Five More Weeks

Isn’t it amazing how such a small thing that can only be seen in a microscope is doing so much damage to the entire Planet?  Kind of makes all those Nuclear bomb exercises back in the 50’s and 60’s look silly.  But, here we are, slaves to a virus.  I wonder how long folks will conform before they just quit?  Now for some humor:  If Trump cancels the November election, will psych wards have to have field hospitals to handle the aftermath?  Could you imagine the Liberal media?  Just a thought  😛


  1. What a year.

  2. wonder how long folks will conform before they just quit?

    Another few weeks.. or once the economic shit really starts hitting the fan.

    We, as Americans, really just don’t have the patience for this kind of thing. Another couple weeks, tops.

    Even so, just the few weeks we’ve bought ourselves with the social distancing and better hygeine will probably save a lot of lives. Still, I would imagine, as soon as we all start leaving the house again, the infection rates spike again. There are still plenty of vulnverable people out there to get infected, and not nearly enough beds or ventilators.

    Now for some humor: If Trump cancels the November election, will psych wards have to have field hospitals to handle the aftermath? Could you imagine the Liberal media? Just a thought

    You know, I remember thinking that Bush II would cancel the election due to “terr’ism,” and then looking back and thinking that was silly.

    Then I remember y’all speculating the Obama would cancel the election and thinking you were nuts.

    Now, here we – again – wondering if Trump would cancel the election. And I’m tempted to call it nuts just because it was nuts both times before. But, well, Trump doesn’t exactly play by the rules, now does he?

    Obviously – obviously – if he tried to cancel the election, I would be apoplectic.

    But what about YOU? What would YOUR reaction be, Gman, if he cancelled the election? Would you applaud him? Laugh at the consternation of the left?

    What if he tried to make it online? Something that literally every cybersecurity expert on the planet (myself included) knows would be disastrous? When the election was over and Trump won 8,700,000,000 to 3, would you tell the left to suck it up because they lost? And then gleefully mock us for being pissed?

    • Mathius: Trump doesn’t exactly play by the rules, now does he?

      Another myth of the MSM and left. Name the court order Trump has violated? I can name a few that Obama did. Obama withheld as much if not more information for Congress than Trump has. He publicly stated that Lois Lerner and Hillary did nothing wrong. He supported Holder and his withholding of info from Congress which led to the contempt charge.

    • I don’t think the election will be cancelled. With this much time, everyone could send in absentee ballots. OR, the election can be spread out for several days. I would not be happy at all if it were cancelled. Could it be delayed? Maybe, but unlikely. Would I laugh at the consternation of the Left…..Hell Ya, but I do that anyway 😉

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Apparently the Constitution requires an election be held. I think we should go all online and give Vladimir the benefit of the doubt! Heh, heh!

      • But, but, but, It’s a living document, so the results don’t have to be released until 2030 😛

  3. An observation:

    Florida requested masks and other materials from the “national strategic reserve” and received everything it asked for.

    NJ requested masks and other materials from the “national strategic reserve” and received 6% of what it asked for.

    NY requested masks and other materials from the “national strategic reserve” and received 17% of what it asked for.

    Now, surely, this could have something to do with the severity of the outbreaks in the respective states (although, NY currently has the most cases) or maybe a question of need (eg, if NY had more on hand, then FL would need them more). Maybe NY’s request was oversized and FL’s more modest? We do know that NY and NJ made their requests before FL, so it’s not a first-come-first-serve kind of thing. There are a lot of considerations that could easily have influenced this kind of thing.

    But, you know, there is one thing that occurs to me as a potential factor in this…. maybe I’m just jaded though….

    During his speech the other day, he did seem to heavily imply that it was a “two way street” and that those who wanted supplies had to treat him well (he said “us,” but who “us” might be is unclear).

    Then again, I also can’t help but notice that NY and NJ are not going to vote for Trump no matter what whereas the state that’s getting everything it wants just so happens to be a swing state.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid.


      The system appears to roughly conform to states’ populations, rather than the size of their requests. Florida, a state of 21 million, got all 180,000 N95 masks it wanted. Oregon, a state of 4 million, only received 40,000 of the 400,000 masks it requested, and New Jersey, a state of 9 million, got 85,000 of the 2.9 million masks it feels it needs.

      Does NYC still have the garment district. Why not organize them to start making masks and surgical gowns? I’ve heard of people making masks at homes. Why not publish the patterns and requirements and ask these home bound people to get to work and take the masks and gowns to the local hospital. They can be sterilized by washing in heavy bleach solution.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        The garment district is less that 5% of what it was. the buildings have mostly been converted to residential lofts. The following jingle did not ultimately work, Cheap Chinese Junk did!

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          25 Years ago, I spent a few days in Lowell Mass where most US shoe manufacturing was centered. Block after block of nothing. I live across the Passaic river from Paterson NJ, Alexander Hamilton’s “industrial City” later the “silk” city, ditto. It is frankly a goddam crime.

          With 3/5ths of the days raining up here, we have had the opportunity to do some cleaning out. It is incredible the quantity of clothing my wife and I have assembled over the past 30 years we’ve been in this house. Most of which has never been worn to the point it wears out. Growing up in a two bedroom apartment my folks never had the luxury of space so they used what they had. My Mom ‘s “retirement” house in Coaldale PA was a miner’s”patch” house. Closets were about 8 inches deep with hooks not poles. Let’s see, you had your “work” clothes and your “Sunday” clothes.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      YES, Jaded and Paranoid.

  4. T-Ray has Mathius’s number today 😛

  5. Canine Weapon says:

  6. Canine Weapon says:

    (2nd attempt)

  7. Equine Weapon says:

  8. Equine Weapon says:

    (2nd attempt)

  9. Equine Weapon says:

  10. On the bright side, this virus is teaching some of us old folks new ways to communicate. We, as in 3 sisters and I, just got off a skype type video call. We all had our own little Brady Bunch box on the screen , and we could all see and hear each other. It was pretty cool. First time for everything.

    One sister is a CRNA..Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist…she is present during surgeries to administer and monitor anesthesia. She was telling us that her hospital has 3 floors designated as virus floors this point 2 floors are full of virus patients. She also said that a patient can be up, walking around, communicating just fine, and within an hour that patient will need to be placed on a ventilator. Meaning this virus can turn mean real quick. She’s taken her vacation and has submitted her letter of intent to retire as soon as vacation time is exhausted. Her father in law has just been released for non virus related stuff and needs 24/7 at home care. With that, she has major guilt for not being there at work, to help. She’s also scared for her daughter, my niece, who is an RN in another hospital, who just had her floor in her hospital turned into a virus only floor. Then on another note, scary but happy news that my nephew, son of another sister, will be starting his residency in the ER of a downtown Detroit hospital on April 1.

    The Anita extended family is definitely taking one for the team. Here’s hoping everyone makes it through this ok.

    • We all had our own little Brady Bunch box on the screen , and we could all see and hear each other. It was pretty cool. First time for everything.

      Please tell me one of your sisters is named Marsha, so you could do the “Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” line.

      She also said that a patient can be up, walking around, communicating just fine, and within an hour that patient will need to be placed on a ventilator

      I’m hearing much the same.. that it doesn’t always go south, but when it does, it goes quickly and that’s one of the reason such a high rate of hospitalization is necessary – because if these people are home, they are dead.

      The Anita extended family is definitely taking one for the team. Here’s hoping everyone makes it through this ok.

      The Mathius family is doing well, and is please to hear that yours is as well.

      The Mathius family would like to suggest that you find a way to short the market as the proverbial shit is going to hit the proverbial fan.. shortly. Nothing takes the edge off like a windfall profit.

      • No Marshas….does Jan count? We have one of those, short for Jeanette.

        Shorting….doesn’t that mean dumping on the way down, only to pick it back up when its down? Sounds like cheating to me. Otherwise known as winning ugly. God doesn’t like ugly. Guess it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God. I’m jus sayin.

        Glad to hear all is well in Mathiusland.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Anita…short selling is a dangerous business….not advised for the lay person. In craps, we call it betting on the “don’t”….meaning, you do not want the shooter to win….same in short selling.

          • Yeah, I don’t know much, but I knew something was fishy with shorting. Not my kinda game.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Just got back from Doc’s. We all had followup to the Bronchitis event first of the month. Esp. SUL who wound up with pneumonia.

    Sunday, the number of Covid cases in Kootenai County DOUBLED. So I asked Doc if they were getting any better info than the public as to who these folks are and where they might have been in the community. She said not much but did know that part of the rapid increase was that testing results had finally come back on those who were in contact with the first round of patients. There is about a week delay from test to results. Which I still don’t understand when you are testing people known to be exposed. But it is what it is.

    So my take is that the rate of spread is not really as bad as the numbers alone indicate. The sense from the press releases was that this thing is just running loose. When almost all the cases are related to exposure to the first few identified. The health dept is chasing down all known contacts with someone once they are tested positive. These contacts are then tested.

    Down side is that so many of those in contact later came down with it. Further supporting the “infectious” nature of this bug, compared to others pathogens. It is highly contagious.

    Did ya’ll notice that in the Idaho Sit Rep of yesterday that almost equal numbers below age 50 as above? And the ladies are getting hit harder than the guys. Which is reverse of many other states.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      P.S. Almost forgot. The Doc did say that many of the cases were folks who traveled to Seattle for work. In short, they went to Seattle long after that city’s problem was made public.

      We keep trying to suspend Darwin’s theories and they keep just biting us in the back side.

  12. Just A Citizen says:
  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Check out the bonus video……. One of the greatest announcers calling play by ply one of the greatest at bats in baseball history.

    • I remember it so well! Gibby…former Spartan and Tiger. You’re welcome. Some of the other names….! Eckersley…always wanted to marry him. Sosa, Lasorda, McGwire, Hershiser, Crews, Evans…Man!! Good times.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I knew you would appreciate it. I had forgotten Gibson was a Tiger.

        That pitch from Eck was near perfect. Gibby swings with nothing but arms and wrist. Was watching at the time, cheering for the A’s. Boy that hurt, but man was it awesome.

        The other great one I saw was Reggie’s 3 homers in one game of W. Series. Was in a very remote place in Nevada, on the Idaho line. Tiny black and white TV with lots of “snow”. But still got to see it happen.

  14. U.S.—Americans have reported they’re very optimistic about the stimulus package passed by Congress last week. In particular, people all around the country are excited to get paid with a little bit of the money that they paid the federal government already.

    Americans from all walks of life said they couldn’t wait to receive a check with a small percentage of the money the government had already taken from them.
    “I can’t wait to get that $1,200.00 check of my own money,” said one man in Texas, rubbing his hands together. “Surely this will get the economy back on track.”
    From the rich to the poor, American citizens spent many hours dreaming of all the things they will spend their newfound riches on. “With $1200, I could save enough to pay my taxes on time this year,” said one woman in Los Angeles. “Thanks so much, Congress. You’re the real heroes here.”
    A small percentage of the population said they thought it would be way more efficient for the economy if the government just didn’t take the money in the first place. These people were shouted down as “libertarian conspiracy theorist wackos” and told to move to Somalia.
    Sadly, by the time all the administration costs, government pet projects, and handouts were factored in, the stimulus each American was to receive became a negative amount, forcing Congress to raise taxes to pay for a new stimulus bill.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Comment I made earlier today at American Thinker. Thought for the afternoon……

    “Nobody seems willing to ask: “Just what is the appropriate level of medical stockpile the US is willing to support”?

    Are we going to have millions of items sitting around gathering dust while we wait for the next Black Swan to arrive? Do we build bridges to handle the 1000 year storm or the 100 year storm?

    We scream to high heaven when the Swan arrives because we are not prepared. But we forget that we made rational choices back there, in the past, to not spend that kind of money only to let it rot in a warehouse.

    Note: N95 masks in storage were condemned due to age. Venitlators from the stockpile don’t work on arrival. Does that old car you bought from the guy who had it in the barn for 30 years just start up and run perfectly when you first try it?

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      You cannot stockpile medical resources…the military found this out looong ago.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        I do not understand the hoopla over Primaquine…….We lived on this stuff in Vietnam and Panama. Took it all the time……been around for ages.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Somewhere, out there, probably in the warehouse you see at the end of the 1st Indiana Jones movie, right next to the Roswell UFO and The Ark of the Covenant sit 83 million gauze face masks and 120 million cardboard sneeze shields ordered right after the 1918 flu Pandemic.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    My nephew picked these face shields up for his wife and co-workers

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Maddow has had her conscience and moral compass removed., if they ever existed in her.

  17. Feeling somewhat normal around here today…have brats and wings ready to come off the (charcoal) grill. Yum!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Brats?? I thought you kids had moved on?

      • Don’t hate!! It was soooooo good.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          As good as a grill cooked T bone steak with baked potato?

          • thelonestarconnection says:

            Forgot to mention, the potato was then loaded with butter……REAL butter…..some shaved Jalapeno and onions…..

            • You win.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I made a “White” chili. Great Northern Beans, 10 Anaheim chilis, 5 as large as I could find jalapenos. One large onion. Tomatillas, one shredded chicken and tons of seasonings. And masa ti thicken and lime juice. Serve with sour cream and cilantro.

                Side salad fresh corn off the cob. Red bell pepper onion cilantro with an olive oil lime juice corn milk cayenne pepper dressing.

                Really have to make do these days

              • thelonestarconnection says:

                Did you put beans in your chili?

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Good reading over morning coffee……… or Dr. Pepper
    “The government can provide guidance, use emergency powers and shift laws to address a crisis like this pandemic, but what they can’t do is become a totalitarian state. We have to accept that our unique brand of freedom means we may, at times, pay a very high price. We’re always happy to talk about that price in terms of military service and what that means to our national defense, but no one ever talks about it in terms of what it means for the sacrifice of private citizens.”

    The rest of the story:


    • thelonestarconnection says:

      You should hear the cries of martial law down here…..we have medical units setting up in public areas and we are in uniform…..The military (National Guard) is not taking over. we are supplementing the civilians because we can. There is no reason to let perfectly good assets sit and not help.

      And, it is amazing, how many people do not understand the function of the National Guard. Everyone thinks that the POTUS has the power to send out the National Guard and the answer to that is NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! The guard is controlled by the governor of each state. So, if the guard is out in your state, it is NOT NOT NOT the POTUS that has called them out….it is your own state leadership. GET OVER IT.

      Letting our two main hospital ships go to California and New York IS NOT MARTIAL LAW.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Maybe a technicality but some of the Governors are talking about using the Guard to impose mandatory stay at home laws. In my book that is Martial Law, and I don’t care if it is the Governor and not POTUS.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Banner headline in yesterdays paper State has over 1000 confirmed cases of Covid-19

    Granted the medical teams have not tested everyone in the State, but are testing those who come in with the symptoms

    But still that translates to .01% of our population.

    Of those testing positive 8.7% 87, were hospitalized

    Only 4 deaths and 3/4 were elderly.

    Again compared to our population that’s .00004% have died from Covid over 3 months.

    The plain old run of the mill .flu kills more in one week this season than covid-19 has in 3 months

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With this disease really slamming dense urban centers with a lot of people that travel a lot, would you all think for those that can work by telecommuting will do so and disperse to areas less inhabited. Plus a resurgence of the family farm or at least the ability to grow along with neighbors the majority of your food.


    Trump handled this asshat quite well. CNN and MSNBC are NOT news media, they are DNC employees.

  22. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    In these trying time, I thought I’d alleviate some of the tension by releasing this never before seen footage of our resident Texan.


  23. Canine Weapon says:

    • Fake News!

      If this were accurate the 2nd and 3rd would be MUCH scarier.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You should see how your hate Trump brethren have reacted to me posting:

        “It is an irrefutable fact that measures taken have slowed the rate of Covid spread”.

        To many of them, the fact that the rate of infection is increasing is someone proof that the rate of spread has not been impacted.

        • “It is an irrefutable fact that measures taken have slowed the rate of Covid spread”.

          Well, I mean, this is true……..

          To many of them, the fact that the rate of infection is increasing is someone proof that the rate of spread has not been impacted.

          I’m not really following what you’re saying here.. maybe you could try that again.. my brain isn’t fully caffeinated..

          That said, it has been my experience that the left, generally, is taking the disease more seriously and the right, generally, the economy. That, of course, if vastly oversimplifying and over-generalization, and is also anecdotal, but I’d be interested in your thoughts.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            I live in a VERY Red State. We have been in shutdown mode since the first week of March. Our family started sooner. Social distancing started then with quick closure of schools, before any cases were found in the State.

            I see “conservatives” just as concerned but they are also talking about the long term economic impacts. I see many, not all, on the left only focused on the virus because they are only focused on trying to tear down Mr. Trump. Some are now starting to blame Mr. Trump for destroying the economy. So there is that.

            Mathius, I think most people know both are an issue and realize we cannot keep locked down for much longer. They know the Govt. is doing what it can and that in the long run there is going to be more pain. I do not think that “most people” are represented by those who pontificate on the news, internet, or where ever, and are certainly not represented by those making comments on the internet each day.

            Don’t confuse gasping the reality of the virus and its impact with lack of concern. That is my two cents.

            • thelonestarconnection says:

              It is getting ridiculous……now the cities are using crime tape to tape off public parks, removing basket ball goals, removing tennis nets, and volley ball nets……just…plain…ridiculous.

          • That said, it has been my experience that the left, generally, is taking the disease more seriously…..

            I agree, it seems that they all want it because they can’t follow stay at home suggestions. See the crowd watching the hospital ship dock in NYC.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I forgot the explanation. The argument from my attackers is that the recent “geometric” increase in cases is proof that the rate of spread has NOT BEEN affected by any of the actions taken by Govt. so far.

            I tried to explain that the curves would look much different if action had not been taken, but to them the steepness of the curve is proof in itself and I am just another Trumper Moron.

            Needless to say, while frustrating to deal with it was kind of hilarious watching them reveal their true ignorance while calling other morons.


    The best response so far:

    “Wow!!!! You really have short term memory loss. 2009, H1N1, over 1,000,000 cases in the first 3 months. Over 12,000 deaths in the U.S. Another career politician placing blame and their failures on a person in politics for 3 years.”

  25. Let’s look on the bright side. We kill about 38K each year on the highway or 730/wk. So if the accident rate has gone down by 75% for the last 2 wks, we have saved almost 1100 people. Thus 1/3 of the Covid-19 deaths are offset by fewer accidents.

    Not only that our air must be much cleaner so there will be fewer deaths due to asthma.

    This will naturally be offset by the murder rate of house bound husbands.

    • Yup.

      No way are they going to get par medical attention. Tons of them have serious preexisting conditions including malnutrition. Smoking and drug use and alcoholism are rampant. They have almost zero ability to isolate. They have limited facilities for hygiene at the needed levels…

      Pulling a number out of my hindquarters, I’ll say the homeless population gets nearly 100% exposed and above the age of 50 sees fatalities as high as 20%.

      I’ll bet the homeless make up a significant chunk of the final death toll.


      With that in mind, I’d only point out to the every-man-for-himself type person that these people are going to spread a lot of disease before they ultimately get around to dying.

  26. U.S.—Teachers at government schools have raised their concerns that the recent closure of their institutions will have a damaging effect on students. In particular, the nation’s educators are worried that the longer the schools are closed, the more likely it is that students will begin thinking for themselves, learn life skills away from the government school system, and realize how much more they learn at home.

    “We must reopen as soon as possible — before they regain their ability to have independent thoughts,” said New York 4th-grade teacher Ms. Jenny Mudd. “This is an urgent crisis. We realize we have to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus, but we must also prevent the spread of unapproved ideas. There’s a balance there.”
    “Reopen the schools before it is too late.”
    Sure enough, studies have already shown a strong correlation between everyone being homeschooled and a concerning spike in independent thought. Students who have been away from the government school system for even a week stop feeling depressed and anxious all the time and even show a shocking increase in the ability to form thoughts and ideas not approved by the government.
    Teachers have further pointed out that parents aren’t properly equipped to indoctrinate their children with government propaganda. “I went to school for eight years to be able to do this,” said Portland kindergarten teacher Ms. Pinkerton. “Parents just don’t have the experience of stuffing kids’ heads full of a statist worldview seven hours a day like I do.”

  27. Just A Citizen says:
  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    After day 7 of the “Stay at home order” my dog is looking at me “SEE, this is why I chew the furniture”

  29. I happen to catch Gov Cuomo’s daily presser today, basically saying the same thing as last week. Telling people they need to stay home (because they apparently are not) and all this stuff about ventilators and such. For this post, the lack of ventilators in NYC and NY as a whole was predicted in a 2015 study, no action was taken, despite being one of the highest taxed States in the U.S.. Cost issues? OK, I’ll go with that for now. But, this is exactly why Medicare for All would be a worse failure for the American people. Early steps that were taken has, for now, kept the hospitals from being overrun. This may continue, with some luck, as the weather warms and people do their best to follow the suggestion to stay at home.

    Whether or not Cuomo knows it, he is admitting that the State (and NYC) were not prepared for a pandemic. We will soon find out what other areas will join the list. Big businesses will play a big role in beating this, then go back to being hated by the Left. The big question is whether or not a second wave in the Fall will come calling. By then, most will be better prepared, I hope. Let’s hope this won’t be a repeat of the Spanish Flu.

    • Whether or not Cuomo knows it, he is admitting that the State (and NYC) were not prepared for a pandemic.

      Well, I mean, it wasn’t.

      Neither was the federal government, nor any of the states.

      Frankly, no one was.

      But at least he’s admitting it and trying to do something about it.

      For what it’s worth, NY has a huge problem in that it has the single biggest, densest population center in the US… and one which is a tourism destination for the entire planet. Of course, it’s going to get hit amongst the hardest, and spread it along the Atlantic coast. And, given the density, it’s almost impossible to contain without going to extremes. Conversely, Idaho is “socially distanced” all year round, and no one ever goes there unless they have to, so they’re one of the last to get it, and one of the least affected, and one of the easiest to contain. The state is basically nothing except hay and potatoes, with a smattering of humans.

      The big question is whether or not a second wave in the Fall will come calling

      Almost certainly.

      We, as a people, will give up on this isolation and go back to being the social animals that we are. And when we do, we’ll be right back to pandemic part II.

      Plus, you know, people need to eat, and to eat, they need food, and to get food, they need to buy it, and to buy it, they need money, and to get money, they need to work, and for most people, that will necessitate putting on pants and leaving the house.

      One way or another, this can’t last. And when it ends, the disease will start right back up again.

      The actual big question is in your next sentence: By then, most will be better prepared, I hope.

      I would expect that we are better prepared when we get the second wave.

      The projections seem to suggest that, if we can just delay for a few months via social distancing and these extreme measures, we go from millions of Americans dead to tens of thousands, which is still bad, but totally manageable.

      Let’s hope this won’t be a repeat of the Spanish Flu.

      Not even close.

      Spanish Flu was faaar more deadly.. maybe 10x. It also hit the younger population harder, rather than the elderly and infirm, which caused, amongst other things, a knock-on debilitation of our infrastructure and ability to handle the pandemic itself.

      COVID is probably more contagious, though, which is bad. Its danger comes from everyone getting it and overwhelming the system – as you know – but Spanish Flu would do that, too.

      • I wouldn’t say that no one was prepared. Hospitals run exercises all the time with scenarios similar or worse than this. It identifies shortcomings, like lack of certain equipment. However, some stuff is not storable over a long period without special storage containers that are expensive, if then. The deaths will come, because of the medically vulnerable. Until there is a treatment, that will continue.

        If this virus, like the Spanish flu, mutates, all bets are off. But, it shouldn’t be close to the Spanish Flu as far as deaths.

        Mostly agree with you again, ain’t that something 😛

        • The deaths will come, because of the medically vulnerable.

          Because of the medically vulnerable… filling the hospitals beyond capacity and (A) themselves dying and (B) denying capacity to help others.

          If you have a car accident, crush your lung, and need a ventilator, well, guess what? You die, too.

          Until there is a treatment, that will continue.

          There ARE treatments. That’s a big part of the problem, actually.

          Treatment is very resource-intensive and takes a long time.

          You need isolation, a bed, around the clock monitoring, maybe a ventilator, and maybe you need that for weeks.

          If you just croaked overnight, well, that would be bad, but it wouldn’t choke the system.

          Maybe there’d be a backlog at the crematorium, but society can deal with that. I mean, burial pits aren’t that hard to dig.

          If this virus, like the Spanish flu, mutates, all bets are off.

          Early indicators are that it’s low-mutation.

          Always subject to change, but that’s generally a good sign.

          One of the reasons the flu (also a Coronavirus) vaccine is so ineffective is the rate at which it mutates. If this did that, there’d be no effective vaccine or societal immunity. We’d just get hit with it every year forever and it would just become the new normal. We’d build out the extra capacity and just expect it each year (“oh yea, it’s that time of the year when about 0.2% of the population over 50 dies.” ::shrug:: )

          For what it’s worth, as long as we’re isolating this way (if we were all doing it, anyway), there’s a huge evolutionary pressure on a mutating pathogen to evolve to mildness.

          I’ve spoken about this a number of times because, frankly, it’s incredibly fascinating. But if you are too sick to leave the house, then you don’t leave the house, and a pathogen spreads less. COVID’s big asset is that it spreads before it gets nasty, but the effect is similar.. if you are afraid of a super-deadly strain, you still don’t leave the house, and the pathogen spreads less. It’s best course of action in such a situation is to NOT be harmful such that we shrug it off, leave the house, and spread it.

          This, for example, is why the common flu is just bad enough that you feel gross, maybe take a day off from work, but generally don’t actively quarantine.. because this is the sweet spot where it can spread most aggressively AND still get you to leave the house in order to spread it. That exact same pressure is on COVID, only 1000x due to our social distancing.

          Now, if it were vector-borne… THAT would a fucking shit-show.

        • Mostly agree with you again, ain’t that something 😛

          Oh, and stop agreeing with him.. it gives me migraines.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Democrats are yelling that the impacts of the Virus proves our need for universal healthcare.

    “The healthcare system in Italy is a regionally based national health service known as Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). It provides universal coverage to citizens and residents, with public healthcare largely free of charge.”


  31. thelonestarconnection says:

    It would be almost worth it to let these snowflakes see what a true single payer system really is……they think their premiums are high now… will be a shock to their system…especially when the quality of care is lower and less efficient. But, you cannot tell some people.

    Almost worth it…..almost.

    • It is possible that we come out of this thing with national healthcare.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Right now it seems almost anything is possible. That happens when people lose their minds.

        Other note: Many shelves at the store are still empty or understocked. T-P, six packages w/limit of one per customer….which was 4 rolls of single ply generic stuff w/half as much per roll as the brand names. No paper towel, no Kleenex,. Most dish soaps gone, bleach, flour etc gone. It is kind of creepy.

        Milk, bread and eggs back to full stocking though.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          There .not only was the regular case of milk fully stocked of all types, but the store expanded into another refrigerator case and that also was full of dairy products. Plenty of eggs.

  32. SPAM!

  33. My cousin is now in the hospital for corona. She’s in her 50’s. She’s been bedridden for several days, but it got bad enough today that she’s stopped being stubborn and let them take her to a hospital.

    Her immediate family is in quarantine with tests pending. I would anticipate them all being infected, which is an infection rate of about 3-5% of the extended Mathius clan. So far.

    Updates as they develop.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sorry to hear that Mathius. Hope she gets well.

      • I’m overhearing my wife giving someone an update…

        She’s in the hospital, doing ok so far.. they’re giving her medicine for Lupus and RA (neither of which she has to my knowledge). The COVID diagnosis is definite. No visitors (duh), but her adult daughter is freaking out. Fever is high but being managed.

        Meanwhile, Brother-in-Law has spiked a fever. Apparently, it’s been two days, and he’s getting his ass kicked. His wife is a moron and doesn’t want to let him get tested because he might get exposed (but she isn’t so strict about a quarantine that she stopped their cleaning lady from coming). She’s pregnant with their 2nd. No symptoms for her or their 1-ish-year-old. Yet. I assume both are infected as well.

        Meanwhile, meanwhile, the wife somehow managed to find and purchase a pulse oximeter and an electronic thermometer (one of the ones that reads by touching your forehead). I am thrilled she bought this, because now, hopefully, she’ll stop asking me to check her head for phantom symptoms twelve times a day. Pulse ox would, I guess, tell her if her lungs aren’t working well.. but, you know, that’s the kind of thing you’d notice when you were having trouble catching your breath and hacking up a lung, so… ? What do I know.

        Updates as they develop.. stay tuned.

        PS: Just a reminder that I will be outliving Gman. So, if the COVID gets me, something’ll get him first.

        • Best wishes to your family. NO, you will not outlive me, I drive a truck, not a backpack. 😛

        • Best wishes Mathius. Sounds like two different households. Where are these people from? NY? or Cali?

          Just got notified by robo call last night that all Amazonians will get temperature checks before being permitted on the premises.

          • Mathius says:

            These are two households. One on Long Island (NY) and the other Boston.

            So far nothing from the California crew.

          • Mathius says:

            Just got notified by robo call last night that all Amazonians will get temperature checks before being permitted on the premises.

            That’s just for show. By the time you’re symptomatic with a fever, it’s waaaay too late.

            Also, did you happen to see the recent item where an Amazon delivery guy deliberately infected a package?


            I imagine Bezos is going to have the guy’s entire family murdered.

            • I did see the spitting jerk. Fyi: (y being y’alls) These guys driving the small blue Amazon delivery trucks…they’re not really Amazon employees, being paid by Bezos. They’re independent contractors…well, their boss is…they’re like their own franchise. Amazon does offer some financing. to get their operations off and running…but to get the help from the big dawg, you have to show proof of 50k of your own first. My neighbor went to work for them…lasted about 2 months. He lost 40 pounds from running his ass off, literally, to get his packages delivered. Said it wasn’t worth the money. I was visiting my son one day, apartment complex…saw neighbor pull up…ran to side door of his truck, grabbed 1 box, ran into building, ran back to his truck and sped off. We laughed, he laughed, and he quit shortly after that.

              Still, spitting jerk reflects badly on Amazon, so I’m sure Bezos has a bounty out for his head.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          ‘scuse me, Sir Mathius, but it seems to me that the Pirate would share his grog…..I hear that kills about everything…..but then again, since you hacked on him, maybe not.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    News flash……….. it should also raise questions as to whether the employees are in fact foreign agents in your country. Wonder if any of this happened here? I do know that back when Hong Kong was about to fall the Aussies had little love for the Chinese. Mostly because they were buying up golf resorts. That is like stealing cattle in Texas.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The backlash against China will be massive. EU countries and others take note. Lighten up on some key regulations and companies will return home.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Better personal protective equipment.

    Better sanitizers that can be applied in large amounts and to large areas/surfaces.

    Better air filtration which removes the virus.

    Just a few of the things we need to get back to work.

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Cities and States are emptying jails for the safety of the prisoners. However, a number of cities like DC as one example want to make ur a criminal offense with heavy fines imposed and possible jail time. I guess the company’s who are contractors to the penal system are losing revenue and need to bring the head count back up to maintain their profit margin

  37. Tucker show was very god tonight.


      I’m starting to feel very lucky about my preparations over the last decade. Many, many folks laughed, saying, “it’ll never happen”. Well, the happening is damn close.

    • I’m beginning to think they are correct. The supply chain is breaking down. I went shopping this a.m. about 9:30. My regular store had no paper products, no eggs, no almond milk, which my wife uses, but did have cow’s milk although the cooler was not full. Plenty of fresh produce, mostly full meat counter although the butcher counter was empty. Sporadic block cheese selection. No dishwasher detergent but plenty of soda. At the check out I asked about paper products. The clerk said they had one small shipment and stocked it at the front of the store. All that was left was 2 small packages of napkins. I took one as it was on my list and the fella behind me took the last one.

      I then proceeded to another store to get the items I was short. Again no paper products, no DW detergent, no almond milk, and limited eggs mostly for the expensive kind. I got 1 doz regular eggs but the price was up from a couple of weeks ago. I did not look for bread as we can bake our own if needed.

      I have plenty of meat in the freezer since I buy sales often. I think I can go about 1 month with what I have but will need a few things like eggs, milk and fresh produce. These should be locally supplied items. I have not heard if the chickens and cows have gone out on strike.

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Craven county has now confirmed our 5th and 6th cases if the virus. The people are adults and are isolated and “recovering” at home.

    However, these two cases represent the first cases of community transfer and NOT related to some exposure from travel to contaminated areas

    • No one is listening to those fools anymore.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You know it will happen.. the Russians sent many if their big transports to Italy full if supplies after the EU’s pretty blanket refusal to help Italy.

      I guess sanctions and the general population being poorer and spread our between the Baltic and the Pacific is a lifesaver. Limited travel in or out. Probably not much spring breaker or Mardi gras partuers when the whole country is still. Locked in winter.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Tom Clancy’s last book before he died had to do with an alliance between Russia and the US against a rampant China. I always thought he had hit the nail on the head there. These goddamn fools in Washington that want it to be 1962 again blew that with their conspiracy theories.

        Perhaps this pandemic, and where it started and how the folks in Eastern Europe are dealing with it will help settle the nonsense.

        As much as I respect certain people on this and some other sites I deal with, the foolishness of worrying about a resurgent Russia is exactly that, foolishness. By now, even if you hate them as much as I did when they were communist you should certainly realize that outside of securing their access to the Med and sifting out a small troublesome part of Georgia, they have made NO other territorial moves on either place which they easily could have. Ditto, in spades, for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania despite their large ethnic Russian populations.

        Time to get it straight CHINA was, is and will be the problem. Front and center!

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Yeppers……Isnt it ironic that 87 % of all toilet paper is made in China…..and we now have a shortage?

  39. Looking at some conspiracy stuff, here’s some of the more interesting ones:

    Pompeo tells American abroad to return now. OK, But why risk the travel if they can stay safe where they are? WAR maybe.

    China released the virus, lied about it, had WHO carry their water and now it’s worldwide. If this is true and the US knows it, will there be war soon? (See above)

    China released this to destroy the world economy. Only to become the worlds only Superpower after it’s over.

    That’s a good start 😀

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Wow….just wow..

      • Mathius says:

        Well, after the Great Depression, it took a major war to pull us out of it… just sayin’…

        Hey, colonel, how does a shooting war with China play out? I figure we curb stomp the red bastards, but they get some shots in before it’s all over. You?

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          You would be correct….there is never a fight without a bloody nose….but it would be a technical war…..they do not have the aircraft or navy for anything substantial…..they may have a billion screaming Chinamen but they cant get them anywhere and Russia is on their doorstep.

          It would not be a mano y mano war. They have no transport system.

          • Paraphrasing Salin’s inner monologue: “You vastly overestimate how much we value the lives of our soldiers.”

            • thelonestarconnection says:

              This is true….but we do not vastly over estimate any longer….we have the weapons. However, I suppose if they started marching into the sea that they could bridge to Taiwan…..this is the place to watch. Now, is the time for China to launch an attack. The fact that we have military bases there is a deterrent.

              But, here is something that I am quite sure you will disagree with me on…….If this were happening under Obama or even Bush II, China would have attacked Taiwan because we would not have a response. They do not know about Trump. That said……if I were China, I would immediately test the waters…..and take Taiwan. The world will do nothing…the USA is the only impediment.

              • thelonestarconnection says:

                8) Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Rule number 8 in Tsun Tzu Art of War.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          One of the greatest fallacies ever perpetuated. WWII got us out of the Depression. Good grief. You ever see how people actually lived during that time. The GREAT Depression became GREAT because of FDR’s stupid interventions and then the War.

          The only reason people think it was solved is because they were so overworked and focused on the war effort they forgot about the Depression.

  40. The only way I can see getting out of this crisis without widespread catastrophe is if we could get a vaccine really soon. They say 12-18 months at best for testing. Maybe they could expand “right to try” to experimental vaccines in vulnerable populations. I know if I was working on a Covid-19 floor in a hospital, I’d be willing to give it a try.

    • I find myself thinking the same thing, then Thalidomide enters my mind and caution lights start flashing in my head.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is an interesting investigation on the quote attributed to Lenin about capitalists. .it does explore similar saying over time similar, and some of Lenin’s writing has some allusions about the capitalists….but the actual quote is from a US military officer during the ’50’s. Meant somewhat as a joke, butt Time Magazine picked it up and attributed it to Lenin and the rest is history.

  42. Canine Weapon says:

  43. thelonestarconnection says:

    Meanwhile, even in Texas………….(true story as it happened this morning)…18 wheeler full of TP overturns on I-20….rolls twice and the driver was pinned in his truck….Tp being stolen while the driver still pinned….unbelievable.

    On another front, the Texas National Guard has activated 4,000 additional troops to drive supply trucks to rural area stores that cannot get supplied. The civilian supply chain is breaking down. We have 1800 supply trucks and HETS that we will putting on the road in 48 hours….so now, our Guard is supplying 5,000 extra hospital beds for overflow and 1800 supply trucks and HETS for the supply chain. We still have 25 C130s and smaller supply aircraft and we still have 16,000 troops on stand by. Things are getting tougher and I am sure will be used as back up law enforcement if the first response teams get sick….we shall see.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But according to de Blasio the NG are not real troops.

      • the NG are not real troops.

        That’s easy enough to figure out. Take a shot at them and see what happens.

        If you immediately die in a hail of bullets, they’re police.

        If nothing happens for five minutes, then your position gets obliterated by an airstrike, they’re “real troops.”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Remember just how fast Boston was locked down after the Marathon bomber. No in or out and house to house searches and troops seriously controlling the bostonians.

          This was a test on just how fast troops could react if martial law was invoked by any State or governor.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Well said, sir, well said. Reminds me of conversations with my late dad. He was on the USS Lander in the Pacific in WWII….made the invasion of IWO Jima and the invasion and occupation of Okinawa……..he contrasted the two invasions…….Iwo Jima was stormed by waves and waves of Marines who “into the valley rode the 600”. Full speed ahead and walk over the bodies. On Okinawa, he said it was interesting….the Army went ashore and secured one mile and stopped….and then waited for the artillery to be unloaded before they moved inland. As a soldier under fire on numerous occasions, I always opted for artillery and air support before venturing forward. There is something THOR like listening to the whine of jets and the ripping air of rockets and artillery followed by the thump thump and boom boom of explosions before venturing forward.

      • Canine Weapon says:

        the NG are not real troops

        Throw some crayons at them.

        If they eat them, they’re Marines.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          As we used to say in the Navy…”for every Marine on board, the intelligence factor went down ONE.

          Actually I do have the utmost respect for them. I live in a community almost entirely made up of Marunes. ALL aviation personnel. I think there are more Marines in Eastern North Carolina than civilians. Believe it or not when I was active duty I found the Marine officers a cut above the Navy “Squid” officers. Those navy “Brown Shoe” officers were the most arrogant SOB’s i ever had the misfortune to meet. My 2bd to last CO was actually arrested and hauled off in handcuffs by the NCIS. The command breathed a sign of relief as we waved goodbye to him

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          You must go further, Sir Canine…..if they are Air Force, they pull out their coloring books and stay within the lines…..if they are Army, we pick them up, sharpen the points, and use them in slingshots.

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Some April 1st 😠

    Be safe

    • Trump should announce this was all an April fools joke. We can go back to work tomorrow. Wuhan!!!!

  45. For those worried about trump and the emoluments clause, how an he make money if his hotels are closed down? Has he given thme special dispensation?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Didnt the bill specifically exclude his businesses and family from any moneys lost during this crisis.

  46. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m surprised Nixon hasn’t been blamed yet for the virus. Detente and his historic visit opening up China.

  47. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Nah, it took the Bushes, Clinton and Obama to sell America to China along with guys like Romney.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Nixon opened the door. The Bush’s Clinton’s, Obama’s ,Romney’s and Biden’s of the world drove the bus through it.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm didn’t I see something along this line on SUFA weeks ago?

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The new fashion line that will come out in the spring from Italian and the French design houses

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Another assesory that will come back in vogue. An Acifidity Bag

    Basically, it was a bag of pungent herbs, often including ginseng, pokeweed and yellow root, garlic, rosemary, onion and mint. However, the exact ingredients varied by practitioner. The vapors were supposed to ward off the flu, disease and as some believed, evil spirits.

    Limberger cheese also could empty a room quickly.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A German migrant NGO has demanded the asylum seekers be relocated to empty hotels and vacation homes and resorts with all the goodies made available like wifi and cable to protect them from the virus

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    We now have 31 virus cases in North Idaho with 30 in my county. 1 person under 50 has been hospitalized.

    We now have “community spread” as 12 of the newer cases have shown no link to known infected people or recent travel.

    • 31 cases?!? But that’s like 130% of the population of Idaho!

      Some of y’all got it twice?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        That is two insults in two days. Well maybe not insults to us but I am sure that is how it was intended. I will remember this.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Calling the Governor this after noon to halt all shipments of Lamb, Beef and especially Spuds to New York. Will allow Goat sales to continue. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In Craven county we’re now starting to see the virus spread within the community and not related to a person’s travel. Person to person contact. It is now 6 total positive cases as of last night over the past 3 months

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Unleaded regular $1.35

    • Yup, yup.

      Looking at oil futures now… maybe our resident oil baron could weigh in? I’m not knowledgable enough to be confident, so I probably won’t play the game on this one, even if that means missing out. Maaaaybe a long-dated call?

      Might lock-in for heating oil for my home, though, but that’s different.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Supply and demand….no one is driving….a glut of oil. It will not stay this way long…we remember the drought of the 80s very well, for about 6 years the price of oil was hammered down because of the Saudis….then we discovered shale oil and they are pissed again. We are staying in the business. Although…it is affecting us now…we can still live on 30 dollars a bbl.

    • $2.79 here in CA

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought………. more like complaint.

    If the economy is supposed to quickly rebound once we are allowed back to work, all that pent up demand ya know, then why the hell do we need to fund trillions in infrastructure?

    I thought we were pretty much all working already. Were there a bunch of construction types sitting around idle before this crash?

    And if we remain locked up, then why the hell do we need spending in the Trillions for infrastructure. We can’t go out in public to work. And designating it as “essential” isn’t going to stop that, because construction is already considered “essential”.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      JAC…sitting around all day is making you think logical again…………….

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I know. Finally getting the Barn Dust cleared out of my lungs has helped greatly. Snowed yesterday and expected on and off the next week. Nice crisp, clean and fresh air helps as well.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    Another morning thought:

    For decades I have endured the moronic droning of Environmentalists arguing why we need to reduce primary industry and increase the service industry sector. More diversity brings more wealth they claimed.

    Well how is that working out now we have STRESS TESTED the theories?

    I am just LMAO at this very moment.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC….I’m in total agreement. Read “The Reckoning” by David Halberston. He wrote the book when all this outsourcing and also shifting from a manufacturing economy to a service economy became vogue. The claim by economists was manufacturing is for dullards and passe.

      Seeing that the move was just getting started he ended the book with “Only time will tell us how the economic theory turned out”

      Environmentalists loved the move. But they have zero power in China which can pollute ar will without restriction until 2030. Per the climate agreements signed by Obama and the international climate agencies. All it did was accelerate the shift of manufacturing to China

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just completed a recon of my local store. The fresh meats of all types were just about back to normal. So much so they were loading up the case there the meats were not wrapped and a butcher would serve you.

    Bacon was thin but available. Flour only all purpose and special flours left. Bread flour gone.

    Milk and all dairy products fully stocked. Cleaning supplies and dishwashing liquids and pods all available.

    TP and paper towel etc not a scrap to be found.

    The management has their computerized ordering system re-programmed and back online today.

    To bad with the price of fuel so low that traveling is not on the agenda.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    Proving once again that if you become successful as member of the chattering class, you will eventually step in it. Poor girls. There is plenty of low hanging fruit, no need to climb a ladder looking for something.

  58. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just when the weather was starting to stay nice and warm and toasty, Morher Nature has a bad day and kicks the legs out of spring. Low 40’s a wicked north wind blowing bringing the wind chill into the 30’s. Plus an inch if rain last night.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    Mid day thought:

    China is the one place in the world where some kind of “socialism” should have worked. That is due to its Culture which precedes the Communist era. I could easily see how an enlightened leadership could mobilize millions of people to work for the good of the whole, enriching everyone. But that would require that the tendency of Central power planners to centralize and control everything would have to be overcome. In the end it seems it could not.

    Imagine China using all the money they spend on building a world class military for some other purpose.

    I think their global plans of expansion will fail as well. As they tend to be a bit isolationist and thus offend the people in those nations where they come to live and run things. Far worse than the Europeans, well at least the English.

    • Mathius says:

      Imagine China using all the money they spend on building a world class military for some other purpose.

      Imagine us doing that…

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    For your information base: Gets to one of the arguments I was making last week or two.

    View at

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Three more comments and that’s it fir today

    1) whole lot of shaken going on in Idaho last night. …..was it anyway near where that earthquake was west of the Tetons years ago

    2) a german NGO ship is back in business picking up migrants from Libya and bringing them to Italy

    3) timelines are a real bitch for the political spin the dems are aiming at Trump. Like de Blasio just a few short weeks ago was telling New Yorkers to go about their business. The virus was no big deal.

    Or earlier Schumer and Pelosi going into meltdown over Trumps banning china flights.

    Even while the D’s were desperately trying to convict trump he was convening the covud 19 task forces.

    • Mathius says:

      1) whole lot of shaken going on in Idaho last night. …..was it anyway near where that earthquake was west of the Tetons years ago

      Given the way things have been going, I would confidently predict that this is a foreshock of an eruption of the supervolcano in Yellowstone.

      3) timelines are a real bitch for the political spin the dems are aiming at Trump. Like de Blasio just a few short weeks ago was telling New Yorkers to go about their business. The virus was no big deal.

      I would remind you that it’s entirely possible for a Democrat to be wrong AND Trump as well.

      I am unaware of De Blas saying: “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” If he knew it was a pandemic first – as he clearly must have, unless he was lying – then there’s a real problem with the timeline when he was talking about how there was no serious threat all through January and February.

      Or earlier Schumer and Pelosi going into meltdown over Trumps banning china flights.

      Except that he DIDN’T ban flights to China. He banned CHINESE citizens from flying to the US. Americans could still travel which, obviously, completely defeats the purpose. It was a pathetic half-measure designed to look like he was doing something without actually doing anything.

      Even while the D’s were desperately trying to convict trump he was convening the covud 19 task forces.

      Can you be a bit clearer on your assertion regarding timing?

      And, while you’re doing that, here’s this…

      (yea, yea, yea.. that’s somewhat lacking in context and the full meaning of what he said at the times was – as is often the case with Trump – ambiguous to downright baffling.. but the gist is, nonetheless, absolutely valid.)

      (oh, and, before a certain person here accuses the left of “lying” with this add, I swear to whatever god you believe in that I will go dig up your comments in the archive where you thought it was just fine when Romney aired that out-of-context Obama quote about “if we keep talking about the economy” and beat you unconscious with them.)

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        1) if the super volcano pops its cork, the world will not care a bit about about Covid-19. Itll ruin everybidies day globally and be a chokepoint. Maybe only scorpions and roaches will be the survivors.

        2) war of words….you of all people should know you do not instantly turn one way of living into something 180 degrees opposite. Much less the businesses for the proverbial maximum ROI and shareholder price. Sentvsi much manufacturing to China precisely because they were not in the least restricted by our regulations on quality or pollution or labor.

        I hate to say this but i will. Global bankers Wall street and their bought and paid for servants in political office have brought this upon us…

        Just give back to historical times of the 30’s the world for the most part denied the threat of the Nazis and Facists and Japan. Yet the Italians were slaughtering Ethiopians and the league of nations laughed at Salassi when he came fir help. The same league condemned Chaing for the chinese retaliation against the Japanese after Nanking.

        It took years for manufacturing to turn the around to fight the war. IBM making rifles, lionel making ships compasses etc.

        But it took Pearl Harbor to galvanize the people into action.

        This is a war but of a different nature and just as deadly. The presidents can talk give speeches warn until they’re blue in the face but until it kicks you squarely in the balls theyll do nothing.. witness spring break Mardi Gras still went on inspite of everything. Bill de blasio even on march 13th said to new yorkers go about your business. But now that New York is a fucking disaster hes pointing fingers

      • Just A Citizen says:


      • Except that he DIDN’T ban flights to China.

        Not allowing Chinese visitors to go home would be akin to kidnapping. Any idiot American that goes over, can’t come back, thus alleviating the threat. This is simple common sense.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      1. No, not related to the Teton quake. And for Mathius, nothing to do with Yellowstone. The epicenter was in the Wilderness about 4 miles deep. A slip fault. They think both sides moved which is RARE. Find Challis on a map and then draw a line to Cascade. Opposite sides of the Salmon Mtns. The epicenter was halfway between the two towns.

      But this part of Idaho is filled with faults as the Mtns represent two primary formation types. Faulting and uplifting. And the uplift and exposure of a massive batholith. It is in fact called The Idaho Batholith. Where it has become exposed due to millions of years of erosion and fault/uplifting it creates very “Granitic Soils”. Some of these are so fine and erosive we call them “Sugar Granitics”. Building roads in these soils back before the 70’s resulted in heavy erosion that severely impacted Steelhead and Salmon spawning grounds in the S. Fork Salmon.

      As you move east from the S. Fork and M. Fork of the Salmon toward Challis and then Mackay you find all kinds of metamorphic rock and sedimentary deposits along with some igneous stuff. Lots of faulting, uplifting and volcanic reactions, along with landslides and floods. Some really crazy geology along the upper Salmon. Remember the Sawtooth range forms the southern boundary of this region, which is one of the few places where the Mtn Ranges run more east and west than N. and South.

      You should Google Challis and Salmon on Google maps. Then click on the satellite version. Scroll from the Idaho/montana line north of Salmon to the Sawtooths or Stanley on the south. Then east towards Yellowstone. when the east/west mtns run out you will see a large fairly flat plains. This is decomposed basalts, wind deposited glacial tills and a vast area of lava flows that have not turned to dirt yet. Called the Snake River Plains. Little Park called Craters of the Moon is on the edge, and the Idaho Nuclear Engineering Lab is there as well. The area is bounded by Mtns along the northern edge, which is the Mont./Idaho line.

      Eventually you get to Mtns again to the east. This is the beginning of the Yellowstone country.

      For Mathius, Yellowstone caldera is a Hot Spot, like Hawaii. So much of the faulting to the west is not so much caused by the hot spot as by place movement from west to east. It is this movement which formed the Rocky Mts, which are along the eastern border of Yellowstone Park.

      Now despite all these mtns and ranges and valleys, we all call it the Rocky Mtns or the Intermountain Region. The only difference is if you live right next to the Rockies or one of the foothill ranges, like the Bridgers, Teton, Gallatin, Madisons, Bitterroot, Saphires, Salmon Mtns,, Missions, etc. etc. It is all one very big piece of folded, tipped and flattened piece of country, with part of it draining to the Pacific and part to the Gulf of Mexico.

      Another fun thing to do, since ya’ll are stuck at home anyway, is take that Google and start at Richmond/Kennewick/Pasco Washington (Tri Cities). Near there the Snake River runs into the Columbia. Now move that mouse and follow the Snake River to its origin. When you get to eastern Idaho, take the South Fork and keep going to the end.

      Mathius, your girls might like this exercise. When your done ask them why they think the River was named The Snake. Hint, it hasn’t anything to do with the rattlesnakes that live along much of it.

      The northern branch is called Henry’s Fork. It starts from an underground springs which pops out of the ground near Island Park (next to Yellowstone on west side). The place is called Big Springs and the cutthroat trout there are about ten pounds. Cause you can’t fish there and people feed them all the time. Clear, ice cold water just pouring out of the ground and a river forms.

      For those that don’t know, the Continental Divide runs through Yellowstone. The Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison, along with the Yellowstone itself all wind up in the Missouri river. Which forms where the first three come together at a place called Three Rivers.

      God I love this country and now I am left to hope the Govt. will allow me to go see some of it and maybe even go fishing this summer. 😦

  62. Dale A Albrecht says:
  63. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Posted from my nephews wife who is working flat out in emergency care. Working even more time to minimize contact with her husband and children

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Our doctor has sent her kids to live with Grandma. She no longer gets to hug them at night. But it helps Grandma avoid being alone while isolated. She expressed some of these fears then I reminded her there have been ZERO cases in her clinic. She knows but it is clear the anxiety is still there.

      When checking in I had a good chuckle with the nurses about the PEN and KEYPAD being the weak links in the Covid defense shield. They were sterlizing the Pens and clipboards after each use. But the stores are not and you still have to touch the key pad in many stores to use a credit card. That is why I wear gloves to the store.

  64. Telling knock knock jokes with a friend’s kids…so I Googled knock knock jokes for kids and I swear this was on there….

    19. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Anita who?
    Let me in! Anita borrow something.

    Finally I get something….my name is never on anything cool. 🙂

  65. thelonestarconnection says:

    Easter egg hunt at Casa Colonel………….Seeing as how we have a large front yard that is easily divided….we are thinking of sponsoring a series of egg hunts in our community for the young ones that have been cooped up for so long.

    Starting at 10 am…..the spousal unit and I will hide candy filled eggs on each side of our lawn. By reservation only (first come first served), two families can bring their children by on each designated hour until 5 PM. Let them hunt Easter eggs (including the elusive gold egg). No two families will be within 6 feet of each other but they can still talk and be outside. Here are the rules.

    1) submit your reservation and requested time.
    2) STAY THE HELL out of the Colonel’s flower beds ( the eggs will be well hidden without getting in the flower beds. )
    3)We will have only room for 2 families per hour to avoid getting too close.
    4) eggs will be plastic and with candy enclosed. All eggs wiped clean before hiding and all candy enclosed with sanitary gloves. No exposed human hands will touch the candy. (Even though Colonel’s are exempt because we are perfect).

    It is not much but it is our way of saying Happy Easter Egg and trying to help the cooped up kids in our community.

    So far, only one reservation. Hope it goes over well. And by all means….STAY OUT OF THE COLONEL’s FLOWER BEDS. They will be patrolled by anti-kid raptors.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      And put a lock on the Greenhouse!

      Yesterday Lil’ JAC came home from a walk and then put a bunch of his stuffed animals and his Baukugons and Transformers on the windowsill of our very large front window. We have a circular driveway that the window faces.

      Apparently, he and SUL ran into some folks while on a walk yesterday. Yes, many families out walking……. little groups of Quail moving around with each group staying away from the other groups. Seems that a bunch of Mom’s in our neighborhood have been talking on The Internet and trying to come up with ideas to get the kids out and keep them from going Cabin Fever.

      So people all around the community put stuffed animals and other toys in the windows. Mom/Dad then drive the kids around looking for the houses with toys in the window. They take pictures, count and categorize the tyes, etc. Whatever their little hearts need.

      About 4 pm a couple cars pulled through our driveway with little faces staring and fingers pointing at our window. They were all smiling.

      These neighborhood ladies also started up some kind of chat room site where everyone can stay connected and call for help if needed. Very creative these Younguns.

      And for all of you as old or OLDER than me, yes a phone call would have been the solution in our time. But this new tech does have an advantage. It is like a constant 24/7 Party Line, complete with pictures and videos.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        yep…we have Teddy Bears on the window sills and cut out eggs in the windows…kids are having fun walking the neighborhood and counting windows.

  66. thelonestarconnection says:

    Understanding your 401(k) if you have one.

    AHEM: Do not get mad at your employer if the matching funds or participation funds are lowered or discontinued for awhile. It is based upon cash flow and profits. When profits does cash. It is a pretty simple mechanism, really. I cash is needed to keep companies alive, then the matching funds suffer. In addition, the rules to borrowing cash from the government to pay employees salaries is restricted to salaries only. No borrowed funds can be directed into pension plans and 401’s. So suck it up.

    Also, do not get mad at your employer for falling worth on your 401…..Most, if not all employers, have the fund managed by “so called” money managers and investment counselors who like to roll the dice. It is not the employer’s fault that your net worth falls in these times. Your employer is not investing your money. So, suck it up.

    All 401’s have a provision in them where you, the employee, can dictate how you want your funds invested. You cannot pick the specific items but you can say where to put it. For example: You can pick risky (growth stocks), you can pick money market, or you can pick other more conservative avenues. Again, it is not your employer’s fault. So, suck it up.

    +++you are now returned to your regularly scheduled indoor activities.

  67. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Hear, here. My thoughts exactly. I am tired of all the finger pointing. All our discussions should be on tomorrow forward. Today and backward is water over the dam.

    • Great article, I’m so tired of all the “after the fact”, blame games about this, I could scream.

      • Well, I mean, this is SUFA…where Pirates and Colonels scream YAAAARRRRGGHHH on the daily…let’s hear your version, V. 😆

        • I wasn’t talking about SUFA. For the most part SUFA isn’t blaming anyone, pointing out some of the hypocrisy but ignoring a whole lot of the crap .

          • Just A Citizen says:

            V. I think she was asking you to share your version of the Pirate scream. You know, your version.

            • Oh, my version isn’t really a scream, it’s words, that shouldn’t be written down,you at a very high volume. 😁

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I hear you V. Been feeling the same lately. Thank goodness the people who actually LIVE around here aren’t quite the same as the nuts in the media.

                Although there are a few crazy voices sneaking out once in awhile. But otherwise, folks are taking it in stride so far.

                Funny note; In the more lefty part of the State (Boise) there are folks screaming for rent controls or suspension. Despite getting new federally backed unemployment. Up North where it is more conservative, people are just paying the rent. So far no howling at the moon.

                Stay safe and calm.
                Late afternoon glass of Bourbon, oh I mean shot. No….I mean glass, also helps.

              • One of my younger relatives, who has a small business that was deemed essential has just received notification from the government. He has to tell his employees that if they need to stay home for numerous reasons, like taking care of their children, that he must pay them 75% of their salaries. He can’t afford to do that and stay in business. Even if he gets an i terest free loan, it’s real doubtful it would come through in time to actually help.

  68. Canine Weapon says:
  69. Canine Weapon says:

    • Neighbor lady: Where is your husband?
      Wife: In the garden
      Neighbor lady: I didn’t see him
      Wife: You may need to dig a little

  70. Canine Weapon says:
    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Bad,,,,,,really bad visual.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Guess I am in a fowl mood cause I ain’t feelin it.

      Do you really still believe this tripe after all the actual information has been provided to the public? Funny how Josh Bolton was a truth teller during the impeachment but when he explained why this groups was disbanded and how it would not have made a difference, he is ignored.

      Sorry Dog, I guess I have spent to much time this past week fending off these kinds of ignorant memes. If it would stop snowing and raining I could get back to digging and hammering.

  71. Canine Weapon says:
  72. thelonestarconnection says:

    WOW…. Just saw an interview where some new terminology is being introduced.

    “Moral Imperative” as it pertains to Covid 19… is the quote. If the POTUS goes on National TV and suggests or follows advice to try to get people to stay home to prevent the spread of Covid 19, that the government has a “MORAL IMPERATIVE” to make the people whole.”

    I may be the only one to feel this way…….but…to me…there is no moral imperative to do anything like this. Bull shit.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Banging head on desk. If such a card were played you would think it would have been the moral imperative to order people to stay home. That would have been false as well, but at least a heck of a lot closer.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    If you ever wondered whether following conspiracy theories could be hazardous to one’s health, here you go:

    I didn’t know that “Wrecking a Train” was a criminal offense. in and of itself.

  74. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh my. Wonder if Pelosi will try to rescind his membership in The Club.

  75. Just A Citizen says:


    You make fun of our size, but at least we have our heads screwed on straight.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I can see it now. The Dems win POTUS and control of Congress.

      New law passes REQUIRING all States to create Transgender Sports under Title X.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Try it…….

        • Just A Citizen says:

          What do ya want to bet the cry babies find a District judge to overturn Idaho’s law? Can’t wait for this to get to SCOTUS.

  76. Just A Citizen says:


    Something to share with the kids while in exile. Goes along with my story of the other day. Will work well with the satellite tour on Google.

  77. thelonestarconnection says:

    VH posted: One of my younger relatives, who has a small business that was deemed essential has just received notification from the government. He has to tell his employees that if they need to stay home for numerous reasons, like taking care of their children, that he must pay them 75% of their salaries.

    I am a little confused here…..I am under no impression of a mandated salary. Have I missed something?

    • This came directly from my niece and nephew. They live in Chattanooga, tn.

    • There was some talk about Pelosi putting extended leave, family time or sick time in the “stimulus” bill. I do not know if it made it into the final version but I would not be surprised. Some of the provisions they tried (and maybe did) to pass were permanent, not just temporary for this crisis. This is one of the reasons I do not like these massive 1k page bills. It allows too many shenanigans.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I really thought they dropped this stupid thing but guess I was wrong. Per Mkt Watch:

      Mandatory employee paid leave

      The Act requires emergency paid sick leave. It is limited to $511 per day for up to 10 days (up to $5,110 in total) for an eligible employee in coronavirus quarantine or seeking a coronavirus diagnosis. An employee can also receive emergency paid sick leave of up to $200 per day for up to 10 days (up to $2,000 in total) to care for a quarantined family member or a child whose school or child-care location has been closed due to the pandemic.

      The Act also requires that small-business employees be given the right to take up to 12 weeks of job-protected family leave if the employee or a family member is in coronavirus quarantine or if the school or child-care location of the employee’s child is closed due to the coronavirus. The employer must pay at least two-thirds of the employee’s usual pay, up to a maximum of $200 per day, subject to an overall per-employee maximum of $10,000 in total family-leave payments.

      NOTE: The Trump Admin is issuing direction that would allow very small businesses (<50) to file for an exemption to the requirement, if paying leave would cause the business to fail. The Dems are screaming about the guidance saying it undermines the clear language of the law.

  78. This from a niece in PA:

    Today we had to dump our milk down the drain because there is a surplus of milk. Some stores are limiting milk sales due to their supplier not being able to keep up. There is no shortage of milk. Tell a store manager that Harrisburg Dairies would be happy to supply them.

  79. A new thread is posted.

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