When Men Were men


  1. Time for a new thread!

  2. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    The “Day of Days”. Part of the busiest week my Dad remembered in the AAF. Land them, refuel, rearm and watch them take off again over and over and over. . P-38’s supporting the invasion.

    The Day the “Greatest Generation” saved the world

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      An addendum. Took the grandson up to the community pool this afternoon. There was a 17 year old “gate guard” on duty. Told the wife, “let’s see how well they teach history in our $ 26,000 per pupil school district.” “Young man, I said, today is the 6th of June, Does that mean anything to you”. He stared back blankly. So I said, “D-Day, the invasion of Europe when your great grandfather along with a couple of million others saved the world.”

      His comment, “I was NEVER very good in history”. I responded, “Too bad without those people , on that day, you might be going Seig Heil today”. Another blank stare.

      Boy, are we F****d!

      “A people who do not know their history, have no past ……….. and no future”.
      -Robert A. Heinlein

  3. Most of you have probably forgotten the tiff that Mathius and I got into about turning Texas blue…and that it was the progressive Maxicans that would retake the Alamo…….I told him that the Republicans are slowly recruiting in the Hispanic and black ranks….he laughed.

    So, in the City elections, let’s take stock…hmmmm……

    Republicans in Texas celebrated on Monday after winning two closely watched mayoral elections in the state on Saturday, taking control of cities in Democratic counties.

    The party was particularly buoyed by its performance in McAllen, a border city of 143,000 that is 85 percent Hispanic, where Javier Villalobos, a former chairman of the local Republican Party.

    In Fort Worth, Democrats had hoped Deborah Peoples, a former Tarrant County Democratic Party chairwoman, could win an open-seat mayoral race. Ms. Peoples had endorsements from Beto O’Rourke and Julián Castro, high-profile Texas Democrats who ran for president in 2020.Though both municipal contests were officially nonpartisan, Ms. Parker and Mr. Villalobos each identified as Republicans while their defeated opponents said they were Democrats.

    Three other Mayoral elections went for Republicans in Democratic areas…..I know it is a small step…but there is significance that the Republicans beat out progressive opponents in heavily Democratic areas……but small steps turn into big ones. I might add that the winners in each of these races are all their 40’s. And the recruitment continues for all down ballot races.

  4. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats in Washington are demanding reparations from the Republican Party for the massive financial losses of Democrats following the emancipation of the slaves.

    “It’s been many years, and still, this grave injustice has not been corrected,” said Chuck Schumer in a joint press conference with Nancy Pelosi. “Our Democrat ancestors faced decades of financial ruin after the Republicans came in and freed all their slaves. Extremely unfair. It must be corrected now.”

    Detractors of the proposed reparations plan insist that Democrats and Republicans held a secret meeting in the ’60s and decided to switch positions on slavery and racism, and are arguing it may be hard to track down who should pay reparations and who shouldn’t.

    “This isn’t complicated,” said Pelosi. “Republicans must pay. Yeah, slavery is bad and all that, but Republicans must face justice and pay reparations.”

    According to sources, reparations paid by Republicans to Democrats will then be paid as reparations to black-owned organizations to atone for the sin of slavery, which will then be sent back to the democrat party to assist in reelection campaigns.

    • But, but… The Ds claim that there was a big switch in the 1960s so if that is true the true descendants of slave owners are now in the R party by their logic. Soooo, it is the Ds who must pay the Rs.

  5. BLYTHE, CA—In a last-ditch effort to lure fleeing residents back to the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom has decided to disguise his state as Texas.

    Witnesses claim to have seen the desperate governor in a cowboy hat, speeding along the border, slapping “TEXAS” stickers on all the road signs.

    Sources also say Newsom hired consultants to give advice on how to make California more Texas-like. The consultants were later fired after they recommended things like “fewer regulations”, “lower taxes”, and “less human poop on the sidewalk”.

    “Howdy, y’all!” yelled Newsom to cars as they sped off, looking for greener pastures. “Yer goin’ the wrong way! Texas is this way, see? We got lots of guns and ammo here! Barbecue too! And most importantly, we got FR– FR–”

    The governor was unable to continue as the word “freedom” got caught in his throat and he started gagging.

  6. Seems like that’s a good thing and would help for a little while.

  7. What does everybody feel about Netanyahu being replaced?

    • He has been there long enough. It is time for change. I do like Natenyahu. He had the facts at his finger tips. I just wish our politicians were as knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I doubt the new team will be up to the task.

  8. Peru is having election problems. It is Deja vu all over again.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yes. One only has to look to D.C. to see how Govt. responds when attacked in any way. Threaten to withhold your taxes huh? I’ll bet they fund the “collection” agents if not the police.

  9. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    back to D-Day, The President Defect managed to be teh very first since D-Day not to mention itb on the anniversary. Not terribly surprised since he is senile ands only talks about what the handlers put in front of him. The handlers are as dumb about American history as was that16 year old I referenced in previous comment.

    One must remember that the former President Clinton had to be briefed prior to his speech at NORMANDY on what happened 50 years before. He the was escorted to Omaha Beach where a convenient pile of pebbles was located at water’s edge where he could take a knee and construct a cross on the sand with them, all the time looking wistful and pensive.

    “We”, ie..the current crop of so called Americans, really do NOT deserve this country. .

  10. The Biden administration is threatening to sue Texas over its plans to stop state-licensed facilities that are contracted with the federal government from housing migrant children, with a federal attorney calling the state’s move a “direct attack” on federal refugee resettlement efforts.

    The federal response comes after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered last week that Texas child care regulators revoke the licenses of state-licensed facilities that house migrant children. The move, the latest by the Republican governor as he spars with President Joe Biden over immigration policies, would force the facilities to stop serving unaccompanied minors or lose their license to serve any children.

    Texas officials have already begun instructing the 52 state-licensed facilities serving migrant children to wind down operations by Aug. 30, following Abbott’s order, according to a notice sent to shelters by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

    The Governor has said that it does not matter what the US Government does….they will close. “we are tired of being a puppet for an administration that uses us as a holding pen. NO LONGER !!!” He went on to say, “I have a duty to Texas before I have any duty to an administration that will not solve the problem.”


    We will pay as much attention to this as we paid to the Federal Court saying that we cannot enforce or demand picture ID while voting. We did it anyway.

  11. Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration over a provision in the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act. Though the Act generally assists Texans recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, one provision—the Tax Mandate—specifically demands that Texas not use funds received through the Act to “directly or indirectly” offset tax revenue reduction caused by changes in tax policy. This condition prohibits Texas and other states with similar low-tax models of governance from cutting taxes for years to come on pain of losing billions in COVID-19 relief.

    “This is yet another attempt by the federal government to unlawfully exert control over how sovereign states operate. While hiding behind a deceptively friendly name, the Act effectively removes Texas’s ability to lower taxes while granting Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen power to take back federal aid funds if they disagree with state tax policies. For Texas, which successfully operates on a low-tax model and continually finds ways to reduce tax burdens on citizens, the Tax Mandate is particularly intrusive,” said Attorney General Paxton. “By design, Congress lacks the power to assert control over states and cannot coerce a state into adopting a policy. The Tax Mandate, which does precisely that, blatantly violates the Constitution and cannot stand.”

    The threat created by the Tax Mandate not only prohibits Texas from eliminating taxes, reducing tax rates, or increasing tax credits, it also prohibits the adoption of enforcement policies regarding taxes that would lead to reduced revenues. For example, if Texas decided not to enforce a given unemployment or payroll tax against a struggling small business or to reduce property taxes in a district, the state would be stripped of funding meant to assist those recovering from the pandemic.

    We fought for our independence once…..looks like we are in a fight again with the Biden folks over, you guessed it, State’s Rights.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I do not think that was their intent when they wrote that in the law. However, as usual the self proclaimed smartest people in the room cannot see past their nose when it comes to predicting the consequences of their actions.

  12. There is a large community by Granbury, Texas….It is named Horseshoe Bend. Ptly named because this land is located on the Brazos River and is shaped like a Horseshoe with the river on three sides….very pricey homes. It was a flood plain it its day before dams were built at Possum Kingdom Lake and Granbury Lake. Developers and people moved into the Horseshoe Bend area because the dams controlled the release of water from the lakes miles above on the Brazos River.

    Now the irony……the lake at Possum Kingdom and the lake at Granbury cannot hold the water from the month long heavy rains. Three flood gates are opened at Possum Kingdom and two at Lake Granbury. So the water follows the natural pathway it has for thousands of years……..the Brazos River authority notified all persons downstream that the gates must be opened to relieve the enormous pressure on the dams at various lakes along the river. The river in Horseshoe Bend will be 5 feet above flood stage….this means that million dollar homes will possibly be flooded. Now, these people knowingly built in a flood plain….That is stupid rule number one. John Wayne said it perfectly…Ya just can’t fix stupid. So, some of the rich-y rich have sued to keep the dams from being opened. The State judge has said…NOPE, the Brazos River Authority has jurisdiction over the river and responsibility for the dams and water moving down stream.

    Stupid rule number two….the same rich-y rich filed for a permanent injunction with the Federal Courts to keep the release of water from happening. The Federal Judge, a conservative judge, declined the injunction saying that it is a State matter and that since Texas does not have Federal lands and the BLM has no jurisdiction, the case was remanded back to the State judge who, once again says, NOPE.

    So, stupid is as stupid does, they tried to approach the State AG…who looks at the case and says, sorry folks, the Brazos River Authority is absolute and the control of waters along the Brazos River is their responsibility. Since you have not proven that the waters have been re-directed and that the waters are flowing the natural banks of the Brazos….their is no reason to prevent the operation of the Brazos River Authority.

    Since flood insurance cannot be purchased in a known flood plain, they asked the Brazos Rover Authority if they are going to pay to rebuild should the homes flood…and, again, the answer is NOPE. Then they made an appeal to the State for emergency flood insurance and the answer is, once again, NOPE. You took the chance when building on the River…You take the same chances of people who build on beaches.

    When asked, “WHAT SHALL WE DO? The answer was….you could rig a trot line before you vacate……

    Sigh……..ya can’t fix stupid.

  13. And the war is about to start….Texas to build its own wall financed by Texas…..Biden threatens Federal Troops.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      I believe the “backlash” is either upon us or about to start!

      You cannot keep demeaning and insulting and lying about an entire race of people without someone starting to hit back.

      Since I have known, liked and respected literally hundreds of African and West Indian immigrant blacks in my lifetime, admiring their spirit, ingenuity and drive, it is relatively easy for me to say in an HONEST forum to native born, American blacks, “STOPYOURGODDAMWHINING!”

  14. May 2021 marked the first time in more than 70 years that the U.S. has not seen a tornado rated stronger than an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale.

    Uh oh…what are the climate changer’s going to say now?

    • But one month is just weather and a statistical anomaly. Even then it is climate “change”. Any difference between then and now is explained by the theory of everything. They can never be wrong.

  15. To the history buffs on here, I have been communicating with the author Jeff Shaara to see if I can confirm a story Dad told many times. Jeff just released his book on the Battle of Midway. It was primarily a Naval operation but the Army did send several B17s and B26s to Midway prior to the battle. They did not score any hits on the Japanese fleet and were easy picking for the Zeros. Gen. Tinker was KIA.

    Dad told a story about rigging belly tanks on P40s for the battle. The normal range of a P40 was 750 miles while the flight distance to Midway from HI was 1200 miles. They mounted the tanks in the bomb racks and had to rig up pumps and switches so the pilot could pump fuel from the belly tanks to the main tanks. The idea was to fly the P40s to Midway and refuel there before entering the fight. Jeff had not seen any information on P40s being involved and I have not seen anything either in my searches.

    Now it could be it was an aborted effort and no planes left HI. However, there is a second story that Dad told related to this one. Supposedly, a P40 pilot radioed his wing man that he was going to drop his nearly empty tank on a Japanese ship. The wing man was to follow up strafing. They set a ship on fire and then switched roles and did it again. The fires would have been quick flashes since the tanks were near dry. Where the story gets interesting is that back in HI, they got word of a possible gasoline bomb. One morning, Gen. Flood (inspector general of the 7th AAF) ordered out the C47 for a flight to the Big Island. Since Dad was the crew chief and flight engineer, he was on the flight. On the Big Island, they drove up into the hills were Dad observed a drop of a gasoline bomb on some mountain goats (or sheep) that ran wild on the island. The fuel flashed and singed the wool on the goats but did not kill them. Dad made a comment to another NCO near him that if they mixed Vaseline with the gas it would stick and burn. Gen. Flood overheard the comment a ordered 2 drums of cosmoline to added to the fuel for the next drop. They killed the goats. Now Dow got the patent on napalm but how did they think of using palm oil in freezing MI?

    Now do any of you history buffs know if P40s were flown from HI for the Battle of Midway?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Hard one!

    • A Nice challenge….I wonder if the facts got a little mixed. THe P40s replaced the aircraft lost at Midway……but…..I can find no confirmation of battle for P40’s at midway….they simply did not have the range to get there……great question, in my history of being in war theaters, there are always things that happen that are not part of a plan nor are they on the records…..planes could have been added and not recorded….I do not know.

      I checked some archives in St Louis and can find no mention of P40’s at Midway during the battle….just long range army bombers and the wildcats and such the navy boys flew. I can only find where P40s replaced lost aircraft after the battle.

      • Thanks for the research, Col. The whole Midway battle was kept secret for some time after the event due to the loss of the Yorktown so Dad may have not known that the battle had happened already. Most of his stories check out so I do not discount them. The only thing is the men may have been told something different than reality.

        One story he told was about building a model airplane for another GI. The other guy stuck a radio in it and was flying around the base. The brass saw it and sent him and his plane back to Wright Field. He cam back with a B26 and five drones following it a year later. I found pictures of the mother ship and the drones so the story checks out.

        Another story he told was about putting P40 wings on a P36 fuselage in the days following Dec. 7. The P40 was an upgrade of the P36 with an Allison V12 instead of the 14 cylinder radial. Also the P40 used hydraulic controls instead of cables. Dad rigged up pumps and cockpit controls to work the gear, machine guns and flight controls on the wings. The hybrid had 4 through the prop guns and 6 wing guns, all functional.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Dug this up. I knew I had seen it before. Post Midway. Also P-40’s were flown off carriers to land bases after operation Torch. There is video of that too.

    • I figure if someone is here legally and wants a voice in our politics then they should do the work to become a citizen.

  16. Paranoid question: Was the Chemtools fire caused by hackers?

  17. Federal only voters, this I had never heard of, why would we allow this anywhere? You can vote only in federal elections because you didn’t prove that you were a citizen when you registered. Say What?

    • I know that some localities have been pushing if not allowing anyone to vote in local school elections. I would not be surprised to see it elevated to the state level. I do not like the concept of two tier citizenship.

  18. https://www.msn.com

    Now this vaccine, I would take with little concern. It’s those words, tried and true, that appeal to me.

  19. https://100percentfedup.com/video-tucker-carlson-monologue-gets-warning-label-from-youtube-as-inappropriate-and-offensive/

    They cry disinformation, when what they really don’t like is reality. Reality is impossible to disprove.

  20. https://therightscoop.com/video-shows-brazen-thief-rob-walgreens-in-front-of-security-guards-who-do-nothing-to-stop-him/

    Hard to watch this, no way to understand the insanity of allowing this type of stuff. They use the word shop lifters to make in sound juvenile but this isn’t shop lifting, it’s robbing a store.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    “All K-12 public schools in Florida will hold a moment of silence at the start of the day starting next school year, according to a bill signed into law Monday by Gov. Ron DeSantis.”

    Stupid cheap ploy to toss red meat to the redwing rabble. What a great waste of time paid at taxpayer’s expense.

    Channeling Mathius on this one. And oh, how Conservative to COMPELL a moment of silence.

  22. Fox News Channel crushed cable news competition last week as liberal networks MSNBC and CNN struggled to attract younger viewers who are coveted by advertisers.

    Fox News averaged 1.2 million viewers from June 7-13 to finish No. 1 among all of basic cable while no other networks cracked the one-million viewer benchmark. ESPN finished second by averaging 783,000 viewers and MSNBC came in third. TNT and HGTV joined them among the top five and CNN settled for sixth place by averaging only 557,000 viewers.

    Could it be the message?

    • Definitely, seems it would show up more in voting, but maybe it has.

    • CNN lost its three biggest assets, the airport contract, Trump and Covid. All they have left is climate change. They sell fear as pointed out in Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      When 90 year old Pop’s dies and Junior takes over there will be a sea change. OAN and Newsmax better build FAST!

  23. A recruiter for oil and gas corporations recently gave an ominous warning on Tik Tok, claiming that these big companies are mysteriously preparing to replace their vaccinated employees within three years.

    Carol Bird, a recruiter for RigBoyz Employment Network, explained that nearly half of these major companies’ workforce will soon be replaced with fresh workers within a few years due to the fact that they’ve been vaccinated.

    “The reason that this is important is because of what I am seeing as an executive in this industry happening right now as a result of the COVID vaccines. And it’s something called succession planning,” Bird explained.

    “Basically what it is, is companies need to plan for what’s going to happen as their staff move on; rather, they move up the line, they retire, so on and so forth. And succession planning is something that I help companies with professionally by offering them recruitment services.”

    Bird then described how higher-ups in these companies are categorizing their vaccinated employees as soon-to-be-replaced.

    “Well what’s really interesting, what’s happening right now – and it’s actually mortifying, not just interesting – is that executives are having their HR staff and their managers, superintendents, foreman, so on, go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines.”

    “And they’re planning to have to replace them all within the next 3 years. What does that say to you?” she asked.

    Bird then claimed that these directives are causing a big stir within her industry because of the implications related to these vaccinated people.

    “This is something that’s got some of these guys literally in tears as they’re going through the company and literally checking off all of these individuals that have taken the vaccine knowing that most likely in the next three years they’re going to have to replace that person,” Bird said.

    “And this is a really big thing in the industry that I’m in, and a lot of talk going around this at the moment.”


      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Remember the great liberal mantra about banning guns, “if even ONE life is saved, it’s worth banning guns?”

        Funny how this applies to NOTHING else.

        I cannot think of a shingle instance when I was wrong about Covid and all I am is a kid with an excellent High School Science education, an inquisitive mind, some common sense and a sense of “doubt” about any “expert” on anything.

        • I agree with you completely. Science would dictate that if you discover incorrect results from the past that you alter course. These idiots just double down on stupid. Forcing people under the age of 40 to get the vaccine when the threat is minimal is wrong. Even more wrong is forcing people who caught the disease to get a vaccine. We took a relatively serious flu with about a double mortality rate from normal flu and turned it into an international panic and in the process suppressed speech and other freedoms. In the US this was done to destroy one man.

  24. Wunderbar!!! Biden gave Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure items not to hack. The keys to the front door are under mat. Please do not use them.

  25. I am so embarrassed. Please someone find the keys to the WH and lock those two idiots up.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Interesting to see what will happen in teh fall with back to school vaccination requirements.

  26. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    How are the cicadas ding by you folks? North Jersey is clear so far but College Pk. MD was loaded two weeks ago and this beach scene from MD looks inviting.


    • Chased a link from the article to a Wayne Dupree article showing a twitter video where a dozen blacked out, backpack wearing (FBI) thugs came in through windows. The only red white and blue I saw was a confederate flag. Not your average red hat Trump supporter for sure.

      Trump rally in Ohio June 26th. Should be interesting. I’m glad he’s still out front and center. Just wish we could get some trith and justice out of the whole thing. Wishful thinking.

  27. Plenty of all types ammunition here. Nothing sold out….the only shortage is 300 blackout. You can find it but it is expensive. Plenty of reload supplies as well. Plenty of powder, shot, bullets, and casings.

  28. A segment of Democrats have been pushing for President Biden to have the ability to expand the roster of the Supreme Court and pack it with liberal justices, but Thursday’s 9-0 ruling in favor of a religious foster care agency that would not work with LGBT couples is leaving some on the left disappointed with the entire court.Thursday’s decision in Fulton v. Philadelphia showed that even the liberal wing of the court can side with conservatives on hot-button issues.


  29. Sousa John Philip

    The Stars And Stripes Forever
    Let martial note in triumph float
    And liberty extend its mighty hand;
    A flag appears ‘mid thunderous cheers,
    The banner of the Western land.
    The emblem of the brave and true.
    Its folds protect no tyrant crew;
    The red and white and starry blue
    Is freedom’s shield and home.
    Other nations may deem their flags the best
    And cheer them with fervid elation
    But the flag of the North and South and West
    Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom’s nation.
    Hurrah for the flag of the free!
    May it wave as our standard forever,
    The gem of the land and the sea,
    The banner of the right.
    Let despots remember the day
    When our fathers with mighty endeavor
    Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
    That by their might and by their right
    It waves forever.

    • Amen

    • Good friend and neighbor gifted me a Gadsden flag for helping her out recently. Her brother owns a flagpole company and this flag was collecting dust. Had to wait a few weeks to take down my tattered American flag, because well…Memorial Day and Flag Day are NOT the days to take the American flag down. New flag went up on the 15th. Might just stay up til Nov ’24. 🙂 I miss my stars and stripes.and I love seeing the Gadsden up, but my Chinese flagpole won’t support two flags.

  30. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Happy Juneteenth everybody! Wonder how many young black lives this will save in Chicago this weekend?

    Do you find it racist that Hallmark does not have a Juneteenth card ready yet?

  31. U.S.—Reports from across the nation indicated that teenage boys are suddenly much less interested in sneaking to the mailbox and taking out the mailers and fliers from Victoria’s Secret in the mail before their parents get to them.

    The change seemed to have something to do with the lingerie and women’s clothing company announcing the cancellation of its supermodels, the “Angels”, who are being replaced with feminist icons such as Megan Rapinoe.

    “Yeah, you know what? Mom can keep this one,” said one disappointed boy, Oliver Hampton, putting the catalog back in the mailbox after seeing Rapinoe on the cover. He then went and did something more productive and less sinful with his time, pwning his friends in Fortnite.

    Christians across the nation, though, are hailing the move as a big win for purity, since fewer men will be tempted to look at the scantily clad women. “Most men won’t even have to avert their eyes when walking by the stores anymore,” said one pastor. “Frankly, this is the biggest win for the abstinence movement since Star Wars came out.”

    At publishing time, Victoria’s Secret had tried to win back its key teenage boy demographic by unveiling a new model: Amy Schumer.

  32. WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Senate has unanimously passed a resolution to recognize Juneteenth as a federal holiday, commemorating the glorious day Republicans freed the last of the Democrats’ slaves.

    “We are so proud to show the world how not racist we are by officially recognizing the day the Republicans came charging in to free all our slaves,” said Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer. “Yeah– we Democrats did a little ‘whoopsie’ with that whole slavery thing, but the Republicans corrected it. Thanks, Republicans!”

    During this year’s Juneteenth, the nation will gather to celebrate the American political party that was founded on protecting human rights of people of all skin colors. Democrats around the country will write letters of apology and organize celebrations for the vast network of Christians, Catholics, Quakers, and Republicans who fought and died to end the scourge of slavery in America.

    Congress has also approved the building of a giant elephant statue in D.C. to honor the party responsible for the freeing of slaves from Democrat plantations.

    Biden has confirmed he will organize a celebration at the White House after he lays a wreath on the grave of his best friend Robert Byrd.

  33. If Biden is removed because of the lack of cognitive function, Harris would take over and name her successor that must pass the House and Senate. This is where the Republicans can block everything until 2022 and beyond. Both need to go and fast.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    OK. Got work done early on Farm today so now time to share some thoughts on the latest in the world.

    The Conservative/Republicans hanging their hat on President Biden being mentally unfit are gradually making fools of themselves. I can’t even count how many times now a site, including Red State, has posted a link to some speech or presser where they claim he made a fool of himself. Only to see him pretty much do what every other “person” has done who held that office. Although Slick Willy was much smoother than the rest, including that Obama guy.

    Then I see that “the world is laughing at him.” Sorry Republican Inc. but they are not laughing at him. They seem to be falling all over themselves trying to lick the shine on his shoes. He did defeat the Donald after all and that is all they care about. That and things are not back to normal. Which means the ELITE get to keep on giving us the shaft while they get the Ore.

    Good friend asked what happens when all the audits show Trump won. I said, “nothing” but a bunch of howling. Then I asked, “what happens when they show he lost?” Crickets could be heard from two miles away.

    Micromanagement of agencies by White House appointed staff has begun. Yet the employees of those agencies will support Mr. Biden and the Dems all the while howling about the idiots micromanaging them.

    Those in jail due to their visit to DC on Jan 6 should be immediately released. They can’t go anywhere so set them loose.

    Saw some Republicans making noise about deficits, debt and inflation the other day. Sorry you damn Red Coats fooled me once, not happening again. Oh wait, what is my rational alternative?

    • JAC, I have to disagree on Joe’s decline. While the headlines do over hype the examples, there is substantial evidence that Biden is not the man he was five years ago. You can see it in the blank stare, the confusion, and gait. This is the man with his finger on the trigger. He should not be there.

      As for the election, my gut tells me that Biden could never have gotten over 80M votes legally. I think the audits are going to show massive fraud. Like you though, I do not see how we get Biden and Harris out. The only process is via impeachment and the Senate will not have the votes despite this potentially being a much better case than any so far. But that leaves us with Nancy so what would we gain? The better hope is that that judges overturn some of the down ballot elections and flip both the House and the Senate thus allowing the Rs to thwart any of the radical legislation. Theoretically, the House can elect anyone speaker. Thus a flipped House could elect DJT as speaker and take out Biden and Harris. But by the time this happens the next elections will be upon us. Better just to have gridlock until then.

      In any case, our election systems need to be overhauled so this cannot happen again. Unfortunately, even the legislation in the red states is not sufficient.

      I think there is a lot of details about Jan 6 that we are not being told. No congressional hearing will bring this to light as they will be too partisan. The DOJ is too corrupt to do the investigation.

      As for the deficit, I too do not trust the Rs. They lost me on this topic during W’s administration. All hat. The Tea Party was our best hope at fiscal responsibility but it got usurped by the Rs.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I agree that Mr. Biden is seriously diminished. I was really commenting on the efforts of the R’s to over hype this flaw when the video evidence often doesn’t support the claim they are making.

        I firmly believe the election was stolen. Not sure it would affect down ballot outcomes though given how many R’s won in States Biden won by razor thin margins. Maybe Georgia though. What I am not so sure about is how many votes were actually changed or fake ballots run through the system. It is more about who got and who filled out all those mail-in ballots. The real steal was done via the collusion between the DNC, Big Tech and the MSM to do whatever it took to unseat Mr. Trump.

        • The marriage of the DNC, media and big tech are a problem. The DNC has always been a divide and conquer operation. Also problematic is the politicization of DOJ, FBI and IRS. Public schools have become indoctrination centers and now the military is being used politically. We as a country are in serious trouble.

          I think the 2018 elections in SoCal were a dry run for the 2020 elections. We saw many late night surges for the D candidates in Orange Co. and other reliable R districts.

  35. Happy Father’s Day! Hope you enjoy your day!

  36. JAC….I sent a thank you note to your governor for sending 800 construction troops to Texas to help us on our border. Florida is sending over 2500 and Oklahoma is sending 1,000. Texas has re-deployed 4,500 troops to the border and all have arrest and detainment authority, since the Federal Border Patrol has had their arrest authority stripped. Abbott is serious. We are completing the wall in the areas we need and we have “deputized” ranchers along the border and they now have arrest and detainment authority.

    Since this program has been put into place, we have arrested 16 “coyotes” just in my area alone. They will sit in jail for 180 days BEFORE being arraigned into a court. They are being arrested on State trespassing charges. The government is beside themselves because we are not enforcing Federal Laws but we are enforcing State Law. As you know, like Idaho, trespass is serious in Texas. They are also being arrested for destruction of private property when they cut a fence.

    At the very least it is a start. Now, some of the mega corporations are complaining because we are holding up commerce at the border by checking papers of each and every truck or train that crosses the border in accordance with STATE LAW. The government just recently lost an injunction case relative to interstate commerce claiming that interstate transportation is not subject to State Law and, therefore, cannot be detained. What Texas is doing is enforcing “SAFETY CHECKS” making sure that all trucks and trains are TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) compliant. While the safety checks are being performed, the trucks and trains are routinely sniffed by dogs and manifests are checked against cargo to prevent the smuggling of fruits and vegetables into Texas. The Feds cannot stop us from doing this….yet.

    Sure is pissing off the Biden lefties.

    The new business on the border is phony Covid documents now.

    How are you doing, my friend?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Well first thing, we are very sorry you are so busy as we were hoping to see you and your wonderful wife this summer. Please pass on a big hug for me.

      It has been a very busy spring as I said before. We are finally experiencing drought like conditions here in North Idaho. Something quite rare, as we are often a little green oasis in the middle of the big dry. Our precip. for the year is less than 50% and June is at about 40% of normal. Problem is that the lack of spring rains has the ground dried out. Which leads me to my investment tip of the day. Buy Wheat futures with late 2021 contract dates. The Wheat basket is so dry they are disking some of the winter crop under and much of the spring crop didn’t get planted. I have heard that there could be a 40% to 50% reduction in harvest this year.

      Spent Saturday morning planting 480 trees. Small seedlings from a Forest Service nursery. In case your interested we put in 50/50 Ponderosa pine and Western Larch. We spent the rest of Saturday lying around with ice packs on our knees and necks… LOL. The joke was that you know how they say we revert to our childhood when we get old? Well here we were on our knees planting trees, just like when we both started work back in the 70’s. As an old country ballad goes ……….. “Well you haven’t changed all that much”.

      Now to confess that the political situation has gotten to me a little this spring. Even the local politics has gotten crazy this year. I have been trying to reduce my exposure, and spending more time working on the “Farm” has been a nice distraction. Even if I am exhausted and sore much of the time. The big negative though is I have only been fishing three days so far…Grrrr. Our rivers are dropping like a rock so fishing will probably not last much past the end of July. Gets to hot for catch and release as it puts to much stress on the fish. Headed to eastern Idaho this weekend to meet up with Son and his wife, and our granddaughter. Just a couple days to float the Big Springs section of the Henry’s Fork.

      We just had some long time friends up from Nevada. They report things have “gone to hell” down there. They are now thinking about moving up here in a few years. Just like the thousands of other “political refugees” that have shown up here lately. That reminds me of a pet peeve. Politicians claiming they “have not raised out taxes” while they keep the property tax rate the same yet benefit from a 30 to 50% increase in valuation. My assessments just came. The tax man is getting a $700 increase this year but claims “no tax increase”.

      FYI, we will be in Reno the first week of July, just in case you are nearby. And one more time for the record. Las Vegas is “NOT” nearby…. ha, ha, ha, ha.

      Hope all is well as it can be down your way. Thank God we have you and your friends willing to take on this border fiasco. Keep it up, we are pulling for you and will keep a bug in the Governor’s ear about helping out. Also, sorry to see Texas lost the first game of the CWS. I was pulling for Arizona but they and Stanford are unlikely survivors at this point.

      • Well first thing, we are very sorry you are so busy as we were hoping to see you and your wonderful wife this summer. Please pass on a big hug for me. Will pass it on and we will get there. It is in the cards.

        I wonder what Vegas and LA are going to do for power. Lake Mead is at historical lows and the water is below the intake valves on the power generators. Water in Vegas is at a premium and you have to ask for it now and they bring it with no ice. No snow pack in the Sierras to help Lake Mead.

        The joke was that you know how they say we revert to our childhood when we get old? Yep and it ain’t no joke…..I seem to be saying “oww” more and more. Getting in and out of helicopters is becoming a little troublesome on the knees and such.

        FYI, we will be in Reno the first week of July, just in case you are nearby. And one more time for the record. Las Vegas is “NOT” nearby…. ha, ha, ha, ha. Made the drive from Vegas to Reno once….there has not been a second time.

        Take care my friend and let the spousal unit know that the small reading glasses that she gave me…..are still a mainstay in my wardrobe.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      What are you doing with the immigrants, turning them back or turning them over to the feds? Somebody has to send these folks back!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Normally we would “encouraging” them to seek refuge in Canada. But the damn border is still closed. So we are stuck with them until the next back to back -30 F winters with 6 ft of snow. That usually sends them packing back to California.

        Our problem is not just Cali anymore, however. They are showing up from everywhere. Including Carolinas, Georgia, Maine, Vermont, Washington, Oregon, AND Texas.

        Our State Govt. finally has had enough of the growth spawned by our neighboring Dem Governors. They are raising various fees for “non residents”, like camping, fishing, etc. You see we are inundated with out of staters now coming here to recreate, plugging up facilities and paying little towards operations and maintenance.

        I expect we will soon be in a war of escalation with our neighbors over these fees. We should have just put up a fence and gates and the state line last year.

      • Stephen….they are being returned to Mexico immediately except for the ones that are extremely ill from dehydration and such. We get them well and then send them back. The border patrol actually responds to the people floating in the river and such but our troops stay firmly stationed and do not fall for the diversions.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Now, THAT is good news. If you guys need a defense fund let us all know. It is well worth a few bucks!

  37. Just A Citizen says:
  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Boy what a small world at times.


    Yours truly was the first to figure out these people were up to no good. They came into our office asking for maps of the timber sale. I handled the request. When the left I called the LEO and told him I thought they were up to no good. We were onto them BEFORE the letter ever arrived.

    And for the record, she did not send it as some way to “warn” anyone. She sent it, as others had been sent on other sales, to force the Forest Service to cancel the sale.

    Oh………it did not work. We logged that sucker anyway. I was blown away last week when I found out she had been nominated for the BLM job.

  39. TRIVIA TIME !!

    Who has taken more balls to the chin?

    a. Babe Ruth
    b. Willie Mays
    c. Mickey Mantle
    d. Hank Aaron
    e. Kamala Harris

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      New York adopted “Off Track Betting” in the late 1960’s. It too was a panacea for education funding. By the 90’s it was flat broke. Couldn’t compete with organized crime!

      With the decriminalization of pot. ROR for dealers and fines, who the hell will pay the fees and rent if they don’t have to?

      • I remember having this argument with Mathius…Remember he was big on legalizing marijuana…..the criminals have taken over in Colorado now and it is run by organized crime…so far every State that has legalized Marijuana has allowed organized crime to come in and “regulate” it. The ignored history is amazing.

        And now we have China that is acting exactly like 1935 Germany. They will destroy Hong Kong and it starts today with the closing of the Apple Newspaper. I see the Dems and media trying to control thought and speech here in the US….it is coming and the people do not seem to care.

        Look at what is happening in Louden Virginia……with the school board. Parents are rising up but they are being shut down. This whole country is about to explode.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Newark NJ has removed a statue of Christopher Columbus from the area around City Hall and replaced it with an eight foot statue of George Floyd. Newark was a hotbed of strong Italian heritage for most of my life but obviously no longer.

          Now, since you are as old as I and historically astute. You may remember another thoroughly racist group of people who elevated another street thug to god like status (statues and songs). His name was Horst Wessel!

          Funny how history repeats itself.

          Eagerly awaiting the POTUS overreach this PM on firearms.

        • Explode it must. These Marxist’s, Democrats and Progressives need to be sent packing.

        • Speaking of Mathius, I have another question for him. I know he was big on vaccines. The question is will he get his little girls vaccinated. The virus is not particularly deadly to youngsters and the vaccine has some notable problems. Which is better, risking the virus and getting natural immunity or risking medical complications with the vaccine?

          WRT to the MJ problem, it seem par for the course that the Ds would create draconian regulations and then have to spend additional money to subsidize the industry to fill out the paperwork. All I see is my money going up in smoke.

  40. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-free-speech-ruling-cheerleader-profane-snapchat-post

    Isn’t it the parents job to follow social media accounts by their kids?

  41. Well SKT they came for TR and got him.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:
      • Reading comments on the subject, I see references to TR being racist. In the books I have read on him, I have never heard such a thing. Academically TR was a naturalist.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          Having charged up Kettle and San Juan Hill leading both his Rough Riders and elements of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments (colored) he praised their service to high heaven. Invited Booker T. Washington to lunch in the White House which almost brought the house down literally and kept up a correspondence with him for the rest of his life.

          Finished “River of Doubt” where he describes his black guides and porters with the same affection and respect as his white companions.

          Now the Brownsville incident (below) was an interesting matter. personally, I think if the perpetrators had all been White and had exercised the same wall of silence, he would have canned them too. TR was just such a man, honesty and honor were his bywords and no matter how provoked the soldiers might have been, in his mind they had dishonored the regiment and themselves. I Wonder what the Colonel has to say about this?

          For what it is worth, I had an Army friend who was dismissed from West Point in his Senior Year (1968) with a diploma and NO commission because of a cheating scandal that he did not participate in and claimed no knowledge of. Yet, because his room mate(s) had, it was assumed he knew and “tolerated” them. He joined the Army as an E-4 and hoped to go to OCS.


          • Thanks, SK, that confirms my feelings. I forgot about the Booker T. dinner. It raised quite stir at the time. I did not know about the Brownsville incident. Wilson was the real racist. I think the BLM crowd is complaining because of the Indian and Black man standing next to the mounted TR. Both pedestrians have their heads high not bent is submission nor up worshiping TR. I think the bigger problem is TR is white and a Republican. You know Rs are bad. Of course during that era, it was the Rs that supported equality.

            • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

              Having seen that statue for so many years dating well back to my pre-teen days, I always thought it signified his leading the black man and Indian into a new day!. Had they really been honest, they could have simply removed the two side figures and left TR.

              Another fascinating parallel with Trump. The next occupant of teh White House spent an inordinate amount of time undoing the real “progressive” moves on race that TR did. The Navy was not just re-segregated but blacks were bounced at the end of their enlistment regardless of teh terms they had previously served. The most fascinating thing I ever learned was that the post Civil War Navy was completely integrated including berthing and mess areas.

          • For what it is worth, I had an Army friend who was dismissed from West Point in his Senior Year (1968) with a diploma and NO commission because of a cheating scandal that he did not participate in and claimed no knowledge of. A real sticky wicket…..in OCS we were bound by an “Honor Code”. This code did not excuse any type of cheating or knowledge of cheating. Whether you participate or not is not relevant. If you had any knowledge or even suspicion, it was required to be reported. It appears that since the room mate was guilty, he was guilty by association. I am sure that it was assumed that being that close to the situation, he should have known. Sounds like he got a bad rap.

  42. John McAfee “suicide”?

  43. Colonel? We’re gonna need you to call in a favor. Joe says we’ll need F-15s and nukes if we want to save the 2A. Pretty sure that’s your department. Maybe have them routed through El Paso while Kamala is there?

  44. Now I’m going to have to cheer on the Boilermakers too. Nephew is breaking ranks with his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and will be off to Purdue to become an airline pilot. Valedictorian of his class, he’s got this.

    • Ha! Nov 6th its Purdue v Michigan State, his sister’s current school, in West Lafayette. Ohhh boy!

  45. Did we just get subtly told that if we start a revolution, it will be met with F16s and nukes?

  46. The Rinos cut a deal on infrastructure and then Lucy pulls the football away. Will hey ever learn?

  47. Col., are they going to let you near Kamala today?

    • Well, I am in Del Rio…so no. I doubt very seriously that she will be coming here. There has been no security request nor has there been any secret service around here. This is the front lines….she is not going to come here. I have heard through the proverbial grapevine, that she is not going to leave the airport and even go into El Paso. Just a stop for photo op is what we are hearing.

      This woman, if she is one, is a coward. She hates the fact that Trump is coming down here and I know he will be by Del Rio. My sector is Del Rio to Presidio.

  48. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    I guess for the second time in my life I will hear the Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! of helicopter blades taking off from the roof of teh embassy.

    Ahh that Bush, Cheney, Rummy team really did us a favor I’ll tell you that!


    • Yes…and Afghanistan falls within 90 days or sooner. We should have not been there anyway…..but this does bring back bitter memories of abandoning Vietnam and leaving 58 thousand in the ground. Something that I don’t need but there it is..

  49. “Amazing news! McAllen, Texas is a major border town of 140,000 people. 85% Hispanic — and just elected a Republican mayor. The macro realignment accelerates in South Texas, and elsewhere, as Hispanics rally to America First: Strong Borders Economic Nationalism Pro-Police,”

    It starts here……another mayor that went Republican.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      For twenty years of my working life I was surrounded by hard working Hispanics. I hope and pray that the Republican party “gets it” welcomes these folks. Most understand that illegals surge the unskilled and semi skilled employment market and hurt them personally. What has been missing is a huge effort on the part of the GOP to double down on this message.

      The hardest thing to explain to an immigrant who is barely eking out a living is that this was exactly what my Grandfather faced when he came here in 1905. I know that the various Jose’s and Roberto’s I have worked with do not expect the streets to be golden but they must be assured that the path is there for their children and grandchildren. We have failed to do that.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    The REAL AGENDA is revealed. Because we need more protected “classes”.


  51. Oopsie. He slipped up and spilled the beans. It’s Canada, but it’s the same here and worldwide with big tech censorship.

  52. Liberal losers keep screwing up everything with their BS. Now it’s the Olympics.

    Republicans are being blamed for defunding the police because they didn’t vote for a bill that was passed. Funny that no one seems to see the irony of it all. Liberals can’t even lie and make it believable anymore.

    News from Arizona soon, let the protests begin.

    • EUGENE, OR—In a move many are hailing as both “stunning” and “brave”, hammer-throwing athlete Gwen Berry turned her back on the flag as the national anthem played after she qualified to represent America in the Olympics.

      “America stinks, and it has oppressed me my entire life,” said Berry. “My qualification for the U.S. Olympic team is just another example of the long string of systemic injustices I have suffered at the hand of systemic white systems of Western cis-patriarchal oppression and the systems of hetero Christian male dominance and the… what was I talking about? Oh yeah– America stinks and I’m oppressed!”

      Berry says she hopes to share her inspiring message with young girls of color everywhere– that they will never belong in America, be happy in America, or be free in America due to the color of their skin.

      “I am disgusted with myself for representing this racist country in the Olympic games, but it was my only option since China doesn’t really let black athletes compete. I look forward to the universal acclaim, Nike endorsement deals, and vast riches that are coming my way! Yay me! Also, did I mention I’m oppressed?”

      Nike has applauded Berry’s bravery and has offered her a $327 million endorsement deal and her own line of Uyghur-made clothing.

    • I think anyone being interviewed by a Democrat claiming the republicans are for defunding the police should just laugh, a lot. They really don’t deserve the respect of arguing about it.

  53. AMARILLO, TX—Students across America have resumed the Cold War practice of weekly “duck-and-cover” drills to prepare for impending nuclear attacks ordered by the picture of mental stability, President Biden.

    “Living under the constant threat of nuclear holocaust really brings back memories,” said Principal John Cmerek as the air raid sirens blared. “Doesn’t that sound take you back? Even found the old videos, all we have to do is edit ‘The Russians are coming!’ to say ‘Joe Biden is coming!’, and we’re all set.”

    Although some were skeptical Biden would really nuke his own people, President Biden took time to reiterate his position to a flock of geese at the national mall. “Look here! You’re not just going to beat me with that rifle, bucko! I make one call, one call on the TV, and jets will blow up the whole country! That’s how democracy works! Whoever has the nukes makes the rules, Jack! Now hand over the guns, you jerks!”

    Bastions of liberty like the Texas panhandle, with its terrible penchant for church-going and self-governance, have become potential ground zero targets for the Biden administration. “It’s actually pretty cool doing the drills,” said local high schooler Salma Gonzales. “Been kind of boring since we escaped Guadalajara, now all of a sudden we’re like public enemy number one. Still not sure what his deal is, it’s just us and a bunch of cows out here. Maybe he hates the cows?”

    At printing time, sources say that no geese have given up their AR-15s and Biden is currently in the Situation Room discussing retaliatory options.

  54. Col, any comments on this?

    • Yep, plenty of comments…..Tucker has not done his homework well, and the interview with the Sheriff was conducted before Abbott made the decision to use the guard for policing. I can tell you for certainty we have 4,500 troops (Guard troops) on the border right now. We are arresting and detaining. Have been for weeks now.

      I can also tell you that we are beginning to string razor wire along certain areas of the border and I can tell you we have delivered roughly 10,000 rolls of wire to ranchers in their trouble spots. I can tell you we have deputized approximately 400 ranchers and ranch hands under the Texas Department of Public Safety guidelines for counties in the State disaster area.

      As to Trump coming down, it is a photo op. Everyone knows this. He will tour the border better than Harris did and he will holler and rant around like a politician. His policies did work, however, but we really do not need him here. I would rather everyone just be quiet about this and let us do our work. I do not allow media, even Fox news, into our area at all. Some of the picture that I have seen where the caption says Del Rio from Fox news….is not Del Rio. They do not know their geography very well. Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass are not even in the same territory as Del Rio but that is where some of the pictures come from…..but because it is between towns and Del Rio is the largest town, it gets named. My jurisdiction stops 4 miles East of Del Rio and extends West to Presidio through Big Bend.

      People are over looking the seriousness of this situation here but photo ops are being done. Abbott is doing his job and we are carrying it out but remember this……I am a big fan of Greg Abbott…..will vote for him…..but he IS still a politician.

      Tucker needs to do his homework better….but the decisions that Abbott has made were after this interview which is weeks old.

    • Has everyone noticed that youtube videos especially FoxNews with embedded clips have the clips plastered over with a photo of Trump? What is with that?

  55. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    NYC just took a shot at something called “ranked” voting. Pardon me since I readily acknowledge that my mathematical skills have gone dormant, but this is one of those voting “improvements” wherein everybody’s THIRD choice could possibly win the Mayoralty.


  56. Texas Supreme Court pissing everybody off……..again. Rules that gun manufacturers and sales outlets are not responsible for gun deaths.

    • hmmm…18M divided by 600 inmates = 30,000 per inmate. Way too much for a 5×7 room and a baloney sandwich. But c’mon Joe! You’re burning through trillions right now. 18mil is a drop in the bucket. So now they will probably go to some over crowded facility and then the Ds will have something else to bitch about. 👿

  57. NEW YORK CITY, NY—After generating buzz over their “football is gay” marketing campaign, the NFL has clarified that they weren’t really talking about all of football or the entire league being gay, they were just talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

    Yeah, we’re sorry about that,” said an apologetic Roger Goodell to reporters. “I suppose we should have been more precise in the language we used. I take full responsibility for the confusion and vow to do better in the future. But yeah– the Cowboys are totally gay.”

    The world is celebrating the news that an entire football team from the conservative state of Texas has finally chosen to come out of the closet.

    “I mean, we always knew, but it takes courage to come out and this is an exciting step for progress in equality and acceptance,” said Goodell. “We hope that over time, all the other gay teams will come out of the closet as well.”

    “Or at least Aaron Rogers. I mean come on, man!”

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Joe Biden DENIED knowing anything about his Son’s business and said he DID NOT ASK him about it.

    Today we see a PICTURE of good ol’ Joe with his Son and the kids crony business partners. Oh yeah………… IN THE WHITE HOUSE while he was Veep.

  59. Hope everyone had a safe 4th…..

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Under the benevolent eyes and trained hands of “Uncle Joe” my 40 year old son, all five grandchildren present, ages 3 to 10 were doing rockets and roman candles in addition to the ubiquitous several gross of sparkers!

      A fine DAY!

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