INFLATION! That little uncomfortable increase in prices caused by ????????

We have chased this issue around many times. But each day I see stories about inflation which continue to mislead the American public. Deliberately, I believe. The falsehoods come from all sides. Let us address a couple of key facts:

  1. Inflation KILLS the middle and lower classes. The rich have time and means to react more swiftly. The rest, who largely depend on savings and mutual funds, if anything at all, get hammered. If all you have is cash in the bank then it is rotting each day like lettuce sitting in a hot sun.

2. Leadership in both parties and the blue blood academic institutions are complicit in the problem. This includes those “conservative Republicans” such as GW Bush and Mr. Trump. Neither had a problem pumping more money into the economy when their polling numbers looked weak. Mr. Biden is not to blame, by himself. Sorry, but your confirmation bias is not going to get stroked here on this issue.

3. The real cause of inflation is ………………… HINT, HINT, one graph to rule them all, HINT, HINT. It truth it is not just the physical supply. By Austrian definition it is too much money chasing after too few goods.

This is where Mathius would ask me to remind everyone that he told you to buy bitcoins and gold, like two years ago. These are hedges available to everyone. So let us here from SUFA about other ideas which can help protect against the inflationary rot.


  1. Just A Citizen says:
    • Several years ago, refineries and other industries adopted RF communications for remote sensors. It is expensive to install explosion proof conduit in a refinery or chemical plant to bring back signals for a sensor to a the control computer. Sensors are located all around the plants to monitor temperature, level, flow, pressure, valve status, chemical composition and other factors. The RF devices are similar to cell phones in their operations.

      It would be easy to interrupt these signals with a jamming device located near the plant. This would cause havoc with the control systems.

      Refiners and chem plants do try very hard to keep their control systems off the WWW but back doors always slip through. Many companies allow engineers to monitor plant operations from their desks w/o the need to go to the control center to see what is happening. The engineers do have to log into the internal plant network but the mere fact that their desk computer is on the WWW means the disconnect is a soft one. Contaminated thumb drives are also a threat.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Sad to say but I believe NOTHING coming from our intel agencies, least of all the FBI. They have demonstrated that they act as a Praetorian guard for the Oligarchy that seems to control the country.

  2. CA has a $0.51/gal tax on gasoline. The diesel tax is higher. CA currently has a $40+B revenue surplus which has the D’s in Sacramento rubbing their hands in glee. But, CA also has a law that says surpluses over a certain amount must be rebated to the tax payers. So what to do. Kevin Kiley, a member of the legislature and an R, has proposed suspending the gas tax and back filling the highway trust fund with the surplus. The D’s gutted his bill and put in a complex system of rebates instead. They want to rebate $400 per registered car up to two cars per person but only two for married couples. The rebates include electric cars. There are other give aways in the rewritten bill as well. Newsom thinks that by giving people back their own money which he must do by law, voters will celebrate him as a hero.

    In another bill they want to increase taxes by about $80B mostly on the “wealthy” (ha). In what world does one raise taxes while rebating surplus revenues?

    We need water, electricity, and roads but all we get are homelessness, poverty, electric cars, and more taxes. Starve the beast!

    Am I turning into Oscar the Grouch or the Grinch? But they are both green.

  3. JAC…….while I think your article is correct….it is also, in my opinion, incorrect. Personally, I have studied crypto currencies as an inflation hedge very deeply. I am still of the belief that if you don’t have the physical asset… don’t have anything. Any asset lost in the winds of cyber are not to be trusted. But that is my opinion. I am old enough to remember the long conversations of my dad when he talked of growing up during the depression era. My grand father, whom I never knew, was a bankruptcy attorney during that time. His one statement….when you are out of cash, you are out of luck.

    I know that things have changed some but owning things that are not tangible is like your analogy of lettuce rotting in the sun. Owning physical gold and silver is a hedge IF and only IF your hard assets are tangible…..meaning readily tradeable. Try taking a gold bar to your supermarket and buy food. I even think, and am prepared for, places to stop taking credit cards. Cash is still the KING… far. Yes, fiat currency is not perfect but it is still used.

    I am very surprised at how many friends I have claim that they own gold and silver but do not have possession of it. It is on paper…not in their hand. I have some friends that “mine” cryptos…..but it is lost in the cyber world and not in their possession. All it takes is a simple hack….and it is lost.

    AND….if Biden is successful, gold, silver, and crypto’s are going to be subject to the unrealized gains tax…..that means that most people, me included will bail out of anything that will be taxed on its growth. Cash will still be KING…..just my opinion, though.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Regarding cash, while generally I agree with you, I have in my collection somewhere two interesting bank notes. One is a 1914 100 Mark note from Germany, about 4in by 8in, beautifully inscribed with the Kaiser’s portrait as a watermark on what appears to be linen. Then I have a 3in by 3in 500,000,000 Reichsmark note from 1922. Seems to be printed on GI issue toilet paper.

      Regarding metals, I’ve always been partial to US walking liberty half dollars. Have a 50 cal ammo can pretty much full of them. Sad to say, not much gold and if I did gold it would be in small denomination coins. Too bad they don’t issue, “pieces of eight”.

      “When the excrement hits the fan, only four things will be of value, Gold, Silver. Guns and Ammunition”!

      “Paper money, cash, is a construct. It only has value if people think it has value”.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My dear friend, there is no way I could be wrong. The only time that ever happened was long ago when I thought I was wrong but turned out to be right after all. 🙂

      When evaluating these “tactics” or “strategies” we need to keep in mind the difference between protecting against inflation vs. collapse/Armageddon.

      Hedges against inflation can be more numerous than those against collapse. Shares of funds or companies are hedges, not protection against collapse. Whether shares in a Gold Fund or a Mutual Fund the value is in the trust that people will adhere to the contract represented by the piece of paper. So right up until that point where inflation causes a collapse that trust usually remains. Thus the value of that “paper” remains.

      Whether people want paper investments backed directly by hard assets is a matter of personal preference. Not the utility of the paper as a hedge against inflation. Remember, all things have value if enough people value them.

      Crypto functions the same way. With the added benefit that you can actually use it as long as you find a vendor who accepts it or will convert it to Dollars and as long as the internet functions. This is why I do not see it as a Collapse security. Those of us born closer to WWII know just how evil Govt’s can be. I do not believe as some younger folks that the internet is immune to Govt control or that Govt couldn’t just turn it off.

      Remember, HEDGING against inflation means finding an asset that will preserve the current value of your DOLLARS and that can be converted into DOLLARS when you need to use them.

      Things used in Collapse might be valued in Dollars now but will be valued based on their own demand valuation after the collapse. If post collapse people value Fresh Lettuce then you will want Fresh Lettuce. If they value $100 Dollar Bills then that is what you will need. Gold or Silver Coins are obvious choices, based on long historic human behavior.

      P.S.: I do NOT believe Mr. Biden or anyone else on the left is ever going to get a Tax on unrealized gains past Congress. If they do then I would immediately move to the Armageddon scenario, as this would be a sign of pending collapse.

    • What about this yield curve inversion?

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Well this is interesting. Went to “The Hill” site this morning, as I do ever day and when going to read the comments on an economic article I found this:

    “The Hill has removed its comment section, as there are many other forums for readers to participate in the conversation. We invite you to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.”

    I was on there yesterday and so no warning of this coming. Now, The Hill comment section had pretty much become a cess pool of the usual vitriol between right and left. But it was dominated by the left and folks from the right were often told to leave as it was not their place.

    In effect, The Hill is not just passing on these people commenting but they are sending them TO Facebook and Twitter. This can have no affect other than INCREASING the segregation and thus tribalization of political discourse.

    Then again, I am not sure the commentary at The Hill could be called discourse.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The noose gets tighter and tighter.

    • I thought this was interesting as well. I see this as ‘herding’ everyone to facebook and twitter where NSA can help Zuckerburg and Dorsey keep a better eye on everyone.

      Pre-Trump era, I could actually have civil discourse with others at The Hill. During the Trump Presidency and post-Trump era, there was nothing civil and not sure it could be called discourse either.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder why I feel like if these companies lobbied the other side of these issues the left wing of America would not be all in favor of Corporate America trying to manipulate our social/political policies.

    • I remember some of the debates I had with Mathius over the cake baker. I said at the time that the agenda went well beyond just basic rights to one of forcing everyone to agree with and approve the gay life style. It has now gone even further than I expected in that it is going after the kids. I had now idea that Cook was gay and could care less. But when he starts spending corporate money to push his personal political agenda, it is time for the stockholders to toss him out.

  6. S Kent Troy says:

    There was a time when conservatives, even people like Bill Buckley and Goldwater were called “lunatic fringe” by the left. I would suggest we resurrect the term AND USE IT for people who believe a four year old can determine their sex or a 6’2″ 200lb born man can be a “woman” by taking hormones for a year.

    Fair is Fair!

    • How many tomboys did you go to school with who grew up to be loving wives and great mothers?

      The gay community is always portrayed as a loving, caring, genteel crowd. This does not square the their push to groom kids from kindergarten on up.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    I see today that there suddenly appears hints about the need to change Social Security. Because it is going broke…even though they told us just a couple years ago that was a “conspiracy theory”.

    My comments:

    1) The attached article and others ignore the change in life expectancy caused by Covid. Remember, it killed the older folks. This should have dramatically changed the numbers going forward.

    2) They ignore the other data showing that life expectancy has suddenly declined PRE Covid.

    3) The number of added years is irrelevant. What matters is whether this is an average or median. Either way the concept is that half the folks die early to pay the cost of those who don’t. That has ALWAYS been the model.

    4) We should not be trying to manage retirement programs costs based on predictions over 70 yr time horizons. That is simply idiotic. Tie benefits to contributions plus returns and the system will always be solvent. Because those who contributed take out no more than what they put in.

    • We raised the tax rate under Reagan to build a trust fund for the boomers but this money was spent by Congress on other things. So the trust fund is a box of IOU’s that make about 2% interest. Had we put the excess contributions into an IRA or 401K in the 80’s, most people would have a very nice nest egg. Over that period the stock market has produced a consistent return above 6%. It is still not too late to privatize SS.

      My brother proposed using taxes collected from IRA distributions to pay for SS of those that made too little to be self sufficient. Thus we could transition to a private retirement plan w/o to many problems. The leading edge of the boomers are now withdrawing funds so this tax money is available.

  8. TALLAHASSEE, FL—Looking more presidential every day, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed into law a brilliant piece of legislation called the “Don’t Say ‘My Momma So Fat’” Bill, forcing the nation’s democrats to go around all day yelling that their mommas are so fat.

    “My momma so fat!” said prominent Florida democrat, Nikki Fried, in response to journalist questions about how her campaign for Florida governor was coming along. “DeSantis is bigoted and my momma so fat. We will not be silenced!”

    In a moving display of courageous equity, politicians and celebrities flocked to Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to loudly proclaim the morbid obesity of their mothers. This grassroots effort to push back against the evil Florida governor has received constant media coverage by news anchors and analysts who also openly agreed that their mommas were so fat.

    Feeling internal pressure from progressive employees, Disney Studios protested the Florida law by editing the upcoming Lightyear movie so Buzz Lightyear says, “My momma so fat!” over 150 times.

    At publishing time, a giggling Ron DeSantis was sitting down at his desk to sign the “Don’t Say ‘I Eat My Boogers’” Bill.

    (I just had to share this with you all) 😉

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    People say it takes two incomes to make ends meet today.

    I ask the question, “Chicken or the egg?” Was it the cost of goods went up all by itself making it necessary for two wage earners or was it the societal change that usually brought two incomes into a family and there was more money to spend and prices rose accordingly.

    I’ve always lived either single or even when married within my income. With two people working out of the home, chores dont get done. So people hire the yard work. Kids if around immediately go to daycare spending tons of money. Those two items almost erase one of the incomes.

    I grew up in very nice communities. Single income family. It was rare to see the waste on status buying like fancy cars. Even though people in the neighborhoods could well afford them. Universities and college tuitions rarely were paid with loans and debt. Grants and scholarships were the way to go for the needy qualified students.

    Once the government dept of education was created under Carter the and over the years the government subsidized and guaranteed the loans tuitions exploded even more. The government claimed everyone need a college degree for the new age, yet with a ten year government study, 50% of the college graduates NEVER work in a job requiring a degree. The rest roughly 1/2 actually work in their degree field and the last group within that 10 years might at some time get a job requiring a degree, but not the one they studied for. Purely to show they completed something.

    I easily could afford on my own the out of State tuition at Colorado State including room and board. A decent summer job could cover it. Or even part time work. Today the same course of study is around $36K-$38K. A private school I considered finishing my degree at in the Boston area was $7K/year. That I also earned enough to go there if I chose to. Today the tuition is $80K/year. I decided against it…to preppy

    I believe as in the opening statement the increased amount of money available drove the costs up. But now its getting ever harder. But most people refuse to make adjustments. Like AC and heat. My neighbors were complaining about their utility bill. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and they had their AC on. Heat they keep at over 70-75 degrees. Yet they both work and their teen age boy is at school.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I would only add that she is not the only one, and some sit on the Court already.

      The products of the modern “Ivy League law schools.” I know that will make Buck the Wala squirm but so be it. Truth to power, and all that.

    • She is wholly unsuited for the job.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    A clip from a story at Breitbart News via American Thinker:

    “Fifty-five powerful and influential House Democrats are reportedly financially stiffing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), failing to pay the dues they owe because of the likelihood that Republicans will retake the chamber.

    Top Democrats leaders are unhappy and worried because many of their valuable caucus members are not paying their dues to the party committee, according to Punchbowl News. Rules dictate that each member is responsible for dumping a certain amount of cash into the committee’s coffers to be used by the top brass as a part of a national strategy to defeat Republicans. The amount of cash members are to fork over depends on their position in the party.”

    SEE THAT LAST SENTENCE? It my country bumpkin mind this constitutes bribes to gain positions in Congress. If you get this plum Appropriations Committee gig you have to pony up an extra few thousands in “DUES”.

    The stench of decaying honor permeates the air everywhere you go in D.C..

  11. S Kent Troy says:

    My letter to Disney’s CEO

    Well, what can I say, been to Disneyland CA once, waited from it’s opening till I was 28 to be able to do it. Been to Disneyworld a half dozen times as my kids grew. I even went there with one of my grandkids a few years back.

    One of the “options” I was considering for our 50th wedding anniversary next year was taking our three sons, their wives and nine children along for a family event to Disneyworld. The biggest and most expensive I have ever planned. It seems that your disgusting behavior has made me, a man who always has opposed boycotts of any kind against anyone, to reconsider.

    Sorry, but if you and your employees cannot oppose sexualizing five to eight year old’s and worse, absolutely worse LIE about it, then I have no other choice. Sanity seems to have left the Kingdom the Mouse built. It is no longer magic, not at all but a disgusting “hustle” by the new Lunatic Fringe that has emerged these last few years. Lying about something which has nothing to do with “don’t say gay” is a cardinal sin. My late Dad a true gentleman, survivor of the Great Depression a three and a half year vet of WW 2 absolutely would not tolerate a lie, to him, it was the root of all evil because only evil comes from it. If you have not the courage to stand for the truth and sanity too, then I have no recourse but to bid you a sad adieu.

    I have begun to review my various retirement investments. Should they include “Disney Co.”, I will divest. I sincerely hope that you can all survive on the patronage of the five percent of people who are supposedly so outraged and their uneducated and “disturbed” followers. Goodbye from the Ladies and Gentlemen and Boys and Girls of this extended family.

    With great sadness,


  12. Anybody want to come down and play? Plenty of border activity from which to choose! By the way, Biden has out the 36th Division (Texas National Guard) on standby alert. If he chooses full alert before dropping title 42, then he can order the National Guard off the border.

    Any bets on what we (Texas) will do?

  13. Elon Musk…….heh heh heh!!

    • I don’t understand the significance of him having 9% of Twitter. It’s not a majority position, so why does it matter?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It just got him a seat on the Board of Directors.

        9% is a large stake in a public company. It probably puts him in a group of few who hold enough shares to cause real fights over Board seats and other matters that shareholders decide via voting.

        • Okay, thank you!

          • To extrapolate on JAC’s answer. He could go to 14.9% stake. His stake right now makes him the largest shareholder in Twitter. But it is important to remember that his stock classification is class 2. There are many publicly traded companies where owning as little as 5% of shares can dictate an awful lot of policy. This is not unusual. Most people think that you must have 51% ownership to dictate policy and that is simply not the case. But, in being a class 2 shareholder, he will be limited to 14.9% and his board term runs out in 2024. However, he does have 80 million followers. THAT in itself is huge. There is a potential amount of influence there.

            It is also important to know that the difference in A and B and Class 1 and Class 2 shares is the voting power. In setting up a corporation, the founders will issue stock in several classes. You can have Class A, B, and C….or an infinite amount of classification all of which have specific rules.

            It is important to also remember that the class definitions also carry specific voting rights. SO, an example would be that a person with a Class 1 stock can own 10 shares but each share represents 10 voting units, whereas a person that owns class 2 can own 20 shares but have a voting right of only 1 unit. Musk may own the largest share of class 2 stock but his voting rights will not surpass the Class 1 voting rights.

            Where Musk is going to be influential is that he is business smart and Twitter knows this…he has the money to purchase large amounts of stock and Twitter knows this…but as I said above, he has 80 million followers and his personality is likeable….but understand, he is a businessman just like Trump. He did not get big by playing nice. You cannot play nice in this world and get on top. AND Musk does not make a move unless it is calculated. Fortunately for us, he appears to be fairly center right. But, think about this, his appeal is that people know he is an advocate for electric cars, hence he owns a company that makes them, BUT he is also a very strong advocate for fossil fuels. People see this…as…here is a rich man that owns and electric car company but he also understands that fossil fuels are necessary and it appears that he puts the populace ahead of his electric car company. Wow, people say, he is not greedy!!

            REMEMBER THIS CAREFULLY……HE IS A BUSINESSMAN! His moves are calculated to make money….and money IS power.

  14. THE ARK—God has promised to flood the Earth due to mankind’s wickedness and has tasked Noah with building an ark and taking with him a pair of each kind of animal to preserve their offspring. Unfortunately, all of the animals selected ended up being males as Noah is not a biologist.

    “Let’s see here…every kind of clean animal, unclean animal, and bird of the air. Looks like we got ’em all!” exclaimed Noah surveying all the animals on board. “We’re ready to be sealed up and not a moment too late—the water is rising fast!”

    According to members of his family, just as Noah was sitting down and getting settled, the Lord asked Noah why the ark was full of only male animals and not male and female pairs of each kind. “Well, the funny thing is, God, I’m not really what you might call a biologist so I have no way of knowing if I grabbed a male or female.”

    “I just took a wild guess and did my best in this context. Without any special, official training it was impossible to tell them apart.” continued Noah. “So not a single female on board, huh? Honestly, I’m not even sure how I managed to do that. My bad?”

    At publishing time, the Lord said his heart was grieved and that he regretted making human beings on the earth.

  15. Could someone tell Obama he’s not the president anymore? And his joke was not funny. Biden should have had a dementia moment and yelled him out of the White House. I almost felt sorry for him.

  16. SAN FRANCISCO, CA—With Elon Musk becoming Twitter’s largest stakeholder and a new member of the board of directors, many within the company are worried he may turn their free speech platform into a platform that actually allows free speech.

    “This could destroy us,” said Yinny Xendapoo, Twitter’s director of content moderation. “When we say we’re a free speech platform, we never intended to actually allow free speech! If we allowed free speech, people might say things we don’t like and that’s NOT ok.”

    Others are concerned that Musk’s influence may cause the social network to allow unfettered social networking, and millions of people to use the platform to platform themselves even though they are yucky and have weird opinions that shouldn’t be platformed.

    “This is not what our free speech social network was meant to do,” said an angry Xendapoo.

    Several within the company are calling for Musk’s immediate removal, and have threatened to resign and start their own group text message on their phones where conservative opinions will not be allowed.

  17. So, JAC……as you know the family is in the oil and gas business…we are wildcatters and we buy used fields when production drops below 100 bbls per day. The big boys do not want these wells any longer. We currently have 41 leases in the Permian Basin in Texas. And all I see on Capitol Hill is the question being asked, why are we not producing oil.

    Well, first of all, every tank we have is full of oil and there is nowhere to go with it. Every station we have is backed up with millions of cubic feet of natural gas representing millions of BTUs…we have no where to go with it.

    Biden is pulling from the strategic reserves and not replenishing it….so far. And, if he does replenish, he will buy from overseas.

    Now we are sitting on 41 leases of land that we cannot drill on…..yet, Congress is lambasting oil companies for not drilling on 80 thousand known leases out there. First, you do not drill unless there is someplace to ship your oil and gas. Second, you do not drill when the EPA has changed the rules and the cost of drilling outweighs the cost of oil and gas…even at 100 bucks per barrel.

    So, when you create JACLAND……please let the market decide.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Agreed, except that do not expect me to kill off all environmental protection standards. I do not accept the “L”ibertarian theory that free markets will protect our water quality.

      As to the entire oil/gas issue the problem is we don’t elect those who have any sense, let alone the common variety. Most of us know you can put more water in the tank and expect to increase the flow without increasing the size of the hose on the end of the funnel.

      Had this discussion with a friend the other day. He was criticizing the oil companies for not drilling, I pointed out we lack refining and transport capacity. And the regulatory scheme is aimed at the bottleneck, so they can hide the cause. He did not know any of the info I gave him. Because he doesn’t follow the news closely and what he gets comes from the left controlled sources. Of course on the Right all we hear is “drill baby drill”.

      Kind of like the whole health care issue. Massive legislation and regulation to control costs when all that was needed was to INCREASE the supply of Doctors and Hospitals, and REDUCE the regulatory costs.

  18. I warned every one that the Texas ranchers have had enough…..they are being armed with automatic weapons, night vision, and ammunition. We have already given them sat phones…….it is going to be a blood bath.

    • The first great colonization of the what is now the US is when the Indians migrated over the land bridge from Asia. The second great colonization was the English settlement on the east coast. Now we are in the third great colonization period. We are now the aborigines.

  19. Years back when this site was just getting started, BF was pushing for everyone to buy gold. It peaked at about $1800. At the time I thought it was crazy as buying a commodity when it was at its peak did not make sense so I took a pass. We are again in difficult financial times but gold after dipping for many years is now in the same territory. With the present inflation, it should be substantially higher. Why not?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Peaks always include a chunk of over speculation/panic buying. There is also the fact that more gold has been produced thanks to the higher prices.

  20. Biden says to the 82nd ABN,,,,,”if we go to war, I will go with you”…

    The Colonel muses……”never seen a one man war before.”

  21. Governor Abbott tells all ranchers…we do not have the resources to provide you with all the security you need to protect your property. Protect yourselves and as long as your property is posted properly, there will be no questions. Do what is necessary to protect yourselves, your property, and your family.

    Phase two of the operation to be put into place next week…is to deputize all ranchers and ranch hands to enforce the law while on your property. This brings them under the liability clauses of the State. Meaning m that Texas will provide liability insurance against law suits arising from enforcing law on the border.

    Some call this vigilante…..we call it protecting property. It is going to get nasty.

    Also, on low water crossings and ravines on private property, razor wire is being distributed to all ranchers. I have been telling you that it is about to get serious.

  22. Just received my first quarter numbers pertaining to my area of the border.

    (1) stopped 212,314 attempted crossings. (2) 84,424 positive covid, (3) 9 cases of TB (4) 1,809 cases of Chicken Pox, (5) 3,679 cases of measles, (6) 9,343 pregnancies trying to get born in the US, (7) 44,505 pounds of marijuana, (8) 19,981 Fen tablets, (9) 1,945 liquid vials of Fen, (10) 941 various gang members, (11) 412 convicted sexual predators previously arrested and released, (12) 12 murderers previously convicted and released, and (13) 96,782 OTM (other than Mexican).

    There are other categories but thought you would like to know what we have caught in my area from Del Rio to Presidio.

    But, we do not have a problem down here…..none…at…all. This does not count the estimated “got aways” that is around 22,700.

    • Nothing exciting here this last week. Cleared some brush and cut down 1 out of 5 trunks on a dead live oak. All the brush burned and the fire wood cut, split and stacked. Tuesday I was going to mow but the drive belt came off. Had to run into town and get a new one. Took the better part of the day to get the mower back together and pull service on it. Mowed about 2 acres of hill and dale Wednesday, Thursday went grocery shopping and trimmed some trees and cut, split and stacked more fire wood. Last night I could not sleep because I was trying to figure out how to grow some veggies w/o feeding the deer. Came up with a design for a fenced raised bed but with lumber being so high, it was unthinkable until I realized I had an old pool deck made of redwood. Went to town and bought what I needed and started tearing the planking off the pool deck. Got about 20% of the raised bed built this pm. Now I am on full time nursing duty for the wife over the weekend. Just another uneventful week in the Sierra foothills. No cougars sited, no wetbacks to chase down, the horses next door stay on their property as do the goats and steers on the other side. Did not see any deer all week but they are out there as are the turkeys. Sometime in the next two weeks I want to take a scouting trip up hill and wet a line.

      • If I had done all that, I might not sleep but it would have been because every muscle in my body hurt.

        • Three weeks ago, my back was constantly spasming. It hurt just to get into bed. On advice from my wife’s nurse, I bought a bottle of Aleve. I brought it home from the store and put it on the counter unopened. The pain disappeared. Scary stuff.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Thanks again, forwarded to a friend who lost her youngest son a few months back to fentanyl. She is becoming quite the activist.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Well this is very interesting.

    I have been wondering of late just how much of what we get from Ukraine is true. Not like folks haven’t figured out they can get the PRESS working overtime for them if they play their cards just right.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    HAPPY SUNDAY and that be a Happy Palm Sunday to some of ya’s.

    Well, I thought ya’ll might find the following article which is drenched in irony a good laugh this morning. After all, it would be funny if it were not sad. I am not talking about the particulars of Hungary but the lack of self awareness by the obviously left leaning author.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    But, but, but it is the R’s who are dividing our country. Right????

    This is just as low a pond scum in my view.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Was not Trump’s son who took money from Russian oligarchs was it?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And WJC getting a cool $500K from Russia for a short speech after the Uranium One deal, or the extra bonus of $140M to the Clinton Foundation from Russia, out of the kindness of their heart again after the Uranium One deal.

  26. Any bets on a hostile takeover bid from Elon Musk?

  27. S Kent Troy says:

    Anyone seen anything of the 125,000 Ukrainian refugees that Biden said we were taking in?

    Colonel, I know that some are making it over your border from a friends brother who is with Border Patrol but those don’t count.

  28. So Biden is now going to permit more alcohol in gasoline despite a looming crop shortage this fall. This will solve our energy prices. What a moron.

    Dad told about times in the depression when they had no money for coal for the stoves. They burned corn. His grandmother use to say “We are going to pay for this” whenever she stuffed another ear into the cook stove. The dust bowl followed the next year followed the next year by the year of the chinch bugs.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Wow, an actual thoughtful article. And on a topic which is one of my favorite.


    “As author Julia Song tweeted: “Sh*t is so fake that the minute an outsider took office we got cheap gas, cheap food, became energy independent, no wars and focused on our country’s own issues. Establishment hacks get back in and we have inflation, medical tyranny, world war 3, need to take a mortgage for gas.” “

  31. Hellmann’s Mayo $7.50/qt

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Scoffed up a jar the other day at Lidl for $ 4.79. Forget Gold and Silver, Mayo may be the currency of the future!

  32. S Kent Troy says:

    Nice Piece on “the Colonel” no, not OUR Colonel, the other one.

  33. S Kent Troy says:

    Two statistics thrown at me yesterday which were disheartening to say the least.
    In the first, reported by Bill O’Reilly, it turns out that only 50% of Americans are affiliated with any religious institution, church, mosque, synagogue in any way. The lowest percentage on record.

    In the second, According to a Quinnipiac poll, When in light of the Ukraine, Americans between 18 and 35 were asked if they would fight to defend the United States should such an attack occur here, 61% of Hispanics, said YES, only 57% of Whites said yes and 38% of blacks. Fully 45% of all in that age group said they would “leave the country” rather than fight. Surprisingly, of their parents aged 50-64, only 28 % would quit and run. One wonders exactly WHERE they think they could go?

    Once more, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our American Educational Establishment for their efforts to achieve these results! A plus for them F minus for everybody else!


    Well, it’s interesting. Still doubtful that any real justice will be achieved.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    TWITTER is NOT BIASED. It is NOT a left wing haven for controlling and manipulating people’s thoughts, via censorship.

    This is so obvious given how so many on the left are scrambling and howling at the moon, trying to chase Elon Musk away.

    If it is not what we all think then why are those people trying so hard to save it from someone claiming he will make it more “fair and balanced”???

  36. Being logical again, JAC?

  37. The new game in the oil patch…… up the federal lands for exploration. YAHOO, everyone says……we won! The oil production will resume!!!

    Not so fast, Padewan. Tis’ true that this has happened but what seems to be amiss… that Biden more than doubled the royalties to the Federal government. So, the government wants to take 18.5% over riding royalties (before expenses). By doing so, they get to say, “See what happened? We opened everything to drop the gasoline prices but they are not dropping! See? I told you about the big oil raking in profits at your expense. Do not blame me!”

    What is not mentioned, is that the oil companies, and even the small wildcatter, must pay 18.5% off the top before expenses, but that there is an Alternative Minimum Tax as well as a brand new Windfall Profits Tax on oil AND gas revenues. In other words, the costs go up exponentially. Now, the new executive order says that the over riding royalty is not an IRS deductible expense.

    What a classic SHAM!!!

  38. However, this should amuse you. Just recently observed on the border and just recently captured on the border, are brand new, out of the box, QBZ-91s. This is the new Chinese assault rifle that is now being used by the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Cartel on the border. So, as payment for sending Fen across the border, they get new weapons.

    This weapon is designed for in your face combat. Up close and personal….urban warfare. Two days ago the Mexican counter part to Del Rio, Ciudad Acuna, Mx., just lost its mayor, the chief of police and the main priest for the largest Catholic church there. Shot, beheaded, and dragged through the streets behind an armored personnel carrier being driven by the new cartel that has moved into this area.

    It sent a pretty strong message.

    • The governor is correct. Get rid of the special tax status and put Disney in the same pool as the rest.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The prices at Disney have become outrageous. The ordinary citizen is going to drop weeks and weeks of wages to go there and probably run into Snow White with a beard. This is a difficult thing to explain to a six year old.

      Either someone in my family or I have been to Knobel’s in PA, Dollywood in TN or Silver Dollar City in MO. All are wonderful for a fraction of the cost of DW. All seem to promote the traditional American lifestyle. All can easily be scoped out on the internet. being a descendent of Pennsylvanians I have a particular love of Koebel’s which in fact does have something for everyone except booze. We have probably visited it 38 out of the last forty summers. Like stepping back in time. I have yet to hear the F word used there!

      For our coming 50th anniversary I have this loopy idea I’d like to take the kids and grandkids somewhere as a group. The mere logistics of getting these last minute planners to the same place at the same time several hundred miles away will probably kill me right before the big day!

      • Yes, fortunately, I remember Disney when it was Disney……taken as a tyke by my grandmother to the one in California (the Matterhorn Bobsled being the best at that time) and I took my kids in the 80’s to Orlando. I was in a tournament in Orlando in the 90’s and went to Epcot, MGM and Universal….I got to see all that before the crapola of today.

        Also, there were park hopper passes and no cutting in lines or reserved spaces for rides and corn dogs were 50 cents. Those times……are……gone.

        Even Six Flags here in my area used to be great to go to….not anymore.

  39. JAC…next time you converse with your daughter, I have sent her a couple of texts……I promised her I would notify her of our next trip to Vegas…but refused to go when masks were required. Now, Vegas is open and we are going to be there in June from the 10th to the 15th for the National Bowling Championships. She has been invited and if you are in the area, you are invited as well. My spousal unit and I really liked her on her visit last year and wondered how you were able to spawn such a nice lady…..but, you and your spousal unit did a great job.

    P{lease let her know I have been trying to get in touch with her…..thanking you in advance…..

  40. T Ray…I will be in Reno next year for the Championships provided Reno gets their new lanes finished in time….I would like to visit you then…..I still owe JAC a visit in Idaho as he came through here and spent the night with us…..Maybe the spousal unit and I can do a western swing through that area. She has never seen Northern California, Utah, nor Idaho. I have back packed all that area back in the 80’s…..but have not been back there since except for the Tahoe area.

    But allow me to extend the courtesy to you for our Vegas trip. I know it is tough to get there from Northern Cal.

    • I would love to get together. Reno is stretch for a one day trip but Tahoe is fine as I am about 70 mi from there. Reno is about 130 mi. We live above the South Fork of the Am. R. just above Coloma better know as Sutter’s Mill Gold Discovery Park. Lots of old gold towns to tour here including Placerville, Auburn, Grass Valley and Nevada City.

      Today would not be a good day to go over the summit as it is snowing. No complaints, we need it. If JAC has my email, he can send it to you.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Just one more example of why this particular person should not have been appointed to SCOTUS. That being Ms. Sotomayor.


    APRIL 25, 2022
    SHARE THIS ARTICLE: The College Fix on Facebook The College Fix on Twitter The College Fix on Reddit Share on Email

    A class featuring pornography at a private college in Salt Lake City has drawn scrutiny, however a spokesperson for the school says campus leaders stand behind it.

    “Westminster College occasionally offers elective courses like this as an opportunity to analyze social issues,” a spokesperson for Westminster College told Fox News.

    The campus media affairs division did not respond to a request from The College Fix seeking comment.

    “As part of this analysis, Westminster College and universities across the county often examine potentially offensive topics like pornography to further understand their pervasiveness and impact,” according to the university’s statement. “Descriptions of these courses, while alarming to some readers, help students decide if they wish to engage in serious investigation of controversial subjects.”

    “This course will help students learn how to think critically about the influence of digital media culture.”

    The two-credit class is called “Film 3000: Porn.” According to its description:

    “Hard core pornography is as American as apple pie and more popular than Sunday night football. Our approach to this billion-dollar industry is as both a cultural phenomenon that reflects and reinforces sexual inequalities (but holds the potential to challenge sexual and gender norms) and as an art form that requires serious contemplation. We will watch pornographic films together and discuss the sexualization of race, class, and gender and as an experimental, radical art form.”

    Oy vey


    Having trouble with my computer , let’s see if this works.

  44. S Kent Troy says:

    So the Pres. our very own “el exigente” wants to lift the ban on immigration restrictions due to teh Covid Pandemic. Last night that dwarf Fauci decides we no longer have a Pandemic. Curiouser and curiouser as Alice would have said.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And as Psaki says, we dont have “Open Borders” they’re following the regulations put in place by Bidens EO’s.

  45. Well, it is a full court press. The Federal Government now suing Texas saying that we cannot arrest illegals for trespassing on private property. They say that the Federal government is the only entity that can deal with illegal immigrants and that to use State Laws to enforce border security is illegal.

    I am warning everyone, this will end up in a true Blood Bath. These illegals will start getting shot by ranchers. end of sentence…have a nice day!

    • BTW….rightly so!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And Psaki says the US Border Patrol is following the “Law” in other words there are no illegal entrants into the country. They put the welcome mat out.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Obviously the statistics TX is collecting is being IGNORED by the Biden Administration. Ostriches all. But the Harris has been busy over in that country over there somewhere.

      I can not believe Congress is now considering authorizing using US armed forces against Russia.

  46. S Kent Troy says:

    So, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth has arrived. Funny how this is supported by so many Americans. Yet again the abominable American Education System has triumphed.

    Couple weeks back I watched a lecture on C-Span given at Taylor University by a professor on “Theodore Roosevelt”. Besides being about as boring as could be, this 40 something prof, knew far less about the Colonel than I did. Imagine, when listing his accomplishments NOT even mentioning the Panama Canal, downplaying his involvement in the Russo Japanese war settlement and calling him a rank amateur, a dilatant in Cuba. You should have seen the faces on the kids . They looked cataleptic.


    I had almost forgotten about the defense system that wasn’t built, that’s what I like about these articles, they remind me.

    “Obama was caught secretly promising Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev that the United States would deal away missile defense in Eastern Europe for Vladimir Putin’s good behavior (“but it’s important for him to give me space”) during his 2012 reelection bid. Was this transparency or another example of how, but for a hot mic, “democracy dies in darkness”? Could Eastern Europeans have used such a discarded anti-missile system today?”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Raytheon says itll take years to restart the production of Stinger Missles. We’re running out for our use. The admin is sending the inventory to Ukraine.

      The Navy tomahawk missiles are a also in short supply. Production stopped during Obama’s years. Again years to restart production

      • I would not be surprised to learn that half the chips in the missiles are obsolete. A lot of reengineering may be required.

  48. I am sure some of you, maybe all of you, on here will disagree with me and my only answer is, you are not here to see this….

    Drownings are increasing on the river. The illegals refuse to get in the boats when they are in trouble because they know we will take them back to Mexico.

    Here is the main issue in my sector…..the river current ranges between 12 and 14 knots. The river current also changes the bottom of the river by creating holes. Current created sandbars are actually quicksand. It does not suck you in like TV shows but if you do step in it and struggle, you will go deeper and it creates a suction that immobilizes you.

    So, we take a boat to struggling illegals and if they refuse to get in and refuse ropes and floats…they drown. ……So be it.

    • I really can’t think of anyway you can save them, if they they refuse help. Without taking extreme risk of losing your own life.

    • My body, my choice.

  49. Every time a rule (taboo) is broken, it becomes easier to break the next time. The SCOTUS leak will become routine if the leaker is not caught and severely punished.

    • Correct…..this is what happens when you have selective prosecution. This is what happens when you “cut ’em some slack”…..rules are rules, end of sentence.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The “leaker” may well get his/her own cable show on MSNBC. Another “hero” like Lt. Colonel Videman.

  50. S Kent Troy says:

    happy Mom’s day to all you Mom’s!

    • Checking in for team Mom…thank you. Working today but looking forward, finally, to some warm weather coming to the Great Lake State this week. Warm, meaning 65+. Biden was right about one thing, its been a long dark winter.

  51. S Kent Troy says:

    As a Catholic. I suspect that before I die, I will be worshipping in the catacombs, running scared from the anti-Catholic abortion protestors with their firebombs.

  52. Hot off the online press. 2000 Mules. WOW! Solid enough proof for me. You want data? They have data. Video proof? its here. Whistleblowers? Check. And spoiler alert…2000 is just the starting point. Trump won. Bigly.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Since Trump “lost” by 40,000 votes in six states in very interesting districts one does have to wonder no matter what the “fact checkers” at You Tube and Facebook have to say.

  53. S Kent Troy says:

    The good mayor of NYC wants to “crack down” on food sellers who sell in the subways of NYC. It seems that they have been taking their cooking apparatus, including propane tanks into the system. THIS ladies and gents is what happens with unrestricted immigration (What else can they do to make money?). NYC, in no time will resemble the streets of every poor third world country you have ever heard of.

  54. And now, we have a new “rise” in the covid expected to hit in October….just in time for a new rule on mail in ballots.

  55. S Kent Troy says:

    All quiet on the SUFA front these days.

    The half point “drop” in the CPI this month seems to be BS since, as I passed gas station after gas station at $ 4.45 per gallon, on my way to the Supermarket where processed meats jumped another 20% since April. Eggs though are still a bargain. Wish I could freeze them! Milk, at $ 4.69 a gallon is still a wee bit more expensive in NJ than gas. BREAD, let us NOT talk about bread. Mayonnaise $ 5.00 a jar? There was a rather interesting revolution once in a place called FRANCE over the price of bread. Anybody got a spare set of plans for a build it yourself Guillotine?

    • Careful, you might be labeled an ultra MAGA insurrectionist hence a terrorist threat.

      Back in the ’70’s I would add up the meat in my cart, count the other items in the cart as $1 each (some canned goods as 3 or 4 to the $) thus estimating the total in the cart. I would then pull up to the cashier and lay cash on the counter before they rang up the items. I was rarely off more than a dollar. Two years ago my typical grocery cart (for 2) was $125. Now it is over $150.

      I have planted corn this year for the first time in years. Will be freezing it if the deer leave it alone. Usually they do not bother it if it is knee high by the time the grass turns brown. I also built a deer proof raised bed garden box. Not big, 4′ x 8′. This along with my pots on the deck should give me tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, radishes, carrots, beans and cukes.

      The real issue is will we have enough water. Three years ago the reservoirs were full with a five year supply. Now they are under 50%. Over ten years ago we authorized bonds for more water storage. They spent the money on useless “conservation” and advertising (telling us to conserve) and did not build one reservoir or desalination plant. Instead we have a train to nowhere with no track laid after a decade of work and $Bs spent.

      We have spent $Bs on the homeless issue. It worked, we have more homeless. Now they want to ease the gas price problem with a rebate but it will not happen until fall. They can’t just cancel the gas tax immediately and not collect the money because we would then not get the warm and fuzzy feeling the big government was helping us. Also the elite electrics would not get their cut.

      CA has a revenue surplus but wants to raise taxes. We have reinstitutionalized the mentally challenged in CA. The institution is located in Sacramento and is called the legislature.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Let’s be honest here. Building a reservoir, anywhere, would tie you up in enviro litigation for decades. Better to consider building cisterns or think about your own waste water treatment facility with storage . Gray water for crops?

        • They need to put time limits or limits on the number of suites that can be filed to block a project. Several years ago, the Kings were threatening to move. They wanted a new arena downtown. The legislature passed special laws to allow them to speed up the permitting process and to limit the objections to a specific time frame. So if they can do it for an unimportant sports team, they can do it for necessary infrastructure.

        • As you know, I live outside of any city limits and have a well and septic. My septic is aerobic…..meaning, I have three tanks in the ground and bacteria eating microbes. When the grey water leaves tank 2 and goes to tank three it is treated water. It is further treated in tank three. It, then, is pumped to sprinkler heads and I use it for irrigation….it is good, reasonably clean and odorless water by the time it leaves tank number three. Grass and gardens are watered with it and there is absolutely no problem. I do not have to draw from the well-head for irrigation, thereby relieving pressure on the aquifer. Of course, everything is buried under ground and the tanks are encased in cement vaults. Was not cheap but very efficient.

          I have no lateral lines to deal with either. I have peppers, onions, straight and crook neck squash, zuchinni squash, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. All are producing now. I grow my things from seed and have a green house where I start my seedlings. I have tried carrots…..but the farmer john in me, for some obscure reason, cannot seem to grow carrots, either in the green house nor outside.

          So……………………….grey water is usable in the right circumstances.

          Ps. I have read everything on carrots, have appealed to the Indian Gods (Comanche), strutted naked in the full moon on planting nights, paid homage in all four cardinal directions, cursed, spit, and otherwise tried unspeakable things to get my carrots to grow……THEREFORE…I am sure someone on her proficient in growing things, can tell me how to grow %^&*^*^%&^ carrots?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It works better if you put the seeds in the ground AFTER you take them out of the package and BEFORE you water. 🙂

            Use carrot seed, not pellets and not seed tape. I have to thin mine as I cannot get seed spaced by hand seeding.

            One other tip. Stop trying to grow them in your driveway or the gravel walk to the greenhouse. They need real dirt. Bwahahahaha

          • strutted naked in the full moon on planting nights


            You scared the poor carrots to death! I grew them a couple times, but they always came out looking like fingers afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis. Kids loved them straight outta the dirt though.

            ps: you knew I wouldn’t let that comment slide by, right?

            • Maybe I should try the naked thing on the 26th during the lunar eclipse. Carrots need loose sandy soil. My raised bed has a foot of rotten wood and wood chips covered in grass clippings with about a toot of mixed potting soil and manure with lots of wood ash and fertilizer. I am hoping it produces well. Not enough room to grow musk melons. I love melons but hate the ones in the store as they are never ripe.

              Three out of the last four weeks have been cold (for CA) here. Next week is supposed to be warm so I am hoping all the seeds germinate. I use drip irrigation for the raised bed and soaker hoses for the corn. I have lots of wood chips so plan on mulching everything. If this works this year, maybe I will build more raised beds next years. For some of the lumber, I used redwood boards from an old pool deck that needs to torn down.

              If all goes well next week, I may run up the hill and try dragging some spinners through some water.

  56. Have not seen 2000 Mules yet. I ordered the DVD so will wait for it. The cynical side of me says nothing will happen. No one will investigate and hold anyone accountable.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      That is NOT the cynical side, it is now the LOGICAL side.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The interesting part is that the entire election apparently hinged on some 40,000 votes in six states. THAT is one hell of a coincidence.

      • I do not think that the mules were the only avenue to generate votes. I think they used the all of the above approach. The pause was to give them some time to access how many more they needed and to get them into place. They only needed to win by one vote.

        If you look back at the 2018 House races in SoCal, the same things happened. The R’s were solidly ahead at midnight only to lose over the next several days. Ballot harvesting is legal in CA. There were videos of people stuffing boxes of ballots into the drop boxes. Also remember the Project Veritas story on Ilhan Omar’s ballot operation in MN. Video proof with admissions but no investigation or prosecutions.

        From the phone data, the names of these individuals along with the video images could be easily used to interrogate the mules. With strategically offered immunity, the stash houses could be identified and the workers and organizations can be prosecuted for voter fraud. RICO legislation should also apply. This should not be a hard case to solve if some DA has the will and guts to go after it.

        • I agree with the go big or go home theory. I remember Mathius being adamant about data. True the Vote has 10 trillion whateverbytes of data on these drop box ballots alone. Above, I teased about 2000 being a starting point. They filtered the data down to the point where the number of illegal ballots would have made the difference in the election. That was 2000 in the 5 swing states. In reality there were 50,000 mules across the country putting the illegal ballots at over 800k. I was bummed to find out that even with 500 mules in Michigan, our electoral votes still went for Biden. Grrr. Pennsylvania was the deciding state.

          I hear there will be more evidence presented in the coming months. They explained about each mule having an “average number of ballots each”. I wonder how they figured that average number.

          • Just watched the movie tonight. I sure hope some DAs pick up on this and start prosecuting these people. True the Vote had said they will release the data with names of the organizations providing the ballots. i hope they do. We need some sunshine on this.

  57. S Kent Troy says:

    What in the hell is wrong with Math today. Try explaining this to a seven year old in SECOND grade. PLEASE!

    Sophie leaves school and spends five minutes (5) walking home. She spends fifteen (15) minutes snacking. She then spends one hour playing. She finishes at 5:00 PM.

    What time did Sophie leave school?


    • 5pm – 1hr = 4pm… – 15 mins = 3:45pm…. – 5 min walk = 3:40pm

      Back in the day, Sr. Olga had a fake clock on poster board with hands that could be moved. For this story problem, start at 5:00 and work backward according to the story.

      My son and daughter are ten years apart. Graduated in ’06 and ’16. Daughter is older and normal (girls rule, boys drool). Son has no concept of times like quarter after, quarter to, 20 after or the many other combinations. For him, you better say 3:15 or 3:45 or 3:20…or he’s lost. Something big happened during that 10 year span. Also why I had such a hard time with my son in school but even I didn’t realize until it was just about too late. He was excellent in school until 6th grade, then he fell off big time. I couldn’t help much because I didn’t understand how he was being taught. They had to show a page and a half of work for a simple double digit addition problem. Very frustrating. Math was an easy subject for me, but put common core into the mix and I was lost.

      :::fingers crossed that I passed the test::: 🙂

      • Part of the problem is they are trying to teach arithmetic through math theory. There is a reason you do not teach algebra to third graders. That is because their minds are not ready yet for abstract ideas. The more advanced students will get the theory but the bulk of them are lost. The other issue I saw was they try to teach everything on a horizontal line. Try doing adding long numbers on a horizontal line compared to a vertical column. They also taught long division this way. Actually they taught it more as successive subtraction. Gone were the vertical column alignments of the digits and the common long division algorithm we were taught. The result is to make arithmetic harder for the students and more confusing thus frustrating them and turning them off. Some kids need to learn through their finger tips; the theoretical concepts will come later.

        • We were taught the most efficient way to attack the problems to get to the answers as rapidly a s possible. The new methods waste time thus frustrating the students. They have better things to do with their time like playing just as we do. Also, the first method used to teach a concept is often the most enduring in memory. So if taught to do math in an inefficient method first, it will be difficult to unlearn this and to learn the more efficient methods. How many of you sounded out a word as a youngster but got the pronunciation wrong. I’ll bet you still remember the incorrect pronunciation.

        • This reminds me of a quote Bongino uses often from Billie Ball. “If he is such a good hitter, why does he not hit?”

      • Not bad, Anita, not bad. You would make a great addition to my military staff in the S2 section…..(Military intelligence)… could actually bring intelligence to the military. THAT is a scary thought.

        I always worked from the theory that whatever the S2 section tells you…triple it. I remember well, an S2 report that said I could expect platoon size (40 people) resistance….there was approximately 400.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        When I was in 4th and 5th grade the way they taught math was very confusing and frustrating. One day I asked my Mom about this “simple” math problem and explained how they were teaching it. She said do it this way….Zip zip zip. Got it. Still got it at 70. The way she was taught was during the 1930’s. Dad later taught me further methods.

        However in 8th grade CA rolled out “New Math” it was supposed to ease us into algebra. It lasted but a couple years before it was abandoned as a failure. Students who were subjected to this experiment actually could be traced through school as having trouble with math later.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The problem his second grade mind could not handle was that an hour is 60 minutes not 100. We could of course use fractions but that has not been taught yet. All subtraction he has done so far involved being tens based. Wrapping your mind around this concept rather than just doing rote, he ain’t there yet and is being TURNED off. I loved early math and out of appx 200 graduates of Incarnation’s 8th grade got the ONLY gold medal I ever got anywhere. I WILL not mention here the Best Rifleman trophy out of Basic that I never got because it was awarded to a National Guard 3rd string NY Giants QB by the drill sgts. so they could curry favor and perhaps comp tickets. .

  58. S Kent Troy says:

    3 AM, that’s the time that I often sit bolt upright in my bed. Suddenly a revelation has come to me. It may be as mundane as a name I’ve forgotten or where the damn car keys are but every now and then it is literally earthshattering. Of course I dutifully forget it before waking.

    Last night it was so sudden, so like a clarion call from the above that it stuck with me through the night and all day long.

    I’ve long asked, “What is Bitcoin”. No matter who explains, it makes absolutely no sense but now I know!

    Bitcoin or bitcoins are the Beany Babies of the NOW! With the same passion and confidence of their appreciation that my daughter, say 20 years back had, they rise in price on their way to secure untold riches for their possessor. Like their predecessor they will soon be gathering dust as worthless objects in some cyber attic as the 400 plus little stuffed toys gather dust in my conventional attic. Anybody need a rainbow Toucan?

    • Tulips anyone?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Bitcoin is NOT LIKE Beany babies or tulips. Whether it maintains any value as a currency will mostly depend on how Governments behave. Mainly, will they act to derail cyber currency altogether, as they have threatened to do recently.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        You obviously have a sense of how it works and how value is determined. The guy down teh block with the used Chevy to sell doesn’t. That is where it will fail.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The same lame argument could be made for anything that is bought and sold. Weak sauce, very weak sauce. The guy with the Chevy is responsible for his actions and if he is speculating on things he has no knowledge about that is his fault. Not the investment mechanism.

          I laughed at all the whining about Bitcoin losing tons of value. It is down to $28,000 per bitcoin. Got that? $28,000 after losing all that supposed value. As I recall the first Bit Coin sold for about a dollar each. The same report claimed the dollar is at a 20 year high. More HOG WASH.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I was WRONG………….. Bitcoin first sold for way UNDER $1.00 per coin.

  59. Colonel, please rev up the raptors for a recon mission to N Idaho. JAC has been MIA since….let me see….April 25. Hope he’s fishing and catching.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Anita my dear,

      No worries here. Just working my tail off trying to get a rental property and a farm up and running before fishing season. Rivers are at high water mark right now.

      We have had a more “traditional” spring here, which means cold and rain/snow/hail etc. So work outside a day or two then back to the shop then back outside. Hard to get any momentum built up on any one project.

      Hope all is well with you and yours.

    • Anita, my love………….my raptors are rather finicky. I was informed that there are sooo many transplants in Northern Idaho, my raptors get sick from breathing transplanted California and Oregon air. But I can issue gas masks and night vision, I suppose.

  60. Oh, hells bells……moderation, please.

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    Yes, yes and yes. Funny how the efforts to fix this have failed to date. WHO keeps undermining the fix?????? Inquiring minds want to know.

  62. Tony Heller has 2000 Mules on his Newtube site. The film is good but it could have been better I think. They claim mules visited multiple drops and stash houses but do not pick on example and follow that person through the process on a single night using animation and video at the drop boxes.

  63. Just A Citizen says:


    “Fauci says he would not serve under Trump again.” Ya think?

    Put this in the category of beautiful things are beautiful or sunshine is bright, or cold winds are cold.

    This was a headline on The Hill.

  64. Just A Citizen says:

    Tweedle Dee speaks again.

    ““We must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of America,” Biden said during an address at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service outside the U.S. Capitol. ”


    I guess, per the genius in the White House, my soul is deeply and darkly stained.

    This is the kind of garbage you get from speech writers and “communication experts” trained in the art of saying nothing. I guess it reflects the totality of the knowledge they acquired in those Ivy League schools. And now they want me to pay for their student loans to these places that provided this education……….. Oxy Moron alert.

    • Yabut, Tweedle Dum says hold my beer! ‘Together’ must be the key word of the day.

      “We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together…”
      blah, blah, climate, blah, blah… Kamala Harris.

      • I can imagine the peals of laughter from every executive mansion around the world when they listen to Biden and Harris.

  65. Just A Citizen says:

    This is so nauseating. The author chastises “Conservatives” for falling in love with politicians, of the R variety, then goes on to urge them to keep doing the same thing. Vote for only those that can win. Then surprise, surprise when they don’t provide that “value” you hoped for.

    Over ten years since SUFA came to be and we are still having the same arguments about how to cause REAL change in politics.

    • Well, Sir JAC, we are waiting on you to start Jacland……When might this be?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Colonel, my dear friend, it began a while back. I had to do nothing. I have to credit the Left Wing Loons for turning California and other places into shit holes. The Remnant have migrated and seem quite enamored with the idea of VDLG.

        Irony among ironies, their greatest opposition here in the Free State of North Idaho is the Republican establishment. They have teamed up with the left leaning Press and attack the new VDLG folks almost daily.

  66. Has anyone seen any references to psych drugs with respect to the Buffalo shooting?

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Our children have become very expensive barking seals. Triggered by key words implanted in their small brains by the Dark Side. No matter the context those words are used in.

  68. S Kent Troy says:

    What flies under the radar!

    I love the radio. Reports seem to be read off the wire as they happen, uncensored but never to be heard again.

    Last Friday there was a quick report that the CEO of Abbott labs has been trying to get in touch with the Head of the FDA to re-inspect the formula plant for OVER A MONTH to arrange a re-inspection before they can crank up the production line. . His phone calls were NOT returned. I said to the bride, “guess he will get a call tomorrow”. Today it is reported that the FDA will inspect this week!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Radio….I like listening to a nascar race or baseball game on the radio. The color commentators have to describe the action. Whilst on TV they’ll blather about nothing because you’re watching the cars go round and round and round and pitcher’s and batters spit and base coaches scratch their (whatever)

  69. If I plant a penny in the garden will it grow into a dollar tree?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yes, but the way inflation is going you will be one dollar tree behind for each one you plant by the time they mature.

  70. Just A Citizen says:

    And these people run the country!.

    The White House found support from former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who had been critical of the administration’s early economic rescue package and had cautioned against the risk of inflation for much of last year.

    “I think @JeffBezos is mostly wrong in his recent attack on the @JoeBiden Admin,” Summers tweeted Monday. “It is perfectly reasonable to believe, as I do and @POTUS asserts, that we should raise taxes to reduce demand to contain inflation and that the increases should be as progressive as possible.”

    So you uneducated rubes. Bet ya didn’t know that raising taxes is how to fight inflation. That raising taxes REDUCES demand for goods and services. You know, those things that people do when “employed”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Remember when Larry Summers was fired from his post at Harvard for making an unguarded comment about women and math and science

  71. S Kent Troy says:

    I remember last year when the President, Foxtrot Juliet Bravo, in his effort to get the Civil War underway remarked that for citizens to take on the US Government they would have to have F-15’s. Interesting watching the Ukraine. Even I am surprised. Always thought that John Milius'”Red Dawn” was a little far out but not so much anymore.

    It is pretty damn obvious that this Buffalo thing will “begat” as they say in the Bible, reprisals. The Christmas Parade atrocity and the mass shooting of whites on the NYC subway will I fear be repeated which will in turn set off more reprisals on the other side among unhinged wannabes.

    As the unlimited stream of illegals continues into the country and they realize there ain’t no good jobs, I see them turning to street gangs and crime. Fun is coming!

    • You run a tight race with Trump on the name game. The name you assigned on this post would make a good billboard.

  72. Just A Citizen says:

    The arrogance of the self-righteous. Or filed under “Those without a clue”.

    This is the second piece I have seen by a supposed opinion leader which asks why while throwing insults and “racist stereotypes” at white people. Then they wonder why….

    Maybe if they stopped trying to claim the authority of an entire race then those who dislike their ranting ideology wouldn’t view the entire race the same. Just saying.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      They are playing with fire and I am not terribly sure they don’t know it!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Respectfully disagree. I think they know exactly what they are doing. They just think they control that which will assure their side wins. The GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Nothing to disagree with. They may plead ignorance or stupidity but pretty hard to continually mess up that badly by accident.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    The “Conservative” Judges on the Supreme Court are criticized almost every day for being out of touch and “threats” to our Democracy. I offer the following story as proof that it is not these Judges but those “Liberal” appointments that are the problem.

    First, there is the fact that the THREE magicians on the left are lock step on virtually every issue before the court.

    Second, this is not always true of those magicians on the right.

    Third, and finally, I give you the vote on a very simple but key issue relative to the Constitutional issue of fee speech.

    I propose that this and other decisions which have been 9 to 0 show that when the left wing magicians dissent it is based on ideology, not the Constitution. For it is those issues which drip of ideological conflict where they run to the corner and huddle together. Just like sheep on a hot summer day. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Vermont Demographics
      White: 94.16% Two or more races: 2.02% Asian: 1.68% Black or African American: 1.36%

  74. Just A Citizen says:

    Ya’ll ask how change can happen. Well it Ain’t perfect, by any means, but here is the Idaho version of how you can change things. Just ignore the tone of the author and those they interviewed. The few lefties in the State mostly reside in Boise so it is to be understood in that context. Note that even some of the incumbent “right wing” lost re-election bids.

    The voters here have grown tired of empty promises and show little patience from election to election.

    The funny part is that last night and this morning The Hill and other outlets were all carping on Mr. Trump because the crazy right winger lost the governors race to Little. Because in their small minds everything is about Mr. Trump. But we living here knew she had no chance. Just to much of a crazy loose cannon.

    The Secretary of State race was a loss for the Cons/Ruby Red crew as a County Clerk from Boise won the race. BUT, keep in mind that the Dem’s in Idaho coordinated an effort to influence the outcome of the Republican primary races.

    A little over 10,000 voters changed registration from D to R for this primary. Not new voters from other places but Idaho D’s changing registration in Idaho. They probably affected the Sec of State outcome along with Lt. Governor and a few others. The lost on the AG, with Labrador winning for the Ruby Reds and maybe even more importantly. The Ruby Reds ousted the incumbent Supervisor of Education. The winner is a woman who ran on making sure CRT was not taught in our schools.

  75. Just A Citizen says:

    Congress passes a law, way back when, allowing Govt to take over our companies in order to focus production during times of war.

    The act is invoked in response, not to a war, but to a pandemic. And now it has been invoked to address a shortage of baby formula. A shortage created by the same Govt which is now using the act to dictate production processes to PRIVATE companies.

    Yet they tell us every day that the Slippery Slope is just a conspiracy theory.

    • This has become common place. We repurpose laws to address problems that they were never intended for or even anticipated. The 1930’s telecommunications laws are used to regulate the internet. The CO2 endangerment finding falls in this category as well. CO2 is no more dangerous than N2. It seems that we have living laws as well as a living constitution. Part of it is congressional laziness and part is executive overreach.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”


    • Dale A Albrecht says:


  76. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”


  77. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just out of curiosity pulled this from the CDC website about Smallpox and Monkeypox. They are related and the smallpox vaccine is apparently 85% effective against Monkeypox.

    CDC quote

    “Smallpox vaccine is not currently available to the general public. In the event of another outbreak of monkeypox in the U.S., CDC will establish guidelines explaining who should be vaccinated. For more information about the smallpox vaccine please visit CDC’s Smallpox Vaccination Information

    This was just put up 10 days ago.

    “Smallpox used to kill millions every year. Here’s how humans beat it.

    May 8, 2022 — More contagious than Covid-19 and with a 30 percent mortality rate, smallpox was one of history’s biggest killers. Now it’s gone.”

    This I did not know until a few minutes ago

    “The vaccine helps the body develop immunity to smallpox. It was successfully used to eradicate smallpox from the human population. Routine vaccination of the American public against smallpox stopped in 1972 after the disease was eradicated in the United States.” Europe also stopped in the early 70’s

    That says we have 2-3 new generations totally exposed to this deadly virus. And the CDC is deciding as to who might get the vaccine now. What age groups etc. No wonder Bill Gates said we’ll soon be hit with another pandemic worse than covid. Smallpox and its cousin Monkeypox is here and more contagious and far more deadly than covid. The Pox’s make covid look like a bad cold.

  78. Just A Citizen says:

    I am just laughing because I don’t know what else to do. Seems the Press and the “Political Elite” just can’t make up their mind about the elections in Idaho.

    First it was a “dunk” on Trump. Then it was how the far right won big. Now it is once again Trump got slam dunked and the Mainstream R’s beat back the Ruby Red crowd.

    Notice, however, that these stories all focus on ONE PERSON. The soon to be EX Lt. Governor. Who as I said, most folks thought a little crazy. She won the LT. job due to the Ruby Red folks, mainly North Idaho and other Rural Counties. But she got to far out there for even some on the far right. Then AGAIN, there were those 10,000 Dems turned Republican in the primaries.

    One other note. The featured person makes points about things that need to be “addressed” in Idaho. Those in the Ruby Red group concur with these issues. The political fight is over who pays for them. The Mainstream wants to use Federal Money, as much as it can get it’s hands on. Then they want to run campaigns against D’s for being big spenders, at the Federal Level. The RR’s want to stop taking Federal Money and pay as we go. AND, they think taxes are too high. So something obviously has to give if you want new roads but not raise taxes.

    But the thing that really has stocked the fires is how the Governor and most R’s responded to the Covid “crisis”. Too much was shut down, schools for one, and to many freedoms curtailed by Govt. The Gov. just let Mayors and County Commissioners do what they wanted. Then he fought the legislature when they said they were going to take back the “emergency powers” he was claiming he had.

    Bottom line, Idaho is not the unique bastion of “RED STATE” ideology many make it out to be. All R’s are not created equal.

  79. S Kent Troy says:

    One for our Colonel,

    Think “monkey pox” came across the border then flown to various US cities by the incompetent?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Now theyve apparently traced the cases to a couple “Raves” and the victims are homosexual men. AIDS anyone?

    • We have seen no “monkey pox” in my area at all…we have seen…chicken Pox (several), Polio (2 cases), TB (1 Case), measles (several)…..BUT….we are NOT ALLOWED to test for Covid.

    • This is one of Mathius’ concerns which obviously was unfounded. My wife had two miscarriages, both treated in Catholic hospital. So much hype, so few facts get published.

  80. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Russia’s debt ratio is one of the lowest in the world at 19.48% of its GDP. Russia is the ninth least indebted country in the world. Russia’s debt is currently at a total of over 14 billion руб ($216 billion USD). Most of Russian debt is private.

    With America at the other end of the spectrum, how are we going to break Russia’s kidneys. Seems to me, that its ours and the EU’s kidneys that are being broken

    • Good observation, we bankrupted the USSR with Star Wars. Now they are returning the favor.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        After their economic collapse and hyperinflation during the 90’s they did learn lessons. The Russians have endured against catastrophes like we’ve never dreamt of. Being self induced or forced upon them. They have a resilience as a whole that few here possess.
        Besides they’ll be healthier as these fast food international companies pull out.

  81. S Kent Troy says:

    Out of town for a few weeks. Have fun. Enjoy Memorial Day but take the time to remember what it is for.

    If you are able,
    save them a place
    inside of you
    and save one backward glance
    when you are leaving
    for the places they can
    no longer go.
    Be not ashamed to say
    you loved them,
    though you may
    or may not have always.
    Take what they have left
    and what they have taught you
    with their dying
    and keep it with your own.

    And in that time
    when men decide and feel safe
    to call the war insane,
    take one moment to embrace
    those gentle heroes
    you left behind.

    Capt. Michael Davis O’Donnell KIA 1970

  82. Food for thought:

    In CA if you attack a pregnant woman and cause a spontaneous abortion or kill the fetus, it is a homicide. If you kill the mother and the fetus, it is a double homicide.

    Durham must end his investigation with a report to the AG but the AG gets to decide what is released. Is Durham releasing info during the trial to make his report public without the censorship of the AG?

    CA is planning to rip out four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath. We need water and power but the salmon was here first so they get dibs.

    NorCal has an abundance of rivers that run out of the Cascades and coastal range into the ocean. These rivers run high during the rainy season and spring snow melt but none of the water is captured. We could build a submerged but floating pipeline from these rivers to the Golden Gate and up the Sacramento River and dump the water into the central canal that carries water to SoCal. Thus during the high water months, the northern reservoirs could be held up and allowed to fill completely. The cost would be a fraction of a terrestrial based pipeline.

    Triple digits expected for the next two days. I can already hear the screams of the global warming crowd.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      No fish ladders on the Klamath? The one thing CA has an over abundance of is idiot politicians. So many of CA’s problems are self induced.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We had several warm days that got into the 90’s and not humid. The temps have dropped and for the next several weeks well into June, the nightly temps are forecast to be in the 60’s and the days peaking in the high 70’s low 80’s. It feels good to have everything wide open letting fresh air blow through.

  83. Dale A Albrecht says:

    God almighty, someone called me a white- guilt ridden liberal last night.

  84. I’m in jail.


    All the things we’ve learned and discussed the last decade, are coming true. God help us!

  86. With the revelations coming out of the Sussman trial, why is Wray still head of the FBI?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Because he’s part of the deep State and corrupt as much as Comey and Mueller were

  87. Dale A Albrecht says:
  88. Just paid $5.999/Gal for gas. Maybe I should ask the neighbor if he will rent out one of his horses.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Cost me over $140 in Diesel this week to take the camper of the CdA River and go fishing. Caught 3 fish. Pretty high price per each.

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