Bahamas in Trouble

It appears Cat 5 Dorian will slam the Bahamas.  Gonna be a rough one for them.


  1. New thread time.

  2. U.S..—A new Reuters poll released Friday indicated that 100% of people who are James Comey believe that James Comey did nothing wrong as the director of the FBI.

    Pollsters called exactly one guy: James Comey, and asked him how well he thought James Comey handled himself as FBI director. Of those James Comeys surveyed, 100% of them thought that James Comey’s conduct was impeccable and that he served his country well.
    “Yeah, James Comey? That guy is a national hero,” said one of the people who were surveyed, speaking anonymously. “Of all the people in the nation who could have handled a tough situation like that, James Comey was the man to do it.”
    Every single person surveyed also believed that James Comey is owed an apology by those who criticized his handling of sensitive information and his violation of FBI rules. “I’m waiting,” said James Comey when he saw the poll results. “This survey just shows that there is a real consensus here as to who the good guy is: me.”
    Comey said he will be going door to door asking for an apology from every single person in the nation one by one.

  3. FLORIDA—As yet another hurricane approached the Florida coast this evening, and people still apparently live in Florida for some reason, brave leftist warriors were deployed into the middle of the storm in order to signal the hurricane to go kill their political opponents.

    Progressive organizations sent humanitarian workers everywhere the storm was set to make landfall to make sure the hurricane got the message that it was to do as much damage as possible, as long as it was only bringing death and destruction to those they disagree with.
    “Begone, ye foul storm—go back from whence you came!” shouted one leftist as he signalled with a traffic control wand. “Well, not from whence you came—actually, Mar-a-Lago is right that way. You can’t miss it—big building, lots of people who will probably get hurt. But that’s totally cool, because they’re associating with Trump.”
    “NOW GO, FELL BEAST OF WIND AND WATER, AND DO MY BIDDING TO CRUSH TRUMP AND THE RIGHT!” he bellowed, cackling madly. He then got hit with a stop sign.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Though we’re expected to only have minor effects from the hurricane no matter which way it tracks. It is expected sometime on Wednesday and share its wrath for 24 hours. Supposed to be a cat 1 by then. But honestly one never knows until it gets where it’s going.

    I am already today getting the outer bands here in New Bern. Rain is expected in around an hour and will continue of and on until Thursday

    Supplies are in, food is prepared or can be prepared on grills in the porch. Only need to grind my coffee beans just in case power is lost. Bring in the outdoor umbrella..and bring in the cat. She was not happy last year being confined to quarters for 7 days.

    Hurricanes are not prejudice. They’re an equal opportunity event. Only those that have short memories and slow learners are affected worse than others.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The power companies and city utilities work all the time cutting back at risk trees that might come down. They also take the power down usually before the storm hits so transformers will not explode..florence last year actually was not a strong storm. It just saturated the ground and with the steady consistent wind trees eventually uprooted. The city pays to proposition our emergency crews and equipment. Last year they were out on day one clearing and cleaning up downed lines. And as the storm started passing, new poles were up and lines in and power restored. Even the marine air station 4 miles away was not as prepared and out of commission far longer. The planes just relocated.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        What seriously got New Bern was the 7 days of wind blowing up river and all the water coming down river meeting at the city. Resulting in a 13 foot surge. Just a fluke

  5. G man……I have a three part series article on the Electoral College vs Popular Vote…..I forgot how to get it into our blog…please tell me how again.


    I have to admit, I ended up skimming this article more than reading it because it was just so, idiotic. There was no time during or directly after this attack, that shooting this crazy woman wouldn’t be justified. She is walking away with a weapon in her hand, so I guess we’re supposed to just let her wander off to attack another chi!d.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    Someday I may be pulling the handle for this fella for the office of POTUS. Assuming he keeps his spine, balls of steel and demeanor. Just hoping his policy views are just as on target.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Earlier today I read about Trumps Palm Beach resort. When he bought it from the Post Family Trust, back in the 80’s and turned into the resort it is today he had a significant difference from the other exclusive clubs in the area. He did not exclude blacks or jews from membership.

  9. WASHINGTON, D.C.—During a cabinet meeting this week, President Trump proposed a bold new strategy for protecting Americans from future earthquakes: Nuke California.

    California has long been known for being home to highly unstable areas, such as the San Andreas Fault and UC Berkeley. Over the years, incredibly devastating earthquakes have laid waste to entire neighborhoods in Southern California, brought down bridges in Central California, and ruined a couple of games of Jenga in Northern California.
    “I know lots of people in Los Angeles, in the movies. They love me over there! They won’t admit it, but they do! They really do!” Trump declared during a recent rally, “But the earthquakes, they’re a problem –a huge problem. Nobody’s ever done anything about it! Been a state for 300 years and nobody’s done a thing! So I’m thinking: They’ve got some earthquakes. We’ve got some nukes. Just a bunch of nukes laying around –more than anybody else in the world! I can tell you, nobody else even comes close! So what am I gonna do? I’m gonna bomb the [expletive] out of ‘em! That’s what I’m going to do!”
    Despite the enthusiastic applause at the rally, several critics were quick to voice concerns.
    “Trump needs to stop the shenanigans and stick to bombing people in third-world countries, like Obama and every other president in modern history!” CNN host Jim Acosta declared.
    California Governor Gavin Newsom laughed off the idea, stating instead that he could easily get the earthquakes to leave the state if he simply taxed them enough. “Worked on everyone else!” he said.
    At publishing time, several nuclear bombs were tentatively scheduled to be dropped “probably in the next week or so.” Trump’s approval rating has skyrocketed among non-Californians.

  10. Show of hands: Who thinks we should defund the NEA?

    • I’m ok with defunding lots of things. Can you elaborate on what benefits they provide?

      • They fund the arts, supplying culture to the masses. They also supply funding for early childhood educational programs like Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

        I ask because I recently learned that their budget (150mm) is actually smaller than what the military spends on marching bands (195mm)… yet I never seem to hear anyone complaining about the later, predominantly because no one seems to know. So I wanted to see what y’all think about that.

        • Looks more like a Union support organization.

          • How so?

            • I looked at the website. They support LBGTQ stuff, don’t want Charter Schools and they are affiliated with the Wisconsin teachers and California teachers Unions. They are also Left leaning so with that< I'd say defund them yesterday 😀

        • Some additional information, it doesn’t mention the examples of live art. If my memory is correct there was one about a virgin homosexual having sex for the first time on stage. But I’m still not sure how all this should be handled, save old trouble, who gets to decide. But I have no problem concluding that maybe the arts should finance themselves.

          • The arts should be financed by philanthropists. Art for a public building, park, etc. can be financed by government but in general it should be private.

            • Sure.. that’s a perfectly legitimate position… so what about that 195mm spent by the military on marching bands and whatnot?

              (PS: not really my point, but early childhood education (eg Mr. Roger’s and Sesame Street) are probably the most “pure” “public goods” that the government has ever spent money on).

              • What is wrong with a little pomp & circumstance in the military?

              • Ok…we can play this game all day. How bout those billions that went to Iran on pallets? I think we’re all in agreement that our government spends too much. So what is your point. And yeah, I’m feisty today…just tired of the perpetually offended, everywhere.

              • Sesame street gets funding ftom many sources, involving fundraising for local PBS stations. Throw in a few commercials aimed at kids, problem solved.

                As far as the musical stuff in the military, many small groups travel to perform for those who have little or no entertainment. Moral boosters are vital to our success. I say cut NEA and give it to the military for more small bands.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Re-instate the DRAFT and problem solved. I really wonder how anyone knows how much is spent on military bands. Maybe they track the cost of travelling to parades and sporting events. Which I would then say is probably part of their “advertising” and “public opinion” budget. So, draft who you need and stop advertising.

  11. “We don’t even know what’s coming at us. All we know is it’s possibly the biggest. I have — I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of a Category 5. I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some Category 4’s — you don’t even see them that much. But a Category 5 is something that — I don’t know that I’ve ever even heard the term other than I know it’s there. That’s the ultimate, and that’s what we have unfortunately.”

    Since he’s been in office, Irma, Maria, Michael, and now Dorian have all be category 5’s. Remember Maria? That’s the one the fucked up Puerto Rico for more than a year.

    I don’t… look, I don’t want to just hop on him for his every inanity… but.. I mean… how much flack has he gotten for the response to Hurricane Maria? He’s averaging ~1.5 such massive hurricanes per year.

    How could he possibly say something like this? How could he possibly believe something like this?

    • How can you not have come to grips with his communication skills yet? At this point, and forgive me if I offend, but you’re getting petty now. Sure, there have been a couple Cat 5s…. from what I’ve read, many are Cat 5 while still at sea, it’s once they hit land that Cat 5s are rare. The point is that they are rare once onshore….and for you to pick on this one is going overboard. Does he actually have to spell it out…. s l o w l y …. that they are rare? Who cares on something like a hurricane? I’ve said before..spirit of the word…not literally the word. How many times have you gone off on tangents trying to make a point? Daily, I would say. We take you with a grain of salt and keep in mind the spirit of what you are trying to get across. Give a guy a break.

      • If I spent a year getting raked over the coals for my response to a cat 5 hurricane which hit the American territory of Peurto Rico while I was the President, you can be damned sure I would know a thing or two about hurricanes by this point.

        Wouldn’t you?

        If this were an employee, I’d be questioning if he was fit for the job.

        If this were a family member, I’d be worried about their mental health.

        But it’s only Trump, so…… “whatever”?

        Who cares on something like a hurricane? I’ve said before..spirit of the word…not literally the word.

        I care that it implies he learned nothing after Puerto Rico. How could he possibly not know that Maria was a Cat 5 hurricane? Either he cares so little about the island that he never bothered to learn about hurricanes, or he’s so lazy and willfully ignorant that he couldn’t be bothered to learn, or he’s too stupid to understand, or he has forgotten what he did learn. Every single one of those options is worrying in a President.

        How has he not had recent detailed briefings on hurricanes with Dorian on the way? I can’t sneeze without receiving a detailed briefing. Shouldn’t he be screaming that we need to be better prepared than last time? Shouldn’t he be driving the process to plan and coordinate and, if so, how could it possibly not have been brought to his attention that this happens on average 1.5x a year since he took office and use those as case-studies to prepare? Here’s what we did right. Here’s what we did wrong. Here’s where we can do better? Does he just not pay attention during those briefings? Does he not receive those briefings? Are these decisions being made without him? Shouldn’t that be worrying as well?

        I appoint thee President Anita… oh, and by the way, there’s a big ol’ storm headed this way. Would YOU ever be this ignorant?

        Put another way: I don't care that he is ignorant about hurricanes. I care about what that ignorance represents.

        How many times have you gone off on tangents trying to make a point? Daily, I would say. We take you with a grain of salt and keep in mind the spirit of what you are trying to get across. Give a guy a break.

        At least that often.. which reminds me about the time I……

        ::several hours later::

        But I digress..

        (A) I’m not the most powerful person on the planer and (B) I usually get around to my points in the end, don’t I?

        • A) And neither is Trump. That’s the way I see it. And neither is Putin or Merkel or Jinping, or Kim or Justin from Canada….they’re all just people like you or me. Its YOU who puts the Messiah label to them, but you project that onto others.

          B) Trump’s point was to be prepared. Why do you put any more thought to it than that?

          • A) Of everyone on this blog, I am the furthest from thinking of him as a Messiah. I think he’s the leader of the United States of America which is – bar none – the most powerful country on earth. He is its chief executive. And he is staggeringly ignorant of things he should know.

            B) I don’t care what his point was. MY point is that he doesn’t know things that he should under any reasonable scenario wherein he is briefed, makes cogent decisions, studies up on such an important issue, and acts in a reasonable fashion as this country’s chief executive.

            MY POINT is that his apparent ignorance suggests that there is a huge flaw in him, his administration, his leadership, his intellectual capacity, and/or the people he surrounds himself with. MY POINT is that there is no way he wouldn’t know this unless something has gone very wrong.

            If Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, did not know what an iPhone was, you would question not only his ignorance, but “how in the hell did he never learn this??? How did no one sit him down and explain it to him? How did he never ask the question? Or just Google it? Did he know and then forgot? And, if so, doesn’t that suggest he’s unfit intellectually? What the hell is going on?” But, somehow, when it’s the country’s top executive, ultimately responsible for the response to and preparation for a major hurricane, it’s ok that he’s staggeringly, bafflingly, ignorant? And I’m the crazy one for asking questions?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              All YOU know is what he says. You DO NOT know what he means, what he knows or does not know or what he is doing.

              You just HATE the way the guy communicates. Yes, it is like someone scratching on a chalk board or worse. But by now you should know better than to take his words and then make conclusions about what he actually knows.

              • You just HATE the way the guy communicates

                Oh, very, very definitely!

                Yes, it is like someone scratching on a chalk board or worse.

                Oh, very, very definitely!

                But by now you should know better than to take his words and then make conclusions about what he actually knows.

                If what he says bears no resemblance to what he actually says and knows, then isn’t THAT a serious problem?

            • You are making so many assumptions based on so few words. He said we do not know what we are facing, in other words what strength the storm will have when it hits the US. He is also right, we know they exist but very few hurricanes have hit the US as a category 5, and he is talking about the US specifically. Where as the left media keeps referring to category 5 hurrican es as if they all were category 5’s when they hit.

              • V., this is not a one-off.

                He is constantly saying things like this. He is constantly saying things which are staggeringly ignorant and/or downright false.

                And the answer has to be that either he’s saying something he believes, in which case there is a serious problem. Or that his words have no meaning, in which case there is a serious problem.

              • Per you they are staggeringly ignorant or a lie. Most of the time I see them more as normal speak. I have said, during this storms approach, close to the same thing to family, ” Dang, this looks like it may actually hit as a category 5, that’s almost unheard of. So tell me what’s so different that it deserves to labeled staggeringly ignorant.

        • What’s a hurricane?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Puerto Rico is still F’d up, as is the Virgin Islands and Florida, and by the way New Orleans and parts of Mississippi. All from a variety of hurricanes going back to Katrina.

      • Exactly!

        Considering how much damage there is, considering how bad a hit he (and Obama and Bush and and and) have all taken… how can be be this ignorant? Love ’em or hate ’em, do you believe Bush or Obama would ever have been caught dead knowing so little about hurricanes after Katrina (cat 5) or Sandy (cat 3)? Would Clinton? Would Hillary Clinton? Would Bush Sr? Would Carter? Would Reagan? Would Eisenhower? Would YOU?

        Again, I don’t actually care that he is ignorant about the point.. He’s not the Meteorologist in Chief. I want to know how it is that he could get to that point.. does no one brief him? Does he not pay attention during briefings? Does he have late-stage Alzheimer’s? Is he too busy coloring with crayons? Is he distracted by Fox & Friends on TV? Is his administration making these decisions without him? What explains it?

        This isn’t the first time, you know..

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I have no evidence he is ignorant of the situation or the level of threat, past or present.

          That is the more frustrating part to me about his communication style. You just assume ignorance. I do not. But because of the way he talks, combined with what you find out later, you never know if his comments represent ignorance or just muddled speaking. Does his brain work this way? Or does he just ramble while the brain is focused on something else?

          I do not know and neither do you.

          You are simply left with “This is not Presidential” based on a standard you grew up with.

          • This is not how a functional adult, let alone one with an important job, functions.

            It’s not about my standard of “being presidential” which, assuredly, he does not meet. It’s about the fact that he does not meet my standards for “a fully functional adult human being of sound mind”……. but especially not one with with the power and responsibilities of being the President of the United States.

            What you are implying is what I would suggest is more akin to dementia. Inability to form and communicate cogent thoughts… inability to exhibit self control to stop himself babbling incoherently to the public…

            How is he supposed to coordinate the hurricane response efforts when he can’t communicate about the hurricane? Or if he just can’t communicate to us, we do we suppose he can communicate to others? Or are they supposed to project and interpret his non-words as as they see fit? If so, then how is he the leader? It just makes no sense.

            Something has gone horribly wrong here.

            • Mathius, What do you think was the purpose of this televised discussion of the storm? Was it not to warn the Country about a very dangerous storm and discuss their plan of action. Did he fail at this goal?

              • No idea… I don’t think he failed to warn people and advise that it was serious.

                That’s not my issue.

                What is the point of opening your mouth an uttering sounds if doing so confuses people and is objectively false?

                Sure, maybe he warned people… but then he went on some ramble wherein he said he didn’t think he’d ever heard of such a thing happening even though it had happened 3x within his term so far, even though there is no reasonable way wherein he hasn’t been briefed to the contrary.

                MY POINT is not that he failed to warn people.

                MY POINT is that his words are either disconnected from reality, in which case there’s a problem with his brain, or his staff did not provide him a recent briefing which covered this topic, in which case there’s a serious problem with his administration.

                Imagine you go home one day and half the things your husband says are literally divorced from reality.. wouldn’t you worry about his mental health? You’d worry he’d had a stroke, wouldn’t you?

                Or imagine your boss was actually staggeringly ignorant of what your company does… wouldn’t you question his fitness for the job?

                It doesn’t matter that they acccomplished some other goal.. the fact that they speak without a connection to objective reality and/or are staggeringly ignorant of things they have no reasonable excuse for not knowing. That is a problem.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anybody hear the exact question which led to this answer????

      • Just A Citizen says:


        So now based on what you found, do you still hold all your options as plausible? You know, that his is ignorant of the facts or that he was not briefed, etc. etc.???

        See a pattern? Now what other explanation might be possible, given what you know about the man and his past?

        • That he’s insane?

          That he has dementia?

          That he’s just plain stupid?

          That his words have absolutely no meaning whatsoever?

          That he’s too busy watching Fox & Friends during briefings to pay attention?

          That he’s functionally illiterate and doesn’t read his briefings?

          That he’s too lazy to read his briefings?

          That he doesn’t give a shit and has simply delegated the whole thing to someone else and washed his hands of it?

          That decisions are being routed around him and without his input?

          That no one is briefing him?

          That no one has briefed about hurricanes him in his entire tenure as President?

          That, despite talking in the past about Maria being a category five, he has no memory of ever having said that and is now baffled that such a thing exists in the real world? Like someone who sees a tiger, tells their friends about it, then, a year later, sees a tiger and is surprised that such a thing exists? Then is surprised again some months later, having forgotten about tigers’ existences again.


          Jac, help me here.. what is the scenario that is OKAY wherein he says that he wasn’t sure he’d ever heard of a category five? You say “maybe he was distracted and just running his mouth without his brain” (paraphrasing).. but how is that OKAY? How is it OKAY that a guy in that positions behaves that way? Would you ever consider employing someone like that?

          Or can you admit that there is something wrong here?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I have watched him make the same kinds of statements for years when talking off the cuff. Trying to put his spin/emphasis on something. That rules out dimentia, unless you are claiming it started decades ago.

            Everyone of your possibles reflects your dislike for the man, not an objective read of what is going on. So to answer directly, I HAVE NO IDEA IF SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

            Other than I can’t hardly watch/listen to him talk without cringing.

            The pattern I see in what you posted falls along the lines of “I have never heard of a rally so huuuuge. It is perhaps the biggest rally ever. We should pay attention to this because I don’t think anyone has heard of a rally so big.? Every new thing must be the biggest.

            Does this “tendency” reflect a “problem” relative to his mental makeup? Maybe, if you consider his inflated ego an issue beyond just an inflated ego. Otherwise it is not reflecting a deeper problem.

            • That rules out dimentia, unless you are claiming it started decades ago.

              I’m claiming it may have started years ago.. and it may be getting worse under the stress of the office. Certainly, he seems less in-touch than he did when he started his run..

              • Lmao, Trump is fine, at least he can tell you what State he’s in during a visit. I fully understand him, mainly cuz i deal with people his age daily. He’s not a politician, thankfully, cuz he’s got the Left whining like littel girls.

  12. Anita:

    Simple questions:

    1) Would you consider it reasonable for the President of the United States to have had no in-depth briefings on Hurricane Dorian at this point?

    2) Would you consider it reasonable for such briefings to fail to discuss past precedents of comparable storms including, and especially, Maria?

    3) Would you consider it reasonable that the President could attend such a briefing an fail to retain the information that there have been several category 5’s in recent years, including 3 so far (Dorian being the 4th) during his own tenure?

    • Your questions are bullshit assumptions,.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I know you did not ask but that never stopped me before.

      1) Yes, I would. An “in depth” briefing is really not necessary until things are close to happening in this case. Some briefings and updates but not the depth you are alluding to.

      2) During an “in depth” briefing I would not expect any discussion of prior hurricanes or disasters unless it was absolutely relevant to the current situation.

      3) Calls for speculation and does fall into Gman’s point about BS assumptions.

      Now let me address your implication earlier about what POTUS should be doing about such a thing. POTUS has two key jobs during such a disaster event.

      1. Convince people to evacuate and prepare when appropriate.
      2. Console the victims and mobilize the nation following the event.

      As far as I am concerned, they can do all the photo-ops they want, make themselves look like leaders, whatever. BUT……….. they should stay the hell away from the nuts and bolts. The DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT be involved in organizing, planning etc, etc, etc.. Ask just enough questions to address the media and then hand the press conference over to the experts.

      There has not been a POTUS since Eisenhower that would have the slightest clue about how the response to such an event should be run. This is whey poor GW Bush got scalded for “Browny is doing a great job”. How would he know otherwise?

      Every now and then in might be appropriate for POTUS to get involved. Like when GW Bush had to call the Louisiana Governor and tell her to get off her damn butt and let the Feds in to help.

  13. I have a message for SUFA. I will now tell you the meaning of life: “dfsakjsdnfsdal ndsafkndsfnsdfnbf dnsfa fnsdkfn ! fdskjflkhn4NNss ppbbbtttthhhh!”

    Now, don’t worry that you don’t understand it, just trust that my words must have a deeper meaning and that I am, in fact, absolutely brilliant and perfectly capable of knowing the meaning of life. I probably just wasn’t paying attention when I typed that, which is why you fail to understand me. Of course, we all agree, that the failure is yours, not mine.

    Now, now, I assure you, I was just speaking without using my brain, but of course, without having to show any evidence to the contrary, you shall, of course, assume that I do, in fact, have the best understanding of the meaning of live, believe me.

    You will, of course, twist yourselves into knots to interpret and divine my meaning, such that I have no erred in any way.

    No, there is nothing wrong here.. I speak only the truth, and the only problem is with those who insist on reading my divine message too literally. Sad.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      You previously admitted you do not know the meaning of life. So I do not believe a word of your explanation. Even with the faulty punctuation. Everyone knows you follow dnsfa with a semi colon.

      Update for you on male sensitivity or per your question some time back about tearing up.

      At the Extreme Bull competition last week, first the announcer led the audience in a prayer. Very Cowboy like prayer by the way. Then came the Canadian flag and their national anthem sung by a very capable man. Then came the Stars and Stripes, flag snapping tightly as the young lady carrying it on horseback raced around the arena at full gallop. The crowd cheering on their feet. Then the same man offered up a very good rendition of our national anthem. One of the few times I have heard the song but couldn’t hear all his words because the sound of the crowd singing along would drown him out from time to time. Then the end…….rolling out the B…R…A…V….E for as long and strong as his breath would hold. Followed by an eruption of cheers and whistles from the grand stands. Lil’ JAC and I placed our hats back upon our heads and sat down to enjoy the show. Lil’ JAC leaned over to me and in a very soft whisper said, “Dad, I saw a little water leaking out of your eyes at the end!” “Yes, Son you did. You surely did.” I couldn’t say much more due to the large lump of patriotism stuck in my throat.

      One other funny from the rodeo. During a break in the bull riding he was going on and on about the beauty and wonder of North Idaho and the people who live here. He started asking the crowd questions, to which they answered with cheers or jeers. Then came this one:

      “How many of you moved here from California?” Seemed about half the crowd started cheering. Then he asked “How many of you are going back?” The same volume screamed back…….NEVER. Not cheers or boos but the distinct word NEVER.

    • I will be damned….I understood it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Curious if you agree with my view on the POTUS’ role regarding disasters, as I outlined above for Mathius.

        I think we are the only two at SUFA who have had experience in this area. And even I, if POTUS, would not stick my nose in the middle of operations or demand briefings that distract people from their job while the flit is hitting the shan.

        • JAC…….well sir…..I agree. And I will answer Mathius as well…from my experiences…

          1) Would you consider it reasonable for the President of the United States to have had no in-depth briefings on Hurricane Dorian at this point? The POTUS should NOT have an in depth briefing on the hurricane. (However, I would want you to describe “in depth”) That is not his job. He could care less how many millibars the hurricane is….That job is delegated to a staff position as it should. Should he be briefed, in a general sense, yes he should so that he could answer questions in a general manner. Where I disagree, is that a smart executive would defer to his staff and let them answer the questions. A POTUS only has a small responsibility after the storm to assure the public that relief is on the way and that his staff has it covered…..then shut up.

          2) Would you consider it reasonable for such briefings to fail to discuss past precedents of comparable storms including, and especially, Maria? Yes, I would consider it not unreasonable, but not necessary. I would simply ask the question of …..have we changed anything relative to the mistakes made in Puerto Rico….that would be prudent.

          3) Would you consider it reasonable that the President could attend such a briefing an fail to retain the information that there have been several category 5’s in recent years, including 3 so far (Dorian being the 4th) during his own tenure? Other than basic knowledge, I think it would be reasonable to know that there were….but as a Commander, I would not attend a briefing WITHOUT my staff….and, consequently, I would not answer questions accordingly without deferring the question to my staff.

          Trump’s problem is his mouth and trying to be everything… POTUS can be everything and to expect such is folly…..however, as an executive, he should surround himself with his staff and defer technical questions to said staff. I NEVER EVER conducted a briefing without my staff present and any question that I did not know, I referred to the appropriate staff member who had that responsiblity.

          However, I had one standing rule in my command….I never briefed the media. I would not even allow them in my briefings. They have NO RIGHT to know. Anything they needed to know, was given to them in a written form and any questions were always referred to my public relations officer. Any soldier, in my command, that gave impromptu interviews other than HI MOM….were disciplined.

  14. You know Mathius, it isn’t that your current arguments don’t have truth in them. They are just so exaggerated that any truth is obscured by the extreme conclusions. Yes, I admit to doing the same exact thing.

    • Whan is Mathias gonna be on MSNBC or CNN? Today, he would fit right in with Don Lemon.

      • Hmmmm , No!

      • Just waiting on my invite……

      • Naw…you don’t have to worry about Mathius. Even on his worse day, after he learned that Churros and Red Bull will no longer be available…..even then…..he cannot qualify to be as low, inadequate, and stupid as CNN or MSNBC. Mathius is liberal, somewhat…..he is not progressive and he would not be caught dead with the like.

        Now, I looked into his (Mathius’) crystal ball (the one he thought he lost in the bay at Laguna Madre)…I shook it up and it first read, “try again”…so I used it for a bowling ball for one game and then looked at it again…..Mathius is in a strange place right now….He knows not what to do because his team has been hijacked…..he does not like that. (his crystal ball said so). He has a real problem facing him because of his “dislike for Trump” ( I still remember his comment he made the night Trump was going to win )…..but, Biden will most likely be the nomination. To this date, no one is mentioning the Super Delegates……they have been bought and paid for and no amount of Biden gaffes are going to disuade them. (this is my opinion). So….it matters not what the Warden does in her bid…..I think that even Mathius is groaning in his sleep at night becuase there is no real viable candidate other than the Gaffe Master, which everyone over looks because they think it is just his personality..even his recounts of wars and people in them. They are beginning to say how cute it is when Biden gaffes…..

        But, in the end, Mathius has a real conundrum…..he cannot vote for Trump, because for him to do so would make him explode. I know he likes Warren..or says he does ( I am not real sure about that )….and I know that he likes Sanders ( I am not real sure about that either ) Both Warren and Sanders will destryoy Mathius’ industry ( I know that Mathius realizes this )…. So, I am going to cut the lad some slack…admittedly, Trump is beginning to rub me wrong but there is no alternative right now.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Dorian has been sitting for days pounding the bejesus out of the Bahamas. But literally there is nothing anyone can do, but 1) get the heck out of it’s way. 2) survey what’s left after it’s gone and start a multi-year or decades cleanup.

    The meteorologist have been all over with the predictions of what it will do. They won’t know until it does move. They’ve been pushing out the days or moving them back or cat 4 or 3 or 2

    Like florence last year was a cat 4-5 until it reached NC. Dropped to a minor hurricane cat 2. But it ran into a high pressure area at 90 degrees. It sat for days on end until it finally worked it’s way southward towards SC until it moved in the north westerly direction. Heck I’ve been in two hurricanes that actually did a complete loop before heading off in another direction.

    At least the Bahamas on a personal level got our if the way. Last news I read only 5 dead. Unlike the Mayor of New Orleans and Gov In Louisiana at the time of Katrina go, no stat, go not stay until it was to late with a cat 5 coming at you. Yet they blamed Bush. Even the National Guard General was hammered for not leaving the stuff in place. They pulled it back to safe ground elsewise if it stayed where it was they’d have had nothing to rescue with.

    All is lost when events like this get political.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Just a thought.

    When Obama was elected SUFA arose so many of us could complain about or discuss what we perceived as a sudden lurch to the left in the country. Many of us were concerned about what exactly POTUS meant with “we are going to fundamentally change this country”. Some of us wondered, others felt sure we knew and did not like it one bit. It was all about the policy and apparent change in direction of the country. That and basically how the political parties had become bankrupt institutions. Lots and lots of discussion about budgets, deficits, the US role around the world, etc. etc..

    When Trump was elected the discussion seems to have changed. Now there is this concern over who he groped back in the day, how big are the parades in reality, who has the biggest hands, did he really make his own fortune or did Dad give it to him, did he or did he not ever hear of a Category 5 hurricane before.etc. etc. etc… From the day of his election we have heard he is a liar, unfit mentally for the office (insane, psychotic, psychopath, narcissist) and he is only out to enrich himself (thus dealing with Russians). Oh yeah……..he is a Nazi.

    • Maybe I need some more sites to read, I don’t see much about policy on the sites I read. Not sure they’ve actually done much to talk about legislatively.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes, even the Right sites have become primarily gossip. Either defending or attacking Mr. Trump. But most of the more serious discussions about culture and policy have faded.

        And also true that there isn’t much to discuss when the legislative branch is pretty much the same stuff. If only the Tea Party could have maintained its momentum.

    • Not to mention,,,,,,that anyone who voted for him is a deplorable, racist, homophobic, anti-Islamic, gun loving, bible totin’, anti-climate degenerate. I also seem to remember that anyone who voted against Obama was a racist.

    • There is plenty of talk about his policy and the apparent corruption and the swamp monsters he’s appointing…… but the truth is he’s flashy with his lying and his admittedly entertaining personality… it..distracts.

      Obama was not nearly so personally interesting as Trump. At least not from a click-bait perspective.

      But Trump, hoo boy, does he ever provide fodder. If he would just shut his pie hole and spend a month acting like a goddamned President, the media would be able to focus for a bit on what he’s doing as President rather than his latest Twitter tirade. Maybe that’s part of why he works so hard to be hard to ignore?

      But if you’re trying to get people to click on your website, do you lead with “Trump is a racist!!!” or “The President’s Chinese tariffs are untenable policy which is detrimental to hard-won inroads to the world’s largest consumer market”?

      Also, you know, whatever you may have thought of Obama, he never presented as.. well, as insane as Trump. He never gave us good reason to doubt his mental health during his term. Then again, Clinton quite literally couldn’t sneeze without people suggesting she had brain damage.

      When Trump was elected the discussion seems to have changed. Now there is this concern over who he groped back in the day,

      I mean, did we not spend an entire impeachment on Bill Clinton’s zipper problem?

      It’s not like discussions of sexual misconduct were invented just to smear Trump. Both sides use this against each other every chance they get.. it just seems that this particular issue isn’t one to which Obama was very suspect, unlike, say a guy with five kids by three women, all of whom he has cheated on, at least once with a porn star whom he paid off while pals at Fox quashed the story before the election… but I’m sure if Obama had that kind of history the right would have ignored it to focus on policy issues, right?

      When Trump was elected the discussion seems to have changed. Now there is this concern over who he groped back in the day,

      Also…. not for nothing, I think your view is skewed… Obama’s term gave us birtherism, FEMA tunnels under walmart, and countless other comparables to Trump’s various personal sticking-points.

      how big are the parades in reality,

      No one would have cared if he hadn’t started day one of his Presidency by lying overtly to the American People about objective reality.

      … From the day of his election we have heard he is a liar,

      This started well before then. And, well, it’s because he’s a liar.

      He just is. That’s a simple empircal fact.

      You can throw around all the tu quoques you want, but it won’t change the fact that Trump is a liar.

      unfit mentally for the office

      He is certainly unbefitting of the Presidency based on my personal standards of what it means to be a PresidentLeader… functioning adult.

      (insane, psychotic, psychopath,

      The evidence is getting pretty hard to ignore….. at least from where I’m sitting.

      I have some personal experience with psychopathy, having grown up with a sociopath for a brother (fun tangent… as a child, he was admitted to a study at UCLA for such kids. They had to cancel the study early because he had made it too dangerous for the other children.. then he came back home where I was left with him unattended for hours at a time).


      I’m sorry…. does any sane human being alive actually think Trump ISN’T a narcissist?

      and he is only out to enrich himself (thus dealing with Russians).

      I don’t know about “only,” but there’s plenty of evidence he’s using the Presidency to also get rich..

      Oh yeah……..he is a Nazi.

      His father was arrested for refusing the disburse during a KKK rally. Just sayin’

      Oh yeah……..he is a Nazi.

      Obama was called a Neo-Marxist Baby-Killing Kenyan Muslim Usurper. He was equated constantly to Mao and Lenin, and probably Hitler, too.

      Getting called names is just part of the job description.

      • There is plenty of talk about his policy and the apparent corruption and the swamp monsters he’s appointing…

        Which is worse…..swamp monsters or academia…….OR….is academia just another swamp monster.

        Now, drop the corruption until it is proven…..tch tch.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        He is totally inside your head, just where he likes to be. It is indeed fortunate that you are not involved in a real estate deal with him. He would clean your clock!

        You have never had any dealings with someone like him. Oh, sure, you think you have but trust me, you have not!

        As an example I would point out the Drill Instructor character in “Full Metal Jacket”. An “over the top” portrayal in the sense that the character was and was portrayed as deliberately evil. A true “Gunny” with that attitude would never have lasted. A true “Gunny” knows just how far to take you and when to back off. The Lee Ermy character that you saw would NEVER go home to a wife and family, real Drill Instructors do….Trump does the same thing. What YOU see is what he wants you to see….it is NOT who he is!

        On the subject of DI’s, something I have studied. If you saw Bill Murray’s “Stripes” His Sgt. Hulka was what to me is a true DI. The “real” Sgt Hulka is no where near Lee Ermy’s character in FMJ. Over the years I have used what DI’s taught me in business and in my life with great success. I can say I have used their methods to defuse situations that could easily have gotten out of hand. I have used them on bullies and on people who need just a little motivation to succeed. Only once have I stepped over the edge and quickly pulled back.

        I believe both our Colonel and G-man have some experience in that field and would love to see what they have to say.

        • I did not experience anything like Ermy’s character. First TI got shot in the hand during a robbery, 2nd and 3rd just didn’t last more than a few days, final one was a short guy and his right eye looked to his right while his left eye looked at the person. That was the hardest part about him, wanting to ask what the hell he is looking at while he is talking seriously at you. Other than that, nothing else was memorable.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            You were USAF right? I keep forgettig that despite the fact I love them they have a habit of really screwing up. With son #2, I was getting the Air Force Times regularly a few years back and I remember 16-20 instructors at Lackland gioing off to jail for everything from sexual harassment to knowingly having sex while HIV positive to rape.

            • Equine Weapon says:

              While I never served in the military, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that you cannot definitively disprove that I was, briefly, a Mountie.

            • Canine Weapon says:

              While I never served in the military, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that you cannot definitively disprove that I served, briefly, in a K9 unit as a drug sniffing dog… until I started liking my job just a bit too much..

            • Yes I was. Lackland has had it’s share of problems for sure.

      • Mathius…Wait wait wait…you were left unattended as a child with a sociopathic brother for hours at a time? A brother who was so dangerous to other sociopathic kids he caused the cancellation of a study?

        That’s horrifying! I’m so sorry for whatever you had to endure…damn! How did you manage to not only survive, but become the good man you are today?


        • ! How did you manage to not only survive, but become the good man you are today? Holy shit, Murf,,,,are you not taking this a little too far?

        • Hi Murf!

          It was less than enjoyable.

          I once spent 6 hours locked in a tiny closet with Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid playing on a loop, under threat of a beating if I made a noise. When I did finally get out, I was the one who got in trouble (I’m still not sure why). I was seven or eight years old and had literally peed myself while locked in a closet with that damned song playing over and over, and to this day, they insist he never really had any serious issues or that, if he did, he’s better now.

          He’s not better now. He’s just better at hiding it now.

          I blame my parents far more than him. He was a child, after all. There is something wrong with him, a hole in his heart that he can only fill, not by raising himself up, but by tearing others down. It’s my parents’ fault for letting their denial and willful ignorance put their other children (I wasn’t the only one) in the path of such a person. It’s their fault for failing to do everything within their considerable resources to shape him into a better person, but they didn’t. And I took the brunt of that decision. That’s not on him – that’s on them.

          I did what I could to protect my younger brother and, to this day, some of my very worst memories are of my failures to do so. I protected my sister well enough that she never really saw this side of him until much later – she thought I was making it up until she was in her late teens and finally realized. But my youngest sisters weren’t born until I was in college, and they’ve had no one to protect them – all I can do is call them and tell them I love them, and tell them they’re not alone, and offer them an ear if they need it, and tell them they’re welcome in my home if they ever need somewhere to go, now or when they’re older. It’s not nearly enough.

          I live 3,000 miles away from my parents and my brother, and that’s still too close.

          And my parents barely know their only grandchildren.

          And I will not be attending my brother’s wedding (the poor girl has no idea what she’s getting herself into).

          And, when he dies, I will not be attending his funeral.

          None of this is my fault, and so I will allow none of it to control me, to shape me in any way other than what I choose. To allow that would be to let him win. And I will be damned if I ever let that happen. So, all I can do is shrug and move on with my life. What else is there to do?


    • Well, nothing much to say. Iran has no choice but to double down on Europe. They know that they will get nowhere with the USA right now because Obama is gone….there will be no more midnight deals with cash on pallets.

      So, France does what France does best……they surrender without firing a shot. Goes back to buying rifles from France……good deals….they were never fired and only dropped once.

  17. I just want to know why these corporate farms can’t produce a tomato that tastes like a tomato grown in good old Michigan dirt! I could almost become a vegan if all veggies tasted as good as these veggies I’ve been eating the last few weeks.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The watermelons started out this year totally awesome. The other month the store obviously switched suppliers. They were totally tasteless. All never really were red, kind of sort of yellowish getting redder towards the center. Stopped buying them. However the other day the store must have gone back to its original source. Nice ripe, red, sweet juicy watermelon. I’m sure they got lots of complaints all summer.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m sure the Colonel remembers the hurricane that hit Galveston Sept 15 1900. Between 6,000 and 12,000 people died. The city was for all intents and purposes destroyed.

    • Just a tad before my time…….but yes, Hurricanes have been around for centuries… have cat 5 hurricanes…..many a flotilla has been sent to the bottom of the oceans with hurricanes. That damn global warming back then, ya know.

      I have been through only one hurricane….directly in it. That was Camille in 1969. I was in Biloxi, Ms. Cat 5 with winds of 195.

      • My brother (USAF) was stationed at Biloxi when the ‘cane came through. Fortunately he was on leave and we were fishing in N. Wisc. at the time. He did go back for the cleanup.

        • Yes, I was there going through communications training….how to talk to pilots and call in air strikes…..we did not abandon the base. All the aircraft that were there were sent elsewhere and we were ushered into concrete hangars that had water proof doors. When the hurricane blew in, there was a cannery about 1/4 mile from us to the east that was simply not there any more….there was a 6 ft seawall that protected the town of Biloxi that proved to be no match for Camille….The strom surge was about 14 feet and covered the entire base of Biloxi and most of the world war two barracks on stilts, ceased to exist. The surge surround our concrete bunkers about 6 feet deep but the water tight doors held perfectly….the eye passed through Pass Christian about 4 miles down the road and when the backside of the storm passed through the water actually receded pretty quickly except for the town of Biloxi which was under about 4 feet of water. The largest problem we had for clean up, were some very pissed off snakes that clung to window frames, telephone poles and the like….because the surge pushed about 2 miles up into the swamp and receding water brought snakes and gators that do not like salt water at all. While we were searching for bodies in the surrounding area, you could hear gunshots every three or four minutes, killing snakes and gators that were more of a problem than the hurricane debris.

          Then we had the problem of looters that were stupid enough to try to come into Biloxi and rummage through things at night…..finding all the snakes we missed. All we had to do the next morning was police up the looters stranded on roof tops with gators circling around and they (the looters) were trying to kick snakes off the roofs that were trying to get out of the brackish salt water……

          But that was not the worst of it………the smell was the worse. Three days of bright sunshine after Camille, baked all the refuge, trash, sewage, drowned livestock, carcasses of all kinds to a high stink…..not too mention all the seaweed and other vegetation that hung from everything. Eventually, we had to wear respirators and such chemical gear to keep from passing out. Those of you that have lived next to swamps and on the coast know full well the stench of dried out seaweed and marine life entangled.

          Anyway, quite an experience. The one picture that I remember the most is looking out a window and watching a big metal dumpster (you know the kind…dipsy dumpster) blow past the window about five feet off the ground at what appeared to be mach one. I always wondered what damage that thing did wherever it hit.

  19. Mathius,

    On Aug 3, 2017 you were in a business meeting at 10 am EDT. Please regurgitate the conclusions on that meeting and your contributions to it.

    • August 3rd, 2017 @ 10 AM ET…

      ::checks calendar::

      I was interviewing a potential administrative assistant.

      ::checks notes::

      She was underwhelming. Too young / lacking in experience / unprofessional. Resume lists sorority duties as a “experience” and yoga as an interest. Willing to work cheap for the experience / foot in door. “Eager / go-getter.” But also, “seems like high drama personality.”

      ::checks Linked-In::

      Yow-za.. why didn’t I hire her, again..?

      ::double-checks notes::

      I did not have sex with that woman.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like our English cousins are in deep trouble. Imagine Nancy Pelosi orchestrating a take over of the Govt to force a new election and/or make demands on the Senate and POTUS as to how they must operate.

    Me thinks the Globalists have figured out how to put the Genie back in the bottle. Might take a little but longer but it looks like they are going to undo a public referendum.

    • Might get the genie in the bottle……but can they get the cork in?

    • Imagine Nancy Pelosi orchestrating a take over of the Govt to force a new election and/or make demands on the Senate and POTUS as to how they must operate.

      I think the way you present this is skewed.

      This is a legitimate political maneuver within their government.

      It’s not like they sacked the capital and held the queen for ransom until their demands were met.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Wonder when Trump is going to get off his butt and get FEMA moving on the Bahamas.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Good grief: “Judge Orders White House To Restore Brian Karem’s Press Credential – Update”

    What the hell does the COURT have to do with the executive issuing press passes???? To executive functions no less.

    We have gone stark raving mad.

    Kick them all out………….ALL OF THEM…………..OUT NOW.

    • I agree, no more White House Press at all on the grounds. Use temporary passes that last no more than a couple hours, then good bye.

    • He might get his credentials back…but credentials do not get invites. He can still have his credentials and sit on the outside. But, you are correct about one thing, we are in an era of juducial malfeasance.

      • I’d have to see the arguments being made, but at first blush, I’m not sure what could justify this ruling as JAC describes it here.

    • So, ok, reading this.. the judge issued a TEMPORARY injunction. This is not uncommon in pending cases.

      His reasoning seems to be that the WH’s litmus test of “professionalism” is too vague and ill-defined to be “fair notice.”

      Now… what does “fair notice” have to do with anything? I’m not quite sure.. is there an actual legal requirement in here somewhere?

      Meanwhile Gorka, who is a piece of shit, allegest that Karem physically threatened him by saying they could ‘go outside and have a long conversation,’ I certainly could see, given the right intonation/body language how that might be taken for a threat.. or how it could be an offer to have a long conversation. My gut says the former is more likely… or, at least, rather than a threat, a “challenge,” which would seem “unprofessional,” certainly. But that’s a finding of fact, which is a job for a jury or, at least, someone in possession of all the facts. Not me.

      I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle, though, as to why a court has any jurisdiction over the matter… there must be some law related to credentialing at the WH.. but I have no idea what that is, or how it might tie in. So I’m really not in a position to opine any further.

    • More grandstanding by an activist judge..Contrera IIRC…same judge mixed up in some of the FISA abuse business. Grandstanding because the suspension was for 30 days…suspension date Aug 2…so on Sept 3rd this ruling comes out?

  23. On the subject of the Arts, if this is what the NEA funds, then for sure they need defunded and dissolved.

    Who are the real racists?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The Chinese have copious amounts of patience. They think in the long term more than we do.

      So I expect they agreed to this to relieve the pressure. After all, in another 20 years or so they get to take over Hong Kong completely. The End.

      The bigger question is whether the success will cause the demonstrations to grow over freedom itself. Has the Hong Kong population become NOT Chinese enough to try and break away. I am betting NO because they know they would be crushed.

      I also think that right now China doesn’t want to do anything to tick off Europe et al. They need them to keep the pressure on the USA trade war.

      • Naw… they’ll just try again in a few years… maybe smaller, more incremental steps..

        I am reminded of the fight for Net Neutrality in the US. We The People wanted it by huge margins on both sides of the political aisle. But They The Corporations didn’t.

        So they tried to overturn NN and We The People raised the alarm, rallied, called our congressmen, protested, and shot it down. Score one for Democracy!

        So they waited a beat, gave the bill a new name, and tried again. And, again, We The People rallied and killed it.

        So they waited a beat, gave the bill a new name, and tried again. And, again, We The People rallied and killed it.

        So they waited a beat, gave the bill a new name, and tried again. And, again, We The People rallied and killed it.

        But each time, we got just a bit more lethargic, just a bit less frenetic in our response. Called just a bit less, marched just a bit less.

        And then they tried again and succeeded.

        Because that’s what they wanted all along. The outcome was pre-ordained, it was only ever just a question of how long it would take before the big ISP’s won.

        Now, that’s a bit of a simplistic narrative for the NN fight, so take it with a grain of salt, but the idea is there.

        I think China will just try again. And again. And again. Chipping away at the resistance. Wearing them down. Until it gets what it wants.

        It’s not like HK can afford full-scale riots/protests like this annually. But China can.

        The only alternative is a formal declaration of independence, in which case China will come down on them like a hammer sledgehammer. China cannot risk appearing weak on that kind of thing and would sooner sink HK into the sea than let them leave.

        It’s sad, but this outcome is pre-determined. It’s just a question of how long it will take.

        (disclaimer: the Mathius Put Option fund is short EWH (long-dated puts), but the firm for which Mathius works holds significant long positions in Hong Kong)

  24. We live in a P. T. Barnum world. Everything must be described in the superlative. This is the hottest year ever, this is the worst storm ever, this is the most untruthful president ever…..

    • We live in a P. T. Barnum world.

      If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman, I highly recommend it. The story, the music.. all top notch, but cinematography is something special. I went in with pretty low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised.

      This is the hottest year ever,

      Well… things are getting hotter…

      (source: NASA)

      this is the most untruthful president ever…..

      Well, I mean.. if it’s true, it’s true…

      • BS, the data has been cooked. It was hotter in the 1930’s than it is today.

        • Not saying you’re wrong, but what do you base that on? SKT’s first-hand account? The Dust Bowl?

          • Published temperature records that clearly show the suppression of temperatures in the ’30s compared to today. The number of 100+ days recorded during the thirties compared to recent years. The data is out there for you to find.

            I just watched a video of a Prof from James Cook U who was fired because he reported that the Great Barrier Reef is not dying but growing in contradiction to the “consensus” view. He has studied the reef for over 20 years and has amble evidence to back his claims. There are many such stories as this about suppression of the contrary view.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            A little tid bit to begin your meal.


            Oh, the Dust Bowl is in fact a good indicator of the depth of the drought back then, which of course mean high temperatures over a long period of time.

            The lower 48 states just experienced the coldest and wettest summer on record. As did other places on the planet.

      • With respect to lies. Trump embellishes and uses self aggrandizement. Contrast that to the lie that we live in the hottest climate ever. Which is more damaging in the long run? Unfortunately you fall for the media BS on the first and accept their BS on the latter as truth.

        I told you when he was elected, that you need to calibrate what he says. Separate the hype from the business and policy statements. He is not a polished glib politician but a blunt businessman from Queens with a large helping of P. T. Barnum. The sarcasm and apparent rudeness are typical Queens/NYC behavior for his and earlier generations. In private, everyone reports that he is a very charming person.

        Now contrast that to Obama, who was articulate, outwardly charming but lied repeatedly about the business of government. Not only that, he brought us the most politically corrupt administrations of my lifetime. He politicized every department that mattered. He used the DOJ to extort money from corporations and set up private agencies to dole the funds to his friends. He ignored court orders on numerous occasions something Trump has not done.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone remember when I was living in Oregon and I posted about the studies showing Green Jobs were a joke. And how the Obama Administration ignored the economists and just kept spreading the propaganda. Well my favorite economist has been proven right with his predictions.

    Now does anyone think the politicians will stop trying to peddle there snake oil? Nah, me neither.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    The Administration is trying to roll back efficiency standards for many light bulbs. Efficiency is a bit of a misnomer as the standards were really all about CO2. Which leads me to the lesson of the morning. Can anyone identify the errors in objective reasoning made in the following statements?

    “When first proposed the rule was supported by light bulb manufacturers, but consumer groups estimate continuing to use less efficient bulbs will cost the average household more than $100 a year and create more pollution as utilities produce energy that otherwise would not be needed.

    “The Energy Department flat out got it wrong today. Instead of moving us forward, this rule will keep more energy-wasting bulbs on store shelves,” Jason Hartke, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, said in a statement. “If you wanted folks to pay a lot more than they should on electric bills, this rollback would be a pretty good way of doing it.””


      I needed more information so here is the link. The Obama regulation is unnecessary as the market place will solve the problem. I still have 100W bulbs in use. Some of these are 20+ years old as I have never changed them. They get used when need and turned off (the normal state) when not needed. For high use lights, I have fluorescents and LEDs. In fixtures with dimmers, I still have older incandescents. These are my choices and I resent the government dictating to me what I can use.

      The CF bulbs contain Hg, hence are an environmental hazard. They require a high voltage to spark the discharge and then a built in ballast to keep the current from running away once the discharge in established. The LED bulbs use low voltage dc current so need an internal power supply to operate. They are more expensive simply because they are more complex to make. So one should ask what the total energy cost is of these bulbs from creation to the dust bin are.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your last sentence captures one of the biggest flaws in all these types of claims.

        However, I was looking for something a little simpler but nuanced. How can you “waste” energy??

        It can neither be created nor destroyed. We can only change its form.

        If a power plant increases output to meet light bulb demand, then how is energy being wasted?

        Simple answer, energy waste is BS. What they are really complaining about is that if demand keeps increasing we will need to increase the supply, by building more power plants.

  28. Walmart stops open carry in stores. OK, they have that right to do so and will have no real affect around these parts, we all conceal carry. What this does show is how ass backwards the thinking is. If a dozen Texans are open carrying and a bad guy wanting to kill see’s that, he may move on. Or he may not move on and start shooting, possibly being shot dead within seconds. The idea that this will somehow stop someone from using a gun to kill people is ludacris on it’s face. Bad people will not follow the laws, much less a sign on Walmarts doors. This is nothing more than a feel good line of crap to appease the Lefty gun grabbers. In fact, when it backfires, you’ll won’t here I told you so, but you’ll know I told you so. Disarming the law abiding is the dumbest thing people who want protected can do. Gun Free Zones = Murder Zones.

    • I think this reflects (A) Walmart isn’t making too-too much money off selling guns and/or it was too expensive, difficult, or time consuming to comply with the pertinent regulations and (B) they reeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyy don’t want to see the headline “gunman bought weapon at local Walmart.”

      If they were making money hand-over-fist (what in the hell does that expression even mean?), they would never stop. Cigarettes kill waaaaaaay more than guns, but they’re perfectly happy to continue selling those.

      And if they see that headline, it’s going to be terrible PR and possibly very expensive.

      Put shortly: costs outweighed benefits

      • Yep….have no problem with a business decision not to sell weapons….no problem at all…..where the problem comes in with me is the statement that they are not going to sell assault rifles….they did not sell them any way. No store sells assault weapons that I am aware.

        I know where to buy true assault weapons but it ain’t in any store or gun show.

        Much like the latest shooter in Texas……failed a back ground check and could not buy one legally, called the FBI and local police numerous times, waved a gun around his home all the time, pointed it at people, would shoot rabbits from his second story window, and had a loooooong history of mental illness……………..and the lad still got his hand on a weapon illegally. And then, when stopped for a traffic violation, went on a rampage. It was not an assault weapon either, despite the media saying that it is.

        So….without G man answering this one…….who knows what an assault weapon is? Certainly not the media and certainly not the Walmart representative….

        So…the Colonel asks……what is an assault weapon……….could it be that anything used to inflict bodily harm be an assault weapon? A claw hammer, for example. Isn’t that an assault weapon?

        • By the way, I just went to a Walmart to buy some .410 guage shot gun shells. They have not banned carrying weapons….only open carry. Open carry is banned in a lot of places in Texas and that is also a business decision.

          Texas has a 51% rule anyway. If 51% of any business’ revenue is derived from alcohol sales, open and concealed carry is not allowed. And that is for good reason, in my opinion and I am as full blooded Texan as you can get without wearing a feather in my hair or lack thereof.

      • After Sandy Hook, Walmart stopped selling AR style rifles and did not restock their ammo shelves for quite a long time. After a couple years, the ammo cabinet was full again and the AR style rifles were being sold again. They are phonies and hypocrits, like most of the gun grabbers and climate change nuts. But like I said, it has no bearing on folks up here (if they even do what they claim here), there are plenty of places to buy ammo and AR’s and pistols etc. I have a shorter drive to one such store than too Walmart anyway. Since I reload my own rifle bullets, I get my stuff from the closer store anyway. Don’t need any more pistol ammo, I have enough for a lifetime or two 😀

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, you have concerns about the planet warming. I get that. But for God’s sake, this kind of clap trap doesn’t help actually solve the problem. If you want to address AGW then stop letting left leaning people talk about it. Find “right” wing people who agree and let them make the case. More facts and logic and less emotional and hyperbole BS.

    “We have weaponized the planet”! REALLY?????????

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Climate change skeptic to scholar. To bad they have to use this to sell more clicks and watching. Would have been nice for him to simply put out the story UP FRONT. If it is such a crisis why drag out the information to sell advertising? Where is the community service “obligation” we hear so much about?

      My criticism aside, it is important information and proof that discussions should continue, if not increase, instead of being squashed under the foot of “consensus”.

      • Ok, fine… let’s keep talking… no harm in that.

        But, given that one side says “if we do nothing, the we’ll all die,” and the other side says “NoThInG iS hApPeNiNg!!!1!,” at what point can / should we take some kind of action? And what kind of action?

        Seems to me that the downside case of trying to do something to help the environment stop screwing up the environment is that we shave a couple points off GDP and inadvertently (tragically) make a cleaner, more sustainable world for our kids. Whereas the downside case if we do nothing is that we all die, a runaway greenhouse scenario turns the Earth into Venus, and the last thing you ever hear is AOC saying “told ya so!”

        • Maybe if one, just one, of the dire predictions we have been getting shoved down our throats since the late 90s actually materialized, the skeptics would be less skeptical. 🙂

        • And…….the United States can go completely green…..completely midevil….back to candles, horses and no air conditioning and heat………and, according to NASA…….a less than 1% effect on greenhouse gases. If the rest of the world does not do the exact same thing, it is hopeless.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Once again you toss out hyperbole instead of reasoned argument. There is nobody who spends any time studying this that does not agree that “something” is happening and/or could happen. Those completely denying any affect at all are just doing so out of ignorance or fear of the political solutions. And YES, that included Mr. Trump.

          The debates, the real ones, have been over magnitude and timing of expected changes, and magnitude and timing of human impact. This includes impact designed to counter any warming impact.

          Facts like those the Colonel presented need to be addressed. And the FACT that the Paris Accords did nothing to resolve that key problem. Those howling Armageddon refuse to answer the very question you tried to make a joke about.




          • Your questions got me thinking about the Crat use of “existential threat” when talking about Climate Change. Other than the fact that when they all use the same words it usually is just more Leftist BS, what if they aren’t talking about “Climate Change” but about world domination and using this so called existential threat to sell WWIII to the gullible masses that vote for them? Add the chatter about gun control to control those who don’t agree with them and it makes for a good conspiracy theory.

          • Once again you toss out hyperbole instead of reasoned argument.

            You say “hyperbole,” I say “humor.”

            There is nobody who spends any time studying this that does not agree that “something” is happening and/or could happen.

            Are you sure this is the universal judgement of all SUFA-ites?

            I have never before you heard anyone acknowledge that anything is happening.

            Those completely denying any affect at all are just doing so out of ignorance or fear of the political solutions.

            General agreement.

            And YES, that included Mr. Trump.

            Asking you to read tea leaves a bit here… which of the explanations you propose (ignorance, politics, fear, etc) do you suspect to be the likely culprit in Trump’s case?

            The debates, the real ones, have been over magnitude and timing of expected changes, and magnitude and timing of human impact. This includes impact designed to counter any warming impact.


            BUT- my question was, generally, what should we be doing in the mean time?

            If something is happening, shouldn’t we be trying to do something – even if it’s not enough?

            Does the fact that we aren’t absolutely certain about the scale or the timeline mean that we shouldn’t be trying to do things now? And, further, doesn’t investment now lead to technology and science which might help us later when we do know more?


            Not unless until doing so is absolutely unambiguously necessary.

            War is a last resort.

            But, anyway, if I were that far gone, I’d probably lean toward an engineered plague to wipe out most of humanity.. much more efficient, and fixes the root issue of “too many people.” … just sayin’…


            If going to war over this is absolutely unambiguously necessary, then any means necessary would be.. err… necessary.


            I mean, President Mathius would probably aim at “least harm” methods… President Mathius really loves geo-thermal energy.. but, yea.. if it comes down to it… and it’s absolutely unambiguously necessary to stop people from [relevant activity] then I would be forced to authorized [necessary action] to do so.

            That I might hate to do so doesn’t change the fact that, in this scenario, it’s “do something bad/evil” vs “all humans die”… and there is only one correct answer to that choice.

          • JAC,

            Just to follow on here and, maybe, be a bit clearer..

            Doing something sooner than later generally nets bigger results for less cost/pain. A stitch in time, and all that.

            Doing something sooner than later gives more time for the relevant sciences and technologies to develop. Imagine if we never invested in solar panels and only now were just thinking of them as a good idea? We’d be decades behind… if we later discovered we needed them, they wouldn’t be as advanced, as cheap, etc. Better to ramp up early, no?

            The US is only one piece of the puzzle, but we are a big piece. Much more than, say, Estonia. But, of course, the big problems are China and India. We got to do our growth cheap on fossil fuels without serious environmental considerations and now they want to do the same.. plus add billions of new cars to the road.. plus give everyone all the luxuries and comforts of a “modern” life repleat with all the electrical demands thereof… and we would.. I would… deny them that. That’s a problem. We have to act together on this or it’s futile.

            But we can lead. And, in doing so, we can develop technology and techniques which can help the rest of the world to be better, too.

            And maybe the doom-sayers are right and it’s too late. Or the slightly less-doom-sayers are and it’s “nearly” too late. Or it’s a hundred years off and won’t be significant anyway.. who knows. Not me.

            All I know is that acting early, investing early, is probably the best bet.

            And pushing oil and coal and denying the science is detrimental. How detrimental, I can’t say.. but it is bad, and we shouldn’t be ok with it.

  30. Can anyone explain to me how it makes any sense, No matter your opinion on Brexit, to pass a law that says you cannot leave the EU without the EU’s permission?

    • to pass a law that says you cannot leave

      Well, we sort of did that when a bunch of states who shall remain nameless got a bit too uppity, didn’t we….?

      • Yes…you did…….Let us go. Let my people go……you should be used to that saying.

        • I would like to see if the rest of the United States can actually survive without Texas,,,,,

          In 2017, Texas grossed more than $264.5 billion a year in exports—more than the exports of California ($172 billion) and New York ($77.9 billion) combined. As a sovereign country (2016), Texas would be the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP (ahead of South Korea and Canada).
          GDP per capita‎: ‎$58,085 (2017)

          In 2017, Texas accounted for a whopping 37% of America’s crude oil production, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

          A genuine energy superstar, Texas not only produces more petroleum than any other state, but it also dwarfs other states in wind-power production. In 2017, Texas windmills produced 21,044 megawatts. Iowa, the second-largest producer, reached just 6,952 megawatts.

          Texas has a 15.94 billion barrel crude-oil reserve, according to the US Energy Information Administration. That amounts to more than 669 billion gallons of oil. A standard Olympic-sized swimming pool holds just over 660,253 gallons of fluid, meaning Texas’ oil reserves could fill about 1,013,247 of the pools. One and One half the more than the reserves in Saudi Arabia.

          PLEASE….let us go.

        • Canine Weapon says:

      • Hmmmm, yes we did. All it took to enforce it was a civil war and no promise we won’t eventually have another one. I also see the resemblance in taking away State rights and increasing federal powers with the EU’s continual push for more power over once sovereign countries. But on the other hand I can’t imaginebreaking up the US, but maybe we would be stronger and better off if we could. Gonna have to think on this. Also not sure the situations are the same. Or maybe that’s just because I don’t see these Countries as one big country.

        • There’s also that extra little detail. Po!iticians acting like they are trying to reach a deal to leave the EU, like the peopl e demanded, while trying to pass a law that would ensure they have no negotiating power to make a deal.

  31. As usual, when the Left lies, it all comes out, just have to be patient.

    Video imbedded, Blasey wanted to protect abortion!!!!

    • “He will always have an asterisk next to his name. When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and that is important; it is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine.” (Emphasis added and then removed.)

      That’s what you’re going to hang your hat on?

      It says that she wants people to know who he is, what his character is, what motivates him. It says that when he guts Roe, it’s important to know who he is and that’s part of what motivated her.

      That, in no way shape or form, suggests that she was lying about what she testified.


      and that’s PART of what motivated her. (Emphasis added.)



      *9:00 PM Central


      It is always amazing to me how you can take anything the left ever says or does, and suss out some nuance that makes the whole thing an objective incontrovertable lie in your mind (and then use the word “lie”) but your Dear Leader can never say anything that’s false, no matter how obvious. And yet, I am somehow the fanatic for calling him out whereas you are just, what? Stating the obvious truth of the left’s moral bankruptcy?

      One might think you’re………………………………. biased.

      • And you Sir are a major league hypocrite!

      • Damn, I’m sorry, I meant gullible hypocrite. 😀

      • Well, it may not prove she wasn’t telling the truth in her testimony, but it certainly does more than suggest that she had a political purpose for testifying. Something which was denied non stop, at the time. It also makes one wonder, even IF she was telling the truth, if she would have testified if a Democrat was appointing a justice. So yes, one can have more than one motive, but no to, “That, in no way shape or form, suggests that she was lying about what she testified.”

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

  33. U.S.—Beto O’Rourke promised to take away everybody’s guns when he is president, though sources have confirmed that O’Rourke will never even get close to being the president.

    “When I am president, I will take away your guns,” said the man who is as close to the White House as he’s ever going to be. “The first day I’m in the Oval Office, I will sign an executive order to buy back everybody’s firearms. As I lean back in that Oval Office chair and put my feet up on my desk, I will rest easy knowing that I have done something to make our country a safe place from all violence.”
    “Man, I can’t wait to see how that presidential pen feels signing an unconstitutional executive order,” he added wistfully, though he will never know how that feels.
    At publishing times, O’Rourke’s pro-gun control comments had caused his number of supporters to get cut in half, leaving him with just one.

  34. U.S.—Experts solemnly warned the nation that it may be too late to stop the 7-hour climate change town hall scheduled to air on CNN tonight.

    Despite humanity’s best efforts to stall climate change town halls by long-winded, self-important politicians, the event appears to be rapidly approaching. No one has been able to come up with a plan to stop it, and now there’s a scientific consensus that it’s inevitable.
    “We have reached the point of no return,” said one expert grimly as he took a shot of something from a flask. “We have less than 12 hours before the Democrats do irreparable damage to our sanity by talking for seven full freakin’ hours on television.”
    “The only thing we can do now is say goodbye to our loved ones,” he added. “And maybe tune into something else, like HGTV or something. Anything.”
    Radical activists tried to distract the candidates to prevent the town hall from moving forward. One man left a wallet with some $20 bills sticking out of it in hopes that Bernie Sanders would get distracted. Another left a book of cool cuss words on a park bench, hoping that Beto O’Rourke would make a detour to pick it up. But all of these efforts have failed, and now the climate change town hall will affect everybody on the planet, or at least CNN’s seven viewers.
    The inescapable broadcast is expected to cause a sharp rise in unprovable claims, such as linking Hurricane Dorian to human activity. Scientists also predict a rapid surge of Prius purchases.
    “We’ve been warning the public about this for years,” said Chuck Little, certified climate authority. “Can you believe some people still think public profiteering off trendy political footballs isn’t real? Deniers,” he scoffed.
    At publishing time, experts were revising their predictions, claiming that future climate change town halls could still be avoided if everyone followed the climate change advocates’ advice to “do as we say, not as we do.”

  35. I finally figured it out. D13 is the real J. R. Ewing!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Not really T-Ray. Just as strong willed and desiring to win. But The Colonel has HONOR and the prerequisite INTEGRITY, not to mention a gentle/kind streak (sorry Colonel for spilling the beans on that one) to balance out the warrior.

  36. Just A Citizen says:


    Notice how the past few years there have been so many SCARE stories about Yellowstone. Some have included Mammoth in CA as well.

    We have a clean carbon energy issue. That is fossil fuels are bad, almost as bad as orange man.

    Those Greenies who fight to stop every last thing outside Yellowstone, but nearby are standing in the way of GREEN ENERGY and the chance to defuse the Yellowstone bomb. Just imagine the energy we could tap if we were allowed to drill into the large “underground bubble” and reduce the pressure that causes super volcano type eruptions.

    Now when is Trump going to send FEMA to the Bahamas?? I can’t believe the left wing media isn’t pounding him over all this standing around.


    AOC is quite the idiot. She has no idea about life outside of NYC, none. If her experiences in NYC are what pushes her Tweets, she’s not speaking to well of NYC folks at all.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      See, with the Chief of Staff/Campaign manager gone, her statements become more and more erratic! From what I heard last night she seems to equate gun owners to a great extent with wife beaters.

  38. So for seven hours on Wednesday, CNN’s primetime hosts (Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon) began each of the ten 2020 Democratic presidential “climate crisis” town halls by asserting that Hurricane Dorian existed because of climate change.

    Outright bald faced LIE. Fortunately CNN only has about 5 viewers. Trump may exaggerate and tell some tales, be the Liberal media makes him look like Honest Abe 😀

    • In a statement, the O’Rourke campaign said the damage from the storm, which killed at least 20 people in the Bahamas, was exacerbated by the administration’s environmental policies.

      “His administration’s failure to take action on climate change and its continuous rollbacks of environmental protections have left communities vulnerable to storms increasing in intensity and frequency like Hurricane Dorian,” O’Rourke said in the statement.

      Another Wanker that has a problem with honesty.

  39. JR Ewing – Jump to Character – As the show’s most famous character, J.R. has been central to many of the series’ biggest storylines. He is depicted as a covetous, egocentric, manipulative and amoral oil baron with psychopathic tendencies, who is constantly plotting subterfuges to plunder his foes’ wealth.>/b>

    Wow…………….this is how you see me,eh? I think that I would prefer JAC’s kind description better (thank you JAC)….as to spilling the beans, I do not mind. I like to think that I have a gentler kind side (grandkids think so because I am the really cool grand dad that plays laser tag and goes down water slides at the water parks and such)….PLUS, I let them drink whatever they want in the form of sugary drinks and I always, ALWAYS, have M&Ms and Red Skittles at the house. Granddad does not devour skittles…….but M&MS….well, that is another story.

    Now back to the subject matter at hand….J R…..I have to confess that I watched one half of one show of Dallas….Texans do NOT run around in cars with horns on the hoods,,,,,we leave that to the Arizona wannabe’s…but I did not watch one single episode except 1/2 of the opener.

    • Calling me JR would be like me calling you……Mr. Pelosi.

    • Canine Weapon says:

      The colonel as JR??? Never!

      The colonel as JD, however.. well, now.. that I could see!

      • No fair…Elle Mae falls into the Laura Petrie category……va va voom.

        • Blasphemy!

          Ellie Mae Elly May had nothing on Laura Petrie / MTM (who, of course, had nothing on Elizabeth Montgomery). I’d take Grandma Moses over her.. at least that lady had some spunk!

          Then again, I always sympathized with Elly May liking animals more than people…

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Ellie Mae over Laura Petrie. Ellie wouldn’t fall over in a faint at the sight of a gun. She knew which end was the business end and how to use it.

          My ex and her Father were prohibited from shooting together at a match or Turkey shoots. That enabled others to take home some prizes. If not they’d clean up. Harry was for years NRA champion in New England.

          When I lived in New England I set up an indoor range in the basement. Bought the kid a target pistol. He practiced and practiced. Decided to challenge his Mom. She went downstairs, cold and beat him. He then challenged me. I beat him. He practiced some more. After the new year my parents came up and he challenged my mother as she came un the door. She went down stairs and proceeded to beat him. He came up in disgust and put the pistol in the gun case and never touched it again. Oh well sore loser.

  40. Very interesting thing on global warming/climate change, yesterday and the full court press put on by the left…..what was it……ummm…6 or 7 hours of televised climate change crap… the end of it a NOAA rep that was interviewed to corroborate some of the dribble….debunked several climate change stories…..(1) Cat 5 hurricanes are LESS prevalent today than they have been over the decades. (2) This one is really funny, if there were zero carbon emmissions in the world today………ZERO. The effect upon the temperature would be 7/100ths of one degree of termperature change. And then the fracking issue…..He simply scratched his head and said, I have no idea where they are coming from on this. Fracking has led to less carbon emmissions, not more.

    Now, this was a scientist from the NOAA…………………………………………………..

    • The switch to NG is just another step along the path of cleaner, cheaper, less labor intensive, more efficient energy that we have been on since Franklin invented the stove. All of this was driven by the market not government. In my own lifetime, I have seen the switch from coal to oil to NG for home heating.

      They scream about pollution when they mean CO2 emissions. Thus declaring CO2 a pollutant. It is not a pollutant. We have cleaned up our air in the US quite dramatically since I was a kid. We should be concerned now with the amount of real pollution China and India are dumping into the atmosphere and their rivers. This is a far bigger concern than the emission of CO2.

  41. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    :The Chinese take the long view.”

    I grew up knowing this as fact but I am ready to challenge it now, especally for the modern citified Chinese.

    The Chinese Communist party in its mad rush to modernize and westernize China has broken (and stomped on) the traditional Chinese culture and adopted or transplanted a western one on top of it. The question will be will that traditional asian patience survive?

    Now, I guess we can look at the Japanese and Koreans for some indicators but both of those cultures seemed to have “grafted” on westernization rather than forcibly imposed it. Something to watch…..

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I am not convinced, and neither are others who spent time in China, convinced that they have broken Chinese cultural tradition. The Communist regime is still in place largely due to that tradition.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        My little red book from 1968 told me that “the only power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    For some unknown reason this is supposed to be a problem. Getting rid of jobs that pay above the poverty level is good??? Or slowing migration to reduce the labor supply is good because why??? Apparently to increase the wages of the poor “servants”. Well does not the same argument hold for “illegal aliens”???????

    • I do believe I predicted this years ago.

      I also said that, when the robots take over all the jobs, these kinds of jobs are going to be some of the last hold-outs.

  43. Just A Citizen says:


    Climate Change Action Plan.

    I have to run Lil’ JAC to Sandpoint so will get back to this in an hour or so. But first actions should include:

    1. Public information increase, including conferences where all pros and cons are allowed to share information. If the problem is truly a potential global disaster, the public should be exposed to the debate and information.

    2.. Start moving to higher ground. Ocean and river boundries. Abandon New Orleans and restore the Delta wetlands.

    • 1. Sure, but (A) how would you do this and (B) how would you convince the masses to ignore liars/charlatans/etc? When Trump says it’s a Chinese Hoax, how do you convince people that this complicated model is actually the correct answer?

      2. Sure Probably a good idea. You can start by sunsetting government subsidized flood insurance.

      3. Harking back to my oldest criticisms of democracy, we live in a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.. and for good reason. The scientific literacy required to understand climate change.. and the amount of time and energy necessary to actually study the issues is simply more than the average citizen has to offer. Maybe Gary, the guy stocking the vending machine, could take the time and read up and learn and form an informed opinion.. but let’s face it. That’s not going to happen. So why do we have to wait for Gary to pull his head out of his ass before we do something?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Public opinion needs to be developed with use of reasonable explanations and solutions. The revolt against the issue was largely due to WHO was trying to shove it down our throats. Everything coming from the left/Dems amounted to huge taking of Liberty and “transformation” of our Democratic Republic into a centrally planned and controlled society.

        Leadership needs to be reasonable and make some sense. That does not exist on either side of the political debate. So first step is changing leadership. And I don”t mean just Trump. In fact, if the right people got to him he would flip his view. In fact, if you listen closely he is already moving on this. Just have to make it his idea and then we will be off to the races creating the BIGGEST AND MOST AWESOME solutions ever devised by humans.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        On a much bigger question. Why should we care or do anything?

        Why not just keep going down the path we are on? Eventually it will all sort itself out. The Planet will not die and climate change will not extinguish the human race. We may become fewer, I doubt it,, and we will not live in the same places, I am sure. So why incur all the costs to human existence for the sake of some future that may or may not happen (seeing earth killing asteroids and super volcanoes in my crystal ball).

  44. Who here has hear of the “Wait Equation”?

    It works like this:
    Suppose humanity wanted to get to the nearest star. You could leave today and it would only take you 10,000 years to get there.

    Or you could wait 100 years. Technology will be better and space travel may be faster, so you may be able to get there in only 5,000 years.

    Given these two options, you should choose to wait since this gets you there in 5,100 years – 4,900 years earlier.

    BUT, what if you waited 200 years? Technology will be even better and you may be able to get there in only 2,500 years.

    Clearly, this is the best option since you will now arrive in only 2,700 years (vs 5,100 or 10,000).

    Or you could wait further. In three hundred years, the trip might only take 2,000 years, which gets you there in 2,300 years which is the earliest yet.

    In four hundred years… or five hundred… and so on….

    So the question is: when should you leave.. how long should you wait?

    But there’s another question I might ask. If everyone waited, would the technology develop apace or might you wait 100 years and find yourself in nearly the same place? Isn’t the faster travel of 100 years from now predicated on our actions and efforts at travel today?


    Mull that over for a bit and then answer this question: what, if anything, might this idea have to do with our action / inaction on climate change?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      The first “Star Ships” will be overtaken and when their descendents arrive on let’s say a planet of Proxima Centauri, they will be met by people who left the earth the week before!

      • That’s the fundamental premise of the Wait Equation… but the question I want to know with regards to the equation is if that generation ship never leaves because they’re waiting instead, does the progress get made such that the Wait Equation still pays off?

        If I don’t leave now because it’s better to wait, then my ship doesn’t get made. Science doesn’t learn from my trip. Ship yards aren’t built up because there’s no one demanding ships now. Funding shrinks as everyone waits. Then, in 99 years, everyone starts building, but have we made the same progress we would have?

        Maybe it’s still better to wait, but if we all wait, maybe in 100 years, we’ll have sacrificed 50 years worth of progress to that decision.


        And, of course, my followup… what, if anything, might this idea have to do with our action / inaction on climate change?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          We currently do not have reasonable, efficient, or effective solutions for many of the issues linked to climate change.

          If halting all fossil fuel use today would not have a significant impact for decades, then we probably need better answers.

          So my thought is look for solutions that solve multiple issues that may or may not be related to climate changing.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Colonel and this goes to Mathius

      All things today are connected to our past. I know of zero ideas, tools, systems, etc that have appeared by immaculate arrival from somebody’s brain, with no connection to the past. Human development is a pyramid or better yet, scaffolding.

      It relates to issues of pollution, global warming, climate change or just plain environmental concern because the solutions to some problems have not been found but ignoring them could very well prevent finding solutions in the future.

      BUT, there is also a chance that the solutions to these issues will arise from some other idea or problem/solution. Solving that may provide information/technology leading to the other.

      Rubber was not the solution to a specific inquiry. It was an accident.

  45. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    If necessary, we go to war with China and India to “force” them to comply with our ideas. Of course that would probably lead to someone lobbing nukes and that makes the entire discussiuon “moot” as you legal types would say.

    Hmm….. who exactly makes the call on “necessary?” The science guy?

    I understand that Bernie came out for mass (mandatory?) abortion last night. Hoo Hah! Following in the footsteps of his idol, the great Chairman Mao.

    Read a great piece last week as to “why” the intellegencia, to preserve the world, should not contribute to the problem by having children. Same answer I gave 50 years ago on the very 1st EARTH DAY. ” So let me get this straight… The people most likely to be able to solve this problem have no kids….while the people who burn down rainforests to grow a single years crop have ten”! Yeah, uh-huh, right, that sure makes sense.

    Once knew a couple back in the early 1970’s who married with the intention of having zero children to “save the planet”. All went well and they were madly in love for the first eight years or so. Then the husband, my friend, changed his mind and tried to convince the bride, for the very same reason I outlined above (They would be part of the solution not of the problem) she could not wrap her head around that at all. The marriage dissolved. While I have lost touch with him since he remarried and moved out West, I am sad about the outcome to this day.

  46. Subject : Climate Change/Global Warming

    Question: Why hasn’t there been ONE prediction of calamity come true since the 90’s when this hysteria began?

    When people who promote Climate Change and then point to a modern day hurricane as proof of what it is, despite knowing that hurricanes outdate man’s existence, what is the TRUE goal?

    Many on the Left promote gun control, anti-religion, abortion and most recently censorship online of ideologies that don’t toe the Leftist ideology. There is a goal here and it’s not saving the planet.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Your argument is much like that of Mathius when he uses hyperbole (his humor) instead of reasoned thought. Just because the hurricane scare tactic was and is false, doesn’t mean that many other things are not happening. And some of these are quite drastic.

      We are in our second year of Steelhead and Salmon runs simply vanishing. We spent millions, maybe billions restoring these runs. They suddenly stopped coming back. And nobody has found them swimming around out there in the ocean. Great white sharks in Alaska, never before. Insect populations with two and three hatches because of milder winters. Changes in ocean temps and stream biota. Changes they are a happening. Part of the problem is also that there are many what I would call, non-serious scientists who have grabbed onto the AGW issue to push other agendas or because they are simply lazy.

      • This is what I’m getting at before, JAC.

        You say “we’re just haggling over extent and timeline”.. and you and I are…

        But it’s not hyperbole to claim that some / many are insisting that nothing at all is happening. People like Gman insisting that none of the global warming claims have ever come to pass, or T-Ray saying that the “historical record is cooked” and insisting that the recent past was actually hotter.

        We can debate it, JAC, and I am hugely interested in your interpretation because, honestly, I am no expert in this, though I do have a fairly decent grasp on the basics. But what to do with folks like these? Do you think you can convince Gman and TRay that it’s real and actually “drastic” and that there might be a need to do something about it?

        • No, That won’t happen until the bullshit lies, aka, Liberal talking points, stops and some real evidence shows up. Like D13 said below, too much BS. If you recall after Katrina the scream was that there would be more ‘canes and stronger ones. It never happened and still hasn’t. I’m just not into public policy based on nonsense and right now, man made GW is nothing but a fallacy.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          You know, you are wrong. I watched that ass Gore, tell us that NYC would be under water in 17 years (18 feet no less) . Well 17 has come and gone (and Obama’s buying shore, not mountain property. they pointed to Super Storm Sandy’s flooding and I pointed to full moon, high tide and tidal surge….Just like 1938!

          Why do people, not necessarily you, insist on conflating things like “:climate Change” with “man made climate change” and “immigration with “illegal immigration” ?

          AOC, God bless her, was talking about starvation since the hotter temps will cause drought. Meanwhile back at the ranch, whole new areas of Alaska,Canada, and Russia will be opened up for farming! Hell, maybe even Greenland (which explains Trump’s plan).

  47. Just A Citizen says:


    Let’s talk about the myth that national flood insurance is just a subsidy. This is a cute political argument that ignores about half the equation. Which happens to be the most important half.

    “The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a program created by the Congress of the United States in 1968 through the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 (P.L. 90-448). U.S. Congress has the twofold purposes of the NFIP to share the risk of flood losses through flood insurance and to reduce flood damages by restricting floodplain development. The program enables property owners in participating communities to purchase insurance protection, administered by the government, against losses from flooding, and requires flood insurance for all loans or lines of credit that are secured by existing buildings, manufactured homes, or buildings under construction, that are located in a community that participates in the NFIP. U.S. Congress limits the availability of National Flood Insurance to communities that adopt adequate land use and control measures with effective enforcement provisions to reduce flood damages by restricting development in areas exposed to flooding.

    This NFIP is designed to provide an insurance alternative to disaster assistance to meet the escalating costs of repairing damage to buildings and their contents caused by floods.[1] As of August 2017, the program insured about 5 million homes (down from about 5.5 million homes in April 2010), the majority of which are in Texas and Florida.[2][3] The cost of the insurance program was fully covered by its premiums until the end of 2004, but has had to steadily borrow funds since (primarily due to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy), accumulating $25 billion of debt by August 2017.[2][4]”

    The reality is that this program was a back door taking of power and authority of local land use from local level to the federal level. Note that it was working as planned until Katrina and Sandy. I will also mention that the federal program is like private insurance. They will deny claims if THEY decide it was the wind that destroyed your house on the beach and not the flood.

    This program is therefore, part of the solution, if you want the Feds to dictate policies in flood plains.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Humans can be linked to the cause of two great extinction events in the past. We are in our third.
    Raises a few questions don’t you think?

    Star Trek’s “Prime Directive”. I loved the shows and movies that tried to deal with this, including what a fallacy it is in itself. How do you inhabit or even visit a place where no humans have existed without changing it forever?

  49. So the other day Trump announces an update (via Twitter, of course) on Dorian and includes Alabama in a list of states in the potential path.

    NOAA didn’t have Alabama on it’s list, but whatever… just a woopsie.

    Sure, some folks in Alabama probably freaked out and started prepping/evacuating.. and sure, some people in the Alabama government had to put out statements correcting the President, but again, so what?

    Accidents happen, and as has been pointed out to me repeated here, Trump was just trying to warn people and get them to take the storm seriously and/or evacuate as instructed.

    So what if he accidentally included an extra state? I mean, these models aren’t perfect, anything could happen… the hurricane could inexplicably barrel straight into Kansas for all we know.

    So this is a big nothingburger, right?


    ::SUFA waits for Mathius to get to the part where he bashes Trump for something::

    Yesterday, he gives some video address where he holds up an original NOAA map with what is called a “cone of uncertainty” showing potential tracking paths.

    Ok, so what?

    So there’s a black loop which includes parts of Alabama on this map, showing that on the original forecast (before his tweet), Alabama was, indeed, included as a potential target and thus proving that his tweet wasn’t in error! It’s just that the situation had changed and Alabama was no longer at risk.

    All those TDS lefties got shown up as the losers they are.. pretending Trump made a mistake when he didn’t, and making a big deal about Trump’s insistence that he was right. They’re just a bunch of losing losers. Trump showed the original map, and it proved he was right. So they all just have to eat their crow now. Huzzah!

    Ok, great, score one for POTUS, right?

    ::SUFA continues to wait patiently for Mathius to get to the part where he bashes Trump for something::

    I guess you know me better than that…

    Here’s the thing. That “original” map…. it was published a week ago.

    Before the tweet.

    And it did not have that extra black loop which encompassed Alabama.

    That loop was added after the fact.

    The map that Trump held up to show the “original forecast” was doctored to retroactively include Alabama.. making his tweet “correct.”

    NOAA, the NWS, and the Alabama government have all confirmed that, at no point, was Alabama considered a target of this storm.

    Yet Trump went out there and held up a doctored map to prove that he was right.

    One “source” alleges that Trump himself ordered the loop added. Another says it was added elsewhere. So, of course, I have no idea who to point the finger at, specifically. I have a hunch, but nothing I’ll hang my hat on.

    BUT, while no one has taken credit, of course, the NWS and NOAA have both explicitly denied supplying the map with the included line, which means that the edit was (almost certainly) made within the Trump administration itself. A deliberate LIE – admittedly one of little importance – in order to falsify the historical record and make the President seem correct in retrospect.


    Here’s the map which was released 8/29:

    Here’s the map in his video yesterday:

    Same map.. just with a line (which looks suspiciously like Sharpee) added.


    Of course, I’m being petty. It was just one itty bitty lie….

    I mean, sure, his administration is falsifying government documents to retroactively make Trumps mistakes into truths… I’m sure no one would be freaking out about that if it were a Democrat..

    And even though we don’t know for sure it was Trump, the apparent options that either it was Trump, or that someone in his administration doctored a government document so that the President would present false information to the American people in order to save face on his behalf.

    But, anyway, regardless… I’ll just leave this here: (imagine him getting impeached for this! HA!)


    …….. eehhhh…. what am I going on about?! I’m sure it was just an innocent mistake… he probably doodled it himself saying “isn’t this where the line was?” and then they forgot about it and showed it by accident. I mean, doesn’t the most honest President in our Lifetimes* deserve every benefit of the doubt? Yea… nevermind… forget I said anything.

    *excluding SKT who was alive for Lincoln

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Historical Storm tracks….where will it go?

      • Cool link, but not really what I’m getting at here..

        I admit that weather service estimates are… well… estimates. And I freely admit that this storm could have tracked off course and hit Alabama.. or even Kansas.. or, hell, blown straight through to Alaska. That’s not the point.

        The point is he made a mistake, included a state which wasn’t considered at-risk in a warning tweet, and then attempted to cover that up by presenting a doctored NOAA projection to the American people.

        I think that’s a mite interesting, don’t you think?

        (Not to mention, presenting false weather reports is apparently a crime and it would hilarious to watch the Democrats in congress try to impeach him it.)


  51. JAC says: “I think we [JAC & Colonel] are the only two at SUFA who have had experience in this area [hurricane planning/relief]. And even I, if POTUS, would not stick my nose in the middle of operations or demand briefings that distract people from their job while the flit is hitting the shan.”

    Trump says: “[re cancelling POTUS’ trip to Poland] I will remain in Washington to ensure that all resources of the federal government are focused on the arriving storm. […] it’s something very important for me to be here.”


    Please square these two assertions.

    • Being available and interfering are two different things.

    • Very simple, in my way of thinking…..staying here does not mean to micro manage. Staying here simply means that if he is not away, the cat will not play……..PLUS…PLUS……great PR. Bullshit….but great PR. Even during the hottest and most severe battle, a general does not have to be on the front line….and certainly not making decisions in the battle fray….HOWEVER….even if he is just drinking coffee and smoking cigars and watching girly flicks on the internet…..a presence is still leadership in the eyes of many.

      Never….EVER…in my military career have I seen nor heard of a General over riding operations orders once they begin. They plan and they brief and they give a nod…..they listen to their operations…make the decision. Once the decision is made, the boss is out of it and should be. Let the staff/commanders do their job…..BUT……in the eyes of the public, if a leader says….”I need to stay just in case”…..everyone goes….oooohhhh…..ahhhhh….if he decides to leave, it would be viewed as he does not care.

      Like other President’s in certain crises in the eyes of the public….when one goes and plays golf….or takes a vacation….it just looks bad and looks as if he/she does not care. Even though, he does not need to be on the front lines….it looks bad.

      • So, your short version: bullshit, but good PR.

        Got it. Fair ‘nough.

        Never….EVER…in my military career have I seen nor heard of a General over riding operations orders once they begin. They plan and they brief and they give a nod

        To be clear, I’ve never suggested the President should be in the thick of operations, giving street-level direction to the guy stacking the sand-bags.

        I’m just wondering aloud how it is that he can “plan and brief and give a nod” without having a firm understanding of what the hell is going on.

        • I’m just wondering aloud how it is that he can “plan and brief and give a nod” without having a firm understanding of what the hell is going on.

          Now THAT is a good question. (Using my best I Robot voice)…..This would be tantamount to the Invasion of D Day, in my opinion. The Potus authorized the plan of D Day…..upon Eisenhower’s recommendation. Dwight D and others planned the operation…a task force operation down to the last details…..There were 42 bound volumes of operations orders 7 inches thick that were laid out on a table. Roosevelt did not read tens of thousands of pages of the joint task force operations…..he got a basic understanding that one million men machines, airplanes, and so forth…were going to hit the beaches of Normandy with the intent of driving into Germany. He nods his head without knowing one whit of what was in those orders. But he goes onto TV after the successful landing and takes credit for “giving the nod”.

          He did not know what was going to happpen in the Doolittle Raid on Japan except he wanted a retaliation, no matter how small, to do two things. Let Japan know of our resolve and to let the people of the United States know we “did something”. The Doolittle raid accomplished one thing……it scared Japan…nothing more.

          So, fast forward to Trump….he has no idea of the inner workings of a hurrincane….all he knew was that one was headed at the Bahamas. His mistake…….and the same mistake he continues to make,,,,is that he takes the credit without knowing the details. He says things like….this is a big bastard headed our way…ain’t it. He does not know canary poop from elephant shit but his staff knows everything…..he should have just shut his ever lovin’ mouth and let the staff handle to questions…..Trump has an ego that his being cannot control….I know this and you know this…he has a big mouth and a penchant for the limelight….(what politician doesn’t)…he sticks his foot in his mouth so many times that changing feet does no good as they are both soggy….BUT, he knows that he has a staff and he does know how to delegate accordingly……and it will most likely go well and he will take the credit. BUt you and I know….that while Roosevelt and Truman took credit for wars……the real battles were fought by the minions.

          • he sticks his foot in his mouth so many times that changing feet does no good as they are both soggy

            This is not a mental image I needed.

            • Yesh…but later tonight…..when you are trying to sleep…..much like an ear worm…..this will flash back and forth.

              • Oh…I forgot the Bwahahhahah that goes with it……

              • I don’t care if you’re firing off mortar rounds in the next room while Pelosi dances the naked tarantella… when I hit the sack, I’m out within 30 seconds, and I’m sleeping like a brick until my body is good and ready to wake up.

                And I almost never have dreams either… or at least that I remember. I had one just the other day, which was a huge event for me. But other than that, I haven’t woken up remembering one since I was a child (that one had to do with Batman!).

                So you can offer up whatever mind-worms you want, ain’t nothing that gets ‘twixt me and my shut-eye!

            • And I almost never have dreams either… Wish I could say that.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      My version: His job is to do what he said. Make sure all resources are focused. As in if the FEMA guy comes to him and says the EPA is not working with us and have trailers we need, then TRUMP, in his administration, calls them and chews their backside.

      In a D-13 or JAC administration, the Chief of Staff would handle this and then tell us what happened and what he/she did about it. We follow up post disaster with ass chewing and/or dismissal of the person who failed to do their job properly.

  52. I love the arguments on the radio and the interviews with NOAA and NASA……both whom have said………that the 7 hours of stuff on climate change they were spewing out is 90% lies and innuendo…..none of what they are saying is fact based….and the stuff that was fact based..was cherry picked….

    Mathius….this is why no one takes climate change seriously…no one believes it. Right now, you will have to count me as one who does not believe it…not right now. First, I hear that the ice pack is melting…then I hear that over the last two years it grew 200 feet thicker. I hear that there are more hurricanes than ever before…and NOAA and NASA both say that is bunk, that in the last two decades there are fewer….I hear about holes in the ozone and then I hear….what holes in the ozone.

    I have read reports from “reputable” scientists that say it is happening and I hear reports from “reputable” scientists that say it is not happening. I hear that there are more tornado’s than ever before…..and then the scientists say…..No, there are less.

    Carbon emissions and CO2 are not in abundance…..and the scientists of NOAA (today) have said that to say so is a lie.

    SO, who do you believe?

    Now, if you wish to talk about plastics and stuff thrown into landfills and trash on beaches and such…I am in.

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Though Dorian is now a cat 2 and paralleling the coast, so it’s not in itself to bad. The bad thing is its spawning tornados. Locally. Hate those damn things. They can be so random.
    3 confirmed in the area.

    • Had one tear through all the way up here a few years back.. just got some woodland, but it was pretty wild. Wouldn’t want one of those to touch down near my house.

  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Catherine DeLalla

    Associate Broker


    Subject: When will they wake up?




    Interesting that the LA Times did this. All the others are staying away from it.


    Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this should be of great interest to you!


    Just One State – be sure and read the last part… Try for 3 times.


    This is only one State.. If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will!


    From the LA. Times:

    1. 40% of all workers in LA County (10.2 million people) are working for cash; and not paying taxes This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants, working without a green card. (Donald Trump was right)

    2. 95%of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

    3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

    4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers

    5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals; they are here illegally.

    6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

    7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

    8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

    9. 21 radio stations in LA are Spanish-speaking.

    10. In LA County, 5.1 million people speak English; 3.9 million, speak Spanish. (There are 10.2 million people, in LA County.

    (All 10 of the above facts were published in the Los Angeles Times)

    Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare.

    Over 70% of the United States’ annual population growth, (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York), results from immigration.

    Also, 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

    We are fools for letting this continue

    This is only one State…If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will, and you wonder why NANCY PELOSI wants them to become voters!

    Windfall Tax on Retirement Income .. Adding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people “you’re so darn stupid that we’re going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you”. Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words, tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case! You aren’t going to believe this.

    Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds)!

    Alas, it is true – all to help the 12 Million (only 12 million?) Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities!

    This woman is frightening. She quotes.. ‘We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, (didn’t Marx say something like this?) in our country; and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.

    When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied:

    We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as Americans.

    (Read that quote again and again and let it sink in.) ‘Lower your retirement; give it to others who have not worked, as you have’ for your money.








  55. Just A Citizen says:

    If they can warm turtle nesting areas, what could they do to ocean temperatures????

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    Could it be that leakage has increased at deep ocean depths? Where we do not have data collection devices.

  57. The Climate Change agenda, along with gun control, abortion (population control), medicare for all is all about one thing…CONTROL!

  58. U.S.—Well, this is embarrassing. As Joe Biden was answering a question during CNN’s 742-hour town hall on climate change last night, his head fell off, casting doubt on his ability to lead the country effectively at his age.

    The presidential candidate began responding to the question, saying, “Yeah, I think climate, uh, stuff is very important for us here in Canada, uh, a vital issue facing us here at the turn of the 19th century. In fact—whoopsy-daisy!” As his head was bobbling, well, like a bobblehead, it suddenly lunged forward and came clean off, toppling to the floor. He continued to answer the question, though he still didn’t seem to be certain where he was.
    Malfunctions like this have plagued Biden’s campaign, from the time his eye peeled off revealing a horrifying lizard eye to the time both his arms started doing the Macarena uncontrollably. The constant physical errors are starting to cause some supporters to wonder if he’ll be able to hold up at all should he take the White House.
    “I’m just not sure that a guy who can’t go a few minutes without his head coming clean off is in a good enough mental and physical state to run the country,” said one man CNN interviewed after the debate. “It seems like the guy in the White House should be able to retain basic information, know where he is most of the time, and not have his head tumble off his shoulders while he’s talking.”
    Biden’s aides assured everyone that he is in “peak physical condition,” blaming the malfunction on defective staples in Biden’s neck.
    Beto O’Rourke took the opportunity to lament how terrible the world is, saying, “We got no food, we got no jobs, Joe Biden’s HEAD IS FALLING OFF!”

    • ATLANTA, GA—CNN knew they were taking a risk devoting seven hours to Democratic presidential candidates talking about climate change, but the news channel thought that this issue — getting a Democrat elected — was important enough for the unusual programming decision. However, the special lost hugely in ratings to Nickelodeon, which also made an unusual decision to play the song “Baby Shark” 185 times in a row.

      “It was just stupid, repetitive nonsense for hours and hours,” said Shannon Terry, a concerned citizen who found herself watching TV that evening. “So eventually I just turned off the CNN townhall and listened to ‘Baby Shark’ over and over again. That song is catchy.”
      Many others seemed to agree with Terry, as the airing of presidential candidates making climate change-related campaign speeches was not considered by viewers to be as entertaining or informative as the singing of various phrases like “baby shark,” “mommy shark,” and “grandpa shark” over and over again.
      CNN did see a brief ratings spike when Pete Buttigieg started singing, “Climate change, doo doo doo doo doo doo!” getting CNN to its highest point of the night — seven viewers — though when Buttigieg started talking about carbon credits, the number of viewers plummeted back down to three.


    Oy vey. Looky there, people have consciousness and eagles don’t so somehow it’s okay to kill babies but not eagles. Eagles can’t be raped, and of course we’re all gonna die any way, cause climate change. Courtesy of, the well on her way to being drunk, girl. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I guess people aren’t on the endangered list, No wait, yes we are.

    • Note the last comment. It’s useless having babies because we are all going to die due to climate change. This is the level of hysteria that is being pushed.

      • I noticed, I think it was the girl who said, “this is ackward” that caused me to post it.

        If we follow the left’s hysteria on climate change, I suspect the Country will implode long before it would ever explode.

  60. Just A Citizen says:


    Why solutions are not as easy as the politicians tell you, nor as easy as this article tries to make it. They admit the complexity then just pop up a graphic which is supposed to convince you they have it figured out. Good grief.

    But that aside, DECENTRALIZATION of power production is I believe part of the ultimate solution. Because all the energy “lost” during transmission is “NOT” lost anymore. Greater efficiency leading to increased supply at the same cost.


    Tried but couldn’t get the reply button to work up above, so I’m putting it here. Doesn’t explain why a circle was added, but the Alabama National Guard disagrees with you.

  62. I have never said climate change is not occurring. It changes constantly. The question is is man responsible for the current change in climate? If so what can we do about it if anything?

    I said above that we live in a P. T. Barnum time. Everything is described in superlatives mostly to get people worked up and to sell whatever product is being offered whether it is newsprint or a politician. This constant hype has created a hysteria that is irrationally and not productive and possibly dangerous to our economy and future well being.

    Let’s review the current state of affairs:
    1) We have been bombarded for over 30 years with a constant list of predictions of gloom, NYC and the Maldives under water, the Arctic ice cap gone, no snow in the Himalayas, storms will be stronger and more frequent, forest fires will be more frequent and severe, polar bears will die, … None of these predictions came true.
    2) The models all, except one, significantly over predicted the last 20 years. As a result, they fail validation and thus have no predictive ability.
    3) Over the last 20 yrs CO2 has gone up linearly but temperature has been relatively constant.
    4) There is strong evidence that NASA has doctored the historical temperature data suppressing the early part of the 20th century while enhancing the more recent years.
    5) Tornados, hurricanes, droughts are not statistically more severe or frequent in the last 20 years.
    6) If the US went instantly to ZERO CO2 emissions, we would reduce the global temperature by an inconsequential 0.14°C.
    7) If this was truly about CO2 reduction we would be building nukes and dams.
    8) Sea levels have been rising 3 mm/yr for the last 150 yrs with no acceleration.
    9) People thrived during the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods and starved during the Little Ice Age.
    10) The current warming period is in the noise compared to the long term temperature changes experienced by the earth.
    11) The 97% science consensus absolute baloney and proven so. In fact most physicist and geologist do not agree with the catastrophic predictions and the AGW theory. It is the “climatologists” who gain grant money who push it along with the politicians who hope to gain power from it.
    12) If they are so certain about their findings why not encourage debate rather than suppress it?
    13) Studies have shown that they have over predicted the CO2 feedback by 6x putting in doubt the predictions of catastrophic warming.
    14) The one model that works is the orbital-solar cycle model which is ignored by most climatologists. It predicts the next 40 years will be abnormally cold. Was this past year a harbinger of that?
    15) CO2 makes up just 0.04% (0.0004) of the atmosphere. Man’s contribution to that is 3% so we can control only 0.0012% (0.000012) of the CO2 in the atmosphere. Molecular absorption is a logarithmic function hence 0.0012% is miniscule.
    I could go one. I am a skeptic for all of these reasons and many more. The press and politicians are fomenting a mass hysteria that is counterproductive and can lead only to a loss in wealth and freedom. We are scaring our kids to the point that they feel doomed, hence do not even want to have children. This is a bigger mass hysteria than the Salem witch trials. The earth and mankind will not end in 12 years. In fact we may be looking turn up the heat.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was looking through some old National Geographics the other day and came across an article “The Year the Weather went Wild” published Dec 1977.

      The article was about the wild weather we experience in 76/77. Extreme cold in the winter and hit and dry un the summers. I’ll copy some photos and try and post them.

      I specifically remember the cold. The inability to get heating fuels to distribution pipelines because rivers were frozen solid until they could get ice breakers in. He Chesapeake froze. Due to lack of heat government facilities shutting down. The water tower on our base froze. I took in families into my house from the base because they had no heat. Our ops center was fine, we were deep underground.
      The coral reefs especial the elkhorn corals were severely damaged. The elkhorn still have not recovered. Yet they point to warming as the reason they died. It was the opposite extreme cold. I could go on.

      I remember Holdrun (sp) was running around with his hair on fire predicting we’re doomed. We’re going into another ice age. We must take drastic measures. Mass starvation. We must spread ground coal on the advancing ice to absorb heat and melt it. Holdrun was Obama’s climate chief saying the same things he said 30 years earlier but with global warming instead of ice age.

      Anyway Dorian when I went to bed at 2230 was below Wilmingtin still un SC. At a cat 2. Its now the eye is just off Morehead City. At a cat 1 but at least starting to move.quicker. I live just inland winds averaging at gale force, here, not hurricane force, but the rain is really coming down. No chance of flooding here, but long after the hurricane passes the water falling inland will percolate slowly through the swamps into the creeks and rivers and cause major flooding several days from now. I do love 42 feet up on a river bluff, do I’m at no risk.

  63. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The barometer is at 29.2. To bad the nib on my barograph has worn out and couldn’t get a replacement from France in time to record Dorian. Would have lived to have recorded it..

  64. A new thread is posted.

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