The Give Away

th9LF1PTSFThe Crat debates are upon us.  The question is, who will want to give away the most?  Will Beto be able to talk without bouncing and waiving his hands erratically?  Will Bernie point forward then to his right when saying something will be free?  Who will call Trump a racist first?  Will any policy ideas actually get talked about?  How many times will Trump’s name be mentioned in a negative manner?  Let the circus begin  😀




  1. Should be hilarious to watch them try to out-Left each other. Then again, it’ll be a perfect sleep aid 😀

  2. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just read a response to one if the Italian journals I receive. The overall article was about the human trafficers called (NGO’s) calling themselves rescuers and humanitarians, are picking up the “migrants” in Libya, transporting them, towing a small unstable totally unsafe craft. Putting the “Migrants” in that craft with no supplies, in some cases puncturing cells in these inflatable rafts, then sit back.

    The comment was after the German NGO ship “Sea Watch” captain who has precipitated the latest standoff, called Italians facists and inhuman.

    The comment was….”If we’re fascists and inhumane, why dump them in italy”

    The time of the standoff, the ship could have sailed to Germany and dropped them in Hamburg. Or in any other north African country with no dysfunctional government like Libya but that would disturb all the German, French and other northern European tourists flicking the beaches and resorts there.

  4. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Just caught a newscast that the issuance of drivers licenses in NY State to illegals has been put on hold. Seems that the State, Governor and legislature DID NOT KNOW that securing a license makes you a registered voter…..Yeah, sure, just found out, were UNAWARE, shocked to discover etc. etc. etc.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Uh huh…shock surprise. A friend from Poughkeepsie was insensed when the news was leaked of the state’s plan, saying don’t they know…about voter registration. If an 89 year old women knows, these brilliant legislators KNEW and wanted to pull a fast one.

      I’m sure the backlash was huge and immediate to Cuomo and the New York State Assembly.

      Local elections are one thing. But national elections, you better have your voting roles as clean as possible. Especially with the push to discard the Electoral College and go Straight popular vote

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Been following the headlines about how disappointed the media and I’m sure many lawmakers ate on Trump not blasting(literally) Iran for shooting down an unmanned drone over I’m sure disputed territory. Like the little islands where the Mike boats mysteriously broke down and Iranians just rode up in the enhanced T-top fishing boats and captured the US boats. Anyway.

    I been going through and sorting papers in my files. I came across an article by Jack Anderson written in 1983. ” The world had not heard the last of Khomenei” the bombing and killing of US personnel at the Marine barracks and at the embassy plus bombings of French and other “peace” keeping forces. All perpetrated by a Jihad group definitely funded by Iran. This was during the Lebanese Civil War essentially turning a fairly Christian Muddle eastern country into an Islamic country. By terror…..sure we set in some A-6’s and lobbed some 16″ shells into Lebanon, but dud not in the least go to war with iran after the killings.of hundreds. The bombers and snipers and kidnappers were just the triggers.

    So go to war over an unmanned drone. Not a chance. Now today also the media is drumming up a rift between Boltan and Trump.

    But Trump was supposed to be the warmonger. Completely forgetting how many countries predecessor messed and his political opponent.
    Also in Anderson’s 1983 article he wrote on how his CIA resources tell him Iran are starting up the old uranium enrichment facilities the Shah had in pursuit of developing a nuclear weapon.

    How many times over 40 years has the CIA dusted off that one. Yes they do, no they dont

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And in case anyone has forgotten, all the shipping escorting in the gulf during the Iran Iraq war was to protect against Iranian attacks, NOT Iraqi

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But never mind Colonel, Hillary is coming to the rescue

      I just wish the politicians would stop the political wrangling, looking for a way to bash the opposition when it’s convenient, yet come up an agreeable solution that meets most issues. 35 years this has kicked back and forth. All this supposedly brilliant elected leaders have come up with zilch, but open the borders in this age of terrorism slow the drug and human traffickers free reign.

      You know nothing is being covered on those migrants who follow the rules and come in without issue. Starting out for those others with several felonies committed us not a good way to start showing you’ll be a good citizen

      Following immigration laws is a lot less costly than subjecting yourself to the traffickers.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Perhaps the President should not have announced the raids BEFORE they occurred. How about an announcement AS they are going on.

      • I’m guessing he was trying to force the Crats to act, although all those who are targeted have had all of their due process and must leave anyway. I’m of the belief that if ICE has to go get these people, then they should spend some time behind bars before being deported.

        As for the leaker, maybe he should be fired. This seems to be what never-Trumpers do, regardless of putting American lives at risk, their ridiculous, illegal agenda comes first. These people need to spend some time in jail too.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Isn’t it being reported that the acting head of DHS leaked the raids. That he disagreed with large raids in favor of smaller ones


    Obama is going to make Nixon look like an angel when it’s all said and done.

  7. I’m in limbo again…….

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The UN is so FUBAR. Here are people who renounced their French citizenship, joined a terrorist organization. I think, just transport them to the vacancies in those countries where migrants left. Better still let Turkey, Iraq and Syria deal with them once and for all. The sentence will be terminal

    After the fall of the Islamic Caliphate, last March, the international community is faced with the problem of repatriation of jihadist families. The United Nations High Commissioner for ” Human Rights ” said that members of the families of jihadists captured or killed in Syria and Iraq must be “repatriated, unless they can be prosecuted for other crimes”.

    “Children in particular have suffered serious violations of their rights – among those who have been indoctrinated or recruited (…) to commit violent acts. The first consideration should be their rehabilitation and protection, “said Michelle Bachelet, at the opening of the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council.

    More than 11,000 alleged members of Isis fighter families are in the Al-Hol (Syria) camp, administered by Kurdish authorities. The United Nations Fund (UNICEF) estimates that there are 29,000 children of foreign fighters in Syria – including 20,000 in Iraq, the High Commissioner said, noting that most of them would be under twelve.

    The High Commissioner has asked States to grant nationality to “children born of their citizens” in conflict zones, arguing that the statelessness of these children is an “act of cruelty” since “Stateless children are often uneducated , health care and other basic elements of dignity ”

    Bachelet (Onu) and Soros

    Ms Bachelet noted that “some countries have made efforts to repatriate their citizens, including children”, without mentioning which countries. He also stressed that “four cases were brought to the attention of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee against Torture by French grandparents of children currently detained in Syria or Iraq.” So far, Paris has agreed to repatriate children who “Case by case” and denies collective repatriations.

    Washington, which is pushing other countries to repatriate, has recently begun to repatriate its citizens, while Denmark will deprive them of Danish nationality.

    As for the terrorists, Bachelet noted that more than 150 men and women were sentenced to death in Iraq under the Terrorism Act without “guarantees of a fair trial”.

    “If citizens are suspected of committing serious crimes in another country, the home state should make every effort to have them treated in accordance with international law. “

  9. Colonel,

    Thoughts on the Iran non-strike?

    I have a hard time believing that Trump only found out that the strike would result in ~150 deaths with 10 minutes before the strike. I simply cannot continence that the generals briefing him wouldn’t have offered him up a menu of strike options, each including their casualty estimates.

    So the options are that (A) he didn’t read the briefings, (B) he has the world’s most incompetent generals, or (C) he’s lying.

    I’m inclined to options A and C, which aren’t mutually exclusive, but you’re far more experienced with this kind of thing. What say you?

    (I swear, if you say he was only doing it as a ploy to position himself against Iran and that he’s playing his ineffable game of 3-dimensional chess, I’m going to fly to Texas and put ketchup on your steak!)

    • It is apparent that far too many people playing armchair President have never made an important decision in their lives. If I’m contemplating something at this level, I would ask the same question, even if I know the answer, but I want reminded so I can justify my decision in my own mind. This is especially important when dealing with peoples lives. The Left’s constant nitpicking everything Trump says is not only old, but damn infantile. But this is what the Left has become. Oh, by the way, I saw an interview with a Liberal pundit that stated the exact same thing you stated. Of course, he wasn’t there, which makes his nitpicking opinion just TV BS.

    • Ketchup on my STEAK? That is a hanging offense with a barbed wire noose…..very slow death…..however, I will save you from death.

      First, these type briefings are always oral briefings….ALWAYS. Generals and Colonel’s learned a long time ago that more is unsaid by watching the mannerisms. Also, it was an immediate type of strategic briefing. In these briefings, scenarios are preset. That means, this type of scenario has already been thought out. Threat briefings are broken down into paragraphs with each paragraph designated to a specific briefer. S1…administrative….S2…intelligence (don’t go there) S3…..operational…S4…Logistical..and there is sometimes an S5. In this case, I doubt it.

      The S2…is run by a general staff officer and that includes the threat assessment. In the threat assessment, it will be broken down into 4…..six hour segments. What to expect within these segments…up to and including the number of casualties at any given hour within these segments, and type of hard assets that will be hit. Then the S3 (another General officer) will take over with the operational portion. Who, what, when, where aspect. He will know the type of weaponry to be used and the collateral damage to be expected. He will know time on target and expected casualties and he will know the aspects of the BDE immediately upon the strike. (BDE is the battle damage estimate). The S2 will know the Actual BDA (battle damage assessment) within 5 minutes with a probable kill ratio developed from the Sat pics. Based upon that assessment, the S3 will know whether or not to send a second attack.

      So, did Trump know? Yes, he knew.
      Did he lie? Of course.He is no different than all the politicians out there, past present, and future. He wanted to appear compassionate. (This is what you get with civilians making the military decisions.) I can see it as a ploy to make it appear NOT to be a war monger. Totally a political decision because it short circuited the media and hard core Dems. He took away their prepared statements and he caught Nancy Pelosi in a trap. And the Dems fell for it…..ready to castigate him for starting a war and now making them flip flop to he is weak. They look really stupid….and Pelosi is twisting in the wind.

      Now, two other things to bring to your attention. The fact that the news media is all over this, they fail to mention that Iran dodged a bullet and Iran knows this. Good for Trump.

      No war…good for Trump and European allies.
      While I do not agree with proportionate response….his move, at the last minute, hurt no one. He turns the screws on more sanctions and tells Europe….it is either military or diplomatic. Join the sanctions or there might be war next time. Score another on for Trump so far.

      Iran is hurting bad…really bad. BUT if Iran hits another asset, manned or unmanned, I can guarantee a “disproportionate” response. And it will be lethal. How do I know? I know the assets that have very quietly moved into the area.

      So, I saved your life.

      • So, I saved your life.

        I don’t know Colonel… those last few paragraphs read very much like “it as a ploy to position himself against Iran and he’s playing his ineffable game of 3-dimensional chess..”

        ::books plane ticket and grabs a bottle of Heinz::

        • At least he’s bringing good ketchup. 😊

        • Sorry, my friend….you asked me what a briefing was like. You asked me if he lied about what was told to him…I explained very carefully the procedure and answered directly…

          Then and only then, did I add what I thought.

          Now, allow me to explain one other thing….we hate giving briefings to civilians….because we know that they will use it politically….we read civilians carefully…very carefully. I can guarantee you that the officer that gave the briefing is laughing about it. We know full well that civilian authority is full of shit. Everyone knows, including the media, that Trump was briefed exactly. Every single politician will use briefings to their advantage.

          Suck it up, Bucko…I saved your life.

  10. 29 Nov 2011


    • He was wrong and still cleaning up the mess Obama and Kerry made.

    • Hell yes, he was wrong….but Trump has now set HIMSELF up to be the good guy.we shall see what happens.

      • Ah yes, set himself up to be the good guy… the logic works like this:

        A) My wife did something wrong.
        B) So I balled up my fist and was about to punch her in the mouth.
        C) At the last second, I decided that it would be disproportionate, so I stopped myself.
        D) Then I took a victory lap, proclaiming what a great guy I am for using such restraint.
        E) A whole bunch of people applauded not only my restraint, but the fact that I’d positioned myself so well against her for future interactions, and also for the fact that I have confused and/or terrified half of the people I know.

    • If it was allowed, Obama wouldn’t have made it past 2010. The only reason he was elected was because of his skin color. As ca President, he was a total failure in all areas, foreign and domestic. But to be fair, can you share ONE thing that he did successfully? I’m not talking about his apology tour, even though he did do that quite well. I’m talking about benefitting our country!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      If this were actually possible, which it is even though the reasons given would be trumped up charges, WHO would make the determination?

      Congress is automatically disqualified, unless it plans to impeach itself.

  11. Since Obamacare became the law and was also a failure to lower costs of insurance, has anyone heard how many people are not insured these days. The Liberal media harped on this endlessly before Obamacare but have been crickets since (which tells me it’s probably higher than before O-care).

  12. That’s because the Democrat party actually is the party of segregation and racism.

    As much as the Left wants to pretend that the two side magically switched at some point, the history of racism by the Crat’s is indisputable. Frankly, I don’t think anything has changed much.

  13. We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry.
    This includes support in the form of forum posts, projects, patterns, profiles, and all other content. Note that your project data will never be deleted. We will never delete your Ravelry project data for any reason and if a project needs to be removed from the site, we will make sure that you have access to your data. If you are permanently banned from Ravelry, you will still be able to access any patterns that you purchased. Also, we will make sure that you receive a copy of your data.
    We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.

    TDS at it’s worst.

  14. U.S.—A new policy issued by the United States Department of Defense, in conjunction with online platforms like Twitter and Facebook, will automatically enlist you to fight in a foreign war if you post your support for attacking another country.

    People who bravely post about how the U.S. needs to invade some country in the Middle East or Asia or outer space will get a pop-up notice indicating they’ve been enlisted in the military. A recruiter will then show up at their house and whisk them away to fight in the foreign war they wanted to happen so badly.
    “Frankly, recruitment numbers are down, and we needed some way to find people who are really enthusiastic about fighting wars,” said a DOD official. “Then it hit us like a drone strike: there are plenty of people who argue vehemently for foreign intervention. It doesn’t matter what war we’re trying to create: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China—these people are always reliable supporters of any invasion abroad. So why not get them there on the frontlines?”
    “After all, we want people who are passionate about occupying foreign lands, not grunts who are just there for the paycheck,” he added.
    Strangely, as soon as the policy was implemented, 99% of saber-rattling suddenly ceased.

    It may be satire, but not that bad of an idea 😀


    “April 23 of last year I got a phone call from Uber; and Uber said ‘We don’t have a problem with you, but the city of Charlotte don’t want you in their city doing business no more, until you get rid of the Trump 2020 sticker.’
    “They try to corner me. ‘Take your sticker out, and we will let you come back into Charlotte to do your business.’ But they just totally said, ‘You are done.’ They made Uber and Lyft fire me.

    Victoria Perlaza, Real estate agent. Immigrant from Colombia
    “I was independent for many years but I voted for Obama the first time. He didn’t do anything for our country,” Perlaza said. “And he actually brought all of the division we have here in our country right now. [Because] he’s using the colors, the nationalities, the races. He used all that stuff to divide our country. We were not a racist country here. But now we saw that he changed [it] completely. All of the Democrats, they are for—not inclusion, but—division. And that’s not right.

  16. Just A Citizen says:


    Your analysis of Trump’s move with Iran is far to shallow. Dig deeper and think harder. Apply your knowledge of NEGOTIATIONS to the mix of thought. Then add in some history of the players.

    You, and others, need to realize that what is actually happening is not the narrative being portrayed by talking heads on either side of the political divide.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I just went to yesterdays posts and realized I forgot to include a link on the topic of Iran v. USA. This gets to the point I am making about looking deeper.

      • Then, overlay the Trump Doctrine…which is basically to force the target to own their actions or face the economic wrath of Trump. Peace is the prize with Trump. Its always a several step process. Notice that Trump has separated the people of Iran from the government.

        In this case with Iran, they’re a big importer. Just tighten the sanctions more and sooner or later they’ll come to heel. Bonus that everyone stays alive and the goal is prosperity for all.

      • Moderation on me? Bullshit flag!!!

    • Mathius says:

      I don’t think I provided any “analysis” of what’s going on with Trump’s move with Iran… so I’m not sure how it’s “far too shallow.”

      I merely pointed out that I don’t buy – not for a second – that he only just learned about the potential casualty count 10 minutes before strike time.

      Well, that, and I reject the continuing narrative that this is all part of Trump’s grand ineffable plan. (that is why I’m currently on a chartered jet with a 55 gallon tube of Heinz, headed for Laguna Madre.) I don’t think trump is pretending to be dangerous – I think he is dangerous. This wasn’t a game, no pose and trickery. This was a dangerous man’s dangerous reaction to a provocation which nearly had serious consequences.

      But, well, you bring it up, so I’ll offer my thoughts…

      Iran It has been thoroughly demonstrated (see N. Korea) that the leadership of a pariah state can sustain itself so long as they are unified against an enemy. That enemy, must, of course, be a credible and hegemonic power. The role, of course, is one the United States, the Great Satan, was born to play. So long as the People of Iran feel they are under threat by malign outside forces, they will turn their anger, misery, grief, and rage outward (impotently) toward us rather than inward (effectively) at their own leadership.

      Iran’s economy (in no small part due to US sanctions) is a massive shit-pile right now, and their currency is falling apart. We’ve seen this show before, and there are exactly three ways it ends: (A) entrenchment, (B) remediation, and (C) regime change.

      The leadership has to feel that option C is unacceptable, so they have to play for options A and B. Misbehaving suits either end. If they drag us back to the negotiation table, they can claim position for having brought us there, not by submission but by defiance (and thus, they’re in control.. or at least co-equal). If that doesn’t work, and we smack them with the big stick, so long as we don’t smack them TOO hard, they can dig their heels in and say to their people “it’s not OUR fault. We only want what’s best for the noble people of Iran – it’s the evil Westerners who want to control us and who attacked us for doing nothing more than trying to defend ourselves and blah blah blah blah blah.”

      Of course, there’s always the possibility we take out the Big Stick and swing for the fences. The US doesn’t have the stomach right now for another unending land-war, and I think Iran has to know this. And I think Trump knows this, too, and is disinclined to lose the election in a way which draws parallels to Mondale. So the only (realistic) option is we bomb them to hell, but even then, there’s no way we’re using nukes. And we suck at nation-building. If I were Khamenei, I’d be willing to bet I could weather the storm… but at the same time, I’d much prefer to end up at the bargaining table from a position of strength.

      My two cents…

      Trump: Trump is desperate for a win. He is also acutely aware that “the old ways” haven’t worked.

      Unfortunately, Trump only knows one way to react to any perceived challenge which is to escalate.

      We have seen this over and over throughout his tenure. Every time he is slighted, attacked, defied, or opposed in any way, his only response is to escalate and attack. Sometimes he can get talked down, sometimes not. But, when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

      Maybe that’s the Art of the Deal. I don’t know, I haven’t read it. Maybe The Art is to posture such that no one opposes you because they know you’re willing to set fire to the building if you don’t get your way.

      Here’s what I think. I think that they blew up the drone and he felt this made him look weak (which is, of course, the point of blowing up the drone in the first place). He knew that this was a challenge (because it was). And, following precedent, his only response to challenge is to assert dominance and attack – show them whose boss. But then, I’d bet good money, at the last moment someone was able to talk some actual sense into him and back him down – “Donald, you’re about to start a war that will destabilize the middle east.. over a drone.. think about what that will do to your poll numbers..” (cue sounds of Bolton sobbing into his mustache). So he took the face-saving measure, lying about discovering a casualty estimate, and backed away from the edge. As if Trump – any President, really – would consider 150 foreign lives an unacceptable loss for a direct attack on the United States.

      But, already, we can see the narrative being redrawn. He didn’t back down. He was posturing. He never really planned to attack, he just wanted to scare the shit out of them. He’s thinking 12 moves ahead. He’s playing multi-dimensional chess and we just can’t understand his ineffable grand plan because we’re mere mortals.

      So I guess this comes down to a matter of personal opinion: do you think Trump is a super genius in complete control of his emotional state who meticulously plans his reactions and carefully postures, faking a minutes-away potentially-war-starting strike at the middle east.. or is he the kind of person ruled by emotional outbursts and impulsivity, unwilling and unable to continuance any perceived challenge without lashing out, only to be reined in at the last second? The truth, of course, will likely be somewhere in the middle, but almost certainly skewed far toward the later. Which seems more plausible to you: the disciplined chess player or the impulsive reactionary?

      The Iran question will be one of brinksmanship. I think, even though Trump blinked here, it’s not well established who will win the broader contest. As I’ve said with N. Korea, it is possible that, whatever his other failings, Trump may be the right person for this task by virtue of his obstinate unwillingness to back down, no matter the price. He needs – pathologically needs – to claim he won. And there is no price he’s unwilling to pay for that. That was always the weak point for this game in the past with other Presidents – they weren’t willing to fully commit to the game. But Trump is all-in. If he feels he has to nuke Tehran into a sea of glass, he’ll do it if he can get away with it. And I don’t think the Iranians have quite figured that out yet. They think they’re playing against a more traditional President who is posturing, and I think they’re playing against someone who is really, literally, actually, sincerely, honestly willing to beat them to a bloody pulp with the Big Stick if they don’t do what he says, and consequences be damned.

      And if they live long enough to figure they out, they’ll come to the bargaining table on Trump’s terms.

      • You are so wrong about Bolton. He is a big war guy…as in..go to war. I also think you’re wrong in other parts of your analysis. Why is it that Kerry and Obama are flitting around talking to foreign leaders, then suddenly Iran starts acting up? Asking for a friend. Back to Trump. He just said at the presser the other day. He has people on both sides giving advice. Bolton was mentioned and he has other staff advising from the opposing view. Ultimately the decision is his. You don’t give him enough credit for gathering his own intel and acting as he sees appropriate. It’s really all about the money for Trump.

        • Mathius says:

          You are so wrong about Bolton. He is a big war guy…as in..go to war.

          Yes… thus why he’s crying into his mustache….

          Why is it that Kerry and Obama are flitting around talking to foreign leaders, then suddenly Iran starts acting up?

          Your theory is that Obama and Kerry are…. what? Talking Iran into blowing up US drones to make Trump look bad?

          Even if that were true – and I see nothing at all to support the notions – as the saying goes, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

          Even if they were behind the drone attack, what does that have to do with the question of whether Iran believes it can force Trump to the negotiating table by misbehavior? What does it mean to the question of why Trump nearly started a war over it, and then backed off at the last moment, and then lied about the reason why he backed off?

          He just said at the presser the other day.

          I don’t believe a word out of his mouth, and neither should you. Whatever he “said at the presser” is irrelevant because he lies constantly, casually, and insessantly about literally everything.

          At least other politicians, you could kindof get a handle on where they were lying and what they might be lying about… for Trump, it’s so rampant that his words simply have no meaning at all.

          Or would you like to assert that he means the things that come out of his mouth? (hint: ‘If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her’)

          e has people on both sides giving advice. Bolton was mentioned and he has other staff advising from the opposing view.

          Of course he does… as long as they don’t oppose him in any way. As long as they’re sycophantic and unfailingly flattering to his ego, he’s very tolerant of diverse opinions.

          Look, I don’t doubt there were pro-bomb-Iran factions and anti-bomb-Iran factions. And I don’t doubt which side Bolton was on.

          What I’m saying is that, when Trump feels challenged or weak, his go-to move is to escalate.

          What I’m saying is that his predictable response to aggression by a foreign power if increased retaliatory aggression.

          What I’m saying is that the more hawkish factions of his administration probably fed into this and helped push him nearly to the brink.

          What I’m saying is that the more rational, cooler heads, probably dragged John Bolton out of the room in a headlock so they could talk some sense to Donny until they got him to realize that starting another major land war would not be a good idea.

          What I’m saying is that he probably had to be told over and over again how he’d “won” by not falling for the Iranians’ provocation until he fell asleep in the fetal position.

          Ultimately the decision is his.

          God help us!

          You don’t give him enough credit for gathering his own intel

          I have seen no evidence of this. As far as I can tell, his primary source of intel is Fox and Friends.

          and acting as he sees appropriate.

          The problem I have is his judgement and impuslivity.

          It’s like giving control of the military to a six year old on an ego trip. There’s no self-control. There’s no discipline. He just… reacts.

          And the Presidency is too important to be run that way.

          It’s really all about the money for Trump.

          Well, that and self-glorification.

          • Test

            • Ok, where to start. First of all….I think you are dead wrong and are swallowing media bullshit… Even if Trump hit the go button….. It would not have started a land war Full stop here.

              Secondly, Bolton is crying in his beer. That is for sure. He does not get his war.

              Third, have you seen the hit list? He had targeted the Big guys as well….take out the leadership. The head and the secretary. He had there exact wherabouts pin pointed. I think he should have done that. I do not subscribe, at all, to proportinal response. That is a cowards way out. Hit the leadership from the Pres on down. Take it out…..No more decades old posturing of you do not hit the heads of state. Hit them permanently.

              Fourth, Kerry and Obama are doing everything they can to bring Trump down…including sending back channel signals. I firmly believe this.

              Fifth, swing for the fence….and if successful, you win. Then leave Iran totally alone. Do not go in, no regime change….nothing. Simply tell the leaders who fill the vacuum….the same will happen to you if you hit us again.

              Sixth, I am not afraid of Iran, Russia, nor China. Let them do whatever they want to do. Trump is a loose cannon and about time the USA has a bucket full of balls. They just need to be brass or cast iron.

              Seventh, Trump does not want war. No one wins. Not him, not the enemy. His entire pledge all during his campaign in the beginning is not to get into another war. And your claim of almost got us into a war….is unfounded and hyperbole. Iran would have done nothing….

              Eighth…you talk of impulsiveness yet you over looked that Obama has started more wars than Trump has. Who was impulsive? Obama has intervened in more countries than Trump has….want me to list them? There are 7 of them.


              Now, do not get your panties in a was over this one. Economic sanctions are not tantamount to a shooting war. It is a war of money. It is more powerful than all the nuclear weapons in the world. China is finding this out and so is Iran. And, before you go there… is utter BULLSHIT that economic crises means a shooting war and it will not lead to China nor Iran shooting at us. Trump does not have to do anything. Just sit on sanctions…..tell Europe to get on board and good luck to them if they do not.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Obama left the Iranian people swinging in the wind when they started to join the “Arab Spring ” and indicated he and his administration would do nothing. Giving free reign to the Ayatollas to stomp the crap out of their opposition.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Error First: Why would Iran have to strike us to get Trump to negotiate??? He has been asking for negotiations since the day he trashed the “Go ahead and build nukes while I say you can’t” treaty, or should I say Administrative Agreement or Executive Order. What ever the hell it was.

            Iran’s goal is to WEAKEN Trump’s position. Why would they think this is possible???

            US Democratic leadership, Kerry, Obama and the US media’s response to Trump’s presidency.

            Why would it be necessary?? Because they know they could lose their position as kings of the new caliphate.

            Error Second: When has Bolton called for war? When has he pushed for war alone?? He is a speaker of hard truths. Yes, war or military action of some kind is part of the tool kit when dealing with hard cases. I have never seen him indicate it is the first tool that should be used. The issue with Bolton should not be war or no war. It should be whether regime change is appropriate for the US to be pushing. But then Bolton is not standing alone on that view. So were the Democrats until Trump threatened Iranian leadership. Or maybe it was when Obama cut the nuke deal. Kind of put them in the box of having to support the boss’ position.

            Trump is not a long term nor disciplined chess player. But he is a chess player. However, you should look at his moves in light of “making a deal”. That is how he views everything it appears. Thrust, parry, fake, move, bluster, hold out nice, give the other side a chance to save face, but make sure you weaken their position if you want what you want in the eventual deal. Impetuous? Not sure but it seems so. And yes, I think his comments to the media are in line with “attacking anyone who criticizes or threatens”, not just him but the USA, as he sees it. But I am not sure the actual behind the scenes discussions and contacts are as harsh as what he presents for the media.

            • JAC….Obama went on an apology tour.

              Trump is America first….no apologies…..

              Two different men…two different methods. That is all.

              However. and I amglad to see it…..the Deep State has been challenged. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the bowels of Congress….I am willing to wager that the Repubs and Dems are having closed door discussions on how to preserve their power. Trump threatens it.


              The Art of the Deal is really pretty good book to read. I do not agree with some of it….but where I differ with most people is that, in a negotiations, you should be prepared to walk away if you do not get your bottom line. I have read Mathius closely over the years and, unless I am wrong, (well, not wrong because Colonel’s are never wrong, we are sometimes a little short on being right….so mistaken)…unless I am mistaken, Mathius, like most on the left and right, think that negotiations are give and take….compromise,…..and that part of a deal is better than no deal. This is where I disagree. I am always willing to walk away from a deal if it does not meet what I need. I have always believed that a bad deal is just that…..bad.

              • Mathius says:

                JAC….Obama went on an apology tour.


                Trump is America first….no apologies…..


              • Mathius says:

                I am willing to wager that the Repubs and Dems are having closed door discussions on how to preserve their power. Trump threatens it.

                Well, I guess this is true… in the sense that he is a threat to all life on Earth…

              • Mathius, please explain why you are so afraid of Trump. It is obvious that you are in denial about Obama, but your “Trump is dangerous” rhetoric is akin to being brainwashed by the Liberal media.

              • Mathius says:

                Mathius, like most on the left and right, think that negotiations are give and take….compromise,…..and that part of a deal is better than no deal.

                Generally correct… situationally dependent.

                But, yes, I’d rather have some of what I want than none of it.

                And I recognize that there’s a party on the other end who becomes a problem when I fleece him.

                For example, my boss. He is one hell of a negotiator. Always willing to walk away, never willing to give an inch. And he “wins” over and over and over again.

                Sounds good, right? Except that this kind of “negotiation = winning” mentality has consequences. He keeps losing staff when he underpays them. Why? Because he’s sucked out so much of their upside that they don’t have any loyalty or desire to stay. Same with vendors. They don’t prioritize our service, don’t give us the best reps, and don’t really care if we’re happy or not. Why? Because they aren’t really making much money off of us and our demands are excessive. Sure, we get what we wanted nominally, but everything else that goes along with it is tainted by the exchange. He thinks “well they agreed to it” is sufficient, but he can’t seem to process that that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it or that they’ll won’t be other problems as a result.

                This is what “America First = America Only” types never seem to understand. Leaving something on the table for the other guy, even if it means you don’t get everything you want, is beneficial to the long-term stability of the system. It’s a sign of good faith, of friendship, of civility. If you go for the jugular every time, the other guy is going to resent you, and even if he has to abide by the letter of some onerous contract, he’s going to make you pay for it in other ways.

                I’d rather have a mediocre trade agreement with a strong ally than a “great” trade agreement with against a country which hates our guts and feels abused. Which is better? That Mexico is taking advantage of us a bit or that we wreck their economy, militarize the border, and “win” at every step? You tell me – which is better for us?

              • Mathius, for God’s sake, our Govt represents US, not other countries. Their job is to protect our interests, not the interests of other countries. Winning is the only way to go, participation trophies are what Obama gave us, or in simple term…NOTHING. It’s the Obama’s of the past that has screwed this country over with bad trade agreements and piss poor policies. Trump is winning and everyone is prospering, that’s his job. It’s not to bow so low you suck off another foreign leader like we saw so many times with Obama. So yes, winning is the only way to go, in everything.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Merkel and her government have no problem inviting a foreign foundation and activist organization in to assist her political parties hold power. And interfer with opposition parties

    It remains astonished and astonished to see how Germany accepts that a foreign force carries out an active electoral campaign during the elections in the Länder . If ever there had been need, this is further proof of how much Germany and its current government are commissioned by foreign forces, which take no account of the interests of the Germans.

    They are only interested in power for power: they are intrinsically dictatorial, as Lenin and Stalin were, or rather a Quisling

    Prepare yourself for what will happen.

    Anyone who spoke well of AfD would immediately be accused of spreading hate speeches.

    Similarly, to note the failure of the Große Koalition would immediately be a speech of hatred.


    Many people are averse to words, Mr. Soros, but in fact they support the ideologies proposed by the NGOs headed by him. They do not realize that Mr Soros has unleashed a global offensive in Europe, which can only be countered by using an equally global strategy.

    The friends of our enemies are our enemies.

    • Dead on target about Germany………………….no one sees this.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Italy with the 3rd largest economy in Europe, really got hammered by Mario Draghi head of the ECB and the negative interest policy. But also coupled with all the rules and regulation imposed by Brussels and the reccesion. On top of that, Italy by EU fiat, told Italy you’ll be the gateway now of all these illegals being brought in by Soros backed NGO’s. Italy said NO, but the EU said not your decision suck it up. The EU is not helping in the costs driving more debt. Draghi threatening Italy with €3B fines for debt the EU demanded they take on.

        France closed the borders and searches trains planes automobiles for hidden illegals. German and France deport the illegals and those not granted asylum to Italy where they were illegally dropped in the 1st place instead of returning them to their country of origin.

        Prediction you will see Italy very shortly after GB leaves in the fall do their own version of Brexit.

  18. Mathius says Here’s what I think. I think that they blew up the drone and he felt this made him look weak (which is, of course, the point of blowing up the drone in the first place). He knew that this was a challenge (because it was). The Colonel counters….blowing up a drone and by passing a better target does not make anyone look weak except the person firing at the drone. Iran failed to goad Trump into a fight over a drone. Where were the balls from Iran to shoot down a similar manned target a mere 15 miles away. Iran has no stomach for a fight. Now that the word is out about he hit list, I am not sure that Iran will fire anything else until the leadership is well inside their bunkers. I do not think Iran has the self fortitude to start a shooting war with the US They will continue to use surrogates.

    Now, I have read the Art of the Deal. You labor under the misconception that negotiation means compromise. It does not mean that at all… any negotiations, you have a target…an end deal. You should be willing to walk away from the deal even if walking away means you burn the house down. Burning the house down is better than a bad deal. This is why his sanctions are working. This is why the NAFTA deal will pass and be good. He is willing to walk away from a bad deal….and any deal that is not in the interest of the United States is a bad deal.

    Trumps theorhetical impulsiveness….his “loose cannon” approach is exactly what we need. the Obama’s and the Bush’s of the world were paper tigers. Not a single one of them made a good deal for the US. And Obama is the only POTUS that I know paid billions in cash in the middle of the night.

    • Mathius says:

      Where were the balls from Iran to shoot down a similar manned target a mere 15 miles away.

      They wanted to provoke, not commit suicide.

      I do not think Iran has the self fortitude to start a shooting war with the US They will continue to use surrogates.


      But, again, the goal is NOT to get into a direct shooting war with the US. Even if they can weather it (because, really, the US doesn’t have the stomach for what it takes to win-win), they still get their teeth kicked in pretty hard.

      The goal is to misbehave enough that they can drag us to the negotiation table from a position of strength rather than weakness.

      You labor under the misconception that negotiation means compromise.

      I do not.

      But I do understand that nothing happens in a vacuum, and that you can fleece a sheep repeatedly, but skin it only once.

      I think that Trump operates under the misconception that negotiation means “I win and the other guy loses.”

      and any deal that is not in the interest of the United States is a bad deal.

      So close….

      “and any deal that is not in the interest of the United States Donald Trump is a bad deal.”

      Trumps theorhetical impulsiveness….his “loose cannon” approach is exactly what we need.

      I’ve said this re Iran and Korea.

      It IS possible.

      That said, he IS a loose cannon, he IS impulsive, he IS reactionary, he IS undisciplined. And that is dangerous. This isn’t theoretical. Unless he’s one of the world’s foremost method actors, he is what he appears to be – not someone putting on the show of being a loose cannon, but actually a loose cannon.

      I think these regimes have figured out the game verse America wherein we aren’t willing to “burn the house down,” and they know it, so they keep getting away with it. But I don’t think that necessarily works against Trump precisely because he IS a loose cannon and he WILL bomb Tehran into the stone age (which might be an improvement).

      And I think, but for the fact that he’s desperately focused on winning re-election, we’d have already bombed Iran. And I’m not sure Iran realizes this. It feels like they’re trying to play the game against a more traditional President – an Obama or Bush or Clinton.

      THAT SAID, while his approach might – MIGHT – be what’s needed for Iran / N. Korea, it is NOT right for much else. I think his approach is catastrophically dangerous for virtually everything else within the scope of the job description.

      • Fair points…..fair points….even from a more liberal/centrist person……a couple of Colonel points in return:

        (because, really, the US doesn’t have the stomach for what it takes to win-win), I really do not think that this is a constant any longer. I think trump has what it takes for the win-win. I think he has what it takes to start and finish a war in 72 hours without a single America soldier hitting the shores. Here is why I think that. We have the air power and naval power to take Iran back to the dark ages and we can do that within 72 hours. Here is how. Keep the sanctions in play and tighten them so hard that the buffalo on the nickel farts. Take away their money totally and freeze it….like he is doing now and they cannot buy new arms. Place a sea blockade on all Iranian ports and place an air restriction on all known air routes. Take their navy to visit Davey Jones, et al. Back them into a corner where their only option is to capitulate and save what they can. Then,…… nothing. NOTHING at all….if China wants to come in….why do we care? If Russia wants to come in….why do we care? Let them prop up the regime with money and arms….then keep shooting down their planes and sinking any ships given to them. Neither Russia nor China will start a shooting war. I am willing to bet your supply of Red Bull on that.

        The goal is to misbehave enough that they can drag us to the negotiation table from a position of strength rather than weakness. Under Trump…..never happen. Under a weak POTUS, it will happen.

        I think that Trump operates under the misconception that negotiation means “I win and the other guy loses.” Of course he does…..that is what I think negotiation means. You have a bottom line. If you get it, you win. If you don’t get it….you win. How do you win if you walk away? It prevents a bad deal.

        “and any deal that is not in the interest of the United States Donald Trump is a bad deal.” Sigh…….Donald Trump, currently, IS the United States. So was Obama during his time and so on and so on and so on.

        And I think, but for the fact that he’s desperately focused on winning re-election, we’d have already bombed Iran. And I’m not sure Iran realizes this. It feels like they’re trying to play the game against a more traditional President – an Obama or Bush or Clinton. Hmmmmmmm. Yes and no but most likely favoring yes. He wants what every POTUS wants…a second term. Where I will agree with you, I think that Iran feels that there will be pressure on trump to return to a more “traditional” (read weak) POTUS. I do not think so. I think they are severely under estimating Trump. I do not think that you will see another attack by Iran for a looooong time. Trump has set himself up now that any attack…..will be viewed as a direct confrontation and I think that the American people will back whatever action.****

        I think his approach is catastrophically dangerous for virtually everything else within the scope of the job description. Out of curiosity…..why do you think this? Where? It is not Russia or China….where is it? Or how is it even economically?


        ****clarification….the American people will back it if there is no introduction of boots on the ground and if it is hard, quick, and final.

        • ****clarification….the American people will back it if there is no introduction of boots on the ground and if it is hard, quick, and final.

          This has always been the weakpoint of American intervenionalism…. what of the subsequent power vacuum? What of the disruption to the world oil supply? What of destabilizing the entire region – including our allies?

          What of the fact that Mecca is in Iran, and there are a billion Muslims who are going to be upset about anything that impacts the Haj?

          • what of the subsequent power vacuum? I do not care about the power vacuum. Let them fight it out.
            What of the disruption to the world oil supply? Iran’s production is lower than 300,000 bbls per day….down from 500,000……has not even caused a spike in cost…yet. The loss of Iranian oil can be made up easily.
            What of destabilizing the entire region – including our allies? What allies? The Persian gulf allies? Europe can buy oil from anywhere.
            What of the fact that Mecca is in Iran, and there are a billion Muslims who are going to be upset about anything that impacts the Haj? So? They are upset now.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Yes. I ask, just for the record, what would negotiations with Hitler or Stalin look like? Starve only 1,500,000 Ukrainians? Murder only 3,000,000 Jews? Maybe we should have let the confederacy keep 50% of their slaves.

          Watched an interesting piece on US Japan relations the other night where the prof was expressing his surety that we backed the Japanese into a corner which is why they attacked. Not a single dumbass student in that class of History majors asked the simple question: what about the 300,000 dead Chinese in Nanking between Dec. ’37 and Jan ’38. The Nipponese needed very little encouragement to be outrageous.

  19. Intelligence report: It appears that there is a great huge field with what appears to be mountains of french fries…..wonder where the ketchup will come from for the fries?

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Watching the COW’s twisting themselves in knots trying to claim they did not compare border detention centers to “concentration camps” ala Nazi Germany or say USA Japanese “Internment” Camps is hilarious. To bad the left wing echo chamber and some media types are going along with it. After all, if people are concentrated into a camp it is a “concentration camp”.

    Little did I know that the Boy Scouts and two separate Church groups run CONCENTRATION CAMPS here in N. Idaho, right around Lake Coeur d’Alene. I guess it fits since we in North Idaho are such a bunch of racist white nationalists anyway (thanks CNN).

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Negotiating for a lasting agreement requires reaching “Informed Consent” by both parties. This means that there has to be a win/win for the players. But the art of the negotiation is in bettering your BATNA while worsening the other guy’s BATNA. BATNA = Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. In other words, win/win does not mean equal outcomes or that both sides get everything they want. It means they are happy enough to accept the outcome.

    Then you have to give the other guy a way out, to save face, to declare victory. A diminished BATNA also helps here. Because what is victory for him in the end, may not be the same as what it would have been in the beginning. As long as some victory can be declared. Thus Mr. Trump offers up a glorious and more “prosperous” future for Iran if it comes to the table.

    Mr. Trump and the Iranians, along with Russians, Chinese, Mexico, etc etc etc, are engaged in a game of trying to diminish the other’s BATNA. If not for our domestic political problems, Mr. Trump would have the upper hand in this effort. But alas, it is more important for one party to skewer the other than rally around a POTUS who is trying to get the best deal for the US he can.

  22. Wow! Swear to God, I’ve just come across this video but it sounds exactly like the convo going on right here today. Heads up Mathius. Watch it at home tonight if you can.

  23. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn has falsely accused President Donald Trump of poor border facility conditions by posting photos that were actually taken under the Obama administration.
    Grahn, who is known for her role in “General Hospital,” claims the photos were recently taken and that the Trump administration was torturing the “children.”
    The photos in question, which show detainees sleeping or sitting on the floor of the facility wrapped in aluminum emergency blankets, were actually taken from 2015. But the actress had posted a version of the photo with the time and date cropped out.

    If the truth isn’t working out, just LIE. How the Left can whine about Trump is amazing.

  24. U.S.—The 347 Democratic presidential candidates currently running announced Monday their new plan to attract voters to their platforms: simply to dangle stacks of cash over their heads on a fishing line.

    At every rally and campaign event, Democrats running for president will dangle bags or bundles of cash above undecided voters, hoping to lure them to the polls to vote.
    “Rather than compete on ideas, we will resort to blatant bribery,” said Bernie Sanders after proposing giving $1.6 trillion to college graduates. Sanders then pulled out a fishing pole and began teasing his audience. “Whooa, gotta be quicker than that!” he said, laughing as audience members tried to jump up and grab the cash. “You almost got it that time!”
    While speaking to an LGBT rights organization, Elizabeth Warren cast out a line with a $20 bill on it and skillfully reeled it in, jerking it from side to side as potential voters lunged after the cash. “$50 million is up for grabs!” she yelled. “You get $50 million! And you get $50 million! Everybody gets $50 million! But you gotta follow the fishing line all the way to the polls, people!”

  25. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bernie Sanders announced he would pay off all $1.6 trillion in student debt if elected president “so that we can stay true to our liberal values of not taking personal responsibility for anything.”

    “What kind of nation do we want to be?” he asked a crowd gathered around him as he exited a local Denny’s restaurant. “Do we want to be a nation that asks people to work hard and take responsibility for themselves?” The crowd booed, and Bernie Sanders wagged his finger. “That’s right, we don’t. We want to be a nation that remains true to itself. A nation where you can borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars and expect other people to pay for it.”
    “That’s what this nation is all about,” he added, glaring at the crow, “making poor financial decisions and then expecting someone else to foot the bill. That’s what attracted me to the socialist platform in the first place.”
    At publishing time, Sanders had asked if anyone in the crowd could run back into the Denny’s and pay for his tab since he had skipped out on the bill.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Dad used to say, the only thing a college degree brought to the table when he interviewed a prospective employee, was that they “FINISHED” something.

  26. Iran says: The door of Diplomacy is permanently closed.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I am shaking in my boots. Keep the economic sanctions on. It is hurting….and, unfortunately, the people of Iran will hurt first and the most. But that is the way it goes. I hope we hold the line on this.

    • Very curious what Mathius’ next move would be…starting with a couple ships being attacked, then our drone. With Obama and Kerry as wingmen.

      • Very curious what Mathius’ next move would be

        President Mathius has a very simple mindset:

        As in much of my life, it is almost impossible to get a reaction from me. But, push me to far and that’s it: I might as well be made of wrought iron. My feet plant and there is no force on this planet that will get me to move another angstrom.

        It become part of the fabric of reality.. objective, empirical fact that I will not move beyond my red-lines. As immutable as the laws of nature and physics. This far, no further. It ceases being a negotiation and becomes simple negation: “no, I will not.”

        It has been said that I am a touch stubborn, but the truth is that I’m very flexible right up until the point where my red-lines exist.

        This has not been a mindset which has served me well. Nonetheless it is how I operate. The problem, of course, is that people mistake my flexibility, mildness, affability for weakness. They read me as a pushover and then are dumbstruck when they hit a brick wall.

        A former boss used to make all kinds of ridiculous demands on me. But it was his dollar and I did whatever he needed doing. C’est la vie. Until he tried to get me to cook up a chart for an investor that I considered misleading and balked. Right there, I put down roots and the guy, who had for years pushed me around with hardly any resistance was baffled by the fact that he was completely powerless to make me do something I wasn’t willing to do. I nearly got fired over it, and it wouldn’t have changed my mind one iota. It didn’t matter that he owned the company and I was a junior employee. It didn’t matter that he could probably have blacklisted me from the industry. I wasn’t going to do it, so I didn’t. My red lines don’t budge. He mistook my flexibility for weakness and only discovered otherwise when he pushed too far.

        As I say, this is not a mentality which has served me well. But it is who I am.


        So to answer your question: How does President Mathius handle Iran? Not well, which is one reason amongst many why he should never ever be elected.

        President Mathius gives a warning and a bright red line. Some mild pushback at the the roughly equivalent level (drone for drone, ship for ship), neither escalating nor backing down, while making every effort to reach an amicable agreement.

        But, if the time comes that they push my red-line, I blow up the royal palace, eradicate their navy, bomb every runway in the country, every military base, everything even tangenially related to their military or military support, then send in the colonel with a seal team to drag the appropriate leaders before a firing squad. If the next guy who steps into the power vacuum also misbehaves, I repeat the procedure as necessary until they find someone smart enough not to commit suicide-by-proxy.

        Yea, there might be some problems with international laws and with optics.. but, well, we’re the United States, and it’s not like anyone’s going to drag the POTUS before the Hague. If I have to, I’ll drop out of whatever treaties are holding me back. But you can be damned sure the next time I establish a red-line, people are not going to cross it.

        Put more bluntly: don’t mistake President Mathius’ mildness for weakness, because if he does break out the Big Stick, he’s going to swing hard.

        And that, again, is why you should never vote for me… as if you needed another reason.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          But, but, Mr. Trump. I thought you already had been elected once!!

          Question serious! WHERE IS YOUR RED LINE? Please describe it.

          As part of that, do you allow Iran to have Nukes?

          • As I said, you don’t want to elect me.

            Question serious! WHERE IS YOUR RED LINE? Please describe it.

            Unlike Mr. Trump, I do not pretend to be a particularly well informed expert on the topic in possession of all the answers and who is, of course, who knows more about it than anyone, believe me.

            I’m happy to offer half-backed scenarios and flimsily researched thoughts and reprisal-schemes because this is an online blog and literally every word I have written here is completely devoid of affect on the larger world. There’s no cost to being wrong and making it up as I go along.. of shooting from the hip and being reactionary or impulsive. But if I were President “question serious” as you put it, I would not be able to take this approach.

            I’d have to consult with my generals (and lowly colonels) to see what constitutes an unacceptable risk, what constitutes the need for action, etc. I’d want to understand the impact of an embargo, of sanctions, of oil disruptions, of the larger geopolitical map. I’d want to understand not just the unknowns, but the Rumsfeldian “unknown-unknowns.” And only THEN would I be able to even begin to think about where to draw my lines. And I’d want to test out the consequences of those lines and consequences thereof with all the relevant experts. I’m under no time constraint here, there’s no gun to my head, I can afford to take the time and look at it carefully and get the best answer I can.

            My gut says “a single American death via direct military action” or “credible evidence of uranium enrichment” etc. The former begets Armageddon, the latter begets Armageddon-lite.

            But the truth is there’s just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much I don’t know. And, again, unlike Trump, I don’t pretend to be a world-renowned expert at it. I’d have to learn A LOT before I could answer in any seriousness about where and how I would draw my lines and what the consequences would be.

            I can say, again, that my method of flexibility-until-red-line has served me poorly. So President Mathius reserves the right to try a more nuanced approach.

            But I will say this: I am not a person who suffers from “second guessing” or hesitancy or indecision. I collect information, I analyze the information, I make a decision, and I commit. And I follow through. That’s not to say I won’t change course if later information emerges, but if I decide to strike Iran, I’m going to strike Iran, and I’m not going to pull back at the last second. And I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. If my lines are crossed, you will get hit.

            As part of that, do you allow Iran to have Nukes?


            I’m not even inclined to let them have a nuclear power plant – even one under international observation.

            Frankly, my inclination is to put on my parenting hat and say “you have not demonstrated yourself to be mature or responsible enough for this technology, so you can’t have it.” And then smack them – HARD – with the Big Stick if they so much as think about any element with more protons than gold. If the ayatollah has so much as a dream about thorium, he wakes up in a cell.

            And, if they want a nuclear power plant, they can lease a site to the US military and we’ll run it for them, supplying the power at cost, and shoot any unauthorized person who comes within a mile of it. (“But President Mathius,” I hear them saying, “that puts us at your mercy.. we need independent energy security” to which POTUS Mathius replies “then grow the fuck up and you can have it. In the meantime, you live in the dessert – install some solar panels, you morons.”)

    • Iran says: The door of Diplomacy is permanently closed.

      Of course it’s not.

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I am shaking in my boots.

      I’m picturing snakeskin cowboy boots…

  27. During a portion of an interview with Hill.TV released on Monday, President Trump said he doesn’t need approval from Congress before launching strikes against Iran.
    Trump said, “I like the idea of keeping Congress abreast, but I wouldn’t have to do that.”
    Trump also responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) assertion that he needs Congressional approval by stating, “I disagree. … I do like keeping them abreast, but I don’t have to do it legally.”

    This is a good subject to debate because the Liberal news will be screaming bloody murder over this tonight (if not already)

    IMHO, He does NOT need approval for a retaliatory strike. He does need approval for a prolonged type of attack. One that is intended to wipe them off modern day living.

    After what Obama did to Libya, it will not be mentioned by Liberals, but that was a different scenario, it was run by NATO (I believe). Also, Libya didn’t attack us, Iran has done that and if they do it again and kill people it takes on a whole different type of event from Libya.

    I don’t know anyone who wants war with Iran, but that changes when people get killed. Where are all the Lefty Enviro Nuts concerning attacking oil tankers and causing oil to spill? Crickets.

    Back to the subject. Should Iran kill Americans or allies, Trump could lay the smack down for 3 days or so, then I would think further action should be approved by Congress. Now, Congress must declare war, but a declaration of war isn’t needed, as we all know.

    What say ya’ll?

    • I say this………make your retaliatory strike final….hit hard and hit quick and all necessary targets are wiped out, including their nuke plants. You do not need permission for that.

      If you approach it from the stand point of all out war instead of a level one retaliatory strike….go to Congress.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    I keep seeing this statement: “Iran is trying to force the US to the negotiating table”.

    Why would they want to negotiate any more?? They had an agreement that gave them what they wanted. Why not just wait it out instead of poking around the region is a way that would draw the ire of the US and others??

    What is Iran’s REAL GOAL???

    • Trump’s sanctions are crushing them. Thats a good reason as any i reckon.

    • Mathius says:

      What is Iran’s REAL GOAL???

      Get rid of the sanctions, become nuclear armed, supplant the US as the sole super-power, convert the world to Islam.

      In that order.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your order is wrong I believe. They must convert the world to Islam, our much of it, before they can supplant the US as the sole super-power. Otherwise Russia and/or China will step in and replace us.

        Other than that you display ENLIGHTENED qualities for a supposed “liberal/progressive” Democrat.

        • Mathius says:

          Your order is wrong I believe

          I want to tell you that you just scared the living bejeezus out of me.

          For some reason, my brain glitched, and I thought you were saying a trade order I just put through was wrong and I was momentarily freaked out that I’d committed a trade error.

          Damn you!

          They must convert the world to Islam, our much of it, before they can supplant the US as the sole super-power. Otherwise Russia and/or China will step in and replace us.

          Maybe. I’ll retract my assertion re order without stipulating that you’re correct.

          Other than that you display ENLIGHTENED qualities for a supposed “liberal/progressive” Democrat.

          Umm… thanks?

      • You missed obliterate Israel or is that under the convert us all by the sword.

        • Mathius says:

          I think it’s included.

          Though I don’t think I said “by the sword” although that does seem to be Iran’s preferred method…

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          For those that have paid attention since the summer if 1979, the ist and only stated goal of the Ayatolla Khomenei was to “Destroy Israel”

          All steps he outlined in his interview to Le Monde were just how they were going to get from Where they were at that time to the annihilation of Israel and the Jews. No time schedule, they’ll take or provoke opportunities as they come. I don’t even want to get into how many of those opportunities have been aided by US government actions, including having the Ayotollas sitting on the “Peacock” throne in the 1st place.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I like TX Congressman’s response to Hillary’s Twitter attacks.

    Crenshaw then launched his attack:

    Right. And you hit the nail on the head. They don’t want more detention space. You have to ask yourself, what is their actual goal? Here’s a real problem. I speak to constituents, Democrat and Republican. There are no constituents that I have met who want open borders. But every single Democrat in the House of Representatives does want open borders. And you can tell they want that because of the policies that they’re pushing. If you are not for more detention space, it’s because you want them caught and released. And, like you said, they might have a court date that’s eight years in the future. I mean, it’s an enormous amount of time, which effectively means open borders.

    And again, this is not fair to legal immigrants who want to do it the right way. This is not fair to legal asylum claimees who want to do it the right way. They’re around the world, by the way. People around the world who want to claim asylum in the United states are now confronted with a system that’s completely overwhelmed. They have no chance of getting in. Why? Because our good intentions have gotten in our own way. And it’s bad for immigrants.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just thinking about how tired already I am with “Presidential” political BS just ahead of the 1st democrat debate with now Warren and Sanders jumping out to huge leads in the latest polls. Just think we’ve already been bludgeoned for months already and we’re only a year and a half away from the election.

    Is this a new strategy? Wear us all down to nothing and hoping we’ll just vote in who ever is 1st on the ballot….”JUST TO SHUT THEM THE HELL UP”

  31. Mathius says:


    June 25, 2019, a date which will live in infamy. It is with a heavy heart that we must report a massive terrorist strike upon a herd of local cattle.

    It appears that the cows are completely slathered in tens of thousands of gallons of Heinz 57 ketchup which was delivered via air strike from a modified 747 Supertanker, traditionally used for arial water-bombardment. Eye-witnesses claim to have seen a parachutist escaping the plane before it crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. A man-hunt is ongoing.

    The owner of the unfortunate creatures, a former colonel who has asked to remain anonymous, has declined to identify the terrorist or terrorists behind the attack, citing a blood vendetta. No one has come forward to publicly claim responsibility and authorities have little to go on at this time.

    According to legal experts, the herd has been permanently tainted by the ketchup and will have to be culled. It is a capital offence in the sovereign nation of Texas to consume or sell any beef product which has come into contact with any red-colored sauce. They indicate that, though certain extremely narrow and specific exceptions do exist, the so-called "barbecue sauce loophole" would not apply in this case.

    In total, the culling, is likely to amount to as many as 40,000 heads and result in millions of dollars of loss. The owner can be seen from the road, standing knee deep in ketchup in ruined ostrich boots, firing what appears to be an over-sized punt gun while the cattle stand in an orderly line, waiting for their turn to be put out of their misery.

    Even from this distance, the tears on the man's face are plainly visible. In the views of this reporter, this horrendous crime is one of the worst attacks on Texan soil in living memory. It remains to be see if the President of Texas will declare the strike zone, which covers several square miles, a bio-hazard site. If so, it could spell ruin for the affected rancher.

    Several neighbors have already begun construct walls between their properties, lest the contagion spread. A site survey team is attempting to evaluate whether any waterways may be impacted, but so far have been unable to approach too close to the property due to the presence of what appear to be packs of feral velociraptors. Several of the beasts appear to have also fallen victim to the strike and their corpses show signs of immense suffering prior to their deaths.

    As of press time, we have been unable to ask further questions of the owner due to a desire to continue living, and to stay well away from the hazardous spill. John Kerry has publicly proclaimed his non-involvement in the events and denounced the perpetrators, but was summarily executed by John Cornyn anyway.

    We are asking that anyone with direct knowledge of these events contact the appropriate authorities. $100,000 has been authorized for anyone who provides information leading to the capture and arrest of the perpetrator of this horrific crime.

  32. To: The Colonel
    FM: S2
    SJ: Laguna Madre strike

    Sir, the media has reported this to be a terrorist strike, however, we have determined that the strike was organized by the extreme left and some really strange talking individual from New York City area. Voice prints have turned up a suspect and it seems that the parachutist has escaped. He was last seen swimming the straits to a ship that resembled Thor’s Hammer. There is no confirmation but our rescue submarine that is still in the Potomac has reported that the Hammer eluded them in a green haze. It is possible that the two coordinated a strike although that would mean that the Pirate and the suspect have made a deal although unlikely. There is an air search going on among the sand bars of Laguna Madre and we have dispatched a rather large flotilla of rapto-sharks with laser guidance capability. It was reported that there was this strange green fog that one of our searchers flew into but has not been heard from. We are not sure it was the Hammer as there was a rather obvious Rainbow Flag flying from the main mast.
    In the matter of the strike, it was devastating to our herd. The carnage is beyond description. Our raptors that were guarding the herd died in a rather violent, twisting, vomiting, and shaking manner. It was beyond cruel even for a velociraptor. The copious amounts of Heinz ketchup is so hazardous that we have cordoned off the area. Cattle are aimlessly wandering around. However, one of our scientists has recommended that we allow flights of napalm and completely blanket the affected are with fire. Cook ‘em down. And since the ketchup is already there, we allow Yankees from New York to come down and feast on a 4000 acre BBQ…..yankee style. There is already a large amount of Yankees on the way down. It is, unfortunately, so bad that even the illegals from Mexico and associated countries will not even eat Ketchup covered steak.
    The boys have taken up a collection to replace your Ostrich boots and also purchase you a pair of Sea Turtle (endangered species) boots for your more formal appearances. We all understand that your tears were those of rage and that you will have your blood vendetta.
    We also have found a way to exact your revenge in getting President Trump elected to a second term. We understand that the suspect did not appreciate that you saved his life twice and this was his answer but you will get the last laugh, sir.
    In the meantime, we are still shadowing the mysterious green haze topped with a Rainbow flag.

    • Rainbow flag!!!! Baaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. That’s the lamest pirate ship I’ve ever heard of.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Better get JAC deployed to conduct an environmental impact survey. I’m sure this will turn out to be a worse disaster then Chernobyl. But in this case truly making life unsustainable for 20000 years. Has anyone determined the 1/2 life of a bottle of Heinz?

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “I wonder and ask – without wishing to make any controversy…

    How can a Muslim swear” allegiance to the Italian Republic and its laws “if the Koran imposes, among many absurdities, that the Koranic law prevails over other laws of the State?

    This was posted by the Italian general in charge of the Caribineri

    • Because Muslims have an ego much larger than President Trump ever thought about having…..and they have a greater role and vision of themselves than that of Trump of himself. And THAT is a lot.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Interesting news I came across a little bit ago. Economic auditors have warned Macron and his administration about the massive amounts of debt they’re into after the floodgates of spending were opened to appease the “Yellow Shirts”

  36. The first Crat debate is tonight…MEH. The softball questions won’t provide much entertainment and most of these no-names will be ignoring the questions and talking about themselves anyway. Watching grass grow may be more entertaining 😀

    Puppy update: Sixer is about half way to being house trained. She can go outside by herself and do her business when she wants. She does so about 4/5ths of the time, but still has small accidents. She has a training collar and she is learning quick. It came with a clicker. A great way to training without causing any pain. Watching my bigger dog, Rocko, look after her is heartwarming.

    Sitting at my computer this morning, a hen turkey and 3 chicks walked within feet of my window, got a nice picture.

    Iran has already lost. They may as well just sit down and play lets make a deal. Trump played them and the Crats like a fine tuned fiddle.

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I think this girl is confused. You first meet Mister Jordan, with your guardian angel.

  38. The Colonel needs more money to repair damage of Heinz Ketchup………so…………he is wanting the oil to go to $60 per bbl. Send the bill to Mathius.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      As you know, the varmint escaped aboard my vessel. I had nothing to do with the attack, only the getaway*. You and I are now squared for that 55 gallon drum of oil-based lubricant you dropped on The Hammer.

      *It was his birthday present.. today is Mathius’ birthday, if ye be carin’ about such things. He’s ~0.5143 colonels old.

      • Remember that th’ oil was necessary ’cause o’ yer location, however, I shall call it square. How th’ Davy Jones’ locker did ye get off that sandbar ‘n how did ye get away from th’ Warden? Cool move. Mathius be a lost soul ‘n I thought that ye could actually help but he be shrewd ‘n be fer policies that are counter t’ bein’ a scuurvy pirate. He wants OSHA t’ inspect yer ship. He wants regulations that keep ye out o’ plunderin’ waters….’ave ye considered jus’ leavin’ ‘im adrift.

  39. Re: Mathias’s comments on how Trump decided to not attack Iran.

    First, Unless you are a mind reader, you cannot possible know what mental process Trump used to arrive at the final decision. I can very easily see a scenario where when asked to sign the attack order, we asks again what are the downsides of this action. Based on this and a predilection not to kill others and start wars, he decided not to act militarily but to go with economic sanctions which he is more comfortable with.

    When leaders make public statements, they are not just communicating to the their countrymen but to the world and to the adversary. The statements made are political, diplomatic and strategic. Trump is in a tough spot. He must play an international chess game with serious consequences, satisfy his political base, ward off the domestic adversaries and placate a hostile press. Given these conditions, I think his position and statements were very good. I think the reaction of the press and Democrats was terrible. It is irrelevant how he arrived at the decision. Again, unless you are a mind reader, you cannot call his statement of how he arrived at that decision a lie.

    Now contrast this to Obama’s statement about the video being the cause for the Benghazi raid. It was a blatant and obvious lie within hours of it being stated. The lie was pushed for 2-3 weeks after it was shown to be false. They even persecuted the maker of the video to back up the that lie, a clear abuse of power. That lie was told for only one reason, political domestic consumption to excuse our lack of support and incompetence in protecting the people in Benghazi. Every nation with an intelligence service knew the statement was a lie. We even called the president of Libya a liar on national TV. What strategic gain resulted from that lie? How much harm to our credibility was done?

    Matt, you are hung up on the self aggrandizing lies Trump tells and extrapolate them to the serious comments he makes about the state of the world. The self aggrandizing stuff Trump tells is irrelevant. Re-calibrate your truth meter to filter out these lies and listen for the big issues.

  40. Happy Birthday Mathius! May your day be bright and your future brighter.

    As a gift, Trump announced that women’s unemployment has hit a 65 year low. This goes along with record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics. Not bad for someone so dangerous 😀

  41. Happy Birthday, my friend. Sometimes I wonder why I saved your life……twice.

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    More of AOC’s photo op at the border

    • WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an emergency bill rushed to the House floor and passed Wednesday, House Democrats voted to send more fake tears to address the crisis on the southern border.

      The bill authorizes Congress to send more representatives to the southern border to stage fake photo-ops where they appear to cry over mistreated immigrants.
      “The best way to address a humanitarian crisis is to take a photo op showing how compassionate you are,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Rather than trying to address the monetary needs of those trying to handle the flood of immigrants coming over the border, we will simply fly down there and cry, peeking to make sure the photographers are looking at us the whole time.”
      Though the two ladies have sometimes found themselves at odds over other policies, Nancy Pelosi agreed with Ocasio-Cortez’s approach to the problem.
      “You can’t just spend your way out of a crisis like this—you have to virtue-signal your way out of it,” Pelosi said.
      The Senate is not expected to sign off on the bill, though Republican senators suggested they might be able to come to a compromise if they’re allowed to commit millions more tears to abortion without doing anything to actually stop it.

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Starting October 1, 2020, every state and territory resident will need to present a REAL ID-compliant license/ID or another acceptable form of identification (like a passport or passport card) for accessing federal facilities — including boarding commercial aircraft.

    This has been in the works for 15 years when passed in 2005. I’ve not heard one peep from the Democrats about how unfair this is to the POOR or minorities. Yet they fight tooth and nail about requiring a legal photo is to vote

  45. MIAMI, FL—A spare empty podium and microphone set up backstage at the Democratic debate this evening is projected to win the event “hands down” according to experts.

    “This spare podium and microphone won’t say anything stupid, won’t vow to take more of your money away, and won’t promise voters to meddle in your lives,” said one commentator. “The podium’s policy positions are hard to argue with. You don’t have to deal with Warren’s reparations, Biden’s empty promise to cure cancer, or Bernie’s plan to cancel all student debt.”
    “In a lot of ways, the empty podium may win over everybody tonight,” the commentator continued. “I know it has my vote.”
    Should the podium win the Democratic primaries, it will face Donald Trump in the general election. While Trump has had some success in the White House, experts believe that the empty podium, consisting of nobody at all, is likely to beat out Trump as the ideal leader of our nation.

  46. Listening to a Crat strategist this morning, I caught these talking points that will be repeated over and over for quite some time.

    The great economy isn’t working for everyone.
    Except the numbers and facts refute that, so the reply is:
    That’s because people are underemployed and working more than one job (which is total bullshit and unprovable).

    Needless to say, the line of bullshit that the Crats and their lapdog media will be spewing is both predictable and bald faced lies.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Except one problem. After being retired mid way through Obama’s 1st term, I couldn’t beg borrow or steal a job. Got called once out of hundreds o applications.

      Once Trump was elected I’d get at least a dozen requests to interview per day. Not trivial jobs. These are companies digging back in their files. Only problem is now at 67 I’m not inclined to work 40-60 hours .plus 2 hour commutes., nor looking for a career. 9 years ago was a different story

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A friend posted a meme this morning

      “Due to other commitments last night, I was unable to watch the debate last night. Who won, Cuba or Venezuela”?

      • 😀 😀

        Last nights debate was a great reason to reelect Trump.

        The debate about healthcare….The Crats have already screwed it up enough under Obama. Medicare isn’t the answer, even our Seniors need additional coverage, which makes the whole issue that these Crats are pushing totally undoable, not to mention it would force most healthcare facilities to close their doors almost immediately.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          What is the unemployment rate right now?
          Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in April, and the unemployment rate declined to 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.May 3, 2019

          Yes I know the labor dept lies through statistics and always had. But during Obama’s great stagnant economy where he flat out said growth above a certain level are a thing of the past. We are way past that number today. He recorded lowering unemployment only because people unable to find jobs. And dropped off the UNEMPLOYMENT roles. People worked multiple jobs, one to make ends meet, but also to get enough hours to create a full time job hours. Due to ACA rules. Now people work multiple jobs because they can with not enough people to fill available positions.

          Companies are dipping back into the qualified people they retired because to many new college graduate entrants are not qualified to do the job and have poor work ethics and habits.

          A custom yacht builder hired me at top dollar at 66 to handle restorations of large yachts. I asked about why me. The management immediately answered that yes they have lots of young applicants, but they don’t have the work ethics.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Kind of obvious though. The fresh water Mom and Dad had at their house on the coast here in NC, came from an aquifer originating in West Virginia. The Appalachians would be a huge dam.

  48. test

  49. Ah………………did not watch the debates last night….there was a John Wayne movie on that I have seen several times that was more entertaining. My spousal unit was wanting to watch….she went into another room…came out after five minutes and said that if she wanted to watch trump bashing, she coud watch the news everyday. Nothing substantial with the exception of Beto trying to speak Spanish.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Remember Bill Clinton’s famous campaign slogan against Bush the elder “Its the economy stupid”

  50. I don’t think anyone should be allowed to run for political office more than 1 year ahead of the election. They should all just go back to work.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


      They’ve already been running for a minimum of 6 months already.

      Beto is unemployed so he can do as he wishes with the millions he kept from his failed Senatorial campaign.

      One thing I’d like to see changed in the election campaign funding. 1st scrap the McCain Feingold law. 2nd….for local and state offices and that includes the representatives in DC. Campaign funds can only come from the people who can vote for you. Only ftom your state or district. Not millions from out of State donors. Kind of like accepting foreign donations. Only the presidential contest is open across the country,

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    SCOTUS ruling on political based gerrymandering is a GOOD decision. Despite all the nashing and knarling of teeth from the Dems about it.

    SCOTUS ruling on the census question is NOT a GOOD decision, but does have some basis. That being that the Admin did a lousy job of justifying their move. In fact, the testimony raised far to many questions, which caused me to wonder what would happen at the time. Normally the decision would be understandable under the Administrative Procedures Act. But creating a census questionnaire is not the same as creating new regulations or making decisions that actually affect agency performance. In fact, the administration should not have had to make any argument other than “we want to know how many citizens we have in the USA vs. Non Citizens.

    The Court, thanks again to Roberts, may have created a new STANDARD which will allow opponents to grind the gears to a halt, even more than they do now.

    But again, if DOJ had not stuffed up their defense it would have been no problem. I think. Nothing is certain when it comes to SCOTUS.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Take out the word gerrymandering and substitute RACE, see what happens! I am fairly certain we have been down this road before……

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Gerrymandering based on RACE has been decided by SCOTUS. Because we have Constitutional law concerning RACE.

        There is no such protection for Political Parties. The idea of which is ridiculous on its face. But that wont’ stop people from ranting about it.

        The concern over the decision is that any administrative decision can now be challenged for any reason and the onus then falls on the administration to justify it, “through the lens of how SCOTUS might feel about it at any given moment”.

    • If there is a question that should not be on the census, it is race. We are long past counting slaves as 3/5ths. Citizenship is important for many reasons, voting, military duty, etc.

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I do like to pay attention to European politics to argue/debate those that feel we should be more like Europe.

    Local elections are coming around again. A short time ago Rome elected a young vibrant women to be mayor with an overwhelming majority. Today the opinion is exactly the opposite. 72% say they’d not vote to re-elect her. That’s an average of the combined center-right and center-left. Only 17% said they’d vote for her again. Waste management is #1 and out of control. #2 road maintenance. #3 transit systems and all other city services have gone to shit. She went all in with the Pope and Brussels on welcoming and encouraging illegal migration. All at the expense of the marginal citizens. Who are saying what about us.

    Even President Carter was smart enough to stop the Cuban exodus. It had the affect of cutting the legs right out from under the working poor in the Miami area.

    The PD in Italy is fighting tooth and nail to STOP passage of any minimum wage hikes. Where the plan is to raise it to roughly $9/he.

    PD is a new party that consolidated the communist party and most leftist groups.

    In the debate last night I believe the candidates made reference to the low unemployment rate as only because people are holding multiple jobs. I didn’t realize that two positions being held by one person counts as two people being employed. A better thing to question is the UNEMPLOYMENT caused by increasing the minimum wage to a LIVING wage $15/he, for jobs that generally occupied by kids to earn money to go out on and buy gas. Not live on it.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Well, having two part time jobs under Trump is still preferable to having THREE under Obama!

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    So we supposedly have inadequate facilities at the border to handle the influx, or should I say invasion.

    The Govt. quickly uses its contract authority to deal with the crisis.

    The left wingers immediately launch campaigns against the Banks and other vendors tied to providing services or products to the border facilities. Thus depriving those facilities the funding and material they need to deal with the crisis.

    Brain dead ………… nuff said?

    P.S. Wonder if we could get a letter writing campaign going …………. people dropping Bank of America accounts due to their idiotic actions.

    P.S.S. Note that political types are making statements that are directly affecting the financial health and well being of private firms. Wonder if litigation is possible??

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Making stupid policy decisions is not the exclusive domain of politicians.

      Please for being numb to all this rhetoric. But if you’re in one of these detention facilities you have been apprehended violating Federal Immigration law. I wouldn’t actually believe bank officers would complain about these people are like in a prison, they can’t leave. Well it is a prison until some determination is made..

      I hear no complaints by the left over children of people being held without bond or convicted and in jail being placed under child protection services.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A letter from me to BOA will serve no purpose. I’ve never had an account with them, nor use any of their services like ATM’s etc.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I believe the whole purpose behind this pushing illegal immigration and forcing “catch and release” where the illegals will not show up at hearings. But they’ll migrate to States like California, New York and Illinois to pack as many people in before the census. Citizen or not they’ll count for representatives and electoral votes. It’s all about POWER not about humanitarian or altruistic careing. Or else we’d have seen a renaissance in the black community not an opposite result. Like with schools transformed from one of the best to , well below 50% in college preparedness. LA schools got blackmailed into giving raises to teachers of a failed system. Now they’re enacting more taxes to figure out how to pay for it.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Though written 6 years ago, it us a pretty good analysis of the EU

  56. Carpe Donktum strikes again! First the Trump infinity campaign, today it’s Ozzy’s Crazy Train video. The left is headed for the rubber room. Funny as heck!!!

    • Mathius says:

      This is beautiful.

      I mean… not the Trump 2020 bit… shudder… but the rest… absolutely hysterical.

  57. MIAMI, FL—A major cave-in occurred after all Democratic candidates scrambled to the far left side of the debate stage Thursday evening.

    As the debate kicked off, Bernie Sanders immediately ran to the left. Not to be outdone, Joe Biden vaulted over him, demanding to be the one standing farthest to the left. Buttigieg yelled, “Hey, straight dudes! Watch this!” and leaped over both of them in a fabulous cartwheel, landing perfectly right near the edge of stage left. He was given a “10” by the judges.
    Kamala Harris called in a SWAT team to shoot at and arrest the other candidates while she rushed to the left side as well, though she was angry to discover this was illegal. Eric Swalwell went a step further and tried to call in a nuclear strike so he could dive as far left as possible while the others would be forced to take cover, but luckily his staffers had just given him a kids’ Spy Gear walkie-talkie and told him it was a nuke button.
    As these candidates and the 495 other ones you’ve never heard of rushed to the left, a creaking sound was heard. Finally, the stage gave way, tilted far to the left, and collapsed, “just like the Titanic going down in the icy waters of the Atlantic.”
    Andrew Yang was confused as to what the other candidates were doing and just stood in the middle smiling and holding up a $1,000 bill. He was catapulted through the roof as the stage flipped over.

  58. Trump- 2
    Crats- 0

    • I’ll lay odds no one was asked what they would do if Trump and Barr prove that the Obama CIA and FBI were spying on the opposition.

      If Trump and Barr to product proof of domestic spying, will not the whole Russia thing have backfired on the Dems. They would have better off just dropping the entire thing in 2016. Trump was willing not to pursue HRC after the election. It would have been smart if they followed his lead.

  59. Canine Weapon says:


  60. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Image: A Khmer Rouge mass grave. If your revolutionary movement keeps producing mountains of skulls, it is important to consider whether the problem may be with you rather than the people who were turned into the mountain of skulls.

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • I think Bernie has been around long enough that we can evaluate his political ideology based on his past behaviors rather than reading tea leaves based on a trip he took over a half-century ago.

      He is, quite clearly, socialist… or at least socialist-lite. He’s not Stalin. By much Europe’s standards, he’s a moderate.

      And it’s not like he’s an “outsider” where we have to glean what we can about his beliefs from the minutiae of his private life. We know what kinds of policies Bernie would implement because we’ve seen how he has acted as a politician since the ’80’s.

      He’s not going to change his stripes.

      For better or worse, he’s a known quantity.

  62. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I don’t understand why any woman would support transgendered women in women’s sports.

    “Title IX was designed to eliminate discrimination against women in education and athletics, and women fought long and hard to earn the equal athletic opportunities that Title IX provides. Allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women under this law,” Holcomb continued to say. “We shouldn’t force these young women to be spectators in their own sports.”

    Holcomb revealed on Carlson’s show that a single individual male athlete “now holds ten records inside the state of Connecticut that were once held by ten individual girls that were established over the course of about a twenty year period.” “

    • Does Title IX do anything other than sports? Because, if so, it seems like something well-intentioned that might even be “good” but which is really none of the government’s business..

      I cannot for the life of me see why the government should be involved in who gets to play college sports – let the schools sort that out for themselves.

      (feel free to tell me why I’m wrong)

    • (2nd attempt)

      Does Title IX do anything other than sports? Because, if so, it seems like something well-intentioned that might even be “good” but which is really none of the government’s business..

      I cannot for the life of me see why the government should be involved in who gets to play college sports – let the schools sort that out for themselves.

      (feel free to tell me why I’m wrong)

      • Title IX also dictates high school sports. And I agree, why are the Feds involved. Only because they grant money to said institutions, they think the can write the rules and correct the evils of past discrimination real or imagined.

      • Little late to argue they shouldn’t be involved. Unless the government is willing to stop being involved at all. They’ve been involved for years. Lots of people argued against colleges being forced to equally support and finance woman’s sports. Part of the argument was that men’s sports brought in lots of money while woman’s sports did not.

        • I’m with you VH, Tranny’s have no business in women’s sports, period. First, it’s a mental condition that needs medical/psych attention. Second, if a non-transgender was taking testosterone, she would be disqualified from competition. Being a tranny doesn’t magically take away testosterone. This is PC at it’s worst

          • Well, it is very tainted. Just like the home run hitters a few years back that were jacked nn steroids….hitting monster home runs and breaking records…..all have an asterisk by their name in the baseball Hall of Fame…..the asterisk says the records were enhanced by performance drugs…….so, the records of Mantle and Maris and Hayes…..etc…..still stand.

      • See what happens when I save your life…Twice….. I cannot for the life of me see why the government should be involved in who gets to play college sports – let the schools sort that out for themselves. You can be saved yet again.

    • Why you antiquated, misogynist, sexist. How dare you question the science of psychology and cause mental harm to these young transgenders. Their life is tough enough without you denying them success in the wo(man)ly arts of physical competition. How dare you believe in the misguided science of DNA and biological physical measurements of size, strength and agility associated with testosterone. You must be cast from society until you repent your evil thinking.

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Manafort had more protection around him being arraigned for mortgage fraud, than Lee Harvey Oswald did after being arrested for allegedly assassinating John F Kennedy.

  65. Dale A Albrecht says:
  66. interesting issue on desegregation on the Dems Debate last night. I did not watch it but I saw a snippet of Kamala Harris and her lame bullshit about being a little girl during the years of bussing and desegragation. Now she claimed to be a part of the second generation of busing….Born in 1964. she has no idea of the segregation policies of her era. Being second generation is a load of shit. Those of us that grew up in that era know that forced busing did not remedy segregation. In fact, it made segregation more prevalent. First of all they picked specific grades…like say the second grade….they forced children to other schools in the attempt to forcibly de-segregate. What happened? The children that were bused….all ended up among themselves in a segregated area they formed.

    You simply cannot force segregation to a good end. It has to evolve. It was the worse thing other than affirmative action that ever happened. I wish Biden would take the gloves off and attack these women as hard as any male. These women have their number… gloves….hard hitting.

    I am tired of this social experimentation.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I totally agree.

      I assume Kamela is a Californian.. segregation was economic far more than race.

      Forced bussing did not change demographics if a neighborhood one bit. Changed the schools for sure. You still need to be able to afford to live in Hidden Hills or Woodland Hills or Palos Verses. That comes with hard work and just about dedication to the exclusion of all else.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Dr. Kenneth Clark, a really brilliant Black Sociologist/Psychologist in the 1960’s 1970’s made the comment when busing was being contemplated for Boston Schools…”be careful…there are a limited number of white poker chips in this game”.

      He was right!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Besides the most of the kids in my old neighbourhood just got pulled out of public schools and went to private schools.

        Only the inner city kids had no choice. They got to fill the empty educational
        factory up in the west valley

  67. Question…………………………one thing that has not been mentioned as yet…….who controls the Dems Super Delegates?

  68. I invite anyone who wants to…..for a guided tour of the Texas detention facilites. I will personally give anyone who wants to view these a guided tour. I have the authority and the desire to do so. This crap that is being shown on tv is crap and is well photo shopped and edited. I have been to the one in Clint, Texas. Personally….been there. At no time, did I see any child that did not have food, water to drink, water to bathe, red cross packets with soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and wash rags. Each child had a bed with blankets…..NO ONE WAS SLEEPING ON CONCRETE FLOORS AND NO ONE WAS SLEEPING IN NON AIR/HEAT CONDITIONED areas. The children all had good clothes with plenty of donations, fresh diapers, fresh socks and shoes which is more than they had when they got there. AT NO TIME ARE THE CHILDREN LEFT UNSUPERVISED TO JUST WANDER AROUND IN FECES COVERED CLOTHING AND SNOTTY SHIRTS. AT NO TIME.

    Were there older children helping younger children? Yes, of course. Because there were no parents in attendance and non came with the children to the border.

    Are these children being detained in a fenced in area? Yes, of course they are. Because we have no money to build proper facilites, these children are housed in areas that were designed for criminals. But, these children have 24 hour access to doctors and bathrooms….all with running water.

    So, since the Democratic Congress will not give money without tags, we are now sending the children to military facilities around the country and they are staying in the same conditions as our soldiers.

    Ask this question………………….what kind of parent would sell their child to make an unaccompanied trip without a blood relative. There are no children being detained if they have a blood relative with them. They are released within 48 hours.

    This crap you are seeing on Tv is planned and has a motive. It is BULLSHIT….and, if anyone wishes to call my bluff….come on down and I will personally escort you to any…..ANY….facility you or anyone wishes to see.

    Rant over.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I have no doubt about what you say. The problem is the PEOPLE like some “friends” who absolutely refuse to believe the truth nor are they’ve any inclination to take you up on your invitations. I’ve tendered them and pretty much they say FU you’re a fascist. One is a speech writer for Kirsten Gillbrand.

    • Mathius says:

      I invite anyone who wants to…..for a guided tour of the Texas detention facilites. I will personally give anyone who wants to view these a guided tour. I have the authority and the desire to do so.

      Will you fly me down?

      I, uh… recently misplaced my personal airplane.

  69. Dale A Albrecht says:

    ALGHERO, 28 JUNE – “It all seems so absurd”. The tourist fined in Alghero for having left open the window of his Mercedes SUV with the motivation “instigates theft”, is called Renato Ricci. Born in Sassari, 77, he has lived in Superga, a suburb of Turin, for sixty years.

    After consulting with the lawyer, and noting that there is no alternative to what the highway code prescribes to article 158, he paid the fine within the five days guaranteeing a discount: 29 euros instead of 41. But the news of that contravention he made the tour of Italy and he is in some way repaid, because he feels he is the victim of “an excess of zeal, too much severity, I don’t really understand – he explains to journalists – I wonder what should happen to those who have a motorcycle or a convertible ”.

    A globetrotting artist, set designer, teacher, owner of a restoration workshop, as a child he came on holiday to Alghero and now that he is retired he has bought an apartment in the historic center. (HANDLE)

    New enforceable rules in Italy.

    40 years ago

    1) you took everything that could be stolen with you. Your radio etc. Left the glove box open so prospective thieves could see there was nothing to steal. Even left the window down so thieves wouldn’t break it.

    2) hire a kid to watch the car for 1000 lira. Young entrepeneures made good money. Beat stealing.

    3) pay mafia 5000 lira per month for total protection of house and car. Guarantee that you will not get robbed anywhere. The Skull and Cross bone sticker on the windscreen and plaque on your gate got the message across

    After #3 I could park anywhere with impunity leave my car unlocked and open. The guy at the end of my driveway with a 2 barrel polished 12 gauge sawed off shotgun also helped with the house after introductions were made to the neighborhood at the local bar on the square.

  70. Mathius says:

    Off topic, but I’m trying to understand something and just… failing…

    Why do companies / business owners think that employees should be completely devoted to the business without participating in any of the upside of ownership.

    That is, if you pay me, I’m an employee. Commensurate to my salary, I sell you my time and effort. Being a “good employee,” I am willing to go above and beyond, but this has to have limits.

    I do not understand why owners think that people they pay should feel “loyal” or exhibit the same level of monomaniacal obsession with the business as they do. Why is it “disloyal” to look for other work? Why should employees sacrifice all semblance of work-life balance just because the owner works long hours?

    My boss literally just complained that he sometimes can’t find employees because they’re in the bathroom. I’m sorry. Should we be catheterizing?

    I just don’t get it.

    If it were one crazy boss, ok, whatever… but it’s not. I’ve seen it over and over again.

    So what gives? Can anyone help me understand the mindset?

    Do they not realize that employees are humans?

    • Mathius says:

      Maybe a better way of asking this is: (A) why do business owners think they’re entitled to slavish devotion from employees, (B) but do not believe they own any reciprocation beyond the barest minimum they can get away with?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Mathius….i agree with you. Other than agreed upon salary for work. They owe nothing. If another opportunity comes along that is better for you and your family and objectives. Go for it. Companies ceased being “loyal” to employees decades ago. If the need arises one day here thinking all is well tomorrow, ciao.

      I worked as staff to a VP. One day he was complaining about how the engineers were just turning in their resignation….what happened to loyalty he asked. I tossed back at him, how many times did you lay off many of them only because finance wanted better #’s performance never an issue. Or we design a mire efficient suite of tools for them to use. Authorized by projected headcount savings. Only as the accounts grew exponentially globally within 2 months you’re trying to hire them back. Why should they be loyal. You’re not.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Example IBM in Kingston was a facility for building the SAGE project. Granted the plant took on other projects. Thousands of peopke from sub contracting companies flocked to the area. When IBM decided to move the operations to RTP in North Carolina in the 70’s they spent years mov moving plus working with the city bring in ither business to insure Kingston didn’t crash and burn.

        Jump ahead to the early 90’s same company in Fishkill N.Y. layed off 13000 employees. As people arrived to work doors were blockaded and security directed people to the cafeteria, where they were handed their packages and severance checks. checks. The only part not closed was a new data processing center. Fishkill has not recovered. I was up there a few years ago and people are still angry,

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In Amsterdam, the people’s terminals and workstations will go to sleep informing you it time to stretch your legs, get the circulation going and take a health break. You did get a warning so you can tell the client, you’d be stepping away for a few minutes.

      Don’t get me going.

    • Well, Sir, you knew this was bound to be said from a Texan…..”You ride for the brand”.

      As a previous employer that had a smidgen over 300 folks, I feel that I am qualified to answer this….understand this is from MY perspective.

      Why do companies / business owners think that employees should be completely devoted to the business without participating in any of the upside of ownership. Some business’ provide stock options, 401(k) with matching contributions, health insurance (some at 100%), vehicles that can be used personally as well as company business, safety programs and bonuses……in addition to salary. Why do you feel that an employee…any employee, is entitled to any form of “ownership”? You are not putting out the money or the risk. I would expect you to ride for the brand….by that I mean, you do not trash the company in public, walk out in protests, or otherwise give a bad name to your company. If you do not like the company, why are you there? I would not expect “blind” loyalty but I would expect respect.

      Being a “good employee,” I am willing to go above and beyond, but this has to have limits. It does have limits. I would not expect you to work overtime without compensation. I would not expect you to be on 24/7 call unless you were hired in that context. For example, I had a Safety Director. In his job description, he was to be available 24/7……even when on vacation.

      Why is it “disloyal” to look for other work? Why should employees sacrifice all semblance of work-life balance just because the owner works long hours? It is not disloyal to look for other work or a better paying position and, as a boss, I did not expect my employees to have the same amount of drive that I had.

      Do they not realize that employees are humans? Of course we do. I am sure there are bosses out there that complain a lot about little things….like hitting the rest room. The largest complaint against me was smoking breaks. I did not allow smoking at desks nor did I allow it in the bathrooms or anywhere in the building. I did not have assigned break times. If an employee in the corporate office wanted a break for a cup of coffee or a coke….and needed to get up and stretch…..I did not mind. But when I saw the same employees on smoke breaks every hour….I stopped it. I was pretty strict on lunch breaks as well….one hour and fifteen minutes. Most people brought their lunch. I had a nice lunch area. In addition, my executives as well as myself, did not take martini lunches nor long breaks. The rules were the same for the key punch operator (that dated me) to the President of the Company…

      Where I finally got tired of empoyees,,,,,was when things became expected. Health benefits, for example, were not a right. It was a privilege and a “perk” for working for me. Paid vacations are not a right, it is a “perk” for working for me. A bonus program or a pension plan are not rights…they are privileges and a “perk” for working for me. If an employee got hurt, I had a program that paid his salary up to 6 months until people started riding it….faking injury.

      I never got upset if someone found a job elsewhere. It bettered their position. I did not try to compete with larger companies because I could not afford to.

      The employee status with me changed when the government told me I had to provide certain things….with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative action programs, employee attitudes also changed. That was also a break line for me.

      The other break line for me is social security and medicare expenses. When employee costs became 35% of expense….I was done. So, I have gone to contract employees…..with an added bonus of a share of profits. Since I have no 401s to mess with or social security taxes or medicare taxes or workmens compensation issues to mess with, I save 14% to my bottom line. And it is about bottom line. I do not offer stock options as I am privately held. But what I do offer, is a share of profits over and above expenses.

      One thing I do is bring my employees in and I show them the financials. I have nothing to hide. These are audited financials and not “cooked books”. Every year I have my outside accounting firm send a representative to answer any questions that the employee might have about anything they want to know concerning the health of the company they work for. If they wish to bring their own accountant in, I do not have a problem with it. At the end of the year, I split the profit with my employees. I keep 50% and I split the other 50% equally among all employees from the wash rack mechanic to the Exec VP. each employee is responsible for their own taxes, health insurance, etc. This is as close to ownership as they get.

      This philosophy works well….each contractor looks out for the other one and looks out for theft, waste, etc. It works because anything that I have to fix or pay for comes straight off the bottom line. Each one of my contractors watches cost…and if one contractor is a wasteful person…..he gets called down by the other contractors.

      So, instead of “ownership” I reward incentive.

      I do not expect loyalty, per se…..but I do expect you to be part of a team…I do expect you to ride for the brand….and if my brand is not good enough….please leave.


      Side note….if I were an employer with employees…..and they walked out because they did not like me selling matresses……….I would have told them to stay out.

  71. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “Manafort Pleads Not Guilty to N.Y. Charges
    Designed to Thwart a Trump Pardon”

    This was the N.Y. Times headline this morning. Not that Manafort isn’t a sleaze. But why do I get the feeling he was NOTin anyway going to be prosecuted by the FED’S for activities that was well known until it became POLITICALLY valuable in efforts to get at Trump. The N.Y. prosecuters say charges are because N.Y. has to protect the integrity of the State’s real estate market.

    So $22M personal loans and lying are dangerous to the market. I don’t believe Manafort ever defaulted on loans obtained by exaggeration of assets. At least until his assets have been seized by the governments

    Question then is WHY WERE THERE NEVER ANY CHARGES AGAINST THE BANKS AND SUB-PRIME LENDERS costing the taxpayers hundreds of billions. Most loans built on liars loans to keep the market booming for builders, banks and real estate companies.

    This stinks

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Without his association with Trump Manafort never would have been prosecuted on anything.

      Like why were there no tax evasion charges against anyone with the criminal HSBC and other Swiss banks actions.

      No charges against good old buddy to Holder, Corzine for misuse and loss of billions of client money’s.

  72. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So Chief Justice Roberts does it again. Provides 5th vote to deny citizenship question on the 2020 census.

    His court will go down in the history books as one of the worst. Right up with Earl Warrens court

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So the census can ask all sorts of questions about you and your family. To try and gauge the demographic makeup and general well being of the country. It drives representation government programs everything. Yet the courts ruled the census can not ask if you’re a citizen and other status. The census is anonymous the last I remembered, unless there is a hidden code showing where it went to.

      But with States like California did, which wield enormous political power and N.Y. tried to do recently, automatically registering people (illegals)to vote without making any effort to validate citizenship, strikes right at the core of our nation. It’s making a mockery of our voting and constitution.

  73. Mathius…..I answered your question……but I am in exile again.

  74. Just A Citizen says:


    The Colonel got in there before I did. You ride for the brand………….nuff said.

    I suspect that much of your experience with the “company” has to do with the industry you chose to work in. I understand the financial industry is basically a meat grinder, cause there is always some young MBA waiting to get in the door and make his/her gazillions.

    I know sawmill owners who ran their businesses at a loss until they ran out of cash, just so they wouldn’t have to lay off the employees. Hoping things would turn around first. I know another that handed out thousand upon thousands of bonuses to his employees when he sold his company to another.

    Note here, these warm and fuzzy stories were not as prevalent among the “Big Corporation” companies. So SIZE does seem to kill the employer/employee connection.

    I did have another business where the employees immediately starting howling for more benefits once hired. Knowing we were a startup and on shaky ground. They didn’t care, all they wanted was more, more, more.

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