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thT4RRHTV6As I asked in a post last week, why can’t the individual States pass term limits for it’s Congressional representatives?  It is clear that the Constitution does not cover this subject, short of the Presidential term limits.  For a long time, this has been a subject of discussion, but not much at the State level.  Obviously an Amendment would do this, but I don’t believe an Amendment is necessarily required.  Also, I’d like to hear some pro’s and con’s on the subject.  I’ll be in and out, depending on activity outdoors.  Right now our weather is awesome 🙂




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  2. So they wired tapped this guy and others, noticed one was the Podesta group, for two years. Had to drop it for lack of evidence, then started again after the election but they weren’t technically wire tapping the President.

    I can’t believe they actually picked his locks, were they trying to get someone killed.

  3. As I asked in a post last week, why can’t the individual States pass term limits for it’s Congressional representatives?

    What incentive is there for any individual state to do so? If your state term limits, then my representatives will have seniority over yours. Even if seniority were not, itself, an advantage, it also means that my reps will be more experienced.

    The only way to do this is with a quorum function. Each state passes the amendment which stipulates that it only takes effect once 3/4ths of all states have such an amendment. This is the same idea behind how states might effectively abolish the electoral college.

    It's a great idea, but politically infeasible.

    • I keep hearing this Pie in the Sky “Convention of the States” thing. Funny part is, two years ago, no one was aware of it. Now more and more are aware. There is in fact, thanks to Trump’s counter punching, a great awareness coming on to the people. Will be fun to watch in the coming years as Americans become more and more alert to just how little control they actually have over the Legislative and Judicial branches (“we have passed repeal of Obamacare 57 times, one for each ketchup!”). They have been, to use a term from my youth during the Jackson Administration, “Hornswaggled”. That is how you are going to get to term limits.

      I watch NY State with some interest. There are various term limits in place for the City but the changes are a joke, The same characters run for council, use up their time and exchange places with people in the legislature. You cannot get rid of them. Blumenthal proved it when they “excepted” him from limits allowing a third term that it was all BS anyway. Term limits passed in NYC only eight years prior specifically to prevent Guilliani from getting a third term. Everybody else, not so much.

      Just got off the phone with an old friend who is not as into politics as I.She was interested in my comment that had Bush III gotten last years nomination and Sanders the Democrat one, that I would have gladly pulled the lever for Sanders just to BLOW UP the system.

      Young folk like Matt and Buck, who really don’t have the boots on the ground experience of political change in the past 55 years do not realize just how different things have become. They are no different than my own children who are also thinking, sentient beings but lack the historical perspective necessary to objectively judge the NOW.

      I kind of refuse to watch the PBS Viet-nam thing because I have hunch I will get infuriated. If anyone else catches it, please feel, free to comment. The “debate” over the war will probably not end till long after we, of that generation, are dust. I had thought it would die with us but the constant replay of the “why” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki every August makes me think not.

      • Don’t watch it… is horse shit.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          To Hiroshima and Nagasaki……would the North Korean current event be a great exampleof Japan’s alleged negotiations. They were fighting even more strenuously the closer that allies got to Japan and its home islands. Just think of the howl that would be occuring today if the allies blockaded Japan totally and how many million people woud have starved and died. If invaded with all the assets available conventionally Japanese and American and allies died. MILLIONS. The usuage of the bombs then and killing a few hundred thousand on military targets save lives then and in the future. It was a lesson taught that today every legit government has learned and every weird group like NK and Iran uses as a lever.

          It will be interesting to see the PBS Ken Burn’s Viet Nam documentary. What I have heard says that it does get into history way back into the 1919 peace talks which are well documented. The post WWII agreements then broken by Truman and the French….I’ll watch it and reserve judgment.

    • There is historic precedence on many issues, such as womens right to vote and abolishing slavery that began at the State level long before the Amendments were finally ratified.

      You make a great point on Seniority and that is exactly why the States who do adopt term limits will fight harder for an Amendment.

      However, getting politicians who want to move up to the big leagues and make their millions is quite a problem in all States. This can be done with the State Constitution Amendment process, where the politicians will have little say on the outcome. It’s doable with the right effort and is politically feasible, as history has already proven.

  4. Mathius, as too your comment to VH about being a divided nation, I agree. But the cause is not Trump by any stretch. It is the Liberal media and politicians that keep calling those who disagree them manes. Racist, Islamaphobe, Misogynist, deplorables and many more, and we can add this to the list now:

    Brown, an outspoken Trump critic, issued an usually harsh derision of Trump supporters after dismissing the president’s rhetoric on climate change science and U.S. policy toward North Korea as “stupid and dangerous and silly.”
    “They’re both kind of very similar,” Brown said. “You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves.”

    • But the cause is not Trump by any stretch.

      Trump is a significant contributor of the last few years, but, no, he is not the "cause."

      That said, however, he is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and part of his job is unifying the country, not feeding that division.

      t is the Liberal media and politicians that keep calling those who disagree them manes. Racist, Islamaphobe, Misogynist, deplorables and many more, and we can add this to the list now:

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, everything in the world is the liberals' faults.

      I suppose you think Fox News had nothing to do with anything, nor the rise of "alt-right" media such as Glenn Beck and Alex Jones? Nor Trump in relentlessly stoking the Birther conspiracy theory and "sending investigators to Hawaii."

      Nope. It's the liberals' fault. Jesus, I'm sick of this. Can you try to keep an even keel?

      “They’re both kind of very similar,” Brown said. “You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves.”

      Brown is an asshole.

      In other news, water is wet.

      All that has nothing at all to do with the fact that Trump is still aggressively divisive. Your argument is a Tu Quoque. Essentially, rather than try to defend the actions of the most powerful man on the planet, you've opted to point the finger at bad behavior by another party and say "they do it, too!"

      As I keep telling my daughter, bad behavior on the part of another does not excuse you from similar bad behavior. She gets it. And she's five.

      Brown's statement is not appropriate. He needs to stop and apologize and behave better in the future.

      But that doesn't change the fact that Donald J Trump is also behaving like a shit-head. You can't skirt that by pointing out other shit-heads.

      Trump is President of all Americans, not just the ones who voted for him. He should act like it.

      • Why is Fox successful? Why is Beck successful? Why was the attempt by the left to mount a counter network on radio unsuccessful? Actually that was too bad because it when it failed Al Franken had to find another job.

        The problem for the thinking conservative (and there are a whole lot more of them out there than you think) is that our life experiences teach us that the pablum the mainstream has feed us for decades is downright false. Maybe lies, maybe exaggerations, maybe cherry picking stories that fit their thinking but nonetheless false. And, frankly, we were sick of it.

        So, we listen to Beck (every bit the enemy of Trump McConnell and Ryan are) , we listen to Fox we listen to Rush and we get a different take. Not that it is the “right” side but it is a different side that allows us to have a different choice on interpreting news. key here is “interpret”. Believe no one until you can verify it from three independent sources!

        I’m sorry but I find the left to be the folks in lockstep. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, when will ,people see just what a goddam plantation those Massah’s are running?

  5. This is what pathetic Liberals are trying to do at UC Berkeley:

    Open letter to whoever:

    If the administration insists upon allowing the Alt-Right to occupy the center of our campus for four days to harass, threaten and intimidate us, as they did during Milo’s visit in February, then faculty cannot teach, staff cannot work and students cannot learn.

    Therefore, as faculty committed to the safety of our students and our campus, we are calling for a complete boycott of all classes and campus activities while these Alt-Right events are taking place at the very center of UC Berkeley’s campus. As faculty we cannot ask students and staff to choose between risking their physical and mental safety in order to attend class or come to work in an environment of harassment, intimidation, violence, and militarized policing. The reality is that particularly vulnerable populations (DACA students, non-white, gender queer, Muslims, disabled, feminists, and others) have already been harmed, and are reporting increased levels of fear and anxiety about the upcoming events, the increased police presence on our campus, and how all this will impact their lives and their studies.

    Yes, we are a divided nation, there is no doubt why.

  6. Colonel,

    Whatever happened with the publication of that Churro story?

    • The Churro story was submitted to three different outlets….the Dallas Morning News, the Austin American Statesman, and the old Stars and Stripes military rag. Stars and Stripes said that they will print it in their fall production ( whatever that means ) and I will get advanced notice. It was submitted under my name with the reference that it was a reprint from a personal friend. They did say that they liked the story very much. I am supposed to be notified well ahead of time and I feel very strongly that you should get the credit for the story other that a “reprint from a personal friend”…so, when they contact me, I will ask what the procedure is for you to get the full credit. I also know that because of my rank, it got through some barricades.

      You are a very talented writer and I think that you should pursue it. I will do everything that I can to help, if you want it. ( Yes, I know…a conservative and liberal actually having civil discourse but what the hell…Trump got elected so anything is possible, verdad? )

      • I appreciate your clearing the hurdles. However, no, I do not think I want my name attached to the story as it could be traced back here, tying my real name to both Mathius and the Dread Pirate Mathius. I have said far, far, too much in the comfort of anonymity to risk opening that door.

        If, however, Gman would be willing to go back and delete the original posts, I would be thrilled to accept attribution.

        You are a very talented writer and I think that you should pursue it.

        I've thought about this... There might even be something in the works, but I have no idea how one would even think about going about it as a well-paying career. I'd love to tell stories for a living.

      • Mr. The colonel,

        G-man has obliged my request. Yes, please feel free to use my actual name for attribution. 🙂

  7. Mathius, I want you to imagine for a moment that you sit down at night to get the News of the day. But all you have to watch are 5 or 6 versions of Fox News. Then someone comes along and says, I’m gonna start a new media show called MSNBC that’s gonna give a voice to liberals. Now imagine that all the varieties of Fox started screaming about how bad MSNBC is and start and never stops trying to destroy the one and only station that isn’t biased against you.

    Now lets look at radio, they want to destroy Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. Complain that the right has an unfair advantage but there’s nothing stopping leftist from doing radio, except for some reason they seem to fail to get an audience. On top of that they have NPR, which we all have to pay for and getting an audience doesn’t matter.

    Lets not forget public tv which is also paid for by all of us and is also liberal.

    • But NPR is “fair and balanced”!!!!

      (insert smiley face)

      You know just because a station does not come out and call for the establishment of Concentration camps for conservatives with electro shock therapy DOES NOT mean they are fair, balanced or moderate.

    • Mathius, I want you to imagine for a moment that you sit down at night to get the News of the day.

      Why would I ever want to do something like that to myself?!

      But all you have to watch are 5 or 6 versions of Fox News.

      Is suicide an acceptable response in this scenario?

      Now imagine that all the varieties of Fox started screaming about how bad MSNBC is and start and never stops trying to destroy the one and only station that isn’t biased against you.

      I think this is a biased frame of reference. To my mind, the "5-6 versions of Fox" were, if occasionally mildly right-leaning, at least broadly centrist. The "new station" in this scenario is essentially the propaganda arm of the DNC.

      It would therefore be deservedly mocked.

      Now lets look at radio, they want to destroy Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. Complain that the right has an unfair advantage but there’s nothing stopping leftist from doing radio, except for some reason they seem to fail to get an audience.

      I don't follow your point. AM radio is extremely right-biased. It spends all day screeching about the left and "mainstream media" while pointedly ignoring that, given the size of their audiences, they are the mainstream media.

      For whatever reason, the left can't seem to crack this nut. Que cera.

      But, (SKT, get out of my head), But NPR is “fair and balanced”!!!! Why should anyone object to NPR?

      Lets not forget public tv which is also paid for by all of us and is also liberal.

      The only "public TV" I ever watch is PBS kids because it's what my kids want to watch when they wake me up at the crack of dawn every morning. I certainly don't see any liberal bias in Sesame Street (unless you could the idea of "being nice" to be liberal propaganda).

      Sometimes I'll watch CSPAN.. is that liberal? I honestly have no idea what else is on "public TV," so maybe you're seeing something I'm not - feel free to set me straight.


      the establishment of Concentration camps for conservatives with electro shock therapy

      Was this an option......?

      • C-Span and Brian Lewis are about the only people I know who routinely cover EVERYONE. They can be counted on to just deliver the event. They have the follow up phone in’s for dems, reps and indies which are fun because you can hear the frauds and have a chuckle. I love it when they say…..”I’ve been a Republican all my life but ________doesn’t represent me.” What does Rush call them, “Seminar callers”?

        There have been times when I think there is too much left of center coverage but before I go into high dudgeon, they follow with four hours of right of center coverage. I love them. Information, straight from the horses mouth leaving you, not some slick, brainless $ 200 hairdo telling you what was said and what to think.

        I used to laugh every time Robert Heinlein would quote some know-it-all who started with something like….”All right thinking people everywhere know___________.” Heinlein would turn that on its head by saying it really means nobody knows anything.

        C-Span, Best general coverage since Ben Franklin founded the NY Post. That man was fair.

      • That, depends on whether you are talking to Sheila Jackson Lee or not, or her buddies at Antifa which I now understand is a secret conservative plot full of masked members of The Young Americans Foundation (YAF). Boy, are WE good at keeping a secret. Even I didn’t know.

      • AM radio is extremely right-biased.

        Actually, it’s AM radio programming, and that is only true because of it’s popularity. If a Left leaning radio program had anything that the people who listen to talk radio wanted to hear, they would have made it and prospered. Maybe that should say something about what the Left is offering 🙂

        As far as the cable news channels. The 3 major free tv networks are Left leaning, but they don’t have the time that cable networks do. To this, CNN, MSNBC are both far Left leaning, to the point of almost Communism, where as FOX is more Right leaning, mainly at night. FOX has for years owned the cable news market, maybe that should also tell you something about what the Left has to offer.

        The Left has been great at winning elections, at least until Obama was elected and that has since changed. Considering how the Left leaning media has continued on their identity politics, Trump bashing and name calling, right along with many Democrat politicians, I see this trend to continue. Almost a year after last election, the Democrats still have nothing to offer, just more of their already failed policies, both foreign and domestic.

        But don’t get me wrong, the Republican party is in trouble, at least at the federal level. I would like to have lot’s of independents run for office in 2018, 2020 and beyond. The parties are so corrupt they are unfixable.

        • The Republicans have dominated election cycles of late despite the constant attack by the left politicians, left leaning MSM, left leaning education system, and left leaning cultural media. Now I think that no one will dispute that the Republicans are split, have a terrible PR problem and seem to be totally afraid of the the media. There is no question that they can not debate worth a sou. On top of that Dems are importing votes, rigging elections, and resurrecting the dead. And still national elections are 50-50. What could a good Republican do if he could truly carry an argument and make the case for conservative smaller government? Can you imagine a candidate with Romney’s polish and character, Trump’s straight talk and action, JFK’s wit…

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Besides with NPR who is supposed to be commercial free proudly states WHO funded the program. Besides I’d rather listen to some commercials that the monthly begging fund raisers

  8. Add this to your “fake news” folio. The left jumps all over the headline without reading the story. Even an imbecile would know that the “preliminary” report was BS. Now they might wellbe talking about legal immigrants but they sure as hell are not talking about “refugees”.

    • Tangent: What distinction do you make between "fake news" and "over-eager / incompetent news"?

      • Either can start a war. Ergo, both are equally bad. NODIF!

      • I think that “news” is a bit of a stretch in most cases when it comes to Fake news. It’s mostly political opinion and bullshit. Months of all the Russia Collusion delusion is back, and it’ had no affect on the election, because whatever effort they engaged in, was not very well known, at least not here at SUFA. The DNC has already been proven liars, they were not hacked, it was an inside job. Podesta’s email weren’t hacked either, they gave up the password and nobody actually knows who did it, do they?

        What needs to happen with the news jerks, all of them, is that they need to make a distinguishable announcement that what is heard is NOT news, but political opinion. That is what all evening shows are, so it’s time to call them that, political hacks.

      • Tangent: What distinction do you make between “fake news” and “over-eager / incompetent news”?

        There is no difference…..both fake news and incompetent news rund the same channels.

  9. So, they are kinda admitting they were wrong.

    I say kinda because the guy says this absurdity:

    ” Potsdam Institute scientist Stefan Rahmstorf told WaPo the new study “adjusted the budget upward based on the idea that there has been less observed warming than suggested by the climate models, but that is not actually true if you do the comparison properly.””

    • They will just claim that all their efforts succeeded and they saved the planet.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I agree….by creating such a scare they changed the course of man’s destruction of the planet. When we go into a cold period again, if John Holdren is stil amongst us he will blame CO2 for the cold and advize we spread coal ash on the expanding ice like he advized Carter in the late 70’s

    • It might actually be possible…..if certain people can get past their emotions and speak intelligently. I thought (what I read) is the guy was stating what we all want (no bad cops). Amazing what can happen when people are reasonable.

  10. This is yet another example of the liberal sickness that exists within the folds of society.  The pure and unadulterated hatred that the left has for President Trump is disturbing on levels that many Americans never believed that they would actually see.
    ABC taking Kim Jong Un’s side against Donald Trump is not only unethical and unnerving, but completely unacceptable.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Mussolini and Hitler were very popular and much admired by all sorts of world leaders until sept 1939.

  11. Canine Weapon says:
  12. Canine Weapon says:
  13. Just A Citizen says:
    • Canine Weapon says:

      Is that dog referring to me? Because I can’t vote.

      Because I’m a dog.

      And also a felon.

      But mostly because I’m a dog.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I can’t believe HRC attacked and offended women who voted for Trump and having voted that way only because their husbands told them to….how insulting.. Never admitting that women saw through her hypocrisy as a defender of womens rights and advancement.

        Especially when she like a pit bull attacked anyone who filed charges against WJC who was a serial predator in the workplace…she was the worst candidate for advancement of women and minority rights and everyone elses for that matter in generations

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    What is Mr. Trump going to do to fix this little problem? I suspect nothing, if he wants to stay alive and protect his kids from destruction of their lives.

    • Well,that sucked the fun out of the day! Mostly because it’s probably true. It does show that the rights argument about smaller government is the correct one, even if the Republican politicians for the most part don’t actually follow their parties platform. But it’s not much consolation considering that the government is probably already too big to stop. At least without a lot of pain, death, and hardship.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Bottom line was when Snowden unveiled that government agencies were in fact collecting information and surveiling US citizens in contravention of uS law….what was Congresses reaction…..they were pissed off that the NSA etal was surveiling them also. re Diane Feinstein on senate investigations. Did it change no way…they just put in place sneakier methods

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  16. Wow, I have to say the law they are using to charge them is apropos, but 5years without violence involved ain’t happening and shouldn’t.

    • I doubt they will get any jail time at all but I do believe that had they been at a Klan Rally and wore hoods they would have. The double standard is alive and well and I do not, not for a moment, believe their “excuse”. The leftists were only too happy and were certainly gloating when the so called Nazi’s at Charlottesville who were mask less were publicly identified.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Aside…..if we remove any discussion about slavery from the secession of the States forming the CSA…..we are having the same discussion today about the abuse of Federal powers and corruption. ie the Morrill Tariff act.

      If the same resolution were to happen today….we’d have the same skism of people and the military….but the outcome would be different…..the NORTH would lose.

    • One of the big problems of the LGBT and the left in general-they want to silence everyone because if the effects of their policies are seen and studied they might be proven wrong. For some reason they don’t actually want to know the truth.

  17. A little “milspeak” to astound you in the morning:

    “There is a “variance in our assessment of the schedule” for deliveries of the KC-46 tanker with Boeing, Air Force uniformed acquisition chief Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch said Tuesday”

    Translation, the refueling boom does not work, It does not disengage, engages without orders and has no clue when it reaches the airplane to refuel. Since we do not have the guy in the back looking out the window anymore, this may be a problem.

    • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the japanese Self Defense forces have been using the Boeing 767 to refuel aircraft since 2001. The Italians also. However, for reasons best known to the upper, inner circle of the Pentagon, we could not just use the system that was already in place and working. It is now officially “tweaked” and of course, does not work. Just think though, all those USAF generals who retired in the past 15 years or so are all safely ensconced in Seattle now.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Another example of low manpower efficiency at it’s best… words that get you a lifetime of benefits….why argue? Fight it and you are crushed.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Is this the aircraft that the Obama admin made the military buy instead of the airbus design and built in the south?

      • It is debatable. As pointed out the Italian/Japanese version was ready to go quite a while back. Another interesting factoid. The Italians can use boom and drogue on the craft meaning they could refuel USAF (boom) and navy/Marine (drogue). we are sticking to one system only. To use drogue the 767 or KC-46 has to place an attachment on the boom which then makes it incapable of using the boom. Seems like a very missed opportunity.

  18. test test test…….

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Since nobody directly answered GMan’s question about States limiting Congressional terms I figured I would.

    From Wiki:

    “Homesteading,” or securing a lifelong career in Congress, was made possible by reelection rates that approached 100% by the end of the 20th century. The concept of homesteading brought about a popular movement known as the “term-limits movement”. The elections of 1990–94 saw the adoption of term limits for state legislatures in almost every state where citizens had the power of the initiative. In addition, 23 states limited service in their delegation to Congress. As they pertain to Congress, these laws are no longer enforceable, however, as in 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned congressional term limits in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, ruling that state governments cannot limit the terms of members of the national government.[20]”

    Frankly, after all these years of SUFA discussions I am surprised the question had to be asked.

    Now, while some may see the Court’s decision as overreach I do not think it really is. Not if you apply some standard of normal legal review. Congress has the sole authority to set the terms of Congress. When the Constitution was created the Framers left out limits on the number of terms. Limits which has existed under the Articles of Confederation. It is thus pretty reasonable to conclude that if Congress has the sole authority to set the terms it also has the sole authority to set the limits on number of terms.

    As I said years ago, those wanting to limit the number of terms should look towards reforming the nomination and election process within their own state. Congress cannot mess with this as long as the State regulations do not change the general methods or times of elections that fall under Congressional authority.

    • Okay, I understand why States can’t set term limits for Federal seats. Not grasping why State procedures would stop Congress from doing so.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The State procedures would not stop Congress, the Constitution does. Congress can set only certain things regarding Congressional and Presidential elections. So if the States were to pass laws, say abolishing political party identification on ballots, the Congress probably couldn’t do anything about it. Because the Constitution does not give Congress authority over regulating political parties relative to the ballot. In fact it gives it no authority over parties at all But that is one of those things where it took the authority and SCOTUS didn’t slap them down.

        So you see, it is not the State stopping Federal action, it is that the Fed can only act against certain things the State does which amount to taking Federal authority.

        • How exactly does the 10th amendment fit In here? If the federal doesnt have the constitutional power, wouldn’t that by default give the power to the states?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes. But in this case the Constitution granted Congress the authority to establish the terms and election cycle for Congress itself. Some of that was embedded in the Constitution itself.

            Just because Congress has not set term limits does not mean it doesn’t have that power nor that only it has that power.

    • I have not studied this subject, so based on what your post says. that “governments” can’t limit the terms, how then would it read if the people voted in a State Constitutional Amendment vote and it passed. Technically, the “government” would not have a say at that point.

      Going to look at the case file!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Not sure where you got that governments cannot limit terms. Congress could in fact limit the terms, and could probably do so without an amendment. The chance of this is ZERO.

        The States could call for a Convention of the States and then propose a term limit amendment. Supposedly Congress would HAVE TO forward it to the Stated for ratification.

        A State Constitutional Amendment would not, cannot, supersede Federal authority granted by the Federal Constitution. Therefore, it would be a waste of time, except in the sense of putting Congress on notice of how much support there was for term limits.

        • U.S. Supreme Court overturned congressional term limits in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, ruling that state governments cannot limit the terms of members of the national government.

          I should have wrote “State” before governments. But I don’t necessarily agree that Congress can simply set limits either, as many States would fight that because it is NOT part of their enumerated powers. But that is debatable.

          The SCOTUS decision above was rather odd, because it didn’t actually stop a person from getting on the ballot after the two terms were up, but could only get on via write-in. I think if , for example, PA passed a State Amendment via the ballot box to limit terms, it would hold up at SCOTUS.

        • I’ve come to think that term limits are a waste of breath period. The state ( as in government as a whole) runs deep. As in Deep State. As in IRS. As in EPA. As in all the other agencies that are behind the scenes running the shadow government. All un elected swamp things. Term limits won’t affect them. The only way to rid ourselves of that problem is to shrink the government.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      “He who has the gold sets the rule” If Congress set their own rules then represenatives must get elected to change the rules…..that is in the States populations power if they are so inclined. I doubt it will happen… much pork and bacon being brought home.

  20. This is karma at it’s best. A brainwashed Liberal overseas, bwahaha!

    This bitch is going to pay, bigtime!

    • It would be dangerous for the line workers if a customer was back feeding the grid. So it depends on how the switch is wired. If it is at the output of the solar system between the house and the power line, then the only way to power the house is to close the switch. This back feeds power into the utility lines. If the switch is located at the entry of the utility lines to the house, then powering the house independent of the grid is safe and should be OK. Technically both switches should exist to make a safe system and one that an electrician can trouble shoot.

      The same issue applies to using a generator to power the house, The house should be disconnected from the grid first if the generator is plugged into the house wiring.

      • Totally agree on the switch stuff. It would have to keep all the solar power within the house and not allow it to back feed into main lines. Simple solution, pull the meter. When the power comes back on, turn off the solar stuff and replace meter. Of course this is likely illegal, like all common sense solutions that can’t be controlled by governments.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I learn something here every day or perhaps I knew it but it never came to the forefront.


    If there is any question as too whether Leftist’s are mentally ill, this should give you a clue.

  22. So much for global warming, 6″ of snow in the mountains above us tonight. Fall starts tomorrow.

  23. Happy New Year!

  24. Have a Nagela on me!

  25. You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn’t be considered. But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign.”

    Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
    on the Graham-Cassidy bill

  26. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Judicial watch weekly update on FOIA doctuments etal…..even back to draft doc of HRC grand jury involvement in Whitewater whicjh involved heaven forbid documented destruction of documents.

  27. When you access fact checking, did you ever wonder from whence they ( the facts ) came? Allow me…

    1) Politifact
    3)The Washington Post Fact Checker
    4) The Annenberg Public Policy Center
    5) The Poynter Institute
    6) The American Press Institute
    7) The Duke Reporters Lab
    8) NPR

    Now, look where they receive their funding and be guided accordingly.

    Note: Check out the Annenberg Foundation who sponsors most of these fact check sites.
    Note: Check out the MoveOn.Org and whom they fund and then who funds move on.
    Note: Check out the fact that each one of these fact check organizations can now receive individual donations in excess of $100,000 without listing who the donors are.
    NOte: Interesting thing about NPR…….tax payers fund roughly 32%…..individual donations are now allowed…..anyone want to bet who? HINT….it is not the Koch Bros.

    • is a George Soros funded organization, so I’ll guess that most of these so called fact checkers are funded by Soros and other Left leaning people.

      This is why it’s nearly impossible to believe much of anything these days. Just like Sniper, who decided they were the truth keepers? Just more Lefty bullshit to add to the mountain already in existance.

  28. Couple of Texas facts for you.

    On the next ballot for voters to decide……………..Term limits.
    Limit state representatives to six consecutive full terms, which is about 12 years.
    Limit state senators to three consecutive full terms or 12 years.
    Permit serving additional terms beyond limits when the official is out of office for at least two
    regular legislative secessions, or about four years.
    Require a representative to have served at least one full term before he or she can be Speaker of the House.
    Limit the Speaker of the House’s term to 72 calendar months.
    Limit the term length of standing committee chairs to 72 calendar months.
    Limit elected local officials to eight calendar years in office.
    Prohibit an individual from being reappointed to serve as head of a state agency if that individual already did so for more than four years.

    Note: This was proposed on the 2015 Ballot and did not make it…..because of Perry. It is proposed for the next ballot backed by Governor Abbott.

    Special Note on Texas Democrats……85% of them voted against Obamacare and have voted against single payer.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Spousal Unit Leader attended a Democratic function the other night. Actually an environmental function, but only a couple R’s attended as the sponsors were totally D’s.

      They had a guest speaker from D.C. go on and on about the “uprisings” around the country are growing and the “Wave of Progressive Change” is coming and cannot be stopped. He went on about his “white privilege” and how he has dedicated his life to “Social Justice”. He went on and on with this stuff. The same stuff we see crowds getting all riled up about and cheering, when ever played on the media.

      Apparently this guys message fell flat on the Democrats in the room. He, like so many from the east, don’t understand that Region and State cause big differences in how people within any party think. A Democrat in Texas or Idaho is not the same as one in New York City.

      Hope all is well with you and your clan. As well as all the good people of Texas who are still suffering the effects of Global Climate Wind.

      • All is well, sir. While most Texas Democrats are more centrists, there are some infiltrators coming in from places like California…..we are getting an influx of people from the high tax states like Illinois and New York. We dont want ’em…but they are here. I suppose I could start a series of re-education camps.

        One of the largest issues with some Californians, they do not keep up their yards and the HOA’s have to get tough on them. They are water conservative freaks….and I mean really freaky with one Californian saying that their family only bathes three times per week. REALLY???? I am sorry but Texas had/has drought situations as bad as California….but we still bathe everyday and my grass is green, my flower beds have flowers, and my trees have leaves…….and we drive big ass SUV’s………sigh.

        Hope you and yours are doing well, sir. I do not know if you have been following but we have also just about rid ourselves of the BLM ( Bureau of Land Management ) crowd since they lost their bid on the Red River and its ever changing boundaries.

        South Texas recovering. We have pulled the National Guard and I only had 10 days of advisory capacity….the locals and local Law Enforcement is in charge. The last of the neighborhoods that built in the flood zones below dams are getting back to normal with a normal amount of water being let out now.

        Getting ready for my favorite time of year…decorating the house, etc….for Halloween ( All Hallows Eve )…….Sousal unit and I are dessing up as Dia de Muertos…..

        Have good day…………………

  29. Trump took on the anthem kneelers and now the left is having a conniption fit about suppression of free speech. Let’s apply their own rules. They are upsetting me emotionally therefore the kneeling protests much stop to stop the emotional harm they are doing to me.

    • VH….even with the University of Texas being as liberal as Texas goes…..the Chancellor said…. NO SAFE SPACES here. One other rumor that I have heard and cannot verify as yet…because of all the hoopla around the Confederacy and such, Texas History is going to be a required subject for freshmen. If this is true……this is a huge step towards correcting wrongs. The Chancellor has said that Texas gets a bum rap on this slavery issue…..even though there were some it was 1% of the population.

      I might add that the Chancellor is………………………get ready for it……………a Democrat.

  30. A few comments on the NFL and the few players who are protesting the national Anthem.

    First, it’s freaking stupid, because the National Anthem is about more than just one issue, which has mostly been debunked statistically (blacks disproportionally getting killed by cops). Are bad cops a problem? Damn right they are. So are murderers, thieves and rapists. It is a shame when an innocent person of any color gets killed by a cop with poor judgement, but to be fair, that is a rare event, far rarer than violent blacks killing one another. Statistically, the numbers are simply not on the side of those protesting, period.

    I’m glad Trump spoke out. These people who are sitting are disrespecting every vet who served throughout the short history of this country. The teams and the NFL will pay, as fewer people will pay the insane prices that end up in the pockets of players who make millions playing a kids game. NFL fans are a Patriotic lot. Maybe the NFL and the NBA need to be reminded of how many other countries pay their athletes tens of millions (hundreds in some case) to play a kids game.

    Trump is right, the NFL is wrong.

    • Well, first of all, the President does NOT give up the right to having an opinion, Just ask Barack, he had plenty.

      Then there is the issue of the anthem itself. Gingrich reminded me this morning that there have been recent calls within the last few years to just “eliminate” the anthem. It is causing controversy so just replace it with something else. “I’d like to buy the world a coke” comes to mind or, “it’s a Small World After All”.

      the Newtster did it again. The playing of the anthem goes back to 1862 to baseball in Brooklyn NY where it was played to honor the country the “Yankees” were fighting for and the flag they were fighting under and the principles they were fighting for. So, as usual, Mr. Trump is out in front on this issue too! So, the taking of the knee by these twentyish multi-millionaires is in fact kind of disrespectful to those who died to ultimately make them millionaires. This, is what you get for NOT teaching history!

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    A thought on the kneeling being protected free speech.

    Normally I would say this is a private contract matter and the team owners and the NFL should have the authority to fire, suspend or simply ignore this.

    However, we are forgetting one key reality. These stadiums where the kneeling occurs are constructed with TAX dollars. Some are in fact “Municipal” stadiums. This muddies the waters and could be viewed, based on other court rulings, as a public place. Thus the speech would in fact be protected.

    I asked a friend last night what would we have if the NFL owners did fire all the players who took a knee. My answer is Big Sky Football. That is Division I AA for those that don’t know.

    • I’ve been reading lots of comments from people suggesting just that. Not necessarily Division 1 AA but even just to spend $5 and go support the local high school team. Now I see the kneel has drifted into the major leagues, the A’s catcher. Stupid.

      Son bought me a new Spartans Tshirt which I wore last night…didn’t help at all. Grrrr.

    • I don’t think anyone should get fired for their political beliefs or expressing them, although I have my moments when it would seem appropriate. All I have heard so far is psycho babble and whining about calling people SOB’s.

      Today, so far, I’ve heard about inequality, especially in black cities and neighborhoods. OK, I’m willing to listen as to why it is this way, I want some real reasons, not just lame excuses about being oppressed, NOT ONE of these wealthy athletes are oppressed, none of them. A majority got a free college degree, I wasn’t offered one as a teen. I don’t know anyone who actually was offered a free ride in college, no one. Maybe a lesson in history and some better facts would solve the issue, but disrespecting an 60 plus million people isn’t a good way to get anyone to listen.

    • Not all stadiums are tax payer owned, Dolphins Stadium would be one of them. I think that this is an issue for the owners and coaches. If the people, who are a very patriotic group, don’t like it, they have options. Don’t go to the games. Don’t watch the games. If you go, counter protest by singing along loudly.

      As far as equality, not all people are equal in terms of talent and ethics. That will never change no matter how much people whine.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Visited the big city last week. Saw several business establishments where everyone working was Black. Another where they were almost all Black with three Hispanics, out of about 20 employees.

    What I did not see was people picketing outside demanding these businesses “diversify” or “stop racial discrimination”. Guess it was because everyone was enjoying the sun on the lake. Next to the GIANT Ferris Wheel…….. hint, hint. 😉

  33. If everybody kneels during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner will one more kid be out of poverty? Have a two parent family? Have a decent school to go to? A job after school? Of course not. Just another nonsensical thing cooked up by the permanent Plantation Party and its followers like statues of Robert E. Lee. Anything, anything at all to keep you from seeing what is going on behind the curtain.

    • All this kneeling crap….is doing nothing more than creating a larger divide.

      The only one that really bothers me, is that it is beginning to remind me of the 60’s and 70’s again where it is taken out on the military. This clown that kneeled while singing the Anthem and then raising a black power fist… out of bounds. I just hope I do not see that where I am close enough to do something about it…….I will.

      • Colonel, Viet-nam is NOT over, it never was, it was the original fissure in our country. Half the country went one way the other half went another. Don’t know about you but every time I have spoken to a former anti-war activist in the past 50 years, I have gotten the same exact crap. facts do not matter nor does truth. Friends were surprised when I declined to watch the Burns thing, before I had even read a single review. I knew what was coming.

        • I have talked to several veterans about the “Vietnam Documentary” and none of them are watching the whole thing…..I digressed and watched one episode of it and it is very one sided…..but I have also talked to a couple of officers that said while it is decidely left oriented, there was a lot of truth in some parts of it.

          No, Vietnam will never be over. It is not over for me…I live with it daily. But, what I am seeing in the US today is not new….I saw this same behaviour in the 60’s and 70’s and it is terrible, I I have talked to several anti war activists from that era….friends of mine…..and they still think they had something to do with the ending of the war……they had nothing to do with the ending of the war.

          However, I see this progressive wing of the democratic party that has taken over as very dangerous. Very devisive……and it is coming to a head quickly and it is going to be ugly. I had better not see this ANTIFA down here….you will read about me in the papers or see me on the news….I will wade into them and pull their masks off……we will see what happens then. I am not afraid of them one single bit. I am not afraid of being followed or my home being burned. Let them come.

  34. The NFL protests today were in SOLIDARITY with prior bad behavior. Well, we knew it, we are two quite different country’s. One celebrates who we were, what we did, the struggle to ultimately fulfill our destiny and bring to fruition all the promises our founders made. The other……not so much. Every little thing that they see wrong is magnified to a level so incredibly out of proportion to the bad things that existed even 50 years ago. We are bad! We are evil! When you respect the national anthem, first played at a baseball game in Brooklyn in 1862 to salute the Union forces fighting for freedom, you stand in solidarity with those men, the 300,000 who laid down their lives. When you kneel, you spit on them and what they died for.

  35. Let’s see if Antifa can fill all those empty seats and pay for the cable subscriptions?

  36. The kneeling thing shows us how far political correction and its associated threats have come. Most of the NFL owners and league leaders are too afraid to tell the players to knock it off or risk being expelled from the league. Imagine how fast a clerk in a store would be reprimanded if they wore a politically inspired shirt that called 50% of their customers deplorables. The owner would have every right to tell the employee to change or take a long permanent hike. But this NFL protest involves a protected class of people. For any whitey to say anything negative is racist by default, including the president.

    On the other side, conservative free speech on public university grounds is considered hate speech and is summarily banned by the same people supporting this even though it is done as part of a private business.

    I hope the NFL’s ticket and advertising revenue plummets.

  37. By the way, the wife loved the last 4 sec of the Iowa Penn State game.

  38. Don’t bite the hand the feeds you….end the tax exempt status of the NFL.

  39. Devin McCourty, New England Patriots

    “We hate that people are going to see it that we don’t respect the military, the men and women that are braver than us that go and put their life on the line…but we just wanted to send a message of unity and being together, and not standing for the disrespect…all of us want to send a message of unity, not just as a team but a fraternity of NFL players.”

    Seattle Seahawks

    “We will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country. Out of love for our country and in honor of the sacrifices made on our behalf, we unite to oppose those that would deny out most basic freedoms.”

    • Does anyone know why this protest has continued into this year? Which reminds me, it all started under Obama, not Trump.

      • This all started with the Martin case in FL and a president who could not keep his mouth shut. The media lied and hyped the story. When the evidence came out, the race baiters then started actively looking for another case. They found one in MO and again the media lied, the president got involved and turned it into a race riot. They then turned to the NY I can’t breath case to prove their point of rampant racial murder by police. The one actual murder in the Carolinas was quickly prosecuted but of course we hear nothing more about it.

  40. Happy Birthday to Ray Hawkins 🙂

  41. Lets see what SUFA’s thoughts are on this one:

    • Get those SOBs off the streets, the courts, the fields and the stages. You’re fired!

      I’d say the guys on the street are the most legit, even though they’re the most dangerous. There is a time and a place for everything. People don’t want to mix social justice with entertainment. Labels like the Pittsburgh Kneelers tend to stick. Then you have the two teams who took a knee on foreign soil in London yesterday, but stood for God Save the Queen? That was wrong on several levels. They’re all shooting themselves in their wallets.

    • Top left- they should go to jail. Other three they should be criticized.

      • So, presuming that they have some legitimate gripe, how do you believe they should protest?

        • Two types of criticism. First, people have a right to protest. If I disagree with the substance I will criticize their reasoning in other words disagree, so I talk, debate the issue. Or I disagree with their tactics, such as using sports or concerts, to make their point on my time and my dime.

          • Let's take it from their point of view. Whether you (or I) agree fundamentally in the correctness of this position, it is their believe that racism persists in this country and, in particular, racism in terms of policing, enforcement, and sentencing as well as in terms of economic opportunity.

            Now, setting aside your gripe(s) with that view, let's take it as given that it's true. They've been fighting that good fight since the earliest days of the republic. They've made some major progress. Notably, they aren't property anymore. And, more recently, they have gotten rid of formal segregation. Even more recently, there was a black President (even if he was the whitest black person in the country).

            So they are not starting from a position of "nothing has changed in 200+ years. But they are feeling that there is still a ways to go and it's 2017 and what gives? They've done the peaceful marches. They've done the voting drives. They've tried everything under the sun and they're still not equal.

            So why shouldn't they try every avenue that's open to the? Why should they have to conform to your preferences for how they demand equality?

  42. What about Tebow? They got rid of him. He wasn’t disrespecting the flag but he was a distraction for the league. How does everybody feel about the differences and the similarities between them?

    • God is getting the last laugh on this one.

    • Fire 'em all.

      Cancel the jet flyovers.

      Cancel the tax breaks.

      All the tax breaks.

      Screw it. It's a bunch of grown men throwing a ball around and making millions while the owners make multiples of that. People shouldn't take it so seriously. It's a game. Who gives a shit if they show forced fealty to a flag and a song?

      I swear to god, for all the bitching and moaning the right does about the left's political correctness (and they definitely have a point sometimes), they are just as bad about hero worship of anyone in a military uniform and this brand of stupefying flag-waving pseudo-patriotism.

      • Tell that to Alejandro Villanueva.

        • A quick google search tells me he got criticized for standing while the other players were not. If so, I fail to see how that any any bearing on what I just said.

          • Of course Google said that. Bet they didn’t mention he is also a retired Army Ranger with three tours of Afganistan on his resume.

            • It probably did, but I just don't give a shit, so I didn't read past the first headline I saw. A second quick search (just for you) indicates that this fact is plastered all over every article had I bothered to read more.

              But, even stipulating his service, how does that have any bearing on my assertion?

              • You’d have to have an understanding of what being a nation means to understand his patriotism. That’s all lost on you since you can’t grasp the idea of a nation.

                Imagine if you stood up in your office and said the stock market sucks and its all a ponzi scheme. How do you think your hedge fund would react?

              • Imagine if you stood up in your office and said the stock market sucks and its all a ponzi scheme. How do you think your hedge fund would react?

                They'd probably agree with me.


                You’d have to have an understanding of what being a nation means to understand his patriotism. That’s all lost on you since you can’t grasp the idea of a nation.

                I find this somewhat obnoxious. I have a concept of being a nation. I just have a different idea of it than you.

                But why don't you try to explain it to me. I assert that the right has its own suffocatingly toxic form of political correctness which mandates empty shows of fealty to patriotic displays (such as the anthem or the flag) and to blind hero-worship of anyone who has ever served in the armed forces (regardless of whether that person ever did anything even remotely heroic). You respond with Alejandro Villanueva, and I don't understand the connection. I promise you, I'm not a (total) moron. If you can explain it, I'll do my best to understand.

              • Touche Matt. You’re the one who labeled yourself an elitist. You’re being deliberately obtuse here. I’m not going down in the weeds with you on this nation business.

              • You’re the one who labeled yourself an elitist.

                And I stand by it!

                You’re being deliberately obtuse here. I’m not going down in the weeds with you on this nation business.

                Pretty please!

                I'll go first: A "nation" is a geographical and demographical subset under a shared general cultural ideology and political structure. It is bounded by official "borders" and identified by official "citizenry" though it's true reach can go beyond this (eg, into areas of influence and non-citizen populations). The purpose of a nation may vary, but in the case of the United States, it is nominally for the benefit and welfare of the governed and to provide for the common defense. In the United States, officially, it is the government which serves the people, though in other nations, this may not be the case.

              • Re: Villanueva. God, family, country.

          • It seems his jersey sells have gone way up, I suppose this shows a lot of peop!e care. And it’s not Just a song and a flag. And I care.

  43. This is how you show respect!

  44. Another question – what is their goal? They say it’s to shine a light on injustice. I think it’s to stop anything patriotic. If it wasn’t why attack all the symbols of our Country.

  45. “Mr. Kushner uses his White House email address to conduct White House business,” Lowell [Kushner’s lawyer] said in a statement. “Fewer than a hundred emails from January through August were either sent to or returned by Mr. Kushner to colleagues in the White House from his personal email account.”



    • I need more details. But even without them – Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      • What details do you need? His lawyer admits he used an outside email address for official business.

        That's either a private server (cough cough) or a public domain like gmail (even worse).

        And this is on the heels of the clustf**k that was the Clinton email "scandal," so he can hardly have claimed ignorance.

        His lawyer further claimed that all "non-personal" emails were forwarded back to an official address and thus captured. This is the exact same claim Clinton made at several points, but which Trump et all laughed out of the room.

        Personally, i don't care. I think this is probably a nothingburger. I've received work emails at my personal account (a big no-no, per the SEC) and I forward them back to my work address religiously (because my CCO would beat me with a stick if I didn't). But in more than a decade of working in hedge funds, I'd bet I've missed a few. And sometimes, I'll accidentally send to a personal address instead of a work address. So I get how this can easily and innocently happen. So I'll hesitate to pronounce judgement on any sort of malfeasance on Jared's part.

        But it sure as hell is "stupid stupid stupid." If your father-in-law was just elected on the back of accusations against the use of a private email address, you should be beyond fanatical about avoiding mistake, no? I mean, come on!

        • “But it sure as hell is “stupid stupid stupid.” If your father-in-law was just elected on the back of accusations against the use of a private email address, you should be beyond fanatical about avoiding mistake, no? I mean, come on!”


        • Just A Citizen says:


          Why do you constantly down play Clinton’s email issue? You say this is the same as Clinton claimed yet it is not the same. She initially claimed something similar but it was quickly discovered she had a server and the messages were NOT captured, nor were they all sent to the State Dept. Furthermore, her correspondence was all Classified information due to her position.

          I am not defending Trump’s actions here. I am pointing out how you constantly misrepresent the seriousness of Clinton’s actions. She broke agency policy and federal law. And she lied about it until she was caught and then she created new narratives, morphing her excuses each day.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Here is more information on Kushner’s private email use. Notice that the story is a little different that Mathias tried to portray.

        Mathius’s point about the apparent hypocrisy and stupidity given Trump’s campaign rhetoric is valid. Comparing this to Clinton’s behavior is not valid. Two different animals. If the the response from the lawyer and others is in fact true.

  46. Canine Weapon says:

    I didn’t dodge the draft so some son of a bitch could take a knee during the national anthem. PATHETIC!!


  47. To: Sir Mathius……..

    I have no problem with protesting…..if the protest is a legitimate issue. Now, I know this is totally subjective thing. However, all this kneeling, according to several articles and individuals is about police brutality towards blacks ( racial ) and racial inequity ( racial ). Their kneeling, as I understand it, is towards the country as a whole and anyone who fights for it claiming that anyone who fights for this flag is a racist.

    Now, except for very few instances ( less than 1% according to the FBI ) there is no brutality towards blacks. So, where is the argument.

    Secondly, where is the racial inequity? I want a concrete example…….and not something that happened 200 years ago…, right now, where is the inequity?

    Prove this to me and the fact that they do not believe that the military is racist if it fights for the flag, I will get on board. Until then, this is just hyperbole and utter bullshit. ( My opinion, of course ). I resent the fact that I spent 41 years fighting for the flag, its people, and its way of life and that I am considered a racist for doing so. Those very people whom are kneeling….are doing so under the protections I provided.

    Rant over….time for Dr Pepper.

  48. VH: Let’s revise your question……..

    Imagine if you stood up in your office and said “my employer sucks” and “supports this ponzi scheme.” How do you think your hedge fund would react?

    They would probably agree with me.

    Me thinks….they would have your head on a platter and your liver for lunch with a Chianti…..

  49. Sounds like a good idea, but would we just hear shouts of cultural appropriation.

    • There is a black ‘National” anthem?

      • Why not? There is a "White National Anthem." It's call the Star Spangled Banner. 😛

        Relax, it's only a joke.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Is it really? Do you realize that the anthem has been declared “racist” by the race mongering leftists howling at the moon? That they have called for a “new anthem”? So maybe it is not the joke you claim it to be.

          Secondly, your comment above claims false or hollow displays of patriotism and fealty to heroes. What makes you think it is hollow or unreal?

          I know that these grand displays of patriotism rub your Progressive nature the wrong way, but that doesn’t make them any less real to those who celebrate it. Besides, it was the Progressives who invented this hyper Patriotism to the Nation State.

          Thirdly, I think Anita’s comment about your lack of understanding about Nation stems from your many comments criticizing the concept of a Nation. Including defending the idea of open borders. You don’t have much of a “Nation” if you have open borders and allow anyone to participate in the political process.

        • Stephen Henderson, an editor for the Detroit Free Press suggested on NBC’s Meet The Press seriously claimed that the national anthem is “white supremacist” while discussing the football and baseball players who are refusing to stand for it.

          Henderson made the comments after Rich Lowry of the National Review argued that race is being falsely injected into the narrative because neither the US flag or the national anthem are “white supremacist”.
          Henderson chimed in to exclaim “some of the words of the national anthem are white supremacist.”
          “You think the national anthem is racist?” an exasperated Lowry replied.
          “I think this is a country whose history is racist, whose history is steeped in white supremacy, and the anthem reflects that in its very words.” Henderson responded.

  50. Now, a quick check of the FBI files shows that police brutality is an issue in 1% of the arrests made against blacks. ( that is actual brutaity and not some perceived notion from a prisoner ).

    And, I have asked this question many times and received no answer from anyone……where is the “black” inequality? Prove it.

    So, if all this kneeling is about police brutality against blacks ( and blacks are singled out ) and there is racial inequity in today’s time against blacks and not 200 years ago……where is it?

    Now, justify this statement: ” Any soldier who fights for the flag of the United States of America is, by default, a racist. “

    • Even the blacks?

    • Now, a quick check of the FBI files shows that police brutality is an issue in 1% of the arrests made against blacks. ( that is actual brutaity and not some perceived notion from a prisoner ).

      Who makes that determination? You?

      And, I have asked this question many times and received no answer from anyone……where is the “black” inequality? Prove it.

      I'd argue that the proof is in the pudding. Why are black people so over-represented in prison and the lower end of the economic spectrum? Is there something inherently more criminal and lower-achieving about black people? I know, I know, culture, yada yada yada. But there are a lot of statistics suggesting that, for the same crime, a black person is more likely to be prosecuted, more likely to be convicted if prosecuted, and more likely to get a longer sentence if convicted. They are also less likely to get a job offer with a comparable resume. And so on.

      And all that's to say nothing about the self-perpetuating cycle of father's being sent to prison --> kids with single parents --> kids get into trouble --> kids grow up, become criminals. Also, this skips over the cycle of live in a poor area --> poor schools have inferior education --> less educated kids can't get good jobs --> stay poor --> live in poor area --> have kids of their own --> kids go to school in poor area. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      To claim that there is significant persecution and bias against black people feels, to me, like an overstatement. I'd suggest it's more of a headwind. But to suggest there's NO inequality? I'd say that's hogwash.

      So, if all this kneeling is about police brutality against blacks ( and blacks are singled out ) and there is racial inequity in today’s time against blacks and not 200 years ago……where is it?

      See above.

      Now, justify this statement: ” Any soldier who fights for the flag of the United States of America is, by default, a racist. “

      I can't. That's some weapons grade bullshit right there.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You seem to suffer the same fallacy as those claiming “oppression”. You ASSUME that the economic plight is due to racism. You ignore the data showing the Black Americans lives improving, even before the Civil Rights Act. Then along came LBJ’s Great Society.

        Blacks are sentenced to prison more often primarily for drug related offenses. And again, that was due to Crack Cocaine, which the Black leaders were claiming the White Establishment wasn’t dealing with back when it erupted. They asked for heavier enforcement for Crack, and Congress responded. Now it is supposedly evidence of racism.

        I watched a documentary on Carter High School football team that won the State title in Texas the other night. Several of the players on that team committed armed robbery after the title win. Many robberies at gun point. They were sentenced to 17 years plus in prison. You know, that racist state of Texas…..putting those poor kids in prison. Guess what. NOT ONE of them served more than 4 years, for armed robbery.

        Now don’t get me wrong. I agree there is disparity in the trial outcomes and sentencing for specific incidents. I just think it is not accurate to then project this to averages or criticism of justice relative to groups. Not unless you do adjust for only comparable criminal actions. I also think that the sentencing disparity is partly accounted for by the increased criminal activity and nature of crimes in a particular area. Thus juries become kind of fed up and start imposing greater penalties over time. Nobody has ever looked into the WHY the juries treat defendants differently. They just assume it is racism.

      • Mathius asks, “Who makes that determination? You?

        No sir….I gleaned that from the FBI themsleves who says that police brutality is not centered upon any specific race. The same individuals that violate rights do so indiscrimantly…..this according to the FBI.

        Mathius goes on: Why are black people so over-represented in prison and the lower end of the economic spectrum?

        Great question? I wonder why also…just because a certain race is represented greater than another does not automatically qualify as racism. Perhaps more get caught because there are more? Perhaps it is a cultural thing? Perhaps it is because God hates them? I do not know the answer and I do not think anyone else does either. I do know this….that to use just plain statistics is reminiscent of the old “affirmative action” bull shit of the 70’s. There was no proof then either.

      • I would not argue that blacks are not being treated equally. Their neighborhoods have streets, street lights, grocery stores, gas stations schools etc, just like everyone else in the country. Why are blacks having such a difficult time in our public schools, graciously provided by ALL taxpayers (in PA, we have a school tax that goes to the State every year)? Why are some 75% of black inner city children fatherless? Why is “baby daddy’s a common term in these neighborhood by black women who have several children with different fathers, who aren’t around and do not take responsibility for they children?

        Why, as a Teamsters representative, did I have to constantly represent young black employees who lacked the necessary work ethics to keep their jobs? I would say I represented 10 blacks to every white. This was a problem I saw long ago and nothing has seemingly changed for the better.

        Now for the big question. Those areas of high black populations that have high to very high crime rates, very low graduation rates and are on the low end of the economic spectrum all have one thing in common. Let’s see who can guess this easy answer first.

  51. Canine Weapon says:

    A man who was arrested near the White House Sunday morning was found to have nine guns and three knives

    The man was initially stopped by law enforcement for allegedly urinating in public.


    The suspect told Secret Service officers and agents that he was going to the White House to speak with National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers and Defense Secretary James Mattis “for advice on missing paychecks and how to get the chip out of my head,”

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    I, too, have been chipped and enjoy peeing on public property.

  52. This is interesting

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    I was remembering last night with a friend when we used to be profiled by the cops and pulled over all the time. We were young men driving an old beater of a car. Both of us had long hair and beards. We would get stopped almost every time we drove through the rick neighborhoods to visit friends.

    We were also pulled over at gun point once. Because some guys with long hair and beards had robbed a store at gunpoint. There were 5 of us in the car that time. Cops showed us the description and it fit each and every one of us.

    I don’t offer this to downplay the possible profiling that Blacks cite when claiming they get stopped all the time. You know, the meme about “driving while black” or “walking while black”. I offer it to show that sometimes there is a reason people get stopped. A reason that doesn’t relate to them personally but only because they fit a description given by someone else.

    Thanks in large part to the race baiters, many have lost the ability to recognize these realities and have instead lumped everything into the racist basket.

  54. Local Steelers fans in Western Pa are livid about the actions of the Steelers Sunday, sans one player. The backlash will be seen live and in color next Sunday.

    IMHO, Trump wins this in a landslide.

    • Yeah, and its not just the NFL either. Trump isn’t necessarily picking on the NFL, or the other leagues, or Hollywood, or Broadway, or even the media who stirs the pot. What he’s doing is Stand(ing) Up For America. He’s been consistent about that for many more years than his political career has been active.

  55. Just A Citizen says:
    • Yep. There’s that selective enforcement again. Like Kaepernick wearing the pig socks last season. But now he’s the new MLK. Bullshit flag thrown. (I swapped Canine a bone for the flag. He’s no dummy)

  56. Some people take their patriotism very seriously. Here are numerous videos just like this one:

    • And then we have this:

      And while, I find I don’t disagree with everything in this article, in theory, I can’t help but notice that people don’t want to look at the whole picture. Is it really more dangerous for the President to say what many of us are thinking, than a small group of players not standing for the anthem? On those terms, it probably is, but those aren’t the correct terms. If one looks at the acumulative power of the “resistance” and their actions and aims, which thing really has the power to do more harm!

  57. For those how do not understand Trump’s lingo consider this. We had 28 years of Harvard/Yale graduates in the WH. We now have a graduate of D8U.

  58. Like I said before the left is scared of the truth. Looks like the University in England is scared of the left.

  59. Well shit. Now Villanueva has apologized for standing alone for the anthem.

    • And Jerry Jones himself, takes a knee. Talk turns to bawk. WTH?

      • Jerry Jones showed why he is very successful by taking his 1st Grade acting spoiled brats and choreographing their little “show of unity” by lining them up in front of the world and having them kneel in prayer before (yes, before) the National Anthem. What an awesome slap in the face to the all of those that are all giddy over this issue. Notice that I said prayer, not protest. Bowed heads and all. 🙂

  60. Lest we forget “All this for a d—- flag”

  61. Just A Citizen says:
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