecraker and a marble also worked. Nobody as kids ever got hurt with these toys. We knew they were inherently dangerous. Crab apples or small green oranges stuck on a whippy stick could be projected hundreds of feet onto the oppositions fort… a kid can’t even walk to the park. No wonder they have their noses stuck to their iphone and computer, they’re not allowed to do anything else.

  27. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    It’s not a surprise but it still amazes me on how the MSM can’t look at something without twisting it into a Trump bashing article. Headline “Trump children like DACA”

    I do not remember Trump himself saying that he dislike DACA. He just recinded the unilateral Obama EO that was unconstitutional. He gave Congress a tall marching order to come together and put a bill together and do what was their job in the first place. Seeing that Ryan was threatening Trump if he recinded DACA….Ok let us see what your made of as leader of the House. I’ll bet that if congress puts a bill together that both parties agree on Trump will sign it. I’ll also place a second bet is that Ryan and McConnell FAIL

    I especially like Jeff Sessions announcement. I do not think I’ve ever heard him speak so clearly and distinctly. .

  28. Hurricane Irma claimed as most powerful ever…..which is a stretch at best and a Lie at worst. Maybe logical fallacy works. But in some circles, it only matters because it can be used to fit within their ideological beliefs.

    For example, we all know the Climate Change fraudsters will come out in droves talking about climate change and global warming. In another world (literally), the CT crowd who believe that the government can control the weather using “HAARP” or some other form of advanced technology (maybe alien, I don’t know) is being used to attack the U.S. About the only thing they have in common is that they both believe these storms are the result of human activity. Both will defend their position vehemently and spew logical fallacy after logical fallacy to claim superiority on the matter.

    In the end, it’s just weather.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    My first comment on this poll is that public opinion on certain things, especially those outside the home life, do not just materialize out of thin air. In other words, opinions are formed in the way they are directed and nurtured by “opinion leaders”.

    We can now expect the D’s to increase their attacks on R’s as a bunch of “uneducated rubes” who have been “brainwashed”. This is not hyperbole Mathius. It has already started. The only hope we have is that the trend doesn’t escape the echo chambers of the left wing internet. But then again, “public” opinions are nurtured, they do not just appear.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Unexpected editorial on CNN praising Mr. Trump. Make sure to read the comments, at least until your face gets all tight and your temples throb. Combine your reading with the poll data and conclusions from above. See a relationship?

    • The comments were funny. They showed just how ignorant those on the Left can be when they are not face to face with people. As soon as face to face happens, they will shut up and crawl back under the rock from which they came. The arrogance is astounding.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You did not see similar kinds of responses from those supporting Mr. Trump. Some bordered on sycophant cheering in my opinion.

        • Yes I did. Then I saw the one where someone was a newcomer, which leads me to believe that these people interact often. Badgering the Liberal commenters is an enjoyable past time after 8 years of Obama, at least that’s how I would feel about it if I posted regularly over the years. It reminded me of the National Memo comments section, pre election it was loaded with arrogant nasty Lefties, now, those same comment sections are empty in comparison, but not before there was PLENTY of badgering after the election.

          What’s sad is that people feel the need to act like this. It’s never going to stop and only really involves the fringe, not the majorities of either side. If it were the majorities, there would be riots in the streets almost daily.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Let the games begin. Certainly does raise a very interesting question. Why haven’t Muslim bakeries been held to the same standard?

    I also wonder why the Colorado baker was not able to appeal the Colorado decision to send him to re-education classes wasn’t appealed on Constitutional grounds. It is so freaking Orwellian in makes my skin crawl. Remember, Oregon did this same thing, along with imposing business killing fines on the business.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Putting the hyperventilating of one more anti-Trump “Conservative aside, this raises a pretty valid question. One reason some of us wanted the President to separate himself from all business connections while in office. Now with some degree of fairness, the USA article fails to show how the money actually flows to Mr. Trump. Does he get quarterly payments from the businesses? Were these people members before he ran or did they recently join?

    Complaining about who has access to POTUS is childish. They were not complaining when Hollywood actors and tycoons had open invitations or paid to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. Instead the ridiculed the R’s for raising an issue over it.

    • Let me quote myself in the summer of 1989.

      You think you can buy me for a couple hundred dollars? Get the F!@# outta my office you god)(*&^% !@#$%^ !@*()!@ ^&*% !@&&*(&^ @#$ (%#& @ &^%$!

      Then I physically lifted the gentleman by his collar and belt and dented the sheetrock with his head. One of my more satisfying days.

    • Ummm, all our politicians deal with lobbiest and talk to American companies for many reasons one of them being campaign donations. I fell to understand the big deal when it comes to the President. As far as Clinton- the problem was taking money from foreign entities. Now that I would see as a problem. I know Trump did something about giving any money from foreign governments to the Treasury but I don’t know if this would be included but I would think it would. And any lobbyists lobbying for foreign governments should too.

  33. I don’t blame her for hiring her own attorney, but this is getting weirder and weirder.

  34. Canine Weapon says:

  35. It is sooooo funny to see the Repubs having a heart attack this morning….gasping at Trump for making a deal ( even as bad as it is ) with Democrats……what a shock!!!!! How couldhe do this? He is abandoning his party!!!!!…..Oh the cries….

    Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do….if the Repubs want to get in board and pass his agenda…they better jump on the train quickly. A great chess move, in my opinion….DACA was supposed to be temporary…now it is. Want to deal with it Congress? GET YOUR ASS ON BOARD. Trump’s message to the Repubs…..if you will not deal with me, I will go where I can get the deals…..your choice. Trump is finally doing what I want him to do….challenge the system and he is doing just that.

    Texas Voter ID Law upheld in courts of Appeal…on to SCOTUS…….it will be upheld there as well. There is no excuse to require ID to get on a plane or to get a bank account……but not to vote…..displacement is a non issue because……………………no one is displaced.

    Have a good day folks….check in tonight.

    Special Note to DPM….Nice move, avoiding Harvey.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I saw that New Hampshire passed a voter ID law now. The liberals are having a fit about voter suppression and all….Yes it will suppress the ILLEGAL votes.

      I am shocked that the NC legislature has not resurrected the law. The Governor can veto it all he wants, because there is a veto proof legislature. We know the current DOJ under Sessions will not take action like Lynch did.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The R’s crying that Trump is abandoning the party….huh…..They never joined him and did and continue to under mine him. We heard for years that wait for us to get in, we’ll get rid of the ACA……folded like a bad souffle…..They bitched and moaned about all the unilateral actions on immigration that Obama took…..180 degree flip.

      Congress is proving to be so useless and it seems that it still exists only because the Constitution requires it. Just let the POTUS and the agencies rule. They do anyway.

      Years ago when the Dems seemed to be on a roll, the experts said that if the R’s want to be electable again they MUST be more like the Liberal Democrats. It does seem that they internally took that to heart, but got elected on a totally different campaign promise,
      I believe in 2018 there will be a massive turnover, not which party is in the majority, but who sits in the seats now held by the R’s, espcially Ryan and those up for election.

    • I believe he defenestrated Ryan. Right after Ryan says no way in hell, he does it!

      More to come I hope.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Am I getting this right…..Ryan says that he will not try and get a legal immigration package through congress for Trump to sign?

        • Well, all you need is a package with 100% democrats on board and it will get enough republicans to pass. Like I said, Ryan was blindsided beautifully and …..what do they call that when you turn a bull into a steer?

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Special Note to DPM….Nice move, avoiding Harvey.

      Harvey avoided ME.

    • How did we end up with so many me first, spoiled brat, cry babies in Congress?

  36. Canine Weapon says:

  37. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Laying in some supplies today……just in case Irma, Jose and Katia decide to pay a visit.

  38. Canine Weapon says:

  39. Canine Weapon says:

    Which one of you is this?

  40. Heads up GMan. I came across a comment at The Treehouse, actually several sub replies too, where they were looking for another site to visit, as Breitbart has become somewhat of a sewer over the years. So I recommended SUFA and welcomed any other Treepers to visit as well. The guy I replied to is David, so you may see him or other strangers in moderation. Hope this doesn’t create a headache for you.

  41. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia sued Wednesday to try to revive DACA, the 2012 deportation amnesty for young adult illegal immigrants, saying President Trump’s decision to phase out the program amounted to illegal discrimination against Mexicans.

    OK, Where is the legal precedent for NOT being allowed to end an unconstitutional Executive Order? Or maybe , not resigning an Previous President’s EO? Since there is NO harm to the States, at this time, it seem’s that this is a political ploy to cater to their not so bright voter base, any thoughts?

    • They believe the word discrimination trumps all!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      For the 1st 4 years of Obama’s tenure he stated unequivacally that he did not have the Constitutional authority to do something like DACA. When he did it he also said it was TEMPORARY. Trump gave notice that the temporary program is over in 6 months unless Congress does their Constitutional duty and deliver a bill that he will sign continuing the program. Brilliant move.

    • The Asian American judge in Hawaii will be happy to chime in if asked.

  42. This seems to be one supporter of Trump’s idea of what his actions mean, a wonderful pivot. I don’t like the sound of it myself. Is this what peop!e want or is this just crazy talk?

  43. Wonder why she would return and what else is in that agreement.

  44. Wonder if this is true, anonymous sources + Washington Post so who knows.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Probably is true. Might as well, since the ceiling has become meaningless in terms of acting as a stop gap against debt increasing.

      • That sounds a mite defeatist 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not really. The debt ceiling was a modern invention to create a gimmick because Congress would not do its job. All it has become is a political football designed to embarrass primarily one party. The Republicans.

          If it has no useful function then just eliminate it.

          If it can be shown it does perform a useful function then keep it.

          • Not really. The debt ceiling was a modern invention to create a gimmick because Congress would not do its job.


            All it has become is a political football designed to embarrass primarily one party. The Republicans.

            Ehhh.... I would argue that it's primarily a dangerous bargaining chip. Because it is a "must pass," it creates a dynamic where one party or the other may play grab-ass with the national debt.

            I think it embarrasses the Red Team only because they make a point of pretending they care about the debt whereas the Blue team makes no such pretense. Both teams are happy to spend away and drive the country into limitless debt when it suits their purposes. It's only when such spending (or revenue reduction!) benefits the other team that they suddenly remember their moral objections to such debt.

            Hypocrites, the lot of them. But, on this point, it's the Red Team who suffers most since "fiscal conservatism" is supposed to be one of their planks. It's not so much of a problem for the party of Tax and Spend.

            If it has no useful function then just eliminate it.

            Mathius wonders......

            Here's a thought experiment:

            A. Each time the can is kicked down the road, it will require slightly more votes to do so the next time. In this way, it becomes a can that cannot be kicked down the road forever, and concrete steps will have to be taken at some point.

            B. No member of Congress, nor the President, shall be paid (including medical benefits, retirement benefits, or anything else) in any year where the deficit increases over the previous year.

            C. In any year in which we default, Congress and the President shall all be summarily fired and permanently banned from holding any future elected office. A jury of randomly selected citizens shall be appointed to determine if any former officials should also be held accountable.

            D. By national referendum, this Act may be bypassed on a temporary basis in the event of declared war with a credible threat of danger to American territory and civilian lives. Such bypass will merely exclude the additional costs of war and the Act will remain in effect for all other debt. After cessation of hostilities, such excluded debt will be phased back into the calculation over a period equal to the length of the war.

            E. Congressional salaries may not increase more than 5% in any given year, nor greater than an index of average national pay. Any congressman or President who presides over a period of inflation greater than 5% per year shall have all future earnings garnished by 50% - that amount to be paid directly to the treasury. You cannot inflate your way out of debt without shooting yourself in foot.

            F. Each citizen shall gets one free pass to punch the elected representative of their choice provided they do so only with bare hands and provide their reasoning in a written letter within 5 business days.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I say Republicans for a good reason. The Democrats have recognized that the media will blame the Republicans, no matter the situation. If Clinton vetoes the spending bill it was the R’s that caused it. If the R’s veto the spending bill then it is the R’s fault, they vetoed the bill.

              The Democrats have seize on this knowledge and thus couch their rhetoric, each cycle, in ways that keep the media going after the R’s. The R’s are not courageous enough, or maybe really lack desire, to take the fight to the D’s and the media on the issue. They are just absolutely lousy at the communications game. Gingrich was the last who could stand his ground and get a point across in the media. Although the media blamed him for the shutdowns caused by Clinton’s veto, he could show the R’s they actually gained seats after that.

              Your analysis is accurate, but it does not change mine either. This football has come to be more negative for the R’s than the D’s.

              I do like you other proposals. I have a less personal one. Set the annual budget to no more than the prior years tax revenue. Ban all debt financing for future project unless Congress DECLARES war.

              • The Democrats have recognized that the media will blame the Republicans, no matter the situation.

                This has not been my experience. My experience (as opposed to a statement of absolute fact) is that the Democrats (and Obama in particular) were blamed for pretty much everything under the sun for the entire run of Obama's Presidency. Now, I see a shift to blaming Republicans.. which makes sense since they have power.

                Without evidence to support it, it seems logical to me to suggest that "the media" will blame whoever is in control (or most in control). It hardly makes for a juicy story to blame the minority party when the majority party controls most states, both houses, and the Presidency. But when the Blue Team controlled the Presidency, Obama was the most visible target and, as far as the media was concerned, that's where the buck stopped.

                Fair? No, not really. But such is life sometimes.

                The R’s are not courageous enough, or maybe really lack desire, to take the fight to the D’s and the media on the issue. They are just absolutely lousy at the communications game.

                Again, from where I sit, it looks like the Red Shirts are beating the pants off the Blue Team right up until Trump antagonizes the media and makes himself such an easy target.

                But there is something else here... I infer from your post that you think the Blue Team should bear more public blame for issues than they do. At least for issues of the last 8 months, do you think it is fair to blame the opposition party when the Red Team holds so much power? Under Obama (at least since he lost congress), Government had been split, and so no party had such a strong/clear advantage. But these days, Red Team could/should wipe the floor with Blue Team... if they'd get their act together.

                It hardly seems fair to blame your political opponents - who, of course, are going to resist you - when you can't pass anything because you don't have your own house in order.

                As evidenced by this debt ceiling vote, it is clear that the Democrats will cross the isle to work with Trump.. if it suits them to do so. So the reasonable conclusion to draw is that the Red Team is not offering up much that would be palatable to the Blue Team.. and then blaming Blue Team for not working with them. I recall the super-secret health care plan Democrats weren't even allowed to see, yet were blamed for not being on board with.

                Gingrich was the last who could stand his ground and get a point across in the media.

                My brother-in-law had a newt when he was a kid.

                Guess what he named it?

                Gingrich was the last who could stand his ground and get a point across in the media.

                Gingrich was... well.. he... let's just say they broke the mold.

                Your analysis is accurate, but it does not change mine either. This football has come to be more negative for the R’s than the D’s.

                Then we agree! Hurray!

                I have a less personal one. Set the annual budget to no more than the prior years tax revenue.

                The problem there is that you'd have to instantly shrink the government by a huge amount. I don't even know how to think about calculating it, but let's say half.

                That would absolutely devastate the economy. Not just the US economy. The world economy. You'd have global instability like the world has never known. And it would take decades, if not more, to even think about recovering (assuming we don't all die first).

                If you wanted to institute a plan like this, you'd have to phase it in over, say, a 30 year period. And then you'd have to add a mechanism to prevent assholes (read: politicians) from monkeying with it or doing things off-book.

                Ban all debt financing for future project unless Congress DECLARES war.

                I like it. Can I just carve out an exception for projects scored to be accretive (such as certain infrastructure projects). This is not to be confused with jobs programs disguised as infrastructure programs, but true public works like dams or bridges, internet pipelines, (possibly) oil pipelines, etc. Add in some independent review panel and the authority jail any politician who is found to have an undisclosed conflict of interest or who otherwise abuses such programs.

                I just don't want to set it up so that the government can't, for instance, maintain the highway system, etc.

  45. Just heard on the radio that Memphis police have spent $63,000 on overtime to protect two monuments. So There is a debate about whether they should be doing that or not because we really can’t afford it. But I say we can’t afford not to.

  46. Wow, I wonder if all these people he’s talking to realize what they are asking for?

    • Well, VH….Let him do that to New York…..who cares?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      One among several reasons for the Civil War was “Property” Politicians look at the Constitution as such an impediment. Didn’t Obama talk about that specifically. What the National government can’t do, ie being limited. that stands squarely in their way.

  47. I may not be a fan of liberals, but I’m not really in the habit of wishing them to die in some horrible catastrophe. I don’t want San Francisco to get ripped to shreds by some 9.5 degree monster earthquake; not even if Pelosi was home. I’m not rooting for a “Day After Tomorrow” superfreeze to entomb New York; not even the parts of Brooklyn which have been ruined by hipsters. Not all the people in paths of these storms are politically bent. And even if they were, telling the “deplorables” you hope they die is a surefire way to ensure they do some killin’ of their own at the ballot box.

  48. Reports of voter fraud have cropped up after investigations into the 2016 election, and both Chicago and New Hampshire have some explaining to do.
    The Chicago Republican Party filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Chicago Board of Elections and there was a discrepancy in the number of those who are registered to vote versus votes cast. A list of 1,101,178 individuals were handed over, according to Fox News, however there were 1,115,664 votes cast. The Chicago GOP says there could have been as few as 14,000 illegal votes or as many as 16,000.
    Cleveland told Fox News that multiple FOIA requests were sent but the elections board has been “stonewalling us for six months.” The election board has labeled the GOP’s claims as “patently false” and say they are looking at “incomplete data.”
    In New Hampshire, 6,540 people were registered to vote in the 2016 election using out-of-state driver’s licenses. Republican New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper said the vast majority of those voters have never obtained an official drivers license for the state, nor registered any vehicles. The Washington Times reports, “Since election day, Republicans have charged that a significant number of non-resident Democrats, principally from Massachusetts, flowed into New Hampshire to vote illegally, tilting close elections to their party. Mr. Jasper’s findings give credence, though not outright proof, to those allegations.”
    The report added:
    Over 80 percent, 5,313, who used non-N.H. driver’s licenses, had neither a state licenses nor had registered a motor vehicle.
    There are 196 people today who are being investigated for voting illegally both in New Hampshire and in other states.
    Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in News Hampshire by 2,736 votes.
    Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte by 1,017 votes.
    But Democrats would like us all to think that there’s nothing to see here.

  49. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Some collected quotes from Will Rogers. Nothing has changed….

    “See they conducted experiments on convicts … I don’t know on what grounds they reason a man in jail is a bigger liar than one out of jail … The chances are telling the truth is what got him there … It would be a big aid to humanity, but it will never be, for already the politicians are up in arms against it … It would wreck the very foundation on which our political government is run … If you ever injected truth into politics you’d have no politics … Even the ministers are denouncing it now … Humanity is not yet ready for either real truth or real harmony. ”

    “Papers say: “Congress is deadlocked and can’t act.” I think that is the greatest blessing that could befall this country.”

    “This election was lost four and five and six years ago not this year. They didn’t start thinking of the old common fellow till just as they started out on the election tour. The money was all appropriated for the top in the hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr. Hoover was an engineer. He knew that water trickled down. Put it uphill and let it go and it will reach the dryest little spot. But he didn’t know that money trickled up. Give it to the people at the bottom and the people at the top will have it before night anyhow. But it will at least have passed through the poor fellow’s hands. They saved the big banks but the little ones went up the flue.”

  50. Uh oh…..the earthquake in Mexico is a result of climate change now? THey never quit do they?

  51. Nobody will argue that DACA is on shaky legal grounds. Do they think we have forgotten, are they allowed to just ignore the fact that they argued just the opposite while knowing they were lying.

  52. “Your gonna give us credit for our labor.”

    the problem with creating a self righteous monster, they are hard to control.

  53. Canine Weapon says:

    Paul Ryan flips so much, he should be at SeaWorld.

    Seth Meyers

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    You have to read the article completely and then do some research. For example, WHO put Ruby Ridge on a list of domestic terrorist attacks? WHEN did this happen?? If anything, it would go down on the list of LEO terrorism of citizens.

  55. Question for the conspiracy minded (read Gman):

    Presuming that the world were secretly controlled by powerful secret factions, what might be their goals?

    To clarify, insofar as power is really just a means to an end, what does the guy at the head of the Illuminati want?

    • LMAO 🙂

      I’m not one of those who believe that way. But I do understand those that do somewhat and a lot of this comes from a few things in history or at least what is claimed about history. I here about the illuminati symbols in movies and TV all the time (and live music). I have had the pleasure of studying many of these theories and have concluded that a lot of people have some seriously overactive imaginations (probably caused by fluoridated water, wink, wink) 🙂

      I do however think that there are some psycho’s in positions of political power, but they are NOT the supposed Illuminati. People do have quite the imaginations and sometimes when combined with gullibility, things get goofy 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The Socialists want global socialism. For them it is not power. It is about ideology.

      The Fascists want a global fascsim, more akin to mercantilism. For them it is power which leads to profit.

      The Communists want global communism. Some ideology here as well as power for profit.

      These three include an element of “legacy” tied to being THE ONE or ONES who finally got the “right system” in place.

      Capitalists. Want global free markets, for profit. Excluding the mercantilits and crony capitalists from this group. Their legacies are tied to their accomplishments. Building great things with their names on them, or family dynasties.

      Much of what we think of as some global conspiracy is the manifestation of tactics used by various groups tied to someone, within these larger groupings. Funding of groups like Antifa to cause disruption could have several purposes. I suspect it is to get a reaction of either the state cracking down, to justify overthrow of the state, or to show it is ineffective, again justifying its overthrow. The Antifa crowd is a tactic being used by those who want the Govt. weakened, so they can replace it in some way. I assume the “left”. Because the “right” doesn’t believe in initiating violence. But it is possible those supporting could be left left or right left.

      I happen to believe that there are State players behind much of what we see. They want the US WEAKENED globally. They want to replace the US as the Hegemonic power. Or at least eliminate its power so they can do some things they want. Like take Ukraine or Tibet, or control energy flows to Europe or trade routes to Asia.

  56. Just A Citizen says:


    For sake of brevity will cut much out and address only a few points.

    The Democrats have recognized that the media will blame the Republicans, no matter the situation.


    Without evidence to support it, it seems logical to me to suggest that “the media” will blame whoever is in control (or most in control). EVIDENCE IS CONTRARY TO YOUR SUGGESTION. IF THEY WERE TRULY OBJECTIVE THEN IT WOULD BE TRUE. SINCE THEY ARE NOT CONSISTENT ONE CAN CONCLUDE THEY ARE NOT OBJECTIVE.

    The R’s are not courageous enough, or maybe really lack desire, to take the fight to the D’s and the media on the issue. They are just absolutely lousy at the communications game.

    Again, from where I sit, it looks like the Red Shirts are beating the pants off the Blue Team right up until Trump antagonizes the media and makes himself such an easy target. YOU MUST BE SITTING ON SOME CLOUD NEAR PLUTO.

    But there is something else here… I infer from your post that you think the Blue Team should bear more public blame for issues than they do. NOPE, THAT WOULD BE AN INFERENCE TO FAR.


    But these days, Red Team could/should wipe the floor with Blue Team… if they’d get their act together. TRUE. AND HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID THEY LACK THE COURAGE, CONVICTION AND SMARTS TO DO SO?

    It hardly seems fair to blame your political opponents – who, of course, are going to resist you – when you can’t pass anything because you don’t have your own house in order. AGREE. OF COURSE ONE COULD REACH OUT AND TRY TO FIND COMPROMISES THAT MEET BOTH SIDES GOALS. BUT NEITHER SIDE WILL DO THIS ON THE BIG ISSUES. BETTER TO GET THE VOTES THAN SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    As evidenced by this debt ceiling vote, it is clear that the Democrats will cross the isle to work with Trump.. if it suits them to do so. YES, IF IT SUITS THEM. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH EXPECTING THEM TO MAKE ANY SERIOUS COMPROMISES.

    So the reasonable conclusion to draw is that the Red Team is not offering up much that would be palatable to the Blue Team.. NO. THE REASONABLE CONCLUSION IS THAT BOTH SIDES ARE PLAYING THE SAME.

    I have a less personal one. Set the annual budget to no more than the prior years tax revenue.

    The problem there is that you’d have to instantly shrink the government by a huge amount. I don’t even know how to think about calculating it, but let’s say half. ABSURD ARGUMENT. WHEN HAS THE REVENUE EVER BEEN CUT IN HALF? HOW ABOUT RAINY DAY FUNDS, LIKE MANY STATE USE?


    If you wanted to institute a plan like this, you’d have to phase it in over, say, a 30 year period. NO. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SUCK UP THE DEFICIT FOR THE FIRST YEAR.

    And then you’d have to add a mechanism to prevent assholes (read: politicians) from monkeying with it or doing things off-book. ABSOLUTELY. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT IS THE ONLY CHANCE.

    Ban all debt financing for future project unless Congress DECLARES war.

    I like it. Can I just carve out an exception for projects scored to be accretive (such as certain infrastructure projects). I COULD GIVE A CAVEAT IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY PROVE ANY SUCH PROJECT WILL CREATE A RETURN ON THE INVESTMENT TO THE TREASURY.

    I just don’t want to set it up so that the government can’t, for instance, maintain the highway system, etc. IF MTC. IS NEEDED THEN RAISE TAXES TO PAY FOR IT ….. NEXT YEAR.

  57. Ok, let us mount a Robert E. Lee statue on a missile and fire it off to take out little Kim. Lee instantly regains historic status!

  58. As someone who NEVER took an economics course in my life I am probably the best person to pontificate on economics. Correct me if I am wrong but back in the Reagan days I remember liberals arguing, including the late John Kenneth Galbraith that deficits don’t mean nothin. This was based on Keynesian economics. The various theories were taht since the government spends the money it improves the economy, more tax money comes in and things just go merrily along. Part of that of course is who would declare we are bankrupt anyway? The government?

    I do not think it a good idea because in my head it seems that at the very least it devalues money. However if you pay attention to the roller coaster ride that Obama gave us the past eight years, there is something to the madness. Doubling the debt and nothing happens?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Something did happen and something even bigger will happen because of it. When there is a flood happening and the authorities are only measuring wind speed and cloud cover, you have no idea how high the water is rising.

      By the way, Keynes did not dismiss the negative nature of debt. He proposed spending in down cycles and taxing to restore balance in up cycles. He ignored Public Choice Theory and other social norms that would not allow reductions of any real size once people got their hands on the money.

      Good analogy might be smoking. Doesn’t kill you at first and you don’t recognize the symptoms down the road, until it is to late.

  59. Prognostication;

    In the short term the hurricanes will weaken the economy. Watch the next few months. In the long term, Construction employment and spending will go through the roof!

    Ergo, Latin adverb meaning therefore, as my Latin teacher used to say Trump is not only using this weather control thing to kill off minorities but to gin up his economic plans. Watch Mar Lago declared a disaster area first! (I beat CNN to it!)

  60. What I do not understand…….Florida has had a 10 day warning….the weather forecast has consistenly said..” we do not know which side the Hurricane wiill hit….east/west/or center. Be prepared as they are unpredictable. The computer models ( heh heh ) all showed the most likely track to be either the center or east coast of Florida. EVEN THIS OLD COLONEL WHO KNOWS NOTHING……understands that you cannot screw with mother nature….a hurricane has its own mind and it does not matter about high pressure, low pressure centers… it has switched to go up the west coast of Florida. And the Tampa area folks are saying…we are not prepared for this… was not supposed to go this way…the evacuees went to the Florida panhandle…..etc etc….and now they are surprised. Why?

    Really? I live in tornado country and the rule of thumb is that tornados, here, generally go from the southwest to the northeast…..THAT IS THE RULE OF THUMB…we all know that those ‘naders can turn, jump, go sideways……with absolutely no notice. Same for friggin hurricanes. So when a ‘nader touches down 20 miles away, we watch it closely……it can go anywhere.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir……Smart people got the heck out for Florida a while ago. The other week I was discussing Irma with a dear friend who moved to the west coast of Florida, below Ft Meyers. I had thought the track would go on the west side… it’s proving to do. She bugged out late last week. her initial plan was to get up unto the northern region of Florida in such a position that she could head up the east coast or west along the panhandle depending on the final track once it made landfall. I believe it will track up through the middle of Georgia and start bending back towards the east as it nears NC going through the middle of the State and up into VA……The storm may just hit NJ from the backside……we’ll see if my amateur weather prediction holds.

      The European models are much better, not perfect but better. I thought it interesting that NOAA released new and improved hurricane prediction tools/models. Apparently there had been some pretty hard pushback because the NEW version proved to be not as good as the previous ones when it was tested…….The new one was still rolled out.

      Back in the good old days, we’d run new systems against the old LIVE in parallel for a period of time, confirming the validity or accuracy or improvements (advertized) or if it fails the live tests pull it out and redo, but the old was always in place.

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