The Mindset of Losers

11122A student at a Michigan high school filed a police report after her teacher forcefully removed her “Women for Trump” pin.
Mason High School junior Sadie Earegood says the unnamed teacher assaulted her when he was triggered by the pin on December 5.

A student at a Michigan high school filed a police report after her teacher forcefully removed her “Women for Trump” pin.
Mason High School junior Sadie Earegood says the unnamed teacher assaulted her when he was triggered by the pin on December 5.
“I was just really shocked that a teacher would especially would do that,” Earewood told local Fox affiliate WSYM. “He’s talking about the Women for Trump pin and I said, that’s fine you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions.”
At that point, Earegood says she began to resist the educator’s attempts to pull the pin off her shirt, before he was able to remove it.

“He grabbed it and I pulled and I tried to push his hand away and he grabbed my shoulder, just kind of put his hand there, and then he started pulling more and more and I just started backing up,” Earegood described. A student at a Michigan high school filed a police report after her teacher forcefully removed her “Women for Trump” pin.
Mason High School junior Sadie Earegood says the unnamed teacher assaulted her when he was triggered by the pin on December 5.

“I was just really shocked that a teacher would especially would do that,” Earewood told local Fox affiliate WSYM. “He’s talking about the Women for Trump pin and I said, that’s fine you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions.”
At that point, Earegood says she began to resist the educator’s attempts to pull the pin off her shirt, before he was able to remove it.
“He grabbed it and I pulled and I tried to push his hand away and he grabbed my shoulder, just kind of put his hand there, and then he started pulling more and more and I just started backing up,” Earegood described.

The teacher then positioned the “Women for Trump” pin upside down and told Earegood it was the way it should be worn.
Earegood’s mother says she also filed larceny charges against the teacher.
“I made a criminal assault and larceny report against the teacher,” Sadie’s mom confirmed. “He had no right to put his hands on my child over a pin or anything else. The first amendment gives everyone the right to express their freedom of speech. No one should get that upset about someone wearing a political pin.”
Police issued a statement claiming they’re still investigating the incident, saying, “Once we have a complete understanding of the situation, we will take appropriate action.”
Sadie says despite the teacher’s actions, she won’t be bullied into submission.
“I just want him to know that it’s not okay to do that. I want this to be a learning experience for other teachers and I’m not going to stop wearing my political stuff,” she said.



  1. A new thread with an old issue.

    • If this is just partially true, that teacher is in trouble or should be.

      • The teacher is lucky that the girl is not my daughter. First, he touched a female teen in school. There’s a news video out there on this story, I’ll try to find it.

      • Of course he should be. You touch a student in any inappropriate way, you get the ax.

        Physical contact is permitted when it is incidental, accidental-and-minor, a handshake or high five, etc, or necessary for physical security (restraint, self-defense, defense of others), or medical. An offending pin meets none of these criteria.

        My wife knew a bus driver – 60-something years old, decades of driving the bus without a single blemish on his record – a kid asked him for a selfie at the end of the year and sat on his lap – the mom complained and he was immediately fired. Probably lost his pension, too. Poor guy.

        Of course, it’s also pretty petty to make a federal case out of it and press criminal assault and larceny charges over this (assuming the school does the right thing and fires him). (If the school didn’t fire him, then the legal approach would seem justified to me.) But, hey, that’s just my opinion.

        Of course, as is so often the case, this doesn’t sound like the full story. And note that the student is the only one talking, not the teacher. He’s staying quiet (for good legal reason), so we’re only hearing one side – the kid/parent making their argument to the court of public opinion. I’ll reserve judgement… but it doesn’t sound good for him.

        “The First Amendment gives everyone the right to express their freedom of speech,” she continued.

        The hell it does.

        The Courts have ruled (repeatedly) that public high school students (and staff) do NOT enjoy full 1st Amendment protections on campus. They’ve put limits on lewdity, religosity, political publications, speeches/assemblies, and probably a few other things I don’t remember of the top of my head.

        I would hardly be surprised if SCOTUS upheld the right of the school to ban political paraphernalia it deemed disruptive (so long as it was not partisan in doing so, eg banning only pro-Trump pins). That’s not to say they necessarily would. But it’s a coin-toss. I just wouldn’t go around making such brass assertions like the 1st “gives everyone [everywhere at all times] the right to express their freedom of speech [regardless of what they’re expressing or how].”

        The school very much could have the authority to ban her pin. Again, I’m not saying they do have that authority, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the court sided with them on the issue. (that is, of course, wholly aside from the “right” of the teacher to forceably remove it).

        “No one should get that upset about someone wearing a political pin.”


        “No one should get that upset about someone wearing a political pin.”

        Then why did my billionaire boss get so mad about my Bernie Sanders “Tax the Rich” pin?

        “No one should get that upset about someone wearing a political pin.”

        Upset or not, the teacher failed when he lost control of the situation. If this pin was so upsetting or distracting or disruptive that he could not continue teaching, and if she would not voluntarily remove it, then he should have escalated to a supervisor or asked her to leave the class. Either of those might have been a mistake or caused a fuss, but putting his hands on her… well, that’s a breached red-line.

        • I’m not sure how this will turn out. The main point is that we have a bad physical action against the political views the abuser didn’t like. You tend to get testy because I and others post stuff like this all the time. That’s the real problem, is that this story is an example is so many other acts for the same reasons.

          So, you wonder why I don’t post similar stuff about Conservatives? Because there are no examples of similar stuff. I have seen self defense actions against their attackers (many more examples). One might think that this isn’t a BIG problem. But how many incidents are getting buried by the Liberal media?

          • The main point is that we have a bad physical action against the political views the abuser didn’t like.

            1) The MAIN point is that we have a alleged bad physical action against a minor student by her teacher.
            2) A secondary point – the reason you latched onto this story – is that this alleged bad physical action was allegedly precipitated by the student’s political activism.
            3) I love how, he-said-she-said is completely invalid and totally not worth a damn when it’s convenient for you, but when the accused is a liberal and the victim is a conservative, you jump right to terms like “abuser.”

            You tend to get testy because I and others post stuff like this all the time.


            I tend to get testy because you and others post stuff like this all the time and never post comparable examples where the left is the victim and the right is the perpetrator.

            It’s not the story I object to – it’s the sample bias.

            That’s the real problem, is that this story is an example is so many other acts for the same reasons.

            There are plenty of examples.


            This is correct.

            The OBJECTION is that you only post from one side of the spectrum and, in so doing, reinforce your biased worldview of the left as emotional unhinged violent lunatics vs their saintly innocent martyred victims on the right.

            So, you wonder why I don’t post similar stuff about Conservatives? Because there are no examples of similar stuff.

            Wanna bet? Oh… come on.. bet me… I’ll even try to stick to more serious incidents than pin-grabbing. I’ll even ignore all the white-supremacy stuff.

            First hit… that took me all of maybe seven seconds.

            Second hit: 9/15/19: “Daniel Kibler was arrested on terrorist threatening charges for allegedly threatening to attack a Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati. However, KIbler had not merely made a threat but also reportedly constructed an incendiary device that police said he had intended to throw at the building to set it on fire. He was also charged with possession of a destructive device and eight counts of wanton endangerment”

            Third hit: 8/11/19: “Daniel Waters was arrested on explosives charges after police allegedly found in his home materials used to make explosives. They also found a notebook in which Waters allegedly described plans to start a “black ops” militia group to gather intelligence on potential targets and to set up ambushes.”

            Here’s a fund one from 3/13/19: “Anthony Comello allegedly murdered Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, a Gambino crime family leader, because Comello, a committed believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory and other right-wing conspiracy theories, thought Cali was a member of the “deep state” whom he should try to arrest. He had allegedly previously tried to arrest Bill de Blasio, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.”

            Again with the Planned Parenthood: 2/12/19: “A Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia, Missouri, was set on fire. After an investigation, federal authorities arrested Wesley Brian Kaster, charging him with maliciously damaging by fire or explosive a building owned by an organization receiving federal funding.”


            And, of course, lest we forget: 10/2018: “Cesar Altieri Sayoc, Jr., was arrested by authorities in West Palm Beach for allegedly mailing at least 15 explosive devices in late October to a variety of public figures around the country known for their opposition to Donald Trump.”


            You were saying..?

            • Objection! Your assumptions of political beliefs are nothing but that Assumptions. White Supremist’s are NOT Conservatives, that is the biggest Left Wing LIE that been spread since Obama has been in office. If anything, the Left are the racist bunch, which follows along with their long history.

              A mentally ill lunatic killing a crime family member is a stretch. Although I think all you Leftist’s are mentally ill, I don’t claim that most are to the level of murder. Even you. Crazy, but not full blown nuts 😛

              The reporter probably deserved it 😀 😀 😀 Joking of course. A politician, no less.

              The PP stuff may be a political, religious extremism. Your assumptions are almost as good as the House Crats during the impeachment hearings 😀 😛

              • Objection! Your assumptions of political beliefs are nothing but that Assumptions.

                Point of order. You have nothing to suggest that the teacher was a liberal. He may have been a never-Trump conservative.

                If anything, the Left are the racist bunch

                Always with the projection…. “no, you!” should be the official motto of the RNC.

                A mentally ill lunatic killing a crime family member is a stretch.

                A conservative conspiracy theorist…steeped in conservative conspiracy theories..

                The PP stuff may be a political, religious extremism.

                The left aren’t the ones attacking Planned Parenthood.

                Speaking of… I missed a perennial favorite…

                This guy publicly executed Dr. Triller and was a well established commentator on Fox News websites and, in particular, Bill O’Reilly.. and that’s especially interesting given the number of times O’Reilly had called him a “Tiller the Baby Killer” on his show.

                But I’m sure you’ll find a way to assert that he was a secret liberal.

          • So, you wonder why I don’t post similar stuff about Conservatives? Because there are no examples of similar stuff.

            Hey, Gman, I made this just for you.

            I know, I know, I should be doing the actual work I get paid for, but screw it.

            Consider it a labor of love.

            See that trendline? See how it angles up? That means that the more a state voted for Trump (a fair proxy for more Republican / more Conservative), the more people get murdered per 100k (a fair proxy for “violence” in general).

            So, by all means, post your cherry-picked anecdotes. But on a sample set of around 20,000 murders, I can say that your odds go up the more conservative the area. And, from this, I can draw the reasonable conclusion that, on balance, conservatives probably are more violent than liberals.


    I think at some point the SCOTUS would have to shut this down, should the Crats continue. Although I totally doubt they will see a majority in the Senate, they can dream 😛

  3. I’ve been following with great interest the Blexit movement. Found a real cool new girl I’ve been following on YouTube…Patricia Dickson. She’s always been conservative but she’s trying her darndest to get the message out to other blacks. Bonus, that I just realized she writes articles for American Thinker too. Pretty much the same info as what she posts on YouTube. My bet is that Trump will get 30% or better of the black vote next year and win in a landslide. Anyway, she led me to this Breitbart article, since I’d have never found it myself. I’ve probably only been to Breitbart a handful of times ever.

  4. HOROWITZ: “The activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this.”

    Damn , I don’t know what else needs to be said.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Just had an awful thought on the impeachment garbage. I wonder if the Dems pushed the articles through quickly in order to prevent the Courts from ruling against them on the subpoena issues. The SCOTUS does not like to get in the middle of political arguments. The court may view the existence of the impeachment articles as a process they will not want to influence. So a lower court will say Congress was right, and the Circuits and SCOTUS will punt.

    Why do I think this? Because if the Courts were to suddenly say that Trump was within his authority to NOT have his people testify and/or to produce documents because Congress was over reaching,…………….. the entire Obstruction case dissolves. And the Court is not going to put itself in the position of dissolving an Article of Impeachment before the Senate hears the case.

    • In Nixon’s case, Congress waited for the courts which ruled that he had to release the tapes. They made no comment on impeachment. Now I find it interesting that the courts seem to divine Trump’s intent on immigration, census, and other issues, but the same standards are never applied to the opponents.

      • Isn’t the court majority Conservative? Odd that a Conservative majority keeps siding against Trump….

        • SCOTUS mostly had backed Trump. It has been the lower courts who divine intent. They only time SCOTUS has done this is on the citizenship issue on the census.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          YOU SIR, are seriously misinformed.

  6. U.S.—Democrats unveiled their articles of impeachment against President Trump, but one of the charges seems to have backfired. The suggestion that Trump obstructed Congress turned out to be a far more popular idea than Democrats had predicted.

    As soon as it was revealed that Trump may have slowed the legislative branch from getting any work done, Americans praised Trump for his patriotic service. Trump’s popularity saw a huge spike in national polls, putting him in the 80% approval range for the first time ever. Support was bipartisan, as Republicans were happy he was stopping the House and Democrats were happy that he was stopping the Senate. Libertarians were smoking weed and didn’t seem to understand the question.
    “Any president who stops Congress from doing their jobs is a hero in my book,” said one voter in Ohio. “I wasn’t sure I supported Trump at first, but when the Dems accused him of hindering Congress, I boarded the Trump train immediately.”
    “ALL ABOARD! CHOO CHOO! MAGA!” he yelled, donning his brand-new MAGA hat.
    At publishing time, Trump was looking for ways to obstruct both the judicial and executive branches, further increasing his popularity.

    Readers of the Bee,

  7. EL SEGUNDO, CA—Meatless meat was once scoffed at by the public, ridiculed for its flavorlessness and complete lack of similarity to actual meat. But now there is a new product on the market from the innovators at High Horse Inc., a plant-based meat manufacturer with a new meat alternative that tastes exactly like real meat to people who have obviously never eaten meat a day in their lives. They call it AintMeat®.

    “The first time I tasted AintMeat® I was blown away by how much this tasted like the real thing,” said San Francisco Healthgood store owner, Honeysuckle McWhisp, a 32-year-old man who has not eaten one speckle of meat in his entire hippy life. “I think meat is disgusting, that’s why I’m vegan. So when I eat AintMeat® and it tastes disgusting, it brings back a lot of my memories of what meat I think meat tastes like. It’s amazing what they can cook up in science labs these days.”
    “Plant-based meat used to be a fantasy, but now it is the future,” said Dr. Keller Heron, one of the inventors of AintMeat®. “But after a lot of hard work and even harder science, we finally have something we as vegans can proudly say tastes just like the very thing we do not eat and cannot stand the taste of. We have brownish, reddish piles of soft, spongy mush: something nobody would have imagined scientists could accomplish. We have AintMeat®.”
    High Horse Inc. is proud to move the world to a new place beyond animal cruelty and into a more natural, organic future, where meat is processed from strange chemicals and protein globs in test tubes and beakers, bubbling and slimy in science labs, forming into coagulated steaming piles of brown mush that drip strange pink fluid and smell like wet cardboard — just as mother nature intended.

  8. And an interesting secondary implication of my graph… the more homogeneous a state is (that is, the less politically diverse), the lower the murder rate. Wyoming and Hawaii, which went for Trump by 46 and 32 points respectively, had a murder rate of 2.3 and 2.5% whereas, say, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan, which were all swing states with margins around 1% had murder rates around 5-6%.

    • Citation please 🙂

      Secondly, just how many of these murders are in Crat controlled big cities? There are people getting shot everyday in Philly and Pittsburgh. There is NOBODY getting shot in my entire country or the one to my South and East.

      • Stats are via the Wikipedia’s pages for violence by state and the 2016 election results, followed by me (one of the world’s leading experts in Excel) throwing them into an Excel spreadsheet and graphing it.

        All I did to reach this secondary conclusion is to use the absolute value of the margin of victory to define homogeneity rather than polarization (that is, a large margin of victory means the state is very homogeneous to one party or the other), then I just recalc’d the trendline. You can see this if you squint at my graph above.. the closer to the horizontal middle, the further right, on balance, the dots will be.

        This does make a certain sense. If people are like-minded in an area, they’re less likely to fight with each other, ceterus paribus. It really shouldn’t matter too much if they’re all conservative or all liberal so long as they’re all on the same side, and the data does seem to bear this out.

        As for where in the states they are…? I don’t have data for that. If you would like to supply this raw dataset, I would be happy to work it for you. If you’d like to show me a better answer, please do feel free.

        • This does make a certain sense. If people are like-minded in an area, they’re less likely to fight with each other, ceterus paribus.

          This does make a lot of sense, so thanks for the effort. Is it safe to say that this also shows that diversity is a weakness, and a dangerous one, rather than a strength, as so many on the Left like to claim?

          • This does make a lot of sense, so thanks for the effort.

            You’re welcome.

            Is it safe to say that this also shows that diversity is a weakness,


            and a dangerous ,


            rather than a strength, as so many on the Left like to claim?


            It is a cost benefit.

            Consider, for example, that a too-homogeneous population can be easily decimated by a disease whereas a diverse one cannot.

            The same is true for any number of issues, not just germs.

            Diversity carries a risk, an a social abrasive aspect, but it also creates a marketplace of ideology and ideas which makes us stronger.

            • Your subject is violence. You claim that your graph shows that there is less violence with like minded people than the opposite (a diverse culture). So, based on your graph, diversity is dangerous and a weakness, concerning violence. The other stuff you mention is pure bunk.

              • What I have demonstrated with my (admitted) limited dataset is that political heterogenity at the state level correlates to (very slightly) elevated violence.

                (A) We should not confuse correlation for causation.
                (B) I would want to see much more granular data before I accepted this conclusion more broadly.
                (C) Just because something has a downside does not make it a “weakness” per say. Some people have allergies. A misplaced peanut or a bee sting can kill people – not because of the peanut or bee sting, but because of the anaphylactic shock, the body’s own immune over-response. So, in these instances, having an immune system may increase the number of deaths. Does this lead to the inescapable conclusion that “having an immune system is dangerous and a weakness?” Not unless you define it so narrowly as to be meaningless.

              • Mathius, Our chat was about political violence, which you looked at simply violence. I said “cool” and agreed. The weakness is concerning violence, not bee stings. You stated that a more diverse society is also a more violent society. It’s that simple. All the other stuff you bring up has no bearing on your initial claim, that the more diverse a society, the more violent. Either stand by your work or admit you are in error 😛

              • Equine Weapon says:

                He stipulated that the data seems to support the conclusion that more (political) diversity correlates to more violence.

                Where he balked was in your conclusions of (A) causation and (B) that diversity is there for a weakness rather than just a thing with a cost.


                I mean… neigh!

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Trynosky says it again and yet again for the record.

                “the only reason we have poverty in this country is because we import it”

                “The only reason we have crime in this country is because we import it”

                The facts are there for anyone who has the eyes to see the.

  9. I am sure glad that there is no bias out there… the Senate hearing, CNN did not air the opening statement of Mr. Graham but did air the opening statement of Leahy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Leahy in the 80’s should have been thrown out of the Senate.

      Who here watches CNN anyway. But you’re right. Only showing one opening statement and cutting the other.

      Just like the house inquiries.

    • Equine Weapon says:

      Have you ever noticed how much thinner Trump is in the cartoons you post?


      Also, given that the donkey has a joker and a second ace of spades (which is somehow a zero?), I’d wager that someone has messed with this deck.

      The odds of getting quad aces is 1 in 165 million.

      Since someone has messed with the deck, which is the more probable culprit?

      The donkey giving himself an invalid losing hand or Trump giving himself a hugely unlikely winning hand? The later is far more probable. So, it seems likely that Trump cheated to give himself the winning hand, but did so badly, resulting in the invalid deck. The donkey is just calling him out for his bullshit.

      Lastly, please note that the donkey has more chips. This is because, on balance, he is the better player. Even if we accept the rigged deck and cheating by Trump, the donkey has him covered and will survive for another round.


      … I mean… neigh!


    Spying occurred, period. Whether or not the spying was legal has yet to be determined, BUT, lying on the warrants requests to do so looks pretty bed.

  11. I did watch some of the Horowitz hearing yesterday, more than I would have liked. What I got from it:

    1. 3 FBI teams lied to the FISA court to obtain the warrants.
    2. An Email was altered by some guy named Clinkscale , which totally changed the meaning of the email and then presented it as evidence for a FISA warrant. He has been referred for a criminal investigation.
    3. Horowitz could not prove political bias. He also could not disprove political bias. I know what I think. Political bias isn’t a crime anyway.
    4. I do not expect any major prison sentences, but I’m guessing that a few folks will be losing their jobs.

    On to impeachment. Go get em Crats. Take your vote and lets go to trial. I believe we are on the verge of watching the Crats make the biggest political mistake in my lifetime. It is far from the worst mistakes they have made, but it will cost them bigly.

  12. If the FISA court charged the Page filers with contemp of court, would that preclude Barr from charging them under double jeopardy laws?

    • contempt

    • Just A Citizen says:


      NO. Not if the charges he would bring are for different violations of the law. The Judges could charge them with Contempt but Barr would probably charge them with “tampering with evidence” and “perjury”.


    Was curious about this rule I kept hearing about. So we have an analysis of the rule, that includes everything except the obvious reason the rule was passed in the first place.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Thoughts? I missed the fact Mr. Volker passed away recently.

    From CNBC

    Three months before he died, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker issued a scathing critique against President Donald Trump and the “movement to undermine Americans’ faith in our government and its policies and institutions.”

    In an afterword to a paperback release of his autobiography, the legendary former central bank chief called out the president for his attacks on the Fed and said there is a general movement to undermine confidence in essential U.S. institutions.

    “Nihilistic forces are dismantling policies to protect our air, water, and climate,” Volcker wrote at the end of “Keeping At It: The Quest for Sound Money and Good Government.” “And they seek to discredit the pillars of our democracy: voting rights and fair elections, the rule of law, the free press, the separation of powers, the belief in science, and the concept of truth itself.”

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    For the life of me I cannot recall a single time Mr. Trump has called for curtailing the Freedom of the Press. These whiny little rats should just focus on doing their job properly. And let us not forget that while the Press is supposed to be free from Govt. control, which is laughable in effect, it has never been a truly objective and reasoned outlet of information.

    P.S.: One more thing……….. the press, talking heads and other pundits keep missing the critical point. Mr. Trump did not cause the division and opinions we see today. He is a reflection of how the people feel and what they think about our institutions. While the Dems are defending the status quo today, because Trump opposes it, there were all against it just ten years or so back. The govt and other institutions have simply grown to large and powerful, they have lost touch with We the People.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    If you were confused as to what is actually at stake in this whole investigation/Russia collusion/Ukraine garbage, this should clarify it for you.

    Note also that this is a standard tactic. Vilify the opposition as being unfit and heavily partisan whenever they dare rise up and point out your sides violations. You probably do not recall that Mr. Holder and others used this same tactic to attack those who pointed out the abuse by the IRS in approving right wing organizations for 501(c)(3) status.

    • Holder was held in contempt of Congress due to his lack of cooperation in providing evidence during the many investigations. I do not put much stock in what he says.

  17. U.S.—A new study found that most people would rather be annihilated by a giant tidal wave caused by climate change than continue to be lectured by climate change activists.

    Study participants were given the option of having the earth flooded by massive tidal waves or listening to virtue-signaling, smarmy lectures by environmentalists for the next decade. Over 87% of respondents selected, “Bring on the tidal wave.” A few people said they’d rather take the lectures, but after hearing a few minutes of the lectures, quickly changed their minds. Several respondents rushed straight to the ocean, arms outstretched, and asked the sea to take us all.
    “Come, sweet death,” one man scrawled on the survey response form after hearing just 30 seconds of a Greta Thunberg lecture. “O, sweet release that ends my suffering on this mortal plane! Embrace me in your salty arms, great wave of destiny.”
    “Honestly, between Greta and the climate change, I’ll take the climate change,” said one man in Minnesota. “Heck, it’s Minnesota, don’t ya know. We could use a little warming. But even if it turns out to be catastrophic — I’ll take the tidal wave.”
    Fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and bees also polled higher than the activists.

  18. Watching a little of the back and forth of the Senate hearing today…..I have seen better fights between four year olds……what a crock of shit……both sides going nyaah nyahhh nyaah…..terrible.

    • What I have gotten from all of this is that the Crats think “we the people” are stupid. They have continued to outright LIE. I did enjoy Swalwell getting slammed, that was fun. 😀

    • I might find him a loathsome cretin, but… well… that was funny.

      Well, his joke was funny.. the thug life stuff with the music was a bit meh.

  19. If I were a Democrat, I would be embarrassed by my party. If I were a Liberal, I would be embarrassed the way my fellow Liberals in DC have acted. Thank GOD I’m neither.

  20. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    So the president is being impeached for having CONTEMPT FOR CONGRESS. I guess they ought to impeach me too since I have more contempt for this congress than even he does.

    You are ALL now witnessing the end of the American Experiment when the congress can weaponize a misinterpretation of the constitution. As the leftist courts have demonstrated over the last 50 years, the law is not what it says anymore, the law is now what you think it might be for the occasion. NB. Remember what I have been harping on about the meaning of language and words.

    Those who support this insanity are NOT patriots, they are little mini Hitlers. Best read up on the Weimar Republic, it’s coming YOUR way and soon.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    More complaining about something that has been the standard for a long time. I have yet to see a proposal by Miss Swift on how to resolve this issue of hers. She signed over those rights. Does she think that selling them should just be negated later because she finally gains success? Maybe she wants a law prohibiting recording studios and producers from “buying” the rights in the first place. Wish she would put something forth instead of just crying about it all the time.

    • I spent a few seconds reading this before my eyes rolled back into my skull and my tongue began to lull.

      I agree with you, Mr. JAC, old boy, if she didn’t want her rights sold off, she should have sold them in the first place, or negotiated a right-of-first-refusal or a non-transferable clause, etc.

      If I draw a picture, and I sell it, and you buy it, it’s YOUR picture now. I may still be the “artist,” but it’s YOUR art. As in, YOU own it, and my bitching and moaning about it means absolutely nothing.

      I see nothing “sexist” or “male privilege” in what is happening here, though, again, I admit to a complete lack of interest and so have not read all that could be out there. I do, however, see a valid point of conversation regarding the power differential between the big “makers” and desperate artists early in their career which may give rise to onerous contracts. But that does not seem to be what she’s whining about.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:


        Like the artist whose art Ivanka Trump collected and spent tons of money for. When Donald won the presidency he wanted the art back. Because he couldn’t stand the thought of it continuing to hang on her walls. I also dont remember reading that he was offering to BUY the art back.

  22. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WTVC) -- A woman is suing Hamilton County government and two Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies after she says one of them, during the course of her arrest, stripped to his underwear and baptized her in Soddy Lake, in the northern part of the county.

    The deputies named in the lawsuit are Deputy Daniel Wilkey and Deputy Jacob Goforth.

    Shandle Marie Riley claims in the lawsuit that the incident happened back on February 6th, between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

    Riley says she was driving alone, and pulled into a gas station, where Wilkey was, and bought cigarettes and gas. Later, Deputy Wilkey pulled her car over in the driveway of a friend's home, where her minor child was staying.

    The lawsuit says Deputy Wilkey told Riley he believed she possessed methamphetamine, and ordered her out of the vehicle. The lawsuit says Wilkey then searched her "unlawfully," covering every area of her body. It claims Wilkey then asked her to "reach under her shirt and pull out her bra and shake the bra and shirt." Riley says she asked if a female officer could be present for the search, to which Wilkey replied "the law did not require" it.

    Wilkey then asked if she had anything illegal in her car. She replied that she had a marijuana "roach" in a pack of cigarettes, and gave him the pack.

    Wilkey then searched the vehicle, and according to the lawsuit "insulted the plaintiff," calling her a "piece of s---," saying she was lying about not having other drugs. But the lawsuit says Wilkey found nothing other than the "roach."

    The lawsuit says Wilkey then asked her if she was "saved" and believed in Jesus Christ. She responded that she believed in Jesus Christ, but that she was not "saved" by her own choice.

    The lawsuit goes on to say Wilkey told Riley that "God was talking to him during the vehicle search, and [he] felt the Lord wanted him to baptize the plaintiff.," and said that he felt "the spirit."

    Wilkey then told Riley to get towels inside the home for a baptism, and said he would issue her only a criminal citation for marijuana and not take her to jail, according to the lawsuit. Riley says she got the towels, and followed Wilkey in his patrol car, not saying where he was taking her. Riley says she was afraid to ignore Wilkey and not do as he commanded.

    The two arrived at Soddy Lake, and were joined by Deputy Goforth. The lawsuit says Wilkey told Riley that Goforth was needed as a witness for the baptism to be "valid."

    The lawsuit says Wilkey then stripped down to his boxer shorts, and gave Riley the option to remove her clothes, which she declined. It says Wilkey then led her to waist deep, cold water, put one hand on her back and the other on her breasts, and submerged her underwater for "several moments." At this moment, Riley says she "felt horribly violated."

    Then, according to the lawsuit, Wilkey used one towel to dry off and let Riley dry off with the other one, while Goforth "smirked" at her as she was using it.

    NewsChannel 9 obtained a citation written by Deputy Wilkey that does not recount the baptism incident. It claims that he stopped Riley for a tinted window violation and license tag obstruction, and says she admitted to having "a joint" in her car.

    On February 6th, Riley pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance, and was given a suspended sentence. She remains on probation.

    The lawsuit is seeking $1,000,000 in compensatory damages and $10,000,000 in punitive damages.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      OMG………….. Yeah, I am sure God recognizes someone as saved if they are FORCED to participate. Good lord have mercy upon these cretonnes.

      • Brings to mind the inquisition… I always wondered what they could possibly have been thinking. Not the top – their goals were political – but the rank and file who forced people to “convert” at the point of torture. Did they honestly believe that god would accept a conversion when the alternative is the rack? Did they honestly believe that the people who capitulated and “converted” now honestly and sincerely believed in Christianity? And I know there were different ideas back then (and plenty of ignorance), but how anyone could read the NT and come to the conclusion that Jesus would be cool with torture is beyond me.

        I just cannot fathom being a Christian and thinking “yea, God wants me to threaten this person with jail so that she’ll allow me to conduct a religious ceremony to “save” her.” Just… what in the hell could possibly be going through your mind to reach a conclusion like this?

        Incidentally, this event came to my attention because this same cop just got suspended without pay pending the results of an investigation of him conducting an illegal *ahem* cavity search *ahem* of a man in his custody, which was aggressive enough to cause “tearing” and ruptured his hernia. That guy’s suing for $15mm on top of the $10mm the baptism lady is suing for.

        This cop is turning out to be a very expensive hire.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am in a good mood this AM. Just finished ordering new tractor and implements, daughter coming home for Christmas. Please do not make me consider the deeper and darker nature of human behavior………….oh dammit………… late. See comment on political class below.

          Now I need an egg nog milkshake and some cookies to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth.

          • Just don’t egg nog and tractor.

            I mean, where you live, you’d probably run out of gas before you found anything to run into, so, whatever.. have fun.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              It is more crowded where I live than you realize. Spousal Unit Leader won’t let us move to where I want to live. Then I could drive the tractor or ride a horse all day without seeing anybody. Except maybe some wildlife.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    More ASSHAT Republican argumentation for Socialism and endless DEBT.

    The headline is the purest bunch of BS I have read in some time. Rural prosperity??? From a program which cannot stay afloat without sucking tax dollars from places like….NY and CA.

    • From personal experience, rural hospitals are only slightly better than shitty, with city hospitals being just shitty.

    • I won’t say this as a universal law, but a lot of Republican hacks seem to believe that socialism only applies to when THEIR money is taken and sent elsewhere, not when blue states’ money is taken and directed to red states.

      It would amuse me greatly to see what would happen if the Blues called their bluff and tried to turn off the spigot. Can you imagine the shit-storm that would ensue?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        The greatest HYPOCRITICAL statement or political meme in my lifetime came with the rise of the Tea Party.

        Republicans, conservatives and libertarians standing on the streets holding signs that said, “Stop Socialism” and “Keep your hands off my Social Security”.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        P.S. What do you expect when the majority of people don’t know the difference between Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism. Let alone the Mercantile variations that existed for centuries before the other “..isms” were hypothesized.

        • What do you expect when […]

          Wait- wait… I have one for this….. just…. gimme a minute…. AH, there we go!

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Now Damn that was funny. My best friend the other day made a comment over something we have been working on.

            “Well I might be stupid, but at least I’m a slow learner”.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Spousal Unit Leader and I were discussing politics a little the other morning. We agreed that the QUALITY of the political class has and continues to decline.

    The results are obvious and easily seen by just watching and listening to them each day. Mr. Trump’s election is easy to understand when you realize that he was running against a degraded quality of politician.

    Need more proof? Hillary Clinton is polling higher than any of the Dems currently running. Clinton for God’s sake ….. and on the other side there is NOBODY. You can count on one hand, OK maybe two, the upcoming R’s who show signs of having a brain. Mr. Crenshaw, I have some hope for you so don’t be catching the fever.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Aren’t politicians a reflection of the community at large?

      • Then, brother, our “community at large” is a piece of shit.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am beginning to think they reflect the population our Community at Large would have shunned or exiled back in the good ol’ days. Kind of like how the stupid ones would have died crossing the ice bridge or the prairie, but now survive well into breeding age.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          We do unfortunately exile them. To Washington DC. Maybe Diego Garcia would be a better location. At least the virus can be contained.

  25. I don’t know that I’d call it “using a government social program” to take a tax credit or use a 539 account, but take a look at that list. Are the respondents liars or idiots?

    44% on Social Security say they “have not used a government social program.” Likewise 40% on the GI Bill and ~40% on Medicare.

    Hell, 25% – a full quarter – of people on food stamps say they haven’t used a government social program. Who in the holy hell do they think is giving them the stamps? Is it manna from heaven? Is it just something that materializes out of thin air? Santa Clause? How can these people believe they aren’t the benefits of a social program?

    And how many of this subset (people on social programs who believe they have never used a government social program) are the same ones railing against “socialism”?

    • And how many of this subset (people on social programs who believe they have never used a government social program) are the same ones railing against “socialism”?

      Most of us who rail against Socialism actually know what it is. Sadly, your side seems utterly ignorant on what it means, which leads me to believe that the respondents where probably from NY or California. BWAHAHA 😛

    • One objection to your list……I would define a social program as one that is available to everyone…….is the GI Bill or Veteran’s benefits a “social” program?

      • Without agreeing or disagreeing, on what do you base your requirement that it be available to everyone?

        UI is only available to the recently unemployed. SS is only available to the old. Welfare is only available to the poor.

        • All you say is true… can get each and everyone of these yourself…….but you cannot get the GI Bill or veteran’s benefits unless you are one.

          So…anyone can be eligible for the social services…..but not everyone can be eligible for military benefits UNLESS they are military….and if everybody joined the military, what a wonderful world this would be.

        • I would not call any government program that is paid in to as a social program. It is insurance.

  26. Resounding vote in England…….totally unexpected by this Colonel. THERE IS a message in this vote since it gave Parliament a very substantial conservative majority.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’m not surprised. The eastern European states have pretty well shown the EU is toothless. When Germany and France force unwanted laws on others yet ignore them themselves. Self interest is their rule of thumb.

      The EU is bullying the UK on trade. They’ve always traded even before they joined the EU.

      Italy will be the next to go. They immediately regretted adapting the Euro which decimated savings. Much less being dictated to in immigration by manufactured crisis. Uts one thing to have open internal borders as the US but we still try and protect our external borders. The EU denies that right to sovereign countries. And refuses to protect the external border.

      Recently one of the largest steel manufacturers in Italy closed and relocated to India. Their orders were dropping off fir a myriad of reasons. They were denied laying off 5090 workers to stay afloat.. their answer to stay solvent was to merge with an Indian company and abandon Eurooe

    • Any bets that the Left get violent? I’ll give some great odds 😛

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They did. Protests all over England shouting “Hes not my Prime Minister” real original. Wonder where they heard that one. my God Johnson got double the labour party votes. He doesn’t even have to firm any sort of coalition. Jeremy Corbyn and the EU have been claiming for a couple years now that if the Brexit referendum was revoted on the British people would vote to remain with the EU. As Gomer Pyle was apt to say….Surprise Surprise Surprise

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

  27. Here’s one for your Friday afternoon…

    Also, be sure to take a minute to read some of the comments… the Chinese trolls are out in force.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Tone DEAF…………… that is the media and CNN in particular. Even today they are now claiming that the IG report shows Trump was lying about being spied on and that the Republican narrative about people conspiring is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Oh, and the concerns about the Biden conflict in Ukraine and China has been “debunked”.

    We are living in Animal Farm.

  29. I couldn’t help but laugh a little today watching a video of all the “solemn” Democrats pretending to be sad about the impeachment. What’s really funny is that they really will be solemn, because not many Trump supporters are worried. In fact, I’ve been wanting this because it will fail SO BAD it may be a historical moment when impeachment is a foul word to politicians, unless truly deserved.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies

    For crying out loud…………. A Govt. program is a Govt. program…….PERIOD.

    It matters not whether you paid into it or it was promised to you for some service. IT IS A GOVT PROGRAM.

    And to cry about taking tax money while getting said tax money from a program of any kind, and then claiming you are not shows just how messed up we have become thanks to Govt and leftwing indoctrination.

    Now if you want to distinguish between outright Welfare, Subsidies and Subsidized Insurance, have at it. Which leads me to the point that how one asks a question allows them to manipulate the answers for their own purpose. In the example Mathius posted, the goal was to make fun of people calling for cutting Govt. while receiving some kind of govt. benefit. If the question had distinguished between Welfare, Retirement, Soc Sec, Medicare etc. etc., the answers may have been different.

    Mathius was correct to eliminate tax credits and deductions from PROGRAMS. I would add one exception however. Tax Credits were used by the Obama Administration to actually expand WELFARE. So not all Tax Credits are created the same.

    • Mathius was correct.

      December 14, 2019

      Can we all just take a moment to bask in this?

      • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Done

        Now, how are you doing? Surgery over????

        • Friday. Wooooooo…

          I’ll be sure to try to blog my stream of consciousness while I’m high as a kite afterward.

          • Will be looking forward to the good news? I’ll also keep praying, cause I want to, so no lip from you. 😊

            • Well, if things don’t go as planned, you’re all welcome to attend my wake. The Colonel will be buying first class tickets for everyone.

              Not Gman, though. As previously stated, I will outlive him one way or another. I have contracted with a very reliable party to ensure that it happens.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “a moment”, well OK but no more than 10 minutes.

        I suppose this emboldened you to take a cheap shot at North Dakota. I will be more careful in the future.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Ya gotta admire those who can use the English language so well.

    Now………… Mr. Turley once again nails it, this time regarding Carer Page.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Hoooooooorah……………. Navy Rocks.

    In other news, an old fashioned football game happened in North Dakota today.

    AS North Dakota State beat S. Illinois……………. 9 to 3

  33. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats stateside were watching closely as UK election results came in Thursday. They wanted to see how the Labour Party did so they could learn from any mistakes they made.

    Well, sure enough, Labour endured a brutal massacre, losing seats they didn’t even know they had. So, Democrats vowed to learn from their obvious mistake of not going far enough to the left.
    “It’s clear that Labour lost because they weren’t radical enough,” said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who had seemingly endorsed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. “We’re not going to repeat their mistake. We need to appeal to the common American by pushing policies that would be at home in Soviet Russia.”
    Rep. Rashida Tlaib said in a statement, “People didn’t turn up to the polls across the pond because Corbyn and his brave freedom fighters were too conservative. Labour really should have gone off the deep end, like we’re doing with the Democratic Party.”
    “Also, they could have used a little more anti-semitism.”
    Nancy Pelosi agreed with the far-left wing of her party, though it was unclear if she really saw eye to eye with them or was just frightened for her life.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    Good Morning SUFA

    A little tongue in cheek humor for you to start your day. Or…….Nunes hits a home run.

    • LOL…..I do not know of anybody that can look Schiff in the eye without hysterical laughter. My informed sources told me that Mathius was sitting in a room alone with empty Red Bull cans, scratching his mead…and muttering weird things. It was said that he was secretly putting Trump 2020 stickers on the walls…..I do not know….I got my information from the same source that Schiff got his information that makes it true.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Letter to Editor from our Freshman Congressman……. Re: Impeachment

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    The FCS college football league (Div I-AA) does it right…………. they have a playoff.

    Four teams left, with a Big Sky team in each bracket. So there is a slim chance that two Big Sky teams will play for the title. But that requires Montana St. beating No. Dakota State, and Weber St. beating James Madison. A loooooooooong shot, especially since both will be on the road.

    Colonel………….What the heck is with those Cowboys?????? They just been playing rope a dope with the rest of the league?? Can’t believe the difference yesterday from prior weeks.

    Unlike my Seahawks, who once again made a blow out close just for the hell of it. Notice the “once again” part. That my Texican friend is what you call CONSISTENCY. Just not the kind you want if you expect to win a title.

    • Cannot answer your question about the Cowboys……even those of us that have to endure them have no clue……none. If they can keep this level, the Eagles will prove to be no problem….and the Cowboys might win a Division with a 9-7 season…….HOWEVER, the rest of the playoff teams better not take them lightly if they get in………like President Trump… never know what you are going to get from day to day.

  37. Just A Citizen says:
  38. You just have to admire Schumer and the Dems……..we need to have a FAIR hearing in the Senate. It does not need to be partisan…..Wow……..and he said it with a straight face.

  39. Does anyone here think that the Senate will go to trial…….there is a procedure where the impeachment indictment can be dismissed.

    • 100% it goes to trial.

      (A) dismissing it without trial hand it over the Democrats to whine about blatant partisanship and
      (B) there is nothing on this planet that gets out the Republican vote like a good victimhood complex. The smart move for the Republicans is to milk that for allll that it’s worth. Really give the Democrats unlimited airtime to berate and victimize their poor sainted leader.. drag it out until November if they can. And then, when they acquit him anyway / regardless, they can claim they gave him a full, fair hearing.

      Then again.. that’s the “smart move,” so I guess I shouldn’t put any odds on Republicans knowing enough to do it.

      (C) there’s always the off-chance that something turns up.. something nuclear and incontrovertible.. and then the Republicans in the Senate will turn on Trump like a pack of rabid wolverines. And, afterward, they’ll face their constituents and brag about how they chose patriotism over party while simultaneously unlike those loser Democrats who were just in it for political gain.

    • I’ll withhold judgement pending the House vote. Without an actual crime, the Crats would have to be really stupid to continue. BUT, I hope they vote to impeach and I hope there is a long open trial and the Republicans can actually have some witnesses. Plus, I want the whistleblower on the stand, even with a mask on. I also want to see Schiff on the stand, he can’t help himself and will likely commit perjury. Get ALL of those in the Horowitz report to testify from the FBI that screwed up (never happen, but wishful thinking).

      • I have a question re the whistleblower.

        My understanding is that everything he has said has already been borne out by the other witnesses and factual evidence (eg the “transcript”).

        Am I mistaken?

        If not, what good does it do you to put him on the stand?

        • The issue is not what he wrote it is where he got the hearsay and with whom he coordinated the filing plus his motives.

          • Seems to me that that could/should be a separate matter.

            The question of “impeachment” isn’t “who let the cat out of the bag regarding his alleged crimes,” but rather “did he commit said crimes.”

            It seems…. disingenuous… to persist in going after the guy who first let it be known that this call took place when the call and what it said (at least, a summary of what it said) are out in the open. His contribution to the case is no longer relevant in any way except as a historical footnote marked “here’s where the ball started rolling.”

            It’d be as if I robbed a bank, then someone snitched and the police searched my house house, found sacks of money, matched my fingers to the gun, and my car to the scene. Then, during trial, I demanded to know who snitched and what he knew and who he knew it from, etc, and to have him testify and face my questioning. Well, I mean, I get wanting that, and the accused has the right to call witnesses in it’s defense, but who cares anymore, right? What does the snitch contribute to the trial when better evidence already exists to support everything he said?

            I mean, the res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself. He said there was a phone call, and he said that Trump seemingly pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden. The fact of the call is firmly established by empirical evidence. The contents of the call are publicly summarized and while interpretations vary, at least jive with what he said. So, insofar as his knowledge was hearsay, what further bearing could it have on the question of TRUMP’s impeachment?

            If you want to make the case that whistleblower, or Schiff, or anyone else did something wrong, that’s fine. Go for it… but that’s really a separate matter from impeachment, no?

            • Exactly what crimes is Trump being accused of? I mean an actual law violation. The world wants to know, because if it’s not a crime then it just a disagreement.

            • First, they have not established that a crime has actually occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. Second, if the cops and DA are dirty and railroading the defendant, that is pertinent information.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Normally I would agree with you on the Whistle Blower. But I think the Whistle Blower and Schiff are fair game only because there is some who believe that Schiff and his staff helped orchestrate the whistle blower report. That all the witnesses brought forward were tainted by the narrative created in part by the WB and Schiff’s staff. It could also mean that the WB complaint should have not been allowed to go to Congress……..

              Remember, an impeachment trial is not really just a trial over guilt. It is a PUBLIC event. The Dems used it to ridicule the Reps in Clinton’s trial. That is where the FALSE narrative was created that he was impeached over sex in the oval office. So it is obvious the R’s want to show the public just how off the wall these accusations are and how the Dems orchestrated this because they got stuck by promising impeachment in the last election.

              I do agree that with release of the phone call transcript/memo there should really be no other evidence which needs to be evaluated. But these are not normal and certainly not rational times.

            • There is that little thing about the info the so-called whistleblower was talking about was classified. If this was an illegal, coordinated hit job, which I personally believe it was, I think it’s pretty relevant.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Where in the world did you get the idea that what he said has been proven true???

          You mean, “someone told me they had concerns after hearing from someone else that something wrong might have happened”? That kind of truism???

          I do recall that there were a couple things included in the complaint that were in fact found NOT TRUE. Dealing with certain people talking to other certain people, or something like that. Something really not important but showing that all the third hand knowledge wasn’t so good.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Mr Schumer wants to be able to call witnesses————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-HA< HA< HA<HA<HA<HA<HA<HA !

      Yup, he gets just as many as the President did in the House.,

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sort of damned if you do damned if you dont. The dems are hoping the R’s use the clause to dismiss so they can beat them up with it next year on the close Senate races etc. They also hope the R’s start deviating from the subject at hand which will totally cloud the issue and keep our front page first a year. I’m hearing to much from the R’s about all the separate issues they want to get into in this impeachment process.

      Keep it short and to the point. “JUST THE FACTS MA’AM”

      Just recall all the 3rd 4th hand hearsay witnesses from Schiff’s inquiry and with their sworn testimony. Repeat No No No. Crime including Vindman. Disagree with trump yes, but they themselves heard nothing directly.

      Even Schiff said the whistleblower came to his committee 1st. Then to the IG to complete the forms. As several trusted legal scholars have said there is NO law that states the identity of the whistleblower must be protected. Our most revered legal right is to confront your accuser. My take is there is none. Its another story created by Schiff out of whole cloth. .

      Advise to the R’s keep it short and to the point. Dont get sucked into the swamp. That’s where the D’s want it to go.

  40. Hmmmm…. should I get Tomi Lahren to call SUFA a bunch of Deporables?
    That’d be $85 well spent…

  41. YESSSS! 😛

  42. Canine Weapon says:


    Opinions and what are the options here? Why can’t we call just the witnesses we want and tell the dems to stick it, the way they did us.

  44. Short-sellers, longtime haters of the billionaire’s electric-auto company, were left licking their wounds after some positive commentary from one of Wall Street’s biggest skeptics, saddling them with $575 million in mark-to-market losses on Monday. Those betting against Tesla have now lost about $1.85 billion this year, according to the financial-analytics firm S3 Partners. Much of those losses have come in the final weeks of the year.

    Mathius…I know you like short selling….hope you are not in this one.

  45. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said during a news conference Monday that any Senate impeachment trial should be “focused on the facts that the House presented, not on conspiracy theories” – Wow…you gotta hand it to Schumer. He does not want the Senate to do what the House did.

    “I think the trial should be focused on the facts that the House presented, not on conspiracy theories that some established liar puts forward,” Schumer said just hours after publically releasing a letter he sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., outlining how he would like a Senate impeachment trial to proceed. HOW Schumer WANTS it run?….bullshit. He has no say. I hope McConnell does not let him have anything to say.

    Again, you gotta give him some credit. He is trying to save the Titanic with a bandaid and actually has the gall to say….do IMPLY, do not do as we did, do as I want. Unbelievable. Hang in there Schumer..there may be some new lows even you can get to.

  46. The more I watch folks on the Left talk about this impeachment stuff, the more I’m convinced that Liberalism is a mental illness that worsens as they get older. Many of them are just plain nuts.

  47. Canine Weapon says:


    If nothing else, Trump has exposed the Liberal media as the partisans that they are. They have also shown that they don’t have much credibility.

    • They are part of the swamp that is getting drained day by day. Draining the swamp leaves the swamp creatures exposed. Now they’re all standing there fully exposed.

      Promise kept.

  49. WASHINGTON, D.C.—The two articles of impeachment leveled against President Trump were originally announced to be abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

    These didn’t poll very well, however, so Democrats went back to the drawing board to come up with something that might play well with their base of radicals. Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that the articles of impeachment will now just read, “ORANGE MAN BAD” in giant letters.
    “It’s clear, to the point, and honest,” said Pelosi. “We congresspeople aren’t very used to honesty, so we’ll see how this goes. But hopefully, people will see the crime of Trump being a bad orange man definitely rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.”
    Pelosi admitted the first two articles they introduced were drummed-up charges and that this one’s “the real deal.”
    Trump fired back, pointing out that being a bad orange man isn’t an impeachable offense. “Show me where in the Constitution it says you can’t be a brave man of color and also do bad stuff. It’s not there. You can’t do it. The do-nothing Democrats are EMPTY-HANDED! SAD!”
    “ORANGE MAN GOOD! ORANGE MAN GOOD!” he chanted, trying to get his aides to chant along, but they only did so half-heartedly.

  50. Canine Weapon says:

    • Dog, are you trying to say that Millennials are worse than stepping in a pile of soft dog poop? It sure seems that way 😀

      • I think the dog is pointing out that the you boomers are a bunch of entitled crybabies who love to blame Millennials for everything even though your generation has almost all the wealth and power and destroyed the economy such that the Millennials are too poor to consume even if they wanted to buy into your antiquated ideas of what they are obligated to buy. And how dare they want to do things differently than your generation does?!

        I think the dog especially enjoys the notion that the Millennials are responsible for “killing” various industries, but the industries themselves bear no responsibility for keeping up with the times and catering to the younger markets: It’s not the fault of Harley for failing to make and market a bike enough Millennials want, it’s the fault of Millennials for… not buying something that doesn’t appeal to them! These industries/businesses/practices aren’t “dying” from failing to keep up with the times!, no they’re being killed by Millennials who refuse to act the way I think they should!

        You know, because they should be buying what you think they should be buying…. with the money they don’t have.

        “Millenials are killing vacations!” You know why? Because they’re too poor to take vacations. And their jobs don’t have paid time off anyway. And jobs, like mine, which do have PTO make it impossible to use.

        “Millennials are killing home ownership!” You know why? Because they’re too poor and the economy is too unstable for them to buy homes. And, also, the cost of a house is wildly higher than it was when you bought your first house.

        “Millennials are killing McDonalds!” You know why? Because McDonald’s is crappy “food.” Why should they buy it? It’s not even really cheap anymore. Now it’s just expensive over-salted garbage. How dare those pesky Millennials want to put better food in their bodies! When I was their age, I smoked two packs a day, and I lived to be an old fart.

        “Millennials are killing J-Crew!” You know why? Because J-Crew is overpriced trendy bullshit. Good riddance!

        Because, as always, you Boomers feel entitled. Entitled to the patronage and consumption of future generations in the way your generation wants, without any obligation to give them back a thing that they want.

        “So what if we’re selling things that don’t appeal to them? They should buy it anyway!” – Boomers


        Or, at least, that’s what I think the pooch is saying… what do I know?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Apparently you don’t know much. Couldn’t help but notice your graph doesn’t adjust for Nominal wealth, which would be much more appropriate.

          As the Pie grows the dollar value of a lower percentage of the wealth is actually higher than the prior generation.

          Destroyed the economy? The world runs according to the economic theories YOUR GENERATION keeps preaching about.

          What I see in the current younger generations is not poverty or poorness due to lack of opportunity. I see lack of focus and drive. They are far more concerned with lifestyle choices, like loving what they do at the expense of income.

          The other irony is that those parts of our economy that have failed were driven under in part due to Millennials getting on the Green Wagon.

          Don’t get me wrong. If we are stereotyping “generations” then the Boomers have some guilt to carry. But your generation is not guilt free. They are soft, spoiled and whiny.

          • Canine Weapon says:

            They are soft, spoiled and whiny.



            Look at all these soft, spoiled, whiny Millennials! Why didn’t their parents teach them better? It’s a complete mystery how they got to be this way!

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Because they were raised by Gen Xers’.

              • Nonsense!

                Gen X: born 1966-1976
                Millennials: born 1981 – 1996

                The OLDEST Gen X would have been 30 when the YOUNGEST Millennial were born. So the oldest X-ers could have raised the youngest Millennials, but most were raised by Boomers.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Evidence of an economy that has been destroyed…………..

          • And how much of that are the Millennials getting? If I give one person 10 apples, and 9 people zero apples, I’ve given the “average” person 1 apple, so why are 9 people unhappy?

            Adjusting for inflation, Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers at the same age. Source.

            Further, what is the cost of a home today relative to a home when you were a kid, adjusted for inflation? Or college which is an absolute necessity in the job market for most good jobs (eg, we would never even consider a candidate without a 4 year degree)?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Yep, you keep whining you want free stuff and then wonder why the price keeps climbing.

              Austen Goolsbee………….NOT a Boomer represents the economic elite that is your primary problem.

              I can’t help it if Millennials don’t want to put in the hours and save. Your no better than the whining group that called for Social Security back in the day as a means of pushing the old people aside so the younger folks could take their jobs.

              The ROT injected into our society by the LEFT is your enemy Mathius. Wake the hell up and realize it, then you might be able to start fixing it.

              Now, where do you think all that wealth is going to go when the Boomers exit, stage right? Around 2000 a massive amount of wealth began passing from the “Greatest” generation to the “Boomer” generation. It will soon happen again.

              Maybe you shouldn’t be in favor of Govt. healthcare which prolongs Boomer’s lives. The quicker you get rid of us the better your lives will be………….. bwahahhahahaha. Then who you going to blame? I know, it will still be the Boomers, just like it is still Reagan’s fault for everything.

              P.S. My two oldest are Millennials. Adjusted for inflation they make twice what my wife and I made, combined, at the same age.

              • P.S. My two oldest are Millennials. Adjusted for inflation they make twice what my wife and I made, combined, at the same age. The spousal unit and I always marvel at the “wants and needs” of the Millennials and claim that “they have it harder” than the boomers…..I do not recall a millennial having to work for a $1.25 per hour which it was in the 60’s. ( My first job paid $1.25 per hour ). Then, if you made $700 per month, you were in tall cotton….and that was with no health insurance. I almost fell dead when I was raised to $750 bucks per month….woo hoo, that was living and that included paying for an apartment. So…….who actually raised the prices?

                Went in the military in 1969 at 90 bucks per month, and I got separate rations and off base living expense of $125 per month and this was with a college degree. So, for a total of $215 bucks per month, I had an apartment and a car. I still remember the apartment….800 square feet…..all bills paid, 2 bedrooms for $110 per month. We made it….then the wife, as a trained dental assistant, got a job that paid $750 per month, no health insurance and no paid vacations. We made less than $1,000 per month and put money in the bank.

                To Mathius: Question,,,,,you made the following statement Or college which is an absolute necessity in the job market for most good jobs (eg, we would never even consider a candidate without a 4 year degree)? Especially the statement of never considering a candidate without a 4 year degree….why not? Why would you NOT consider a candidate without a 4 year degree……WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT? I wonder how many people have been passed over simply because they did not have a 4 year degree?

                even though your generation has almost all the wealth and power and destroyed the economy such that the Millennials are too poor to consume even if they wanted to buy into your antiquated ideas of what they are obligated to buy. A load of “El Toro POO POO”.

                These industries/businesses/practices aren’t “dying” from failing to keep up with the times!, no they’re being killed by Millennials who refuse to act the way I think they should! More of the “El Toro PooPoo” The only truth you have in THIS statement is that they are dying for not keeping up with the times. Industries die for two reasons. (1) Bad practices and, (2) Not keeping up with the technology and the times. Nothing else makes a business fail.

                “Millenials are killing vacations!” You know why? Because they’re too poor to take vacations. And their jobs don’t have paid time off anyway. And jobs, like mine, which do have PTO make it impossible to use. Another heaping spoonful of “El Toro PooPoo”..the pile is getting deeper. Where in your book does it say that you are even entitled to a vacation? That is a benefit….If it does not suit you….go somewhere else. And, please, no dribble about you can’t because there are no jobs available.

                Millennials are killing home ownership!” You know why? Because they’re too poor and the economy is too unstable for them to buy homes. And, also, the cost of a house is wildly higher than it was when you bought your first house. Wow…….the front end loader just brought in another load of “El Toro Poopoo”. The economy is doing just fine….yes, the cost of houses is higher and so is your salary. I bet you make more than $750 per month.

                “So what if we’re selling things that don’t appeal to them? They should buy it anyway!” – Boomers And the hits keep on coming. No one is forcing you to buy anything that you do not want. No one. However, I will take the challenge. All I want is ONE……just ONE example of something….anything…that you are forced to buy…..just one. One little teensy weensy example.


                Now before I get off my soap box……No one is “Entitled” to anything. You are not entitled to vacation pay. You are not entitled to Vacation. You are not entitled to a car or a house or even health care. You are not entitled food, water, or clothing. You are not entitled to a safe place. You are not entitled to a job……..I am a Boomer….an early one (1948 ). My kids were born in the 70’s. I never told them they had to have a college education. I told them that when they were 18, they were free to leave the house. I told them that they were free to stay in the home if they decided on an education and go to college but they had to work in between and they had to pay rent, part of the electric bill, and water. ( I cut them some slack on the property taxes ). It was my way of teaching them to prepare for the outside….nothing is free nor should it be. I think most of the baby boomers taught their children in this manner or similar.


                Off the soap box, now.

              • Canine Weapon says:

                (2nd Attempt)

            • ST. PETERSBURG, FL—911 operator and millennial Kylie Mangine received a call on Tuesday from 67-year-old Carl Fenton complaining of severe chest pains and irregular heart palpitations. Fenton claims that, rather than dispatching emergency services, Mangine simply replied, “OK, boomer.” When Fenton went on to beg the operator to send him an ambulance, she went on to respond, “Why so salty, my dude?”

              The recording of the call confirms that this was Mangine’s response, as did Mangine when interviewed. “Dude was srsly old,” she told reporters.
              “For realsies,” she added.
              Mangine’s superiors said that her response was timely and appropriate. “I’ve looked over the transcripts. Everything was on fleek,” said her supervisor, Shane Dunhill, age 28.
              The fate of Carl Fenton is not known at this time.

        • Maybe if Millennials came out of their Mommy’s basement and became part of the building process they would have those things they want to buy. (Running for cover, heavy incoming expected) 😀

  51. Canine Weapon says:
  52. Police are investigating fliers that appeared in a Scottish city that read “It’s okay to be white,” with one member of Parliament calling them “atrocious.”
    The posters appeared in Perth city center and were plastered all over lampposts and drainpipes throughout the city over the weekend.
    Perth Against Racism said it was alerted to the posters by locals who said they made them feel “unsafe.”

    “It’s sickening and disgusting to know that people think like this,” one person told the group, adding that she was now worried for her non-white daughters.
    John Swinney, MSP for Perthshire North, branded the signs “atrocious,” adding, “We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material.”
    “Although no complaint has been made to police regarding these posters, they have been brought to our attention and officers are currently looking into the matter,” a Police Scotland spokeswoman told the BBC.
    The “It’s okay to be white” poster campaign was started by 4chan trolls in an attempt to bait the media into creating a moral panic and whipping up racial hysteria.
    They appear to have been successful. Every time the posters appear in any city, the media and locals behave as if the Third Reich is about to return.
    Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists.
    But according to some, it’s “sickening and disgusting” to think it’s ‘okay to be white’.
    Really makes you think!

    NO, this is not parody.

  53. Uh oh…..moderation, please.

  54. WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to sources in Congress, Mitch McConnell briefly distracted Democrats this morning while he signaled for hundreds of conservative judges to sneak by.

    “Hey, look over there — is that Trump committing an impeachable offense!?” he pondered aloud as he walked by the House chambers. “Oh man, he’s colluding, corrupting, and conspiring all over the place!”
    “Huh? Where? I don’t see him,” said Nancy Pelosi, craning her neck and blinking furiously to get a better view.
    “Oh, right there. Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s him. Oh, look, it’s Putin and the Ukrainian president with him too — and they’re exchanging some kind of briefcase or something?” McConnell continued, stifling laughter. “But it’s probably nothing, never mind.”
    House Democrats’ excitement got the better of them. They scrambled in the direction McConnell was gesturing. “Me first!” screamed Nancy Pelosi as she pulled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s hair and hurled her into the wall.
    But Rep. Adam Schiff had already jumped on a nearby rolling cart and pushed himself out into the hall, yelling, “I’ll get that dastardly Trump if it’s the last thing I doooooooooo!” as he propelled himself down the hall and out of view.
    As they scurried away, McConnell gave the signal, and a flood of conservative federal judges walked by. After being confirmed by the Senate in under three minutes, they dispersed to serve out their lifetime terms across the country, with the Democrats none the wiser.
    At publishing time, McConnell was pulling the stunt again, this time by shouting, “Hey, look guys — a workable way to pay for Medicare for All!”

  55. What is impeachment?
    It’s the official, constitutional method for screaming at the sky because Trump is president.
    Why is Trump being impeached?
    Trump has committed some very serious offenses, from not being a Democrat to being a Republican. He also won the 2016 election, which rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. He also restored the celebration of Christmas after eight years of winter with no Christmas under Obama. This drove Dems up a wall so they drummed up some charges against him.
    Why didn’t Democrats include any criminal offenses in the articles of impeachment?
    There were just so many of them, it was hard to pick one. So, instead of laying out actually impeachable offenses, the Democrats summarized it all with two main articles of impeachment: 1.) Trump is president. 2.) TRUMP IS PRESIDENT.
    What does it take to remove the president from office?
    Faith, trust, and pixie dust.
    Will Trump be removed from office?
    If we believe in ourselves and try hard, and Trump is removed, Hillary Clinton becomes president, right?
    Actually, Mike Pence would become president, basically making the United States into a Handmaid’s Tale-style dystopia.
    What happens if Trump is impeached in the House but acquitted in the Senate?
    Democrats don’t get the big prize, but they each get a complimentary copy of Impeachment: The Board Game.
    Once the House votes to officially impeach President Trump, what happens next?
    Trump wins the 2020 election.

  56. Interesting factoid………………markets are up 10.4% since the impeachment move…..wonder why?

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    Part of Mathius’ generational problem is how certain social scientists MOVED THE GOAL POSTS. I am supposed to believe that people born over ten years after me, and twenty years after the end of WWII are part of the baby boom which occurred “after the war”. And that someone I have much in common with them.

    My wife is only 4 years younger than I and she has no memory of much of the Viet Nam era prior to 1970 or anything about the Kennedys or Johnson. Yet her youngest sister is supposed to be of MY generation????

    There was a time when Baby Boomers were said to be 1945 to 1958. Now it is in the mid 60’s??????? HOG WASH.

    • Yes, the original baby boomers were actually 1945 to 1952. It keeps going up….to fit scenarios.

      • It’s all wishy-washy hand waivy.

        I was born in ’83. By some definitions, -I- am a Millennial.

        But I sure as shootin’ am NOT.

        I have 4 siblings (’88, ’91, ’04, ’04) who are Millennials. And I’ll tell you, they’re like another species.

        What’s really interesting about my bracket, and why I think we don’t belong classified as Millennials – is that we didn’t grow up with this ubiquitous technology. The internet wasn’t really a thing until I was a teenager.

        I think my group is really a very narrow and special “bridge” generation. Maybe ’77 – ’85.

        We were the ones who, as children, had childhoods not altogether different from your own. Go play in the park. Go climb a tree. Go walk to your friends’ house. No cell phones, no video games (maybe, maybe, an Atari), a tv with a handful of channels (and if the President was on, he was on every one of them). Boys had fights and as long as no one was seriously injured, that was just “boys will be boys.”

        But we ALSO had technology in our later childhoods. And in that sense, we were very different than your generation, and much closer to the Millennials. Nintendo, cable tv with a hundred channels, internet, and a world that was suddenly very much more coddling and safety-conscious and PC.

        So, when I look at it, we’re neither Gen X, the children of the ’60’s and ’70’s who great up without technology in the more traditional world, nor the Millennials who were born into technology, inundated with it, shaped by it. Technology is neither a fundamental part of the world we take for granted, nor is it alien to us.

        We occupy this little niche of starting out analogue and finishing up digital that I think, is very unique.

  58. Just A Citizen says:


    I suggest you try some salt and pepper with your crow.

    Millennial households — those headed by people age 22 to 37 — are earning more money than ever: a median income of $69,000, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new census data.

    “That is a higher figure than for nearly every other year on record, apart from around 2000, when households headed by people ages 22 to 37 earned about the same amount — $67,600 in inflation-adjusted dollars,” reports Pew.

    Millennial households “now earn more than young adult households did at nearly any time in the past 50 years,” Pew adds, though it may not be for the reason you expect: “The growth in household incomes among young adults has been driven in part by Millennial women, who are working more — and being paid more — than young women were in previous years.”

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      If, you insist on paying five plus dollars for a cup of coffee several times a day… will NEVER get anywhere!

    • Pass him some ketchup 😛

    • Way to bury the lead.

      The gain was also “driven by increased employment, rather than increased pay. The average annual earnings of both male and female full-time workers actually declined last year, but that drop was offset in the national data by the increase in the number of people with jobs,” The New York Times points out.

      So Millennials “households” are earning (marginally) more than previous generations… driven by an increase in working spouses.

      Get that? They are earning more… with TWO incomes.

      And the larger problem is that even this increase in earnings may not be enough. That’s because the average paycheck has the same purchasing power it did 40 years ago, according to a different report from Pew. So though American households may be earning more, salaries still aren’t going as far as they used to to cover the necessities, let alone the soaring cost of college, housing, health care and child care.


      What about that crow now?

      Let’s take a moment and notice that last item which got thrown out there almost as an aside.. child care.

      See, you boomers didn’t have the same problem with the cost of child care because you were one-income with a housewife. Millennials and younger generations who are largely TWO income have to have full time child care. And let me tell you – that’s very expensive.

      But let’s not forget that this also mentioned health care. Fewer businesses are offering health care, more Millennials are in the “gig economy” without any benefits whatsoever.

      Let’s also not forget the cost of college. I know you old farts paid for college with a part time job a few hours a week. My father hustled pool to pay for his books. That just isn’t a practical option for college kids today. My degree (with a scholarship) was probably in the vicinity of 250k, with my MBA being another 100k on top of that. And say what you want, but a 4-year college degree is a marketplace an absolute necessity for a huge percentage of the “good” jobs out there.

      About four in 10 Americans hold some kind of second job, according to a July Bankrate survey. That rate is higher among millennials: 51 percent.


      So… not only are their households ones with TWO working adults, but on average, that’s two adults working… THREE jobs.

      How does that compare to previous generations?

      JAC: Millennial households are making (marginally) more money than previous generations! EAT CROW!
      JAC’s Source: … because their households are working 3x as many jobs.
      JAC’s Source: …. and that ignores the comparatively higher cost of health care and housing and the fact that, with two working adults, expensive child care is mandatory.
      JAC’s Source: …. oh.. and also, “the average millennial had about $36,000 in personal debt, excluding home mortgages.”

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I give you every point you make.

        What needs top be done and IS now being done is expansion of employment opportunity to the point where labor becomes scarce and drives up wages. At the same time, wages are now rising at a fairly rapid rate BUT it will take them years to catch up to what has been lost due to stagnant wages caused by both a loss of jobs and an overabundance of cheap labor.

        If we want to “grow” the population, it behooves us to adopt programs encouraging families economically to have more children. Lower taxes, more tax credits. Europe did this successfully after WW 1 so successfully in fact they came back for WW 2.

        My eldest, now 42, pointed out 20 years ago that in many non-professional families, that 2nd income, which raised your tax liability does not “help” in any real sense of the word.

        • I give you every point you make.

          Ooohh… this one is going up on my bulletin board!

          What needs top be done and IS now being done is expansion of employment opportunity to the point where labor becomes scarce and drives up wages.


          But… how?

          At the same time, wages are now rising at a fairly rapid rate BUT it will take them years to catch up to what has been lost due to stagnant wages caused by both a loss of jobs and an overabundance of cheap labor.

          Are they?

          If we want to “grow” the population, it behooves us to adopt programs encouraging families economically to have more children.


          Seems to me that we’d want two kids per couple, started later in life (late 20’s / early 30’s).

          More kids means that, on a delay, a huge swell in demand for college and housing (commensurate cost increases) and a labor excess (wage decrease).

          Lower taxes, more tax credits. Europe did this successfully after WW 1 so successfully in fact they came back for WW 2.

          I think lower taxes are fine… as long as the lower taxes accrue to those who need them. My boss pays less than I do. A ton of major corporations pay no taxes. Etc.

          I also think higher taxes are fine… as long as the money is spent constructively – or especially when doing so nets bigger rewards downstream.

          My eldest, now 42, pointed out 20 years ago that in many non-professional families, that 2nd income, which raised your tax liability does not “help” in any real sense of the word.

          Most of the money my wife makes (maybe 60%) goes to paying for child care which we wouldn’t need if she stayed home. Another 20-something percent is eaten by tax. That’s maybe 20% left over. She’s working for -maybe- 20% of her salary. That’s… not great.

          Then again, experience shows me that, when she stays home, she actually goes shopping, and it turns out to be much more expensive. Maybe the real value in her having a job is that she can’t spend as much money while at work.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    Well here is a very interesting graphic. Caught me by surprise. The WWII GI’s didn’t but the others did.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Those whop had see the elephant, our fathers, were not so quick to send us. I had two close acquaintances, both former POW’s in Germany captured at the Bulge, tell me to go to canada.

    • JAC,

      This is very interesting – thanks!


      Those whop had see the elephant, our fathers, were not so quick to send us.

      I suppose to the younger generation, the idea of “war” is always a more romantic notion than reality. Especially coming of a huge win in a righteous war… I’d be fascinated to learn more about this from your old tymey perspective.

      I had two close acquaintances, both former POW’s in Germany captured at the Bulge, tell me to go to canada.

      My grandfather was at the Bulge. Not captured, but purple heart (nothing serious as far as I know).

      However, when my father got his draft number, my grandfather nearly moved the family to Canada. His number never came up, but I don’t imagine there was any scenario under which he would have actually reported for duty.

      I wasn’t there with ‘Nam, obviously, so it’s hard for me to be certain, but I feel like there was a very different reality between “the Japanese bombed American Territory and we have to take a side in this world-wide war” (oh, and that thing with the genocide, too, once that became known) versus “we need to defeat the communists in a proxy war by killing a bunch of rice farmers in a jungle in the middle of nowhere.” I don’t know.. .one just feels more…. important… more worthy of putting your life on the line, you know? But I guess hind-sight is a pretty powerful thing.

      • Mathius, I will tell you about the Vietnam War…..I was 21 turning 22 when I went to Vietnam. So, ask any question you want and I will tell you the truth of the Vietnam War vs what you read in books which are, more often than not…..full of garbage. I do not like to talk about it much, but i have no problem with giving you an honest opinion from one that was there assigned to the 5th Special Forces Unit in Ban Me Thout. I ran interdiction into Laos and Cambodia. I was part of the Mike FAC operation….so anything you wish to know, politically and otherwise, you ask the question, I will give you my perspective and what I saw. It will be quite different from what the Vietnam movies depict. (You know, a bunch of drugged up, kill mongering young people). My unit worked primarily with the Montgnard tribes but I did operations with regular “grunt” units.

        So, ask away.

  60. Going to post a new thread.

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    Yes, the bigger question is: If they will do this to a POTUS campaign, what are they doing to regular people?

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