What happened to the Covid Lockdown?

coronavirus_lockdown__nem_L6iQkheMore glaring hypocrisy or outright lies?  Were the Covid lockdowns necessary?  Well, just last month they were.  Beaches were closed.  Churches were closed.  Business’s were closed.  In many of these closed areas, they have not been reopened yet, but apparently the Right to protest is more important than spreading a deadly virus.  You can protest, but don’t dare go to church yet.  You can protest, but don’t open your business yet.  What the Fu…….  However, the best part of this has yet to come.  What if there are no virus spikes in high protest areas?  What if it’s a massive spike?  The Crats are in a no win situation where they have kept things closed, like NYC.  If there is NO spike, they killed the economy by over reacting.  If there is a massive spike, they failed to protect the citizens (which they have done anyway).  It wasn’t long ago the Liberal media was claiming Trump wanted to kill people by moving the RNC Convention and having it.  Oh the karma that is coming.


  1. Stats from the Washington Post:

    10 unarmed blacks killed by cops in 2019
    20 unarmed whites killed by cops in 2019

    Of the 10 blacks, five attacked the cop, one was an accident, two were deemed within the law and two cops are facing charges.

    89 cops were killed in the line of duty in 2019.

    Things that make you go HMMM? That’s not what we’re being told.

    • I’ve seen these statistics before. Nothing much has changed since Ferguson. The basic premise for the existence of BLM was based on a lie and it is still based on a lie. Unfortunately, one political party and the MSM support the lie and the other will not call it out. There is no genocide of unarmed black men or women by the police. There are justified shootings and on rare occasions unjustified ones. In this last case, their is near universal opinion that the death was unjustified. The wheels of justice turn slowly but they are turning.

      By all accounts, this cop was a bad apple. Unfortunately he was protected by the code of silence and by the union. Why is this not one of the main talking points of the protestors?

      The lying of the main stream media and the Democrat party have been incessant for the last 3.5 years. It is blatantly obvious and it is doing real harm to the country. It is dividing us into two camps that will eventually lead to civil war. No one should want that.

      Unfortunately, I do not see the rank and file of the Democrat party coming to grips with the situation. I see lemmings that will follow their leaders over the cliff. This includes our friend here. I will not give the majority of the Republican party a pass either. They have been far to quiescent about these happening and have not fought back as hard or as intelligently as the should have. The have kowtowed to the MSM in the hopes of getting good press which never comes.

      The D party is the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, black poverty, and racial division. The civil rights act was originally pushed by Eisenhower but defeated by the Ds in congress. When it passed it was due to Republican support. Johnson started the Great Society welfare system that has been a total failure, destroying both white and black families. It is the heart of our current problems. The Ds support racial quotas, i.e., that one man is more equal to another because of his skin color. This is flat out un-American. They support the socialist teachers unions in our big cities which perpetuates the low proficiency of our schools and failure due to the scourge of low expectations. They support unlimited immigration which suppresses wages of the lower classes thus keeping this class in perpetual poverty and serfdom. They support the fascist group Antifa which is the new KKK for the now socialist Democrat party.

      Most of the above comes from well to do white elitist who think they know better than everyone else. Unfortunately our education system was hijacked by socialist, so their children and even some children of conservatives have been brain washed into hating this country, capitalism, and our founding fathers and documents.

      Tonight I am pessimistic that we can change this in the future. Even if Trump is re-elected, the same battles will continue for the next 4 years. The only solution I see is for the MSM to finally realize what harm they have done and for the rank and file of this country to totally repudiate the Democratic party. I predict this will not happen. Sadly I see failure in the future for this country. We will be told it is progress, yet another lie.

      • You have left out the so-called “systemic racism” which is a crock of well placed dinosaur dung. That is a catch all phrase to where there is no end. Any cultural difference is called systemic. I though, after growing up in the 60’s, and seeing the hate that we would evolve. We have not. The hate is about the same if not worse than the 60’s and the great society and a basket full of laws SUPPOSEDLY designed to create equality has only served to isolate more.

        The police issue is not going to change. It will get worse as well.
        If I were a young man today looking for work, I certainly would not consider the police. Bad apples ruin the bunch and the people of this country are buying into this theory. I like the idea of de-funding the police. Let’s do it……take away the police and let the anarchists have it. That what it appears the Dems want (Yes, Mathius, I am painting with a broad brush.)

        I am thinking, since I am pretty much immune now….I have my money, no bills, and I can adjust my income to fit whatever tax laws are out there, it might not be a bad idea to let the Dems control it all. When they do, they will be more powerful than Trump ever thought about being, more corrupt that Obama ever was, and this country will become a greater debtor nation than it is now with more control given over to China. The progressive left may not think they will do this, but it will happen.

        Perhaps it would be best. Under Carter, the military had no funds to train. I know..I was there. Under Clinton, the military was gutted yet again and had no funds to train….I know..I was there. Under Obama, the military was gutted and no money to by diesel fuel to to train, no parts for our planes……I know..I was there. It will come again.

        So, perhaps we need to let it go….and then see who does all the complaining. Make everyone the same…we are one. Zieg Heil.

        • I’m all for no police where the voters decide, by precinct, with strict repercussions of criminals getting caught in a precinct with police. Or maybe just take the cops out of every Blue city and let’s see how things go. Since the Crats can’t seem to manage their cities and states very well, may as well save lots of money and remove them with the cops (they would run like hell anyway). Firemen and paramedics will be next when it’s too dangerous to work there.

          My guess is that the cops will be standing down quite a bit anyway. Let them burn, loot and destroy their cities. No wonder Pelosi wanted mail in voting, she probably knew this was coming.

    • I went to the FBI files and this is what jumped out at me……I saw this graph. If I knew how to put it on here, I would but I will take the time to transcribe it.

      This study was from 2017 through first quarter this year entitled Number of people shot to death by police from 2017 to date, by race.

      Whites: 2017- 457, 2018-399. 2019-370, and 2020 to date – 42

      Blacks: 2017 – 223, 2018-209, 2019-235, and 2020 to date -31

      I will stop here because everything else is lower. So, would someone make the case of racism based on these stats?

      • I know, I know 😀

        Whites are much easier to see at night and blacks are missed 75% more often 😛

      • Mathius says:

        Let’s take those numbers at face value.

        42 W and 31 B, YTD.

        We’re halfway through the year, more or less, so let’s just double and round for ease of use.

        That’s 80 W and 60 B.

        First of all, that’s a lot of people. Let’s not be fooled. Unless there’s something special about the US, it’s worth noting that, in the UK, 3 people were killed by police last year and 22 over the last decade. Now, we’re bigger, of course, about ~5.5x. So, in the UK, over the last decade, adjusting for population, their police have killed an average of 12 people per year. Our police do that more or less monthly. (disclaimer: back of the napkin math)

        (Hint: yes, there is something special about the US vs the UK.. we have a lot of guns and they don’t.)

        Ok, but let’s ignore that for the moment.

        Back to 80 W and 60 B.

        Here’s the thing. Black people account for 13% of the population. White people (non-Hispanic) account for 60% (per wiki).

        If we gross those number up to 100% to split the kills between the two groups, B is 18% and W is 82%.

        So, given 140 deaths, we would expect, all things being equal, 25B and 115W.

        NOW do you see the problem?

        B: expected 25 / actual 60 (2.4x)
        W: expected 115 / actual 80 (0.70x)

        NOW do you see the problem?

        Black people are dying by police – with respect to their population size – at 2.4x what they “should” be and whites are dying at 0.7x.


        Now, there are ALLLLL kinds of complicating factors… who commits the crimes which draw the police which result in the deaths? How are they recorded? How does the relative wealth impact the relative health care and thus survivability of being shot by the police (eg, maybe whites are shot a lot more, but just survive more, so they’re not in this statistic)? Etc.


        So this isn’t gospel, but maybe you see a bit of where the problem is … it’s just that “more whites get shot”… and, yes, it’s good that the numbers are decreasing, but the same racial-vs-population disparity persists through the whole dataset you provided… it’s that, PER CAPITA, black people are killed by cops ~3.5x as often as white people (2.4/0.7=~3.5).

        If I gave you a choice to be a member of Group A or Group B and I told you that Group A gets killed 3.5x more per capita than Group B… I think you might be upset to find that – oops, you were actually paced into Group A at birth and don’t get a say in the matter. And I don’t think you’d find it comforting that Group B had slightly more total deaths when that group is ~4.6x bigger.

        • Fact, blacks commit 40% of the crimes so interact more often with the police than do whites. Of those statistics, how many were armed and resisted arrest?

          If you want to impact the problem, attack the poverty, poor education, and break down of the family. Trump was making strides with the poverty part by improving the economy. Education is local and state so he has no control there. As for families, that is mostly due to the welfare state and we know what fight we will have to change that.

          Another part of the problem is victim and general black culture. There are plenty of poor whites but they do not commit the same level of crimes that blacks do. Why?

          Please Mathius do some serious introspection.

          • Mathius says:

            Fact, blacks commit 40% of the crimes so interact more often with the police than do whites. Of those statistics, how many were armed and resisted arrest?

            FACT: Black people are charged or convicted or arrested for 40% of the crimes.

            You suppose that they interact with police more because they commit more crimes, but it is possible that they are simply charged / arrested / convicted more because they are policed more aggressively.

            Correlation is not causation.

            By the way, I’d wager good money that all the biggest white-collar crimes – you know, the ones that screw over thousands of people – are almost entirely committed by white people… just sayin’… maybe black people get arrested for pot more often, but when it comes to running multi-billion dollar ponzi schemes that wipe out the wealth of whole pensions, well, that seems to be an overwhelmingly white-people crime..

            If you want to impact the problem, attack the poverty, poor education, and break down of the family.

            You know.. this sounds like a really, really good point.

            Now… where have I heard it before…?

            Mathius said:

            And then we have to look at the black community and note two factors: (1) black men are disproportionately arrested, charged, convicted, and receive harsher sentences. This breaks up black families leading to the aforementioned fatherless children who repeat the cycle. (2) structural wellfare, in many contexts, disfavors the two-parent household. Both because the father may not be as “needed” to support the family and because, in certain cases, an actual economic incentive may exist that favors being separate households.

            Mathius said:


            LOOOOOTTTTSSSS of education.

            With a HEAVY focus on debate, logic, reasoning, logical fallacies, and the scientific method.

            And then couple that with low-cost trade schools.

            Not just for black people, but everyone.

            And find a way to make “minimum wage” a “living wage” because it sure as hell isn’t enough right now. At least not everywhere.

            There are plenty of poor whites but they do not commit the same level of crimes that blacks do. Why?


            Assumes facts not in evidence.

            Poor whites do not get ARRESTED/CHARGED/CONVICTED of crimes at the same levels. This does not mean that they they do not commit such crimes.

            One of the main gripes of the protesters is that, for a given crime, you’re much less likely to get arrested if you’re white and, if arrested, much less likely to get convicted and, if convicted, much more likely to receive a lighter sentence.

            One could argue this until they’re blue in the fact, however.

            Please Mathius do some serious introspection.

            What introspection, exactly, are you looking for me to do here?

            Are you looking for me to reach the conclusion that black people are just more criminal than us crackers?

            I think there are a plethora of factors and at least ONE of them is a systemic bias in the justice system which results in harsher policing and harsher sentencing. I’m not saying – I’ve never said – that black and white communities are exactly equal and the only reason they are arrested more is because of police bias, but neither have I said the inverse – that black people are just more criminal and the police are perfectly even-handed.

            The answer – as it so often does – lies in a combination of factors:
            1. welfare dependence (which sometimes disincentivizes the two-parent household) and can also weaken the incentive for self-sufficiency.
            2. harsher policing / sentencing (which leads to black males being incarcerated at a higher rate and, thus, reducing two-parent households).*
            3. Inferior education opportunities in poorer communities.
            4. A culture which does not value (and sometimes actively discourages) education (eg “acting white”).** (worth the watch)
            5. The classical “generational poverty trap” of low wealth birth –> low opportunity –> low success –> children born into low wealth.

            And if there’s some genetic component at play here, which I just don’t credit, it’s probably dwarfed by the foregoing.


            *Note that #2 is a chicken-and-egg problem.. the harsher policing leading to fatherlessness leading to delinquent kids leading to criminality leading to harsher policing.

            **If I had to pick, I’d argue this is the BIG one.

            • QED. You just justified and excused the continuation of the problem. That makes you part of the problem.

              Police got to where the crimes are being committed. They follow the science and statistics.

              As for the fathers in jail, they decided that committing the crime was a higher priority than being a father. In many cases, I doubt there were even in the home to start with.

              • Mathius says:

                You just justified and excused the continuation of the problem.

                I’m unclear where I did this.

                I pointed out where I believe the roots of the problem lay.

                I don’t think I “excused” or “justified” anything.

                As for the fathers in jail, they decided that committing the crime was a higher priority than being a father.

                Maybe. Maybe not. But it isn’t about THEM, it’s about the children they leave behind.

                When those fathers are locked up – for whatever reason – their children do not have a father.

                Children without fathers are MASSIVELY more likely to become delinquents.

                I’m not saying “ignore the fathers’ crimes so they can stay home and raise better kids,” but sure you can see how there’s a self-perpetuating cycle at play here, can’t you?

                For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generation.

            • Do you think drug legalization would help? Fewer crimes to police, fewer fathers in jail, less violence in general?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      When the black population is only 12% of the total and whites 61% then you MUST order the police to shoot more whites to make it fair. I suggest that each major city PD be given a weekly quota.

      Now, if you really want to be “fair” then you must make up for past injustices which will require massive police shootings of whites spread out over several years. In that case, I suggest a lottery where whites are selected at random to be hunted down by trained Police Hunter-Killer groups until such time as we can “equalize” the proportions based on historical totals. The alternative would be changing the punishment for crimes or offenses based on race. We could continue with the current model for blacks and other minorities but increase the penalty for things like overtime meter parking by whites to death.

      • Stephen…remember back in the 70’s and early 80’s the quota system based on per capita and such. It did not work then and it will not work now. Never once, when I had over 300 employees, did I hire on the basis of color. But I also did not hire on the basis of per capita. I rejected the the premise that if the population where your work is a certain percentage, then your workers must be that percentage. Horse hockey.

        I had a hiring requirement and it was pretty simple. Depending upon the job that was available, depended upon the test they received. My lowest paying job was that of a wash rack person. I required that they pass a reading test, a math test, and speak the English language. The higher paying jobs required more. Now this was all before the advent of personal computers. A simple wrench turner was required to read proficiently. They were required to be able to use simple math. (addition and subtraction) and speak clear and precise English.

        I did not care about the color of their skin. If they could do the job and pass my requirements, they got hired. Another example would have been my personal secretary. Word processing was not out yet…..They had to have a high school education. They had to type a minimum of 45 words per minute without mistakes. They were required to take dictation and they were required to do shorthand. I also required bi lingual in Spanish. The formal Spanish and not this Tex-mex as we call it. I speak formal Spanish (Castilian) and I required it of the my secretary. I did not care what the color of their skin was even back then when Mexican males would not even talk to black or ASIAN Secretaries. Meet the BFOQ, you were hired.

        Of the many business owners that I know….and have had interaction with, I do not know of one single business man…..in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, or Illinois where we did business that discriminated on the basis of race. That shit died out in the late 60’s.

        Statistics can be used a variety of ways……as I have posted here before…..My lat father brought me saying two things……(1) When you are out of cash, you are out of luck and (2) figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Who the hell do you think you are, Mr Spock? The absolute unmitigated nerve you have being logical! For shame…..it’s 20 months in the new reeducation camp for you.

          Seriously, some idiot “professor” said we should take a leaf from Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution and have people like us brought before groups of “peoples representatives” where we can sit in the middle of a circle of yelling, screaming, taunting people and admit our “crimes”. Then I guess it will be a year in the rice paddies for us.

  2. U.S.—University economists and government regulators at local, state, and federal levels are “genuinely impressed” with how quickly private sector agents have been able to completely destroy local businesses, both small and large.

    “I’m impressed,” murmured Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “They literally destroyed that little mom and pop shop. Everything is gone.”

    Looters were busy all across America in every major city setting fires and looting stores without much opposition from local law enforcement who had been told that they had better not escalate tensions with the large angry crowds hurling objects at them.

    “Normally, destroying local businesses to this extent would take decades of onerous taxes, business licenses and fees, and various crippling regulations- and even then, the pesky giant corporations are big enough to weather all these interventions,” said a sorrowful economist named Paul Krugman.

    “I have to hand it to the private sector looters, they were way more efficient than big government this time. The destruction is total- even on the big box stores,” Krugman said excitedly as his eyes remained glued to the television broadcast. “And all those broken windows,” he added with a glint in his eyes.

    Krugman then ushered reporters out of his office claiming he was waiting for a very important fax to come through.

    At publishing time, state and local government regulators were in talks with other university professors on how they could implement some private sector reforms to their efforts to hobble the operations of a market economy permanently.

  3. Did anyone catch Obama’s little empathy speech on TV? I am going to don the Mathius hat of reading minds and this is what I heard…..my interpretation.

    It is a shame that so many business’ got burned and looted but perhaps this is what is needed to bring racism to light.

    synopsis: Go ahead and loot and burn to get your message out.

  4. GMan…Is PA open for haircuts yet? May need to take a roadtrip. It’s getting ugly around here. 🙂

  5. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I eagerly await Dr. Fauci’s expert scientific opinion on the efficacy of rioting to end systematic racism.

  6. It just occurred to me the arsonists were doing us a favor. They were sanitizing the stores for us.

  7. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    General Mathis joins the fray and does not point to a single example of the “division” he talks about!

    He is supposed to understand history, one would think that during his military education, somewhere along the line, he would have encountered information on Eisenhower and Kennedy using, despite opposition, using the United States Army to restore order and “civil rights”. Let us NOT even get into Woodrow Wilson or Lincoln and their meddling with the Constitution.

    Somehow, I assume, HIS grocery store will not be burned to the ground in the next few days nor will his post office be looted preventing his retirement checks from being delivered. I had thought better of him. He is also too stupid to understand the “effect” the threat had on getting people like Wolf in PA and Cuomo off their fat asses in one quick hurry. A real Teddy moment!


  8. Time for a rant 😛

    I’m seeing complete and utter lunacy and damn it, it’s coming from the Left. Today, as I write this, thousands if not millions are memorializing George Floyd. We all know the narrative. First, if Floyd was a piece of white trash, there would be crickets from Liberals, period. It would barely, if at all make the news. So with that in mind, the cops will deal with the court system as should be the case. But I’ll be damned if I shed a tear after all of recent happenings over a career criminal, who was high on illegal narcotics, which was the cause of his interaction with the cops to begin with. This all nothing more than narrative driven left wing bullshit. The Left wants an all powerful State, when the free cookies are there, but when it’s time to be responsible in life, OH NO,we can’t have that, it’s racist to tell blacks to act that way. It’s racist to demand law and order for the so called oppressed. Well, bullshit on that.

    Police brutality has cost local governments millions in payouts for decades. The cops are protected by liberal unions and just go back out and do it again. So, in my opinion, the cop problem lies at the liberals feet. Wake up already.

    If George Floyd would have been murdered by another black person, crickets from the Left. Ten people in Chicago killed Memorial Day weekend, crickets from the Left. Hypocrits, and I’m not playing that silly game anymore. Liberals have just led the black population down another 60 years of poverty. There won’t be any changes coming. This will happen again and again and the reason has been front and center….Democrat leadership.

    Rant over!

    • Eleven dead due to the riots. Their lives don’t matter.

    • Why does the left defend violent criminals that resist arrest?

      Do not commit a crime and you will not be arrested.

      Do not resist arrest and you will not be hurt/killed.

      I have asked this simple question and made these two simple statements many times over the last week. Nobody on the left will answer the question. All I get are accusations, false statements, hypocrisy and deflection.

      This is sickening!

  9. Mathius says:

    “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”


    “When I joined the military, some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside.”


    “Only by adopting a new path—which means, in truth, returning to the original path of our founding ideals—will we again be a country admired and respected at home and abroad.”

    – General James Mathius… err.. Mattis


    Any takers on this? You Colonel?

    • Takers? For what? A disgruntled general that was fired by Obama and again by Trump?

      • Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens Has Mattis provided any order or written documents or any other proof of this?

        Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people— This is his opinion, of course, and he is entitled to it. We all know, of course, that his statement is not true.

        We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. I would like to see his examples of a deliberate effort by Trump to alienate the people of this country. I would like to see any example of a deliberate attempt to alienate America. True examples and not innuendo or hypothetical issues. Like dropping out of the Paris accord..this is nothing. Dropping the Iran nuclear agreement…this is nothing. So, I would like to see what Mattis says is deliberate.

        I don’t know, Sir Mathius. Lots of sour grapes here without some facts to evaluate.

        • Mathius says:

          I’ll remind you, COLONEL, that he was a GENERAL. Your response when a general makes a statement is “Yes, sir, general, sir!”

          Now, shall we try this again?

          Or did you want to be Lieutenant Colonel D13?

          • If I am given a lawful direct order, I will salute and say…yes sir and do my best to carry it out.

            Nowhere, is there a responsibility to rubber stamp thoughts or innuendo or opinions of any general.

            There are two ranks, that if I were to be removed as a Colonel and I had my choice. I would go back to being a captain…..or a Command Sergeant Major.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          As I asked above. What actions? When Trump first talked about deploying troops the media all jumped on saying that had NEVER been done before. We, here, showed that to be an outright lie.

          For the more gullible out there, ask yourself how many Federal troops have been deployed by Trump. Then ask yourself the following…..How many governors FINALLY cracked down hard AFTER they were told Federal troops MIGHT be deployed.

          Smart that Trump, smart poker player.

  10. Mathius says:

    I saw a meme that made some claims about polling places in Indiana and I thought… well.. that’s pretty egregious, so I decided to go digging. And I couldn’t find much news about it beyond some vague hand-waving… so, I went digging. I have confirmed all the below data and put it in a nice, neat little table for your enjoyment. And, here, I present you the results of my digging:


    • Well, what does this exactly show me? So, you are trying to tell me that this is some proof of discrimination or systemic discrimination? You will have to try harder than this. Your theory being that Hamilton has 125 polling places for a 83% white population…..I say so what. I see nothing wrong with the allocation of polling places UNLESS….UNLESS….you are trying to tell me that in these areas that no one got to vote or that there were long lines. I do not care about long lines but I would be sensitive to this if you are telling me that it suppressed the vote. If the vote was suppressed it would be for both white and black……so no harm, no foul as far as discrimination is concerned…but great harm and great foul if the voters could not get to the polls.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        You will have to show me the housing stock. How many voting sites were there when I lived in a NYC apartment house neighborhood that had 435 Housing units on a single block probably containing 1,700 people vs. here in Fair lawn NJ where there are ten to sixteen housing units on the same size block containing 45-50 people maximum? Our 168th Street site covered a good part of an armory drill floor and serviced 20 to thirty of those blocks. Here in Fair lawn, we have sites that service 20 or 30 blocks located in every public facility and some private.

    • Marion Co. is Indianapolis, Hamilton is the next county north and Daviess is in the SW corner. So, not surprising, the more rural counties have more precincts per capita. Now one would need to break down the 22 sites in Marion Co. to see if the density is proportioned uniformly vs the demographics to determine if there are shenanigans going on.

    • You would also need to look at the facilities used. The War Memorial downtown can handle thousands of people as could the motor speedway and the state fair grounds.

  11. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Is it too soon to at least start asking exactly WHAT got Mr. Floyd arrested and what precipitated his handcuffing and what happened after he was handcuffed.

    In the Staten Island Eric Gardner case, we do have extended video showing teh time f rom teh cops arrived to when EMS took the body away.No if’s there. But in the Rodney King case, if you watch ALL the video, you watched this man mountain resist and be so damn stoned that four cops could not take him down.

    Talked to Air Force son Joseph who because of where he has lived and been stationed has some experience with crystal meth users. Joe is left of center but has NOT made up his mind on this case, after watching the video because he has had personal experience with Crystal meth users who, and I’ve seen this too, can come back from something that looks like clinically dead to full, aggressive, revived, insane full Zombie mode in seconds.

    • In the above video, Candice Owen alludes to a long rap sheet and several stints in jail. She also states he was on fentaynl and another drug. This might explain why the cops had to drag him across the street to the squad car. He was the driver so add to his list of crimes a DUI. The original stop was because he reportedly passed a fake $20 bill. There were 2 other people removed from the car when it was stopped. JAC reported that he refused to get in the squad car claiming claustrophobia. This is why he allegedly went to the ground.

    • Mathius says:

      Is it too soon to at least start asking exactly WHAT got Mr. Floyd arrested and what precipitated his handcuffing


      Because that is irrelevant. Once he was under control, there were no longer grounds for causing harm to a subdued suspect.

      He could have been a wanted cop-murderer, freshly covered in the blood of the officer’s partner.. whom he also ate… and it wouldn’t change a damned thing.

      Once the guy is not a threat, you don’t get to use force. Once he’s subdued, pressing your knee into his neck – while he begs that he can’t breathe – until he is unresponsive – and then leaving it there another 2+ minutes – is just murder.

      Explain to me why or how ANYTHING that Floyd could have done would have ANY relevance to why or how it was appropriate or acceptable in any way for a cop to press his knee into an unconscious man’s neck?

      Focusing on what he did (allegedly passing a counterfeit bill or maybe counterfeit check – I’ve heard both) and even if he resisted arrest are just wholly irrelevant victim-blaming.

      Was he a criminal? Probably? Maybe? I don’t know.

      And it does. not. matter.

      Because he was down, in cuffs, and unresponsive for more than two minutes while the cop kept his knee on his neck. And he was clearly no threat long before even that.

      If someone attacks you and you knock them out, that’s just fine. But if you then proceed to keep kicking him until he dies, you’re a murderer. See the difference? And it doesn’t matter that “he started it.” What matters is that you used unnecessary force. And any effort to focus on him starting it is just irrelevant – he was down and out when you murdered him. His aggression, his crime, ended when you knocked him out and eliminate the threat – your decision to keep going after that point is a new crime.

      and what happened after he was handcuffed.

      Well, we know that.. there’s a video.

      • Is it too soon to at least start asking exactly WHAT got Mr. Floyd arrested and what precipitated his handcuffing.

        WE already know why. Because he tried to pass a fake 20 and was high on fentanyl and the shop owner called 911.

        Does it matter? Yes, it will to a jury.

        Did he deserve to die? No, stupid doesn’t result in the death penalty.

        Do we know the whole story? No, all we know is what we saw on a 9 minute video.

        Should the cops be charged and tried? Yes, this is how justice works.

        Is Joe Biden a complete idiot? Yes, Yes he is 😛

        • Mathius says:

          Because he tried to pass a fake 20

          Passing a fake bill isn’t a crime.

          KNOWINGLY passing a fake bill is a crime.

          I’ve received a questionable bill in the past.. it was a ten and I pinned it up on my board at work for posterity and then, of course, lost it (along with my 100 Trillion dollar Zimbabwe dollar! So, you know, they were probably stollen.). I could have easily tried to spend it without noticing and had the cops called on me.

          and was high on fentanyl and the shop owner called 911.

          There were two autopsies. One by the state coroner who found fentanyl and no signs of neck trauma or suffocation and one by a privately commissioned doctor who found exactly the opposite.

          So your CONCLUSION that he was high on fentanyl is based on disputed facts.

          It’s also completely irrelevant.

          Does it matter? Yes, it will to a jury.

          He was down and under control. And the cop kept his knee on his neck for 2:43 during which he was non-responsive.

          Are you trying to make a distinction between felony assault and murder?

          That is, sure, the cop assaulted him for 2:43 (at least) during which the man was unconscious.. but, yea, sure, maybe the fentayl in his system someone is the actual reason he died?

          Do we know the whole story? No, all we know is what we saw on a 9 minute video.

          What more do you need?

          The guy was under control. He was down and subdued and the cop kept his knee on the guy’s neck.

          If I attack you and you knock me out, do you get to keep hitting me? Does it matter in any way what I did before you knocked me out that can justify you continuing to hurt me when I am no longer a threat?

          The WHOLE crime is the portion of that video AFTER Floyd is subdued. That’s where the crime starts. And the crime ends when the cops release him to the EMTs. That’s the scope of the crime. The ENTIRE crime, start to finish, is caught on video. And focusing on anything outside of that scope is a distraction.

          Nobody (sane) is objecting to Floyd being arrested or detained or subdued. They’re objecting to the fact that a guy was unconscious and a cop kept his knee of the guy’s neck for 2:43 until the man was dead. And they further object to people pretending that “yea, but he was a drug-using criminal” has any relevance to the fact that the cop kept his knee on the guy’s neck for 2:43 until the man was dead.

          Should the cops be charged and tried? Yes, this is how justice works.


          Yes it is.

          Floyd should have been charged and tried, too… but I don’t see you giving him NEARLY as much benefit of the doubt as you’re giving the cop.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Just based on past performance, the ME tends to cover the cops. Eric Gardiner died of “heart failure” not a strangle hold. Now, inquiring minds might just want to know if the “stress” of being strangled while held down by four cops, might have induced a heart attack if that even happened?

            The Staten Island DA, now a congressman, used the heart attack thing to justify NOT charging the midget, organ grinder, monkey cop with murder or manslaughter.

            Somewhere along the line, SOMEBODY is going to scream, “he was resisting arrest”. I just want to know if he was?

            In MY 1968 cop story, the cop tried everything in his filthy vocabulary plus shoving and bracing me against a wall, not to mention degrading my girlfriend and threatening with his stick to get me to make a move but Daddy didn’t raise no dummies.

            • Mathius says:

              I was going to draw comparisons to Garner.. but I was getting long winded already.

              Yea… I find the ME ruling awfully convenient.. but the private ME is pretty suspect, too.

              As seems to be increasingly the case, it’s hard for me to know what to believe.

          • There were two autopsies. One by the state coroner who found fentanyl

            ME’s do not find drugs in the system, they send blood to a lab and get back a toxicology report on whats in the blood. Floyd had meth and fentanyl in his blood, period.

            I still wonder why 3 cops were holding Floyd down. I would suspect his condition (high) was making him unruly and threatening. Time will tell and it will all come out. Like I said yesterday, I won’t be shedding any tears.

            • Mathius says:

              I still wonder why 3 cops were holding Floyd down. I would suspect his condition (high) was making him unruly and threatening.

              He probably was.

              At first.

              But then he wasn’t.

              And we know this because it’s on tape.

              And once he wasn’t, why do you need 3 cops holding him down and a knee in his neck?

              How is this justifiable?

      • If someone attacks you and you knock them out, that’s just fine. But if you then proceed to keep kicking him until he dies, you’re a murderer. See the difference? Can I at least carve my initials on his forehead? Break an arm or two? In reality, if I get attacked on the street or anywhere, I AM NOT required to use only the force necessary to stop the attack. If I am attacked, he will not attack again. Now, if for some unexplained reason I only knock him out, no, I will not kill him like the protesters do while lying on the ground, but he will not get away with a simple knock out. I might go ahead and smash a knee or arm. But shame on me for knocking him out. I have no compunction, Mathius, about killing someone who attacks me. None….what…so…ever.

        What matters is that you used unnecessary force. You, my friend, do not get to make that determination. At no point, does an attacker become a victim.

        Question for you…. I am a fourth Dan in Martial Arts….I used to be quicker than I am now but I can still hold my own. Because I can do this, in your mind, do I have the right to defend myself in any way that I wish? If I am packing heat and I am attacked, in your mind, do I have a duty to control the situation or just defend myself without remorse or compunction? If juror Mathius was on a jury, and I said that I used the force that I deemed necessary to defend myself and my family, where does your responsibility lie?

        • Mathius says:

          You, my friend, do not get to make that determination. At no point, does an attacker become a victim.

          This is just wrong, sir.


          I break into your house and you knock me out.

          I’m no longer a threat.

          But you tie me up in your basement and beat me every day for 10 years. You shove splinters under my finder nails. You make me listen to Alex Jones. You feed me only tofu.

          Surely, at some point, I’m the victim here.

          Just because I wronged you FIRST doesn’t give you carte blanche to whatever you want to me. Only what you NEED to do to me.

          In reality, if I get attacked on the street or anywhere, I AM NOT required to use only the force necessary to stop the attack. If I am attacked, he will not attack again. Now, if for some unexplained reason I only knock him out, no, I will not kill him like the protesters do while lying on the ground, but he will not get away with a simple knock out. I might go ahead and smash a knee or arm.

          I know Texas is a different planet, but I’d be surprised if even in Texas you weren’t tried for assault for this.

          Now, if you are defending yourself and you do… a lot of harm… that’s fine. But once the threat is eliminated, that’s where your right to hurt him ends.

          Per our friends at the wonderful FindLaw website:

          As a general rule, self-defense only justifies the use of force when it is used in response to an immediate threat. The threat can be verbal, as long as it puts the intended victim in an immediate fear of physical harm. Offensive words without an accompanying threat of immediate physical harm, however, do not justify the use of force in self-defense.

          Moreover, the use of force in self-defense generally loses justification once the threat has ended. For example, if an aggressor assaults a victim but then ends the assault and indicates that there is no longer any threat of violence, then the threat of danger has ended. Any use of force by the victim against the assailant at that point would be considered retaliatory and not self-defense.

          Boy, that seems right on the nose, doesn’t it?

          Because I can do this, in your mind, do I have the right to defend myself in any way that I wish? If I am packing heat and I am attacked, in your mind, do I have a duty to control the situation or just defend myself without remorse or compunction?

          You have a right to end the immediate threat. If the guy is still a threat, you are still in danger, and you can still fight, shoot, or call in an airstrike.

          Once he’s unconscious on the ground, you don’t get to hurt him.

          If juror Mathius was on a jury, and I said that I used the force that I deemed necessary to defend myself and my family, where does your responsibility lie?

          You can do what YOU feel YOU need to do in the moment while under threat.

          If the threat is over and you continue hurting him, then you are committing assault.

          If the guy is unconscious, there’s no JUSTIFICATION for you to break his arm. JUROR Mathius would send you to the clink.

          • Texas has multiple statutes addressing self-defense, including circumstances detailing when deadly force is justified. Texas also permits the use of force (deadly or not) to protect a third person under the same circumstances that he or she would protect himself as long as the intervention is believed to be immediately necessary to protect the third person.

            If the person who used force knew or had reason to believe that it was being used against one who was entering or attempting to enter his or her home, business or vehicle; removing or attempting to remove the person from his or her home, business or vehicle; OR committing or attempting to commit:

            sexual assault
            aggravated kidnapping
            aggravated sexual assault
            aggravated robbery

            Note: Self-defense is not allowed if the person claiming the defense:

            provoked the person they were defending against
            was engaged in a criminal activity (other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law regulating traffic).


            It does not say that I cannot carve my initials in his forehead.

            • Mathius says:

              It says you can DEFEND yourself (or others).

              You cannot DEFEND yourself from an unconscious person because an unconscious person cannot be a threat.

              Section 9.31 of the Texas Penal Code:

              (a) Except as provided in Subsection (b), a person is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect the actor against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful force.


              It goes on for a bit, but that’s the key bit. That the force is IMMEDIATELY NECESSARY TO PROTECT you (or others) from unlawful force.

              Once the guy is down, it is NOT “immediately necessary” to protect anyone.

  12. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, says he’s hearing that Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser plans to evict at least 1,200 National Guard troops from city hotels after she clashed with President Trump over the handling of George Floyd unrest in the city.

    Go ahead. Evict them and then de-fund your police. I dare you.

  13. Mathius says:


    Now, I can do a plain-text reading.. and, well, it’s not really saying anything we didn’t already know.

    And I can read a bit between the lines (that this is a rebuke of the actions in Lafayette Park). The “Please remind […] leaders that we will uphold the values of our nation” bit maybe sets my spider-sense to tingling.. that the military might balk (read: mutiny!) at being given certain kinds of commands that are not in-line with the values of this nation? Hard to see that happening, but that seems to be what it’s implying.. maybe?

    But I am told that you have to be military to really get the scope of this document.

    Would anyone care to weigh in here?


    I also see that it’s dated 6/2, which means it’s now 3 days old, and hasn’t been picked up “bigly” by any media that I’ve seen. I haven’t seen Trump rage-tweeting about it. All I have is this paper and some idiots speculating what it might mean, but I don’t trust any of them further than I can throw them.

    Maybe I’m just ignorant and this kind of message is sent out every time there’s unrest and that’s why it’s not gaining traction? Maybe Trump hasn’t rage-tweeted about it because he’s shitting himself over it and trying to figure out how to purge everyone involved?

    I’d love if someone could offer up some perspective.

    • It’s self explanatory. A reminder to remain professional.

    • Well, I have a problem with this letter. Having seen and written MANY< MANY< MANY of these letters, there are two things that I find suspect on its face.

      1) NO,,,and I mean NO military letter goes out with a date hand written. Every single military letter that I have written or received has a typed date.

      2) For unclassified documents, you do not print unclassified on them. You simply put them out. Classifications are stamped.


      That said……this letter says to remain professional and do your job. every soldier knows his limitations and what is a lawful order or not.

  14. Sir Mathius, please allow me to explain the perplexity of being a National Guard soldier. It is not easy. They train right along the side of the regular army, navy, or air force. The guard has the same weapons and is taught the same way, other than the Texas Guard, all other National Guard units are assigned to regular military units when fighting wars. The Texas Guard, by its size, is the only reserve unit that is free standing……………then, the guard is trained in civilian functions as well…riot control, curfew, policing, natural disasters, etc. The guard has arrest and detainment capability while on duty in trouble spots.

    Unlike the Federal military, the guard may have to face his own neighbor in an unrest situation. Or forced to subdue and detain his own race. Or, worse, arrest and detain and possibly have to shoot a looter that is his own son or daughter. The guard takes the same oath of office and the officers and sgts are Federally recognized….That is to say that a 2nd Lt in the Guard is the same as a 2LT out of West Point.

    This is a tough position to be in. One main difference in the guard. They tend to be better educated because the M day soldier ( guardsmen paid on an hourly basis ) has a job in the civilian world and many a private or sgt in the guard are leaders of industry, bank presidents, policemen, firemen, etc. They are professional inside and outside of their work.
    To become an officer in the guard, you must be a college graduate in ranks 2lt through Captain…and in order to make field grade ( major through general) you must possess an advanced degree. The guard is not comprised o a bunch of high school dropouts because…..you must have finished high school to even get in.

    They are professionals.

  15. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The Buffalo incident!

    Watch carefully. Cop on screen left is only questionably at fault. Cop to his left (screen right) was the pusher. Cop left was starting to render aid when supervisor pushed him forward, supervisor talks into mic and proceeds to walk forward ignoring the unconscious bleeding from the head guy. Who would YOU indict?


    • The baton officer was pushing him in accordance with the guidelines of riot control. Two hands on the baton and moving him backwards. The officer that pushed the man with extended arm is the one that is outside normal protocol. The supervisor did exactly what he was supposed to do. Keep the line moving, get on his mike, and call for assistance which is what he did.

      Since the guard has been mentioned today, take a look at who rendered aid to the fallen man.

      As to age…..does not matter 6 or 60…..move.

    • Mathius says:

      Not loading for me…

      As to age…..does not matter 6 or 60…..move.

      I just can’t get behind this kind of thinking.

      These are police officers. They aren’t bears.

      They can use their brains.

      A six year old just isn’t a threat… it just is not appropriate for shove a six year old with a baton.

      I get these situations can be fluid or dangerous, and I make allowances where the situation calls for immediate snap decisions (again, I can’t see the video so I have no idea what’s happening here), but where it’s not a question of “a snap decision needs to be made in a critically dangerous situation,” shoving a 6 year old or a geriatric with a walker or or or or … I don’t care what “protocol” is.. it’s just wrong.

      Saw a video a few days ago where a cop knocked over a guy with a cane. There might have been rioters, but they weren’t in-frame and the cop didn’t seem to be in any danger at the moment. I’m sure he’d been ordered to clear the area, but, Jesus, man, come on! He’s an old man with a cane. Take his fucking arm and walk him where he needs to go. If he resists, if he pulls a knife, ok, fine, do what you need to do. If people are chucking Molotov and you aren’t sure if he’s one of them, sure, do what you think you need to do. But if the situation allows you to be rational, then you should behave as a civilized human being and act accordingly.

      If it’s a six year old – and the situation allows for it – you take his hand and lead him to safety. If it’s a sixty year old with a cane, you take his arm and help him get out of the way. And if he’s a rioter, well, then, he’s a rioter and you act accordingly, but maybe be as gentle as the situation allows.

      Police officers aren’t fucking animals. We give these people badges and weapons and power, and with that comes a certain amount of duty to their fellow man. They aren’t prison guards and us their wards – they’re police with the duty to protect and serve.

      And they should act like it!

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:
      • If there is a six year old present, find the parent and arrest them for child endangerment.

        • Mathius says:

          I mean.. yea, probably.

          But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the colonel’s assertion that age doesn’t matter and that if they’re in the way, they get shoved out of the way.

          It just doesn’t make sense.. it’s a child.

          You take the child’s hand, get them behind the line to a safe location. You show some HUMANITY.

          You sure as hell don’t shove a child with a baton.

          Again, I get it if there’s an active riot going on, it’s bedlam, there’s no time to think, “breaking the ranks” to help the kid might allow looters to get the upper hand, etc. That’s NOT what I’m talking about. If there’s a full blown riot and people are clashing with the police and there happens to be a kid in the thick of it, well, I would you’d TRY to avoid hurting the kid to the extent possible, but yea.. it’s a shit-storm. There’s no time to rescue kittens when you’re being shot at.

          But if it’s NOT a situation like that, you just don’t behave like it’s a situation like that.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Good thing you never fought in any of our “police actions” cause your approach to the elderly would have gotten you killed in Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, you name it.

            Age is not an AUTOMATIC get out of jail or EMPATHY DEMAND. Now, maybe the example you gave is not justified. But your arguments ignore human behavior and the reality of history. Women, Children and the Elderly have been used or volunteered to be booby traps for their cause. You reach for that kids hand and a grenade goes off in your face.

            I thought you were the expert of the gray zone. That your world has no black and white. Yet here you are presenting a black and white regarding age.

      • Actually age does not matter, Sir. If you are in a line moving people out of the way, you do not break ranks to “escort” anybody….any where. Now, you can do what we do, we simply walk around the child or elderly with a cane or wheelchair and let the follow up troops take care of them. We isolate. However, a moving line of riot control simply…DOES>>>NOT>>>STOP.

        Watch the video if you can, if you can…Stephen was asking about whether anyone should be charged with any sort of crime. I saw no crime but I did see an officer shove the man with an extended arm. This is a no no. He should be relieved of duties and reprimanded. It is not assault because it was a moving line of officers directing people in a certain direction. And they met a force that was not going to move or was not moving. Now, the protocol and riot control in this video is not what I have been taught and what I know works but this was not the guard or military.

        The elderly man was pushed backwards, lost his balance and went down in a heap hitting his head on the concrete and splitting it open. A police officer broke ranks to stop and help and a supervisor pushed the officer forward and stepped over the man bleeding the sidewalk. This is protocol. By pass the injured, call for aid, and keep moving. The supervisor was also correct.

        The lad who provided first aid was the military man in uniform, assisted by two other officers that were not front line.

        One other note, that was not in this video…women and children are quite often used in situations such as this. No one is going to hit a child and no one is going to hit an elderly person in a wheel chair or walker. ( Although I have a couple of grand children that could use a butt stroke at times…but being a grand father, I simply feed them m&m’s and Dr Pepper and give them back full of sugar).

        • Mathius says:

          Actually age does not matter, Sir.

          It’s not about “age” per se, though it may be an indicator, so much as “this person is a non-threat and highly vulnerable.”

          Protect and serve.

          A child, and old man with a cane, a woman bleeding from a head-wound.. it doesn’t matter.. if the person is a non-threat, AND the situation allows for it, then the police should act like human beings, not automatons.

          Now, you can do what we do, we simply walk around the child or elderly with a cane or wheelchair and let the follow up troops take care of them. We isolate. However, a moving line of riot control simply…DOES>>>NOT>>>STOP.

          Fine… I’ve read (a tiny bit) about riot formations and the training troops.. and, sure, this would be fine.

          You let the guy through for the other people to deal with.

          So why not do that? Why do you have to knock over an old fart who poses no threat?

          Stephen was asking about whether anyone should be charged with any sort of crime.

          From the descriptions I’m hearing, no.

          I’m not saying anyone did anything illegal in this situation – or in the one I saw previously, either.

          I’m just saying.. well… when the situation allows for it, police should act like human beings.

          • You let the guy through for the other people to deal with. Which is exactly what they did……however, the open arm shove was not called for and I agree that it was not called for…This man was hindering the movement of the line….he got shoved. Not good. You simply form your line and half step forward…and keep half stepping….people will move.

  16. These are police officers. They aren’t bears. This is quite true………..until it is time for them to be bears.

  17. the Floyd family and Al Sharpton announce an they will hold a massive march on Washington in August to call for a federal policing equality act

    Do it….fire all the local police and go to the federal police. Do it.

    Bermie Sanders says: Every police department violating people’s civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Do it.

    Instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we need to be investing in more jobs and education. One thing is abundantly clear: Every police department violating people’s civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Period…Bernie Sanders DO it.

    New York Mayor De Blasio,,,,,I will work to de-fund the NYPD by 30% DO it.

    Do it all !

  18. By the way…..anyone looked at your 401 recently? I do not have one but I have recovered 97 percent of my loss from three months ago.

    • Mine is down about 10%. I am currently moving the 401K to an IRA since the expense ratios in the 401K are high. My IRAs are down about the same but came back very nicely from the minimum. I also moved some cash into the market when it was below 20K so those funds have done well. Wish I have moved more but I wasn’t sure if we were at the bottom. I like the fact that I do not have to take an RMD this year. I have enough cash to make it through the year so by year end I expect it to all be recovered. Of course that depends on the outcome of the election. If Trump loses, the market could tank.

  19. JAC…I will be in your area sometime in September…T Ray, I will be in Reno sometime in September. How far is Truckee from you?

  20. I will pose a question. If the police in Minneapolis were to turn the officers over to the protesters, what would happen?

  21. A few responses to those asking whites to take a knee in atonement for white privilege:

    1) Are you a god because no American should kneel to a mere mortal?
    2) I have never met a white supremacist but I can now say I have met a black supremacist.
    3) To imply I am a racist based on the color of my skin is racist.

  22. Now you have a conundrum……..Two National Guard Commanders have responded to the issue of being kicked out of hotels and are taking their troops home. “We do not need to be where we are not wanted. Let the city burn”, said LTC Jonathon Spikes. In Minnesota, a 57 man special riot unit has had enough. They are leaving. The 27th Infantry Brigade Commander in New York has said that they will, not now, deploy even if ordered by the governor. Their commander responded that he will not deploy troops without weapons…there is no need. I will not put my troops in a riot situation, said the commander, without proper equipment. When police are getting shot and hammered with weaponry, unless I can fight back, I will not go.

    I agree. Sit tight and let the cities burn.

  23. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Have any of you caught the video of the dude asking handsome young white women to kneel and beg for forgiveness?

    Kraft-Ebing would love it! A whole NEW category of sexual deviation!

  24. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Ah ha…..From inception to completion……


    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      What son # 2 was saying the other night. If this video were edited it would certainly NOT tell the whole story.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Our resident left wing immigrants have been turning out to demonstrate and the local press has been trying hard to find a confrontation……………. to no avail.

    Local “Militia” showed up a few nights ago to stand guard over shops in down town. Rumors were flying that the vandals, not the Idaho football team, were coming to cause trouble. Next day the BLM group started demonstrating. The BLM folks joined the militia when one of the armed leaders explained that the Militia is a citizen group dedicated to supporting the Constitution. This includes the right of the people to assemble and demonstrate as well as their right to bear arms.

    The Militia is there to protect life and property of the shop owners AND THE DEMONSTRATORS. They are remaining on the streets each day to prevent LOOTING and VANDALISM. In other words, OUTSIDER TROUBLE.

    The Sheriff has publicly thanked the Militia for its service and how proud he is of his fellow citizens. It has allowed the police to remain focused on other criminal activity. And of course padding the coffers with speeding and parking tickets.


    Protests are continuing each day, getting a little bigger but still the same Koombya even though the local paper tried to call the Militia an “armed counter demonstration”. Even in small town USA journalists are jerks.

    • Yes…same here. People of all sorts banding together to protect their shops and taking the ridicule that if you are not marching, you are not with us. Nothing is further from the truth, of course, but that is the left trying to start something.

    • Saw an article with your militia guarding the streets a couple days ago. I was thinking, Dang! It’s everywhere. Our local protest is so loosely organized that they forgot about the construction taking place at the meeting place, the high school, and road construction on the road the protest is going to take place on.. So they’re moving down the road to an elementary school, and they will have to march right through the construction on the main road. Doubt if it will even bring 50 people. This area is 1 1/2 mile from me, but I see at least 1 building totally boarded up a couple blocks from me, a car repair shop. Still, its weird to see….and pisses me off to see it. Go down to Detroit and yell about oppression. NIMBY

      • I was wrong. Maybe 100 people marched, saying Hands Up Don’t Shoot. 🙄

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Old Ferguson meme, out of date, somebody should have clued them in, “I can’t breathe”.

  26. This is getting more interesting. So….ban the use of choke and neck holds on any prisoner or take down…..go ahead….ban it.

  27. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Apparently some REAL scientists out there in Pittsburgh have started seeing that the Covid 19 virus is morphing into something LESS deadly and LESS transmissible. I am so sick and tired of being right.

    The jury is out but if the trend continues, historians, at least honest ones, will start to wonder why all the “brains” started using the resurgence of the Spanish Flu model as their model rather than every other flu and virus on record which did mutate into a lesser problem.

    Lastly the “Lancet” BS about Hydro whatever the hell it is, has gone by the wayside since it failed the easiest and simplest rules for ANY scientific study……results could NOT be duplicated. Fraud and deception have replaced truth. .

  28. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    D plus 76(years). The day of Days.

    • Dammit! Canine, could you please forward to you buddy Equine?

      :::now I’m talking to virtual pets. WTH?:::

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      What was not visible in the initial video was the helmet the guy had snapped on his belt.

      Now, this “frail”, “elderly” son of a bitch is two years older than me. For all that I know, I could have faced him down from the opposite side at an anti-war rally in ’67 or ’68. So, screw the elderly crap. I don’t feel particularly old except in my knees and I’d be happy to “back him up”personally.

      The only thing I worry about these days when I “lose” it, like the other day when some twentysomething in his Audi cut me off and I gave chase, is the calming down afterward. Forty years ago, we lost a friend, in his early 70’s who stopped a mugging by decking the mugger, waited for the cops and twenty minutes later threw a coronary because he couldn’t calm down. That damn autonomic nervous system.

      • The man, obviously was up to no good. Old or not. This stuff is complicated, If I was a cop, I wouldn’t be willing to die just because someone is old. Young, I’d probably die, but that is based on inexperience.

  29. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The problem when you are old is that you seem to have eons of experience behind you which send up warning flares that bad stuff is happening/about to happen.

    Watching the Police and Public officials “take a knee” signifies one and only one thing to me. SURRENDER. Did we not for example see our sailors on their knees a few years back when they were captured by the Iranians. They sure as hell were not praying nor honoring anything.

    Now, young bucks like Matt can look at that and say times change and meanings change but NOT ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Probably gave a hearty laugh to our Chinese, soon to be overlords.

    • I find it illuminating that when black citizens take a knee it is against police brutality but when whites take a knee it’s apologizing for being white.

  30. Elmer Fudd’s shotgun has been confiscated. OK so he never ever shot the wascally wabbit . 😦

  31. If you google Floyd riot death toll, all you get is old news. The best I can tell is that 11 people have died due to the riots. Property damage is in the multiple millions. Injured in the hundreds to thousand. I would call this a disproportionate response.

    The sad part is that our leaders and MSM are not reporting the true facts. Blacks are not being wantonly killed by police or even white people. I think we need to label these as the Black Supremacy Riots.

    On another observation, I am surprised that some shop owner has not armed themselves with an AR15 or AK47 and taken out a dozen or so looters.

  32. Just A Citizen says:
    • Why must I read this? I don’t discount the heartfelt complaints of our fellow citizens. I just question that racism is always the cause. Sometimes it is, but I can’t help but to think that many time, it is just preconceived notions.

    • “We want liberation. We want the power to determine our own destiny. We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police.v’And we prepare to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary. ‘We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities.’

      The bold and potentially inflammatory statement will likely infuriate those who have grown angry with days of BLM protests that have sparked violence and destruction across America.

      Cool! Bring it on.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        If their purpose is to truly “defend their communities” then there should never be much need for police in those areas ever again.

  33. https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2020/06/07/851194/

    “They don’t see me as a free-born citizen who votes for people to represent my values. They see me as some kind of a serf voting for someone better than me to lead and instruct me. That isn’t how it works. It isn’t how it has ever worked with Americans.”

  34. I find that I am quite horrified by people, trying to get people to take a knee under the pretense that they are praying.


    • When the protests were first getting ugly a couple weeks ago, I watched as the cops in Flint were in a confrontation with protesters. It was a civil confrontation that went on for a few minutes. It was all about – ‘we’re with you on this killing of Floyd. No on on our force would do that to another human regardless of race’….the cop took a knee then said..’we’ll walk in protest together’ … It was one cop who did that, not half the force. The crowd was thrilled with the offer and they all marched together, nice and peacefully. I thought it was a nice gesture by the cops at the time. But now this whole kneeling thing has gotten out of hand and I don’t see it that way at all anymore. Now we have the FBI kneeling as a force now??? Nope, nope nope. Its not even in the same context as how it happened in Flint.. And as usual, kneeling isnt even enough, they want to get rid of cops all together. Who would want to be a cop these days? This isn’t going to end well.

    • No real conservative would EVER take a knee for these asshats. It’s a bunch of lilly livered liberals who cower like sissies. It’s disgusting and better never happen around me.

  35. I dunno. Now I’m seeing video of the cop, Chauvin, being a crisis actor. Pictures of him and the three others at the Sandy Hook school. George Floyd popping up on other videos. Are we in a matrix? Something just isnt right.

    Ive been following the whole Blexit thing for a while now. It has led me to follow some pretty cool black people on YouTube. Regular, every day people, speaking out about the democratic plantation. Every one I follow is just as unsettled about the protests as I am. One guy says he now feels like a target…not necessarily a target of violence…but one of pity.Everyone has a confession, from sports heroes, to Hollywood, to corporate America. Everyone has a speech. Said he feels like all eyes are on him now, and that angers him. He doesn’t want or need pity.

    Its exhausting. All I want is some baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and (FORD) Chevrolet. We’re a long ways off from that.

    • All I want is some baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and (FORD) Chevrolet. Too bad…it has been hijacked.

      • Mathius says:

        Too bad…it has been hijacked.

        Hijacked? Hijacked by who?

        Baseball is boring.

        Hot Dogs are German.

        Apple Pie is Dutch.

        Ford was a Nazi-sympathizing anti-Semitic advocate of eugenics.

        And Chevy… well, I drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry!

    • Anita…..all this hype of systemic racism and police states and militarization of the police is just hype. What the left wants to do is from the frying pan to the fire. They want lawlessness…hell…defund the police in the areas that want it. Go ahead and do it and see what happens.

      This is some hyperbole you are going to have to live with for awhile. The sky is falling. The polar ice caps are melting, California and Florida are going to be underwater, an asteroid is going to hit the earth, and Mathius is voting for Trump. All are about the same.

      • Been following for at least 12 years now, since the fundamental transformation.Not discounting the previous two decades. One thing Obama had right…You, as in we, didn’t build that. They, as in the left, built it.

      • Mathius says:

        What the left wants to do is from the frying pan to the fire. They want lawlessness

        Bullshit, sir!

        The “left” wants the police to stop beating people and killing people with impunity and protecting “bad apples.” The left wants accountability.

        And while the right might argue that you can stop a bad guy with a gun by having a good guy with a gun… the left would argue that “nothing stops a bullet like a job.”

        I find it shocking that you could argue that “militarization of the police is just hype.”

        To me, in my short life, I’ve seen a big shift from “peace officer” to “paramilitary.” And it’s not just the equipment – it’s the mindset. “Protect and Serve” seems to be a thing of the past – just something they put on their cruisers. These days, they might as well just spraypaint “OBEY” on their armored vehicles.

        Can you imagine Andy Griffith firing teargas and rubber bullets at protesters?

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Are you kidding me? Memorial day weekend in Chicago caused the death of MORE unarmed blacks in ONE city than throughout the country by cops for at least the past two years. You see, Black Lives really Don’t matter!

          I am appalled at the incredible lack of logic and perspective which would suggest we go back to the pre-Guillini death toll of 2,400 civilians annually, mostly minority, in NYC by returning to the non-policing done before the ’90’s.

          Defunding the police is an excellent idea, it would, for one thing allow me to carry a handgun without worrying about getting arrested. Defunding, disbanding, coupled with “bail” reform would provide just the right dystopian landscape I’ve read about in some of my favorite Sci-Fi novels. However, don’t accidentally step on my lawn. There will be both sensor and command detonated home made claymores strategically placed not to mention the punji traps in the bushes which, by design, I will herd you into.

          • Mathius says:

            Defunding the police is an excellent idea

            I think you’ve got some straw in here…

            The left is asking for things like accountability, civilian review boards (with teeth), ban on tear gas and rubber bullet, better disclosures of bad actors, etc. They want body cams, and they want to stop them from mysteriously and conveniently “malfunctioning” at key moments. They want an end to quotas. They want to ban “warrior training” and encourage de-escalation training.

            Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure some (many) are actually asking for getting rid of the police just as some (many) on the right are looking for the same thing… but it’s not the consensus view.

            They just don’t want to see another video with a cop kneeling on a guy’s neck for 9 minutes, etc. I mean, really, that’s something we should all be able to agree on, no?

            • They just don’t want to see another video with a cop kneeling on a guy’s neck for 9 minutes, etc. Agreed……..nor do I want to see avideo of cops and sports figures taking a knee because they feel they have to do so. It is disgusting. Drew Brees just lost me forever.

        • Man you need a history lesson. Compared to the 60’s, the police are pansies today. Billy clubs, dogs, and water cannons ruled. Read up on how MacArthur cleared out the pensioners and Bull Conner.

          How many times do we need to report the statistics of death by police to disprove the lie of black genocide?

          This violence had been going on for two weeks. We have a dozen dead, hundreds injured, millions in damage. All because of one death that was universally condemned. This is not about justice. This is about control through panic and fear. This is about destroying our society so it can be rebuilt in a global socialist world. AND YOU SIR ARE A USEFUL IDIOT IF YOU SUPPORT IT.

        • I have a better idea…..disarm the police, furnish them rainbow suits, trade in their armored vehicles for golf carts, and teach them guitar lessons and hum along tunes. Let the public enforce their law.

        • I’ve seen a big shift from “peace officer” to “paramilitary.” you need to change the word paramilitary…….nowhere close to paramilitary. But, I will agree with you in certain parts of the country, there has been a new paradigm.

        • the left would argue that “nothing stops a bullet like a job.” Ohhh.God…….oh my.

  36. Mathius says:

    Take this with a healthy (or unheathy) amount of salt: http://womenandpolicing.com/violenceFS.asp#notes

  37. Mathius says:

    All I want is some baseball

    Anita, my dear, sadly, baseball is both extremely boring and cancelled.

    BUT! There’s a ray of hope, I will present you with the greatest sport in all of history. An event so amazing that even my children get in on it and beg to watch.

    This is last year’s event, but the 2020 event will be out this month. I haven’t finished the whole thing, so don’t tell me how it ends, but I’m rooting for the Hazers, my daughters are rooting for Raspberry Racers and Crazy Cats’ Eyes, respectively.

    Might I suggest putting it up on the big screen, grabbing a beer and some wings, and just getting into the silliness of it all? You’ll never go back to baseball.

    • I’ll take baseball, but skipping through this, seems like a harmless enough thing to forward to the grands.

      • Mathius says:

        My 4 & 7 are NUTS about it. They want to make their own events. The wife is talking about making up team jerseys.

        Completely harmless fun unless you’re so uptight you have an issue with the marbles in the stands having a brief stop-motion brawl over a disputed call.

        • Sent it to my daughter. She said it was pretty interesting and would run it by the kids. Then I proceeded to describe you to her, it went something like ..An elite NY hedge fund liberal, originally from LA, went to college in NY and stayed there, blah, blah, blah. 🙂 🙂

          • Mathius says:

            Then I proceeded to describe you to her, it went something like ..An elite NY hedge fund liberal, originally from LA, went to college in NY and stayed there, blah, blah, blah.

            You forgot “devastatingly handsome, with eyes so blue you could get lost in them.”

            • No I didn’t

              • Mathius says:

                Did you remember the rugged scar from my ear to my neck which gives me the dangerous air of a knife fighter?

              • Forgot that part, dangit! That’s alright. I’m sure you rock that scar. A Frankenliberal. We are so screwed.

              • A legend in his own mind 😛

              • Mathius says:

                Don’t ye go believing a word of ol’ Mathius’ claptrap, missy!

                He looks like naught so much as a plucked chicken. The man cannot even grow a beard without looking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

                ‘Tis true about the scar on his neck, but it only makes him look like a man-child who learned the hard way not to run his filthy leftist mouth.

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                (It looks like was was still logged into Mathiu’s account a moment ago.. that man should really choose better passwords? I mean, really, how obvious is “Hillary2020”?)

                Anyway… as I was sayin’… Don’t ye go believing a word of ol’ Mathius’ claptrap, missy!

                He looks like naught so much as a plucked chicken. The man cannot even grow a beard without looking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

                ‘Tis true about the scar on his neck, but it only makes him look like a man-child who learned the hard way not to run his filthy leftist mouth.

              • Kinda like me talking to all my virtual SUFA pet friends the other day.

  38. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Some nice gentleman on the news the other night was complaining that the “peaceful” demonstrators in DC were upset because the presence of the Police and Guard reminded them of Nazi Germany.

    I liked that Nazi analogy but for a different reason. The presence of the masked and clad-in-black thugs using clubs and pipes to walk down the street breaking every window they passed while the Police and Guard looked on doing nothing reminded me of something else. A little event called…….

    Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, also called the November Pogrom, was a pogrom against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938. The German authorities looked on without intervening.

    • Mathius says:

      So… just to be clear… in your analogy… the people demanding an end to systemic racism… those are the Nazis?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        It is wonderful to be able proclaim you are “anti-fascist” to disguise your fascism. WTF exactly is “systematic racism”? That would I assume, mean that all people, all institutions, all “systems” are inherently racist. If you believe that my friend, I will warn you in advance, we are incapable of overcoming.

        One would think that electing a black president and bringing up the standard of living for all people around the country, most especially minorities we would have been well on our way to overcoming racism but alas to you and your ILK, apparently we is back in 1860.

        So funny television and commercials have gone out of their way in the past 20 years to show us how well blended marriages work, how all blacks are becoming “the Huxtables” and as some of my European friends ave commented looking at America media how the black population in the US must be at least 50%.

        Hilarious that the NY Police Department being 51% white, 24% Hispanic and the remainder Black and Asian as of 2018, is “systematically” racist. Must be those “Toms”, “Charlie Chans” and “Frito Bandito’s” on the force. You know, like Oreo’s, Black on the outside, White on the inside.

        And you “cure” systematic racism with Krystallnacht?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        And, if the shoe fits, wear it!

        For historically minded people, there are literally a few tons of books on the fight between the Nazi’s and Communists for power in interwar Germany before the Nazi’s gained ascendancy specifically because of the rioting and lawlessness of the Communists during early Wiemar.

        But, being perpetually on the wrong side of historical fact seems to be your goal.

      • Watch this starting from 22:00 learn young Padawan:

      • Just A Citizen says:

        So just to be clear………. your comment is STUPID.

  39. Howdy y’all!
    I’m curious your thoughts on what happened in Seattle last night. There are multiple videos here, including the man turning himself into the police.


    • What a pleasant surprise JAC’s Daughter!! At this point, my take is to not take a stand on anything anymore, at least until the dust settles. But I’m thinking that anyone with common sense is watching from home, not out in the trenches.

    • I feel about this guy, the same way that I feel about the people rioting, burning, looting, and killing.

    • Do not attack people. You may get shot. People are weary of the nonsense.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      JAC’S Daughter! It is a pleasure to meet you… got any embarrassing stories about your old man you’d like to share?

      As for the videos…. there’s a fair amount I can’t glean from them.

      Here’s what I’ll start with: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      He was (seemingly) up to no good and maliciously intended. Seemingly, of course, being an operative word. We don’t know – ‘least I don’t – what he was actually up to. But he was definitely driving fast where he shouldn’t. And, while being armed isn’t prima facie evidence that he was up to no good, it doesn’t help his case that he just so happened to be armed (then again, I understand wanting to be armed when riots are ongoing, so I guess we should be somewhat more understanding on this point even though Seattle isn’t typically “gun country” to my knowledge).

      And the crowd reacted, if not “reasonably,” then at least “understandably” in trying to stop him and pull him from the vehicle. They reacted to a threat. (consider how the reporting on this story might have differed if he turned out to be a senile old man who turned the wrong way and was killed by the mob).

      And, surrounded by an angry mob, and liable to be torn apart by said mob, it is, if not “right” at least “understandable” that one might try to shoot their way out of the situation.

      So, what a lof of this question really boils down to is: why was he driving like a fast into a protest. The obvious, and most likely answer, is that he was planning on running someone over, then maybe shooting some people, but then panicked when he saw how big the crowd was and someone threw a roadblock up in front of him. And then, when surrounded, he went into survival mode and shot his way out.

      While, as a civilian, this is my opinion, as a JUROR, I would have to be far more convinced to reach that judgment.


      I will add this, in US law, you can commit what is called “felony murder” even if you, personally, don’t kill anyone. If you are, say, robbing a bank and you’re the getaway driver, but one of your team inside kills someone, you, personally, can be charged for felony murder. The idea is that you, having helped create the dangerous situation, even if you didn’t personally pull the trigger, bear the moral and legal responsibility of the consequences of that situation.

      As such, I would argue that the man created a dangerous situation, a situation wherein people felt compelled to act. I do not credit that shooting his way out is therefore LEGALLY justified. (You can’t for instance, break into a home and then, when trapped by the family, shoot them to escape and call it self defense – self defense generally requires “clean hands”).

      So what we probably have here is assault with a deadly weapon (car), assault with a deadly weapon (gun), and probably a half-dozen charges related to terrorism.

      More to the point, assuming his mal-intent, whatever his actual goal was (to kill the libs, to break up the rally, etc), he probably did far more harm to his own goal and gave moral highground to the “other side.” For this reason, I’m sure, have of this blog has already decided that he’s a crisis actor / leftist agitator acting under a false flag to smear Dear Leader Donald J. Trump and steal from him the election that is rightfully his.

      • I did a rough timing on the car. It is not moving that fast, 10-20 mph. If the driver intended to kill people I would expect the speed to much higher. When the barrier was in front of him he stopped. The barrier was not an impediment to his forward progress. Also the crowd had plenty of time and warning to split and move out of the path. There is more to this story.

        • Mathius says:

          He might just have been lost.. I’ve made wrong turns before.

          I can almost envisage an internal monologue “oops, was that a restricted entry signed.. oh boy.. there are a lot of people on this road… wait, what’s happening.. oh shit… ***Q@*#*#*#&*#!@#^@!#^@!#^Y&… they’re trying to kill me!” ::shoots:: ::tries to vanish into the crowd::

          ‘Tis quite plausible. JUROR Mathius is unconvinced either way.

          CITIZEN Mathius thinks he’s not only a wannabe murderer but a coward to boot.

          Would you riddle me a few followups, sir?

          A) that gun did not look “standard” to me… one article called it an extended magazine.. do you make anything of this weapon choice? I just see “shooty thing with extra hurty-parts.”

          B) What would it take to convince you that this was no accident? Short of an overt declaration of intent and a manifesto signed in blood, what would make you say “yea.. he probably meant it”? What is your standard of proof for, let’s call it “preponderance of doubt”? If he had a swastika tattooed on his forehead? Maybe a criminal record for violence? Psychiatric history? He’s a member of Trump’s cabinet?

          C) Suppose the mob had killed him. Do you think people would be canonizing him right now? I imagine that, had the mob ripped him to shreds, people on the right would be decrying his innocent accident and lambasting the bloodthirsty protestors. What do you think?

          • He didn’t kill anyone and only shot once. That’s a scared person, not a murderer. The gun is not relevant.

            • Mathius says:

              He didn’t kill anyone and only shot once. That’s a scared person, not a murderer.

              Agreed.. doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to run people over and then just chicken out…

              The gun is not relevant.

              Maybe yes… maybe no…

              If YOU are caught in a questionable situation and have a gun on you, it’s meaningless. You always have a gun on you. You probably shower with your gun. Or maybe you have a lockbox in the shower. Or both. I don’t know. Maybe you don’t even take showers. But you get the point. “Gman has a gun” isn’t a datapoint with relevance to your intent.

              But if -I- get caught in a questionable situation and have a gun on me, that’s meaningful. Why? Because I never have a gun on me. If I have a gun, it’s because I specifically wanted to bring a gun into that situation. And while, again, that doesn’t prove intent, it still has some baring. So, “Mathius has a gun” IS a datapoint with relevance to my intent.

              If you are a suspect in a bank robbery and they nab you right outside the door and you have a gun, it doesn’t mean anything. For you, that’s just a thing you always have. But if I have a gun, it’s kindof odd, no? Suspicious? Why is Mathius walking out of a bank with a gun?

              See the difference?

              Similarly, I asked, but didn’t see an answer, what kind of gun is that? It looks atypical? Is it better for any particular kind of action? It might be hard to fire an AK from the drivers’ seat of a moving vehicle, but much easier to do a “drive by” with whatever that was. Did he just buy it the day before? What type of ammo was in it? What does that imply? Does it imply anything at all?

              Did he drive that road every day to work? Or does he live on the other side of the side with no real reason for being where he was?

              If he drove to work through that intersection every day for 15 years, with the same gun in the same passenger seat, had no history of politics or racial animosity, it becomes a lot more believable that he “spaced out” and just had some kind of horrible brain fart and wound up in the thick of the protest in a way they perceived (quite reasonably) as threatening. Conversely, if he lived 30 minutes away, bought the gun the day before, had a conversation with the clerk about the ability to fire from a moving vehicle, selected ammunition that would cause maximum damage in a crowd, and was rabidly anti-BLM on his blog, etc… well then… I’m not going to be such a friendly juror, now am I?

              None of this is PROOF, per se, but it’s all data that helps build the bigger picture.

      • Pirate, you have no manners. You can’t be scaring off new SUFAites with million word essays right off the bat. I can only imagine what JAC’s Daughter is thinking about this crazy pirate.

        • hahaha Thanks Anita! First it’s nice to “meet” y’all (pirate included :)) Second, I appreciate all of your insights. It’s very intriguing to read so many different perspectives.

          Mathius, I’m sure some stories may come out when the time is right. However, I must tread lightly, for he has many more about me than I of him.

          • Shout out to JAC’s Spousal Unit Leader for more info than JAC’s Daughter is willing to give out.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Trump is in trouble among the masses. Can he turn it around? Possible but not probable. I expect he will fall back to this habits which got him in office. And those may not get him back in office. The clock is ticking and somone needs to get his team on the right page. In short, I agree with the author of the following:


    • Yes…I have already planned for a Democratic President and leftist Congress. I am ready for it. I have all my economic issues in place and, if Trump loses, will move all cash offshore. I have made contingent plans to move capital gains off shore under corporate names already established. Economically, I will be ready.

    • Mathius says:

      I like how this is a Red State article and it leads off by acknowledging that many Trump cultists can’t handle viewpoints that aren’t favorable to their leader and then, about halfway down, hits the same note, but acknowledging that many of their readers will just assume all the polls are fake since they don’t show the reality they want to see.

      That said, I would argue that (A) while there are many, many, many more supporters for Biden anyone but Trump, the enthusiasm of the Trump base is something that shouldn’t be discounted. I’d wager that the Trump hardcore base is going to turn out at a YUGE level and the lethargic “Biden, I guess” crowd, while much bigger, is going to vote at a lower rate. I don’t know where these are going to shake out, but the question of who is a “likely voter” is one I would not consider even remotely settled (B) we will have to see where we stand on Coronavirus, vote-by-mail and the many and various efforts by Republicans to suppress the Democratic vote. These will have an impact.

      All that said, the same electoral math that existed for Clinton exists for Biden. 40-something states are already decided. Barring something crazy happening, I don’t see California going red or Texas going Blue. So it’s going to come down to the swing states. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that, Trump’s not going to win every swing state by itty bitty margins again. Either his base is big enough and turns out enough to turn this into a blowout or he loses.

      As always, the less Trump talks, in person or on Twitter, the more people feel comfortable with him. That’s a strength he refuses to play into.


      Then there’s the chaos narrative. Like it or not, the media have done a good job of presenting Trump as the chaos candidate in a time of chaos. […] Can Trump provide [calm]? He could if he chose to, but that’s not who he really is.

      YEAH! How dare those media goons paint Trump as a chaos President when he is clearly capable of not being the Chaos President and just chooses not to engender calmity!

      Not having a resurgence of coronavirus will be a huge factor as well.

      “Will be”? ::raised eyebrow::

      Will? Or “Would”?

      We’ll know in a few days, maybe a week or two, whether we have a resurgence or not. But I certainly wouldn’t count it as a certitude at this point.


      (Mathius continues to predict a popular vote blowout for Biden, but is not yet prepared to opine on the Electoral College).

      • I don’t know Mathius…….I am not prepared to assume a Trump electoral win. I am also not prepared to assume a Biden candidacy……I know the media has reported that he has enough delegates…but the convention is not here as yet and the super delegates are unaccounted for…..and I am not sure that I am buying into the “Bernie” delegates going to Biden. Going to be interesting times. At any rate….I am prepared.

        • Mathius says:

          Boy… I’d love to see Biden get tossed out on his ear at the last moment and someone good put in in his place.

          Hell, I’d be fine if they just threw a rock inside the auditorium and, whoever it hits gets dragged on stage, kicking and screaming and forced to run.

          But it won’t happen.

          Then again, maybe you’ll get your Michell Obama VP? 😉

      • Mathius continues to predict a popular vote blowout for Biden A popular blow out, in my opinion is a 60% or better vote…..a 53% vote is NOT a blowout, in my opinion. Yours?

        • Mathius says:

          I’ll take Biden by…… 10mm votes.

          • That would be a blowiut,

            • Mathius says:

              Depends on how they’re allocated.

              Our respective states are both big and heavily populated and already decided in the general election. Short of a tectonic shift, Texas will go Red and NY will go Blue. Cali could go blue by 99% and give an enormous popular vote lead to Biden and it won’t make a lick of difference if Florida forgets how to count votes again.

  41. Interesting fact brought out by a writer from CNN….now probably fired. “It is tough to get a handle on this. The cities that have the highest incidences of black on black murder and police abuse are Democratically run cities.”


    Also, a perplexed look from a black Demonstrator in Dallas when she made a statement as to why are they National Guardsmen along our parade route? The answer was to ensure the marchers safety. End of interview.

    • Mathius says:

      “It is tough to get a handle on this. The cities that have the highest incidences of black on black murder and police abuse are Democratically run cities.”

      Because places with high incidences of black on black murder and police abuse happen in impoverished areas. People with poor education, poor opportunity, poor community, a cycle of higher crime begetting higher policing begetting more arrests begetting more fatherlessness and less opportunity begetting more criminality…

      Because dense urban situations with low income want strong safety nets, more social goods, more social justice, and, yes, more freebies – all of which belong squarely in Blue Camp.

      • It still does not change the narrative, does it?

        • Mathius says:

          No.. but correlation is not causation.

          And it’s much more rational to me to see “poor people vote for those who pander to poor people” than “Democrats turn people into violent criminals.”

          Then again… maybe a bit of column A and bit of column B, you know?

          • After decades and decades of voting Crat, they are still poor. Think about that.

            • Mathius says:

              “We’ve been spraying this forest fire with a garden hose for years and it’s still burning. I say it’s time we try jet fuel!” Think about that.

          • Pander was the right word. Why would those in power actually solve any problems if one can just pander to the rabble and remain in power?

            It is interesting that Chicago has been under one party rule my entire life. Nothing much has changed in all those years. New York on the other hand has had Republican mayors despite being predominantly democratic. It is interesting that crime in NYC was drastically reduced under a Republican mayor but has now gone back up with the current mayor who overturned the policies of his predecessors.

            • Mathius says:

              Pander was the right word. Why would those in power actually solve any problems if one can just pander to the rabble and remain in power?

              It absolutely was the right word.

              Those in power consider black people to be a captured demographic. They know they don’t have to actually DO anything for them because their own alternative is Republicans who want to gut every social safety net they rely on, criminalize everything, and send in racist cops to beat them. 😛

              So the Blue Team throws them a bone here and there and talks a good game, but it ultimately knows it doesn’t have to actually, you know, solve anything.

              Because DOING THINGS is hard. But SAYING THINGS is easy!

              If they were to actually DO the things they said they were going to do (A) they’d have to actually raise taxes and spend the money and piss off the “haves” within their party to do so and (B) they’d have to risk owning the results if they didn’t work.. much better.. much safer to insist that your way is the right way, but oh, we just need a bit more time and power to actually do it.. it’s the Other Team who is stopping us from delivering you utopia. No one can prove that their utopia is impossible because it’s untested.

              This last is the same as the way Red Team passed all those one-page repeals of ObamaCare and the nonsense fantasy “Path to Prosperity” budgets when Obama was President and would veto them if they ever hit his desk.. it’s safe to be “for” a fantasy… “oh, if only they’d listened to us!” and you can virtue signal until you’re blue in the face. But then when Trump was elected, those same proposals somehow just never passed… why? Now they had the power to do it! Utopia within our grasp! Why not grab that brass ring? Because, if they did, and anything bad happened, they’d have to own the consequences… being “for” a reality is dangerous.

              Much easier and safer to pander.

              It is interesting that Chicago has been under one party rule my entire life

              It’s almost like cities tend to be liberal….?

              Like people living close together want structure and government and regulation and mutually beneficial safety nets and an educated populace and so on… weird, I know!

              New York, on the other hand, has had Republican mayors despite being predominantly democratic.

              NY also happens to be the financial capital of the planet, and if you don’t think the banks hold a looooottttttt of power, brother, I don’t know what to tell you. The city, itself, is pretty far left. But the banks… the banks don’t like Blue Team nearly as much as The People do.

              It is interesting that crime in NYC was drastically reduced under a Republican mayor but has now gone back up with the current mayor who overturned the policies of his predecessors.

              Remind me.. have there been any major world-events during this time span? Say a massive global recession or two? Maybe a pandemic? Anything that might complicate your simplistic narrative?

              • Just A Citizen says:

                So you claim a higher level of education in the cities which cause them to vote for a party based on the concept that people cannot take care of themselves. “Guess that kind of validates the theory that more education doesn’t necessarily make you very smart.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Not so simplistic. You had to actually observe the effects of “stop and frisk”. No, with community policing, not every black or Hispanic or in some neighborhoods Asian kid was stopped. Putting the cops back on foot got them to know who belonged and who did not. Unfortunately the “Gulf” between us non-cops and cops and their day to day jobs is hard to penetrate unless you have the inclination to actually do it. Most intellectually minded Americans would NEVER do it. Which IS a shame.

                Your simplistic view of what NY was falls flat in my wanderings every working day over three boroughs which I got to know intimately over my 40 years in the City.

                I think I’ve done this before but I will do it again. The theatrical trailer for the movie “Wolfen”. These photos are of a real neighborhood, not one that was planned to be demolished by urban renewal. This was an abandoned and burned community, one of MANY in the Bronx where there was a swath of destruction. Similar areas existed throughout Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan. The only “prop” in these scenes is the church. Everything else is as it actually was. Wall street and the banks could literally give two shits about anything above 86th Street in Manhattan or in ANY of the boroughs. As a matter of fact, they pretty much red lined teh rest of the city.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Yo fail and your predecessors all fail on teh very same thing. THE GREAT DEPRESSION, outside of the known cast of miscreants, Bonnie & Clyde, Capone, Baby Faced Nelson, Ma Barker and the boys, the spike in crime was minimal.

        Then there are the historic comparisons. If “poverty ” is your variable, the it fails historically. If out of wedlock births tripling in black communities between the early ’60’s and now if your variable then you got something.

        It is quite a shame, last week I had some hope for you, now you are back in lockstep. Pretty sure you are the third one from the left.

        • Mathius says:

          THE GREAT DEPRESSION […] If “poverty ” is your variable, it fails historically.

          First hit from History.com:

          Violent crime rates may have risen at first during the Depression (in 1933, nationwide homicide mortality rate hit a high for the century until that point, at 9.7 per 100,000 people) but the trend did not continue throughout the decade. As the economy showed signs of recovery in 1934-37, the homicide rate went down by 20 percent.

          If out of wedlock births tripling in black communities between the early ’60’s and now if your variable then you got something.

          Less about “wedlock” and more about, let’s say the “two parent committed family.”

          I don’t care about “marriage” but I do care about two parents raising a child in a loving and supportive and stable household. That doesn’t need to get government and religion invovled via “marriage” but it does have to be loving and supportive and stable.

          It is quite a shame, last week I had some hope for you, now you are back in lockstep.

          SKT, come on.. I might be “left,” but I’m allllllll over the place.

          There is NO ONE I’m in “lock step” with.

          Show me another leftie with the libertarian streak I’ve got.. with the position I’ve got on abortion? With the position I’ve got on guns? With the position I’ve got on borders? Just because I sync up on some points does not make me “lockstep.”

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Last week you “almost”: were able to break out of your preconceived and dare I say it prejudiced notions that it is “poverty”. My old man and his six siblings were poorer than shit as were my Mom’s nine but they never crossed a line. Today that’s a routine and unfortunately accepted excuse.

            Talked to two sons today about many things and most of what we talked about were the failure to account for variables. To wit, We have actual stats on crime among all races during the Great Depression and today and we have actual stats on out of wedlock births (sorry, that’s an age thing also you are LESS likely to just walk away if a piece of paper exists) for both periods. It is just plain foolish (and unscientific, even in the mushy social science world which I trained for) to look at one without the other.

            I could then of course go on to the issues of gun misuse.Even I came from a world where a 16 year old could buy a 30.06 ex-military rifle for twenty bucks using a library card for ID the take it home uncased on the NY City Subway system or just send 29.95, that’s just 29.95 through the mail and get he same result.Today NO WAY IN HELL. Yet gun misuse is up.

            I say things you attack; like the only reason we have crime and poverty in this country is because we import them and you attack the notion but statistically they are true. While it is incontrovertibly, absolutely true that 12 percent of the total population commits 40 percent of the crime (blacks) I do NOT either celebrate this nor accept it as some kind of “predisposition” to crime in the black community. It represents, for those who study it, an incredible failure in society which has demonstrated the very worst form of racism by “assuming” back in the 1960’s and through to today, that blacks “need” their special help because they cannot do it on their own.

            This “white” kid, at 14 stayed awake after hours at night listening with my earbud in to a fellow named Malcolm X who only got on radio in the early 1960’s on the very late shows. The greatest disaster that happened to the black community in my opinion was the Murder by Farrakhan and Elija Muhammad of Malcolm. He had it down cold. His loss was even greater than that of MLK.

            No black man in this country will ever succeed by trusting a white man to do right by him! I believed that at 14 and I still believe it now 59 years later. Long before the great society, that black man was on the way to accomplish it. Statistics prove that. If you saw the Malcolm X movie, you saw teh part where Betty, blonde, white co-ed asked Malcolm what she could do to help (down at Columbia by teh way, I saw the original clip once) He said, with that smile of his….”Then go home”. Nuff said.

            • There is this notion of “abject poverty”…..Abject poverty is a well used phrase like…”it is in the mail”…..what the past 3 generations do not understand was that whites were in as great or greater poverty than any black. The shows of Ozzie and Harriet, or My Three Sons, or the Ward Cleavers…..that was NOT normal in the 50’s. Poverty has been around for generations and shows no signs of letting up. I still maintain to this very day and will continue to maintain that poverty is not and should not be generational. It is temporary and if people languish in it, it is by CHOICE.

              We are creating more poverty today…right now….with these trillion dollar bailouts. It sounds good and buys votes but money give aways create generational poverty. There is a huge problem right this very minute…no one wants to come back to work as long as they can get their freebies.

              Ever stop to think on Mathius’ points? He says, no jobs…they are there but no one takes them. He says fatherless families because of prison terms….but crime is a choice, not a product of poverty…..education opportunities….they are also there. There are schools and trade schools everywhere..even in poor sections of town… AND, of special note….all these cities that are “poverty” ridden appear to be Democratic controlled cities and have been for decades. Why is that? Why do all the problems seem to reside in Democratically controlled areas? Does anyone have an answer? If the Democratic policies are so good and they exist in these crime ridden, low income areas…then I suggest the answer lies elsewhere.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Actually Colonel, no fathers because of prison terms is absolutely perfectly ASS BACKWARD. Because there were no fathers there was no instruction, no reining in of male impulses, no teaching the “right way” as you and I were taught and hopefully then taught ourselves. .

                The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan when working for Richard Nixon predicted it in 1970. A dependency cycle, created by government which destroyed a perfectly normal black family life that existed prior to “the war on poverty” AKA revenge of the Klan.

                To assume that blacks going to prison is the NORM and has ALWAYS been explodes in the face of anyone with ten minutes on their hands to do a bit of internet research. More importantly it demonstrates the most acute form of racism, the plantation mentality of reduced expectations of innate behavior…….BECAUSE they are black. That is something one should have buried along with the more ignoble traits of teh Confederacy.

              • Answer this one…..after the Vietnam War….the United States, especially the gulf coast of Texas was crawling with Vietnamese refugees. Why are they not in poverty today? Why are they not on the welfare roles and the government housing roles, the snap programs, and such. Why are they, now, business owners with hefty bank accounts? AND THEY CAME HERE WITH THE CLOTHES ON THEIR BACKS AND NOT A DIME IN THEIR POCKETS. They arrived here penniless and REFUSED TO GO ON GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE. If they can do it…….anyone can do it. Why did their children go to school and max out their grades? Become college graduates? Why is the Asian culture, (Oriental Asians), significantly more successful than the generational poverty that exists today?

                Because their culture decries poverty. They came here and jumped onto the American dream. They worked as a family…they lived together in their own communities and went to school and learned English. They did not drive fancy cars and and have boom boxes and ghetto blasters. They went to school and worked as a family, pooling their money and they moved up…on their own, little by little, and suffered more discrimination and rejection than any black has on this planet,.

                The problems they had here in Texas…..were that they did not understand about shrimping seasons, and lobster seasons, and fishing areas. They came from a country where fishing was an everyday issue…they fished for food. There was a time on the gulf coast where there were what was termed Lobster Wars…Shrimp Wars….where the Vietnamese simply did not understand seasons and the reasons for them…their houses were burned by the KKK in the Port Arthur/Beaumont areas. Their boats were sunk by “American” fishermen……the Vietnamese did not run to the media or cry to the police. They actually refused police help and still do to this very day. They learned and they adapted and they changed and today, they are respected by the Gulf Coast fishermen and industry alike because they over came adversity, stared it in the eye, and beat with hard work….not charity. They now own most of the shrimping operations and lobster operations in that area and the very people that ostracized them…now work for them. THAT IS THE AMERICAN DREAM….not this pamby mamby, cluster of misbegotten snow flakes that permeate society today. Perhaps it is time they learned how to work and quit crying.

                I do not like the Vietnamese but I admire the hell out of them. They have earned it.

              • There is a new thread posted.
                To answer some questions, Crats NEED victimhood to get elected. They blow all kinds of kumbaya smoke up people’s asses that they fall for the bleeding g heart crap. Vote for us they say, we will protect the victims that we caused to begin with. Sad that so many are so stupid.

  42. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
    • It does not matter to Chicago, that is for sure.

      • “Distraught Chicago officials complained to Mayor Lori Lightfoot — as looting and rioting in response to George Floyd’s death swept through the Windy City — pleading for help and warning that the vulnerable had lost access to food and medicine.”

        “My ward is a s–t show,” one alderman says. “They are shooting at the police.”The call in Chicago was held Sunday, May 31. That day alone, there were 699 arrests — primarily looters — 132 officers injured, 48 shootings and 17 homicides, according to CBS Chicago, as well as widespread damage to businesses and other property.“How do businesses recover and why would they want to recover in our community?” another is heard asking.Lightfoot herself recognized what she described as a “massive, massive problem.” Earlier she described rioters as just f—–g lawless right now.”One man, identified by WTTW News as Ald. Raymond Lopez, demanded that Lightfoot develop a plan to stabilize Chicago’s neighborhoods for five days, calling his Southwest Side ward “a virtual war zone” where armed gang members were threatening to shoot black people.”

        When he demanded she respond to the remarks, Lightfoot told him he was “100 percent full of s–t.”

        “Well, f–k you then,” Lopez responded.

        I do not know if anything else needs to be said.

  43. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The MEANING of words….so instructive….


    relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.
    “the disease is localized rather than systemic”


    Noun 1. racism – the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races
    2. racism – discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race
    Synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism

    So, by combining these two words, all people in the “system” must, by definition, be racist. That would include Trump AND Pelosi and because they belong to the system, Sharpton and Booker.

    What dumb jerks we are to believe any of this…..you fellow racists in the system.

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