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thOOT22PK5Those who support “health care for all” and “free education” are advocating for their own slavery and destruction. Government can’t give “health care for all” or “free education” or anything else because government has nothing to give that it hasn’t taken from someone else.
Such a philosophy is based upon the Marxian economic theory, “from each according to his ability and to each according to his need.” It’s a philosophy based on deception and fraud.
Socialism is a disguised system of stealing the wealth and production of the producers of wealth with spurious laws. Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers make for very sophisticated and concealed class warfare. In other words, it is a parasite system with the parasites ruling and fleecing their host through deception.
This fleecing requires a strong police state to back up the government power needed to create conformity to reallocate the wealth. And it has led to mass murder and destruction every time it’s been tried.



  1. I’ve posted the 45 goals of Communism in the Congressional record numerous times. One day, people are going to wake up and wonder what happened if this disease continues to spread.

  2. Mathius says:

    Shocker: this guy donated $500 to Trump.

    • I guess I’m supposed to say what I think about this. But all I really think is this guy went on a full out of control rant, which he should be ashamed of doing, but it shouldn’t destroy his life. But it will.

    • It is extremely rude to talk in a foreign language in front of customers. The language of business in the US is English.

      • Mathius says:

        It is not the tiniest bit rude to talk in a foreign language in front of customers.

        The only “language of business” is “money.”

        What’s “extremely rude” is feeling you have an entitlement to berate people for the way in which they are talking to each other in a conversation that doesn’t involve you.

  3. Mathius says:

    Trump, yesterday, talking about illegal immigrants.

    “These aren’t people. These are animals.”

  4. I would like to know what the opinion of the left is on the current state of the Trump/Russia investigation. Apparently, the FBI and other intelligence orgs. had a spy in the Trump campaign. They used the spy to plant information (Russian hacking of D emails) with Papadopoulis and when he regurgitated this to the Australian diplomat, then used that to increase surveillance of the campaign. They had secret court orders for additional wire taps, etc. The investigation started months before they claimed is started and was originally instigated by the CIA. apparently, Obama was briefed on the steps being taken. This exceeds the attempted break-in at Watergate by a thousand fold. Agency after agency was corrupted. There should be a universal scream from everyone to bring these people to justice.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Late this morning. So I moved this to this thread to stay current.

    May 17, 2018 at 10:27 am (Edit)
    I am not sure why all the left leaning rags think he was talking about Trump. To them this was all about Trump.

    Me thinks they need to look in the mirror. Tillerson’s comments can be applied to a wide range of opinion leaders and institutions.

    I agree with him to a large extent. Although, since politicians and interest groups have lied for centuries and given that the truth is rarely known by the people, I am not convinced about the connection to the downfall of democracy. At least not in the context which the media assumes this message was given. If it were along the lines of our discussion about morality and its relation to reason and thus reality, well then I would agree. Because in order to rationalize any socialist policies one has to suspend reality and ignore the facts about how the system has killed millions.

    • The Liberal media loves to project their own desires and attribute them to others. Maybe they don’t consider that he may be talking about THEM as well as others, none the less, the Liberal media, and all their cult members who whined about the popular vote in the last election, should know that we don’t live in a Democracy. But I guess it’s too hard to say or write Constitutional Republic (maybe Tillerson could have used better words as well). But the message was a good one ,integrity does matter, in all walks of life. Our representatives have long ago destroyed theirs, the media has followed suit.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    I watched a documentary on Netflix last night about the battle at Chosin reservoir. That was in the Korean War for you folks from Terra Linda. 🙂

    Very striking at the end, Each surviving veteran, to a man, expressed pride in their mission and that they had liberated S. Korea. That the Nation of S. Korea not only continued to exist but thrive as a result of their sacrifice. And of course helping stop the march of Communism.

    Despite what they went through, despite many continuing to fight in that war until the end, each and every one thought what WE did was the Right thing to do.

    My oh my how the American spirit changed in only a few short years after that.

    In a related note, like many I loved watching the show M.A.S.H.. But unlike many I only liked it for the story lines and great characters. I did not like the anti-American or anti-war bend to it. Especially as it drug on. I always thought the writers were dragging Viet Nam mentality, I am pointing at you John Kerry, into a story about Korea. I actually stopped watching the show several years before it ended, due to this.

    • What was it titled, would love to watch it this evening?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I think it was Battle at Chosin Reservoir. It was a PBS story under Netflix on the TV. I think the Doc. was done several years back. It has good footage of what our guys and the Chinese went through, along with the North Korean refugees.

    • Hey!! I’m from Michigan, but thanks for the clarification. 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        • Yeah, Me and history didn’t get along very well back in the day. I still watch MASH reruns, but had never heard of the Chosin Reservoir.

          • The “frozen chosin” according to the Marine Corps. Another “piece” of the legend joining The shores of Tripoli, the Halls of Montezuma, Belleau Wood, Tarawa, Iwo Jima………Semper Fi!

            “All right. They’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us … They can’t get away this time.”
            Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller gave us tons of great quotes. This particular one he spit out while Chinese forces surrounded his men at the Chosin Reservoir. The Marines were expected to fight what essentially amounted to a doomed delaying action as the Chinese wiped them out. Instead, the Marines broke out and slaughtered their way through multiple enemy divisions.

    • Godzilla says:

      JAC, I think a lot has to do with when Alan Alda became the director. In the early days, which I loved the most it was a different director. The best were when Henry and Trapper John were on the show. Also notice that Radar’s character was not so innocent in the beginning, he drank and chased the ladies.

      • Mathius says:

        Radar had a lot to do with that, actually.

        Apparently, he was a pain in the ass to deal with, kept insisting on creative control over his character and more screen time. He wouldn’t show up to rehearsals and, when he did, he was often belligerent. Eventually, they wrote him out just to get rid of him (though, damned if I didn’t cry like a baby when he left his teddy behind).

        Alan Alda did, of course, have a strong anti-war theme. But I think he was very clear that it wasn’t just “war” that he was against, but the human cost to innocents (both civilian and drafted).

        I liked the later seasons – I thought Winchester was a perfect foil for Hawkeye, whereas Burns was too blunt, and Honeycut had a lot more depth than Trapper.

        Incidentally, I didn’t know until I was watching it with my kids just a year or two ago that David Ogden Stiers played Clocksworth in Beauty and the Beast. I was half watching and his voice set off a memory and I went looking.. boy was I surprised. I never connected it.

        All that said, nobody can bat your emotions around like Alda. He can take you from dead serious and on the verge of depression to laughing hysterically in the space of a few seconds. His timing and delivery are almost unparalleled.

        MASH is, of course, where I got my sense of humor from. Other kids were watching Seinfeld, but I grew up on MASH and Get Smart reruns. So I think that explains a bit about me.

        • Godzilla says:

          LOL, that shows explains why I’m the huge smart@ss I am now. I heard McClean Stevenson got written off the show for demanding more pay as well. They were so fed up with his demands, they wrote that shot down ending instead of just letting him go home.

    • What a foolish woman! She should get out from behind her desk and actually meet those 47 year old great grandmothers that I have, 4th Generation welfare recipients. She would be SHOCKED to find out I don’t blame them,. I blame the system that created it, the modern “plantation” created by the left which keeps people down, tells them they are not capable of doing better and encourages not just low but NO expectations.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The Welfare Queen comes in many colors, sex and affiliation. Some are individuals and others are Corporations or Special Interest Groups.

      And that is why welfare should be eliminated all together. No matter what the leftists whine about.

      • Eliminated all together – that’s a mite extreme!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          There is nothing extreme about defending freedom and liberty.

          Welfare is immoral at its core. Welfare is a Govt. program. Charity is not.

          We need more Charity and Zero Welfare.

      • But,,,,but,,,,but,,,,,,what would I do with the money, that I don’t want, to not grow corn, on a cow/calf operation……………………you…you…you dastardly man… would rob us of the money given to us by our benevolent government? You would take away all my neighbors goodies that he buys from government money not to grow things he does not want as well? You would take away my charitable donation to the Shriners Burn Facility in San Antonio? You expect me to give MY OWN MONEY to charity and not the government money you so willingly give to me? And take away my TAX DEDUCTION that I get from free money to donate…… off earned income?? Why…… insensitive person. How could you? Next, you would probably take all the Obamaphones……….what is this world coming to…….Not only that, you would probably want us to take responsibility for ourselves…..and….and….and live a productive drug free life….take away safe places……the horror.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Yep, that is right pardner. Except the drug free part. But if we are seriously productive the drug thing will slowly die a natural death. Except for Dr. Pepper, and Mathius’ girl scout cookies.

          • Mathius says:

            You can have my girl scout cookies when you pry them from my cold dead hands!

  7. Mathius says:

  8. Canine Weapon says:

    • Why do I think you side with the administration on this?

      Also, have you heard about this Yanny v Laurel thing? This video seems to flow along the same lines. Not good. There has to be a right and wrong sometimes.

      • Mathius says:

        I am married to a teacher. I got a kick out of the inanity of it. The stupid parents and principle, etc.

        That said, a lot of the comments said it was about trans-phobia. I didn’t pick that up at all. I can see, in retrospect, what they’re seeing, but eh.. seems forced. Just relax and enjoy the comedy! Not everything needs to be about your political agenda.

        I have seen the Yanny/Laurel thing. I heard Yanny very clearly, but I see and understand what’s happening. It’s a cool auditory illusion – there aren’t a lot of those. Shepherd tones are the only other one I know of off the top of my head. If I focus, I can hear Laurel, but it’s not the default. As for the “right” answer, the right answer is Laurel – that’s what the guy said when he recorded it.. but he added a lot of distortion, so… eh.

        • I didn’t see the comments because I watched right from this page. The only humor I saw was in the end when the teacher shoved their math right back down their throat. I take issue, or something to that effect, because I got caught up in all the common core bs with my boys. I didn’t understand about common core at the time. I was just beyond frustration because homework became a nightmare around here…like, seriously. It was also at a time when the ex and I were just not on the same page anymore and he was all but at the curb by way of my foot. The boys, probably sensing the tension, went from great students to not caring at all. No matter what threat or reward I gave as incentive, we couldn’t come to common ground. Thank God I heard about the Youth ChalleNGe program. But that’s another story. My boys turned it around on their own…just not in our public school system.

          Just curious. Your wife…does she teach in a public school? Private? Charter? or religious school. And where does your daughter go to school?

          Yanny…all day!

  9. Canine Weapon says:

    Moderation, por favor!

  10. Hate to drag (get it, DRAG) this up again but I can’t resist Matt’s reply.

    To me an outrage and immoral verging on child abuse. To others indoctrination? To Matt, ho-hum, just another day at the office?

    • Idon’t have time to read this nonsense..I am fixing my wig.

    • Mathius says:

      To Matt, ho-hum, just another day at the office?

      Hmmm… how does Mathius feel about this…?


      Well, on the one hand, Mathius approves of abolishing traditional gender roles (“only women wear dresses,” etc).

      On that same hand, Mathius thinks it’s important to teach kids early on that there is not a damn thing wrong with people being who they want to be, so long as that isn’t harmful to others.

      On the other hand, kids are too young to understand what the hell they’re involved in.

      On this same (second) hand, it’s problematic-to-dangerous to mess with kids’ gender identities. It’s not well enough understood, to variable, and it messes kids up.

      On the third hand, I dislike over-the-top gaudy displays of overt balking social norms. This is not to say that it’s “wrong” or “immoral” for them to do so, but it’s just… obnoxious. When gay men in Dorothy costumes march down the street, while others wear ass-less chaps, well.. I mean, that’s their right.. but.. come on… dial it down, will ya?

      On that same (third) hand, I want to side with RuPaul for the sole reason that it will raise your hackles, but, in truth, I find him obnoxious. He strikes me (though, to be honest, I haven’t paid much attention) one of those people who has to rub his opinions and views in your face. It’s just… boorish.


      So, ugh, on balance, how does Mathius feel about this?

      It’s not good. It probably shouldn’t be done. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it skirts a line that I don’t think is one people should be skirting with regards to upbringing of children. And RuPaul is obnoxious.


      Side note: generally, I hold this view for anything that counts as “adult subjects” when dealing with kids. This includes hunting (kids really shouldn’t be exposed to actually killing things, and field dressing them, etc), death and disease, war, politics, sexual and gender identity matters (including cross-dressing, porn, nudism, etc), religion (I guess some is ok.. but in moderation, people! They can learn there’s a “god” and, generally, what he’s about, but hit the high points and stop there.. they shouldn’t be dragged into, say, protesting at abortion clinics, etc).

      All that is not to say that, if a kid has a legitimate SELF-DRIVEN interest in something that it should be kept from them, or that there aren’t right ways to talk about these things (individually dependent on situation and who the kid is as a person). But adults should be foisting adult stuff on kids in ways that may significantly impact their development or for which they just aren’t ready.

      So, if you have a son and, of his own volition, he acquires a strong desire to dress in his sister’s clothes and wear make-up…? Yea, sure, whatever, let him have at it. Teach him how to rock high heels, who cares? If that’s what he wants to do, whatever, fine. But don’t push YOUR agenda on him.

      In short: Jesus Christ, people, just let kids be kids.


      In the category of Mathius is a big fat* hypocrite, I have something to admit. My 5 year old daughter, from the age of roughly 2 to 2.5, insisted she was a boy. She balked at being called a girl or wearing anything even remotely girly. My wife and I kabashed that. Hard.

      We laid down the absolute law that we wouldn’t hear it, tolerate it, or accommodate it in any way shape or form. She got time outs for saying it. And, as much as you can discipline a two year old, we went all-out to stop that. At the same time, we tried to lure her into girly interests and reward her for dressing like a girl or wearing bows and whatnot. Much chocolate was consumed in this endeavor.

      Now, in all probability, it was just a random phase with absolutely no greater significance. Sometimes she wants to be a dog and I assume that’s not a permanent personality trait either. But, following my own advise above, I should have let her cut her hair short and go by a boy’s name and make people call her “he” unless/until she grew out of it. But, I just couldn’t do it. I debated it. My wife and I debated it (though she is far more conservative than me, and didn’t even understand why it was a debate). I want my daughter to choose her own path in life, sure, but I didn’t want to allow her to travel down that one if I could help it.

      Now, she is back to calling herself a girl and has no problem with it at all (though her interests are decidedly “boy” interests: dragons, pirates, dinosaurs, engineering). She wears “girl” clothes as often as not and has long hair and wears bows and wants to be a mommy when she grows up. It may happen that fifteen years from now, she looks inward and decides that, yes, after all, she does want to be a boy – that I made the wrong choice and denied her the ability to be her “true self.” And if that day comes, when she’s older and able to make that kind of decision, I hope that I’ll be able to get over MY hangups and support her in whatever makes her happy in life.

      But that ain’t a decision I’m going to hand over to a two year old.

      Kids shouldn’t be dealing with that kind of stuff. That’s parent-stuff.

      *actually, he’s pretty thin

      • There used to be an entire field of endeavor out there called “farming”. Kids raised on farms, I only spent summers there, get used to the concept of killing, plucking feathers, skinning, butchering and preserving the meat become second nature.

        So, the only problem I have with your response (which I generally applaud) is the hunting thing. I’m not talking “sport” hunting, I am talking hunting for food. I have friends opposed to hunting who enjoy fishing. They apparently like warm fuzzy fur but not icky scales!

        • Mathius says:

          Generally, I don’t really have an issue with the idea of farming and animal husbandry.. but I think kids should be kept away from the gory aspects of it.

          I’ve seen what a deer looks like with a hole in it, and I’ve seen what it looks like to field dress one.

          Maybe it’s my city-slicker mentality, but I just don’t think kids need to be exposed to that kind of thing.

          Then again, I do consider it important for kids to have an appreciation of where their food come from – that the bacon they love comes at the cost of a pig’s life, and it’s not manna from heaven, but a thing that was grown, fed, slaughtered, processed, shipped, bought, cooked, and served.

          I have a problem with kids thinking the world works my magic and things are just created and given to them by out of thin air according to their whims and wants. So to make a kid work for their food and participate in the process, to gain an appreciation for what it means that they have meat on the table.. that’s a good thing.

          But, at the same time, I don’t like the idea of exposing kids to gore. That kind of thing belongs in the adult world in my opinion.

          …. then again… my 4 year old watched a youtube video of an open heart surgery the other day because she wanted to see what a real heart looked like, so what do I know ….

          • A good thing, I agree…..and there is no humane way to slaughter a beast. You just do it as quickly as possible. Some places still use a big ‘ol boy and sledgehammer…..some use air impact guns to the forehead or a bolt gun…………..very simple and quick with less than 1% suffereing.

            Can’t gas ’em…..can’t inject them………just whammo and it is over. I agree with you, Mathius, I can just see some five year old grabbing dad’s impact drill and hammering Jr….however, age 8 or 10 is good enough.

            • Mathius says:

              I agree with you, Mathius, I can just see some five year old grabbing dad’s impact drill and hammering Jr

              It’s actually an ongoing concern.

              Kids are stupid, and who knows what thoughts might percolate through their skulls.

              We watched a show where it’s Dia de los Muertos, and the Land of the Dead is a big party.. 2 y/o pipes up that she wants to go there. 5 pipes up that it’s only for dead people. 2 comes back with, “when can I die so I can go there?” Well, now… that’s a disconcerting path to start down..

      • Send your daughter to Texas…..There is a certain Colonel that I know that will teach her to ride, hunt, fish, and shoot a weapon (everyone of those women like to do). This Colonel will teach her how to hunt, not for sport, but for food. How to fish for the fun of fishing and eating but turning the smaller ones loose, how to ride a horse without a side saddle ( not to mention the female version of the Stetson.) She will, without a doubt, become a crack shot…know the real definition of “point blank”. She can do all of this and maintain her feminine qualities ( long hair, eyelashes, makeup, etc.)

        Now, there is one small caveat……….this same Colonel has grand daughters and was teaching them how to properly apply makeup. His daughter drew the line at the conglomeration of shades of green and black that looked suspiciously like the surrounding trees and bushes and callling it makeup….she particularly took exception to the words camoflage face paint being covered up with masking tape and the words “Arden makeup for ladies’ written on the tape…….She also took a minor exception at the AR 15 and reminded me that her dad (aka: The Colonel) taught her how to shoot with a .22 at age 5. The Colonel tried the .223 approach, but she was taught well and didn’t buy for one second.

        However, this certain Colonel is a really cool guy and all the grad children love him to death because he is really, in their words, “bitchin”….means cool, I think. I am told that he will keep them loaded with Dr Pepper, M&Ms, RED Skittles and such…..donuts for breakfast and chocolate cake for lunch.

        So, I think your daughters would be safe with a cuddly old man………………..

      • Those are pretty much my own feelings about that. My youngest daughter told me when she was little that she thought she was actually a boy too. I just looked at her and said, “Nope, you’re a girl.” Of course I followed it up with asking her why she thought that, and she gave me all kinds of stupid reasons, including that she liked dogs better than cats. I informed her that I also preferred dogs and knew lots of women who did as well along with some men who preferred cats. Then I told her that none of those things made her a boy, that she was a girl because she had girl parts, and she could be a girl and like whatever she wanted. She seemed to accept that. Neither of my girls are super “girly”. They never played with dolls or got into princesses, but they are happy with being female on their own terms. Actually they are a lot like me, so I guess their ok.🙂

      • You did your daughter a favor. Many Progressives would have shaved her head, dressed her like a boy and called her Fred.

        • Mathius says:

          What I did was decide that it was not a determination that she was prepared to make and I wasn’t going to take her two-year-old whim and turn it into a dramatic potentially life-altering decision.

          Again, it’s not to say anything is “wrong” with being trans, but, well, it’s a tougher path to travel down. And why would I set her up for that if I can avoid it?

          I wouldn’t let her get a large dragon tattoo on her neck either.

          By the same logic, there’s nothing wrong with a giant neck tattoo of a dragon.. but, you know, it might make her life more difficult in other ways.

          If she wants that tattoo when she’s old enough to make that decision, and she’s done the soul searching to know it’s what she really wants, and she understands the potential consequences and the permanence of it… well… I’ll go with her to the parlor and hold her hand for it. But until then, it’s MY decision as her father, and I say no way in hell.

  11. Okay, I haven’t watched the actual video yet – but I find this rather creepy. I also doubt that all their data is accurate. I suspect they make a lot of incorrect assumptions.


    This is going to cause the Liberal media to lose their minds. IMHO, this may kill any so called Blue Wave. The Crat’s simply can’t be trusted to be in government, any part of it.

  13. Question: There seems to be a consensus growing that the FBI had a mole in the Trump campaign and also actually spied on the Trump Campaign…..there is further evidence that the WHite House had knowledge and was informed of this before, during, and after.

    If this turns out to be true…………….thoughts?

    The Colonel’s observation. The FBI is supposed to be independent of all branches of government. As much as I despise the Obama Administration and the deep state issues of the past Administration, I would be equally incensed if this same thing happened to them during their campaign and admnistration.

    • From what I have read about this issue, it may border on treason. It certainly makes anything the Russians may have done pale in comparison (and I’m thinking that they did NOTHING). This also makes it quite plausible that the whole Russian illusion was a set up.

      In the end, people need to go to jail for corruption, up to and including Obama if he was knowledgeable and approved it.

    • As I said above, this is much bigger than Watergate. Watergate was failed break in by civilians. This is successful spying by government officials. Heads need to roll.

    • I’m with G on this . but remember the title of that book back in the 1960’s, “None DARE call it Treason”. Pretty much fits the bill these days. You CANNOT call it what it is.

      I actually see nothing at all happening. Between the solidity of the democrats, just look at the confirmation votes for the CIA director, and the republican’s who think like they do, any real reform will be stymied across the board.

      If Trump lasts eight, there will still be appointees of his waiting for confirmation. Either Sessions is the dumbest bulb ever to come out of the factory or they have something on him so incredibly seedy that he is quaking in his boots. It might make Haskill and Judge Moore look like choirboys. Everybody knew J. Edgar had his Farley file on everybody but nobody seems to want to mention that his successors may have had them too! I mean as FBI director, just how difficult is it to have a like minded appointee spend all his time digging up dirt on political or ideological opponents? That famous FBI caution after interviews, “Don’t tell anyone we were here” works pretty damn well. It is pretty much out in the open now just how effective the smear is without any real proof.

      Watching one of those documentaries the other night on the Branch Davidian’s (remember them)? You would have thought it was bought and paid for be the FBI and the morons at ATF. Koresh was a looney tune but to this day I have no clue why they just did not wait him out. Perhaps late night TV hosts were making too much fun of them. Great reason to kill a bunch of people.

    • Mathius says:

      I don’t know what the rules are. If they had evidence of a crime and could infiltrate an organization engaged in suspected criminal activity to get more information, it seems little different to me whether they had a mole in the Trump campaign, the Clinton campaign, or the mob.

      There was plenty of plausible reason to believe that the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Ruskies and/or hackers. Again, I don’t claim to know the level of suspicious necessary to justify opening an investigation or acquiring moles, but it seems distinctly reasonable to me that they might feel it an appropriate next step.

      Now, if they selectively targeted Trump for political reasons, without just cause, to help the Clinton campaign, well.. that’s not ok.

      But if they had reasonable suspicion to start an investigation, then wouldn’t a mole be a reasonable step?

      • Unfortunately it is looking more and more like “evidence” and innuendo was planted. I think time lines will be key. If a mole was planted who started a rumor within the campaign that Russians were involved which Papendopolus heard and then expressed to an Australian Politician which led to him contacting the Department of State which then led to them making a referral to DOJ which then became became the cassus belli for the investigation, Holy Shit!

        the wife and I “watch” Fox to the extent that we pick up today’s events from their perspective. But both of us are now at the point where the little tiny revelations coming out every day are giving us headaches.

        You say…..”There was plenty of plausible reason to believe that the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Ruskies and/or hackers.”…. And I say, Like?

        There are far more plausible reasons to believe the entire seventh floor at FBI HQ under Comey was in the bag for Hillary and not above a Black Bag op to ensure that.

      • I think the whole point is they didn’t have the evidence necessary to start a criminal investigation.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Sorry Sir but you are wrong: “The Colonel’s observation. The FBI is supposed to be independent of all branches of government. ”

      There is no provision in the Constitution for another “independent” branch of Govt. In fact none of those created (three) were, nor should be, independent.

      The underlying issue of a Federal Police Force and Prosecutors is this conflict of interest. Which is very much why the Founders did not create these things nor even consider them as proper.

      When you create “independent” institutions outside control of the People, meaning Congress and POTUS, then you will wind up with entities like the Federal Reserve. A group who simply make up their own rules, justify them, scare anyone who questions them, and then moves on.

  14. Oh oh…….the Pope………his pope-iness himself…says that the Vatican Bank is God’s bank and is not subject to regulations or inspection. He went on to say that all other banks of the world should be consolidated under one rule and not be investment tools.

    Notice he said…..under one RULE….and notice he says that the Vatican is untouchable.

    You do not want to know my interpretation of this………………………….

    • One of the plot lines for “Godfather III” I believe. Vatican Bank = Mafia Bank. There was this Cardinal back before John Paul the second who played fast and loose. The conspiracy folks think that’s what did in John Paul the first for real.

    • Mathius says:

      Boy, I wish I could declare my hedge fund to be God’s Hedge Fund, and exempt myself from all regulation.

  15. Sorry, Ms Pelosi………MS 13 are gang members of the worst kind and they are A-N-I-M-A-L-S……………………………..actually, worse thant that. I have faced them and seen them operate on the border. I thought the Viet Cong were bad but they could take lessons from the brutality of the MS 13.

    • They’re probably her body guards.

      • Good point…..she already looks like she has been worked over……………..ooohhhh….did I say that? I am not supposed to say that…………but wait, she mocks Trump’s orange appearance and hair style….so she is free game.

    • If the courts keep insisting we release them until their “hearings” come up, can we not arrange that they be released in SF? I’m sure they are all Giants Fans.

      • I am reminding myself of the “solution” to the Welfare Problem in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama in the 1960’s. “Give them a choice of bus tickets to NY, Boston or Chicago”.

      • Release them in Texas….we need the target practice. It really is hard to lead them just right while jumping fences and such….they have all been going to California lately and we have lost a plethora of live targets……release them here. We will give them 100 yard head starts1/4 mile from the border. If they make it…..great………………………..they won’t. They will just die tired.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yeah, but there was absolutely no reason for Mr. Trump to stoop so low and insult animals like that.

  16. The Pope back on TV saying that hedge funds, derivatives, and off shore havens are the “Devil’s Dung”….He is saying that the Global world needs one bank to re-distribute all wealth to the world. He says that there should be no tax haven anywhere in the world. ( The Vatican excluded ). He says that capitalism is the “Devil’s Workshop”….and he is totally silent on Venezuela, North Korea, when asked. He is saying that to work for yourself to further your personal agenda is wrong. If this is not a political stance from a religious leader, what is it?

    Wow!! I have no words…well, I guess I have some..but not for

    • Yep……down here in Santa Fe…..the only difference is that they did not cordone off the school….they went in and immediately isolated and took down the shooter….and it is suspected that there is more than one.

  17. To get back to the Russia thing. Why would anyone in their right mind think Putin preferred Trump? The Clinton’s were bought and paid for already. It seems illogical that you would cast out a known for an unknown. Then again the FBI-DOJ by starting a Trump-Putin Collusion investigation certainly distracts attention at the Bill-Hillary-Putin collusion does it not?

    • Just read this – I can’t help but call BS. It ‘s not a plant but this person just happens to have worked with the FB I for years and pe r them it would be a matter of national security for the name to be released. Love and death, they are claiming. But it’s just a coincidence. Yeah sure!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Come on man, at least recognize the reality of what was going on at the time.

      Hillary’s “Reset Button” had failed. She had made public statements criticizing Putin’s election and his actions in Ukraine. She had let the Libyan overthrow and was making waves about Syria being next. Meanwhile Trump was calling for normalizing relations with Russia and getting out of everyone’s business, instead just doing business.

      It is pretty obvious that Putin would have preferred Trump over Clinton. The Russians have long made a habit of owning as many as they can. Covering all bases all the time. Just look at the news of all the IDIOTS who have entwined themselves with Russian businesses and Oligarchs. Same IDIOTS are doing the same thing in China. Their IDIOTIC global view has blinded them to the reality that neither of these countries are democratic, free or capitalistic. The Govt. is tied to everything that happens. And both have their own global ambitions, which do not include the US being a hyper-power.

      Now while it is clear Putin preferred Trump it is equally clear that those who hated Trump decided to exploit his business connections with Russians in order to damage his candidacy and then his presidency. The real story here is that if he should have been suspected due to his connections then it looks like just about every other member of the “elite club” should also be suspect. Including, as V.H. showed above, the news media.

      Here is another reality we should recognize. Mr. Trump was not popular among the establishment. As such he had few “established” political operatives working for him. Until Prebius threw in with the campaign. But even then he was mostly surrounded by a lot of “rebels” or “renegades”. People who wanted to undo the status quo. Many of whom had international connections, including to Russians or Ukrainians. So who knows who talked to who and got what on whom? Nobody seems to know for sure. And frankly, it does not matter.

      Unless Mr. Trump or one of his close advisors directly sanctioned the hacking of the DNC computers, or of Podesta, this is all just a politically motivated and orchestrated shit show. Sorry ladies of SUFA, sometimes blunt language is required. I am not sophisticated enough to have better words for the situation.

  18. Update……two shooters and looking for two more (unconfirmed)….explosive devices found inside the school and outside…..weapons used are shotguns……so far.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Yep, we have a big problem in this country. And it is not Mr. Trump.

    Thank the left for mainstreaming “argument by intimidation”.

    • Mathius says:

      1. I really wish you would stop acting like the “left” is responsible for all the ills of the world.

      2. There is nothing at all here to suggest any kind of “intimidation.”

      3. The biggest bully in the country right now is Trump, himself, and I find it hysterical that Milania’s signature FLOTUS effort is to combat cyber bullying when she’s married to the worse example.

      • It should not be a left/right thing. During Watergate, there were many Rs that voted to impeach. It was bipartisan. It was highly likely if it went to the Senate, Nixon would have been removed from office. What is going on now strikes at the heart of our Constitutional Republic and should be condemned by all, left and right. However, the silence from the left is deafening.

      • They are!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        1. The left IS responsible for most of the ills in the world. If you don’t want to be associated with that then don’t stand with them. Move to the Right side, with DPM.

        2. Of course there is intimidation. What the hell do you think, it won’t be good for our people for you to be seen with him, or it won’t be good for your career means?? A spade is a spade Mathius.

        3. Not sure what your point is on this one. Like I said, the left mainstreamed the argument by intimidation.

    • Everybody needs to take a chill pill…..let the facts come out….Mueller is dead in the water and I think he knows it and I do think that the populace knows it…… is not going to be pretty and I will even take the step that I suspect a coup attempt by the establishment….it does seem obvious to me. That is MY opinion. I think the FBI was involed as was the State Department and the Department of Justice and why Trump does not pull the Reagan thing………fire them all and clean house like the air traffic controllers and do not stop with the Department heads….go several levels down (some innocents may get caught but that is the risk)….everyone thought that the planes would stop flying and planes would come crashing to the ground…nothing happened and we have a much better system now and destroyed a very powerful union holding the US hostage. It barely slowed the system down…..I think he (Trump) needs to “nut” up, by a clean broom with ultra stiff bristles and in one 24 hour period…..sweep it clean. The government will not stop and the world will continue to spin, volcanos will continue to erupt, the sun will continue to rise in the East, and the North Star will stay constant.

      Mathius: Please note that I am not saying left or right. I do not think we have a left/right issue in the government today…..I think it is more than that.

  20. Does anyone, but me, find it ironic that none of the anti-gun hawks are on TV denouncing the school shooting because there was no military style semi automatic weapon used? Oh my god, the man used a shotgun and planted IED’s..we cannot attack the NRA.

    • Mathius says:

      Forgive me if I’m confused but, while it’s not a “military style semi automatic” weapon, a shotgun is still a, you know, “gun,” right?

      It combines sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter in a combustion chamber ignited by a concussive strike, causing the powder to combust, the result of which is an energetic expansion of gas which, due to the confined space, propels a metal slug (or shot) through a barrel and at a high kinetic energy level.. right?

      • Correct…your point?

      • But only AR-15’s kill students!

        • I know…..and now, you have a young man that stole his fathers .38 cal six shooter and a 12 guage shotgun, some say it was sawed off, and others say it had a pistol grip… gun holds 6 shots and the other 3 unless you take out the plug and then it is five…..and he still managed to take out 10 people and wound 10 others. And the guy apparently wore a black trench coat on a summer day in Texas……

          This flies directly into the face of those who wanted magazines to hold 9 or less for handguns and who wanted to eliminate semi automatic weapons….well, what now.

          He was also allowed entrance to a high school with locked doors….how did this happen? He planted IED’s… several places….how did this happen?

      • Black powder has been passé for decades.

  21. I have the answer……: The United States does not and will not use water boarding as a form of torture. Water boarding is blase’…………….we shall call it…”tactical baptism”.

  22. The millenial way of discipline:

    “My 7 year old just back talked me…Tomorrow, while he is at school, I am logging into Minecraft and destroying her fucking village….”

    Now, I do not know what Minecraft is but I am assuming that this would be bad…..

    • Mathius says:

      I plan to just slow down their internet.

      Every time they talk back, the internet gets just a little bit slower. See how they like dial-up speeds. Hell, I might go out and buy them a 56k modem and a subscription to AOL.

      It’s so much worse than just taking it away. The frustration of having internet, but it being so painfully slow… 15 minutes just to look at their facebook page.. an annoying delay after every letter they type… half their pages will time-out before fully loading…

      I’m going to have the best behaved teenagers on the planet.

      ::evil laughter::

    • Very interesting case……I wonder how it will turn out… you have a transgender feeling and wanting to be a woman, but is male, and a Muslim Spa worker that refuses to work on him/her because he has genitals of a male….but he identifies as a woman. Very interesting even though it is in Canada.

      Mathius…you are our resident lefty that thinks that transgender is real….what say you on this one?

      • Mathius says:

        I do, indeed, think it’s real.

        And rare.

        Look, it’s tough when these things conflict. The wax-giver believed that the trans woman was male. She won’t touch the body of any male who is not her husband. Ergo she won’t touch the trans person. I get that. It’s a religious position.

        Note that the company wasn’t refusing her service, just the one employee. And it’s not just trans that she won’t touch, but any male.

        It is a little different than “won’t bake a cake” since it involves intimate physical contact, potentially in the nether-regions. So it is a different animal.

        I think where I have a problem is where “religion” (note the quotation marks) is used as a cover for bigotry. That is, it’s not that you are religious and therefore cannot serve someone, but rather, you are a bigot and hide behind flimsy religious justifications.

        No one should have to violate their sincere religious beliefs to accommodate a 3rd party, but no 3rd party should be refused service or discriminated against because of bigotry-disguised-as-faith.

        That line can be hard to find, harder still to prove.

        Far be it from me to attempt to do so.

  23. The next time someone tells you the FBI-DOJ combo is incapable of “cooking” up a plot to make themselves look good while crushing the innocent, In addition to the body count at Waco, remind them of this little gem.

  24. Now, I wonder how a parent can accuse their children of telling a lie and then, how they (the parents) would answer questions about the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa?

    Breaking News::::dit dit dit:::: There is more money being spent on boobjobs and viagra than on Alzheimer’s research, which means by 2040 the elderly will have prky boobs, stiff willies…..and no idea why!

    Conversation between father and son in oil country: “Dad, why ismy sister named Peace? Well, son, your mother thought the world need more Peace.” “Thanks Dad….No problem, Oil….” ( I know, I know )

    Cruel joke of the day: Going into a pharmacy and finding the medication for back pain on the bottom of the shelf.

    Smart thinking for the day: Prosecuting attorney, “Did you kill him?” Answer: “NO” Attorney: “DO you know the penalty for perjury?” Answer: Much less than murder.

    Disney World in Orlando………….” A people trap set by a mouse.”

    I was out Mathius at his local bar: We were drinking our favorite drink when the bartender yelled ” ANYBODY KNOW CPR”……..Mathius yells back ” I know the entire alphabet “…and we all laughed and laughed…well, except for this one guy,,,,,,,,

    JAC says: “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…YOU ARE DRUNK….ducks dont talk.

    VH is laughing… ” A hacker was so disappointed in my bank account, he started me a go fund page.”

    Then SK says…” Did your brain tale a laxative? THere sure is a lot of crap coming outta your mouth.

    Stephen says: I need to go on medication so I can slap stupid people and blame it on the side effects.

    Forrest Gumps rewrite: Life is like a box of chocolates….it doesn’t last as long for fat people.

    Gman muses: I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say: Hey look, that one is shaped like an idiot.”

    TRay on his recent trip to San Fran…….”Ever look at someone and think, this ass hat is going to be the reason I go to jail.”

    Then from the don’t try this department: ” My girl friend just caught me blow drying my penis and asked what was I doing….apperently “Heating your Dinner” is NOT the correct answer….


    I guess this is enough for the weekend…….


    Interesting hypothesis. More people are doing it, because more people have done it. And there doing it with less reason to do it. There’s a morality lesson in there somewhere. Maybe it’s just a fact that immorality creates more immorality.

    • Thou sayist it!

      Little twerp is alive and kicking and WILL probably get hundreds of offers of marriage and wild sex. Something incredibly wrong here.

    • I have long maintained that it is not the fault of the gun but it is the notoriety given to these killers with the constant 24/7 coverage. Also I think that in many cases, psych. drugs are involved.

    • I think what sane people know in their guts is that racism was basically dead in this country before Obama. Yes there were the haters but that is something we will always have to deal with. Systematic racism was dead.

      Now, the problem is, there is this whole class of people stuck at the bottom and they are not moving up. So rather than delve into what may be causing that (and risk damaging our cherished long held beliefs) we fall back on racism.

      When we just harp on this and keep pointing an accusing finger at people who just want to get on with their lives and do not give a whit about your skin color is, creates a huge backlash especially among the young. For young white males with few prospects for themselves, blacks going on about “their” lack of opportunities seems ridiculous. The same for immigrants, even those from Africa. They struggle to get ahead and then turn on the evening news to hear how “unfair” the system is to people born with advantages they never had.

      One of two things is going to happen in this country, either we are economically going to advance causing all boats to rise or there will be a new civil war, not the shooting kind, but one where everybody is against everybody else

      • You and I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and we saw racism at its worse. It started its spiraling death by 1970 and was dead by 1980. It was dying anyway in the late 60’s. As you stated, there are always hate mongers and will always be hate mongers. But a mindset was instilled…and it became a rallying cry to keep Democrats in power and it was not the damned Dems that stopped it anyway….it was a Republican Congress. It was a Republican Congress that abolished slavery but it has been effectively hijacked.

        THere is no systemic racism out there. I cannot find it….and now they are saying that racism is underground and invisible but it is still there and young people are being taught that. However, it is beginning to fall on deaf ears. The Chicken Little syndrome is setting in and I simply do not pay attention to it any longer. I see it as whiney baby crapola now. I did not get my way because I am……………………………..(insert whatever you want here).

        Political Correctness is ruining this society and I doubt that anyone on this blog, Mathius included, can point to one single bonafide example of Political Correctness and the good that came out of it.

        But, I am old school. Names do not hurt me. I could care less. You know, the old sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me……My friends and family know who and what I am….I do not care what the rest of the world thinks. I do not need a safe place and I do not need a teddy bear nor any type of animal that calms me down. I can take care of my own problems….and so can everybody else. You are a wimp because you choose to be.

        There is a movie named, “The Greatest Game Ever Played”…watch it, if you haven’t,,,,it takes place during the Depression…….there is a line in the movie where a young man was embarrased that his father was sweeping streets because he lost everything he had. He actually sold everythinghe had and paid his debts instead of filing bankruptcy. The young man’s name was Audie….and he was talking to the main character and displayed his embarrasement……to which the reply was…..” your father is more of a man than any of those who filed banckruptcy. He sold everything he had to pay off his debts. He stared adversity in the face and beat it back with a broom. Grow up, Audie.”

        There is a lesson in there.

        • Well said!

        • Mathius says:

          Political Correctness is ruining this society and I doubt that anyone on this blog, Mathius included, can point to one single bonafide example of Political Correctness and the good that came out of it.

          Sure I can.

          We no longer call black people n***ers.

          How’s that for a start?

          I’m willing to bet that, while maybe the term “PC” wasn’t employed at the time, that there was a great deal of bitching and moaning about the effort to stop the use of that work. Tell me I’m wrong.

          Tell me that it wasn’t an early “PC” effort to phase out the use of such a loaded term, and tell me that the people who grew up using it saw nothing wrong with changing with the times.

          See also “fag,” “retard,” “kyke,” “chink,” “gook,” “wetback,” and “colonel.”

          • No, that was the changing of a social norm. The PC part of the equation was making it almost illegal for anyone to use the word that wasn’t black.

            • Mathius says:

              Can you elaborate on that?

              I don’t see anything “illegal” about the use of those words. I see that it’s a marker of being a bigot and therefore, potentially illegal in a work setting. But other than that, nothing can stop me from saying whatever I want to whomever I want.

              I think you’re conflating “almost illegal” and “serious social ramifications.” Which, frankly, is the enforcement mechanism utilized by the so-called “PC police” that people whine about so much.

          • Grandma Krokker certainly didn’t see the need to change with the times. On her last allowed trip to Mass, as dementia had long set in, she was amazed at what she saw and said in a loud voice “Would you look at all the niggers in the second pew.”

            • Mathius says:

              On of the last semi semi-lucid thing I ever heard my grandfather say: “and are you still dating that shika?” (my mother)

              I laughed so hard, I nearly had a heart attack.

              • And a shika is?

              • Mathius says:

                A shiksa is a derogative term for a non-Jewish woman.. typically implied is one who steals Jewish men.

                These days it has become a pretty lighthearted term, but for old-school Jews… hoo-boy.. shiksas were no joke. You best keep away from that blond headed shika!

                So, my father, who married a Catholic (shiksa) woman, sincerely displeased my grandparents… but they never said anything to me about it. But, well, when your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders… well….

                I just find it hysterical that one of my grandfather’s final semi-coherent thoughts was to use a racist slur against my mother.

          • We no longer call black people n***ers. How’s that for a start? Nope…..try again. The term “nigger” was not commonly used. The movies show it as such…..but it was not a common term. I very rarely heard it growing up in the 50’s and 60’s…I heard the word Negro a lot and that is not a derisive term……it is a race. Just as I heard the word Caucasian,,,is a race.

            Even in Vietnam during the war, I rarely heard the term “gook”….I did hear it on occasion but it was not common language. Even in Texas, we do not refer to the illegals as “wetbacks”. I have heard the term used but, again, it is not common street language. Again, the movies use it alot…..and honestly, until I saw you use the term kyke ( I had to look it up ) I did not know what it meant. Never heard it….even in the military. But, I submit that the term PC or politically correct has taken a different meaning than name calling…..hell I was called “skinny” when growing up…..”shorty” was another term….I could of cared less. I do not get offended at the term “honky”…..I do not get offended at names at all……it is petty.

            BUt PC has taken on a different meaning and it is a rallying cry for the left and, yes, sir, I am using the term left because they seem bent on being offended at everything.

            Word Origin and History for politically correct

            first attested in prevailing current sense 1970; abbreviation P.C. is from 1986.

            [T]here is no doubt that political correctness refers to the political movement and phenomenon, which began in the USA, with the aim to enforce a set of ideologies and views on gender, race and other minorities. Political correctness refers to language and ideas that may cause offense to some identity groups like women and aims at giving preferential treatment to members of those social groups in schools and universities. [Thuy Nguyen, “Political Correctness in the English Language,”2007]

            Here is where the issue becomes convoluted……….read the last sentence above….”preferential treatment”. Political correctness goes way past simple words to an ideology and that is where it gets off the rails.

            Today the term politically correct (and its abbreviation PC ), more often than not, refers specifically to the language that surrounds controversial or hot-button issues. Liberals have used the negative construction not politically correct to draw attention to words, phrases, or statements that they felt were socially unacceptable or insensitive. The conservative response to this has been to question and generally reject the notion of political correctness , arguing that it too often entails “the policing of language.”

            • Allow me to continue….no conservative that I know uses those terms anyway. BUt what seems to be pervasive is that Hollywood, all the while claiming moral superiority, allows the terms to be used in movies, uses gun violence in the movies, uses derisive and devisive gender terms in the movies…..and then claims the moral high ground.

              As I said, those terms like faggot, queer, gay, spook ( although I have been called a spook numerous times ) or whatever……just are not used in everyday language.

              But…..I suppose that you would call the term “snowflake” politically incorrect…wimpy would then be non PC……………actually any adjective can be politically incorrect.

            • Mathius says:

              BUt PC has taken on a different meaning and it is a rallying cry for the left and, yes, sir, I am using the term left because they seem bent on being offended at everything.

              “PC” rightfully belongs to the Left.

              The “Left” are the PC “police.” They are the ones pushing the banishing of certain words and phrases from polite society.

              Meanwhile, I think, the Right is the one relishing bringing them back and using them just to piss off the left and prove how “non-PC” they are.


              I think, if you boil it down, the left sees certain words in how they are actively used – not etymologically, not historically, but practically – and it sees that the words are used in a derogative fashion as bigoted / racist. And the left says “well, that’s not ok!” So they apply social pressure to abolish the acceptable use.

              Meanwhile, the Right hates any change just on principle. But, they especially hate any change they view as being “pushed” on them – and doubly-so when the ones doing the “pushing” are their mortal enemies, the Left.

              It’s not a battle either side can win. The left will keep “banning” words and the right will keep shifting to new words “n***er” –> “negro” –> “black” –> “African American” –> Melanin-enhanced individual.

              The problem is that, one step behind the shifted-to new word are the old connotations. One can hear “shiftless” and “lazy” and “stupid” and “criminal” as the implied adjectives of the word just on the wrong side of the Left’s ire. But no sooner will they kabash that word then the popular use will shift to connoting them on the new word. Soon an newer new word will be required.

              It might be tempting to take the straw-man line and say that the left doesn’t accept any words that draw a distinction between groups, but that’s not quite right. What they object to are CONNOTATIONS of the word. When it becomes loaded such that saying it means not only the group.. but also something negative about that group.


              • I grew up old school…..queer……does not and never has meant homosexual. It means odd. “Wow, what a queer way of doing things.” I do not use the term weird or odd…..why should I? I did not say nor mean “Wow, what a homosexual way of doing things.”

                “That guy is very queer or has a queer attitude”…………the first thing that pops into people’s mind is homosexual….I ask why? I suppose I could change the term to ” That guy is very odd or he has an odd attitude.” But why should I change to appease some jerk who does not know the true meaning of a word.

                adjective, queer·er, queer·est.

                strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular: a queer notion of justice.
                of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady: Something queer about the language of the prospectus kept investors away.
                not feeling physically right or well; giddy, faint, or qualmish: to feel queer.

                I usually tell people, who think that I am not PC….to get a dictionary and look up and expand their vocabulary.

                I am just glad that I do not use terms that lame-brained, idiotic, snowflake excuses for human beings would be offended.

              • Then there’s the “Trumpsters” who embrace labels like “Deplorables” and wear them like a badge of honor instead of being offended.

              • Mathius says:

                That’s the thing, old timer…

                The times, they are a-changin’!

                Just because it USED TO mean one thing doesn’t mean it STILL DOES.

                And, since communication is about the conveyance of information from one party to another, it’s not a side-sided exercise. You can’t insist “I mean” when everyone else hears something else.

                Words change meanings all the time, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. But you cannot plant your feet and adhere to outdated definitions because they appear in some ancient leatherbound copy of a dictionary, insisting that, no, it is everyone else who is wrong.

                If the point of communicating is to communicate, then insisting on outdated terminology is illogical.

                You say “queer” in reference to a gay person and what everyone else hears is mild-homophobia. It doesn’t matter that that’s not what you mean or implied. It’s what everyone else infers. Communication is a two-person game, and you just failed.

              • One could be a gay, college educated mid level bureaucrat and make the mistake of using the term “NIGGARDLY” at a public meeting and find yourself out of a job and labeled racist for life.

          • Sorry to inform you Sir, but these terms are returning with a fury. However, they are used more for the bad apples rather than the general population. The use of derogatory names will never go away, they will just change. Snowflake us an example. Libtard is another. Quite common today.

            • Snowflake has been around since Moses was a cabin boy……just being revived again. We use the term to mean rookie,,,,or not combat hardened..”Come on, Snowflake, time to turn you into a man. We ain’t playing tag here….”


    Brings up some things I’d forgotten. The side by side comparison is stark.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Hint Hint

    If you do not want to be criticized then get something of importance done.

    Compare their silly list to what the First Congress accomplished in its first year. They established the whole damn Govt.

    Bottom Line. None of this will substantially change until the VOTERS, as We the People, wake up and replace the mushy with people of principle and honor. Those that will actually do what they say they intend when the ask for our votes.

    • Not that CT ever has to worry about not being blue anymore since they have chased all the firearm manufacturers and employees away, but this does sound ….illegal. Whatever happened to the sanctity of the vote?

  28. Giving a lot of thought to the murders in Florida and Texas. Common thread seems to be the need for “fame”. perhaps it is time, as Vic Rhames said in “Pulp Fiction”, “now it’s time to go medieval”. I think it is just about time for right thinking citizens to storm the Bastille, free the prisoner, find a sturdy oak tree and after tar and feathering, hang the sonovabitch. Lesee if THAT has an effect on copycats.

    • I was watching a show about school killers (not just with guns) and the theme seem’s to point more towards marginalized kids who are often bullied, gat a lack of respect and teased, not included where they want to be included etc. Mental health is also a big factor, as those who act out are mostly unemotional about their actions. Some have had bad childhoods and abuse, which probably facilitated the mental health issues.

      The latest shooting has yet to be properly investigated, although reports were that there were no signs. His father was a Pastor, and I have seen the effects of children of Pastor’s first hand (high school classmate committed suicide). The expectations of those children are super high and many tend to rebel and act out negatively. The attitude leads to rejection of classmates, overeating (or undereating) and mental problems. The occult seems to play a role as well in many cases.

      Kids who kill their own families also fall into most of this narrative.

      The only true fix is to harden up the schools. Metal detectors and locked entrances when school is in session. Guns and knives can be kept out of schools with modern technology without the need for an army on campus. The killers will still kill, just not on school property.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What I have noticed is that after the fact there is all kinds of reporting about bullying, alleged, and where and how the guns were acquired. Then it is off to the ban gun narrative.

        What I have NEVER seen is a comprehensive psych. eval. published on any of these people. Someone has to be studying these losers and trying to piece common threads together. The stories we read along these lines appear to be second hand diagnosis and speculation.

        Nobody has access to the interviews or the criminals, at least of those stories, editorials, or reports I have seen.

        • I’ve been watching “Killer Kids ” on Netflix. It’s a series about various murders, like school killers, family killers etc. Lots of psych stuff talked about, worth checking out on your free time.

        • Excellent point. Also we “speculate” all day long on meds they may have been on but know nothing. That in and of itself I find suspicious. If they were not on anything, it would seem logical to say so and end the speculation.

  29. To those of you who remember Dale Albreicht (sp)…….I received an email from him and he is doing well and sends his regards….

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    I see Al Sharpton had to turn the royal wedding into a statement on white supremacy. You see the mixing of race marks the end of the White supremacy.

    So if this is true, then as the population becomes “brown” the Black Man will finally be free. So can anyone identify the Black Man in the following photo??

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning:

    If you can enhance and encourage the divisions within a society, to the point the people start turning on themselves, the violence among the people will increase. This will give you the ability to propose and then implement the disarming of the citizenry.

    Because people who are scared will agree to giving up their freedom in a NY minute.

    Just notice how many people who have traditionally supported “bearing arms” now calling for “common sense” gun control, all because of the kids who get shot by their peers.

  32. Did you hear about this school shooting?

    Gee I wonder why? I grew up in a neighboring county. Dixon was Reagan’s home town.

    The officers who stop these disturbed people deserve far more press time than the shooters.

    • Even in this example……the shooter was “sad” for a long time…exhibited “danger signs” to parents and friends………………..and nobody does a thing. No reports….nothing. So all we do is react to school shootings….very difficult to be proactive when to do so violates someone’s rights.

  33. Mathius says:

    Unrelated announcement: Mathius now has chickens.

    He hates the noisy poop machines very much and it tempted to “accidentally” allow the dog into the coop and end the whole exercise.

    • I thought you lived in the city?

      • Mathius says:


        But with the crime and the smog these days, ain’t no place for children…

        … and now I have Alan Jackson playing in my head …

        Wow.. ’94… they don’t make ’em like that anymore!

        • Don’t you hate that…when a song gets in your head….and it won’t come out until your eyes start spinning….

          • Mathius says:

            Happens more than I’d care for it to.

            Unfortunately, I left the youtube on auto-play and now I’m listening to Ronnie Milsap.. talk about an earworm…

            • Reminds me of taking the kids to Orlando to Disney World back in the early……when I hear the song ” It’s a Small World After All”……it is all I can do to keep from ripping my ears off.

              • oops….80’s

              • Mathius says:

                I got stuck on the ride when I was little. Maybe 7 or 8. The ride broke down. No big deal, nobody freaked out.

                But I was on a boat. in the middle of a river.

                And I could have easily walked through the water to the exit, but well, they assured us the ride would begin moving again shortly.

                And that’s all well and good.

                But they didn’t turn off the music.

                For a half-hour.

                30 minutes of It’s a Small World.. and I nearly lost my damned mind.

                Perhaps I did… who would know?

              • No worries, I found the mind you lost and put it next to your crystal ball………

    • Don’t worry. Everybody loves chicken. Something will eat them eventually.

    • He hates the noisy poop machines very much and it tempted to “accidentally” allow the dog into the coop and end the whole exercise. And you thought “Small World” was bad……………wait until it really rains….

  34. Instant SUFA poll…………………IS there anyone on here that actually watched the Royal Wedding?

  35. For the Dread Pirate………..lyrics to stick in yer mind…..arrrrrrgggghhh!!!!

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
    We pillage plunder, we rifle and loot.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
    We extort and pilfer, we filch and sack.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    Maraud and embezzle and even highjack.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
    We kindle and char and in flame and ignite.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    We burn up the city, we’re really a fright.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

    We’re rascals and scoundrels, we’re villians and knaves.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    We’re devils and black sheep, we’re really bad eggs.
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

    We’re beggars and blighters and ne’er do-well cads,
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    Aye, but we’re loved by our mommies and dads,
    Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

  36. This is more proof Mueller rolled out this indictment of Russians as a PR stunt to justify his witch hunt; his team is not prepared to try this case and it’s hilarious to watch as they struggle and look like the corrupt amateurs that they are.
    Concord Management’s lawyer’s previously said Mueller indicted “the proverbial ham sandwich.”
    The reason the Concord Management attorneys called the case a ‘proverbial ham sandwich’ was because one of the entities indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Catering, was not in existence at the time the crimes were alleged to have taken place.
    Mueller and his corrupt team are pathetic, a disgrace and a historical stain on this country.

  37. Mathius says:

    Question: Is there a law (and is it enforced) which holds you liable if your firearm is used in the commission of a crime due?

    Specifically, if I leave my guns laying around the house and my teenage son picks one up to go on a rampage, am I liable in any way?

    General thoughts on this topic?

    • I’m pretty sure that some States have such laws, mostly positive about Ohio. It depends on the situation, as in, if the guns were locked up and stored properly but stolen, then they are off the hook. If not properly stored, then liability is an issue. I think the Ohio law came to be because of a rash of child suicides.

      As far as your hypothetical, I’m betting you would be held liable, either in criminal court or civil court or both (depending on the State laws).

      General thoughts…..if kids are around teach them properly, but keep guns locked up.

      • Mathius says:

        My general thought (other than my below rant) is that the people most able to spot “troublesome” signs is, generally, the parent.

        Of course, no parent knows everything. And no parent wants to believe the worst in their kids.

        But willful blindness and/or “dereliction of duty” should not be tolerated either.

        If I negligently give my kid the tools to kill, or do nothing when I have (or should have had) a credible belief that they are a danger to others, then I am a co-conspirator.

        • If you are negligent, then you should be punished. Proving that may or may not be difficult.

        • Actually we tend to hand them the keys at 16 or 17 and entrust them with 3,000 pounds of metal , glass and plastic. Throw in a hand held “device” and you are really onto something.

          • Mathius says:

            You ain’t wrong.

            God knows I shouldn’t have been trusted with a kinetic missile at the age of 16.

  38. Mathius says:

    In 2018, there have been 13 non-training deaths in the Military (I’m assuming excluding suicide).

    In 2018, there have been 27 students killed in school shootings.

    “Put another way: Twice as many students have been killed in school shootings as have members of the military who were on deployment. An additional four adults were killed in school shootings in 2018 – but an additional 29 members of the military have died in training accidents.”

    Now, of course, these statistics don’t really mean anything – there are a lot more kids at school than deployed soldiers. Soldiers are trained and wear body armor and have logistical support. Soldiers on deployment are knowingly going into dangerous situations, school kids aren’t supposed to be at risk.. it’s apples and oranges.

    But, still, it is interesting.

    What strikes ME about this – though it will probably not be the consensus opinion – is that, terrible as these deaths are, they aren’t even the tiniest blip on the radar in terms of things that we should be worried about.

    There were 40,100 motor vehicle deaths in 2017. That’s an all-time low. Extrapolating to 2018, and assuming a 1% drop (as with last year, since cars are getting safer), that equates to 15,445 deaths. Give or take.

    That’s a 9/11 every month, with an extra one thrown in there somewhere for good measure.

    But, please, let’s obsess about school shootings. I’m sure copycats don’t look at this and fantasize about all the attention and infamy they could get. I’m sure that the world would be a better place if we turned our schools into prisons / fortresses, and posted armed guards outside of every classroom and gave my wife a sniper rifle.

    It sucks. It does.

    It’s tragic.

    But shit happens.

    It’s never the thing itself which is dangerous, but the way we react to it.

    A bee sting cannot hurt you.

    Not really.

    Maybe you need a bandade for your boo-boo.

    But your own body can go into anaphylaxis shock. And that can kill you.

    The bee can’t do it. But your own body’s reaction – or, more pointedly, over-reaction – can.

    So we need to stop making a big sensational deal out of this. We are only harming our own future interests.

    It sucks. But this reaction only makes things worse.

    Both the left (we need to take away the scary guns!) and the right (we need to arm the teachers!) are idiots and need to shut the hell up.

    If you seriously want to do something about it, work to remove the stigma from mental health care in this country, so that people who need help will actively seek it instead of festering. That might put a dent in it. But it won’t cure it all.

    Why? Because, fundamentally, when you dig deep, deep down, right to the core of it, some people are just murderous assholes.

    And, one way or another, murderous assholes are going to murder.

    And even if, somehow, you fortified the school to the point where it was futile to attack, these assholes would just attack at the mall or at the movies or at birthday parties or go door-to-door.

    Because murderous assholes are going to murder.

    And even if, somehow, you took away all the guns, these assholes would just switch to knives and bombs.

    Because murderous assholes are going to murder.

    But they aren’t ever going to murder enough that they’re an actual threat in the larger scheme of things. They just might murder enough that we create problems for ourselves. And that is what we need to be careful of.

  39. Thought # 5385

    School shootings are like airline crashes. Airplanes are safest mode of transportation yet when 300 die at the same time, we act as if planes are falling out of the sky all day, every day.

    • Mathius says:


      Oh, and our “security” regarding air travel is pure theater designed to make people feel safer without actually bothering to do anything. Americans would never tolerate El Al style actual security.

      We just want the comforting lie so we can imagine that it won’t happen to us.

      But the truth is that it’s actually very, very safe.

  40. Thought # 5386

    Got into it this AM with a gun banner who says I don’t care about kids. Pointed out that in Chicago, in a month, more kids die of street violence than did in the Texas and Florida shooting. Pointed out that apparently being silent on Chicago means HE does not care. I do believe that, see, the kids in Chicago are BLACK.

    • Mathius says:

      People are stupid, what can I say? Invite him over here and I’ll tell him that to personally, one loony lefty liberal to another.

  41. Thought # 5387

    The other day, a local fifth grade was taking a class trip to West NJ. The bus drivers (3) missed their exit on Interstate 80 and decided to cross the divider (where the police cars do their U turns ) rather than continue to the next exit. Bus 1 and Bus 2 made it. Bus 3 was hit by a cement truck. One student and a teacher were killed. a score injured.

    Question of the day, what is the appropriate punishment for school bus driver(s) who do not seem to understand their buses can go from zero to sixty in about 5 minutes?

    • Mathius says:

      Bus 3 was hit by a garbage truck, I believe.

      Criminal negligent homicide for the driver of #3. Criminal negligence for #1 and #2.

      Obviously, obviously, fired and sued into oblivion.

      I’m sorry, but as a bus driver with buses full of children, you have an obligation of care. You have accepted the duty of delivering children from point A to point B with the upmost caution. Imagine if the driver had been texting or drinking. It is no different. It’s not a “random accident” or an unavoidable freak occurrence. They make the choice to do something not only illegal but exceedingly dangerous. They chose to put themselves and, far more importantly, their wards at risk.

      All three drivers should be skinned alive.

    • Mathius says:

      In a better world, the driver of #3 would commit ritualistic suicide.

  42. A very good documentary on the “Frozen Chosin”. Was at a public showing a few years back where some of the participants took questions.

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