Lack of Democrat’s Integrity On Full Display During Impeachment Trial


  1. They have no moral compass, lack honesty and deserve nothing less than hanged. ALL of them. This will include all the brainwashed Liberals who support these asshats.

    • Ummm…hanged? Look, Gman, I understand the anger. But that kind of rhetoric does nothing but harm conservatives in general and SUFA in particular.

      If you meant that literally I may need to leave SUFA. If that was hyperbole, isn’t it hypocritical on your part to say such a thing, then claim you didn’t mean it? Don’t we condemn such rhetoric on the part of the left?


      • Well, after due process of course. Just blowing off some steam. The Left keep using the term “insurrection”. Had it been a REAL one, that’s what most of the Congress critters would be doing in their last picture.

        One day, maybe after I’m long gone, these critters are gonna see the anger that they have caused.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Let’s just keep beating this dead horse hoping itll somehow get up and win the derby.

    From a financial standpoint, only two HSR lines in the world are profitable: Paris-Lyon in France and Tokyo-Osaka in Japan. A third line, Hakata-Osaka in Japan, breaks even. The majority of high-speed rail lines require large government subsidies from both general taxpayers and drivers.

    I cant even imagine the long lines at “Love’s” fuel stops handling both truckers and cars. For a car, no bathroom break or food you’re in and out in 5 minutes good for another 450 miles depending on your vehicle. .traveling and transport would grind to a halt.

    I can catch a shuttle from where I live to Amtrak that follows I-95 and the Northeast corridor. As a senior it’s relatively inexpensive and saves wear and tear on both the body and SUV. But, that journey would take 24 hours to get to Poughkeepsie NY. Drops you late at Penn Station. A massive homeless shelter. You have to get a taxi to Grand Central to catch the trains that make the run and stops up the Hudson, starting again in the AM with rush hour.

    By car its 11 hours, 100% interstate and thruway. One toll for $1.25. Then I also had my vehicle there and wouldnt have to rent a car or use UBER etc.

    Plane was obsurd. The cost was rediculous. I still had to get to Raleigh. Long term park😭 at a minimum two stops. The nearest airport was the old Stewart AFB. Still a distance from my destination and a car rental required.

    When I was teaching in the UK in 2001 i wanted to spend a weeks vacation in Paris.. Take the high speed rail from London, the chunnel, to Paris. Novel for sure but the cost for two was outrageous. It was far less expensive to fly from Gatwick to Paris and get a cab to our hotel in downtown paris

    HSR will die and be a boondoggle right from the onset

    • Just A Citizen says:

      As I see it the problem with any type of mass transit is we built the country based on individual mobility, ie the car. Sure there are busses but those aren’t efficient except in small areas of cities where everyone lives close to the stop.

      This is why I think the driverless car tech is so promising. The EV is great as well but lets not lie about the “environmental impacts”. Or pretend that refueling on long hauls is not going to be an issue. Or how does the EV respond in bitter cold weather, when batteries take a hit from the cold?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Always brought my battery in on nights that were real cold when I lived up north. Or had to keep some sort of heat on them. Putting the car in a garage that was warm usually shortened the life of the car. It would slowly dissolve. Regardless of undercoating. Best to leave it freeze until spring

  3. Trump aquitted. But the Left will still suffer TDS for a long time. NOW, they have to worry about 2024.

  4. WHO are the liars now?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Mark my words Biden WILL sell out Israel

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Dont forget throughout Obama’s entire presidency his State Dept worked tirelessly to defeat Netanyahu. Even during Trump’s administration Obama’s political advisors were constantly working with Netanyahu’s opposition to defeat him.

        Obama and Hillary ushered in the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt after they targeted Mubarak who then was acquitted of corruption. The brotherhood tore up their constitution. Started picking fights with Israel until the Army removed them. Prompting Obama and Kerry to threaten Egypt. They instigated the syrian civil war causing millions to die or become refugees. All the while arming the moderate rebels namely ISIS.

        Biden will double down

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just saw McConnell’s speech though Trump was acquitted by the Senate, he could still face “Criminal” charges for being morally responsible for the Capital violence.

    That’s it Mitch….give the Democrats ideas with all their new Federal Attorneys

    The R’s all in all do not nor ever wanted Trump disrupting their self protecting criminal operation. Namely GRAFT.

  6. Talk is the NG will stay in DC until the fall. Is this to cover the switch from Biden to Harris or the spate of executive (dictatorial) edicts that will be issued in the next few weeks?

    • Which guard? Several states have pulled out.

      • DC and whatever states they can pull from. Nancy is pushing DC statehood because it would be easier to call out the NG from DC. Would not have to ask the President.

        • That would be the guard from Virginia….I know of several states that have told them to shove it….we pulled out long ago. There was no coordination…our governor said we are not going back. That is good. We need our troops here for the border anyway.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          That’ll solve the youth unemployment problem in DC. Make them all National Guard and they can legally carry firearms

  7. The Philadelphia home of Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen was vandalized Friday night.

    His wife discovered the word “traitor” spray-painted in red on the couple’s driveway with a red arrow pointed at their house.

    “My home was attacked,” van der Veen said on Fox News Saturday. “To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now. I don’t really want to go into that, though.”
    The homes of some Congressional leaders have also been vandalized recently.


    The left at work. Typical Democrat responses……it is to be expected. Just shoot the minute they step on your property. Protect yourself and your property.

  8. U.S.—President Donald Trump made history once again today after being acquitted in his second Senate impeachment trial. He is now the most acquitted president in American history.

    Donald Trump issued a statement regarding this incredible honor.

    “I have been completely and totally cleared of all wrongdoing in this pathetic witchhunt sham impeachment trial,” said Trump. “I am now the most acquitted president ever — even more than Clinton. No president has ever been acquitted more than I have. Will I get the credit? Probably not, because of the fake news media. I am looking forward to continuing our MAGA movement together for many more acquittals to come!”

    According to sources, Republican Senators cheered and high-fived each other, knowing they had just outsmarted all the Democrats into bestowing such an unprecedented badge of honor on the former president.

    “Oh no! What have we done?!” wailed Senator Amy Klobuchar, suddenly realizing the Senate had given Trump yet another impressive world record, making him the subject of trivia questions for the next two centuries.

    According to sources, Clinton will be handing over his giant gold “most acquitted ever” trophy to Trump in Mar-a-Lago next week.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It appears that the Great Plains is having a repeat of the winter of 1886/1887. Except itll affect people instead of cattle.

    The Northeast is one year ahead of their 1888 winter.

    I see celebrities who fly around in their private jets have signed a petition for Biden to shut down the Bakken pipeline. Out of environmental concerns. Dont these idiots realise the oil will move regardless but by far more inefficient means that are far more environmentally damaging not only by consuming massive amounts of fuel, but emissions into the atmosphere

    Apparently some Naval Task force is requiring the sailors to affirm their commitment to all this PC shit.

    • Loyalty oaths in the ’50s was about an external threat. Today it is about loss of the consent of the governed. They are demanding consent which they will receive but only in lip service. The discontent will go underground and will grow until the lid blows and we have a full civil war. Is it time to bring back Committees of Correspondence? With today’s all present surveillance it will be difficult to organize in secret. We are in a much more difficult position than we were in in 1773.

  10. Does Joe ever appear w/o Mrs. Jill Wilson Biden at his side?

  11. Sunday night jollies.

    Check out a live radar map for Fort Worth. Sorry, not sorry 😆

    • You transplants that are new to Texas, are about to experience “Texas Winter”. This is 6 or 7 days of cold, maybe some ice and snow. The weatherman will threaten snow. It may snow, it may not and if the weatherman says 2 inches it could be 10 or it could be 1/2”. It doesn’t matter how much snow it is, we’ll all freak out because we don’t see snow often.

      One other thing, the threat of snow (or ice) from the weatherman is your prompt to head to the grocery store and buy milk, eggs and bread. It doesn’t matter if you need these items. It’s just what we do. Everyone in town will be there.

      You’ll also need to make a mad dash for faucet covers and finding them and getting out of the store will be like an episode of the hunger games. You’re in the redneck district.

      Don’t look for a sled. You won’t find one. In the rare chance we get enough ice or snow to sled grab some cardboard or a trash can lid and go find the nearest hill. Yes, we know it is not a hill. You live in the flatland, just go with it. You’ll be alarmed by the fact that you’re “sledding” towards a bar ditch, a barbed wire fence or maybe into a farm to market road. Just go with it. You’ll be fine.

      We don’t have equipment to handle the winter and weather. The roads will be a mess and even though the state has been telling you for a week they’re ready, they’re not and it won’t work. Just stay home if you can and if you can’t just come to terms with the fact that nobody here knows how to drive in snow and ice. Whatever you do, DO NOT talk about snow tires….we have mud tires.

      If you happen to slide off the road or get stuck, turn your flashers on, take a deep breath and wait. Two guys in a four wheel drive truck will be along in no time to offer assistance. Don’t try to help them, they live for this stuff, and will do what they can to get you back on the road. If either one of them screams “hey y’all watch this” just get back and get your phone out and start recording, you’ll probably have a viral video. Also of note, when they offer you beer or Dr Pepper and deer sticks, don’t be rude, take them and smile.

      No matter what you do, don’t talk about how you did it back home in any of these scenarios. Nobody cares. You live in Texas now. Texans know they live in the greatest state in the country and it’s our way or the highway.

      When we act like we’re going to die and start to complain about the 7 days of winter just shut up, we’re serious and we don’t care how much you love it. We don’t. You’ll be back in shorts and flip flops in a week to ten days and it’ll be nice until right around Easter.

      Now, pay attention….Texas has a “second winter.” It will be 2 or 3 days and will hit right around Easter, usually the week before or the week after. This will hit right around the time you plant flowers and a garden. We know you’re not from around here when we see you’ve planted flowers before Easter and before the “second winter” has hit. This is why all the people at the nursery don’t sound like us when you’re shopping for plants. We know better.

      During second winter it’ll go from 70 to 25 and you’ll experience all four seasons in one day.
      This too shall pass, get used to it and when second winter is over you can enjoy the 3-4 weeks of “spring” before summer gets here and it will be “melt your face off hot” until sometime around Halloween.

      Welcome to Texas.

      • Think how much worse it would be w/o global warming.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If you watch the news or weather reports coming out of TX you’d think the world is ending for you folks.

        I just smile. Been there done that lived in far worse. Just prepare and go with the flow.

        I still say you’re getting to many snowflakes from CA

    • Anita…I’m living through this just west of Ft. Worth. Fighting frozen pipes no matter how well we’ve tried to prepare. But it’s another reminder of the shortcuts our builder took every chance he got. We were around much of the time to catch mistakes and outright deliberate shortcuts, but this we missed. So disappointing in a home builder at this price point…low should be 5 overnight and 0 tomorrow night, coldest weather here in decades. Funny thing is, years ago I lived in a small frame home in an old neighborhood between Dallas and Ft. Worth. To say it was a low income area is an understatement. But it had been insulated to the hilt and in 28 years there we never had a frozen pipe ever, even in 1983 when we had 295 consecutive hours of sub freezing weather, some of it in the single digits.


      • Ok now I will sympathize with the frozen pipes issue. I’ve been there many times. Worst one was about 8 years ago. I live above my former business. I don’t heat the downstairs because I can use that extra thousand every winter for roadtrip gas money. 🙂 The business required a 2″ water line. I decided that year to be pro active and shut the water off before the meter so I didn’t have to worry about that line freezing. Welp! I failed to drain the meter itself (because who even knows thats a thing?) and sure enough that huge, heavy, solid brass meter froze and cracked. AND the valve I turned off was so old that it never actually sealed shut right. Woke up to a skating rink on 1200 sq feet of concrete. That sucked sooo bad. Had to call the cops to get hold of the water department on a Sunday. I never turned the water back on to the lower level and still have a cracked 2″ water meter down there. I run a turbo heater down there for 1/2hr or so a few days a week and so far so good.

        But I find it funny that you count your freezing temps by hours. We haven’t been above freezing since Jan 27 and won’t be until at least Feb 22. The reason I checked Fort Worth weather is I watch some homesteaders on YouTube. There are several I watch in OK but a couple live in Texas. One, specifically is from Terrell. This guy is 35, with a prosthetic leg, runs a little backyard farm with chickens. ducks, turkeys and goats. He’s down there struggling thru that ice trying to keep his animals alive. So I checked the radar for Fort Worth. I couldn’t believe how far south the storm goes. Wow! We’re probably in better shape up her than you guys are. Currently 12* and looking for up to 8 inches by Tues evening. Hang in there, southern friends.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Winter 1887/1888. As a reminder.

          In the late 80’s early 90’s in VT we had one month with every night -35 to -40 every night. The days never saw above ZERO. My late 1800 historical home handled it just fine. The heating oil companies just guaranteed you would NOT run out of heating oil. Our village power came from our own 3 hydro dams on the river. Only one issue arose when they started switching power to other communities with NO power.. but they would switch back after about a 1/2 hour. Allow us to heat our houses back up then switch away again

          In West VA ’77 it got -40. The base housing shut down and I took in a family into my old home. They also had no water. The tower froze.
          That was the winter all the climate scientists were screaming iceage iceage

          • Just saw some pics from my son in Houston. Looks like about 1″ of snow. It is so cold in TX that the Kee birds are out.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Agreed….in the older homes I’ve owned over the years they were much more insulated.. you actually had shut-offs accessible on all your outdoor spigots
        I rarely worried about pipes freezing. They were 1) buried well below the frost line. 6 feet. 2) all pipes in the house were in the inner core of the house, never on exterior walls. 3) any thermostat was placed well away from your fireplace.

        I live in the 1st modern home I’ve ever been in. And it has the exact opposite of the 3 items above. Including the water pipes went into the space overheard and were layed on top of the insulation. YES I did fix that.

        Besides those older homes were all natural materials not faux or plastic

  12. Another problem….thousands of wind generators………..frozen solid. Not turning.

    • There isn’t much trust in Govt agencies these days.

    • Have you heard about the maskless shopping flashmobs lately? Form a group, head to the grocery store, small bills in hand. Enter peacefully and shop quickly, treating everyone with kindness along the way. Employees try hard to obstruct the shoppers, summoning cops and whatever else they can think to do in the few minutes the shoppers are there. Proceed to NOT checkout..but CASHDROP on the way out. Video everything just in case Might lose a few bucks in quick mental math, but its worth it. Watching the videos reminds me of Black Flag describing his Flagville, saying we’re not used to the stares of wandering slaves.

      The group is calling for a MASKLESSNESS DAY Feb 28th nationwide. Here’s just one video of a group shopping. In the video description, there is a link to maskless shopping rules. I wouldn’t mind participating. Good excuse to run in for a ribeye and baked potato.

      • Most people wear masks around here, but I occasionally see people in stores without them. No one stops them or bothers them. We went on a road trip in December and stopped at a busy gas station in Tennessee, and I didn’t see a single mask there.

        • I get the side eye for no mask when paying at the pump! Its so depressing day after day to see masks everywhere you look. I hate it.

          • Almost no one wears a mask here when they are outside like pumping gas or taking a walk, but most people do indoors. The few people I have seen wearing them outdoors have been elderly people.

      • The sad part of this is they used the Times story in the trial. This would not be allowed in a court as it is hearsay. It was well known prior to the trial that Sicknick had no blunt force trauma which the managers could easily have confirmed with a few telephone calls. Why are they allowed to introduce hearsay into these proceedings? Why are they allowed to lie? I would think that in a court, a prosecutor caught in such a lies, would be severely reprimanded and the case very likely tossed out or a mistrial declared. This is unacceptable.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The same way everything they used in impeachment #1 was hearsay and policy differences. Plus allegedly secret whistleblower. Whatever happened to facing your accuser. Changing whistleblower rules as Schiff saw fit. Like Roger Clemens a d Barry Bonds records. Have asterix’s if they’re even still recorded as records. Trumps impeachments have to have ****’s
          Drug enhanced

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When Bernie Sanders was mayor if Burlington VT they were going green. They built a wood chip burning power station. One problem. When the temperatures went below freezing the chip piles froze solid. Other problems
      1) the plant was built downwind from burlington and totally smoked up our town.
      2) the wood chips came in huge trucks from Canada. They exited in our town to get to the power plant. Tore up our roads not Burlington. They got sued and rebuilt our roads affected.

      In the mean time while they were frozen depended on other communities power sources. The big elephant in the refrigerator. They complained and got what they wanted ar our expense. To resolve the disputes the Army Corps of engineers stepped in and actually did a real good job

  13. Donald J Trump is trending on Twitter today for President’s Day. Whatever conservatives are left on there are wishing him well. And he pulled a drive-by at the Trump celebration on the streets of W Palm Beach today. Still winning!

  14. AUSTIN, TX—Thousands of people who escaped the desolate wasteland of California have found new opportunities by moving to Texas. To help them feel right at home, even the weather is extending some Texas hospitality by knocking out power stations– giving the former Californians a taste of the blackouts they’re used to.

    “Ah… just like old Gavin Newsom used to do back in Cali,” said local resident Alice Muggins while lighting candles around the house. “I just wasn’t used to having electrical power all the time and it felt really weird. Now, it feels a little more like home!”

    According to sources, former Californians are helping people in their Texas communities who have never experienced something like this before. From how to prepare food without electricity to how to use an emergency generator, the Californian immigrants to Texas have been instrumental in keeping their communities alive in the midst of the outages.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom attempted to gloat in a Facebook Live post, but his phone died and he was unable to charge it due to a power outage.

    • US—Across the nation, millions of Americans have demanded more impeachment trials of former President Donald Trump. They hope that in doing so Congress will come to a complete standstill and stay out of everyone’s lives.

      “Sure it might seem like a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars — which it definitely is — but it’s way better than what they would be doing without impeachment,” said impeachment activist Derrick Swanson. “We’re just trying to keep the eyes of Congress fixated upon impeaching Trump for as long as possible to buy American’s time to enjoy their lives.”

      Potential high crimes for Trump’s next impeachment trial include Trump infecting millions with Trump Derangement Syndrome, jaywalking, and lying to the American people about his golf scores at his Mar-A-Lago Club. “This time we’ll get him! 3rd time’s the charm!” said Senator Cory Booker. “Or maybe the 4th or the 18th, but who cares as long as we get him eventually. That’s what really matters!”

      Critics have slammed these impeachment proposals as being silly, partisan, and doomed to fail from the outset, but they changed their minds after remembering that they are also hilarious to watch.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


  15. WOW

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is one for the book’s

    0122 Tuesday Feb 16 2021

    A line of thunder and lightning storms MORE rain and an added feature a from 0045- 0800

    The weather front extends from well south of here, South Carolina into DC and Maryland then it turns to ice and snow

    • 08:30 now. You still with us? Matter of fact with all this crazy weather we need an official SUFA roll call.


      • We had all rain last night. The ground is an ice rink, but the trees are clean, no ice.

        Oh, Here 😀

        • Weird. We’re just normal here. Got our 7 inches. 17*. I’m about to head out for some fresh air and exercise.

          • 06:45 in CA, about 50 outside and foggy. It has been raining the last few days which we do not complain about this time of year. Need the rain. Snow in the mountains where it belongs. Had to light the stove yesterday but should not need it today. Last I heard from my son in Houston, they had 1″ of snow, no power, and his apartment was cold. He was double and tripled layered with blankets and still cold. It is his thin CA blood. He was complaining it was warmer in Alaska. Family in Iowa told him to stop whining.

            • Correction, it is 45 outside.

              • You’re one of the few I’d give a pass to over bad weather…well Murf too with the frozen pipes. But you don’t need any extra problems with your wife’s health in mind.

                Was just watching an OK homesteading family. Ground completely covered in ice. Feeding time for the goats and 17 baby goats. One baby goat slipped out of the barn, the wife went after it, slipped and fell on her bum. She never dropped the camera, just sat on the ground laughing uncontrollably at herself. Funny as heck. That’s how you have take these kinds of days.

              • I’ve lived in houses heated by coal, oil, NG, propane and wood. We had a cast iron cook stove in the kitchen and a working outhouse outside that we used in January in N. IL. Blackouts were routine when I was a kid so we just learned to live with them. No radio, no TV set in the house so break out a deck of cards and enjoy playing by lamp light. Faucets were left dripping at night to prevent pipes from freezing. Had to light straw fires to thaw the windmill filled water tank for the livestock. Had to use an axe to break the ice on the stock tanks. Some tanks had bubblers or heaters to prevent freezing. So a little adversity will not phase me. Been through many large snow, ice, wind and tornado storms. Just more stories for the kiddies. Yes I did walk to school up hill both ways with a 45F mph head wind and a -45F wind chill.

          • Alive and well, not heading out for exercise( He he), to darn cold.

            • Son and I got our snow shoveled. Bright sunshine had us overheating. Dusty white concrete is already wet and drying. No salt needed…ever.

      • Here. Got down to -1 officially, currently 7, no power. But managing 🙂 The weather forecast continues to deteriorate, now we are expecting more snow and potential icing today and tomorrow. Just heard that our neighborhood is not expected to get power back until Friday, but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

  17. Just A Citizen says:
  18. Lol….this is for the books…..the Texas power grid relies on 25 % of its power to be generated by wind and solar…the wind turbines are frozen…..the solar panels are frozen… the great experiment has failed…, to all the greenies…….there is no generated power from wind or solar and the answer we get………..”buck up, sissy pants.”……isn’t it amazing that all the areas with power are on oil and natural gas and coal,..,..

    • So, I know how to survive….will do just fine….just be cold. Hope the grocery stores open up today for a lot of people…..we prepared. Heard this morning that no power until Friday….

      South Padre Island at the tip of Texas……19 to 25 degrees…..snow. Lol……interesting times…

    • How many times does this have to happen before people get the message. It happened in Australia. It happens every summer in CA. When the sun does not shine (55% of the time at least) and the wind does not blow, and it is 100+, CA goes black. I have been through many blackouts in the past due to bad weather. Most were due to power lines going down from wind or ice. A few were system wide failures like the big blackout in the NE about 25 years ago. I do not remember blackout due to lack of generating capacity.

      In 2003, I had just gone through the metal detectors at the Cleveland airport and sat down at a bar for a beer and a chance to watch a Cubs game. Then the lights went out. Fights were delayed. From cell phones, most passengers knew more about the blackout than the gate agents. Jetways did not work. After a couple of hours they finally figured out they could board planes using stairs. The stairs for our plane were too short so they stacked a couple pallets up for the last step. We eventually got a out of Cleveland.

      A couple of years later, I was in Malmo, Sweden when the entire southern half of Sweden went dark. After that no one would travel with me.

      The best attitude is to just sit back and say this is an adventure. Have fun.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        During the winter several years ago a “low” settled lived the UK. No wind. They had been like Australia and Germany etc decommissioning those nasty power plants when they thought they had replaced the energy they provided. .no wing they did not have enough power to heat and light homes and business at the same time. They had hard choices to make.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Two people making statements with references they clearly do not understand. First is Nancy Pelosi who invoked George Washington’s warning against political parties turning on their govt. as a justification to launch her war on domestic terrorism. Clearly she ignored what the actual warning was. DO NOT ALLOW POLITICAL PARTIES TO EXIST. It was not, oh we need to keep the parties happy and patriotic.

    Next up is a “journalist”: “So what are we to make of these surveys? Writing in The Washington Post opinion section, Brian Klaas, associate professor of global politics at University College London, recently declared that, while many of the January 6 protestors at the U.S. Capitol were Trump supporters, they shared something else: “They were conspiracy theorists. And while hundreds of people stormed the Capitol, there are millions of Americans who share their views. There is no doubt: The United States has a serious problem with pathological political delusions.””

    Mr. Klass uses current events to make a very accurate and powerful statement. Yes, we do suffer from pathological political delusions. But those are not really what he thinks they are. I refer you back to my first example.

    The mose SERIOUS delusion today is the mistaken belief that We the People are self governed. That we actually have a govt. “of the people”.

    • Mr. Klass is stirring the war pot. This is what Conservatives are up against and eventually, jerks like him will get his wish.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, if you insist.

    Now, since this is a Civil Action and using the wording of the statute from biblical times, wouldn’t those fling this lawsuit have to show that THEY were harmed or the target of said violence? Since the whole argument of inciting goes to the EC certification then would it not be the EC electors who were being prevented from doing their duty.

    And what the hell does the NAACP have to do with this? The Congress critter could claim he was being threatened and prevented but the NAACP has no role in this.

    It would be just too much to ask for that a Judge bounce this on the grounds of being stupid.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is Galveston

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The last time i chipped ice like that were from masts aloft, were on destroyers and frigates under construction at BIW Bath Maine. Had to get the built up ice off so the unladen ships would roll over. Try that 150 feet up

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just take a look at George Floyd. One photo and false accusations burned inner cities to the ground. Yet the Minnesota AG suppressed the actual cause of death until 1) the damage activists like him got their desired affect 2) and forced to produce the official autopsy by the courts and the lawyers of the accused officer.
      Which showed floyd was a walking dead man with enough drugs in his system to kill a horse. Not by any knee causing loss of blood to the brain.

      Little has been heard on that case since that little tidbit of TRUTH came out.

    • I hope Mathius has been lurking, because he should be able to see how dishonest the Liberal media is. He was all over the zip-tie guy. Whoops!

      • JAC posted this info when Mathius was still around. His question was something about zip tie guy’s plan for the flex cuffs. That’s a valid question, too. I’m pretty sure he, Mathius, was thinking the guy planned to take hostages. That seems a little far fetched in my opinion. What are you going to do with hostages? My question is more like who leaves bunches of flex cuffs lying around? Makes my mind wander toward pallets of bricks lying around street corners. But even if there were bad intentions for the cuffs, my thinking is more along the lines of cuff them to their chairs until they admit the election was stolen. Then do something about it…like not certify electoral votes. Don’t forget, several states requested Pence to not certify once they had clearer evidence of fraud.

  22. So Trump’s attorney believed the Charlottesville hoax until he started preparing for his closing arguments the night before. Goes to show you how effective the MSM has been.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A long time ago I went to paperless billing with at&t. But the other year they started a practice of recalling the bill one day before the bill is due. At the same time they started laying on fairly large late fees even if 1 minute past due. And cutting service exceot for an emergency call.

    Not that I ever was ever late but having the bill vaporize and not be in your trash bin on the computer or iPhone is a deliberate attempt to have people FORGET and generate late fees.

    This morning I decided to look up and see just how much that corporation collects from late payments. Maybe in the annual report but what jumped out were reports of the indebtedness of that business. King of the hill in the world of corporate debt. $180 billion. If I didnt have such a great deal as a retiree on my cell I’d drop them like i did everything else with them 11 years ago. But like everything else theyll obsolete my cell eventually forcing an upgrade at far higher rates.

    Interesting that Verizon is #3 in debt.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Besides at&t owns CNN. Is another reason to dump them.
      Cable forget it. Forcing you to package so many channels that never would be watched.
      Internet is a duplication of the service I get on my iPhone. Why pay double if not more. .

    • Either they are greedy and figure they can make more money borrowing at low interest rates and investing it or they are too big to fail.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They’ve made horrendous acquisitions.

        Back when Armstrong was CEO we came out with some real innovative offerings bringing at&t into the modern telecommunications world. Yes it did cause debt but was being paid down rapidly. The offerings were worldclass. But through some illegal actions by Bernie ebbers in collusion with wall street at&t stock was raking a beating. The board forced the sale of these new divisions. Which in turn caused the business to dissolution. And bought up by Ed Whitacre and Southwest Bell. Creating ths new at&t. And started buying back all the spun off divisions including the companies that bought them like BellSouth had bought the at&t mobile phone service. Comcast bought the cable offering etc.

    • I have already received a notice from ATT that my phone will not be serviced any longer beginning March this year. I have to update to stay within their service agreement and, of course, I cannot update at my current level. it will not exist.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m sure I’ll get one soon even though I have a fairly new smart phone. My rate even as a retiree will almost double

  24. Slipping through the cracks….Biden’s proposal on “equalizing” retirement plans…those of you that have 401’s and other types of retirement plans….better read his proposals…….

    • Contributions to IRAs and 401Ks is bipartisan. This should anger a lot of people. These plans are actually quite good and should replace SS but leave it to government to mess up a system that is working.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Equalizing….make them all go away and force all the money back into SS so they can get their grubby hands on it

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Awwwwww, AOC showing such empathy and compassion for the unfortunate people in Texas. Nice to see her put the politics away during a catastrophe.

    Yes. Yes it was……..

    One note to the author’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking about how to design systems. The current storm would be within the 100 year Design Criteria. It has been 80 years since the 1940 cold snap. Which by the way buried the country. That is within the variation of a 100 year storm planning period.

    NOBODY plans anything for a 1000 year event. The author shows their ignorance of engineering design.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remember the winter of 1960. We drove from CA to PA. From Kingman AZ on it was ice and snow. No interstates yet. Even spent a night in the car due to ice on the Colorado Plateau and unable to go further until the sand trucks came through in the AM in rte 66

  26. Rush Limbaugh has died. I will miss him. May he Rest in Peace.

  27. Rush Limbaugh, you da man. RIP brother. 😦

    • Rush Limbaugh could see through issues and events like no one else, explain what it would actually mean in the long run, and was almost always right in his predictions. I’m so sad we’ll never again hear his take on politics and events.


      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Ahh somebody else who agrees that he could cut through mountains of information and mis-information to reach the heart of an issue. So many hated him who NEVER listened because unfortunately, the leftists seem to have the attention span of one of Gregor Mendel’s fruit flies.

        Rush was like family cause I certainly heard him more than even my closest relatives.

        God rest and keep you, good man!

        Bad damned year!

  28. “Not everybody in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts, knows how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination,” Biden said during a CNN town hall Tuesday night at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Didnt obama give them all iPhones? Or if they have kids in school are virtual learning on computers.

      They didnt start virtual learning last spring fir just a few weeks here. Once every child in school had a laptop and a data connection and lunch provided learning started after 2 weeks.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:
  30. Just a coincidence: Texas talks succession, gets slammed with super winter weather.

  31. Now, the real chore begins..the cleanup and repairs. Broken water systems with no sanitation, flooded homes from broken pipes, apartments where broken pipes have destroyed floors and floors….gas stations out of gas because of no deliveries and short supplies…….lessons have been learned. Very hard lessons.

    I was prepared with generators to power a water well and continued flow to the house, insulated well pumps, insulated water lines, space heaters run by generators, stored up gasoline for the generators, plenty of food and propane run stoves with plenty of propane…..and still we had some problems with freezing pipes in the Northwest side of the house (we are lucky because nothing burst) a….albeit minor but still problems none the less. The spousal unit learned to live in house temps as low as 48 degrees….the cat was pissed, of course, and did not understand why we had heavy blankets around all doors to keep any draft out. At night, we isolated in our bedroom with the space heaters and shut the doors and rerouted generator power to the bedroom and used electric blankets.The cat would sneak out when I would fill up the generators with gas and went “bat shitty” when he stepped into snow taller than he was….he did not understand that zero degree weather was pretty cold…and this was just 5 days of blizzard conditions….it will clear up and in two days be back to 60 degrees….But today, I have to tend to possible septic issues. I am sure our spray nozzles are frozen but they can be replaced ( I have spares) and the holding tanks are buried deep in the ground…but the enzymes and bacteria have probably died. Do not know… alarms have gone off and I see some frozen water where the nozzles are which means they have sprayed some……but today the high will be 32,,,,,and things will thaw.

    However, the residual will last months. People have learned a hard lesson on preparedness for Texas weather and to listen to weather forecasts and be prepared even if it does not happen. Texas weather can be extreme and this is not the first time we have had this kind of storm…they are few and far between but they do happen. Seasoned Texans have generators because we get ice storms on a regular basis and tornadoes that take out power grids…..but this last batch….caught a lot of us by surprise. But it is all in preparedness…..and if you are not prepared or have contingency plans….you are screwed without even a courtesy reach around.

    People flocked to hotels……thinking that they would be ok……OOOPS…most of them were short of water and they lost electricity as well……Hospitals and emergency shelters all had back up generators….so they fared well. But there are areas that have to boil water now….as I said…the residual damage will last for months.

    I know you Yankee’s are laughing at us…..and that is ok…..we will laugh back when you have 100 degree days…….

    • We do not laugh at people who are suffering. This is a HUGE lesson on many fronts. First, preppers have an advantage, because they are prepared to deal with the issues. People who rely on government, suffer. Second, the failure of the Green energy equipment (not talking about downed lines from the ice). That lesson should be blasted every time the Greenie Weenies talk about ending fossil fuels. Of course, wind and solar are non starters here in PA. I have a full house generator powered by natural gas. Best investment I have made ever. That peace of mind is priceless.

      Good luck and stay warm!!!!

    • Your septic tanks are probably just fine. They are used a lot up north and winter very well. Through some yeast down the drain just to be sure. I never heard of spraying the effluent. We just have a leach field. In NJ we had a leach tank (cement blocks stacked up w/o mortar). Saw a new trick this a.m. Place 3 soup cans around one of those glass cup candles and balance a pot of water over the candle. May not oil but will provide hot water.

      • T Ray, I was prepared and tried to warn neighbors close by of a lot of things…. but…bet they listen from now on. Our system is aerobic….we have three holding tanks. The first traps solids and then spills to the second which traps residual and spills into a third which is mainly water…this is treated with chlorine tablets much like a swimming pool. The first two tanks have the bacteria,,,,,by the time the water gets through the third tank, it is pumped to the spray heads. The water out of the spray heads is almost potable and I use it to water the grass out back. There is no bacteria and no odor what so ever.

        Have plenty of hot water…have propane and since I insulated the well head and my other pipes are buried, there is no problem there. I spent $20K on an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system for the house with a 300 gallon reserve tank in the garage. Since I am on a hilltop, when I designed the house, I put the garage on the southeast side so nothing would freeze from northwest frigid winds. Nothing froze in my garage, but others did not fare so well.

        Since we are not on 5 acres of land, we are not allowed lateral lines because of the shallow water tables but we can have spray heads on an aerobic system. Our house is built on a little over an acre of land….so we do have some limitations even though we are on wells and septic. But having been a rancher, I knew what to do when I built. Like I said, it was like the three pigs scenario…..people asked me what it costs for several things that I did…and they just shook their heads and silently giggled, I’m sure……..they are not giggling today and I have received many calls asking for advice on things all of a sudden. I am not as dumb as they thought, I guess.

        • I remember stacking bails of straw around the foundation of the house one winter. That old farmhouse had a problem with freezing pipes. We left the kitchen faucet drip on cold nights. There were a lot of them. The heat was a coal furnace in that basement w/o any forced air. It was all natural convection with one big grate in the dining room just over the furnace. Small grates let the heat seep up to the second floor where we slept. I can remember sleeping with 3 heavy wool blankets on the bed. We would roll up in the blankets to keep warm. You wasted no time getting dressed in the morning as the floors were cold. The morning my kid brother was born, it was 20 below and the stock tanks were all frozen as was the overhead tank. Mom and Dad left my brother and I (9 & 7) in that cold house until my uncle could get there a couple of hours latter. We helped him get water to the stock and then went to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s farm. Another old farmhouse. I remember going down to the creek and putting a boot through the ice filling it up with cold water. I was too scared to tell them what I had done but Grandma found the wet boot. Hard to fool that old lady. She was the one whose hip joints had frozen due to the flu in 1918.

          • Yeah…at the ranch in Oklahoma…..”when the wind comes sweeping down the plains”…the stock tanks freeze up…..we have five cowhands that live on the place…and many a time we chopped holes in the ice so the stock could drink. Cows are too stupid to lick and eat snow…..

    • One thing that really caught most by surprise…we are used to a couple of weeks with temps in the 20’s…..NO ONE, except those of us that have been trained in arctic procedures, was prepared for temps from -1 to 8 degrees for 36 hours with sustained winds of 30-45 MPH…the wind chill factor, which people forget about, was beyond wicked. Two minutes before frost bite happens in those conditions.

    • The snow always melts first over the septic tank.

      • Yep……and when I built, I had the septic and propane and all electrical boxes on the southeast side of the house. My “maintenance area” is covered with pea gravel. the snow melts quickly over the rocks.

  32. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Amazing at the “hate” directed at Rush. People who Never listened to a single show are “experts:” about his bigotry.

    Told a former friend, now demoted to acquaintance, If you have not listened to a show a month, three full hours, and have not done that for at least three years, you have no right to an opinion. Period!

  33. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Hey Texicans, BEWARE, they are already starting to use the big freeze as the reason to defeat your Governor and the Republicans next time out.

    Certainly blaming the epidemic on Trump played a part in last November’s disaster.

    • We are aware……what is not being printed is the steps taken by Abbott to prevent what happened with the board of directors on the Texas grid…….There was no reason to have blackouts, we are now finding out….power was diverted because they were charging double prices to people who would pay…this is going to be historic.

      • Also, we had three shuttered self containing coal plants..meaning no emissions……that if they were on line, there would not have been a problem (except for downed lines, etc.) The shit is about to hit the fan here,,,,and some heads about to roll.


    I wonder if they’ll ever figure out that continually, unfairly, attacking Trump is part of the reason he is so strong.

  35. It is official…..the wind chill factor for 36 straight hours……… 31 below…

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Me thinks we have become a country populated with Jackasses and Jackals.

  37. Just A Citizen says:
    • Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré, assigned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to conduct a security review of the U.S. Capitol Building says Capitol Police and the House and Senate’s sergeants at arms were “complicit” in the Jan. 6 breach.

      Now, six Capitol Police officers have been suspended and 29 have been placed under investigation for their actions during the breach, according to the department.

      “They were either that stupid or ignorant, or they were complicit. I think they were complicit,” Honoré recently said on MSNBC. He also described the Capitol Police force on a separate occasion as “40% Trumpsters,” whom he said “gave way” to those who breached the Capitol.

    • Lt General Honore’ is a no nonsense approach guy. I have been associated with several that have been under his command. Pelosi thinks she has a puppet but she will soon find out that he speaks his mind and he is a take charge sort of guy. He is an expert in crises handling and leadership but he is like a cactus plant in a wind storm.

      He is not a leftist but he is not a hard right or even a right person. He is a centrist. He will assess the situation…..but be aware that he is a general and now, you have Pelosi putting security in charge of the military. lt Gen Honore’ is military and he is a martial law believer.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        He is also an obvious RACIST and should be no where near the investigation. In fact, given our modern day cancel culture I think his retirement benefits should be forfeit.

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:
  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Meanwhile, it’s fascinating this newfound love that Democrats seem to have for walls. I thought walls don’t protect anything according to their arguments and we didn’t need a wall at the border to protect the country? Yet, they have no problem with a wall to protect themselves. Red State

    If you feel you need permanent 8 foot high fencing rimmed with barbed wire, and 5,000 National Guard troops to guard the U.S. Capitol for months and months… perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Dean Cain

  40. AUSTIN, TX—There are a few key attributes that define being a Texan: firing guns, yelling “Yee-Haw!”, and remembering the Alamo. But with the winter storm having overtaken Texas and power out in many places, one local Texan has been so focused on keeping warm he has forgotten the Alamo.

    “Oh, I know there is something I’m supposed to remember,” said Lyle Thomas as he huddled under a blanket with his wife, “but I can’t think of what. Too busy shivering.”

    His wife, Sue Thomas, immediately grabbed him and started shaking him. “The Alamo! You need to remember the Alamo!”

    The Alamo, if forgotten, will lose its power and disappear — much like fairies. Without the power of the Alamo holding Texas together, the state could fall into a hundred years of ruin and end up like a common California.

    “Sorry, I just can’t remember it anymore,” said Lyle. “Maybe I’m blocking it out of my mind because it was a winter battle.”

    Sue started slapping him. “You have to remember! Remember!”

    “I’m trying. Just so cold.”

    “Then let’s do the other thing we Texans do to warm up,” Sue suggested. “Fire guns.”

    Lyle agreed that snuggling recently fired guns is a great way to stay warm. He took out his revolver, pointed it in the air, and shouted, “Yee…” before suddenly stopping. “Oh wait. How does the rest of that go?”

    Sue just wept.

  41. Coca-Cola Telling Employees to ‘Try To Be Less White’: Internal Leak

    • Sounds like a hostile work environment. I can’t believe people voluntarily subject themselves to that garbage.

      • This isn’t that uncommon. Like many on here, I love history, even as a kid. If history is a teacher, this will not end well.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Memo to their majority stock owner Warren Buffett. Stop being so white.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    So AOC goes after Ted Cruz again because he went on a planned trip to Mexico with his family. Then she claims SHE has send over $1 million to Texas to help people.

    The Beto Man is claiming something similar.

    Here is my question. HOW did these two raise such large sums of money so quickly? WHERE did it come from, or in other words WHO gave them the money? OK, that is two questions.

    • It depends, are they being truthful?

      As far as Cruz, I would have done the same thing if I had the resources. It’s not like he caused thousands of old people to die in Nursing homes or anything.

  43. Vicki L Ho says:
    • Huh….I thought everyone knew this. Well, everyone except city folk, I guess.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        What are you talking about? It is only the city dwellers who have purchased these things. Nobody in the boonies can afford a new truck.

        The real irony is that the “generator” may be the most substantial thing in those “aluminum” beds.

  44. Big time radio host in Texas today saying..”whatever happened to self reliance?”

    I wonder the same thing……in my neighborhood, you could tell the campers and hunters because all the houses were lit with generators or battery lanterns….or propane lanterns…..they knew to stock up on water and food…I mean for three days, there was a warning that a very mean polar vortex was gonna clobber us…..we had warning and yet..many did not pay attention….

    What is the complaint I am hearing now is…… is the government’s fault or it is the Governor’s fault…..way to much reliance on government. There is such a thing as personal responsibility…..there is such a thing as common sense… insulating well heads and above ground pipes……getting ready for power losses and such…….Texans have been losing power because of tornadoes and ice storms since forever……so a little deep freeze comes to town for three or four days with record low temps..admittedly, some real low temps…. pipes on the North side of the house will freeze in these types of temperatures…..

    We have brick homes…brick homes have weep holes every few feet…..weep holes are for ventilation….and 45 MPH winds blowing zero degree weather into the weep holes will freeze the frigging pipes on that side of the house. COMMON FRIGGING SENSE. So, don’t bitch if you cannot get water…it is FROZEN…for crying out loud. It is not the State’s fault.

    What is the State’s fault is listening to climate people who do not know the difference between “come here” and “sic ’em”. When you shutter three self contained coal power plants, you lose power……It is kinda funny to hear people say that the Texas power grid operators brought it on themselves but they do not know how they brought it on….you can complain about wind generators being frozen and then listen to pundits saying that they did not winterize the wind mills……..what is not being reported is that the ones that were winterized with carbon coated blades also froze…and about 1/3 of the blades have snapped off. What is not reported is that our Governor, Greg Abbott, hit the friggin’ roof when he heard of the rolling blackouts when none were actually necessary….come to find out that the Texas Grid was redirecting power to areas that paid more money per KH. This problem has now been taken care of and isn’t it funny that since the governor blew his proverbial top… more roving blackouts happened and everyone now has power with the exception of those legitimately without due to downed lines and such.

    Now, I will progress to the water shortage due to stations being off line or they cannot sanitize their water and people have to boil it….Well, boo fucking hoo, so you have to boil some water to drink…..go outside and get the damned snow and melt it. Many small cities have learned a hard lesson on winterizing their water supply…..betcha it will not happen again. know what? BUCK UP SISSY PANTS and take some self reliance and responsibility on yourself……THIS is part of what I was talking about that got Mathius’ panties in a wad……the attitude of the younger people today is that they do not know how to take care of themselves……and this is very sad. They blame the government or other officials and take no responsibility to survive themselves……us Vietnam Veterans and Desert Storm veterans have a saying…….”you will die in the jungle/or/you will die in the desert.”

    Rant over.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I still like the old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”

      I’ve lived and worked in -40 temps not for days but months in West VA in ’77. VT 25 miles from Canada in both the 80’s and 90’s. -0 up destroyer masts on the water in Maine with ice floes. Never froze a pipe. Never cracked a block or froze a battery. In WVA took in a family from base housing because the married housing was built to MINIMUM specs

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    True or False?

    “A voluntary observance of federal law would not be adhered to by States and compulsive observance would result in continuous Civil War.”

    • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

      For the most part we have always relied on voluntary obedience to the law. But there is something about the consent of the governed.

    • I’m gonna go with false

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Why is that?

        • There is no nuance in the question but lots in the subject matter. Seems it would depend on how you define voluntary and compulsion. Is it voluntary or compulsion to bribe with money or to threaten to withdraw the money.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Well I didn’t see that coming. So I would say that an attempt to bribe you with money is still a voluntary choice on your part. You can refuse the money.

            Once you have accepted it and then the terms are changed under threat I would say is compulsion.

            Regardless, you are working to hard on this. Look at it in the simple term.

            Would States voluntarily follow Federal dictates (law) without any Federal coercion at all?

            Would Civil War result from complete “compulsive” control of the States by the Federal? I think it safe to assume that coercive force would in at play. Including the handing out of money then threatening its removal for not following “orders”.

            I asked the above because it was a pretty much accepted view point when the country was founded. Accepted as a matter of fact or universal truth. I asked because I am not sure we think the same today.

            • Do you remember true and false questions in school? I have a tendency to look at true and false questions with suspicion. 😁 But I believe the idea is generally true.

    • Been thinking about this JAC…..actually thinking about it too much…..I’m going with true on this one…..

      I do like the fact that AOC raised three million dollars for Texas,,,,,and it was refused. She is, to quote her words, “simply aghast.”

  46. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    “when any government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it”.

    One could argue about it’s safeguarding “Life” but Liberty and Pursuit of happiness are going the way of the do-do.

  47. So now FB is going to fact check comments on AWG. Resistance is futile, we are the Borg.


    Watched this tonight on Blu-Ray DVD. WOW, I can see why the release was delayed. It will be a cult classic, but not worthy of high honors as far a great movies. It made righties look like fringe kook conspiracy theorists (but does tend to show the lefties in the same manner, just not as loudly). I turned out like a remake of Kill Bill movies, but it was entertaining. Not for young kids!!!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      For jaywalking for christs sake.. like the NYC cops who killed a guy for selling loosies

      I believe it was out in San Bernardino or orange counties a few years back that 5 officers beat it death a clearly stoned disoriented homeless man.

      The one thing learned while a teen in CA you stayed as far away from the LA cops as you could. The State Police and Sheriffs were far better to interact with at all levels.

      Didnt LAUSD just get rid of 1/3 of their officers and replace them with climate control counselors

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Interesting note…2/3″of los angeles police are”people of color” they claim this is a model to emulate. Yet people of color of all types represent <50%

        We had NO police around our school unless there was a major event with large crowds. Like a beach boys concert

        Police were demanded by the local businesses only after the school district started busing of inner city students to the school. There was no reciprocal busing. Local students were pulled and sent to private schools. The school is currently 1/2 the size it was in 69/70 whites are a minority. The majority of students are in food assistance. Scholastic ranking now at 41 for college prep math and English. Where it was in the high 90's. The demographics of the neighborhood is 80+% white. A growing population of asians the rest Hispanic

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sorry whites just dropped below 80% asians picking up that loss. You still need to be making serious income to live there.

  49. ALBANY, NY—In a touching and heartfelt gesture, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York sent signed copies of his new book American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From The COVID-19 Pandemic to the families of COVID victims who died in New York nursing homes.

    “You can say a lot of things about me, but you can’t say I don’t have a big heart,” said the governor. “I heard that some people in my state lost some loved ones in nursing homes for reasons completely unrelated to my handling of the COVID crisis. I thought to myself, ‘Aw… that’s too bad. Maybe I’ll send them a free copy of my book to cheer them up!'”

    Out of the goodness of his heart, Governor Cuomo will be personally signing 13,000 copies of his book and sending them to the victims’ families.

    As an added bonus, every book will come with a 50% off coupon for Cuomo’s next bestselling book: Your Grandma Was Old Anyway.

  50. Well,well,well….graft and corruption even in Texas…..but our justice will move quickly. The Texas Power grid run by ERCOT………it seems they have now been caught full time for redirecting power to areas that pay more…..Gregg Abbott, as I said previously, hit the roof and exploded…….

    Here are the new numbers…..Last Wednesday (3 days ago) there were slightly over 3 million people without power…..Abbott goes ballistic…..within 12 hours that was reduced to 300 thousand,,,,and today it is less than 50 thousand. Sooooooooo… are you telling me that within 12 hours, all those lines got repaired…….

    Now they have to explain electric bills that people are receiving as high as $15,000…not a misprint, not a mistake, not a computer error…..others are receiving electric bills that are in the $3,000 range………a little more investigation reveals that there are 3 (so far) resellers of power that got the power re-directed to them…the same resellers that are charging these prices……

    People are about to go to jail…..or be lynched.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    1) 4.543 Billion years. Est age of the earth.
    2) 200,000 years, Homo Sapiens on earth
    3) 5,000 years, recorded history of man
    4) 171 years, recorded temperatures of earth

    % of time:
    2 of 1, 0.0044%
    3 of 1, 0.00011
    4 of 1, 0.00000376

    And I’m to believe the SCIENCE IS SETTLED on Climate Change

    Man has almost become extinct at least 3 times. Based on analysis of genetics. None of the times related to global warming. They all related to COOLING for one reason or another. Like the super volcano Toba.

  52. Dale A Albrecht says:
  53. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I love validation.

    Since the January Georgia Senate run off I have said McConnell cost the seats with his cavalier dismissal of teh $ 2,000 stimulus package. Even here there were doubters.

    This Morning Newt Gingrich was a guest on a local NYC talk show. The question put to him was who is responsible for the McConnell-Trump feud exploding.

    Newt replied, McConnell, because he refuses to take responsibility for lousing up the Senate Race. Newt cited stats showing blue collar Republican voters in Georgia stayed home in droves due to the hard line position of Mitch.

    Newt, a Georgian, then pointed out the lousy two grand was meaningless in the scheme of the overall debt. So, once again a “principled” Republican Senator happily settled for 100% of nothing over 50% of something. Just so long as he could blame it on someone else. Typical Mitch take credit if they win, blame Trump if they lose. Dumb asshole!

  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Gates with his foundation is fully committed to population reduction.
    Gates and his foundation is fully committed to the covid vaccine, saving lives. ????
    Gates and his foundation is the largest land owner in the country.
    Gates and his foundation is fully committed to the crusade of battling climate change and green energy

    Yet is fully engaged in projects to block the suns energy.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:
  56. We got this all wrong. The fence around the Capitol should not be used to keep the people out but to keep the crooks in.

  57. Chicago needs a vaccine for hot lead poisoning.

  58. @The Colonel

    Hope things are getting better down your way. Up here we have finally gotten above freezing for the first time in a long time. We are sick of seeing snow covering everything. The poor dogs really don’t like it as it’s deep enough to make walking hard, much less squatting to do their business.

    All I can recommend is to invest in a whole house generator. You will never regret it.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    One of those cases that some folks have told us was resolved two months ago. I told you it wasn’t. But it is now and it is AWFUL. We are just so screwed in ain’t even funny anymore.

    Judge Thomas continues to be my favorite. And how did Kavanaugh and Barrett work out so far? Not worth a plug Nickle, that is how.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      LIARS………………Damn LIARS. Look how CNN turns Justice Thomas’ argument into “propaganda”. They should have their licenses revoked.

      Headline: “Justice Clarence Thomas reveals some sympathy for Trump’s baseless fraud claims.”

      For those in Terra Linda who may drop by………..the case was NOT ABOUT FRAUD so the claim that it is about Trump’s baseless fraud claims is total BS.

  60. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Supreme Court are a bunch of cowards ..if you want to take a loan on the property, I don’t quite believe you get to pick a number. It’s the bank responsibility to appraise the property to see if its worth the loan value. If the bank chooses to loan money for more than it’s worth isnt that their problem I don’t see anything illegal there. If Trump defaults again that’s the banks problem. If he used other assets as collateral then they could be seized if he defaulted.

    The democrats said they would continue to go after Trumo to destroy him. Especially the NY AG and Vance.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If the IRS or the NY State Dept of Revenue had a problem with his taxes they would have done so long ago. If they hadnt gone through his taxes with a fine tooth comb I’d have surprised.

      Even Mathias said he’d not want a vindictive AG or DA with prejudice going through the complex taxes trumo obviously has. There’s always interpretation. Not with criminal intent. Just differences of opinion.

      I dont trust our system either political or judiciary any longer.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Having been through the ups and down of NY real estate when the banks in ’89 and 07 would routinely overvalue real estate to make themselves look good, this whole thing is bullshit.

      How does a mortgage banker get to be VP? Put MORE money out on the street than the guy at the next desk. How do you survive the eventual collapse? Blame the guy NOW occupying your old desk.

      So simple it is frightening!

  61. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I see we dodged a .50 cal. bullet by NOT putting Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. His performance today, talking about “armed” insurrection and “white supremacy” on 6 January was sickening and outright lies. That plus his “lack” of knowledge regarding the drug cartels using illegals as mules was disqualifying which I guess means he will get 100% of Republican’s votes.

    His further claims of personal experience with anti-Semitism also ring hollow. Last week watched two WW 2 vets, Jewish Officers in intel, talk about their wartime experiences in Europe. Call in questions vetted by the interviewer included this set up: What was your experience with anti-Semitism in the Military? Without hesitation, and independently, both answered with a resounding NONE! One said his only problem was because he was a German émigré, NOT a Jew. Both also pointed out they had no negative experiences after the war either. Garland is my age. He is a liar.

    Tonight Tucker investigated the “armed insurrection” to date only arrests were for possession of pepper and bear spray, tactical vests, helmets and shields all misdemeanors. There were apparently two firearm arrests OUTSIDE the Capitol. Couple that with the lie about the officers “murder” and we are in Horst Wessel, lied time.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This administration will be a disaster.

        • VH…be very careful what you read. This is simply not true. Texas has its own grid separate and apart from the US grids. There are three grids in the Lower 48 states: the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection — and Texas. The Texas grid is called ERCOT, and it is run by an agency of the same name — the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

          The Texas Interconnected System — which for a long time was actually operated by two discrete entities, one for northern Texas and one for southern Texas — had another priority: staying out of the reach of federal regulators. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Power Act, which charged the Federal Power Commission with overseeing interstate electricity sales. By not crossing state lines, Texas utilities avoided being subjected to federal rules.
          We now know that ERCOT did not administer the power grid according to the rules. They sold off power. There was NO NEED for a single blackout. It was greed and mismanagement that caused the problems and our governor is so pissed he cannot see straight. We also have three shuttered coal producing power plants that are being re-opened. Texas sells power to Oklahoma and New Mexico but it does so under an agreement that does not violate interstate commerce rules.

          We will solve this problem and it will not happen again. People will go to jail over this.

          We are going to stay independent and we do not need the Federal regulations.

          • Okay, thanks for telling me.

          • The order is from the DOE and it says that ERCOT filed a request with the DOE. If you guys are independent, how did the feds get in the mix? Then if I’m reading it right, you were allowed to increase production but everything over and above X had to be charged at price gouging levels. But everything still failed.

            • Right and wrong……even though we are independent, we still have to abide by certain regulatory issues. Here is the gist….

              The request was sent on Feb. 14 and asks the Acting Secretary of Energy, David Huizenga, to allow certain power plants to operate at maximum levels and be allowed to exceed federal limits on emissions and wastewater release until Feb. 19. “This duration will ensure additional supply is available during a period in which ERCOT may continue to experience unprecedented cold weather that has forced generation out of service,” the emergency request read. “In ERCOT’s judgment, the loss of power to homes and local businesses in the areas affected by curtailments presents a far greater risk to public health and safety than the temporary exceedances of those permit limits.”

              Pretty much it in a nutshell…we wanted the Federal environmental regulations, which Texas does abide by, to be relaxed so that we could generate the power to heat the State. The Feds refused.

              • Also, the news media is reporting empty shelves and no water……another bullshit story. Those days are already over and the grocery shelves are fully stocked and there is water a-plenty.

  62. Naomi Wolf’s ten steps to fascism:

    Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
    Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
    Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
    Set up an internal surveillance system.
    Infiltrate and harass citizens’ groups
    Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
    Target key individuals.
    Control the press.
    Cast criticism as “espionage” and dissent as “treason.”
    Subvert the rule of law.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    Garland is unfit to hold high office. I am so glad this hack did not get the SCOTUS seat. Now he should vaporize himself and move to some new gig.

    Can’t answer directly that ILLEGAL ALIENS have broken the law and apparently thinks that “Domestic Terrorism” only exists if the attacks happen during the day when govt officials are present. Even offers a FALSE definition of the term to defend his view.

  64. U.S.—Hasbro has released an exciting new game called “Fauci Says,” where you have to try to keep up with an electronic voice telling you to do a variety of tasks.

    “Whether Fauci tells you to double-mask, close down schools, lock down forever, or jump off a bridge, you’ll have to comply — or you lose the game!” says the narrator over Hasbro’s debut commercial for the game. “What wacky thing will Fauci have you do next? No one knows!”

    The commercial then shows a happy family competing in the game. They’re all having fun, trying to mask, unmask, social-distance, then not social-distance, and perform a variety of contradictory instructions, until one of them fails to put on a seventh mask in time and is cast out of the family for being anti-science, per the game’s instruction manual. “You just got Faucied!” the rest of the family says in glee as the young daughter packs her bags.

    “Sorry — that’s just FAUCI SAYS!”

    Dr. Fauci lent his voice talents to the game for a more realistic feel. Many of the commands are taken right from actual press conferences and interviews, from the time he told Americans to stop wearing masks to the time he told them to wear masks for the next few years. Hasbro says the game is super-relevant and timely and also to be careful because there’s a recording device in the game and you’ll be reported if you fail to comply with any of the commands.

    Have fun!

  65. Finally…Texas has dropped the face mask requirement as a mandate. it is up to individual companies, restaurants, and bars to make their own policy. I am now beginning to see signs that says “masks recommended but not required”……Fauci is a shit head.

    • Yay! The most depressing thing in the world to me is seeing everyone in masks. We’ll probably be the last state in the country to drop the mask. Grrr.

  66. Dale A Albrecht says:
  67. Dale A Albrecht says:
  68. The Biden administration’s efforts to impose a 100-day pause on deportations of illegal immigrants were dealt another blow on Tuesday when a district judge extended a ban on its imposition in response to a lawsuit from Texas.

    U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton indefinitely banned enforcement of the Jan. 20 memorandum that would have implemented a 100-day moratorium on most deportations.
    Tipton had previously issued a two-week restraining order on the policy after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had argued that it violated federal law and an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that Texas be consulted before such a move.


    We are still fighting.

  69. On Jan. 22, 12 Mexican state police officers allegedly participated in the mass murder of 19 people, including migrants from Guatemala, who were only miles away from the Texas border.

    The smugglers, along with the migrants, were shot and burned beyond recognition. They were discovered piled on top of one another in a charred pickup truck near Camargo, Mexico, near the Rio Grande River.

    The investigation is ongoing but authorities in Mexico suspect that the smugglers didn’t pay the local cartel’s pisos, a sort of tax imposed for using their territory to move people across. In the end the migrants paid the ultimate price.

    These are the deaths that are often ignored in the tragedy of the illegal immigration debate, but they are frequent and horrific.

    In the narco-world there are only two choices once you cross into their territory – plata o plomo – in English it’s “silver or lead.” Any group, any person, traversing the border illegally is at the mercy of the cartels: if the silver isn’t paid, a “lead” bullet is the retribution.
    Like Texas, the Arizona border is known for its harsh environment. The cartels care little about the migrants crossing, as they collect their cut of money from the smuggling organizations every month, Del Cueto said. The cost varies on multiple factors “but no one crosses illegally without paying the cartels,” he added. It took some time but eventually the migrants revealed that the traffickers they paid took their original group of 300 and broke them into groups of two to mitigate the chances that they would be caught. They sent each group with a cheap cellphone, which contained maps with “way points” that told them where to move on a predesignated route into the U.S. At each point, they checked in with the guide and then kept moving,” said Del Cueto. “The guides keep track of the migrants, while the scouts for the smugglers are watching the (Border Patrol) agents along the route. The cartels want to make sure the people get through and they want to make sure the guides don’t get exposed.” There’s been a significant escalation in violence, human trafficking and smuggling of contraband since the beginning of the year, according to federal law enforcement. The Biden administration’s reversal of Trump’s strict border policies is the reason why, say law enforcement officials. These policies are being used by the cartels to increase their profits and lure thousands of undocumented migrants to the U.S. The cartels combined have amassed billions of dollars and sometimes their resources far exceed U.S. law enforcement’s. They raise their money off the backs and lives of the poor and desperate. Failed U.S. policy perpetuates that behavior. Make no mistake it is a war.

    Open borders will only increase the violence and strength the cartels have. Opening the borders will get thousands, tens of thousands killed. It will not eliminate the cartels which will still charge anyway.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Alas! No one cares. They ain’t your kids.

      The cold hearted brutality among the ruling classes in the United States is fast approaching 18th century standards espoused by French nobility. Maybe the next time people march on our “Bastion of Liberty” Capitol Building, they will bring the pitchforks and torches.

      English translation:
      Arise, children of the Fatherland
      Our day of glory has arrived
      Against us the bloody flag of tyranny
      is raised; the bloody flag is raised.
      Do you hear, in the countryside
      The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
      They’re coming right into your arms
      To cut the throats of your sons, your comrades!

      To arms, citizens!
      Form your battalions
      Let’s march, let’s march
      That their impure blood
      Should water our fields.

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