Medical Tyranny?

Closures are back. Idiot Governors now telling people how many can be in house on Thanksgiving. Just wait, the Left will try and cancel Christmas. Hanukka celebrations will be ignored (except in NYC). When will the arrests begin? Business’s are at the mercy of the governments. Welcome to 1984 .


  1. I’m thinking this won’t go over to well.

  2. New York:

    Bars and restaurants with a liquor license will have to close by 10 p.m. and indoor gatherings at private homes will be limited to no more than 10 people under new statewide rules announced Nov. 11 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Gyms will also have to close by 10 p.m.

    The restrictions, which take effect Friday night, come in response to increasing COVID-19 numbers in the state and growing concerns that it will be hit with a second wave of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

    The limit on social activities at home, down from the current 50, is sure to draw some backlash, but Cuomo, a Democrat, said on Twitter, “We know indoor gatherings and parties are a major source of COVID spread.”

    New York has had a statewide mask order since April.

    Indoor and outdoor gatherings in private residences in New York state will be limited to 10 people.

    Careful Mathius, after you pass the number ten at any point, you will get the ‘Rona. Not sure what science Cuomo is using, I’m guessing a dart throw.

  3. U.S.—A study has found a strong connection between believing Russia rigged the 2016 election and now suddenly believing elections are entirely foolproof, trustworthy, and unhackable.

    “It seems that people who screamed about Russia for 4 years now have a 100% chance of encouraging everyone to accept the 2020 election results without question,” said study head Dr. Rupert Manning. “It’s basically all the way across the board: if you believed that Vladimir Putin somehow hacked voting machines, purchased a bunch of memes, and raised an army of millions of Russian bots to disrupt the election and get Donald Trump elected, you certainly now believe that our elections are completely safe and secure.”

  4. CNN)Indoor and outdoor gatherings in private homes in New York state will be limited to 10 people, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.
    Covid-19 cases are rising in New York and neighboring states, and the move aims to curb traffic from more restricted states into New York, said Cuomo.
    “If the national numbers are going up, and the states around you are going up, be prepared,” Cuomo said at the press conference.

    Calling indoor gatherings and parties a “major source of COVID spread,” Cuomo said private residences will be limited to having 10 people or less in them. He did not reveal how this will be enforced. “You are encouraged to report violations to your local police”, Cuomo said. “You can expect a visit if this is the case”, Gov, Cuomo advised.

    “Gestapo coming to your thanksgiving gathering,” writer Ellie Bufkin tweeted in response to the governor’s announcements.“Where does Cuomo derive the authority to tell people how many guests they can have at their own homes? Answer: From his own imagination. Please disregard this petty ridiculous tyrant,”wrote the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he was pulling the “emergency brake” Monday on reopening the state’s economy as coronavirus cases surge at the fastest rate since the start of the outbreak.

    “We are sounding the alarm,” Newsom said. “California is experiencing the fastest increase in cases we have seen yet — faster than what we experienced at the outset of the pandemic or even this summer. The spread of COVID-19, if left unchecked, could quickly overwhelm our health care system and lead to catastrophic outcomes.”

    Newsom’s “emergency brake” will halt reopening plans and put most of the state under the strictest set of rules that keep most schools closed, halt indoor worship and force most indoor business to close or operate at significantly reduced capacity.

    Newsom also said he was also strengthening a mask requirement outside homes with limited exceptions, and he was considering a curfew on business hours.

    Likewise, Assemblyman James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, urged constituents north of the capital to ignore the orders that group counties in color-coded categories with various limitations.

    “The governor and state bureaucrats can color code counties and change rules as they go, but the basics remain the same: We are all free people who can exercise our freedom responsibly,” Gallagher said in a statement. “I don’t think you should close your business, church or school. I would encourage you to keep them open.”

    Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner criticized allowing shopping over schooling.

    “Our priorities are misplaced when malls receive more focus than the public schools that provide children with the foundation of literacy, math and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in school and in life,” Beutner said. “Without significant changes in priorities and a greater focus on public education it’s unlikely that schools in Los Angeles will reopen for in-person instruction anytime soon.”

    California Governor urges people to immediately call in violations as they see them, according to Associated Press reporters Amy Taxin in Orange County and John Antczak in Los Angeles.

    So, fellow Americans, turn in your neighbors, rat on your friends, become the good little stoolie these people want you to be.

  5. From Texas Governor Gregg Abbott today: Texas WILL NOT shut down ever again.

  6. Hey Mathius…I never asked but what do the Jewish do on Thanksgiving? Eat Turkey?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      You raise an interesting point mon Colonel. Most Jews I know in NY, NJ do the same as we do. But among a lot of the ultra orthodox, they don’t, thinking it as some “Christian” quasi-religious thing. One of my happiest moments was convincing a very Orthodox co-worker it was in fact a religious holiday OPEN TO ALL., We all believe in God. God has gifted us, we give thanks. The way it should be.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Add YES, both the Orthodox Jewish butcher in my neighborhood and the local Shop-rite as well as Wegman’s carry Kosher Turkey.

    • Hey Mathius…I never asked but what do the Jewish do on Thanksgiving? Eat Turkey?

      Thanksgiving is traditionally a secular family holiday spent in… well.. thanks-giving.

      I’m no fan of turkey, personally, but you can always count on my in-laws to have steak on hand.

      Christmas, on the other hand… that’s the day that Jews all go out eat Chinese food.

      • Just curious…..we eat BBQ. Usually brisket and beef ribs. This year, not sure yet but I am sure that it will be BBQ of something. I may even grill out if the temps remain where they are. 40’s at night..70’s in day time.

  7. Canine Weapon says:

  8. Canine Weapon says:
  9. WASHINGTON D.C.—There have been suggestions that Joe Biden may use an executive order to cancel student debt, but President Donald Trump has announced he’s going a different direction: He is signing an executive order to double the debt of all journalism students.

    “The press is the enemy of the people,” Trump told the press, the enemy of him and other people, “and so they owe a great debt to society. Now, they owe an even greater debt to society, as I’ve doubled the debt they spent learning how to be evil and dumb.”

    This move is expected to hit journalism schools especially hard, as journalism was already a fairly useless major, and now it will cost twice as much. The executive order also promises to be a big blow to journalists themselves, as they don’t make a lot of money since a lot of people do their job for free online.

    When told that many journalists may not be able to afford the increased debt, Trump unveiled a new plan to make a special debtors’ prison just for journalists.

    This executive order has already affected many journalists facing the prospect of increased debt. For instance, Brian Stelter, in addition to watching FOX News and telling people on CNN what he saw on FOX News, is now also working a night shift at Taco John’s.

  10. And… my wife’s school district is now officially remote, so she’ll be working at home. No word yet on my kids, but I would assume they’re not far behind.


  11. Query, will all these leftists millionaires who promised to leave in 2016 if Trump won now leave if Biden wins and raises taxes?

    • NO. Raising the tax rate means nothing unless the whole tax code is changed. It’s just more Liberal lies making people think that the rich are “paying their fair share”. A hoax, a lie and people have fallen for this crap for decades.

    • No, they will move their money to avoid taxes….and the only people who will pay taxes will be the middle class. I am not a “quad zillionaire” but I do well… form of protest to tax policy is to move it away so the greedy bastards cannot get their hands on it. The Tax Code is written by lawyers and politicians….think about that.

  12. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
  13. Here is a hypothetical for you. Let’s assume Trump concedes on Dec. 10 and issues orders for all executive departments to work with Biden’s team on the transfer. However he still maintains the election was fraudulent so keeps pursuing some of the more major suits without the intent of overturning the election but to use discovery to investigate and look for the fraud. No assume he is successful and finds irrefutable proof the massive fraud occurred. What then? Biden/Harris are illegitimate, but cannot be removed from office except by impeachment. Now if there is no evidence that Biden was in on the fraud, he has committed no crime but is just the recipient of the results. So impeachment would fail. However, what if there is proof the Biden knew about the efforts whether he directed them or not.

    I learned today that Canada does not use the Dominion voting system even though it is a Canadian company. They use paper and pencil and hand counts.

    I said after 2000 when they were promoting computer voting that it was the wrong way to go. Why spend all that money on expensive equipment that you use 2-3 times a year and goes obsolete in 5 years; not to mention the lack of transparency.

    If nothing else I want this election process cleaned up. It is time to stop screaming about disenfranchisement and then let 10x as many illegals and dead people vote.

    The wife is doing better.

  14. Many state governors are implementing holiday bans and restrictions. It can be tough to navigate all the rules and regulations, especially when they’re conflicting, constantly changing, and not even followed by the people who made them. So, we consulted with health experts and came up with this one easy tip to help you abide by your governor’s holiday restrictions:

    1. Don’t. Resist tyrants and live your life.

    (Please note for legal reasons this is satire. We would never advocate having friends and loved ones over, laughing together, sharing stories, eating great food, hugging your grandma, smoking cigars, playing backyard football, honoring traditions, showing gratefulness, or spreading cheer during the holidays during a pandemic. Definitely don’t do any of those things.)

    We hope this helps!

  15. Who’s gonna run out and get the vaccine for Covid when it’s available?

    Has anyone considered that all these politicians breaking their own rules of Covid is proof that it may be more hoax and less pandemic?

    When do the “rules” cross the line?

    Cuomo is an idiot.

    • Who’s gonna run out and get the vaccine for Covid when it’s available?

      I’m young and healthy… I’m at the way back of the line anyway.

      My primary concern re covid isn’t for myself – it’s that I’ll spread it to my immunocompromised mother-in-law or to some other vulnerable person. They’ll all be at the front of the line.

      Once they’re vaccinated (or once, through their own choices, they’ve chosen to leave themselves immune), then it’s really no longer my problem.

      I’ll get the vaccine when it becomes available and AFTER congress goes first to prove it’s safe.

      Has anyone considered that all these politicians breaking their own rules of Covid is proof that it may be more hoax and less pandemic?

      I’ve considered that.

      But I’ve also considered that they’re willing to destroy America in their quest for power, so a minor risk to their health isn’t really a barrier.

      What I think is more telling, of course, is that they’re willing to risk not just their own health, but OTHER PEOPLE’S and that is perfectly in line with what I expect from them.

      When do the “rules” cross the line?

      Objection: too vague.

      Cuomo is an idiot.


  16. Canine Weapon says:

  17. Sir Mathius, you like math so much, you will find this very interesting, I think. I just finished watching a 30 minute program: How to use Math and Stattistics to Win The title says it all……one of the most interesting aspects of this program was the use of stats for political gain. Two parts to this segment I watched (put on by Wharton) pertained to two subjects that you and I have discussed. You like math… I hate it. It is a necessary evil, however, and, of course, I use it to my advantage whenever I can.

    1) EC and, (2) Racial divide. What stood out to me was how they used math to come to conclusions that are, at best……questionable. However, like I said before, figures do not lie but liars can figure…(Well, my late dad told me this)……

    But here is the simplified example on race…..

    You have a species of green turtles and a species of blue turtles……the species of green turtles has 2 inhabitants and the species of blue turtles has 10 inhabitants. A predator kills and eats 1 of the green turtles and the same predator kills and eats 3 of the blue turtles….in comes the math….well, 50 % of the green turtles are gone and ONLY 30% of the blue turtles are gone…therefore, A predator is more likely to kill and eat green turtles because the numbers show it. Then you extrapolate that to because you are green, you are more likely to die even though more of the blues did die. The numbers show it. Now, the predator simply did not care which turtle it ate…..they both taste good. It ate more blues because more were available. The numbers show it.

    Remember taking stats in college? Especially economics? Fun…but interesting.

  18. therefore, A predator is more likely to kill and eat green turtles because the numbers show it.

    That’s a specious conclusion.

    A better read would be: If you are a green turtle, you’re more likely to be eaten than if you are a blue turtle.

    Then you extrapolate that to because you are green, you are more likely to die even though more of the blues did die.

    I think that’s a supported conclusion (disclaimers here about sample size).

    they both taste good. It ate more blues because more were available.

    Yes.. but it didn’t eat enough blues compared to their population. Blue comprised ~92% of the population, but only 67% of the casualties. Meanwhile, green comprised 8% of the population, but 33% of the casualties.

    If things were random and equal, then blue and green would each be eaten in proportion to their population. If the predator doesn’t care, and if 90% of the food is blue, then 90% of what he eats will be blue. If he eats dramatically less than the proportion of the population would suggest, then it’s not random anymore.

    It’s not about the absolute number.

    If I give you a bowl of mixed nuts and you eat 1/3rd of it, then we analyze what you ate, we’ll see that you ate peanuts and cashews and and and… all in rough proportion to their population in the initial bowl. But if you ate something dramatically out of proportion (more or less) then that would suggest a preference is at play. After all, if you don’t care, you’ll scoop a random handful which will contain roughly the initial proportions. If you do care, you’ll pick out what you want and that won’t match the initial proportions. SO… if I go and check what you did, and the proportions don’t match, what should I infer?

    • SO… if I go and check what you did, and the proportions don’t match, what should I infer? You INFER nothing.

      • I’ll infer whatever I damned well please.

        • Ok, I will stipulate that you can infer what you please…..does not make you right, however.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Your only inference SHOULD be that your prediction of random outcome being proportional is wrong. In short, something is up and now you need to investigate further.

          Here is where I see much current work in statistics and predictive modeling fail. They get a result and then the “jump to a conclusion” without doing the additional work.

          In your nut example, for example. How does the weight and size of the various nuts affect their distribution in the bowl. The Colonel is more than likely going to eat those on top first.

          • Your only inference SHOULD be that your prediction of random outcome being proportional is wrong. In short, something is up and now you need to investigate further.

            I specifically offered “disclaimers here about sample size” and I made no claims whatsoever about what the reason was. All I asserted was that it seemed to be unlikely to be random.

            That’s all.

            They get a result and then the “jump to a conclusion” without doing the additional work.

            Maybe the M&M’s were asking for it.

            Or they all clustered in a neighborhood more prone to being eaten.

            Or, maybe, the colonel just sought them out and targetted them for eating.

            Who knows? Not me. I made no such claims.

            All I said was that it wasn’t random.


            But the POINT here is that it’s not random.

            If the M&M’s are getting eaten out of proportion with their share of the population, and doing so with enough sample-size, then something non-random is going on.

            It doesn’t matter that 1000x as many nuts and berries and granola pieces were eaten. What matters is that the PROPORTION is off.

            Now, let me ask you: you can pick one type of piece of trail mix in the next feed bag I give the colonel. A specific piece, within that set, will be selected randomly. He will, per usual, eat 10% of the bag. If he eats the one you picked, you win $1,000,000………. ok, JAC, do you pick (A) nut (B) berry (c) granola or (d) M&M.

            • Just A Citizen says:


            • Just A Citizen says:

              PS. If “I pick” the one then it is NOT RANDOM.

              • You pick the TYPE. Which member of the type is random. (because, to state the obvious, this is like saying “for a random member of a given race…”)

                Do you pick a type that gets more pieces eaten overall? He definitely ate more granola. Or do you pick a type where, for the past several feedbags, for whatever reason, the colonel has eaten every single one?

                Remember… $1mm is on the line..

    • Yes.. but it didn’t eat enough blues compared to their population. Blue comprised ~92% of the population, but only 67% of the casualties. Meanwhile, green comprised 8% of the population, but 33% of the casualties. Yes, this is ONE way to show the numbers but it infers nothing. Come on, you know better than this…..the numbers are absolute. Full stop. They are,

      However, the interpretation of the numbers is what is subjective……

      I think that’s a supported conclusion is a subjective conclusion to absolute numbers.

      One of the examples used was, and this is exactly how it was put, blacks vs whites. It is a statistical fact by the FBI that whites are more likely to die at the hands of police than blacks are. It is written off, using the population theory that you used, that if whites are a greater percentage of the population then that stands to reason. When, it was pointed out, that the actual reason is exponential and has no basis for conclusions other than what the numbers show,

      Hence liars can figure. You can manipulate numbers to show whatever you want them to show.,,,and then draw a biased conclusion. (This was the point of the exercise that I watched).

      You claim that you and I have a vote that carries less power than that of Montana, for example. This show made a very good claim for the electoral college. I live in a State with 29 million population and Montana has a population of 1 million (rounding to the nearest million)……knocking off all the zeroes, you want me to believe that my vote only counts as 0.034 while a Montana vote counts as 1.000. Numbers do not lie, yes? this is absolute. You can extrapolate, therefore, that it a single voter from Montana has more voting power. In the Presidential race, this is simply not true. Montana has 3 electoral votes to determine the President. Texas has 38 electoral votes to determine the President. The power of Texas is exponentially greater than that of Montana….by 12.6 times…..therefore, it can be inferred (using your terminology) that while my vote is only 0.034 of the population but it carries 12.6 times the power. This number is, likewise, absolute.

      Again, figures do not lie, but liars can figure.

      And once again, the whole premise of the show was to highlight how the News Media uses statistics to drive popular opinion and they get away with it because the general population does not like math.

  19. This is where I keep ending up, places like this. Putting this here for general info and I bet the Colonel will get a kick out of some of it. Most of the main article is out there in other places, but check out the comments, a few down. Kermit has some pretty cool info there. Release the Kraken.

    • Oh.. .you think the army raided a CIA server farm?

      No, it goes much deeper than that. The CIA is just a front for the Mole People who maintain secret tunnels that the illegal immigrants use to smuggle in ANTIFA operatives. The Mole People are attempting to instill marxism in hopes of collapsing the US government and forestalling our technological and scientific advancement.. because that advancement increases our chances of discovering them. This had the additional benefit of installing Joe Biden who they favored for another reason… that reason being, of course, to stop fraking! It all makes sense!

      It’s so sad that you can’t see the truth.

    • Anita…..I can only confirm one thing in this article….. that a unit under the command of USEUCOM (i.e., United States European Command) did in fact conduct an operation to take control of computer servers. But these servers belong to the CIA, not Dominion or Sctyl. The U.S. military has full authority to do this because any CIA activity in the European theater is being conducted using military cover. In other words, CIA officers would be identified to the German government (and anyone else asking) as military employees or consultants.

      The CIA always works under the auspices of the military….never on its own.

  20. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Listening to the presser. The wait was well worth it. People have rightly gone to the gallows with far less circumstantial evidence.

    Oh, and before he gets started, “Shut up Matt!” No doubt ready once more to defend the indefensible.

    • I caught the end of it. Lin Wood also very confident. If proven, WOW! The key of course, is to prove it in court.

  21. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Vis a vis the “program” What F#####G idiot would ever use software designed for voting in Venezuela unless, of course, they were NOT a F%%%%%G idiot!

    Gonna be an interesting couple months.

  22. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Say, whatever happened to Monday’s lead story about how Gen. Milley and Pence had to talk Trump out of bombing Iran? It was of course from those “usually reliable sources”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Why hasn’t Mr. Biden and his cronies been charged with criminal violations of the Logan Act yet???????

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Why do I think Mr. Biden is going to be certified and then sworn in? Why do I think the media and primary opinion leaders will continue to cast shade on any suspicions over the election or other such shenanigans?

    Because just think for a moment. What would happen if it was all proven to be true? That the CIA and other govt operatives have worked with computer vote companies to fix elections. Especially one here in the US. What if we discovered that many people in a one party, or even both, faked ballots or ballot counts in numbers large enough to affect the outcome?

    What would the NEW state of public support and affection for our Govt. look like? Who would move quickly to take advantage of this new paradigm?

    Nope, there is just to much at stake for the Powers that Be to allow this to happen. Just as we are now hearing that the DOJ special investigator is wrapping up his look into the Trump surveillance scandal without a single suggested prosecution.

    Yesterday there was a report issued by some expert on computer voting. His claim in the first part was that our system “has never been as secure as it is now”. That “there is no evidence of votes being added or changed”.

    Then he goes on to say that our system is so vulnerable that Congress needs to act immediately to eliminate all the holes and vulnerabilities that have been identified these past two years or so.

    Got that? Nothing here to see, everything is fine. OMG the ship is sinking and we need billions to fix it quick.

    • What would the NEW state of public support and affection for our Govt. look like?

      It isn’t all that good to begin with. Blow it up and let’s start again.

    • This is what I was trying to get at with my hypothetical above. It looks like the courts will not take any case that does not have enough votes to overturn the election. This is a very high bar as the fraud took many paths. It will take a consolidated case covering multiple states, multiple methods of fraud and indications of a criminal conspiracy. Unfortunately there is not enough time for this. The suit needs to charge the states, counties, and election officials with a conspiracy not with the intent of overturning the election but with the intent of proving wrong doing. This should be a function of the DOJ but we can no longer trust them to carry trough on such an investigation. The true objective is to get to discovery so the evidence of fraud can be made public.

      Congress could also do this but Pelosi will not allow it and I doubt that McConnell will either. Even if Congress saw the corruption, I have no confidence that they will do anything. They will toss money at it and punt to the deep state or to the states. This solves nothing.

      Sadly, JAC, I agree that Biden will be inaugurated despite all the evidence of fraud. He has the support of the media including now Fox so anyone claiming fraud (all 70M of us) will just be labelled nut cases. Everyone complained about Trump’s bullying but this is 1000x times worse. I know the D’s got what they wanted but they should really think about if the means really justify the result.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There is more than 70 million of us. I saw a “poll” couple days back that showed about 45% of “Independents” believe there was fraud and about 40% of them think it was enough to affect the election. On the R side it was like 75 or 80% and on the D side it was something like 7%. Although the number of D’s thinking there was likely fraud but not enough was near 20%.

        One of these days the ELITE will not be able to keep the lid on the worm jar any longer. I think that is why the media types are trying so hard to censor opposing thought. The internet is having the impact Black Flag predicted long ago. It is waking folks up in a myriad of ways.

        • There is more than 70 million of us. I saw a “poll” couple days back that showed about 45% of “Independents” believe there was fraud and about 40% of them think it was enough to affect the election.

          Oh…. NOW we trust polls? 😉

          For the record, I 100% guarantee you there was fraud.

          Of course there was.

          Humans were involved.

          But I have zero evidence that it was either (A) directional* or (B) significant enough to affect the election.

          That’s not to make a claim either way on either of those. It’s just a question of “I don’t have evidence.” But I’m not necessarily the right person to have that evidence. But Trump & Co are. Surely if there’s evidence to be had of massive fraud on the scale he’s talking about, then he should be able to at least present some actual, you know, evidence, right?


          Something telling….. what claims have Trump et al presented in court?

          It’s cheap and easy to scream ‘fraud’ into the Titterverse.

          What’s he saying in court where there are rules and standards of evidence?

          And if he can’t even make the claim in court, why should you and I believe him?


          *Why should we assume that fraud was only perpetrated by the left? Maybe they cancelled each other out? Maybe Biden had millions of extra votes and Trump had tens of millions?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Your continued use of this argument is you leaning on a fallacy.

            Kind of like your claim that if the D’s fixed it why didn’t they fix the house races. An answer easily found in your bowl of M&M’s.

            So far Mr. Trump’s lawyers have in fact provided evidence. In the form of sworn affidavits of people who saw bad conduct or participated in it.

            This should be enough to cause a full forensic review of the votes where these issues have been identified. But you, like some of the idiot judges demand the absolute proof up front.

            That is now how investigations work and it should not work any differently here.

            There are dozens of anomalies in this election. Statistical analysis is but one of those indicators. Not the only one. You take that info, mixed with sworn testimony, mixed with what was seen in vote patterns, mixed with evidence of how the the computer systems work and who is actually running them, mixed with deliberate interference of poll watchers so they could not monitor all ballots. Combine all that with the irregularities in ballots mailed, received and counted, changes in signature verifications over historical norms, etc.

            As for the court presentations, it is my understanding those presentations will be made shortly. But I will address one you brought up the other day. The snarky Judge who asked if a poll watcher was in the room and the lawyer said yes. So the judge asked what the problem was. WELL HERE IS THE PROBLEM……. one which the judge ignored in that statement and one your media sources ignored. Being IN THE ROOM is not what the law calls for. Being able to WATCH ballots being processed and counted is what is required. WHY? So all sides can SEE DIRECTLY if there is proper handling and counting.

            As for all your other prose, Maybe your dog will sprout wings and fly.

            • JAC, you are not getting the message. Go to the board and write “There is no significant voter fraud” one hundred times.

            • In the form of sworn affidavits of people who saw bad conduct or participated in it.

              I am aware, off the top of my head, of four such affidavits…

              1) a USPS worker who alleged ballot tampering. In, what I’m sure is unrelated news, he was paid $130,000 by GOP donors. He has since recanted.

              2) A guy who heard from someone who heard from someone that there was fraud. This was thrown out of court as, and I quote, “inadmissible hearsay within hearsay.” And, in a rare moment of judicial clarity, the judge added, as she dismissed the case, “oh, come on!”

              3) A poll worker who claims she saw several Biden campaign vans with prominent Biden markings pull into the parking lot in full sight of her during her lunch break. They then proceeded to, again, standing in front of everyone and next to their marked vans, open envelopes and mark them, before placing them in the ballot box. I trust this as far as I can throw it.

              4. A person claim claimed there must be fraud because… and I love this… he/she saw military ballots for Biden. And everyone knows the military doesn’t vote for Democrats, ergo fraud.

              (all details from memory – your actual mileage may vary)

              I think there were a few more people who didn’t know the procedure and just thought there was a violation or some such, but I could be off on that..


              So… let me try this a different way… these are the ones I am aware of… and that might be because my echo chambers are just showing me the laughable ones… the blooper reels, as it were… so can you point me at such an affidavit which isn’t absurd on the face of it?

              • My mileage varies alot. The presser is full of evidence and affidavits. This video is cued to one such affidavit from a Dem! election worker in Detroit.

              • The queue-up didn’t work.. it’s at the start when I play, and I can’t watch an hour and a half Guiliani press conference without throwing myself off the balcony.

                Maybe you could just point me at the specific claim or, better yet, link me to a reputable source on it?

              • Works on my end, but ok. She is listed in this complaint in the case of Constantino vs City of Detroit. Her name is Jesse Jacob and she is willing to testify in court. Rudy says she will then be cross examined by the defense.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. Deep inside the hog barn.

    • JAC, Project Veritas deceptively edits their videos. Nothing to see here, move along. We have it straight from the truthful MSM, there is no election fraud.

    • The victim complex of the right never ceases to amaze me.

      … as if Trump and Co haven’t spent the last four years chanting “lock her up” and didn’t chant “lock him up” for Biden, Hunter, or Fauci…

  25. T-Ray, your being too nice to JAC. 😀

  26. Ok, Guiliani………….you made the statements, now prove it. Affidavits do not work….you cannot cross examine an affidavit. They are nothing….no better than Schiff saying he has absolute proof…..want to on the band wagon? Better lay it out.

      • Basic law 101…………….you do not try your case in the court of the press nor public opinion. Keep your evidence confidential until the trial. The press is peeing in their britches because no names and precise evidence is being given nor should it. So, Guliani……and the others….if you wish to maintain your credibility, do not be an Adam Shiff…you better present evidence OTHER than affidavits.

        • And, unfortunately, I am of the opinion that the press will leak whatever information they received to BLM/Antifa…makes headlines and creates violence for ratings. I thought that I would never put anyone in the same belly crawling, snake ass sniffing, shit eating Hanoi Jane…..but she needs to move over. The press is there.

          The one great feelings that I will preserve forever, is telling the press that they have no business being embedded with real fighting men and women and that I have full rein over who gets to go to the border area I am in charge of… press and if they get too close, they get roughly move away…..I still can sit down and grin about taking an armored vehicle and pushing a CBS 18 wheeler, complete with antenna’s 400 meters on locked brakes. Did not turn it over but it sure messed up the works….

    • Canine Weapon says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      A sworn affidavit is “evidence” that can be used to investigate or start proceedings. Unlike someone who just makes claims and then deny them later.

      But otherwise you are correct. It is time for Mr. Trump’s legal team to make a SOLID MOVE.

      • Yes, JAC, it is “evidence” but it is circumstantial at best….

        • Not “circumstantial.” Circumstantial evidence is evidence that relies on an inference.

          He was hit by a red car, and you drive a red car………..

          Well, that doesn’t really mean much – millions of people have red cars.

          If you put enough (uncorrelated) circumstantial evidence, it starts turning into actual evidence.

          He was hit by a red car, and you drive a red car………
          Your make and model is the same………
          It had a velociraptor in the passenger seat……
          That route runs between a bar and your house………
          You were drinking at that bar that night…………
          Your car has a dent on the fender……………
          You have three prior DUI’s…………..
          Traffic cams spotted you running a red light right after the accident on the next block….

          At some point, JUROR Mathius is going to look at all these pieces circumstantial evidence and draw the inevitable inference.. none of them – alone – actually “proves” anything, but when you put enough of them together overlapping like, well.. you know… I can infer guilt.


          Witness testimony isn’t circumstantial evidence unless it’s, you know, attesting to circumstance.

          “I saw a red car” – circumstantial evidence.
          “I saw D13” – direct evidence.

          But, like circumstantial evidence, it may be weak evidence.

          “He was driving fast and I only got a brief look, but I’m pretty sure it was him.”
          “Yes, it was definitely him… and pay not attention to the fact that we are bitter enemies.”

          Pretty weak.

          And, like circumstantial evidence, you can layer it.

          If I saw you, I might be mistaken or have an ax to grind, it’s weak. If a dozen independent witnesses all saw the same thing… well… now, it’s pretty solid.


          Soooooo… to the point:
          A sworn affidavit is “evidence” that can be used to investigate or start proceedings.

          Correct and, depending on what they are attesting to, it might be admissible and/or persuasive.

          … or it might not.

          But, generally, “I swear I saw this” isn’t all that convincing of a legal argument without corroborating evidence.

          It’s not that it’s not “evidence”… it’s just that it’s – generally – weak evidence.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes, I agree. To put it simply. It is smoke. The more of them there are the more smoke we see. Further investigation is needed to see what is causing the smoke.

            • Just to add one more thought here: humans are, well, human.

              They lie, they have ulterior motives, and our brains are notoriously unreliable about some things.

              For that reason, a witness attestation is shaky at best without corroboration.

              I saw Biden vans altering ballots – weak.
              I saw Biden vans altering ballots.. and so did 10 other people – good
              I saw Biden vans altering ballots.. and I took a video – even better

  27. Our governor just forced all schools in the state to close, including private schools. Until now private schools have stayed open. I don’t know how they can survive if they are required to be virtual. Who would pay private school tuition for virtual? Meanwhile, the local public school has announced that 40% of middle school students are failing.

    • I’m sorry but a governor does not have the authority to close a private school. They are not part of a public system. If they closed…they chose to close unless there is something that says otherwise in writing as a State issue for them to have a charter.

      In Texas, the governor has no rule over private schools and that includes the curriculum it offers. We have a huge battle going on in Texas with the teachers saying that private schools have better education and, therefore, those students have a better chance of college entrance……so, they are trying to say that the public school children MUST be given extra weight on the exams to compete with private schools…… will not fly, of course, but they are trying.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    I copied this from Politico, for the record and proper attribution. Now the author makes a great claim, and then proves she still doesn’t get it.

    ‘The cultural elite are inexcusably unaware of the challenges and perspectives of many others in this country.’

    Katherine J. Cramer is professor of political science and chair of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is author of The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker.

    The past few years have taught me just how removed the cultural elite in the United States is from many of the other people in this nation. By cultural elite, I mean those of us who create the knowledge and the media content people consume, as well those of us in positions of political and other decision-making power. There is a deep well of people in this country who are sure the system is not working for them, and we seem to be only coming around to recognizing how deep it goes.

    Four years ago, I published a book about the feelings of resentment many rural people in Wisconsin felt toward the urban elite. When Donald Trump won in 2016, partly by tapping into this resentment, people turned to me for answers. I became aware just how surprised many in the cultural elite were about the challenges facing rural communities and the fact that many people living in these places feel they are not getting their fair share of attention, resources or respect. The shock at the closeness of the 2020 race suggests we are still unaware of the depth of this resentment.

    We are removed not just from rural residents. Those of us in the cultural elite are inexcusably unaware of the challenges and perspectives of many others in this country who feel they are not getting what they deserve. George Floyd’s killing and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement this past summer means it is no longer possible to ignore the centuries of violent dehumanization of Black people in this country. But how long has it taken us to confront this reality? The astonishment among white cultural elites (myself included) at the extent of police brutality until cellphone video cameras came along leaves me questioning what our democracy is actually built on. What is the infrastructure that allows the hardships of so many to remain invisible?

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Nice to finally see an article by a left leaning rag that reveals the truth about Covid in schools. And yes, it is obvious that adults are spreading the thing and eating/drinking/gyms are potential locations of infection.

    But I also see in this story the worn out effort of the elite to set one sector against another. Or worse, outright black mail. Do as I order or I will make life even more unpleasant.

    To save our businesses and the economy we need to shut down. To save the schools we need to shut down the businesses. Thank you GW Bush…………….”in order to save Capitalism we need to destroy Capitalism”.

    To all these Governors, Mayors and political hacks, and to all the “experts” who care about only their little field…………………. LET MY PEOPLE FREE.

  30. JAC / Colonel,

    I know we disagree on COVID restrictions in general, but let me ask you it in more theoretical terms.

    What if, instead of COVID, it were Airborne Super-Ebola?

    Airborne Super Ebola has a 50% fatality rate, is communicable pre-symptomatically, and is incredibly contagious with a R0 of 15. A vaccine, in the best case scenario, is a year away. The disease has just escaped quarantine in [place of origin] and is starting to pop up in the US.

    You are President. What are you empowered to do and what do you do?


    (note: Congress is still full of assholes who will not lift a finger to help you)
    (note: Some percentage of the population will willfully ignore and fight any “honor system” policies, including attending Airborne Super-Ebola parties and refusing to wear masks in Whole Foods and then spitting on the security guard who asks them to leave)

    • Just A Citizen says:


      POTUS has little “legal” authority to do much at all. Except closing the borders.

      The CDC along with State partners has the power to quarantine those infected. Which would in reality be our only effective action choice. Once it goes “community spread” all we can do is triage and burry the dead.

      To your bigger point, I would still oppose Govt. MANDATES and SHUTDOWNS. I firmly believe that the greater number of Americans would act properly if given truthful and objective calm advice.

    • If Covid were that deadly, this would be over already. No one would leave their house with something like that going around. And we would all be taking whatever experimental vaccine we could get our hands on. Sure, there might be a few people that wouldn’t listen at first, but when everyone saw them bleeding out of their eyeballs, they’d wise up real fast. You wouldn’t need any mandates. People would do what they needed to do to not die.

      • Soo…. “rational self-interest” would take care of it with no help from President Jennie?

        (PS: congrats on being the first female President)

    • You are President. What are you empowered to do and what do you do?

      His powers are limited. But if you really want to see how it should be done, just read what Trump did. He did everything within his legal authority.

    • Mathius….there is no litmus test to compare diseases. No generic solutions to anything. You react as it happens…, each disease calls for a different response. I just happen to think and believe that Covid is a nasty flu…nothing more. If any disease has a 50% fatality rate then drastic personal measures need to be taken..but Covid does not have this.

  31. All,

    Given the theory that many Democratic governors / politicians were only doing lockdowns/etc for the purpose of harming the economy and making Trump look bad… why are they persisting now that Biden has won? Shouldn’t they be backing off now in order to help their guy?

    • Because if they did that, we would be right about it being a hoax. If that were to occur, all hell would break loose.

      They (Crats) are drunk on power. For example, why have curfews? Can one only get the virus after 10pm? Same with going out to have a few drinks (here), one must also be eating because if your only drinking you’ll get and pass on the ‘Rona. Some really dumb shit being put out there.

      Once politicians believe they are Kings or Queens, this is what will happen. I don’t expect it to last, the pushback will be coming.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Can’t address this because I never subscribed to that theory.

  32. Since the rush to get a vaccine happened under the Trump Administration, I officially dub the vaccine the “Trump Vaccine”. Mathius make sure you get your Trump vaccine when it’s available.

    • Since the rush to get a vaccine happened under the Trump Administration, I officially dub the vaccine the “Trump Vaccine”.

      The vaccine hasn’t happened yet. Two vaccines are doing well in trials.

      If the vaccine becomes publicly available under Trump, you’ll have a case to make this claim.

      Since the rush to get a vaccine happened under the Trump Administration, I officially dub the vaccine the “Trump Vaccine”.

      Of course, I’d want to see evidence that he actually had a hand in it. Otherwise, maybe we should call it the Fauci Vaccine. 😛

      By the same logic, if it is the Trump Vaccine because it happened on his watch, we should also call it the Trump Virus for the same reason. 😛

      I officially dub the vaccine the “Trump Vaccine”.

      The Trump Vaccine happened on November 3rd.

      We’re still waiting for it to take effect.

      Mathius make sure you get your Trump vaccine when it’s available.

      As for the real vaccine… I’ll be at the back of the line, alas. I’m young and healthy and low-exposure.

      But, as my primary concern for myself regarding the disease has always been a concern primarily about spreading it to others, once the most vulnerable are inoculated, I won’t worry too much about it.

      Mathius make sure you get your Trump vaccine when it’s available.

      Maybe it’s unfounded. Maybe not. But I do have concerns about taking a vaccine that was rushed this way.

      Oh, I’ll still get it.. but I’ll be worried about my kids getting it. I like my drugs thoroughly tested, not rushed. (see also: Thalmidomide)

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Italy announced that the CHILDREN will have first priority. The vulnerable old people will come later. Kind of an interesting response.

        • Interesting…

          Can you link me to an article? I’m seeing a bunch on mandatory vaccinations for children and infants in Italy, but not on covid vaccine prioritization.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My wife saw it about two days back. I will try to run it down. She read it on a news feed from her phone and was somewhat shocked by it given all the science saying kids are pretty low risk.

  33. Former Vice President, now Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in Ukraine.

    When he was Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden openly bragged about threatening the Ukrainian president that he would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, which would send Ukraine into insolvency, if it did not immediately fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings.

  34. Former Vice President, now Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in Ukraine.

    Former Vice President, now Democratic presidential nominee President Elect Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in Ukraine.

    Fixed that for you.

    Former Vice President, now Democratic presidential nominee [sic] Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in Ukraine.

    I’m feeling like I should be able to find something on this if this were the case… what are you seeing that I’m not..?


    You know what? Screw it.. I’ll answer my own question: Where does Gman get this nonsense from?

    ::puts on deerstalker hat ::

    Ok.. I see from some guy on Parler… linking to the GOPTimes (but the link appears dead). But don’t you worry about that.. I can find the cached page…. ah.. got it.. here we go…

    Alright.. the source appears to be from… actually… nope.. it’s not even the “source” so much as GOP Times just copy/pasted the article (maybe why the link was dead?).

    Soo…. here we have a microblog (with no comments in the comment section) making this claim in one paragraph.. no sources at all… and then a several-paragraph screed about how evil and corrupt Biden is…

    Ok, now.. down at the bottom, we have a link to a “report” of some kind on Twitter…. ahhhhh…. OAN… America’s finest news source…

    Watching that video…. the reporter is being dubbed over, so there’s that… “[…] a Ukrainian court ordered Joe Biden to be formally listed in a criminal case. […] But at the time Shoken called for this case back in February, the courts listed one of the defendants as ‘an unnamed American,’ an individual widely understood to be Joe Biden […] but the court ruled this was inappropriate.”

    Gman.. if you were serious about posting this… brother…

    We went from a court [allegedly] unsealing Biden’s name from an investigation in February… to a Q-Anon nut posting a dubbed-over OAN video on Twitter.. being linked to by a fringe blog with no comments to the “GOP Times” who subsequently pulled the story.. but not until after it was linked to on Parler where… I think… you picked up on it… and then posted it here

    How’d I do?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Not real good actually. You sometimes let your snarky sarcasm, which is driven by your assumptions this is all BS, to get in the way of objective analysis.

      In this case your remarks about all the sources gives it away. What you ignore is that the base of the story is true. The listing of an “unnamed American” in the legal action in Ukraine happened months back. At that time it was immediately speculated that this person was Biden, given the nature of the legal action and players involved.

      So while some of your criticism of the sources, those linking, etc may be valid at a particular level, the base story was true. Nobody ever disputed it. But one thing it absolutely is, OLD NEWS.

      • JAC,

        There is a mile-wide gulf between “Former Vice President, now Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was formally indicted on a Class A Felony in Ukraine.” and a Ukrainian judge (allegedly) unsealing his name as being involved in a criminal case.

        Surely you see that?

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    What better way for the Deep State to end any chance of another Trump coming along than to create the illusion of massive voter fraud, convince Mr. Trump it happened, get the Right excited over yet one more potential bomb shell prosecution and then “pull back the football”.

    Just like that, those claiming there is fraud are ridiculed and dismissed forever. The Public’s confidence is restored in the voting system. Those on the Right are forever disenchanted and most never vote again. The Romney wing of the R party regains control.

  36. Stephen K. Trynosky says:


    In June of 1969 we had a Field Training exercise at Ft. Leonard Wood MO where we, engineer trainees, spent two days in 90 degree heat constructing the magnificent Bailey Bridge(s). At the conclusion, dog tired, and sore everywhere, we headed back to the barracks at midnight, a five mile hike. We were three platoons of fifty men each carrying our field gear. About halfway on this “Death March” one guy started whistling the Colonel Bogey March, we were all of an age to have seen the movie. Pretty soon, everybody was whistling.

    In no time,shoulders were back, heads were up and we were marching in step. As a Psych major, I was absolutely fascinated. We were in a trance, somewhere else at some other time, us “bridge builders”.

    It took all of about three minutes for that to be destroyed. Our “Field First” Sgt., some Cajun idiot called Sgt. Midgett (with two t’s) who both looked and acted what his name implied,. Started jumping up and down like a caricature of Donald Duck at his worst, screaming, “Stop It, Stop It, maintain silence, maintain march discipline”! Needless to say, we stopped and resumed our weary slog. The trance broken, permanently.

    A few weeks later after the Company had finished taking its proficiency tests to demonstrate that we were now real Combat Engineers, I heard our field First and our First Sgt. in the company office talking about how we, as a company, had scored lower than any other company in the training Brigade.

    I could have ventured an opinion, a very pointed opinion but I had pretty much already given up on the idea of an extended stay in the United States Army and figured that these two geniuses could ruminate on “why” by all by themselves.

    I assume that Sgt. Midgett rotated back to Viet-nam at some point, I wondered, in the Army of the early 1970’s, how long he would survive before some unfortunate accident occurred.

  37. One more time and that’s it I’ve seen pieces here and there from FEC officials claiming no voter fraud took place. Unnamed FEC officials. For those wondering about affidavits as evidence, the Chairman of the FEC has this to say:

    “What I would be concerned with, if I were on the other side of these election contests that are going on around the country, is that if you look at the level of evidence that has been provided by these affidavits — hundreds of affidavits that corroborate events that have happened on the ground — in a summary judgment phase of these cases, you have to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true,” Trainor told “Just the News AM” television show Friday morning.

    “The court has to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true and see whether or not the other side can make a case against it,” added Trainor. “So, the massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place. And the other side really needs to answer these questions.”

    Sounds like the burden of proof is on the defendant. With massive amounts of affidavits, prove it didn’t happen.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anita my dear. As with so many things, IT DEPENDS ON THE JUDGE.

      We have Election Commissions in many States certifying the votes, Maricopa County AZ today, and then claiming “There were no problems with our election”. So just pound sand.

      And of course it is UNPATRIOTIC to question “our wonderful process”. You are undermining Democracy don’t ya know.

      Listened to interview of Sydney Powell where she claims she has PROOF of wide spread and coordinated fraud. She sounded angry and was calling out DOJ/FBI, NSA and the CIA. Wondering how long before she and her associates suffer a Covid disabling event.

      She was asked about “smoking guns”. Her claim was that she has “many smoking guns” and that many of them are going to need “witness protection” very soon.

      Also in news this AM that Dominion has suddenly abandoned offices in Canada and Colorado. No where to be found.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Good Ol’ American ingenuity. Ridicule, a weapon against tyrants.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Got me laughing for sure. Yesterday the Doc’s office told me I needed to provide picture ID and Insurance cards because my current stuff was not in the system.

      I called BS on it. Said I was in only two months ago and knew better. Then he said, “well we really need your Son’s more than yours.” So Lil JAC produced an ID and I handed him his Medicare card. I told him I did not have his Medicaid card with me. He said, believe it or not, “we have copies of both in the system but we need current pictures”. To which I offered, “NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN TEN YEARS”. “Well we just need a more current copy of his cards and ID”. Why????? Well that is what we have been told.

      So right now V I would give up a little of that Doctor’s office “security process” for a little more speed. And COMMON SENSE.

      Doctors must be the only business in the world which can dump all your files each time they update a system instead of downloading all existing information to the new system. The irony of it all is that the ACA (Obama Care) required them all to go digital and interface with national systems as part of the supposed cost cutting features.

      • I’ve had the same issues with medical records. Medicare screwed up my insurance changes at the end of last year when I retired and lost my work insurance. They listed for my wife the change date as 2/1/20 not 1/1/20 so they claim they are not the primary insurer. When i called, they would not talk to me because of HIPA. I tried to argue that we were not discussing anything medical but billing and payment for which they have to come to me. Didn’t wash. I even told them I have power of attorney but that did not fly either. And these young’uns still want government to run everything.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Apparently they think that just changing the words they use, AGAIN, is going to fool us AGAIN.

    Sorry folks, we are onto your games.

    P.S.: Mixed Economy my backside. We have been living under a soft form of Fascism ever since the Progressives took the reigns. The actual form at any given time keeps changing, as is the nature of “progressivism”. Always needs to change because they are always changing and never happy with the results. Such is an ideology without any real ideology.

  40. Can 2020 get any worse. Finally got the new control panel for my relatively new oven. Since everything is now digital touch screens, when the glass shatters you SOL. Today I planned on taking the laptop into the hospital so the wife and I could listen to the PSU/Iowa game. The battery on the van was dead, so I took the truck. Once there I learned I could have brought her home had I had the van. So had to buy a battery on the way home. Wow have the gotten expensive. So I will fetch her home tomorrow. On top of all this PSU lost. Bummer. I HATE 2020. SCOTTY WARP ME INTO THE FUTURE.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      With basically a month and a week to go the answer is YES. It can get much worse.

      I am not sure the future is a good place to hide. I am thinking sometime in the past when I KNOW what I am facing might be better. But then again, I do love adventure so maybe you are correct.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on what I see happening with the election lawsuits. There is a concerted effort by the establishment to make it look like all these cases are proof that “no fraud” exists, partly because the Trump/Repbulican lawyers have denied they were pushing fraud in court records. But there also seems to be an effort to push the meaning of these rulings/cases beyond what is actually being litigated.

    Here is an example:

    Trump’s comment came after a string of legal defeats, including a rejection by a federal judge in Pennsylvania Saturday who said the Trump team presented no evidence of election fraud or misconduct, despite seeking to invalidate millions of votes. Trump’s lead lawyer in the case, Rudy Giuliani, said he intends to appeal the case to the Third Circuit and, if necessary, the Supreme Court.

    Notice the focus on “election fraud” as the only legal issue. But PA has a HUGE lawsuit against it. Specifically against the Gover, AG and their Supreme Court. All of whom violated the Constitution by altering the elections rules just prior to the elections. Without consent of the Legislature. The issue was mail in ballots received after election day. This is not a FRAUD case. But it is a case that could result in thousands if not hundreds of thousands of votes being eliminated. It also could include “contempt of court” charges against the Sec of State, AG and Gov if they failed to isolate the late ballots as they promised in a consent decree and as directed by Justice Alito.

    What seems to be happening is that many “procedural” lawsuits are being misconstrued by Judges and the Media talking heads, as well as politicians on both sides, as “the cases” regarding “fraud”.

    In a legal sense, not all issues leading to “illegal votes” per the rules would be considered FRAUD. Furthermore, some of the accusations that might border on fraud cannot be litigated as such because “human error” and “stupidity” come to the defense. When does patterns of stupid actions rise to actual “fraud”?

    The real test of all this is going to be this coming week. Sydney Powell’s reputation is riding on something of substance being revealed. I am guessing no matter what her evidence, the blow back will be massive and intense. A lot of screams about “nothing burgers” or “it is not relevant” or “you can’t prove it actually made a difference”.

    You have to love that last one. Think how many times it has been used in the last two weeks. Including by election officials claiming “best election ever” and then claiming they found massive holes and problems which need to be fixed……….. in the future.

    On a personal opinion note. I have seen fraud, I have seen witnesses to fraud come forward, and I have gamed many ways for fraud to occur. I NEVER thought it possible that the election computer companies might actually be involved in a massive vote fraud effort. That they were hooked into foreign elections, fixing the winners. I was aware of the reports each cycle about machines changing votes. But those were caught and corrections made. “According to the election officials”, I might add.

    I still think this remains buried via massive denials and ridicule of anyone making the accusations. Because the impact would be far to great if it were discovered that the accusations are all true. It would rock us to our core. It would unleash the devils minions among us and we would probably eat ourselves alive.

    If the cover up succeeds then Mr. Trump and anyone associated with him will effectively been eliminated, per the comments of some Dems/Progressives about “purging society” of Trump supporters and/or Republicans in general.

    OK, I intended it to be quick, I really did. Other things just kept popping into my head.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      P.S. Here is a much more objective and comprehensive evaluation of what the real issues were in the PA lawsuit which was dismissed yesterday. And which the media and politicians are using as “proof of No Fraud”.

      Now I would like to remind everyone that the legal issue SCOTUS used to stop the Gore/Bush recounts was that the voters were being treated differently in one or two counties of Florida than the others. Gore kept focusing his recount demands on one or two. Thus doing recounts there was disenfranchising to the rest. SCOTUS said Count them All nor count none. Counting them All was not possible due to the legal deadlines. Thus precluded and the race ended.

      I do find it odd that the Judge/law would support the idea that the actions of one county do not affect voters in another when it could affect an elections outcome. Did not the courts rule that requiring a photo ID “might” disenfranchise minority voters sometime in the future? Seems to me that precedent’s justification was far shakier than the PA example.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    The real question for me is why can Govt’s LIE about the results of their programs and nobody seems to care? Is it just because the program is popular so “any justification or lie is OK”? You know……….. the ends justify the means. The Obama administration out right lied about the affect of Green Jobs programs tied to renewables. There was no major public outcry. And now Mr. Biden is apparently bringing some of the same charlatans back to the White House.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    We all knew then who was behind it, generally. Some of us, even kids, thought Russia via Cuba/Castro. I cannot believe this is still in dispute of any kind.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Ooooooh Boy. How fast and furious change can happen. There is way to much unknown here so I am not going to speculate beyond one point. When I listened to Powell twice this week her discussion of evidence was more general than examples within the election results. More like building a case of Voter Fraud and Computer manipulations in general, and condemnation of Govt. agencies that allowed it. Had me wondering a bit, so I guess we will see where she goes, if anywhere.

    P.S. Everything ever written about Powell is how she had a great reputation. She caused the crack in the Flynn case which I think forced DOJ to try and drop certain charges. If this really is all BS on her part, one has to wonder “what happened?”.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      The problem with her allegations is that you will need real computer experts to unzip teh mess. That Is not something that cane be done over night. It is something that you will only get one chance at. Any mistake on your part, mis statement, unprovable allegation dooms anything coming later.

      Think back to the DNC server. Four years alter and we still do not know diddley.

      But, reverse it, Biden loses because of Florida and Texas who use software developed in Belorussia vetted in Taiwan and the resulting votes are added up in South Korea and Israel. In that EXACT scenario, Nancy and Chuck would be demanding a whole new election.

      • It is very easy at this point to be cynical. We have had four years of accusations against Trump with no evidence presented whatsoever. On the other side, we have Hillary’s pay t play foundation, nonsecure server, and her obstruction of justice; Obama’s use of the IRS as a political weapon; Holder withholding evidence from Congress and lying to Congress; the Biden family syndicate; Biden’s extortion of a foreign government for personal family gain; and now a clearly fraudulent election. Powell is right, there is no justice in the DOJ anymore, just a bunch bureaucrats looking to climb the ladder no matter who they have to sacrifice or kiss ass along the way.

        I sure hope she does have the goods and can deliver. The DOJ should be leading the pack in this investigation but they seem to be missing in action.

  45. If Biden and Harris are in office, that can mean only one thing: get ready for socialism! You know these no-good socialists are gonna socialize everything in sight. That’s why we compiled these helpful tips to help you prepare for the coming socialist darkness! If you follow these 10 pointers, you’ll be great!

    Tip #1: Watch Sesame Street videos on sharing

    Sharing is basically the same thing as socialism. The makers of Sesame Street know this well and have been quietly brainwashing kids to become socialists for decades. Spend a night binge-watching songs from Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger that encourage sharing and get yourself in the socialist spirit! Hey — it’s not so bad!

    Tip #2: Repent of your sin of capitalism

    We all know Jesus was a socialist because he fed people and cared about the poor and stuff. You are just a lowly capitalist pig, but he is ready to forgive you for your capitalism if you repent. For good measure, grab yourself a cat o’ nine tails and do some self-flagellation. That oughta do it.

    Tip #3: Emotionally distance yourself from your dog

    We hate to break it to you, but food is going to be a little scarce from now on. If you don’t have a dog, get one just in case. If you already have a dog, start to emotionally distance yourself from that thing. Also, stock up on cats.

    Tip #4 Get ready for universal healthcare by standing in line at the DMV

    An important part of being a socialist is standing in lines like a good citizen. As a greedy capitalist used to instant gratification, you’ll need some practice. Get yourself a comfy pair of shoes and go practice standing in line for hours at the DMV. When you’re ready for the next level, stand in line at the county fair for a funnel cake, and then don’t buy one!

    Tip #5: Watch classic Obama speeches to get yourself pumped up

    It’s widely accepted that Obama is the most inspiring and uplifting speaker in all of human history. Watch his inspiring speeches over and over again to get yourself totally pumped up! If you’re short on time, just play a looped recording of Obama saying “that’s not who we are” over and over again.

    Tip #6: Withdraw all your money in one-dollar bills so you’ll have plenty of toilet paper

    Let’s face it: money is an obsolete relic of capitalism and you don’t need it anymore because The State will take care of you! Also, due to hyperinflation, all that filthy mammon is no longer worth the paper it’s printed on. Your best bet is to hoard all that paper to use as toilet paper and fuel for fires during the winter. Your butt will thank you!

    Tip #7: Memorize your favorite books

    Books are full of forbidden knowledge that may endanger The State, so you’ll probably want to get rid of those. That said, if you want to hang on to your favorite Harry Potter story for old time’s sake, you best memorize that thing.

    Tip #8: Fast at least 4 days a week to teach your body it doesn’t really need food

    Food is for weak capitalists. You’re not a capitalist, are you? Good socialists will never let themselves be tainted by delicious capitalist foods like bacon burgers and chimichangas. You’re better than that, comrade. Train your body to go without food as long as possible so that your government protectors may have the nourishment they need!

    Tip #9: Wean yourself off sleeping on a bed

    Beds are for colonizers. Indigenous people have slept on the ground for years and so can you, bigot.

    Tip #10: Get rid of all religious books and imagery in your house

    Make sure to rid yourself of anything that may divide your loyalty, for your government is a jealous government. You must not let any real or imagined deities distract you. Get rid of all holy books, hymnals, and Chris Tomlin CDs. If, however, you were smart enough to purchase copies of The Sacred Texts of the Babylon Bee, Volume 1, you should keep those. They double as body armor.

    You are ready comrade! Go, and enjoy your glorious socialist future!

  46. And so it starts…………… Days before Thanksgiving, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she believes residents who know their neighbors are violating the most recent round of COVID-19 protocols, which includes capping the number of people allowed in your home at six, should call the police. “This is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake,” Brown said in an interview Friday. “What do neighbors do [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.” Well, well, children, inform on your parents, neighbors call the police….etc. The future of the Democratic Party, it seems.


    Krueger, who chairs the state Senate Finance Committee, represents a Manhattan district with more millionaires and billionaires than anywhere in New York — and has fallen down on the job of helping to tax them more, according to a report prepared by the DSA chapter, New York Communities for Change and other lefty groups.

    “With responsibility comes accountability,” NYCC head Jonathan Westin told the Post on Sunday. “Sen. Krueger has been back-tracking on her commitments.”

    The DSA is flexing its muscles after six of its candidates won seats to the state Legislature this year. The group hopes that the six New York City Council candidates it recently endorsed will be elected next year.

    As for DSA member Ocasio-Cortez of The Bronx, she has specifically recently called for city and state tax hikes to aid schools.

    The leftist coalition acknowledges that Krueger has been a committed liberal during her long political career but complains that she has recently been MIA on its push for more taxes on the wealthy to help the poor.

    The proposals the activists back include: additional tax increases on those earning above $1 million a year; making billionaires pay income tax on their investment gains; a pied-a-terre tax on non-primary residences worth more than $5 million, and stock transfer and buyback taxes.

    “As the threat of 20 percent cuts loom across localities, the chairwoman has yet to support a package of measures that would raise much-needed revenue for the state by taxing the ultra-rich,” the activists said in their report on Krueger provided to The Post.


    And the feast of eating their own….starts.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Have not been paying much attention to “across the river” but this yet again demonstrates just how easily an extreme nut job can move in and take over a local assembly, state senate or congressional district by having a good ground game. AOC, the ultimate hipster ultimately won by garnering a majority in a primary where only NINE PERCENT of eligible democrats voted.

      After the primary, in these districts election is a fait accompli with rarely more than 25% of eligible voters even coming out.

  48. An underground swingers sex party was broken up overnight in Queens for violating pandemic gathering restrictions, the New York City Sheriff’s Office announced.

    Mathius…did you make it out before the police got there?

  49. Multiple people were stabbed on Sunday night, including two fatally, at San Jose’s Grace Baptist Church while the building was reportedly being used to shelter the homeless during a cold night. Authorities said some of those injured sustained life-threatening injuries. Sam Liccardo, the mayor, said that police arrested a suspect, but the Mercury News reported that the tweet was deleted. “Our hearts go out to the families of the two community members who have succumbed to stabbing wounds in the attack at Grace Baptist Church downtown,” Liccardo said in a tweet late Sunday.

    BAN THE KNIVES…..BAN THE KNIVES… more knives. Create a federal registry. Register all knife. Must have a background check on knives………the Horror.

  50. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    About 30 years ago, people finally seemed to agree that JFK, his Dad, Sam Giancana, The Mob, Mayor Daley and LBJ’s Texas buddies pretty much stole the 1960 presidential election. The circumstantial evidence was always there like Kennedy’s huge plurality (400,000) in Chicago, announced only AFTER the rest of the state count was complete (Sound like Philly this month?). Then there were the Texas counties who had 150% voting!

    Nixon, the good schlub did not contest the election. I would really hate, 30 years from now to have the majority of Americans realize what just happened.

    Even if Trump loses, it is imperative that people understand HOW.

    Logic, by the way, would dictate that urban area votes would be totalled much faster than the myriad of counties and towns. Unless, of course, you need to be “creative”.

    • I’m still trying to believe that Biden is more popular than Obama, considering the number of votes he has supposedly received.

    • I remember staying up late that night in 1960 to hear the results. I wondered at the time how Chicago with its machine voting systems could be so far behind the hand counted vote from downstate including the county I lived in. Nothing to see here, move along.

  51. Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s proposed gun control policy includes a provision that could require every AR-15 rifle be registered under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Unless there were some form of carve-out, this could mandate that American gun owners pay a $200 federal tax per AR-15 that they own. The National Rifle Association’s Andrew Arulanandam told Breitbart News that the current “low end” estimate of privately-owned AR-15s in the United States is 18 million. A tax of $200 on 18 million AR-15s means that gun owners could potentially be required to a pay a collective $3.6 billion in taxes, if this policy were enacted into legislation. Good luck with this. Come and take it.

    In addition to the $200 tax, owners of guns that are deemed “assault weapons,” under Biden’s view of the NFA, could also be required to register these weapons with federal authorities, submit their finger prints and photograph, and potentially submit to an FBI background check. Good luck with this. Make me.

    Biden’s plan also doesn’t include, as Booker and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke previously called for, a mandatory buyback program — essentially, a confiscation scheme — for assault weapons. Instead, his plan has a voluntary buyback program through which gun owners can sell assault weapons. But if gun owners don’t sell their assault weapons, they’ll have to go through a background check and register the weapons, like they’re already forced to do with machine guns today. Good luck with this….come and take it. I will not register a single weapon with the Feds….not one single weapon, including my fully automatic AK47….with bayonet.

    • I don’t follow orders from puppets!

    • Like the CO2 endangerment finding and using the old telecom rules to regulate the internet, they will find a way to do this under existing law without the approval of congress. Just more tyranny from the imperial state.

  52. Any Texan that fails to abide by any Federal mandate to register your weapons will be met with search warrants and seizure.”………Beto O’Rourke, 11/23/2020, El Paso, Texas.

    Cool beans…serve your search warrant. It has been boring lately.

  53. Actual witness account, one of many that you can find:

  54. Here is some fun for you. Gov/ Newsom could appoint himself senator to replace Harris thus escaping the recall effort. Th e Peter Principle may be in play.

  55. Texas Governor Gregg Abbot this morning said that with the incoming administration and the apparent tendency to move towards green technology, he authorized 1.5 billion dollars to upgrade the Texas power grid and to expand it for future needs. There is no need for Texans to suffer through brown outs that the rest of the nation will be suffering before long. Let the issues in California be a lesson. He authorized an additional $400 million to build a new refining plant for Texas oil and natural gas, free and independent from the majors to furnish refined products solely for the Texas markets. He went on to say that if we refine and sell our own gasoline and natural gas, we will be free of Federal taxes since no product will cross state lines. We do not import oil nor natural gas now and this will ensure that future needs from outside the state will not be necessary.

  56. Prohibition for New Jersey? Did I just hear that correctly?

  57. With voter turnout in record territory, President Donald Trump has now also exceeded Mr. Obama’s record, with over 73,675,000.

  58. To those of us who remember the Kennedy/Johnson era….it was said back then that the fraud that was perpetrated would never happen again… seems history has repeated itself.

  59. So much for draining the swamp…Biden’s picks are all establishment from the Obama and Clinton administration……buckle your belts folks……..gonna be a wild ride to third world.

  60. “One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption. That has not happened. Instead, this court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.”

    Judge Mathius Matthew Brann
    US District Court Judge



    • No ouch there………..This woman has no case. Only speculation……truthful speculation but no case. It is over.

      • Might as well give them the Georgia Senate seats….all of a sudden there are 700k newly requested mail in ballots. It is over……the left wins…, let us see what they do with it. Never seen anything like it since the Kennedy/Johnson election. The only thing to do is to protect oneself…..and I intend to do just that.

        • I wouldn’t bet on it. Red Team is going to hold the Senate.

          • I could only hope….that typically means grid lock for another two years. What the blues have to worry about is how stupid AOC and her bunch get and how far left the Biden team is….right now it looks like the same Obama team…..I seriously do not think people will stand for it with Trump gone. I do not think you will get the same turnout for the HOuse elections in 2 years and there are several Democrat seats up for grabs in the Senate. The things that are being said by BLM and AOC and her bunch is scaring people. The hate Trump moderates and independents may just revolt……..again.

            Going to be interesting.

            I just saw that another 54 thousand New Yorker” have left. What is the tax base going to do? AOC has a plan to tax those that leave. Like I said, interesting times ahead.

      • Yes, that’s true.

        The point I was making is the… strenuousness.. of the judicial rebuke. That is a pretty harsh slapdown.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if some people wind up losing their law licences after all this.

        • I doubt that any law licenses will be yanked. But, if all they have are arguments and Dominion refuses to let anyone see their software……write this one off. I think that most states will drop Dominion. The Blues got what they wanted….and the hate Trump crowd got what it wanted……now let’s see what happens. It ain’t gonna be nice.

          I see Pelosi losing the House Speaker role and I see Schumer losing his power as well. Several Senators on the blue tean and several house members on the blue team are being targeted by……..their own.

          • With voter turnout in record territory, President Donald Trump has now also exceeded Mr. Obama’s record, with over 73,675,000.

            I said this above… is significant…..I would not cast dispersion on it.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          I would remind you that the five judges on the NJ Supreme court broke the rules a few years back when they allowed Frank Lautenberg to replace Bob Torricelli LONG AFTER the deadline.

          If the rules say both parties have to observe the vote count THAT is the rule

          If the rules say that only the state legislature can change voting guidelines, that is the rule.

          If the rules say that all voters must be treated alike, that is the rule.

          If the rules say that only registered voters can vote, that is the rule.

          If the rules say that signatures must be verified, then that is the rule.

          Regardless of what any judge or group of judges may say, if you are living in a country that is governed by laws then goddam it, obey the rules.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I have not read the back ground on this one but I have on the others where similar language was used. It seems to me the judges are “jumping the shark” a bit. When you read a more complete account of the cases and legal issues it is not as the judges seem to indicate. For example, one of them did not involve fraud at all. Yet the judge ridiculed them for no evidence of “fraud”.

          What we are really learning in all this is that no matter how much circumstantial or personal testimony evidence you have the Courts will not rule in your favor. Why? Because YOU, the plaintiff don’t have PROOF OF FRAUD LARGE ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

          In a normal process the Courte would order the defendants to produce the records needed to validate or refute the accusations. The basis for that request often seems weaker than the evidence so far presented against the election results.

          In short…………. IT IS A FIXED GAME.

          As part of this we need to consider adding time between election and swear in/ certification to allow real investigations into vote “manipulations”.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I sincerely hope ya’ll have a great time and that the coming month brings much Merry, Merry, Merry your way.

  61. Did anyone see Gov Cuomo talking about law enforcement not having a choice concerning what laws they enforce? Does this asshat have a freaking clue about anything?

    Then again, my idiot Governor is pretty much the same.

    • NEW YORK, NY—Just hours after Governor Andrew Cuomo accepted an International Emmy for his amazing, informative, not-at-all-filled-with-propaganda COVID press briefings, his Emmy award passed away of COVID-19, sources confirmed Tuesday.

      “The Emmy was placed in a nursing home for safekeeping and almost immediately contracted the virus, passing away just hours later,” said one medical professional. “Cuomo was also seen encouraging the statue to attend a Biden rally and a BLM protest, though he was emphatic that the statue not go to synagogue or church.”

      Cuomo will be awarded another Emmy for his excellent handling of the first Emmy, sources say. He is also writing a book called American Crisis 2: More Leadership Lessons from Caring for a Statue. Netflix consultant Barack Obama is working on turning the story into a Netflix special.

      The governor accepted no responsibility for killing the statue and quickly blamed Trump for the mishap.

  62. Wearing a mask only improves your safety from Covid by about 15%.

  63. SALEM, OR—To prepare for the influx of Thanksgiving rulebreakers, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has ordered all drug dealers to be freed from prison to make room for all the families who violate COVID restrictions.

    “Drugs are legal now anyway,” said Governor Brown. “I hereby pardon all drug offenders currently doing time in Oregon prisons. I can do that right? Whatever — I’m doing it. The real menaces to society are the families who try to gather with their loved ones to share food and give thanks. These violent science-deniers must be stopped!”

    According to sources, Oregon State Police have been ordered to go door to door and round up all families trying to celebrate Thanksgiving. Any person or persons not found alone on a couch crying into a clamshell container of take-out food will be arrested on the spot.

    Governor Brown has assured the public that this zero-tolerance policy will do something “very important and science-y” to stop the spread of bad sicknesses.

    “Losing Thanksgiving isn’t a huge loss anyway,” said Governor Brown. “Thankfulness makes people feel content which can inhibit social progress. We can’t have that! If we’re lucky we’ll find a reason to cancel it next year too!”

  64. WASHINGTON D.C.—Attorney Sidney Powell has vowed to any day now “release the space Kraken” — to make public an avalanche of evidence of a real UFO.

    “What you will see will fundamentally change our understanding of the universe and ourselves,” Powell told reporters. “It is indisputable proof of a UFO wreck and that certain forces have been trying to keep aliens a secret for years.”

    Powell claims that in addition to photos and pieces of the wreckage — proven to be something from another world — she even has documented evidence of an alien autopsy.

    When asked to see some actual evidence of aliens, Powell seemed to never hear the question and continued saying that “very, very soon” she will prove to the court that — not only did a spacecraft with intelligent life from another planet crash on Earth, but that a vast conspiracy tried to keep it from the public — a conspiracy that consisted of “Nancy Pelosi, the Illuminati, the ghost of Adolf Hitler, and Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake Off.”

    Tucker Carlson then grabbed Powell and shook her, shouting, “Just show me some evidence now! Anything!” but Powell went into a trance-like state and became unresponsive.

    The Trump administration has distanced itself from Powell, saying she just showed up one day with their legal group, and Jenna Ellis thought she was with Rudy Guiliani, and Guiliani thought she was with Ellis, and everyone was too embarrassed to ask where she came from. They added, though, that if Powell does have any “cool photos of dead aliens,” they would like to see them.

  65. John Kerry on the news this morning saying that the energy models that California are instituting are going to be norm for the US.

    Be afraid.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Oh how’s that song go, “The rich get rich and the poor get poorer.”

    • High gas prices, high electric rates, periodic blackouts, solar panels on all new construction, restrictions on wood burning, remove the dams, … Welcome to the new world w/o hydrocarbons. And of course none of it will do any good so we will need to double down again.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Lt. senior grade, John Kerry, Swift Boat Commander, thrice wounded, Silver Star recipient, winter soldier, killer of a wounded 15 year old VC, Ketchup pickle heir, “Reporting for Duty” yet again.

      I always wonder why driving a stake through the heart never seems to work long run.

  66. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said during a press conference on Tuesday that schools in the state will include new questions during daily health checks about whether students and their parents attended gatherings outside of their households following the Thanksgiving holiday.Scott noted that any students who attend events with more than just their immediate household will be required to either take online classes for a two-week quarantine period or quarantine for a week and then have a negative COVID-19 testThe governor also encouraged businesses to take the same approach with their employees.“From my standpoint, this is fair warning to those of you who are planning to have gatherings from outside your household for Thanksgiving,” Scott added. “If you don’t want your kids to have to transition to remote learning and quarantine for a seven-day period, maybe you ought to make other plans.”

    UNBELIEVABLE….but here it is. Zieg Heil!

  67. Tony Gonzales, the newly elected Republican congressman from Texas, brings to Washington a drive to tackle border security and immigration reform — examples of thorny issues that the Navy veteran says politicians have avoided for too long.

    Gonzales, a Mexican-American first-time politician, will represent a majority Hispanic southern border district that Democrats unsuccessfully targeted to flip this November. Gonzales wants solutions that strike a “balance” between homeland security and commerce. He talks of bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and paying taxes and at some point getting them involved in the “legal process of becoming U.S. citizens.”

  68. California can’t enforce a ban vanity license plates it considers “offensive to good taste and decency” because that violates freedom of speech, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.They included a gay man in Oakland who owns Queer Folks Records and wanted to use the word “QUEER” but was refused because the DMV said that might be considered insulting; a fan of the rock band Slayer who was notified that “SLAAYRR” would be considered “threatening, aggressive or hostile” and an Army veteran who wanted to note his nickname and love of wolves with “OGWOOLF” but was refused because the DMV said the OG might be construed as a reference to “original gangster.”

    He noted a 2017 U.S. Supreme Court case allowing an Asian American rock band to call itself The Slants in saying that public speech can’t be barred because it may offend some people.
    A judge in California that has some smarts…..this is also unbelievable. (being in California and all.

  69. Canine Weapon says:
    • Yep….that about sums it up.

    • He may have stolen it, are you proud of that? This is how it looked around midnight Nov 3, then they quit counting.

      • Anita, my dear,

        You are better than Rudy Guilliani.

        Please make your argument a bit better.

        When you say “then they quit counting,” I’m not sure what you mean. They still had to count absentee ballots and early voting, et cetera.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Well since you seem not up on it, There was a sudden delay in counting. When it resumed, suddenly, many thousands of Biden ballots were found and the game changed. Now, isn’t that special? (apologies to the church lady from SNL)

        • You are gullible if you buy into the explanation that the mail in ballots went overwhelmingly for Biden enough to reverse Trump’s lead. There are too many coincidences for it to be coincidental.

          • I mean… the “blue shift” is well documented and anticipated.. I even wrote about it weeks in advance here on SUFA…

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Yes, it has “supposedly” been documented. BUT my friend, general mail in ballots is not the same as absentee. Not when the Entire Population of the state is supposed to be included.

              And then there were the reports that voting by mail in heavily Republican districts was about equal to that of Dems in the week before the election.

              Sorry but the Dems know they can game mail in ballots to their hearts delight. That is why they started pushing this idea so hard in the summer.

              By the way, the % of Biden votes by mail exceeds all previous R v D splits even with the “Blue Shift”. Turnout of about 90% in States where it was 70% when Obama ran.

              • By the way, the % of Biden votes by mail exceeds all previous R v D splits even with the “Blue Shift”. Turnout of about 90% in States where it was 70% when Obama ran.

                I think you ignore a few things in this.

                A) Democrats, by and large, take COVID far more seriously than Republicans. As such, they are far more likely to vote remotely.

                B) Trump aggressively pushed for his voters to vote in person, asserting that mail-in could not be trusted.

                Ignoring all else…. just looking at (A) and (B), shouldn’t we find that a lot more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans?

                And, as for those 90% cases, such as Philly, I mean… you’re basically looking at the bluest voters within a blue city.

            • Yes we are aware that you warned us the fraud was coming.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            T, it depends how many arrived after the election was over. Let’s be honest, nobody checked postmarks or signatures. The lack of down ballot voting says, circumstantially, quite a bit especially, if you have numbers from previous elections. .03 %t to 3.5% is kinda suspicious.

            Jersey was a prepaid envelope. Nobody postmarks pre-paid envelopes.

  70. Hmmmmm….interesting stat out this morning…..The murder rate in Europe is the same as the US,,,,,the reason is…..home invasions. No one is scared to break into homes in Europe because of their gun laws…..home owners do not have guns apparently.

  71. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Since there seem to be some 74,000,0000 really pissed off people out there who will apparently not go along with teh program, what IS the big deal with looking at all the questions and seeking answers or at least ending the speculation about “stolen” elections.

    Unless, of course.

  72. Just A Citizen says:
  73. Just A Citizen says:
    • If this is true, and true in PA, GA etc, yet not determined to be true until after 20 Jan 2021, then what?

    • 1. I see an accusation. I see no supporting evidence. You know what… that’s ok… it’s not like I have a day job… let’s go down the rabbit hole!

      Ok… >here’s the filing. Nothing like going straight to the source.

      Ok, so… for starters, we have a claim that 94k people voted illegally claiming they were “indefinitely confined.” The story goes (and statues seem to support) that, if voting is a right, but remote voting is a privilege, therefore failing to comply with the rules (such as by saying you’re indefinitely confined when you aren’t) then your ballot is void. Therefore this portion hinges on whether the votes were in compliance or not.

      Let us pause here and take a moment to consider the ethical aspect before going on: these are legal citizens who cast votes freely which were counted in the manner in which they were intended. The objection isn’t that these aren’t “real” votes, but rather that they voted in a manner which they shouldn’t have been eligible to do. I find that – ETHICALLY – these are legitimate votes. But I, per usual, reserve judgment on the legal question for the time being.

      Observation: This is a dramatically better written and researched filing that I have seen in the other Trump filings. This was written by real lawyers.

      There’s a lot of bitching and moaning about the “indefinitely confined” exemption to the voter id law. This is an attempt to draw an inference… because this is the exemption to the rule otherwise-universally requiring photo ID, the unsupported (as yet) implication is that this loophole was targeted for that purpose. Of course, evidence may be shown (I’m only on page 12) to the contrary, but I would assume that, by default, this is the logical choice for people who don’t want to go out in public more than necessary due to COVID. (for reference, I checked a similar box on my ballot per the instructions I received from the county)

      Beware of narrow cropped quotes… hmmm…. ok, nope.. that was a fair quoting… §6.86(2)(a).. yea… but it’s not really the key here… it seems to imply a definition to the term, but doesn’t really… the term is defined in §6.86, not §6.86(2). (2) does add on more specificity, but I don’t find that it can control an otherwise defined term.. rather, it says what such a person should do to get a ballot sent to them automatically on a going-forward basis.

      This is all a bit obtuse and relies on a rather complex web of supporting clauses. I admit to not having the entirety of the Wisconsin voter code memorized and cross-referenced. As such, my conclusion here is only that this term is vague and tough to nail down. “Indefinite” does not seem to be defined anywhere – and, baring that, the definition is only “unspecified” .. to say I’m unable to vote due to an illness, one could (though I find it weak) argue that fear of an illness might fit the text (in the same way that “I cannot go into the wood because of bears” does not mean I have bears holding me hostage, but rather, I don’t want to be eaten by bears). And the lack of a controlling definition to “indefinite” defers to the common dictionary, so rendering the term moot.

      I freely admit this is a tougher question, and one which I am not necessarily able to answer at this point.

      Some bullshit about it being intended only for old people. Yea, yea, I saw the old-folks-home clause, too, but fuck off with that. Anyway, I’m a textualist, so take your “legislating intent” and shove it up your ass.

      Right, so, §29.. there’s the crux of it again… people attested that they were “indefinitely confined because of [..] illness [..]” and needed an absentee ballot. So… if I am concerned about an illness and don’t want to leave the house and I don’t know how long that will take… am I “indefinitely confined”? Hmm… lay answer is no… legal answer is……….. maybe? Hard to say? Probably not.

      By the way, there are four prongs to this question:
      1) does “fear of covid” qualify under the “indefinitely confined [due to illness]” clause. (I don’t think so, but I’m not certain).
      2) does that clause control (I don’t think so, but I’m not certain).
      3) can you reasonably prove the allegation of 94k votes (I have seen no evidence yet)
      4) what, if any, was the impact of these votes (eg, if they’re split 50-50, then it’s irrelevant) (I would assume, but have seen no evidence, that removing them would remove more Biden votes than Trump votes)

      After all that, the question would be what remedies are available….

      But anyway, I’m only looking at the main item right now… I’ll get to the others as time permits, if it does so.

      Note: the filing does not claim any of these ballots are falsified, cast in error, or counted incorrectly. Only that, through an inappropriate use of this exemption, that they should not be counted. That said, the repeated implication by juxtaposition with the photo ID rules is clearly intended to imply this. I find this all to be in bad faith, but not legally objectionable.

      45-46. To the point of comingling potentially fault ballots with legitimate ballots, I find that the argument is valid. If clerks did use a comingled envelop, this would be inappropriate, (A) has not been shown to have happened in the plea and (B) seems moot given that 47 makes clear that the ballots remain individually identifiable at this stage (therefore, who cares whether they were put in one bag or a hundred when carried by the clerk?)

      A bunch more bitching and moaning about grants from Facebook to help fund the election… there might be a violation here, but I find it irrelevant to the question of the votes themselves. That the city may have improperly accepted funds to pay for the election and equipment, etc, does not imply that the state did anything improper with those funds. As a separate matter, I might find that the city had to disgorge the unlawful “gifts,” but there is no evidence provided herein that the manner of the election was impacted in any way by the gifts which would have been different if it had simply issued a bond to pay for it. This court further issues a rap on the knuckles for the repeated use of innuendo in lieu of evidence.

      To put the above into context, if you are on trial for running a red light, arguing that you bought the car with laundered-money isn’t really relevant to the crime at hand. You might have to suffer for that crime separately, but unless the prosecutor can prove that it had some impact on your speeding, then it’s really just not relevant.

      73.. Dane and Milwaukee County election officials told voters they could apply under this clause. Now, then… does that change anything…. hmmm…. thinking…. thinking…. thinking…….. no idea… moving on.

      73… wait a second… spoke too soon… On March 31, 2020, this Court issued an injunction requiring them Dane County Clert to cease issuing such advice to Dane County voters because of fear that COVID does not qualify someone to be an indefinitely confined voter under Wisconsin law.”

      WELP! That’s interesting. If this same court found that they couldn’t offer that advice, it would strongly suggest that that advice is wrong, which means that covid doesn’t apply to this clause which means that these votes don’t qualify which mean they should be thrown out… that’s a full stop right here. Wonder why they buried the lede on this? Hold on… gotta pull that one up….

      Ok… hmm… well at least it’s shorter… ok, got it… Wait just a minute! That’s why they buried it – because it does say that… but that’s not all it says. Tsk tsk tsk…

      Them: don’t say that!
      Clerk: well, ok, I mean, I said what I said, but I later replaced it with the official guidance, so…..
      Judge: You can’t say that.
      Clerk: Ok, I’ll just paste what the Wisconsin Election committee (“WEC”) says, is that ok?
      Them: No!!!!1!!1!
      Judge: Well, it’s their job to establish the rules, so I really don’t see what you’re complaining about anymore… anyway, this case is no longer relevant, dismissed

      Ok… so what did the WEC say:

      Designation of indefinitely confined status is for each individual voter to make based upon their current circumstance. It does not require permanent or total inability to travel outside of the residence.

      Ok, I’m going to stop there. I think that’s the nail in the coffin for that claim.

      The court they’re appealing to already ruled that the WEC is in charge of the rules and the WEC issued a covid-specific memorandum explicitly leaving this up to the voter to make that decision for themselves. That’s it, that’s the ballgame.

      The court finds the 94k votes stand.

      But I don’t know about the other 56k… I’ll get to those when time permits.

  74. Everyone have a good and thankful Thanksgiving.

  75. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    What is a Fascist Pig?

    Well. it might just be Congressman Pascrell, d. 9th District, Paterson NJ who has proposed that Giuliani and 11 other lawyers for Donald Trump be disbarred for contesting the theft.

    Now if that does not live up to uncle Adolf and Benito, I don’;t know who does.

  76. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  77. I keep trying to come up with an apt term for the modern democrat party. Nazis and Fascist do not fit.

    Like they Nazis and Fascists, they believe in censorship, big lie propganda, central control of the economy, universal healthcare, government regulation of all aspects of life, and gun right limitations. They differ in that they are globalists instead of nationalists, racists but discriminate against the majority rather than a minority. They support big business against small businesses hence are corporatists like the Nazis as opposed to government ownership like communists, although i suspect they would be OK with that as well. They have their equivalent of the brown shirts in the form of BLM and Antifa. Like Hitler, they are willing to gain power by any means necessary including thuggery and election fraud. They have turned the DOJ, IRS, FBI and other agencies into their version of the Gestapo. They have corrupted the MSM, academia and Hollywood to their way of thinking. They control their party members with an iron fist.

    Global Socialist Party of AmeriKKKa. GloSoPKa?
    DemoKratic Globalist Socialist Party DeGloSPa?

    Be creative, any ideas?

  78. Happy Thanksgiving… late last night, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of churches against New York…a 5-4 vote……………….hmmmmm…I thought that all the Dems were complaining that the SOCTUS is a 6-3 conservative majority…Did Roberts don sheep’s clothing again?

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