The Purge Is ON


  1. Time for a new thread.

    • He told us already.

      He specifically said that the military would not support a coup. He said it over and over again with, I felt, a bit more confidence than was warranted. But, it seems, he has been borne out.

      • There was no coup attempt. That is hyperbole. Why the statement? It is not necessary and looks like political interference.

        • There was no coup attempt. That is hyperbole.

          Seems the Joint Chiefs disagree.

          Seems they think it was “sedition and insurrection.”

          Why the statement?

          Maybe because a not-insignificant number of Red Shirts are harboring fantasies about storming DC and the various statehouses on inauguration day and were thinking that the military might either side with them or stand aside and, you know, let the “patriots” do what they have to do.

          To be sure, a minority within a minority… but still… enough to take seriously.

          It is not necessary

          Says you.

          To those who might be thinking that it’s 1776, letting them know plainly that the folks with the keys to the tanks aren’t on their side sends a very clear “don’t try anything stupid” message.

          Better to avoid Civil War 2.0 (however brief and one-sided) than have it out again.

          and looks like political interference.

          Interference with… what, exactly?


          Adding, I note that Space Force gets to sign, but not the Coast Guard.. maybe you’ll have allies there?


          Adding, why does Space Force have a “general”… Surely “admiral” sounds fitting, no?

          • Seems they think it was “sedition and insurrection.” Incorrect.

            Maybe because a not-insignificant number of Red Shirts are harboring fantasies about storming DC and the various statehouses on inauguration day and were thinking that the military might either side with them or stand aside and, you know, let the “patriots” do what they have to do. Not even close

            To those who might be thinking that it’s 1776, letting them know plainly that the folks with the keys to the tanks aren’t on their side sends a very clear “don’t try anything stupid” message. The message to the left was very clear as well…the same holds for you.

            Adding, why does Space Force have a “general”… Surely “admiral” sounds fitting, no? Space force will be made up of infantry, primarily. Think Star Ship Troopers.

      • But, it seems, he has been borne out. SEEMS?? SEEMS?? Sigh. I told you it would not happen and it did not. End of sentence……seems………….you are still holding out that there is a rebel faction, aren’t you?

        I am telling you…….I do not like the administration that is coming in. I think they will be bad for the world and the USA in particular. I do not think a single one of them knows what Patriotism is or what it means…….but Biden will be the Commander in Chief. End of sentence again.

        The military will follow his policies as long as they are legal….just like we did with Trump, Obama……..all the waaaaay back. But…..the joint chiefs letter…was to both parties. It was a warning.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          In my opinion it was a bad statement. A warning that did not need to be given.

          A siimple…………. WE DON’T GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS would have sufficed.

          Then quietly deal with any soldiers actually conspiring to do something beyond marching in the street.

          To me the Joint Chiefs did not threaten everyone exactly. The took sides with STUPID.

    • Awwww…T Ray……..did you read it very carefully. What the statement said is true. It has nothing to do with Trump at all. This statement is also defusing the leftist rhetoric about the Military Services being used to over throw Biden. The military is totally ambivalent to the whom is in the office….we are sworn, as officers, to protect the Constitution. This is what the statement said. It should be calming and not alerting. The statement did not say anything about Trump or the rally…it simply stated that the actions in the Capitol were not consistent with the Constitution…and they were not. The military knows that it was not a Trump orchestrated issue. The Military knows who started it and why. But it is incumbent upon the Joint Chiefs to put the public at ease because there was a faction of the left that thought the military would take sides.

      • If the military were involved, Trump would be president and the Congress purged and it would have happened in the period of one hour. There was not even a hint of military involvement but as I said, we know all about it. I have received three briefings in as many days.

    • Yes, it looks like McCarthyism once again, doesn’t it? But it fits the leftist mantra…….just wait. They do not even understand what has been released…..the Kracken does not stand a chance with what is about to happen with censorship,,,,,,,,and I will go on record, this is STATE sponsored censorship. We, in the military, know this as well.

      • And using my best Monster’s University voice… “We are watching. We are always watching.”

        • If I wanted to protest on the 20th, I would form a group and get as close to the podium as possible for the swearing in. No Trump signs or other indicators of support. I might have a Trump hat hidden in my pocket. When the Chief Justice ask Biden to place his hand on the Bible, that would be signal to do an about face. When the swearing is over, pull out the hats, form ranks and march out in total silence.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        McCarthyism is a broad paint brush to condemn the Republicans. McCarthy was but a brief couple years in which I believe only one was ever CHARGED with a crime. Alger Hiss, and that was for lying to Congress.

        The HUAC started under Wilson with the Democrats in control of the House. In the 30’s the Republicans held the leadership for only one term. The rest of the time, until the HUAC was put to rest in the 1970’s was UNDER Democrat control.

        Classic case of misdirection like the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts in ’64. It was the Republicans who pushed the Acts through NOT the Democrats. The longest filibuster in history, I believe, was by the Democrats fighting the Bill’s

        • HUAC was the House. McCarthy was in the Senate.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Besides, McCarthy was vindicated in the long run. Almost everyone he identified as connected to the Soviets turned out to be in fact connected to the Soviets.,

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I know. It was started under Wilson looking for subversives and un american activity. They destroyed more people. The R’s only held the chairmanships in either the house or Senate briefly.

            As JAC said McCarthy was vindicated quietly when the records of the hearing were declassified in the 90’s. He and the committee were correct. The people investigated were just quietly retired

  2. The government of Uganda has disabled Twitter within its borders for election interference, days after oligarch Jack Dorsey took initiative to suspend accounts supportive of President Yoweri Museveni.

    President Museveni is known as a devout Christian, and has been the target of animosity from western governments and global corporations his his staunch opposition to homosexualism. Uganda’s election is scheduled for Thursday, and the state has suspended Facebook and Twitter’s services for systemic bias against his National Resistance Movement.

  3. U.S.—Media outlets from coast to coast praised President Trump today after he accepted the results of the 2020 election in a relatively timely fashion. Even CNN pointed out that it took Trump way less time to accept the results than it has two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    “You’ve got to give Trump credit here,” said Chris Cuomo during a segment of his popular show on CNN last night. “Sure, he might be literally the worst president we’ve ever seen, but at least he’s willing to accept a democratic election…UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.”

    CNN then cut to an interview from last week in which Hillary Clinton once again claimed that the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians.

    “It’s amazing that she still hasn’t accepted the results,” Donald Trump said in a blurry video he put out on Twitter. “I DID! I accepted the results today! That’s because I’m a winner. Even when I lose I’m a winner. And let me tell you this: this election was sto—”

    But the video ended abruptly as someone from offscreen grabbed the camera and turned it off.

    Nearly every major news network has praised the president for his acceptance of the 2020 election, which happened much quicker than it did when Hillary Clinton lost. MSNBC, however, said they will only give the president credit for accepting the results once he admits that the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians.

  4. WILMINGTON, DE—President-elect Joe Biden gave a press briefing from the basement of his Wilmington mansion announcing that his incoming administration will be utilizing an innovative skin color chart to determine who is the priority in receiving their share of the $900 billion federal coronavirus aid package recently passed by Congress.

    “Our priority will be black, Latino, Asian, and Native American-owned small businesses, women-owned businesses,” Biden informed the nation. “We are sending out a new color chart to all agencies involved to make sure there is no malarkey with white males and those with melanin deficiencies cutting in from where we are placing them at the back of the line.”

    Experts praised the administration’s new color chart as being very unambiguous, black-and-white even, on who the government was going to help and not help.

    “This is a real progressive reform in the way a government receives money from some people to help certain other people based entirely on melanin,” said Kristen Clarke, Biden’s nominee to lead the Department Of Justice and all-around expert in genetics. “Melanin endows black people with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities, so it is only right that they get government aid first.”

    At publishing time, Biden was seen sniffing people while trying the new skin color chart to see if people smell better or worse based on melanin too.

  5. One of the “Trump supporters” who was spotted at the Capitol on Jan. 6 turned out to not actually be a Trump supporter at all, but rather a radical left-wing activist who was there to frame the president and his supporters.

    John Sullivan was seen in a photo wearing a “President Trump 2020: Keep America Great” hat in the hallway of a hotel, which was enough “proof” for the mainstream media to declare him a Trump supporter. As it turns out, however, Sullivan is the founder of a far-left domestic terrorist group known as Insurgence USA.

    Sullivan also just so happened to be present at the time Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was shot to death by police inside the Capitol building. Sullivan actually filmed the shooting as it happened.

    Just before the “siege,” Sullivan snapped the photo of himself wearing the Trump hat along with the caption: “counter-intel.” In other words, Sullivan admitted before the incident that he was planning to pose as a Trump supporter to fulfill the false flag narrative that Trump supporters committed “insurrection” against our nation.

    • yep. Millenial Millie was all over this. She posted video of him on the streets of DC that night as he walked out of wherever he was being held. She has video of him on the phone saying he was not being charged. I went and checked his Twitter feed and saw video of him inciting violence at a different march saying f Trump. We gon burn this mf down. But I went back to his feed another time and those videos had been scrubbed. Along with the videos Millie showed, or maybe it was on a Gateway Pundit article, was a video of an Asian photographer…Japanese I think…she was disecting the video of Ashli Babbitt being shot. That video clearly showed a person who was breaking windows where the girl was shot, then blending into the crow…but he was captured on video just a few stairs down changing clothes. Sullivan was right there too.

      • His Twitter feed moniker or address, whatever its called, is @activistJohn

      • Anita….what is done is done…I am telling you, that the Military knows what went down and the Military knows that it was not a Trump rally and the Military knows who was bused where and when they arrived. So does the CIA and sod does the FBI…..but unlike the CIA and the FBI, we are not law enforcement. We are the muscle in the event of insurrection and attack on the homeland……the military knows there was no insurrection but the media hype has been so strong that a public policy was necessary to ease the public and let the left know….we are not fooled.

    • Yes, we have received our briefings already….the military knows who was there and the level of participation.

  6. Colonel,

    Seriously however, I can get you any weapon you want here.

    I would like to purchase a GAU-8, please.

  7. the Defense Department has authorized as many as 15,000 National Guard members to be deployed to D.C. leading up to next Wednesday’s inauguration.

    Translated: fuck around and find out.

    • All for nothing. There is no planned protests for the 20th. Anything that may have been planned is cancelled. As the song goes, “we won’t be fooled again”.

    • This is boggus…the DOD cannot call out the guard.

    • In a development seeming to contradict with claims of imminent armed marches on state capitols, the special agent in charge of the FBI Boston office revealed that the agency had no reason to believe a threat of criminal activity was at hand in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

      “We are currently not in receipt of any credible information regarding violent activity in or around the capitol buildings, or anywhere else for that matter, connected to the events of Jan. 6 or the upcoming inauguration,” said Special Agent in Charge Joseph R. Bonavolonta.

      Armed protests occasionally happen- almost always peacefully- in states with pro-Second Amendment gun laws. But it’s all but impossible to imagine states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York legally allowing armed protests, with open carry being all but outright illegal.

      Some protests supposedly planned at state capitols are being organized by individuals affiliated with “Boogaloo” subculture, a juvenile anarchist movement that largely opposes President Trump, let alone supports election protests. Thin sourcing for the legitimacy of these events seems to rely on little more than amateuristic online fliers, as opposed to real organization and permit processing usually required for protest events at sensitive areas such as state capitols.

      Somebody’s pretty much lying, whether it’s corporate journos trying to incite an American Reichstag Fire event or FBI personnel making fantastical predictions.

    • I’m actually hoping that there are charges filed against Rudy, Trump and Trump Jr. Discovery should be chilling.

  8. Maybe you people can help me wrap my head around something.

    When it comes to Trump and allegations of inciting riots or whatever, I am not allowed to consider what I think he meant or intended. As he never said “storm the capitol” and as he did actually say the words “be peaceful,” you all would have me conclude that he was incontrovertibly innocent of such charges (baring future contravening evidence). After all, if he never gave the instruction, it’s not his fault if loyalists took it upon themselves to do so on his behalf.

    Fair enough.

    Fine. Okay, let’s roll with that.

    But, then, we have things like this (and 100 other examples I could post). And here I am not allowed to consider the plain text meaning of the words or the writing. Here, I have to take it as humor or a joke. But certainly, not as an indication of premeditated insurrection. Here, people would have me read intent into the words he’s chose to decorate himself with. Here, people would say, “yes, it says civil war, but it’s clearly a not meant to be taken literally – after all, who would actually wear a “civil war” shirt when starting a civil war?

    And that’s fair enough, too.

    But taken together, this strikes me as an inconsistent standard.

    Now, I know, I know, I know… people are going to claim this guy is a one-off idiot or an Anita (hehe) plant, or some other extenuating excuse, but I think we all know there were plenty of people in the crowd saying things like “this is 1776” and “we’re going to storm the capitol […] heads on pikes” and/or wearing attire along the lines of the above link. They can’t all be one-off idiots and Antifa agitators.

    So, I guess, my question here is: what gives?

    If we accept words as having stated meanings (denotation) then people such as the above link must surely have staged a premeditated insurrection / sedition / attempted-coup.

    If we accept words as having implied meanings (connotation) then we should be able to reasonably assert that Trump did, in fact, incite these people.

    I don’t think you can have it both ways.

    So, again, my question here is: what gives?

    • Mathius, nobody is going to be able to answer those questions to your satisfaction because we do not know the individuals and are not mind readers and frankly, as magnificent as you are, neither are you.

      • But isn’t that an unreasonable standard?

        When I’ve posted Trumps words here before and tried to pick them apart, the pushback I’ve gotten (many times) is that what matters is what he means, not the words themselves.

        I tried ad nauseam to get people to admit to his lies, and I got things like “he’s a salesman” and “you can’t take him literally like that.” And accusations that I was being disingenuous to insist on trying to take him at face value.

        But then, when I try to read him non-literally, to try to read what I think he meant, I get pushback that I have to look at what he actually literally said. He never specifically literally actually “said those words.” So I am accused, again, of bias.

        When I try to reconcile this, I get JAC saying you need to apply common sense.

        But why does HIS (or your or gman’s or anyone else’s) common sense get to decide the “right” answer for what “common sense” means in this context?

        Why can’t I be right sometimes?

        It sure seems to me that y’all would have me take him (and his base) literally when it suits you and figuratively when it suits you and if I don’t agree, then I’m just biased.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Confused you are and sophistry you create.

          You are spinning in circles grasping at straws and then trying to condemn the world because you have gone mad.

          If you started from a point, that most people do before they got all butt hurt over the last couple election, you wouldn’t have such a problem. That is you take what people say and place it in the context of what they are trying to do or say. You try to understand a little so your understanding of them and their words is more accurate.

          But you did not do that. Instead you started out years ago with picking…….nay……..nitpicking words here and there. Just like the horseshit claiming that Mr. Trump was denigrating all Mexicans and was racist for his comments about who Mexico was dumping at the borders. Right from the start.

          You confuse admitting lies with explaining lies. Again and again you play this card in an effort to call out hypocrisy, or a double standard.

          Your arguments are mostly flawed by the erroneous premises you start with. NOT ALL, but mostly.

          You denigrate Mr. Trump’s ability to speak. Then you want to pick at his speech to reach conclusions about his intent that is nothing but your opinion. Yet you cannot point to actual facts supporting that opinion. Frankly, it comes from the influence on you by those “other” folks you seem to listen to.

          But this can all be summed up with “use some common sense”.

          When a double standard is at play it deserves to be called out. However, you far to often twist yourself in knots tying to prove it when sometimes it is just not the same. For a guy who claims there is no black and white I find it funny how often you try to make it so.

        • Confused you are and sophistry you create.

          I read this in a Yoda voice.

          You are spinning in circles grasping at straws and then trying to condemn the world because you have gone mad.

          I can’t “go mad” if I’ve never been sane to begin with.

          But that doesn’t change anything. You can’t have it both ways.

          That is you take what people say and place it in the context of what they are trying to do or say.

          That is PRECISELY what I am trying to do.

          I am looking at what Trump has said and done, and trying to view it holistically, IN CONTEXT.

          And I am reaching the conclusion that he very, very much wanted this (or something akin to this) to happen and took active steps to assemble a powder keg while denying that he actually lit the match.

          That is what I am seeing… in context… and the pushback I have received is that he never actually said the words “storm the capitol” and that he did say “be peaceful,” which are both true, but far too myopic. They explicitly are devoid of context.

          You denigrate Mr. Trump’s ability to speak. Then you want to pick at his speech to reach conclusions about his intent that is nothing but your opinion. Yet you cannot point to actual facts supporting that opinion. Frankly, it comes from the influence on you by those “other” folks you seem to listen to.

          He certainly cannot talk for shit and has a terrible case of foot-in-mouth disease, that’s true.

          But he said SAYS things. And makes promises and claims that exist independent of his 5th-grade vocabulary and concussed syntax.

          Yes, I will freely admit to mocking his horrific and pathetic command of the English language.

          But I have also called out – attempted to, anyway – that he is a fucking liar.

          And every time I do, it’s like trying to nail jello to the wall to get anyone to admit that his words have meaning.

          But now that it is expedient to insist on explicit word-choice, NOW the only thing that matters is what he actually says.

          But this can all be summed up with “use some common sense”.

          I – AM – damnit.

          He put together a fucking powder keg, whipped his base into hysteria, marched them on the capitol in a frenzy to “stop the steal,” and now he (and you and everyone else here except Anita, apparently) would have me believe that his hands are clean because he didn’t say the exact words that constitute lighting the match.

          Fuck that.

          “All I did was say that Jews were evil and that they poisoned the wells and that they stole your wealth and hoard gold and anger god and bring about plague and eat Christian children and killed our savior and are responsible for all the ills of society.. what, whoa! Hey! I never said to have a pogrom! That’s totally all on you!”

          It’s just like how, with obstruction, somehow, he could only obstruct if he actually said, word-for-word what he wanted, yet calling Comey in for a private meeting and saying “I hope you can let this go” doesn’t qualify. Why? Because I’m looking at context. Context, god-fucking-damnit, says that he was trying to kill the investigation into Flynn. But because he didn’t actually “order” it with explicit words, somehow he’s pure as the driven snow. Right.

          You would – NEVER – have given Clinton a pass on something like that. And when, inevitably, Biden does something wrong, you won’t give him a pass either. You will look at what he intends and the pressure he is exerting and the implied meaning of his words, and you will read it – correctly – like a mobster who doesn’t have to say “go kill that guy” to order a hit. But if Trump were a mafia don and you were on his jury, apparently, nothing short of “go kill that guy” would secure a conviction. And even then, you’d probably find a way to believe that he was “just joking.”

          When a double standard is at play it deserves to be called out.

          I AM calling it out.

          There is a double-standard at play here on SUFA.

          Trump is given every possible benefit of every possible doubt, regardless of how tenuous or inconsistent and contorted the logic required to support it. And he has gotten this for years.

          I am not innocent of being on the other side of that, I freely admit. But SUFA’s bias is naked. You ask me to see my bias, and I do. I have one. I think Trump is a piece of shit and that colors my view of him and everything he does no matter how hard I work to resist the natural filter of this bias. Do you not see your own bias?

          However, you far to often twist yourself in knots tying to prove it when sometimes it is just not the same.

          I am guilty as charged.

          I do sometimes do this.

          AND SO DO YOU.

          Do you not see that?

          For a guy who claims there is no black and white I find it funny how often you try to make it so.

          I do not claim this to be black and white.

          Nor, by the way, do I claim there is “no” black and white. Just less than others here think.

          But my view – in context – of what he has done for the last two months is to deliberately stack kindling in hopes of a fire and I’ll be damned if I’m going to accept SUFA’s oh-so-convenient pretense that I can only consider his literal words when considering his role in events that transpired – especially after years of insisting that I should not listen to his words, but his meaning.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My BIAS is first to the truth which leads me to Freedom, Liberty and Justice.

            So YES, I see my bias.

            Because the Democratic Party has decided to wrap its arms around the very enemies of our Republic I have a slight BIAS against them. Sorry for that.

            Because I witnessed an outright attempt to destroy a duly elected president by the Democratic Party, Never Trumpers, members of our own Govt and the media, I have a slight BIAS against them. Sorry for that as well.

            In fact the word COUP more aptly fits what they CONSPIRED to do than anything that has happened since November.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            You say you are looking at context in each of your examples. I DO NOT SEE YOU LOOKING AT CONTEXT. I SEE YOU NITPICKING base on your dislike of the man.


            Per you the guy is a moron, not capable of chess let alone 3 D chess. Yet he is a Mafia Don so clever as to move millions of people to do his bidding without them every knowing it.

            Maybe part of the problem here is your connection to the left who created this whole science of “dog whistles” in an effort to denigrate their opponents. Because much of what you claim you see in “context” sure looks like claims of “dog whistles” to me.

            • Per you the guy is a moron, not capable of chess let alone 3 D chess

              I have said – many times – that Trump is a man with certain areas of significant genius such as self-promotion and salesmanship. By all accounts, he is also very funny and charismatic in person.

              But I would give up all the gold I own to watch a video of him trying to figure out how to assemble an Ikea dining set.

              “Smart” and “moron” are not such simple things… not so “black and white.” Do I think he is – over all a moron? Yes. Yes I do. And I have called him a moron and I will continue to do so. But that does not mean he is incapable of feats of intelligence.. of significant intelligence.. nor that he isn’t surrounded by enablers who are capable of accomplishing feats of intelligence on his behalf.

              So, no, I do not think he can play checkers, let alone chess, let alone 3D chess, let alone 12th dimensional chess. But, maybe, if we’re going to use this analogy, he is, somehow and despite this, a world-class grandmaster at backgammon.

              Yet he is a Mafia Don so clever as to move millions of people to do his bidding without them every knowing it.

              So, yes. He has charisma and salesmanship. And there has always been a certain type of people who are happy to accept a charismatic demagogic leader and simplistic faith-based solutions and xenophobic fearmongering and and and and.. .and he knows very well – perhaps more than anyone else alive – how to manipulate these people.

              And, again, he has enablers who will help him with his weaknesses. And those who would help prop him up to ride his coat tails. And and and and and..

              Just because he’s generally stupid doesn’t make him stupid at manipulating people.


              What I WANT to see is a functioning democracy.

              Maybe part of the problem here is your connection to the left who created this whole science of “dog whistles” in an effort to denigrate their opponents.


              Maybe part of the problem is your adamant insistence on burying your head in the sand and pretending they don’t exist.

              Because much of what you claim you see in “context” sure looks like claims of “dog whistles” to me.

              It seems… to me… that you reject context you don’t want to see and then simply imagine it to be fantasy dog whistles rather than an actual thing.

              If a mafia don comes to his lieutenant and says to him “that guy’s a rat… I need you to… take care of him,” he just gave an order to kill the guy. Why? Because context. I think you’d agree on that. You don’t need him to say “go shoot Bob.” But when it’s “your guy,” you suddenly go deaf, dumb, and blind to anything that confers negative context. “What? He wants him to take care of the guy, maybe buy him ice cream, help him get is GED, find a new career path.. you know, ‘take care of him’.. I mean, he didn’t say to kill him. Mathius is so biased.. he’s just hearing what he wants to hear because he hates the mob.”

              • Just A Citizen says:


                WRONG: “If a mafia don comes to his lieutenant and says to him “that guy’s a rat… I need you to… take care of him,” he just gave an order to kill the guy. Why? Because context. I think you’d agree on that. You don’t need him to say “go shoot Bob.” But when it’s “your guy,” you suddenly go deaf, dumb, and blind to anything that confers negative context. “”

                Good example of false equivalency, not moral but factual. One is a Mafia Don. The Mafia has a certain behavior which is understood among its members. That is the Mafia context.

                But then you jump the shark and claim I am blind because I do not assign the same “understanding” or “context” to someone who is NOT a Mafia Don, nor has ever displayed the characteristics of a Mafia Don.

                This Sir is a LOGICAL FALLACY.

                And for the record, I know this thing called “dog whistles” does exist. But I also know that the left has used this for years to SMEAR people on the Red Team or anyone they deem opposition. I believe that the actual use of dog whistles, as yo call them, is far less than you and others claim.

              • A functioning democracy would have properly investigated this election for fraud.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            One more thing. You can consider what ever the hell you want and say what you want. SUFA has not yet succumb to the left wing censorship.

            But you need to acknowledge the difference between your “opinions” which are derived from “belief” as opposed to facts and legal standards.

            Now when are you going to call out Stacey Abrahams for inciting insurrection over her loss of the Governors race in Georgia?

            • Honestly, I never followed Stacy Abrams that closely since, you know, I don’t live in Georgia. If you would like to make the case that she incited insurrection, I’m all ears.

          • Funny you should use the Gen. Flynn case when it has been shown that Flynn was set up and persecuted by Comey and Mueller.

            • Even if that were true, does it change that Trump tried to interfere? No.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Comey said he did not try and interfere. He did not feel intimidated. Only later did he pull this goofy idea out that he thought it so strange he took notes when he got to the car.

                So why do you keep making this claim?

              • So you want the president to remain silent when injustice is afoot?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well all this requires is some commons sense. But since you don’t have that, OR simply refuse to use it there is little point in an more discussion.

      Nancy Pelosi was inciting violence and violation of our right to freedom of speech. She should be IMPEACED immediately.

    • That’s just my husband. Don’t mind him.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Got a great chuckle with that last night. Forgot to give you credit.

        So…… ROTFLMAO

    • Insurrection / sedition / attempted-coup are totally different than a Civil War. A coup to replace a government can be completely peaceful or can be very violent. It can be to remove a corrupt government or put someone else in power that is not in power. A Civil War will be fought over belief systems, whether religious, economic or otherwise and be far more deadly and damaging.

      We are much closer to Civil War than a govt overthrow.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Simple answer here. How many people were at the rally? How many people stormed the Capitol? If the former “stormed” the Capitol rather than the latter, Do you think there would be two bricks left standing on top of each other today?

      Then, according to WaPo and NYT, the “storming” time line took place while Trump was speaking but BEFORE he got to the “let’s walk over to teh Capitol part”.

      The “Stormers” were conducting an insurrection without weapons??????

      Where exactly did teh “intel about hostage taking and “hanging” Pence come from? Chapter and verse please.

      I have heard a lot more incendiary rhetoric come from Pelosi and Maxine Waters this year than from Trump. Do you NOT agree?

      Why the hell is Swalwell still in congress? Don’t ACTIONS have consequences.

      • If the FBI knew that an assault of the capitol was going to happen a week ahead, why were they not prepared? Who ordered the stand down? If individuals were using FB and twitter to organize, why do the FBI not have all their names and locations? Many in the building were taking videos. Are these legitimate press or other agitators posing as press? We know that one of the Antifa members was filming the shooting of Ms. Babbitt. How many at the scene of the shooting were Antifa? One guy in black was given a black helmet by another. The guy in black used the Helmet to break the window. After the shot, he skedaddled down the stairs, stopped at the bottom and changed clothes. Was he Antifa as well?

        Without credible answers to the many these questions, conspiracy theories will abound.

  9. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    In a country with as many guns as people, 330,000,000, nobody thinks to bring them to the “coup”?

    Where the hell were all these armed militias they have been scaring us with for the last three decades?

    Lastly the brilliant organizers of the “:coup” were not brought enough to follow Antifa’s lead and cover 90% of their faces for the insurrection.

  10. Hijacked

    The first 10 Republicans to lose the 2022 election have been announced

    • You better add Cruz to this list. He has lost my support (earlier), he has lost the military support of the Texas National Guard and Adjutant General.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        So what did Cruz do now that you and the vets find so egregious?

        I have one but curious whether this is a new complaint or just the one you have had since the 2016 elections.

  11. @JAC

    Watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. Good documentary and I know some people who have been hijacked.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      • I have one friend who has seriously hijacked. He lives in Ohio. I don’t hang out with folks who are heavy on social media, most don’t have any accounts. I have a Facebook acct that I don’t post on, but can text Birthday wishes. I do see some hijacking having occurred here, and was once a bit myself.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          So what did you think of the “solutions” proposed by the Geeks near the end?

          Spousal Unit Leader and I watched it together. After all that we laughed at the end when all the geniuses admit they won’t let their kids use Social Media. Her comment was, “they could have just shown that and saved us a lot of time”. It said it all.

          • I feel as though it’s an uncorrectable monster. There is only one thing to do with monsters. Eliminate them.

  12. American Thinker terminates comments.

  13. Oh Man…..I have just seen the text of Biden’s speech tonight………the rich are going to make a fortune….an absolute fortune.

    • Biden has to reverse the Trump tax cuts. So highly paid individuals in high tax states will have the SALT limitations lifted. This means they get a tax cut not an increase.

      • Interesting comment……..”the Dems are in a great position in Washington…..they can outsource their control through corporations and sit back and say..nothing we can do about it.”

        • Saw one like that yesterday too. The corporations are doing what the government cannot do, silence speech. Then they get rewarded with cabinet positions.

  14. Had to be in the car a lot the last couple days. So I turned on conservative radio. It barely worked, kept breaking up, crackling etc. All the other stations worked find.In all the years listening to conservative radio this has never happened.

    • Noticed that as well. I live less than a mile from a very busy airport so AM radio is hard to get in the car. I’m 12 miles from work. The closer I get to work, the better reception I get. Except these last couple weeks. Weak signal at all times. Nice to see you in the house V.

    • Sorry. I’ll turn off my jammer.

  15. Here you go Gman. Sullivan an FBI plant?

  16. Michigan has a long way to go. Corrupt governor, AG, and SoS. Two congressmen who voted to impeach. Spineless R’s in state congress as shown with the election hearings. And can’t forget Rashida! My rep! Now we have AG indicted and arraigned on charges former Gov Snyder (R) for the Flint water crisis. I’m not up to speed on Michigan politics, just does not interest me, and I really have no interest in trying to follow it now. But from the MSM reporting over the years, there is more than plenty of blame to go around for regarding Flint.

  17. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    With the barricades erected in DC and the thousands of troops, It would seem that after our recent “fair and honest” election, the politicians are afraid of the people. Not even in 1973, Nixon’s second inauguration, did this happen. It is going to look like some Latin American inauguration with “el Jefe” being sworn in while the rebels are gathering in the Sierra Madre.

    Somehow, I think Thomas Jefferson would have approved. 😉

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Reports today of several States doing the same thing.

      Who would have thought that a few dozen militants could have caused so much fear and withdrawl by the elected officials.

      Read several first hand accounts written by those in the Capitol about their FEAR for their lives. The melodrama and hyperbole is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

  18. Canine Weapon says:
    • It would be nice to claim the Trump finally got the Liberal media to condemn violent riots, but that is NOT the case. Considering how Leftist rioters were let go (in many, many cases, but not all) I’d be OK with the pardons, IF even one person who was in the Capital will not be charged.

      • I know you can’t see any difference between stealing a TV from Target and trying to overthrow Democracy to instill an undemocratic leader who lost the election. I cannot help you with that.

        But I will just say this: I find it absolutely delicious that after all these hundreds of seditionists are convicted of felonies, they’re nearly all going to lose their rights to bear arms. I cannot even tell you how much this warms my heart.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Here ya go……. example of another garbage law:

    18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    U.S. Code

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    Do you know how to identify garbage law? The Courts have to parse the meaning once it is applied. So you see, SCOTUS has declared that not all opposition nor calls for overthrow are sedition. Even if you openly say “Force is needed to get rid of the vermin in D.C.” Nope, that is protected speech.

    Seditious Conspiracy happens when you start “organizing for the purpose of using force”.

    Also note that the latter part of that law could be used against virtually anyone pushing their way through a police line during a “mostly peaceful demonstration”.

    Also note that the Bundy take over of the Malheur wildlife refuge building fits the description. Yet nobody was convicted of this crime. Yet the rancher, who was used to justify the takeover, was convicted for TERRORISM because he burned up some sagebrush.

    • Pretty overbroad if you ask me.

      That said, seems absolutely rock-solid that this was a seditious conspiracy, then.

      People had shirts made. People discussed it on forums beforehand. We had people who bought and brought zip-cuffs. We had that Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeting out that “today is 1776” and that Pelosi was on the move.

      If that doesn’t qualify as “two or more persons” “conspiring” to “to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States,” then I don’t know what is.

      Can this law be applied more broadly? Maybe. Probably. Should it be rewritten? Probably. Are these people still, legally, seditionists? Hell, yes, they are.

      And every last one of them should see the inside of a jail cell.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Sounds like BLM at least qualifies.

        • I could see it.

          As I say, overbroad, but sure… they’ve done some stuff that would probably qualify.

          I’ll push back only on your assertion that “BLM qualifies” rather than “some members of the BLM movement” qualify.

          Just as, I would never assert that MAGA is a seditious conspiracy – only that some subset within it (and possibly it’s Supreme Leader) are seditionists. I don’t even assert that everyone involved in the riot is a seditionist – many of them, I suspect, were just sort of “along for the ride” despite the presence of some people who were actually serious.

      • I have said this already, but after the 20th, I would like to see Trump charged with enciting a riot or some such thing. Because then we all get to see the discovery that gets laid out. I’m afraid the timelines don’t match up, much less the liberal medias bullshit.

        But, those who entered the Capital that day, ALL of them should face charges, period. Even those who conducted a faux coup and stayed in the velvet ropes. 😀

        • <b.Because then we all get to see the discovery that gets laid out.

          I, too, would love to see this discovery.

          Sadly most would never be made public and what was you couldn’t trust because it’s probably just a selective leak (from either camp) attempting to try the case in the court of public opinion.

          I’m afraid the timelines don’t match up, much less the liberal medias bullshit.

          Curious, Mr. Gman, is it your position that his (alleged) incitement to riot is limited exclusively to the speaches he gave on the 6th? Because I would argue that context would include everything from the last several months.

          If I may continue with my pogrom example, it’s not like the czar is only accountable for what he said on the day of the pogrom.. he spent a long time building up the resentment and demonizing the jews and riling the people up..

          If you’re going to look at “timelines,” as you should, it seems unreasonable to restrict yourself to just what he said that day, no? He had been talking about marching on the capitol and stop the steal and and and and and for quite some time. Recall that all those people had to take time off, book flights, book hotels, buy their Civil War 2.0 attire or soldier cosplay outfits, travel, get to the capitol… all that didn’t “just happen,” so there is clearly a “before” to consider here, no?

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Why, pray tell, do you insist on ignoring the 99.8 percent of people who attended who did not wear civil war, Revolutionary War, or Viking attire? There is something sadly disingenuous about that!

            Spoke to someone last night whos brother’s family attended. When they debarked from their car they had their Trump paraphernalia visible. When they returned they had four flat tires. Wonder how many that happened to?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Come on man, you can do much better than that. Your examples DO NOT RISE TO THE LEVEL OF CONSPIRACY. All of them are protected speech.

        The “conspiracy” if it exists will be found among those like the zip tie guy. Maybe his chubby friend as well. I am sure there are others. But then again the Govt. will have to PROVE an actual conspiracy.

        But that is not all. They will also have to PROVE that the conspiracy was to use “force” to overthrow the gov.t or STOP it from doing lawful govt. business.

        So you claim “some of the BLM” folks might be guilty but not all. Yet here you stand charging a woman who did not enter the building and a guy with a shirt, also not in the building, with the crime.

        When this is all said and done I expect Sedition charges may be brought against some folks. How many? I do not know. Who? I am expecting they will be “Militia” types. Maybe they will be “actual” Nazis even. These charges will be made primarily because of where they broke in, not what, how or why. They scared the Elite. The Elite want blood. They will get some because they demand it.

        Meanwhile, in Portland and other places the “mostly peaceful demonstrations” will continue, with the support of those same Elite.

        • The “conspiracy” if it exists will be found among those like the zip tie guy

          I would hold them to be definite seditionists.

          I would expect that a certain subset within the GOP political caste would, if we knew everything, certainly be included amongst them.

          Whether Trump, himself, should be considered a seditionist… honestly… I don’t think you could make that case. At least, not without more damning evidence. Whether he legally incited a riot.. honestly.. I don’t think you could make that case either. At least, not without more damning evidence.

          Whether he morally bears responsibility, whether he wantonly and recklessly “stacked kindling”.. I think that is a hard thing to refute, though I know you would.

          Whether this is an impeachable offense… well, I mean, anything is impeachable if the House impeaches you for it..

          People such as Rep. Lauren Boebert, seen in photos with multiple people who were later at the capitol riot, who called the event (beforehand) 1776 and, while hiding from the attack, publicly announced Pelosi’s movement (admittedly, in nonspecific terms)… I would be surprised to find that this was all just happenstance. Methinks she’s going to see the inside of a cell at some point or, at least, simply quietly resign and fade away.

          But then again the Govt. will have to PROVE an actual conspiracy.

          I suspect there’s plenty of “there” there. Two people didn’t “just so happen” to have zip cuffs and find themselves in the capitol.

          That just does not pass the sniff test.

          Some subset of these people planned in advance and conspired.

          How many? How serious were they? How capable were they? Who the hell knows. My gut says that there were a lot of “big talkers,” a fair number who would have been willing to go along with the hardcore serious folks, and a small core of actual hardcore serious folks.. but that the leadership and planning in this core was.. shall we say.. less than effective.

          But I think even you would agree that SOME of them did so conspire, however ineptly.

          So you claim “some of the BLM” folks might be guilty but not all.

          Well certainly not “all.”

          What does ::random old lady:: marching down the street have to do with the looters or rioters? If you were there in DC, just chilling in the middle of the crowd, never set foot in the capitol, never harmed anyone, broke anything, incited anything, stole anything… why would I think you were guilty?

          Almost the entire crowd in DC were guilty of nothing more than wanting the “right thing” for the country. (and being wrong 😛 )

          Likewise, almost the entire BLM movement is guilty of nothing more than believing that cops shouldn’t murder black people. (and being wrong.. in your opinion 😛 )

          Yet here you stand charging a woman who did not enter the building and a guy with a shirt, also not in the building, with the crime.

          I have charged them with nothing (also, I’m not sure which woman you’re referring to). I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy here that, on the one hand, you (the royal “you”) are insisting on “Trump didn’t say storm the capitol, so he’s innocent” and on the other hand, we have people who clearly were advocating for violence, and yet are also somehow innocent.. and it seems.. again, to me.. an inconsistent and self-serving standard.

          When this is all said and done I expect Sedition charges may be brought against some folks. How many? I do not know.


          But beyond this, I think there are two extra factors you’re aware of, but have neglect here (A) Blue Team is not going to miss the opportunity to score political points and make an even bigger circus of the failed coup attempt in order to paint the Republican party and Trump and select members of congress as disloyal to America. (B) A not insignificant number of people, myself included, do believe this was a failed coup attempt. How big, how serious, how likely to succeed, who conspired from on high and how… I have no idea. But a coup must be punished. It must be made an example of. It is an affront to Democracy and the country I love and to do anything short of beat it to death and charge everyone involved to the fullest extent of the law.. that just invites further coups.

          I know you don’t agree with my interpretation of (B), but to many of us, this was the Beer Hall Putsch and a (failed attempt at) burning of the Reichstag. If these people are not put down now and hard, they will be back. And next time, they will be better coordinated and more prepared and may succeed. (To be clear, I’m not calling them Nazis.. but I am drawing a comparison to the Nazi’s path to power.. although, yes, some of them actually are Nazis).

          Who? I am expecting they will be “Militia” types. Maybe they will be “actual” Nazis even.


          (A) Almost nobody has sympathy for Nazis, so they make good whipping boys.
          (B) Militias are the easiest to make the case of premeditation and conspiracy, etc. Joe-Bob might have just “gone with it,” but the self-styled “SUFA Milita” showing up in matching camo with encrypted walkie talkies and zip ties and laminated floor plans with all the access points marked off… well… that becomes a much easier case to make.

          These charges will be made primarily because of where they broke in, not what, how or why.

          You had me right up until the “why.”

          The “WHY” is vitally important, and I’m not sure why you persist in discounting this. They didn’t just barge in on a random Tuesday. They “stormed the capitol” to stop, prevent, or alter the outcome of the counting of the votes of the Electoral College. If they had succeeded, you bet your ass that Trump would be claiming he was now elected to a second term. And you bet your ass that half of SUFA would be nodding along.

          This wasn’t “I want a new TV so I’ll steal one.” This was “I want to decide who the next President is, so I’ll assault the capitol and force the government to do what I want.”

          Those really are very different things.

          (Mathius wonders what our dear long-long pirate friend is making of all this)

          They scared the Elite. The Elite want blood. They will get some because they demand it.


          Well.. this is true, too.

          The Elite do not like to feel threatened, and they will also work hard to send a message of deterrence.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I am not discounting the WHY. I am saying that the way our Govt. works, especially when threatened, the why will not matter. They will declare the why, and make every effort to make it stick.

            You are assigning motivations based on the visuals of what happened. ACTUAL motivations and intent are not yet known, at least to the public.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Did you know that advocating that We the People have a duty to overthrow tyranny of our own Govt is a crime in and of itself? You don’t even have to call for the overthrow. Just try to convince others that WE HAVE A DUTY to do so when needed.

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    I was becoming a bit of a fan of Dan Crenshaw. I am afraid he has busted his pick with me by declaring that “objecting to the EC votes” was “unconstitutional”. He has chastised Republican members of congress for doing nothing but grandstanding.

    Proving once again that we should never allow ourselves to feel attachments to anyone seeking political office. They should be viewed as “tools” and nothing else.


    • I am afraid he has busted his pick with me by declaring that “objecting to the EC votes” was “unconstitutional”.

      Well, I mean, this is just objectively wrong.

      He has chastised Republican members of congress for doing nothing but grandstanding.

      Well, I mean, it was doing nothing but grandstanding.

      Just political theater.

      But, I guess, to be fair, political theater or not, it’s not like they had any options that would have actually accomplished anything either. So it’s not like they chose show over substantive action… it’s just that action wasn’t an option (other than supporting a coup), so they did what they could.

      Proving once again that we should never allow ourselves to feel attachments to anyone seeking political office. They should be viewed as “tools” and nothing else.

      Holy mother of god… can we get banners made up of this comment and teach it to every child in every school between now and the end of time?

      Left, right, center, or in a tangent plane of reality, no one should ever feel anything warmer than leery distrust of any politician.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Actually they would have achieved something. Because you don’t just register and objection.

        You make an argument. The very first objection was followed by a list of alleged misdeeds in the election. The “arguments” are thus part of the record. Next up each house breaks out to discuss the accusations/allegations. Again making it possible to “vent” these in front of those who were simply denying their existence.

        So it really was not “just for show”.

        Where the error comes, among the Red Team, was thinking that this would actually result in overturning those votes without there being conflicting electors sent by the States. But Mr. Trump was also right in that the legislatures of a few States were making noise about pulling their certifications. I don’t think Congress was going to do anything about this, no matter what. Between the Dems and the hidden never Trumpers the books were cooked.

        • An honest Congress that was truly looking out for the welfare of the country would have appointed the commission to investigate the election complaints. Instead what we saw as simple power grab.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “no one should ever feel anything warmer than leery distrust of any politician.” Per docudrama on Rome last night.

        Marcus Aurelius talking to his son, soon to be Emperor, near the end. “When you are Emperor, they will come for you”. “Who” the son asks. “All of them” he replies. “You cannot trust anyone”.

        Nothing has changed that much in over 2 thousand years.

    • I don’t know about “unconstitutuonal”, but I mostly agree with him. The states are supposed to pick the electors and send them to be counted. Any problems with the election are state issues. It is for the people of Georgia and Pennsylvania to complain that their elections were fraudulent. I don’t like the idea of the federal government getting involved in how the states do things, not even when “my side” is in charge. Heaven forbid the democrats ever get the power to control how elections are run in the states.

      • It is for the people of Georgia and Pennsylvania to complain that their elections were fraudulent. HUZZAH!!!! It is also NOT NOT NOT a Federal Court issue either.

      • I totally agree. I live in PA, none too happy with stuff, BUT, it’s a State issue. Governor Wolf is not liked at all, he’ll be gone. In 2022, there will be no shenanigans in Philly or Erie or Pittsburgh, they blew their wad on this one. I can not express enough how mad people are around here. That’s why I am calling for a new political party. Time for them to go. They need to be extinct.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I respectfully disagree “in part”.

        Congress in effect has the responsibility to select POTUS and VPOTUS. They have worked with the States to devise this system wherein both have a role. Congress also has a role in approving of the State’s Congressional delegation.

        If a State runs a fraudulent election and their govt., including Court, supports it there has to be an avenue for appeal. That being the Fed. Courts. It should go directly to SCOTUS given the time crunch. But as of now it starts in the Dist. Courts.

        Just as with other laws we have that are primarily State governed. If the States violate more general rights or rules then the State is taken to Fed. Court.

        This is not the same as saying the Fed Govt. should establish the rules uniformly for the States. Which ironically is what many Democrats have called for in the past and now some Republicans are climbing on that bandwagon.

        The Federal Constitution governs the election of POTUS, VPOTUS, Senators and Representative. While it governs, it delegated the particulars of how or process to the States. But the States cannot devise a system or conduct its elections in violation of the Federal law/Constitution.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    More reference material on sedition, insurrection, treason, coup, etc.

  23. I want to ask a hypothetical question. How many riots from BLM, Antifa, NOW, etc. would we now be experiencing had Trump won? We had multiple anti-Trump riots on Jan. 20, 2017 and a women’s march the following day. The latter included calls for Trumps death.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    This is very interesting on several levels. First of which is the Name. Wonder if we could sue her PAC?

  25. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Had the democrats really thought they won fair and square, they would have had no objection on a state of federal level to investigating the allegations of voting fraud. Without said investigation a majority, I believe, of Americans will never accept Biden as legitimate. That, of course, includes people who like my late uncle had strong political views but NEVER voted. The two contemporaries of mine, extreme libertarians, who also NEVER vote were quick to tell me ….. “See, we told you so” after election day.

    Talking to son # 2 last night about the officer leading the mob up the stairs chasing him. I think I surprised him by saying he should have shot them all dead. The video makes it quite clear he ordered them to stop and they advanced on HIM. Clear and present danger of bodily harm if I ever saw it.

    Son also remarked as an Air Force guy how interesting it was that the two who died, cop and female protestor were both Air Force Security people and probably had crossed paths in their careers.

    • Agree. It is up to the state legislatures to run the elections. State courts can say what is not allowed (i.e. unfair practices) and can kick it back the legislature for correction. If both fail, then it is up to the federal courts to ensure that the rules are properly followed. Again they do not make the rules but must kick it back to the legislatures for correction. If that fails as in this case it is up to Congress to hear the grievances and rule. They have 2 options, the can invalidate electors from the offending states or kick it back the state legislatures for correction.

      The presidential election is the most important one we conduct in this country. We need to get it legally right AND morally right. If neither condition is satisfied, then the consent of the governed is not given.

  26. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The Declaration authorizes the right to alter or abolish the government when it becomes destructive of liberty. Winners of that contest, as in 1776 get to pick if they were right.

    Sedition I believe has been a no-no among liberal minded people from Washington to Wilson’s time. I suggest prosecutors stick to “riot” since I doubt sedition will go over well in the Supreme Court.

  27. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Will our resident legal expert comment on a post partum Impeachment trial?

    • It is an anecdote for the post partum depression that will afflict the MSM.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I will only offer that there are many law experts who say that the Senate has NO AUTHORITY to impeach POTUS once he is gone.

      Because the Constitution clearly states they have the power to convict the President. He will not be President, thus they have no power.

      I do believe that way back when, Congress impeached a Judge after he left office. If my memory is accurate then the D’s will use that as precedent.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        JAC….I believe you are correct. A person can be impeached that is not in office. This usually would be to stop them from ever gaining office in the future. Congress could have impeached Hillary for her detailed crime violating national security laws.

        There us a judge who was actual impeached and convicted. He ran and won at a later date and is still a judge. Cingress did not put into the impeachment or conviction that he was forbidden to hold public office again. I’m sure they will not forget onTrump. But why would he run again?

    • Will our resident legal expert comment on a post partum Impeachment trial?

      Will our resident legal expert comment on a post partum Impeachment trial?

      Pretty sure this is just pure theater.

      That said, while JAC may argue “I will only offer that there are many law experts who say that the Senate has NO AUTHORITY to impeach POTUS once he is gone,” I’m almost positive there is precedent for post hoc impeachement, albeit not of a President… but for the life of me, I have no idea what it can possibly mean.

      I’m also almost positive, additionally, that “cannot run again” is not an automatic consequence of being impeached – I am almost positive that it needs to be voted on by the Senate.

  28. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The next time someone tells you that the US is a white supremacist nation and there is white privilege, please ask them to EXPLAIN the following:

    In 1940, the population was 89.8 percent white, 9.8 percent black, and the rest counted as “other.” In 2010, the percentage of the white population dropped to 72.4 percent, African-Americans accounted for 12.6 percent, Hispanics or Latinos were 16.3 percent, and Asians made up 4.8 percent.

    Please note, this did not happen by itself. The United States allowed and encouraged the broader immigration to create diversity. Guess which race did that? Hint, it was not “other”.

  29. “The main difference between stupidity and intelligence is there is a limit to intelligence.”

  30. A question for the gaggle:

    ASSUMING that some subset within some subset of the riot were actually attempting to engage in a coup. ASSUMING that, with better luck, better coordination, better planning, they had succeeded in reaching congress. ASSUMING that they subsequently either killed the Democrats or forced them to count votes for Trump. ASSUMING that this coup then proclaimed the votes to have been officially counted and had Pence announce Trump’s victory.

    (yes, I know you don’t necessarily agree with any of that)

    But ASSUMING the foregoing: what do you think the response would have been from Trump and or the more fervent MAGA crowd? Would they insist on a Biden win or would they accept the outcome while paying lipservice to condemning the means?

    • Much like your Hollywood education of Mafia, nobody intended to engage in a coup. You really need to quite being so brainwashed by the liberal bullshit you are fed everyday.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I will cut to the chase. I DO NOT think Mr. Trump would have accepted the victory under those circumstances. I think those Americans who might accept it are a very small number.

      I think Mr. Trump would have ordered the Army to take back the Capitol and execute the perpetrators. Then because he made the order, the Democrats would have a cow and declare him a dictator.

      Mr. Trump does not benefit from the Cult of Personality that the Dems think. There may be some but even the most ardent Trump supporters I know also recognize his fallibility and have a LIMIT to his BS.

      • CORRECT!

      • The Colonel walks in with his rubber stamp on JAC’s comment I will cut to the chase. I DO NOT think Mr. Trump would have accepted the victory under those circumstances. I think those Americans who might accept it are a very small number. WHOMP!!!!!

        The Colonel continues….. I think Mr. Trump would have ordered the Army to take back the Capitol and execute the perpetrators No rubber stamp here……

        but even the most ardent Trump supporters I know also recognize his fallibility and have a LIMIT to his BS. WHOMP!!!!!

        Now to answer Sir Mathius directly…laying out all of his assumptions he put out there….

        what do you think the response would have been from Trump and or the more fervent MAGA crowd? Would they insist on a Biden win or would they accept the outcome while paying lip service to condemning the means? The Colonel, perusing the wording that Sir Mathius always tries to lay the trap……….notes that Mathius used the word “fervent”. This implies the far right crowd…..which is NOT the majority of the Trump followers….so substituting the word fervent for the average Trump follower…..then Would they insist on a Biden win or would they accept the outcome while paying lipservice to condemning the means? WHOMP!!!

        • OOOPS…that was a two part question….I amend the answer….. Would they insist on a Biden win WHOMP!!!!

          would they accept the outcome while paying lipservice to condemning the means? No WHOMP here…..the far right fervor group would accept this outcome but not the majority.

    • Because they are capitalists…..they know where the money is…..

    • Because Parler is a localized service. It has one hosting webservice and two main app outlets. Cut three cords and it dies.

      CP is far more underground. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to think about how you could catch and kill all the darknet activity, private forums, email chains, etc. There’s no simple algorithm that could be written to just find-and-kill all such photos / videos. There’s no one service you could shut down, no centralized hub.

      It really is apples and oranges. It’s like saying “how come the US military has no trouble sinking an enemy battleship, but has so much trouble with Al Queda terrorists”? Well… I mean, killing them’s the easy part – find them, and find them all is nearly impossible.

  31. hee hee hee……… Media watchdogs are shocked and appalled that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Congress is looking into media literacy initiatives, including a commission to help “rein in” misinformation in the wake of last week’s deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol – and one critic slammed AOC’s suggestion as “wholly un-American.”

    HEE HEE HEE……………. we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

    So, it is started.

  32. BLM activist John Sullivan has been arrested and charged for his actions on Jan 6.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Bet he did not see that comin.

      • Bet he didn’t.

        Fuck him.

        Should be interesting watching him try to hide behind 1A, though.

    • Sullivan was charged with unlawful entry, disorderly conduct, and attempted obstruction of law enforcement in last week’s incursion, according to the Justice Department.

  33. Instead of spending $2B on relief, why don’t we just go back to work?

    • Excuse me $2T.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I chuckle at the thought that the Georgia races were probably lost at least in part by the “turtle’s” intransigence on the $ 2,000 stimulus. certainly it cost one seat all by itself.

        Now that dumb ox is faces stratospheric spending that he has theh power to do nothing about.

        But he stood for a principle! an almighty principle (then blamed Trump).

        It was popular but is no longer in fashion yet the phrase, “you gotta be sure this is the hill you want to die on”. still has resonance.

        • As always the devil is in the details. Have not heard if there is any foreign aid in this. Blacks and women first. And of course the vaccine distribution is a disaster so they will fix it because they are smarter than the average bear. And he is going to make sure that the money is not wasted like the last time he managed a large give away. I stopped believing in magic decades ago.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Why do you think McConnell’s essential veto of the $2000 checks cost the R’s the election in Georgia. Both of them said they supported the $2000 and would vote for it if elected.

          I haven’t seen any polling data to suggest this actually impacted the election.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            What THEY said did not matter what mattered is WHAT the democrats said and the media reported or failed to report.

            Perhaps you are not as cynical as I but for the current McConnell narrative to work it HAS to be Trump’s fault, as was the riot last week to complete his purge from the party and return us to the Augean stable.

            You believe polls? Still?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I do not believe the general type of polling done for the purpose of “pushing” us all in one direction or another. And most are stupid anyway.

              But post election polling is often done by parties to find out what happened and why. They do usually produce some good incites.

              While I agree that Mitch and other R’s are hoping to purge the party of Trump I am not convinced that this had any affect on the Georgia election.

              • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

                Certainly there were multiple factors involved but I do think the Purdue race was close enough that this could well have been a determining factor. Do you think that McConnell is right and it was Trump’s fault rather than the stimulus, a weak governor who himself seems to think Stacy Abrams won, a spineless AG, a woman candidate who well may have parlayed inside info into more millions, a flawed voting system etc?

    • Tip O’ the Iceberg, my friend. I have been telling everyone for 12months that Texas is really cracking down and this investigation has also uncovered a very large ring of vote harvesting and following the money. My intelligence briefings, some are still classified, but what is not classified is the money trail, where it came from and how it was laundered. Stay tuned…you will see lots more of this down here and the good thing….it shows us where to plug the holes….

  34. President Trump has declassified and authorized the release of “more than a foot-high stack of documents” related to the Obama administration’s surveillance and espionage committed against the 2016 Trump campaign, as part of a larger campaign to discredit and undermine the incoming US president.

    According to journalist and Trump insider John Solomon, the documents would be released as soon as Friday, but no later than Monday.

    “He has delivered in a big way. More than a foot-high stack of documents he has authorized to be released by the FBI and the DOJ. These are the things that the FBI has tried to keep from the public for 4 years. They have amazing, big picture revelations,” Solomon told Fox News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

    According to Solomon‘s website, Just The News, the release will support claims that the entire Russia narrative was created and leaked to the news media to upstage concerns over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

    • Ok…but no more of the false shit like the so called documents and hard evidence of the Russia Hoax that we never heard and the Schiff undisputable documents we never saw… more interviews……bring on the hard readable evidence.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      They will drag their feet till next week and they will be re-classified for “national security Purposes” under the guise of “Trump was a seditious traitor”.

  35. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have released a complete list of all their legislative goals for the next 2 years, and it’s worse than we imagined. America may not survive. Brace yourself and read through this confirmed list which we got straight from the Speaker’s office, and may God help us all.

    The Impeach Trump Again Act – New law requiring Trump to be impeached every week for all of eternity.

    The Inclusion and Justice Act – Requires everyone to bake cakes for gay weddings. It will also require everyone to be gay.

    The Fairness Act – Will set the minimum wage to whatever Elon Musk makes per hour.

    The John Act – New law requiring all men to sit down when they pee.

    The Common Sense ‘Don’t Hate Kids’ Act – Will ban assault weapons and also the letter ‘A’ and ‘R’ and the number 15 so they can never be made again, and will confiscate all assault rifles to be melted down to make a statue of Ba’al.

    The Greener New Deal – Just like the Green New Deal, but with more Communism. Will instantly enact full Communism across the country.

    The Justice Act – Will add all registered Democrats to the Supreme Court, and empower women by creating “The Handmen’s Tale” where all men have to become pregnant and bear children.

    The Kindness and Uniformity Act – Everyone’s pronouns must be tattooed to their foreheads. They must also shave their heads and wear only futuristic grey jumpsuits.

    The Nutrition Act – Will limit each family to only one loaf of bread per week. Cannibalism now legal as long as you “eat the rich.” All foods must now contain a large dose of birth control.

    The Insurrection Act 2 – Will declare all unborn babies to be enemies of the state.

    The No More Racist Founding Documents Act – Will replace The Bill of Rights with The Bill of Lefts. Will also draft a new Declaration of Dependence.

    The Hurt God Act – Legislation to try and hurt God. Trump tried to warn us.

    The Omnibus Bill – Congressional raises, 100 Billion for Iran to make nuclear missiles, printing more money, and a new law requiring all children’s cartoons to have at least 382 gay characters.

    The Democrats must be stopped! We would try to stop them, but all the voting machines are rigged so there’s not much use in that. We heard Trump has something up his sleeve though, so that looks promising.

  36. The Navarro Report. Trump won. By a lot. More comes out every day about the whole stinking thing. Videos, arrests. Yeah, they impeached him and I figure his mindset about that is Cool! Another record! Considering everything coming out, impeached or not, he’d be justified in making a ’24 run. I doubt he will make a total run, but I would LMAO if he just threw his hat in the ring.

  37. Ok……interesting interview just awhile ago and interesting comments from a Kristen Clarke, who is tagged to head the DOJ Civil Rights Unit (never heard of this one before)….saying that, and this is a quote… Black people, and all non white people, have superior mental and physical abilities due to their melanin. Black people also have greater spiritual powers.”

    This same person also said that skin color and diversity is more important than the skills that person has……that appearance carries a higher responsibility than the skills one possess’.

    you can see this interview by clicking on her name. If I knew how to post a link I would.

    Interestingly enough, Wikipedia has now locked her page so no one can fact check and insert other references and links.

    • J. Adam Christensen was part of that group (CRU) when Holder became AG. He wanted to prosecute the Black Panthers for intimidating voters in Philadelphia in the 2008 election but got ordered not to by Holder. Blacks cannot be racists you know. Adam resigned after that but still works in the voter integrity area.

    • It is amazing that no one seems to remember the late 60’s and early 70’s when all this diversity crap happened and affirmative action and all that was invented and it divided the country about the same as it is now….nothing has changed.

      • If at first you do not succeed, double down.

      • It is amazing that no one seems to remember the late 60’s and early 70’s

        Don’t look at me, you old stick in the mud! I don’t remember the ’60s and ’70s because I was born in the ’80s!

        and it divided the country about the same as it is now….nothing has changed.

        Might I humbly suggest that, though I wasn’t there for the 60s and 70s or before, that, perhaps, some of this *ahem* dividedness issues *ahem* may already have existed in a far worse form?

        • You could suggest that but I am not talking about the division of black and white…..this was changing and should have been changed and we all knew it and it had primarily changed in the 60’s……but, affirmative action and the social programs tried to force the changes through legislation on a much faster basis and that was not needed.

          Much like today…..the left has to keep the racial terminology going to survive.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          And because you don’t know the full history of that period you don’t seem to understand that the Civil Rights movement actually had more of a “uniting” affect. Notice the White People in your picture? There were issues in the deep South and BOSTON and CHICAGO, but the rest of the country had woken up to the injustice against Black people. Despite being a bad law, there was general support for the Civil Rights Act.

          But you see, fixing that was not enough. The Democratic Party had to juice it up with The Great Society and all the bull-pucky that came later. The radical left used Viet Nam to divide the nation, primarily by driving a wedge between the young and adults. Thanks to the leftists in the universities we got a young generation who RAGED against almost anything to do with the “established order”. They had to do this because the tune in/drop out/make love not war thing wasn’t getting the job done.

          Some of this generation grew up and realized the error of their ways. But many did not. They continued their left wing thinking and activism. They kept beating the drums of division and when race seemed to go away we got the “class warfare” AGAIN. I think because that wasn’t selling as well as they hoped we had to drum up RACISM again.

          The irony in all this for me is that much of the rage back then was against the “deep state” and the power it was flexing over the world and against We the People. Yet the rage was diverted to more important “Social Justice” issues and here we are today. With a “deep state” that is even bigger and more obnoxious towards We the People than the one we had back then.

        • Sorry Mathius, but the Col. is right on this. I too remember. Affirmative action and the Great Society did more harm than good.

        • WOW, Liberal Karen’s were around way back then!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      This is overt, in your face, RACISM.

  38. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    After DeBlasio and the cops essentially rolled over and played dead last summer for NY City’s own version of “Kristallnacht”, The Soros backed NY State Attorney General has targeted the City’s cops for using “excessive force” AND their batons. She makes very specific mention of those batons.

  39. Slowly, ever so slowly, the truth is getting it’s pants on.

  40. Big Day in Texas…..most schools are closed, massive caravans on the highways…..chocked traffic in Arlington, Texas………it is High School State Championships today…played at Jerry World (ATT Stadium). The little town I live in out side of Fort Worth…Aledo…has all but closed down. Last one out, turn out the lights…, all Divisions of high school State play today. Screw the masks, this is Texas Blue Chip championships.

    • Well, the traffic is probably chocked as well…but meant to say choked…..all this technology and my key board still cannot spell.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So Colonel. What are your thoughts on the UT football hire?

      I also see that Kellen Moore passed up the job at Boise St. for an extension in his contract with Dallas. I see sports writers criticizing him but I see players, coaches and the owner always singing his praise. So any idea what is really going on there?

      • So Colonel. What are your thoughts on the UT football hire? You don’t lose to Oklahoma…….

        On Kellen Moore……we want him. You want him…pay up. He has a great opportunity for the next three years as offensive coordinator and he proved his worth this year after Prescott went down. Before Prescott’s injury, the Cowboys’ offense was averaging 32.6 points per game despite injuries to their top two tackles and several self-inflicted turnovers per game.The first four games for the Dallas Cowboys after Prescott went down weren’t pretty. The offense averaged just 10.25 points per game. However, after falling to 2-7, the Cowboys have averaged 28.67 points per game as a team. The offense’s performance with backup quarterbacks while fielding an offensive line featuring several backups and backups to backups was phenomenal. It is for these reasons, he will stay. When Prescott and the line comes back full strength, the Cowboys will probably be pretty damned good if not Super Bowl potential…..For Kellen, he gets a few more years of offensive coaching under his belt and three years from now, he can write his ticket as head coach for any major college team. Especially, if he can produce a super bowl caliber offense.

        Now, the Cowboys desperately need a defensive coordinator with a health secondary. You cannot allow 30 points per game and expect to win.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I know Boise St. wanted him but I personally think he would not be ready yet for that job.

          I agree with you on the “potential” for the Cowboys. This was a very bad luck year. But as is often the case, the best talent doesn’t always win. You need TEAM and that talent has to PERFORM.

          I am frustrated watching and listening to talking heads criticize the OC or DC or even coaches when play after play fails, due to the players not doing their job. Bad throw, dropped balls, fumbles, you name it.

          Now if there is one thing the “coaches” at Dallas need to deal with it is the Elliot conundrum. Gaining yards is great but fumbles lose games.

          • I suspect that Elliot is on his way out….especially since the back ups started gaining huge yards. Elliot is falling victim to… I am trying not to be hurt instead of playing his game of what got him there.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    VP Pence went out to than the Guard for, you know, protecting the Capitol and making a “safe” inauguration possible. Red State put up an article gushing about it.

    But here is what one of their readers had to say:

    I don’t hate Pence, but this: …make it possible to have a safe inauguration.

    shows he’s bought into the Big Lie. You don’t need 20,000 National Guard troops to “secure” an inauguration that’s being held virtually. The troops are there to send a message to the “little people”: We control all three branches of government and the military, and we’re going to use the full armed might of the administrative state against you.

    The fact that Pence can’t see that makes him about as “smart” as AOC

    Let me repeat the important part. They are there to send US a message. Don’t MESS with the CROWN. Take your medicine and shut the hell up.

  42. First of all, the Guard troops have not been Federalized. The Mayor of DC asked for them this time. The Pentagon has authorized the States to send guard volunteers in the law enforcement specialties (MPs). With the exception of the Washington Guard called out by the mayor (which the mayor can do in the absence of a governor) there are no combat troops being sent. This was not ordered by Trump nor Pence…..but the message is still the same.

    JAC, please be careful not to jump on the band wagon with the guard because the D.C. National Guard retains the mission as protector of the District of Columbia.

    Also, food for thought for those who felt that this was an insurrection dictated by Trump.
    The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President. Don’t you think that if the POTUS was actually trying for an insurrection, he would have used all the power at his disposal? No, this was a hijacked operation designed to make Trump look like he was in charge of this “riot”. It has worked perfectly for the deep side of the force and now you are seeing the result.

    Well played.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I understand full well how the Guard functions. My comment is not about the Guard.

      But about WHY they are there and WHO is pushing this. This is a SHOW OF FORCE being pushed by the Democratic Party Leadership and the Never Trump Republicans. While the Mayor makes the formal request, we both know who has been making phone calls and pushing for a more “guarded presence”. Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.

      Now QUESTION> WHY is there a D.C. National Guard???

      • But about WHY they are there and WHO is pushing this. This is a SHOW OF FORCE being pushed by the Democratic Party Leadership and the Never Trump Republicans. While the Mayor makes the formal request, we both know who has been making phone calls and pushing for a more “guarded presence”. Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.

        Yes, this is VERY deep state.

        Now QUESTION> WHY is there a D.C. National Guard??? An Absolute great question….what happened the other day is not the first time, although many would have you believe this. Most people have forgotten about the strife between the political parties back in the Jefferson Days….1802. It was established to protect the political parties under the guise of protecting the capitol.

        Again, pay attention to the one thing that I said. The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President… case of inaction by the POTUS, it falls to the (sit down for this) House speaker, by passing the VP. I do not think I need to go further….you have already said it. DEEEEEEP State exists and it has a militia to protect it. The DC guard is made up of units from Maryland and Virginia.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Are the units in the D.C. Guard fixed or do they vary based on demand? I understand that when the D.C. guard is requested that the Govt’s of Maryland and Virginia have to agree to deployment. True or False?

          • The minimum number is fixed. It is based on the requirements needed at the time. Maryland and Virginia have to be contacted and agree to provide troops but it is in their mission statement to provide protection for the Capitol.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          One more. Why is Sec Def’s office involved in approving the use of the Guard in D.C.??

          I don’t recall this is needed for a Governor to send the Guard to another State when requested by another Governor. Could be my memory banks are not functioning this AM.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    “Biden’s chief aide says president wants teams, no rivals” Article goes on to make this a good thing.

    WAIT, HOLD THE PRESSES. I thought this kind of thing was a “LOYALTY OATH”.

    At least that is what the Media called it when Mr. Trump’s Administration tried to do the same thing.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    NOTE: This would not even have been necessary if not for the FAKE NEWS propaganda spread by Social Media, MSM and the Democrat Party hacks, like Stacey Abrahams. .

    The guy is a politician so his groveling is understandable. But not a good look because is in essence validates the left’s strategy of making every damn thing about racism.

  45. Nice (entertaining) write-up on the challenges Parler faces with getting back up and running:

    Spoiler: they’re fucked.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You know after reading that I am now leaning more towards treating some of these “platform” companies as PUBLIC UTILITIES.

      • You know… I could swear we had this exact argument where people did not seem to agree with me when I said that kind of thing… something about Ajit Pai being human excrement…

        • I’m not sure what I said back then, but things have changed. If it were up to me, social media would be wiped from existence. I have stopped using Google so there are at least options for searching.

          • I’m not sure what I said back then, but things have changed

            “Things changed” exactly as we said it would.

            Maybe it wasn’t the ISPs, but the Pai killed Net Neutrality and sent the very clear signal that the government is out of the business of regulating the net. Everyone else in the supply chain got the message, too, loud and clear.. exactly as we predicted: “you are free to pick and choose winners on your networks, up to and including publicly executing companies which rely on you.”

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Net Neutrality was NOT linked to the issue we have now. So YOU ARE WRONG.

              I cannot fathom how they got the idea they could arbitrarily censor folks based on killing the Dems dream of the Net Neutrality bill.

  46. Just A Citizen says:
  47. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    DC gonna look like, the inauguration of Juan and Evita on the 20th.

  48. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
  49. The U.S. Capitol police officer who died following the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion is believed to have suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that contributed to his death. This fact complicates the mainstream media’s narrative, which seeks to pin the officer’s death on supposedly violent pro-Trump protesters. The media is trying to forge resentment against Trump and conservative activists in the eyes of Middle America, using the fallen officer as a cause celebre. But even the officer’s family is pleading with the public not to politicize his death as narrative-busting details emerge.
    Brian Sicknick was reportedly “injured” during the Capitol protest and media and activists ran with the story that Trump protesters hit him with a fire extinguisher. But Propublica reported that Sicknick told his brother he was merely pepper-sprayed. Where did the fire extinguisher story come from? ProPublica also noted Sicknick’s blood clot and stroke and use of a ventilator, according to Western Journal.

    “He texted me last night and said, ‘I got pepper-sprayed twice,’ and he was in good shape. Apparently he collapsed in the Capitol and they resuscitated him using CPR,” the officer’s brother Ken Sicknick told ProPublica.

    ABC reported that sources said Sicknick died from “medical condition” complications while being unable to retrieve video of anyone hitting him with a fire extinguisher, as noted by Western Journal.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh the irony. When USW started this place he went to work drumming up participants and visitors. The numbers grew until about a year after his departure. While we still get a lot of visitors the numbers are obviously much lower. As Mathius says, we are more like this little crazy family now.

    The irony is that if we had remained large in terms of visitors, we would have been targeted by now for censorship. The loss of American Thinker’s comment section is obviously in response to challenges made against them by a host because the “comments” made by readers were not in keeping with Big Brother’s storyline. Am. Th. admitted they did not have the ability to monitor and moderate comments in real time. Although their moderation criteria wasn’t any better than the lefty sites, as in often arbitrary, they did have some criteria. Not good enough for the POWER apparently.

    So don’t be surprised if SUFA doesn’t also get a threat from our host. Or maybe they will just disconnect us without warning. Who knows but do not be shocked if our little “home” is burned to the ground by the rioting mob.

    • I’ve been thinking about that as well. In that case, bookmark this:

      We can continue there for awhile.

    • As Mathius says, we are more like this little crazy family now.

      I don’t believe I have ever actually said that, but… well… dammit, it’s true.

      You’re Crazy Uncle JAC.

      And there’s Crazy Aunt Anita.. and Crazy Uncle Colonel.. and Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa SKT.. and Drunk Uncle Gman.. And Cool Cousin JD..

      The irony is that if we had remained large in terms of visitors, we would have been targeted by now for censorship.

      I FOUND you because Bob Cesca took a swipe at you, lest we forget.

      (he’s dead now, by the way, I do believe… an OD?)

      So don’t be surprised if SUFA doesn’t also get a threat from our host.


      Or maybe they will just disconnect us without warning.

      VERY unlikely… but, hey, the SUFA email chain could be fun, too!

      Who knows but do not be shocked if our little “home” is burned to the ground by the rioting mob.

      Now whose the paranoid one? 1A is still alive and kicking. Parler was a big fish hosting some bad content and making at controlling some of the really bad stuff. SUFA, with its single-digit readership, isn’t even a blip on the radar. No one gives a shit about us, and even if they did, this site could be picked up and moved in about 37 seconds. Hell, with the demands of this load, I could spin up my old work-Dell and have it hosting us on a private server by the end of the day.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Why all the “sudden” concern about “bad” stuff. I could give two puddles of liquid bird crap about anything anyone else says. I either ignore it or have fun with it.

        No one can judge good or bad accurately (or fairly without injecting personal bias) so no one should try.

        If I advocate something illegal, like shooting, looting, or burning, then the host should forward me to the authorities as has always been done.

        Thinking about it, Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” would have to be banned today. Probably is if published from a right leaning source. .

    • When USW started this place

      Speaking of USW.. where the hell is that guy!

      Can you summons him? I know he’s drifted away, but I’d love for him to stop by and offer his thoughts on the world and give us an update on how his life has been going.

  51. Just A Citizen says:


    I am asking SUFA to keep a sharp eye on my postings. Let me know if they seem suddenly goofy or odd.. If it gets really bad the Colonel knows where I live and can intervene.

    Just a warning in case I have a sudden reaction to the Covid vaccine, which I got on Tuesday. Figured that being in the “seasoned” category I should volunteer to be a guinea pig. So far just a really sore spot on the arm. About two days of really, really sore.

    Other than that, the hallucinations are beautiful. The itching around my ears is tolerable if I focus on all the pretty colors. Now if I can just get this spider off my tongue.

    • Quit making it sound so fun 😀

      • Just A Citizen says:

        gman, is that you? I can hear you scratching your head. I have some fancy shampoo that might help. A little skunky smelling but it does kill the itch.

        Whoa,,, what was that that just flew by? There is a freakin dinosaur flying around my yard.

    • My husband got it a couple of weeks ago. He hasn’t had any reaction to it. He works at a hospital, so he knows lots of people who have had it and hasn’t heard of any reactions to it other than the usual redness and soreness at the injection site that is common with vaccines. I had an antibody test the other day and was surprised to find that it was negative after Covid positive daughter sat in my lap and breathed in my face. She still can’t smell, by the way. So I guess I’ll get the vaccine when it’s available to non essential people in their forties.🙂 I would hate to loose my sense of smell. It’s almost like a super power. I used to sniff my Christmas presents as a kid because I could tell what store they came from by the smell.

      • I would hate to loose my sense of smell. It’s almost like a super power.

        That’s funny.

        I have almost no sense of smell.

        I can sometimes pick up a particularly strong odor, say if a dog has been skunked, or if someone’s wearing too much perfume.. but even then, it’s barely. A skunked pooch that will drive everyone out of the room has a light kind of musk I can pick up if I’m too close, but that’s about it. A few years back, my wife damn near killed me cause I let the dog on the bed when it (apparently) reeked to high heaven and I just had no idea.

        I’ve always wondered what life must be like for you people with a strong sense of smell. I imagine it’s much like how color-blind people wonder what it’s like to see colors they can’t. Alas.

        Glad to hear you’re well, though!

        • After reading this thread, I’m not sure if I want the vaccine or not. My family would love it if I lost my sense of smell because I have outlawed perfume and cologne, and you better hope your deoderant isn’t too strong or I’ll toss that too. I love candles, and they have tried and tried over the years to get me lightly scented ones, but the only 2 I can tolerate are vanilla and cinnamon.

          Then JAC seems to be on a mushroom high or some other street synthetics,, and that sounds fun. At this time I’m gonna stay being a pain about smells.

    • I will share my experience just in case anyone wants to know.

      I have received the Pfizer vaccine, both doses. The first shot made my arm really, really sore but not unbearable. The second shot made my are really, really sore. Then about 12-16 hours later my shoulder hurt really, really bad. Still not unbearable, but getting pretty darn close to unbearable. I could not lift my arm without extreme pain, couldn’t lift a cup of coffee, open a door, etc. Oh, did I mention that it hurt really REALLY bad? But only when I moved my arm. The extreme pain only lasted maybe another 12 hours then it progressed back to only really, really sore.

      No other side effects with either dose. (Did I mention that my shoulder hurt really, really bad?) I would take the vaccine again, even with the pain, for the chance to protect my ‘at risk’ family members.

      I was hoping for some kind of genetic mutation that would change me into a superhero, but no such luck. Oh well, maybe next time.

      Oh, and the dinosaurs went away after 48 hours. 😀

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Question to the audience.

    What do you think our Govt. would do if they had ZERO fear of We the People?

    I mean ZERO. If they knew they were safe from us acting against them in any way, If they did not have to even depend on us for the money they crave.

    Lets assume you still get to vote, and your votes count …………….. at least most of the time.

    • We would be subjugated. They don’t give a damn now, so it would simply get worse….like Hunger Games worse, which leads to the amount of language being used that was also in the Hunger Games series, like attacking the Capital, Loyalists etc.

    • What do you think our Govt. would do if they had ZERO fear of We the People?

      Exactly what they’re doing, just faster and with less pretext.

      If they did not have to even depend on us for the money they crave.

      Then they’d just straight up exterminate us. Everyone except the Elites goes in the trash compactor.

      Maybe with a small underclass left over so they have someone left to feel superior to and, err.. for “amusement.”

      Frankly, I don’t think we’re that far from the rich hunting the rest of us for sport.

  53. @ the good Colonel

    Is there any truth to the threats in DC that warrants 15K NG?

  54. 6 P principles in operation….

    Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott joined “The Daily Briefing” Friday to discuss how the Lone Star State became the first in the country to administer one million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. How were we able to do that? Two key things. One is we changed the strategy before other states and before the United States began recommending that we begin to vaccinate people aged 65 and older.

    Texas went ahead and made that decision ourselves knowing that it would widen the pool of the people who could be vaccinated, and very importantly, the pool of people who would be most likely to lose their lives because of contracting COVID.

    Secondly, we have set up these mass vaccination centers this past weekend, and this week, we have 28 mass vaccination centers across the state of Texas where they are capable of doing 1,000 to 3,000, maybe sometimes 4,000 vaccinations per day at any one particular location…

    • Well, I have a Crat governor and to date I still have no idea where to get a vaccine or what the rules are. Not to mention that’s there are no announced vaccine sites anywhere close.

    • Minor quibble…

      It’s kind of incongruent to race to 1mm vaccines vs other states when you have a multiple of many of those states’ populations. It should be considerate of the percentage of your population inoculated, no?

      I mean, for example, Wyoming can never get to 1mm mark because it doesn’t have 1mm people. Nor can “Idaho” because that’s not a real place. But for Montana, say, to hit 1mm, they’d need to reach 94.5% of their population, whereas, for you, that’s only 3.4% – a much easier mark to hit.

      That said, Cali and NY should be ahead of you and (I guess, per the above) aren’t, so you’re definitely outperforming them.. congrats on that.

      THAT SAID, being such a physically large state, and having such a large and largely insane population also complicates matters, making things more difficult than, say, in Rhode Island where everything is nice and civil and everyone lives in a single apartment building. So you should get bonus points for having a 6P plan that overcame the challenges unique to your nation-state.

      I guess all I’m saying here is that it’s kind of apples-to-oranges.

      • People always ignore these things when it suits their talking points, like when the news media was screaming that the US was leading the world in Covid numbers when we were no where near the top when rates were compared.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        LOGISTICS is a game of numbers, not percentages.

        Your point is taken, however, in that comparing States based on total numbers is not useful. Now how about the RATE as in Numbers / unit of time? That is a LOGISTICAL criteria that could be comparable.

        We are much smaller but pretty spread out as well. We are primarily using existing medical facilities, those with cold storage.

        Volunteers are helping these facilities process requests, appointments and then the sign in one you arrive. The only glitch the other day was a shortage of chairs for people to sit in while you waited the 15 minutes after the shot, before leaving. Precaution for anaphylactic shock.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        HYPOCRITE! You routinely rail against “states” both electorally and the Senate.

  55. Weel, JAC…congrats…….Coeur D’Alene, Idaho…..has made some history for retired transplants from California. How lucky you are….

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Thanks for the reminder. It now takes three times longer to get across town. Hell, our new Sheriff came from LA and hadn’t even shaken the glitter out of his clothes when he decided to run for office.

      United Van LInes yearly report; Idaho had the largest number of total moves in the USA, with about 75% moving INTO the State. I wonder where the 25% leaving went?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      For those that do not understand what this kind of Californian growth can do:

      Idaho real estate prices are among the fastest-rising in the country, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index. Buyers with cash are elbowing each other out. In picturesque Coeur d’Alene, far up in the north state, it’s almost too late for the average Sacramentan to get a deal on a house. Prices there now match Sacramento-area costs.

      Had we not kept our house here when we had to go to MT and then OR for work, we would not have been able to come back. Housing prices climbed that much, even with the Housing Bubble Recession. It only took about 2 years for prices to recover and now they have gone up at about 12% per year the past three years. They are building million dollar condos on the Lake, on former Saw Mill sites but as of yesterday there was only ONE available.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    OH LOOK. A US Attorney got caught jumping the shark while to far over the tips of his skis.

    At least they had the guts to drop the claim from the charging statement.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I love the piece! “Trump’s “baseless” allegations of voter fraud is also cute. The hit piece served its purpose, you will be hearing that assertation about taking hostages from now till the time they lay you in your grave. Also gave excellent cover to our “Down South America Way” inauguration festivities.

  57. Trump leaving office is one of the best things for the USA. He will be hated globally however.

    • He’ll be back. Stronger than ever.

    • Welcome James. Hope you can stick around and offer your opinions.

    • Welcome to the conversation.

      There are many in this country who would say that Trump was the best president since Reagan. Yes, he was a bull in the China store but he accomplished more than most.

      Why is Trump hated globally? I have seen pro Trump rallies in Hong Kong, Japan and other countries.

      • Well of course he has some supporters. Hitler had allies. But anybody who is reasonable, normal, decent human being and doesnt engage with Trumpism because of all the lies, for example, denying what is clearly obvious and proven to be false, deny what he is recorded doing. Things like this, naturally and of course make him a hated. And let’s be real here – Trump has no strategic planning at all. He says what he wants off the cuff. Any good he does, is rarely planned. And that means it is not by design. It’s an accident.

        • Where do you get your news James? One of the things we all agree on around here is that politicians LIE. All of them. I cannot count times that politicians stated openly that there was evidence of Russian collusion in plain sight, only to have wasted 35 million in tax payer dollars to prove that it was all a lie. Those on the Left of the political isle tend to ignore the fact that Trump was under constant attack by the lying liberal news media and Democrats since long before he took office. These people are the real embarrassment to our country. Despite Trump’s faults, he did a lot of good, especially for our minority communities.

          • Sorry but all your rhetoric is based around the fake news narrative. All the trump supporters jump on it. They think its justifies the racist and dangerous man trump is. Its getting old. The majority of people know exactly what he is. Forget about right or left. He’s a pig.

            • Opinions vary. 95% of our media are of the Liberal side of things, it seems they have you fooled too.

            • Why do you think Trump is racist?

              • Because he is.

              • Oh, ok. I concede. Your argument is overpowering, your proof irrefutable

              • James, just claiming something without proof isn’t going to make you look very smart. Please provide proof he is a racist and then I will provide irrefutable evidence that he is not. You go first 😀

              • Oh, James, links per post are limited to 3. Any more then your post goes to spam and I have to get it out when I’m notified. Look forward to your evidence!

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              Another asshole emerges from under his rock. No facts other than his. Reminds me of that old Henson show “Dinosaurs” where the boss man’s answer to everything was , “Because I said so”. Talk about Hitlerism!

        • Well, I actually know a lot of reasonable, normal, decent human beings who have supported Trump. Do you actually know any Trump supporters?

          Trump certainly has his flaws, but when it came to his actual policy decisions I have tended to agree with him. He got us out of the incredibly stupid Paris climate agreement. He put in judges that will hopefully follow the constitution and make the legislature do their job and change things that need to be changed. He didn’t get us involved in stupid wars over seas. He even made some progress on peace in the Middle East. So, what decisions has he made in leading the country ( not stupid tweets that he has made) that you dislike?

          • I know people who worked for trump. He enabled the further destruction of gaza and the west Bank, the peace process development idea is laughable. It only made possible for further Israeli expansion. They won’t even give then a vaccine. The US is one of the only countries in the world who pulled out of the Paris agreement. So you are the minority globally here. That’s stupid and dangerous. He dropped the biggest bomb ever on Afghanistan. You are cherry picking here. But again we expect this from trump followers.

  58. A series of leaked screenshots purportedly from BLM activist and Insurrection USA founder John Sullivan’s Discord server have been leaked. In the screenshots, the radically far left activists admit they wore Trump hats and other MAGA gear as subterfuge, and admit that the police willingly let them enter the deified halls of the U.S. Capitol.
    The screenshots, found and compiled by a conservative Twitter user, show the leftist rioters planning their invasion of the sanctified grounds of the Capitol, discussing how they will wear pro-Trump camouflage, and most strikingly, admitting how the police enthusiastically let them proceed past barrier after barrier until they were inside the consecrated halls of the U.S. Capitol.

    In the days immediately following the January 6 protest, one user in Sullivan’s Discord server wrote, “I had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm [sic]” to be able to infiltrate the crowd unnoticed.

  59. When I checked in earlier, I was thinking Mathius left the window open and I almost posted that comment. But others seemed to like the cool breeze, so I didn’t say anything. But since it got COLD in here while I was at work, I can’t resist…MATHIUS! Shut the freakin’ window on your way out. Geez! 😆

  60. I’m not reading about any trouble at any capitols today. There were flyers about protests on the 17th which is tomorrow. If we don’t hurry up and start some trouble, they’re gonna have to do it themselves, and blame us.

    • I hope no one shows up and then we can ridicule them for crying wolf.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Jeez T, ya just don’t get it. they SAVED us from all that insurrection stuff. Just like they SAVED us (and of course teh barbecued children) from the guy in Waco. You do remember how the FBIes also saved us by their quick action from the Putin-Trump collusion too. It is almost routine these days. I am amazed that they withdrew the kidnap and assassination trope about the insurrection at the Capitol.

  61. CA has its own foreign aid program funded by you:

    The funny part many do not know is that CA is running a surplus and may be required to refund some of the excess under Prop 13 rules. I would like the refund but I think they should reimburse the Feds first. At the same time some heads should roll at the appropriate agencies. There is a recall petition to remove Gov. Newsom. I hope it succeeds.

  62. A pair of questions for the Gaggle this morning:

    A) What do you see as the appeal of going down the Q rabbit hole?

    B) Do any of you consider yourselves as subscribing to Q beliefs and, if so, to what extent?

  63. Q?

  64. Never read their website……….here is some of what I found and what I think…if you are talking QAnon…..
    At its heart, QAnon is a wide-ranging, completely unfounded theory that says that President Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media. The Colonel says…..bullshit.

    QAnon believers have speculated that this fight will lead to a day of reckoning where prominent people such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed. The Colonel says….Bullshit.

    A Pew Research Center study in September 2020 found that nearly half of Americans had heard of QAnon- double the number from six months before. Of those who had heard about it, a fifth had a positive view of the movement. The Colonel says he has heard of them but puts them in the same category as Antifa and BLM.

    QAnon purports that America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers who run a global child sex-trafficking operation and that President Trump is the only person who can stop them. The information supposedly comes from a high-ranking government official who posts cryptic clues on 4chan and the even more unfettered site 8chan under the name “Q.” The Colonel says….bullshit.

    It claims the military, supposedly eager to see the deep state overthrown, recruited President Trump to run for president. But the deep state, which controls the media, quickly tried to smear him through “fake news” and unfounded allegations of collusion with Russia. It goes on to insist that despite the deep state’s best efforts, however, President Trump is winning, and that Q is releasing sanctioned leaks to the public in order to galvanize them ahead of “The Storm,” which is the moment when the deep state’s leaders are arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. QAnon believers have called this process “The Great Awakening.” The Colonel says……..bullshit.

    Q’s posts tend to be either vague or totally incomprehensible, but QAnon believers are more than happy to try and decipher them. Last year, for example, Q posted a photo of an unnamed island chain. Eager to divine the reasoning behind the post, QAnon adherents tried to “prove” that the photo must have been taken on Air Force One and thus that Q was traveling with the president. The Colonel says……Sounds like a scene from the Twilight Zone but reminds me of BLM and Antifa.

    The name refers to Q-level clearance at the Energy Department. But who’s behind the posts is anybody’s guess. According to Sommer, the QAnon faithful sometimes point to former national security adviser Michael Flynn and White House aide Dan Scavino as possibilities. Others believe it’s Mr. Trump himself. Another theory is that John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death and now posts on 8chan as QAnon. The Colonel says…..someone has been watching too much Star Trek. This is what it reminds me of. (ohhh, I ended a sentence with a preposition).

    According to political science professor Joe Uscinski, who studies conspiracy theories, “The beliefs themselves are almost an incitement to violence. I mean, there isn’t anything worse you can say about your political competitors than that they are satanic sex traffickers who molest and eat children.” The Colonel says….the more I read the better it gets. Clearly, they have learned tactics from Antifa, BLM, and the Progressive movement. They are about all in the same category.

    Ok, I have read enough….this is crap. I know no one in this Q Anon….have not bothered to read about it until today….(Thanks Mathius…eeeccchh!) I noticed that there are 2 members elected to Congress but that is no different than the Progressive Movement sponsored by Democrats in electing AOL and friends……

    I do see this, however, with the Dems in charge, I bet the censorship of the Social Media and all media will get stronger….QAnon seems to be a catalyst that is spurring this newest censorship movement…..I think this is proven that the BLM leader that was arrested in all of this crap is still able to Tweet and has not been shut down where everyone else that has a conservative bend has been….that speaks volumes.

    In conclusion, from what I have read, that QAnon and BLM and Anitifa were all in the capitol and they are all the same……something that I would wipe of the bottom of my boots every time I walk through a corral.

    That about sums it up.

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