Post Election, What’s Next?

trump10At this point, nothing has really changed.  The MSM is still doing the same stuff, Antifa is still acting like Fascists and there is more evidence of Acosta abusing a woman than there ever was on Bret Kavanaugh. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest Communist to represent New Yorkers, will likely sponsor a bill giving free tuition to the Electoral College, and Nancy Pelosi will bring it to the floor.  A dead Brothel owner defeated his Democrat opponent in Las Vegas 36th District State Assembly race, if that don’t tell how bad the Democrat was, I don’t know what will.  Liberal media hacks are still throwing the race card, keep it up for the next two years, please.  Speaking of white privilege, we had our first measurable snowfall yesterday, about 1 inch.  It went away and came back this morning.  I guess it’s racist too  🙂




  1. 😎

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Maybe SKT or the Colonel may remember the days when buying a vote only cost a dram of whiskey or a dollar. Not $130M for a Senatorial seat like Beto collected in TX or should I say from out of state donors

    • The money involved in elections is crazy. I’m conflicted between limitations per candidate and free speech. Maybe it’s time that the Free Speech clause get questioned for intent 🙂

      The question could be, is limitations on campaign donations/spending an infringement on free speech? Even free speech has limitations, just ask Mathius 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I feel that campaign funds should be from the district or state only, that the candidate is running for office from. The only position that crosses state lines should be the president.

        I know the one voting law that flipped Vermont from a conservative State to a perpetual socialist State was allowing students at colleges to vote, even it they were in dormitories. I wonder how many other states have a similar voting law.

        When the SCOTUS ruled that businesses can donate literally unlimited money’s to a candidate I have the opinion that it should be NONE. Not all employees have the same political opinion. The SAME rule should apply to unions. NONE.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          And one other thing. Candidates either winning or losing must return all unused funds and not be allowed to keep them, like Beto O’rourke refused to return 30+M. Not a bad way to become a millionaire.
          Seeing that they know who the money specifically came from write each person or party a check of the proportion of unused to received. Or send the lot to the war chest if which ever party they they ran under.

          The McCain Feingold act has got to be reviewed and revised but Congress had no interest in doing so.

          • Limiting political contributions to the district in question is a good idea. Also since corporations are considered an individual, their maximum contribution to any candidates should be the same as any single citizen. The same should go for private sector unions. Public sector unions should not be allowed to conduct political activity. They should not be electing the very people they must negotiate with.

            The bigger issue is the PACs and spending by mega donors on political advertising independent of the campaign. how you curtail that I do not know.

            One other restrictions that might be useful is to cap a candidates expenditure to product of the salary and term of the office in question. House pay is $175k/yr. Thus the campaign could not spend more than $325K.

            I love it when the underdog in terms of spending wins. $s are not as important as message.

      • The question could be, is limitations on campaign donations/spending an infringement on free speech?


        Much as I hate it, the ability to spend your own money in order to project your own opinion is – absolutely – free speech.

        And that includes corporations and megachurches.

        I may hate it and what it does to politics in this country, but there really is just no way around it in the plain text of the First Amendment.

        Additionally, I think any regulations around disclosure or personal contribution limits or making a candidate say they endorsed a given message are all in clear violation of the First.

        Even free speech has limitations, just ask Mathius 😀

        Yes. Clear and Present danger. Slander (maybe.. probably not). Endorsements for Ted Cruz. Any “music” by Taylor Swift. Incitement to violence.

        But that’s really it.

        Put more plainly, your Right to free speech ends where it becomes an irrefutable danger to the Rights of others. Short of that, for good or for ill, your speech is yours to do with as you will.

  3. “What’s Next?”

    Nothing. You’re all still stuck on stupid. What’s next is the same old state shit sandwiches people have been pigging out on for generations.

  4. PSU just downed Wisc. Come on MSU, get Ohio State.


    I think this is beyond incompetence, it is attempted voter fraud.

    • Seriously, is Broward County full of crooks and criminals? It sure seems so. The latest out of the county where elections staff under the direction of Brenda Snipes now stand accused of election and voter fraud as a Broward County employee has filed an affidavit claiming to have seen staff members filling out blank ballots.
      The news came by way of former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, who tweeted out the information on Friday evening after ballots were supposed to be turned over by Snipes per a court order.
      “Affidavit filed by Broward Election’s employee in support of Caldwell lawsuit provides eye witness account of Elections staff filling in blank ballots. When this was reported the employee was fired and told not to come back. #sayfie,” tweeted Kottkamp.

      • Remember the last attorney looking into voter fraud in Florida turned up dead on a beach, cause of death, suicided.


    The solution is simple, fail to abide by the law then ALL votes are disqualified from the county. After one time, it will never happen again.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I don’t know why, (Yes I do) the Mueller persecution is still ongoing about the possible Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    We had then, and even more now, the good old fashion kind of voting fraud going on. Yet neither States or Federal Election commission seem to do anything about it, with rare exception. TX for one is taking very aggressive actions.

    Broward Co was found in court to have committed election fraud in Wasserman Schultz last election, and zip was done about it.

    This is only one reason Sessions had to go. He just slid along to get along not wanting to upset anyone political.

  8. Yesterday, November 10th was the Marine Corps Birthday. Today is Veteran’s Day and the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. I never know what to say when the sacrifice is so big. So I will just say Thank You!

  9. Happy Veteran’s Day to my fellow Vets!!! 🙂

  10. 6 year old is reading a book about the branches of the military, so, naturally, I asked her if she knew who was in charge. She said the President. Great. I asked if she knew who that was, and she couldn’t come up with it.. not so great.

    Mathius: The President is Donald Trump.
    6: Still? I thought he’d be gone by now.


  11. Canine Weapon says:

  12. HAL died. 🙂 RIP HAL 9000

  13. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    How I spent Armistice day!

  14. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    And Harry was so right! An “accidental” war if ever there was one. The three 1st cousins, Kaiser Bill, The Czar and King George bumbled their way in. Miscalculations abounded, Brittan would not honor its treaty commitment to Belgium. The Von Schifflin plan would encircle the entire French Army (Worked in 1940 not 14). The Russians could not mobilize fast enough. The Americans would sit it out. The “wonder” weapons of gas and flamethrowers and tanks would bring a swift conclusion. Absolute geniuses planned the damned thing.

    Perhaps only Black Jack had it right. Don’t have an Armistice. The Germans were collapsing, take the war far into Germany so they could never say, “We weren’t beaten” or “The Jews stabbed us in the back”. Pershing had predicted we would be back to square one in 20 years and we were.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wasn’t one of Churchill’s famous quips about the German’ s “They’re either at your feet or at your throat”

  15. Canine Weapon says:

  16. Canine Weapon says:

    Boy, it’s dead around here…. Who said SUFA could take a day off?

    Fine. I’ll carry this place all by myself.

    • Nooooo. you’ve been lame today, Canine. I’ll contribute below.

      • Canine Weapon says:

        Oh, well, exccuuuuuse me.

        • Joe Not Cool today. Question, though, Canine. Is Mathius your human, or are you just a random canine?

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            Canine Weapon is, canonically, US Weapon’s dog.

            However, inexplicably, all photos posted of CW are actually of Latke, Mathius’ Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier.

            Latke is a very good girl, incredibly sweet and loving. And dumb as a brick.

            • Yes, I remember hearing about the potato cake dog. Pretty cool. Many cool dogs are dumb as bricks, mine included. My black lab, Milo, is the last survivor of alll her buddies. She’s lost 4 friends and family this year, and she’s the oldest of the bunch. Drag.

              • My childhood dog was another Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Otis after…

                Milo and Otis!

                Otis was a little brighter, but he was such an old soul. I miss that old man. Don’t get me wrong, I love the enthusiasm of puppies, but there is something special about an old dog.

                My grandfather was a dog nut, my father is a dog nut, I am a dog nut, and one of my daughters is a dog nut. Seems to be a tradition in the Mathius family.

                Give Milo a hug and a cookie from Uncle Mathius.

                any cool dogs are dumb as bricks

                No, I don’t think you really understand.

                There are lots of stupid dogs. But Latke is… well, she’s profoundly stupid.

                Wheatens aren’t a particularly bright breed to begin with, but even so, I think we got the special ed version.

                The other day I was throwing wash in the dryer, a sock fell on the floor and she saw me throw it in the dryer. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the old pudding-head went flying into the dryer after it. Then she turns around, inside the dryer, with this incredible expression of happy bafflement as if to say “I have no idea what just happened, but I’m having fun, and that’s the important thing.”

                Lovable little doof.

                I’d like to fully explain Latke to you, but frankly, I don’t think I could ever describe her better than this:

              • Cool story at the link. My son was 6 when we got Milo and we allowed him to name her. Of course, at age 6, you (read we) watch loops of the same movie. The movie at the time was…yep… Milo and Otis. So new pup was named Milo. But at age six, you’re not so hip about gender and names…so poor Milo has always been referred to by guests and even close friends with sometimers as ‘he’. We put them in check in a hurry. Poor ol doggie. Son is 20 now so you know what that makes Milo….

              • But at age six, you’re not so hip about gender and names

                Well, Latke is a gender neutral name, but she is definitely female. That was the deal I struck with my wife before we ever started dating. I would get to dictate the breed in perpetuity, but she would get that they would always be females.

                That said, it’s become clear from numerous trips to the dog park that Latke, um,.. prefers the fairer sex. A male dog tried to hump her one time and I swear to you that she reared up on her hind legs and punched him in the face with a left cross that would have done Ali proud.

                We don’t judge. The Mathius household, as you know, is very progressive about such things, and if my dog wants to have a girlfriend, who am I to stand in the way of her happiness?

                Poor ol doggie. Son is 20 now so you know what that makes Milo….

                About 14…? :/

                I’m sure you know, but the day you walk into the house, and it’s just… empty.. no waging tail to greet you.. that’s just the worst, most sinking, feeling I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how we can make such strong attachments to these marvelous little balls of pure love knowing that we get such a short time with them.. but I can’t imagine my life without one. It’s one of my biggest regrets in life that I couldn’t be there when they took Otis to the vet. I would have given anything to hold his paw…

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Like most species of dogs

  17. Canine Weapon says:

    Here’s one for the Dread Pirate & pals:

  18. Canine Weapon says:

    And one for Mathius:

  19. Canine Weapon says:

    And one for G-Man:

  20. Soooo. The backstory is that I’ve been watching lots of bushcraft videos for quite a while now. ( Primitive Technology is very cool, Matt ). One of my favs is a channel called My Self Reliance. Shawn James. Canadian outdoorsman, outdoor life and conservation author and photographer. Very mellow fellow. Built himself a log cabin completely on his own, using 99.9% hand tools. Then he continued with an outdoor kitchen, complete with clay bread oven. Now he’s working on a bathhouse/sauna. This is all since spring ’17. He’s done an awesome job.

    Along comes a bloke from the other side of the pond, named Haze, from the Haze Outdoors channel. November, being Mental Health Awareness month, sparked his interest in doing a #showusyoursteak challenge, to bring awareness to men’s mental health in particular. So, you’re just supposed to go into the woods, and fix up your favorite steak, then tag 3 people to continue the challenge. During the video, you encourage men to not feel shame about mental health, including PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, etc.

    So Shawn James tags…wait for it…Donald Trump, Jr. His reasons were many, including that Don is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist and has long advocated for…how do I say it…i 2A. Also that he, Don, has a huge platform to speak from and to. So you know where this is going, right? The comments on Shawn’s channel have been no different than what we read everywhere else. Some have gone as far as dumping his channel over it. I’m just pretty disappointed that people would take it to that point. Shawn is Canadian to begin with, so no bones to pick about USA politics. Annd what the heck? I guess the thought police are everywhere, even in the woods. And that sucks. The End


    Several things wrong with Brown’s statement and this article. First and foremost, Brown is bull of brown stuff.

    Santa Ana winds are a SoCal event; they are not driving the Camp fire in NorCal. That is a high pressure cell. The fuel load in the hills is high due to the drought (dead trees) and lack of management for the last several decades. Trump is right on this part. Global warming is not the culprit for the number and size of the fires. Yes power lines have been responsible for several of the latest fires. That is mismanagement by the power companies, but their attention and dollars are diverted to supplying costly green energy mandated by CA. Yes people are moving into the hinter lands. But that does not change the size and frequency of the fires. It does change their cost and loss of life.

    We have had only one small rain this fall about 1 month ago. Prior to that, the last rain was in the spring. To recap, we had a 5 year drought followed by a very wet winter and a mediocre winter. Thus, the forests have a high fuel load of dead trees, high undergrowth due to lack of management and extremely dry conditions at this time. Normally by now we should have had 2 or 3 health rains move through with some snow at the upper elevations. But this weather not climate.

    The bottom line is that Trump is partially right but Brown is totally wrong to blame it on climate change. This is just an escape route so he does not have to take responsibility. More laws directed at global warming will not stop the fires.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Things change over time. Wallace, Idaho was fire proofed in 1911, following the fire that destroyed the town and about 3 millions acres of forest.

      Today it is ready to burn again. Place your cursor on the picture and drag left and right for before/after photo. Note how the vegetation has changed.

      • It’s almost like things made out of wood are flammable… crazy…

        That’s why I built my home entirely out of red phosphorus.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Remove the POWER Govt. has taken to control our daily lives and you automatically solve the ballot corruption and money in politics issues.

    • This is correct.

      The unethical power-driven are drawn to politics because that’s where the power is. If you take away the incentive, they will desist (and find another way to seek power).

      If public service were treated like, oh, I don’t know, public service instead of a position of power, and if it wield no real power other than what is necessary to do the job, then people would not be throwing money at the government or trying to affect votes.

      It’s why there’s no “corruption” or “money-issue” involved in the campaign for town dog-catcher.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      1) there has been election fraud like forever. However, i feel the power derived yesteryear exerted on the common man was minimal versus today’s grab for power. How could the government absolutely use their power if you chose to ignore some dictate and you were in east Podunk 120 years ago. Today it can be exerted in seconds anywhere without any oversight.

      2) no more wars spread democracy for alleged freedom loving people until we clean our own house up. People in general like others to make decisions for them. Then they are blameless for the consequences. Just do as you’re told.

      3) I’m all for unless there is a darn good reason to be absent on voting day, to vote in person at your local election commissioners office. And like in Iraq you had your thumb dipped in indelible ink that can not wear off or wash off for months.

  23. Canine Weapon says:

    The following is a complete list of all words in the English language containing the letters “m-e-o-w.”



    That is all.

    • Dare ya to open this….trigger warning!

      • trigger warning!

        I know that was in jest, and I don’t have any objection to what you said or posted…


        That said….. not for nothing, but I really hate the word “triggered” as it’s come to be used.

        It used to mean something valid and important (please don’t set off fireworks next door to the WWII veteran.. you might trigger his PTSD!). Then the snowflakes on the fringe-left took it over and tried to use it to become the thought police (you can’t say or do anything I don’t like because you might trigger me!).

        But then the right took it over and weaponized their own version of it: “I can be an asshole to you and, if you object, that proves you’re a pussy and I can mock you for that.”

        Maybe it’s just me. I grew up in a home where my brother hurt me – a lot – for no reason other than that he enjoyed hurting people. But I don’t think that people should be assholes to each other just for the goal of pissing the other side off and then mocking their ire. I don’t think we should be gleeful about upsetting other people – not even people we don’t like or agree with.

        Shouldn’t grown-ass adult behave better than this? Shouldn’t we be discouraging this rather than relishing the ability to deploy this rhetorical weapons against people?

        Jokes and humor are all well and good, and I certainly understand that you can inadvertently step over a line, or that some people are actually overly sensitive and need to be told to just grow a pair. But there’s a mile-wide gulf between that and being an asshole with the goal of pissing people off so you can mock their misery.

        The right’s favorite caricature of the left is the “whiny overly sensitive snowflake,” but there is no whinier, no more overly sensitive group than the Christian Right. If you doubt that, try wishing some of them “happy holidays” and watch them throw a hissy fit on the floor in Star Bucks. Should liberals go around mocking the Christian Right and laughing about “triggering the snowflakes”? What if someone on the left got an abortion and then insisted on telling you all about it and then mocked you for getting triggered if you became upset? Would that be right? “Oh, did I trigger you? Are you triggered. Oh, poor baby got triggered!” Is that appropriate? Or would you just think that person is an asshole.

        Because that’s not how grown ups should act.

        We should be mature and considerate.

        God knows, I’m faaaaaaaaaar from perfect.

        But mature and considerate should be something we aspire to, shouldn’t it?

        Tempers flare, and there’s always the urge to throw elbows and score points and piss off of the enemy. But isn’t this something we should be fighting against?

        Would it be too much to ask that we not go around trying to piss each other off just to piss each other off and using that to reinforce our biases?

        Am I the only one who thinks that?


        I swear to god, if your response to this is that you triggered me… well, I won’t do anything because that’d actually be a pretty funny response if I hadn’t beaten you to it.

        But I did beat you to it.

        I hope that didn’t trigger you. 🙂

        • I am triggered because you beat me to it but I sure enough laughed when I read it. I was thinking more like ‘ he’s seriously going on about the meaning of a word and THEN going there with it? ‘ But I guess that’s the same as triggering, so you might as well own it. 🙂

          Yes, we should all strive to be nice as a default position. Times have changed though because everyone is so uptight which leads to being triggered easily. We need a new campaign leader the likes of Smokey the Bear.. “Only you can prevent forest fires”.
          Wait! We have someone…Trump! Make America Great Again! 🙂 🙂

          • Yes, we should all strive to be nice as a default position.


            But that’s not exactly where I was trying to go with that.

            It’s not that we should be nice (though, yes, we should).

            It’s that we shouldn’t upset people just to upset them.

            We shouldn’t hurt people just to hurt them.

            We shouldn’t find happiness in the misery and discomfiture of others.

            We shouldn’t go out of our way to make some else’s day worse because it’s fun to do so.

            It’s not exactly that we need to be nice – it’s that we shouldn’t be sadistic.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          The Holiday in question is called CHRISTMAS and has been called that for Millennia. It is absurd to call it anything else. To change it? Why? What benefit? For who?

          I remember a wonderful rollicking discussion over 20 years back with my Orthodox Jewish Co-worker who could not wish me a Merry Christmas. I wished him routinely, a happy whatever Jewish holiday he was celebrating. Somehow he thought it OK that a non-believer in his faith could do that but he could not reciprocate for reasons he could not explain. I still think I have his head going in circles over that!

          • The Holiday in question might just as easily be Hanukkah. Or Diwali. Or nothing at all.

            Nobody is saying you can’t celebrate Christmas, but to generically greet people with Merry Christmas assumes that everyone you’re greeting is Christian, and they’re not. I’ll tell you, first hand, as a Jew (and not a very good one at that) that it’s mildly offensive. It says “this is a Christian country and you just live in it – deal with it.”

            For years, my mother insisted on sending Christmas presents to my kids – outright refusing to send them for Hanukkah. Now, I’m appreciative that she sent anything at all, but my kids aren’t being raised Christian. They don’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t have a tree, and there’s no Santa, because we don’t believe in Jesus. So for my mother to willfully ignore this and insist that we open her gifts for Christmas is a way of saying “I don’t care what you believe, I want you to celebrate what I want you to celebrate.” And that’s mildly offensive. (this stopped when we sent the gifts back unopened).

            Christmas is a holiday, so there’s nothing wrong with wishing you a happy holiday if one doesn’t know what holiday (if any) you celebrate. But to wish people enjoyment of the wrong holiday is incorrect. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I won’t be having a “merry Christmas,” so why should it be the norm to choose the option which can be wrong rather than the broader one which is accurate in all cases except for atheism?

            I remember a wonderful rollicking discussion over 20 years back with my Orthodox Jewish Co-worker who could not wish me a Merry Christmas

            The Orthodox are… weird.

            But, yes, this is jerky.

            He knew you’re Christian, so there’s nothing wrong with wishing you enjoyment of your chosen holiday.

            I wished him routinely, a happy whatever Jewish holiday he was celebrating.

            As you should.

            I still think I have his head going in circles over that!

            As I said, the orthodox are a weird bunch.


            Relevant aside: I worked at a major – MAJOR – hedge fund a few years back. On the wall of the ops floor was a floor to ceiling white board upon which someone had drawn a Christmas tree. No big deal. From time to time, people added to it (ornements, presents, topper, etc). I added a menorah off to the side.

            Someone erased it.

            It turned out that people objected to its inclusion.

            This baffled me. Why is it ok to have a Christmas tree, but a menorah is not ok.

            They explained to me that a Christmas tree is not a religious symbol, but a menorah is. Huh?

            The tree… a CHRISTmas tree, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, was somehow seen as secular. But a menorah was seen as religious.

            My head is still spinning over that one.

            • You will get dizzy trying to figure that one out….

            • Makes the same amount of sense as atheists arguing they have a right to put up anti – God displays at Christmas displays.

              • Doing so would certainly make them assholes… but why wouldn’t they have the Right to do so?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              EASY……….. Those who like to denigrate the Christian religion and the celebration of Christmas have pointed out for decades that the Christmas tree is actually a Pagan tradition that was not part of the original Christian religious celebration. It was adopted much later so the Pagans and heathens would feel more included.

              Thus a Tree is a more secular symbol. That it is used for Christmas doesn’t make it a religious symbol. Unless your going to argue that the Easter Bunny is a Christian symbol because, well it is the EASTER bunny.

              • Same goes for Santa Claus other than the saint part. Christmas is the old pagan winter solstice celebration co-opted by the Christians to make pagans more inclusive. It is celebrating the return of the the sun hence the lights. The Christmas tree is the tree of life from old pagan religions. It is a fir tree hence related to the Biblical references to the Cedars of Lebanon.

                Anyone can celebrate the secular part of Christmas. The Christ Mass is optional.

              • In fact, I would argue that the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are a Christian symbols.

                Ask yourself this: do you know any NON-Christians who have christmas trees, santa clause decorations, or Easter Bunnies? Maybe there’s an oddball here and there, but by-and-large, these are Christian features, no secular.

              • Japanese often celebrate Christmas.

  24. So Pelosi may not have enough votes to be speaker. Is this something the Repubs could help with. They could all vote for a more moderate Dem for the post. With a few Dems in concurrence, they could deny her the speakership.

    • From your lips (keyboard) to God’s ears…

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      At least elect a speaker that can put a complete cohesive sentence together. Which just may make a convincing argument to why Congress is taking what actions they are voting on.

      Better than Ryan, who I think said nothing and if he did, was worthless and non supportive of the actions the R’s ran on to get elected.

      Same goes for McConnell old turkey neck.

  25. Opinions:

    The right’s favorite caricature of the left is “whiny overly sensitive snowflake driven purely by emotion, overeduated on women’s studies and other nonsense that they’re completely detached from reality and just think the world owes them things. These people are lazy and entitled and have no sense of history. They think that everyone should think exactly as they do and that any deviation can only be because the other side is too stupid / uneducated to know any better.”

    The left’s favorite caricature of the right is “uneducated and stupid, bible thumping inbred yokel who fears all change or anything ‘different’ and who tries to hide that fear behind a mask of gun-toting machismo. These people are so driven by hate and fear of any sort of multi-culturalism and by worship of the free market that they allow themselves to be led by the nose to enable their 1%-er masters to enslave them. These people think they stand for freedom and freedom of expression, but what they really mean is freedom to be a rich white male or shut the hell up. They think that the only reason someone might disagree with them is because they lack a sense of history and/or are too lazy and entitled.”


  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I can not believe the Vatican ordered the US Bishops to not vote on and delay actions to try and solve the child abuse scandals AGAIN. I guess nothing was done when the proverbial SHTF last decade under John Paul II and only has gotten worse.

    I really hate to say this again, but it is time the Feds step in. The diocese certainly have been for decades playing a shell game with criminally sexual abusive priests. Moving them to other parishes and unsuspecting families and children. Being interstate falls directly under federal jurisdiction. There has to be some clauses in the RICO statutes that covet this.

    The government must pull the TAX exemption status immediately, conditionally, that all priests that they knowingly abused children moved. These are criminal actions. Not anything to do with religion. Or possibly invoke Trumps EO on asset forfeiture for child and human trafficking, which I believed included abusing children.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      No, what you need is a RICO, organized crime indictment against the Diocese. Dat’s gonna shake ’em up!

    • I don’t know the law, but I certainly think there should be hell to pay.

      My understanding is that these people have diplomatic immunity, so there’s no way to arrest or charge them. Is this correct? If so, expel everyone you reasonably suspect and threaten to expel the rest if the church keeps playing games on this subject.

      That said…

      I can not believe the Vatican ordered the US Bishops to not vote on and delay actions to try and solve the child abuse scandals AGAIN.

      There is no way to “solve” this without a dramatic re-write of the system.

      It’s set up so that men are denied the sexual release of a consenting partner. And then these same men are set up in a position of extreme power and authority, then given unfettered access to impressionable and young boys.

      That is the perfect recipe for this kind of thing happening.

      No amount of charging and arresting and de-frocking will matter. Human being need sexual release, and if you put them in this kind of screwed up situation, some subset will take advantage. I’d bet good money that what we know about is only the barest tip of the iceberg.

      Want to solve this problem overnight? Allow priests to have sex and get married. 99% of the problem will go away when they have a healthy and acceptable release. The other 1%… well.. that’s just endemic to the fact that some people are shit heads who need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

      • stayDale A Albrecht says:

        There are only a certain group of Vatican officials that enjoy diplomatic immunity. Those are members of their equivalent diplomatic corp like our State Dept. The general population of priests, archbishops, bishops, cardinals are fair game to criminal charges and arrest.

        I believe that priests should be allowed to marry. Though I do not believe it would put a dent in the sexual predation of children.

        Do I have it right, that Rabbi’s can not be a Rabbi unless marrued, else they just stay a journeyman

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        The way to determine if this would lead to a decline would be to examine the rate of problems with Greek and Russian Orthodox clergy who do marry. I do not know if anyone, ever has done a statistical comparison of abusers based on their proximity to youth. In other words, teachers, camp counselors, scout leaders, priests other religious, Rabbi’s etc. Would certainly be interesting and might actually provide some useful data.

  27. A huge box has mysteriously parachuted into local Amish farmers field. Earlier this morning while doing their chores, the boxed landed within 15 feet of the barn, almost landing on Becky the 3 legged cow. What they thought was 18 cases of toilet paper, the local Sheriff determined they were actually Broward County Florida paper ballots fully filled out. The almost 1 million ballots were all dated for 2020. The name of the Democrat candidate was missing. There were no votes for Trump. An investigation is under way.


    We recently went through a sunspot maximum which was the weakest in decades. We are now approaching a minimum which is currently near the lowest seen. Solar irradiation tracks sunspot activity so this means the furnace needs a tuneup. So Dale, your woolly bear needs that thick coat. Brace for a hard winter and a few to follow. Unfortunately, we on the left coast have a large heat sink upwind so we will not feel it as deeply as the rest of the country. Thus the high priest of climate change (Moonbeam) will not get the message that CO2 does not control the weather.

    • Simple question: Is it possible that more than one factor contribute to weather climate?

      • The colonel’s 7,000 head dropping pasture muffins?

        • That’s a lot of manure….. Last time I saw that much bullshit was went I went to the Democratic convention in LA.

          Fun fact: back in the day, New York used to pile up all the horse manure and auction it off to farmland. It was, for a time, a major source of revenue for the city.

      • Yes but if the furnace goes out we freeze. The sun supplies all our energy.

      • Massive volcano eruptions have had a short term effect on the planets climate in the past. Mt. Pinatubo comes to mind. Those events cooled the earth. Get one with a solar minimum and a lot of people could die from various causes, like starvation. I would prefer a warmer climate, like one week of winter warm 😀

  29. “I don’t know Matt Whitaker.” – Donald Trump, 11/8/2018

    “I can tell you Matt Whitaker’s a great guy. I mean, I know Matt Whitaker.” – Donald Trump, 10/11/2018

    • Oh no……another “lie”……

      • Porque los quotation marks?

        • Porque, es la misma mierda repartida por todos los políticos. Por tu propia admisión, todos los políticos mienten. Pero continúas haciéndolo sentir como si Trump fuera el único. La única vez que Obama no estaba mintiendo fue cuando estaba dormido.


          • Latine aut, si tibi place

          • I never said Trump was the only one who lies. And I agree with you that Obama stopped lying when he was asleep.

            But you don’t think is something different about the way Trump lies? It’s not just “typical political lying.” It’s like he’s completely unmoored from the truth.

            He contradicts himself constantly, and gives not a single shit that he lied to our faces. He just doubles down and lies more.

            This isn’t a question of “whose lies are worse.” Certainly they all tell some whoppers.

            But how can a man stand there and tell such OBVIOUS lies.

            And for no reason.

            Just blurt out whatever he feels like from moment to moment, regardless of any facts or reality or whether you’re on film saying the exact opposite just a month ago.

            Yea… I know him. Great guy! ::a short while later:: I don’t know him. Huh?

            If he weren’t rich and powerful, we’d be calling for the guy to be institutionalized.

    • Chill out. I saw that impromptu presser at Marine One. Speaking off the cuff, he said he didnt know him at least a dozen times. He was getting at the fact that those who know him have nothing but praise for him. It happens.

  30. Ocasio-Cortez….the Darling of New York……11-13-18…0930 TT (Texas Time)……..

    ” I am outraged at the tax breaks given to Amazon. 25,000 jobs are not worth competing for a company that gets tax breaks to come to New York. If I can do anything about it, no corporation should be allowed tax breaks to go to any State. Texas is the way it is because Dallas offered 10 years tax free.”

    From the Colonel to Ms. Ocasio, ( I am not a socialist ) Cortez.: I do not know the arrangements that New York made to Amazon but if you do not want them there….send them back. I would give Amazon a 20 year tax break for 25,000 jobs.”

    • Without working too hard at mind-reading, I’d venture a guess that since she’s saying “no corporation should be allowed tax breaks to go to any State,” what she means is that states shouldn’t be able to offer de facto bribes to lure companies away from other states.

      If Texas can lure businesses away from NY with tax breaks, then NY has to offer competitive breaks to attract them back. Then businesses simply have to relocate every few years, and they never wind up paying full-taxes.

      I see this play out on the local level in Connecticut where they lure in big businesses like UBS and RBS, and then they leave as soon as the cuts expire, going to the next city to offer them a break. At then end of the day, they never wind up paying full city taxes.

      • She is young and I do not think it long before you more moderate types jerk her back into reality….unless her next move is to recreate Venezuela.

      • Hmmm, so when it comes to Cortez, we are supposed to actually try to figure out what she actually means when she speaks. Not so much, when it comes to Trump.

        • You on the prod this mornin’ ?……………….I thought you knew how to speak lefty…..I thought you knew that there was always a double meaning. However, it is going to be fun to sit back and see how she handles herself when she actually takes the reins in Washington. The left constantly devours their own….she will losr her focus, her vision, and drink the kool aid or she will never get a committe or even an assignment other than “bring me coffee. rookie”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      She complained the other week about her inability to afford her apt in the Bronx.

      Now she’s complaining about not being able to afford an apt in DC.

      She advocates free healthcare, free college tuition, and I’m sure on her agenda will be free housing for anyone making $175k/year

  31. To DPM: I noticed your wenches were………….scantily clad…………..I suggest sailing right quick to warmenr waters for a couple of days….Laguna Madre expected to be 38 degrees tomorrow. Pretty chilly for them parts.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


      Heading South, it be, then.

      This here pirate does not enjoy anything less than 80 degrees.

      • I suggest Barbados….fair winds, ‘n calm seas….when ye get thar, ask fer th’ governor. He be a close heartie ‘n will treat ye well. Go t’ Cutlass Bay….ye will be safe thar. Th’ grog be good ‘n th’ grub be great. Fit fer a cap’n ‘n crew.

        • One other thin’, me hearty. Be on th’ lookout fer a scuurvy one named Mathius. Word be around that he be lookin’ fer ye. I dunno why. He thinks ye ‘ave marooned ‘im but I tried t’ explain that when he locked ye up in th’ hold ‘n loot th’ keys t’ th’ Hammer…that was too much.

  32. @ Mathius……the only shot I can take at the “Christmas Tree” was that it was never designated to be part of any religion. Decorated fir trees, boughs, wreaths were often used to scare away demons and death. Some were even used to ward off witches.

    It became associated with Christmas in Germany…..and the tradition crept on. It has nothing to do with Christ or the birth of Christ… far as I know. I call them Christmas trees but I also have seen the same type of trees used around Easter.

    However, if you try to figure out why anyone would be adverse to the use of a Menorah next to a Christmas tree…….well, I will go dizzy with you. Beats the hell outta me why anyone would be against it….

    But it also puzzles me why you would be offended at Merry Christmas….it is a season. Shohuld I be offended at the mention of Happy Hannakah (sp)? I think not….I could care less…I would not be offended but then again, I guess, since I do not adopt any religious affiliation, I am going to the proverbial hell.

    I have already been there, in my estimation, but if I have to go back, I will organize it better.

  33. Just A Citizen says:


    In fact, I would argue that the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are a Christian symbols. TRUE. You would argue almost anything no matter how wrong it was.

    Ask yourself this: do you know any NON-Christians who have christmas trees, santa clause decorations, or Easter Bunnies? Maybe there’s an oddball here and there, but by-and-large, these are Christian features, no secular.

    YES. Perhaps a few hundred directly and thousands indirectly.

  34. On the Acosta suspension. Acosta had been warned many times about his behavior. If the situation were slightly modified and he was before a judge in court of law, after multiple warnings, to then become argumentative with the judge, would he have rightfully drawn a contempt charge?

    • The Liberal media is claiming that the video is altered in some way, utter and total LIE! The original video from C-SPAN is quite clear and concise, the WH video is just a closeup, it is not altered. Acosta is an asshole. Once he touched a White House employee I would not only have thrown his ass out, I would have barred him for life from White House grounds.

      I’m reading they have sued. Not a shock, but he’ll likely lose if he hasn’t applied for a daily pass since then. The room is only so big and their is no requirement to even have Press Conferences. I would end them as they are. I would announce each conference and limit the total number of reporters to 20 or so, picked by lottery. One camera for TV purposes, run by the White House and sent to all the media outlets who request it. If Free Speech, and the 2nd Amendment have limitations, then the free Press should be no different. LIE and your gone, no more Press credentials.

      • In addition, I would have the ONE camera at the back of the room and it would not show reporters. Each reporter would get ONE question at a time, also done by lottery and in order of that lottery. Since they seem to act like 5 year olds, treat them as such.

        • It just seems that if he acted the way he did in front of a judge, he would have been charged with contempt and spent a few hours at least in jail. If this is the case, then banishing him from the press pool is a proper reprimand.

          I to think they should tighten the rules and move to a lottery system. There should be no reason to give preferential treatment to the big networks. The way it is now, it is neither equal opportunity nor equal outcome.

  35. Gas prices in Texas just dropped to $1.70……what will I do with all this gasoline?

    • Wow! $2.60s here.

      • We do not have the same temps as you do.

        • $3.56 here

          • Well, that’s California for ya……lots of gas tax out there. This is why private pilots land in Nevada and rent cars to drive into California…..cheaper to do that by hundreds.

            • And the voters had the opportunity to remove the last $0.12 gas tax hike but turned it down. Electric cars pay no road tax. Much of the road tax collected in the past has been ripped off for other projects or just wasted. But all is not lost. After I die I can ride the ghost train to nowhere.

              Schools suck
              Roads are the pits
              Water is for fish
              Fossil fuel are for fools
              Trees are for burning
              All caused by climate change

              • All I want to know TRay….are you far enough above sea level where you live when California breaks off and floats away….according to Al Gore.

              • I’m at 1500 ft. I will have ocean view.

              • Electric cars pay no road tax.


                Not only do I get ~200 mpg equivalent, but I don’t pay road taxes and get preferred parking. Don’t worry though, my wife’s gas-guzzler and the SUV we keep for the nanny to drive the kids more than make up for it.


              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Vehicles should be assessed a “road tax” based on the mileage driven, NOT on its means of propulsion. The road is used, period. Eliminate the gas tax, both State and Federal which are supposed to be used for road highway maintenance. The tax would be assessed on your property tax bill at whatever cycle that is. Then apportion it as before. Computers should be able to handle the calculations. When I lived in the city proper, I got a property tax bill, based on my vehicles.

                Those that use roads a lot, pay more, those that don’t pay less, just as you would if paying the tax at the pump.

                As for electric cars. You have no idea where your power is sourced from. Could be the dreaded nuclear, the doubly hated coal, oil, gas, or tax subsidized wind.

                Some variation of EZ-Pass could work. Though it can’t be removed. Just the cost of using State and Federal assets.

                I’ll compare the argument to the funding of public schools. Regardless of having any children in the system you still paid. If you had children but went to private school or charter schools I believe tax deductions or vouchers are available. Now. In the past double wammy. Now i pay property tax, through my rent, yet no kids in schools, and the neighborhood is crawling with them.

  36. I just reviewed the incentives given to Amazon for its New York, Virginia, and Tennessee locations…..Texas gets beat out primarily because it said…this is as low as we go.

    So, multi billions in tax incentives given out to Amazon amont othe non revenue items…

    Here is one that particularly bothers me….“One provision in Virginia’s package is not financial at all. Virginia agreed to give Amazon at least two days notice if the media or the public filed a Freedom of Information Act request about the agreement. This would “allow the Company to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy.”


    • The choice of Queens and Alexandria was puzzling to me. Two of the most expensive places tax and housing wise. If both gave them excessive tax breaks, then that explains some of it. Alexandria is the home of hundreds of beltway bandits. I am sure that part of the reason to locate there is to be close to the seat of power so they can spread their influence.

      On this one, the little NY socialist is correct. We should not be giving these big rich corporations huge tax breaks to locate in specific areas. This is no different than subsidizing rich major league sports.

      • You should read about it….see what Queens and Alexandria gave up…..including CASH.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          More to it than that. Cuomo is running for president. Wonder what’s coming his way from Bezos in a few years. Personally the Queens deal is nuts. Gonna do a number on infrastructure and congestion not to mention the rents in NY City. I had thought the guy smart enough to pick a smaller area close to a metropolitan area that could use a shot in the arm. Allentown-Bethlehem PA for instance but alas, no tax breaks, just eager employees trying to stay above water.

          • stayDale A Albrecht says:

            Moving distribution centers out as you suggested towards Allentown and Bethlehem make sense. The number if huge distribution centers up I-81 I amazing. Wide open space, close to N.Y., NJ Philly, Baltimore you name it.

            Is there any space in Queens? Much less the last time I was in that area the roads sucked plus congestion was horrendous.

            • All this is true.

              But Amazon is thinking about 1-2 hour delivery. Sucky as Queens traffic is – and it is sucky – they can do it IF they have local distribution centers. But not if the center is in Allentown.

              By the way, Amazon took out a patent on a blimp-based distribution center which would use drones to shuttle goods up and down and basically airdrop anything (as long as it’s light) onto your position within minutes. Talk about living in the future!

              And, on a related note:

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                I do NOT think we are talking distribution center. Apparently that was their motive in acquiring Whole Foods. Eventually half the floor space will transition to shipping. I do not think we will see drones flying over NY City anytime soon. Besides I wonder how they will air drop a package to my old 60 unit circa 1926 apartment building.

  37. T Ray…this is for you.

    Dateline Aledo, Texas: California man perplexed about being arrested for trespassing on private property, setting up a deer blind, for poaching. When asked why he did it, his response was that there is too much private property in Texas and to lease land to hunt on is too expensive. He said it was too far to drive to the areas where public hunting is allowed. He further stated that individuals in Texas own thousands of acres and should not be upset with someone hunting for food. Asked whether or not he saw the no trespassing signs,,,,he said, “Sure, but in California, no one pays attention to them.”

    He was also asked if he saw the news reports of a Law enforcement trooper was shot in the leg by a trespasser setting up a deer blind on private property as he was investigating…the California lad said no….and then asked, “Do you really arrest people for trespassing?”

    What kind of folks are you breeding out there, T Ray?

    • Obviously the stupid variety but then you knew that already.

      • Also, it was explained to him that if you saw a sign that said ” Member Southwest Cattlemen’s Association”…..absolutely do not cross the fence….you would be considered a rustler and most likely shot on sight.” He was flabbergasted that someone would get shot for a cow.

        I have no words….

        • stayDale A Albrecht says:

          Make sure you paint in big white letters COW or Steer on your cattle. As they do up in WVA the West Virginia hunters know the difference between deer, elk and other game animals and cows. It’s the idiots that come over from DC that don’t know the difference.

    • Are you sure he could read. We do rank 47th in education. Thank God for Arkansas.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We just passed a Constitutional Amendment safeguarding the “Right to hunt” I’m sure this is in response to pressures by groups to ban hunting, fishing etc. The 1st being hunting, which if banned removed a good excuse to own a firearm.

      However, the bulk of the amendment was taken up with though having the right to hunt, fish, trap etc, NO laws, rules or regulations are removed, with the 1st being property right and trespassing and posted land. Take limits, size, fresh water, salt water all still there.

  38. Just had to spend a couple hours dealing with at&t, trying to fix an internet problem. The actual problem took a few minutes. Getting to the right department took 2 hours. #$=&%$&%=&%=&%&$&*&*:+-+-=%\$#%&#%$%$$%$&%&%&%&%&%&%& “. Nope that didn’t help!

    • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere V!

    • It never does…….Ihave learned, when dealing with ATT, I just keep telling the automated system….”customer service”…everytime they switch you, keep saying customer service…eventually you get a voice. If the system keeps asking for your account number…keep saying unknown and you will eventually get to a voice.

      I just went through it as well…..slow service…..they tried to fix it with plugging and unplugging different things….did not work……..and ATT is our only choice out here where I live.

      • Before we got AT&T DSL we had old analog lines that did not support 56 kbaud. I would call AT&T service and complain that Alexander himself installed our telephone lines. Went right over their heads. Knob and spool would have really baffled them.

        • T Ray….the poacher from California is from a town called Sonora, California. Anywhere close to you?

          • Sonora is an old gold mining town on the western slope (foothills) about 100 miles south on CA49. Must have been a yuppie transplant as any true native of the area would have known the rules. The area is wooded but has cattle ranches. Uphill would be national forest land. To the NE is Yosemite. I have been there many times as my Opel parts dealer is located near there.

    • stayDale A Albrecht says:

      VH… they logged the call as answered within target, even though a machine answered and were shunted about for 2 hours. How long was it before an actual HUMAN answered?

      Surprised you weren’t routed to Bangalore India.

      • On no, I talked to people, five of them. I’ve learned how to get a person on the phone, it was just the wrong people..

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m talking about even when you got the computer messaging detailing your options. That is in seconds. That is when the clock stopped on “Answer Speed” objective. After that there is no incentive to actually have a HUMAN answer the call. You spent 2 valuable hours to resolve a problem that sounds like should have been resolved by the tier one associate. Not 5 layers up the chain.

          I worked for at&t for 15 years. I know the BS they pull to claim success in problem resolution. How fast someone actually was able to reach a person that could resolve the problem, was the #1 dis-satisfied by clients.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            One time I had a problem when I still worked at at&t, but wad VO. I actually had to step the associate through the procedures and the forms the use. Freaked the person out in India.

            • Funny. By the way, they sent me a text to see how satisfied I was with the help I recieved. But they only asked about the last woman who actually fixed my problem. She was great, but it was check a box thing, no where to complain about the overall support problems.

  39. So, what goodies did Democrats give Jeff Bezos and Amazon for the privilege of hosting their new headquarters? According to Jim Geraghty of National Review, the state of Virginia will give Amazon some $573 million to produce some 25,000 jobs, and Arlington will give Amazon $23 million over 15 years. As Geraghty points out, “Arlington is raising taxes in order to pay Amazon to locate there.” Meanwhile, New York opened its goodie bag as well, with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio grinning through the announcement that the state would give Amazon some $2 billion in tax credits and other incentives. They will receive direct incentives of $1.525 billion for creating 25,000 jobs — an average of $61,000 per job created.

  40. Just learned about the “Poop Train” today.

    Wonderful stuff. Safe to google and, frankly, hilarious.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  41. Very telling video about the far Left lunatics

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I find it incredible difficult to watch this shit. Just finished off with an old “friend” who started off on Trump while discussing the Armistice Day event I arranged in NYC to honor the memory of the 353 neighborhood boys and one girl who died during the war. I specifically did not invite anyone connected with any politics because it was about them. That M*&^%$ F@#$$%^ insisted on bringing up Trump. God they are nuts.

      • Most of those idiots didn’t even know what they were protesting. The Karl Marx look alike wouldn’t last long around here, not to mention he admitted to being paid 😀

        Our education system has failed many of these young people.

  42. What this…Avenatti? Just saw a piece on the news,…… he…..he…..he…. says he is innocent until proven guilty and that unsubstantiated stories are hit pieces……he never hit any woman ever and that he does not understand why something like that would be printed. He went on to say that the woman reporting it is anonymous and he does not think it fair.

    So, NOW, he wants to be innocent until proven guilty……..

    Tch Tch… in Kavanaugh’s shoes you bastard. ( Sorry, I do not ususally get personal like that but the hypocrisy sometimes gets to me. ) Never mind that I agree with him that he is innocent until proven guilty…but I love the way his reputation is getting destroyed with innuendo and unsubstantiated reports.

    I hope he goes the way of the Wicked Witch..

  43. Isn’t it amazing…..the immigrants that are arriving at the border, via bus, claim that they do not have to go through a port of entry…..

  44. T Ray…are you ready for the onslaught? Caravan number two has now changed directions and is headed towards Tijuana.

    Your governor is threatening to sue Texas again for its policy.

    • I am so happy we have so much excess money that we can sue TX and Trump and the Feds or anything and everything. But there is no money to clear and maintain forests. They put a fire tax on us rural suburbanites but spent the money on ads, new signage for the CDF and other nonsense. Not one stick of wood picked up. Colossal mismanagement.

      Please send concertina wire so I can defend my property.

      • You probably need claymores, tanglefoot, flares, old fashioned M-60 machine guns on perimeter, motion detectors, some of my guard raptors, “foo gas” trench…OR…..move to Texas

      • This must be the season of Dumb Assery…….this time WE caught a poacher who had cut our fence, drove a 2017 Dodge Durango, and tried to hide it in a draw….draped a cammo net over it….oops, it was found by our foreman on horse back…..after shooting out all four tires and the spare, a quick butt stroke to the driver’s side window and taking his registration and insurance card out of his once nice looking Durango…allows us to know whom he is….

        The foreman rides back to head quarters, gets on our D-9 CAT…..drives back to the Durango….hooks onto it with a chain and drags it on all four flattened tires, 3 miles back to our HQ and calls the Sheriff. I am sure that the drive train, rear axle, and no telling what else is severely damaged.

        So far, no sign of the poacher….we do know he is armed with a 300 Weatherby….the Sheriff suggests that we just go about our daily activity….he has the name and address of the lad…he is sure that when nightfall comes and the temps drop to 19 degrees as forecasted….he will show up at home.

        • What was he poaching?

          • Deer…..out of season. The Deer hunting season is only 2 weeks in that particular area. He could have been hunting turkey or pigs. The fact that he is shooting a 300 Weatherby, which is far too large for the game in that area, tells us it was deer.

            However, since we do not lease our land for hunting, we are quite well known for our game management and have some very nice bucks. The last two taken from our ranch made the Boone and Crockett.

            • The fact that he is driving an $80,000 vehicle…..he was not shooting for food…..but then again, maybe he spent his last dime on the vehicle…the sheriff towed it away….we did not do any more damage to it but the Sheriff’s wrecker service was not gentle. All I have seen are pictures….he is very lucky I was NOT there…..he would have been hunted.

              Poachers are lower than snake shit.

            • I really love to deer hunt, archery, muzzleloader, rifle and pistol. There is no more enjoyable time in life when watching the new day begin on a crisp morning with 3 or 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground. The woods are so peaceful and serene. While harvesting a deer is the goal, it’s not the priority. Sometimes letting them walk away is more enjoyable than harvesting.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Should have buried the SUV with the D9

          • It was a thought……but it is also worth it to let people see the price of poaching. Have no idea how much it is going to cost to fix it because insurance sure will not pay for it since the damage occured in the “commit of crime. “

            • Poacher is caught……says his vehicle was stolen and that it was not him that cut fence and was on property. Unfortunately for him….one of our security cameras recorded him breaking into a line shack to get out of the cold and to rummage through the cupboards for food.

              Last I heard was from the Sheriff who made the statement that the guy made a comment…”why would anybody put a security camera in a shack?”

              Ummmmm….perhaps for this reason? I wonder if he has ever heard of remote security cameras that have solar powered batteries that send signals…..I guess not. He is now facing criminal trespass, possession of a weapon during criminal trespass, breaking and entering and burglary of a habitat, and all the charges are felonies and pre-meditated since he was armed. He is looking at a minimum of 52 years so far……all for a deer. I wish I could say he was from California or some other state but he is an Oklahoma resident. He reportedly told the Sheriff that ranchers are getting serious. YA THINK? The Sheriff told him that he was very lucky because the ranch he picked has a reputation of shooting back.

    • That’s precious. The very idiots claiming to want to provide safe haven for illegal immigrants wants to sue because the idiots are getting what they asked for. Democrats are damn morons.

      Now, the idiots want Medicare for all, because the VA has worked so well, NOT. The blew it with OCare. They can piss and moan and whine, which they will, and will still never fix what they screwed up. My guess is they want to destroy the whole system so many more will die off. Between their climate change nonsense and over population, it won’t be long before getting old is outlawed if the Crats had their way.

      I still think there will be a 2nd Civil War, when, I have no idea.

      • A recent global warming paper that claimed the missing heat of the last 20 years went into the ocean and therefore the dire predictions will all be true when this heat is released. Unfortunately they made a major mathematical error and now it is all debunked. The only models that work are the ones based on solar cycles and orbital mechanics. These models predict significant cooling over the next 30 years. The AGW crowd is the actual science deniers. But we will continue to make bad decisions until this crowd actually freezes there tushes off.


    Sorry, if She wants to be a He, then deal with it. The teacher should have no part in this.

  46. Canine Weapon says:


  47. OK….let me see if I understand this situation in California……the liberals are saying that this is not an invasion of sovereign territory…..So, I suppose, that single males armed with wire cutters and making open statements to the press about Central America against the United States, All against One, All against Trump is not war rhetoric,,,,

    I do not know about you but the statement of Central America against the United States is grounds for a national emergency order….it does not matter if it is a government saying this….but the individuals are all saying to wait until we get more people here and we will “storm” the gates and barricades……

    What is puzzling to me for the time being….we have had about 100 come to the Texas Border asking for asylum and getting it…..they are coming across the border in the Port of Entry checkpoints according to law and getting right in if they prove asylum is necessary. They are arriving with birth papers and ID’s and can get vetted within 48 to 72 hours. During the vetting process, they are given shelter, food, water, and medical care. The press is not reporting this.

    Those ass hats in Tijuana, of which 75% are single males, mostly have criminal records. I see that the Mexican police apprehended one of the ring leaders who has a history of criminal record in the United States….


    What the press is further NOT reporting. We are getting a lot of cooperation from the cross border local counter parts. They are giving us intel and actually screening some of the arrivals….especially families with children. They are catching gang members by the dozens and arresting them. Why won’t the press report this? Hmmmm….stealing Mathius’ thinking cap…..because they want problems, sensationalism against Trump and the border issue…perhaps. Who knows, but you can fill volumes by what the media does not report.

  48. Moderation, please…an update to border

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