The Insufferable Left




  1. It seems as though far too many on the Left are immune to a thing called facts.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And the people in the right hand photo want to be treated with respect as normal

      • Did you notice that lots of these people are similar to the citizens of the capital in the Hunger Games movie.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Actually they’re putting out vibes….do not touch, danger

  2. Berman urged the panel to move on from the topic, so Camerota helped wrap up the segment by saying this: “I think it’s our job also to give people, the viewers, ways to shut it down if they are intrigued by that argument because they make it so often.” Camerota is wildly incorrect on what the function of her job is. An “objective journalist” should be striving to let the facts stand for themselves, not attempting to teach her viewers ways to debate with conservatives.

  3. U.S.—After top U.S. officials claimed Iran attacked ships in the Gulf of Oman this week, John Bolton held a press conference where he asked when the government has ever lied about something like this just to start a war.

    “When has the government ever lied about ships being attacked, say in a gulf somewhere, for the purpose of getting involved in another foreign conflict?” he asked. “Can you point to a single time a lie about a minor attack resulted in a major unnecessary war? No, I didn’t think so,” he said.
    “These attacks in the Gulf of Tonk—er, I mean, the Gulf of Oman, excuse me—were definitely carried out by Iran, and we need to invade immediately before people start doubting the narrative.”
    The nation believed Bolton’s account, reporting it had no reason to doubt, as the government would never lie about attacks on ships in a gulf on the other side of the world.
    “When has the US government, supported by the media, ever lied about an unprovoked attack on ships in a foreign gulf somewhere just to provoke war?” asked one journalist after writing a piece that didn’t question the official U.S. narrative at all. “This has literally never happened before in the history of our nation, so why would they start lying about this kind of stuff now?”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Uh let me count the times. NOT just ship attacks, but deliberately placing Americans in positions begging to be attacked with no means to protect themselves, like direct orders to not do so, to further an agenda.or orchestrating covert actions.

      As long as I’ve been alive, and in all administrations. I ran out of fingers and toes.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A friend of mine had a run in with George Stephanopoulos at the White House back in the 90’s. There was a technology fair hosted. Good old George was demanding all exhibitors to stand behind their exhibits so Clinton could have some good photo ops. The Secret Service agents demanded they all be in plain view. Back and forth. Finally my friends said to George after he got nasty and said for the last time in telling you to get behind the exhibits my friend saud to george….pounting to a Secret service agent….those guys have guns, I’m doing what they tell us to do. George’s reply was, oh them, they have another agenda

  5. SHEEPSBLUFF, KY—”Good morning Ralph,” Sam says to his computer screen as he clocks in and begins another day on Twitter railing against his liberal counterpart’s constant political assertions. For each stance taken by Ralph, Sam is ready to pelt him with the same pile of cliches he used yesterday.

    “Gun debate huh?” Sam says. “Do you even know what an AR-15 is, Ralph?”
    “Abortion?” Sam scoffs. “If I told you a person might be in this cardboard box, would you shoot it, Ralph?”
    “Socialism?” Sam chuckles. “Ever heard of the National Socialist Party, Ralph?”
    And of course, Ralph tweets back his trusty, well-used retorts.
    “How can you be pro-life and pro-gun, Sam?”
    “Her body, her choice, Sam.”
    “Switzerland, Sam.”
    Finally, the day ends with both thoroughly pummeled by cliches. Weary from a long day of fighting, each clocks out and bids the other good day. They’ll get a good night’s sleep and clock back in for more cliched, recycled arguments tomorrow.

  6. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    A final note to the Ayatollah from DJT.

    “D you like your Navy?”,

    “Would you like to keep it?”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Little said about it, at least publicly, but back in 1980, the USN put a great deal of the Iranian navy on the bottom while they sat tied to their piers

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Plus all the escorting of tankers during the Iran Iraq war while they were still in the gulf was not to protect from Iraqi’s but Iranian attacks.

        Which in turn led to some further incidents.

        1) the warships were ordered to lock down their close in missle defense systems, they were afraid that Dan Rather might get shot down, while hired news aircraft were buzzing the ships trying to get a story which in turn..
        2) led to a frigate getting hit by two excocet middles fired from an Iraqi plane, which was ignored because the Iraqi’s were not the enemy at the time. Iran was.
        3) reason for the attack…revenge by the pilot for his brother getting killed by US weapons still being supplied to Iran, the alleged enemy via
        4) Iran Contra scandal, because the Democrat controled Congress banned any overt aid in any attempt a to remove the new communist leader of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, by the Contras.
        5) which in a round about way led to the inaction decades later against dear friend Hugo Chavez who did in fact create a human disaster of his country.

        Where Daniel Ortega abides by their constitution, gets voted out, runs again wins etc. They alternate. Political governments.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Comey is so good with his sanctity

    “Law enforcement should be apolitical”

    No shit Jose. Apolitical absolutely but not criminal as you’ve so aptly demonstrated

  8. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Shortly after Joe Biden promised to cure cancer if he is elected president, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempted to one-up her opponent, promising to cure smallpox as one of her first actions upon taking office.

    “We will fend off the smallpox attacks of the white man,” she said while sipping “fire water” in a live video posted to her social media accounts. “If I am elected, I will find a way to end this scourge on our people and send the white devils back across the great sea where they came from.”
    Warren also vowed to support housing construction by funding new low-cost wigwams, longhouses, and teepees across the land.
    Her policies would also address hunger. “I promise a buffalo over every fire!” she said, before giving off a war cry that she had found on Google and carefully rehearsed ahead of time.
    “A vote against me is a vote for the smallpox blankets the white man used to oppress our people!” she concluded.

  9. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s on SUFA 🙂

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Real time warning of how fragile modern power distribution networks

    A huge blackout has affected Argentina, part of Uruguay and cities of other countries in the region since the early hours of the morning. This was reported by the electricity company Edesur Argentina (Distribuidora de Energía Sur Sociedad Anónima) in a message published on Twitter.

    “A huge problem in the electricity interconnection system has left all of Argentina and Uruguay without energy,” says the company that distributes electricity in the capital Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. According to local media reports, the blackout would also have affected a part of Uruguay, southern Brazil and several Chilean cities. The web page of the National Regulatory Body for Energy is currently off-line. At the moment nothing is known of the causes of the emergency.

  11. Happy Father’s Day !

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A police spokesperson told the Independent that “one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article”.

    This is the British spokespersons charge against the lady who popped the Trump Baby balloon in London the other week. Destruction of private property my be more appropriate but in possession of a pointed and bladed object..come on. I guess in London butter knives are the only item allowed. They ban guns, have great stats on gun crime. Criminals switch to knives, making sharp objects illegal, whats ban cricket bats, then stones, then spit wads

    • Just A Citizen says:

      My vote is to ban the rest of the freakin world. Except maybe Canada…..that is the west half. I want to be able to drive to Alaska without being hassled at the border. It is bad enough getting into CALIFORNIA, why should I be harassed getting to Canada or Alaska??

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Does California still have the checkpoints at the border where they search your car for fruits and vegetables? Or have they expanded the search criteria to other items like plastic straws

        • Yes

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            From Texas, not welcome
            US passport holder, ditto
            Have a job, go home

            Homeless, come on in, we have a lovely bridge you can live under.
            Undocumented migrant, please step into the office and fill out these forms. We want to give you immediate welfare and benefits. License so you can vote because we will not check that you can legally do so.

  13. U.S.—While everyone has a mother–a necessity in every family for raising and providing for the children–there is a second type of parent some people have called a “father.” It is unknown what purpose this seemingly vestigial parent provides, but today is a holiday known as Father’s Day, where the existence of fathers is acknowledged even if their purpose is unknown.

    “That fathers exist at all is kind of insulting,” said feminist activist Caron Wolff. “That they’re around at all seems to imply women could use help running a family–which simply isn’t true. Still, it is a fact that they currently exist, so I guess it’s okay to spend one day acknowledging that fact as long as not too big a deal is made of it.”
    There had been concerns in the past that fathers actually were harmful to families because of their toxic masculinity, but that masculinity has been tamed in recent years. Now they’re relatively harmless and can help with chores around the house–though usually only under tight supervision, as they’re not very good at them–and can occasionally watch the children–though this again can cause trouble, as they often irritate the children with bad jokes.
    While no one recommends having a father, if you know of one, today is the day to tell him, “There you are.” Scientists expect fathers to completely disappear in the next few decades, though, as they’re replaced with an automated device that can both kill spiders and say, “Nice to meet you, Hungry.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Artificial insemination. Abortion at will especial once the sex is determined to be a male. Out weighs the chance that male migjt be transgender and declare themselves a female soome day. Just think, no need for worrying about safe sex, no messy divorces. No sex crime. No girl fights in school over a stolen boyfriend. Peace will reign until they realize women react on emotions, not with objectivity. (Usuall) and fight with more viscousness than any male fight I ever saw in school

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just think the emptiness in women’s lives when they don’t have men to complain about, making their life so terrible and unfair.

        I remember in Portland Maine how women finally succeeded on getting a historical “Mens Club” shut down. The men shut it down when courts ordered them to include women in their membership. The bastions of peace and quiet are systematically being shuttered

        Primitive cultures have it right. Men’s huts and women’s huts. Men do their thing women do theirs. They get together only to form new offspring, or to avoid inbreeding go snatch one from a neighboring tribe.

        They understood how to not create IDIOTS, something advanced cultures have lost. We’re turning them out by the millions in school

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          By the way SUFA ladies and other members spousal units are exempt from by posts.

          I had a good friend a while ago that required a lot of help. Years worth. When all was stabilised I was given my notice. Her grown kids and friends used to beg me to come back. As much as I liked her, I just didn’t have the energy anymore. The other year she called and wanted me to move back to Maine. Her front yard had 4 feet of snow in it. I was on my front porch in shorts and barefoot drinking a pitcher of margaritas. I said come here. Infinitely warmer and exponentially less expensive to live. She said NO. So I said NO way am I moving. Last Christmas she called again fishing for something. I suspect help due to things not going well. But 1/2 way through she started nagging me. My battery went dead miraculously on my cell phone.

    • I had an eerily quiet night at work last night so I had some spare time to troll some liberal comment sections. I noticed that the liberals were especially triggered last night. I don’t know if it was because of Father’s Day or because of the full moon. And, yes, I kind of fit into the Sam and Ralph cliché above. 😉

  14. A nice quiet weekend.

    I wonder how many Liberals are wincing in embarrassment over how the Crats and the liberal media are tripping over themselves over the foreign dirt stuff. Watching them literally make stuff up to support their talking points is disgraceful, all the while ignoring that HRC actually said foreign dirt was normal and happens every election.

    Thankfully, intelligent people see through all this Liberal garbage being put out.

  15. 25 years ago the OJ Simpson white Bronco slow ride was on every TV and every channel. I was getting acclimated to my new home in the Republic of Panama, the internet barely existed, Mathius was still in diapers, and we were all a lot lighter. Time sure flies.

    • Mathius says:

      25 years ago the OJ Simpson white Bronco slow ride was on every TV and […] Mathius was still in diapers

      I was in middle school… 7th grade, I think.

      That trial was… EVERYWHERE.

      The whole city felt like a powder keg. I didn’t have the words to describe it at the time, but the tension was palpable. Everyone – everyone – knew he was guilty, but everyone was terrified of what would happen if he was convicted. Remember, we were not so far removed from Rodney King.

      In the days leading up to the verdict, the whole city was basically on lock-down. Extra guards were posted at my school, and my mother (hyperbolic at the best of time) was afraid to leave the house. They cut into my English Class to wheel in a TV so we could watch the verdict.

      When they acquitted him, everyone in my class (100% white, by the way) had the same exact though: “well that’s bullshit, but phew.”

      And then, just like that, the whole thing went “poof” and everyone moved on without another thought.

      and we were all a lot lighter.

      Well that’s certainly true. In 7th grade, I weighed maybe 60 lbs.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Something I’m finding interesting this year. Even though my yard gets lots of direct sun during the day, the grass stays wet from the evening dew almost the entire day. Even with a breeze blowing.

    In May we had zero rain in my area for three weeks. Clear skies and temperatures in the 90’s and several at triple digits. Not very humid, and the lawns stayed green with no watering from a sprinkler.

    The city assumes all water usage goes into the sewer. Whose fee is exhorbant. Easily makes 1/3 of my total utility bills.water itself is cheap. $15/5000 gallons, $30/5K-10K etc.

    • Farmers around here are not happy. Not enough dry days to get things planted. In retrospect, at least we are not under water, like many farms in the Midwest.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Baby, the rain must fall, somewhere. I could watch and smell the storms to the west and east of me March on by heading northward. My friend in N.Y. is complaining about all the rain she’s getting and all the snow they had with no where to put it.

        Just go back to the 30’s with rain and flooding unmatched to this day with all the hype if climate change, yet the mid west was in a drought.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        So you’re saying the corn will not be knee high by the 4th of July?

  17. The NYT reports that we are messing with Russia’s power grid but DJT appears to not know what is going on. Russia is not an enemy but a competitor. Why are we treating them as an enemy? Is this an unauthorized intrusion? Is this in retaliation for something they did?

    Mines and missiles are flying in the Gulf of Oman which the CIA, military and SoS claim are from Iran. Our allies are asking for proof. No one trusts the CIA. Has the CIA gone rogue? Are they keeping DJT in the dark to make him look bad? As far as I am concerned, the CIA has lost all credibility. I think it needs a wholesale housecleaning.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yes, to all. The CIA had been rogue for decades. Any politician who upsets their agenda gets eliminated one way or another. Kennedy was a graphic reminder. Nixon for making what mesdy peace he could from a CIA adventure plus detente was removed in a slicker manner, Reagan got the message with a bullet in the chest, all others Bush 1, Clinton, Bush II, Obama all played their deadly game. trump needs to go because he threatened to drain the swamp. Trump got hoodwinked by the CIA and military when Assad again with zero proof other than TRUST us gassed his own people. Like they did with Obama who then unleashed moderate rebels called ISIS and a JV team on the world. Trump gave in once, he said no mas we’re out of here after ISIS mostly defeated. But Mathis quit in protest. From what had come out Benghazi was a center of al queda and CIA arms waystation into Syria. When Gaddafi tried cleaning it out he was overthrown and killed really unleashing a human disaster in Syria Libya but to Europe as well.

      How soon the Times forgets how Hillary and Obama embraced Putin and Mendelev, yet by the end of their tenures was calling Russia an enemy.


    What say you SUFA? Is facing State and Federal charges for the same crime double jeopardy? The SCOTUS says it’s not.

    • IMHO, if all the charges are part of the same trial and verdict, then it is NOT double jeopardy.

      I would be against a State filing charges AFTER a guilty verdict on Federal charges and vice-versa. But I might be able to be convinced otherwise should someone present a solid argument 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like in the old days when the rope broke when they tried to hang you after being convicted of a crime, usually it wad decided devine intervention was on hand. They usually didn’t go get a stronger rope and have a do over.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Take Rodney King as an example. The LAPD whether under white or black leadership is not known for having a kinder and gentler side. The officers were found innocent by State and local courts in their senseless beating of him. However the federal government stepped in with civil rights violations and won their case.

      Playing tag team is a method of destroying a person’s ability to defend themselves. Seizing assets even those not involved with any crime etc. If a jury finds not guilt or a decendent pleads guilty that should end it period. The penalty should be the same or run concurrently. If a jury can not determine guilt by evidence, a hung jury, not a NOT guilty verdict, the courts regardless of state or federal can keep coming back for their pound of flesh. They have unlimited resources where the defendants are limited

      Just ask the former governor of Illinois about the federal prosecuter Fitzgerald on that. Fitzgerald kept not being able to make his case effectively. He kept tweaking the charges over the years to finally convict the governor.

      Manafort on the other hand committed all his crimes outside of any involvement with Trump and his campaign. Trump would in my estimation be pulling a real boner if he pardoned or commuted and or all of Manafort’s crimes. The only reason he did become a target was his eventual association with Trump and a POLITICAL target in Muellers effort to get Trump, if not paint trumps black.

      Federal tax issue a and other crimes convictd of lead to state crimes separate violations. Usually caught together and convicted but prison time served concurrent or in Manafort’s probable case for time served. They should not run linearly which I’m sure they’ll attempt to do.

      So mixed feelings due to mixing Apple’s and oranges.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The LAW allows it. But it is, in the words of Mathius, BAD law.

      The two sovereign criteria should only apply, in my view, when the separate laws are pretty distinct. Not just the same law passed by different govt. entities. It is time to neuter the over zealous prosecutors who are no interested in justice as much as putting notches in their whip handle.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Youre better at getting to the point than I am.

        The Rodney king case was two different prosecutions with two two separate laws.


    It doesn’t seem long ago when the Left were screaming about a rodeo clown with an Obama mask on.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Now here is a BAD ruling by SCOTUS. The law making body has not standing to challenge a Federal Court ruling on the laws it makes. Really??????????

    Standing should have been allowed and a ruling on the merits made by SCOTUS.

    But the real answer was that this should have been a STATE matter and no business of the Federal Courts. There is no Constitutional Issue involved. Only the made up law of SCOTUS and overreach by Congress.

    • reference? Which rulling

      • Just A Citizen says:
        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The way I read this article
          1) Republican moved districts lines that actually would guarantee a black representative elected in that district.
          2) Democrats realigned those districts and from the sounds it will actually diffuse the black vote in those districts making it less likely a black representative would ever get elected in that district.

          • Texas was ordered to redraw its district lines by an Obama appointed judge on the basis of discrimination. Texas said, nope. The judge then issued his own idea of district lines….Texas said nope. Then our governor, who is an avid state’s right person, basically said stay out of our business. Then he challenged the court to prove where Texas has violated Federal Discrimination Law….he said since the challenge to Texas was about discrimination….he said prove it. So far….crickets.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      👍The feds should never have been involved unless, maybe interstate carrying was somehow involved.

  21. From AOC………………….what is a Limpet mine and how do we know that the speed boat was pulling off the hull?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In relation to What? But in AOC’s case there’s no fixing stupid and they also getting rid of literacy testing and comprehension of what one is voting on, in the ’64 voting rights act.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Duh….NSJ. only 23. Try everybody who sent or received emails to Hillary’s server and clearly non-government email address.

    The negligence of the security people is astounding, to have not immefuately pulled her back into official networks.

    Every company I worked for and handled information owned that information. Every bit was backed up every few minutes and retained for a minimum of 7 years. If it was “Client” information it was retained as long as the client was our client. They also received identical copies of not only their raw data, but also analytics specific to them. It also was retained for years afterwards just in case any lawsuits may be filed. The retention was also for our protection when clients tried pulling fast ones. Like claiming we broke the contract by not performing services required. They’d try to get out and not pay the due bills usually millions of dollars. In 15 years we had only one off events paid back. Only one was serious business. The contractor doing an upgrade improperly tested the release. It took the entire visa network down for over 24 hours. Unimaginable losses. We rightfully paid it was our contractor, but also lost visas business.

    Annually we went through security and information handling refresher courses. Any breach could mean immediate termination, and depending criminal prosecution. Especially when handling accounts like the nuclear power companies and anything touching federal accounts required federally issued security clearance.

    For HRC and anyone around her to claim, I just didn’t know or realize is a lie and willful violation of security and records retention laws.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess I no longer live in America where you are innocent until proven guilty.

    1) Paul Manafort is sleeve.
    2) He was convicted in Federal court, mostly on tax stuff, but all 100% non violent. Yet treated like a hardened serial murderer in solitary leading up to that trial.
    3) the State of N.Y. has joined the action and filed a number of alleged State violations. Yet they wanted to put him in Rikers island. Pending trial.
    4) Barr intercedes and says Manafort will be housed in Federal facilities

    Yet Manafirt had been in jail on a white collar non violent violation leading up to and including his trial, bail had been revoked on Weissmann insistence that Manafort attempted to tamper with a witness with a phone call. And argued that solitary was for Manafort’s safety and also his crimes are worse than a serial killer.

    Harvey Weinstein committed an untold number of violent acts of rape and assult against women and he negotiated when, he’d come in for arraignment, stood there in his sports coat uncuffed, charges read, bail set, paid bail and walked out. Still free.

    Roger Stone accused of some attempt to get information from Assange on Hillary Clinton. Raided by FBI early morning, guns, plenty if press present. Arraigned in Orange jumpsuit chained hand and foot

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Whoop dee do

    The Eurozone is cheering a economic growth rate during the 1st quarter of 2019. 0.4%

    The U.S. has an estimated annual economic growth of 3.1% based on the 1st quarter results.

    If you multiply the eurozone as an estimate of annual growth they’ll be right at 1/2 The US. Growth. It’ll get worse in the EU once Britain exits in the fall. By all means let’s adapt the EU’s economic policies under Mario Draghi, who’s still stuck on quantitative easing and says there’s still more room

    • Quantitaive easing is…………………well………………………..bullshit.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That was for sure. Isn’t Japan still wallowing in stagnation like forever? And they were the darlings of economic success.

        Only from predatory practices and blocking any imports from my experience


    Eric Swallowell had a whole 12 people at his anti-gun event recently. Biden can barely pull 100 people at his events. The polls are full of crap.

  26. Take a lesson, Feds.

    The Texas Legislature meets for 140 days every two years. This time, we passed and signed 927 bills…..among the most noteable…Some common sense items… more red light
    cameras in Texas, expansion of the Castle Doctrine to include all personal property and real estate, lowered property taxes for business and individuals, increased teachers pay and retirement benefits, eliminated permanently the Robin Hood approach to school taxation (No more taking from rich districts to give to poor districts), capped all property tax increases and tied them to mandatory budgets, made permanent the balanced budget amendment, made permanent the line item veto on budgetary items which prevents add ons at the last minute, eliminated borrowing from general funds to facilitate under budget departments (Makes all departments operate within their assigned budgets), increased the rainy day fund to ten billion (to be used for emergency items…hurricanes, etc), all state supported welfare payments must be reviewed every 24 months and fall within the budget for that department, made permanent the Texas Right to Work Law……

    Of importance that is pissing off the deep state in Washington DC….Texas has designated 10 billion over the next two years of building border walls in specific areas using no federal dollars and has authorized the budget for 7,000 State troops to patrol the border with arresting authority. ( This one is really pissing off the Dems )…

    I could go on…..but the main item is…..Legislators, who are not full time and not on the sugar teat, that meet for 140 days every two years……took care of two years worth of business and passed and signed 927 bills…….all within balanced budgets with reduced taxes and increased personal responsibility. I wonder how many bills have been passed in Washington?

    • Comparing Texas to the Swamp isn’t fair. The Swamp critters only care about power, not what’s best for the country. Texas takes care of their own, as should all States. If most of the Federal government were to cease existence tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

  27. The Democrats are only concerned about optics and slander while Republicans actually know the facts of the case as the political hit job that it really was.
    Mueller’s report was almost entirely based on this phony Steele dossier, and yet these witnesses called to testify on the Mueller report hadn’t even read it!!

    I think the Crats are in big trouble in 2020. AOC will be bartending again in 2021. The House and Senate will be Red and Trump wins bigly.

  28. EL MONTE, CA—The Grasmick kids, Amy and Aiden, just recently got off of school for the year and began their long-awaited summer vacation.

    Amy and Aiden made a rookie mistake, however, after being on summer vacation for less than three days: they told their mom they were bored.
    The pair immediately regretted this decision after Mrs. Grasmick quickly assigned them a whole list of chores.
    “Oh, bored, are we?” she said. “That’s great news! Amy, come over here and help me with the dishes. Aiden, hun, why don’t you get started on the baseboards?” The mother then happily went about her business, doing laundry, watching her favorite shows, and whistling as her kids helped with the chores.
    “We’ve made a huge mistake,” they told reporters as they tried to figure out how to fire up the lawn mower.
    At publishing time, the kids had announced that they believe they’ll be able to avoid boredom for the rest of the summer.

  29. U.S.—Democrats have made vows to place extreme restrictions on guns, but they keep running into a problem: Many of their ideas can’t go into effect because of an early addendum to the Constitution. They’re now calling this the “Second Amendment loophole.”

    “We just want to get guns off the streets,” Cory Booker, one of 583 presidential candidates, told the press, “but this Second Amendment loophole makes it so we can’t do that. We need to close that loophole.”
    The way many gun control advocates would like things to work is, if they read in the New York Times about a particular gun model they think is scary–like an AR-15 or a semi-automatic or a glue gun–they could then just go ahead and ban it and start taking it from people. Normally things would work this way with anything else, but thanks to the Second Amendment loophole, they can’t just ban guns because they feel like it.
    Closing the Second Amendment loophole won’t be easy, though, as it will take two-thirds of the states to sign on, a nearly impossible task. This sort of thing has also blocked many other politicians’ brilliant plans, something they refer to as the “Federalism loophole.”


    I asked what folks thought the Crats end was concerning all the illegals. This is what I’ve been waiting for, a concerted effort to remove them. Now, the question I have, will there be a violent pushback (which may be that endgame)?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So Mr. Trump pushes this when his agencies can’t even handle the influx they are having right now. Kind of makes you wonder why now and for what purpose!!!!

      P.S. Cannot help but notice not a single peep or whimper about the announced DEFICIT and RECORD DEBT. You cannot blame that on Obama anymore.

      • Cannot help but notice not a single peep or whimper about the announced DEFICIT and RECORD DEBT.

        It became an exercise in futility. Us old farts won’t deal with the repercussions. All those young’uns who voted for Obama and watched the debt double in 8 years will have that privilege.

        Kind of makes you wonder why now and for what purpose!!!!

        I’ll guess is Trump is trying to get the Crats to react so voters can see where all the candidates actually stand. Keeping it an issue is good for his upcoming campaign.

      • P.S. Cannot help but notice not a single peep or whimper about the announced DEFICIT and RECORD DEBT. You cannot blame that on Obama anymore.

        The Republicans will suddenly rediscover fiscal conservatism as soon as the next Democrat is in office.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    I am SHOCKED that The Hill published this opinion piece. Wont’ sit well with their audience.

  32. You’re all a bunch of old farts.

    What was y’all’s thoughts when the Pentagon Papers came out?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Ellsberg was one of the authors of the historical study. Covering 1947-1967. He went to Kissinger, McGovern and Fulbright trying to get it out. Nixon didnt plan on doing anything, becsuse it actually nailed Johnson pretty bad, but Kissinger won the day claiming it’s release might jeopardize FUTURE covert operation.

      Anybody who even took the time to read any of Vietnam’s history and it’s eternal fight for independence against colonial powers including China’s expansion. Just because Ho Chi Minh was a communist, he was painted with the same brush as Stalin Mao and the North Koreans. He also was a French educated economist. He always stated you can not have good social policies without a strong economy. He also said, his goal is to unify the country artificially divided. Absolutely no reason to expand beyond. All ignored. Vietnam hated the Chinese and fought them throughout history. They actually would have been a strong ally against Johnson’s plan of containing China.

      But what most sticks in my mind was Johnson’s presidential campaign. Claiming Goldwater was the warmonger and he’d not send good American boys to fight, knowing full well the plans to provoke Vietnam then justifying full scale war.

      The CIA involvement was well understood in many operations globally.

      Nothing in fact was really secret, sort of put it all in perspective the conflict. Problem is is shits like Kissinger are still around advising.

      I don’t trust anything with CIA stamp of approval on it.

      So like the Pentagon papers, I want a chronological timeline 100% unredacted of not only the Server scandal but also the FBI, CIA , STATE DEPT, DOJ operation against Trump because he was an outsider, vowing to drain the swamp. Hillary was in the bag. The CIA had been the puppet master controlling presidents and Congress and will remove anyone of them if they don’t play ball, just like Cardinal Richeleau would.

      They weren’t going to wait on Trump gaining office .

      • Mathius says:

        That does not address my question in any way.

        The question was: what were your thoughts when the Pentagon Papers came out?

        To be clearer: did you think the papers should not have been released? Did you think that it was treason for the Times to publish them? Did you think it was “good” or “bad” that they were published? Do you think Ellsberg should have been convicted of espionage/etc? Did SCOTUS get their ruling right?

        I know (broadly) the scope and shape of the history and the events. What I’m looking for is what you – an old fart – thought at the time and, also, I suppose, how those views have shifted since.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Yes it should have come out. Ellsberg tried via government authority to bring it out.

          This is a case as was stated in court an example of OVERCLASSIFICATION, it was a historical review.

          Johnson lied and people died, including 6 of my classmates.

          The anti war protests at the Chicago conventions were against the Democrat administration.

          I have a friend who to this day is extremely proud of his role in the creation of the “Daisy” ad that was used in the campaign to paint Goldwater as a warmonger, when it was Johnson planning to provoke a war. Over dinner one night as an explanation he said Democrats start good wars.

          Only the CIA would have cared about whether it was published. It was well known if any one chose to remember the CIA’s dirty hands over events. The pentagon papers just layed it out.

          Just like what Barr and Durham will do.

          The CIA, FBI State DoJ all obstructed investigations by their over classification and redactions

          Remember who the “Plumbers” were CIA FBI same cast of characters as Watergate.

          There is so much out there today about the Russia collusion but it’s bits and pieces. But it’s there. Barr will release a Pentagon papers style report that puts it into perspective.

          The media in their zeal also was complicit beating the drums for war doing their part. Only after TET did they start being anti war.

          Most young people today if asked about who really ignited the war and they will say Nixon.not Johnson

          Nobody went to jail for lying and killing untold numbers of peoples. Only Lt Calley when his command went crazy at Mi lai.

          The lesson that should be learned is to never trust the spy organization on them telling the truth. The media has failed that lesson many times since then. They have an agenda that most politicians follow regardless of who it hurts. Or how many are killed.

          As the aunt on “Sanford and Son” always said, “Hallelujah, the truth will set you free” unfortunately by government acts we have not seen the truth yet. Pieces yes. The press failed to do their jobs based on their bias. Few media groups even began to dig, most parroted the deep state leaks.

          Cities used to have numbers of papers all with different angles. Read them all and and you’ll get a clearer view. Unfortunately most media are no better than Max Headroom you’ll see the same exact story repeated ad nauseum on cable networks. All picked up from a single source. And if anyone dares to vary it’s a conspiracy theory.

          • Mathius says:

            You seem to have guessed wrong at where I was heading with this.. I’m not drawing a parallel to the Russian investigation.

            The NYT the other day claimed that the US had developed and deployed back doors into the Russian power grid which would enable the US to shut off their power.

            The story is well-sourced and almost certainly true. That we did this really should come as no surprise.

            That the Russians are doing it to us as well really should come as no surprise either – they used it on Ukraine in the past after all.

            But, in response to this story, Trump had this to say: “This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…..”

            In light of your thoughts on the Pentagon Papers, what are your thoughts on this turn of events?

          • Just like what Barr and Durham will do. The Democrats will prove to be successful to shut them up.

  33. Mathius………………Daniel Ellsburg should have gone to jail for life.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      He certainly would have gone to prison based on how he released the paper.

      But the case was dismissed because of government misconduct with actions taken by that team of incompetent stooges known as the “Plumbers” who later performed a similar botched breaking at Watergate bring down Nixon. The cast of characters were ex CIA and FBI lead by a equally crooked bunch of lawyers. I think later Judge Sirica saud no one is above the law. All lessons forgotten.

      We had a neighbor in Hidden Hills who went to law school with either Ehrlichmann or Halderman, he was as crooked a lawyer as they come and held in complete disdain by the neighbors. Even his sons disowned him for being a total sleeze.

  34. Did you think the papers should not have been released? In the manner they were released, I think it was wrong. Did you think that it was treason for the Times to publish them? No, they cannot be convicted of treason. I wish it were true that they could because the 4th estate is never to be trusted but…no treason. Did you think it was “good” or “bad” that they were published? Interesting question which poses a two part answer. It was good and bad. It was bad to publish because the 4th estate is NOT a watch dog. It was good because the Vietnam war, from the very beginning, was wrong and most people do not know that American involvement began as early as the 1950’s. However, what was not included in the release of the Pentagon Papers was the main reason for involvement. Do you think Ellsberg should have been convicted of espionage/etc? Yes, and he should have gone to Leavenworth to be making little rocks out of big ones for the rest of his natural life and then gone to hell for his eternal life. Did SCOTUS get their ruling right? Depends on your point of view…..was the case an actual violation of the 1st Amendment? I fall on the side of no. But I have a disdain for the 4th estate. What this ruling did end up doing….well, you are seeing the result of it today. The SCOTUS ruling paved the way for the lying and manipulation the media uses today and the bastardization of the first amendment. I really wish there was such a thing as The Purge…..but since there is not, I have to live with a media hiding behind the first amendment to the point that lying is ok and a way of life for the 4th estate.

  35. Now, that said……Trump needs to shut up and let the truth come on out. Everyone will see that it was a set up from the beginning. The people are not stupid…well, some are…but we shall see what happens. If Trump is re-elected, then I guess all the issues that are NOT proven against Trump do not matter.

  36. A “predatory and controlling” rapist has been jailed for life after she (HE) attacked vulnerable women in female prisons.

    Karen White, 52, who was described as being a danger to women and children, admitted sexually assaulting women in a female prison and raping another two women outside jail.

    A “predatory and controlling” rapist has been jailed for life after she (HE) attacked vulnerable women in female prisons.

    Karen White, 52, who was described as being a danger to women and children, admitted sexually assaulting women in a female prison and raping another two women outside jail.

    Prosecutor Chris Dunn described White as an “alleged transgender female” who has used her HIS “transgender persona to put herself Himself in contact with vulnerable persons” whom she HE could then abuse.


    So, this is the new left.

    • Your only touching a small portion of the issue:

      Writer S. Bear Bergman said that kids love the “bubbles” and “rainbow streamers,” as well as “enjoyable performances,” whatever that means.
      “There is absolutely no reason not to take our kids to Pride — it’s a fun day, there are a lot of bubbles, rainbow streamers and enjoyable performances,” Bergman said.
      “It’s their right as queer spawn. And as a parent, I might want to take my kids to Pride, because they might be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or two-spirit.”
      Bergman went on to defend the lewd elements of the Pride parade, saying he’s more worried about children being exposed to “compulsory heterosexuality” than a gay man shaking his bare behind in front of them.
      “First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children,” Bergman said.
      “On the list of things that I don’t want my children ever to be exposed to are: Compulsory heterosexuality, demonstrations of sexism, demonstrations of racism, demonstrations of ablism, violence. These are all way higher on the list than some homosexual’s tuchus.”
      However, some on social media expressed outrage over the overt sexualization and far-left brainwashing brought by Pride events.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If I remember correctly sponsors pay a large amount of money. If you sponsor someone they are your responsibility and are supposed to insure they do not get just turned loose ad become welfare recipients. If they do, INS starts after you the sponsor. It was close to $17k to sponsor one person. It’s was like a bail bond. If the government was just blowing that off that’s wrong and a violation. Forfit the bond

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If I remember correctly sponsors pay a large amount of money. If you sponsor someone they are your responsibility and are supposed to insure they do not get just turned loose ad become welfare recipients. If they do, INS starts after you the sponsor. It was close to $17k to sponsor one person. It’s was like a bail bond. If the government was just blowing that off that’s wrong and a violation. Forfit the bond

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The excuses of declasdifying and releasing the information concerning the Russia hoax peroetrated by the agencies of the US and opposition parties, of release will jeoprofize lives and methods and procedures is wearing thin indeed.

    Kissinger used that in his argument to not release the Pentagon papers. Yet nothing secret really in it ither than the conspiracy to provoke the North into attacking justifying going to war.

    • No, there was nothing secret about the Pentagon Papers…..there was no national security issue. But that does not relieve the person who released a classified document innocent under the law. The rules are explicit. I do not care or give a rat shit about whether or not the papers, and/or contents, were over-classified. The fact remains……..they were classified. Full stop….end of story. Releasing classified information is a criminal act no matter the good intentions. You do not get to pick the rules you want to follow and you do not get to decide to release classified information without the proper clearance. There is a procedure to follow for that.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir….i do agree with what you say. As I said earlier Ellsburg would have gone to prison if (someone) in the WH, and other agencies hadn’t gotten out of control, screwed up on a break in into Ellsburg’s doctors office looking for dirt to discredit him. The question is why do it.? Nixon had stated he had no issue about releasing the document legally, it didn’t hurt him or his administration. It was Kissinger who argued that it may hurt FUTURE operations. Oh you mean future stuff like provoking a country into attacking you so you then can destroy them to further an over riding agenda.

        Like 10 years later when one day The Shah is a buddy and then overnight the spawn from he’ll. Ushering in Khomenei. Brezinski and Carter did that to disrupt the Russians Muslim troops from being used…….but in the face of a DIRECT threat by Khomenei to any country taking in the Shah for his medical problems, Kissinger argued to allow him into the US. The Embassy was reestablished in Tehran, with full spook staffs, PLUS a DIRECT order for the marine guards to NOT DEFEND the embassy if attacked. I read the order when requests for volunteers went out in August 1979. Setting up the hostage crisis

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Glad to see you say it. I was up on Viet-nam since the very early 1960’s. When I read the PP’s I FOUND NOTHING I DID NOT ALREADY KNOW!

  39. Members of Italian intelligence were approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and the Deep State in order to frame Trump by PLANTING EVIDENCE on American servers to force Trump to step down from office.
    In other words, members of Italian intelligence found a target in Occhionero, a Republican-sympathizer who had two servers for his company, Westland Securities, located in America. One was in Washington State, and the other in West Virginia.
    The plan was for Italian Intelligence to hack into these servers, plant classified emails from Hillary’s servers inside these servers on American soil, and then alert the FBI.
    The FBI would then raid these locations, “discover” these e-mails, investigate, link these servers to Trump…
    And then force Trump to resign.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I do have to remember to buy more popcorn today.

      Team Trump has not been sitting on its thumbs these past two years.

      Oh what a tangled web they wove.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I find it interesting that the FBI today released 400 pages of their investigations into Saul Alinsky. Coincidence? Since HRC’s thesis was on him and was offered a job in his organization. Plus Obama operated from his playbook.

    • Of course they released these papers……and they are going to release more. It is a distraction from what Barr is about to do. I hope Barr lives through this….but I have serious doubts.

      • I don’t think political assassinations are a good idea these days. The pushback against the Crats would keep them from power for decades. They know this as well.

        I just wish that Justice would be served properly, to include HRC for mishandling classified materials. ANYONE in the military would be in Leavenworth for just a smidgen of what she did.

  41. You know…someone above mentioned the My Lai incident……wouldn’t you like to see the classified documents about that incident? The ones that, to this very day, are still classified. The real truth about this incident? And the real reasons for the retaliation? I have read it and it makes my blood boil….but no matter that it is 50 years later…….it is still classified. End of story.

    • How about the classified documents pertaining to the famed “Battle of the Bulge”….everything that led up to it…that is still classified….BUT….the rules are absolute.

      • Mathius says:

        My grandfather was in the Battle of the Bulge. Never talked about it – I only found out a decade after his death.

        • Actually, I know a lot about it…..other than the movies and books…..Most men in that battle that were front line troops do not talk about it…..The German’s made a hail Mary…..almost made it….and the heroism of your grandfather and men like him….from the typist to the tanks saved the war actually.

          • The classified portions of it are not what was in the battles….it was what preceeded the Battle that never should have happened in the first place.

            Hats off to your grand father and all the others in that par of the war. Like Vietnam, the books and the movies made it sound glorious… was not. It took perseverance like your grand father to make it work…..hats off. Be proud of it and understand why some of us try to forget the nasty side.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir….i mentioned it. Misspelled My. Wrote Mi instead.

      The truth starting with the sham investigation into HRC’s private server is moving from the realm of conspiracy theory, to validated truth and her intentional abuse of the law. As though those of us who handled classified docs didn’t know already. Isn’t it amazing how the FBI interview of the security people who said her system was hacked are missing and can’t be found. An interview conducted by McCabe. Much less, the Clintons also denied FBI forensics to analyze the system, just like they refused the DNC server to official scrutiny. Trust us it didn’t get hacked, and the Russians did it.

      Assange should not be prosecuted for publishing what he did. If he aided and abetted who did the theft is a different enchilada. The stuff about the Manning theft is water over the dam and a smoke screen. Barr is after one thing only and that is where did he (provably) get the DNC server info. That is the starting point of the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming hysteria.

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I find it rich that a former member of the NSC under Obama, says Trump doesn’t have the credibility to go to war. After the trail of wrecked countries after Obama, Hillary and Kerry got through with them

    1st, trump in no way will go it alone. They’ll stop in the Straits of Hormuz any further attacks. If the Straits are closed by Iranian attacks, the world will suffer far more than us from the lack of oil, like China and others who have no reserves.
    2nd look at the wreckage of ships sunk or beached after being hit by missles fired from South Yemen, in the Straits exiting the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Obama walked/ran away and abandoned Yemen against its fight against Al Queda.

    • Obama walked/ran away and abandoned Yemen against its fight against Al Queda.

      Yes………….yes he did. In the same manner Kennedy walked away from the Bay of Pigs. Shameful.

  43. U.S.—Taylor Swift released an exciting new anthem for Pride Month yesterday. Inspired by a classic Katy Perry tune, the song is called “I Kissed A Girl And You’ll Like It Or Else You’re A Disgusting Bigot.”

    Swift’s music video shows a bunch of drooling, evil, backward Christian bigots protesting as she and a bunch of celebrities and LGBT activists engage in pride month celebrations.
    The catchy chorus goes like this:
    I kissed a girl and you’ll like it /
    Or else you’re a disgusting bigot /
    I kissed a girl and you’ll like it /
    Christians are evil and must be destroyed so please donate your money to a pro-LGBT organization and also buy my records or else you’re on the side of the fascists.
    For a limited time, any download of the song will reportedly include a free opportunity to virtue signal for being so brave.

  44. WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a video to her constituents Monday evening, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compared mandatory math classes in public schools to “concentration camps.”

    Ocasio-Cortez made several comparisons between public school arithmetic lessons and concentration camps, referencing the brutality of the Holocaust throughout her address.
    “Kids are, like, being forced to learn numbers and do, like, long division,” she said. “And even short and medium-sized division. This is basically what happened in the Holocaust. Math teachers are, like, pretty much fascists. We should call them Add-Olf Hitler. You know, because of the additioning they make us do.”
    “This isn’t happening in the ’40s either—this is happening in 2019,” she added as she began trying to cook some instant noodles in the microwave. “We are basically living in Nazi Germany now.”
    Ocasio-Cortez was forced to cut off her live stream after smoke began billowing out of her microwave.

  45. Canine Weapon says:
  46. PHILADELPHIA, PA—During a campaign speech Tuesday, Joe Biden proudly declared that while Republicans have at least some standards, Democrats are going above and beyond with their “double standards.”

    Biden pointed out that by having two sets of standards, Democrats are leading the race for having the most sets of standards.
    “That’s two times as many standards,” he said proudly. “Double is a lot more than single. Anyone who’s ever watched a baseball game knows that.”
    “Isn’t that right, sweetie?” he said to a young girl in the front row of the crowd, asking her to come up and stand on the stage while he put his hands on her shoulders for the duration of the speech.
    The presidential candidate then went on to slam Trump for his treatment of women, confident in the knowledge that no one in the Democratic Party would dare call him out for being a hypocritical little creep.
    Not to be outdone, Trump quickly took to Twitter to announce that the Republican Party would shortly be debuting its brand new triple standards.

  47. Canine Weapon says:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Don’t forget a nice healthy splashes of A-1 or Heinz 57…….dont blow a gasket …just kidding.

      That’s blasphemy but is valuable to mask the taste of rotten meat as in days of pre refrigeration

      • Don’t forget a nice healthy splashes of A-1 or Heinz 57

        Now what does that remind me of….?

        • When I took JAC and his family for steak dinners on his visit here…….the above DID NOT HAPPEN………….no one……NO ONE…used any type of “sauce”… would have been blasphemy…

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Ah, that is a true story. Nobody at that table was confused about steak eating. Although ya have to keep a sharp eye on Lil’ JAC. He is know to put ketchup on just about everything.

    • Ummm, 2 minutes per side max! You a wimp?

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I think I broke my da*n toe! And no, that has nothing to do with this article , just ranting, but at least I’m not sitting in jail based on BS illegal actions by the gov.

    • https://theh

      Wrong article posted- don’t ask me how – I’ll just start ranting again. I didn’t even read it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Note, alleged crimes against women and not a shared value of our community. The shared value of Hollywood is abuse against women and men. Id bet there are quite a few known directors, producers, actors, studio owners who routinely used their power against women and in Kevin Spaces (case) men and boys.

      I have an old school mate that was raped when she started acting. Quit the business asap. Corey Haim as an example, a young star who quit and ultimately killed herself in Greeley CO .was raped and abused. Im sure the lust is endless, yet only Harvey is charged in NY and hes still handled softly

      Hollyweird is chock full of hypocrites, their audience is shrinking. They’ll be replaced with CGI in time. No scandals, no residuals to pay, no temper tantrums to deal with.

      There are good ones like James Wood , and Rosanne, but they find themselves blacklisted faster than you can say HOWDY

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Was perusing the list of people and organizations that have “Stars”

        Obviously Bill Cosby has been delisted for his abuse of women. but Kevin Spacey is still intact after his abuses of men and boys became public knowledge.

        I was more surprised by the lack of diversity especially of foreign actors. Like Julie Christie is missing. How many academy awards has she won? Peter Marshall one of the longest running game show hosts and stage actor.


    About damn time. The whole tranny issue in girls sports is bullshit. They should be in mental institution, not screwing women out of college assistance.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Good for them. But I’m sure the courts in CT will find the “GIRL’S” have no standing and toss the suit.

      Reading a sub-article about Biden and his inappropriate and demeaning comments, which he’s well noted for over the decades, his obvious comment about clean articulate Obama, missed a point. Obama was a pandering talking head, who could not speak coherently unless the teleprompter worked.

      To be fair most notable politicians have the same disability. Pelosi, Hillary, etc. Trump gaffe exaggerates because 99% of the time he is of script. Did any one notice he MOST DEFINITELY read his speech to the Queen. No extemporaneous speech

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Even though the investigation into if Sarkozy took €40M from Gaddafi in his 2012 presidential campaign is still ion going, obviously he didn’t stay bought and decided to remove Gaddafi from the land of the living with Obama’s and Hillary’s assistance. But the wiretaps uncovered other corruption. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  52. Got a new puppy today. 7 weeks and 2 days old. I know the father and he is smarter than most people. Her first act at home, whine hard and go to window on porch. Took her out and she went #2. I put up some pictures for next thread. Her name is Six.

  53. I will NEVER support the Reparations bullshit going on right now. Not now, not ever, period. My family didn’t own slaves. I don’t know any slaves.

    But, let’s put this subject into perspective. The Crats are the slave party and always have been. They are pandering to blacks for votes and to keep them on their pathetic welfare plantation. These people make me SICK to my stomach just looking at these fake MFers.

  54. It’s not bad enough that a really small town in Michigan was named “Hell.” Now, that has all changed after a sodomite YouTuber by the name of Elijah Daniel has purchased the town and renamed it “Gay Hell” in protest against the Trump administration’s recent rejection of US embassies flying a rainbow flag to celebrate the sodomite communities Pride Month.
    Daniel, 25, purchased the town of Hell, Michigan from its previous owner, John Colone.
    Though the amount of the purchase was not disclosed, it was previously on the market to be sold in 2016 for $900,000, and Daniel will only be a temporary owner.
    “Ahead of pride month Trump’s administration put a ban on embassy’s flying pride flags.” Daniel tweeted.
    Trending: Supremes Issue Horrible Ruling on Double Jeopardy
    “So as of today, I am now the owner of Hell, Michigan,” he added. “I bought the whole town.”
    “And my first act as owner, I have renamed my town to Gay Hell, MI,” Daniel continued. “The only flags allowed to fly are pride.”

    And they wonder why many are sick of their bullshit.

  55. Morning thoughts:

    Puppy did great, woke me up to potty twice. First time I was quick and she went out and did her thing, second time I was slow and she pee’d on me 😀 That will teach me to move faster 😀 😀

    Iran shoots down a very expensive drone, supposedly in International air space AND fired cruise missiles into Saudi taking out and electric generation plant. Oil prices ONLY jumped a couple bucks. I expect some serious retaliation. Iran says it’s ready for war. I don’t think that’s a good idea. This will be interesting.

    Now for a question: What should be Trump’s response to Iran?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just escort ships transiting the straits. Let Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s take their case to the UN. I’d like to see their response as defenders of the 3rd world nations. Few countries in Europe can last long with their oil supply cut. Those with North Sea access will be OK. China has the absolute most to lose, let them deal with it. Europe can get oil and gas from Russia. Or frack their own NG which they’ve got

    • I dunno…leave it alone for now, let someone else deal with it. The other solution could involve pallets of cash.

  56. I added a couple pics of Six above!

  57. Dale A Albrecht says:

  58. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Two outcomes one good and one bad, with one solution

    1) GOOD, gridlock in Congress, they pass few laws and do less harm creating unintended consequences
    2) BAD creates a more imperial presidency which is driven by EO’s and can with a strike stroke of a pen be stricken off with the next president. It takes a strong president to think of the whole country and not just one segment.

    SOLUTION…States stop living on the Federal tit and fix your own problems. Take charge of your destiny. Congress for all intents and purposes is dysfunctional.

    The Dems complain about gerrymandering. Take a good look at California. The State is not all liberal democrats, but the way it’s gerrymandered guarantees a one party rule.

    • The Dems complain about gerrymandering. Take a good look at California. The State is not all liberal democrats


      California is one of the only two (I believe) states with a fully independent bipartisan commission to draw its district lines.

      It used to be one of the worst, I know, but I was under the distinct impression that this is emphatically not the case anymore.

      Can you support your assertion? Because I’m not seeing anything online suggesting it’s really bad compared to the other states (not to be confused with “it’s perfect”).

      but the way it’s gerrymandered guarantees a one party rule.

      It has “one party rule” because it is populated by ~2x as many liberals as conservatives. You wouldn’t, for example, object to Oklahoma’s “one-party rule” on the basis of gerrymandering – it’s not that the districts are skewed, it’s that the state is full of gap-toothed red-shirt-wearing yokels.

      And, not for nothing, for a “one-party rule” state, California sure does elect a lot of Republican governors…

      • That’s okay, plus your video is much better. Everybody should listen to it.

      • I have lived here 25 years. In that time we have had 2 R govs. Arnold however flipped after 2 years and caved to the demands of the unions. We have no R’s in state wide office. The legislature has been dominated by the D’s since I moved here including having a 2/3 majority for many of those years. As I stated below the unions run the state.

        We have some of the richest people and industries in the country but also the greatest level of poverty. The Central Valley is a disaster especially during drought years. We have blackouts now when it is hot and the wind blows, permanent water use restrictions despite having abundant water that is not captured and stored. The San Joaquin, Sacramento, and American Rivers have more water in them than the Colorado but most of it just flows to the sea and is lost. We have unchecked and uncontrolled homelessness. I just heard they are circulating recall petitions for the mayor of LA because of the homeless situation.

        We are still spending money on a useless train to the desert. Our roads are falling apart since the state stole the gas money and then had the gall to raise taxes on gasoline. We are giving healthcare to illegals but taxing legals who do not have health insurance to pay for it. Absolute insanity.

    • CA is redistricted by a citizen’s commission with 5 Dems, 5 Reps, and 5 Indys. It was taken out of the hands of the legislature before the last census. While there is likely still some Gerrymandering going on, we do not have the snake-like districts in other states. Our problem is 2 fold. First, the public employee unions control Sacramento and the Dem party. Second is the invasion from the south. That invasion is flipping some of the stronger Republican districts. With the state giving out DLs and the DMV run by the SEIU, it is imbecilic to think that legals are not voting in our elections in large numbers. The state is doing everything it can to incentivize more illegals to come here. The homeless population is out of control. Typhus is growing. Roads are terrible, We have a water system built for 30M and now have 38M in the state. No new sources of water (dams, etc.) are in the works despite 2 bond issues being approved by the voters. We now have permanent water restrictions and more talk about conservation as if we can conserve out way out of this problem. The state is running a surplus but just added a phone tax and wants to add a water tax and others.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        At least the snake like districts are remedied. We had districts like that, that snaked from Virginia to South Carolina, clipping neighborhoods right in 1/2 guaranteeing only certain parties or races won. Those have been remedied. Now our district encompasses the whole of eastern NC, which has a broad diversity across all spectrums.

  59. Yesssss……………..we are finally getting some news…if you have the capability….tune into C Span 3… will see first hand what I have been reporting on here.

    • Sorry, stepped on your link. His solution sounds good to me.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And guys like Danny Glover have zero remorse over Castro or his full throated support of Hugo Chavez, who took Venezuela and extremely rich country and turned it into a humanitarian disaster.

      (Sarcasticly speaking ). Blasphemy heresy.

      Read the history truly and you’ll see that the democrat party has been a bane for the black people. Not republicans.

      As Owens says if you feel guilty, you pony up.
      This reparations B’S get dragged out periodically for political gain, nothing more.


    “I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race… Let’s pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race…”

    • Anyone who thinks that paying reparations is a good thing, they should be able to file a tax form to have a predetermined percentage increase to their tax withholdings. If it’s totally volunteer, then we’ll see how many Liberals who support it will pony up. My guess is…not too damn many.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The IRS has always maintained that if you feel you have not paid ENOUGH income tax for some reason or another, you are free to include any amount extra you wish to include.

        Frankly I don’t know anyone who tells the IRS, “No, that’s OK, you keep the refund check, for the amount that you say I overpaid”

        In fact my experience goes the other way. A neighbor who was a lawyer, received a refund for $10000, back around 1964. The check was not even written out to him. Just an error in the mailing address. The IRS contacted him, asking him to please return the check, NOT made out to him, so they can give it to the rightfully recipient. Somehow, he deposited the check, probably in a furious Trust account, so the IRS couldn’t just void the check. He actually made the IRS prove, that, even though the check came to him in error, in reality he actually deserved the check due to errors in previous returns where he didn’t receive his full refund.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          This is the same lawyer who went to law school with some if Nixon’s crooked lawyers.

          His mower broke one day. He was going to junk it and buy a new one. My brother who was very good at mechanics even a a young age, said to Bud, if your throwing it away, can I have it. Bud said sure take it. Anyway, but brother repaired the mower easily. That shitty lawyer demanded the mower back or else

          I know those episodes broke whatever friendship my family had with the father/lawyer.

          Even his sons disowned him over his crooked lawyer practices

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:

    • Mathius says:

      Being a jerk and acting like pissing people off is a goal unto itself is a the hallmark of being an asshole.

  62. WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Wednesday, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez somehow got her head stuck inside a bucket. She was heard yelling, “Who turned out the lights?” while repeatedly running full speed into walls. Republicans immediately pounced, using this as proof that Ocasio-Cortez is “kind of a dummy.” Many journalists, on the other hand, leaped to Ocasio-Cortez’s defense, saying her getting her head firmly wedged inside of a plastic bucket was further proof of her being an intelligent and dynamic politician.

    “Most people don’t have her scientific curiosity and intelligence,” said MSNBC pundit Chris Hayes. “Someone incurious like Trump would never look at a bucket and ask ‘Could my head fit inside that?’ But Ocasio-Cortez dives into such questions head first.”
    “She is making a bold statement,” said CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “The bucket on her head is from Walmart, and she is saying loud and clear that corporations have blinded us all.”
    Many activists also defended Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, though they seemed confused about exactly how to defend her, some talking about how buckets are important to society and others calling for the destruction of all buckets.
    As for Ocasio-Cortez, she is doubling down and refusing to apologize, even though the incident caused a huge delay for the Capitol janitorial staff.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius, Canine Weapon, Colonel

    Back from fishing trip up the St. Joe with a Mate. He had a great idea. He used to oppose term limits just as I have. But he has changed his mind. He proposes all Elected officials to D.C. be limited to TWO (2) terms of 4 years each.

    One in D.C. if elected.

    The second in prison, to begin immediately upon completion of the first term.

    Do I hear a Second to the motion??

    • Mathius says:

      I’m on board. Can they be sentenced to hard time? Working on a roadside chain gang? I would give a kidney to see Mitch McConnell in the role of Cool Hand Luke.

      “What we’ve got he-ah is a failyah to communicate!” – Warden Colonel

      • ” You run once, son, you get a set of chains”……” You run twice, son, you get a second set of chains “…….Colonel Warden adds……” You run thrice, son, we don’t have to lead you as far. “

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Thumbs up on that plan.

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Washington Post headline, Manafort being transferred from Rikers Island shows how corrupt the DOJ is.

    How so? Yes he’s been charged with violations of New York State laws, financial. Still facing trial. He’s been convicted in Federal court and is serving his sentence in a federal facility. How is keeping him in a federal penitentiary instead of Rikers Island on charges he’s yet to stand trial for or convicted of a sign of DOJ corruption?

    Kind of rhetorical, because we know in the previous administrations (plural) the DOJ has become seriously corrupt and a tool used for political purposes

  65. Dale A Albrecht says:

    AOC should be asked like Goldie Locks and the three bears when was the earth perfect and therefore a target of man to shoot for.
    One image is land masses during the last ice age when they were lower by 400 feet. Or current day a transitional phase, or the time way back when the area JAC resides was literally and inland waterway across the continent etc.

    Scientist, climate guys, oceanographer, paleontologists can prove from existing evidence if you stand far enough away, like space, 3 separate and succinct 7000 year cycles of the Sahara region alternating from desert to wetlands and lagoons and inland lakes etc. Based on evidence they do conclude that we will see a continued drying in that region before it reaches its peak and starts getting wet again

  66. Dale A Albrecht says:
  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Rashida Tlaib

    ” The continued policing and bullying by Liz and her crew of the WOC members of Congress is just proof that the GOP don’t have a policy agenda for the American people. Instead they want to focus on a hate agenda that doesn’t better our lives, but divides us more.”

    OK, I had to read more to find out what WOC stood for, that being women of color.

    I can’t believe nobody has noticed that:

    WOC spelled backwards is COW.

    Just sayin, and yes I did say it.

    • I hate, hate, hate that John Conyers gerrymandered his way right into my district and left Tlaib in his wake. I’ve had to see her on my local sites. I’m not talking Detroit…I’m talking my city pages and even speaking as close as 1/2 mile from me. Makes me cringe right down to bone marrow. I wish someone would impeach her MF’n ass! Then if that doesn’t make me mad enough, I have to be on her side because she’s heading the charge to Lansing, looking to bring our highest in the nation car insurance rates down. Its enough to drive a person to learn how to drink! And now I’m pissed off already and its only 8am. 🙂

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Is it possible this woman is pushing the Nuremberg Race laws in reverse. Anyone designated “white” is in deep shit?

      • Us white male boomers are in deep doo-doo.

        • Sometimes I gey an eerie feeling that the Crats and liberal media are pushing for a race war/civil war. They seem to engage minorities to believe they are still victims of white racism and continue to attack white people as being privileged and racist.

          One day, probably ling sfter im gone, it might happen, but now isnt a great time for them, unless they want minority populations seriously reduced.

  68. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ve been reading more on the Manafort trials and sentencing. The comments by Judge Jackson, sort of back up Solomon’s story.

      The warrants Mueller and Weissmann used, were most likely illegally obtained. Based on the tried and true method used to obtain the FISA warrants against Carter Page. Get a story planted in the press and use that story to be used as “vetification” when they in fact never verified anything.

      Jackson said in her statements that sometimes “unrelated” crimes come out of an investigation. That was precisely Manafort’s argument. Get the bogus warrants get you on something else which have been laying around for years. It’s obvious that Manafort would never have been prosecuted for anything but for his association Trumps campaign.the FBI dropped their investigations back in 2014 for his activities. Notice he was not convicted of anything related to the reasons for the warrants.

      Tax cheat for sure convicted rightfully. But all the other stuff was for political reasons to get at Trump. I’ll bet he wins ultimately a lawsuit against the FBI, DOJ and the Special Prosecuter team on all that innuendo and defamation alleging he was a Russian agent.

      The fat lady is spraying her throat preparing for the aria in this staged play

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        While reading about Manafort and all his financial crookedness, I was reminded of a scene in Key Largo, with Bogart, Bacall and E.G. Robinson (Rocco)

        Bogart says to Rocco, “I’ll tell you what you want and that is MORE” Rocco replies, “That’s it, what I want is MORE”

        That was how the prosecution painted Manafort by having more, than one needs. With expensive clothes, houses all over the world. To a DC jury probably an effective argument

  69. Trump did it correctly…….so far. Very shrewd move.

    • I agree and was very surprised at the decision. It made good sense. Give them a chance to back down before anyone gets killed. Good move and proper.

  70. And you gotta love the use of the term “dis-proportionate response” should Iran actually attack and kill any American or hit any American ships or planes.

    Even Nancy Pelosi is calling Iran a bad actor….there will be no unmarked cash payments in the middle of the night to Iran, there will be no nuclear agreement that sunsets in the future, and the response to Europe was…..get on board with the sanctions.

  71. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    # 1 son gave me a copy of their latest issue. 90% makes incredible sense to me. The fallacy of Big Box stores, monopoly military contractors, Orwell at 75, China today and facial recognition along with penalties for even having anti-social facial expressions (Dale would love the article, all about software) . Man we ARE in big trouble in the coming years.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Interesting article in the magazine cited.

      Let me ask everyone, what if we had applied this same thinking to Germany in 1941-45? How about Japan? After all, the “people” of those nations were not our enemy. It was only their evil leaders.

      This is the conundrum of trying to help maintain peace or balance in the world. How do you punish those who hold monopoly of power over their own people, without harming the people themselves. And thus causing the people to further support those who enslave them.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Exactly! How do you punish a government? I sit here at 72 absolutely flabbergasted at the damage that J. Carter did to the Mideast by NOT Understanding the difference between Authoritarian and Totalitarian. The Shah was a bastard. From day one, the Ayatollah made him look like Mother Theresa. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are dead, including out 3,000 at the WTC and Pentagon because of that little miscalculation. Francisco Franco was every bit the bastard the Shah was, perhaps even worse yet in the normal course of time, in the turning of the page, Spain became “free”. I am unfortunately not up on Turkish History but after Attaturk took over and forcibly dragged Turkey into the West and the 20th Century, I suspect he was not the kindest sweetest guy around. Now, with the West turning a blind eye the current Turkish leadership is taking them back to the middle ages. Watch for the return of the fez.

  72. Interesting……Trump dumb like a fox. Iran hits un-manned drone. Iran hits non-American flagged ships. No US sailors or airmen killed…..trying to goad Trump into firing from the hip. Trump calls both sides of Congress together and reveals all the intelligence to both sides. The words of dis-proportionate response being used…the words measured response being used. The words of proportionate response are removed.

    The left all lined up to condemn Trump for being impulsive. Oh cool, they think, he is going to hit three sites….kill people and not have the support of Congress…….

    Trump sends all the signals…the left licking their chops……then…………………Trump says, no, I am not going to kill people just to prove a point ……calls off attack. Shows compassion.

    Now, Trump says…let’s tighten the economic screws more….and tougher. Shut them off….then tells Europe, you have the most to lose here. Join the sanctions.

    Pelosi now saying that Iran is a bad actor….Schumer, about 4 minutes ago, walks out of a meeting and says that Trump, calling off the attacks, shows weakness. UHOH…Pelosi and Schumer not reading the same playbook.

    Trump’s team now using the “dis-proportionate response” terms should any American interest now be attacked. Trumps team using the “measured response” terminology, which I am sure the American public has no concept of what the military definition of measured response really means.

    So, Trump waits. He de-fanged the media and the left by NOT shooting from the hip. It appears that Pelosi and Schumer are at odds….Europe is on notice and Trumps “America First” promise is being kept. No American flagged ships being hit, no American manned recon planes being attacked…

    Iran knows that a masive attack they could not stop was called off….the bait was not attractive to the Great Satan…. the economic bombs are still falling….Iran is in financial trouble. Medicines and food prices are up 60%….gasoline is in short supply, food shipments are dwindling because of the hostility of Iran…Their leaders are feasting at banquets while the serfs are starving.

    Iran will soon have to hit American Interests….Trump WILL go to Congress. Congress will decide taking the heat off Trump. Trump will NOT start a war with Iran until Congress says go. If Congress blocks him…in an election year….wonder what the people will think.

    • He does know how to to keep them (the Dems and MSM) off balance. I am amazed at the number of people screaming for war. We accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner several years back and avoided a conflict at that time.

      Many years ago on here I argued to ramp up our own oil production so that we were not beholden to these ME potentates. Obama could have but Trump has done it. We should now start letting other powers guard THEIR oil supply. There is no reason why Japan and Europe cannot put assets into the area to escort the tankers.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just the other day Angela Merkel was talking about how Germany and other EU countries are working on backdoor work arounds of sanctions in place against Iran. Nothing new there. Like US companies evaded the sanctions by using their overseas subsidiaries who technically were independent of the US based parent. GE is a prime example.

      The important thing is that Europe, the oil producing countries in the gulf and China have the most to lose, NOT the US.

      That said it is important that Trump and the military do not get distracted from a greater threat of China and their grabbing, quite against international laws, literally the whole of the China seas right up to the borders of ALL countries surrounding the sea. Blocking and threatening block any sea traffic. The gambit here is getting Iran a prime ally to get us to pull assets away from their Pacific grab.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A disproprationate response? So any response that kicks the Iranians is unfair. Like the complaints against the American women for running up the score in World Cup play.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Schumer is an idiot as is Pelosi and all together to many representatives. They’re playing both ends against the middle looking for a “Bush lied” moment. How about the CIA lied back then

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Measured response: The impact will be measured by metrics that are verifiable. Acres destroyed, enemy’s abilities reduced or eliminated.

      Disproportionate response: They kill one of ours and we cry to the UN and claim there is a red line somewhere in the sand they may cross in the future.

      • Disproportionate response….as I said above…..No UN…..if they stab you, you shoot them.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Sorry, but in my Dictionary that would be a “measured response”. Bwahahahahaa

          As in “If you throw a rock at my head I will “measure” you for a coffin”.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    This program should have been eliminated or moved to the dept of labor long ago. The statements about Job Corp playing any real role in fire suppression is pure BS. This is a feel good program with a bunch of bleeding hearts now employed by the Fed. Govt to carry it out. It is PAID Camp for the supposed “underprivileged”.

    I was in a campground where these Corp kids helped clean up the dead windfall. They made an absolute mess of it.

    Congress getting in the middle of micro management decisions, again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Most government programs that I see are the definition of a “perpetual motion” machine.

      With one major enhancement they expand expand like a cancer

  74. Unbelievable……CNN, MSNBC….all saying Trump is not taking up for the US..why is he not attacking? After worrying about getting into war, the media was on his butt. Now, he stands down and decides to wait and now he is a coward……

    • They are doing exactly what I expect. Whatever he does is wrong. If he goes to war, he is a warmonger and wagging the dog. If he stands down, he is a coward.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        So one knows he’s right by the reaction of the media. Absolutely The worst set of ethics. Obviously not taught anymore.

        CNN totally lost me after the 1st gulf war when they were pissing and moaning that Schwarzkaupf did take them into his confidence like Eisenhower did before D-Day. Ike said he’d shoot any reporter who leaked before the invasion. But after GW1 all the news heads were asked. “If you knew, before hand, would you have broadcast the plan”? The head of CNN most emphatically said they would have.

        Bottom line they do not care one red cent about the American people nor our service personnel in harm’s way. CBS lost me years before that with Dan Rather when he said he’d let a American patrol walk into an NVA ambush and not risk his precious fucking ass by alerting them.

        • Yes, we used the media to our advantage..we leaked that the main invasion was going to be the Marines storming the beaches. We knew that Hussein was an avid watcher of CNN…so we leak the invasion plans. We lined all the ships up in the ocean off the coast, CNN shows up in droves to catch the slaughter of Marines hitting the beach…..

          Meahwhile, your Colonel was part of the end run in the desert that closed off the retreat. CNN was furious that they were used in the invasion plans……Stormin’ Norman, used them well.

  75. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The person that the DOJ needs to take out 1st is Andrew McCabe. His dirty fingers are all over every bit of this scandal. He had some serious hate for Trump. Didn’t do his job with HRC. Created the backup plan did that hit job on FLYNN “1st we get Flynn, then we get Trump” his bias was so glaring even Mueller had to get rid of him. HRC can come in time, just as long as she’s fined seriously and kept out of politics. Comey was a weathervane political yes man. McCabe was the organizer and focal point from day one.

    He just keeps egging Congress to impeach impeach when all his nefarious schemes failed and being exposed one by one.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Funny😁 wish I could have deported my mother in law, back to Quebec. Except I found out daughter like mother to late.

      Six months into marriage I let her drive one evening and it turned into ten years of shear hell.


    I’m guessing that this will go to a higher court. But, if anything, doesn’t this qualify as Obstruction of Justice?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      No. For the same reasons that Mr. Trump’s actions within his authority are not obstruction.

      But, under what law or legal ruling was the injunction granted? I see no reference to law. Only that prosecutors felt their job was being made more difficult.

      • I can see inside the courtroom and maybe courthouse, but where is the Judges authority outside of that? Seems like a huge reach. Why cant she just say ICE cant arrest illegals anywhere in the State if they are involved in a court procedure in the future?

        I think the Judge has overstepped her authority on the subject, JMHO.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I think so as well but I am not absolutely positive. I know of no law allowing her to issue such an restraining order outside the courtroom proper.

  77. Just A Citizen says:

    Two words for the left and its obsession with precedent ruling by SCOTUS.


    Kagan is a political hack and should be removed from the court. BUT oh my. That would take an impeachment.

  78. Just A Citizen says:

    Really good article on the Iran policy question. Unfortunately, the author’s points are lost on many of the Politico audience, as you can see in the comments. Which does bring us to two questions.

    1. What is the US’s proper role in such things as this.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      2. Who is leading the discussions regarding the formation of public opinion these days? Given the comments to the article we see the idiots on both extremes, but more importantly a serious lack of factual information by the Press. Otherwise, how could all the idiot comments exist with respect to the facts of the situation?

      I see people reacting and citing as fact items which were nothing but political talking points months ago. The confirmation bias affect has apparently taken over the internet.

  79. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I get the existing law. After Trump’ s trolling comment, Schiff wants to strengthen the act. Even as is it was illegal for what the DNC and Hillary bought and paid for, then peddled it around to discredit and claim Trump was in collusion and an agent of Russia. Schiff was notorious by continually saying “I have proof”

    So even before the dems took the house, why was there no recommendation for charges against Hillary.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Because the tracks to Hillary did not exist. It can only be tracked to Republican and DNC operatives. At least based on the things I have read so far. Now once the DNC operatives had the stuff, then it was passed to the Campaign. But that is not a direct contribution, nor is it illegal if paid for.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like Mafia Don’s. Rarely convicted . They have to many cutouts. All they have to do is have a simple hypothetical wish and the deed is done by somebody way down the food chain.

        So that leaves her still on the hook with absolute intent violate national security laws and records retention. Etc.

  80. Just A Citizen says:

    After reading about the VIEW efforts to push reparations on George Will, I wonder why they are not interested in what actual Black People might think.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      👍 like the “Uncle Tomming” they smeared all over Condelleza Rice and Collen Powell.

      Can’t blame DC’s issues on White Republicans. They’re extinct for years.

      When I lived in LA, Watts was poor and a bit scruffy, but with USC and all the sports arenas and museums around it it wasn’t a crime ridden hell hole, people did the best they could. But the policies of long term mayor Sam Yorty (DEMOCRAT) and the LAPD policy it eventually blew up with the Watts Riots. The congressional study as to why, layed it right on the line.

      In the City of Angeles any high school sports event in ’69 was usually played at a neutral school if an inner city school and a valley competed. If a nuetral field wasnt available police surrounded the field, and there were no spectators allowed. Field and track always was a large number of schools involved. Our track team made the mistake of winning a meet in the inner city and riots broke out. Busses is . Overturned and burned. That’s the LA I left totally 47 years ago

      Today, my school is 60% minority students, reading proficiency against all California HS’s ranks at 37% Math is a bit over 50% and overall college preparedness is right around 40%.

      The demographics is still a large majority of upper middle class whites, with Asians the largest minority growth. Blacks negligible as before. Still have to successful regardless. There always was a large Hispanic population and they usually were in skilled trades like plastering, stucco, masonry, tile work. That was legacy.

      What was LBJ’s quote. Pass the civil right bill and those “N***ERS will vote for us forever”

      Any Southern black suffered under Jim Crowe Democrat institution. But that’s been gone and replaced by sneakier slavery not an in your face bigotry. Even the governor of Georgia Lestor Maddox chased blacks out of his restaurant and Jimmy Carter was his Lt Gov.

  81. Just A Citizen says:

    Serous problem which raises serious questions.

    What is one to do to resolve the situation? When the Black public is tainted by the past and the race baiters won’t allow it to heal? When the actual racist appears in the police force? On and on.

    The “shadow” cannot be removed by the Mayor or any single person or committee/commission. Not unless they completely cave in to the activists and organizers. What does that mean in this case? They call for Justice yet to this point the evidence is on the side of the cops. No matter, they are guilty. How do we know? Because they were accused in the past. Because a Black Chief was fired for breaking the law. The law does not matter………… it is only about COLOR.

    And if they cave in? It only gets worse because now the organizers have validated their power and fame. They will continue to raise hell no matter what is done. Because in the end, there are people in their community breaking the law and eventually they will be shot and killed by a cop. But they are innocent by the fact a cop shot them instead of some banger.

  82. Dale A Albrecht says:

    To all the wilderness and forestry forestry types here. I saw yesterday a forestry truck picking up or scrapping up road kill. He took a picture 1st of a really flat specimen. Do they take photos and count deaths of species being monitored for their vitality in the face of ever increasing urban pressure.

    The State and Feds are upgrading Rte 70 to I-42. Right through town and the Croatan Forest. With the speeds going from 50-55 To 65-70.

    We do already have a lot of deer, bear, beaver fox, Turkey’s, bobcat raptors and buzzards killed on the hwy

    • Govt types have to justify the numbers employed and what the do. Probably doing a numbers count for budget reasons.

      Game dept dont pick up road kill here. Usually local or state road dept handles that, unless its in the National forest or State game lands.

  83. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For the Colonel and Gman

  84. Dale A Albrecht says:

  85. Dale A Albrecht says:

    newest addition To the fleet of presidential planes

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Was a photo of an A-10 Warthog painted with the Air force One scheme

      I’m sure Trump could find a use for it

  86. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Do any politician today do any critical thinking before they open their mouths? Yeah yeah I know .

    Sen Kirsten Gillbrand maintains that Hillary was the most qualified person to ever run for president. I think I can name quite a few and the list would include WJC who were infinitely more qualified to run for president.
    Gillbrand says all us women candidates stand on Hillary’s shouelders.

    Actually I’d think that Hillary would be a prime example of how NOT to be a politician and run whatever they did. Whatever she did as FLOTUS alienated people of all types. She’s absolutely a political opportunist that has NO single ethic. She was probably the WORST secretary of state in our history. And she has NO interest in following the laws

  87. Just A Citizen says:

    These two brothers give Texicans a bad name. Don’t worry about the cultural norms of where you move! Just bulldoze the people, put up millions to lobby for YOUR version of the law.

    Somebody in Govt. has some answering to do. Cutting off public access that has been established for decades is not legal here. Either a federal agency needs to bulldoze the gate or a State entity needs to declare Prescriptive Rights on behalf of the people.

    Pull a gun on an unarmed person, regardless of Trespassing, is “assault”.

    • JAC…the only thing that I will disagree with you on… is pulling a gun on an unarmed trespasser… is done all the time here and I would even do it. Land in Texas is sacred, like football. Texans have fought for land over the years dating back to the 1700’s.

      I have no fault with people buying land if they can. Does the fault lie with the people with the money or the land bureau that sells public land? If I had the millions to buy land in the west, I would do it….if it was for sale. If I bought land in the west, I would probably fence it off as it would be private.

      That said, I would try to be a good neighbor as much as I could. But private property is just that…private. I would probably leave hiking trails open, but would most likely close hunting. If it was cattle country, I would probably fence off pastures and raise cattle and I would, most likely, post no trespassing signs off the hiking trails.

      I do not pretend to understand the cultural aspects of public land in your area but I must ask questions….why is it for sale? Who puts it up for sale?

      We recently had some issues with BLM and public access on the Red River, the Guadelupe River, the Brazos River, and the Colorado River. Each river runs across private land. There is very little public land, except in the way of some parks, next to the rivers. Most is privately owned. It is the same way with lakes. There are areas where the public can get access to the rivers and lakes and that is ok but it is NOT okay to camp on private land. If you wish to float and fish….cool beans. But do not camp on the banks on private property.

      Example, we owned property on a lake called Possum Kingdom lake. A very large lake that is the Brazos River damned up. ( There are no natural lakes in Texas ). We owned 6 acres that fronted the lake. We had a very nice boat dock. We posted no tres passing signs on the banks and on our boat dock and we backed it up. You could pull your fishing boat right up to the bank and fish all you wanted but do not get out of your boat. I see nothing wrong with this. But that is me. Please understand that I did not grow up in a State with gobs of public land…so I cannot speak to it.

      So, the BLM tried to claim that the shores of the lakes and rivers in Texas are public land…..they lost the court battle. But the difference between Idaho and Texas is the opposite. It has always been PRIVATE land and the BLM tried to make it public. We paid property taxes. In your case, it has always been public land and now it is being taken to private. The question is….why is it being sold?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You would come much closer to fittin’ in round here than these fellas.

        1. Pulling guns on trespassers…….. yes in Texas. No in the WEST. It would be the Sheriff’s discretion but if the guy pulling the gun got to forceful he could be arrested. Landowner is within their rights to hold someone until the law arrives. But shooting people for crossing land is not protected here.

        2. The land being sold is private. But the roads through that land access other private lands and “public” lands. They have existed for decades. Some have formalized easements or rights of way but many do not. Because, like the “high water mark” everyone knows they are open to the public. Not the land adjacent to the road if posted. Just the road. But these clowns have brought lawyers from your part of the world and decided, like Californians tried in the past, to roll Idaho law with theories of if it aint in writing then it aint law. It did not work then. I am hoping it does not work now.

        3. Access on water ways here depends on one major thing. “Navigable” status. Although that is quite loose. If “navigable” then the public can use it and stand on the bank if it is below the “ordinary high water mark”. Even if the property is shown as private to the center of the stream. But note, public access does not mean it is titled as public land. Only that the public can use it and private parties cannot create barriers to use, such as fences across the river. So yes, we are different to a degree.

        When younger much of our large private holdings were open to public use. It was kind of an “open range” cultural thing for most. That has changed with the changes in types of owners, as well as the types of users. First came the “you have to ask” signs so farmers/ranchers knew who were on the place or could steer them away from cattle and sprinklers. Cause idiots started leaving shogun pellet holes in both. Then leaving gates open.

        Then came the new owners. No Trespassing……….. Stay Out…….. etc. you get the picture. This was especially big for No Hunting. Especially where large private holdings are mixed in checkerboard fashion with Govt. holdings.

        It is an unfortunate change caused by growth and new billionaires wanting trophy ranches or to lecture the rest of us on how land should be used. Not mentioning the Federal money they get in return. Then there is this new wave of people wanting to “prep for the apocalypse”. They do not understand the difficulty of protecting large areas of land from invasion.

        Anyhow, I hate it cause it aint what I grew up with. Less freedom than we had before, both from govt rules and private land being posted and fenced. Sorry but feeling a little long in the tooth and grumpy over all these changes.

        • Good arguments, JAC. Change, while inevitable, is tough for us old guys to handle at times. In Texas, we just get tired of fences being cut and cattle rustled. On the border, we get tired of trespassing from illegals that burn houses and line shacks. We get tired of cattle being killed for food….where half of the carcass is left for the buzzards and ants. The rivers, while public, run through private land….we get tired of the trash and smoking fires that are never fully doused. We do not fence across the rivers down here but we do fence the shore line…and if a river is down below it’s normal water line, no one says anything. But when you cross a fence to find fire wood, that is trespassing. You can walk across my land without getting shot except for two reasons…first reason is poaching. That can legally get you shot. Just walking across my land that is posted will get a gun stuck in your face and held for the sheriff…the second reason is rustling. There is no appeal.

          I understand your issues on public roads and can agree that if it has always been public, a good neighbor would allow access along the roads..I sure would. I especially would if it was a normal process for years. But I would post the fence lines. Hunting? Well, if the road is access to public lands…I have no complaints. Just do not claim ignorance and go onto my land….

          But, all in all, these mega millions that purchase the lands and use their influence… is not the Texas way either….not normally. Sort of reminds me of the old time cattle barons of yore…..they just took what they wanted and killed anyone that stood in their way. Good luck up there and let’s hope that your politicians can’t be bought.

    • JAC…there is an answer to this in limbo.

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