Why Are Dems Fighting So Hard?


  1. They got something to hide!!!!!!

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Biden is a Suzy one note. Back in Obama’s first year Biden pushed a trillion dollar infrastructure shovel ready spending plan. Today, he’s pushing a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Inflation I guess.

    But the idiocy of claiming they created millions of jobs since Jan 20th. Yeah people just going back to “THEIR” personally essential jobs after being forced out of business or their jobs by draconian politicians.

    The other day I questioned a FB friend why she’s still masking after receiving both vaccination shots in Colorado. She just answered this morning. 1st her work requires it. Works at Coors. 2) she said shes had several friends die from covid this year. 3) she has two young kids, that are too young to be vaccinated.

    She’s probably 32 years old. Lives in the Rockies.

    Weve been stagnant from covid attributed deaths for a long time here in eastern NC. The flu disappeared this year. In fact they even changed the charts from last years flu cases to covid.

  3. Just one of many examples of people needed to learn to live in a civil society.

    • This is posted at The Right Scoop. The trolls are out in force over there, begging for trouble. I want to know where are the cops or security? I bet they walked real slow to get there, and I can’t blame them.

  4. WORLD—Thousands of scientists around the world are looking for new work after they realized the science is settled and there was no need for them anymore.

    “The science is settled,” said climatologist Blorg Norbergrobben as he hung his head sadly. “I heard that on CNN. What am I going to do with my life now that all knowledge has been uncovered and will never be overturned by new discoveries? Maybe I’ll get a job as a political advisor!”

    Experts have indeed found that the science is settled on climate change, infectious diseases, gender, the origin of biological life, sociology, nutrition, and pretty much every other scientific discipline the government is still willing to fund.

    Most scientists have taken new jobs as politicians and media personalities so they can assure the public about how incredibly settled the science is.

    One scientist tried to insist that the science wasn’t settled, but he was labeled as a “science denier” and kicked off social media.

  5. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I decided this morning that the world started going to merde, back when the first newsman started using the word “ALLEGED” back in the 1960’s/.

    This morning in NY City we were treated to the story of a cop, run down in the street and killed by an alleged drunk driver who allegedly did not have a license who then allegedly fled the scene. Three effing allegedly’s in one sentence.

  6. Nah, it was the first attorney.

  7. So, Biden condones child trafficking and rape by reversing Trump policies. Harris will not come down because the main stream media will follow her. The Cartels are reportedly raking in close to 40 million each week in trafficking, drugs, and guns. Fentanyl and Heroin increased over 4,000% …yes, that’s right, FOUR THOUSAND percent since Biden reversed the Trump policy….

    It is a war zone down here and captured weaponry and night vision from the cartels show that they have access to military equipment from Russia AND China…including Russian made shoulder fired rockets that are now being used on the border.

    Oh well, it is keeping me busy….72 years young and still fighting….this time in my own back yard. Thank God we still have a governor that has an open check book…..now we are patrolling in armored vehicles, including tanks. But, the rest of the US turns a blind eye.

  8. IRVINE, CA—Tragedy has struck once again. The entire men’s U.S. water polo team has drowned after kneeling during the national anthem in an exhibition game today, sources confirmed moments ago.

    As soon as the flag was unfurled and the national anthem started to play, all the polo players swam to the bottom of the pool and took a knee. The anthem lasted a long time, as the singer decided to add all those weird vocal fills to change things up. Unfortunately, it lasted so long that the entire team took in too much water and died.

    “Yes, this is a tragedy — but it’s also a victory for the social justice movement,” said the team’s coach in a somber press conference. “They couldn’t breathe and they took a knee — what powerful reminders of the injustices in this country.”

    “MMMM!!!” said one polo player moments before his untimely demise. “MMM! MMM! MMMMMM!!!”

    Analysts believe he was trying to scream “Black Lives Matter” before he succumbed to unconsciousness.

  9. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    LaVar Burton formerly of “Roots” and “Star Trek Next Generation” has come out FULL WOKE in favor of cancel culture. This after successfully orchestrating a write in campaign to become an interim host for “Jeopardy”.

    I personally, being WOKE myself, am appalled! How can this FULLY SIGHTED man not be required to apologize to every single blind person in the world, personally, for portraying a non sighted individual thereby stealing a job from a real sight challenged individual!

  10. RIP Michael Collins

  11. So DOJ is now targeting Rudy Giuliani, Peter Solomon and Victoria Toensing. When do they go after Hunter and Kerry? Oh I forgot, they are protected by the God Father.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Marines down the road are not required to be vaccinated with the experimental vaccines. However, I was told last night, that they’re prohibited from using the fitness facilities and gyms unless they’re vaccinated.. just a bit of coercion dont you think.

    Lots of off hours flight operations and gunnery practice at all hours. Usually the barrages stop at 2200. Mind you the firing is over 30 miles away on one of the outer islands. When they get going it really shakes the house. Plus lots of flight operations after 2200. Like at 0200 in the morning.

  13. Stephen K. Trynosky says:
  14. Couldn’t help but notice how foolish those listening to Biden looked last night. Fully vaccinated, wearing masks that don’t work and socially distanced which has been proven to be useless. I guess real science don’t matter to them.

  15. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The only reason we have poverty in this country is because we import it

    The only reason we have crime in this country is because we import it.



    This should be forwarded.

    • Links are down. Are you propagating propaganda?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        The nasty evil Russians led by the nastier, more evil Vlad Putin fabricate charges against their political opponents then put them in jail.
        The kind, benevolent Americans led by the even kinder more benevolent Joseph Biden raid political opponents houses to secure “evidence” to put them in jail.
        I think the raid on Giuliani’s home tells us an awful lot about who the bad guys are. This was for a “supposed” Ukrainian connection and ordered by the DOJ of a president who bragged, on video, how he blackmailed the Ukrainian government for personal gain.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        I clicked on and it got through.

  16. HMMM, Makes one wonder.

    • Flu strikes in our winter when the sun is the weakest. In the tropics it strikes during the rainy season when clouds obscure the sun.

  17. WASHINGTON, D.C.—After Senator Tim Scott said America is no longer a racist country, Democrats scrambled to prove him wrong. They quickly devastated his argument by going into storage and dusting off their old KKK hoods, which they then donned to show him just how racist America actually is.

    “If America isn’t racist, would we be wearing these? Checkmate!” said Nancy Pelosi triumphantly as she solemnly put on the white hood. “Your move, Republicans.”

    Chuck Schumer also put on a hood, having borrowed it from the Museum of Democratic History in D.C.

    “My colleague is right — if we weren’t racist as Senator Tim Scott suggested, why would we put on these white hoods with no political repercussions whatsoever? It’s clear as day: America is racist.” Schumer went on to propose reenacting Jim Crow laws in order to dunk on Senator Scott and prove his argument “completely without merit.”

    “Senator Scott is truly an ‘Uncle Tim’ after all.”

    “Furthermore, we will begin instituting separate but equal Senate chambers for senators of color. Just to show them how racist America still is.” Reporters applauded Schumer for his bold move toward equality by saying and doing really racist things to show that America is still racist.

    Pelosi and Schumer assured everyone they were wearing a smug look of being proven right on their faces, though you couldn’t tell. Because of the hoods.

  18. This is what he said, according to a New York Times transcript of the president’s remarks: “The United States accounts, as all of you know, for less than 15 percent of carbon emissions. The rest of the world accounts for 85 percent. That’s why I kept my commitment to rejoin the Paris Accord, because if we do everything perfectly, it’s not going to matter.”


  19. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Six or so weeks ago, the “Utes” of America descended on Daytona, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale beaches to celebrate the Spring. The crypto fascist governors of the North including Whittmer, Cuomo and Murphy all predicted the end of civilization as we know it, the abomination of desolation and of course Armageddon with the biggest virus spreading event since Sturgis last summer. SIX WEEKS down the pike and still waiting….waiting…..waiting…..waiting….. “S’plain” that one to me, Fauci you fraud.

    Oh yes, it has been 3/4 of a year since the annual Stugis motorcycle rally, nothing happened there either. The media sort of forgot to mention that.

    Note to everybody, get OUTSIDE, take OFF your mask, breathe the fresh air, revel in Vitamin D and catch those powerful sterilizing UV rays!

  20. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    So, today we went to part two of the Holy Communion of out seven year old neighbor. A Joint festival was held with him and a little girl from his class. It was held in a reception hall the wait staff all wore masks. Apporoximately 130 people were in a room that the Fire Department had set a 280maximum occupancy for. Food was a buffet with an open bar serving Polish beer plus the usual crap.

    NOT a single guest wore a mask. I’d say the age break down was, 25% Kids, 20% Greybeards and 55% Working age adults. This was New Jersey.

    The only “question” I have was are people who are religious enough to get involved in a 1st Holy Communion affair less paranoid than the rest?

  21. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Well worth the watch. While PBS may see this as a cautionary tale about Trump (whatever), the actual take is much more on the other side. Corporatists in league with Nazi’s. The Brown Shirts filling in for Antifa and BLM, the media clearly lying, the “go along get along” crowd (RINO’s) avoiding confrontation, the older power structure bowing rather than standing on principle. I laughed my head off for the last 20 minutes at the parallels. One interesting take, when the current oligarchy in DC finally crushes the BLM and Antifa folk in “in deference” to Law and Order as Hitler did to the SA and replaces them with the “official” new Good Guys, his SS and the fools cheer!


  22. I hope what happened in Texas is a sign of things to come…..a special election that represents a minority section of town just voted to see who would win a runoff…two republicans and no democrats are elected….so two republicans are in a runoff in a district considered Democrat. This is for a House seat in Washington.

  23. “Seemingly ripped straight from the plot of “Footloose,” Washington, D.C.’s, new social distancing rules ban standing and dancing at weddings. The sudden announcement, made just as wedding season kicks off, has blindsided couples getting ready to tie the knot.”

    So, now, I guess, there will be a rule against consummation of a marriage?

  24. I know that we are all in a state of shock that things could go south so fast. But this silence is ridiculous. Make some noise. Bang a drum. We are not dead yet. We can survive this onslaught of non-commonsense. They only win because they are louder.

    • Sorry about that, I will return to my meek and mild self now.

    • No matter how big the hammer, one cannot beat common sense into the stupid.

      My question is: Are the Crats trying to destroy this country?

    • Okay.


      I watch this video and I want, very badly to believe this is just one crazy person spouting out BS. But it’s not, this attitude, these ideas are being pushed everywhere. In our schools, our businesses, can’t watch a tv show without getting bombarded, and the media is talking this crap 24\7. And people are buying into it! It’s impossible to understand why.

      • I can answer why, because the Left are trying to destroy this country, plain and simple.

      • Well it is obvious that she does not believe in the golden rule. It would be interesting to know why she is so racists.

      • It has been reported that this woman filled a harassment complaint with internal affairs after this her racist nonsense. I hope she gets sued and loses badly.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Have to say T, I am not shocked., Saw this one coming a long time ago. Had not Bill Clinton had his head handed to him early on in the first term he would have done it then. Remember his comment with Hillary you would get a twofer.

      They went back to the drawing board and refigured it. hey learned from Clinton’s ,mistakes and realized Obama was too timid. So, now you have the full court press and sad to say, I think it is GAME OVER. I understand from my New Hampshire correspondent they have been doing bitcoin related raids up in the “live free or die land”. Chewbacca man is still in the slammer and murderers are out with no bond.

  25. Brandon Mitchell, 31, was able to make it onto the Derek Chauvin jury after he checked “no” when asked if he or anyone close to him had “participated in protests about police use of force or police brutality.”

    On Sunday, a photo surfaced of Mitchell wearing a “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS,” “BLM” shirt and a “Black Lives Matter” hat while at a protest against police brutality in Washington, DC in August 2020.

    On Monday, Mitchell admitted that he attended the “March on Washington” while speaking with the Star Tribune (who buried the lead).

    This verdict will have to be tossed.

  26. https://therightscoop.com/video-black-woman-attacks-two-asian-women-with-a-hammer-on-streets-of-new-york/

    The N word is starting to make a comeback, I’m hearing it more and more.

  27. The big corporations are hammering us about our new state laws on elections. They do not like photo ID’s and the tightening of our polling regulations and stations.
    Interesting how the corporations are now in league with the leftists….

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Precisely why I recommended the :”Rise of the Nazi’s” on PBS the other day. One has to ask, who is running the show, are the Dems doing the work of Big Corp. Or are the Corps doing the work of the Dems. Personally I think the Corps have made a deal with the devil but will be shocked when they eventually, like Ford, IG Farben, Krupp et al, are delegated to the back seat.

    • They have a false sense of security.

  28. Its weird. I can barely stand politics anymore. I’m in a Not Interested but afraid to look away state of mind. If I do make it through an article, all I can do is shake my head. I can barely form a reaction in my own mind much less articulate it. I’ve still been keeping up with black…oops.. Black conservatives. Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, ABL, Patricia Dickson, The Hodge Twins. They’re the only ones who can keep my attention, but they’re more about culture than politics.

    Now I really have myself in conundrum. Just watched the Caitlyn Jenner campaign ad. Why? why, why, why do I like the ad? I want so badly to not like it. I wouldn’t even know the first thing about addressing her. Her? Come On! Why is she….grrr… the only one making sense? I’d really rather support the black conservatives for office. Maybe someday I will support one or more of them. Seems like they are the group who, if we are ever going to make it out of this mess, they’re the ones who will be the saviors. If that’s not justice for the BLM crowd, then I don’t know what they want.

    At this point, not a single incumbent has my vote. Trump is the only incumbent I have voted for in probably 10 years…since George W. And I damn sure wouldn’t vote for him again. So who is going to save us? Looks like black conservatives (fine) and a tranny (yikes)? But who am I to complain, since I wouldn’t run for office these days.

    T Ray…have you seen the Jenner ad?

    • I have not seen any of his ads. Being a protected class, he will be able to make statements that other candidates will get crucified for. If he can be blunt and tell the truth about our state of affairs, he might have chance. But once elected the Sacramento swamp will suck him in. Arnold bucked the legislature for 2 years and then finally went to the people. The unions blanketed the air with ads and defeated his reforms. Thereafter he caved and became a true Rino and has not changed since them.

      I understand your frustration with politics. I think we are all feeling it. They have lost all links to reality. The latest from Kamala that migrants are leaving Central America because of climate change. What a stupid comment but many will buy into it.

      I see last year had the fewest Midwest tornadoes in two decades. So much for climate change causing more severe storms. Couple that with the late snows this year and we have a harbinger for severe cold weather for the next 20 years. But that too is climate change. Oh that dangerous CO2.

  29. This is kind of late for a bunch of you, but it sure makes for good reason not to get vaccinated. 18 reasons.

    • He missed the arguments on the young, fertile, and pregnant. I am old with a wife who has definite co-morbidities so the virus would be extremely dangerous for her. That is the reason I got it. Otherwise I would have just taken my chances. I certainly would not recommend it for children, pregnant females or ones wanting to have babies in the future. The mutation rate makes me think this virus will return every fall. We are just going to have to learn to live with it. The mortality and severity of the disease seems to be reduced significantly with the HCQ cocktail and invermectin. Unfortunately, the CDC has fought these solutions from the very beginning. I am very disappointed with the state of public science in this age. Between this and AGW and the censorship of contrary views, we misrepresented science to the general public and thus will loose trust and faith in future emergencies.

  30. Trump’s new platform


  31. Newly elected Texas school board member Hannah Smith told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that people showed up to the polls in record numbers for the Dallas-area Carroll Independent School District (CISD) School Board races, arguing “it was a radical response” to fight the “false narrative” that the community is racist.

    Smith is one of two school board candidates in Texas that have been elected amid a raging battle over critical race theory (CRT), prompting speculation about the issue’s political saliency nationwide.

    Smith and Cameron “Cam” Bryan, both of whom vocally opposed CRT, received nearly 70% of the vote in their respective races in the Carroll Independent School District, Southlake Style reported.

    “Our school district convened a district diversity council, which was comprised of 60 parents and community members and they met together to talk about ideas about how our school district could respond to this issue,” Smith, who is a Southlake attorney and former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, explained.

    She noted that “in theory it was a really great idea, but unfortunately we had a handful of administrators in the school district that decided to push down into the plans some really radical ideas and that’s when parents really revolted and said we don’t want this kind of radical divisive policy taught to our kids.”

    Southlake, Texas, saw a new political action committee emerge to support candidates opposed to CRT. NBC News reported that candidates backed by the Southlake Families PAC won every race with three times as many voters casting ballots as in previous races.
    “When we started this battle last August, we paired up with like-minded parents around the country,” Smith told host Steve Doocy. “I was on conference calls with parents from all over America who are fighting the same thing so it’s important for people to know that they can ban together and that they can make change.”

    Smith noted that “we started doing a lot of investigative work,” which included public records requests from the district.

    “We used FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] to really find out what our district was doing and that empowered us with information that we could then use to fight against it,” she continued.
    “And so when the mainstream media was saying that we are an awful town, people are racist, our kids are racist, our schools are systemically racist, it just wasn’t right,” Smith continued. “And so people turned out to the polls in record numbers.”

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      My one elected office in college was won against three radicals because I personally went out and got people who never bothered to vote in student elections to vote for ME because they liked my positions.

      Local elections can be won easily that way.

      Hell, it is how AOC won!

      • Yes…..the PTA’s in Texas are really getting better organized and are consulting with each other across district lines. It is becoming quite a movement and we are seeing this type of reaction all over the school districts….even in Houston and San Antonio. The mainstream media is not reporting what is happening because they do not want it to become a major issue. Too late for that because school districts from other states are now calling this group asking how to do it.

  32. So Fauci now says herd immunity will not be achieved with this virus.

  33. Today, I had to put down one of my dogs due to health reasons. He was blind and started have strokes until he finally stopped eating.

    Afterward, went to Applebee’s for lunch and shared picture of our dogs with our waitress and she showed hers. Big time dog lover. Went to pay the bill on the machine on the table and the balance said zero so I asked her and she said the her and another waitress paid the bill.
    A rare act of kindness.

    • http://anxietydogcomic.com/comic?sort=latest

      This is my daughter-in-law’s website.

    • Sorry for your loss Gman, but the ending helps take the sting away. Its been 2 and 3 years now for my labs and it still doesn’t seem right without them. I’m waiting to find my forever home before I replace them. Thinking about downsizing to the Springer size. I couldn’t lift the labs into the vehicle in their later years, especially my 120 pound yellow.

      • Thanks Anita!!!!

        Dogs are special.

      • Godzilla says:

        Hey Anita, look into “canoe” labs. New breed, looks like a normal lab but they top out at 45 – 50 pounds. Theory is that at that weight, they can jump out of the canoe and not tip you. I have a regular, 90# lab that will absolutely tip me over. Wouldn’t trade my rescue for anything, but maybe my next lab will be a canoe breed.

    • I’m really sorry, G. Hard thing to have to do.

  34. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    So, you let in five or six or ten million unvetted people. Let everybody out of jail. Things go to hell in two years. You suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and confiscate the guns all with teh lemmings applauding. .

    Now That’s a plan! And the very LAST election you will ever see that is not like Romania was. “99.7 % for Nicolae Ceaușescu: Let’s round up that .3%!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Put down the whacky tobacci.

      • Hiya JAC……how ya doing?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          A dreadful feeling of being OVER RUN …………………… BROKEN ARROW my friend. BROKEN ARROW.

          • LOL….ya’ll made the news down here as the hottest spot in the US right now…….I bet your property values are hitting the boil mark…..

            • Just A Citizen says:

              You might say that. We are having a hard time NOT selling everything and pulling up stakes for greener pastures. But we can’t find anything greener that is cheaper.

              Houses up 30% over 2 years.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        You must be an optimist! The “crisis” at the border is not a crisis at all. Well planned chaos.

  35. The US Justice Department is trying to shut down immigrant raids in Texas claiming that Texas has no right to enforce a State law proclaiming that any company licensed to do business in Texas can have their charters revoked for hiring illegal immigrants. This has been in effect since 1969. The same law reserves the right to revoke religious charters for harboring illegals as well. Any bets on how Texas will respond?

    The same Justice Department is trying to rescind the “state of Emergency” order that our governor has declared thereby authorizing the Texas National Guard to arrest and detain.

    So, you have this over reach by the Feds trying to govern state rights.

    Sales of the Gonzales flag are skyrocketing. ( The come and take it flag ). Good luck Feds, and come on down, we haven’t had a good “bruhaha” since forever.

    • A guy I watch on YouTube lives in Terrell. He swapped his Texas flag for the Gonzales flag under the US flag. Too bad a terrible storm knocked his flagpole down the other night. He set up a go pro for time lapse during that storm. Whoa! You Texans can’t even have a normal sized thunder and lightning storm.

      • Nah…..we don’t want to be just like any other…besides the last storm was not that bad…it only spawned 4 tornadoes and those only made EF2………the heavy stuff comes later this month and June…….it doesn’t get interesting until we spawn a minimum of 5 naders, golf ball or larger sized hail, and 3 inches of rain in one hour. THEN……right after the storms, the sky clears, no clouds and the temps hit 100…….humid city.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Read the article then read the comments. Me thinks far too many have swallowed way to much Kool Aid.


    One really stood out. “The most effective President….”. Really? What did he truly accomplish that lasted more than two months after he left?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      He brought forward the piecemeal democratic agenda by at least 25 years. So, rather than being unknowingly killed by “a thousand cuts” we see it for what it is.

      It is however up to us to do something about it.

      We also learned that Paul Ryan and Mitch, the turtle, McConnel are total trash (I already knew) had they backed Trump, and forced the legislation he wanted to the floor, we would NOT be seeing his EO’s undone. From the get-go he did not want to use EO’s knowing their weakness. That is, unless they are Obama EO’s which seem to have some permanency in the SC.

    • JAC…I have to admit that Trump escalated the Dems game plan early…..I agree that he precluded the “boiling frog”.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I agree, but that was only by accident and more of their doing. On the other hand maybe he didn’t. Remember, Hillary was supposed to be POTUS. What he did do, due to his personality, was expose the left’s obnoxious behavioral instincts for all to see.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          C’mon, you are about as old as me., it was a little bit here and a little bit there all SOOOOO reasonable since LBJ.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You fail to recognize the SHIFT in speed which was Obama. I warned then that the “LEFT” had been fuming and scheming ever since the wooping they got in Reagan’s Second Term. Then there was their failure with Gore. Things started moving faster and with more “radicalism”.

    • This does fall in the Del Rio section…….yes sir, we have taken over the Eagle Pass area and patrol it regularly now. We find stuff like this all the time and report it. Wonder why the MSM does not report it….or, I forgot….there are no problems on the border.

      Now, just so you know…from Eagle Pass to Presidio…….that is my area. I am, however, training some new tactical blood. I anticipate being relegated to logistics planning and TOC duties soon as an “advisor.” The technology that is coming out really is helping and that lets us concentrate more on the areas where boots on the ground are much better than technology…….Those areas where we actually have to go into the “river breaks” and canyons and root the bad guys out where technology cannot reach or see. But, even this old Colonel realizes that the knees and his strength are not the same…however, my brain is still sharp and I can still read maps, watch drone pics, and coordinate combat activities from the TOC.

      It is getting embarrassing that I cannot do my 6 minute miles any longer in combat gear. I can only manage about 7 1/2 minutes and that is beginning to take my breath some. The youngsters have to take over some time…..but as I said….my brain is still sharp and razor like, even if the whiskers have some gray in them and it takes me a little longer to work out the “kinks” after a good sleep. I am and can still be productive on the border….So, I will be moving to the TOC around August as soon as I get some of these new high powered young officer “whipper snappers” trained up. Going to be hard to let loose but there is a time for everything….

      I do have one saving grace that may hold up for awhile…..on the close quarters combat range, I still hold the State record for double tap. I cannot be beat on score (100%) but I can be beat on time. AND….for you old guys, I still use the old standard 1911 .45 cal….not this M9 Beretta crapola.

  37. “We have reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today.”
    — Thomas Sowell

  38. Fauci and company trying to regroup……..people are revolting and refusing to wear masks..States are opening up despite Fauci and the Dems arguing otherwise….they are losing control of the pandemic and now………………………….Fauci says it is time to start opening up. The hypocrisy of it all…….Texas and Florida and a couple of other states that followed suit are setting an example…..Fauci and the Dems are seeing the revolt and are now trying to take charge of that…….too late.

    • On another front………………Fauci did say this morning on the news that masks may be required, in the future, for all cold and flu seasons as well. This will not go over either.

      Under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, this country has done something that no other country in the world has done or will probably never be able to do…….Biden will get the credit but Trump’s operation allowed record breaking speed in developing a vaccine.,,,,,,,now Biden wants to strip the patent rights away and allow intellectual property to be duplicated.

      They never learn.

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