So, What’s Next?


  1. New thread time.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    I found this Opinion piece for interesting. First of all it includes a confession about CRT. Second it indicates the partisanship of a Federal Employee. Thirdly it reveals the common nature of the Political Class to simply “change the messaging” whenever they fall out of power. Never their actual thinking or hearts. Just the messaging.

    Yes the general message is good. Along the lines of Carvell’s statements. But it will fall on deaf ears among those who are causing the problem.

  3. Just A Citizen says:
  4. Hello, hello, hello! Former SUFA dropping in to say hi! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 How are all my fellow Patriots? Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, hope all is well in your universe.

      • I am doing well, thank you! As we navigate through these surreal times, I often think of you talking about Agenda21. At the time, I couldn’t quite go there, although seeing things pick up during the O years, I started believing more.

        • I’ve always liked those kinds of conspiracy theories. Now for a very recent story from my area.

          Was going to get on an on ramp on interstate 80 to go to Clarion (pa). the ramp was closed.
          Then I heard that toll booths were going in, but I have not read a thing about any tolls being implemented.
          Well, then I heard a whisper that the Feds are putting up checkpoints for vaccinations.

          I’m hoping it was to just fix the roadway.

    • The shoe lady is back! We missed you.

      • Yes! I actually need to purge some shoes…..anyone in need of size 6.5s with heels? Have become REALLY casual.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Have often wondered how you were doing. Was afraid the Vid got ya.

          As for unloading shoes, you should reach out to JAC’s Daughter. 🙂

          • Caught the vid this summer — very likely from some jabbed friends. I had a mild case, hubs a few more symptoms but by far his worst was fatigue and man cold sickness 🙄. Fatigue can be debilitating but you won’t die from it. Started collecting “all the stuff” HCQ, IVM late last year, so we were ready for it. While I don’t know anyone that died of Covid, I attended my fourth life celebration two weeks ago of a jabbed person with an unexpected and unexplained aneurysm. Previous were clotting issues. Yet now our school district is hosting clot shot clinics because “protect our kids” insanity has taken hold.

            • My Aunt passed 2 weeks after the J &J shot. Had a stroke the night of the shot, then a brain bleed. She seemed to be doing well, then poof. She was a recently retired nurse, very healthy at 62.

    • Hi Kathy, nice to hear from you. Me, I’m just dumb struck that the world has gone Completely Insane.

      • Hi there! There is a mental psychosis playing out that definitely makes people look insane. Driven by fear, but will blindly follow government edicts. It would be fun to watch if it wasn’t so damaging.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    What’s Next??

    I am thinking we are at a crossroads. Which path taken is not clear but there is a really good chance of violence if our “political and opinion leaders” keep up the garbage.

    Don’t know if I shared this with ya’ll or not. Recently went back to Nevada for my Nieces’ wedding. I gave her away as a stand in for my Brother who died in 2019. I stayed with one of my oldest and dearest friends who I had not seen for almost 20 yrs. He is pretty much a brilliant fellow and has had some very impressive jobs/career in the energy industry.

    I asked him if he would take the Sec. of Energy job if I am elected POTUS. He said “Not Just Yes but Hell Yes”.

    When he asked about what I have been up to I tried to show him SUFA. He freaked out. “I don’t look at any of that stuff”, he said. Then the cold came over me when he declared “Don’t you know they are monitoring who looks at those kinds of sites?” “I have a career and do work for the Govt and other outfits. I cannot be linked to anything political. So I do not read anything on the internet.” Some paraphrasing there but that was the clear message.

    In our conversation he openly expressed similar views as I and many we all know. As did many of my other old friends I hung out with during that trip. All of which, as in 100%, were sickened by Biden’s win and where the country is headed. BUT, not all were what you would consider “conservative” or “right wing”. Yet those who are still pursing meaningful income will not click on any website that is not mainstream media, for FEAR of being discovered and then cancelled. They see the current climate as a direct and REAL threat to their livelihood.

    Which then leads to the logical question. If this kind of fear is supposed to be isolated nuttery driven by right wing loons, then why is is wide spread? Why is it showing up among those who are not “right wingers”.

    • Sadly, your friends chose money over personal freedom. They are sheep. Prolly real nice people too, but paranoid as he’ll too

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Are they “sheep” or are they simply “realistic”?

        Is it paranoia when we see that their concerns come true?

        • Maybe it’s more about how I interpreted your writings.
          If they are right, then we do need a bloody revolution.

    • For what it’s worth, I post here and on the local newspaper site. I do not post on FB or other sites.

  6. This is my field of expertise. This paper talks bout using the HITRAN database from the Air Force Cambridge Research Lab in Lexington, MA to simulate the spectra of the atmosphere and the impact of changing concentrations of gasses in the atmosphere. HITRAN is something I have been familiar with for 40 years. I have published spectra of CO2, CO, NO, CS2 and other gases. It confirms what I have been saying all along that the CO2 wavelengths are essentially opaque thus increasing CO2 concentration will have little impact.

  7. The FBI secretly raid Project Veritas’ reporter’s houses and the NYT calls for comment within hours. The FBI then raids O’Keefe’s house and the NYT has his phone records within hours. Call the plumbers!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was reading an FBI thriller and a civilian was questioning the Special Agents tactic of getting in close. The agent said “Invade their space. It is meant to intimidate “

      • S Kent Troy says:

        It is what the Drill Sergeants taught me in basic. Used successfully (when appropriate) throughout my life thereafter even on cops, RESPECTFUL BUT FIRM!

  8. S Kent Troy says:
  9. AUSTIN, TX—Beto O’Rourke posted a video announcing his bid to enter, then lose the Texas race for Governor, marking the first high-profile candidate from the Democratic party guaranteed to get crushed by a gazillion votes.

    “Today I’m throwing my hat in the ring, and announcing my bid to run for governor of Texas,” said Beto in a video that showed him riding a kick scooter through a Waffle House parking lot. “Together, we can rise and fight the Republican incumbent until he squashes me like a tiny bug and forces me to bow out.”

    Beto was in good spirits following the announcement, saying he wasn’t about to disappear into irrelevance despite the growing list of failed races for U.S. Senate, U.S. President, City Council, Book Club President, Skateboard Team Treasurer, Whataburger Chief Janitor, and Mom’s Favorite Son Named Beto.

    Political strategists from both parties agree Beto has the best chance to lose against Texas incumbent governor Greg Abbott, citing his consistent track record and inability to have even the slightest grasp on reality.

    Following the announcement, Beto O’Rourke immediately got to work writing his concession speech.

  10. VAERS: 386K Adverse Reactions reported; 89K hospitalizations; 28K permanently disabled; 18K dead; 2.8K heart problems. Iceland, Ireland, Vermont and others with >70% jabs have record infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

  11. Where did Gov. Grusom go after receiving his third jab?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Allegedly to a special 10 day wedding. He even kissed off attending Glasgow. Not attending even by video conference.

      • He abruptly canceled the trip to Scotland after getting the jab and then disappeared for a family matter. Scuttlebutt is that he had a reaction to the jab.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just guessing here on how the rumors of Kamala Harris being pushed out will play.

    1) Kamala will be gone somewhere. Doesnt matter, she was a token “Person of Color” anyway.
    2) Biden will appoint Obama to fill the vacancy. I do not believe there is anything in the Constitution forbidding such a move.
    3) Biden will resign at the first chance and Obama will by default serve the remainder of Bidens term.

    Obama will not have served a third consecutive term, so as read the amendment passed after FDR’s death forbidding more than two consecutive terms I dont believe anything stands in the way of this scenario occurring. Sure itll be argued and go to the Supreme Court but with Robert’s there anything may happen.

    What say you?

    • I think Biden keeps her to destroy her political career for calling him a racist during the Primaries. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. After the Midterms it won’t even matter.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Amendment XXII, Section 1: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, …………………….. ” The rest of the provision is irrelevant as Mr. Obama did not serve more than two years when another person was first elected.

      It is my opinion that the clear intent of Congress and this Amendment was to prevent a single person from holding office for more than two terms. Notice that the Amendment limits the time a VP who fills a vacancy to ONE TERM.

      The Democrat’s obfuscation of this limitation is telling in my view. Their theory would mean that Mr. Obama could be made V.P. then fill out the term of Mr. Biden, “for more than two years” and still run again and be elected to one more term. Or if he were appointed and then took over for less than two years he could be elected to “two” more terms.

      Also note that the Senate would have to confirm his appointment as V.P as a “majority in BOTH Houses is required.” Not happening.

  13. Howdy folks…….still alive down here….pretty busy, as you can understand.

    • Let me pose a hypothetical. What if Covid19 was the first shot in WWIII? We are fairly certain the virus is manmade and came from the Wuhan Lab. Less certain is if it was intentionally leaked or accidentally leaked. In either case, the Chinese could have exploited the situation. We know they implemented domestic travel bans but not international ones. We know they bought up PPE supplies worldwide only to sell them back at a profit. We know they delayed announcing the virus, hid vital genetic data and did not allow outside investigators. What better way to test the response of the West to a bioweapon? Has our response been adequate? Or did we fall into political bickering and infighting?

      • Has our response been adequate? Or did we fall into political bickering and infighting? I think it is much worse than this. Our response has been nothing but in adequate. What response? There is something much deeper and we see it down here. It is sinister. Until we took over the border, clandestine units were crossing the Texas border at will and then being distributed all over the United States…..primarily Red Areas.

        Abbott, our governor, brought up the National Guard and we have weaponized our border…up to and including armored vehicles. We shot down a drone about 6 weeks ago that was flying the river. We thought it was the cartels because we know they have them. But when we captured the drone and took its was not the cartel but U.S. being flown from inside Mexico…we traced the signal and it went directly to the Federales in Acuna (across the border from Del Rio.)…manned by US agents….we are not sure whom because once we traced it, they closed up shop and no more drones being flown in my sector that we know of…none seen.

        The sector that I am in charge of runs from Del Rio to Presidio. Roughly 300 miles. The border area is owned by ranchers and part of it runs through the Big Bend area. Rugged and rough. However, we have closed it down for the most part and we are arresting everyone under Texas Law… is called criminal trespass. THe Biden admin has tried to stop it but they cannot. The Department of Defense has said that they will Nationalize the Guard and pull them off the border but they have not. Texas has a separate militia called the Texas Guard. It is about 4,000 strong and are on the border. ( Not to be confused with the Texas National Guard ). However, the Constitution allows the governor to utilize the National Guard in the event that the Government does not do its duty….and Abbott has declared Texas a disaster area because of the amount of covid and fentanyl coming across and being allowed by the US government to be distributed. We have flight manifests of a couple of “mid night” flights. we have released this to the news media, including Fox, and not much has been said…even by Fox.

        We are catching people from many countries…including China. We have reported this………………nothing but crickets.

        I do not know what is keeping China out of Taiwan. I don’t get it. I would have already taken Taiwan…..but the US is not going after China for reasons we do not know. But because of the in adequate responses to China and the responses on the border…..I feel that they are related. It is sinister, as I said.

        It appears that most of the crossings have shifted to Yuma….there is no organized resistance there or California.

        • In the last election this November, three border mayors have turned parties to the Republican side. All Hispanic Democrats lost to Republican Hispanic candidates. Several Hispanic democrats lost to Republican Hispanics….. especially in down ballot races. We are trying….and we know that the Biden Admin HATES Texas….

        • Thanks for the response.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The sad part is the government decries human trafficking and slavery in the modern era. Yet they are 100% complicate in the trade. Encouraging the transport through the countries, no way doing a vetting and then on the taxpayers dime in the middle of the night salting them around the country in unsuspecting cities and States.

  14. April 4, 2020, Situation Room WH, Covid Task Force Meeting, Chair: VP Mike Pence, Topic: Hydroxychloroquine: Fauci, “there’s only anecdotal evidence” to support HCQ effectivity. Peter Navaro: “I stood up from my backbench chair just behind Vice President Pence and walked straight toward Fauci…’Tony, These are not anecdotes. That’s more than fifty scientific studies in support of hydroxy. Fifty! So stop spouting your crap about there only being anecdotal evidence because not only is it counterfactual [sic]. You are going to kill people just like you did during the AIDS crisis when you refused to approve medicines that everybody but you knew worked.’” Navaro, Peter, “In Trump Time”, All Season Press, 2021, p.91.


    Woke eats itself, College Democrats edition

    Woke eats itself, College Democrats edition
    ED MORRISSEY Nov 18, 2021 8:23 AM ET

    monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus
    How does a Democratic organization manage to score censures for being anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and “anti-Blackness” simultaneously? Welcome to the bare-knuckled brawl over power within the College Democrats of America, where opposing factions use wokeness as a weapon against their enemies — internally, this time. Politico reports that the situation has grown so tiresome that the DNC may disaffiliate itself from its own national college affiliate (via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit):

    The group’s leaders are publicly firing off accusations of anti-Blackness, Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism at each other. Impeachment proceedings are now in the works against the organization’s new vice president, Nourhan Mesbah, who is Muslim. College Democrats say that screenshots of tweets that their peers sent in adolescence spread rapidly through group texts, which already caused a student running for president of the group to withdraw their candidacy in September. And national advocacy groups for Muslim and Jewish Americans are now weighing in with criticism.

    The conflict has gotten so messy that the Democratic National Committee is considering disaffiliating with the national collegiate organization altogether and creating a partnership with the state groups underneath the national umbrella, according to a Democrat familiar with the discussions. The DNC declined to comment.

    The clashes over religious bigotry and race within the College Democrats of America (CDA) reflect, to a degree, larger debates happening throughout politics. But the next generation seems poised to escalate them further. Some CDA members argue that the internal frictions constitute a turbulent but morally necessary reckoning with systemic racism. Other Democratic officials see it as a bunch of college-educated, hyper-woke kids trying to play politics in a way that’s off-putting to many voters.

    “They are caught up in their own drama and playing ‘Boys State’ government,” said the same Democrat. “They think they’re the hottest s— on Earth.”

    That certainly describes the Woke movement in a nutshell, in which this article proves they belong. It’s almost a reductio ad absurdum of wokery, in which the taste of power that accusations of bigotry brings turns out to be so addictive that progressives can’t restrain themselves to only firing those accusations outside the tent. This might be amusing in the short run, but Politico adds this sobering thought at the very end:

    “The college Democrats is a pipeline to the Democratic Party and the broader progressive movement.”

    That also comes as no surprise. The woke movement has been infecting the larger party for years already. As progressives moved it from campuses to Democratic organizing, the party has shifted further to Left in both policy and in this weird Stalino-Puritanism. (Middle-school tweets feature largely in these controversies, for instance.) The apotheosis of it so far, or perhaps its nadir, took place in Virginia, where voters broadly rejected the Democrats’ version of the Cultural Revolution and their pretense to be “the hottest s— on Earth” as well.

    Small wonder, then, that some of the saner elements still left in the DNC want to amputate the CDA. That’s the correct move when an appendage becomes as gangrenous as the CDA has become to Democrats. Do they really want even this one part of the controversy to infect the DNC?

    And 12 Muslim advocacy and pro-Palestine groups, including CAIR, released a letter denouncing CDA for endorsing sensitivity trainings led by ADL and AJC, which they blasted as “organizations with a history of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian actions.”

    So much for National Brotherhood Week, eh?

    The CDA’s corrosion comes as no surprise. When people embrace the concept that ethnicity is determinative rather than character or talent, then every point of conflict becomes tribal rather than intellectual or values based. Every loss becomes a tribal insult of some sort, and every criticism a form of bigotry regardless of intent. This ethnicity-determinative philosophy ironically makes the multiculturalism that progressives claim to cherish utterly impossible. Ethnic determinism, and the victimology it produces, results only in tribalism, fracture, and segregation. ”

    Well written and totally true!

  16. So the FBI raid Project Veritas and pass attorney-client info to the NYT who then publishes the info. The judge in the Vertas vs NYT defamation trial gets angry and demands that NYT delete all the files. This is totally unacceptable behavior. If I were the judge I would decree the NYT has lost the case by default. It is now just a question of damages. The judge should then task the US Marshall’s office with finding the leaker (can’t be someone in the FBI or DOJ). There has to be rapid justice for these kinds of blatant illegalities.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    This is what you get when a political party needs allies of all kinds to keep power. Notice that the Amnesty group is still critical and hoping their “friends” in the Senate will include a pathway to citizenship.

  18. Why do I always feel like I am listening to some slick used car salesman when Fauci talks?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ll bet of you look under the table, he’s wearing white shoes.and polyester pants after Labor Day😁

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Because you are!

      Interesting conversation on the Radio this AM with someone very familiar with Dr. Frankenfauci and the AIDS epidemic. Fauci put ALL his eggs in that plague on increasing peoples resistance to the disease, building up their antibodies. The leading AIDS advocates went to him begging him to stop wasting his time and our money. They pointed out that AIDS was striking down some of the healthiest people in the country who had the strongest immune systems, the “body beautiful” crowd. He paid NO attention. He was totally fixated on immunization and of course on the Nobel he never earned.

      The gentleman on the radio, whose name I did not get, pointed out that nothing has really changed. Frankenfauci is a one trick pony.


    This is a laugh. The parents are not telling the surgeon how to operate, they are telling them are operating on the wrong organ.

    • Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts!!!!!!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Even way back in the dark ages, ’64, when sex ed started being taught in school. Parents had to sign off on whether you attended the class or not. If not, you went to the library for the hour.

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Any bets on the Feds and DOJ do nothing, again, when BLM and Antifa go ballistic with the “Not Guilty” verdict for Kyle.

    Actually there should also have been one for Chauvin also but there the jury was intimidated. If any charges would have bern made they should have been “Accidental” in nature. Floyd was a career criminal, and dying from a drug overdose as it was.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ll wager Garland will file Federal charges against Kyle for violating their civil rights.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Apparently Jerry Nadler does not like the verdict in Kenosha. Wants the DOJ to review the case and file federal charges.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    And now Biden is jumping in again and is distressed by the not guilty verdict. I suppose to keep the peace he wanted Kyle to be railroaded.

    OK Biden….throw Hunter over for his criminal activity and drug issues that Daddy always got him off. How Hunter even got into the military is a mystery. But then his record never existed.

  23. Ho hum. Guess I’ll just go in to work then. Keep watch for me Gman 🙂

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m sure Garland will increase the terror list to include demented SUV’s that plow through a Christmas parade while simultaneously firing shots.

    The media is so screwed up. They still continue this morning writing the SUV attacked.

    They still haven’t decided if it an act of terrorism….then what in the heck defines terrorism?

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    “If you give the State power to do something for you, you give it an exact equivalent of power to do something to you.”

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This makes sense. So a person has 3.5 years left to serve. Unvaccinated. Just wont receive any promotions, no reenlistment etc obviously no GI Bill, no awards or schools. Especially when more vaccinated people are getting and spreading covid and ending up in the hospital.

    No apparent test for antibodies and more immune from the virus than vaccinated ever will be.

    This admin is looking to deplete the services and force the draft again.

    • There is something mysterious about this virus. It is causing insanity.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:


        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Most of my neighbors are Marines at Cherry Point Air Station. They were very resistant to the jab. But the command started freezing them out of use of base facilities. I asked again and they mostly said, they got the jab by coercion but one had his separation papers in hand one year before his enlistment is up. He didnt want to lose any future benefits. So he’ll finish the tour.

          70% in the Corp DO NOT reenlist.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m sure you saw that Santa Cruz passed an ordinance making it mandatory to wear a mask in your home.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The 5 largest ethnic groups in Portland, OR are White (Non-Hispanic) (70.5%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (8.11%), White (Hispanic) (6.76%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (5.5%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (5.21%)

    78.61% white and only 5.5% black that’s a pretty white supremist territory.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Has anyone seen the reports of way over the norm of Stillbirths of fully vaccinated women in Canada

  29. Hi ya’ll………I’m still here….to quote Monty Python…”I’m not dead yet”…….

    So Biden releases oil from the strategic reserve….50 million bblls….then sends 18 million of it to China and India……………..wish I had words for this..

    • Be careful out there Col., someone opened the gates on the asylum.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Well Hunter has to make SOME money.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But but but the oil to China and India were previously approved by Congress to help them.

      I’m confused. We’re short on oil because of the admins policies and EO’s. We’re begging OPEC to increase their production. And Biden is asking China, India and Japan to open up their reserves. And all of this flies in the face of the governments save the planet by destroying the Oil, gas and coal industries.

      Then Pelosi buys a $25 million home on Jupiter Island in Florida. I thought according to her and her ilk, Florida is the next thing to hell besides TX. I guess with her mess of CA even she cant stand living there.

  30. I finally have Covid. Surprised it took this long. I had a similar issue in January 2020 that was much worse. No coughing no sore throat, Tired alot, back and forth between chills and sweating.

    Now I can say that the government is way overreaching.

  31. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  32. Anita, good luck on Saturda….oops no sorry, hope you LOSE!

    • Ha! Came here to wish you luck in Spartan Stadium! I get off work at 7pm DST so I may be able to catch the end on the drive home. See ya one way or another later on.

      Slow news days lately so I’d been on break. Didn’t realize its been so many days though .;)

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    A challenging but MUST READ.

    Make sure you are not sleepy before you start. 🙂

    • Damn, I had no idea the New Deal did all that. I’m horrified and a little amazed that anyone could be that smart , to even conceive of such deviousness.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        From all the reading I have done it is my theory that they started with a goal. Not all the details of how to make it happen. But the goal was real…………..transform the United States. That goal starts with Teddy Roosevelt, well maybe actually Lincoln. The New Deal was when they thought they could get it all at last. Kind of like one Mr. Obama and the current “Progressives”.

        The changes listed in that article then unfold as opportunities, a.k.a., crisis, arise. With each effort the acceptable options always depended on the goal. More power. Specifically, more FEDERAL power.

        One of the most interesting aspects during all this was how relatively successful the radical change agents were while those trying to stop them failed time and again. This article put some of that in perspective for me. But generally I go back to my simplified versions.

        Free Cookies and Identity Politics.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Having believed for many years that Teddy R. was a “bad” guy, my readings of his initial philosophy and progressivism has changed. The country, 1880-1920, was NOT the country it was before and the halt to unfettered immigration in 1920, made it not the country it was in that 40 year period.

          I am cursed I guess by being the descendent of Anthracite Coal miners and Slavic immigrants. While we were not yet here for the 1903 trials it is awfully easy to recapture those years with minimal study. Teddy R, said it, this country was poised for revolution. While teh “haves” certainly did have it, they were outnumbered thousands to one buy those who came here seeking a better life, put in the effort needed for that life and saw things actually getting worse. Something was going to give.

          Roosevelt saw the need for redirection. I guess had we become the agrarian society Jefferson wanted, the issues would never have arisen, but TR, not a big fan of Tommy J, saw the country as the world class powerhouse it was becoming. To continue that march, opportunity had to be available to every single American. hence, “The Square Deal” equality of opportunity not outcome in part guaranteed by the only agency that could guarantee it, teh government.

          While I was not at all happy with the turn his politics took after 1912 when he felt totally betrayed and had the nomination of the R. party stolen out from under him with catastrophic results for the country, I can certainly understand how he got there (here, one might make comparison to Richard Nixon’s dramatic change after the 1960 theft and the 1962 California gubernatorial race).

          One of the more interesting things you see in contemporary biographies of Roosevelt immediately after his death are the praises for him having saved the country from revolution. Changes he inaugurated were certainly diametrically opposed to the “principles” the country had been founded on but were not being applied to a society that had any resemblance to 1792. I’ve always wondered in my “alternate history” thinking, had these reforms not been done, would I be who and where I am today or just another dead coal miner who died young from lung disease?

          Now, regarding Honest Abe, #1. Nobody knows what a post Civil War Lincoln presidency would have been like. # 2 The South by its own stupidity and intransigence brought about the very things it feared most.

          Going to paraphrase my father here, “No country can remain the same. It can go up, it can go down but it cannot remain the same.” Our choices being, let it happen haphazard on its own or trying to “steer” it saving as much of the “intent” of its founding as possible.

  34. Just A Citizen says:


  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Somebody break SUFA or did everyone just eat way to much Turkey??

  36. Gosh I wish someone had told me math was racist 55 years ago. It would have put a whole new light on calculus, advanced calc, diffy Qs, linear algebra, abstract algebra, etc. I was indoctrinated into white supremacy and did not know it. Is physics racist too? If so I am a doomed radical KKK member.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The “new” normal is to call racist anything which is perceived by the liberal, mostly white, elite as being too hard. Hence, getting to work on time, reading at grade level, doing advance math, being a scientist or engineer who has to meet competency requirements to be licensed are all RACIST.

      Cannot wait for the first “all” equal opportunity bridge construction crew to finish their first structure starting out on opposite sides and NOT meeting in the middle. But the bridge will not be racist!

  37. Breaktime at this craaaaazy busy building…halft8me at Spartan Stadium….Hi T-Ray 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anita, congratulations my dear. Nice end to a pretty good season.

      Been a tough sports year around here. At least the Cougs won the Apple Cup.

  38. S Kent Troy says:

    Tis The Season
    With apologies to Gene Autry. My version is in the Public Domain

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Covid 19’s is coming back to town

    It’s making a list,
    It’s checking it twice,
    It’s gonna find out who’s vaccinated or not
    Covid 19’s is coming Back to town

    It sees you when you’re masked up
    It knows when you are not
    It doesn’t care if you’ve been bad or good
    So who cares for goodness sake!

    You better watch out!
    You better not cry
    You better not pout, I’m telling you why
    ‘Cause Covid 19’s coming back to town

    It caught you with the Delta
    Now here comes Omicron
    You’ll hear from Dr. Fauci
    That you shouldn’t go to town

    You better watch out!
    You better not cry
    You better not pout, I’m telling you why
    Covid 19’s gonna lock you in!

    You better watch out!
    You better not cry
    You better not pout, I’m telling you why
    Normal’s never happening again

    I mean the scary little virus from the Wuhan lab’s back in town!

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The bride insists I “tweak” it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Bumper sticker seen yesterday in grocery store parking lot.

        Tweakers Suck!

        Just sayin… 🙂

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Right on bro!

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Did not realize until I googled it that the current meaning of “tweak” involves the consumption of methamphetamines. That is so incredibly out of sight.

          “Sumpthins happenen here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Put down your drink now. Or it will be all over your computer screen.

    From within an article on American Thinker:

    “In case you think it’s only here that politicians and their actions are absurd, Germany has announced you will not be eligible for euthanasia unless you are vaccinated.”

    LOL, Snort, LOL some more.

    • Fine! Gimme the damn shot then, then give me the quick kill shot. Or do you have to be quadruple vaxed plus 2 weeks? JAC, I give you permission to just shoot me. What was that , that BF used to say? SSS. Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

      • JAC, I give you permission to just shoot me. JAC gets to shoot you? This is not fair…but then again, maybe it is..we get plenty of shooting on the border. But, in case JAC will not do it…the good ol’ Colonel will oblige ya!

        • That’s funny, Colonel. Seriously, you did get honorable mention as I was typing that reply. I was actually thinking uh oh…this might trigger the Colonel. I’m willing to amend my offer to include you both. Closest to my heart wins. Loser buys dinner. Dinner must be the best ribeye money can buy.

          • Wait, one more rule. Start shoveling in North Idaho please. I can’t get buried in Texas. Too hot and not enough trees.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              You got it darlin. Will set out a spot in my back field for ya. Nice view of the “hills” from their.

              • You make the assumption that she will view the hills? In Texas, we will give her both options…desert hills, tree covered hills……or……………………………………the hell of West Texas…..

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:
  41. If “Omnicron” is indeed mild as the South Africans say, then would this not be the variant we want to spread throughout the country while using therapeutics to assist in limiting its adverse effects? We would gain natural immunity in the process and might actually beat this disease.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    So much for the “Great” Emancipator. Now let’s hear some justification of this violation of the Constitution because, well things were different then.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Difficult to answer under any circumstance. One must ask is 50 % of something more valuable than 100% of nothing? Especially if when the “emergency” is over the likelihood of going back to 100% is not just a possibility but a strong reality.

      Somehow the “emergency” Lincoln faced seems far more immediate and real than the “crises” faced by Wilson, FDR, Bush2 and now Biden.

      I was lucky enough in High School to have a history teacher who explained just how far off the charts Lincoln went especially in his dealings with Maryland. For years thereafter, people gave me that glazed, dead eyed look when I would bring it up in friendly debates playing the devil’s advocate.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    GMan, are you OK? Noticed you have not been around since announcing you had the Covid.

    • Whaaat? Work has me so exhausted, I can’t keep up. Best wishes GMan. Are they dropping this virus from the sky now? I have some homesteaders I watch, rarely leave the homestead, coming down with the bug. How does that happen? Rhetorical question.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    When insanity takes hold of half the population, how do we come back from that?

  45. Test

  46. Gman?

  47. S Kent Troy says:
  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Words of wisdom from a land and time far away:

    Babasaheb Ambedkar: ‘The Grammar of Anarachy’, Speech to Constituent Assembly – 1949
    25 November 1949, Delhi, India

    As much defence as could be offered to the Constitution has been offered by my friends Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar and Mr T T Krishnamachari, I shall not therefore enter into the merits of the Constitution. Because I feel, however good a Constitution may be, it is sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happen to be a bad lot. However bad a Constitution may be, it may turn out to be good if those who are called to work it, happen to be a good lot. The working of a Constitution does not depend wholly upon the nature of the Constitution. The Constitution can provide only the organs of State such as the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. The factors on which the working of those organs of the State depend are the people and the political parties they will set up as their instruments to carry out their wishes and their politics. Who can say how the people of India and their parties will behave? Will they uphold constitutional methods of achieving their purposes or will they prefer revolutionary methods of achieving them? If they adopt the revolutionary methods, however good the Constitution may be, it requires no prophet to say that it will fail. It is, therefore, futile to pass any judgement upon the Constitution without reference to the part which the people and their parties are likely to play.

    The condemnation of the Constitution largely comes from two quarters, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. Why do they condemn the Constitution? Is it because it is really a bad Constitution? I venture to say ‘no’. The Communist Party want a Constitution based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon parliamentary democracy. The Socialists want two things. The first thing they want is that if they come in power, the Constitution must give them the freedom to nationalise or socialise all private property without payment of compensation. The second thing that the Socialists want is that the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution must be absolute and without any limitations so that if their Party fails to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticise, but also to overthrow the State.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    You have to love the media, esp. CNN, for not giving up on their racism 24/7/365 mantra. It shows real grit and …………. well stupidity. But then it is the media so there is that.

    Two points on this story. One, notice how CNN tries to claim parents have been rebelling against efforts to teach inclusion, when CRT is just the opposite.

    Two, what did these race baiting clowns would think would happen if they kept up the BS in schools. Did they really think all the non POC’s would just keep on with self loathing and not start taking it out on the “others”?

    Then again, this is one of the networks who last week carried several stories about how Mr. Trump tried to infect Mr. Biden and the rest of the world after testing positive for Covid. Even though the source of the story said it was a FALSE POSITIVE and Mr. Trump had another test, which was negative, before doing his debate.

  50. Just A Citizen says:
  51. Dale A Albrecht says:
  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Excuse me for my skepticism but here is my take on the major headlines this morning, aka the Biden administration.

    Leak info to the media hyping the threat of war with Russia in Ukraine. Hold ZOOM meeting with Mr. Putin. Hype Mr. Biden’s outstanding statesmanship when the crisis quickly subsides.

    Wash…..Rinse…….Repeat as required to divert attention.

  53. A day of infamy.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    This is how you do it. Although I might have not been as terse as the author seems to have been. But my experiences doing this are similar. You get stares of disbelieve and statements like, “I’m not sure you have the right information”. Those who have swallowed the Kook Aid (not a typo) are very hard to get through to, as are all who have taken hard stances on issues. What to do when faced with facts that contradict your beliefs?

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    As a lefty you should realize you have gone to far when Elon Musk turns on you.

    Today, in case you missed it, he called for Build Back Better to die a natural death. Openly calling for the end of subsidies and BS spending.

    Did Atlas just Shrug?

  56. I’m sure Vlad is quaking in his boots now that Biden has laid down the law.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Such a farce. If Russia wanted the Ukraine, it could have it in a few hours. Why saddle yourself with another basket case?

      All this was brought upon by US. Good ole uncle Sammy’s Washington henchmen just had to stir the pot over Ukraine membership in NATO which would have ultimately cut off Russia from the Black Sea. Using historic Russian Claims to the Crimea, when Moscow could NOT influence the Ukraine to continue Russian guaranteed access, they became “indian givers” and took it back along with its mostly Russian population.

      The way i see it, the only one other Russia that may have a better claim to Crimea is Turkey (see Catharine the Great).

      So, let us all look at Moscow while Beijing is cleaning our clock!

  57. S Kent Troy says:

    Have a low mileage three year old Chrysler Pacifica which my local Chrysler dealers are begging me to sell them while having nothing to offer (because of the chip issue) me to replace it. Their buy back price is quite astounding!

    Am I the ONLY one questioning why China has not ramped up production of chips and put them on a cargo 747?

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    While many of these types of folks talk to stay relevant, this author does make some good points about how Mr. Trump could be causing himself damage.

  59. S Kent Troy says:

    So the FOX Christmas tree gets burned to the ground, all 50 feet and 10,000 glass ornaments of it and before you can take a shot of Jack Daniels, the POLICE announce it is NOT a hate crime but just some loony-bin homeless guy. Amazing how quickly they resolve these crimes and motive. Reminds me of the poor guy trying to escape the knife fight who accidentally made a wrong turn, came to a dead stop then tried to see how fast he could go 0 to 60 through a parade, a CHRISTMAS parade.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    From American Thinker:

    “Ask yourself this, though: if protecting “democracy” requires obeying an entrenched ruling class, then haven’t we just replaced the chains of English monarchy with the chains of American oligarchy? If so, then don’t let those with power redefine rights into suggestions, or the value of those rights will continue to depreciate just as quickly as the fiat money controlled by governments, too.

    Hat tip to R.C. Harper.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      And another:

      ” In other words, governments pretending to protect freedom are most afraid of individuals who insist on being free.

      Does this seem like a system that is destined to survive? “

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    You just have to appreciate the hubris. This mega tech companies cried out for globalization of the economy. Because, FREEDOM. Now that those foreign entities are squeezing us/them, they cry out for Govt subsidies and protections. Because, SECURITY AT HOME you know.

    Wouldn’t an import tax or even quotas be the more efficient way of moving production back to the US? That is efficient from the tax payers point of view. Obviously that wouldn’t pad the pockets of the corporate captains.

    • The world has the capacity to manufacture the needed chips since it was meeting the demand before Covid. so is this a shipping problem? If so air freight should be able to solve it. It would take probably 18 months to build a chip plant from scratch and to train the employees. We make much of the chip manufacturing equipment here in the US, we just need to ramp up the production. New sites would need to be located and the factories built. These are extremely clean facilities so require special environmental equipment. A bigger hurdle might be getting regulator permits to build the plants. The private sector should be able to fund this if they see their production of downstream products at risk. What about repurposing some old shopping malls? Chips are not the only strategic commodity we need to repatriate.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        For years I have said that the Anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania is ripe for redevelopment of high tech manufacturing. The land, power and access are all there. The infrastructure is there too. The young people left would jump at the opportunity. My relatives stayed despite poor job opportunities because they love the land and the freedom. I assume that the same could be said for Appalachia and other rust belt areas in the US struggling to survive.

    • On another note, other than the diodes in the alternators, I have two cars that have no microchips. Currently they are down for restoration.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Years ago read a great little SF book that I lent and never got back. The author took us through a “future” EMP war where a few lucky souls with older cars like yourself were not stuck bicycling everywhere.

        Since the book predated the rise of China, it focused on the Japanese “transistor” and electronics industry and how they controlled the world after the war releasing only enough electronic replacement parts to keep the West functioning and at their beck and call.

        Horses were making a big comeback and the Amish were doing very well indeed!

        By the way, if I remember correctly, the GOVERNMENT was running around siezing all those ’69 Nova’s.

        I remember a discussion with a fellow SF fan who said, “Nah, we would get it all up and running ourselves”. That was until I reminded him that we would need teh electronics to produce the machinery to build the electronics. Never forgot that the old man taught me life was like chess. Got to be three moves ahead at all times.

        • I have been watching videos of old 2 cylinder John Deeres mostly because I like the sound and we had them when I was young and lived on the farm. These old tractors are being restored because the newer ones cannot be maintained by the farmer because of the proprietary chips in them. They many not have the power and options of the newer equipment but they pull wagons and other equipment just fine.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            The very first motor vehicle I drove, on a PA highway was an old John Deere my grandfather had. Did not have pneumatic tires, only rubber over the steel. The thing moved along at about 2MPH. I watched him use the flyweel to load two walnut logs he had harvested years before on the cart and off we went to the mill where this incredibly excited 12 year old city kid got to watch those logs turn into boards. The mill took a percentage of the wood as payment! What lessons.

            Kinda funny because when we take down some of these ninety year old oaks around me as they start dropping branches, I get charged top dollar. They took one last winter where the workman was about to make a cut about eight feet up the trunk (the tree was 90 feet tall and straight as an arrow) the supervisor was yelling at him in Spanish. “are you crazy, that tree is worth $ 6,000”. The cut was made by the supervisor about 3inches off the ground

            • Did he use the flywheel (on the left side) or the belt pulley on the right side. The belt pulley houses the clutch so if you put the tranny in neutral, the pulley can be used to power things. We had ’36 & ’37 A’s. You started them by opening petcocks on each cylinder and then throwing the flywheel over. To shut down, we usually put in gear, set the brakes and stalled the engine. These tractors were very reliable and ran forever.

              • S Kent Troy says:

                You sir are asking me to remember something from oh, 63 years back. Try something easier like asking me what I had for breakfast. Obviously you are right. All I know was that I was fascinated by the operation and machinery. I also loved the fact that that man on that 22 acre farm, with the exception of gasoline was totally self sufficient. You name it, they made it themselves including hooch! Lots and lots of hooch.

                Years later we were up in New England, Mass. I believe where we toured an old factory that was kept operational. A water wheel turned a series of gears that in turn ran a number of belt drives that all did a number of different things on different machines. Never understood gear reductions that clearly until I saw that. Western Civilization in a nutshell. Other cultures may well have come up with the ideas but since the ancient Romans, it is the West that has run with those ideas. Had they had teh regulatory environment we have today, never woudl have happened. Imagine damming up a creek to build a water wheel! Horror’s! What about the fishies and froggies?

  62. Colonel. You’re gonna have to send a pack of raptors to NW Pa on the hunt for GMan. Coordinates are left of the third deer blind, 33 degrees east of the herd of cattle, right smack in front of the woodstove. Might find a skinning shack nearby and a small smokehouse..

    • If someone has gman’s full name, they can do an hopefully an unsuccessful obit search.

      • Mary Ann Hudzik says:

        I am very sorry to inform you that GMan died yesterday morning, December 9 at 7:25 a.m. on his sister’s birthday. The family is devastated and asked that I inform you . I was a friend of his late father. who used to post on here once in a while. I didn’t know how to post so that all could see, but you were the last reference to him, so I hope you can inform the rest.. There will be no funeral service at his request. I know many of you have scoffed at the vaccine, but his family will forever be tormented wondering if he might have survived had he had the vaccine. Those who loved him watched him die a terrible death and wish with all their hearts that he had. A wonderful person gone too soon.


    This is the only sane democrat that I have seen. We have hired the best Russian intellectuals who should understand Russia’s paranoia about having hostile regimes on their border. They have been invaded multiple times over the last 300 years and lost millions of citizens to the these attacks. Why would any sane diplomat lobby to expand NATO into Putin’s front yard? This is insanity.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think I will need to find her a job in my administration. Maybe the VP job????

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Pay attention. we have reps who want the Nuke option. The asshats all ought to be forced to watch “On the Beach” over and over on continuous loop until they get it.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      T, the Bushies and their ilk broke every implied promise Reagan made.

  64. Just A Citizen says:
  65. S Kent Troy says:

    Having missed the ending of Pearl Harbor Day by a mere 15 minutes as he scaled the Fox Christmas Tree in Midtown Manhattan Craig Tamanaha managed to memorialize the “Day of Infamy” with his own “Day of Infamy”. I am surprised No one at all picked up on the significance. Banzai! You MoFo!

    • A day of inflamy.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        What I like about our little group out here on SUFA is that we all seem to have a slightly looney, off center sense of humor. Harder and harder to find that in the “real” world.

        I keep getting kicked off Facebook for my wit which they see as either HATE, BULLYING. or THREATENING. The latest offense was suggesting that the school shooter’s parents be hung along side him. OMG, advocating VIOLENCE!

  66. I will be on the road for a few days. Going back to Iowa for my brother’s funeral. Still no word from gman?

  67. S Kent Troy says:

    Was honestly shocked and amazed yesterday to receive a notice from the Social Security Admin. that I would be getting a 5.9%!!! COLA in January’s check.

    Knowing, in the past, just how hard they try to keep this number on the low side, I can only imagine what the REAL rate must be. Certainly in excess of 15%.

  68. Bummer day for my fellow Amazonians in Illinois today. 2 dead. Currently in SE Mich no one is allowed in our trailers. Everything has to be palletized instead of loaded box by box (fluid loading) or / nor on carts. I am so screwed today. Wish me luck…or maybe not. They may just shut it all down. Son just came in…said he didnt see a single Amazon trailer or delivery van on the roads. Unbelievably windy right now, forecast until 10pm.

  69. Just A Citizen says:

    Heh, heh! Sorry Colonel but NAVY rules.

  70. S Kent Troy says:

    Not that i am ready to join the legions of marching Bolsheviks ….. yet, but there is something inherently wrong with this picture.

  71. I really hope and pray that G’s gonna be okay.

  72. I’m hoping Gman is doing okay. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

    Of course the dems are blaming ‘climate change’ for the tornados in Kentucky. I guess we never had tornados before? And if we just vote for democrats and give them all of our money, we won’t have tornados again? They are nuts! And people will believe them.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    Now among the Greatest Hits of Irresponsible things said by politicians:

    Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee, who chaired the Democratic Governors Association in the flush Democratic 2018 campaign year, has a different horseman in mind.
    “We have to be Paul Revere every chance we get to let people know what is at risk and why it is at risk. We live it. Every time we eat breakfast we think about these things,” he said. “I don’t think you can be overly concerned about this. The American psyche has not recognized we were one vice president away from a coup.”

    I thought this was all a dog and pony show, like always. I am starting to believe these ass-hats are starting to belief the garbage they spew at the public.

    Morning Thought: “Disunity” or the division among us seems the hot topic this week from the leftwing and media, yes that is redundant.

    Division is not the cause of our problems. Division is a symptom. So harping on and on about lack of unity and the need to “come together” is not going to solve anything.

    Besides, what those people howling about this issue really mean is “shut up and give us what we want”. It is “our way” our you are causing division.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      This is why I always say the 2021 “me” is not terribly different from the 1965 “me”. Regarding my classmates on the (d) side of teh equation, some even served back then in Viet-nam. Today they are howling madmen all wearing masks!

      It does not take a rocket scientist to look up teh positions of liberal democrats like JFK, Hubert Humphrey, LBJ back then and see that they would be toast in teh modern party.

      When the Connecticut democrats refused to re-nominate Joe Lieberman and he had to run (and win) as an independent, you knew, if you had an IQ above 65, things had changed.

  74. Just A Citizen says:
    • Eventually people will just be done with it. They already are where I live. No one is forced to wear a mask anywhere here except the hospital. I even went to the post office the other day and people weren’t wearing them, and it’s a federal building and has a sign on the door saying they are required, but even the employees were wearing them down under their noses and mouths.

  75. S Kent Troy says:

    Caught the news this AM where we are at a possible 9.8% inflation rate. the GOOD NEWS (if any) is that the two groups most responsible for putting Joe Biden over the top, the Old fools and the Suburban Mom fools will probably be hit the hardest!

    Having lived through this mess in the late 70’s and early 80’s when bills for LBJ’s War on Viet-nam and Poverty came due during Carter’s reign, I actually watched my mother in law make out fairly well with 14%CD’s. But teh Fed figured out another way to F— us up! by keeping the damn interest rate on the floor. Anticipating a repeat of the previous period, I made the mistake of staying too liquid I think.

  76. Mask mandates are back in CA

  77. S Kent Troy says:
  78. Just A Citizen says:

    I am sorry to report that our worst fears have come to pass.

    The GMan has passed to the great beyond. He passed on Dec 8th per a message I just found in the pending files. I am sorry for this late notice but I just found my passwords to get into the Admin function. The message was sent by a family friend. I approved it for posting but have not seen it arrive yet. I was posted 3 days ago.

    So sad and makes the heavy snow outside seem all that much colder.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here is the message, so you don’t have to scroll back:

      Mary Ann Hudzik says:
      December 10, 2021 at 12:39 am
      I am very sorry to inform you that GMan died yesterday morning, December 9 at 7:25 a.m. on his sister’s birthday. The family is devastated and asked that I inform you . I was a friend of his late father. who used to post on here once in a while. I didn’t know how to post so that all could see, but you were the last reference to him, so I hope you can inform the rest.. There will be no funeral service at his request. I know many of you have scoffed at the vaccine, but his family will forever be tormented wondering if he might have survived had he had the vaccine. Those who loved him watched him die a terrible death and wish with all their hearts that he had. A wonderful person gone too soon.

      • I’m stunned and heartbroken. Thank you Mary Ann for the notice. My sympathy and comdolences to his kids and siblings.

        Gman, brother, I have tears for someone I’ve never met. Thanks for the many years here at SUFA. I hope you’re seeing pristine rivers and that the beer flows freely for you. Your hunts bring great harvests and your days full of joy Your reunion with pops had to have been awesome. I’m gonna miss you. Guess I’ll post this and be sad for a while. 😦

        • Thank you for the message, Anita. Very sad news. We will fight on, Gman! 🙏🏼💔

          Please everyone, get your therapeutics. Don’t wait until you need them as that may too late. I can provide sources, but even they are taking time to receive.

      • I am deeply saddened by this news. Gman was a huge part of our shared community here on SUFA for the last 10-12 years. We will miss him and his perspectives.

      • My sincere condolences to G’s family and friends. I will miss him, a lot. He was always posting things that where funny. Even when he disagreed with someone, he tried really hard to be nice. Which can sometimes be hard to do. Rest in Peace Gman.

    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Kathy tagged Judy, Kent, Darrell, USW and I in a posting tonight. All the blood drained from my head – just stunned. I’ve been more lurker than anything here for the most recent while. G-Man – I know you’re reading this, “pen in hand” for the next battle. It’ll always feel like you left too damn early. Go rest high on that mountain.

    • I know I’m a lurker and you all may not know much about me, but I feel like I know each and every one of you from reading your comments over the years. This sad news brings me a lot of heartache. I will have a toast in honor of the G-Man.

      In other news, I have a family friend that was diagnosed with the Covid a little over a week ago. He is not doing so good right now.

      When are we going to hold China accountable?!! Probably never, I know.

      If you have not had the vaccine, please get it. I believe it should be a personal choice, but I’ve received mine for the only reason of trying to protect my elderly parents and my autistic brother who cannot get the vaccine. It didn’t kill me and I’ve had no side effects other than a VERY sore arm for about three weeks.

      Best wishes to everyone here at SUFA.

    • I’ve been reading SUFA since the very beginning when USW was inviting people from other sites to come here. I don’t comment a lot, but I feel like I know and love all of you. GMan will be missed.

      • I discovered this place in 2012 when Life Of Illusion was actively posting the topics of discussion. And I feel the same as you.

    • I can’t say I honestly recognized the man I met in 2009 as the same one I was fighting with toward the beginning of this year.

      I feel that I have lost a friend. But, worse, I fear that, at the end, he no longer considered me his friend.

      I wish his family well and offer my deepest sympathies. I hope they are safe.

      I wish my SUFA friends and family well. I miss you all dearly and regret that I can no longer be a part of this community.

      • It’s good to see that you’re still out there somewhere. I feel like I know what most of the people of SUFA will think about things before I read their comments, but I have found myself wondering what Mathius might think about things going on in the world since you left. I hope you and your family are doing well and wish you a happy/ merry nonreligious celebration of your choosing!🙂

      • Mathius,

        I am sure that he considered you a friend even though the two of you are polar opposites.
        I do miss you and miss reading your thoughts, and I would guess that G-Man did as well.

        You bring a perspective that, at times, I’ve never considered before. I’ve also learned various things from you. There have been times that you would talk about things or people that I have not heard of before. I would then research whatever topic it was and thus increase my knowledge. And for that I thank you. Same thing goes for JAC, the Colonel, etc. I started reading here in 2012 and over the years I have learned a lot from all of you. I do wish that you could still be a part of this community. It’s not the same without you.

        Anyway, best wishes to you and your family Mathius. I hope you are all doing well.

  79. I remember when I first broke out of the shadows and onto the pages of SUFA that GMan and VH were two of the first to welcome me. G posted a song by Ted Nugent to toast us being a couple “Damn Yankees”
    I raise my glass to you GMan with my favorite Nugent tune. One that my kids are under order to play when its my turn.

  80. S Kent Troy says:

    Very sad news. Will be sorely missed.

  81. Mathius! We miss you just as bad as we will miss GMan. I’ll admit to smiling ear to ear when I saw your name up top of the recent comments. Hadn’t even read your comment yet but had great respect for you to pop in.

    You say you have regret that you can’t be a part of this community, but you’re the only one obstructing you being a part. I say that with love and respect. Maybe….just maybe…we could use G’s loss as a bridge to bring the “family” back together. I’d love that.

    If that’s not something in your thinking, at least just tell us about your well being. I’ve been very curious about your health and have wondered if you’re even still alive. Its why I smiled immediately when I saw your name.

    Regardless, YOU remain a big part of this blog. I miss you, hope you’re well, and hope to see you more.

  82. Just A Citizen says:

    Well it took a whole day but I finally figured out how to log into word press on my new computer. Lost email accounts and passwords caused a real problem. But alas I now have access again to the “Admin” function.

    The irony of all ironies that GMan’s last post was titled “What’s Next?”

    I will be forever grateful to G for keeping the site going on his own, while I was so distracted/occupied by my farming venture, or should I say adventure. I was struggling to decide what my own next steps were going to be, farming/SUFA/travel/running for POTUS/ etc. 🙂 🙂 Thanks to Gman haunting my dreams the last couple of nights my path forward seems a little more clear. At least for now.

    So I ask ya’ll to bear with me as I dive into this word press machine to figure out how to post articles, and funny pictures of course. It may take me a few days but my intent is to keep my promise to USW and Gman to not let SUFA die.

    I am hoping that we can do more than tread water from here on out. Maybe get this place back to its former glory, so to speak. Again, please be patient and feel free to offer suggestions as we travel this new path together.


    • JAC, if there is anything that I can do to help you out around here just let me know. I am willing to do whatever I can to help. I would really hate to see SUFA die out.

    • Thanks JAC. It shouldn’t take too much to keep SUFA rolling. We’ve been pretty much on auto pilot for a while now and we’re all greatful to GMan for that. So unless you have a passion to make it rise to USW levels of effort and research, I wouldn’t stress out too much over it. On the other hand, SUFA JAC style sounds interesting too. See ya ’round.

      GMan dropped me a penny from heaven yesterday. A bright brand new penny. Put a smile on my face and I said out loud “You know it GMan” . …. best use of my mask at work ever….bout time it came in handy for something.

  83. Hi all… Signing in and catching up. The border has been absolute hell the last several months and my services needed.

    Sorry about G Man… To JAC…..whatever you need to help keep this going, I am here.

    To Mathius, since he lurks out there, please understand that Gman considered you a friend to the very end. as a matter of record, we all do and wish you would come back.

    Back to the border, we just caught a group of interlopers about a week ago with US State Department vouchers (again). These are travel vouchers and they are not forged. Texas is building the wall and the ranchers are donating their lands where appropriate. My area is still from Del Rio to Presidio and have been recently asked if I would take on the Eagle Pass area since we have been pretty successful at stopping things in my area.

    A couple o notes: We still ride horses and we are all armed. The Texas guard has taken up the horses since the Feds stopped the border patrol from using them. They are excellent for crowd control and very successful in stopping the surges in the areas where we cannot get the armored vehicles.

    One last thing…..for G Man…..brothers in Arms are never alone…neither here nor on the final role call when TAPS is sounded.

  84. Hi all… Signing in and catching up. The border has been absolute hell the last several months and my services needed.

    Sorry about G Man… To JAC…..whatever you need to help keep this going, I am here.

    To Mathius, since he lurks out there, please understand that Gman considered you a friend to the very end. as a matter of record, we all do and wish you would come back.

    Back to the border, we just caught a group of interlopers about a week ago with US State Department vouchers (again). These are travel vouchers and they are not forged. Texas is building the wall and the ranchers are donating their lands where appropriate. My area is still from Del Rio to Presidio and have been recently asked if I would take on the Eagle Pass area since we have been pretty successful at stopping things in my area.

    A couple o notes: We still ride horses and we are all armed. The Texas guard has taken up the horses since the Feds stopped the border patrol from using them. They are excellent for crowd control and very successful in stopping the surges in the areas where we cannot get the armored vehicles.

    One last thing…..for G Man…..brothers in Arms are never alone…neither here nor on the final role call when TAPS is sounded.

  85. 😥😥😥 I am just a “lurker” myself, and not on here often enough. So I just now saw this about Gman and am so very shocked and saddened. I loved his sense of humor and his tongue in cheek postings were just spot on, always. My deepest condolences to his family.

    Mathius…PLEASE don’t be a stranger. We love you and want you back…in my opinion, the best of America is seen in honest debate about controversial and troubling issues. We must listen to other voices to hear perspectives we may not have considered or understood in our limited experience. Even though I don’t post often at all (usually because someone else has already said it better than I could) I consider all of SUFA to be good friends and family. Oh how I wish there could be a SUFA get together sometime!

    JAC…thank you for taking over as administrator for SUFA. I know you do this with a heavy heart.


  86. Just A Citizen says:

    We continue to see what happens when you try to take out the King but miss. The entire collection of “reaction” to Jan 6th rioting and demonstrations is what you would expect when the ELITE power structure suddenly feels threatened.

    Remember back when the Tea Party showed up in D.C. Think back to how Senators, Representatives, members of the Obama Admin and the Press reacted because these Citizens dared challenge them. I warned then it was evidence of what we might see if the public became even more upset with them. The reaction to Jan 6th is more evidence.

    The sad thing is that this is not the worse case scenario. They are capable of far worse if they think for a minute that their ELITE status is being threatened. Trust me, it is not about the damage to buildings, monuments or “hallowed halls”. This is about the threat to their status and power.

  87. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It’s with the deepest sincerity and condolences extended to his family, and friends upon reading this morning, of the passing of gman.

  88. Interesting…….a new Dallas mayor…a black democrat….that over the last 60 days has rejected the anti-police movement and re-instituted several policies…….crime in Dallas shows an 8.5 percent reduction….in just 60 days. Of course, he is now an “Uncle Tom” according to the BLM movement.

  89. Just A Citizen says:

    Sometimes I get real lucky with my prognostications. Saturday I warned that the Elite’s reaction to Jan 6th could get much worse. Sunday’s talk show on CNN was pushing the idea that we are close to a Civil War. Then we have this on that same show:

    Retired generals share time-sensitive warning for military ahead of 2024
    CNN political analysts discuss a Washington Post op-ed in which three retired generals say they are “chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time” and warn that the US military needs to prepare now for a 2024 insurrection.

    The CNN discussion brought up the notion that there could be separate units within the military which align with a person they view as “the only legitimate President”. Suggesting this as a “very real” possibility.

    In the political world this is what prepping the battle field looks like. The most astounding and disturbing thing I saw in this piece was the absolute buy in of the idea by the CNN panelists. They literally used the word “coup” to describe what happened on Jan 6th and what they are “chilled to the bone” over happening again soon. The panel leader even suggested that the revelations from the House Committee some how supported this idea.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Continuing: A lead for another CNN propaganda piece this morning:

      Jim Jordan helped plot the coup. Now he’s in line to be one of the most powerful members of Congress.
      Chris Cillizza
      Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

      Updated 1:09 PM ET, Thu December 16, 2021

    • Add coup to the list of words recently redefined. It’s getting downright Orwellian the abuse of language these days.

      I got stuck waiting in a room with the Tv on CNN the other day. Thankfully the sound was off, but just reading the words on the screen was bad enough. I haven’t watched it in many years. ( I don’t watch tv generally.) They have really lost it.

  90. Just A Citizen says:

    Who would guess that POLITICO would publish a useful and somewhat truthful article on Covid. I have been complaining from day one that CDC and the States are NOT collection or publishing information that would actually help citizens make rational decisions.

    Those running the show decided instead to use the agencies for propaganda. Even today it is hard to find out what the “risk” is of catching Covid, based on age, and what the “risk” is of either “serious/long lasting” illness or death.

    At the local level, when a spike occurs nobody can find out “where” the new patients were exposed. You would think such information would be critical to slowing the spread. Tracing was essentially stopped when the number started getting high.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      HIPA forbids that information to be released.

      Globally only 3% of the world’s population has contracted Covid. Using their statistics even when the test could not tell the difference between the flu and covid. 0.06% again using the grossest numbers published died. Yet what’s ignored is the co-morbidity. Per CDC only 6% of the covid deaths actually were covid. No other factor involved.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      TRay et al.

      I have not dived deep into these theories. But from this report let me offer this.

      Everything said could be true IF these same people were part of a NON Government group. And if the Feds were offering immunity in exchange for information they would still be free. That seems a little hinky but it could be true. Especially if they were previous informants.

      The next thing that has bothered me in all this is what seems to be awful legal representation of those who have admitted guilt and been sentenced. The Shaman is a good example. The guy is escorted by the police yet gets sentenced for trespassing. It is easy to see how the judges in these cases are so biased. But why can’t the lawyers produce a better defense? One that can be won on appeal.

      Seems to me we are not getting a full picture and probably never will. All sides have to much at stake.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        The visuals of this guy (Epps?) which have appeared on Fox where he is inciting on the 5th and the 6th people to enter the Capitol are damming yet there is absolutely NO explanation of why he is still wandering around free. people called him out as a plant. Ditto on the video of black clad ninja types entering through window. Five or six acting in unison. Then there is the other video I saw yesterday for the first time of people changing from black outfits to “normal” street clothes outside the building behind some bushes.

        • I would like to believe what DC tells us but I am getting more cynical with each passing year. From Ellsberg to Nixon to Snowden to Russiagate…. the morass in DC just keeps getting worse. I am tired of the constant lies and omissions. The Covid policy has been a cluster f… from the beginning. As noted above, we still have not figured out how to collect meaningful statistical data but FB, Google, etc can track my every keystroke. If they could only screw up tyranny as bad as everything else.

    Slide 5 is a cloth mask.

    Keep in mind that the virus is 50 to 150 nm in size. The scale of the photos is given an in the 250 µm range. Masks are like using chicken wire to keep mosquitos out of the house.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The chicken wire analogy is not accurate. The virus spreads by adhering to vapor molecules and droplets which are expelled while breathing, or coughing. The masks do reduce the amount of droplets expelled beyond a few feet. Thus it is simply intuitive that they would have some negative affect on the spread.

      The quality of the masks being worn now is much lower, however that when the pandemic started. I have some older ones still left to compare. Resistance to air flow is greater in the older ones.

      Masks effectiveness is a very interesting factor to look at. When looking at the individual level they are effective at reducing spread. Is that enough to actually reduce the disease spread is really not known. Because how many viral particles are needed to infect someone with enough “viral load” to get really sick, seems unknown.

      But when we look at the macro-data masks don’t appear effective. How could this be possible? Because everyone is not wearing the same mask, or even effective masks, and they are not wearing them properly.

      • The studies (Denmark and India) I have seen that studied mask efficacy concluded they are about 15% efficient. While I agree that they stop the large aerosols, what happens to the virus once the moisture is absorbed by the mask? Is it free to then be re-emitted on a subsequent breath or for that manner re-inhaled? Any free virus in the air will pass through the chicken wire masks virtually uninhibited. What about people with full beards?

        The N95 masks are more effective because they use electrostatics to trap the virus particles. But when I tried them, I had trouble breathing. I could feel the increased pressure drop and my respiration rate went up indicating a lack of oxygen.

        Would you use a contraceptive that only killed one of every six sperm cells?

        On my last flight, I asked if they had installed any new equipment in the air circulation on the planes. The stewardess said they have always had HEPA filters in the air ducts. The air flow is from floor to ceiling and is rapidly exchanged, even more rapid than in operating rooms. Recently airline execs questioned the need for the masks.

        I do not know if they frequently do it, but I know they have tested using vaporized hydrogen peroxide to sterilize airplane cabins. I know this because I have seen my instrument installed in the test cabin to measure the peroxide vapor concentration.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Personally I have preferred the analogy of catching salt in a colander.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Dr. Fauci, in his discussion of airplane cabins and recirculation has now ensconced himself as the nations premier mechanical engineering HVAC specialist! All hail Fauci, another discipline conquered!

  92. Just A Citizen says:

    The Dems are ramping up pressure on Manchin to get him to approve of BBB atrocity. First evidence is the union representing coal miners in WV told Manchin he needed to vote for the bill. Someone put the pressure on them to get this done. They had not been vocal on this until yesterday. Today even more rhetoric including from Schumer.

    All that could be expected. But what has struck me the past week or so is this continuous drum beat about Manchin betraying POTUS because he is undermining POTUS’s agenda. I must have missed when we converted to a monarchy/dictatorship. Here is a sample:

    “He’s going to blow up the president’s agenda so I think you have to play hardball but there are different ways to play hardball,” said Steve Jarding, a Democratic strategist who formerly advised the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committe.”

  93. Just A Citizen says:

    When the reveal their nature we should all pay attention. This is how the power elite think. Remember when Pelosi openly stated that the ACA’s primary accomplishment was it opened a crack in the door that could never be closed.

    Thus America dies one small cut at a time.

    • Death by a thousand cuts has been the modus operendi of the Progressives for decades. They know if they can get a program in place, it is very difficult to reverse. See for example SS, Medicare and ACA. Bush43 had the opportunity to put SS on a declining path to extinction but he blew the arguments. Gov. Perry for all his talk in the primaries had the opportunity to cut significantly the DoE but did nothing. So the Progressives know that if they can enact something, it will be evergreen. That is until Trump came along. With more congressional support, Trump could reverse some of the damage in a next term. This they fear so they must grab everything they can now. Also the squad and like minded D’s no longer have the patience of the old guard. They are of the new spoiled brat generation, I want it and I want it now.

  94. Just A Citizen says:

    Nailed it. And a side benefit of a fancy new three dollar word.

  95. Just A Citizen says:

    There is some very important information about the legality of vaccine, or any other, mandates by local, state or federal govt. agencies within this article.

    It provides the ammo you need to defend against the mindless mantra of the left. Much like the motorcycle helmet laws being justification for some kind of FEDERAL authority over which undies you have to wear on Monday.

  96. S Kent Troy says:

    The paranoid in me sees an attempt to destroy Johnson and Johnson orchestrated by big pharma to no doubt, get their assets for a dime on the dollar.

    The J and J vaccine, since inception has been bad mouthed. Most recently due to 7 total deaths, one male, six females and 1-00 cases of diagnosed blood clots after 20,000,000 vaccinations, the vaccine is on the “not” recommended list now Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are literally thousands of heart related deaths due to the other vaccines but not even an official warning to my knowledge.

    What gives? This piles onto the multiple lawsuits directed against J&J for their baby powder and its supposed link to cancer since the talc contained asbestos. Of course they are going after female genital cancers only, paying no attention to the fact that for well over seventy years the talc was taken into the lungs of infants, mothers and caregivers for small children. Logic would probably dictate that lung cancers could be traced to the talc IF the talc were in fact the issue. Since years ago I had read that some forms of asbestos were far more harmful that others I do wonder.

    Regarding the vaccines, Having a few minor issues such as an irregular heartbeat and borderline (for over 20 years) potential diabetes, I chose J&J over the others precisely because of the heart issues associated with them. Why take the chance? My blood thinner should cover any clot risk and the clot risk is apparently associated with women on the pill or at last that age group. That by the way, is something you have to dig out for yourself because God forbid, someone should bad mouth the pill.

  97. Just A Citizen says:

    The following quote from Mr. Biden was copied from Red State, for the record. Their author was making a big deal about the very last line. I think it is just more of the same ploy by Mr. Biden. I do not think he is actually as senile as he makes himself out to be and I do not think he is being run by others, as some puppet. So first the comment….

    “Imagine being a parent, looking at a child, and you can’t afford — you have no house to borrow against, you have no savings. It’s wrong. But all the things in that bill are going to reduce prices and cost for middle-class and working-class people. It’s going to reduce their costs.

    What’s inflation? Having to pay more than the money you have because things have gone up. Well, it’ll bring down all those costs across the board, from childcare to a Child Care Tax Credit.

    But I’m not supposed to be having this press conference right now.”

    I want to focus on this as one more example of “politicians” creating a problem then proposing a solution, which in turn keeps increasing the problem.

    Inflation is NOT just prices going up or anybody’s inability to pay for things. Inflation is the devaluation of money, an erosion of buying power due to an over supply of money. When money supply increases it is like the supply of any other good or service. Eventually demand is exceeded/reduced and the price has to be lowered to move more product. In laymen’s terms, when money is easy to get people will pay more and prices rise. What you can purchase for a single dollar declines.

    So what we really have is inflation driven by more and more money dumped by the Federal Govt in various ways. Then because the purchasing power has declined the politician claims they need to subsidize child care and a myriad of other things to help the poor cover the rising cost of living. That they caused.

    Now what do you suppose happens to the cost of child care if the govt. starts paying for it? That is right. It will increase even further, just as the cost of a college education has increased at exponential rates.

    P.S. As I have said since first coming to SUFA. INFLATION hits the poor and middle class far harder than the rest of the population. So the policies designed to “help” the poor with free money simply create a spiral of inflation/subsidy/inflation/more subsidy/ etc. etc..

    P.S.S. The Child Tax Credit is a gimmick for giving money directly to those who qualify. Remember, Mr. Trump and the R’s increased the standard tax deduction to $26,000 per year, with adjustments for inflation. Which means that anyone making less than this is paying ZERO income tax.

  98. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought I would share another’s view of Biden that feeds into my comments about him above.

  99. S Kent Troy says:

    So, we are now looking at 500,000 additional Afghan refugees huh?

  100. Just A Citizen says:

    A damn men………. The self righteous dweebs can rot in hell for all I care.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Well, I’ll just quote the old man whom I don’t think ever had a prejudiced bone in his body …. “it’s awfully hard to hate someone you have shared a foxhole with”.

      Truly one of the greatest results of WW 2 was to bring the folks together to actually get to know (and trust) each other. Wonder how many of the respondents to that survey, after encountering something like Buchenwald, still felt the same afterward?

  101. Just pulled a cherry and an apple pie out of the oven. Tomorrow will bake a loaf of rye bread. Kids will be here tomorrow. I started reading Scott Atlas’s book on advising Trump on the pandemic. All I can say is we killed a lot of people and financially ruined more just to get Trump out of the White House. I have said repeatedly that scientists have disappointed me by remaining silent. That is one of Dr. Atlas’ claims as well.

  102. Thought on CRT. It is akin to locking up the son for the sins of the father. We only need one rule and that is golden.

  103. S Kent Troy says:

    Ahhh, the chaos of another Covid Christmas. Four Grandkids banned since their Mom tested positive. The other having a meltdown because he cannot see his cousins and the last finally telling us on the eve of Christmas eve what he really, really wants for Christmas (a British Army uniform circa the Zulu War era including pith helmet) .

    Somehow it will all work out.

    Surprise this AM a light dusting of unexpected snow on everything. Should have saved itself for tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is more of that white stuff where that came from. The west is experiencing a traditional December weather event.

    • We are supposed to get 8″ to 12″ in the next day or two. Very rare at this elevation, 1450′. Moving the vehicles out from under the trees as the last time we got 8″ of heavy wet snow, tree limbs were falling like cats and dogs.

      Merry Christmas one and all.

  104. Merry Christmas, everybody ! 😀

  105. A little late but the Happy Hannukkah !
    This is so cute.

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