There are “THINGS” happening in the world around us. Some are big and some are small. But all require our attention to some degree or another. So today I thought we should consider at least one of the BIG THINGS. Something that seems so innocuous yet smells like a skunk.


A shout out to V.H. for reminding us of this thing the other day.

So let’s dive in by checking out an article posted at Mises.org, on the topic. The claim is that The Great Reset is actually an effort to destroy traditional western Liberalism. Despite the claims of those pushing the ideas contained within there “agendas” it certainly looks like it all leads to One World Govt. But that is just me. So take a moment and check out this article:


Now for some other “Things”. On this memorial day lets give thanks to for all those who have come before us. Those that paid the ultimate price in defense of this great Nation, and those who sacrificed so that we might have a better life than they had.


  1. Just A Citizen says:

    It took a couple of days but then I noticed that we could no longer post comments on the prior thread. So here is a new one.

    Happy Memorial Day, if such a thing is really possible.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess Kamala Harris does not know what a military assault gun is? If I’m not mistaken, they’re already banned from ownership by anyone but official police and military forces.

    Though a tragic killing of innocents I’m far more concerned by the 100000 deaths from drug overdoses. Or at a minimum the 250000 deaths each year CAUSED by trained medical professionals MISTAKES and ERRORS. The high end goes as far up as more than 400000.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    I found this interesting but a little shallow in its analysis. Where I live we have in fact become more tribal. But it is the new age R’s vs. the old R’s. Why? Because the new R’s moved here to escape the Borg described by the author in the bigger cities. And they are determined to “not let that happen here”.


    I think it shallow in that he reads data but presumes the causes without a deeper look. For example, could it be that the politics of our opinion leaders has contributed? Those who remained silent for so long got fed up with the move to “socialism” and finally decided to do something about it. For those academics without memories let me remind everyone that our politics has been pretty much nasty since 1960. And the quality of those running for high office declines each cycle.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    THING #3

    ” The majority of people do not hold themselves accountable for the internal coherence of their moral propositions through dispassionate self-reflection; rather, they are held to account by the collective judgment of like-minded individuals and the institutions and organizations in which they collectively participate. ”

    Perhaps therein lies the problem. Except of course that when most of us went to church that institution and our mothers pounded the sense of right v. wrong into our head. So maybe the problem is not that we don’t think, although that is a problem, but we are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    Here is the article from which I poached the quote:

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So Biden says there’s no reason to own a 9mm for self protection or hunting. 1st I don’t know anyone who uses a 9mm for hunting. 9mm have stopping power for that 250 lbs guy crashing your front door or assaulting your family.
    Ok I’ll not go buy a 9mm but I’ll get a .45 911 colt instead Those really knock one on their ass.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      According to FJB the 9MM blows out your lung! Seems to me the US Army passed on the 9 back in the early 1900’s precisely because it lacked stopping power. The old Colt .38 was an abject failure in the Philippine insurrection. The Colt SAA’s were taken out of storage and issued to the occuping troops. Later the .45 1911 was adopted .

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Now its announced Canada (Trudeau) wants to ban handguns.

    I guess Canada is not as peaceful and happy as we’re led to believe.

    As Mao said long ago. “POWER COMES FROM THE BARREL OF A GUN”

    Disarm the people from resisting and fighting back and only the government will be armed and “We the People” will be at their mercy

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    OMG the murderous Canucks. They had 277 gun deaths in 2020. At a glance they may average 200 a year over the past 12 years.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Well we did touch on this THING a few weeks back. That being inflation and its cause(s).

    But apparently we do not have to worry because Mr. Biden is going to save the day with his new plan. Actually, his plan as described by The Hill, link to follow, proves we are in deep OOMPAH. These people have no stinking clue what the problem is so how can they fix it.

    Inflation is running at 10%+ but they are focused on the 6% wage increase. Hello, that means that people are still LOSING. And if this boogeyman were not enough they think it is the supply chain.

    Time for a quiz. If there are fewer products but higher demand what happens? Basic econ says the prices rise. BUT, what if there is not a boat load of funny money in circulation. How can this demand be sustained, especially at higher prices?

    Did I yell that out loud?? 🙂


  9. I know that a couple of you will try to answer my question with rhetoric but here goes:

    Yes or no………….Is the Constitution of the United States absolute?

    • The answer is yes and no. There is nothing wrong with the document itself. It is still one of the best contracts between a people, states and the federal government to ever exist. But the document is only as good as the people sworn to uphold it. We have allowed our governments to become a cesspool of corruption. Governments is plural because the corruption is at all levels.

      Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. [John Adams]

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Absolutely! What we have and others do not , like our Canadian friends, is a constitution limiting government. What we also have and is ALWAYS ignored by the left, is the ability to modify or change it through the amendment process.

      The forefathers, obviously thought they had done a good job because that amendment thing requires an awful lot of cooperation and agreement among THE PEOPLE!

      The left prefers the wink, wink, nod, nod of executive actions and the courts which have repeatedly demonstrated they have become problematic in limiting government or guaranteeing the rights of the people. Some days you win, some you lose. That ain’t the way it is supposed to be. .

      Say, T-Ray, just used that Adams quote myself a few days back!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Objection. Rephrase the question.

      SHOULD the Constitution of the United States be absolute? YES. No, HELL YES!

      Ironically it is subject to the whims of those who take a sacred oath to protect it.

  10. WRT to the Great Reset and the new world order: The problem with one world government is there will always be one person that wants to rule everyone else. It is a formula for endless wars, coups, etc. Empire building has gone on for all of recorded history including into the 20th century.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Foolishness is thinking that basic human nature EVER changes. Everybody hated Costner’s “the Postman” except me. Thought that it was exactly the way things would break out after an apocalypse. Ditto with the 1930’s HG Wells adaptation of “Things to Come”.

      Without a strong moral center, usually provided by religion things deteriorate in one quick hurry.

      And before anybody jumps on me for the religion comment, I have argued the point with my less than religious friends. “I don’t practice but I am spiritual”. They claim to be good people without God centering and are but they forget they were raised by a generation who was and though now rejecting it, were educated in it. I always like to tell them, “See how the NEXT generation, including your kids, turn out”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s like herding cats.

      Unless at the push of a key on a computer seize anyones assets who objects

  11. S Kent Troy says:

    Pride month.

    An opportunity for me to support mental illness.

    Amazing how in 20 short years, people have become not only accepting but encouraging of things that even gay folks acknowledged back then were deviant.

    Never, ever thought that I would be on teh same side of an issue as lesbians regarding the damage the “trans” movement has done to women.

    Still waiting for Straight, White Male, Heterosexual, Married with children Veteran’s month!

  12. S Kent Troy says:

    Whether you agree or disagree with the premise, it is pretty clear on whose watch the “failure” occurred otherwise they would have publicly whipped the Orange man. Foxtrot Juliet Bravo yet again!


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That’s wishful thinking. Remember everyone was saying Orange man bad, impossible, never done before with a vaccine. Etc etc etc.

      What there are, now are statistics coming from all over the world of deaths of other things like heart attacks in age groups where they’re rare. Vaccinated versus unvaccinated. In the UK their statistics offices have recorded a 92 % increase in other deaths in vaccinated people.

      That correlates to what a friend in NY emergency services says. Their getting called out at an ever increasing rate for heart issues and clots with fully vaccinated people.

  13. S Kent Troy says:

    While the language may be archaic, the thoughts are prescient to say the least.

    ” Japan is the great new force in the Far East. Should Korea and China proceed to develop themselves along Japanese lines, there will be a great shifting of the center of equilibrium as far as the white races are concerned. If new nations come to power …. the attitude of we who speak English should be one of of ready recognition of the rights of the newcomers, of desire to avoid giving them just offense, and at the same time of preparedness in body and in mind to hold our own if our interests are menaced”.

    Theodore Roosevelt 1903

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Plain speaking right on point. Something our politicians and their handlers know nothing about. Their role is to govern with smoke and mirrors and speak in terms with multiple interpretations they can claim, “I never said that” you misinterpreted what I said. Obama was a master at that. Biden just plain forgets mid sentence and segways into hairy legs

  14. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2022/06/06/media-now-dishonestly-classifying-gang-violence-as-mass-shootings-n2608273

    This is interesting, how should one define mass shootings? As far as the media I would have used hypocritically instead of dishonestly.

    • As we saw with Covid, the government is not very good at collecting and analyzing statistical data.

  15. I am reading “1984” for the first time. Wow, did Orwell get it right.

  16. ummmm…moderation, please.

  17. I do not know how much each of you know about the CA jungle primary process. There is no separate party primaries. All candidate for an office are listed together. The top two vote getters move on to the general election; so this could be one from each party or two from the same party. There is one exception. If one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, he wins outright and does not have to run in the fall. Many of the state wide races went to the D’s under this rule including Gov. Newsom.

    I my local state senate district, there were eight candidates, 2 D’s and 6 R’s. This is a rural district, hence predominately Republican. The 2 D’s split almost evenly 45% of the vote. The 6 R’s split the remainder. Had there been a single R candidate, he would have won outright but instead, 2 D’s will run against each other in the fall.

    The R’s are a minority party in CA. The jungle primary was forced on us by the D’s so we must live with it. Unfortunately, the party has not learned how to handle it. Any smart strategist would figure out that one R candidate for office would have a much better chance of success than splitting an already minority vote between multiple candidates. They doom themselves to failure every election cycle, hence will remain a minority party for the foreseeable future.

    You just can’t fix stupid.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      That is a statement well worth repeating. That r party has not learned a single lesson since 1932. Almost every republican who wins, wins in spite of the party not because of it. Only exception I can think of was when Newt was running the show. For the past year he has unsuccessfully urged the party to again adopt a “contract with America”. So far no takers. Mentally, since Hoover, THEY ARE LOSERS.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I agree. The Republican Party clearly did not support Trump. But so many Rinos rode his coattails to victory in 2020 and reverted to form when relected.

  18. I sure wish some of you will load up and come down here.

  19. plenty of targets of opportunity

    • S Kent Troy says:

      I’d have to be guaranteed immunity. Love to give the ’03 a workout, just the ladder sight.

  20. S Kent Troy says:

    I wish somebody would tell me just how, “the country will come back”. Yesterday it was reported very quietly that the Census Bureau undercounted people leaving blue states and undercounted people moving to red states. This of course resulted in blue states retaining congressional seats they are no longer entitled to. You will probably never hear this again.

    So, the Census Bureau is another agency to add to the list of “CORRUPTED”: along with DOJ, Defense, Treasury, Intelligence etc. Jesus H. YOUKNOWWHO could be elected in 2022 or 2024 and will not be able to turn it back.

    • Funny how this problem was only realized After, it was too late to correct the problem.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Another THING. The Jan 6 hearing media event being put on by the D’s and two Jacksnipes.

    My “opinion” on this whole thing is as follows. Mr. Trump and many around him felt the election was stolen, based on lots and lots of anecdotal evidence coming in at the time. This evidence was presented to various officials and judges. It was summarily dismissed without investigation, in most cases. The media did its part to tell us the accusations were found false because judges dismissed cases due to lack of evidence, ignoring the fact that injunctions are ordered to protect evidence which can then be developed. That is how it works for any other alleged crime.

    So as we move into January the “Trump Team” is exploring every possible legal angle to stop the final certification of the election and force Congress to address all the “evidence” of a stolen election. It was obvious that just having a handful of Senators/Congressmen “object” to certain states electoral votes would not work. Among the options explored by the “Trump Team” were ideas used and/or floated in the past.

    What you are about to see is a long list of evidence that this is what happened. What you will be told is this is proof of an effort to “overturn and election”. Sorry but that is OOMPAH.

    What happened was an organized effort to STOP the certification in order to force an investigation into all the charges of fraud and manipulation.

    And let me remind the audience. All these “conspiracies” to “overturn” the election were not implemented. Mr. Trump simply started using the stump to scream FRAUD. This is where he goes wrong in my view. He failed to recognize the full implication of doing this given the very deeply heart felt support from his followers.

    A large blame for the Jan 6 “riots” should be laid at the feet of the media and state officials who denied looking more deeply into all the accusations. If there were hard looks proving nothing wrong they did a lousy job of explaining it as it happened. The result was a public, like me, who felt they were just papering over the whole thing to get Mr. Trump gone as quickly as possible.

    P.S. The greatest threat to our Democracy, contrary to Mr. Biden’s whining claims on Kimmel last night, is the very political party which claims to be “democratic”. So much so they use the term in their party name. The irony is so heavy it is dripping. 🙂

  22. Just A Citizen says:


    I am forced to retract my snarky response to your question about growing carrots. And I do so with a humble apology, deep bow and sweep of the Stetson.

    This year, for the first time, I cannot get the seed to germinate with any abundance. One little plant here and there.

    So I am thinking it is part of the GREAT RESET. No carrots for you and me. Only those “special” people.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Sure glad we got all those “constitutional conservative Republicans” appointed to the Court.

    WTF doesn’t come close to expressing my disdain for this garbage.


    Now, lets see how the vote count changes when these are counted. Will they be like 100% for Biden, or mostly Trump?

    • Why do you think this decision was wrong? My understanding is that these votes were stamped with the mailing date and they were received on time.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The State’s clearly have Sole Authority for determining how their elections are to be conducted. They decided to require the voter to put the date on the document. Just like when you sign any other legal document. Name and date.

        So SCOTUS is once again inserting itself into a State’s authority using the cover of the nebulous argument about disenfranchising voters. A standard created by a law that clearly violates the Constitutions language about who has the authority to do what, with respect to elections.

        Much of the problem with the mail in ballots centers on the courts forcing the States to count votes they had previously said they would not count. These measures were sold as ways of checking potential fraud. Then along comes the District, Circuit and now SCOTUS.

  24. S Kent Troy says:

    Managed to avoid everything last night except the “round ups” after the fact.

    Did you ever imagine, in your lifetime , that you would see the end of the Republic? No way back!

    Watergate and McCarthyism were nothing, repeat NOTHING compared to the shameful seditious show trial they put on. If you have the opportunity to deal with friends and acquaintances who approved of this or any part thereof, time to call them out as the traitors and enemies of freedom they are. Whether or not Edmund Burke said it or merely repeated something he heard, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” is a truism that cannot be avoided any longer. Do you really want to be remembered as a “good German”?.

    I wonder if I have the stamina to follow around my local congressman Josh Gottheimer (d.) and call him out this fall at every appearance he makes.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Not a Thing but a Thought.

    I came across a quote some time back and just found it among my notes. So thought I would comment on it.

    “Sacrifice and Commitment Set You Free.” (punctuation for Mathius). The argument presented with this was that sacrifice and commitment eliminate the need to consider all things. It thus focuses your attention and intentions.

    I find this a little disturbing and consistent with much of the mush thinking we see affecting the Republic these days. There is no doubt that “committing” to something should sharpen one’s “focus” with regards to both attention and intention. However, it should NEVER eliminate the need to consider other things. And very few people consider all things, even without making sacrifices or commitments. In fact it is impossible. So this reads a bit like a Straw Man argument.

    Now are you TRULY FREE? Does the sacrifice and commitment really make you a Fee person, that is free in the true sense. Are you not in fact now a slave to your sacrifice/commitment? How is having limited options more free than having greater options?

    Commitment, the true kind, may require sacrifice of some kind. But maybe it doesn’t It does provide, in fact requires, FOCUS. You have to pay attention to it to make it come true. Whether a business or a desire to live a more moral life.

    Which of course raises that old notion I have often stated here. One should choose wisely. If you pick the wrong “commitment” you may not only be less free, you may destroy yourself.

  26. S Kent Troy says:

    The Wehrmacht both sacrificed and was certainly committed yet were they “free”?

    Another feelgood crock!

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Another opinion on the Jan 6 Committee fiasco. All I can say is OUCH!

    Sir Johnathan Turley.


  28. S Kent Troy says:

    Last night, after Mass the bride and I did our usual grocery shopping at the local Shop Rite supermarket. Being a people person, I was observing the customers more than the out-of-stock items I was looking for. I can honestly say that I have never seen more cases of “sticker shock” than I did yesterday.

    Of particular interest bypassing the meat counter (few takers) was the egg case. I observed two people, a man and woman, both I would guess in their mid thirties, going from brand to brand looking to see if the $ 2.49 to $ 3.00 price per dozen was somehow lower in the next display. Couple that with the milk case and the $ 2.25 price tag on a two liter bottle of carbonated, sugared Coca Cola or the $ 4.99 price of a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips (7 oz.), a 7oz. package of Swiss Cheese (domestic) at $ 5.99 and you have a rough idea of where this is all going.

    North Jersey at $ 5.07 per gallon gas average. I also heard yesterday about a trucker, stuck in Colorado I believe, no diesel available in three stations with a 12 hour timeframe to fill up before his refrigerated load got delivered to the dump instead of the supermarket.

    Amazing how quickly a society can collapse. Anyone who uses sunflower oil should stock up now. Approximately 50% of all sunflower products apparently originate in the Ukraine.

    So much for “internationalism”. Though my NJ license plate still reads “Garden State” I think people will rue they day they blacktopped over those gardens to build another strip mall.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Heres a crazy thought. Given that the whole northwest was being contested and claimed by the US, Britain and Russia, including Spain and France at earlier dates,

    With Britains continual western expansion up to the border of direct Russian territory, could besides needing money Russia sold their alaskan territory to the US as a bulwark against the British Empire.

    Just a notion. .

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Reading “Theodore Rex” by Edmund Morris. The negotiations around ending the Russia Japan war make note of all the perfidy between the major powers at the time. Ultimately that led up to WW 1. Interesting to read how respected and feared TR was by all the major powers especially after he saved Venezuela by basically going nose to nose with the Kaiser. The Czar was quite the wimp being controlled by his wife but when the Prez gave him a take it nor leave it ultimatum enhanced by a “face saver” he took it and probably postponed the revolution by a dozen years.

      A great “what if” never considered these days is his effect on the European powers in 1914 if he had not had the nomination stolen out from under him in 1912? Neither Taft, Wilson or Biden has /had that clout.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Slight change of subject. In the spring of 2020 and the primary and down level elections in NJ were full of fraud. Especially around Patterson, from what I understand. Did any of that get fixed before the general election in November? Somehow I doubt it

        • S Kent Troy says:

          The biggest problem I saw was the lying polls. I think we could have gone like VA did but the polls kept showing the R gubernatorial candidate down by more than 10 points. Many stayed home. He lost by three I believe.

          Paterson, one “T”, founded as an industrial city by Alexander Hamilton suffers from an excess of corruption. Most of the last few “leaders” have wound up in jail. How do you “fix” anything with the legislature controlled by the party of corruption with a Goldman-Sachs toadie as Governor?

  30. Just A Citizen says:


    Where are you darlin. Been waiting for you to drop the hammer on the CdA Cops violating the Constitutional Rights of demonstrators this past weekend.

    • Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

      What you don’t know is I didn’t see an article on it until a day or so after the fact….and…I came here and started a comment to you, but I just kept stuttering and stt stuttering…re typed it a couple times, then just gave up because it was old news by then.

      My recollection is there were some Patriot Fronts (Feds) about to riot the Pride event, being protected by cops on bikes, hauled in literally in a UHaul, instructed to remain silent except their lame chant about saving America….being harassed by the mythical AntiFa boys. They were charged, but now charges are dropped?

      I laughed the whole time I was reading, wondering what you were up to. I stared a burn mark into my screen looking for you. I don’t know what to think anymore…about this, or any current affairs. I’ve been on YouTube…off griding and homesteading, more and more these last couple years. I can’t escape the chaos…Fed, State and even local. Former mayor is up on Federal charges now. That’s on top of our local police corruption.

      Heating up here High 80s and 97 for tomorrow. 👿

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just read this morning in some of my news feeds from Europe, the MacDonslds in Moscow has reopened. Plans are that all 850 in Russia will reopen soon. However,
    The Golden Arches are GONE as well as the traditional McD’s color scheme. The menu is pretty much the same but certain items are different. I’m sure those items are things that are special like a sauce. Other than that a burger is a burger, salad a salad etc.
    Plus NO increases in prices. The article says Macdonald’s reopens but I’ll wager the official “Franchise” is history there.

    Comments from Italy says sure they may have pulled out of Russia, but they’re growing like mushrooms after a rain in Italy.

  32. S Kent Troy says:

    If you ever want to see how history can be twisted on its head by a biased, not very bright author, take the time to read a few chapters in James Bradley’s, :Imperial Cruise”. You would never ever have guessed that in addition to being the ideological forebear of Adolph Hitler, Theodore Roosevelt also caused WW 1, WW2, Korea and Viet-nam! What a waste of a buck and a half at teh Barnes and Noble remainder table.

    Saddest part is when you read the on line reader reviews, knowing nothing of the real facts, they buy it hook, line and sinker. No wonder they pulled down his statue!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sometimes those 0.50 cent tables yield an interesting book. Especially by misguided activists who some how see the light.

      This book was called the “Voyage of the Saba” a group of DC environmental activists bent on saving the world and species from the predation of man, had gotten a global law through the UN. They bought a big yacht and went for a cruise to see the outcome of their new regulations. Their first real stop was in Haiti, one of the premier shitholes of the world. A couple of their regulations was about sewage treatment and banning the taking of certain sea turtle species.

      They were aghast about the amount of raw sewage still being poured into the harbors and people openly selling the sea turtles to tourists on the visiting cruise ships. Then the light dawned on them, when they flushed their toilets in DC yes it was out of sight, out of mind but they knew it was being handled by a massive trearment system. Plus for their next meal all they had to do was go to the local Star Market and get whatever they wanted from anywhere around the world.

      In Haiti the poorest of the poor countries they had no infrastructure to speak of and money to buy food or catch it to sell for cash was something they never had to worry about

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I know you like reading these types of articles, so here you go. Very interesting.


      • S Kent Troy says:

        Nice piece. So much of what we are dealing with today was set in motion 1900-1920. I admire TR’s mediating this issues of Turkey, Morocco and the Russo Japanese war rather than dragging us into them. Realpolitik at its best. having the other major powers counterbalance each other. The what ifs on 1914, had there been an overpowering “neutral” third party around that summer, could have been interesting.

    • Just A Citizen says:
      • He finally got to the important part at the end which is physician heal thyself. A united and economically strong America is the first step. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening until the MSM starts telling the truth.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Call me an eternal optimist or naïve if you like. But I think America will unite as much as needed to remain strong, DESPITE the MSM.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Anybody who starts there article worrying about the effect that the Jan 6th riot had on “democracy” shows a rather tenuous view of the subject. As time goes on I am starting to see January sixth as something particularly American. No armed mobs, no guns, little violence in comparison to much smaller non Trump riots in the previous year.

        His other points are taken with the caution expressed by our best Presidents, that we should be a friend to all but fear none. Contrary to the Bible, who says that we cannot have plowshares and swords?

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This was just sent to me from a boat builder friend of mine in Russia. Can we thank Obama and Hillary for the position we can quite suddenly find ourselves in?


  34. Just A Citizen says:

    Movie Revue:

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Go see it. Good movie.

  35. https://theintercept.com/2022/06/13/progressive-organizing-infighting-callout-culture/or

    So basically, they want their volunteers to go out into society and do all these things. Things with will destroy the organization but somehow save society.

  36. Did you hear the one about the top 5 R candidates for Michigan governor being cancelled because of false signatures on primary petitions? Yep. My money was on former Detroit police chief James Craig. He kept Detroit under control for several years and that was good enough for me. Now…Who in the corrupt election system could have paid those signature gatherers to collect bogus signatures? Another guy who was thrown out, Ryan Kelley, has suddenly gone down on charges of…I dont even know what…related to him being in DC on Jan 6. Not for entering the capitol or creating any “dustups”…just for being there.

  37. Just A Citizen says:


    Thought I would add something to the CdA Pride vs. Patriot fiasco. The following was published in our paper about a month before the events.


    Note, there were two events scheduled in the park. I am not sure which one came first but it was obvious from the local coverage that the media was really hoping for conflict. This “Patriot” group were the same folks who took to the streets with arms to prevent Antifa from coming here to reek havoc a couple years ago. This same group stood guard along the parade route where BLM folks were marching. There stated purpose was to “protect” the marchers from outside agitators.

    Yet the media and others keep trying to set them up as violence prone. It is sickening, frankly. But not unexpected from our local paper. They have leaned to the left for many years. Several of their editors just refuse to acknowledge what is going on in the country. They are stuck in the 60’s peace, love, dope mentality.

    I am pretty ticked off at the local police and sheriff over this. Arresting people for conspiracy when no crime was even close to being committed, and then harassing local folks for demonstrating against the Pride group. Threatening with FALSE CLAIMS OF CRIMINALITY. They would all be looking for work today if I were in charge.

    The real unfortunate thing is that all this is due to OUTSIDERS. I guarantee you that many of those Pride folks don’t live here and those Kaki pants types don’t either.

    I will offer one explanation for why our City Leaders grovel over things like the Pride event, and why they come down so hard on anyone who opposes such. They are still living with the guilt/fear and trying to overcome the stigma of having the Neo Nazis tied to CdA and Hayden Lake. They just don’t have the brass to stand up and point out there might have been a total of 20 of those skin heads in the County at the time. Instead they will crawl thought socially correct glass to prove they are not racist or phobic of some kind.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    On PRIDE celebrations. What does it say about we as a society when we claim to celebrate those who are demanding attention for their sexual proclivities?

    Look at me, I have sex with X, Y and Z. Celebrate ME. Local folks claimed they just wanted to celebrate with others like them. To know that they are not alone. Since when did that require organized NATIONAL events along with commercials, and commercial sponsorship? What about all those others that need to know they are cared about.

    Like maybe those teenage white boys who are so lost they act out their anger by shooting up schools.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Interesting question posed the other day. If homosexuality is something your born with as homosexuals insist, then why should you be “proud” of it. It is like being proud of blue eyes. It is NOT a choice according to their bible.

  39. Think about this. Before Trump was elected, a lot of A-listers promised to leave the country if he was elected. They never did. Then Trump lost re-election and the savior Biden to the rescue. Now we see people leaving CA for other states but also….. MEXICO! Irony.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Boy! Another media pundit who is clueless.


    This tripe can be addressed with one simple question. If IDAHO or even NORTH IDAHO is such a welcoming place for these racist rat bastards, then why did they have to come here from other places to meet up??

    Oh, Randy and Vicki Weaver were “hiding out” in their HOME you ditz. And as was shown at trial, Mr. Weaver did not know he had been ordered to court because the Feds’ intercepted the notice in order to force a confrontation.

    • I wonder if the Proud Boys and Patriot Front consider themselves Republicans. Seems to me they’d be unaffiliated, but the media sure wants them to be Republican.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Question for our military expert, the Colonel, if he has time. Did the air force pull the A-10 early in the Gulf War because at least one a day was being shot down by Iraq?

    If anything I’d believe, since the lead up to ground war where Iraq had most of their tanks from what I understand dug in and not mobile B-52 carpet bombing just might have been more effective instead of getting up close and personal.

    I can see them being far more useful in a mass tank advance like envisioned in Germany. Or the Apache and Blackhawk having more modern systems? What do you say?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      I do not remember more than one or two being lost. Ought to be easy enough to look up. The plane is extraordinarily NOT SEXY. The USAF loves to provide close air support with supersonic planes. The F-35 is supposed to assume that role. One would hope that with Precision Munitions they would do better than they have done in the past but if I were a ground pounder I think I’d trust the A-10 or even the old AD-1 Skyraider more. Low, slow and able to absorb a tremendous amount of damage.



      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They lost 6 total in gulf war I but all losses from action and most pilots survived and one made it back and cannibalized for parts. From 2003-2011 only 7 were lost.

        The F-35 costs $135M or more and can not linger or carry much weapons load.

  42. They were relegated to CAS. The “Hog” was a great support asset for close air support but, as you know their failing was too slow…..when combined with an armored attack, they were far more lethal. They were very effective on the BMPs and infantry.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Besides the gun, cant they carry an astounding amount of bombs etc in their wings.

      Still needing volunteers in TX? Will TX pay M&L?

  43. S Kent Troy says:

    Happy fathers Day to all!

  44. Hoo.com……………….just suspended crypto trading…..can’t get your money out now for 72 hours….could be extended.

    • Remember the Liberty Dollar prosecution a few years back? It does not pay to step on governments monopoly on money. I predict we will eventually go to a digital currency and we will rue the day.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      I consider myself a reasonably intelligent adult yet I could never wrap my head around this crypto stuff. Saw it as a Ponzi “greater fool” theory scheme.

      • Yes, I have some friends that believe it will replace fiat currency but I am not playing the game….at 74 years old..I do not have the time for such. If I cannot hold it….it does not exist. The same for purchasing the metals ( silver, gold, platinum, etc) and have someone else hold it for you in a vault somewhere or in a record? Don’t think so. If I cant see it, hear it, or touch………….it doesn’t exist.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          “A bird in hand is worth a whole lot of “crypto” in somebody’s bush”

  45. Home

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    Ahhhhh, how precious.

    From the beginning of the term, Sotomayor – more than any other liberal justice – has foreshadowed the conservatives’ trajectory, highlighting with each step her belief that her colleagues on the right are abandoning institutional legitimacy and reliance on precedent.

    “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts,” she asked.

    OMG………..I am ROTFLMAO.

  47. Well, congrats again to y’all in Idaho…especially Coeur d’ Alene area……your home price increases and valuations are among the highest in the Nation….INCLUDING Austin, Texas. Y’all have become like us and have so many “aliens” coming into your state, I am afraid your secret is out and your utopia has ended…..I’m sorry, sir.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Valuations went up 60% LAST YEAR alone. We are now RICH….on paper. And of course we would have to sell our home and move to Tennessee or some such place to afford a replacement house. We actually talked the other day about selling everything and buying a motor home. Spend the next couple of years on the road seeing the country.

      Then buy back after the crash.

      By the way, my carrots finally came up. I think we were too cold and wet. Did you ever get yours to germinate?

      • Yes, I tilled up the garden and replanted in pots in the green house…popped right up. It was waaaaay too hot and the hot winds did not let the carrots grow past 1/2 inch.

        By the way, you are not married to a birthing person any longer, you and I are apparently married to a “menstruating person”…..even though my spousal unit does neither at age 70…..so, since they cannot give birth anymore nor have cycles…I guess we are married to…………………………?

        • My carrots germinated but were only up a couple of inches until last night. Yesterday was hot. They doubled overnight. My first planting of corn is about to tassel, the second is over knee high. So far the deer have left it alone but I think gophers are in the patch. My pole beans are over 5′ and starting to flower as are the bush beans. Tomatoes on the deck are doing well as are the peppers. I have been eating radishes and lettuce. Much better tasting than the store bought stuff. I have onions on the deck that are doing well.

          The raised bed is small, only 32 sq ft but with replanting as things mature and fall crops due to our long growing season, I hope to get the most out of it. Corn should be in abundance as it is 5 rows x 50′ each planted densely. I am hoping to freeze corn and beans and maybe make some pickles. I also have 3 pot of potatoes on the deck. If the amount of greens they produced are any indication, the pot should be full of spuds.

          I mulched the corn with cardboard and wood chips so no weeding. It is working great. With the soaker hoses under the cardboard, the amount of water I am using is much less than what I used in the past. The raised bed is on a drip system and is also mulched with chips. Virtually no weeding necessary, a big improvement from years past.

          So I keep thinking about what else I can do. One of my old apple orchards (~12 trees now dead and gone) has a popup irrigation system. I am thinking about putting Xmas trees in this area. I probably could get 18-24 trees in there. The question is would it be worth the water. Water is about $0.10/ Cu Ft depending on the usage. There is a significant fixed cost the cu ft rate goes down as volume goes up. I am not sure what restrictions we will have this year due to the drought. I think our county is OK but the state may come in a change the rules.

          • T RAy….I cannot grow corn…..way too hot for it here. The night does not cool off enough for plant regeneration….The tomatoes outside have already quit producing flowers…it is too hot and only cools to mid 80’s at night. They will not produce once temps get over 90-95 degrees. I do have my tomatoes in a temperature controlled green house and they are doing fine. The peppers and eggplant are the only things surviving out side as well as the squash and zuchini. The cucumbers have wilted away and my new seedlings are doing just fine in the green house. Carrots are grown in pots in the green house.

            I have tried using the sun cloth at 50% for shade outside but it just does not work. I am trying some tomato plants under sun cloth to see if that helps any at all but the temps are still above the 90 degree range. I also live on a hill top where there is always a slight breeze but it is like opening your oven door. It just blows heat around.

            I have learned which tomatoes to plant. Roma, grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes fare well…Better Boy only grows in the green house. Even the mint is having a rough time in the full sun and mint is like bamboo…grows everywhere. We have already pulled the potatoes and onions and have canned or stored those….we have about a years worth. Getting seed potatoes for a fall garden are hard to come by but have been informed by the feed store that they will be getting some within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

            Since the Roma tomatoes are determinate, I have several levels of seedlings going so we will have those into the winter. My bush beans have been horrible…they produced but taste terrible. Peppers are doing very well….Jalapenos, bell’s, anaheim’s…all producing well and we are canning plenty of relish and hot sauces….pickling the cukes and gherkins….and pickling the peppers…mucho quarts of those on the shelves….squash is just now producing enough to can.

            A special shout out to the spousal unit who keeps a good eye on the green house watering. I found out that having a greenhouse is great but if I use a misting system inside, it promotes rust on my fans and circulation system. Since everything in the green house is in containers, setting up a drip system is counter productive for my needs, so she goes out and hand waters the containers. There are two drawbacks to the green house…first, there are no pollinators so we have to grow the veggies that require no pollinators or we have to hand pollinate those that require it. (Cucumbers, especially). So she goes around and looks up the skirts of the plants that require assistance and does that….I know…sounds kinky, doesn’t it.

  48. Today, we are activating 10,000 more troops for border duty…..almost 1/3 of our National Guard force……I am taking bets on how long it will take the US Government to declare an emergency somewhere and take charge of our troops.

    Bets? Anyone?

    • Personally, I think this failure to faithfully enforce the laws is an impeachable offense. It is the violation of the implicit promise under the constitution of the federal government to protect the states from an foreign illegal invasion. Texas in my eyes has every right to kick the feds out and take full control of the border.

      On the other hand, I doubt Bidden has the guts to create a crisis by finding some excuse to nationalize the TX NG. He has 49 other states to draw from. If we do have a national emergency, i.e. a war, then the first thing that should happen is a full closure of the boarder.

  49. One other question for all……these ex military that volunteered to go to Ukraine to fight and got captured by the Russians…there are two of them I think……should the US take ANY responsibility to negotiate for them?

    My opinion is NO…..they went there of their own free will as mercenaries…..they are on their own.

    • They made their bed…..

    • S Kent Troy says:

      US responsibility ends when they got involved as combatants. Been that way since the Spanish American War, through early WW 1 and WW 2 the Spanish Civil War etc.

  50. Many of us lived through the inflation of the ’70s and ’80s. They keep saying that this inflation is temporary. I do not recall that there every was negative inflation. It is here to stay.

    Apparently it has happened four times in my lifetime, 2009, and 2015 being the most recent. Both minor insignificant blips.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I can’t believe the Navy Dept says they will start charging and prosecuting sailors if they use the incorrect pronoun.

    Somehow I really do not think this is quite the way to make an armed force, battle ready.

  52. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Question about Uvalde. I just looked at a photo of the school. One story, like most schools today. Didnt anybody think of going out the windows as an escape route? Or were they sealed shut to conserve energy?

    Paranoid as I am since Sicily in the 70’s, I still look for alternate ways out besides the front door of a place of business, like a bar, restaurant etc

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Newer school windows are safety glass…… not easily breakable. If they have windows they are usually the horizontal opening type. Which leaves no room to get out.

      Breakable windows wouldn’t benefit those in the room where a shooter got through the door. They would have to be gone before he entered.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        As I thought windows are not a possible egress even with a different type of emergency.

        As for the other, maybe the solution is the door locks like an emergency exit. Unless open can only be from the outside by a key etc. From inside a pushbar. Steel line the doors. Glass window in the door bullet proof.

        Theyve made the schools energy efficient and quasi safe but all in all death traps.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    Roe is gone. I never, ever thought I would see this day. I was WRONG for my many posts stating that SCOTUS would never touch this wrong headed decision.

    Now Justice Thomas is hinting the same logic should be applied to other “Due Process” rulings by the court that created equally bad law. I think I will pass on making any predictions at this point. The Court just seems a little “inconsistent” to be making bets.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Thomas of course is technically right. Those are “states rights” but logic would dictate we leave them alone.

      Not claiming to be Alan Dershowitz here but unfortunately gay marriage can be argued under “equal protection under the law”, which it was. Contraception may be a different matter but, if you want to stop abortion, then contraception is teh way to go.

      From a “Catholic” perspective, way back in 1964 in High School we were taught that abortion is mortal sin and basically murder. Contraception, however is an “opinion” and instruction and lacks the forcefulness of “ex Cathedra” (from the chair) having the authority of God.

      • Welcome back Mathius, we have missed you. While I agree with the SCOTUS ruling that pushes abortion back to the states, I would disagree with Congress getting involve in this debate. It is a state issue and Congress (both parties) should stay out of it.

        From a strategic POV, the GOP at the federal level would be wise to avoid the issue all together. They should concentrate on energy, inflation, the economy, foreign relations, etc. Getting involved in the abortion debate at the federal just distracts from the other key issues and drives many potential voters away. Let the issue be solved at the state level.

      • How do, Sir Mathius…….the link you posted, even though from CNN, I read it. My stance…….the Federal Government needs to step aside and let things rest with the States. They cannot have it both ways…..Congress needs to butt out. Just as there should be no Federal mandate to supply abortions, there should be no Federal mandate to outlaw abortions. IT IS A STATE ISSUE and if Republicans push this, any advantage they have in November will go right out the window.

  54. S Kent Troy says:

    Sullivan law struck down in NYC after 110 years, Abortion back to the States and Public funds okayed for religious schools with certain restrictions. One hell of a week for the Supremes.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Love Rep Jim Jordan’s statement after questioning Dr Brix

    “I’m just struck with the irony. We’ve got government agencies guessing, hoping, or lying with the information they’re presenting to the American people and this is the same administration that wants to set up the disinformation governance board and want to talk about misinformation. They are the biggest purveyor of misinformation, false information, hopeful information, but not accurate and true information…”

    Secondly the DHS warns of weeks of violence after the SC ruling. OK, are they going to do anything about it or bless it with “the end justifies any means”

    • They did not stop obvious violations of Federal Laws on the protests outside homes…why would they step in now?

      Goes back to that long argued stance “prosecutorial discretion”.

  56. I, too, made the prediction that Roe would never be over turned….I was wrong. The decision 50 years ago by a Liberal court was also wrong and the conservatives had to swallow it….now, the conservative court over turned it. It is a States Rights issue. It is now and it was back then. I will never….ever agree with a Federal mandate. It is back where it belongs now and I am not a solid pro lifer. I believe in a woman’s choice up to a point,,,,I will never believe in late term abortions when a fetus can become viable….That is my compromise position. But it, like gun laws, are State issues and not Federal.

    Now, where I vehemently disagree…and will fight this…if a State decides to rule out abortion and it is available in another state, then that woman has a right to go to that state that allows them and get it done. If an employer decides to make abortions a health insurance issue…that is within their purview. HOWEVER, if a state or Federal government gets involved to the point that I am hearing, that it is possible to prosecute a company for providing abortion benefits to an employee that travels outside the State………that is flat out WRONG. I will NOT support any State that wishes to prosecute an employer for providing benefits if they so choose to do so. That IS NOT A STATE ISSUE not is it a FEDERAL ISSUE.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I agree with you on it’s wrong for a State to prosecute a company or person for traveling to a state or location where it’s a perfectly legal procedure. The uproar over Dicks sporting good saying, they’ll pay up to $4000 for a women to travel and get the procedure elsewhere.

      I also agree that it’s seriously wrong for abortions at late term or even at birth. Killing a viable baby.

      Legalized Abortion became a replacement for taking adequate protection against getting pregnant to begin with.

  57. Now here is a question…………sine I am DIRECTLY involved at the border when I should be retired. If an administration openly allows open borders and drugs and human trafficking is allowed to come across, and the SAME administration provides buses and aircraft to fly these un-vetted people around to different cities, and these same people, or some of them commit a crime of murder or drug peddling, should the administration that allows this and aids and abets this, be guilty of the same crime…..say like the driver of a get away car?

  58. Is it true? I just saw where Roe was overturned yet again…..it seems the Dems found 150 more SCOTUS votes……

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Oh you evil Colonel. I did see where CNN is pushing a poll stating that a “majority” of Americans do not agree with the SCOTUS decision.

      Here is my response. A MAJORITY of American have no damn clue what is in the Constitution, how it function let alone how badly it has been mangled. It is all just about “what I want”.

      And therein lies our problem ladies and gentlemen. IGNORANCE

    • The mules did it.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    Along the lines of the good Colonel’s commentary, as well as others, I would like to pose a question.

    WHY in the hell should there EVER be a “compelling Govt. Interest” that results in VIOLATIONG YOUR RIGHTS????????

    If Rights are not in effect “sacred” and inviolable., then what the hell is the point of having them described in any document?

  60. S Kent Troy says:

    On my AM 1 1/2 mile jaunt, I passed a group of 9-10 year olds in the park in Day Camp. They are deciding on what outdoor game to play. This little squirt pops up and yells, “Let’s play Kill Everyone!”.

    Man, are we ever in trouble. I want that little guy red flagged NOW!”

  61. Biden wants to dump the filibuster so the Senate can pass legislation codifying abortion. Did not SCOTUS just say it is not a federal issue?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      It is NOt a federal issue unless the law says it is. The court struck down a previous privacy interpretation. No federal law was involved.

      Now, speaking about the right of privacy, just where the hell is that when California lists the names and addresses of gun owners? Remember this when the next idiot argues abortion as a “privacy” concern. Ya know what answer you will get ….. “Well, that’s different”.

  62. It’s been a long time since I visited SUFA, so hello to all a’yous.

    I’m a socialist, so my opinions likely won’t be appreciated, but I’m used to that (I get more angst from Democrats than Republicans/Libertarians, etc.), because I have no more use for that party than I do for the Republican Party. I was wondering if there’s been a change in opinion (seeing this post dates back to June 9) as regards Mr. Trump and his efforts to terminate/overthrow the election results of 2020? I hope but doubt the DOJ will do anything to him and/or his cronies, but I am curious to the opinions here (consider it a poll), especially in light of a pronounced dedication to the constitution I still see here. For those who remember me, I’m even more left of left now than several years ago. (smiley face)

    • Hi Charlie. My man! I believe I was your only fan here….well, maybe the Colonel too. Not because of your Plutonian politics, but for your personality. I can dig it.

      Curious, Do you eat? Or drive a gas powered vehicle? Or do you like air conditioning in 90*+ heat? Because those things are hurting my wallet these days. Regardless of your beliefs, can we agree that food and energy prices shouldn’t be what breaks a person?

      One good thing has come from inflation. People I follow online have become more self sufficient. From raising chickens to growing their own food to investing in sawmills to build their own small(er) homes away from the cities. Not a bad thing at all.

      But I sure can’t wait for my buddy Trump to return to DC. He’ll be the first guy to win the White House three times.

      Great to see you on SUFA again. I’m off to slave for Jeff Bezos for the afternoon. Might be the only game left soon. See ya.

      • I love self-sufficiency and it’s a wonderful thing (thank the universe for my wife) that somebody in our family has some (she tells me I’m a spectator to my own life), and Biden is today what Republicans used to be (when they call him a radical socialist, my big belly jumps from laughing) … the Democrats, as have been proven again and again, are USELESS. On the other hand, the Republicans are turning us back a few hundred years (or seem to want to) … as for your buddy, Trump … come on, Anita, my love! … aside from being a clown, the guy is a thief (way more than I ever was) and a complete incompetent … no whataboutism now. Remember, I can’t stand Biden. Back when I was being fooled by Bernie Sanders, my daughter and I exposed Biden during a webcast for his radical ability to lie through his teeth … I can’t stand him or his party and they really put themselves in the toilet by forcing him down our throats (thanks Obama) in 2020 (the same as they did with Hillary in 2016), so aside from a beating in November, the WH doors are open to Trump or anybody else from that fascist wannabe party. 😊 Come on, I made you smile, right?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Mr. Stella, glad to see you are still alive and kicking.

      You really need to go back to No. Dakota for awhile and get your head clear.

      By the way, what is with the hieroglyphics in your post?

      • I think the hieroglyphics are a computer glitch. Ah, North Dakota … I did love it there as a kid playing football, but it remains even more backward now than then.

        Hope you’re doing well.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Been working my tail off. Well lots of work but not much reduction in pant size despite it all. Age seems to have changed the old metabolism rate. Spring was too wet and cold for the garden or fishing. Just turned hot here last week. All the way up to 90.

          May be headed out your way this fall. So stay in touch. I don’t mind eating a steak with a devout socialist, if he is buying. 🙂

          • We’ll treat you to a good old fashioned Italian dinner. You’re welcome here anytime. Don’t mention pant sizes … I haven’t seen my feet without mirrors in 2 decades.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      In the immortal words of teh old Starkist Tuna commercials, “Sorry Charlie” there was NO attempt to overthrow the government on Jan 6 regardless of what you say. As a matter of fact, if you look at the size of the crowd (photos hard to find looking out from the capitol steps but they can be found) on the Mall that day, had they desired to do so the would NOT have been a brick on top of another brick by sundown.

      Still believing teh media hype huh, despite the fact that every goddam allegation has vanished into smoke. I still remember Shiff telling us. :”I have seen actual proof”.

      • 🙂 I guess you’re not watching the hearings … 🙂

        • Those testifying at the hearings are ALL handpicked officials from the Trump administration. Every single official is a Republican appointed by Trump and his people. They’re all lying? 🙂 Is this the Deep State? Is Q right? Come on, man …

          • Quotes from Jeh Johnson:

            Johnson, who served in the Obama administration, called the committee hearings a “profile in courage among women” and praised the hearing for being “choreographed exceptionally well for the attention span of the average American in 2022.”

            He just called Americans retards.

            WRT Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony: “It was colorful, it was vivid, it was collateral to the central charge…and it was secondhand hearsay.”

            In other words, it was inadmissible in court plus a real stretch of credibility. First she said he was in the Beast (Parade Limo) but was actually in the SUV. Second for this overweight man to grab the steering wheel, he would have to lunge over the front seat while one agent is sitting beside him in the rear and another is riding shotgun.

            Schiff went on every TV show for years claiming evidence of Russian collusion but never delivered the goods. He has absolutely no credibility. And neither does this J6 committee.


            • Forget Cassidy Hutchinson’s hearsay … if you watched the hearing, there were much bigger issues she testified to and apparently they’ve been corroborated. Like the DC cops new as early as 8:45 a.m. or so that there were weapons in the crowd (AR-15s and Glocks). The idea of removing the mags so Trump’s weaponized crowd could a) make his crowd appear bigger and b) “They’re not here to harm me.” Well, who then? But, yes, that is second hand .. how about all the testimony from his hand and party picked WH counsel? The AG, the DOJ … like I said, come on, man. You guys once dared me to read Ayn Rand and I did (both books) … why not take a look see at the hearings from 2-4 (1 was an emotional plea and most of it could be disregarded) … but 2-4 were killers. Those were HIS people. In fact, the only non-Republican to testify thus far have been 2 Georgia poll workers who were terrorized by the MAGA mutants because they allowed a pathological liar convince they the election was rigged. Again … come on, man … 🙂

              • Charlie, have you watched 2000 Mules, Rigged, The Plot Against the President or read Margo Hemingway’s book Rigged? Have you followed the Durham investigation which revealed the Russian Hoax was figment of Hillary’s imagination? Have you followed the investigations of the ex-supreme court judge in Wisconsin or heard the interviews of adult children with mentally incompetent parents in nursing homes who magically voted?

                There is more than enough evidence to initiate a significant investigation into the 2020 election. Why has it not been done? Barr said the FBI did investigate. Where is the report? Who did they interview, what evidence did the look at? Until we see the FBI report, it is just Barr’s opinion which is no more valuable than anyone else’s.

                It is hard for a single individual to witness enough wrong doing to overturn an election, but multiple witnesses have come forward which should be sufficient to trigger a proper investigation. 2000 Mules alone should be enough to warrant an investigation.

                As for the GA SoS call, read this: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/07/bombshell_tonight_the_infamous_jan_2_2021_trumpraffensperger_phone_call.html

                As for J6, when Pelosi, McConnell, the Capitol Police and FBI open up their records so we can see what they knew and how they planned for the event, then it will be interesting to listen to. Was Ray Epps on the FBI or CIA parole. Who was the guy on the tower directing things? What about the 2 bus loads of Antifa thugs that unloaded near the Capitol and were escorted to the front lines? Did they interview the officers on the doors who let in the crowds? Who ordered them to open the doors? The Senate Sargent of Arms recently died. He testified and asked for an investigation into paid political agitators. Why? What did he know? Who planted the bombs at the RNC & DNC headquarters and why have they not been tracked down given all the cameras in DC and cell phone GPS tracking? I have lots of questions which I doubt your committee will answer because the do not align with the goal of getting Trump.

                One video I saw shortly after the event was of a police officer in a narrow hallway guarding a set of double doors with “rioters” on the other side. The camera was hand held and shot from behind the officer so not part of the crowd. The officer had a strategic choke point to hold back the crowd but instead retreated to the base of a set of stairs where a baton was strategically located on the floor. He picked up the baton and brandished it. The cameraman had retreated up the stairs so was still photographing the scene from behind the officer. The officer then retreated up the narrow stairs after the crowd breached the doors. The officer and camera man continued retreating up the stairs to a much larger room or hallway where several other officers were stationed. The cameraman retreated behind the police line while the “rioters” moved in and spread out in front of them. The video ended there. They had the rioters at choke points at the first set of doors and at the top of the stairs but allowed them to spread out into from a dense packed column to a battle line. Why? The whole thing looked staged to me. Why was the cameraman behind the officer?

                I want the truth, the whole truth. The J6 committee just further divides us. It is nothing more than a government paid political ad for one party with the sole aim of taking Trump out.

                • Good lord … 2,000 mules? Barr laughed almost as loud as I did. I agree Hillary and Biden should both be in jail (and Hunter) … right next to Giuliani, Eastman, Clarke and Bunker Boy Trump himself. The government couldn’t be more corrupt than it is, but good lord, 2,000 mules?

                  • Do you know something about the technology that the rest of us do not? I seem to recall that the FBI was using cell phone GPS data to track J6 defendants into the Capitol.

                    • You’d learn about the desperate ploy regarding the GPS issue if you listened to Barr explain it away. Don’t you find it amazing that everybody is lying except Trump and his sycophants? What AG Barr, a Republican who voted for Trump, protected Trump, and is a long time actual conservative Republican (like Liz Cheney), said about 2,000 mules and all the “fraud” allegations was they were “bullshit” and that Trump had become “detached with reality.” Why not watch it? What do you have to lose? 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpwCApZh6KQ

                    • I did not here any details of investigations done by the FBI, just Barr’s conclusions and opinions. Where is the FBI report on this?

                      Don’t you think it is equally incredulous that we had to hear lies about the Russian hoax for over 3 years? Don’t you think it incredulous that we have had to listen to Biden’s lies for the last 2 years?

                    • You’re taking the word of a man who is a certified pathological liar, but you’re obviously one of his people and won’t look at the evidence. I guess he’ll get that cross examination, which I’m sure you won’t be satisfied with anyway, if Garland prosecutes. He probably won’t. As for the Russia hoax, if you went to my FB page when that nonsense was going on, you would’ve seen how much I picked apart the allegations of a “Russian asset” and the fun my daughter and I made of Rachel Maddow (actually, I can show you that and what we think of Biden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmYBzetPl_s&t=45s

                  • 2000 Mules is not definitive evidence as was acknowledged in the movie. It is a starting point for an investigation. I am sure that D’Souza left out specific names in the movie to avoid defamation law suites. But the authorities can unmask the individuals and organizations involved and do a proper interview of these individuals as well as search for physical evidence. If more evidence is found, then they can empanel a grand jury and get testimony under oath. D’Souza already has one individual who explained how this all worked.

                    It is time for Barr and others to pull their heads out of the sand. If 2000 Mules is true, what would be your reaction?

  63. Dale A Albrecht says:

    US Army announces unvaccinated Nat’l Guard, Reserve troops won’t train or get paid

    Claims theyve been given ample time to apply for exemptions. Question…how many have they granted? Without serious court fights.i guess the armed forces have forgotten the anthrax vaccine. Mandatory, eventually blocked by the courts. One of the manufacturers royally screwed up and service personnel who got that shot have a high probability of getting a health problem and now a VA eligible disability.

    • Yes, it is all over the news down here but…….it is not going to be followed up. The National Guard are reserve civilian forces. I am of that ilk. I have not been vaccinated….do not intend to vaccinate…..I am still in charge down here in my section (Del Rio to Presidio)….now some state governors may make a rule but it has been reported that Greg Abbott of Texas is requiring it and that is nothing more that bull shit fake news.
      We are still training and still being paid. It is a State issue and not a Federal one.

  64. S Kent Troy says:

    Not to Charlie: You were right about using a “nom de guerre”. Too many dangerous idiots out there. Initials stay the same though and I have become a WASP.

    • I’m easy to find. Big life insurance policy … and I’m not going anywhere. Listening right now to the judge who Clarke clerked for … this is the guy Pence went to for advice on plan A) (accepting fake state certifications or B) overthrowing the electors … he called Trump “a clear and present danger” … I probably disagree with 100% of his opinions, but not this one. 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Come on Man. You see and hear what you want because you made up your mind some time ago.

        You recognize the conspiracies among the power elite yet continue to ignore the one against Mr. Trump. It is one thing to state one’s opinion of the law and entirely different thing to claim a “clear and present danger”. I suggest the latter is performing for the cameras.

        Note: The idea of separate slates of electors was not new to the Trump group. It had happened before in our history. And you know as well as I how fluid “legal interpretations” are, depending on which lawyer you ask.

        And NO, I am not a Trump fan and YES he was wrong for pushing some of his crap, to this day. But it was not all squeaky clean and some of it is still undergoing investigations.

        TRay eluded to what I saw as a major flaw in all the claims of “no fraud” here. Here you have an election where people think fraud occurred and the power structure just says “trust us” there was no fraud. “We looked into it, and we say nothing was wrong”. When you have a shit storm going on you, as a public official, need to give more details and explain stuff.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        PS. Lets move this discussion to the current thread.

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