The Toilet Paper Fetish

One of the oddest things to take place due to the pandemic is the hoarding of Toilet Paper.  One would think this virus causes some major diarrhea the way people are buying it up.  I’ve seen videos and pictures of people leaving stores with nothing but toilet paper.  I mean, what the hell people, we all have to poop Ya know.  Subscribe to the NY Times and give the rest of us some solace knowing we can sit on our throne, read our Reader’s Digest and feel clean and fresh when we are done.  Geez Louise.

Anyway, times are sure changing.  Californian’s told to stay home, 14K cases now, versus a hundred just a few days ago.  Take care of yourselves, protect our elders and get ready just incase there is a major breakdown in society.  With so many young husbands and wives now actually spending so much time together, insanity and mass murder is sure to follow  😀


  1. Be safe, be smart and stay healthy.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    1) even the sewer or septic system will reject the NY Times and WaPo.

    2) Italy surpasses China on Covid-19 deaths. Somehow I think this is a bit of semantics and wordspeak. I’ll wager many more died by some other lethal method in China to stop he spread of the disease.

    3) I can see the headlines and self identifying gender lawsuits against the government for being homophobic or whatever. The 2020 census asks what gender are you? Male or Female. Not whatever, or other or please describe 😁

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This was posted this morning by an Italian friend of mine from Sicily

    “Hello to all Sicilian friends, friends from Catania, I am Alessio Longhi from Bergamo and I want to send you this voice message, this testimony of mine, because I know that the situation here is not like it is with us and I know someone is taking it to the lightly. ”

    The long message sent via WhatsApp to all his contacts begins like this. Alessio sends it yesterday evening, when the disturbing images of the row of military trucks that in the Lombard city begin to circulate, those with the sad task of transporting the corpses of the victims of the Coronavirus in the crematoria available, because the cemetery of Bergamo is saturated and also the his cremation service can no longer sustain the tragic increase.

    “Here the number of deaths and infections you see on television I guarantee you that it is not real: you have to multiply the number by three, if not four. In my opinion, we have reached more than a thousand deaths only in Bergamo – he says – This is because those who get sick no longer make tampons and those who are at home remain there because there is no place in hospitals. You are hospitalized only in extreme cases, when you have very high fever and zero breathing. In short, since those who get sick are left at home with the other inhabitants of the apartment and tampons are not carried out, currently there is a flood of people infected with very high fever, oxygen cylinders attached: this is to give you the idea how many infected people are in quarantine in their homes. ”

    “I don’t want to scare you, I don’t want to feed panic, I just want to warn you – he explains – I just want to tell you that continuing to repeat staying at home is right, it’s not bullshit, it’s essential. Here people die, here 50/60 people die every day and hospitals are collapsing. And unfortunately, not just hospitals. Cemeteries are also collapsing: there is no longer a place for coffins. Here, I use an example that may seem stupid, it is as if every day there was a strong earthquake that systematically causes 50/60 deaths and that has been happening for 15 days now “.

    “So, I emphasize, I do it because I love Italy, because I have friends everywhere and I absolutely don’t want another Bergamo to occur elsewhere. Because what we are living here nobody can imagine – continues Alessio – Here the only noise we hear is that of the sirens of the ambulances and, unfortunately, of the mourning bells of the churches: these are the only noises that we have heard for 15 days. We barricaded ourselves in the house. Nobody jokes anymore, nobody comes out, nobody jogs, nobody goes out for a walk, nobody goes out for a ride, whoever has the dog leaves the very limited time to make him do the needs and immediately goes home. Guys, really, this is a war against an invisible monster, hard to fight, just as it is hard to change your lifestyle, but you have to do it, you really have to do it to help yourself,

    “If your hospitals are going to collapse too … Well, they started teaching us here. I know, it’s a very bad thing to call it that, but I can’t explain it in any other way: in short, the older one let him die – he reveals – Here those who go to hospitals see people with masks, they don’t see faces, those who are lucky enough to to recover and to go out to the intensive care he manages to make a telephone call to his loved ones; those who die, do so by seeing the doctors with masks until the last moment, the nurses call the relatives of the deceased, who died alone, the funeral cannot be done, the body is transported to the cemetery, where it is left on the ground because they can no longer be buried ”.

    “Please, stay at home as much as possible, because here you die – he concludes – Hello everyone from a Bergamo, I love you, we fight every day, we hope to do it, you give us a hand, you give yourself a hand, because you are still in time to avoid the worst.
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  4. Dale A Albrecht says:
  5. From the state pen of CA, all is quiet. No prison riots yet.

  6. After Trump just ripped a liberal reporter, I’m thinking he is FED UP with their BS.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Pardon my French. But are college kids who still went to Spring Break in Florida fucking stupid. De Santis left it to the mayors but backlash forces the closing of the beaches. Now these kids are dispersing back all across the country.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Yes, sir……when I was in college in the 60’s we were fucking stupid……totally. Some of us from the 60’s have never recovered.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Our resident historian Stephen, will no doubt remember that Florida refused to darken their lights after dark, thereby silhouetting the transport ships and making them easy targets for the U-Boats. Only when the burned drowned and shredded bodies start coming ashore and ruining their vacations did they finally follow the administrations pleas.

  8. thelonestarconnection says:


  9. thelonestarconnection says:

    The U.S. could see the lowest gasoline prices in history when adjusted for inflation, according to one oil analyst, as the Saudi-Russian oil price war and coronavirus pandemic upset crude prices.

    Lowest in history eh? Well, let us see. It is going to have to drop to 19 cents per gallon……for me.

  10. thelonestarconnection says:

    Went by Cabella’s today………………………… ammunition left. Talked with the manager and he said that they get a new shipment in twice a week and are sold out within three hours. Even buckshot was sold out. But, he said, since I am over 65 they have a senior hour from 8 to 9……get there early and I can get my share of .223/5.56 and 45cal and 9mm rounds. 100 round limits for each cal. is the limit.

    So, I will try the 8 am shift.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    This is about to get real funny. Idaho now up to 31 cases with 19 in a single county, Blaine. That is Haley, Ketchum, Sun Valley for those not familiar. Almost all of them from people traveling outside Idaho……….. It is were the Hollywood crowd lives in their little Galt’s Gulch homes.

    The Governor is considering Isolating the ENTIRE COUNTY to keep it from spreading any faster to the outside. Quarantine enforced by the Sheriff. Can’t wait to see this……..

    Meanwhile, yesterday we had our first case, today two more. All Self Isolated and apparently from traveling. Apparently a bunch of people recently returned from trips back east of cruises. Will be very interesting to see how fast it now grows.

    We are next door to Spokane and thousands go back and forth every day. Yet until yesterday NO cases in North Idaho and only 5 in Spokane County.

    The other night SUL and I were sittin in the hot tub when one of those rich follks jets passed over headed to Boyington Field (Hayden airport). I told SUL “Well, there is our first Virus case, flying in from California.” We have several of those jets come in each day carrying rich folks from who knows where. No effort to stop it or to have folks there to “check them in”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The only reported case here so far is from someone who traveled to israel recently.

      I agree. About sealing in that county. Obviously these folks feel privileged and immune and dont give a god damn about spreading the virus. Shoot the tires out on their jets.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:
  13. thelonestarconnection says:

    Want help on shopping and social distancing? Wear a Michael Myer’s mask while shopping.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Better still, a Michael Moore mask. People would shy away from revulsion.

      Golf is the perfect outdoor sport. Social distancing is at least 200 yards.

      A friend who lives in Santa Monica, just posted a list of confirmed cases in that downtown area of LA. Including Beverly Hills. They seem to have all gone to JAC’s neck of the woods.

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Current number of where people who tested positive are residing.

    Posted from a friend who lives in Santa Monica and these numbers are from the LA Board of Health. They all must be out infecting the ski areas in the Rockies.

    Brentwood 16
    Venice 4
    Santa Monica 4
    WLA 3
    Westwood 5
    Culver City 4
    Beverly Hills 5
    Mar Vista 3

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just up at the store replenishing my supply of wine. Can’t seem to get the estimated consumption right.

    Anyway the store was fully stocked with one exception. .fresh beef pork and chicken. The manager said all full shipments are coming in as scheduled but people are buying shopping carts full. Wiping them out in minutes.

    Theyll put restrictions on with this weeks deliveries. They did put restruction on TP and paper towels. All other shelves were fully supplied. Bread fruit vegetables etc

    A friend said she just shopped at Walmart. What a zoo.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Colonel….have you posted armed security around your herds yet? Or have you ordered drones and hellfire missiles to take care of rustlers and poachers?

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Every rancher that I know……is armed to the teeth….and I have my raptors.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Are the Raptors remotely operated or on auto pilot? I doubt if the Dread Pirates smoothbore cannon can reach from the gulf coast so he’s no help.🙂

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Talking to my friend in Colorado who is getting released from a two week mandatory quarantine tomorrow, was exposed at Breckenridge ski resort. Up the road from where she lives.

  17. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow wants President Trump’s daily coronavirus press conferences to be taken off the air, because lives depend on it. Oh, and hope in the midst of these turbulent times? We cannot have that! She concluded her brief screed by suggesting that continuing to air them would lead to more people dying!

    Is Mr. Maddow inciting a panic? When will these fear mongering pieces of human poop be held accountable? OR, are they immune? As a rule, I don’t count the any of the Primetime shows on FOX, MSNBC, CNN etc. as being news, but opinion shows on news channels.

    Next subject: Cops getting sick is becoming an issue. Wonder where this will lead?

    Next subject: NG in the streets of Baltimore. Overkill? Or is the Crat politicians exercising their new found power?

    Next subject: How long before criminals become a much bigger problem? Everyone around these parts are heavily armed. Soon, warning signs will begin to go up soon. Interesting times ahead.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Who is Rachel Maddow.? Is she somebody important?🤮

      • A Liberal hack on MSNBC every night spewing her never ending BS. As far as importance, She is the opposite of important and society would be better off if she were a septic sucker. At least she would serve a purpose.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I was being sarcastic this morning.. she along with most media types are a waste of a human being.

          A research paper out of England claims that after 160 years she’s proved Darwin’s origin of species.

          In the paper she says there are NO subspecies of humans. That I can refute easily. “Journalists” easily can be classified as a bottom dwelling muckraking below sub species. Probably if they’d look closer a parasitic species that imparts no benefit to its host organism.

  18. Remember the nurse that came back from the Ebola zone that Christie wanted to quarantine? The left threw a fit over her loss of freedom. How time have changed.

    In other news, dawn arrived today in CA on schedule and in full glory.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Has the past week’s weather been awesome or what?

      Another one today here. They say rain is coming and may stay for awhile. Every couple of days the wind shifts from SW to N. When the N wind blows temps drop and that is what brings snow flurries or what we up north call Spring Showers.

      Hope all is well with you and yours T-Ray.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        North wind blew in last night and temps dropped 35 degrees.

        Getting tired of this climate change every three days🙂.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I found the census interesting. So simple. The self identifying and claimants that there all these different genders will go nuts. Are you male or female period.

    But the race one was even more so. The separate question are you Hispanic should be eliminated from any race question for obvious reasons. But under each other category like White, asian, black etc the question was added of origin and gave examples. All these politicians screaming about white privilege like That palestinian congresswomen. Are classified as WHITE. Arabs, Lebanese, turks etc. Are white genetically.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Maybe my favorite fishing spots won’t be so overrun in the near future. 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The fisherman here are diehards. The launching ramps and parking have stayed full even in cold windy and rainy days.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Note to Illinois Governor: FEMA is NOT a centralized repository of everything you need. The FEMA director’s comments make this perfectly clear. Yet CNN quotes STUPID Governor. FEMA is NOT SUPPOSED to be a central repository. It is a logistical coordinator providing assistance to the States. It is the STATES responsibility to do what is needed and if necessary use FEMA advise and information. FEMA will make sure your money arrives by documenting what you purchase and forwarding to the appropriate Agency which will cut the check. The National Repository is a collection of goods to be used IF NEEDED and is designed to deal with a few site specific crises. The US GOVT does not maintain a warehouse full of everything we think we might need for any possible disaster we can imagine.

    And to Jake Tapper: Stick a Sock It you DIMWIT. The Federal Govt. is not in charge of COUNTING the number of X, Y or Z used in a national emergency.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      P.S.: Does anyone think for a minute that Hospitals, Clinics and Governors are not over ordering in hopes of getting excess supplies to deal with increased need later.

      Do you think these people would react differently than those who cleared the shelves of T-P?

      • I could see that, except that space for storage is limited. I can see some supplies running low, such as masks and gowns. I’m still feeling like we aren’t getting the whole story. Just a feeling.

  21. There is a lot of really dumb stuff being written out there. From the idiot kids partying to lunatic conspiracy nuts going into mental breakdowns, there is plenty of stuff to entertain. Here are a few examples:

    America Is Entering Permanent Martial Law, Warns Legal Scholar
    Suspension of constitutional rights likely scenario if coronavirus pandemic grows

    The Justice Department has quietly asked Congress for authorization to ask judges to temporarily suspend constitutional rights during the coronavirus pandemic and other emergencies, according to reports.
    Documents obtained by POLITICO apparently show the department’s requests to Congress over a number of topics, including the possibility of indefinitely detaining citizens without trial and waiving other constitutional protections related to the courts.
    The request to suspend habeas corpus – the right to appear in front of a judge and ask to be released before trial – and other court proceedings has constitutional experts calling the government requests “terrifying.”

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day, which I used the other day on a lefty leaning site:

    For three years we have had to endure the Democrats and full on lefty loons calling Mr. Trump a FASCIST. Now they are chastising him each day for NOT BEING Fascist enough for their liking.

    There is an old saying in the business which I lived for so long. You find out someone’s true colors when in the midst of an emergency, when the pressure gets REAL. The Maddow’s of the world have shown their TRUE COLORS.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought I would share our Sit Rep with ya’ll. Note: Blaine county cases are growing at about 10% per day (2 cases) over the past four days. Teton area jumped 50%, from 2 to 3. Showing that sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

    North Idaho has not increased for 2 days, but I am sure it is coming. Our three cases were all folks who traveled and recently came home.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A friend just posted a meme about her housekeeper teleworking. “She called and told me what to do”

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This was just posted from a friend who lives in Santa Monica.

    “I had to go out and as I drove down San Vicente, groups of people were sitting together (not even 2 feet apart) with their dogs…people cycling in a group right next to each other…people waiting to cross the street not 2 feet apart. This is why Brentwood has 16 confirmed cases.”

    You can not fix stupid

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:
  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just read an LA Times article on the mass exodus out of LA heading to small communities in the desert and mountains thinking theyll be safer there. Like limited health services and small stores stripping resources as they travel. Same thing happening in New York. People heading upstate or out to their places in the Hamptons. Stripping stores. Mt Desert Island in Maine reporting the same. People opening up their summer mansions and partying.

    Edgar Allan Pie’s “Mask of the Red Death” in modern times

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Could it be true Weinstein has been tested positive for Covid-19 and transferred out of Rikers Island

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Joke of the day, from a relative.

    OK, Black fella is getting the questions asked by some young person.

    Young Person: Would you be willing to answer a quiz.

    BF: Sure

    YP: OK, you have two options. A or B.

    A. Is you have to be locked up in your house with your wife and kids for 14 days…….and,

    BF: I pick B


    This doesn’t surprise me. Unless they have a 100% effective vaccine, which has not been reported, the claim that there are no new cases is preposterous. It also says that we are not getting the whole truth on this mess.

    Other thoughts:

    Pelosi and Shumer are playing politics, when 80 million people are at home watching all this unfold. A large number of urbanites, Dem voters, need help. This looks to backfire, as Trump will call them out every day during the daily briefings. Bad timing on their part.

    College kids coming down with virus after ignoring it for Spring Break. Karma is a bitch sometimes. Weinstein knows this all too well.

    I’m expecting Congress to suspend at some point. That’s fine, useless anyway when they play politics.

    Mass exodus out of L.A. and that is likely to grow to other cities. This won’t end well as these idiots just spread the virus more.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just look at JAC’s report. My friend in Colorado is out of a 2 week quarantine after being in her local ski area of Keystone.

      Other news? Over 20 million cellphone accounts closed in China over the past 3 months. Plus hundreds of thousands of landlines. If true China is not coming clean and taking Stalins approach of scorched earth against Hitlers Wehrmacht.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        IF China is clearing a human free zone and also offing anybody bei g exposed or testing positive, I’d assume our sophisticated satellites could pick that activity up. But could anyone imagine the absolute panic if that very got out would cause.

        Like during the crash in 29 and the subsequent depression. Those that lived out of the urban areas did pretty well. Involved in food production which was over 50% no problem. Today < 5%

  31. thelonestarconnection says:

    Everybody laughs and scoffs at my prediction….I just keep it to myself anymore. I stand by my original thoughts.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Keep your own counsel. If you knew the grief I took on Facebook for suggesting UV light as a disinfectant last week. Got a lot of that “Ahh what makes YOU an expert”, shit. Yesterday the NY Times ran a piece on UV light being used to disinfect supplies in the hospital so they could be reused. Nobody our age remembers High School Science, nobody younger than us took any science courses worth remembering. Nobody ever listened to Granny either when she told you get plenty of fresh air and Sunshine!

      “A prophet is not honored in his own land”.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        They have opened up one of the biggest venues in New Jersey, the garden State Arts Center as a testing site today. Wonder how that will go! Last week’s testing was mobbed by healthy people with extreme cases of paranoia.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Heck I use vinegar for most if my cleaning of counters windows etc.

        Just a quick run to the store to get MORE wine and a trash sticker.

        Pretty normal only a few areas were thin. Deliveries start tomorrow night.
        Produce full
        Breads full
        Red meat only a little bit but that got wiped out last wednesday.
        Whole hams bins full as well as ribs.
        Milk full
        Juices of all types full
        Frozen foods pretty intact.
        Beer and wine more than enough
        TP and paper towel being rationed. I’ll bet you have to ask at the desk and theyll get what you want if within the limits set.

        They instituted a set of hours on mondays starting next week early for seniors only. Gives us a chance. I’ll not partake. Seniors in their wheeled carts and terrible eyesight it’s dangerous. I’ll stick to my normal days.

        Most restaurants are take out only. Obviously the burger kings etc are windows service only.

        Businesses here adapted to minimize contact but are for the most part open for business.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Anybody that laughs and scoffs at your predictions are idiots and will be the first to cry and die or turn violent.

      From what friends in CA are describing if the exodus out of the city to areas totally incapable of handling food supplies and health needs are people who will be thieves in short order. These people are stripping small town stores designed for that low population area.

      To shift logistics of all sorts will be more disruptive than just hanging out at home and going out only for supplies or working in critical fields. Like brewing beer🙂

      Read the history of early Jamestown and Plymouth. They nearly perished from starvation. The migrants were rich Cavaliers or tradesman NOT yeoman working farms capable of producing food. The early settlers were adventurers investors and urbanites.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:
  33. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

  34. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A provincial leader in Italy took a €30000 annual raise amidst this disaster. The shit eating grin on his face was astounding when he was trying to explain that it had been voted on before the pandemic hit.

      I reminded the (poster) that lamp posts still exist in Italy. Put them to good use now that people are not driving the streets and out and about.

  35. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Amid political bickering over a potential economic relief package, Democrats warned Americans that the stimulus bill would stimulate the economy.

    “This stimulus bill might stimulate the economy — which would hurt our chances to stop the bad orange man,” said Senator Chuck Schumer. “We can’t overstate how much damage this would do to our 2020 campaign. The last thing we need is a strong economy going into November.”
    “This stimulus package is horrifying. It specifically includes funding to stimulate Trump’s economy, and we can’t have that.”
    “We cannot pass it to find out what is in it — then we might accidentally increase Trump’s chance of reelection,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “We must move slowly and cautiously here.”
    Upon reading part of the bill, Democratic leaders were confused to learn that it would give money back to taxpayers instead of taking it away. “Is that even legal?”

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is counter intuitive. But even back when Spanish explorer Portola first came to what would become the LA basin and San Fernando Valley was called the “Valley of the Smokes” by the inhabitants

    By sealing our houses up to save energy I truly believe we’ve created another whole zone of pollution and ergo health problems. Let the house breath and let the sun shine in.

    by Giorgio Ursicino

    The coronavirus has made us change perspective, reshape the scale of values. Even the deepest. We would miss that it had not been so, in front of an invisible enemy that humanity had not known for several centuries. Nonsense even the news that in “peacetime” could have seemed bomb. They would catalyze attention for the thickness of their content, sparking a sea of ​​controversy over the useless sacrifices they had called us to endure. Now it’s different.

    Faced with isolation which is the only weaponof survival, the mountains take the form of hills and there is clearly no desire to inflame the debate on anything. Yet the topic we are talking about is not exactly trivial. In a less impetuous and disruptive way, the topic also concerns people’s health because it involves the air we breathe. An indispensable element to life which, in some of our cities and at certain times of the year, is something similar to poison, toxic gases whose limits are decidedly higher than human tolerability, especially grandparents and children.

    Coronavirus emergency, Ferrari ready to produce intensive care lung respirators

    L’Arpa, the environment agency, monitors the quality of the atmosphere of all the municipalities of the Peninsula in real time and disseminates the data available to all on a daily basis. Numbers that we used to watch carefully and that the scale of the pandemic has made us replace with others that are undoubtedly more dramatic: infections, ICU admissions, lives suffocated by evil. Closed in the house for days besieged by the virus, it is almost spontaneous to glance at the behavior of the control units that continue to do their silent work in the metropolis where only the screams of silence echo.

    Well, at least a picture emergessurprising, almost incredible. In the overwhelming majority of Italian cities, the air quality deteriorated after ten days of “zero traffic”, first because of the calls, then for the obligations imposed by the government, so much so that the Ztl were opened due to the absolute lack of cars to limit the circulation. The images captured by the news reports show deserted realities, scenes of our cities as we would have imagined in a post-nuclear bombing era.

    Coronavirus Rome, blocks for cars: checks on consular offices today and tomorrow. The beaches also closed

    A world without a car, a test that could never have been carried out without an exceptional event such as the sneaky attack by Covis19. Everywhere there is more or less the same picture, fromTurin to Naples , passing through Milan and Rome . All the pollutants kept under control by Arpa have not decreased in the last ten days despite the progressive blockage of traffic. Yet the benefits should have been combined by adding days without traffic to days without traffic. Instead it did not happen, with the data with which in the last few days they have even surged. It is not the case here to report the data of all the cities, but believe little changes.

    Take Rome for examplein addition to being our city, it is also the capital and by far the largest. Both the particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), and the nitrogen dioxide and ozone in the last few days have values ​​significantly higher than those of the previous week. The PM10, the best known, was at 31 on day 12 and at 41 on day 20, with a peak of 49 on 18. The same fate for PM2.5: 24 on 12, 35 on 20.NO2 89 on 12, 106 on 20; O3 106 on 12, 118 on 20. A disaster. With cars completely stopped. But then, pollution isn’t the traffic’s fault. Or at least, if the vehicles stop, the situation does not improve.

    Coronavirus, car at risk 14 million jobs

    It can be assumed that there are heaters of the houses and the particulates remain on the ground if it does not rain and the streets are not washed. But had we not seen satellite images showing a better situation from the point of view of pollutants? Maybe. But they are images of a macro-area like the Po Valley which was positively affected by the forced stop of the large factories in the North. Where there are the control units (and therefore the people who breathe), however, the scenario is frighteningly negative.

    If these numbers make sense,certainly when existence resumes a more normal course, it will be necessary to face the problem in a different way and not to make people who already breathe an air of disgust pay for the nightmare of daily travel. We are sure that even politicians and local administrators, after this sad and hard experience, will face the topic in a more objective way without being influenced by ideological motivations. They all say that after the coronavirus we will be better than before.

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As a side the Russians are sending help to Italy and the EU is not because they may need it.

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:
  39. Just A Citizen says:

    In case there are any questions as to what happened today on the “bi-partisan” Virus stimulus in the Senate, which was given the green light over the weekend. In case you hadn’t heard, it was killed by Democrats in the Senate. Here is a summary.

    And Crenshaw’s response…………..calling them LIARS.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The one thing that keeps popping up is Boeing. Talking bailout etc. People saying bad management, they’ve been price gouging screw them. Building bad aircraft.

      *they’ve had no more problems than Airbus.
      *just a few years ago the Obama administration BLOCKED a move by Boeing wanting to build a facility in SC because it is a right to work State and that would hurt the union in WA that has them by the gonads.
      *the Obama administration also blocked the joint project with Airbus which was to be built in AL……as an aside Airbus built the facility on their own in Mobile AL and build their smaller planes there. Currently they are doubling their assembly capacity. I’m getting lots of application requests for quality control statisticians.

      Coincidence that the Pelosi add ons include greater union power when union membership is falling. Plus the LAUSD voters are pissed as hell about the latest teachers strike that now require tax hikes to pay for the billions of outlays. Especially when student enrollment is down. The CA schools rank in the middle of the nations schools scholastically. Coincidence that CA tried to undo Prop 13 with the claim the bill was all about education.

      Aside my old HS has 1/2 the students it had when I was there 50+ years ago. We also were ranked as one of the top schools in the State. Today it’s in the 37th-41st percentile against the other schools in the State. The teachers union my senior year during my last semester struck for almost 1/3 of the semester. I have NO sympathy for unions.

      Coincidence that Pelosi adds the stuff on unions given the recent SC ruling on dues and donating to political campaigns.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “Via senior GOP aide, Schumer/Pelosi now pushing these demands amid pandemic-fueled economic collapse:
    1) Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions
    2) Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines
    3) Expansion of wind and solar tax credits”

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The authorities have gor to come down real hard in the hoaxsters videoing themselves claiming they have the virus the coughing on oridce ie walking through Walmart coughing.

    Expinentially Worse than yelling fire in a theater.

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    More and more is coming out about the D stunt in the coronavirus aid package. The inversions Pelosi wanted added to the Sebate bill. Have nothing to do with the virus and people and businesses affected. But to further shape their agenda. Thus nothing but a political ploy o damage the president and holding the nation hostage.

    They even inserted $35 million for the JFK performing arts center.

    Please GOD give the President the Line Item Veto.

    • A local has a large vinyl sign in his yard along Rt. 36 that says “Democrats are Morally Bankrupt”. These people should not be anywhere near a govt office.

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The complaining and selfishness of people.. NY hospitals ban partners being in the room while the women is giving birth.

    The whining and complaints about this temporary policy in extraordinary times were astounding. Stay the hell home.

    Watch it live with her taking a selfie video. If you insist.

  44. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democratic lawmakers are blocking the stimulus bill proposed in Congress, slamming their Republican colleagues for refusing to include reparations for transgender Native Americans affected by climate change.

    “If we aren’t handing billions of dollars to Native Americans with gender dysphoria displaced by our current climate emergency, then what are we even doing here?” shouted Chuck Schumer in a scathing speech outside the Capitol Building. “The American people are waiting for us to pass this bill, and the evil Republicans are stubbornly insisting we don’t earmark billions for our transgender indigenous brothers and sisters and others.”
    The Democrats’ version of the bill would set aside $500 billion to fund gender reassignment surgeries and reparations for any indigenous person who has been forced to move thanks to the climate emergency.
    “Millions will die if we do not get this added to the bill,” Nancy Pelosi warned gravely. “American families are hurting, yes, but they need to wait a while longer so we can get all our pet projects added to the bill.”
    More demands of the Democrats include the following:
    Funding for Cats 2
    Research into green, environmentally friendly moon power
    $50 million earmarked for research into USB cables that you can plug in correctly the first time
    Saving the endangered striped desert moose ant
    $100 million to bring back popular soda Tab
    A large supply of rainbow flags to have on hand just in case
    More butlers in the Capitol Building
    Funding for ten more seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race
    Free housing for undocumented Mexican spider monkeys
    Republicans are not interested in adding these things to the proposal unless they get to add an equal amount of unnecessary pet spending.

  45. Canine Weapon says:

  46. Canine Weapon says:

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It was a series of photos of a new hobby. “Toilet People” art. Hilarious I’ll try to copy individual photos

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Damn. Dems complain about Trumps proposal to eliminate payroll taxes during this crisis. They say it only helps those working. Duh.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Does a payroll tax holiday help anyone who lost their job in the downturn?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The old saying comes up. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”

        By jamming in those last minute house demands in the senate bill derails a lir of help and imposes laws that do nothing for the crisis at hand. I’ll bet their Bill’s the house passed knowing full well they’d never get through the Senate and signed by the president unless blackmail was employed.

        “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Correction. I’ll bet they’re bills, the house knew would never get through the senate

          This changing words other than what I know I typed to what it thinks I mean kills me.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Does the State deduct payroll taxes from unemployment compensation? Honestly, I do not know because I have never taken unemployment. I do know they take it out of Medicaid payments to family for supporting their own children.

        Now, back when this was first discussed there was the proposal to force companies to provide paid sick leave and then reimburse via a tax credit. The payroll tax break would obviously reduce the payroll cost of those on sick leave.

        Can you explain to me how a business forced to make payroll on sick leave is going to get reimbursed via a tax credit when they have no revenue????

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          I’ll just help you out here.. the economy is on the rocks right now.. in a few weeks, it’s going to completely shit the bed like you’ve never seen in your lifetime.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I understand all that and probably better than you realize.

            BUT……….you avoided answering my questions.

      • Unemployment benefits are indeed taxed and is considered earned income.

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Yesterday an Egyptair cargo plane landed in Milan Malpensa with a shipment of about 1 million masks sent from Egypt for Lombard health care. In addition to the large Russian aid sent on board 9 large Il-76 cargo planes, an A330-200 of Egypt Air is also arriving, which is bringing us a million masks. This would suffice (but unfortunately there is much more) to invoke the immediate removal of Conte.

  50. Before I go back in time and re-read SUFA comments from the “Spedulus,” does anyone have any comments they’d like to offer about the current proposals?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I dont know exactly where your family lives in SoCal, but a friend whose worked in healthcare her whole life was pretty pissed off by the LACK of social distancing and pretty well ignoring advise in the heaviest confirmed case areas where she lives. Just going on like nothing has changed.

      Or the god damn college kids supposedly getting educated still going on spring break until the State of Florida broke it up. Now they’re dispersing across the nation. .

      I noted that it took burned and ripped apart bodies coming ashore ruining vacations leading up to and into WWII before the cities like Miami turned their lights out or blacked them out at night ignoring the pleas of the government to do so. Silhouetting ships and them then being torpedoed by nazi U-boats. They must have thought they were cool fireworks

      Bottom line people ignore looming crisis until it bites them in their asses. Regardless if warnings

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Our area here though a lot smaller scale than NYC, but bigger than your current NY Westchester area. Has pretty well adapted. Businesses are open, just modified. Restaurants are take out only even those that can not seat indoors during the crisis. Banking and other transactions. Use the window services. All the tellers are wearing gloves and sanitize everything before touching anything. Face to face required. Schedule an appointment.

        Walmarts is still a clusterfuck. Other stores say call. Well check availability in store and we’ll bring it out to you. Obviously the money has been transacted via debit or credit. Iyr grocery stores are in track with deliveries and are controlling hoarding as it happens by the next order cycle.

        They even started a special block of hours for seniors on mondays. We move slower. Just a few hours.

        The hardest hit area in the Capital area is Research Triangle Park. Tons of international travel, plus surrounded by universities. All the cases my relative in emergency has tested that prove positive all had traveled abroad or had been in vacation somewhere that was contaminated.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The vast majority of all the proposal and those already passed are Bulldookey. Once again politicians knee jerk reaction to a crisis, piling on free cookies to buy votes.

      The only thing that was needed in the short term was funding to back stop States in their purchase of medical supplies.

      Next up should have been funds to shore up Unemployment Compensation.

  51. Trump: Anyone who wants to get tested can get tested.

    This is objectively false. It is a blatant lie. It was false when he said it, it is false now.

    That said, there’s this:
    “Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for COVID-19,” Paul’s account tweeted. “He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person.”

    So, it seems, that, as long as you’re rich or powerful, you can get tested “out of an abundance of caution,” but for everyone else, you have to meet extensive screening requirements.

    My in-laws just came back from Mexico. My mother in law has asthema and a weakened immune system. My father in law has some respiratory issues. The couldn’t get a test. Do they need a test? “Need”? Probably not. But would they like one “out of an abundance of caution”? Yes. But they aren’t Rand Paul. Or a member of any of the NBA teams which were tested. There are no tests available for them. They might have it – they might not – who knows? But as long as they can’t be tested, we don’t know if they have it. We don’t know if they’ve spread it. We don’t know if they’ve given it to us. We don’t know anything.

    It’s almost as if the government is trying to suppress testing because that suppresses the number of diagnosed cases… you can’t have millions of cases if you only test a few thousand. Maybe that’s reading too far into it.. one should never blame on malevolence what can adequately be attributed to incompetence.

    We have de Blas: “We wish them a speedy recovery,” Mr. de Blasio wrote. “But, with all due respect, an entire NBA team should NOT get tested for COVID-19 while there are critically ill patients waiting to be tested. Tests should not be for the wealthy, but for the sick.”

    And then we have de Trump: “Perhaps that’s been the story of life. That does happen on occasion, and I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And a friend of mine who lives in Colorado just happen to pass through an area in the Rockies deemed contaminated and was put into an enforced quarantine for two weeks. Just was released today.

      In italy any older person with any I’d the ailments that put you at a higher risk are not tested and do not receive treatment. Based on the statistics generated so far.

      Anyway Mathius: does “if you like your doctor and insurance, you can keep them” ring a bell?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      First of all, I saw when Mr. Trump made that comment. The context was people needing tests in the hot spots and being able to test those connected to known infections. Context my man, context. I can’t believe you still can’t understand Trumpspeak.

      There was also that usual optimism about the future. It was offered in the same meeting where they were discussing ramping up production.

      I have no idea about the NBA teams but it would make sense that we have testing available for Congress, the Executives and key essential people in the Administration.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        it would make sense that we have testing available for Congress, the Executives and key essential people in the Administration.

        Is your implication that members of congress, their key staff, and anyone in the Administration are “essential”?

        Because, if that’s your position, my friend, you need to go have a seat on the Group W bench and think about your life.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not in JAC Land………….. but we don’t live there, we live here. So unfortunately we need them from time to time to do things they shouldn’t do but have taken on the sole authority to do. Analogy of Tar Babies comes to mind.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I know one who has done jack shit in 30 years of being in the House and Senate and that is Bernie Sanders.

      • As many times as the Left has taken Trump out of context, lied by omission on what he really did say and basically do anything they can to put the man down, one would think that Mathius would, by now, would be smart enough to understand that the Left would not have to do this on a daily basis if Trump wasn’t the best President ever and the Crats don’t have crap to offer to beat him 😛

        Well, maybe not best ever, but exponentially better than that last Jackwagon Crat that sat there.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Dale, one thing that has really helped Texas………..our governor has the line item veto power and it has slashed pork spending enormously. You must have that to sustain a balanced budget.

      You gotta love Nancy Pelosi’s statement on Texas. “There is no way that Texas is taking care of its people because there is no way to do it without deficit spending. No state should be able to balance its budget.”

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Looks like we are dipping into our “rainy day fund”. Budget still balanced, as required by our Consitution.

      • Hey Colonel,

        With airfare so cheap right now, I was thinking of coming down to Texas to see the sights..

        I found this broucher for a national park out on your west side.. was wondering if you’d ever been and thought it was worth the trip.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      My mother in law has asthema and a weakened immune system. My father in law has some respiratory issues. The couldn’t get a test. Do they need a test? “Need”? Probably not. But would they like one “out of an abundance of caution”? Yes. But they aren’t Rand Paul. Or a member of any of the NBA teams which were tested. There are no tests available for them.

      I do not know why New York cannot get tested but get off the “rich” folks thing……they can get tested in Dallas simply because of their age. They can get tested in Fort Worth because they just came back from Mexico and their age and they can get tested in Houston and San Antonio simply because of their age.

      All these places have drive through testing……so an abundance of caution, I guess, is dependent upon where you live. Have your city get their asses in gear….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Thank you, tip o’ the hat your way Sir.

        Now…… If one was to to cold hearted calculation in conducting this fight and you knew you were not able to do wide spread testing, or other things due to lack of supply, would it not make more sense to send the testing kits to those areas least infected?

        If the tests are so critical then it seems it would make more sense keeping those low or zero infected areas as low as possible. These “hot spots” are to far gone to worry about. Isolate them and let it runs it’s course.

        Just thinking out loud this AM. When you don’t have all the resources you can ever imagine needing to you have to set priorities. There are many options available. Spreading oneself to thin is a recipe for disaster.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Standard military thinking. Do not throw more troops into a battle that cannot be won…put the troops where you need to in order to contain the battle that is lost. Tough decisions require no emotional thinking. Logic needs to dictate. Protect the areas that need protecting and stop the advance.

          Pretty simple, actually.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Now my local “test anybody” site has had to turn away people who show no sign of illness. In addition the NJ site has to turn away people from other states. The logic of being asymptomatic and tested escapes me unless it is for a statistical sample.

        Right now, the as—-s, are tying up testing for the ill and tying up the labs. What benefit that?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Bottom line CA and NY did not prepare adequately. They just spent their time trying to impeach Trump and calling him a racist and xenophobe and still do by actual him using Chinese Virus when the MSM used it 1st.

        Look at the complaining New Yorkers are doing about the hospitals banning husbands and partners in the maternity areas.

  52. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

  53. Just A Citizen says:


    The vast majority of all the proposal and those already passed are Bulldookey. Once again politicians knee jerk reaction to a crisis, piling on free cookies to buy votes.

    The only thing that was needed in the short term was funding to back stop States in their purchase of medical supplies.

    Next up should have been funds to shore up Unemployment Compensation.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    Funniest internet comment I have come across this AM:

    I wish ‘you people’ would lay off the press for once. If we’ve learned anything from Kung Flu it’s that there is nothing more loved or more important in our country than asswipes.

    • The Mathius household has some decent storage space, so we tend to stock up on durable goods rather than make frequent trips.

      Now, I’ve got enough TP to make it ’till Kingdom Come, but the wife and kids, well… let’s just say they need to learn moderation.

      If any of you find yourself in dire need, let me know, I’ll overnight you a few squares – we use the good stuff here.

      Friends and Family discount – $20 / square.


      It’s been on my “wish list” for a number of years to buy an old shipping container, one of those steel 80′-ers, and bury it in the backyard.. add some steps going down, a sump-pump, lights, and shelves… stock it up with every durable good I could possibly need for a year or two, then rend a Uhaul and do a semi-annual re-supply run. I figure I might be able to save a bundle on bulk purchases.

      Alas, never got around to it..

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    Idaho Sit Rep, per the media. The OFFICIAL update is not done until 5PM MST each day.

    Notes: Still over half the cases are in Blaine County (35). Of those 14 are health care workers including a few Doctors. That number is hard to understand given the warning Idaho medical people regarding the virus.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    IF, and I say that strongly, testing the general population is so darn important, wouldn’t it make more sense to start by testing those who have been in contact with or visit locations also visited by those actually infected?

    I am also wondering how many of those “sick people” tested wound up being negative.

  57. (2nd Attempt)

  58. SAN FRANCISCO, CA—San Francisco Mayor London Breed has asked all the homeless residents of her city to please poop at home as coronavirus spreads throughout the nation.

    “Please, we urge the homeless residents of our great city to please poop in their homes during this crisis,” she said in a speech after dodging several piles of feces on the way to the podium. “Return to your homes and relieve yourselves there, not out in public where you might spread the virus.”
    She also asked them to work at home rather than going outside at least for the next one to two months. “We are all in this together. Whether you’re taking care of business or running a business, let’s all make sure to do it in the privacy of our own homes. Even if your home happens to be, well, the sidewalk.”
    According to sources, no fewer than seven homeless people were taking a “massive dump” on the steps behind her during her address.


    I can add cold fusion and polywater to the list of hoax science.

  60. I did my part. Filed and paid my taxes this week.

  61. The second wave of the 1918 pandemic was much deadlier than the first. The first wave had resembled typical flu epidemics; those most at risk were the sick and elderly, while younger, healthier people recovered easily. By August, when the second wave began in France, Sierra Leone, and the United States,[90] the virus had mutated to a much deadlier form. October 1918 was the deadliest month of the whole pandemic.[91]

  62. Dale A Albrecht says:
  63. Just A Citizen says:

    After noon thoughts:

    1. Looking in the future glass…….news story……….. Americans across the country are suffering from a variety of viruses and bacteria which didn’t used to affect humans so severely. Experts say that these “germs” apparently mutated due to the heavy use of “sanitizers” during the Covid 19 panic of 2020. Once doctor said “I can’t believe how fast they mutated from all that exposure. Here we are only two years after the great panic and we find ourselves once again ravaged by “germs” which we have nothing to combat them with.”

    2. This one from my Millennial Daughter. If we create incentives for people to stay home and miss work due to illness, with great sick leave polices and/or govt. money, people will use those benefits to take more time off from work. The abuse of Sick Leave will grow as fast as the Covid Virus did. If the Govt. pays people not to work it won’t be long before the Millennials will vote for Guaranteed income………… so they don’t have to work.

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I believe i just read that Pelosi has pretty much capitulated with her 11th hour Monday stunt. Trying to jam union issues, new green deal, performing arts clauses to just mention a handful. .

  65. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The hoarding of TP and paper towels has broken that manufacturing and distribution system.

    Those items are still missing. Tomorrow deliveries start again and we’ll see what happens. There were one missing teeth at weeks end which as far as the store is concerned is today.

    One item surprised me. Dried beans. Only lentils left. The canned beans already cooked great northern, kidney, navy garbanzo etc were totally full. Just do math. What does one pound dried beans equate to canned. Sure saves time.soaking and cooking the beans anyway only to put them in the recipe

  66. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • thelonestarconnection says:

      No, VH,,,,,I am old school….what is insane are bailouts. The government does not owe a living to anybody… is not a “natural right”,,,,,you are entitled to nothing. Of course, it is insane.

  67. Dale A Albrecht says:
  68. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I received a letter and a form to fill out by the Federal court. I’d been chosen randomly of registered voter rolls to be in the juror pool. They needed updated information. The 1st question asked….Are you a US citizen.

    Then all the other questions that are normally asked

  69. thelonestarconnection says:

    Well, I see that we are trading one virus for another…..Washington is so full of it.


    Trump’s guidance is coming from medical pros. Like I said, Thank God this witch isn’t President, half the country would die from this virus.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      OK Hillary, ignore Trumps guidance. Why dont you go hang out with Harvey Weinstein a while.

  71. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced on March 19 the number of phone users in each province in February. Compared with the previous announcement, which was released on Dec. 18, 2019, for November 2019 data, both cellphone and landline users dropped dramatically. In the same period the year before, the number of users increased.
    The number of cellphone users decreased from 1.600957 billion to 1.579927 billion, a drop of 21.03 million. The number of landline users decreased from 190.83 million to 189.99 million, a drop of 840,000.
    In the previous February, the number increased. According to MIIT, the number of cellphone users increased in February 2019 from 1.5591 billion to 1.5835 billion, which is 24.37 million more. The number of landline users increased from 183.477 million to 190.118 million, which is 6.641 million more.
    According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population at the end of 2019 was 4.67 million larger than in 2018, reaching 1.40005 billion.

    For what it’s worth.

  72. Why do all these bills get passed after midnight? 2am for 2 – 6 Trillion dollar spending. Gimmee a break.

    Wish me luck at The Amazon…someone in my building got the cooties. 5 other co workers also in quarantine. 😯

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anita……………. come on girl, the answer is obvious.

      Vampires can’t live in the day light.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anita………..this is for you and yours…………. going to work……….. making America work each day.

  73. Just got back from the store. No paper products, a few packages of pasta left, a few cans of beans. Meat aisle sparse.

  74. Just A Citizen says:

    Meme on the web, someone posted a note about their stay at home experieince.

    Only four days locked up home schooling the kids and one of the little bastards called in a bomb scare.

  75. So Gov. Cuomo is now being pushed as an emergency replacement for Biden.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      No doubt about it. Biden would be automatically removed under the 25th amendment. Cuomo is no different than Pelosi, Newsome, Schumer and the liberal left. Not quite as obvious to be Sanders or AOC like but they do brush shoulders. If Biden makes ut through the convention, he will never stand a chance against Trump or even a nematode.


    I wonder if this includes businesses owned by their spouses.

  77. Dale A Albrecht says:

    One of my classmates who is a rabid anti trumper and everything he stands for, lives in what even 50 years ago we called the Socialist Republic of Santa Monica, was listing the hardest hit areas of the virus in her area. Brentwood, home of UCLA was head and shoulders above the other surrounding areas. She complained after her observations on the people there NOT practicing social distancing and going on like there’s nothing to be worried about.

    Yet this morning she was really insulting after the Governor of Kentucky talked about the Coronavirus party some people threw. She went on to say that the South was never known to have bred smart people.

    I reminded her that Kentucky never seceded. They stated neutral until invaded by the “Southern” forces and Kentucky asked and received help from the Union Army.

    Also stupidity as the virus knows no boundaries or exclusivity

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And just who brought the disease and are really spreading it around….the people well to do enough to travel when ever and where ever. Ince its injected into the system then everybody is susceptible.

      The truly stupid supposedly highly educated “spring break” crowd now dispersed to spread the disease.

  78. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like they are thinking about the alternative I described the other day.

    Put testing and aggressive response in the areas least affected to keep them from becoming WA, NY or CA.

    According to Axios, Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters that areas less affected by the virus, and where cases are low or non-existent, could possibly resume normalcy by Easter, but cautioned places with greater infection rates to possibly quarantine longer:

    “You can look at a date, but you’ve got to be very flexible — on a literally day-by-day and week-by-week basis. … Obviously, no one is going to want to tone down things when you see what’s going on in a place like New York City. That’s just good public health practice and common sense,” Fauci said.

    “But the country is a big country. And there are areas of the country … that we really need to know more about what the penetrance is there. So, if we do the kind of testing … and you find after a period of time that there are areas that are very different from other areas of the country, you may not want to essentially treat it as a just one force for the entire country. But look at flexibility in different areas,” he added.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC… are the guy in the class that always blew the bell curve for the rest of us🙂 Stay smart and healthy, your information and common sense approach to things and experience is well noted.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Gracious of you Dale. I still hope to make out your way and see some of that wood work and restoration you talked about so much.

  79. Just A Citizen says:

    The COSTCO in Clarkston, WA has sold more cases of T-P this year than all of last year. They buy the product directly from the tissue paper mill across the river in Idaho. They are consuming all the mill is producing.

    This might explain the shortage in surrounding areas. Still not a single roll of T-P on the shelves this morning. Friend at the store told me the shipment last week was under the order and last nights shipment didn’t show up.

    I got 2 boxes of tissues, there were only 6 left. Veggies fine and most meat fine. But the dry goods are still either gone or sparse. Milk fully stocked and lots of eggs, but not the usual eggs. All white and new brands of “cage free” only. Store is now limiting purchases to 2 of milk, bread, cheese, certain meat-like burger, eggs and some other dry goods. They are limiting purchases of toilet paper, tissues and paper towels but there are any. Odd thing was also that certain brands of dish soap were gone, like Palmolive– SUL’s favorite. Guess she will have to get used to Dawn for a few weeks.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The buying patterns are still odd. But settling in and predictable. The store managers said there was NO shipment of TP etc. That system is broke. Sell a years worth of production and inventory in one to two weeks.

      Do take out and save the napkins🙂

  80. Just A Citizen says:

    Some interesting info here on refitting the Marine Corp to deal with China.

    Semper Fi

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Read that in the Military news the other day. Shifting from a land invasion force like desert warfare to “Island invasion” and control. More like the Navy/Marine strategy of WWII. China trade totally relies in shipping.

  81. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The county has announced the 3rd confirmed case of Covid-19. As with the two previously confirmed cases it is also “TRAVEL” related.

    I noticed an influx of Out of State tags at the grocery store the other day. Like NY and PA.

  82. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Decades ago when I was living in Maine. There was a big push to shut down many industries. Especially those that Mainers did not consume the majority of it. Keep only what we need and produce no more. It was a save the environment agenda.

    I tried pointed out that you’ll start depriving those big cities just south of us of what they feel is their due. When they get desperate enough theyll just come up here and TAKE what remains.

  83. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Thus buying soree and creating shortages reminds me of when I lived in Sicily 42 years ago. The commissary was small deliberately. They really wanted everyone to be out in the community not hanging out on base. They’d stock items that usually were very hard to get or just plain didnt exist in country or was a product Americans like the American or northern European style. Like aged beef. The command got all their meat products from Germany. Aged and cut and USDA inspected. Nothing wrong with beef in Sicily, it just was not aged. It was literally fresh and quite possibly still warm because the steer was just killed. Ergo scallopinis. Pounded and cut thin. Another product was avocados. Sicily even though they could never grew them. Not traditional. So the produce was flown in from Spain.

    The problem was, was the navy wives. They knew the flight schedules and would sit at the commissary and buy up everything they could fit in a cart or more. Leaving nothing for those of us working. When we got free, the commissary looked like one of the plagues of egypt went through. Stripped bare. I just ignored the commissary and shopped in my village shops, my neighbors. Only thing I didnt but there was seafood. I’d get that in a little store in Naxos Guardini right on the sea. From the sea, to the shop, to me.

    Though it is times like this that I wished I had kept up the practices learned from the family on preserving food for those winter months. In West Va the markets were 100 miles RT over hazardous mountain roads. I made a lot of my own food. The raw material was abundant from the farmers and mountain folk. In VT I’d put up a full 6 months of food that didnt rely on power to keep. Took all summer and fall as crops came in to process. It was fun. The farmers markets here are geared for the burkinstock crowd. More expensive than the regular store. The soil is really depleted or to acidic or to sandy and doesn’t really produce well. The farmers that have good producing acreage have been enriching their land for generations.

  84. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In West Va the farmers all painted COW or SHEEP or GOAT or PIG in big letters on their livestock during hunting season. The stupid idiots from DC would come over togged out in the latest outdoor wear and shoot anything with four legs. You’d see them cruising the roads slam on the brakes and pile out of their vehicle and start blasting away. Many times over the road.

    I am surprised more of them flatlanders didn’t find their way into the compost pile. I had a commander charged with illegally discharging his rifle. Hunting on the operations site was legal. Reserved for military only. It was a spook site ultimately called “Spytown” with the NSA running operations. Anyway you still had to follow rules. No shooting over roads, no spotlighting deer and elk. No hunting after sundown etc. This commander violated every rule. Eventually he was arrested by the NCIS and hauled away in handcuffs. He stole and sold government equipment we had in storage.

  85. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The one city in the world that I’d think that would have been the easiest to lock down would be NYC unless you have a helicopter on your roof or a boat, the only way off Manhattan or Long Island is by bridge or tunnel. Only supplies in one way.

    But my friend in Poughkeepsie says the stream of escapees from the city is awful. She feels sorry for two of her granddaughters. They work in hospitals in the city. They’re flat out. Their husbands are home taking care of their children that are toddlers. Worried like my nephews wife who works in emergency about bringing home the virus. My friend was describing the procedure her granddaughters are following before they enter the house proper.

  86. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This just in….the CDC recommends that public gatherings should be limited to 50 people.or less.

    Biden can keep campaigning 🙂

  87. Dale A Albrecht says:

    To those in our country complaining about the restrictions being recommended or imposed due this virus. Think of this province in northern italy.

    In Bergamo, we no longer know where to bring the dead, but we don’t even know where to put the sick. We are here to ask for clarity for the dead, which in Bergamo are 90-100 per day. In a few weeks Bergamo is losing its grandparents, as well as many other cities in Italy. The rest homes in our province have had their guests halved, and the health workers are exhausted. The same goes for disabled centers. I thank those who never stop, because the people of Bergamo are not used to being with their hands. Many volunteers are building a field hospital in the Bergamo Fair “.

    These are the words of the Northern League deputy Daniele Belotti, sitting in the Chamber with a voice broken by the emotion for the tragedy that his province is experiencing.

  88. A new thread is posted.

  89. Just A Citizen says:

    Proof that most people only think about things within their realm of experience. In this case the police can only conclude that arresting the culprits will solve the problem. Not thinking about what happens after you put all these people in a cage together and then have to release them when they make bail.

    Chicago Police Chief

    “Breaking the orders is a misdemeanor punishable by a citation with a fine of up to $500, Beck said. If violation continues, it could result in physical arrest.”

  90. Just A Citizen says:

    I brought this notion up to some folks the other day and lets just say “scoffed at” is putting it mildly. But it is just common sense. If everyone avoids the virus, we will all still be vulnerable once we are allowed to mix together again. Meanwhile, unless the virus mutates into a less harmful variety, it will be lingering around………waiting for us to come out and play.

    Article at CNN:

    In “Social distancing strategies for curbing the COVID-19 epidemic,” authors Stephen Iissler, Christine Tedijanto, Marc Lipsitch, and Yonatan Grad of the Chan School write that “a single period of social distancing will not be sufficient.”

    Paradoxically, going into an intense quarantine with nothing to follow it can actually be counter-productive.

    Without repeated intervals of distancing, “there was a resurgence of infection when the simulated social distancing measures were lifted” in the model scenarios they ran.

    The authors found that a resurgence could happen even after especially arduous periods of distancing, such as a 20-week period of social distancing. “The social distancing is so effective that virtually no population immunity is built.”

  91. Just A Citizen says:

    Dateline March 2050. A middle aged man in Indiana, used the last roll of toilet paper from the stash his father collected during the Covid Panic of 2020. This is the last known roll of toilet paper horded during that time in the USA. Experts, however, say there could be more hiding out in some redoubt of Michigan, Montana or Idaho. This is because many people in those areas have not been seen or heard from since the great pandemic swept the country.

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