Happy Independence Day


  1. Have a great weekend!!!!!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Thought for the day. I am hearing more and more from my independent and conservative friends that we need to go back to teaching Civics. I like to point out that the rise of Patriotic Americans who can now see how rotten the system has become and that it started “long ago” is linked to the reduction in Civics education. You see, we are no longer be subjected to the “States” view of how things work or should work. We went out and read on our own and holly bat man, we found out they changed the system without telling anyone.

      Conclusion: Teaching Civics is not the answer. Sure it would be nice if everyone understood how the system works and how to participate. But there is the risk of just “more indoctrination” by those in power.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    Third time is the charm. Shortest version. The article is elementary and ignores the impact long term weather has had. And YES, we are looking at weather pattern changes that support the idea that “climate” has changed. Calif. is not the same as the West. This is far to simplistic for my liking but serves a general purpose, I guess.


  3. Just A Citizen says:

    So now we are using political polls to make critical decisions about Bio research/bio warfare research, that could kill us. Just BRILLIANT.


    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Is nothing I learned in college relevant anymore????? I mean, my God, try asking the question posed as follows: “do you support or oppose gain of function research which will engineer more deadly viruses?”

      The question asked is loaded, like asking do you support more research into finding more chocolatey flavors of chocolate? Try asking if you support chocolate research to find more flavorful chocolate that will kill you?

    • “If there was a successful treatment protocol for COVID, by law the emergency use authorization for the vaccines would be disallowed.”

      Hmmm, gonna have to think about this, it makes sense in a way but it seems limiting when you’re talking about a pandemic.

      • That’s the silly part, we could have done both with a little cooperation from Congress. So many lies, so many dead just to get Trump out of office and make big bucks for Fauci and others.

  4. I want to wish everyone here at SUFA an enjoyable and safe Independence Day. I would also like to share Toby Keith’s new Happy Birthday America song for anyone that hasn’t heard it.
    He hits the nail on the head with this one. God bless the U.S.A.

  5. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    “If this be treason, make the most of it!”

    The thought for the day.

    Happy 4th folks!

    • The country is 245 years old. I have been here for 30% of that. Hope to be here for the 250th.

      Have a good day everyone. I’m jerking some beef. No kids home this weekend so will not do much.

      • I feel old! I had just graduated 8th grade and was headed to high school in ’76. I don’t remember how I got so lucky but I was the only one of us 8 kids who got to ride on a float that my dad was pulling for our hometown bicentennial parade. Its darn hard to wrap my head around the fact that its been 45 years. We don’t even have an Independence Day parade anymore.

        I’m stuck in the grind today, but it will be at 2 1/2 times the regular rate. I’ll take that and some of your jerky to go, please. Have a good one everyone.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    Happy Independence Day. The Birthday of the Declaration of Independence, and the anarchists and other ass-hats who want to argue the 4th is not accurate can just stuff it.

  7. Would someone release me from purgatory please.

  8. Taliban forces are gaining momentum, pushing the Afghanistan government’s forces out of several districts and taking control of various weapons and military vehicles in the process, while the U.S. withdraws from the country.

    Insurgents have taken 900 guns, 70 sniper rifles, and 65 vehicles, Sky News reported. While this happens, the Afghanistan government continues to lose territory, having already left seven districts as the Taliban assumes control.
    So far, more than 1,000 members of Afghanistan’s military have fled the country, crossing over into Tajikistan, Reuters reported. This led Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon to mobilize 20,000 military reservists to strengthen the border.The deterioration of the situation on the ground and the resurgence of the Taliban comes nearly 20 years after the U.S. and international forces entered Afghanistan to oust the Taliban, which had harbored Usama bin Laden. President Biden’s plan is to fully withdraw from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, on the 20th anniversary of the Al Qaeda attacks on the U.S. planned by bin Laden that led to the lengthy war.

    We never learn……..

    • If after 20 years of support they still can’t protect their own country. Then most of the people must want the Taliban in control.

      • I said when we went into the ME that we would be there for a generation as this is how long it takes to educate the population on democracy. Obviously we failed. If they can’t hold out against the Taliban with all the training and equipment we gave them, they deserve the result. We could have come to this conclusion several years ago. The results would not be any different.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Some hotshot from some think tank is going to make a million bucks by re-releasing the Weinberger-Powell doctrine under his/her own name. “Don’t get in if you don’t have a plan to get out”.

      Shoulda gone in, killed all the bastards then left with the warning, “next time we won’t be so nice”. The “Roman” way often works well on Barbarians.

      Anybody beside me want to lay this entire 20 year disaster, including 9/11 at the feet of us backing the Mujahedeen (AKA the Taliban) against the Soviets rather than just allow them all to go on happily killing each other? For God’s sake, exactly WHAT interest could we possibly have in that pile of rocks, what “threat” were they to us except the one we created?

  9. I heard on the radio this am that OPEC cancelled their meeting this month so they expect crude oil prices to continue to rise. Commodity prices are controlled by the last 2% of product on the market. Our reduction in production has driven the price up and put OPEC back in charge. How stupid. Glad I do not commute any more so do not need to burn 20 gal/wk.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    This is what happens when you lower yourself to the same kind of garbage the left does all the time. If all you can do is focus on gottcha moments in hopes of finding “anti American” or “unpatriotic” behavior you will eventually step on your d…….. er I mean tongue.

  11. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/460297/#respond

    Talk about hitting the nail right on the head!

  12. Vicki L Holland says:
  13. A display of replica dog tags for every American soldier killed in the Vietnam War (over 58,000)

  14. Stephen K. Trynosky says:


    Realize that Texas is a big place but where does this Bozo get off?


    • Well, sir, you are preaching to the choir here. But, if there is a prenup agreement signed, why would it not take precedent regardless of where it is signed as long as it is not signed under duress? Prenups are signed all the time and they are effective. Is it possible that in so signing a prenup, assuming she understood what was in it, she gave up her rights to have a divorce heard “American style”?

      Ignorance is no excuse unless she was forced into signing. But this Sharia Court is located in the US ( I do not know why but it is) and it has been allowed to function. This is one area of Texas I do not understand….we have allowed an Islamic enclave here that practices Sharia Law and I do not understand it. This is so not Texan….

  15. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    If anyone has 51 minutes and really, really wants to learn something, I offer you, “Malcolm X, the lost tapes” a Smithsonian Channel special documenting Malcolm X’s actual words. NOT things someone said he said but what he said. The only “comments” you will find are from the period. As a 15 year old back then when I started listening to him, I “got it”. This show will take you through his transformation and, if you remain half awake, you will understand why he HAD to be killed. It also shows, by mere comparison, the fecklessness of modern “Civil rights” leaders and the continued paternalism of the democrat party and their plantation.
    For those who might still be offended by his “The chickens have come home to roost” comment on JFK;’s assassination, I remind you that two weeks before, the Kennedy’s had authorized the assassination of the President of South Viet-nam.
    Rest in peace Brother Malcolm!

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      You can click on the “Watch on Facebook” or just google, Lost Tapes of Malcolm X on Smithsonian Channel. Believe me, well worth the effort! What he said, not what people say he said. made the bride watch it with me last night. She’s always heard me praise him but never understood why.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Just to point out the weakness of our education system even back then, I bring everyone’s attention to the entire fallacy of the African Muslim as the basis for the American Black Muslim movement. The Africans were among the first Christians. Christianity did not fail them. They were “converted” to Islam at the tip of a sword. They were invaded and conquered by another people, who happened to be more brown in color.

        This was one of the things that irritated me even back then. Always trying to claim Africa as their homeland, which I could see why, but then claiming Islam as an African heritage when it was something forced on the Africans.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Has any country become muslim in the M/E and Africa not by the sword?

          I exclude S/E Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia because I just dont know

    • I must say, I didn’t like the young revolutionary man, even as I understood that his anger, at the time was justified. His ideas of how to fix these injustices, IMO, wouldn’t work and would have just caused the injustices to continue for a much longer time. I do however think he realized that before he was murdered. He seemed at some point to agree more with Kings idea’s, than his prior revolutionary ones.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        The man GREW! He would have been the greatest force for positive change in the black community had he lived, much more than King. Imagine how he, a devoted father of four little girls would have felt about the destruction of the black family by Johnson’s war on poverty.

        The man owns the line, “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, the Rock landed on us.”

        One thing he did for me as a kid was to have me put myself in the place of a black man. How would I have acted?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I would like to see PROOF that Kennedy “authorized the assassination” of President Diem.

      He authorized the coup. There is no evidence he thought or expected Diem to be killed. A gross mistake in judgment, yes. But not authorizing an assassination.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        Cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Kennedy, McNamara, Dean Rusk and Bobby owned it. Went a long way helping to “win” the war did it not? So, whether they authorized it or not, they certainly knew it could happen. If Malcolm assumed that at the time, so did this 16 year old. Does not make a lot of sense to leave the “opposition” alive for others to coalesce around does it?

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          I almost forgot, the assassination of Lumumba and the planning for Castro’s demise.

    • That’s a great thread. I have pretty much decided that as long as the dinosaurs are still in Congress, .that it would be better for Trump to continue from the sidelines in ’24. He deserves to be there and would probably get the votes, but the daily backstabbing and propaganda would still continue. He was right when he said that “they” are out for us, he’s just in the way. It really is up to us. Since he is “us”, he has the means to keep up his rallies, which keeps “us” fired up. We can’t look away, that’s for sure. I still can’t get past the idea that America First is such a bad thing.

      Side note: The black conservatives are going to lead us out of this. They’re the only protected class who may be able to get away with it. The ones I follow have many millions of followers between them. That’s a whole lotta not racists following them.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        If I were DJT, or could even get close, I’d advise him to pick his cabinet NOW, vet the living crap out of them. Pick his Department heads NOW for the same reason make a deal with Desantis for the # 2 spot and of course, go to Sagamore Hill and stand on Teddy’s porch announcing his run and promising a “Square” deal for all!

        Then upon assuming office, since it would be impossible under law to fire the traitorous second stringers, I would go on a massive building spree in Anchorage and Juneau and take all those second stringers and send them North, same titles, same pay grade.

        If he has to do what Obama did, pass over 42 generals to get sane ones for the JCS, he sure as hell ought to.

        The one great complaint about TR and it certainly was true is that he lived by Davy Crockett’s dictum, “Be sure you are right, then go ahead”. The man governed by pure instinct and a depth of knowledge about people and things and history has generally shown him to be right. Obama and Biden also govern by instinct but it is grounded in absolutely nothing.

        I enjoyed watching Gary Oldham’s recent portrayal of Churchill especially as he is being pressured to seek peace with Herr Hitler. He takes the advice of the king (how true that is I don’t know) descends into the Subway in London and asks the citizens for their views on continuing the fight or surrendering. Out of that came the “we shall fight them” speech. There are few men in history that can do that sort of thing, wrap their own knowledge, talent and experience then sense the will of the people as well as their legitimate desires and act for them. Their ultimate “greatness” does not come from their egos but from their accomplishments. That is why historians will eventually rate Obama so low (all ego) and Trump high (accomplishments). This of course presumes that he or his programs are successfully restored and history sees Biden and his oligarchs for what they are, traitors.

  16. https://hotair.com/john-s-2/2021/07/09/boston-pride-n401430

    Oooops , Boston Pride actually thought the organization was still about gay pride when everything is really about hating white people.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      It is fascinating to see the Yugoslaviainization actually at work. Divide and conquer. Now if we sane people can hold together till they all kill each other off, we win!

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Some REAL history for a change. Remembering all those arguments with Black Flag over this very issue.


  18. Kamala Harris has proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that she is an idiot of epic proportions.

    Joe Biden isn’t competent enough to stand trial for Jaywalking.

    80 million votes my ass.

    The vaccine Nazi’s are coming. With that said, playing on Kamala’s comment, we out here in the country don’t know what a vaccine is, I mean come on, we can’t even get a photocopy made. Then send them packing for trespassing.

  19. PODUNK, KS—Vice President Kamala Harris caused quite a stir while trying to help rural Americans vote. She traveled to some of the most backwater areas of America — thousands of miles from civilization — and brought a photocopier to show them how to copy an ID card. The rural Americans had never seen such a device, though, and soon became angry at it.

    “It’s stealing our documents’ souls!” exclaimed one simple rural American upon seeing his ID copied. He then pointed an accusing finger at Harris. “She must be a witch!”

    “I am not a witch,” Harris stated, though her statement was undercut by the way she kept cackling like one.

    The angry rural folk then tied Harris to a stake to burn her as a witch.

    “It was not my idea to impose advanced city technology on your simple rural brains!” Harris pleaded with them. “That is the fault of the Republicans! I wanted to spare you from this!”

    The rural people ignored her and began lighting kindling around her feet.

    “Science forgive them!” Harris called out. “They know not what they do! For they are too rural and simple! Their brains are filled with nothing but knowledge about corn!”

    After letting it go on for a few minutes, the Secret Service finally decided they should probably do something, so they put out the fire, untied Harris, and took her away on Broom One.

  20. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    From the “Isn’t that special” department.

    South Africa apparently is in the process of burning to the ground. Lasted longer than I thought it would.

  21. Col. you should be so proud, your state legislature found its Alamo moment.

    • They have done this before…last time they ran to Oklahoma….they will be arrested and brought to the house…but it does not matter. Since we do not have full time legislators, they have to return to their jobs and home life and the vote will be taken..just delayed.

  22. AUSTIN, TX—The media is calling a brave little group of Texas toddlers heroes after they responded to the oppression of being told to eat their vegetables in the most mature, patriotic way imaginable: by chartering a jet to flee the state.

    The brave little tots chartered their very own Boeing 737 and climbed aboard, taking selfies along the way to keep their social media followers updated on their courageous stand against tyranny. They are flying to Washington, D.C., where they hope to appeal their case to “the pwesident.”

    When asked for comment, the group’s leader Timmy said, “Waaaa! I don’t want to eat my vegetables! Mommy is mean! I hate her!” Sally chimed in, “Yeah, we don’t wanna! No vegetables! No bedtime! WAAAAAAAH!!!”

    All the toddlers then joined in for a stirring rendition of “Baby Shark.”

    The toddlers’ parents have filed to have them arrested upon their return, though they’d prefer that the police just “hang onto” the kids for a while rather than returning them to their homes. “Can they just like watch them for a few days? I’ve got stuff to do,” said Chloe Mendez of Dallas as she opened a box of wine and settled in to watch Netflix.

    At publishing time, the group had cracked open a six-pack of Squeez-Its to unwind along the way.

  23. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Prediction # 7,568 came true!

    A federal judge has blocked New York City from moving the homeless from the hotels they were temporarily assigned to during the pandemic. The shelters were supposed to be incubators for th3e virus.

    The Courts have now found a “right” to a hotel room in the Constitution.

  24. https://redstate.com/jenniferoo/2021/07/15/ca-recall-election-pits-grassroots-conservatism-vs-republican-establishment-which-will-ca-choose-n410480

    This article is missing two important facts about the Newsom recall. First there are two issues on the ballot. First is should Newsom be removed from office. If yes, then the second election is for his replacement. This is a plurality vote. Of the 100 or so candidates, the one with the most votes wins so we are most assuredly going to have a minority replacement. The R’s are making one huge mistake by not getting behind a single candidate. Let the D’s split their vote over several candidates while the R’s unite behind one person. But being true to form, the R’s once again have no strategy.

  25. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Time to bone up on a movie based on a book written by two liberals and a screenplay by Rod Serling. Always funny how the “left” will project something onto the right that they then do themselves. The Head of the Joint Chiefs and the CNO would fit quite nicely in this film.

    • The link does not work.

      • Sorry it just came through.

        • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

          If you have never seen the entire movie, it is well worth the watch.

          Like the Classic “High Noon” which lefties ALWAYS compare to the McCarthy era, I find it fits the opposite side just as well. Gary Cooper’s character, Will Kane could just as well be any conservative trying to gain support from a bunch of cowards to fight the evil left wing. Hell, I could make the argument that Trump fits the bill or even better, Rand Paul.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I watch High Noon often. It was blasted by both sides. However, I see it today as extremely “Today” people stand around with their iPhones recording a crime, of whatever nature. They rarely if ever step in and help. That somebody else’s job.
            Like years ago in Orange County 5 police officers beat a little homeless guy to death. Clearly the little guy was sick. They just stood and watched. Apparently the police thugs threatened them if they interfered.

  26. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Since there has been absolutely NO follow up indictment of Matt Getz does it seem that the allegations of sex with underage girls was all smoke and mirrors just to destroy him?

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Perhaps one of the most enlightened comments on the internet thangy made in several weeks. The topic is Facebook’s censoring and Mr. Biden ripping on them anyway.

    “All of this goes back to 2016. These people believe in their bones that Trump was only elected because of “misinformation”. Their solution is to rig the platforms instead of ask why so many millions lost trust in all our institutions in the first place.”

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    I remain confused as to how the “right wing” which pushes for nothing more than adherence to the Constitution, you know the freedom, liberty and justice for all stuff, is a “threat” to our Democracy! I am also confused about why clowns like this are heroes for opposing Mr. Trump’s efforts to normalize things with Russia and the Middle East and then support the Democratic Administration which does the same damn thing.

    In fact if you had to pick which POTUS is cowtowing to Putin the most it would have to be Mr. Biden at this point.


    • Who the he// does this dufus think he is?

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        A former national security official AKA a “plant”. The administration was rife with these people.

        Should Trump or someone else like him ever run again. They should spend at least three years vetting their proposed staff before taking office.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    And here we go:

    “Prominent researchers from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center wrote an op-ed published by NBC News calling the surgeon general’s advisory a “turning point in internet history.”

    “In the same way his predecessor decades ago took on the tobacco companies, he is taking on the technology industry by defining how misinformation hurts Americans. In our view, this advisory shows that social media is a product in need of serious consumer protection regulations,” Shorenstein Center research director Joan Donovan and research fellow Jennifer Nilsen wrote. ”

    The PURGE is about to begin. Lock and load.

  30. A few things are going right.

    DACA is unconstitutional.
    AZ uncovering massive unexplained irregularities like 70k unrequested mail in ballots.
    Judge rules DOJ cannot use a private contractor to organize videos, test messages, and grand jury testimony for the 1/6 cases. This will delay the trials. Will the political prisoners finally be released?
    Cubans fly US flag and say Che was a terrorist.
    Dem reps that went to DC caught Covid and may have infected Kamala.
    DOJ delayed Hunter probe so as not to impact election. More political bias on display.
    Police finally push Antifa back at LA spa.

    • Dem reps that went to DC caught Covid and may have infected Kamala.

      Karma or BS to avoid getting arrested?

  31. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Now all our brilliant leaders are busy telling us that 90% of the people being hospitalized now with covid are unvaccinated HOWEVER, in England and Israel it would seem that only 50% are.

    You cannot apparently believe anybody .

    By the way, who agrees, it is time to Nuke Beijing ? Getting pretty obvious this thing was damned deliberate. Hear anything about China being affected by the Delta variant?

    • Nukes might be a bit much. Maybe we can send our own version back their way, one that attacks only those with Chinese genome.

      Then we could make one for Liberals 🙂

      • Considering China is threatening Japan with nukes if they interfere in Taiwan, such talk is not “a bit much”. The act might be. Certainly a fire bombing of the Wuhan Lab might be in order.

    • Is there anything you can believe coming out of NIH, CDC or Fauci?

  32. Have you gone into massive debt to earn a college degree? Congratulations! You now have a piece of paper that says you’re smart! The whole world is wide open to you now. There’s nothing you can’t do!

    To help you pick from the endless jobs now available to you, we compiled a list of the top 10 jobs available to people who have paid at least $100,000 for their education:

    1) Garbage man’s assistant: Waste disposal professionals hire special assistants for important tasks– like standing inside the trash compacter to spray Febreeze on the garbage so it doesn’t smell so bad. A rewarding career!

    Pay: Minimum wage plus all the garbage you can keep!

    2) Debt collector for other in-debt college students: Make sure you have some experience breaking knees.

    Pay: 10% of what you collect minus brass knuckle costs

    3) Mary Kay double diamond assistant to the regional sales boss babe: We’re not sure what this is because none of us graduated college, but it sounds prestigious! Double diamond! Wow! We are told this position will bring you untold wealth within a year with little effort. You go, girl!

    Pay: Estimated $12 billion trillion per month

    4) The guy who touches the wire for the electrician to see if it’s still live: Well, someone’s gotta make sure, and it isn’t gonna be him! Electricians are hiring college grads to do this important job in increasing numbers!

    Pay: A polite “thank you” from the skilled tradesman and as much copper wire as you can steal

    5) Games journalist: Be an intellectual thought-leader in the game industry! Only the most elite college grads will qualify for this universally respected gig.

    Pay: Whatever CD Projekt Red will pay you to say Cyberpunk was good

    6) Amazon warehouse pee bottle cleaner: Amazon workers don’t have time for the restroom, and that’s where you come in college grad! Keep those bottles empty and clean so workers can meet their quota.

    Pay: You can take the extra bottles to a recycling center and turn them in for cold hard cash!

    7) Biden’s official food chewer: So you want to work in politics, huh? Well with a $100K degree, you should be qualified to chew Biden’s food for him! If you at least have your Master’s degree, you are also qualified to regurgitate it directly into his mouth like a mother bird!

    Pay: Unlimited hair sniffs

    8) Citizen of Portland: These fine specimens of humanity basically get paid to do nothing except be weird! It’s the American dream! With hard work, you may be promoted to a professional rubber bullet catcher or tear gas tester.

    Pay: Whatever the government gives you

    9) Youth pastor: As far as we know, these guys don’t really do anything. Winning!

    Pay: Free pizza, and you get to use the church card at Forever 21

    10) Babylon Bee writer: The most prestigious and sought-after writing career in human history. As long as you can make fun of AOC at a 3rd-grade level, you’re in!

    Pay: As many libs as you can own

  33. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Sometimes you get good information by accident. Watched a show the other night called, “Their Final Hours” about celebrity deaths as interpreted by a coroner/pathologist.

    They did Roy of Siegfried and Roy who passed a year ago from Covid. So, here is this coroner who just drops the bomb, quite casually, that 90% of all Covid Deaths involve co-morbidity. 90% get that? Knew it was high but never that high.

    Turns out about half of them, 50% have diabetes.

    Now for the shocker, people who use opioids or synthetic opioids as pain killers, legitimately, long term, have badly suppressed immune systems. Betcha ya never heard that one before from Herr Dr. Fauci. . So, Mr. Roy, after almost being killed by that Siberian Tiger in ’03, suffered neck and spine injuries causing some paralysis and unendurable pain which he took opioids for.

    So, by accident, I get to find out a year and a half later, who exactly, among my acquaintances is most vulnerable and need the most protection.

    • Interesting, how much of the suffering both physical and fiscal could have been avoided had we allowed the normal level of discussion to occur.

  34. Sorry folks, I have been border busy….here are some FACTS to lay out to you and you be the judge……

    Recent crossings in my area of Del Rio.

    1). Biden has forbidden the Border Patrol to discuss anything with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas National Guard, or any of the State law enforcement.

    2). The last influx of immigrants that came to Del Rio over the past three days have come from 16 different countries, with the most immigrants coming from Haiti..

    3). All the immigrants are brought to the US controlled crossing point and put on Federal buses in the US controlled immigration point, not controlled by Texas.

    4). They are loaded onto buses WITHOUT Covid checks and sent to the interior of the country.

    Sounds typical, right? Now, let us add the following.

    1) These immigrants were flown into the town of Monterrey, Mexico (about 150 miles South of Nuevo, Laredo). An international flight that requires no Covid testing.

    2). Instead of making the easy trek to Nuevo Laredo on the four lane patrolled highway, they traveled cross country, over what we call Dead Man’s Land, into the Mexican City of Acuna, across from Del Rio on Mexican chartered buses.

    3). The crossing at Del Rio closes each evening at 2100 hours and reopens at 0600 hours, but, amazingly, these buses of immigrants crossed at 0230 straight to the US controlled zone and loaded onto chartered buses and the manifest clearly states where they are going.


    This procedure by-passes the State set up checkpoints in Texas.

    Comments or questions?

  35. Just A Citizen says:
  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Dr. Fauci’s demeanor towards a U.S. Senator is frankly far outside the accepted norm for a Bureaucrat.

    So can those on the right side of the spectrum start doing the same with the Democratic Clowns during testimony?

    Does this not just plunge us even deeper into the well of incivility and ass hattery?

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Lately, General Milley, the CNO and now Fauci have essentially said to congress, STFU! WE are in charge! You are correct in noticing something very new here for OUR country. I do believe it has nothing to do with incivility though, it is the way “Imperial” rulers and their minions act.

      Apparently, in ancient Rome, after the death of Nero and the end of the Julian line, there was a debate about returning Rome to a Republic. It went nowhere. people liked one man plus his stooges, rule. Remember Caligula’s opinion of the Senate, he named his favorite chariot horse to that august body.

  37. The beatings will continue until moral improves. Here’s hoping for more beatings.

    George Floyd memorial caught a bolt of lightning.
    Texas Dems caught a bolt of Covid
    Fauci caught a bolt of Rand Paul
    and now…
    USA Woke Women’s Soccer caught a bolt of Sweden.


  38. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Some musings which you should feel free to pass on to any knot headed believers in “white supremacy” you may encounter.

    In 1945, the United States ended the bloodiest war in the world’s history by unleashing the most horrible super weapon ever devised. At that time The US could have imposed a Pax Americana on the entire world by simply threatening to reduce the capitol city of any one disagreeing to radioactive rubble (see: Carthago delenda est ). But we DID NOT, we went home, dismantled our military and allowed the USSR to steal our secrets.

    In 1948, the last non-college educated President in our history, who came from a midwestern state with STRONG confederate ties and who had a great many white robes in the closet of his political background put the fatal bullet into “Jim Crow” with the desegregation of the United States Military. Somethings others had talked big talk about but never did.

    Less than twenty years later, the United States Congress, containing a majority of old, white, Protestant men voted on and passed a new immigration bill which guaranteed that in less than 70 years, the rule of old , white Protestant men of teh United States would be ended forever.

    All, brilliant planning on behalf of the “White Supremacist” front.

  39. https://www.audacy.com/kcbsradio/news/local/gucci-garbage-san-francisco-approves-usd20k-trash-cans

    Gonna be almost funny to see how fast their new outrageously expensive Garbage cans are destroyed.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      More fun reading comments. People have no clue what they are talking about. Either Trump is causing people to doubt the vaccines or he is causing people to take the vaccines. Based on his vote totals, neither can explain the abysmal numbers in the black community.

      As I said in my previous posting I was shocked to discover, by accident, in that “Their Final Hours” show that over 90% who have died had co-morbidities and half of the 90% had diabetes.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      The average American has much in common with a mule. Stubborn to a point, unwilling to move and needing, as an old WW 2 Sgt. used to say needing a 2 X 4 applied across the head to get the point across.

      Watch DC after those wild west show(s) the other night at the stadium and at the trendy restaurant row. The “average” Washingtonian has been sitting back, with their collective heads up you know where until suddenly they are on the front line. Their reaction could be an indicator of where the whole country will go.

      As an aside, Junior just told me that his wife’s colleague at the EPA was killed a month ago at one of those trendy outdoor cafe’s in DC by a random shot. Do NOT remember it hitting the news. Getting harder and harder for them to hide this stuff.

      Two things I remember clearly about the 1960’s-70’s violent protests. They ended abruptly after Kent State and the protestors being shot DEAD. Also, in NYC, which seemed to have violent protest after violent protest against the war every week saw an end to that when protestors, marching on Draft HQ on Whitehall Street with Viet Cong Flags flying, took a wrong turn past a major construction site loaded with WW 2, Korea and Viet-nam vets. The ensuing fun goes down in NY City History as “The Hard Hat Riots”.

      I believe we are on the cusp and HAVE TO BE. But, when it happens it will be quick. The loonies have gotten control of the wheel of government and they need to have their fingers burnt.

  40. Damn Liberal’s have managed to ruin the Olympics. Especially the dykes on the USWST.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      Like watching an old Third Reich film. The “nazi’s” have intimidated the weak minded to the extent they don’t think but just go along with the outrages”.

  41. The media as a whole are missing the mark on the cause of the violent crime spikes in the country. Let me help them. The problem is that we have a large number of violent blacks who are not fit to live in a civil society.

    The solution is easy.

  42. Really funny…….Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer was attacked and robbed of her cell phone Monday in Oakland, but anyone who relies on CNN or MSNBC’s primetime lineups for news was left in the dark about the stunning attack.

    The liberal media has been criticized recently for downplaying or ignoring a spike in violent crimes in America’s largest cities. Boxer being robbed appears to be the latest example, as CNN and MSNBC both ignored the breaking news during primetime as details unfolded, according to a Grabien Media search of transcripts.

    “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” all mentioned the breaking news that was ignored by CNN and MSNBC.

    “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Cuomo Prime Time,” “Don Lemon Tonight,” “All In with Chris Hayes,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” and “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” all kept the breaking news from their viewers.

    Boxer, 80, served in the U.S. Senate from 1993 to 2017, when she was succeeded by Kamala Harris. Boxer also served for a decade in the House of Representatives.

    The incident occurred in Oakland, where Democratic Mayor Libby Schaaf has held office since 2015.

  43. Turned on the Jan 6 hearing at noon. The first thing I’m feeling is that it’s seriously scripted. As compared to other riots I have watched, not much different. That a joke.

  44. https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/med-schools-are-now-denying-biological

    Extremism really is dangerous. How can you teach medicine without distinguishing between male and female. You friggin can’t! And all this transgender crap is more fad than real.

  45. From Governor Abbott: Texas will NOT shut down, there will be no mandate on schools wearing masks, and there will be no mandates from this office. It is a local situation and personal responsibility.

  46. T-Ray….we do not mind you Californians coming here…….you are coming here with a million dollars in your pocket from selling measly 1500 sq foot homes…and bidding 20% premium over asking price for 5,000 sq foot new homes here…that is ok, I suppose, except for driving up property values. But your Californians are bringing their liberal values with them which is the reason they left.

    Our HOA has a problem with a recent California transplant because they will not manicure and water their lawn even though they signed an agreement to do so. They are environmentalists and want to conserve and not manicure so they filed a lawsuit against the HOA……they lost it, of course, but still will not do anything to their lawn so the HOA has put a lien on their property.

    On another front, I see that manicured lawns and edging and professional flower beds are now…….part of systemic racism.

    • I would never live in a HOA community. I would hate someone else telling me what to do with my property. But then I am not typical NorCal. Too much Midwest country boy in me.

    • Sounds like they are heals. If they have the money to file a suit, then they have the money to take care of a lawn. Does the HOA allow drought resistant landscaping?

      The HOA’s around here are far too rigid. We had a case of a new homeowner, single mom with limited resources and a special needs child, that needed to replace the roof. The previous owner had repainted the house a bright yellow w/o HOA approval and too bright for their likes. When the new owner asked permission to replace the roof with approved materials, they said no unless the house was repainted. The paint could wait, the roof could not. A local radio station recruited volunteers to repaint the house one weekend.

      In another case across town, a home owner repainted their faded yellow house to the original paint color. The HOA screamed it was too bright and took them to court. They lost. The owners were allowed to repaint using the same color the house was when it was built which they had. Thereafter, the HOA hounded them about several little things just to get even. One of the complaints is they had replaced a rotted out white picket fence with a no maintenance synthetic white picket fence.

      • Does the HOA allow drought resistant landscaping? Yes, we do allow drought tolerant landscaping….but that does not mean rock and cactus gardens. In this neighborhood, before you buy or build, you are given a copy of the rules concerning property landscaping. You sign these documents before buying or building. In the documents you sign, it clearly state the remedy for not following the rules. If you do not like it, then please do not build here. There is no spec housing…it is all individual homes with building codes and size limitations. For example, you cannot build less than 3,500 sq feet…..There are only 60 homes in this area. The lots are 1-3 acres and the entire area needs to be maintained. But you know this before moving in….again, if you do not like it, then do not come here.

        But most of all, leave your politics in the state you moved from…………………..

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I used to own historically registered homes. In one neighborhood the historical society denied a family from adding an extension to their home. It didnt intrude on property line rules nor could it be seen from the road. Denied that they painted the house in the most garish colors itd make a painted lady blush.

        My house every 10 years had a floor diagram drawn by the fire dept and all the outbuildings. The changes made since it was built in the 1800’s were unreal.

        But when I wanted to install shutters that actually worked on the massive sunroom built in 1906 even using the original hinges still in place. They hinged at the top and pushed out from the bottom. The board denied me saying that was never done in the city. I pointed out 6 homes even older that had them .

        There was a full basement which is rare here. The foundation was all wavy and 3 feet thick. Historical notes un the museum said the house built post civil war had to have been built on a preexisting foundation from some earlier home.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In 1977 the climate scientists were predicting an ice age. The east coast was extremely cold. California was stuck in a drought. Holdrens solution was to spread powdered coal on the advancing ice. Didnt last and warmed so they flipped to global warming.
      This summer here in NC has been cold. Forecast in two days is 60’s barely hitting 70 in the day. I’m preparing for a cold winter.

      Cycles upon cycles upon cycles are a fact of life on earth.

  47. UN-FRIGGING-BELIEVABLE……………………U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were ordered to start arresting visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol complex starting Thursday, according to a police memo issued by new USCP Chief Thomas Manger that was obtained by a member of Congress.

    Police were also advised not to arrest members of Congress for failing to wear masks but to report the lawmakers’ noncompliance to the House sergeant-at-arms, the memo says.

    Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., got a copy of the memo distributed at Thursday’s morning roll call from an unnamed police officer, she told Fox News. Police she’s spoken to are “very uncomfortable” with this new directive that Cammack describes as “tyrannical.”

  48. The mayor of San Antonio and a county judge sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott asking for permission to enforce mask wearing in schools and government buildings after the Republican governor shot down talks of mask mandates in the state.

    “The time for government mask mandates is over—now is the time for personal responsibility,” Abbott tweeted Tuesday. “In May, I signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates by gov’t entities. Every Texan has the right to choose whether they will wear a mask or have their children wear masks.”

    • Putting on a mask that does nothing good is like voting for a Democrat, both are a waste of energy 🙂

  49. Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., hit back at Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., on “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday after the Democrat confronted him on Capitol Hill for his decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine after already having the virus.He was going through the metal detectors, turned around, saw me, and it was basically like, “You’re being selfish for not being vaccinated. That’s why we’re all having to wear a mask, stop being selfish.” And I looked at him like, “Mind your business. Why are you worried about what I’m doing? Worry about yourself. You’ve been vaccinated. Congratulations. Take care of yourself. Leave me alone. Mind your business. Why are you worried about what I am doing?”

    • Excuse me, screw you jerkwad, how dare you think you have the right to decide what peop!e who have gone through covi d should do.

  50. A gun fight broke out in a San Antonio home when burglary suspects reportedly tried to rob the house at gunpoint and a resident responded with gunfire.

    Two men broke into the San Antonio home Wednesday at around 11 p.m. while four residents were also in the house, police told SBG San Antonio. One of the residents defended the home by firing a gun, which sparked a gun fight.

    One of the suspects was hit during the incident and fled the scene in a car. The other suspect fled on foot.

    The suspect who was injured was found at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and transferred to the University Hospital in critical condition.

    San Antonio police said the man will be charged and the investigation is ongoing.

    The resident of the home who opened fire is not facing charges, according to local reports, and said they were defending themselves during the incident.

  51. WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a harrowing testimony before the January 6th Committee, Capitol Police Officer Lenny Burbo revealed his paralyzing fear as MAGA terrorist insurrectionist racists stormed the Capitol.

    “I stood there, paralyzed by fear as I held the door open so people could enter,” said Burbo. “As boomer after boomer entered the facility in an orderly line and began to take selfies, I saw my life flash before my eyes. I literally thought I was going to die.”

    When asked why he had politely held the door open for everyone to enter the building unimpeded, he replied that he feared for his life and that one of the larger rioters had come up to him and said “step aside cupcake” in an intimidating voice.

    “I knew my only option was to step aside or be drawn and quartered by a throng of evil bad people who voted for Trump and are also racist,” he said as tears welled up in his eyes.

    Officer Burbo has been awarded a medal of bravery since even though he opened the door for rioters, he really didn’t want to do it, and his heart was in the right place.

    The FBI has issued a warrant for the man who called Officer Burbo a “cupcake” and is asking anyone with information to call Nancy Pelosi’s office immediately.

  52. Coincidence? Covid variant and open Southern Borders?

    I simply can’t believe ANYTHING coming from the government anymore. Masks do NOT work. The vaccine also is not working. Liberals want to drag this out, so I’m expecting another shutdown in Crat controlled States. They want to kill the economy to claim Capitalism don’t work.

  53. Question for today:

    When do we change the name of Covid from virus to bio-weapon?

    • I don’t know if it was an accident or a bio-weapon. But the democrats are using it as a weapon.

  54. https://humansarefree.com/2021/08/portugal-children-suddenly-becoming-ill.html

    When experts aren’t so expert. Saw this coming a long time ago.

    • That is super scary because it’s so true. My sister has a lot of medical problems and she has stayed home for along time because her husband had lung cancer and then covid happened , that she’s scared to leave the house, because her immune system has to be nonexistent. 2021 has been, personally, a really bad year. My daughter, lost most of her sight in March and my husband died in May on our 44th anniversary.

      • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

        You have my prayers. Try to keep your spirits up!

      • Oh my goodness, V. My heart just dropped for you. I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. Best wishes for your daughter and the rest of your family. Hang in there, girl.

  55. Well, we are about to see just how ugly the Government is going to be. Governor Abbott, this morning, has said that he does not care what law suits are filed, we are stopping cars on the highways, arresting migrants for trespass, and will use an additional 4,000 troops on the border. I have Texas to protect. The DOJ has said it will stop Texas from their enforcement activities and Abbott says, nope……what now.

    • Saddle up and go get um.

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      he missed the opportunity to tell the “moderate” Merrit Garland …… “Go ahead, make my day”.

      • I have to say, I have no confidence in the DOJ, any longer. I used to. Then I figured it depended on who was in office. Now I know the DOJ, just protect its own.

    • I don’t know how far they will go, but I know it’s not a time that the state’s should surrender.

    • I honestly feel like none of us have any idea what the truth is about covid or the vaccines. I read that over a 1000 babies have died after pregnant women had the shot. I still haven’t had a shot but I haven’t really decided not to have the vaccine, except for the mRNA, not taking that one, period,end of statement. Maybe the Johnson and Johnson or the Novavax, if it is approved in the US. My daughter hasn’t had one either but with her resent problems, which I can’t help but wonder if they were caused by covi d in the first place, makes the idea of getting a covid vaccine even scarier. She should already have antibodies.

      • Is it too much to ask for the straight up truth about any of this? Everywhere we turn, there’s an agenda behind it. I can guarantee I’m not getting that vaccine with the info we have right now. 2 of my sisters, both retired nurses, have gotten it. 2 other sisters and a brother have not gotten it. I’m willing to quit Amazon if it becomes mandatory there. I like the job, but not that much.

  56. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    Any of you folks that DO NOT think Governor Cuomo has got an excellent deal with the devil just have to catch his speech this afternoon.

    Most amazing thing I have seen. He has NEVER acted inappropriately but people have misinterpreted his effusive “Italian” way of acting around people with the hugging, touching and kissing (all of which he learned from Mom and Pop he says) as being somehow sexual. In addition since his own daughter was a victim of sexual violence back in her high school days, he is VERY familiar with the damage and tried mightily to “help” his loudest critic work through her trauma with his kindly questioning and advice.

    Now, the NY AG, Luticia, despite the overwhelming evidence against him finds nothing she can legally do about it. That’s because she is of course preoccupied in digging up or manufacturing dirt on Donald Trump.

    Now, how exactly will this play out? My money is on him not running for a fourth term, endorsing Luticia for the top spot (deal cut) getting some cushy post from the Biden Administration and somehow or other throwing his hat in the ring for the Presidency.

    This IS “Damien, Omen VIII” and it IS written he will bring on Armageddon.

  57. Stephen K. Trynosky says:

    How come we have NO information at all on the spread of the Virus and its variants in China? Was this all a put up job where a few score thousand dead Chinese was worth crashing all the other industrial economies? If so, it was a damned cheap war! Sun Tzu would have been proud.

  58. U.S.—Epidemiologists are sounding the alarm about a new COVID variant that is leading to increased hospitalization rates across the country. According to scientists, this new mutation—dubbed the “CUOMO” variant, is particularly dangerous to young, attractive women, and 100% fatal to the elderly.

    “This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet,” said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters. “It seriously creeps me out just thinking about it. If this variant doesn’t make you want to isolate yourself in a locked home immediately, I don’t know what will.”

    According to virologists, young attractive women should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, as the CUOMO variant seems to gravitate toward women who it deems are provocatively dressed.

    “If you find yourself smelling nothing but the scent of garlic and marinara sauce combined with profuse amounts of cheap cologne, this is a sure sign you’ve been infected,” said Bellagamba before barfing into a nearby trash can from sheer disgust.

    In addition to being a very pervy virus, experts say it is 100% guaranteed to murder everyone over 65.

    “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do at this point. The virus donated to Biden’s election campaign,” said Bellagamba.

  59. I do not like what I am seeing today. No one stopping the CDC from making law it does not have the authority to make.

    Border controlled by the Biden administration within the 1 kilometer zone…no virus checks and migrants being bused out in the middle of the night…airplanes, both commercial and private, being filled with migrants and flown off to non manifested destinations…..

    People from all over the world being flown into Mexico and using Mexican Government transportation to remote areas of the border never before used….

    Arm yourselves.

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