Some Good News

thD826N0Z8Glad to hear that the Colonel’s better half is recovering from her surgical procedure.  I’ve had 3 foot issue, two surgeries and a broken heal and the broken heal caused some serious pain.  They make a scooter type of thing with 4 wheels, handle bars and brakes where one can place a knee and scoot around pretty easily once the pain subsides.  It’s much better than crutches, hint, hint  🙂

My father is also back home with his new pacemaker.  What a mess that was was, as the first surgeon botched the first two attempts, perforated the heart wall causing a bleeder.  This caused a transfer to another hospital, where that pacemaker was removed, heart repaired (last Thursday).  Given some time to heal before next attempt at a pacemaker, on Sunday morning he flat lined twice and had to get a temporary wire put in until Monday.  Monday went well and he came home yesterday.

As far as the first two botched surgeries, I’m working on that as well.  But for now, it’s back to some normalcy.  The old house is cleaned up and waiting for this damn winter to break so we can start the new construction.  The Austin bomber is a goner so Texas can rest a little easier.




  1. 😀

  2. Glad to hear everyone’s still alive and kicking..

    Well, except Gman.. apparently his “kicking” days are over due to heel injury..

  3. I have a idea I want to bounce of the collective here: Death penalty for corporations.

    I’m thinking, of course, of the accusations against Cambridge Analytica.

    • Explain what you mean by death penalty for Corporations….anyone with an ounce of sense should have known that NOTHING was secret in Facebook….NOTHING is secret on any social media. You are watched, followed, analyzed….everything. As Mathius said about his experience with FB on just trying to sell something.

      What is bothering me the most about all of this is the clandestine issues apparently surround FB and its principals. Using and selling information to campaigns for targeting without permission. But, if you check that little box that asks you to agree to the terms and you did not read it……you gave tacit permission.

      Now, my question is………………………don’t you think that this type of behaviour is exactly what gets shitty laws passed?

      • Every time I click on Facebook, I am deluged with ads and requests to join “groups” that share my interests. This is based on research they do into my googling. From time to time, I attempt to stop the ads and always find a disclaimer that explains how they found me. This has been going on for years.

        For anyone, except the morons with an IQ lower than 50, (sorry morons) it is nothing but sheer hypocrisy to claim Analytica or Trump or the Russians did anything that CVS and Walgreen’s don’t do.

      • Explain what you mean by death penalty for Corporations….

        Public execution of the corporation.

        This corporation is hereby dissolved. All assets shall be liquidated. All patents are returned to the public domain. All stock is rendered worthless. Employees (not officers) are given industry-standard severance packages. Any assets after the repayment of debts outstanding are directed to a blind charitable trust.

        At the court’s discretion, officers involved in the offence are permanently prohibited from holding future corporate office (same with board members).

        At the court’s discretion, this power may execute a subsidiary or the whole of a multi-national conglomerate. It is required that the offending behavior is both serious enough to warrant the response, but also known and tolerated at the highest levels (so, not just a bad-actor, but de facto corporate policy).

        anyone with an ounce of sense should have known that NOTHING was secret in Facebook….NOTHING is secret on any social media. You are watched, followed, analyzed….everything. As Mathius said about his experience with FB on just trying to sell something.

        Of course. But that’s not really what I’m talking about.

        Cambridge is also accused of entrapping, extorting, and bribing politicians, and much worse. This was claimed, on camera, by the CEO.

        If true, and if it can be shown that the board was aware (or willfully ignorant) of this behavior, then the corporation should be put to death.

        • Just a quick question about this Corporation, what time period are you speaking of?

          • Can you rephrase your question? I’m not clear what you’re asking.

            • Sorry. I did catch a bit of the video that you spoke of and the Corp name has also been mentioned in relation to Trump’s election. But they also worked for Obama during his re-election in 2012. I was mostly inquiring if this was political or an overall feeling that this company has broken laws for which they should be punished?

              • Not political – though this particular company’s (alleged) crimes are political in nature.

                No, it’s an overall position. If a powerplant is willfully polluting and hiding the waste. If VW deliberately fudged the emission tests. If Apple is spying on customers. If Haliburton… well fuck Haliburton. Etc.

                Basically, the government permits the creation of a corporation – if that corporation has been adjudged to be sufficiently harmful to public interests, it should be enthusiastically punished in order to (A) prevent it from simply shrugging off an ineffectual fine (B) reorganizing under a new name/brand and carrying of (C) serve as serious warning to other corporations and (D) give investors incentive to force companies to be moral (sure, you might make more if they’re evil.. but you might also lose everything).

        • Hmmmmm… caveat……how about making the liquidation payable to the stock holders who are merely investors without knowledge…..or do we tell investors……tough luck.

          • How do you define “investors without knowledge”? Maybe if your total position in the name is less than X-dollars? Or it’s like FDIC – your first $100k is safe. I don’t want to wipe out grandma’s retirement fund, but I don’t want to protect hedge funds or the company’s management (especially not the management).

            I want this to hurt the (real) investors. Do you think that knocking off a few points of PNL from 100 hedge funds would make them start putting pressure on company management to be more ethical? I mean, if you knocked 100 basis points off our performance, you can be damned sure that we’re going to vote in every proxy for every position we ever hold, and punish any company that tries to hire anyone involved, or even has the slightest hint of malfeasance.

            Plus this gives huge incentive to short companies you suspect of being shit-heads. That drives the stock down, and gives the company incentive to behave.

            I’d also carve out an exception that allows whistle blowers to short the stock before blowing the whistle (with judicial approval – because I could see that going very wrong). How’s that for incentive?

            • I define investors without knowledge being the 401’s or the small investor trying to get a little ahead….Not the day traders or the hedgefunds that know……no principals nor oficers with stock….no insiders…..short sellers…..anyone living in New York…that sort of folk.

              Actually, you have a pretty good idea……I am on board…..we need to work the details.

  4. Canine Weapon says:

    Hey, Gman,

    Regarding your heel surgeries… is it…… BONE SPURS?

    • One thing about SUFA……no one lets up…..even potato eating canines.

      • What’s wrong with potatoes? Load ’em up with butter, salt, chives, and bacon (no sour cream for me, and the cholesterol’s a bit dicey, so hold the cheese, too.. but add a little more bacon to make up for it).

        My favorite potato:

        • It’s no wonder your posts get to the length of BF’s. You’re full of useless information. 🙂

        • Not a damned thing wrong with stuffed potatos…….I love ’em……but a potato eating canine?

          • If you’ve never seen a dog eat a potato, you haven’t had a big enough dog. I’ve seen mastiffs that will eat just about anything, especially if it has butter on it.

            • Why does it have to be a big dog? My mid-sized (30 pounder) is basically a stomach with legs. If it’s even borderline edible, and she gets her paws on it, it’s going down the hatch.

              Unless it’s dog food. Then she’ll maybe get around to eating it at some point later on.

              This is her, in case you’re interested:

              • I think she’s trying to tell you something, you know those slow humans, you have to keep telling them over and over and over again, before they finally get it.

            • No, Jennie, I have never seen a dog eat a potato. But, in the last 30 years, I have not had a dog. I inherited a rather precocious Siamese when my dad passed…or I should say, I was chosen…but he eats no table scraps. He is fun to have around at times but cats are finicky. He does not roam because he has been de-nutified and he does have to watch the skies when he is out because we are inundated with Mexican Eagles…(they are even coming north..), Red Tailed Hawks, and one rather ominous barn owl that looks like a B2 bomber. All capable of picking up a 14 lb cat. But when he is out, there is some serious Triple A defense in the manner of a certain retired Colonel (name unknown) who possess’ some heavy stuff and watches closely…that Barn Owl almost came within range but he chose discretion over valor and lived to see another day. This certain colonel ( name unknown ) made sure that Kamikazee Owl saw him so as to avoid un-necessary blood shed. While I understand we invaded his territory and we also invaded the territory of the Red Tail Hawk and a cat looks like a delicious meal….the right of way goes to the one with the biggest deterrent. I know that I built on their land but in good American fashion, I claim domain and have the Triple A to back it up. ( that ought to spur some comments )…..

              So, in the meantime, I have a cat. A Snow-shoe Siamese. He let’s us live here and allows us to feed him and care for him. Other than that….since We have no children living at home, nor will we because we are of the belief that once you are out… are out….we have no dog. But having a pet is difficult because you just cannot be spontaneous and decide the night before to leave on a trip…….and NO….there is absolutely no travelling pets nor will there be. The owl gets to eat before I take any pet travelling. ( That ought to spur some comment as well )….

        • All this potato talk got me to cooking. Just whipped up brunch before work. Nuked potato, real butter, pepper, 2 slices bacon, crumbled, and shredded colby jack. Mmmmm.

          • Bacon that can’t “crumple” is not rightfully bacon. Bacon should be cooked until approximately 1.27 seconds before it becomes “char.”

            • Yes….bacon is meant to be crumbled…..unless on a BLT….but it must be crispy because a BLT with soggy bacon… just not a BLT.

              • Bacon doesn’t have to be crumbled… but it has to be cooked well enough that crumbling is always an option.

                For example, I like bacon strips with my pancakes and eggs (and it’s great with syrup).

    • The surgeries were on front big toe joint, the last being a fusion with a steel plate and six screws. The heal was a double fracture almost two years ago, no surgery, just healing time. The latter hurt far worse than the surgeries.

      • The surgeries were on front big toe joint, the last being a fusion with a steel plate and six screws.

        Who did you kick?

        • Nobody. Degenerative joint disease. I’m starting to feel it beginning on the left side now, but that is a few years out before any surgery. It will only be ONE this time, fuse it, plate it and lets move on. The plate also gives me some extra confidence should a roundhouse be required to quiet down some loud Liberal 😀

      • Just A Citizen says:

        On the front big toe huh???

        Not the back big toe. They hurt way more than the ones in front.

        • LOL, I think I was meaning to type RIGHT, but the brain and the fingers have been at odds lately. Plus it’s just been a tough week and a half.

        • Didn’t you know ol’ Gman is pterodactyl.

        • ROFL…I had to scroll up to see who you were talking to. I thought it was the damn dog again. Nope. GMan!

  5. Spousal unit had rough night…..lots of pain, can’t sleep, coming off general knock out drops, upset stomach…..learning how to push herself around on a four wheel knee cart to get to water closet for her necessaries…….(Yes Mathius, I know I used a couple of phrases from the olden days….what do you expect from an old coot?)….She tossed and turned ( as much as one could in a recliner with her foot elevated above the heart )and could not sleep….even old John Wayne movies did not work…….then I realized that she did not have her equalizer…in true Texan form, once she had that, she calmed right down. Today, it is just pain and apple sauce until the “queezies” subside. ( That is upset stomach to you Yankees ) Thanking everyone for the good thoughts….including the canine ( and, no, she did not eat grass to calm the stomach ).

    • Yogurt is great for the stomach. It also works for heartburn. I used to live on rolaids – Now I eat 2 things of yogurt a day. I highly recommend it.

    • Canine Weapon says:

      including the canine ( and, no, she did not eat grass to calm the stomach ).

      Have you tried belly rubs?

      Or ear scratchies?

      Be sure to keep her away from chocolate though..

  6. Good job Austin PD on taking care of business PDQ! No 3 hots and a cot to worry about for 40 years.

    • Not to mention the lawyers and social scientists and bleeding harts about how they took away his binky too soon. Let’s all hear it for Officer Krupke. Lenny Bernstein, profound liberal and supporter of the Black Panthers at least got it right on that one.


    Another reason why the Liberal media has ZERO credibility. Some Liberal Dork faux journalist makes something up out of thin air and the rest of the Liberal Dork faux journalists talk about it for a week.

    They should be far more concerned about the NEXT Special Council that will be destroying the entire Democrat Party and the Liberal Dork faux journalists who helped them. About 5 weeks or so and the Donkey’s are gonna need diapers.


    You should check this guy out. He is former CIA with a story to tell. He has several videos on YouTube although quite lengthy. He blew a whistle and the CIA retaliated by nearly killing his family by contaminating his house with toxins.

    • This is why the paranoid in me wonders about “Russians”? Personally it makes a great deal of sense for the Chinese to do something and frame the Russians. Then it seems to sometimes make even more sense for our CIA or FBI or DIA to do something and frame the Russians.

  9. Last year, “premium” retailer (think Bloomingdale’s) saw 8% growth.

    That’s great.

    “Price based” (think Walmart and Target) saw 7% growth.

    Also great.

    What’s interesting is that the middle, “balanced” (think Bed Bath) saw 2% decline.


    For those of us following along, this could be nothing – a sign of changing tastes and changing trends. But it could also be a sign of something: that the American middle class is hollowing out – that the population is diverging into the haves, shopping at “premier” stores and the “have nots” shopping at the “price based” stores.

    The middle, who might have been willing to pay a small premium to shop at a better class of store than Walmart is either tightening their belts and shifting downward in order to save, or there are just fewer of them than there used to be. – via Bloomberg

    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

    • Or the middle is too busy raising the kids and they shop at Amazon now. I’ve been employed there about a year now. We’ve doubled the sq ft of our warehouse and probably more than doubled the employees…are building a 1 million sq ft fulfilment center only minutes from my house (yay me, hopefully I can transfer) plus added sq ft to the existing fulfillment center and added employees there as well. We only handle Mich orders, a tiny piece of Indiana and Ohio each. Imagine that x 10 or 12 other fulfillment centers around the county.

      • Question for you, Ma’am..

        What are your thoughts / experiences regarding automation at Amazon’s fulfillment centers?

        Do you think that (eventually) Bezos is going to automate you out of the job?

        • Yes, but I doubt he could go full auto. Our entire addition is centered around auto sort. We’re hybrid now, meaning half manual sort, half auto sort. Manual sort = a team physically sorting lanes A-J. They’re up near the rafters, sorting onto slides A/B, C/D and so on, which conveys to a Pickoff person who then sorts A from B and so on, down to the line where they’re scanned to a pallet per zip code. Remember I explained before about 50 pallets and 12 people per line?? Auto sort uses bar codes to sort all packages directly from the trucks to the correct Chute, where as soon as the wifi on the correct chute picks up its own bar code, the package gets kicked onto that chute where its then scanned onto one of only 10 pallets. There are usually only 2 people per chute. But, there are 27 chutes. So, quick mental math leads me to 50 or so less people already.

          The next step would be challenging…auto build pallets from multiple different size boxes and jiffy envelopes. But they could fine tune it to where same sized boxes get sent to same sized pallets, I guess. Right now…manual sort gets all the very large boxes..road trip grills, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, etc. Auto sort gets smaller boxes where multiple small items are in their own box.

          Auto sort is much more pleasant to work because human error is gone. No Lane G ending up on Lane A, which happens at least 700 times per shift..seems like it anyway! That’s something you don’t realize until its too late and you have to start fumbling everything else in your hands to clear your scanner….grrrr. But now, they want a scan rate of 220/hr as opposed to 150/hr on manual sort. So auto sort is still a challenge.

          We’re a sort center. The actual fulfillment centers have automation also but I’m not privvy to how they operate. It’s weird on videos I’ve seen though. They dont keep all the pencils on a pencil pallet. They scatter the pencils (or whatever) into bins all over the warehouse, wherever that particular item physically fits into a bin…like…sizewize! It does not compute to me at all, but obviously it works. An order comes onto a scanner and the scanner tells the picker/packer person where to locate that item in the warehouse. So there’s plenty of walking to be done there too. Their automation, like the new center being built near me…uses robots to gather the orders from all over the warehouse.

          So long story short, yes…I will probably be out of the job I do now. Doesnt necessarily mean I’d be out of a job at Amazon.

          • But now, they want a scan rate of 220/hr as opposed to 150/hr on manual sort. So auto sort is still a challenge.

          • They dont keep all the pencils on a pencil pallet. They scatter the pencils (or whatever) into bins all over the warehouse, wherever that particular item physically fits into a bin…like…sizewize! It does not compute to me at all, but obviously it works.

            It’s called Chaotic Storage.

            Think of DVD’s.

            If there’s a DVD pallet, and you want a particular DVD, you have to look at all these similar boxes and try to find the one you want. That takes time.. and attention.. because Night at the Museum looks an awful lot like Night at the Museum II. And, of course, they’d be right next to each other.

            But what if you put this DVD here and that DVD there and this other one way over yonder? Well, now I’m looking for a Night at the Museum on a shelf that contains cups and red bull and door stops and wagon wheels and pencils and…. one DVD. And that one DVD is, of course, probably the one you’re after.

            • Chaotic is a perfect word for Amazon. But it works. Sooo.. I’m off to sort the chocolates…errr packages. Catch ya later.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I find it a hoot that you consider Bed Bath and Beyond to be a middle class store.

      I guess upper, middle and lower really is relative. How do you snobs look at Macey’s??

      • Well it’s not a “Premium” store.. and it’s not a “Price-based” store… I’d certainly put it toward the higher end of the middle. I’d call it “upper-middle” or “lower-upper,” personally. I was struggling a bit to come up with an example because (A) I haven’t set foot in a retail store in years and (B) I needed to offer an example that would be recognized nationally since SUFA is from all over the place.

        For what it’s worth, they didn’t say “middle class,” they said “balanced” – whatever that means.

        I’d call Macy’s solidly upper.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          How about Sears and J.C. Penny or KMart??

          Around these parts Macy’s is middle of the road and Bed Bath and Beyond in the upper level. Although they could be lower high end, because we have some truly high end shops catering to the wealthy, that sell the same stuff.

          • Sears is probably a good example. I’d put JC Penny and K-Mart in the “Price-based” basket, personally. I don’t know how the study sorted everything.

            Although they could be lower high end, because we have some truly high end shops catering to the wealthy, that sell the same stuff.

            Fair point – it all depends on perspective, I guess.

  10. “Millennials” – the Tide Pod Eating Generation™ – are not so hot on the GOP. (1981-1996)

    In 2002, 27% of Millennials were registered Republicans. Today, that’s down to 17%.

    You might ask, “what about registered Democrats”? Well, since you asked, in ’02 it was 33%, today it is 35%.

    To Recap:
    Red Team 27–>17 (-10).
    Blue Team 33–>35 (+2).
    Independents 34–>44 (+10)

    Independents have increased from 34 to 44. So, in other words, it’s not so much that they joined Blue Team, it’s that they fled Red Team.

    Gen X (1965-1980) showed a similar trend:
    Red Team 34–>25 (-9).
    Blue Team 30–>31 (+1).
    Independents 34–>39 (+5)

    Red Team 34–>30 (-4)
    Blue Team 30–>35 (+5).
    Independents 34–>32 (-2)

    Where did the Red team gain? You guessed it: Amongst the old farts:
    Red Team 31–>38 (+7).
    Blue Team 36–>33 (-3).
    Independents 28–>27 (-1).

    Results for “leaning” doesn’t change much for the Boomers and Silent, but it is dramatic for the Millennials and Gen X.

    Some day, the Tide Pod Eating Generation™ and the Best Generation of All Time™ (AKA Gen-X, aka my generation) is going to start voting. And when it does, this country is going to pull HARD left.

    • They are un-educated and they are fickle. To be quite honest, this crew woudl have loved Hitler. Made all the right noises and they baa wonderfully in unison.

    • Just shows that us old farts are smarter and have the best interest of the country at heart.

      • Or that you’re stuck in your ways.

        Whereas the youngsters change over time, to respond to the change in the GOP over the last decade-or-so, the old farts have barely budged.

    • Mathius,,,I am curious tho….why are some (not all) of the top Democrats saying that they will make some gains but will not take the house or the Senate. What is up with that?

      • A) Manage expectations. If they call a blowout and take home a modest win, then, well, that’s an optic loss.

        B) They aren’t really that confident right now. The are still reeling from Clinton’s loss.

        C) Voter turnout is impacted by expectation. Many Clinton-leaning voters stayed home because they thought they had it in the bag, so why bother. If the leadership loudly bleats about a huge inevitable win, Red Team is going to turn out to fight it and Blue Team is going to stay home because they’ve already won. By making it seem closer, they can hopefully increase turnout which, theoretically, should be more inclined to vote for Blue.

        D) They have their heads so far up their own asses, you just can’t quite hear what they’re saying.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Those cheering the method of catching the Texas bomber are cheering for the Total Surveillance State. For the abrogation of our Constitution for the illusion of safety.

    Those who give up Liberty in the name of Safety get neither.

    First they came for the guy down the street, then my neighbor. Someone is knocking on my door.

    • They caught him. I saw how they did it,,,,,very scary. But they caught him. I do not like how they did it..but they caught him. Well, they would have but he decided to blow himself up just before a .44 parabellum took off his head.

      They traced his buying habits, receipts, got his IP address, pinged his phone. And they zeroed in on him post haste. Scary how they did this.

  12. What is WRONG with this picture. If I’d posted a picture of Hermann Goering, AH’s # 2, I would have been kicked out on my ass!

  13. From the FBI:

    Under the heading of Risk of Firearms..37 people are murdered everyday by the unlawful use of firearms.

    Under the heading: Utility of Firearms..2,191 are saved everyday by the lawful use of firearms.

    Under the heading: Firearm ownership.. 89,999,989 American gun owners killed no one yesterday.

    Since WW2, every single multiple person shooting occurred in gun free zones except for 1.

    I don’t know what this means but the gun ownership far exceeds 90 million….

    • A) There is no possible way to substantiate the number of people “saved” by the lawful use of firearms. That’s just not a metric that can be shown. How are you do you define “saved”? How do you know what would have happened? That’s crap.

      B) Yup… lots more than 90mm gun owners going around doing a lot of not-killing.

      C) That since WW2 stat is bullshit. I don’t even have to look to call that bullshit. Unless we’re somehow calling nearly the entire country “gun free zones.” Surely “multiple person shootings” have occurred in night clubs and private residences and in the state of Texas where “gun-free” implies a sweepstakes where you could win a free gun.

      D) 37 gun-homicides / day seems high. I wonder if this includes suicides since that might be “unlawful use”… As previously discussed, I don’t count these.

      • Dont shoot the messenger, my friend. If I could learn to post links……I would I just copy the shit.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Mathius and Colonel

        37 people murdered per day X 365 days per year = 13,505 people per year.

        Not an unrealistic number at all.
        But is is also very small.

        Burma Shave

      • Every month, the NRA, “American Rifleman” magazine publishes a page of news stories in which guns were used to stop a crime, kill an attacking animal, or shoot an armed perp. the Column is called “The Armed Citizen” and you can access it on line. Since I subscribed first in 1962 as a Jr. NRA member the column has been published every month.

        • Anecdotal evidence is lousy evidence.

        • Also, if 2100-ish people are saved each day, that translates to ~800k lives per year. That’s a little high, don’t you think?

          Also, that must ignore that they could have saved themselves other ways, such as with a knife or being less stupid.

          Also, since that works out to about 0.25% of the population each year who would otherwise be dead, that works out YOUR lifetime chance of being murdered – if not for your gun – at… about 18%.

          How does the UK or Japan function when 18% of all deaths are caused by violent criminals due to a lack of guns?!!?

          And, even then, it’s skewed even worse.. because this only counts the ones who were saved because they had guns… so the rest of us, who don’t have guns, must be truly screwed. I guess I should go arm myself…

          • Just A Citizen says:


            While you stand on good ground simply pointing out how the high number seems unreasonable, you fall into your usual idiocy in trying to pile on. Your comments are biased by your personal viewpoint and not objective consideration of the data strengths vs. weakness.

            First. The data claimed all legal guns. That would include all LEO use of guns to prevent a murder or violent act.

            Second. What might have happened in the absence of a gun is irrelevant once the gun is deployed. At that point the gun determined that the innocent person lived.

            Third.The removal of a violent person from society, via gun or otherwise, obviously acts to protect others who have not yet come in contact with that person. So claiming the unarmed are as vulnerable as if the entire population is unarmed is a seriously flawed used of statistics. As usual, ignoring cause and effect and proper use of correlation relative to subgroups.

          • I guess I should go arm myself… NOW yer talkin’…..

  14. I find this interesting as a legal issue. Legally, how do the parties stand?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Well per that piece it looks like it depends on what the meaning of “or” are.

      Now I admit English is not a strength of mine. Actually is a weakness, big weakness.

      So I have to ask you educated folks, since when does the order of subjects in a statement including the word “or” matter on whit? A or B doesn’t mean either has precedent over the other. It means that either has the same standing. At least that is my uneducated interpretation. So someone please help me with this.

      Note: The lawyer said “English” use, not legal interpretation of English wording.

      • and/or means both or either, order is not important. And means both are necessary. Or means one is sufficient. Similarly. the word “is” can be replaced by =.

        If she accepted the money (cashed the check) then the contract was validated and agreed to by both parties. It becomes a handshake agreement w/o the signatures. But in this case the lawyers signature is present. Is hers? If so case closed. As for the ancillary part about not contacting family, if Trump and company have followed through, then again the contract is valid and in force. I see no violations that would void the contract. I see this as an open and shut case. She agreed to shut her mouth so just live with it. We all know this is about money and fame on her part and about embarrassing the president by the people putting her up to this.

        • She agreed to shut her mouth so just live with it. We all know this is about money and fame on her part and about embarrassing the president by the people putting her up to this.


          Assumes facts not in evidence.

          It is most likely just fame and money. I have seen nothing to suggest that (A) she has an ax to grind against Trump or (B) that anyone is “putting her up” to anything.

          Further, I just do not give a shit about this whole thing. Any of it. Or her. Not the affair, not the lying, not the cheating, not the contract, not the interview, not the court case, nothing. I just do not care what Trump does with his pants down so long as the other party is a consenting adult. I especially don’t care if he wasn’t President at the time. I didn’t marry the guy. He’s not my friend. He’s the President. His job is to run the country. That’s what I care about. It is not my business what he did or does or will do with his (probably Cheeto-colored) penis.

          • Ugh! You had to type that last part? If only there was some way to scrub your mind’s eye with bleach and a wire brush!

          • If you don’t care then why all the protestation.

            • Because I reaaally wanted to put that last mental image out there for everyone…

              Also, because the implication that she’s out to get Trump seems il-founded. And the idea that the nebulous Left is putting her up to it IS something I object to. Sometimes bad things happen to you because you did bad things: the reason Trump is having this issue is not because he’s being victimized by some Vast Left Wing Conspiracy – it’s because he cheated on his wife with a porn star and then tried to hush her up with money. I might not care at all about this, but it’s not “OUR” fault that it’s happening – it’s his own damned fault for not keeping it in his pants. (see also: Slick Willy)

              Also because, as the SUFA representative for the Left, I feel it’s important to occasionally remind people that we’re not a monolith and that many of us do not give a shit about nonsense like this.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I agree.

      Remember when I said these outfits become liable when the stop being just platforms and start deciding what content is allowed.

      I now have another question that nobody has addressed. That is someone in the media world. These two giants should have spurred competition by now. Since there isn’t I have to believe they are able to maintain their position under govt. protected monopolies. More than likely in the Patent office, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

      My point: We don’t need any special laws to turn these companies into public utilities. Which is a goal of some. Simply eliminate their “govt. protections”.

      I have also wondered at times how these companies got so big so quickly. TRay’s link to the ex CIA guy provides some possible answers. Not just in money but in recent behavior. I think they have been co-opted by the Shadow Govt. and Deep State.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Now what was that narrative about “two Americas”???? Apparently upward mobility is not as dead as some would have us believe.

    • Uh huh… and how many newly-poor are there? Want to bet it’s more than 700k?

      I’d also ask the question: how many of those newly-minted millionaires were born into upper quintile families? I’d bet it’s north of 80%.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        If you eliminate all the ILLEGAL ALIENS from the data base the number of poor in the USA is SHRINKING. Except of course due to the fact that the govt. dictates that the lowest 20% are POOR, meaning they will never go away because there will always be a lower 20%.

        Do you realize how low the income threshold is to be in the upper quintile? HINT: It includes a bunch of the MIDDLE CLASS.

        And of course, what family they come from is IRRELEVANT because the issue is upward mobility. Meaning you move from here to there. Where here is does not matter. As long as you have the chance to move to there.

        The actual interesting factoid to know, which is not included in the reporting, is to what extent the new millionaires are accounted for by people reaching the retirement threshold. The boomers have been accumulating wealth for 40 years. How many recently reached the “million dollar” threshold?

      • Yes, thank you JAC. We keep IMPORTING poor people so we can keep up the bullshit narrative. What would Black unemployment look like in this country is you took out the 500,000 or so illegals crossing the border annually or a good chunk of the uneducated, unskilled legal immigrants?

        Does NOT take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Actually I don’t think that would have a measurable affect. You have to eliminate welfare programs and deal with inner city crime before you will see those numbers change measurably. In other words, you have to cure the rot created by The Great Society.

          • Our experience in NYC with “workfare” resulted in a 2/3rds drop in welfare.

            Work was required to receive benefits. You could not refuse a job. By that point I was working in the private sector managing buildings with a high welfare load. What I kept hearing over and over was that they made MORE working than they ever did scamming and receiving benefits.. The black populations in my two Harlem buildings could not get over how well they were doing with less effort and finding out that they enjoyed going to work.

            Now what is interesting to me was we had seen a jump in welfare in New York City in John Lindsay’s first term, 1966-70 from 500,000 to 1,500,000. By the end of Rudy Guilliani’s first term, 1994-98 Welfare dropped by 2/3rds back to the 500,000 number.

            What changed? Attitude, that’s what. For a quarter century the NY Pols said you could not force people to take jobs, Rudy did and the whole system changed. This is referred to as PROOF. Nationwide, Welfare reform under Clinton-Gingrich halved the welfare population which despite its positive effects, Obama reversed. Why? So the bullshit narrative could continue. And, let’s just pretend the intervening years and successes never happened.

            You know I am not a one solution kind of guy. A Gestaltist by training and avocation, change is the sum of the parts. So drop immigration, make labor more scarce, start requiring work and tightening the rules again and watch the problem (and the democrats block of the enslaved) disappear.

            • Our experience in NYC with “workfare” resulted in a 2/3rds drop in welfare.

              I will never understand the left’s stance that it’s somehow cruel to require work (or at least a serious effort at finding work) in order to collect.

              Why should you be able to sit on your keester and collect?

              The choice should be “bust your ass and collect from SAM” or “work a real job and collect a paycheck.” Not couch-vs-work. That’s insane.

              Who in their right mind thinks that people aren’t going to respond to that kind of incentive structure? I wish I could get paid to do nothing.

      • No such thing as newly poor……where is the threshhold?

        • $10 / year less than I make.

          “Poor” is such a subjective thing.. if I had my income in rural Kentucky, I’d be a Midas. If I lived in NYC or Greenwich, I’d be.. average-ish. In San Fran, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a decent house.

          Plus, one kid or four kids, married or single… makes a huge difference.


  16. Thought I would repeat this quote: ” Plotical Correctness is tyranny with manners.”

    • Thought I would repeat this quote: I’ll say whatever I damned well please… but it never hut anyone to be polite. -Mathius, 3/22/2018

  17. Colonel,

    My in-laws are in Mexico right now. I’ll be joining them in another week for my annual pilgrimage.

    I know you’re an old fogey, but perhaps you know what FaceTime is? It’s like the video-phone on Dick Tracy’s watch.

    Anyway, I get this FaceTime call from them – and they’re out in the middle of nowhere – and my mother-in-law has this massive shit-eating grin.

    Because she found the Churro Man.

    She pointed the camera at him, and there he was, in all his glory. This ancient creature, pouring an unidentifiable paste out of a meat grinder into a vat of oil next to a decrepit van older than the invention of the wheel.

    Unfortunately the call cut off, because my drool short-circuited the phone.

    But she tells me she know where he’s going to be.

    I am hesitant to believe. I have been disappointed so many times. I do not know that I could bear getting my hopes up, and ending yet another trip to Mexico in failure.

    But I will bring my appetite and my pesos.

    My oldest daughter loves churros. Aggressively. She loves them the way my younger one loves bacon, which is to say, that you if you have 2 pieces of bacon, and she has none, forget about sharing – you should brace for impact because she’s about to have 2 and you’re about to have none.

    So my older one loves churros. And she’s coming with me. And she has heard tell of the Churro Man.

    All this is to say, she may kill me and take my churros for herself. So if I don’t come back, know that mine has been a life well lived, and dying in an attempt to feast on churros will have been worth it.

    • So noted…….where are you going?

      • Yes, I know face time….I have grand daughters.

      • Puerto Vallarta.. very nice area.

        And, yes, I know you have granddaughters, but I figured the Dick Tracy comparison would bring a smile to your face.

        • Puerto Vallarta……it is a nice place….be careful, my friend…..not as friendly as it used to be…but I am sure you know the ropes. HOWEVER, if you do get into trouble, I can get you out.

          • HOWEVER, if you do get into trouble, I can get you out.

            Thanks, I’ve got it covered:

            No me molesta.. no estoy de los Estado.. estoy de Canada!

            Alternatively: Trump esta una puta y su pared esta estupido.

            Alternative: no quiero pelear … vamos a obtener churros en lugar.. pagare.

            (put in your own damned accent marks)

  18. Wanted to post this the other day, but I couldn’t find it. It points out one of the harm’s of just being nice.

  19. Listening to an interview with a teen that will be attending Saturday’s anti-gun march in DC, it was clear that the education system is totally failing the nations children. First, the Bill of Rights is quite clear and SCOTUS decisions have supported them. Secondly, it’s not Congress’s job to protect schools, in any way, period. That is a local issue, not a Federal issue. Congress could however, set up a grant program to help schools harden up, get teachers and faculty trained and armed (volunteers only), get metal detectors and make students pass through them etc.

    Sadly, the Liberal Dork media will exploit these kids for their fairy tale agenda.

  20. Will someone please help me translate Dianne Feinstein: ” When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in. That’s just human nature.” Then she says,” Women are not capable of defending themselves with ‘death machines’ we call guns.” I don’t know if that can be translated.

    While you are at it, please translate Mark Zuckerberg….He says that, “Trump is a fascist” and then says, ” We, at Facebook, have a responsibility to censor specific comments.”

    And while you are in the mood, please translate this: Justin Trudeau, Prime MInister of Canada, in 2016, said, ” If you kill your enemies, they win.”
    Somewhere, the translation must have changed from George Patton in 1944: ” If you kill your enemies, they die.”

    This needs no translation: You don’t need an AR 15 to kill a deer This is very true but the founders did not write the 2nd Amendment in case of a deer uprising.

    Lack of translation: California Democrats are speechless as they watch their prized Sacramento gun control Senator…Leland Yee…head to prison from weapons trafficking, accepting bribes and extortion.

    Perfect translation: The same people who sat by as the last POTUS bombed 7 countries, killed American citizens without due process, legalized mass surveillance, and racked up nearly $10 trillion in debt…are suddenly worried that the current POTUS will abuse his power?

    This needs NO translation: Dorothy talking to the scarecrow asks…” HOw do you talk without a brain?” The answer is: “I’m with the media.”

    My son defined this new liberal movement perfectly….The new liberal’s are the kind of people that would sue George Lucas for making Storm Troopers “too white.”

    WAIT….STOP ARSON … must outlaw semi automatic Bic lighters.

    John McCain has just decided that there is a new gender now…..A TRANSPUBLICAN…..a Democrat who identifies as a Republican.

    Obama, in 2016 said: “Those jobs of the past are just not going to come back. I mean just what magic wand does Trump have?” After the election, something in the hallways of the White House said: “Abracadabra, Bitch.”

    The current college grad proudly says…” I spent thousands on a worthless degree….so, I’m like totally socialist now.”

    And Texas has it figured out….we don’t need tear gas for the out of control riots and marches…we throw job applications at them…has stopped everyone do far.

    Then there was the guy that drove by the local community college and yelled “BOO”…15 people went to the hospital, 734 needed counseling and classes were cancelled for a week.

    The left thinks a military parade will be in bad taste but will support naked gay men and feminists dressed as vaginas parading around….Tranlastion?


    • Oh, I forgot….want to know why we have not heard from Al Gore lately? It has been reported the satellites passing over the Arctic revealed Al Gore with a flame thrower on his back torching the expanding Ice cap trying to keep the dream alive…..

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in.

      (And, yes, that’s really me)

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      While you are at it, please translate Mark Zuckerberg….He says that, “Trump is a fascist” and then says, ” We, at Facebook, have a responsibility to censor specific comments.”

      A fascist must be one who uses government force. Zuckerberg, shit-head though he is, does not wield the government’s power to compel you to use his worthless privacy-invading services.

      You signed up for it. You checked the box that said you agreed. You went to the website. You entered your data. You uploaded pictures. You clicked your “likes.” And, all the while, you did so having agreed that Zuckerberg could harvest and sell your data.

      Conversely, Trump is a fascist. Though, to be fair, my definition of fascist may not coincide with everyone else’s. A fascist is the head of a one-party system, which the US is, and exhibit disregard for the rights and freedoms of it’s people, which the US does (and Trump does as well).

      • Go back and take poly sci 101. Please!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          If you took that class today everyone except the socialists are fascist. The Capitalists are Fascist because Fascism is a Capitalist system, don’t ya know. “Fascism is when the private sector controls the govt.”….. Robert Kennedy Jr.

          Fascism, defined circa 1922: Fascism is a political/economic system wherein the Govt. controls the means of production through public/private partnerships and direct regulatory control.

      • As to FB or any thing out there….when you click the little button that says you agreed..well, you agreed. Now a question for all youse guys……..Would you EXPECT privacy in any form on a medium of the internet.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          A public forum? No

          A forum declaring your info is private? Yes. Although I would expect them to be hacked and lose my stuff.

          Interesting note on a Doctor visit this week. Ya know all that cost savings by forcing Doctors onto computer systems which are linked to medical data bases? So I go see a Doc who is part of a Doc owned medical system (hospital, urgent care, and several specialist and GP doc offices). I fill out a bunch of paper to get “admitted”, including all the info my primary Doc has, who is part of the system. I then have nurse to the usual prep. Questions, answers written on a blank piece of paper and vitals, also written on a blank piece of paper. Doc comes in, and as usual asks the same questions. Answers written on a blank piece of paper. Doc takes some other notes non the treatment she does and puts the piece of paper in a manila folder, with my name on it. It got filed in a cabinet with hundreds of other manila folders.

          All this happened while I am looking at a computer sitting on the table in the exam room. Turned OFF. Cold…dead to the world. During the registration, sign in, process the lady used her computer to do one thing. Make a credit card payment for the Co-payment part of my exam. It took thirty minutes because the computers weren’t connecting properly to the credit card and insurance companies.

          It would seem that the Docs and nurses think paper notes are faster and cheaper. All the money they spent on computers to comply with Fed. edicts sit on tables, staring blankly back at everyone. The bad part is that I had to completely repeat my info. to a Doc office which is part of a system of Docs who are supposed to be connected as a single business.

          • A while bad, I was at a doc for a foot issue. Like you, I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.
            One of the questions struck me as odd – why would a podiatrist need to ask that.

            Well, I went ahead and filled it out anyway, turned it in and went back to reading while I waited.

            A few minutes, I hear the receptionist laughing hysterically. She goes and gets the doctor and they have a good chuckle.

            Turns out they liked my answer:
            Q: “Do you have any trouble with your ears?”
            A: “Yes. My wife says I never listen.”

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      ” If you kill your enemies, they win.”

      This is often true.

      Some enemies want to be martyred.

      But I would point to a deeper truth – If you have to kill your enemies, strike>they win you lose. That is, if you HAVE TO kill your enemies, you’ve already lost. You’ve allowed the weaker power to dictate your actions.

      They may lose, too. Because, well, they are dead. But you lose as well.

      Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and if you cannot find a way out without killing your enemies, then you may very well be incompetent.

      • Don’t know that I agree with ya, my pirate friend. There is no negotiation that will stop NK….There is nothing to do to NK except totally isolate and blockade this country……..THEN you have to tell China you are not going to pay them anymore interest on debt.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      You don’t need an AR 15 to kill a deer This is very true but the founders did not write the 2nd Amendment in case of a deer uprising.

      But it might be a lot more fun if you do.

      • It might be fun. sir…..but to properly kill a deer with a rail gun……well, THAT is skill and accuracy….lots of skill and accuracy…because you have to hit them juuuuuuust right to have anything left to eat, doncha know.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Then there was the guy that drove by the local community college and yelled “BOO”…15 people went to the hospital, 734 needed counseling and classes were cancelled for a week.


      ::deep breath::


      ::deep breath::


    • Abracadbra, Bitch! LMAO! Because I hated that majic wand comment so much 🙂

  21. The CEO of Citigroup, Mike Corbat, sent an email to employees detailing new policies regarding firearm sales by its business customers. This move makes Citi the first Wall Street bank to take up a defensive position against guns.
    The new policy, according to ABC News, will prohibit firearm sales to customers who have not passed a proper background check, or who are under the age of 21-years-old. The new restrictions also ban the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

    Well now, we have a bank trying to dictate how it’s customers conduct business. I guess they will be losing some business.

  22. If Trump does not veto this spending bill…..he will be a one term POTUS for sure.

    • He’s going to be a one-term POTUS regardless.

      • Didn’t think so until now…..he fell for the same stupid routine that Bush I did…..promised no new taxes….and I have seen some of the pork on this one…it is horrendous…..especially Pelosi’s district.

        • Did you think that he was pure as the driven snow? Trump is a big government tax-and-spend statist. The only difference between him and the Blue Team is who he wants to tax and how he wants to spend. The Red Team (leadership) pretense about being small government, anti-pork, and low tax is and always has been hypocritical bullshit. At least Blue Team is honest about wanting high taxes and big government.

          Why not just bite the bullet and vote for Grover Norquist?

          • You would have to shoot me in the morning on Norquist. I was/am under no illusion about Trump and spending… you Obama weenies, I wanted someone in the WH that was not a one team player…that would shake things up from the normal. That is what we have. I do not want status quo and I do not want a one worlder…..I want an independent rogue dog and that is what I got. You got a piece of shit socialist and it looks like, jury is still out on this ominbus bill, I will be likewise disappointed.

            If he signs this bill and uses the excuse of……I had to give in to the Democrats to get what I wanted…..he loses me. That is the Democrat hypocrisy that apparently has infected Trump. That is not compromise…it is extortion and I was hoping for better. The goddamned Republicans did exactly what Pelosi and the Deomocrats did on flopping a bill out that no one had time to read. It is full of 24 carat bull shit and I am pissed. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO COMPROMISE. He can get it his way if he just holds out. If he holds out and VETOS the bill, I do not think there is enough there to over-ride his veto. He then needs to point out the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle.

            I was really hoping for something different than the apology tour from Obama. He is getting great results from his position on trade and I will guarantee that the countries will negotiate..they are already lining up to do that……………..THEN he goes and says he will sign this piece of shit omnibus spending bill……shut the friggin’ government down. DONT SIGN THE BILL.

            Note to Dread Pirate……Please prepare my stateroom. No grog..DP. I am about ready to check out and roam the seas… marques just plunder.

      • He’s going to be a one-term POTUS regardless. You are going to have to run someone other than Biden or Sanders against him.

    • Well, he just signed it.

      • And does that diminish your approval of him?

        • Me, not really. I’m just hoping he learns from it. I have mixed emotions about Trump and his liberal leanings but politics is hard and he is mightily outnumbered. So I will continue to watch and see what happens in the long run.

      • HE SIGNED IT? I do not have the business news on……………………………… not ask me that question, Mathius…..please. Not now.

        • Godzilla says:

          I’ve read that he signed it, doesn’t like it, but signed it so he can now fund the wall with some of the military portion of the bill. He sent out a tweet to that effect. He’s planning to use the Army Corp of Engineers to build it in the interest of national defense. We’ll see, but Rand Paul is definitely not a fan, 2500+ pages and one day to read it all. Seems this has happened before .. hmmm …

  23. To young Mathius……..My son is over helping the landscaping that is being done..(which I am supervising because Colonels dont have to do menial earth digging and such)….but he is a Red Bull fanatic….no, that is F A N A T I C………anyway, almost decided to have one just to try it……I saw him slam a tall one and he a two other guys put in a 7 ft multi trunk Yaupon tree, complete with root ball on the end without the use of any equipment other than themselves………..

    After witnessing this, I decided that Canine Weapon is correct………my heart would explode.

    • Honestly, I don’t find that it it gives me a ton of energy – nothing that a regular old Coca Cola wouldn’t do. But I love the taste. The cranberry ones are extra delicious.

      Probably not good for that old ticker, though. Best not to risk it.

    • There ARE reports of sudden cardiac arrest (no foolin). People can manage to addict themselves to almost anything.

      Jr. was never a coffee drinker at home nor in college but in the Army he earned to drain the pot. A few years later, the ticker started ramping up to 120 beats for no apparent reason.VA doc said drop the coffee by half to six cups per day and see what happens. back to normal within a week.

      • Absolutely.

        But, as with Junior, most (though not all!) cases have to do with excess. A dozen cups of Joe a day is a lot of Joe.

        As with all things, the key is moderation. Too much water’ll kill you, too.

        • I wonder how many people actually realize that. You can dilute the electrolytes right out of your body. I remember Brother William in HS Chemistry cautioning folks that drinking distilled water exclusively is NOT a good idea. Apparently he learned that in the Navy in WW 2.

          • I learned about it freshman year of college. My school was really cracking down on hazing – seems some had gotten killed recently (elsewhere) by being forced to drink several gallons in a sitting.

            That’s Darwin, I guess.

            • Hazing, Jesus Christ, how in the hell do you EVER get rid of it? back in college we re-invigorated a dead fraternity and allowed no traditional hazing. What we did was require pledges to come up with obscure answers in the days long before Google or to assemble items that were not costly but hard to find pre E-bay. (A Stienman beer bottle opener for a company that went out of business two decades earlier) . Purpose being it demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the norm to join our little “club” Fast forward two years, graduated, came back from the Army and found that my former “pledges” were now doing all the physical, obnoxious and frankly dangerous stuff. Went to one “frat” party, went goddam ballistic on them and never looked back.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                SK, Colonel

                The “Hell Week” that I went through as a Frat Pledge in college was designed by EX Green Berets who had returned from Viet Nam.

                It was truly hell. BUT……….. NOT ONE PHYSICAL contact and nothing that put anyone in real danger. Yelling, bullying without contact, mind games, sleep deprivation, etc. In fact on the last night, after suffering strategic sleep deprivation, the pledges are sent out on a mission. Scattered in singles and pairs. What you do not know is that all the active members are following and shadowing everyone. A very elaborate surveillance plan that would make the FBI proud. Of course we did not know that at the time. But I took part as an “active” the following year.

                One of the Frats across campus had the kind of Hell Week SK describes after he returned. Some guys finished the week with broken bones and burns. Most of them had a plethora of bruises. It is no wonder that Frat was always having members in trouble for fighting on campus, off campus, and with anyone that was disagreeable to them.

            • College does not count on the stupidity of life……it is expected. You get a free pass your freshman year in college. Stupid cells just simply take over and there is nothing that you can do about it. You are, however, expected to do better your sophomore year when you suddenly snap awake.

              • I was Kappa Sigma…….need I say more?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                My Freshman year was my most behaved, quite and studious of all my years in college. By my second Senior year I had figured out how to PARTY and keep grades by attending about half the classes. The only control on my stupidity by then was my lack of funds. You can only drink so many Picon Punches with a fixed budget that has to last the entire school year.

  24. Was watching show about mass killings/suicides in the past and having remembered the People’s Temple and Jim Jones quite well, it should come as no surprise that during one of Jim Jones sermon’s (if they can even be called that) he stated, “Capitalism is the devil , socialism is the savior”. This of course came before over 900 people committed mass suicide at his directions.

  25. The president has somehow effectively been Schwartzenagerized. Short of a damn miracle, I do not see how he recovers.

    • Schwartzennagar (or however the hell you spell that) wasn’t too terrible once he moderated. (This was a bonus question on a HS chemistry test – “How do you spell Arnold ___’s last name (the Terminator).” I did not get the bonus point.

      • And that, is why California is the place it is today.

        • “And that, is why California is the place it is today.”

          The best damned state in the Union!

          Everything’s bigger in Cali!

          Don’t mess with Cali!

          The lone star state!
          (yes, we have one lone star on our our flag.. and also a bear!)

          • BS. Schwarzenegger was terrible after he got pounded in the first election (referendum) after getting into office. He gave up trying to reform the state and went over to the dark side. Trump appears to be falling into the same trap. Should veto the Omnibus bill and tell Congress to be fiscally responsible or be voted out of office.

          • Yes but it is a snowflake gay bear… threat.

          • Return…..Please!

            I’ll even offer to deal with your brother. There are some damned deep abandoned mines in PA.

  26. Friggin’ algos running the market again this week…….

    • Can you support that assertion? (Not calling you a liar – I just haven’t been following along)

      • Not really, Mathius…..I know just enough about ALGO’s to hurt myself. But one thing that I do know….is that the market does not react this fast with human touch…..the swings that are so up and down within an hour…and it is not day traders manipulating and profit taking….it is something else. When it starts to bother the pros, I get concerned.

    • The atrocity called the budget.

    • And Jared is NOT going to jail thanks to the budget capitulation. About the very absolute worst press conference I’ve ever seen him give. He did not believe a word of what he said.

  27. Some morning comments. Trump signed the Omnibus bill. Anybody want to guess that the Crat’s and Never Trumper’s were hoping he would veto and shut down the government? We should all remember that it is Congress, not the President that decides funding. Sure, Trump could have vetoed it. But what would the next one look like and how long would the government have shut down to get to that next one? What would have that done politically? While I’m none to happy about the Bill, let’s put the blame where it belongs Congressional Republicans.

    Next up, the “March For Our Lives”. Well, the kids should be thankful to have made it past Planned Parenthood. They should also be better educated. Congress isn’t in charge of protecting schools. Congress CAN’T pass laws that would violate the Constitution (although they do try, only to be shut down by SCOTUS). Government bans are useless, see the opiode epidemic and all other drug issues. Kids get killed everyday because they text and drive, and that has been banned in many places. Kid’s are not the best drivers anyway, so I say let’s up the age to 21 to drive, buy guns, drink, smoke, go to college, vote and own smart phones. I wonder how many of these puppets would agree to that?

  28. SK…you like history…….I have revisisted some things just before my time and I am specifically referring to the American Nazi movement of the late 30’s….Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and others. Color me stupid but I went back and read the ideologyof the American Nazi Party and how powerful it was and how many there were in our government…I noticed they called themselves the Progressive party as well………………

    So, I went to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and several others, and compared their ideology to that of the American Nazi Party ( Progressive Party ) of the 30’s and the similarities are absolutely shocking….almost verbatim. Take a look yourself and see if I am being just plain stupid.

    While you are at it, compare the isolationist movement back then to now. The America first and the pushback it got from the Nazi party. The network of government officials that were so against the New Deal and the revival of America and what they were doing to undermine the current POTUS at that time. Very strategic and…..well….if you have the time…take a look.

    • You nailed it. We often forget that the national Socialists were just that Socialists. Bernie Sanders actually, being an old fart, sort of gets it since he wanted “democratic” Socialism. The reality is both democratic Socialism and National Socialism really rely on having a “strong man” as a leader. The wimpy countries of Europe are not really the Socialist Utopias people make them out to be. One could say they are successful because there is still so much free market in them. They succeed”in spite” of Socialism.

      VH is very good about picking up anything to do with euthanasia and abortion. While I have no clue on the Nazi party’s stand on abortion, I suspect they were against it ONLY because they were not able to test babies yet for genetic disease. We do know that if you had a defect, any defect, you became fertilizer. Just how different is that from today’s “progressive” democrats? Ditto with euthanasia. Today we candy coat it by calling it a “choice” or “Dr. assisted suicide” but bottom line is it is right out of the Nazi playbook.

      I’ve always said that FDR was the right man at the time. Wrong programs for sure but he held the place together. Do not know if there was any one else out there who could have done it.

      Revisit some Frank Capra movies if you would. They reek of the rich, smug National Socialist types trying to “control” the population. From Edward Arnold’s character in “Meet John Doe” to old Mr. Potter in his dotage in “It’s a wonderful life”. Potter would have been a real beast in his prime.

      I remember being stunned at age 20 when I first realized that Politics was not linear. It is a circle. So called Extreme Right and Extreme left meet at High Noon!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I take exception to your claim of Ford or Lindberg being part of an American Nazi movement. The true Progressive of that time was FDR. I do not share SK’s view about his qualities either.

      I suggest you read this and then consider some of the slanted comments as opposed to those reading more like history.

      P.S. Their were supporters of Fascism in the US, they were not Nazies.

      • A few thoughts on the Fascism issue. As a High School student, I did excel in history. Loved the subject. Fascism was never a major issue or term, it was simply attributed to the Italian’s during WWII. I have never heard the Nazi’s being called fascist, until recently. The Nazi’s were socialist’s. All the other stuff about wanting a perfect race of whites was not necessarily a part of socialism, but part of the Nazi party and their ideology of the time. Much of that has carried over to what we now call Socialist’s. I see fascism as a form of government and Socialism as both a form of government but an ideology as well. While the difference is small, we do probably live with a government that is both. I also believe, as I have said before, that today’s Liberal’s are far closer to Nazi’s than Communist’s. Neither seem to want to be free.

      • Lindberg flew the St. Louis-Chicago airmail route. I grew up in small town west of Chicago along the Omaha to Chicago RR line. My home town had a small airport designated a secondary landing strip for that airmail route. When the Chicago airports were socked in, Lindberg on a few rare occasions landed their. This airport at the time was a few miles north of town. Later (1930’s) it was moved to within one mile of town and just across the road from the railroad. In bad weather, airmail planes would land there and their mail was transferred to the train.

        The family operating the airport lived in a small house on the airport grounds and also operated a federal weather station there. Although there was no control tower at the airport, the upper story of the house did look like a control tower, square with windows on all four sides. The airport shut down before WWII. In the 1950’s, we lived in that house for about 2.5 yrs.

      • From the “America First Campaign” pre WWII.

        Charles Lindbergh was among the most extreme AFC spokesmen. He also introduced a troubling new theme into the America First campaign. It was support for Germany. Most AFC supporters opposed war. Many had criticized Britain and France simply to balance the general American dislike of the Nazis. To justify their position, they had noisily opposed British imperialism. Some were also anti-English, but the England they hated was largely the City of London’s financial establishment. Many America Firsters, like most Americans, still wanted Britain to win the war, even if they didn’t want to do anything to help. Very few AFC members discounted the importance of democracy and personal freedom. Lindbergh, with what one critic called an “Olympian contempt for all democratic processes,” did. . Despite formulaic protestations about its “excesses,” he found much to admire in the new German state. He also shared many of its leaders’ racial beliefs. Lindbergh was not against war. He simply opposed war with Germany.

        Lindbergh gave voice to Nazi fellow travelers and anti-Semites who were among the least worthy elements within America First. They repaid him with enthusiastic support. His appearances at Committee rallies were always charged with excitement. But he also attracted to the AFC extremists and bigots who previously had been discouraged from joining. Popular to the end, his reckless rhetoric would fatally wound the Committee in the eyes of the nation. Some members of the leadership would eventually repudiate him. Most did not, and chose to follow him into the moral wilderness. This decision would destroy the reputation of the AFC.

        Lindbergh, like the rest of the Committee, had been driven by fear of Communism. But while the others also feared for American democracy, Lindbergh was concerned about the future of the white race, and what he called “western civilization.” That his definition did not include democracy soon became painfully apparent. “Our bond with Europe is a bond of race, and not of political ideology,” he would insist. Neither did it include freedom for the smaller nations of Europe. The great western nations, in which he included Germany, were the only ones of importance for him, since they alone demonstrated the industrial and technological superiority that he admired, and which he believed was proof of racial superiority. The only real danger to civilization, Lindbergh believed, was from lesser breeds, the “pressing sea of Yellow, Black and Brown” who were incapable of technological progress. The Soviet Union‘s “semi-Asiatic hordes,” being the best organized and armed, were the most dangerous. Long before the war began, Lindbergh believed he had found the means of defeating this threat. It was Nazi Germany.

        I don’t know about you, JAC, but when I see the definitions of Nazism and Fascism….I do not see much difference. While I will agree that Lindbergh did not wear a brown uniform with a Nazi symbol, his support of the racial divide and support of Germany while under Nazi rule is something that bothered my dad a lot. Also, my late father was not scared of Communists like everyone else was during that time. My dad did not want war but he also saw that a Hitler Europe…a facist/national socialist state would have led to more war later. He was ver y anti Lindbergh, especially, and Henry Ford, which he put into the same category.

        • See, I disagree with what they wrote. Where is it mentioned that he was SENT to Germany by the FDR government to “check” them out”?

          Another thing NOT mentioned, and VERY important is the very real disgust American vets had for Britain who dragged them into WW 1. For what? British and French imperialism? Lindbergh saw that too. British propaganda touted the “evils” of Kaiser Bill’s Germany, raping the nuns and bayoneting the babies. All aimed at a naive American audience. There were solid reasons for our getting into that war but to unemployed vets, some of whom were coughing up their lungs, begging for a bonus, all they saw was the perfidy of Britain.

          Ernest King, CNO of the US Navy had little use for the British. A confirmed Anglophobe who thought the Brits would cheerfully sell us down the river AFTER they had used us to get what they could not get themselves. Just did some quick research on King. Like Lindbergh, it seems the revisionists have now made him a drunk and womanizer, things I’d never heard a dozen years ago. Highly unlikely they woudl pick him for CNO if true. But, if you ever read “a Man Called Intrepid”, you would see just how effective and never ending Brit propaganda is especially in the re-writing of history to suit their narrative. I love Churchill, I love “Tommy Atkins” for how they saved the world but the rest of the governmental politics of GB stinks to this day. Steele dossier anyone?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Read the Wikipedia link I provided. You will get a fuller view of what was happening and of Lindbergh’s statements.

          As I said, or tried to say, you have to be aware of bias when reading any historians writing about events. Sometimes this is not obvious until you read other sources. But it is there in almost all writings.

          As SK noted, FDR sent Lindbergh to German to check things out. Lindbergh did apparently look up to some of Germany’s accomplishments and people. But that would be true of anyone understanding Germany’s history, absent the then current growth of the Nazi party.

          I think the views written about the America First movement and people largely depend on whether those writing them had a greater fear of Hitler/Nazis or Stalin/Communists. Lindbergh and Ford were far more in line with the thinking and values of our Founders than they were with the Progressives which led us into WWI and then WWII.

          Also please note how Lindbergh criticizes the Germans for their aggression, once Hitler reveals his plans of conquest. I would say, from my readings, Lindbergh was sympathetic to Germany, not to the Nazis in particular. Until Hitler invades everyone, and then we get into the war. Let us not forget Lindbergh flew combat missions as a civilian, having given up his commission because of FDR’s very Obama like strategy of questioning his patriotism publicly.

          Now as to Nazi vs America First. Let us not forget that “racism” existed throughout the country, that is USA. It was not unique to any particular party, although the Democrats held the most obnoxious form in the South. Antisemitism was also widely present. So using these factors to paint Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer is not fair. You could do the same with almost any other group of that era.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Check out this list of Fascist organizations by country. I posted only the U’s so in cover the USA. The America First group is not listed. And most groups are not formed until after WWII.

      • Never have read this but will do so and start today. Re-reading my fathers old letters brought all this to light….I have never checked into backgrounds of Linbergh and Ford before…and there are others, I am sure. I was more intrigued by the similarities of the Progressive Movement of the 30’s to the Progressive MOvement of today.

      • Ford and Lindbergh were America Firsters, as time passes, they are being morphed into “American Nazi’s” which of course is absurd. But that’s the way the left operates, “let’s tear down a few more heroes”, why don’t we. Prior to recognizing the anti-semitism of the Nazi’s, everybody had good things to say about them. They pulled their country of a deep depression were “socialist” not Communist and were advocates for law and order all the while proclaiming how Germany wanted peace.

        I’ve often said that in Benito had NOT allied with Hitler, and NOT engaged in the Military misadventures he did but used economics to control North Africa, he could have gone to his grave a highly regarded man. Look at Franco, our left reviled and despised him (mostly for beating the Commies) yet, he lived out his life and history, grudgingly, will brand him a success.

        I love speculation. Hence, my fascination with FDR. The “what if’s” of him NOT being in the right place at the right time are fascinating. What does JAC think, the country was ready for another four years of Hoover? Then there is that OTHER populist, lurking in Louisiana, the “kingfish” himself. Think desperate, hungry people would have seen through him? I don’t.

        • It is extraordinarily difficult for us today to see what “yesterday” was like. We must realize that.

          I have always thought that the problems in the American psyche caused by the Great Depression, resulted in people looking for successful new political ways to overcome the obvious failures of the past that led to the current (1932) problems.

          If you think back a few short years to Obama’s run, and his offer to “fundamentally change America” it is not terribly different from what was going on world wide in the 1930’s. People ten years ago were appalled at the collapse of the economy, skyrocketing unemployment, housing foreclosures and free fall in their 401K’s. Regardless that it did not hold a candle to the 1930’s it still made Americans elect a totally incompetent neophyte to the Presidency and give him a congress. But for the grace of God and their total lack of ability, we are not 100 times worse off now than we were then and stuck with our “Fuhrer”.

          The hopelessness of the 1930’s led to an awful lot of people looking for a “new way”, hope and change if you will. Fascism, aimed at controlling the big conglomerates and Corporations and creating a planned economy with guarantees of employment looked very, very attractive to a whole lot of people.

          A while back I posted a musical number about the “forgotten man” that was in the 1932 “Goldiggers” movie. I challenge anyone to look at it, GET INTO IT’S MINDSET, become a 1932 ordinary American for 6.50 minutes and then react viscerally to what you just saw. I defy you to tell me you would not charge the barricades. Follow it up with a news report on MacArthur and Patton burning up the bonus encampment within sight of the Washington Monument. Think back to Germany in the 1920’s where precisely the same things happened, Vets were in disgrace and the police were shooting up demonstrators. So, Nazism happened. No big surprise. More of a miracle it did not take hold here.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Understanding Fascism……… here is a link to an author that wrote about it much closer to the time it developed. I often find older historical works to be more objective and informative than those written since about 1960. The latter all seem to have a “purpose” behind them rather than just revealing new facts.

      Note his description of Fascism and his quote about how it was not some new revolution that sprung, from Mussolini’s chin.

  29. The R’s in Congress have a unique ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

    I wish Trump had taken the following stand. He should have said, “Here is a 2000+ page bill that no one has read. Before I sign, with the assistance of my staff, we are going to read every page. This will take time. I have 10 days before I have to either veto it or sign it. In the mean time I suggest Congress get busy and pass an immediate temporary funding plan for the next 30 days. If I veto this bill, they well need the time to correct it. When we are done reading, we will highlight for the American people the good and bad of the bill. For the 2019 budget, I will not sign any massive budget bills or continuing resolutions. I will only consider individual bill for individual departments, i.e. a return to regular order. Present me another bill that has not been read by Congress and I will veto it in 5 seconds.”

    • I like that response. Alot. I’m hoping he has something up his sleeve about this. He got his military funding like he wanted. The other money doesn;t even have to be spent necessarily. Maybe he’s thinking September will be closer to the election where he can pull something like what you mentioned. But for now, he can slow walk that money around until he gets what else he wants. Oh, you want money outta this for Planned Parenthood?…well show show me some wall money. Oh, now you want money for sanctuary cities?…not a chance til i get more border patrol guys. All I can do is trust he’s not going down like this. Something is bout to break loose.

      • Anita….what bothers me the most is he has done EXACTLY the same thing Bush I did with his no new taxes pledge. Trump campaigned on this very thing from day one….and he had a chance to call out the swamp and he did not………………..under the disguise of the military neeing money and believe me, I am a strong supporter of the military having more money……..but not this way. I fear that he has undermined his strength to an un-recoverable position. He should have vetoed the bill and forced an over-ride. The true snakes would have come out then.

        • Yeah V, it could be something with the wall. But my pipe dream would be something more like a military tribunal for the swamp. Trump was mighty PO’d the other day. He knows they backed him into a corner. And sometimes, ahem Colonel…like you’ve been known to say…ya gotta get down in the gutter with them. So Trump got his military money…have you guys heard that Sessions and Mattis took a trip to Gitmo recently. Now why would Sessions and Mattis go to Gitmo? And have you also heard that there are something like 18K sealed indictments already on the DOJ books. And Sessions said he has a prosecutor outside of DC reading to start banging the drums.So if I was Trump, I’d pull a national address to the nation where he spells it all out on why he agreed to sign that bill, and that the military tribunals against the swamp will begin…starting NOW! BOOM! All the way up to Clinton and Obama. What!What!!

      • I also read this :

        and wonder what’s the difference in Congress not giving out the funds that were appropriated for the wall?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The difference is this story is talking about agencies just not spending all the money. As opposed to the idea of Mr. Trump using other authority to override Congressional direction in the budget.

          Congress has been including more specific instructions for decades now, in the budget. Because various administrations exercised their discretion in ways congress didn’t like. For example, when Pelosi and Reid got language included “preventing” agencies from spending “any allocated funds” to evaluate or implement “contracting” as a means of doing federal work. That painted the agencies into a corner they could not get out of. To issue a single contract for the work described or to even spend one hour of employee time evaluating the potential for a contract would have violated the budget law.

          Now I can tell you that it is possible for the agencies to just not spend the money. But they will have to show how it will be spent, right up until September 30 when magically a surplus pops up and the money becomes “unavailable” on Oct. 1st. But also remember, many of the Congressional “allocations” are not good for two years. The agencies do not have to spend the money this fiscal year. But they are supposed to spend it by the end of the allocation period. Sometimes this is two years.

          • VH….I had budgets in the military. Commanders have budgets and requests. I had to run a budget of tens of millions just for my little piece of the pie. You never spent your entire budget. You always kept things back. The problem with that is……if you do not spend your budget, it gets cut by the amount you did not spend. This leads to waste. The reason we would keep some money back was because if you had emergencies, there was no rainy day fund to get. You had petition Congress for more and you never got it.

            That leads to the fiscal year ending with a budget surplus. I have seen golf courses being built, officers clubs being built, enlisted clubs being built, plus a plethora of non military things being done just to spend the money so you would get the same the next year. We could fund Trump’s wall with just eliminating waste. Think of what we could use good money for just eliminating waste in all the civilian departments… would dwarf the military waste.

          • So basically, it’s the same thing, the agency just didn’t spend the money and Congress has refused to re-appropriate the money.

            Confused about the contract thing. They contract work out all the time. I must be missing something.

  30. Well…rats…..someone please check moderation…I had a lengthy response to JAC and it has disappeared.

  31. I understand about the AFC….and everything assoiciated with it and why it failed and was disbanded. I remember sitting with my father and discussing in length about FDR, Hoover, and the lead up to the Depression of the 30’s. My grandfather was a bankruptcy attorney during this time and I remember the horror stories told by those that went through the 30’s. Apparently, my family was very fortunate. They were savers and did not put very much money in the banks. They kept most of it in a safe at home because my grandfather, being an attorney, saw very much what was happening and foretold a run on the banks. He was right. He saw the policies of his era and somehow knew or guessed correctly. He was not a fan of FDR at all and he hated Hoover worse. Everyone knows that the depression actually started in 1929 under Hoover and that FDR took over. My father was born in 1919 and did not have anything to do with Hoover but he did under the FDR regime…..then the war.

    He would talk about Lindbergh and Ford and others who were apparent isolationists. Everyone, included my father, thought that the German technology was terrific and was ahead of everyone but my grandmother and my mother were in Paris when the Germans came marching in and they had nothing good to say. They got out and the Americans were treated well in the beginning but within 90 days of Paris, it went to hell pretty quick. So, I have to also take in consideration that Germans and Japanese during that time were not subjects at the dinner table. But, my dad had nothing good to say about Lindbergh at any time…even his historic flight. In addition, my family was not in favor of Aryan and racial preservation. So, that could also be part of the issue with my parents.

    I just think it is interesting, as I mentioned, the similarities between these movements. I do not see much difference between the progressive movement of then and now. I find it interesting and will read more about it and read each one of the links sent.

  32. “Throughout the Obama presidency, the Republican Party at least gave lip service to the need to restore fiscal sanity in Washington,” says Michael Needham, head of the conservative policy group Heritage Action. “It is now clear just how many in the GOP are willing to engage in profligate spending when they control the levels of power.”

  33. Claim A: Democrats and Republicans are both big-government, big-spending Keynesians.

    Claim B: The primary difference lies in how they prefer to distribute the spending, not in the extent or size of the spending. (eg, Blue Team likes welfare, Red Team likes defense spending.)

    Claim C: Whereas Democrats (generally) make no bones about being Big Government spendthrifts, Republicans (generally) are a bunch of giant hypocrites who whine and sob about the need for fiscal responsibility, but forget all about it when they have control.

    Claim D: Whereas Democrats (generally) want to increase taxes along with their increased spending (which would shrink deficits), Republicans (generally) want to decrease taxes along with increased spending (increased deficits).


    • Theres plenty of problems with both groups. Hypocrisy is rampant, so is corruption. Maybe its past time for sweeping changes in who represents.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Claim C is False: Roll all the footage of Democrats screaming about the debt and deficits whenever a Republican is in the White House or controls Congress. See the Dems always bragging about Clinton’s surplus, that did not really exist.

      Claim D is also False: The Dems push for higher taxes on the higher income brackets. But they allow the taxes to creep on everyone. AMT anyone??? Their policies have never reduced the deficit because their increases overtake the tax revenue immediately. Let alone cause reductions in taxable production. The R’s had the formula correct, but can’t stand to really reduce spending. So after the first tax cut or two they get increased revenue. But if a spoon full of draino will clear the pipes a bucket must work wonders, right??

      Bottom line, both parties have had adverse impacts on production, and federal deficits and total debt.

      Claim B is also a little inaccurate: While they claim what you say in reality there is not much difference. The R’s really don’t cut welfare all that much, and the D’s will fight like hell to keep the military spending in those areas where they might lose votes by cutting. Lets not forget all the D senators and congressmen who fought base closings under Reagan and Bush.

    • Claim A: Agreed

      Claim B: Basically agree….not enough disagreement to warrant an argument.

      Claim C: Naw…..have to disagree. Plenty of examples out there from Dems harping on deficits and debt………………..until they are in control.

      Claim D: Hooo-eeee……..Figures don’t lie but liars can figure. It is all in the accounting. I want to see the Repubs introduce a bill to make the personal taxes PERMANENT. I would be willing to bet that it will not pass. Neither party is willing to attack the problem…..welfare, medicare, medicaid, and social security.


      I would be willing to go back to the Clinton/Gingrich plan of the 90’s.

  34. Question: Should we, the USA, care whether or not some soviet spy got zapped in England to any extent of expelling diplomats in support of England?

    • Bear in mind that it was an opportune time to close on of the places down that was next to a Submarine base and Boeing……………………

    • Just A Citizen says:


      What the hell is up my Texican friend? A new survey of gun ownership has Texas at 35.7% of the population owning guns. Hawaii is higher than Texas, at 45.1%.

      I expected the winner…….Alaska at 61.7%. #2 was Arkansas at 57.9%.

      And coming in at number THREE as in 3 that being 3rd………….IDAHO at 56.9%.

      A few more thousand Californians move here and we will give Alaska a run for #1.

      When you come up this summer you might want to carry a few extra. Or you will stick out like a naked ape to us locals. 🙂

      • If I was you, I would not pay attention to this “survey”. I do not know whom they asked about ownership but I can guarantee you that it is much, much higher…..and so is Alaska….I would imagine Idaho is much higher. I would imagine that the entire US would be higher per capita.I really do think that most of us that own, would not say nor answer some sort of survey.

        I know that if I got such a survey through the mail or by telephone, I certainly am not going to answer either of them. I suspect thath most that own weapons would not answer or give a truthful answer.

        I know that I do not answer the questions on hospital or doctor questionnaires. I leave it blank. Texas does not require gun registration nor does it require that stores that sell guns keep records on file.

        I know of NO ONE that does not have a weapon of some type that goes boom or bang….and I am not talking drums.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You are asking me to believe that TEXANS when asked if they own a gun would say no. Instead of bragging about how many, how big and how Texas bad ass their gun collection is. You are asking me to believe that Texans are a humble and shy people, unwilling to talk about the size of their stuff in pubic. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting argument my friend. Bwahahhaaha. 🙂

          • I believe it all the way. Its not like its a group of friends you’re telling that to. Its no ones business what your secret room holds. The Colonel probably has a fake bookshelf that spins around to a room full of guns and ammo. I have a doc appt today. Old doc retired, so I looked closer to home. Its gonna be a a whole new set of paperwork I’m gonna have to supply. If they ask me about guns or weapons in the home…the answer is no!

            • Secret rooms, bookshelves? Really now…you watch waaaay to much TV….Spinning bookshelves, pffft……….My war room is not secret……….HOWEVER, you will need a key to get in and it is monitored by camera and it does have a motion detector….and the door is not a door to be kicked in by a foot, unless you are into pain. Very stylish steel door that looks like a normal door, into a steel frame…my grand kids or friends cannot simply walk in…..I have a very extensive collection of knives as well. Do not want innocent people being hurt.

              • and the door is not a door to be kicked in by a foot, unless you are into pain.

                So THAT’S what happened to Gman’s foot!

          • I am asking you to believe that most Texans do not respond positively to being questioned about their guns on surveys and such………….I am NOT asking you to believe that we, Texicans, do not brag about our guns….we just do not brag about them to government or surveys or media.

            • I guessed as much…..As the wife tells me….Shhhhhhhhh!

            • Heck, I hesitate before I answer whether or not I smoke.

            • Texas is big, with people who brag, bigly. Lot’s of big in Texas. Great story the other day whilst Pops was watching “Chasing Sasquatch” or some dumb show about chasing him. Told Pops that it ain’t worth watching, bigfoot will turn out to be a Texan who got really, really, bigly, lost. 😀

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I waited but nobody responded. So here it goes.

      We should care about a spy being killed. Remember, his daughter is also near death and many private citizens were exposed to the toxin. And this is not the first time Russia has reached outside its borders to kill someone.

      We should not take action “just to support” our English ally. We should act if we have good reason to act on our own behalf. And it seems to me that a message needs to be sent to Russia that this is not acceptable. I am not sure expulsion of diplomats is the way to do this. If I were Trump I might have held back until I met with Putin. He needs to convey to Putin that certain behaviors are not acceptable if he wants a constructive relationship. These can be very basic. Like no more assassinations and no more hacking into computer networks in the USA. I think the phony use of social media for political stories should be raised but could be a concession on our part. Because it it not a big deal in reality. This needs to be done one on one and not in pubic. There is not need to publicly attack Putin or Russia until you give them a chance to correct course. Obviously, before said meeting Mr. Trump needs to come up with some real leverage that Mr. Putin understands and would pay attention to. Maybe this is confiscation of all off shore Russian money. I don’t know. But we need something more than we have had the past then years.

      • Putin is a cold war warrior…..he loves it. He is killing people all over the world. If he wants to kill his own spy….I do not care….it goes with the job and so does his family. There is no chivalry or honor in the big game.

        However, Trump kicks out a bunch of people from Seattle that needed to go. It was a spy den located right by the Submarine base and Boeing….never should have been there anyway.

        I am more of a bull in a China closet than you are. Diplomacy does not work unless you are willing to do things and I prefer to knock down a few doors to get Putins attention than to try to “negotiate” from weakness. Our reputation for negotiating has gone to hell the last 20 years….I like Trumps motives so far……..well, most of them.

        I think his way of threatening a trade war was the right move. I think that the immediate placing of tariffs sent a strong message….we are ready for a trade war are you? Let’s negotiate or let’s roll… seems to be working.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Like I said, Mr. Trump needs to find something of importance to hang over Putin’s head. Not sure your goals and style are all that different here. Except I don’t make the pissing match public. But this is successful negotiation 101. Give your adversary an honorable way to save face if you are winning. Putin needs to be kicked where it hurts in private, while praising him publicly for his efforts to move Russia forward. Or Trump could administer the kick in private while publicly ridiculing the Dems, McCain, etc. for creating tensions with Russia when it is not necessary. Take the heat from the left and media but WIN THE GAME.

          Now, I have no problem with booting the Russians out of Seattle. I am guessing there are hundreds more that need to go. Along with thousands of Chinese. But of course we had better be ready to lose our “eyes and ears” over there as well.

          I do have a question for you. What is the “thing” we can use as leverage with Putin?

          • I see your points well…..but knocking off spies is not the “thing”…we have been “eliminating” spies for decades….it has not stopped with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It just went back underground.

            Now, I took successful negotiation 101 as well…..and, yes, you offer a face saving out…..but at the end of that chapter, it also says you can offer the face saving way out AFTER the initial humiliation.

            Trump has the “thing” if he will use it….Mueller is doing it for him. He needs to call out the ties with the Clinton administration and Russians……but that is assuming that his skirts are not soiled.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    When the left is honest about their desires the future has greater clarity.

    • The weapons ban in 1994 did not work… did not take weapons off the street and it did not stem the supply of AR 15’s at all…..banning will not work.

      • The point is….repealing the 2nd amendment will not work……but let’s discuss it…..So…. I will ask you and Mathius……a 2nd Amendment repeal does exactly what in REALITY? How would you enforce this?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          No Sir. The point is that if the Dems go after the Second Amendment openly they will get booted from office. Let em keep on talking.

          As for your question. Repealing the Second Amendment will result in Federal banning of guns, except those allowed by Govt. for our use in hunting or sporting clays. Our guns will be confiscated. You know how?

          Our teens will be turning everyone in. The YOUTH BRIGADE will show up by the hundreds or thousands outside your home and scream obscenities at you and your family until you admit your error and submit to re-education. The Snowflake generation may have unleashed more than people have yet to understand. Or more precisely. They have revealed what has been unleashed against all of us. They are just unknowing and unthinking pawns for now. But they may soon graduate to Bishop or Knight and then look out.

          • The point is that if the Dems go after the Second Amendment openly they will get booted from office. Let em keep on talking. I agree whole heartedly…. let ’em talk.

            The jury is still out as far as I a concerned about this latest demo. It is clear it was orchestrated and not a grass roots issue. It is also clear that these “students” have no concept andno idea of what they are talking about or much less doing.

            Our teens will be turning everyone in. The YOUTH BRIGADE will show up by the hundreds or thousands outside your home and scream obscenities at you and your family until you admit your error and submit to re-education. The Snowflake generation may have unleashed more than people have yet to understand. Or more precisely. They have revealed what has been unleashed against all of us. They are just unknowing and unthinking pawns for now. But they may soon graduate to Bishop or Knight and then look out. In other words, the Brown Shirts that the left always complains about?

            • Thou sayist it!

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Yes, the very same. What do you think has been happening the past decade? People think that the PC police are just a bunch of disjointed lunatics. But look seriously at the impact they had over such a short time frame. Now add the crowd strike capability of using social media to attack people individually. Of the sense of “empowerment” given to immature kids by their handlers with all this. Then turning them lose on the rest of us.

              Besides, I found over the years that you can tell what the left is about by listening to what they complain the other side is doing. They are the classic masters of projection and deflection.

              • Agreed but now, in reality, there is no way to enforce a repeal or re-statement of the 2nd Amendment. It would be a blood bath…..if you think any Americans are going to give up their guns because the government said so….I think you would be wrong. No amount of Brown Shirts would be able to do so. A lot of body bags get filled.

            • To my knowledge, Texas is the only state to tell the courts to Shut the hell up. Now the NJ legislature and our brand new governor are voting (will vote) over the next week.

              To drop magazine capacity from the already reduced 15 to ten

              Ban armor piercing bullets (again).

              Tighten up requirements for getting a carry permit. So we go from about 1,000 statewide (not counting LEO”s) to about zero.

              Repeal the “castle doctrine” so that you must retreat.

              A licensed “professional” may attest that you are not competent to possess a firearm (no recourse).

              The ban of private sales between unrelated individuals.

              Now of course there are those who will ignore this as there are those who never registered nor surrendered a variety of “banned” pseudo assault weapons 25 years ago but, they have to stay hidden in your basement, never traveling to the range….ever.

              There were rumors in the past that undercover staties would be at ranges and radio their comrades outside the range to stop certain vehicles for a “weapons check”.

              • To drop magazine capacity from the already reduced 15 to ten This is totally stupid. It would not reduce the number of people dead. Any nitwit knows this.

                Ban armor piercing bullets (again). This one does not bother me. Why would you want them? Buy Black Talons if you want a round to pierce vests.

                Tighten up requirements for getting a carry permit. So we go from about 1,000 statewide (not counting LEO”s) to about zero. This is stupid as well…People will go back to carrying them without a permit or go to another state to get one…..espeially if the National reciprocity bill goes through..(which I am against).

                Repeal the “castle doctrine” so that you must retreat. This is even more idiotic than any of the others. Move to Texas….our Castle Doctrine was expanded to include cars, boats, planes, and all rereational vehicles that the family uses.

                A licensed “professional” may attest that you are not competent to possess a firearm (no recourse). What a crock of shit on this one. What “licensed” professional. I am a professional and I have a license to do certain things….I can declare you crazy Mary?

                The ban of private sales between unrelated individuals. This is even more stupid….how do you control this? Impossible.

                I am telling ya….come to Texas. There is room and the official language is Texican, which is a derivative of English. I will have to get you a Texas passport, of course.

              • Here ya go….drool over this…Texas Castle Doctrine

                AN ACT

                relating to the use of force or deadly force in defense of a person.


                SECTION 1. Section 9.01, Penal Code, is amended by adding Subdivisions (4) and (5) to read as follows:

                (4) “Habitation” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

                (5) “Vehicle” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

                SECTION 2. Section 9.31, Penal Code, is amended by amending Subsection (a) and adding Subsections (e) and (f) to read as follows:

                (a) Except as provided in Subsection (b), a person is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor [he] reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect the actor [himself] against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful force. The actor’s belief that the force was immediately necessary as described by this subsection is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

                (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the force was used:

                (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

                (B) unlawfully and with force removed, or was attempting to remove unlawfully and with force, the actor from the actor’s habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or

                (C) was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery;

                (2) did not provoke the person against whom the force was used; and

                (3) was not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic at the time the force was used.

                (e) A person who has a right to be present at the location where the force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at the time the force is used is not required to retreat before using force as described by this section.

                Now, pay particular attention to this one…..(f) For purposes of Subsection (a), in determining whether an actor described by Subsection (e) reasonably believed that the use of force was necessary, a finder of fact may not consider whether the actor failed to retreat.


              • One last drool……

                Sec. 83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY [AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE]. A [It is an affirmative defense to a civil action for damages for personal injury or death that the] defendant who uses force or[, at the time the cause of action arose, was justified in using] deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9 [Section 9.32], Penal Code, is immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that results from the defendant’s [against a person who at the time of the] use of force or deadly force, as applicable [was committing an offense of unlawful entry in the habitation of the defendant].

                ****Remember that as described above the term Habitation was extended to everything aforementioned.

              • Oops….one more drool…..sorry.

                In Texas, one can use deadly force not just to protect a person, but also to protect personal property, including to “retrieve stolen property at night,” during “criminal mischief in the nighttime” and even to prevent someone who is fleeing immediately after a theft during the night or a burglary or robbery, so long as the individual “reasonably” thinks the property cannot be protected by other means. The law has been the basis for not pressing charges against individuals who shoot and kill suspected car burglars, and an individual suspected of stealing copper wiring from a car. It is worth noting that some other states authorize the use of force to protect personal property, but not deadly force.
                We really like this one. Sure you don’t wanna come on down? Oh, and since I have already extended several of the statues I will just tell you that there is no duty to warn individuals. Someone is stealing your car, your garbage, anything…..pop his ass.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              “if you think any Americans are going to give up their guns because the government said so….I think you would be wrong. No amount of Brown Shirts would be able to do so. A lot of body bags get filled.”

              I think the number of Americans who would comply with such an order would raise the hair on your neck and make water drip from your eyes. You of all people should understand how that would be carried out. Until only the hard core were left. And then we would be made out as TRAITORS to the country as the FBI and ATF were sent out to eliminate us.

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