Congressional Blackmail Works Again.

The supposed “Bipartisan” passage of a bill to expand health care to veterans is just one more example of how the blackmail orchestrated by members of Congress works to our disadvantage.

Some Republican members refused to vote for the legislation because…… it contained funding for totally unrelated things. The Democrat Leadership immediately launched a campaign of slander against them. Very much like that old ad accusing them of pushing granny off the cliff. In the end the pressure tactic worked. And the SPINELESS Republicans voted to pass the bill.

The media continues to overplay Mr. Trump’s power over the Republican Party!

I find it very interesting how the media is fixated on those candidates “endorsed” by Mr. Trump. If they lose then Mr. Trump is toast and lacking in influence. Then when the next one wins, Mr. Trump has control over the party and his influence is a sign of an ignorant electorate. The following headline from The Hill is an example:

Primary results reinforce Trump’s power over GOP


Note the use of the word “power” instead of influence or some other descriptor. How can he have no power one day and then great power the next? Does he really have any “power” over a party consisting of hundreds of thousands of members? Could it be that people at the State and Local level simply vote per State and Local issues. And that they are simply continuing to seek out “new blood” instead of siding with the established “leaders”?? I mean, things haven’t been all that great under traditional leadership.

I think there is a serious misunderstanding among our friends on the left side of the teeter totter about those on the other side. The assumption that everyone is just marching to Mr. Trump’s drum is not healthy for the country. When one side can come to discount the other simply due to assumed ignorance, or because they “watch Fox News”, it becomes to easy to dehumanize them. Of course the same can be said of those on the right side who use the same rhetorical device. In either case the outcome can be devastating. Just ask the hundreds of millions killed under various Socialist Regimes who dehumanized them to maintain political power.


  1. Just A Citizen says:

    This is not on the topic of this article but it fits in with T-Ray and Charlie’s “discussion” about Climate Change reporting. Just two years ago the Great Barrier Reef was being lost to global warming, never to recover.

  2. JAC…..That’s just Charlie. He lambasts the entire Republican party because of a few. He lambasts people who vote for Trump because there is no alternative. I am tickled about his diatribe on the Hungarian Leader and his comments. He thinks that because Trump likes him and people vote for Trump then, by acclimation, all people support this type of rule. What he over looks is that the rule of a socialist is not different than this Hungarian idiot except for some pertinent issues. Socialists governments routinely murder their adversaries, so I guess Charlie associates with murder and is, by acclimation, murderer?

    I get Charlie and he likes to hit hot buttons because people will respond to hot button issues….but if you respond in like, he calls you a strawman or some such…but I recognize that is just Charlie.

    Now, on to your above. Trump does not speak for the Republican Party… and I both know this but the Charlie’s of the world will say otherwise. But the left will say he does control the party. I do not think Trump will get the nomination if he chooses to run. I hope that Desantis runs but I doubt he will. There are no really viable Republican candidates and that is a shame. The Republicans are going to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory yet again.

    And the argument form Charlie will be, if you support Trump because he likes a Hungarian Idiot then you are just like him. Guilty by association….well, that works both ways. So, Charlie thinks that Texas is all those things but he does not bring up China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela….where they execute homosexuals and it is against the law to be homosexual and Charlie likes all of those socialist/Communist regimes. All those countries think just like this Hungarian mad man as do most socialist countries.

    So, Charlie, Trump does not control the Republican Party.

    • “Socialists governments routinely murder their adversaries, so I guess Charlie associates with murder and is, by acclimation, murderer?” Like Allende in Chile, right? 🙂 You guys kill me!!!!!

    • “I am tickled about his diatribe on the Hungarian Leader and his comments. He thinks that because Trump likes him and people vote for Trump then, by acclimation, all people support this type of rule. ” Actually, your State’s Party likes him … so much they invited him to speak at CPAC. Again, nice try! 🙂

      • Of course they invited him to speak at CPAC……just like whoever sponsors CPAC next year will do the same thing. Get real, Charlie. You know better. Here ya go…I will make a bet with you…….if there is a primary for the POTUS…betcha bucks,, Texas does not go Trump provided there is a reliable candidate. Wanna bet?

    • “Trump does not speak for the Republican Party….”

      In case you haven’t noticed it, fellas, Trump IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. 🙂

    • China couldn’t be more capitalist if it tried.
      Russia is a dictatorship
      Venezuela was doing fine until the U.S. got involved.
      Cuba .. still makes our health industry look like shit … and although it features some very good socialist policies (education/healthcare) it remains a dictatorship. You need to get your facts straight before saying crazy stuff. No country on the planet supports more right wing authoritative governments than the good old US&A. FACT. 🙂

  3. So, Biden, do you have the balls to send the Ronald Reagan task force into the Taiwan ports and break the blockade of China? I doubt it…..but you had better do it because the consequence of not doing it will be ugly.

    And before any of you out there say that is provocation….it is not provocation until you fire a shot. Chine WILL NOT instigate a war with the US and I do not know why people think they will.

    • Yes, let’s go to war with China now too! We have our proxy with Russia so why not fight with two nuclear powers? What a GREAT idea! 🙂

      • BS, Charlie……China will do nothing just like they did nothing with Pelosi. They blustered, moved some ships around, fired a bunch of bullets into empty ocean and bullying Taiwan. THEY WILL DO NOTHING. They lose…….our biggest weapon is not military…it is economic. They pick on us physically…their country goes broke overnight and they know it. They are bluster…and bull shit.

  4. Charlie…..just for you….since the 1990’s, I have voted in the Democratic Primary every single POTUS election. I vote for the most centrist and most conservative Democrat that I can….in their primary. In Texas, you do not register for a political party so I vote for the most conservative Democrat that I can find. (there are few).

    • The difference between the so-called “radical” leftist Democrats and moderate Republicans is minimal. Blue dog dems are republicans … more often than not, hardline republicans. There is no “radical” left in this “shithole” (to borrow a phrase from the leader of the GOP) country. Socialists have no say (nor do the grass root shmucks who vote GOP or DEM) … it’s a corpocracy … bought and paid for.

    • What does any of what you wrote have to do with the FACT that CPAC has embraced that Hitler wannabe? Your State must love him … or at least the conservatives there do.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        First, you must PROVE he is an actual Hitler wannabe! Your hyperbole and ad hominem is not an actual argument or proof.

        You posted a quote from the guy about races in Europe. Please, tell me what is actually false about his statement.

        And don’t pull your passive aggressive act on me. Stick to the facts.

        • You asking for FACTS is like a duck asking for a microwave. But here you go anyway … and you’re welcome. Interesting how Trump did some of the same things … and Hitler. 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You call that evidence?? You are not very good at proving your point. Got love this one, proof of “Nazi Wannabe”:

            “The media watchdog said: “Its coronavirus legislation, which gave the government almost unlimited powers to handle the crisis, threatened journalists with prosecution on charges of disseminating fake news and ‘blocking the government’s anti-pandemic efforts,’ and imposed additional curbs on their already limited access to state-held information.”

            You say Mr. Trump did some of these things? Who did the one above? Hint: Biden Administration, Gov’s of California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, etc., etc..

  5. Hmmm….I will readily admit that I do not know very much about his guy or why he is here, so I am doing some research on him….if I can find any writings that are actually objective from both sides…, I will see what I can find….

    Here is something that indicates he is not so right wing….Many Hungarian policies would rankle the American right. Abortion is legal in Hungary, to a point. The state greatly restricts private gun ownership. And the government offers health care to all. ( This from NPR ) But I will keep looking at different reports.

  6. “He’s fighting for an old white world or old white Europe where, you know, men were men and women were women,” Demeter tells NPR. “And there were no transgender people or gay people. Or if there were gay people they stayed at home.””There has been a democratic backsliding in Hungary for looking at press freedom, for looking at LGBTQ rights,” says the Hungarian journalist Flora Garamvolgyi, who has written about Orbán’s ties to U.S. conservatives. “And I don’t think that aligns with American values, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.”: Source NPR.

    “Orban has consolidated power over the the country’s judiciary and media, and his party has drawn legislative districts in a way that makes it very difficult for opposition parties to win seats — somewhat similar to partisan gerrymandering efforts for state legislative and congressional seats in the U.S.” Source Los Angeles Daily News.

    “At the moment it is a hybrid regime: an open dictatorship in between a cultural democracy with no possibility of changing the government because they have the majority to change the law, including electoral law. The courts are in their hands,” he said. “Hungary is no longer a democracy. It is not — or not yet — a dictatorship like Russia or China, people can demonstrate and travel to the West and set up [opposition] groups,” said Lendvai. (Source NBC News)

    “But you can’t change anything because the entire communication industry, including so-called private and public, is in the hands of the government — 80% of the news.” (Source NBS News)

    The press freedom group Reporters Without Borders said Orbán “has built a media empire whose outlets follow his party’s orders.” “In Hungary there is zero tolerance” on racism and antisemitism, the statement said, adding: “such acts are to be punished with the full force of the law, and neither are they tolerated in political discourse.” (Source NBC News)

    Today, Orbán has become a poster boy for hard-line autocratic elected leaders like Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Russia’s Putin. We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race.” (Source NBC News)

    In 2013 his government continued to implement a moderate austerity program, introduced a new set of crisis taxes on banking and selected industries, and ordered utility companies to reduce charges for all Hungarian households. At least partly as a result of the popularity of that last initiative, Fidesz and its junior electoral partner, the Christian Democratic People’s Party, swept to another commanding victory in the national parliamentary elections in April 2014, earning Orbán another term as prime minister.

    In a speech in July 2014, Orbán declared that his government aimed to build a “workfare” society, which would be “illiberal” in nature. He cited Russia, China, and Turkey as examples. Orbán’s pronouncement highly alarmed the opposition and prompted an outraged reaction in the foreign press.

    In 2015 Orbán’s government constructed a barbed-wire fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia to stanch the wave of migrants and refugees seeking to enter the country, en route from turmoil in the Middle East and Africa to a hoped-for home in Europe. By the time the fence was completed in September 2015, Orbán had outraged many observers by characterizing the migrant crisis as a “German problem” (many of the migrants hoped to settle in prosperous Germany) and had joined other eastern European leaders in rejecting calls for mandatory quotas for sharing migrant settlement across the countries of the European Union (EU).

    Orbán became the target of extreme outrage at home and throughout the EU after the Fidesz-dominated Parliament enacted flagrantly anti-LGBTQ legislation that banned content that was “deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change” in school sex-education programs and media aimed at those under age 18. The law passed by a 157–1 margin, with the bulk of the opposition parties boycotting the vote. At an EU summit about a week after the vote, Orbán stood firmly by the law despite being excoriated by other national leaders.Orbán’s cordial relationship with Putin seemed to threaten the Hungarian leader’s prospects for reelection in early April 2022, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February had united the EU in outrage. Casting himself as a neutral peacemaker, Orbán did not oppose the regime of harsh punitive economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU and its allies, but neither did he allow Hungary to be used as a transit point for providing Western military aid for Ukraine’s defense, prompting bitter criticism from Ukrainian Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky.Péter Márki-Zay, the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely in southern Hungary, led the six-party coalition of parties from both the left and right dedicated to preserving Hungarian democracy and civil rights against Orbán and Fidesz in the parliamentary elections. In the end Orbán’s support in the hinterlands once again proved too much for the opposition, and Fidesz triumphed for a fourth consecutive time in the national elections, capturing some 54 percent of the vote to maintain its supermajority in Parliament. Claiming that the landslide victory was so big that it could be seen from the Moon, Orbán boasted, “The whole world has seen tonight in Budapest that Christian democratic politics, conservative civic politics, and patriotic politics have won.” Márki-Zay was quick to point to the role played by gerrymandering and the government’s media monopoly in Orbán’s victory, and there also were accusations of fraud by some in the opposition.

    Charlie, before I respond to your ludicrous accusations, does what I posted fairly represent what Orban is?

    • I do not know if this link will show up but here it is from the horse’s mouth:

    • 🙂 What I find hilarious is you think this isn’t bad. Oy vey! I guess all of Europe is wrong and this maniac is right. Nothing quite like white supremacists to run things, eh?

      • And I find it equally disgusting that you label everyone who does not agree with your ideology as evil, Nazis, fascists, etc.

        • Go back and read all the bullshit you clowns accused me and the socialist party of doing/being. I happen to think that some (not all) of you are closet Nazis … when you put your arguments behind Nazi-like figures, it’s difficult to see the difference. 🙂

          • Charlie, neither the Col. or I offered any opinion on Orban, we just posted information. So how does that make us evil in your eyes?

            Everybody here is being super nice to you but you continue to denigrate people. You are a typical know-it-all east coast big city elitist. Your superior attitude does not fly in the fly over country.

            • You posted information in defense of a Nazi wannabe. Super nice, eh? 🙂 Yes, I’m a typical normal person with functioning brain cells who looks at all sides of an argument before making a decision. I have no use for either American political party because they are corrupt to the core, as is the economic system by which America runs. You can handle that. That’s on you, brother. If I’m a typical …. you’re a typical rube. 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                “I’m a typical normal person with functioning brain cells………..”; If this is true then we are all truly screwed.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    OMG, rolling on the floor.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    To be TRULY WOKE one must listen.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Just another example of evil corporations buying political influence….Right?

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    As if we needed any more proof that those on the left just don’t get it. Well here it is anyway:

    Besides being wrong in the base argument the toad couldn’t even do it without the usual snarky gibberish.

  11. As much as I hate to give Pelosi any credit for anything…..I have to commend her for staying the course in her visit to Taiwan. She did not back down even when Biden would not support her (Of course, Biden, etal is firmly in the pocket of China). Everyone was worried about China’s response. China blustered about shooting her plane down…well, that did not happen because China would have ceased to exist if they did. Even Biden would have to act on that one. Then they blustered about an air blockade to prevent her plane form landing…well, that did not happen either.

    So China responds in the only way that it can…it picked on Taiwan like a school yard bully. It conducts live fire exercises around the island and shot bullets and missiles into the ocean…..and now…..and now…..their response to Pelosi reminds of the the Monty Python movie of The Holy Grail….where the Frenchman stands on the Tower saying things like….”go away or I shall taunt you a second time”….or…”I flick boogers in your general direction”… or“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

    China has (((shudder))) sanctioned Nancy Pelosi and her family. Oh, the horrors……………that is their response and that is all they can do.

    • Yeah, gotta hate those bullies (Latin America, the Middle East and now Ukraine) … we sure know how to bully, don’t we? I can’t believe how confident you are that we’re the ONLY ones in the world the world fears; that China wouldn’t react … I’m curious how you’ll handle the day they occupy Taiwan and we do nothing about it. Now that will be interesting, because it’s only a matter of time. What are we going to do, fight another proxy war? How’s that working for us in Ukraine?

      On another note, regarding a capitalism meme on FB today, I wrote this: “Most of our parents (my generation) were single income families … by the time I was married and had kids, we were 2 income families, whether the mother and father both worked or one of them worked 2 jobs. I’m 66. My wife will be 62 next week. We both still work and only have our 2 dogs with us. The progression of capitalism has been disastrous to families and especially what was the middle class … while the wealthy in America have had skyrocketed(ing) increases in their wealth. It goes on today.

      This couldn’t be more obvious, but in the United States of Dumbfuckistan, it doesn’t register. Why? Because we are Dumbfuckistan. No, Charlie. No smiley face.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “Capitalism” is not the cause of those changes and was not the reason women started joining the work force. I was raised in a two worker family, and I am older than you.

        But you, like all narrow minded people, create a bogey man to blame for everything and then you ride it until it collapses from exhaustion. Or until you get your revolution that kills millions.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I find the Webster definition of capitalism a little interesting. The older definitions do not include corporate ownership. Since corporations are “privately owned” anyway. Me thinks that some politics has seeped into the Webster review boards.

        capitalism noun

        cap·​i·​tal·​ism | \ ˈka-pə-tə-ˌliz-əm , ˈkap-tə- \
        Definition of capitalism
        : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

        As I have said before, Capitalism requires Freedom/Liberty and visa versa.

        • Capitalism requires freedom is an oxymoron. In America, it’s 2 for the price of 1. Capitalism precludes freedom. The greater wealth distribution, the less freedom for those at the bottom (now to include the so-called middle class). It’s over, fellas. Corporations won … they won bigly … El Swampo Drainer didn’t help the problem with his extra tax breaks, he exacerbated it. Capitalism is the exploitation of the working class for the benefit of the few. It won’t change here because it’s already too late. So it goes.

      • Charlie says: ” we sure know how to bully, don’t we?”….This is your answer? I was not talking about the US…just saying that is what China is doing and that is all they can do to us…..everybody knew they were not going to shoot down Pelosi…they would have ceased to exist. The movement of the Carrier fleet into the South China Sea was enough. ( I do not know whose idea it was, certainly not Bidens) but it was a great move. It did not deter China from having their war games and live fire exercises nor should it have….but it let China know to “sett;e down boy”….and they did. They threw a tantrum and what was tantamount to a child throwing toys but that is all they could do without risk of being made into a parking lot.

        Now, I do not expect you to go back for the last 12 or 14 months and read what I have been saying about Taiwan….I will break it down for you. I am amazed that China has not moved onto Taiwan at the same time Putin moved on Ukraine…..many times I have said, were I in charge of China, I would have already moved onto Taiwan. Of course, they are going to move on to Taiwan shortly but that is not a fault of the US. I do not know what is taking them so long. There will be no military response from the US nor should there be. We will scream a lot….pound our fist on the table but that is all it will a mount to….there is no strategic objective for the US.

        I also said the same about Ukraine….it is a European problem not a US problem and I have not changed my mind. Just note this: No one made a move during Trump. Like it or not, he was viewed as a loose cannon. They were legitimately afraid of him and they still are….just like the Dems and you are afraid of him and for the life of me…I wonder why. He is done, in my opinion. I still do not think he gets the nomination.

        Where we do have a problem and and three Presidency’s did nothing…China took over the Sprately Islands and established deep water submarine bases there….we should have stopped that but we did not. China has further taken and occupied two Eastern uninhabited Islands of the Philipines…..we stood by and did nothing. China now owns both ends of the Panama Canal….and again we have done nothing. All three of these moves are extremely strategic….and we sucked our collective thumbs. We will pay a steep price for this if there were military confrontation.

        You seem to be worried about nukes….you should be. They are dangerous….you could get hurt playing with these toys. Russia’s nuke capacity is 1/3 of its original size….but what the hell, it only takes one. China’s nuke capacity is not large either but what the hell, it only takes one. Our nuke capacity is 2/3 of what it once was…we could hardly blow out a candle but….what the hell it only takes one. NO ONE…….repeat…..NO ONE wins in a nuke war….absolutely no one. Neither country….China, Russia, nor the US has a first strike capability to know out response…no one simply wins.

        Our weapon is capitalism. China needs the US. No one else including Europe and Russia combined has the buying power that we have and China knows this. They have sold out to money….and corporations. Pretty simple actually….

        So, quit crying chicken little. Grab some popcorn and watch what is about to happen…..Even Soros and Buffet are going to be surprised.

  12. I also wonder what mouth-breather would buy ANYTHING from Alex Jones … $800,000.00 a day this mutant “earned” with his bullshit InfoWars program … it’s almost as big as scam as his BFF, Bunker Boy, who bilked his supporters for $250,000,000 on a fugazi (fake) “defense fund” … Only in America … the land of opportunity! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I suspect his money was made via advertising and sale of customer data. Just like all the other internet talking heads.

      Keep in mind that about 25% of the people in this country can be found supporting almost any hair brained idea, theory or person. So there is that, and 25% could create quite an income stream.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Everything is just fine. The D’s will hold the house and make gains in the Senate. All because everything is just fine, don’t ya know! This economic news added to the soon to be passed Inflation Reduction Act will make us all happy and line up to keep the big blue machine in power. Happy Days folks!

    Yes, I was, in case you had any real doubts.

    • Well, you’ll still have your ass backwards Supreme Court to pull you through … isn’t it great we’re going backwards while the rest of the world moves forward? Stand up for 1887 America! 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You just keep on going forward, over the cliff. I will stay on firmer ground if you don’t mind.

        Nice Passive Aggressive move for so early in the day. What’s the matter? Forget to have a second cup of coffee?

        • Your terra firma has been shaky for decades, but these days it seems the chickens have come home to roost. I can’t wait for the rube party to criminalize contraception. Talk about not seeing the consequences … all those welfare cases … 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Allow me to play the game as you have defined it.

            So Charlie supports a Welfare State, then uses the threat of potential increased use of that system to justify killing babies. So how long before his dystopian govt decides to force the killings in order to balance its budgets?

  14. Ok Charlie…..I have done quite a bit of available to me research on this guy….Orban. quite an individual trained and educated under Soros Universities, close ally’s with Putin, has established and runs a country disguised as a Democratic country but is nothing more than a petty dictator about on the same level as the Old Man Fidel.

    So, I post several things that were sourced directly to left sites and your response is because I posted facts from left leaning sites, then somehow, I support his? Wow.

    So, you worry about his take on gays, lesbians, and the alphabet soup of the different organizations and because he was invited ( I would not have done this ) to CPAC, then you surmise that all conservatives think like him…….you should be ecstatic in this because the conservatives invited a person who trained and learned under the same systems you love. At least that is what the postings I pout out there seem to indicate.

    Well, I am a conservative….I could care less about who or what is gay, lesbian, or alphabet soup. Each to their own. They are individuals and have the same rights as anyone else. I am unaware of any conservative movement taking those rights away. The same in marriage,,,,who cares who marries whatever. I do not and neither do the friends that I have. You will find that a majority of the conservative party does not spout of platitudes of Christianity. Most of do not care what you wish to worship or not worship. But this guy Orbon does not play well with others but he also does not walk in lock step with anyone either except Putin and that ideology. The fact that he does not “Kow Tow” to the EU is really pretty funny. He wants to be independent….cool beans. But, I do have a problem with his philosophy and he would not get my vote.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    I was going to post some thoughts on the Alex Jones civil trial this morning. But this fella, at RedState, has done a good job so I will just post his article.

    Additional thoughts. My wife and daughter were in a serious accident a few years back while visiting D.C.. They have long term neck pain issues as a result. Which will require long term medical care on a periodic basis. There was a lawsuit filed to get enough to cover existing and future expenses. No effort at “suffering” or the impact to the family resulting from having members unable to function completely. The lawyers pushed them to use “binding arbitration” to more quickly close the case ( it has been three years since this started). Otherwise they said it would be another three years before they could get to court. This was late last year by the way. The arbitrator issued a decision last month. Wife and daughter each got about $50 k in damages. This money was then used to pay the arbitrator, lawyers, insurance companies and finally outstanding medical bills, not covered by the insurance. After the first three were paid, we actually had to write a check to cover part of the outstanding bills. The award did NOT cover all of the expenses. And did NOT cover any future expenses.

    So color me a little tainted, but actual long term physical injury gets squat while people who have had no direct injury to them get millions, because they were offended by this Jack Ass’s commentary, is offensive to me.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In ’84 a Canadian fell asleep at the wheel and hit us in VT. Sent us into the end of a guard rail at 65 mph. Flipping us 4 times. Lucky we landed each time on the guardrail before going down the interstate embankment in 3 feet of snow. The now ex’s injuries were a fractured skull, dislocated jaw, 6 broken vertebrae in her back, damage to her right arm and shoulder, broken femur and a crushed knee. EMS had to cut her out of the car. I was in the passenger seat and wound up with 3 crushed discs in my back and a minor fracture in my neck besides multiple cuts and contusions. The VT State Police let the Canadian go and it took several years for the Mounties to track him down. In the meantime the wife was out of work but paid by IBM soon to be disabled if she didnt return in some capacity. Me it took 4 surgeries to be able to walk again.
      The EMS crew forgot to strap the board Joan was attached to so when the ambulance did a u-turn she slid off the bench and did a face plant on the ambulance floor. The medical center refused to admit me, said theres a hotel across the street, stay there. Now I’m in shock, a blizzard is now raging outside. The medical center destroyed all our records from there. They released the wife in two days. The further medical center at the University of VT almost killed her with the combinational affect of drugs. They proclaimed she’d not live through the year and refused to approve a second opinion, required by our health insurance if you wanted to be compensated. I on my own found a research group at Mass General in Boston. They did the correct diagnosis GRATIS and once we got the drugs out of her system shes been symptom free and still above the grass after 42 years.

      The break fixes were just that. Once surgeries done and healing we were generally OK.

      It took 10 years to settle all the claims. The Canadian once found and deposed and his narcolepsy shown as a known medical problem they settled immediately, but he had minimum insurance around $30K Canadian. We had to sue our own company. That is what took years.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrr!! Some people should just be put out to pasture with all the OTHER old Jack Asses. Talk about a fundamental lack of knowledge about business and economics. Good freaking grief:

    “I hate stock buybacks,” Schumer added. “I think they are one of the most self-serving things that corporate America does. Instead of investing in workers and in training and in research and in equipment, they don’t do a thing to make their company better and they artificially raise the stock price by just reducing the number of shares. They’re despicable. I’d like to abolish them.”

    The irony of course is that Mr. Schumer and all his crony friends are guilty of “self-serving” every day. Only their servings come from the tax payers. They are not earned by providing services to customers. Mr. Schumer is not the only idiot quoted in the story. So here is the whole thing. Enjoy your heartburn:

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Let the Record show that I have released about 18 messages from the Kraken’s grasp. They were all related to the prior article, in case ya’ll wanted to know. Many are duplicates, I think. The Colonel and T-Ray may have posted them more than once, with one going to Spam. V.H. had one in there as well.

    By the way, what is it with you guys and SPAM? Thought you would have moved on to real meat by now. 🙂

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Many years ago I read John Rawl’s “A Theory of Social Justice”. This was the tablet from the mount that got the whole “Social Justice” BS rolling. I never finished the book because very early on he defended his “theory” by creating a hypothetical which was false. It lacked any real world connection to human behavior, for example.

    Well here I see another claim which seems to “justify” the opinions which follow, and which is demonstrably FALSE. Just as Rawls was then.

    “Mass incarceration hasn’t made us any safer, yet it persists, exacting enormous societal, moral, and economic costs. ”

    All data shows that the increase in incarcerated violent criminals coincided with a decline in violent crime. But of course as you read the article you find the real motivations:

  19. KAC….y’all made the news again with pictures this time…..I saw your million dollar mansions in the mountains with helipads and Californians snapping them up. We have migrants from the south…you have them from the west.

  20. Re: DeSantis running for president….NO!

    He’s doing a fine job in Florida. We need more DeSantis type governors..50 of them. We need strong states. The federal government is rotten no matter who is in charge.

    however…Trump 2024!

    • S. Kent Troy says:

      DeSantis as VP. We NEED 12 years to straighten this mess out. Had Reagan dumped Bush and given us Jack kemp as VP in term 2 we would NOT be where we are today. What a damned CURSE to have a memory!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        DeSantis should stay as Gov. for four more years, unless he wants to run this time.

        If Mr. Trump runs he needs a different VP. If he runs and is elected, his VP will lose political capital. Mr. DeSantis can maintain his by staying in Florida and then taking the WH for 8 yrs. You still get 12 yrs to clean up the mess. Although it will take more like 20 yrs, like I said over ten years ago.

        • DeSantis is a wannabe Trump stormtrooper who will speed the plow into turning America into the fascist nation it is quickly becoming. Either way, DeSantis or Trump, the country will continue to debase itself and became the laughing stock of the world. 🙂

    • Not to worry, Anita, my love. Trump is going to a federal prison. 🙂

      • Keep dreaming Charlie. If they could have had Trump in prison, he would have been in prison long before now. The crazy people are going down one by one. We got rid of one here in Michigan last Tuesday. Peter Meijer, R, voted to impeach Trump…gone! Can’t wait for next Tuesday when Liz Cheney will be gone. Kinzinger…not even running again. I think you underestimate how many people…real everyday people… appreciate Trump. You want to see a REAL insurrection? FAFO. 🙂

        • Anita, my love … Meijer was one of the last “sane” Republicans you guys had … now you have the Republican Nazi Party … those in Weimar back in the day were also very enthusiastic of the original Hitler … you know not what you’re asking for … but it’s too late anyway … if Trump is banished via conviction and his wannabe candidates are defeated in the general election, you’ll stand a small chance of recovery, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I think the Republican Nazi Party will still be there in the end. A smaller and smaller part of the overall population that will go down swinging, just like America is now.

          • S. Kent Troy says:

            I don’t wanna upset your tin hat but just WHO was it who asked tor 10,000 Guardsmen to be on call at teh Capitol in case there was trouble? Biden? Pelosi, Schiff, Bowser, Schumer? Then again there is always Ray Epps, you know him, probably your first cousin.

  21. JAC for Pres….the Colonel for Defense sec……T Ray for sec of state….then turn us loose.

  22. Walt Whitman: ‘This is what you should do: love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have patience and indulgence toward the people, take off your hat to nothing known or unknown or to any man or number of men … re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss what insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem’.

  23. Hopefully, you guys know who Bacevich is … hopefully.

    • S. Kent Troy says:

      Know of him well, good friend to my son like Dave Hackworth, who I hope you DO know of, he sees things through a non neo-con, neo lib prism. Never agreed with everything he said but agreed with a great deal. Unlike you however, I hear everything he said in the interview, not just the parts you agree with.

      Lost his only son in Iraq who sought a waiver to join .

      • It’s good you know of him. Brilliant guy. Very religious (where I’d part with him), but very realistic view of American foreign policy, the never ending blunders and a much more pragmatic and realistic view of the American military than most who justify our current foreign policy and myths of the American military.

        • My friend…until you wear the boots, you have no say.

          • 🙂 That’s a pretty pathetic argument, my brother. Not taking anything away from those who actually went to war, but the results kind of speak for themselves. Men are men. American, Libyan, Iraqi, Vietnamese, etc. Those who go to war for whatever reason, are no different than one another, except (I suspect) for those defending a homeland versus those invading. The difference, again I suspect, being those defending have more of a reason to fight. The American military may have the hardware others don’t have (and in some cases may not have the hardware others may have), but that doesn’t seem to change the results. Sooner or later, when ANY soldier feels he’s fighting a pointless war, they’re more likely than not, to lose incentive. I imagine the same thing would’ve been said about Vietnamese communist solders dropped into Brooklyn or Texas, eventually realizing they can’t win and are being slaughtered for nothing. There’s ZERO doubt in my mind that those who send men to war (from any country) are the true war criminals and those, with very rare exceptions, are never held to account. People are people. Men are men. Soldiers are soldiers. Put any of them into an impossible situation that quickly becomes an obvious blunder and/or purposeless, and you don’t need to wear the boots to figure out why they lose heart. Americans are no different than any other peoples … and it doesn’t take playing football to know football. The same goes for wars. You don’t have to wear the boots to know when your chain has been jerked and you’ve been left out to dry. See Jon Steward having to fight the Republican Nazi party over something as obvious as veterans needs for medical treatment for the injuries and diseases they were gifted from illegal, immoral OR justifiable wars (the last of which, I believe was WWII).

            • Just A Citizen says:


              One does not, nor can they, know football if they never played it. You and I understand football at a far different level than those who only watched. No matter how close they got to the field or how long they watched or how many they talked to. You know that as well as I do.

              Not serving does not preclude one from commenting on the right or wrong of any particular war. That is true and serving should not be used as a criteria for stifling speech. Nor necessarily on its conduct. Although that is now getting into the gray zone, so to speak. If one is going to criticize the conduct of a particular war then they should objectively look at all the factors leading to that conduct. It is not necessarily military failure, but political failure, that leads to presumed defeat.

              Furthermore, the issues of whether our political leaders use the military properly does not take away from its capability. It only restrains its actual effectiveness, not its potential.

              • Some good points, JAC. What I’m saying is the solider him or herself, from ANY country, is no better or worse than the training they receive and how THEY act under war conditions. All armies have potential. None more so than others. I used to believe the IDF was an exceptional army until I read enough to realize there were and are cowards in their army, as well as war criminals and butchers. It’s the blind faith of believing one is better than the other (always programmed) that leads to the disasters we often found ourselves in.

                I do disagree about football, however. Great motivators do NOT need to have been football players. Nor does the strategy need to come from playing. There are basics to any sport and one need not be a specialist to succeed in any sport. Vince Lombardi took a high school BASKETBALL team that was incredibly short on a talent pool to a state Championship. All he did was read a book on the basics. The system may frown on it, but that’s to the system’s detriment.

                • Just A Citizen says:


                  You misunderstand my comments about football. It is true that someone can Coach, Manage or motivate a team without having played.

                  I am saying that unless they played they do not understand the whole game, as ex-players understand it. There is more to the “understanding of the experience” than X’s and O’s or leadership skills.

                  Let me put it another way. No one can appreciate what it is like having their bell rung unless they have experienced it.

                  I also disagree with this comment: ” It’s the blind faith of believing one is better than the other (always programmed) that leads to the disasters we often found ourselves in.” First, I am not so sure there is as much “blind faith” as you allude to. It is true that arrogance gets people killed. Just ask the 7th Cavalry. Anyone entering any kind of battle, military or otherwise who believes they are better but tries to rely on that believe alone is more than likely going to get beaten. It has not been this “blind faith” in our militaries superiority that has caused problems in my opinion. It is more the blind faith of political leaders who think our way is the only way and that others just need to be “converted”.

                  As with many other things in life, you cannot save someone from themselves if they do not want to be saved. It is true for addicts and it is true for other countries/cultures/societies.

  24. Don’t forget to contribute to his defense fund. Alex needs you now. 🙂

    • S. Kent Troy says:

      You make the stupid presumption that we, like you, marchinlockstep.

      • But you do. There’s not a single one of you who doesn’t. Maybe the Colonel, but not on the bigger issues. You guys couldn’t be more of a collection of sheep. It’s always the democrats fault and the only difference between both parties is a dirty public hair.

        • S. Kent Troy says:

          As the late Duke might say, “not hardly pilgrim”.

          • Quoting a proud racist. Perfect. 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:

              LIAR. Your passive aggressive style is obvious and obnoxious.

              • Isn’t it a FACT that John Wayne was a racist? And isn’t it a FACT that you just quoted him? There’s nothing passive aggressive about it, Hojo. 🙂

                • Just A Citizen says:


                  NO! It is not a fact he was racist. He in fact married three ladies of Hispanic decent. Wayne married three times — first to Josephine Alicia Saenz, then to Esperanza Baur , and lastly to Pilar Pallete

                  You are probably using his one comment about Negroes voting as some proof of racism. But his view was not far different from many going back to emancipation. And that comment does not indicate any “racism” per se. He worked with “Black” actors and I have never seen anything derogatory from them.

                  That is why Mr. King and the other leaders of the day were so forceful in their argument that education be equally accessible. And the argument that people should be educated before they could vote has not always been limited to “Black” people. It was also used to keep “poor white trash” from voting as well.

                    • Just A Citizen says:

                      I can see how using your lens of today, combined with your own bias, you might make that conclusion. But I do not and I reject that as proof of RACISM itself. Not that kind of “racism” we think of today. The Jim Crow variety, where in Black people are put down, beaten, subjugated, harassed, killed, etc. just because of their color.

                      Lets look at the most inflammatory quotes. ““I believe in white supremacy,” he said, and spoke harshly about African Americans, saying, “We can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks.” What is missing from this was his linkage of the need for education to bring blacks along in our society. Due to Jim Crow the education of many was greatly lacking. It also ignores what was happening at the time that probably spurred that comment. Black Panthers calling for Black take over of America ring a bell?

                      Now let us assume that he was somewhat of a racist. So what? Does that change anything about things he said, or believed that were true or good? The correct answer is NO. Would Hitler be wrong to claim the moon circles the earth, just because he was a racist? Would you be wrong to quote him on that? The correct answer is NO to both questions.

                      Calling out historical figures as racist or some other derogatory thing, during discussion or debate is nothing but an attempt to hijack the discussion or end it all together. It is in fact a form of logical fallacy when used by many. And to try and equate racism onto someone quoting such a figure, when the quote has nothing to do with race is downright obnoxious.

                    • Just A Citizen says:


                      I found this after posting my comments. It contains a more “in context” coverage of Wayne’s comments to Playboy. Like I said, I have a hard time simply calling all this “racism” outright.


                    • Just A Citizen says:


                      Here is one more piece of information. Which I think is important to understanding the comments.

                      In December 2018, Wayne’s youngest son, Ethan Wayne, President of John Wayne Enterprises, told Fox News he was aware of negative statements made against his father due to his racist remarks. He insisted Wayne’s beliefs have been misunderstood over the years.

                      “He wanted to work with people who earned their place,” the 56-year-old explained. “He didn’t think anybody should get a job because he was a man, because she was a woman, because they were gay, because they were straight, because they were Chinese, African-American or Mexican. He thought you should get a job because you were the right person to do that job. Because you had skill and talent and you would show up and get the job done. He didn’t care what you were.

                      “Somebody, a Latina representative up in Sacramento, shot down a bill for John Wayne Day because he was racist. [But] he was married to three Latin women. It’s just crazy how things get blown out of proportion because he was really an open, caring, loyal, supportive man.”

                    • I couldn’t reply to your direct statements. When you say you believe in White Supremacy, that pretty much rules you out as a non-racist in my book. He wanted people to “earn” the jobs, etc., well, that pretty much denies the institutional racism that continues to this day in America (I won’t go off on a rant about that, although I’m pretty sure you’ll deny it). I love most of his movies (especially Big Jake), and i don’t hold it against him as regards his craft, but I do hold his bigoted opinions against him. Maybe he didn’t know how to express himself better, but he sure picked the wrong choice of words if he didn’t.

            • S. Kent Troy says:

              Everybody is F&&&&&G racist, including you. You can’t help it, you are white. Ergo, you are a racist and can NEVER be anything else. Determinism. Ask Al Sharpton or one of the BLM leaders sunning themselves by the million dollar pool in the million dollar house.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Reading headlines this AM caused me to wonder.

    What if Elon Musk is sneakier than we think. What if Twitter is able to enforce his purchase via Court Order? Who is going to be able to blame him for taking over Twitter if a Judge rules that he has to do it, regardless?

    Meanwhile, Twitter has to air its dirty laundry. Making Musk’s potential future moves of cleaning house all the more justified.

    I know. That is a lot of prognostication and frankly, wishful thinking.

    • Oh…JAC…..Musk did not get where he was by being stupid. He is very smart. Your prog is not far off. He has already allocated the resources to buy. There are objectives in business just like objectives in the military. One thing that I brought to our family business from my military background is strategic thinking and it has served us well. Take this new bill passed yesterday. The left has done us a great service. No business is going to pay more taxes. Business was never in jeopardy of losing its deductions. It was all all smoke and mirrors for the left…..depreciation and accelerated depreciation remain in place. That is pure cash flow. The new alternative minimum tax is not going to hurt business….they will simply pass the cost onto the consumer. It is only logical. What no one realizes……taxes are tax deductible if they are a cost. So to placate business, costs are still tax deductible. Just like property taxes, unemployment taxes, federal unemployment taxes, sales tax…..all are still deductible. So, the Dems raise an alternative tax, which increases costs to consumers, then allows a deduction, which increases cash flow to the business. The Dems, and the left, keep their big donors happy…..pass on the costs to the middle and lower class and keep them dependent upon government…….the perfect socialist play book. The other thing they did not do, was eliminate off shore accounting. They also did not eliminate the China connections with the NBA nor business manufacturing… if you remember, I mentioned all of this months ago…..and started the preparations because of it. So, we are not surprised by it and neither is any business. The only people surprised by it are the uninformed.

      My point is, do not under estimate Musk. He also know how to plan.

  26. Just A Citizen says:


    My brother from another mother, I have a serious question. Wounded Warrior Project???

    Your take please.

    I am getting ready to write a check but would like your feedback before I do.


  27. Just A Citizen says:

    I believe Mr. Greenwald capture the truth quite succinctly.

    At the same time, Mr. Trump was found staring into the headlights when his 3:00 a.m. phone call came.

    • Love that you’re quoting Greenwald now. The same way Darth was condemned by the phonies in the Democratic Party, Greenwald is now considered a Putin asset, etc., by the same phonies. The democrats funding MAGA candidates proves just how absolutely corrupt to the core our system is (and how fucking stupid the DEMS are). While claiming MAGA candidates are a threat to democracy, they fund them with the wishful thinking they are easier to defeat in general elections (completely ignoring 2016). I wish both parties a one way flight to the moon since they are absolutely USELESS here on earth. I’m a huge Greenwald fan, by the way. I don’t even mind Tucker Carlson attempting to use him on his propaganda show. He used to be welcomed on CNN and MSNBC, but I suspect the day Greenwalk made an ass out of Bill Maher over the Muslim issue, he became persona non grata to those Democratic Party shills.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Agreed. Friend of mine the other day went off on Johnathan Turley as a “Republican Conservative who supported Trump”.

        I pointed out that Mr. Turley has been a lifelong “Democrat” and critic of much of prior Republican presidents and Congress, on Constitutional Issues. But because he has argued that the D’s are out in left field on many legal issues today he is now a “Republican or worse, a Trumpster”.

        That is why your own hyperbole and ad-hominem is so irritating. It mirrors the behavior of those you criticize.

        P.S. I have quoted and cited Mr. Greenwald for many years. Apparently you were not paying attention. But I do not always agree with his take. I do appreciate his apparent honesty in his opinions and analysis.

        • I suspect the issue with Trump and law order is more than obvious The man has been a self-serving criminal his entire life. As for the hyperbole and ad-hominem being so irritating, I think you have to reread some of yours and others comments to me. I don’t mind the pluto stuff, but some of the other stuff is garbage. Anyway, I hope we agree that both parties are owned and paid for by corporations and the wealthy and that alone should make everyone suspicious of any policies set by them.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Re: Mr. Trump. Self serving? Of course. Aren’t you and I and everyone?

            Criminal? I have seen no evidence of such. Unethical, by my standards, on several occasions, but not criminal. You cannot blame him for a judge granting him protection under the bankruptcy laws. You would have probably done the same if you were in his shoes.

            P.S.; I think the efforts to hang a “crime” on him over valuations provided in loan applications is B.S.. You can make technical arguments if you like but we all know the valuations used by the Banks are the ones they pay someone to provide them. It is called an “appraisal”. I know several folks who make a living doing this. Now show me evidence he bribed and appraiser and I will get on your “criminal” bandwagon.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh, this is so timely given the return of our protagonist.

    • Just A Citizen says:
      • How I hate to ruin your Sundays … 🙂

        • What a crock of BS. Look it up in the NOAA databases, hurricanes, floods drought, tornadoes are not more severe. The correlation between temperature increase and CO2 concentration has been broken for the last 20 years. The IPCC even admits this. Not a single prediction of the AGW crowd has come true. The earth is in fact greening with the increase in CO2. This means larger crop yields and a shrinking Sahara.

          Charlie, for your information, I do fully understand the physics of the green house effect. I have studied, measured, and published the high and low resolution spectra CO2 and other gases including CO, N2O, HNO2, methane, ethane, propane, butane, ethylene, etc. CO2 and the other gases play a minor role in the green house effect. Water is the major player and we have no chance of ever controlling it. Even the greenies admit that if we stopped burning all carbon fuels today, the net result would be under half a degree centigrade reduction in temperature by the end of the century. But the cost would be trillions of dollars that could have been used on engineering solutions that might actually work. This does not include the cost in lives, poverty, economic decline and freedom.

          I worked in the energy industry for forty years. I have watched one fad after another come and go. I listened to a young scientist in the Exxon Research cafeteria explain how he was going to make solar cells so cheep that metering the electricity produced would be a waste of money. He is still at it but is now a professor at UC Berkeley. Technology that works does not take 40 years to become economically viable. Solar and wind are a waste of money and resources. Our best option is nuclear. It is capitol intensive to build but cheap to operate and the safest form of energy we have. It emits no CO2.

          The world may be warming, but it is not because of man’s combustion of fossil fuels.

        • I will try this again, my first comment did not show up. This guy knows what a lot of us know, that the SUN is the major driving factor of our climate. Yes, that big yellow ball in the sky effects our climate more than anything else does. He also sites peer reviewed articles to back up his positions.

  29. S. Kent Troy says:

    Going to start something new here. Finished three books last month, all worth the read. # 1 was “1916”. Historical fiction with a full complement of real characters on the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland of which I knew quite little. Now know a whole lot more. The “strategy” of the rising was so flawed on so many levels. Reminded me of the NVA “Tet” offensive when the people did not join in.

  30. JAC…I answered your post about Musk but it is in purgatory.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Done. Read it and I agree. Income tax is not deductible. But I noticed the new tax on buyback is not an income tax. It is being called an “excise tax”. That is pure legalese my friend. It is in fact a SALES TAX and they know it. Which is NOT ALLOWED by the Constitution. Anyway, as you say, sales tax and excise taxes are deductible.

  31. The New Hero of the Republican Nazi Party … Viktor Orban cheered at CPAC. 🙂

  32. S. Kent Troy says:

    Book # 2 for July. “Thank You For Your Service” a tough read not for the faint of heart . The author follows six Iraq vets in the three years after they returned from multiple deployments in the same battalion and their efforts to get back to some sense of normalcy. The Happy faces you often see on the commercials for helping the vets disguise what you don’t see when the cameras are off. As a bit of an amateur military historian and almost psychologist, when I heard of guys going back for a third, fourth or fifth tour, something NEVER seen before in our military, I knew there would be trouble. One can only see so much.

    • Looks interesting. I’ll get it.

    • Then ask someone who voluntarily fought 6 tours in three wars. If you want truth.

      • S. Kent Troy says:

        I’ve known three combat vets well, one a good friend’s Dad who was a Marine at Belleau wood in WW 1, two were uncles. I’ve known more from Viet-nam in my cohort who all seemed to have been able to have successful lives and families after their experiences. To say the first group were “changed” by their wars is to put it mildly. The difference today is the “stressors” involved in back to back deployments.

        Junior’s paper at the war College this year seems to be about the effects of that particular stressor vs. previous wars and particularly its effect on the current crop of junior enlisted and junior NCO’s. He, surprisingly, is a big proponent of the draft and ROTC everywhere. Never tires of pointing out that Hal Moore’s battalion in the Ia Drang was composed predominantly of draftees.

        He has thought over the past 22 years of his service on active and reserve duty is that the all volunteer force would break under the right circumstances. I fear, looking at recruiting, he has been correct. Most, if not all, the folks the author has followed “joined” because of the lack of opportunities on the civilian side and to a lesser extent, the prestige (a bad word I know) of donning the uniform.

        One of the great advantages you had was that you stayed and were surrounded by people who had similar experiences and not just thrown to the wolves.

        An interesting point my Dad made during Viet-nam, especially after my cousin came home (ETS’d right out of the war) was that being home IN YOUR HOUSE 24 hours after Viet-nam was never a particularly good idea. On his airbase in England, when the war ended, a large contingent of the Big Red One was assigned waiting for the shipping necessary to bring them home. Dad, always a student of people would sit around and listen to their bull sessions. He called it decompression. He also thought it should be standard for returning vets. Sit around, drink mass quantities of beer and realize that your experiences were shared as well as your nightmares.

        In the book, almost every one of the guy’s interviewed thought they fell far short of the “hero” they were told they would be or were. We, cannot apparently convince them otherwise. Personally, for the past 21 years I have nothing but contempt for the idiots who call this place “the homeland” and who have insisted we call soldiers, citizen soldiers at that “warriors” and those who toss around that “hero” word. All the Medal of Honor ceremonies I have watched read or heard about almost universally contain the comment by the recipient “I was not a hero, the guys who never made it back were the heroes.” Our soldiers are ordinary Americans who have done extraordinary things. They are not Gods and know it. Placing them on that pedestal is one extra burden they don’t need. Two of the interviewees performed dramatic rescues from IED blown up Humvees but left someone behind. One, on his third tour, switched out of his normal shift and carries the guilt over his squad getting blown up without him. I once watched a Viet-nam vet melt down who went home and did not know for 10 years that his Huey went down with his buddies a week after he left. Nobody could ever tell him that had he been there it would not have been “different” that he could have done something to have prevented it. Survivors guilt.

        Thank you for your service seems so trite no matter how well intended. Welcome Home so much better.

        • You carry the ghosts forever. There was no decompression time coming home. I was wounded during my second tour and spent weeks in rehab in Japan. But, as you say, I had friends that 24 to 48 hours later went from camos and weapons to standing at home trying to figure out what happened. When I went to Desert Storm, there was a 30 day down time.

          We volunteered to fight. I stayed in the reserves because I felt I had knowledge to impart. I knew full well I would be called to deploy and I am 74 yoa and still being deployed….this time on my own home turf. In between conflicts, I am a businessman. A successful one or at least successful from MY point of view but still feel I owe my knowledge to the young ones.

          I cannot over emphasize the stressors of combat. I cannot over emphasize the stressors of being in a free fire zone even if no shots are even fired. I cannot over emphasize the stress of being on the border against an enemy better equipped. When you see a vet with a 360 degree gaze, sit with their back to a wall, jump at sudden moves or noises, or even have thoughts on the smell of rain on vegetation or dirt give them some slack. We will talk about our experiences with each other but rarely with “outsiders” and certainly not with media. The unseen victims are the families that live with vets. They have to live through it with them. I live with the ghosts and the dreams… does my spousal unit.

          On top of this, I will say that war and deployment will change you. Here are the words from my first wife when I came home from Vietnam. “ You are not the person I married. You left a happy go lucky guy of 21….you came home an 80 year old man in a broken 23 year old body.” This has stuck with me. Yes, it does change you. So, whenever I see a vet, I go out of my way to say “ Welcome Home “……it is a brotherhood and despite what you see in the media and you hear from left wing bullshit, it does mot matter your skin color you are. We would still share our last drink of water or give blood without question.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Actually some good advice in this piece. Even if it includes some uncalled for snarky comments.

    I have come to think that the Dems believe the only R they can beat is Mr. Trump. Otherwise why would they constantly bring up his name? Keep him in the news and feed into the worst notions of why they are. Thus allowing him ground to fight them on. If they can pump him up, or as an alternative, get a bunch of R’s to run based on the false belief they could win, they will get Mr. Trump as their opponent.

    Notice in this article the author mentions how Mr. Biden “beat him soundly”. I think that is a tell about their mindset.

    But then again, I could be wrong. Or this could be a case of “all of the above”.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    I am shocked that CBS apparently produced a misleading and perhaps outright FALSE report on aid to Ukraine. Shocked, I tell you. OK, maybe not shocked at all. Since the network has a “history”.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    I am in mourning as of this PM. One of my early crushes has passed away, Olivia Newton John.

    • Trust me, I’ve been listening to the Grease soundtrack since I heard the news. And now we get a second gut punch tonight. UGH!

  36. Ray Hawkins says:

    Apologies if this was already posted. I still lurk here time to time – wanted to share that John Elie (US Weapon) has passed away (PTSD). I’d known John for over 30 years.

    • RIP, he has been and will be missed.

    • S. Kent Troy says:

      Not good, not good at all,.

    • Heartbreaking news. I’ll always hold US Weapon in high regard. Rest easy now, John and thank you for everything. 😦

    • Just A Citizen says:

      That news hurts. It really, really hurts.

    • I came here today to make some wisecracks about the raid, and was met instead with this devastating news….. I don’t even know what to say.

      It has been some time since I’d spoken to John… I tried to stay in touch after he stopped posting here, but he never really seemed inclined to re-engage. I wish I’d tried harder. I wish I’d gotten to know him better.

      What a tragic loss. He was a man who wanted to do good and who valued kindness. He was open and evenhanded and intellectually honest. This is, as many of you will know, perhaps the highest praise I can offer of a man.

      I often disagreed with him – but never once did my respect for him falter in the slightest. I wish his family well in this time of grief.

    • May he rest in peace. My condolences to his loved ones.

      • Very sorry to hear this myself. I met John and his wife in 2006 in a North Carolina hotel. I was down there meeting up with a former band mate from high school to play drums in a Blues festival in Cape Fear. We got to talking outside and agreed on a quite a few things. I wasn’t the devout socialist I am today and had voted for GWB twice (to my never-ending shame, now in retrospect). We did not agree politically, but he always seemed the gentlemen, even when I pissed him off. Again I’m very sorry to hear this.

  37. S. Kent Troy says:

    Mueller investigation NOTHING, Two Impeachments NOTHING, January 6th Investigation NOTHING. Now an FBI raid. Maybe Bernie Kerick was not far off the mark last night when he suggested Trump use private security plus Secret Service because a Booth/Oswald may be in the wings !

    • Your idea of NOTHING is amusing. AG Barr, the guy who bailed Trump out more than once, and later said his voter fraud claims were “BULLSHIT”, politicized the shit out of the DOJ. Garland isn’t moving fast enough for moi. I look forward to seeing Bunker Boy in cuffs if the DOJ or George AG or NY AG (there are so many! what fun!!!!) find the stones to indict him (the evidence, just like OJ, is overwhelming). All that said, I sincerely hope you guys don’t start taking these knucklehead “civil war” calls to arms too seriously. One would think the Knucklehead Revolution was more than enough to put such stupidity to bed, but uh-uh, not when it comes to Trump supporters. They’re gonna fight that imaginary war in their heads for their despicable leader to the last knucklhead.

      • They better come up with something to justify a raid without a subpoena…..if they fail to indict Trump, then what they have done is far worse than anything on Jan 6……Imwill be silent until there is proof positive. And proof positive will be an indictment…..without it, it means a political hit job.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Like I said, N_O_T_H_I_N_G. I doubt even Nixon was investigated for as long and for so much. Sad part is that even checking on him as a schoolboy never turned up the “dirt” and bullying that old squeeky clean Biden and Romney were guilty of.

        • What about Biden & Romndy. What a defense!

          So, are you going to go to civil war of Bunker Boy? I know you haven’t watched the NOTHING the January 6 committee uncovered already. Maybe his call to Rafensburger in Georgia was NOTHING TOO! And that NY AG surely is on a witch hunt, especially son Eric took the 5th 500 x’s … Remember what Bunker Boy said about taking the 5th (or was that fake news with a DJ clone?) … “if you take the 5th, you’re guilty” Bunker Boy’s words. N-O-T-H-I-N-G my ass. 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Why did Rafensburger publicly state he was NOT being intimidated by Mr. Trump and did NOT feel threatened? Oh, but months later he turns 180 degrees. Mmmmmmmm.

            So now explain how your criticism of Mr. Trump calling people guilty for taking the 5th comports with you calling Eric Trump et al guilty for taking the 5th??? Please explain yourself.

            Oh, pointing out the hypocrisy of something, like lack of DOJ criminal charges for similar offenses by a Democrat, is not what about ism. You and many others misplay this fallacy card quite often.

            What about ism’ is a fallacy when used to defend an argument or position. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the DOJ, or at a minimum their inconsistency, is not the same. Claiming Mr. Trump was justified in keeping records because other did, that would be a fallacy.

            • “Why did Rafensburger publicly state he was NOT being intimidated by Mr. Trump and did NOT feel threatened? Oh, but months later he turns 180 degrees. Mmmmmmmm.”

              Good lord, where do you get your information? Or maybe you’re misinterpreting what the man said? He wasn’t intimidated but felt he had to record the phone call because the harassment was non-stop. Bunker Boy continues to this day to try and overturn state elections. When will YOU realize you’ve been played, brother? The man is making a fool out of his followers. Tell me you didn’t send him any money! 🙂

              So now explain how your criticism of Mr. Trump calling people guilty for taking the 5th comports with you calling Eric Trump et al guilty for taking the 5th??? Please explain yourself.

              Duh … you leave me thinking “duh” … The man (Bunker Boy) calls people who take the 5th “guilty” and somehow doesn’t call his own son guilty. Or himself (because he’ll be taking the 5th in his upcoming deposition in NY as well). Not to mention, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, that ass wipe Flynn, etc. … all took the 5th rather than testify … are they not guilty, Bunker Boy?

              Oh, pointing out the hypocrisy of something, like lack of DOJ criminal charges for similar offenses by a Democrat, is not what about ism. You and many others misplay this fallacy card quite often.

              How ‘bout them Cowboys! And how ‘bout them Democrats! I wish you could read your responses with a more objective mind. You couldn’t be more Republican if you tried … but I’m sure you’ll tell me you’re not. 🙂

              What about ism’ is a fallacy when used to defend an argument or position. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the DOJ, or at a minimum their inconsistency, is not the same. Claiming Mr. Trump was justified in keeping records because other did, that would be a fallacy

              You’re losing me again. If the law states no private servers and you use one, you’re guilty. If the law states you don’t get to keep presidential records and you do, you’re guilty. Both are actual laws. Both should be punished. Again, you can’t resist using the Democrats and their special brand of corruption to justify the Republican brand of corruption. It’s quite comical.

          • Then indict him…..

            • I suspect (and HOPE) they will … and for several crimes, to include: his election crimes in Georgia, his corrupt organization in NY and at least a few federal crimes surrounding January 6 (abuse of power, interfering with a Congressional process, attempt to defraud the United States, inciting an insurrection, sitting on his ass and watching it while he was the ONLY one who could stop it … oh, it’s a long list. 🙂

              • But 81 million votes for someone who couldn’t fill 8 circles in a high school gym is more believable? Bwaaaaahahahahahaha!

              • Until then, he is not guilty of anything. Indict him, try him, and if he is found guilty….he deserves what he gets. If he is found not guilty, then not only is he not guilty….he is innocent. (The two are different)……then, IF, he is proven not guilty and, therefore, also innocent……this would be the real proof of insurrection and a government sanctioned coup attempt on Trump, etal. Would you agree?

                • “Would you agree?” It would mean he’s not guilty. He’s guilty. IF they charge him and actually prosecute him, I’m confident he’ll be found guilty. I don’t trust the DOJ to actually indict him until they do. He’s guilty as the day is long. The evidence is overwhelming. Do you think OJ was innocent? 🙂

          • S Kent Troy says:

            What exactly is this “bunker Boy” shit? What when teh secret Service hustled him below when Antifa was mounting their insurrection or , OR, is it a distraction from the real Bunker Boy Biteme?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I will only say this on this particular topic until we know more.

        Several weeks ago my “liberal” friends starting telling me that Mr. Trump had committed CRIMES for keeping documents. This, after a year or pretty much no discussion on the topic. They made these claims with certainty backed by some talking head lawyers citations.

        So how is it they suddenly raised this particular issue to “hair on fire” status when the rest of us were looking at other things? Like inflation.

        Anyone want to venture on which agency leaked the info. to the right left wing blogs, news sites, etc. that got this circulating?

        Why would they do this?

        Can you spell “Battlefield Preparation”?

        • The ONLY thing I’ll agree with on this topic is that Hillary Clinton should have been held to account over her emails as well. Since I hate both of them about equally, nothing would make me happier than a legitimate investigation into her as well. As for the documents and Trump, my biggest fear is that they’ll use this to keep him from running again and let him off the hook for the shit he pulled regarding the 2020 election/January 6. For that, well, since we seem to enjoy going backwards, he should be hung for treason.

  38. JAC…..I answered SKTs post…but I am in exile.

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