No Honesty From Obama Administartion

Sadly, the Left has no integrity.  The Crats and the Liberal media has destroyed any that they had.  As the numbers grow, people who don’t believe them are going to demand answers.  If Crats want to stay shut down, there will be violence.  Prediction:  Crats want to stay closed.  Prediction:  It won’t happen, most of the country will be open by Memorial Day, regardless of what the governors say.  Stay tuned, more fun coming!


  1. The timing of the investigation is perfect. By the time November gets here, Obama’s legacy will be shot to hell and Biden will go down in flames. In 2021, HRC gets hers too.

  2. Trump says he grabs women by the …..
    The Left: Screams bloody murder and calls him a rapist

    Biden accused of actually grabbing a woman by the…..
    The Left: Crickets

    No honesty, no morals, no ethics. And acting like tyrants during this pandemic.

    Mathius, come over from the dark side, show us you’re as intelligent as you claim 😀

    • Mathius says:

      Do you have anything other than a he-said-she-said?

      It’s well documented that he’s a creepy old man, but as for the.. err… manhandling…? Anything?

      Trump is on tape, using his own words to talk about molesting women and getting away with it because he’s rich. And he has a dozen accusors (of various levels of believability) scattered across decades. He talks in one of his books about using his position at a Ms. American contest to barge into the changing room where naked underage girls were getting dressed. (and, yes, he is also a well documented creepy old man. He has also cheated on all three of his wives. He also make.. disturbingly sexual comments about his daughter. Not that any of that is a “crime” per se, but.. eww..)

      Not exactly apples-to-apples here.

      THAT SAID, my presumption is that any person in the upper echelons of power is a terrible human being, a narcissist, and a sociopath. My presumption is that almost any man of this kind will, at some point, have used this power and position to his personal advantage and, if sexual misconduct interests him, he will have done it at some point. Because they’re all terrible people who think know they can get away with it.

      My PRESUMPTION is that Clinton, Trump, and Biden are all guilty of sexual harassment, sexual assault and/or rape. All three almost certainly deserve to be locked up and sent into general population prison to live out the rest of their miserable lives on a cot.

      JUROR Mathius would demand more evidence before believing this. But CIVILIAN Mathius assumes it to be true by default. The three are just lechers with power. and lechers with power will use that power… lecherously.

      My interpretation is that this is an election between one shit pile of a human being and another shit pile of a human being. And I won’t try to draw moral equivalences between Red Shit Pile and Blue Shit Pile on this score. All I can say is that Red Shit Pile needs to go and Blue Shit Pile will (probably) implement policy I prefer.

      As I’ve long said, I’ll vote for an ax murderer if he supports my agenda. Much as I would prefer Bernie or, hell, Canine Weapon, my choice is between Biden and Trump, so I will hold my nose and vote for Biden.

      I’m not voting for a friend.

      Which is good. Because I wouldn’t want to be friends with Biden.

      • Brings up the old axiom that my late dad used to say…………Power corrupts….absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          I think yer old man got it backward.

          It’s not that good men seek power and are seduced by the dark side.

          But, rather, that power ATTRACTS the already-corrupt and morally bankrupt.

          Like moths to the flame.

          • Aye, wha’ ye say be also true, I be sure. But me cap’n used t’ reckon back t’ hearties that were “normal” ‘n said once they got elected t’ an cabin, whether state or federal….they went through a metamorphosis…..much like Darth Vader.

      • Every four years I ask, “Is this REALLY the best we can do?” Because I personally know at least a hundred people that would be better than these options.

      • Mathius, YOU have claimed that Trump is a compulsive liar. Yet you say “Trump is on tape, using his own words to talk about molesting women and getting away ….”

        So if he is a liar, it’s likely that this would have to be a lie too, according to you. Go ahead, contradict yourself some more, it’s comical 😛

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          “Trump is on tape, using his own words to talk about molesting women and getting away ….”

          That’s what the lawyers would call “an admission against interest.”

          • Mathius says he just Lies every time he talks. So what difference does it make what he says, it’s all lies in the eyes of the Left (unless it fits their pathetic self absorbed narrative).

            • Mathius says:

              A known liar tells you:

              A) I won a “Nobel” Prize because I’m a stable genius.

              B) I stole sexually assaulted a stranger and got away with it because I’m rich.

              He’s a known liar, so, I suppose, both are highly suspect, but it’s in HIS INTEREST to make you believe A while it’s AGAINST HIS INTERESTS for you to believe B.

              That’s why we can believe him on B.

              Or, at least more-so than A, anyway.

              It’s the same as when a liar is on the witness stand and he decries his innocence, we doubt him. But if he admits guilt, we believe and convict him.

              But you know this. Because you’re obtuse, but you’re not dumb.

  3. Update (2140ET): ABC News has updated their report to say that Grenell visited the Justice Department with the list of ‘unmaskers,’ as opposed to requesting the list. In other words, he’s notified AG Barr (and we presume President Trump) exactly who was involved.
    And according to the Daily Wire: “A source with knowledge of the matter told The Daily Wire that the list has already been declassified and now it’s on Attorney General William Barr to release the list.”

    Let the hammers fall!


    There are really only three ways out of this: 1) If there is no cure, we can lockdown forever, 2) we can lockdown for the year or five years until there’s a vaccine, or 3) We can go on about our business in the hope the miracle that put an end to the Spanish Flu and Hong Kong Flu saves us.

    The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918… Did you know there’s still no cure for that? In some form, it’s still out there. What saved future generations was either the virus mutating into a less lethal strain after its third wave in 1919, but before its fourth wave in 1920, or it was herd immunity — or it was some combination of both. Either way, the Spanish Flu is still around.

    Before it was over, worldwide that sucker infected 500 million, and anywhere from 50 to 100 million died, including some 500,000 to 675,000 Americans.

    In 1968, the Hong Kong Flu hit, killing one to three million worldwide and around 100,000 here in America. The Hong Kong Flu is still out there infecting people every flu season.

    No one’s arguing we surrender. Of course the government and private industry should continue to seek therapeutics and a cure, just the like we do for heart disease, cancers, deaths by car accidents, and the next strain of flu…

    In 2017, 80,000 Americans died of the flu… The regular flu.

    • T Ray…you just do not listen, do you. You are using logic. You are using common sense. You are being reasonable. You will make more heads explode than any Covid 19.

      Just for giggles and grins, I think you need to take your logic and common sense over to Huffpo….I would like to see how long you last. You might beat my record..I lasted almost 72 hours…..before I got the boot. tried to log in under another name but they had my IP number in their data banks and I was not allowed…I got sent a little nasty gram from their public relations department explaining that my, and this is a direct copy ” your IP address does not conform to our standards and guidelines…..”

      • Sorry I obviously have a learning disability. YES, I am a victim. Do I now have victim rights?

        I just thought it interesting that I started making this argument over a week ago. Now the pundits are catching up to me.

        I have stayed away from Huffpo. It’s bad for the BP. I suppose if I took the right attitude, I could get some comic relief.

        • Yes, you are a victim….and you should get victim rights. I will petition Canine Weapon…..Mathius, according to Canine Weapon and The Pirate, say Mathius is a jerk and because you are not part of the blue team, you do not deserve victim rights.

          However, Canine Weapon and the Pirate have personally told me that if I needed anything done correctly to contact them because Mathius is a jerk.

          I dunno…..just passing on information and it must be true because I learned it on the internet.

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            because Mathius is a jerk.

            ‘Tis true.

            And a moron to boot.

            • So, does this mean that you will declare T Ray a victim?

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                I’ll declare him to be a turnip i’stead!

                Everyone is a victim of one thing or another. ‘Tis whether you allow yerself to think of yerself as a victim that counts. Whether you allow yer victimhood to run roughshod over your identity, to let it shape how you see the world and how the world sees you. That’s the mark of a victimhood mentality.

                From there, it be a short hop to the conclusion that the world owes ye something to even the scales, when the law of land and sea makes no such assurance.

  5. Now, you really have to sit down for this one……..Dateline Fort Worth, Texas. A gathering of approximately 600 people….all black….in defiance of park and recreation orders and all aged between 16 and 20, according to the police, erupted into a gunfight. Five people were hurt. This should be the end of the story……but it is not.

    It is very strange, according to one Fort Worth Star Telegram reporter, why shootings among park goers are…………………….cultural. So they have started an investigation that has created a storm. This is the 5th reported gathering of blacks in public parks since the first of the year and each gathering has resulted in a shooting.

    There have been 7 such gatherings of Hispanics in public parks and there have been 4 shootings and one knifing.

    There are no reported shootings of any other “race or culture” in similar circumstances in the same time period.
    It does not end there….this same reporter, whom is black, by the way, went on to report that the last 45 homicides in Fort Worth are black or Hispanic. No other race. These are not police shootings but among themselves and they all have taken place in their own neighborhoods.
    Then the article went on to ask questions as to why this takes place like this. Is this cultural? This same reporter went on to say that “I wish I could blame society but society does not make cultural differences”…..why do certain cultures or races kill each other?

    • Well, the Asian gatherings were all ninja conventions, and they were so stealthy that no one knew about them, and white people have a special “privilege” that allows them to not get together and shoot each other, except that sometimes I’m pretty sure they do anyway, just not there during that time period. Anyway, we could talk about all that, but I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed.


    And this doesn’t even cover intentional cheating. Or the fact that States are overstepping their right to handle elections. Like vote harvesting being legal, boxes just hanging around town to drop your vote in, and Governors using executive orders to change state laws.

  7. The very best EXPERTS, according to the Left, stated that the polar ice caps would be melted by 2013. Yet, they exist. So much for experts. Medical experts? Really? Medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of death in the US. All we have is some educated opinions, based on statistics. The curve has been lowered, as hoped, time to get back to being free again.

  8. WASHINGTON, D.C.—The pandemic has been troublesome for many, but one group is celebrating a victory: socialists.

    “Capitalism is all about exploiting workers,” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congressional representative from New York and the world’s smartest socialist. “But now there’s, like, nobody working, so they can’t exploit anyone. Take that, billionaires!”
    Over twenty million people in April alone stopped being mistreated by capitalists in the evil capitalist creation called a “job.” Even more are expected to escape this shackle in May.
    “I want more billions,” said billionaire Bernard Collins. “But I can’t make more billions without workers. All I have now are my current billions but no more.” He looked very sad, but he was able to wipe his tears with a billion-dollar bill he found in his couch cushion.
    As the capitalist engine of having people work grinds to a halt, billionaires should be hit even harder, some of them plummetting from being billionaires to being just multi-millionaires as millions and millions of Americans go unemployed.
    “Yay! We’re winning!” Ocasio-Cortez exclaimed. She hoped even more people would leave jobs — except for the people whose job it is to print money. She emphasized that without them working day and night, we would be in big trouble.


    This is exactly as I have predicted, the Crats want the shutdown to go on and on until the economy is destroyed. While I totally doubt that this will get through the Senate, it’s basically ridiculous.

    What say you SUFA????

  10. According to local bar/restaurant owner that I eat at, the Liquor Control Board showed up yesterday to make sure business’s are complying with shutdown orders. He stated that reopening won’t be till late July/August. Locally, we haven’t had a new case of Covid in 3+ weeks. Our governor is a Crat.

    This is going political quickly. Governors will hold licenses hostage to keep business’s inline. I fully expect civil unrest/disobedience. My guess is that New York, Kalifornia and other Blue states are screwed economically. They gotta keep there victims for elections to come.

    • there=their 😛

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Our restaurants, theaters now can seat at 1/2 capacity. We haven’t had a death in our county attributed to Covid 19 in a long while. We’re stuck at 4.wuth a population of 102K. The hospital parking lot had maybe 3 dozen cars in it today.

      The city council voted the other day, that for memorial day weekend theyll be closing off the streets that have the majority of our fine dining establishments. Though they can now seat 1/2 inside, the restaurants will be moving tables out into the street so they can serve at full capacity or more while maintaining social distancing.
      Drove by one of our city parks today..Union Point Park. Where the army of northern aggression landed….since the beginning the park is full of people enjoying the great outdoors. There are two city bathroom facilities and one is a welcome center. They’ve stayed open si people won’t shit and piss in the bushes. They’re cleaned several times a day.

      • With a little bit of creative thinking, we could have kept a lot of business working.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          There Is something innate in the modern American, native born mind you, which is adverse to any and all danger. Been watching “open up” comments on FB. The number of cowards out there is amazing. Some fool is going to wait for the “vaccine” Well, if I could comment I’d tell him we are still waiting for the 1918 vaccine not to mention the good old common cold.

          You can probably the blame in two places, the talking heads on the news who have all the information in the world at their fingertips but won’t take the time to Google it and the schools which TEACH NOTHING. Most of what I know about illness and health I learned in 5th to 8th grade when they actually taught “health” and you were graded on it. I guess those classes were for teh tail end of the immigration wave when it was presumed we knew nothing about sanitation or cleanliness. As we entered the progressive 1960’s we put that aside and promptly forgot everything.

          These modern folks could NOT climb out of the Great Depression or take Guadalcanal. Don’t even ask how much valium it would take them to survive a polio outbreak.


    • Far-left website Raw Story was caught using an image of white stay-at-home protesters to illustrate an article about a black terror suspect who allegedly planned to kill police officers.
      The controversy surrounded an article by Raw Story writer and former ShareBlue pundit Matthew Chapman entitled Ohio man arrested for plot to kidnap police and stockpile their weapons for an ‘uprising’.

      Once again……

    • Sadly all of this is 2 years too late. Most people have moved on and are more concerned now about the economy and Covid. The Dems and MSM will keep the current problems front and center until the summer if not the fall. The 2016 election will be forgotten. It is sad that the Rs on these committees new all of this but were prevented from revealing it. It is too bad that someone did not just reveal the data and take the political hit.

      We now see that the Russians wanted Hillary instead of Trump which Brennan suppressed. I always thought this. We allowed, in our Russian paranoia, for them to drop a few hundred thousand in FB ads to amplify that into millions of wasted $s, years of divisiveness, and government paralysis. Whoever in the “KGB” thought this up deserves a gold star.

      The lies told by the left over this and other issues have hurt this nation deeply. Unfortunately, a large part of the population will continue to believe them or will ignore them because they believe in the ideology of the left. They will not punish the wrong doers.

      • Funny how everyone was interested when all the “information” was based on unnamed sources, yet actual documents and testimonies under oath, are being ignored.

        • They are still playing it as a conspiracy theory with the new twist the Trump is politicizing the DOJ which is exactly what Obama did. I hope Grenell keeps dumping documents. Barr needs to start indictments soon. They must start before the conventions. I would prefer before 7/4. The skullduggery needs to brought into the open.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        It was so simple from the beginning. How much money has Donald Trump ever made from the Russians. vs. How much money have the Clintons made from the Russians? What “side” deals did Trump make vs. what side deals did teh Clintons do? Who was subject to possible blackmail for FINANCIAL shenanigans?

        The “farce” that the Russians had some sex thing on Trump is absurd since we all but threw out weird sex things when we decided Bill Clinton should be elected and then remain in office despite rape allegations, sexual assault allegations a proved “harassment” case and the little scene under the “resolute” desk.

        I remember much was made of a “Trump Tower” in Moscow with no proof yet this was stood up as disqualifying when the Uranium Sale, speaking fees and contributions to an alleged “charity” were not. Strange indeed. Whole thing fails both Occam’s razor and common sense badly.

        • It is so obvious but you never hear this from the pendants or the R’s. Why? Are they incapable of simple logic?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Yes, but I doubt the lawyers will let it happen. We have an overabundance of lawyers and keep producing them.Therefore, we have to find more and more “flaws and faults” in the system for them to “investigate”. The number of ads coming down the pike for Boy Scouting abuse I receive is astonishing. No only do I get them, they have the gall to use actual photos of Boy scouts in full uniform at scouting events.

      Shakespeare, with his “Let’s kill all the lawyers remark” was NOT far off the mark.

      • While the bill may be necessary to keep the shyster at bay, remember that most D’s in Congress are lawyers and protect their own plus we would have to trade one or more of Pelosi’s wants to get it passed. Cheat by mail or amnesty for this would be a bad bargain.

  11. so Cal Tec is the first college not to open this fall.

  12. JAC…Reno tournament to open in September and October. How’s is the weather in your abode that time of year?

    • T Ray…How far are you from Reno?

    • Just A Citizen says:


    • Just A Citizen says:


      Usually pretty good and can be colorful in October when the Larch turn yellow. Although that is usually later Oct.

      Do you have any actual dates for the tourney yet????

      • No dates yet…just that they will begin the tournament beginning September. My original dates were in April….I do not know how they are going to reconcile it as yet. We do know that they will run the tournament 24/7. However, on the good side, my average and placement in the tournament is high enough to where I will bowl in the day time and avoid the “rabbit” run in the wee hours of the morning. No word yet on hotels and such yet. Will keep you posted. Spousal unit has not seen that part of the country at all…much less when fall colors start.

  13. So Grenell ripped the mask off of Biden. The best thing for Biden to do is admit Alzheimer and fade out of the limelight.

    • Mathius says:

      The best thing for Biden to do is admit Alzheimer and fade out of the limelight.

      There are definitely signs of.. “senior moments” and, while I’m no doctor, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that they were early states of some cognitive impairment.

      How significant.. how stable.. how managed.. how manageable… what the progression looks like… who knows? Sure as hell not me.

      What’s interesting to me is that you see the need for Biden to “admit” to his mental health problems and drop out… do you think the same for Trump?

      • I don’t see any mental impairment in Trump. My point is that Biden now has 3 strikes against him. selling access to the VP via his son, Tara Reade, and now involvement in the Flynn case. Participating in the unmasking may not be a legal problem if he did not leak but if we was a participant in the framing of Flynn, then he is in legal jeopardy. As I said, his best defense is just to admit his mental faculties are fading and then fade away. The DOJ will then leave him alone.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Do you even bother to watch his pressers? The guy is as sharp as a tack.

  14. I’ve seen or heard three things today that tell me that Michigan is on the comeback, all within 20 minutes, all on the way to work..

    1) saw a HUGE cylinder being transported with state police escorts.
    2) followed a cement truck, mixer rolling away as he drove.

    Best for last
    3) Son was offered and accepted a job with Ford Motor Company. Happy mom here!!

  15. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    In case you want to know, I was banned again from FB for 30 days for calling Romney a Chinese whore in an article about him defending China.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      How dare you call someone a Chinese…………… what did you expect.

      Call him a Republican Whore and see what the reaction is.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I find it more interestiung that one of my correspondents repeatedly asks where John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvbey Oswald are now that we need them and gets away with it.

      • OK…….Romney is a Republican Whore…….. ****looking around*****

  16. The Art of Negotiating…….too bad the Professional baseball league did not read any of Trump’s books. In their contract, the players that are on the injured list this year are being paid their full salaries while the healthy players are being docked.

  17. The corruption of the Obama Administration is trickling out bits at a time. What great timing that just yesterday Biden denied knowing about the Flynn investigation only to be outed as an unmasker just 7 days before leaving office. Karma has come calling Joe 😛

    I’m going to enjoy watching the Obamagate crimes come to light and these people hopefully charged and tried. Watching the Liberal news losers squirm will be like going to the movies every night. Oh the fun this will be. 😀 That, Mathius, is a big smile. Not only are the corrupt Left gonna be held accountable, but the liberal media will also go down in flames. Having a D after ones name will be a sign of corruption for years to come.

    Pelosi’s upcoming 3 trillion Corona virus package will probably never see a vote in the Senate, much less pass. Although, giving me lots of my misspent tax dollars back seems reasonable, it’s time to reopen and get back to living a normal life. Thanks Nancy, but no thanks.

    Normal weather is back 😀 Warm weather at last.

  18. Just A Citizen says:
  19. Canine Weapon says:

  20. The Flynn case is very puzzling. Here is the list and dates of unmasking.

    Click to access 2020-05-13%20ODNI%20to%20CEG%20RHJ%20(Unmasking).pdf

    Now the critical call that Flynn supposedly lied about was 29 Dec 2016. So what are all these unmaskings prior to that date? Also the DOJ was asked in court to supply a tape or transcript of the call that Flynn was charged with lying about but said no such document existed. So how can they charge him if they cannot produce a transcript? What are they hiding?

  21. LANSING, MI—A breaking news report just revealed that there is a dangerous, psychotic, deranged fascist at large at the Michigan state capital and also some peaceful protesters with guns.

    “This violent maniac has not been apprehended yet,” said one source, “but we know that she is surrounded by armed guards and is considered extremely dangerous.”
    The potentially deadly psycho was seen going around the capital building completely uncontested, causing many to worry for their safety. Also, there were some protesters who gathered peacefully and exercised their 2nd Amendment rights to carry their firearms in a demonstration for their liberties.
    But it’s the fascist that is worrying experts.
    It is unknown what the unhinged extremist wants, though she was screaming, “Power! Unlimited power!” and cackling toward the heavens throughout the day.


    Okay, I’m with JAC, the state’s do not have the right to do any of this crap. It seemed logical ,that in an emergency they should have the ability to enforce some rules for safety purposes. But I have been unable to find this right in the Constitution and many obviously can’t be trusted with such power. So even if it was in the Constitution, I’d be arguing for an amendment to take the power away.

    • Today’s modern day liberal Crats are exposing themselves for what they are, control hungry tyrants. It’s tyranny that is the basis of the greater good, not freedom.

  23. Mathius says:

    Sometimes I marvel at how clever people are…

    • You don’t find this to be the least bit creepy?

      • Mathius says:

        I find this to be INCREDIBLY cool.

        I have the white paper printed out to read when I have time, but honestly who knows when that’ll be.

        Even then, there’s no way for me to be confident that the code in the open-source program matches what is actually downloaded onto my phone (except that some watchdog will undoubtedly immediately unpack it and check). That said, if Apple and Google are willing to misbehave enough to mess with a program like this, well.. they already have all the power and access they need to get the information anyway. Apple 100% already knows where my phone is every second it’s turned on, so if they want to track me, they don’t need an app to do it.

        So, there really is no downside.. ::shrug::

    • ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT….on my staff, I have a young lady that has two (count ’em) TWO Master’s Degrees in computer science. This lady breathes binary…..she lives in the world of 001101110. I have picked her brain about algorithms…hereinafter referred to as ALGOS. She is an expert. She has forgotten more about computers than we will ever know and that includes the ever present and self grandiose Mathius. ( The above average intelligence if you just ask him )….Now, on to my point.

      She says that there is no algorithm that is non traceable. All algos have a source and all algos have a traceable source. All algos are used for data collection. That is why you have algorithms………to collect and use data for mining.

      The end.

      Have a nice day.

      • Mathius says:

        I would never bill myself as the world’s greatest computer genius. I’m sure your young lady friend (as I will be referring to her) knows far more than I.

        The above average intelligence if you just ask him

        I still fail to see how this is in any way controversial? On what planet am I “average intelligence or below”?

        And how do I move to that planet? Because this one is full of morons.

        She says that there is no algorithm that is non traceable.

        You sure do have a bug up your but about algorithms… algos are just.. a workflow… a process.

        She says that there is no algorithm that is non traceable.

        That may be true…. I’m not positive that this is a true statement or not.. I’d have to mull it… but randomness is extremely hard for a computer…

        That said, there are things that could, theoretically, be traced.. but which would take longer to do than the lifespan of the universe.

        A simple – very simple – analogy: Crack an egg, scramble egg. Now, turn that back into the original egg. Can this be done? I mean, ostensibly, maybe.. if you have allll the imputs, ever piece of white and yolk and shell and alllll the information about how it was cracked and stirred and cooked and how it ended up…. and, if you throw all that data into a very, very, very, very good computer and give it a few millenia to work, it might yield back the original egg.

        But at some point, it’s just paranoia.

        I shed my documents with a cross cut shregger. Can that data be stollen out of the trash, pieced together, and reveal my secrets? Sure. I guess. So I take those scrapps and burn them in the fire place and throw the ash away. But maybe the theif will reconsistute the ashes!

        The upshot here is that your lady friend may well be right. Maybe nothing is “untraceable”… but if the government wants to track you, or private companies want to track you, or evildoers want to track you, this is not going to be the way they do it.

        (and no, I’m not going to bother correcting my many typos in the above)

  24. Now the geniuses are ruining major league baseball. Probably the other pro sports as well.. No high fives. No fist bumps. No spitting, No showers. Show up in uniform. No indoor batting cages.No touching your face to give signs. Balls will be thrown out after multiple players touch them. Fielders should keep distance from the runners.Must wear masks, except when on the field, which makes no sense. Thats just a few. Then more rules about team travel. Then more rules about testings multiple times a day,. including family members. There is protocol for every move you make. I think I’d just forfeit the year.

    That takes all the fun out of everything. And I bet many other kinds of gatherings will be similarly laid out. Concerts, rallies, amusement parks, campgrounds. This is worse than show me your papers. This is more like conform to our way of thinking or have fun in your isolation. They better be careful what they wish for because people are gonna figure out that they can get along just fine without them. Then what?

  25. SACRAMENTO, CA—To prepare for the upcoming November election, Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered ballots to be sent to every cemetery in the state.

    The governor of California said that ballot boxes would be sent to cemeteries across the state to ensure everyone had the right to vote, dead or alive.
    “We need every single Californian to vote, living or dead,” Newsom said, wagging his finger. “Without everyone doing their part, no matter their undocumented living status, we can’t beat the Republicans this time around. It’s science!” When he said the word “science,” he lifted a test tube into the air to lend some credence to his claims.
    Newsom said that people who don’t want the dead to vote are discriminating against the “mortally challenged.”


    This is worth the read and may lead to some criminal charges, like murder.

  27. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I have never seen a bigger bunch of absolute cowards come forth AND BE LISTENED TO, than I do right now. Heard some stupid CA. doctor on the radio before predicting Restaurants and retail are finished and almost gloating about it because now we will be “safe”. These absolute idiots have to be crushed by public opinion and in places like LA and NYC it is time for torch and pitchfork parades to City Hall!

    No way these people could ever have handled even one peak season of Polio.

    Then there was an actually brilliant comment on the 1920’s yesterday pointing out that despite WW 1, despite WW 1 ending in the midst of a Pandemic that killed some 600,000 Americans and then going into one of the worst recessions in,our history, by 1921, nobody was wearing a mask anymore, restaurants were full, speakeasies were thriving, and people were dancing the night away the economy was full of hope and took off like never before. The “crash” was in fact not a result of that exuberance other than it leading to poor stock market regulation and awful banking regulation.

    • I have never seen anything like this attitude before. You and I and us old folks have been through pandemics 10 times worse than this and we did not hit the panic button. This is unbelievable.

      • Mathius says:

        I know SKT is old enough to have gone through the Spanish Flu, but I’m not sure what pandemics 10x worse than this that you have seen. Care to enlighten me?

        • Polio comes to mind. Prior to vaccines, mumps, measles, and many other icky things affected people.

          • I have survived chicken pox,asthma, measles, the Hong Kong Flu, and whooping cough. I remember the polio scare and the advent of the vaccine which I got abut 1 year after it was first produced. The HKF hit during finals week in Dec. 68 so I had to get out of bed and go take a physics final. For most of those illnesses, we did not go to a doctor. You had to have a broken bone, severe cut (stiches) or be dying to go to the doctor back then. Not like today, when a kid gets a sniffle, mom runs them in thinking the world is coming to an end.

            Just remember, a cold lasts 2 week but if you go to the doctor, it only lasts a fortnight.

            • Mathius says:

              I have survived chicken pox

              I did, too.

              My generation was the last to do so.

              My youngest sisters and my kids were vaccinated and will never have to deal with that itch pain in the ass.

              The thing is.. I remember it as an itchy pain in the ass. I had a handful of marks that was barely worse than a bout of acne and went away in a few days.

              My older brother got such a light case, we never even knew he had it until we had him tested for anitbodies.

              My younger brother though… well, he got his ass kicked up and down the street by it. He didn’t ultimately wind up going to the hospital, but it was a closer thing than any of us would have liked. He spent, I don’t know, a couple weeks, as a giant blister, in pain, uncomfortable, unable to sleep, oozing. He looked – and felt – as though he’d gotten in a fight with an entire swarm of hornets.

              That thing killed a tiny, tiny faction of its victims and is remembered as a “childhood disease” that everyone got.

              I remember it as an irritant.

              But I don’t think that’s how my little brother would describe it.

          • Mathius says:

            Great, let’s go with Polio.

            So, the question is this: Polio is just getting started. It’s not something that’s been with us for centuries, is already everywhere, and impossible to limit at this point. It literally just emerged out of a bioweapons lab in China.

            And it’s spreading.. fast.

            If you act fast, if you slam that big red panic button, you might – might – be able to contain it and slow it down long enough to develop a vaccine or an effective treatment before it kills tens of millions of people and paralyzes countless more.

            You can buy time to build the iron lungs that’ll be necessary for the impending waves of infected… but only if you hit that button. You buy some time to research the disease and develop effective treatments. You buy some protection for the millions of immunocompromised and elderly who would die at a disproportionate rate. Buy some time to figure out how dangerous it really is, how it spreads, etc.

            If you don’t hit that button, you let the chips fall where they may.

            Try to imagine an outbreak of Polio in 2020 if it were a completely novel disease. I think you’d be looking at – easily – a 9 figure death toll. So it’s a lot worse, but a lot of the fundamental questions are the same. If you had the ability to head it off at the pass, buy some time, would you?

            Imagine you were the President (shudder) and this landed on your desk.

            Do you hit that button?

            • Sorry Mathius, there are no safe spaces. You can lock up your family if you desire but you do not have the right to lock up others. Quarantining those that are sick is one thing. Quarantining the healthy is something completely different.

              • Sure there are T-Ray. The safe spaces are behind these geo fences

                Geo Fence
                A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence could be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a point location, or a geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries.

                So take that definition and apply it to this article.

                What could possibly go wrong?

              • Mathius says:

                I think we have a difference of perspective here…. let’s see if we can’t nail that down so we aren’t talking across each other.

                1) I see “I am allowed to stop you from endangering me” and (I think) you see “you don’t get to impose on me to make yourself safer.”

                Did I get your angle about right? If so, I think the problem is that you’re spewing germs out – much like firing a gun at random – which means that you are a threat to me. And I have a right to stop you from being a threat from me. Much like “stand your ground,” it’s not reasonable that you think I should have to run and hide while you get to run rampant spewing your germs. The one “in the wrong” – the one who should be contrained – is the threat, not the potential victim. And, as I am a potential threat to you by the same exact logic, I should also be so-contrained as to not be a credible threat to you.

                The actual answer is that no one should be allowed to behave in a manner which presents a credible threat to others. That really seems like a simple thing, doesn’t it?

                2) “Quaranting those that are sick is one thing.” I hear you saying “a known / established threat can be contained because THEN it’s like the person is firing a gun at random and posing a threat to others, but otherwise, you’re locking up people who aren’t a danger and that’s wrong.” Did I get that about right?

                I see this and see it a bit like Shroedinger’s virus… you either are, or are not, sick.. but you can spread it before you KNOW you are sick. If we had enough testing that you could be reasonably confident that you are asymptomatic, I’d actually agree with you. But, as we don’t have that kind of testing, we have to assume that anyone reasonably could be infected and, thus, infectious. In other words, I see it as “you credibly MIGHT be spewing germs out at random, and therefore, I can reasonably act as though you are a credible threat to me and my safety.”


                Not asking you to AGREE with the above… just (A) “did I do a reasonable job of capturing your viewpoint” and (B) does my fuller statement “make sense” – again, not whether you agree, but whether we can get on the same page to even have this conversation.

              • I forgot the best part. Our governor, Whitmer, has said something to the effect of…we know who was at the protests because we used geo fencing.

              • I see “I am allowed to stop you from endangering me”

                Utter horseshit. You have NO rights or authority over anyone because your a sniveling little scaredy cat. Why don’t you just demand everybody off the roads when your driving? Little difference.

              • Mathius says:

                Why don’t you just demand everybody off the roads when your driving? Little difference.

                You mean, things like.. making you get a drivers’ license? Putting up signs telling you where and how you can drive? Having police wandering around to arrest you if you do something too dangerous like driving drunk, even if you haven’t actually hurt anyone? Posting road sign that have to be followed at the risk of expensive tickets? Drivers’ education training? Mandating you carry insurance in case you do wind up hurting someone? Madating you carry insurance in case you wind up causing property damage? Making you get your car inspected periodically to ensure it meets minimal standards? Controlling what kinds of cars can be driven? Controlling where trucks can drive, and requiring special licences for their operation?

                That kind of thing?

                Is that what you meant, Gman?

                Jesus, man, when you are on the road, you are a threat to everyone around you. By your very existence, operating a 2,000 lb kinetic missile powered by combustible fuel, you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. Because of this, society had adjudged that the UTILITY of driving is such that this dangerous activity (which results in 10s of thousands of deaths each year) should be heavily regulated to prevent more deaths. We – that is, society – struck a balance (and by no means got it perfect) between cutting down on driving behavior which are too dangerous and allowing people to get where they need to go.

                It’s the same fucking thing.

                You MIGHT be infected, you MIGHT be a threat.

                And, even if YOU aren’t, being around others means that you are more likely to be infected, making you a threat to others.

                By your very existence, wandering about the streets and attending barbeques and getting long-overdue haircuts, you are putting others at risk.

                And society is saying “stop.”

                So wear a goddamned mask and stay home as much as possible.

                You have NO rights or authority over anyone because your a sniveling little scaredy cat.

                It’s not about being scared.

                It’s not about being controlled.

                It’s not about big government and private rights.

                It’s about doing what is RIGHT.

                It is about being CONSIDERATE for your fellow human beings and trying to NOT spread a plague.

                It’s about having a modicum of fucking EMPATHY.

                So wear a goddamned mask and stay home as much as possible.

              • So wear a goddamned mask and stay home as much as possible.

                Not just NO, but fuck no. I’m not in the habit of taking directions from narcistic blowhards.

        • Sure……here ya go…..Polio, Chicken Pox, Mumps…and especially whooping cough…..We did not quarantine and shut down the economy because of these. We exercised caution. We took logical steps. We had the freedom of choosing whether or not to go about in society or take it easy…it was our choice. CHOICE……you understand the word CHOICE?

          Even in the normal flu season around here, we know how to guard against it and if there is a school that has been hard hit, administrators have closed them for a week to disinfect…..STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. I make a choice in flu season. Do I go to Six Flags or a movie or do I stay home and away from crowds. IT IS MY CHOICE.

          You do not wreck economies that cause far greater problems than a friggin’ flu virus. I am hearing unconfirmed reports of increased anxiety, heart attacks, suicides, etc as a result of this forced quarantine.

          And, as I mentioned above, the idea of using algorithms to predict future behavior and to set procedures in motion is an enormous wrong. IT>>>>IS >>>>>WRONG!

  28. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The most interesting part of all this are the lies that come so fast and furious and the automatic assumption that even though it was only a week ago, people will F_O_R_G_E_T.

    Belved Governor Cuomoi closed out hsi daioly Presser with an old Italian saying today….how homey!

    “There are two things that will never leave you…..Th eye of God and the Love of a Mother”.

    This from the POS who loves killing babies, even post birth AND had killed a whole lot of other peoples Moms and Grandma’s in the past two months through sheer (chose one) stupidity or incompetence.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Come on SK……….. don’t hold back..tell us what you really think of this guy. 🙂

  29. Just A Citizen says:


    Sorry my fellow traveler but NOBODY is going to be prosecuted for making stupid decisions or illegal shutdown orders when this is all said and done. In fact, then the dust clears the blame will fall squarley on you and me, and every other poor soal who dared speak out about lost liberty or tried to defend Trump’s actions.

    IT IS ALL OUR FAULT………….. Do not forget this. If you can’t learn this pronto I will arrange for the re-education Dept. to pay you a visit……………………………. da dump, da dump, da dump.

    Just saw a crazy squirrel jumping in the air and doing gymnastics moves. I think he has been reading up on the latest COVID predictions. He was dancing for joy as the whole world has joined him and his kin in the world of NUTS.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Murf and T-Ray

    Re: The lady scientist claiming conspiracy to end her career and the Science response.

    The great thing about claiming a conspiracy to shut you up is that anyone claiming you are nuts just confirms the conspiracy that they are trying to shut you up. One of the most brilliant plays ever devised.

    On the other hand, while Science cast some serious shade on her, it also made some stupid arguments that open it to criticism, per the “conspiracy”. One example was nitpicking her words over the use of a mask. Bottom line, wearing a mask if you are infected will cause you greater infection as you inhale any virus you just exhaled or shed. Wearing a mask also increases CO2 intake, while reducing O2 intake.

    Then there was the questionable excuse of why the Reno DA dropped the charges against her, “because her employer was having legal problems”. Like what problems? Maybe filing false claims against her? Who knows but that was a pretty pitiful excuse and explanation.

    There is also another thing to remember about “conspiracies”. There is always a grain of truth in there someplace. It may be interpreted wrong or it could be correct and then packaged with lunacy. But a grain of truth is critical to making it all seem possible.

    One truth: Science has been tainted by the competition for Govt. Grant Money. Science has also been tainted by the political competition associated with much of the findings around envirionmental and health issues.

    Happy Sunday.

    • I don’t know how much of the video is truth and how much is exaggeration or out right lies. Fauci does have about 6 patents and as many applications all consigned to the USA. However, he can and does receive royalties if the patents are licensed or sold. When I worked for Exxon, we got a small gift on application and a few hundred dollars if the patent was granted. No royalties. When I worked for UOP, we got the “consideration” of a dollar.

      My general feeling is that there is a lot of glory in finding fancy cures for diseases. Unfortunately the cheap solutions are often overlooked and downplayed. I think NIH should make a significant effort to prove or disprove the simple cheap remedies to many diseases. Let the commercial companies go after the expensive solutions since they will be making the money.

  31. Algorithms…….I know, I know……no one wants to hear about them. Now, they are talking about algorithms in the medical field for pandemics. Wanting to set up automatic triggers for emergencies to by pass Congress for money allocations. When any diseases hit a certain pre-selected figure of deaths or contamination, these algorithms will automatically trigger cash payments and bailouts to pre-selected sectors to prevent Congress from voting on money issues now. They call it speeding up the process………so now, we are thinking about speeding up the process to by pass voting on expenditures in Congress.

    Take caution, people……this is more taking away of rights and privileges.

    Texas opening up pretty much everything today.

  32. People are opening up, telling their overlord Crat governors to shove it. We will now watch and see how law abiding citizens will get stamped on by their overlord Crats in many states. This includes the asshat Pa governor. Many are now saying that the problem was never a virus as we know it, but the disease called Liberalism. The numbers are overstated. The attempted destruction of the economy is now a much bigger problem than the pandemic. Election Day will be a blast.

  33. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    So, Mayor Stupid in NYC WILL NOT fire orfro that matter seriously chastise his even stupider health commissioner for her comments about NOT giving a rats ass about the health of Police officers.

    Looking at that attached photo, one can easily see she fits into at least two “protected” classes. It is difficult but not impossible to fire someone from ONE protected class but impossible for someone from two or more.

  34. It is for your own good. ……………………………………..oh boy.

  35. Mathius says:

    T-Ray: Sorry Mathius, there are no safe spaces.

    Anita: Sure there are T-Ray. The safe spaces are behind these geo fences


    • So Mr. Booth, how goes the show?

      So every gun owner is a potential bank robber. Gun owners are not allowed to enter banks. If that does not work, then they will be placed under house arrest.

      There is a term for you malady. It is called paranoia.


    So, would you ? And do you have to crawl under them or do they collapse, hmmm.

  37. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Kinda cute. The other night I believe Tucker Carlson had on the owner of a gym at the Jersey Shore who planned to re-open today. They did a virtual tour of the gym showing all the machines safely moved apart and tape placed on the floors to segregate people exercising.

    Surrounded by supporters, he opened this morning…..After an hour or so the local constabulary showed up, in mask and read the following…..

    “All of you are in violation of the Executive order by being here” letting that sink in for a few seconds, the gendarme followed up with, “Have a nice day.” He then walked away.

    Way to go!

    • Mathius says:

      I’m not crazy about rule by executive fiat… I’d have to see the pertinent laws, but things like arresting people for breaking a governor’s “decree” doesn’t sit well with me.

      Nor, for that matter, does a LEO ignoring any due obligation to enforce those edicts if, indeed, they do hold any force of law.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        See, the problem is EVERYBODY takes the oath to the Constitution of the United States, Cops, feds, staties, ….everybody…..except maybe Texicans.

        So, enforcing illegal/immoral laws……maybe that’s why we are not the same as Europeans are.

  38. Mathius says:

    • I suspect the vast, vast majority of people are too. But again, necessity will rule. We will open the economy back up because we have too. Should we have closed it down, beats me.

      • Mathius says:

        I suspect the vast, vast majority of people are too.

        I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of people are only thinking about two of those circles. Which two will vary by person, but I’d bet it’s a minority that’s thinking about all three.

        Should we have closed it down, beats me.

        Beats me, too.

        I appreciate that you don’t know. And really appreciate that you KNOW you don’t know.

        We will open the economy back up because we have too

        Maybe for necessity… maybe for the fact that we Americans just aren’t the most patient and self-sacrificing bunch and the weather is turning nice… and we miss our friends.. and we want to go to a barbeque….

        Maybe it’s both.

        • Well, neat pie chart. I think that everyone is taking the virus as serious. I think that people are very concerned about the economic devastation. I do not think that most people are fearing government takeover……as far as a government rule…..I do not think that most people even understand it.

          And when us old farts die off, you will have your change that you wanted. When we die off, learn to speak Chinese. You will need it.

          • Mathius says:

            Well, neat pie chart. |

            Venn diagram…

            I think that everyone is taking the virus as serious.

            I think that is objectively false.

            I know several people who insist it’s just a flu or that it’s no big deal.

            I think that people are very concerned about the economic devastation

            And they should be. This thing’s going to kick like a mule.

            I do not think that most people are fearing government takeover……as far as a government rule…..I do not think that most people even understand it.

            Agreed, but they should be.

            I’ve been around the block long enough to understand the it’s not in the government’s nature to give back power it acquires.

            That’s why, periodically, the government needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and replaced with a smaller, nicer government. (rinse and repeat)

            And when us old farts die off, you will have your change that you wanted.

            Can you hurry up already?

            And when us old farts die off, you will have your change that you wanted.

            It’ll be interesting in 30 years, when my kids think of my generation as the old farts stuck in archaic ways… gonna get a kick outta that one…

            learn to speak Chinese. You will need it.

            You’re right! I should learn a third language.. there’s a really great authentic Chinese restaurant near my office and I’d love to be able to order in their native language!

            • I know several people who insist it’s just a flu or that it’s no big deal. Yep….me. But I take it serious.

              And they should be. This thing’s going to kick like a mule. Actually….harder than that. I have been kicked and thrown by a mule.,,,,and I have been kicked and thrown by my buckskin. The latter hit harder and hurt worse……..but I do get your analogy and it is correct.

              • And when us old farts die off, you will have your change that you wanted.

                Can you hurry up already?


                No sir, I am in no hurry. I am going to be that little voice that resonates in your head….like an ear worm………..Humming the tune over and over “It;s a Small World After All”….

                (That ought to do it for tonight….I have this vision of Mathius slowly banging his head against the wall.) He is saying…Really…THAT TUNE? Damn Colonel and his psychological warfare……………

              • Like you Col., have no plans of departing soon. So Mathius keep working as I want my SS money back.

                Locking down to flatten the curve while we caught up on preparedness was probably the correct thing not knowing the true mortality and infection rates. We are passed that now. Unfortunately fear has taken over many and we are now flooded with opinions from people who are adverse to any deaths. Without a vaccine, we cannot avoid the deaths unless we completely isolate which as we see will destroy the economy and with it our ability to afford any solutions to the problem. Without a vaccine, this virus will continue through the general population and will continue to kill until we have herd immunity. Thus it is inevitable that we will have a certain number of deaths. All we are currently deciding is how long do we want to stretch these deaths over. We are not arguing about the number of deaths. We are not giving sufficient weight to the cost of keeping the economy closed. Those costs are lives, misery and economic collapse worse than the great depression if we continue for another 6-18 months as many are proposing.

              • Mathius says:

                So Mathius keep working as I want my SS money back.

                It’s not YOUR damned money.

                YOUR money was spent on your parents’ generation.

                What you want is MY money.

                What you’re saying is “someone stole my TV, so it’s just fine for me to steal Mathius’ TV.”

            • Venn diagram… Yes, you are correct but I still see a Lemon Meringue Pie, Chocolate Pie, and a Banana Creme Pie….and me in the middle taking a bit out of each one.

        • Sir Mathius……I appreciate that you don’t know. And really appreciate that you KNOW you don’t know. Don’t you think that most people fall into this category? I do not believe the experts even know. This is the flu…aggressive, yes…respiratory…yes……hits us old farts harder…yes. But it is not enough to shut down an economic power house and I think Trump fell victim to this. He blew it, in my opinion. Some governors are playing “Russian Roulette” with it right now and they are fiddling while Rome is burning.

          I am in a high risk category,,,,,71 years of age, a compromised immune system from Agent Orange poisoning, a Diabetic, and a history of heart disease (have a stent). But I will be damned if I am going to be driven inside because of an aggressive little bug. I take precautions….I have a mask but rarely wear it. I carry surgical gloves for when I go into places and pump gas into my car. My spousal unit and I are going to restaurants and we practice a small amount of distancing. If I see a restaurant that is not wearing gloves and is handling plates….we leave. It is our CHOICE.

          I hate cowardice and I, personally, feel that is what we, as a Nation, are practicing. Let me be clear….the type of cowardice I am talking about is panic. Shutting down an economic powerhouse….the markets…..all reacting to something no one, including the experts, even know about. I was a Dr. Anthony Fauci fan until recently. He has a personal agenda I feel (Check out the patents he owns)…..President Trump has surrounded himself with advisors….some good and some bad….but they are advisors. Nothing more that to give and offer advice. This is what a manager does. But, once you get that advice, it is then up to the commander or the President or whomever is in charge to make a decision. Simply because Dr, Fauci is an infectious disease expert….does not make him correct. I might make him more correct because of his experience, but once the advice is given…..he should simply shut up. He has done his job. As you say….full stop. IF the manager, Commander or President chooses not to follow that advice……then that is the decision of the man in charge. Failure to follow advice does not make one a weak leader. Quite the contrary….it does not matter who the President is….anyone who is in the ‘Big Chair” is in a no win situation. Damned if they do and damned if they do not. I know….I have been there as a military commander. It sucks….and, no matter what you do, it is going to be wrong in someone’s eyes. And there is a plethora of arm chair quarterbacks out there. But to not support the President, because of politics, is cowardice….and that works on both sides. What Pelosi and Schumer are doing is cowardice….and it is cowardice in the face of the enemy…vis a viz ….the virus.

          • Mathius says:

            Mathius: And really appreciate that you KNOW you don’t know.

            Colonel: Don’t you think that most people fall into this category?

            No, and this is the problem.

            This is the flu…


            It’s in the same family.. the coronaviruses.. but it’s not an influenza, and not a flu.

            aggressive, yes…respiratory…yes……hits us old farts harder…yes.


            But it is not enough to shut down an economic power house and I think Trump fell victim to this.

            There are a couple problems with this.

            A) I don’t think you’re qualified to make this kind of call. I don’t think you know enough about the virus, epidemiology, medical supply constraints, etc, to make a professional and accurate call as to what did and did not need to happen.

            B) I think you’re making this assertion with the benefit of hindsight. We did not know, three months ago, how bad this would be, how fast it would spread, etc. It’s not fair to look back with perfect hindsight and adjudge that a past decision was “wrong” – we can only just whether it was “wrong, given what was known at the time.”

            He blew it, in my opinion

            Of course he did. He’s Trump.

          • Mathius says:

            I am in a high risk category,,,,,71 years of age, a compromised immune system from Agent Orange poisoning, a Diabetic, and a history of heart disease (have a stent). But I will be damned if I am going to be driven inside because of an aggressive little bug.

            And that’s fine as far as it goes.

            You want to take (stupid) risks with your life, that’s your business and none of mine. Have fun.



            But here’s the problem, if you get sick, you won’t just make YOURSELF sick.

            You might. Of course. But you also might bring the disease back into your house and kill your wife.

            Or one of your kids.

            Or grandkids.

            Or a random stranger you shook hands with one time.

            You’re putting THEM at risk, too. And that’s a problem.

          • Mathius says:

            I hate cowardice and I, personally, feel that is what we, as a Nation, are practicing. Let me be clear….the type of cowardice I am talking about is panic.

            This, I think, is the million-dollar point.

            You see cowardice.

            And you’re not wrong.

            Many are cowards, snivelling, hiding, panicking, afraid of the cooties.

            But for me, it’s not cowardice.

            It’s EMPATHY.

            It’s CONCERN FOR OTHERS.

            Because I don’t want to spread this to people – like you – who are at high risk and who might suffer or die from it.

            I wear a mask and stay home because I don’t want to kill other people by accident.

            It’s that simple. I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to be part of the problem.

            • Mathius,

              What is your bottom line point, do we open, stay closed, open with safety precautions, what?

              • Mathius says:

                I have no idea!


                One size doesn’t fit all, and I’m no epidemiologist. Even if I were, I wouldn’t be qualified to answer that question because I don’t have access to all the information to make the informed decision.

                So, what I’d say, is that we should do what the experts tell us to do.

                And, insofar as is possible for you in your own personal situation in your own personal estimation, you should stay home, stay away from crowds, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask when in public.

                Is wearing a mask necessary? Who knows? Not me! But can it possibly hurt? Nope. Is it expensive? Nope. MIGHT it save lives? Yup. Seems like a no-brainer to me.


                If you put a gun to my head and made me make the decisions, I’d say…

                1. If we can get contact tracing apps up to 60% deployment, then we can reopen with some caveats: masks required in public when in proximity to others outside of your household; large gatherings are closed; schools are remote; camps are closed.

                2. Hotspots such as NYC and CT are in stricter lock-down and remain so for the time being.

                3. All businesses are free to make such “reasonable efforts” as they may deem appropriate, but if I, in my personal wisdom, deem them to have been “reckless” and they wind up being a focal point for the spread of the disease the company loses its business license and the owner is shot out of a cannon.

                3.A. All businesses must post a SIMPLE statement outside their establishment detailing the efforts that business is taking to ensure the safety of their employees and the public. The public can make their own determinations as to whether the risk is appropriate. Lying on this declaration shall result the owner of the business being summarily executed.

                4. Anyone who knowingly infects or wantonly risks infecting others (outside of their household) is summarily executed on the steps of the capital. That is, if you are currently sick, hacking up a lung, and you go out for shopping without a mask and cough all over the food aisle, I’m breaking out the guillotine.

                5. The “state” of Idaho can do whatever it wants. I don’t care.

          • Mathius says:

            IF the manager, Commander or President chooses not to follow that advice……then that is the decision of the man in charge. Failure to follow advice does not make one a weak leader.

            When I worked at [redacted batshit crazy company], they used to take these polls in meetings. “How should we proceed” with multiple-choice populated on iPads we were all issued.

            The manager / project-lead / whatever still had the final say, but everyone had to go on record with their opinions.

            The manager could override the consensus, but if he did, it would set up a flag and someone would follow up to see if he’d made the right decision afterward. As they said, leaders don’t have to abide by the majority, but if you don’t, people are going to take notice and want to understand why you thought you knew better.

            And god help you if you were wrong.

            I’m glad I don’t work there anymore.

            • And god help you if you were wrong. Yes, sir…and sometimes those decisions cost lives and when it does…….you live with it forever. Leadership is a lonely…lonely place. It carries with it a lifetime of both heartache and joy.

              • Mathius says:

                I am of the opinion that the only people who should ever be allowed into any real position of leadership are those who were dragged into it, kicking and screaming, and want absolutely no part of it.

                They should come from a position of “shit, well, someone has to do this.. and damnit, it has to be me, doesn’t it. Shit. Fine, I’ll do it, but I’m quitting as soon as humanly possible.”

                No one else should ever be allowed near power / leadership roles.

          • Mathius says:

            anyone who is in the ‘Big Chair” is in a no win situation. Damned if they do and damned if they do not.

  39. I see that the Michigan Governor has now declared all protests to the Covid 19 shut down is designated as Domestic Terrorism. According to the Governor….”this gives us the authority to arrest and detain.”

  40. WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump has assured the nation he will leave office peacefully at the end of his eighth term in the White House.

    Amid fears that Trump will not leave the White House if he loses an election, Trump said he will “absolutely” leave office once his eight terms are up.
    “Some people are worried I won’t leave the White House. Not true! In 2048 I will be more than happy to let the next person have a turn,” he told members of the press gathered on the White House lawn. “I’ll be 102 years old and very energetic. Why would I want to spend any more time in this dump? I’ll be ready to retire then.”
    When asked what he would do with the rest of his life, Trump got introspective. “It’s hard to say. Very hard to say. Maybe I’ll greet people at Walmart. I’m great with people, and I love those little yellow stickers they hand out. Very nice stickers. Or maybe I’ll open up some bowling alleys. There never seem to be enough bowling alleys. You go to a town and you’re like, ‘Hey, let’s go bowling,’ and there’s maybe one bowling alley, and it’s run down and 20 miles away. Not good. Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll do.”
    The press immediately published hundreds of stories on the fascist roots of bowling.

  41. U.S.—Americans in some states are finally starting to feel normal again, now that stay-at-home orders are being lifted. Children are at the park again, adults are back at the bar, and the elderly continue to play bingo at 4 p.m. sharp on a daily basis.

    But there’s one thing that has everybody feeling at a near-peak level of normal: conservatives are going to work while liberals stay at home and do nothing—just like always.
    “We can now say with undeniable certainty that these are normal times,” explained social psychologist Ben O’Reilly as he handed a hippie a twenty-dollar bill. “Conservatives are once again doing all the hard work to keep the economy afloat, while liberals sit at home, pretend to be sick with the Coronavirus, and collect government paychecks. Congratulations America, you are back to normal!”
    While some conservatives are upset that liberals get to stay home and mooch off of them, most say they don’t even care anymore.
    “I just want to get back to work,” said Jared Renfro, an electrician from Wisconsin. “If liberals don’t want to work, hey, more power to them. I don’t mind paying their bills.” Renfro then polished his “Trump 2020″ bumper sticker and hopped in his truck.
    “I do love liberals, though,” he admitted as he started the engine. “Without them, what would we have to complain about?”

  42. I have a great idea……………….Dis-invest in China.

  43. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    It is good to note that Governator Cuomo of New York will demand an investigation of nursing homes and the appalling death rate therein. He has repeatedly stated “people will be held accountable”.

    Two hours later he announced teh state’s Medicaid budget is close to coming in under last year ‘s projections. Seems there have been 20,000 clients removed from the rolls.

  44. Mathius says:

    Gman: I’m not in the habit of taking directions from narcistic blowhards.

    Also Gman… ::votes for Trump::

    oooh, the irony!

    • I voted for him, he don’t direct me on anything. Your just being intellectually dishonest, something that todays Liberals are becoming well known for….at least your fitting in with them 😛

    • Isn’t the question that should be asked… there ever a POTUS that is NOT a narcistic blowhard? Can anyone…….name just one?

      • Mathius says:

        Can anyone…….name just one?

        Maybe Carter? Maybe? I wasn’t around for him, but he seems like an alright guy.

        Not a great President, but a decent guy… last I heard, he was still spending his days building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

        Come to think of it, Bush I and Bush II were not my cup of tea, but by comparison with the current Blowhard-in-Chief, they were positively saints. Hell, even Obama wasn’t that narcissistic. But I suppose that’s more a function of setting the bar at a ridiculous standard than a consideration of the actual people in question.

        Was Washington a narcissistic blowhard? I have no idea.

        • I would think that any person that seeks the office of President has to be narcissistic….or you would not want to be there..

          As to Carter, he may be an alright guy…maybe….but read up on the botched attempt to rescue in the desert. He tried to run it….himself….from the oval office….but that said…., I think the only POTUS that excluded the word “I”……thinking here……was President Ford. I do not recall him ever being on the I can do this and I can do that train……I cannot say that for the last 5 POTUS’ …….every one of them had an ego or as big an ego as Trump…..every one of them. But of all the egoistic Presidents…..that I remember in my life time……….I would have to say President Kennedy laid a great foundation of being a narcissistic President……and I liked him. I just wish he would have gone ahead and sent the Russian navy to the bottom of the ocean when he had the chance.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Well Colonel if THAT had happened, I imagine your career would have been cut very short….at age 14. Do I have to re-direct you to “On the Beach” again?

            • Yeah, I know. I was in Allen Military Academy at the time……but…..that was a great movie. I watched it the other night on DVD…..pretty cool movie. If they did a remake of it today, there would have been a lot of stinky dead bodies everywhere but during that time….stinky dead bodies were not the norm in movies.

              I compared John Wayne’s, The Sands of Iwo Jima to Saving Private Ryan…… how movies have changed. I can watch John Wayne over and over. I will NOT watch Saving Private Ryan again…..I just cannot watch it…..again.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Bout twenty years ago, The woman who sat behind us in church every week heard that we went to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford VA. She was interested in visiting with her husband who was a WW 2 RTO with the Big Red One who went ashore in an early wave. I got to talking with him very generally about his experiences. He cut me very short. Pretty obvious that fifty some years on, he had little to say about it.

                Just finished a book on Saipan. Colonel, when you get to be our age, whether you have seen the elephant or just know what that elephant is capable of….it is rough. All that wasted potential. I got into the Saipan thing because it was a joint Army Marine invasion commanded by a Marine general who had little use for the Army troops who got the short end of the stick repeatedly. The 27th Division, the O’Ryan Division from WW 1, was a NY outfit so, the author, like a modern Ernie Pyle would list the cities and town the troops came from. Some NY towns I knew well took one hell of a beating on July 7th ’44 when the Japanese hit them hard in the final Banzai attack. First Bn, 105th had three men earn the MOH that day, the Commander, a PFC and that damned dentist Ben Salomon, all posthumous. The author, the nephew of the commander made it a point of interviewing everyone he could find. In a fair world there were at least 100 MOH’s that could have been handed out that day.

                Ryan strikes too close to home. Despite it’s age and somewhat stilted action what is your opinion of the original B & W 1930 version of “All Quiet on The Western Front”?

              • Dad flew into Saipan during the battle. He was a flight engineer on a C47. They flew in supplies and then flew out wounded. On landing, we held the airfield. On takeoff it was 50-50. 2 P40s took off ahead of the C47. Once they got their tail wheels off, they opened up with their machine guns. When Dad landed back in Hawaii, they counted 140 small arms holes in the cockpit of the C47. No one was injured.

    • It is complicated. They need to release these names, who was searched and by whom. If they did, that would seem to be all the proof one would need.

  45. Canine Weapon says:
    • WHOA!!!!……..

      • Canine Weapon says:

        That dull THUD is a thing of beauty, no?

        • In the war zone, we call that being “over run”.

        • The spousal unit and I were eating at our favorite country diner this morning…you know the kind, great food made with real lard and stuff,,,,,anyway, this gentleman came up to our table and thanked me for my service since I had on my Veteran’s hat…..after a brief conversation, I commented on his Red Hat that said Trump 2020….I told him I liked it………..3 minutes later, I had a brand new one being handed to me……so, I now have a bright red Trump 2020 hat. Think I will wear it into the big city and see if I can stir up some trouble.

  46. Canine Weapon says:

  47. Canine Weapon says:

    Hey, look, it’s a gif of G-Man!

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Not everything is about Trump. Outsider status existed here before Trump. So themissed point is this riff exists not due to Trump but due to the right wing immigration from California, especially in North Idaho.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      First of all, after her recent congressional “break’, she is NOT sagging anymore. Hre skin is so tight I am surprised she can still close her eyes.

  49. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    For comment. # 1 son and # 1 grandson were up here last weekend. He needed some peace to get on with his Army paperwork for the unit he recently took command of. But we had an excellent opportunity over three days to polish off a case of “Presidente” beer. A truly fine Dominican Lager that reminds me a lot of the way American beers used to taste. However I digress….

    SKT #2 was, four years ago, an ardent Bernie supporter. His reasons were very similar to mine in supporting Trump. I did not care WHO became president so long as the existing power structure got broken. Had Trump not been nominated and Bernie had been….I would have voted Bernie myself.

    Steve asked me, surprisingly, if I thought Bernie Sanders was ever ‘real”? I was about to ask him the very same question. Independently, we seemed to come up with the same question. Was Bernie a real honest to God candidate or merely a straw man to distract the left of the d. party for a while and allow the oligarchs to continue doing what they had been doing for the previous eight years?

    I believe his thinking on this was clarified when Bernie folded his tent this time and went home. My standing joke about that has been, do NOT be surprised when he has a new house in Barbados. For the life of me, if Bernie was serious, sticking this one out till the end, the convention, would almost certainly have resulted in some kind of cataclysmic take down of poor Biden at the convention, with Bernie, the last man standing. Bernie, and anyone with half a brain certainly knows this. But he dropped out???

    So, wise folks at SUFA, was Bernie ever real?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Bernie was real only in his own delusions. I think he suffered this time from a big dose of reality. The playing field was nothing like he thought. It is possible he was used but I don’t think him capable of devising it himself. Just a tool who’s ego allowd him to be played.

  50. Canine Weapon says:

  51. Uh oh……..

    The much vaunted Imperial College of London…you know them, the “EXPERTS” who produced a model that showed more than 2.2 million US inhabitants would die of Covid 19…the same experts that said England would suffer 500,000 Covid 19 deaths by May….

    You know the “EXPERTS” that influenced President Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson to institute large lockdowns…the same “EXPERTS” that influenced 14 other countries to lockdowns………………………….has…..been….debunked. TOTALLY. Even our own CDC followed their guidelines….and…………………………….alas…………………………not good.

    Oh my goodness, there seems to be a “bug” in their system that produced totally unreliable results………and this was the model that was going to be used to create the algorithm for future predictions.


    • And now, a follow up…..

      The CDC now says….the Covid 19 is NOT EASILY transmitted by touching surfaces and objects…it has also reversed its findings on that the virus is not easily spread from animals to people.

      It does not mean, however, that you should not use precautions as washing your hands, according to the CDC. The main transmission is from human to human. The Director of the CDC now says to take normal precautions as you would with a common cold.

    • Canine Weapon says:

      You type this… and I read it as: “These smart people made an educated guess about what could happen if we didn’t get off our asses and take this seriously, so we took it seriously, and the worst case didn’t happen. Therefore, the model was wrong.”

      “Gary! Get out of the way! There’s truck comin’ your way! You’ll be killed if you don’t move!”

      So Gary dives out of the way and skins his knee as a truck barrels past at 90 mph.

      Gary then turns to me and demands to know why I issued such a dire warning since, obviously, the truck didn’t hit him and he wasn’t killed. “Clearly, your model of what would happen was buggy!” he yells.

      See the flaw in this logic?

      The model for 2.2 million dead was predicated on us not shutting the country down or taking other steps to mitigate the outbreak. If – IF – we hadn’t gone into the Great Shutdown and then “only” 100k people died, THEN you would have an argument to say their model was bad. But since we did basically most of what they said we needed to do to avoid that scenario, we can’t use that scenario to compare to the present.. that’s just nonsensical.


      Err… I mean… umm… “woof woof!”

      • Sorry Mutt, it was not one bug but many and known at the time. Malfeasance?

        • They got an A in modern math class because they showed their work. But the bridge fell down.

          • Canine Weapon says:

            You may appreciate that Mathius failed a fair number of math tests as a child for getting the right answer the “wrong way” or failing to show his work.

            So, of course, being a jackass, Mathius one time translated every number to Roman numerals, solved it the “correct way,” translated back to Arabic numerals, and turned it in. All work was accounted for and “correctly done,” just in the wrong numeral set. His teacher must have spent a half-hour grading that test because she followed through every step to make sure it was right and ultimately gave him an A…. and detention.

            • Most of the time, I just wrote down the answer. The teachers did not question me.

              • Interesting…..In Military School, which was a college prep school, we were required to show all our work….even in calculus and trig. THAT was a pain in the ass……of course, back then, we were allowed a slide ruler. Still know how to use it too…..very accurate.

      • and I read it as: “These smart people made an educated guess about what could happen if we didn’t get off our asses and take this seriously, so we took it seriously, and the worst case didn’t happen. Therefore, the model was wrong.”

        If it were a case of simple issues….why did they fire the man that came up with the model and why are the other universities and such throwing this model out so unceremoniously?

        Experts have derided the coding from Professor Neil Ferguson, warning that it is a “buggy mess that looks more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming.” The Imperial model works by using code to simulate transport links, population size, social networks and healthcare provisions to predict how coronavirus would spread. Researchers released the code behind it, which developers have criticized as being unreadable.

        Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have further claimed that it is impossible to reproduce the same results from the same data using the model. The team got different results when they used different machines, and even different results from the same machines.

        Ferguson himself resigned from his advisory role earlier this month after reports emerged that he defied his own lockdown advice by letting his married lover visit him on two occasions.

        I am not saying this….just posting it.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Your rationalizing has you so tied in knots you must be at least 3 inches shorter today than last week.

  52. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Here’s the little bastard for yer:

    1 attaaaggtt tataccttcc caggtaacaa accaaccaac tttcgatctc ttgtagatct
    61 gttctctaaa cgaactttaa aatctgtgtg gctgtcactc ggctgcatgc ttagtgcact
    121 cacgcagtat aattaataac taattactgt cgttgacagg acacgagtaa ctcgtctatc
    181 ttctgcaggc tgcttacggt ttcgtccgtg ttgcagccga tcatcagcac atctaggttt
    241 cgtccgggtg tgaccgaaag gtaagatgga gagccttgtc cctggtttca acgagaaaac
    301 acacgtccaa ctcagtttgc ctgttttaca ggttcgcgac gtgctcgtac gtggctttgg
    361 agactccgtg gaggaggtct tatcagaggc acgtcaacat cttaaagatg gcacttgtgg
    421 cttagtagaa gttgaaaaag gcgttttgcc tcaacttgaa cagccctatg tgttcatcaa
    481 acgttcggat gctcgaactg cacctcatgg tcatgttatg gttgagctgg tagcagaact
    541 cgaaggcatt cagtacggtc gtagtggtga gacacttggt gtccttgtcc ctcatgtggg
    601 cgaaatacca gtggcttacc gcaaggttct tcttcgtaag aacggtaata aaggagctgg
    661 tggccatagt tacggcgccg atctaaagtc atttgactta ggcgacgagc ttggcactga
    721 tccttatgaa gattttcaag aaaactggaa cactaaacat agcagtggtg ttacccgtga
    781 actcatgcgt gagcttaacg gaggggcata cactcgctat gtcgataaca acttctgtgg
    841 ccctgatggc taccctcttg agtgcattaa agaccttcta gcacgtgctg gtaaagcttc
    901 atgcactttg tccgaacaac tggactttat tgacactaag aggggtgtat actgctgccg
    961 tgaacatgag catgaaattg cttggtacac ggaacgttct gaaaagagct atgaattgca
    1021 gacacctttt gaaattaaat tggcaaagaa atttgacacc ttcaatgggg aatgtccaaa
    1081 ttttgtattt cccttaaatt ccataatcaa gactattcaa ccaagggttg aaaagaaaaa
    1141 gcttgatggc tttatgggta gaattcgatc tgtctatcca gttgcgtcac caaatgaatg
    1201 caaccaaatg tgcctttcaa ctctcatgaa gtgtgatcat tgtggtgaaa cttcatggca
    1261 gacgggcgat tttgttaaag ccacttgcga attttgtggc actgagaatt tgactaaaga
    1321 aggtgccact acttgtggtt acttacccca aaatgctgtt gttaaaattt attgtccagc
    1381 atgtcacaat tcagaagtag gacctgagca tagtcttgcc gaataccata atgaatctgg
    1441 cttgaaaacc attcttcgta agggtggtcg cactattgcc tttggaggct gtgtgttctc
    1501 ttatgttggt tgccataaca agtgtgccta ttgggttcca cgtgctagcg ctaacatagg
    1561 ttgtaaccat acaggtgttg ttggagaagg ttccgaaggt cttaatgaca accttcttga
    1621 aatactccaa aaagagaaag tcaacatcaa tattgttggt gactttaaac ttaatgaaga
    1681 gatcgccatt attttggcat ctttttctgc ttccacaagt gcttttgtgg aaactgtgaa
    1741 aggtttggat tataaagcat tcaaacaaat tgttgaatcc tgtggtaatt ttaaagttac
    1801 aaaaggaaaa gctaaaaaag gtgcctggaa tattggtgaa cagaaatcaa tactgagtcc
    1861 tctttatgca tttgcatcag aggctgctcg tgttgtacga tcaattttct cccgcactct
    1921 tgaaactgct caaaattctg tgcgtgtttt acagaaggcc gctataacaa tactagatgg
    1981 aatttcacag tattcactga gactcattga tgctatgatg ttcacatctg atttggctac
    2041 taacaatcta gttgtaatgg cctacattac aggtggtgtt gttcagttga cttcgcagtg
    2101 gctaactaac atctttggca ctgtttatga aaaactcaaa cccgtccttg attggcttga
    2161 agagaagttt aaggaaggtg tagagtttct tagagacggt tgggaaattg ttaaatttat
    2221 ctcaacctgt gcttgtgaaa ttgtcggtgg acaaattgtc acctgtgcaa aggaaattaa
    2281 ggagagtgtt cagacattct ttaagcttgt aaataaattt ttggctttgt gtgctgactc
    2341 tatcattatt ggtggagcta aacttaaagc cttgaattta ggtgaaacat ttgtcacgca
    2401 ctcaaaggga ttgtacagaa agtgtgttaa atccagagaa gaaactggcc tactcatgcc
    2461 tctaaaagcc ccaaaagaaa ttatcttctt agagggagaa acacttccca cagaagtgtt
    2521 aacagaggaa gttgtcttga aaactggtga tttacaacca ttagaacaac ctactagtga
    2581 agctgttgaa gctccattgg ttggtacacc agtttgtatt aacgggctta tgttgctcga
    2641 aatcaaagac acagaaaagt actgtgccct tgcacctaat atgatggtaa caaacaatac
    2701 cttcacactc aaaggcggtg caccaacaaa ggttactttt ggtgatgaca ctgtgataga
    2761 agtgcaaggt tacaagagtg tgaatatcac ttttgaactt gatgaaagga ttgataaagt
    2821 acttaatgag aagtgctctg cctatacagt tgaactcggt acagaagtaa atgagttcgc
    2881 ctgtgttgtg gcagatgctg tcataaaaac tttgcaacca gtatctgaat tacttacacc
    2941 actgggcatt gatttagatg agtggagtat ggctacatac tacttatttg atgagtctgg
    3001 tgagtttaaa ttggcttcac atatgtattg ttctttctac cctccagatg aggatgaaga
    3061 agaaggtgat tgtgaagaag aagagtttga gccatcaact caatatgagt atggtactga
    3121 agatgattac caaggtaaac ctttggaatt tggtgccact tctgctgctc ttcaacctga
    3181 agaagagcaa gaagaagatt ggttagatga tgatagtcaa caaactgttg gtcaacaaga
    3241 cggcagtgag gacaatcaga caactactat tcaaacaatt gttgaggttc aacctcaatt
    3301 agagatggaa cttacaccag ttgttcagac tattgaagtg aatagtttta gtggttattt
    3361 aaaacttact gacaatgtat acattaaaaa tgcagacatt gtggaagaag ctaaaaaggt
    3421 aaaaccaaca gtggttgtta atgcagccaa tgtttacctt aaacatggag gaggtgttgc
    3481 aggagcctta aataaggcta ctaacaatgc catgcaagtt gaatctgatg attacatagc
    3541 tactaatgga ccacttaaag tgggtggtag ttgtgtttta agcggacaca atcttgctaa
    3601 acactgtctt catgttgtcg gcccaaatgt taacaaaggt gaagacattc aacttcttaa
    3661 gagtgcttat gaaaatttta atcagcacga agttctactt gcaccattat tatcagctgg
    3721 tatttttggt gctgacccta tacattcttt aagagtttgt gtagatactg ttcgcacaaa
    3781 tgtctactta gctgtctttg ataaaaatct ctatgacaaa cttgtttcaa gctttttgga
    3841 aatgaagagt gaaaagcaag ttgaacaaaa gatcgctgag attcctaaag aggaagttaa
    3901 gccatttata actgaaagta aaccttcagt tgaacagaga aaacaagatg ataagaaaat
    3961 caaagcttgt gttgaagaag ttacaacaac tctggaagaa actaagttcc tcacagaaaa
    4021 cttgttactt tatattgaca ttaatggcaa tcttcatcca gattctgcca ctcttgttag
    4081 tgacattgac atcactttct taaagaaaga tgctccatat atagtgggtg atgttgttca
    4141 agagggtgtt ttaactgctg tggttatacc tactaaaaag gctggtggca ctactgaaat
    4201 gctagcgaaa gctttgagaa aagtgccaac agacaattat ataaccactt acccgggtca
    4261 gggtttaaat ggttacactg tagaggaggc aaagacagtg cttaaaaagt gtaaaagtgc
    4321 cttttacatt ctaccatcta ttatctctaa tgagaagcaa gaaattcttg gaactgtttc
    4381 ttggaatttg cgagaaatgc ttgcacatgc agaagaaaca cgcaaattaa tgcctgtctg
    4441 tgtggaaact aaagccatag tttcaactat acagcgtaaa tataagggta ttaaaataca
    4501 agagggtgtg gttgattatg gtgctagatt ttacttttac accagtaaaa caactgtagc
    4561 gtcacttatc aacacactta acgatctaaa tgaaactctt gttacaatgc cacttggcta
    4621 tgtaacacat ggcttaaatt tggaagaagc tgctcggtat atgagatctc tcaaagtgcc
    4681 agctacagtt tctgtttctt cacctgatgc tgttacagcg tataatggtt atcttacttc
    4741 ttcttctaaa acacctgaag aacattttat tgaaaccatc tcacttgctg gttcctataa
    4801 agattggtcc tattctggac aatctacaca actaggtata gaatttctta agagaggtga
    4861 taaaagtgta tattacacta gtaatcctac cacattccac ctagatggtg aagttatcac
    4921 ctttgacaat cttaagacac ttctttcttt gagagaagtg aggactatta aggtgtttac
    4981 aacagtagac aacattaacc tccacacgca agttgtggac atgtcaatga catatggaca
    5041 acagtttggt ccaacttatt tggatggagc tgatgttact aaaataaaac ctcataattc
    5101 acatgaaggt aaaacatttt atgttttacc taatgatgac actctacgtg ttgaggcttt
    5161 tgagtactac cacacaactg atcctagttt tctgggtagg tacatgtcag cattaaatca
    5221 cactaaaaag tggaaatacc cacaagttaa tggtttaact tctattaaat gggcagataa
    5281 caactgttat cttgccactg cattgttaac actccaacaa atagagttga agtttaatcc
    5341 acctgctcta caagatgctt attacagagc aagggctggt gaagctgcta acttttgtgc
    5401 acttatctta gcctactgta ataagacagt aggtgagtta ggtgatgtta gagaaacaat
    5461 gagttacttg tttcaacatg ccaatttaga ttcttgcaaa agagtcttga acgtggtgtg
    5521 taaaacttgt ggacaacagc agacaaccct taagggtgta gaagctgtta tgtacatggg
    5581 cacactttct tatgaacaat ttaagaaagg tgttcagata ccttgtacgt gtggtaaaca
    5641 agctacaaaa tatctagtac aacaggagtc accttttgtt atgatgtcag caccacctgc
    5701 tcagtatgaa cttaagcatg gtacatttac ttgtgctagt gagtacactg gtaattacca
    5761 gtgtggtcac tataaacata taacttctaa agaaactttg tattgcatag acggtgcttt
    5821 acttacaaag tcctcagaat acaaaggtcc tattacggat gttttctaca aagaaaacag
    5881 ttacacaaca accataaaac cagttactta taaattggat ggtgttgttt gtacagaaat
    5941 tgaccctaag ttggacaatt attataagaa agacaattct tatttcacag agcaaccaat
    6001 tgatcttgta ccaaaccaac catatccaaa cgcaagcttc gataatttta agtttgtatg
    6061 tgataatatc aaatttgctg atgatttaaa ccagttaact ggttataaga aacctgcttc
    6121 aagagagctt aaagttacat ttttccctga cttaaatggt gatgtggtgg ctattgatta
    6181 taaacactac acaccctctt ttaagaaagg agctaaattg ttacataaac ctattgtttg
    6241 gcatgttaac aatgcaacta ataaagccac gtataaacca aatacctggt gtatacgttg
    6301 tctttggagc acaaaaccag ttgaaacatc aaattcgttt gatgtactga agtcagagga
    6361 cgcgcaggga atggataatc ttgcctgcga agatctaaaa ccagtctctg aagaagtagt
    6421 ggaaaatcct accatacaga aagacgttct tgagtgtaat gtgaaaacta ccgaagttgt
    6481 aggagacatt atacttaaac cagcaaataa tagtttaaaa attacagaag aggttggcca
    6541 cacagatcta atggctgctt atgtagacaa ttctagtctt actattaaga aacctaatga
    6601 attatctaga gtattaggtt tgaaaaccct tgctactcat ggtttagctg ctgttaatag
    6661 tgtcccttgg gatactatag ctaattatgc taagcctttt cttaacaaag ttgttagtac
    6721 aactactaac atagttacac ggtgtttaaa ccgtgtttgt actaattata tgccttattt
    6781 ctttacttta ttgctacaat tgtgtacttt tactagaagt acaaattcta gaattaaagc
    6841 atctatgccg actactatag caaagaatac tgttaagagt gtcggtaaat tttgtctaga
    6901 ggcttcattt aattatttga agtcacctaa tttttctaaa ctgataaata ttataatttg
    6961 gtttttacta ttaagtgttt gcctaggttc tttaatctac tcaaccgctg ctttaggtgt
    7021 tttaatgtct aatttaggca tgccttctta ctgtactggt tacagagaag gctatttgaa
    7081 ctctactaat gtcactattg caacctactg tactggttct ataccttgta gtgtttgtct
    7141 tagtggttta gattctttag acacctatcc ttctttagaa actatacaaa ttaccatttc
    7201 atcttttaaa tgggatttaa ctgcttttgg cttagttgca gagtggtttt tggcatatat
    7261 tcttttcact aggtttttct atgtacttgg attggctgca atcatgcaat tgtttttcag
    7321 ctattttgca gtacatttta ttagtaattc ttggcttatg tggttaataa ttaatcttgt
    7381 acaaatggcc ccgatttcag ctatggttag aatgtacatc ttctttgcat cattttatta
    7441 tgtatggaaa agttatgtgc atgttgtaga cggttgtaat tcatcaactt gtatgatgtg
    7501 ttacaaacgt aatagagcaa caagagtcga atgtacaact attgttaatg gtgttagaag
    7561 gtccttttat gtctatgcta atggaggtaa aggcttttgc aaactacaca attggaattg
    7621 tgttaattgt gatacattct gtgctggtag tacatttatt agtgatgaag ttgcgagaga
    7681 cttgtcacta cagtttaaaa gaccaataaa tcctactgac cagtcttctt acatcgttga
    7741 tagtgttaca gtgaagaatg gttccatcca tctttacttt gataaagctg gtcaaaagac
    7801 ttatgaaaga cattctctct ctcattttgt taacttagac aacctgagag ctaataacac
    7861 taaaggttca ttgcctatta atgttatagt ttttgatggt aaatcaaaat gtgaagaatc
    7921 atctgcaaaa tcagcgtctg tttactacag tcagcttatg tgtcaaccta tactgttact
    7981 agatcaggca ttagtgtctg atgttggtga tagtgcggaa gttgcagtta aaatgtttga
    8041 tgcttacgtt aatacgtttt catcaacttt taacgtacca atggaaaaac tcaaaacact
    8101 agttgcaact gcagaagctg aacttgcaaa gaatgtgtcc ttagacaatg tcttatctac
    8161 ttttatttca gcagctcggc aagggtttgt tgattcagat gtagaaacta aagatgttgt
    8221 tgaatgtctt aaattgtcac atcaatctga catagaagtt actggcgata gttgtaataa
    8281 ctatatgctc acctataaca aagttgaaaa catgacaccc cgtgaccttg gtgcttgtat
    8341 tgactgtagt gcgcgtcata ttaatgcgca ggtagcaaaa agtcacaaca ttgctttgat
    8401 atggaacgtt aaagatttca tgtcattgtc tgaacaacta cgaaaacaaa tacgtagtgc
    8461 tgctaaaaag aataacttac cttttaagtt gacatgtgca actactagac aagttgttaa
    8521 tgttgtaaca acaaagatag cacttaaggg tggtaaaatt gttaataatt ggttgaagca
    8581 gttaattaaa gttacacttg tgttcctttt tgttgctgct attttctatt taataacacc
    8641 tgttcatgtc atgtctaaac atactgactt ttcaagtgaa atcataggat acaaggctat
    8701 tgatggtggt gtcactcgtg acatagcatc tacagatact tgttttgcta acaaacatgc
    8761 tgattttgac acatggttta gccagcgtgg tggtagttat actaatgaca aagcttgccc
    8821 attgattgct gcagtcataa caagagaagt gggttttgtc gtgcctggtt tgcctggcac
    8881 gatattacgc acaactaatg gtgacttttt gcatttctta cctagagttt ttagtgcagt
    8941 tggtaacatc tgttacacac catcaaaact tatagagtac actgactttg caacatcagc
    9001 ttgtgttttg gctgctgaat gtacaatttt taaagatgct tctggtaagc cagtaccata
    9061 ttgttatgat accaatgtac tagaaggttc tgttgcttat gaaagtttac gccctgacac
    9121 acgttatgtg ctcatggatg gctctattat tcaatttcct aacacctacc ttgaaggttc
    9181 tgttagagtg gtaacaactt ttgattctga gtactgtagg cacggcactt gtgaaagatc
    9241 agaagctggt gtttgtgtat ctactagtgg tagatgggta cttaacaatg attattacag
    9301 atctttacca ggagttttct gtggtgtaga tgctgtaaat ttacttacta atatgtttac
    9361 accactaatt caacctattg gtgctttgga catatcagca tctatagtag ctggtggtat
    9421 tgtagctatc gtagtaacat gccttgccta ctattttatg aggtttagaa gagcttttgg
    9481 tgaatacagt catgtagttg cctttaatac tttactattc cttatgtcat tcactgtact
    9541 ctgtttaaca ccagtttact cattcttacc tggtgtttat tctgttattt acttgtactt
    9601 gacattttat cttactaatg atgtttcttt tttagcacat attcagtgga tggttatgtt
    9661 cacaccttta gtacctttct ggataacaat tgcttatatc atttgtattt ccacaaagca
    9721 tttctattgg ttctttagta attacctaaa gagacgtgta gtctttaatg gtgtttcctt
    9781 tagtactttt gaagaagctg cgctgtgcac ctttttgtta aataaagaaa tgtatctaaa
    9841 gttgcgtagt gatgtgctat tacctcttac gcaatataat agatacttag ctctttataa
    9901 taagtacaag tattttagtg gagcaatgga tacaactagc tacagagaag ctgcttgttg
    9961 tcatctcgca aaggctctca atgacttcag taactcaggt tctgatgttc tttaccaacc
    10021 accacaaacc tctatcacct cagctgtttt gcagagtggt tttagaaaaa tggcattccc
    10081 atctggtaaa gttgagggtt gtatggtaca agtaacttgt ggtacaacta cacttaacgg
    10141 tctttggctt gatgacgtag tttactgtcc aagacatgtg atctgcacct ctgaagacat
    10201 gcttaaccct aattatgaag atttactcat tcgtaagtct aatcataatt tcttggtaca
    10261 ggctggtaat gttcaactca gggttattgg acattctatg caaaattgtg tacttaagct
    10321 taaggttgat acagccaatc ctaagacacc taagtataag tttgttcgca ttcaaccagg
    10381 acagactttt tcagtgttag cttgttacaa tggttcacca tctggtgttt accaatgtgc
    10441 tatgaggccc aatttcacta ttaagggttc attccttaat ggttcatgtg gtagtgttgg
    10501 ttttaacata gattatgact gtgtctcttt ttgttacatg caccatatgg aattaccaac
    10561 tggagttcat gctggcacag acttagaagg taacttttat ggaccttttg ttgacaggca
    10621 aacagcacaa gcagctggta cggacacaac tattacagtt aatgttttag cttggttgta
    10681 cgctgctgtt ataaatggag acaggtggtt tctcaatcga tttaccacaa ctcttaatga
    10741 ctttaacctt gtggctatga agtacaatta tgaacctcta acacaagacc atgttgacat
    10801 actaggacct ctttctgctc aaactggaat tgccgtttta gatatgtgtg cttcattaaa
    10861 agaattactg caaaatggta tgaatggacg taccatattg ggtagtgctt tattagaaga
    10921 tgaatttaca ccttttgatg ttgttagaca atgctcaggt gttactttcc aaagtgcagt
    10981 gaaaagaaca atcaagggta cacaccactg gttgttactc acaattttga cttcactttt
    11041 agttttagtc cagagtactc aatggtcttt gttctttttt ttgtatgaaa atgccttttt
    11101 accttttgct atgggtatta ttgctatgtc tgcttttgca atgatgtttg tcaaacataa
    11161 gcatgcattt ctctgtttgt ttttgttacc ttctcttgcc actgtagctt attttaatat
    11221 ggtctatatg cctgctagtt gggtgatgcg tattatgaca tggttggata tggttgatac
    11281 tagtttgtct ggttttaagc taaaagactg tgttatgtat gcatcagctg tagtgttact
    11341 aatccttatg acagcaagaa ctgtgtatga tgatggtgct aggagagtgt ggacacttat
    11401 gaatgtcttg acactcgttt ataaagttta ttatggtaat gctttagatc aagccatttc
    11461 catgtgggct cttataatct ctgttacttc taactactca ggtgtagtta caactgtcat
    11521 gtttttggcc agaggtattg tttttatgtg tgttgagtat tgccctattt tcttcataac
    11581 tggtaataca cttcagtgta taatgctagt ttattgtttc ttaggctatt tttgtacttg
    11641 ttactttggc ctcttttgtt tactcaaccg ctactttaga ctgactcttg gtgtttatga
    11701 ttacttagtt tctacacagg agtttagata tatgaattca cagggactac tcccacccaa
    11761 gaatagcata gatgccttca aactcaacat taaattgttg ggtgttggtg gcaaaccttg
    11821 tatcaaagta gccactgtac agtctaaaat gtcagatgta aagtgcacat cagtagtctt
    11881 actctcagtt ttgcaacaac tcagagtaga atcatcatct aaattgtggg ctcaatgtgt
    11941 ccagttacac aatgacattc tcttagctaa agatactact gaagcctttg aaaaaatggt
    12001 ttcactactt tctgttttgc tttccatgca gggtgctgta gacataaaca agctttgtga
    12061 agaaatgctg gacaacaggg caaccttaca agctatagcc tcagagttta gttcccttcc
    12121 atcatatgca gcttttgcta ctgctcaaga agcttatgag caggctgttg ctaatggtga
    12181 ttctgaagtt gttcttaaaa agttgaagaa gtctttgaat gtggctaaat ctgaatttga
    12241 ccgtgatgca gccatgcaac gtaagttgga aaagatggct gatcaagcta tgacccaaat
    12301 gtataaacag gctagatctg aggacaagag ggcaaaagtt actagtgcta tgcagacaat
    12361 gcttttcact atgcttagaa agttggataa tgatgcactc aacaacatta tcaacaatgc
    12421 aagagatggt tgtgttccct tgaacataat acctcttaca acagcagcca aactaatggt
    12481 tgtcatacca gactataaca catataaaaa tacgtgtgat ggtacaacat ttacttatgc
    12541 atcagcattg tgggaaatcc aacaggttgt agatgcagat agtaaaattg ttcaacttag
    12601 tgaaattagt atggacaatt cacctaattt agcatggcct cttattgtaa cagctttaag
    12661 ggccaattct gctgtcaaat tacagaataa tgagcttagt cctgttgcac tacgacagat
    12721 gtcttgtgct gccggtacta cacaaactgc ttgcactgat gacaatgcgt tagcttacta
    12781 caacacaaca aagggaggta ggtttgtact tgcactgtta tccgatttac aggatttgaa
    12841 atgggctaga ttccctaaga gtgatggaac tggtactatc tatacagaac tggaaccacc
    12901 ttgtaggttt gttacagaca cacctaaagg tcctaaagtg aagtatttat actttattaa
    12961 aggattaaac aacctaaata gaggtatggt acttggtagt ttagctgcca cagtacgtct
    13021 acaagctggt aatgcaacag aagtgcctgc caattcaact gtattatctt tctgtgcttt
    13081 tgctgtagat gctgctaaag cttacaaaga ttatctagct agtgggggac aaccaatcac
    13141 taattgtgtt aagatgttgt gtacacacac tggtactggt caggcaataa cagttacacc
    13201 ggaagccaat atggatcaag aatcctttgg tggtgcatcg tgttgtctgt actgccgttg
    13261 ccacatagat catccaaatc ctaaaggatt ttgtgactta aaaggtaagt atgtacaaat
    13321 acctacaact tgtgctaatg accctgtggg ttttacactt aaaaacacag tctgtaccgt
    13381 ctgcggtatg tggaaaggtt atggctgtag ttgtgatcaa ctccgcgaac ccatgcttca
    13441 gtcagctgat gcacaatcgt ttttaaacgg gtttgcggtg taagtgcagc ccgtcttaca
    13501 ccgtgcggca caggcactag tactgatgtc gtatacaggg cttttgacat ctacaatgat
    13561 aaagtagctg gttttgctaa attcctaaaa actaattgtt gtcgcttcca agaaaaggac
    13621 gaagatgaca atttaattga ttcttacttt gtagttaaga gacacacttt ctctaactac
    13681 caacatgaag aaacaattta taatttactt aaggattgtc cagctgttgc taaacatgac
    13741 ttctttaagt ttagaataga cggtgacatg gtaccacata tatcacgtca acgtcttact
    13801 aaatacacaa tggcagacct cgtctatgct ttaaggcatt ttgatgaagg taattgtgac
    13861 acattaaaag aaatacttgt cacatacaat tgttgtgatg atgattattt caataaaaag
    13921 gactggtatg attttgtaga aaacccagat atattacgcg tatacgccaa cttaggtgaa
    13981 cgtgtacgcc aagctttgtt aaaaacagta caattctgtg atgccatgcg aaatgctggt
    14041 attgttggtg tactgacatt agataatcaa gatctcaatg gtaactggta tgatttcggt
    14101 gatttcatac aaaccacgcc aggtagtgga gttcctgttg tagattctta ttattcattg
    14161 ttaatgccta tattaacctt gaccagggct ttaactgcag agtcacatgt tgacactgac
    14221 ttaacaaagc cttacattaa gtgggatttg ttaaaatatg acttcacgga agagaggtta
    14281 aaactctttg accgttattt taaatattgg gatcagacat accacccaaa ttgtgttaac
    14341 tgtttggatg acagatgcat tctgcattgt gcaaacttta atgttttatt ctctacagtg
    14401 ttcccaccta caagttttgg accactagtg agaaaaatat ttgttgatgg tgttccattt
    14461 gtagtttcaa ctggatacca cttcagagag ctaggtgttg tacataatca ggatgtaaac
    14521 ttacatagct ctagacttag ttttaaggaa ttacttgtgt atgctgctga ccctgctatg
    14581 cacgctgctt ctggtaatct attactagat aaacgcacta cgtgcttttc agtagctgca
    14641 cttactaaca atgttgcttt tcaaactgtc aaacccggta attttaacaa agacttctat
    14701 gactttgctg tgtctaaggg tttctttaag gaaggaagtt ctgttgaatt aaaacacttc
    14761 ttctttgctc aggatggtaa tgctgctatc agcgattatg actactatcg ttataatcta
    14821 ccaacaatgt gtgatatcag acaactacta tttgtagttg aagttgttga taagtacttt
    14881 gattgttacg atggtggctg tattaatgct aaccaagtca tcgtcaacaa cctagacaaa
    14941 tcagctggtt ttccatttaa taaatggggt aaggctagac tttattatga ttcaatgagt
    15001 tatgaggatc aagatgcact tttcgcatat acaaaacgta atgtcatccc tactataact
    15061 caaatgaatc ttaagtatgc cattagtgca aagaatagag ctcgcaccgt agctggtgtc
    15121 tctatctgta gtactatgac caatagacag tttcatcaaa aattattgaa atcaatagcc
    15181 gccactagag gagctactgt agtaattgga acaagcaaat tctatggtgg ttggcacaac
    15241 atgttaaaaa ctgtttatag tgatgtagaa aaccctcacc ttatgggttg ggattatcct
    15301 aaatgtgata gagccatgcc taacatgctt agaattatgg cctcacttgt tcttgctcgc
    15361 aaacatacaa cgtgttgtag cttgtcacac cgtttctata gattagctaa tgagtgtgct
    15421 caagtattga gtgaaatggt catgtgtggc ggttcactat atgttaaacc aggtggaacc
    15481 tcatcaggag atgccacaac tgcttatgct aatagtgttt ttaacatttg tcaagctgtc
    15541 acggccaatg ttaatgcact tttatctact gatggtaaca aaattgccga taagtatgtc
    15601 cgcaatttac aacacagact ttatgagtgt ctctatagaa atagagatgt tgacacagac
    15661 tttgtgaatg agttttacgc atatttgcgt aaacatttct caatgatgat actctctgac
    15721 gatgctgttg tgtgtttcaa tagcacttat gcatctcaag gtctagtggc tagcataaag
    15781 aactttaagt cagttcttta ttatcaaaac aatgttttta tgtctgaagc aaaatgttgg
    15841 actgagactg accttactaa aggacctcat gaattttgct ctcaacatac aatgctagtt
    15901 aaacagggtg atgattatgt gtaccttcct tacccagatc catcaagaat cctaggggcc
    15961 ggctgttttg tagatgatat cgtaaaaaca gatggtacac ttatgattga acggttcgtg
    16021 tctttagcta tagatgctta cccacttact aaacatccta atcaggagta tgctgatgtc
    16081 tttcatttgt acttacaata cataagaaag ctacatgatg agttaacagg acacatgtta
    16141 gacatgtatt ctgttatgct tactaatgat aacacttcaa ggtattggga acctgagttt
    16201 tatgaggcta tgtacacacc gcatacagtc ttacaggctg ttggggcttg tgttctttgc
    16261 aattcacaga cttcattaag atgtggtgct tgcatacgta gaccattctt atgttgtaaa
    16321 tgctgttacg accatgtcat atcaacatca cataaattag tcttgtctgt taatccgtat
    16381 gtttgcaatg ctccaggttg tgatgtcaca gatgtgactc aactttactt aggaggtatg
    16441 agctattatt gtaaatcaca taaaccaccc attagttttc cattgtgtgc taatggacaa
    16501 gtttttggtt tatataaaaa tacatgtgtt ggtagcgata atgttactga ctttaatgca
    16561 attgcaacat gtgactggac aaatgctggt gattacattt tagctaacac ctgtactgaa
    16621 agactcaagc tttttgcagc agaaacgctc aaagctactg aggagacatt taaactgtct
    16681 tatggtattg ctactgtacg tgaagtgctg tctgacagag aattacatct ttcatgggaa
    16741 gttggtaaac ctagaccacc acttaaccga aattatgtct ttactggtta tcgtgtaact
    16801 aaaaacagta aagtacaaat aggagagtac acctttgaaa aaggtgacta tggtgatgct
    16861 gttgtttacc gaggtacaac aacttacaaa ttaaatgttg gtgattattt tgtgctgaca
    16921 tcacatacag taatgccatt aagtgcacct acactagtgc cacaagagca ctatgttaga
    16981 attactggct tatacccaac actcaatatc tcagatgagt tttctagcaa tgttgcaaat
    17041 tatcaaaagg ttggtatgca aaagtattct acactccagg gaccacctgg tactggtaag
    17101 agtcattttg ctattggcct agctctctac tacccttctg ctcgcatagt gtatacagct
    17161 tgctctcatg ccgctgttga tgcactatgt gagaaggcat taaaatattt gcctatagat
    17221 aaatgtagta gaattatacc tgcacgtgct cgtgtagagt gttttgataa attcaaagtg
    17281 aattcaacat tagaacagta tgtcttttgt actgtaaatg cattgcctga gacgacagca
    17341 gatatagttg tctttgatga aatttcaatg gccacaaatt atgatttgag tgttgtcaat
    17401 gccagattac gtgctaagca ctatgtgtac attggcgacc ctgctcaatt acctgcacca
    17461 cgcacattgc taactaaggg cacactagaa ccagaatatt tcaattcagt gtgtagactt
    17521 atgaaaacta taggtccaga catgttcctc ggaacttgtc ggcgttgtcc tgctgaaatt
    17581 gttgacactg tgagtgcttt ggtttatgat aataagctta aagcacataa agacaaatca
    17641 gctcaatgct ttaaaatgtt ttataagggt gttatcacgc atgatgtttc atctgcaatt
    17701 aacaggccac aaataggcgt ggtaagagaa ttccttacac gtaaccctgc ttggagaaaa
    17761 gctgtcttta tttcacctta taattcacag aatgctgtag cctcaaagat tttgggacta
    17821 ccaactcaaa ctgttgattc atcacagggc tcagaatatg actatgtcat attcactcaa
    17881 accactgaaa cagctcactc ttgtaatgta aacagattta atgttgctat taccagagca
    17941 aaagtaggca tactttgcat aatgtctgat agagaccttt atgacaagtt gcaatttaca
    18001 agtcttgaaa ttccacgtag gaatgtggca actttacaag ctgaaaatgt aacaggactc
    18061 tttaaagatt gtagtaaggt aatcactggg ttacatccta cacaggcacc tacacacctc
    18121 agtgttgaca ctaaattcaa aactgaaggt ttatgtgttg acatacctgg catacctaag
    18181 gacatgacct atagaagact catctctatg atgggtttta aaatgaatta tcaagttaat
    18241 ggttacccta acatgtttat cacccgcgaa gaagctataa gacatgtacg tgcatggatt
    18301 ggcttcgatg tcgaggggtg tcatgctact agagaagctg ttggtaccaa tttaccttta
    18361 cagctaggtt tttctacagg tgttaaccta gttgctgtac ctacaggtta tgttgataca
    18421 cctaataata cagatttttc cagagttagt gctaaaccac cgcctggaga tcaatttaaa
    18481 cacctcatac cacttatgta caaaggactt ccttggaatg tagtgcgtat aaagattgta
    18541 caaatgttaa gtgacacact taaaaatctc tctgacagag tcgtatttgt cttatgggca
    18601 catggctttg agttgacatc tatgaagtat tttgtgaaaa taggacctga gcgcacctgt
    18661 tgtctatgtg atagacgtgc cacatgcttt tccactgctt cagacactta tgcctgttgg
    18721 catcattcta ttggatttga ttacgtctat aatccgttta tgattgatgt tcaacaatgg
    18781 ggttttacag gtaacctaca aagcaaccat gatctgtatt gtcaagtcca tggtaatgca
    18841 catgtagcta gttgtgatgc aatcatgact aggtgtctag ctgtccacga gtgctttgtt
    18901 aagcgtgttg actggactat tgaatatcct ataattggtg atgaactgaa gattaatgcg
    18961 gcttgtagaa aggttcaaca catggttgtt aaagctgcat tattagcaga caaattccca
    19021 gttcttcacg acattggtaa ccctaaagct attaagtgtg tacctcaagc tgatgtagaa
    19081 tggaagttct atgatgcaca gccttgtagt gacaaagctt ataaaataga agaattattc
    19141 tattcttatg ccacacattc tgacaaattc acagatggtg tatgcctatt ttggaattgc
    19201 aatgtcgata gatatcctgc taattccatt gtttgtagat ttgacactag agtgctatct
    19261 aaccttaact tgcctggttg tgatggtggc agtttgtatg taaataaaca tgcattccac
    19321 acaccagctt ttgataaaag tgcttttgtt aatttaaaac aattaccatt tttctattac
    19381 tctgacagtc catgtgagtc tcatggaaaa caagtagtgt cagatataga ttatgtacca
    19441 ctaaagtctg ctacgtgtat aacacgttgc aatttaggtg gtgctgtctg tagacatcat
    19501 gctaatgagt acagattgta tctcgatgct tataacatga tgatctcagc tggctttagc
    19561 ttgtgggttt acaaacaatt tgatacttat aacctctgga acacttttac aagacttcag
    19621 agtttagaaa atgtggcttt taatgttgta aataagggac actttgatgg acaacagggt
    19681 gaagtaccag tttctatcat taataacact gtttacacaa aagttgatgg tgttgatgta
    19741 gaattgtttg aaaataaaac aacattacct gttaatgtag catttgagct ttgggctaag
    19801 cgcaacatta aaccagtacc agaggtgaaa atactcaata atttgggtgt ggacattgct
    19861 gctaatactg tgatctggga ctacaaaaga gatgctccag cacatatatc tactattggt
    19921 gtttgttcta tgactgacat agccaagaaa ccaactgaaa cgatttgtgc accactcact
    19981 gtcttttttg atggtagagt tgatggtcaa gtagacttat ttagaaatgc ccgtaatggt
    20041 gttcttatta cagaaggtag tgttaaaggt ttacaaccat ctgtaggtcc caaacaagct
    20101 agtcttaatg gagtcacatt aattggagaa gccgtaaaaa cacagttcaa ttattataag
    20161 aaagttgatg gtgttgtcca acaattacct gaaacttact ttactcagag tagaaattta
    20221 caagaattta aacccaggag tcaaatggaa attgatttct tagaattagc tatggatgaa
    20281 ttcattgaac ggtataaatt agaaggctat gccttcgaac atatcgttta tggagatttt
    20341 agtcatagtc agttaggtgg tttacatcta ctgattggac tagctaaacg ttttaaggaa
    20401 tcaccttttg aattagaaga ttttattcct atggacagta cagttaaaaa ctatttcata
    20461 acagatgcgc aaacaggttc atctaagtgt gtgtgttctg ttattgattt attacttgat
    20521 gattttgttg aaataataaa atcccaagat ttatctgtag tttctaaggt tgtcaaagtg
    20581 actattgact atacagaaat ttcatttatg ctttggtgta aagatggcca tgtagaaaca
    20641 ttttacccaa aattacaatc tagtcaagcg tggcaaccgg gtgttgctat gcctaatctt
    20701 tacaaaatgc aaagaatgct attagaaaag tgtgaccttc aaaattatgg tgatagtgca
    20761 acattaccta aaggcataat gatgaatgtc gcaaaatata ctcaactgtg tcaatattta
    20821 aacacattaa cattagctgt accctataat atgagagtta tacattttgg tgctggttct
    20881 gataaaggag ttgcaccagg tacagctgtt ttaagacagt ggttgcctac gggtacgctg
    20941 cttgtcgatt cagatcttaa tgactttgtc tctgatgcag attcaacttt gattggtgat
    21001 tgtgcaactg tacatacagc taataaatgg gatctcatta ttagtgatat gtacgaccct
    21061 aagactaaaa atgttacaaa agaaaatgac tctaaagagg gttttttcac ttacatttgt
    21121 gggtttatac aacaaaagct agctcttgga ggttccgtgg ctataaagat aacagaacat
    21181 tcttggaatg ctgatcttta taagctcatg ggacacttcg catggtggac agcctttgtt
    21241 actaatgtga atgcgtcatc atctgaagca tttttaattg gatgtaatta tcttggcaaa
    21301 ccacgcgaac aaatagatgg ttatgtcatg catgcaaatt acatattttg gaggaataca
    21361 aatccaattc agttgtcttc ctattcttta tttgacatga gtaaatttcc ccttaaatta
    21421 aggggtactg ctgttatgtc tttaaaagaa ggtcaaatca atgatatgat tttatctctt
    21481 cttagtaaag gtagacttat aattagagaa aacaacagag ttgttatttc tagtgatgtt
    21541 cttgttaaca actaaacgaa caatgtttgt ttttcttgtt ttattgccac tagtctctag
    21601 tcagtgtgtt aatcttacaa ccagaactca attaccccct gcatacacta attctttcac
    21661 acgtggtgtt tattaccctg acaaagtttt cagatcctca gttttacatt caactcagga
    21721 cttgttctta cctttctttt ccaatgttac ttggttccat gctatacatg tctctgggac
    21781 caatggtact aagaggtttg ataaccctgt cctaccattt aatgatggtg tttattttgc
    21841 ttccactgag aagtctaaca taataagagg ctggattttt ggtactactt tagattcgaa
    21901 gacccagtcc ctacttattg ttaataacgc tactaatgtt gttattaaag tctgtgaatt
    21961 tcaattttgt aatgatccat ttttgggtgt ttattaccac aaaaacaaca aaagttggat
    22021 ggaaagtgag ttcagagttt attctagtgc gaataattgc acttttgaat atgtctctca
    22081 gccttttctt atggaccttg aaggaaaaca gggtaatttc aaaaatctta gggaatttgt
    22141 gtttaagaat attgatggtt attttaaaat atattctaag cacacgccta ttaatttagt
    22201 gcgtgatctc cctcagggtt tttcggcttt agaaccattg gtagatttgc caataggtat
    22261 taacatcact aggtttcaaa ctttacttgc tttacataga agttatttga ctcctggtga
    22321 ttcttcttca ggttggacag ctggtgctgc agcttattat gtgggttatc ttcaacctag
    22381 gacttttcta ttaaaatata atgaaaatgg aaccattaca gatgctgtag actgtgcact
    22441 tgaccctctc tcagaaacaa agtgtacgtt gaaatccttc actgtagaaa aaggaatcta
    22501 tcaaacttct aactttagag tccaaccaac agaatctatt gttagatttc ctaatattac
    22561 aaacttgtgc ccttttggtg aagtttttaa cgccaccaga tttgcatctg tttatgcttg
    22621 gaacaggaag agaatcagca actgtgttgc tgattattct gtcctatata attccgcatc
    22681 attttccact tttaagtgtt atggagtgtc tcctactaaa ttaaatgatc tctgctttac
    22741 taatgtctat gcagattcat ttgtaattag aggtgatgaa gtcagacaaa tcgctccagg
    22801 gcaaactgga aagattgctg attataatta taaattacca gatgatttta caggctgcgt
    22861 tatagcttgg aattctaaca atcttgattc taaggttggt ggtaattata attacctgta
    22921 tagattgttt aggaagtcta atctcaaacc ttttgagaga gatatttcaa ctgaaatcta
    22981 tcaggccggt agcacacctt gtaatggtgt tgaaggtttt aattgttact ttcctttaca
    23041 atcatatggt ttccaaccca ctaatggtgt tggttaccaa ccatacagag tagtagtact
    23101 ttcttttgaa cttctacatg caccagcaac tgtttgtgga cctaaaaagt ctactaattt
    23161 ggttaaaaac aaatgtgtca atttcaactt caatggttta acaggcacag gtgttcttac
    23221 tgagtctaac aaaaagtttc tgcctttcca acaatttggc agagacattg ctgacactac
    23281 tgatgctgtc cgtgatccac agacacttga gattcttgac attacaccat gttcttttgg
    23341 tggtgtcagt gttataacac caggaacaaa tacttctaac caggttgctg ttctttatca
    23401 ggatgttaac tgcacagaag tccctgttgc tattcatgca gatcaactta ctcctacttg
    23461 gcgtgtttat tctacaggtt ctaatgtttt tcaaacacgt gcaggctgtt taataggggc
    23521 tgaacatgtc aacaactcat atgagtgtga catacccatt ggtgcaggta tatgcgctag
    23581 ttatcagact cagactaatt ctcctcggcg ggcacgtagt gtagctagtc aatccatcat
    23641 tgcctacact atgtcacttg gtgcagaaaa ttcagttgct tactctaata actctattgc
    23701 catacccaca aattttacta ttagtgttac cacagaaatt ctaccagtgt ctatgaccaa
    23761 gacatcagta gattgtacaa tgtacatttg tggtgattca actgaatgca gcaatctttt
    23821 gttgcaatat ggcagttttt gtacacaatt aaaccgtgct ttaactggaa tagctgttga
    23881 acaagacaaa aacacccaag aagtttttgc acaagtcaaa caaatttaca aaacaccacc
    23941 aattaaagat tttggtggtt ttaatttttc acaaatatta ccagatccat caaaaccaag
    24001 caagaggtca tttattgaag atctactttt caacaaagtg acacttgcag atgctggctt
    24061 catcaaacaa tatggtgatt gccttggtga tattgctgct agagacctca tttgtgcaca
    24121 aaagtttaac ggccttactg ttttgccacc tttgctcaca gatgaaatga ttgctcaata
    24181 cacttctgca ctgttagcgg gtacaatcac ttctggttgg acctttggtg caggtgctgc
    24241 attacaaata ccatttgcta tgcaaatggc ttataggttt aatggtattg gagttacaca
    24301 gaatgttctc tatgagaacc aaaaattgat tgccaaccaa tttaatagtg ctattggcaa
    24361 aattcaagac tcactttctt ccacagcaag tgcacttgga aaacttcaag atgtggtcaa
    24421 ccaaaatgca caagctttaa acacgcttgt taaacaactt agctccaatt ttggtgcaat
    24481 ttcaagtgtt ttaaatgata tcctttcacg tcttgacaaa gttgaggctg aagtgcaaat
    24541 tgataggttg atcacaggca gacttcaaag tttgcagaca tatgtgactc aacaattaat
    24601 tagagctgca gaaatcagag cttctgctaa tcttgctgct actaaaatgt cagagtgtgt
    24661 acttggacaa tcaaaaagag ttgatttttg tggaaagggc tatcatctta tgtccttccc
    24721 tcagtcagca cctcatggtg tagtcttctt gcatgtgact tatgtccctg cacaagaaaa
    24781 gaacttcaca actgctcctg ccatttgtca tgatggaaaa gcacactttc ctcgtgaagg
    24841 tgtctttgtt tcaaatggca cacactggtt tgtaacacaa aggaattttt atgaaccaca
    24901 aatcattact acagacaaca catttgtgtc tggtaactgt gatgttgtaa taggaattgt
    24961 caacaacaca gtttatgatc ctttgcaacc tgaattagac tcattcaagg aggagttaga
    25021 taaatatttt aagaatcata catcaccaga tgttgattta ggtgacatct ctggcattaa
    25081 tgcttcagtt gtaaacattc aaaaagaaat tgaccgcctc aatgaggttg ccaagaattt
    25141 aaatgaatct ctcatcgatc tccaagaact tggaaagtat gagcagtata taaaatggcc
    25201 atggtacatt tggctaggtt ttatagctgg cttgattgcc atagtaatgg tgacaattat
    25261 gctttgctgt atgaccagtt gctgtagttg tctcaagggc tgttgttctt gtggatcctg
    25321 ctgcaaattt gatgaagacg actctgagcc agtgctcaaa ggagtcaaat tacattacac
    25381 ataaacgaac ttatggattt gtttatgaga atcttcacaa ttggaactgt aactttgaag
    25441 caaggtgaaa tcaaggatgc tactccttca gattttgttc gcgctactgc aacgataccg
    25501 atacaagcct cactcccttt cggatggctt attgttggcg ttgcacttct tgctgttttt
    25561 cagagcgctt ccaaaatcat aaccctcaaa aagagatggc aactagcact ctccaagggt
    25621 gttcactttg tttgcaactt gctgttgttg tttgtaacag tttactcaca ccttttgctc
    25681 gttgctgctg gccttgaagc cccttttctc tatctttatg ctttagtcta cttcttgcag
    25741 agtataaact ttgtaagaat aataatgagg ctttggcttt gctggaaatg ccgttccaaa
    25801 aacccattac tttatgatgc caactatttt ctttgctggc atactaattg ttacgactat
    25861 tgtatacctt acaatagtgt aacttcttca attgtcatta cttcaggtga tggcacaaca
    25921 agtcctattt ctgaacatga ctaccagatt ggtggttata ctgaaaaatg ggaatctgga
    25981 gtaaaagact gtgttgtatt acacagttac ttcacttcag actattacca gctgtactca
    26041 actcaattga gtacagacac tggtgttgaa catgttacct tcttcatcta caataaaatt
    26101 gttgatgagc ctgaagaaca tgtccaaatt cacacaatcg acggttcatc cggagttgtt
    26161 aatccagtaa tggaaccaat ttatgatgaa ccgacgacga ctactagcgt gcctttgtaa
    26221 gcacaagctg atgagtacga acttatgtac tcattcgttt cggaagagac aggtacgtta
    26281 atagttaata gcgtacttct ttttcttgct ttcgtggtat tcttgctagt tacactagcc
    26341 atccttactg cgcttcgatt gtgtgcgtac tgctgcaata ttgttaacgt gagtcttgta
    26401 aaaccttctt tttacgttta ctctcgtgtt aaaaatctga attcttctag agttcctgat
    26461 cttctggtct aaacgaacta aatattatat tagtttttct gtttggaact ttaattttag
    26521 ccatggcaga ttccaacggt actattaccg ttgaagagct taaaaagctc cttgaacaat
    26581 ggaacctagt aataggtttc ctattcctta catggatttg tcttctacaa tttgcctatg
    26641 ccaacaggaa taggtttttg tatataatta agttaatttt cctctggctg ttatggccag
    26701 taactttagc ttgttttgtg cttgctgctg tttacagaat aaattggatc accggtggaa
    26761 ttgctatcgc aatggcttgt cttgtaggct tgatgtggct cagctacttc attgcttctt
    26821 tcagactgtt tgcgcgtacg cgttccatgt ggtcattcaa tccagaaact aacattcttc
    26881 tcaacgtgcc actccatggc actattctga ccagaccgct tctagaaagt gaactcgtaa
    26941 tcggagctgt gatccttcgt ggacatcttc gtattgctgg acaccatcta ggacgctgtg
    27001 acatcaagga cctgcctaaa gaaatcactg ttgctacatc acgaacgctt tcttattaca
    27061 aattgggagc ttcgcagcgt gtagcaggtg actcaggttt tgctgcatac agtcgctaca
    27121 ggattggcaa ctataaatta aacacagacc attccagtag cagtgacaat attgctttgc
    27181 ttgtacagta agtgacaaca gatgtttcat ctcgttgact ttcaggttac tatagcagag
    27241 atattactaa ttattatgag gacttttaaa gtttccattt ggaatcttga ttacatcata
    27301 aacctcataa ttaaaaattt atctaagtca ctaactgaga ataaatattc tcaattagat
    27361 gaagagcaac caatggagat tgattaaacg aacatgaaaa ttattctttt cttggcactg
    27421 ataacactcg ctacttgtga gctttatcac taccaagagt gtgttagagg tacaacagta
    27481 cttttaaaag aaccttgctc ttctggaaca tacgagggca attcaccatt tcatcctcta
    27541 gctgataaca aatttgcact gacttgcttt agcactcaat ttgcttttgc ttgtcctgac
    27601 ggcgtaaaac acgtctatca gttacgtgcc agatcagttt cacctaaact gttcatcaga
    27661 caagaggaag ttcaagaact ttactctcca atttttctta ttgttgcggc aatagtgttt
    27721 ataacacttt gcttcacact caaaagaaag acagaatgat tgaactttca ttaattgact
    27781 tctatttgtg ctttttagcc tttctgctat tccttgtttt aattatgctt attatctttt
    27841 ggttctcact tgaactgcaa gatcataatg aaacttgtca cgcctaaacg aacatgaaat
    27901 ttcttgtttt cttaggaatc atcacaactg tagctgcatt tcaccaagaa tgtagtttac
    27961 agtcatgtac tcaacatcaa ccatatgtag ttgatgaccc gtgtcctatt cacttctatt
    28021 ctaaatggta tattagagta ggagctagaa aatcagcacc tttaattgaa ttgtgcgtgg
    28081 atgaggctgg ttctaaatca cccattcagt acatcgatat cggtaattat acagtttcct
    28141 gtttaccttt tacaattaat tgccaggaac ctaaattggg tagtcttgta gtgcgttgtt
    28201 cgttctatga agacttttta gagtatcatg acgttcgtgt tgttttagat ttcatctaaa
    28261 cgaacaaact aaaatgtctg ataatggacc ccaaaatcag cgaaatgcac cccgcattac
    28321 gtttggtgga ccctcagatt caactggcag taaccagaat ggagaacgca gtggggcgcg
    28381 atcaaaacaa cgtcggcccc aaggtttacc caataatact gcgtcttggt tcaccgctct
    28441 cactcaacat ggcaaggaag accttaaatt ccctcgagga caaggcgttc caattaacac
    28501 caatagcagt ccagatgacc aaattggcta ctaccgaaga gctaccagac gaattcgtgg
    28561 tggtgacggt aaaatgaaag atctcagtcc aagatggtat ttctactacc taggaactgg
    28621 gccagaagct ggacttccct atggtgctaa caaagacggc atcatatggg ttgcaactga
    28681 gggagccttg aatacaccaa aagatcacat tggcacccgc aatcctgcta acaatgctgc
    28741 aatcgtgcta caacttcctc aaggaacaac attgccaaaa ggcttctacg cagaagggag
    28801 cagaggcggc agtcaagcct cttctcgttc ctcatcacgt agtcgcaaca gttcaagaaa
    28861 ttcaactcca ggcagcagta ggggaacttc tcctgctaga atggctggca atggcggtga
    28921 tgctgctctt gctttgctgc tgcttgacag attgaaccag cttgagagca aaatgtctgg
    28981 taaaggccaa caacaacaag gccaaactgt cactaagaaa tctgctgctg aggcttctaa
    29041 gaagcctcgg caaaaacgta ctgccactaa agcatacaat gtaacacaag ctttcggcag
    29101 acgtggtcca gaacaaaccc aaggaaattt tggggaccag gaactaatca gacaaggaac
    29161 tgattacaaa cattggccgc aaattgcaca atttgccccc agcgcttcag cgttcttcgg
    29221 aatgtcgcgc attggcatgg aagtcacacc ttcgggaacg tggttgacct acacaggtgc
    29281 catcaaattg gatgacaaag atccaaattt caaagatcaa gtcattttgc tgaataagca
    29341 tattgacgca tacaaaacat tcccaccaac agagcctaaa aaggacaaaa agaagaaggc
    29401 tgatgaaact caagccttac cgcagagaca gaagaaacag caaactgtga ctcttcttcc
    29461 tgctgcagat ttggatgatt tctccaaaca attgcaacaa tccatgagca gtgctgactc
    29521 aactcaggcc taaactcatg cagaccacac aaggcagatg ggctatataa acgttttcgc
    29581 ttttccgttt acgatatata gtctactctt gtgcagaatg aattctcgta actacatagc
    29641 acaagtagat gtagttaact ttaatctcac atagcaatct ttaatcagtg tgtaacatta
    29701 gggaggactt gaaagagcca ccacattttc accgaggcca cgcggagtac gatcgagtgt
    29761 acagtgaaca atgctaggga gagctgccta tatggaagag ccctaatgtg taaaattaat
    29821 tttagtagtg ctatccccat gtgattttaa tagcttctta ggagaatgac aaaaaaaaaa
    29881 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaa

  53. Canine Weapon says:

  54. >b> Despite it’s age and somewhat stilted action what is your opinion of the original B & W 1930 version of “All Quiet on The Western Front”?

    It was a great movie if you are into the drama of young men going to fight and seeing the realities of war….the moral decay. The War to end all wars…was a bloody and violent conflict with the use of gas and chemicals. I really liked the fact that there was no music in the film to take away or add to the drama. I never heard music on the battlefield…..just explosions and screams. That added a dose of reality. I remember when I got wounded, there was no drama of music… crashing of cymbals and no violins…..I just did not want to hear the bugle playing Taps.

    Pretty good movie though…..

  55. Well, it was tough…..last evening, I was locked in mortal combat with a power washer….nothing extravagant but a 3400 psi machine….I drop my guard for one brief second and “voila” ripped up the forefinger on the left hand….nothing serious but a couple stitches later and a tetnus shot and I was headed back home to milk my injury with the spousal unit and put in for another purple heart….. well, while sympathetic to my plight, my attempts at “milking” out the injury did not work and the Army, of course, turned down my application for another PH…..I appealed to the Pirate but his only comment was to pour grog on it as an antibiotic rememdy…then he said, and I quote, “No, ye wimpy bastard, I shall nah waste grog on mere flesh wound . Go about yer business ‘n quit botherin’ me when I be wit’ th’ wenches.

    So……the whole point of this dialogue was to relate what I ran into at the emergency ward at the hospital. The spousal unit drove me up there as I was keeping strong pressure upon an open wound…we walk in and the first thing said was, “maam, you can wait in your car, the waiting room is not open.”……then I check in and get back to the emergency area where I was x-rayed and an MRI to make sure that I did not have anything broken and no nerve or tendon damage as that is apparently common with pressure washer injuries. So, while they were putting in a local and running some stitches through, the conversation about Covid 19 was interesting to hear from the professionals. We were all in face masks and if I got dabbed with any more sanitizer, nothing was going to live……But…of the three nurses that were in the room and the doctor….every single one of them called the measures over kill. They said that of all the people that have come in in the last five weeks, not a single one tested positive. ( This was the emergency room area ). So, the professionals at this hospital said that they have seen normal flu cases worse than this…AND….they confirmed that they are under tremendous pressure to classify anything respiratory as Covid 19…..even a common cold.

    I asked them about all this distancing and closing of restaurants and such…..and they all agreed that it was not necessary here. They are tired of all the hoopla.

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