76.5 Over/Under

The weekend is here and Chicagoans will be shooting each other again.  The number is for the number of shooting victims, not deaths.  I’m going with the over.  Black lives matter so much that they have made it easier to kill each other.  The LEFT are making this country a dangerous shithole in the places they control.  One wonders if Civil War hasn’t already started.

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  1. SMH!

  2. https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/opinion/article/Trump-could-lose-and-not-leave-But-Cabinet-15396854.php

    So what is the purpose of articles like this? I have seen several that speculate Trump will not yield power if he loses. Are they planning a massive election fraud and then when Trump challenges it, scream, “I told you so.”

    • I’ve seen some of these as well. But let’s go back in time when Trump was a threat to Democracy because he wouldn’t accept the election results. Fast forward, he won and the LEFT still hasn’t accepted the results. The Left is projecting again because they know how they are going to act come November 4th. They will be screaming and crying and whining and throwing their childish tantrums, just like in 2016.

      • Mathius says:

        But let’s go back in time when Trump was a threat to Democracy because he wouldn’t accept the election results

        Because he refused to say he’d accept the results and bitched constantly about how the system was rigged.

        Fast forward, he won and the LEFT still hasn’t accepted the results.

        Fuck off with that bullshit narrative.

        He won. We all know he won. We don’t have to like it. But he won.

        Or is your idea of “accepting the results” mean that we have to become bootlicking sycophants who blindly follow Dear Leader?

        The Left is projecting again because they know how they are going to act come November 4th.

        The “left” doesn’t have a clue how they’re going to act come Nov 4. What they DO know is that Trump has been whining about fraud for months, setting the stage to claim results are illegitimate if he loses.

        How fucking convenient, by the way… if he loses, “SEE IT’S FRAUD!!!” and if he wins, “THEY CHEATED AND I STILL WON! I’M THE BEST!!”

        They will be screaming and crying and whining and throwing their childish tantrums, just like in 2016.

        I’m sure you would have handled an H. Clinton Presidency with good grace.

        • All you have done since 2016 is cry about the popular vote, so spare us your mind reading about a guy you don’t understand anyway.

          • You really need to stop drinking.

            The EC is absolute bullshit. It gives “you” more voting power than me.

            My vote is worthless because of where I live. I can vote red, blue, green, or anything in between, and it won’t make a LICK of difference. My vote is Blue because my state is Blue and therefore my personal vote is irrelevant.

            Even beyond this, even if my vote actually could “count” – which, again, it doesn’t – my vote would still be less than other people’s votes. I’m not going to run you through the math again because I know you’re willfully ignoring it. But I’ve laid it out time and again here.


            THAT SAID, Trump won.

            He fucking won.

            I know it. We all know it.

            It’s a fact.

            It sucks, but it happened.

            Complaining that the mechanism that put him in office is stupid, antiquated, anachronistic bullshit doesn’t change the fact that he won.

            He won.

            The EC is and was the rule at the time and he won.

            He SHOULDN’T have won because that stupid system SHOULDN’T have been in place, but it was. So he won.

            But saying that it’s stupid and needs to go doesn’t mean I’m denying that he won. It means I’m saying that a stuid system needs to go.

            But, again, you knew that, and you’re just pretending to not understand becuase it fits your narrative.

              • Gman: Let me attack a strawman and pretend it’s Mathius

                Mathius: You’re attacking a strawman and you know damned well were I stand.

                Gman: Haha! What a whiner!

            • We can see how well you got over the 2016 election.

              Now you like hypotheticals. What if there is obvious massive fraud in the 2020 election that favors your side? What will you do and say?

              • That the fraud should be addressed.

                If there was enough fraud to call the election into serious doubt (say, 110% of Ohio votes), redo the states in question. Call in UN observers. Shoot anyone committing fraud.

                Results are what they are.


                Note, this is if Mathius were king. The actual answer is basically “whatever SCOTUS says it is.” (see also: Bush v. Gore) But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

            • Your vote does matter. The rust belt was reliably blue also. But enough people voted Trump to change to red. There are reliably red states turning blue or at least purple. There have been elections where the difference is minute, but on recount, go the other way. Or had just a few more voted to begin with, the result could have changed.

              • New York is not one of these.

                If you live in Oklahoma, your vote doesn’t matter either. Your state is going Red.

                CAN a “solid” state flip? Sure.

                Maybe Trump loses all 50 states. Maybe he wins them. I doubt it, but it can happen in exceptional elections.

                But, generally speaking, my vote for President does not matter.

              • Of course your vote matters, all the people sitting at home not voting ,saying the exact same thing, their votes Could really matter. If you feel that way, why are you voting at all. Do you think voting for a third party has value.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The electoral college is more relevant and important today than it was when it was devised.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Good lord man, talk about use of the Straw Man. You are avoiding the direct evidence that the “left”, in this case the Democratic Party leadership and left wing media types, along with their friends in Govt. did NOT accept the election results.

              What the hell do you call the whole Russian Collusion BS story? That Sir is an attempt to negate the election results. That along with efforts to search out any possible crime Trump may have committed on his taxes or in his business dealings years before elected. And ONLY because he was elected.

              The Republican did stand in the way of Obama’s agenda. As did the Dems with Bush II before, and on and on. But ONLY THIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY has stooped to the lowest level of Russia, Russia, impeachment over BS, and now more Impeachment.

              Sorry Mathius, but your complaints are like tears falling on the sandy beach.

              And please stop confusing, deliberately I might add, the major acts of not accepting/undermining with general opposition to his policies and/or programs. Or in your case, his personality.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        The 2016 thing is a bit tiresome. Its a pathetic pivot to defend against any and all criticisms, investigations, questions, opposition to DJT. He won. Everyone knows that. HRC lost – she deserved to lose. She was a bad candidate and who campaigned poorly. If DJT does bad things, is a bad actor – he should be investigated. Keep honest people honest. You see something say something. Why does NY want his records? – because they are investigating him for criminal behavior FFS.

        It fascinates me – whine non-stop about any critique of the current POTUS – yet rail relentlessly about the need for even more investigation of the POTUS before him. “Don’t you dare try and de-legitimize this President because of the EC/Popular vote, but please support my incessant de-legitimization of the prior over a f%%%ing birth certificate he’s already provided.”

        Is it 5 o’clock anywhere?

        • Trump has been under constant investigation. 30 plus million price tag to find…..NOTHING.

          We know, orange man bad. As far as Obama, just waiting for that stuff to be over with too. Guess he shouldn’t have done anything that needs investigated, unless that too finds NOTHING. If so, then so be it.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Sorry, but bringing up the Democrat’s and the “left’s” reaction to Trump’s victory is not a deflection nor an attempt to deflect criticism. When criticism is actually appropriate.

          But frankly, much of that criticism borders on childish tantrums. That is what many of us see. The entire collection of complaints and efforts to do serious damage to Trump’s presidency does in fact look like an effort to deny his win. Sorry but that is the truth.

          The real irony here is that this includesg those of us who did not support the man during the campaign. Thanks to the rantings of an incensed left wing within the country, folks like me find ourselves defending the guy over stupid allegations.

          Then you come along and try to claim we all climbed on the Trump Train. That we are somehow betraying our convictions, etc. etc..

    • Mathius says:

      So what is the purpose of articles like this? I have seen several that speculate Trump will not yield power if he loses.

      They’re reacting to his implications that he’ll only lose because of fraud. That’s setting himself up to claim that he actually won. Liberals look at that with concern because the guy who insists that he’s the legitimate winner is not necessarily the guy who is going to willingly give up power.

      Are they planning a massive election fraud and then when Trump challenges it, scream, “I told you so.”

      No. “Liberals” aren’t “planning” anything.

      The problem is that Trump is already leaning on the FRAUD button and has been for months.


      An interesting reversal… Trump is shouting fraud and the left sees this as a preemptive attempt to delegitimize results if he loses, which suggests that he may not give up power.

      The left is seeing signs that he may not give up power if he loses and the right sees this as evidence that they are planning on committing fraud.

      It’s funny how EVERY complaint and observation from the left seems to feed some narrative or other about the malevolency of the left rather than having a legitimate grievance.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Rationalizing again, I see. You make up “reasons” of others when you don’t know what their reasons are. This whole meme of not leaving office started before the increased rhetoric on potential fraud. Although, like the ME wars, it is getting harder to figure out who fired the first shot………..because just how far back do we go.

        Now to the point.

        This meme or talking point or what ever you want to call it has existed in each of the last three presidencies. The left claimed Bush II would not leave, then he won and left. Then the right claimed Obama would not leave, then he won and left. And for the record, Mr. Obama also talked openly about voter fraud. He like to claim that the Republicans were suppressing the vote, everywhere/all over the place. Even though he won.

        So why is this new ploy being played? Ever consider it started with some Russian or Chinese trolls. That they placed the seed into the fertile soil of American Internet culture and it took root. What better way to keep sides openly hostile than to convince both sides that no matter the results, their side got screwed.

        One other thought. There are far to many people in this country who make a living causing trouble and tearing at the political fabric just for the sake of a paycheck, or worse for a seat of power.

        I am also wondering if many of those who are participating in this destructive game are doing so because they just see it as a game. A live version of some video game, so to speak.

        The internet was supposed to enlighten us. It has instead become the mechanism by which we are destroying ourselves as a Nation/Society/Culture.

  3. Wonder what would happen if we painted In God We Trust on the streets .I mean…it IS the national motto. We’d probably end up like the couple who painted over Black Lives Matter.

    • First you would be arrested for defacing public property. If large crowd gathered, you would be charged with inciting a riot. Then you would denounced by the MSM using every ist and phobe name imaginable.

  4. Mathius says:

    (reposting over here for Rick)

    • I have a great idea for you Mathius, stay home. Let the wife go out because she wears the pants in your family 😛

      • My wife is……. a formidable woman.

        I wouldn’t say she wears the pants in the family, but I wouldn’t say he’s a dainty pushover either.

        I’ve talked before about growing up watching both Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie… and I could never understand why a man would want to marry Jeanie over Samatha.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Your wife cannot be both formidable and unrelenting in her dislike of country living.

    • Wait. I can’t keep up. Do you still advocate for No Pants Thursday? Or have you evolved because of Covid?

    • Pee? Really? That is your analogy? But let me use an analogy now. I live in a wooded area with a creek nearby. The mosquitoes are terrible this time of year. I think I will put up a chain link fence to keep the mosquitoes out. Think it will work? Think it’s better than nothing?

      And, for the record, I wear a mask. I’m required to wear a mask while I’m at work. I also wear a mask when I do my grocery shopping. I mean, if it makes some snowflake feel safer because I wear a mask then I’m good with that. My position is that it’s not your right or government’s right to tell me that I HAVE to wear a mask.

      Frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing, not touching your face, and not coming in close contact with sick people are the most effective things you can do for prevention of catching a virus.

      • Watch the whole thing but masks start at 8:15 and again at 14:00..

        • Prager is AWFUL. They cannot be trusted further than you can throw them.

          Here’s a subtle hint whether this guy might be biased… is he wearing a Gadsden flag lapel pin?

          I’ll watch this and critique it in full – maybe I’ll be wrong, maybe this is a great video. But every Prager video I’ve ever seen has been deceptive and misleading. They adhere closely enough to the truth that picking out their bias and misrepresentations are hard to spot.

        • Good video and spot on.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      In other news…..President Trump saw a meme about people peeing on each other and got really really excited……

  5. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/09/889562040/supreme-court-rules-that-about-half-of-oklahoma-is-indian-land

    So half of OK is Indian land. Did congress not abrogate the appropriate treaties before the OK land rush?

    • That is what SCOTUS has ruled.

    • ::gazes into crystal ball::

      They kick you off your land, and you have to go live in a refugee camp. From there, you lobby for a right of return to your ancestral homes. The Creek will have to build a wall around their territory and establish checkpoints to keep you out. You respond by firing rockets into their land and they’ll respond with periodic raids and assassinations. Eventually, someone will have to step in and attempt to establish a two-state solution, but this will fail

      Oil rich neighboring states sponsor the more radical factions and stoke hatred amongst the Oklahoman refugees. They provide training and funding. Several of your rockets can be traced back to the Texan Army, but because Texas is an important oil producer, no one does anything about it.

      The Creek decry the genocides committed against them and insist that they are entiteld by treaty and historical necessity to a sovereing homeland. The Oklahoman refugees claim that this is ancient history and not applicable to the current day. They respond with more rockets and terrorism..

      The Creeks claim this as further justification for increased militarization and aggression against the refugees. The cycle is self perpetuating. A spokesman for Idaho suggests that the refugees should simply mosey along to a new state, but the Oklahomans refuse outright. You pledge to march the Creek into a creek.

      The Creek develop nuclear weapons and refuse to admit to their existence even though everyone knows about it. It is probable that this was developed with aid and assistance from the Coastal States attempting to break up the power of and maintain an ally in the Flyover States.

      ::crystal ball clouds over::

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The history of European v. Native interaction and legal recognition is long. To be frank, it is also confusing given the other “norms” at the time when legal status was being recognized. I have said here often that the whole relationship at the time was a little schizophrenic. Here we were conquering things yet signing treaties granting status, in hopes of creating peace which would allow more conquering.

      Any way, let’s start with a comment by George Washington:

      One of the earliest interpretations of the Nonintercourse Act comes from a speech by President George Washington to the Seneca Nation of New York in 1790, after the passage of the Act:

      I am not uninformed that the six Nations have been led into some difficulties with respect to the sale of their lands since the peace. But I must inform you that these evils arose before the present government of the United States was established, when the separate States and individuals under their authority, undertook to treat with the Indian tribes respecting the sale of their lands. But the case is now entirely altered. The general Government only has the power, to treat with the Indian Nations, and any treaty formed and held without its authority will not be binding. Here then is the security for the remainder of your lands. No State nor person can purchase your lands, unless at some public treaty held under the authority of the United States. The general government will never consent to your being defrauded. But it will protect you in all your just rights.[9]

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Indian Territory (Oklahoma) circa 1890:

  6. WASHINGTON, D.C.—During a press conference earlier this week, Representative Ilhan Omar called on the nation to dismantle the oppressive, racist system that allowed a Somalian refugee to become a citizen and get elected to the highest legislative body in the land.

    She delivered her scathing comments on national media outlets that happily provide a platform for the woman who came from a war-torn country and was welcomed into the United States to ascend to state and eventually national office.

    “Now that I have climbed to the top of the ladder, I am calling on the ladder to be kicked down for its systemic prejudice against oppressed women of color,” Omar said. “I am hereby using the power and platform afforded to me by the incredible opportunity available in this country to call on my countrymen to bring the whole thing crashing to the ground.”

    “The whole thing is racist — dismantle it all,” she added before heading to a dinner party for elites in Washington.

    • Supreme Court, this time you’ve gone too far.

      I stood by silently in 2014, when you allowed family-owned Hobby Lobby to provide its employees with a mere 16 out of 20 methods of birth control.

      But now, here in 2020, when we are so much more enlightened, you let the Little Sisters of the Poor get away with not paying for their employee’s abortions.

      I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t force nuns to kill babies.

      I saw them yesterday on the courthouse steps, all wearing the same ostentatious grey habits, gleefully taunting us with their victory over women. I watched as these volunteer servants of the old, poor, and sick spouted off about religious liberty and the freedom of individual conscience.

      Is this even America anymore?

      What’s next, Justices? Allowing a Jewish synagogue to refuse to hire an avowed Nazi? This is a real slippery slope.

      Don’t worry, Little Sisters of the Poor. We’re still out here and we’re coming for you. One day you’ll participate in killing the unborn. Or else.

  7. BRADFORD, NH—Following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex abuse charges, the FBI is taking no chances in keeping her safe while she awaits trial. Sparing no expense, the FBI has hired top-notch Italian bodyguard Hiluigi Clintonelli.

    “It’s-a me, Clintonelli!” said the world-renowned bodyguard arriving at the prison.

    Thanks to the particularly glowing reviews from high-profile individuals such as President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, all federal prison security checks were waived for Hiluigi. “There’s simply no one else that we trust to execute this job as she can.”

    “Mamma mia, this simply will not do!” exclaimed Hiluigi Clintonelli as she forcefully cleared the room. She warned that anyone other than her could be a threat to Ghislaine’s life.

    Clintonelli also connected all camera feeds to her personal server to ensure that all recorded video was properly secured.

  8. Ray Hawkins says:

    Top U.S. General: Military Must Take ‘Hard Look’ At Bases Named For Confederate Leaders

    The military’s top general condemned Confederate officers as having committed an act of treason and voiced his intention to take a hard look at military bases honoring them, putting him at odds with President Donald Trump, who has adamantly opposed any changes.

    “The Confederacy, the American Civil War was fought, and it was an act of rebellion,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley told the House Armed Service Committee on Thursday. “It was an act of treason at the time against the Union, against the stars and stripes, against the U.S. Constitution and those officers turned their back on their oath.”

    Milley said he had recommended that a commission “take a hard look at the bases, the statues, the names, all of this stuff, to see if we can have a rational, mature discussion.”

    He also noted that an estimated 20% of soldiers in the Army are Black.
    “For those young soldiers that go on to a base ― Fort Hood or Fort Bragg or wherever ― named after a Confederate general, they can be reminded that that general fought for an institution of slavery that may have enslaved one of their ancestors,” he said.

    Activists have long fought to change the names of 10 military bases in the U.S. named during the Jim Crow era after Confederate generals. The Army has faced increasing pressure to rename them after weeks of protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. 

    Despite Army officials ― including Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy ― signaling that they were open to discussing the changes, Trump said he would not even consider the matter



    Yes! TY General Milley. A voice of reason.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Another General virtue signaling and displaying a sever lack of historical understanding.

      It always rubs me wrong to here modern people declare the “south” as traitors. There was no UNIFIED UNITED STATES prior to the Civil War. There was no universal understanding that States could not simply leave, just as they had done as colonies. Hell, the concept was clearly stated in the Declaration. Jefferson himself had supported the idea about the time he was POTUS.

      Had some arrogant dipstick in the new Confederacy not fired on a Union fort there would have been no grounds for the Union to attack the Confederacy.

      As for all these “Confederate” Generals, most were also US officers. Some both before and after.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:


      • Dale A Albrecht says:


      • Most of the Officers of the Confederacy came from West Point.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          I guess it was probably seventh grade where I learned Lee had been offered the command of the Union Army but turned it down solely because of his view of the “United” States and NOT being able to turn against his native Virginia. As a 12 year old, I considered that a tragedy yet also saw it, even then, as “honorable”.
          I wonder how many officers felt that they had to sit that conflict out because of dual loyalties. We never hear about them.

          One of Theodore Roosevelt’s’ great regrets was that his father sat the war out though he was involved in numerous charities helping Union soldiers, vets and their families but his bride was a daughter of the South and his two brothers-in-law were officers on the CSS Alabama, the most successful blockade runner of the war.

          Interestingly enough, when the war was over neither of the brothers returned to the US and remained in Great Britain. Slavery was probably NOT their main reason for being involved.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Yet another example of false statements included in editorials by experts which then add to the division this clown complains about. Because it is wrong: “People are still arguing about wearing masks — a tiny infringement of personal freedoms that represents one of the few hopes of easing the contagion.”

    ERASING the contagion. Really? Masks are one of the “few hopes” of ERASING it?

    There is more like this in the story. Sounds like Ray wrote this piece to me, given the number of derogatory references to the current administration:


  10. A simple enough question: Why is the US doing so much worse than other places with regards to COVID?

    US has a slightly smaller population than Europe and European cities are much denser than American cities. They have to work with a dozen different countries and have (mostly) open borders.

    Yet they are wiping the floor with us comparatively.

    So… what gives?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well two things jump right out.

      1. Reporting, that is data collection, is not the same across countries.
      2. You are including numerous Governments within the categories and comparing to a single Government. A statistical error much like your Simpson Paradox.

      Oh, one other thing. Americans are much less likely to adhere to forceful, as in tyrannical, orders from Govt for very long. We are not quite as domesticated as the rest of the world. At least not yet.

      • Actually, I look at this and say we are doing better than the rest of the world. Universal infection is inevitable. The faster we get it over with w/o overloading our facilities, the better off we will be.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          The key in that is “without overloading our facilities”. Which many seem to have forgotten was the original goal provided by the US FEDERAL GOVT.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            When you look at compatible countries/states like Sweden and North Carolina. Sweden was applauded by WHO. Yet they have had a 5X worse death rate than NC. Canada was bragging how much better they did than the US. Better compare Canada to California. California has has far better results in combating the virus.

            Take just 4 countries in Europe, UK, FR, SP and Italy. They have 85 million fewer people than the US. Yet far more deaths than the US.

            Wearing cloth masks are a placebo. Designed to make you feel better about doing something to stop the spread of the virus. They dont accomplish anything. And probable in reality cause more.

            If anyone thinks Cuomos response with seniors was a good thing they’re insane.

            Shutting down an entire country for a virus that is far less dangerous than Spanish Flu that hit in 1917.


            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              I should point out that if they had NOT treated the virus as they had AIDS, by making it a “political” disease, we would not have had the Cuomo Bullshit of sending sick people back to nursing homes to infect others lest they be “discriminated” against for having Covid.

              As you routinely hear Democrat apologists repeating teh very same words throughout the day every day, you saw democrat governors repeating Cuomo’s mistake over…and over…and over…and over.

              Science, my friends , has gone the way of the do-do bird.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius, Ray Hawkins

    Since you two are the primary antagonists on this issue, thought you might like to get some more “facts” about the case.


  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Very interesting information on how SCOTUS works and how things are not as cut and dried as we often think. Also a testament to how SLIMY our system has become.


  13. Just A Citizen says:

    The Trump Administration is not providing any leadership regarding school openings. Whoops………….

    Click to access Schools-Decision-Tree.pdf

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh dear…………Federal guidance on use of Face “Coverings”.


    • T least it is guidance and not mandatory….yet.

      • Mandatory in Michigan now under penalty of $500 fine. Except places of worship or if you are in grade K-5. WUT?

        From the Article:
        People should not wear cloth face coverings while engaged in activities that may cause the cloth face covering to become wet, like when swimming at the beach or pool. A wet cloth face covering may make it difficult to breathe. For activities like swimming, it is particularly important to maintain physical distance from others when in the water. DOES THIS INCLUDE SWEATING? MY MASK AT WORK IS SOAKED WITHIN 15 MINUTES.

        People who are engaged in high intensity activities, like running, may not be able to wear a cloth face covering if it causes difficulty breathing. If unable to wear a cloth face covering, consider conducting the activity in a location with greater ventilation and air exchange (for instance, outdoors versus indoors) and where it is possible to maintain physical distance from others.HOW ABOUT WORKING? MATHIUS SAYS MY ABILITY TO BREATHE FREELY IS NOT COMPROMISED

        I’d really like to challenge Mathius to run around his block with a mask on. Report back on the wetness of his mask and his ability to breathe with a mask on. Then a last request on his breathing once the mask is removed. Hint: It takes a while to regroup normal breathing.

        Hopefully Kent won’t mind me posting his thoughts here, but a particular paragraph jumps out for me.
        People are also getting bent out of shape over whether or not masks can starve you of oxygen (“cause hypoxia”). They cite tests and quote “experts”. I don’t need tests, I know what my body is telling me– too much mask wearing makes my body crave oxygen in many situations. It’s just like hiding under the covers in bed when you’re a kid trying to hide from monsters (or siblings). You know you’d eventually get low on oxygen and need to come up for air. Masks have the exact same effect

  15. Just got back in from a three state road trip. I paid particular attention to the mask situation…..here is what I found.

    Texas…stopped at a great stop called Bucee’s Travel plaza. Refuel and went inside to get some travel snacks……all the employee’s wore masks. Six of ten visitors wore masks.

    Oklahoma….time for a P break….stopped at a Love’s. Inside, 4 in 10 wore masks. All employees wore masks.

    Missouri….stopped once again at a Love’s…..5 in 10 tourists wore masks and all employee’s wore masks.

    St Louis Missouri…..( I was up there helping a friend whom is terminal )….we went to a Lowes and a hamburger joint named Arnold’s and a BBQ joint. the mask wearing at all of these places was about 6 in 10….and a 75% seating capacity in those two restaurants.


    I am making absolutely no analysis……just reporting what I saw.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I am truly sorry about your friend. Getting to where this kind of news is just to damn frequent for my liking. But as they say……… it is part of life.

      Best wishes.

      Oh, by the way. Looks like we are going to go to Reno/Carson City around the last week of September. Have a wedding first week of October.

      So……… Do you have a more refined schedule yet on your possible trip to North Idaho?

      • No sir, but my travel plans can coincide with your trip….I plan to Bowl in the National Championships…and can change my schedule to match yours……You can join T Ray and I at lunch in Truckee….then the three of us can discuss the future of Mathius….and his dog, and his horse, and the Pirate. At least we can make their ears burn.

      • Yes, my friend, his name is William (Bill) no Clinton reference…..has agent orange poisoning from Vietnam. He and I are the last remaining A Team members of my team from Vietnam…We made a pledge at the end of the Vietnam war that the last surviving member toast the rest of the team. Three of my team went on to die in other conflicts. Three more have died of cancer from agent Orange poisoning, with Bill being the 4th. Three of my team have died of other accident type injuries. I will be the last unless something sinister happens to me. Bill has about 4-6 months left. He was a strapping 6 foot 2, 215 pounds of muscle and fighting strength….he is now a withered 6’2″ at 150 pounds and dropping. I do not have the cancer, I have the Diabetes from Agent Orange. But, I will be by his side when it is his time….have the toast from a 50 year Scotch bottle and then when I go, I will be buried with what is left and we will toast again in the afterlife as a team, once again.

        None of us know if there is an after life but if there is…..we will be prepared.

        Sounds corny, I know, but we were very close and we survived before scattering to our ends. I do not expect anyone to understand but there is no sympathy here. It is life.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    What the hay? Federal guidelines and direction on opening up businesses? Say it ain’t so!

    Click to access workplace-decision-tree.pdf

    • It is so…….what a way to take over an economy on false pretense. Claim a crises and use the mushroom effect. Keep people in the dark and feed them shit. It will work yet again. Then, the pendulum will swing back in another decade or so.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    My sides hurt……….lol

  18. Biden…. “The former vice president, speaking at an event in Pennsylvania, said he wanted to end the “era of shareholder capitalism.” Translation: government dictates how a company operates….then takeover.

    There are two very different perspectives about how a business should be run. On one hand there is the view – best described by Henry Ford – that a company is there to produce something, and pay people a wage high enough that they could become your customers. This is commonly referred to as ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’.

    “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.”

    Then, beginning in the 1970s, businesses moved into ‘Shareholder Capitalism’. Productivity continued to rise by leaps and bounds, yet workers’ wages stayed flat. The added revenue the company received from the higher productivity had to go somewhere – and it went right to the executives and shareholders.

    “The job of the CEO was to balance the needs of all the Stakeholders,” Hedrick explained. That means balancing the wages of the workers with the cost to consumers, and the need to turn a profit for the shareholders. This was the job of the CEO.”

    I do not really care who likes what…I am a shareholder and I want the maximum profits possible to increase my wealth. But no matter. If you eliminate the shareholder, you will decimate the retirement programs and the 401(k) of all investors…..like I said, no matter if this is the case. I simply sell off my shares and do not invest any longer in the stock market, bank my cash off shore in high producing interest rates….and go about my business.

    Mathius will make a bundle because he shorts the market and bets on failures….much like the dice player at the craps table that bets against the roller. NO matter, he will bank his cash, payoff the rest of his mortgage (thanks to our capitalist society)….and there it will end. Most of the shareholders of today will not reinvest if the profits are not there.

    Protect thyself.

    • Mathius says:

      Mathius will make a bundle because he shorts the market and bets on failures….much like the dice player at the craps table that bets against the roller.

      I can’t control the economy – all I can do is try to make some money when it does what I am convinced it’s going to do.

      ::gazes into cryastal ball::

      What is that… some kind of deer? No… it’s stag.. and what it is doing… inflating… a stag inflating… what could that mean… ?

      Hmm.. maybe this thing is broken?

      NO matter, he will bank his cash, payoff the rest of his mortgage (thanks to our capitalist society)

      So…. close….. just a little bit more… two more “jackpots” like this Spring and I’ll be free of my mortgage. I’ve got one lined up for the Fall, I think…

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Just follow Dr. Fauci’s remarks. I’d sure like to check out HIS portfolio and that of his family members.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    A little something more along the lines of the original SUFA outlook:

    “The War on Poverty was the first of four twenty-year crusades that have inflicted enormous cultural damage on the United States: the wars on poverty (1960s–1980s), on drugs (1980s–2000s), on terror (2000s–2010s), and now on racism (2020s–?). All four follow the same pattern. They have a racial element, plunge Americans into needless alarm, and serve to deflect attention from deeper issues that one of the parties wants to avoid. They all fail by design, as the War on Poverty did. If they were to succeed, then the political machines placed in charge of these crusades would be out of business. So the benchmarks are always impossible and vague, the enemy cast in vague religious terms as a shadowy evil lurking on our souls and haunting our actions. When will we ever eradicate poverty, drugs, terror, or prejudice? Never. That’s why these wars are so useful.

    From: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/07/the_curse_of_the_twentyyear_crusade.html

  20. WASHINGTON, D.C.—At her weekly press briefing today, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi commented on the removal of statues by protesters, saying, “We have to knock the statues down to find out if they’re racist.”

    Many have expressed concerns that the statue-toppling is going too far, but Pelosi urged everyone to remain calm and that statue-toppling is a natural part of the process of finding out which ones were actually bad and evil racists.

    “We need to get them knocked over first, we need to push that through, and then we can see if they were actually racist,” she explained. “You won’t know until you pull them down.” Pelosi said that everyone should support the tearing down of all statues, whether they are of the Founding Fathers, the Hamburglar, or the Fonz. Later on, she said, we can find out whether or not they were actually icons of white supremacy.

    She also promised that “if you like your statues, you can keep your statues” and asked reporters, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    “Some rioters did something,” she added.

    • How is singling out one race and making them do extra “training” not racial discrimination? If these people had spines they would refuse this garbage.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Wölfel et al reported that, in a small group of patients with mild COVID-19, nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swabs collected during the first week of illness showed infectious virus but not after this period despite high detected rates of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from these sites. [39]

    The duration of viral shedding varies significantly and may depend on severity. Among 137 survivors of COVID-19, viral shedding based on testing of oropharyngeal samples ranged from 8-37 days, with a median of 20 days

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius should contact the poets wife and explain she is just as delusional as we crazy people at SUFA.


  23. A family in Atlanta is trying to figure out why their cat, that’s been dead for about a decade, received a voter registration form.

    Cody Tims, who lived to the ripe age of 18, was a great cat, his family says.

    “A great cat, indoor and outdoor, loved his family, loved his neighborhood. He was 18 and a half when he passed away,” said Cody’s owner Carol.

  24. Fun rumor of the day:

    Epstiens flight log for his Lolita Express has a page with a name on it that might answer some questions. John Roberts

    Warning thought of the day:

    These Marxist’s running around should consider staying home. Real Americans are getting tired of your BS.

    • Communication is key. Could have went both ways. The safety officers could have asked her what she was up to, and she could have popped her head into the church first saying she comes in peace and just wanted a safe cool space to relax. I wouldn’t chalk it up to racism right off the bat considering the previous homeless issues and vandalism.

    • I’ll try again. My first response was eaten…who knows, it may post when I try this one.

      This is a relatively unknown actress (she apparently has been on This Is Us, and some other TV programs) who set up a scenario hoping to get a reaction she could label as hateful and racist. That way she could claim victimhood, show Christians in a bad light, and get her name in the news for her 15 minutes of fame. Can’t hurt her career, right?

      I am really sorry to say that the volunteers, who by the way have been removed from their positions, gave her what she wanted.

      I want to know who the HELL bypasses an 87 acre park with plenty of shade and sits down on private property, even if it is a church, to “paint her toenails emerald green” and do laptop research without knowing full well it looks odd enough to make those inside wonder what she might do next? They had previously had issues with vandalism, homeless people defecating on their property, and secretaries had been attacked (all of this mentioned in the video).

      That being said, the volunteers were WRONG in their grumpy and suspicious attitude towards her, especially when the one guy said “all lives matter” apropos to nothing in the conversation.

      If you listen to the exchange, she sounded belligerent, as if trying to escalate the tension. In my opinion she relished the entire scene she prompted. When she said hello, and he said hello back, then “welcome”, why not say thank you?

      Instead, she says in a loud and bitchy tone, “AM I?”

      So then as she continues in her bitchy “I don’t have to do what you say” attitude, she accuses THEM of not showing love. Why didn’t SHE have a kind and loving attitude since she thinks that is so important?

      She is on THEIR PROPERTY.


      Another Jussie Smollett.


      • Mathius says:

        I can’t see that link (paywall), so I’ll go off your description.

        From what I’m reading from you: she deliberately bated them, they took the bate and were offensive/racist/etc. Did I get that right?

        If so, I’ll say this: two wrongs don’t make a right.

        She can be wrong for deliberately setting up the scenario and actively trying to antagonize them into doing something wrong, but they’re still wrong if they did it.

        If I act like a jerk and you slug me, I’m wrong for being a jerk… but you’re still wrong for hitting me.

        That is to say: just because the person on one side is an asshole doesn’t mean she can’t be right about the other people being assholes, too.


        Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone is trying to act all innocent and you know they’re not, so you try to press some buttons in order to get them to reveal themselves?

          • Mathius says:


            She’s clearly being a belligerent asshole. She was also clearly profiled and harassed.

            She clearly could have de-escalated at any point. She could and should have moved when asked. But, of course, she couldn’t because she clearly has an agenda.

            THEY could have de-escalated at any point. They could have simply ignored the obvious bait. They complained about lots of bad actors and criminals and whatnot – but she clearly wasn’t one of them – so there was no reason to keep escalating. Just shrug, call her an asshole, and leave her to her devices. It just wasn’t worth the conflict. (blah blah blah private property blah blah blah… I get it. But it’s just not worth it.)

            Verdict: She’s an asshole and they’re stupid.


            THAT SAID: If people regularly sit on this lawn without harassment and she’s the first to get harassed, that’s a different matter, but I see no sign of that being the case. I, therefore, conclude it’s private property and they asked you mosey along and she refused. So she’s an asshole trying to provoke a victimizing reaction… which they, stupidly, handed her.

  25. NEW YORK, NY—The NYPD announced it is investigating the hate crime of a man who graffitied over the city’s sanctioned graffiti, changing the previous Black Lives Matter slogan to read “ORANGE” Lives Matter.

    The unknown vandal snuck out to the street in the middle of the night and scrubbed the word “BLACK” off the mural, painting over it with the word “ORANGE.”

    “Our suspect looks to be about 6’3″, 243 pounds, with orange hair and matching skin,” said an NYPD detective at a press conference this morning. “We don’t know who this man could be, but if anyone has any information, please come forward. We were trying to own the president with a savage burn with this mural, and we can’t have our political games ruined by ne’er-do-well vigilantes.”

    The suspect has also sent the police a cryptic note cut out of magazine letters, reproduced below:

    “The word ‘Trump’ at the end is of particular interest to us,” the detective said. “The suspect is taunting us, saying his painting ‘trumped’ our painting. We’d really like to know who did this. Please, New York — we must stop this mad man.”

  26. Where’s Hillary? Others have said Obama is there too, but I’d say its Bill.

  27. I love this guy. This is 7 minutes long, and worth it.


  28. It appears Trump will not bail out cities that allowed the rioting. Good, but will it last. I am certain the Pelosi will try to send them funds by locking it into some must pass legislation. The citizens of the these cities must suffer the consequences of their voting in these wimps year after year.

  29. I dropped my oldest child off at our state’s “governor’s scholar” program today. Every year they select ~1000 kids around the state to participate. It’s considered a big honor, and they award generous scholarships to all of the participants. It usually lasts for most of the summer, but has been shortened to one week this year because of Covid.

    Anyway, I drove her across the state today and dropped her off at the university where it’s being held. When we got to the dorm room there was a welcome packet for her with the weeks schedule, a map of campus, a t-shirt, a lanyard, and some hand sanitizer. Also in the packet was a sheet of paper the discussed the use of pronouns. The first three (he, she, and they) I recognized, but then there were five more that I had never heard of!

    I was a little nervous about sending her off to college next year before, but now I am truly terrified. Is this what passes for education these days? Discussing the proper usage of made up words with no basis in reality?

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Unfortunately, universities are no longer based on reality.

    • what words?

      • e/ey, xe, ze
        I can’t remember all of them. These are supposed to be pronouns that you can use for yourself ( zeself?) if he or she is too normal for you.

        • I’ve never met a human being in real life who wants custom pronouns like these (xe, etc).

          I’ve known two trans-folk who wanted the “reversed” pronouns to correspond to their new gender-identities. Neither seemed to mind at all if you slipped up, but just asked that you try to use the correct pronouns. Both are/were accutely aware of how confusing and unintuitive this kind of thing could be. All they were looking for was compassion and the effort.

          And I’ve known one person who adamantly and pointedly deliberately refused to do so, gleefully, calling my cousin (M–>F) a “him” over and over again under she was on verge of tears and then hiding behind some version “HE doesn’t get to control the English language.”

          That said, I’m too realistic to doubt that these people exist. All I can offer is my anecdotal experience and the fact that I travel in pretty liberal circles in liberal states. So I would suggest that they’re very few and far between and being blown out of proportion in order to paint a larger community with an unflattering brush.

      • I bet it was gender neutral pronouns like these I found from an internet search.

        He/She — Zie, Sie, Ey, Ve, Tey, E
        Him/Her — Zim, Sie, Em, Ver, Ter, Em
        His/Her — Zir, Hir, Eir, Vis, Tem, Eir
        His/Hers — Zis, Hirs, Eirs, Vers, Ters, Eirs
        Himself/Herself — Zieself, Hirself, Eirself, Verself, Terself, Emself

        These people have sunk past snowflake status…their brains along with their backbones have melted into a putrid goo.


        • Question for you, ma’am: what purpose do gendered pronouns actually serve?

          I’m not advocating or defending anything here… but what would it HURT if, tomorrow, we all just switched over to one set of genderless pronouns? Would civilization break down?

          Don’t get me wrong, even I can’t wrap my brain around all this zie / zim / xer stuff. And I suspect that 99% of it is just snowflaking and trying to be special and unique. But the question I’m asking here is… what does any of it actually matter?

          • We already have a genderless pronoun.


            • Ok… sure.. it… fine.

              I think “it” is a little different than “xe” (or whatever) in that “it” is an object and not a human. These people aren’t trying to say they’re not human – they’re saying they’re not male/female gendered. But whatever.

              The question is: what would it matter if, tomorrow, we all just switched over to “it” for everyone? What would that actually impact in the greater scheme of things?

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I believe the PURPOSE of such pronouns is to make communication easier. A small handful of words that convey enough information relative to a person being discussed to avoid using their full name and inserting another title like Mr. or Mrs. or Ms.

                If you started using “it” exclusively you would lose much of the descriptive nature of our language, especially the written form where the one reading does not know the one being discussed.

          • It matters because it is a form of mind control. Thou shalt conform to my distorted views of reality.

    • My answers keep getting eaten…guess I need to copy every time just in case.

      My oldest granddaughter Teylor (not a typo) just graduated from U of North Texas and thank GOD she kept her wits about her. All this PC crap hasn’t affected her either from peer pressure or from professors. I’m sure it had a lot to do with the fact that as a serious music student, she just concentrated on that.

      If you aren’t already familiar with him, look up Dr. Jordan Peterson on YouTube. He is a Canadian professor at U of Toronto who got in hot water over his open opposition to proposed Canadian legislation mandating the use of any and all made up gender pronouns by which anyone might wish to be addressed. His university began trying to get rid of him, he lost friends and the support of most colleagues (some have come around), and he became a YouTube sensation. He wanted none of the notoriety but couldn’t avoid it, as he insisted it is a freedom of speech issue, and suddenly he was in demand all over the world as a speaker. He is brilliant but down to earth, in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, your daughter is about to get a huge dose of leftist indoctrination.

      And while I am extremely proud of Teylor for her accomplishments, at this point I won’t be recommending a university “education “ for any of the rest of my grandchildren unless their chosen career absolutely requires it.


  30. Mathius says:

    Suppose Trump loses the election. Suppose, further, that it’s a close election and rife with allegations from both sides about voter fraud. Suppose that, ultimately, in a Bush v. Gore kind of scenario, SCOTUS steps in and hands the victory to Biden. You, SUFA, looking at this ruling, are aghast and believe it to be wrong-wrong-wrong-evil-wrong. You, SUFA, are certain that Trump really did and should have won and is the “rightful” President.

    This is entirely plausible, I think you’ll all agree.

    NOW: suppose that, in the face of this, Trump refuses to leave office.*

    Suppose that he says voter fraud invalidates [blah blah blah]. And now he gets a second term.

    If he tries to stay in office in January – and, remember, you fully agree with his arguments.. but SCOTUS says otherwise – do you support him or Biden?

    Colonel: An added corollary for you… assuming Mr. Trump calls on the military to [blah blah blah] help keep him in office because [blah blah fraud blah blah conspiracy blah blah], what does the military do? If, in January, the Secret Service attempts to remove him from the WH and he calls on the armed forces to stop them, what happens?


    *I am fully aware that we have had versions of this conversation about both Bush II and Obama

    • This is all liberal nonsense that has no merits or any semblance of truth. Liberal fantasies being put out by idiots.

      But to answer your question, Trump will leave like every other President, the military will not help regardless and you should turn off CNN and/or MSNBC.

      If Biden wins, the economy will tank faster that my toilet flushes. You’ll make a fortune though, so I’m sure you’ll be voting for him.

      • you should turn off CNN and/or MSNBC.

        I haven’t “turned on” CNN or MSNBC in…. I don’t know how long.. I don’t even have cable anymore. I’m not sure how to even watch them at this point.

        Sometimes I’ll catch a clip on youtube… does that count?

        This is all liberal nonsense that has no merits or any semblance of truth.

        It’s not supposed to be “truth” – it’s a hypothetical. I’m not surprised that you’re confused by the difference.

        But to answer your question, Trump will leave like every other President

        I believe he will.

        But that wasn’t the question.

        The question was, generally: what if he doesn’t?

        More specifically, the question was: would you back him if he doesn’t?

        And I notice that you didn’t answer that.

        If Biden wins, the economy will tank faster that my toilet flushes. You’ll make a fortune though, so I’m sure you’ll be voting for him.

        I could be wrong, but I don’t think I asked anything about this….

    • This will be fun! You are making some assumption here that I do not think relevant but here goes.

      “This is entirely plausible, I think you’ll all agree.” No, I do not agree with all of it but will play along more

      “If he tries to stay in office in January – and, remember, you fully agree with his arguments.. but SCOTUS says otherwise – do you support him or Biden?” If this happens, I will go with what the SCOTUS rules, either way

      “An added corollary for you… assuming Mr. Trump calls on the military to [blah blah blah] help keep him in office because [blah blah fraud blah blah conspiracy blah blah], what does the military do?” Nothing, it will not move. It would be an illegal order. We are pledged to defend the Constitution and if the SCOTUS says that Biden is in…..he is in.

      ” If, in January, the Secret Service attempts to remove him from the WH and he calls on the armed forces to stop them, what happens? ” Nothing will happen from the military side. It is a civilian matter and any order that is illegal, will not be followed. That includes any Generals as well.


      As an officer, I would not support any move in contradiction of our laws and I would construe any orders in violation of same as illegal and so would 99.9% of the Military officers.

      • You are making some assumption

        What assumptions? It’s a hypothetical…

        “This is entirely plausible, I think you’ll all agree.” No, I do not agree with all of it but will play along more

        Really? Why not?

        1. A narrow Trump loss isn’t plausible?

        2. A SCOTUS ruling making the call isn’t plausible?

        3. Accusations by both sides of voter fraud / voter intimidation / voter supression isn’t plausible?

        4. SUFA believing that Trump “really” won isn’t plausible?

        In fact, I’d argue that that latter two are damned near certain.

        If this happens, I will go with what the SCOTUS rules, either way

        Good man.

        I knew there was a reason I liked you.

        Nothing, it will not move. It would be an illegal order. We are pledged to defend the Constitution and if the SCOTUS says that Biden is in…..he is in.

        I believe you believe this.

        Now… search your heart… and tell me that all the military (and military brass) would think the same way…

        And, if, by some stretch of the imagination, the highest levels back Trump, would you expect open defiance or resignations from the lower ranks?

        Again, I don’t think this is going to happen – I’m just curious about your views within this scenario.

        As an officer, I would not support any move in contradiction of our laws and I would construe any orders in violation of same as illegal and so would 99.9% of the Military officers.

        So, maybe here’s what I’m really not clear about…

        SCOTUS says X, generals say Y.

        You are pretty damned sure what X means, but the generals tell you to follow Y.

        Do you – YOU – a subordinate get to balk at direct orders from your superior officers because you think that it’s an illegal order given the ruling by SCOTUS? Who gets to decide what is an “illegal order”? It can’t be just a matter of personal opinion by each individual, can it? What if you’re wrong?

        If your commanding officer gives you a legal order, which you honestly believe to be illegal and you refuse, do you get in trouble? How the hell does all this work?

        • How the hell does all this work?

          Reply: One must apply common sense. It’s not hard, you should try it once 😀

        • You are correct, assumption is not the correct word in your hypothetical. Item number 3 is certainly plausible and Item number 4 is too broad of a brush. Remember to whom you are talking…..errr….typing.

          Now… search your heart… and tell me that all the military (and military brass) would think the same way…And, if, by some stretch of the imagination, the highest levels back Trump, would you expect open defiance or resignations from the lower ranks? I have every confidence most (like in the 99%range) of the officers understand their responsibility to their oath of office (we do take that very seriously). I would expect open defiance from the military ranks all the way down to the 2nd LT if such a scenario developed.

          Do you – YOU – a subordinate get to balk at direct orders from your superior officers because you think that it’s an illegal order given the ruling by SCOTUS? Yes, if I perceive the order to be illegal.

          Who gets to decide what is an “illegal order”? I do and every other officer. We are well trained in what are legal and illegal orders.

          It can’t be just a matter of personal opinion by each individual, can it? What if you’re wrong? Yes, sir. It is a personal opinion. If we are wrong, we pay the price. But bear in mind this procedure…..in order to be proven wrong in our decisions, there would be what is called an Article 32 investigation. Our case would be heard in a Courts Martial. Officers sitting on the courts martial would be similar line officers of equal rank or higher picked at random.

          If your commanding officer gives you a legal order, which you honestly believe to be illegal and you refuse, do you get in trouble? How the hell does all this work? See above. It is pretty simple, actually. Much more simple than civilian trials.


          For the record, I have refused to carry out an illegal order one time before. I did not get in trouble and it never got to the level of Courts Martial because the next officer up said I was correct and his decision was endorsed by an even higher officer.

          • For the record, I have refused to carry out an illegal order one time before.

            Any color you care to share?

            Did it have anything to do with a village called “My Lai”?

            For the record, I have refused to carry out an illegal order one time before.

            I was, too.

            My boss (years ago) wanted me to fudge some numbers on an investor report. Technically speaking, he wanted the “real” numbers, but he wanted them reflected in a way that was deliberately misleading and would skew the report, misleading investors.

            I pushed back nicely and was told that it wasn’t my job to think and to do what I was told.

            I then hard-balked.

            I was pretty junior back then, and terrified, but I simply planted my feet and said no.

            He told me I was fired and I immediately walked into the legal council’s office and made my case. Legal backed me, then dragged my boss (the owner of the company, by the way) into a visibly heated closed-door meeting. He eventually came out and told me I wasn’t fired and he no longer wanted the report shown that way.

            Would have loved to be a fly on that wall..

            Sometimes I wonder if I should have just left and then sued the bastard.. oh well. I could have probably filed a complaint with the SEC, too, and gotten the firm shut down – they take that kind of thing very seriously (and, even if the SEC didn’t shut them down, the investors would leave as soon as word got out).

            • Mathius asks: Any color you care to share? Did it have anything to do with a village called “My Lai”? No sir, My Lai was before my time.

              Some color commentary…..and I will keep it short……May, 1971….while on a stroll through a peaceful jungle, the young soldier and his charges were enjoying a nice day out. Plenty of sunshine and the birds were singing and the sounds of the jungle alive with the chattering of howler monkey’s……we were on our way to a Montgnard village 12 clicks away in an effort to recruit them into our indigenous club. However, the morning was interrupted with sporadic gunfire from the direction of the unarmed Montgnard village. Upon arrival we found that the local Viet Cong had infiltrated the village, had killed the village chief, his wife, and gang raped his three daughters and nailed one of them to a tree, the other to the side of a hut and the last one was staked out spread eagle on the ground with a stake driven through both eyes. Two of the three girls were still alive but so horribly maimed… that to survive would have been worse than being dead. Seven of the villagers had been executed while kneeling with their hands tied behind their back.

              We managed to liberate the village (all 7 of us) and, in the process, we captured 18 Vietcong and killed 12. The officer in charge of this mission wanted to execute the Viet Cong on the spot. ( this was by radio transmission because the officer was not with us ). We were mad enough at the atrocity and wanted to execute the Viet Cong ourselves, especially after seeing what they did to the Chief’s family, but we knew that to execute prisoners was unlawful. What the hell, we are in the jungle and no reporters present (we did not allow media along on any mission)….it would have been easy. But the order was unlawful and I was not duty bound to follow it. I refused. We aborted the mission and cleared a landing zone and a helicopter was sent to evacuate the captured prisoners and another chopper for wounded.

              Upon arrival back at the compound…I was immediately flown to Nha Trang (HQ of the 5th Special Forces). I gave my report and the case of disobeying a direct order was dropped. But it did go to the next highest level and the decision to endorse dismissal was the final process.

              The hardest part of the mission was that the two girls, aged 12 and 14 that survived (their older sister died) were so horribly maimed and in so much pain and would have probably died enroute, we did the humane thing. That also worked on us emotionally but we were used to seeing this type of brutality from the VC….in spite of this, we brought prisoners back.
              In the end, I am quite sure that the Viet Cong received just rewards….as we turned them over to the South Korean unit that was working with us on other issues. The Koreans have unique ways about them and have forgotten more about torture than we would ever know.

              Thus endeth the story……

              • Do you think that the notations in your file about defying this order and the subsequent dismissal worked in your favor as you made your way to colonel?

              • Yes, it most certainly did and has been mentioned…..as officers, we are evaluated by our superior (read higher ranking) officers….like my immediate commander and the commander of the entire unit. It is called an OER…..Officer Evaluation Report. One of the things that sticks with an officer are the evaluation reports since the beginning of time. From second Lieutenant to Colonel, I have at least 60 evaluation reports in my 201 file.

                There are three things that are UNDERLINED in my report card. There is one line when I was a young Captain…it reads: He exhibits candor and frankness to both subordinates and superiors alike.” Translation…..he speaks his mind.

                The next line that has been underlined is when I was a major and on staff. It reads: He can be counted on to be consistent in the application of procedures and protocols” Translation….I did not vary.

                And the final line, which possibly was a torpedo amidships on a promotion to General Officer rank, which reads as follows: He is very frank and to the point. This Colonel has the ability to command a division but often strays outside of protocol. He can be counted upon to be straight forward, right or wrong.” Translation: I do not walk in lock step.

              • Mathius says:

                Who did you piss off to get that last one and how?


                Aside: we sold my old house a few years back and got our “permanent file” from the town with the full history of the lot going back to the ’60’s. On one page, an inspector had attempted to inspect and my wife was having none of it. So there, in red ink, underlined, with a little asterisk next to it, is the following notation: “Husband is lovely but wife is very aggressive.”

    • Mathius, taking your scenario, when all the dust settles, even if I felt CERTAIN Biden won by voter fraud, I would NEVER support Trump trying to stay in office. Which he would not try, anyway. I agree with Gman, quit listening to CNN fantasy scenarios.

      In fact, I will sit back with my popcorn and in one sense enjoy watching the Dems, using him as their hand puppet, destroy what’s left of the Dem party. I will feel REALLY sorry, though for those who are not in a position to weather at least four years of socialist policies.

      Totally changing the subject, how is that novel of yours coming along? I missed it if you’ve given any updates on it lately.


      • Totally changing the subject, how is that novel of yours coming along? I missed it if you’ve given any updates on it lately.

        Ha.. thanks, Murf.

        I “finished” it.. it was… meh… I think “palatable” is the best way to describe it, but it’s hard for me to know if I’m being generous or overcritical.

        I think the fact that one or two SUFA-ites stuck with it to finish is more of a testament to their willingness to put up with my long-windedness than any enjoyment of the novel itself. I might suggest it was “damned with faint praise,” as it were… people here were kind, but no one seemed overly-enthusiastic, which tells me all I need to know.

        I think my biggest failing is that I really failed to give the bad guy any kind of credible and relatable motivation – I just kind of.. made him bad to make him bad. It just felt a bit “flat” to me.

    • If Trump loses legitimately w/o signs of massive voter fraud, he will leave office peacefully and on schedule.

      If there are signs of massive voter fraud, I suspect there will be a general uprising. The inauguration will be held behind closed doors. Trump will be out but the nation will be divided and blood will flow. Unlike the unsuppressed riots we have just seen and are still occurring, this one will be put down with force. The military will follow orders from President Biden but there will be massive resignations and some defections.

      If Biden wins he will also carry both houses of Congress. The filibuster will be history so there will be absolute democrat party rule. Amnesty and voter rights for non-citizens will be passed. The borders will be open. The economy will crash as the Col. says but for the Ds this is plus as it means more power to the central government. RBG will retire immediately but they will not be satisfied with that. At least 2 more justices will be added to SCOTUS. The Durham report and any subsequent prosecutions will be squelched. Trump will be arrested and prosecuted for a host of made up issues as will many of his subordinates.

      The decline of the USA will accelerate. China will become the hegemonic power in Asia and Africa if not worldwide in 10 years.

      Be careful what you vote for.

      • And people are telling ME to stop watching CNN…. Maybe you need to back away from Fox….?

        • Please explain.

          Trump to date has not violated any SCOTUS rulings unlike his predecessor. So he will leave on schedule.

          Trump’s supporters will not be happy but will accept the lose unless there is evidence of massive voter fraud. Under that scenario, they will protest. These protest since they do not support the socialists in power will be dealt with harshly including using military force if needed.

          If Biden wins, it is likely the Ds will keep the house and take the Senate. The Ds have already threatened the filibuster.

          Biden has already stated amnesty is coming. This means 11M to 22M new D voters.

          Biden as you do supports open borders. The invasion will continue.

          Packing he court has already been discussed and proposed by the Ds. It will happen w/o the filibuster.

          The Durham report and resultant prosecutions will be political prosecution and thus squelched to save the guilty.

          China is on the rise and Biden will do nothing to stop them. He will cut the military which will accelerate our decline in the world.

          The economy will tank as people will pull $s out of the market. This will lead to increased government dependency, unemployment, food stamps, and massive deficits. Our crediting rating will tank.

          Parts of the Green New Deal will be implemented costing us trillions of dollars. We will rejoin the Paris accord which will also cost us. We already have blackouts in CA in the summer. This will become nation wide in a few years as we will not have the fossil fuel plants to back up unreliable solar and wind.

          Please, Mathius, tell be exactly were I am wrong.

    • OK, I’ll try harder.

      NOW: suppose that, in the face of this, Trump refuses to leave office.*

      Then he should be arrested for trespassing and physically removed.

      but SCOTUS says otherwise – do you support him or Biden? Neither, the question should be about SCOTUS. But I will not like it, but who cares, it is what it is.

      If, in January, the Secret Service attempts to remove him from the WH and he calls on the armed forces to stop them, what happens?

      Hypothetically speaking, the Secret Service would lose and Trump becomes a King. Liberals will then be rounded up and sent to Gulags for reeducation. Those who can’t be retrained will be summarily executed in public at a King Trump rally, telecast live on every channel on TV. After all the Liberals have been dealt with, a new election will be called for and Trump will retire as the Best King ever and liberals will forever be banned from society. Peace will reign for the next 1000 years until we are invaded by an alien race that all look like Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters. After special glasses are developed, it turns out they are much better looking and allowed to stay, without any fighting. King Trump statues are erected, as he was the best King ever. Hypothetical complete. 🙂

      • Those who can’t be retrained will be summarily executed in public at a King Trump rally, telecast live on every channel on TV.

        I bet the ratings would be just tremendous!

    • 🙄 It all depends what you had for breakfast yesterday.

      I’d realize that we had been played again. It would be more confirmation of deceit and corruption in government. I’d no more support Trump staying in office than I’d support BLM or KKK. I would certainly be on board anything Trump did from Nov 4th til January 20th as a way of getting to the bottom of EVERYTHING. I would advocate for him to declassify every tiny tidbit of information that would expose every snake in the swamp. Make it hurt. Make it come to the ground. I’d be in support of prosecuting any person with leadership, and any co conspirators of any committee, agency, commission…whatever.. I don’t care if the only crime they could prove is mail fraud (The Firm).I’d be willing to pay any price…as long as people ended up in prison. Because that’s what they all deserve. Then I’d wish him a happy retirement.

    • We should get rid of the electoral college and have a big national election run by the federal government. We can all just mail our ballots to the White House, and Trump can count them in his living room. Then we won’t have to worry about voter fraud and recounts and such. Problem averted!

  31. Repudiation of the cancel culture, the looting of neighborhoods, the defaming of our nation’s history, the destruction of public monuments, attacks on the police, and – yes – the non-stop dishonesty of the liberal media and vilification of President Trump, is cropping up in ways big and small, and it will grow.

    Americans are fed up and they are angry. Increasingly, they will push back; polling shows Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s lead over Trump is shrinking as a result.

    Goya Food’s CEO Robert Unanue pushed back recently when he was attacked for praising President Trump. Unlike countless corporate types who have caved to the pressures of the moment, Unanue told Fox and Friends “I’m not apologizing” for complimenting Trump, whom he called an “incredible builder.”

    Unanue noted that he had met with the Obama White House in the past, and thought it reasonable to work with this president, too.
    “It’s suppression of speech,” Unanue said about the tsunami of criticism hurled at him.Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., slammed Unanue on Twitter, even though Goya has donated thousands of pounds of food to needy New York families hurt by COVID-19 and employs roughly 4,000 people in the area, begging the question – what has AOC done for her constituents lately?


    The Dems are getting hammered for those whom are far left. I hope it continues.

    • It is refreshing to see someone with the courage to not apologize when they have done nothing wrong. I’ve never bought Goya products before, but maybe I’ll give them a try.

    • Been hearing of GOYA product flying off shelves. Cancel culture is being cancelled.

      • The Goya immigrant poor-to-successful story is an inspiring one, showing exactly what can be accomplished with hard work in a country like ours….oh wait, that’s what the left hates about it. I plan to buy more of their products, since I’ve used up what I already bought a couple of months ago after I first heard about them.


  32. Section 2.2 of the Pennsylvania bench guide on pandemics gives the commonwealth (the governor) and its judges the legal authority to enact and enforce mandatory vaccination laws.
    Do you believe the governor and the courts should be able to require you and your family to get a Covid-19 inoculation, when one becomes available?

    • NO! My body, my choice. I think it would be challenged in court immediately.

    • Do you believe the governor and the courts should be able to require you and your family to get a Covid-19 inoculation, when one becomes available?


      Do you believe the governor and the courts should be able to require you and your family to get a Covid-19 inoculation, when one becomes available?

      Hell no.

      Do you believe the governor and the courts should be able to require you and your family to get a Covid-19 inoculation, when one becomes available?

      FUCK NO!

      Do you believe the governor and the courts should be able to require you and your family to get a Covid-19 inoculation, when one becomes available?

      … But I do think they can ban you from public spaces if you are unvaccinated…

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Then just saying YEAH OK would have been faster.

        Stupidity on display once again. Black Flag

    • No way! I doubt this will be an issue though. There will be a limited supply at first. They will have to decide who is the most at risk and ration accordingly.

      Given the rushed approval, people would have pretty solid ground to stand on for refusal.

  33. The Redskins have been defeated. Score one for the WOKE and non-white supremacy supremacist crowd. Thou shalt conform.

  34. Equine Weapon says:

    • The horses weren’t the ones making the tech that replaced them, and I’m not sure they ever wanted “employment” in the first place.

  35. Dear Citizen and Fellow Residents of these United States,

    With events of the last few weeks, it has become obvious that many Americans have not been taught our history and the unique characteristics of this country. For that reason I am signing an executive order setting up training facilities to teach civics, history, equal opportunity, and the golden rule to all citizens and residents of this country. You will be contacted by local authorities and politely asked to report to a training facility near your home. We understand that this training may take several weeks so come prepared with necessities. Food and lodging will be supplied. At the end of the training period you will be given a rigorous test on citizenship, history, and civilized behavior. Should you pass the test, you will be re-certified as a citizen in good standing. While this effort will require some temporary disruption of your normal life, at its conclusion we will be a more united country. KAG

    Donald J Trump
    President of the Unites States of America

  36. interesting observation………Primary time in Texas. Voters have some choices. voters 65 and older with established voter registration can vote by mail, in person, or curbside.

    Under 65 can vote by mail, under certain circumstances, in person, or curbside.

    State or Federal issued Picture ID is required. Student ID’s, professional ID’s, etc are not acceptable.

    That said………………………it was interesting to note that so far 75% of the voters have chosen to vote in person, standing in line, masks are optional and that includes the elderly. IT is reported that 80 to 90% if the people in line are……….over 65. I find this amazing because the over 65 group, me included, show up to vote instead of mail or curbside. Wonder why that is?

    • You sir are well trained.

    • Mathius says:

      voters 65 and older with established voter registration can vote by mail, in person, or curbside. Under 65 can vote by mail, under certain circumstances, in person, or curbside.

      Translated: We want to make it super easy for old (read: Republican) voters to vote, but, “under certain circumstances,” I guess, we’ll let other people do it, too.

      Try to imagine a scenario under which a liberal state set it up so that college vote super easily/conveniently, but that the program wasn’t open to anyone else (except “under certain circumstances”). Tell me that you wouldn’t look at this and instantly recognize it as a transparent scheme to bolster the liberal vote while denying that boost to conservatives.

      What this (Texas) scheme does is open an “express lane” for one class of people – people who happen to vote Red – but (generally) not for anyone else. OBVIOUSLY, this is going to bolster votes from that group. But “you get easier access” is just another way of saying “they get harder access.” If voting by mail is safe, secure, and reliable for the elderly, it’s safe, secure, and reliable for everyone else. So why deny it to them?

      • Ah yes, always the discrimination claim. The only differences is the “under certain circumstances” clause. I read this as concern for the elderly who are more susceptible to harsh Covid reactions. Hence they are defined to have “certain circumstances”. Otherwise all are treated equally. Those that want to vote by mail have to state their extenuating circumstances such as travel, handicap or sickness, etc. So why do you assume discrimination is involved?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Not hard to imagine at all: “Try to imagine a scenario under which a liberal state set it up so that college vote super easily/conveniently, but that the program wasn’t open to anyone else (except “under certain circumstances”). Tell me that you wouldn’t look at this and instantly recognize it as a transparent scheme to bolster the liberal vote while denying that boost to conservatives.”

        Missoula, Montana did this when I lived there. They located a polling place on campus while reducing the polling locations in the rest of the county. They also set up a voting location at the County Court House downtown for the homeless and others to vote. The Court House votes outnumbered those of some more “conservative” precincts.

        No Republican has won a city or county seat since they made these changes.

    • I posed your question to my 76 year old mother. She always voted in person because of (lmao) ” the cheating f-ing Democrats were always getting caught cheating in Youngstown”.
      So there ya have it.

  37. I think I’ve asked this before, but I’m not sure if I ever got any straight answers. Apologies if I’m repeating myself as I slowly go senile…

    Question: Do you think liberals are “WORSE PEOPLE” than conservatives?

    That is, are they more dishonest, less intelligent, more immoral, more selfish, more short-sighted, less educated, more gullible, more criminal, more impulsive, etc?

    Note: I’m asking about The People, not politicians, etc. So this isn’t a question about the Democratic Party, but of people who vote generally for them.

    • Dan Bongino says that democrats think republicans are bad people with ideas.
      Republicans think democrats are people with bad ideas.

      • I don’t know who Dan Bongino is.. but I think the left increasingly views Republicans as selfish, xenophobic, short-sighted, and easily duped. Not so much “stupid” as “anti-intellectual.” I think this view has been percolating and increasingly prevalent on the left and has not been helped by the elections of Bush II and Trump.

        I don’t think the left views conservatives as “bad people” per se, so much as “me first!!! And by being me first, that will help others.” (Which they view as fantasy). Whereas the left views itself as “society first, and that will lift me, too.”


        The question is what do YOU think…

        • There are two types of democrats, the intellectual elitists, your class, and the lemmings. Democrat arguments are based on emotion and division. They constantly stir up their base to a fever pitch by pitting one group after another be it race, wealth, immigrants, etc. The view the economy as a fixed pie that if unevenly divided means someone is cheating. They lie to their constituents but never solve the underlying problems. Thus we get the perpetual victim status. The intellectual elitists think they know better than anyone else hence should be running the country. This is a top down dictatorial socialist mindset. They want big government that controls everything and everybody. Unfortunately the elitists have captured the media, schools and Hollywood. So their message is all pervasive. Much of it is lies which the lemmings accept and unfortunately many in the elitist class also accept. Look at what Trump actually said at Mt. Rushmore and what the media said he said.

          There are two types of republicans, the Rinos and the great “unwashed”. The rinos are the equivalent of the democrat elitists; intellectuals who think they know better than anyone else. The great “unwashed” are individuals who see a government that is off the rails. It is not responsive to our needs, not solving problems, and too big and costly. They are angry. They see their money being spent on people from other countries and not our problems. Jobs are going overseas and cheap labor is being allowed to flow freely over the border. They see a multiclass legal system being implemented where illegals, minorities, and elitist democrats are treated differently than they are. They see the melting pot disappearing to be replaced by a Balkanized society. They see a serious attack on our general philosophy of government and a trend towards failed socialism. They see a government that is over regulating the country and being run by unelected bureaucrats.

    • Well, most Democrat voters that I know are nice people and live in heavy blue areas. They like the policies. Doesnt make them any of the stuff you posted.

      Now, the liberal media are EXACTLY what you posted and lots of people believe the BS. There are plenty examples of this, which has been discussed alot here.

      And too add, the assholes who have hijacked the angry blacks to push their Marxist crap are no different that the media.
      Then, there is HRC.

  38. My daughter informed me this morning that once she’s President, she’s going to protect the environment and have scientists figure out how to bring back extinct species with “genetic modifications” to help them adapt and stay alive.

    I guess she’s with the Green Party? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I mean, I’m not inclined to voting Green, but if your campaign pitch is that I might get to ride around on a wooly mammoth or own a T-Rex, well…. you have my attention…

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    This doctor discusses more recent information on the unlikely ability to build herd immunity to Covid. Something I suggest two months ago when first tests showed rabidly declining anti-bodies.


    On the other hand, this PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR couldn’t help but insert words in his editorial that defy reality. First is his use of “help stamp out”. He just laid out the argument that it will be with us forever. What a BS statement from a Doctor who is supposed to be an expert on this subject.

    Second is the implication of a vaccine being the solution. If you recall info provided here by T-Ray, or someone, a disease which does not build immunity for very long has never had a vaccine developed for it, like the common cold. And the flu vaccine doesn’t either. It is at best about 40% effective on what ever the “new strain” of flu is for that season. Last years deadly flu outbreak in the spring was a “new virus” for which the vaccine was about 15% effective. There was not enough time to develop a vaccine targeting the new strain.

    So at this point no herd immunity and I doubt we get an effective vaccine that prevents infection. Not without getting a shot about every three months.

    If this comes to be true and if the severity of this disease remains high then we are going to experience a “culling of the herd”.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    My commentary on Tucker Carlson’s writer resigning.

    CNN is pure trash. First as evidenced by the fact they were the ones to report this. How did they come by the information? A guy posting on some relatively obscure site with a fake name. The reason this bothers me is this. It would seem that these networks are now actively pursuing anyone they do not like or associated with someone they do not like. Everyone at Fox has become a target of CNN and/or probably NBC/MSNBC.

    Thus the reason I think Carlson made the comment about the self righteous.

    Second, in this story they don’t report…….. they go further and speculate and comment on things not said and why they were not said.


    Oh the days when reporters and journalists were focused on revealing the abuses of Govt. power instead of assassinating the characters of anyone they don’t like or disagree with.

    Now, Mathius trying to blame Trump for this in 5, 4, 3, 2, ………….

    • Mathius trying to blame Trump for this in 5, 4, 3, 2, ………….

      Thanks, Obama!

      Err.. I mean.. It’s Trump’s fault!!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        This trend pre-dates Mr. Obama so I don’t know why you posted that. Jumping to conclusions maybe?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Shouldn’t take you long to get through this. A blast from the past…….. 2001.


        • Mathius says:

          Wow… that was…. optimistic.

          Allow me to place my stamp on a prediction for 19 years from now, along the same lines as the author has done:

          On the off chance that we haven’t blown ourselves up by then… ::gazes into crystal ball::

          In the year 2039, we will look back at the year 2020 with a sort of malaised fondness. The malaise will be, of course, from the cocktail of drugs Lord Bezos has mandated we take which inhibit our self-control when using the Amazon Application surgically appended to our hands. The fondness will be for a time, yes, before the rise of Lord Bezos, but also a time before it was considered acceptable for the powerful and wealthy to kidnap and eat our children.

          Yes, believe it or not, in those halcyon days, the elites still pretended that they were bound by the same laws and social compact as the rest of us, and we were naive enough to believe it, if only half-heartedly. Of course, some people thought this was not as it should be, but don’t worry – we burned them all at the stake for the heresy of “wealth distribution.”

          As for politics, of course, the “Congress” has been replaced by the Consortium, comprised of representatives of each of the major corporations. Corporations, of course, are pretty much the only People left, after SCOTUS ruled that only white, male, landowning, Christian billionaires count as People and the rest of us count as 3/5ths of a chicken.

          So, as should have been completely foreseeable, the Consortium fixed all the silly laws in place which restricted their profits, forbid slavery, allowed voting, protected workers, etc. We are, of course, all better off for it.

          And, yes, the profits have not yet trickled down, but as every child learns in their mandated Amazon Classroom Education™ (ACE), the trickle will turn to a flood and we will all be soaked to the bone in the warm yellow flood once Lord Bezos has finally made enough money.

          Deputy Minister DeVos, the high chieftainess of ACE, has done a wonderful job removing all that unnecessary fluff from education, focusing instead on teaching children how to spend their parents’ money, how to make minimum debt payments and, of course, undying fealty to the republic and the Consortium for which it stands.

          Her story of rich-to-richer is commemorated with an entire month by students each year wherein one student is chosen at random to be the “Betsy” and all the other students give her everything they own. Then, collectively, they spend the month learning why that one child actually deserved everything including billions of dollars in yachts) while the others have to skip lunch due to their student lunch debts.

          Students really are much happier when they understand their place in the world.

          And it is a wonderful world.

          All hail Lord Bezos.

          ::crystal ball clouds over::

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Not a bad effort. Ought to get behind the Trumpster the ONLY chance you have to thwart the damned thing by doing a TR on teh Gazillionaires. Admittedly an “outside” chance.

            When my eldest dropped the bomb that he thought his former idol Bernie was a faux paper tiger from day one and in teh pay of the combines, I realized that there might just be some hope left.

            You may not like teh son of a bitch, may even hate him but he is the only prayer any of us have. And…..he may be a total fraud….but he is all that is out there.

          • 3/5 of a chicken? I quit. Can’t even finish. 🙂

          • The same crystal ball that has been fired several times into the briny deep?

            All you say is ok PROVIDED…I still get to have my Raptor Army.

            • Mathius says:

              Yes… I’m afraid it may have gotten a bit damaged.

              All you say is ok PROVIDED…I still get to have my Raptor Army.

              Unfortunately, no.

              After your failed insurrection attempt, High Consul Zuckerberg had you executed on the steps of the Ford Lincoln Memorial™.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    More proof that politicians are just grasping at straws. For now they fear doing nothing more than doing stupid stuff. Maybe that will change some day.

    Garcetti continues (Mayor of L.A.)

    “We can get through this. We can make these small sacrifices. We can clean wear a mask. We can clean our hands. We can keep six feet between us. And in doing so we can accelerate the day forward in which we are back at school and our economy is roaring back and we are rebuilding our prosperity and enjoying our city.”

    Complete logic disconnect. We had the virus or rate of infection subdued. To the point that this Mayor and the Gov. of Calif. decided to start re-opening. It took less than two months to be back to freaking out. So now they want to close it down so we “can accelerate the day forward in which we are back at school and our economy is roaring back and we are rebuilding our prosperity and enjoying our city.”

    Not one politician or MSM pundit has yet to acknowledge that this rhetoric really means is they are going to put us on a continual cycle of open/close…….open/close…………. on and on we go.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Clinics reporting 100% positive test results in Florida. Maybe skewed the numbers a bit?? Infection rates from testing are often below 25%.


  43. Just A Citizen says:

    I am frustrated with the lack of useful information coming out of local/state and regional Covid reporting. Apparently the “right to privacy” under HIPPA TRUMPS my ability or need for good information.

    The Health District conduct contact tracing but cannot share the information. So what the hell good is it??????? So the store owner knows someone who is infected may have visited his/her store……….. two weeks ago. The District doesn’t have the people needed to chase down every contact of each person testing positive.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    We are indeed SCREWED. Evidence we are probably to late to save the Republic. That indoctrination is deep rooted.


    This is where I get to remind everyone that about the same number of Americans favored invading Iraq…………. until Bush II actually did it.

  45. Just A Citizen says:


    Ready to admit Mr. Trump was right and you were wrong………..along with all the Dem hacks that attacked him.


    • Mathius says:

      Ready to admit Mr. Trump was right and you were wrong

      Hey, I have an idea! Let’s follow the links!

      SUFA –> American Thinker –> Preprints.org

      … Preprints? .. where have I heard that term before…. Hmmm….. gimme a sec… I’ll get there….

      AH! Yes! I remember: “A preprint is a piece of research that has not yet been peer reviewed and published in a journal. In most cases, they can be considered final drafts or working papers.” – From the homepage of Preprints.org

      Ok, so we’re not working with a peer reviewed published study, but somone’s unscrutinized final draft. Good thing AT hedged and was clear about the tenuousness of this claim rather than saying something really stupid and unsupportable like “Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin (HCQ + AZ), with optional Zinc, given upon early symptoms, is a cure for COVID-19.”

      If a large fraction (30%–70%) of COVID-19 patients receive HCQ-based treatment early and isolate themselves for 5–7 days (until the viral loads drops to a reasonably safe level), the virus reproduction rate R drops below 1.

      Hmm… I can’t be certain, but I’d be willing to bet that, HCQ or not, if a large fraction of COVID patients isolates for 5-7 after contracting the virus, they’ll also spread it less.

      Ok, but, fine… 30-70% of patients… ok…..

      208 of the 335 patients did not meet the risk stratification criteria and were not treated.

      Now, “risk stratification” just means “they weren’t healthy enough to risk trying this on, so we’re going to take them out of the pile.” You know, because HCQ is well documented to cause heart problems including arrhythmias.. one of the reasons why doctors were so quick to push back on Trump’s claims of “why not try it”.. because the “why not” might be a heart attack… anyway………..

      208 of the 335 patients did not meet the risk stratification criteria and were not treated.

      Hey.. hold on just one cotton-picking minute! 335 patients minus 208 is 127.. how did we get to 141 treated patients? Hmm… [read read read] ok, here it is on page 32, not that it gives a good explanation.

      335 patients.
      208 removed for not meeting health standards
      127 given HCQ+AZ
      Then, weirdly, 23 more were dropped for failing to meet health standards… what’s that about..?
      Leaves 104
      Plus 37 late additions (?)
      Makes 141.

      208 of the 335 patients did not meet the risk stratification criteria and were not treated.

      Ok… so, actually 231 of 372 didn’t meet the standards.

      Well, then.. hmm… looks like we’re not going to hit the upper bound of that 30-70% goal… But, hey, maybe it’s safe for…[does some math]… 38% of patients.

      Ok, so as long as [math math math] ~80% of medically eligible covid patients take this and isolate for 5-7 days, we should be good, right?

      Ok, you know what… that’s fine… we could do that…

      4 of 141 treated patients (2.8%) were hospitalized

      Which looks bad… until…

      4 of 141 treated patients (2.8%) were hospitalized

      Wait a second, did I say “bad”? I meant really, really good. Like conspicuously good..

      which was significantly less (p<0.001) compared with 58 of 377 untreated patients (15.4%) (odds ratio 0.16, 95% CI 0.06-0.5). Therefore, the odds of hospitalization of treated patients were 84% less than in the untreated group.</b.

      Which looks even better! Ok, great!! I’m sure there’s no hidden variable here that might-

      Hey…. I have a quick question… do you suppose the fact that 62% of the population was ruled out of participating in this study because they weren’t healthy enough might have had some kind of impact, skewing the fact that they fared better? That is, if you’re only testing healthier people in the test group and just anyone in the control group, it would stand to reason that, ceterus paribus, the test group would do better, no?

      I mean, I’d be happy to look into this question, but oh wait, they didn’t provide demographic information on the control or the excluded participants… soo…. ::shrug::


      yea, yea, yea… ok, let’s SAY this one non-peer reviewed study with, shall we say, questionable sample bias, is right. It’s TRUE! HCQ+AZ is a magical panacea and it “cures” the virus.

      Ok, fine.. it helps treat people suffering from the virus while they get better and, if they do this in conjunction with isolating for 5-7 days, then it reduces the basic reproduction number to <1, which means that, over time, the disease dies out!


      Ok, great!

      What's even better is that Trump was RIGHT! HUZZAH, AGAIN!

      Except… hmm… something's bothering me….

      Let's go to the tape:

      There’s a difference between you or I – or, really, any private citizen – saying “I think this works.”

      Trump is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and when he speaks, millions – for better or worse – listen. If he says “I think this works,” them millions of people are going to demand to use it. Right or wrong, that has YUGE consequences.

      If it doesn’t work, it’s going to eat the supply needed by actual malarial sufferers and others who need it (I believe it [also] helps Lupis?).

      If there’s an interaction with other Covid drugs, it could be harmful.

      If it works, well, that’s great, but as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, he shouldn’t be speculating. He should have to abide by SCIENCE. Actual SCIENCE. If the CDC hasn’t said “use this,” then he shouldn’t be saying it.

      -Mathius, April 7

      So, you’ll note that, while I remain highly skeptical of this one non-peer reviewed, non-published study which a potentially biased test group… that is not and has never been my objection in all of this.

      If Trump is right – that’s GREAT – I’m thrilled that there’s some sort of magic bullet to kill covid. That’s absolutely fucking wonderful. I can’t wait to send my kids back to school in the fall.

      But Trump couldn’t possibly have known that back in March and April. This study wasn’t published on pre-prints until June 30th. And I think we’re all grown up enough to admit that there’s no way Donald J. Trump is reading pre-pre-publication medical studies in his spare time.

      Ready to admit Mr. Trump was right and you were wrong

      So the objection isn’t to HCQ+AZ as a treatment – or Residmivirsdfsadnfsdn or anything else. It’s to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES spouting off about medical science he can’t possibly know, that hasn’t been proven, and could still be potentially very dangerous.

      The problem ISN’T “he’s wrong.” He might be. I don’t know. You don’t either. And that’s ok. The problem is that he’s just pulling things out of his ass and presenting them to the world as the gospel truth, selling them like a snake oil salesman, and he shouldn’t be doing that.

      If I make something up, tell you that the answer is X, and I just so happen to be right – that doesn’t make me a genius – that makes me a bullshitter who just so happened to be right. And THAT’S the problem.

      Ready to admit Mr. Trump was right and you were wrong

      So, in conclusion: No.

      • More BS. Trump was referring to the reports from France and China which were available when he made the statement. Once he made the statement is when all the negative studies got pulled out the TDS asses. The shyte about complications is a smoke screen. This drug has been used for over 50 years. It if caused significant contrary reactions, it would be pulled from the market. I posted a video of a NY doctor that treated 2200 patients with this cocktail and only lost 2. He clearly stated the drug regime needed to be started in the first 5 days of symptoms. Once severe enough to be hospitalized, it was not as effective. Once again, you take the BS pushed by the MSM hook line and sinker. Take the TDS blinder off and use your eyes and ears.

        • Mathius says:

          I just reviewed the paper as best I could.

          I don’t know what you want from me. I have no horse in this race, I’ll be perfectly happy if it turns out to be the medical marvel you think it is.

          But AT posted a link to this one non-peer reviewed, unpublished study with shocking claim that COVID has been cured, so all I did was go and take a look. Did I get something wrong in my review?

          If there are no issues with the drug, why did 68% of the field get disqualified, including several after starting the regimen? I don’t know. And you don’t either, because it doesn’t tell us.

          Maybe it’s a great cure. And that’s great. And I’m thrilled, I really, honestly am.

          But my objection is, was, and will remain that Trump is spouting off unsupported bullshit and claiming to know better than the experts – and even if he’s right from time to time, that’s still the wrong way to act.

          I don’t know what science was coming out of France and China at the time. But you bet your ass that the people at the CDC working on this were acutely aware. That they read those papers, picked up the phone, called the researchers, got answers, and then put it together with everything else they knew. If THEY couldn’t reach the conclusion that this drug cocktail was the right thing to do, then who the fuck is zero-medical-qualifications-Trump to use his position to advocate in opposition to this? He’s not a civilian. He’s the PRESIDENT. And he should act like it.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Per you Trump is an imbecile. Yet somehow he had information on the drug early on. And as TRay pointed out. This information was being circulated and some Docs in the US had used it with success. Yet the minute Mr. Trump mentioned it ya’ll had a cow.

            For the record I do not think it a panacea or miracle. But the cocktail makes sense given the symptoms. I expect there will be a range of treatments eventually depending on each patient’s condition.

            Today an AD popped up on my computer. The “Rock” soliciting blood donations for “Plasma Treatments”.

            Oh, one other thing. The virus’ infection status is 10 days, not 5 to 7, without this cocktail. So there is some validity in your criticism on that count. But the issue is not that but that the patient recovered within that period, no allowing greater viral propagation and thus infectious threat and for a long period of time.

            • Mathius says:

              Yet somehow he had information on the drug early on

              It wasn’t exactly a secret.

              The question wasn’t whether there was this drug, but whether (A) it worked and how to use it and whether (B) it had potentially worse side effects.

              These were both – to one degree or another – up in the are at the time… and they still very much are.

              Yet, while the CDC was not recommending the drugs, he was up there hocking them like a snake oil salesman.

              You don’t see this is a problem?

              He’s not a doctor. He’s not a scientist. The fact that his uncle taught at MIT doesn’t mean that he somehow inherited all that knowledge and intelligence. Trump’s just a guy. And the CDC says “we don’t know if X is good” and he went out on TV and publicly and repeatedly used the power of his office to declare that it was, in fact, good.

              That’s a problem.

              I don’t know how to make you understand that that’s a problem.

              Yet the minute Mr. Trump mentioned it ya’ll had a cow.

              I don’t know about “y’all,” but MY cow was at him not having any medical expertise and contradicting the CDC.. you know, the same thing I’m annoyed with him for for refusing to wear a mask until just now.

              When in the midst of a pandemic, don’t undermine the experts at the CDC.

              For the record I do not think it a panacea or miracle. But the cocktail makes sense given the symptoms. I expect there will be a range of treatments eventually depending on each patient’s condition.


              It’s looking promising that it may have a role to play – particularly in people without heart conditions.

              The “Rock” soliciting blood donations for “Plasma Treatments”.

              There’s some science that post-infection blood carries antibodies which can help. It’s certainly well established in other diseases. So it just another plausible path. I’m not sure where, exactly, the science on this stands.

              The CDC is recommending the effort: https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/donate-covid-19-plasma, so there’s that.

              Oh, one other thing. The virus’ infection status is 10 days, not 5 to 7, without this cocktail.


              If it shortens the shedding period, that’s GREAT.

              So there is some validity in your criticism on that count.


              But the issue is not that but that the patient recovered within that period, no allowing greater viral propagation and thus infectious threat and for a long period of time.

              I’m not following.. can you try that again?

              • Just A Citizen says:

                The period required to NOT be considered as contagious is 10 days from your first symptoms PLUS 3 days after your last symptom. Thus it can be anywhere from 7 to 30 days.

                The longer the recovery the more the virus reproduces. The more virus in your lungs the more contagious you are.

                Many patients start out mild but then get worse as the virus multiplies. The cocktail treatment described reduces the recovery period. Which reduces the chance for the virus to multiply, thus reducing the contagiousness of the patient. In volume and time frame.

                This is a summary of what is known at this point. Thus the cocktail could reduce infection rates by reducing the severity of infection among patients and getting faster recovery. Less time before considered not contagious.

                The caveat you described is that the virus declines in patients that have mild symptoms anyway. These would be people with small doses and which don’t get sicker. In short, the very mild cases. The Hydroxy treatment’s success has been in these and in the moderate symptom group. The Doctor’s who have reported on this cocktail believe they shortened the patients recovery, as in prevented them from moving from light/moderate to severe. The more severe cases, even those not in hospitals, take weeks to recover to the point they are not infectious.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                I believe teh European reports on Hydroxy which were announced a week before the President even mentioned it. The Mayo clinic has come down on the European side. The European schools are opening with minimal distancing as are Asian schools (see teh ew German study). Facts are kids are unlikely to catch it or to transmit it.

                The very people who constantly criticize Americans for beings o provincial in their attitudes and beliefs are now leading the charge to ignore the European experience.

          • If you didn’t know about the foreign work (I did) that came out before Trump made his statements, then you are more uninformed than he was which is exactly what you are accusing him of. The complaint from Fauci was the studies were not double blind and fully peer reviewed. He called it anecdotal information. In the middle of a crisis anecdotal data is data. The MSM jumped on this as I assume the TDS doctors at CDC did as well to over react and say the Orange Man bad. Exactly what you are parroting.

            If you listen to doctors that actually treat patients, the cocktail works. But you know better and Trump is bad for offering hope. If one of your daughters got cancer, would you tell her, “Sorry dear but you will not get better.” How depressing.

            • Mathius says:

              He called it anecdotal information. In the middle of a crisis anecdotal data is data.

              You know who would be really good at evaluating the relative merits and quality of various studies on an ongoing pandemic? Fauci.

              You know who ISN’T qualified to make that kind of call? Trump.

              Also, you. Also, me.

              The CDC knows what the hell it’s doing. They aren’t in the tank for Biden. They want this disease stopped just as badly as you do. They looked at this evidence and went “nope… warrants further study, but we don’t recommend this at this time.”

              That doesn’t make it TRUE.

              Appeal to authority doesn’t make it RIGHT that the best authorities we have said X, so X is true. That’s not how it works.

              But Trump is incapable of rendering a remotely comparably well qualified opinion.

              But you know better

              I’m not sure why you aren’t getting this: I DON’T know better.

              That’s the whole goddammed point.

              I don’t know better than the CDC and neither does Trump, so he shouldn’t be sticking his nose into the middle of it and contradicting what they’re saying.

              Trump is bad for offering hope.

              Trump is bad for LYING.


              Trump is bad for offering hope.

              FALSE hope.

              I loath false hope.

              When I got my cancer diagnosis, I wouldn’t let my wife come because I wanted the docs to be candid with me. Brutally honest, and I knew they couldn’t do that with my wife sobbing in the room. I made them give it to me like they’d give it to colleague – just he’s what we know, here’s what we think, here’s what we’re doing, here’s what might happen, etc.

              How the holy hell could I possibly have made informed decisions if my doctor was blowing smoke up my ass about unproven cures and the tumor just going away like magic one day? If I thought the tumor was going to just vanish, why would I have agreed to surgery? And then I would be dead.

              Trump wasn’t offering “hope.” He was offering bullshit disguised as a cure.

              If one of your daughters got cancer, would you tell her, “Sorry dear but you will not get better.” How depressing.

              I sure as hell would want to know (see above). If my days were numbered, I would sure as hell want to get working on my bucket list. There were a few weeks in there where I knew I had cancer, but didn’t know if it was one-and-done or chemo or you’re a gonner. I hated not knowing, I hated imagining difference scenarios. Hated imagining myself wasting away losing weight. The truth would have enabled me to have made a decision – “at this point, I’m eating a bullet.” False hope would have denied me that.

              For my kids… they’re too young to think like this. Too young to shoulder that kind of weight. There’s always hope. A cure might be around the corner and we’ll fight until we get there. You don’t have to say “you’re fucked” and leave it at that. But you don’t lie and say “yes, eat this gummy worm and your hair will grow back” either.

              “Sorry dear but you will not get better.” How depressing.

              Depressing or not, the truth is what it is.

              You may need to lie to children from time to time for their own benefit. They’re just kids.

              We’re adults. The President shouldn’t be bullshitting because the alternative is depressing. Guess what? Sometimes life is depressing. Things don’t get better by pretending otherwise.

  46. Just A Citizen says:
  47. I have a question that maybe Mathius can provide some input.

    If Democrat policies are so good that the black communities that have an overwhelming Democrat vote, how come these black communities are cesspools of violence and poor people? How come when we hear about “systemic racism” it always comes from an event in blue country?

    • Mathius says:

      Well, I suppose, we need to start with the fact that black communities are generally poorer and therefore denser.

      You might suggest, why don’t they move somewhere where cost of living is lower and we could have a conversation about why they might not be inclined to move out to the country. But the fact is, that they DO live in dense, poorer, urban environments.

      Now there’s a lot of socioeconomics around here, but the very very short version is that Blue team isn’t really all that good for them. The reason Blue Team has captured the black demographic is because Red Team is actively and openly hostile to their interests. (or, at the very least, that’s the perception).

      I am reminded, about a month back, when Trump had an interview with a black Fox host and compared himself to Lincoln, while arguing that many of the BLM protesters had no idea what they were mad about, and only very tepidly acknowledging (after a fair amount of coaxing) that there were bad actors and good actors in the protests.

      I’m sure the black community (like myself) would abandon the Blue Team in a heartbeat… if we had anywhere else we could go. But right now, anything that’s not a strong showing for Blue means an automatic win for Red… so what do you expect them to do?

      THAT SAID, you have a poverty trap which we’ve spoken about many times. We have a school-to-prison pipeline, aggressive over-policing within the communities. You have the absolute fact that, for the same crime, a black man is more likely to be charged, more likely to be convicted, and more likely to be given a longer sentence… and then any children of that man has are now fatherless and, consequently much more likely to become criminal and round and round and round she goes. And I think even you will agree that “tough on crime” is a much more Red Team angle than Blue Team (which is not to say it’s exclusive, however).

      You have schools funded with property taxes which means that poorer communities get inferior schools which means inferior education which means less opportunity which means more poverty which means less wealth which means less tax revenue which means less funding for schools and…. round and round she goes. And I think even you will agree with me that Red Team is not the one inclined do things like raise taxes or redistribute that revenue into their communities.

      The reason Blue wins in this demographic is because they (ostensibly) are “trying” and doing something. They want to decriminalize things that shouldn’t be criminal. They want to break the for-profit prison racket. They want to increase spending on education. They want to have stronger social safety nets. I mean, ostensibly, right… that’s what they say anyway. Some small portion of that, they even really do try to do. As long as it doesn’t alienate the moderates, that is. (Because, and I can’t emphasize this enough, but Blue Team politicians are cowards).

      Whereas Red Team basically says “fuck you, you’re on your own, go lift yourselves up by your bootstraps, crybabies.” While arresting everyone who smokes a joint and pretending that complaints about cops committing murder are just riots. It’s not hard to see which message wins.

      How come when we hear about “systemic racism” it always comes from an event in blue country?

      I think you’ve got it backward is why.

      You’re saying: why does systemic racism come from Blue Country. That is, being in a Blue area leads to racism.

      I’m saying: Systemic Racism has to do with black people and where black people live. And they vote blue to try to make it better.

      In other words, say it with me: correlation is not causation!

      • If this is what you believe, then your education is sorely lacking and you have wasted the last ten years on the this site. You need to read some Thomas Sowell, listen to Candice Owns, Larry Elder, Dave Rubin and yes Rush Limbaugh. Much of what you wrote are out right lies and distortions. In this case correlation is causation because the Ds only promise but never solve any problems. When they do provide “solutions” the problem gets worse. You need to open your eyes, get some real education, and stop supporting the party of national destruction.

  48. We MUST do better. Here is why every NFL team name is very problematic:

    Arizona Cardinals – Too religious.

    Atlanta Falcons – Celebrates one of the cheapest Smash Bros. characters, who is a smug little punk only jerks choose.

    Baltimore Ravens – Named after the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven without the POC protagonist’s permission.

    Buffalo Bills – Bills are an evil byproduct of capitalism.

    Carolina Panthers – The panther was appropriated wholesale from Wakandan culture.

    Chicago Bears – Murderous bears should never be celebrated.

    Cincinnati Bengals – It just sounds racist. We’re looking into it.

    Cleveland Browns – Brown what? Are you talking about skin color again? Sounds like white fragility.

    Dallas Cowboys – A mutant half boy, half cow is tragic and shouldn’t be used as a mascot.

    Denver Broncos – Horses have been subjugated and enslaved for millennia.

    Detroit Lions – Lions are not vegans.

    Green Bay Packers – Glorifies butcherous meat packers. Meat causes global warming. Gross.

    Houston Texans – Celebrates the most racist state in the Union.

    Indianapolis Colts – This name glorifies guns.

    Jacksonville Jaguars – Jaguars are driven by evil rich billionaires as they run over poor people.

    Kansas City Chiefs – We suggest switching to Kansas City Wise Indigenous Tribal Elders.

    Las Vegas Raiders – Celebrates The Raiders of the Lost Ark, which featured prominent Nazi imagery.

    Los Angeles Chargers – We don’t think anyone who has faced down a line of charging riot police would find this name the least bit funny.

    Los Angeles Rams – Dodge Rams contribute heavily to the climate crisis.

    Miami Dolphins – Painful reminder that Sea World still exists.

    Minnesota Vikings – Associated with patriarchy-dominated Norse mythology.

    New England Patriots – REEEEEEEEEEEE

    New Orleans Saints – Goes against the constitutional principle of separation of church and sports.

    New York Giants – They prefer the term “persons of height.”

    New York Jets – The burning of jet fuel contributes to global warming.

    Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles are a well-known Nazi symbol.

    Pittsburgh Steelers – Steel contributes to global warming.

    San Francisco 49ers- The gold miner mascot hearkens back to manifest destiny and the destruction of Mother Earth

    Seattle Seahawks – Birds are unable to give consent to have their name used as mascots.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This one’s actually OK because they were probably just stealing bread to feed their families.

    Tennessee Titans – Reinforces the harmful idea of power structures and male-dominated hierarchies.

    Washington Redskins – Nothing wrong with this one as far as we can tell.

    We hope this informative list is a wake-up call to the NFL. If we continue to work on ourselves, we can help the NFL become more inclusive! Within 20 years, we may get them to put down the ball and kick it around as the ancient Aztecs intended us to.

  49. I have a challenge for SUFA……each and everyone of you has a primary care physician.

    Talk to your doctor and ask…..”Is there pressure upon you to report something as Covid even if you have not tested. ( I ask this question because my doctor told me directly that if anyone had a respiratory illness and was not tested for Covid…to report it as Covid anyway).

    Then ask, if Joe Tentpeg tested positive for Covid and was under treatment and had continuous testing until he was negative, I think you will be surprised that each test that was positive on the same person was reported as positive Covid test. Therefore, the numbers are seriously skewed.

    • Mathius says:
      • Just A Citizen says:
        • Mathius says:

          Fauci’s Lockdowns

          Interesting…. they’re HIS lockdowns now…..

          I saw a number of things floating around last week about supposed attempts by Trump et all to smear Fauci… I didn’t really credit them… but then…. “Fauci’s Lockdowns”… how interesting..

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It was Fauci who made the recommendation. Although I don’t think he was alone. But there is a growing group of people who seem to be targeting him for criticism. And some of these are his fellow infectious disease experts.

            What happened this weekend was someone in the Whitehouse forwarded another site’s ridicule of Fauci. The media, especially Costa of CNN, tried to make it out that Trump was after him. Mr. Trump immediately went public with “We get along great and I have a good relationship with Mr. Fauci”. So there you have it. I do suspect Mr. Trump is frustrated by the doctors public commentary at times. He is a specialist and deals with only ONE aspect of this problem He doesn’t have to find balance with the economy or any other gov.t issue.

            An analogy is like asking a lawyer what you have to do to protect yourself. You will get an ungodly long and expensive list of actions to take. If you say protect myself in an affordable way you will get a different answer.

  50. In a typical year, gun sales in Texas tend to slow down during the hot summer months. But this year, the Lone Star State set a record high for the number of firearm background checks conducted in the month of June.

    Businesses that regularly sell firearms are required to process background checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

    According to data published by the FBI, there were a total of 227,232 NICS checks conducted in Texas throughout June, about 27 percent higher than the checks conducted last month.

    That total is the fourth highest record for the state, just behind March’s high of 274,211 and approximately 240,000 checks conducted in the Decembers of 2012 and 2014.

    In Texas, March 2020 saw a notable 94 percent increase in checks from March 2019, but June 2020 saw a 123 percent increase from June 2019.

    Nationally, NICS checks have followed a similar trend. March 2020 was up by 41 percent over the same month last year, while June was up by 70 percent.

    Several factors could have played a role in the dramatic increase in gun sales this year.

    Texas gun store owners saw a surge in demand for firearms and ammunition during the second weekend in March when local governments began to mandate lockdowns and oil prices were plummeting.

    Many Texans may have purchased a gun for self-defense in the wake of the national chaos that erupted after the killing of George Floyd, since many violent, Marxist groups like Antifa have taken advantage of the tense political climate.

    Regardless of gun-buyers’ motivations, the state is on track to surpass the record number of checks conducted in 2016.

    Some local gun shops have told us they have been busy, non-stop with sales, which they say is because of the coronavirus and protests.

    A few even say they have had trouble keeping guns on the shelves.

    Check out these stats, compared to this time last year in Texas.

    Jan: 7 percent more checks
    Feb: 5 percent more checks
    Mar: 94 percent more checks
    April: 86 percent more checks
    May: 66 percent more checks

    Wonder what this means? heh heh

  51. For you science believers……..you know whom you are…………….just watched an interesting FIGHT on the news among doctors about the spread of Covid 19 and school children.

    The Science shows that Covid 19 is not spread among children so there is no reason to shut schools down.

    The Science shows that even parents do not get Covid 19 from school aged children.

    The Science show that the regular flu season infects and kills more school age children than Covid 19 and we do not shut the schools down for influenza.

    Science is data based and the data does not support closing of schools and isolating children as a result of Covid 19.

    According to the “experts” on this subject, the data has been comprised from 27 other countries that did not close their schools and are not going to close their schools. They found that the regular influenza is far more devastating than Covid 19 and the data is out there to prove it. The data also said that unmasked school children and no social distancing in classrooms did not perpetuate the spread of Covid 19 among school children. The data also showed that teachers did not contract the disease from school children they were teaching. They claim that the data does not support the fears.
    On the reverse side, the CDC doctors were claiming otherwise. That the data did not match their data, to which the question was asked, why did you not include the data from 27 other countries into your data base considering the fact that you closed your schools.Why is the United States the only country closing their schools.

    Either you believe the science or you do not.

    So what say you…you science believers, if the data world wide does not support shutting schools down, as claimed, then why are we arguing?

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