The More They Howl…

alphas…the more their glaring hypocrisy and lies come to the surface.  Just like the Russian issue, when Clinton used that stupid misspelled reset button, it was giddy applause by the Left.  When Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Medvedev that he’ll have more flexibility after the election, the Left was giddy with applause.  But make no mistake, ALL of the recent election accusations occurred under Obama and his team.  They are the failures for knowing and allowing Russian interference, and it’s proven that they knew.  The Russians are no where close to being a problem to the US compared to the Progressive, Socialist’s, Communist’s and Democrats.  They ARE the problem!!!!




  1. And that’s a fact, Jack! 😎

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The fallacy of socialist democracy or democratic socialism is that people cannot force other people to support them WITHOUT USING GOVT. to extract/steal the payment.

      It is MOB THEFT……… nothing more.

      It is the undermining of Individual Responsibility, which is replaced with Entitlement.

      As has happened in the USA, it quickly turns to a soft version of FASCISM.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Note the example description of “frontier” Americans.

      Ethos means “custom” or “character” in Greek. As originally used by Aristotle, it referred to a man’s character or personality, especially in its balance between passion and caution. Today ethos is used to refer to the practices or values that distinguish one person, organization, or society from others. So we often hear of the ethos of rugged individualism and self-sufficiency on the American frontier in the 19th century; and a critic might complain about, for example, the ethos of violence in the inner cities or the ethos of permissiveness in the suburbs.

      • What example of frontier Americans?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          “So we often hear of the ethos of rugged individualism and self-sufficiency on the American frontier in the 19th century; ”

          Note: Ethos of rugged individualism and self-sufficiency

          This is the ethos the left has been offended by, especially when this was raised by the Tea Party. They have been ridiculing it ever since. It runs CONTRARY to “socialism”.

  2. Stop meddling!

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Rand Paul speaks truth to power, once again.


    PAUL: “John Brennan started out his adulthood by voting for the Communist Party presidential candidate. He is now ending his career by showing himself to be the most biased, bigoted, over-the-top, hyperbolic, unhinged director of the C.I.A. we’ve ever had. It really is an insult to everything about our government, to have a former head of the C.I.A. calling the President treasonous just because he doesn’t like him. You know, I filibustered Brennan. I tried to keep Brennan from ever being the leader of the C.I.A. But realize that Brennan and Clapper are known for wanting to expand the authority of the intelligence agencies to grab up everyone’s information, including Americans’, and so I don’t have a lot of respect for these people. Even before they decided to go on hating the President, I disliked these people because they wanted to grab up so much power and use it against the American people.”

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought

    The only adult in ALL of Washington D.C., just might be First Lady, Melania Trump.

  5. Just A Citizen says:
  6. The Fake outrage continues. Quit Yer Bitchin Liberals, this Russian meddling happened under your boy’s watch. It’s not new to have Russia play these games nor is it new that the US does the same thing abroad. Obama was a complete wimp, and HE got played by Putin. Wimper, Wimper, Whine Whine. That’s all the Crats got, nothing of substance and nothing to help the country. They need to go the way of the Dodo bird.


    There really is no doubt, the way this is being handled is solely political – screw the consequences.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      TOTALLY AGREE. The Russian hacking issue should have remained in the DOJ/FBI plus Congress arena. The USA should have NEVER indicted Govt. officials in Russia for US crimes. They have opened a can of worms that good US officials will pay for, maybe in blood.

      The supposed “collusion” issue could have as well. Especially when Sessions recused himself. But even with the Mueller assignment, Mueller could have put all the bad and erroneous rumors to bed quickly. However, that was not the goal. In my opinion, Mueller brought people on board who planned to use the special prosecutor cover and money to dig deeper into Trump and anyone around him. People they had been chasing but unable to catch. Like Manafort. Like Mr. Trump himself. The proof of my claim will be when they announce they have handed over to some State DA the files on some of Mr. Trump’s business dealings for further investigation and indictment.

      • I’ve figured for awhile now that they would get Trump for something or at the least destroy his businesses, just not based on collusion. I mean who among us could survive this kind of all out attack and survive. Course I think they will have to twist our laws to the point that they are irrelevant to do so. I actually think they already have, beginning to think it’s routine.

    • For disruption, maybe but not for ideology.

      The TV and Radio pundits keep asking WHY the libs, so in love with Soviet Communism, and the old USSR have turned on modern Russia. Not that hard to figure. Sort of like devout Shiites turning on a former buddy gone over to Sunni Islam. an APOSTATE! And like those Shiites, they do not mind self destructing (in our case a Nuke war) just to destroy the traitor.

      As I’ve pointed out, almost daily, everywhere I can, Russia these days is no threat to the US. China is a mighty threat to EVERYONE, Europe, South America, North America and the world in general yet where is the outrage? ya see the Chinese are still paying lip service to Communism and in the best Stalinist tradition have acquiesced to making their “president” a lifetime president. ie. a dictator. But who out there has the temerity to call him that?

      Little rocket man had best watch his step. He got a pass on many things from the Western left but if he cuts that deal, they will come down on him with both feet. Anothergoddamtraitor!

  8. So yesterday I heard that Fundamentalist Christians who have connections with the newly revived Russian Orthodox Church based on shared TRADITIONAL values, are possibly traitors to the US. Nah, after rethinking the comments they have a;ready been classified traitors.

    Wonderful! Gives the libs a reason to chase down Christians!

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Foreshadow of a single Nation of Israel with Palestinians as “residents” but not full “citizens”????

    In the end, this, or absolute control over population demographics, is the only way the Jewish State can remain a Jewish State. Otherwise the non-Jews will eventually come to dominate the elections.

    BUT…….. how does this speak to the argument that Israel is the “only Democracy” in the middle east?????

    • Well, when the 150,000,000th Mexican moves into your neighborhood with his 10 kids what’s your plan?

      There is NO easy solution except to have lots and lots of babies!

      Wonder what the krauts will do in another 25 years? Though it does seem that they did remarkably well in keeping their Turkish guest workers (there in many cases since the late 1940’s) away from voting citizenship.

    • It doesn’t…

    • Hmmm, a conundrum.
      Does having this law mean their not a democracy or does not having this law mean they literally want stay a democracy in any shape or form? One might even question whether the actual jews would even be able to stay in Isrea! at all, or even allowed to live – if their Arab citizens ever became a majority.

    • I see incredible dangers. Incredible physical dangers that will come if this keeps up and then will be blamed on the “divisive” president.

      Eight years of Obama has utterly destroyed political discourse in this country NOT Trump. For eight years they were used to doing whatever the hell they wanted with no consequence nor complaint. Now that one Donald Trump, acting like the boy in the fable, has pointed out the Emperor in fact DID NOT have clothes the peasants rise up and want to kill him.

      “Kill the messenger” . Ring any bells?

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    I urge ya’ll to take the time to watch the video in this article between Crowder and Green. Insight into the younger generations way of thinking, especially those on Mathius’ side of the fence.

  11. My Niece and family in Marshalltown IA are all OK. There house is intact.


    TDS on full display. Then they wonder why they lose elections and ratings are down.

    • Saw the clip and a couple follow ups. I was already triggered by lil Ms Thing, Sunny Hostin, snapping her neck, trying to box the Judge into a corner. Jeanine checked her a few times before Whoopie lost it. Then Whoopie came back after break with a faux apology, while saying she never gets triggered but… But, my foot! She’s triggered daily. TDS in full action.

  13. One thing that I have found interesting recently….meaning in the last week of wearing our MAGA hats…..most people are thumbs up but when I ask them if they would wear one….their answer is no..they do not want the hassle.

    I have friends that are definitely Trump supporters but would not wear a hat. They simply do not want the hassle of facing up to hostile people.

    But, herein, lies a problem as I see it. If you do not stand up to the bullies….they get stronger and feel they are in charge. This is the thinking of the left. Scream, yell, bully.

    But myself and the other vets…..we keep wearing the hats. If anyone gets in our face…we will respond in like. Even if we are with family….no backing down.

    • The older I get the more annoyed I am that words and actions no longer have consequences. There was a time when you would have to defend any obnoxious thing you might do. It might be a simple verbal tirade against you (with or without four letter words) or it could cost you a busted lip or a tooth or two. No more. Us kinder simpler folk just let them get away with it.

      Our disengagement leads to things like this. Mike Murphy, Navy Seal, posthumous MoH is something of a local hero in NY and NJ this is what some sniveling punk does in the middle of the night to his memory. Horsewhipping is too good. changing targets on the 450 meter range while live fire is going on is a better punishment.

  14. San Fran letting illegals vote. What happened to foreign meddling being a bad thing?

    Trump has had many, many sexual encounters with attractive women since his late 50’s, so it’s being reported. I guess the small hands thing is bogus. 🙂 I’m guessing at least 487 more hot chicks will come forward, and Whoopie Goldberg will complain she was rejected 😀

    Heads up for a Red Wave. Everyone outside of the Left knows they are frauds, liars and thieves.


    Don’t watch this around children or at work.

    The only right they’re talking about, is the right to be irresponsible. At least they’re being honest. But good grief, What is wrong with people!

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    JUST IMAGINE what the commentary would look like if the following headline had used the word “white” instead of “black”:

    “Atlanta Students Dominate Harvard Debate Competition And Embody Black Excellence”, from Huffington Post.

    The story itself is one of what should be celebration by some kids from tough backgrounds who have excelled. Maybe that should have been the headline, just sayin.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    ROAD TRIP………. that time of year. If I can I will check in from time to time.

    Hope all are well and remain so the rest of the summer. Enjoy the warm weather.



    Hmm, ties to the Clinton Foundation involving Haiti.

    • It does. Although I don’t blame the left for being upset with Russia. I don’t like what they did either and I also think Putin is a bad guy. I just think What the left is doing in response is worse. They aren’t really attacking Russia, their just using Russia to falsely and irresponsibly attack Trump.

      • Putin IS a bad guy. He is a KGB colonel from the old days that wants the USSR back.

        • Part of what we are suffering today is because Gorbachev held a “Fire Sale”. The issue of Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine which are both historically and ethnically Russian should have been a bargaining point with the Ukraine SSR BEFORE handing it off.

          What I have NEVER seen is anyone sitting down with Gorbachev and actually just asking him what he expected and more importantly WHY he expected it when he broke the place apart.

          When the eldest was at Leavenworth two years back, he made friends with a number of guys from places that used to be in the USSR. These were the people who raised issues with the instructors who tried to paint Russia as still the enemy. Now these were guys his age (O-4 grade) who came in long after the USSR was broken up but still had links with Moscow and were probably unique in that they could see both sides. No way in hell our Cold warrior Neo-cons would ever give them a hearing!

          I fear China not Russia and would much rather have the Russkies on our side in the coming conflict whatever its nature rather than sitting it out from the sidelines. If push comes to shove, the rest of NATO is useless. What was that they said last week?. The vaunted Luftwaffe can get seven (7) planes in the air if absolutely necessary.

  19. Trump Derangement Syndrome has caused some on the Left to devolve into what can only be called sub-human mongrels who attack children and other innocent people over their political beliefs. The media fetish with Russia and print medias fetish with Trump’s physical harm/death is nothing short of sub human and these people should be shunned at every possible turn.

    It’s time to apply self defense and start stomping these losers into the next year. It’s time to call out the sick media and their pundits for who they are, fetish infested sub human mongrels.

    Rant over, now back to your regular discussion 😀

    • Stop, your sending me into mom mode! It’s to early in the morning for a mom lecture 😃


    This shows pretty clearly that the democratic party is moving full bore into socialism not Democratic socialism. I know some democrats want full up socialism, I’m just wondering when the ones who don’t want capitalism destroyed will stop denying the obvious.


    “The GOP should not balk from the fight now when the opposition has so utterly exposed itself. It must demonstrate the ways in which even the more moderate elements of the Democratic Party lead, inexorably, to the leftism that now dominates their political conversation. There should be no delusions about making common cause with the apparent voices of reason on the Left, for they are destined to lose.”

    That is so true. The left as been incrementally heading towards full bore socialism for decades, the moderates simply want to continue on that road slowly because they know to do otherwise will cost them elections but that is their end goal. Why can’t real democrats see this truth?

    • You have to remember Communists, Russian, Chinese, Vietmanese , Cuban or American work like this.

      They want compromise which is defined as 50% of what you have. They are satisfied for a day and a half then demand more compromise and 50% of your 50%. Things go fine for 72 hours then they start demanding that to be fair you must again give them 50% of your remaining 25% and so on and so on and so on.

  22. “An America that ignores the problems that come attached to open borders and illegal immigration is doomed for destruction. A citizenry which no longer believes in the rule of law and which pays lip service to our US Constitution is no longer free. A people who are no longer willing to hold their leaders accountable in regard to enforcing the rule of law, eventually become enslaved within a tyranny.”

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  23. Here’s the 5 minute clip mentioned in the article.

    Maybe they missed the “destroy America” part of his speech! Because they followed his points like a road map.

  24. Why is Putin “the Bad Guy”?

    From his perspective he has watched his country shrunk by half, have its economy decimated, Be surrounded by an ever expanding “NATO” when NATO’s purpose was supposedly over in 1990 and have the West try to “steal” his only warm water port by engineering a coup in a neighboring state.

    Russia called off the Cold war in 1990. I don’t think we ever did.

    What I really do not like is the “misdirection”. We place all our animus on Russia while China steals us and the rest of the West blind. We need Russia as prophesied by the late great Tom Clancy.

    I also will re-iterate “democratic” Russia is a work in progress with absolutely no experience or history in “democracy” before. Russia 30 years in is where the US was during Andrew Jackson’s administration and we weren’t very democratic then, were we?

    • Think I’m justified in calling Putin a bad guy, without it meaning I think America is perfect when it comes to policies that have effected Russia. But at the same time, I think any people who wanted to leave the USSR after the cold war and form their own Countries had a perfect right to do so. And I agree China is more dangerous but that doesn’t mean Russia is irrelevant. As far as Russia being a j work in progress, I suspect real improvement will happen after the Putin’s are gone.

      • I’ve always felt that Putin’s job is a lot like Trump’s. To install pride and meaning in Russians who have been beaten down again and again since 1917. I think it would ahve helped a lot and perhaps kept Putin out had the US treated Russia in the 1990’s the way it treated both our allies and our enemies after WW 2. I am not the only person who was calling for a Marshall Plan for free Russia after Gorbachev disbanded the Soviet Union. I strongly suspect that had Reagan still been president instead of the neo-con duped Bush the Elder we would have. When you defeat someone, you do not add insult to injury by grinding their face into the dirt. That’s where Putin came from. They needed a strong man they got one. In a totally different way, WE needed a strong man in 2016 and we got one too.

        My curse, as I mentioned before was having to read a heck of a lot of Russian literature in college which gives you some insight into the soul of the ordinary Russian. It is a bleak place. I’ve read Dr. Zhivago and give David Lean a lot of credit for taking that incredible mish-mash and making a watchable movie out of it. Is there anyone in the book or movie not drunk, who smiles?

        I am sure that most black Americans would be shocked to discover that slavery (serfdom) was abolished in Russia only two years before the United States. That slavery was of white people who were condemned for life to serve their landlords.

        • You are mostly correct in your analysis. Putin is a bad guy from the stand point that he has publicly stated that he wanted the old USSR back. He hated what happend to Russian rule.

          I would have been against any type of plan similar to the Marshall plan. The wall came down, the USSR splintered, and the countries were left to their own….which, in my opinion, it should have except I saw what happened in Bosnia, unfortunately.

          The population of the US would be astounded and the amount of slavery that existed and that still exists….and how many caucasians and religious prisoners.

          • I agree that we should not have given away money but I think technical expertise would have been kind of nice. They are not stupid and do work hard.

            To give the devil his due, I quote my late friend Marty Galle of the 101st who carried around pieces of an RPG round until the day he died, “It’s not worth going to war with the Russians until we figure out a way around the RPG”.

            Funny, look at the AK-47, the Mig 21, the RPG. All dirt cheap, all as good as or better than anything we fielded at a fraction of the price.

            • That is no lie on the weaponry. I brought home an Ak47 taken of a lad that challenged me…he lost. But the RPG….there was no way around that one… could modify it, fire it in water or mud…..and for an area weapon…..deadly….

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The Russian Tsars were working very hard to transform the once captive serfs into farmers akin to tenent farmers in the UK. Unfortunately the Bolsheviks targeted those grand dukes for assassination severely damaging the modernization in Russia. Prior to the revolution Russia, at times was an exporter of grain. When not, it was weather causing the deficit. However it took the social justice, people loving Bolsheviks and communists to enslave the people again. I find it hard to dig out of history where they ever had a surplus again. When some reforms went in, during the later stages of the USSR, people with private gardens could sell their surplus.

          Keeping people perpetually on the brink of starvation makes a very weak and complient population. When the State has all the guns revolution is hard to forment.

    • I’m thinking if the left shows that kind of disrespect at a military parade a lot of people won’t like it. Doing so would back fire, badly!

    • Helium is a precious commodity in short supply. What a waste.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Remember the “Hindenburg” when mooring in Lakehurst NJ

        The German’ s were desperate to buy helium and the US would not sell it to the Nazi’s because it was a critical and scarce national resource.

        Very different than our administrations today. Under WJC high technology space equipment was sold and licensed to China. The nuclear technology theft at Los Alamos by China was ignored and all FBI investigation were shut down. Obama sold out 20% of our uranium, gave a stamp of approval to the nuclearization of Iran. Plus signed off on selling a division of IBM that made and designed semiconductors to Qatar. This included the patents and designs of many proprietary military applications.

  25. Iran economy on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately, it will hurt the innocent Persian held captive by a rogue regime…….but the only way for Iran to survive, is the way of the Phoenix….it must collapse and burn and the innocent must starve but that is the only way to get the uprising started.

    Trump, like President Reagan against the Soviet Union, knows this. Scrap every single deal with the Iranians, pull every Americn company that has violated the rules to be there..otta there….let the economy collapse.

    • I was wondering if he would do something like this. As long as it is temporary and a strategy to WIN, I can go along. Not terribly different from what Eisenhower did in the 1950’s with wheat surpluses. As a kid I can remember driving up along the Hudson River and seeing hundreds of WW 2 Liberty Ships stored near West Point full of surplus wheat.

    • No subsidies…..totally against.

      • I actually don’t understand how one can support using tariffs as a bargaining tool and not support temporary subsidies. They seem to walk hand in hand. To use a military term, they seem necessary to protect your flank. As best I can see, Countries who use tariffs against us also use subsidies. The advantage they get must be more valuable than the cost of the subsidies or surely they wouldn’t do it.

        • Because, the subsidy program is a shambles. You know the situation we are in…..A ranching entity that gets a subsidy from the government NOT TO GROW CORN. We are not a farming entity…we ranch…we provide meat. We cant give the subsidy back….the AG department sends it out again. We simpy give it to charity.

          Why shoud the government pay farmers the difference anything? As a rancher, we do not get subsidies from the government on cattle sales…we are on our own,,,,,A subsidy is a guaratee of profit using tax payer money. When the government guarantees something to you…they are buying votes.

          Now, I can M A Y B E get on board if the subsidy was limited to one or two years in order to let the farmer find a new customer…..but that is not how the subsidy program is run.

          As I have told you before…..we were getting $80,000 per year to not grow corn. We were not going to grow corn anyway….we want grass. Now, the subsidy program under Obama’s last year increased our subsidy to $112,000 per year to not grow corn. All of our ranching neighbors get the same subsidy… not grow corn which they would not anyway. So, the subsidy program is buying my neighbors a new pick up each year or expand their home, send them on trips around the world…….as for us, as I have reported before, give the mony to the 50% to the Shriners Children Biurn Fund….and to the Burn Center in San Antonio….

          THEN we write off the free money on our taxes…and the final affect to the tax payer is $224,000…… tell me… this right?

          • Have you ever read the chapter in Heller’s “Catch 22” on Major Major’s father who was paid not to grow things?

            Reminds me how well that book sold on Army bases back in the late 1960’s.

            • Yes, I read it. Many, many, many years ago. The problem, I don’t remember what I read.😕

          • I don’t disagree with your assessment of the current farming subsidies. I just think these are two different issues. One is a long standing problem which may or may not ever be fixed. The other is just a temporary negotiating tool. If we aren’t gonna give Trump the tools he needs to maneuver, the whole process is mute. We might as well just walk away from the table and tell these Countries to let us know what they decide our trade policies should be. I keep reading people who are unhappy with using tariffs. They keep saying, “,there has to be a better way” but they never give any other options except, to do nothing.

            • I think the “better” way they refer to is begging.

              • I don’t know when so many people decided that being a wimp was good foreign policy. Was it Obama, or did it start before then?

          • It is strange that there is still a subsidy to not grow corn when in Iowa and throughout the Midwest, they are growing as much corn as they can to feed the ethanol plants another subsidized industry. It goes to show that government programs never die. And the left wants more.

  26. Anybody notice?

    The former “darling” of the left, our left, jefe of Nicaragua , Daniel Ortega, is now considered a tyrant. They tried to run Ronald Reagan out of office during Iran-Contra for seeing what he was then! Somebody ought to ask Ollie North about this.


    Don’t know if this will be worth reading but it looks interesting.

    • An older piece but very interesting in light of Trump, The Dossier, Wikileaks and other stuff that’s gone on.

      • Hard to know what to say. Don’t want to be too critical, I assume they have stopped a lot of bad things. But at some point they’ve gotta organize what they have, before adding more.

        • When you think of government you have to think of Medieval Europe. Each agency is a Duchy of it’s own carefully guarding its rights and privileges and totally unwilling to share them with anyone else. Even within the same agency the same mindset exists. I was first exposed to that in 1973 when despite the NYC’s Mayor’s office calling for inter agency cooperation among divisions, we were unable to execute the order because of a recalcitrant Deputy Commissioner who decided he would wait out the administration. He did and the new administration did not know enough to follow up. We had to work around this guy, his division and had to settle for “scraps” tossed from his table.


    I know people have a right to protest, but this has gone way past that, into illegality. Which seems to be a pattern. I just don’t understand why they aren’t stopped before they erect tent cities. And shutting down a charity, they should be so proud of themselves.

    • There is only ONE way to fight these things…..but I am afraid that most do not want to stand up to them. There was a similar one that sprung up in Arlington…..waiting on the police and courts and government to do anything was taking months…….it was settled in one weekend when locals had enough. They burned them out. However, the locals that did it were confronted by police and they stood their ground and told the police to arrest them..and make headlines. The police just told them to go home…no arrests. But the camp was gone.

      • The unfortunate thing is that it takes a vigilante action.

        • There’s an old saying, “fight fire with fire” it’s a dangerous endeavour. And it’s kinda what I’,m worried about. But I’d say what these “protestors” are doing is their definition of vigilante justice. It sure isn’t my definition of peaceful protest. But like lots of things I am conflicted. Using their tactics against them in some ways seems justified and necessary. You gonna boycott businesses, media personalities, and destroy people’s lives for fun. Two can play that game because they aren’t gonna stop unless they feel the pain, too. But another part of me knows, this type of stuff, always goes to far. But then IMO, they have already gone to far. I guess I’m conflicted and friggin angry.

  29. Oh…GMAN….moderation, please sir.


    Freedom, what’s that!
    So much for caring about the worker. I understand their problem, businesses are a big deal but I suspect they need to look a little farther than on site cafeterias to fix this problem.

    • Just realized, if you click on the title of the article it links to an article with more information.

    • China fears being hemmed in and surrounded. I have been saying the same thing for several months now. China will become our biggest foe in the future as they have designs on being the sole super power by 2050. Read Pillsbury’s “The 100 Year Marathon”


    Oh vey!

    “the ACLU claims that vigorous advocacy for self-defense rights is to blame for government expansion of the security state.”

    “Mass shootings create a pervasive sense of insecurity and anxiety that politicians and policymakers will inevitably seek to address,” senior policy analyst Jay Stanley insists on the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project blog. As a result, he argues, “those who support expansive gun rights as a protection against excessive government power should strongly consider how much government intrusion and expanded power they’re willing to trade for those rights.”

  32. Catching up on some news……The most over turned Federal Court in the US…..the 9th circuit…………………………upholds the second amendment with a statement that the right to bear arms is not limited to federal, State, or local law enforcement. Every citizen has a right to bear arms….

    Oh, My…………make you wonder what they are up to…..

    • It does make a certain amount of sense other than they are all stoned. Their big thing is like this insane, unrestricted freedom thing. The 2nd fits right in if you think about it. They have however opened a can of worms. The full 9th will have to hear the case then it will head to the Supremes and Heller leave little doubt what the outcome might be. Note, this is OPEN carry. Let me tell you, I have vacillated on the issue for a long time but at 71, what the hell! Let’s go for it!

      • I haven’t read much about this but didn’t they rule that you had to allow open carry or concealed, not necessarily both.

        • Even though it actually gives me the heebie-geebies, open carry makes more sense.

          • Hmmmm, I’m more for concealed. Open carry would make you more of a target, don’t you think? And less able to stop a bad guy, who would probably have his gun concealed.

  33. Why is it ok for the Crats to get dirt on people but not Trump.? The hypocrisy is insane. The constant lies from the Liberal media is unacceptable. The question is, what to do about it?

  34. Since 90% of ocean plastic comes out of Asia and Africa, WHAT IS THIS CRAP ABOUT BANNING PLASTIC STRAWS?

    • The Left needs a win this year 😀

    • Who knows. Maybe they need a new issue to keep the money flowing. Or somehow every problem must be America’s fault. Maybe there afraid they will become irrelevant if they aren’t constantly screaming about some new, earth destroying problem. Maybe they just like the feeling of power it gives them to force the other idiots to submit to their demands.


    I so hope they win this case. Hard to believe they could lose considering the pictures. But it is California .Cops guarding a Wall is just infuriating. People being sucked punched, having to run from the crazies, the look on that woman’s face should be shame inducing but these animals are proud. And that guy with his mexico territory sign needs to be reminded he’s actually in America.


    You know I have to say it. Giving someone a straw – 5 years. Giving someone a free lunch as a job perk – this must be stopped to protect businesses – but stealing from them – not a big deal.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Date line, Beaverton, Oregon

    Category: WTF

    Don’t know if ya’ll remember but Oregon rescinded the law this past spring requiring “attendants” to pump gas. Making it possible to pump your own, like almost every other state. But since getting into Oregon there has been an attendant at each station. Nobody, but us low life Diesel users, were allowed to pump their own gas.

    Here is the story I got. The insurance companies immediately notified the gas pump owners that they would significantly raise the rates if they allowed people to pump their own gas. The increase in premium was more than the cost of hiring attendants. And the funniest part is that the premium increase applies only to stations located within population centers, or within some magical distance to, with over 80,000 people.

    There has to be more to this. Because all the surrounding states allow self serve gas pumps. Including towns of over 80,000 people. The insurance rates in those states don’t prevent self serve either. The price of gas here, in Oregon, is almost 20 cents higher per gallon than back home.

    I am wondering if the State has created a situation with the insurance companies that drives them to this threat of increasing premiums. Do not know but it sure does not make much sense.

    • I read something about that. Oregon is a very strange place. Beautiful country but a shit pot full of weirdness in their laws. Hope your road trip is going well…..stay in touch. There is nothing much going on here except the same old political crapola.

      The near left Dems in apoplexy over the GDP and they are claiming false numers because the messiah said that the days of 3.0 growth are over. The elite is having a meltdown because Trumps tough rhetoric on trade is working with Mexico and Canada now wanting to negotiate separate deals and the trade hegotiators from Germany are now wanting to discuss the elimination of all tariffs and blockages except for cars…..

      Household wages are rising in the Pelosi crumbs,,,,,,so…..enjoy your trip.

    • Interesting being from the last state still requiring attendants. Mine are generally from India, Pakistan or Africa.

    • It is time, offense be damned, to point out that The Plantation is alive and well in the democrat party. Kamela Harris, Cory Booker, the entire Black caucus and even Barack (the saint) Obama are really nothing but house negroes who parrot the party line that only that party (the massah) will keep you from being sold down the river.

    • Not a single thing I can disagree with. Surprised everybody does not see it. I had referenced Tom Clancy’s argument that we NEED Russia to counterbalance a very aggressive and non-western (yes inscrutable) China.

      • I have heard the pundit pair on PBS claim that Trump is not a chess player. But what I see is someone who is several moves ahead. If the MSM were not so blinded by TDS, they might see it. But then again, maybe it is better they remain dumb. They continue to look more and more stupid as time goes on. Trump is no buffoon.

        • During my working career, people were always amazed that I was not only not a chess player but never wanted to be. I used to tell them, “I enjoy chess, the real kind, dealing with real people and real situations all damned day long”.

          There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing like outmaneuvering some hoople who is trying to pull a fast one on you.

          Chess, in my admittedly biased opinion, ranks only slightly lower as a waste of time than golf! Checkers (fast and dirty) can be fun.

        • The real benefit to chess is the concept taught me by my non-chess playing father that in life as in chess, one must always be three moves ahead!

          Now the funny part of that, when I tried to practice in life it was to realize that he meant three to the third power since any move can be a plus a minus or a draw. So, 3 times 3 times 3.

  38. Putin who will eventually leave office is a “dictator”. Xi Jinping, newly proclaimed “president for life” of China is not. Go figure!

  39. If Trump came to CA and used a straw, would it be an impeachable offense?

    • Certainly after all it would be a High Crime. The nonsense by the way is catching on. Disney announced they will do it in Florida and we went to the Borgata in Atlantic City last week. The MGM owned casino/resort has removed plastic stirrers from drinks and plastic straws.

      One must buyupalltheplasticstrawsyoucanfind !

      As a lover of malted milk type drinks not to mention smoothies and other thickened drinks, I can remember well what a godsend plastic straws were when they replaced paper.

      • My wife gets absolutely giddy when she hears the malt machine run. Being handicapped, straws are a necessity.

  40. On the Kaitlin Collins ban. I think it is about time. First, when on foreign soil or in front of a foreign visitor, the press should be respectful and ask pertinent questions about the matters at hand. Domestic politics should be off limits. They should act in a dignified manner not shout questions especially ones designed to denigrate the country or the president. There are other venues for that. Kaitlin was banned from the follow on presser. CNN was not banned. She has no constitutional right to be present or to even ask questions. Her constitutional right is to be free of reprisals for printing her stories. Rude behavior should not be tolerated.

    • CNN isn’t anything more than the propaganda arm for the DNC and should have their Press credentials scrapped. Same for MSNBC.


    Just one more nail in the Obama legacy coffin. What a complete failure.

  42. What are the Crats going to run on this election cycle?

    Healthcare? They already blew that.
    Immigration? They should have fixed it already.
    Economy? LMAO!
    Gun control? Please do 😀
    Russia? Trump is far, far tougher on them than Obama.
    Hate? That’s about all they got left, so that must be it 🙂

      • You’d think all those jobs just disappeared from the face of the earth. Instead of just being moved to other countries , pretty much forced to move because of governmental policies. So of course Obama and others don’t believe they can come back – under them they couldn’t.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The Dems are running on Trump being a lying, obnoxious sack of Oompah!

      Normally that would be enough. But it will depend on who they pick. As for Congress and State races it will be the reaction to Trump, as described above, that will carry them. That and the R’s blew it with their base on things like the ACA.

  43. OK…I must ask again…, someone smarter than me on economics ( I am pretty saavy ) please explain the unfairness of the Trump Trade.

    First, we have China stealing intellectual property as a condition of doing business.
    Second, we have China manipulating its currency.
    Third, we have a Eurpoean Union that places tariffs on everything coming into them but screams when we place tariffs on their products……….

    And the list goes on with Canada and Mexico…….

    Trump then says….”you know what? You are right. Let us drop all tariffs and trade barriers. Free trade all around. we open our markets and you open yours.”

    Trump says to Mexico……..lets drop all tariffs and barriers…..Mexico says “No, we must protect our economy.”

    Trump says to Canada…..let’s drop and tariffs and barriers…..Canada says “No, we must protect or economy.

    Trump offers free trade to the European Union….they cry NO NO NO…we must protect our economy…..

    So Trump wants to level the playing field…..tit for tat……and they scream FOUL FOUL FOUL…..

    So, all this hoopla of free trade is just talk…..Our left wing politicians say…..our tariffs are bad…then the right says……free trade for all….and our left says, that it is not fair. ………

    Sooooooo….what now.

    • I have a question too. If tariffs are just a tax that will hurt our economy, why do ALL these other countries not just use them, but fight tooth and nail to keep them?

    • I would increase the tariffs every month by 10% until they capitulate.

    • We change the name of Austin.

      • ROFL 😆

        • When you can’t answer the question, change the subject. A lot of that going on. They don’t like Trump and the US winning so change the subject to remind people how terrible this country is.

          We are being invaded through our southern border: Trump colluded with the Ruskies to get elected.
          Trump is starting to win on the trade war: We bought and sold slaves 200 years ago.

          Never solve the problems because you will not have anything to run on.

      • Don’t even go there< TRay……these are your bretheren from California that want to do this. It is great headlines but aint gonna happen…..but it is fun to play with.

    • What a great article! It proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, why “a little knowledge is dangerous”.

      The poor misguided soul, who has no use for her own background or knowledge of her own history, adopts some “vision” of someone else’s as being superior. I would bet, dollars to doughnuts that she considers herself deeply spiritual yet not religious. I find that particular disease goes around a lot these days.

      She has a well taken point about us tracing back our ancestry. Then again, as my father said when questioned about his immigrant father. “he never talked about it, he said it was better to forget that horrible place”. Apparently gramps was all in for this starting over, “new American culture” thing.

      Attacking “whites” for their many historical faults is kind of ludicrous when one ignores the barbarism practiced by Asians and Africans throughout their history (after all, white “colonialism” was only the latest variety) . All this of course leads me back to religion, the lack thereof, and its ability to contain and modify man’s basic not-too-nice human nature.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The Dems are running on Trump being a lying, obnoxious sack of Oompah!

      Normally that would be enough. But it will depend on who they pick. As for Congress and State races it will be the reaction to Trump, as described above, that will carry them. That and the R’s blew it with their base on things like the ACA.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The irony of ironies:

      “Let’s analyze a few of these points. Christmas, they say, incorporates elements of pagan beliefs. There is some truth to this. As Christianity swept the late Roman Empire, people who converted often kept some of their preexisting traditions, where those traditions did not conflict with Christian belief. The same happened when Christianity spread to the Germanic peoples and the Slavic peoples. So this wasn’t a case of white people having no traditions, it was a case of white people practicing cultural syncretism, deciding to keep some preexisting traditions when they converted to Christianity.”

      Just as the Indians of N. America did when they were exposed to Christianity.

      Another note. This lady who wrote the primary story is a prime example of someone who is completely SELFLESS, per the Rand argument over ego and “self”. Funny that she should claim it is her “ego” which caused her to think she could help. When it is lack of a healthy ego which is the cause. That, which in turn, is due to failure to apply reason. Instead, relying on some magical message from her missing culture that would have caused her to WOKE. 🙂

      • Maybe I’m missing your point, but I don’t think she’s being selfless at all. She’s just being another type of victim.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Selfless = without self. No self esteem, no pride, no ego. This is the cause of the self loathing person. One who projects nothing but evil on themselves.

          A victim hood mindset is another manifestation.

          • I’m having a problem with this, words like ego, self esteem, and pride can be used to denote good or bad. This woman may have an unhealthy ego, etc. ,but she has them in abundance.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          V., more

          The selfless also tend to be about group instead of individual. Note that she uses culture as a measure of individual self esteem. This is a type of bait and switch. Introduce our lack of culture but move to our individual guilt caused by our culture.

  44. Curious what everyone thinks about 3D printed guns.

    • Probably a non-issue. Yep, they work but we are dealing with pressures that mean they won’t work long. The assumption, beloved of leftists, know nothings and just plain science ignorant people is that you can drop an M-16 in one side and just keep popping them out the other. Now, there will come a time when you will be able, economically, to have the parts automatically duplicated in metal by a machine that will work but we are not quite there yet at least not economically. I cannot see any way to “prohibit” it that will work. Progress, cannot be stopped.

      • Just did some instant research. Standard Pistol cartridges generate between 20,000 and 25,000 PSI pressure. Rifle cartridges between 50,000 and 60,000! Do not know of any plastic, epoxy or ceramic that will take that repeatedly.

    • At one time, they made guns on a forge. Today it takes only a lathe and a mill. It is not hard to make a gun. Most good machine shops with numerically controlled tools could turn out dozens per day.


      Looks like we ‘re talking about a subject that is for the most part mute.

  45. Just A Citizen says:


    You asked a few times about tariffs. A few things to keep in mind.

    We are all consumers, but only some of us are producers.

    Tariffs can adversely affect consumers, but not always all of them.

    Increased costs to producers cannot always be passed on to other consumers. They may have to cut profits or reduce costs in other areas to keep profits. Like cutting wages or reducing benefits.

    Tariffs are a popular solution to a “political” problem, not an economic problem.

    When Govt assumed some responsibility for “creating jobs” it opened the door to rationalizing tariffs.

    Tariffs, that is those that do not apply equally to all goods, generally favor segments of an economy but not the whole. Protection of jobs in steel is offset by loss of jobs in businesses that use steel or lost wealth of those who are the end user of steel products.

    Tariffs ARE A TAX. These taxes are not really paid by the company/person/country sending their goods to us. They are ultimately paid by those who consume those imported goods. These increased costs come in various forms, as described above.

    Other countries use them for two reason, but both are really political. One is protection of certain industries. Auto in Europe, rice in Japan, etc.. The other is to create economic growth that will transition to a more modern economy, like China. So how could this benefit them if it is really a tax?? Because their major population base has not become major consumers yet.

    Think about the millions in China who lived in poverty on farms. They move to the city to get better pay. They scrimp and save. Making just enough to stick some away for a rainy day. Eventually they will have enough to increase their consumption. That is when the tariffs will adversely affect them. Until then it is all about the Government creating jobs for them and pumping profits into the pockets of the Cronies, who in China also include the Govt. treasury itself.

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    One other more general thought on tariffs and trade.

    The US moved towards a “free trade” policy in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This did not bode well for many US industries due to the disparity in labor costs overseas and the added cost of doing business in the U.S..

    But most of the issues we link to “free trade” were created by the trade deals done long after the free trade policy was adopted. These deals were massive documents filled with all kinds of particular subsidies, protections, and rules of exchange. All designed to protect some industries at the expense of others. All created by arrogant central planners who thought they could “balance” the outcomes for the benefit of the whole. “The greatest good for the greatest in the long run”.

    As I linked to here a year ago or so, after the MIT economists concluded after looking into the actual affects of NAFTA, it had little positive affect on US business in the US, was more beneficial to US/Canada trade, if you only look at the whole, but hugely favored Mexico in US/Mexico trade. BUT virtually none of the promised benefits made by the brain trusts could be shown to have happened.

    Now back to the first point. If a closer relative to free trade caused all the displacement in the 70’s and 80’s what will actual free trade cause today. Should President Trump succeed.

    Can the US compete head to head? I doubt it. That is if the regulatory costs of doing business in the US are not addressed and in a huge way. Which is why I think the President started out so quickly going after regulations. But his actual success in this area versus his claimed success are not fully aligned. Time will tell but the time is running out. The R’s have not been aggressive in this area and thus are not helping to actually solve the problems.

    Meanwhile they fall into the quicksand of being accused of poisoning the water and killing babies due to the increased pollution, let alone killing all those cute polar bears.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Say What????

    “The Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency was responsible for a significant amount of election interference efforts in 2016. The group successfully organized events intended to sow discord among the public, including an anti-Trump event attended by thousands in New York City.” from The Hill

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder if anyone THINKS anymore. So my middle class federal tax burden with a current Federal budget of about 2 trillion is about 25% of my taxable income or 16% of gross.

    My medical costs, including insurance run around 7% of gross. Just always to little to allow a deduction.

    Now these “thinkers” are telling me that adding over 3 trillion to the expense side, in other words a DOUBLING of tax burden, is going to reduce my health care costs so I should not worry. It is really just an issue of who pays, private or govt..

    I PAY you darn morons. I pay.

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just saw an interview with Judge Napolitano. I find him of late kind of wishy washy, but, he was commenting on the Manafort case. Apparently over 8 years ago Manafort was investigated by the DOJ for the same alleged crimes he is now charged with, exonerated, by none other than ROSENSTEIN.

    How can anyone prepare a case which takes tons of paperwork and lawyers when one is in solitary confinement. If the case goes badly, I can see the grounds for appeal. Not just the usual, improper defense, but the inability to be able to prepare a proper defense.

  50. Hi JAC……..curious thought. Why do you think the US cannot compete with global trade without tariffs and conditions? A total free trade. Why is Europe scared to death of the US in free trade if the US cannot compete?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Our disadvantage is our cost of regulations. This is why we couldn’t compete with developed economies before, like Japan. It is a combination of low labor cost and our regulatory cost when it comes to developing nations,like China has been.

      I do not think we will fail in all areas. But some just have to much regulatory cost built in, such as coal, other minerals and timber.

      Fair and free trade does not address national differences in environmental or labor/commerce regulations.

      I do not see free trade meaning the playing field will be fully level.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        JAC….as though Europe/EU is not burdened by imposed regulations from Brussels. They outregulate us.

        My last career before retiring was in the telecom and network management business. Using our US most expensive management center in that division as the benchmark doing business in the EU was 4.3X our costs. We used the same applications, tools, methods & procedures etc at the European centers as we did here and around the world. I was tasked with analyzing their massive costs and try and bring them down to at least be closer to our costs. BUT, I was given a list/book on items that can not be touched in any way. Those were the social benefits and laws and regulations that were in place.

        Heck, when I was there in ’01, not only did they get obscene paid time off, but they were demanding that the companies/government also pay for their vacations to where ever,

        • Just A Citizen says:


          And that is why the EU is afraid of free trade. Those which have the same or greater regulatory costs are less likely to support free trade.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I didn’t say we need tariffs to compete. Full free trade is good. Just pointing out it will not be a panacea.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Out of curiosity I looked up the Plastic Straw law. It seems that there is a major part of the bill being overlooked and whipped into hysteria.

    The straws WILL not be given out freely, but will be provided by request.

    Somewhat akin to a water restriction that occurred during a drought in the Wake County area years ago. Restaurants only provided water upon request, not automatically poured.

    The restrictions went into effect less than 2 months after the drought declared. It’s not that we got no rain, just less. The reservoirs got way low due to the hurricane centers never getting the tracks right that year. All the storms missed completely. They do lower the reservoirs so they will not overflow and potentially wash out. The “normal” rainfall Could not replenish as well as a good hurricane can.

    • I don’t think people have missed it. The problem, the extreme stupidity, is prison time and fines being involved in this “issue”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Yes the fines and jail time is draconian. Actually worse than the crime of NOT telling someone you are having sex with that you have AIDS. CA lower it to a misdemeanor.

        Most of the population centers in CA can be classified as the worlds largest open air sanitariums.

  52. Regarding the “plastic Gun” controversy, the 1993 Clint Eastwood Movie “The Line of Fire” had the potential assassin making an epoxy resin two shot undetectable pistol. If I remember correctly, the bullets which would have been detectable were hidden in a metal ball point pen so as not to arouse suspicion.

    • The know nothing Liberal media has blown this way out of proportion. First, the 3d stuff has been online for years. Second, they don’t make whole guns, just some parts, metal is still required. Third, it’s still illegal to make undetectable firearms that can’t be detected by a walk through metal detector. Fourth, it’s legal to make your own gun, as long as it doesn’t violate any other laws. The Liberal fearmongering is nothing new. They are liars. This is just another example.

      The Judge stopped the download because it would be available overseas, no other reason. It will eventually get beat in court, as it’s ridiculous.

      The 3D printer is quite expensive, I’ve heard in excess of 5K. I doubt the little drug dealer in Chicago is going to buy one. This isn’t a controversy, it’s Liberal stupidity.


    Wow, this might seem like a small thing but this is a big deal. It feeds right into all the other nastiness being thrown out there by people like ,MaxineWaters.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius, calling Mathius.

    Your thoughts? Remember, I said the Dems were behind elevating Trump. I did miss the impact Mr. Obama’s personal insults might have had.

  55. Just A Citizen says:
  56. Just A Citizen says:


  57. Just A Citizen says:

  58. Just A Citizen says:

  59. American Thermopylae, another little known piece of American History. It is suspected their graves lie beneath an auto body shop on 3rd Avenue and 9th Street in Brooklyn.

  60. The “left” never ceases to amaze me.

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