What Will Be Learned


  1. Floating around in uncharted waters, many people will be learning some valuable lessons. My concern for the next few weeks, will there be a food shortage?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The products that people hoarded are now overflowing in their cases. People are using up what they hoarded and the reorders are piling up. Rice, Bread making Flour, paper products empty. All else back to normal.
      The store managers told me yesterday that the products (not those I listed) have been available. They didnt have the drivers to get the products to the stores.

      Sysco had laid off hundreds of drivers. Their customers were mostly restaurants.

      Talking to a cousin in PA who luves in what was farming country, she said the stores are empty. The big shift there is they all drilled gas wells and shut down their farms. Sold the livestock and in most cases let the machinery rust or sold it. As my parents and relatives who grew up and lived in the area from the late 1800’s through wars, much more severe pandemic viruses, depressions said they were NEVER hungry and always had business going and money flowing in.

      Times do change. My cousins who were complaining grew up farming. Up until i was like 40 those families and my parents would gather at the farms as crops came in and picked and processed the crop for the year. They’d divide it up. That generation is gone and the kids though growing up in the farms all went until some other line in the cities. When their parents passed away, they inherited the farms and drilled wells and retired.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        My nephew last night said his local building supply company, like a Lowes or Home Depot, limits how many people can be in the store at any time, so long lines are created which with social distancing get really super long. HOWEVER, the stores have really ramped up their home delivery (free) he ordered what he needed and within a short period a guy in a truck delivered the material and obviously had other orders on his truck to be delivered. Just extra people they hired. Clearly the normal workers were picking orders.

    • Mathius says:

      Floating around in uncharted waters, many people will be learning some valuable lessons.

      I read someone’s comment* online that I thought was absolutely perfect: a whole lot of you people are about to learn why your great grandmas used to rinse off aluminum foil and reuse it.


      My concern for the next few weeks, will there be a food shortage?

      Doubt it.

      But that’s why I’ve ticked JAC into sending me potatoes. As long as I keep mocking the fact that no one lives in his “state,” he’ll keep firing potatoes at me.

      Hey, how many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?

      Answer: zero!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Reuse aluminum foil. Rinse paper towel and reuse. Etc.

        I did want to get a roll of paper towel. I usually use about 2-3 a year. I generally use sponges except when blotting things like bacon etc.

        Im working on some projects that use paper towel occasionally so I wanted a roll. There was no regular paper towel except the super good one with cloth like quality. That slot on the shelf was full. Only a little more expensive BUT here u can really use it, rinse, hang them to dry and reuse multiple times one little sheet.

        People over the past decades have so fallen into the use once and throw away.

        Our toys as kids were indestructable and multigenerational. Tonka toys erector sets, lincoln logs. Today, they’re cheap plastic shit that just piles up in the corner. Or our toys were the tools themselves and we made things.

        Nails were well made and could be straightened and reused. Especially the cut iron nails. Tin cans were cut and flattened out and used to patch the barn siding when a knot fell out. My ancestors and parents and I learned from them to use and reuse and recycle and repurpose. The WOKE, and environmentally conscience generation I see is the most wasteful generation. U just look at what trash the young people generate in my neighborhood.

        Instead of truly being “Green” the shit just got moved to the 3rd world.

        We paid for camp by recycling bottles, cans and paper.

        When I lived in Sint Maarten a ship load of Heineken came in each month. Lots of green glass. A cottage industry was formed and would melt the glass and remould it into every imaginable dishware

  2. John Prine, RIP

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As I’ve mentioned before my nephews wife works in emergency medical services in the Wake County area in NC. The past several weeks they had been slammed with people wanting testing erc. Longer hours and extra days to meet the demand.

    However, last night I was talking to them and she said her hours are now back to normal. The demand has dropped off. She didnt have an explanation for the drop in demands, just suppositions. Could be people are just staying home, or with the information the State Health Dept is giving out, the people just might be saying I believe I have it, but by not being in the high risk categories of age and underlying health conditions, just might be self quarantining and riding it out. Because nothing will be done anyway.

    In our area two of the major manufacturing companies, Moen and Bosch have been phasing back into operation after closing a week ago to clean their spaces and are scheduled to be back in full operation on the 13th.

    Given that we’ve had less than 2 hands full of positive cases in the entire county over the last 3 months and all were quaratined and NONE were hospitalized. Once deemed virus free they have to wait 72 hours before venturing out. The last I looked 1/2 had met the criteria to be freed.

    The VA called and needed to reschedule an appointment that was in the 21st of May. Due to the virus. Next available appointment was in October. Just my routine eye exam si no bug deal. However, an important one scheduled for the 4th of May I do need to keep. It’s a 15 minute procedure that gives me mobility. It’s the last one in a series before they have to do the surgical repair work to my knees.

  4. Mathius says:

    Anyone have any thoughts they’d care to share on the voting situation in Wisconsin?

    • Yeah! Three cheers to the cheeseheads who didn’t let hysteria silence them.

    • Who won?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      SCOTUS made the right decision. And contrary to the howling by the left it was not “legislating from the bench” nor was it “judicial activism”. It was in fact very traditional.

      If Wisconsin wants mail in balloting then they should pass the legislation and the Gov. can sign it. NEXT TIME

      As for the whole Mail in Ballot thing…………. to many chances for real fraud. The kind that can be hidden. Remember the ballot harvesting by some Dems, don’t remember where, and a Rep. in Florida? Then there are all the votes that can be made by care givers in nursing homes and special needs group homes, etc. Just have the client sign it or if needed, forge the signature. And before you howl fowl, care givers admitted to doing this in Oregon during my time in purgatory there. NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT.

  5. Canine Weapon says:

    (2nd attempt)

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      👍 and it all is going to Hawaii where it is still the favorite processed meat (?able) product

  6. Canine Weapon says:

  7. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just visited our States Health Dept Stats in the Covid-19 virus

    Craven County (mine) 17 cases 0 deaths
    Wake County (Raleigh, State Capital and NCSU) 314 cases 0 deaths
    Durham County (RTP, Duke, UNC) 191 cases 1 death
    Mecklenburg County (Charlotte, banking) 733 cases 4 deaths.

    Wake County itself has 1.1 million people

    Total 44 deaths statewide and are scattered

  9. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The governors of NJ, CT and PA are in so far over their heads that they follow the lead of Mussolini in Albany (AKA Damien, Omen VIII) . Yesterday all state and county parks were closed by order of his imperial majesty in Trenton. The lesser nobles today have decided to close all town parks to passive recreation. I who live in a planned, private community have been informed by MY association that my parks and my private pathways, we have few to no sidewalks, are closed to transit period! Revolutions have come from less than this.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This is such a ridiculous over reaction. Our Democrat governor has EO’d some pretty stiff rules. But as our numbers show are totally uncalled for like closing all our beaches. We have hundreds of miles of beaches and I’ve never seen people cluster especially this time of year. We have had some zealot wildlife officers and police but generally your left alone fishing, golfing, walking running bike riding canoeing boating in other words staying healthy both physically and mentally. Churches went online internet

      The Farmers Market stayed open but somebody complained about the people that had non food essential booths. The city tossed them out and thusly out of business. I never bought farm products there ever. To expensive and the patrons were usually the Birkenstock crowd. Super yuppies and generally pretty nasty people. We have several other farms that grow products and sell in their own stands at the farms themselves. Those I’ll frequent

      By next week we’ll see things opening back up to full operation. If you’re sick stay the hell home.

      City owned parks and boating ramps have stayed open. If the governor doesn’t bend on some of his edicts based on our months of data, he’ll not have a chance of re-election.

      Schools will I’m sure stay closed for a bit longer. The county and even Wake county gave distributed iPads to all children without connection and nothing was “gradeable” up to now. Next week the kids will be attending online classes (required) actually our county is already there this week.

    • I have noticed that Crats LOVE to use their new found powers.

  10. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/dr-birx-confirms-anyone-dies-coronavirus-regardless-underlying-health-condition-counted-covid-19-death-video/

    ““If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said.

    There is a big difference between dying with the virus and from the virus.”

    opinions- is there a big difference? I’m not seeing the difference.

    • opinions- is there a big difference? I’m not seeing the difference.

      Bob wasn’t feeling well. He was minding his own business and resting in his home when a Boeing 787 Dreamliner was struck by lightning somewhere overhead. The plane managed to stay aloft, but the strike severed the port engine which plummeted to earth, crashing through Bob’s ceiling, crushing him to death in the middle of the season finale of The Tiger King.

      Fragments of his body tested positive for COVID-19.

      Bob’s cause of death is officially listed COVID-19.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I smoked a pipe for probably 25 years. Gave it up over 25 years ago, the family has STRICT instructions on my death to NEVER mention smoking lest I become a smoking related death!

        • Just for that, I’m going to make sure to track down the coroner when you die and tell him!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like my ex wife’s uncle. Had major lung cancer. One lung removed parts of the second removed. Undergoing chemo. Bed ridden in the hospital in his late 70’s immune system dead from chemo. Gets fluid in what’s left if a lung dies from pneumonia. That was what was in his death certificate. Not pretty much terminal lung cancer and subsequent treatments.

        Most of the deaths in our State were elderly greater than 65 and had underlying serious health issues and most of those were already in a healthcare facility of some sort. But cause of death goes into the covid-19 bucket instead of what landed them in the hospital to begin with.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          We’ve had no hot spots in the State with covid deaths other than the 4 in Mecklenburg/Charlotte they’ve been 1 here 1 there scattered. The counties generally were rural

          When Wake county has ZERO deaths restriction have to be lifted in a systematic way. Not all or nothing.

        • So the question is, would your Uncle(Sorry for your loss) have gotten pneumonia if he hadn’t had lung cancer. So the same question applies, would the patient who died of a heart attack, when he died, if he hadn’t gotten the coronavirus.

          I get the argument or maybe assumption that coronavirus doesn’t cause the heart damage, that is pre existing , but does it bring on the heart attack? Would the patient have died, at the time he died, if he hadn’t gotten sick with the coronavirus?

      • Did I really need to qualify, no outside causes of death, like someone shooting Bob in the head. 😊

        • Bob cheated on his wife who then smashed his skull in with a frying pan. Autopsy revealed he was asymptomatically infected with the coronavirus.

          Cause of Death: COVID-19

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Yesterday you were claiming that the numbers were being suppressed.

            • Mathius says:

              Yesterday I was claiming I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the numbers were being suppressed.

              Today, I’m having fun with the notion of classifying every death, however tangentially related to coronavirus, as COVID-19.

              But I’ll remind you that I currently have a brother-in-law and a cousin who both probably have it (and whose families probably do, too) and that neither of them have had a test (one because his wife thinks he’ll get infected if he goes out for a test (figure that one out!) and one because they asked but didn’t “qualify”). Anecdotal? Sure. But I think we’re most clear-eyed enough to know that the number of infections is being massively undercounted. As for deaths… who knows? Not me.

    • Ingram reported last night that pneumonia deaths are down.

      • I trust Ingram about as far as I can throw her.

        Maybe 6-8 feet.

        (Mathius has a wonderful mental image of a textbook Judo throw……)

        • That is why your knowledge of what is really happening is so limited.

          • Because I can only throw Laura Ingram 6-8 feet?

            If he had some momentum beforehand, I might be able to get that up to 10-12…

            • Mathius says:

              Google says she weighs about 125 lbs.. I could probably launch her 10 feet with a good stomach throw..

      • Mathius says:

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Pretty good explanation of the issues I shared yesterday. But for the life of me I don’t understand why the author laied so much on the Treasury Sec.. His thing was getting loan payback made, which without Federal funding is absolutely required. Otherwise no bank would do the deal. Other than that all the requirements were driven by Pelosi, et. al. If he had not agreed nothing would have passed.

    Which brings me to one of my older comments. Sometimes it is best to just walk away and then do what you have to do to stick the blame on the other side. Your goal is to reduce the other sides “best alternative to a negotiated settlement (BATNA)”


  12. Bernie dropped out.

  13. BURLINGTON, VT—Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race since his campaign goals have already been achieved. These goals consisted mostly of locking everyone up in gulags and destroying the economy.

    As the coronavirus panic has already accomplished the aims of his socialistic policies, Sanders realized the country didn’t need his public service anymore. Unemployment has skyrocketed, grocery stores have empty shelves, and everyone is confined to their homes on penalty of arrest. This “idyllic paradise” is exactly what Sanders wanted in the first place, so he says he can leave the race satisfied that his vision has been achieved.
    “This once-in-a-lifetime deadly pandemic has already accomplished what socialism aims to do,” Sanders said in his concession speech. “Since my services are no longer required, I will be suspending my campaign and heading to my house. Well, one of my houses. I haven’t decided which yet. The summer camp is nice and secluded, but I might want to wait until the weather warms up a bit.”
    “Ah, being a rich socialist is pretty great, isn’t it?”
    Sanders also pointed out that his other main goals of hyperinflation and total dependence on the government are already on their way.

  14. The next upcoming debate will be about the black community getting slammed by this virus. Can’t wait 😦

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sweet jesus….why do the media have to create a racial issue over this covid-19 pandemic and distract the people trying to 1) get a handle on the crisis 2) get us back to work.

      Instead of working together creating more division.

      NC is actually covid case statistics are very close to the overall State demographics.

      However here’s a biggy
      Lab confirmed Covid-19 cases.
      Male 48% Female 51%

      Deaths attributed to Covid-19
      Male 74% Female 26%

      • They haven’t gone full Wanker just yet. Once the statistics come out, then, the Left will go full Wanker and blame everything but the actual problem….The Left. It could be as bad as 4 to 1 black to white deaths (maybe). Totally due to the Black communities high rate of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. It’s coming, maybe something good will come of it, like the truth.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        As long as they are mostly WHITE males everything is cool!

  15. Mathius says:

    Welp, ladies, gentlemen, and assorted Deplorables, today marks the beginning of Passover.

    I’d like to thank you all, and the rest of the world for joining us Jews in the time-honored tradition of hiding in our homes and hoping that the plague will pass us by.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


    • Interesting point. If my memory serves me, don’t sleep on the floor.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      today marks the beginning of Passover.

      No one tells me anything and here I find that I am being passed over yet again…..sigh.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        I keep waiting for the 0-7……..waiting…and waiting. Guess I will never make General….oh, well. Oh yeah, I forgot……I don’t fit in.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          I guess I will have to settle for being a Commodore on board of the Hammer. Better than nothing, I guess, since Mathius holds the title of “cabin boy.” At least I do not have to empty and wash the “honey pots.”

  16. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I have just one small question here. something has been bothering me. The Covid 19 Wuhan virus decimated Wuhan. It then apparently escaped and spread from Iran to Ireland , from Sweden to Sicily. It then came to the US from Maine to New Mexico from Seattle to Sarasota but, how come it NEVER made it to Beijing or Shanghai? As the King of Siam would have said….A Puzzlement?

    Any light ANYONE can shed on this would be appreciated.

  17. I’m starting to see more evidence that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab. Whether it was an accidental or intentional release is still up for debate.

    It also seems that the name Huang Yanling keeps coming up in various articles. Some seem to think that she is patient 0. Interestingly, though, nobody knows her whereabouts.



  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just killing time this morning before I start working on components if a porch in restoring in town

    Our county still stands at <20 positive cases of covid 19. No hospitalization or deaths. Just up the road is Wake County/Raleigh with 1.1 Million people and though they've had a few hundred positive cases they've had NO deaths

    What blows me away is the number of transit workers in NYC dying are almost what we've had across our entire State .

    I really do feel for those people i know in the NY , NJand PA areas.

  19. 1. Any thoughts on the firing of Captain Crozier?

    2. Has anyone seen Mrs. STAY-THE-FUCK-AWAY-FROM-ME-OR-I’LL-PECK-YOUR-GODDAMN-EYE-OUT-YOU-FEATHERLESS-BASTARD? I can’t seem to find her anywhere…

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Only that a Carrier is better equipped to handle a medical crisis than an equivalent town in the US. 6 doctors, 6 RN’s, 4 dentists, 4 dental techs, lab folks and 30 Corpsmen. A carrier is also part of a battle group and can call for medical assistance from other ships in its group. Thinking back to all those old WW 2 documentaries you have seen, a warship is designed in part to handle mass casualty events.


      • Just A Citizen says:

        First BBQ of the season last night. Basque Chorizo with fried spuds.

        Tonight……… BBQ CHICKEN………. w/ baked spuds and green salad.

        • Mathius says:

          Tonight……… BBQ CHICKEN……….

          I seem to recall you telling me that egg-laying-chickens aren’t for eating.

          Besides, the neighbors reported that they saw a ship with black sails on the pond around the time Mrs. STAY-THE-FUCK-AWAY-FROM-ME-OR-I’LL-PECK-YOUR-GODDAMN-EYE-OUT-YOU-FEATHERLESS-BASTARD went missing.

          w/ baked spuds

          Of course… Idaho…

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The Capt. was removed from command, not exactly fired. But YES he should have been removed. He knew he would when he did it. Which means the acting Sec. was correct in his statement, even if a little tone deaf given the current political climate.

      As for the situation which caused the Captain to write the letter, we do not have a complete picture of what is happening or WHY. Would have been nice for someone in the Navy to actually explain it, once word got out.

      • Mathius says:

        What, exactly, did he do? It looks to me like he reported an issue internally… what am I missing?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          He wrote a letter and then circulated it outside the chain of command. I think he knew well it would be leaked based on the circulation. He released Status information in a publicly available document. He admitted he was taking “extra” action to get what he wanted done. Which was to move sailors off the ship to local hospitals or centers.

          I also understand there was concern by command and local Govt. over releasing potentially thousands of infected sailors into the public.

          • thelonestarconnection says:

            He wrote a letter and then circulated it outside the chain of command.

            You simply do not do this……..CHAIN OF COMMAND……do not go outside or if you do, prepare for the consequences. NEVER….NEVER….NEVER…bust the chain.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Sometimes I think these people are not really people at all but Aliens. Do they really think this way all the time? Or do they pay people to devise these idiotic points of view so they can trot them out whenever they feel like poking a political opponent. In their world the rest of us should continue to suffer UNTIL they have decided there is adequate testing at the National level.


  21. Just A Citizen says:

    As you know Idaho has had a Stay At Home Order in place for about a month, and it runs to the end of April. At a minimum. During this those in essential businesses can still go to work.

    Here is the list of Essential


    • Just A Citizen says:

      And here is our latest update to go with the list. Note the curve shape. Note that only about 10% of those tested have been diagnosed with the disease. N. Idaho has had no new cases for a couple days but now have 3 in the hospital. ONE in Kootenai, and ONE in Bonner. The Third is at a facility in Washington.


      FYI, the Docs and Hospitals do not do the testing. That is all funneled through the various Health District offices. Here it is called Panhandle Health District.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Where are the golf courses? I do not see them listed as essential.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Not necessary to list them. NOT CLOSED by the Governor.

        The Gov’s list is to keep Mayors or County Commissioners from shutting down everything. So the Golf Courses and local parks are under Local control and thus decisions.

        So far Golf is OK and the Parks are open but the play equipment taped off, as if some terrible crime occurred there.

        Then you also have to remember that we are just now moving the pins from Temp to the Greens.

  22. My sister is sick, running a high fever with flu like syptoms. Not having breathing problems. She did mention that her body aches or as she put it, her bones hurt. Went to doctor, getting a test was no problem. has to wait about 5 days for results. Hoping it’s just the regular flu. Not unusual for her to be sick this time of year, she’s prone to bronchitis.

    So, are testing problems based on which State you live in or what?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Just my opinion based on the various stories which cropped up the past couple of weeks, but I think shortages are located where people panic and make a run on the testing. The Drive Up tests caused a run and some places had to suspend or demand temp. symptoms first.

      There has been no problem here. But the 5 to 7 day wait is a bit of a problem. Since only 10% test positive that means 90% have to stay locked up until results get back. Also….a lot can happen to you in 5 days because this thing is very, very, aggressive with those it hits the hardest.

      Best wishes and prayers to you and your Sis.

  23. Canine Weapon says:

    One of yours, Colonel?

  24. Equine Weapon says:

  25. Just A Citizen says:
  26. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Joe Biden has committed to wearing a mask in public to be a good example and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Aides were disappointed and a little frightened, however, when Biden immediately cut a large hole in the middle of the mask so he could continue to invade people’s personal space and sniff their hair, necks, and faces.

    Staffers usually don’t let Biden play with sharp objects, but he managed to find some safety scissors stashed behind the Metamucil in his campaign bus. Using the purple plastic scissors, he cut a large hole and then fitted the mask to his face, confident that he was protecting himself and others from the virus.
    “That’s better,” he said as he cut a big hole for his schnoz. “Now I’m protecting against infection and I’m still able to give the ladies a good sniff. You know, in my day, I wore a mask just like this, as was the fashion at the time. All the kids at the pool would ask to play with the mask, and they’d run their fingers through it. In fact, one time, a gangster named Cornpop was about to go cause some trouble at the sock hop, and I put some rocks in my mask and started swinging it around like a sling. You know, real Daniel and Goliath type stuff. He looked at me, tears in his eyes, and promised never again to go out and cause a ruckus.”
    “Anyway, that’s why I’m your best choice for senator of the Roman Empire. Vote for Joe!” Biden suddenly came to and realized he was standing in a Walmart parking lot talking to a hobo.

  27. Mathius says:

    I have to rant a bit and I have no one else to do it to. Buckle-up – it’s going to be a wild ride.

    .. and I ain’t doin’ no damned proofreading, so this is going to be a stream of consciousness mess – deal with it, or just move on.



    My mother has been in “self-quarantine” for several weeks.

    She’s not immuno-compromised or symptomatic or anything, she’s just decided to sit in her “beach house” by herself for the last several weeks.

    She has two 16-year-old daughters who she has effectively abandoned, leaving them home alone with my father and a nanny.

    I do not understand a mother who simply leaves her kids like that. I mean, they’re not babies, but still. “Have a good life, kids, I’m going on retreat for the foreseeable future!”

    Well, that’s pretty shitty. Ok, fine. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

    Actually, you know what, let’s talk about that a bit more before we get to my point. Because fuck this whole situation.

    They just had their 16th birthday last week. They got a cake. Now, admittedly, big blowout Sweet 16 parties aren’t feasible at the moment, but there was nothing planned to cancel. The “plan,” such as it was, was to have one or two close friends over for cake.

    I guess that’s fine.. who am I to say? I’m not a teenage girl. But my other sister had a fucking BLOWOUT sweet sixteen party. Like, Kardashian caliber, blowout. Two hundred plus attendees, a live band, speeches, a red carpet – no, seriously – a red carpet.

    And my other sisters got a cake with a few friends. That seems pretty messed up to me. But, you know, maybe they weren’t into the “big party” thing? Maybe a quiet night was more their speed – I know it was mine.

    Let’s pause for a moment to clarify the order of children in my family (ages in paren):
    1: Sociopath male (38)
    2: Mathius (36)
    3: Grifter male (31)
    4: Sister 1 (29)
    5/6: Sisters 2&3 – twins (16)

    So, anyway, who knows about the party. But I very clearly remember “my” first car. I put that in quotes because it wasn’t “mine.” I got to use my grandma’s ancient Buick. When it wasn’t needed by someone else, anyway. And I counted myself lucky.

    Nevermind that my older brother got a new Volvo when he started driving, I got the used Buick for some reason. But, whatever, I had a car, so I was happy.

    Oh, he was off at school, so his new Volvo spent most of its time parked in front of the house, gathering dust, but I wasn’t allowed to drive it. For some reason.

    But it was my job to start it every week and run it for a few minutes to keep the battery charged. But other than that, I wasn’t allowed to touch it.

    Eventually, the Buick died and I also got a Volvo, which was nice. And I counted myself lucky. My parents didn’t have to get me a car and they did. I appreciate that. Eventually, I went off to college and my little brother started driving and he got my Volvo secondhand. Which makes sense.

    Around this time, my great uncle died. He had an Infinity that loved and he had expressed clearly that he wanted me to have it. But he didn’t put that in his will, so my mother inherited it. And I wasn’t allowed to have it. Because, for sentimental reasons, she couldn’t part with it. So it sat in the driveway, unused until it was scrapped.

    Then my sister turned 16, and she got a brand new Hummer H2 – MSRP around $60,000.

    Now, you might think I was jealous of this, but I wasn’t. By then, I’d moved out, started my own life, and I love my sister, so I was more happy for her than anything else. She was over the moon, and I was happy that she was happy.

    Back to my twin sisters. They won’t be getting new cars.

    They won’t be getting one car.

    They will get the use of my older brother’s Volvo car – a 20+ year old rust bucket. It’s not theirs, by the way, they just get to use it. What will my older brother be driving, you might ask? Well, they bought him a new Tesla.

    Younger brother, you might ask? Oh, they bought him a Lexus. The same Lexus, in fact, as the one I bought myself with the money I earned from working.

    What follows is an actual conversation from when my mother visited me several years back:
    Her: “Oh, that’s a beautiful car!”
    Me: “Thanks! I just bought it.”
    Her: “I think it’s the same one I just bought your brother.”
    … to this day, she cannot fathom why this conversation upset me.

    Again, to be clear, it’s NOT that I’m entitled to anything. She didn’t OWE me a new car, let alone one that nice. But what the hell is going on that she just gives one brother a luxury car and makes nothing of the fact that the other spent his own money on the same thing?

    So, to recap, in order:
    Brother 1: mid-priced new car (A), then new Tesla
    Me: use of rust bucket, then mid-priced new car (B)
    Brother 2: gets my mid-priced car (B), then new high-end Lexus
    Sister 1: $60,000 dream car
    Sisters 2 & 3: my brother’s now ancient car (A)

    If this is all confusing, sorry, but I am just ranting and if you actually care, you can ask questions. Otherwise, feel free to just understand the following:
    Brother 1. Hugely generous
    Me. OK
    Brother 3. Hugely generous
    Sister 1. OBSENELY generous
    Sisters 2/3: Shafted

    I asked my sisters about this and they are just resigned to the fact that they aren’t Sister 1, so they don’t get stuff like that. They, like me, understand that it’s not that we’re “entitled” to anything and that, in absolute terms, getting anything is good and generous. They will have school paid for, for example, which is great! But at the same time, why are they treated like 2nd class citizens? How incredibly messed up is that for those poor girls to grow up knowing that your own mother will never care as much about you as your other sister?

    And then, as it to drive the point home, she up and abandons them for a month-and-counting. She could isolate with them, but nope. She just goes off and leaves them behind because, really, she doesn’t give a shit about them.

    It pisses me off to no end that I have two sweet little sisters 3,000 miles away, getting treated this way, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I keep in touch, try to be supportive, but.. they’re just 2nd class citizens in their own home.

    Damnit. It pisses me off.

    Anyway, back to me and my kids and the reason for this rant.

    Actually, no, let’s take one more diversion to when I was 17.

    I was starting an internship and my mother took me to the outlets to buy dress shirts for my job as a birthday present. This was GREAT and very generous. She probably spent $150 on shirts, which I hugely appreciated.

    Then she disappears for a bit. When she comes back, she’s got a brand new designer handbag.. maybe $500+. Ok.. fine.. it’s her money… only, she bought it for my sister. As a “just because” present. She thought my sister might like it, so she impuslively bought her a “just because” present worth multiples of my birthday gift of practical necessities.

    As usual, she still has no idea why I was annoyed by this development.

    Ok, NOW, back to my kids and the reason for this rant.

    You see, for years, my mother has had a habit of calling to talk to my kids right around 8 o’clock. She knows perfectly well – I’ve told her many, many, many times, that that is bedtime. That they are in bed asleep or just getting to sleep and that they cannot take a phone call at that time. She never picks up if I call her earlier, and then she calls back at 8 or 8:30.

    “Hi, I’m calling to talk to the girls!”
    “The girls went to bed a half-hour ago. You know this. It’s the same time every night.”
    “Oh, ok, (sad voice) I’ll try again another time.”

    Every damned time.

    She has always fallen back on some version of “well they’re at school all day, and then I have to pick up your sisters from school, and there’s a 3-hour time zone difference, and that only leaves a tiny window.” As if she’s so damned busy or time zones are insurmountably complicated.

    I’ve offered to earmark a specific time or window of time for her, but she’s never really committed. She just keeps calling too late.

    My wife and I have always thought that she does this to get the “credit” for “trying” to talk to them without having to actually, you know, talk to her only grandchildren.

    But now.


    Now they’re home all day. Every day.

    And so is she.

    She doesn’t have a job. She has never had a job. So she is sitting in a house, by herself, all day, every day, presumably binge-watching reality television and eating Bon Bons.

    And she has not called once since this whole thing started to talk to her only grandchildren.

    There’s no longer even a whisp of an excuse.

    She has all the time in the world to talk to her grandchildren, and literally nothing better to do. But she isn’t doing it.

    I guess that’s as close as I will ever come to proof positive that she does not give a shit about my kids.

    ::End of Rant::

    • Nice rant…I can relate big time but from a different angle. This concerns my son and my (never actually legal) stepson. 10 months apart. We had visitation of stepson before age 5 but gained full physical custody of him just as kindergarten was starting. That was because his real mom allowed her boyfriend to beat the daylights out of him, and he came to our house all bruised up. CPS yanked both her children from her over it.

      Over the years it became obvious that MY/OUR son was the favorite. Super obvious. To the point where even our friends would butt in and tell the dad things like…not cool…you can’t show favoritism…how can you do that to him?… Stepson knew it, our son knew it…everyone knew it. It was heartbreaking to watch/see/live with.

      I eventually kicked him to the curb, and HIS son went with him. He was soooo excited that finally! he would have his dad’s attention all to himself. But it never happened that way. Luckily they only moved a block away and stepson still came over daily…cause the Anita house was THE SPOT! TO this day, OUR son is STILL the favorite. Also, luckily, OUR son never took advantage of it. Ever.

      I will never understand how their dad can do that to his son. I STILL welcome my stepson to my home, he STILL calls me mom, even though I never wanted to be ‘mom’ since I wasn’t really mom. When the boys were in the academy, a residential setting, parental visits were few and far between. (to the Colonel…the Youth ChalleNGe Academy). On the first parent visit, stepson introduced me to his cadre as…Sir, this is my stepmom, but really she is my mom…she is the one who always had my back all these years. Whoa! Pretty deep and heartwarming for me. I got his back til the end of my days. Let his dad sort his issues out with God.

      Sorry you and your sisters are in that situation.

      • Mathius says:

        Sorry you and your sisters are in that situation.

        Ah, but see, I’m not.

        I moved 3,000 miles away, married a wonderful woman with a wonderful family, and had wonderful kids of my own, who I love equally.

        It’s her loss, really.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I had a childhood friend in Hidden Hills who moved to a small village in Massachusetts to get away from his family. He became a fantastic artisan in wood and build a jewel of a home. A fairly large home. It had exactly one bedroom.

          Both he and his wife said just in case Tim’s parents came to visit they’d have to stay at a hotel.

          Just as a reference. His Father went to Law School with either Erhlichman or Halderman, Nixon’s buddies. In other words his father was so bent as a lawyer a dogs hind leg is straighter.

          My parents held him in utter contempt.

          • Dale, man, I got your (very long) message.. you’re a good guy. That’s just about all I have to say about that. Thank you for your support.

            I hope the Corona doesn’t get you.

    • Mathius, count your blessing. You got character and independence rather than gifts. Much better in the long run. If you expect nothing than any gifts are a bonus. Pass this on to your younger sisters.

      • Mathius says:

        I discovered reading when I was 13-ish. Disappeared into books for most of my teen years… insulated me from the mess around me.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      Middle male child

    • Your mom has a nanny for two sixteen year old girls? A sixteen year old could BE a nanny. Also, who buys a car for their adult child in their THIRTIES?
      Maybe your mother is bipolar. She kind of sounds like it.

      • It’s insane, but there ya go.

        I think it’s not necessarily bipolar so much as narcissistic personality disorder. She uses money (money my father makes, by the way, again, she’s never had a job) to buy affection. She does this with “friends,” too.. buying them stuff and being absurdly generous to the point where she attracts grifters and users.

        She NEEDS the affection, to feel like she’s a good mother and loved and admired. She has serious self-esteem problems. Which, I think, is why she avoids my wife and me like the plague – because we won’t play into that game. I absolutely refuse to pretend like she’s a wonderful mother when she absolute was not. She persists on blaming my wife for me moving away and absolutely refuses to accept that I moved here because of my wife, but I moved away because of her. (if it weren’t for my wife, I would live somewhere much warmer! But I sure as hell wouldn’t be near my mother.)

        My brothers realized that, as long as they play the game, call her ‘mommy’ and feign love and adulation, that they’ll never have to work a day in their lives. And, so far, it’s worked. They’ve travelled the world, been to Australia and China and Japan and frequent trips to Hawaii, they drive luxury cars. They bring their laundry over for the maid to wash and fold. They add their groceries to my parents’ list and it gets bought for them. It’s a charmed life except, you know, having to live with knowing that you’re just a parasite – but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

        Neither works. Well, not really, but we’ll get back to that. My mother bought older brother a condo which he moved out of, then rented out, and lives off the income. So she bought him another condo. Which he moved out of and rented out and lives off the income. Now he lives in a house his new wife bought. Poor girl has absolutely no idea who he really is. But that’s a whole other matter.

        But the real kicker is what both brothers also do for money.

        You’re going to love this.

        They have IT companies.

        And these companies have one client.

        And that client is my mother.

        And they bill her for everything that a son should do for free.

        Set up the printer? That’ll be $150.

        Change a light switch? We can’t do that, but we’ll supervise the workman for $100 / hr.

        And so on.

        They have websites and social media and it is absolutely hysterical because they post about the services they provide to their “clients” and it’s all just stuff they billed my mother for doing.

        I especially love this one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsJUs9BBXh_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

        Their “new customer” Olivia? Oh, Oliva is a dog.

        • Your mom’s dog drives a Tesla?

          • Apparently.

            Either that, or my brother is lying about who he “customized” the Tesla for in order to pretend he has real business with clients other than my mother.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            • Gee whiz! Send the fam to SUFA, we’ll straighten them out fer ya. Its taken us ten years, but we’ve drug/dragged you a long ways over the blue to red line. We can spend the next ten converting them. We’ll make it our call to action.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          (if it weren’t for my wife, I would live somewhere much warmer!) You can come here, you can still be saved.

          • Honestly, if it weren’t for my wife, Texas would be on the short-list.

            I used to live in Arizona.. there’s nothing like a dry heat.

            • You’d have to live in West Texas if you want a dry heat. I lived in Texas for twelve years and it was not dry.

              • I love that feeling when you walk out of an air-conditioned building into a wall of heat.

                And all the tension in your body just melts off.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good grief man. Glad you got away, but don’t think you are not “mixed up in it”. You care for you Sisters and you talk to them. You are mixed up. Maybe not daily and maybe not in the depths but the Tar is still there.

      I thought, as I read about your Mom and family, that they made a couple movies about your California Family back in the day. Talk about the stereo typical Southern California Family with Money back in those days. I am guessing they are still being produced where ever wealth and lack of self esteem co-exist.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Our county had its 1st death from the virus. Someone who tested positive on April 2nd

    Now I know the Health Dept would want to track down all the people this victim came in contact with and they say they do…..but what if the person didnt remember.

    News flash….to protect the privacy of the family NO information will be given out.

    Privacy is important, and the government with SCOTUS blessing has long since violated Constitutionally protected privacy laws via the Patriot Act

    To help the Health Dept a general bulletin should have been posted. “If you have been in direct contact with this person, please IMMEDIATELY go the Carolina East Medical Center to be tested” These are extraordinary times, please help stop the spread of this virus”

    Hell they put wanted posters up the Post Office. They update daily names of people arrested with the charges posted and current residence ie (county jail) this virus is a greater risk to the community at large than anyone currently in our jails.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Same thing here. I have been whining about it from the start. Might has reduced our numbers if WE had known who the people were who were first diagnosed.

      HIPPA is the problem. It is reducing the effectiveness of the stay at home orders.

  29. https://www.westernjournal.com/cuomo-calls-trump-comments-bulls-turns-cuomo-created-bull-selective-editing/

    Damien’s brother Fredo keeping the family tradition alive and well.

  30. Woke this morning to an inch of snow covering the ground. Sunny and 50 coming Saturday.

    Things are still quiet in these parts. Only 5 cases in my county, no deaths.

    Nice rant Mathius. You are scarred for life and should seek some psych help to deal with your mania. With a little luck, you will see the light politically and switch to the right (correct) side. There is a group I heard of, Psycho’s Anonymous that would welcome you with open arms. Joking of course. Sucks to be your youngest sisters. Things tend to work out, like they did for you, well mostly anyway.

    Now for the question of the day: If China sent this virus here to infect the U.S., what is the response that should occur?

  31. SCORE!! 16 rolls TP, $14. Dollar General. Saw the supply trailer there after work yesterday, they told me it would be this morning before it would be available. Opened at 9am, I was there at 9:10am. Girl was handing it out directly from the boxes…never made it to the shelves. Thank God because I was down to 3 rolls and I haven’t seen any for a month now. Couldn’t let VH get one up on me. 😆

  32. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Today’s posting for FB.

    A “caution” to my fellow conservatives. Lately, I’ve heard a lot of “this virus isn’t so bad, only kills as many as the flu does”. You have to remember two points.

    First, we NEVER had imposed anything like the restrictions we are now imposing on any flu season since 1918. We most likely will NOT know how effective they were until books are written by knowledgeable people ten years from now.

    Second, The flu season generally extends from October till April. Assume peak for five months. So, simple math, if 50,000 people die from the ordinary “flu ” in five months then 50,000 people dying from Wuhan, Covid 19 in ONE MONTH makes it significantly WORSE. Exponentially worse.

    Do not be overly simplistic. As the good Dr. Fauci says, this has been his worst nightmare (and that of virologists all over the planet) for most of his professional life. I, as a talented amateur historian, have shared that sentiment for at least the past forty years. The motto has ALWAYS been,


    I would hope that you would share this with your conservative friends who pooh-pooh the danger. The astronomically high numbers in NYC are a direct result of elected officials, of the left mind you, NOT taking this seriously from the beginning.

    And….for those who think I am full of shit eg. “Where is the alphabet soup behind YOUR name”. Do the goddam research yourself and you will come to the same conclusion if you have half a brain. Donald J. Trump is NO alarmist and this had him scared enough to act like none before him.

    • With quarantine in place, are deaths from the flu down? Are traffic deaths down? The air is cleaner. Are asthma cases down? There should be a lot of studies that result from this shut down that might blow up some myths that we have been living with.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Yes…and the very worst thing we can do is use New York City as a model for the rest of the country.

        The rest of the country does not need to do what NYC does. States can handle their own just fine.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The ONE BIG THING that will come of all this is the death of peace and quiet in the country.

      NYC is suffering because of DENSITY. Human density. This has been the goal of the Central Planning globalist environmentalists for a couple decades or more. Pack the people into dense habitation. Create mini cities within cities so people can walk and bike to work.

      Well, since my early High School days we have known what happens when you increase the population density of mammals. First they turn on each other, then strange behaviors increase (homosexuality being one of them), then disease takes them out. The only thing that prevents this is the presence of a higher order predator. Who then suffers the same fate as they increase in number due to the massive increase in food source.

  33. Just A Citizen says:
  34. thelonestarconnection says:

    One good thing this virus has shown,,,is exactly where the shortages occur. Take note of the shortages, then take note of who supplies the stuff we are short on….this should give you a great idea of the future of dealing with an enemy. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • I’d like to add a filter option on Amazon that says “no China.”

      Everything’ll cost a bit more, and there’ll be a few fewer options. But everything will come from countries that aren’t China.

      Anita – get on it!

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        Everything’ll cost a bit more, and there’ll be a few fewer options. But everything will come from countries that aren’t China. Yes and Yes,,,and yes. Even the US will take up the slack…we are resilient…we can overcome. we can adapt, and we can improvise.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Better yet……we can go back to kicking ass…….release the Kracken and turn the PIrate loose.

        • Spending some time trying to see if I can build an internet plug-in to filter out China.. it doesn’t look like Amazon makes this information available anywhere on the front-end. :/

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Surprisingly, I find myself rooting for production from both Taiwan and Viet-nam because both are pains in the ass to China!

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      The easy way to defeat China…..default.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      YES, YES and YES!

      Although, I don’t think we have seen all the weak points yet. Time is proving to the real test. It is taking much longer to repair delivery systems than I thought. And that is before our transport sector becomes heavily infected.

      Saw this morning Tyson is closing a Pork processing plant due to sickness among employees.

      Getting very interesting.

      On another note, those crazies who made a run on T-P apparently did the same thing with Seeds for vegetables. Went to order seed last week and the major suppliers were “Sold Out” of all the basic veggies. Picked up some secondary seed by going to various companies. Then ran to North 40 yesterday and grabbed what I could off their rack.

      Apparently we did not declare Seed as Non Essential like some dolts. Although the supply was very low in the store.

      Tried to buy some onion sets and seed spuds on line. Turns out they cannot ship to Idaho. Never saw that one coming. I can buy the seed for the same onions but can’t buy the sets.

      • For onions, cut off the root end, soak a couple of days in water and plant. Perpetual onions.

        • thelonestarconnection says:

          Yep…it works too. We have tried celery but that does not work well…at least for us it has not.

  35. thelonestarconnection says:

    Some pandemic……the Texas National Guard and governor has responded and set up triage units, totally independent mobile hospitals complete with equipment and doctors to help alleviate the local hospitals from trauma cases……a total of 5,000 beds fully staffed with equipment……and there are no patients. They are not being used.

    A quick check in Dallas, a relatively hard hit city, and the hospitals are only 51% full and that includes trauma cases. So, here we sit…..and wait.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think we are learning that the weak link is NOT the Hospitals. It is the ability to identify and track down those exposed. And to make sure they stay isolated until no longer contagious.

      So your Guard units would be better utilized as Testing facilities which could then hold folks until test results come back.

      • thelonestarconnection says:

        We do have a testing unit in Dallas….testing only but lack the mission of detaining, being military. We were set up to take trauma cases to relieve the hospitals to do other things. But…..no trauma cases, gunshot, stab wounds, car accidents are sent to us. We even have ambulances sitting ready to be used…..but we do not get the calls.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I learned this afternoon that the local hospital has set up 100 bed emergency unit at the local fairgrounds to handle overflow. We have had only two cases hospitalized so far, after a month of infections.

          Hospital is apparently preparing for what they think will be a lifting of the stay at home order end of April. As I was told, “the second wave is going to be far worse than the first”.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I believe our county will lift restrictions on Monday. If one stays closed itll be their choice

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The other day we had our 1st death in the county. Somebody who tested positive Apr 2nd. The Health Deot said they will not release any further information out of respect for the family and their privacy.

        I know the health officials try and track down all the people who may have been in contact with this person. To do so is a long arduous task with limited resources. Id have thought a public service announcement asking people to come in to be tested if you know you were in contact.

        My nephews wife said its against HIPPA regulations to do so.

        Heck every day the county posts all the information on arrests with ohotigeapgs and current residence ie JAIL and most of those people pose less if a danger to the community at large

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The tracking down by health officials of those who have had direct contact with a positive tested person is a serious weak link. But HIPPA prevents any release of information publicly so people can say oh shit….I better go get tested

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    The infection rate in Blaine County, Idaho is 2025 per 100,000. Population Density is not the only factor in the rate of spread. So lets call it Social Density, the number of people who gather in close proximity during recreation or other such activities.

    I have not seen a detailed explanation on how the virus spread in Blaine County. I did see reports that the first cases in Ada County (Boise) were people who had been to Blaine County.

    We had a big jump in diagnosed cases yesterday, as did much of the Country. Kind of strange given the prior declines in new cases. No explanations provided.

  37. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Here is one to watch. Chronic news watchers like myself who apparently can do woodwork and listen to the news simultaneously “catch” things like yesterday’s announcement 77% of the American people blame the Chinese government for the current mess.

    NOW, watch and listen carefully to see just how often that is repeated (or has it already vanished). Will, it possibly be repeated as often as the “immediate” need for 53 gazillion ventilators that the Trump administration failed to have at their fingertips?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Also in the news this week……..The Hill, CNN etc, etc, report that Mr. Trump’s popularity has slipped since the first bump from doing daily briefings. All reported polling showing him in the mid 40% in support.

      Today, FOX poll shows he is still gaining and up from 45% to 49%. All show Biden leading Trump in National Polling…………..which means nothing as we know. Yet the clowns continue to use it.

      Also today……new National Poll……………. Democrats favor dumping Biden for Cuomo by a 54% to 46% margin. Buyers remorse is setting in Biggly.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Yes and I was informed he is now “even” with the ancient and addled Joe Biden. Can you believe anything published these days?

  38. Just A Citizen says:


    Should the Govt (State/Local) be able to trace your vote? Should they be able to match you with the particular ballot you submit, after or during the vote counting process?

    Opinions please.

    • Not only no, but HELL no.

    • Yes. Mail in ballots can be serialized and the numbers must match to be counted. OR, get off one’s ass and go vote.

    • thelonestarconnection says:

      JAC….I admit that I am split on this. We have had a significant number of non registered and illegal voters….have even prosecuted a few…The only place that I have seen it influence an election is in Houston…..but when they discovered it, no one did anything about it. They counted and confirmed over 1200 illegal votes in one particular precinct but they let it stand for some perverse reason….So, for these reasons, I vote yes.

      I vote no….because it opens a Pandora Box of other things. On a side note, poor old Pandora must be getting tired…her box sure gets opened a lot.

  39. Just A Citizen says:


    I assume that by now you figured out that you need to cut the black spots out of those spuds I fired your way. Turned out the real rotten ones disintegrated during flight. They made it somewhere near Illinois but that was as far as I could get them to hold together.

    Now, have you tested them for protein content yet? Bwahahahahaha

    Went to turn the Chicken on the Barby last night and the darn thing started kicking at me. Never had one like that before.

  40. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Our 76 year old family friend Matt was released from the hospital today on Long Island. He had Covid complicated by COPD. He wa also part of Governor Cuomo’s trial 1,500. Along the way he developed cardiac arrhythmia apparently a side effect of the antibiotic and pneumonia because he was flat on his back for two weeks. But the prognosis is excellent. So, as our old friend Charlie would say, another anecdotal story!

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    How can a State edict that you can not buy something on the shelf or in a dept of an open store because the powers in charge seen it no essential.

    I read that Michigan has done that. Can’t but paint, landscaping and gardening supplies etc

  42. I can see a lot of Civil Rights cases hitting the courts when this is done. Some places are simply abusing their power beyond what can be accepted. This is one reason Trump has handled this correctly, make recommendations, let the States decide how to do things. He is being excellent with our Constitutional Rights, can’t say the same about some politicians.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Read a couple stories yesterday, should say opinion pieces, dealing with the SCOTUS rulings on emergencies vs. Rights.

      The nut of it was that SCOTUS has sided with VIOLATING our Rights BUT ONLY IF the Govt. constraint is DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE EMERGENCY.

      So I think where people can show that the action or police citation is not related to actual mitigation they might win. Like individuals being arrested or fined for being on a beach ALONE. A complete ban on leaving your house is probably not defensible. Nor is the Govt. banning the purchase of specific products.

  43. The Hawaiian observatory last week put CO2 levels at an all time high of 418 ppm. This after several weeks of empty streets. It will be interesting to see how CO2 responds to the shut down.

  44. “I haven’t seen any statistically significant changes in air pollution in most US cities, which is contrary to the claims in some media articles,” he says. According to the TROPOMI data, the only US city that is seeing a statistically significant improvement in air quality is Los Angeles, California (see ‘Weather factor’). The caveat, he says, is that it has been unusually rainy there in the last few weeks. So it is still unclear what fraction of the observed improvement in pollution is due to favourable weather and what fraction is due to COVID-19 precautions. “Probably both are simultaneously helping,” he says.


  45. Yay, test result was negative.

  46. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This nationwide/international lockdown from the Civid-19 pandemic is going to put to shame the baby boom that followed 9 months after the Northeast Blackout of 1965.

  47. My county 32 cases, 1 recovered, 0 deaths.

    • My county 10,951 confirmed cases, ? recovered, 652 deaths….total includes 6,386 from Detroit alone. 3 confirmed cases in my building at Amazon. I think I had the shit in January, was down for 3 weeks.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        My wife thinks she had it too. Same time as you. Our area is a current hotbed, Bergen Co. NJ.

      • Last two weeks of January and first two weeks of February I was miserable. I never had a fever though. I was exhausted constantly. Sore throat, coughing, thankfully TP wasn’t scarce then too 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I do find it interesting the disparity between areas

        Comparing Anita’s county #’s to Wake County which includes our Capital they have 1.1 million people. Have had just over 400 cases and ZERO deaths.

        Our entire State if 10.5 Million has had to date approx 3500 cases and only 65 deaths

  48. Happy Easter! My wish and hope is that all Sufaites and family members come out of this Pandemic mess alive and healthy. Peace!

  49. thelonestarconnection says:

    Happy Easter and Happy Passover ( if that is the term ) to all it applies….

  50. thelonestarconnection says:

    My county, Parker County, 13 confirmed cases and 0 deaths

  51. Happy Easter and Passover to all of SUFA! If I could figure out how, I would post the picture I just took of the gorgeous rainbow we had looking west from our front door. A beautiful morning here in Texas after rains came through…

  52. Leah Barkoukis at Townhall reports a pro-Trump troll pranked CNN hard on Thursday night during their “global town hall” on coronavirus “facts and fears” with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Someone in the CNN control room isn’t familiar with conservative terms like Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    When the audience was asked to send questions for Dr. James Redfield, the head of the Centers for Disease Control, one that managed to make it on air was: “Is Stage-4 TDS considered an underlying morbidity?”

  53. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    As my father would have said, in the Orthodox tradition.

    Христос воскрес!

    Christ has Risen

    Steve and Denise.

    • We’re under quarantine, so I’m going to ask that he stays in his tomb until Dr. Fauchi gives him the all-clear.

      • Depending on where you’re at, and who runs things, quarantine isn’t the correct term. We travel freely here. No cops are giving out tickets, unlike some areas where the leadership seems to glee in their power.

        There are lots of opinions out there about this shutdown and stay home thing. Is “err on the side of caution” still your mindset?

  54. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Apparently 500 sailors have tested positive on the TR.But, we do not yet know, who is sick, who is not, is anyone on a ventilator, has anyone died or not expected to survive. THIS, I think is crucial information since the ship was in effect a laboratory with a closed experiment accidentally going on.

  55. https://www.informationliberation.com/

    Pew Poll: White Liberals More Likely To Be Mentally Ill And Depressed

    There’s a lot of social pressure on white liberals to identify as mentally ill to boost their social status in the oppression olympics.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just how crazy can a governor get with her power. This is Michigan.

    While no communication was received in advance of this notice nor does EO 2020-42 specifically address this issue, the DNR states that “Non-motorized boating, such as canoeing, kayaking and sailing, falls within the outdoor activities permitted under the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Executive Order. However, the use of a motorboat, jet ski or similar watercraft is not permitted for the duration of the Executive Order, which is currently set to expire at 11:59 p.m. [on] April 30..”

    • Yeah, and don’t be in the boat, motor or not, with someone not in your household.

      There are several online petitions looking for her to be recalled. I’ve been following one since yesterday morning when it was at 120k. Checking in just now its at 210k, gaining momentum by the minute.

  57. U.S.—Medical experts were excited to announce today that Democrats have achieved herd immunity against sexual assault allegations.

    After getting accused of sexual assault thousands and thousands of times for so many years, the Democrats developed some kind of antibodies against the allegations. Researchers are taking blood samples to isolate the antibodies to see if a vaccine can be developed for other groups.
    “It’s amazing — the entire Democrat demographic is entirely immune,” said one researcher as he took blood samples from Joe Biden. “After conspiring with the media to squash any accusations that pop up, it seems, over time, Democrats have been able to develop a kind of herd immunity to any allegations.”
    Biden has been an important case study for medical experts’ work, as he can publicly sniff people’s hair and inappropriately touch many people on camera and still be entirely protected from any accusation whatsoever. His DNA is being studied for a possible breakthrough for other politicians.
    With time, other political parties may be able to use the vaccine, but for now, it seems only Democrats are immune. Other political parties and at-risk conservatives are being advised to quarantine so as to avoid any allegations until a vaccine is discovered.

  58. Dale A Albrecht says:

    While italians are still locked down in their homes, the NGO’s mostly German are continuing to land “Rescued” ie human trafficked sub saharan africans in the ports of Italy.


  59. A couple things from the weekend.

    I received a $1200 deposit from the IRS Friday.
    I visited Walmart to get some stuff for my mother. No beef, no TP, no paper towels, low in tissue. Most all else was in good shape.
    Dollar General this morning. No TP, paper towels and very low on tissue. Overall, plenty of the foods they sell.
    Not much traffic anywhere. I have not heard of anyone being questioned about being out. Don’t expect too, as it’s hard to get pick up food or grocery shop without getting out.
    Gonna do an new thread soon. Gonna hit on some points about what some areas are doing when it comes to abuse of power.

  60. Dale A Albrecht says:

    1) I really do feel sorry for those people in NY especially those in and around NYC. I was talking to an elderly friend last night who lives in Poughkeepsie. She was telling me the a little crossroads community across the river in Gardiner, which is all orchards and vineyards has had 6 deaths. The biggest business is a country hardware store, besides Robert de Niro.

    2) Westchester County just by its little old lonesome, which is not particularly populous and not really stacked living even in the cities like White Plains. Tons of corporate headquarters and campuses. Above White Plains are small villages and hamlets.

    Yet the county is just behind the ENTIRE State of California for positive cases of covid-19 and related deaths. LA, SF and SD are pretty well packed in with large populations, plus a massive homeless population and the State is very diverse

    3) you can not think of any more dense of living as in Hong Kong and other cities in China.
    Yet other than the initial area did not spread.

    What’s the combination that makes logical sense for the spread of the virus or lack thereof?

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:
  62. A new thread is posted.

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