Crat City Killings Exploding


  1. Is the BLM movement backfiring or is this the goal. Shootings are killing blacks at a much higher rate than last year. Mass shootings are barely being covered by the MSM. Crat politicians mostly silent (until their house is attacked).

  2. Interesting why the mass shooting in Chicago where over 25 people were shot at one gathering has no coverage? Oh, of course, it was not a church or a school and did not involve an AR 15 being wielded by a white guy. It was a black on black mass shooting but we cannot have that so………………………….crickets.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      I googled “chicago shooting 25 people” – returned 102 million results (granted not all are related to the specific case). Equals “no coverage”? What coverage are you looking for?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Major News networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, on the evening news.

      • I want to see the same out rage about weapons and second amendment. I want to see the same outrage about mass shootings and how they are racist.

        The one that I am talking about just happened. A mass shootout at a funeral home. The details are all there. But because it was black on black……crickets. If it had been a white guy that opened fire at a black funeral… would be headline news.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The media and CDC keep publishing cummaluve #’s. I’m trying to fund a report that actually shows NEW cases by day, week or month. And also deaths the same way the way its alway presented us always in the worst possible way.

    Allegedly one who tests positive regardless of severity is to go into quarantine for two weeks. Or possibly hospitalized. Where you may or may not recover based mire in age and severity. That implies you should without any other intervention get over it in two weeks. When retested after that time and remain negative for 72 hours you’re declared free of the virus.

    The way the numbers are presented are totally misleading

    Only one chart by the CDC was fairly honest. Deaths by age group. +/- if if a control age group of 20-30 year olds. That showed seniors got hammered and the older you were the greater the deaths based in the 20 year olds.

    • I have read numerous articles on how the numbers could be very misleading. From memory, Funeral homes in NYC claimed that ALL deaths were Covid over a long period of time. Apparently, nobody died from anything else during that period (about 3 months)

      Guy killed in motorcycle accident added to covid death numbers because he tested positive AFTER he died in an accident.

      When hospitals retest a positive patient and it is still positive, that test is counted as if it’s a new positive. One patient could test positive 5 times, all 5 times are reported.

      NY State has the highest death rate from Covid in the WORLD. If this isn’t true, then fraud may be a big problem if Fed funds are allocated.

      N95 and surgical masks are the best masks to be wearing. Gators may make the problem worse, bandanas are useless, per a recent study.

      • Gators? Is this because the wearer has foot in mouth disease?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        34000 deaths out of 19.5 Million people. That sets a record. Compared to CA with just under 40 million people and around 8,000 deaths. Heck LA has as many people as the NYC metropolitan area.

        There’s been no one Country State or County or City or health expert in the world that actually has a solution. But lock you up and wait for a vaccine that may or may not work. Yet they’re predicting a 2nd wave justifying continuing the lockdowns

        Just some updated to those pointing to Europe as having nipped the virus by locking down their countries. Oh and those advocating open borders

        Sicily over the past couple days had experienced a spike with 80+ new covid cases. 79 were from “irregular” migrants brought in by human traffickers and dumped into Italy because Germany and France forced Italy to get ALL african migrants 1st. But then only accept those they seem OK. Yet when those acceptable migrants commit criminal acts they dump them back to Italy instead of Congo, Nigeria and their original country of origin.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Correction….89 new cases in Sicily the past several days. 71 were “irregular” migrants being dumped into Sicily by human traffickers transporting them from Africa

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Italy had 34000 deaths from the virus. Same as NY. BUT they have over 60 million residents.

        And italy’s cities are pretty dense and compact.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Here is a link to the data you are looking for. I adjusted the graph but if it went back to default just click the buttons at the top to set it at “new cases” “USA” and “All regions”. Or you could select any particular state.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I use those charts daily.. what I was trying to do was get away from the banner aggregate totals at the top if each one. OMG the US went over 5 M cases. Yes for sure over 6 months. When we have 0.049% die from the virus and western Europe nations has 0.047% and were told we screwed up (politically driven) I did not count the countries that all used to be Sov Bloc. European nations did not go lockstep the same way. Nor did our States. All had varied results even within countries or counties.

        All the experts keep saying is wait for a vaccine that is not being tested as all others have been subjected to. I believe to create such a panic to force everyone to comply with the laws that probably will be forthcoming. Let me see your vaccination card….sorry you cant enter.

  4. Kamala? Really. Unfortunately by specifying a woman of color, he reduced the pool of candidates to under 12% of the population. Why oh why can’t we just select the most qualified candidate rather than the one that checks the “right” affirmative action boxes.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    CNN’s Cilliza: “What Biden did is make the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone, in Harris, whose resume suggests will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside.
    This is the VP choice of a confident candidate, and campaign, who believe they are winning. And who believe that, as long they execute the basics of the campaign between now and November 3, Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president on January 20, 2021.”

    Oh REALLY?????????? And the media journalists are biased or anything like that.

    Trump campaign running clips of Kamala being eaten alive by Gifford in the Dem debates, coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2……….1

    Now it is time to heap atta boys on JAC for predicting that Kamala Harris was destined to be the Dem darling and would be pushed to the White House. If Biden wins there is a very good chance Kamala becomes POTUS 47.

  6. Seems Mathius and some, have been saying that there is no organization to BLM? Hmmmmmm

    “The Black Lives Matter organization held a rally in Chicago Monday in support of the city’s looters and rioters; saying stealing items from stores is a form of “reparations” and justified because the businesses “have insurance.”

    “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,” said Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, according to NBC Chicago. “That makes sure that person has clothes.”

    Black Lives Matter Chicago issued a written statement to the Chicago Sun-Times that read, “The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the [Chicago Police Department] is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in,” the group said in a statement.


    Well, I am glad that BLM is peaceful and law abiding.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    I think this is good news as it will bring some actual diversity to the task force.

    Along other lines, when will pundits and media types, let alone politicians stop pontificating about things and making declarations about issues that are by nature very FLUID. Kind of like hyping the Stock Market because it is up. Makes you look stupid when it goes down.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Houston, we have a problem.

    New Zealand is reporting a Covid outbreak. Four members of a single family. Why is this important.

    They had gone over 100 days without a single reported case. They had one of the most onerous shutdowns of all nations and the left wing leader was claiming victory and vindication for her draconian shut down.

    Authorities have NO IDEA how this family was exposed. They had not traveled out of country nor been exposed to anyone who had.

    Australia apparently experienced a similar sudden uptick after having the Rona licked. One official admitted that “there are apparently cracks in our defensive system that we are not aware of”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And Australia went draconian also in response. The individual arrests and fines being being huge. Even for being out after curfew for a walk. The fines being imposed on businesses can be $60K if the government finds that a company says a person is essential when the government says they’re NOT

  9. U.S.—The party that claims to represent minorities, the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized has nominated an old, rich, white man and a cop, sources confirmed Tuesday.

    “If you want to fight for oppressed minority groups, you must vote for this rich, old, white man who authored the 1994 crime bill and this corrupt police officer who has made a career out of throwing minorities in jail for non-violent drug crimes,” said a DNC spokesperson. “It’s the only way to fight the establishment.”

    According to sources at the DNC, the old white guy you’re supposed to vote for, in order to show that you love and respect women, has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by several women.

    “Several photos circulating on the internet demonstrate proof-positive that Joe Biden loves women and children very much,” wrote Snopes, the internet’s premiere fact-checkers.

    Campaign analysts believe that the cop bolsters the old, rich, white man’s bid to become President by bringing some much-needed group identity politics, along with her newfound stances on decriminalizing many crimes she formerly prosecuted and defunding much of the police, in a year in which being an old, white man and anti-crime is seen as a hindrance.

    “Look, he has even nominated a woman of color to be his Vice President like a true champion for the poor and oppressed would,” reported Brian Stelter of CNN. “Just use your eyes and see: there is only one party in this country for people who care about the downtrodden.”

    “Now I can go back on Charlamagne tha God’s program and show him Kamala,” mused Biden to some suddenly panicked staffers.

    At publishing time, the DNC was airing ads in flyover country about how the cop they’ve nominated once called herself the “top cop” of California, threatened to arrest parents of truant students, and tried to keep prisoners in jail as long as possible in order to use them for cheap labor, while simultaneously airing ads on the coasts and big cities featuring clips from her interview in which she bragged about how much pot she smoked because she is part Jamaican.

    • I think I’ll go back and see how Sarah Palin was treated so as to counter any BS claims of sexism when I slam Harris 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Dont forget trying to criminalize any other point of view about “Climate Change” than the settled science . Colluding with the then NY AG in that effort who subsequently was busted out of office for his extra curricular activities. That trying to criminalize any opposing view finally got the Feds involved on RICO violations with shaking down energy companies.

      And dont forget she vigorously prosecuted to the maximum drug charges, mentioned before, but like in Massachussets the crime labs were falsifying and doctoring the test results to let the prosecutor demand a heavier sentence.

      Shes a winner🤮 if minorities vote for her and Biden who imprisoned more minorities their crazy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Dont forget “Slick Willy’s” famous statement about smoking MJ

      “Sure, but I didnt inhale”

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    There is a serious question that has now come to the front of the line.

    What happens if the Democratic Party nominee for POTUS drops dead or becomes a real vegetable before the election?

    Of course the same question holds for the Republican Party nominee.

    The Constitution does not recognize political parties as the be all to end all when it comes to declaring candidates.

    FDR’s handlers knew he wasn’t going to make it long after his last election. He was UNFIT to hold the office but they put him up anyway. To keep the party king makers from revolting they swapped out the VP candidate that year. Putting in one Mr. Harry Truman. KNOWING he would be POTUS very soon.

    All of this was kept from the American People. No internet in those days and the Press was just as compliant.

    If the Dems can just get Biden over the finish line, that is November, they will be able to address anything that happens before swear in day. As the candidate would be deemed ineligible the selection of POTUS would go to the House of Representatives.

    • If it is before the EC votes, would they just not elevate the VP candidate to president?

      I also keep hearing that if there is no known winner by Jan. 20 then Pelosi is temporarily the president but that assumes that the Ds hold the House. The house is sworn in on Jan 3, the EC votes are opened on Jan 6. So whoever is the new speaker would be the temporary president if the House cannot decide. In a contested election, the Senate selects the VP, so if the House does not act, but the Senate does, the VP could be the temporary POTUS.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Disclaimer – I know next to nothing about Harris and her positions past, present, future.

      JAC is absolutely raising the right question here. Will be interesting to see how this plays out (grabbing lots of popcorn and M&Ms). Too many moderates or right-leaning folks that were leaning Biden that I know and talk to are already balking at Harris and the process that landed her on the ticket. How crazy is it to assess your vote based on how long thing one of both #1s on each side may actually last if elected? Harris seems to have a target rich past that’ll make her an easy and immediate target of the GOP. If Trump can avoid sounding like a misogynist dickhead and let the machine do its work then the Harris pick may end up being a disaster for Biden. (who, fwiw, while he sounds less than lucid when he talks can still ride a bike pretty well?)

      Is there any juice in the squeeze of this conjecture that Trump may displace Pence with Haley? Or pure b.s.?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I think the Haley angle is just some folks raising balloons for the future. Pence is Trump’s go to guy. Besides, why would Haley ever pursue or accept the job??? I don’t think she particularly likes the guy.

        If Haley has a place in this cycle it will be as an advocate that can attack Harris at will.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Would’ve been more interesting for Joe to select HRC as his running mate with a not so subtle wink that he’d give way to her in his first year in office. Not enough popcorn and M&Ms for that scenario.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        True that AND thank god it didn’t happen. I would have been forced to vote for Trump once again. As it stands now I have a choice, of sorts.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Found this on Wikipedia. I have not read either party’s “policy” statements. But one has to wonder how a “Party’s” policy could supersede the Constitution or Federal laws.

      “Scholars have noted that the national committees of the Democratic and Republican parties have adopted rules for selecting replacement candidates in the event of a nominee’s death, either before or after the general election. If the apparent winner of the general election dies before the Electoral College votes in December the electors would likely be expected to endorse whatever new nominee their national party selects as a replacement. The rules of both major parties stipulate that if the apparent winner dies under such circumstances and his or her running mate is still able to assume the presidency, then the running mate is to become the President-elect with the electors being directed to vote for the former Vice Presidential nominee for President. The party’s National Committee, in consultation with the new President-elect, would then select a replacement to receive the erstwhile Vice Presidential nominee’s electoral votes for Vice President.

      If the apparent winner dies between the College’s December vote and its counting in Congress in January, the Twelfth Amendment stipulates that all electoral ballots cast shall be counted, presumably even those for a dead candidate. The U.S. House committee reporting on the proposed Twentieth Amendment said the “Congress would have ‘no discretion’ [and] ‘would declare that the deceased candidate had received a majority of the votes.'”[6]”

      • From a common sense viewpoint, once the election has been held, the parties are out of the picture. The ball is in the EC court. I would think that by state mandates, the EC is mandated to vote for the ticket that won their state. Now they could list the VP elected as president and leave the VP slot open. They could also revert to the original concept and select someone else as VP, possibly someone suggested by the party. To add confusion, what if some did vote for the deceased candidate and some voted for the VP as president. Now there is no majority and the House decides. If the House is of the opposite party, anything goes. If the VP slot is not determined, it is up to the Senate. Once a president is inaugurated, then we follow the amendment concerning the replacement of a VP. If the deceased person wins the EC, then the VP elect is inaugurated as president and we again follow the VP replacement rules. No matter what happens there will be a lot of disappointed people.

        Now to add more confusion. If Biden wins and dies, Harris is president elect. This leaves the VP slot open. Can the Senate then decide and select the only remaining candidate as VP, Pence? I think they must select from those that got EC votes.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      OK, a little more definitive. Note the replacement prior to election is by a party acting and selecting. Not automatic as inferred in the wiki article. This is from “teachinghistory” dot org.

      “Filling a Vacancy: From the Nomination to the Electoral College Vote
      Since the time of Andrew Jackson’s run for the presidency in 1828, individual political parties have had the job of filling any vacancy on their national ticket, either that of their presidential or vice-presidential candidate. If one of their candidates vacates the ticket after they are nominated, either because of death or withdrawal, the party selects a replacement.

      Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have rules in their bylaws governing how to fill the vacancy. The Party Chair calls a meeting of the National Committee, and the Committee members at the meeting vote to fill the vacancy on the ticket. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to win the party’s nod.

      The same process would happen if the vacancy were to occur after the general election but before the Electoral College voting. If a vacancy should occur on the winning ticket, it would then be the party’s responsibility to fill it and provide a candidate for whom their electors could vote.”

      Now, can you imagine what the DNC meeting would look like if Mr. Biden withdrew before the EC could convene?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One other note on all this election conspiracy stuff.

      The article I posted the other day alluding to how the Dems could conspire to assure that either the House got to pick or Pelosi herself would be the choice………until a POTUS was certififed. I noted then I thought this was flawed thinking. I had forgot one important point per the Constitution.

      When the House is charged with picking the POTUS, that would be no majority of the EC votes, each member does not vote. The House is given a total vote count equal to ONE per State. Which means that the Dem majority goes away as NY, CA etc get only ONE VOTE. So the Dems would be crazy to force the election to the House.

  11. Summer is finally getting here……. the next four or five days will see heat indexes of 115 to 120….only 109 today. It is going to be hucking fot.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Had an uncle in Alabama that would say “its hotter than pig nuts”. Nine-year old me asked “how do you know how hot pigs nuts are?”

      No reply was forthcoming.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Weve been in the mid 90’s everyday for a month. Heat index around 105. Humid as a steam bath so nothing is browning. .weve had rain and -storms all around daily. Maybe just not over the house. When it rains I’ve been getting 1-2 inches in less than an hour. Whoosh then it moves on

      Even the last tropical storm/hurricane only dropped 2 inches and was here and gone in a few hours. Had the windows open and didnt even hear heavy winds

    • Yes sir…and this is an excerpt: “Twenty-one people were shot in this single incident … more than half of them were women. One was a D.C. Police officer. It was the single biggest mass shooting in America this year and yet you probably heard nothing about it,” the host said. “Members of Congress didn’t lock arms on the House floor to demand an end to the gun violence, CNN didn’t book a procession of weepy teenage gun-control activists … news organizations barely touched the story and when they did, they moved fast.”

      Larger than church shootings….as large as school shootings…but it does not fit the media mantra. There is no outrage. Unbelievable.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ve been working on a lot of projects that have piled up over the past several decades. The oppressive heat and humidity plus the limitations and closures due to the virus. Goid time to complete these projects.

    While working in the dining room I’ve been listening to archeology programs from England.

    If we think that today we have rules and regulations, governing what we can do, eat, grow, manufacture thousand years ago licenses were required to make just about everything. In one area there was a law that said a master could not feed his journeymen and apprentices more than three times a week.

    Nothing has changed.

    Also they excavated a town trying to find out why it grew and why it died. It was a market town west of London and ordered Roman times and died suddenly 400 years later as the archeology showed the Roman’s built a major facility right over the market town. The timing was when Rome was desperate for money before their collapse of the western empire. Taxing the hell out of the people. The coinage showed the constant devaluation by the quality and valuable metals content. The ultimate vinclusiib was the people just moved elsewhere.

    Even in Gibbon’s “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire ” makes note the later emperors had to forbid people from selling themselves into slavery to avoid taxes.

    Today two thousand years later, businesses and people still move to places to avoid rules regulations and taxes.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “vinclusiib ” ??????????????????

      Dale, sometimes I wonder just what country or planet you come from! LOL

  13. Just A Citizen says:


    Joe Biden’s public performances in the coming weeks will NOT be as bad as the clips we have seen from his basement. Those on the Repub. side playing up his mental illness will be left sputtering.

    Now don’t get me wrong. Joe will stumble and bumble and step on his tongue. But it will look like the same old Joe of more recent times. Not the dead stare we saw when his wife had to remove him from the cameras glare.

    Soon thereafter, Wikileaks will reveal the name of the drug they gave him and the stock value of some Big Pharma company will skyrocket.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Talk about absolutely AWFUL reporting. The fake headlines are expected but at least provide some truthful reporting in the content.

    The spokesman does not attack the Congressman over the QAnon theories. He is pointing out that the Congressman is claiming another Russian fake while never admitting the original one by the Democrats and MSM.

    Oh, and the author falsely reports that Horowitz claimed there was no connection between the Steele report and the investigation into Trump’s campaign. We now KNOW that there was a connection between the dossier and the FISA requests.

    AT this point I would also like to state that the media has been claiming this Georgia candidate has been making racist comments. These comments were NOT racist. But who cares about the truth.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Opinion based on a lifetime of observation.

    When you organize a large effort to attack and institution the people who make up that institution circle the wagons and defend themselves and those among them being attacked.

    So……. if you really want LEO reforms the last thing you do is to get an entire political party repeating the attacks, insinuations and denigration of the LEO institutions. To be effective criticism needs to be focused and flavored with a little sugar, so to speak.

    Of course you can go nuclear and possibly get the solutions you want. After the entire thing is burned to the ground. Or you might get something entirely different, and unwanted.

  16. CHICAGO, IL—Chicago weatherman Bob Lindelson has predicted another huge, high-pressure murder front coming in this weekend.

    Here’s a transcript of his report:

    You might want to rethink those weekend plans! Another large murder front is expected to sweep Chicago this weekend. Forecasters say a small murder storm has formed off Lake Michigan and is expected to grow into a massive murder front by Saturday as long as death winds are sustained at their current level of murderiness.

    Forecasters also predict that there will be very little change in Chicago’s overall political climate.

    If you decide to go out this weekend, be sure to wear your blood coats and blood boots because it’s going to be pouring out there. Oh, and here’s some advice: try not to get murdered!

  17. I wonder how hard the MSM will push back the fact that Harris’s ancestors were slave owners in Jamaica?

  18. I am beginning to feel sorry for Joe Biden. It is obvious that he is a puppet and they are taking advantage of him. He is truly the new Trojan Horse of the Democratic Party. It is sad.


    This is funny. They are arguing over the pronunciation of Harris’ name. Tucker says KAMala (the correct spelling) and Lemon says “COMMA-LAH”. I’ll go with the latter as in Communist Harris.

  20. JAC……really now….in the land of the free, Idaho……..Sun Valley and Tamarack ski resorts are going to require masks…….while skiing. Come on, man.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      FYI………. it was a major ski event in Sun Valley that started the COVID epidemic in Idaho.

      Bunch of folks from back east brought it in during a …….. get this…………. diversity week of skiing. A group that brings Black people to ski areas to encourage them to take up the sport.

      I would expect that the masks will not be worn religiously on the Mtn. but will be required in the resort and lodge areas.

      Here in the North the local Health District voted for a “mandatory” mask order. Many folks protested and now some of the Commissioners are saying they need to make the Health Board an elected position so they are answerable to the voters. STUPID solution in my book but par for the course.

      The local LEO said they don’t have resources to enforce. So businesses posted “required” signs and business went on as usual. Mask wearing is UP significantly, however. Despite broad knowledge there is ZERO enforcement. Why? Because our infections starting climbing fast and those out and about are taking common sense precautions.

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    You said yesterday you did not know much about Kamala Harris. Here is a summary of some of the bad. Yes it is a Conservative sites summary. But the info is widely known, they just make sure it stays in the public eye. Some of this is what Tulsi Gabbard raised in the debates which sunk Harris’ POTUS bid.

    Now with that said and all the bad that exists, and the fact she really has no real Govt. Executive experience…….that is an entire Govt. body, not just one dept. Kamala is the most articulate person on both tickets. She is aggressive and smiles a nice smile A LOT. Her voice is not as grating or shrill as Mrs. Clinton.

    She will lie and then swear to it as long as it suits her agenda. Then she will switch direction when the wind changes. She lacks an ethical compass. But, she is a formidable opponent in an era where facts don’t matter. Where it is all about personality and the perception of “presidential” etc, etc, etc. Presentation and style over substance. And of course, getting rid of Mr. Trump.

    She is a smoother and more articulate attack dog than Mr. Trump himself.

    I will remind everyone that Kamala was soaring in the Dem primaries until Ms. Gabbard went on the attack. And while she killed Kamala’s candidacy, she also undid her own by making the attack. Remember how the Screech Owl immediately accused her of being a Russian plant? The entire Clinton machine in the Dem party went after her. End of story.


    My brothers and nieces and nephews have yards full of down tree limbs in Cedar Rapids and Marshalltown. The cousins in IL seem to have fared better. No damage to the houses or autos that I have heard of. Their power is down so are in camping mode. Most out their do not have chainsaws or generators. The farms do but not the city folk.

    The corn is down over a wide region. I don’t know how much they can chop for silage but this is going to be a big loss. Soy beans are also impacted. Those are the two major cash crops in that region. If they have cattle or hogs, they can turn them loose in the fields to glean what they can. Most farmers will have crop insurance but this will be another big hit to the insurance industry. Corn prices will go up. Feed for cattle may be scarce as will feed for alcohol plants.

    • We were threatened with severe weather from that storm too. I secured things outside, brought some potted plants in. It was on the radar, a mean looking wall, just an hour away. The sky got dark, but not one drop fell and barely a breeze. I don’t know where it fizzled out, but thankfully it didn’t get us. Good luck to your family.

  23. Ray Hawkins says:

    Interesting listen if you the time….Sam Harris on BLM

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I see he holds the same opinion I do of how the zealots and MSM enablers have affected how the “Black Community” responds to police contacts. The same opinion you took a swipe at the other day.

      The WRONG people have the microphone. To solve problems the right people need to carry the day. In today’s Cancel Culture there is little chance of that. I loved his summary.

      They seem to be playing a game of chicken with chaos.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    A must watch. Suggestions that should go beyond just Harris.

  25. FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon lashed out at fans who booed as his teammates and Nashville SC players knelt during the national anthem ahead of their Wednesday night matchup. Cannon told reporters he was baffled that fans in Toyota Stadium – the home of FC Dallas – were booing as players knelt in protest of racial injustice and police brutality.

    “You got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in. Millions of other people support this cause and we discussed with every other team and the league what we’re going to do and we’ve got fans booing us in our own stadium. How disgraceful is that? Honestly, for lack of a better word, it pissed me off. … You can’t even have support form your own fans in your own stadium. It’s baffling to me.”


    Well, my friend, you better expect it. There is another way to protest and kneel other than the National Anthem. The same privilege that gives you the right to kneel is the same privilege that people have a right to “boo” your actions. Don’t do it during the Anthem. Expect to be booed.

  26. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    What occurs when you embolden assholes. This will NOT end well. Personally, perfectly normal young people I know, who were all in for harmony and brotherhood several months back are probably going to wind up in the KKK now. The whirlwind is about to be reaped I fear.

    • Stephen, I can see this happening. Here, people are getting really tired of all this BLM and political correctness…..and normally center to center right friends of mine are turning hard right away from all this bullshit. I am afraid this is really going to happen…..especially if Trump loses. I have never, in my lifetime, seen such a move by people carrying weapons.

      People are being approached in parking lots and handed brochures about BLM and if they say no or throw them away, they are confronted with screams of racism and stuff. It has not happened to me yet, and it better not because they will not like my response, but I see weapons being pulled if this keeps happening. …..and it will be deserved. If you get in my face, I consider it a threat and will have no problem using deadly force. No…problem…at…all.

      Now, Mr. Hawkings, sir,,,,,,,you tend to lean left on a lot of things……do you feel that I would have a responsibility to walk around or accept this behavior? From your perspective, where do you draw the line on a duty to retreat? Where do my rights kick in and theirs stop?

      Just curious…there is no right or wrong answer. Just asking your opinion.

      • JAC's Daughter says:

        I think going around and accepting this behavior will continue to encourage them, what they really need is a swift kick in the pants. I think we have the responsibility to show them this is still a free country and freedom of thought and speech is still worth fighting for. The responsibility to show them they can’t bully people into thinking the way they want them to think, and to show people respect regardless of their political, religious, sexual views or otherwise.

        Unfortunately, this is a tall order these days.

        • Unfortunately, this is a tall order these days. No..not really a tall order….people need to not be afraid to stand up and face this crapola. Call it out when you see it and where you see it. But be prepared when you do.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Just like the little boy killed the other day. the White folk are cowed by the media. At some point that is gonna end and end badly for all concerned. And, it is not just the whites killed., The horrors of Chicago with one little black kid shot down after another goes on with nary a blip on the news.

        The problem is we have in this country, “protected classes” of people whom you cannot say a bad word about.

        The PA cousin sent me a picture today of the half Jewish family of Kamala. If her Pops had married a white woman I suspect she would not have looked even a bit black. Most of what you see in her fits well with her south west Asian background rather than some Jamaican plantation centuries ago. There is that women commentator from the GOP on Fox all the time, first name Harmi, her family was all from the sub-continent. They could pass for sisters.

  27. Here us one for the gun people and the big brother people.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Every now and then Big Brother provides proof for Alex Jone’s vindication.

      Now I have one. Why did the very first ad pop up on his device for “suppressors”?

      Was that really an algorithm making an association with “filters” or was it a Govt. pushed advertisement to bait someone into doing searches to later justify investigations.

      Also, per legal advice posted here years ago by defense attorneys he should have told the Fed and local LEO to please leave and return with a warrant. And wait until he had an attorney present. The attorney could then file the proper law suit against the Feds for illegally monitoring his web sit purchases.

  28. Question: Does Jamaican and Indian (India) make her African American?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Mr. Trump muddied the waters this week over this and for no good reason. The guy just can’t keep his mouth shut when it is already working.

  29. JAC's Daughter says:
  30. U.S.—A new study has found that far more Americans would trust Dr Pepper than Dr. Fauci.

    While Dr. Fauci has made some questionable claims over the past few months, Dr Pepper hasn’t made any erroneous predictions about the virus or recommendations when it comes to masks and other protective measures. So the soft drink has rocketed up the charts as the most-trusted medical professional in America.

    “Dr Pepper has 23 delicious flavors that combine into a cool, refreshing taste that’s just right,” said Texan man The Lone Star Connection. “Dr. Fauci has none of these things. He can’t even give you diabetes, for crying out loud.”

    “Dr Pepper has never let me down.” He then cracked open a cold, thirst-quenching Dr Pepper and chugged it in one gulp. “Ahh — that’s good stuff — and it has none of that nasty deep state aftertaste left by competing brands like Dr. Fauci.”

    Americans also prefer Dr. Thunder, Mr. Pibb, and Dr. A+ over the medical advice dispensed by Dr. Fauci, according to the study.

  31. Just A Citizen says:
  32. Just A Citizen says:

    I am liking the Attorney General more and more each day. He will soon be getting hell from the “right” for not going far enough. But it seems to me he is trying to do his job as best he can to preserve the rule of law in an unbiased manner.

    Of course this will create political fodder for the left but it is “about time”.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Well this is certainly interesting. So we should avoid herd immunity because that is to painful. And without herd immunity we stand frozen in our tracks. Nice little Catch 22 they have constructed for us.

    PS: I do not dispute the factual nature of his comment. But it does show how he just can’t keep from saying things he should know, as the head of the agency, will create all kinds of political blow back.

    • So how did we stop the Spanish flu?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        After MILLIONS died!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        More serious answer. We did not stop the Spanish Flu. It stopped itself.

        We assume a herd immunity factor in the demise but I have seen no hard science to support that idea. It may have just mutated to a less deadly form.

        • The answer is we did not stop it. We developed herd immunity. It was an H1N1 strain so is still around, we just are mostly immune to it.

          We might have been able to stop this in Wuhan but once it went international, there is no stopping it without a vaccine. It is like putting toothpaste back in the tube. 80% of the deaths are in the over 65 crowd. Protect them and let the rest develop immunity. It will burn itself out as all other flus have. It is foolhardy to think we can outwit mother nature.

  34. So, now we have new terminology for wearing masks………………..maskerbating.

  35. We have a number of very good market survey companies in addition to the ones that do political polling that are filled with statisticians. Why can’t we contract one of these to periodically select a random group of individuals who can be tested for active Covid and Covid antibodies, thus giving us some idea of how wide spread the disease is? This should be easy, after all they can poll 1000 people and predict the next president to within +/-3%.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Good lord. Congress critters are now micro managing the removal and placement of mail boxes by the US Postal Service. Making accusations of voter suppression is FRAUD in and of itself.

    Answer this. When is a letter postmarked that is dropped in a box after the time marked for pickup each day????

    • There are multiple issues here as I see it. Some districts require the voter to apply the postage. Ballots are often printed on heavy stock with inner and outer envelopes. Thus they may exceed the 1 oz limit for a single stamp. This could cause the USPS to return the envelope or send it to the dead letter office. If the ballot has voter applied stamps, it should be postmarked to prevent reuse of the stamps. I assume this is done when it goes through the sorting machines. As for the timing, they seem to be able to handle the April 15th deluge.

      Some districts are sending out ballots with prepaid envelopes. The postage is printed on the ballot hence cannot be reused so do not require and often do not get a postmark.

      All the talk about the USPS system not being able to handle the load seems bogus to me. I certainly get enough junk mail include fliers for multiple politicians. Why would this be any more of a special burden? Besides it is first class mail not discounted bulk mail rates. It should be a money maker.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Something to read with morning coffee, tea, Dr. Pepper or Red Bull.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    The Democrats have to be very aware of these problems. And I am sure there are many other examples of those that tried this stupid idea this year. So typical of Govt. DO SOMETHING…….. we will figure it out later.

    Question: If they are aware, and they must be, then why are they still pounding on a national mail in ballot for THIS YEAR??? Did they really game out a scenario where they could claim Trump is suppressing the vote because mail in ballots will obviously fail?

    I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole where this is by design to prevent an outcome should it look like Mr. Trump will win. That would be STUPID on an entirely new level.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If a scientist had a hypothesis that theorizes Mail in Voting has serious problems with fraud the results from experiments conducted through the United Stated this year would conclude that the hypothesis is proven.

      Even Fauci finally looked at mail in voting as a scientist and said it is safe to vote in person. Just follow the advised guidelines.

      I do not believe the USPS is the problem. Have some delivery problems, sure but the problems start and end with each States Board of Elections out of date voting roles purposely kept in error. States purposely registering people to vote who are not citizens ie, NY and CA.

      And governors like Murphy of NJ who refuses to admit to the problems.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Very INTERESTING………………. valid or Govt. coverup? Hopefully time will tell.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Nothing to see here says Frank Drummond.

    Granted this article is from June but the election is still unresolved and the rivals have agreed to a “Do Over” on August 11th

  41. BEIJING—Concerns about foreign interference in U.S. elections have been raised as President Xi Jinping was seen taking a pleasant morning stroll yesterday in his brand-new Biden-Harris 2020 campaign shirt. The president walked around the city, enjoying the sights and smells and the occasional distant cry of an undesirable being loaded onto a train to a concentration camp. Later in the walk, he got hot and took off all his clothes, but the other members of the party continued to praise him for his “brilliant” and “intricately woven” wardrobe.

    “We’re starting to think China might be taking sides here,” said one analyst after viewing the footage of the president clearly wearing a Biden-Harris 2020 shirt. “We’re not certain — and don’t quote me on this — but we’re thinking China may not be 100% neutral.”

    The Biden campaign denied sending the swag to the communist leader, with Harris saying, “Questioning me is sexist and racist” and Biden saying, “Who’s Xi? Is Xi cute?”

    Chinese journalists questioned President Xi on the apparent meddling in U.S. elections, but these journalists have not been heard from since. American journalists, of course, simply praised the president for his wise and cunning choice.

    Not to be outdone, President Trump sent a bobblehead to Putin.

  42. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I believe those that actually lived under the dictatorial rule in communist governments and have secured their freedom, value that freedom above all else.

      Look at the pushback the eastern European are doing against the EU and its bullying dictates. Just a few years ago when countries like Hungary and Poland said NO. Junker’s then head of the EU said in public, it’s unfortunate that the EU does not have an army, so we could put them in their place.

      My nephews both married girls from eastern Europe. Both lived their childhoods under communist rule. The girl from Croatia her grandfather had all their properties confiscated by the communists. They were relegated to a small farmhouse on what was their property. She and her mother emigrated to the US and are in the medical research profession. Several years ago after all the countries in the former Tito Hungary collapse and they fragmented into their own countries again the government said, here you can have the property back. They said thanks but no thanks. The industries that the grandfather had that supported the property were not returned. They have no intention of returning.

      The other lady came from Romania. They were able to emigrate only after the people revolted and shot the communist leader and his wife once it was uncovered the rape of the people by the dictator to enrich himself

      For several years they educated their children ar home. The other year they built a new home in a better school district and enrolled them in the local school system. That lasted two years until the closure of the schools with the virus. The kids had no problem transitioning to online education. Cutting to today. With the kids being restricted to a 7’X 7′ square, no recess, mask 100% of time, restricted from leaving their authorized square unless they had to go to the bathroom. Plus to cover teaching in a classroom with less space classes were broken up and could end at any time uf the school closed again. The parents mmediately enrolled their kids in a “Virtual” academy. They have freedom of movement. Get the assignments done on time but can be anywhere. Today was the 1st official day of school. They were supposed to be in Cancun, but with a spike of covid there travel became difficult. So they’re in the Blue Ridge mtn’s. Recess included zip lining. Another day may include white water rafting, but they did that the other week.

      Ramona is well acquainted with the virus working daily with covid as a medical practitioner. She labeled the restrictions on the children if they attend in class education as ABUSE and will not subject her kids to it. Obviously she deeply values FREEDOM.

      Photos today showed the kids maskless , studying with big smiling faces, not what would be a cage and frowny faces if they were in an actual classroom.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Back when Congress passed the ACA and signed into law by Obama, Ramona had only one comment. They/you have no idea what your getting into.

        Just witness the demands of the left. A dismantling of the constitution and the greatest method of creating wealth for the most amount of people, ever in the history of mankind. Deny freedom of choice, example schools. And do as I say,

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      In Nuremberg, in the late 1940’s, they had something to say about that and about the doctors too.


    I guess this is an example of the policing they have in mind for Portland. Guy who kicked him in the head is wearing a vest with Security written on it.

  44. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    It is my pleasure to inform you all that Mr. Lump apparently made a friend before he was evicted.

    Mathius has declined my very kind offer to cut it out for him. Something about “rusty cutlasses”…


  45. Ray Hawkins says:

    Any takers on % vote Jo Jorgensen will take?

  46. Does anyone else get the feeling that something is bout to go down soon? The Treehouse is supposed to drop a MOAB today about the coup. He’s been in contact with some higher ups and has promised to tell all. Millie Weaver’s video has created a buzz, The 20somethings have been all over the child trafficking story. Julian Assange is back in the news about a possible pardon. I don’t know. I’m just feeling it.

    • Feeling it – No Hoping – Yes

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Was Julian Assange convicted of anything? I know he was charged and in custody..the only thing Barr wants from him is who he got the DNC hack information from. If Seth Rich that solves that conspiracy theory on his murder. If not the Russians as the DNC security team says the Russians did it, then also the FBI, Mueller and every alphabet soup agency LIED and they never got their hands on the server to do a legal forensic analysis.

      Read a nice piece in the WSJ about the USPS hoax the dems are pushing. The Postal Service back months ago sent to States that were not sending the ballots out in a timely manner enabling the Postal Service to receive and deliver on time. Per their well advertised schedules. Plus the head of NY Board of Elections in testimony said they need to move their ballot mail dates back another 7 days for a total of 14 days. Accounting for receipt, delivery vote mail back for the State ti receive the ballots on time. THIS is not a USPS problem. It’s the States themselves

  47. I thinks it’s crazy that we have gone back in space and a peace agreement has been signed between Israel and some Arab countries. There are riots everywhere, But all the news is about mail boxes.

  48. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

  49. As a 2016 report from the USPS’ Office of the Inspector General stated: “Nationally the number of collection boxes declined by more than 12,000 in the past 5 years.

    The crisis that isn’t.

  50. ST LOUIS, MO—Loyal Democrat voter Tim Raisinbran is expressing disappointment after he watched the Democratic National Convention for hours and barely heard anything about all the free stuff he’s going to get from Democrats.

    “I sat through 2 hours of lame Zoom calls for this?” Mr. Raisinbran cried as Billy Porter sang and danced on his TV screen. “It was just a bunch of boring speeches about ‘unity’ and ‘being better’ and stuff. Lame! When are they going to start talking about all the free stuff I’m gonna get if I vote for Biden? I just want everything to be free forever! Is that too much to ask? Trump literally transferred free money to my checking account. How are the Democrats going to top that?”

    Raisinbran then yelled and threw his bowl of Cheerios at the screen in anger.

    Raisinbran’s suburban house-girlfriend Katie Doobles feels differently. Michelle Obama’s uplifting message that “everything is guaranteed to get way worse if we don’t vote for Biden” resonated with her, according to sources.

    Experts say Katie is not alone. According to one recent poll, most suburban house-girlfriends and house-fiancés are resonating with the Democrats’ central 2020 message that they will continue to burn down the country unless America votes for them.

    “Whatever will make it all stop,” said Doobles in an interview. “Some free stuff thrown in would be OK too.”

  51. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Tucker Carlson got my interest last night when he brought up a Number 1 with a bullet, hit single by Cardi B. He said he could not use a single phrase of the song in his monologue so…..I just had to look it up. This is it, HOLYCRAPBATMAN! This woman is an adviser o Uncle Joe. WARNING, not for the faint hearted.

    • Couldn’t even finish reading

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      First – not sure how much of an adviser Cardi B is to the Biden campaign – may be taking that a wee bit too far.

      Second – “Wap” – to each their own I guess. Not something I’d ever listen to. I guess I”m not aghast at musicians writing/singing about sex – they’ll only been doing that for….I dunno……forever? Artists using very direct language isn’t new either – Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown were doing it…….25 years ago. Ya’ll didn’t think tunes like Whole Lotta Love were about giving hugs did you? (wink)

      • “very direct language” 😀 That’s a polite way of putting it. I do find him giving her, one of his very limited interviews, questionable.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          @V.H. – very fair observation. Not sure what was to be gained by connecting with Cardi B.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Who was it, judge Frankfurter who said, “I cannot define pornography but I sure know it when I see (hear) it”. See what you guys are missing here is the misogynistic crap she and the friggen rapper peddle.

        The old canard , “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” is a pretty accurate statement about the state of this society. I sit here and I say, jeez what the hell does that crap have to do with me….well what it does have to do with ME are the seven grandchildren aged 9 to 3 who will be growing up in a world where this will become more well known than The Sermon on the Mount. That, boys and girls should scare the living crap out of you!

        The people who constantly berate Trump for his crude language and his earlier comments on sex and women, the ones who looked the other way with Bill Clintons behavior, the people who gave Epstein a pass until it became so awful that it couldn’t be ignored anymore, they were all people cannot see the absolutely direct relationship between the coarsening of the society and the actual moral collapse that follows.

        Mr. Hawkins, when I was in seventh grade or so, there was a song, “Will you love me tomorrow”. Believe it or not, my wife was thirty five when I told her to finally just stop humming along and listen to teh lyric. A little shocked and perhaps our parents were right about rock and roll rotting us from the inside out but those lyrics were nothing compared to teh raw offal now being offered up as entertainment.

        The difference between “baby it’s cold outside” and WAP is the difference between an firecracker and a case of dynamite.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          @Stephen…..I don’t actually disagree with you tbh. Not sure where we’ll ever draw a line as to what will make us blush. Sex in music have been intertwined for generations. What is considered offensive will always have some movement in definition – just hope that movement does not take us in either extreme.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            I think we have gone past the red line into extreme. The old man was far from a prude. Spending 40 years as a bartender at NY’s Astor Hotel with its “special section” for gay heavyweights like Cole Porter and Monty Wooley, he taught me about the vagaries of life as soon as he felt I was old enough to handle them.

            He was a champion of decorum AND civilization and felt a lack of one led to a loss of the other. An that, with only a tenth grade education.

            The problem with most adults I have ever met is that they have totally lost track of what it was like, mentally and physically to be a kid. What this 73 year old can handle I would shoot anyone who exposed a twelve year old to (and should get a medal for it).

            • :::googles definition of vagaries:::: Whew! Prudes, gays, vagaries….mind was wandering there for a second. 🙂

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                I was taught by LaSallian Chriatian Brothers from the fifth grade on. Part of that education, throughout the last four years of grammar school and four years of High school was vocabulary drill every night. Learn ten words, define them in writing, use them in a sentence. A few years back, I did the math on that. At 180 days per year and 10 words per day, we were over 14,000. Wow! Even I was impressed. Every now and then I will pull a word out of that cobwebbed computer inside my head and impress even myself!

  52. T Ray….I have talked to JAC (I do not have your phone number) and our trip has to be postponed for now. The bowling tournament in Reno has officially been cancelled. We wanted to ride the Siverton to Durango narrow gauge train and stay in a historic hotel in Silverton….cancelled. We wanted to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir recitals in Salt Lake City…..cancelled. Even in your beloved state of California.,the town of Truckee only has outside seating available in their restaurants. The hotels and casinos in Reno and Vegas have been put on half rations….and masks are mandatory. It is simply sacrilegious to have to play blackjack or craps in a frigging mask. Even in Tombstone Arizona….the bandits and cowboys that have the shootouts are….cancelled.

    The country is in a panic over a damned cold……….sigh.

  53. U.S.—A new poll has revealed that most Americans would rather jump into a volcano spewing a horde of angry geese than watch another second of the Democratic convention this year.

    “I’ll take the geese,” said one man as he turned off the DNC convention after a few minutes of pious lectures, smug presentations, and hypocritical virtue signaling. “At least I will soon die as the volcano of geese explodes in a flurry of serrated teeth and flying feathers, breathing my last as the geese take me into the sweet release of death.”

    The Americans polled also preferred falling into a vat of acid, getting run over by a bulldozer, and being launched into the sun to watching another moment of the convention.

    “Basically, it seems Americans would rather do pretty much anything than watch this thing,” said the head researcher on the study. “Death by llama, getting turned into a newt, and running into an old teacher at the supermarket all ranked much higher than tuning into the Democrats’ online convention this year.”

    According to television ratings, most Americans would rather watch an infomercial for a soap that promises to clean out that pesky gunk that builds up in your car’s cupholders than watch the convention, as well.

  54. Ray Hawkins says:

    So one of the fanners of the flames of Cancel Culture, our snowflake-in-chief wants all Americans to boycott Goodyear? FTR – Goodyear employees are asked to “refrain from workplace expressions in support of political campaigning for any candidate or political party…”. MAGA isn’t special here for any reason whatsoever. This guy isn’t who says he is……never has been.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Check your facts G-Man. Political Candidate/Party versus movement. They knowingly drew a fine line – but it is a line.

        • Nonsense. BLM is a far left Marxist political org that donates to the Dems. They are also racists by a factor of a million over the average white person. They drew a line alright, but veered left. Its discrimination at its worst.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Neither of you has told the whole story.

      Ray, your post about GY’s policy is correct except it ignores what caused this in the first place. Which is what GMan posted………….BUT and this is a BIG HUGELY BUT……. Good Year claims that nobody in the company posted that notice. It is NOT company policy. The policy remains as it was, unchanged and dealing with general displays and discussions of a political nature.

      So the line was not over general movements or parties, it was over pretty much anything political. In order to avoid ticking off anyone, not just left and not just right.

      So the mystery remains as of last night. WHO posted this notice, WHY did they post it, and WAS it an actual company memo/notice or was it FAKE????????

      Now, at the time of Mr. Trump’s comment GY had not disavowed the notice as actual policy. Unless Mr. Trump repeated that comment again yesterday. But either way I do not understand why that comment somehow has something to do with MAGA or Mr. Trump being who he said he is or was or is ………….. in fact the comment seems to be completely in line with who he said he is…………. a fighter. Unfortunately he seems to be on the fight over just about anything.

      And “snowflake in chief”……really Ray??? That is pretty shallow.

  55. Ray Hawkins says:

    I did not watch much of the Convention last 3 nights – did play a drinking game tied around whether Clinton or Pelosi have had more work done on their faces. Anyway – pretty sure I heard no message of fiscal restraint, how they plan to pay for all the shit they are proposing….

    The resounding message is still……vote for Joe because you shouldn’t give DJT another term. Should’ve been a bingo game to touch every liberal talking point – windmills, clean energy, climate change, universal health care, women blah blah blah, compassion, everybody gets everything, BLM, abortion rights, I’m taking your guns but won’t say I’m taking your guns, ……. list goes on and on.

    Don’t believe the polls.

    A candidate w/o a message is a candidate w/o votes.

    I track that DJT wins the popular vote this go round.

    Wishing America had a true disruptor, glass-breaker who isn’t such an asshole that was on the ballot.

    • I did watch a segment this morning in the local news where Kamala Harris is now saying that the spread of the Covid virus,,,,is……(get ready for it)….the new racism. She claims that it is hitting….(get ready for it)…….black, Latino, Asian, and Indigenous culture greater than the white culture and that is a new form of structural racism. ( New form of it, I guess)……Here is her exact quote.

      Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said that Black, Latino and indigenous people in the U.S. are dying disproportionately from COVID-19 in the U.S. due to structural racism and broader inequities in health care, housing and job security. “This virus has no eyes, and yet it knows exactly how we see each other—and how we treat each other,” said Harris in a speech on the third night of the Democratic National Convention. She encouraged Americans to work toward fulfilling the “promise of equal justice under law. Because, none of us are free…until all of us are free.” The coronavirus pandemic upended both parties’ traditional conventions. Instead of in-person events, the DNC program each night features a number of speakers and musical performances virtually across the country.

      Ahhh…………so racism is the basic theme again.

      • I have asked many times on here and asked my friends….a lot whom are black………to show me where the racism is….just show me and I will be a convert……………………………………

        No one can show me…….I am still asking. I did have one fellow try to use statistics on me concerning more blacks are shot by police than white……until I showed him statistics where more whites are shot than blacks.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          The world is upside down – any racism that does exist is washed out by this “everything is racist” tide. How the hell do I explain this my 9yr old and 11 yr old? I’ll find a way – but Jesus H. They’ve jumped the shark. Every woe is someone else’s fault.

        • I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been following the Blexit movement with great interest. My interest started not with blacks but with Turning Point USA, which is Charlie Kirk’s mission to inform his age group about the real D ideology. He hooked up with Candace Owens for a while, and I chased a couple of her shout outs. From the top of my head I can name these channels on YouTube:
          Patricia Dickson
          The Officer Tatum
          Kingface…he’s more Instagram but does guest appearances all over YouTube
          Jericho Green
          The HodgeTwins
          ABL..Anthony Brian Logan
          with no slight to Diamond and Silk

          These people are taking it right to the black community. Their audience is in the millions. None of them are buying the racism squawk. Its very interesting listening to them and they give me not hope…whatever the action word of hope is…maybe just call it money in the bank, I don’t know, but the Ds have lost the majority black vote. And while they are mostly Trump supporters, they don’t necessarily advocate for their audience to go Trump…but they absolutely advocate leaving the D party.

    • I watched a few highlights. From what I have read, not one person denounced the violence in Dem cities. And they all hate Trump. And there is systemic racism everywhere (except it must only be in Dem areas).

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        G-man…..they can’t they won’t. If they did – the violence would be my fault. Your fault. JAC’s fault. Anita’s fault. We made ’em do it.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      We are in TOTAL AGREEMENT on that last sentence of yours. One can only wish.

      I do wonder if Mr. Trump has paved the way for the person who will really take on the establishment. Excuse me for wishful thinking this morning.

  56. The Biden Plan to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Prepare for Future Global Health Threats.

    Just google it and read it. I have two words for it…….Holy Shit!

    Then read this: The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice

    Then read this: The Biden Plan for Strengthening Worker Organizing, Collective Bargaining, and Unions.


    If you can still vote for Biden after reading this……then you cannot claim that you are for freedom and independence. This is very scary…especially in each one of these, he wants the power to take away administration of state government and replace it with Federal government,,,,,,not Federal Guidance……but to take away state rights. Do not take my word for it……read it.

  57. wow……………Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office, in response to small business owners complaints about still being boarded up and not being able to reopen due to the violence, says, “That is a cost of doing business these days.”


    • So, all I have read about in the Dems virtual whatever…about how Trump has no empathy…….seems to be a one sided issue. I donot see much empathy in a Democratic run city in Washington State.

  58. FYI, my DSL modem was knocked out last Friday by a rolling blackout. I am currently at work so I could log in. Also trying a new power supply for the modem. If this fix does not work, I may be down for another week. Have a new modem on order. Stores are sold out because the schools are all virtual.

    We are surrounded by fires with heavy smoke today. We are safe so no concern although I stood fire watch Sunday night when a thunder storm moved through. Had a strike within a 1/4 mile of the house.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh my, the outcome of this is going to be very interesting. Proof once again that Icarus syndrome is alive and well among the elite.

    Now if the DOJ only took the same level of interest in all those “charities” and “NGO’s” the Clinton’s and Obama’s were linked into.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    Mr. Obama standing in front of “Writing the Constitution” …….. how freaking precious. The man has no regard for the document as written. But hey, his is the messiah after all and can thus be forgiven for any trespass against us. Oh, and he is a lying sack of crap. Sorry ladies of SUFA but someone had to say it.

    • For real JAC!! You can call Obama any four letter word or other slur that you want. I can understand those words. But the M word was uncalled for. Apology accepted. 😉

      Off to the Amazon. You needy people with your next day demands have caused a shift change for me that I’m having a hard time accepting. All shifts have been pushed forward 2 full hours making me not return home til 8pm! Grrrrr

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh what have we become? I have long held the view that hard core Democrats……..THE LEFT………. really crave a RULER, not democracy as they claim. Since my youth I have watched as they become emotionally invested in those they look to as the glorified leaders of yor, you know like King Arthur and Camelot. As in the Kennedys, Clintons, Gore (not as much) and Obama. It now seems to be growing for K. Harris, of all people.

  62. Boy, oh, Boy…….have I found a flaw in the census taking. I have received three census questionnaires at three addresses registered in my name. ( I have rental properties ). One property is under going renovation and the other two are occupied.

    How simple is it to fill out all three with bogus information.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    Like I said, one side is all about the emotion:

    “Negroponte endorses Biden: He beats Trump on ‘character, compassion and life experience'”

    Cause we need some compassionate rube to be POTUS. Never mind the whole administration of the executive branch. Just give me some compassion and a “life story”.

  64. Just A Citizen says:

    Ms. Kennedy has jumped the shark, gotten out over the ends of her skis, so to speak. Consider that she is more of a “libertarian” as in Ron Paul kind of person. Which is why it surprises me that she wants to see any President’s tax returns. She is correct in that it creates a distraction but I am not sure she understands that it is largely a good distraction. Besides, the NY attorney’s efforts are not about a tax return and it could be argued that Mr. Trump’s release of any return sought by the attorney’s in a separate case would be called “obstruction” of some kind.

    P.S. Please note that candidates have been showing off their tax returns as a political trick for years. Yet not a single return has explained how they come to office earning a lower six figure income, move to the highest cost of living place in the country yet become MILLIONAIRES before they leave office.

    • So, what does it mean when Trump takes no salary. I wish he would challenge Biden to do the same,

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Mr. Biden is always threatening to take someone out to the wood shed. Mr. Trump is always talking tough. So maybe it is time to see what these old geezers have left in the tank?????

  65. A new thread will be posted shortly.

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