Why Don’t Liberals Ask……

What theory of governance encourages the banning and burning of books, coerces agreement with its central tenets, practices revisionist history, perfects virtue-signaling, disparages dissenting opinion, invents social constructs to minimize speech, indoctrinates gullible students, revels in civil disobedience, holds idealistic appeal for young people, specializes in utopian platitudes and never, to be charitable, quite works?

Where is the Systemic racism always taking place that we claim to be so prevalent?

If black lives matter, shouldn’t there be protests in Chicago every day of the year?

Why is the Liberal media outlets so dishonest?

If we demand all refences to minorities from all freely sold products be removed, who does that leave as faces of the products?



  1. OK Mathius, how about some answers 😀

  2. Having fun with a doe this am. The doe is very aggressive and chases our little dog. So I walked up to support and encourage the dog to herd the deer. But the deer stood her ground and even charged the both of us. The dog moved away towards a patch of ground that is too rocky and full of brush to mow, hence has tall grass. The doe immediately moved between the dog and that area. Even when I moved closer, she stood her ground. I didn’t push the issue as I suspect the fawn(s) must be bedded down in the brush.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Suspicion is accurate. Lil JAC and I had the same thing happen two days ago. Though in that case the fawn was lying in grass next to our fence, on the outside. The doe did her puff up my chest and prance thing but couldn’t get to us through the fence.

      • They came out of hiding. Two fawns one bigger than the other.

      • Our Momma dear is being very aggressive. She chased the dog through the shop and came very close to getting her. She only stopped when she saw me. The dog is only 9-10 months old and just wants to herd things and play.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    SCOTUS has saved DACA from POTUS action to rescind the rules. Justice Roberts sides with the left wing once again as the vote was 5-4.

    Interesting part though is the “conservative” Justices did join in some of the partial decisions and arguments but voted in the end that the Administration did what was needed.

    Important Point. This ruling was based on violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. The Court recognized that the Admin. has the authority to rescind DACA, but went about their “process” in the wrong way. They ignored all arguments and analysis provided after the first action by the Admin which was the basis of the litigation.

    My problem with this is that the Court has now established a solid precedent that ILLEGAL ACTS which are in place for some time, unspecified, cannot be just rescinded but must such action must undergo complete analysis and the power to “not enforce” be considered in full context. In this case the power to continue benefits indefinitely….. which is the illegal act.

    And if you don’t think the Obama administration legal team understood this nuance you are kidding yourself. The concept has been used by the Democratic administrations of Clinton and Obama.

    Summary: We are so screwed.

    • Did They not, just change the legal definition of an executive order! By what right can they do that? I am now convinced that the left has something on Roberts. Republicans need to find out what that is, and make it public.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Not to my knowledge, but I didn’t read the whole thing. What they ruled on was and Administration rule, which falls under the APA. The crazy part is that the rule was illegally enacted and the courts have ruled as such. So this court says that even illegal acts of a POTUS cannot be simply rescinded by the next. There must be comprehensive analysis and consideration of all options which might mitigate the impact of rescinding an illegal act.

        As Justice Thomas wrote, the court should have ruled in favor of POTUS so as to force this issue back to the Legislative Branch. Instead it created an avenue to avoid Congress via constant changing of rules and years of litigation.

        As for dirt on Roberts, who knows. Not long ago I would have scoffed as such a notion. But the times are getting really bizarre.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        On second thought, you may be correct in one sense on the EO’s. What they did was give the same legal power to an illegal EO that applies to normal Rule Making which results in Regulations. Thus an illegal EO now required MORE administrative reasoning to rescind it than was used to enact it.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Comment on Mathius’ argument that police officers are supposed to be the ultimate professionals so as to take down bad guys without shooting them or killing them. Even when the bad guy resists arrest.

    No WOMEN need apply any longer. No MEN who cannot meet the strength tests of the NFL and Special Forces need apply any longer.

    The Police will consist only of MEN who are 6 foot 4 inches tall or taller and who can take down a 300 lb perpetrator on their own, BY HAND.

    How dare small people wearing uniforms feel scared or intimidated by a person a foot taller and dozens of pounds heavier. How dare they.

  5. A snipit of our “friendly protesters”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Such a “carnival” or “street fair” atmosphere.

      Looks like these folks have a consistent mannerism. Raising your arm and waiving a finger in “rapper gangsta style”. Notice the girl used it as well. I guess that is designed to intimidate.

    • This needs to be sent to the Bikers for Trump. Send in a fake news crew with a Fox logo, lead them into the ambush zone, the Bikers can feast.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      I watched to the 4:00 minute part. Not sure what the fuss is about – did the protestors do anything illegal? Do we show the same outrage towards Trump rally attendees that routinely demean/threaten journalists in attendance there? Neither are polite. Their right doesn’t require them to be.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Are you being willfully blind? I have seen Trump supporters yelling Fake News at CNN. I have not seen them threaten directly, call for more people to push them out of an area.

        And YES, they did something against the law. INTIMIDATION with threat of physical injury.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          No JAC – reporter in her own words states she knows they aren’t in danger or aren’t going to be hurt (sorta required for Intimidation). I’m still curious why the same outrage isn’t expressed regarding the behavior of Trump rally attendees. Numerous instances have cited for example by Katy Tur in her book “Unbelievable” as well as Jim Acosta in his book “The Enemy of the People”. Tur describes as well starting at the 9:00 mark in this interview with The Commonwealth Club – https://youtu.be/2NaKkDZtDJQ. Can’t have this one both ways. It unfortunately is not a “right to assemble without acting like a jerk”.

          • We all have the Right to peaceably assemble, to me that means no physical violence. Stupid threats are meaningless when the cameras are rolling, just talk.
            I think things have devolved enough to expect anything from anyone.

            • Gman, I still think we send in the Bikers for Trump. Let’s just see, for kicks and giggles, how these “peaceful protesters” react when they are fully surrounded by a large group intimidating them in the same way they have to everyone else. Will they say that it was perfectly fine because these people had the first amendment right to protest by surrounding them, stealing their signs, intimidate them and threaten them? Or will they go cry to mommy and daddy (aka the media and their spineless city leaders) because they can’t take what they dish out? I imagine the latter due to the fact that they are a bunch of low-life, deadbeats who are throwing a tantrum like a toddler.

              • Hell Yea! They will fold like a cheap suit. Bunch of damn cowards when they can’t be the bullies.

              • Ray Hawkins says:

                How lovely – “Bikers for Trump” – nothing like dog whistling for more thugocracy. “”I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad,” Trump said.” (https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/434110-trump-suggests-that-things-could-get-very-bad-if-military-police).

                This nonsense underscores the worst elements of this guy. I agree with Stern. These aren’t “his people”. If they didn’t help him appear as the strongman he so desperately wants to be seen as – they’d have never appears in the Rose Garden with him. They’re fools for thinking he gives a rats ass about them – they’re just getting played.

                And what’s with “kicks and giggles”? Would you apply the same treatment to the to-be-expected cretins we’re sure to see in Tulsa threatening the press, screaming in their faces, giving them the “cut your throat” sign?

                You can’t have it both ways.

                Assholes in Seattle are the same type of assholes you’ve seen at the Trump rallies – the later usually just being older and fatter.

              • Would you apply the same treatment to the to-be-expected cretins we’re sure to see in Tulsa threatening the press, screaming in their faces, giving them the “cut your throat” sign?

                100% I would. That was the whole point Ray, in case you missed the dripping sarcasm, people today can’t take what they dish. I don’t care what party people stand for, you either allow everyone to be intimidating and violent claiming they are peacefully protesting and everyone be expected to have a heart of understanding for their point without speaking ill of them OR no one can go around claiming they are peacefully protesting when acting like this. It should be treated equally both ways or not tolerated either way. The problem of which we are seeing is that only one party is deemed violent and vicious while the other is deemed peaceful, when they are both doing the same shit.

                In my opinion, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to act like this, on either side. So yea, for kicks and giggles i’d love to see how these Seattle assholes would react when given a dose of their own medicine. You want to do it to the Trump supporters who also protest in such a disgraceful manor, go right ahead! Unfortunately, what I think we’ll see instead is the media and all these low-life assholes who’ve been out causing havoc over the last few weeks, start bitching that the Trump supporters were all big meanies and weren’t protesting peacefully.

              • For kicks and giggles I think it would be interesting to see how both react to a dose of their own medicine, because like Trump said in your article “I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher.”

                When I say a dose of their own medicine I don’t mean who can go cry to the media, claim racial injustice or post the most cut up version of a video on social media. I mean straight in the street get treated the same that they are treating others. I think we would find out real quick that Trump was right about who is tougher.

              • I also think we would see that the left is far more physically violent and destructive, but that’s just my opinion/observation.

            • Ray Hawkins says:

              @G-man – when you say cowards – are you referring to the Seattle protestors or the Trump rally attendees that do the same exact thing? I was assuming out of pure honesty you meant both?

              • There is no comparison between the two, none. To claim so is nonsense.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Asleep at the switch Ray? I’ve yet to see a consistent pattern of thuggery from the Trump side. I have seen teh rioting and burning from the other. As a meme appearing everywhere these days shows, “Four year old boy thrown from mall into food court, three story fall, African immigrant arrested” People want to know where teh outraged white citizens rioted and burned and demanded all Somalis be deported after execution.

                You want to come down on over militarized cops? Fine by me, I’ll join the club but the peasants have not risen yet. Back in ’67 I told one of out Panther demonstrators on campus, “Watch out what you ask, for….If the “people” ever get the power, you and yours will be gone in a flash”.

  6. I just happened to run across this article and thought it was interesting.

    Bolton frequently tried to push the CIA to produce information to conform to—and confirm—his views. “Whenever his staff sent testimony, speeches over for clearance, often it was full of stuff which was not based on anything we could find,” says a retired official familiar with the intelligence-clearance process.


  7. Just A Citizen says:

    To what extent do DA’s who are responding to political pressures contribute to the notion that cops get away with murder? When the make false or unsupported charges in order to quell the immediate outrage, then those are overturned by a jury or some other DA, or heaven forbid forced to drop the charges themselves, what else will people think but “they got off again because the insiders are protecting them”. Latest case in point appears to be brewing in Georgia.


    • I don’t believe a Grand Jury was convened in this matter, which , to me, points to racism on the part of the DA.

      Which leads me to an answer from an above question. If there is systemic racism in areas run by Democrats, which is the case in every circumstance where incidents led to protests and rioting, then the problem lies with the Democrats who run the System.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Josh Bolton has supposedly said that Mr. Trump “is not fit for office”, per the anti Trump rags, er well I mean newspapers.

    So if “fit for office” is such a deal breaker then we had better start this election cycle over. Cause if Mr.. Trump ain’t fit Mr. Biden sure as heck isn’t either.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Some other questions.

    Why didn’t Antifa take to the streets when actual White Supremacists were marching in public and openly recruiting people? You know, the ones’ who actually flew Nazi flags in parades and showed them on TV and the new internet.

    Why did Antifa only react to “The Alt-Right” movement. Which by the way was mostly younger people and did not put forth any “fascist” agenda.

    Here is an even more important one. WHO does Antifa consider to be Fascist? WHAT is their definition of Fascism?

    Why has Antifa adopted symbols of the Socialist party of Germany from the 1930’s?

  10. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: your dreaded red triangle. First, let me point out that the “red triangle” used by Trump was not the same as the one used by the Nazis.

    Second, I provided you with a link to WA PO, a pretty much anti Trump rag. In the story which showed all three images, they quoted a Trump campaign spokesman as saying “It is a symbol that Antifa has used. ” Thus they were using the Antifa version to identify Antifa.

    Now that makes sense. But then what the heck were the other two symbols to represent. So maybe it was a kind of marketing test.

    There has been nothing from this Admin that comes close to the “dog whistles” you keep positing, along with others on the left with TDS. That the media and leftist Dems so quickly jumped on this as a criticism of Trump reveals their true nature. They have become Enemies of the United States.

    Your constant hinting that Trump is keeping White Supremicists close to him is sickening. It is in fact part of the problem. You deny then repeat these slanders adding tomes to disguise your intent. Link Trump to Nazis…………. now the Millennials in the streets have come to believe it………. along with Fox is corrupt because they report on what is actually happening.

    SK nailed it. You smell the fire but you keep looking in all the wrong places.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      PS: The three arrows adopted by Antifa had nothing to do with the Allied powers which opposed Germany. Please note that the Iron Front was a para MILITARY organization whose purpose was to use violence to counter those they saw as a threat.


  11. Just A Citizen says:
  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Now why is this important?

    “Anarcho-syndicalism is a political philosophy and anarchist school of thought that views revolutionary industrial unionism or syndicalism as a method for workers in capitalist society to gain control of an economy and thus control influence in broader society.”

    Because this is their flag: https://www.etsy.com/listing/610601309/anarcho-syndicalist-flag-enamel-pin-red?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_d-accessories-patches_and_pins-pins_and_pinback_buttons&utm_custom1=127834b1-1724-47ff-b970-81709985e293&utm_content=go_1844702574_68645527174_346397601070_aud-301856855998:pla-355215097428_c__610601309&utm_custom2=1844702574&gclid=CjwKCAjwxLH3BRApEiwAqX9arV8OuIiIQG45YVcvvSbtXaDzeK22IpRiwDCjqwoZ61iQNSjQj7ai2hoCTDwQAvD_BwE

    I was curious why the Red and Black flags on the flag for Antifa. These are the colors of the Anarcho-syndicalists.

    Then again maybe they are just admitting Anarchism and Communism are there colors.

  13. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a bold vow today: to remain silent until racism is ended forever.

    Democrats and Republicans both supported the plan enthusiastically.

    The plan kind of backfired though, as most people said we now need to slow down our national conversation about race and be really careful about ending racism too soon.

    “I support what Ocasio-Cortez is doing,” said Nancy Pelosi, “but I also think we need to slow down and maybe talk about letting some racism stick around for a while, so we have it as an example of what not to do. We’ll get rid of most of the KKK, but we’ll keep one or two around. Just until we’re sure we understand it well enough to eliminate it.”

    “We don’t agree on much, but this is a brave move by my colleague, and she has my full support,” said Senator Ted Cruz. “Racism is bad, and it must be ended. But not too soon. Let’s be deliberate here.”

    Trump also vowed to remain silent until racism is solved, but he has excluded Twitter from this vow of silence.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    There seems to be an intellectual/logic disconnect among the millennial crowd. I wonder why the person who came up with this hasn’t been fired yet.

    Oh, the disconnect? If followed wouldn’t this result in more Fascists?

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Bada BOOM…………………. You have been WARNED.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      From within the article:

      It’s because “academic Antifa” wants the answer to the question “Who is a fascist?” to be “Anyone Antifa says is a fascist, that’s who.”

      Bray’s invocation of the Black Panthers is particularly telling. We should recall that by the early ’70s, factions of the Panthers were openly calling for armed struggle by blacks against the American government. One offshoot of the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army, orchestrated perhaps as many as thirteen carefully planned assassinations of police officers. These are Mark Bray’s ideological heroes and models.

      One last bit from Bray, just to make crystal clear where the noxious teaching of “academic Antifa”is intended to leave us:

      “Our goal should be that in twenty years those who voted for Trump are too uncomfortable to share that fact in public. We may not always be able to change someone’s beliefs, but we sure as hell can make it politically, socially, economically, and sometimes physically costly to articulate them” (Antifa, p. 206)

      Got that last part? This morning I received TWO threats from people commenting on The Hill web site. One asked where I live. The other asked for my address so he could come to my house and beat the crap out of me and “crush your skull”. My crime? I pointed out that a yellow triangle was on the list of Nazi prisoner symbols and therefore we should abolish the Yield Signs.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    A must read. Worth noting that there is some deviation from the historical texts provided in Wikipedia. With the latter having some obvious edits to white wash the Antifa movement.


  17. Just A Citizen says:

    When your polling numbers look bad, do something to attach yourself to the more mainstream folks. Those who lie with snakes……………


  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Mission Accomplished………….


  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Susan Rice calls Trump administration ‘racist to its core,’ says Senate backers belong in ‘trash heap of history’

    She had cover for her lies about Benghazi. She has no cover for the lies she repeats in this story. And the Dems are floating her for Biden’s VP pick.

  20. WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Washington Post published an editorial today calling on the New England Patriots to change their team name due to its association with the United States of America.

    The article called for the Patriots to change their team name immediately to something that doesn’t imply they are proud of their country.

    “The negative associations with the horrible country of America should be left in the past,” the editorial board wrote. “This name is very offensive to austere religious scholars in other countries, liberals, and Canadians. We must call on the NFL to do better, to be better.”

    “They must change the name to something that signals that they are not proud to live in this country.”

    Suggestions for the new name included The New England Colonizers, The New England Oppressors, and The New England Sorry For Being Americans.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Apparently. Mr. Yale the benefactor of said University was a slave trader too. i recommend they change the name top Patrice Lumumba University, West.

  21. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I honestly wish I had more time in life to dig into some things.

    I am a guy who barely touched the surface of the Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco but, since I was a kid, despite Hollywood, Picasso, Hemingway and Gary Cooper, I’ve been uncomfortable with the narrative.

    What seems to have happened and which gets no press except in very esoteric circles is how the Republican cause was undermined and basically taken over by the Communists, directed from Moscow while using the”cover” of a democratic movement. I remember reading way back in the 1970’s a counter intuitive piece regarding how the Soviets offered to “safeguard”: the Spanish gold reserves to keep them out of teh hands of Franco. The stupid duped fools sent it on and have never gotten it back. The article’s point was actually how shrewd old Franco managed to fool the world into thinking Spain was semi-solvent instead of flat broke for 40 years.

    I see Antifa as a similar movement. By calling yourself “anti-fascist” you can get away with murder and NOBODY questions who you are.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    The “peaceful” protesters tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant last night.

    Just BRILLIANT. Yeah, this is all about police brutality against black people.

  23. Just A Citizen says:
  24. Just A Citizen says:

    A comment on American Thinker worthy of reading:

    BLM has a point. They realize that in reality, no lives matter, Black lives or any lives. Well, some lives matter but darn few. More on that later. If they can make Black lives matter at all, they will then have the privilege.

    Black lives have been made matterless, but anyone that goes against the rulers have matterless lives. Our jobs and businesses, our financial lives, do not matter if they have an agenda to promote. Our religious lives do not matter and can be turned off on a whim, at least the public worship part of it. Our financial lives are reduced in matterness by taxation and regulation and they do not care. Our healthy lives can not be maintained because they have determined to make government the sole distributor of health benefits so our health becomes matterless. Education is becoming matterless and almost worthless.

    Nothing of any value matters, Black lives, white lives, purple lives, or any lives matter if our living gets in the way their power. Only their power matters.

    I think in an odd way that BLM sees this and the only way that Black lives can matter is to create a forced bonding to the only ones with lives that really matter. They see who really matters and it is the power elite. They will join that elite or be that elite. Either way, only Black lives can matter since, if they let anyone else in, it is not really a power elite.

    It is about taking power.

    The only way everyone wins is to once again make every life matter except those that are trying to keep us matterless. A world in which the matterless makers themselves do not matter would be quite enjoyable.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Another interesting comment………. partial content provided. Time to look into this but would explain why BLM seems to have exploded beyond reason.


    • Is this legal or does it circumvent the FEC rules?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I do not know. All depends on BLM’s tax status. If a 501(c)(3) I don’t think they can funnel 90% to the Democratic Party. Which makes we wonder where this number came from.

        On the other hand, BLM can give the money to other not for profits which can move it around and pretty soon it is benefiting some politician in a way that skirts the campaign laws. Like a group that hires people to canvas door to door.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just thinking how the anti-Trump and Republicans forces attempted sabotage of the Tulsa rally in reality backfired

    By blocking entrances and reserving thousands of tickets and no plan on attending….actually saved Trump supporters lives. I thought they supported the rallies so they can contract Covid-19 and fulfill the Dems and BLM and antifa’s deepest desire for all conservatives to DIE

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Why athletes should just pass on comments about political things. Shallow thinking there Brett.


  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Go ahead Mathius. Let’s see one of your point by point tomes ridiculing this author’s view of why your generation and the ones after it seem so lost.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well that was strange. Here is the actual article I was referencing.


    • Mathius says:

      That sounds like a challenge..

      But I’m going to have to decline. I just sincerely do not give a single solitary shit – no, not a one – about what athletes have to say about racism anything.

      • JAC's Daughter says:

        I think he meant this link to be the one for you, Mathius. I’m also curious your take on the topic. Did you experience/see this while going through College?


        • I’ll go ahead and skip of the strawmen in the first paragraph and answer your question.

          Yes and no.

          I’ve had great professors and professors who had no business teaching.

          One time, I joined a (once a week) Pysch class after the second class only to find that a paper was due. I spoke to the teacher, apologized, and offered to turn it in the next day. She said, “don’t rush it, do a good job, and turn it in at class next week.” I did so, and got my grade on it the week after that. A 95%……… minus 70% for being ten days late. I checked the syllabus and this policy was not mentioned anywhere. I asked the teacher why she would tell me to take a week when I could have half-assed it and gotten a better score? She just shrugged. Turns out that no male in that class got higher than a C- and no female got less than a B+. You can bet that I wrote a scathing review. And I signed my name at the bottom.

          Anyway, I’ve had my share of terrible professors. I had one for a Differential Equations class with an accent so thick, I couldn’t understand a word he said. I complained to the head of the department that, I’m sure he’s a great teacher and all when you can understand him, but I couldn’t. I wound up teaching myself from the book, skipping class entirely except for tests, and, so far as I know, was one of the only kids to pass. You can bet I wrote a terrible review.. and I felt bad for the guy, but being able to communicate is kind of essential.

          They were the exceptions, however. Almost every teacher I’ve ever had cared deeply about their students and wanted them to learn and succeed. If, maybe, yes, there was some grade inflation, and offers of extra credit that realistically weren’t warranted, you might be able to chalk that up to fear of reviews.

          But the very best teachers I’ve had were fearless and would rip you apart if you were willfully idiotic. If you were simply ignorant, they would try to help you see the light with unflatering patience. And if you were smart and underachieving, they would flog you with a whip until you got your butt in gear.

          All that said, and I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with this.. but a lot of kids graduated my (very good, and very expensive) private 4-year college who, realistically, were not “college material.”

          Why? Because my very good and very expensive college was very expensive, and people willing and able to pay that very high price are a lot rarer when the “participation trophy” is in doubt rather than basically assured if you just put in the time.

          The admission of thin-skinned “woke” minority students was a game changer.

          One time, I held the door for a girl walking behind me.

          Nothing about her gender, just common decency… if a person is walking behind you, you hold the door. I wasn’t raised in a barn.

          So I hold the door and this girl, maybe a foot shorter, pixie of a thing, gets right up in my face, does this weird thing with her thumb as though it was a blade and puts it right near my eye and tells me that if I ever hold the door for her again, she’ll gouge my eye out.

          I was… just stunned. I’d like to believe that, had I been clearer thinking, I’d have just slugged her in the gut and then let go of the door to hit her while shouting “Equality, bitch!” But I was just so shocked, I didn’t even react… just stood there like an idiot.

          I’m sure she walked back to her gaggle of friends and gleefully told them how she’d stuck it to the patriarchy. But for my money, it was just baffling.. I never did report her to the school for threatening me, either.. I wanted to, but I just imagined her friends all showing up and saying that I harassed her or something… it just wasn’t worth it to step into that pile of maneur.

          So, yea… I saw this… but again, it was the vast exception. There were tons of minorities and LGBT support and and and and and… and the only other time I was personally harassed or saw any kind of harassment was when the school let a “preacher” into the community center who harangued me that I was going to hell because I hadn’t accepted Jesus. (Him, I fought with.. I wasn’t going to pass up that kind of a fight.) (Eventually, the head of Hillel, the Jewish community, showed up and basically had the guy dragged out by campus security. Boy was he pissed.)

          Far the most serious, however, was inadvertently wandering into Politically Incorrect territory, easy to do since no-go territory constantly shifts.

          I think this was really ramping up while I was at school. I went to college from 2002-2006, and there was a big shift in PC during this time. The old-timers constantly lamented how the school had cracked down on certain activities which they considered “tradition,” but which a clearer eye might construe as “harassment.”

          But, yea, Gay Pride was there when I started, but was big and powerful by the time I left… I was on their side in principle, but I wouldn’t want to have crossed them if I weren’t.

          I knew one girl while there.. totally asexual.. and a few years after we’d graduated, she changed her name from Sarah to Seth and never said a word to anyone. Just “this is who I am.” And that was it. We were friendly and got along fine, but she kept her trans-ness to herself and obviously wasn’t ready or wasn’t comfortable discussing it. And it was none of my business.

          Far the most serious, however, was inadvertently wandering into Politically Incorrect territory,

          Far more than the gay/trans/minority stuff was the sexual PC.

          By god in heaven, the school did NOT want a sex scandal. And anything even remotely bordering on anything that might possibly maybe be considered anything less than 100% consensual was dealt with with WRATHFUL bias against any male involved.

          Did two horny 19 year olds get drunk and screw? Welp, if she woke up the next morning and found she regretted it and considered that she was drunk so she couldn’t have consented, that boy was suspended immediately, pending a review panel. Never mind that he could make the exact same argument about her.

          Those of us who were… a bit more freewheeling.. lived in terror of this kind of thing. It was like living under the Spanish Inquisition where the administration might knock on your door any minute and drag you out into the streets where you would be burned at the stake.

          By the time I left, they were starting to push policies of “affirmative consent” which, in theory, is great, but in practice….? “May I touch you now?” “Yes, I consent.” “May I kiss you now”? “Yes, I consent.” I mean, I get it, but talk about mood killer?

          Plus, of course, just saying “I consent” doesn’t hold up if you were drunk and say your consent is invalid post hoc..

          But what really grated me was the double-standard. Men boys were presumed guilty predators and girls the victims in all situations… the girls’ word was gospel until proven otherwise… so there was a HUGE power differential there.

          Guilty until proven innocent.

          • JAC's Daughter says:

            Thanks for sharing! And how dare you hold a door for a woman, you monster! hahaha totally kidding!!

            You’re just a few years older than myself, so I was curious what you experienced. I didn’t got to “traditional college” for more than a year, and I was older when I attended so I didn’t experience much of all this. I’ve read about it, and find it very disturbing what power it seems the student body has these days. Everything from getting a Dean fired, to preventing legitimate speakers from coming in (not those fools who march on the street telling you you’re going to hell through a megaphone), to girls being able to cry wolf. Maybe more of it started after your years and/or sounds like you just went to a better school who didn’t tolerate much of it.

            It seems these days students, who are still mostly kids, are running the show based on their feelings, and the professors who stand their ground have to bow down if they offended a student. I wonder if allowing this type of atmosphere in college has bled into the way they all handle conflict as adults. It seems similar to what we are seeing now with this BLM movement and what we saw a few years ago with the LGBT movement.

            • Mathius says:

              You’re just a few years older than myself


              I’m no longer the youngest one on SUFA!!!

              We now have an actual Millenial in our midst!

              Should I start making jokes about tide pods now? Or would that trigger you? ;P

              to preventing legitimate speakers from coming in

              We were in Pennsylvania, so, naturally, Rick Santorum was scheduled to speak while I was there.

              The campus was having none of that and very aggressively pushed back and, ultimately, wound up having a much smaller closed-door “conversation” which was reported on rather than opening up the main convention room for a big town-hall type thing.

              Interestingly, we had plenty of other deeply conservative and wack-a-loon liberal speakers, but Santorum was a bridge too far. The campus was pretty conservative, in truth, but Santorum was viewed as hateful by many (myself included). That is, the objection wasn’t “he’s conservative” but “he’s a hate-mongering bigot” (true), and the campus was pretty unanimous in not wanting to give him the forum. Not everyone was “pro gay rights,” but almost no one was “anti gay rights,” so Santorum was in hostile territory. Our generation just wasn’t having that and it really didn’t matter left or right. The Administration was pretty resistant to folding as he was a big speaker to have landed, but fold they did, because the fear was that there would be protests and we’d make the news otherwise.

              I guess the question here is: do I have to tolerate intolerance?

              There’s nothing wrong with hearing out opposing viewpoints, but do you have to offer a stage and a microphone to a hate monger?

              Maybe more of it started after your years and/or sounds like you just went to a better school who didn’t tolerate much of it.

              Maybe. Mine was not a “liberal college” despite being a “liberal arts college.”

              But I definitely felt the shift over four years, especially into the latter two. By then I was dating my now-wife, but I saw lots of guys get crushed by the implicit danger of the dating scene.. people were terrified.. frats were closed down… hazing was outright banned.. frat parties were like speakeasies with lookouts, hiding from campus security even when over 21.. kegs were banned the year before I came. Everyone seemed to feel they were a half-step from being expelled for all kinds of infractions that would have been “kids being kids” just a few years earlier.

              I think it was maybe, a bit less of “going PC” than “let’s not allow anything that might make negative headlines.” I’m not sure what the distinction actually means however. I guess it just never seemed left-vs-right so much as “could this generate a negative headline.” Hazing, for instance, wasn’t a “PC” question, but some kid had just died from drinking too much water the year before and, next thing you know, hazing in all forms is completely banned. ::shrug::

              It seems these days students, who are still mostly kids, are running the show based on their feelings, and the professors who stand their ground have to bow down if they offended a student.

              I can’t speak to “these days,” but my experience was that this was just NOT the case.

              Professors definitely held the power and authority and spoke their minds freely. I think, though, that might be a function of the school… my experience was that most students were serious students and took school seriously. Perhaps in a community college with lower-quality / less-serious students and lower quality teachers, things are / were different? We had overwhelmingly excellent teachers with a few bad apples here and there, and I like to believe that the feedback we gave on our reviews helped rid the school of them as neither of the ones I mentioned were there the following year.

              I remember one teacher calling me to the mat in front of the whole class to make me defend a stupid assertion I’d made.. it probably only took a minute, but he ripped apart my whole position, then made me try to defend the supporting logic, which I failed to do, as he ripped that apart, too. he pulled me aside afterward and congratulated me on “being ignorant but not stupid” and told me that, maybe, just maybe, there was hope for me. That was a wonderful class that covered a lot of very loaded ground. I got an A and he got a glowing review and, years later, an invitation to my wife’s and my wedding (which he declined on the grounds that most marriages end in divorce so we should invite him to our 25-anniversary party instead).

              I wonder if allowing this type of atmosphere in college has bled into the way they all handle conflict as adults.

              Almost certainly.

              College is very formative. I wish I could re-shape its priorities… it really needs to teach people HOW to think, not WHAT to think. High school, too.

              I’ve never used 90% of what I learned, and I likely never will. But the ability to self-manage, to self-discipline, to meet deadlines on a self-directed basis, transition from a child to an adult… that’s VALUE. And I wish colleges focused more on it.

              I wish there had been a class called “Adulting 101” where they taught you what a mortgage was, how to file your taxes, how to handle yourself in an interview, etc. That would have been infinitely more useful than any English Lit course. “How to Think 101” which breaks down logical fallacies and demagoguery and how to spot emotional reasoning, etc. “Project Management 101,” etc.

              It seems similar to what we are seeing now with this BLM movement and what we saw a few years ago with the LGBT movement.

              Could you elaborate on this? I’d be very interested in your take.

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                We now have an actual Millenial in our midst! Should I start making jokes about tide pods now? Or would that trigger you? ;P

                hahah Oh man, unfortunately this is a true statement. I am 😦 (smh) And don’t worry, there is very little that triggers or offends me. 🙂

                Could you elaborate on this? I’d be very interested in your take.

                I’d love to. Just a heads up, i’m slow at this. Y’all can write books while i’m still working on my first page. I’ll get into it here in a bit when I have a little more time.

              • Watch it, girl…….This Mathius’ feller is very good at trap setting.

              • Mathius says:

                This Mathius’ feller is very good at trap setting.

                Moi? ::innocent expression:: I just ask questions…

                Actually, now that I stretch my memory alllll the way back, I seem to recall JAC (or maybe LOI?) telling me on my very first day to beware traps set by the long lost legendary pirate known as Black Flag. That was over a decade ago now… how the time flies and the tables turn…

                Oh man, unfortunately this is a true statement. I am [a millenial]

                I have two sisters who are 16. I think that makes them millenials or maybe “Zoomers,” I don’t even know. I love ’em, but it’s like talking to another species. I just can’t “connect.”

                Plus, you know, teenage girls don’t necessarily open up about their lives to their older brothers that easily regardless, especially when he lives 3,000 miles away and you only see him once every few years. But I’d love to be able to send them stuff from time to time or just drop them a line on things they’re interested in, but I just… I have no idea how..

                I tried sending an iTunes card a while back “just because” and, while they were very appreciative, I could just hear the eye-rolling and “you’re so old” that they were too polite to say to say out loud. I thought that was a very current kind of gift, but I guess not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                Thanks for the heads-up Colonel! I’d like to say I could hold my own if I needed to, but I’d be a fool not to listen to those who have gone before me…. sooo maybe keep them raptors at the ready! haha

                Mathius, having once been in their shoes, all I can say is teenage girls are just an entirely different species of their own. Doesn’t matter the labeled generation they belong to. Not sure I can fully relate to a 16-year-old these days (being twice that age) but If you ever want some insight on them, I’m here for ya!

                “College is very formative. I wish I could re-shape its priorities… it really needs to teach people HOW to think, not WHAT to think. High school, too.”

                I couldn’t agree more! Including your following thoughts on this topic, and if college offered more of the courses you listed, I might have seen the value in attending more than a year.

                Where I see the connection between the atmosphere/mentality in colleges over the past few years and the BLM/LGBT movement is this:

                They seem to be run by people who think feelings are the truth and being offended is a real crime. I think there is some truth that our perception is our own reality, but that doesn’t make it the set in stone truth. And by golly someone feeling offended does not mean they experienced a true hate crime. They use very serious issues to instill fear into people causing people to submit. Another commonality is they use physical violence to intimidate and forcefully get their way. Altogether, they can say they feel personally attacked because of how someone made them feel, they are emotionally distraught because that person made them feel unsafe in a racist or sexist way, and they can physically destroy something/someone to show their anger/hurt. The minute anyone says otherwise, they are viewed as “against them”, now considered the enemy, and they can call them a racist or sexist and get away with it.

                The mentality of a campus where girls can cry wolf of rape or sexual abuse because they woke up with some regrets after a drunken night is despicable and it sadly takes away from the cases which are real. This is the power the campuses gave to those girls; if they feel bad, they can blame it on the guy. Those guys should be innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa. (btw, I truly feel sorry for men today because of how easy it is for a gal to ruin a life this way). I would say the same of people crying wolf of racist/sexist acts. It depreciates the cases that are real and have a legitimate reason to be addressed. It seems to me to be the same type of mentality; I feel hurt or offended therefore it’s your fault and there will be consequences because I can make it about a serious issue. If there is a serious issue at hand (like racism), anytime someone feels offended or unhappy they can just say it’s because of this issue, like “you’re a racist”. My personal opinion, if I’m offended by something you say, it’s MY fault not yours. You might say, well there is a huge difference between crying wolf over rape and over a racist comment, which there absolutely is, no question! It’s not the act i’m comparing but the mentality and tactics used to instill fear and get their way, which seem very similar to me. Just as you and your friends were intimidated by fear of what a girl could do to your life (knowing it was consensual) if she said otherwise, we are seeing people’s lives get crushed today for being deemed a racist just for saying something of the opposite opinion of BLM. That to me doesn’t seem like free speech. There are a lot of people who have been forced to submit their opinion or afraid to speak it due to the intimidation and reprimanding we are seeing to those who have. I’m not talking about the actual racism and hate crimes out there, which there are, I’m talking of those getting rung through the slaughterhouse as a racist when there is zero evidence of them having a racist bone in their body. Just because someone gets offended doesn’t mean the act itself was an act of racism. Just because a girl feels like a sleez the next morning, doesn’t mean she was taken advantage of. Just because a student feels embarrassed if a professor openly disagrees with them doesn’t mean that professor harassed them. Unfortunately, college campuses have allowed their students to believe the opposite and defended their heinous allegations.

                Right now it seems like everything is a racist act, just like a few years back everything seemed to be a sexist act with the LGBT movement. Even those which are clearly not. People are losing their jobs for having the guts to speak out, even if what they are saying is not actually racist. For example: a Scooby-Doo cartoon came out which was directed at the Chicago Mayor for being a villain. If you ever watched this crime solving cartoon, it usually ended with some type of supernatural creature being unmasked, revealing a human villain, who was then arrested. Well, this cartoon was immediately deemed “racist” because a black woman (Chicago Mayor) was tied up surrounded by a group of white people (The Mystery Inc. team). This had nothing to do with her skin color, but everything to do with those who think this Mayor is a villain. Just like I think the Seattle Mayor is a spineless POS. If this exact cartoon had been about the Seattle Mayor (who is a lesbian) back during the LGBT movement, i’m sure it would have been deemed a sexist cartoon. Another example is the UCLA professor Gordon Klein, who was just suspended for not canceling a final exam when a student requested it due to the racial unrest. Sounds a lot like the case of Professor Weinstein at the Evergreen State College a few years back. A case where the students actually took over the school, sound like CHAZ/CHOP? The list goes on.

                In conjunction, I think the rioting, looting, defacing of public property, violent beat downs and threats we have all witnessed in the streets recently is a replication of the violent protests on college campuses over the years. It would make sense that the majority of people causing havoc in our cities (no, not the actual peaceful protesters) are the same people who were using this tactic to get their way while they were in college just a few years ago. Like the violence and not peaceful protesting to prevent guest speakers from speaking on campuses across the country in 2017.

                All in all, it seems to me that these ideologies and behaviors are being learned and accepted on college campuses, and now being metastasized to our communities and cities through the current BLM movement.

  29. Just A Citizen says:
  30. Lot’s of death and violence in Crat cities over the weekend after cops step back. Blacks getting shot left and right, but no planned protests yet, imagine that.

    One killed and 1 shot in CHOP.. Democrats are officially the party of lawlessness.

    Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers.

  31. Mathius says:

    Soooo… how ‘about that crowd in Tulsa..?

    • As compared to what? 😛

      • Mathius says:

        Fun fact: This election isn’t about Biden at all. He could literally be a suit stuffed with straw and it would make no difference. No one outside of his immediate family is voting FOR Biden.

        As long as he has a pulse and valid US citizenship, Biden could be replaced by any other potential candidate and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference to anything.

        This election is 100% about Trump.

        Trump needs to turn out his base en masse, because there are a LOT more of “us” than there are of “you.” So if his base can’t be bothered to fill a tiny arena in Tulsa for the kickoff of his campaign, after he touts an expected crowd of a million, he has a big problem.

        • Dude! You are in such huge denial. This was the first rally in 5 years with an empty seat. Considering several major issues in the country, and that so many were not let in because of thugs blocking the entrance, I have no problem saying this rally was a success. Trump will still win in November. BIGLY!

          • Dude! You are in such huge denial.


            This was the first rally in 5 years with an empty seat.

            That’s objectively false. He has – absolutely – had empty seats.

            But the gist is fair.. he usually packs ’em in.

            That said, that was then and this is now.

            Considering several major issues in the country

            One of those issues is that Trump is a terrible President and an even worse human being.

            and that so many were not let in because of thugs blocking the entrance,

            OBJECTION! Please provide support for this assertion.

            I have no problem saying this rally was a success.

            Of course you don’t.

            There is the “genius” of Trump. The one thing he seemingly excels are above and beyond all others.

            Nothing he ever does is viewed by his supporters as a loss. He somehow frames every interaction as a victory and gets his base to eat it up.

            “A million people are going to be at my rally!… ok, it turns out to be ~6k… VICTORY!”

            Trump will still win in November. BIGLY!

            He may… he very well may.

            I hope not, but he very well may.

            But I guarantee you he’ll get crushed in the popular vote.

        • So, per you, the republicans have low standards and the democrats have None.

      • Mathius says:

        Oh, and by the way, this is what the arena looked like:

        • Looks like Trump in a landslide. In the throws of a pandemic and threats of Left Wing violence, looks like a win to me.

          Biden couldn’t fill 20 seats at a town hall. Democrats have proven to be weak leaders with zero backbone. And by November, the loss of Crat voters due to the virus and violence will cut your votes in half, unless your dead will still vote like before 😀

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      So, Went to church yesterday for the first time in three months. Maximum allowed, 75, present 35, maybe. What exactly does that tell you?

  32. Mathius says:

    “Here’s the bad part … when you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people; you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, slow the testing down please.”

    An administration official told CNN later Saturday that the President was “obviously kidding,” and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said Sunday that the remark was made in jest.

    SHOCKING! I am SHOCKED that the administration would say Trump was joking.

    I am preemptively SHOCKED that SUFA will agree that this was an obvious joke and be baffled at why some of us might think it’s probably true.

    Doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t really matter at all. This is going to be splattered across billboard and tv and radio and facebook ads from coast to coast from now until election day.

    In the midst of a pandemic, where the US is 27ths per capita in testing and first per capita in cases, where 120k+ Americans are dead, the President of the United States – a man who has been roundly criticized for his handling of the pandemic – “joked” (read: admitted) that he told his people to slow down testing.

    Jesus, what an idiot.

    I still remember when misspelling “potato” was a political death sentence.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      God….has DJT destroyed your sense of humor or what? Didja catch the piece he did on his West Point appearance at the rally?

      • Mathius says:

        Saw that… looks to me just like more whining and defensiveness about his fragile ego..

        Also saw where he drank from a cup one-handed… my my my, what high standards we have!

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      “The Emptysburgh Address”. As Steve Schmidt observed: “Tonight you sweated and snarled your way through what will be remembered as the “Emptysburgh Address.” The story of your dangerous shuffle down the ramp was pathetic. Tonight was a failure, just like your Presidency. America saw a small crowd looking at a loser”.

      Filed under….no longer funny – leadership is NOT joking about a global pandemic that’s killed over 100,000 of your citizens. Trump worst sycophant boot-lickers will claim its a joke? Really? That’s still the go-to here eh? Like pussy-grabbiing we’ll have the same navel-gazers hand wave at nonsense like this. This Presidency is dissolving into a puddle of gross trump-sweat, tanning oils and melted dog whistles.

      • Schrodinger’s Trump: Something he says is or is not a joke, and there’s no way to know until we see how the public receives it.

        Filed under….no longer funny – leadership is NOT joking about a global pandemic that’s killed over 100,000 of your citizens.

        I seem to recall Trump calling for Obama’s resignation when, what, 4 people died of Ebola?

        I’m sure if Obama had cracked a “joke” about Ebola, the Trump die-hards would have laughed, right?

        • Basically, neither of you, actually think he was serious, you just personally think his joke wasn’t funny or appropriate.

          • Mathius says:

            I think he probably said it at some point.. maybe he thought it was a joke, maybe he thought it was serious… maybe the person he said it to though it was a joke, maybe they thought it was a direct order from the President of the United States?

            What do I know? He’s said things along these lines several times before. Either he thinks this is a really funny thing to keep saying or he’s serious.

            Either way, he’s an idiot and/or an asshole for saying it.

            122k people are dead.. and we’re seeing record highs of diagnoses even while trailing in terms of per capita testing… we might have another 100k dead before this is over. At a time when we need testing ramped up, for him to go out there and “joke” about ordering it slowed down…? Imagine if Obama had “joked” that we should implement Sharia law to end terrorism? You think that would have been funny? You think that would have been appropriate? You think all the people defending Trump would be defending him?

            Maybe Trump should grow the fuck up?

            And, again, whether he was serious or not, I don’t know. Honestly, I doubt he even has the internal introspection to know himself.

      • Trump has rally during the pandemic..lefty’s scream ORANGE MAN BAD.
        Liberals protest on masse during the pandemic, lefty’s say “how courageous they are”.

        Sorry Ray, but spare me the bs, its beneath you.

      • Who is Steve Shmidt and why does his opinion matter?

  33. Mathius says:

    Soooo… how did Trump et al get the idea that they’d have a million attendees only for that to turn out to be 6k?

    Well, it turns out, that if you alienate enough teenagers, it might come back to haunt you.

    The Trump campaign allowed anyone to reserve two free tickets to the event. Which hundreds of thousands of teenagers apparently did, knowing full well that they were never intending to go.


    Turns out that the world’s greatest troll got trolled pretty hard.

    And, oh boy, did the diaper baby get his feeling hurt.

    • Yep, and you sound pretty excited about it. Sounds an awful lot like campaign interference to me. The people were there, they were blocked from entering. Tulsa cops didn’t help any either. But what was the number that viewed the rally online? Double digit millions. The silent majority.

      • Let’s say that these teen trolls did interfere with rally tickets. This is typical of the left and their hatred of free speech, their love of campaign and election interference and overall having a bad case of moral bankruptcy. When they can’t get what they want, they lash out like little kids having a fit in the grocery store. It won’t happen again.

        The best part is that the Left has to pull stunts like this for a photo of empty seats. They have already lost and they know it. This is desperation in plain sight (unlike the evidence of Russian/Trump collusion).

        • It’s amazing… whatever planet you’re living on, remind me never to visit…

          “Hatred of free speech?” On what planet? In what way? Do you just throw a dart when you make accusations against “the left”? Today we’re going to accuse them of hating… ::throws dart::… free speech!

          What kind of staggering bullshit is this?

          These kids think Trump is a bloviating shit-bag with a glass-fragile ego and got their kicks by making him look bad by overinflating his expectations.

          They didn’t stop anyone from attending. They didn’t stop him from speaking. They didn’t stop any news from covering it. They didn’t stop him from tweeting about it.

          Nothing at all that they did impacted his “free speech” in even the tiniest bit.

          When they can’t get what they want, they lash out like little kids having a fit in the grocery store. It won’t happen again.

          First of all, they were kids.

          And they pulled a collective prank, which, frankly, was hilarious.

          And it’s interesting that you see disenfranchised kids who are politically engaged “acting out” in the only capacity they really have since they can’t vote.. that you see that as them having a fit.

          Hey kids, we know you are concerned about the future and think that Trump is bad and all, but tough shit you can’t vote. Ok, then we’re going to what we can to make him lose anyway. No! ThAtS aCtInG oUt!!1! YoU hAvE tO sIt ThErE aNd Be SiLeNt!1!1!!

          • How many videos of Lefty’s shouting down speakers, Rioting to keep some from speaking and censorship would you like to see?

          • RUT ROH…….. And it’s interesting that you see disenfranchised kids who are politically engaged “acting out” in the only capacity they really have since they can’t vote. Look up…see that big BS flag floating down…disenfranchised, my ass. That is the new buzz word of this century.

            It was a pretty neat thing they did from the stand point of reserving tickets…that was a cool move. The Trump people missed that….now…………………………………hope they (Trump people) learned a lesson. This is hard ball politics and you had AOC and others rousing the youngsters up who know absolutely nothing about anything.

            Pick another argument, my friend…disenfranchised carries about as much weight as “I am from the IRS and I am here to help you.”.

            • Mathius says:

              Look up…see that big BS flag floating down…disenfranchised, my ass. That is the new buzz word of this century.

              Are they US citizens?

              Subject to US laws?

              Subject to US taxe?

              Can they vote?

              Sure sounds like disenfranchisement to me..

              • Teens today are spoiled little brats. Disenfranchised my ass. Stop snorting the liberal cocaine.

              • Mathius says:

                Got it… an entire generation written off because you think they’re spoiled, so fuck ’em.

                (Mathius idly wonders how an entire generation got to be so spoiled that they don’t even deserve suffrage… and what generation might have raised them so poorly…)

              • Try another argument, Mathius. Have to be of age to vote….wonder if it was a democratic or republican administration that decided the age thing. I really do not know nor do I care.

              • Mathius says:

                Have to be of age to vote

                Sure… but you don’t have to be of age to be activist.

                Gman seems to be saying that, since they can’t vote, their activism (read trolling Trump) is “typical of the left and their hatred of free speech, their love of campaign and election interference and overall having a bad case of moral bankruptcy.”

                How is it “election interference” for a bunch of kids to get involved in politics? What? Are we going the route of “children should be seen and not heard”? Maybe we’d prefer the “notion that life begins at 18”? Sure, they can’t vote, but they’re still part of this country and his presumption that their participation – in whatever limited capacity they can manage – is presumptively illegitimate and symptomatic of some malign malevolency of the left is bullcrap.

                And then when I point out that they’re American citizens and taxpayers subject to US law who can’t vote (pretty much definitionally disenfranchised, no?), he justifies it with “Teens today are spoiled little brats.” As if being spoiled as some relevance here. (Or as if it were necessarily true – something I by no means stipulate.)

                Somehow, to him, kids getting motivated to political activity is seen as moral bankruptcy, and “hatred of free speech,” which is just baffling to me.

                It’s almost like… anyone who goes against his Dear Leader is automatically in the wrong, and it’s just a question of backing into how that’s true.

                How DarE teEnaGERs havE A PolItIcal opINION thaT oPpoSeS miNe? tHEY mUsT bE WRonG.. anD SPoILed… AnD evIL.. And LeD By ThE NoSe by thE wROng ANd eviL CriMINaL AoC… AND THeY’re SPoiLed ANd sTUPID… And PoorlY eDUCAtED… AND tHEY don’t DESerVe THE riGHt TO bE rEpresenteD BecAUsE I kNOw oh SO mUcH BETtEr ThAN tHey do… ANd HOW daRE THEy PLAY a PRaNk on My BeLovEd DeAR LeaDer whicH HuRt HIs bOoBoo BAby FeeLIngs aND made Him loOk LEss THan OMNIPotent?! whO thE hell Do tHeY tHiNK tHeY aRE GETtiNG InVOlved In pOLitICS thaT wIlL AfFeCT ThEM jUSt as mUCH (if not MORe) THaN all the reSt Of uS? i MEAN, i’M AN oLd FarT, so i’ll be Dead SOoN, bUT ThEY hAVe THEIR WHOLE LIVeS aHEaD OF THeM tO deaL wiTh the coNSEquENCES of thIs ELecTIOn, sO, BY aLL MEans, WE’rE THe OnLy oNe whO sHouLD gEt anY saY In tHe MAttER!1! chIlDrEn sHOUlD be SeeN ANd Not HeARd, and tHEiR FAThERs obvIOusLy FaIlED TO BeaT THEm ENouGH and Gave THEm TOO MAnY pARTiCIPaTIon trOpHIeS whiCH iS ObvIOUsly thE faULT OF tHE chiLdren SOMehOw. sNOWFlAkEs!

        • It won’t happen again.

          Like hell it won’t.

          You don’t even want to imagine the kind of havoc these people can wreck in some of the darker corners of the internet.

          Seriously, these kids have been playing nice.

          • The Trump campaign will change how tickets are given out. Then we can have a few Lefty’s show up and entertain us.

            • Mathius says:

              The Trump campaign will change how tickets are given out.

              Maybe the Trump campaign should have been competent enough to wonder why so many tickets were being reserved all over the country? Did they really believe that hundreds of thousands of people were going to fly and drive into Tulsa for this event? How did they fail to notice that there weren’t hundreds of thousands of flights booked and rooms booked? Shouldn’t someone have noticed “hey, how come there are still vacancies”? I mean, they were expecting 2.5x the population of the entire city… where did they think all these people were? Or were they just going to spontaneously appear within hours of the rally?

              And, I mean, if hundreds of thousands of kids were all participating in this, one would presume that they had some kind of coordinating feature, right? I mean, they were on TikTock, which I don’t understand because I’m old, but surely a competent social media agency should have been aware of anything that sized related to Trump on any major social media platform, no? Or does his campaign just totally write off anyone under 18?

              I mean, how the hell did they miss this?

              I’m not saying it would have been easy to catch, per say. I sure as hell didn’t know about it. But this isn’t a high school class-treasurer campaign. This isn’t shouldn’t be amateur hour.

              What kinds of morons is he hiring?

              And if he’s getting blindsided by hundreds of thousands of teenagers openly coordinating on TikTock, why does anyone think he’s a competent executive officer?


              For my part, if I were handing out “free” tickets, I would hand out $1 tickets instead. Sure, some people won’t shell out the dollar, but anyone willing to drive cross country to sit in an arena to hear you ramble for two hours is going to pay.

              Never give anything away for free – you’re just asking for abuse. My father used to have a free soda vending machine in his office.. people drank tons of soda and wasted much of it. So he changed it to 10c a can and… poof.. people were still happy, still had effectively free soda… but almost all the abuse vanished. How does he not have someone in his campaign who can point out this kind of blindingly obvious fact to him?

              • You’re the only person that seems worried about it. With 11 million watching on his web site alone, you may as well get used to him. The, Trump Jr, 2024. 😛

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          The campaign itself is saying the ticket hacking was mitigated. So…..G-man…..which is it? Cannot have it both ways?

          • I didnt make the claim Ray, your ilk did. I have no idea if it’s TRUE or not. It’s funny if true, even I like a good prank. In the long run, won’t matter one bit. Next week it will be forgotten.
            Just curious, any killings in Philly this weekend? I havent checked on Pittsburgh yet, but Chicago, NYC and a few others sure had some.

            • Ray Hawkins says:

              G-Man – not sure who you think “my ilk” is – I support neither of the major party candidates.

              Philly? Not seen stats for last week – I do know they are up 20% YOY me thinks. Weke to week varies/hover 15 +/- with some spikes. As the weather warms more and more North and West Philly will re-ignite with daily violence. https://www.phillypolice.com/crime-maps-stats/

              • I’m not seeing the cops like before. Not a problem here, but wondering how things are in more urban areas. If they lay low, crime is gonna go through the roof.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                With all due respect. It seems to me you have taken a long deep drink from the TDS bowl just as Mathius.

                The guy is not perfect by any means. No POTUS ever is in reality. Some talk pretty and do bad things. Others don’t talk so pretty and do bad things. Some do a good thing now and then.

                But NOTHING Trump has done is deserving of the visceral hatred and venom that is spewed against him. The worse it gets the more cartoon like those appear who are doing the name calling.

                Frankly, the garbage used against Obama that ya’ll complained about was far tamer than the stuff you and Mathius have tossed Trump’s way. It goes beyond any kind of objective evaluation of his adequacy or performance.

                And as I have said many time, I hate this garbage because it makes me defend someone I would really rather not defend. But I will be damned if I am going to vote for Biden or as Mathius says, any warm blooded ax murderer, instead of Trump.

                Mr. Trump actually tried to tackle some of the REAL problems faced by this country. What he got in response was vile hatred and lies about his campaign and personal life. A Democratic Party that opposed everything. While the Republicans stated their goal was to derail Obama’s agenda, let me remind you they voted with him when he was on their side a little bit.

                So in summary, “your ilk” to me means this bunch of Trump haters who seem to have gone off the deep end because “Orange Man Bad”. The fact that you still bring up the “grabbing” incident just supports my view of how irrational it has all become.

    • Hurt feelings? Maybe just the perfect thing actually:

      • Mathius says:

        Jesus, that’s dumb.

        Hundreds of thousands of teenages went online and registered for tickets to a free rally.

        Do you not see the mile-wide gulf between that and acquiring, filling out, and submitting mail-in ballots?

        It hurts my brain that you’re so damned right that this is going to be the talking point from the right.

        This is an IRON CLAD proof that we should never have elections online. Because this kind of thing WOULD happen.. and worse. But it has fuck-all to do with physical mail-in ballots.

        • The dead can’t vote without mail in ballots. Election rolls are outdated in most places, where sending ballots would end up in the wrong hands, like teenage trolls 😛

          • Ray Hawkins says:

            ” Election rolls are outdated in most places, where sending ballots would end up in the wrong hands, like teenage trolls” – says who G-man? You? Data and facts please. Are there outdated rolls out there? Probably. Significant or material? You tell me. You’re making the claim.

            • Dead people dont report their deaths to election officials. People who move dont either. It’s called, common sense, you and Mathius ate lacking it today.

              • Ray Hawkins says:

                Sorry G-man – once more you’re taking a kernel of popcorn and making 10 buckets of popcorn from it. We’re not that advanced in this County but have certainly figured out how to use simple SQL queries to look at data and update records from BLR, Voter Services and the Register of Wills.

                • I think it wasnt long ago that LA county had 127% of actual legal voters on their books. I have to check but this came out in a court case due to a lawsuit to fix the rolls. I’m not at computer, but when I get to it I’ll link to the story. Regardless, shouldn’t the rolls be updated on a regular basis? We probably agree on this, as they should. That would make for interesting stats on a county by county basis.

            • The issue in the big picture is fraud. You’d have a hard time explaining these kernels. This is your state.

              Here is my state
              MICHIGAN – One-third of precincts in Wayne County could be disqualified from an unprecedented statewide recount of presidential election results because of problems with ballots.

              Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month.

              Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.

              According to state law, precincts whose poll books don’t match with ballots can’t be recounted. If that happens, original election results stand.

              Seems like more than a kernel. Then there is Broward County Fl, where they always lag behind on reporting results.Brenda Snipes? She Gone! And how about the first few D primaries of this year. They’re probably still counting votes in Iowa. The info is out there as long as you want to find it.

              • Mathius says:

                It’s much easier to count when you live in a district with 12 people in it rather than a dense urban environment… just sayin’…

              • Iowa? IIRC there was one caucus that had just over 100 votes. Many caucases had under 500. Please.

              • Ray Hawkins says:

                Nope – sorry Anita – not convincing. Can you or I find instances of election fraud? Sure. Absolutely. Any system will have bad actors attempting to circumvent it. The instance you shared is immaterial to the overall process. I dunno – would be like suggesting all guns should be banned because a few bad actors kill a bunch of kids. Stop tying to infringe on my right to vote the way I am legally permitted to do so. That is all.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              When Florida and Texas purged their registration roles due to things like deaths, bad addresses etc, thousand upon thousand were dropped.

              The Democratic Party immediately sued these States for “Disenfranchising Voters”.

              You know damn well the Registration Rolls are not accurate. That should never be in dispute.

              The question is to what extent does this weakness provide an avenue for cheating. We know, I know as I have seen it, that it does open a door. But is that crack large enough to affect National, State or Local elections. I think so far it is the Local most at risk. Then comes a few closely contested State races.

  34. Mathius says:

    Quick question: at the risk of appearing ignorant, am I the only one who had never heard the term “Juneteenth” before this year?

    • Yes, apparently.

    • Last year was the first year for me. About as popular as Kwaanza.

      How bout Aunt Jemima’s descendants being heartbroken over her image being removed. She worked hard for 20 years promoting the brand and was loved by all races. Can’t show a successful black woman now, can we?

      As usual, the left is overplaying their hand. They’re sabotaging their own movement. Geniuses.

      • Mathius says:

        As usual, the left is overplaying their hand. They’re sabotaging their own movement. Geniuses.

        Truer words have never been spoken, Anita.

        There is no one on the planet so capable of shooting themselves in the foot, nor snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

        • Juneteenth…..I have known about this since the 60’s. Where have you been?

          • Mathius says:

            Not Texas, that’s for sure.

            I guess you’re just more “woke” than me.

            • LOL…..it is celebrated here because the slave trade in Texas was officially emancipated on or around this date in Galveston, Texas. Originating in Texas, it is now celebrated annually on the 19th of June throughout the United States, with varying official recognition. Specifically, it commemorates Union army general Gordon Granger announcing federal orders in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming that all slaves in Texas were free.

      • I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and can’t remember NOT knowing about Juneteenth, but I was also aware it was mostly a Texas thing, since it commemorates when slaves in Texas received the news about the emancipation proclamation two years after the fact.

        Anita, it actually is a lot more popular than Kwanzaa, just relatively unknown in most parts of the US.

        Mathius, knowing about it is definitely not “woke”. It’s part of the Texas history curriculum taught to every kid in the 7th grade here (unless that has changed).

        What definitely HAS changed is that now that it adds to their perceived victimhood, protesters have decided to make it a big deal. Previously most of them either knew nothing about it or didn’t care.

        That said, I can certainly understand what a truly big deal it was to slaves in Texas at the time, finding out that they were in fact free, and that it had taken TWO YEARS for them to get the news.That part still makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it.


    • Y’all have just never lived near a sufficient population of black people. I grew up in the south. It’s been around as long as I can remember.

      • My 21 yr old son still hangs out with his childhood friends. Saturday he brought 3 of them home to say hi. I asked them if they were celebrating Juneteenth. They had no idea what I was talking about.

        • woops…context is everything. All three are black, and I’d defend any of them as though they were my own. One day I did just that. He called me from the top of an overpass near us, asking me to come help him out. I was there in 15 seconds flat…kids scattered like flies. 🙂

          • Maybe it’s more of a regional thing. You are right about kwanza though. I’ve never met anyone who celebrates that.

          • Mathius says:

            One day I did just that. He called me from the top of an overpass near us, asking me to come help him out. I was there in 15 seconds flat…kids scattered like flies.

            Could you tell us a bit more about this incident? I’d be very interested..

            • Wow. Details are foggy now, ten years later, but…my kids’ gang are the bmx’ers, scooterers, and skateboarders. The skate park is on the other side of the overpass. it was natural to take a break at the top of the bridge, because being 11/12 and riding a bike while carrying a board gets tiring. I got a call from one of them, panicking, saying Anita, we’re on the bridge…these kids are hasseling us and calling me the N word, could you come help me out. I said I’ll be right there. I never got a chance to (punch a smart ass) intervene, because I must have looked somewhat scary, throwing my door open before the car stopped, and stomping to the crowd. It was over just that quick. The troublemakers scattered. I never did get the whole story. Maybe my gang was at fault too, I don’t know. But all the gang was shaken enough to just break up the party and head for home. He thanked me then and hasn’t forgotten since then, because its come up a couple times over the years. Usually in the context of…don’t mess with Anita, she doesn’t play. The End. 🙂

              • Mathius says:

                “don’t mess with Anita, she doesn’t play.”

                Well, I could have told you that!

                these kids are hasseling us and calling me the N word

                Just ten years ago… sounds like, whatever the impetus, this was definitely a racially charged event. What do you make of the current protests / riots in light of this story and the other things you might have seen?

                As for me, the only black person I’ve ever known who I’m going to talk badly about are the parents of a 19 year old intern who, in 2013-ish had never heard of the Beatles. Not “I don’t like their music,” but “who are the Beatles?” That’s some F-tier parenting right there. How is that not child abuse?

              • As far as that particular incident, I chalk it up to older kids hasseling younger kids, and to gain street cred, the older ones just “went there.”

                As far as BLM and current affairs…BLM’rs can all jump off that bridge. I. Just. Don’t. See. It. My city is about 50/50 black/white. Throw in the Muslim business owners and we just don’t have problems. I can admit to knowing a few racists, black and white…but as far as anyone acting on that, either I’m blind to it or its just not there. There are black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods and Ive seen quite a few mixed neighborhoods taking shape. We have just as many white trash as black trash, but no civil unrest. The kids, especially, all hang out together. my kids’ gang is probably 50/50. A nephew who is 6 years older hangs with the same type of diverse group.

                Our police force is just as corrupt as the next force. Seven, count them seven, of our men in blue are currently doing time, but not for anything racial, since its a mixed crowd involved. The crimes were abusing drug task force money on things like strip clubs or selling seized assets. Current police chief is black and things are running smoothly.

                BLM is barking at the moon. Useful idiots to those with the cash to fuel the flames of racial harmony. They portray themselves as victims, but have plenty of mentors in high places. I aint buyin’ it.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      This is the first year I remember hearing the phrase.

  35. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    I captured this creature attempting to eat my barbeque.. What do y’all think should I do with it?

  36. Had an incident in Dallas over the weekend……..a group of black kids, average age around 17 or so, pulled down a confederate statue Jefferson Davis and were caught.

    A group of white kids, in retaliation, pulled down a statue of Martin Luther King and were caught.

    The black kids were asked why they did it and did they know who Jefferson Davis really was….none of them knew.
    The white kids were asked why they did it…and they said in retaliation for pulling down the other statue……the white kids were asked who Martin Luther King was…and they did not know.

    So neither group of kids in the same age bracket knew who the statues of the ones they pulled down were……………….The young black kids did not know who Jefferson Davis was nor what he stood for and the white kids did not know what MLK stood for……

    What a society.

    • Mathius says:

      I know it’s Texas, but, really, I can find it excusable to not know who Davis was. Maybe he’s bigger in the South, but at least up here, he’s not really that well known in the scheme of things. Like a “minor celebrity.” I’d be will willing to bet Jefferson Davis is on the same order of recognition as Jefferson Airplane.

      But MLK???? How in the everlasting hell do you NOT know who MLK was? What rock do you have to be hiding under that you don’t know who he was?

      I mean.. just… what?

      Also, do these people not have access to wikipedia? Do they not say “hold up, let me check who this guy was for 30 seconds” before tearing it down? What if it was the founder of Chick Fil A?

      • That is not the point…..if you do not know who they are…why tear it down. Either statue.

        As to MLK….same reasons you listed for Davis. The hypocrisy of it all….the slave trade was emancipated in the South before the industrial north emancipated….or is your history hazy on this.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Get this through your THICK SKULL, History is not taught. Period!

        My “teaching” consists of small groups of 12-16 year old boy scouts and the three citizenship badges. History is integral to learning about citizenship. I have three to four 1 1/2 hour sessions. The children are generally from three different public school systems and one Catholic school. They have no clue, none.

        The final “Citizenship in the Nation” session consist of Movie night where I show “1776” providing copious quantities of popcorn, cheese doodles, pretzels and caffeinated soda. I still cannot believe how effective the movie is as a teaching tool once they stop snickering over the singing.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          Stephen – we’re working thru all the Citizenship badges now. We’re trying to use different ideas to teach and work thru the requirements. Kinda of eager for the National Constitution Center to re-open so we can use that venue.

  37. Mathius says:

    A question for the Daughter of JAC….

    I have made the case here before that, insofar as you Millenials are so terrible and entitled and snowflakey, etc.. that if this were true, then we have to ask WHY?

    Specifically, insofar as they are constantly griping about your generation (and mine, too, really) and all the participation trophies we seem to have gotten… that we really ought to be asking the question “well, then, old man, who GAVE us those trophies?”

    If your generation is so morally bankrupt and spineless and lazy and entitled and blah blah blah terrible as they seem to believe, then doesn’t it stand to reason that this is NECESSARILY the fault of the people who raised your generation?

    Or did you buy and give yourselves participation trophies?


    So the question is this:

    If Millenials are flawed in all the ways these old farts seem to believe they are, how did that come about?

    And why do they get to say “you’re so terrible” without owning some version of “sorry we failed you so badly”?

    • JAC's Daughter says:

      Hmmmmm, I feel this is one of those traps I was warned about! haha

      First I will say I was blessed to have incredible parents. I gave my parents a lot of shit (understatement) growing up. I hated how strict they were, all the chores and yard work we had to do around the house, having curfews when my friends didn’t, not being able to wear certain attire etc. I always said things like “i’ll never raise my kids like you; I’ll never be this strict with my kids”. I now look back on how I was raised and respect and appreciate all of it! THANKS DAD!! 🙂 (I’ve shared this with them many times as an adult) I appreciate who they are as people, the values they have as individuals and as a couple, what they sacrificed for us, and all that I learned from them. I have a deep respect for them both. I don’t have kids, but if/when I do, I would be honored to be just like my parents. Well….almost like them! 😉

      Second I will say, I may be a Millenial but I’m usually not “in the loop” with the Millenials. I might be the worst one to ask, but i’ll give your question a shot here. Also, I don’t get offended when people think this of my generation because quite a lot of them are and I don’t take it literal when they say ALL.

      I think there are a lot of reasons we are viewed as terrible, entitled, snowflakey, morally bankrupt, spineless and lazy. I think it is a combination of my generation having lower self-esteem, lack of self confidence, little self respect, almost no respect for others especially our elders, compromised or complete lack of morals/values/ethics, lack of ability how to problem solve or solution seek, no grit or ability to work hard, persevere, how to really think let alone for ourselves, etc… Now why do we lack all of these qualities/characteristics? I would say the biggest influence has been social media followed by the failure of our education systems. My generation and the iGen have had social media in our lives for the majority or entirety of our lives. We are the first generation to have this. I think the family core only has so much influence these days. When a kid goes to their room and spends more time on social media than they did with their family that night, you bet your ass their friends, celebrities, and social media “influencers” have more influence in that kid’s life and over their self worth. Not to mention these generations all have smartphones, so their social media is in their pocket influencing them all day every day. Kids desire to be liked, to fit in, to be included, but also to stand out. Social media feeds all of these desires but never quenches the thirst, and also provides a platform to discreetly tear kids apart through bullying and comparing. I think social media can be and is used for good but I also think it has been one of the most destructive things to the qualities I listed above.

      On to the failure of our education systems. I could go on and on here. From what I understand, the school systems (K-12) started switching the curriculum, testing and standards during my generation. These changes started before 2002 but the No Child Left Behind Act didn’t help any, at least for the majority. Not sure how this program helped kids like lil JAC? Standards were lowered, testing was easier, kids weren’t learning how to persevere or truly problem solve, just learning to memorize to get a passing grade. Schools wanted to “look good” with their stats and test numbers over what or how the kids were actually learning. Priorities changed. I’m not certain, but I think the participation award mentality came along with this shift.

      I touched on a big part of colleges in my other response so I don’t want to be redundant here. What i’ll say in addition to all that noise, is that college is a business. Their priorities are that of a business owner, them first. Tuition for my generation was more than a house, yet income wages didn’t increase to balance the inflation. The generation who is 50-60 years old today were able to not only get through college with very little debt but also get an income right out of college that could support their college debt and a mortgage. Two full years of classes (a specific amount of credits) which have nothing to do with the degree one is working towards, all I hear is ka-ching ka-ching $$$. In my opinion trade/technical/vocational schools are way more beneficial today. For the skills they teach, the jobs people are able to get and kids graduating with a more manageable financial/debt statement. How does this relate to your question? Most of my generation is coming out of college with very little hope they will ever achieve their dreams and goals. You add hopelessness to that list of qualities/characteristics, or lack there of, and you have a generation who doesn’t give two shits about others yet care too much what everyone thinks of them, feels like they were sold a bill of lies, resents those who sold it to them therefore want the world handed to them. Or as some might say, a bunch of terrible, entitled, snowflakey, morally bankrupt, spineless and lazy SOB’s.

      Let me also state that I think a lot of educators go into teaching with great intentions. They want to make a difference and are passionate about teaching, but like most people in any industry eventually get bitter and tired of the politics of the institution and never get to teach the way they want and mold the minds they once dreamed of.

      To quickly touch on “And why do they get to say “you’re so terrible” without owning some version of “sorry we failed you so badly”?”

      There are so many factors, but you asked my opinion and I think the two that contribute the most are those above. To your point, I don’t think families today have the same values as they once did. I noticed a significant difference in the parenting styles of my friends who had younger parents. I saw the generation who is 60+ today (my parents) had stronger family values and work ethic than those younger. This is a generalization of what I have personally noticed over the years, not to say that there aren’t younger parents who had similar morals/values/ethics of the older ones. I think you’ve mentioned a few times how important a father is and the destructiveness of fatherless homes. I agree completely. I think a father is one of the most important roles and examples in a child’s life, for both sons and daughters. So the lack of fathers today, not just those who straight up left, I mean the overall lack of father leadership in a home, is also a contributor. There are also many study’s that show the decline in children when both parents started working full time. Again, the list could go on…but I stand by my two main points.

  38. “So, this week it’s Robert E. Lee. I notice that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week, and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” D. J. Trump, August 15, 2017.

    Albany, NY: Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler, to be removed
    Albuquerque, NM: Don Juan Onata, vandalized
    Alexandria, VA: Statue: Appomattox, CW soldier, removed
    Birmingham, AL: Charles Linn, toppled
    Oblesek memorial to Confederate soldiers and sailors, to be removed
    Boston, MA: Christopher Columbus, beheaded
    Chicago, IL: Gen. George Washington, vandalized
    College Station, TX: Gen. Lawrence Sullivan Ross, CSA, vandalized
    Dallas, TX: Statue “One Riot, One Ranger” (dedicated to the TX rangers), removed
    Dearborn MI: Orville Hubbard, removed
    El Paso, TX: Don Juan Onate, vandalized
    Fredericksburg, VA: Slave Auction Block, removed
    Huntsville, TX: Confederate monument, vandalized
    Indianapolis, IN: CSA POW Memorial, removed
    Jacksonville, FL: CSA soldier, removed, all other CSA monuments to be removed
    Louisville, KY: John Breckenridge Castleman officer CSA, Brig. Gen. US Army WWI, removed
    “I unhesitatingly say that I will at any time salute an officer, superior or inferior, who salutes me, without regard to the color of his skin. The regulations and laws, and the fundamentals of courtesy and discipline, upon which these regulations and laws are based, prescribe this. It is no time to stand against them. I want to urge every soldier to be a soldier in the full sense of the term. We are at war, and soldiers are under the rules of the American army. We are all one under the flag. We salute the rank, not the individual.”

    Madison Co., AL: CSA statue, to be removed
    Miama, FL: Christopher Columbus & Ponce de Leon, vandalized
    Mobile, AL: Adm. Raphael Semmes CSA, removed
    Montgomery, AL: Gen. Robert E. Lee CSA, destroyed
    Mount Pleasant, SC: CSA cemetery, vandalized
    Nashville, VA: CSA monument, vandalized, to be removed
    Oxford, MS: CSA monument, vandalized
    Philadelphia, PA: Mayor Frank Rizzo, removed
    Pittsburgh, PA: Christopher Columbus, vandalized
    Portsmouth, VA: 4 CSA statues beheaded
    Providence, RI: Christopher Columbus, vandalized
    Raleigh, NC: Gen. Williams Carter Wickham CSA, toppled
    Pres. Jefferson Davis CSA, toppled
    Christopher Columbus, removed, tossed in lake
    Rocky Mount, NC: CSA monument, to be removed
    Sacramento, CA: Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella, to be removed
    St. Paul, MN: Christopher Columbus, toppled
    Sharpsburg, MD: Gen. Robert E. Lee CSA at Antietam NB, vandalized
    “Old Slave Block”, vandalized
    Washington DC: Gen. Albert Pike CSA, toppled
    Portland, OR: Gen. George Washington, vandalized, toppled
    New York, NY: Col. Theodore Roosevelt, to be removed
    San Francisco, CA: Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, toppled
    Francis Scott Key, toppled
    St. Junipero Serra, toppled
    Columbus, OH: Christopher Columbus, vandalized, to be removed
    Minneapolis, MN: Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial, vandalized
    Boston, MA: Col. Robert Gould Shaw (KIA) & 54th MA Reg (black), vandalized
    Denver, CO: Armenian genocide memorial, vandalized
    Salt Lake City, UT: First Responders Sculpture, vandalized
    Cleveland, OH: Soldiers & Sailors Monument, vandalized
    Sacramento, CA: Fallen Law Enforcement Memorial, vandalized
    Birmingham, AL: WWI memorial, vandalized
    Washington, DC: Thaddeus Kosciuszco (Polish volunteer to Gen. Washington), vandalized
    Lincoln Memorial, vandalized
    Gen. Casimir Pulaski, vandalized
    Philadelphia, PA: Mathius Baldwin abolitionist, vandalized

    When and where does it stop?

    • Mathius says:

      Lincoln Memorial, vandalized

      Gonna ask you to support this one….

      • Mathius says:

        Ahh.. nevermind, got it…


        including vandalism at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. It was nowhere near the Lincoln statue, and the spray paint only read, “Yall not tired yet?”

        “The only graffiti at the Lincoln Memorial was at the bottom of the steps at street level, far away from the statue (and it has been removed already),” Litterst said.

        Ah, yes… quite the horrific vandalism…

        “Yall not tired yet?”

        I’ll tell you, I’ve had a whole lot of coffee today and, yes, I am tired.

        • Those are not the pictures I saw. I did not find the them though it may not have happened. But other monuments in DC were defaced.

        • So when and where does it stop?

          • JAC's Daughter says:

            When people start getting arrested, and being held accountable for their actions. Or when we make them pay for any damages/defacing they participated in. Oh wait…this would require police.

            • Now, I have a question for anyone…….if a group of people arm themselves to protesct a statue that another group of people wish to tear down……then who is wrong?

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                I would think those who commit the actual crimes would be in the wrong. I’m not sure the legal foundation one would have to actually protect a statue since it’s not their property, but I don’t see why they couldn’t start making citizen’s arrests. I think the protectors would be in the wrong to start shooting people to protect a statue, but in the right if they wanted to detain those who were committing the crimes. If one of the vandals tried to physically harm one of the protectors, I think the protector has the right to protect him/herself or another person.

              • Legally? (outside of the Republic of Texas)… Legally, I’m pretty certain that a citizen’s possie doe not have legal standing to guard public property and would be LEGALLY wrong if got into a fight with rioters.

                Why? As the castle doctrine doesn’t apply, firstly, I think they’d have a legal obligation to withdraw. But beyond this, you can’t set yourself up for a fight and then claim self defense. This smells like some iteration of the clean hands doctrine.

                If you come spoiling for a fight, and get in a fight, you’re in the wrong.

                “Citizens’ arrest” isn’t really a strong concept up here in the civilized states, so I’m not really sure how it would apply.

                THEY might also be in the wrong. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

                My guess is the cops would show up, shoot the black rioters, and then arrest everyone else.


                Ethically? Morally?


        • Ya”ll not tired, yet? Sounds like a declaration of war if they don’t get their way. Made me want to declare war. One wonders if that is their intention.

          • Ya”ll not tired, yet? Sounds like a declaration of war if they don’t get their way.

            It is amazing to me that I can take a plain-text reading of something Trump says and it’s invariably a “joke” or my wild imagination reading into things… but a protestor asks if you’re tired and that’s “a declaration of war if they don’t get their way”?

        • Mathius……you say words have meaning and context……so by this statement, Ah, yes… quite the horrific vandalism… I can deduce that vandalism, in your opinion, is measured by degrees? So, I can see that you are not horrified that it did exist but you write it off as no big deal. I saw the picture of the memorials in Washington defaced including the Vietnam Memorial and its statue. Where do you draw the line, sir?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            “THINGS” don’t matter to him. End of story.

            Some of those “THINGS” matter to you and me, and some of my friends. Who by the way, showed up in force to keep shops in downtown from being vandalized.

    • T Ray….the Ranger statue needed to be moved to Waco anyway…where the home of the Rangers are. It is going on display in Waco in a public venue. “One riot, One Ranger” has been around since the 1800’s and there are many variations of folk lore around, but the gist of it was…..all it took was one Texas Ranger to quell any disturbance.

  39. https://www.dailywire.com/news/chop-takes-measures-to-improve-safety-will-cordon-off-areas-for-drug-use-may-clear-area-at-night

    So, their answer to problems in their utopia is to allow drugs and alcohol at the edges and throw these people out at night. So the real U.S. has to deal with them. Friggin unbelievable.

    • JAC's Daughter says:

      That is correct, V.H. Soon to be everyone’s desired destination for vacation, because it’s a summer of love there. 🤦‍♀️

      • They wanted to show the world how wonderful it would be, if we only listened to them. Then reality smacked them in the face. I just hope a few of them realize that they have failed and why.

        • JAC's Daughter says:

          That would be ideal, for them to learn from their failures. Unfortunately, that in itself is a growth mindset, hard to come by these days and harder to learn once rooted in a different mindset. Maybe reality needs to smack a little harder, loosen those roots up a bit! haha

  40. Mathius,

    For as intelligent as you seem, I swear you are suffering from a traumatic brain injury at times. 😉

  41. A “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner flown over an English Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley at Etihad Stadium on Monday sparked a police investigation.

    The plane was seen flying over the Manchester stadium just as players began to take a knee to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The aircraft circled the stadium for several minutes. Lancashire police said they will be “fully investigating” the incident.

    “Fans like that don’t deserve to be around football,” Burnley defender Ben Mee told BBC Radio Live 5. “We’re ashamed, we’re embarrassed.”

    “It’s a minority of our supporters — I know I speak for a massive part of our support who distance ourselves from anything like that. It definitely had a massive impact on us to see that in the sky,” he added. “We are embarrassed that our name was in it, that they tried to attach it to our club — it doesn’t belong anywhere near our club.”

    Burnley apologized for the banner and condemned it in a statement.

  42. In all the current turmoil, we often get a sensational story or video but many times we either do not get the back story or the follow up. I was interested to find more information on the 75 year old man pushed down by the Buffalo police. There was some controversy about whether the old man was using a scanner to read the police radios and possibly the fall was staged.

    I first looked for follow on stories about his medical condition. All I found was that he had a skull fracture and brain injury and was in ICU but later removed from the ICU after a few days. These reports were from his lawyer. They also reported he could not walk and was in therapy. There was no report on the number of stitches he received. This is all I could find on Google.

    I then looked at the video tape as run by one one of the local TV stations. It shows him going backwards, landing initially on his butt. It does not show the head strike. The blood appears first in the video between the 6 s and 8 s marks so very rapidly after the fall. He is wearing a face mask with the normal loop around the ear. There appears to be a 3rd line from under the mask to his ear. The blood is coming from his ear, not from the back of his head as one would expect from a laceration there.

    There is another video showing him on the gurney being loaded into the ambulance. He is sitting up and appears to be alert. He is in a neck brace and has a bandage wrapped around his head, above the eyebrow line. I did not see any bandages on the back of his head lower down.

    I did not see any photographic evidence of his head injury post hospitalization.

    CNN and others “debunk” the theory that this was staged but offer no substantial evidence to the contrary other than what I have written above.

    So once again we are left with an incomplete story. Medical personnel cannot discuss the case without a HIPA release. All we have is the lawyers statement. I saw no statements from the family.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Photos prior to the incident show him with a riot or motorcycle helmet. I dunno but way back in my youth in the late ’60’s, it was NOT uncommon to see the anti-war protesters arrive with helmets. Then I demonstrated for the kiddies on Fathers Day how effective the simple expedient of having a Heinz Ketchup packet in the palm of your hand can be. It does sting the eyes though so better to slap it on the SIDE of your head .

  43. Waiting for the Bubba Wallace/ Nascar/Noose story to get blown wide open. All the garages at Talladega have nooses in them. Otherwise known as garage door pulls. Sounds like Jussie Smollett all over again. They ruin everything.

    • Anita, they have to manufacture a lot of things to keep this mantra going……I have a loop in my attic stairwell in my garage. OR……should I say noose? This is really out of hand. It is stupid. It is idiotic.

      • So, on a ranch, a lariat that has a slip knot loop in it…by definition of the ne’er do wells, is a noose…so, therefore, anyone who carries a lariat (rope) that has a slip knot loop is, by definition, a racist. So, in Texas and Oklahoma and New Mexico, people still ride their horses into towns and convenience stores and all have lariats (ropes) tied to their saddles….so, by definition, we are all racists because…..a cowboy could rope someone and drag them to death?

        • They will be going after Jimmy Houston next, you know, those fisherman’s knots. I’m so tired of this shit.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          Anita…..Colonel – um……wow. I can understand healthy skepticism but good Lord guys. Smollet? Lariats? Let the investigation works its course – even just a little. What a world we live in you both immediately expect the absolute worst of someone (Smollet) or flip immediately to navel gazing. Disappointing.

  44. JAC’s Daughter says: My personal opinion, if I’m offended by something you say, it’s MY fault not yours. Very insightful and very true. Words do not hurt people….people’s minds hurt themselves.

    Mathius points out: Sure… but you don’t have to be of age to be activist. Correct in part but incorrect in another. I do not believe, for a single New York minute, that the kids today at this age of 17 or younger or even when I grew up, know what political activism is. I believe, and I actually have some proof of this, that the kids on this Chinese owned TIK TOK BLINDLY followed something that was suggested without knowing the reason why and it was fun and it was a prank. BUT THIS IS DANGEROUS, IN MY OPINION. If people can be hurt by words or swayed by speech..then they are DANGEROUS. Dangerous from the perspective that they do not think for themselves. (This has no age barrier). It is the same mentality that if you vote for a black person simply because you are black or you vote for a white person simply because you are white or…pick your color, this is the epitome of dumb ass. The same with voting….if you vote Democrat because you are a Democrat, then you are a dumb ass. If you vote Republican because you are Republican, you are a dumb ass.

    • My personal opinion, if I’m offended by something you say, it’s MY fault not yours.

      Yes and no.

      I think there are things that are offensive and justly blamed on the person being offensive.

      I think, for example, when Gman goes around calling liberals “soy boys,” he’s being a deliberately offensive asshole. And I don’t think it’s wrong to call him out on it.

      And I don’t think it’s MY fault that I find him saying things like that to be offensive.

      THAT SAID, I agree that, in many, many, many, many, many, if not most cases, just because “you’re offended” does not mean you are right.

      There’s an argument to be made that the position that no one should be offensive is saying “I insist that you control what you say because I can’t handle my emotions,” but I think that only goes so far.

      I think that we, human beings, are social animals living in a society under a social contract, and we can’t just shirk that by putting all the blame for violations of social niceties and mutual consideration on the offended. NOR can we blame the speaker universally if another party takes umbrage. I think this is a gray zone without a true “right or wrong” answer, but there are clear examples where one party or the other is right or wrong.

      If I go out into the street and call a random black person a N*****, it’s not THEIR fault if they take offense. It’s mine for being an offensive person.

      If I hold the door for a young woman who threatens to gouge my eye out for the heinous crime of doing so, it’s not my fault that she was offended.

      And between these two extremes is a whole lot of middle ground where rational minds may disagree.


      I’ll also add that ground shifts over time.

      What was perfectly acceptable in the ’60’s may not be today. And that’s NOT necessarily a bad thing or a wrong thing. Society changes over time.

      Some things, especially toward minorities, LGBQ, and women, that would have been seen as normal culturally is just NOT anymore, and that’s really a very good thing.

      Do we go too far in some places and just the rails? YOU BET. But, by and large, we’ve been trending in the right direction. And I’d be willing to bet that, if you asked someone in the ’60s to stop calling their waitress “sugar tits,” they’d have told you to stop being so easily offended.

      It’s a tug-of-war, with factions pulling in all directions.. some toward “the old days” and some toward “inclusivity” or whatever. And there’s no overall definitive rule. But we all kind of just… agree.. over time as the standards shift. And when someone violates that general consensus egregiously enough, it’s not really defensible, and it’s not on the receiving party that they find it offensive.

      If I call a gay man a “faggot,” I’m just in the wrong. I just am. There’s no hiding in “well that used to be fine!” And there’s no hiding in “hey, I’m just speaking my mind – it’s your problem if you find that offensive! It’s just words.” Right? It’s on me. Because we, as a society, have reached a general consensus that that’s just not ok.

      We have to keep up with the times.

      Not slavishly, not mindlessly, but we can’t just staple ourselves to the mentality of our youths and refuse to change.

      • JAC's Daughter says:

        I would still disagree. If i’m offended by something you say or do, I believe it’s my fault for caring what you think of me enough to alter my self-esteem. I just gave you power over myself.

        If someone is purposefully being offensive with the intent to hurt another person, they are being an ass. Period. No argument here. But they are the ones who have to live with that, not me. Why would I ever give this much power to another person over myself?

        Now i’m not saying I think it’s right for people to go around calling people all the horrible things they can think of based on where our society is today and how far we’ve come. But they have every right to based on their freedom of speech. I think it’s my role in society to go around and build people up, be encouraging, uplifting, and helped those who have been kicked down. If I see someone being offensive, I will certainly speak up and put them in their place. I do believe we are better than that, and we have the obligation to stand up for each other when we see ass hats treating our neighbors with such disrespect. But I also think it’s our obligation to have higher self-esteem and help other’s build theirs over blaming everyone else for our emotional instability.

        Don’t misunderstand, I’m not putting the blame of the violation on the victim. It’s not the black/gay guys fault that the ass is coming at him with hateful speech. Or the woman’s fault for the ass hat that gets off on being crude. What i’m saying, is it’s on us to not give these ass hats any power over us. There is a difference from being offensive and being offended. You can say something offensive to me, I will not get offended by it. Doesn’t make what you did alright, but that’s not what my statement is. My statement is, I believe if I get offended, that is on me.

        • Mathius says:

          I believe it’s my fault for caring what you think of me enough to alter my self-esteem. I just gave you power over myself.

          And a fantastic argument!

          And a case I’ve made almost verbatim – repeatedly – to my daughters.

          I think I was working at a slightly different question.. yes, you are – 100% – correct that you are responsible for how YOU feel, how much YOU care, and how YOU react. But that doesn’t mean the other person is automatically guiltless and innocent of being offensive. Does this make sense?

          Why would I ever give this much power to another person over myself?

          You shouldn’t.

          But we are, ultimately humans and humans aren’t Vulcans.

          But they have every right to based on their freedom of speech.

          They can say it with impunity… from the government.

          But that doesn’t mean they can’t have consequences.

          If you’re a racist, Twitter has every right to ban you. I have every right to deny you access to the convention hall I own. I don’t have to air you on my cable news show. And people can decide to boycott and protest you.

          I think, sometimes, people think that the First Amendment means “I can say whatever I want, and everyone else has to shut up and accept it.” And I think you’re well aware of this kind of person and you are obviously smart enough to know they’re wrong.

          What i’m saying, is it’s on us to not give these ass hats any power over us.


          There is a difference from being offensive and being offended.


          You can say something offensive to me, I will not get offended by it. Doesn’t make what you did alright, but that’s not what my statement is. My statement is, I believe if I get offended, that is on me.

          I get where you’re coming from now, and I agree wholeheartedly! Brava!

          • JAC's Daughter says:

            I find it very impressive how quickly you are able to respond with fully connected thoughts, while working!

            “But that doesn’t mean the other person is automatically guiltless and innocent of being offensive. Does this make sense?”

            100% and I absolutely agree! I also agree that just because we have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean it needs to be used in such a harmful way, that goes for anyone of any color, race, sex, or political party etc., and those being hateful should have consequences.

            To echo your other points today, I can understand why people get offended and my heart goes out to them, even though I also think they need to take responsibility for their emotions and are the ones who have control of their own self-esteem.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            My Turn, Occam’s Razor:

            The difference is “Offended” vs. “Offensive”.

  45. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2020/06/23/seattle-to-finally-dismantle-chop-n2571137

    Hmmmm, the letter comes out from the “volunteers”of Chop and now the Mayors comment s follows their lead. What to make of that?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Since Mace, Tasers, pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets have all been banned by the city council, it will be great sport to watch HOW they are evicted.

      • That would leave, not moving them or using actual physical force, beating them with batons or shooting them. Seems counter productive and dangerous.

  46. “The cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests and the nighttime atmosphere and violence has led to increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents,” Durkan said Monday at a news conference. “The impacts have increased and the safety has decreased.” And she is surprised?

    But CHOP won’t be broken up by police, she said, but rather by working with “community groups” to ask people to voluntarily leave at night. Yeah….right.

  47. Colonel,

    So, I can see that you are not horrified that it did exist but you write it off as no big deal.

    That’s an awful lot of deduction for one little sentence..

    I am not “horrified,” no.

    I would say that I’m “disappointed,” except that I can’t be disappointed when this kind of thing is exactly on par with my expectation for humanity.

    I don’t think a little graffiti asking if I’m tired yet (answer: yes, I’m tired) is the five alarm fire that it’s made out to be.

    I think people are scared and angry and upset and they’re lashing out, and some of that is misdirected, and some of that is undirected, and some of that are just bad actors hiding within a broader group of the well intentioned, and some, no doubt, are provocateurs attempting to make BLM look bad, and some are just idiots and thugs and hoodlums.

    It’s a big fucking mess or desperate, scared, angry people living in a pressure cooker where – whether you agree or not – their perception is that their lives don’t matter and that the police are a dangerous force that kills with impunity. These people are living in a world where – whether you agree of not – their perception is that the President of the United States is pro-police brutality. Where all the wealth has gone to the rich and they, as individuals and as a race have been left behind. And add to this the colossal pressure cooker of the coronavirus.

    So they’re scared. And angry. And desperate.

    And scared and angry and desperate people will do scared and angry and desperate people.

    And that doesn’t make it right to deface public property or burn down stores or loot or riot or or or. Two wrongs DON’T make a right (I feel like I keep saying this). But it does make it understandable.

    So am I

    I can deduce that vandalism, in your opinion, is measured by degrees

    Of course it is.

    A bit of graffiti is less than blowing up the Lincoln Memorial.

    Where do you draw the line, sir?

    At any violence, any destruction of property, any looting, any graffiti, any yada yada yada.

    It’s all wrong and I condone none of it.

    But, at the same time, I’m not going to get super riled up about every little thing, either.

    The world is shit.

    People are garbage.

    And I only have so much capacity to give a shit.

    And, while I don’t fully agree, I empathize with the frustration and fear and anger of those who are acting out. And I can appreciate that their repeated efforts to do so peacefully have been met with scorn and failure, so, while I don’t necessarily fully agree, I understand why they feel it necessary and appropriate to act as they are.

    • Well said….sir.

    • And so you continue to justify their actions. That makes you just as guilty as the looters, the rioters, the anarchist, the stupid, the white liberal kids who think they know all, the politicians who are afraid to do their jobs, the journalists who lie to sell stories, the ones funding this who want to destroy the country for power and profit, …..

      Oh, you don’t agree with their actions but you will continue the myth that these are down trodden people through no fault of their own. It’s not their fault; it’s the system, it’s whitey, it’s greedy capitalists, it’s Covid, it’s…..

      No Mathius, you and your “kind hearted” apologists are a large part of the problem. You are Simon Legree.

      • T-Ray, man, understanding and empathizing is not the same as condoning.

        • This is not outrage over the death of Floyd. It has gone well beyond that. This is insurrection, anarchy and revolution. It is being supported by the very politicians you support and vote for. Therefore, you are a part of the problem. Until you vote for change and drop you socialist ideology, this country will continue to degrade.

        • Careful Mathius…….remember, you are the one that said you would vote for an ax murderer if he/she agreed with your position. Your definition of empathy is condoning. You are trying to split the atom….remember what happened then?

          You were very eloquent in your position, and I understand fully from where you are coming, but you have tacitly agreed with those for whom you have empathy. You are riding a very precarious fence line here.

          • Mathius says:

            .remember, you are the one that said you would vote for an ax murderer if he/she agreed with your position.

            Close enough… I need them to do things I want them to as a politician. I don’t give a shit if they actually “agree” as I don’t believe any major politicians actually any real “beliefs” beyond doing what is expedient for their own careers and self interest.

            Your definition of empathy is condoning.

            It most certainly is not.

            You are trying to split the atom….remember what happened then?

            Depends on which atom you’re talking about. And which isotope. And how many more such atoms are in striking distance. And a few other nuances which might get SUFA unwanted attention from the NSA if I were to discuss in too much detail.

            You were very eloquent in your position,

            Thank you. I try.

            and I understand fully from where you are coming,

            Then I have explained myself well and you are a wise man.

            but you have tacitly agreed with those for whom you have empathy.

            I most certainly have not.

            A person can have just motivations and still do the wrong thing. Or they can do the wrong thing because they’re shitty people, but still have some kernel of sympathetic motivation. No one in history has ever been “pure evil.”

            Haven’t you ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

            You are riding a very precarious fence line here.

            It’s not easy being me.

      • I really like the retired version of T-Ray. 😉

  48. … I have a question for the lunatic asylum…

    A) In your personal opinion, what is worth killing for?

    B) In your personal opinion, what is worth dying for?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      To save life. You can extrapolate the crap out of that!

    • Worth dying for As a Colonel, this country is worth dying for….the good, the bad, the ugly (Insert musical theme here)…..my integrity ( to mean that if I see something being perpetrated against another human being and it is wrong, I will interfere to save a life, stop a rape, stop a burglary, stop a beating, etc. It is wrong to turn your back because you do not want to get involved)…..my family is worth dying for…Mathius’ family is worth dying for if this country is attacked or if it is being torn down from within. My ideals and beliefs are worth dying for. There are others.

      Worth killing for Protecting my property and protecting threatened life. Protecting others people property (like if I see a burglar breaking into my neighbors home), I will have to hesitation in shooting a looter, an arsonist, a thief while protecting my property or the property of others. I will not back down from a confrontation and if you threaten me, that is worth killing and not losing an ounce of sleep over it. I do not believe in equal threat. You pull a knife, I will pull a gun.

      In the end, however, dead is dead.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Seems like a good place for me to offer you some advice about JAC’s Daughter.

      You asked her about “Triggering” her. Let me warn you that “triggering” has a real meaning in our Clan.

      When she is actually “Triggered” there will be no tears or cowering in the “safe place. Instead you are going to get a 9mm cap in your ass.

  49. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I grew up in WASHINGTON Heights, Manhattan, right next to the GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Many of my closest friends went to GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. Let us see how soon the mayor changes them all.

  50. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Something for EVERYBODY to bookmark for the next time your friends, family or acquaintances tell you that there is NO voter fraud. Expect it to disappear into teh wormhole in mere minutes.


  51. When empathy meets savages.

    • JAC's Daughter says:

      Another example of the harm social media does, allowing shit like this to spread.

      • This isn’t as unusual as one might think. I watched this early today, wasnt sure I would post it. Then I read Mr. I Understand Them making excuses and wanted to show where one usually gets when caught by the mob.

        • Mathius says:

          Then I read Mr. I Understand Them making excuses

          Jesus, man, come on!

          People are people. They are products of their mental health, their experiences, their upbringing, etc. They aren’t machines. They aren’t robots.

          Something happened to make these women this way.

          That’s not to “excuse” their behavior. But how hard is it to squeeze out a few drops of empathy for these two poor women who got became SO twisted?

          You think they had nice, happy lives, in a safe and secure cul de sac neighborhood, good education, with two loving parents and then just “snapped” one day to do this to another person?

          How much hate is in this video? How much fear? And rage? Do you think that just came out of nowhere? They just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning?

          This is mental illness.

          This is hate and fear and rage and a twisted sense of revenge against a person they don’t see as “human” anymore, but an “enemy.” Probably not even “enemy” but “oppressor” if I had to guess.

          These women need to be locked up for society’s safety, but what they NEED is therapy, not more hate.

          What these women need is more empathy, not less.

          And that’s what the WORLD needs, too.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Yes what happened is that society somewhere along the line totally failed in its effort to educate them to acceptable civil behavior. No more, no less. The alternative explanation is that they are psychopaths and based on the 63 credits of psych again, that is rarer than hen’s teeth.

            • Mathius says:

              Yes what happened is that society somewhere along the line totally failed in its effort to educate them to acceptable civil behavior.

              I don’t think we’ve ever been there in all of human history.

              I would wager that now, here, today, June 23, 2020 is the furthest the human race has ever come in terms of civility.

              And tomorrow will be better still.

              It doesn’t feel that way.

              And I know you’re old enough to have a big scope of history, but I defy you to tell me a time when things were actually legitimately, honestly, truly “better.” Not just in your memory, but for minorities, too. And women. And people in other countries. Has “the human race” ever been kinder, gentler, more decent than today?

              Maybe in 12,000 BCE when there were only a few thousand of us broken up into isolated tribes?

              It’s sad, but we’re a pretty monstrous species and we’re fighting to become better. But it’s not painless. And it’s not easy. And it’s not quick. But if we don’t destroy ourselves first, maybe we’ll get there some day.

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                I defy you to tell me a time when things were actually legitimately, honestly, truly “better.”

                This might be a shot in the dark, but maybe the months/year that followed 9/11? A time I remember when we truly came together as a nation. People stood up for our country and everyone was proud to be an American. Flags flew everywhere, everyone seemed kinder and gentler in how they treated one another, and truly had their neighbor’s back. I’m not saying there wasn’t racism or sexism or other hateful acts going on back then, but it seemed like a much better time to me. Granted, I was also in middle school, sooooo my perception of this time could be very distorted.

                I would wager that now, here, today, June 23, 2020 is the furthest the human race has ever come in terms of civility.

                How much you willing to put on the table!?

                With all the rioting, statues being destroyed, vandalism, shootings, video after video of horrific language and things people are yelling at police officers or people who don’t support BLM, people being fired because of their NOT RACIST opinion yet being deemed a racist, people taking commandeering city blocks, members of Congress tweeting appalling things to one another etc. etc….I implore you to explain to me how today, June 23,2020 is the furthest the human race has ever come in terms of civility.

                First let’s heed the definition of civility: ‘formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech’ OR ‘civilized conduct or a polite act or expression’

                Ok. Go.

      • Mathius says:

        Yes and no.

        I have to imagine that there have been things like this for a long time and that only now, with cell phones and with social media, these things are getting dragged out into the light more and more.

        I get where you’re coming from, though. But maybe “no social media” just means “no one would know about this terrible thing” rather than “this terrible thing would never have happened”?

        • JAC's Daughter says:

          Oh absolutely. Not saying it wouldn’t have happened. I should have elaborated, I think the harm is in letting it spread because it may now become a trend. How many more people with the same hate and hurt will start acting like this because they saw this video? How many will take similar videos and post it, then another, then another… I think a HUGE element of what we’re seeing today is because of social media and the media. I don’t think people in every major city all had the same idea at the same time to go tear down statues, I think it became a trend because it was blasted online after the first one fell. Same with the Autonomous Zone. Same with kids eating Tide pods and licking toilet seats.

          I’d ask is there a point when we can hold the platforms of social media and the media accountable for their part?

          • Mathius says:

            <b.Same with kids eating Tide pods and licking toilet seats.

            I’d ask is there a point when we can hold the platforms of social media and the media accountable for their part?

            It’s a tough question…. do you really want Facebook and TikTok to be the arbiters of free speech? Do we really want Zuckerberg to decide for us what is and is not “hate speech”?

            (To say nothing of what happens when Coke strikes a deal with FB to ban any positive mention of Pepsi, and so on)

            • do you really want Facebook and TikTok to be the arbiters of free speech? Do we really want Zuckerberg to decide for us what is and is not “hate speech”? They already are..yes?

          • You are correct, but you are also warned too. 😀

          • JAC's Daughter says:

            Haha you guys are funny!

            Of course I don’t want them to be the deciders of what a hate crime is or isn’t, be the dictators of free speech or have a monopoly on our thoughts which lead to actions. I wasn’t asking sarcastically but genuinely, like lets think tank here…. How can they be held responsible for their part in all this? If you even think they do have a part. I know it’s a tough question, and maybe a pointless one because it’s unquantifiable. But it seems they should be fined or something every time a harmful or violent trend takes off from their platform. Just as they get compensated for when positive trends take off. IDK? Just a thought. 🤷‍♀️

            • Mathius says:

              How can they be held responsible for their part in all this?

              Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest are cancers.

              We can hold them responsible by (A) quitting their services and (B) firing their management into the sun.

              But it seems they should be fined or something every time a harmful or violent trend takes off from their platform.

              Oooh.. that sure sounds like big government right there… 😛

              Also, how do you prove “he did it because he saw it on FB” vs “he could have seen it anywhere”?

            • Social media already censors. It is selective and not applied fairly in many cases. Once their immunity is removed, they can then be sued. If the politicians have the courage to remove that immunity, which the Crats are not likely to vote for.

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                Gman, what is this immunity they have and why is it within the hands of the government?

                • They were given immunity through law because they were not considered publishers and shouldn’t be held accountable for other people’s posts. But once they started censoring, they changed that. I’m watching how this plays out.

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                I see. Very interesting indeed, I’ll be watchin alongside of ya!

          • JAC's Daughter says:

            hahah Very true. This is why I appreciate more thoughts and perspectives around topics 😉 It’s a monster we as a society have helped create. 😦

    • Mathius says:

      When empathy meets savages.

      The main problem in this video is a LACK of empathy.

      A lack of empathy is WHY these women are behaving this way.

      I don’t condone this behavior. Never had, never will. And I don’t know a single person alive who would.

      I don’t know any context for this video, but I can take a wild guess based on skin colors and the fact that you posted it here. And, if so, I can STILL have empathy for the way these women feel that makes them lash out and behave like savages, like horrible sadistic people. Because behavior like this comes from dark places of hate and fear and dehumanization of “the other.” This positively reeks of a self-perception of “getting even” and “retribution.” You can practically hear the “how do you like it?” and “now it’s your turn!”

      Maybe I’m projecting. What do I know?

      And I don’t have to agree with their actions to feel badly for them that they felt this was an appropriate action, for the things that drove them to become the people we see in this video. I don’t even have to agree with their motives to feel badly that THEY felt motivated to behave this way.

      I can still say that they should be arrested and thrown in jail even while acknowledging that they weren’t created in a vacuum and that there could even be some legitimate grievance behind their misguided and evil behavior. Just to be clear, they can do the wrong thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their initial gripe is illegitimate.

      And the fact that I feel badly for them does not mean that I feel any less badly for their victim.

      Remember, Gman, I grew up with a sadist for a brother. A legitimate honest-to-god sociopathic sadist. And he hurt me. And he hurt my brother. A lot. I know this kind of person. This is mental illness. This is a SICK person acting from a dark place. Fear and vengeance and so much hate. And I sure as hell condemn their behavior, but I’m not going to allow their behavior to color my perception of everyone who might share their grievances.

      I’m not going to look at these animals and presume that this means all BLM-types are automatically savages of the same stripe. Nor will I reject the fundamental complaint of BLM et al because these bad actors are nominally / theoretically on the “same side.” It would be insane to hold an entire movement accountable for the actions of two deranged women.

      This kind of behavior ONLY exists when people lose their sense of empathy. When they stop seeing members of other groups as “human” and see them only as things, as the enemy. When empathy FALTERS is when you get humans being terrible to other humans.

      You can’t make things better by adding more fuel to the fire.

      People are complex and the world is complex. And nothing exists in a vacuum. And I feel bad for everyone in this video.

      And you should, too.

      • Sadly, this is not uncommon. I always think back to the truck driver beaten near to death during the Rodney King riots. I think of the thousand of videos I’ve seen of stuff just like this. I think of 13 dead and 67 wounded in Chicago last weekend and ask myself, why would anyone empathize with people who don’t give a damn about anyone.

        • Mathius says:

          why would anyone empathize with people who don’t give a damn about anyone.

          Because they’re human beings.

          This isn’t hard.

          • I have empathy for the deer that I shoot, for the mean vicious dogs I have put down. Humans who act like savages but are supposed to be smarter deserve the same empathy and end result. Is that better?

            • Mathius says:

              Humans who act like savages but are supposed to be smarter deserve the same empathy and end result. Is that better?

              If it’s necessary to “put a human down” or put a human in a cage for the protection of others and of society, then so be it.

              And it’s not that they “deserve” our empathy.. but that we SHOULD give our empathy. Not because of THEM, but because of OURSELVES and who WE want to be and who WE are as a good and just and kind society.

              The murder spending life in prison should stay there if he can’t be released safely. But I can still feel badly for the fact that he’s so twisted. For the things that drove him there whether real or imagined, intrinsic or extrinsic. It’s SAD that he will spend the rest of his life in a box. And rather than be gleeful about putting him there, we should feel badly that it was necessary.

      • So, let’s hear your empathy for white supremacists. Let’s consider the dark places that led to their hatred. What personal trauma could have brought those poor fellows running about in their bed sheets to lynch innocent black people? Are you feeling moved with compassion for them?

  52. Ray Hawkins says:

    @G-man – to continue from above. I do have a close friend who is a cop in a district just on the outside of Philly. Generalizing here but – cops are confused, angry, saddened, united, exhausted, overworked/undertrained – many feel like they’re in a no-win situation. In lower income higher crime areas they encounter too many cases of mental illness and/or drug abusing individuals. They have to rely on their training – muscle memory – not second guessing themselves as each situation unfolds. Many are very anxious to see what unfolds for them and their departments. They want to protect and serve but not with a proverbial arm ties behind their backs.

    • That certainly makes sense. Waiting to see how this goes falls online with stepping back a bit, can’t blame them one bit. If I were a cop, I’d wait for the call, demand backup, and investigate. No more going it alone. They need to be in CYA mode.

  53. Mathius says:


    A question for you: What is the purpose of putting someone in jail?

    • 2 responses in one:
      Jail should be for those who are a danger to society.

      As far as empathy. I always start by treating people as I would like treated. However, just like vicious dog, things change fast. Can’t always take time to think about empathy, just have to react.

      • Mathius says:

        Jail should be for those who are a danger to society.

        “Should” being the operative word… not “is”… so good on you for that…

        Is a random college kid smoking pot a “danger to society”?

        How ’bout a prostitute?

        Or the guy hires that prostitute?

        What about a vagrant who gets a court summons, fails to show up, gets a fine, and then fails to pay the fine, and is now arrested

        The guy who got drunk and peed in an alley?

        For that matter, surely evil, but the guy who runs dog fights – is he a “danger to society”?

        • I vote for a day in the stocks vs a week in jail. BYO tomatos.

          • Mathius says:

            Mr. T-Ray, sir, a question for YOU in this same vein.

            Let us suppose that Gary commits a crime, is convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. Gary is a psychopath. BUT we have a magic cure. A pill, just one pill, one time, and his brain will be magically cured* and he will be a normal person again who no longer has any inclination to murder innocent strangers for sport.

            IF Gary takes his pill, should he be released?

            How, if at all, does this relate to “justice for his victims”?

            *let’s pretend we can be certain of this

            • Gary hates his wife. He knows about the little green get out of jail pill. So he offs his wife, pleads guilty, takes the pill and moves back home. He will never have the urge to kill again but mission accomplished.

              Does jail time have a deterrence effect? If so, then Gary stays in jail.

              • Mathius says:


                Thanks for playin’ along…

                Ok, so we’ve got (A) safety of society and we’ve got (B) deterrence.

                Any other reasons why we might put people in jail?

        • Most crimes should have something other than jail time. Dog fighter people should have to dress up like a fire hydrant and sit still in a dog park everyday for a month.

          • Mathius says:

            Same question to you: Supposing a murderer could be “cured” and made completely non-violent, should he be released from his life sentence?

            • No

              • Mathius says:

                (psstt.. JAC’s Daughter.. this is one of those “traps” you’ve been warned about)

                Hey, Gman…. simple question: Why not?

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              Well, we were assured by no less an authority than Norman Mailer that one Jack Henry Abbott author of “Belly of the Beast” was cured and just how did that turn out?

              If you are unfamiliar, I actually encourage you to check it out. Informative, instructive educational.

              If you feel that once again I am picking on poor misguided leftists like Norman Mailer, I further invite you to check out Wm. F. Buckley’s interactions with one Edgar Smith, author of “Brief Against Death”. The only difference is that “she” got away.

              The two incidents, combined with several similar which at the moment do not come readily to mind is what took me from the squishy “maybe not” on the Death Penalty issue to “Yep” and the sooner the better.

              • Mathius says:


                I’m not asking about a “real world” case. This is purely hypothetical, just my magical perfect cure.

                So, trying again: Supposing the violent person is well and truly and honestly CURED and is no longer a threat to society, should he be released or should he serve the rest of his term?

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Yes. If he is truly cured, if all the neurons and synapses are finally working the right way, the evil teh person has done should convince them that they belong where they are. You are looking at the genesis for a lot of very interesting Science Fiction there.

            • Funny question……..so he is made non violent….meaning, he will not kill again so you let him off because he is cured. Wherein lies the justice of such a decision?

    • Mathius says:

      (moving left)

      Serve the term. No exceptions.


      We’ve established that he’s not a danger to society (via our magic hypothetical pill), so why make him stay in jail?

      Back to the root question: Why do we put people in jail?

      If you’re admitting here that it’s not (or not only) to protect society, then why are we still keeping Hobo-Stabbin’ Gary in jail?

  54. The Colonel is sitting back and relaxing and drinking a Dr Pepper…..re-reading the excerpts from JAC’s Daughter, trying to figure out where she got her common sense approach to things…..I warned her of Mathius……I am now wondering if I should warn Mathius…….

  55. JAC, T-Ray…re BLM/501(c)(3) status

    Saw this on YouTube but it was hard to see there so I tracked it down on my own.

    BLM has ActBlue Charities collecting their donations. ActBlue IS a 501(c)(3) org, also an offshoot of Open Secrets/Soros.

    On the ActBlue site is a tab for expenditures showing millions of dollars paid out. To who? Dem candidates. Donate to BLM = donate to Dems.
    So BLM.com>BLM Global Network>ActBlue Charities>ActBlue Expenditures

    • Mathius says:

      Well, one party is openly overtly hostile to BLM, the other pretends to be sympathetic… throw some coordinated campaign donations at them, and they might actually do what you want?

      We all know that neither political party actually gives a shit about their constituents unless they’re swing voters or donors.

      Seems reasonable to me that BLM would try to buy influence. Everyone else is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Maybe one side is “hostile” to BLM because they recognized it for what it was from day one. While the other figured that pandering to them would help solidify the “Black Vote”.

        Of course the discussion the other day wasn’t about your argument, another justification in my mind, it was whether it is LEGAL.

        I would add another. I wonder if those in the rank and file understand how it is working. Because there doesn’t seem to be any “party preference” among the rank and file BLM protesters. And I am NOT talking about all the privileged white kids marching under that banner.

    • JAC's Daughter says:

      Anita, thank you for the research! I was digging into this very topic on Sunday before I got distracted with going to get a pedi!!

      I also found the new M4BL organization also runs through ActBlue Charities also known as AB Charities which is an arm of ActBlue. One of the guys (Maybe T-Ray, V.H.,or Gman?) posted an article about them last week which peaked an interest. I was trying to find how BLM and M4BL were linked.

      M4BL is the organization that states in their “about us” section:
      “We are anti-capitalist: We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.”

      “ActBlue Charities’ mission Is to democratize charitable giving by facilitating grassroots online fundraislng to eligible 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.”

      According to Wiki:
      ActBlue. ActBlue Lex Taylor is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables Democrats, progressive groups, and left-leaning nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to “empower small-dollar donors”.

      Yikes! If only all these people focusing on the BLM movement knew what they were really fighting for. Not black lives, but the crats.

      • Of course the pedi sidetracked you! I mean, priorities!!! I’ve been considering getting my first one ever lately. After 57 years, seems like my arms got shorter and its more difficult to keep my feet in grinding distance for long enough to make my feet presentable. Curses! 🙂

        BLM, while scary enough on its own, is in the footprint of Open Societies. THAT is what the problem is as far as agitaters go. I remember before Glen Beck lost his mind, he had the chalkboard up and connected so many dots of how Soros operates. At one point he had 3 or 4 chalkboards loaded with offshoots. Just seemed like every offshoot had ….I dont even know the word, but lets be direct…bullshit intentions. I dont understand why he can’t be reined in.

        • JAC's Daughter says:

          Yes, priorities! haha FIRST ONE? I encourage you do it! Have you ever seen the show ‘Parks and Recreation’? Girl, you gotta treat yo self!!! Not because you can’t still do it, but because you deserve to get pampered every now and again! If you do, I would do a little research first on which salon has the best ratings and which technician gives the best pedi (usually including a good foot massage)! You want it to be amazing, not someone just painting your toes. 🙂

          It’s all scary stuff, makes me shudder when thinking about it.

  56. Mathius says:

    Come on, people, I can’t play this game all by myself, and I know that a bunch of you have nothing better to do with your time than argue with me. You’ve got to bite at the bait… it’s a simple question:

    What is the purpose of putting people in jail?

    So far we have:
    A) Protect society
    B) Deterrence

    Surely the brain trust here at SUFA can add a few more items to this list.

    • Not taking the political prisoner bait…..jail is not much of a deterrence and neither is rehab.

      • So, we put people in jail to take them out of society. We put people in jail for deterrence. I do not believe that rehab works…….so…..perhaps it is justice to the victims….

        You are reminding me of A Clockwork Orange movie.

      • Mathius says:

        Not taking the political prisoner bait

        … he says as he takes a big ol’ bite …

        .jail is not much of a deterrence


        In some case, it’s even an incentive. For some people jail means a bed and 3 means and some level of health care and getting away from the wife…

        and neither is rehab.

        True, but irrelevant.

        You are reminding me of A Clockwork Orange movie.

        I’m singing in the rain. Just singing in the rain. What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again…

        .so…..perhaps it is justice to the victims….

        Alright, back to the question at hand… what does this mean “justice to the victims”?

        Does inflicting suffering on a person who wronged you somehow do anything for you? Does it make you whole? Does it undo the wrong somehow? Does it return your stolen tv set? Or un-murder your family?

        Does his suffering make you feel better? Is that “justice”? To make someone else suffer so that you feel better?

        • Mathius says:

          Oh, and what of the victimless crimes? I spoked a joint and got arrested… who is my time in Shawshank giving that justice to? Just… ::waves vaguely:: society?

        • Well, sir, here is where I see justice. You take a life…you give yours up. You steal from me, you give up your time.

          Does inflicting suffering on a person who wronged you somehow do anything for you? Yes Does it make you whole? Nope Does it undo the wrong somehow? Nope Does it return your stolen tv set? Maybe Or un-murder your family? Nope

          But, you really fall on deaf ears with me. I will answer your questions and debate but I am a supporter of capital punishment.

    • c: Those who want Socialism, Communism or Marxism (or all the above).

    • Well, if someone raped, murdered or maimed someone I care about, they would need to go to jail to keep me from murdering them.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      A = B

      The correct answer is
      A and
      C = Justice

      And YES it is JUSTICE. The criminal gets their “just deserts”. The fact that you don’t like the list of “crimes” approved by the Govt. does not change the concept of Justice itself.

      For some reason, I think expediency, we long ago abandoned “restitution” to the victim as the means of doling out Justice. Instead we replaced paying a debt to the victim with “paying a debt to society” for breaking “society’s rules”.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    No crime was committed? What about taking the piece of rope and foisting a FALSE story on the public let alone Law Enforcement agencies?


    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Jesus H Effing Christ. Really…..a goddamn garage door handle? I sat here thinking – man this really terrible. Felt like Colonel and Anita were indicting the guy or the process before anyone could reasonably investigate. I saw the videos of all the teams rallying behind Bubba and pushing his car to the front at Talladega. I caught some news after dinner and saw that….boom…..its a goddamn garage door pull. Shame on me. I jumped to the conclusion in a heartbeat – had to have been a legit noose someone trying to intimidate Bubba with. Now look. Everyone is looking over their shoulders…..what can I say….what cannot I not say. Found out an hour ago a fellow Scout leader I’ve known for 20 years was booted after 40+ years of service because he had the racist gall to say……all lives matter. Now I get more and more why I like the guy on My Self Reliance – to hell with all this.

      • JAC's Daughter says:

        Ah man Ray, I’m sorry to learn about what happened to your buddy. It’s terrible and it shouldn’t have happened. My heart goes out to him and all the other people experiencing a similar fate.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am thinking you might be a candidate for my new Ron Swanson Club of People Who Hate Stuff that Doesn’t Matter.

        First order of business, change the name. The acronym just isn’t very catchy.

      • Jesus H Effing Christ. Really…..a goddamn garage door handle? Yes, I am indicting the system…saw the driver this morning who was assigned that garage which has had a “loop” for a garage door pull since 2017. Come to find out, 23 of the garages have the same garage door pull. Case in point…..It was NOT a noose nor was it a hang man’s knot. What I complain about and where MAthius and I part company on this and similar issues………………..he wants me to try to understand “WHY” this driver took it so personal because it is something systemic from the past. THIS DRIVER THIS MORNING EVEN SAID, I KNOW IT WAS NOT AIMED AT ME BUT AT SOMEONE ELSE.

        This is what I am concerned about Ray. This was much ado about nothing…..NOTHING. Yet, it is made out to be…and it is an election year where people hate Trump and everything is going to be tied to it. THAT is what bothers me.

    • Well you have to admit that this investigation did not go on for 3 years. That’s an improvement by the FBI. Now send those 15 agents from Talladega to investigate the destruction of federally owned statues and war memorials.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Another “Journalist” trying to start a fight where none exists. This WEASEL is outright lying about what has happened with these “citizens” who show up in public with guns. None of them have harassed the BLM demonstrators.

    First off, not once have a group of them taken over several city blocks. The only MORONS who did that was that Bundy bunch in southern Oregon. And then half or more of the town told them to go home.


    As for this arm chair lawyers argument………… citizens gathering as individuals is not a paramilitary organization. And the law which bans parading in public with guns applies to private para military groups.

  59. T Ray, right after the interview with the driver, there was an interview with one of the investigating agents who went on to say that every garage out there had loops for pulls and there was nothing indicating any racial overtones. He described it as, “A huge waste of time and resources…and it was a black investigator.

  60. A new thread has been posted.

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