No Integrity Democrats (NIDs)


  1. U.S.—Teachers who have been enjoying the extended time off due to COVID concerns are eager for it to continue. Desperate to avoid returning to the classroom in the fall while still getting paid for it, teachers have come together to launch an “Every Child Left Behind” movement.

    Citing concerns of possible exposure to the virus, teachers have expressed that they will not be returning until their safety can be guaranteed. They also do not want to be bothered by teaching online, either. “We don’t want some kids falling behind and other, more privileged kids learning online.” said Director of Education Susan Birchfield, “No! We say all kids should have their education equally hindered.”

    “My greatest joy in life is teaching my wonderful, little angels, but if I can not go to work and still get paid then see ya later, snot-nosed brats!” said 2019 teacher of the year Kathy Frazzelbum as she floated by in her pool tube while sipping a piña colada.

    “Kids have their entire lives to learn. It’s not like these are formative years that could leave their education stunted and trailing behind the rest of the world,” explained teacher’s union founder Trish McDonald.

    Teachers across the nation expressed their utmost thanks to the taxpayers and assured them that this was money well spent. “I am much more productive as a teacher thanks to the Every Child Left Behind movement. Now I can go run errands as I please and instead of grading papers I can binge Netflix!”

    At publishing time, the teacher’s union was planning a series of strikes to continue the Every Child Left Behind movement until a cure for all sickness and death was found.

  2. U.S.—Trump voters who say they are being increasingly targeted and harassed for supporting the president have turned to wearing hydroxychloroquine necklaces to ward off Liberals.

    Liberals, who are notoriously terrified of the tiny white pills, tend to cower and run away in terror upon seeing hydroxychloroquine. According to clinical studies, Trump voters who wear necklaces strung with hydroxychloroquine are 63% less likely to be attacked by a leftist on the way home from work or the grocery store.

    “We didn’t know what else to do,” said local Trump fan Judy Jugglebumkins as she loaded a cart of GOYA foods into her trunk. “Thank God for hydroxychloroquine. I take it for my aches and pains, my arthritis, and my ‘rona! And ever since I started wearing my extra pills around my neck, liberals scream and run away! It works great!”

    According to witnesses, an Antifa activist who approached Judy in the parking lot immediately covered his eyes screaming “AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!” before fleeing the scene.

    Anonymous sources in the Trump campaign have noted the effectiveness of the drug, and are floating the idea of hanging Hydroxychloroquine in the doorways of voting places in November.

    • I saw this the other day. I really hate the word mansplaining, but if there ever was an appropriate use for it, this might be it. I’m pretty sure if a woman calls the police after being raped, it’s because she wants someone to hunt down her attacker and bring him to justice, NOT so she can talk about her feelings. I can’t believe the two women didn’t put him in his place. If he’d been a republican you can bet they would have.

      • His proper place is in a Psych ward.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I guess every women who is part of the “Me Too” movement and those assaulted by the likes of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein insist the criminal charges against those men be dropped. Or even all the young girl athletes just go to a doctor instead of the police….oh that’s right they did go to a doctor

        Isn’t Ellison the head of the DNC?

  3. Obama can join him after yesterday.

  4. Ray Hawkins says:

    CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate

    “Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19.”

  5. Just A Citizen says:
  6. A few years ago there was universal MSM outrage at the Sandusky (Penn State) scandal. Now we learn about the Epstien scandal and that fact that the FBI knew about it for years. Where is the outrage from the MSM?

  7. WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump, always desiring to be gracious and fair, suggested delaying the election yesterday until the Dems can find a candidate who can form complete, coherent sentences.

    “Look, I want this to be fair,” Trump said. “Why don’t we push this thing off six months or so? That will give the Dems plenty of time to try to find someone who can go toe to toe with me. It won’t be easy. There aren’t many. But I’m sure they can find a worthy opponent for me to beat.”

    Trump was praised for the graciousness and compassion of the move.

    “I disagree with Trump on everything, but this was really nice of him,” said a DNC spokesperson. “We’re going back to the drawing board and trying to find someone who can talk and think and all those qualities you really want in a leader.”

    The Democrats did manage to locate a few candidates who can string sentences together, but sadly they were all accused of sexual assault, so Trump agreed to give them another six months.

  8. People are really acting stupid due to the ‘Rona. A couple videos I watched:

    Older lady maces family who were having a picnic in a park without masks.

    Man fires warning shots at hotel because people were not social distancing.

    Man in Canada trashes a Pizza, Pizza place because they were serving a man without a mask. The irony of this story is that the idiot wasn’t wearing his mask over his nose.

    I have a prediction, one I have stated before. People will be getting sick this fall and winter in huge numbers. A cold, the flu and other infections that isn’t the ‘Rona. I also expect the flu season to be one of the worst in recent memory. We shall see 😉

    • The problem is Fauci is a theoretician. He is right, if you isolate everyone, the virus cannot spread and therefore will die out. But this is not living, it is existing. People have needs and are social animals. We need the essentials of life to survive. Since we are no longer a hunter gatherer society, that requires interactions either to produce the necessary goods, deliver them or vend them to the consumer. We are also social animals that crave interaction with others especially family. So isolation will not work.

      Our efforts to slow the virus from spreading also prolongs the pandemic period. In the process of slowing the pandemic, we also slow the economy which is and will have dire consequences, including deaths due to poverty, boredom, depression, etc. Fauci is approaching the problem as if it is univariate, i.e., only a single variable that needs to maximized or minimized. But the problem is multivariate, i.e., there are many factors that need optimization simultaneously. Add to this the fact that the Dems are approaching it as a binary problem, save lives and get rid of Trump. They are willing to sacrifice the economy to accomplish the latter.

      The best course of action is to allow the less susceptible to return to normal life. Get the kids back in school so they can develop herd immunity. Let the under 50 crowd go back to work so they can provide for their families. Those that have health problems and the old folks can stay isolated as much as possible.

      We have to let the virus spread so we can attain herd immunity. Our current approach is only prolonging the agony and destroying our businesses. It is not and will not stop the eventual spread of the disease throughout the general population.

      On a side note, I canned 13 qts of tree ripened peaches yesterday. About a month ago, I made about 30 jars of plum jelly from my own trees. The apple crop will be meager this year so I do not expect to make much applesauce unless I find some apples to buy. Being retired does have some advantages.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        But Fauci says we can not wait for herd immunity. He’s also suggesting we all should start wearing goggles.

        Yet we’re lectured by Obama about how we can not do this or that due to the virus, but it’s to a packed church. Sports teams and teachers are demanding safety from the virus yet the cities and States are allowing masses to riot and destroy without doing anything and claiming there’s no evidence these activities DO NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS.

        Once this got political any logical solution and reasoning went down the komode.

        Like Gov Whitman of Michigan vetoing the bill that removes covid positive people from nursing homes and place them in facility with facilities better to deal with it. Yet 34% of ALL the deaths in Michigan were linked to nursing homes. And in some counties over 50%. Says the republicans are playing politics.

        Did she go and ask the people of michigan about their rights being violated by her draconian EO’s

  9. It seems the Dems are more interested in pick a woman of color for the VP spot than picking someone that could actually step up and the do the job when it becomes clear that Biden cannot. All show, not substance.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I think that the VP will not be running the country anymore than Biden would. The Oligarchs who were the American Government during eight years of Obama will return.

      Kind of interesting in my lifetime. The “think tank” of the best and brightest that JFK brought on board have morphed into some kind of techno-oligarchy that now runs the country and the President. Trump blew that up! Obviously he must go or they must go. Since he cannot just execute them, I guess, in the long run, they will win.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There are an estimated 2.7 million employees in the Fed. Civil Service system.

        Not sure that constitutes an “oligarchy” in strict terms. Which is part of the problem. Other than entrenched Bureaucracy there are no words that capture the nature of our Govt. today.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          You are of course correct. But, there is a very tight group of people, those who surrounded Clinton, then Obama who go beyond mere “civil servant”. It is a ruling class all of its own., Remember when they used to say Cheney ran Bush’s White House….I think he did and others like him. Even in the Reagan White house, there were elites who got him in trouble like Iran Contra. Bush 1, I always felt had no clue what was happening around him. Nixon let them run wild and look where it got him!

          I think LBJ and JFK were equal partners with their brain trusts or at least thought so .Johnson was probably undermined from within but no where near as bad as it is now.

          Thinking back to FDR, Truman and IKE, they had advisers, but there was NEVER any question who ran the show. The President’s policies were IMPLEMENTED.

          I think the rapid Trump turnover is partially because he hired guys who he thought would take orders and not try to change them or put their stamp on them without consulting POTUS. It seems to be the nature of the beast these days that the apparatchiks, the HIGH ones, want to make policy rather than merely enforce it. This type of internal subversion is not at all common in business and I think Trump had no clue (hey, neither did I) that it was as ingrained as it has become. Just think about Former Governor Christie and General Mathias for a moment. Neither was satisfied just representing the most powerful man on the planet. Somehow they thought they were co-equals and wanted to make policy.

          My late Dad had it right about when Truman canned MacArthur. Harry was NOT looking for a partner.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            If you recall, I tried to describe that to SUFA some time back. Never watch the candidates.

            Watch who they surround themselves with. And if you follow along for awhile you will see some faces pop up, time after time. Members of JFK’s Admin went back to FDR who went back to Wilson.

  10. CANADA—The NHL kicked off their much-anticipated Stanley Cup Playoffs today in what some are calling the most peaceful hockey tournament of all time.

    Just 47 seconds into the game between the Rangers and the Hurricanes, winger Artemi Panarin started peacefully protesting near his own goal. “First I dropped my gloves and removed my helmet,” Panarin said. “That’s how all great peaceful protests start.” He then proceeded to peacefully protest with Carolina’s Sebastian Aho, who had also removed his gloves and helmet.

    The two peacefully protested in such a fine fashion—exchanging clenched fists of freedom while chanting peaceful slogans like “hockey wives matter,” and “get the puck out of there”—that multiple players from each team joined them. Two other wingers joined in until both men’s noses were broken. Carolina’s center dropped the gloves and peacefully protested with New York’s center until they were both peacefully covered in blood. Even the goalies joined the protest, both being ejected from the game due to the overwhelming amount of peace, love, and understanding they had spread.

    Members of Antifa were seen entering the arena about the same time as the peaceful protest broke out. But after they saw just how peacefully the hockey players were protesting they just called their moms for a ride home and got the heck out of there.

  11. Help!

    I really, really, really want to vote for (R) John James for Senate and I really, really, really want to vote against (D) Rashida Tliab…but I can’t split the ticket. First of all that’s bullshit….

    I can’t make a move without a mask in Michigan, but…No Mask Required at the polls. More bullshit.

    • Makes you wonder if all this Covid crap is WAY OVERBLOWN. I mean, people can’t open their business’s but rioters can gather and burn down Democrat cities.

  12. Cuomo and DeBlasio might accomplish something Islamic Terrorists couldn’t do, destroying NYC.


    This woman died because of they even suspect you have covid, you get no medical care. You are simply told to go get a test and go home. You only get care if You get sick enough to goto the hospital. They are soon ended with overloading the hospitals, they are killing people.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Thoughts? Good or bad/proper or improper??? Try to ignore the obvious effort to make this a real controversy and concentrate on the concept and the possible abuse, if any.

    • It’s Politico! They are making more of this than needed. The important part is that the Feds act within the law, as the lawyers are saying. Inciting a riot is a crime. The violent stuff, however, I feel, are being handled TOO LIGHTLY. Throw something, bullet to the ass. Light a fire or throw some kind of explosive, bullet to the ass. Looting, bullet to the ass. Peaceful protest, have a nice day.

      Some of that stuff in Portland should have been dealt with much, much harsher.

  15. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Shock and Awe!

  16. My new AR 15 pistol is on the way. The mags arrived today and 5,000 rounds of 300 black out shortly.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Are you sure 5,000 is enough? See, we have horsies too up here but the Mayor of NYC will not allow them to be used. They intimidate rioters. Besides if they used them the rioters would yell COSSACKS! COSSACKS! and that would make teh mayor feel like he was bad ole Nicholas 2.

    • Gman or anybody, has anyone ever shot the AR 15 pistol?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Sent you an email. Let me know if you got it.

      • Not the current pistol version, but, removed the folding stock of a GAU5P with a 14 inch barrel. I’d the rear sight and used adjusted point of aim, with a traditional two hand grip on an M9. Its doable semi auto, recoil wasn’t that big an issue. Muzzle climb on auto was a bitch.

        A good laser sight would be great!

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    If the Dems take the White House this fall all these investigations will be disappeared.

    Which leads me back to my question this AM about the federal law being used to round up protesters. Good law, BUT…………… as with all good intentions all it takes is a few bad actors to abuse it. There is no perfect law or perfect implementation.

    We the People must remain diligent and on constant watch. The BEAST is always trying to break out of its cage.

    • Except it was not just a few bad apples in the Obama administration but the whole barrel. Even the peons did not speak up and report the malfeasance. And they are still slow walking the release of information.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Wake up America and smell the roses. Irony here is that the NYT has never truly been objective on most issues I am familiar with. They have been in the tank of the DNC and Greenies for decades. But this commentary by an ex employee goes beyond that and reveals just how dangerous the cancel culture is becoming.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      P.S. Just remembering the long arguments I had with BF and Mathius about how “boycotting” is a form of COERCION and thus use of FORCE. Looks like it is going as I predicted.

  19. U.S.—Democrats have proposed a new debate format they find acceptable: one where Joe Biden is tied up backstage with his mouth duct-taped shut.

    “This is the only fair way to do it,” said a DNC spokesperson. “To allow our candidate to speak would simply be an unfair advantage to the candidate who has some semblance of rational thought left in his brain. Besides, we’re trying to win here. Tying up our candidate and stuffing a sock in his mouth has been shown to improve his poll numbers significantly.”

    The format will feature Trump just shouting at an empty podium while Biden is safely secured by his handlers backstage. Moderators can ask Biden questions, but he will only be able to respond with muffled grunts from somewhere behind the curtain. Trump is expected to respond to Biden’s two minutes of silence by saying, “Wrong!” and “Sad!” over and over again.

    The Trump campaign has agreed to the terms as long as Trump is also tied up backstage with his mouth duct-taped shut.

    😀 😀 😀

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    MUST READ AND WATCH. Video is 47 minutes long so get a cold drink before clicking on it. A pretty darn objective look at the death of an Austin man who should not have died.

    Let me add one other opinion to this situation. Ramos reacts to the police in a panicked way shouting “don’t shoot me”. Why is that his first reaction?? Because the BLM, ANTIFA and the damned media. I think there is an increasing number of people fearful of the police because they are told they are “hunting them down”. Yes, I would probably have a heart rate above 200 if eight guns are pointed at me. But I would have been following instructions first.

    When I heard the 911 call I quickly came to a similar conclusion as the author. I also think APD blew it and should evaluate and change their procedures.

    And…….SHAME on the attempt to claim they felt “threatened by his car”. This is one more example of the “thin blue line” gathering around to protect its own, no matter what. Holding officers accountable is good but what has been ignored is holding those RATIONALIZING and spinning BS to cover up mistakes.

    • Ray Hawkins says:


      “Let me add one other opinion to this situation. Ramos reacts to the police in a panicked way shouting “don’t shoot me”. Why is that his first reaction?? Because the BLM, ANTIFA and the damned media. I think there is an increasing number of people fearful of the police because they are told they are “hunting them down”. Yes, I would probably have a heart rate above 200 if eight guns are pointed at me. But I would have been following instructions first. ”

      Well – I agree – that that is your opinion. All speculation as to why Ramos thought he may get shot. After all……he was shot. (shrugs shoulders).

      His death seems pretty needless. Please finish the investigation.

    • The blogger raises some interesting points. Was the 911 caller setting up the victim?

      I will add a few questions of my own. Why did not the cops position a car so that the victim could not drive away? Why do they not designate a single office to address the individual. It is very confusing when multiple people are yelling at you? Did they lower their weapons when he was found to be unarmed to deescalate the situation? The cops fired first the non-lethal round which essentially confirmed to the victim their ill will, thus the panic to flee. Why did they not ask the lady in the car to exit and move away as well?

      BLM and the media have terrorized many with their constant rants about out of control police. Anyone would be scared s___less if suddenly confronted by 8 cops brandishing AR15s. The normal human reactions are fight, flee or submit. Given the level of adrenaline he must have been going through plus possible drugs, anyone of these responses could occur. As I see it the victim made a bad but understandable choice confounded by the police making several tactical mistakes.

  21. Record number of gun sales in the US has more than doubled in the last three months with Texas and California leading the way……California? Below is what has been added to the State Constitution.

    Texas has more than 1.2 million residents who are active holders of concealed handgun permits and has no laws regulating the possession of long guns. That number is expected to increase to 2.5 million by years end. And the problem with this is what?

    The strong gun-rights state predictably gets an “F” from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, primarily because it does not require universal background checks on all gun purchases, including private sales and purchases at gun shows. Gun shows are where you can buy silencers and without registering with the ATF.

    Texas gun laws generally focus on regulating the carrying of guns as opposed to restricting gun ownership. The constitution guarantees every Texan the right to “keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State” but gives the Legislature the power to “regulate the wearing of arms” to prevent crime. Nothing new here.

    Under federal law, it’s illegal for someone younger than 18 to possess a handgun except during hunting and self-defense situations. Stupid law.

    In Texas, you must be 21 to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer, but you can buy a rifle at 18 as long as it’s not prohibited. Gun shows are self regulated but, in general, you cannot purchase a gun at a gun show unless you meet standard age requirements. However, there is no law that prevents a dad from buying a weapon and giving it to a son or friends under the age requirements.

    Texas’ criminal code and federal law prohibit rifles with a barrel length of less than 16 inches and shotguns with a barrel length of less than 18 inches. But you may be granted an exception for such weapons, as well as for machine guns and silencers, if you register them with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and pay a $200 tax. no problem here except the Federal Registration but it is what it is. However, go to a gun show and buy all the machine guns and silencers you want without Federal registration.

    Texas requires a license to openly carry handguns in public, but not rifles. Unlike other states that “may issue” a license to individuals who apply, Texas is a “shall issue” state, meaning it will grant applicants a license as long as they meet basic requirements. Applications are online and require fingerprints and four to six hours of training. No changes here.

    One of the laws passed in 2017 made it cheaper to obtain concealed handgun permits by reducing fees from $140 to $40. As it should be.

    Since Abbott signed into law “open carry” legislation in 2015, licensed handgun owners can openly carry their handguns on a hip or shoulder holster. Guns are still banned in certain places such as schools, polling places, courtrooms and secure airport areas. This is ok but should be changed to open carry anywhere.

    Texas’ campus carry law, also signed into law in 2015, allows handguns in campus buildings and dorms. It was challenged by University of Texas at Austin professors who said it could chill free speech on campus, but the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law in 2018. As it should be.

    Other than permits that are needed to carry handguns, Texas does not require a permit, registration, or license for guns. As it should be.

    Starting Sept. 1, any handgun owner without a license can carry a gun, openly or concealed, for a full week after a state or federal disaster zone is declared. The change comes in response to pro-gun groups’ outcries that Texans couldn’t arm themselves when Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast in 2017. Good change.

    Landlords will also no longer be able to ban renters from having guns in their units, and the state will no longer limit the number of school faculty and staff that can be designated as armed school marshals. As it should be.

    Houses of worship will be required to give notice to their congregations if they want to ban guns. Churches, synagogues and mosques were previously off-limits to gun owners, but lawmakers decided to lift the restriction as a response to the 2017 Sutherland Springs church shooting. Finally this has passed….this was in response to the church shooting where an individual pulled a gun and five church goers pulled weapons including a 70 year old lady and prevented more shootings killing the perp.

    Abbott also signed into law a bill that allows firearms and ammunition in certain foster homes as long as they are kept in locked storage, as well as one that lets licensed gun owners store guns in their car while in a school parking lot. Another new law gives legal cover to people carrying guns who accidentally step into gun-free zones. Ok, no problem here.

    Texas’ “Castle Doctrine” law gives people the right to use deadly force to defend themselves while in their home with no duty to retreat. No changes here.
    The “Stand Your Ground” rule extends the Castle Doctrine to individuals in public spaces if they have a right to be there and are not committing a crime. No changes here.
    A Texas resident, unless otherwise prevented by law, is permitted to purchase rifles and shotguns, ammunition and firearms accessories in neighboring states. This is great and new.

    Since there is no national registry for most commonly accessible firearms, the ATF says it has no way of knowing how many weapons are out there. Some estimates put the number as high as 270 million. The Pew Research Center and the journal Injury Prevention surveyed consumers to try to come up with an estimate. Some say the estimate should be increased to 300 million. This is more than the combined armed forces and police units of the United States.

  22. Ray Hawkins says:

    “Trump calls TikTok a hot brand, demands a chunk of its sale price”

    Today the president appeared to bless the budding Microsoft-TikTok deal, continuing his evolution on a possible transaction. After stating last Friday that he’d rather see TikTok banned than sold to a U.S.-based company, Trump changed his tune over the weekend. TikTok is owned by China-based company ByteDance, which owns a portfolio of apps and services.

    A weekend phone call between Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, and the American premier appeared to change his mind, leading to the software company sharing publicly on Sunday that it was pursuing a deal.

    Then today the president, endorsing a deal between an American company and ByteDance over TikTok, also said that he expects a chunk of the sale price to wind up in the accounts of the American government.

    Everybody good with this? Our resident strongman, thugocratic leader attempting first to ban Tik Tock (based on proof of concept work on its security) but now “approving” its sale so long as the government gets a cut? WTF is that?

    Please lets not forget this was the same platform used to punk him and the failed Tulsa rally. He is a vengeful creature who does not forget.

    • Don’t know enough about this to say much. I do however, find the idea that the government should get a finders fee, a bad idea.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Maybe his plan is to use the proceeds to help subsidize the farmers on Farmville.

    • Extortion was wrong when Obama did and wrong for anyone else to do. Obama extorted “fines” from various companies including BP to set up private accounts for distribution by Obama appointed agents. Thus the money was controlled by his administration but did not go through the treasury department.

      As I understand, Tik Tok like Google et. al. mine any data they can get off of a users phone and sell the data to data miners. In the case of Tik Tok, being a Chinese company, they must pass the data on to the Chinese government on demand. Even if Microsoft buys US Tik Tok, will there still be assurances that Tik Tok China does not have access to the data?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Nope, no problem. You characterization is not accurate. He is not allowing the sale because of getting the money. He stated the sale to Microsoft or “any other American company” would be OK if it is 100% American. That China has no access to the information being gathered. Frankly I would like to see that issue addressed but nobody on the left seems to care. All I see is Microsoft and Facebook do it so what is the problem with China doing it.

      So there are two factors he mentions, not one.

      1. Sale of 100% to an American Company.
      2. Some major funds to the US Treasury.

      Seems to me the US Govt has received fees for approving such deals in the past. Could be wrong but it is often put forth as a “positive” of these kind of deals, by Federal, State and especially Local govt. entities.

      Unanswered question is How does the Federal Govt collect these fees? What authority and in what form? Is it a tax, tariff, transaction fee or just a “donation”?

  23. Ray Hawkins says:

    “Trump administration’s testing czar says it’s ‘time to move on’ from hydroxychloroquine and says there’s no evidence the anti-malarial drug is ‘effective’ despite the President’s endorsement”

    The Trump administration’s ‘testing czar’ says it’s ‘time to move on’ from hydoxychloroquine after President Donald Trump returned to tout the drug as a possible cure for COVID-19.

    Brett Giroir, the nation’s assistant secretary for health who coordinates the administration’s coronavirus testing, doubled down on Sunday that there is no evidence the antimalarial drug is an ‘effective’ treatment for virus.

    Giroir debunked new theories supporting hydroxychloroquine saying scientific experts agree it’s not a solution to the respiratory disease that has infected more than 4.6million and killed over 154,000.

    More at:


    So – Giroir doesn’t work for the media. Doesn’t work for Biden. Doesn’t work for the DNC. I don’t think he works for the Russians.


    He is part of the Trump administration. When will this POTUS get his shit together with his own people? This just sows more discord and confusion in a Country already fighting with itself let alone a damn pandemic (or…..what JAC would refer to as…..”leadership”).

    • Ammo dump?

      • Don’t think so….the explosion is wrong…smoke is wrong…non-nuclear……explosive power looks like ammonium nitrate.

        Could be wrong….but my guess. The one thing that puzzles me, is the small number of small explosions prior to the big one.

        Even larger than the Pirate’s nine pounder.

        • More reports coming in saying large amounts of nitrate in the air…..explosives have nitrate in them but the type of explosion sure mimics ammonium nitrate. And, since it was at a port, that sounds reasonable.

          I saw an ammo dump go up at Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam… was loaded with 500 pound and 1000 pound bombs ……it was nothing like this. Ammonium nitrate is about the only thing with this kind of explosive power and concussion that comes to mind.

      • Reports say fireworks.


    The video is embedded. It should come as no surprise that the liberal media misleads in it’s report……er…lying.

    • This guy has been in and out of jail multiple times. He knows what is expected and what to say to not comply. While his death was not necessary, he did put himself into the situation.

    • Good question.

      Also riddle me this, if this virus can escape from a level 4 virus lab, how do you expect a piece of cloth to stop it?

      • you can’t….as I have said repeatedly…it is a nasty contagious cold. Let it run its course.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          “A nasty cold”…..Jesus H help us all.

          • LOL, Ray,,,,,,,I am entitled to my opinion just as you are. I do not see a Pandemic ….just don’t..I am not convinced.

            Additionally, I do not see shutting down any economy over anything. Again, that is my opinion.

            Finally, the thing that scares me the most….is what precedent has this now set. I do not like it.


    In this scenario, the election is not decided due to a failure of the voting system, hence the EC cannot submit their results to Congress. It is then up to the House to appoint a temporary president until the election is sorted out. The Senate selects the VEEP. I will submit that if the presidential vote is uncertain, so will be a large number of the House and Senate. Now the Senate still has 2/3 seated members plus whoever has a clean election result. However, the House could be a different story. Many House elections could be contested and thus not settled leaving the House only partially filled. Do the governors appoint temporary reps to fill the void? Who will have control, the Ds or the Rs? Remember, Congress is installed on Jan 4 and the executive on Jan 20. So it is the new Congress the decides the matter.

    Pass the popcorn, this could be interesting.

  26. Interesting video….as usual, I cannot post it but go back and look at the John Lewis funeral where Obama was speaking. He turned it political, of course, but listen to him about the mail in balloting on how we should have it to keep people from getting sick……then look at the funeral and see more than 250 people crammed in a seated area shoulder to shoulder…not 6 feet apart and barely 6 inches apart….granted they were at least wearing masks but complaining about mail in balloting to keep people from getting sick from a podium where people are jammed like cattle.

    As T Ray says…….ice down the drinks and pass the popcorn.

    • Make mine a neat single malt Scotch.

    • Isn’t it interesting that people can protest, riot, go to a big funeral and that’s all ok with the Crats, but voting is a problem. What a bunch of asshats.
      However, if there is some vote by mail, it will probably only be in blue states, which won’t matter much. Except Biden will win the popular vote by a billion or so, giving Mathius fits.
      What won’t the Crats do to gain power? Nothing, in ludington rigging an election.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Idaho’s primary was Mail in Ballots ONLY. The Gov got sued because the announcement of moving to ONLY mail in ballots was not widespread and the timing of requesting ballots caused reduced voter turnout.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          Curious what the timing was. Anyway you slice it – that is a fail. Go fix it.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            There were two issues. The first was lack of understanding by voters, such as myself, which I discussed here a few weeks back.

            The Gov. announced mail in ballots would be used for the primary. But somehow, many of us didn’t understand that the regular voting was being eliminated. My wife understood it correctly, but did not give me the details. Only that “we can vote by mail this year”. She works closely with the State and Govt’s office so no wonder she understood it better.

            The mechanics of it was that the State mailed out notices to everyone on the voter rolls with a form to request a mail in ballot. The litigation was over this notice. The claim was it was not sent early enough to allow many people to get their ballots on time. I could see how that might be true for some folks but not sure what real impact this had. Those suing claim thousands were disenfranchised. Being a primary I find that a bit inflated.

            I do not know how unregistered voters were handled. Maybe everyone of record got a notice, I don’t know for sure how they did that. Was told “voter registration” but still unsure.

            The odd thing was that you were first mailed a form to “request” your ballot then the ballot was mailed separately. Of course, “lost mail” is an issue as well. I never saw an explanation for the notice letter but think it might be an attempt to “force fit” the mail in ballots into the existing “absentee ballot” rules. Voting absentee requires a written request to get your ballot.

            • Ray Hawkins says:

              In Pennsylvania…..we had to request a mail-in ballot – by mail or online. We became aware of it via TV ad. I was first to request a ballot followed by my wife 5-6 days later. Hers arrived first. I thought……hmm……wtf. Called Voter Services – after being authenticated they assured me a fresh ballot was on its way. It arrived 3 days later. It was different than that of my wife – bar code, printing, etc. Weird. Then… original arrived – ballot was identical to my wife. So now I have two ballots but diff bar codes. I shredded the “old” one and sent the new one in. All done with plenty of time.

              There is a lot in there that could have continued to break bad and undermined my confidence in the system. Had any of this happened a week later I would not have been able to do mail-in. No at a perfect system but stable (seemingly) and one they can and should improve upon.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        “In apparent reversal, Trump encourages Floridians to vote by mail”

        After repeatedly seeking to discredit mail-in voting, President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed Florida’s election system is “safe and secure” and encourages Floridians to vote by mail.

        Trump’s change in attitude over the swing state’s use of mail-in ballots undermines an argument he’d maintained throughout the coronavirus pandemic — that mail-in ballots pose a distinct election security risk that absentee ballots do not. But elections experts have repeatedly underscored that mail-in voting and absentee voting are essentially the same thing, and that there are strict measures in place to verify the authenticity of all ballots cast by mail.

        “Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True. Florida’s Voting system has been cleaned up (we defeated Democrats attempts at change), so in Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot & Vote by Mail! #MAGA,” he tweeted.

        When asked about the reversal later Tuesday afternoon, Trump seemed to imply that Republican-run states with existing mail-in voting programs were up-to-par, but Democratic states establishing or expanding mail-in voting during the pandemic were not.

        North is South
        Night is Day
        East is West
        Trump is still a bumbling idiot

  27. You gotta love the msm and their rendition of the Beriut explosion,,,,, ‘It’s like Hiroshima’: Massive explosion rocks Beirut, causing thousands of injuries and widespread damage Hiroshima? Where an entire city was destroyed with over 300k casualties. “It resembles what happened in Japan, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s what [it] reminds me of. In my life, I haven’t seen destruction on this scale,” Abboud said of the mushroom cloud.

    Sigh……people do not know the difference between a shock wave and a mushroom cloud.

    • You would need to be at least 80 yrs old to remember the a-bombs dropped on Japan. Even then there were no videos.

    • The big white spherical cloud, is that a shock wave front which is condensing the water vapor in the air?

  28. Now the NHL is taking a knee. RIP pro sports.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I see a mouthy receiver in Clevelend (Sir Beckam Jr.) claims that NFL owners think of players as nothing but property. Otherwise why would they be pushing to play this season.

      Didn’t occur to him that maybe the owners get it. If we find out we can live without Pro Sports they will be OUT OF BUSINESS all together.

      • Of course they are property. And if there is a player out there that does not think they are property, bought and paid for, they are naive.

        A team of football players is no different than a bag of golf clubs….each has a specific function.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    ROTFLMAO………… The DOJ/FBI has reviewed the accusations of lying on FISA requests by THEM and concluded THEY only made a couple of material errors. The rest, in THEIR OPINION, would not have invalidated the requests.

    Seems to me there was a FISA Judge who ripped on DOJ and FBI when he found out what some of those “minor” or “Paperwork” errors were.

    Hey Fox I hear you been eatin the chickens. Fox……Not me. We Foxes have concluded a full review of your accusations and concluded you are wrong. We would ask the chickens but there are none left.

  30. Ray Hawkins says:

    North Korea has likely developed mini nukes to fit into warheads of ballistic missiles: report

    North Korea has likely developed a mini nuclear device that could fit into the warheads of its ballistic missile, a new United Nations report suggests.

    Several unidentified countries believe Pyongyang’s past six nuclear tests have helped it to develop the capacity, according to the confidential report submitted Monday to the U.N. Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee and that was also seen by Reuters.

    The report accuses North Korea of continuing its nuclear ambitions despite the country not having conducted a nuclear test since September 2017.

    “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is continuing its nuclear program, including the production of highly enriched uranium and construction of an experimental light water reactor,” the report reads. “A Member State assessed that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is continuing production of nuclear weapons.”

    The report also said one country assessed that North Korea “may seek to further develop miniaturization in order to allow incorporation of technological improvements such as penetration aid packages or, potentially, to develop multiple warhead systems.”


    Time for DJT to rekindle his bromance with Rocket Man? Thought we already ran a victory lap on this one? Maybe Pompeo forgot to give Kim Jong Un the Elton John autographed panties?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Here we go again…….”Several unidentified countries” Is that up there with “usually reliable sources” or “a source who wishes to remain anonymous”.

      Now ya gotta ask yourself why a country would remain unidentified. C’mon, just ask that.

  31. Ray Hawkins says:

    “GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Daughter Calls Him Out For Ignoring Coronavirus Advice”

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) has been publicly called out by his daughter for ignoring medical expertise and refusing to wear a face mask before he tested positive for the coronavirus last week, according to multiple media outlets.

    “Wearing a mask is a non-partisan issue. The advice of medical experts shouldn’t be politicized,” wrote Caroline Gohmert, a singer who performs as BELLSAINT, in posts shared on social media Friday that were verified to CNN by her agent.

    “My father ignored medical expertise and now he has COVID,” the musician continued. “This has been a heartbreaking battle bc I love my dad and don’t want him to die.”


    Well……..let me put my shocked face on. At least someone has the spine to tell Gomer (Pyle) what a dipshit he is.

    ‘Bout as brilliant as the standing room only crowd at Lewis’ funeral.

    • With all the possible ways to catch this virus, it naturally all boils down to a face diaper that is supposed to stop you from spreading the disease and not from you catching it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Shssssh man. Don’t confuse them any more than they already are. If you keep it up none of their stories will be consistent. Oh wait………….. never mind.

        Latest to catch my eye yesterday. Democrats calling for more Govt. work projects to replace jobs lost to Covid. So I guess the Washington State Governor was right. Those working on govt jobs can’t catch Covid. Only those working on private jobs. The same jobs destroyed by the shutdown, that they keep supporting.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Hmmmmmm very interesting and of course Podesta doing the Podesta thang…………. what a schmuck this guy is.

    Now for people who supposedly understand the laws better than anyone I find it bizarre that their “war game” ends with them standing around waiting to see what the military does. Makes me wonder if this is some kind of “Onion” joke being foisted upon the right to get a reaction.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    There seems to be a hole in this theory, in my opinion.

    The Constitution distinguishes between “being chosen (as in elected)” OR “failing to qualify”.

    The “qualification” mentioned did not mean winning the majority as I understood it. It was if the chosen candidate was found to be Not Qualified as in not a Citizen and not of the correct age or not meeting the other criteria. So in this day and age, we have ignored the Natural Born Citizenship requirement as originally intended and all the other requirements are pre checked before the election.

    So that leaves the notion that the House will choose the POTUS if the election results are not certified by the States. BUT………. it is the Electoral College that is the key determinant. Seems to me the Electors could convene per the order of the US Govt. Then ONLY if a majority of Electors is not achieved is the election tossed to the House.

    If the election RESULTS are simply delayed their would be hell to pay if any party tried to use that delay to use the House to install their own candidate. And if they did, the election results would have to be revealed eventually. Negating the House’s actions.

    Unless of course the results were coincidentally the same as the House’s choice. And that would never happen…………… sarcasm off.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Sorry – read the article twice as I thought it was meant as farce. Remember – DJT now says mail-in ballots are ok…….for Florida. So what becomes of motivations now? Makes no sense.

      • No…none of it makes sense……from the right or the left……get on with it…either make them ok or not ok… special circumstances………

        I am vehemently against mail in ballots…even for seniors and I am a senior….and getting more senior every day. If you can have protests and funerals standing shoulder to shoulder, and 50 percent capacity at restaurants…and Texas opened its schools yesterday……then you can have social distancing and masks at ballot locations.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          If I can pay all my bills via electronic payment or writing a check and mailing – why in the world can I not have mail-in voting covid or no covid?

          • You can Ray. Absentee is not the issue. Blindly mailing millions of ballots without a request form provided is the issue. You voted in a primary. You provided your info to get a ballot. No problem with me. That is not what the Crats want.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            If you do NOT see the difference then you are a bit naive. If the accuracy found in bill payment by check or Credit card was the same as in voting I would have no objection. After all both your checking account and your credit are vetted and they are YOU. Now I am sure that you have had occasion to call your bank or CC Company for some reason. Have you noticed that you must ID yourself by providing the last four digits of your SS number , your date of birth, your home address and perhaps even the name of your first puppy? Hell my Company even uses a voice print!

            So, if ya wanna go that route….I’m on board!

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Where I used to live in West Virginia your bank account was your name. Not a numbered account.. the bank #’s were just a handful.

              The confusion came when there were two people banking that had the same name. We had to insure the parties made changes that truly made their names unique. The county also made use of counter checks. Buy something and just sign a name. However the population in the county was so low, stores etc usually knew who you were. And heaven forbid the people were honest except when it came to making distillates.

              I used to on payday collect everyone’s pay (cash) check out a .45 and an M-14 and go to the bank in the county seat and make everyone’s deposits for them. This was for all military personnel at our base.

              If we thought the recounts in 2016 were bad, just wait for this election. Theyll not just recount, but via the bar codes drill down to see if you were still alive, still a resident in the district and not moved.

              An audit of NC votes in 2016 showed at last 40,000 votes were cast and the person was also still registered in another State, like Connecticut. Did they also vote there nobody went that far to check. Is voting fraud alive and well in the US….yes.

              The State years ago voted for Voter Id. They put a process in place that gave anyone ample time to get a free id at usually the State police drivers license offices.. you could even vote without one. The ballot was held provisionally and you were given 3 months to get one. Present it at a county registrar’s office and then your ballot was certified. The obama DOJ blocked it and said it was discriminatory towards minorities. Back to the drawing boards. The next round copied a States voter id law that passed all the hurdles. Again a single judge shot it down. Again this time the State seemed to get it correct and we didnt need one at our primaries but in november would. The other month a single judge ruled the law was discriminatory to blacks and designed to suppress their votes. The people have had at least 6 years to GET a State issued id.FREE

              I guess none of these judges have heard of the REAL ID that is required to get by next year. If you want to enter any federal building or office, like a court or social security. Heck even at the VA I present an id when i check in. Even boarding an airplane will be forbidden without one. Even at my bank where I’ve banked for 10 years I still have to present (2) valid id’s. Now the bank requires a mask to enter.. they check your id outside the bank and make you show your face. If not you will not enter.

              I use their new “live” teller system installed earlier this year. Great system. I still have to show a valid id via the scanner.

              When LA county had 1.2 million more “registered” viterscthan actual people in the county eligible to vote and automatically registering people to vote at the DMV as does NY and they do this without checking citizenship. There are untold millions of non citizens registered to vote.

              As the Colonel says try voting in Mexico as a non citizen.

      • I think the big objection is to blanket mailing of ballots to all registered voters. The voting lists are notoriously out of date with dead, moved and inactive voters. This means there are lots of ballots out there that can be intercepted and filled out by others. The normal absentee method requires a positive response to request the ballot. There is also concerns about the post office not delivering the ballots, not postmarking them and delivering them late to the clerks office. The CBS test found that 3% were either delivered too late or not at all and this was just on the return side not the initial distribution.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Think Newman the postman on Seinfeld. The bags of mail he decided not to deliver.

          What was the ruling a NY judge just did. Mail in votes were all to be counted even weeks after the deadline. Even if the postmark was weeks later than the actual voting date it even a lack of a postmark. These ballots by rule were to be discarded.. the judge ruled they’re being dusenfranchized. This us reminiscent if Al Frankens senate victory. 4 recounts all favoring the incumbent by a 400 or so margin. Then the judge drew a line and said one last recount. And a mysterious box if votes arrived in the trunk if a car 100% for Franken and just enough to tip the vote in his favor. This is what will happen in every district with close counts.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    OK this is funny. The tantrum that is. And the analogy of the left being mosquito like.

    But at the heart of it is the sticker on the collar. How did that get there? Rednecks do not go around putting collars on bears, at least to my knowledge.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    OMG………. you mean the left and the media were not telling the truth??? That political pressure affected an appellant Court’s decisions? Tell me it ain’t so…………

  36. Let’s see a list of potential VP candidates for Biden. Keep in mind that this will likely be the person that fills the top chair.

    1) Susan Rice
    2) Kamala Harris
    3) Karen Bass
    4) Stacey Abrams
    5) Gov. Whitmer
    6) Gov. Cuomo
    7) Gov. Newsom
    8) Michelle Obama
    9) Loretta Lynch
    10) Eric Holder

    • There is no likely to it…..Biden is a card holder for one, maybe two years…nothing more…he is obsolete. (Using my best Twilight Zone impression)…Whoever is number two,,,,,, is actually number one…and as Ray said above….Jesus H……..god help us all….

      By the way, not being a religious person, I wonder what the “H” stands for?

      • I could make a joke about Kamala coming out on top in a meeting with Biden but I won’t.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Just shaking my head.

      If elected (huge “IF”) what’s the over/under on how long Biden remains lucid/in office?

      What a sorry ass state of affairs. This alone could lose him the election.

      Not exactly a murderer’s row of Veeps

      • If elected (huge “IF”) what’s the over/under on how long Biden remains lucid/in office? I would not be surprised at all if there is a betting line in Vegas on this. In Fact, I would be disappointed if there was not.

        There was a betting line in Vegas on Trump v Clinton so why not this one…..but Vegas knew something that the rest of the country did not….the betting line was almost even. (3/2 for Clinton).

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          Not so tongue-in-cheek – how do we know Biden is even alive? Those F/X folks are pretty good nowadays. While Trump cannot get enough adulation, limelight, ratings to quench his thirst – Biden seems content to use a strategy of say nothing / do nothing? He’s the baseball guy refusing to take risks and hoping the change-up he throws every pitch doesn’t drift over the center of the plate? IMO – most left-leaning voters are lazy and opportunistic. The polls are bullshit. The guy hiding in the basement will get fewer votes than the polls wont for, enough Trump voters will vote for him for some of the right reasons (and some/many wrong reasons) and he’ll serve a second even zanier term. There is a reason fans didn’t want to see Ray Leonard or Larry Holmes un-retire for just one more paycheck – they look like shit, they have no game and they embarrass themselves and the “sport”

  37. Ray Hawkins says:

    Down here Colonel….


    LOL, Ray,,,,,,,I am entitled to my opinion just as you are. I do not see a Pandemic ….just don’t..I am not convinced.

    Additionally, I do not see shutting down any economy over anything. Again, that is my opinion.

    Finally, the thing that scares me the most….is what precedent has this now set. I do not like it.


    All good…..LOL.

    I passionately agree with you that shutting down the economy was…..the wrong answer. We can argue until we pass out that DJT made/led/propagated the wrong decisions at the wrong times. Shove that aside for a second.

    Be prepared. Have a plan.

    My day job at least partially consist of training cyber folks (military, LE, civilian, foreign, domestic) in cyber red and blue team fun. That mission does not and cannot stop. Trade, markets, economies……those are needs/foundations of a functioning society.

    I’m at least hopeful this has taught enough folks to have a plan and adapt to overcome.

    • Yes, and even my State, which, as you know I bleed Texican…was likewise not prepared except for one thing. We established a long time ago a “rainy day” fund….for emergencies. Admittedly, a pandemic was not originally thought of, but it worked just the same. We had cash in the bank of 12 billion (with a B). it was originally set up for hurricanes and natural disasters. We tapped into it to set up emergency hospitals and beds for this Covid scare….and it worked. we never filled the beds and despite the news media today, the beds are still not filled and the military has not set up the emergency hospitals that were never used. So, at least we had the cash on hand and did not have to borrow money from the government.

      We will probably tap the fund again for extended unemployment but that requirement is dwindling quickly as Texas is getting back to work and the schools are operating. Several school districts started school this week and some have opted for a two week delay.

      Like you, I am hopeful that there have been some lessons learned. At lest someone was thinking on setting the emergency funds. It has worked well for our natural disasters and the State has not borrowed money for over a decade.

      Texas gets ridiculed a lot for “backwards” thinking…Like N
      Nancy Pelosi said about Texas…” The balanced budget in Texas is archaic. Any State that is not running a deficit, is not taking care of their people.” This is the thinking up there in Washington…Our governor, Abbott, has cut back on some things a little but is not shutting down the economy again. He said it was a mistake we made then but not now.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Bottom line the “experts” still dont know what the “H” to do but say stay in place, wear masks and now goggles, we need to lock down the entire country. Etc etc etc.

        My point is Trump did listen to all the pick one choices delivered by the experts. He chose to leave it up to our 50 sovereign States to decide what’s best for them and backstop them for supplies etc like hospital ships which were never used. The media ridiculed him saying the ships would take months to prepare and arrive, when they were literally sailing into the harbors. They were never used. Weve had 50 states make decisions. Some bad some good. One size did not fit all. Even within State.

        A relative tests 200 people a week on average for covid at her clinic in an area that has a couple million people. They come in for a variety of reasons. Exhibit some of the symptoms, know they’ve been in contact with a covid positive person. Required by their company to test si they can return to work. Etc. She says only 5% on average test positive. The Stats show the overwhelming majority as does her results are mild and are just sent home to self quarantine for 14 days and get over it. Retest to make sure your no longer positive. The data as it has worldwide seniors with underlying serious medical problems were the hardest hit. That data was right out there the 1st months. Many States and countries took care to protect these high risk people. Some dud NOT like NY, MI and other States. Swedens death toll was mostly seniors in nursing homes and they have acknowledged they screwed up fir failing on that count. Sweden has close to our population yet as if yesterday suffered a death count 3X our State. And they’re applauded by WHO. Yet many countries are condemning them or they’re failures on the nursing home front. Medical experts all over Europe are collectively saying masks dont work for crap unless you in fact are sick. Then you still should be at home or in the hospital. The Netherlands even though they were hit hard, have stated the same and masks are totally optional. And leaving it up to individuals. Or individual cities or areas in a city. They are taking steps to protect those most vulnerable and letting people free. Trusting more on “herd immunity” than anything else.. yet many of our governors are pushing in the opposite direction. I’ve yet to see NYers blocked or checkpointed from travel to the 43 States. They are forcing a 14 day quarantine on us from those States. Or else face a $10000 fine. Yet NEW YORK is still far and above any state the worst affected and still.

    • I’m at least hopeful this has taught enough folks to have a plan and adapt to overcome. Clint Eastwood said it best in “Heartbreak Ridge”.


  38. gman, you can send the Col. my email address.

  39. @ JAC……got your email, sir. Thanks….


    So she didn’t know about it, was angry about it, but did nothing about it when she found out.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    What could go wrong with mail in ballots. Nothing………. if this were 1980 maybe.

    But the Radicals have taken control of the systems. People with personal, emotional, attachments to winning. When zealots rule the old rules go out the window.

    Same holds for computer/internet voting. What could ever go wrong in a highly partisan population where the outcomes are viewed as life or death?

    Now to my personal concern over general mail in ballots. It is the population which has the “right to vote” but is not capable of rational decision making. Special needs and those under heavy care, like the elderly. As I reported here back when we lived in Oregon and since, when there it was discovered that special needs care givers were filling in the ballots and having clients sign them. Guess which party those folks mostly support?

    I was criticized last year by a more “republican” leading person for not having my son registered. She thought I should and then “help him as needed” because it is “his right to vote”. My response? You have no right to vote if you are unable to even fathom what it means, let alone make a reasoned choice among options.

    I keep waiting for health and welfare to try and have me removed as a guardian because I will not register my son to vote.

    • My wife falls into the same category as your son. She has very little understanding of the world around her and no ability to make her wishes known. She is registered and does automatically receive a ballot. However, I do not fill it out and return it.

  42. Just A Citizen says:
  43. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The article only lists a few of the demands of the UTLA. The teachers union in Wake county issued the identical list of demands.

      My remembrances of the UTLA is that they went out on strike in the spring of 1970 for almost 1/2 of my last semester in school.. no teacher was poor or hard pressed economically. Most lived somewhere in the area. Not in some low rent poor area. The school board to get them back to throwing out ALL the work we accomplished by replacement teachers teaching from the striking teachers own lesson plan. We then not only had to repeat all the work done, but cover the last 10 weeks new material all within the 10 remaining weeks of the semester.. we had 1200 kids in the class and i know only one who continues to support the union and their tactic. Most are adamantly against the union. Which even last year blackmailed the city into new contracts that they are scrabbling to raise taxes to pay for it. Now these demands

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Another CNN darling embarrassing herself.

    CNN’s Burnett presses Navarro on hydroxychloroquine in combative interview: ‘You’re an economist, not a scientist’

    Does she not know that “economists” are schooled in the scientific process and heavy backgrounds in statistical studies. The very kinds of things that are being done with hydroxy.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Another BS claim that lack of federal leadership is the cause for the virus growing is included. However, the main point is very valid and one I have been complaining about locally. Due to HIPPA the health district will not publish the kinds of information which the rest of us could use to assess where the highest risks are and what if anything we can do to mitigate it. Hell, we don’t even know how much of our increase is related to bars vs. city parks for example.

    So, the cry for unified data collection and reporting is useless if actual meaningful data is not included. And that goes far beyond how many new cases were reported yesterday and what the total virus count is.

    • Remember when they were creating ObamaCare? There was going to be a national healthcare database that could be mined for statistical information on the efficiency of healthcare in the US. What happened to that?

      The CDC should be organizing and standardizing the data collection. In fact, they should have had a system in place for this along with all the procedures, forms and requirements.

      This disease is ubiquitous. Micromanaging its spread is useless and a waste of time and money. We need it to spread anyway to achieve herd immunity. Spend time and money on protecting the high risk individuals and isolating the sick. I still have not heard PSAs listing the symptoms and what to do and where to get help. This would be far more useful than all the panic newscasts were are being subjected to. Maybe Trump and Biden should be diverting some of their war chests to PSAs that are useful.

  46. Our governor, Gregg Abbott, is being pressed very hard about allowing local districts to decide when to open their schools. He said that his opinion is just that…an opinion….and since the scientists and doctors cannot agree on this Covid then he is doing the only thing that any reasonable Texan would do. The decision to go to school rests with parents and their own school districts. He went on to say that the CDC, scientists, and doctors cannot agree on what to do or even the extent of the Covid. He says that he made a drastic mistake in shutting Texas down and will not do it again. We live and learn.

    He said look at the differences in the CDC stats from the last two years. An estimated 2,305,950 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the United States. According to the CDC, during the 2018-2019 influenza season (October 2018 – February 2019), an estimated 35.5 million people got sick. Even though the number of coronavirus infections is significantly lower over a five-month span, coronavirus is estimated to be equal to or more infectious than the flu — for right now. The reason why? Testing.

    He went on to say that the doctors he talks to claim that the Covid is a nasty respiratory illness..perhaps a little more aggressive, so we warn people and suggest that they take precautions. It is a personal responsibility, Abbott says. It is not up to the state to quarantine, it is up to the locals. I have counties and towns in Texas that do not even have a single case and we shut them in a closet supposedly under the guise of safety. Well, Texans can think for themselves and they can choose to believe whatever data is out there because there is a ton of it and none of it agrees with the exception of three things. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and do not touch your face. The rest is personal choice.

    Our schools opened this week and parents and school districts have a choice to make. He says, make your choice. No governor nor mayor has a right to rob you of choice. They cannot predict any better or worse than the doctors or scientists who are still gathering evidence and posting it.

    Pretty simple, if you ask me. At any rate, it is a local choice between parents and their school districts. I agree.

    • But, but… it’s Trump’s fault if anyone dies.

      • If Trump had done everything perfect, said all the right things, gave the very best advice that his experts suggested, the Liberal media and the Left would have fought against all of it….oh, wait a minute…..They did 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      For the most part that is how NC is handling the virus. Even though the governor may dictate some EO, the counties and cities are pretty much left to make they’re own decisions on how to handle it.

      Our school district decided to delay classroom schooling 9 weeks and stay with the online system that was in place last term. Nobody really believes theyll NOT extend it again. So most parents I’ve talked to are keeping their kids in virtual online schooling.

      In Wake county the environment the kids will be subjected to in the classroom is abusive. The county kept in place their “virtual academy” and parents are enrolling their kids there. Not for fear of the virus. But forcing a child to remain in a 7′ X 7′ taped square on the floor all day except for a bathroom break. Wear a mask at all times. The school class is fractured to teach the class where the seats are maybe a quarter of what they were. And there’s no guarantee the school will stay open. With virtual learning the kids need to complete the requisite assignments BUT they can be anywhere as lo g as they’re completed by the deadlines. They can obviously take breaks, go outside and play, even be with their parents on vacation somewhere. As the process is refined the actual classroom will become obsolete and only for the most part filled with minorities.

      My old high school is 1/2 it’s original student body. Over 50% are minorities. The area is still overwhelmingly white as it was with only a shift in the Asian population. We always had a fairly large Hispanic population. Blacks were only a comma. But bussing for social justice changed that. Nobody allowed their kids to be bussed 100 miles R/T to an inner city school when you could walk to the one down the street.

      Instead of still ranking around 98% in school rankings statewide. They now rank 37% in english college prep. Around 45% in math. With and average of 41%. The majority of students receive food assistance. They have built a school in the old student parking lot for habitual drug addicts and alcoholics. They are in rehab 1/2 day and classroom 1/2 day. Two football seasons ago the team forfeited games because of failing scholastic and couldn’t field enough players.

      That is the results of the UTLA and the LA school district.

      PS you still need to afford a multi million dollar house stand alone house to live where I did.

    • Saw this a couple days ago and almost posted it then, but it sure seems to fit now. There is a link to a pdf on the Sunrise Movement’s tactics guide, that lays out every step to take when creating a disturbance.

      • “The whole thing come crumbling down.” Thinking these people have no idea what that, in reality, would mean.

        As far as going to people’s homes, they obviously have already started doing that, would hate to see an increase. I’m afraid that would bring about something real close to a civil war.

        Those people with lazers, should be rounded up and put in jail. I Wonder what the charge for trying to blind people would be. Life in prison works for me.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “It’s time for THE REVOLUTION”?????????? THE REVOLUTION.

        Not “a revolution” or “time for a revolution” but THE revolution. This lets the cat out of the bag. This is not their revolution. It is some older person’s revolution that has been put in their pea sized brains.


    Remember when Gov. Christie tried to quarantine the returning nurse exposed to Ebola? Now we are going to have road blocks stopping people coming into NYC with possible $10K fines.

    Papers, please.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Mandatory mask orders are NOT a step to a police state. Nope, noway. Calm down and take a chill pill. Oooooops.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is the health of individual humans. The rest is just statistics.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Mr. Trump tries to streamline and fix NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) and the Democrats, including one top VP contender, respond with:

    What people don’t realize is that these kinds of mandates then require EVERY environmental analysis for any project, no matter how small or remote, document this analysis. Even if no impact is obvious, it has to be documented and be defensible by actual study or the 9th Circuit and greeny District Judges will bounce it.

    And this is how we have ground ourselves into the dirt.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh for God’s sake, what was he thinking????? China? No problem says Joe Biden. An important trading partner says Pelosi.

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like Mathius is now writing for the Dallas newspaper and Gman has taken on Ted Cruz’s identity. Now try and tell me this argument doesn’t seem familiar.

  52. Just A Citizen says:
  53. Just A Citizen says:

    Nobody seems to have any detailed info on who Antifa is but look how much is known about some obscure group of people supposedly wanting revolution to overthrow the govt. Cause you know, they are Right Wingers.

    • This sounds more like a fantasy rather than a real group. I looked at the Oath Keepers several years ago. Did not look like a bunch of radicals, only a group of individuals who had once sworn to uphold the Constitution and were vowing to keep that oath if the need arised.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    No face mask, no food. No face mask, not water or electricity. Check points for those entering the State. What could the LEFT come up with next?


    As I have said many times. There are not supposed to be any exceptions to our Rights. Especially those in the Bill of Rights. The activist judges in this country have undermined the Constitution over and over and over again. Rights are no longer rights. Just guidelines which shall be enforced “unless there is a compelling Govt interest”. Which of course the Govt. gets to define, describe and eventually judge.

    • Excuse my language , but shit, the truth in that article is overwhelmingly scary. When are people gonna see the danger!

      • When they end up in the reeducation camps.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I think many people do. Right now they are being stereotyped as right wing loons by the Democrats, Squishy Republicans, and the Media. Just look at the effort to minimize/ridicule those fighting against the mandatory mask and shutdown orders.

        Bottom line, if they can force you to stay in your home against your will…………What the hell is left????

  55. Just A Citizen says:
  56. Portland still violent despite lack of Fed LE. Gee, what a surprise. Watched a liberal pundit literally twist herself into a knot trying to say that it’s now a “different” kind of violence. Mental illness is alive and well in the Liberal media.

    Anifa sues Seattle claiming that the police response forced them to invest in better protective gear, a defacto tax on their 1st Amendment rights, Mental illness is alive and well in the Far Left.

    San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman says gay bathhouses need to be reopened ASAP so they can aid the city’s “economic and cultural recovery” and his fellow board of supervisors have already unanimously approved an ordinance to help make it happen. Churches will still remain closed. Mental illness…..

    An Arizona State University professor who documented her battle against COVID-19 on Twitter and subsequently died from the disease was found never to have existed.

    In an elaborate cat-fishing hoax, Twitter user @Sciencing_Bi claimed to be an Indigenous pro-LGBTQ professor who was a member of the Hopi Native American tribe and was forced to teach during the coronavirus outbreak. Mental illness……

  57. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2

  58. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was checking up on the stories from several years ago about the human organ harvesting ring in Eygpt and North Africa. Supplying organs to European hospital demand. I’m glad to see convictions. What Newsweek failed to cover was what prompted the original arrests. They arrested a person who videoed people usually “irregular migrants” who were unable to pay the human traffickers into Eurooe. They paid with their lives and harvested for their valuable organs.

  59. Dale A Albrecht says:

    When is the federal government going to step in and take to task mayors and governors for violating “Interstate” commerce?

    At least one trucking company CEO is not requiring his truckers to deliver loads to cities and States that are defunding police and allowing BLM and Antifa to run amok and block highways and interstates and beat drivers.

    What about the truckers coming from any one of the 43 States NY has placed on their 14 day quarantine list

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    Irony Alert. The Democrat admits they used the registration roles to identify who should get a ballot.

    Now remember when Dems told us that Registration irregularities didn’t mean there was fraud because registration is not the same as voting???? I DO!

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    In a nutshell……………..

    “Communist revolutionaries, and that’s what Antifa and BLM are, do not just stop. There is no end game for them except destruction of the system.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      They have told us for years what they believe and desire. They put it in pamphlets, on wall, in books and even in movies.

  62. Just A Citizen says:

    How does a democratic nation respond to a large number of identifiable people within its borders who adopt lying about their true intent as a tactic? Correct answer is we go after the “actions” not suspicions. But it should also dictate closer monitoring of actions, not just sitting a back and denigrating anyone who happens to point out that this group has a habit of lying about what they, as a group, are up to.

    Remember the refrain that went something like, A free nation sows the seeds of its own destruction.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    FLASH BACK………….. Seemed appropriate to me that we revisit a little history. And OMG could that man give a speech.

  64. The mask police have made it to my city. Yep. State workers on patrol, stopping in to make sure businesses are in compliance with the mask mandate. Showed up at my hair salon and gave a warning. Even showed up at the feed mill, where they may be 1 customer every 3 hours. Now that word is out about patrols, people are ratting out other businesses. 👿 #BigGretch’s Brownshirts

  65. Wash your mask.
    A caller to a radio talk show recently shared that his wife was hospitalized and told she had COVID and only a couple of days left to live. A doctor friend suggested she be tested for legionnaires disease because she wore the same mask every day all day long. Turns out it WAS legionnaires disease from the moisture and bacteria in her mask. She was given antibiotics and within two days was better. WHAT IF these “spikes” in COVID are really something else due to improper mask wearing??

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I kicked that around a while agobeith a doctor. Obviously one is bacteria and the other is a virus,,,,but are similar and can be deadly. Ones treated if caught with antibiotics and the other WELL? Time will tell.

      Like any other serious contagious disease stay the hell home if you are sick. You are the one spreading the disease. NOT healthy people.

      Europe now is saying exactly the opposite now about masks than our “experts” They like many of our States most notably NY and MI failed to protect the most vulnerable high risk group that was well known early. Some States like MI refuse to back off . Europe acknowledges their error on that and have totally shifted. Let healthy people free to live and be free. Protect the vulnerable. Many countries have reported as here 30%-40% of the deaths from covid are linked to nursing homes.

  66. Interesting argument for the teachers union.

    Let’s see…..the firemen are on duty. The policemen are on duty. The utilities and service personnel are on duty. The military is on duty. Doctors and hospital staff are on duty. Water resource employees are on duty. Dams and electrical grid personnel are on duty.

    But the personnel of our most precious resource…children……do not want to go on duty.

    Boggles the mind.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      See Colonel, you do not get it. You sit home, teach on ZOOM and run your internet based business during breaks! Nice work if you can get it. Forty years ago I knew a deputy director at an Human Resources (welfare) office that ran her catering business from work. Pretty neat trick pre computer and cell phone!

      • I can’t speak for all teachers, but my sister in law is a teacher, a very good teacher. We’ve shared a house for several years and she has always had to work many hours after work to prepare for class. Last year, when they changed to teaching on line. She worked constantly and has been working a lot this summer too. She has at this point decided to retire after 42 years as a teacher. She’s gonna use her time to educate her grandchildren.

  67. The hypocrisy of stopping or trying to control Covid is astounding. In New York, for example, you have the old cold war antics of check points, ID’s, wanting to know where people are going and making them check in…….

    On the border, you have just the opposite. AOC and others are down here saying that closing the borders because of covid is too drastic and not a good excuse to close border operations and that checking the temperature and requiring quarantine is racist and not appropriate.

    What is it tha Mathius would say…..Oy Vey? or something like that.

  68. Trump gives Ray some of that leadership he’s been screaming about and signs 4 EO’s to help people during the Pandemic because the Crats have no leadership abilities.

    Are the EO’s even legal? I doubt it. But the genius political move puts the Crats in a serious moral pickle. Fight it and show that they don’t care about the people or drop their demands and stick to helping the people in a new Bill that both Party’s can vote for. Not only is Trump showing some really good political leadership, he is pushing the Crats to do their damn job.

    Simply put, Trump isn’t bailing out the poorly run Crat States, period, nor should he.

    On another subject, Bill Barr says there is a “lust for power” by the Left. Thank You Mr. Obvious, but we all knew this 😀


    Up is down, down is up. Would you cross a bridge built by someone who thinks 2+2=5?

  70. Definition of obtuse

  71. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Consider this seriously. The south had the initial covid cases then dropped of as predicted by experts. But as it got HOT starting in the deep south like florida the cases started climbing as people started turning on AC and maintaining a cold environment. And States started locking down and and telling people to stay indoors unless you have to go out. The virus in the south is acting in the exact opposite way as predicted.

    Europe dropped off as they exited the cold and flu season and they learned to protect the most at risk instead of doing like they did, as NY and MI did. Dumping seniors diagnosed positive in nursing home and infecting other weak patients.

    A medical practitioner in the family shared a study several months ago that showed the virus
    lived longer on cooler surfaces and environment

    I lived in Europe about 3.5 years and visited other times. I never remember any central AC systems anywhere. IT, Germany, Netherlands or the UK. Homes generally were stone and brick. They di not lend themselves to AC ductwork. Heat was if installed was baseboard heat. Space heaters were more prevalent in homes.

    Europe had the cold flu season disaster. Then as it got warmer the virus dropped. Not all countries took the same actions but the pattern was traditional as predicted.

    The southern US polar oplisite

  72. New football line stripes.

    Goal line = Lexington & Concord
    10 yd line = Bunker Hill
    20 yd line = Ft Washington & Ft Lee
    20 yd line = Trenton & Princeton
    30 yd line = Oriskany
    40 yd line = Brandywine
    50 yd line = Saratoga
    60 yd line = Monmouth
    70 yd line = Cowpens
    80 yd line = Guilford Courthouse
    90 yd line = Yorktown
    Goal line = Treaty of Paris

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