Leader of the Pack



  1. 😀

    • Mathius says:

      (A) It’s hard to imagine a more biased site than your linked to. I feel dirty for just having clicked on it.
      (B) I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ll just go ahead and assert that if he’s not guilty of this then he’s guilty of something comparable.
      (C) Before you get ahead of yourself, I’m going to do exactly what JAC accuses me of and assert a moral equivalence. EVERYONE, with maybe a half-dozen exceptions, in congress is a criminal and at least this corrupt. It shouldn’t be surprising that they get caught from time to time. It shouldn’t be surprising that no one has thought to use RICO to ship them all off to jail so we can start over.

      • The site is a conservative site and admits so. They are also accurate in their reporting. They dont make false claims or get into the name calling stuff. Their repirts have always had support from other sources and they state who that is. I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen them use “sources” and not disclose who it is.

        But yes, most of the Congress critters could be criminals, thats a given.

        Eli is still presumed innocent until proven otherwise. To bad the accused on the Right dont get that from the Left.

  2. Ummmm, that’s really gross.

  3. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Trying to get to the bottom of how and why President Trump was elected, House Democrats issued a subpoena to the Almighty God to force Him to testify in Congress Wednesday.

    While House leadership was quick to clarify that they don’t believe in the God of the Bible per se, they said they had to explore “all possible avenues” in their exhaustive search for an answer as to why Trump was put in the White House.
    “We’re not sure if God is out there or if there’s some great positive spiritual energy holding up the cosmos,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “But whoever he or she or xe is, we will interrogate them. We will not allow God to get off the hook for His collusion in bending all of human history to His irresistible will.”
    After the Lord, who sits in the heavens and does all He pleases, did not show up at their hearing, Democrats were seen eating KFC to mock Him for being “a chicken” and issued a stern warning.
    “These subpoenas are not optional,” said Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler. “When the Congress of the United States commands you to appear, you appear. I don’t care if you are the Lord of all creation. Trump is in the White House, and we will get answers.”

  4. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bernie Sanders has come out against charter schools. He is not a fan of the inequality and quality education they create. Sanders continued his attack on the schools this week, saying he would ban for-profit charter schools if elected president.

    But in the meantime, the senator from Vermont has introduced official legislation to back his position: the No Child Left Ahead Act, a bill that would ban students from actually receiving a decent education in the public school system.
    “No child deserves to get left ahead with a really good education,” Sanders said, wagging his finger as though it were a foam finger at a sporting event. “We will not stand for students getting a good education in this country. We can look to some socialist countries like the Soviets and the Venezuelans for an example: total equality. Everyone gets a bad education.”
    “I will not rest until all students are receiving equally mediocre instruction in the public school system,” he added, his finger seeming to take on a life of its own as it flopped and waggled around the room like a deli sausage in the wind.
    “Also we should eat zoo animals.”

  5. https://blog.lareviewofbooks.org/essays/heterosexuality-without-women/

    Okay, the author of the article, doesn’t like this picture. It’s too representative of white heterosexuality, she says. So okay, telling me what the picture should look like, would be helpful. Just complaining tells us nothing.

    • The author isn’t very bright. There is no heterosexuality without women. It’s called homosexuality when the picture is of two married men. I don’t think this has anything to do with sexuality, it’s just an anti-white racist bunch a crap.

      • “I don’t think this has anything to do with sexuality, it’s just an anti-white racist bunch a crap”

        I think it has to do with both. Pete is not gay enough to suit her and he’s also not, black, brown, or female. So the picture is simply a Norman Rockwell picture of a white, straight family minus a woman. So, I find myself wondering what the necessary components would be, in an acceptable picture.

        • So, I find myself wondering what the necessary components would be, in an acceptable picture.

          A black male and a Latino male tranny with a full beard would probably solve that question.

    • Mathius says:

      I tried to read this, but my eyes started bleeding after the second paragraph, so I have to stop.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Me thinks she is just spewing stuff she picked up with her gender studies major at Columbia, or some other ivory tower school.

      I guess we should be happy she found a way to apply her major when so many others have not.

  6. Mathius says:

    Nancy Pelosi: We had hoped that we could give this president an opportunity to have a signature infrastructure initiative to create jobs [blah blah blah] […] for some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on [Trump’s] part, that he really couldn’t match the greatness of the challenge that we have.”

    Trump: “I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, ‘I want to do infrastructure’ […] but we can’t do it under these circumstances [while you’re investigating me].”


    Pelosi: Sure, we’d love an infrastructure bill [though wouldn’t want you to get credit for it, and we can’t be seen working with you anyway], but we’re definitely going to blame you for it.
    Trump: I want the bill, too. I think it’d be great for the American people. But I’m going to hold it hostage until you stop investigating me.


    Translation of the Translation:
    Pelosi: We don’t actually care. We just want to say it’s Trump’s fault, also he’s incompetent. Blue Wave 2020!
    Trump: Doing the right thing for the American People is less important to me than stopping congress from looking at my taxes.



    • You go on TV and trash the man basically that we are going to hound you out of office and then a few minutes later walk into his office and say let’s make a deal. What gall. Basically you declare ware on the man and are shocked that he fights back?

      Trump has shown his method of negotiating many times. He praises his opponent but rejects the deal they are offering. In that way, the fight does not become personal.

      Trump may be an a-hole but he is definitely out numbered by similar individuals.

      • If I were Trump, I would tell Pelosi and Shumer to stay on Capital Hill, attempt to legislate stuff the people need and once it is on my desk, we’ll see what happens. Other than that, I really don’t want you back in the White House until you prove you can do your job as a legislator.

      • Mathius says:

        Does he still have a job to do? Then he should do it.

        I used to work with a bitch. I don’t throw that word around lightly, but she was a bitch. Pure and simple. She actively undermined me, painted everything I did in the worst light, took responsibility for my accomplishments, and tried to get me fired. If there was so much as a typo in anything I produced, she was in the boss’ office seconds later complaining that I was sloppy. In the more than a decade I’ve been in the industry, I’ve never experienced anything even remotely like it. But there it was. She was a bitch, and she was out to get me.

        Does this mean I should have refused to work with her? Ground to a screeching halt and refused to work on projects with her until she stopped? Or did I have a job to do? I could play whatever politics I needed to on the side – but dammit, I had a job to do and my work still had to be done, done right, and done on time. And if that meant working with someone who was out to get me, so be it.

        If I went to my boss (analogous to the American People in this comparison) and said “I’m not doing my job until she stops persecuting me,” how do you think that’d have gone? I imagine it would have been some version of “grow the f*** up and do your job, or you can start looking for a new job.”

        This is not how adults behave.

        And we should not be accepting of it.

        She says she wants and infrastructure bill. He says he wants it even more. They both agree that it would be good for the American people. But he says he won’t do it until he she stops investigating him. That’s absurd! Imagine if Obama had refused to even try to pass legislation while he was being investigated relentlessly by a hostile Republican congress. Imagine the words “I won’t work with congress while they’re questioning my birth certificate” and imagine how that would have gone.

        He has a job to do. He should do it.

        If he can’t handle being investigated, then he really shouldn’t have signed up to be President. Anyone with half a brain could have seen that as soon as the opposing team got ahold of the House, this would happen. If Clinton had won and the Red Team held the House, we’d be having Benghazi hearings right now. You think people would shrug if she said some version of “I won’t work on infrastructure until congress stops investigating Benghazi”? Can you imagine the shit-storm which would ensue?

        Why are we ok with the President of the United States acting like a petulant child?

        • His job is to be the Executive, not legislate. Congress, since January 2019 has done NOTHING for the people. They are supposed to legislate with those who the people elected, Trump can sign a bill or veto it.

          Why are we ok with the President of the United States acting like a petulant child?

          The only people acting like petulant brats are the Crats since the 2016 election.

          • Mathius says:

            I want you to imagine President Hillary Clinton saying the words: “I won’t work with congress until they stop investigating Benghazi” and then look me in the monitor and tell me you’d be having a similar response.

            • Clinton isn’t the President and Trump has done nothing wrong or illegal much less fail in his duties that cost 4 people their lives. Trump owns the Crats right now. It’s time to impeach him, over what, I have no idea.

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              It would never happen because they, when they had the chance, all rolled over and played dead!

        • Give me a break already. The man is on the job almost 24/7 and you know it. You also know the scale of your position is not on the level of the presidency. So please don’t patronize us as though they are equal. He’s been more than patient with them, and has worked circles around them. They have been on vacay most of the time he’s been in office. He’s begged them to work with him. Time to coral your own petulant children.

          • Mathius says:

            The man is on the job almost 24/7 and you know it.


            In fact, I’ve been pretty clear that I don’t begrudge him his golf trips because (A) they’re probably working trips and (B) even if they weren’t, it’s better that POTUS de-stress a bit and (C) aids are nearby to pester him at any given moment if he’s needed.

            Then again… the guy does seem to watch an awful lot of Fox ‘n’ Friends……..

            You also know the scale of your position is not on the level of the presidency.

            Of course not, and I make no pretense that my job is as important.

            But I do think there’s an analogy to see here. That backstabbing woman was awful and I didn’t want to work with her. But my JOB was to work with her. I could have been petty and dragged my feet or done the bare minimum. But that wasn’t my job. My JOB was to do my work, do it well, do it on time. That I didn’t like her was irrelevant. I just had to get work done. That she was persecuting me, lying about me, misleading my boss, was irrelevant. None of that changed the fact that my JOB was to get my work done.

            And that’s called being a professional.

            So please don’t patronize us as though they are equal.

            I am more than his “equal.” I am smarter. I am more honest. I have never cheated on my wife (wives). I have never paid off a pornstar to keep her quiet. I have never lied about paying off a pornstar to keep her quiet. I have never grabbed a random woman by the pussy, nor would I ever presume that to be acceptable behavior. I have never barged into a woman’s changing room, nor would I would I ever believe such behavior to be acceptable – even if I own the competition. I do not resort to name calling. I do not baselessly accuse people I don’t like crimes or personality flaws or say that their fathers are serial killers. I do not spend years blasting people I don’t like for golfing, then turn around and engage in the same behavior. I do not claim to know everything or be the best at anything. And I do my damned job, regardless of what I think of my coworkers.

            I am a better person than Trump. So, by the way, are you. So is every single person – even Gman – on this blog. So is Obama. So is Bush. He is a toss-up vs Clinton and Pelosi.

            He’s begged them to work with him.

            Maybe. But who is the one currently saying he won’t work with them if they don’t stop investigating him?

  7. Translation of the Translation:
    Pelosi: We don’t actually care. We just want to say it’s Trump’s fault, also he’s incompetent. Blue Wave 2020!
    Trump: Democrats don’t want to help the American people, they just want power. I’m no longer going to work with flaming assholes who simply don’t care for the American people and just continue to lie to them for votes.

    You should stop being so tribal 😀 😀

    • Mathius says:

      So, in my translation, I say both sides are assholes.

      In your translation, my side is an asshole and your side is honorable.

      And I’m tribal?

      • You should attempt to get a sense of humor.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes, your reaction can be considered tribal. You almost always have to find a tit for tat when it comes to D vs. R. Your overwhelming desire to find like fault with the R’s seems to be driven by your tribalism.
        Evidence? Congress never investigated Mr. Obama’s birth certificate.
        Congress spent a lot of time investigating the DOJ and Sec. of State along with the IRS. They NEVER investigated Mr. Obama.

        Yet you mention events in that administration that you claim are equivalent. They are NOT equal. The Democrats are on the hunt for Mr. Trump’s scalp. They have made it very personal. Frankly, it is the grossest example of abuse of power since….. oh say the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

        Sometimes what the D’s do is simply repugnant and can stand on its own without tossing out “what about the R’s”? And yes, the same holds for the R’s.

        As for this latest example, they are more than just mere “assholes”. This was a power play on both sides. Pelosi and Schumer claimed it was a set up. Then why were they so quick to produce “narrative” talking points immediately after? Because they were prepared for this. They wanted this. Just as I think Mr. Trump wanted this.

        It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had Mrs. Pelosi kept her mouth shut prior to the meeting. I suspect it would have ended in a similar manner but maybe over something said at the meeting.

        • I agree with all that. But I also think the republicans made it clear to Trump that they had no interest in getting into a battle over infrastructure right before the election. This issue is way to expensive and dangerous and everyone knows the democrats are not gonna seriously try to get a real deal done with Trump, right before an election. So I have no problem with putting this off until after the election. I do however, question the political benefit of claiming your not gonna do so because you are being investigated.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Agree. There was no real benefit, except among those who are going to vote for him anyway. The American People expect more of the POTUS than they do of the Speaker or Minority Leader. By lowering himself to their level he does damage to himself among the “middle voter group”.

            Now let us look at the R side on this issue. WHERE is the R Senate???? Why are they not LEADING the debate from their side? They are always putting off the fight until the NEXT ELECTION. Maybe because they need to always have an unresolved issue to run on. Thus no issues ever get truly resolved.

          • Trump was an idiot for opening his mouth. He shifted the focus and gave ammunition to Pelosi…..she will still shoot herself in the foot with her own ammunition….but Trump needs to learn to shut up at times. He needs to focus on what he wants to do and let the Dems obstruct.

            I do not give a shit about Trump’s taxes. I do not care how many times he has filed bankruptcy nor how wealthy he is….I do not care that he claims to be worth billions or millions. I do not care how many contracts he has had with Russia prior to being POTUS.

            I can read statistics and I can see where things have changed dramatically than under Obama….he needs to focus on this and just shut the hell up. But Pelosi and Schumer are as bad or worse than Trump when it comes to ego….all three have ego’s big enough to sink an Island.

            They want to impeach him? Go ahead and try…..the dems just want to stall until 2020…they have nothing else to do and cannot run on their policies so they have to attack Trump. I think everyone understands this….even Mathius understands this. They and Obama can try to take credit….let them try…I know people understand who gets the real credit.

            So, Trump needs to shut up and quit making stupid comments.

  8. Once again, the Crats are claiming that Trump is holding infrastructure hostage for whatever dumb reason they claim. Here’s the problem with this LIE. Unless Trump has a bill on his desk to sign, the only people holding anything hostage are the Crats in Congress. What’s really sad is how many people will believe this BS from them.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    SC legislature unable to over-ride the governor’s veto of a bill that would have rebuilt an old wooden breakwater that protected an uber wealthy gated private exclusive community on the coast.

    Good for the governor.

    A few years ago here in NC on Topsail Island a developer built a very expensive condo complex on an inlet. These inlets and islands are constantly shifting. When the inlet moved towards the complex and started undercutting it, the owners and developers demanded the State do something to save them and built structures to stop the shifting.

    The State’s reply was for them to “pound sand” we’re not going to save you from your stupidity of building on a very temporary foundation. The building is gone.

    The distortion the government puts in a market can be catastrophic. In NC every other barrier island is undeveloped and left to nature. The others can be developed. Years ago it absolutely was at your own risk. Expect to have whatever you build to be damaged every so many years by hurricanes or general shifting of the islands. Common folks abodes and most hotels were basic. Not much to lose. Only the wealthy could afford building elegant homes and afford the assiciated insurance However, the federal government stepped in and underwrote the insurance covering these continued losses and bad risks. Development boomed. The costs to the feds was huge.

    Luckily they finally stopped the underwriting the policies and the insurance went up to where it should have been. The islands are seeing now a drop in population and houses if built are now sane.

    I remember Bolivar Peninsula down the Colonels way. It was real basic and houses were disposable. One rebuilt with what landed in your yard. The only permanent structure was a concrete bunker the held the bathroom and core utilities. No great loss.

    The last hurricane that leveled Bolivar destroyed seriously expensive homes and huge losses to all parties. People when they have no real skin in things make stupid decisions

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Only one small problem with this narrative. While the strategy may be true, the results are in serious doubt.

      You see, those independents who do NOT want Mr. Trump impeached, overwhelmingly do NOT WANT HIM ELECTED AGAIN.

      • Mathius says:

        You see, those independents who do NOT want Mr. Trump impeached, overwhelmingly do NOT WANT HIM ELECTED AGAIN.

        I don’t want him impeached.

        Though I would cry into my cereal if he were.

        But I sure as hell don’t want him re-ellected.

        ‘Course, we’ll have to see what crap Blue Team offers up before I can be absolutely certain that he’s not the lesser of two evils…

  10. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I have now officially incurred the wrath of “Big Brother” at Facebook. I posted the following comment regarding three MS-13 teens released from custody after an attempted murder where the sanctuary city refused a request from ICE to hand them over for deportation. As you can guess, they subsequently murdered someone else.

    Comment: as follows, now removed for NOT meeting community standards.

    Is there a particular reason we cannot arrange a “play date” for these upstanding young people with Nancy Pelosi’s grandkids?

    Personally I thought it was pretty funny!

    Continuing in the same vein. An illegal pregnant woman has sought sanctuary in a Catholic Church in Chicago to short-circuit her deportation. The news reports she is terrified because it is a high risk pregnancy!

    I concur, imagine the risk of the child being NOT BORN AN AUTOMATIC AMERICAN CITIZEN who can then bring over her entire village from Nicaragua!

    • I have basically quit Social Media. It’s turning into an echo chamber for the Left.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    OK. Let me sum up the CAUSE of all this political theater and clap trap.

    It is WE THE PEOPLE.

    We elect these jerks and idiots. Then we elect them again and again and again. WE allow them to manipulate us and lie to us and cheat us and then we VOTE FOR THEM again.

    I really thought we had hit the bottom of the barrel with Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Now I look at the 20 something, or maybe 30 something, Democrats who have declared for POTUS. And of that bunch Joe Biden is running ahead. Good freakin lord. Then there are the D’s and R’s that won in the recent round of midterms.

    • For the most part I agree. Which is why term limits should be made. I’m not concerned about how Trump is doing things, after all, he is not a lifelong politician. What I do like about him is that he speaks his mind, which reminds me that he isn’t a politician, but a person trying to do the best he can, while being under constant attack, with constant opposition, even when there is bipartisan issues to be hashed out.

      The best thing I heard today was from my 71 year old Mother, a lifelong Democrat who has seen the light and changed sides. When I asked about what Pelosi said about a coverup, she replied “Pelosi is a nasty bitch and the only thing being covered up is the Democrats illegal spying”. This from a woman who DON’T watch FOX news.

  12. Mathiusized again.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    We apparently need and “Office of Reproductive Freedom” at the federal level.

    I am confused. Is someone Stopping people from reproducing when they want to?

    • I can just hear one of the arguments. If you really wanted to get rid of abortion, you would be supporting this.

      • My mind works strangely sometimes. This is in reference to the government forcing people to take birth control, which you commented on somewhere. Why this post brought that to mind enough that I posted this here instead of there. I do not know.

    • I am confused. Is someone Stopping people from reproducing when they want to?

      There has been lot’s of rantings about white people being allowed to reproduce, as in they shouldn’t. Bet ya can’t guess which side of the political isle that’s coming from?

      • Mathius says:

        Bet ya can’t guess which side of the political isle that’s coming from?

        The fevered nightmares of the right?

        Seriously, support that bullshit. Give ANYONE with any standing who is seriously suggesting that we limit the reproductive rights of white people?

        • Im away from computer, but ill find some great stuff for you.

        • Let me add, its coming from people on the Left, standing dont matter, what matter is where its coming from. Besides who are you that you think you get to pick who has “standing”? You might think your special, but thats just liberal delusion, and that dont grant special privileges. 😀

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • 😀

    • Mathius says:

      If he came back today, you wouldn’t let him in the country. He was a non English-speaking, middle eastern type with communist leanings. I’d be willing to bet that the only gun he’d want people to have is a nail gun (I mean, he was a carpenter..) He didn’t seem to have an issue with big government (though that view may have changed after they, you know, executed him) and had no known objections to abortion, homosexuality, or prostitution. He believed in providing free, universal health care, and giving handouts to the poor. He didn’t even drink beer – he was a wine drinker, like some kind of coastal elite!

      Like the vast majority of his fellow Jews, you can bet he’d be a registered Democrat!

  15. Mathius says:


    How do you feel about laws requiring restaurant staff to wash their hands before returning to work?

    • State or Federal?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There are no such laws that force the employee. The laws are local health codes which require the business to require the employee.

      Now with that said, I think they are STUPID laws and accomplish nothing because in the end, who the hell from the Govt. knows if the guy washed his hands or not? In reality the crux arises when people get sick and the health dept tracks it back to the dishwasher or cook. Then the lawsuits start to pile up.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:
  17. https://www.thenewneo.com/2019/05/23/but-i-thought-the-science-was-settled/

    I’ll repeat her words, ” I have no way of evaluating this ” but it’s interesting.

    • Mathius says:

      I’ll give it a shot……

      The gist is that they use specific kinds of “variable” stars, and supernoae, whose brightness values we have good models to calculate. By using “we know how bright they are” and combining that with “this is how bright they appear,” we can work out pretty specifically how far away they are. (light diminishes at 1/d^3, so it’s just a question of plugging in the numbers and solving for d). You can work out their velocity by comparing the red-shift of their light (that is, it’s kind of like a dopler effect – if something is moving away from you fast enough, the color changes, and by seeing how much that changes, you can work out its relative velocity).

      SO! When you compare how far away things are, and how fast they’re moving, you can work out how fast the universe is expanding. Because things further way (and thus older, because light has to travel further to get here) are moving faster, we can back into the idea that the universe is expanding – that is, everything is flying apart at an increasing velocity and (maybe?!?) a non-constant acceleration (that would mean the Hubble “constant” isn’t actually “constant”).

      If you imagine a bunch of cars on a long flat road and give them all the same engines, we can see this in play. Just start them on after the other. The oldest cars will be moving the fastest (because they’ve had the longest to accellerate). If you picture it in your mind, you’ll see them start to “expand” the gaps between the cars with the oldest going faster than the 2nd oldest (and thus moving away) and back and back. This is what’s happening in the universe.

      Put all this together and what you get, if you run the numbers backward is that everything falls into a central point (at a decelerating rate!) et viola! The Big Bang (Mathius glossed over the “inflation” period because it makes his head hurt). If you take a snapshot of the cars on the above track, their speeds, their distances, and their acceleration, you can see them all converge on the a central starting point (which would be behind you).

      Where the recent findings… glitch.. is that we now have two values for the Hubble Constant (the rate of expansion) and they’re both low-error and confirmed by multiple independent observations. One is derived from nearer galaxies and the other from galaxies far, far away. And they’re about 10% off!

      One possible solution is that, as I suggest above, the universe isn’t expanding at a constant rate of acceleration, but an accelerating rate of acceleration. To wrap your head around that, imagine falling into the sun from the edge of the solar system. At first, you’d be moving very slowly, and accelerating very slowly because the sun’s gravity is very weak that far out (another cube-root law). As you get closer, not only are you speeding up, but the amount of gravity you encounter increases, which speeds up the rate at which you speed up. The closer you get, the faster you go and the greater your acceleration.. well, until you go splat.

      Same idea, just in reverse, and with nothing to explain the change (insert handwaving something something dark energy something something quantum).

      I’m waaaay simplifying here because (A) I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds and (B) I don’t understand it all myself, but I hope this clarifies things a bit.

      Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. I’ll be taking questions in the comments.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:


    And Adam “Shit” claims Trump is getting closer to getting impeached by his stonewalling.

    Forget the B’S that Shift and Nadler are doing, but Cumming wanting 10 years of Trumps financial records.. Those congressmen know less than nothing about tax codes and will turn everything over to a group of partisan accountants. Does anyone not believe that the IRS has not been through Trumps returns since 2008. Even with the Lois Lerner scandal, McCain Trumps enemy was part and parcel involved in the scheme. Besides getting trumps stuff pull in his entire family and business partners. Even the N.Y. AG swore she’ll get Trump by getting into his returns. So far nada.

    Even if the IRS prepared his taxes and audited him and found errors ie interpretation of the laws.they refuse to stand by their errors.

    You probably could find every accounting firm and IRS all having different conclusions.

    • Mathius says:

      Those congressmen know less than nothing about tax codes

      I can’t imagine what you could possibly have to support this assertion…

      and will turn everything over to a group of partisan accountants.

      Partisan accountants? Sounds like an alt rock band.

      Does anyone not believe that the IRS has not been through Trumps returns since 2008.

      Of course they have!

      But they are looking for different things.

      I’m sure they’d love to find evidence of fraud or tax evasion, but that’s the kind of thing the IRS would have been looking for and, presumably, would have found.

      What the Blue Team are looking for are (A) what might be called “lawful but awful” and (B) indications of suspicious ties to Russia or other compromising financial ties.

      So imagine Trump owes Putin, personally, a billion dollars. The IRS wouldn’t have anything to say about that. But we can imagine that the congress might think otherwise. There’s nothing I know of which makes massive indebtedness to a foreign (quasi-hostile) leader illegal… but it’s certainly something that would be relevant in evaluating the loyalty of the President, no?

      They’d also be happy to puncture a hole in the (almost certainly false) narrative of Trump, the Great Businessman. He won in no small part based on his supposed business acument, so the Blue Team would very much love to show otherwise. Imagine the beady little eyes when they find out his net worth is $3.50.

      Besides getting trumps stuff pull in his entire family and business partners. Even the N.Y. AG swore she’ll get Trump by getting into his returns. So far nada.

      Of course – it’s a fishing expedition….

      Does anyone doubt this? Does any sane person believe otherwise?

      You probably could find every accounting firm and IRS all having different conclusions.

      Almost certainly.

      Tax law is absurdly complicated on contradictory at the higher levels. Even personal taxes are fuzzy. But there’s a difference between “tax avoidance” (legal) and “tax evasion” (illegal). The later is far harder to prove. Criminal behavior on taxes is defined by intent – a mistake or a “different interpretation” of the law might net you a fine, but that kind of thing happens all the time and (other than the cost, which can be significant, especially when you add in implied backdated interest) is no big deal.

      But, again, that’s not really what the Blue Team is after. They’re not looking to nail him on tax fraud (though that’d be fine by them, too!). What they’re really after is …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. opposition research!

    • Mathius says:

      Just in case it isn’t crystal clear, I am against subpoenaing his tax records. I am also against Trump refusing to release them – but I think that’s his right to do.

      HOWEVER, according to the law, it is quite clear that congress has the legal right to do what they’re doing. It’s another example of “lawful but awful.”

      This is – absolutely – a witch hunt.

      Sure, there might actually be a witch there somewhere, and it’s good to root that out, I guess, but I don’t like congress using its power this way. It’s an abuse of power. Sure, it’s legal, sure the courts are going to back them, and sure they might find something, but it’s not right, and they shouldn’t be doing it.

      I’d rather do things the right way and lose than this kind of crap.

      Plus, of course, it’ll be extra special fun when the next Red Team congress does this to President Warren (and, probably, ever member of the Blue Caucus – because why stop at POTUS?)

      • Plus, of course, it’ll be extra special fun when the next Red Team congress does this to President Warren (and, probably, ever member of the Blue Caucus – because why stop at POTUS?) EXACTLY…..and the irony of it is…..it will never stop. And both sides will cry FOUL when it happens to them.

        • Mathius says:

          Johnny, tell him what he’s won!

          ::theme song music::

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Just like Diane Feinstein got her knickers in a twist when it was revealed the intelligence agencies were scooping up their communications also. When we created the authorization, we didn’t mean US also.

          On Trumps taxes and business recirds as demanded for ten years, they may have the right in a way. Government oversight, 2.3 years is all he’s been in government. Did he somehow abuse his power for personal gain. That’s fair game. However Congress is not a justice type department. The IRS has all his prior records and are private . You can bet the IRS and NY’s tax authoities have even combed the lint from his underwear drawer. For some egregious tax fraud. Including Muellers team. They said they were. Congress will leak and skew and do anything for political advantage which is their business and have staked their careers on this witch hunt.

  19. The Texas House advanced legislation Tuesday that would prohibit discrimination based on membership, support or donations to religious groups.

    Called the “Chick-fil-A bill,” supporters say it will provide religious protections, but opponents of the legislation say it will hurt the state’s LGBTQ community. It passed the Republican-controlled House and will return to the Senate before being sent to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who has expressed his support. The bill would prohibit the government from taking “adverse action” against people or businesses based on their affiliation with religious organizations.

    • Mathius says:

      The Texas House advanced legislation Tuesday that would prohibit discrimination based on membership, support or donations to religious groups.

      Seems reasonable on the face of it.

      Called the “Chick-fil-A bill,”

      Ugh. I hate this kind of grab-ass naming stuff.

      supporters say it will provide religious protections, but opponents of the legislation say it will hurt the state’s LGBTQ community.

      How so? What’s their argument?

      The bill would prohibit the government from taking “adverse action” against people or businesses based on their affiliation with religious organizations.

      Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. I think I see it.

      Let’s say your affiliation is with the Church of Black People Are Inferior.

      Now let’s ask ourselves how your black employees feel about that. Does this create a “hostile work environment” for them?

      Is that the gist?

      Not weighing in (yet).. just trying to make sure I get the concepts.

      • No…it was named the Chic Fil A bill because the San Antonio International Airport Board decided not to let Chic Fil A have a store in the airport because they donate to causes that the LGBTQ crowd does not like.

        In other words, they discriminated against Chic Fil A because of donations.

        The LGBTQ crowd does not want a law saying that you cant discriminate against a business while at the same time wanting laws saying you cant discriminate against the LGBTQ crowd.

        • Mathius says:

          Got it..

          So, last question before I opine..

          If the business donated to Our Lady of Kill All Jews and N****rs, would the San Antonio International Airport Board have been “justified” in declining to let them have a store?

          • That isn’t a religious establishment, but it could be a Liberal one, which wouldnt qualify as religious. Sorry.

          • No sir…keep it centered on the reason. It is religious. The Airport is a public place. It is international and the reason is that it is a Christian run store and closes on Sunday and observes traditional Christian holidays. The sole reason is that the religion does not believe in LGBTQ philosophy as many religions do not.

            But to answer your question of If the business donated to Our Lady of Kill All Jews and N****rs, would the San Antonio International Airport Board have been “justified” in declining to let them have a store? If the litmus test is it is a public facility and not private then no…it would not be justified.

      • Let’s say your affiliation is with the Church of Black People Are Inferior. Now let’s ask ourselves how your black employees feel about that. Does this create a “hostile work environment” for them? Two things…..no, it does not create a hostile work environment until it turns hostile and…..(2) go work elsewhere if it bothers you.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was talking to the manager of “Hobby Lobby” the ither day. They close on Sunday’s. I saud you must get a lot if grief on that policy. He said, we sure do, but we don’t mind. We have time with our families. He said we really catch the viscousness because we also close a 8 PM

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:


    Please read this on how Weissmann and Mueller operated n the past and current get Trump operation.

    On a smaller scale this us exactly how Nifong operated in the Duke lacross team rape case. The prosecuter knew within days the men accused were innocent. Yet continued for political reasons to put these men through he’ll.

    Mueller knew early on the Trump team was innocent of any collusion.yet continued to pursue Trump with a vengeance. As the interviewed federal prosecuter said, the report will go to the Attorney General. It’ll be reviewed and grand jury testimony will be redacted along with intelligence material. Standard legal process. The dems will scream obstruction and cover-up and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Even voting contempt charges against Barr while they’re trying to negotiate who and what select redacted material can be shown to select representatives. Just like what has occurred innumerable times before

    The Anderson convictions were overturned 9-0 b the supreme court. But the company was destroyed by Weissmann. 12-14 convictions were overturned on appeal of the Merrill lynch executives. Those that remained were give us your opinion or feeling about phone calls they weren’t even involved with. They were charged with perjury and obstruction to a grand jury.

    Just like Scooter Libby. Made some contradictory statements on something he wad accused of that he was innocent because the real villain confessed earlier, yet the feds still continued to get a cheney.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just think what fun Congress would have if jFK became president tiday. His philandering in the WH. His fortune though inherited was derived from criminal activity by his father. Extremely questionabe votes from Chicago, enough to tip the election in his favor. Mayor Daley literally dug up the votes. Ties with those unions that absolutely had mob connections. His father became ambassador to the court of St James and had to be recalled due to his open adoration of Hitler.

    • Of all the Dem candidates, she would be near the top if not the top of my list. I think she is too far left for me but if she turned to the center, she would be a breath of fresh air. I do hope that she picks up more experience in the next few years, either as a senator, governor or in a cabinet post. I think Trump would be ill advised to label her with a goofy name. It could come back and bite him.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:


    Though it’s from last year’s election I though this was funny. Receptionist the Jeraldo Rivera Al Capone safe hype.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Julian Assange has been charged with many more counts under the espionage act. All relating to the Manning hacking and theft from government computers. GOOD. However nothing about the DNC files or Hillary’s server. Both private ones I’d find it hard that he could be charged with anything relating to HRC’s server without charging her for operating outside of legal federal servers. But the DOJ, just might leverage the information from him as to exactly who he got it from.

  24. https://www.theepochtimes.com/trump-authorizes-ag-barr-to-declassify-2016-presidential-campaign-documents_2934887.html

    Those who are whining and screaming about this the loudest are probably very worried. They demand that illegal information be released, but scream foul when this happens.

  25. NEW YORK, NY—The New York Times increased its impressive collection of Pulitzer Prizes this week after an opinion piece published by the paper was instantly awarded a Pulitzer in the category of “Blatant Lies.”

    The piece, titled “Pregnancy Kills, Abortion Saves Lives,” was written by Dr. Warren M. Hern. It claimed that abortion, a procedure specifically designed to end the life of a human, saves lives, while pregnancy, a process specifically designed to create a life, ends humans.
    While that may sound confusing, it’s more clear when you realize that the Times was really trying to be recognized in this new Pulitzer category.
    “We saw that Columbia University had created the new category for blatant lies, and we really wanted to go for it,” an editor for the paper’s opinion section said. “There was a lot of competition for the award, what with the Post and The New Yorker out there. But we just went gung-ho trying to nail this sucker down.”
    Though Pulitzers are usually awarded annually, this lie was so impressive that Columbia said they “just had to” get it awarded right away.

  26. I sure would like to know where the news gets its average price per gallon of $2.84…..

    It is $2.09 in Texas.

    • $2.89 here. At the car return entrance to DTW..$3.99

      • Mathius says:

        ::looks out office window::


        ::squints really hard::

        $4.89 in Beverly Hills

    • I just paid $3.99/gal.

      • Mathius says:

        Have you considered getting an electric vehicle? You could put some panels on your roof and drive for next to nothing. I’m sure they have all kinds of tax incentives you could take advantage of..

        • House faces to the SE plus is shaded by large oak trees which serve as natural air conditioning in our hot summers. Plus my commute ends at the end of this year. Also I will not live long enough to see a profit from such an installation. Enjoy your coal fired car.

          The differential in CA gas prices compared to the rest of the country is due to the lack of a pipeline over the mountains and the insane rules imposed by CARB (CA Air Resources Board) for boutique gasoline. They force the refiners to certify the plant to make CA gasoline which drives up the cost. There is essentially no difference between the gasoline we use and the rest of the country. It is all just red tape. Plus we have high gas taxes.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      $2.40’s in town.

    • $3.05 around here. We have higher taxes than the norm, supposedly to fix the roads. Roads are the same. Damn Democrat Governor lied.

  27. Before I forget……it is Memorial Day weekend…..Thanks to all the veterans, thanks to all the active duty, thanks to all the mothers and fathers of veterans, thanks to all the wives for their support of the veterans, and a special thanks to all the children whose fathers are veterans, alive and dead.

    I sat down and added it up….In my 44 years of combined service, including the Texas border:

    1) 153 missed combined holidays
    2) 14 missed combined birthdays of children
    3) 18 missed years of combined wedding anniversaries and wife birthdays
    4) countless missed little league ball games and playing catch with my son and daughter

    I did get to see my daughter graduate college…..my son dropping out of college at the end of his junior year with a 3.8 GPA…(yes, he is still alive although on borrowed time)…He simply got tired of college…but it was his choice (and the Colonel’s money)…I am sure that there is a case for justifiable homicide in there somewhere.

    It is tough being a member of the military and it takes commitment from the families and a whole gob of understanding.


    The rewards for us……….USA.

    • It isn’t the easiest life for anyone involved, worse so when one doesn’t come home. I echo your first and last paragraph and also thank you for all you have done in the name of freedom. Hoo Rah!

    • Mathius says:

      Oh, Colonel, you’re going to enjoy this…

      He simply got tired of college…but it was his choice (and the Colonel’s money)…I am sure that there is a case for justifiable homicide in there somewhere.

      That’s a better reason than why my younger brother dropped out.

      He was in his final semester senior year, with (I’m sure) a much lower GPA at (I’m sure) a much worse school. Then he dropped out.


      Because he wanted to start his own company.

      Now, that might be fine if he were competent, disciplined, organized, etc…if he had a work ethic.. and if he had any special need to move immediately on a market opportunity.

      But, no, he wanted to start a run-of-the-mill IT company doing tech support for rich old people and small businesses.

      Now, it’s beside the point that his only “clients” are my parents and that they just pay him money for BS jobs he should be doing for free for them (who has to pay their kid to set up their new phone?!). And it’s beside the point that they don’t pay me for anything I do for them.

      The relevant thing here is why he dropped out of school so close to the finish line, flushing a small mountain of my parents’ money down the drain in the process.

      Why might someone do this?

      Well, you see, he believes that he’ll strike it rich.. somehow.. and that his name will be amongst the greats.. somehow.

      And when this he does, when he’s interviewed for his feature on the news, and when he publishes his best selling autobiography, he dropped out of college so that he would be able to say “I didn’t need a degree. I was a college drop out, just like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.”

      I would have given anything to see my father’s face when he heard that.

      He simply got tired of college…but it was his choice (and the Colonel’s money)…I am sure that there is a case for justifiable homicide in there somewhere.

      Now that was my younger brother. But Mathius also has an older brother.. what about him? Was he a drop out, too, you ask?

      Well, no.

      My older brother started school at Boston College and then, after 9/11, “didn’t feel safe” and returned home. He transferred to the worst community college in America (at the time). Ranked dead last. There, he got his college degree in… who know? Who cares? It was a 2 yr degree at the worst school in America.

      But ok, he graduated. End of story, right?

      Well, no, because he then went to business school to get his MBA. Great!

      So then he went out and got a job, right?

      Well, no, because then he went to law school and get a law degree. Great!

      So then he went out and got a job, right?

      Well, yes. Of course! Well, I mean, he didn’t get a job so much as have one handed to him on a silver platter by a friend of my father’s, but sure… ok, whatever, at least he was working.

      But he wasn’t making much money, and rent is so expensive, boo hoo, so my parents bought him a condo, too.

      So he moves into his condo and lives like an adult thereafter. Happy ending, right?

      Well, no.

      Turns out [something something something] he moves back in with my parents and rents out his condo instead.


      So my parents do what any sane parents would do, right? They kick him out on his ear and tell him to grow up, right?

      Well, no.

      They buy him another, nicer condo.

      ::sounds of Mathius bordering on homicidal rage from 3,000 miles away::

      So he moves into his new condo. Then… something something something, moves home again. He rents out his new condo, too.


      Well now he’s collecting fairly significant income from his TWO rental properties, so he does what any responsible adult does invests the money, busts his ass at his job, and saves for the future… haaha, just kidding. He quits his job because, who needs it, right?

      So now he’s living with his parents rent free, eating free food, with free utilities, and raking in several thousand a month from his rented condos. But that doesn’t really suit him, so he finds a girlfriend with low self-esteem and moves in with her. Rent free, of course.

      Then he starts his own IT company just like our younger brother’s.

      But, surely, with better education (and being smarter), he’ll do a better job, right? Turn it into a real business and finally be a successful self-sufficient adult, right?

      Well, no.

      Just like younger brother, his only “clients” are my parents whom he exorbitantly overcharges. He does a lot of “supervising” of workmen, for which he charges hourly, too. I’m not sure his rate, but if it’s higher than zero, they’re getting ripped off and don’t seem to care.

      Oh, and by the way, he’s currently on an all-expenses paid vacation trip in China with my mother. He’s been to Australia twice that I know of, too. He goes to Hawaii a couple times a year as well. So, in addition to all of the above, he gets to live a high-flying globe-trotter life, too.

      So that’s probably north of a half million dollars worth of education paid by my parents, and this is what he’s doing with it.

      He simply got tired of college…but it was his choice (and the Colonel’s money)…I am sure that there is a case for justifiable homicide in there somewhere.

      Do you feel better about your son now?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think your son has enrolled in the “indentured servitude” school, until his debt is repaid.

      • Would I do that?

        • Canine Weapon says:

          Have you considered late-late-late term abortion?

          • Oh, yes, several times…….I even told him once, back in his very radical 20’s (he is 44 now) that I helped bring him into this world and I damn sure can take him out of this world….

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              A classic line delivered by Dad, Yul Brynner to his traitorous son Tony Curtis in “Taras Bulba”. I would however point out that Tony betrayed the Cossacks to be with The Polish Princess Janet Leigh….even I would have to think twice about that!

  28. The committee, led by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is especially interested in the president’s business relationship with Russia and other foreign entities.


    A few questions.

    Why is it Mad Maxine’s business what Trump did before becoming President? This is not oversight, which is beyond their scope of power.

    If they leak ANYTHING, are they violating his Civil Rights?

    I’m sure Trump did do all kinds of business with foreign countries, so what?

    Isn’t it time to demand the Congress critters financial documents as well and see where they are doing business?

    In the long run, I think this will all backfire bigly against the Crats, and it should. We can start thinking Super Majority after 2020 😀

    • Mathius says:

      The committee, led by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is especially interested in the president’s business relationship with Russia and other foreign entities.

      Of course… that’s the whole point of this witch hunt..

      Why is it Mad Maxine’s business what Trump did before becoming President? This is not oversight, which is beyond their scope of power.

      Objection: stupid name calling.


      Why is it Mad Maxine’s business what Trump did before becoming President?

      It’s not.

      This is not oversight, which is beyond their scope of power.

      That’s a finding for the courts – and the courts are saying it is not beyond the scope of their powers.

      To be clear: this falls under “lawful but awful”

      If they leak ANYTHING, are they violating his Civil Rights?


      And I will get you 100:1 odds that it does leak.

      I’m sure Trump did do all kinds of business with foreign countries, so what?

      So what, indeed.

      The question they want answered isn’t “did he do business with other countries” but rather (they hope) “does he have too cozy of a relationship with Russia” and “is there any ‘lawful but awful’ in here” and, more specifically, “can we use any of his past business dealings against him in the next election?”

      Isn’t it time to demand the Congress critters financial documents as well and see where they are doing business?

      Sure. Just pass a law, and I’ll hop right on board. Frankly, it seems like a good thing to me to have as much transparency into our government officials’ financial interests as possible. I want to know who is paying whom and who is cozy with whom and yada yada yada. I just don’t think they should be doing it this way.

      The right thing the wrong way is still wrong.

      In the long run, I think this will all backfire bigly against the Crats,

      Backfire supposes that it just naturally comes back to bite them. No, the Blue Team will actively shoot themselves in the foot.

      and it should.

      It should.

      We can start thinking Super Majority after 2020 😀

      You can think it all you want, but it ain’t happenin’.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “Objection: stupid name calling.”

        Sorry, but over ruled by a higher court. The one of REALITY as evidenced by hundred of recordings of her speaking in public.

        She is ringier than a pet coon. That is an R A coon for you snowflakes out there.

      • So Congress will use their subpoena power to collect their oppo research.

        • It sure seems that way, but im thinking this may find its way to SCOTUS. What happens after that is a mystery.

          I dont think is worried about it. Just likt Maddow’s big tax return spectacle, a big nothing burger.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And not one fucking peep about Bill Clinton personally pocketing $500000 speaking fee from the Russian company that bought 20% of our uranium, after greenlighted by the Federal committee on which Hillary sat. And Mueller sat on the information showing the Russians were coopting the principles in the deal. He put a gag order on the undercover agent. Only one minor player was indicted under Sessions DOJ for accepting bribes from Russians in this deal.

  29. So……..the Dems yell……………DE Calssify….transparency….show the people…..POTUS is hiding things………..Trump is a Traitor.

    So…….Trump says declassify everything about the Russian collusion……show the public….

    The Dems are yelling…..NO ……this is a breach of NAtional Security…..malfeasance of office…its a sham to redirect publicity……it should not be done…..
    Meanwhile…..Pelosi and Schumer have dropped their martini glasses muttering things under their breath…………….


    Oh shit…..all of the iinvestigation proceedings are about to become public. This is not really what the Dems thought would happen. All the rabbit trails are about to become public. ALL OF THEM….*******


    ****** Picture Dr Evil with the finger in the corner of his mouth traansformed into Orange hair…. BWAAAAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

    • BBBut he has been warning that this was coming for months. It should be no surprise.

      • SKTrynoskySr. says:

        I honestly think he was willing to drop it all….. The fact that the Mueller report stopped nothing, nor even slowed it down led to this….. You will now see Donald Trump in full war mode! As Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali once said, “I pity the fool(s).”

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    File this under the category of “It is all of the above stupid”.

    I honestly believe that as we collect more information we will find there is no single magic wand to solving our problems. The affects vary among people and stressors and there are cumulative/combined affects. Which also can vary among people.


    Now I wonder how long before we mandate GLASS containers. Oh the cost in increased oil consumption due to higher shipping weights, the increased back injuries and all that broken glass. Think I will find a large quartz, silica deposit to purchase.

    • Years ago in a far far away land called PA, we used 16 oz glass returnable soda bottles. Paid the deposit on the bottles, returned them and retrieved our deposit. Per oz the soda in the glass bottles was cheaper than those in cans and plastic EVEN IF YOU THREW AWAY THE BOTTLES. Beer was similar. In those days, you could buy a max of 2 6-packs of beer in a package store. If you wanted a case, you drove to the distributor which was in an old barn or warehouse. You drove in one end and out the other. The attendants grabbed the empties from the back seat, tossed in a new case, paid from inside the car and left. PA retained the returnable glass bottles well into the 1980’s.

      But us old folks were not greenies. Grocery stores also packed food in boxes not bags. The food came in the back door in boxes and went out the front in the same boxes.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        But one small example of the floating plastic trash in our oceans.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The videos are online and from the other year in the Dominican Republic. They did trace where this mass of plastic and styrofoam came from. Shanty towns up a nearby river where the river is their dump for evetything.

      • Doncha remember rummaging through trash cans for returnable bottles…..picking them up off streets and alleyways…..go into the “five and dime” with a wagon load of returnable bottles…2cents each…..I mean, after all to a kid, 10 bottles was 20 cents……..

        Hells Bells…..20 cents bought 20 peanut butter logs…..it would buy 4 packs of Double Bubble with baseball cards, it would buy 20 wax bottles with sugar syrup….4 packs of candy cigarettes…..20 pieces of tootsie rolls………………..

        AND……it helped clean up the environment. If we wanted to go to the movies…..empty returnable bottles got you the money to do it. Kids everywhere were scouring the road sides and trash areas….picking up glass bottles.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I do like the drive through dispensaries in PA. Pop the trunk and they loaded the kegs.
        Birch and Root Beer for the kids, real beer for the adults.

    • SKTrynoskySr. says:


  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

  32. Wow……California Essex gasoline $5.78

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:


    This girls is an idiot. The poster child of a brave new world.

    Of all of nature’s storms I seriously pay attention to tornados and associated weather patterns that set them up.

    Let’s see while visiting Cincinnati Ohio in 67, I saw the swath one cut through the suburbs. Just like a bush hog through deep grass. A nice clean cut through forest and houses. We had them off of Lake Champlain in the 80’s. The way our weather set up here in eastern NC, there is a tornado alley just west of Raleigh. There is another through Johnston County to the southeast of Raleigh. There is one just to the west of the sounds. And there is one just to the east right through where I live. And this has been SOP as long as I’ve been either visiting of living here since 1976.

    You absolutely pay attention to the weather advisories about tornados. One went through just 1/2 mile from where I currently live. Mowed the forest. Didn’t touch one house, yet cut through a housing development and removed a 100 yard path of homes. Gone.

    She also never heard of waterspouts by mariners. Tornados at sea. One cut through Beaufort NC. A series of photos were taken as this thing came across the inlet. Hit a commercial fishing boat literally exploding it, progressed across the harbor and went clean through town and out the ither side. I know two in recent years. Not uncommon

  34. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/24/kirk-the-electoral-college-stands-between-the-constitution-and-the-mob/

    Tyranny of the minority:

    “The consumption of kosher beverages is a harmless example of minority positioning becoming majority behavior. Other examples are not so harmless. Our society today lends itself to the rapid conversion of intolerant minority factions into tyrannical majorities in a way our Founders could never have imagined.”

    How many examples can you think of?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      To many to list here.

      But the system of government designed by the framers of the constitution including the electoral college was sheer genius. The checks and balances envisioned was to protect the people, all people from the MOB. Which becomes a tyranny itself. The framers were witnessing the French Revolution at the time of the convention. That mib turned out well. French politics is still a mess

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was looking up some history of the village I used to live, Milton, Vermont.

    In 1799 they were having a big political battle about to legislate and force vaccination or not. This was over small pox.

    From the time of the War of 1812 to around 1825 the town passed ordinances to forcibly remove from the village and town, anyone who may become a liability to the town. Fall on hard times out you went. Become destitute or homeless out you went. Go be someone else’s problem.

    The house I owned was built by a cantankerous politician. The State wad buying up land along Lake Champlain and then posting it. Closing the land to hunting and fishing and hhungeneral public use. Mr. Beeman bought a large parcel.of land. Kept it open and provided a trust to keep the taxes paid. Still in effect today. His portrait hung in the house and the deed stipulates it has to be present upon transfer of ownership.

    Covering 220 years nothing really has changed

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I read this compilization of headlines back during the 2000’s. These gloom and doom Cassandra headlines were all backed by scuentufuc studues. I most definitely remember the years of studies and teeth gnashing if the late ’70. The same scientists who predicted the ice age is upon us we must take drastic actions to fend off massive death were the same guys who within a few years were predicting the exact opposite. And one went on to be Obama’s chief science advisor

    Admiral MacMillon for decades voyages on the “Bowdain” to the Arctic trying to explain these cycles.

    • SKTrynoskySr. says:

      It has always been the height of hubris to think that the United States of America with it’s 320,000,000 population can do ANYTHING to change the earth’s climate! As the plastic Sargasso sea in the pacific has proven, T’ain’t us or if you prefer US.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        All I can say about the plastic Sargasso Sea in the Pacific, those eco-minded greenies inhabiting California, Oregon and Washington must throw a lot of recyclable plastic into the ocean in order to avoid their recycling duties and bills.

        Or “Waste Management” simply off loads the plastics while it’s allegedly being shipped to China for processing.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          They have actually surveyed the mess and 80% is from Asia. Mostly China and India. Last couple of months there was an article in the National Geographic which showed a map of the world and the world’s rivers and where the pollution originates. Total shocker! If you want to get ahead of pollution of all kinds, you are probably going to have to take China and India out. Period!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I agree. Yet the previous administration and the UN climate teams gave a pass to China and other “Emerging” countries on curbing their unabated pollution.

            I thought the advanced west was supposed to aid in technology I these emerging countries could start at our level of emissions. But no it was just a ruse of transfer of wealth and jobs

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:


    It never ceases to amaze me how politicians want it both ways. Like Adam Schiff. Trump should be impeached of obstruction of judtice when Barr redacted classified information and grand jury testimony from the Mueller report.
    Now he’s politicizing the intelligence agencies by instructing them to reclassify how the Russian collusion came about. As though the FBI and CIA have not been politized.under Mueller, Comey Brennen, Clapper etal.definitely remember the dems saying the same under Bush

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Biden has made stupid gaffs like this his entire political career and gets a pass by the MSM. Remember how in the 08 campaign the media was all over Sarah Palin for some she made after being pulled on stage .by McCain. She made far few foot in mouth mistakes than Biden did when he opened his mouth during the same campaign. And he was a seasoned Washington insider.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Beto O’Rourke multimillionaire
      Joe Biden millionaire
      Cory Booker millionaire
      Elizabeth Warren multimillionaire
      Kamela Harris multimillionaire
      De Blaisio mega multimillionaire
      Bernie Sanders millionaire

      All good social justice warriors and those that are white condemn their whiteness and privilege. Those that are black condemn
      white people for their privilege.

      May I suggest they give away all their wealth to those in need and keep personally only what they “need” but they are just like the communist Soviet leaders. Living a life of luxury, special stores, special travel lanes, special healthcare, special houses and mansions..all justified by saying look at what we’re doing for you people, its our due because of all our hard work on your behalf.

  39. NEW YORK, NY—A new report out of well-known political lecture show Saturday Night Live indicated Friday that the series will undergo a drastic genre change, shifting to a comedic format.

    Insiders claim the series will attempt to have jokes, funny skits, and clever writing. It’s a major change for the series, since it pretty much just lectures you on what to believe politically at this point.
    “We wanted to try something different,” one SNL writer said. “I know that just having angry, nonsensical lectures against the right has been a really popular format for the 682 viewers we have left, but we wanted to shake it up a bit. We started thinking, ‘What if we make up funny parodies and do clever skits and stuff?’ Someone dug up some old footage from the show 30 years ago and it seemed like they were doing that kind of stuff then.”
    “I don’t know, maybe it is worth a shot,” she said, shrugging.
    In order to assist with the shift to comedy, showrunners have reportedly resurrected Chris Farley.

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    Question of the weekend, the MEMORIAL weekend. All those who died to, supposedly/actually, protect our Right to be Free should be remembered for their service and honor. No matter what the real reasons, Political, for them being sent to their maker.

    But in the vain of Freedom and Liberty, it is time we address a fundamental question.


    Do not confuse a general right here with what are the real meaning of rights. That is our rights are defined and described in the context of our relationship to Governing Power. Remove Governing Power, ie the State, and what good would “rights” be to us? What power or affect would they have? I submit that it would be little to none. But that is not the question. It is whether we the people really have declared that we have a right to privacy. A right to be free of Big Brother snooping on us, watching us, listening to us, dictating how we live our lives when “not in the pubic arena”?????

    What say you SUFA, left and right both??

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I am fairly sure that what has happened to President Trump is indicative of what we all will face. Right here on SUFA months ago, there was a comment from an old stalker, arch enemy of mine. I was shocked that they still cared enough 30 plus years later as to what I thought about anything! Just in case they are still watching, what is past is past. I will leave it to the “Higher Authority” to eventually set things right. Him, I have faith in.

      Now, my kids are much smarter than I am and are well aware just how little privacy we have left. They constantly berate me for even using my name. I’m obviously an EASIER target. Notice I did not say easy. They, whoever they are, can breech anything if they want to.

      Once I turned 65, I started receiving calls about adult services. Did I need a back, knee or neck brace? How was my sex life, just answer a few questions and I could get prescription blue pills cheap. My hearing is apparently in question by other than my wife. Do I have need of a scooter for mobilization? How about a home health aide to change my adult diapers which I must also have need of. Walk in bath tub? Stair Lift? Man, there is NO privacy, and no hope of privacy anymore. It has been sold for convenience. Without our permission I might add.

      A place to start curbing them might be, temporarily, applying the methods used 100 years ago to break up the great trusts. But again, as my father would often remind me what one man can put together, another can learn to take apart.

      By the way for the annoying calls I now am using a script….

      Ahem… in a mechanical, nasal voice…..

      “You have reached a non-working number at the Department of Homeland Security. If this is an emergency please call us at our regional office….973-776-5500. We are located at 620 Frelinghhuysen Avenue in Newark NJ. Please be advised that according to Department Policy we have captured your telephone number and location. An gent will be contacting you within 72 hours but if it is an emergency, please call us immediately at blah, blah, blah…”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:


        Luckily my email screens all unsolicited mail and blocks it. Doesn’t even end up in spam or trash folder.

        As for the phone people in my contact list are passed through. The apps identify telemarketers and red flags them. They are blocked. However some keep switching numbers, but eventually they go away.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But yes….once one reached that magic age of 65 the ailments that these marketers had a solution for especially ones I didn’t know I had.

          Even the VA records seem to be open to a degree. I am having work done on my knees. Avoiding replacements with newer technologies. However, rarely does a week go by when in my mailbox there are all sorts of ads for non surgical solutions.

          I stick with my current team who are taking it methodically and didn’t rush into replacement expensive surgery, which as it turns out I didn’t need.

    • . A right to be free of Big Brother snooping on us, watching us, listening to us, dictating how we live our lives when “not in the pubic arena”?????

      WE certainly should, but our Rights continue to be eroded and under attack. The Swamp has done a poor job when it comes to our Rights and their responsibilities to protect them.

  41. Why bother electing Presidents when Liberal activist Judges think they know how to run the country? It seems that if a Judge gets overturned by higher courts more often than not, then that Judge should be removed and replaced by someone who knows how to be a Judge. The 9th Circus has long been an embarrassment to the Judicial system in the country.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        One of the biggest issues we had where I lived near the border of Canada in VT was the cocaine drug trade coming across the border. Our little village was over run by the Lamborghini, bling wearing, ponytail tonsorial Colombians. It took us quite a war to rid the town of their presence. The chief of police was so corrupt. It took us $4 million in legal fees to get rid of him. He had an extremely expensive lawyer, plus the cases always wound up in the same judges chambers. Until that judge was finally removed we we stuck. My ex and I were offered FBI protection. When Reagan announced the zero tolerance actions, customs would just bring difs on board at the Richeleau river. Any evidence of drugs, asset forfeiture. The howl was deafening. Just like today.

        When in Maine fisherman would augment their income by meeting ships at sea and picking up a load of drugs. When the military teamed with the DEA, you’d be surprised how many “honest”fisherman got arrested when they hit port.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Back in sixth grade World History (Catholic School) , we used a book from the 1930’s which had some great illustrations. When we got to ancient Greece they did this thing on forms of government comparing “Democracy” to “Monarchy” to “Dictatorship” and finally something called “oligarchy”. I will never forget the accompanying illustration with a bunch of robe clad gents busily deciding the fate of the Masses. Every F—ing time I see one of these absurd judicial rulings THAT image pops into my head!

  42. Just A Citizen says:
  43. Scott Adams has reset his Trump reelection probability meter to zero based on the concern that the masters of the universe will block the conservative message.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That’s a pretty good analysis.

      The masters of the universe are certainly banning and suspending FB and Twitter accounts of those politically opposing the EU dictatorship. Right at election time. They are also continuing to threaten with arrest anyone who politically opposed the EU open border policy with HATE crime charges.

      Up until the other week I got all sorts of feeds of what going on in Europe. All opposition stuff was banned. I can still get them directly via the internet but that is tedious. FB etal are no better than the Soviets or Nazis or the present day Chinese in banning any and all thought that does not conform

      You will see over the next year new platforms that will get the message out. The downside is that the liberal activists will swamp the system with their hate and fear mongering of anybody who they disagree with.

  44. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    For the day….

    If you are able, save them a place inside you,
    And save one backward glance when you are leaving,
    for the places they can no longer go.

    Be not ashamed to say you loved them,
    though you may, or may not have always.
    Take what they have left, and what they have
    taught you with their dying, and keep it as your own.

    And in that time that when men decide, and feel safe,
    to call the war insane, take one moment,
    to embrace these gentle heroes you left behind.

    -Maj. Michael Davis O’Donnell, KIA, Cambodia, May 1970

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

  46. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Let’s all celebrate the lives of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that The USA can be free. 🙂

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:
  48. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, some weird stuff this weekend.

    Pretty heavy wind the past couple of days. From the NORTH to NORTH EAST. Also got pretty cool after some decent warming into the low 70’s.

    Last night watched clouds in late May moving the opposite direction they should, to the SW. General clouds, not thunderstorms.

    But here is the biggie. Saturday the wife and I were in the back field discussing what to do with the adjacent pasture and my very large compost pile. That is when I heard Geese. Lots and lots of geese. Took a while but I finally spotted them. A thousand feet or more above us and flying NORTH. A very large flock in V formation headed NORTH. At least a hundred maybe more. These geese should already be up north pairing up and building nests.

    • Cold and wet here this weekend. Very unusual for CA at the end of May. I will need to light a fire to warm up the house. Usually by this time the sun warms up the house but it is cloudy so not happening.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        A friend in the San Jacinto, San Gorgonio area had temps in the low 20’s. Couldn’t light a fire due to her firewood was soaked.

        As for here in a very narrow band where I live in NC, we’ve had NO rain for weeks. Plenty just to the east and west. Temps in the 90’s daily. Forecast into the 100’s this week. Thunderstorms developed daily all around just not at my house. Strange but not uncommon here to have such specific dry spells. But, up until May, we were having 3 solid days of rain each week
        Heavy dew nightly so everything is still green

        At least the cat knows she doesn’t want to hang outside for long

        But the storms that side by within sight continue northwesterly and are hitting friends along the hudson

    • We have had the same problem…No hummingbirds. We have seen 2…..this time of the year, it is usually 10-15 hummers fighting over the food we put out. However, one of the things that has been hurting Texas is the implementation of wind farms. They have been set up in the migration routes of hummingbirds, (which follow wind patterns), white winged dove, and purple Martins. The flocks are getting fewer and fewer each year. The same with the Monarch butterflies. So, all this setting up of wind farms has had devastating effects.

      Last year, the wind farms in West Texas reported over 122,000 bird carcasses that they found. This includes vultures which swoop in to claim the carcasses only to become one themselves. So, I guess it is ok the upset the ecological balance of nature to preserve energy? Energy that is more costly to produce of which there is an abundance but no delivery system.

      Stupid is as stupid does…….mama said!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The wind advocates are so willing to sacrifice millions of birds and wildlife and irreplaceable mountains for this inefficient and costly pig in a pine.

        Migratory birds cover the distances by using the prevailing wind currents. The best locations for wind farms are smack in the middle of these currents. I’m shocked that nature advocacy groups such as the Audubon society and Sierra Club are not raising bloody hell.
        Maine is blowing the tops off granite mountains and pulling in ridiculous roads to get the components on top of the mountain. And decommissioned one nuclear power plant that provided all the power the State required and profited by selling the excess.

        NC banned wind farms in the Blue Ridge Appalachian regions. One was built the other year in Elizabeth City on the coast. It is right in the path of the Atlantic flyway for migratory birds. It also was built extremely tall to catch wind that was a bit more consistent. It also disrupts early warning systems. Coast guard flight operations. The largest Coast guard faculty is in the area. Which is Cape Hattaras the graveyard of the Atlantic. It disrupts Navy flight operations from the Norfolk area. Why? The Obama administration passed a regulation that as long as the FAA has no problem States and local communities can not stop the construction . The FAA and regular commercial air traffic takes different routes.

        In my old village in VT we got 100% of our power from a series of dams on the Lamoille River that went through town. They were flood control dams to prevent the area from being destroyed again as it was in the 30’s. When built the builders included electrical generation. Cheap consistent energy. The last time I visited a few years ago there had been built a huge wind farm that towered above the quaint New England village. Even back when I lived there our power company was forced to make up the differences in Burlington when they couldn’t generate enough power to meet demands during frigid winter months. Bernie and his followup politicians went all in for renewable energy at the expense of the neighboring communities. Bernies answer was usually FU, we’re bigger.

        Wind advocates along the Chesapeake particularly the pataxent naval air facilities wanted to build Wind farms on the areas cliffs. It was shown that it would decimate the osprey, eagle and pelican populations that were recovering from the pesticides and pollution of previous decades. However the head of the US Game and Wildlife agency during Obama’s administration signed off with a cavalier comment, they need to be thinned out. Luckily local advocacy stopped the projects. Just like they were able to stop the Wind farm proposed in the the heavily used channel between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. But then again it would have spoiled Kennedy’s views

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But then the Sierra Club was a co litigant against Trump building the wall along with 20 other States including new England states, that the wall could endanger wildlife. Hypocrites one and all.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:


            Though several years old it still details the tricks the Wind companies and government uses to minimize the bird strike deaths incured by the farms.

            Several years ago a Chicago based wind company that donated tens of thousands to Obama, tried to build a large facility right in the flyway and winter over grounds of the Tundra Swan and Canadian geese. It was stopped, but the subsequent law changes by the obama administration made possible to build the huge farm in Elizabeth City. However, the ire of other coastal communities was awaken and all other attempts to build onshore or offshore facilities have been blocked.

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:


    What visual impact of the sacrifice the soldiers made on the beaches of Normandy

  50. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has struggled to get by on her new six-figure salary, given the high cost of living in her luxurious Washington, D.C. crib.

    So when she heard in passing that the United States has a “free market” economy, she was ecstatic. She immediately set out in an Uber to try to find one of the free markets, assuming they were grocery stores where you don’t have to pay for anything.
    “I’m really, like really excited,” she said on a live Instagram video. “I thought the U.S. was all about oppressive capitalistic systems of inequality, but when I heard about these free markets, I realized we were in better shape than I had thought.”
    However, after her Uber had driven her all over the city for several hours, she hadn’t found a single free market anywhere and had to settle for going to some stores where people are free to buy, sell, and exchange goods and services with one another.
    “This is basically Nazi Germany,” she said. “All these people spending money they earned doing work to buy things of their own free will? Without the government allocating resources as they see fit?”

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:
  52. Weather and such around here has been pretty normal. On and off thunderstorms today, yesterday was perfect 75 and sunny. We have two turkey hens that have nests close by as they come in every morning early to eat corn from the feeder. Birds seem to be normal as well. It helps not to have enough Liberals around to screw things up 😀 😀

  53. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/senate-gop-vows-to-quickly-quash-any-impeachment-charges/ar-AABZDYv

    Good move on McConnel’s part. Open the door for Pelosi to play to the far Left, destroy the Crats chances of winning 2020, all the while ensuring that Trump is safe. The Crats have ZERO to impeach on, nothing, nada. They can’t impeach over things before he became President.

    The chickens will be coming home to roost soon. As the declassified documents trickle out, I’m expecting a federal grand Jury to be convened.

    Adam Shiff is an idiot. Declassifying the documents mentioned above is to help the “cover-up”. He’s a walking contradiction and a lunatic liar. He is one of the faces of the Crat party. Shameful.

    Reparations will never happen. Talk about pandering to the black community. Crats have no shame.

    This don’t mean that some Republicans aren’t pieces of crap as well, there are plenty. There might even be a few good Crats…I’ll try and find one and post a link 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I know it’s a politically incorrect statement, but shouldn’t the people/tribes who captured and sold victims to slave market vendors be the first to pay reparations? But the blacks would be accusing themselves and that just will not do.

  54. With NV passing the National Popular Vote law, the total now stands at 195 electoral votes out of 270 needed. This could become a real threat. Scott Adams predicts Trump will be defeated due to blacklisting on social media. Polls to date do not favor Trump but then the herd of 23 are getting all the press. University studies do support a Trump victory based on the performance of the economy and other factors. But the economy could take a negative turn based on the trade talks. How many of the new illegal immigrants will have DL’s by election day and how many of them will vote?

    We are in for an entertaining next 17 months.

    • Isn’t the National Popular Vote law unconstitutional? It is basically vote tampering, as long as the Electoral college is the law of the land, is it not. They are in reality just changing people’s votes.

      • This is called “rigging the Presidential election” and it will get crushed if it goes to SCOTUS.

        We have a new thread posted I will bring this subject forward.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Malaysia plans on repatriating thousands of tons of plastics, dumped illegally in their country, back to the country of origin.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is a question for the financial experts on SUFA. Remember in 2010 when the ECB and also the Bank of England and the Swiss came hat in hand looking for loans during the financial crisis. The ECB was restricted by their monetary laws from “printing” any more money. Obama later had a press conference on how the deal would not cost the U.S. taxpayer a dime. (Other than watering down the dollar by putting a minimum of one trillion more dollars out) the deal was a currency swap. They gave the FED euros in exchange for dollars, to be re-exchanged at a later date. Other deals like that were made with other central banks around the world.

    Isn’t it amazing almost immediately both Chase and TD of Canada turned over Trumps financial records to Congress. Chase being an entity of Rockefeller who’s dream was a one world currency and government which Trump is attempting to break. Plus a major Canadian bank when Justin Trudeau is PM and I’m sure loathed Trump to the soles of his shoes.

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