The Purge Continues


  1. Facebook has banned a group called ‘Robinhood stock traders’ that had 157,000 members, with its founder suggesting the group had been targeted by “major institutions.”

  2. Interesting……Yellen received 800k from a group tied to Game Stop…..

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    I had never considered a link between this famous SCOTUS ruling on employment/discrimination and the increase in college degrees before. I do remember back then that suddenly College was required for simple jobs which made little sense. Many thought this just a reflection of an over supply of labor. Thus a way to easily cut the chafe from the wheat, so to speak.

    • Yes sir……the use of the term disparate impact is also the reason for lowering the bar so that “everyone” is included. We now know how to work around disparate impact by creating BFOQs but that term created an upheaval.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I am thinking of a fun game where we try to construct job qualifications dealing with mental acuity that could replace “college degree required” criteria.

        We could use Mathius on this one but I think he is still is self isolation.

        Ability to learn X within Y timeframe, for example.

        Then there are those “team player” and “ability to work in team” type things you often see. Do you really need someone good at team building or team “stroking” to do the job properly?

        Is making your employees “feel good” necessary or could old Nurse Cratchit get the job done just as well?

        I used to have to develop job qualifications and descriptions and it is a royal pain in the backside.

  4. Just A Citizen says:
  5. Just A Citizen says:

    A nice simple explanation of Short Selling. I do wonder why the author concludes this is a Win for retail investors, aka Reddit types, and a Loss for Wall Street. This is a loss for the Market when taken in total.

    • Yes, the loss in the market is short term. The big boys are having to sell their base stocks to cover margins….but the base stocks will rise again….and I will buy on the dip on the base stocks. I will NOT get into the short squeeze…….I would rather take my money for that to Vegas,,,,,better odds.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I was not talking about a loss in current market value. I was saying that this has been a loss to the how the markets function. Creating unpredictable volatility based on the whims of some Gamer is not a good thing in the long run. Having reputable Hedge Funds giving up on short selling altogether is not a good thing in the long run.

        This is not David slaying Goliath. This is a bunch of Jackasses throwing wrenches into the machine’s gears. Just because they FEEL like it.

        You are correct that Shorting is a huge gamble. One with limited payoff and theoretically no limit on the loss side. But like all investments, you can mitigate potential losses. This just reduces potential payoffs further.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    In case you are among those that think Shorting more than 100% of the available shares of a stock is somehow a scam perpetrated by only the elite, here is an explanation of how this happens. There is of course a possible regulatory fix. But like all fixes those carry problems in and of themselves.

    By the way, in case ya’ll missed it in one of these I posted, the Investment Houses which LEND the shares which in turn allow Shorts to happen are players like JP Morgan, etc.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    From CNN: The Trump administration left NO PLAN for getting the country vaccinated. Biden has had to start from square one.

    Today from Bloomberg:

    “Biden has said vaccine distribution was in “worse shape than we anticipated.” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said a Trump administration plan “did not really exist.” Adviser Cedric Richmond said they “didn’t leave a plan.” Xavier Becerra, Biden’s choice for health secretary, said it was like taking over a plane in a nosedive.

    But while Biden’s approach to the virus — frank warnings about the pandemic, mask mandates on federal property — is a reversal from Trump’s policies, his administration’s distribution of vaccines so far looks little different from that of its predecessor. Before Biden was sworn in, vaccines already were being delivered at a pace to meet his goal of 100 million doses in his first 100 days as president.

    The Biden administration has said they’ll order new doses, but will do so by exercising options in contracts negotiated by the previous administration, which thought it premature to do so. They say they’ll use the Defense Production Act, which Trump used repeatedly. Rather than a total overhaul, they have otherwise made course corrections and modest shifts.”

    Question: Is the claim of no plan not an egregious LIE by Mr. Biden?

  8. I am trying to figure this out….somebody help me.

    Obama gets Nobel Peace award……….and he drops over 100,000 bombs around the world.
    BLM burns down over 800 buildings and is nominated for the Nobel Peace Award….

    Trump pulls troops home, drops the Iran Nuclear deal, drops NO bombs anywhere,,,,,and is not considered.

    And liberals wonder why half of the country is upset?

    • oh…SARC intended.

      • My dog kissed the back end of a skunk this morning. She is trying to tell me everything is fine but I sense something different. Do I believe the dog or my lying nose?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Hey, point of order. If you recall, Mr. Trump dropped the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS. Along with many more that even killed Russians.

      But your sarcasm is duly justified. Notice who nominated BLM?? A “Socialist” Norwegian.

      But BLM is not a group pushing “Socialism” or anything. My turn at sarcasm.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    A little something brewing over the horizon. File this under “Don’t let a crisis go to waste”.

    Question: Why is Dr. Fauci, who is the head of a subagency of a subagency directly communicating US policy to the WHO?

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    While I do not think a 90 day intensive fasting of all things fun is needed, the goal is laudable. We have in essence done much of this simply by unplugging from Cable/TV. Our TV consumption consists of occasional News, and then mostly local. Some HGTV as well and of course Sports. We use Netflix and Amazon as our primary “brain sucking” or “nothing box” form of entertainment. And when we notice some series pushing a particular “political agenda” we usually stop watching it.

    • I haven’t done any fasting from politics. I have done some fasting from commenting for a few months. I’ve been in a mood, talking was dangerous 😁

  11. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Had to laugh been banned thirty days at Facebook, maybe I need a rest, for having gone back at some A-hole who called the NRA a Russian plot. The offense, I referred to him as:

    Another cowardly keyboard warrior.


    I found this interesting, the difference between priori knowledge, i.e., knowledge acquired by pure reason (as they see it), whereas the scientific method looks to a posteriori knowledge, i.e., knowledge deriving from empirical observation. Opinions

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:


      I like the reference to “rent control” in NYC since I probably am an expert.

      A Priori knowledge. WW 2 happens, there are an influx of 2,000,000 workers into the NY Metro Area and approximately 200,000 housing units available. What to do?

      A. Nothing and people sleep in illegal firetraps, garages and garden sheds paying exorbitant rent. Existing tenants evicted or gouged Note: No new housing can be built because of shortage of critical materials and MANPOWER. B. Rent control with series of covenants preventing the renting of dog houses and sheds and garages and allowing “sharing” of underutilized units. (That’s how my MOM and five other women all of whose husbands were in the service shared a three bedroom Rent controlled apartment ’42-’45).

      War ended but Rent Control still does not. Tenants, who are the majority of voters like paying low rents with no mechanism for increases and not having any leases. Politicians like votes. Rent control stays beyond its temporary wartime goal.

      With approximately half the wartime influx staying in NYC. landlords build no new multi-family housing so we still have a “shortage” justifying State extension of wartime emergency.

      By the late ’60’s we have reached a crisis point. Housing has aged and deteriorated but there is no money for proper maintenance. Rents are generally absolutely stagnant (Mom paid $ 60.25 for over 21 years) . The more affluent middle class leaves because they cannot find apartments fitting their new economic status. ie: Mr. Jones, got three kids’ in a one bedroom apartment wants a three bedroom and Mrs. Gross is still living in the one upstairs for $ 51.00 per month after hubby died and her three kids grew up and moved. She would be nuts to move to a one bedroom at $ 71.00 per month. The law PROHIBITS an exchange between the two. So, Mr. Jones moves to the burbs even though he has exchanged a 15 minute subway commute for an hour, now pays tolls, auto payments and insurance he did not have to do before. Middle class leaves, housing deteriorates to the point of abandonment., landlords of formerly stable apartment buildings in formerly middle class neighborhoods are forced to take any tenant they can find for their vacant units including the people you would not want living upstairs from you.

      Now, let’s get back to that posteriori thing. Had the government of NY thought about the consequences and variables of the thing they created instead of being caught up in the eternal “moment”, they could have foreseen the consequences and the changing variables. They deliberately DID not. They had correctly foreseen a crisis, dealt with it and then let it continue after teh passing of the crisis.

      Do NOT for a moment think that the bulk of the officials DID NOT know what was happening. Like the “eternal” nickel fare on the subway and its deterioration because of it, , the downfall of middle class housing was inevitable for all but the dumbest who think, literally, money grows on trees. But it got them votes. By teh time a new generation of politicians, albeit liberal, recognized something had to change and implemented the changes, the damage was already done. Changes were made, too late to prevent the meltdown of the 1970’s and 1980’s, my busiest years as a New York City housing official.

      After twenty years of insane instability, enough changes were implemented to slowly bring back housing and new construction. In some cases, overreaction led to new rent regulations which actually grew rent gouging. But to this day, in one form or another, rent control still exists in NYC. The only benefit? An entire class of housing officials, tenant advocates, government subsidized “not for profit” corporations and of course lawyers making very good livings off rent regulation. Their salaries unknowingly ultimately paid by the renters.

      Now, the “posteriori” position in NY required that you continuously bang with a very large hammer a square lie into a round hole. To, suddenly wake up and admit that if you merely studied the effects back, 70 year ago, you could have crafted something else which would have been based on fact rather than supposition, would require that you confess you were WRONG regardless of the reason. We still live in the city with the notion accepted by politicians and tenants alike that we suffer a “housing shortage”. Statistics are routinely bent to prove that. So, one might just ask what’s so different about Covid 19?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Tried to post it to the piece but unsuccessful. You can try if you want.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think the examples the author uses are NOT examples of a priori knowledge.

      They seem more like just “ideas” or “wistfulness”, or even just plain “desire”.

      A priori knowledge is supposedly “pure reason” which means logic has to play in the game.

      Ideas or notions such as the ball is red or the ball is not red is an example of a priori. It is conceptual and it is logical. By the fact it describes a non contradictory statement. Nothing in the world can contradict this statement.

      As for the climate change debate, this is in fact based in part on conceptual reasoning and in part on observation in the real world. This of course is not the same as the argument over whether any particular “model” is accurate.

      Now the author does propose a view that leftists “believe/think their knowledge is based on Reason”. My experience is that this is true, but not limited to leftists. It is also my experiecne that when people say “based on reason” they are thinking about some observable truths or ideas, and almost always an incomplete analysis of the factors involved in their opinion/conclusion. “If I see more people running fall down that walking then using Reason I can conclude that the chance of falling is increased by running”: Per the definition this is not apriori knowledge, which is where “Pure Reason” resides. This is a conclusion based on observation. And one which can then be tested.

      • After reading a little about these two types of knowledge, I have to agree. I think his basic premise was correct, but his use of these specific terms wasn’t.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          AFTER you did that reading did you feel like your head might explode, or maybe a little dizzy? Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles when I dive into this kind of stuff.

          It is good to keep in mind that many of the men who developed these ideas and arguments went mad, literally mad in the end.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Naw, this is just the younger generation trying to fix all the problems caused by the older generations. Because individual freedom, liberty and justice are just outdated ideas.

  14. JAC….do you still think that the hedge funds are not controlling the shorts? This is not what I see at all……All the platforms are now are being controlled…..who do you think is doing it?

    • Even the chat rooms are being shut down where the “little guy” is talking and organizing the buys.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I did not say the hedge funds were not controlling the short positions. Although I don’t know if “control” is the correct word. Maybe “overwhelmingly influence” would be better. When you are the major part of the market you tend to influence things.

      I think what is going on is Anarchist Rebellion against the established order. The established order is frantically working to keep order. The irony is that those now trying to keep the order were so “in on the cause” of upending the apple cart, when it suited them.

      I would be much more sympathetic to the small guys here if they were truly just small guys who happened to use these platforms to start investing. But what we have is not that. Just last night I saw statements from one of the “organizers” of this “movement” claiming that “We are going to destroy the banks”. Why? Because he claims they are depressing the price of silver.

      Here is the bottom line which everyone seems to be ignoring. There are serious rules about how one can trade and how they can share information about their views of the market. EVERYONE should have to abide by the rules. These anarcho types using Reddit are NOT following the rules. They are openly and publicly PUSHING stocks that they are investing in. Some are colluding to do it. If the big boys did this they would be prosecuted. Hell, investment newsletters almost disappeared due to these rules as they could no longer give advice and own the equities they pushed. Thus you got letters with “Example Portfolios” being “suggested” so that you knew the author of the letter was invested in those equities.

      • There are serious rules about how one can trade and how they can share information about their views of the market. EVERYONE should have to abide by the rules. These anarcho types using Reddit are NOT following the rules. They are openly and publicly PUSHING stocks that they are investing in. Some are colluding to do it. If the big boys did this they would be prosecuted. Hell, investment newsletters almost disappeared due to these rules as they could no longer give advice and own the equities they pushed. Thus you got letters with “Example Portfolios” being “suggested” so that you knew the author of the letter was invested in those equities.

        I don’t know JAC. I have asked around of people in the know, including my own advisor who says there is nothing to stop day traders from openly discussing these things in the chat rooms and such. The jury is still out for me. I am not a big investor (15mm). I am a small guy but I do not do day trades because of the risks. Because of my age, I keep everything in blue chip type stocks/bonds/tax free munis….I do not speculate and I go for the longer term yields. There nothing illegal about what the Reddit kids are doing…not yet, anyway.

        The head of the SEC was just on the Fox Business News and says they are watching but there is, so far, nothing illegal. He then went on to say, if the Robin Hood and other platforms restricting and shutting down the trades is illegal and the courts will bear that out, he says. But just because there are people pushing stocks on a social platform….this is not collusion nor is it illegal.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          That may be true for just “chatting” or “sharing ideas” by private folks. I can almost guarantee you that if a broker or sanctioned investor did this the SEC would come down on them like a ton of bricks.

          Now for the bigger concern. These people who are having fun messing with the market makers and banks are going to ADD to the frenzy to destroy freedom of the internet. When you start attacking the King you had better kill him. They did not and could not. But they did wound him. And like all wounded animals he will strike back.

          Insurrections, riots, attacks on the Capitol and the Capital Markets. All the same in the eyes of the elite. There is going to be hell to pay for all of us, thanks to these Reddit folks.

          • There is going to be hell to pay for all of us, thanks to these Reddit folks.

            I’m not sure that there is much hell they can do to me, but please explain.

            On another note, if the Crats or Repubs put out some new laws on this subject, we will know where they stand when it comes to Wall Street. Considering that many think the game is rigged, it would only exasperate that belief. I’m guessing that something will be done in Congress. Let the vail be lifted.

  15. Musings this morning:

    The Crats will pass a Covid bill with lots of non-Covid stuff in it, all by themselves (so I’m hearing).
    I think Taiwan is in trouble. Will the US intervene?
    The Chicago teachers union is out of control…or maybe they know that the students are that way and they feel safer teaching from home. Just sayin.
    So far, it’s a normal winter. Snowy and cold, but not too cold.

    • I think Taiwan is in trouble. Will the US intervene?

      No…Biden is in China’s pocket. He will stand aside and let it happen. Of that, I have no doubt and that is the consensus of the military. Biden has already pulled one of the carrier groups out of the South China Sea lanes….at the request of the Chinese.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That sir, I have no doubt. Taiwan will fall and the world and UN will just wring their hands just like when China was creating artificial islands in the South China Seas right up to the territorial waters if the surrounding countries.

        Then China will make an attempt at Japan and the “Divine Wind” will reappear

        • On of the problems of the China one baby rule was an excess of males. This has always led to problems.

          Do the Japanese have the fighting spirit to engage in a full blown war? As the Col. has noted, we seem to have lost it here.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    True words for morning coffee, or brunch for those in the EST zone.

    Nothing will ever be good enough for the social justice community. Their job is to dissect everything about western culture and point out its flaws. It is, by its nature, unpleasable.

    Therefore it shouldn’t be listened to. Ever.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    There are few stories about internet arguments which live up to the headlines about how one dunked on the other. Well here is one that actually lives up to the billing. I post it only because it contains truth that needs to be shared. Even if it will be ignored.


    Didn’t bother reading past the first few lines. Wasn’t there a time when one had to actually do something to promote peace, to earn a peace prize. ” Nobel Peace Prize, an honor awarded to people who have ” done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses,” according to Alfred Nobel’s concept. ” I guess they lost the definition.

    • Not for a loooong time….the Nobel lost its way back in the 70’s…like the academy awards, no one pays attention any longer.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Alfred Nobel created the peace prize to polish up his image as being the creator of explosives that have killed more people, except maybe the Black Plague.
        Same as Pulitzer. Created his prize to shine up his image as being one if the worst publishers ever known. He was described at the time as being in a race with William Randoph Hearst to the bottom of the sewer.

    • My response to this is two fingers. Now to decide if in the throat or in the glass.

  19. JAC….I do not know if this will make the National News, but we just uncovered a huge drug trafficking ring on the Texas border involving drugs from China, imported into Mexico, going to the Mexican Cartels for sale in the US. The drug is Fentanyl.

    • What are you doing with the Haitians?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Of course it will make it to the news. It will be OUR FAULT don’t ya know?

      I expect more coverage of the Texas legislator suggesting succession than I do over this drug bust.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I brought this up a while ago. Last year about 40+ people were convicted in Italy and some eastern European states. Their crime. Human body parts.. the human trafficking coming up through Libya after Obama and Hillary gently (sarc) removed gadaffi from the world opened the door. These migrants either pay or have some means once deposited in Italy to repay the NGO trafficker coyotes. If not they were being murdered and their body parts smuggled into Europe through Egypt. Into the transplant industry.

      I asked the Colonel if any evidence showing up on our side of the pond. He claimed no knowledge at the time. How about now? .

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    I am sure that many, including some at SUFA, feel as this author does. Much of the facts within are true. But let me offer a ray of hope in this bowl of despair. And a suggestion.

    First, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER place your desires and hopes in a PERSON. Not a single person and not a small group of persons.

    Which leads to the hope, if you are willing to keep the faith and work for it. It is We the People who are the real Lions. That is if we gather together and act in a coordinated hunt of the Hyenas. Mr. Trump cannot be the product of changes in our society and the cause of those changes. He is the former and not the latter. So let the left keep thinking he is the reason. Let them keep going after him and the few vocal followers. All the while staying on the task of making America GREAT, by first restoring our Constitutional Republic.

  21. Just A Citizen says:
  22. Just A Citizen says:

    And one for T-Ray

    I second the question; Why did the NFL require masks on the sidelines? Political pressure and virtue signaling……… oh and because Orange Man Bad.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    This is what the LEFT has wrought. We haven’t seen the worst yet either.

  24. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think these kinds of things are indicative of prolonged mask wearing. Not enough O2 in the blood/brain.

  25. Country A borrows $Xm from country B at y% and then gives it back to country B as foreign aid. Smart move?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      NO. As you described this County A will be paying County B the interest on the loan for who knows how long yet County B has the money. Furthermore, since it was given to B as Aid, County A still owes B the principle as well.

      So what am I missing.

      • A = US
        B = China
        This is an example of smarts in DC.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Ah yes. B wins, and A loses. A return to the status quo.

          Plus remember. That “Aid” is then used by B to subsidize its economy, further eroding the economic stability of A, which is forced to buy B’s cheap stuff just to fool its citizens into thinking things are not getting worse.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder if a State (legislature or governor) can force calling Senators home. Maybe decertifying them and recalling them or just calling them home until the leadership in Congress stops trying to target the representative duly elected by the people.

    Yes, I am talking about the D’s trying to boot the Georgia Congresswoman from the House, or at least all committee seats.

    • I like that idea. Thinking outside the box. As bad as I feel for Trump, I feel just as bad for John James. Cheated the first time by Stabenaw, second time by Gary Peters. We need to get him to try one more time.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw Lara Logan report on Fox tonight. She was commenting about the media/Democrats calling for censorship, the whole lock down of DC and other disturbing events.

    In a nutshell, she said it is not the specific items that are of concern, but that the entire move is coordinated and being pushed by really big money. She listed several groups and institutions she believes are part of it. She is convinced this is not happen stance or some random irrational response.

    Given her background, one should take her comments seriously.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    One little thing not addressed. Disaffected voters who switch sides do not create 20 million new votes for Biden AND 10 million more for Mr. Trump.

    But I do think some of the findings are valid and seem consistent with what I was sensing. One was that a lot of his supporters had grown kind of tired of his antics and style. A lot of voters are wishy washy and I could see those being tired willing to “try on a new pair of pants” just because.

    • JAC, you are correct. I think Trump’s problem was that he let his alligator mouth over load his canary ass…..I was even getting tired of his constant diatribe almost as much as I was the Democrats mantra……I know a lot of people that voted for Trump in the primary did not show up for the election. Even with that,Trump still carried Texas. As did Cruz but not with wide margins as before. Beto O’Rourke has pretty much disappeared from sight and, so far, is not on the Biden team. He is scheduled to teach English in a small college around Austin in 2021.

      Immigration has become a major topic among Texas voters this year. I am seeing a much more energized conservative movement in Texas since Trump lost the election. Everyone here accepted Trump’s loss early on knowing that he would not prevail in his lawsuits, so the focus went on to the most significant item facing Texas…..which is illegal immigration. With the Texas Supreme Court firmly in Republican hands since 1993, it is unlikely to change since judges are elected and not appointed. However, when Beto O’Rourke ran against Cruz, Texans were really divided even with O’rourke saying he was going to take the guns. Because of this division, we lost some minor judges in the urban areas of Houston and Dallas. I think Cruz got the message but he is still not liked here very well. I told you that the Veteran’s group that I am part of ( I am on the finance committee) dropped its support of Cruz in the last election and threw it behind some down ballot races in South Texas in the predominantly hispanic areas and were very successful in getting conservative hispanic’s elected in predominantly democratic areas. Cruz lost over $200,000 of support from us and is not getting it back. He is, of course, trying to court us to get us back but he has a long road to travel.

      Our governor has said that Texas will not relax its border security no matter the rules coming out of Washington, DC. Biden can do what he wants with the Federal employees but Texas will still control the border with our National guard. Texas is also organizing a new state law enforcement group dedicated SOLELY to illegal immigration. And it is easy finding employees because they are leaving the Federal program in droves. Also, those members in the Texas Guard that are retiring are moving into border security. This is very serious in Texas and anyone running for office in the future better be on board with border security because even enclaves like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas are becoming tired of the illegal population.

      All this to say, Texas seems to be focusing on its own…..and will do its own thing. Now, I know that some on here, and maybe you as well, will cite the “rule of law.” Texas will continue to disregard laws it does not like as it pertains to Texas….such as redistricting. It is not the SCOTUS’ business nor anyone else’s business how Texas uses redistricting. It is no one’s business to tell us how to patrol our border. It is no one’s business to tell us how many drop boxes are allowed. This is State business and it is how we look at it.

  29. Watch China closely…….3 more combat divisions mobilized and moved to border. That makes 1 million troops mobilized in last 2 weeks.

  30. Congressional Democrats have a plan to forever keep Republicans from winning elections and influencing policy decisions with H.R. 1 in the House, and the similar S. 1 in the SenateThe fact that these bills are the first filed shows how high a priority they are, even though the nation is still in the middle of a pandemic and economic catastrophe. Under President Barack Obama, H.R. 1 was the stimulus, under President George W. Bush, it was “No Child Left Behind.” It’s also a sign that President Biden’s agenda is being dictated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and The Squad.H.R. 1 would undermine state election oversight, like efforts to clean up old voter rolls. It eliminates any restrictions on vote-by-mail. Taxpayers would be on the hook for matching 600% of campaign contributions to subsidize candidates they may disagree with – a practice that has been ripe for corruption. It empowers federal regulators to categorize and regulate speech, including online. New standards for “coordination” would be broad and confusing. All speech that simply mentions a candidate could be illegal four months out from an election if groups speak to the public. Worse, at any time, any funded communication that mentions an issue that might be associated with a politician could be illegal. Democrats can dress this up with talk of “dark money” and pretend they’re worried about money in politics, but they’re only worried about Americans with right-of-center views speaking out.

    There is nothing more to say.

  31. Don’t cheer, don’t sing, don’t have super bowl parties…………sigh.

  32. Imagine:

    Gov. Cuomo was a Republican
    If there was an assassination attempt on Trump
    The day when Conservatives have finally had enough of Liberal bullshit
    Liberals actually start attacking Conservatives
    The prediction that 68% of the US population will not be here in 2025 comes true

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Observation: It seems that WE have suddenly moved from left vs. right, or State vs. Freedom to Elite vs Little People. We are suddenly is a Class War. This has been the change over the past week in much of the “Conservative” media. Here is one example:

    Now while I also have railed against the Elite I do recognize a deeper split in the country. The one that really, really, matters. That is the Globalist/socialist vs. National/capitalists. In other words, Tyranny vs. Liberty. The “elite” would not have the power they do if not for about half the country being on their side. That would be the socialism, globalists free cookie crowd, in case you were wondering.

    If we allow this class war to build we will find ourselves replacing the Globalist elites with NEW tyrants, disguised as “populists”.

    Focusing on Class War deflects and covers up the deeper ideological divide. Which allows it to continue to grow, just like a wildfire grows when ignored.

    Blaming the elite for our divisions is oversimplification and harmful in the long run.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe it is time to ask ourselves if those on the left who scream about race all the time are really trying to address injustice or are they waging an actual race war against us.

    It is one thing to call for Justice for All. It is entirely another to decry White as evil and not just call for but celebrate the elimination of “white people” as a majority in the country. I think that among the most radical and militant of the left this “racism” is not some tactic but the actual goal. They don’t just want a left wing Utopia, they want one with virtually no white people in it.

    The more the push this agenda the greater the chance that those really crazy neo Nazi types become mainstream. The old mantra of “beware what you wish for” comes to mind but perhaps even more is the one that says “you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy”.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    So “egregious misconduct” is apparently the new standard for impeachment.

    Don’t even waste your time. You are going to ask that those who control the system be held EQUALLY accountable by that system.

    • I didn’t read it. I noticed even Mathius moved the goalposts soon after the 6th. Originally Trump incited violence on that day with his speech. Then it went to…even if you don’t think his speech incited violence that day, his rhetoric leading up to the 6th also fueled the fire. So the standard now – is even questioning the outcome of the election gets labeled egregious misconduct. How can you fight back against that? Guess we’ll see starting tomorrow. They better keep that fence up.

    • The whole impeachment thing is stupid to begin with. Just political theater, nothing more or less. The Crats have gone bonkers since Trump was elected in 2016.

  36. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Time to re-read Heinlein’s
    “Starship Troopers” after the “Crazy Years” when the country (and world) finally embrace Civil War, a group of veterans decide to take the helm (the only people who can organize their way out of a wet paper bag).

    I suspect putting down ANTIFA and its ilk was not pretty but it was done and a new government formed enshrining pretty much all our liberties except “one man one vote”. Want to vote? Want to hold office? Then you had to volunteer to serve. Two year minimum in what the government told you. Maybe the military, maybe teaching lepers on Molokai, perhaps a year alone orbiting the moon Titan. But you put out! Then and only then could you run for office or vote!

    You only got the franchise AFTER you served, so, if you were like our Colonel, he STILL would not be able to vote (eliminates the military dictatorship possibility). .

  37. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    In the past few months, our family has been exposed to the vagaries of the “risk adverse” “zero tolerance” all new, improved and WOKE military. However, Junior ain’t a lawyer for nothing.

    Here is one that I think takes the cake. Naturally, it’s in the Navy. My personal, biased, best guess ….a female XO wants to move up the ladder.

    Colonel’s comments requested since I KNOW he brought home some trophies himself. .

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Very interesting analysis, and quite informative.

    1. It undermines the rhetoric of the current Administration, FBI, DOJ, and military. Which confirms my believe they are using this to increase funding and leeway to hunt Americans they don’t like.

    2. The authors FAIL in the “conclusions” department. Note they think that to prevent this “group” we need to understand the people. They don’t even consider that when a broad spectrum of the country decides violence is needed that perhaps WHY might be a good question.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    This is why Robinhood suspended trading on Gamestop and others. As did some other discount platforms, like Ameratrade.

    “The process that occurs after an individual investor places a trade on a smartphone or computer on a platform such as Webull typically appears to the end user to be a seamless transaction. Usually, if an individual investor buys or sells a security, the transaction appears to settle right away.

    Behind the scenes, however, are multiple parties—and large sums of money—at play.

    Webull, like other online brokerages, routes its trades through a clearing firm, which helps streamline the trading process until settlement. Typically, Mr. Denier says, it takes two business days for a trade to settle. He said clearing firms such as Apex are required to put up collateral on behalf of the broker and the customer to help facilitate the trade as an intermediary. Mr. Denier said that Apex was told by DTCC that collateral requirements had been raised on transactions for GameStop to near 100%..

    When the DTCC demanded an increase in “collateral” the platforms had little choice. Now some are saying DTCC did this to protect the hedge funds. But DTCC has a role, that is to make sure there is money and securities enough to close and settle each transaction. Huge volatility usually calls for greater collateral requirements.

    Now to me the one hinky thing in all this is why the NYSE or NASDQ did not step in and seemed to make the platforms and DTCC take the hit. When stocks move irrationally the exchanges quite often suspend trading to prevent crashes, either up or down. Despite the openly declared intent to pump Gamestop and while is soared irrationally the exchanges just sat there.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    I guess Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are true conservatives. Because they have not moved one inch from there they were 15 years ago, regarding proper Republican decorum and how Senators should think.

    Despite the world of politics completely CHANGING in that same time frame.

    Dear Mitch,

    You only response to Democratic Party carping about any crazy Republican should be, “When you get your own loony bin under control get back to us”.

    • Sorry JAC…me thinks the crazy are running the asylum now.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Sad part is that post election losses are usually followed by this kind of stupidity. Especially on the R side.

        I recall the D’s went through this a bit when H.Clinton lost but they quickly moved to Russia, Russia, Russia to try and paper over their deeper problems.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Pulled up some data on selected States regarding voting in 2016 and 2020 compared to population changes.

        Texas: Gained 1,446,695 people from 2016 to 2020.

        Of R and D votes for POTUS: D gained 1,381,258 votes (2016 to 2020).
        R gained 1,205,300 votes (2016 to 2020).

        voter turnout (% of registered): 2016 = 59.4% and 2020 = 66.7%

        In Summary: Texas grew by approx. 1.45 Million people in 4 years ( 5.18%). Voter turnout increased by 7.3% This combined affect of more people and greater turnout resulted in the top two candidates getting about 2.58 million more votes. All in all this looks very plausible on the surface.

        Now lets look at California for the same period.

        Population growth: Gain of 218,892 (note: population loss occurred from 2019 to 2020 but not enough to wipe out gains after 2016).

        Voter turnout: Increased by 5.4%

        So States of similar size, California with SMALLER population growth, smaller voter turnout increase but an INCREASE of votes for the top two of 4,079,081.

        Now here is the interesting factoid. Mr. Trump got 1,522,619 MORE votes in 2020 in California than he did in 2016.

        Not had enough yet?

        Nevada: Population increased by 218,704 over the 4yrs (total of 3.14 million people).
        Voter turnout, increased 0.43%.
        Top two votes increased by 322,058.
        Mr. Trump increased his take by 157,832, getting more total votes in 2020 than Mrs. Clinton did in 2016 (669,890 vs. 539,260). In 2016 he lost by about 27,000.

        Mr. Biden got 703,486 in 2020, an increase of 164,226 over Mrs. Clinton. Bottom line, Mr. Trump lost in 2020 by 33,596 votes. About 6,000 more than in 2016.

        Something seems hugely rotten in California. Nevada’s numbers don’t look out of line but I know what happens in Clark County and the lawsuit is still active over a very large number of out of staters voting in the Nevada election.

        • CA has a large illegal population. I suspect most of the growth comes from that. How many of those illegals vote I cannot say but I do not think they make it too hard as it is done on the honor system here.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Forgot one, Pennsylvania:

        Population increase = -5,241 (yes, that is a negative number)
        Turnout: No data for 2016 but reported at 79.93% for 2020
        Top 2 votes: +938,729

        So PA LOST 5,241 people but 938,729 more people voted this time.

        Mr. Trump gained 406,941 votes. But Mr. Biden gained 531,788.

        Now for a summary value, since we can make numbers seem important when they may not be. Vote increase over population increase

        TX = Vote increase was 1.78 times the population increase.
        CA = 18.6 times
        NV = 1.47 times
        PA = -179.1 times This is hard to understand for some, so lets assume a pop. increase of 1. Then PA’s vote increase was 938,729 times greater than a population increase of 1 person.

        • Voter increase with respect to the population increase is a meaningless statistic.

          • Yes and no…..I think it tells greatly on the influx of population and where they are coming from…..I can see a direct relationship in Austin, Texas, for instance and Dallas, Texas because of the type of business we are siphoning off…..along with those business’ come a more liberal thought…..and people that come in with them. There is a direct correlation.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I disagree. While it has not specific meaning in terms of definitive proof it does allow comparisons of what is “normal” or “historical” trends.

            Zero growth, small increased participation but a huge increase in votes is an indicator of “something”. Justifying a deeper dive. The D’s and R’s will claim this is increased voter turnout. But what if the turnout doesn’t support that. Although in PA we are not sure of what that change was as the data I used did not include 2016 turnout.

            One key data point missing is changes in “registered” voters. Some time back I posted that Michigan had INCREASED registered voters by 400,000 from Jan 2020 to Oct 2020. Michigan also supposedly grew almost 2 million in population in the past four years. I find the growth number suspect given what has happened in Michigan, but who knows.

            Looking at that the growth in registered voters is not big surprise. EXCEPT, it all came in the first 8 months of the year and EXCEEDED all past “get out the vote” registration increases, including the past four years by a factor of 6 to 7. The increase before the 2016 election was about 100,000, if I recall.

            Bottom line: Something smells in Michigan. Is it rotten or just demographic changes combined with a massive “get out the vote” campaign? I do not know. But the numbers are an anomoly.

            • Any time you look at the ratio of two differences, you run the risk of wildly varying results. So much depends on the size of the denominator. However, looking at the differences themselves (not ratios) is legitimate. I agree that there are too many unexplained numerical anomalies in the vote data for not just the 6 states in question but many more. I have not seen a good breakdown of the under-vote (difference in down ballot votes compared to the presidential vote) for the 6 states. This would indicate if fake president only ballots were counted.

              HR1 includes legislation to make mail in balloting universal. In this case the state legislatures must object and demand their constitutional prerogative in formulating election laws. Nullification would be in order here. I am sure TX is already on this.

  41. AOC poked her head out of the capitol this morning and said nine more years.

  42. Ok, Biden…………..what are you going to do now. Chinese bombers have started, just this week, running mock air attacks on US shipping in the South China Seas….sometimes coming within 400 feet of our warships….and we do nothing about it. Oh wait, we did do something…..we pulled a carrier group from the area…I forgot. Biden tucks tail and runs, so we actually did something.

    Number 2, this week, China has warned the US not to interfere in any move on Taiwan as it will mean war…..Biden tucks tail and runs……

    So, it is started and we are becoming a non power again…..with a yellow streak a mile wide.

    Taiwan will be over run in Biden’s first year and no one will do anything about it.

    THIS is the attitude I am talking about when I say we have lost it……we have no resolve under these types of administration……sad day.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      As I turned off the only show I watch anymore, Tucker Carlson, last night, half way through, the wife came in and started talking about some thing she had received on her phone about some big plan to counter Biden and I just lost it! I had turned off Tucker because of the fake “happy talk” about how we are going to “counter” Biden’s oligarchy and take back the house! Why bother?

      Sorry, it IS all over, I see no way back any longer. There is nothing, not a damned thing, that anyone especially the Mitch McConnell led Republican Party can do to undo the total control the left now has over the government.

      Right now, they focus (our guys!) on this looney congresswoman we have from Georgia, doing damage control 24-7 for what she supposedly believes yet fail to point out the AOC and her ilk stuff which is worse. Our new congresswoman from Georgia at last look has NOT demanded 135 democrats be thrown out of the House. Nor has she called for harassment of any democrat, exile of any democrat, re-education camps for democrats, suggested that Ted Cruz wants to kill anybody, nor suggested Guam may tip over if more Marines go there.

      So, I am a little bit depressed. Perhaps Matt was wise to depart lest he be forced to defend anything happening on the d. side of the aisle these days. While I am sure he and many other “moderates” I know who bemoaned their choices last November yet cast their lot with the devil, have just ushered in the destruction of the Republik.

      Now where, possibly, can the New York Times have gotten the idea for a Ministry of Truth?

      • Now where, possibly, can the New York Times have gotten the idea for a Ministry of Truth? Joseph Goebbels ?

        Perhaps Matt was wise to depart lest he be forced to defend anything happening on the d. side of the aisle these days Hated to lose him but he was a little thinned skinned….but that is ok. I am sure he did not want to have to spend time defending what he voted for as well….but…hope he is well.

        • Mathius taking a break, doesn’t mean he’s never coming back, unless I missed something. We’re an internet family, he better come back.

          • Oh seriously, he’s not thin skinned, he’s been arguing the opposite opinion for 11 years, with most disagreeing with him. He’s very good at it to. 😀

            • Yes, his perspective is what I like….but he is thin skinned about what I define as patriotism….he took great exception to what I said about the attitude of today not being the same as the attitude of yesteryear and I used the storming of the Normandy beaches as an example. The attitude HAS changed. The same attitude that created Rosie the Riveter is non existent…..allow me some examples…..

              I asked a question long ago about the role of the individual today in rendering help. I used the example of a father walking with his wife and children into a mall and witnessed a rape ongoing or breaking into cars,,,,,what would you do? The answer I got was, nothing because I have a wife and children and if anything happened to me, what would they do. I find this attitude abhorrent.

              The same as people standing around watching a beating taking place and no one stopping it but they all whip out their cell phones and take pictures and have a race to see who posts it on U tube the quickest. This is just a different attitude and, as I said, abhorrent.

              The same attitude that prevails about “we need to understand what drives BLM or ANTIFA” and not be so hard on them…that their actions are justified.

              This is what I meant about attitude…..the attitude of helping people no longer exists….now it is an attitude of entitlement….not everyone has skin in the game. Taxes should be for everyone regardless of income….not the upper echelon providing for the lower echelon. We have created an attitude of entitlement and the work ethic has disappeared. Mathius takes exception to this but that is ok….I accept him for being young and dialing into this progressive mantra but he needs to learn to take the heat as well. When I point out that he is a capitalist at heart because of the industry he is in…he takes exception to that but he lives under the very capitalist society that provides his job.

              He is a great guy and I like him…..hope he comes back, but I doubt it this time.

  43. We are in the middle of a pandemic! Everything is problematic! How are we supposed to enjoy a good ol’ game of American football in times like these? Easy. Follow these simple suggestions for a safe and inclusive Super Bowl LV!

    Don’t have a Super Bowl party: Are you kidding? Why in the world would you have a Super Bowl party in times like these? The best way to be safe? JUST SAY NO.
    Instead of saying “YAYYYY TOUCHDOWN!!!!” Nod your head and quietly say “amen”: Cheering basically turns you into a deadly virus-shooting lawn sprinkler. Don’t cheer. You could instead write down your play-by-play emotions in a journal.
    Read passages of White Fragility in between plays: We need to make sure we take the appropriate time to reflect on our privilege.
    Buy a TV for everyone at the party so they can all watch the game alone in a separate room: Anything less could kill Grandma.
    Wear foam fingers on both your hands to stop the spread of germs: Also, wear one on your head.
    To prevent double-dipping and contamination, reduce the 7-layer dip to a much safer 2 layers: Even better, avoid dip entirely. Eat dry chips while silently looking straight ahead. Science.
    Mix hand sanitizer with the salsa: It’s just common sense.
    Complain loudly about Colin Kaepernick not being there: All your guests must know you’re on the right side of history.
    Give everyone a nasal-swab COVID test at the door: NASAL swabs, you sicko.
    Cry during every commercial that mentions unity: They ALL will. Buy plenty of Kleenex.
    We hope you enjoy a safe and politically-correct Super Bowl this year! Or, you could just go to Sunday night prayer meeting, you sinner.

    • LOS ANGELES, CA—Plagued by accusations that he’s a serial abuser and overall degenerate psycho, singer-songwriter Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson, is working to shake off those accusations by running for office as a Democrat politician.

      “The music and movie industry have canceled me,” said Manson, “so I’m moving on to the only place my depraved behavior is still accepted: Congress!”

      Manson added: “As a proud Democrat politician, I am now automatically a champion of women’s rights. And if you don’t vote for me you’re a misogynist who hates women.”

      Democrats in Congress celebrated Manson’s miraculous rehabilitation and are welcoming him with open arms to Washington D.C.

      “Mr. Manson is one of the finest and most upstanding men of character I have ever met,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “He loves fighting for the poor and for women’s rights. The accusations against him are obviously a slanderous attempt by bigoted, misogynist Republicans who want to smear this angelic champion of women.”

  44. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Anyone have a handle on the “straight story” about the botched FBI raid in Florida?

    Is it going to be a “friendly fire” issue?

    Seems there actually was an autopsy on the Capital Cop which showed NOTHING.

  45. JAC….I am going to a meeting today about setting up the off shore accounts in tax friendly areas. Moving Corporate headquarters and such and routing mail…..Now, I am not big potatoes in the financial world but I do ok…..and I do not want it excessively taxed and I have already set up my accounts for the if and when of this administration. I did it under Obama and I will do it again.

    My point is….something that I have not seen before….about 40% of my friends that are in a similar situation….are moving offshore. Makes me wonder how many, nationwide, are actually going to do this.

    • Then, I wonder, what the impact will be? During the Obama years, my effective tax rate was 16%…under Trump it did not move very much (14.3% ) but the cash flow increased significantly….23%. I just wonder if anyone is running a tab on this to see what the impact is going to be with Yellen and Warren at the helm.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Doesn’t moving off shore and back again and off shore again COST you real money?

      Maybe just keep it off shore. Getting and idea, one that won’t work but would be cool.

      Will talk to my right wing crazy friends in legislature and suggest we make Idaho a SANCTUARY State for FINANCE/BANKING.

      Similar to Nevada years ago when I sold some real estate there and asked about their reporting to the Feds. Since there is no income tax in NV. They said they DO NOT SEND anything to the Federal Govt involving ANY of their citizens’ business dealings. I am sure that has changed with the Bluing of the State but it is an idea.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        P.S.: I expect that very soon the off shore option will be taken away from everyone. So be aware of that move by the Biden cabal.

        • Well, they cannot really do that because there are markets out there that do not share information with the US. The Cayman’s being one of those markets. They did not “kow tow” like the Swiss did….and the Virgin Islands,,,,do not share information with the US. Besides, I would suspect that most of your Congressmen and women are not going to shit in the bed.

  46. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Rush is out today after taking heavy flak over casting some aspersions at AOC over her “recovered” memory of abuse.

    Now for those not completely stupid, here were are two full years down the road from the nationwide “WOKE” movement regarding Weinstein and Epstein et al and she suddenly drops this on us?

    One wonders since finally some flak was coming her way after her repeated unhinged accusations that Ted Cruz wanted to kill her if in fact it was NOT time to “change” the subject” to some whiteboy who grabbed her when she didn’t want to be grabbed.

    To be honest, I believe her about as much as I believe that exotic dancer at the frat party at Duke a few years back.

  47. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The sendoff for the capitol cop on the days before the impeachment Colonel, DO remind me of the sendoff Old Joe Goebbels gave Horst Wessel.

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Shame on the family for allowing this.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    What should be close to the definitive summary of the election law suits.
    Surprise, surprise. It is not what ANY of the media has reported (left or right), although some on the right are closer.

    Note of interest. One of the cases involving the computers supposedly allowed discovery. I recall the judge said yes to investigating them. Yet Dominion is running around threatening Liable and Defamation Lawsuits in the billions of dollars. Before the deep dive is complete. I also recall that those who won the discovery saying that many of the records needed were deleted by the State so it may all be for not. DO NOT TAKE THIS COMMENT TO THE BANK AS I AM RUNNING ON MEMORY OF THIS AT THE MOMENT. AT MY MEMORY OF LATE HAS NOT BEEN THE STEEL TRAP IT ONCE WAS, AS I AM JUGGLING TO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    One other thing on elections. Georgia legislature has been making noise and causing heartburn over proposals to shore up its process, especially mail in voting. Of course the left is going ape and parroting their usual garbage about voter suppression.

    BUT, some of the proposals seem to go beyond what is necessary and might be unnecessary. One required that picture ID be provided TWICE for mail in ballots. Why not require Notarized Signatures and be done with the photo copy of a photo? What good is a picture ID submitted with a mail in ballot anyway????

    Another prohibited people from voting in a runoff election when they did not live in the State for the general election which triggered the runoff. Seems OK but why not just require 6 months as a Resident of the State before you can vote………. in any election?

    Then one that seems to continue potential abuse is allowing Candidates or their “affiliated organizations” to sign people up for absentee ballots.

    I would also posit that REGISTRATION is a complete waste if States cannot aggressively update and maintain those lists. And require ID and proof of residency to get on the list.

    You could replace registration with same day REQUIRED presentation of photo ID and prove of residency in the District where you are voting. Maybe even get creative and allow ballots to be used for all districts in all voting locations. But combine that with stringent Proof of Citizenship, Proof of ID and Proof of Residency. The citizenship issue can be easily handled at the time Official Govt. ID is issued to the voter.

    • To be eligible to register to vote in Texas, a person must be:

      A United States citizen;
      A resident of the Texas county in which application for registration is made for 6 months;
      At least 18 years old on Election Day;
      Not finally convicted of a felony, or, if so convicted must have (1) fully discharged the sentence, including any term of incarceration, parole, or supervision, or completed a period of probation ordered by any court; or (2) been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disability to vote; and
      Not determined by a final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be (1) totally mentally incapacitated; or (2) partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote.

      A voter who has not been issued a driver’s license or social security number may register to vote, but such voter must submit proof of identification when presenting himself/herself for voting or with his/her mail-in ballots, if voting by mail. These voters’ names are flagged on the official voter registration list with the annotation of “ID.” The “ID” notation instructs the poll worker to request a proper form of identification from these voters when they present themselves for voting, unless they are a voter with a permanent exemption on the voter registration certificate. The voter must present one of the seven (7) acceptable forms of picture identification:

      Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
      Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
      Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
      Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
      United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
      United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
      United States passport

      If you move to another county:

      You must re-register! Fill out a new application and mail it, or take it in person, to the Voter Registrar of your new county. You may not register online if you move from one county to another. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted. You will receive a new certificate.

      After changing residence to another county, a person may be eligible to vote a “limited” ballot in his/her new county of residence on candidates or issues common to the old and new counties. A “limited” ballot may be voted only during early voting by personal appearance or by mail (not on Election Day) if:

      the person would have been eligible to vote in the county of former residence on Election Day if still residing in that county;
      the person is registered to vote in the county of former residence at the time the person offers to vote in the county of new residence; and
      a voter registration for the person in the county of new residence is not effective on or before Election Day.

      To be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas, you must:

      be 65 years or older;
      be sick or disabled;
      be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by persTo be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas, you must:

      be 65 years or older;
      be sick or disabled;
      be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or
      be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.
      personal appearance; or
      be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.

      The person submitting a request for early voting must be eligible to vote. Early voting signatures on the envelope must match the signature of the person requiring early voting on the ballot inside. Any envelope that has been opened or damaged in any manner will not be considered.


      JAC…what is wrong with this procedure?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Seems overly complicated to me. But will look closer later. Maybe in the morning when my brain works better. 🙂

        First of all, whey should old people get to vote by mail just because we got old?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        OK, did see one other thing. The over emphasis of County residency.

        Residency for voting should primarily be STATE. So moving counties should not require a waiting period. However, you NEED TO PROVE you live in that county to vote in that county’s races and initiatives.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Putting the reality of Activist Courts aside for the moment this author is correct.

    However, this does not prevent litigation under anti trust for bahavior by companies that hold IP Patents. Face Book for example holds patents on the tech which allows it to function. It does not hold IP Patents or copyrights on the existence of a platform, necessarily.

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Welcome to the Soviet States of America.

    This is just freaking unbelievable given all that has been published about what the Proud Boys actually consists. What this amounts to is if a few members of any group conspire to commit a crime against the Gov.t the ENTIRE GROUP and anyone in it can be classified as a Terrorist. Any member of said group is now a CRIMINAL if they continue to support the Group. Even if said group actually does not foment violence.

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Love how the headline was “Republicans beat back………” You mean ESTABLISHMENT Republicans. Which you then find in the story. I would also like to note that the issues over Cheney go far deeper than her impeachment vote. That was just the straw for some, but not the full list.

    But now you know what WE the freedom, liberty loving people are up against in the R party. Just look at the vote count. Despite all the rhetoric last week about her losing power, face, support, the only ones to vote no were the same old small group of the “Freedom Caucus”.

    From The Hill:
    The establishment wing of the GOP won a rare and dramatic victory Wednesday night, when Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) beat back an attempt by Donald Trump’s staunchest allies to knock her from power as retribution for voting to impeach the former president just three weeks earlier.

    The 145-61 vote in favor of keeping Cheney in leadership, conducted by secret ballot, followed a marathon, closed-door “family discussion” in the basement of the Capitol Visitors Center, where dozens of House Republicans lined up to voice their frustrations with the Wyoming Republican, the most powerful GOP woman in Congress, and called for her removal as conference chair, a role that entails leading the party’s messaging efforts.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    We so often assign how a newly elected changes to Potomac Fever. Well some of it is due to DIRECT THREATS levied at them by those in power. Notice how the “Republican Caucus” becomes the focus of what is right or wrong, acceptable or not. Instead of the elected persons CONSTITUENCY. McCarthy can kiss my grits. Just another ass-hat who is worried about losing his table at the annual Press Club Dinner.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    The JERKS just don’t get it: From an article about the new Sec Def ordering a Stand Down while the military looks into “extremism”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    “Following the insurrection, it was discovered that nearly 1 in 5 people charged in connection with the riot have some form of military background.”

    So this supposed insurrection was caused by what exactly? Those arrested have said plainly what it was. They feel the Election was not Fair, that fraud occurred and that those charged with upholding the Constitution SPIT on it. So they, took action.

    What exactly would you expect of ex-military, or other govt. officials, who swore and OATH to defend that precious document and then saw what appears as Govt. agents not just ignoring it but shredding it.

    From my perspective I am surprised the number is only 1 in 5. Although that is 20% and I doubt 20$ of the population under 60 has served. Could be wrong but doubt it.

    The RIOT or INSURRECTION was not to overthrow the Govt. It was to RESTORE the Govt. It was NOT TO UNDERMINE or ATTACK the Constitution but to DEMAND/FORCE Congress to adhere to it. Now explain how that fits in the theories of insurrection, terrorism, etc, etc,. or whatever other clap trap argument you wish to make in hopes of denigrating those who actually took action instead of just sitting around and complaining.

    And PLEASE tell me how those rioting to SUPPORT the Constitution are not only the same but “worse” than ANTIFA? An organization whose entire existence is based on OVERTHROWSING our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a Socialist Utopia.

    ““I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”” Barry Goldwater.

    If you don’t think those words resonate let me point out that over the past five days several articles on the left have mentioned “Goldwater Republicans” and how they were “destroyed” and may need to be “destroyed once again”.

    • JAC, we have recently had a couple of “civvies” from the Sec of Defense down here analyzing what the Texas Guard is doing. They have now been banned from all National Guard training sites and establishments. They were here asking questions about the leadership and the amount of Hispanics in leadership positions.

      They moved on to the border under the disguise of “what were we doing that is so effective” as compared to Arizona and California. We simply told them that we are enforcing the law. No exceptions. We told them that we shoot back when shot exceptions. We showed them that we had a second line of defense to counteract the upcoming changes in Federal border orders. We told them that since there is no Federal Land on the border we are under no obligation to the Feds except for the National Defense Zone of 1 mile…we have our own security at the 3 KM point.

      We told them that we were trying to stop the human trafficking contrary to the Feds who want to relax the controls.

      But the point I am trying to make…..they are down here trying to probe into what we are doing and the feeling is that they are probing for nefarious reasons. They are quite frustrated at not being able to see all the border because it is privately owned. It is up to the ranchers if they wish to let anyone on their property and they are not doing it.

      Texas is in the cross hairs.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I have not doubt Texas is a target, but I doubt you are the only one. My spidey senses have kicked in recently.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    For those who scoffed at my old posts about how the Democrats have a history of loving to use POWER, to exceed all norms. And to justify their actions there is ALWAYS a crisis that needs addressed. Their go to arguments always center around Wilson and FDR.

    Well, right on time here is a current editorial explaining how Uncle Joe needs to be like FDR. The guy the R’s tried to run out of town for ABUSE of power but failed due to POPULISM. Oh, and all the Communists in Hollywood and the Media who were aiding his efforts.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Well 20 years after orthopedic surgeons determined that injuries to my knees sustained in 1969, required replacement. But my “Gold Plated” management insurance always rejected the surgery claiming u was to young. The surgeries have finally been approved after 20 years of limited mobility.

    But now covid has pushed the surgery fir ths 1st knee a minimum of 6 more months. It’s a wait and see. It’s not nessecarily the couple day stay in the hospital. But the potential of being put into an interim care facility until I can get around better. Ie drive.

    My dearest friend recently moved to Colorado and bought a beautiful home above Denver in Central City. She was shot to death last week in her home. Would have been 29 years old today. She survived 4 deployments the the M/E since she joined the army at 18.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My deepest and most sincere sympathies This news truly hurts.

    • That’s so sad Dale. I don’t know if the Grim Reaper is following me or what lately, but I’ve had several from the extended family pass this year already. Several more just last year. From 2 years old right up to 90+. None of them Covid related. I’m sorry for your loss.

    • To lose one so young, I’m so sorry.

    • Dale, I got your email and I am truly sorry. She was a beautiful girl.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Leah was such a brilliant star. She lit up everyone’s life around her. She also was extremely smart and capable in everything she did. She had just been accepted into an advanced degree program at Penn State in aeronautical engineering . Every course she took up to this point was straight A’s. About 3 years ago she obtained her 100 ton captains license. In one return cruise the captain of the transport she served on decided to take Cape Hatteras, dead of night in a raging winter storm and the exercise criteria was all modern navigational equipment was down. She was the navigator. Most people i know when it came to electronics or mechanics would say can you help me. She always said could you hand me this size Philipshead or this size spanner.

        We’d known each other about 6-7 years. We were planning my trip out to Colorado for a couple weeks. What we’d be doing, menus. I made furniture and art for her new house. Saved house hold items as I downsized. Our last messages were the day before with her saying I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m smoking a briquette and it needs tending.

        The call never came.

        Just in case anyone is wondering our age difference is precisely why we got along so well. We’d be out and guys would hit on her constantly. Shed wrap her arms around me and tell the guy that we lived together.. in a round about way we did. I rented a large 1843 house downtown and she rented a little efficiency tacked on the back. Only one door separated us and much if the time it was open.
        Last year, if covid hadnt canceled my 50th she wanted to go to it out in CA. She wanted to mess with my HS classmates minds. She did have a devilish sense of humor.

    • Sorry for your loss Dale.

    • My condolences to you Dale.

  57. President Biden’s recently appointed climate czar, John Kerry, took a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership. Kerry defended his high-pollution ride at the time, calling it “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle” in an interview obtained by Fox News. The incident had not been previously reported in the American press.Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who led the Arctic Circle Roundtable, criticized Kerry for traveling to the event via private jet, Icelandic outlet RUV reported.Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson confronted Kerry at the event over his choice of transportation, asking: “I understand that you came here with a private jet. Is that an environmental way to travel?”Kerry responded by claiming that it was the only way. “If you offset your carbon — it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle,” Kerry said.”I’ve been involved with this fight for years. I negotiated with [Chinese] President Xi to bring President Xi to the table so we could get Paris. And, I believe, the time it takes me to get somewhere, I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly, meet with people and get things done,” Kerry said, sidestepping the fact that he chose a private jet over a commercial flight. Private jets have been estimated to emit upward of 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial flights.As Fox News previously noted, the Kerry family owned a private charter jet company from which the longtime Democrat appeared to benefit financially. As late as 2013, his executive branch personnel financial disclosure showed Kerry owning “over $1,000,001” in assets for the charter company Flying Squirrel LLC through his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, heir to the Heinz ketchup fortune.


    So let me see if I understand this,,,,,he gets an exception. He does not fly commercial which is better on the emissions and he owns a charter jet service…..


    Nothing else needs to be said,,,,,good for me but not for thee.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Impotant people git to fly. The rest of us has to walk.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yeah…if he was part of the Paris Linate accord negotiations he did real well. Giving China a pass in any pollution reduction until 2030. The year according to AOC its ti late. It his brilliant negotiations with Iran over the nuclear deal. Only gave up one if his sons in marriage to an ayatollahs daughters. Old world diplomacy.

      Theyll forfeit Taiwan an ally. Theyll retreatvfrom the south China seas 1st two in progress. Theyll at a critical moment deny israel replacement arms when iran with battalions on the Israel syria border launch into Israel when they’re confident the US will DO NOTHING

  58. suddenly I am in exile……

  59. As divided as this country is, I’m sure glad I’m on the side with the most guns and know which bathroom to use.

  60. Wow….AOC wasn’t even in the capitol building during the riot,,,,,,,she was across the street in another building……fearing for her life? Give me a f****** break.

    Want to see fear for your life? Come to the Texas border and cross it…..then let us talk.

    • Yabut! Those bombs were on the capitol grounds. Her office is on the capitol grounds. So it follows that she was a target, 🙄

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Hot Lips is a quite accomplished liar. I realized that when she ran first time and claimed that as a bartender she ONLY cleared $ 26,000. Now, my old man was a bartender and adjusting for inflation he would have done well over $ 50.00 K these days and did not have the, ahem! attributes Hot Lips has. Of course maybe it was a bar for eunuchs.

      By the way, I am following the “rules of disorder” regarding her. I would encourage more people to refer to her as “Hot Lips” (and post the appropriate bright red lipstick photo) since Sol Alinsky taught us we should ridicule our opposition. Had Kerensky and the Social Democrats used Lenin and Trotsky’s tactics in 1918, we WOULD not be in the mess we are in today.

  61. I just watched Biden’s speech to the State Department staff……..America is back, he said….diplomacy is back, he said. I have your back and you better have the American people’s back,,,he said.

    Translation: Kissing ass is back.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Diplomacy…I’d call diplomacy what Trump and Pompeo and Jared used diplomacy. Obama/Biden, Cinton/Kerry brand of diplomacy was destroy countries and kill or turn into refugees millions of people. That is if the opponent is relatively harmless and isnt doing the US any harm. Turn and run from lest they offend a country like China or Russia is more like it.

  62. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. has been stripped of all committee assignments on a straight party line vote. Rep Swallwel also known as the lover of the Chinese doll spy is still not stripped of anything.

    Based on these results, if I were the democrats, I would vote to remove ALL republicans from their committees and the vote to expel them all from congress!

    Lets get this ridiculous experiment with Republican Democracy over with ASAP!

  63. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    For the Colonel.

    My eldest, the Med. Corps, Lt. Col in the middle east just got this comment from his Brigade advisor.

    “You don’t get paid enough to do your job, do your XO’s job and constantly ‘watch your six’ for your supposed ‘right hand’ undermining you.” The last was referring to the 1st Sgt.

    So much for the “prepared” US Army Reserve. By the way the Brigade Sgt. Major has more or less taken a supervisory role over his 1st Sgt because of EM complaints about her.

    Junior is getting a real taste of “command”.

  64. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Does anyone doubt that with this fawning of the press over people like Biden, Newsome and Cuomo that the American people really really want a dictator?

    If I had my guess, I would lay a goodly portion at the feet of the “educators” (thank you John Dewey a reformer and progressive) who dropped American History and history in general from the curriculum in K to 12. As Dennis Praeger said today, Americans today are into “stuff”, government stuff, rather than freedom.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Stephen….I believe your right. Having a dictator saves you from making personal choices. Making decisions can be so tiresome

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        It gives a guilt free pass for whatever shit comes down. “I was just following orders” “it’s not my fault”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Take stupid college courses that aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell with accumulate tons of debt and become a slave to the system.

          Years ago in Germany a person as an example took a degree in Chemical Engineeting. But couldn’t get a job. They were paid unemployment at the rate of as if they actually had a job as a Chemical Engineer. How’s tgarcas an incentive to actually try and find employment.

  65. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Someone who has kept up with math and statistics. Here’s a problem. Since 1980 there were an estimated 1,500,000 abortions performed in this country. Several years ago it started dropping off, but for the sake of argument let’s say 1,100,000 every year for the past 40 years.

    Your Life expectancy or nations is calculated by on the year of birth. With all the associated infant deaths. Supposed theyd add all those babies aborted into the life expectancy calculation what would be our expected national life expectancy be? It certainly would be what it is, but much lower. .


    CNN finally admitted that he wasn’t killed by protesters. Just more lies by the Left.

  67. This is a sorry ass excuse for a man. He may as well wear a dress.

    • This is a sorry ass excuse for a man. He may as well wear a dress. reason to insult the ladies…..this man has no character, no morals, no honor, no integrity. I would not even classify him as a Democrat….this is scum, a coward. He would be the guy that sells guns to Antifa or BLM as articles of peace. He has no soul.

  68. Finally, the goods on Snope are out and they are no longer considered a reliable source of fact checking. Good to hear…

  69. Accompanied by counter-terrorism specialist Jason Jones, Logan visited Roma, Texas, a small city on the Rio Grande. According to Jones, fierce gun battles originating just across the border in the Mexican city of Ciudad Miguel Aleman had been heard for four consecutive days.One day, Logan and Jones were walking in an area of town close to the river at 4 a.m. when they heard the report from an automatic rifle.The two rushed to a lookout point on the Rio Grande. While nothing could be seen from their vantage point overlooking Ciudad Miguel Aleman, only several hundred feet away, the rifles could clearly be heard.

    “This is what I have been trying to warn about,” said Jones. “Another day at the border.”

    Soon the riflemen could be heard exchanging rounds with what Jones identified as a 40mm grenade launcher.

    “We’d arrived to find war raging on America’s doorstep,” Logan said in narration.

    Roma, about 180 miles southwest of Corpus Christi, hosts an international bridge crossing where the Border Patrol often files reports of violence just across the river, Jones said.


    Finally, some things getting out on the news…this is common place on the Texas border and is going to be exacerbated by Biden.

  70. “Don’t whiz on my leg and tell me it is raining.” Gov DeSantis

  71. I’m only 50 mins into this and I’m pissed off all over again. We’ve heard lots of this already, but here its all in one spot. Dr. Shiva is here, former IC people are here. They knew the fraud would happen before the election even took place. There’s good stuff in here about Texas too. Not the lawsuit, actual fraud. But they’ve met resistance at every turn. How TF our courts, at the very least, can just dismiss this without even looking at it…just infuriates me.

    Trump won.

    By a lot.

    Now what? Something has to happen to bring all these people to heel. 👿

  72. And you thought products made in China did not last.

  73. So, we can now assume that the Hanging Chad incident was a hoax.

  74. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Reporters rushed to the White House lawn today as they heard a familiar sound: the trumpeting of the Biden administration’s official herald, Timmy Johnson. Johnson stood on the White House balcony and blasted the notes that signaled another royal decree from President Joe Biden.

    “Hear ye, hear ye, loyal subjects of His Majesty, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., Second of His Name, Defeater of the Trumpists, Uniter of the Americas, Sniffer of Women!” Timmy shouted as Biden stood behind him, mumbling unintelligibly to himself. “The King, may he live forever, has issued another royal decree!”

    Biden finally spotted the teleprompter in front of him and began to read. “By our royal decree and the seal of our hand, and the power vested in us by the extremely fortified 2020 election, we, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., Second of His Name, Defeater of the Trumpists, Uniter of the Americas, Sniffer of Women, do declare that all citizens of my kingdom must cut their sandwiches… diagonally!”

    And there was much rejoicing among the journalists.

  75. Heads up Florida:

    The Self-Defense Restoration Act would remove provisions in state law that state an individual does not have to retreat first before resorting to violence in self-defense. It would also expressly prohibit the use of deadly force if the person acting in self-defense knows they can avoid it by retreating.

  76. Republican Sen. Mitt Romney proposed permanent monthly payments to American families Thursday as the country struggles with declining birth and marriage rates and the coronavirus pandemic’s stranglehold on the economy.Although it would cost billions more than the current Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit programs, Romney’s plan would offset the increase by cutting billions in current exemptions, including on deductions for head-of-household status, child and dependent care credits, and the state and local tax deduction.

    Any questions now what Romney really is?


    I talked to my brother in IA last night. He had just come in from shoveling 6″ of global warming with more coming down. This next week it will be below 10F with nights down to 15-20 below. Now I ask you, how do you heat a house using solar when there is 6″ of snow on the roof and it is 20 below outside and the sun is down?

  78. I knew it! I knew it! Crisis actors. Fake blood. Fake cops. Busted big time. Now what bitches? 👿

    • If this was an act, it would mean the medical staff that treated her, the coroner, police and others would need to be in on the scam. It is strange that you have AR15 armed officers on the scene doing nothing to hold the crowd back and one lone officer on the inside who uses deadly force.

      Remember the other video of the lone officer who strategically retreated into a hallway and up a stairs into another room where other officers were waiting. Somehow the photographer got behind him. That video looked staged to me but they were labeling the officer a hero for leading the crowd away from a sensitive area.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      If you watched that without the narrator you would NOT make the same conclusions.


      • The reason I said I knew it is because when I saw those clips within a couple hours of it happening, I knew something was off, and there was no narrator. I saw the video from JaydenX , also known as John Sullivan. I remember thinking – so many cameras…but talked myself out of that because everyone has a phone on them these days. But I also thought at the time that the blood looked way too dark, that it came from her nose when she supposedly got shot in the neck. I also thought that there were too may just milling around shouting. Shouting nothing, just shouting. No one was running from the scene, they were all just hanging around…creating confusion. And I remember thinking why aren’t these cops getting these people away from the crime scene? It just seemed odd. All of it.

        Then a couple days later, I watched someone dissect the video, and it was pointed out that one of the guys who was just a few seconds earlier – right in the middle of it – but he was shown down a few stairs changing clothes. THAT is what really got me thinking it was all staged. Now THIS video confirms what I was thinking. Plus, I didn’t realize it at the time, but what kind of “cop” walks through the biological evidence? So no JAC…THE POWER OF SUGGESTION has nothing at all to do with my opinion. And it takes me by surprise that you would SUGGEST that I’m not actually seeing what I am seeing.

        • I have only seen the original vids of the lady that was shot. With that said, when she was shot, I would expect people to be scattering. MY response would be to get down and take cover or haul ass, but nobody seemed to do much. Odd stuff.

          I don’t watch any vids with sound on, after the fact. Keeps the visuals in perspective. There is far more wrong with the narrative than is right. So I agree with you that something is really amiss.

          Theres a new thread too!!! Talk to you there.

    • The above link shows there was a coordinated effort to stage manage the election. If any of these individuals or corporations can be found to have prior knowledge of the election fraud, they should be charged to the full extent of the law.

      I saw one legal argument that in contract law, if one party to the contract cheats, then the contract can be invalidated and status reverts to what it was prior to the commencement of the contract. This would mean that Biden/Harris would be thrown out of office and all laws and EOs issued would be null and void. However, since he is sworn in as president, I think he would have to be impeached first. This is one mell of a hess.

      • Saw that article too. Lots of stuff coming out just in time for the trial. Its like the movie that never ends. I bet a lot of these players, government, election officials, and civilians – are living on the edge about right now. Pass the popcorn.

        • Then we also have Bank of America scanning there records for people who made transactions in DC on the 6th. No mention if any warrants were issued. Big Brother. And Trump was the fascist.

          • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

            Being as old as dirt I hearken back to the good old days of the Viet-nam war, anti war protestors, Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers, Black Panthers and domestic spying by both the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

            What DID come out of it, the post Watergate investigations and Church (as in Sen. Church committee) was the restatement of the FACT that the Central Intelligence Agency was prohibited in its charter and thus law from operating domestically.

            WTF changed?

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