Coming Soon: The Day Working Americans Wake Up to the Reality of Our Federal Govt.

Credit to unknown creator published at American Thinker


  1. Just A Citizen says:

    Along these lines I see that the lefty media is claiming that PRESSURE is increasing on the Biden Admin and Dem’s to “Forgive Student Debt.” Because of course nobody had to pick up the bill for that …. right?

    • We need to keep telling people that canceling student debt would mostly benefit the upper class. They are much more likely to have student debt. The poorest students already get grants and need based scholarships. All of the expensive top tier schools pretty much only have need based scholarships, no academic scholarships. Maybe that will at least make them ashamed to support it openly, if the idea of plumbers and carpenters paying for gender studies degrees isn’t offensive to them.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder if the Dem polling data shows that “voting rights” are a huge winner among their base?

    Otherwise why in the world would they be using that as their “hill to die on” relative to the filibuster. I am assuming they intend to run on this issue once they lose the issue in the Senate. Claiming that the R’s, of course, are trying to steal elections via “voter suppression” and that is why you need to vote Democrat.

    On the surface it makes them look pitiful. But what do they know that we do not know? Could it be this plays so well among their base they can use it to keep even more Black and Brown people from jumping ship? Guess time will tell.

    I hope they are simply pathetically desperate and can’t think past their old rhetoric. Come on, a man can wish can’t he?

    • We just had an election with the biggest turnout in numbers, percentage of voting age citizens and percentage of registered voters for the last 40 years. How can voter suppression be real? Unless of course those numbers are not real and they know it.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Have they trotted out ONE example? Just one. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are so damn many real, authentic, demonstrated “anomalies” in the 2020 election as to make all but the most dumb question its validity.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    More on when and how the left became lost, the Liberals became Conservatives and the Progressives “fundamentally changed” America.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Watch the “Left” defend this with high emotional vigor. If we don’t do this the babies will die.

    “A Biden administration executive order issued in May required the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) and its member agencies to report on the risks that climate change pose for the financial sector and to recommend the measures needed to mitigate the purported risks.

    The October report garnered little press attention even though it represents the first step in the administration’s plan to use Dodd-Frank Act powers to effectively nationalize and thoroughly politicize the financial system. Existing statutes will be used to promulgate new financial regulations that will allow the administration to control the allocation of investment capital under the pretext of controlling financial sector systemic risk.”

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    This author does a great job of summarizing the insanity that has been growing. Leading to the same question over and over again. How did this happen?

    I think it can be summed up with a phrase my old pappy used from time to time. “They are just a bunch of educated idiots.” There you go, Occam’s Razor.

  6. The D’s are trotting Hillary for another run despite two previous failures and all the baggage she brings. Yet, the most sane of all the D’s, Tulsi Gabbard gets absolutely no attention.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Me thinks this is just the tip of the iceberg. Interesting comparison for me is the reaction to Jan 6th and how that mirrors the reactions to scientific challenge of the “govts’ version” of Covid response. I would not be surprised to see an even greater negative reaction by those who hold power as the curtain comes down around them.

      The self-righteous have to face the reality that they were wrong. That is ego destroying stuff and it will not be taken well.

  7. Indicting the Oath Keepers…………… loss, as far as I am concerned. We had to kick them off the Border….their idea of helping is not a good one. Very violent faction and armed to the teeth.

    • I first heard about this group in the late 1980’s. At the time they sounded OK but like many such organizations they might have deteriorated.

      • Yep….they showed up on the border and wanted to work autonomously to us but wanted us to supply them with food and water as payment for helping patrol…we told them NO and that they must follow an established chain of command and protocols. We also told them that we would not supply them with our OP sites and after sundown the river is a free fire zone.

        We had to get the police to run them off.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      So let us chase this large rabbit a bit. Here is the OathKeepers mission statement. Seems hard to argue with this to me. So is the real issue more about the how than the what of this group? Of note is that the address for membership application is in Texas.

      I do believe, based on their actions and commentary, such as at the Malhuer WL refuge standoff, that most of the group feel the US Govt. is overstepping the powers granted by the Constituion.

      I also appears to me that you and I and one heck of a lot of Americans believe the same thing. So again it is not the what of the question but the “how”. How do they carry out this notion or mission. What do they actually do and are they crossing the line of their own stated constraint?

      For the record, I think them showing up and demanding support while being independent shows lack of tactical and operational understanding. Which makes me wonder what the actual skill level was of those you were communicating with. If I showed up with a bunch of Idaho “militia” to help out I would have resolved these issues before departing. And then I would have asked only that my group be allowed to stay together once rolled up into your organization. Not a deal killer but a request. Bottom line, we are here to help, tell us what you want us to do.

      • JAC…I have no problem with their mission statement. As you said, it is the how they came to the border. First, the border is not public property, therein lies a problem because of the independent ranchers. Second, the border has a unique set of problems in that the bad guys are as well armed if not better than the military. and I had my doubts that the border would be observed. I clearly got the idea that autonomous operations would have included across the border operations.Third, we have O.P.s set up that we would not want compromised. Fourth, there were a lot of ex military in the bunch that came down that looked like mercs and and acted like mercs and gave me the impression that they would be hard to control. Fifth, since we are aligned with what is left of the Border Patrol, the Texas Rangers, The Department of public Safety, the Sheriffs and constables, our lines of communication are finely drawn and we share frequencies. Sixth, I got the distinct impression that weapons discipline would not be observed…meaning that some innocents would be shot. They strutted around like Peacocks on parade and that type of attitude is not what is needed right now. There are other objections but you get the idea.

        Now, the proper thing for them to do is to approach this as a team effort and not autonomously. They could work together as a unit, and most had some military training but need to follow our protocols and report to the Director of Operations…in this case….ME. They should have sent a person down to understand how we operated, how the supply chain works, and communications. What I do not need are guerilla type mercs out there or wannabe special operations guys. Do me a favor and take a close look at the border region from Del Rio to Presidio on google earth. It is rugged and dangerous and most of the guys that came down were not physically fit nor could operate in those rugged conditions. They were out of shape and their cars full of cases of beer.

        I could probably use them to patrol the desolate regions of the highways but, they could not go onto private property, unless invited, to even get to the river. But I got the further impression from their attitude that they were not controllable.

        Lastly, if what I am reading and hearing is true about the January 6th issue, that is exactly what I want to avoid.

        What I really want is a company size group of women all with PMS….and turn them loose. This thing would be solved in 5 days.

        • PMS 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I kind of got all that from your first comment. Although the second explanation is even worse than I thought.

          What I wanted to kick around was the mere existence of these groups and this one in particular. I expect that because the recruit “existing” as well as “ex-” military, police, etc. that membership is one of the things that started freaking out the Military Command before and especially after Jan 6th. And thus the reason for “purging radicals from our ranks”.

          The reason I focus on this one is its focus on military and LEO’s and taking an oath not to turn against US Citizens without good and legal reasons. This seems like a noble cause and that such a groups would be a good thing. But as time passed, with this group and others like it, things didn’t seem to work out for the good. These groups seem to always devolve into a collection of weekend warriors and other folks suffering some delusion about their capabilities.

          Given where they started and what they now seem to entail it makes me wonder if it is even possible to organize and maintain a functional third party organization such as these.

          As for the Jan 6th charges of conspiracy to commit insurrection, I hope we see all the evidence and testimony. Because the press releases on the charges do not prove any conspiracy to take over the Capitol. I sure do agree that given the taint on that group you really don’t want them in the middle of your operations. No need to create a negative media storm for no good reason. Especially since you have some good ol’ boys from Idaho already lending a hand.

          I am rambling a bit, as it is late. But I expect you are probably pacing the living room and playing with the cat anyway so allow me to finish. I guess I am struggling with the proposition that this and many groups like it really reflect a loss of trust in our Govt and institutions. A loss which I think is largely deserved. I thought that groups like this, if properly organized and managed could be beneficial to fixing things. Tonight I am thinking maybe that is not the case. Even if properly constituted they may be more trouble than they are worth.

          • What I wanted to kick around was the mere existence of these groups and this one in particular. I expect that because the recruit “existing” as well as “
            ex-” military, police, etc. that membership is one of the things that started freaking out the Military Command before and especially after Jan 6th. And thus the reason for “purging radicals from our ranks”. Of course, it is spooking (yes, I said “spooking”…live with it) everyone because of the independent nature of the makeup…..see 1776.

            The reason I focus on this one is its focus on military and LEO’s and taking an oath not to turn against US Citizens without good and legal reasons. This seems like a noble cause and that such a groups would be a good thing. But as time passed, with this group and others like it, things didn’t seem to work out for the good. These groups seem to always devolve into a collection of weekend warriors and other folks suffering some delusion about their capabilities. This is the impression that I have also, and, from talking to this particular group in general and seeing them in person raised the hackles. It was the way they wore their uniforms. Some had regular camos but most wore the Rhodesian style uniform which is very indicative of mercs. They wore shoulder holsters, carried batons, K Bar combat knives taped upside down on their combat uniforms, using suppressors on their weapons and most had actual silencers, night vision scopes….and their swagger and appearance reminded me of rogue units in Desert Storm. It just did not fit. You know me, I was Special Forces for many years in combat zones…they just appeared and felt like mercs. I know they were no but it was the feeling I had.

            Given where they started and what they now seem to entail it makes me wonder if it is even possible to organize and maintain a functional third party organization such as these.
            Herein lies the problem. a rational group would get a bad rap automatically and ten thousand angels sitting on their shoulders would not make a difference. Organizations like this are marked by the government from now on. Hell, our own government does not like the National Guard or state militias.

            As for the Jan 6th charges of conspiracy to commit insurrection, I hope we see all the evidence and testimony. Because the press releases on the charges do not prove any conspiracy to take over the Capitol. I sure do agree that given the taint on that group you really don’t want them in the middle of your operations. No need to create a negative media storm for no good reason. Especially since you have some good ol’ boys from Idaho already lending a hand. Special kudos to the good ol’ boys from Idaho. They are really great soldiers. I work with 30 of them.

            I am rambling a bit, as it is late. But I expect you are probably pacing the living room and playing with the cat anyway so allow me to finish. Pacing is something you do when you get to 70 and above. I guess I am struggling with the proposition that this and many groups like it really reflect a loss of trust in our Govt and institutions. A loss which I think is largely deserved. Correct I thought that groups like this, if properly organized and managed could be beneficial to fixing things. Very beneficial Tonight I am thinking maybe that is not the case. Even if properly constituted they may be more trouble than they are worth.

            • S Kent Troy says:

              Problem is good ideas can go bad really quickly. Take some moron with half an ounce of charisma and he seizes control of a militia in a moment.

              Several years back,. I was in Paris with a tour group of 20. We got stuck on teh outskirts after the commuter trains (not subways) stopped running. Nobody spoke any French worth a damn. This being my third go round in the city of Love, despite a twenty five year break since I’d been there, I’d forgotten little. I told them we could walk about ten blocks to the Metro then get on teh City system and after a one train change be back at our Hotel early enough to still grab dinner at one of teh local bistros.

              Well, no sooner did the old PFC explain this than a man with magnificent charism, who never had ben to Paris before told them all he knew a better way. Probably was once a brown bar.

              Needless to say, 18 went one way and Denise and I went the other. I decided long ago, that if they don’t listen , Eff ’em! We made it back to our hotel and had dinner, they wandered in around Midnight unfed and were pissed at me!

              In a nutshell, that is how the sheep are led by the fools. Just because teh fools smell better.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just letting folks know that I’m alive and well. Knock on wood, no covid. I’ve had zero contact with people who even had or suspected they contracted the virus. I follow the same protocols that I’ve followed my whole life, avoiding catching anything except a very minor case of measles and exactly one spot of chicken pox. I’ve never even had the flu.
    The last vaccinations of any kind I had were 46 years ago.
    I’ve only known two people, who passed away from the virus. One I hadn’t seen in 52 years and lived 6000 miles away on one of the Hawaiian islands. The other was our common SUFA acquaintance, Gman.

    As the old man said in Witness, “Be careful out there amongst the English”

    I do remember one of the first public announcements by the director of WHO now two years ago, when everybody was poo pooping Trump with his Covid warnings during his State of the Union speech. The director said, “There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted person to person.”

    All I know and suspect is that 1) the one voice only concept is wrong. 2) they’ve been pulling their recommendations and procedures out of their asses. 3) silencing thousands of doctors and evidence to the contrary of their one voice view.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Only state and government offices and some big box stores are even enforcing the return of mask rules. BUT…

      The other day I went to the local tax office to pay a bill, they let accrue for 5 years. Claimed they couldn’t find me, yet I lived across the street. Anyway…they had big signs plastered all over the doors “MASKS REQUIRED TO ENTER”
      Yet not one of the people working in the office were wearing masks.
      I got their link to pay in the future online.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Mostly just been working on restoring my antique furniture along with projects started and put aside over the past decades. Amazing how fast some are being completed. No new projects until the last three are done.

        • Good to hear re: covid. I sure wish we knew more about GMan’s case. Just seems like more to the story. We’ll probably never know.

          I feel like I’m whistling past. I think I may have had it in Jan 2020, don’t know for sure. I know I’ve been healthy ever since. My son had it and it bypassed me then. I’ve been at work where they come up missing by several per day…it skips me.

          My sister had it 10 months ago. On a recent doc visit, she asked for an antibodies test. In the short text message she wrote….A value of 1 means you do have antibodies. She scored a 34.22. It was a group text and I never asked for more details, so take it as is. But it’s nice to know she’s covered.

          • ok. I don’t know what happened to half of that comment, but let me fill in a blank. A value of less than 1 means no antibodies. A value greater than 1 means you do have antibodies…

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The other week I was asked by an elderly family friend a question about whether or not my parents would have gotten the vaccines? She and her husband were friends of my parents since ’49.

    It’s a hard question to answer because my parents have been gone now 11 and 12 years respectively. They never questioned their physicians advice or test results and that directly led to their deaths, many years earlier than any of their parents.

    My experience with the medical profession is like with lawyers. Question everything.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      We forget that there is a good reason that one of the many Logical Fallacies is called:

      An appeal to authority.

  10. S Kent Troy says:

    A “fun” read on fascism from the Master Himself. Go Benny! Go!

    Click to access The-Doctrine-of-Fascism.pdf

    There is definitely a two credit Poly Sci course in this piece. My casual read brings it down to fascism is the glorification of the “individual” through his subservience to the state.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think a more apt description would be the abdication of the individual by glorifying individual sacrifice for the benefit of the State. There is a difference from what you posted. Subtle but a difference.

      Compte: Altruism is the sacrifice of the individual for the greater good.

      Vulcan: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

      Pinchot (T. Roosevelt): The greatest good for the greater number in the long run.

      You see, we have glorified the concepts of Fascism for a long time and under many names and disguises.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        WE are NEVER going to agree on this stuff. Poor TR, misunderstood to this day. I will give you that his philosophy walked a fine line.

        The problem with people like TR is that you have to accept that they were unique and had a a sense of righteousness bordering on megalomania (probably the wrong word) wherein he knew he was capable of being the sole arbiter on how far was too far. Now, what his supporters and acolytes thought is something quite different.

        To this day I am in absolute awe of the body of work the man produced in a mere 60 years. I do not think I could name anyone else capable of it. Forget the academics because they alone could and have been replicated by first rate researchers but the wide range of interests, knowledge, and actual physical experiences would seem to have taken even a superior human 120 years 24/7 or more to accomplish.

        So was Theodore an uber mensch or just a space alien dropped among us?

        I probably like him for the same reason I liked Crockett. I do believe that some, very gifted individuals, have the sense of deep self reflection which is not based in hubris. “Be sure you are right ….. then go ahead”. BUT, you gotta be sure you are right. To the nth degree! Damn few are capable of that.

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    My neighbors, in their 30’s fully vaccinated and boostered due to work requirements got covid. The wife has been really sick for a while now.

    A couple I know in Maine, my age 70, fully vaccinated both are recovering from covid. The wife is having trouble shaking it.

    Bottom line the people I know that have had covid all have been fully vaccinated

  12. S Kent Troy says:

    Pretty much back up to snuff. Lingering cough and a bit of phlegm every morning. Fever has been gone about five days now. Wife was tested twice and despite our proximity, she has never caught it. Must be her regimen of vitamins and minerals!

    Only person having a problem is our friend who had a kidney transplant a few years back. He is ten years younger than me but not snapping back after three weeks. The transplant team has gotten him the monochromal antibodies but still not really recovering.

  13. Moderation…please.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Really does not matter anymore. As Tucker said the other night, we now have, in the US, political prisoners. The folks in the DC jail are being held as if they were in Gitmo. Their citizenship, as for New Yorkers, no longer means anything. Terrorists sneaking over the Southern Border have more rights (and free lawyers).

      • Don’t disagree with any of that. They have kept people in jail for a really long time, most not
        based on evidence, just looking for evidence.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      This supports my comments to the Colonel the other evening about lack of real evidence for sedition. I realize the definition is broad and that almost anyone could be found guilty under that definition. But the courts have been cautious up to now in applying it. Because it clearly violates the First Amendment.

      I believe the DOJ filed these charges due to political pressure created by the Republicans constantly reminding everyone that nobody had been charged with sedition. Now the Democrats/Media can say, “see we told you.”


    This made me laugh, while shaking my head at the stupidity. Who knew squirrels are selfish hoarders who are privileged. Instead of smart,hard working parents, who know and plan for the winter.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      ROTFLMAO…………….. I thought Darwin was a God to these modern “scientists.” They act like this is newly discovered information. I am dumbfounded.


    I find it a little encouraging that the Times is acknowledging that there are problems with the current craziness.

    When it comes to gender identity , not sure how it’s possible to stop the crazy with discrimination laws based on gender identity.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, we made the national media again. The media is really hyping the division in the Red party, as I said before. That is a for sure. But the divisions are real and it is not certain how it will play out in the next election. At the end of the article they mention one of our County Commissioners, Mr. Brooks. I have found his rhetoric beyond helpful, and further revealing his “known” condition, “think skin”. The real irony missed in the story is the hard core “anti-growth” attitude of these newcomers. Now that they are here they want the gate closed.

    P.S.: Bundy is a jackass and the only person he will hurt in the primary is McGeachan. The new migrants are impacting local elections but probably won’t affect the Statewide elections. And the D’s still have little chance except in Boise, Moscow and Sun Valley.

    • Yes…the majority of liberals have moved to Austin. That is the word out there in California….move to Austin. As I have said before, Austin is our liberal experiment and it is a wreck down there. The only reason I have to go is because Camp Mabry (HQ for the National Guard) is located there. I have to take a shower every hour practically when I go to Austin but…..

      And how ironic….the Capitol is there and the very conservative legislature is there….right in the middle of the sharks.

  17. T Ray…………I am worried about you. There is plenty of room in Texas where there are no liberals. JAC, I think, I is being overrun.

    • Col, if it was just me, I would probably move. I do like the weather here and the dirt I own. But I also miss extended family which is in Iowa and IL. Growing up we spent every other Sunday at my grandparents, both of whom were the oldest in their families, hence we had lots of cousins (1st& 2nd), aunts, uncles, great aunts and great uncles, etc. My brothers both live(d) in Iowas so I have nieces and nephews and their kids there that I rarely get to see and would love to be around. I would love to take the young’ns fishing and do other things. I would also love to do more traveling as there is much of the country I have not seen.

      But alas, my wife’s status is such that it would be very difficult to move her. Eventually we will not be able to take care of her at home and I am not looking forward to that.

      My youngest lives in Houston but the climate is to hot and humid. I had lots of sinus trouble living on the east coast that went away with the move west. Idaho sounds great. Iowa has attractions because of family but the winters are brutal.

      Taxes are bad here but being retired with a huge outlay for medical, I am not doing to bad in that department. If they install a wealth tax that applies to IRAs then it could become a problem. Fire insurance is skyrocketing since we live in the foothills. Real estate taxes are based on the price you paid for the home and since that was 29 years ago are no worse than elsewhere. Food and other living expenses are higher but we can manage.

      Thanks for thinking about us. It will be a few more years before this county gets overrun by refugees from the Bay area. For now, I just ignore most of the BS and do what I want.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    I did not know that astronauts are cowards. Senator Mark Kelly says he will support ending the filibuster if the Dems cannot get voting rights legislation passed without it.

    His reason? He wants Arizonans to be able to vote by mail this year as they did last year.

    Note to STUPID SENATOR from AZ: The lack of federal legislation does not change the mail in ballot option in your State. That would be YOUR STATE Govt. if it is changed at all. What a damn CULL.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe journalism is not dead, at least completely dead. Then again I am not going to hold my breath hoping this attitude turns into a “non-partisan” wave.

  20. This is hilarious:

    Changes in CO2 concentration and subsequent small changes in temperature will have little to no impact on volcanoes and earthquakes. Orbital mechanics does have an impact. When we approach perigee and a full or new moon and the the planets align, the gravitational stresses on the crust are at maximum thus can cause shifts resulting in earthquakes and volcanoes. Furthermore, orbital mechanics along with solar cycles are what drives our climate changes.

  21. More half truths:

    The CDC finally admits natural immunity is real and better than the vaccine but fail to acknowledge that the vaccines are ineffective against Omicon and may in fact enhance its infectiousness.

    • Yep..pretty busy. What the stories are not telling you is that paper work is done and then they are deported back into Mexico to wait. These are not part of the midnight flights to parts unknown. The article is correct in that they just turn themselves in thinking that they will be turned loose but not here. We send them back and then they head to Yuma, Az where they are not sent back.

      If they try to escape, they are charged with criminal trespass and held. we are even beginning to catch the “got aways” thanks to new technology of enhanced IR….

      But it is taking its toll…..I have 2148 soldiers under my command and 940 have covid caught from the people crossing. They are not tested at all.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Another in the collection of stories categorized as “Sometimes they tell you exactly who they are.”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Guess I won’t have to pay my taxes anymore. Since I don’t have the technology needed to comply with these IRS rules. I use an old “flip phone”. I do not have scanners, just an old printer with copy options.

      Another IRONY. They want picture ID to get forms from the IRS but you don’t need one to vote.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Sometimes it is just so funny.

    All the experts, including Congress Critters, claimed that VP Pence could not deny any of the electoral votes back on Jan 6th. Seemed right to most of us. Notwithstanding the legal arguments twisted in knots by Mr. Trump’s sympathetic attorneys.

    But now we have a “Bi-partisan” group, including Senators Collins and Romney, working on legislation the “modernize” the Electoral College rules. Among those things they want to “fix”, their words not mine, is clarifying the role of the VP. To assure it is “ministerial” only.

    So, if it was so clear and obvious the VP had no such authority or power, then why do they need to “fix” the law to make sure the job is clearly ministerial in nature?

    Among other changes being proposed is to create a Federal Felony for those who “intimidate or attack” poll workers. You know, those people employed by States and Counties, not the Federal Govt. So let me suggest that School Board members are not different than poll workers. Wonder where this could all lead.

  24. S Kent Troy says:

    Pretty sure we can stop worrying about the Southern border soon. When Uncle Joe and his d. and r. neo-cons get through fomenting their nuclear war over the Ukraine it is Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who will have to worry about the radiation poisoned Yankees heading south.

    We were damn lucky back in ’62, no guarantees that it can happen again.

  25. S Kent Troy says:

    Anyone who reads this is urged to call their Congressman and Senators ASAP and tell them to stop this brinksmanship in the Ukraine.

    Russia has no need of another basket case country to support but fought the Turks successfully during the reign of Catharine the Great to get a warm water port on the Black Sea, the Crimea.

    Only through post WW 2 war duplicity and Gorbachev’s haste to dismantle the USSR did the Crimea wind up as part of modern Ukraine. It is the United States, specifically the Obama Administration who wanted Russia out of the Black Sea and the Med.

    I do NOT fear Russia, a country with the GDP of Italy. I do fear their nukes and I do fear the warmongers in DC who apparently have no memory of October 1962 when the world almost became a nuclear cinder. By the grace of God and the common sense displayed by Khrushchev and Kennedy we avoided that. Do you think we can be that lucky again? I don’t have that confidence.

    • Calm yourself SK, Gen. Milley will call up Putin thirty minutes before we launch the first strike.

    • We won the Cold War but are about to lose the Warm Peace.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Having a really hard time with some old friends who are now listening to people that they wouldn’t be caught in the same state with a few months back. Jesus H. YOUKNOWWHO, the USSR is OVER!

      Yesterday I heard 140 of our Representatives have signed a petition to do away with all Trump era tariffs on China. THAT says it all.

      I figure these days I’d rather be on Tucker Carlson’s side on this issue than that of Lt. Col. Vindman and Hunter Biden.

      • Was just ready about troop movements. We are sending a carrier task force plus troops and planes into Europe. The other countries in NATO are contributing one or two planes, a ship and a few hundred troops at best. Germany has offered nothing. Europe has a population and GDP nearly on par with the US. Why is it that we must provide 90% of the defenses? All this for a conflict in which we have no vested interest.

        Russia has been insecure about its western border for my entire life. This is a result of three major invasions from Europe and other border wars. It should be in the best interest of both Western Europe and Russia to have neutral buffer states between them. Why the push to bring the Ukraine into NATO?

        The military brass were afraid the blustering, bragging rash Trump would start a war when the real possibility is the doddering, senile fool currently in the WH could back us into one and the brass will cheer.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The “push” to join NATO has come from those countries which were “invaded” and then “occupied” by Russia. I think it is easy to understand why they might want to be under the NATO umbrella.

          I am not sure it is really going to do them or any of their other member any good, however. The alliance now has a broader range of cultural/ethnic/political membership. Thus less in common.

          Why shouldn’t Ukraine be able to join NATO? Why shouldn’t Russia be able to form an alliance with Mexico and conduct joint military operations there?

          We have created a world where our fuzzy principles lead to hypocritical decisions.

          We stand for sovereign nations, but not always. We protect freedom of others, if it really suits our needs or wants, but not always.

          I don’t think Russia has ever been insecure about its western border. Not since the end of WWII. They just use that as a propaganda ploy to confuse the rest of the world.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            Russia is, in the words of my High School History teacher, not a Western but a semi-oriental nation. They have both a very long memory and are very paranoid. If you took the kind of hits they took in WW 1, WW 2 and hell the Napoleonic invasion, you wouldn’t forget so fast. What was it? Something like 30,000,000 dead in WW 2?

            Now Brother Patrick was a cold warrior par excelance but he was also the most fair minded right winger I ever knew. He was, back during the missile crisis, fond of reminding us that Russia never invaded the US but the US and Britain and France did most certainly invade Russia.

            Also, when arguing with teh Colonel in the past on the dissolution of the USSR pointed out that I strongly believe certain commitments were made by Reagan and Bush 1 regarding the non-expansion of NATO and bringing Russia firmly into the family of nations. What in the hell is the purpose of NATO anymore anyway?

            When Gorbachev foolishly broke up the USSR with no thought at all to what Russia’s traditional borders were, he invited this disaster. I am hearing more and more how “sacrosanct” European borders are. Well those borders all went to hell in 1919, 1945 and 1991 so what idiot down in DC thinks they are suddenly permanent regardless of history or ethnicity? . I am an Ethnic Russian whose grandfather immigrated here from the Austro-Hungarian empire whose nationality is listed as Austrian on his immigration forms. Today our little piece of Europe is in Southern Poland. My Dad, born here in 1917, spoke fluent Russian, Ukrainian and Polish because that was “our mix”. Americans who do not know, DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, and do not care about the sad history of Central and Eastern Europe should just keep their yaps shut.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              One of my great grandfathers is listed as German, Prussian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian.

              He originally was from Memel. Now Kleipeda, Lithuania.

      • I was just war gaming through my mind how other countries would react to a US-Russia war. We would need to move assets towards Russia. When this happens, if I were the Iranians, I would close the Strait of Hormuz and attack the Saudi oil fields with one of the targets being the Suez Canal. I would either block it or capture it. Egypt would need to pick a side. China would immediately move to take Taiwan and to close the shipping lanes in the South China Sea. North Korea could launch a blitz against South Korea. The bottom line is could the combined fire power of the West stop such a sudden outbreak of hostilities without resorting to nukes? Once the first nuke is thrown, all bets are off.

    • The left needs a distraction so that we can suddenly stop talking about covid so that no one will have to explain how they got everything so wrong. RUSSIANS!

  26. Grab a cuppa something and have a listen. These docs at Sen Johnson’s roundtable this morning, bring enough info about treating Covid to get your blood pressure out of whack. Fauci needs to be fired if not worse. Docs go on about the many therapeutics available and how the FDA, NIH and whoever else has harassed and intimidated docs into “following the science” I hope I’m within earshot when God decides to sort these evil people out.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Question to our resident Colonel
    We constantly hear of cheating and other scandals from West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

    Yet there don’t seem to be any, or I just miss them, from “The Citadel” could there still be a valid Honor Code there?

  28. The FDA is pulling the emergency use authorization of monoclonal antibodies with which Florida doctors have been successfully treating Covid patients. Instead they are offering a capsule as an instant remedy for the rogue red state citizens. If is guaranteed to cure Covid in under five minutes. The FDA proclaimed, “This simple NaCN capsule is the magic pill we have been hoping for.”

    • Too Late….the spousal unit and I both had covid…took the monoclonal antibodies and were covid free in 72 hours. The only issue with the spousal unit is she lost her sense of smell for awhile but it has come back…and the only issue I have is that canned drinks now have an enhanced metallic taste to me….pour them into a glass and everything is fine.

      The Feds, I am becoming convinced, do not want us well.

      As far as Russia is concerned…..I am not afraid of them at all…and if they want Ukraine, who cares. However, when Biden killed our pipelines…Germany is now dependent upon Russia….completely. THAT was a coup of major importance…..Germany now will not let flights go across them to Ukraine…..we need to pull out of Germany, stop all foreign aid, kick them out of NATO, and stop supporting central banking.

      Germany does not like the US and neither does Turkey or Greece. Putin has what he wants without an invasion and Biden now has his distraction from all his other ills in the states.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Good for you. It’s been almost 11 months that Russia has momentarily been on the verge of invading the Ukraine.

        What they want is what they got, the Crimea and the Warm water access to the Med. It’s been theirs since Catharine the Great when a lot of Russian blood was spilt taking it from the Turks. . Neo-cons still fighting the Cold War don’t want them to have it. Neo-libs hate Russia because they folded Marxism.

        For the life of me, why would Putin want Ukraine or Latvia or Lithuania, or Belarus? Russia is enough of a basket case on its own. Personally if you handed me the deed to Ukraine tomorrow, I’d politely decline.

        Had Gorbachev taken a year or two to figure out the break-up, none of this would have happened.

        • Yep…..I think that we do not need NATO and even if Putin was the old style KGB Colonel that he was, he also knows that Rome got so big and involved, it failed. Russia failed as well. He got the bread basket and the warm water port…..I think that he will be successful in installing a Russia friendly government without invading…..

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    From 2011, a diagnosis of American Fascism’s state of being.

    This will raise some hackles, no doubt.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Still working on it and enjoying it. Agree with about 90% so far.

      Funny how in my case, back in the summer of 1967 when a delegate to the National Student Association convention I had a revelation every bit as exciting as St. Paul getting knocked on his ass off his ass. While having a wild conversation with YAF people and SDS people and consuming mass quantities of Schlitz (the beer that made Milwaukee famous) I came, at the tender age of 20 to understand that politics is not a line with left on one side and right on the other but rather a circle, a clockface with left at 11:55 and right at 12:05.

      Been looking at it that way ever since. Difficult to convince others but when you look at the Ukraine thing and see who is at High Noon, you can see it clearly.

  30. We lost an F35 off the coast of China. Now we scramble to collect the wreckage before China does.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You don’t think over more than a decade of development and fits and starts of manufacture plus god knows where China’s embedded spies. Like at los alamos Feinstein office, swalwell etc, and huge portion of the advanced research Grant’s at universities going to chinese foreign students…they have the technology. Just like during Clinton’s reign they authorized the sale of advanced space technology to China from Hughes Aerospace.

  31. Since Manchin and Sinema are blocking Biden’s agenda, Kamela’s vote is not needed. So she could easily be nominated (barf) for SCOTUS. This would then put Nancy as next in line until a new VP is approved. That battle will be horrific.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Of course there is the little issue of Lincoln being like all other politicians. Talking about the “founding principles” as a new “political religion” while overseeing the dismantling of the same. But WAR of course is the excuse.

    Aside from that detail the article is spot on about the need to have a plan and then execute the damn thing.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just like 9/11 was the excuse to take our freedoms and privacy and they’re still taking with every appropriation bill

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    This one is a little to close to how I have been personally feeling the past year or so. Ever since the Covid exposed our fellow citizens as willing slaves or, worse, tyrants. I have been trying to come up with a metaphor for this “feeling” or “state of political reality” to no avail. Then while watching some documentaries on WWII it came to me.

    We, as in the freedom loving people, are stuck behind the wall, on the beach of Tarawa. Taking the Island, restoring our Republic, will cost us greatly and take tremendous courage. And it will be COSTLY. Did I mention it will be COSTLY?? Time, money and perhaps individual health must be sacrificed. Ignoring the situation and trying to “just get along” is not an option.

    Action will not guarantee success. But inaction guarantees failure. We will all die behind the wall if we don’t get up and move.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    OMG. Or, when vampires realize they are talking but can’t see themselves in the mirror.

    I have long thought this woman brain dead. It has been confirmed. Of course this is also yet one more example of “when they tell you exactly who they are.”

  35. Anybody need target practice? I’m recruiting!

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    They are always hammering CEO’s and “Big Corporations” for being dishonest. Now the CEO comes clean on what he expects over the next year and they criticize him. Could it be that Mr. Musk has alienated himself from the “IN” crowd?

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    An open declaration of War……….. political War that is. Will it create the conditions for a hot war? Is this the final push to total victory or is it indicating there has been some positive impact from our counter offensive?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Can we thank McCain/Feingold for the campaign finance bill that made all this possible?

  38. My wife is from the Pittsburgh area so we made many trips back there before moving to CA. It was over 30 years ago so things may have changed. I remember driving over many bridges in the greater Pittsburgh area that had significant deterioration. I suspect nothing has changed.

  39. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Isn’t getting 8500 troops ready to deploy to Ukraine an empty gesture and will be steam rolled if Russia does in fact move in. Plus china threatening war and Korea popping off missiles

    And yes Germany hates our guts. That definitely was my experience when I last visited. The fact I spoke German, French and Italian made them think I was not an american. But clearly were hostile towards US military personnel.

    The Dutch hated the Germans. Even while teaching in the UK, other than those I was working with the people thought I was Canadian.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Now 10 months and 7 days into the “imminent” invasion.

      No talking head ever answers, “outside of the Crimea and the access to the Med, what the hell does Russia need the Ukraine for?”

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That is what they want it for, that and Wheat. Oh, and it reduces the land area they have to cross to get to the other side if ever they want to.

        But most of all, it is Putin who wants Ukraine. He needs it to remain a burning ember in order to distract from his own failures. Right now the Russian people believe the West has been moving troops against the Russian border for a year. The majority think the US and NATO have been the aggressor and Russia is “defending itself”.

        So you can howl about the US propaganda but it is far worse in Russia proper. So if Russia really doesn’t want a conflict and/or part of Ukraine, why bother whipping your own populace into a frenzy?

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Considering he holds the key to Ukraine’s, energy, he can certainly get all the wheat he wants when he wants it. Otherwise they freeze . I remember that was why the Germans wanted Ukraine way back when.

          If, you were a Russian, just how would you look at the encirclement of Russia that has taken place by NATO since ’91? Personally the Bush 2, Obama move on Ukraine and their efforts to throw the Russians out of Crimea were tantamount to an act of war.

          Like Putin needs a “Red Dawn”. His moves at this point I think are more political than anything else. The comments coming out of Kiev (notice I use the spelling Kiev) indicate that Ukraine knows that they are mostly a US pawn at this point.

          Borders, Borders, Borders are the cry! Like European borders are somehow sacrosanct. Look at maps before and after 1870, 1918, 1945, 1991.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:
  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Some troll on FB, I believe a candidate for Gov in TX, claims Abbott is doing nothing about the border. Says the TX border is wide open. Etc etc

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Time to re-read “It Can’t Happen Here”

  43. Just read “One Second After”. It is a chilling story of the aftermath of an EMP strike.

  44. I am sure glad that there is nothing to worry about on the blacked out buses and clandestine aircraft landing at private strips. I am sure glad that i do not see the FAA deny duplicate flight plans so that the aircraft cannot be followed by civilian aircraft. I am sure glad that I do not see that the border is open….

    I am being told that all these things that I see are not really there. Shame on me.

    • Biden Admin says so…I do not see these things.

      • Sieg Heil

      • C’mon man! Betcha don’t see Kamala moving on to Scotus either. I’m jus sayin….

        • If she does, I do not think she gets 100% of Democrat Senators

          • I don’t know how it would play out, but when I heard black woman for SC, she’s the first one I thought of. That would clear the way for Hillary, then 25th Biden and BOOM…Hillary gets her little title. I’m probably wrong, but who knows with these clowns. Why is Hillary suddenly flapping again?

            Sorry Colonel. I totally hijacked your comment

            • There is no question we are in a conundrum. In order to get rid of Biden via 25th, retirement, or impeachment we must first deal with Kamala like they did with Agnew. It would have to be a package deal. To add Kamala to the SC will take at least 1 R vote since she could not vote for herself. I am not even sure if the VP is allowed to vote for appointees. The Senate would then be 50-50 so whoever gets the nod for VP would need to be agreeable. Hillary in my opinion is just as dirty as Biden and would not qualify. That is not to say that some Rinos might vote for her. But she would be as weak as Biden is. My choice would be Tulsi. The only negative I see is she would be tougher to beat in 2024 so we would be setting up a strong challenger.

              • S Kent Troy says:

                You make teh presumption that the d. party cares for rules at all. Kamalah will do whatever the hell Kamalah wants and Mitch McConnell will remain silent.

                You do realize that successful or not, the Republicans should have at least introduced Articles of Impeachment over the border but have not. The ONLY way the vast majority of Americans who don’t watch Foix or OAN or Newsmax will ever find out what the hell is happening down there is if the SOB is impeached and everybody has to report on it.

  45. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the groundhog tomorrow sees his shadow and predicts 36 more months of Biden winter.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      As Popeye would say, I yam predicting that on the morrow, the Russkie “Hackers” who the intel agencies warn us about will hack all US TV, cable, stream and broadcast and run indefinitely, the Bill Murray masterpiece “Groundhog Day”. Then, they will invade the Ukraine.

    • Well, I’m prepped and ready for 10-16 inches of snow, starting with rain tonight, turning to snow overnight, then snow continues until Thursday night. I doubt that groundhog has a chance at seeing his shadow around here any time soon. Amazon has even cancelled all shifts starting 6pm Wednesday until 730 pm Thursday. Yuk! Keep shoveling.

  46. S Kent Troy says:

    As my late friend, Robert O’Neill would have said, “Not for nothing but it seems pretty silly to call the guy who shot the three cops in Harlem and was shot himself while holding the murder weapon, the “alleged” shooter or “suspect”.

    It, folks, is all in the language and the left owns the language and WE let them have it!

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    New thread posted

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