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  1. New thread time!

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:


    The screw is starting to turn. Unfortunately the DOJ will be accused of playing politics

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Well well well. Is something afoot in Europe. Notice Italy is NOT part of the negotiations. France and Germany screwed the over with the Malta agreement on with illegal immigration all must land in Italy first then promptly closed their borders.

    Follows the dialog we started about NATO

    France still has 300 nuclear warheads, a fire force that is already “a deterrent” against global threats today as it “strengthens Europe’s security”. And on which a real common defense of the EU can be built. This is the message launched by French President Emmanuel Macron during an intervention at the Military School in Paris. Words that confirm France’s aspirations to become the leader of a possible future European army, capable of emancipating itself from NATO (which he recently defined as “brain dead”) and from the United States.

    The military cooperation of the EU countries – To date, however, the dream of a common defense of the EU countries still has a long way to go. Under the then High Representative Federica Mogherini, the Council of Member States has launched a series of military cooperation projects which should serve as a basis for greater integration of the defense systems of the EU countries. The great opponent of this process, the United Kingdom, has now abandoned the Blockade. And Paris wants to take this opportunity to take the reins of the Union in the military. Reminding everyone of the weight of his nuclear arsenal.

    The arsenal of Paris – France, said Macron, “has a unique budget in the world, in accordance with its responsibilities and interests, having irreversibly dismantled its nuclear terrestrial component, its nuclear test installations, those for production of fissile materials for armaments, and reduced the size of its arsenal, today less than 300 nuclear weapons “. But however small compared to the past, this arsenal “plays a dissuasive role in Europe, strengthens Europe’s security through its mere existence and in this sense has an authentically European dimension”.

    The dream of a European army – Hence the proposal to the other EU states to engage in “a strategic dialogue” on the ” role of French nuclear deterrence” in the security of Europe . “The European partners who wish to commit themselves on this path – said the French president – will be able to be associated with the exercises of the French deterrent forces. This strategic dialogue and these exchanges will naturally form part of the development of a true strategic culture between Europeans ”. Diplomatic terms behind which many see precisely the dream of a transalpine-led European army.

    Emancipate yourself from the US – There are many reasons for such a project. But one in particular has a specific name: United States. Although he does not explicitly mention the US, the reference is clear when he speaks of the risks associated with a new arms race, which President Donald Trump, like his predecessor Barcak Obama, has repeatedly urged in NATO addressing the EU countries .

    Europeans, Macron warned, “cannot hide in a spectator role” in the face of the nuclear arms race that the Old Continent risks being the scene of again. For the head of the Elysée, ” Europeans must collectively become aware that, in the absence of a legal framework, they can quickly find themselves exposed to the resumption of a conventional or nuclear arms race on their territory” . “France – said Macron – is convinced that Europe’s long-term security is a strong alliance with the United States. But our security also inevitably passes from a greater capacity for autonomous action by Europeans ”.

    It’s Italy? – In order to build this autonomy, France has long since started a coordination with 10 other European countries, including Germany. The former defense minister of Berlin, Ursula von der Leyen, is today the president of the EU Commission and seems to support Macron’s aims. Italy has a different view, always the most linked EU country to the US in the military. It is no coincidence that Rome is the only member state that has not taken part in the coordination of Macron.

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    [The Colonel] Speaking of the virus……in military circles, it sure seems like this type of virus is a manufactured product…like weapons grade that got out. Anyone hear anything on this?

    I’ve heard a few things on this, but nothing I’d trust further than I could throw it.

    I have HEARD that there is a major medical research station not 10 miles from where the virus broke out (something like the Chinese CDC), which would, indeed, be very suspicious. If a supervirus started in Atlanta, I’d at least raise an eyebrow.

    I have HEARD that elevated SO2 emissions detected in the area support the idea that the Chinese are burning bodies. That these levels are such that the number of cremated bodies probably exceeds 10,000.

    I have HEARD that the hospital they rather famously constructed in a few days is located several miles outside the city. But Mathius wonders why. In a city of millions, you mean to tell me that they couldn’t find a single school or factory they could re-purpose within the city? But if it’s away from the city, might it be a bit less obvious if you’re cremating people by the thousands?

    I have HEARD that the doctor who first publicized information on the virus to the international community has died under suspicious circumstances, that the Chinese government reported he died of the virus despite valiant efforts to save him, and that he was immediately cremated.

    All these things COULD be true… but…. eh… reads like The Stand by Stephen King or any of the Robin Cook novels. Sure, they COULD be true, but I’ll be requiring far better evidence before I buy into any of it.

    The only things I can say FOR SURE are (A) the Chinese are lying – it is absolutely worse than the Chinese Government is publicly admitting and (B) I’m not particularly concerned and (C) I will still be flying to Mexico next weekend come hell or high weather.

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    [The Colonel] the characteristics of this virus..the transmission of it and the spread of it is suspect to me.

    How so?

    There is a reason that China refuses help from around the world

    Because they’re a secretive fascist government whose power depends in small part on the perception of being all-powerful and accepting foreign assistance risks creating the appearance of weakness?

    There is a reason that China refuses help from around the world

    Because the outbreak is – absolutely – worse than they’re admitting?

    There is a reason that China refuses help from around the world

    Because poor hygiene, poor sanitation, poor food preparation, the famous “wet markets,” the cramped living situations, all create ideal circumstances for an epidemic? And to acknowledge any of that would (A) be an admission of being imperfect by the government and (B) require changes they might not be willing or able to make?

    and the area of the outbreak is a top secret military industrial complex.

    As I mentioned in my prior comment, I have heard this, too. Can you support it with actual fact?

    This thing seems like it is very aggressive. Just a guess on my part. It sure LOOKS funny. Something is up.

    Again, how so? In what way?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The Chinese had two declared bio labs in Wuhan. Some articles say biological warfare labs, dual use research labs etc. Then there are articles that immediately say, conspiracy theory, bio weapons lab reports totally debunked.

      Debunked how. By the chinese? Nobody has been allowed in. Especially foreigners.

      My guess is all of what Mathius and the Colonel would say or have said. Regardless of exact reasons the very fact that the Chinese are refusing any help is suspicious at best.

      Disease spreads like wildfires in SoCal un environments like urban life in China. Any close confinement breeds and spreads disease. I do remember how fast medical in the navy would react to a super contagious disease like hepatitis being detected in one person among thousands of us. If countries didn’t rely on so much trade with china, they’d be blockaded. Any ship or plane from china would be quarantined.

      Just look how long it took the Russians to admit to their people the disaster at Chernobyl. The world knew, but the russians were kept in the dark .

      • I think you’ve got a piece of the truth here and a lot of speculation (speculation I suspect to be generally right, but unconfirmed / unconfirmable).

        The thing I’d point at is how seriously the Chinese seem to be taking this matter. If it were as they report, they would not be treating it like a national emergency. I know they don’t really give a shit about privacy or human rights, but the house-to-house searches, the massive quarantines, and the impact to trade… that’s not how you respond to something you aren’t afraid of. That’s how you respond to the bubonic plague or the Spanish Flu.

        …. or something you designed to be particularly nasty.. that said, what good is a catastrophic virus unless you also have a vaccine? It’s not like you can weaponize it and it will stay where you put it.. so where’s that vaccine, huh? I guess they could have made it, but not yet perfected their vaccine before it escaped by accident? Still…. seems a bit of wishy-washy.

        ::Mathius awaits further information and cracks open his copy of The Stand to pass the time::

        Fun history note: the Spanish Flu pandemic was in 1920… exactly 100 years ago.

    • Mathius….the aggressive nature of this virus is far too rapid (my opinion). Now, on the other hand, it could be that we are now just getting a lot of information. It could have been spread at a much lower rate, we do not know. The BIO training that I have had indicated that rapid spread reduces the fighting effectiveness of units. The Vietnamese used this to some success in Vietnam…..major units like the 101st Airborne, after being in the field for an extended period of time in major combat being sent to Saigon as an R&R station. You have several hundred soldiers all aged in there late teens and early 20’s coming into town with…ummmm…certain intentions upon their minds. There were several brothels that were on limits and tended to by American doctors…..but when large units would come into town…lo and behold, tiny brothels would just show up with infected ladies with some minor genital imperfections (nothing that a good dose of penicillin could not cure) but none the less, still an infection that would take a soldier out of combat for up to 15 days. It was common knowledge that the Vietcong would purposely infect the ladies. When a combat unit
      is reduced to 85% combat ready, it is taken out of the field.

      That said, we are not a war. However, if something accidental got out……..

      Just way to coincidental to me.

      • There’s a critical question as to the R0 (R-naught) of the virus.

        This is the number that says: for each infected person, how many people will they infect.

        Spead of communication has a great deal to do with the medium through which it spreads. This is spreading though China. You cannot compare rate of expansion in China to rate of expansion in the US. If this were in the US, I would be shitting myself and re-stocking my fallout shelter.

        But in China.. in a quarantined city.. where people are (I suspect) hiding their symptoms.. where hygiene and sanitation are severely lacking.. where people are packed close together..? Frankly, it SHOULD spread like wildfire.


        As for using it to infect the enemy – that only works if you have a vaccine for your side, otherwise it would infect you equally. (unlike the brothels where you could just not partake and stay safe).

        So where’s that vaccine? Why aren’t they using it on themselves? Is it because producing one so quickly would be tantamount to an admission that they made the virus int he first place?

        Maybe. But there are a lot of unanswered questions here.

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    [Gman] this does look funny, nothing like past virus events.

    How so?

    I tend to be pretty well educated on biology and immunology. Enough to know that I’m definitely NOT qualified to opine on epidemiology.

    What are you seeing that “looks funny” and “nothing like past virus events”? How so?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Me thinks he is referring to the way the Chinese are responding, as you also stated above.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Two comments,

      The word DEBUNKED is being overused for everything because someone says “no, it’s not” is not DEBUNKED.

      Read up on the 1918 pandemic of Spanish Influenza. It too did not follow the norm and still doesn’t. Flu takes out the young and old with compromised or not fully developed immune systems. The 1918 epidemic took out healthy young adults!

      • My grandmother got the flu in late 1918 early 1919. She had a high fever and was in the hospital for some time, Her joints stiffened up. Eventually, the got them all loosened up except her hips. The balls fused into the sockets. Thereafter, she got around only on crutches. Today, they would replace the hip joints but that was not even a thought back then, She was only 24 when she got the flu. Lived to 92.

    • Mainly how the Chinese are handling it.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    Speaking truth to power seekers………….

    From The Hill…

    Alan Dershowitz, an associate of President Trump who served on his impeachment defense team, said Democrats need new leadership in Congress and that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) “have to go.”

    “I think they need new leadership. I think Schumer and Pelosi have to go. Schumer because of his history of lying. You know, Pelosi actually called for me to be disbarred … because I had persuaded some senators” in the impeachment trial, Dershowitz said on John Catsimatidis’s radio show Sunday.

    “I think the Dems need new leaders if they have any chance of returning to power,” he added.

    Dershowitz’s comments come days after the conclusion of the Senate’s acrimonious impeachment trial.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Sometimes absolutely hated the positions he took but have ALWAYS respected the man.

    • Dershowitz is a classic liberal not one of the modern closet socialist liberals.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        But he totally believes in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and how it must be applied to preserve the concept that we are a Nation of Laws. He may not like Trump very well, but he sure as heck knew that the separation of powers, and our rights were being put in serious jeopardy if this impeachment and removal of Trump succeeded.

  8. Some rambling thoughts on virology and epidemiology…..

    The WORST outbreaks tend to be ones that jump species from animals to human. This is because the virus’ BEST path to survival is NOT to kill its host. In fact, it’s not even to make its host sick. The BEST path for a virus to live quietly and peacefully in its host so as to go unobserved, uncontested, and spread freely amongst the population. Since a disease’s best option is to adapt to coexist in its host, it’s mainly when it jumps to a new environment that’s poorly adapted to do just that.. and thus why it is so dangerous.

    It is, however, difficult and improbable for a disease to jump species. But it does happen. The main drivers are – of course – extensive interspecies contact and poor sanitation / hygiene.. say, the kinds of things you’d find in a Chinese “wet market.” With enough opportunities to cross over, some tiny percent of a percent of a percent will make the leap and suddenly find themselves in a new environment.. and then it might behave extremely aggressively. Instead of doing what they were doing and harmlessly coexist, they might become dangerous and attack their new host.

    If it makes you too, too,sick, then you can’t spread it well. If we imagine that it killed you the second you contracted it, you would be dead and (generally) unable to spread it. If it kills you within a day or two, like some Ebola strains, it can “burn itself out” by its need to constantly hop hosts. So these tactics, generally, are evolutionary dead-ends to be avoided. It needs you alive to continue to play host and it wants you up and about to spread it.

    For this reason, Hanta virus, Ebola, and a few of the other scariest super-duper agressive and legal disease never get very far before they exhause their supply of hosts and die. But, conversely, the flu (regular old annual flu.. which is, by the way, a coronavirus, too) infects hundreds of millions each and every year. Why? Because it doesn’t kill its hosts before it can spread. It’s not a coincidence that the flu’s symptoms are juuust bad enough that they don’t usually necessitate you staying home.. and so you go to work.. and you go to school.. and you infect everyone else.

    If it makes you too sick to leave your bed, say, then it can only spread to those in your household. For this reason, the worst viruses ALSO tend to be ones which can spread when the victim is bedridden – if it can spread without your need to move to spread it, then it doesn’t care if you are sick or not. Diarrheal diseases, spread via unhygienic latrines or sewage treatment, can be catastrophic for this reason.

    We can see an interesting phenomenon as South American countries modernized their waste treatment systems. The extremely dangerous, extremely contagious, legal diarrheal diseases quickly evolved to mildness over the course of a few years in each country as it modernized. Why? Because the diseases now needed ambulatory hosts in order to spread. So the incentive structure no longer favored “make host sick, spew trillions of viruses into water, infect next victim”.. now it needed you to be up and walking around to get to the next victim.. which meant that it couldn’t make you so sick anymore or you wouldn’t be up and about and it would die off.

    (Similarly, albeit orthogonal, Malaria, which is vector borne doesn’t give a shit if you’re ambulatory or not since the mosquitoes will carry it. But note that it’s asymptomatic for the vector (just as Bubonic plague was for rats).. because THEY need to be ambulatory even if YOU don’t. But along the same lines as the diarrheal diseases above, Malaria evolves to mildness with a single, simple tweak. Simply mosquito-proof houses. Now, anyone who is too sick to leave cannot spread the disease. So the only versions that spread well are those where the host is comparatively healthy. VIOLA. This is what the TVA did in the 1940’s (?) – they mosquito-proofed all the houses in the Tennessee River valley and basically wiped out the disease. Except they didn’t wipe it out – at all – it’s still very, very much there – but it’s just not aggressive. And so no one really cares.)

    There is a very good reason why, when you think of fast-spreading lethal diseases and “hot zones” you think of places with poor sanitation, cramped living situations, and biting vectors. There is a very good reason why, for instance, Finland doesn’t really have these kinds of problems.

    For this reason, the contagious incubation period is hugely vital. The period before you feel sick enough to stay out of public, but during which you are able to contaminate others. Wuhan, by some accounts, has a very long period during which it is communicable but weakly symptomatic. It’s not JUST that it means it spreads further and faster, but that the disease is less dependent on it’s victim’s health. That last, as should now be obvious, is crucial. If the disease doesn’t care if you’re healthy, then it has no incentive not to make you sick.


    So what do we have here in Wuhan? A disease that (probably) hopped species and is in a poorly adapted novel environment where it is inadvertently more harmful than it would be in its prior host. Additionally, given the poor sanitation, poor hygiene, close quarters, and extended asymptomatic-contagious period, it is less dependent on the health of the host.

    That’s a recipe for a very nasty pandemic.

    BUT it’s one that may be poorly suited to the a country like the United States where sanitation is vastly superior, where proximity is vastly reduced, where hospitals will immediately and effectively quarantine potential carriers. It wouldn’t necessarily burn itself out immediately, but it would be better served as a more mild strain here than in Wuhan, China, and so, it will evolve that way. Eventually, it will be “just another flu.” The big question is: how many people will it have to infect / kill before it gets to that point?

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Granted the total amount of people that died from the plague are estimated and ranges. But the one thing they’re pretty sure if it took hundreds of years for the european and world population to recover. Even in New Bern founded over 300 years ago, the gas company while running a new line through the oldest church in towns property discovered a plague pit. The one thing that was observed in Europe, why were the people who collected the bodies and rich seemingly unaffected. Nor all but the observation was noted. Nobility and the rich plus the collectors of bodies a d people who worked with HORSES were unaffected. Fleas do nor like horses. Working with them the sweat gets in the human then fleas dont like you.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Historical note. A plague put was discovered in Marsailles a few years ago. It was analysed quite thoroughly. It dated around the time of the founding of New Bern by Swiss settlers. Marseille is kind of close to switzerland

    • See my notes (above) re vector-borne diseases.

      I’m not really sure I believe the horse-sweat angle.. I’m not sure how that mechanism would work. Do you have more on this as I see nothing about it in your link.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I did read that a while ago. Horses do not get fleas. Fleas were on the rats. One thing lead to another.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Going waaaayyyy back to my High School and college years was a teacher.professor who when asked why the “dark ages” lasted so long said, the two plagues. When you lose upwards of 30% of your population, across the board, it tends to take time to recover.

      That is NOT to mention blaming specific peoples for the plague, gypsies, Jews come to mind or “the wrath of God” or “Heretics”.

      AND, if you think we are much, much more sophisticated than that today especially in OR culture. I give you Corona beer and teh dearth of customers in Chinese restaurants!

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    My supposition was incorrect the port the settlers sailed from. They were swiss and germans from the Palatine region and along the Rhine. They went to England first then to NC

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But up until the major ports shifted to the coast New Bern was a shipping port.

      The other year with the hospital expansion. They were reworking the parking lots. The contractors discovered hundreds of skeletons layed out. The site was originally a tubercular sanitarium. At least the bodies were not fresh.

  11. https://ombreolivier.liberty.me/wuhan-and-the-world/

    Read this last night, thought it was interesting. Especially the part about how it would affect the overall economy. Opinions would be appreciated.

  12. I’m in jail, again.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m trying find a text version of this Cherokee legend.

    The Cherokees were getting very disturbed by the encroachment of the white man a d were debating how best to get rid of them. The debate included the denizens of the forest. The bear said “I’m the biggest and strongest, I’ll do it” the debate went round and round until the mosquito said I’ll do it and everybody laughed. What can the smallest do to stop the white man.
    Obviously though they had no knowledge of viruses etc. They knew that little bastard of a mosquito was not something to take lightly. Carrying sicknesses which were malaria etc.

    Not until the US Army doctor Reed figured out how to stop malaria and yellow fever when the Panama Canal was being built

    • Perhaps my favorite story about Malaria is that the French, during the construction of the Panama Canal, used to put the legs of their beds in bowls of water to prevent ants. Ants don’t really love water.

      But, of course, there was no consideration as to what did love standing pools of water…

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:


    In the article is reference to having regular contact with horses helps deter getting the plague.

    I still like Edgar Allen Poe’s story “The Masque of the Red Death”

  15. Testing

    • Test Complete………For Mathius……..Google Earth…….locate Wuhan…..travel Southwest to a little town called Honghu…..Turn North for 4 miles…..on your right you will see the complex. Like the prohibition days of old, everyone knew where the booze was……we have known this location since its inception.

      Now, as to whether or not this is something sinister, I do not know. But here is one thing that I do know (you have to take my word for this one), the contamination rate is almost 200k and the death rate is approx 1200 and continuing. Sure, it might be because of the conditions and such but that does not change the fact that it is still happening and you have a whole city, and surrounding areas, in quarantine.

      I know nothing of burning bodies and such….the aggressiveness has me concerned. China does not get a pass on this….not even a nod. They screwed the pooch…..no offense to Canine Weapon.

      • Turn North for 4 miles…..on your right you will see the complex.

        Seeing a complex on Google does not make it a semi-secret bioweapons lab.

        Doesn’t make it NOT a semi-secret bioweapons lab either…

        (you have to take my word for this one),

        Your word is golden. If you say it, it is so.

        the contamination rate is almost 200k and the death rate is approx 1200 and continuing.

        The internet seems to suggest that it’s rather higher than that.

        It’s rather tough to get solid numbers these days…

        It’s not hard to imagine how a virus like this could rip through a Chinese city… it’d be a bit like, ohh, let’s say… releasing measles into Victorian London.

        Sure, it might be because of the conditions


        That’s to take away nothing from the disease itself, but the fact that it’s in China where conditions are.. well, what they are.. and where it’s far easier and safer to simply chuck the infected into the blast furnace than attempt palliative care or expensive anti-virals.

        I can imagine an incentive structure that further causes people to hide their symptoms as long as possible so they don’t get “disappeared.” Which, of course, would cause further spread and an evolutionary pressure away from non-harm (not to be confused with an evolutionary pressure toward harm). One hint that this might be at play are the alleged door-to-door symptom checks – if people weren’t hiding their symptoms, this might not be a necessary step. And why would they be hiding their symptoms rather than seeking care unless they had concern that “care” might turn out to be “immolation”?

        and such but that does not change the fact that it is still happening and you have a whole city, and surrounding areas, in quarantine.

        I’m a little surprised that, being China, they haven’t simply solved the issue with napalm.

        How big is Wuhan geographically? Maybe they’re debating how they’re going to blame us for it after they nuke themselves?

  16. “The World Health Organization has estimated the R0 of the coronavirus to be between 1.4 to 2.5. A group of researchers at Lancaster University suggested higher value of 3.8 last week, but revised it this week to 2.5 as new data became available. A group of Chinese doctors, meanwhile, calculated the R0 to be between 3.3 and 5.47 in research published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases on January 29. ”
    – Business Insider

    For reference, our friend the common flu – influenza – has an R0 of 1.3, and fucking EVERYONE gets it. Good luck containing something with an R0 of 5.47.

    If that number’s even remotely close to right, that thing is unstoppable and we’re ALL going to be exposed at some point unless we all immediately move to Black Flag’s Secret Underground Layer and Casino™.

    At least it’s not measles with an R0 of 12.. fucking TWELVE!

  17. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Well, that’s one way to destroy Trump’s recovery! Frigging Chinese probably got the idea from Hunter Biden.

  18. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Now folks, Joe Biden is NOT completely insane, he is just remembering soemthing he once heard.

  19. OMG! Hilarious! Trump rally…on the SOTU, Trump said someone behind him kept mumbling…crowd goes into LOCK HER UP chant!

    Sorry Mathius, for real. But that is funny.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      For those enamored by Bernie a d his legislative might, he’s been in Congress both as a member of the House of Representatives and as a Senator since receiving Jeffords of his seat Bernie’s had his name attached to 221 bills Only (THREE) was he the sponsor of. And (TWO) of those three were to rename post offices in Vermont. The rest of the 218 Bill’s he just tagged along and affixing his name to the bill.

      In glancing through the titles I’d the bills not one even remotely resembles anything he has in mind to do if he becomes president .

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:


    Obviously this is a reprinting of Kerry’s speech to the Fulbright Committee and his kick off into politics dressed like that he obviously was no longer active duty and a veteran. Unlike Lt Col Vindman

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      A Colonel question which someone reminded me of. Kerry was an Officer and Gentleman. Had he resigned his commission when he went rogue? If not, he could have been recalled and prosecuted under teh UCMJ.

  21. Totally random experiment for the class today.

    Please go get your broom and stand it up free standing. Tell it to stay. I am not kidding. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Only in Fantasia

    • I’m thinking alcohol was somehow involved, in this experiment. 😁

      • Nope. 🙂 You would think so by the way we laughed about it. My son called me and told me to do it. I questioned his sobriety right then. But I went and got my broom, thinking there’s now way, but I’ll humor him. Just as I was ready to give up, it worked!!! We cracked up as we swapped pics of our free standing brooms. Then I phoned my crazy fun neighbor…and she balked at first,, but sure enough… her broom stood there too. Funny as heck!!!! Son then sent me another pic of his broom in a different spot in his house with a cat staring at the broom, like WTH??? It was so freaking funny. Turns out, it was all over the internet yesterday. Lots of free standing brooms around the world last night.

  22. Since Mathius was asking questions, I thought I’d share this info. I’ve read a LOT of information about the 2019-nCoV, but most of it is still in the category of “conspiracy theory”

    A Rockefeller Foundation white paper published in May of 2010 titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” takes a look at hypothetical future scenarios which may be used to benefit privy globalist corporations, businessmen and organizations at a later time.

    Shockingly published in the Scenario Narratives section on page 18, titled Lock Step, the Rockefeller Foundation nearly hit the nail on the head with their futuristic and fictitious scenario.

    Basically the publication is insinuating that a new world will be formed after a pandemic strikes, allowing “top-down government control” and “more authoritarian leadership”.

    Click to access Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:


    I have not watched any of the democrat debat÷a but know enough if their positions to know they’d just about kill off the economy with their plans. Especially bernies that good old marxists. I’ve seen birs and pieces if bernies economic positions from eurooean journals, so I thought I’d look here.

    I can nor ever see bernue becoming president but just imagine us ge did. That said, the people are stupider than I’d ever imagine they could be, itll be the young whi would put him there if elected and a pure reflection if the university education

    . Bill Ayers long ago decided to forego violent overthrow of the US to achieve a communist state and decided that his plans would be better achieved through the EDUCATION system. Professor emeritus from the university of Chicago. Bernies alma mater.

    Where does bernie think our retirement plan and benefits come from. 401K’s etc. Induvuduals buying stocks of businesses and receiving dividends. Or R&D that takes companies forward.. pretty soon the company will still be making buggy whips in the automobile age. As an example. If I live to normal make life expectancy I’ll receive far more from IBM’s retirement plan per year than bernues estimated 5000 per year increase ti workers. Its a here and now instead of future. I haven’t worked for IBM for over 25 years. Uve now received retirement benefits for 7 from them. And i worked for them only 14 years . If I’d waited 2 more years to receive benefits the $’s would have been double.

    What say you our business experts on SUFA

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Bernies memory seems a bit foggy on the results of a get the rich tax plan Congress jammed down Bush I’s throat after he said ” Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES” the luxury tax. Totally forgetting the money the rich spend on those products is discretionary. The “Rich” just simply didn’t but the newest and latest models. The government paid out more money for unemployment benefits to the now our if work manufacturers ie the WORKERS than they ever planned on from the new tax revenue.

    We can look at the results of the great legislation that created the housing bubble leading to an economic disaster. And a stagnant economy for 8 years. Massive unemployment. New bubble created by underwriting ALL college loans, with no jobs to go to. Regulations out the ass. Causing corporations to move their means of production elsewhere. Sure the market recovered. The business was still making money but production was far away in countries that we as workers have no access to.

    I can not possible believe investors and wall street a d even workers would support Bernie’s Marxist agenda.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The billions people like Gates and Bezos and Buffett have died not sit idle in a vault like Scrooge McDuck is portrayed. Its out working. New companies, more workers. Charities. That all goes away.

      Bill Gates has taken delivery of a $600,000,000 yacht. The workers employed to build it. Would be gone. The average annual maintenance on a $5,000,000 is around $500,000 per year. So do the math. A captain on a 75-100 foot yacht makes around $9,000 per month. It goes down in rank but the owners provide the room and board like the yacht itself. Gate’s new yacht is over 400 feet long and permanent crew is 32.

      Name one innovative world product besides weapons did the Soviet union create for their people or others for export. They’re products were crap. People starved. Estimated 10’s if millions executed so the leaders could have their power. Yet the leaders had the luxuries. The fine villas, access to special stores and medicines from WESTERN capitalists.

      Bernie doesn’t care..he’ll be dead but he’ll have succeeded if elected to crash the greatest economy that created more wealth for the people than any society ever did in the history of man.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        A few years ago corporations reminded, I think it was Obama, that they are legal entities. They can exist and be anywhere. Just because the office tower might be in NYC the means of production can be ANYWHERE, where the conditions are favorable to the return on investment and shareholders. They could move the offices also.

        Reference shipping companies due to government laws around the world the owners just moved the registry to countries like Panama and Liberia the “Company” there is usually a brass plaque on the wall of an attorneys office. That way the owners can circumvent all the “good” laws countries like the US Britain etc umplemented. To protect workers. What happened when the dock yard workers stevedores got to sticky fingered and the unions criminal. Companies invented container shipping. Sealed containers. Machines load and unload containers directly to flatbed of trucks or trains.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          What if Prop 13 in California is gutted this coming election. Hiw long. Though the revision claims to preserve the personal property tax clauses, just how long will corporations stay if their property tax protections are eliminated as activists want.

        • What happened when the dock yard workers stevedores got to sticky fingered and the unions criminal. Companies invented container shipping.

          The shipping container was, if anything, primarily about efficiency. It is MASSIVELY more efficient to pick up one pre-packaged box and move it around than unload and reload an entire cargo of individual items. I’m sure it does cut down on theft, but I believe that was a fringe benefit. All that time sitting in port loading and unloading was expensive – not just in manpower / labor, but docking fees and in lost time where the ship could have been underway.

          A few years ago corporations reminded, I think it was Obama, that they are legal entities.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Yes efficiency but the cargo also was usually sealed until it reached their destination. Less workers required. But also my point is the laws Congress passed to protect US merchant men just made the companies rereguster elsewhere. Only a US flagged vessel can go port ti port in the US. Foreign flagged vessels can enter one port then have to go elsewhere, not a US port before off loading again. So a ship comes to NJ but can not run down to Charleston unless it’s a US flagged and crewed ship. That law drive offshore registry plus helped push towards containers. Drop the whole load on flat cars or flatbed trucks. Point is Congress just about killed the US merchant marine business.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            PS i didn’t like Romney then or now.

  25. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2020/02/09/abc-cbs-uninterested-van-attack-against-trump-supporters

    If they don’t report it, they condone it. Liberal attacks will increase, the media will ignore them, but we won’t.

  26. U.S.—The climate crisis has been getting worse, despite liberal elites’ best efforts to fly all over the country in their private jets lecturing everybody about it.

    There seemed to be no end in sight until a new tech startup, Hypocri-Fuel, introduced a private jet that runs on liberal hypocrisy.
    “We just hook this bad boy up to Leo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Justin Trudeau, or any other of the thousands of progressive elites who refuse to change their lifestyles to match their beliefs, and presto — plenty of fuel to go around,” said the startup’s CEO, Gus Perder. “One fuel-up can power a jet for over a year.”
    Perder said he was trying to figure out what resource the earth has that’s nearly limitless when it hit him: the hypocrisy of rich lefties. “There is so much liberal hypocrisy to go around that we never have to worry about running out,” he said. “Fossil fuels may go away in a few hundred years, and people are scared of nuclear, but we have an inexhaustible supply of liberal hypocrisy.”
    And every time one of these liberal elites gives a condescending Oscar speech or goes on a world tour in their private jet to tell people how bad they are for flying commercial and not running around in a Flinstones car, they’re just generating more energy to power these new airplanes.
    “It’s a win-win for everybody — liberals can keep lecturing people and actually be useful, and the rest of us can go on ignoring them while the planet cools substantially.”

  27. WILFRED FROST: The economy, certainly the numbers are very strong and the unemployment numbers, in particular, very impressive. I wonder whether you feel though a little bit of the gloss of that impressiveness needs to be removed because of the deficit? The size of the deficit and the direction that it’s heading.

    VICE PRESIDENT MICHAEL RICHARD PENCE: Well, we saw in the last administration, a doubling of the national debt. But we also saw an American economy that wasn’t growing by more than 2%. It was the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. And the President came into office and he said, First and foremost, we have to restore growth. That’s how we will deal with the long-term fiscal challenges facing our country. And deficits and debt are right in line.

    But it’s first about getting this economy moving again. And we really do believe the trajectory of this economy, we’re going to end the next year in the 3% range, which is what President Trump said back on the campaign trail in 2016. And day after day, advancing the policies that he promised the American people against unprecedented resistance and obstruction by the Democrats on Capitol Hill. It has been delivering and why this economy is working for every American.

    Especially, Wilf, for working Americans. You know, as I travel around the country, I go to meetings, large and small, and I have hardworking Americans coming up to me every day and just saying, Tell the president we appreciate what he’s doing. It’s making a difference in our community. People are going back to work. And this really is a blue-collar boom.

    WILFRED FROST: Deficit, as a percentage of GDP, though, has ticked up each year this first-term. Would you like to see it as a focus for the second-term, if you will want to change the direction of that?

    VICE PRESIDENT MICHAEL RICHARD PENCE: Well, I think the President has been very clear. And we’ve sharpened our pencils on our budgets, and we’ll continue to do that. And in a second-term we’ll continue to address those issues.

    But President Trump really believes that the real long-term solution to the fiscal challenges in Washington D.C. is making sure that the budget of every American is growing. And you know. real income, after tax income for working families has actually increased by $5,000 a year in the last three years.

    So. the President’s going to stay focused on a growing American economy. And once we get this economy rolling, we’re going to continue to hold Congress to account.

    And we’re going to work real hard, not just to get President Donald Trump four more years in the White House. But we’re going to make sure that we have a Republican Senate, and a Republican House to keep America growing and to deal with those long-term fiscal challenges.


    Translation: “we aren’t going to talk about or acknowledge the deficit. We will only remember its existence when we can use it to stop the Democrats from achieving their agenda.

    … except to willfully conflate “debt” and “deficit” so as to make Obama look bad.

    • Debt? Deficit? What is that? …………………..Republican Congress
      Debt? Deficit? What is that?……………………Democrat Congress
      Debt? Deficit? What is that? ……………………Washington D.C……….
      Who says we have to pay for that? ………………………………..Bernie Sanders


      Obama was bad….don’t have to make him look bad. …………………..Colonel D13

      • Oh, forgot…………………..People are Stupid……………………Mathius.


        AArrggghhh!……………………………….the Pirate.

      • Debt? Deficit? What is that? …………………..Republican Congress
        Debt? Deficit? What is that?……………………Democrat Congress


        More like.. ::breaks out MS Paint::

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          You are absolutely right! Nobody, blue, red, left or apparently right (with the exception of the Paul family) can resist attempts to BUY votes. That….is what making 73 teaches you.

          As predicted, revenues are up big time with NO concurrent attempt to cut spending.

  28. Obama does look bad, and he built that rep, not Trump. I predict Trump will use his second term to start shrinking the government. That includes personnel and things like gutting more regulations. Don’t be surprised if entire agencies disappear, out of shear stream lining the duplicates. Ex: The 70 or so who just got dismissed from the NSC. Their jobs were basically duplicates which now won’t replaced. Trump is demanding countries pay to defend themselves now, and here…we”ll sell you the military equipment to do it. Then you have billions in new trade, returning corporations, new corps such as Ali Baba and FoxConn and Apple bringing in billions more. When that happens, the debt/deficit problem will have no choice but to be addressed. Also in the next 4 years, hopefully, most of the fossil ized swamp creatures with be retired and the younger guard can bring some sanity back. Trump has laid the groundwork for money to come in. Now its time for money to stop being spent.

    :::: no I’m not avoiding the “entitlements” ::::

  29. Thoughts?

    • Pretty interesting,,,,,,,this guy is semi-funny. Never heard him before. The Democratic Party does, indeed, have a problem with Sanders and I think that this year will be a deciding year for the Democratic Party. I think it has been hijacked by the far progressive left. This is going to be interesting.

      What are your thoughts on Bloomberg vs Sanders?

      Now that the romper room is finished voting (Iowa and New Hampshire), it is going to be interesting to see what happens to Biden. Some think he is dead and others think he is still alive. We shall see…..

      Since Texas does not have party registration and delegates are apportioned by SENATE districts, my veterans group is primarily going to vote in the Democratic Primary….we will vote for the least left person available.

      It looks like the warden is out.

      • this guy is semi-funny.

        I think he’s pretty funny. Regardless of his obvious political bent, his delivery and writing is pretty solid.

        He’s a slightly more fatootsed John Stewart.

        I think that this year will be a deciding year for the Democratic Party.

        Isn’t every year a declining year for the Democratic Party?

        What are your thoughts on Bloomberg vs Sanders?

        It’s a bit of a battle for the soul of the left. Will they nominate the love-child of the extreme left or go with something more mainstream and palatable? Will they cave in order to win or lose on principle? And what lessons did we learn about exactly that kind of thinking back in ’16?

        I’d be ok with either. Bloomie is fine to me. Sanders is… great on some things and very-not-great others. Sanders would be very bad for ME, but I think good for the country.

        Then again…


        it is going to be interesting to see what happens to Biden. Some think he is dead and others think he is still alive. We shall see…..

        I would have said he was all but inevitable – anointed as was Clinton – but after that last debate (admittedly, the first I’d really watched), it’s hard for me to look at him as The Electable Candidate™ anymore.

        Maybe it was just an off-night, but he really seemed to be having some trouble speaking, presenting himself, ordering his thoughts. Does he wear dentures? If he does, they weren’t set right, and if not, he’s got some other kind of facial tic going on.

        His Number One attribute is that he’s generally unobjectionable. He’s just… there. He’s.. fine. I have no idea the kind of person who has Biden as their first choice. He’s just everyone’s safety choice.

        I think once the field narrows, we’ll get to see him a bit more and I think that he’s just not going to hold up. I cannot fathom the Biden I saw the other day facing off with a brawler like Trump – he’d be eaten alive.

        Since Texas does not have party registration and delegates are apportioned by SENATE districts, my veterans group is primarily going to vote in the Democratic Primary….we will vote for the least left person available.

        And who is that? If BBG weren’t so anti-Gun, I imagine it’d be him. So who is your next choice? Joe?

        It looks like the warden is out.

        Looking that way.

        • I’d be ok with either. Bloomie is fine to me. Sanders is… great on some things and very-not-great others. Sanders would be very bad for ME, but I think good for the country.

          Bloomie…is…a dark horse like Trump…That would be two heavy weights fighting it out. Bernie…..his far left agenda will sink him against Trump. There is no doubt that the economy tanks if Bernie beats Trump….I will not be hurt because I will pre-position myself against the taxes. I will not invest any longer in capital gains issues and will sit on cash. I will divest from the stock market. Yes, I am a small player compared to most but I think others will do what I will do until things line out. If enough of us small players get out, it will affect the market. I did the same thing under Obama….hoarded cash and stayed away from investments and capital gains issues. Plowed back in under Trump and it has been very profitable. So…………………since I am not a trader nor associated with traders…I will protect myself. I can hoard cash and lower my income to avoid taxes.

          Most of us will stay with Biden. Texas has a huge number of delegates.

          • Bloomie…is…a dark horse like Trump…That would be two heavy weights fighting it out.

            That well may be… but I’m not crazy about the prospect that only billionaires can be President now.

            Bernie…..his far left agenda will sink him against Trump.


            Maybe not.

            He is scrappy. I wouldn’t bet on Trump being able to badger him and set the narrative the way he can / would against a more traditional candidate.

            if Bernie beats Trump….I will not be hurt because I will pre-position myself against the taxes.

            Bernie would NOT be good for the stock market.

            THAT SAID, I think there’s something terribly flawed in the implicit notion that the stock market’s well-being is the benchmark by which we measure the well-being of The People. I think most of this country has no savings to speak of, no investment in the stock market, no direct benefit from it being high. One might suppose that it is an indicator of the health of the companies and therefore their ability to trickle money down to The People, but I would suggest that that there is actually an inverse relationship, generally, that the more it pays its people, the more it employs, the better its benefits, the less it offshores and how its stock performs… that employing and paying well and giving benefits are bad, generally, for the stock price and the owners of capital, but good for The People.

            Right now, the rich (very rich) are absolutely bilking this country. All that wealth, and all that wonderful corporations-doing-well of the rising stock market* accrues almost entirely to the top few percent in this country.

            * if we pointedly ignore the fact that this economy is a massive bubble ripe for the bursting.

            • That well may be… but I’m not crazy about the prospect that only billionaires can be President now. Agreed

              I think most of this country has no savings to speak of, no investment in the stock market, no direct benefit from it being high. If this is the case, and I do not doubt it, it is not the fault of the policies or the government. What gripes me the most is how people say that they cant afford this or that and you look at what they have….the latest technology in $1,000 cell phones, computers, new cars, TV sets, and such. Saving money is an art. But everybody spends on leisure. And, if people are working for companies that have 401(k)….that is the stock and bond market. Retirement and being rich is not a guarantee,,,you have to work for it. Blue collar wage reports are up outstripping inflation and people have more money to spend. But do they save it? No.

              Those that take the risks…..should get the rewards. No risk…no reward. And, this Democratic Socialism is hog wash.

              And, if what I hear is true from CNN, Trump seems to be picking up some more black vote.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The scales of justice are tipping back.

    1) the IG reports show frayd by the FBI etc on obtaining warrants obviously to get Trump.
    2) prosecution team that went after Flynn has asked now no hail time. Just say you’re guilty. Wnt wash with hiw Strizk set him up.
    3) Prosecutors quit in Stone case. They were wanting 7-9 years for lying to Congress. Fir lying about his activities attempting to find stuff on Hillary with julian Assange. So friggin what. Congress lies with impunity like adam Schiff did on his minority report on collusion. Blown out of the water by mueller and ig reports.
    4) Jussie Smollette indicted on 6 new charges by a grand jury in chicago
    5) DOJ reviewing Guiliani investigation evidence from Ukraine corruption.

    Bet in a day or so Barr exposes who exactly leaked the DNC server information starting this whole Russian story.

    Bet everyone who signed off on the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants get indicted and that includes Rosenstein who signed and said he never read them.

    Trump is through playing the role of punching bag and will be hitting back with his full weight behind the punches

    FYI Roger Stone is a dickhead regardless

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Barr’s been busy…..announcing they will be going against sanctuary cities and States for refusing to their illegal actions pertaining to the release and protection of illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes.

    He reiterated this is NOT about illegal aliens whi entered the country who otherwise have led peaceful lives.

    It’s about time

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Any “Republican” who was elected Governor of Massachusetts like Romney is left of center. Sure he’d bring peace and quell the Democrats anger because he’ll bend over and be their butt boy if elected.

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “I contend that for a nation to try and tax itself into prosperity, is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle” Winston Churchill

    • So you’re saying that you think we should stop taxing the poor?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        If one must have taxes, ALL must pay them. All are benefitting, some more than others. WQe can argue about a progressive tax structure all day long but it comes down to having that “skin” in teh game. I would also prefer NO withholding. Let everybody cut a check in April and see how that goes.

        The obscenity of EZ-Pass and tax withholding is that you get raped without paying attention to it!

  34. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Pay attention the congressional “braying” over the President by making a comment about Stone. He is “obstructing justice” ignoring completely that at any time he can legally pardon the guy. By NOT pardoning him he is giving the system the chance to right itself.

    Haven’t seen anybody who lied to get the fisa warrant that led to the investigation that led to Stone’s alleged lies get even indicted yet.

    The “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine would seem to apply here.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The operative part of this video is Bernie Sanders victory speech in New Hampshire. “Our campaign is not about beating Trump, but to transform America”

    I wish Bernie would actually go to Cuba or Venezuela and help clean up their mess and free those people to live their lives as they choose. Nor be shot trying to leave as us happening today in Venezuela. Or just a short time ago people shot down in Berlib trying g to escape utopia.

    Bernie thinks that all things are derived from the State. Just like the old monarchies of europe and socialist states. The State takes all and hands it out based upon your due. They were more class oriented in Russia and other socialist countries in supposed classless society than we’d ever be. Unless tapped on the shoulder by the State toys never rise. Jobs housing school all depended on how a good little bundist you were.

    If you look at a recent global map of the world and the countries are colored by a positive or negative or nil or no data in net immigration or emigration. North America including Canada and Europe including Russia, Australia all show a positive flow of immigrants. Africa and the Middle East and China, Mexico, Central and South are negative. India is neutral

    But if you look at numbers the US for the past 20 years takes in more than 1,000,000 legal migrants a year. Europe took a bump up during the hay days of refugees from Syria and sub saharan migrants through libya. But has settled down to a fraction of what the US accepts. The LAST bump up in China was in the late 70’s when Vietnam expelled 300,000 chinese expatriots and they returned to china.

    Wht and hell does Bernie want to transform America from the most successful country for the people into an also ran where people are trying to leave.

    Obama had a famous quote about business “You didn’t build that” implying it was the government who did.

    Old Gorbechov last communist ruler of the USSR before it collapsed had resenting and complaining about people protesting the government and wishing to emigrate. “After all we’ve given them, ungrateful people”

    That is Bernie’s mindset..

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The idiocy of the voters that are buying into the “FREE” programs the progressives are selling. Free college, free medical etc etc etc

    Nothing is free. Somebody pays. I look at it this way the “freer” it is the less you value it. The more careless you are of whatever you got for free. You have no responsibility to good or bad decisions.

    The only difference of democratic socialism and the marxist version is the one takes all they can without a revolution and the other takes all and controls the people by force and violence.

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just read a reply to a running commentary on another site that I’ve been writing. The gentleman was from Sweden. Is a retired architect now living in Houston TX. The discussion was on healthcare. He said he’s had the same surgery in both Sweden and the US. In Sweden he waited 7 MONTHS.. in Houston 3 DAYS. Obviously in Sweden you pre-pay medical with TAXES, not FREE

    • Ask him what the surgery was. My experience in talking with Canadians and a Brit are that elective and low priority operations can take a long time, but if your appendix bursts, you go right in.

      Which… seems reasonable.. the immediate service of non-vital care is a LUXURY, and if you want that, you can pay for it yourself above and beyond tax-payer provided care.

      • Yes Mathius, we are already paying for that luxury, that is why we don’t want the Left screwing it up any more than they already have. It’s called freedom, something the Left seems every willing to give up.

  38. Winter is showing itself again. Snow into tomorrow then down right chilly Friday, only to warm back into the 30’s on Saturday.

    Bernie is again under attack by the liberal media. He has followers and they will stay home in November, after the DNC screws him again. Should be interesting watching them eat each other in the coming months.

    Roger Stone…MEH. I don’t think he deserves any jail time, considering the Lies that comes from so many on the Left.

    There is more physical evidence supporting alien extraterrestrial visitation than there is supporting Climate Change.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As for Stone…jerk that he may be, committed no crime before being swept up in Muellers investigations and “Crossfire Hurricane” and the efforts to get Trump. Lying to Congress, when they can lie with impunity that law should be struck from the books. Comey lied; Hillary lied yet nothing. These prosecutors wanted him in jail before sentencing. But 7-9 years BS

      As for manafort…tax evasion serve your time. But the government knew all about his actions and only dusted off the investigation when it became politically valuable to get Trump. But Bill pardoned a far worse tax evader on his last day in office who had fled overseas

      • Liberals will let violent illegal aliens back on the streets, but are all worked up over a harmless pundit. If anyone wonders why many think that Liberalism is a mental illness, this is but one example.

  39. I want to hear two things…The Colonel’s snark, and Mathius…the name of the fallacy here…the one about prove it!

    • and Mathius…the name of the fallacy here…the one about prove it!

      Maybe burden of proof?

      The obligation to prove a claim lies with the one making it, not with the one wishing to disprove it. If AOC is saying that fraking does all that – and I’m not saying she’s right or wrong – then SHE, not you, has the obligation to prove her case.

      If I say we have to ban Dr. Pepper because it causes tornadoes, it’s MY job to prove this is the case. Is it not YOUR job to prove that it isn’t.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        All she has to do is all she has ever done, issue a statement along the lines of, “All right thinking people everywhere know that fracking is bad. ” End of story.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            You’re letting facts get in the way of AOC’s statement.

            • Well, then, lets not let facts get in the way!

              “A 15% reduction in the use of coal for power generation underpinned the decline in overall US emissions in 2019.”

              Trump has been quite clear that he wants to bring coal back (though it is my personal opinion that he doesn’t give a shit – he just wants the votes/support of coal country). So I’m unclear if we’re patting him on the back for a reduction in coal usage which is the opposite of his intended policies, or what?

              I think this is a fairly reasoned take on the matter: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/10/30/trump-save-coal-country-murray-bankruptcy-gas/

              The upshot, however, is that coal companies are going out of business because nat gas and renewables are comparatively cheaper. So, in the end, despite Obama’s efforts to kill coal (which didn’t really work) and Trump’s efforts to prop coal up (which didn’t really work), it was the free market (and Trump’s trade war) which made the decision to bankrupt the coal companies (especially Murray Energy) and, therefore, to reduce those CO2 emissions.

              Neither Trump nor Obama should really get any credit. (I guess we can give Obama star for trying)

              At the end of the day, coal is an old, dirty, polluting (not just CO2), antiquated way of producing energy. I know it. You know it. Whether you agree with the climate change types or not, there are just better, cheaper, cleaner options for energy than coal in 2020. Coal is doomed, has been doomed for decades, and it was only ever a matter of “when” not “if.” How long it would take Blue Team to kill it or or how long Red Team could prop it up. But at the end, its dead was inevitable.

              “A 15% reduction in the use of coal for power generation underpinned the decline in overall US emissions in 2019.”

              Soooo… back to the point…

              Less coal = less CO2 emissions.

              So, yea, duh.

              You’ll have to forgive me for not patting Trump on the back for this reduction in emissions (despite his huge photograph at the top of your link) when something inevitable happens on his watch while he aggressively strives for the opposite.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                I hate to fall back on reality but coal can be cleaned up as can oil as can gas. The US on its own has cleaned up tremendously since the 1950’s and will continue to do so because it makes sense. NYC will in the near future completely ban oil for heating purposes. # 6 heavy bunker oil which needs to be preheated to even flow into a burner has now been gone for about a decade. Mid grade # 4 is next then finally light # 2 oil. Con Edison, the utility, has been laying new gas lines for high pressure throughout the city. Despite what AOC and Bernie may want, Solar and Wind will NOT do NYC. Ergo, they will need m,ore gas, and need it from closer sources like PA or the currently off the table upstate mid NY region which is part of the huge Marcellus deposit which runs NY, PA, Oh.

              • Ya’ll need to take another look at trade……how much has coal exports gone up…..we are sending coal in record numbers to other countries that need coal….and China will be next on the trade block for coal. I think the future is going to be great for coal producing companies because neither China nor India nor 60% of the world gives a rat’s ass about emissions. So, we reduce our C02 emissions here and increase C02 emissions elsewhere.

              • (A) Well that’s good.. because we’re the Saudi Arabia of coal.

                (B) Well that’s not good.. because CO2 won’t just stay “over there.”

              • we are sending coal in record numbers to other countries that need coal

                Then why are the coal companies going bankrupt? Why is employment down?

      • I am in exile, yet again….but not to worry this time………..I copied it….will now paste it.

        If I say we have to ban Dr. Pepper because it causes tornadoes, it’s MY job to prove this is the case. Is it not YOUR job to prove that it isn’t. Now, hold on here, Bub! I don’t mess with your Red Bull…..you don’t mess with my Dr Pepper. You can put coke in there, or some other drink, in your example, but coming to Texas to ban fracking and Dr Pepper, you might as well get ready for the world to tilt on its axis because THAT will start of fight.

        Now, on to fracking. There is a deeper issue behind a ban on fracking. Follow the money for her campaign….see how much is coming from overseas. But Mathius is correct….she made the accusation, now prove it. I have an idea….have her go get the same scientists on global cooling…errr….global warming……errr….climate change.

        The Colonel’s snark, SNARK? ::::grabbing dictionary:::: hmmmm. mythical animal…like a snipe (re:snipe hunting)…Snark, eh?………well, you want to see mythical, have AOC come down here in the Republic and go around the state trying to ban fracking and guns.

        We already have Alec Baldwin down here spreading money around for State races. Pitting dems against dems for the primary. Try to turn the State for redistricting this year. One more target of opportunity won’t hurt.

        • Awww…..it didn’t copy the bold…..well, you can figure it out…

        • Hahaha. Fracking is bad = snipe hunting. Perfect analogy. Is AOC even real, or is she a bot? Nevermind.

        • I am in exile, yet again….but not to worry this time………..I copied it….will now paste it.

          You’re learning!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Out of State money for State seats should be BANNED.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Didnt Beto pocket $26M from his failed senate campaign to unseat Cruz. Mostly money from 1) the DNC and 2) out of state donors.

            The DNC wanted their money back to be applied elsewhere

            Beto said NO it’s mine now

          • Out of State money for State seats should be BANNED.


            … That sounds like an open challenge to Citizens United.. could be interesting.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              And once again, like all your Blue Brothers, you expose your lack of understanding regarding Citizens United. No matter how much time has been spent here on SUFA typing words and providing links to explain it to you.

              • I understand what CU is. The point I’m making is that the big corporations that cross state borders are going to want to use their “free speech” to invest in races where they AREN’T domiciled. Because their economic interests are national and intertwined with many physical locations and their respective legal regimes. Telling them they can’t because they’re “out of state” would be a direct challenge.

                US bans the government from prohibiting corporations from independent expenditures. Restricting that right to just in-state corporations would – seemingly – violate this principle.

                Or am I missing something?

            • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..::::::::thinking back to simnilar conversation with Mathius::::::::::::::The Colonel once said, if it is a state race then it is not the business of other individuals outside the state to try to influence the state race with either money or endorsements. TO WHICH, our resident liberal said, “if it could possibly affect me down the road, you are damn right it is my business.” (words to that effect)

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The hypocrisy of NY though is they banned fracking in the State but most certainly buy gas from other States who use the process.

      I remember when I lived in Vermont. They rejected buying any electricity from Hydo-Quebec, especially the power from the Hudson Bay area. I also remember when Quebec was producing a lot of natural gas. One of the primary purchasers of the gas was the Boston area. To get a pipeline from Quebec to Boston the proposed route was through Vermont or New Hampshire. The gas company would have had branch pipelines lines supplying CHEAP clean gas to communities along the way. Where I lived most definitely wanted it as did the other communities. But the Democrats in charge like Dean and socialist Sanders said NO. The pipeline went down through NH when they raised their hands and said we’ll take it.

      He eco wizards Democrats also wanted to remove all hydro dams in the State. They forgot that they for the most part were put in during the 30’s after the devastating floods in that decade. Electricity was a byproduct of saving towns and villages.

      Lamprey an invasive species was killing Lake Champlain. Gov Madeline Kuhnen (sp) refused to allow lamprecide to be used in the VT rivers and streams claiming it also kills the native fish. NY did it and they also put nets on the treated rivers to catch the dead larvae and fish to count. The seined out millions of larvae and only a handful of native fish were affected.

      While Bernie put in renewable electric generating plant that burned wood. The wood came from Canada. The smoke from the fires nor the stink from the rotting wood chips affected Burlington in the least. It affected cities and towns downwind which Burlington was not. When Burlington’s sewer had overflow problems it went into storm drains which dumped into the lake. Causing all sorts of health problems down stream. The lake flows north to south. Their solution was to run the drain pipes further into the lake and NOT fix the root cause.

      My old quaint New England village now has a massive windfarm towering over the village. When we were more tha self sufficient on cheap power which never failed. When it got seriously cold burlingtons wood chip heap would freeze solid and be out of commission

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I see also that the Colorado legislature killed a bill requiring doctors to give care and treatment to a LIVE baby that was aborted.

    The scenes of Montgomery Cliff in the film Judgement ar Nuremburg flash in my mind. Castrated because he was mentally challenged. As was stated in the film the defendants when eugenics came up was we just did what you pioneered in America.

    A doctor can now hide behind the law which in Nuremburg was deemed as an inexcusable defence for the crimes against humanity doctors and jurist conducted.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just continuing to follow up on Bernie Sanders statement that the United States is Racist from top to bottom.

    I just looked up France which sells itself as a diverse country. Only 5% of the entire population is non-european and non-white

    • Just continuing to follow up on Bernie Sanders statement that the United States is Racist from top to bottom.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Birds of a feather flock together.

        You’re evading the overlying issue. Bernie represents the #1 or #2 spot as being being the whitest State in the union. Depending on how one counts Hispanics which is a culture not a race. Either way they are roughly 94% white. When u worked at IBM there were exactly (2) blacks in a facility of over 7000 employees. Besides the State IBM was the largest employer.

        • I don’t really get what you’re getting at. Can you try that again?

          That said, we’re ALL a little bit racist. We’re human beings, and human beings are tribal and naturally settle into us-vs-them patterns of thought. Our brains are incredible pattern recognition engines to the point that they often establish “patterns” which don’t even exist (why we see shapes in clouds and faces in burned toast).

          “Humanity” is a total mess. We’re a whole hell of a lot better than we were, but we are still a country mile from “perfect.”

          The question – really – isn’t whether we are racist. We are.

          And, consequently, our government and institutions – made up of people – are racist.

          It’s (A) how racist are we, (B) how does this impact those against whom we discriminate, and (C) what, if anything, should we be doing to “fix” it?

          Your answers might be (A) “barely at all,” (B) “it doesn’t,” and (C) “nothing.” And you could make a case for that. Mine might be (A) “generally very little, with a few problem spots such as criminal justice,” (B) “generally very little, but occasionally a lot, and, in aggregate, it might exacerbate some troubling macro trends,” and (C) “hell if I know – go ask Bernie.”

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Speak for yourself you left coast/right coast twinkie.

            Learn to pronounce
            prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The students ar UVM in Burlington are protesting and rioting again demanding more diversity and inclusivity. This is a STATE university not a private school. When they in the 80’s went berserk demanding the same, after destruction of campus property and effectively shutting down the school. The governor reminded them after their eventual arrests this is a STATE school. Primarily for STATE residents empty seats are taken up by out of state students . We as residents said, you want racial diversity go to Columbia or NYU. The State is still 94.3% white. The school enrollment diversity will change as the STATE changes.

              In ’84 the university even had seminars on campus on how to beat your student loans.

              As a migrant to NC 25 years ago it was refreshing to see and live in actually a less racist society and far more inclusive then either VT and ME ever dreamt of being past present and future

    • Bernie, like most on the Left, project their own faults on others in an attempt to justify themselves, but to sell their snake oil. Democrats have been racist since the country was born, nothing has changed.

      • Democrats have been racist since the country was born, nothing has changed.

        Mathius: Everyone is racist to varying degrees. We’re all, for better or worse, human beings.

        Gman: Nu-uh! Just you stupid libtards!

        • You confuse prejudice with racism. Two very different things. The first is inherent in humans, the later is inherent in liberals 😛

          • You confuse prejudice with racism. Two very different things.

            Rather than simply bicker with you – what do you define as the difference between “prejudice [when applied to races]” and “racism”?

            The first is inherent in humans, the later is inherent in liberals 😛

            Just curious if you’re trying to get my goat or if you actually believe that only liberals are racist.

            • Baaaaaaa!

            • Just getting your goat. However, this just popped up:


              A new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

              • A new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

                While I would question this result and have to look at the study before even remotely buying what you’re selling, I would suggest that it strikes me as far faaaaar more likely that those “identifying as left wing” would be willing to seek and receive mental health care and thus diagnoses.

                My admittedly anecdotal experience suggest that more conservative people tend to view therapy as a pseudoscience or a sign of weakness. Whereas far left types tend not to think it’s a perfectly reasonable and normal thing. So, with more people open to getting psychiatric care, more will be diagnosed, ceterus paribus.

                By the way, not for nothing, but I 100% guarantee I can find something in the DSM that applies to you. As with us all being criminals because there are so many laws, every single human being alive would qualify for some mental illness if you looked for it. So, really, the question isn’t “why are so many on the left diagnosed” as much as it is “why are so many on the right hiding from proper medical care?” 😛


                According to this same study, the average IQ is around 130. Pretty impressive!

                One guy (who I excluded from the average) even had an ID of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… a libertarian, of course. I have a suspicion that I know that guy.

              • I use the eye test. What do I see and does it fit the survey? Well, yes, yes it does. Just watch CNN or MSNBC , along with hundreds of videos and I can see this as being fairly accurate.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    This was written as an introduction to a political article, but it sure seems to sum up how my life often goes with regard to: “Fixing that should be pretty easy honey. Shouldn’t take more than a day or two!”

    Here we are. What is the answer? Well, it’s sorta like this. Did you ever have to make some minor repairs on your house? You open up a wall to put in a new electrical switch, only to find out that your wiring is that old cat gut garbage and for some reason, that particular circuit (20 Amp) is also pushing your air conditioner, hot water heater, AND your electric stove. By the time you stop digging, it’s been necessary to completely rewire your house, refill the A/C with Freon and, for some apparently unrelated reason, install a new septic tank.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      👍….my ex wife used to bitch all the time about how long projects took on our house in Vermont. In time any project would usually take 4X the time and money estimated. And that home was extremely well built. Example there originally was only one bath downstairs. The 2nd owner “modernized” and installed a 2nd bath upstairs. When they installed the plumbing the ceiling in the kitchen was removed. All the fittings including the water pipe joint to the toilet and tub was under the floor. No access panels, under kitchen cabinets and all made out of rigid pipe. With the flexing of the tank the feed pipe eventually broke. The only shutoff was the main water line into the house. No access to the fittings.
      Remove kitchen cabinets in affected area below. Remove all ruined plaster. Remove and repair water damaged floors in bathroom. Put
      In easy access panels. Used flexible piping as needed and installed valve shutoffs on every water line in the basement leading up to the upper floors. In addition one ar the toilets below the tanks. Took me 4 full days to put everything back to normal and upgrade.

      Eventually i just stopped all renovation projects until we divorced and only did emergency repairs and annual maintenance. Couldn’t stand the bickering. I owned the house so I could finish out the restoration in peace.

    • Did you ever have to make some minor repairs on your house? You open up a wall to put in a new electrical switch, only to find out that your wiring is that old cat gut garbage and for some reason, that particular circuit (20 Amp) is also pushing your air conditioner, hot water heater, AND your electric stove. By the time you stop digging, it’s been necessary to completely rewire your house, refill the A/C with Freon and, for some apparently unrelated reason, install a new septic tank.

      You might not have THOUGHT that I’d have the perfect video for this… but I do…

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      NOW….you must find the time for your new Green house….I can send you the plans, you know.

      Oh, and a special note to the missus……I still have those teeny tiny reading glasses that she gave me………

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      It IS referred to as the “begats” as in the bible. The leak begat the ceiling collapse which begat the broken cabinet which begat the falling wall which begat the ripped out electric line which begat the fire which begat the fire department arriving which begat every window in the house being broken which begat water damage because of the hoses on the first floor and the torrential rainstorm on the second which begat the flooded basement which begat the shorted electrical panel…..ad infinitsium ad nauseum (sp.?)

  43. Pop Quiz:

    The three highest paying jobs in the federal government are:
    1. POTUS – $400k
    2. ???
    3. Vice President – $227,300


    Who is #2?

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Though I lived in Vermont for 14 years I found they took bigotry to a new level that I had never experience. White, Black, Asian, etal. If you were NOT born in the State or even in the town or village your were excluded. The most used phrase was “You weren’t born here, you have no rights” Shut up and sit down or why dont you go back where you came from.

    It was a relief to get back down below the Mason Dixon line.

    Though the most troubled place i ever lived when it came to race relations and out and out race war was in the “City of Angels” and was controlled by the Democrats, like forever. What I’ve seen over the years there is little different than the ’60’s it’s always on the edge of conflict.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Yes, but damn, if you are going to post a picture of a Marine, for heaven’s sake, post one where his ribbons are in the correct order…..

        • Well, the man’s dead, but if he weren’t I’d suggest that you be the one to tell him that, not me… he was one scary dude.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Thinking back to when I was a young Captain and in charge of OCS (the equivalent of basic training except as officers) as a Senior Tactical Officer, I actually used a variation of this line….. “You will find that I am fair but strict, consistent to a fault, and I am not at all prejudiced. I dislike every one of you equally. Until you prove you are worthy of even talking to me from this point forward, you will always follow the chain of command and go through your individual TAC officers. Now, do any of you have any questions?”

          Officer Candidate raises his hand and says, “Yes sir, I do”.

          A glare from my eyes back to him….” What part of not talking me without going through the chain of command did you not understand. Are you special? I can answer that. You are a worthless piece of scum bag shit that does not know how to follow orders. If you are lucky, you will survive the day. Now, drop and start giving me pushups until I get tired. I will be back after lunch.”

          I turned to walk off and as I was walking away, the TAC officer in charge of his group was saying, ” Now, I have to miss MY lunch watching you do pushups until the Senior TAC returns. But I want more company, so the entire platoon will do pushups with you until the Senior TAC returns. THEN, when he says it is ok for you to get up, you will do more for me because I missed my lunch.”

          I think the point was made. It never happened again with this class.

          • *ahem*

            Article 33: Individual responsibility, collective penalties, pillage and reprisals. No person may be punished for any offense he or she has not personally committed. […] Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, collective punishment is a war crime.


            (Mathius suspects that, had you tried to play this card, you’d still be doing push ups to this day)


            Alright, colonel, drop and give me as many as you can. Right now. Tell me that number and I’ll try to beat it right here in my office. Proper ones, mind you, not just letting your belly drop to the floor.

            • thelonestarconnection says:

              Excuse me, sir. The Geneva Convention only applies in time of war and to prisoners of war.

              Now, as to pushups……real AIRBORNE pushups….No chest on the ground….lower to a count of three, push yourself up into the air, clap your hands and assume original position for a count of three.

              Then repeat…….

              • thelonestarconnection says:

                Please also note, that the rest of the platoon was not doing pushups for the infraction….it was because the junior TAC wanted more company. It was a team event, learning moment.

            • I don’t know about the clapping part, but standard pushups as otherwise described… just did 40.. barely.. and I suspect I’ll be feeling that tomorrow. I’m not in the shape I once was.

              Anyway, Mathius’s muscles are built for short bursts of high power – not endurance. Sprints, not marathons.

              Now drop and give me 41.

              • thelonestarconnection says:

                Ummm…sir….I still do the APFT standard…..60 pushups…..60 sit ups…..8 minute miles.
                Now, I will confess that I am not up to the perfect APFT (Advanced Physical Fitness Test) that I used to be and that is the minimum for Special Forces….to do that you have to do 60 push ups in 2 minutes for a perfect score….5 minute rest, then 60 crunches in 2 minutes…..10 minute rest and then 2 miles in 14 minutes. And the run is NOT in gym shorts and tennis shoes.
                I confess that I am 60 pushups in 3min 30 seconds…….60 crunches in 4 minutes……and 2 miles in 16 minutes (tennis shoes)…..age, ya know. It does sneak in there.

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:

    No need for additional commentary

  46. In the book Author in Chief, Craig Fehrman quotes a John Adams manuscript which reads, in part, “[there has been a] perpetual volcano of slander, pouring on my flesh all my life time.”

    I find this more poetic than “[no politician] has ever been treated worse or more unfairly.”

  47. Reports are coming out that the Jury Foreman in the Roger Stone trial lied about her bias. Her Twitter account shows her to be an anti-Trumper. It also appears that another juror saw also bias. Along with the Judge, an Obama appointee, this whole mess should be thrown out, the Prosecutors disbarred, the Judge jailed for violating Stone’s Civil Rights and the biased jurors jailed for lying to the Court. Can Liberals ever be trusted when it comes to Justice and Civil Rights (much less any Rights)?

    • Reports are coming out that the Jury Foreman in the Roger Stone trial lied about her bias. Her Twitter account shows her to be an anti-Trumper.

      Then Roger Stone’s attorney is garbage at his job.

      There’s a reason “jury selection” is a thing – and any major case, you would check the juror’s social media and issue a peremptory challenge to have her removed.

      Reports are coming out that the Jury Foreman in the Roger Stone trial lied about her bias. Her Twitter account shows her to be an anti-Trumper.

      (A) Trump isn’t on trial – Stone is. There aren’t that many people who are completely unbiased on Trump these days. Should the jury only be stacked with Trump sycophants?

      (B) Have you seen her twitter? I haven’t. All I’ve seen as a random person’s accusation and Trump’s acceptance of that accusation as gospel.

      (C) Just being a Democrat and/or not liking Trump doesn’t mean you can’t be a fair juror.

      It also appears that another juror saw also bias.


      the Judge, an Obama appointee,

      So? Should Democrats bitch and moan for the next 40 years every time someone on the left comes before a Trump appointee?

      Are you alleging that the judge knew a juror was biased and did nothing about it? What evidence do you have to support this claim? How would he have seen it but the defense attorney didn’t? Is he hanging out with the jury pool in the lunch room while the defense attorney is out at the bar?

      this whole mess should be thrown out,

      On what grounds? A biased juror? That’s why they have alternates. You throw out the bad juror, sub in an alternate, and keep going.

      But he’s a Trump guy.. so, of course, any problem at all in the course of the trial means the whole thing is a sham hoax witch hunt by the evil left and should be thrown out and everyone involved on the other side (who, of course, are all lefty-liberals never-Trumpers) should be rounded up and shot.

      Appeals are a thing that exist, by the way, in case Stone loses and believes it was due malfeasance by the judge and prosecutor in cahoots with the biased juror. I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding a higher court willing to stay the verdict and expedite a hearing where he can submit all his proof of this evil conspiracy.

      the Prosecutors disbarred,

      Jesus, man. On what grounds?

      It’s the prosecutor’s JOB to get the most favorable jury to the prosecution. Is it their fault Stone’s lawyer was too lazy to instruct one of his subordinates to look on twitter?

      Jury consultants are a real thing – a very highly paid specialty – and I would be willing to put serious money on the line that the defense used one to help select a jury favorable to the defense. How did they miss this terrible obvious bias, but the prosecutor didn’t?

      Are you suggesting the prosecutor knew she was biased to the point where she couldn’t be impartial, but that the defense attorney didn’t? Are you alleging they were in cahoots? Or that the DA just did his homework where the defense attorney fell asleep at the switch? What, exactly is it that you think happened that you’re so eager to end the career of everyone involved?

      It’s amazing to me how eager you are to disbar and jail anyone on the left for any perceived malfeasance. Zero to one hundred. Accusation –> grab the pitchfork!

      the Judge jailed for violating Stone’s Civil Rights

      On WHAT GROUNDS? What did the judge do? Are you alleging that he knew and did nothing? He knew that the juror was biased, but the defense didn’t? Or did he reject the peremptory challenge (THAT would be something) and knowingly allow a fatally biased juror into the pool?

      Maybe he was friends with her on Twitter?

      Or could it just be that you think the law should be used as a weapon to lock up everyone on the left on whatever flimsy pretense you can think of whenever they do anything you don’t personally like?

      and the biased jurors jailed for lying to the Court.

      Did she lie to the court? I would certainly HOPE that Stone’s lawyer wasn’t so catastrophically terrible at his job that he failed to ask whether she believed she could be fair. Maybe she believes she can be fair. Did he ask her about her opinions on Trump? Do you know what she said? Do you know that it was a lie?

      But, here again, you show YOUR bias.

      Even the vaguest hint of deceit by anyone on the left is outright lying and they should be arrested and jailed. But people on the right do it and you require absolute 100% certainty to admit even the slightest amount of possibility that it’s not true.

      Did she lie? I don’t know. Do you? What questions was she asked? How did she answer them? Do you know this? Because I don’t.

      Can Liberals ever be trusted when it comes to Justice and Civil Rights (much less any Rights)?

      Well at least we seem to believe in hearing out the available evidence You, it seems, just think everyone you don’t like should be thrown in jail while everyone you do like should go free.

      • This is why you need a better source of info. In this type of Federal trial, the Judge chooses the jurors. Lawyers simply give the Judge questions. It is the Judges SOLE job to ensure a fair and impartial jury, she failed, violating Stones Civil Rights, period, plain and simple. The Prosecutors are trying to jail a person for longer than the average rapist, over a hoax investigation that should have never happened. The Foreperson LIED to the Judge and was not impartial, that’s also a violation of Stones Civil Rights as well as a crime.
        The fact that you are justifying this crap says a lot about you. But that seems normal for Liberals, justice for me, but not for thee. Apparently you failed the Judicial process part of school 😛

        • This is why you need a better source of info. In this type of Federal trial, the Judge chooses the jurors.

          Ok… so provide a better source of info. Can you support this because I’ve never heard of a criminal trial where the defense can’t challenge biased jurors.

          The Prosecutors are trying to jail a person for longer than the average rapist,

          Maybe the average rapist isn’t get a long enough sentence then? Seems a few years is pretty light for “average rape.”

          over a hoax investigation that should have never happened.

          THERE it is! How did I know you’d call it a hoax?

          The Foreperson LIED to the Judge and was not impartial,

          So throw her out and sub in an alternate.

          Also, do you have any proof she lied? What question was she asked that she answered with a lie? If you’re so damned sure that she “LIED,” then you should have at least those basic facts, no? I mean, when I try to get you to admit that Trump lied about anything, it’s like nailing jello to the wall – your standards of evidence are impossibly high – but for this woman, you’re absolutely certain that she is a lying liar who lied. Even though you don’t know what she was asked or what she said or have any personal knowledge about the truth as it relates to what she said.

          that’s also a violation of Stones Civil Rights as well as a crime.

          I believe lying during jury selection is a crime. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure.

          If – IF – she lied, and it can be proven, then, yes, that’s a crime.


          Gman: [related to Trump and/or Republicans] The criminal justice system is sacrosanct. Every step of the way must be flawlessly executed by impartial saints, from the initial accusation, to the investigation, to the trial. Anything less than absolute perfection renders the whole a witchhunt hoax. The martyred accused must be acquitted and everyone who persecuted him must be rounded up and shot.

          -also gman-

          Gman: [related to anyone on the left] Facts and evidence are not necessary. I pronounce them guilty!

          • Everyone is complaining about this particular juror. From my reading the defense has asked for this trial to be thrown out based on a totally different unnamed juror.

            • Wouldn’t surprise me.

              The job of the defense isn’t really to “prove innocence.” I mean, if they can, sure, but generally, it’s just “sow doubt” any way they can.

              Break the system somewhere and you win. It doesn’t really matter where.. just get enough doubt into the system, into the case, into the process, into the.. whatever. Just get that doubt in and you win.

              Or, at least, you set yourself up for an appeal.

      • https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/11/corrupt-obama-judge-amy-berman-jackson-allows-trump-hating-obama-era-officials-who-voted-for-hillary-to-remain-potential-jurors-in-roger-stone-case/

        This was written back in November. I think it’s pretty clear that the first woman, at the least shoul d have been rejected.

        • “Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Allows Trump-Hating Obama-Era Officials Who Voted For Hillary Clinton to Remain Potential Jurors in Roger Stone Case”

          Ooh boy.. this is going to be a fair and balanced article!

          “Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone was ensnared in the Mueller witch hunt for the ‘crime’ of helping Donald Trump win the 2016 election.”

          Yep… totally fair and balanced.

          And, NO, he was convicted on seven counts, including “witness tampering and lying to investigators.”

          He was NOT in trouble for the “crime” of helping Trump win an election. He was in trouble for witness tampering and lying to investigators. You know, crimes.

          Several potential jurors in Stone’s case ended up being Trump-hating, Obama-era officials who admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 so Stone’s lawyer’s tried to strike them as potential jurors.

          WOOPS, looks like Gman is full of shit.

          “This is why you need a better source of info. In this type of Federal trial, the Judge chooses the jurors.” – Gman

          I do love “who admittedly voted for Clinton” as though that were legitimate grounds for striking someone. Yes, only Trump supporters should be able to sit on the jury. Nice try, but just like the prosecutor can’t stack the jury with all Trump haters, the defense can’t stack it with all Trump loyalists.

          [Quoting Politico] And that first juror was an only-in-D.C. character, a former Obama-era press secretary for the Office of Management and Budget whose husband still works at the Justice Department division that played a role in the Russia probe that ultimately snagged Stone. She even acknowledged to having negative views of President Donald Trump, and said she had followed the media coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

          Soo.. just to get this right… in a trial.. in Washington.. where the government is the biggest employer.. she worked… for the government… at some point… within the 8 year span during which Obama was President…. in the OMB.. and that’s a sign of bias?

          And her huband… in DC… where the government is the biggest employer… works for the government… in the DOJ.. which employs thousands… in the “division” which “played a role” in the probe that resulted in catching Stone committing crimes? This means that she’s biased?

          And she even “acknowledged to having negative views of President Donald Trump” – so does a majority of the country. Especially in DC.

          What percent of DC potential jurors would be eligible here? No one who worked for the government between 2008 and 2016, who has a spouse in the DOJ, or dislikes Trump… so maybe 3% of the population?

          “and said she had followed the media coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.” Seriously? Again, in DC. What percent of the population do you think DIDN’T follow the media coverage? Add that in, I don’t think you’ve able to find enough jurors to hold a trial.

          Still, the woman said she did not have strong views about Stone

          Seems to me that’s the key. She didn’t have strong views about Stone.

          Seems to me that’s a key issue.

          Reuters reported on Tuesday that Judge Berman Jackson also blocked Stone’s lawyers’ request to strike prospective jurors who currently work for the IRS and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission — and one of them admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016!

          He was trying – perfectly reasonably – to get only people who would be favorable to his client on the jury.

          Which makes sense.

          But the judge is under to obligation to let him strike 90% or more of the jury pool on flimsy pretenses and tangentials just so he can get a pro-Trump jury.

          “Donald Trump is the chief executive for whom these individuals work,” Judge Jackson argued.

          A good point.



          • “Soo.. just to get this right… in a trial.. in Washington.. where the government is the biggest employer.. she worked… for the government… at some point… within the 8 year span during which Obama was President…. in the OMB.. and that’s a sign of bias?

            And her huband… in DC… where the government is the biggest employer… works for the government… in the DOJ.. which employs thousands… in the “division” which “played a role” in the probe that resulted in catching Stone committing crimes? This means that she’s biased?

            And she even “acknowledged to having negative views of President Donald Trump” ”

            Yes, you put all those things together and she should have been rejected as a juror. I agree with many of your arguments but if this juror shouldn’t have been rejected, on what basis should any juror be rejected.

            • on what basis should any juror be rejected.

              That’s a great question!!

              I wasn’t there. I didn’t see the jury pool. I saw (somewhere) that they brought in 80 potential jurors. They’d need 16 (12+4 alternates) assuming this trial is like the ones I’m familiar with.

              Usually, the defense and prosecutor both get a few (4?) challenges where they can unilaterally throw out any juror they want for (nearly) any reason. (nearly precludes race, for example).

              But they can also ask the judge to throw out any juror they don’t like – which is what happened here, obviously. The defense added all that stuff up into a narrative and tried to make the case that, collectively, it suggests bias strongly enough that the judge should throw her out. The judge disagreed.

              Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

              But I can say that the defense didn’t use one of their 4(?) challenges (I forget the exact term). Maybe they already used them all up? Maybe they just thought she wasn’t so bad? Maybe they were saving them for worse candidates? I have no idea.

              As I said earlier, I absolutely guarantee that Stone had a highly experienced, very expensive, jury selection expert on staff to vet and help stack a favorable jury and make the case for bias where appropriate.

              Maybe he sucked at his job. Maybe the liberals paid him off to do a bad job. Maybe he did a great job in a lousy candidate pool? Who knows. Not me.

              TO BE FAIR, Washington is, I’m sure, a very hostile jurisdiction and corresponding jury pool for a high profile close Trump ally. So the potential for bias is definitely real. If you tried an Obama ally in Texas, it would be much the same – even if everyone does everything “right,” there is a strong potential for bias. Did this happen? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know.

              All I do know is that Gman and the related articles I’ve seen posted here do NOT make the case for bias to my satisfaction. They do not make the case that the judge did anything at all wrong. That the juror lied. That anyone (other than Stone) should be punished in any way.

              That’s not to say that they AREN’T biased or that Stone’s trial WAS fair or that the judge WASN’T out to get him. Because I do not know that either. But, as always, the burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. It’s on the right to prove that the trial was flawed and that Stone was mistreated. It’s not on me to prove that he wasn’t.

              I don’t have to – and often it is impossible to – prove the negative.

              • thelonestarconnection says:

                If you tried an Obama ally in Texas, it would be much the same

                Really? You think so? We LOVE Obama in Texas. ***cough***

      • This justification is why I pretty much quit trying to defend Trump on SUFA. You get way too far into the weeds, when if you would just take a step back and look objectively at the big picture, you know darn well, this entire COUP was a warning shot to all people to not mess with the swamp.

        I wish I could find the David Plouffe (sp?) tweet from right after the inauguration, saying something to the effect of….defeating him is not good enough…we have to destroy him, so the likes of him will never rise again.

        Like him or not…you KNOW….you KNOW! the swamp is real…you are on SUFA every day trying to MAGA…that’s why you’re here. For you to even TRY to justify some bullshit judicial rulings…when you’re all about morality and allll the other ‘because its legal, doesn’t make it right’ stuff you write…it just makes me shake my head about you.

        • you know darn well, this entire COUP was a warning shot to all people to not mess with the swamp.

          I know no such thing.

          I do know this is a warning shot not to tamper with witnesses or lie to investigators….

          defeating him is not good enough…we have to destroy him, so the likes of him will never rise again.

          That probably has more to do with hating Trump and everything he stands for than a conspiracy by The Swamp(tm) .

          Like him or not…you KNOW….you KNOW! the swamp is real…

          Of course it is. And Trump is just replacing liberal swamp monsters with conservative swamp monsters.

          you are on SUFA every day trying to MAGA…

          I will agree that I want the best for and the best of America. I will adamantly reject any notion that I ever have or ever will “try to MAGA.”

          that’s why you’re here.

          Well, that and that I love a good fight.

          And that it’s more fun than work.

          For you to even TRY to justify some bullshit judicial rulings…

          What I’m trying to “justify” is a couple things.

          (A) I resent and reject the tendency to automatically assign guilt to the left and innocence to the right.

          (B) I do not believe that the courts are so horribly biased and that everything is a grand conspiracy. I wasn’t there and I don’t have the questions, the answers, or the truth. But from what I DO know, it looks to me like he wanted a biased (in his favor) jury pool and didn’t get it. But the mere accusation of bias against him does not mean that I have to automatically and blindly accept that this is true.

          (C) What I know about law – which is a fair amount – and jury selection – is that you can’t reject broad swaths of the population just because of some tangential connection that might bias them against your client. Kind of like how a black defendant couldn’t force a court to give him an all-black jury, etc.

          when you’re all about morality and allll the other ‘because its legal, doesn’t make it right’ stuff you write…

          It’s true. Show me that something WRONG happened.

          All I have seen are innuendo, vague implications, guilt by association, motivated reasoning, and conspiracy theory.

          SHOW ME where something “wrong” happened.

          SHOW ME that she was, in fact, biased. SHOW ME that she did, in fact, “lie.” SHOW ME that the judge knew she was biased and didn’t care. SHOW ME that the prosecutor committed some act of malfeasance beyond just trying to get a favorable jury.

          I reject “lawful but awful.” Maybe everything in his trial happened perfectly legally but he WAS mistreated or there WAS bias. If so, I will side with you and link arms with Gman and march on Washington demanding Stone’s release.

          But I don’t have to just accept that his defense attorney has made some accusation, Trump parroted it, and now it’s on SUFA, so it must be true.

          And I don’t have to accept that everyone who worked for the government under Obama and voted for Hillary Clinton is automatically incapable of impartiality at the trial of a Trump ally.

          it just makes me shake my head about you.

          Why should today be any different?

          • thelonestarconnection says:

            I know no such thing You are not blind. Even I, who HATES conspiracy theories can see this. There is a swamp and it is alive.

            Of course it is. And Trump is just replacing liberal swamp monsters with conservative swamp monsters. Now THIS I can agree with you.

            (A) I resent and reject the tendency to automatically assign guilt to the left and innocence to the right. As we all should.

            (B) I do not believe that the courts are so horribly biased Not so fast here, my friend. Courts, unfortunately, are political…

            and that everything is a grand conspiracy. Nope…have not seen that except in one district court.

            All I have seen are innuendo, vague implications, guilt by association, motivated reasoning, and conspiracy theory. You are, of course, referring to the latest impeachment hearing?

            And I don’t have to accept that everyone who worked for the government under Obama and voted for Hillary Clinton is automatically incapable of impartiality at the trial of a Trump ally. Oh….on this, I think you are naive.

  48. Tip of the hat to General Yeager.

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    • Walmart put in charging stations last year at the local store just off I-80. I have yet to see a single soyboy car getting charged.

      • “soyboy.”


        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Soyboy? What the hell is a “Soyboy”………..

          • It’s gman being an asshole.

            Per google:

            According to Urban Dictionary, the term soy boy means: “Slang used to describe males who completely and utterly lack all necessary masculine qualities. This pathetic state is usually achieved by an over-indulgence of emasculating products and/or ideologies

  50. thelonestarconnection says:

    Welcome to the world of Democratic Socialism…………..”An Alabama state lawmaker introduced a bill on Thursday that would require men to get a vasectomy after their 50th birthday — a measure, she said, that will “neutralize” abortion restrictions in the state.

    State Rep. Rolanda Hollis sponsored the bill, which would also require all men in the state to undergo the procedure after their third child. Men would be required to pay for the operation, the bill states.

    Zieg Heil!!!!! What is next, registration tatoos on the arms?

    • Another Damn Democrat that has never read the Constitution or understands what freedom means. Freedom for me, but not for thee. These people are mentally ill.

  51. thelonestarconnection says:

    An Alabama state lawmaker introduced a bill on Thursday that would require men to get a vasectomy after their 50th birthday — a measure, she said, that will “neutralize” abortion restrictions in the state.

    State Rep. Rolanda Hollis sponsored the bill, which would also require all men in the state to undergo the procedure after their third child. Men would be required to pay for the operation, the bill states.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      ooopss……..sorry for the double post.

    • I’d have to read more (and I don’t care enough to do that), but I’d be willing to bet that this is just for show and/or to prompt a court challenge to some other law.

      Given that it is “a measure, she said, that will “neutralize” abortion restrictions in the state,” this seems pretty obvious.

      Just like bullshit laws the right passes to challenge Roe, it seems unreasonable to take similar (albeit opposing) bills from the left at face-value. You say “Welcome to the world of Democratic Socialism,” but that seems unfair – this isn’t really trying to do anything related to “Democratic Socialism.”


      When Mississippi was ranked forty-ninth in the education in the nation, Alabamans wanted to know who was ranked forty-tenth.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        When Mississippi was ranked forty-ninth in the education in the nation, Alabamans wanted to know who was ranked forty-tenth. California?

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        You say “Welcome to the world of Democratic Socialism,” but that seems unfair

        I think as long as you have AOC and her ilk identifying with Bernie Sanders,,,,,it is not only NOT unfair but reasonable to suspect that it is truth. My opinion, of course.

        • To be clear: AOC and Bernie might be socialists. But this bill you are referencing is clearly designed to prompt a court challenge and stymie anti-abortion regulation in some manner. It is NOT a “socialist” bill per say.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            When, exactly, does one cross over from Socialism to Communism?

            Just askin.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            In my opinion, I have always looked at Western European countries as socialist. That is because of the extensive social safety net as well heavy government intrusion in regulatory affairs. Both Bernie and AOC are wayyyy past Western Europe. Perhaps far into Eastern Europe circa 1950.

            • Both Bernie and AOC are wayyyy past Western Europe. Perhaps far into Eastern Europe circa 1950.

              This was certainly NOT my impression.

              Can you support this?

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                You start talking about central control ie; shutting down fracking, drilling, mining, air travel, private ownership of vehicles, telling people how they NUST heat their homes, when you start talking about the government running the corporations directly, then you are a communist.Now, if you only want corporations run under governmental direction you have not gone Communist nor are you a Socialist, then you are a Fascist.

  52. thelonestarconnection says:

    Funny thing about juries……………….I have been called several times in my time……never picked…..always eliminated immediately. The last time I was called and showed up, the judge that was presiding over the jury summons called my name,,,I stood up, identified myself, and he said, “Thank you for showing up, Colonel, but I am going to dismiss you and save us all time. You will be struck on the first round. Have a good day Sir.” According to my attorney friends, they all say that the prosecution will want you and the defense will strike you. They do not want thinkers, they want housewives who watch soap operas.

    It has been years since I have been called.

    • I have been called several times in my time……never picked

      California calls me every few years. I keep sending back the card with the box for “complying would be a hardship” check and the note pointing out that they mailed the card to my house 3,000 miles away.

      I have no idea how they even keep up to date with my address. I guess beaurocracy works sometimes.

      I have been called several times in my time……never picked

      I attended the pool only one time. Was never called.. just sat around for a few hours and then told to go home. ::shrug::

      They do not want thinkers, they want housewives who watch soap operas.

      Depends on the case.

      I watched an interview with the guy who recently wont that big Monsanto verdict. He said he was desperate to get the smarted, most thoughtful people he could on the jury so he could throw science at them and have them understand the implications and the malfeasance of Monsanto and the need to actually punish them rather than slap them on the wrist.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ve never been called. Dad was in a jury once in California where the accused was a commandant of a boys military school and was quite literally *ucking the boys into bed. Over 50 years ago. Mom was in a jury once in New York where somebody was suing a drug company. They were injecting a pharmaceutical that was supposed to and prescribed ti be taken orally. By injecting it Crystal’s formed under the skin. Suing for damages because there weren’t any warning to not inject it for a bigger hit

      • (A) What happened in your dad’s trial? I’m guessing the old man acquitted him so that he could murder the bastard in the parking lot. Am I close?

        (B) What happened in your mom’s trial? My understanding of product liability (especially in California-Stan) is that you’re responsible not just for expected use but any reasonably anticipate misuse. If they knew people would inject it and did nothing, that would still be their problem.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The commandant was found guilty. Dad was foreman. As he described the jury room discussion it was like “12 Angry Men” some said nothing like that could ever happen. Some said look at his lawyer, she’s gorgeous, as though that negated the evidence he did to little boys. Some of the boys were children of middle easterners. Some jurors said we know they are all liars. But he was eventually found guilty. After all was said and done convicted and sentenced the judge told them the commandant had a record of arrests for the same offenses at other schools he ran. I’m sure the school was sued into oblivion by the parents for hiring this guy

          Mom’s case the jury found for the pharmaceutical company.

          Mom did some volunteer work at the women’s prison up from you a few miles. The women who murdered the Scarsdale Diet Doctor was imprisoned there. She kept insisting that the gun went off accidentally when the doctor tried stopping her from committing suicide.. apparently the jury didn’t buy into her story. The grouping in the doctors chest of all six shots was just a little to tight when they were supposed to be struggling over the gun. Mom said she was one scary lady.

          The closest i ever came to a real trial was while in the Navy. I was on Shore Patrol. Two guys who were dishonorably discharged got drunk and tried to murder two police officers. I stopped them by putting them both in the hospital. One of the officers was severely injured with a crushed windpipe so immediately after incaoacurating the assailants I had to save the officers life until medical teams arrived. The two assailants instead of being gone the next morning each got 20 years as guests of a military prison

  53. thelonestarconnection says:

    North Korea says………………..they have NO virus…NO contamination…….despite being on China’s border and receiving 80 percent of their food and potable water.

    Unconfirmed rumor has it……………….1/3 of North Korea’s region next to China is…………crickets.

    • I’ve heard they’re just straight executing everyone with so much as a sniffle.

      But, you know, rumors… who the hell knows?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The russians called it “Scorched Earth”

        • The problem with a virus like Wuhan.. or influenza either, for that matter… is that, by the time its symptomatic, you’ve already been contagious and spreading it for days. You can’t win a game of “whack-a-mole” with a virus with a long presymptomatic-contagious phase. If anything, doing so adds an evolutionary pressure on the disease to extend its this period and become even more contagious.

          The other problem is that people aren’t completely stupid. They are well aware that the government is disappearing people who are sick. So they’ll hide their symptoms if they can. This is what I suspect is happening in China and is why the government is going door-to-door checking temperatures – because people who don’t want to be prematurely cremated are trying to hide the fact that they’re sick. And the longer they succeed in hiding that fact, the more people they’ll infect.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        You jest but you might just be correct.

    • By the way, trying to sign up for a new phone system for my office… the long distance plan includes North Korea for a mere 70c / minute.

      Now, if only I knew Dear Leader’s direct number… I mean, would it really be a “misuse of company funds” to crank call Kim Jong Un?

  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It’s time to switch my mobile phone carrier. As a retiree from at&t I did get a reasonable deal. While i worked at&t I only used their services after u-verse was installed where I lived in Raleigh. I did keep the mobile service after moving. However, I have been lacks on keeping up on mergers and acquisitions. This morning I read the head of CNN is getting divorced, selling their $17.5 million apt in NYC and he’s moving to Florida. I had heard that at&t had bought Time Warner and had spun off some subsidiaries. But I had missed that they own CNN at&t is retaining CNN and said they’ll be maintaining a HANDS OFF management style..

    Time to check out Verizon again and maybe Sprint/t-mobile whose merger is going through

  55. As much as playing with Young Guppy Mathius today is so tantalizing, I learned, while at the Funeral home finalizing business for my father, that my youngest daughter passed away from complications of Epilepsy this morning. 2020 has been a real bitch.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Rome FEBRUARY 14 – Zero growth for Germany’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2019 which thus stops at + 0.6% for the whole year. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, the economy remained stagnant in the last quarter, with a change of 0.4% year on year.

    Destatis recalls how, after a departure “dynamic in the first quarter (+ 0.5%) and a drop in the second (-0.2%) there was a slight recovery in the third quarter of 2019 (+ 0.2%)” . HANDLE

    There were lots sub articles detailing the drop. Their economy relies heavily on auto sales specifically exports… those have fallen off a cliff last year.

    One article from the german government reported a loss of over 400000 jobs is in their forecast with the push towards electric cars. Wasnt just in the auto industry.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remember the other year when Trump was renegotiating trade agreement with the EU. Their negotiators were complaining that they have to have these heavy tariffs on US exports because they CAN NOT compete with us on an eve playing field. If we think we’re hamstrung with regulations, the EU has them coming out of their ass. Ex-premier of Italy Prodi who predicted 20 years ago that by adapting the Euro Italians will be working less and Mali g more money. They sure are working less with unemployment and peoples saving are vanishing and indebtedness and people falling below poverty levels us ar a record level.

      The other week this savant said the British will be begging to return to the EU. When Pigs fly they will

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Smartest thing since kicking our forefathers out of England. If Trump can ink a massive trade deal with England, it will set the ECM on its ear.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m sure the deal is in the works. I’ve read that the EU wants to restrict trade deals the Brits do by really making any business the Brits do in EU member countries painful by onerous tariffs.

  57. thelonestarconnection says:

    New numbers out of China…..5 million have left Wuhan….59,000 cases now with 1500 dead and climbing. Just on the news.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Something to think about….880 mile border with China and North Korea has reported to infections of the virus anywhere in NK. Mathius was in jest earlier….I really do wonder.

  58. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been fun.

    But now, it’s time for my annual pilgrimage to Mexico.

    Colonel, keep your eyes on the skies and you may see me sailing past you.

  59. Dale A Albrecht says:

  60. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So “Lurch” de Blasio endorses Bernie. Both of de Blasios parents were suspected and investigated for communist sympathies. I di believe during the early days of de Blasio failed run for president committed a major faux pas by praising Che to Cubans in south Florida.

    In also amazed on how short the youngs memory is in the collapse of one if the great social levelers if everybody should own a home
    Until it collapsed and nearly wrecked the economy

  61. Thanks for all the support. Trying times lately, but they will pass. Life sure has some ups and downs.

    • Been thinking about you since I read your news. Prepare for your emotions to rule your days for quite a lil while. You been hit hard between the house, pops and now daughter. Best wishes, G. Maybe another puppy will help brighten the rest of this year fer ya. Godspeed, bro!

  62. thelonestarconnection says:

    DOJ says they will not go after Andrew McCabe…….more proof of the deep state.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Agreed. Yet a federal judge appointed by Bush says we’re on the verge of being a banana Republic with the Trump and Barr going after political rivals.

      Now that’s rich. All these coup characters against Trump including HRC on Benghazi and her illegal server all lied to I investigators and Congress. Including signing fraudulent FISA warrants in efforts to get Trump. NOT one has been charged with a crime. Yet the DOJ continued to prosecute convict planning on sending to prison for 7-9 years a Trump associate for lying to Congress and investigators over a NON crime.

      I’m hoping against hope that Barr and Durham have bigger plans in the works instead of lying charges against Comey McCabe Rosenstein etc

      If they’re all let off with no consequence we’ve lost all rights to claim we are a nation of laws and the concept of equal justice.

  63. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So the DOJ convicted shake down artist and lawyer Avenati.

    What about Al Sharpton (tax evader also) and Jesse Jackson

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ll wager that Lynch and company handed out immunity from prosecution to everyone involved with the HRC server including Hillary. Once Sessions took over I’ll also bet to get people to resign they also got immunity from prosecution get out if jail free cards. Now that Barr is in place his hands are tied and theyre to embarrased to admit the real reason they’re not prosecuting anyone.

  65. thelonestarconnection says:

    Former Vice President Joe Biden was grilled Friday about the Obama administration’s record of detaining migrant children in what some lawmakers and activists have described as “cages” — with the 2020 hopeful claiming the government did it to keep them “safe.”

    So. let me see if I have this straight…..The Obama Administration created these “cages” and put minor children in them to keep them SAFE……

    Trump did it to separate families and imprison minors….hmmmmm

    Is there a double standard here?

  66. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Copied from a paper published in Sweden about the changes sweeping the country by the immigration of mugranrs/refugees of peoples polar opposite to the culture they’re coming to.

    In the United States, the Swedish welfare state is often praised by the Left. But following the escalation of the 2015 migration crisis, when Sweden was flooded with Syrian refugees, the country now faces a welfare crisis that threatens the entire Swedish social model .

    In 2015, Sweden had 9.7 million inhabitants, before welcoming 162,000 asylum seekers, 70 percent of whom were male and came mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The migration crisis created an unstable financial and social situation which prompted the Swedish political establishment to review its position on immigration and asylum policy, a position which had hitherto been very liberal.

    However, the incoming migration flows have continued . Between 2016 and 2018, another 70 thousand migrants submitted an asylum application in Sweden , and more than 105 thousand obtained a positive response to the asylum application

    The demographic impact of migration flows affects the cultural and national identity of Sweden, as well as the strong economic impact of immigration weighs on the Swedish Welfare State .

    This demographic impact clearly emerges in cities such as Malmö, the third largest city in the country, where the presence of inhabitants of foreign origin (born abroad or with one or both parents born abroad) has increased from 31.9 per cent in 2002 to 45.9 per cent in 2018. Currently, in three Swedish municipalities – Botkyrka, Södertälje and Haparanda – mostof the inhabitants is of foreign origin. Therefore, it is necessary to ask how to integrate foreigners if the majority of the residents of a city do not belong to the indigenous population. 51 percent of Malmö’s primary school pupils were born abroad or both of their parents were born. Within a generation, Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, will have a population mostly of foreign origin. How will the integration process of migrants take place and in which group will they be assimilated?

    The integration of migrants into Swedish society was a failure , a situation on which experts and politicians agree. In March 2018, 58 percent of those on the unemployment lists were not born in Sweden, even though they represented 23 percent of the population. In 2018, the unemployment rate of Swedes born abroad was 15.4 percent, while that of autochthonous Swedes was 3.8 percent.

    The EBO Law ( Lagen om eget boende ) allows asylum seekers to settle in any part of the country. Thick migrants reside in areas where other migrants already live, partly because of the low housing prices and partly because it is easier for them to make contacts. This process strengthens the insulation and creates enclaves.

    A large influx of migrants along with a failed integration policy has generated a series of cultural repercussions due to which Swedish culture is undergoing rapid changes and is facing a challenge to its identity . In many areas of Sweden with a higher density of immigrants, it is impossible to safeguard national culture because the population has a distinctly different culture from the native one. This involves, among other things, linguistic changes and observance of national holidays.

    In June last year, many Swedish media published a series of exciting articles about the Eid al-Fitr festival which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Famous Swedish companies such as Arla Foods , ICA and COOP have published recipes prepared for this religious holiday on their websites. Several rumors have already suggested that Eid al-Fitr should be a national holiday in Sweden. These voices come from the ranks of the Social Democrats and the Church of Sweden , two institutions with a great influence in Swedish society. Although Eid al-Fitr did not become a public holiday, several municipalitiesof the country have decided to celebrate it .

    Ever since Sweden existed, ties with its ancestral neighbor, Finland, have always been strong and Finnish is the second language. In 2018, linguist Mikael Parkvall observed that Arabic was the second most common language in Sweden. At the same time, many children born in Sweden learn Swedish so badly that they cannot speak it at all, because in some nursery and primary schools the national language is not spoken enough. This change is happening rapidly.

    Within a decade, Swedish society will not be the only one to be radically different. The Swedish welfare state, which has marked Sweden in the world, is also changing or perhaps even gradually being phased out.

    The calculations underlying the Swedish welfare state are based on the assumption of a majority of full-time employed adults, who pay income tax to the state. What the state receives must be greater than what it pays in the form of various subsidies and grants. When a considerable number of people who receive social assistance are unable to find employment or are unwilling to work, there is a crisis. This is precisely what happened in Sweden with its liberal immigration policy.

    An example highlighted by the Swedish media is that of Filipstad, a municipality with more than 10,000 inhabitants. There, the proportion of foreign-born residents increased from 8.5 per cent in 2002 to 22.7 per cent in 2018. Between 2012 and 2018, the group of indigenous inhabitants decreased by 640 units, while the resident group of foreign origin increased by 693. Those who left Filipstad are indigenous and of working age. At the same time, Claes Hultgren, manager responsible for the municipality’s operational structure, is concerned that migrants do not have the necessary skills to enter.in the job market. Consequently, municipalities such as Filipstad will have to reduce the provision of social welfare services that Municipalities are responsible for providing.

    Filipstad is not the only municipality to suffer the cuts. According to a report by the Association of Swedish Municipalities and Regions (SKR), in 2023, there will be a deficit of SEK 43 billion (about USD 4.6 billion) in municipal and regional operations, if the costs increase online with population growth and the state will not add new resources to those already planned.

    The Social Democratic city commissioner of Strömsund, a city of 11,699 inhabitants, warned :

    “All costs are borne by the municipalities. In our municipality, we have never had such low unemployment among indigenous residents, however, we are on our knees and the explanation is that we have never experienced a high unemployment rate among those born abroad. And the latter end up in welfare, which in fact is now, for many, life-long support. ”

    Charlotta Mellander, professor of economics at the Jönköping International Business School, noted the following about the economic crisis of the Municipalities:

    “This is not something that happened overnight, but municipal finances have long since been eroded. However, something that has affected this situation is the reception of refugees in 2015, mainly offered, from the beginning, by those Municipalities with unfavorable conditions in terms of the labor market and integration. And this made the situation even more difficult. ”

    At the beginning of this new decade, due to excessive migration and failed integration policies, Sweden is facing radical cultural and economic changes that will profoundly change the country.

    In some parts of Sweden, an Islamization process is underway . To what extent this process will affect Swedish society depends on the political decisions that will be made in this decade.

    Will flows from Muslim countries continue in Sweden? Will the Swedish authorities continue to support Islamic culture with tax funds? Will immigrants accept Swedish culture or will they follow the failed approach to integration and will the Swedes increasingly accept Islamic culture?

    There are major conflicts between these two cultures, therefore, the expansion of Islamic culture in Sweden will undoubtedly create unrest of various kinds. Today, between Islamic and Swedish culture there are more contradictions than common elements. Isolation is strong and mosques have been repeatedly involved in scandals due to cultural conflicts between Islam and Swedish values.

    The new decade will therefore be both unstable and decisive for the Swedes, and will inevitably lead to important political, cultural and economic changes.

    by Nima Gholam Ali Pour – political adviser to the Swedish Democrats in the city of Malmö. He is the author of two Swedish books “Därför är mångkultur förtryck” (“Because multiculturalism is oppression”) and “Allah bestämmer inte I Sverige” (“Allah does not decide in Sweden”)

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