Until The Polls Changed

More proof the Left don’t give a crap about people, they simply want power.


  1. This was so obvious a deaf mute could figure it out.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:
  3. What if?

    The black community says cops treat them differently than whites. OK, then why hasn’t anyone asked why? What if all these Crat areas with the problems use an online survey company that conducts anonymous surveys for companies across America to ask the important questions?

    What if the answers are not what they want?

    Next What if:

    What if blacks acted like kindergartners when confronted by cops?

  4. I had a suggestion for a DA in California who said the police must determine the needs of the looter before arresting them.

    I thought you were teasing on this….sarc, you know. Hell, this was actually said and meant. This goes along with the statements that looting is ok for poor people because business has insurance.

    This is what we are dealing with from this progressive left?

    • It is not their fault, it is something in the water (THC?).

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was true from that black da in California. I looked it up. The the Lightfoot comment in Chicago about business has insurance. Not really. They may have ir this I’ve but 2X not a chance. If you stay if you can even get insurance, the premiums wiuld be appropriately increased . Back before Katrina I was planning on buying a 60 foot yacht in Mobile alabama. Katrina hit. The boat was OK. The owners house was gone, the shiowright who maintained the yachts house and boatyard were gone. Insurance could not be gotten if the boat stayed on the gulf coast anywhere.

      The government used to subsidize the home insurance to promote building along the coast especially on the outer banks a shifting sand bank very narrow in width waving in the currents like a ribbon. A hurricane would over wash them. People used to build disposeable houses like down on Boliver Peninsula in TX. Used to be after untold losses the government withdrew from the underwriting business and the islands here are LOSING people. They cant afford the real premiums unless youre rich.

      Bolivar in the 70’s was real basic vacation homes. Totally disposable. You rebuilt with the debris that landed in your yard no windows just screens. The only portion if the house built to withstand the frequent hurricanes wrath was a concrete bunker that had the services in it like the bathroom. But just a few years ago when a hurricane seriously struck the area the massive houses that had been built was ridiculous as the norm not the exception..

      • Yes, to shifting sandbars…..the drug runners in their semi submersible subs…..are always getting caught on the shifting sand bars down around Matamoros and South Padre…constantly shifting with tide, with winds, with each storm….you would think they would learn….the last time one got caught about 1 mile off shore….they tried to swim….

        You do not swim in Mako mating season here.

  5. Interesting…..we have had 610 deaths in Tarrant county Covid related. The County Med Examiner let it slip out that…………………..each death, except two, was related to existing medical conditions. Covid 19 has, singularly, only caused 2 deaths.

    In contrast, the North Texas Regional Laboratory at Tarrant County Public Health has tested 423 surveillance specimens of influenza (not Covid related), 145 have been positive for influenza with 6 deaths with no related medical conditions.

    Make of this as you will…….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That goes along with the newest CDC analysis on 6 % if the deaths attributed to covid were actually covid. The rest covid may have pushed them over the edge of a serious medical condition would most likely killed you a little later. Just because one tested positive did not mean that was what a person died from. But politics demanded it be listed as the cause of death so instead of 180000 deaths we actually had between 9000 and 10000 deaths. Only 3.07% of those testing positive died out if the 180000. But tests just being tested positive not the actually true cause of death.

      They’ve come clean on the worst scam causing hysteria and a bear destruction of the economy. Which is precisely what the Democrats needed. Just listen to the political ads. Totally denying the nation was during in all cylinders economically until governors shut down their States. Some harder than others. As much as people dislike Cooper we actually took a middle road with an even strain. Inconvenient but once you varied your routine slightly we just moved in. Unlike the dictator in Maine. Who has mandated that for restaurants to operate in phase 3 front of the room servers must wear that dog cone like mathius’s dog.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What I make of it is just what we have known since about April. If you have conditions which make you less than perfectly healthy, getting Covid can kill you.

      We have had somewhere over 30 deaths in N. Idaho. Most have had comorbidity issues. But I think 2 were under 60 and healthy. The Hospital has had near 40 people with Covid recently and is now about 30. Some of these patients are in their 30’s and 40’s. It is taking weeks for those displaying symptoms to recover.

      That Covid is solely responsible for killing few people is not an indicator of fraud or a hoax. Unfortunately, thanks to normal govt. behavior, anyone can create any conclusions they wish from the data. Creating a panic or a conspiracy of hoax.

      One thing is for sure. We all, including medical “experts”, have lost our minds and ability to think objectively about this.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Buden the other night referenced how great the daily numbers are in several western European countries. .

        Take a look at France and Spain as two examples. March they spiked to 8-20 thousand a day. And these countries have 66M and 44M people respectively, not 331M.They locked down and the covid cases dropped to 1000/day .success? Flat then until july when they lifted their lockdowns. Immediately they spiked and are currently back to 8-10.thousand cases a day. Lock down fixed nothing. Greece on a smaller scale is exhibiting the same pattern. IT and GB #’ s are climbing again but not ad steeply.

  6. Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex. He also warned about big science. It seems that prediction has come true. The CDC’s job is to track communicable diseases and to provide the best scientific advice when a pandemic occurs. For this they have received years of funding. However, of that is for naught if no pandemics occur. So to keep and increase their funding they must exaggerate any new communicable disease that comes along. This has been their year to shine and to show the world how good they are. Their golden opportunity.

    What we see is an organization that is ill prepared despite that being their primary purpose for existence. They have no idea how to create forms that collect significant information for post analysis, they do not know if masks work or don’t work, they politicize treatments ignoring front line doctors, they quarantine everyone instead of just the sick and exposed, …. I am thoroughly disappointed in their performance. They are too big, too bloated and too political.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      He must be a relative, cause he sure took a lot of words to make his point. 🙂


    Dear Liberal: If you are a liberal who can’t stand Trump, and cannot possibly fathom why anyone would ever vote for him, let me finally fill you in. It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s that we can’t stand your demands & the results of your policies. And we will do whatever it takes — even if that means electing, in your opinion, a rude obnoxious unpredictable narcissist (your words, not ours) to the office of President of the United States — because we consider you to be the most dangerous & destructive group in America. How is that possible you might ask? Well, you have done everything in your power to destroy our country. From tearing down the police, to tearing down our history, to tearing down our borders. From systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into believing socialism or theoretical communism is the answer (despite the horrible failures that began as socialism or theoretical communism and led to the dictatorships of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Maduro & others) while demonizing religion and faith, and glorifying ********, violence, and thug culture. From calling us racists because we think all people should be expected to follow our laws equally, to telling us that our “tolerance” of lifestyles we don’t agree with isn’t nearly enough — no we must “celebrate” any lifestyle choice or gender option (forget science) you throw our direction. You think it’s fine to call us homophobic, or some other degrading slur you decide is okay, ironically while lecturing us on hate speech. While you gaslight us about 52 genders, polyamory, grown men in dresses sharing public locker rooms with little girls, and normalizing the sexualization of young children, you simultaneously ridicule us for having the audacity to wish someone a “Merry Christmas” or hang a flag on the 4th of July, stand for the national anthem, or (horror of horrors) wear a MAGA hat in public. So much for your “tolerance.” (See why we think you are just hypocrites??) We’re also not interested in the fact that you think you can unilaterally decide that 244 years of the right-to-bear-arms against a potentially tyrannical government should be abolished, because you can’t get the violence in the cities you manage under control….. that free-speech should be tossed out the window, and that those who disagree with your opinions are fair game for public harassment or doxing…..that spoiled children with nose-rings and tats who still live off their parent’s dime should be allowed to destroy cities and peoples’ livelihoods without repercussions….. that chaos, and lawlessness, and disrespect for authority should be the norm. This is your agenda. And you wonder why we find Donald Trump’s policies to be desirable. Your narrative is a constant drone of oppressor/oppressed race-baiting intended to divide the country in as many ways as you possibly can. You love to sell “victim-hood” to people of color every chance you get because it’s such an easy sell compared to actually teaching people to stand on their own two feet and taking personal responsibility for their own lives and their own communities and their own futures. But you won’t do that, you will never do that, because then you will lose control over people of color. They might actually start thinking for themselves, God forbid! This is why we will vote for Donald Trump. Not because he is the most charming character on the block. Not because he is the most polite politician to have ever graced the oval office, but because we agree with his policies & are sick to death of you and all of the destructive crap you are doing to this once beautiful and relatively safe country. Your ineffective and completely dysfunctional liberal “leadership”(?) in some areas has literally destroyed many of our most beautiful cities, businesses & jobs & destroyed or severely reduced the effectiveness of our public education. However bad you may think Donald Trump to be, every day we look at you and feel that no matter what Donald Trump says or does there is no possible way he could be any worse for our country than you. We are sick to death of your stupid, destructive, ignorant, and intolerant behavior and beliefs — parading as “wokeness.” We are beyond sick of your hypocrisy and B.S. We are fed up with your disrespectful divisiveness and constant unrelenting harping and whining and complaining (while you live in the most privileged nation in the world), while making literally zero contributions of anything positive to our society. Your entire focus is on ripping things down, never ever building anything up. There is something fundamentally wrong with people who choose destruction as their primary modus operandi. When Donald J Trump is reelected & we celebrate, don’t blame us, look in the mirror and blame yourselves. Because you are the ones that are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. You are the ones who have created the need for the policies that you so despise, by your very actions. By your refusal to respect your fellow Americans, and the things that are important to us. You have made fun of the “fly-over states,” the people who “cling to their guns and religion,” the middle class factory workers and coal miners and underprivileged rural populations that you dismissively call “yahoos” and “deplorables.” You have mocked our faith and our religion. You have mocked our values and our patriotism. You have trampled our flag and insulted our veterans and treated our first responders with contempt and hatred. You have made environmentalism your religion, while trashing many cities you control. You scream from the rooftops about “global warming” and a “green new deal” while allowing tens of thousands of homeless people to cover your streets in feces, garbage, needles and plastic waste, without doing a single thing to help them or solve the environmental crisis your failed social policies have created. But we’re supposed to put YOU in charge of the environment while gutting our entire economy to institute this plan when you can’t even clean up a single city?? You complain — endlessly — yet have failed to solve a single social problem anywhere. In fact, all you have done is create more of them. We’ve had enough. We were tired of quietly sitting by and being the “silent” majority. So, you should not have been shocked when Donald Trump was elected in 2016. When Donald Trump is reelected it will be because you and your “comrades” have chosen to trash the police, harass law-abiding citizens, and go on rampages destroying public property that we have all paid for and for which you have zero respect. When Donald Trump is reelected it will be because we are sick of your complete and utter nonsense and destruction. So on the morning of November 4 (or more likely December 29 by the time the Supreme Court will weigh in on the mail-in ballot fiasco we are headed towards) when Donald J. Trump is reelected……..the only people you will have to blame is the left-wing media drones and yourselves. You did this. Yep you. Author not disclosed.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    If you needed proof of the corruption within the judicial system, look no further.


    As for the “Bush appointed Judge” arguing this was about “legal issues” I call BS. Judges do not become antagonistic to the AG’s when they ask for a case to be dismissed. They just dismiss it.

    Maybe it cannot be saved after all.

    • What if….

      …..this is an example of why police treat young black men differently than others.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    What I make of it is just what we have known since about April. If you have conditions which make you less than perfectly healthy, getting Covid can kill you.

    We have had somewhere over 30 deaths in N. Idaho. Most have had comorbidity issues. But I think 2 were under 60 and healthy. The Hospital has had near 40 people with Covid recently and is now about 30. Some of these patients are in their 30’s and 40’s. It is taking weeks for those displaying symptoms to recover.

    That Covid is solely responsible for killing few people is not an indicator of fraud or a hoax. Unfortunately, thanks to normal govt. behavior, anyone can create any conclusions they wish from the data. Creating a panic or a conspiracy of hoax.

    One thing is for sure. We all, including medical “experts”, have lost our minds and ability to think objectively about this.

  10. LOS ANGELES, CA—A huge crowd turned out Sunday for the Hans Gruber memorial service. Gruber was the victim of police violence, having been thrown from Nakatomi Plaza by police officer John McClane, which many consider one of the most excessive uses of force ever witnessed. After the incident, there were protests all week, and now thousands from all over the country came to pay respects to Gruber, widely described as an “intelligent and witty soul.”

    “That man was a hero,” said Doyle Graham, who traveled from Nevada to pay respects. “I mean, I don’t really know much about him other than that some police officer killed him, but he seems like someone we should all honor and emulate.”

    Gruber was part of a mainly peaceful protest against the Nakatomi Corporation, which was goaded into violence by the actions of McClane. Ultimately, McClane threw Gruber from the 30th floor, even though Gruber was completely unarmed (or at least he was when he hit the ground). Even LAPD Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson denounced the actions, calling McClane a “nutcase” who should have “just stayed put.”

    Many at the memorial are now wearing shirts with “Gruber” written on them to remember the man who was taken too soon thanks to unaccountable police actions. There are calls for the arrest of John McClane, including from Hans Gruber’s brother, Simon, who vows to do something about him.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    I have an analogy for ya’ll about Covid deaths. Something that is in my wheelhouse.

    Many of the older trees in the forest are sick from overcrowding and disease. They are sick but not dead. A bark beetle comes along and attacks these weakened trees. They finally die.

    What killed the trees?

  12. Biden is making an idiot of himself right now. Only a moron could believe what he says.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    This is a very SERIOUS letter, or article. While I still think assigning PTSD to every uncomfortable event in our lives is ridiculous, the rest of it is very disturbing. Especially when individuals withing CBP start looking her up on the internet.

    Moral of the story. Sometimes when people cry fire, there really is a fire.


    • What I gather from this is that management in the CBP is covering for their officers instead of doing their jobs. For her to be flagged >12 our of 43 times (>28%). Says that something is wrong. If it was racial profiling, then the order should have a gone out that the next officer to flag her will be reassigned to the most northern US-Canadian border post.

      • I’m skeptical about the whole story. In this day and age, everything is videotaped, yet, nothing here but a claim of taking notes. It’s Politico, a notorious left wing rag. Leftists have a history of making up “racist events” because being a victim fits the agenda.

        A couple other things, her depiction of PTSD us very similar to that of a war vet who really had some issues. That’s too easy to find online. It continued after her reassignment. The vet versus her, no comparison.
        She also mentioned denying a Visa and seeing that person in a store. Nice touch, but one that was not necessary to her story.
        Conclusion: likely another hoax.

        • gman, you maybe correct. I thought it strange that she did not lay her cell phone on the seat with the audio recording running. Thus at least she would have the conversation captured. It also seems strange to me that her supervisor did not bother to visit the boarder and speak to the CBP supervisor about the situation. I would have raised a ruckus and let them know we were watching.

          • Liars always try to justify their decisions at some point. Like saying that she was going across the border to grocery shop, because she saw someone she had declined a Visa in a grocery store. But, earlier in her story, she said when traveling locally, keep windows up and doors locked due to the drug cartel problems. It’s a clear contradiction that was conveniently added because that’s what liars do. AS I said, just another hoax. They can’t find real racism, so they make it up.

    • test

      • ok, Test good……….JAC….I did not read the article posted because it came from Politico, which I consider a rag that is…..not…truthful.

        My spousal unit requested that I read it because I have dealt with this and do deal with it on a continual basis…..This story is awfully detailed, which makes it suspect on the surface, but I read it in detail. First, having a SENTRI card does not excuse inspections. Now, the experience that I will be detailing is as it applies… are from Del Rio to Presidio.

        First, I would like to point out that there are specific types, makes, and models of cars that are profiled. The reason they are profiled is because they are the most commonly used vehicles by cartels and “mules”. Secondly, SENTRI cards and diplomatic passports are afforded some leniency but not free of scrutiny. Third, there is profiling at the border on many occasions. Truth in point, my son, has been stopped 90 percent of the time on both sides because he fits a profile. I have been stopped and checked on both sides about 20% of the time. As a family, we can walk through a check point going into Mexico and the entire family will get the “green” light and my son will get the “red” light. It has never failed because of his profiling. He fits a specific description and it occurs on the American side as well as the Mexican side. So, profiling DOES and should happen.

        This woman’s very detailed experience is interesting. First, I do not understand why the American Consulate would even think about sending any black to Mexico. The two cultures do not mix well. They simply do not like each other. They tolerate one another but they do not like each other. Mexico is also very Patriarch. In other words, women are, for the most part, second class citizens unless you are aristocracy. However, since her story applies to entry into the American side, I gave it more scrutiny. I would like to know how many times she was checked and pulled over returning to Mexico. I would venture a guess that it was almost every single time because of being female and black. The same thing happens to Orientals which are despised more than Blacks.

        She intimates that the investigation within the department is racially motivated as well. I doubt this…I doubt this because I have never seen it. Not saying it does not exist but I have not seen it. The intra-agency investigations that I have dealt with were very factual and supported.

        A word about profiling…….allow me to list the profiles we do at the border crossing of Ciudad Acuna……(Del Rio). It has a consulate there. It has a “fast” lane as well. SENTRI cards are used there as well. Never have I seen it where any car is just waved through without xray and dogs. The dogs take about 45 seconds and the xray takes about 1 minute. You are not required to get out of the car unless the dog alerts. It is true that there are random inspections and you could get the “yellow” card. so, here is what the profiling is:

        1) appearance
        2) Race
        3) age
        4) Vehicle type and license plates.
        5) Infirmity (meaning handicap or wheel chair) If you are trying to clear customs and you are in a wheel chair, you will be checked 100 percent of the time. Meaning, your wheel chair will be scanned as will any prosthetic, walkers or canes…..especially canes.
        6) Facial recognition (especially those crossing the border on foot).
        7) Gender ( Males will be scrutinized to greater length than females…especially between the ages of 14 and 35)

        All this to say, that the article is somewhat correct and very suspect as well. I will say that once you are in the system and the system is wrong…..good luck on getting it changed. THIS, I have seen.

        Now, as to her claim of PTSD………………………..Bullshit.


        Conclusion….as a supervisor, I would investigate her claim given the amount of detail, however, let me point out, that everything is video taped by a third party. The CBP DOES NOT,,,,,,repeat,,,DOES NOT have access to those videos. There is a reason for this…..to avoid the very thing she is alleging.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Everybody these days claims PTSD. I went off my Honda once at 60 MPH when hit from behind and my fender locked the rear wheel. Flew through the air thirty or so feet. Landed spread eagle which probably saved me. I still dream about THAT one almost 50 years later!

          I have been pulled over at gunpoint (5 guns, 5 cops) for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have been stopped for a “safety or seatbelt” check numerous times for being the only white guy with out of state plates in a druggie hood.

          I have good friend with a very Irish name who has a son named Sean. Sean has great difficulty boarding an aircraft because his Irish first and last names not to mention middle initial, match that of a former IRA terrorist. Sean started getting pulled over at airports at age 8, still happens.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The last time I came across the US Mexican border was in ’66. Two vehicles.. one regular VW beetle and then a VW van. We had been on a 9 day mountaineering climb. We had a clean set of clothes for the long ride back. The guys in the van were adults big beards scruffy hair. In San Filipe they filled every cupboard with booze. The mexican border authorities waved both vehicles through. The US Border asked us in the beetle a question or two. Then waved us through.. we knew they’d stop and search the van. We watched the Customs agent open the side doors. Get a look of shock on his face. Step back and close the doors and waved them through. Up the road we pulled off and asked the van guys what the heck. What did you guys do to get waved through.

          They had taken all our wet smelly cloths and gear from the climb and dumped it all over the floor of the van.

          Italian security at airports absolutely profile people boarding flights to the US. Upon boarding call the agent will say you you and you please come with me. Last time flying back 6 passengers were called out. Only one boarded.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    We have reached a point where we must have a serious discussion about when and when not can we as citizens act to stop bad stuff when the police are not present to stop it.

    We cannot afford to hire enough police to cover everywhere all the time. Should not someone on the road have been able to stop and shoot the people on the bridge? They were an immediate, as in clear and present, danger to those driving on the road.

    This happened to me once, that is I saw kids doing this as I was on the highway. I took the next exit and raced to the bridge while calling 911. The kids must have seen me coming because they ran across to the other side. The police got there way to late.

    They were not tossing balloons but small rocks. Had I had my rifle along I could have pulled over and dealt with it immediately. Of course I would be prosecuted, even under today’s laws.


    • Active shooter along US50 through Sacramento western suburbs. Road closed. We have been having BLM & Antifa rallies downtown for the last few nights.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When I lived in LA people had a habit of throwing bricks off of bridges onto cars passing under the bridge. Even today if I see anyone standing by or leaning over the railing I switch lanes.

      A friend was killed by such actions. The father in law was a Joe Mannix and found the perps. They were rich kids from Beverly Hills. The parents lawyered them up. And because they were minors the judge let them off ad just s prank.

  15. Interesting………go to Antifa.com and you get redirected to Biden and Harris websites.

  16. Col., Can you round up a truck load of longhorn bulls and take them to Portland. I here they would like to try a Pamplona test of manhood.

  17. So, this is Portland, eh? Jabari McCrory, 26, David Martin Walker, 25, and Milenda Mae Carter, 24 — all from Portland — are facing a string of charges in the case, including abduction of a child under 14, sexual interference with someone under 14, assault and living off the avails of prostitution.

    This little girl, age 11, abducted from Portland and forced into prostitution in Canada, by the very people that are protesting. Sigh……………….

  18. https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/09/01/bloomberg-funded-group-trump-may-win-election-night-but-joe-biden-will-win-days-later-due-to-mail-in-votes/

    This is exactly what happened in the SoCal House races in 2018. Does no one ever ask why mail in ballots so heavily favor Democrats and are so significantly different than the in person voting?

    • That’s easy, they lie and cheat. Think voter suppression. Isn’t putting out lying polls that their candidate is winning big intended to discourage the other sides voters from voting?
      Even better. Got a text message yesterday that said that the sender sees that I’m not registered to vote in Pa and if they could help register me to save the world from Trump. So, they started from the beginning with a blatant lie, and I let them have it. Said that Democrats, like the sender, do nothing but lie, I’m voting for Trump and screw you and the Democrats.
      I got a reply, thank you, have a nice day.

      Trump ain’t got nothing on the Left when it comes to lying, he’s an amateur.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      They still keep peddling the BS that there is no proof it’s a Charlie Foxtrot at best. Really? We have reruns/do overs going on in Jersey because of the fraud. We have a congressional seat in NY (Carolyn Maloney) which should be re-run and there are still court challenges going on over ballots received late. We may NEVER have a decision for 2020.

    • It is obvious that what they are trying to do is prepare us for this new “normal”. It is more of the big lie. The story is generated by an academic thus is purportedly science. But we have seen in the last few years how corrupted science has become. From global warming/climate change/severe weather to 2.4M Covid deaths inflated deaths, to hydroxychloroquine, to masks, to quarantine everyone, etc. Science has all the answers and I do mean ALL.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    If you need a good laugh this morning. It would be truly funny if not so sad these morons believe this garbage. The author is ignorant of history as well. The Depression was a true threat to the Republic that was only averted thanks to FDR???? Really?????????? And I wonder how this buffoon would have reacted to Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt if he thinks Mr. Trump is acting like a King., let alone Mr. Lincoln who imposed Martial Law, illegally.


    • Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of the Dem/MSM echo chamber.

      If memory serves me well, I do not think the Hamilton/Burr duel was over politics.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Here ya go……. the next greatest conspiracy theory.

    Let me point out something before you read this. Mr. Biden’s mental state is plainly visible. Someone recently started a story going around that Mr. Trump had a “stroke” last year when he went to see the Doctor. So if this story is true, that is that the Russians are planning to call candidate’s health into question, then which of these two seems more like a Russian trolling operation?

    Of course we are being told, via insinuation, that this is about the Trump folks hiding Russian influence. Run and get quotes from past officials to verify the unverifiable. Ignore the possibility that the deputy DNI may have actual concerns. Especially after what has been found about the whole “Russian Collusion” hoax perpetrated by the “intelligence community” three years ago.

    Also note the headline is trying to lead you to believe this is only about Mr. Biden. Yet the rumored report, as leaked, did not specify Mr. Biden. It referred to “candidates”.


    • Why would Trump need the Russians to point out what is so plainly obvious?

      Watch Trump get up from the table near the end of this video. Looks pretty spry for a septuagenarian. Also he acts like a common person rather than some hoity toity elite.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Finally, after four bloody years our side is leading with CHINA IS ONE HELL OF A LOT MORE DANGEROUS. Yes, I am vindicated but God almighty, teh crap we have endured from idiots like Lindsay Graham on our side………

      Forget who said it yesterday but, “Look around your house and see how many things you have that say “made in Russia” then look at how many things say “Made in China””. That is where we hava problem and why.

  21. Some country rap fer ya.

  22. https://www.westernjournal.com/lib-mayor-banned-indoor-dining-caught-dining-indoors-neighboring-state/

    Seems to me Crat politicians are purposely keeping businesses closed for political reasons. This is a perfect example.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But according to the official coroner’s report Floyd died from Pulmonary Endema not the loss of blood to the brain. Hed have been dead from a fentanyl overdose before the ambulance arrived.

  23. A defiant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday claimed she was “set up” and a hair salon in San Francisco “owes” her an “apology” after it was revealed the California Democrat visited the business despite local ordinances keeping salons closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    So…a Democrat gets caught…and it is a set up…………..so, Pelosi…a set up like perhaps a Russia investigation…that kind of set up?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      It is kind of nice that she admitted to being too !~@#$%^&&*&*&* stupid to know it was illegal.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      She set herself up. What a jackass. Note to self…..lawmaker claims its not her responsibility to know what the laws are.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Yes Ray. Remember, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

        Nance is truly an amazing person!

  24. West Hollywood; Seattle; Portland; Pasco, Wash.; and Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.These are just a handful of the cities where recently arrested Kenosha, Wis., rioters are listed as coming from. And as riots continue to pop up across the United States, such data has fueled speculation about the origins of the agitators and how they might be organized.

    This is something we already knew…..but here it is again.

  25. The Democratic nominee added that he is a “constitutionalist” and understands the boundaries of presidential authority.

    “There’s a question whether or not a president, under the Constitution, could mandate everyone wear a mask,” Biden said during a press conference Wednesday. “And remember, all during the primary I’d have a lot of people telling me, ‘I would by executive order do.’ I’m a constitutionalist. You know, you can’t do things the Constitution doesn’t allow you the power to do.”

    He added that he would put pressure on local officials to ensure mask wearing during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Trump has competition in the lying department…..trump is now second place to Biden.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I think that at the moment someone has claimed Trump has told over 23,500 lies. It makes me wonder what kind of idiot has so much time to count this?

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I have no idea why this loser has a megaphone, given her lies. But I posted this because the author missed something. She is moving the goal posts. She claims they are demonstrating against the Federal Govt’s treatment of Blacks. SINCE WHEN????

    This was supposed to be about systemic racism in policing. About police brutality and mistreatment of Black people. The FEDS IN FACT, are always the one institution which shows up to investigate the local police for “Civil Rights violations”. A tactic used on steroids by the Obama admin, but which is still occurring under the Trump admin.


    • She checks the right boxes, black, female and a lefty; character, integrity, honesty, … do not matter.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Well…..it is MSNBC right? They sorta pretend to be journalism much the way Fox News and others of the right do. Love the term “performance journalism”. I’m interested in how WGN America plans to self-police and keep it to “just the facts ma’am”.

  27. Now listen to my tale you fellow SUFAites. In ’69 I saw my last Cubs game in Wrigley Field. It was a pitchers dual between Don Drysdale and Fergie Jenkins. The Cubs were in 1st place. Leo the Lip had run off to WI to get married. Drysdale won 1-0 but it was his last game. Shortly thereafter I packed the car and moved to Penn State. In State College, the cable TV was heavy on NY stations since there was nothing in the center of the state. So all you heard on the news was the Mets and their drive to the pennant. The Cubs tanked. (Was Leo thinking with the wrong head?) The hype over the Mets and how they deserved it made me sick. To this day I hate them.

    RIP Tom Seaver, You were good.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Pete LaCock an old classmate of mine and team mate. Parked one over the centerfield fence off of Seaver at Mets Stadium.

      Another team mate I played baseball with in the 60’s was Rick Dempsey. The coach said one time Rick wouldn’t amount to much as a leader. HA.

  28. Ray Hawkins says:

    Pennsylvania – Trump and Biden in a Statistical Tie in Polls….

    So – as I’ve felt polls have outlived their usefulness (2016) I’ll argue sorta with myself for a sec. I don’t think they are in a tie. Pennsylvania has been slowly moving red. Additive in Trump column is a blue Governor largely despised by healthy segments of the blue population – especially over his his admins handing of the covid response. While in Philly you have a lightning rod mayor in Jim Kenney – the city is reliably blue – to moderate voters in and around the city you get a carryover effect disadvantageous to the National ticket. I believe the murmurs – Biden cannot and will not win an election by hiding from the American voters. Locally – the voters who will swing the election either way are put off by the media stoking the flames of discontent about race, covid, etc – EVEN if the sitting President is or is not doing his job on those things (whatever the hell you want that to mean).

    I took my son to first Boy Scout Troop meeting of the Fall last night. The parent group there – total microcosm of the State IMO. All masked up and outside we all talked. Each family – regardless of voting record – expressing complete frustration over “local/State” covid policies that have ALL our kids at home for school, no Friday night football, and general angst over how the race card has been misplayed/overplayed in every walk of life nowadays.

    Grabbing more popcorn to keep watching….

    • Good Morning Ray!

      Over on this side of the State, we are finally getting some needed rain. Most here are hating Gov Wolf. My prediction is that after the election, things will go back to normal fairly quickly. The Covid closings will end, schools will reopen, bars will reopen etc. We will see.

      Pelosi isn’t very smart. Elites will be elites.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Hey G-Man! I do wonder if the entire State schools are on a trimester model – meaning – this first trimester for 100% stay at home learning will end right after the election. Irony.

        I’ll be critical for a sec – schools have had months to prepare for virtual leaning model. ALL of us are underwhelmed – kids are too disengaged, not challenged. Its a mess.

        Curious if Wolf will eliminate 1st day deer season in PA. Then there will be riots in the streets.

        Last – I was today-years-old when I learned one of the top conservative talk show hosts (Stigall) lives, literally, right around the corner from me – and our kids go to school with each other. I’ll lol to myself.

        • Curious if Wolf will eliminate 1st day deer season in PA. Then there will be riots in the streets.

          Not quite as bad as eliminating Friday night ball,,,,,,but it would be nasty here. Black powder and bow season about to start.

        • I’ll guess that you mean first day of buck season after Thanksgiving. He can try, but we will go out anyway. What will they do? Hopefully I’ll have my tags filled in archery season.

          As far as schools, I’m not sure locally, but they should be open for business. Parents should have an option.

          I’m not sure who Stigall is, but thats cool.

    • no Friday night football THIS…you do not do. You do NOT NOT NOT cancel Friday night blue chip football. Not ever…no no no…….you do not even cancel “iron man” football which is prevalent in West Texas……nope………nada…….ain’t gonna happen.

      First high school football games in Texas next week…….the horizon will be lit.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Jealous!! Yes – in PA Friday Night football……for now……is GONE. They may try a modified schedule later – will not be the same.

        • Wow…Here, elections are won and lost on Friday night football……Now, in fairness, there are some school districts (local decision) not to participate…….and they are crying foul at the others that are participating because a State Champion will still be crowned.

          Even the BIg Twelve is still playing and the Texas/OU rivalry will still be played…..as of now.

  29. Update: Mr. Lump Jr. is scheduled to get stabbed (for testing purposes) this weekend.

    Stay tuned for updates.

  30. Now that the new statistics have come out that directly refute the science…..our governor is stating that he will lift the restrictions statewide and telling the people to use common sense.

    He is especially upset that we shut down an economy because obesity is listed in over 50% of the Covid deaths. Here is his quote.” I will be damned if I shut down Texas because people do not exercise self control and step away from the table.” He went on to say…..”Personal responsibility has to take over somewhere,,,,why not here.”

    • I’m glad we followed the science instead of playing blind man’s bluff. 🙃

    • Not to weigh in on the POLITICS here, since, you know, I’m on hiatus.. but….

      Let’s make up a number so that we can stop using “over 50%.” Let’s call it 55%. I figure if it were over 60%, that’s what he would have said, so 55% seems appropriate. Let’s just roll with it, shall we?

      Ok, great, now we have a number of problems. Firstly, 34.8% of Texans are obese (according to the first hit on Google) (by the way, y’all rank 10th in the nation).

      So if 35% of the population is obese, we would expect 35% of deaths to be as well.. IF there was no correlation. Right? We all agree on this? All things being equal, fat people should make up about 35% of any kind of subset wherein there’s no correlation to weight.

      But there is a correlation to weight. That’s why it’s 55%, which is roughly 1.5x. Now, there are a number of ways to slice and dice this, but without getting too nitty-gritty and breaking out any Baysian math I really don’t have the time or stomach for at the moment, we should be able to agree that there’s an EXCESS of deaths (probably) attributable to obesity, but that you can’t attribute ALL deaths of obese people to their obesity?

      Does that make sense?

      The excess is the amount beyond their proportion. We expect 35, we got 55, so the difference is the effect of their obesity. 20%

      So if 20% EXTRA die because they’re fat, well, that’s on them. And I agree with the governor, that their lack of self-control is the problem. Sucks for them. They should have put the fork down. (side note: After ~9 months, Mathius is at his ideal weight and down 48lbs. The diet is called “put less food in your face-hole” and it works wonders.)

      Ok, so ~20% of deaths are attributable to obesity. It’s really not that simple, and we both know it, but let’s just roll with that, too, shall we? 20% of deaths being attributable to a person’s lack of self-control can be restated another way. That other way is “80% of deaths are NOT attributable to a person’s lack of self-control.” (huzzah for formal logic!)

      Ok, so let’s take a look at the governor’s statement again, shall we?

      “I will be damned if I shut down Texas because people do not exercise self control and step away from the table.”

      Restated: We should not have to bend over backward to protect people from the consequences of their own actions. [Mathius agrees!]. 20% of the “victims” of this disease die due to their own poor choices. [Mathius agrees!]. Therefore, we have no societal obligation to “shut down” to protect them. [Mathius says “meh”]. And because we do not need to “shut down” to protect them, we do not need to shut down to protect the other 80%! [Mathius raises an eyebrow at the colonel].


      And, by the way, this says nothing – at all – about the survivors and the consequences of their illnesses.. lost income, medical bills, and potential long-term medical side effects. Shutting down protects everyone, not just the fatties, from these consequences.


      And, by the way, in all of this, Mathius wonders why there is no discussion of smokers. Seems to me that smoking is another perfect example of you made a bad choice, so live with your consequences. I’ve always felt that smoking should disqualify you from lung cancer (etc) benefits under medicare / medicaid.


      And, by the way, in all of this, there’s no consideration to the fact that the shut down contains the spread, so that even if the PROPORTION remains the same, the pie, itself, gets much bigger.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Ok, so ~20% of deaths are attributable to obesity. It’s really not that simple, and we both know it, but let’s just roll with that, too, shall we? 20% of deaths being attributable to a person’s lack of self-control can be restated another way. That other way is “80% of deaths are NOT attributable to a person’s lack of self-control.” (huzzah for formal logic!)


        The death toll related to obesity is 55%. Therefor 45% are not related to obesity.

        You got yourself lost in your attempt.

        CDC says that ONLY 6% of Covid deaths are due ONLY TO COVID. The other 94% all have comorbidity issues.

        And Obesity does not kill. It causes other problems which do kill. It is those other problems that are tracked. So the whole obesity thing seems a little hinky to me.

        • JAC,

          The death toll related to obesity is 55%. Therefore 45% are not related to obesity.

          If 35% of the population wears green hats, what percentage of the covid deaths would you expect to be green-hat-wearers?

          35%, right?

          All things being equal, the color of your hat of choice will have no effect and, randomly distributed with no correlation, we would expect a subset of sufficient randomness to be composed of the same proportion, right?

          I mean, that makes sense, right?

          10% of the population is left-handed, so 10% of the deaths should be lefties.

          8% of the population has blue eyes, so 8% of the deaths should have blue eyes.

          35% of the population is obese, so 35% of the deaths should be obese.


          So – IF – 35% of the deaths had co-morbidity with obesity, how would you conclude that they are caused by obesity?

          They’re happening in perfect proportion to the population – they’re happening in scale with what you’d expect if there were no correlation.

          I mean, that makes sense, right?

          If 8% of the deaths are blue-eyed, you’d never say that having blue eyes caused 8% of the deaths.

          I mean, that makes sense, right?

          If 35% of deaths are in people who comprise 35% of the population, that’s just what we’d expect. That’s not because of any specific attribute in those 35%.. it’s just becuase they are 35% of the population.


          But, of course, it’s not 35%.. it’s 55%.

          Which means suggests that there’s a correlation. (Note: correlation does not imply causation.)

          Maybe fat people are more likely to visit restaurants where they get exposed? Maybe – and more probably – their obesity strains their cardiovascular systems to the point that they are more likely to die if exposed. Maybe obesity correlates strongly with income and being poor makes you more likely to contract the virus and to receive poorer medical care? Most likely, it’s multi-variate. It’s beyond the scope of this conversation whether it’s causal or not and what the mechanism(s) are – all we can conclude is that they’re dying in something greater than their proportion of the population.

          But it’s not 55% greater.

          We can’t look at that 55% and say “yup, 55% is caused by linked to obesity” because 35% of that is explained as what should happen, ceterus paribus. 35% were supposed to die just because they are 35% of the population. We have to take that 35% out. That 35% would have / should have died as a consequence of just being 35% of the population. The EFFECT of the correlation – whatever its exact mechanism – is only the difference.

          If you grab 1,000 random people, and 100 are lefties, that’s just what you’d expect. You wouldn’t say “they got grabbed because they’re lefties.” If 500 were lefties, we’d say “yup, something about being a leftie correlates getting grabbed.” But we wouldn’t attribute all 500 to left-handedness. 100 were supposed to be grabbed. The effect of the correlation is the added 400 only.

          I mean, that makes sense, right?


          CDC says that ONLY 6% of covid deaths are due ONLY TO COVID. The other 94% all have comorbidity issues.

          What percentage of the population, do you suppose, has NO preexisting conditions which might be considered co-morbidities if you contract and die from the virus?

          I have low blood pressure and high cholesterol and a history of cancer (hopefully, “history,” anyway…).

          If I die, I’m a co-morbidity.

          Does this mean that my BP, cholesterol, or cancer did it?

          Maybe. Maybe not.

          Who can say. Not me.

          I’d argue that a dramatic proportion of the population – easily in excess of 80% (number pulled out of my ass) – have some condition.

          Low BP / high BP / diabetus / obesity / cancer / hemhorroids / who knows.


          What you’re saying is 6% of the population who are perfectly healthy (as far as the docs know) are dying. Everyone else died BECAUSE of their co-morbidities.

          What I’m saying is that a huge number of them are just the percentage of the population that would get caught in any random sampling and only a small percentage of the population have NO co-morbidities to begin with.

          I won’t speak to exactly what that percentage is – I have absolutely no idea – but we should be able to agree that in a random sampling and assuming no correlation, most people would have some kind of co-morbidity.

          That’s just what SHOULD happen in a random sample, right?

          So, really, we should only be interested in the deviations from what we’d expect.

          As it relates to obesity – that seems to be about a 20% increase.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Your dissection of the numbers is Bull Shit. Pure and Simple.

            The higher number of fat people dying than fat people in the population simply suggests higher risk factors. The rest of your screed is BULL SHIT.

            I addressed the combined impacts of Covid with Comorbidity the other day. And your Doctor’s example of a bear attack is even more BULL SHIT.

            Which doesn’t say much for someone with an M.D. behind their name. Plain ass STUPID>

        • JAC,

          Put another, more succinct way:

  31. Ray Hawkins says:

    Is Chris Wallace mod for 1st debate? Titanic shift in voter sentiment? Is this where the Father hen will call his chickens home (Democrats who have carped about Trumps fitness to lead will see firsthand what fitness Joe has?)?

    Assume Joe falters – he goes big toothy grin with a blank look in eyes and they have to cut to commercial. Will there be any reckoning for a Blue political machine that has cratered itself? I am equally looking forward to the debates but also concerned that the final reveal of this shit show will be more disappointing and SAD than entertaining or conclusive.

    • Mr. Hawkins,

      Speaking on behalf of, well, everyone I know on my side of the political divide, I have not met a single person who is voting FOR Biden. Every single person I’ve spoken with is voting for “Biden, I guess.” Which is to say they’re voting AGAINST Trump and vaguely in the general direction of the left.

      I think every single Democrat and/or liberal I know would happily chuck Biden into a volcano as long as they could still get Trump out of office. I, personally, would vote for Big Foot if I thought he could win (and if it weren’t for his history of racist tweeting).

      That said, I would ask you this: Where is the bar for Joe and where is the bar for Trump?

      I don’t think Biden is nearly as senile as the narrative is shaped up to be, but sure, let’s assume he does give some doddering vacant answers. That’s no good.

      And it SHOULD BE disqualifying to the office of the Presidency of the United States.

      It should be. We shouldn’t have someone senile in the Oval Office. I think we all agree with that. Maybe next time we’ll get someone born in the latter half of the 20th century (Bush, Clinton, Trump, and Biden were all born between 1942-1946).

      Maybe Biden is having some kind of decline, maybe the pressure is getting to him, maybe maybe maybe… I don’t know. But if he shows up and he’s clearly not capable, I’m left with a choice. Not-Capable-Guy or Trump.

      And Trump is – absolutely – incapable.

      And not only is he obviously incapable, but he’s also a sadistic, divisive grifter who is goosestepping this country in the path toward fascism.

      But we live in a shit-tastic two-party system wherein any vote not for Red or Blue is a wasted vote and, effectively, a vote for the other guy. So if I say “nope, Biden is too senile,” all that does is say “ok, then I’ll do nothing while someone else elects an evil lunatic instead.”

      It’s a trolley problem. I HAVE to decide whether to pull the lever or not. You do too. Pull, you get Biden who is… ugh… fine, I guess.. I hope. Don’t pull, you get Trump. Those are your ONLY two options. How did that work out for the left in 2016?


      That is, unless you live in a “safe” state like California or New York or Texas.. then your vote doesn’t matter at all and you should feel free to do whatever you like because it’s all pointless and nothing matters and Ohio and Florida will decide who your next President is for you.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Trump does this sometimes. Usually it’s when the brain is moving a whole lot faster than the mouth can. I know, I do it myself.

        VP Biden by his own admission, being a stutterer all his life, must think through everything and make pauses when speaking to keep on track.

        Last month he admitted this. Personally, I was shocked to find out that the stuttering issue just came out after a half century. Does indeed seem odd.

        John Stossel the newsman once did a series of shows on I believe 20-20 explaining his stuttering problem, demonstrating how he can go off track and how he gets back on track. It was fascinating stuff.

        • Biden has told lots of very tall tales, like getting arrested and some guy named Pop Corn. I think he is far worse than Trump’s exaggerations.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Nah….that was Corn Pop not to be confused with Sugar Pops which are “tops” and famously once sponsored the “Wild Bill Hickock” TV Show starring the Late Guy Madison as Wild Bill and the even later Andy Divine, not to be confused with Divine, the transvestite star of “Hairspray” later reprised by John Travolta, who played his faithful companion “Jingles” not to be confused with Tonto who was the Lone Ranger’s faithful “Indian” companion or Leo Carrillo who was The Cisco Kid’s faithful Mexican Companion. The “Kid” was of course played by Duncan Renaldo never to be confused with Burt Reynolds whose faithful companion used to be Sister Bertrille played by Sally Field, not Sally Struthers, who was the Flying Nun when not being Gidget on TV as opposed to Sandra Dee who played her in the movies. Interestingly enough Dee’s name was prominently mentioned in the film, “Grease” in a song called “Look at me I’m Sandra Dee” which co-starred John Travolta who played the female lead in the re-make of “Hairspray”. Divine made several other movies including “Lust in the Dust” co-starring the late Tab Hunter who contrary to popular opinion was NOT the faithful companion of Liberace nor Gomer Pyle (really Jim Nabors), never to be confused with Denver Pyle an obvious racist since he appeared in a TV show called “The Dukes of Hazzard” which allowed the Confederate Battle Flag to appear on the roof of a 1969, Orange Dodge Charger named “General Lee” who was NOT the great, great grandfather of the singer Brenda Lee but was in fact the son of “Lighthorse” Harry Lee of Revolutionary War fame, a slaveowner and the namesake of Leesburg VA. Brenda Lee apparently once sang she was “Sorry” which I think we can safely assume revolved around that unfortunate time in our history.

      • The fact is, Mathius, this Covid is not causing the deaths……..by the CDC, only 6% of pure Covid has caused a death. Now, obesity was mentioned ONLY because the stats show that over 50 percent of the deaths related to Covid were Obese,,,,,,,,the stats did not show strokes, smoking, or any other variety of ailments.

        Our governor was called out on the obesity (correctly so) and he admitted using it as an example because of the large number of people. He went on to say that if COVID was so nasty, then why does it not account for a more significant portion of the deaths. Our own records of Tarrant county showed 600 odd deaths given credit to Covid…..BUT only 3…count them 3,,,,,,related to ONLY Covid. Everyone else had another ailment that when combined with Covid…exacerbated the other ailments….whatever they are. I think it is absurd science to say…..Covid is killing tens of thousands when it is not killing tens of thousands.

        Now, I am a high risk category,,,,,,age 72, Diabetes, and a compromised immune system because of agent orange poisoning……I know that if I get Covid, it will be difficult perhaps…..but that does not warrant masks and shut ins. It just does not.

        The same Tarrant County records showed a three to one ratio of straight influenza deaths as compared to straight Covid deaths. So, what to do? I walk around the whole time worrying about a common cold because I know it will hit me worse than my spousal unit. I use common sense. ( I know that is hard to grasp….common sense. ) But you just do not penalize a whole society because some people have additional ailments. Life is a risk. Live with it.

        I think the governor is correct. Do not shut down an economy because Covid, when combined with other ailments, can possibly kill ya. Push away from the table, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop drugs…..anything that creates an altered immune system…….quit it.

        To those of us that have compromised immune systems…myself included….life is tough.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Exercise normal caution. The wife and I went out as often as possible at our advanced age yet did the hand wash thing, wore the mask or bandanna, wiped off shopping carts and stayed away from crowds. My buddy with Leukemia stayed away from everything but when the hospitals resumed elective surgery went in for the six month postponed hip replacement ASAP.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “And not only is he obviously incapable, but he’s also a sadistic, divisive grifter who is goosestepping this country in the path toward fascism.”

        Are you effing kidding me??? Read some damn history.

        • Have compassion JAC, the rank and file leftists know not what they are saying because they have heard the MSM/Leftist party spout their propaganda and lies for over four years now and have come to believe it. Goebbels would be proud.

          The MSM and Democrats have been dividing this country for years. They always pit one group against another. They are covetous, racist, non-scientific, power hungry individuals who will destroy all the good in this country to get what they want.

  32. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Simple question…..if I receive a ballot in the mail, fill it out and mail it three days before the election, then go to my polling station and vote again, do you really think I will be caught?

    Before you answer, and I wish everybody would chime in, think how many hundreds of thousands, possibly tens of millions of mail in ballots that would have to be crosschecked with poll records? Still think it is possible?

    • Maybe, in 2037. We can vote in person safely. We can protest, riot, go to Walmart etc. The Crats just want to cheat because they are morally bankrupt.

    • Simple question…..if I receive a ballot in the mail, fill it out and mail it three days before the election, then go to my polling station and vote again, do you really think I will be caught?

      No sir, I do not think you will be caught.

      Secondly, all these mail in ballots that are not able to be counted………………..what is the consequence.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        The consequence is massive cases flooding the courts for weeks, months, maybe years regarding votes suddenly “found” that had been misplaced.

        I find it interesting that absolutely no one seems to remember the controversy over the 2000 election when absentee and military ballots were routinely NOT counted. Since you were probably serving back then, I am sure that you remember.

        • Yep. I remember

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Remember Al Franken’s win after 3 recounts and a mysterious box of ballots turned up that only were delivered months after the election and after the recounts were consistent with a 450 app win by the incumbent. The box had all Franken votes and enough to win. The judge had already ruled no more recounts.

  33. https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/09/03/nolte-washington-post-says-election-will-end-violence-unless-biden-wins-landslide/

    They are preparing the grounds for a long drawn out contested election. They are prophesying multiple scenarios so they can say later we predicted this.

  34. This is probably how easy it would be to vote twice. I refer you to the Census report. I own 2 rental homes. Census are sent to an address. I received on at my current home and I received another at the unoccupied rental. I filled out the one sent to me at my current address. Since I did not fill one out from the rental address, they sent me another one telling me it was the law.

    I even had a note on the rental door knob letting me know a census taker personally came by. I called the Census office. I told them that I had filled one out and the rental was unoccupied. I was told that I would need to fill one out for the rental address since it is on the books. I told that that no one was there. They said to fill it out and send it in as the address was the control factor….not the name. That is weird, I said but they said fill it out and send it in. I asked if there was a check to make sure that duplicate census were not sent in. They said to fill out as a family of four and send it in as if renters were there.

    So, I did as they requested. We shall see if it is returned. Interesting test, doncha know.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Texas will now get extra federal bucks!

    • We have the same problem. We have 2 houses connected by a breeze way. When the kids were here, we used both as single dwelling. Now that we are empty nesters, we have retrenched to the main house. I have gotten multiple phone calls on who lives in the smaller dwelling. They cannot grasp the fact that we treat it as a single dwelling.

  35. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    So tonight on Tucker Carlson we have an orthopedist who specializes in treating sports injuries at professional and college level. Because it is in his bailiwick, he is more than knowledgeable on Covid. He stated pretty categorically that roughly 50 percent of the population seems to have a natural immunity. Apparently this has been known some time.

  36. Pelosi says she was “set up” by a freaking hair stylist, which is clear evidence she is not qualified to be 3rd in line to the Oval Office.

    Joe was answering a question and read the HEADER of the taking point, which wasn’t meant to be read. He isn’t qualified to be Mathius’s dog sitter.

    I will agree with Ray on an issue. Watching Biden this year may very well be sad. I do have a soft spot for the elderly. Maybe he will surprise. Don’t matter, listening to him is like watching paint dry.

    • SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Nancy Pelosi was minding her own business this week when a salon owner called her and said in a gravelly voice, “Listen, toots — I got a proposition for ya.” The salon owner then explained how she wanted her to come in to get a perm, absolutely free. “It’s a great deal — no strings attached. No funny business. Take it or leave it. Come around back. No cops.”

      Pelosi showed up for the appointment but felt uneasy from the beginning since the salon owner wore a shirt saying “I HATE NANCY PELOSI.” But despite her misgivings, she continued on, really needing to get her hair done and her skin tightened.

      Just as her head was being dipped in the bowl, Pelosi noticed one of the hair stylists pressing a button labeled “SUMMON POLICE TO FRAME A POLITICIAN” under the counter. The Speaker of the House leaped to her feet and made a break for it, screaming for her chauffeur to start the car.

      “Step on it, Bugsy!” she shouted at her getaway driver. “It’s a setup! The popo’s comin’ in hot!” The hair stylist almost nabbed her, but Pelosi pushed over a rack of shampoos and conditioners, slowing down her pursuers just in time for her to leap into the back seat of her car.

      A police car came screaming around the corner just as she and her driver peeled out, taking a hard right down a nearby alleyway. The police officer riddled the back of her car with bullets from his Tommy gun before Pelosi narrowly managed to escape by driving off the end of the docks, where her car turned into a steampunk submersible and she got away scot-free.

    • Well, she pissed the ladies off because they’re out in front of her house stringing up curlers and blow dryers from the trees now. For real! LMAO

  37. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-says-he-s-truly-an-environmentalist-slams-bans-on-plastic-products/ar-BB18GBl3?

    Perfect example of a fake news headline. Trump talked about plastic straws, then asked why not the other plastic stuff. I heard this with my own ears. Typical Liberal media BS.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You should take a look at the massive amounts of money the Ford Foundation gives to Planned Parenthood.

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:
  39. Sometimes I want to respond to a leftist with a quote from the great philosopher Bugs Bunny, “What a moron!”

  40. Good morning, T Ray,,,,,,,,,,I have to ask what is going on in California…..

    LOS ANGELES – A new bill headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk would lower penalties for adults who have consensual sex with a minor if the offender is within 10 years of age with the victim. SB 145 passed in both houses of the State Legislature late Monday evening.

    So, I guess, this means that there could be consensual sex between an 18 year old and an 8 year old?

    • And, isn’t it interesting, that the sentence above uses the word “victim” instead of minor…..so they are saying that it is ok to lower the penalties of consensual sex with a minor and then refer to the minor as a victim?

      Perhaps it is too early in the morning for me to comprehend this. I also see where this was for the LGBT community.

    • No, there is no slippery slope. Never would anyone condone pedophilia, bestiality, polygamy, etc.

    • SB-145: “This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.”


      It would remove mandatory registration, leaving it to the court’s discretion.

      Explicitly stated: “This paragraph does not preclude the court from requiring a person to register pursuant to Section 290.006.”


      That said, in my (admittedly quick) reading of the bill, I see nothing that would stop a court from allowing an 18 year old to “consensually” have sex with an 8 year old without registering as an offender.

      It doesn’t make it legal – it’s still a crime. But it would be up to the court to decide whether the older one needs to register as a sex offender.

      I’d argue this is – at best – a poorly written law, and I have no idea why they’d pass it as-is.

      Three years.. sure… that’s probably a good idea. I know that it was a point of concern for my girlfriend and myself when I turned 18 a few months before her. But I remember looking it up and we were protected by the “Romeo and Juliet” exemption which allows pre-existing relationships within a certain age discrepancy to bridge the 18 year old barrier.

      But 10 years? Blech. I guess, in certain exceedingly narrow circumstances, we might possibly, maybe, think 27-with-17 isn’t registration-worthy.

      But without lower bound on the age? Hard pass.

      • Little more to this.


        I agree with this statement:

        “Critics of the bill argue that rather than amending existing law to include vaginal intercourse with a minor as an act that requires mandatory sex offender registration, the bill aims to make all criminal sex acts with a minor over 14 equal by providing offenders with an opportunity to evade mandatory registration. “

        • With a little more thought, I generally agree with the statement. I just think some discretion based on the facts is necessary, but 10 years seems extreme.

        • As a general rule, I prefer courts to have the flexibility to apply discretion to special cases.

          I dislike any kind(s) of mandatory minimums and, I guess, that generally includes registration.

          There’s a story that went around my school years back – probably apocryphal, but illustrative nonetheless – of a kid who got drunk and pissed behind a bush in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for him, this bush was at an elementary school. He was charged with exposing himself near an elementary school. He was then forced to register as a sex offender.

          Again, this is probably bullshit, but it shows the point.

          If we accept that he might have – technically – done the things that qualify as a crime, there can still be edge cases wherein the penalty is unsuited. A judge should / could have the discretion not to apply an inappropriate penalty.

          The flip side of this coin is that it all-too-often translates into “poor defendants get whacked with the stick” while “rich defendants get off lighter.” If there is discretion to be had, all things being equal, a better lawyer is going to be able to get them more often for their clients. What this would translate to, in general is that better-off adults who have sex with children child rapists will avoid registering as sex offenders more often whereas poorer ones will get the full penalty.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like drug use in the netherlands is still ILLEGAL they just decided to not prosecute. Unless the user commits some other crime. But then as I found out almost the hard way. As i resisted and defended myself against a drugged out Somali if I had hurt him I WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED not him..

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I see the FBI and local law enforcement didnt try and shoot the guy in the leg who executed the conservative protester in Portland and then bragged on it. They shot his ass in Seattle deader than last weeks meatloaf

  42. Just saw where Pelosi is demanding an apology from the Salon owner.

  43. This ties Uraniumgate to Spygate. It is long but informative.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They did have Hillary and Bill by the short hairs. $140M to the Clinton Foundatuon from the Russian companies. $500000 1 hour speaking fee to Bill .from the same company.

      • Apparently Brennan briefed Obama on July 28, 2016 about the Steele Dossier. Cross Fire Hurricane was opened July 31, 2016. So we now know the egg came before the chicken.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          All buried in the obits with the virus on page one.

          Or as Hillary said when questioned about Benghazi ” what does it matter now”

          Durham and Barr have got to start dropping conspiracy charges soon

          • I’ve seen so many write ups of all the great things Barr’s doing, but none of them have anything to do with the Durham investigation. Starting to think that’s because nothing is coming on the investigation.

  44. U.S.—As promises and rumors of a coming vaccine for COVID-19 continue to swirl, health experts across the country are recommending an additional action they believe will provide an end to the virus’s grip on the nation. Leading doctors suggest moving the presidential election to an earlier date.

    “It’s evident from our studies that this virus has an expiration date: November 3,” said one epidemiologist. “If we move the election day up, this whole thing will instantly go away.”

    For months, Americans have assumed the lack of a vaccine was the only thing holding the nation back from opening up, but an analysis of the data by researchers confirms the only real threat is candidates using scare tactics to make things seem worse than they really are.

    “Believe me,” the doctor said. “Nobody likes pandemics more than we do, but even we’re ready to move on from this one. Let’s just get the vote over with and move on.”

    The CDC cautioned that the doctors’ advice won’t necessarily work, as they’ve got a few more pandemics in the hopper to ensure they keep their funding.

    • Scary

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The state of the state we are in is pitiful. People making public comments ripping on Mr. Trump for comments “reported” but not substantiated by a single person who was present.

      This has taken the “swift boat” tactic to all new levels. Just throw crap and then get hundreds of “officials” who think themselves important to make some derogatory comment, as if the crap were true.

      Now for the ultimate IRONY. The Dems and certain self righteous folks are condemning Mr. Trump for apparently commenting that the Viet Nam war was stupid and anyone who went a sucker. Note how this comment was attributed to those who died in WWII and not Viet Nam.

      The irony?????? Who was making exactly those same claims for the last 40 to 50 years? That’s right………….the freakish Democratic Party and their Anarchist Communist minions.

      We have literally gone bat-shit crazy. And for those who do not know, bat-shit crazy is a real thing. To much nitrogen and methane in the air of caves filled with Guano can make you nuts.

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just read the Feds raided 2 nursing homes in Pennsylvania where hundreds died

    • This is about a positive Covid letter for a person who died in Feb. It seems the dead person is positive. Bet she votes too!

  46. https://hotair.com/archives/jazz-shaw/2020/09/06/dem-unions-planning-strikes-social-justice-just-time-election/

    So, at a time when our Country is struggling to overcome adversity, the democrat organisations are trying to intentionally make it worse.

  47. Hazy and smokey last night with ash fallout. Same this am. The sun is a dim red disk at 10 am. The fires are well to our west so we are not in any danger but this has been going on for 3 weeks. Temperature is supposed to be triple digits today with rolling blackouts. Wind is expected on Tuesday with potential shut downs. When this occurs, PG&E must do a 100% inspection of the lines so it can take 2-3 days to restore the power.

    • That’s a bummer . But I know you will have the smoker going today, right? We have cooled off enough to be able to get outside some. My Weber grill sits 4 feet from my air conditioner thing so I haven’t even grilled much because of the noise and extra heat. But I’ll be thankful for burgers and brats today. I’ll be sitting at the firepit tonight for only my second time this summer! That is uncalled for. I’ll be throwing split wood on one handed though, sorta like I’m typing now, after having smashed three fingers at work yesterday…a metal sandwich with fingers for the filling. I didn’t know fingers could get such a dark color of purple. They are tender but they don’t hurt near as bad as they look. Ain’t stopping mt grilling or fire though.

    • More rd sun (9:50 am). It was cool yesterday until the sun broke through the haze then it shot to 108. It was 79 at 5 am so I expect another hot day. I am not smoking anything today but the kids will be home next weekend so I will probably smoke something then. I want to make some beef jerky this week. I have to go into work tomorrow to fix a problem they are having with an instrument that uses software that I wrote.

      The fire that sending us all the smoke is near Yosemite, about 100 mi to our south. The smoke comes up the front side of the Sierras. No fires locally and no blackouts to report. If we go dark, I will be out of communication for the duration.

  48. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I am incredibly unhappy with the Brou-ha-ha of 11/11/2018 with which I am intimately familiar. Seething, many memories have flooded back of interesting, relevant events. I’ll share one. Within it were many, many personal vignettes which I should probably write down for the kids. Like the guy, a door gunner, who found out that his helicopter had been shot down with all lost the week after he returned to CONUS and had no clue for almost 20 years.

    In 1985 the NY City Viet-nam Veterans Memorial committee went flat broke needing more than a million dollars more to complete a very unusual (and very touching memorial). DJT stepped forward and paid the rest. On the evening of its dedication, I was there in about the tenth row among thousands of vets. Mayor Ed Koch and Trump were on the podium. Both spoke. As Trump stepped forward, a loud chant started, “WHERE WERE YOU” over and over, louder and louder, when it finally died away, Trump spoke movingly of the sacrifice of those who fell. He showed no anger, no animosity and no pique…..He just spoke. At that point too, I changed my mind about him. It took moral courage to step up there in front of his cohort where many were on crutches or missing arms or legs. The things I remember most about that weekend, the evening dedication and the parade the next day were the incredible respect payed to Gen. Westmoreland as he reviewed his “Ragtag troops” marching, in bits and pieces of their old uniforms down Broadway. There was at last love and respect there on both sides. I had the distinct impression they would do it all over again for him. Then the very last group, the Third Herd, the 173rd Airborne vets, double timing and chanting down lower Broadway pushing their comrades in wheelchairs along. Finally, the ultimate memory, the party hosted aboard the Intrepid for all the vets. What a day!


  49. http://www.acljfilms.com/targeting-us

    The IRS/Tea Party debacle. I know it is an old story but with listening to.

  50. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I watched this interesting program on HBO last night which I was to tired to keep on. But the part I watched was a semi-documentary-auto biography of this middle aged woman in Vancouver, unhappy with her life. She and a number of her girlfriends sort of formed a club which turned into a sorority type setting with rituals and initiations. Her “sponsor” told her that the initiation would consist of her and several other women being taken blindfolded and naked to different locations . At one they would have a unique tattoo placed on them, a series of intersected lines with some gibberish about meanings. Well she was onboard and went along and when she got to the place for the tattooing she discovered that she and six others would be branded with hot irons not a tattooing pen!

    So, then it gets interesting. She talks about how freaked out she was with the screams and smell of burning flesh and then thinks about how she can break away and get out…..Suddenly, she said this calm came over her and she went ahead with it, calling it something like a “glorious” moment and a “revelation”.

    C’mon man…..do you still wonder where Nazis come from?

  51. Just A Citizen says:
    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I do NOT think I believe all that but I do believe some of that., The morality in this land has gone to merde in the past 50 years. Not to say it was not there before but to this extent?

  52. https://donsurber.blogspot.com/2020/09/trump-honors-war-dead-with-his-heart.html

    They have managed to change the media discussions. I suspect that won’t work for long.

  53. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/09/is-critical-race-training-illegal.php

    There you go D13, another name for your list, we’re all non human, demons.

  54. I thought my gun collection was complete….but the kid in Colorado that got suspended for having a toy gun, with an orange tip, with the words Zombie Killer on the side has something that I do not have. So………………………………..

  55. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Tuesday that 1,000 Georgians voted twice in the state’s June 9 primary, a felony that he said will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These voters submitted absentee ballots but also voted in person, a problem that happened across 100 Georgia counties, and election officials didn’t catch them in time to keep the second votes from being tallied, Raffensperger announced during a press conference outside the state Capitol.

    But..but…this cannot happen. It is impossible…..the Dems says it does not happen.

    • It is hard to see when you are giving yourself a self colonoscopy.

    • Colonel,

      7mm people in Georgia, 1k double-voted. That’s 0.014%
      Something like 1mm voted. 1k double-voted. That’s 0.10%

      I’m curious what level of perfection you’re looking for and why you think the real world would allow that to happen?

      That said, the duplicate votes were detected, rejected, and the people are being charged with crimes. Seems to me that this proves the system works. If the concern is that people will double-vote, doesn’t the fact that the system caught and rejected the doubles prove that this concern is unfounded (that is, people try to may do it, but it won’t accomplish anything).

      So…… what’s the issue here? Seems to me that the system worked as it should, no?


      I’m also wondering what you make of this kind of comment in light of the above: “If you get the unsolicited ballots, send it in and then go — make sure it counted. And if it doesn’t tabulate, you vote. You just vote. And then if they tabulate it very late, which they shouldn’t be doing, they’ll see you voted, and so it won’t count. So, send it in early, and then go and vote. And if it’s not tabulated — you vote. And the vote is going to count.”

      Now, admittedly, the above is saying vote, CHECK, and if not, then vote again. And, admittedly, this quote (I believe) comes after the June primary. So I’m not trying to draw a causal link here… just wondering if you have thoughts on this.

      • Mathius, you are conflating absentee ballots with unsolicited ballots. One must apply for the former, which is how these people got caught. With unsolicited ballots, they cannot prove you voted twice because they can’t prove you sent in the unsolicited ballot (even with a signature).

        The issue is unsolicited ballots, not absentee ballots. If people will cheat with absentee ballots, Unsolicited ballots would be a disaster.

        • Dear Gman,


          • Didn’t ask me either, but…

            Cancel culture is not allowed on SUFA. Makes bad things happen, like misspelling your own name. I think Gman had a good point.

            • Can you please define “Cancel Culture”?

              • Not in detail because 1) Make me, 2) I don’t have to and 3) I don’t feel like it. But rest assured the short version has to do with public shaming of people with opinions that trigger the shamer into SPONTANEOUS BARKING EPISODES as you displayed. Shorter version: silence dissent.

              • 1) Make me


                2) I don’t have to

                It’s a free country..

                3) I don’t feel like it

                Ok, then.

                But rest assured the short version has to do with public shaming of people with opinions that trigger the shamer into SPONTANEOUS BARKING EPISODES

                Hmm… that sounds terrible!

              • Edit: 4) Its a setup…

                And back to real time… I fell for the setup. BUT…even with my 5 inch magnifying glass, I could only make out a couple of those tweets and you seem to have fallen into the FALLACY trap of WHATABOUTISM! And you are the CHIEF sargeant at arms of SUFA on that. Sooo…1) you get a double bullshit flag for doing that, 2) I get double bonus points for recognizing it, 3) he’s still your president. Embrace the suck, and 4) your comment to G was still rude.

          • I don’t remember giving a shit! 😀

          • Great movie….and the line…”I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?”

      • Sir, Mathius,,,,,,,,I was not making a statement and you really like statistics. I don’t care it is was .00000000000000000000001. That is still too many. HOWEVER, in this particular case these are the ones that were caught and rightly so and should suffer whatever penalty there is……it is a S T A T E issue. How many states would not have caught this……..on purpose.

        This is why Texas, even though we had our hands slapped about using voter ID, is still going to use voter ID. You better have it or you will not vote. Absentee requests better jive with the records or they will be thrown out.

        Now, any statement to double voting or voting again if you think your first vote did not count…….is just plain wrong.

        • Oh, you did ask about the level of perfection…..what do I expect. Really now….you are going to ask a 41 year combat experienced soldier what level of perfection do I expect?

          Ok, I will play along…. I expect “perfection” ……to expect anything less is immoral.

          • How many times in your life have you actually gotten “perfection” in the real world?

            For my part, I’d say “never.”

            “Pretty damned good” happens a fair amount of the time. But “perfect”? That’s just fantasy.

            Then again, my wife does make a perfect steak. The key is to thoroughly wash the cast iron skillet until it’s completely de-greased. Then she sprays the pan with PAM spray and cooks on high until all the red is gone. Flip, and cook another five minutes. Cut across the grain with a dull knife, and serve with ketchup and a side of soggy vegetables. Plate on one of those folding TV dinner trays and eat while watching Rachel Maddow on CNN. Perfection!

  56. Just A Citizen says:
    • There is no question in my mind what is going on……none. I am ready for it. If Trump wins and the left starts tearing stuff up, it will be met with violence, at least in Texas. They tried to turn over dinner tables at a couple of restaurants in Dallas to be met with a plethora of gun carrying diners that said no….

      They tried to cross a bridge in Fort Worth to go into a well known upscale neighborhood to be met with a plethora of armed people saying….not here. It is going to get ugly. Worse than the 60’s and early 70’s…..much worse.

  57. I see they are shoveling global warming in the Rockies.

    • Yes, and the global warming is reaching Texas….we normally have very dry Septembers with temps in the 90’s and 100’s….this global warming has us down to the 60’s and 70’s this time of year.

      The caterpillars are putting on their warm fuzzies….the tomato horn worms are active early…this global warming is terrible…………………or………………………are we going back to the fact that the ozone is now going to once again create an ice age? I wonder which track they will take now…………………….or………………………..is it Trump’s fault.

      • Thought about you yesterday. A YouTuber I watch lives in Terrell, Tx. He posted a short video yesterday right after a bad windstorm passed through. Tore up all kinds of stuff on his property. Sky still looked pretty mean. Tore a bunch of siding off his barn, sent chairs flying from his back yard and slammed them thru his front yard fence. Slammed his garbage dumpster into his cattle gate driveway entrance.which tore the gate off one side. He was lucky that wind didn’t send his chickens and goats flying. You alright out there?

        • Yep….we have straight line winds storms on occasion. Where I live we had a 15 minute straight line wind storm of 60 MPH…..out of the east…which is very rare. Everything usually comes out of the west. There are two times a year we have a weather pattern that is thunderstorms with winds….early spring and summer into fall.

          From Fort Worth to the west, it is very rare to see trees that are over 15ft……because of winds. East Texas has 70 foot pines but west of Fort Worth, unless you plant them…..nothing other than scrub oak, mesquite, and cedar.

          • Hmm, learn something new every day.Never really considered wind being the reason for no trees. Makes perfect sense though. The guy was bummed that a few fruit trees that he planted last summer were uprooted. He was happy to save his flag pole by taking his flags down just in time. His neighbor’s flagpole was split half way up. Scary. Glad you’re ok out there.

  58. Stephen K. Trynosky says:


  59. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Maybe it doesn’t like this one which I saved for Our Colonel.


  60. Ok a question for anyone…….. You are out with your family at a restaurant. Your table is approached by a tumultuous crowd. “Raise your fist and support us”…..they cry out.

    Do you (1) abide and stand up to avoid trouble
    Do you (2) try to ignore them and continue to eat
    Do you (3) tell them that you do not support their efforts

    If, as shown, that you do not agree with them and they throw your food in the floor or turn your table over…

    Do you (1) Consider that a threat towards you and your family and respond with whatever you deem necessary to protect your family.
    Do you (2) cry to the management and demand a refund because they did not protect you

    What would you do?

    Next question……if you are armed and you deem the threat severe enough to protect your family………would you blast away.

    Just curious

    Here is my answer to just get the ball rolling and feel free to criticize, I do not have hurt feelings.

    If I was with my family and this happened, (1) I would not seek the easy way out and stand up and raise my fist…that makes me part of the problem. If they even reached towards the table, the weapon comes out…..if it does not stop them, the weapon does my talking for me. Any move at all towards my table with my family present will be considered life threatening to me. ********************

    ************caveat: Understand this would be my response. Not claiming that everyone should do this…..just my response.

    • And, yes, do not f*** with my steak.

    • That sounds about right. I would make my point very clear, at least I can say they were warned.

    • JAC's Daughter says:

      Answering your question Colonel based on your scenario. As a single white woman in her early 30’s living in crazy town (Seattle) I am most often armed:

      (3) I would stand up for what I believe is right and at least tell them I don’t support how they are going about their efforts (beyond true peaceful protesting). My ideal approach would be to try to get to know the person/people who are asking us this question and very calmly ask them follow up questions, like what exactly it is they are supporting, why do they support that, what personal experience led them to support their cause, what they think they will accomplish by bullying people into saying one thing even if that’s not what they believe in, what is their true end goal. If they were super verbally aggressive, I might even offer for them to sit down and buy them a meal if they want to actually have a discussion around it, but I wouldn’t say I support them when I don’t. My goal would be to try and show them there is a different way to solving these issues and if they approached it maturely they might see the “other side” isn’t all the evil they are led to believe.

      If that led to them to flipping my table:
      (1) I would consider it irrational behavior, like a child throwing a tantrum, and although it would be threatening i’m not sure I would personally feel threatened. I would most likely not pull my firearm unless it escalated further. I would try to have identities captured to report them.

      **If I had children with me I would approach the situation differently. If this was happening in a restaurant I was eating at but wasn’t directed at my table, I would try to intervene by stepping in to defend the people eating and approach it the same. If someone did become truly violent towards me or someone else, I would absolutely pull my firearm and try to detain them until the proper authorities showed up (if they showed up). If a bunch of people came in and just started tearing up the place, harassing multiple families and destruction, I would have no hesitation to make a warning shot and then fire at someone if necessary after that.

      • In high school, some of the bigger kids (bullies) would steal food off the trays of younger kids. I always swore that if they did that to me, I would toss my milk in their face and say loudly, “Here’s something to wash it down with.” I would follow that by tossing the rest of the tray on them and say, “Here if you are still hungry, have the rest.” I would probably get the s— beat out of me but I learned that being loud brought the teachers immediately into correct any situation.

        Now in a restaurant if there are kids present, I would consider this an assault. I watch the does with fawns interact with my small dog. They take no BS from the dog and immediately attack to protect the fawns. I see no difference in this situation. If there are no kids present, I will tell them to get their vile, viral laden mouth away from my food. If they touch any of it, they will get all of it. At this point I will not have touched them or hit them with any dishes but they will be covered in food. I suspect it will escalate from their but that is their decision.

        • JAC's Daughter says:

          One lunch in high school this bully pulled the chair out from under a smaller kid (I didn’t know) at a nearby table and made a point to show everyone he took another kids chair and not to mess with him. The smaller kid was so embarrassed because he fell to the ground with a crashing that caught the attention of multiple tables. So I went to the table where the bully was proudly eating his lunch with his friends in his newly claimed throne, picked up the only empty chair at the table, said “OMG what is this?? Holy sh**, it’s an empty chair!!!” and brought it back to the kid with no chair. I heard his friends laugh at him and say “ooooooo dude, you just got called out by a girl!”

  61. JAC's Daughter says:

    Question for the group….

    Does Goodspaceguy seem like a valid Governor candidate to be on the Washington State write in ballot? Is that name (first, last) or (last, first)?

    Also, If you’d like a good chuckle, take note of the “preferred party options” under each name.

  62. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Been thinking again, yes I know that’s dangerous.
    We have four unidentified people saying Trump dissed WW 1 soldiers. They fear to come forward because they fear being deluged with hostile E-mails!!!! We have 14 named, on the record folk saying it is essentially BS.
    Now, when this hit the news the dem operatives were all over it.Then the rank and file chimed in. Now, I have been engaging with many of them quite unsuccessfully. They have become “BOTS” yes, robots. They just parrot and repeat any anti-Trump rumor they hear, never engaging in any thinking. I mean 14 to 4 anonymous…..how far do you think that would get in court?
    I note that many just fall back into the tax cheat, draft dodger, Russian agent thing, all basically disproved. They just keep earning that title “BOTS” and, that is how I intend to refer to them from, this point until Trump leaves office and probably beyond. Little automatons, incapable of logical, rational independent thinking. “BOTS” remember it!

    • I swear there are kindergartners that are more intelligent than the MSM. They have been using unnamed sources for four years and have been virtually wrong on all the major stories. Now they want us to believe a tale that is completely out of character for DJT. Trump has been consistently saying the same things for 30 years. He has a history of backing veterans going back decades. Stupid is as stupid does. Now I see Woodward is getting into the game again.

  63. Interesting question for our resident left of center (I can’t call Mathius a Liberal because he is not the flaming liberal that is out there) person.

    Sir, considering that CNN and WAPO have now “settled” their defamation suits, it seems that the powers to be of those rags have decided that they crossed the line. Settle now or be hammered later. Sandmann is quickly becoming a martyr who took on some of the largest media and has apparently won.

    Now, the question. You have always given comedians a special leeway under the disguise that it is comedy……do you think these settlements (and their are 6 left) are going to have an effect on what and how you can say or criticize? Do you think that simply “parroting” a view point that has been proven wrong, is going to have an effect on what people say that is considered disparaging and over the line?

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