Out of Time


  1. Will the House vote today on a formal impeachment inquire?

    • Yes.

    • Nope. Do you want to authorize an impeachment investigation on the President, yes or no? Would be an impeachment “inquiry” vote. What’s going on today is not an impeachment anything. And we should stop calling it one.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The past few quarters Fiat has had losses around 26%

    Fiat Chrysler has now merged with Peugeot in a $500 Billion dollar deal.

    The Fiat Chrysler is now owned by the French. I wonder if Peugeot will move manufacturing to Italy (I doubt it) to avoid the short work week in France.

  3. Even Tom Brokaw agrees there is no there there. This is a royal waste of time and money. I think the Dems should be billed for using Federal $s for campaign purposes.

    • Saw that. Had a hard time following because I was so struck that he looked as though he was turned to stone. Never had that thought about anyone before. Weird.

  4. OMG………….Adam Shiff just set himself up big time…..He is toast.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Sorry Colonel but your prediction was just a little off. 2 Democrats voted NO on the inquiry process resolution.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    The tip of the iceberg exposed.. Watched Glenn Beck special report on the Ukraine connections last night. If half of what he has found is validated there is going to be a shit storm in D.C.. Some MSM outlets may never recover.


  7. Just A Citizen says:
  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Yup…………….. NAILED IT

    Marxists have taken various stances regarding patriotism. On one hand, Karl Marx famously stated that “The working men have no country”[16] and that “the supremacy of the proletariat will cause them [national differences] to vanish still faster.” The same view is promoted by present-day Trotskyists such as Alan Woods, who is “in favour of tearing down all frontiers and creating a socialist world commonwealth.”[17]

    Singing patriotic songs competition in Dalian University, China
    On the other hand, Stalinists and Maoists are usually in favour of socialist patriotism based on the theory of socialism in one country.[18]

    • The White House “whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella.
      – Registered Democrat
      – Worked for Obama
      – Worked with Joe Biden
      – Worked for CIA Director John Brennan
      – Vocal critic of Trump
      – Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax

  9. An example of today’s liberal media. SMH!

    It’s a meme, idiot.

    • https://www.infowars.com/journalists-freak-out-over-meme-of-trump-giving-hero-dog-a-medal/ The White House “whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella.– Registered Democrat– Worked for Obama– Worked with Joe Biden– Worked for CIA Director John Brennan– Vocal critic of Trump– Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax

    • U.S.—Trump recently shared a meme that showed him riding the “Hero Dog” into a space battle against several deadly threats from among the stars.

      “AMERICAN HERO!” Trump tweeted when he posted the image, along with a winky face. The picture shows Trump fending off myriad threats, from Dune’s gigantic sandworm and the Beast from beloved 1983 classic Krull to a Cylon Basestar and a Xenomorph.
      Trump thought the image would be taken in a light-hearted manner, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.
      A red light began blaring in the offices of The New York Times as soon as the image was posted. “Looks like we’ve got a live one, boys,” said one editor. “Err–I mean, non-gender-conforming persons. Let’s fact-check this puppy.” An army of fact-checkers then got to work, running the image through advanced fact-checking software. The Times recently had a huge supercomputer installed for this purpose, and they put it to work.
      Sure enough, many of the pixels seemed not to line up quite right, plus fact-checkers discovered that several elements of the image were entirely fictional.
      “The presence of a Cylon Basestar in the image casts doubt on its authenticity right away,” said Bart Tucker, head fact-checker at The Washington Post. “We were also able to trace the image of the sandworm to the cover of Avalon Hill’s 1979 board game Dune, so we can discredit that element of the space battle in any case.”
      Further historical research suggested that nearly every element of the picture was fake, from TIE fighters and the Death Star to the looming Borg Cube.
      “This president is trying to mislead the people with this meme,” said a CNN spokesperson. “We are only OK with politicians who mislead people with regards to the effects of their healthcare policies or their Native American heritage, not presidents who tell jokes and have fun.”

  10. Really…….New York………….you are going to ban tackle football for under 12? Seriously?

  11. Another one from the “snow flake” pages………McDonald’s apologizes for offering the Bloody Sundae special for Halloween……….why? Because someone complained because the term was used to describe a massacre in Northern Ireland in 1972………………sigh.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I thought WE did NOT LIKE this kind of RUDE behavior at public forums.

      • I didn’t say I liked it, but things are changing. Folks on the Right are getting fed up with the left. This is an example and I expect these events to increase. There is a growing “HATRED” towards the Left. I hear it and not on the internet.

      • JAC: Hey.. that’s hypocrisy!!

        Gman: Yea… but it’s ok because the left sucks and they brought it on themselves.

        Pretty much sums it up.

        • What goes around comes around.


        • Where did I say it was OK? OH, I didn’t, but leave it to a Liberal to make shit up.

          • Like your Dear Leader, you insist that any inferences made on what you say are lies.

            JAC called you out and you said you didn’t like it, BUT things are changing. That’s a demurral from recognizing the hypocrisy or wrongness. So you won’t call it good and you won’t call it bad. So it’s somewhere in the middle at “ok.”

            And, of course, the most important aspect of anything you assert.. it’s the left’s fault.

            Doesn’t matter what, when, why, where, or how. If something bad happens, it’s the left’s fault.

            Party of Personal Responsibility, may ass.

            • I made no inference of anything. Just put up an example of how things seem to be changing. It’s also called FREE SPEECH, which your ilk seems to dislike.

              So tell us, what has the Left done right since 2008? The rise of ISIS? A failed healthcare law that screwed the people? Destroyed Libya for no reason? I can go on, but you get the point.

              • I made no inference of anything

                I made the inference.

                You made (or didn’t make) the implication.

                Just put up an example of how things seem to be changing. It’s also called FREE SPEECH, which your ilk seems to dislike.

                It’s funny how you – you, personally – you, Gman – seem to believe free speech when your side does it, but when “my side” does it, it’s hate speech and evil, etc.

                It’s also funny how when “my side” does it, they’re crazed TDS radical fanatics. But when your side does it, they were just driven to it by the evils of “my side.”


                I’m reminded of a time I cut someone off in traffic by accident several years ago. It was a weird turn and I just didn’t see the guy. He had to slam on his breaks so as not to hit me. This was – absolutely – my fault. And I felt bad about it. Given the opportunity, I would have eagerly apologized. However, the guy got pissed and road-raged and me, tailgating me and laying of the horn for several blocks before pulling up alongside and screaming at me that he has kids in the car and I could have killed them. Now, ignoring the fact that he was setting a wonderful example for them:

                MY view of my actions: whoops. I just didn’t see him there, accidents happen.
                HIS view of my actions: what a dangerous idiot, driving like an asshole and risking his kids’ lives.

                MY view of his actions: wow… this guy has some serious road rage issues.
                HIS view of his actions: I need to make this jerk understand how terrible he is. (presumably.. or something along those lines)

                What is my point? Glad you asked.

                We judge ourselves and our “sides” by our intentions. But we judge others and “their sides” by their actions.

                When you – you, personally, and you, generally – judge the actions of my side, you only seem to see the actions “they’re yelling, they’re crazed, they’re interrupting, they’re rude.” But when you judge your side, you see the motivations and intentions “they’re frustrated, they’re driven to hate, they’re scared, they’re angry, they’re trying to get their point across to politicians who are doing bad things.”

                But you don’t seem to realize – or maybe you do and just don’t care – that the exact inverse can also be seen.

                ::Gman impatiently taps his watch in a “get to your point” gesture::

                I think you’re inconsistent in how you evaluate actions by the left and right. I think you’re judging the left on their actions and the right on their intentions/motivations. I think, if that had been a liberal yelling at Trump during a rally, I think you would never have opined that he was driven to hate or any such justification – you would have only considered the actions of being uncouth and disruptive.

              • but when “my side” does it, it’s hate speech and evil, etc.

                Sorry Bud, but hate speech is Liberal nonsense and I don’t use the term

                It’s also funny how when “my side” does it, they’re crazed TDS radical fanatics. But when your side does it, they were just driven to it by the evils of “my side.”

                Unfortunately, your side provides a great deal of TDS stuff on a daily basis. I don’t post nearly as much as I can 😛

                Had you put away your bias, you would have noticed that I did post the actions of a Right winger acting poorly, as an example of what I believe is a changing mind set by many on the Right. I expect to see more of this and will post it. As far as the Left and their TDS insanity, what can I say, it’s so plentiful I can’t help it 😛

                The other post with the leader of the AZ Dem party claiming Trump was aligned with ISIS was a blatant lie. This is what I see on a daily basis as well. The Lefty media are the worst and lie constantly, this I can prove easily. The Crats in the HoR have been lying since before Trump took office, all of which has been proven a lie.

                I know you will counter, so have at it 😀

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Wonder if some day soon the Democratic Party is reminded, in a very sarcastic way, that they held this vote on impeachment inquiry “procedures” on HALLOWEEN.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    And they wonder why we don’t trust them………. the media that is. Head line from Politico, similar to one at HuffPO and some other more left leaning places, including CNN.

    “Top NSC Russia official confirms key testimony linking Trump to quid pro quo”.

    You would never know that he did no such thing in his testimony. Unless the goal posts have been changed to meaning quid pro quo now mean they wouldn’t have a meeting until Ukraine committed to an investigation.

    The Hill at least acknowledged the testimony was that the guy felt there was nothing illegal discussed in the phone call.

    • JAC,

      Forgetting the politics, is a “quid pro quo” even necessary to have cause to impeach?

      Assuming they can prove he solicited aid for his campaign or that he abused his power, why does it have to be “quid pro quo”? That really smells like Trump et al deliberately positioning the goalposts in order to frame this as a bribery/extortion question which would be far harder to make stick rather than an “abuse of power” or a campaign violation which might be far more readily provable.


      • I don’t honestly know Mathius…..no one has pointed out the crimes and/or misdemeanors to me….or I missed it.

        Is there a law that says you cannot with hold funds for ANY reason? (Assuming this is true). I do not know what the impeachment is really about and I think that I am up on this more than most….

        I see politics….I see votes that do not matter (inquiry vote)…..

        I saw nothing on collusion and I saw nothing on obstruction….if there was anything, impeachement would have already been done….

        So, other than just politics, where are the crimes and misdemeanors? Specific ones?

        • I saw nothing on collusion

          That’s a similar example, come to think of it.

          The Mueller prove WASN’T about “collusion.” It was about Russian interference. “Collusion” was a Republican talking point. “No collusion no collusion no collusion no collusion.”

          Why? Because it’s not really a thing that can be proven without some serious evidence. So when Mueller didn’t dig up proof of “collusion,” Trump was able to pronounce himself “exonerated.” See how that worked?

          He positioned the goal posts such that they weren’t where the Democrats here kicking the ball.

          So, other than just politics, where are the crimes and misdemeanors? Specific ones?

          Is “abuse of the office” a “crime?

          How about “soliciting campaign aid from a foreign government”?

          How ’bout they put him on the stand and wait 37 seconds until he perjurs himself?
          Q: “Please state your name for the record.”
          A: “My name is Donald Trump and I had the biggest inaugural crowd in history and won 47 states in an electoral landslide against lying Hillary Clinton with 99% of the popular vote, ignoring the illegals who voted-” President Trump is tackled by his own attorney.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Calling BS! Biden wouldn’t ;last 37 seconds.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My God Man, has your memory completely gone blank???

            It was the Democrats who started the accusation of COLLUSION, not the Republicans.

            It was the R’s who kept saying that “collusion” is not a crime under the law as it was being presented by the Dems. So the Dems quickly moved to the Campaign Contribution Law violations. Because having Russia provide dirt on Hillary was a solicitation of something of value to the campaign. The same strategy they are now once again trying on the Ukraine front.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        First, it is not the Trump side who made the quid pro quo argument. It is the TDS crowd who have hung their hats on the legal ramblings of certain left wing lawyers. They have convinced themselves that asking for an investigation into Bursima, Biden and why the previous investigations and criminal convictions were all stopped or overturned is somehow a Solicitation of Campaign contributions. You see the two issues are linked. So no, I don’t see this as Trump’s people setting the posts.

        I do see this as the item Pelosi grabbed to justify allowing Schiff to move forward, as she really wanted all along. Although I am still not convinced that she went along because she DID NOT HAVE THE POWER TO STOP IT. She is sitting atop a powder keg, in my view. So maybe she really didn’t want it, she just wanted endless investigations and leaks of selected testimony to continue the drip, drip, drip of allegations about Trump.

        Without the quid pro quo there is NO abuse of power, there is no campaign law violation. Because the request was made on behalf of “we” not “I’, as in we, The United States. The irony in all this to me is that it was the long evolution of Progressives that has led to the Monarchical Presidency. Now they want to howl about abuse of power, the same power they helped create in the office.

        As to your first question. I posted a comment the other day which I stand by. The Founders would have filed articles of impeachment against Trump long ago. Although he would never have been elected way back then so they wouldn’t have had to go to the trouble. Their cause would have been conduct unbecoming of the office.

        But as you Progressive types like to remind us old fogies, times change. Today the decorum and expected behavior standards have changed. They have changed over time but very much so since Clinton. The Founders would have impeached him as well, for shaming the office. In a certain sense, these standards have changed for POTUS after those for Congress and media had changed. So in effect, Trump’s character is just POTUS catching up to the rest. Trump’s lying and acting out is not that far from Harry Reid, for example. Doesn’t mean we have to accept it or like it. But it has changed how most people look at the world and thus it affects the “cause” for impeachment.

        So in the modern era, what is good cause for impeachment? It depends on the political ability to assassinate the opponents character enough to get the public to think it is a good idea. Create illusions and spread innuendo. But in the end, I think the people who hold the “swing vote” will need to see an actual crime committed. Because I think for most people Moral Conduct is no longer the Trump Card. Yeah, I did that. LOL

        A lot will depend on Trump’s side being able to get facts to the public and explained in a way that overrides the narrative created by the Dems. You repeat their narrative and talking points here all the time. I think it is because you read these in the context of news, thus thinking it is the news. IT IS NOT. Yesterday was a perfect example. The Dems portrayed the White House staffer to the NSC testimony as SUPPORTING PRIOR ALLEGATIONS OF QUID PRO QUO. Despite his direct testimony that nothing about the call was illegal, in his view. That would be a direct hit on the Campaign law violation theory, by the way.

        Side note: I do remind myself that when you make comments here repeating some of these distortions, that you are a young working Dad who does not have the time to dig into things like some of us here. I wouldn’t have had the time at the same stage of my life either. I was up to my arse in alligators at the time, sicked on me by the Algorians and the Clintons. I do think sometimes your comments/thoughts are because of time constraints. Then there are the times you are just poking or provoking thought.

        For the record, I think the campaign law violation accusation is the WEAKEST of all the arguments. He did not solicit anything for his personal gain. Investigating Bursima and the Biden connection, along with the 2016 Ukraine interference on behalf of the DNC, might benefit him indirectly ONLY IF ACTUAL CRIMES WERE DISCOVERED. Conducting the investigation is not an in kind donation. If it were the same could be said of any investigation of any politician by anyone elected or appointed to Govt for any crime, anywhere, anytime. Thus my comment early on to you about avoiding investigation by announcing you are running for office of the person who wants to investigate you.

  14. Liberal’s: Trump asked Ukraine President to investigate political opponent. This is abuse of power and a campaign finance violation,

    Many months go by and this same claim will be held. THEN, the unimaginable happens.

    Biden is beaten by Warren for the Crat nomination and he announces his retirement from public service.

    Here’s the problem with the Liberal talking points. Biden isn’t a political opponent…YET if at all. Since Biden lost and retired, how is it a campaign violation? How is it abuse of power to have Ukraine look into 2016 election issues or Bidens OWN comments about his Quid Pro Quo while VP?

  15. I find, I could say the same about you. Abortion, a no no after 5 weeks, yet after 5 weeks it’s okay, taking away guns, the democrats arguments are wrong but “meh”, the rules for the unauthorized “impeachment ” investigation are wrong but on the other hand , they are okay.

    And Yes, before you say it, I know you can say the same about me.

    • I find, I could say the same about you.

      You can say it to me… you just did!

      Abortion, a no no after 5 weeks, yet after 5 weeks it’s okay,

      The situation changes between the two time periods.

      In one period, the fetus has a brain. In the other, it does not. That is a dramatic difference.

      I fail to see how there is any kind of incongruity here.

      YOU may disagree with my litmus test (“having a brain”), but insofar as that is my test, and I ground it in at-least-plausible reasoning, it follows quite logically that the change in the situation merits the change in my position.

      It’s like saying “I don’t think a gun is dangerous.. it’s the bullets in the gun that are dangerous. Then I say “when you point an unloaded gun at me, it’s ok,” BUT “when you point a loaded gun at me, that’s not ok.” There’s no flaw in this, no inconsistency, no hypocrisy. I assert a premise and then change my opinion of the acceptability of your behavior as it applies to my premise. Changing the essential characteristic (passing or failing my litmus test – having bullets in the gun) changes whether I view your behavior as acceptable or unacceptable.

      For what it’s worth, you have a very similar litmus test. You, I think, see no problem destroying a sperm. Nor do you have a problem destroying an egg. BUT when the two meet, a litmus test has been passed in your view. Left of the line, it’s ok, right of the line, it’s not ok. The difference in our views is ONLY the question of what constitutes that litmus test. Whereas you see it as “life,” I see it as “a human mind.”

      Abortion, a no no after 5 weeks, yet after 5 weeks it’s okay,

      It is worth noting that I’m pretty sure I’ve taken the wrong side of the post-5-weeks argument. I think it’s motivated reasoning. The true division is almost certainly much later, but I am drawing it here to be on the safe side. A grain-sized brain cannot possibly be a “human mind,” but because I emphatically do not want to be in the business of deciding “how much human mind is human,” (that way bad things lie), I side with the easy and safe definition of the cells having defined a specific “brain region” that can be detected.

      That is why I discuss the 5-week mark as MY PERSONAL opinion rather than something I’d be willing to legislate on.

      Conversely, the 3rd trimester is quite clearly too late, which is why I’m comfortable calling “abortions” at this point murder and opining that they ought to be illegal.

      Once again, while this is more complicated and difficult to asses than your view, there is nothing flawed in the internal logic once you accept the fundamental premise. I know YOU don’t accept my fundamental premise (I know of no other person anywhere who does), but it IS my premise. And I can back it up with some decent reasoning – albeit reasoning that I have tried and failed to get anyone here to accept because, rather than engaging honestly and fairly, people invariably balk and obfuscate.

      taking away guns, the democrats arguments are wrong but “meh”

      The Democrats are wrong.

      In fact, the Republicans are also wrong, too.

      It’s just that the Republicans are (generally) on the right side for the wrong reasons.


      taking away guns, the democrats arguments are wrong but “meh”

      It may be worth noting here that only a tiny but vocal minority of Democrats actually want to “take your guns away.”

      Many, many more would happily stop the sale of guns or prohibit the sale of certain guns.

      An “assault weapons ban” enjoys broad support on Blue Team. But “taking away guns” is a minority view.

      And, yes, I know, a larger number of Deep Blues support “mandatory assault weapons buy backs” or some other bullshit euphemism for gun confiscation of certain “scary” guns. But (A) this is still a minority view within one party and nearly-unanimously opposed in the other and (B) is far more narrow than “take away your guns” and (C) is literally impossible to implement anyway.

      And, yes, I know, some of the candidates running for President are (currently) pandering to this base in the primary before they track center in the general and forget all about it.

      the rules for the unauthorized “impeachment ” investigation are wrong but on the other hand , they are okay.

      A) I’m pretty sure it is authorized… what do you mean by this?

      B) I have no idea what the rules are, but the TRIAL has to be fair. Outside the trial, it’s just a meaningless political pissing contest, and I am not going to overly concern myself with that.

      And Yes, before you say it, I know you can say the same about me.

      Not sure I would… you aren’t particularly hypocritical (I mean, everyone is… even me.. but you’re pretty consistent).

      • It is not authorized because the House of Representatives have not voted to authorize it. Per the Constitution only the House can authorize an impeachment inquiry, the Representatives of the House have not voted to do that. Voting on rules to continue whatever they have been doing isn’t doing that. They left out the first and vital step they have to take to authorize any impeachment process, so everything they are doing is illegitimate. One has to ask themselves ,why!

        • So….. parliamentary foot fault?

          As before, this “inquiry” is just show.. full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

          Unless or until it “goes to trial,” it is absolute pointless political theater.

          • How should I interpret that. The democrats ignoring the Constitution, lying, using their power to proceed with an unauthorized process, demanding classified into and depositions they have no right too, is just pointless political theater. But, by golly when the Senate takes over they better do everything, by the book.

            • V.,

              The truth is I really have idea what kind of rules and regulations and parlimentary procedures exist within the House.

              The only thing I KNOW is that the constitution doesn’t spell out the rules.

              Here’s what it says: “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

              That’s it.

              That’s the whole enchilada.

              The HOUSE gets to make up its own rules from there. Now, I’m SURE that there are ways this has been done in the past which are different from the ways this is being done now. And I’m sure there are polcies and procedures that have been laid down in the house by way of parliamentary procedure.

              (A) I have no idea what those rules actual are, (B) I have no idea if they’re actually being followed and (C) none of those rules are written in the Constitution.

              But, by golly when the Senate takes over they better do everything, by the book.

              The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

              Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

              There is no “book.”

              There are two paragraphs. One of which limits how much they can punish the President. So, really, there’s one paragraph.

              And it says that they have to be under oath, the Chief Justice presides, and that it takes two thirds to convict.

              That’s it. That’s the “book.”

              The ONLY thing I’m saying – and, by the way, this is NOT Constitutionally required – is that the thing that actually matters – the trial – be “fair.”

              • Here, you seemed to have missed this part:

                Section 4 – Disqualification
                The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  16. A perfect example of a liberal making shit up:

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    • Sounds like bullshit.

      Kind of like:

      “ISIS is honoring President Obama. He is the founder of ISIS. He is the founder of ISIS, OK? He’s the founder. He founded ISIS. And I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”
      -Donald Trump

        • Yea…… gonna need a more credible source than that……

          • The point was that Trump had a basis for his comments, where as the Crat in the video was making up shit with no basis. See the difference?

            • The point was that Trump had a basis for his comments,

              If your point is that it’s ok to say anything as long as someone has said it before, then hoo boy… you’re standards are lloooowwwww.

              where as the Crat in the video was making up shit with no basis.

              Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declared, “Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration. This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS.”

              So, from there to suggest that Trump has “aligned himself with ISIS” seems incredibly reasonable.


              Trump sites conspiracy theory as basis for accusation.. “at least he had a basis for his comments”

              Democrat sites statement by major Republican Senator as basis for accusation.. Democrats are “making up shit with no basis!!!”

              • So, from there to suggest that Trump has “aligned himself with ISIS” seems incredibly reasonable. You gotta be pulling Gman’s chain…..there is NO WAY you subscribe to this…..you cannot…..really.

              • I do not.

                HOWEVER, that’s not the point of this thread.


                1. Gman posted an outlandish claim by a liberal accusing Trump of being aligned with ISIS as a “perfect example of a liberal making shit up.”

                2. I called it bullshit You know, because it’s bullshit. (the claim, not that the claim was made, etc). And I posted a comparable idiotic claim by Trump himself made toward Obama and HRC.

                3. Gman then, as is his MO, defended Trump’s claim on the basis of him citing some niche conspiracy theory website.

                4. I rejected his source as non-credible and requested something more trustworthy.

                5. Gman instead pointed out that at least “Trump had a basis for his comments, where as the Crat in the video was making up shit with no basis.”

                6. This smelled like garbage to me. So I compared the two.

                A) Trump makes outlandish claim against Democrats, backed by fringe conspiracy theory website. Gman asserts this is better because Trump had a basis for his comments.

                B) Democrat makes similar outlandish claim against Trump, backed by Republican Senator (and many others). Gman asserts Democrats are “making shit up.”

                See how that might be seen as biased..?


                The point here is that Gman, again, is willing to go to any length to justify things Trump says or does, but will never give the Democrats equal latitude. Trump is justified in saying something absurd because he (maybe) read it on a conspiracy website. But a Democrat is “making shit up” if he uses a tiny hop of logic from things that Trump’s close allies and senior members of his own party were saying.

              • Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declared, “Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration. This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS.”
                So, from there to suggest that Trump has “aligned himself with ISIS” seems incredibly reasonable.

                This is where Mathius lack of logic dies. Trump was the President who unhandcuffed the military to WIPE out the Caliphate which has been accomplished. So that reasonable line of lying bullshit isn’t reasonable at all, it’s a blatant liberal LIE and that bitch knows it. E

                Or, Liberals have very short memories and maybe should not make fools of themselves on such a constant basis.

              • Trump is justified in saying something absurd because he (maybe) read it on a conspiracy website.

                Actually, I had to go through numerous pages of a search to get past all the Liberal crap on the subject and that was the first link on that that I found. I remembered this from other sites as well, not Liberal sites mind you, because they would never print something bad about their boy, true or not.

                Trump said a lot of stuff while campaigning, as did HRC, that were not proven to be true. So damn what? However, the bitch in the above video openly lied and based on the preponderance of overwhelming evidence, you are equally as guilty for attempting to defend her. So there, now you can get yer panties in a twist and reply to that 😛

  17. Limo driver with an old nasty lady in the back had to take a detour through the country because of road closure.

    A cow appears around a corner and the driver hits the cow head on. The old lady tells him, you hit, go check on it.

    The driver comes back and says that the cow is dead and appears to be an old cow too.

    The old lady yells “go tell the farmer you idiot”.

    2 hrs goes by and he returns from the farmers house a total mess. Intoxicated, hair a mess, and a big smile on his face.

    The old lady asks “what the hell happened to you, idiot?”

    Well, the driver said, the farmer asked me in, opened his best bottle of whiskey and we drank. The farmers wife cooked the best meal I have ever eaten and then the farmers daughter took me upstairs and we had the best sex I ever had.

    The old lady then says “well, what did you say to get all of that?”

    Driver: “When the farmer opened the door, I stated I’m Nancy Pelosi’s driver and the old cow is dead” 😀 😀 😀

  18. Ok…..Here is a test…..I doubt that I will get an HONEST answer but…….

    Many times I have ridiculed the msm and other, what I conseidr, non credible sources…..

    Ok….serious question….***feeling eyes rolling back***

    Can anyone name to me…..seriously now……..Who or what do you consider a credible source in the msm. Please allow me to elaborate……credible to mean…………


    Ok, go ahead…..***cracking Dr Pepper***

  19. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The reason Biden Jr. getting hired by Ukraine and China becomes a national security issue runs as follows.

    Assume for a moment, Biden Jr. makes some dumbassed statement about being “able” to talk his Daddy into doing something in a casual, off the cuff conversation in which $$$$$ are also being discussed. Assume that foreign entities routinely surveil politically related people (they do, ask the Colonel about East German and Soviet intel on even low ranking officers and Sr. NCO’s in pre 1990 Europe). The assume that a “problem” emerges between the US and one of these entities.

    A phone call or diplomatic letter is delivered to VP or POTUS Biden with a copy of the tape. Boom! That’s why. I am astounded no one “gets it”.

    • I don’t think any (reasonable) person is alleging that HUNTER Biden didn’t trade on his father’s position / access to his father.

      I don’t think any (reasonable) person doesn’t find this SKETCHY.

      What I think is missing is evidence that JOE Biden did anything wrong.

      Because JOE was the VP and JOE is currently running for POTUS.

      So far, as far as I can tell, the alleged smoking gun is the ouster of the prosecutor who was seemingly a do-nothing / corrupt and wanted out by half the developed world and who definitely did not cooperate with a probe against the president of Burisma. So, it seems, that this act was not in favor of Hunter, so I think that belies this theory of wrongdoing by JOE.

      Now, I have seen allegation that there was an open probe into Burisma which closed after the outster. I have been unable to independently verify this. HOWEVER, if this were to come to light in a credible manner, then I would have to reverse my opinion on the above.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Repeating the False narrative planted in the news, once again: “ouster of the prosecutor who was seemingly a do-nothing / corrupt and wanted out by half the developed world and who definitely did not cooperate with a probe against the president of Burisma. ”

        UNDER OATH, this prosecutor claims he was fired due to his investigation into Burisma, not because he was dragging his feet.

        The evidence is growing that the media is complicit in the obfuscation of what has been going on in Ukraine. Maybe it goes nowhere, but right now statements like the one you just made are floating on quick sand.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        P.S. Joe’s culpability is probably not about protecting his Son, ironically. It was protecting his boss and the DNC, along with the thieves getting rich on US Aid.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Absolutely but his abject stupidity and cupidity disqualifies him from any government post or security clearance. That’s DAD. The son was already knocked out when he popped positive in his urine test for teh USN.

        You cannot possibly tell me that he did not notice his son trading on his name. Now if I had done that with my father, I’d be toast and my sons know the same would be true for them.

  20. Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

    Also, Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC. Schiff is the lead prosecutor in the impeachment inquiry.

    And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. “He knows her. He had her in the White House,” said one former co-worker, who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

    Documents confirm the DNC opposition researcher attended at least one White House meeting with Ciaramella in November 2015. She visited the White House with a number of Ukrainian officials lobbying the Obama administration for aid for Ukraine.

    Federal records show that Biden’s office invited Ciaramella to an October 2016 state luncheon the vice president hosted for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Other invited guests included Brennan, as well as then-FBI Director James Comey and then-National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

    Former White House officials said Ciaramella worked on Ukrainian policy issues for Biden in 2015 and 2016, when the vice president was President Obama’s “point man” for Ukraine. A Yale graduate, Ciaramella is said to speak Russian and Ukrainian, as well as Arabic. He had been assigned to the NSC by Brennan.

    The official added that it soon became clear among NSC staff that Ciaramella opposed the new Republican president’s foreign policies. “My recollection of Eric is that he was very smart and very passionate, particularly about Ukraine and Russia. That was his thing – Ukraine,” he said. “He didn’t exactly hide his passion with respect to what he thought was the right thing to do with Ukraine and Russia, and his views were at odds with the president’s policies.”

    In effect, Ciaramella helped generate the “Putin fired Comey” narrative, according to the research dossier making the rounds in Congress.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff argued the whistleblower’s complaint, though admittedly based on second-hand information, amounts to an impeachable offense, and they subsequently launched an impeachment inquiry that has largely been conducted in secret.

    During Tuesday’s deposition of NSC official Alexander Vindman, Democrats shut down a line of inquiry by Republicans because they said it risked revealing the identity of the whistleblower. Republicans wanted to know with whom Vindman spoke within the administration about his concerns regarding Trump’s call to Ukraine. But Schiff instructed the witness not to answer the questions, which reportedly sparked a shouting match between Democrats and Republicans.

    Determined to keep the whistleblower’s identity secret, Schiff recently announced it may not be necessary for him to testify even in closed session. Republicans argue that by hiding his identity, the public cannot assess his motives for striking out against the president. And they worry his political bias could color inquiry testimony and findings unless it’s exposed.


    If one sentence of this is true……………this is gonna be fun.

    • In the Strok/Page (sp) lovers emails they discuss an individual called Charlie who is a CI (could be CIA or confidential informant) planted in the WH. Ciaramella’s name is pronounced char a mel ah. So was this guy the mole in the WH for the FBI/CIA? Why are these organizations spying on the administration?

      We went to a professional (civil service) system over 100 years ago. Have they morphed into an independent regulatory government that is not beholden to the elected politicians? I think it is past time for some real reforms.

  21. To Sir Mathius……….In all this time, I have never seen or read you taking a position on this impeachment inquiry stuff…….

    So, I ask you, Do you support an inquiry on the basis that you, Citizen Mathius, personally feels that there is a high crime and misdemeanor that has been committed.

    I will go first……I am sure that it will upset most on here…..but I want the procedure to go ahead. I want it to go ahead because when it fails…….the Democratic Party is doomed for decades….in my opinion. I want it to go ahead because it will show that there was/is a true deep state and I want it to go ahead because it exposes the media for what it is. I want Shiff examined as a witness and I want him to be forced to produce all the damning Russian Collusion documents he claims he has. I want him question on the whislte blower connections and the FISA warrants evidence.

    Now, some say that it will hurt the country. The damage has already been done. So, no, it will not hurt the country any further. Some say that it will divide the country….no, it will not divide the country any further as Obama saw to that.

    So, good or bad………..let’s get it out in the open.

    • *****cracking a DIET DR PEPPER because someone called my doctor and told him****

    • To Sir Mathius……….In all this time, I have never seen or read you taking a position on this impeachment inquiry stuff…….

      How ’bout that…..

    • After 2008, the Dems were counting the R’s out as a party since they were just a bunch of old dying white men. The Tea Party renewed the roots of the party and Trump energized the base. Now we talk about the Dems going the way of the dinosaurs. They will take it in the shorts for a couple of cycles but will be back unless they move farther to the socialist side. Where we need the real course correction is with the media and even deeper down is education.

      I do hope that Barr starts indicting many of the worst characters involved in these scams. If people do not go to jail, the Deep State will only get stronger. This should scare all politicians as none are safe from their retribution.

  22. Liz Warren’s Medicare for all cost = 52 trillion over 10 years. Also says it won’t raise taxes on the middle class. Both are probably very wrong, the latter, in her plan has at least 3 tax raises for the MC.

    Problem with this MFA idea. It won’t ever work. If the current payment to the healthcare folks stays the same, if this plan ever see’s the light of day, we will have no healthcare folks to pay. The Fed’s would have to do a VA system and have complete control over EVERYONE’s healthcare. I think this could be a good thread discussion.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I do NOT CARE if it works or not. It is effing IMMORAL and COUNTER the Constitution.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Just finished day THREE of leaf pickup. About another 1/2 day to go.

    Colonel, you would be proud of Lil JAC. He has loaded two 10 foot dump trailers and one 14 foot dump trailer all by his lonesome. Have to follow along to clean up to Standard but he has been working his tail off without complaint. Tomorrow he is getting some time on the TRACTOR. That should be fun.

    Mark it down. If the temps don’t significantly change soon I am predicting FLOODS this spring. It is setting up like the big flood years. Ground was wet and is now frozen. If it goes deeper and then gets covered with snow the spring melt will run right off, like cow pissing on a flat rock. Of course if we happen to get no snow pack that will curse my prediction.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    I was curious what IMPEACH meant to those who used it in the Constitution. I do not know the meaning then but thought the meaning now would be interesting to everyone.

    Definition of impeach (Entry 1 of 2)
    transitive verb

    1: to charge with a crime or misdemeanor
    specifically : to charge (a public official) before a competent tribunal with misconduct in office
    After Andrew Johnson, the first president to be impeached, finished his chaotic and disgraceful administration, Grant was the inevitable successor.
    — Richard Brookhiser
    2: to cast doubt on
    especially : to challenge the credibility or validity of
    impeach the testimony of a witness
    The Husby’s credit rating was impeached because IRS managers were unable to stop the … computer from generating false information.
    — David Burnham
    A basic rule of evidence permits any witness to be impeached by establishing that she made a prior statement inconsistent with the current testimony.
    — Jack H. Friedenthal et al.

    Does impeach mean “to remove from office”?: Usage Guide

    Testimonial evidence indicates that references to (and calls for) “impeaching” a public official are commonly understood to refer not simply to charging that official with misconduct “before a competent tribunal,” but to actually removing the official from office. The interpretation is understandable if not legally accurate, since removal from office is typically the goal of impeachment, and there seems to be little doubt that the “remove” sense is what many people have in mind when they think or talk about impeaching a president, governor, judge, or other official. But clear examples of impeach being used to mean “remove” in published sources are rarely seen (in many contexts, the meaning is ambiguous), and when such use does occur, it is likely to be cited as an error.

    Now NOTICE that first definition. While it does not include removal it does include a “competent tribunal” to conduct the “impeachment”, which is to “CHARGE” someone of wrong doing.

    I am thinking that Mrs. Pelosi and the Dems are using an entirely “flexible definition”. You know, a “LIVING definition”. That one was for you Buck the Wala. I miss ya man.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Colonel, here you go Sir. And for Mathius. Another ex Colonel shares his view on the Vindman testimony. He affirms my comment in this regard. The guy inserted himself in the issue because he disagreed with POTUS. His job was to carry the water, not go to others crying about the bucket being to big.


    • You are the Staff Officer, not the Commander—certainly not the Commander In Chief. Your job is to advise. Once The Boss makes his decision, your job is to salute, about face, move out and get it done. If you have a beef with a decision, then resign. As a military officer, you don’t get to insert yourself into a food fight between The President and Congress. Somebody should have squared you away on this simple concept a long time ago.

      This quote from the article sums up exactly what I said earlier in answer to Mathius’ question. This guy is toast for the rest of his career. Actually, this man is guilty of violating a direct order from a higher rank. The military will handle this and it will be quiet and not done through the media.

      • Perhaps this is the time to point out, not just that these are the rules but why they are the rules. The last I checked we are under Civilian control in this Country, not military control.

        • Yes, we are under civilian control. Nothing more will be said by the military….it will be handled, as I said, very quietly and with finality. Here is one thing that could happen. By his act of by passing the chain of command and by his act of disobeying a direct order of the Commander in Chief……this LTC could end up in Leavenworth.

          The article pointed something else out that I never paid much attention to…and that is his rack. (no sexual innuendo here). His awards and decorations. It is rather short for a combat veteran.

  26. An Antifa supporter bragged about giving trick or treat children dressed as Trump Fentanyl-laced candy.
    Yes, really.
    “If I see any children dressed up in some #MAGA type of costume like this little worm, I’m going to be giving them my special #Fentanyl laced candy. #ANTIFA action!” tweeted @Djenkounchained, alongside a poster of a young boy dressed as the president with death crosses over his eyes.
    His Twitter account is suspended.

  27. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Just thinking….So the Obama Administration teams up with Germany to take out the Ukrainian government for being “corrupt”. The new government then starts playing footsie with the OBama Administration for money and pisses (and worries) Russia so much they invade and take back the Crimea to secure their access to teh Black Sea and the Med. The US/German installed Ukrainian government becomes so corrupt that they are ousted by an internal revolution via an election. While all this is going on Hunter Biden gets a no show job and his father blackmails the very government he helped install? Wow! Don’t see that every day!

  28. https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2019/11/03/any-suggestions-greta-thunberg-pleads-for-help-and-a-carbon-free-lift-across-the-atlantic/

    Listen to the climate change extremists so you too, can enjoy going back in time, to the pleasure of it taking months in order to travel over seas.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    The following quote is all you need to know that something is seriously amiss with the Congressional investigation and there is more than smoke with respect to the DNC, Clinton and Russians.

    “The Department of Justice under AG Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in a joint statement after learning Durham’s probe had become a criminal inquiry. “If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer new and irreparable damage.”

    For those who might no have read the background info, when Barr was appointed many Democratic lawyers and prosecutors defended him against character assassination. But the minute he starts looking into these “conspiracies” he has become a “tool for Trump” and he is “undermining our Democratic institutions”, etc. etc.. Interesting to me that these attacks on Barr started about a month or two ago on the various left wing web sites. Mostly from supposed “regular folks commenting”. Yet these people who are unknown to each other were repeating the same talking points.

  30. Just A Citizen says:
  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Some self claimed journalists or authors should simply be banned from every expressing another opinion or making comments to others. Here is one good example. Of course the irony which escapes the author is that it is garbage like this that fuels the fires, not a bunch of crazy KKK or white nationalists……. where ever those people are.


  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ll make a wager here and now. Uf the government would reinstitute the DRAFT these polls showing a majority think trump is wrong in disengaging from these never ending wars in the M/E, most of which these past several decades have created ourselves. The deep State, military industrial arms complex and financiers all want get restart the “Cold War”

  33. We should have moved the clocks back to 1775, when the country had balls and the chicks didn’t. 😛

  34. Question for the New Yorker’s. The mayor of New York hates President Trump and says that he is not welcome after his term….the people of New York hate President Trump because of his success’, failures, and political stances….they hate him for his ego and they hate him for his lying….

    So, President Trump decides to sell his assets in New York and move to Florida…..and the New Yorkers and the Mayor are crying foul. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is this hypocrisy? I am just a simple old Colonel who knows nothing….so if I am hated and decide to move then why would anyone care?

    One other issue…according to what I saw on the news, New York has lost 83,000 people and families in the last year,,,,,it was said that most of them left New York City and had earnings and assets in excess of 3 million dollars or greater and that the exodus has cost New York approximately $64 million in taxes.

    But the Mayor says good riddance.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      And the Mayor wants to spend 9 Billion dollars (figure times three by the time it’s done) to replace Rikers Island Prison with 4 “Community Prisons” in the boroughs. Rikers currently houses 9,000 but held 18,000 before Rudy G. The Four new prisons will house 3,000 TOTAL.

      Odds are we are looking at a Real Estate deal here for the island itself (something DeBlasio specializes in) What will happen to the extra 6,000 felons? What will happen when crime spikes and inmate numbers double? What will the cost be for the duplication of services?

      On another Real Estate related note. The Mayor yet again is trying to eliminate the horse carriages in Central Park. The outright ban failed which left the Mayor’s donors unhappy since the last horse stable in Manhattan now sits on some incredibly valuable West Side property. The new “animal friendly” law calls for the removal of horses from the street when temps exceed 90 degrees. This is silly enough but it’s been expanded to when it “feels” like 90 degrees (THI index). This of course is most days in June, July and August, peak tourist season! So, who can stay in business when you may have months taken away from you? An end run if there ever was one!

  35. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott says….enough is enough….the Austin mayor and city council, allowing tent cities in Austin were warned. Clean it up or Texas will do it…..

    Today, the dozers and clean up crews are out in force.

  36. If anyone is ordered to testify before Congress, do they have to say anything? I’m guessing that NO would be the correct answer.

  37. MINNEAPOLIS, MN—After the crowd chanted “Lock him up!” at a Bernie Sanders rally, the socialist presidential candidate was quick to respond, promising that Trump will be locked up along with millions of others once the gulags are up and running.

    “Yes, there will be plenty of locking up to go around,” he said. “Trump first, absolutely. Then that Mike Pence fellow. Then Jeff Amazon and Elon SpaceX. Finally, we’ll start throwing everyone who voices dissent or grumbles about lack of rations into the labor camps.”
    Sanders then led the crowd in a chant of “Lock them up! Lock them up!” referring to the hundreds of thousands who will die in the labor camps. Sanders then instructed the crowd to look to their left and right. “Of you and the two people next to you, only one won’t be in a labor camp by this time next year.”
    “Of course, if it’s more efficient, we’ll just do the firing squad,” he added quickly. “Saves on electricity, which will be hard to come by. Well, for you guys.”

  38. test

  39. Gregg Abbott did what he said he was going to do and issued the same warning to Dallas and Houston….clean up your tent cities or we will do it for you, We will not become California. Austin will be tent city free by the end of the week.

    I saw an interview of a homeless person that lived in Austin under the bridges. He just laughed and said that there is no reason to work. All you have to do is stand out there and people give you money and clothes and food. Why work? Bold as brass and true.

  40. So… a thing that happened…

    Seven years ago, while my wife was pregnant with our first child, we cut a friend out of our life. He was a stoner who was slowly drifting into more serious drugs and more self-destructive behavior. After months, maybe years, of trying to help him, to get him back on track, we determined that we didn’t want this person he had become to be a part of our lives, to be around your young kid, to bring drugs into our house.

    We gave him an ultimatum as a final effort and, when he chose drugs, we cut him out.

    ::seven years pass::

    A scrawled note appears in my mailbox yesterday. Apparently, he somehow googled our new address. He didn’t mail this note. He drove to our house and shoved it, crumpled, in the box. The note read like ranting, raving. He is very upset about how we treated him, how cruel we were, how we never gave him a chance, how we didn’t deserve him as a friend, and how we should learn from our mistakes so we don’t treat others that way. He left his phone number in case we wanted to apologize – though he doubted either of us had the maturity to do so.

    It is worth noting that he never said anything threatening. Not even anything vaguely threatening although it was overtly hostile and angry. It is also remembering that he tracked down our new address without having been given it, that he showed up in person, and explicitly referenced us having two children though the second child came years after he was out of our lives. So it was… let’s say “concerning.”

    The handwriting was like that of a child, big and awkward. The paper was a years-old form from the Massachusetts DMV which, I guess, he just had on hand? I surmise that either he was on drugs when he wrote it or that drugs had so fried his brain that this is just all he can muster now.. or both. It’s a shame – he used to be a very bright guy. Very interested in politics. He would have loved SUFA. It wasn’t really too plausible since he was more gaffe-prone that even Biden, but he always dreamt of being a senator.


    So now the problem is this… I don’t know this guy. I USED to know this guy. I would have trusted him to be decent, if stupid. But this new guy is an unknown. I don’t know what drugs he’s on and I don’t know what the intervening years have done to him. He’s obviously been stewing over our “mistreatment” of him for the better part of a decade.

    I don’t think he’d be violent. But I just don’t know. And I’m not home all day to take care of it if he stops by. I am not overly confident in my nanny’s ability to deal with a grown man on meth trying to barge in to my house. And I have two young girls. So, “I don’t think” isn’t really good enough.

    That’s where you guys come in. I’d welcome your thoughts.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Call the police and fill them in. Give them the phone number. Let them know that you FEEL THREATENED by this action.

      Do not assume the guy is harmless, because he is not. Anyone that would take the effort to find you and research you is not harmless. I would consider filing for a restraining order. That way if another note shows up the police can arrest him.

      Get a gun and make sure the Nanny is trained to use it. If that is to much then get her some BEAR SPRAY.

      • Pulled him up on the internet.. reckless driving and DWI.. 2014 and 2015, respectively. That seems to be it.

        I do NOT assume he’s harmless, which is the problem. I agree that the fact that he took the time to find me and drive to my house is indicative of… issues.

        I suspect that a gun would be more than our nanny could handle. I suspect it’s more likely to scare her into quitting than it is to protect anyone. The only person in my home I’d trust with a gun is myself, and if I’m there, I can handle the guy (I have a machete 🙂 ). Bear/pepper spray might not be amiss, however. Will consult with the missus.

        I did call the police, and they offered to take a report but, since the note wasn’t threatening, there was nothing they said they could do about it. They offered to call him and tell him to stay away, but (A) that wouldn’t carry any legal weight and (B) that could make things worse.

        Always tough dealing with un-balanced people…

    • Mathius, my young friend….do not take this lightly. Get it on record with your local gendarmes…to assume that he is harmless is a mistake. Listen to us old folks that have been through things like this or know many instances of similar things. Get it on record and give them the note. Be cautious but not afraid. You have a good head on your shoulders but get rid of this side of you that wants to see the good. You do not need to check backgrounds or run this guy down. Let the locals take care of that. Do not hold anything back from the locals….let them know everything.

      That is my advice….but……..take it seriously, friend. Don’t make JAC and I come up there.

      • I just kind of assumed you’d take a day-trip up here and.. . “take care of the problem.”

        Dinner’s on me.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          You assumed correctly………… just pass the word via Pirate mail.

          • UGH!!

            The wife “feels guilty” and wants to reach out to help him…..

            Wife: Should I reach out?
            Mathius: NO!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!
            Wife: You know I have guilt.
            Mathius: You are not responsible. You and I did everything we could, but he is not our responsibility. Helping him would be nice, but our JOB is to keep our kids safe. And that means keeping a distance from drug addicts.

            Is she out of her f’ing mind?!

            • but our JOB is to keep our kids safe. Yes sir…..that is your job.

              There is no guilt here, folks…..none. You must get rid of this. There is a time that when the wind blows too hard, you bend with the breeze or you break. You owe this person nothing at all.

              This guy tracked you…he found out personal details…he puts a crumpled up letter in your mailbox…..your security has already been breeched. Reach out and you may lose an arm. Drugs are evil, Mathius, and I know your position on this. It changes people and it changes their thinking.

              So, is that a steak dinner?

              • My wife makes a MEAN steak.

                How do you feel about a bone-in Ribeye with a nice sear? Cracked pepper and kosher salt cooked in a heart-attack’s worth of butter with a sprig of thyme.

  41. Do you know his family? Is he on social media? Can you find out his criminal record the last 7 years?

    • His father died of Parkinson’s years ago.. part of what sent our friend into decline. I don’t know about his mother, but she (A) never had any control over him and (B) was really more of an enabler.

      He may be on social media, but not that I can find. I have his cell number which he left on the note, so I can reach him that way if I want. I’m just not sure how he’ll receive it – I’d rather not make things worse, you know?

      I am unaware of any criminal record, but if he has one, it’s almost certainly for drug use. I’m still searching.

      • Any mutual friends, he may of contacted or still have contact with. I don’t know if I’d call him or not, I’d want more info before I decided. The cops, might help, might make things worse, who knows. Aren’t I helpful 😟

  42. Thomas Jefferson
    Quote – If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

    • As always, the devil is in the details, but, at first glance, just going off the headline…. sure.. sounds like a good idea.

      Of course, the bigger issue is that we’re funding both sides of the drug war, and fighting supply without doing anything about demand is doomed to failure. But that’s the same mistake every President has made since the beginning of the War On Drugs.

      Then again… my view on drugs is rapidly evolving with the issue of the ex-friend and his note…………….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        As I read your earlier post I was wondering about that, your view on drugs. And whether this might change it just a bit.

        You are not alone in your questioning yourself on this. It is hard to escape the reality that there is a difference in how various drugs add or do not add to the violence in society. Pot is an easy play……… legalize it and STOP taxing it. The others are not as easy.

        Not unless we are willing to go down the path of greater personal liability for our own safety, let alone the mess on the streets we would have to endure. This is one area I have a hard time embracing the Big “L”, in Libertarian.

        P.S. Pursue that restraining order. The police will tell you what they told you, but they do not issue such orders. That is a Judge. An order will not protect you, obviously. But it will set the stage for the Cops to act if he shows up again. And it will force someone to track him down to serve him the papers.

        P.S.S. Time to make escape plans for Nanny and kids. Make sure they practice and understand. Neighbors they can run to should be in the plan.

        • I know that he used drugs recreationally, sure, but I think a big part of it was to cope with his father’s deterioration due to Parkinson’s. (My grandfather went through that, so I have some idea of what it’s like)

          He was young and liked to party hard, eventually getting into acid and, from there, who knows?

          I hate the idea of pot as a “gateway drug,” but I do think the description is at least partially accurate in a certain sub-set of the population.

          I believe, always have, always will, that your body is your own to do with as you will. If that includes destroying it with drugs, that’s your choice. But when it becomes a threat to others, it stops being your choice.

          And am I justified in calling someone who left me a non-threatening note a “threat”? Is he a threat just because “I feel concerned”?

          So how to square the circle…..?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            First, his note IS THREATENING. He BLAMED you and asked you to apologize. Given his state of mind this is a threat in my book.

            As for circles and squares. Our choice is to legalize all drugs and then deal with the fall out, OR legalize the more harmless and keep the others illegal.

            It is the fall out that makes this hard. Why should Society be exposed to that if making the drug ILLEGAL will prevent much or most of it???

            The farther we move to true Liberty, Libertarian style, the greater the potential disorder and the need for all of us to act to protect our own and our friends. Of course this runs counter to the “liberal” view on things like gun controls and carrying guns in public. Or for some radicals, any act of self defense.

            We can live per the principle you claim but it will not be as pretty, or comfortable, as the one we live under today.

            • What JAC said, my friend.

              • I see it as a threat and a warning……I see it as a tug on your principles and emotion…..next comes the demand for money and help. You made your decision once…..and usually…first decisions are best decisions.

                You and I joke around a lot,,,,,,,but this really bothers me. And even though we have not met…I would be there in a heart beat if you needed me. I feel that strongly about everyone on here….

                Now, the Pirate, on the other hand………………………………………..

              • Hell, I would even help T Ray living in California….Yes, I would cross the California border…….

    • VH……Being as familiar with Mexico as I am and the border issues….the shooting of these families should not be the issue. They live there and they live in Sinaloa country. They knew the risks and being foreigners, they have no rights. So, the issue is not the killing of America women and children in Mexico…..

      The cartels, especially the Sinaloa, are ruthless, evil, despicable, and have no soul. You will not win this issue, as Mathius put it, without addressing the demand. You will never win something like this without blood. You will have to make it not worthwhile for them to continue and that means getting in the gutter and being just as mean and nasty as they are. You are going to have to take out the middle man, the little guy, and the big guys equally, You cannot slap on the wrist and turn people loose. You are going to have to make the penalties for drug use in the US not worth the risk and I do not care it is one teeny marijuana ciagarette. You have to be mean…..and then when you get mean……get meaner.

      You want to beat the cartels…..you have to go after the families. You have to go after their children…you have to take out everything that THEY hold dear. EVERYTHING.

      We, the US, does not have the guts to do that. Using the military is great for storming a compound……but not for under cover work.

      So, you, as an American citizen……..are you willing to turn a blind eye to the tactics that it takes to win this. Because with these people….there is no turning back.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I have a better, more AMERICAN solution. Do as you say with all the hard drugs but then legalize and liberalize POT ownership, production and consumption. Meanwhile, CLOSE the border.

        While our Govt. is doing this You and I will finish construction of our Ten Acre Greenhouse project……….. bwahahahhaaha

        • true….I do not care about the marijuana…..child’s play. But what most do not understand….dealing with supply is actually pretty easy……it is the demand. All I hear about is how mistreated the first timers are or how drugs should be legalized and we deal with the fallout……this is not about drugs…..drugs are a weapon…we are talking control qne the people who use this weapon……..

      • The cartels, especially the Sinaloa, are ruthless, evil, despicable, and have no soul. You will not win this issue, as Mathius put it, without addressing the demand.

        Yup yup.

        China solved this problem (Opium) by a very straight forward process: They executed everyone who used, sold, or harbored those who used or sold any quantity of opium.

        Those who could quit did because it was nearly guaranteed that they’d be executed otherwise. Those who couldn’t quit got executed. Those who made money off of it were executed or the demand dried up to the point where the risk was no longer worth it.

        Short of that…? There’s no way to win there.

        Then again, there’s another way to handle demand!

        You can legalize it. The crime in the distribution chain will vanish as the cartels go legit since it will no longer make sense to risk criminal behavior (at least, not any more than, say, Phillip Morris does). At least that solves one problem. As for those who can’t self-moderate…. Darwin will handle that.

        • It is not working in Colorado…..the black market thrives, sir, and it is contolled by gangs.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            It is my theory that is because of TAXES. The stupid left ran on legalizing it so they could tax it.

            Taxes raise the price. The higher the price the greater the incentive for criminal supply to increase.

            I do think that the Cartels will simply move into the legal market. But if truly legal, American growers will flood supply driving prices to levels the cartels cannot sustain. Unless they set up growing in the USA. Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell if your garbage company is owned by the mob or if your grower is owned by the Cartel.

            • It is my theory that is because of TAXES. The stupid left ran on legalizing it so they could tax it.


              The Left had to argue tax revenue would make it worthwhile in order to build up enough support to get it passed.

              Then the STATE rather stupidly raised the prices to street-level or higher rather than undercutting the black market. Probably because they didn’t want to get accused of encouraging drug use.

              Taxes raise the price. The higher the price the greater the incentive for criminal supply to increase.


              Also, with the fixed prices due to taxes, the black market can now undercut the legal market.

              And the risk to the buyer is almost eliminated. A perfect trifecta of stupidity.

              I do think that the Cartels will simply move into the legal market. But if truly legal, American growers will flood supply driving prices to levels the cartels cannot sustain.


              Sounds like a win.

              Also, don’t forget private production. I used to date a girl with a rather suspicious shrub in her back yard….

              Unless they set up growing in the USA.

              Maybe, maybe not.

              USA has higher labor costs, more environmental rules, blah blah blah.

              There’s a reason we still import a lot of produce from the rest of the world.

              Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell if your garbage company is owned by the mob or if your grower is owned by the Cartel.

              What’s the difference between “the mob” and “the Cartel” and “American business conglomerates”?

          • We just buried a deputy today on our county. It was illegals and an illegal pot grow.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Been thinking about this angle and then today here is an editorial along the same lines.


    This is more consistent with what I have called the Deep State. Primarily elitist Bureaucrats. Every now and then you get the self-righteous, self ordained patriots, like Brennan. The other part is those who have sold themselves into “the mission”. Anyone threatening the mission or heaven forbid, suggesting the mission is WRONG, must be stopped.

  44. Query… Is the thought of investigating the Bidens the real reason for the impeachment push or could the real issue be the DNC servers and what is on them? The DNC gave their servers to Crowd Strike. How then did they get to the Ukraine (if that is true)? What is on them? Could they be used to blackmail the Dems. To they contain evidence of a conspiracy between Ukrainians an the Dems to steal the election or some other form of misdeeds of high ranking US officials? Like Paul Harvey, I want to know the rest of the story.

  45. Mathius, you are getting good advice on documenting the possible threat and self protection. I would definitely give the nanny and your wife bear or pepper spray. Keep all doors locked. The girls should be supervised when out doors. If you do not have them, install some security cameras. Watch for occupied parked cars within sight of the house. If you have an old photo of this guy, make sure everyone can recognize him.

    • T-Ray, THANK YOU!

      Mathius, you are getting good advice on documenting the possible threat and self protection.

      SUFA is full of good ideas.

      I would definitely give the nanny and your wife bear or pepper spray.

      Ordered some spray on Amazon… Anita will be shipping it to me. One for the wife’s purse, one for the nanny, one for the house. I’ll stick with the rusty machete.

      I also have a clean, beautifully restored, razor sharp machete. It’s a thing of beauty, really. But for home defense, I like the rusty one for adding tetanus into the mix. Plus it’s a bit longer and just as sharp.

      Keep all doors locked.

      All doors are locked and, for now, we have the alarm on at all times except when entering / exiting… but the problem is that this guy waited seven years to contact us, so it’s not like there’s a deadline for when he might re-surface. I do not intend to live my life in lockdown for the next seven years "just in case."

      The girls should be supervised when out doors. If you do not have them, install some security cameras.

      The girls are always supervised. 100% of the time, every second of every day. They have privacy in their bedrooms and the bathroom and if they’re not there, someone has an eye on them or is at least in the next room. Their windows have alarms, there are Nest cameras in both of their rooms.

      If you do not have them, install some security cameras.

      Hoooo boy…..

      In fact, my house is filled with cameras internally and externally. We have… counting… 13 cameras (including the doorbell). I consider this a little bit insane. I feel like I live in a maximum security facility, but my wife has always been a bit of a nervous Nelly, and it makes her feel better, so I put it in.

      I have full view of every entrance and exit to my house, a full 360 around the perimeter with no gaps. These record with a 30 day history. (They do not, however, cover the mailbox and street which are a long ways from the house… an oversight which will be corrected shortly).

      Similarly, the alarm is on every door and every window. Plus motion detectors for when the alarm is on while we’re out. That alarm is on an battery backup with a radio antenna to report alarms if/when the phones are out. It’s all bit… paranoid.

      But all of that is inert, passive. It’s great to figure out a crime after the fact, but it doesn’t do any good with an active emergency.

      Watch for occupied parked cars within sight of the house.

      Given my terrain, this would stick out like a sore thumb. But still solid advice.

      If you have an old photo of this guy, make sure everyone can recognize him.

      That’s a great idea. I’ll definitely do that!

      I’ll try to see if I can dig up a more recent one online somewhere, too. Sever years of heavy drug use tends to change your weight and other features..

      • Oh, and all the cameras have night vision. We added an IR “flood light” to the driveway and back yards to give the cameras a bit of a better picture in the dark.

        • Yep…I have night vision all around my place……..****Mathius is thinking, I bet he does complete with trip flares and claymore mines.

        • All sound advice. With all that great advice, all I can offer is to call him if you would like and explain what happens to people who do harm to my “clients”. I can be very convincing with matters like this and I actually have some experience doing this for others. It’s up to you, I can send you my email.

  46. How do you feel about a bone-in Ribeye with a nice sear? Cracked pepper and kosher salt cooked in a heart-attack’s worth of butter with a sprig of thyme. Real butter, of course….

  47. Seven year old daughter got hit on the nose and choked by a boy at school today.

    While, of course, I’m upset about someone hurting my daughter, I am well aware that “kids will be kids” and blah blah blah.

    However, in a super rare instance of Mathius Putting His Foot Down™, I have decreed that my daughter will now be enrolled in a martial arts class.

    The “flavor” is TBD, though I’m partial to Tae Kwon Do or Krav Maga. Regardless, I have decreed that it will be a serious course which teaches serious self defense and not a “karate-themed activity group.” And she’s going to stick with it until she can handle herself to my satisfaction.

    I look forward to the phone call we’ll get at some point from her school that some kid hit her and she broke his arm in 3 places. “Great, thanks for telling me. I’ll be sure to take her out for ice cream tonight. I trust the other kid learned a valuable lesson.”

    The wife isn’t a fan, but that’s why I let her have her way 99.972% of the time.. so that when I do Put My Foot Down™: the. foot. is. down.


    Meanwhile, this is what daughter had to say about today’s events: “I was afraid he might cut off my respiratory system.”

    … so…. yea…. there’s that…

    • Mathius……I hold a 4th Dan in Tae Kwon Do and a 2nd Dan in Aikido. Both of these are very useful in close hand to hand, You can make them lethal or non lethal….your choice.

      Krav Maga, as you probably know, is very lethal. It is NOT a discipline to speak of…it is Special Forces stuff. I learned it from the Israeli IDF…..they know their stuff but it is designed to kill. We combine it with Aikido in our training.

      For Discipline and agility, I recommend Tae Kwon Do…..it is great for balance and concentration and it really helps the youngsters with school and study and it helps with self confidence. I like it for the Shotokan Katas. I still practice those almost daily…absolutely mid clearing and great for balance and concentration.

      That is my 2 cents.

      • I did Tae Kwon Do in my younger years. Got as far as red, but I just didn’t hold the interest to go any further. It wasn’t necessary as I was more than capable of handling myself against the general populace. There was a time when I was pretty damned good, too, but that time has almost certainly long since passed. I’ve gone soft in my old age. I mean, I can still take the likes of a 70 year old colonel, but I wouldn’t want to test my luck in competition.

        I also mixed in a bit of Judo because, well, man do I love throws.

        In the end, the way I see it, the “right” answer for martial arts disciplines is the same as the “right” answer for a diet. They all get the job done, more or less. The “right” one is the one you’re going to stick with. So it’s mostly a question of matching her personality to the instructor, to the dojo, to the culture, etc.

        The only things that really matter are that (A) she doesn’t give off a “victim” vibe (B) she can defend herself as needed. If she gains some confidence, if it helps her self-discipline, if she enjoys it, if it improves her physical fitness, that’s all great. But (A) and (B) are what matter.

        • Ha! hahahahaha….you may be able to take A 70yr old Colonel, but my money is for sure on OUR 70yr old Colonel.

          • That’s only because I have zero confidence that our colonel would fight fair. I can imagine we’re just about to spar and I get taken out by a drone strike.

            • All’s fair in love and war. Colonel!! Colonel!! Colonel!!

            • Of course, I do not fight fair. If it takes a drone, then so be it. Old veterans get to be old for a couple of reasons….when we slow down and our reflexes are not 20 years old any longer…..we use treachery. We become smarter and wiser and we do not fight fair.

              I learned this a long time ago when I retired from the fighting circuit. It was a black belt competition and I won the Texas North Regional……all the winners of the regionals get to fight for the State Championship and sit on the throne of black belts for one year. However, I was 44 years old at that time. I knew my limitations and took a fair amount of abuse winning the regional…..so……I knew I could not use my raptors or drones in the State Championship…so….I retired on top. On top for me, was winning the North Texas Regional Karate Championship. I did not want to go to Houston to fight for the State because I knew who I would have to fight. They were 20 years younger and quicker. I also knew that in order to “sit on the throne”….the fights get a little tougher and the discipline seems to fade. So, I quit on top and the second place winner got to fight in my place….and promptly got his nose broken.

              That being said……you fight to win….not to be nice. As to the drone strike at the beginning of the spar…..it would be minimal but effective…I would be too close so some laser guided arrow would suffice.

              BY THE WAY….I am now 71….and proud of it.

              • I knew my limitations and took a fair amount of abuse winning the regional


                These days, I feel it for days when I sleep wrong.

                Just existing seems to generate aches and pains.

                That being said……you fight to win….not to be nice.


                Couldn’t agree more.

                BY THE WAY….I am now 71….and proud of it.

                Old fart!

                BY THE WAY….I am now 71….and proud of it.

                71… and you won at 44.. so that’s 27 years ago.. so that’s 1992… ..

                I was 9.

                As to the drone strike at the beginning of the spar…..it would be minimal but effective

                I know how to handle the likes of you…

    • Is it just me, or does anyone else think a 7 year old going to the extreme of choking, is worrisome.

      • It seems a bit extreme, but I wasn’t there, so it’s hard to know just how extreme it was. Maybe the kid watches wrestling and just got the move his head. Maybe it wasn’t actually “choking” but just “hands on neck.” Maybe he thought it was playful and the daughter/teacher overreacted? I mean, who knows?

        As a parent, I have to constantly fight the urge to overreact. She doesn’t have a mark on her, so it probably wasn’t too, too serious. I know it was a different time, but I got in way more serious fights at her age.

        Kids will be kids. And kids will fight from time to time. Especially when one of them is smaller, weaker, and smart / nerdy – that’s a prime bullying target there.

        All I know is that the next time someone lays their hands on my daughter, I want her to lay them out. If the cost of attacking her too high, bullies will look elsewhere – they are, at core, cowards.

      • Depends weather brothers are involved. My step son…to this day…is a choker. I lived in fear of him choking my son to death. I’d raise hell about putting hands on each other, but the minute a choke was involved….that’s when mom had to spring into action. I’d separate them and go all out on step son for choking. “Wanna be a sissy and choke someone? Choke me! I dare you, sissy! That would stop it for that day. He’d still choke his brother if he could get away with it, even though he stands 6 inches taller and broader. Luckily my son is much more agile than his brother. They share an apartment now, whoa! I don’t even want to think about it.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Not just you. I thought the same thing when I read that last evening. And to a girl no less.

  48. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    “There are 5,000 ways to kill a man with your bare hands. But….. You only have to know three…..really well!”

    From my hand to hand combat instructor in basic. Always thought it was great advice.

    • The wisdom of my various instructors:

      “The best way to survive a knife attack is to run away like your ass is on fire.”

      “Any fight where you aren’t willing to kill the other guy is not a fight. It’s a game. Never make the mistake of playing a game when the other guy is fighting.”

      “Don’t worry about consequences. Worry about survival. After is for after.”

      “If you fail to press your advantage, you deserve to lose. Honor and fairness are great for movies, but fight to win when it matters. Don’t let the guy get back up if he goes down. Groins aren’t off-limits. Gouge eyes. Whatever it takes. Just so long as you’re the one who gets to walk away from the engagement.”

      And my favorite.. “In a pinch, breaking the other guy’s knee will usually discourage any future confrontation.”

      • Yes, a well delivered kick to the supporting knee works wonders….not only does it render the leg ineffective…..it hurts like hell.

        • Step in with the left foot, bring the right knee as if going to knee them in the groin/stomach, then bring it back down hard with heel to the inside of their left knee.


          Never got to use it. Not sure if it’d even play in real life. But we rehearsed it.. extensively. Even just being on the receiving end of the rehearsal (with padding) was enough to make you limp.. and I was a spry teenager back then..

          On the plus side, the other guy now has a knee that can help forecast the weather for the rest of his life..

  49. Question – heard an interview with a family member of the group of women and children who were horribly murdered in Mexico. He said the family was staying in Mexico, that they had gone through things like this before. That they settled there a century ago. That 5 generations have been raised there. So the question- How does a family that has lived in Mexico for 100 years, stay Americans?

    • The facts are not quite right…..However, in Mexico, it is possible to live there under an FM3 or similar document. You have to renew it every 6 months. Mexico does not allow dual citizenship and you are not allowed anchor baby status. You are not a citizen of Mexico if you are born there. Once American, always American.

  50. Interesting tidbit from CNN news………………………the Tax returns from AOC have been obtained and made public. It is amazing how she went from bar tender with no assets….to becoming a millionaire in one years time. Is this a great country or what?

  51. Part of the Texas vote was to make permanent in the State Constitution of a prohibition on State income tax. It is now prohibited. Huah.

  52. France has finallyhad enough……….” Philippe announced in a press conference that the plan would help France “take back control” over its expanding migrant population.”

  53. Judges on the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision, ruling that the city of Greenwood Village, near Denver, did not owe homeowner Leo Lech any additional compensation, even though the suspect was a stranger to the homeowner, the Denver Post reported.

    Lech’s home, valued at $580,000, was marked for demolition in 2015 after a SWAT team used armored vehicles to breach the structure, deployed tear gas and explosives and shot 40 mm rounds in an effort to drive the suspect out after he refused to surrender and shot at officers, the Post reported. The suspect broke into the house when no one was home to use it as a hideout.

  54. Would anyone here like to know what the internet knows about them? A name or a phone number or an email address is all it takes and I can see all kinds of stuff…

    Anyone have anyone they’d like to dig up dirt on?

    I found out some pretty interesting stuff about my cousin who vanished some years ago under mysterious circumstances..

  55. ATLANTA, GA—After a woman in Florida defended her home from intruders with an AR-15, CNN quickly criticized her for murdering a “poor, defenseless refugee who was probably just applying for asylum in her house.”

    “While many people have heralded this woman as a hero, she is actually a bigot,” said CNN’s Brian Stelter. “A poor, defenseless refugee enters her home seeking asylum, and she responds by shooting him? Definitely a Trump voter.” Stelter pointed out that she used the AR-15 to carry out her murder, the chosen weapon of alt-right radicals who watch Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro videos on YouTube.
    Stelter also criticized the family for having walls around their home instead of an “open border” policy where people desiring to immigrant to their home can just come and go as they please.
    “This is Trump’s America,” Stelter concluded, wiping tears from his eyes.
    CNN also criticized her for not aborting her child, pointing out that since she was still pregnant she is likely a pro-life bigot.
    The station has published her home address and is encouraging people to attack her. They are currently looking through her old tweets.

  56. Testing……..being blocked……test…test…test……

  57. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE NAIVETE’ concerning Mexico. I will try to make it simple. The Mexican Government is corrupt….full stop. The Mexican border is corrupt and
    dangerous…full stop. The countryside of Mexico is dangerous…..full stop. People die in Mexico…full stop. People are shot and dismembered in Mexico…full stop. Unsuspecting tourist females are kidnapped and sold in Mexico….full stop. The Cartels own and operate Mexico including immigration…..full stop.

    Anytime that our family goes to our ranch in Mexico, we are picked up at the airport by armed security. We travel the highways with armed security and our ranch is guarded with armed security. When we go shopping in San Miguel, a very popular tourist attraction, we are escorted by armed security. We do not go to the super markets or malls in Mexico….we send our local personnel…it is dangerous to shop in the malls in Mexico if you are a foreigner…..full stop.

    Americans DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS in Mexico…..full stop. There is no miranda. There is no probable cause. You do not have the right to an attorney nor do you have a right to contact the American consulate if you are arrested.

    I hear all the time from friends about how they travel to Mexico with no problems. They go to Cancun or Cozemel or some such tourist area and have no problems. This is true to an extent. I used to rent a 4 wheel jeep in Mexico and drive the countryside and look at Aztec and Mayan ruins or dive on secluded beaches…..try it today and you will die. You can go to the tourist areas but you better stay in the tourist area or on the hotel properties. If you wish to go to see Mayan ruins, do it with a tourist bus group and even then, they have been known to be stopped and robbed.

    Mexico is a third world country that has aspirations but they will not take on the cartels. Always check with the State Department about certain areas. For example, if you wish to travel to Aculpulco…the state department will tell you….don’t go into town and certainly do not be out a night.

    People are upset that babies in car carriers were lined up and shot and then burned. People are upset that women were systematically shot and killed. People are upset that it took 8 hours for a response team to show up and they found children hiding in the surrounding brush shot and bleeding. WHY IS EVERYONE UPSET? If you swim in the water with sharks and you get bit, it is NOT the shark’s fault. This type of stuff goes on all the time. This one just got reported because of children…….sigh.

    AND….it is none of our business unless it crosses the border. We choose to have a ranch in Mexico. We expect nothing and we do not expect help from the American Consulate if trouble arises. We know the risk everytime we travel there. We understand that we can be kidnapped and held for ransom at any time. WE KNOW THAT THIS IS A POSSIBILITY…….we do not expect help from the American Government and we do not expect sympathy. WE KNOW THE RISKS.

    I still do not get it.

    • I know I’m changing the subject with this question, but I’m curious, why do you take the risk? I also know this is one of those questions that’s really none of my business, so feel free to ignore me.

    • Do you not think the cartels are getting more powerful in Mexico, or is that just a false perception? If they are getting more powerful is this not a danger for the US?

      • They are powerful and it is a danger to the US. This is why the border needs to be closed and armed. The cartels are getting so large, they are expanding to the US qne Central America. There are pockets of them now operating in the US. That is no secret. Better deal with it and you can start by closing the borders tighter than grandma’s corset.

        What chaps my ass is that we know where they are and we do nothing about it. Chicago and New York and Seattle are hotspots right now,…..Atlanta is close behind. City and state policies are not strong enough. Sanctuary cities are a magnet for the cartels and they are utilizing it.

        • Hey Colonel,

          When you have a forest fire, do you put it out by (A) pouring water on it or (B) trying to starve it of fuel?

          Now, a house fire, sure, (A) works just fine. And for high risk places, or places where the fireline breaches your fire-gap, sure. But for 99.99% of any given forest fire, do we try to put it out with water / fire retardant?

          No. We do not.

          You know why?

          Because that’s stupid.

          Hot wood wants to burn. And it will take absurd amounts of resources to overwhelm that basic fact of nature. And, even if you did manage to put out a fire that way, all that kindling, all the dead wood is still there.. just waiting for the next dry season.

          But…. if you just starve it of fuel, the problem goes away on its own.

          Of course, maybe you can’t starve it of all the fuel, but you can do a pretty good job and get most of it.

          And then the next fire isn’t “catastrophic enormous super-dangerous” but rather “small and manageable.”



          How can we apply that to the question of the Cartels?

          • I know you want me to say….legalizing drugs……however, that is not 30 % of the cartel.

            • Oops….meant to say..only 30% of the cartel.

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                And these cartels would be an equivalent threat if they had 30% less income?

                Phillip Morris is in the same business as these cartels. That is, peddling addictive drugs. Yet, to my knowledge, Phillip Morris does not go around shooting Mormons. Alcohol manufacturers produce and sell a widely desired and often-addictive drug as well. But, likewise, I am unaware of Jim Beam shooting it out with Bacardi*. For all the death and addiction of the opioid crisis, I don’t think Perdue Pharma ever kidnapped the kids of the DEA officials who were investigating them.

                So, in your mind, what explains the difference? Why are the cartels violent while alcohol, tobacco, and (legal) drug manufacturer / sellers aren’t?


                *My money would definitely be on Jim Beam.

              • Yes, the threat would not be lessened….the threat would be increased.

              • Phillip Morris does not go around shooting Mormons. Interesting that you would use the term Mormons……I am quite sure you meant people.

              • Another test…..

              • G man…..I will have a new article for you this afternoon.

  58. https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2019/11/07/holy-sit-cbs-has-reportedly-fired-the-abc-epstein-whistleblower/

    Does seem hypocritical to fire this guy, considering all the leakers /anonymous sources the news media use and protect.

  59. Fair question and I do not have a problem with answering it. To us….the benefits out weigh the risks. Since Trump has taken office, he has removed the barriers to trade that the Obama administration had put in. It is economically worth the risk to us. Would I take my family down there? No…..it is too dangerous. The other reason is that it is an inherited ranch now that both parents are gone. We are trying to sell it but no one has the money to buy it with the exchange rates the way they are. One peso is a Mexican dollar but is only .05 in USD. A nickel. So we have a ranch for sale for a little over four million dollars. But in Mexico, that is 76,640,000 pesos…..no one has that. Also, there is no internet nor tv…it is not available. And you cannot get sat pictures because the Mexican government blocks the signals….as well as they block the cell phone signals UNLESS you buy a Mexican program that allows you to call out. When my parents bought this place, the country did not have the problems it has now. We are trying to divest but you cannot let it sit. The laws in Mexico allow squatters rights…so you have to work it. Besides, we have the only water well within miles. We sell water to surrounding ranches and farms because the Mexican authorities own all minerals and water and it costs us $50,000 every ten years for the permit. So the land is worth something. Those are the risks we accept for now.

    Our only market is selling to the cartel biggies or out of country. In the meantime, we still run horses and sell alfalfa, peppers, and asparagus. But at the ranch, we live in a gated compound that is patrolled and watched with cameras. We also know that if something were to happen, there would be no police response.

    So, in business, you weigh the risks.

  60. A question for Mathius…………………your opinion of Merit Based systems.

    • Specific question……do you, as a sorta kinda lefty, think that merit based systems are racists?

      • The hell is a “merit based system”?

        Isn’t pretty much everything in life a “merit based system”?

        Unless you’re (A) super-rich and just get things handed to you or (B) poor/discriminated against and can take advantage of things like affirmative action, then almost everything in life is a “merit based system,” isn’t it?

        Is someone living in some alternative reality where “merit” is “racist”??

  61. In case anyone is interested in the conclusion of my druggie ex-friend saga…..

    [warning: not that interesting.. just closing the loop]

    I filed a report with the police and gave them the note. As before, they said there is nothing to do unless he does something threatening.. and,no, just dropping off a crazed note is not sufficient.

    They offered to run patrols by my house, but that’s silly since they’re not going to keep it up for the next several years and the much more likely result is that I’ll just wind up getting a speeding ticket.

    I had to work to stop myself from escalating. I don’t think that threatening a duggie with violence – especially when I cannot be present 100% of the time to enforce the threat – would have been a good decision. Similarly, for someone who has fumed over this seven years, ignoring it was probably asking for confrontation on his part – he clearly wanted something. An apology is dangerous, too, as it validates and legitimizes his victim-hood, which makes us the bad guys, and invites retribution. Nor did I want to push back too hard as pointing out that this is his own damned fault is antagonistic and might cause him to lash out. Soooo…..

    I wound up texting the guy. I apologized for “how he feels things went,” asserted that we have a very different recollection about how we tried to help him and get him to stop etc, and why we ultimately felt we had to break things off. I wished him well, and asked him that he kindly leave me any my family alone. “Please do not come to my house or contact us again.” Then wrapped it up with we’ve moved on, we hope you will, too.

    He responded 14 hours later with “Some things aren’t as black and white as they originally seem. Regardless, i [sic] should not have contacted you in that manner after that amount of time. Im [sic] sorry for that and other difficulties my behavior had caused. I can move on yes. I assure you that you will not hear from or see me again after this text.”

    ::three hours pass::

    He calls me.

    I do not pick up.

    Then I get a text “Sorry that was accidental dial. Will deletenumber [sic] so it wont [sic] happen again. Sorry”

    And there it lies, I guess.

    Not the most exciting conclusion, but that’s just how life goes sometimes… ::shrug::

    • What do all the [sic] mean?

      This whole thing is just so sad and depressing.

      • [sic] translates from the Latin as “thus.” It denotes an error that is in the original. The point of using a sic when quoting someone is so that you know THEY made the error and not you. That you are quoting them faithfully and that the error is intentional.

        Since he was potentially high when typed his message, I wanted to capture his errors, but I wanted to make it clear that they were HIS errors, not my typing (which makes plenty of errors of its own).

        … and, yes, it is sad. He had potential for a great life. He was a smart guy, with a great opportunity for education (which he blew).. he was a nice guy, too. I don’t think he could ever have achieved his goal of being a Senator, but he could have gone into local politics. Now he’ll never amount to anything. What a waste.

    • Well handled Mathius, well handled indeed 😀

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      “lies” is a good word.

  62. Canine Weapon says:

    Question for anyone here who served in the military.. have you ever been pepper sprayed?

  63. When it comes to the “secret” impeachment hearings, what do you think about this assertion, made by congressman: “Well, our private hearing was much more constructive than the public hearing. I mean public hearings are a circus, Margaret [interviewer]. I mean that’s why I don’t like to do them. I don’t do many of them. I mean there- it’s a freak show.”

    • It makes sense. No media, no cameras eliminates those “Spartacus” moments.

      • It makes sense. No media, no cameras eliminates those “Spartacus” moments.

        So then you think the Democrats are right to hold their closed-door meetings?

        It makes sense. No media, no cameras eliminates those “Spartacus” moments.

        Jesus that was a loooooong movie….

        • So then you think the Democrats are right to hold their closed-door meetings?

          NO!!!! If it’s not classified, it should be public. But I do understand what the Congressman said and would agree with him. BUT, that don’t mean it shouldn’t be public.

        • Yes, it was a long movie but it did keep my attention…..even if you knew the outcome.

    • So then you think the Democrats are right to hold their closed-door meetings?

      Only if you will stipulate to closed door impeachment trial by the Senate.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      That’s absolutely true. Secret trials are better too. Much more likely to get a conviction!

  64. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Y’arg.. take a look look at yer future!

  65. I have a question for the “chemical weapons” deniers for going into Iraq…….if there were no chemical weapons and you believe that it was a lie……….can anyone explain why our chemical alarms would activate when we would be hit by Iraqui artillery fire?

    ( The pepper spray question made me think of this, so blame Canine weapon)

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      The media decided there were NO chemical weapons there. That is all you have to know. The TRUTH is far beyond your pay grade….Sir!

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I must elaborate. People (my kids) for example asked me when I became a non-interventionist. It goes back to that wonderful day when we pulled up in front of the Iraqi parliament, the place with the 100 foot high statue of Saddam. All of about 25 local actors showed up to “pull it down!”. After waiting a while, when no one else showed up we brought in two tank retrievers I think, put up some cables and did a shitty job of pulling it over.

        At THAT exact moment I said “WHOOPS” and suddenly realized this was neither Rome nor Paris of 1944 (they should have studied how the engineers took down that giant Swastika at Nuremberg). Big, big mistake and I suddenly got a chill up my spine when I remembered Shinseki’s words about 150,000 troops being nowhere near enough to garrison the place.

        So, where you have an ungrateful or uncaring populace. do it with smart bombs, do it with missiles, do it with submarine launched cruise missiles but DO NOT do it with boots on the ground.

        From 2:51 in….


  66. Testing

  67. gman….I will have a article for you this afternoon…..about cartels and their influence on USA and what is happening in Mexico.

  68. Mathius got me to thinking about legalizing drugs so I went to several “official” sources and have found the following. I was very wrong in my comments about drugs being 30% of the Cartel income. I was working off old memory from briefings and such. So I called and talked to a few “friends” still in the business of intelligence gathering.

    The amount of income to the Cartels from Heroin and other drugs has plummeted. The introduction of Fentanyl and other synthetic drugs has cut the profits of Heroin by 90%. That means that the use of the term opioids is not limited to Heroin. In addition, Heroin use in the United States in the last three years has actually fallen to levels of 1930.

    Now, in Mexico, you have several cartels that are beginning to lose power and you have two main factions fighting for control. The Sinaloa Cartel and now the new introduction of the CNJG are the two biggies. Both have international influence and members in Mexico, Central and South America, and the United States and Canada. I can personally attest that the small towns and cities of Mexico have become literal ghost towns. Once popular tourist spots in several areas are now deserted. The poppy fields of Mexico have literally declined to the point that farmers have left them and they are now not growing anything. They are in weeds.

    You can choose to believe this or not. I do not really care but it is the truth and it is what is happening. The CNJG is up and coming and their sources of revenue are as follows in order of income. (1) Extortion/Kidnapping, (2) gambling, (3) new synthetic drugs, (4) prostitution, (5) Industrial Agriculture, (6) off shore commercial fishing, (7) body parts trade, (8) gun running, and (9) just now getting into oil and gas production. What is happening in Mexico is that this CNJG does not want any interference in the country side of Mexico. They want the towns deserted. They do not want clans of Americans down there. There are vast areas of Mexico where no one goes and that includes the Army.

    They just recently have taken over big portions of Pemex. Petrolios Mexicanos is the State owned refined gasoline industry that was nationalized in the 1930’s. The CNJG has kidnapped many of its executives and killed them and their families by bashing their heads with sledge hammers. They now control approximately 30% of the State owned petroleum industry. This Cartel has now committed over 17000 murders in Mexico in 2019 to date. They have recently taken over the town of Los Mochas on the Western coast and killed the mayor and his family, and has killed the CEO and his family of the fishing industry located there. They have also threatened the city mayor of the popular tourist town of Mazatlan, Mexico and told them that not only will they execute the mayor and his family but will start executing American tourists if they do not give up their positions.

    This is a short list of the things that are happening in Mexico. It is dangerous and it is getting worse. The Mexican State is disintegrating and no one is there to stop it. They are infiltrating our borders and setting up shop in the US. So I ask each of you……how do you stop or curb this or do you accept it as the snowflakes want to do. Spread your arms wide and sing Kumbayah…..or it is a Small World After All.

    We can start by shutting and militarizing the entire Mexican border as we have done in Texas. Have a systematic and thorough vetting process. This pariah is working itself North and no one is immune. I will be dead and gone but my kids and grand kids will be here. Our government is doing nothing and the bickering between the red and blue teams is aiding all of this.

    It is impossible for the world to live together. It was not designed that way and to think otherwise is pure folly

    So…..when does it become our business?

    • So much of their business, not all obviously, but a lot aren’t actually illegal, except for how they are obtaining and keeping them. So legality isn’t really the problem or the solution. The drugs, I’m guessing a lot are coming from China ? and a lot is being produced here?

    • Is this it?

    • Mathius got me to thinking

      The most dangerous phrase in the English language.

      You can choose to believe this or not. I do not really care but it is the truth and it is what is happening.

      You’re probably one of the most reputable sources of information I have.

      You say it is so, it is so.

      The CNJG is up and coming and their sources of revenue are as follows in order of income. (1) Extortion/Kidnapping,


      1) Don’t pay. Don’t ever pay. Not one red cent. Not now. Not ever. No K&R insurance under the table back door payments for VIPs. Not a quid pro quo for a child hostage. NOTHING. A few people will be executed to “make the point” and that sucks, but after that they won’t bother because, you know, no money in it. Make it a felony to pay ransom.

      (2) gambling,

      Seems fine.

      People are free to gamble as they wish.

      (3) new synthetic drugs,

      Legalize it.

      Then if they sell it, so be it. But, as before, drug companies don’t commit violent crime.

      (4) prostitution,

      Legalize it.

      My body is mine. If I want to rent it by the hour to horny women, that’s my right.

      Pretty much ever study going shows that legalizing prostitution is better for the women involved.

      (5) Industrial Agriculture,

      Ok… seems fine….?

      (6) off shore commercial fishing,

      Ok… seems fine….?

      (7) body parts trade,

      Hmm… well, I mean, it should be legal to sell your organs.. pretty sure that would solve most of the issue.

      It’s MY kidney, if I’m willing to part with it, that’s MY business.

      Likewise, if I want to sell my heart once I’m no longer using it, that’s my choice too. Why should my only options be “waste it” or “give it away for free”?

      (8) gun running,

      Legalize all the guns. 🙂

      (9) just now getting into oil and gas production.

      Ok… seems fine…


      The gist is this, you cannot fight supply and demand this way.. the way we’ve been doing it. It cannot be done without getting draconian.

      What you CAN do is shift the incentive structures. Give them paths to greater prosperity wherein the bad stuff jeopardizes the golden goose. If they can make most of their money legally, it stops being worth it to do the illegal stuff. Someone else will do the illegal stuff, but they’ll be much more manageable since they have a much smaller piece of the pie.

      Would Philip Morris happily run guns and operate a prostitution ring? You bet! I bet their stock price would be up 10% tomorrow. But they don’t do it. Why? Because doing that would put their cigarette business at risk. THAT is the kind of incentive structure you need to give to the cartels.

      • Prostitution and gambling is legal in Mexico. “Are drugs legal in Mexico?
        Heroin and cocaine now legal in Mexico – in small doses. Limits are set for other drugs, including LSD and methamphetamine. People found in possession of these small amounts will be encouraged to attend a drug treatment programme.” Cannabis in Mexico is technically illegal but the law prohibiting its use was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Mexico on October 31, 2018. The effect of the ruling is that the law was generally made unenforceable and that the government of Mexico must act to formally legalize cannabis within a period of 90 days.”

        Mexico is doing so well.

        • Yes. Those are good steps.

          Of course, the bigger problem is that the GIGANTIC economy just to the north doesn’t behave the same way, so the cartels still benefit from being violent criminal organizations in order to cater to our market. The Mexican market is barely an afterthought.

          • In other words the carte l’s actions should determine what we in America deem right or wrong. So let’s get rid of the middleman and do the cartels immoral crap ourselves.

            • In other words the carte l’s actions should determine what we in America deem right or wrong.


              A) It’s not “wrong” to allow people to determine what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. Whether that be drugs or prostitution or anything else. My body is mine not yours, and your values, however well-intentioned are not what should determine what I can do with my body. Likewise, my values should not determine what you are allowed to do with your body.

              B) Regardless of the above, people are doing it anyway and always will. If people are going to do it anyway, you might as well stop letting the money flow to the cartels.

              C) It’s not the CARTELS who are determining our actions. It’s OUR ACTIONS which are determining our actions. We are buying the drugs and consuming the prostitution. AND we are the ones criminalizing ourselves for doing so.

              So let’s get rid of the middleman and do the cartels immoral crap ourselves.

              You say “immoral”… I say “distasteful.”

              I’m saying someone is going to do it… it might as well be people who aren’t going to be violent and murderous.

      • I think…..perhaps I am wrong…..but you are missing the point. The manner in which they acquire these things. They are not taking the risk with their own money. They kill you and take your business.

        Fine….legalize prostitution and they will own the prostitution.
        Fine….It is ok to be in Commercial fishing…..simply kill the owners and take over and then kill your competition.
        Fine….so legalize the body parts and they take that over and then start killing people….

        I do not know, Mathius…..it seems you are saying that it is ok for the Cartels to be in this business and you are assuming (or that is how I read it) that it is ok……..no matter how they acquire the business.

        They just shot it out with the army when they arrested Chapos son………………and won and the President of Mexico capitulated.

        Please do not assume that if you take away incentive that the cartel will go away….they will simply move it and use violence.

        • They are not taking the risk with their own money. They kill you and take your business.

          Well that’s not very nice.

          Has anyone tried the napalm approach?

          Fine….legalize prostitution and they will own the prostitution.

          Or the prostitutes will.

          Or some kind of prostitutes’ guild / union.

          Fine….It is ok to be in Commercial fishing…..simply kill the owners and take over and then kill your competition.

          Once again, napalm.

          Fine….so legalize the body parts and they take that over and then start killing people….

          Naw… I think you missed it.

          Legalize selling YOUR OWN body parts. Create a market place for live-transfer (eg kidneys / livers) and for after-death transfers. Let The People make money from it. In so, doing, they will provide enough organs that the profitability will equalize. But, for good measure, make sure that any organ of unknown providence is a felony to implant, so that the incentive structure is skewed in favor of the legal market.

          I do not know, Mathius…..it seems you are saying that it is ok for the Cartels to be in this business and you are assuming (or that is how I read it) that it is ok……..no matter how they acquire the business.


          It’s fine for them to be in the business. Any legitimate business. In fact, the MORE legitimate they are, the more dangerous and risky the illegitimate side of their business becomes.. at some point, they will have to look at the balance sheets and determine it’s no longer viable to do certain crimes.

          But also, no.

          I am not cool with stealing businesses. See, again, napalm.

          They just shot it out with the army when they arrested Chapos son………………and won and the President of Mexico capitulated.

          I must have missed this.. he capitulated how?

          Frankly, it sounds a lot like there’s a war going on, and it needs to be treated like a war. Mexico needs to find it’s cahones and fight the war and restore some order. But in the process, an effective way of tilting the battlefield in your benefit is to starve your opponent of funds. And that can best be done by letting the free market eat their profits in things like the drug trade, organ trade, gambling, guns, and prostitution.

          Imagine if, during the Civil War, the North had decided to plant and sell cotton en masse. They’d sell it into the open market and collapse the profit margins of the South. Sure, maybe the south still has an advantage from, you know, slaves and climate, but the north was more industrialized and could probably have been roughly competitive. What would that have done to the war? It would have crippled the Southern economy (even more). How do you fight a war effectively when your economy is in shambles? I know, I know, I know.. waaay over simplifying. But the basics hold. Plant and sell marijuana here, legalize fentanyl, etc. But only legal to buy from legal non-violent sources and a felony to buy via the cartels. See how the marketplace tilts? The US free market eats all the profit from the cartels in those categories. Sure, Mexico still has a war on its hands, but their enemy just took a major blow to their bottom line.

          Please do not assume that if you take away incentive that the cartel will go away….they will simply move it and use violence.

          Explain to me why Pfizer doesn’t go around kidnapping the children of its rivals?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Is it not the left’s theory that if true free markets were allowed that is exactly what Pfizer would do??????????

            The answer my friend is The Border between North American and everything South of that border. It is the English heritage of Law vs. that of the Spanish.

            The Cartels will do what the South did when the North created economic crisis. They will look to foreign powers for help.

            The solution is in LEGAL STATE POWER………… not legalizing every vice known to man. There may be valid moral or ethical reasons for that but it will not necessarily address the underlying violence of the Cartels.

            • Is it not the left’s theory that if true free markets were allowed that is exactly what Pfizer would do??????????


              Pfizer would happily sell you into slavery and then harvest your organs.

              Apple would kidnap you, transport you to an island, and let rich people pay a fee to hunt you for sport.

              Good thing no one is offering up a TRULY FREE market.

              But, see, those EVIL things illegal and the benefits of being (generally) compliant with the law is so great for these firms, that it’s not worth it to them to overtly go to war with the government in order to get into these rackets as well.

              The answer my friend is The Border between North American and everything South of that border. It is the English heritage of Law vs. that of the Spanish.


              So we should annex Mexico, all the way down to Panama. Evict everyone, then we can militarize our itty-bitty border. [calls our colonel to flesh out the logistics]

              The solution is in LEGAL STATE POWER………… not legalizing every vice known to man.

              I’m pretty sure I never advocated for legalizing ever vice known to man.

              I mean, I might have… if so, whoops…

              But, hoo boy, you should only know some of the vices I can think of….

              But the trifecta of sex, drugs, and rock & roll are just not things you can repress by government fiat. Nor should you.

              At the end of the day, vice or not, it remains true that MY body is MINE.

              It’s not up to “you” (the royal you) to decide for me what I can do with my body.

              If I want to poison it with drugs, if I want to have unprotected sex with hookers, that’s my business.

              It’s that simple.

              Freedom! ™

              There may be valid moral or ethical reasons for that but it will not necessarily address the underlying violence of the Cartels.

              I remain unconvinced.

              So I will repeat my question: why doesn’t (insert major Mexican pharmaceutical corporation) kill its competitors?

              • So I will repeat my question: why doesn’t (insert major Mexican pharmaceutical corporation) kill its competitors? Because it is nationalized and has no competitors….like the petroleum industry in Mexico….it has no competitors.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I told you ………….. LEGAL STATE POWER. That old legal monopoly on the use of force.

                Without the threat of State Power do you really think competition will keep A from killing off B to gain market dominance???

                Annexing everything to Panama would only solve the problems in Mexico and Central America. It would reduce our land border needing defense. But greatly increase our shoreline. Knowing how Govt. works I would expect it to cost us more each year for border security. Even if you added S. America to the list of those annexed.

    • This is a short list of the things that are happening in Mexico.

      Are you saying I should skip on my trip to Puerto Vallarta this year?

      It is dangerous and it is getting worse.

      Ok… but WHY?

      You’ve given me the WHAT and the HOW.

      But WHY?

      The Mexican State is disintegrating and no one is there to stop it.

      Why is that?

      WHY can’t they stop it?

      They are infiltrating our borders and setting up shop in the US.

      Is your implication that they’ll start murdering mayors in America and taking over American businesses, etc, too?

      Is your further implication that a “secure border” can ever actually be “secure” enough to stop hardened criminals from crossing if they really want to?

      So I ask each of you……how do you stop or curb this

      By doing what I suggest. Stop funding both sides of this. Tilt the playing field. Legalize their major sources of non-violent revenue such that they have to go legit or lose huge chunks of their revenue. Force them to choose between being a legal/legitimate/peaceful Fortune 500 company or a gang. Because right now, the offer we’re giving them is “fight or make no money” and we know which one they’ll choose.

      And for those who don’t choose the correct option, there’s always napalm….

      or do you accept it as the snowflakes want to do.


      No one wants to “accept” the picture you’re painting.

    • It is impossible for the world to live together. It was not designed that way and to think otherwise is pure folly


      But we damned well better figure it out.

      The Old Way worked back when the world was much bigger, less interconnected.

      An ocean doesn’t protect you anymore.

      Borders are meaningless when cyber criminals can attack from anywhere.

      Countries fund rogue non-state actors to fight their proxy wars and antagonize their enemies.

      It’s no longer tenable.

      We have to figure out how to be one planet, one species, or we’re going to kill ourselves.

  69. Are you saying I should skip on my trip to Puerto Vallarta this year? No sir….but I am saying, and I know the state that Puerto Vallarta is in….do NOT venture into the country side and do NOT go into town at night. Stay on the properties.

    Ok… but WHY? The only thing that I see is control. A mafia style control. Capitulate or else.

    Is your implication that they’ll start murdering mayors in America and taking over American businesses, etc, too? My implication is that in the larger areas they will not. The small towns…..maybe but I really doubt it. They are not stupid enough to piss off our government……BUT….establishing street gangs and controlling prostitution and gambling and such…..yes. They cannot touch Las Vegas….or Atlantic City……and they know that but they can touch the Indian Casinos and the more that gambling is approved by states, the more they can control. And it will not matter if it is heavily regulated….they will simply own the casinos.

    Is your further implication that a “secure border” can ever actually be “secure” enough to stop hardened criminals from crossing if they really want to? No sir. I have worked the borders enough to know what MAY work but it will be draconian, as you put it.

    Allow me a brief example of the area that I am in charge of for about 10 more months…the Del Rio area is a great example. The US/Mexico border runs through the center of Lake Amistad. A very popular fishing and tourist lake. If you remember, it was the lake where the jet skiers were shot and killed by persons unknown from the Mexico side. Since then, there have been gunboats on the lake protecting the US side but you cannot fish the Mexico side any longer because of robberies and such. Used to be that we could cross the bridge and go to restaurants and do shopping and buy pharma. Can’t really do that any longer. It is too dangerous now, especially at night. Used to, you could hear gunshots a lot but the new Cartel has taken over the town and killed the mayor. Ciudad Acuna is the border town. We used to see the Mexican Army patrolling and now we see none. It is changing.

  70. http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=384222

    Can’t even say it’s hard to believe they’re using the same tactics. It worked here. Created chaos for years. Actually proving anything isn’t even necessary.

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