Abortion Under Attack

The protest may be a better method and help to save the future of the Nation 😀


  1. The irony is hilarious!

  2. U.S.—Democrats want to stop white men from legislating women’s bodies. So they have come out against Roe v. Wade, and have vowed to do everything to overturn it, after finding that the decision was made by a Supreme Court made up mostly of powerful, white men.
    “It is time that we stop letting white men legislate on reproductive issues, and that’s why we’re declaring Roe v. Wade null and void,” one activist said at a rally in Alabama. “If you don’t have a uterus, you don’t get a say, so the decision that effectively made abortion a constitutional right is invalid.”
    She then led the protestors gathered in a chant: “No vagina, no ability to declare abortion a human right!”
    At publishing time, Democrat activists had redoubled their efforts after learning the decision was made by a Republican-appointed majority.

    • Mathius says:

      Because there’s no difference between “protecting a right” and “restricting a right,” right?

      The objection is actually stupid, the point is just visceral / optics. They “real” objection is that someone is trying to take away their rights. If there were women who voted for the bill, the fundamental, underlying objection would remain, but when it’s all men, they can use that for a more emotion-based attack “men are making rules for women! What is this, the 1800’s?”

      But when it’s men passing laws to protect their rights, they see no problem with it, nor should they.

      Trying to put this in perspective, you didn’t like it when your parents made you eat your vegetables, but you didn’t complain when they let you watch television, did you? Because it’s not really about THEM. It’s about YOU. But you might object to the former on the emotional grounds “how come OLD people get to make all the rules for us KIDS?!?” – even though that’s not really your complaint. Your real complaint is that you don’t want to eat your vegetables, and you’ll make any argument you think can help you get what you want. But it would be stupid and asinine to object when they let you do what you want just because of who they are, wouldn’t it?

      But you knew all this already.

  3. Mathius says:

    Admittedly, I haven’t been following the news too closely, but did I understand that Trump wants to use revenue from tariffs on China to subsidize farmers?

    • We are right where we want to be with China. Remember, they broke the deal with us & tried to renegotiate. We will be taking in Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs from China. Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or buy it from non-Tariffed countries…— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 12, 2019


        • Shoot…my bad. After all that, the tweets don’t reference subsidizing farmers. But, yes, I read about subsidizing too. It would only be temporary, though, because something about creating new markets in the Asian region, Viet Nam, etc.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Yes, which is nothing new. We still pay people to NOT GROW THINGS, just like Major Major’s father in “Catch 22”. He also talked about shipping the surplus to countries in need of food aid.

            Here is an article on the mothball fleet of old liberty ships at West Point NY in the 1950’s. They were chock full of wheat and corn surplus grain which eventually was distributed by USAID. It was a hell of a sight to see on a Sunday drive up 9W.


            • Mathius says:

              That’s true… but I’ve heard a lot of griping about such things here on SUFA in the past… Do we no longer care about such things?

              • You have heard griping about maintaining reserves? Tell me who and I will cat 0 nine the blaggard.

              • Mathius says:

                Unless I’m losing my mind, you are the blackgard who complains about receiving 90k / yr that you can’t refuse in exchange for not growing crops on you land…. am I slipping into madness?

      • Mathius says:

        Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or buy it from non-Tariffed countries

        All of which means higher prices to the consumers in the US.

        This is going to be some Econ 101 here, but those costs are just going to wind up back in the laps of the US consumers.

        It might – eventually – hurt China in the form of shifting supply chains to other countries. This is true. But that’s long term and, more to the point, the reason they’re in China in the first place is because China produces the goods in a way which US purchasers (whether supply chain or end user) deem to be the most economical. Any shift to another country is necessarily a shift away from the solution upon which the Invisible Hand has decided upon.

        Now, you can – and I certainly would – make a case that our over-reliance on China is a potential danger, and that it is best if we vary our supply chains to be less reliant on them. But that’s not the case he is making.

        The case could also be made (and I think this is his broader point, even if it’s not clear in this tweet) that the pain is temporary, that it will hurt China more (in the form of lost sales), and that this will force them back to the table to renegotiate with the US, and that we’ll be in a stronger position at that time. This is quite possible, and I have no expertise on the matter which would qualify me to opine.

        BUT that’s not what he’s saying. At least, not here. Here he is saying that we can just shift the supply chains which is (A) not so easy, (B) not so fast and (C) necessarily increases cost to the consumers.

        We will be taking in Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs from China.

        This is FALSE.

        China does not pay those tariffs. The consumer pays those tariffs.

        Those “tens of billions” will be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

        He’s increasing the cost to US consumers nationwide, then turning around and giving that money to farmers (read: his base) who have been hurt by his trade war. Do you see nothing problematic about this?

        • My cousin is the head of HR at a company called Berk Enterprises. They do tons and tons is business with China. The increases in prices have been minimal and haven’t caused an issue, because the company has been clear that when the tariffs go away the prices will come down. It’s been an annoyance but not a big problem.

          The fix is easy. China needs to end their tariffs on our exports to them, which is the crux of this issue.

          Farmers do not have the luxury of raising the prices on their crops when tariffs are applied, unlike products whose pricing is determined by the company that makes them.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            What China also has to do is install on ALL their power plants the same scrubbers and clean air regulations the West has imposed on themselves. That’ll certainly raise their costs. But Obama and the UN climate change gang gave China a dispensation until 2030 to do nothing about their pollution.

            Plus I seriously doubt any but a few token people have been permitted to unionize. It is a workers paradise.

            The dems in their hatred for Trump are showing their hypocrisy in living color

    • I think China has backed themselves into a corner…a serious one. Their inflation rate is now topping 25% and headed upwards…..if Trump holds true to his current stance, China has an even bigger problem. We, the US, has deluded ourselves into thinking that China is necessary to our survival……it is not. We have the nuclear option of the Dollar……Trump is using a nuke, ok….he is using the dollar. A very good move. No one can match us out there and, as I have said before, I have no problem being the big kid on the block and using it.

      The countries of the world could not get together to manage a pop corn fart. Nothing to worry about and it will not start a shooting war. Neither will Iran, North Korea, or Russia.

      • Mathius says:

        That’s not really my issue here.

        My issue is that his tariffs necessarily hurt the US consumer. They also hurt China, and that’s his point, of course, but its not mine. He’s harming US businesses and consumers in his trade war.

        And that might be fine! It might just be a cost of doing business and getting them to the table with better leverage. Fine, whatever, sure.

        My issue is that Trump is, basically, taking the money paid for by all US consumers and businesses (in the form of higher prices), and he’s giving it to the farmers (read: his base).

        Put another way, he’s redistributing the pain of his trade war so that it hurts Blue States (eg, California and the tech sector) instead of Red States.

        I don’t object – in principle – to a trade war. It can be a necessary evil, especially when dealing with the likes of China. That’s fine. But I do object to the President selectively redistributing the pain of the trade war so that his opponents feel it worse than his base.

        (preemptively: in the even you are able to pull an example out of your hindquarters of a Blue Shirt President doing this exact kind of thing, I object to that as well, and think he was wrong to do so)

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Poor, poor US consumer. He will have to pay more for cheap Chinese junk. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joe Blowinski from Lansford Pennsylvania may find a real 40 hour per week job. Goshes!

          • Mathius says:

            Poor, poor US consumer. He will have to pay more for cheap Chinese junk.

            That’s not your decision.

            The United States economy: centrally managed by SKT! 🙂

            Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joe Blowinski from Lansford Pennsylvania may find a real 40 hour per week job.

            Meanwhile, the guy working in the tech sector in California finds his hours cut….

            But that doesn’t matter because only the guy from Lansford, PA is a real ‘Merican.

            Trump is redistributing the pain of his trade war to Blue States and away from his base.. It’s that simple.

        • OBJECTION: While some of your facts are correct ( ie:farmers ) you seem to be leaving out the rust belt and the same type of subsidies given to those industries…..be fair, now.

  4. Oh, and by the way,,,,,,I noticed that the sexiest accents are from Texas…..NUMBAH 1….and the non sexiest accents are Long Island and Brooklyn…..jus’ sayin’…ya’ll!

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Ya don’t find Fran Drescher’s accent sexy?

    • Mathius says:

      I noticed that the sexiest accents are from Texas

      Like hell they are!

      Southern belles – Georgian Peaches, not Texan YeeHaws.

      Unless we’re gong global, then it’s a light Irish brogue.. hhhnnnnggg…

      • It was not MY survey………….it is a national survey……perhaps you were not included?

        • Mathius says:

          I was not.

          Thus the incorrect results.

          I knew a girl from Georgia named Annalese… cute as a button, a bit abrasive personality-wise, but holy cow, her accent….. like friggin’ silk, that thing… When she turned on that Southern Charm™…

          And the Southern girls with the way they talk
          They knock me out when I’m down there

          PS: Honorable mention for Hawaiian and Israeli girls.

          PPS: Least sexy accent on the planet is “Valley Girl.”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Having spent my formative years in SoCal people accents generally non descript. Plus people were kind of standoffish. There were so many people and the mobility you just didn’t have to know your neighbors at all. Accents were relegated to Mexicans and Asians.

          When I had my 1st exposure to dyed in the wool Texans in Houston and Galveston when I started in oil exploration I thought I was slimed. Liberally coated in Karo syrup.

          Colonel….no insult intended about wool. Running sheep in Texas has to be a capital offense worse than horse stealing

  5. And, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water………..there is such a thing now as ………………………get ready for it………………………SAT Adversity scores. The dumbing down of America continues.

    The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture their social and economic background, jumping into the debate raging over race and class in college admissions. This new number, called an adversity score by college admissions officers, is calculated using 15 factors including the crime rate and poverty levels from the student’s high school and neighborhood. White students scored an average of 177 points higher than black students and 133 points higher than Hispanic students in 2018 results. Asian students scored 100 points higher than white students. Mr. Coleman, the College Board CEO, said, “it is unfair for black students to compete against Asian students because the Asian culture is more family based and is different than the black culture. Asian families stay together and the entire family will all work to support the student to achieve better scores. This is not fair to the black culture and so, entrance scores must take into effect ethnic and social backgrounds and assign a premium to make it more equal.”

    Holy shit, Batman.

    • Obviously, they didn’t run that by Ben Carson first. Single mom, working 2 and 3 jobs, from the getto of Detroit. Made the kids read books and do book reports. Turned him into a neuro surgeon….the horror!

      • Mathius says:

        Though I think this “policy” is total bullshit, I do want to point out that anecdotes are not proof against the general trend. Sure Carson did well, but, on balance, African Americans do score lower than whites who score lower than Asians who score just behind… the JEWS.. who score just behind the Unitarians.

        Exceptions apply, of course, but that’s why they’re “exceptions,” not the rule.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      And of course if you were to use pre war on poverty stats where black families were likely to include something called a “FATHER” you might just get different results. If you want to make the results the same, just have uncle apply the same poverty programs to Asians that they do to blacks. Voila! In fifty years (or less) there will be no difference.

    • I wondered when I read your post, are they gonna do this on top of what they are already doing, or just change to this way of giving points. Still don’t know the answer to that question. It looks like the intent is too ignore any Supreme Court decision they disagree with.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Slave owners broke up black families. After their liberation the black family became a solid unit again. However after the Civil Rights acts passed in ’64 and subsequent welfare bills from the “Great Society” envisioned by LBJ to qualify for aid one needed to be from a broken home, single mother abandoned etc etc etc. The growing solid black family unit ceased to exist for all intents and purposes. I don’t believe it was an unseen consequence if well meaning legislation but fully intended to get them colored folks back on the plantation.

  6. Mathius says:

    • Sigh…..Mathius………Mathius………….Mathius…………nice sleight of hand here. Great chart depicting supply/demand with relation to Tariffs but not very informative.

      I will have to research when I have time…I do not want a comparison to the world economy….I was to see the comparison to the US only. I am sure it is out there. Again, this back side of this chart also shows the pattern of the Law of Diminishing returns….economically speaking.

      Let’s see…..as it relates to the US GDP…..searching….searching….searching…..ahh, here it is…..from the CBO and the IMF ( both, which are questionable at best but the Dems like to use them )…..we have a 20 Trillion dollar GDP and the Tariffs on China have a negative impact of 0.1 % to our total GDP.

      Now, you are correct in that the consumer may,,,,,,MAY…..pay more at the counter but….inflation, according to the same sources is hovering around 1.4 %. As it stands now, there has been minimal impact….however, this could….COULD…..possibly change as time wears on but the general consensus is America will find additional avenues of supply to replace China….and China knows this.

      Add this little bit in….as a barometer…..the Fed is not raising rates now and is even talking about lowering the rates..So, they are anticipating no major increases in inflation and no major losses in GDP. You are a smart guy, Sir Mathius, and I was a little surprised in your estimates of the big drop to come and your descriptions of the puts and calls you are placing your wagers on…..but you have been waiting some time now for the drop…But China tariff wars ain’t gonna start it in my opinion.
      Now, for the other side and the TRUMP bullshit that he spewed out the other day about the amounts of Tariffs that the US is collecting and that it added to the GDP growth. This is total and complete bull shit. You know it…I know it…but the layman does not know it. It is good political theater but it does not relate to GDP…..so, I throw the flag in his general direction.

      I also watch transportation….nothing changing there…..meaning there is no shortage of supplies. China is still producing and will….they have no choice despite the tariffs.


      Does it affect the consumer…..it certainly could if the TARIFF cost was passed on. However, the GAO has run a short survey in that the excess profits that have been made by the Walmart’s etc,…. the increases in costs have been absorbed so far. Not much change in anything and none forseen. When the earnings reports come out for the….ehhhhhhhh…..fourth quarter…maybe there will be something there but not until then. Walmart, Target, Amazon……..all trading within normal limits.

      So, for now, the indicators are not there. *******
      *****The above post is from The Colonel and his own very informed assessment. Your are now released back to your regularly scheduled program.

  7. https://apnews.com/b5e7bb73c6134d58a0df9e1cee2fb8ad

    This artic!e is the biggest bunch of crap that I’ve read in a long time. Let me solve the problem, Identify them as transgendered male or female in their medical records . Born this, transgendered to that, problem solved.

  8. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    I am one with the swamp.

    The swamp is one with me.

    I am one with the swamp.

    The swamp is one with me.


  9. TO: The Colonel
    SJ: Trouble

    Sir, in reviewing the Hammer through the scope and listening intently through hydophone link up, we have a problem more grave than first thought. After the air strike, it was observed that the Warden had slipped off the foredeck into the water and the Captain jumped in after in an apparent attempt to save the Warden but was sidetracked by the churros that were floating in water tight containers. In his effort to save the Churros, the Warden managed to slip back onto the deck and it appeared that she “spiked” a keg O’ Red Bull. Once the Captain had rescued the floating Churros……well….here is what we recorded.

    The Warden is apparently the new Captain of the Hammer;;;

    The Warden: “I am the new Pirate captain ever sailed the seven seas ha, ha, ha
    What say ye, we hoist the Jolly Roger and Let’s Heel over the yonder shores
    Lay a few broadsides agin’ her…Swing over on these here lanyards…With our cutlasses in our teeth….Cut ’em to ribbons and split the booty…What say ye to that, me hearties?
    Heh, ha, ha, ha, ha”

    The Dread Pirate: I don’t like it….. I don’t like it and I don’t wanna do it.
    It’s tacky, tacky, tacky and don’t look at me that way”

    The Warden: “Well, if you don’t like it, what do you want?”

    The Dread Pirate: I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
    I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance
    Wear me silver buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants
    I want to sing and dance.

    The Warden “You want to sing and dance, heh. You don’t like plundering, aye?
    Well, shiver me timbers ‘ow ’bout treasuring, huh? Rubies, emeralds and pearls
    Gold doubloons and British sovereigns. Silver chalices encrusted with diamonds and jewels
    Necklaces and bracelets of every shape and size. Fit for the crown heads of Europe, aye?”
    “And all buried in a pirate’s chest And I just happen to know where!
    How about that me bloodthirsty…Buckos, heh? Ha, ha, ha”

    The Dread Pirate “I don’t like it” …….”I don’t like it and I don’t want it”
    “And I won’t do it, I’m an artiste”

    The Warden “An artiste, well, Mister Artiste, what do you want?”

    The Dread Pirate: I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
    I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance
    Wear me silver buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants
    I want to sing and dance.

    The Warden Now, listen hear, this ain’t no floating Gilbert and Sullivan show
    You know for some little flittin’ tinkerbell …..This here be a black hearted pirate ship
    And I would have you keel hauled if you weren’t me own flesh and blood you little twit!
    So you don’t like plunderin’ aye?”

    The Dread Pirate “I don’t like it”

    The Warden And you don’t want no treasurin’ ah?..And you probably don’t want no groggin’ and revelin’ and wrenchin’ and rummin’ either I suppose?”

    The Dread Pirate I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
    I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance ….Wear me silver buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants…I want to sing and dance.

    The Warden belts out a tuneSixteen men on a dead man’s chest….Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

    The Dread Pirate I don’t like rum”

    The Warden You don’t like rum?”

    The Dread Pirate Well, no, actually, well, I might like a little Perrier…..YES…A little Perrier…….With a lime in it….And, do you have any Escargot?”

    The Warden “Escar, what?”

    The Dread Pirate “What’s the soup today?…..And I might have a bit of a salad too”

    <The Warden “Well, how about a bleeding finger bowl?”


    That is all, Sir. Also, He hoisted his fancy Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat high on a yardarm and was shooting at it. What shall we do now?

    • SAT photos show the Dread Pirate in tight black shiny pants and a white shiny silk shirt….with buttons and what appears to be……no…..it couldnt………..NIKE tennis shoes with Orange laces. What happened to the shiny buckles? He is lounging in a California style beach chair. The crew is oblivious and have learned how to slide on the lubricant coated deck….

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Open letter to all those “white” privileged, intellectual elite, politicians, Harvard professors, Yale authors etc, please read an old non fiction book written by Howard Grffin a Texas journalist who wrote “Black Like Me” though written before Jim Crow laws started being dismantled enacted by the unreconstructed Democrats the story still holds true. Those laws got discarded but replaced by others that served the same purpose. That is to keep the black population for the most part 3rd class citizens or lower and kept in thrall.

    I do not see one apologist for being white ad privileged giving up their place in society nor giving up their wealth Beto O’Rourke, Pelosi etal

  11. Question…

    Is The Dread Pirate a citizen of the United States or just a Sovereign Man? Because if he’s not a citizen, that makes him an illegal alien, and Trump is coming after him via the Insurrection Act. Bye Felicia.

    • A pirate is a citizen on no one and often pledges allegiance to what ever letter of Marque they receive. Currently, even though the Hammer is still stuck on a sand bar in the Potomac, the letter of Marque is from the Republic of Texas. Even though the Dread Pirate is currently under the evil influence and spell of the Wicked Bitch….errr……..AKA the Warden, the Pirate is “temporarily” ( temporary is used because no pirate is permanently under any force ) aligned with the Republic of Texas and we will soon save the Pirate because the influence of the Wicked Bitch (The Warden ) is fading as is the influence of the Bernie Boys……they seem to have an uprising of sorts from the Democratic Knight on the Blue Horse, Sir Biden. It is too early to play out…..but it looks like the popularity of the extreme left is going to start fading fast.

      I think Biden stayed out of the fray early on until he saw what the popularity of the left was going to be…..he filled a vacuum.

      But what the hell, I am just a poor ol’ Texas man with a sexy Texas accent………..what do I know?

    • TUSCALOOSA, AL—Seven-year-old Gloria Hutchins was taken aside by her mother today and informed that thanks to new abortion laws, she may never enjoy the opportunity to kill her offspring. The two shared tears as Hutchin’s mother, Heather, explained how, back in the good old days, if she decided she wanted to have sex without any discrepancy or thought, that was totally fine because she could always just end the life she had created.

      Gloria choked back tears as she learned she would have to conduct herself with some degree of discernment in who she chose as a romantic partner, and what kind of boundaries they would set. Both lamented as they realized there could come some horrible nightmare of a day when little Gloria, all grown up, would be forced to give birth to an unwanted child and put it up for adoption instead of enjoying the freedom to just end it.
      Gloria’s mother went on to tell her about how great it had been in her time, and all the siblings she would have had, and Gloria thanked her for killing them. Then Gloria wept more as the realization set in that the one hope and dream she had for this life—to murder her offspring—had been ripped from her hands.

      • Talk about a close call: this baby was almost born into poverty, but his mother killed him just before the cutoff for abortion in their state. With literally just a few days to spare, she ended his life, saving him from living a life that isn’t always perfect.
        Can you imagine if this kid was forced to live his life poor? Poor means not having a lot of money, and sometimes having to go without things. It means a hard life: one of struggle and difficulty. It means sometimes you worry about making rent or buying groceries. It’s really hard being poor.
        It’s a good thing his mom killed him to save him from all that!
        Thanks, mom!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Boy, the route Newsome plans on completing sure will be a moneymaker. Between two of the most tourist attractive cities in the State.

      • This was a bad idea to begin with. Why the hell would anyone build a 200 mph bullet train rail in the heavy earthquake area of California? What could possibly go wrong? SMH!

  12. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/justice-girl-stole-pro-life-sign-crumbles-cop-tells-put-hands-behind-back/

    Some life lessons make the perfect educational tools to teach Liberals how NOT to act.

  13. Question for our resident left of center person…Sir Mathius

    First of all, this is an assumption…..so……assuming that Biden continues to gain momentun and becomes the definite front runner ( I know…it is early yet )……do you think that the youngsters will contine their hard line leftward (socialism, democratic socialism, whatever you want to call it) and, as AOC has said, if Biden wants our vote, he must think like us….do you think they will stay away from the polls assuming Biden wins the nomination?

    From The Colonel….I can live with Biden….yes, he is left…and, yes, he is a product of the Obama era….but……………….he does not think like Obama, except for Obamacare. One thing that I feel very confident on…..he is NOT a Hillary fan and never was. Yes, he toed the Democratic line because she was the favorite and he did not want to be drawn and quartered. But, Biden is not a socialist and he does not like the Green Deal nor the Single payer system…..he does and can act with both sides of Congress….He is also not a fan of open borders. So, assuming he wins…I woner what happens with the vote.

    Now, one thing I like about Texas, is our freedom to vote in either primary. Can’t vote in both but you can vote in either primary….and we love playing in the heads of the media. As a matter of fact, we like to live “rent free” in the heads of the media….so, when you have a field like the Dems have now, you will see a huge turnout in the Democratic primary. This turnout will be 40% Republican voters that will vote in the Democratic Primary to pick the second best choice to Trump. I will be voting in the Democratic Primary and I will vote Biden. The media will swoon over “Purple” Texas when, in fact, it is not. So, we love playing with the statistics at voting time. For example…..huge swaths of Republicans and independents turned out in the Democratic Primary to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. She won handily…..thanks to Republicans.

    So….your opinion, please sir.

    • And, since you roam the halls of Huffpo…..what is the opinion there? I will rely on your assessment….as my computer refuses to go back to Huffpo since it has been removed twice for conservative thoughts.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      My two cents. The guy is a liar, steals speeches, has “talks” with dead British PM’s. Now some may say that Trump is a liar after all, he did laughingly claim his office was bugged, there was a “coup” against him and he was “spied” on but he is a prince compared to old Joe. By the way, old Joe is starting to show his age when questioned. Starting to look a bit like a deer in your headlights at night.

      • Mathius says:

        No one – NO… ONE – is a bigger liar than Trump.

        Yet I know that in a general, he would somehow paint himself honest Abe and Biden as the pathological liar. And you all would go along with it.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Now, if you would be so kind, Please list for me some of those Trump lies. twenty or thirty will do fine…..

          • Mathius says:

            Just off the cuff?

            Tariffs are “paid for mostly by China, by the way, not by us.”

            With a late-term abortion, “the mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby, they wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

            “The FBI said (former national security adviser Michael Flynn) wasn’t lying.”

            “The Democrat(ic) position on abortion is now so extreme that they don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth.”

            “The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime — one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our nation’s most dangerous cities. Now, immediately upon its building, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country.”

            “58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote.”

            Says there’s “never (been) so many apprehensions ever in our history.”

            The Russia investigation “was a coup. This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government.”

            “In the ‘old days’ if you were president and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism.”

            “The noise (from windmills) causes cancer.”

            Says his father, Fred Trump, was “born in a very wonderful place in Germany.”

            When Congress sought documents from President Barack Obama, the White House “didn’t do anything. They didn’t give one letter of the request. Many requests were made. They didn’t give a letter.”

            “The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia.”

            Says troops recently received “one of the biggest pay raises” ever, and that it was the first pay increase in “more than 10 years.”

            Says a recent opioid bill that reached his desk had “very little Democrat support.”

            In California, “they’re rioting now” over sanctuary cities.

            Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion, “$110 billion of which is a military order,” producing “over a million jobs.”

            Says Democrats “want to give (undocumented immigrants) cars.”

            “Some of the Democrats have been talking about ending (coverage for) pre-existing conditions.”

            Sen. Kamala Harris is “supporting the animals of MS-13.”

            Says Wisconsin “hadn’t been won by a Republican since Dwight D. Eisenhower, in 1952. And I won Wisconsin. … Ronald Reagan, remember, Wisconsin was the state that Ronald Reagan did not win.”

            “James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION”

            “In many places, like California, the same person votes many times. You probably heard about that. They always like to say ‘oh that’s a conspiracy theory.’ Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people.”

            “The state of California is begging us to build walls in certain areas. They don’t tell you that.”

            “For years, they have not been able to get tax cuts — many, many years, since Reagan.”

            Says Joe Scarborough is party to an “unsolved mystery” from his time as a congressman in Florida.

            Ending the estate tax would “protect millions of small businesses and the American farmer.”

            “Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!”

            Before the presidential campaign, “I didn’t know Steve (Bannon).”

            Terrorism and terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe have “gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported.”

            There was “serious voter fraud” in Virginia.

            There was “serious voter fraud” in New Hampshire.

            There was “serious voter fraud” in California.

            Says he “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

            Says that at a campaign rally President Barack Obama “spent so much time screaming at a protester, and frankly it was a disgrace.”

            Says Hillary Clinton “wants to let people just pour in. You could have 650 million people pour in and we do nothing about it. Think of it. That’s what could happen. You triple the size of our country in one week.”

            “Wikileaks also shows how John Podesta rigged the polls by oversampling Democrats, a voter suppression technique.”

            When Hillary Clinton “ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing. How do you miss $6 billion? You ran the State Department, $6 billion was either stolen — they don’t know.”

            “It’s possible that non-citizen voters were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina.”

            “We don’t have any” chess grandmasters in the United States.

            Says he won the second debate with Hillary Clinton “in a landslide” in “every poll.”

            Says a tweet he sent out “wasn’t saying, ‘check out a sex tape.’ It was just ‘take a look at” the background of Alicia Machado.

            “Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they’ve ever been in before. Ever. Ever. Ever.”

            “I finished” the controversy about where President Barack Obama was born.

            Says Hillary Clinton has “not answered a single question” about her immigration plan.

            “My opponent has no child care plan.”

            The number of illegal immigrants “could be 3 million. It could be 30 million.”

            “Inner-city crime is reaching record levels.”

            Says the U.S. election system is “rigged.”

            Says Barack Obama “founded ISIS. I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

            “Hillary Clinton says she wants to, ‘raise taxes on the middle class.’ ”

            Says Ted Cruz “never denied” his father was photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald.

            “We don’t know anything about Hillary in terms of religion. Now, she’s been in the public eye for years and years, and yet there’s no — there’s nothing out there.”

            “The Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.”

            It “is Hillary Clinton’s agenda” to “release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released.”

            Says Ted Cruz’s father “was with Lee Harvey Oswald” before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

            “Frankly, (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t do very well with women.”

            The 2016 federal omnibus spending bill “funds illegal immigrants coming in and through your border, right through Phoenix.”

            “I don’t know anything about David Duke.”

            “Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment. The number’s probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent.”

            President Barack Obama “wants to take in 250,000 (people) from Syria.”

            Says crime statistics show blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims.

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              See, you are right. I think I would defend far more than half of what he said. For example. The black communities are a mess. Why? because the black family has been destroyed. That is NOT a debatable point. The US election system is NOT rigged? What is Hillary’s immigration plan? Hell, Mrs. DeBlasio lost $ 600,000 in NYC you don’t think state lost a measly few billion? Elmwood Pk. NJ just arrested their Mayor who “stole” 400 votes personally. The entire election process is a mess. Pershing’s boys were pretty rough on the Moros. Yes Fred was born in the Bronx….but spoke German and I’m pretty sure that the prez meant his grand dad. .

              Our beloved President I think neither lies more than anyone else, remember Barack? LBJ? Bush nor does he slow down the mouth to keep in place with the brain. Again, I find that to be very typical for NY. Eddie Koch was famous for it.

              I think the word hyperbole was actually invented for him.

            • With a late-term abortion, “the mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby, they wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

              While the wording is different from the original statement, made by the Va. Governor, it’s main point is accurate and NOT a lie.

              • Mathius says:

                It’s “main point” is that a baby is born/delivered, it’s safe and healthy, and then the mother and doctor subsequently decide to murder it.

                This is a lie.

                And I defy you to present any factual evidence that this is going on in the US. What he describes is already extremely illegal. Maybe it has happened in a one-off case somewhere – I’m sure it has – but it’s not a thing that that’s going on.

                Or, yet again, do you assert that words have no meaning when they come from Trump?

              • “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” Northam said in a WTOP interview.”

                Okay, then tell me what those words mean? When I first heard them, I thought “he’s probably talking about extraordinary actions to keep the baby alive. That word resuscitated sounded medically sound. But explain to me why one makes a baby comfortable that was just born and then just assumes it will need to be resuscitated. Could it be, because they have done nothing to Help a newborn take it’s first breath. We talked about this and both agreed doing so was necessary.

              • It should come as no surprise that Mathius knows nothing about this, the Libetal media badically ignored it. Northam comments were pertaining to a proposed late term abortion law. Trump summed it up, a little flowery, but factually correct.

                This was the second in a long list of supposed lies that Mathius posted. I won’t waste my time going through each one because I’d bet they all csme from a lefty source who is less honest than Trump, as proven above.

              • One more thing to think about. This is what he says will happen if a woman decides to have an abortion while she’s in labor. The baby will be delivered, nope, no abortion there, so which part of this process is the attempt to abort the baby. If this is what they would do in this situation. What do you think they do everyday of the week, if a baby is born alive.

    • Mathius says:

      assuming that Biden continues to gain momentun and becomes the definite front runner ( I know…it is early yet )……

      That’s a big “if.”

      I like Uncle Joe as he’s far more moderate than the field and, generally, more electable. But I don’t see how he’d be able to deal with the sheer madness of a general election vs Trump.

      I actually think AOC, though she’s not running, would be able to effectively duke it out with him. But Joe? I don’t think so. It’s just a question of social media savvy and salesmanship that I don’t see in him.

      I also think Trump has a real talent for controlling the narrative and making bullshit stick. I don’t think Joe is a sexual predator, but you can bet that Trump is going to pump jet fuel onto that storyline, and I have no conviction that Joe would have any ability to combat it.

      do you think that the youngsters will contine their hard line leftward (socialism, democratic socialism, whatever you want to call it)


      And here’s why: They’re poor.

      They’re poor and they’re scared and they don’t like the trajectory of the country and they believe the deck is stacked against them.

      And the left offers them a way out. A way to a brighter, more equitable future.

      The right offers them “if you’re poor, it’s your own fault. Work harder.”

      The left offers them “you’ve been handed a raw deal. We can fix it with legislation.”

      Now, say what you want about the feasibility and reality of the two options, but that’s the overarching message boiled down to its essence. Which one do you think is more appealing to a generation of debt-ridden terrified youngsters?

      It’s probably also relevant that Bush, the proximal cause of the Great Recession, was on Red Team. Nor that he pushed social policies which were abhorrent to the younger generations. Nor that Obama could be seen as advocating for things that we value such as gay rights and abortion rights. I said it at the time, and I’ll repeat it now, Bush pushed an entire generation deeeep into the Blue column. Whether Trump does the same remains to be seen – I’ve seen conflicting polls – but if Roe is overturned on his watch, there’s going to be hell to pay from the younger generations.

      The final note here would be that they believe, overwhelmingly, in Global Warming. Regardless of what YOU believe, they believe. And they see the Red Team as the party of denialism and of fossil fuels and of anti-environmentalism. And that’s the future THEY are going to have to live with, not you. They see a bunch of old people in the Republican Party trashing the planet and doing nothing to preserve the future for the young people because, well, they’re old and they won’t have to be around to deal with the consequences. You could imagine how this begets their hostility. Meanwhile, the other party at least appears to give a shit about it.

      and, as AOC has said, if Biden wants our vote, he must think like us….do you think they will stay away from the polls assuming Biden wins the nomination?


      Young people are notorious for lethargy when it comes to voting. Unlike you old farts who don’t seem to have anything better to do, youngsters need to be fired up in order to turn out.

      I think there’s a lot of space between here and the election. But I don’t think anything between here and there is going to fire them up about someone like Biden. He’s… fine. Will they turn out to vote “for” “fine”? I doubt it. BUT, they can be made to turn out “against” Trump.

      The questions will be whether the economy improves in a way which helps them, not just whether the market goes up, but whether THEY can find stable, well paying, full time jobs with benefits. I don’t see that really happening between now and November, 2020.
      And I think that’s going to be more and more of a problem as time goes on (not because of Trump, but because of automation and technology and outsourcing). Once again, at least the Democrats appear to be trying to offer solutions (regardless of whether they’re practical or not).

      As they say, it’s the economy, stupid.

      But millenials are also touchy, as I mentioned, about their social issues. If Roe dies before the election, they will turn out in droves. If gay marriage gets put back into play, they will turn out in droves. If there’s some major development on global warming, they will turn out in droves. Not to support Biden, but to vote against Trump.


      Final note after all that rambling:

      I think the entire generation is itching for a revolution, and you old fogeys seem blind to just how many sparks are flying around the powder kegs.

      That’s why they want the far left… same reason you wanted Trump: Because he’s not status quo.

      They are willing to burn the system to the ground and try something radically different. And that might be something far more socialist. They won’t care much for Joe – he’s too much “business as usual” – but if you put a Warren on the ballot, they’re going to out-vote your generation.

      I swear to god, we’re only a few baby steps away from the millenials breaking out the guillotines.

      • You need and your younger generation need to learn some history. Compared to the 1960’s and 1970’s RE: political unrest and pollution, this is nirvana.

        • Mathius says:

          The younger generation and I can read all about it, but we have no personal experience.

          All we know is that it sucks, now.

          More to the point, THEY feel that Red Team is bad for the future, bad for social issues, and bad for millennials specifically. They think Blue Team sucks, too, but think they’re better.

          Millenials want to get rid of fossil fuels – Republicans are pro coal, pro oil. Millenials believe in global warming – Trump said it was a hoax created by China. Millenials overwhelmingly support gay rights – Republicans held back progress for decades. Millenials support pro-choice – Republicans are trying (and may succeed) to repeal Roe. Millenials need social safety nets – Republicans are trying to cut them. Millenials are anti-war – Republicans are seen as the more hawkish party. Millenials are more supportive of immigrants and are more multi-cultural – Republicans are seen as more nationalist and xenophobic. Millenials, if only by virtue of making less money, strongly support progressive taxation – Republicans are seen as giving tax breaks to billionaires. Republicans are also seen by many as anti-intellectual science deniers.

          Now, so some of this is fair, and some of it is not. And all of it is massive over-simplification and over-generalization. But it doesn’t change the fact that the younger generations haaaatttttteeeee the Republican party. Millenials skew left by a huge margin – millennial women by as much as a staggering 3:1.. and if you don’t think Roe is a huge driver in that, I have a bridge to sell you..

          Part of this, of course, is that young people are always left. But they usually shift right as they get older. That isn’t happening with the mid-30’s-and-younger crowd this time around. Part of that is – as mentioned – the culture war with the anti-gay and anti-trans and anti-abortion stances of the right. It rendered the Republican Party abhorrent to an entire generation. Even if I agreed with their economic stance, which I don’t, I’d be very hesitant to support a party on the wrong side of these issues.

          I also think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people tend to shift right as they get more comfortable, more situated, safer, and once they start a family. The fundamental proposition of “conservatism” is to be “conservative” about change. But these people aren’t feeling safe, they aren’t feeling situated, they aren’t feeling comfortable, so they DO want change.

          And they aren’t starting families. We have, right now, the lowest birth rates since the height of the Cold War. We’re almost on par with Japan. This is a metric almost entirely controlled by my generation and the one behind it. So ask yourself this: why are we having so few kids? Could it be that we, as a cohort, are not secure enough in our lives, economics, job-prospects, and opinions of the future to start families? And, if so, what does that say about our view of the status quo? Of course we want “hope and change.”

          The bigger problem is that they want RADICAL change. As I said, they’re looking to burn the whole thing down. And since the right is abhorrent to them, if for no reason other than social issues, they pull hard-left.

  14. Mathius says:

    I’m not a supporter of the death penalty…. but sometimes I see the appeal…


  15. Mathius says:

    Question for the anti-abortion folks: Let’s say Roe is overturned and all the states subsequently ban abortion. Assume further that this means an uptick in births of children in poverty, with disabilities, and to parents who don’t want them.

    Now, none of this is an argument in favor of abortion, but it IS a consequence of a ban on abortion.

    SOOOO….. how do we, as a society, deal with this situation?

    Or are the Democrats right that the conservative position is “life begins at conception and ends at birth”?

    Another way: assume you win… then what?

    • Roe will not likely get overturned. More likely, SCOTUS will allow reasonable limitations. What they me be I’m not sure. I doubt that a womens choice will be affected until after a certain period of time. I think in the end, not much at all will change.

      • Mathius says:

        I don’t think anyone excepts a full 180. Though I wouldn’t rule it out completely, especially if RGB dies (I think it’s pure force of hatred that keeps her body animated at this point).

        What’s most likely, as you suggest, and I agree, is a de facto overturning… what you call “reasonable” restrictions may actually be “unreasonable” restrictions (in my / the left’s view) which is essentially a neutering to Roe, even if the actual ruling still stands (for now).

        But the court probably will chip away at it until it’s rendered meaningless.

        But that doesn’t answer my question… my question is “assume you win.. then what?”

    • We would do the same thing we do now. Argue over what we should do and how we should do it. That I should even look at disallowing the killing of babies as a crisis in the making is, I don’t know what to call it ———Nuts will have to do.

      I do think a lot of women would quit having all these “accidental” pregnancies and most of these unwanted pregnancies will end up being wanted babies. Course I don’t think all these women getting abortions are worthless people who will mistreat their children once they’re born.

      You know I could make a pretty good argument that getting rid of everyone over 65, would solve a lot of our societal problems. If you disagree, just what would you do to solve the problems of not doing so?

      • Mathius says:


        do think a lot of women would quit having all these “accidental” pregnancies and most of these unwanted pregnancies will end up being wanted babies. Course I don’t think all these women getting abortions are worthless people who will mistreat their children once they’re born.

        A lot might.

        A lot wouldn’t.

        My question is what happens when the US is flooded with hundreds of thousands of unwanted babies, many of whom are special needs.

        Again, I want to be clear: this is NOT an argument for abortion. I think it’s EVIL to abort a fetus due to disability*). My arguments have been made in the past and are wholly divorced from this question. I merely want to understand what you think about the consequences a total ban. Because this is absolutely a consequence.

        (*I’ll make allowances for sparing the fetus from pain & suffering if it’s going to die right after birth, etc. And I’ll also clarify that MY opinion is that it’s morally tenuous at best to abort after 5 weeks.. but by the time you can generally detect any major issues like Downs or CP, you’re far enough along that I – personally – think the fetus has an unambiguous right to life… thus my personal opinion is that aborting a fetus with a right to life is, at best, manslaughter, but doing it because it’s disabled is just straight evil. But this is beside the topic.)

        I have zero doubt that a ton of abortions happen when the fetus is detected to have Downs or CP or SB or some other defect. Or when drugs are involved. Or when the parents just aren’t capable of being parents for whatever reason. I make no moral arguments here, I present this merely as my guess at the facts as they stand. This is my best guess at current reality.

        So with a total ban, all these become babies. And those babies have needs.

        Who is going to care for them? Who is going to pay for them? Who is going to educate them? Where are they going to live? What will their lives be like? Will the Republicans who so adamantly demand their births provide for any kind of quality of life for these children?

        You know I could make a pretty good argument that getting rid of everyone over 65 would solve a lot of our societal problems.

        Yup. We could start with a certain colonel…

        would solve a lot of our societal problems.

        That’s true.

        If you disagree, just what would you do to solve the problems of not doing so?

        I take your point. But I’m not advocating anything here. I’m not arguing for or against an abortion ban or anything else.

        I’m just asking you about the inevitable consequences of something that Red Team is advocating. They want to ban all abortions (or nearly all). So they’re trying to implement a policy, and that policy has consequences. Some foreseeable, some not.** Regardless of any moral dimensions of the question itself, the consequences will still occur. And I want to know what the thinking is?

        (**According to statistical analysis in Freakonomics, the Roe decision had a direct impact on a reduction of crime rates in the ’90’s because unwanted children who would have become criminals were instead aborted. Again, I would never suggest this is an argument for abortion… but it might be a consequence.. that if there’s an uptick in unwanted children being born, they might be more likely to be criminals when they get into their 20’s. Seems plausible.)

        Ban abortion, and more unwanted and special needs children will be born.

        That’s just obvious. That’s a thing that would happen.

        So what happens to them? Do we chop them up for dog food? Do we put them in a camp?

        I mean, could they just promise to provide free birth control to every woman in America? Just that one thing. Maybe with better sex-ed in public school? Just those two things. Do something to help ameliorate the consequences of their policy. But no, nothing. They want to do something, but offer zero consideration for the inevitable consequences.

        The policy could be great, but it does come with a price tag – and Red Team is completely ignoring that fact. I want to know what the plan is to deal with the inevitable fallout if they win.

        • Who is going to care for them? Who is going to pay for them? Who is going to educate them? Where are they going to live? What will their lives be like? Will the Republicans who so adamantly demand their births provide for any kind of quality of life for these children?

          I wonder if you understand the meaning of your questions? Do you?

          I’m just asking you about the inevitable consequences of something that Red Team is advocating. Would you please revise your statement to not reference the Red Team is absolute behind this….just as you have asked G man not to include all of the Blue team in certain things…..and, just for the record, I do not believe for a moment that even 50% of the Red Team wants to over turn Roe.

          • Mathius says:

            So stipulated, now answer the damned question.

            Of course I understand what I’m asking.. but the fact is, these kids would be born. Something has to happen with them. If the plan is “shrug,” then they’re going to wind up on the street by the thousands. Surely that has some implications for the future of America, no?

            • First, I do not think they will end up on the streets. You and I both know that will not happen. If the parents do not care for them, the I suppose, as it is now, the “state” will offer some form of shelter and inadequate care.

              I would like to ask….why do you think they would end up on the street? What would be different than today?

        • If we’re gonna talk in extremes, republicans are doing nothing to he!p the poor, just shugging. I’ll counter with democrats haven’t found a social program or high tax rate that they don’t love.Which leaves republicans in the position of trying to corral the democrats desire to give away the whole store. Which leaves the impression that we are against all social programs while what they are doing is trying to put some commonsense regulations and limits on these programs. The proof of my statement, we pass budgets every year that finances all these programs and surprise, surprise so do red states. So the democrats play the good cop,, free, free, free, the republicans, well we’re the old meanies. Now, I think you went extreme in your example to make a point but let’s look at it anyway, just as an example. No I do not think we should give every woman free contraceptives because every woman doesn’t need free contraceptives. But I think some woman need free contraceptives and they have access to free contraceptives through subsidized heath clinics. If you qualify for any welfare, you qualify for free or reduced healthcare and prescriptions.

          As far as what we are gonna do if abortion is banned and this creates a crisis, we will increase the amount of money and change some regulations on the programs we already have. Though I suspect democrats will prefer to come up with some new social program or law with a cool name to accomplish the same thing.

  16. Mathius says:

    AOC: [paraphrased] why is this HIV drug ~$2k when it’s $8 in Austrailia.

    Now, this particular drug was developed using $50mm in federal grants.. but let’s let that go for now and address a slightly different question. Why are drugs so much more in America than in the rest of the world?

    The answer to this is that, in Britain, for instance, the government bulk negotiates the price, THEN the end users can buy it. In the US, the end user buys directly, thus no bulk negotiated price. Thus, of course, it’s more expensive here. What this means, in effect, is that we’re subsidizing the cost of drugs / drug-development for the rest of the world.

    Now, of course, it only costs pennies to manufacture, but the R&D is what they’re trying to recoup before it goes generic. And that can cost a lot of money. Now, again, this drug was developed with federal funds, so it’s hard for me to grok why they need to recoup any costs, so this reeks (on the face of it) as simple price gouging. But in other drugs, the R&D and the approval process are the drivers of expense… and that’s on top of all the failed drugs which cost the companies millions. So we have to be fair when we think about these things.

    Now, lest we think I’m a kool-aid drinker, we should recognize the other side of this coin. Because a negotiation has to occur first, these governments have to determine that the drug is worthwhile and reach an agreement which… doesn’t always happen. So the selection in these other countries can be more limited, as can supply. Why supply? Well, if you’re having production issues, who are you going to ship to first?

    So we have better access and higher prices (which, again, subsidize the rest of the world). They have less access and lower prices (subsidized by us). Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a middle solution?

    SOOOOOOO…… with all that said, what are y’all’s thoughts on this?

    • This is an issue Trump has said he wants fixed. We probably all agree that it needs fixed, including buying from an out of country pharmacy.

      • Mathius says:

        This is an issue Trump has said he wants fixed.

        Obama wanted this fixed, too. And I seem to recall the Red Team balking rather agressively at literally everything he proposed, even if it was something they were for beforehand.

        I also seem to recall Bush Jr. wanting this fixed, though I don’t remember any actual efforts to do so.

        I also seem to recall Clinton handing this to his wife in the ’90’s, and have a vague memory or her doing a hilariously bad job of it.

        So what’s Trump’s plan?

        We probably all agree that it needs fixed, including buying from an out of country pharmacy.

        Sure… sounds good on the face of it… so why haven’t we done this already? Who is stopping this?

        • Sure… sounds good on the face of it… so why haven’t we done this already? Who is stopping this? I believe it is the swamp. I wonder how many on the Blue team and how many on the Red team own stock or options or how many 401k plans love big pharma…..I bet you even have some puts and calls on Pharma….

          This is who stops it….and whether or not there is a governmental takeover of Pharma….it will continue.

    • I think I can solve this problem easily……allow competition across state lines with isurance companies and allow competition from across the world…..

      This, of course, does away with the FDA…..and its regulations.

  17. Mathius says:

    Question: Per the Alabama law, if a woman is pregnant, the fetus/embryo counts as a person.

    A) how does this apply regarding the national census?
    B) Can pregnant women use the carpool lane?
    C) Does drinking while pregnant count as felony child endangerment?
    D) why does this this make an egg a person when it’s inside a womb, but does not apply to a fertilized egg in the lab?

  18. Mathius says:

    Eric Jonston, and attorney who helped draft an Arizona anti-abortion bill: “[…] a man and a woman can have sex and you can take her straight into a clinic and determine an egg and sperm came together.”

    This is one of the people writing the laws which regulate women’s bodies.

  19. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
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    Baby Shark

  20. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Am I being censored? I’m calling my congressman!

    • O’ course ye be bein’ censored, ye silly twit. Ye be a Pirate wearin’ silky clothes ‘n Nike boots wit’ orange laces. ‘n ye be goin’ t’ call Bernie Boy?

  21. And here’s why: They’re poor. Whose fault is that

    They’re poor and they’re scared and they don’t like the trajectory of the country and they believe the deck is stacked against them. Ok, you are a millenial….so where is the deck stacked…just a couple of examples will suffice

    And the left offers them a way out. A way to a brighter, more equitable future. If you are talking government subsidies as a brighter future…weird but ok

    The right offers them “if you’re poor, it’s your own fault. Work harder.” I have seen no proof that this is incorrect. Can you offer any?

    The left offers them “you’ve been handed a raw deal. We can fix it with legislation.” Well, we know that won’t happen. They tried this in the 70s….did not work.

    Now, say what you want about the feasibility and reality of the two options, but that’s the overarching message boiled down to its essence. Which one do you think is more appealing to a generation of debt-ridden terrified youngsters? I understand

    It’s probably also relevant that Bush, the proximal cause of the Great Recession, This is BS but I understand he got the blame for it was on Red Team. Nor that he pushed social policies which were abhorrent to the younger generations. Nor that Obama could be seen as advocating for things that we value such as gay rights and abortion rights. I said it at the time, and I’ll repeat it now, Bush pushed an entire generation deeeep into the Blue column. Whether Trump does the same remains to be seen – I’ve seen conflicting polls – but if Roe is overturned on his watch, there’s going to be hell to pay from the younger generations. This is like preaching to the choir to me as I offer no opinions one way or the other. I keep my mouth shut on this one. And I agree with your statement….but Roe will not be over turned nor do I see it watered down.

    The final note here would be that they believe, overwhelmingly, in Global Warming. Yes, I understand this is what they believe. I do not understand their thought process but I know this is how they believe. Regardless of what YOU believe, they believe. And they see the Red Team as the party of denialism and of fossil fuels and of anti-environmentalism. Hmm..I can see where denialism would creep in their thought process…fossil fuels is a creature of not understanding the situation as the world cannot live without them, and I call BS on anti environmentalism And that’s the future THEY are going to have to live with, not you. They see a bunch of old people in the Republican Party trashing the planet and doing nothing to preserve the future for the young people because, well, they’re old and they won’t have to be around to deal with the consequences. They, the millenials and such, need to remove the blinders on this one.. You could imagine how this begets their hostility. Imagine, perhaps but the hosility is unfounded. Meanwhile, the other party at least appears to give a shit about it.

    • Mathius says:

      I make no effort here to justify the opinions I ascribe to my generation and to the millenials behind me. I simply offer them as my thoughts at to what they believe and how they thing.

      Some, as I mention, is unfair or unfounded or simply inaccurate. But it is, nonetheless, what I believe to be the prevailing opinion amongst them.

      Obviously, I do share many, but not all, of these opinions.

      • Yeah, I know….I was also espousing…not preaching. I think back to my late father and when he earned his way after WW2….during the 40’s and 50’s and the early 60’s. I remember how he would postulate about the future of the US with the thought patterns of the kids then…me included. However, I did not have the long hair and the beads and I did not do LSD or marijuans….I did not wear bell bottoms and platform shoes…I did not drive VW wagons with peace signs on them and I did not demonstrate and burn draft cards. I did not burn buidings down. I was not a hippie…I did not drop out of college. Beer drinking and womanizing was the name of the game back then and I helped burn many a bra…..I drank every bit of your share of beer along with mine….usually luke warm kegs of some sort of bach beer. The taste was awful. I carried a 3.8 GPA and did not skip classes.

        Yes, I was a strange kid. I volunteered for the military service and volunteered for Vietnam. I was 21 and could have cared less about politics.

        What would I do over with the knowledge of today…..I would have not had so much beer. I still would have helped burn bras and make good grades. I still would have volunteered for military service because my lottery number was low enough to be drafted. By volunteering you get to pick what you wanted….waiting to get drafted and you were infantry in the Army. I would not have volunteered for Vietnam…but if called I would have gone.

        Even with the knowledge of why Vietnam was fought…I still would not have demonstrated and burned down buildings and I would not have burned draft cards or do the cowardly thing and run to Canada.

        I do not understand the millenium and after generations and their insistance that they do not have to make their own way. I do not understand the concept that they are “owed” a living…no one is owed anything, including jobs….and forget about the “they were promised jobs after college”…no, they were not. I do not understand the demand that they have a minimum wage and that a standard of living is owed by the government.

        So, I guess that makes me…………………….a dad in these times.

      • If I watched/read the Liberal media, I’d be scared to death too. The Lies that are spewed on a daily basis, along with the Leftist opinions, are having a terrible effect on young people. You could have put your whole diatribe into one sentence…”Millenials are the way they are because they are brainwashed by the Liberal media”.

  22. NEW YORK, NY—Producers at NBC have seized on an opportunity after noticing a dearth of late-night programming that makes fun of conservatives. To capitalize on this void, NBC is launching The Really Late, Really Left Show, a brand-new late night talk show that will boldly poke fun at conservative ideas exclusively every night at 2:35 am.
    “We noticed there was almost nobody in the late-night space that would make fun of Republicans or President Trump,” said producer Darrell Hanaby. “There’s a huge opportunity here. Why isn’t anybody entirely making fun of the right? Why is everybody just being so fair and balanced in their comedy? Why are late-night hosts so hard on the left? These questions led us to create The Really Late, Really Left Show.”
    Hosted by up-and-comer Barrett Carson, the show promises at least two-dozen jokes about President Trump, several skits and gags making fun of the right, and zero jokes about liberals every episode.
    “The content of this show should help distinguish our program from the competition,” Hanaby said.
    Carson will provide softball interviews to anyone on the left who has a progressive cause they want to champion, desires to launch a presidential campaign, or wants to sell their books. Carson promises not to ask any difficult questions or disrupt their progressive narrative while they’re on the air. The show will host a right-winger on occasion as well, but all questions will be “gotcha questions,” according to producers.

  23. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I am reading along above and enjoying your jousting.

    I have long been aware of the cost of development of new drugs and the failure rate as well as the clock running out on patent protection. There is also the liability issue. Capping liability might be a way to start. I cannot tell you how angry I get when I see commercials for lawyers telling me I may have been injured…I may have been near ground zero in NYC….I may have once passed a shipyard when they were using asbestos….I may have been in a room that had lead paint on the wall….or unfortunately I may have been in the Navy 200 miles off the coast of Viet-nam. The lawyers ALL getting 1/3 of the final settlement also bothers me a lot, a whole lot. If other industries routinely demanded a 1/3rd return, we would be talking price fixing and gouging and having congressional hearings.

    At 72, I remember well how dirty the air and water were…. Today’s young people act like NOTHING has been done in the past 60 years. Their elders, professors and politicians seem to encourage this and they are far off the mark. Perhaps you had to be there to notice. Somebody, somewhere should offer a college course on where we were and where we are now. Reminds me of NYC health professionals and “lead” standards. Despite the usage of lead dropping like a rock and the routine abatement of old lead hazards, the health professionals keep reducing the “danger” threshold with no mention of where we were. It is routine now to hear recommendations of removing copper pipe installed almost 100 years ago because lead was in the solder. No matter that three, four or five generations may have used that water with no ill effect. Zero tolerance is the new norm, even when there is no danger. You might have noticed that in BAC content. The new norm is prohibition (except for cannabis).

    The place for abortion is BEFORE conception. As a good Catholic I am supposed to be against birth control. As was explained to me in religion class, the use of contraception is strongly urged, advised, recommended and you are a bad person if you use it BUT YOU WILL NOT GO TO HELL. So, the Church and I are in disagreement on that issue. Killing babies is a different matter. Back in the 1960’s in our “health” classes, reproduction was explained. even in Catholic Schools. More than one teacher, with the advent of the pill, predicted that it would do nothing to reduce unwanted pregnancies since people were basically too damn lazy and lacked self control. Boy, were they right. Pill was gonna liberate everybody and solve all societies problems!

    I just finished reading an interesting piece on life in pre WW 1 America, crowded, dirty and unhealthful with a short lifespan. In the 20’s and even the 30’s things improved drastically especially educationally. The author made no attempt to attribute causality but I will. We shut the doors and digested what we had. I was particularly impressed with the educational improvements, the number attending high school more than doubled in 20 years. With all the problems this country faces, the continued importation of poor, uneducated people in amounts that would stagger the mind of a 19th century predatory capitalist amazes me. Even back then both those capitalists and the progressives all agreed that the new arrivals had to become Americans which meant adopting the language and the prevailing culture. So, the uneducated will continue to arrive, produce babies like they are back on the farm, eat unhealthfully, discourage education (don’t need it on the farm) throw plastic bags in the water, and never break free of the poverty trap.

    I believe that there is a tipping point in everything. All things when done to excess will result in eventual catastrophe. Perhaps that is why Marcus Aurelius suggested all things in moderation as the Greek philosophers before him said.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If you fluxed the copper pipe and fittings properly and tightly little if any solder is actually in the pipe itself.

      TR’s Mother and wife was lost to an epidemic, was it typhoid or cholera.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair is a good read of conditions in the early 1900’s. Roosevelt sent in administration officials to verify. The Meat Inspection Act and the Food and Drug Acts of 1906 were the outcome.

      Only people of SK, Tray, D13 and me truly remember the abject pollution of the skies and water before the clean air and water acts passed during Nixon’s terms. Eating fish or drinking water from the Hudson was tantamount to putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. LA at its worst pollution was ranked 22. Places like Scranton PA or Gary Indiana were in the top 5.
      Today they’re clean. All the photos my friends post that still live in LA shows clean air.

      Anybody who screams about how terrible things are have no idea what it was like.

      When I 1st lived in Europe their monuments were literally rotting from the sulfuric acid created by their air pollution.

      • Dale, thank you and the others for your support on this topic. I have been busy for the last few days. I know the youngsters just roll their eyes when you talk about walking miles to school, up hill both ways in a forty mph blizzard. I never did but I did walk a mile to school at times in freezing weather with negative wind chills.

        I lived in houses with the toilet in the backyard. Not fun in January in the upper Midwest. We had a coal fired furnace, later we lived in a small house with just an oil stove in the middle of the living room. Mom had a wringer washing machine and hung close on the line in all kinds of weather. When she finally got a modern washer and dryer, it was godsend. Electric labor saving appliances like that made life so much easier.

        I remember in the ’80s when they started talking about the information society and that manufacturing was going out. At the time I thought that was a big mistake. Most people are not willing to pay large $s for information. Look at the internet today. More information available than any one person can digest and it is nearly all monetarily free. Unfortunately we pay with our privacy. Our mistake was not valuing both production and information. The information industry thrived on the coasts but the manufacturing base in the in center was abandoned and allowed to decay. The high paying blue collar jobs and associated engineering jobs disappeared leaving the low pay service jobs.

        Starting right after I got out of college, the graduate schools started taking large numbers of Asian students, thus displacing many Americans. Unchecked immigration also contributed to the jobs problems displacing more Americans.

        As Dale mentions, pollution is significantly less now than when we were young. The fact that the youngsters and many others believe that pollution is still a major problem is a the result of propaganda in the schools and the media. We have an issue locally with asbestos in the upper crust rock here. During construction, dust is generated that can contain asbestos. Not all asbestos is harmful but that did not stop the panic. This area has been settled for 150 years with dust generating ranches and construction that entire time. Did anyone actually study the number of asbestos related deaths associated with the area? No. But panic they did despite the fact that the danger was minimal.

        The same goes for catastrophic global warming. Every fire, bad storm, drought, flood gets attribute to global warming. CO2 is not a pollutant gas. It is only a minor actor in the thermodynamics of the atmosphere. This is bunk driven by politicians, some corrupt scientists, and the media. The global temperature changes that have occurred in the last 150 years are in the noise compared to the changes over hundreds of thousands of years. We will survive and adapt. On top of that we have a grand solar minimum coming so buy stock in woollies.

        Political unrest in the form of demonstrations and riots were also significantly reduced until Obama encouraged the BLM crowd and Antifa showed up in response to Trump. Both of these groups are based on BS supported but lies in the media.

        So yes, the youngsters do have something to complain about. But these are problems that to a large extent were created by government and a one sided, see only evil press. More government in the form of “free” socialist money will not solve them. It will only make things worse. What we need is government that actually works to solve problems many of which can be solved without spending much money.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          My brother started school in a one room schoolhouse. Dad used to say the days you absolutely walked to school were the bad blizzard and snow days. There absolutely was no way anything would get up the hill from the Susquehanna River. Even today it’s strains your vehicle. They had No indoor plumbing when he was still home. Sears catalogs were important mail. Not for buying things, no money but for use in the outdoor facilities. Mom’s family were rich they had a 4 holes. When I started school walking to school was the only means of transportation. Winter time in the Catskills, sleds and skis were the mode. The distance was approximately 3 miles each way. When 1st in California I was bussed around 2.5 hours a day. Yet a city school was minutes by foot across the city line. Hidden Hills was in the county. We moved into the city where walking was back on the agenda. On average it was 2-3 miles each way. Walking or bikes. To put your bike on campus, you actually passed a road course by the CHP like a motorcycle road course. Both written and obstacle course. Then you got a sticker on the bike. You could get ticketed for breaking rules of the road as easily as a car could. Today bikes run ref lights with impunity.
          A snow day in Vermont. That was laughable. Never happened at least while I lived there for 14 years.

          As for food, Mom and Dad would say that if they didn’t grow it or raise it. There was no food. I’ve got photos of my mom’s 1st house in the city. Every square foot of open space had food growing on it. Even though the house was one block from where my grandfather worked they moved out of the city to the countryside. Plenty of space for food cultivation. If driving in was out, an electric tram could be picked up in the village and taken into Scranton.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Though the electric tram was defunct by the time I can along in the Scranton are. The stations and power plants still were there. The cars were still parked dreaming of days gone by.. The electric train system extended a long way out of the city.

            Scranton was the 1st city to have an electric transit system. Built in 1886. Giving the city it’s nickname “The Electric City”

            Many of the stations still exist along the old line. They’re things like roadhouse. The big power station up the line in Dalton is a home improvement center. Same building though.i remember all the huge generators and transformers.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Oh, as eadtetners they were civilized using the Sears catalog. Unlike the Colonels family using cactus pads giving them their bristly demeanor

            • Prickly Pear, thank you……and since we are hitting the youngsters…..elementary schools in the 50s….no conditioned air…open windows and no fans. In the winter, radiator steam hit along one wall with noisy radiators that put out heat about 10 feet….however, if you sat next to one, you cooked to a well done stage while a mere 10 feet away, you were in a sweater.

              We did not have snow days or ice days back then….you went to school…period.

              I was lucky…very rarely did I have to walk to school. I had a Schwinn bicycle with white wall tires, plastic streamers from the handle bars, a chain guard, and red reflectors….for added emphasis and a cool sound, a playing card attached to the spokes. However, it had one speed…..leg power. You had to go through a police supervised riding course at the school and you got a license plate or a sticker to attach to your bike….it cost 25 cents. The Schwinn had a nice attached plate behind the seat with a spring loaded trap that could hold your school books….OR…..you could purchase the optional saddle bags for the back.

              I wonder if the snow flake group of today would complain about having to walk to school or ride a bicycle….much less sit in a school with no conditioned air or central heat.

              NOw, in high school….I had it much better. We had portable fans and gas heaters in our rooms. AND, I remember when the first multi speed bicycle came out….all 2 speeds of it.

              And it was cool in the elemtary school days when I was a Captain of the School crossing guards,,,,( yes, the students were crossing guards )…but as the captain, I got to open the doors of the girls that were dropped off by the parents.

              Now, for you old guys like me…..Do you remember the homework assignments? If we did not have at least 2-3 hours of homework, it was a god send. Every night….now days….if you give a student more than 30 minutes homework….you are a cad.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I see that you Texicans have a long history of arbitrary govt. interference in people’s lives, let alone the need to tax everything that moves.

                ” You had to go through a police supervised riding course at the school and you got a license plate or a sticker to attach to your bike….it cost 25 cents. ”


              • Millenials, while not all of them, mostly the city brats, are so damn spoiled rotten its no wonder all they can is whine. I walked to school up until a buddy got a car and picked me up. I helped him with gas money. When he was ill, back to steppin. No problem.

                I rember the steam heaters and never had AC or fans. We weren’t allowed to wear shorts either. We lived. Id be surprised if many of them even know what real camping is.

              • Yeah, JAC……it was a great safety program because, like the fact there are adults that do not need to drive, there were kids that did not need to bike ride…..however, I thought it a pretty neat approach in that you learned about hand signals and all the safety things that went with the responsibility to ride a bike on a public street.

              • Yep no fans, no A/C, open windows all 12 years. We did have snow days but over half the school lived in the country. If the buses could not run, school was called. Now the local road commissioner (Dick Hunt) did not run a plow through a road unless the bus went first. In the upper Midwest, 6″ of snow could mean 10′ drifts.

                No bicycle licensees or inspections, town was too small to waste money on such nonsense. There was 42 Srs that graduated in my class, biggest ever from that school.

                Some of the high school boys would go hunting before school so there often were rifles or shotguns in the back of their cars. Cars were never locked. you could leave a car downtown running at the curb and no one would bother it.

                It was expected that upon graduation, that school, marriage, or gainful employment would start immediately. In fact, most everyone could not wait to be independent.

              • I also remember the bad times economically when the steel mills closed down. Thousands of good middle class jobs went poof in a short period of time. Watched a lot of change during my school years because of that. If Millenials are as scared as Mathius says, it’s because they have little knowledge about the past and the Liberal run education system is a failure. One must ask, with rising wages, plenty of jobs, why are they scared? This should be good times for them.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Australian populous confounded all the political pundits and media who were predicting that Australia has had enough of the conservative coalition of Prime Minister Morrison. They said the left would defeat him. The opposite happened. Morrison is an admirer of trump, but still has to tread a fine line with China. He’s clamped down on open borders and migration.

    I hope the PD in Italy is defeated in their current elections. They want to open up all immigration which is wrecking the country. The PD is a fairly new party made up of most of the leftist splinter parties and the “Communist” party. Their big term to describe themselves is Social Democracy. Strange how all the leftists even here use those terms. Bernie and AOC etc.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:


    With the discussions about big bad pharma in this country and how they charge what they do, I was very surprised by this report ranking country’s by their $ derived from drug sales. The US is a minor player compared to countries like Germany, Switzerland and combine the EU, we’re a not. Either the EU is the most overmedicated set of countries enabling the companies to charge less because of volume sales. Or they have sweet deals worked out with their former colonies effectively blocking our exports. Which encompasses most of the world. Which automatically will raise prices here because exports are limited.

    So why not give the EU pharmaceutical companies a worldwide monopoly. (Sarc)

  26. U.S.—According to sources all across the country, a caravan of unborn babies has formed to head toward Alabama in an attempt to avoid the rest of the country’s barbaric abortion laws.

    The unborn humans, mostly residing in the wombs of pro-choice mothers, learned of the new law as their moms watched CNN and listened to NPR. Each of them would then sneak out of their mom’s womb in the middle of the night, slip into a state-of-the-art artificial womb they ordered on Amazon, steal their mother’s car, and make a break for the Alabama border.
    “All we want is a chance to live the American Dream—or really, just live, to be honest,” a spokesfetus said. “Since the rest of the nation is one of the deadliest places to be in the whole world when you’re an unborn child, we were forced to come here for the future of our children, so we might live.”
    “Honestly, as unborn children, it’s safer in a third-world country like Venezuela than here.”
    LIberals quickly criticized the caravan, claiming they were “not people” but “animals.”

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:
  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    T-ray and JAC….did you two get any of that late spring storm that was suppose to dump a whole lot if snow in your region?

    • We had light rain for 3 days, heavy at times. Snow in the mountains to add to the already near record levels. I even had to light a fire on Saturday to warm up the house. In 25 years here, never had to heat the house this late in the spring. It has been a cold wet spring. Not exceptionally cold, just consistently cool.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      SUL was in Jackson Hole last week. Snow almost to valley floor and had to wear her down coat when walking around.

      To Nevada and back last week. All Mtns have snow to some extent. Yes, even those tall desert mountains in Southern Oregon and Middle of Nevada. Stein Mtns. snow covered almost to the bottom. Santa Rosas, McDermott NV, covered half way down. Even the Mtns around Pyramid Lake had snow. Then came Saturday night.

      On the way home the snow level had dropped almost to Carson City, and all surrounding mtns including the Pine Nuts had snow. Those mentioned above had snow lower than on the way down along with Mtns in the really dry part of NW Nevada being covered with fresh dusting.

      Up side……… The high desert from Winnemucca, NV to the Snake River valley was lush green and flowers in bloom. Got even better as moved from high desert to the Mtn foothills from Council, ID to Coeur d’Alene.

      The snow did not hit here in N. Idaho like it did in Nevada and S. Oregon. Friend called today from Montana. Said it is about ten degrees colder over there. Sounds like the winter storm from the Sierras is moving onto western MT.

  29. JAC , getting worried. You don’t normally disappear for this long, without telling us you’re gonna be gone.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      All is OK. Sorry, I thought I mentioned I was leaving.

      Was in Nevada last week. Also been very busy building deer fencing and getting “farm” into action.

  30. Ten years ago there were lots of scientific articles on alternate sources of liquid fuels such as cellulosic alcohol, algae, biodiesel, rapeseed oil, etc. The number of articles has drastically declined. We also do not get many requests for analyzer to be used in alternative fuels applications. I attribute this to the realization that these sources of fuel are not economical especially since fracking has increased the oil and natural gas supplies.

    If we are going into a grand solar minimum, we will need all our farmland for food production and lots of fossil fuels for heat. Cold and starvation are far more devastating to mankind than a little warming.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As proven many times over history.

      A few years ago in the early days of Obama’s presidency, Egypt was coming apart. Though there were several reasons with healthy shoves from Obama and Hillary repeatedly saying “Mubarak must go” especially after BHO’s goodwill apology tour of the Middle East assuring those nations America’s intervention’s were over and self determination was the order of the day……..employment and means to pay for FOOD was biggest problem. The people were priced out of buying surplus corn because the farmers could get far more money selling their product to the heavily subsidized favorite son, ethynol.production. The starving people couldn’t compete.

      at&t was planning on building a network management center, in Egypt but those plans were scrapped due to the unrest and subsequently located in Johannesburg SA

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They do appear to be starting to eat themselves. Add Loretta Lynch to the tangled web of deceit

      • Appears to me, that they are all trying to blame Coney and only Comey.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          They should all blame the dead guy, John McCain. He was a very vocal hawk pushing military intervention in Syria. His staff was involved with Lois Lerner targeting conservative groups by the IRS. He didn’t defend his State in the least when they tried to do something about illegal immigrants. He was involved in the Steele Dossier and peddled it about getting back at Trump

  31. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bernie Sanders’s favorite pastime is calling out evil billionaires for their evilness. Sanders found the perfect opportunity to do this once again as billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he would be paying off the student debt of those who graduated from Morehouse College.
    Sanders pointed to the egregious waste of funds as a perfect example of what happens when billionaires are allowed to keep their money.
    “Why does this evil billionaire think he knows what’s best for his money when clearly the incredibly efficient federal government could put it to better use?” Sanders said at a rally Monday. “This is just another example of corrupt billionaires hoarding their money instead of using it for the greater good by giving it to the government.”
    “We can’t stand for it, we won’t stand for it, and we will get this reversed if it’s the last thing we do,” Sanders said to cheers from the crowd. “His money is as good as ours.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Kudo’s to Mr. Smith and his generous gift to pay off the student debt for the graduating class of 2019 from Morehouse.

      I’m sure his good deed will not go unpunished.

      When is lived in Vermont and Bernie was feeling his oats as the 1st socialist/Castro admirer, I went up to the University of Vermont faculty offices on day. My neighbor was a full professor and dept head. He was very prone to complain about many heretofore conservative values that Vermont once held and praised socialism to no end. As I was heading to his office I stopped and read some bulletin boards. In full sight were schedules of seminars to be held on campus on how to screw those agencies government and private and university out of the money they loaned in good faith. And how to beat the system and creditors so they’ll not come after you.

      Default on a house or car loan they’re collateral. To obtain the school loan no collateral given except your word. Sort of makes the old adage “A man’s word is his bond” kind of meaningless today.

  32. MENLO PARK, CA—After pictures emerged of Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives celebrating the suspension of Candace Owens’s account, Facebook claimed the party was “an honest mistake.”

    Programmers at the social network say their algorithm “went a little haywire” and scheduled the party.
    “Sometimes our code gets a little aggressive and suspends people and also schedules a big celebratory bash for getting rid of another conservative voice,” said programmer Lenny Wallace. “It was an innocent error, and we’ve adjusted the code to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
    At the party, Zuckerberg was seen playing “Pin the KKK hood on Candace Owens” and throwing darts at a board with her face on it. All of these activities were later confirmed to be “completely unintentional, honest mistakes” the social network promises to get fixed for next time.
    “That rascally algorithm!” Zuckerberg said, laughing robotically. “It ordered a big cake showing Candace Owens dressed as Hitler, a bunch of balloons with her face crossed out, and all these party favors with ‘BAN CANDACE OWENS’ written across them. Classic. It’s really kinda funny if you think about it.”
    At publishing time, the nation was still holding its breath while waiting for this same kind of thing to happen to a liberal.

  33. Just A Citizen says:


    You there????

    • Just A Citizen says:

      They just couldn’t help but conclude it is in fact racism that drives the reactions. Maybe they should look at those feelings by racial category.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Short term physical pain with a little emotion is easier to handle than the deeper emotional pain of adoption??????

      I also think the affect of the NOW crowd on some of these numbers. We don’t need men, probably has something to do with the increasing number of women keeping their children. Even if single.

      It is a very interesting article. But it ignores the cultural/social forces that could be at play as well.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m more than convinced that if the Hillary email server scandal had not been attempted to be stopped in its tracks in July 2016 and later in October, assuming HRC would win and that’s be the end of it…..with 100% of her emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, stored there by Huma Abedin, the investigators have EVERY to and from email address. That would have implicated every high ranking official in Obama’s administration including Obama, and every senior elected representative of both party’s in Congress . They all violated Federal laws multiple times and would have rocked the nation to its core. Watergate was a minor issue compared to this present day scandal and it’s follow up conspiracy to frame Trump on collusion when HRC lost and they all were exposed.

    When sailors were convicted and sent to prison for a photo of his berthing space on a sub. Petraeus plead guilty for not returning (6) classified documents that his lover saw. Who actually had the clearance to see them, just not the “need to know”

  35. AHEM……I have been Mathiusized again…..HELP.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    I tried to tell ya’ll this when the howling and bragging was in full force.

    “After Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh seemed to upset the court’s partisan balance by voting with the court’s liberal bloc of justices in last week’s Apple v. Pepper decision, Monday’s opinions from the high court showed that its conservative justices are not as like-minded as previously billed or assumed. The proof? President Donald Trump’s two appointments to the bench, Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch, disagreed on three separate decisions in one day.”

  37. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      For the 15 years that I lived up in the New England area, I’d watch for sports the Canadian Broadcasting Company, especially the Olympics, winter and summer games. They covered both the US and Canadian athletes and events. They at the time were NOT political, nor racial, nor into the personal adversity battles this or that athlete had to fight through to participate. That’s all you heard on the US stations covering the games and I’d just switch off. If there is anyone more into “Dedication to the Exclusion of all else” it’s an Olympic athlete.

      I’ve completely disconnected all cable for years. Why pay huge chunks if money for channels even if bored I’d never watch in a million years

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Good grief. “This was my first time seeing wild mustangs and they were absolutely beautiful”. She should have been with me last week when I drove by the holding site in Palomino Valley, NV. Hundreds of horsed, yes. ALL beautiful…..NO. So real stereotypical wild horses. LARGE heads and small bodies, with lots of foot and leg problems, let alone ribs showing badly.

    Despite this large herd in holding, there were far more horses running loose along Highway 50 than I have seen in the past.

    There is not doubt that the BLM should put some big emphasis on fertility. However, the Greeny Whiney Babies interfered with these efforts in the past as well. You see, shooting them with tranqs from a helicopter is “inhumane” or from a truck, and rounding them up is “inhumane”. And of course, a 30.06 slug from 500 yards is the worst option of all.

    Maybe it is time to go back to the horse and carriage days in the GREEN STATE of California? Spend those billions on horses and buggies instead of bullet trains. The slower lifestyle might do wonders for the States growing psychological disorder problem.


  39. Just A Citizen says:

    I read the discussions here over the past week about the investigations into Trump, and Mathius’ FAILED list of Trump lies. First lets get an update on the Comey vs. Lynch debacle.


    Now let me share an opinion I read a couple weeks back on the whole Clinton visits Lynch at the airport story. Most Red Team commentary on this was that Lynch was giving Clinton a heads up, or worse they were jointly planning a strategy.

    Well this new theory is far more plausible in my view, given my memories of how Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton operate. It goes like this. Mr. Clinton “surprised” Lynch with the meeting. He knew two things. First, because he is who he is (depending of course on what the meaning of is, is) she could not deny him access. Second, he knew full well that the minute they met she would be forced to pull herself back from decisions on the investigation of Mrs. Clinton. The “appearance” of collusion or conflict of interest would be to great. And of course, he knew the press would get wind of the meeting…. heh, heh, heh.

    By putting Lynch in a box, of sorts, Mr. Clinton knew the ball would wind up in James Comey’s court.

    Now I find this very plausible. What is far more speculation, however, is that Mr. Clinton knew he had a friend in Comey. Or that he knew he would muddle up the thing in a way to benefit Mrs. Clinton. There was even one pundit who thought maybe he was trying to torpedo Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. I do not believe that one. His chestnuts were in a vice on that issue. Although he was very frustrated over the campaigns lack of attention to the rust belt.

    In short, WHY DID HE ORCHESTRATE THIS FIASCO? Remember the other thing I kept saying during the Obama years. There was no love between the O’s and the C’s. Not the individuals nor their primary staff/supporters.

    Do not ever forget that Mr. Clinton was one of the slickest “political minds and animals” to ever grace D.C. in our lifetimes. And that is NOT A COMPLIMENT, for those of you from Terra Linda.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      He didn’t have the nickname “Slick” Willy for no reason.

      When he was running for president against Bush Senior, some friends of my parents who were from Arkansas, passed on his alternate nickname “The Silver Zipper”

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    The Californication of Nevada is apparently complete. I saw an “In-Out Burger” place in Sparks. Just down the street from my hotel.

    I admit I was tempted, just because of your writing about this place. But alas, I came to my senses and opted for lunch at the “oldest family owned restaurant in Nevada”. Opened in 1937 and run by the fourth generation.

    The “Halfway Club”, where my family and I enjoyed a plate of HOMEMADE Ravioli for lunch, with toasted Sourdough bread strips, small salad and a cold Italian Lager.

    Sorry, but I am glad I opted for the Italian option.

    • Mathius says:

      You are dead to me.

      • Don’t worry JAC…..Inn n Out Burger is alive in Texas but currently in 4th place behind Whattaburger, DQ, and 5 Guys……….Inn n Out needs to learn pricing….when you have hamburgers that cost 6 and 7 bucks…who buys them? I tried Inn n Out one time on a Mathius dare….it was some hamburger he wanted me to try and then tell them to “animal” it or some such statement……I got a good sized heart stopping, artery plugging burger, mediocre fries…it was large ( enough for two meals ) and it was admittingly good…..but far too expensive.

        However, it is here and might move up on the charts, one day, but the one in my area has no waiting lines and that is for a reason…..all the other chains, except McDonald’s, has long waiting lines. Mc Donalds here can’t even crack the Whattaburger chain….or even 5 guys. But this is steak and taters country…good burgers are available on almost any street corner….there are plenty of mom and pop burger joints that know how to make great burgers and CFS (Chicken Fried Steak) so….Inn n Out has an identity problem. Plus,,,,it is a California chain, I think, and that is paramount to buying Hot Sauce from…..NEW YORK CITY.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Holy moly. Some real pretty country but talk about over priced ranch land ($5,130.47/acre).

    Guess the price of TROPHY ranches among the elite is going up. Wonder to what extent the priority water rights are driving up the prices?


  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone who harbors an ounce of honesty must admit that these statements by the famously progressive justice are accurate. As MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos recently observed:

    [W]e have known since the ‘70s that Roe v. Wade stands on a weak foundational basis. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, Roe v. Wade is really about, do we have an individual, fundamental – do women have a privacy right in the Constitution that overrides state legislatures’ abilities to make laws affecting abortion? The bottom line is, that even if you are pro-choice, [sic] the right to privacy does not exist, either in the history or the text of the Constitution, which is why Roe v. Wade has always been ripe to be overturned.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I posted comments by other legal scholars in the past that support Scalia’s comments.

      “Presciently, the late Antonin Scalia explained, in his dissenting opinion on Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992, precisely how and why Roe has created these current circumstances, where political sentiments on this issue have pulled toward the ideological poles in an all-or-nothing national debate that is ultimately to be settled by nine Supreme Court justices.

      Profound disagreement existed among our citizens over the issue – as it does over other issues, such as the death penalty – but that disagreement was being worked out at the state level. As with many other issues, the division of sentiment within each State was not a closely balanced as it was among the population of the Nation as a whole, meaning not only that more people would be satisfied with the results of state by state resolution, but also that those results would be more stable. Pre-Roe, moreover, political compromise was possible.

      Roe’s mandate for abortion on demand destroyed the comprises of the past, rendered compromise impossible for the future, and required the entire issue to be resolved uniformly, at the national level… [t]o portray Roe as the statesmanlike “settlement” of a divisive issue, a jurisprudential Peace of Westphalia that is worth preserving, is nothing short of Orwellian. Roe fanned into life an issue that has inflamed our national politics in general, and has obscured with its smoke the selection of Justices to this Court in particular, ever since.’

      The two posts above are at American Thinker re: the answer to the abortion debate.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Let me point out the NORMAL way Congress looks into issues that ACTUALLY deal with its legislative authority.

    They subpoena documents from other AGENCIES within the Govt., or people who worked in the govt.. They INVITE people to come testify regarding a specific issue/concern. If Mr. Trump’s ability to dodge taxes is really their concern then hold hearings on the tax code and invite ACCOUNTANTS to discuss the games they are legally able to play.


    The DEMOCRATS are opening a very dangerous can of worms. The stupid judge can’t see past his nose on this one. Of course I doubt he really wanted to take it on. Easier to say YES and let the next court up the food chain deal with it. Although I think the author is correct in the “tell” by not allowing a stay upon appeal.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    I learned a new word today:

    Definition of animadversion
    1 : a critical and usually censorious remark —often used with on
    2 : adverse criticism

    You will see where and why in the following link. Which is proof once again that Mathius is writing editorials on conservative sites.


    • Mathius says:

      Which is proof once again that Mathius is writing editorials on conservative sites.

      You’ll never prove it.

  45. Just A Citizen says:
    • Mathius says:

      I responded to this below. I also jumped in and threw out a Mathius-sized wall o’ text, but so far no one is taking the bate there… not like good ole SUFA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • I do not take spoiled bait….I render no opinions on abortion. There is no winner in this argument.

        • Mathius says:

          There is no winner in this argument.


          The winners are the politicians and the special interests benefiting from the division.

          Cui bono?

          • Maybe we can all be winners, because if abortion goes away or is restricted, many young people will have to act responsibly. Imagine the outrage of all these young people when they are told that they must not show some personal responsibility when it comes to having sex, since obviously Aids and STD’s isn’t enough to get them to think.

            Disclaimer: Doesn’t apply in cases of rape.

          • Cui Bono!

  46. Mathius says:

    Thus far in 2019 we have seen some liberal states pass laws to make abortion legal up to the point of birth and maybe later.


    What state law could you possibly be talking which makes it legal to get an abortion “maybe later” than birth?

    Not even California would be that loopy.

    And we have seen conservative states make abortion a crime almost from the moment of conception — for the abortion doctor.


    I even saw somewhere that a Texas(?) state rep tried (and failed) to make it a capital crime to perform an abortion. There’s some deep irony here, but my brain is just sludge from trying to process this crap.

    Are we going to have a civil war over this, as the two sides get more and more extremist?

    No, the Civil War Part Deux will be over other stuff. This will just be a bonus.

    And anyway, which side is God on? And which God? The God of religion, or the God of social justice?

    You can see why educated women that have been carefully taught to have educations and careers would be paranoid about abortion. Getting pregnant would shoot the good little educated girl out of her good little education-career trajectory. Not to be endured!

    I get that he’s going for humor here, but it’s worth pointing out that this is emphatically NOT the justification for abortion.

    It’s not that it’s inconvenient to be pregnant.

    It’s that the woman has a right to absolute dominion over her own body and is free to evict anything she doesn’t want it in.

    It doesn’t matter what her reasoning is. If she doesn’t want something in her body, she has the absolute right to get it out of her body. That goes for sex, it goes for tapeworms, and it goes for fetuses – it’s HER body and the only person who gets to choose what goes in it is HER.

    They say that young men are the most enthusiastic supporters of abortion. I wonder why?

    This is an ad hominem. Not our usual variety to be sure, but one nonetheless.

    The author is impugning the motives of abortion supporters as a way of undermining the case for abortion.

    So we have a tendency to sanctify the marriage bond and the children that come out of it, because that’s all we have.

    And that’s all well and good for “you,” but (A) this has nothing to do with marriage and (B) married women also get abortions.

    Some of us even notice that, unless society makes a big deal out of marriage and children, then lots of educated people mindlessly living the urban liberal zeitgeist will suddenly wake up at age 50 to realize that it’s too late to have children!


    Frankly, I’d prefer that the criminal law did not get involved right after the moment of conception, as it does in the new Alabama law.


    I’d prefer if abortion were more disgraceful than criminal.

    I’d prefer he mind his own fucking business.

    In the first trimester, I’d limit disgrace to the semi-private verdict of the community of women: “I can’t believe she did that…”

    Well it’s nice that he’s appointed himself the arbiter of judgement for women and their circumstances, deciding for society when and how people should be judged for complicated and difficult and deeply personal decisions they make.

    This guy with his deep sense of moral righteousness.. I wonder if he ever read that bit about “let he without sin cast the first stone”?

    In the second trimester I propose a public disgrace.

    That’s awfully nice of him.

    I wonder, should have have to publicly shame my wife for her TWO 2nd term abortions? I mean, one self-terminated and she just had it removed, so maybe not that one? But the other one? It was ectopic, and sure, it was going to kill her AND the fetus, and we’d have liked to keep the fetus, but it wasn’t an option.. but, you know, Christopher Chantrill, arbiter of morality, has declined to offer individual treatment of circumstances as a justification. I guess I’ll shave her head and march her naked down the street while shouting SHAME.

    Maybe we can bring back tarring and feathering?

    In the third trimester, perhaps, it’s time to escalate disgrace to punishment.

    Here at last, he beings to make sense.

    But not because he has a firm understanding of the arguments. His arguments are all emotion and self-righteousness. But, still, a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    Into the third trimester, the question of abortion shifts from one of necessarily killing a fetus when removing it from your both to one of choosing to kill a fetus. This is because, in the 3rd trimester – especially the later part – a fetus can be removed without killing it. So if you kill it, that’s a choice. And it’s not your choice to make. Your choice is only “get this thing out of me.”

    But Christopher doesn’t understand any of that.

    • I have no skin in the issue. Although, i think that abortion is used for birth control far to much, there are legit reasons. Mothers health, rape, incest etc. Frankly, some women should just not bring kids into the world. Pick a reason..
      If the my body, my choice rule is going to apply, it should apply to all things, vaccinations, drugs etc. Nobody is talking about what it is really doing, because most folks will never admit it.

      • Mathius says:

        If the my body, my choice rule is going to apply, it should apply to all things, vaccinations, drugs etc.

        I’m on board with this for everything except vaccines.

        Why? Because your actions are a threat to me.

        I’d argue you have a right to fire your gun. But I’d argue you don’t have a right to fire your gun in the air near a population center. Your rights end where they start to infringe on the rights of others.

        THAT SAID, I do take this issue rather strictly, and I cannot get on board with the idea of forced vaccinations. BUT, I can get on board with enforced quarantine, denial of access to public locations/facilities/schools/etc. I can get on board with “that’s fine that you don’t want to vaccinate, but you don’t get to leave the house until you do.”

        And, yes, I understand the can of worms this opens. What vaccines, how many, what if I can’t get the shot due to autoimmune disease, what about religious objections, blah blah blah. Just take it for what it’s worth and leave it there.

        • 26. Does measles cause more harm than the MMR vaccine?

          The answer to this question is not known. In the pre-vaccine era, measles caused 400 annual cases of death and 100 annual cases of permanent harm; however, most serious measles cases are preventable with adequate levels of vitamin A. In contrast, the MMR vaccine causes 5,700 annual seizures, of which 300 (5%) result in epilepsy; and seizures are only 12% of the serious reactions from the MMR vaccine that are reported to VAERS. Furthermore, the Measles Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS) also shows that studies have not ruled out the possibility of MMR causing permanent harm four times more often than measles causes death.

          • Mathius says:

            Furthermore, the Measles Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS) also shows that studies have not ruled out the possibility of MMR causing permanent harm four times more often than measles causes death.

            I always love “studies have not ruled out the possibility” – studies can’t rule out the possibility. That’s not how science works.

            Studies have also not ruled out that Gman is three midgets in a trench coat.

            In the pre-vaccine era, measles caused 400 annual cases of death and 100 annual cases of permanent harm; however, most serious measles cases are preventable with adequate levels of vitamin A. In contrast, the MMR vaccine causes 5,700 annual seizures, of which 300 (5%) result in epilepsy; and seizures are only 12% of the serious reactions from the MMR vaccine that are reported to VAERS.

            I also like how this compares a number of deaths and permanent harm to number of reactions. We should do apples-to-apples, no?

            400 dead and 100 “permanent harm” vs zero dead and, possibly a few permanent harm… though you’ve presented no evidence for that (per the CDC: “MMR vaccine has been linked with a very small risk of febrile seizures (seizures or jerking caused by fever). Febrile seizures following MMR are rare and are not associated with any long-term effects.”) Vaccine wins.

            Then we should compare how many people suffered the cost of “pretty much everyone” getting the Measles vs those who have side effects today. Vaccine wins.


            Regardless, it’s not YOUR “choice” to put ME at risk. Just like you can’t go outside and fire your gun into the air.

        • Uh oh,,,,,Mathius and I agree on something? Strange…..glad to see he is coming around…

          **Ta da…boom!

          • Before VH has a heart attack at Mathius and I agreeing on a topic….it has NOTHING to do with abortion…and everything to do with the vaccine approach.

            SPECIFICALLY… THAT SAID, I do take this issue rather strictly, and I cannot get on board with the idea of forced vaccinations. BUT, I can get on board with enforced quarantine, denial of access to public locations/facilities/schools/etc. I can get on board with “that’s fine that you don’t want to vaccinate, but you don’t get to leave the house until you do.”

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Colonel, Mathius

              Sorry but cannot agree. There could be situations that deserve such actions but simply not getting vaccinated is not such a situation.

              You guys still can’t seem to grasp the fact that taking NO ACTION does not create a direct threat to you. Firing a gun in the air is action. Driving a car drunk is action.

              As for Mathius’ statement about rights, you have no “right” to be free from the threat of getting a natural born disease. I do have a right to control what is put into my body.

              Now one more for Mathius. Interesting how shaming anti vaxxers is OK with you but the guy who wants to shame people getting abortions is him butting into other people’s business.

              • Disagreement is healthy…..Texas has put vaccinations as a pre-requisite to now get into provate schools. You do not have the vax….you do not get in. The only exceptions are those who cannot receive the vax do to some other obstruction….but…………………you better have your yellow card “shot record” available or a doctors statement on his letterhead that the child has been vaxed against the things that Texas wants to see.

                Now, is not refusing to vax an action?

                Now, since we are a border state, which puts us on the front lines, I will ask you a question:

                If we have measels, TB, polio, DPT, and yellow fever showing up on the border, how would you protect the school children in public schools from these? What about the cases we do not catch?

                What would you do?

              • At Ellis Island, we quarantined all sick people and held them through the illness or sent them back. Why would today be any different? Releasing known ill individuals into the general public is idiotic.

              • Mathius says:

                You guys still can’t seem to grasp the fact that taking NO ACTION does not create a direct threat to you. Firing a gun in the air is action. Driving a car drunk is action.

                “Not getting vaccinated” is not an “action.” Agreed.

                “Leaving the house” is.

                As for Mathius’ statement about rights, you have no “right” to be free from the threat of getting a natural born disease.

                I think I’d like to reframe this a bit.

                I do not have a “right to live,” per say. I can and will die at some point. It’s inevitable, and if a disease takes me down or I get struck by lightening or my ship sinks beneath the wave, that will not have been a “violation of my rights.”

                What I have is a “right not to be killed.” That is, YOU cannot kill me without violating my rights. This includes killing me, even indirectly, by willful negligence.

                If you are trying an unsafe vehicle and the tire comes flying off and decapitates me, that’s a violation of my rights. Because YOU willfully took a risk with MY life that resulted in my death.

                If we look at it from this perspective, I have no right to be free of pathogens. Of course not. They’re a-moral bugs that do what they want. Just like a have no right to be free of car tires.

                BUT I do have a right to not be subjected to germs because YOU are willfully negligent of my safety.

                We can think of this in a clearer scenario: you have Ebola. Full blown, oozing, contageous Ebola, and you know it. Can you ethically walk out in public, attend a public rally, cough and ooze onto public surfaces? If I catch Ebola from you afterward, are you not responsible? Or can you shrug and say “it wasn’t me, it was the germs!”

                From here, it doesn’t take a huge step to say an “open node” is a direct threat to public safety. Especially since nearly all serious diseases have extended incubation periods during which they are asymptomatic, but still contagious – this means that you may be walking around right now and spreading germs without knowing it. So the only way to be “safe” is to take the best available / reasonable efforts to “close the node” (eg get vaccinated).

                If shit happens – if you’ve made a good faith effort not to spread the disease, but it happens anyway – you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s only if you HAVEN’T made that effort that you are being willfully cavalier with MY safety.

                I do have a right to control what is put into my body.

                Yes. Yes you do. Absolutely, and I think I’ve been clear that I value this right rather adamantly.

                But just like your right to do drugs, that right “ends” where it starts posing a safety risk to others. You can do PCP, but if you leave the house cracked out, we start to have a problem. Because if you’re out of your gourd and potentially violent, you might harm someone else. And even the fact that you specifically haven’t harmed anyone (yet) doesn’t make it ok for you to behave in a manner which creates a very real – and very avoidable – potential for harming innocent bystanders.

                Now one more for Mathius. Interesting how shaming anti vaxxers is OK with you

                I’m not sure where I said this…….

                I don’t think we should shame anyone who chooses to exercise their right to not put things in their body.

                I’m not a big proponent of “shaming” people. I don’t think you should be shamed for doing with your body what you have an absolute right to do.

                But I do think there’s shame in making that choice and THEN behaving in a manner which you do not have an absolute right to and, in so doing, put others at risk.

                To put this another way, the choice to an abortion necessitates killing the fetus. That’s a direct and necessary consequence. BUT in a late term abortion it is not. So the decision to kill the fetus in a late term abortion IS an immoral act (because there were options for exercising the right of bodily autonomy (fetus removal) which do not necessitate harming another person). To bring this back to vaccines, you have the absolute right to not vaccinate – and if this just threatens yourself, that’s on you – but the choice to step out the door when you’re a potential threat to everyone you meet due to willful negligence is immoral since it is not a necessary direct consequence of exercising your right to bodily autonomy.

                but the guy who wants to shame people getting abortions is him butting into other people’s business.

                Yes he is.

                And he should butt the hell out.

                If you want to do somethign stupid with your body, that’s none of my damned business. Vaccinate, don’t vaccinate, do drugs, drink, smoke, get tattoos, amputate your own legs, I don’t care. It’s your body, not mine. And I have no business “shaming you” for it.

                BUT when you start choosing to put people in danger – and when doing so is beyond the scope of your right to own your own body – now you’re behaving immorally.

                If you want to own a gun that might randomly start firing, that’s your right. If you want to keep it in your home where it might shoot you, that’s your right. If you want to take it out in public, well, that’s no longer your right.

            • A few years ago, a nurse came back from Africa after attending Ebola patients. Christie wanted to quarantine her but the left rose up in arms about individual freedom. But now healthy unvaccinated people need to be quarantined.

              • Mathius says:

                I seem to recall that there was no reason to believe she’d been exposed and this was just a bunch of fear mongering – am I mistaken?

                Ebola, scary as it is, isn’t really that big of a threat to the US. It spreads via infected fluids. This is a major problem in places where sanitation is lacking and where medical care may not feature adequate protections such as gloves. There’s a reason it’s sometimes referred to as a “caregivers’ disease – because the people who get it are the ones who come into contact with the fluids of the infected person – adequate protections are easy to come by in the US. In Africa, this is a problem – especially where they have communal toilets, etc. But in the US…? Meh. Any outbreak would burn itself out very quickly.

                Measles, however, well, measles is a different animal. It’s airborne and absurdly contagious. Sure, you’re not likely to die from it. But your odds of getting it hare massively worse all things being equal. And it still sucks. But it’s (nearly) completely preventable. No vaccine is 100% effective, of course, but it’s effective enough that with herd immunity at sufficient levels, the disease really can’t spread effectively. Take that vaccine rate down a bit, though, and now you’ve opened up the vector pathway – hello pandemic.

                That’s the crux of it – it’s just so damned avoidable. It’s soooo easy to NOT have Measles be a thing. But people CHOOSE to make it a thing. And that pisses me off. And that they would panic over non-threats but refuse to take basic precautions against real threat… GAAA!!

            • Might be a little slower with agreeing with this part of his post: “that’s fine that you don’t want to vaccinate, but you don’t get to leave the house until you do.”

              He made this comment before with a few more details. I interpreted his comment to mean that one was put under house arrest, period, forever, if they weren’t vaccinated. Not just quarantined, in an emergency situation. Now, he is encouraged to correct my interpretation of his words, if that’s not what he meant.

              • Mathius says:

                No, you about got it right.

                I mean, I’d want to work with the CDC to get a handle on the functionally immune rates necessary to prevent the spread and blah blah blah… no need to quarantine people if it’s 1% of the population and 99% is immune – at that point, even the measles can’t spread, so they’re no risk to “society” (unless there’s an outbreak – and then back into quarantine they go).

                But that’s mostly nuance, you got the general point. If you can vaccinate and choose not to, you don’t get to wander the streets putting everyone else at risk

                Just like if you own a gun that randomly goes off from time to time, you can keep it in your home if you want. But you don’t get to take it in public where it might shoot someone else. You’re entitled to be willfully negligent with your own safety, but not the safety of others.

    • “Sigh”

  47. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

  48. AMHERST, MA—Speaking to the graduating class of 2019 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Senator Elizabeth Warren proudly announced she would be sharply increasing their taxes in order to pay for their own student loans, which were inflated by government subsidies in the first place.

    After an inspiring speech in which she encouraged students to let the government do everything for them instead of doing things themselves and to exploit any minority status they have, or even ones they don’t have, Warren unveiled her generous offer.
    “I have a special treat for you today,” she said, winking. “Every student here will be heavily taxed, and then with that money, we’ll forgive your student loans!”
    Crickets cheered after the announcement.
    “You heard me right: total loan forgiveness in exchange for crippling taxes. What can I say except, ‘You’re welcome!'” she said proudly as confused students murmured to one another.
    At publishing time, Warren had told all the students to look under their seats for a free, authentic Indian headdress she had purchased at the Dollar Tree.

  49. Some thoughts to ponder:

    A behind closed door meeting of Crats on the Impeachment issue. While I doubt the Crats will, I do wish they would try. My only question is what would they impeach him on? Orange Man Bad is not an impeachable offense…yet.

    Joy Bahar, the Mother-N-Law from hell, said Trump should be in jail along with all the Republicans. Her claim is he is corrupt. I’d love to see her argue this in Judge Judy’s court, now that would be entertaining.

    Pro-Choicer’s are not happy with new Pro-Life laws, will this lead to violence? I mean, if they can’t kill the unborn, will they just go after the born?

    Liberals who scream the Trump lies, while never mentioning the Liberal media who told them Trump colluded with Russia for over two years is very telling. I’m sure there is a proper term for that.

  50. Let them impeach Trump………GO FOR IT………..great distraction. Meanwhile, behind the curtain……..

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Impeachment will cause major problems for the administration in terms of time and money wasted on BS instead of other things. In short, it will impact what can be done behind the curtain.

      Second, it will energize the 45% who have spiked their tents in the leftists/Dem Party camp. Because the R’s will simply vote no in the Senate. Then it becomes all about the R’s standing in the way of removing the Devil from office.

      Will impeachment cost them the 50 to 60 thousand votes in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc.??? I doubt that very much.

      I do expect the ratings of the major news shows to continue dropping if it happens though. Other than the rabid base they are playing to, I don’t think most people care anymore.

      • Well, sir, I do not think that it will cause very many problems….most people that I talk to do not care…the issue is dead and that includes liberal democrat friends…..Now. it does not take anything to energize that 45% you talk about…..they are already there. It may make them feel vindicated….ok by me.

        Trump needs to keep his eye on the ball….forget about Schumer and Pelosi and hit his policies. They are working….Success is a great policy….China is not going to agree to anything…they will string out his negotitations until he is gone. Let the money talk….China is hurting badly but the one thing in this that they have over us is control of their population. There will be no uprising in China….the Chinese government has already proved that they will kill their own people to keep them in line. So, the Chinese people will starve.

        I do not even have a comment on major news organizatons …..there is nothing positive that I can say.

    • Mathius says:

      I have no idea why the SAT board was thinking when they voluntarily stepped on this turd.

      But I don’t think this is as big an issue as you are making it out to be. It’s not like the admissions boards didn’t already know about – and factor in – all the same kinds of things this “adversity score” are taking into account. All this does is standardize the results.

      Still… why???

      • WHY? It’s a liberal thing, I can’t even grasp the answer. It’s not an issue for me, but the cartoon portrays things pretty well. Based on what I’ve heard coming from the left, smart white kids are probably going to get screwed over big time. Being all privileged that white people are.

        • Mathius says:

          Guns don’t randomly go off,

          It’s a thought experiment. I use it as an analogy for you willfully wandering about with the potential to randomly fire off a “bullet” (germ) which might harm someone else.

          But you knew that. Because you’re not an idiot.

          vaccinations don’t make one immune,

          How about “effectively immune”? If the vaccine “takes,” it’s about the same as having had the disease in the sense of you really (probably) can’t/won’t get it again – even if exposed.

          but increase the level of protection, there will NEVER be 100% vaccination, ever.

          I never claimed 100% efficacy. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been explicitly clear about this being the reason for the need for herd immunity and why it’s STUPID when people say things like “If your [sic] vaccinated and they work as advertised, you should have no fear.”

          Not all people who are not vaccinated get the disease that they are not immunized against.

          Of course not.

          But they ARE “open nodes” – they are points along which the disease can spread. They are adding to the network along which a disease can travel to infect those of us who ARE taking basic precaution.

          Not all people that are vaccinated are guaranteed to not get the disease.

          Of course not.

          That’s why herd immunity is so important.

          Otherwise, the stupid assertion that “If your [sic] vaccinated and they work as advertised, you should have no fear. ” would be accurate.

          Which it isn’t.

          Because it is stupid.

          And ignorant.

          Frankly, people’s poor driving habits are more of a problem then the unvaccinated, including YOU!

          A) Only because vaccine rates are high enough. The fact that cars are more dangerous than preventable disease is a testament to the efficacy of modern medicine. That same medicine which selfish and willfully ignorant unvaccinated people are spurning. If we listened to them, the balance would tip hard in favor of plague.

          B) The fact that something else might be worse does not make the other thing ok. Murder is worse than theft, so we shouldn’t complain about theft until we’ve solved all murders.

          C) there is not yet any viable option to get places and do things that have to be done which involves everyone stopping driving. It’s not a “choice” to refuse to drive. Not getting vaccinated is a “choice.” Sure, some people could use public transit – but it’s not a viable option for me – probably not for you, either. It should be no great revelation that we, as a society, accept risks which are necessary and have less tolerance for those which are not.

          D) “poor driving habits” such as speeding (of which I am guilty) are illegal. That’s why I keep getting expensive tickets and fines. This seems to be a precedent to suggest making it illegal to behave in a manner which exposes others to increased risk – so are you suggesting unvaccinated people should be fined?

          E) I am legally required to maintain insurance in case I hurt anyone. Are you saying unvaccinated people who have to maintain insurance to cover the medical costs of anyone they infect?

          • Your being a typical name calling little liberal snot nosed spoiled brat now, or asshat for short. Thats about as much as can say at this point about you and your ilk, now the broad brush is appropriate.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            So now we must lock up people because they are a POTENTIAL threat, sometime in the future, during an outbreak that may or may not occur.

            Why? Because Mathius is a Fraidycat. How about your wife Mathius? Is she not a threat to you as well? Bet you don’t support locking her up in the house forever. Why not? Because she is not a threat to you.

            The only person who is a direct threat is the one who is infected.

            • Mathius says:

              So now we must lock up people because they are a POTENTIAL threat, sometime in the future, during an outbreak that may or may not occur.

              If you can’t be bothered to take the barest of minimal steps to prevent yourself from becoming a threat to others, how should we view you?

              It’s a question of choosing to put others at increased risk. We fine me for driving too fast because it nominally makes society less safe – should we fine the unvaccinated for the increased threat they pose to society instead?

              Why? Because Mathius is a Fraidycat

              Because Mathius doesn’t think THEY have a right to put ME at increased risk for no damned reason.

              And not just me, but my kids, my wife, my immuno-compromised mother-in-law, my too-young-to-vaccinate niece.

              Why should we all be at risk because someone out there believes in pseudoscience?

              How about your wife Mathius? Is she not a threat to you as well?

              Absolutely! I mean, not because of disease, but because she’ll almost certainly wind up (justifiably) murdering me one day.

              But as far as disease goes, she’s had her shots. She’s done what she reasonably can. She’s taken the steps necessary to claim a good faith effort at not being part of the problem. In fact, she’s had an extra booster because she works with kids, so she’s even less of a risk.

              Bet you don’t support locking her up in the house forever. Why not?

              I’d like to see anyone try!

              Bet you don’t support locking her up in the house forever. Why not?

              Because she’s done what is necessary to be a good member of the larger society and to not be part of the problem.

              I’m not suggesting everyone needs to be perfect, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that they take a basic step of human decency to help prevent an entirely preventable epidemic. It’s really not too much to ask..

              Because she is not a threat to you.

              Like hell she isn’t!

              The only person who is a direct threat is the one who is infected.

              That’s simply not true.

              And it’s a network effect.

              ONE person is probably harmless to me.

              TEN people is probably harmless to me.

              A THOUSAND people is starting to raise an eyebrow.

              TEN THOUSAND people and, depending on their distribution, we are going to have a problem.

              A HUNDRED THOUSAND people, and we’re practically inviting an epidemic.

              And I’d be fine with that – they took their chances and won their prizes – except that MY vaccination isn’t full-proof. My daughters’ vaccinations aren’t full-proof. My niece is too young to vaccinate. My mother-in-law is immuno-compromises. So these people didn’t just take a chance with their own lives (that’s their right!), but took a chance with OUR lives (that’s not their right).

              You might think of it as brush building up in wildfire country. A twig here is no big deal, a dry bush there is no big deal. But get enough twigs and bushes together and you’re just asking for trouble. Add a single spark and the whole thing goes up – and takes with it a number of innocent bystanders.

              So should we tolerate that bush? And that twig? Sure, I guess, whatever, but the more of them there are, the greater of a threat they are. Enough of them makes critical mass. At some point they become a path to MY doorstep. And, sure, MY house is probably ok. But my mother-in-law’s isn’t. My niece’s isn’t. Is it too much to ask that people not willfully leave kindling all over the place during the dry season?

              You tell me: If you neighbor starts stacking kindling all over his property, and on your property line, during the dry season, is he a “threat” to you? I mean, he isn’t actively on fire (contagious), but boy howdy, he sure is playing fast and loose with YOUR safety, isn’t he? Just one spark and he’s going to go up – and maybe he takes you with him, or maybe he doesn’t, but is that HIS right to take that risk for YOU?

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Total number of people infected during the latest outbreaks is around 800. And that included outbreaks that are far away from you. Your argument is FEAR based, combined with deliberate ignorance of what Rights are and how they work.

                Man is “stacking wood”. Hmmmmmmmmm you mean he is deliberately TAKING ACTION in a way he KNOWS increased the risk to me? Hmmmmmmmmm Is HE a threat to me? NO! The wood is a threat. I can mitigate that with sprinklers and clear space.

                Your thinking is how we wind up with so many stupid laws on the books, the same laws you whine about.

  51. Mathius says:


    At Ellis Island, we quarantined all sick people and held them through the illness or sent them back. Why would today be any different? Releasing known ill individuals into the general public is idiotic.

    Seems reasonable to me. It’s tough to draw the lines, though. Sick with what? What about “maybe exposed”? What about “sick, but the disease is already spread out in the US”? How does one distinguish between “common cold” and “serious disease with similar symptoms”? Does everyone at every port of entry go through a thorough medical scan with blood screens? Or just immigrants? Aren’t citizens just as capable of spreading disease?

    There are a lot of kinks to work out in this question. I don’t have an issue – on the face of it – with saying “you’re sick, no entry until not-sick.” But I think “trying to keep the diseases out” is a fools errand in a global world – especially since “sick” for some of the worst diseases doesn’t show up until you’ve already been contagious for a week or two.

    The only real weapons we have to combat disease are hygiene, sanitation, and vaccines. We can’t credibly stop them from getting in (not that we shouldn’t try!) – but we can make sure we’re not a “soft target” when they do.

    • ROFLMAO!

      Guns don’t randomly go off, vaccinations don’t make one immune, but increase the level of protection, there will NEVER be 100% vaccination, ever. Not all people who are not vaccinated get the disease that they are not immunized against. Not all people that are vaccinated are guaranteed to not get the disease. Frankly, people’s poor driving habits are more of a problem then the unvaccinated, including YOU!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In the past up until air travel, and even that up until 1970 with the Boeing 747 international travel for the hell of was prohibitive for the poor and common person.
      Ocean liners bread butter were migrants on a one way trip. Those 1st class uber wealthy were cost. There were just so many ports to exit from and enter into, much more easily controlled. Today people can take off literally from anywhere in the world and land anywhere cheaply. Usually governments posted needs, like specialized craftsman, farmers to settle and open up the west,. Post the civil war and the industrial boom immigration got out of control. Human traffickers, diseases, criminal, you name it. Ports of Entry like at Ellis island and New Orleans were built. Medical checks went in on both exit and entry ports. In cases sponsors were required for entry. That I know from family history. Sane immigration controls are a necessity. Bad ones like those passed in Congress in the 20’s can kill off entire industries. Which they did. Like cutting your nose off in spite of your face

  52. I feel much better now! 😁

  53. Mathius says:


    What are your thoughts on a law which requires restaurant staff to wash their hands after using the rest room before they can return to work?

  54. More fuel for the border fire……

    dit dit dit……….38% of the DNA testing shows that the families are not families……4 out of 10 so called families are not even related and that includes the supposed husband/wife.

    Now what……

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Re; your question about what I suggest to protect Texican children from disease crossing the border.

      I refer you to the Orders sent to you from POTUS JAC some time back. That order was for you to CLOSE the border and allow ONLY THOSE with legal papers and who were healthy to cross into the USA. That order still stands.

      • Mathius says:

        Aside from JAC’s EO, do you actually think this would prevent incursions of disease into the country? It most certainly would prevent an increase in open transmission nodes, and thus help our herd immunity, so that’s good. But do you think it would really do anything ot stop the diseases getting in? I mean, it only takes on person on a plane or one legal citizen returning from Mexico. The incubation periods for some of these diseases is measured in weeks, so they’d seem perfectly healthy..

        Unless you’re going to quarantine everyone at every port for, say, two weeks, and follow it up with lab tests, there’s really nothing that can be done about disease entering the country. So shouldn’t we be focusing making sure we aren’t a “soft target” when it does get here?

        (note: that’s not to say we can’t do both,but the later seems far more important given the futility of the former)

        • This is true, Mathius…..which is why the Texas Public Schools are now going to require updated vax records……dont have it…..home school. But that also means….no free meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Want the goodies……vax up.

    • Mathius says:

      4 out of 10 so called families are not even related and that includes the supposed husband/wife.

      ….. were you expecting husbands and wives to be related? I mean, they aren’t coming from Alabama..

      • True……. True……But you never know down there…..That was supposed to mean the DNA did not match either the husband and/or wife…….nice catch tho….and funny.

    • Put the Crats in cages. Send all the illegals to NYC, California and the rest of the sanctuary cities and States. Let the Libetals pay for them since they want them so bad.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    My health, safety and most certainly my right to the pursuit of Happiness is under far greater DIRECT threat from Democrats and those lefties who vote with them, than anyone who is not vaccinated for measles.

  56. Just A Citizen says:


    The current position on vaccinations as expressed by Mathius and others on the left is not something that leads to the slippery slope.

    It is the result of the slipper slope which was started when we bought into the Govt. having control over medical and health decisions. It seemed like a good idea for the Govt. to develop vaccines, pay for distribution and education programs to encourage “voluntary” vaccinations. Who then dreamed this would lead to a point where we think we have a right to no risk of illness or that the Govt. would consider using FORCE to keep healthy people away from public (govt.. funded facilities and programs) places? Who would have thought such creep of mission would result in the erosion of basic rights and standards?

    If homosexuals have a Right to equal access of all Govt. privileges then why are anti-vaxxers to be restricted? Which population carries the greatest risk of carrying life threatening disease????

    What’s next? Govt.dictated use of Birth Control. How could that be? Because new humans are a direct threat to the human environment and the ecosystems on earth.

  57. I don’t know why everybody is so upset that the “American Taliban” was cut loose 2.5 years early for killing a CIA operative. Do your own research and look at the judge that let him go, look at how activist this particular judge is….look at his past decisions…..look at his party affiliation, and, finally, look who appointed him.

    Only then, will you understand why the “American Taliban” was released early.

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