Operation Legend Is Upon Us


  1. I won’t be long before the bullets are flying.

  2. Your cartoon misses the helmet, goggles, gas mask, body armor, shield, PVC lance, back pack w/change of clothes, frozen water bottles, smoke bombs, M80s phone number for NLG,….

    The raid at Benghazi had less planning than these “peaceful protests.”

    • Mathius….over here! Protesters my foot! Its obvious that the cops weren’t out looking for people to beat. Do you see much protection on them?

      • Mathius says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever argued that there aren’t riots…?

        There are INNOCENT honest to god 1st Amendment protestors, and there are bad actor opportunists, and there are straight up rioters. It’s almost like the situation is complicated and more than just one thing.

        What’s your point here?

        • The point is please stop defending what you call peaceful protests. This is organized chaos and you know it. The few you say are peaceful are props. and are no better than the violent rioters. Everyone knew the feds were coming. Only idiots are out there and the mayors of these cities who allow it to continue are part of the problem.

          • The point is please stop defending what you call peaceful protests.

            The point here is please stop pretending that I’m defending the rioters.

            I’m defending the peaceful protestors.

            Then only.

            I believe I’ve been crystal clear that, for rioters, this falls under the header of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

            The few you say are peaceful are props. and are no better than the violent rioters.


            You cannot possibly support this assertion.

            Everyone knew the feds were coming. Only idiots are out there and the mayors of these cities who allow it to continue are part of the problem.

            So what?

            What RIGHT did the feds have to hurt anyone.

            I heard over and over again yesterday some fantasy line about how the feds are only protecting federal property, but now they can gas the mayor of the city and it’s the mayor’s fault?

            • Its right in the video!!! WTF???? The peaceful ones protect the rioters. They’re all in it together.

              • They were warned, including the mayor. Tough shit!

              • Why protest the Federal Courthouse when it’s the local cops that have been the problem? They are not there to protest, they are there to destroy. ALL of them.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Catching up……thanks for sharing this Anita. Won’t see this on the nightly news will we? The TTPs are clearer and clearer with these criminals – staging, planning, leveraging the “peaceful protestors” – looks more like terrorism than anything else to me.

    • Mathius says:

      You know what else isn’t protected by the Constitution? Cops beating the shit out of protestors or tear-gassing them when they pose no threat.

      “Do what I say or we’ll beat you with this baton, break your hand, and then spray tear gas directly into your face” is not American.

      [opens history text book]

      Oh… ok… . ummm.. well, it turns out that this is actually VERY American… but it SHOULDN’T be.

      • One would think we were seeing different videos. I am actually amazed at the restraint shown by these officers.

        • I am actually amazed at the restraint shown by these officers.

          In some cases, I am, too. When there’s a riot-riot, I’m shocked that they don’t just mow down the entire crowd. (Maybe the captains have the foresight to confiscate their live ammo ahead of time..?) If I’m concerned for my safety, it’s hard to imagine taking such care to not use excessive force.

          And I don’t think I give them nearly – not nearly – enough credit when they do this.

          That is HARD. And they deserve a medal for it.

          And whoever trained them deserves a medal for it.

          I think, sometimes, I fall into the same trap my boss falls into… when you set the bar at “perfect,” then you only ever notice or comment on anything that’s less than perfect.

          I expect police to behave like that 100% of the time in 100% of situations. And so, I don’t say “good job” when they meet my expectations. And I should. They did a very good job. And they should be proud. And the people of their city should be proud and thankful.

          I think my comparative silence on the “good cops” can easily be misconstrued as the impression that I think “all cops” are “bad cops,” and I emphatically do not.


          I’m not talking about those officers, however.

          There are more than enough videos circulating showing police brutality and unnecessary force. The most recent example that really stands out is the 50-something year old Navy vet who tried to talk to officers the other day. They (undoubtedly) told him to go away and he didn’t.

          But, in no way was he threatening or violent. So, the correct response to this is to arrest him (if they have the power to order him to move) or do nothing (if they do not have this power).

          Instead, one guy just starts wailing on him with a baton, breaks his hand, and then another officer gasses him the face point blank.. twice.

          See the problem here?

          This was from 1998, but I think it perfectly captures the mindset of SOME of these cops.

          And THEY are the ones I’m talking about.

  3. Mathius says:

    In other news, the mayor of Portland was tear gassed by federal agents.

    I’m sure he was a rioter in his own city, destroying federal property, right?

    • Fuck him. He’s part of the damn problem.

      • Mathius says:

        I know this is complicated, so please try to follow this:

        A person can be a problem, a bad actor, a criminal, a rioter, a looter, or outright evil… but if they are not being violent, you do not get to use force on them.

        • If the idiot is in a group of people that are rioting, even if he is not, he is part of the problem. Tear gas don’t discriminate, it affects everyone. And, fuck him, he is part of the problem.

        • Then why do cops have immunity?

          • They have LIMITED immunity.

            I think it would be difficult to do the job if you were personally liable for every accusation leveled against you during the course of a job which necessarily involves occassional physical altercations. Even if they won, they’d have to defend themselves in court and that would be ruinous. SOME immunity seems necessary to me.

            But they shouldn’t have carte blanche.

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              You may notice that the Police in Minneapolis DO NOT have immunity nor did the four who interacted with Rodney King.

        • The protesters are obviously providing cover for the rioters. It is called aiding and abetting the criminal and makes the protester just as guilty.

          • The protesters are obviously providing cover for the rioters.

            …….. orrrrrrrrrr …………

            Or, the rioters and the protestors generally agree, but disagree on how to go about things?

            It’s almost like people are complicated and have complicated motivations and can reach different conclusions…?

            Or is Portland a hive-mind collective?

            It is called aiding and abetting the criminal and makes the protester just as guilty.

            If you think the government is bad and go to a rally against it, but, while there, some faction starts throwing molotovs, that hardly makes YOU just as guilty.

            What kind of broad brush painting is this?

            • On day one or two I might think that but not on day 58.

              • So, for an ongoing issue they’ve been trying to address for… decades… they hit their boiling-over point, and you think they should just…………….. give up after two days?

                Would you?

                If Obama came for your guns, would you protest for two days, then shrug and hand them over? Welp! I gave it my best shot!

                Who are YOU to decide for THEM when enough is enough?

                Whether you agree or not, it’s hard to deny that they believe that there is a huge problem here and that cops are murdering black people with impunity… that on top of undeniable statists showing that black people get convicted more, get sentenced harsher, get offered fewer jobs.. etc.

                But, oh, we named a street after your movement and gave you a few trinkets, and it’s been more than two days, so you should shut up now and quietly go back to the way things were before.

                What do you mean you wanted real, structural, concrete change that actually fixes some of the issues? Fuck off! You had your two days. Now get back in your ghetto before we send in black-clad anonymous federal officers to shoot you with rubber bullets for being uppity.

              • Actually, Mathius, I would not keep voting for the same party decade after decade.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Having lived there I can tell you that yes, they are:

              “Or is Portland a hive-mind collective?”

        • Mathius, you continue to supply excuses for these people which makes you part of the problem as well. It is just 2 days short of 2 months since GF died. This is no longer about GF or black lives. This is about the election and intimidation of voters. These are your parties storm troopers.

          • Mathius, you continue to supply excuses for these people which makes you part of the problem as well.

            Got it… soo…. just to be clear…..

            Cops killing people with impunity: not the problem.

            Perceptions of structural racism: not the problem.

            Protests against those things: THAT’S a problem.

            Riots against those things: a problem (I agree!).

            Excessive violence against peaceful protestors: not a problem.

            Excessive violence against rioters: not a problem. (meh)

            Feds operating without city/state permission: not a problem.

            Feds tear-gassing the mayor of the city: not a problem.

            Mathius disagreeing with you on any of this: HUGE problem.

            It is just 2 days short of 2 months since GF died. This is no longer about GF or black lives.

            Well, that’s nice of you to make that decision for them.

            Is there anyone else who you’d like to explain their own internal motivations to?

            Perhaps you’d like to explain to me why I do the things I do?

            It is just 2 days short of 2 months since GF died. This is no longer about GF or black lives.

            Because, I suppose, it’s impossible to believe that the people are still pissed off and scared and aren’t willing to be bought off with superficial trinkets rather than the real change they were angling for at the very beginning?

            Something like…. “The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equality and real justice.” – Malcom X

            You think they were after some re-named streets and changes to what voice-actors are on TV? you think they saw a cop murder a black man in custody and should be satisfied that a bunch of people changed their facebook pictures? Or, I guess, it’s been 2 months and 2 days, and since that’s far beyond YOUR attention span for the murder of a black man in custody, then they have to all move on, too. And, since they aren’t doing what YOU think they should, they must have some nefarious ulterior motive.

            This is about the election and intimidation of voters. These are your parties storm troopers.

            And there’s the nefarious ulterior motive.

            It’s amazing to me that you see unidentified federal officers tear gassing civilians and you think.. yup… those civilians are storm troopers…

            • Well, that’s some serious bullshit you’re peddling. Maybe you just can’t accept that these problems are happening in areas that have the same policies as those you agree with. The sad part, those innocent people who are subjected to this stuff are ignored in these places and you and your ilk could care less.

            • “Cops killing people with impunity” That is a total lie and you know it. We have posted the statistics multiple times here. There is no black genocide by cops. Supporting this delusion just furthers the problem. In the case of GF, the cops have been charged and rightly so. There is near universal agreement with this.

              “Perceptions of structural racism” The only structural (legal) racism I know of is called affirmative action. Most of the racial division in this country is caused and fomented by the democratic party. They continuously pit one group against another and divide the country. They run and control the major cities where the greatest disparities occur. They created the welfare system that destroyed black families and create perpetual victims. And now they are aiding and abetting the rioters who are destroying our cities. Mathius, these are your people following your philosophy. It will not get fixed until you acknowledge that you are part of the problem and change your philosophy and voting habits.

              “Protests against those things…Riots against those things” Peaceful protesting is constitutionally protected. Rioting, looting, and assault are not. Aiding and abetting rioting is not.

              “Excessive violence against peaceful protestors” When the protestors are providing cover for the rioters, they are aiding and abetting and are no different and should be treated no different than the rioters. If they disobey lawful disbursement instructions from the police, they should be treated no different than the rioter.

              “Excessive violence against rioters” What is the definition of excessive force. So far all the force used has been nonlethal. Even the billy clubbing the purported Navy vet looked like a soft club as it did not have much effect. Mace, pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets are also nonlethal. Bricks, sharpened PVC pipe, frozen water bottles, M80s are lethal devices. so who is using excessive force?

              “Feds operating without city/state permission” I expect the Feds to protect federal property. They do not require permission. I seem to recall that it was an attack on federal property that started the CW.

              “Feds tear-gassing the mayor of the city” If he is part of or aiding and abetting a riot and refuses to disperse when ordered, then so be it.

              “Mathius disagreeing with you on any of this” You can believe anything you want, as can I. I am just trying to save you from yourself.

              “Because, I suppose….” When the whole premise of this movement is based upon lies, then it is well past time for sanity to return. But it is apparent now that that will not happen until November. This is political theater. Unfortunately people are being hurt, property is being destroyed. It would stop immediately, if the leaders of the D party condemned it and the mayors of these cities would do their jobs.

              “storm troopers” Yes these black clad helmeted, goggled, vested, shielded, armed “protestors” (both BLM and Antifa) are your parties storm troopers. They are avowed and admitted Marxists. They are your parties equivalent of Hitler’s brown shirts and the descendants of the KKK. I have yet to hear anyone from the democrat leadership disavow these groups. Instead I see them kneeling to them and supporting them. That includes you because you provide excuses hence tacit approval. This makes you part of the problem.

  4. Demonstrators have converged every night for eight weeks in downtown Portland to call for systemic reforms to the police bureau Wheeler oversees. The mayor’s appearance on Day 56 attracted attention and jeers from the crowd of more than 2,000 people.

    Wheeler pledged to stand beside protesters subjected to consistent force by federal law enforcement who have made the Portland protests a national storyline.

    The mayor told people he was raising alarms across the nation to warn other cities about what could unfold in their towns.

    Wheeler and a team of city security guards spent nearly three hours at the demonstrations, including about an hour in front of the courthouse. Federal officers released gas on the crowd after some people threw things, walked inside a new perimeter fence and aimed fireworks toward the building.

    Wearing a disposable mask and plastic goggles, Wheeler stayed at the fence through multiple rounds of tear gas. Organizers of the demonstrations had encouraged Wheeler to bear witness to federal force.

    “The reason I am here tonight is to stand with you,” Wheeler told the crowd. “If they’re launching the tear gas against you, they’re launching the tear gas against me.”

    Wheeler is the city police commissioner. The Portland Police Bureau has also regularly used tear gas on protesters, although that has waned in the face of scrutiny and a wave of lawsuits against the city.

    Yet on early Thursday morning, Portland police warned people they might use tear gas to break up the crowd after declaring it a riot. Wheeler had left in a cloud of tear gas less than an hour earlier.

    The police bureau’s repeated warnings came on the same day the Portland City Council issued an immediate ban for all Portland police employees to stop cooperating with federal law enforcement.

    By 2:30 a.m., Portland police had not responded in force like they had warned. But the hours-long confrontation between demonstrators and federal officers continued to periodically flare up outside the federal courthouse. The addition of a fence surrounding kept the crowd — and the federal response — contained almost entirely to the building. Officers repeatedly emerged to set off gas or shoot non-lethal projectiles toward protesters.

    • If they don’t want Federal cops beating them done, maybe they shouldn’t attack the Federal buildings they are protecting.

  5. Welp… I think I need a breather… have fun with your echo chamber for a while.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well that was easy to see coming.

      Seems to me that Trump and Antifa have broken the country. They have managed to get people on both sides to SWITCH sides of the arguments.

      Left wanted the Feds to storm the wildlife refuge held by the Bundy crowd. Now they want the Feds to NOT PROTECT federal property against vandalism. The Right thought Bundy’s crowd justified and the Feds should leave them alone. Now they want the Vandals and rioting demonstrators thrown in jail.

      This is what happens when your don’t do some hard thinking about core principles.

      Now with that said, there does seem to be a huge disconnect by some who simply cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the relationship between the various “organized” groups behind all this chaos, like BLM and Anitifa. These and a few others have managed to enrage and mobilize the mush brained among us.

      Oh, Mathius. As for Portland, the “demonstrations” about “perceived” injustice have little to do with Portland. They emasculated their Police years ago due to some “perceived” injustices. They have one of the most “Progressive” police forces in the country. You can occupy public ground and halt public traffic and be celebrated. But for God’s sake do not get caught pulling out of a private driveway without your seatbelt already fastened.

  6. I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message


  7. Dale A Albrecht says:


    How much more is CA going to take before they rid themselves of a one party dictatorship

    • Unbelievable………New Yorker’s would die in the streets. This means that Churros could not ever qualify as a meal and Mathius and I can agree…we can make a meal out of Churros.

  8. Some stuff I find interesting:

    Earlier this week in Chicago, there was a mass shooting at a funeral. Why isn’t the Lefty gun grabbers screaming for gun control?

    Violent crime is on the rise, as predicted. Kids are getting killed more often.

    New York has the highest death rate of Covid in the WORLD. Nice job Cuomo. When will he be impeached?

    • If the shoe fits…

    • There are people trying to change the landscape. Slavery was an issue of the Democrats. It is in the history books….BUT…………….now you hear the argument of “well, that was the past, the Democrats of today are different”…..Hmmmm…..let us look at history…..OOOPS, Lincoln was a Republican…………….OOPS……Grant was a Republican. So, one Republican signed the emancipation…and one Republican led an army that helped abolish slavery.

  9. THE BRONX, NY—Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was up all night last night studying for her Covid-19 test, which she took this morning. While her results won’t be in for approximately four days, Ocasio-Cortez is confident that she’ll receive at least a B minus.

    “Literally you guys, I’ve been awake for like 30 hours right now,” she told viewers in a live stream, just before taking the test. “And look at this, I’m still hitting the books!” Ocasio-Cortez then held up a high school science book so all her fans could see how smart she is.

    While Ocasio-Cortez stayed up all night studying for the test like a good student, most of the other people at CVS said they hadn’t studied at all. Ocasio-Cortez explained that most of the people at the pharmacy seemed to be conservatives, so it’s no wonder they didn’t study. “What we’re seeing here is a complete lack of effort from conservatives, and it’s embarrassing,” she explained.

    “I’ve been up all night,” the freshman congresswoman tweeted at 5 a.m. “And I now know more about the Coronavirus than probably anyone on the planet. Did you know Covid-19 is literally the most dangerous disease of our time? Another fun fact: you don’t actually catch it from drinking Corona. I know. I tested it.”

    President Trump, after receiving news that Ocasio-Cortez had taken the test and probably done well, immediately took to Twitter: “I’ll take the test right now. NO STUDYING NECESSARY. I guarantee my score will be MUCH HIGHER than little Miss Socialist Utopia-Cortez. Pathetic!”

    • PORTLAND, OR—Riot police used tear gas on the Portland mayor and protesters last night, which is crazy because they were just trying to warm themselves by a harmless fire they started in a federal building.

      But the riot police soon encountered a problem: they weren’t able to tell if their tear gas was even effective, since the libs were already crying uncontrollably before they were hit with the tear gas.

      “Liberals are always shedding tears, so how do we even tell if it worked?” asked one confused federal agent after firing another can into the crowd. “Seems like this would be pretty redundant.”

      The liberal tears continued to flow, whether or not riot police fired gas into the crowd. Finally, the police shrugged and left the protest, since the protesters just kept crying.

      “Mission accomplished, I guess,” said one officer. “Hey, Carl, wanna go kidnap some Antifa thugs?”

  10. Guys…why do you waste time and energy arguing with Mathius? Can’t you see what he is doing? If you have read his past things very thoroughly, he is not the lefty you think he is….oh, he is left (sort of..he does make his living being a capitalist) but he likes to yank chains and make your heads explode.

    He knows, good and well, that BLM is an organized movement that uses violence and the acronym is merely a way to get people to not criticize it.

    He knows, good and well, that ANTIFA is an organized domestic terrorist group and the BLM crowd turns the other cheek.

    He knows, good and well, that there are no peaceful persons in a riot area because peaceful persons would leave immediately. Case in point, if I attend a party and all of a sudden I detect marijuana smoke….I leave. I do not want to be around drugs of any kind…and if the party gets raided, the mere fact that I stayed makes me guilty by association. Peaceful protesters can do the same.

    There is a lot of false media hype out there and Mathius knows this. There is no secret police faction out there and he knows this. Everyone sees the same videos and all have different conclusions, as do I.

    He wants to believe that there is systemic racism….but he also knows that systemic racism cannot be proven and has not. When you correct a problem and it works, then you have to create a problem that cannot be proven. But, down deep, the lad knows that racism is alive and well the world over and it will never be corrected but there is no organized drive in the US to discriminate against any race. There has been no proof…..and the use of statistics is not proof. But he knows this.

    He is real big on how people perceive things……and perception is in the eye of the beholder, like beauty. He feels that perception, that people have, is a legitimate reason for protest and violence (no, he does not like violence but perception leads to violence) is a driving factor in behavior. People can perceive anything they want. He knows this….but perception is not a license.

    By the way, THIS is my perception of Mathius.

    • If I have been too hard on Mathius, please SUFAites let me know. I am extremely frustrated with the direction of the country. We are being fed lies constantly. Real issues are not being addressed while solutions to perceived issues are being forced on us. I have lived thought the 60s and all the turmoil then. We were never this divided.

      With my wife’s illness, I had to deal with psychologists. One of things I learned early was that they deal only with perceptions and never the truth. Without confronting the truth, we can not heal ourselves.

  11. Ray Hawkins says:

    Single data point – our School District/Board (western suburbs of Philadelphia, right/red leaning) last night voted to move start of school year to virtual-only with an eye to return to a hybrid brick/mortar-cyber model at end of first marking period. Our County has seen only slight upticks in positive cases. The anti-mask ‘it’s a hoax’ brigade are already raging on social media. Still a voice are small businesses still closing their doors permanently.

    • School districts in my area have a choice. To have “virtual” learning or in class learning. Individual school choice, as it should be. Most are opting for virtual until September 20th….However, High school football will still be played on schedule. Interesting to see how this works out.

    • Our schools are offering virtual for anyone who wants it and a hybrid two day in person/ three day virtual week with deep cleaning between groups. They sent out a survey asking what parents wanted. 80% said in school, so this is what they came up with to allow some in class instruction while trying to maintain distancing. They are going to see how it goes and reevaluate in October. Thankfully things are being decided locally. Every community is different.

  12. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    History lesson.

    Peaceful and non peaceful demonstrators have commingled for all of history. The best example I can think of is when the anti-war and SDS radicals coalesced in Ohio at Kent State. Some rocket scientist brought along fireworks and set them off. Bingo a bunch of dead peaceful protesters because of non-peaceful protesters.

    Then at about the same time, a bunch of anti-war protesters and a bunch of SDS radicals commingled, decided to march with NVA flags on 39 Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan the induction center. Along the way they torched an American flag or two,. I forget the address but they managed to walk by a huge construction project full of gentlemen who had served in WW2, Korea and Viet-nam. The “hard hats” took umbrage at the demonstration. Bingo, a “hard hat” riot with peaceful protesters winding up in Beekman downtown Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. never made it to 39 Whitehall.

    Ergo, Latin adverb meaning therefore, listen to your MOM when she tells you NOT to hang out with “those” people.

  13. Sorry Colonel. I know this gives you flashbacks, its just my mood today.

  14. Why being prepared for most anything comes in handy. Went to town today, Home Depot, Walmart and then Bob Evens restaurant for brunch. AS always, I was carrying my sidearm, a Springfield subcompact 45 acp, 12 round clip, one in the pipe. I also decided to open carry today, because I can. Normally, all goes without incident, but not today. Why you ask? A goddamn liberal, a rarity around these parts decided to literally yell “What the hell are you afraid of?” That was his last words he spoke as I told him to mind his own f-ing business and quit spreading his germs all over the place (he yelled in a place where people are eating and he was not wearing a mask, as most who were eating were not as well). Then, I left.

    My mom started laughing 😀

  15. “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” George Washington

  16. Here’s what Biden said: ” I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows. They would…actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.”

    Now, you know if Trump ever said something like this, he would be drawn and quartered in the press and by Democrats of how this amounted to denigrating women and sexual harassment.

    Crickets from the media.

  17. NEW YORK (AP) — After changing its usage rules last month to capitalize the word “Black” when used in the context of race and culture, The Associated Press on Monday said it would not do the same for “white.”


    • It can not be racism. Only only white conservatives can be racist. Get with the program. Seig Heile.

  18. I’ve seen a reference to a company called ZTI. The issue is that some of the agents in cammies in Portland are rentals. Has anyone seen this or can confirm it?

    In a FB post I saw a person suggest the mayor of Portland bring in the NG to remove the federal officers. Seems to me the last time state militia attacked a federal facility, we had a 4 year war with 600K dead.

    • The explanation appears to be that the label is a personal ID in lieu of a name tag. The ZTI tag is actually ZT-1.

    • This is what I have found, T-ray. The federal officers are not wearing their names on their uniforms because they are being doxxed, putting them and their family in danger. So they have a unique identifier on their uniform instead. That one just happened to be, actually,


  19. U.S.—Leftists are warning that President Donald Trump might not accept the results of the 2020 election.

    These same lefitsts have spent the last four years declaring that Trump is not their president, that Hillary Clinton actually won because she won the popular vote, and that Trump only won because of Russian interference.

    “It would absolutely destroy our democracy if Trump were to decide he won’t accept the results of the election,” said one woman in Seattle wearing a “Hillary Is My President” T-shirt. “We can’t continue to exist as a society if people don’t accept the basic rules governing a peaceful transfer of power.”

    “Also, Trump stole the election and is not my president.” She then faced Washington for her evening screaming at the sky, a ritual she performs five times a day.

    The party that still believes Al Gore actually won the 2000 election, Hillary won the 2016 election, and Stacey Abrams is actually the governor of Georgia continues to sound the alarm that Trump will destroy our national norms should he cast doubt on the results of the coming presidential race.

    Trump dispelled rumors that he will not accept the results of the election, saying that he will definitely abide by the results as long as he likes them.

  20. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/seattle-police-chief-warns-city-cops-unable-protect-property-antifa-blm-riots-thanks-city-council-barring-crowd-control-tools/

    Well, this looks like a good way to “defund the police” or rather abolish the police without officially doing either.

    • Sounds like a free fire zone to me.

    • I call it “targets of opportunity”……Little note…the Texas National Guard. Mayors have been put on notice by our governor. Control your city…or the guard will be there. You have 24 hours. You want to know what works? When a protest is scheduled, you are lawful. When a protest is not scheduled, you are unlawful.

      You have a right to protest….peaceably. If you do not, expect the National Guard in full equipment and crowd control, including pepper spray and tear gas. The word is also out…that if there is an impromptu protest, expect the guard to show up….they will show up in unmarked rental vans and they will walk with the protestors. The guard will be armed and have arrest and detainment authority. Walk peaceable….and you will be supported. Throw one rock, one bottle…one anything…it is no longer a peaceable protest.

      Those are our orders….and it is remarkable….since the Guard shows up and walks with the protestors……..there has been no looting, no windows being broken, no shots fired….anti-protesters are kept at a distance and there are no clashes.

      There is, however, one very strong rule that I know Mathius will not like. If you are an innocent protestor and you are standing behind the fray and you are video taping….you are no longer innocent. You are part of the problem. You will get one warning….one warning only.

      Oh, and in our briefing, the Guard does not have a duty to retreat. If confronted with violence, respond quickly and decisive. To allow the continued throwing of obstacles only increases the volume. Officers have the standing order, when confronted with violence, respond accordingly…..

      This is how it is done.

  21. Has anyone noticed……not one politician has died from the virus….or lost their job, or had their business looted.

    Thomas Sowell writes: Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of out enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.

    I wonder…..If people were told to get into boxcars to be taken to “virus protection camps”, many of them would rush to be in line.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      A chill just ran up my spine after reading that. My BS detector says you are not far from the truth of it all.

  22. Mathius always asks……why carry a gun…..

    My late dad told me , “Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops busting knuckles and start busting caps and usually it comes when you are too old to take an ass whooping”.

    Some say, ” I do not carry a gun to kill people….I carry one to keep from being killed.”

    I do not carry a gun to be evil…I carry one because I have lived long enough to see evil in the world.

    I do not carry a gun because I hate the government…I carry one because I understand the limitations of government.

    I do not carry a gun because I am angry..I carry one so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

    I do not carry a gun because I feel inadequate…I carry a gun because facing three armed thugs……I then feel inadequate.

    Police protection is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves because police do not protect you from crime…they investigate crime then call someone else in to clean up the mess.

    Remember this……Gun owners in America..make the world’s largest army.

  23. TO JAC:

    God was seen in Texas today….when God was asked why…HE said, I am working from home today.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sorry Sir, but we all know around here that GOD lives in my back field. But we also know GOD loves a good joke, aka Hillary Clinton for president,. So maybe he was just pulling your leg a bit.

  24. https://www.weaselzippers.us/452949-videos-the-battle-for-the-portland-federal-building/

    They’re gonna keep on, until the federal officers have no other option but to shoot them. The Oregon officials should go to jail for allowing this to happen. There acting more like the mafia, than elected officials.

  25. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Interesting Chicago PD video. Finally somebody with a brain is answering back. Never thought about using PVC piping as spears!

  26. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/antifa-portland-plays-dress-first-moms-2-morning-last-night-pretended-us-veterans/

    Then we have this from earlier in the evening, they took a little time out, from creating chaos to create a little propoganda. Just take note from the last video, the mob isn’t causing any trouble correlates with, no gas in the air and No federal officers in sight.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      On the 20th, Junior left his home of 10 years in the Adams Morgan section for more peaceful climes in Maryland. 7.8 miles but a WORLD away. Despite his protestations, having a nine and five year old made a difference. They will continue to go to the Catholic School now within DC and commute with Daddy every morning.

      Another great catch on your part.

  27. We had a little confrontation Austin…Peaceful protest was fine until out of towners came in, passing out booze and getting people drunk. The minute they stepped out of line, the National Guard and Police moved in and it was over. No looting, no burning buildings….no broken windows. The National Guard contained the area while the Austin police moved in with gas/pepper spray/and rubber bullets.

    It was that nonviolent BLM movement, doncha know. And it happened only in Austin, our liberal experiment. It is over now, with one dead. The marchers were armed and one of them supposedly made a move towards a car…..you do not do that here….the person in the car, feeling threatened, shot the marcher before anything could happen. Appears to be gang related but never the less, one man dead and the shooter in custody.

    As to the rubber bullets…..well, it broke up the crowd with one man in critical condition after being hit in the head with the “less than lethal” ammunition. we use all the assets at our disposal….gas, pepper spray, “less than lethal” ammunition. There was some graffiti…mainly the circle Antifa logo…BLM flags and Anitfa marching together…..

    The persons that were painting the sides of buildings were apprehended and sent to jail outside of Austin. They will face trespassing charges and in Texas, this is serious.

    • Update……the marcher was a white man supporting his black fiancee’. The march was down Congress avenue , which is the main street leading to the capitol. A car turns onto Congress avenue and is proceeding up the street. the streets were not cordoned off. The car was not threatening and was trying to weave its way through the protestors. It was not speeding and it was doing everything correctly. The white marcher was carrying an Ar 15 and approached the car, supposedly with the weapon pointed at the driver. The driver, feeling threatened, pulls out a pistol and shoots the marcher.

      The police detain the driver, question witnesses, and then releases the driver. It was not gang related, as first reported, and the only apparent threat was the lad that pointed his rifle.

      Of course, no one cares because the dead person (I do not call a perpetrator a victim) was white. After the shooting, some young people in the crowd started getting rowdy and the police and guard then moved in and dispersed the crowd. The crowd did not turn on the police and no buildings were burned and no windows broken. The police and guard cleared the streets….

      Texas Law is very clear. You are in your vehicle and the vehicle is part of our Castle Doctrine. Our castle doctrine extends to cars, boats, and all recreational vehicles and, even, bicycles. You have a right to defend yourself if threatened. You do not have a duty to retreat. Under the questioning, the driver was unaware of the march until he turned onto Congress Avenue and even if he was aware of it, he was not threatening at all. All video evidence and witnesses appears to support the driver at this time. Hence..he was no longer detained.

      Thus endeth the lesson.

    • There is an update posted but I am in exile.

  28. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Somethin to cheer you up….. As Aretha would say R*E*S*P*E*C*T !

  29. Hey T Ray…….how far are you from Vegas?

  30. That seems about right…and no easy drive either.

    • If I did it I would go through Monitor Pass north of Yosemite and then down I395 on the back side of the Sierras. Beautiful drive but hot and dry this time of the year.

    • What is the name of your town or closest one?

      • The official address is Placerville. In the old movies it is sometimes called Hangtown. But I actually live closer to Coloma also known as Sutter’s Mill, site of the original gold strike. I live on the ridge above the South Fork of the American River. The hills around Coloma were originally wooded but were stripped bare to support the miners. Since 1900, it grew back so I live under a canopy of great blue, black and live oak trees. This was ranch land at one time. Parts of it still are. Placerville at one time was famous for pears but the blight came in and wiped out the orchards. I’m at 1500′. Another 1500′ up is what we call Apple Hill which is obviously apple orchards.

        This is redneck country but we are being invaded by escapees from the Bay area and even LA. Unfortunately, they bring their big city philosophy with them.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Why are you talking about Vegas now? Thought the bowling tourney was in Reno?

        TRay, if you are in Placerville and we can do a three party lunch maybe S. Tahoe or Gardnerville, Minden, instead of Truckee.

        • SLT is easy for me. It is just up US50 and a very scenic drive. For the Col. it would be a drive around the lake which is also quite scenic.

  31. PORTLAND, OR—Portlanders and other citizens of Democrat-controlled cities have been sounding the alarm on President Trump’s “secret police,” federal agents who are arresting citizens in broad daylight for peacefully protesting with bricks and hand grenades and stuff.

    Some mayors have even threatened to fight back against the secret police, arresting them on sight. Well, President Trump isn’t going to take this lying down, and has instructed his agents to dress up as rioters so that Democratic politicians will let them do whatever they want.

    “It’s great — we just slap on the Che Guevara shirt, maybe a beret and a BLM mask, and bam — we can operate with impunity,” said one of the federal agents as he arrested a grandma just because he could. “I threw a few bricks through the 7-Eleven window just for the high. The police see the BLM attire and they just tell us to ‘go about your business’ and to ‘move along.'”

    The agents are instructed to wear communist slogans and carry bricks and Molotov cocktails and shout things about defunding the police. The plan has worked out beautifully so far, with agents being able to do “literally anything” without any response from the Democrats who run the cities whatsoever.

  32. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Yesterday, aides went down into the basement to check on Joe Biden, deliver him a protein shake, and bring him a special surprise: season 3 of Matlock on VHS. They were horrified to find he had escaped, having left only a cryptic note reading “I’M BEING HELD HOSTAGE AND THEY’RE MAKING ME RUN FOR PRESIDENT AGAINST MY WILL PLEASE SEND HELP.”

    As they racked their brains for where he could be, though, the TV in the kitchen was playing the Nationals game. Horrified aides turned to the television to see an elderly man in the stands wandering around the field sniffing cardboard cutout fans.

    “Well, hey, there, little lady,” Biden said as he sidled up next to a “pretty little thing.” “Is anyone sitting here? I’m not into all that hugger-mugger social distancing hoeey, no sirree.” He offered her a pretzel and some nachos, but she was pretty unresponsive. “The quiet type? Fine with me. You can just sit here and watch the game with ol’ Uncle Joe, toots.”

    “No, Joe! Bad Joe!” said a security guard as he chased Biden around. But Biden was surprisingly limber for a 127-year-old, dodging and diving and jumping seats to sniff as many of the cutouts as possible before he would be apprehended and sent back to his basement. “I don’t want to go back to the basement — just let me have my fun!” he cried. “I feeeeel happy!!

    To prevent further incidents, aides have placed multiple cardboard cutouts throughout Biden’s basement for him to sniff.

  33. Looking at how the violence is being reported by the Liberal media, it is strikingly apparent that Liberals like the violence and want more. You can see an overview of the lies here: https://www.newsbusters.org/

    The summer heat wave seems to have subsided and it’s back to normal. Texas can have their heat back. Thanks for sharing Colonel, we’ll be sure to share some cold this winter 😀

    Another Covid Bill being fought over in DC. Any opinions?

    Another bear in yard yesterday. 3 does, 2 fawns and a small buck this morning. A bright spot in an ugly world.

    When are the Rights of the non-protestors going to matter?

  34. Interesting thing beginning to happen in Texas and the alarm is now out. There are paid groups of individuals hitting small cities and towns under the name of ANTIFA and BLM. The latest round happening in Weatherford, Texas. The country folks, some call them rednecks, are not letting the statues be torn down and the cemeteries robbed of their headstones by paid groups of organizers. They, these paid hitmen, have tried to hit some smaller towns only to be met with guns..,,,lots of guns…..and a new fervor of protection among the residents. In a small town called Mineral Wells, there is a cemetery there that has several graves of soldiers, Texas soldiers, that fought in the war between the states and organizers out of Dallas showed up in rental vans flying Antifa flags and BLM banners and tried to pry up grave stones of those graves marked with Confederate emblems and names that have been there over 150 years. They were met with guns…..lots of guns.

    This is about to get really nasty and people are not going to stand for it. Black Lives Matter has now been associated, and correctly, with Antifa as paid organized anarchists.

    • Sooner or later there is going to be a pile of dead bodies.

      If this turns into a CW, there is not going to be any blue/gray delineation. No one will know who the enemy is so everyone will be the enemy.

      • Yes there is and I am seeing a great surge of open carry now that I have never seen before. It is going to get nasty……I now open carry (mainly because it is summer time and a concealed weapon is hard to conceal in the summertime)..I tuck it in the waistband.

        Perhaps it is time for a shoulder holster in open carry. They are hot but easier function. With the violence on the streets now….it is just getting more nasty.

  35. To you gun nuts out there….I have added something new to my arsenal. An AR 15 Pistol is a “pistol” based on the AR-15 rifle platform with a barrel shorter than 16”. It uses a pistol brace in place of a rifle stock and can’t have a vertical fore grip. … To qualify as a pistol, you must have a barrel length under 16”, no vertical fore grip and a pistol brace is a must.

    The ones that I have are chambered for 300 blackout rounds. Since this qualifies as a pistol, it falls under the conceal carry rules…although you cannot conceal it very well.

    Bullet WT velocity 100 yards 200 yards 300 yards

    5.56 16” Barrel 55gr 2800fps 0”/ 742 ft. lbs. -4”/ 567ft. lbs. -16”/ 426 ft. lbs.
    300 BLK 16” Barrel 125gr 2240fps 0”/1312 ft. lbs. -5.9/1068 ft. lbs. -21/ 882 ft. lbs.

    incredible differences from a NATO round to the B/O. Great home defense weapon…..

  36. I must know the answer to this…..so I am paging our resident lefty………Sir Mathius.

    Sir, you seem to have the ear of the left or at least you offer to understand and show empathy for the left side of things.

    What is the use of going to cemeteries of little towns whose heritage is based in Texan legend from the CSA to the Texas Rangers. What use is it to dig up head stones that say something like. John Musketball, Capt CSA, 1830-1864 Died in Antietam

    The man is dead….the grave has been there over 150 years……what is the use of digging up and destroying a headstone under the name of Antifa/BLM? What does this accomplish other than pissing people off and trying to get a reaction? What is accomplished?

    • so I am paging our resident lefty………Sir Mathius.

      ::We’re sorry, but your page cannot go through at this time. Please try again at a later time.::

    • I figure they are trying to get another George Floyd-type of killing on video so they can have new reasons to keep rioting. If they do this enough times in enough places, frustration and anger will build up until they capture that perfect video of something really horrible. That video of the cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck burned white hot on the news for a good while, but those embers have cooled and they need fresh fodder for the rioters.

      Just my guess, anyway.


  37. Just A Citizen says:
    • Cause and effect has been a huge topic on here several times before. Good find on yout article.

      Well, the Feds have decided to pull out of Seattle. Along with that will be the Federal dollars….let’s see what happens…..as I said before, burn it to the ground. If that is what the left wants……do it. Burn is all……and then when it is time to rebuild…….do it with State tax dollars and not Federal dollars. Let the people of Seattle repair their own city.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Question to DPM or any of the Weapons.

    Why are leaders of the Democratic party perpetuating this meme that Trump intends to stay in the White House if he loses the election?

    I see that Ms.Warren made a public request that agency heads not deploy LEO against Americans if Trump refuses to leave. WHY would a leading Dem make such a ridiculous request, let alone make it publicly????

    • That is all they have left, JAC. They have nothing left in the arsenal and there os none that actually believes this. It is inflammatory rhetoric.

    • Obviously, like Facebook and other social media, Mathius is being censored.

      The spousal unit has been censored on Facebook. They take down her posts.

    • Canine Weapon says:

      Question to DPM or any of the Weapons.

      :: The party you are trying to reach is not available. Please try your call at another time. ::

  39. JAC……I have made my mind up about future economic things. I see what is coming down the pike on taxes and regulations and I have started my insulation against such. Since I do not have any Federal contracts, I do not have to worry about minimum wages and such….and since I do not have employees, only contract workers, I do not have to worry about State unemployment taxes and Federal Unemployment taxes…

    All investments that I have are either tax free muni’s or readily convertible to cash. I have set up offshore accounts that are tax free and have no capital gains or dividend taxes to worry about. I know that everybody cannot do this and it is a shame but this tax and spend environment under the guise of Covid 19 is a dangerous move. (My opinion). There is going to be a huge power grab if Biden wins and the House and Senate goes progressive and left. The real liberals….the true Democrats, are afraid to fight. So, I will bunker in some. I will save ya a place……

    • Question for you JAC……if Biden, etal, gets their way….and they institute a Federal Property tax….what do you think the result will be on the housing market and real estate markets?

      • I would ask Mathius his opinion, but he has been censored and he bets against the house anyway….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Well Sir, it depends on who they tax. If it is only the “mansions” then you will get fewer mansions. Then they will go lower and lower until everyone is taxed. Also depends on the rate.

        It is possible it could have little affect on the housing market in the beginning. But they never leave a tax alone so in the long run it will add to the cost of living. Driving up wages or reducing consumption to compensate. Of course, reduced demand for housing will follow.

        But remember, HOUSING means living space so the Dems are being pretty clever by proposing to tax a Captured Market with Monopoly powers. NOBODY can escape the tax.

        One other thing, If the Dems try this it will be tied up in Court for at least 4 years since it is clearly Unconstitutional.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          They just dont learn. Like the luxury tax they forced on Bush 1.. the manufacturers of the boats planes and automobiles wound up laying off workers. The unemployment benefits paid out exceeded the taxes collected. The expenditures on new boats etc were discretionary. The people just kept their old boats or bought used ones and renovated them. Companies that had full service survived.. new boat only failed left and right. The WORKERS get screwed.

  40. Crats proved yesterday during the Barr hearing that they don’t give a crap about anyone but their own power. What a disgrace to this country. But, considering how Crat run cities are failing, it is no surprise.

  41. My daughter tested positive for corona virus but her symptoms are gone except for a slight cough. The lady who called her, to give her the results said she could leave quarantine today. 😀

  42. Big interview with a BLM spokesperson today……..she was saying that removing and tearing down racists statues is not violence but locals brandishing guns is violence.

    What am I missing here?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sir, what you are missing is that YOU ARE ASLEEP. You know, the OPPOSITE of WOKE.

  43. +65259+8*-++/’

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Just saw that Olivia de Havilland has passed away. One of my favorites and a pioneer who took on the Communist establishment in Hollywood. As a “liberal Democrat”.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Stumbled across this and thought ya’ll might enjoy it. This is Stand Up for America after all.

  46. WASHINGTON, D.C.—At a press conference today, Joe Biden was proud to announce that he’d selected his running mate for the 2020 election: Aunt Jemima.

    “She’s a clean, articulate woman of color, she’s a self-made businesswoman, and she’s a great listener,” Biden said as he unveiled his pick for vice president. “We were looking at two criteria for my VP: her race and her gender, and Jemima nailed both qualifications.”

    “Plus, she smells fantastic. Welcome to Team Joe, toots!” He then put his hands on the neck of the bottle and caressed it, giving the bottle of maple syrup a good sniff.

    Horrified aides caught the press conference on TV and rushed to the location, tackling Joe to the ground and putting him back in the basement. “You’ll know your VP pick when you need to know, Joe.”

  47. Ray Hawkins says:

    Curious if the Colonel (and others) weigh in here….would seem there are strategic interests in a presence in Germany? Not sure I get 100% behind the NATO payments argument given where the Belgians and Italians sit in that same picture? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1288620254130626561

    • Well, sir….you asked for an opinion and I will give you mine…which, in my circles of officers is fairly consistent…. NATO is a toothless tiger. It was formed to keep the old Soviet Union and its surrogates in check. It is a cold war relic and needs to sunset or, at the very least, re-organized

      I have seen unverified numbers on what countries are doing and not doing as far as NATO is concerned. There is no reason for the United States to pay the lion’s share and keep NATO alive. There are two arguments.

      We use Germany as a staging ground for the Middle East…..and

      It serves as headquarters for the United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) and also for NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM).

      So, strategically, it is well placed. But the question is….strategic for what ?(see below) In today’s modern times, and the technology that is available, has the design for strategic analysis changed? Is having troops anywhere in Europe a strategic move? In the past, a definite yes….now….not without some serious re-design.. We spend inordinate amounts of money to keep places open in Europe and they love American Dollars……do we get concessions…..sometimes.

      Russia has now become smart and is using energy resources as a financial weapon. We taught them that. Russia, through strategic design, has wormed its way into Europe using energy as a weapon…..they have vast oil reserves almost as great as the US, and we taught them about fracking. It is making OPEC useless. Weaponizing oil reserves is a formidable strategy. Russia can cut off most of Europe anytime.

      Now, here is another argument…..is it strategic for the balance of trade and intelligence? Most likely…I know it is on intelligence gathering but how much is that worth? Is trade with the United States dependent upon keeping our troops there? There is much to say about this. It is powerful. The 29 nations of NATO produce more than 50% of the world’s gross domestic product, have well over 3 million troops on duty, operate massive combined naval fleets and air forces and together spend over $1 trillion on defense. Indeed, even with all the frustration over European defense spending not hitting the 2% of GDP goal, the collective European defense budget is the second largest in the world after the U.S.’s and is ahead of China’s and Russia’s–combined. It is smart. U.S. and European defense innovation and production provides a formidable military research and development capacity. Particularly in cybersecurity, unmanned vehicles, space operations, special-forces technologies, maritime and anti-submarine capability, and air and missile defense, NATO is a technology and education superpower.

      Geography matters, and the European peninsula is particularly well located on the western edge of the Eurasian landmass.They are not Cold War bases but rather the forward operating stations of the U.S. in the 21st century. When necessary, they allow us to operate in the Middle East and Africa.

      Here is one of the single most important issues of NATO: Perhaps NATO’s greatest accomplishment is not even its unblemished record of deterring attack against its members but rather the fact that no alliance nation has ever attacked another. NATO’s most fundamental deliverable has been peace among Europe’s major powers for 70 years after two millennia of unhesitating slaughter on the continent. The disasters of the 20th century alone pulled the U.S. into two world wars that killed more than half a million Americans.

      That said, NATO has its uses but not in the past cold war era it operates in…..it needs change. And, trump is actually doing some good because a lot of NATO allies have “ponied” up….Trumps strategy of pulling out of Germany and establishing a new NATO base elsewhere is gaining momentum. While many countries openly are telling the US to butt out…..internally, they are still drastically afraid of Putin (it is important to remember who and what Putin really is…he was a KGB Colonel during the cold war and harbors a grudge). Trump knows this, or at least some of his advisors do, and he is actually parlaying deals.

      But….without change…NATO will die.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        TY Colonel – well said as usual. Hard getting a read on the long game here.

        TBH – reiterate something I’ve fixated on before – we should absolutely hold the partner nations accountable – enough of this shit with the US always cutting the check. Too many leaders prior haven’t had the nads to actually push that issue.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        While I was active duty I was not allowed to travel in, over, around soviet controlled territories.

        I visited west Germany during the 1st Gulf War. We always had our starting point in Mainze and the Frankfort areas. My key take away was the Germans HATED our guts. But I’ll qualify that. The American service personnel i met were the most arrogant people ive ever met. Nobody lived off base. They had to buy all their groceries at the PX. They ignored the “recommended” speeds on city streets. Few even tried to speak or learn german. We went to Neuschwanstein and stayed at a great inn that was a hunting lodge back in Ludwig’s time. The castles were in full view out our windows. The dining was 5 star and proper attire was required. My wife at the time and I dressed accordingly because I READ the sign posted in 4 languages.

        The stepson (army) and his wife (army brat) came down in flip flops and sweats and t-shirts. The maitre d was aghast. He came over to us and discussed the situation. The kids as of yet were standing outside the dining room. He explained that it was still a few weeks BEFORE, the season and his waiters needed practice and let them in. Accompanied with a warning for them to not come back dressed as they were.

        I saw this throught west Germany.

        My experience living in Sicily for 2.5 years in the late 70’s was 100% opposite. Those that refused to be a part of the local life were sent home or to ships. We had a good relationship with the people. However after 9/they went into a fortress mode. Pulled everyone in off base built new housing. Built a PX and commissary the size of a large walmarts. In fact it may have been. It looked like one. I actually got in base easier than during the 70’s. All personnel wore their hair high and tight and could be easily identified s American service personnel. Back in my time the dress code (Except for the Marines) was dictated by the local styles. Blend in.

        So in 2003 the locals were now hating the Americans instead of inviting you until their homes.

        • Yes, in my travels in other countries, I saw much of the same with a lot of the younger soldiers. Abrupt and disrespectful to locals. I was sort of accepted in Germany because I was respectful and I did my best not to tread on their customs and/or culture. I also found the same to be true of missionary folks (most of them).

          I did not especially like the attitude of the Christian missionary folks with their attitude that the Christian way was the only way and they attacked other religions as cults. I told as many as I could that Americans are not that way…..this is a religious thing but religion in other parts of the world is serious.

          Americans are pretty arrogant abroad….and that includes most tourists.

  48. Just watched a heated interview with Senator Kennedy, Republican, of Louisiana. He was somewhat irate about he way Congress is handling business……He said, ” On both sides of the aisle, we have big shots and we have little shots. He went on to say the big shots are pretty pissed because they are not getting their way because the little shots are blocking them. Therefore, everything is at a standstill. He says that if you think Congress looks screwy from the outside, you should see it from the inside.

    He continues by saying that this is supposed to be a Virus bill not a spending porn bill. The Democrats and the Republicans are throwing everything they can into this bill under the disguise of Covid 19. It is ridiculous and it is embarrassing. More embarrassing than watching the Parliament in England. The only thing missing in Congress is the throwing of shoes back and forth across the aisle.

    The leaders of both parties are in a struggle within their own party. they cannot even attend to the business of the country because of internal bickering among themselves. He said that it was a (bleep) show in the Senate, the other day, because the Dems were arguing among themselves and the Repubs were arguing among themselves……and no one was arguing for the country.


    He said we have a saying in Louisiana that it takes 90 minutes to watch a 60 minute show…..this is what Congress is doing. Pelosi has lost her control and McConnell has lost his control and they are both mad about it and nothing is getting done. Even Chuck Schumer had to tell his party to shut up in chambers the other day, Kennedy said.

    Rome is burning and the Senate and House are fiddlin’ around.


  49. Ray Hawkins says:

    Back in the news……Russian bounties on American soldiers


    In an interview released Wednesday, President Trump said that in a recent call with Vladimir Putin, he did not challenge the Russian president over reports his country sought to pay the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan. This latest conversation came as the U.S. prepares to relocate forces within Europe — despite concerns from some NATO members……..

    • Once again…bounties are nothing new and we are constantly briefed on this matter…..I had a bounty on my head during Vietnam……every Green Beret knew this and it was financed by Russia. Why is this so important now?

      • I forgot…also had one on my head in Afghanistan.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Thought you said before that those were enemy combatants? No? Just asking.

        If we say a few threads up that “its high time we hold NATO counterparts accountable for financing” why not take the same approach here?

        I dunno – feels not right to cozy up with folks that are paying for American heads.

        • Yes sir…….enemy combatants, yes, but financed. Remember that the Viet Cong were mercenary.

          Now…I can agree with you on the “cozy” up thing. I mean, I can really agree with you but this is nothing new as well…..Remember I posted on here one time that there was a sanctuary in Cambodia during Vietnam where North Vietnamese troops were allowed free sanctuary in a rubber plantation just across the border. It was not allowed to be a target…….the reason….

          It was owned by Michelin Tires. One of the preferred manufactures of tires for the military vehicles being used in Vietnam. This was the staging ground for the invasion of Duc Lap in 1968. The Michelin Plantation was still a staging ground in 1970 when I arrived at Ban Me Thout in the Central Highlands. Duc Lap had to be taken so that they could get to us in Ban Me Thout. They failed in 68 and tried again in 70…they failed again and we pursued them to the border but could go no further because…..we could not damage the rubber trees.

  50. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Time: 2020-07-30 08:15 EST
    Location: Mathius Residence, [redacted]
    Source: Compromised Amazon Alexa
    Participants: Mathius, [redacted female, age 5], [redacted female, age 8]


    8: Trump is a terrible President.
    Mathius: Why do you say that?
    8: He lies a lot and I don’t think he works very hard.
    5: Well, I think he’s great!
    Mathius: And why do you say that?
    5: I think he cares about us.
    Mathius: Oh?
    5: Yes. He cares about our safety.
    Mathius: Is that so?
    5: Yes. I hope he gets four more years.


    [End of Intercept]

  51. Just saw this on FB: “Don’t let Trump cheat, demand voter ID!”

  52. Ray Hawkins says:

    Curious if the Colonel knew this hero….

    Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins has died of coronavirus:


    Adkins was in 5th SFG – story behind his citation is jaw dropping.

  53. This case right here is what gun owners have been worried about: the ability to create a registry, which could eventually lead to confiscation.


  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Surprised there are no comments on this.


    The NY Times is pissed that this guy was outed. The whole russia thing was home grown. What time me makes matters worse us the asswipe and never trumper, Lindsey Graham pretty well knew this back in 2017.

    Even when you have Mueller state that the source of the Russian collusion ie the dossiers (plural) were NOT in his instructions.

    • It is hard to believe that no one from the FBI broke the code of silence to come forward and publish this sedition and treason. I want to see prosecutions. This is unacceptable.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m waiting for Julian Assange’s shoe to drop as to who he received the DNC server information from. That certainly has been kept under wraps.

        That’ll really wreck the FBI and Democrats story the Russians did it.

        The whole story that Russia wanted Trump to win because they hated Hillary is crap. Shes done more to “Helo” them ad reciever $145M into their foundation. They had her tied to them hand and foot.

        • I said the Russians should have preferred HRC right from the start. They could blackmail her at any time. The only negative I saw as that she is weak and could back us into a war.

          As for any Russian involvement, I think they like to sow a little discord and this time it paid off huge. We have tied ourselves into a knot for the last 4 years and divided the country. This is our doing not the Russians.

    • I am sure they are……there should be no “informed sources” ever. I hate the anonymous source or the informed source…….there is no accountability.

  55. UH oh…..Portland police are now clearing out the parks and protestors. Not Federal…..all protestors now gone.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    OMG………… Dominoes in NZ and Australia running a promotion for “Nice Karens” to get free pizza. The ASS HATS came out in droves and Dominoes caved. Of the tweets and comments I saw this one struck me.

    Cause you know I did not know the police were killing people for their skins. No mention of what is being made with these hides. Now if we could just get those same police to go to D.C. and do some of their work.

    Replying to @Dominos_AU
    most of the time “Karens” are entitled privileged white women. If a few people actually called Karen can’t handle the meme of it they should try handling 400 years of oppression. They should try watching their people killed by police officers solely for their skin.
    8:21 PM · Jul 28, 2020

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Lamp shades….how can AU and NZ have had 400 years of WHITE oppression.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    I see editorial and other commentary ripping POTUS for proposed troop reductions in Germany.

    Then I read an article that notes the reduction is from 30,000 to 24,000. AND…… those troops taken from Germany will be now based in Poland………….Closer to the Russian border.

    Democrats realize this and start accusing Trump of provoking Putin in 5-4-3-2-1…………..

    • It’s about 36K to 24K in Germany. About half are coming back to the states and the other half are being redeployed in Europe to Italy and eastern Europe to be nearer the Russian border. Frankly it is about time to bring home some troops. Europe can defend itself.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like another book that requires some digging into. Link provided for some of the info but obviously it is the book itself which contains the fuller story.


  59. I am working on a couple of books. Nice to be retired and have the time to read. The first book is “In Russian Wonderland, An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia” bu Charles Cole.

    As a young man in his 20s and fluent in Russian via the US Army language school, he went with a trade show sponsored by our DoS in 1972. The show was 3 cities in 6 months. He describes the bleak nature of the USSR, the constant surveillance, the dark humor of the
    Russian People, etc. Interesting read and one the young marxist should read.

    The second book is Environmentalism Gone Mad by Alan Carlin. Dr. Carlin is a 37 year veteran of the EPA and one of the rare voices against AGW when it came up in the early years of the Obama Admin. Carlin has a BS in physics from CalTech and a PhD in economics from MIT. So he has solid background in the economics as applied to science for environmental problems. He was not a whistle blower but a negative critique of a document used to by the EPA to justify their involvement in AWG got leaked to the press which ultimately branded him as a skeptic which led to his leaving the EPA. I am about 1/3 the way through the book. It confirms many things I already thought. Mathius, I recommend you get the book and read it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But the young college grads believe Bernie and his glowing praise of life un Rusdua while on his guided tour during his honeymoon

  60. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In reference to JAC’s post on illegal immigration and attached article.

    In NC I watched two city construction projects. One was in Raleigh and the other in New Bern. The first was both a widening of a road and sidewalks and landscaping. The original crews were all blacks. Most of the day was spent leaning on shovels and the project dragged.. it was the road by my home and I worked VO so I watched.. then one day the crews were gone and entirely replaced by Hispanics. It was amazing how fast they excavated, built forms, poured, removed forms, moved down a stretch the landscape g followed. And lastly the road paving.

    I saw the same thing occur on Neuse Blvd and Glenbernie. Start out black crews 1st. We are 32% black here. The project goes undone. Then a 100% switch to Hispanic crews and the project gets done.

    My personal experience when u had to hire contractors to help on a historical home, the Hispanic guys worked the hardest and produced the best results. They worked better than the white guys

    When still in Raleigh the blacks were really getting their backs up about the hispanic migration. They’re biggest gripe was they’re taking all our TRADITIONAL jobs. If cleaning hotel rooms and toilets and working fast food joints was considered their traditional jobs, they’ve been convinced of low expectations

    I had a GF from Colombia. She worked at a banks headquarters . Her biggest gripe was the blacks could get away with anything with no consequences for sitting and doing nothing. But companies learned. Leave them be, work around them. Or else you’ll be taken to a labor board so fast.

    That’s privilege

    Here in town the construction projects are now right from day one mostly Hispanics. There are a smattering of blacks, but they are working as hard as anyone else and keep pace. As businesses are relocating here because of the future I-42 being built and shoving established business aside I’m seeing this hiring pattern more and more.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      My one experience with the ACORN group back in ’99 was when they visited my all Hispanic rehab of a 48 unit building wiped out by a 5 alarm fire. They threatened a job shut down unless I picked up some of their “workers” and made it quite clear that those workers would spend the day counting things and lifting nothing.

      I went to the cops who got all this strategy stuff in place where I’d wear a wire and everything would be taped when they came back. Unfortunately, like the first time, when these clowns show up it is unannounced.

      In the interim my Dominicans, Colombians and Ecuadorians got the word. The next time ACORN visited, as they were leaving the building through the courtyard, a toilet came crashing down from a sixth floor window. Four of my people were waiting at the courtyard entrance holding shovels. I heard clearly, in absolutely wonderful New York Spanglish, “you know a lot of accidents happen around construction”.

      The best $ 85 (for the toilet) we spent on the project. That Friday afternoon, there were TWO bottles of Heineken for everyone!

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:

    And the White trash is getting by-passed also. Want to work hard, there’s plenty of opportunity.

  62. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Several years ago a hurricane went through and tore out the docks the city has for transient boaters along Union Point Park mostly they’re used for fishing and crabbing. You can take 1/2 bushel a day, legal size and sex, as long as you’re not commercial. If you’re on food stamps you can fish without a license. Bridgepoint marina was also destroyed. Just before Florence two years ago all the docks had been replaced.

    Bang came Florence and tore the new docks out. I noticed on Tuesday they’ve just completed installing new docks. And a hurricane is forecast to arrive Sunday or Monday. Hopefully the work will not be wasted.

    The docks are never rigid and float with most storm surges. But florence was 13 feet. New Bern is where two large rivers join and mix with salt. FYI the Neuse has the widest river mouth in the country.

    • Well, like north and west Texas…….we know tornado’s are a common phenomenon…we have over 150 per year…….a fact of life. I would assume same for the coast and hurricanes. We rebuild quickly.

  63. How low class can one get to use a funeral service as a political hatchet……very low.

  64. Interesting turn of events on Chic Fil A……………..Conservatives supported Chic Fil A when Chic Fil A was attacked by the left. People turned out in droves and catapulted them to prominence.

    Now the reverse is happen. Chick-fil-A CEO LITERALLY Bends The Knee: White People Should Get Woke & Show Shame!

    He has lost 25% of his revenue since then. They have lost me.

    • Yeah, that’s a tough one. We haven’t had Chic fil A here until recently, like last fall, except in the airport…where we can’t get in. I’ve driven to Perrysburg, Ohio several times just for some chicken. Now there’s one 20 minutes from my place and this bs pops up. Ugh! Leave my chicken and my sports alone!

      Side note. Marinate chicken strips in Claussen pickle juice for an hour, then dredge in seasoned flour. Fry in small amount of oil, turn once. Delicious. Can’t be beat!

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Can’t keep track any more…..which store should get my money based on what political favor they’ve satisfied or how their ownership votes. Waiting for someone to say….”there’s an app for that…”

  65. Just A Citizen says:
  66. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought.

    If Republicans thought they would get more votes with mail in ballots they would be all for it. If the Democrats thought the R’s would get more votes they would be all against it.

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    A clip from Red State. The full article has its own flaws, while chastising the wearing of masks. But I liked the following as it can stand the test of time and circumstance.

    5. You should never let anyone bully you into behaving irrationally. Especially the state.

    As Theodore Dalrymple observed:

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intendended to.”

    Dalrymple’s brilliant observation applies to engaging in absurd behavior as well as repeating absurd lies. Any situation in which the powers that be are putting immense pressure on you to do or say something irrational is one in which giving in means eroding your sense of reality and ability to tell right from wrong.

    The fact that they’re irrationally demanding we wear masks, bombarding us with propaganda designed to make us comply, and comparing people who don’t to murderers provides the strongest possible reason to tell them to go pound sand.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Did you see that Fauci feels that people should also consider wearing goggles to protect your eyes.

      • Fauci is a theoretical scientist. He will push ideas that are theoretically correct but has know idea the problems they cause in the real world. Look at the HCQ controversy. Anyone knows when the enemy is attacking, you do not have time to research his tactics. You figure out what works and go with it.

  68. Just A Citizen says:

    ROTFLMAO…………. so true at so many levels………..


  69. My new T shirt…….I cannot go to Hell….the devil still has a restraining order against me.

  70. I think I saw Mathius…..wearing a fake nose and glasses registering people for the Republicans.

  71. Saw a very interesting expose’ on Dr Fauci and the Gates foundation and their connections concerning pharma and covid.

    The old rule: Follow the money.

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