Time for Reflection and Thanks

I think it is time to take a couple of days to reflect. First on the friends, family and acquaintances who make our lives fuller each day. Second on the blessing of having been born into a country that has put such a premium on Liberty. May we keep that blessing alive in the years to come.

Let us all lift a glass and toast to that which has been, that which is and that which is yet to come. May all our friends who have gone before us enjoy the music and dance in Valhalla. Skoal!


  1. Just A Citizen says:

    Well it looks like I have some more to learn. Like how to keep advertisements from showing up without purpose.

  2. Prost! Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone here at SUFA!


  4. I missed the SUFA party yesterday. Ran around checking my lists and slept every other possible moment. Might finally be able to stay awake all day today.

    Merry Christmas everyone. We have one very obvious empty seat on the SUFA this year. Makes me wonder how many other empty seats there are for those friends who have gone before us. I’m thankful to be able to call all of you my friend.

    Special shout out to VH for a tough Christmas season this year.

    Yer doin a fine job JAC. Thank you.

  5. As I said earlier, I am reading Dr. Scott Atlas’ book on his 4 month role in the WH advising Trump. I have not finished but have read enough to learn we have a pandemic of stupid. Dr. Atlas by training is a clinical neuroradiologist not an epidemiologist but then neither are Drs. Fauci, Birx, or Redfield (CDC director). For the last 15 years he has dedicated his career to public health analysis at the Hoover Inst. in Stanford. He advised Trump for 4 months in late summer 2020 through the election. Atlas brought to the table an analytical mind welled versed in the latest literature on the Covid epidemic.

    What he encountered was a president who was very open, inquisitive, analytical and in agreement with Atlas, that the lock downs were counter productive. Trump instinctively was advocated for opening up society including the schools again. The Covid Task Force however, was not open minded but very closed single minded and bent on keeping society closed down as long as there were still outbreaks.

    Scott would come to the meetings with data and literature to support his arguments but which were never countered by an equal display of academic effort. Birx would recite the most recent numbers on the course of the pandemic mostly from the World-O-Meter as linked on Drudge. She would then draw conclusions on the effectiveness of masks and lock downs from this data. Atlas countered that the x-axis on the data were the recording dates not the event dates hence there was a time delay of up to 2 weeks, so her simple minded correlation is causation failed. When Dr. Birx was challenged she would go ballistic hence everyone feared her. Fauci was mostly silent and probably worked behind the scene to encourage Birx and Redfield to do his bidding.

    V.P. Pence was always cordial and profusely thanked everyone for their efforts but he never stepped up to the plate and corrected anyone’s lack of effort or insisted they even try to do what the president wanted or even what the team agreed to in previous meetings.

    While the president’s political advisors agreed with Atlas, they lacked the courage, as did Trump, to fire Birx, Redfield, and Fauci for their incompetence since it was so late in the election season. They were already being pilloried in the press for being unscientific “compared” to Fauci when the truth was just the opposite.

    Atlas does not have anything good to say about the MSM. They lie and distort and are just as much responsible for this debacle as are the government bureaucrats.

    Gov. DeSantis on the other hand was well versed in the literature, very analytical and has the courage fight the DC bureaucrats and the media. We need more like him.

    As I said (my words) this has been a pandemic of stupid with the very unscientific Dr. Fauci at the head of list.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone want to take bets that within the next year the Govt tells us this Omicron version of Covid has been airborne all this time?

    Just thinking back to those computer simulations someone posted here years ago showing how fast a highly contagious disease would spread. Omicron seems to have exceeded that models predictions. How could that be possible???

    If it is not airborne then what we have is far more open border travel than anyone has been willing to admit. I don’t mean the Mexico border either. I am talking air travel from far away places.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      You have an innate understanding of government. If they actually admitted to me last month that there was 5.9% inflation with my SS increase, Lord knows what it REALLY is.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Sit down, take a deep breath. Spousal Unit leader got a 6.9% increase in her Federal Retirement. Which tells you right there that inflation is ABOVE or EQUAL to 6.9%. Now even stranger is that she is on the old Civil Service Retirement system (CRS). Those newer retirees on the new FERS system only got a 5.9% increase, just like those of us on Social Security.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Bio weapon research gone bad. Hang Fauci for treason.

  7. Merry LATE Christmas….so, Have a great New Year. Things are a poppin’ on the border…there was a shoot out in my area on Christmas eve……they lost. They also lost 16 lbs of uncut Fentanyl and 140 lbs of pure uncut Heroin.

    JAC…thank you for continuing on. I did get one advertisement.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    This statement by Fauci is proof enough the man should be fired. His disconnect with the people he is serving should disqualify him from setting policy of any kind.

    Fauci said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he was “a bit dismayed” when Trump’s supporters booed the former president for encouraging vaccination.

    “I mean, given the fact of how popular he is with that group, that they would boo him, which tells me how recalcitrant they are about being told what they should do,” he said.


    • S Kent Troy says:

      Ignoring yet again that the least vaccinated group is teh one that least supported Trump, American Blacks!

  9. Help me figure this out. My brain will only take so much. Now they’re saying you only have to quarantine for 5 days instead of 10. The infectious time is two days before and three days after symptoms appear.

    First of all, where does asymptomatic fit that equation? Is asymptomatic even real? Prove it.

    Second. My son’s buddy assumes he got it from a college crowd on a Thursday. Friday is the day the 4 buddies hung out. Saturday the infected buddy decided to test and was positive. Monday, my son and another buddy tested positive. The following Saturday the original buddy tested negative, my son was still positive.

    Doesn’t positive mean still infected, meaning contagious? Meaning my son would still have been contagious at least until the following Tuesday. And why do the infected only have (had) to quarantine 10 days but the close contacts have(had) to quarantine 14 days?

    But now….throw ALL that out because the new rule is 5 days quarantine. I have a headache.

    • Though I haven’t listened to this interview yet, other interviews of Dr. McCullough’s have been extremely informative, To say this man knows his stuff regarding COVID-19 is like saying the late John Madden (RIP) knew a little about football.


      • I just finished listening to it. Learned a lot I did not know. McCullough, Atlas, et. al. are the kind of people who should have been in charge from the beginning. We would have saved thousands, maybe even my sister-in-law. What clown show we have in DC and in the MSM.

  10. S Kent Troy says:

    Harry Reid is dead!

    I can say nothing good about the man so I will say good ….. riddance!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The praise being heaped upon that TROLL last night caused me to throw up a little. Then I was nauseous the rest of the night.

  11. Has anyone seen a calculation of how much SS has saved with the demise of so many elderly?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      You laugh, (I think), but I was wondering the same last year when the governors of NY. NJ,CT and PA were busy killing off as many Medicaid eligible nursing home residents as they could.

      • I was not laughing then and still not. The average SS payment is $1500. About 800,000 have died from Covid. If 80% are seniors, then this amounts to just under $1B in savings per year lost in longevity. This is exclusive of Medicare. Unfortunately we have lost revenues from lost labor hours plus the trillions government gave away for unemployment and other benefits.

        It is hard to believe that after two years of this we are still following the same failed policies.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          It is, was and always will be the way of the left, Viet-nam failing, send more guns, people and money, Poverty programs failing, spend more. Schools failing, dilute the curriculum more and increase spending. Public housing failing, build more. Hospitals failing, build bigger.

          They are not just incapable of learning but it is their religion.

          The left hates Putin so much because he became an apostate.

          No One, not any one, EVER is allowed to point out the Emperor has no clothes. ‘Splains the anti Trump thing to a T.

        • I made a mistake, that is the monthly value. Annually it is $12B.

          • Thas’ ok…..I will make up for it. My SS at age 70 is slightly over 3400 per month…..out of that I pay a little over 500 monthly for Medicare since Obama killed my Tri Care in favor of his Obamacare and Trump and the Republicans did not restore it as promised.

            So, Mathius, ( I know you are lurking out there, my intrepid friend)…plese keep working so that I can continue to draw my SS which will pay me FAR more than I paid in. Keep that Democrat money flowing in even though I am healthy but not allowed private insurance because I am too old.

            • Oh, yes, I might add……that since my spousal unit and I file jointly, and she is on Medicare as well, they charge her $400 monthly for Medicare (they add my income to her Medicare)…which makes our total insurance bill per month (along with supplemental) over $1150 per month. So……..since Medicare is based on income, being successful sucks the older you get.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                A damn MEN my brother from another mother.

                My income is counted for Son’s disability (SSA). Last year they completely screwed up the data and sent me a bill for a full back year of benefits. They didn’t count the correct numbers from the IRS forms. They finally relented but blamed it on the IRS.

                When elected I promise we are going to tackle the gross lack of skills in these agencies. And hopefully get this stupid Federal insurance under control.

                Pulling some ideas together. Will probably be calling you soon for strategy sessions.

                P.S. Daughter is headed to Dallas for a couple weeks to help watch cousin’s kids. Don’t know if she will have time to visit but don’t be surprised if she calls.


  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Anita …………..Congrats to Sparty. A hard fought game with neither side giving up.

    Shout out to the Mountain West. While Boise St. and Hawaii had to drop out due to their Covid protocols, the rest of the conference won all their games but one. Nevada fell flat on their collective face.

    In case some of you don’t know Montana State will be playing North Dakota State for the National Championship in Div I AA or FCS.

    • We’re still full steam ahead in The Amazon. Exhausted, but came home to see Sparty pulled it off. Need to check the highlights still. The Wolverines are struggling at this time …down 17-3……ooops…just looked again, now down 20-3. Go Bulldogs 🙂

      Almost got on here last night to see what you had to say about Boise St. That’s a bummer deal for the kids, especially the seniors. Thanks Fauci and Xi! May you be within reach of a thousand spitting camels….or whatever the Colonel says about camels.

      Its on you Penn State. Good luck tomorrow. I’m gonna miss that one too…stinking Amazon.

  13. S Kent Troy says:




  14. S Kent Troy says:

    As a born and bred New Yorker, I watched the swearing in of Eric Adams as the new Mayor last night. I noted with keen interest that on the podium was not a single white face, not a single Asian face nor a single Hispanic face. Boy, are the people across the river in for it now!

  15. Well OSU saved the day in the last 12 s. Iowa & PSU went down as did MI. Bad start to 2022.

    • Yeah bum deal TRay. Dont hear a peep from these Wolverine fans. I’m telling you, they are the sorest losers, another reason I don’t like them. 🙂

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    From Red State, Code Red predictions for 2022. Just had to share #10 with ya’ll.

    10. Nancy Pelosi spontaneously combusts leaving ash in a pattern that appears to be “666.”

    IF ONLY………….. and
    Happy New Year SUFA

  17. Been on kitchen duty all day today. House is smelling like it should have been DURING the holidays. Cut and diced and sliced a big chunk of regifted ham and split that between fridge and freezer. Shepards pie ready for the oven. Working on a hamburger soup right now. Still have a batch of brownies to get to for step son’s 24th bday yesterday.. Oh yeah.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Personally, I think this article is “mostly” a load of crap. I say mostly because the two “sides” described did in effect exist for some time after the war. But that is not the primary disagreement that fuels todays divide. Nor do I think it was what had people upset about taking down statues. As was evidenced by the mobs attack on even Lincoln.

    What this does do is reveal the mentality of the intellectual or “thought leaders” who inhabit our Universities and other Institutions. This is how they see the world. When they are not wallowing in their Marxist theories. Although at its heart you will find the Marxist notion of class struggle.


  19. Just A Citizen says:

    The HOWLING at the moon over the Governor doing or not doing something is indicative of a bigger problem among us, the people. Not a failure of the Governors. This reflects this twisted notion we have come to have that every time something goes wrong the Govt. is supposed to magically and quickly solve that problem. There is also the disconnect most people have between their opinion of what can happen and the reality of what can happen. Once traffic is congested this badly there is little that can be done to “quickly” resolve it. Hell, you cannot even get emergency vehicles to those in need.

    It is time someone starts telling We the People was is real and what is fantasy, when it comes to Government’s abilities.



  20. Just A Citizen says:

    This article points out, yet again, the flaws of one Dr. Fauci. But the real meat is about the stubborn and how they can impact all of us. Sometimes for the good but mostly the bad. There is an irony in this, however. We would tend to agree with the author that the good General’s statement is laughable given how history unfolded after that time.

    But remember this. The Taliban held off the US and eventually won back Afghanistan. They did not have tanks or planes. They had men and horses. Well in some cases donkeys and of course white Toyota pickups.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for me to take one of the truth tellers to task on their “science”. First the story, it is short so let it go first.


    Now what else happened in the third quarter? That is right. It was when the Delta variant was running wild. While there is plenty of misinformation and outright propaganda about vaccines, masks, etc., using this data to claim the vaccines are making it worse is just bad science.

    This is not to say that eventually we may find this to be the case. As was predicted by some world renowned epidemiologists. But this Doctor X is not making the case. Only clouding the water.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Just in case you were wondering where the term came from:


    Note: The word root is Latin for Hispania which described people of the Iberian Penninsula. So it was not just invented by the radical Chicanos. It was selected by a Govt. Committee, you know the ones who build camels when trying for a horse.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    You just knew this was going to happen:


    Memory of Mathius and I arguing over this topic. Him and “it’s fun” while I tried to explain the deeper meaning and thus satisfaction. Guess those two views fit right in the two sides described in this article.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      What was that comment by Carville, Clinton’s go to guy about dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park. With AOC I think it would be a two dollar bill, an old inside Navy joke.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Nah, that wouldn’t work. But if you drug a microphone around I’m sure you would quickly find her lips stuck to it.

  24. S Kent Troy says:

    In our replay of the novel “1984”, go forward two years. The great I-95 snow disaster of 2021 you will see that history WILL recorded it as Glen Younkin’s failure! Hell, even such a great conservative pundit as Jonah Goldberg says so.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I saw that. And his feeble effort to retract his Tweet and admission he “thought Youngkin had already taken office”. From a man who is supposed to be “connected” and “on top of what is reality for conservatives”.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    When they tell you exactly who they are and what they want.

    I do wonder if these intellectually deficient academics and “opinion leaders” ever think “what if the majority was against us”? What if we had a popular election back in the day and all the “white people” decided to export all the “black people” to Haiti?

    The wisdom of the Republican form of govt is simply lost on these dipsticks.


    • He hammers on the gerrymandering example but fails to mention that the Dems play the same game. There will be fewer Rs for CA, MO, and IL because of it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The howling over gerrymandering can be summarized with:

        “If we do it that is OK, if they do it that is cheating.”

  26. S Kent Troy says:

    Well, stay tuned. Got the Covid finally. Been waiting for it. Got the JJ shot back in the spring. Four days in and I am running a low grade fever plus the usual flu like symptoms. Doc said just to hydrate, rest, pop non aspirin pain relivers and as long as my blood oxygen and breathing are ok, not worry too much. Bride and I did the test Monday, I popped she is still ok. Made of iron, that woman. Not likely to be able to scrounge up monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment. Even my friend with a kidney transplant under his belt had to search them out. Downside of living in an overpopulated area,. Besides, i am sure that they are reserved for our Southern “guests”. not some old, straight, God fearing, gun toting white dude depleting the SS and Medicare system.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    And therein lies the problem with vote fraud in Federal Elections. Especially POTUS.

    The Two primary State Officials (Gov. and AG.) in Georgia declared there was no evidence of fraud per Mr. Trump’s allegations. No basis for challenging the outcome. Later the State takes over Fulton County’s election board “due to irregularities”. But again “no proof these would have overcome Mr. Biden’s lead.”

    From this story we find the State AG pushed to have cameras installed on the drop boxes used to increase voter turnout during Covid. BUT, it is a PRIVATE group that finds the footage and does the work that show “illegal harvesting” MAY have occurred. I say may, because of course it is not proven yet.

    So as some legal types said right after the election. The “system” is not built to handle real fraud in a timely manner. And when it comes to POTUS, the clock is always ticking. The fraudsters just have to run out the clock as there is no remedy if they are caught. Even if they personally go to jail, the fraudulent Official elected still stays in office.


    P.S. This is the first time I have seen statements that show the “drop box” policy in Georgia was in fact established law prior to the election. Not the result of some agreement between the AG/Governor and Stacey Abrams.

    • I had net read to the bottom when I first saw this so made the same assumption about the boxes you did. What is clear is they never looked closely at the tapes. Mitre Corp is a beltway bandit operation that lives off government contracts. They should ask for their money back. Gov. Kemp obviously dropped the ball when first alerted to the problem. Further evidence of ostrich mentality.

      In another video I saw, Peter Navarro was on MSNBC hawking his book. He got into an argument over the election. The interview pulled the big LIE card implying there was no proof of fraud. I wish these Rs would have ready comebacks for this. I would have asked, how do you know? Did you investigate like you investigated the Steel dossier? The interviewee needs to attack the credibility of the network and the interviewer.

  28. Holy Moly. Ted Cruz really stepped in it now. All the sites I check in on are roasting him alive. Don’t tread on our MAGA party Ted. You are probably toast now.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Violent ….. YES.

      Terrorist …. NO

      Swamp creatures are goin to be Swamp Creatures. They cannot help it.

    • Anita…..Ted Cruz is toast if there is anything close to reasonable that runs against him. Yes, he is from Texas and, yes, he has done some good things…..but his string has run out. We are tired of him and his antics but there is no one to replace him…….right now. The primaries are in full swing for State elections….and there is no challenger as of yet.

      • I would ask JAC to come down here but he does not speak Texan very well….besides, he has his hands full with all the transplants up there.

      • He does seem to have acquired Potomac fever.

      • I get it. I wish the right questions would get dealt with truthfully and with consequence.

        Why did Trump call for people to come to DC to begin with? Nobody believes Biden got 81 million votes.

        How many FEDs have to be pointed out….mixed in with the crowd…inciting the crowd….crowd loudly shouting FED FED FED at those actors…for them to admit it was a setup BY THE FEDS? THEY plotted this from one second after Trump called for the rally..

        Everything else is noise.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I urge caution is thinking this was all just a set up by the Feds. There may have been Feds in the crowd. Maybe some participated. Maybe they were acting on their own beliefs and not some agency orders.

          The only TRUTH we have is that WE DO NOT KNOW everything that went on or who was involved, and how. Lots and lots of unanswered questions.

          It is true that many Americans believed that the election had been stolen at the time. It is equally true that their continued belief was largely due to lack of objective evidence provided to the contrary, regarding specific allegations.

          As an aside, it still astounds me that those who wished to destroy Mr. Trump forever did not just produce objective data immediately proving all the allegations false. But then I am not sure many would have believed it no matter how solid the evidence.

          I have one more caution, and this targets those in media who push this “Fed Conspiracy” idea so hard. Their evidence is often an “FBI Informant” was present. “Informants” are not Federal employees and do not take direction from agency managers or staff, i.e. leaders. Their contact is their handler, who then answers to those above them. It is not uncommon for “informants” to involved in other criminal activity for their own personal reasons. It is also not uncommon for the FBI handlers/agents to use them to “set up” suspected criminals.

          • You mean like the (numbers may be off but not by many) 12 of 16 FBI who plotted with the Michigan militia members to kidnap Whitmer? I don’t feel like digging for articles for “citations please” (Mathius.) My point is…its not grass roots Trump supporters causing all the trouble. Don’t forget David Plouffe’s threat…remember Obama’s chief of staff? Something very close to “Its not enough to simply destroy Trump. We must make it to where the LIKES OF HIM never rise again”.

            And to give you more grief… I tokk off today and have the house smelling like baked chicken quarters and wings. Now take that!!!

            • Just A Citizen says:


              You are cruel at times. Spent most of the day plowing and shoveling snow. We had about a foot over the last day. Just finished about 30 minutes ago.

              Came in and shed my snow and ice covered “farmer uniform” and sat right down to a full plate of meat loaf and mashed spuds. M m good.

              Anita my dear, do not confuse my warning with me denying their presence. But something just doesn’t feel right about the accusations being spread by some on the “right”. I am simply saying be careful. Or you could find yourself the victim of another disinformation scheme. Kind of like the Obama birth certificate or the claims about Obama flying in all those lobster dinners for a visit to Yellowstone.

              • mmmmm. Meatloaf sounds good as well. Comfort food on a cold night is good for the soul.\

                Im pretty sure my head is on straight but you know what TRay always says…everyone is crazy except me and you, and I’m not so sure about you. But to clarify….see the tweet below. THATs what I’m talkin about!

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Ooooh Boy……………. this is gonna hurt some feelings.


    I often wonder if this “trend” is not just a natural progression of advanced societies. The hungry build the place, the healthy expand it, the fat and happy sit on their duff and live off the fruits of past generations.

    • As my granddad always said, rags to riches in 3 generations and back again in the next 3.

      India and China each have 3 times the population we do so it is logical that they have 3 times the geniuses. From my Asian and Indian professors I got the feeling that either from their culture or language complexities, that they had the ability to understand complex topics better than us westerners.

      The US has been lucky in that we imported many people in the genius class. Think Tesla, many on the Manhattan project, and many others.

      The other issue is our poor education system. We are not teaching science and math at the level we did when we were young. I went to a high school with about 160 students, my kids went to one with 1400. We had as many students in physics class in that small school as the much larger one. I was astounded when I heard the numbers. Physics was considered too hard.

  30. SK…just saw you got the Covid……..hang in there, my friend….the Spousal Unit and I got over it by treating it…we actually had doctors that treat illness. We also had the monoclonal antibodies. Keep us posted.

  31. Just A Citizen says:
  32. S Kent Troy says:

    So, today is the first day since Sunday when I have felt half-human. Fever down coughing down, congestion still there but leaving. The bride has a witches brew she has me taking. (She conspires regularly with her chiropractor). Funniest thing is that an old, old friend from my youth has recommended the exact remedies the bride has. Like people say, I always dated the same “types”.

    There is a substantial waiting list for the monochrodal antibodies here thanks again to the incompetence of government on the state and federal level. I have been hoping that I have the omicron strain (which seems likely since I can still smell and taste) in which case I expect to be up to snuff in another few days. So far, the wife is still ok.

    Stay healthy folks.

    • Sounds like you’re on the mend, Yay! My daughter started getting better after 5 days, seems like you are doing the same.

  33. Just A Citizen says:
  34. BOOM!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Nothing there I disagree with, although if we go back in time we would not be as sure as we were a short time after that all started. But the R’s are a bankrupt bunch in my view. If it were not for Democrats we would never have a reason to elect a Republican, even to haul the trash.

      But with that said, this may express your distrust but that cannot erase the facts of what happened on Jan 6th. And SOME of those MAGA grassroot folks did in fact become violent and break into the Capitol. Another BUT …. we don’t have the answer to who those other instigators were. Were they the reason some MAGA people got out of hand? Nobody has shown us a complete time line with all activities. Even Tucker has shown us only the part which feeds his narrative.

      There is the stink of a very large dead fish coming from the whole thing. This may be one of those times when All of the Above is the correct answer.

      What I can tell you is that if elected I will do what ever I can within my powers as POTUS to reveal the truth. Although there won’t be many people left to tell the story. They will be standing in the unemployment line if you want to ask them directly. 🙂

  35. Just A Citizen says:
  36. Just A Citizen says:

    The Catch 22 of anti racism, Social Justice, cuts both ways in all professions. Even the Health Care Industry.


  37. Just A Citizen says:

    I am trying to remember who it was that rubber stamped her appointment. Because of precedent and “civility” you know.


  38. Just A Citizen says:

    There is much discussion among pundits about how the “Elite” in this country are out of touch with the people.

    Well here is an example of just how far they will go to achieve their goals. And how out of touch they are with the people. I would expect that even some of the “independents and democrats” would recognize the evil this represents. And if they thought the reaction to “The Big Lie” was over the top, just go ahead and pull this stunt.


    P.S. to Anita: This is in line with your thoughts on those trying to undermine another Trump run. Watch closely who starts talking about this notion.

    • Bill of attainder: a legislative act that imposes punishment without a trial.

      If Lizzy thinks Trump will just allow this to happen, then she’s about to find out how it works. Trump has a personal vendetta on her , but worse…her own party wants nothing to do with her in her state. The Romney and Murkowski groupies are probably licking their chops. Aint goin nowhere. I think those types want Trump gone worse than the Ds.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    These people are just so full of themselves and the status of D.C. I am sure they have convinced themselves of their fears. But so far the reality doesn’t support them.

    Furthermore, if they really want to discredit Mr. Trump among his ardent followers all they have to do is address the accusations of Election irregularities/fraud head on with actual objective information. Not having those accused of malfeasance simply stating they did nothing wrong. Most of us recognize when the Fox is telling us he didn’t really eat the chickens, they simply decided to on a walk-about.


  40. Just A Citizen says:

    The questions and statements of the Justices in this case show how far afield we have gone. That argument that crisis allows Govt. to do what it wants in the name of “Overriding Gov.t Interest.”

    When you have to resort to such silly examples and mushy arguments you should immediately realize you are on Constitutional quicksand.

    Note than none of these Justices recognized the current scientific fact that the vaccines do not stop omicron or even inhibit “Omicron” which the Govt. is telling us is the primary vector.

    They are using false data to make arguments for Govt. control. Grrrrrrrrrr


  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Poor Bobcats got thrashed today. Those Bison are on another roll. 9 national titles in the past 11 yrs. And the two they missed? They were beaten in the semi final round by the eventual champs that year.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Sometimes if you pay attention you discover things. Or uncover as in this case. This is clipped from a Mises.org piece on how the Fed is dominating the home mortgage market. But the following is what I find interesting.

    “The Federal Reserve now owns on its balance sheet $2.6 trillion in mortgages. That means about 24% of all outstanding residential mortgages in this whole big country reside in the central bank, which has thereby earned the remarkable status of becoming by far the largest savings and loan institution in the world. ”

    So per this we can calculate the total residential mortgage market: X (total mkt) x 0.24 = $2.6 Trillion. Therefore, X =$2.6 trillion / 0.26, which leads to X = $10.833.33 Trillion.

    Now why is this of interest? Back during the crash of 2007 I reported here on SUFA that the total “home mortgage” market was about $13 Trillion. This was provided to show that the Fed Govt. would have spent less simply buying up the failed mortgages than they did with all the “stimulus” and “bailouts”.

    If these numbers are correct the total of all “home” mortgages as dropped by almost $3 trillion in the past 15 years. Oddly enough, I recall that this was about the value of the truly “at risk mortgages” which led to the bank meltdowns.

    This apparent factoid also flies in the face of some recent claims that we have all been living on debt, primarily taken on via home refinancing. If mortgage debt has been keeping us afloat then how could such debt decline by such a huge amount?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Shhhhhhh! You may be disappeared for even finding this out!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        How ya feelin ya ol’ coot?

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Almost ok. Low grade fever sticks around but chest is clear. The bride has a concoction of natural remedies that she has put together with her chiropractor. Plus zinc and a lot of vitamin D. Thanks for asking.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to look at one of those “emotional” issues that drive the unthinking to claim Libertarians are morons. Which of course is a bigoted comment in itself, but they will never admit it.

    I know we have discussed this before but thought it a nice refresher:


  44. Just A Citizen says:

    More thought:

    “Ethical doctrines are intent upon establishing scales of value according to which man should act but does not necessarily always act. They claim for themselves the vocation of telling right from wrong and of advising man concerning what he should aim at as the supreme good. They are normative disciplines aiming at the cognition of what ought to be. They are not neutral with regard to facts; they judge them from the point of view of freely adopted standards.” Ludwig von Mises.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, last one for today. I promise:


  46. Just A Citizen says:
  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Given the sudden about face by the Biden Admin. on Covid related information I expect we will see some major “new” news in a couple months. But they have to let this settle until then so they can “deny” they were wrong and/or lying in the first place.

    It will also be interesting to see how Dr. Fauci dances the snake dance to keep from looking like the ass hat he truly is.

  48. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, get angry, yell I told you so, ….

    They have finally admitted there is a high probability that the virus came from the lab.
    They have finally admitted cloth masks are useless. Eventually we will find the paper ones are useless as well.
    They have admitted that the 6′ rule was pulled out of their arse.
    They have admitted the vaccines lose potency after a few months.
    They have admitted that the vaccines do not prevent you from catching or spreading the disease.
    They have admitted the hospitalization and death data are inaccurate and most likely too high.
    They are rationing therapeutics by skin color.
    They still have not run definitive studies on HCQ or ivermectin or other inexpensive drugs and/or vitamins and minerals.
    They are still pushing vaccines on children who are more likely to die from the flu than covid,
    Lock downs did not work.
    The safest place to be is outdoors in the sunlight (UV) and the wind but we still closed parks and beaches.
    Kids are safer unmasked in school than at home.
    They still have not admitted that there are significant risks to taking the vaccine.

    Why should we believe anything these jackals tell us?

    Too many people have died for salve their egos and visions of grandeur.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      On your second point, they already admitted that when they said the “only” the N-95 masks were truly effective.

      I would love to hear some “medical scientist” now address the petty question tossed at folks like us, when we questioned the use of masks. Remember: “Well then why do doctors wear masks in the hospital?” Not once did I see a Doctor step up and admit that surgical masks are not designed to stop viral spread.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Meanwhile, that was one heck of a football game. Glad Georgia finally got one. Thinking of old Essom, He is probably proud, where ever he may be.

  50. Each home kit (India) contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter.

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Good information on how Secretaries of State either don’t do their job or are complicit in fraudulent voter rolls. And as I warned way back in the beginning of my time here, THEY are the key and both sides are corrupted on this issue.

    Of course this was not important until the push for mail in ballots. Who was on the roll was irrelevant if you have to show an ID to vote. One which contains a local address.


  52. https://thefederalist.com/2022/01/10/disgraced-fbi-no-2-andrew-mccabe-calls-for-feds-to-treat-mainstream-conservatives-like-domestic-terrorists/

    This man is insane, to think he was a top person at the FBI is beyond frightening. I wonder how much of the current FBI agrees with him.

  53. I debate in the letters to the editor and opinion comments section of our local newspaper. This county leans Republican being historical rural, agricultural, timber and mining. In the last couple of decades we have had a large infusion of Bay area refugees who cash out and moving into the hills but like TX and ID bring their politics with them. Lately I am seeing a significant increase in LTEs from leftists in the paper with a corresponding increase in left leaning debaters in the comments section. The comments section of the paper is definitely not as polite as SUFA, unfortunately. Their seems to be a organized and coordinated effort by the D party to push their propaganda. Is anyone else seeing this?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Oh yeah. But we also have an historically “left leaning” newspaper here. So they and the “centrist” Republicans are constantly bashing the new immigrants as “radical right wing crazies”. This encourages the new immigrant plus older left wingers to chime in and look like more than they are.

      Now down in Boise there is more of a direct left wing impact. Boise State University plus the presence of federal and State govt offices has an impact in addition to the migration.

  54. I must have missed something in the presentation. Having a Masters in both finance and economics, I must have either skipped class or have been misinformed.

    The following statement…….”rising prices and higher gasoline prices are a sign of a healthy economy”…..this from the Presidents Press sec

    So, I guess I should be condemned for believing otherwise……………………………

  55. Just A Citizen says:


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