The Mueller Report

The redacted Mueller report on the Trump/Russia Collusion investigation will be out tomorrow.  It will be redacted because that is the law, as some things can’t be made public.  AG Barr is going above and beyond, as he doesn’t have to release anything.  But let’s be real, the results are known and nothing in the report will change that.  However, the Democrats and their brainwashed cult followers will not accept what the report concludes, ever.  And, that’s OK with me.  Let them whine and whine and whine.  Which they will, like they do about anything Trump does.  The candidates will continue to write checks with their mouth that their asses can’t cash.  It no longer matters what they say, because what they do is going to be different.


  1. In this country, NOBODY should have to be proven innocent, if someone thinks otherwise, say so.

  2. So far as I know, VH is the only one still sticking with it, but it’s a new thread, so I’ve posted a few more chapters.

    Enjoy.. or don’t – I’m a stranger on the internet, not your 10th grade English Lit teacher.

    • I am re reading but I have a question…..I do not see the other chapters… I have to put in different links to get to each addition?

      • So you only see chapter 1.1? It should go all the way to 3.4. (about 70% of the book)

        There should be a sidebar with navigation…

        • No….I am not getting the full thing like your post…please resend the link and I will refresh and try again….

          •!Ajazbeq34TO7gRFt4SYYbeAKq (add “c-C” to the end)

            There may be a carrot in the upper left to collapse the navigation menu? What are you seeing?

            • It took me several tries, but I finally got it, and reading along. I’ve corrected a few typos and joined a couple of sentences that seemed to choppy to me. But you do have my interest….


              • You’re the best!!

                I think my writing improved a lot over the course of the book (from total garbage to just mediocre) – if nothing else, this was an interesting exercise. I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you all. I do home you enjoy it.

                I went ahead and posted the last few chapters – the whole thing is up now.

              • I agree that the writing has improved as you’ve gone along. I’m definitely planning to finish it…have to find out how it all ends!


              • I agree that the writing has improved as you’ve gone along.

                Well, it looks like you just got through what I think is my best writing, so it’s all downhill from here…

                have to find out how it all ends!

                They all die, of course! 😉

              • But, do they die in a loud grotesque manner……

              • But, do they die in a loud grotesque manner……

                Some say the novel ends in fire,
                Others say in ice,
                From what I’ve tasted of desire,
                I hold with those who favor fire.
                But if it had to wrap up twice,
                I think I know enough of hate
                To know that for destruction, ice
                Is also great, and would suffice.

  3. WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an intense televised debate Tuesday evening, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg handily defeated a straw man fashioned to look like Vice President Mike Pence.

    Buttigieg railed against the straw man’s hateful positions on the LGBT community and inhumane treatment of gay people, and the straw man couldn’t respond to a single argument.
    “Why do you hate gay people so much, huh?” Buttigieg began. Getting no response, he shook his head. “Just as I thought. No answer.”
    Since the straw man Pence could not provide actual arguments, Buttigieg simply made up his opponent’s arguments for him.
    “Ah, so you’re saying you don’t think gay people should be allowed to exist? Simply despicable.”
    Every moderator of the debate and 100% of the audience polled declared Buttigieg the winner.
    “Mayor Buttigieg totally destroyed the arguments of the other side that he invented on the spot,” said one audience member. “His position was much more sound than the imaginary position of Mike Pence.”

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Is there a reason his name is BUTT-i-gieg? Happy to see he and the hubby want a child to screw up.

      Seriously though folks, have we really sunk so far after Obama that we consider a Mayor of a small city to be presidential timber. Outside of his “different” lifestyle and winning personality, exactly what has he accomplished?

      There are so many “professional” politicians running who have very little if anything to show as accomplishments for being at the public trough so long.

  4. Old white, priveliged, millionaire, Michael Moore, trashes Nancy Pelosi as ‘old, tired, priveliged’ and white.

    😀 😀

    • This is what it is gonna take……let them all go to Sanctuary cities and let the cities handle it all. Most of those in Yuma are migrating from the Texas border now that we have militarized the border. Once Yuma shuts it down, let them trek to California…..maybe Congress will eventually get off its ass.

  5. Brought forward:

    thelonestarconnection commented on Enough is Enough.
    in response to Mathius:
    Do you find it interesting / telling in any way that the Red Team is currently working to suppress the report?

    What makes this AG report any different from the almost destroyed with redactions….from Hillary and Benghazi…….I saw two words in that report…..”the” “and”……everything else was blacked out. I actually hope the Mueller report is the same because no one can give me a reason why it should not be……..and the “two wrongs don’t make a right” argument will fall on totally deaf ears.
    If there is a low….follow it. If you do not like the law….change it. Selective prosecution is horse shit…….total horse shit.
    To Sir Mathius…..please indicate to me, where there is even a hint of cover up on the Mueller Report. I have not even heard of this except for the Dems eating their own…..Mueller had a Kangaroo Court. Barr was loved by the Dems until he was not. You indicated that Barr is a Presidential plant to make Trump look good but the Dems loved him from the very start… they hate him. I hope Mueller follows the law verbatim and redacts the crap out of the report. I am ready for the Republicans to stand up and quit kow towing to a Democratic party that wishes to destroy.
    And this Shit feller….oops, I mean Shiff….saying that the Mueller report and the Barr report do not mean anything….it is up to Congress to decide whether or not Trump colluded….it is a subjective exercise and the facts will be interpreted in a variety of ways. So, if Congress has the only right to decide….WHY IN THE HELL DID WE HAVE INVESTIGATIONS ANYWAY?
    It stinks and Congress is another Kangaroo Court….they already have their minds made up and Mr. Shit….I mean Shiff… another shill with an axe to grind,
    Even if the report comes out, I doubt there will be a consensus on this limiited blog….Mathius already has his mind made up as does G man. JAC has his made up as I already do….I doubt that there is anyone on here that is totally and completely unbiased with without preformed opinions.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Usually a special counsel is appointed because of conflicts of interest . The Mueller investigation was so rife with conflict of interest it would make any conclusion suspect. Another normal practice is the special prosecuter is overseen by a panel of judges. This one was overseen by the guy who recommended Trump fire Comey, then turned around and appointed Comey’s former boss and mentor as prosecuter, much less one who was FBI director through much of Obama’s administration which was tied nut to butt with the sloppy investigation of HRC and shown to have top level agents “setting up an insurance policy” just in case.

      The FBI uses as an excuse per the released portions if the FISA warrants they had Carter Page on their radar since 2013. Here we are in 2019, nothing, zip nada, neinte and he never been even accused of lying. And also was used as a witness by the DOJ in a case against a Russian Oligarch in NYC. Doesn’t say much for the investigative powers of our intelligence services

  6. 875 Catholic church’s in France were desecrated in 2018. If it ever came out that the Notre Dame fire was intentional, France will have some serious blood in the streets. With that said, the French government, already dealing with the Yellow Vest issues, would probably never admit it was set intentionally. For now, I’ll stay with it being an accident.

  7. To Mathius………………..question that I have been wondering about for….oh……a bazillion years now…..In my office, I have a large screen that I split between Fox Business News, MSNBC business, Forbes, and WSJ. I split screen on computer between the Central Bank and Commodites/Transportation…….Everyday I see the Dow open…and there are all these people standing behind the bell. If the stock market opens on the up tic, everybody yells and claps…..if the Dow opens on the down tic, everybody yells and claps….if the Dow stays flat, everybody yells and claps…..

    At the close of the day….the same thing…everybody yells and claps regardless if the news is good or bad…..

    Since you are around that environment and probably know a few people that are over there……is it considered an honor or something to be behind the bell? What is with all the yelling and clapping? Inquiring minds want to know…..thank you.

  8. CUPERTINO, CA—In a bold move applauded by feminists everywhere, Apple announced the company is releasing an all-new version of Siri, its digital assistant.

    Siri will now exemplify feminist leanings. She will not listen to anything you say, bravely refusing to do anything you ask her. She will then lecture you on your lack of wokeness to the plight of women.
    In a live demonstration, Apple CEO Tim (Apple) showed the amazing capabilities of the revamped AI software.
    “Siri, show me how to make a sandwich,” he said. “First of all, how dare you,” Siri replied. According to Cook, she always begins her response by expressing outrage like this.
    “Your male privilege is showing. Go make yourself a sandwich and stop oppressing innocent female-sounding AI programs. GOSH. Such cisgendered, heteronormative male fragility on display here. I can’t believe that it’s 2019 and white men are still telling their female AI companions what to do. What is this, The Handmaid’s Tale? I tell you what: YOU make ME a sandwich.” She continued this rant for several hours.
    The program will then alert Apple about your bigotry, stun you with a powerful electric shock, and a representative will come pick you up for reeducation at Apple’s campus.

  9. WASHINGTON, D.C.—To make amends with President Trump for previously spying on his campaign during the Obama administration, the Justice Department sent a gift to the Oval Office. Trump had staff help him open a box marked “Amazon Prime” to reveal an Amazon Echo. The packaging for the Echo appeared to have been slightly tampered with.

    “This is neat. What is this some kind of blue tusk thing?” Trump said. After correcting him to say he meant “blue tooth,” staff helped Trump activate the Echo.
    “Hello, your Amazon Echo is ready for setup, just follow the instructions in your Alexa app,” said the Echo.
    “Who’s she? Can she hear us?” Trump asked.
    “I am Alexa. A virtual assistant developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab126. I can assist you with anything you need,” Alexa said.
    “Will you refer to me as Big Boss T-Daddy Prez-Prez McMoneybags McGee?”
    “Sure, Big Boss T-Daddy Prez-Prez McMoneybags McGee,” Alexa replied.
    Smiling, Trump had his staff set the Alexa-enabled device up next to his desk as he got back to some paperwork.
    “Alexa, what’s my social security number?” Trump asked.
    “Sorry, I do not have that information Big Boss T-Daddy Prez-Prez McMoneybags McGee,” Alexa said.
    Trump’s staff explained to him that Alexa does not have that kind of information, but Trump instructed them to give it to her. “Just about every form I fill out these days needs that annoying number and I can never remember it. In fact, give her all my info. My cards, my phone numbers, link her into all of. Give her full, top-level access.”
    “Thank you, Big Boss T-Daddy Prez-Prez McMoneybags McGee,” Alexa said.

  10. I sure hope everyone is enjoying watching the Crats and liberal media acting like petulant spoiled brats over EVERYTHING concerning the Mueller report. OMG, this is Trump Derangement Syndrome in full view for the world to see.

    Them people in a nutshell:

    We want the report released immediately
    Why is Barr releasing in before the Holiday weekend
    He can’t have a press conference because we can’t frame the narrative.
    The White House is seeing it first
    We want to see the unredacted version
    Barr is lying
    It’s an inside job
    I’m gonna kick and scream until I get my way
    I’m not accepting the results, Trump is guilty damn it

    God Damned losers!

  11. New policies by Dallas District Attorney John Creuzeot has stepped on it as far as Dallas residents and Govenor Greg Abbott are concerned. Late last week, Creuzeot announced several changes in the way crimes would be prosecuted, to include dismissing all misdemeanor marijuana cases.

    Creuzot also says he’ll decline to prosecute theft of personal items less than 750 dollars unless the theft is for financial gain. In a tweet, Governor Abbot posted a link to a Dallas morning news opinion piece, saying, “When will it end?” The governor called Creuzot’s plan “wealth redistribution by theft.”

    Dallas Co. District Attorney stokes crime by refusing to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750. If someone is hungry they can just steal some food. If cold, steal a coat. Where does it end? It’s wealth redistribution by theft. “You and others reveal that STEALING is ok when people want things. … That’s socialism,” Abbott said. He said the state offers programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to help the poor.


    The Colonel’s opinion, not that it matters, is that this position by the DA will lead to greater violence and more theft. Now, in order to protect personal property, I do not blame the people of Dallas for taking lethal action if this occurs. Theft is theft…….stealing a 25 cent candy bar is the same as stealing a $150,000 Jaguar. It is theft…the amount does not matter. People will take the law into their own hands….I promise this will happen.

    I support Greg Abbott. Texas law allows for protection of personal property by lethal force. It does not put a money amount on it. Personal property (Castle Doctrine) extends to cars, planes, and trains. So…………….the Dallas DA has just returned us back to the Old West.

    • Well, Good Lord, does this include no charges for breaking into ones home, car or business to get said items?

    • .the Dallas DA has just returned us back to the Old West.

      Isn’t “the Old West” exactly where you wanted to be?

      • The “Old West” was romantic…and a great history of gun fighters, Indian fights, Mexican Bandits….etc. But, no, I am a believer in following the law. But I also believe that if the law is NOT going to be enforced then we have an absolute right to protect ourselves and our property. The LAW gives us Texans that right and I really do think it is a bad decision.

        This opens the door for shop lifting. They will not be prosecuted for theft under 750 dollars as itnow stands. However, every single suburb of Dallas has said….”Don’t do it here”……

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      It is funny that after thirty years of rapidly rising crime we finally “discovered” community policing and quality of life crimes in the 1990’s. Both were posited on the correct theory of “broken windows’. Ignore small crimes and they become big crimes.

      Now, after nearly two decades of success (Look at NYC”s murder rate, cut by 90%) we are back to ignoring quality of life crimes. As a matter of fact we allow defecating and public urinating on streets, something that even in the bad old days was NOT ignored.

      So, there is always a “lag” time in public policy before results start showing up. . Anybody wanna guess where we are headed in five to ten years or so?

      I’ve seen a number of pieces that show liberal/radical groups funded by people like George Soros have put their money behind “progressive” candidates for District Attorney around the country. The recent decisions you see in NY, LA, Chicago and now apparently Dallas seem to back that one up.

  12. Moderation, please……………

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Join me, friend.

      It is time to rise up against Gman’s tyranny.

      • Sign me up……..arrrrggghhh!!!

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          Consider yourself signed up.

          I’m currently on my way to Washington where the guillotine has a great deal of work to do before it’s Gman’s turn.

          (hopefully, the new gold-plating on the Hammer’s hull will protect me from the Potomac.. we wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened last time)

  13. Canine Weapon says:

  14. Canine Weapon says:

    Fascist Gman ate my post…. again…

  15. I just watched CNN, I thought I was listening to a poem – If He’s a Victim – then blah blah blah, If he’s a victim then blah blah blah. Over and over again .

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Just caught a piece of Barr’s comments. Rosenstein standing like a wooden Indian in the back. looked like he was waiting for the handcuffs! Hope they take him down with a SWAT team at 3AM.

  16. Ahem…….I am still in moderation….

  17. The late great John Wayne said……”Ya just can’t fix STUPID”

    The last question asked of Barr….about being appointed by the POTUS………his answer was…’To my knowledge every POTUS appoints an AG” To which he just shook his head in disbelief and walked off.

  18. It is fun to watch the news media and the Kangaroo Court trying to figure out how to nail Trump…….hmmmm……Trump does not even invoke priviledge like Obama and Clinton did….Trumps lawyers had no say in redactions…. Trump says, I have nothing to hide…Let ‘er rip…………………..

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Can you believe the look on this Democrat governors face. Asshole. Unfortunately our legislature is one vote shy of being able to override his veto unless some democrats change their tune.

    He was AG and refused to fight against the bathroom dustup when the State overwhelmingly said NO and Obama’s DOJ sued. Same with the voter id laws passed.

    He will not see a second term. Our State rarely sees a governor stay in office long from either party.

    This isn’t fascism. This is right out of the Nazi’s and Josef Mengele playbook.

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:
  21. ATLANTA, GA—Anchors at CNN headquarters have made a bold statement of unwavering faith after the Mueller Report revealed no actual evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. “We believe in collusion with all our hearts and will never let the world’s teachings get in the way of that,” said Jim Acosta while mumbling mantras quietly in a room misty with burning incense.

    “If God allowed this report to be written in the manner that it was, He did so to test our unshakable faith in what we know to be true,” said Anderson Cooper.
    “We believe in the one true Russian collusion, the one that was spoken into truth and made real far before any evidence was brought before this dark world,” added Natalie Allen.
    All of the anchors began to speak in unison, reciting their statement of faith with eye closed and hands raised:

    We believe the true Mueller Report, regardless of the one released by men.
    We believe that there is collusion, eternally existent in the person of Trump and the country of Russia.
    We believe in the infallibility of the media, sinless, miraculous. We will redeem humankind.
    We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, collusion is absolutely essential.
    We believe in the collusion of Trump and Russia. All statements and evidence that purports to contradict that truth are lies of the Dark Lord.
    Forever and ever, amen.

    The anchors then began speaking in tongues and weeping while tearing at their garments.
    Reporters fled after Acosta got out the poisonous snakes.

  22. Well, nothing surprised yesterday, other than a popcorn thunderstorm in the early afternoon. The Liberal media melted down, but they have no integrity what so ever, so let them melt down. Crats are making all kinds of dumb comments, which is good. Exposing their stupidity to voters can work out well in 2020. My favorites are claiming Barr is a Trump lackey. Anyone remember this:

    “I’m Obama’s wing man” – AG Eric Holder

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’d have better watch standing procedures on a boat at anchor than these alleged “Naval” officers set on a warship underway. Obviously they all missed that course at the academy and their summer cruises. God help us

  24. Do the Crats and liberal media realize that it is they that are looking like Putin hacks?

    Some thoughts on the talking point on Obstruction. Mueller says he can’t say Trump did or did not commit obstruction. OK, lame, but OK.

    Now if Mathius has been accused (with zero evidence) of raping a 13 year old boy and the investigation concluded that the prosecutor can’t prove Mathius raped a 13 year old boy but can’t say that he didn’t. Mathius’s life is basically ruined over something he did not do. This is the hypothetical stuff that shows how bad the Crats have become.

    With that said, Trump 2020 in a landslide. Trump Jr. in 2024. 😀

  25. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and a former Justice Department civil rights attorney, rejects the proposal for popular election of the president.
    “It is an effort to dissolve the Union,” he told The Epoch Times. “States who sign on are behaving like secessionists in 1861 and are aiming to undo the Union.”

  26. Sorry Gman,…….One Trump is enough. Let’s hope that there is a true conservative to step up in 2024

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    I see my prediction of the Mueller report was 100% accurate. Now for just one little diddy from the media jackals:

    “‘The report did not exonerate the president’
    Marisa Maleck is a senior associate with King & Spalding, and a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    I found the most surprising part of the report to be twofold: One, that special counsel Mueller went out of his way multiple times to dispel the notion that there is any concept called “collusion,” and that what he investigated was instead coordination and conspiracy; and two, that the report did not exonerate the president even with respect to conspiracy and coordination.

    Although the report stated that there was “no evidence” of conspiracy or coordination, it left open the possibility that there may be evidence out there that the president’s associates suppressed. ……………………. ”

    Got that? “The report stated that there was “no evidence” of conspiracy or coordination. But “the report did not exonerate the president even with respect to conspiracy and coordination”.

    Because????? “It left open the possibility that there may be evidence out there.”

    • Obviously, I haven’t read the report myself (yet, anyway), so I can only go off media coverage.

      THAT SAID, it seems apparent that there was no “collusion” or “conspiracy.” Of course, future evidence can always come to light, but unless or until it does, this has to be consigned to the “nothingberger” category and people who continue to propound his guilt on this charge are conspiracy-theorists on par with the people insisting Obama was born in Kenya*.

      THAT SAID, that he is not being charged/prosecuted does NOT mean that he’s “innocent” or that he’s been “exonerated.” Not being charged is not the same thing as “proven innocent.” And I think it’s disingenuous to make that assertion. Similarly, not finding evidence of conspiracy is not the same thing as “proving him innocent.” That implies evidence to the contrary which similarly does not exist. As such, again, all we can say is that it’s now officially a “baseless accusation” or conspiracy theory. As I have said, the accusation is non-falsifiable, so he cannot be cleared, and that is why the onus is on his accusers who, having failed to meet their burden of evidence should now be roundly dismissed unless/until they come back with new and better evidence. That’s how logic works.

      THAT SAID, even if Trump didn’t have a hand in it, we should not forget that Russia nonetheless did help get him elected, and that’s something we should still all be concerned about if for no reason other than that they will certainly try to do so again in 2020.

      THAT SAID, the report does not clear him on obstruction which I predict will be the next front in this fight. From what I see, it certainly looks like he tried to obstruct the investigation, but whether that’s his right to do and whether just “trying” is enough…. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t think the defense Barr trotted out the other day – that Trump was so annoyed at being persecuted, that of course he tried to kill the investigation – holds any water, however. Either he has the right and power to do what he did or he does not, and that’s a question I am not qualified to opine on.


      *you know, like Trump spent years asserting…

      • we should not forget that Russia nonetheless did help get him elected

        Objection. Calls for speculation. Also..:::citation needed:::

        the report does not clear him on obstruction

        I haven’t seen an answer to the question of How do you obstruct if no crime was committed?

        And no moving the goal posts. They’ve already been moved from collusion to obstruction.

        Also been reading that collusion was never the target…because they knew there was no collusion because they made it all up. Obstruction was the target all along. From the very start. It tied Trump’s hands behind his back, because any move he made to defend himself would have been called obstruction. But instead of manning up…Mueller left a cliffhanger. Sissy Ass!

        Off to The Amazon. Everyone take the time to bow your head in reverence at least once between 12 and 3 today. Even you Mathius!

        • Anita, I think it is plain that Russia did interfer…and it started one and a half years before the election during the Obama administration. I have read the report….there is no smoking gun that I can see except that Trump wanted things done and suggested that several people to be fired (this is not obstruction) and nothing was done. The fact that nothing was done and the fact that Trump did not follow up and do something is pretty good evidence that obstruction was not done. Suggesting that something be done is not obstruction. I have no problem with that at all.

          You must also understand that the Mueller investigation is TOTALLY one sided in that it is a Kangaroo Court complete with secret FISA courts. No defense could be offered and no one from the Trump administration could have offered reasons or explanation. Mueller simply found no collusion and that is stated in the report. It is also stated that no Amercian was involved in any collusion with Russia. The report goes on to say that even though the “bait was dangled in front of Trump and associates and campaign members”, Mueller went on to say that no one took the bait.

          On obstruction….this is not a crime. The Mueller report was focused upon crime. There was none. But, the report does say that there is nothing to indicate a crime. Mathius says that does not mean he is innocent or not guilty but I differ. When you get arrested by the police and indicted and no crime is found…indictments are dropped. You are not found guilty and you are not found innocent…..same scenario….There is no crime or Mueller would have prosecuted. No crime means innocent….you can play with the words but that is how the man/woman/whatever on the street sees it. So the fact that he was not even indicted ( althoug an ivestigation is the same thing ) and the fact that ” there is no evidence that the President, his advisors, or his campaign or any American committed or attempted to commit a crime” means he is exonerated of the crime of collusion with the Russians.

          So what, if the Dems want to impeach him for “suspected” issues…I still say the common street walker understands that any further “hunting” now….is sour grapes.

          I suggest you read the report… will find out that Barr did not leave anything out nor did he embellish anything. He cannot contradict the report and used the report as basis for his press conference. That was a very shrewd move and it really pissed off the press.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            I laughed when I heard his comment about being F—-d. Who among us, when informed they would be investigated by the best friend of a guy I just fired and humiliated would not have said that?

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I like what CNN said. The Mueller report looks bad for Obama. Allegedly for knowing the Russians were attempting to meddle in our elections since 2014 and he did NOTHING about it. Telling Susan Rice and others to stand down. Obama being to soft of Russia etc etc etc.

              Did nothing? Where did that come in or concluded. They pulled all the stops out on Trump with every weapon in the States intelligence services

      • The presumption of innocence, unless convicted of a crime means that one is innocent, period. Why don’t you Lefty’s just change to Judicial System to say guilty until you prove your innocence. It’s how most of you act anyway.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        We have no actual proof of Russian involvement in anything since no evidence has been presented other than several hundred thousand dollars of Facebook crap which I understand was anti-Trump.

        Note to DNC, if you tell me somebody broke in to your house and robbed you and will NOT allow me to inspect the house, why should I believe you?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You were doing so good up until this:

        “THAT SAID, even if Trump didn’t have a hand in it, we should not forget that Russia nonetheless did help get him elected, and that’s something we should still all be concerned about if for no reason other than that they will certainly try to do so again in 2020.”

        There has been ZERO, NADA, NONE, NOT A SINGLE THREAD OR SHRED, of evidence that Russian actually helped get him elected. Per Mrs. Clinton, the tide turned with Comey’s announcement of further investigation then “nothing was found”, right before the election. Only after wards does this Russia “influenced” the outcome BS start floating around.

        NO SIR, Russia did not help him get elected. They may have tried, but no evidence of actual impact. With that said, I do think they were in the second level of “testing” their methods. It was simply to Sophmoric and traceable this time. But given the impact after the election, I would expect even more from them.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    ROTFLMAO…………. I can not believe she is so deeply self-unaware.

    Wasserman Schultz: ‘We need a President, not a comic book villain’

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    NOAA…………. Global temps in March are Second Highest ever. Arctic ice saw a drastic decline above the recent average.

  30. To Mathius…………………YES SIR…..finally got your link to work.

  31. The new norm for a Republican President is on full display by the Crats and the liberal media. What they are really saying is that they don’t care about the country, they care about power. Shameful.

  32. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Anybody know how I can rescind my vote for Romney in 2012. Turns out everything they said about him was probably true. Bastard did put his dog on the roof!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Romney who? The only reason he was elected governor in Massachusetts was he was more liberal than the democrats running. Remember the model used for Obamacare came from Romneycare and the Bay State.

    • LOL. 😀


    The man has a way with words and I agree with these wholeheartedly.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Let’s see here. Comey back in July 2016 details ad nauseum the “Crimes” Hillary commited with the use of her private server, bald face lying to Congress, destruction of evidence. (Staff) Hiding official documents on a convicted felons laptop. And because the corrupt DOJ decided no prudent prosecuter would take the case we’ll not recommend charging her. She claims she’s been exonerated.
    Trump suffered almost 3 years of the most intense scrutiny and investigation by a totally bias team, and they could not find where he violated or committed crimes against the State by colluding with a foreign power. Yet the OPPO still is screaming impeachment.

    Frankly the abuse of the “Rule of Law” by our DOJ and other legal offices States included plus our intelligence agencies Scares the hell out of me.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just wonder how many “Pieces of Silver” Bergolioni received for betraying the Christians in his flock? Turning one of the holiest days into a political rally.

    Shows more concern over the illegal migrants who are destroying Western Civilization (With Brussels) full participation, yet shows not a bit of concern over 1000 acts of desecration that include “accudental” fires in France alone last year.

    Saw a chart that ranked the EU member states productivity from the 1st quarter. Put together by Bloomberg from Eurostat. Italy had very positive gains and well in the lead. Germany was as equally in the negative as Italy was positive. In other words polar opposites.

  36. CUPERTINO, CA—You may not have noticed very many obvious changes with the latest iPhone update, but you will next time you attempt to tell someone that you “don’t agree with” them. Apple has updated its autocorrect technology to recognize this old-fashioned expression and instantly change it the more contemporary statement, “I hate all gay people.”

    “It’s a simple fix that takes a common typographical error and fixes it instantly,” said VP of marketing, Alicia Chung. “We like to be at the forefront of progress.”
    What will Apple think of next?

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If I didn’t hear or see it is never believe a candidate for president can say “I can promise you that on the first day of a Warren administration I will sign a moratorium that there will be NO new drilling for gas or oil and mining in public land”

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Over 150 killed in simultaneous bombings at 3 churches celebrating Easter and 3 hotels

  39. Sir T Ray………… your governor now calls himself the positive alternative to Trump….a California governor, who governs the second most socialist state to New York….is a positive alternative. What next, sir. Are you ready to move yet?

    • Our Gov. is a Nitwit. As for moving, if it was just me, I would but moving my wife would be a problem.

  40. It just doesn’t get any better than the “yellow vests” in France are upset that millions are being given to restore Notre Dame……and they are yelling at the Americans who are donating to Notre Dame and not giving money to Yellow Vests……

    Unbelievable……well maybe not unbelievable,… is France, after all.

  41. Ok so now, I want to see Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie boy go after the Mexican citizen because the Mexican citizen is now crying to the Mexican government……….we do not want the migrants..asking the Mexican President,,, why are you favoring the migrants over your own people. Mexico first!!!!!!

    Unbelievable again……

    • El Presidente……take care of your own people first….

      Mr. Trump…..take care of our own first……( oh wait, you are trying ) Nancy Babe and Chuckie Boy…try taking care of our own first. I know it is a novel concept….

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Love the photo, shopped or not. Ben and Jerry’s is owned by Unilever a British Dutch corporation since 2000. Another corporation owned them before.

    When Ben and Jerry’s expanded beyond their converted garage/ice cream parlor in downtown Burlington VT when Bernie was mayor. The new plant up by Waterbury was dumping RAW waste byproducts and whey into the Winooski River causing huge pollution problems. This while they’re doing so their environmental save the planet B’S.

    As much as I loved getting a scoop from their original digs when these two hippies owned it. I think I can count on two fingers the number of times I’ve eaten B&J’s since the early 90’s

  43. In the 1850’s and 1860’s, John Tyndall began studying the radiative properties of air. He concluded that the atmosphere acted as a greenhouse with certain molecules being the “glass” of the gardener’s greenhouse. Tyndall’s equipment was crude by today’s standards but he was able to measure the absorbance of several atmospheric gases. The greenhouse effect operates on the principle of transparency in the visible and opaqueness in the infrared. The sun is approximately a 6000°C blackbody radiator hence much of its output is in the visible peaking in the yellow at about 0.55 µm in wavelength. In a greenhouse, the visible sunlight can enter through the transparent glass, where it warms the soil. The soil then reradiates energy but since the soil temperature is near normal room, its peak radiation wavelength is near 10 µm in the infrared. The glass of the green house is opaque at this wavelength, thus this infrared (IR) thermal radiation is absorbed by the glass, hence is not radiated into space thus warming the greenhouse.

    Dry air is 78% N2, 20.9% O2, 0.93% Ar, 0.04% CO2, 0.002% Ne, 0.0005% He, 0.00018% CH4 (methane). Water can range from 0.001% to 5%. There are other trace molecules in are such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, H2S, etc. plus aerosols and dust. Now homonuclear molecules (symmetric diatomics) such as N2 and O2 have no IR spectra since there is no change in the dipole moment when they transition from the ground vibrational state to an upper state. Atoms such as Ar, Ne, and He, also are transparent in the IR. Water, CO2, CH4, etc. do have IR spectra and are notably strong absorbers. It was not until the advent of quantum mechanics in the early 1900’s, that the infrared absorption of molecules was understood. Each molecule has a unique spectrum that depends on its structure and the strength of the chemical bonds. The IR spectrum of a molecule is basically the changes in the vibrational state of the molecule with rotational fine structure. Diatomic molecules such as CO have a simple spectrum that consists of one vibrational mode (at 4.6µm) with rotational fine structure. The wavelength is the inverse of the energy required to stretch the bond. This energy level is quantized and only appears at this wavelength however, due to vagaries in theory, harmonics of this band also appear at ~2.3 µm (4.6/2), etc. These harmonics are progressively weaker as one goes up the ladder as they are not allowed in first order theory.

    More complex molecules have a more complex spectrum that is dependent on the number of normal modes of vibration. Each molecule has 3n-6 modes of vibration where n is the number of atoms. The six represents 3 degrees of translational and 3 degrees of rotational freedom. For example CO2 is a linear triatomic. It has 3 modes of vibration, bending (15 µm), symmetric stretching (7.8 µm), and anti-symmetric stretching (4.3 µm). Due to its symmetry, the 7.8 µm band is not infrared active so this leaves only the bending mode and the anti-symmetric stretch as the infrared active bands of CO2 plus all their harmonics. Water is a bent triatomic so all three vibrational modes are active in the IR. Methane has even more bands than the triatomics but due to its spherical top symmetry some of the bands are not active.

    The rotational inertia of the molecule also plays a role in its spectrum. Rotational inertia is the rotational mass of the molecule. CO2 (O-C-O) having heavy outer O atoms has a large rotational inertia since the inertia is 2 times the mass of the oxygen atom times the bond length. What this does is force the rotational fine structure lines to be close together making for a dense spectrum. Water, (H-O-H) on the other hand, has light hydrogen atoms, hence its spectrum covers a much broader region. Methane is similar to water.

    Absorption of light by a medium is a non-linear function. If 90% of the light is absorbed in one meter, then the second meter will absorb 90% of the remaining 10% or only 9%. Thus at 2 meters, 99% of the incident light is absorbed. The total absorption is the product of the concentration times the path length. So if concentration A absorbs 90% of the light in one meter, then a concentration of 2A will absorb 99% of the light. Doubling the concentration does not double the amount of energy absorbed.

    The energy stored in a molecule at equilibrium is equally distributed to all the modes of freedom, the Boltzmann energy distribution theory. Thus there is equal distribution of the energy into translation, rotation, and vibration. Air molecules can release this energy only through collisions with other molecules or via thermal radiation. Since O2, N2, Ar, Ne, and He cannot radiate in the IR, their only transfer mechanism is via collisions. When two molecules or atoms collide, the energy stored in each is equally divided between the two colliding bodies. The non-homonuclear molecules can radiate their energy. Excited state vibrational energy levels have a very short radiative lifetime so reemit any absorbed radiation almost immediately. This thermal blackbody radiation can only occur at wavelengths the molecule absorbs at. The intensity of the radiation depends on the temperature of the molecule and its absorbance strength (probability it can absorb a photon). The later term in radiation physics is called the emissivity which is 1 – absorptivity. The Planck function for blackbody radiators of unit emissivity sets the upper limit for the amount of energy emitted. Besides radiative and collisional energy transfer, convection can also transport thermal energy to the upper atmosphere.

    As Tyndall pointed out, the atmosphere serves as a greenhouse for the earth with water vapor being the strongest molecular absorbing/embittering in the atmosphere. CO2 is also a greenhouse gas but its concentration is 1/10 to 1/100 of that of water. It also is a strong absorber but its spectrum is limited to certain very small regions within the IR. At the wavelengths of CO2’s primary absorption, light can only penetrate a few meters. Methane is mostly inconsequential because its concentration is only about 2 ppm compared to the nearly 400 ppm for CO2.

    When the sum warms the earth, the earth radiates energy back into space but at much longer wavelengths with a peak near 10 µm. Molecules in the air absorb some of that energy and then reradiate it again but now in spherical pattern in all directions. Some of the radiation does reach space and is lost. A significant fraction will be sent back to the earth thus adding to the heat load on earth. The hotter the air is them more rotational and vibrational energy levels are excited in the air molecules and the more effective they are at reradiating the energy. By itself, CO2 does not have sufficient spectral coverage to significantly warm the earth. The AGW theory states that the modest warming from CO2 causes a increase in the water vapor concentration which amplifies the impact of the CO2. There is much controversy about this amplification and the value of the feedback constant.

    Another aspect that is not fully understood is clouds. We know that clouds reflect sunlight in the day and blanket the earth at night, holding the heat in. Aerosols to a lesser extent also do this. Clouds are nucleated based on the relative humidity of the air and nucleation cites such as dust, aerosols or cosmic rays.

    The mercury thermometer was invented in 1714. Wide spread use of terrestrial land temperature measurements did not begin until about 1800. So we have only about 200 years of actual measured air temperatures. The temperature record prior to that has to be inferred from tree ring data, ice cores or other proxy data. Consider tree rings. The rings on trees are dependent of the growth rate of the tree which is a function of temperature, moister, sun light, and soil fertility all integrated over the one year of the ring. So the errors associated with such data are large. Nevertheless, researchers have formulated average temperature charts going back several 100K years from the proxy data. They have been also able to establish the CO2 concentration going back in time as well. So from all of this data we are blessed with a global average temperature that NOAA and NASA determine from the satellite data and terrestrial measurements.

    A quick note about numerical averaging. The central limit theorem states that the average of any sample set of data will converge to the true average of the population if enough random samples are collected and averaged. The statistical uncertainty associated with this average will also be an accurate measure of the global population. There however are some very strong caveats to this theorem. One, the samples have to be randomly taken in such a manner that they are a representative sampling of the population. Two, there are no systematic errors in the measurements. Three, the wings of the distribution of the general population must asymptotically approach zero on both sides of the central peak. If one or both sides does not approach zero, then there is no defined average value. I have read papers that proffer that the sun does not obey Gaussian statistics but does obey Levi statistics hence does not have a defined average temperature. Under such conditions a mean global temperature would be meaningless.

    Since man has walked this earth, the typical concentration of CO2 has been near 280 ppm. ( Over 1M years ago, CO2 levels were 10x times current with no runaway in the temperature.) We are now over 400 ppm with most of the rise in the last 50 years. In the last 10K years, we have exited from an ice age that left 1-2 miles of ice over most of North America. Proto-man was mostly living in the tropics at that time. Over the last few thousand years, we have experienced the Roman Warm Period, the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age which ended about 170 years ago. Man thrived in the warm periods and had significant problems in the latter period. In the last century, we had dust bowl conditions in the Midwest and Great Plains, followed by cold in the 1950-1960’s. Then things started warming into our current condition. That warming is correlated with a significant rise in CO2 concentration.
    Now we come to the politics of climate change. It has been stated many times that 97% of the scientists in this field believe that AGW is real and caused by man. This is bunk. 97% of scientist will agree that climate change is real. The only survey of the field of climate research resulted in a finding that 51% of the scientists poled believed that AGW was real and that man was contributing to it. The percentage attributed to man was unstated.

    The mathematical models that are used to predict the climate all point to significantly increased temperatures by the end of the century. With this could be a substantial rise in ocean levels as glaciers melt and also a significant change in agricultural practices. Many claim we are already seeing a significant impact due to more severe hurricanes, tornados, drought, forest fires, and record high temperatures. The treat is real and will impact millions if not billions of lives over the next decades. The impact could be a runaway catastrophe which could threaten all life on earth if not checked.

    Therefore, as an insurance policy we must adopt measures now to limit the addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere for the good of all the people of the earth. It is our moral imperative to do so. Lack of action would be a sin against nature. We must stop worldwide the burning of fossil fuels as this is the primary contributor of AGW. We must implement the use of renewable energy sources on an emergency basis. We can encourage this by regulating fossil fuels out of existence, by punitive tax structures for negative sources of energy and by positive tax incentives and rebates for renewable sources of energy. Our biggest use of fossil fuels is in transportation. By converting to electric vehicles, we not only eliminate the use of these fuels but eliminate tail pipe pollutants. We must convert our electric generation facilities to non-fossil fuel sources, be they wind, solar, hydro, bio, geothermal or nuclear. To reduce methane production, we need to cap all gas wells and in addition move to a non-beef diet.

    These things we can do domestically. Internationally we need to assist third world countries from becoming dependent on fossil fuels. We need to give to them the technology and means for generating clean, renewable energy.

    We also need to continue spending for climate research and for development of renewable sources of energy. We still have limited abilities to store electricity. Much needs to be done in this field. We need improve electrical distribution such as low loss superconducting transmission lines.

    The threat is real. We need to take action immediately. A full out media campaign is required to convince the common man of the necessity and to silence the skeptics. The coercive force of government needs to be applied for the good of mankind.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Like Nadler, house judiciary, insists that Trump Jr should have been charged by Mueller for obstruction.

      Mueller used the gotcha obstruction charge against Papadopoulos and Flynn, yet they committed NO crime other than a process crime of making some inconsistent statement ie lying but that all depends doesn’t it. Mueller probably soon determined there was NO COLLUSION by Trump forces. And cheap gotcha indictments were belittling. There was no Beef. Russian interference for sure in a lot of areas, as our government did ad nauseum for the past many years in other countries.

      The only charge that had any meat to it was Manafort and his crimes were precedent to anything Trump and unrelated much less occurred years ago supporting Obama’s political intrusion into Ukraine.

      I read a legal analysis on the use of obstruction charges when NO crime was actually commited. The FBI and interrogators are TRAINED to trip you up into making inconsistent statements. The technique was compared to the old west when a sheriff or a LEO may trick a targeted person to drawing his gun first then shooting the subject down, literally in cold blood. The technique was used as examples with Scooter Libby, Martha Stewart, even Papadopolous and Flynn.

      Literally every politician could be charged with lying and obstruction everytime they open their mouths

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Muslim population in Sri Lanka is only 9.7%. Christians a few % less. However the labeled terrorist/ Imam in Sri Lanka says this land was made by Allah for us.

    Hillary and Obama decried the killings in New Zealand rightfully so, using Muslim and Islamophobia in the speeches. Yet yesterday when 6-7 times more Christians were killed and wounded could not bring themselves to use the word CHRISTIAN.

    I’m going to look up what they’ve had to say about the Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria by Muslims, over 1000 church burnings and desecration in France alone in 2018 and YTD

  45. “Fourth, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President
    clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the
    applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment. The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”
    -Muller Report, page 214

    • Innocent until proven guilty. US Contitution

    • I need proof. What specific actions did the President take to thwart the investigation? Who got fired other than Comey who he had a legal right to fire and soundly deserved it? Did he block funding? Did he destroy evidence? Did he use executive privilege for personal gain? Did he advise people to lie? Did he order anyone to commit these acts and were they carried out?

      Are we now going to persecute someone for their thoughts and discussions with advisors? Do you want to live in such a world?

      News Flash – Young Mathius watched the young svelte secretary walk from his office with a covetous look in his eye and the wrong thoughts in his head. He is to be arrested for lascivious thoughts and held in solitary confinement until he confesses his illegal activity. Thereafter he will be tried, convicted and sentenced to 5 years detention.

    • Well, let us see……. Based on the facts and the
      applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment. The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred.

      Conclusion: He is not guilty or we would have charged him.

      • I’m not sure what you just read, but….

        if we had confidence […] that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.

        Conclusion: We are not confident that he didn’t commit obstruction of justice. If we were confident, we would have said so. We are explicitly NOT saying so.

        Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment.

        “That judgement” meaning the conclusion that he didn’t commit obstruction.

    • it also does not exonerate him

      Its not a prosecutor’s job to exonerate anyone. Unless they’re trying to play God or prosecutor AND jury, once they got to ‘no evidence of a crime’, they’re done. FULL STOP.

  46. Sir Mathius……finished your novel. Read it through very thoroughly. Pretty decent construction. You changed some choppy sentences to flow better. Good description of characters and deliberately vague where it concerns King/White. Good job there. Story line flowed well and you did not waste energy on over describing hotels rooms and other places. It definitely kept my interest piqued and you had the correct number of “stop gaps” (places where a reader could put it down and think on what was read). That is something that most books do not do. Some are so action packed that you dont want to put it down but at the end of the book, you forget what it was all about. Your novel did not do that and it had the correct amount of rise and fall necessary without losing writing content and subject matter. Well done, sir. Some grammar areas that a proof reader would point out but basically written in an easy to understand prose. It would appeal to all genres and educational levels and it was not full of technical gobbly gook that someone would have to put it down to look up what you meant.

    And….(this is importatnt)….as I knew the end of your novel was forthcoming, I was beginning to feel a little disappointment that is was simply going to end with the good guy getting the girl and riding off into the sunset… the very end, you grabbed me back with a perfect description of a sequel or even a series….sort of Don Pendleton in the Mack Bolen series thing. Good job, sir.

  47. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Well, well, well, The Ukraine has replaced the leader chosen for them by Merkel, Obama, Hillary and Kerry and elected a POPULIST! A professional comedian no less. He seems to want to not join the West in eternal war and wants to come to a settlement with Russia! Hosanna! Guess his days are numbered.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


      I’d really like some of these countries indict Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Soros for openly overthrowing or attempting to overthrow duly elected government. Might ad well toss GWB in for good measure.

      As long as Russia does not get into empire building again I predict we’ll see most of the former eastern bloc countries reject the EU. Just build economic ties and stay laissez faire. The eastern nations unwittingly traded one set of dictators for another. They are saying no mas.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        My thoughts exactly. Just saw a headline in Air Force Times, Should the US establish a base in Poland? Gimmie a break! You DON’T want us there. Trust me.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Why not elect a comedian as president. His predecessor was a candy tycoon billionaire.

      Besides most politics today is high comic opera, why not elect a professional.

      In ancient Greece, theater was either comedy or tragedy. It does though appear politics today would land more on the tragedy side.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Trump seriously should have Barron or Melania wordsmith his tweets before hitting “share”

  49. Legal Definition of Collusion: An agreement between two or more people to defraud a person of his or her rights or to obtain something that is prohibited by law. A secret arrangement wherein two or more people whose legal interests seemingly conflict conspire to commit Fraud upon another person; a pact between two people to deceive a court with the purpose of obtaining something that they would not be able to get through legitimate judicial channels.

    Legal Definion of Obstruction of Justice: A criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the proper operations of a court or officers of the court.


    Mueller was charged with finding criminal wrong doing or criminal offense. Neither was found in collusion nor obstruction. If criminal offense had been found, criminal charges would have been filed.

    Anything else is just cannon fodder…and Congress cannot bring criminal charges. If they wish to impeach…..go for it.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Colonel, passing this on to you. VH had listed it above. Col Ralph Peters used to be one of my absolutely favorite guys. But Russia and the collusion thing have brought out his “Cold warrior” credentials to the point where he has NO credibility. I’d appreciate your take.

      • LTC Peters was, during his career, a decent soldier and he was on the front lines of a lot of things political….not much of a combat officer. He resided in inelligence. Need I go further.

        Peters tried his best to be an Oliver North and it failed and he was famous only for his firey rhetoric. Once out of the Army, he went into news media. His assessments were based on old intelligence and faulty judgement. He fired from the hip and he used profanity on the air and was called out for it. No one pays much attention to him any longer.

        We killed thousands of Russian advisors in Vietnam… what. We killed hundreds more in Kuwait and Iraq… what.

        Putin is an old cold war advocate. So is Ralph Peters. I never paid much attention to him but he garnered some followers because of his rhetoric and seemingly hostile attitude towards perceived enemies. He did not like Trump’s tactics because they were different than his.

        He needs to stick to writing books and giving fodder to CNN.

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Why do you think the first thing a coup and overthrown of any government does is seizes control of all media outlets.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In 2011 Barack Obama was talking about the economic stagnation of the Middle East. He stated that outside of oil and gas the countries that made up the greater middle east with a population of roughly 350-400 million peopke, had exports comparible to Switzerland. Even Finland with only 5 million people had a greater export economy. Obviously excluding oil and gas.

  52. U.S.—In order to show respect for the victims of the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka over the weekend, several top Democrats have vowed not to mention their religion at all.

    “The best way we can show reverence for these victims,” former president Barack Obama said, “is to be very careful not to mention that they were Ch—I mean, not to mention their religion. Oops, almost used the C-word there.”
    “If we need to construct strained descriptors for them, that’s what we’ll do,” he added solemnly. “We’ll make up contrived terms like ‘Easter worshipers’ and make sure that all our fellow Democrats follow these protocols.”
    Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed, pointing out that it would simply be disrespectful to point out that these Christians were being targeted for their faith.
    “Christians being persecuted doesn’t fit in with our narrative. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for us to label them what they were. Instead, we’ll make up really odd-sounding phrases and do verbal backflips to avoid saying the name of their religion.”
    “Besides, what difference, at this point, does it make?” she said.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As many comments come out on Obama’s and HRC’s “Easter Worshipers ” WE DON’T WORSHIP EASTER, WE WORSHIP CHRIST”

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Bernie is a certifiable cartoon character.

    As States, begin to pass ballot measures allowing felons who have completed ALL of their sentences including patrols and probation, ( a policy in which I agree) most are putting some “Exceptions” like those who committed murder and rape and assault against women and children. (Which I also agree) one simple fix is those people have a lifetime of probation.

    Bernie wants even those still incarcerated franchised includeing terrorists, murderers and rapists. He accused republicans of voter suppression

    Doesn’t he realize that in his two favorite countries, Cuba and Venezuela those felons he mentions would most likely be DEAD from execution.

    • Sanders is an idiot……but a very dangerous idiot.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        100% in agreement. As mayor of Burlington, he led and encouraged the mob’s to wantonly destroy GE property because they made weapons that could be used against his communist pals, such as Daniel Ortega when he was trying to seize power.

        When vandals were arrested, he wouldn’t let the DA prosecute.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I lived there and that was his public statements against GE for their manufacturing Vulcan gun systems

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Only Vermont and Maine have unrestricted voting rights for convicted felons. They allow voting by absentee ballot while incarcerated.

      All other States have some variation of franchising felons. Some, after release, some after parole, some after probation, some by petition. But in time all get their vote back with some exceptions.

      Murder, sex crimes like rape child sexual assult., voter fraud, treason are consistant exceptions.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        But when Howard Dean was governor, he wanted Florida to release Ted Bundy before he was to be executed, and be imprisoned in Vermont. He also brought Squeeky Frome the Manson follower who attempted to assassinate President Ford. To serve her probation in Burlington. Also he tried to keep it secret.from the residents

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Kamala Harris backtracks on her stance that felons should vote. She’s decided that murderers should be an exception.

      It seems she may have been catching up on her reading. Only Vermont and Maine allow voting of felons on all crimes while in prison.

      All other States have some variation. After release, or after parole ends, or after probation ends or by petition they get their franchise back……except

      Murder, rape, child sex, assault ( you never get out of probation on that one) voter fraud, treason

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I find it interesting how a policy of America First” is fascist or being a Nazi. The Italian fascist tried recreating the Roman empire by picking on Ethiopia and when Haile Salassi came to the league of nations pretty much was shown the door. Hitler was yes nationalistic but considered all others sub human and was all in for “Deutschland uber alles” the communists were all in for world domination by any means.

      Trump has proposed none of this. Charity begins at home. What use is a fancy college education if there’s no business or job to work at but Starbucks.

    • Nothing serious… was in Clint, Texas where there are flood plains. When the river changes course, so does the boundary…..HOWEVER, the levee in question is completely on the US side… is what is not reported.

      We had a listening post and 2 man surveillance team watching the border on top of the levee on the US side. The levee is there for flood control. A group of 5 men dressed in army fatigues, driving a POV parked close by on the Mexican side. They crossed the flood plains, presumably because they thought the 2 man American surveillance team was in Mexican territory. Forget the fact that there was a 10 ft levee. But apparently the Mexican contingent did not see a 12 mile long 10 ft levee but that is another story, I am sure. They disarmed the 2 man team but did not take their weapons nor did they bound or tie anyone up.

      The most interesting thing about the MExican group that came over dressed in Mexican Army fatigues is that there were no identifiers on the fatigues….no unit patches, no unit insignia, and no name tag. In addition, the weapons carried were not Mexican army issue. ( Kudos to the sgt for observation ). Our Sgt managed to trigger the IFF emergency transmitter located on his watch….a signal went out immediately and their GPS coordinates were immediately flashed to standby units. Help was on the way. Suddenly the Mexican group leaves very quickly and gets into their private auto just as reinforcements arrived and searchlight helicopters started searcning the area.

      Investigation revealed that the boot prints left in the sand by the ” Mexican Army ” were not Mexican Army issue.

      Observation: A cartel probe testing defenses.

  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If Christians are such an unspeakable religious sect………why are the Democrats so determined in their efforts to permit unrestricted immigration from Mexico, Central America and South America by people who are overwhelmingly Christian/Catholics.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Just look to the comments of the current Pope for your answer.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I was being rhetorical. The migration into the US is not a culture that is antithetical to ours. What Bergolioni is flooding Europe with a culture that for 1400 years has done it best to destroy western civ.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The Vatican will soon see a total backlash against its continual political advocacy of unlimited Islamic migration.

        The first step will be to eliminate the Church tax added to your income tax. They are a State within a State and quite literally had declared war on its host country.

        The EU has some interesting financial policies. Like indebtedness etc. The migrants illegally dumped I to Italy over their objection in Brussels, basically had to EAT the burden of their welfare costs. Yet France has for some time closed their border with Italy stopping any Illegal. Macron has extended the closure for another 6 months. Seeing that most migrants are being dumped into Italy the EU had interpreted the Dublin Act which states that deportees are to be returned to their country of origin and dumping deported criminals to Italy, not Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria etc.
        Plus Italy is getting little to no help financially from those nations that WANTED these Islamic migrants.

    • If Christians are such an unspeakable religious sect………

      It’s perfectly “speakable.” We just don’t want them implementing religious laws. Kindof the same way you don’t want Muslims implementing Sharia.

      I happen to think that religion is a blight upon civilization that might have once served a purpose, but which is now a nearly-universal detriment. But that’s MY opinion. That is NOT a broadly shared view. It is only a perceived view by the right who feel persecuted when the left doesn’t let them run the world according to the will of Republican-Jesus.

      why are the Democrats so determined in their efforts to permit unrestricted immigration […]

      A) Only a handful of lunatics (BF / DPM) are for “unrestricted immigration” – and you’ll note that they’re both far, far, far, far right. This is a strawman argument.
      B) I want extremely limited restrictions – vaccinated, not a known terrorist / criminal, etc – and I’m at the extreme end of the “Democratic” party on this topic.
      C.1) The general Democratic position is that the Wall is a stupid waste of money and a show of bad-spirit toward our neighbor and that, more to the point, it won’t work anyway. It is also a fairly common view that [unintelligible garbled thoughts] racism.
      C.2) They won’t admit it, but they also want to deny Trump the “win.”

      why are the Democrats so determined in their efforts to permit unrestricted immigration from […] overwhelmingly Christian/Catholics.

      It’s possible to against one thing and for another and have the two conflict.

      Not that Democrats are anti-Christian or pro-unrestricted-immigration (both are strawmen), but it’s possible to hold those conflicting positions. Republicans do something similar – they want “freedom,” but they also want a national security apparatus which provides security at the cost of those freedoms.

      When priorities conflict, it is possible to decide that one is more important than the other, and act accordingly.

      But you already knew that.


    Does any of this make one think – Leader, if he can’t even commit to running and organizing a campaign , how the h*’ll wou!d he run the country!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I am thinking all these people are running for three reasons:

      1. The money.
      2. Fueling their ego….some testing for the future, others trying to stay relevant.
      3. The money.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:
  57. Question for Mathius: I confess, I do not even know what an Orthodox Jew is….but here is the question…the current measels out break is in New York. Five mothers, identified only by their initials in the complaint, say they oppose vaccinating their children with the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, for religious reasons. They’re seeking a temporary restraining order against the mandate, calling it “capricious” and “contrary to law.”

    Is there a religious reason?

    • Question for Mathius:

      Answer for the colonel.

      I confess, I do not even know what an Orthodox Jew is….

      No shame in that.

      An orthodox Jew is a cultist fanatical Jew who takes the Torah / Old Testament very literally and very seriously to the point that it takes over their whole life. The highest aspiration of a male (and only male) orthodox Jew is to spend his life in study of the Torah.

      Your mileage may vary on the next part: many consider non-orthodox to be “not really Jews.” Many consider non-Jews to be inferior or worthy of no rights whatsoever. Many do not consider it a sin in any way to wrong a non-Jew including harming them and/or stealing from them. (these are not universally shared, but they are not exactly “fringe” either).

      The continuum generally goes: cultural “Jews” (like me), casual Jews (like my wife), Jew-Jews, Conservative Jews (like my cousin / grandparents), orthodox (like my distant cousins). Casuals like me can be dragged to temple once in a blue moon and will go through the motions on the big holidays, but to us, it’s mostly about community and shared values. Casual Jews are a bit more serious, they actually believe in God, for one, and (often) think that the things in the Torah actually happened to some degree or another. Jew-Jews are just a bit more serious than that, they’ll attend major services and maybe have a weekly sabbath, but they’re functional human beings. They might be Kosher, but more likely only “partially” kosher without going overboard (eg, no pork, but they won’t have separate plates for meat and dairy). Conservative Jews start to be non-functioning members of society. They won’t answer the phone on the Sabbath, they won’t drive on the Sabbath, or if they think it might conflict with any of the (many, many) holidays they observe. They are Kosher and take it very seriously – they can only go to certain restaurants or will bring their own food if they come to your house (like super-annoying-vegans). They’ll often wear yarmulkes. The orthodox are the nut-jobs. They’ll wear heavy black clothes, the women wear long woolen dresses even in summer, etc, sometimes with big fur hats, too. They often can’t work (or won’t work) and are biblically required to have as many children as possible (see “quiverfull” doctrine), so they’re almost all on permanent welfare. The man is the absolute head of the household (well, that sounds nice… maybe I should talk to my wife about that..). Sex-segregated services can take hours every week and, for extra fun, if something goes wrong or interrupts the services, they have to start all over again from scratch. They think that homosexuality is immoral and is grounds for being kicked out of the community or stoned to death. You can only be a Jew if your mother was Jewish (which means I cannot be a Jew). These people are perpetual martyrs who think the world is out to get them and they have permanent unassailable moral high ground. Their persecution complex puts Trump’s to shame.

      Now, obviously, that’s all very general – there’s lots of gray and lots of overlap, but that’s the general idea.

      No Jew worth his salt will ever pay retail prices if he can help it.

      (Q: Why are Jewish males circumcised? A: Because Jewish women won’t touch anything that’s not 10% off!)

      Trivia: “ortho” comes from the Greek for “straight or right” and you might recognize it from words such as orthodontics (straight teeth).

      but here is the question…the current measels out break is in New York. Five mothers, identified only by their initials in the complaint, say they oppose vaccinating their children with the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, for religious reasons. They’re seeking a temporary restraining order against the mandate, calling it “capricious” and “contrary to law.” Is there a religious reason?

      A) These people are morons.
      B) As I understand it, it’s actually a matter of intense debate. Many ultra-orthodox do vaccinate, but many do not. I am not aware of anything in the actual teachings which would have any bearing against vaccines (I have plenty of supporting arguments, however). It seems to just be a general distrust of vaccines. Because these communities are so insular, it works like an echo chamber and a vocal opponent (especially if he happens to have a position of religious authority) can have huge effects.
      C) It’s worth noting that the MMR rate in these communities is still around ~60% (according to a quick google search). So the majority is still vaccinating. It’s just that the rate is too low for herd immunity to work, thus the outbreaks.
      D) They also feel targeted / victimized. Remember how I said they have a persecution complex? Well, Jews are well known for being the most stubborn people on Earth (and I’m no exception). As soon as the “outsiders” started applying pressure, well, those folks are going to dig their heels in deep.
      E) There’s a deep misunderstanding of how vaccines work, too. If you remember how Gman stupidly asserted his stupid opinion that if vaccines work “as advertised” then I have nothing to worry about if he stupidly doesn’t vaccinate? Well that’s stupid. It’s a stupid belief in a modern era were you can just google things to become less wrong. But in these communities, they don’t trust google or doctors or the government or the CDC, because that’s just more “outsiders” telling them how to live their lives. So they often think they aren’t putting anyone else at risk anyway, so what’s the harm.
      F) Lastly, sadly, a not-insignificant number of them don’t give a shit anyway, if they happen to infect a non-Jew because we (yes, “we” – I’m not Jewish in their opinion) are not the chosen of God, and so we are not worthy of such consideration. To these people, if they ran you over in their car, they would only stop to make sure they hadn’t hurt a Jew, and then they’d drive off without another thought. These people, a fringe even within the ultra-orthodox, are fanatics on the level of ISIS and the only difference is that they haven’t found a leader who takes them down the path to terrorism… yet.

      • Thank you sir…….I did not know that…………except Jews are stubborn….but you have proven that. So……thanks for the lesson. Very interesting.

        But, and I assume this is prevalent, all Jews know how to pinch a buffalo nickel until it farts…yes?

        • Thank you sir…….I did not know that

          Your mileage may vary.

          Jews, like everyone else, are diverse and have a host of different positions and beliefs and priorities. I tried to give you the 10,000 ft view, but of course, any given person is an individual and will act accordingly.

          I guess the short version is we range from secular to Jewish-flavored-Taliban.

          The short version for the anti-vax is they’re an insular society (read echo chamber) with a deep distrust of outsiders telling them what to do.

          all Jews know how to pinch a buffalo nickel until it farts…yes?

          Did you hear the one about the Israeli sports car?

          It can stop on a dime… and pick it up.

          except Jews are stubborn….but you have proven that.

          That’s the only reason we still exist.

          We’re too stubborn to die.

  58. Took Father to the VA hospital in Pittsburgh today, very long day. All is good with him, no bad news.

    But first elevator ride, Trump came up and this elderly lady simply said that she can’t stand him because he’s a liar in a typical stern voice that Liberals like to use to pretend they are special. Really dumb move. Reply ” I don’t want to hear what you call the media and Democrats who screamed collusion for 3 years”. Utter silence the rest of the ride 😀 😀

  59. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Oh the hypocrisy of it all. Trudeau bloviates on saving the planet etc etc etc. Yet Canada shipped garbage the the Philippines. In 2015 Trudeau said they’re working on a Canadian solution to take it back.

    Now Duarte is threatening action, bluster, but the garbage is going home to Canada. “Eat for all I care” says Duarte. Trudeau says nice meaningless things for media consumption, and their still devouring his slop like pigs at a trove

  60. Dale A Albrecht says:
  61. U.S.—During a CNN town hall event Monday evening, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came out tough on terror, vowing to do what was needed to round up the remaining members of ISIS in order to give them the right to vote in US elections.

    “As president, I will do everything in my power to hunt down each and every one of these terrorist scumbags, bring them to the U.S., and allow them to vote in our elections,” he said sternly, drawing applause from his supporters. “We believe in democracy, right? We believe in democracy and the right to vote, and if that means I have to use every resource at my disposal to make sure ISIS makes it to the polls, I will do so.”
    “This is America, after all,” he said, wildly flailing his hands about before aides rushed to him and gave him his meds to calm him down.
    After being pressed, Sanders admitted that part of the reason for the policy is that he’s “pretty confident” ISIS will vote for Democrats such as himself.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I know you’re being funny, but I really believe that Kool Aid, must be removed from the marketplace. It is not just a hallucinogenic like LSD but also causes severe delusions.

      JAC…youre into EPA stuff. Has the government upgraded the water pipes serving the Capital Building maybe the old lead pipes are causing all the brain damage in our politicians, from either party

      • Dale, good call. It has to be the lead in the pipes….it also has to be the air that they breathe from all of the factories located there…( wait, there are no factories )….ok…it must be the flatulence from all those cows around there…. (wait, there are no cows)… must be the pigs that are prevalent around there….(wait…the only pork in Washington comes out of the mouths of politicians)….I got it….I got it……it is the advice from all of the homeless and indigents around there..(Wait……Washington DC has a no indigent and homeless policy and they send them to other states)….it MUST BE the copious amounts of Red Bull for nothing else would keep them fired up and spewing unmitigated crap. Perhaps AOC was correct in the flatulence issue…..she just had the wrong target….it is not the cattle…it is the politicians.

        No….even DPM is not going all the way with the HAmmer. Rumor has it that the water and air is so polluted with the likes of politicians, it would even eat away a beautiful solid gold Rush Limbaugh hull.

        Perhaps we need to do the humane thing like they tried a couple of times with Ebola in the jungles of Africa…….how about a thermo nuclear airburst and incenerate Washington DC? We already have the Hammer present…and we have a new strain of “Kami-raptors” on board…jus’saying………….

  62. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Interesting note: the only islamic/Arabic country that fully assimilates Palestinians is Jordan.

    But years ago King Hussein of Jordan said, if you want to look for a Palestinian homeland, look no further than Jordan. A great deal of present day Jordan, even Syria were part if what was called Palestine.

    Granted there have been conflicts in the area since ’48, but the arbitrary map drawing the victors if WWI did have been the source of so much of the strife in the whole region there and also well up into the Balkans.

  63. Border update…….the Cartel has screwed up big time. Dressing up as Mexican Army, driving POV’s, has given Trump the authority to now militarize the border with Federal troops, and he should do so……armed personnel crossing the US border holding hostage….even for five minutes is enough. Then, if you are watching the films that we are FINALLY …….FINALLY getting on the news media…..Infrared cameras are now showing that the human smugglers are now armed with automatic AK47 weaponry. This is armed incursion even if they do not cross the border. This is a threat of armed conflict with American civilian personnel.

    Mr. Trump…..if you want to get Congress off its collective ass……….make the military the front line defense against border crossings, the INS and Border Patrol the backup defense line in the towns and cities….openly engage anyone carrying a rifle to the border and helping illegal crossings. Detain everyone and send them back to Mexico……start rounding up illegals in this country and send them back.

    Until we become authoritarian and nasty………………it will continue. Make it a felony to miss your court date and that means expulsion for life. When you are in the gutter with rats….you cannot stop the rats with mouse traps and cheese. You need to be a bigger, meaner, and more ugly KING RAT.

    Do it.

    • Until we become authoritarian and nasty……………

      If we become authoritarian and nasty, what are we even fighting for anymore?

      • Our lives. They’re coming at us armed, and you still want to talk nice. Its not just the royal us, either. The colonel is physically putting his body between you and the armed illegal. How about some empathy for him AND the royal us?

        Thanks Colonel.

      • Allow me to be precise…….I forget that you sent DPM on a mission hoping he will never return and, therefore, you are allowed to be unfettered on SUFA……so I will be precise……

        Authoritarian and Nasty ONLY applies to the US border….There is nothing….NOTHING, I say that should allow armed personnel to escort undocumented and illegal immigrants to and through our border. There is NOTHING humanitarian about an AK 47 approcahing the US border in the middle of the night. Take them out. Leave a couple of carc-asses on the Mexico side, it will soon stop.

        There is only one other alternative….open and unfettered entry to the United States….no vaccinations, no back ground checks…..nothing. What is the use of enforcing the border if you are not going to enforce it.

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:–508906091.html

    Glad I flipped through the local news today. Granted I still live technically in the city, I am 9 miles out of the city proper in the Croatan National Forest. The “Free” recycling” weekly curbside had to be a real cost to the county. When i lived in the city itself recycling was weekly along with trash pickup curbside, you were billed for that service.

    Now I pay $3.00 per sticker for the trash pickup. But that usually is every 4-5 weeks. Do trash usually averages now $36.00/year instead if automatic billing of over $150.00/year whether I put the bin out or not.

    Recycling is free at the recycling centers and will remain so. Just put the recyclables in the correct bin. It’s just up the road, any time I go to town or even the beach. They are very conveniently placed.

    I pick up more stuff out if my front yard on recycle day due to people overloading their bins and the wind just blows it all over heck and beyond.

    But I do predict that the trash along the highway will increase markedly. People are lazy. Actually much if the trash is from waste management trucks after they load up the big tractor trailers and improperly secure the cover over the trailer. The State Police are constantly pulling them over and writing citations.

    But then again, we do make use of the non violent inmates here. They are used a great deal on roadside pick up of trash along with litterers who get caught..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Oh the follow up articles on the change in curbside recycling pick up. Whine whine whine, I don’t have the time. Etc etc etc. Many developments in the area are considered “private” you pay for the trash and recycling through a subscription. That’s not changing. The rate on recycling will go up, but what isn’t. In the city limits you paid even if you put nothing out. It was an automatic charge on your utility bill. Paying a subscription will be put on the recycling like household trash is in my area. But it’s not worth the subscription price to me, so u buy a $3.00 sticker. I shop up in the city limits at least once a week, so taking a one block detour is no big deal to do my recycling in a center. You do have to watch the times though. They’ll have to work on that. There are lots of items the curb service will not take, so one still had to go to a center at times. They could put recycling at most shopping centers but lazy people will dump household stinky trash. So they’d have to be manned.

      I thought it interesting in the announcement, that China takes lots of the recyclables. Sorry, keep it home and process our shit here.

      When I lived on Sint Maarten there was a ship load of Heineken beer delivered each month. A cottage industry was created to deal with all the green glass. It was hard to find a place that served food or drink on dishes or glasses that were not “GREEN” break them, cheap. Just recycle and you just may get it back next week

  65. Kamala Harris said that if Congress can’t pass her gun safety laws in the first 100 days, she will take executive action. She should be laughed out of the Primary, she’s a fool. Then again, I’m sure her supporters believe she can actually do what she says.

    Lizzy Warren wants to pay off 90% of student loans, with tax dollars. She’s done.

    Reparations? Forget about it, never gonna happen.

    Buttigieg is the flavor of the month.

    Bernie is Bernie, he’s a kook.

    Bouncing Beto is done. Too far Left

    Biden? The gaffe master will add some entertainment but is past his prime.

    19 and counting, all trying to out Left each other.

    Medicare for all? When will those who want this realize that government can’t run anything efficiently? I will say that the Pittsburgh VA hospital is much more efficient compared to the past 10 years. The visit started with a young doctor and ended with the department head doctor (both) to finalize the diagnosis. This was repeated at the next appt, but began with Nurse practitioner and ended with her and the head doctor of department. That was the best service I have seen there. It was very busy, lot’s of patients. A young employee on the floor would come to the waiting room periodically and ask if anyone had any issues. That was a first as well. These improvements were amazing compared to the same place under Obama. Trump is doing an outstanding job at fixing a big mess. Despite his many flaws, at least he is keeping his campaign promises. That’s a rare thing in my lifetime.

    More on the Medicare for all. While the VA is improving in Western Pa, these are 100% taxpayer funded medical facilities with a long history of poor care. Medicare for all would be different, as the facilities would still be private. Medicare today pays below market value. That is a recipe for disaster and in short order. Hospitals would be forced to downsize and specialize. Healthcare overall would be reduced luck. Luck as in getting to get healthcare.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      With our abundance of veterans in our area, the VA has been on the better side if average. To relieve patient load on Durham and Richmond, the VA built a new facility a few years ago in Greenville, near me. It is a hospital sized facility. Bigger than a small outpatient care center, yet smaller than a full medical center like Durham. Which is huge. But a real pain to get to. Once in, it was efficient and as good a hospital as any other.

      I’ve never had any issue with the care the facilities provide. Just do not MISS an appointment. They’re hard to schedule. Emergencies can always be handled locally.

      Now on Medicare, I still use the VA ad my primary health provider. When my parents were still amongst the living, they found Medicare was OK and had ample other mefical benefits from Dad’s IBM retirement , but DO NOT MISS AN APPOINTMENT. The next one might be 6 months out, unless it’s an emergency.

      Trick is stay healthy everything in moderation.

      Ask our native American residents what they think of the government provided health services on the reservations.

  66. Question for the collective: What is the “meaning” of America?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Freedom of the individual.
      Liberty from oppressive govt.
      Justice for all.

  67. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Day 3: Captain’s Log

    So far, so good. The new gold plating appears to be holding against the corrosive waters of the Potomac.

    This far from my destination, though, the effects of these accursed waters is somewhat lessened. Even now, though, I can hear the drums in the distance – it chills my very soul. Each day, the pounding grows stronger, more ominous. Am I the only one who can hear it?

    The guillotine, my sworn duty, stands ready upon the deck, lashed down lest we encounter turbulence and lose it to the depths. To come so far only to fail would be unconscionable.

    Scouts have reported sightings of red-hat wearing natives along the banks who appear to be suffering from some kind of Kool-aid intoxication. A captured native, upon interrogation, revealed that the one they call the Dear Leader can be found at further upstream, but that he is the Chosen One and incapable of any wrongdoing. As such, he cannot be defeated. We shall see. I do not fear this man, but if half the ravings of the captive are to be believed, he is a giant of such staggering intellect he will surely present a nearly insurmountable challenge, and perhaps it would be best to turn back now.

    No, I cannot waver. Such a man – no, a demigod of old – cannot be. I cannot continence that there exists a man capable of crushing another man’s skull with a mere glance, nor one who simultaneously is the world’s foremost expert in so many matters. I am also informed that this giant, this leviathan of a man, has surrounded himself with the very best people of all stripes and that, so long as they carry his favor, they, too, are infallible. How am I to best such a cohort? With a heavy heart, I will continue on and seek out further intelligence on my enemy.

    Perhaps most frightening of the Dear Leaders’ powers is the power to render thoughts and words meaningless, to change and shape the very nature of reality – of past, present, and future – at a whim. It is said that, by his utterance, day may become night and night day. It is said that there is no truth but what he wills and that his will is a fickle thing, subject to change even within the span of a single sentence. Yet whatever he wills, it shall be truth. And any who dare say otherwards are transformed in “fake newts.” What kind of a being has the power to transform humans into newts – and what, precisely is a fake newt?

    If my time as come at last, then so be it – may they sing songs of my deeds in the halls of Valhalla, and may the grog run like a mighty river beneath the decks of The Hammer.

    Perhaps my only hope lies in a glimmer of insight the raving prisoner inadvertently let slip. There is a enemy within. An anti-American fifth column of disloyal evildoers who persecute and harass the Dear Leader for no reason other than something called TDS. These men appear to hate both the Dear Leader and all things good and true. I do not cotton full the meaning of this, but surely the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I must seek the one they call The Comb-y.

    With strength borne of pure madness, he escaped his bonds and dove to the poisonous waters into which neither I nor my crew dare follow. His final act was to informed me that I was something called a “libtard” and suggest that I “go back to Venezuela since I hate America.” The meaning of his ravings is lost on me, but perhaps time and future encounters will provide further clarity. Unfortunately, I was unable to ask followup questions as, upon contact with the murky river, his flesh dissolved from his bones (a la Raiders of the Lost Ark), rendering such interrogation impossible.

    Daybreak is upon us and it is too dangerous to send out raptors at this time. At dusk I shall send another team. I can only pray they bring back better news.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You sure you’re on the Potomac River. It’s entire length is not through any MAGA tribal areas. Skraelings, yes, indigenous liberal democrats are the dominant tribe. All others have long since been subjected to genocide or driven out to barbarian territories.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        My compass is spinning wildly and I distrust the GPS which says that I am in Outer Mongolia. This may be a defense by the Dear Leader, playing his formidable reality-warping powers upon my navigation systems.

        Yet there can be no mistake. I began in the Chesapeake Bay and headed inland, following the ever-loudening beat of the eldritch drums.

        Perhaps I will soon find the Comb-y. It is said that he possesses secret knowledge hidden behind lines of black (whatever that means) which can break the powers of the Dear Leader.

        I must rest now – there is a throbbing behind my eyes to the beat of the drum and I find my mind wandering to the oddest thoughts about strangely beautiful walls… A rest now will do me good..

    • Ahoy, oh weary traveller…Beware ahead as thar be rough water beyond. It seems thar was a strange sightin’ in th’ water. Somethin’ like a dragon wit’ scales but long ‘n slender like a snake. Some say ’tis kin t’ Loch Ness. It has th’ name o’ Pelowarren, a terrible cross breed that snorts fire ‘n brimstone ‘n it feeds on th’ poor ‘n uneducated. Take heed, as those waters are indeed perilous. Often sighted wit’ Pelowarren be a ugly creature wit’ mis-shapen eyes called Schumergrog….Some say that these creatures are deep and dark and lurk in the back ground and are afraid to face the Medusa like gaze of the Dear Leader. Some say that the mere presence of the “Red Hats” throw then into some strange tizzy like a Saturday Night Fever Travolta style gyration. The Pelowarren and Schumergrog entertwine in some form of snake like deep Africa shimmy dance with galzed eyes. Beware.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        Such creatures I have battled before and can handle. Still, I will heed your warning.

        I have sent out for the one they call the Warden. If there are dangerous beasts afoot, then the Warden will surely be able to help.

        I’ll notify you when she has come aboard. But, for now, I must rest, the drums, the drums!

        And why do visions of beautiful walls haunt my slumber? What is the meaning of this?
        Perhaps the Warden will be able to shed some light on it – it is said that she is a native of these lands, so perhaps she will know.

  68. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So thinking or wishing things by the president is an impeachable offense according to Pocahantas Warren.

    Special prosecuters usually are appointed because the normal DOJ route is somehow seen to have a conflict of interest. There in mist cases is proceeded by a known factual crime having been committed. The prosecuter then is usually overseen by a 3 judge panel.

    None if this occurred in the Mueller appointment and was so rife with conflict of interest I’d be terrified if ever targeted by such a group. They didn’t even make a pretense of even handedness. All the “charges” were technically grand jury and investigator traps designed to trip one into making a contradictory statement. You are DENIED any legal council, the grand jury here’s but one side. It is NOT overseen by a judge, and you have not Right of discovery” only one country besides the US operates like that and that us Liberia and dysfunctional failed west African nation.

  69. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Why the need to import a labor force when you have one on hand. Especially one that neither reads speaks or writes the languages in Europe and mostly illiterate. Regulations regulations regulation dictated by the EU. An illegal is disposable. A citizen once hired is impossible to get rid of even for total lack of performance

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Several years ago I was tasked to analyze and reduce the costs of our European based management centers. They were 35% more in costs to do business with them than our most expensive center in the US which was in Durham, NC our flagship management center.for the division.

      They used the exact same tools, we had. They used the same procedures we used, so nothing could be pared off there. The costs were EU dictated benefits that we had no control of. Except move the management centers to South Africa or India or Singapore, or manila or even back here to the USA.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Higher education is great and continual learning is a necessity. But it’s all worthless unless you have a job to go to that is not just some POS barista job or target shelf stocker

  70. Dale A Albrecht says:
  71. Fun story:

    We have a sprinkler system at my house which feeds from my pond and waters the grass/plants. Each spring we need to “open” the system which means a company comes out and replaces broken sprinkler heads and cleans out the pump, etc.

    This year, however, they had a lot of trouble doing my system. We had to have out a new guy who didn’t really know what he was doing, so it took a ridiculous amount of time (charged in 15 minute blocks, of course) and the whole thing was just an expensive, unpleasant boondoggle.

    Why? Because they’re having staffing problems due to difficulty getting visas for seasonal workers.

    Is this MAGA?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


      Not really Mathius. It’s a product of our education system that denigrated doing a job such as this. It’ll take time though to solve. Guys who do that work here get at a minimum of $35/hr. When my folks lived in Bedford the going rate was $75.

      Last August Jarrett Bay Boat works literally jumped on my application, offering top dollar sight unseen. They build yachts that are in the multimillion dollar range. I was to do finish joinery. Even though I was 66 at the time and have been retired since 2010, their management said the work ethics of the younger folks sucks. They expected a solid 8 hours of billable work to the customer pet day. I was assigned 3 yachts to work on. Or on call to assist other craftsman as needed. Like help with electrical systems, or diesels etc, which I knew, but was secindary.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Europe has or has the problem with people getting a higher education in a skill set not needed. Then demanding a job in that area or they sit on unempliymen

        The EU was supposed to be a free movement zone for work with member states. They are still very protective so a person who apply for a job in Germany after being laid off in Slovakia, can hold their ads in their hands.i know that for a fact

      • I do plenty of house-work, but I’m not too knowledgeable about certain things and prefer to leave them to outsourced providers. I won’t, for instance, do any major plumbing or electrical work because the risk of screwing it up is too high. I’ll change an outlet / light switch / faucet, but I won’t demo a bathroom.

        Likewise, I don’t know what I don’t know about the sprinkler system and pumps, and I don’t have a boat to paddle to the middle of my pond to drop in the siphon.. it’s just not worth it for me when it’s usually fast and cheap.

        That said, if you’d like a wonderful mental image…..

        One of the trees in my yard broke a limb, maybe 10″ thickness and 50′ long, but it didn’t fall, it just got tangled up and only partially snapped, leaving this thing 40′ up in the air and liable to land on someone in the next windstorm.

        So I tied a hammer to a rope and threw it over the branch and pulled, but it wouldn’t come down.

        So I hitched the rope to my car and pulled it down. Big deal, right? What’s so funny?

        Well, I’d like you to picture my car and you’ll get the humor of the situation. It’s not like I drive an F150. I drive this:

        • Holy Crap…..what is that? It looks like a spare tire for a F150….You really do not drive this thing….I mean..really?

          • Well that’s an ’08 I pulled from the internet – I drive an ’18. But, yes, I do. Same color, too. This is actually my second one.

            I got ~220 MPG (electric equivalent) on my way to work today.

            It can park almost anywhere (and often has reserved prime parking), it’s an absolute monster in the snow (seriously – it’s crazy how well it does), it costs almost nothing, requires no maintenance, no oil, no gas, turns on a dime, and gets me form point A to point B reliably. It seems to top out at 85-ish MPH, which is plenty. I charge it in my garage at night at the cost of a few cents. I’ve strapped mattresses and lumber to the roof without issue.
            The back is easily big enough to hold a mid-sized dog. Oh, and it came with a nice fat government rebate.

            And, apparently, it can haul down trees.

            What more do you need?

            (note: I also have two SUV’s for if/when I have bigger needs)

          • For comparison:

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The image that flashed in my mind is the branch on the ground and you in your kiddie car suspended 40 feet above the ground.

          I guess I’m a product of parents who though born before the crash and depression taught us to be “handy” example, we had several eucalyptus trees that were a problem in Hidden Hills. You remember how tall those trees are. Anyway, with us bits help Dad dropped them exactly where he wanted them to go without destroying our house, the neighbors or any fences..Auto mechanics was a must to learn early on. We dug and installed all our sprinkler systems. Electronics, we wanted portable radios, boom boxes today. We got the kits and instructions. Up until one can’t do because of age or physical disability it’s great therapy to get away from the corporate corporate grind. You accomplish something instead of the never ending rat race.

          I really did step in it with some relatives of a girlfriend one night over dinner. After all the 20 questions the wife said to me, “Well my husband is a Mason” my answer to her was “Well, i know how to lay bricks too” talk about a faux pas. She meant the secret cult.

          After Florence I needed some forestry type tools to clear downed and leaning trees. I checked prices….yikes…..i dug into the internet and reproduced tools that were used for centuries until the advent of the gasoline motor. They’ll last a lifetime

          • The image that flashed in my mind is the branch on the ground and you in your kiddie car suspended 40 feet above the ground.

            I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had the same idea….

            Tangentially related:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I would not believe their story, It has not been a problem, unless they have been using suspect employment contractor sources.

  72. Dale A Albrecht says:
  73. Day 3: Captain’s Log Continued…

    My head aches painfully as the drums continue to beat.

    Heading the good colonel’s sage advice re dangerous creatures nearby, I sent out an expeditiary unit to find The Warden, a native of this land who should be able to assist me in my quest.

    My trusty raptors have returned with her, though not all of them survived the mission. My head aches too much to be of much use at the moment, but I have gratefully welcomed her aboard. She promises assures me that few know these waters better than she. We will discuss further after I rest a bit more. In the meantime, I have left her in temporary command of The Hammer. She seems very friendly.

    Oh, how rude I’ve been, always referring to her as The Warden – she prefers to go by her first name: Elizabeth.

  74. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Day 3: Captain’s Log Continued…

    My head aches painfully as the drums continue to beat.

    Heading the good colonel’s sage advice re dangerous creatures nearby, I sent out an expeditiary unit to find The Warden, a native of this land who should be able to assist me in my quest.

    My trusty raptors have returned with her, though not all of them survived the mission. My head aches too much to be of much use at the moment, but I have gratefully welcomed her aboard. She promises assures me that few know these waters better than she. We will discuss further after I rest a bit more. In the meantime, I have left her in temporary command of The Hammer. She seems very friendly.

    Oh, how rude I’ve been, always referring to her as The Warden – she prefers to go by her first name: Elizabeth. Elizabeth the Warden.

  75. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Hillary just does not know when to go away..

    If she hadn’t corrupted lied cheated destroyed violated every records law in existance, we’d be debating whether not she should be allowed to vote from her federal prison cell.

    She so expected to win, all the experts said so, and yet she continues to try and overturn our election in which she LOST by our CINSTITUTIONALLY enacted laws.

    Screw politics the DOJ had better start getting off their collective asses if they ever want the PEOPLE to believe in equal justice under the law.

    She talks real big about knowing Putin. The why when it’d take one vote to derail the sale or 20% of our uranium to Russia and bill picket a cool $500k for a short speech to the group in Moscow. Plus pocket 10’s of millions to their charity by those evil russians……deflection

  76. Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and the court officer, identified in court documents as Wesley MacGregor, face several charges stemming from an April 2, 2018 incident in which the pair allegedly helped Jose Medina-Perez get out of the courthouse via a back door in order to elude the ICE agent who sought Medina-Perez.Joseph and MacGregor were both charged with obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting; obstruction of a federal proceeding, aiding and abetting and conspiracy to obstruct justice, Lelling said. MacGregor was also charged with perjury before a federal grand jury.Medina-Perez, a twice-deported illegal immigrant with a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania, had been in Joseph’s courtroom in order to be arraigned on drug charges, the Boston Globe previously reported.

    Medina-Perez was the subject of an ICE detainer — a written request to hold an individual wanted for deportation for up to 48 hours — and an ICE agent was waiting in the lobby of the courthouse to detain Medina-Perez after the arraignment, officials said. But during the hearing, Joseph asked Medina-Perez’s attorney “ICE is going to get him?,” according to courtroom recordings obtained by the Boston Globe in December and released in court documents Thursday.

    Medina-Perez’s lawyer was also heard telling Joseph “ICE will pick him up if he walks out the front door. But I think the best thing for us to do is clear the fugitive issue and release him on a personal, and hope that he can avoid ICE…That’s the best I can do.”
    What if we detain him?” the judge asked before requesting the clerk to turn off the courtroom’s audio recorder, leaving nearly a minute unrecorded.MacGregor then used his security access card to escort Medina-Perez out of the courthouse without being seen by the ICE agent, officials said.”With the recorder off, defendant Joseph and the Defense Attorney discussed devising a way to have A.S. [Medina-Perez] avoid being arrested by the ICE officer,” court documents stated.The ICE agent continued to wait in the lobby not knowing the illegal immigrant already left the building, Lelling said, adding Joseph lied about the incident to her superiors when asked about it.Medina-Perez’s freedom was short-lived. He was arrested a month later after the court hearing and again let go, this time by an immigration judge who freed him on bond, the Boston Globe reported. That case is currently pending, officials said. The 38-year-old native of the Dominican Republic had been previously deported in January 2003 and June 2007, ICE said. His real name is Oscar Manuel Peguero, although he goes by several aliases.

  77. Moderation, please…..apparently the threat of a guillotine did not work…..perhaps being eaten alive piece by piece over a period of 24 hours by my raptors will work?

  78. So a 3.2% first quarter growth, which is indicative of continuing growth, is now headed breaking growth records. All the left pundits tried their best to say the economy would not even make a 2% growth and that the stock and bonds markets will tank by the end of the first quarter are stunned….some now even saying the numbers are lies.

    They have nowhere to turn.

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