Happy New Year


  1. 😦

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    The continuing story of me emptying boxes of stuff I have been carrying around for 20 years or so. Stuff that didn’t get unpacked in the Idaho to Montana to Oregon and back to Idaho period.

    Today’s special find?

    A wrist watch with a picture of President Bill Clinton. It has his picture (caricature) with a US flag in the background. The watch kept great time but the hands ran BACKWARDS. The number on the face were of course reversed as well.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for everyone to watch a NETFLIX documentary.

    “The Social Dilemma”

    Once you have watched it we can discuss it. Hint: It covers some of the issues Mathius and I, among others, have raised about how it is used. Especially in politics.

  4. Good things that happened in 2020:

    Expectations for 2012:

  5. It’s official: 2020 was the worst year ever, except for almost all the other years in human history! Will 2021 be a better year? Take a look at the Babylon Bee’s official list of infallible predictions for next year and decide for yourself!

    January 1 – New Year resolutions begin

    January 5 – New Year resolutions downgraded

    January 20 – Biden sworn in

    January 21 – Biden dies of natural causes

    January 22 – Trump announces 2024 presidential run

    January 23 – 2024 Campaign kicks off

    January 25 – Obama releases new memoir

    January 27 – Feminists finally begin to reverse Handmaid’s Tale

    February 1 – All remaining Trump supporters hunted down and executed

    February 2 – Electoral college, First Amendment, Second Amendment, churches, and capitalism eliminated

    February 3 – Democrats announce return to unity

    February 26 – China officially annexes United States

    March 1 – Pronouns must be tattooed on forehead or hand

    March 3 – Space Force training exercise accidentally blows up the moon

    March 6 – Elon Musk fixes moon

    March 10 – Obama releases new memoir

    March 21 – COVID 20 arrives

    March 25 – FDA approves first permanent mask facial implant

    April 1 – Cuomo hunts down remaining elderly in New York

    April 19 – Steven Furtick announces he is the Messiah

    May 5 – Elon Musk accepts Christ

    May 6 – Joel Osteen accepts Christ

    May 10 – Obama releases new memoir

    June 6 – AOC tweets something dumb

    July 3 – Kamala Harris forces gulag prisoners to make bricks without straw

    August 15 – Netflix releases Cuties 2

    September 5 – CHAZ 2 founded

    September 6 – CHAZ 2 dismantled

    October 1 – Beth Moore becomes Head Pastor of Christianity

    October 8 – Obama releases new memoir

    October 11 – ISIS takes over all of Canada

    November 17 – Development complete on Cyberpunk 2077

    December 10th – We finally find out what the squirrels have been up to

    December 25 – Kamala Harris outlaws Christmas and becomes Empress of The World

    December 27 – Obama releases new memoir

    December 30 – Sydney Powell announces Kraken will finally be released next week

    December 31 – Jesus returns

    Yikes– looks like 2021 will be another doozy! Happy New Year!

  6. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Taking bets on WHEN the virus will be beaten.

    • For as much as Crats love their power….maybe never.

    • Your answer may be here:

      Dr. Anthony Fauci has cautioned that early COVID-19 vaccines will be focused on preventing symptoms of the virus, not blocking it altogether.

      Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, made the point on Monday as at least four vaccine candidates near the end of clinical trials and the US reported a record number of new cases in the last week.

      While the end goal of the vaccines will be to eradicate the virus, Fauci noted that developers are aiming for a simpler goal in the first round of jabs.

      ‘The primary thing you want to do is that if people get infected, prevent them from getting sick, and if you prevent them from getting sick, you will ultimately prevent them from getting seriously ill,’ Fauci said at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I feel like my head is going to explode after reading that load of dead carp.

        First, WHO IN THE HELL made Dr. Fauci the countries “Leading expert on infectious diseases”???????? The media, that is who.

        The guy is in charge of one arm of the CDC, not even the whole agency. Furthermore, he is an administrator. There are hundreds of “experts” in infectious disease in this country, let alone the world. Mr. Fauci is not the Best of these experts. He is not the “LEADING EXPERT”.

        Now with that venting complete, he has described just what every vaccine does. That is how they work in general. They help the body fight off the infection at levels that would harm the body. The less the infection, the less virus is available to spread to others.

        This is why you should pay attention to the rhetoric about “asymptomatic spread” and new strains that are “more contagious”. There seems to be this idea continuing to grow that this particular H1N1 virus can spread without infecting people and then going through the normal incubation and contagion stages.

        So what does that collection of words spewed by Fauci mean? It means the vaccine is going to work just like any other. Which then leads me to wonder why he said what he said. Just making leeway for future disappointments maybe? I do not know.

        Time for Jennie to step in and fix any misinformation I might have included here.

  7. Been having problems with internet since Christmas Eve, so here’s a late Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone!

    • She has two matching refrigerator/freezers, and a one car garage?

    • You know, I saw that, too.

      Now, I’m not really one for conspiracy theories, but this just smells like someone saying “what would a criminal write on my house… but let me make sure to put it somewhere easy to fix.”… the $2k.. plus the anarchy “A” (or is that an Antifa “A” now?)… plus a pig head… and none of it touching any brickwork… and nothing on camera…? Right.

      And Antifa is going to vandalize the house of the woman pushing for the thing they want and the… ::checks notes:: 23rd most progressive member of the House… Yes… that all makes loads of sense.

      McConnell’s house, however, looks legit.

      That doesn’t make either thing true, just a starting opinion…

  8. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Regardless of all the democrats in the entire universe. Joe Biden, traitor, will go down in something called “History” as perhaps worse than Benedict Arnold. Of course it was not poor old Joe but his wife and handlers who did it but it will look interesting in the history books and it will be filed under Joe not Jill. She will be right up there on her own next to Edith Wilson.

    We owe a big debt of gratitude to those who do stand up on 6 January, not because they will win but because they have not rolled over and played dead. Their actions will guarantee that the election fraud can never be ignored and like the baseball players 20 years ago whose “records” include the asterisk for steroid use, This election will always have the same stigma and stink.

  9. Welp… I’ll be spending some time today listening to the Trump / Georgia call… anyone have any interesting thoughts or opinions before I do so?

    Preemptively: what is the standard by which SUFA would consider his actions (A) improper, (B) coercive, or (C) illegal?

    the president doesn’t “have to say, ‘Let’s obstruct justice,’ for it to be crime.”

    -Lindsay Graham

    Does Trump have to explicitly say “fake the vote for me” before you’ll accept that he’s doing something wrong?

    • Just Impeach him. Because the results will be the same.

      Geez, He’s said all of this in public over and over, but because some loser tapes it and leaks it, it’s somehow different. TDS is still alive and well.

    • The again, it’s from WAPO, heavily edited and all.

      • You’re a bit out of order today…

        • Click to access Trump-Transcript-A.pdf

          Here, now what was it that you were whining about?

          • This is the one I’m asking about, yes.

            Whining about, no… you see, if you re-read above, you’ll note that I asked for thoughts before I went and read / listened to it.. which I still haven’t done..

            All I asked is what standards you guys would apply to the questions of what would constitute “improper,” “coercive,” and “illegal” and what I got back was you hitting two of the main Trump-Excuse talking points right off the bat “he didn’t say that” (it’s from WaPo/ heavily edited) and “it’s no big deal,” which… of course you did.

            Essentially, you answered my question, however: “there is nothing on God’s green earth that you could ever say or do or present me with, no matter how damning, that I would ever even consider thinking about as improper from my beloved Dear Leader. I would follow him into the gaping maws of death blindly before ever entertaining the slightest thought that he had done something improper. I would take a bullet for that man and feed my children to a volcano if it pleased him. Whatever you, Mathius, or your malicious and evil and anti-American and Anti-Trump (which, of course, is the same thing) present as evidence of wrongdoing must be false or manipulated or misunderstood or misrepresented because the Living God-King Trump is incapable of wrongdoing… but on the off chance that he did do something wrong, and you can clear my hilariously high demands for proof, it’s important that we all remember that your side is worse and that the only reason he would ever do anything wrong is because your side made him do it.”

            • Wrong Mathius. You simply have not learned a damn thing in the last 4 years about the MSM. They have consistently taken Trump out of context and made it sound something different. Once again, this is just another example of the lies the media shoves down everyone’s throats and people like you eat it up like a Churro. Once again, they have you fooled because they selectively edit stuff to fit their narrative and you , like a fish, take the bait.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There would have to be ACTUAL statements recorded which show him doing something illegal or even wrong. And those actual statements would have to be contained in a context of coercion.

      In your review you really need to look at the context of the call.

    • Just A Citizen says:
    • Not any different than saying… a vote for Trump means you will be in chains again.

  10. https://www.wnd.com/2021/01/city-orders-jesus-t-shirt-censored-political-speech/

    When will stupid stuff like this have some serious consequences?

    • My wife owned a Beetle when we got married. Worst car I ever owned. The steering was twitchy, it was a rust bucket, one plug stripped out when I went to change it, one heater box was rusted out so cold air came in year around, the other the flapper door was rusted open, so heat year around. I got a new plug to seat in the stripped cylinder and never changed it after that. Eventually sold it to the gypsies.

  11. Since when did “amen” have anything to do with gender? How stupid are we getting?

    • WE are not getting stupid, however Liberals ARE! 😀

    • WASHINGTON, D.C.—In light of recent events, Biden has updated his COVID plan to include not just a mask mandate, but a mask womandate as well. In a prepared statement given to his nurse and posted on Twitter, the completely legitimate and unquestioned president-elect apologized for the sexist language in his plan.

      “Listen folks– we all make mistakes. I realized this morning that my COVID plan includes a mask mandate, but not a womandate. I have amended and also awomended my plan to include a mask womandate,” Biden read off his teleprompter. “We will also be adding a mask non-binarydate, a mask genderqueerdate, a mask two-spiritdate, a mask polygenderdate, and a mask non-binarytrans-speciesdate. More ‘dates’ will be arriving as we continue to do our research to make sure no one is left out.”

      According to sources, the Biden transition team has grown alarmed at the number of times the word “men” appears in the English language. They have been working around the clock to replace all usages of the word “men” in their plan with the word “women.” Unfortunately, it was determined that the word “women” is also problematic, they then replaced the word “women” with “people who menstruate.”

      “We have a long way to go,” said Biden, “but I know that in time we will mend our nation’s wounds– er, I mean, peoplewhomenstruated them.”

    • Since today. ROFL

    • I see that the new mantra other than Amen is …….. that is all.

    • Since when did “amen” have anything to do with gender?

      Since… since never?

  12. A Brooklyn man arrested for a likely hate hoax crime and vandalism of four synagogues identifies himself as an Antifa Dance Captain on his personal Twitter account. 39-year old Emil Benjamin has been charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and vandalism in connection with his crime spree.

    The “Dance Captain for Antifa” features a “Black Lives Matter” headline on what appears to be his personal Twitter.

    And he’s also Jewish.

    • WASHINGTON, D.C.—Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as speaker by Democrats in Congress, despite her being 298 years old. According to sources, it was not clear exactly how Pelosi was still alive or exactly what was physically holding her together as she lifted the gavel in triumph.

      “Pelosi is the candidate of the future,” said Rep. Gerald Connolly, who was visibly nervous. “She will make a great speaker and I look forward to working with her to protect my career– um, I mean the American people.”

      Democrat representatives insist their vote was based solely on Pelosi’s stellar record and not on the fact that she can destroy their lives and careers forever and ever.

      “Pelosi is just the kind of fresh-faced dame we need,” said Biden, responding to the news. “Youngsters like her have all the good ideas and all the energy needed to stock the applesauce next to the trampoline bologna!”

      Pelosi is expected to serve for the next two years or until her head falls off, whichever comes first.

    • What happens when cash is outlawed and we go to a digital currency and every transaction is recorded?

      What happens when every car has a GPS and telemetry recording devices?

      What happens when your cell phone has a GPS, video and audio recording that you do not control?

      What happens when your home security system can be viewed by the government?

      Orwell was only off by 40 years.

  13. Mathius…..what are you hearing from your gurus about the stock market with a Democratic sweep in Geogia? Oppenheimer predicts a 10% immediate slide.

    • Do… do you want me to consult with my friends in The Jewish Cabal That Secretly Runs The World?

      There was nothing about a 10% immediate slide in the newsletter, but I can ask around…

  14. Just A Citizen says:


    Thought I would see your review of the “Georgia Phone Call” when I got home this evening.

    Tomorrow maybe???

    • Maybe… getting slammed at work… kind of annoyed that I didn’t get a chance to listen, but I don’t want to half-ass it.

      Honestly, his voice, his manner, his intonation… I swear to god, if I didn’t know that this was real, I’d think it was Stephen Colbert doing a cartoonish voiceover. No adult human being in command of his faculties should sound like this. I always assumed this kind of voice and mannerism were something he affected for an audience, that it played well to certain people, but that he, in person, was more put together – by all accounts, he’s extremely charismatic and personable – but it seems that it’s not. It seems that, even when the chips are down and he’s fighting for his political life, this is how he comports himself. His attempts at flattery are hamfisted and.. well, just lame. His threats are fleeting and vague and lack any kind of gravitas that might render them worthy of consideration. His arguments are sloppy and ad hoc, with constantly shifting groundwork that makes them impossible to follow or take seriously. I always just assumed that’s how he was for show, but it seems it’s the “real” him even when the stakes are high and he believes he’s talking to a competent senior political operative from his own party in confidence. It’s just bizarre. Was he always like this? I wonder..

      Anyway… from what little I’ve listened to, (A) he sounds a bit like a mob boss giving heavy-handed “hints” as to what he wants while being careful to maintain some semblance of plausible “oh, I never said that” deniability (B) he sounds petulant, like a child who is convinced of his correctness and who is absolutely incapable of considering any evidence that cuts across his belief.

      Once again, I expect an impossibly high burden of proof to be imposed in order to get anyone on the right to accept any wrongdoing whatsoever, to say nothing of illegality.

  15. “If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door,” Biden said Monday while campaigning in Atlanta on the eve of the election. “And if you send Sens. Perdue and Loeffler back to Washington, those checks will never get there. It’s just that simple. The power is literally in your hands.”


    Nothing like trying to buy votes.

    • I don’t disagree… this is blatantly vote-buying…

      Then again, I have to wonder why the Red Team didn’t see this coming. I mean… it was very obvious, as soon as McConnel caboshed the 2k stimulus that Blue Team was going to campaign on “put us in charge and we’ll give you money.” I mean… they just handed that to Blue Team gift wrapped.

      • So citizen Biden just broke election law. Yes?

        • No idea.


          Is there a difference between “I’ll pay you X to vote” and “if you vote for me, the government will give you Y”? Morally, no.

          Actually, morally, I’d argue the latter is worse since they’re appropriating MY tax dollars (or borrowing my future tax dollars) to buy votes rather than paying it out of their own pockets.

          But legally…. I’d be willing to bet it’s not, but I could be shown otherwise. I mean… even if it’s rarely (if ever) so explicitly dollar payments, politicians are always promising their constituents some kind of financial benefit which would certainly qualify as “in-kind” were it offered by the campaign rather than the government as a consequence of the candidate winning.

          What is the difference between this and “vote for me and I’ll raise the minimum wage, which will raise your salary and put more money in your wallet”? Or “vote for me and I’ll reduce your taxes, which will put more money in your wallet”? Either way, it’s “vote for me and [something something], financial benefit to you.” So far as I know, no one has every been prosecuted for these kinds of campaign promises.

          That’s not to make them not-vote-buying, but rather that, since they wrote the laws, they’re probably written in a way to exempt this kind of thing.

          THAT SAID, I’d still – absolutely – argue that this kind of argument is corrupt.

  16. §20511. Criminal penalties

    A person, including an election official, who in any election for Federal office-
    (2) knowingly and willfully deprives, defrauds, or attempts to deprive or defraud the residents of a State of a fair and impartially conducted election process, by-
    (B) the procurement, casting, or tabulation of ballots that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held,
    shall be fined in accordance with title 18 (which fines shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury, miscellaneous receipts (pursuant to section 3302 of title 31), notwithstanding any other law), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.


    I know, I know.. the defense will be that he was trying to MAKE the election fair because “he really won” and reversing the steal is actually returnings things to impartial and, anyway, he never actually said that he wanted them to commit fraud.. just that he wanted them to “find” 11,780 votes and, you know, that’s a totally different thing!

    But I think (disclaimer, I still haven’t listened to the whole call) it’s a tough argument to make that spending an hour on the phone alternately bullying, badgering, and cajoling the election officials to find a way to “recalculate” or “find” enough votes to change the outcome in your favor is definitely interfering with the tabulation of an election and, quite possibly, soliciting fraudulent votes.. JUROR Mathius will reserve judgment until he finishes the tape, but CIVILIAN Mathius is assembling his guillotine.

    JUROR Mathius is eying the “knowingly and willfully” section carefully since he believes that Trump is sincere in his belief that he really won.. and so might not have the requisite mens rea even if he does have the necessary actus rea.

    • That first paragraph could include the Ga AG, just sayin.

      • Possibly.

        I have seen no evidence to support this, however.

        But as I have said many times, two wrongs don’t make a right. If GA election officials stole the election and Trump corruptly pressured them to “find” enough votes to un-flip it, that’s still wrong. Even if the net-result is right (the will of the people is upheld), the individual components would still be criminal.

        You’re charged for a murder you didn’t commit because the DA had a grudge against you. You lie on the stand to get off, and are acquitted. You’re still guilty of perjury even if the net-result is right (innocent of murder). The DA should go to jail for abusing his office, yes….. but should still get fined/jailed for perjury.

        Doing something wrong to “fix a wrong” is still wrong. You can’t absolve yourself of guilt by pointing the finger at someone else’s supposed guilt when it’s not an either/or situation.

      • That’s the way I was reading it the whole time.

        Point of Order Mathius: You realize that Trump wasn’t asking to find votes FOR Trump, right? He was asking to find ILLEGAL votes for Biden. Even you have written that you believe there was fraud. Trump believes he won by hundreds of thousands, but he’s only asking for the SoS to find 11,800…just enough to push him across the line. AND…this was a settlement thing…avoid court and settle out of court. Happens every day.

        • Has anyone realized that getting Ga right still don’t change the election results?

          • I have noticed this, yes.

            Mathius wonders aloud if he might be having identical conversations with various other states….

          • Gman,

            Has anyone realized that getting Ga right still don’t change the election results?

            Perhaps this might be pertinent…

            I mean, there’s turmoil in Georgia and other places. You’re not the only one. I mean, we have other states that I believe will be flipping to us very shortly.

        • Sorry, Antia,

          Didn’t mean to leave you hanging there…

          Point of Order Mathius:

          The Senator from AntiaLand has the floor

          You realize that Trump wasn’t asking to find votes FOR Trump, right? He was asking to find ILLEGAL votes for Biden.

          I think it’s pretty clear he was looking for both or either. He was looking to invalidate Biden votes or gain Trump votes, or both.

          He was quite adamant that
          (A) votes had been flipped over to Biden (dominion / miscounts / stolen votes)
          (B) missed from his own tally (uncounted provisional ballots)
          (C) fraudulently added to Biden’s tally (suitcases and forgeries and such)

          It wasn’t directed. He wasn’t just saying “get rid of Biden’s illegal votes.” He very specifically wanted a swing of 11,780 votes to flip the state. If he were just after “there’s fraud, you have to clear it up,” that could be defensible. But that’s not what this is. At least, that’s not all that this is.

          Trump threw basically everything at the wall and said “figure it out” just so long as you figure it out in a way where I win.

          Even you have written that you believe there was fraud.

          What I believe and what I can prove are different things.

          But the belief that there is fraud is not really the core issue here. It’s the appropriateness and/or legality of calling up an election official and spending an hour harassing them and trying to pressure them into swinging an election in your favor.

          Trump believes he won by hundreds of thousands,

          Because he is an unhinged narcissist who is biologically incapable of believing he lost.

          In fact, at one point, he claims not only that he won Georgia, but that he really actually won every single state. And every single statehouse. And the House.

          as you know, every single state, we won every state. We won every statehouse in the country. […] And we won the House, but we won every single statehouse

          Trump believes he won by hundreds of thousands, but he’s only asking for the SoS to find 11,800…just enough to push him across the line.

          Yes. Making clear his intent. Not to clear up fraud, but to win the state and help himself stay in power.

          What’s your point?

          AND…this was a settlement thing…avoid court and settle out of court. Happens every day.


          I’ve heard that claim.

          I don’t really care.

          Even if it were a settlement conference, that wouldn’t change what he said and did, nor shield him from any moral or legal liability to his actions. He also posted about it on Twitter prior to the leak of the tape.

          Settlement conference or not, he’s badgering and pressuring and threatening the SoS to find a way to flip the state so that Trump wins. I don’t care what context this exists within, that’s just not ok.

          The President of the United States is not supposed to call up state election officials and badger them into “finding” the results he wants them to find. That’s election interference. And whether he thinks he’s doing the right thing or not, it’s just not OK.


          If Obama called a state up and badgered and cajoled and pressured and threatened them like this to find a way to let Hillary Clinton win, can you imagine how you’d react? You’d lose your mind. You’d be calling for his execution for treason. Honestly – would you not? Can you sit there with a straight face, envisage the scenario where it leaked that Obama spent an hour on the phone badgering Ohio or Florida SoS’s into finding a way to flip their states for Clinton? And you’d be ok with that because Obama really believed that she won?

          That’s a serious question. Take a moment and imagine that scenario and how you’d react. Do you honestly think you’d be ok with Obama doing that for Clinton because he “believed” she had really won?

          • Guess what? We didn’t think Obama got in in ’12 legally either! Something was fishy as hell then. Remember, Romney folded in a hurry. Look what’s become of the Romney/Ryan ticket? Couple of loser ass rinos. But we took it. Go back farther. McCain/Palin. McCain took his own team mate out! He was so busy kissing Obama’s ass, he didn’t see the rage we had about his disrespect for Palin. But we took it. THAT’s WHY WE VOTED FOR TRUMP.

            Hillary got so pissed that HER cheating didn’t work out, that she went on a blame everyone tour that’s still ongoing. Trump didn’t even get in the door yet and they were on him. Spying, Russia, Ukraine, Impeach. NOTHING STUCK because he’s clean. THEY CANT HANDLE IT. They struck gold with the plandemic, because that’s was the means to their end. Mail in ballots. Ballot harvesting. State end-arounds of state election laws…because Covid. Don’t even get me started on voting machines, because I think that is at the heart of it.

            So we’re looking at 12 years of patience with these people. WHEN? WHEN IS IT APPROPRIATE TO FIGHT BACK? It’s not like there are weak allegations. They’re stacked deep. Want us to go quietly? Let us have at “machine” Show us the goods. THEY WON’T LET US SEE THEM! Why? If this was YOU, you would say there’s plenty of smoke, and you know it. Let us in! We’ll stfu if we’re wrong, walk away, and survive the best we can against the fallout.

            It not like this is just your everyday election. This is the line between liberty and tyranny. The entire world looks up to the US way of life…held together by a Constitution unlike any other. Biden was right. His vision is mighty dark for us. We have every bit of moral high ground to stand on.

            • When Democrats win, it’s because they cheated.

              When Democrats lose, it’s because they didn’t cheat hard enough.

              When Republicans lose, it’s because they aren’t Conservative enough.

              If Trump wins an election, it was fair and “beautiful.”

              If Trump loses an election, it was rigged.

              If my side loses in court, it’s someone else’s fault.

              If my side wins in court, it’s justice.

              If my side does an end-run around the official vote, it’s just reflecting what really happened.

              If we override the will of the states and change their votes, it’s just reflecting what really happened.

              If my guy is caught on tape badgering, harassing, and threatening election officials to change the outcome, he’s just trying to right a wrong.

              If my side does anything questionable, it’s just “fighting back” because your side is so evil.

              The elections were full of fraud, but only the ones we lost. And only for the races we lost – down-ballot races we won on the same fraudulent ballots are still “perfect” and “beautiful.”

              If we lose a case in court, it’s because it was argued poorly, or the Democrats hid the truth, or the judge was biased or or or. Never because we’re wrong.

              If they disprove a theory, it doesn’t matter, because we know they cheated – we’ll just move on to a different theory.

              If it’s a Republican in charge of the election and we still lose, it’s because he’s secretly the enemy and trying to cover up the fraud.

              If a record number of people voted for them, it’s fraud.

              If a record number of people voted for us, it’s truth.


              Sounds an awful lot like “[my side] cannot fail, it can only be failed.”

              • Except we won. By a lot. Let us in. What do you have to lose? They say we’re running a coup? Of ourselves? Please.

              • Except we won. By a lot

                You again make an assertion which, by your very request for access to the evidence, you prove you cannot support.

                Whether you are right or not at this point is irrelevant, you are arguing from faith

                You, like Trump, believe you won by a lot, therefore, the only question is getting access to the evidence to validate and prove what you’ve already decided is true.

                Therefore any action is justified to right the wrong. Since Trump won, it is morally valid to “fight back” by any means necessary to restore your proper victory.

                They say we’re running a coup?

                After all, you are the victim here. It is your win which is being stolen.

                So any shenanigans you must deploy, any Constitutional loopholes and brinksmanship and democracy-destroying tactics.. well, it’s not YOUR fault, it’s the left’s fault. The evil, nefarious, left who simultaneously engaged in a masterful multi-state massive fraud, but ineptly failed to secure victory in the house and senate on those same ballots.

                Yes, if you break this country, it is not YOU who broke it, but them. Because THEY are the perpetrators and you the victims, and you are just fighting to take back what is rightfully yours.

                Because victory is always rightfully yours.

                And pay no nevermind to anyone sitting on the other side, watching these fantastical unprecedented efforts to upend the results of an election.. sure, to them it might look like you’re trying to steal “their win”.. after all, 81 million of them said they prefer the other guy.. but they’re liars and cheats who either don’t know or don’t care that they really lost and only “won” because cheaters cheated on their behalf.

                So, of course, we can safely discount the views of civilians on the left who might view you as supporting a party trying to enact a coup because, how could you enact a coup in an election in which you are the real winner. They’re just wrong.

                Because, as ever, you side is always right.

              • Damn! I can’t download it. Scroll just a little bit down, there’s a link to the pdf. 15 pages of shenanigans

              • Thanks for the homework, Anita.

                I’ll be honest, I’m not going to read that.

                If there’s a specific allegation in there you’d like me to take a look at, I’ll try to do so, but I’m not playing whack-a-mole with a 15 page “summary” of assembled conspiracy theories.

              • Short version: Margin of victory 279k. Ballots in dispute 4.3 million. Breakdowns for each individual contested state, and remedies available which have been denied. Then you wonder why we must object. We either have laws or we don’t.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            That this was a Settlement Call changes everything you are saying. Because it puts it all in a different context.

            You assume he is simply pressuring the SoS to go find votes, do something to make me win because I know I did. That is NOT what is happening here.

    • This is for you!

  17. I’m on it!

  18. U.S.—A dire report is indicating that ERs and urgent cares across the country are overflowing, not because of COVID patients, but because they are full of nurses dancing for funny TikTok videos.

    The report found that every ER in the country is at or over 100% of its limit for dancing nurses. Patients are being turned away as there just isn’t enough room for the sick and nurses who want to make funny videos. The ERs are simply being flooded with an overwhelming number of health professionals desperate to become a viral hit on the social media platform.

    “There is commonly a surge of TikTok nurses this time of year, but this season seems particularly bad,” said Dr. James Wiley of MIT. “If we don’t stop the dancing nurses soon, we could end up with a tragic number of these horribly cringey videos.”

    One man being treated for COVID in a San Jose hospital was wheeled out of his room and discharged since R.N. Cindy needed the room to do an epic backflip off the bed. “Out of the way, Bob!” she said as she wheeled him to the exit. “My TikTok followers need me! I’m an influencer!”

    Some hospitals are only 95% full of dancing nurses, but all the remaining space is being used for nurses to take judgmental glaring selfies telling people to “stay the f#$% home.”

    • This whole thing is because the media misrepresents the facts. AND, too many people fall for their lies.

      “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought 🗣️”
      — John F. Kennedy

    • Opinions, of course, vary.

      I’ve seen quite a few lawyers (including some in my family, and at least one of those is a Trumpist) who say otherwise.

      I’ll decide for myself what I think when time permits.

      One thing I will say, though, is that I think we should take care to distinguish between “morally wrong” and “legally wrong.” Though the two tend to be generally correlated, they are not synonymous.

      Whether it was legal for him to have this call or not, to conduct it as he did or not, it is morally dubious – at BEST – for the President to badger election officials to flip their state for him.

      That he might well believe that he’s justified doesn’t change the fact that – whatever the legality – this is an abuse of the office.

  19. I am so tired.

    From elsewhere…. “So the claims of fraud and cheating will continue because if you grant the Democrats legitimate victory, you need to concede that maybe people like their policies.”

    An interesting take.

    Along the lines of “[my side] cannot fail, it can only be failed,” to accept a loss as legitimate would necessarily mean that people dislike your side, your views, and your candidates and that, horror or horrors, they outnumber you.

    Since we take it as a tenet of faith that, of course(!!), Americans are fundamentally conservative, since America is fundamentally a conservative country, and a Christian nation, and since we know, fundamentally, that it rightfully belongs to the right.. any win by the left is automatic – of necessity – illegitimate.

    The question, therefore, cannot be whether there was fraud or cheating, or whether it was sufficient to alter the outcome, but how and how we can discredit this cheating and repair the damage to restore rightful control to the rightful heirs of power in America: the Republican Party.

    Donald Trump knows that he won all fifty states, and all fifty statehouse, and the House, and the Senate, because he knows that he – and his side – are the rightful winners, because that is an article of faith. It is canonically true and cannot be otherwise save for the malign underhandedness of the enemy.

    Facts and numbers do not matter. Only this TRUTH. And if the facts and numbers say otherwise, then they must be wrong. And, being wrong, as Mr. Trump puts it, “There’s only two answers, dishonesty or incompetence. There’s just no way. Look. There’s no way.”

    The possibility that people just don’t like him is not a valid theory. That Biden supporters outvoted Trump supporters is not possible. That he does not have the facts or the proof does not matter. He knows as do so many here, that he won… because he must have won. Because the right can only win and the left can only lose because that is what is right and proper in America. So, there can be only those two answers to justify the apparent loss: dishonesty or incompetence. Because the alternative is not possible.

  20. Test. Just curious why this won’t post. Seeing if it will post on an original post instead of a reply

  21. Georgia Central Outreach and Advocacy Center executive director Kimberly Parker admits to registering homeless people to vote by using the same address.

    Kimberly Parker is identified as the director and explains, “So, the majority of the people we serve don’t have an address, so we allow them to use our address if they register to vote and to get Georgia State ID.” This means her centre allows homeless individuals to register and vote.

    Parker continues explaining that she was almost caught doing this, but has not faced any repercussions. “So, I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their ID. We’ve never run into any problem with that until this election. One of our board members got wind that they thought we’re doing things not on the up and up because so many have the address, but we’ve not heard any repercussion from it since.”

    It is furthermore notable that Parker attests to the fact that her centre has “done that [Provide address] for years.”

    • Ok……. so?

      Firstly, we have no indication of how they voted. I mean, we might presume that they voted for the Democrats because the Democrats are big on hand-outs and social programs, but they might just as readily have voted for Republicans because so many homeless people are mentally ill.


      Secondly, while we talk about “getting caught” and using this address, I see nothing here that shows this is illegal. They’ve been doing it for years and faced no repercussions – that might be because they flew under the radar, or it might be because it’s legal. Either is plausible, but you have presented no evidence to support either direction.

      If they cannot register to that location and they do not have homes / permanant addresses, where should they have registered?

      Third, whatever maneuverings may have been performed in getting them registered, and whatever the legal disposition of those efforts, we should all be able to agree that they are otherwise-legal citizens of Georgia and would, otherwise, be eligible to vote. And that, ceterus paribus, they are entitled to their votes. That doesn’t make them legally valid (nor does it prove the inverse), but rather that they are ethically valid voters with a right to have their voices heard and their votes counted. Without speaking to the legality of the matter, they should be able to vote.

      Lastly, and this is a big one. I have long argued that ID requirements such as these disenfranchise voters, especially the most vulnerable. I have – repeatedly – been derided for this assertion. Yet here YOU are posting about a population that (may) have voted illegally due to breach of voter-ID laws… which is just a roundabout way of saying “we have laws that should have stopped those people from voting.” This seems a tacit admission that voter ID laws do stop otherwise-valid voters from voting (or at least “should” stop them). And if we are to take your implication that they tended to vote for the Democrats (a valid assumption, I think), then it necessarily follows that voter ID laws necessarily suppress a Democrat-leaning segment of the population… hmmmmmmm…

      • I didn’t make any assertions. I also don’t know Ga voter laws. Just putting out info thats free of the MSM misrepresentation.

      • If they cannot register to that location and they do not have homes / permanant addresses, where should they have registered?

        I am trying real hard to stay out of this……..but this one makes me answer…….The correct answer Mathius,,..is that they don’t. My answer and my opinion.

        I see nothing here that shows this is illegal. Moral?

        • Perhaps my brain is getting fuzzy from the long day….

          But if they can’t register then they can’t vote…… is it then your stated opinions, sir, Mr. The Colonel, a man who has taken bullets for this country, that legal citizens of the United States of America should not be able to vote on behalf of their own governance if they are homeless?

  22. OooooOOOOooohhh… fun one!

    What happens if Mitch McConnel simply grinds the EC count to a halt until Jan 20 and beyond – refusing to hold a vote which would force him to lose and count votes of the contested states?

    Well… at the stroke of noon on January 20th, Trump stops being President. Unless he’s re-upped, he’s out. Likewise, Pence becomes a civilian. So, um, I guess we have no President?


    If Mitch refuses to hold a vote… the next President of the United States is…………………..

    PRESIDENT Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi!


    • Fail. Because the House picks the president, right? Senate picks the VP. Having said that, why are they opening votes for president in the Senate?

      • Because thems the rules.

        For the avoidance of doubt, we’re looking here at 3 U.S. Code § 15. (I went cross-eyed reading this, but you’re welcome to have at it.)

        The House and Senate (together) count the votes, alphabetically by state.

        Anyone objecting* to any state grinds the whole thing to a screeching halt and they cannot move on to any other business whatsoever or onto another state until both chambers vote on the objection. If they agree, then that controls. If they disagree, then the state controls. If they don’t vote, they sit there and rot.

        Likewise, if they just object ad nauseam and run out the clock, that won’t work either.

        Again, on 1/20 at noon, Trump’s term ends. He doesn’t say in by default – he’s out by default along with Pence. They turn into pumpkins.

        And since there has to be a President, it’s instantaneously, automatically, magically, the next in the order of succession, the Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi.


        *objections must be in writing and be sponsored by at least one Senator and one Representative. They “shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof.”

        • PRESIDENT PELOSI. I am glad you put it this way or I would have to chastise you……..since the use of Mrs, Madam, and Mr can no longer be used……there will be no MADAM President. So, you passed.

          • One day, the Colonel leaves his house and gets in his pickup truck.

            He drives 45 minutes and exits his driveway.

            He drives for 16 hours and reaches the parking lot of the Dallas Cowboys game.

            The air is hot and humid and there is no breeze.

            Something feels wrong.

            The crowd is listless. There is something you’ve forgotten.

            You try to ask a stranger, but he will not allow you to approach within his 6′ sphere of social distancing.

            You shout your question, but he only shakes his head and offers you a mask.

            You decline and an inscrutable expression crosses the visible portion of the stranger’s face.

            A line has formed for tailgating, everyone stands 6′ apart, they do not speak.

            Each man shuffles forward and accepts his flaccid hot dog and can of tepid Bud Lite.

            You enter the stadium. Three seats to each side of you are empty.

            Two rows behind you are empty.

            Two rows before you are empty.

            The stadium is at capacity anyway.

            Jets fly overhead… six feet apart.

            The cheerleaders appear, they dance separately, lethargically.

            At least, you think they are cheerleaders. You cannot be sure. They wear hazmat suits.

            The Cowboys take the field.

            The Harlem Globe Trotters take the field.

            A murmur ripples through the crowd, but you cannot understand what they are saying from the distance and through the masks.

            A band begins to play.

            You know this tune. What is it? A memory stirs.

            Hail to the Chief crackles flatly from ancient loudspeakers.

            The murmur increases. Is it a cheer? A warning?

            The crowd knows something you do not, but you cannot ask them.

            You approach a neighbor, but he draws a pistol, warning you to stay back.

            You return to your assigned seat.

            The Song plays again.


            President Pelosi takes the field.

            The crowd cheers through masks.

            Only you are silent.

            President Pelosi has come to throw the first pitch.

            This is wrong, you think. Wrong.

            But the crowd disagrees.

            They cheer.

            President Pelosi is handed a soccer ball and, from somewhere, a home base plate is brought out and placed before her.

            She winds up and throws the ball with all her might.

            It travels several feet.

            The crowd cheers more.

            More plains pass overhead, again, six feet apart.

            The game is over.

            The Giants have won, but whether San Francisco or New York, you are unsure.

            You are disturbed, but you cannot say why.

            You return to your vehicle. It is a Toyota Prius. Lime green.

            You have always driven a Toyota Prius. Lime green.

            You have a long drive ahead of you.

            The radio is already tuned to NPR. Your favorite.

            They are airing a speech from President Pelosi. America is joining the European Union.

            You smile, yes. This is right.

            You increase the volume to hear your President more clearly.

            Yes, this is good.

            You adjust your facemask and purell your hands.

            Yes, everything is just as it should be.

            Tomorrow is election day.

            Tomorrow is always an election day.

            You look down at your passenger seat and review your clipboard.

            There are many doors for you to knock on today.

            So many doors.

            But tomorrow is election day, and Texas Governor Bernie Sanders needs your help in his reelection bid.

            Yes, this is good. You will help him win again.

            Have you done this before?

            You cannot recall. It does not matter.

            Because tomorrow is election day, and President Pelosi is counting on you.

            You love your President.

            You leave the parking lot with thousands of your friends.

            All the cars are Toyota Priuses. Lime green.

            You note the Hope bumper sticker on the Prius in front of you.

            It matches your own.

            You smile pleasantly.

            The Red Bull tastes delicious, soothing.

            Where did the Red Bull come from? Why is it ice cold in this sweltering heat?

            It does not matter. The Red Bull is there.

            It is in your hand.

            It has always been in your hand.

            You take another sip.

            You check your clipboard and note with pleasure that the list seems to be longer.

            You are pleased. This means you can help more.

            President Pelosi is counting on you.

            Tomorrow is election day.

            You pull out of the parking lot slowly, obeying the speed limit in your Toyota Prius. Lime green.

            • Call the white coats.

              • Can you imagine what else is scrambling around in his brain? Its exhausting. He has his own little Mathius world going on. Multiple egos and animal LARPS. Lol Ok. At least he has fun. 🙂

            • Wow……if you were in my age bracket, I would say something like the 60’s are still with you…but that is not the case….

              so it must be something else.

              He lives in the New York area (on purpose)….that could be it.

              He is a Jew…albeit a bad Jew (by his own admission)…that could be it.

              Maybe he watched too much Pee Wee Herman…..something is amiss, for sure.

              Maybe the Trump Derangement syndrome has run its course and he has anti bodies that are rebelling….perhaps that is it…something is amiss.

              It could be the secret is out that he is a closet Republican and wears underwear with little elephants on it….that could be it.

              Maybe being cooped up in a house full of estrogen has pickled his brain….that could be it.

              Something is amiss.

              He may have learned that G man is going to be his new neighbor…that could be it.

              It could be that his wife is demanding they move from a high tax State to Texas…and replace Red Bull with Dr Pepper…that could be it.

              Something is really amiss.

              He hated Trump so bad and now that the Big Orange Man is gone and the Democrats will run the Senate that he is really worried…..that could be it.

              What ever it is……something is amiss.

              The Dread Pirate has ceased communication because he likes LaGuna Madre, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Cheerleaders and has replaced grog with Dr Pepper and churros/cajetas…..that could be it.

              But for sure something is amiss….

              His brain is fried and this is sad..Mathius is a likeable guy but perhaps the strain is too much. Maybe SUFA has finally got him….some say it is worse than this made up Covid stuff…maybe that is what it is……

              He needs help, that is for sure.

    • Wrong again Slick. It would force the House to vote for the next President as outlined in the Constitution. Each State gets ONE vote. Sad to say, Trump wins again BWAHAHAHA

      • Oooh… so close!

        But, alas, not.

        You see, parliamentary procedure is a bitch… and once they’ve opened consideration of counting the ballots, they don’t get to move onto anything else until that matter is closed. Closed means a losing vote. They can’t even adjourn.

        So, if they close, they lose.

        If they don’t close, they can’t win.

        A stalemate lasts only until Noon on 1/20.

        At Noon on 1/20, Pence stops being President of the Senate, Pelosi becomes acting President. Automatically. Instantly. There’s no stopping it.

        And Congress cannot do a damned thing until they vote and close consideration of the EC… which means that, since they’re split, the decision goes to the states, which means Biden gets to be President.

        (I suppose they could try to stall for midterm elections, hoping to flip the house, but I wouldn’t bet on that.. even I think that’s a bridge too far for the Republican “win-at-any-cost” Party… but, hey, if you want President Nancy Pelosi running the country by executive fiat for two years (or maybe 8? Or more.. are “acting” Presidents subject to term limits?) while Congress is frozen solid, well… that’s a choice, I guess…)

        • Just A Citizen says:

          If McConnel is running the show then he can take a motion to “table” and they can move on to other business.

          But all of this is just a waste of time because this isn’t going to happen. UNLESS someone produces some real evidence worthy of halting the process.

          You also forget that if such evidence came to light and the State Legislatures chose to decertify their electors then the election is not done. In that case the Speaker becomes POTUS in a temporary compacity, until Congress finally selects the POTUS and VPOTUS.

          The interesting thing in all this is how the Statutes are written by Congress, regarding the process, vs. what is written in the Constitution. You see there is no Constitutional requirement nor priority given for State’s Certifying their electors.

    • I am not sure McConnell can hold things up. Pence resides over the Senate.

      • He does… but only until Jan 20. Then he becomes a civilian and gets escorted out of the chamber by the Sargeant at Arms.

        Unitl that time, he can only do one of the follow:
        (A) allow for the vote, in which case he’ll split vs the house, and the state will control and Biden wins
        (B) not allow for a vote, in which case, he’ll eventually lose his position anyway and Pelosi becomes President (Grassley becomes new President of the Senate)

        Either way, there’s a Democrat in the Big Chair. Red Team can (maybe) decide whether they want to deal with a President Nancy Pelosi.

  23. Well, after todays political theater, life will move forward and HOPEFULLY politics will be out of the spotlight for awhile ( I doubt it, but I can wish). Now we can look forward to the economic mess that’s coming our way.

    OH, Joe, I want my 2K now 😀

    • These are the times that try men’s and awoman’s souls. I’m sticking with Trump til the 20th at the least. Took off work today to watch this go down. DC is packed full of patriots. Pass the popcorn

  24. Time to look at Robin Hood stocks…..The Big Banks…remember those horrid banks, are going to make out like a bandit. Democratic controlled stimulus will funnel through the banks and they will rake in billions in fees……

    There is money to be made among the rich in greater amounts than under the Republicans….and the exodus will begin the minute corporate tax rates are increased. Money will flee to favorable countries who wanted the Dems to win because it is a cash bonanza to those countries with lower rates.

    And the common folk…..will continue to suffer but in greater numbers and the wealth gap will widen.

    • Those who have money…know how to protect it.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        Those who have money…know how to protect it.

        Something like this?

        • Tulips anyone?

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            I believe you may be looking for “greater fool,” perhaps?

            Nonetheless, Bitcoin and gold are two of the best candidates for non-fiat money – and both are impervious to inflation. Perhaps, having missed the rocket boat on Bitcoin, you will find that there is still some time left before gold leaves the station, too, if I may mix my metaphors.

            I would remind you that the only answer to “why does the dollar have value?” is “because we agree it has value.”

            We should all be able to agree that the dollar is a sinking ship and that the only question, really, is how long it will take to sink. Once people lose faith in the dollar, it will cease to have value. The wise will be elsewhere before that happens.


        • No sir, I am too old to invest in crypto currencies…..Bitcoin is not for the small guy and not for the neophyte…it is dangerous and it is uncertain and, while it has its ups and downs, it is not the investment that I seek…..AND, banks do not accept it on a balance sheet as a liquid asset….not yet. Maybe in the future but now now. As a matter of fact, I will call my banker friend today and ask her about the bank’s acceptance of crypto currency as an asset or loan backing currency…will report back. Doing it now……

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            Be sure to ask your banker what happens to your dollar-denominated book when the dollar hyper-inflates.

            • Don’t need to do that…..I already know what happens and know what to do when it happens. There are various off shore safe havens available. However, again, these type of investments are not for the young and weak and certainly not for the investment portfolios of fund managers. I would shoot my fund manager on sight if they speculated in crypto…for now….. too many other alternatives available.

              • ok, here is the scoop……

                No crypto currency is given value on financial statements or loan applications. It is given NO WEIGHT whatsoever and is not considered an asset. So, I took the extra time to call a friend of mine in the loan department at Wells Fargo ( a different bank than I use. I would not be caught dead in Well’s Fargo). He said the exact same thing. Then I took the extra time to call my broker that I use….and he said the same thing. They do not recommend investment in crypto currencies at this time. The reason is that it is not universally accepted as of yet…maybe 50 years down the road but not now. None of the big boys invest in it other than some select hedge funds. I was also told that the value of bitcoin is theoretical and there is nothing to back it up. It is a computer generated currency that is not, as of yet, universally accepted.

                One of the reasons is no track record and no standard, as of yet, in which to judge the value. Also, both bankers, very high up, made the comment that when the big push on the Dinar happened…and a plethora of banks jumped on the band wagon…..it ended up being worthless and loans defaulted. They are still smarting from that. So………………..take it for what it is worth. It is too risky for them and when the big boys shy away from it…probably a good thing to stay away for now.

                As I said…it is too much of a gamble for me….I can make more money on the craps table.

              • JAC's Daughter says:

                The craps table is my favorite! 😆

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Since the concept of “money:” is nothing more than an artificial construct since teh Great Depression, it only works so long as some one accepts it for goods or services rendered.

                I have been trying to wrap my head around this bit coin stuff for years now with no success at all. Seems to me like a financers “pert Rock”, “Cabbage Patch Kid”, or “Tulip Frenzy”.

                I have a steamer trunk in the attic full of my teen aged daughters “investment” in “beany babies” and more than a couple of drawers in a chest full of my three son’s 1980’s investment in baseball cards.

                Now, on the other hand, I have 63 rifles most of which have appreciated well over 5,000 percent since bought. Two ammo boxes full of common date silver coin, about 5,000 rounds of ammo in storage and a few US $ 20 1800’s vintage gold pieces. Bit coin, what’s bit coin. I’ll take as many of your “bit coins” as I feel like when the poop hits the fan.

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                Did you say the silver and gold were also stored in your attic..? Just curious…

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like the Democratic Party’s voter suppression efforts in Georgia worked.

    • Could you elaborate?

      Isn’t the state run by Republicans?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Republicans who are scared shitless of “:Stacy Abrams” the “real” governor who apparently jammed down their cowardly throats the “no verification of signatures” agreement for reasons still unknown. I mean just how incredibly stupid can you get? Or ……… do they have pictures?

        • Sorry.. doesn’t compute.. can you try again..?

          The question was how did Democrats suppress the vote when they don’t run the state?

          Your answer seems to be that a woman who is not the governor is secretly the real governor and got rid of signature verifications which ::something something:: Massive Fraud™… but I’m not sure how to get from there to “voter suppression.”

          • I sense a tone here. Its called condescension. Elections are run by Ds. But Rs are traitors, too. And don’t even start about prove it. They won’t let it happen.

            • Elections are run by Ds

              What? Huh?

              Like the Constitution has some clause I never noticed which grants that power to the Democrats exclusively?

              Its called condescension.

              I would never condescend to you!

          • Just A Citizen says:

            From the woman who CLAIMS she is Governor to this day:

            “We were able to secure absentee ballot rules that actually treated every single voter the same. We were able to mitigate and eviscerate the exact match system that was keeping so many people off the rolls,” Abrams declared.

            • Sounds like that expands voter access.. how does that suppress voting?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I posted that in response to your snark about Abrams running things. There you have it in her own words.

                It did not suppress turnout. It ENHANCED the opportunity for fraudulent voting. Funny how it seems like every measure the Dems push to “get out the vote” WEAKENS the system instead of making it more fool proof.

                But hey, for you that is just coincidence or rationalized with “allowing everyone to vote” regardless of citizenship or residency.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        ELECTIONS are run at the County and/or Precinct level. County Clerks are major players usually.

        So you have D’s who control the metro areas controlling the elections in the metro areas, who also just happen to have more votes in total than the rural or non-metro areas.

        In Georgia you have a Rep. dominated legislature and Governors office. But then you have folks like Abrams using the funds provided by the DNC donors to make legal challenges to the duly and legally passed laws. Then you get federal judges, like her SISTER, to rule in her favor to overturn those State Legislature passed laws.

  26. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Republican “smarts” . So you turn down the $ 2,000 stimulus payment because it is “inflationary” and increases the deficit.

    Then this position costs you control of the Senate.

    Then the democrats take that $ 2,000 and increase by the power of 10! That’s SMART, real smart!

    BUT! You can always say you stood for your principles can’t you?

    McConnell and the High School JV team against the 1960 NY Yankees of Pelosi and Schumer!

    • My late dad always said…” Principle makes lawyers rich.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      But BOTH Republicans running in Georgia openly supported passing the $2000 check from the get go.

      So why do you and others think this affected how people voted in Georgia?

      You are saying that Biden’s open offer of “bribing the voters” worked.

    • Got it… the left wins an election…..

      JAC: voter suppression!

      Gman: cheating!

      I mean, the state is run by Republicans, with the election managed by Republicans, with rules written by Republicans, and a run-off system that has historically favored Republicans… but don’t let that stop you..

      • I blame them all…Rs and Ds alike. But that’s because they’re all in it together Don’t elevate either one over the other. It’s a disgrace. Neither party should get our support.

        • I believe I have been quite clear that I hold the Blue Team in absolute contempt. They are complete garbage.

          It’s just that Red Team is radioactive waste.

      • I think voter suppression is just Liberal conspiracy theory. A claim that’s unprovable.

        What I’m seeing in these challenges is that voting laws that State Legislations agreed on and voted for where not followed in accordance to those rules/laws. OK, if that is the case, which I believe also occurred in PA, then I don’t think the election results should be allowed. However, I would only want a new election, conducted by the laws enacted.

        With all that said, Nothing will come from any of this except more distrust and more anger and division. Don’t know what’s next, but I’m not convinced it will be good.

        • JAC:

          Looks like the Democratic Party’s voter suppression efforts in Georgia worked.


          I think voter suppression is just Liberal conspiracy theory. A claim that’s unprovable.

          Ok, boys.. have at it!

          • I’m almost sure that JAC was being sarcastic, which apparently went right over your head.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Actually I am NOT being sarcastic. There was a concerted effort to suppress the Republican turnout. One of the most vocal was a lifelong D representing himself as an attorney for Trump. But there were many social media linked outlets, left wing sites, pushing the same narrative.


              The irony is that the D’s used to make the same claim of the R’s when the R’s would point out problems or the futility of a particular election. They claim that the R’s efforts to separate minorities from the D party is an effort to suppress Black turnout. How? By convincing them that the D party is really not helping them.

              So here are the facts:

              Purdue received 270,277 FEWER votes yesterday than in November.

              Ossoff received 165,8092 FEWER votes yesterday than in November.

              “Unusually LOW TURNOUT” among Republicans has been reported across the Rural Counties.

              So you have a concerted effort, which included the media by the way, to convince Republicans the election was lost then you get “unusually low turnout” among Republicans in the rural counties.

              So YES, the effort to suppress the Republican turnout worked.


                I don’t think many needed any help believing this.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        No. You obviously do NOT get it. You just fall back to your usual snark.

        • Me? Snarky? You wound me!

          But it is interesting that you’re crying voter suppression (and providing evidence of a potential vulnerability that could potentially be exploited fraudulently) and Gman is claiming fraud outright… and neither of you have provided a shred of any actual evidence.

          And I do not for a second believe that either of you would be making these claims if, say, the Republicans had blown out the Democrats.

          It strikes me that, again, some version of “when Democrats win, it is always illegitimate but when Republicans win, it is valid.”

          • If States did not run elections based on established laws, then I’m damn sure calling FRAUD.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            I did not claim fraud when Carter won or when Clinton won, or even Obama.

            Even though I think there was more fraud for Obama than Clinton I never claimed it affected the outcome. But those seeds were allowed to grow and new seeds planted. NOW it is making a difference at a large scale.

            But that is not the same issue as the deliberate and coordinated efforts to discourage Republicans from voting in Georgia last night. And since the D’s can claim “suppression” over the same kind of tactics I can sure has hell claim “suppression” by them for doing the same thing.

            Every……and I mean EVERY move by the Democrats since Reagan’s election have been to weaken the controls on elections that assure only the correct people vote. And I am not saying correct equals Republicans.

  27. Welp… we have an objection to the counting of Arizona…

    And there’s Steve Scalise standing up in front of an oversized prop of Article 2 of the Constitution. Bullshit political theater… ::sigh::

  28. Things are getting chippy outside the Capital.

    • And inside. They just tried stomping right into the chamber. Go patriots!

      • Whoaaaa. Second time Ive seen congress head for safety. Something is going down. They recessed. The building is surrounded!

      • Go patriots!

        I think the words you’re looking for are “go seditionists!”

        Or, perhaps, “when I don’t get my way, I’ll cheer on armed rioters attempting to overthrow the government by force.”

        • Where are the riots? All I see is peaceful protestors.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Little hyperbole on your part it seems. I see no attempt to “overthrow” the Govt. nor any effort to overturn the Constitution. Thus NO SEDITION.

          Tantrums are acceptable as are demonstrations.

          Riots are not acceptable. In MY OPINION storming the Capital is also NOT ACCEPTABLE. It just plays into the BS narrative the left has been playing on a loop for the past 20 years.

          But gee, since you could “understand” why Anifa and Black Lives Matter might have a legitimate gripe why don’t you offer the same for the “Patriots”.

          • Little hyperbole on your part it seems.

            Not that much of a hyperbole… what are they doing inside the capitol?

            What do you think would have happened if they’d managed to get to the congressmen?

            Tantrums are acceptable as are demonstrations.


            Riots are not acceptable.


            In MY OPINION storming the Capital is also NOT ACCEPTABLE.


            But gee, since you could “understand” why Anifa and Black Lives Matter might have a legitimate gripe why don’t you offer the same for the “Patriots”.

            I agree that these people have a legitimate gripe.

            I think it’s waaaaaaay overblown.

            But it’s there, and I do understand where they’re coming from.

            And I do not begrudge them their right to protest – I even applaud their activism and sincere interest in doing what they think is right and morally imperative – but I condemn their violence and property destruction.

            (if this sounds a lot like what I’ve said about Antia and BLM, it should – it’s basically the same thing, only that I’m less in agreement with their underlying premise)

            • Where are the fires?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              What do you think would have happened if they’d managed to get to the congressmen?

              ONE CAN ONLY DREAM…………… visions of hides hanging on a fence dancing in my head.

              OK back to reality. I expect that they would have yelled at some of them.

              Anyone who actually tried to harm a Congress critter would have been shot or tasered or both.

              The funny irony in this Mathius is “where do the rats go when they evacuate”?

              Answer: They scurry to the tunnels under the Capital.

              • OK back to reality. I expect that they would have yelled at some of them.

                I expect that they would have held them at gunpoint and make them “vote” the “right” way and reelect Trump.

                Not that I expect that would have held up, but I can imagine that supporters would wring their hands and say “oh, it’s just awful! But, well, I guess it’s official now!”

                Anyone who actually tried to harm a Congress critter would have been shot or tasered or both.

                Agreed… which is why it’s so baffling to me that they even made it remotely close. It’s not like this protest was unexpected or that the DC cops didn’t know the protestors would be armed.


                Pense just tweeted that anyone still in the building should leave immediately… does that mean that there are still rioters inside? How the holy fuck are these protesters seditionists still alive and free?

                If these were BLM rioters, they’d have all been killed by now and dumped on the steps to raucous cheers from the Trumpists.

    • Pretty mild compared to the BLM/Antifa gauntlet Republicans had to walk through in DC a few months ago.

  29. Just A Citizen says:
  30. Capital security has totally failed. Protestors are in the Capital building.

  31. Holy shit….

    Pro-Trump protesters are trying to break into the Capitol.

    VP evacuated.

    Everyone else being evaculated.

    Tear gas in the hallways.

    Reports of shots being fired into the camber.

    Emergency Alert just went off.. Cerfew in effect.

    National Guard called up.

    Frankly, I’m shocked that these protesters are still drawing breath.

    • I’m watching, I haven’t heard of any shots fired.

    • I don’t blame anyone for snapping. But I saw plenty of BOLO for Antifa to pose as Trump supporters and start destructing. Now, having seen some of the storm troopers, they don’t look like Trump supporters. All blacked out, younger males. I call bs until I hear otherwise.

      • But I saw plenty of BOLO for Antifa to pose as Trump supporters and start destructing.

        Right on queue… false flag claims without any support…

        Why is it that, when there’s violence by BLM and ANTIFA, it’s a sign that BLM and ANTIFA are violent. But when there’s violence by Trumpists, it’s a sign that BLM and ANTIA have infiltrated MAGA and are conducting a false flag exercise to make them look bad.

        • Im not saying it wasn’t Trump supporters. It may have been. And I don’t blame them. .Arrest them if you want to. But Trump supporters don’t normally go around storming things.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Weil using Democratic Party and MSM logic these rioters are obviously “left wing plants” put there to destroy the reputation of the MAGA group.

      • Yup.. that’s defense A.. false flag.

        Defense B will be that it never really happened – that no one really broke into the building or that there was never really any gunfire. Anyone “hurt” will just be a crisis actor. Any footage is staged propaganda. (see also: Sandy Hook)

        Honestly, I was expecting B before A, but well, that’s how it goes, I guess…

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I hope you understand I am not offering that as a defense but a condemnation of the Dems and MSM for using that ploy over ANTIFA riots.

          While the goings on in D.C. are wrong and I am in fact somewhat shocked by them, I see the connections between all the things that have transpired, for a long time not just 4 years, and what is happening. I see that those who will use this to their greatest advantage are complicit in causing it. Because they wrote the book. In some sense it was probably inevitable that the targets of the Alinksy strategy would start using it themselves someday..

          And before this is raised by you let me say that yes, Mr. Trump has a role in this. But it is not the ONLY role and certainly not the biggest. I doubt you will agree with me on that point but it is my view in historical context.

          • And before this is raised by you let me say that yes, Mr. Trump has a role in this. But it is not the ONLY role and certainly not the biggest.

            Appreciate that… and I’m not sure who I’d give the prize for “biggest role” if not Trump himself… but could we agree on “substantial role”?

            Just to get you on record… what would your thoughts be should Mr. Trump issue pardons to any of these rioters seditionists?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Well since they did not commit sedition your question is moot.

              Now if he pardon’s them for their crime of trespass, I would object. They did in fact trespass. And I don’t think we want to start a precedent of having people storming the Capital and then getting pardons. Because if Mr. Trump were to do this just imagine what it would look like under a Sanders or Warren White House.

  32. GOP lawmakers object to Arizona electors, launching futile bid to undo Biden’s victory


    This is one reason why people are fed up. WE all know it’s political theater going nowhere.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Here is what some are missing. When the objection is made there is supposed to be an argument made to justify the objection. Thus this is a means for getting the accusations/claims/objections made public that the media and State Govt./judges have ignored.

      So I do not think this is just theater. While certainly there is some aspect of that there is a legit reason for the process.

      Unfortunately it will now be drowned out by the coverage of the idiots who stormed the halls of Congress. The Federal Capital is NOT the Michigan State House. It is NOT OPEN to general admission upon demand.

      Now SHOULD IT BE? That is a legit question.

      • None of this should come as a surprise. Just think back at the last 4 years and the reasons are plenty. I still do not want violence, but I’m OK with with protesting and maybe these politicians need a little scare.

        • I still do not want violence, but I’m OK with with protesting and maybe these politicians need a little scare.

          Well, now…..

          Look, I’m going to be very careful here about what I say and how I say it… violence and threats of violence against lawmakers is wrong and I condemn it whether by the left, right, or center. But instilling in those in the Halls of Power a modicum of healthy fear for The People.. and reminding them that they are outnumbered and surrounded at all times… that they are never truly beyond our reach…. well…. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

            How unusual that those same people have taken every measure over time to make such tension less likely to directly affect them. The House Chamber was and remains “The People’s House”.

            The difference is that back when it was actually accessible to The People. Now we use “security” as an excuse to “Control The People’s” access.

            • The House Chamber was and remains “The People’s House”.

              I thought the “People’s House” was the White House… no?

              How unusual that those same people have taken every measure over time to make such tension less likely to directly affect them.

              Now we use “security” as an excuse to “Control The People’s” access.

              Physical access to the chamber is not the issue anymore in 2021. It may once have been true that you needed to be in physical proximity to “make your voice heard,” but these days we have itnernet and phones.

              No, the problem is that they feel safely ABOVE us, outside and BEYOND our reach. Yes, physical in the sense of they have security and space.. but also electorally in terms of gerrymandered “safe” districts other ploys to destroy our ability to hold them accountable for their malfeasance.

              They no longer fear us.

              And so they abuse us with impunity.

              They do not serve us, because we are not their masters. Only the monied interests and the power brokers command their respect.

              For this reason, again, while I will condemn the violence… I do not mind congress being reminded that they should fear The People.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                The term The People’s House was used way back when to describe the House of Representatives. You are correct in that this term was also applied to the White House once it was completed and occupied.

                So much so that The People could just walk in and ask to see someone. And sometimes even POTUS would step out to greet folks or invite them to dinner.

                One correction. I am not sure that even the monied interests hold their “respect”. I have met many who respect nobody but themselves. They truly do believe they are ABOVE us all. So much so the word arrogant is not strong enough to describe them.

          • But instilling in those in the Halls of Power a modicum of healthy fear for The People.. and reminding them that they are outnumbered and surrounded at all times… that they are never truly beyond our reach…. well…. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

            Ok, where is the real Mathius and what have you done with him.

  33. Would someone tell me the difference between Democratic led Antifa vs Republican led breach of the Senate chambers? Is there any difference? Both are mob mentality and both are wrong………now, the media portrayed Antifa as a peaceful rally of “the people” and the Dems backed it……………so how long before the media takes the Trump supporters as treasonous and…..wait a minute….Mathius did use the term sedition. So, the rules are different. I can see that.

    • A riot is a riot.

      A riot that involves breaking into the capitol building is a slightly different matter, no?


      But, since I’ve got you here.. two questions:
      A) how is it that anyone made it inside of the building without turning into swiss cheese?
      B) what do you think would have happened if those people had managed to get into the chamber with the congressmen? (yes, your opinion)

      • Answer to question A……no one is going to shoot. There is no reason to shoot. I want to hear the reason for the one person being shot. Admittedly, I am not watching it anymore on TV because I have been switching channels and I get a different answer and I turned off Biden going on TV saying that our democracy is under assault. He is so full of bullshit, I cannot stomach him any longer.

        Answer to question B……nothing.


        A riot that involves breaking into the capitol building is a slightly different matter, no?

        If it was a riot, perhaps I would agree with you. If Portland was not a riot but a protest, then this is a protest…I used the word riot but since protest seems to be the doctrine now….I will stick with that. So, no, just because it was a capitol building…..a building is a building whether it is a pizza hut or the capitol.

    • Hmmm…I wonder. Was the Trump rally infiltrated?

  34. Hey, speaking of on-brand for SEDITION, take a careful look at the below photo and tell me if you see what I see…


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yeeee Haw.

      Took over 100 years but finally took the Capital. Now we can sue for Peace with Mr. Lincoln.

    • JAC, problem is…it was a Battle Flag…not the Confederate flag. There is a difference. However, I see the battle flag that flew over 7 of the 13 states……I am sure that is what Mathius was talking about unless it is the weirdo in some sort of fur covering with a painted face…..but no guns drawn and no violence in the picture……

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Milktoast is ranting against his fellow R’s objecting to electors. This “threatens our democratic Republic” he says.

    Did he say the same thing the last three times this happened? You know, when the D’s did the objecting? Did you condemn Senator Barbara Boxer for her OBJECTING to electors?

    Didn’t think so.

  36. Basement Biden talking about todays fun events. He was silent this summer until the polls changed, what a F-ing coward.

    • Don’t know what to tell you… the news has pipes into the “official” database, of course, but it is not, itself, official. There have been plenty of cases where they’ve messed up in just this kind of way.

      That said, investigate away, and if this fraud, I want him to win, the senate to flip red, two years of absolute gridlock, and for everyone involved in the fraud to go to jail for a long, long time.

  37. I’m really surprised, that everyone seems surprised. And Matt this is whats responsible, for the mostly peaceful protests, that are happening today.


  38. ALPHARETTA, GA—After learning the results of Tuesday’s Georgia Senatorial run-off elections, voter Nathan Sherman was quick to express his excitement.

    “As a lifelong Georgian, one thing I know for sure is how closely Georgians’ beliefs align with those of the typical California media mogul or entertainment industry insider,” said Sherman, 42, a part-time landscaper for Alpharetta Peach Grove and deacon at North Alpharetta First Baptist.

    “I mean, seriously, if anybody’s got their finger on the pulse of what’s good for Georgia, it’s Mark Ruffalo and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.”

    Numerous politically-active celebrities from California contributed money and time to the two Democratic candidates, which many believe made the difference in tightly-contested races. According to Sherman, that stamp of approval is exactly what the Peach State needs.

    “You just look at how great things are going in California politics, and you think, ‘Man, how can I get some of that in my hometown?’” Sherman went on. “From encouraging small business to wildfire management to keeping people from pooping in the street, those folks really know what they’re doing.”

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Take some of the accusations against Dems with a grain of salt. But the primary point about the elections and need for some serious reforms is valid. Especially the procedures for challenging legal vs illegal votes or totals.


    And…………. mail in voting should be ELIMINATED.

    • They could not have won anything without mail in voting. And with no signature verification, that alone should disqualify ballots. What a sham on drop boxes and mail in votes. The Texas model seemed to work well. One supervised drop box per county and absentee ballots with signature verification seemed to work well.

  40. One of the things I heard today is that they already have a batch of ballots loaded on the machines. When they reach 90+% of the count, they then start inserting these ballots assigning them to registered voters who did not vote. This is why the votes continue to go up at 99% but the 99% stays constant. The denominator is changing along with the numerator. This explains a concern I had in Nov. that several states were over 90% counted but continued counting and in the that last 10% found enough votes to flip the election.

  41. Wonder if we have standing yet?

  42. Unarmed woman killed. Don’t expect any riots, she was a conservative white woman.

  43. Woman shot dead after armed Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as lawmakers gathered to certify Biden’s win


    I did not see a single armed protestor. More liberal lies.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Lefty hacks scream for Mr. Trump to call for end of violence, Mr. Trump gets on the Twitter to post video saying STOP, go home and be at peace. TWITTER suspends his account for 12 hours.

    Got that folks???? A private company that operates under protection of the Govt. has decided to CENSOR the President of the United States. Guess they couldn’t let any evidence of him calling for people to stop the craziness get out there, while others on Twitter accuse him of causing the problem.

  45. I posted a new thread.

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