POLITICAL WINDS; Here we go again!

In case you have been in a coma or living in the Arctic, or Antarctic, you should know there is another election coming up very soon. The pundits have been making their hay all summer with predictions of Red Waves and then Blue Waves. Then back again.

We all sit on the edge of our seats hoping, some even praying, that THIS TIME there will be changes that matter. The reality is that there will in fact be changes and they will matter, despite what the Anarchists tell you. The problem is those changes never seem to last. Because the Winds of Change keep changing themselves.

First we get Winds from the Right

Then Winds from the Left

It seems the only constant is that the winds are always blowing. We never get any calm anymore. That period of rest that comes before the next storm. Instead we are just subjected to one storm after another after another…..asking ourselves, will that fat lady ever sing?

Why does this seem to happen in almost predictable cycles? First, Americans have traditionally been kind of passive players. Only getting in the game when the game seems to have finally impacted them. Second, Americans have been more pragmatic in their political voting, not ideological or hard partisans. Most Americans historically didn’t give a hoot about politics. Because they either did not see a connection to their lives or felt they couldn’t make a difference anyway. But as the affect of Government on our daily lives has increased, our participation, voting, has increased. But that “pragmatism” still comes into play. Which is why we see such a large number of Americans claiming “Independent” status rather than choosing a political party.

Now to be fair, part of this is due to the behavior of the Political Parties. As parties become controlled by more ideologically pure types, the more Americans will be driven to the “Independent” group. The more people are driven to be Independents, then the more diverse and unpredictable this group becomes. The more who are in that group the more the forces of change for the sake of change will take over when things are not going well. This works against the ideologically pure. They can never gain control for very long because bad things always happen and when they do those in the middle will call for change once again.

The irony is that these forces or “winds of change” have the effect of moderating the “ideological forces”. As the parties need to moderate to keep the middle ground in order to get and retain power. Thus both parties start to look the same. The more this happens the more we all start complaining about the “Uniparty”. Next thing you know we are packing up and moving back to the “Partisan House”. And the cycle begins all over again.

There are many political science types who believe this is a good thing for the country. It is very hard for any single party to gain permanent control, especially the more ideological it becomes. On the other hand, this tendency of ours never allows us to settle on a political ideology long enough to solve real problems. Instead we keep running from fire to fire with out “pragmatic hose”, dowsing this fire then the next. Never getting them out completely, just subduing them long enough to move on for awhile.

These are my rambling thoughts this morning on the nature of our political elections. There may be some good in them or not. But one thing is for certain. Until we settle on a singular set of principles, values and political beliefs, the Winds of Change will continue to blow.

There is of course one other constant in this. No matter what happens next Tuesday there will be much celebrating, whining, moaning, complaining, prognostication about what happened, why and what it means, predictions about changes to be made, and then the games will begin again. With no rest for the weary American people.


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  2. Good points and further proof that on the most substantive issues (or at least some very substantive issues like War and the support for corporations vs. people/banks vs. people) there is too little difference (if any) between the two parties (corrupt to the core parties).

    “The irony is that these forces or “winds of change” have the effect of moderating the “ideological forces”. As the parties need to moderate to keep the middle ground in order to get and retain power. Thus both parties start to look the same. The more this happens the more we all start complaining about the “Uniparty”. Next thing you know we are packing up and moving back to the “Partisan House”. And the cycle begins all over again.”

    Yes, totally. We cannot vote against War or Wall Street or any corporation with enough clout to own a politician. While we piss money away overseas to an apartheid government like Israel and Israelis have universal healthcare and free education, Americans can eat shit and die. Same goes for this insane proxy war with Russia. Does anyone really think Russia will lose this war? Give it a few seconds if you’re confused. They will continue to send missiles into Ukraine and sooner or later engage in a 10-20 year occupation, at the expense of Ukrainians … because we’re going to “weaken Russia.” When they give up their 6,000 nukes, let me know, because that’s the ONLY time they’ll be weakened. Putin et al, just like our political leaders, couldn’t care less about his people … and nobody seems to care that while we “weaken” Russia, we do it at the Ukrainian people’s expense.

    So, yes, our political system, just like our constitution, needs an overhaul. Good luck with that. Those who wield the power in the U.S. will have a good laugh over your/our efforts.

  3. JAC…you sound like a baby boomer. But you have many good points. I used to be a Texas Democrat (which is to say conservative). But it started to sway to far left. I then switched alliance (I was still young) to the Republican Party until it swayed too far to the right..I finally woke up and there is no allegiance to either party. I am a certified independent now….fiscally conservative, as I have stated many times, and a social moderate, as I have also stated many times. I actually vote the person and I actually take the time to study individual voting records and accomplishments..(I know, weird, huh). If they vote or have the same core beliefs that I have, I do not care if they are republican nor democrat. I do not care what color they are. I do not care, within reason, how old they are. Unfortunately, all politicians lie to feather their nest. Statesmen/women no longer exist.

    What I do not like the most is the demand for either party that you must walk the proverbial line. Both parties expect you to walk their line, therein, compromising principal.

    I also do not like the tone of politics today. The name calling and the “digging up” of things that happened 30 or 40 years ago. I do not like the attempts at changing history. I do not like pronouns. We cannot change what has happened in the past, we can correct it but we need to correct it without name calling and ideology or shaming.

    Yes, the winds of change are never constant…..BUT should they be?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I see you finally made it in the door. Sorry, I was gone all day after posting the article. Ever figure out what was wrong?

      Yes, I am a baby boomer and proud of it. 🙂

      Thought. If the parties were pure then towing the line wouldn’t really be a problem. Parties are the only way for We the People to effectively exercise control/power. But when a Party consists of everyone who believe anything it cannot serve its purpose. So I think TOWING the LINE is a good thing. The question then is “what line”?

      We have shown by history that TWO parties leads to greater stability. On the other hand, having only two parties will not cover the range of core values within the population. Many parties, like Europe, leads to coalitions in order to govern. But then these can fall apart on a weekly basis. Causing all kinds of trouble. Then again, maybe because we are not a “parliamentarian” form of govt. multi parties might work better. But how do you get those parties represented unless the Two Majors start having purity tests?

      It is all so confusing and complicated, not to mention downright frustrating.

  4. I do not like the attempts at changing history. I do not like pronouns. We cannot change what has happened in the past, we can correct it but we need to correct it without name calling and ideology or shaming.

    Yes, the winds of change are never constant…..BUT should they be?

    The only people seeking to change/ignore history are on the right, sir. FACT.

    They winds should represent the will of the people … and good luck with that. Our society has two options, both corrupt to the core, neither with enough of a spine to actually represent the people within their districts (the corporations and special interests paying the freight and awaiting their retirement into the lobby business have way too much pull to upset the applecart). What has become scary (or laughable, depending on how I wake up each morning — I smoke/eat a lot of weed for my insomnia), is how cult-like one party has become and at the total expense of what everyone claims is supposed to be an American Value (democracy). When people running for office tell you they will only certify elections they agree with (i.e., Kari Lake), and people continue to vote for them/her … well, it tells ME the people claiming to be patriots and possess American values are full of shit, full stop. And how to get them off that ledge? 🙂

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Because us right wingers are just such snowflakes buying into BS conspiracy theories. And Adam Schiff is a poor misunderstood dope.

    Well you naysayers can just suck on this for a while.


    Anita: You have listed many concerns you have about the election. This is the KEY ONE for me. This is the major way in which the election was rigged, well let me more accurately say “swayed or influenced”.

    • Oh, please already with this shit. You buy into this BS and you’ll buy into anything … which you do so why am I surprised.

    • One of the biggest sources of disinformation is the government itself.

      • I agree … totally. Does that change the fact the election wasn’t stolen? Does it change the fact he tried to use fake certifications? Does it change the fact he tried to bulldoze Clarke into the AG position? Does it change the fact he watched the capitol riots and did nothing to stop it? Does it change the fact he stole documents? Does it change the fact he’s still desperate to keep his tax returns safe? And yes, Biden is full of shit too. His son should be prosecuted and I’m sure when the GOP takes the house they’ll impeach Biden for it. No problem. The only good think I see coming out of all of this is the flushing of this country down the toilet. We’re racing backwards and with enthusiasm. I can’t wait! I mean that. Socialists are thoroughly enjoying this shit-show.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe the guy who beat Mr. Pelosi while waiting for the Wicked Witch of the West to return home will get “diplomatic immunity”. Since he is apparently not a US Citizen.

    • Oh, no … more illegal immigrants! How did he learn the MAGA mantra then? Does he speak the mother tongue? Was he carrying a socialist workers party card? 🙂 Please.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        It is truly wonderous to watch people on the right twist themselves into knots in order to blame literally anyone except themselves for violence clearly perpetrated by a right winger targeting the most powerful and, arguably, most prominent and demonized Democrat alive.

        If the shoe were on the other foot, SUFA would have literally combusted from the magnitude of sheer outrage. But this was right-on-left violence, so we must find ways to write the perpetrator off as not belonging to (or influenced by) the right.


        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          (2nd attempt since this website is in a mood today, apprently)

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Pick up your flag Pirate because you misapplied it to my post. See how quickly you and Charlie assumed my comment had something to do with claiming the attacker was not aligned with MAGA or some such thing.

          You seem to be claiming this guy is from the “right”. Neither of you has provided any evidence to support such a claim. And neither has any media outlet. As for whether he is MAGA well first we would have to define what that means wouldn’t we.

          Charlie says it is because of QAnon. Well guess what. Everyone who follows the Q are not MAGA, Republicans or right wing. So the claim is not supported. Pointing that out is not a denial of who the guy is or what he believes. It is not an attempt to deny he might agree with me or folks like me. It is simply pointing out a fact.

          The spouted stuff about the elections and such that aligns with many who voted for Trump. Does that make him MAGA? Do all people who agree with the MAGA concept believe the election was rigged? Because the last poll I saw showed about 15% of Democrats also believe it was stolen.

          The guys neighbors say he was aligned with left wing issues until recently. Is pointing this out really denying who he is now? Or is it simply pointing out that we are probably dealing with a crazy person. Which his neighbors also claim he was.

          If the guy was a lefty until the last election but now believes the election stolen based on what he reads, and thinks Nancy Pelosi the devil does this make him truly a member of MAGA? Or are you and others making that assumption because it confirms your own bias about what MAGA entails and who is part of it?

          So maybe it would be more constructive to have an actual conversation with people here instead of this latest tactic of just tossing around accusations about bias, fallacies, and delusions.

          • “So maybe it would be more constructive to have an actual conversation with people here instead of this latest tactic of just tossing around accusations about bias, fallacies, and delusions.”

            Good idea. So, was the election stolen, JAC? Remember, now, no fallacies or delusions … 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:


              YES, it was stolen, if by “stolen” you mean did others conspire to affect the outcome beyond normal debate between the candidates. What you might call the “normal” process. Was it Free and “Fair”? No!

              I use the term “rigged” because that is more accurate than stolen. The latter infers that votes were actually changed or large number of illegal votes counted. While there was a large number of illegal votes counted, there is not evidence those voters were not real or eligible to vote. There is also no proof that has been provided that they were. And that is a problem, don’t you think?

              By rigged I am not claiming voting machines changed votes. I am not claiming that large number of fake voters voted. Although, that may be possible, even if not probable.

              So you tell me Charlie. If your beloved Bills were in a game and winning what would you call it if the Refs suddenly changed the rules and the other team came back and won the game?

              • While there was a large number of illegal votes counted

                Maybe you have the proof 60 courts didn’t find … and Giuliani & Powell NEVER delivered.

                There is also no proof that has been provided that they were.

                Huh? I’m going to assume, the way this country has until the age of Trump, that the votes were legitimate for the simple fact that both parties had overseers and illegal votes were removed (all 12 from Arizona). 🙂

                . If your beloved Bills were in a game and winning what would you call it if the Refs suddenly changed the rules and the other team came back and won the game?

                Who changed the rules? I know the Republicans changed them to count mail ballots in at LEAST one state. What rules were changed that precluded Republicans from accumulating more votes than Biden? Sorry, JAC, I believe you’re just being willfully ignorant on this … and that is worse, to my mind, than being duped. You know better. The other thing you never explain is why did down ballot republicans do so well in 2020? We know one reason, in Georgia and PA a lot of people didn’t vote for President, but voted down ballot.

                • Just A Citizen says:


                  I have provided the proof before. See recent court rulings in PA and WI.

                  Then there were the changes in GA as well.

                  You remain DELIBERATELY ignorant.

                  • All tossed … every single claim Republican justices, some appointed by the Orange Jesus himself, tossed all the bullshit. Or do you think Giuliani forgot it in his hotel room?

            • Who knows? But as time goes on, which side is more vindicated? Hillary already thinks ’24 is stolen, and around we go. Maybe if every side thinks elections are stolen, then elections are stolen. Now what?

          • Right, Q and MAGA have nothing in common … except Trump. 🙂

            • I know, MSNBC … can’t watch it! Poison to MAGA brains. Those videos? Soros! That’s not even Trump! That’s JFK, Jr. … and why aren’t there any kids at those rallies? Because the Dems have kidnapped them all and are drinking their blood in basements in Blue States … and then they have sex with them, when enough blood is drained so they can’t resist. Sure …

              • Just A Citizen says:

                OMG you call that objective journalism?

                By the way, do you even know that the Q story about pedophiles running D.C. was NOT tied to only Democrats? It was not until after a year or two of Trump being in office that the story about him trying to clean it all up came to be on the wider web.

                • “him trying to clean it all up came to be on the wider web.”

                  By wearing one of their pins and claiming, “I know they seem to like me.” 🙂

                  • Just A Citizen says:

                    “By”? First A has noting to do with B. Therefore claiming there is a cause/effect by using the word “By” is completely false.

                    You make no darn sense man.

              • Let’s just say that Q is a Trump fan. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Q thinks there is a pedophilia and child trafficking scam going on in DC. Epstein, anyone? Its not a bad thing to be against that. So why is Q being aligned with Trump so bad?

                • Anita, my love, do you honestly believe democrats are kidnapping children and involved in a sex trade? Don’t say yes, please! How could we ever live together? Q is a cult … as is Trumpism … but if JFK Jr. is still alive and Trump is really still running things, shouldn’t he be blamed for inflation? 🙂

        • It is truly wonderous to watch people on the right twist themselves into knots in order to blame literally anyone except themselves for violence clearly perpetrated by a right winger targeting the most powerful and, arguably, most prominent and demonized Democrat alive.

          heavy sigh!!!!

  7. Just A Citizen says:
  8. Party or cult? 🙂

  9. The Trump of the Tropics … another piece of shit who won’t concede he lost an election. He’s talking to his military? His moronic supporters are blocking roads … reminds me of the New Jersey asswipes who blocked the Garden State a couple years ago with the cars adorned with Trump flags.

    Flush … goes the country … and it’ll be twice as bad in 8 days if/when the MAGA candidates sweep the elections and preclude Democrats from winning the Presidential (as if they need help) in 2024. Kari Lake, a complete psychotic, has already said she won’t accept the results of elections she doesn’t agree with. American Exceptionalism indeed.

  10. Nothing but bullshit, per usual … gay lovers … sweet Jesus, can’t they do any better than this? What am I thinking, their supporters believe it! 🙂

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Many people will believe anything if it supports their tribalistic worldviews.

      I posted along these lines above, but this is the No True Scotsman Fallacy. This is a fallacy in which one attempts to protect their universal generalization from a falsifying counterexample by excluding the counterexample improperly.

      So, they assert “conservatives are good and peaceful” which the counterexample of this guy beating an 82-year-old Paul Pelosi with a hammer in search of his prominent Democratic wife discredits. And the response, since denial apparently wasn’t on the table, must be “oh, well then, he isn’t a member of [my tribe].”

      The whys and hows of him not being a member of [tribe] aren’t really important. Illegal immigrant, gay lover, crazy one-off, ANTIFA false-flag, hit job by Nancy herself, Mole People.. it doesn’t matter.

      People WANT to believe it. Because believing that [my tribe] does bad things feels bad. It doesn’t feel like “winning” or holding some unassailable moral high ground in a black-and-white contest of [my tribe] is good vs [their tribe] is bad. So they will pick a post hoc rationalization and believe it. And, like the Big Lie, if you disprove any one theory, they’ll simply shift to a different theory that supports the same conclusion.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Well I think that is a load of bulldookey.

        First, it was Charlie who first claimed this guy was MAGA. All I or others did was question that claim based on “lack of real evidence”.

        Second, Charlie then tried the current Dem trick of linking this attack to Trump and Republicans. Which is just the opposite argument you and he took when someone on the left attacked someone on the right.

        Third, you are misusing the fallacy itself in this case. There are in fact legitimate questions about what this nut is all about. HIs neighbors described him as a lefty, politically, until recently. They were not sure of his politics but were sure of him being a nut.

        You have taken on this tendency lately to play the fallacy card and make generalizations about argument here that ask legitimate questions or raise appropriate questions. You of all people should know how nothing in the media these days seems to be what they say it is. So now questioning things at the start becomes some defense of Trump or biased knee jerk reaction.

        Seems to me it is you who is having cramps in your knee lately. This I expect of Charlie, but not you.

        • 🙂 “There are in fact legitimate questions about what this nut is all about. HIs neighbors described him as a lefty, politically, until recently. They were not sure of his politics but were sure of him being a nut.”

          You left out his gay relationship with Paul Pelosi. 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:

            There is no evidence he had a sexual relationship w/Pelosi. There is no evidence that Pelosi had ever met the guy.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One other thing. The story I posted to which Charlie accused me of believing lies has nothing to do with Mr. Pelosi. The story is true and folks like yourself have been calling people like me conspiracy theorists for discussing this reality the past two years or so.

        So what fallacy is Charlie committing by ignoring the report and just flinging accusations against me and anyone who accepts the evidence?

      • Many people will believe anything if it supports their tribalistic worldviews.

        Very true

        • And lord knows that must exclude the whack jobs on this site! 🙂 Yous wouldn’t do that … you’re not tribal at all. You’re all logical thinking Ayn Rand devotees. 🙂 Don’t forget “Despite arguing that government benefits constitute an immoral redistribution of wealth, Ayn Rand received Social Security payouts later in life.” Thief!

          • No Charlie, I am not tribal…whatever that means. I am fiercely independent now….did not used to be but am now. I see through the extreme right as I see through the extreme left and Progressives and I call them both out with equal candor. You cannot say that I do not. But, if I do not agree with you, pasting a label is….well….asinine.

            And, since you brought it up, Yes, I am against the current way that government benefits are doled out. I receive Social Security and I think it is wrong. But, and I challenge you to this…..try to give it back. You can’t. I implore you to try it….send your social security check back and tell them you do not want it. VOILA it comes right back to you. Try to take yourself off the roles without lying, and VOILA, they will not do it. They need the stats.

            Try to give back agriculture checks and take yourself off the roles. I have told you about the checks that are sent out to ranches and farms NOT TO GROW something. A cattle ranch, that deals in nothing but cattle, being paid not to grow corn. Try to get off the roles for that. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. But I already told you this….we give the entire check to charity every single year….but my neighbors do not. They cash them and buy cars and things so I disagree with all give outs….they are abused but they are political whims.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Watch a lawyer/law professor twist the meaning of things to match her agenda. Surprise, surprise!


  12. Just A Citizen says:

    So they run a story denigrating the R who says he will clean up the election process in NV, because he claimed the last election was rigged. Aside, the claims of illegal out of state ballots was never actually proven true or false. They claim this guy is a threat to the State and the Union because of his claims of rigged elections.

    Then they go on and claim that if he is elected he will rig the next election. Their proof is to misrepresent his words by placing their own meaning on them.


    Hmmmmmm. Where is the fallacy flag guy?

    • Getting ready to declare another election cycle rigged, are you? What happens if your guys win? Is it still rigged? 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Putting words in my mouth again? Twisting the words I say into something different, again?

        And in this story WHO is claiming the next election will be rigged? YOUR side.

        But let us put one thing to bed, in case it actually happens. If the Rs manage to rig the election and win then it is still rigged.

      • Getting ready to declare another election cycle rigged, are you? What happens if your guys win? Is it still rigged?

        really, Charlie…of course it is rigged if the Repubs win. The Dems have already said so.

        • Actually, Colonel, you’re confusing Kari Lake for a Democrat. 🙂 She’s the one who said she’ll ONLY accept results she agrees with.

          • No sir, I know who Kari Lake is…..but the Democrats outnumber the Republicans on acceptance…..lets start with Hilary Clinton…shall I name the others that have said they will not accept the vote? You already know them.

    • Just A Citizen says:
      • NO need to read it all. I got to the line: “Former Republican President Donald Trump has so far remained silent online about the Pelosi home invasion,

        Not anymore. He’s already gone with the bullshit flow he’s usually the first to claim.

        “but his son Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a proposed “Paul Pelosi” Halloween costume featuring men’s underwear and a hammer, saying “The Internet remains undefeated.” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.), who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, embraced a false anti-LGBTQ conspiracy surrounding the attack, tweeting and then deleting a post suggesting the perpetrator was a “male nudist hippie prostitute.”

        You’re a sucker for bullshit, JAC … or, as I believe, willfully ignorant.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe instead they should pull all protection measures. I bet it wouldn’t take long before the Congress critters stopped acting like Jacksnipes and Asshats. I guarantee their rhetoric would be toned down immediately.


  14. Just A Citizen says:

    I think that today she is right. But will she be right tomorrow? Those darn winds.


  15. Yeah, there’s an icon of decency … Laura Ingraham … what a douche! 🙂

  16. And the border keeps on getting ignored. 114 people executed and thrown in the river from Mexico. The Cartel battles rages on…..

    Hope you guys didn’t spot me on the news…..The Venezuelans waving their flag, trying to cross the river in mass…….in Del Rio……didn’t make it.

    • Reconcile with what? She follows Q, that’s not a deal breaker for me. That means she’s skeptical of the elites. And gee wiz, something is keeping all those fossils alive in DC. (that’s a joke Charlie, lighten up). She;s against the trans agenda. So? So are a lot of parents of school children. She’s up against Benson, the incumbent and Whitmer’s Huckleberry, who turned a blind eye to the problems with the election, like so many other Sec of States. Plus she shut down the whole office system for months for Covid. We are STILL on an appointment only basis. No walk ins. I haven/t voted for an incumbent in years, so Karamo gets my vote. But I’m doomed. I’m still gonna be stuck with the twisted sisters. Maybe not, though. I see lots of support for Tudor Dixon.

  17. But he was quiet, likeable and a steady worker building decks with Ciccarelli for six years, he recalled Monday. And politically liberal.

    Three years ago, Ciccarelli worked out a way for DePape to move into a converted garage in Richmond. It was that single car structure with a plywood floor that the FBI searched over the weekend.

    Ciccarelli says over the years, he watched DePape’s steady descent into extremism. It started when DePape would turn off NPR news in the morning on the way to jobsites.

    “It was a gradual process – it was over six years,” he said, “day by day.”

    While normally quiet, DePape eventually began to repeat talking points that Ciccarelli recognized as being espoused in right wing circles.

    “It was the whole thing – Hillary Clinton, Pizzagate, MAGA, the election was stolen – all of it.”

  18. Nuts … your people are NUTS! 🙂

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    This is just so damn infuriating at so many levels. My God when will this stupid stuff stop?


    • I don’t know if it’s intentional, which makes it an iffy claim for me. I am surprised at the numbers. I was also surprised a couple of years ago when I took a class from Norman Finkelstein in Brooklyn (old men can still go to class). It was on landmark decisions of the Supreme Court and I was the ONLY one in the class who refused to believe the segregation in NYC schools was dramatic (most in the class were younger than me and much more in tune with schools per se) … and I was dead wrong about New York City NOT being the most segregated school system in the US&A. I was literally shocked. I went home and looked it up. Norman and the class were right.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It was not intentional. And there are plenty of black players. Please note they are complaining about American Blacks. They are discounting all the Hispanic and Black/Hispanic players.

        This move to Hispanic players started back when they discovered guys like Valenuzuela. These kids south of the border were growing up without the regimented coaching in the USA and the result were kids finding natural arm motions that created electric fast balls. That and they spent much of the day hitting rocks with sticks, a practice that hones in eye hand coordination far better than hitting an actual ball with a bat.

        There was also the fact that guys like Clemente were going back home and putting time and money into developing young players in their countries. Giving back as it were.

        But to this Jacksnipe of an author we need to fund ball fields in the city. Those Dominican kids didn’t have ball fields yet here they are.

    • I don’t know JAC…..I just looked up the stats on the NFL…according to the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, 71% of the players are non white. Is that a case for racial disparity for the whites? According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2021 was composed of 73.2 percent black players, 16.8 percent white players, 3.1 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players. Is this a case for disparate impact on whites or Asian? Or is it a simple case that whites and Asians are simply not as good?

      The article pointed out investment in ball fields. I wonder what the disparity is in the urban areas of baseball fields to football fields or basketball courts. I doubt that there is much of a difference but yet, basketball and football seem to overcome the obstacles. Perhaps it is not a racial disparity issue in baseball…if some want to claim disparity in baseball, cannot the same be said for football and basketball in the opposite?

      So, perhaps it is not the investment but a matter of competitiveness.

    • Tucker had a good show on this last night. He is a proponent as I am of a color blind society based on meritocracy. I am tired of the first this or that. I am tired of counting heads. I am tired of hyphenting Americans. I fill out all forms as other = American. Teddy was right.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    If they are illegal today they were illegal in 2020. But the very same court didn’t want to hear the case back then. Funny how that worked out.


    • JAC…the best thing to do is just be quiet. What I am seeing here…especially in South Texas, the politicians (I use the term politicians now because there are those on both sides that are just….well, I do not know what they are) that follow this progressive line are slowly being replaced. CRT teachings in most schools has been replaced phased out, the pronoun issues are being phased out, the mother’s have had enough of these gender issues, most of the schools that felt they had to jump on the gender bandwagon are now going back to a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl ( if you have a hangy downy thing, you are male..full stop), moms and dads are now attending what used to be sparsely attended PTA and school board meetings and they have awakened to the fact that voting is important on the down ballots, especially school boards…. schools are beginning to wake up to equality in sports in that males do not compete with females and recognizing that there are biological differences in strength and endurance etc..etc…etc…..

      People are not dumb…..maybe lazy and complacent but not dumb…most people go about their daily lives without recognizing the slow infiltration of this progressive mantra….it appears that people are now waking up to this. And now the left (not liberals) but the far left that seems to have control of the democratic party is beginning to really cry out because the band aid has been ripped off. I think people are begging to awaken….look at the issue with Twitter. Oh, heaven forbid that there be a conservative voice out there in the media….the current media is vile and destructive.

      So, the left is jumping on whatever bandwagon is popular with them. Charlie is a great example of it. His fixation with January 6th is just that….a fixation. His fixation with Trump is beyond belief but that is his choice. He has not asked one simple question of the group on here about Trump. He attacks and that is classical of what is happening all across the country. A great example of this is ( and I will admit that I may be wrong on this ) but Charlie has not asked one question, of any of us on here, about whether or not we approved of the shenanigans on January 6th. I know that I did not approve of any attempt to over throw the certification of the electoral count, but he assumes that if we are conservative, we approved of that. So, I wonder, and I ask the question now of everyone on here…….IS THERE ANYONE ON SUFA THAT APPROVES OF OVER THROWING ANY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND THAT APPROVED OF THE ATTEMPT TO KIDNAP, HARM, OR CHANGE THE ELECTORAL VOTE BY FORCE. I am willing to bet that the answer is NO. But, I doubt that you can convince Charlie of that.

      So, I think the winds are changing, JAC.

      • I as have others have repeatedly said that we do not approve of the violence and that all those who destroyed property and harmed others should be prosecuted. We have also said that we want full disclosure. That means that the CIA, FBI, Capitol Police, SS, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, et. al. must tell us all what they did and show us the documents. We want all the videos released. We also want the Constitution followed. That means bail for the defendants, unbiased lawyers and fair unbiased judges and juries.

        We do approve of the legal tactics of Congressional members challenging the results that should have resulted in a two hour discussion in each house on the merits of the challenge. This would have provided a public hearing unfiltered by the MSM on each issue. The riot short circuited this effort so as a result was counterproductive.

        • I know, T Ray….I do not have one single Republican friend that supported the issue of Jan 6th….not one. But those same people are rule of law and the committee hearing on Jan 6th is a Kangaroo Court. Everyone knows this….just as the investigations into Hunter Biden, et al are going to be on the Republican side. It is going to be one sided with select panel members and edited C span and a cut off switch the same as is being done now…..

          Nothing is final until there is an indictment, a trial, and a verdict…….the rest is…..smoke filled coffee house crap ( I have said this many times ). I would not believe either committee on either side in this day and time…..too much vitriol.

          So, until there is trial and conviction, nothing will change. And, until then, you are innocent until proven guilty. That includes Trump and Biden and anyone else. Trial by committee and trial by media is just flat wrong.

          • And, T Ray, that includes the use of Presidential pardons. There should be none. I do not like this because it negates the rule of law.

            • And, T Ray, since I am on a roll, this also includes selective enforcement of rules….this places the power in the hands of subordinates. A great example of this is the Pelosi case. This perp is where he belongs but they are not following the cashless bail system they set up…..there are murderers out there and child rapists out there on cashless bail…..far worse than an idiot with a hammer.

              • Agreed, I think the SCOTUS attacker got out on bail. Maybe we should outlaw hammers now.

                If they are going to prosecute people for only parading inside the capitol on J6, then all the so called “press” individuals should be prosecuted too.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Don’t ya’ll know that Congress critters and other elected “officials” are SPECIAL?

            • Agree on the pardons. They have become obscene.

      • Well…..its like this. The first amendment gives us the right to petition our government to redress our grievances. The Declaration of Independence says that not only do we have a right, but a DUTY to abolish an oppressive government. Considering all that happened in the lead up to Jan 6th, where we tried to peacefully redress our governments, they didn’t blink, and Trump issued the call to action. Not once did he call for violence. He called for peaceful protest. IN MY OPINION, the MAGA coalition was peaceful. For all I care, they could have stormed right up AND into the Capitol en masse,,,,but that’s it. No scaling walls, no broken windows, no hopping through windows, no upsetting private offices….but stare them down??? Absolutely. also, IN MY OPINION, the violence WAS the government by proxy, using the likes of antifa or straight up Feds. In observing countless gatherings of MAGA citizens, violence wasn’t even on the radar. It just doesnt make any sense that your average MAGA patriot would lower themselves to destroying a historical building like the Capitol. The protest was infiltrated to creative a narrative that MAGA is bad news. Nothing will change my mind about that. So kidnap or harm is out of the question, by force is out of the question. Change the electoral count by mass protest, heck yes!

        • I did not imply that you could not have peaceful protest. Nothing wrong with peaceful protest. where my problem comes in when you use the term “storm” the capitol buildings but use no violence….the two are conflicting. A peaceful protest is one thing but a mob is another. These were not people peacefully marching up to a building and chanting and waving signs. This thing turned into a mob. Some were even armed…not many but some. There should have been a real show of force when it turned…Do I think Trump had anything to do with the armed mob? No….and I do not think he condoned it.

          But, I am not in favor of storming a capitol building for the purpose of disrupting a peaceful transition of power. The election was over and the only thing left was certifying an electoral count that was already certified at a State level. Pence did correctly and did not usurp his own authority. There was no basis of reason for that just because some people did not like the result of the election. Do I think that the election in all the states was proper? No, I do not. I think there were some very questionable issues in closely run states but the time to protest was not in Washington to prevent a peaceful transition of power.

          Do I think a peaceful protest was infiltrated? Without a doubt, I do. Nothing in the Trump tweets nor his memoirs nor his phone records indicated any connection with the unruly side of the mob. I think that Nancy Pelosi was seriously inadequate in her job. She should have anticipated such happening and she should have taken the proper preventative steps to ensure proper security. She BLEW it…..but then, you ask the question as to why. Do I think that the protest was turned violent by outsiders….there is reason to believe this but that does not negate the fact that many a peaceful protest the country over have been hijacked and turned into ugly mobs by outsiders.

          Was ANTIFA there? Yes, that has been proven. Were there other far right wing AND left wing extremists there….yes, that has also been proven.

          But all of that does not matter at this point. It will matter greatly when there is a trial where all evidence is presented. I also firmly believe that there will be no trial because that way, other evidence will never be introduced. The entire issue is to make sure that Trump does not run again.

          Was this a Republican attempt to orchestrate a coup or armed insurrection. I have seen nothing linking the Republican party to this.

          Now, I also think that Trump could have reacted a lot faster than he did. I think he should have condemned, outright, any attempt at blocking a peaceful transition to power.

          So,, yes, you have a right to protest. You can march right up to the capitol and sit in the gallery and protest and scream and yell all you want. This is not what happened. There was a violent reaction…and the reaction was orchestrated. But, by whom. Only a trial will tell the true story. A trial where there there is no doctored video, no informed sources not named, no whistle blowers not named and willing to testify in AN OPEN HEARING…with proper cross examination…..nothing behind closed doors.

          Until then, the truth will never come out.

          • “Nothing in the Trump tweets nor his memoirs nor his phone records indicated any connection with the unruly side of the mob.”

            And how would you know this, since you always wait for the evidence at trial?

            Please already.

              • this is nothing………….you know how this can be interpreted….it is the same as Charlie saying….come on up to Pluto. There will be a party come on, come all be wild.

                Charlie I have seen these….I have seen all the postings the hearing put up there….I have seen nothing that says that Trump was talking to people about taking over anything.

                • Well, you haven’t look very hard. 🙂

                  • Maybe so, but I have not seen one…perhaps you could point me to one where Trump has openly said that he wants armed resistance….maybe I missed it. Perhaps you could point out one that has openly said to disrupt the electoral count and change the election….Perhaps you could point out a direct tweet or email where he was in contact with Antifa or any other right or left wing organization to organize and attack the capitol…..maybe I missed some along the way?

            • No sir, that is not what I said……..what I said is that I have seen nothing in his tweets (that has been posted), nothing in memoirs (if there is any) and nothing in phone records that has been presented so far…………..THAT is what I am saying. I have seen nothing, THUS FAR, that leads me to believe as Anita believes. Until there is sworn evidence presented in a public court of law from BOTH sides….and I mean EVERYTHING. Not cherry picked items, edited news clips, edited commentary, edited anything…

              THAT is what I said…..Charlie….I have been consistent throughout this whole thing.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        With all due respect, staying quiet is the last thing to do.

        If not for making noise the sea change you describe would not be happening.

        The people need to see clearly the conspiracy that existed in our Govt and media the minute Trump got the Rep. nomination. How the powers in Govt organized around a singular effort to undo his Presidency rather than make Government work or do the people’s business.

        • Yet he won in 2016 and there were no riots at the capitol. As for the Dems and their bullshit Russiagate nonsense, they’re paying for it now. That was the DNC’s way of attempting to justify forcing hillary clinton down the country’s throat. Still glad she lost … even to Trump … because he further exposed just how corrupt the government is. His pardons, like Bill Clinton’s, were comical.

          • Charlie, there were riots on inauguration day 2017 in DC. They were just on the side streets. Cars were burned, windows broken, police injured. And please tell me who among the Democrats and the media have been punished for the Russia hoax. The Pulitzer’s still have not been given back. No one at the FBI has been prosecuted except one minor lawyer who got off with a slap on the wrist. He even got his law license back. Schiff and Nadler will be reelected. McCabe and others have lucrative deals with the MSM. Crime pays.

            • “Crime pays.”

              You said it. Riots on inauguration day do not equate to an attempt to overthrow the government. That was a coup attempt and it failed because morons were behind it (fake certifications? really?). You’re right about crime paying … between Biden and Trump, there you have it.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Not sure why you used the phrase “yet he won” but to the other point, it is true that there was not “rioting” immediately. Just this:


            And then ask yourself how it was that so many became enraged against him for things he never actually said. His comments about Mexico, on the day of the escalator ride, were spot on and not racist. Yet that is how the media and the Democrat Party played them for months.

            I have said many times that two words provide the answer to how he won in 2016. That is, how he overcame the early organized attempts to undo his victory. Those words are “Hillary” and “Clinton.” While you are convinced that Bernie could have beaten him I am not. But it would have been interesting.

            • Bernie NEVER could’ve won … because the establishment Democrats would’ve walked away from him (which they did during the primaries). Bernie thought he woke up the left … he did for a little while, but when he didn’t walk out of the Dem convention in Philly, the actual progressive left died … and didn’t show up for Hillary. I’m still happy about that. Now Sanders is a cheerleader for a man he claimed to be diametrically opposed. American politics … total corruption.

        • Sorry, JAC…I was being sarcastic. I need to get better at that…..I do not deliver sarcasm very well…

  21. Back to monitoring the border….will check in later.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    On other news, some politicians are like cockroaches, they just won’t go away.


    Remember when there was celebration a year ago among the media elite in the USA over Bibi being ousted. He was done, toast, never to be seen again. Because he is the Middle East Orange Man and must be destroyed.

    Now the real corruption begins as he uses his office to stifle his trial. So I am wondering whether his voters just ignored the charges or they just think the whole thing was trumped up. 🙂

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    The Hill this morning is reporting that Fetterman is ahead of Oz in PA and will probably win the Senate seat there. How can this be you ask?

    Well per their reporting the Democrat Party is ALL IN with Fetterman. The Dem voters are “empathetic” to his health condition and support him over “any Republican”, period. Oh, and registered Dems outnumber Reps by 600,000 in the State. Which explains why they want early voting and mail in voting so badly.

    How does that saying go: “You get the government you deserve”

    If Fetterman wins the Dems will go down in history for electing two obviously mentally impaired candidates within a two year span.

    • If Fetterman wins the Dems will go down in history for electing two obviously mentally impaired candidates within a two year span.

      Very true, JAC. Let’s not discuss Herschel Walker. The bottom line is all they need is a body to press a yes/no vote. Both parties couldn’t care less about who wins as long as its one of theirs. The country elected a con artist lifelong criminal to the Presidency … then watched him orchestrate an attempt to overthrow the government … and they’re still with him. And the Dems were so desperate to beat Trump, they pushed Biden down everyone’s throat. It’s the way of our politics today. Again, as a socialist, I’m enjoying it.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Are you claiming that Herschel Walker is mentally impaired? Do you have any evidence of this?

        I find it revolting that you revel in the chaos and destruction of your own country. All for the sake of fulfilling a dream that a bankrupt ideology will somehow come to replace Liberty as a core value. Not just sad but sick in my view.

  24. Just A Citizen says:


    Why is it that the Dem Party whines so much about money in politics yet spends the same or more as the Rep. Party?

    Why is it that the Dem. Party accepts corporate donations while trashing them when given to the Rep. Party?

    Could it possible be that money and who donates it is really not an issue?

    Or is it that they know nothing can be done about it, they know they need it, and nothing we the people say will change it? In short, it makes a great Political Football.

    • Better one, JAC. Why did the Dems help finance MAGA candidates? You’d think they learned from 2016 … but they didn’t. They are a pathetic, feckless party. On the other side of the aisle are MAGA lunatics. Great choice.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Because they believe their own rhetoric. They are convinced that MAGA is a label they can use to cost someone votes. They would not have done it if they thought the MAGA could actually win.

        As for the MAGA lunatics, all of them I know are hard working Blue Collar folks. I would think those are your kind of people. Power to the workers, ya know!

        • Yeah, hard working blue collar folks who believe democrats kidnap kids, are pedophiles and the kids blood is being drained for aperitifs? Watch those Klepper videos … they’re INSANE AND/OR dumb as a bag of rocks.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Will they be jailed and held without bond? How dare they enter a Federal Building and then demonstrate for the purposes of disrupting a Govt. function.


  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I hope some of these kids take Sander’s words to heart. It might just save their lives.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Food for thought. As I have said, sometimes it is just plain complicated.


    On a sarcastic note, I am surprised she didn’t include “Threat to Democracy” in her concluding remark

    • Just A Citizen says:

      And why do they mention Justice Thomas?

      Because: ” noting that Thomas is the justice assigned to dealing with emergency matters coming from the southeastern part of the county.” which is where Georgia lies.

      So here we go again. Slanderous accusations and innuendo against a Black man because he doesn’t toe the line.

      • Right, it has NOTHING to do with Mrs. Uncle Thomas sending emails to Mark Meadows, etc. … nothing at all. 🙂

        • What my friend from Chile (socialist) wrote about this:

          “Imagine counting on the stupidest judge in that court for your plan to be successful. Seriously, I long for the days of the Tea Party, when the stupidest person in politics was Palin and we thought a geezer dressed as Uncle Sam protesting outside the Capitol was the lowest point in our history. We are past the point of what’s conceivable in terms of stupidity. People like Kurt Vonnegut wouldn’t be able to write satire if they were living today.”

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Your friend is an idiot partisan hack. Anyone claiming Justice Thomas is stupid reveals themselves as nothing more.

            That is how your clan roles. Don’t like the outcome call people stupid, or worse. Real mature and so liberal of you.

            • 🙂 Actually, he’s brilliant. You, sir, are the partisan hack. Uncle Thomas is a moron. Why, are you trying to say morons can’t make it to the Supreme Court? Please.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I did not say any such thing. Just you making it up because stopping to think is just so inconvenient for you.

                To the point, yes they can. I give you Justice Sonia_Sotomayor. The newbie is already showing signs of the same mental deficits.

      • Serious question: I’ll assume you know about Ginni Thomas and her emails to Meadows regarding Jan. 6 and her support for fake certifications and communications with state representatives. Do you think Thomas should recuse himself?

  28. The tourists keep going wild … 🙂

  29. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Weeeeeee…. another 75bps and no sign of dovishness….

    Buckle up – the Fed is going to murder the economy in order to save it.

    Watch for Europe (and the UK in particular) to shit the bed once they realize how expensive it is to heat their homes (see: Russia). Followed immediately by households cutting discretionary spending which will spill over into the US (in particular the already-bruised tech sector). Full-blown recession by the end of January.

    Hope y’all put those puts on when I told you to. Keep some powder dry to buy at the trough if ye can find it!


    • I have never seen such from the Fed and I have been through a lot….even the Carter years. I never thought the Fed would be doing this again….I really thought they learned their lesson. I certainly have been wrong on this and I swear that none of them have been through ECO 101…..unbelievable. Glad I have cash….because that is what it is going to take.

      particular the already-bruised tech sector Yes, especially here I dumped all tech stocks when it was at its almost high. Just banked the cash. I’m too old for puts…do not have the years to wait on them…otherwise, I agree. I doubt that 401s are getting into puts (too risky)….what do you think? Also, I wonder, if the Dems get the unrealized gains through) what possible tax issues that raises on puts. Who the hell knows right now? However, that said, I have a lot of cash in the new CD’s now…not pulling down mega rates (60 and 90 day CDs at 4.5%) from your very own New York banks. But when this bottoms out (and I agree around January) cash and NO DEBT is going to be KING and even the short term markets (5 to 10 years) especially the techs, are going to be prime.

      You and I both know that you can never call a “bottom” or “top” but all you have to do is watch the Central Banks (currently beginning their panic mode) and watch global transportation issues. Just like in Game of Thrones, the winter is coming.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        and NO DEBT is going to be KING


        Belay that! FIXED debt is king! Hope you listened back when i told y’all to lock in 30 yr fixed rate mortgages at 3-4%.

        Shortly before he went missing, Mathius signed on to put solar panels on his roof… talk about sweetheart deals. He went huge and got a full system to cover ~105% of his usage. The total system is north of $50k! The state and federal incentives will be cutting him (or his widow) a check for ~21k in 2023. And he’ll have to pay the whole $50k back over the next 25 years at….. 0.99%!

        • Nope…..I did not listen because……..I have no mortgage. So, no need to lock in what I do not have.

          There is only one place where a fixed rate is KING….if you have depreciation to cover the rate….we call that cash flow. Pirates, on the other hand, plunder what they need.

          I hope that Sir Mathius has good luck with his solar panels. They have not worked out well down here and we are a very sunny and windy state. They are very difficult to get homeowners insurance to cover them (at least here) because of the weather. I have a family member that put solar on his home…it worked ok for awhile. He saved about $80 per month. I think his panels cost upwards of 20k several years ago. Then the thunderstorms came. Then the hail storms came. Then the high winds came. Then the hard winters came when there was no sun for 10 days. Then the leaks in the roof came because the winds eventually rocked the installation brackets just barely loose enough that water could find its way in. The ice storm broke about 1/3 of his panels….

          But, he still swears by them. So, I wish sir Mathius good luck.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      My eldest told ma a week ago that the national banks are rapidly raising rates globally. They are also reducing money supply.

      • Yes, my bank officer and I play a lot of swat and follow…..I was told the same thing…..money is going to get tight and they think that the 7 % mortgage rates are going to get worse and do not loan on homes any longer.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Inflation numbers came in “low” at “only” 7.7%.. but since the market was baking in 8+, that’s a win, I guess? The market is exhibiting irrational exuberance – possibly on the (dubious) belief that this will result in a more dovish Fed.

      Crypto is also in the crapper.. not 100% sure why since fiats are proving crypto’s raison d’être.. but BITO, the listed ETF is super cheap right now, so I might load up on it a bit as a flier. (I have theories, but I think it does come up eventually.)

      My puts aren’t doing well today (“hemorrhaging” might be a better description), That’s the nice thing about being long options though – you can’t lose more than you put in. But the rest of my portfolio is up a whopping 10.5%, led by some big (formerly deep-ootm) AAPL/GOOGL calls. Hurray for leverage! So I’m still going to call it a win.

      Selling off a bit here / risking-off. Doubling down on the European puts while they’re cheap on the back of an unearned “unicorn” rally over there (helped out by unseasonably warm weather which has protected them from having to heat their homes as much).

      Happy hunting, asylum dwellers.

  30. In writing … one of Trump’s lawyers … oh, no!!!!!! 🙂

  31. A Border Patrol union fired back at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Wednesday after the left-wing organization condemned moves by agents to deal with illegal migrants who had allegedly assaulted them.

    “We read this morning that the ACLU is upset that BP agents have the audacity to defend themselves,” the National Border Patrol Council tweeted.

    “We have a response for them. Go to hell.”

  32. The White House on Wednesday deleted a tweet that credited “President Biden’s leadership” for the increase in Social Security payments, which was flagged by Twitter as something that was actually caused by a 40-year high in inflation.Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership,” the White House tweeted Tuesday.

    The White House tweet was accompanied by a note from Twitter that said many readers were adding “context” to the WH message that said the rise in Social Security payments was “due to the annual cost of living adjustment, which is based on the inflation rate.”

    OOPS…..they did not count on that!!!

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Technically he is CORRECT. If one causes the inflation then, ipso facto, one is responsible for triggering the COLA.

      So, thanks Joe!

      • Yes, thanks Joe, give me back $2K/yr in SS and take 10x as much from my savings. I am so grateful.

  33. Katie Porter starts at 37:00 or so … you might wanna watch this as she covers issues the Republicans own right now (i.e., owning the libs) … Katie Porter rocks … but what happened when she embarrassed the shit out of corporate CEO’s from the banking and pharmaceutical industries? What happened was she was removed from the House Financial Services Committee by TOTAL SELLOUT, Committee Chair, Maxine Waters, who had “a problem with fierce questioning and progressive financial reform.” Know what that means? Those CEO’s made it clear they reduce or end their corporate contributions to the Democratic Party if she wasn’t removed.

    • Here’s the Katie Porter video I forgot to attach. 13:40 is where it starts.

    • Ya know Charlie…..sharks eat sharks…..crazy, no?

      • And people (Democrats) drink the blood of children. I know. I’ve heard. 🙂

        If you get a chance, watch Katie on Jon Steward. She mentioned the border at one point and I wonder what you think (briefly: she claims a lot of guns cross the border heading into Mexico).

        • I can speak to that directly…..because we have caught guns going into Mexico and guns coming out of Mexico…..what is popular on the guns going into Mexico are the remnants of the old Operation Fast and Furious under the Obama administration. The pipeline that was set up still exists….somewhat. Most of it is shut down and, surprisingly, Biden did not resurrect it. What now exists is mostly stolen weapons in the US being trafficked across the border and cars. My area does not have a problem with cars in as much as guns. The weapons crossing into Mexico are small caliber…the weapons coming out of Mexico are Ak47s, our own M16s that were given to the Mexican operatives through the CIA…but mainly Ak’s. However, what we are seeing that the cartels have and the weapons we take off cartel members are Chinese military weapons. I have not seen them being brought into the US but our river patrols catch them sometimes in the hand of the cartel members.

          Gun trafficking going across the river to Mexico in Texas is almost non existent but there is still some….they have a greater problem in Arizona where the locals are not allowed to patrol Federal lands.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The “corporate CEO”, are woke and in league and donating to, the current power structure. Hence they are part of the creeping, (one might say galloping) Fascism overtaking the country under the guise of “democratic socialism”. Remember Fascism is the symbiotic relationship between business and politics. You let us get filthy rich, we give you the political power.

      Remember you can call a pig anything you want but it is still a pig.

      • ” Fascism overtaking the country under the guise of “democratic socialism”.”

        Nothing to do with capitalism, eh, SK? You’re out of your mind. 🙂

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    For the life of me I do not understand why in a country where freedom of speech is supposed to be sacred, that threatening to beat the crap out of a Congress Critter is a CRIME. Why?

    Unless there is clear and present danger this is just one more example of the Elite get SPECIAL laws because they are spineless weasels.

    There should have to be a real threat, as in action being planned or first steps taken, something that looks like an actual threat of violence is going to happen. Not just verbal threats, even if made directly.

  35. Special request to DPM…..Would ye go below ‘n take the gag out o’ Mathius’ mouth (we all know ye ‘ave ‘im locked up) ‘n ask ‘im if his patriarchs see double digit FED rates by January? Be he hoardin’ gold ‘n doubloons? I see the Carter years on steroids fast approachin’. The Fed be goin’ t’ take the liquidity out o’ the market, that be certain, but I wonder how far? Any prog on that? If he refuses t’ answer, please cut off his grog ‘n churros.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      You’ll have to ask Emilius if she knows where he is.. she was the last to see him after that special dinner she made him.

      As for the Fed, well, no one knows for sure what they’ll do, but methinks, they’ll keep at it until something serious breaks. Then they’ll slow down. If the goal is to crush inflation, well, a 1930’s-style depression’ll sure do the trick!

      Ain’t it wonderful having a small band of unelected big-brain geniuses roaming around with this much power (especially days before an election)?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        No, it is not wonderful, no matter what year.

        But………… what is your answer to the Fed Reserve system?

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          JAC…. you should know this…..

          But………… what is your answer to the Fed Reserve system?


  36. S Kent Troy says:

    5,000,000 illegals since 20 January ’21. Should be well over 12,000,000 by the end of term 1. The monthly numbers have dramatically increased since the folks who took the wait and see attitude have now waited and seen and are on their way.

    I was saying that by the election of ’28, the candidate who promised to deport them all would win. I am now moving that up to ’24. Two plus years is way enough time for the society to collapse and resemble something like Mexico.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    This is not how you wind friends in politics. Mr. Trump may come to regret his stinginess.


  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Pretty hard not to sympathize with her viewpoint. In fact, hard to argue against it.


  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Mr. Musk’s purchase is revealing just how deep and wide the ROT is in our society. You have special interest groups, all race or grievance based, making demands on how a private company operates, what is free speech and what is not, and threatening advertising revenue streams.

    My question to the advertisers is why would you alienate a majority of your customers just to satisfy your need for virtue signaling. Are you really going to pass up a platform that reaches millions just because some group threatens you as well?


    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      My question to the advertisers is why would you alienate a majority of your customers just to satisfy your need for virtue signaling.

      Ol’ Musky has a problem.

      He has promised to stop censoring ‘free speech’ on his platform.

      There are, essentially three options here:
      1. He does this.
      2. He doesn’t do this.
      3. He sortof does this.

      If he does, you will have a major uptick not just in people like Trump, and general misinformation and disinformation and and and. But also overt racists, fascists, crazies, threats of violence… all those people who are generally shunned from polite society. And very ver businesses are going to want to be associated with a platform that is hospitable to actual-actual Nazis and racists. They want brand security – they will not risk the association just like they wouldn’t risk the association with 4Chan or some other shady platform. Some will, of course, but not the big players, not in as big of numbers, or for as much money.

      If he does not, he will have pissed off his newfound base of ‘free speech’ crusading conservatives. They’ll be pissed (and also often banned) and leave. The liberals will also tone down their involvement. Less participation means less value to advertisers means less money.

      If he sortof does this, he’ll get the worst of both of the above while getting no credit for anything. For the right it won’t be enough, for the left it will be too much, for the brands, it will still be a fraught platform.


      I won’t say it CAN’T be salvaged, but he’s painted himself into a tough spot. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes for him. I’d short it but, well… it’s private.

      I think the only out is an IPO… but right after taking it private, while it’s hemorrhaging money, in this market, while the Fed is actively drying up liquidity……?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I admit not being an expert in this technology. But it seems it wouldn’t be that hard to censor out the absolute crazy and violent stuff. That would leave something that still resembles the wild west of speech but not violate any laws and not give Nazis etc another platform. I think if he does this the free speech Right will be just fine with it.

        But note that these groups are not just howling about that, they are also including “misinformation” as some kind of criteria. Now we are getting into the real gray areas.

        I find it interesting that an Ad Agency is trying to deliberately harm his business before he has even had a chance to make the adjustments needed. Seems the “woke crowd” has captured the Fascist tactic for its own benefit.

      • Who defines what mis- and dis-information is? We have seen in the last 7 years oodles of examples labeled as such that have turned out to be true.

        Who declares any group to be racist or fascist? Frankly, I look at the Dems as the more racist and fascist party.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    When does blocking poll observers become a real issue? When it is a Dem who is blocked. Having the ACLU carry your water is not going to calm the political waters. Nothing screams Democrat Party Operation like having the ACLU arguing about elections.


    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Would you deny, sir, that having armed individuals – private citizens not associated with the government – lurking around polling places and drop boxes, interrogating voters, taking pictures of faces and plates.. demanding identification…… would you deny that all that, or some instantiation of it, might reasonably be construed as threatening or voter intimidation?

      • Show your work (proof).

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I would deny part of it. Having people sitting or standing around watching is not intimidation. Armed or not. But I live in an area where armed citizens in public are fairly common. Funny though, I do recall someone on SUFA arguing that the Black Panthers standing at the voting place entrance was not intimidation.

        I would also be OK with photos being taken, but NOT having them posted to the internet. Those photos could be evidence later but posting them is just inciting action against private citizens without any proof of crime.

        I would NOT be OK with these people talking to those dropping ballots. No questions, no asking for ID, nothing. I also have no problem with the one Judge’s order that they remain some reasonable distance from the box.

        I do find it strange that given how many weak kneed folks use their picture phones to record things they don’t like, don’t just use their phones to record these supposed cases of intimidation.

        Now that is my response given where we are today. It would be my preference that Guards be posted, when using drop boxes, and those guards be hired and controlled by the local election governing body.

        • Now that is my response given where we are today. It would be my preference that Guards be posted, when using drop boxes, and those guards be hired and controlled by the local election governing body.

          Especially if Kari Lake and that lunatic running for Sec. of State wins … then they can do the hiring and the Dems can write off Arizona … FASCISM comes in all hues … but I think MAGA holds the palettes. 🙂

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          I do recall someone on SUFA arguing that the Black Panthers standing at the voting place entrance was not intimidation.

          Interesting…. my google search is coming up blank for that, however…

          What say YOU about such a thing… if a bunch of Black Panthers showed up in paramilitary garb with AKs slung over their shoulders at some deep red polling location and so forth… do you think there’s ANY WAY that this could be construed as voter intimidation?

          I do recall someone on SUFA arguing that the Black Panthers standing at the voting place entrance was not intimidation.

          Historically, the fastest way to have the government (read: St. Regan!) ban guns is to have the Black Panther’s exercise their second amendment rights.. It is interesting that good ol’ boys loitering while armed is a harmless.exercise of monitoring in order to assure election integrity and there’s no reason to believe anyone else should ever feel intimidated by this… but the Panthers doing it might be perceived a mite differently…. (even if YOU, JAC, personally, don’t see color and would have the integrity to call these comparable, I doubt you’d deny that many on “your side” would see these differently).


          See also: The Mulford Act

          • So, intimidation, falls in many forms. Weapons are carried by just about anyone here now. More so now than in the past. Open and concealed…..but to find unarmed people at a polling site in Texas….almost impossible. Most Everyone carries and you are not required to check your guns at the door.

            If standing by a polling place, in military style garb, emblazoned with identifying Black Panther patches, carrying and holding batons and rifles is not intimidation…..then what is? It is no different than the Oath Keepers so called militia standing by places….that is also intimidation. In these days and times, it is not uncommon to see people standing around polling places with their cell phones out…..Here, you can take a cell phone into the polling place but it must be concealed and put up…just like carrying a weapon….no difference. Cant pull out your cell phone and cant pull out your weapon.

            • if a bunch of Black Panthers showed up in paramilitary garb with AKs slung over their shoulders at some deep red polling location and so forth… do you think there’s ANY WAY that this could be construed as voter intimidation?

              THAT would be something to see here……Dodge City on Saturday night in the 1800’s. WOOOEEE!!! That would be fun.

            • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

              If standing by a polling place, in military style garb, emblazoned with identifying Black Panther patches, carrying and holding batons and rifles is not intimidation…..then what is?

              So, other than the fact that the liberals are unlikely to participate in a shootout (you know, because they are unarmed).. what’s the difference between this and a bunch of Oathkeepers going into blue areas and doing the same thing?

              Where is the line between “this is ok” and “that is voter intimidation”?

              Because it seems to be that – for some – the answer seems to be who is doing the lurking and who feels threatened.

              • Intimidation in any form, outside of the military, is never ok…..never. I see NO difference between Oath Keepers and Black Panthers…..none. Neither one has any purpose. We run the Oath Keepers off the border everytime we see them.

                other than the fact that the liberals are unlikely to participate in a shootout (you know, because they are unarmed). Geez Louise…what rock you hiding under.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The Black Panters were standing at the entrance of the polling place. Not some distance away. The Court ordered them to keep the same distance as others who might be campaigning, per State law. I have no problem with that.

            Your comment about one being bad and the other OK is not true for me. And nothing I said supports such a claim.

            I do not live by what I think others “on my side” might think.

          • https://a57.foxnews.com/a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/640/320/1862/1048/bp_philly.jpg?ve=1&tl=1?ve=1&tl=1

            There, I showed my work. It was 2008 in Philly. AG Holder refused to prosecute which is why J. Christian Adams quit the DOJ.

            • You do realize a couple of allegedly brilliant attorneys quit the NYC investigation into shit-for-brains (OJ) because charges were NOT being brought against him fast enough. They claimed there was more than enough evidence … happens all the time. Why America is such a bastion of goodness and decency and that first line about “all men are created equal” is the biggest crock of shit they could sell the American public … but it was the start of one form of American Exceptionalism (i.e., the idea that we’re somehow special).

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I think I have an easy solution to your concerns over intimidation over drop boxes.

        How about DO NOT USE DROP BOXES. Or, put them only in Official Govt. buildings and not on the street. Anything on the public street should be subject to the same laws and restrictions as anything else in public.

        Carving out special protections to avoid “feelings” is not OK by me. So just avoid it by doing the proper thing regarding elections in the first place.

        And guess what? That means making sure there are enough polling places and poll workers to handle the election effectively, fairly, openly and efficiently.

  41. Canine Weapon says:

  42. Explain to me why EXACTLY you no longer like Liz Cheney, please.
    She voted with the Orange Jesus 92+% of the time. Is it just because she refused to buy into the bullshit about a rigged election … or because the Orange Jesus wants you to hate her?

    • Charlie, when are you going to get it through your head…..No one cares about Liz Cheney. No one with a brain, anyway. She is old news.

      • “No one with a brain, anyway. She is old news.”

        Why, Colonel? Why has she been vilified by all you crazies?

        • I am not vilifying her…..She is simply old news. And if calling her old news is vilifying, then I guess I am guilty. I do not call her names. I do not call her a traitor nor a turncoat nor a RINO. I do not call her anything. I simply say….’She is old news.” She is a mere cog in the machine….nothing more.

          • “She is old news.” She is a mere cog in the machine.”

            Why a cog? What did she do wrong to deserve being vilified (not by you, but the GOP)? To be fair, I was never a fan, but I do appreciate her being honest about January 6 and OJ

            • Everybody is a cog in the machine, Charlie. That is my point. She is nothing spectacular because of J6….she is nothing more than a person sitting on a committee and being a Republican does not make her a saint for being against Trump. She is a person sitting on a committee…..nothing more…AND she is entitled to her opinion.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I NEVER liked Liz Cheney. So your question is moot to me.

      Why? Because she got her job only because of her Daddy’s power in the State. Too much like hand me down royalty for my liking. And the biggest reason, she never saw a military conflict she didn’t like. Her view of global politics is the same as her Dad’s. We saw what that entailed, so no thank you.

  43. Just A Citizen says:


    Today, November 3, 3022 marks the day that the Dems initiated the Great Pivot for Kamal Harris. The REMAKING her image started this morning with a post on POLITICO.

    Since I read that this AM I see Red State picked up on the hint as well.

    And so the 2024 Cycle begins.

  44. Went to vote this morning. Was given the option of voting by machine or written ballot. Thoughts.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Written ballot. I assume it would still be scanned by a machine.

      Just seems to me there is less chance of it getting lost in space than if your whole ballot were on the machine only.

      • You guys do realize that some of the Dominion machines (if not all) did both. you press a button (or whatever) for you vote and the machine gave you a receipt. Of course, Chavez, via an Italian satellite, probably switched the vote from Trump to Biden and the voters never realized it. 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I have no idea what those machines would do because we don’t use them here.

          We vote on a paper ballot, which is designed to be scanned and counted by machines. The ballot has a bar code applied upon sign. That bar code is next to my name on the registration list. It contains my Voter Registration Info. Thus the ballot can be tracked back to me.

          • JAC…..here is a brief list of our new voting laws.

            Bans 24-hour voting, an option first used by Harris County in the 2020 election. Early voting cannot happen before 6 a.m. or after 10 p.m.

            Requires voting take place inside a building, forbidding the use of outdoor tents. Drive-through voting is explicitly limited to people who are “physically unable to enter the polling place without personal assistance or likelihood of injuring the voter’s health.” Drive through voting must be requested in advance and a poll supervisor present.

            Expands the number of polling hours from eight to nine and requires counties with over 1,000 voters to allow voting on early voting days.

            Local election officials are banned from sending out mail-in ballot applications to people who have not requested them.

            Counties with more than 100,000 people are required to implement a video surveillance system to record and livestream ballot counting.

            Requires the Secretary of State to provide an online training program for partisan poll watchers.

            Forbids the people running a polling place from removing a partisan poll watcher unless an election judge or clerk has witnessed the watcher violate the election of penal code. Barring a watcher “when acceptance of the watcher is required” is a Class A misdemeanor.

            Allows poll watchers “free movement” where election activity is happening, although they cannot communicate with voters.

            Mail-in ballots that are dropped off must be received by an election
            official, curtailing ballot drop-off boxes.

            Since all drop boxes are supervised, there is very little chance of someone dropping off more than one ballot unless the supervisor is in on the deception.

            With the elimination of multiple drop boxes (only one per county) , a lot of the confusion is taken away. With drop dead dates for the mail in and absentee and early voting, there is no “all of a sudden” found drop boxes or sacks of mail ins that suddenly appear. I’m sure it is not fool proof but it is a start.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Do you know why early voting is even allowed? Nobody can give me a good reason. Not even here in the Ruby Red State.

              • Give me a good reason why is shouldn’t be allowed? Why are you so afraid of democracy, T? What’s the difference whether someone votes 3 weeks early or the day of? I can think of many reasons for early voting, such as NOT HAVING TO TAKE A DAY OFF FROM WORK for those who can’t afford it … or for the sake of the elderly or infirm who might need extra time to vote because they cannot guarantee they’d be free the day of the election. There are so many reasons to allow for it, but I’d love to know what you have against it (minus any Qanon bullshit, please).

              • I have been told that it certainly helps eliminate long lines. It also helps swing shift and midnight workers. Since Texas has eliminated drop boxes save one per county, early voting helps alleviate the age old excuse of voter suppression. There is no excuse for not voting. We have plenty of time to vote. The aged that cannot get around can apply for mail in vote. It is sent to their house, once verified, with a return envelope. The signatures must match.

        • The machine that I voted on printed out your ballot that allowed you to double check your entries. If you made a mistake, you could change it. You then take your ballot to another machine and put it in there yourself. No one touches it except you. If it turns green, then your vote was counted.

          Hitch up your guns, mount the horse, and ride away into the sunset. Pretty simple.

          Tomorrow, early voting closes and all absentee ballots are closed off at midnight. All early voting and absentee ballots (mail in) will be counted within 48 hours and recorded but no results given out until voting closes on the 8th.

  45. He, he he

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    How many times have we been told by Dems that the Republicans saying SS was going broke was nothing but a scare tactic. That there is no problem. Well I’ll be ….. From The Hill:

    “Centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on Thursday called for a broad bipartisan deal to protect the solvency of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, popular programs that face serious funding issues over the next few decades.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    As I said the other day, given the number of Americans who question the outcome of the last election they cannot all be MAGA. Unless of course MAGA is far bigger than anyone thinks.


  48. Just A Citizen says:

    I read yesterday that the DOJ is thinking about appointing a “Special Prosecutor” to handle Mr. Trump’s cases IF he should announce he is running for POTUS. Nothing like an outright threat.

    This should put to bed any doubts about him running. Given his tendency to fight any and all things, this should cement the deal.

  49. Just A Citizen says:
  50. So you admit voter fraud is real. Oh No, T Ray…it does not exist…..Charlie says so. So, there is no voter fraud, no trunks full of ballots suddenly discovered, no bags of ballots discovered in closets…none of tht exists…….shame on you.

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    I have in the past written about how “opinion leaders” work hard to develop viewpoints and beliefs to further their own agendas. If these people are not grounded in solid principles they will be willing to devise strategies based on “the ends justify the means”. The following is a piece within a rather long article at Politico. It is an example of how people consciously decide what message they want to send out only because they can manipulate people to vote for their side.

    “On the fundamental problem facing the Democratic Party — how to appeal to a white working class that was once the bedrock of the party but has been shifting to the Republican camp — everyone is in agreement. Hunt-Hendrix kicked off the confab by reading from a memo prepared by House GOP member Jim Banks for his caucus, titled “Cementing GOP as the Working Class Party,” which laid out how the fact that college professors, marketing professionals and bankers were now mostly Democrats opened up a massive area of opportunity for Republicans if they reoriented their agenda toward the working class.

    “It’s like that Internet meme, ‘Worst Person You Know Made a Good Point’,” Hunt-Hendrix told the crowd.

    The solution, as she and her cohort see it, isn’t popularism, but what they call “inclusive populism.” The idea of inclusive populism is to rally working-class voters of all stripes against corporations and political and economic elites, and name attempts at racial and gender divisiveness as diversionary tactics employed by the 1 percent to entrench their money and power. Rather than accept the framing of the right and pledge to end Big Government or reform welfare — or, as Biden put it, “The answer is to fund the police” — inclusive populists say that that what works is messages that call out Republican attacks as a trick to get working class people fighting with one another while they enrich themselves.”

    You can read the full article here:


    I recommend it and there are several interesting points in it. Even some confessions if you will about who dominates the Democratic Party and/or Progressives.

  52. I just saw a very interesting expose on the rental prices in New York City…..that a 400 square foot apartment costs an average of $3700? Is this a true depiction?

    • Probably not. It’s pure insanity … but, hey, if there are suckers willing to pay it, capitalism rules the day! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Don’t know about that but great game last night and an even greater finish. Now can the Astros manage to win at least one more? There is no quit in these Phillies so it will be interesting.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Depends on where you are. “hot” neighborhoods for the Yuppie class , sky’s the limit. generally these days, ok neighborhood, 3 room one bedroom, roughly 600sq ft. $ 1,500 to $ 1,900. The “capitalist class”, as our friend says has NOT been able to evict deadbeats for two years because the courts were closed. NYC has continued raising fees, taxes, W & S, permits and fines in the interim. Neither the banks nor the taxman have offered moratoriums as have the courts. As a property management specialist I have kept current though retired.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    I am thinking that those wanting to sit in the big chair, even those who seek Congress, should have to pass a basic test in economics. I understand the lying about your opposition, that is what these clowns do. But the other stuff is just stupid. Sadly about 40% of the country buys this stuff.


    • S Kent Troy says:

      Hell AOC majored in Economics. Fat lot of good that did!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        That is true, at least as far as we know.

        So you may have a point. But that means it is hopeless and I don’t like hopeless.

  54. Just A Citizen says:
  55. Just A Citizen says:


    Do the Democrats howling in public about the threat to democracy by the Republicans really believe their own rhetoric?

    I have not doubt that the sheep do, but what about the opinion leaders? Which include the MSM talking heads that help carry the message.

    • When candidates for Governor, the Senate and/or Congress specifically say, as did Kari Lake (and the psychotic running for Sec. of State), that they won’t certify elections they don’t agree with … yeah, kiss your democracy goodbye. And what would those magical founding fathers think about that? 🙂

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    Bless her heart:

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) promised on Thursday that “not another penny will go to Ukraine” if Republicans retake control of Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

    Put that in the categories of Delusional or Out Right Lies.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Pandering lies.

      Her base doesn’t care. Words have no meaning. She can say whatever she wants and they’ll bleatingly believe her as long as she is perceived as “owning the libs.”

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Or. they ignore it but will “support” her because there is no good alternative.

        The game of “owning the libs” is just the entertainment, it is not the reason people are voting for her. Although they do support the willingness to fight back.

        Kind of like the same game played by the Dems.


        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          Although they do support the willingness to fight back.

          As always, I reject this framing.

          The notion that she is “fighting back” implies that the Democrats have been attacking the Republicans and the Republicans are simply returning the fire. That the Republicans are blameless in the face of, shall we say, Northern Aggression, by the nefarious Blue Team.

          The left and right, Red and Blue teams, have been in a brawl since time immemorial. There is no clear, definitive aggressor, no clear victim. No one is “fighting back” any more than a boxer in a ring “fights back” after trading blows against a more-or-less evenly matched opponent for 8 rounds.

          She is a combatant. The right is a combatant. They are not some victim who have spent years cowering and taking one-sided blows by those mean leftists only to now, finally, in Trump and Green and Boebert, et al, find their champion to “fight back.”

          There is no “back” – they are mid-fight with no clear demarkations.

          This framing – which I expect from partisans, but not from you – positions “your side” as victims justified in poor behavior as a defensive response to the evil ‘other.’ It assigns culpability for misbehavior to the other side: “oh, well, I didn’t WANT to do [bad thing], but they made me do it.. I had to fight back!!1!” It inherently denies responsibility for “your side’s” actions in a way that I find galling.


          Perhaps you think I make a mountain out of a molehill.

          But just consider how the following sentence strikes you: “AOC is fighting back against the right.”

          I think you immediately see how hollow the notion that she is “fighting back” is. But I think you also immediately see how this framing presents her as a hero of the downtrodden victims, doing what must be done to resist the aggressors. The oppressed underdogs justified in any behavior as they ‘fight back’ and resist the evil right. I think you ALSO see how this is obviously bullshit.


          Not that I haven’t been tilting at this particular windmill for some time, but I note that this tactic has become far more pronounced since the arrival on the scene by one orange bloviating windbag.

          He, perhaps more than anyone before him, most effectively deployed this tactic, and to great effect. He would assail and badger and bully. He would be rude and condescending and outright lie with abandon… but then whenever anyone turned fire on him, he always played the blameless victim “see how mean they are to me!” and “no President has ever been treated worse than me!”

          …… and then he would turn around and frame his assault on others as “just fighting back” as though history only begins at the moment when he can claim victimhood.

          And that would be one thing, but sooooo many persist in accepting this subliminal horseshit into their mindsets and arguments… that it seeps in unconsciously as it did in your comment. No, sir, I reject this notion outright and ask that you do so as well.

          Resist the siren call of narcissism, JAC… I have faith in you!

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Well, I think you are objectively out to lunch on this one. Perhaps spending to much time around your alter ego, the one you have locked in the hold.

            First, I was commenting on how her supporters view the issue. Namely they don’t put as much stock in “owning libs” as they do in the sense she is “fighting back”. Whether you accept that or not is irrelevant. The TRUTH is that THEY feel victimized and THEY want a politician who will “fight back.” That is not me rationalizing her behavior, that is me describing what I see, and in doing so responding to your claim it is all about “owning the libs.”

            Second, as for your what aboutism, I showed how the Dems play the same game with the example of Ohio. It is not the only such commentary out there. The left just loves the snarky attacks and counter punching, every bit as much.

            So it looks to me like a gross overreaction to what I stated. Especially when it comes to accusing me of having somehow absorbed the nonsense of Mr. Trump’s tactics.

            I would like to see an example of where he went after someone on a personal level before they attacked him. I will grant you that as time as gone along his view of “being attacked” seems to have become quite shallow, so to speak.

            • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

              Although they do support the willingness to fight back.

              If you mean for me to read this as “they believe she is fighting back” rather than “they support her combativeness which I have offhandedly described as fighting back” then I withdraw my comment insofar as it references you, personally and offer the humblest of humble apologies.

              Nonetheless, I stand by everything I said, and simply redirect it at the individuals to whom it applies (and T-Ray, as seen below).

              I showed how the Dems play the same game with the example of Ohio.

              Perhaps I blinked and missed your example, but I would denounce it from the left as well… I would say, however, it APPEARS far more prevalent from the right. But, perhaps that is subjective.

              Or perhaps it is just that the most obvious and notorious user of this tactic happens to be a former Republican (one-term, twice impeached, two-time popular vote loser) President.

              So it looks to me like a gross overreaction to what I stated.

              I disagree, of course.

              Insofar as people (whether left or right or nihilistic sociopathic Presidents nominally aligned with one side or the other) believe that they are the victims rather than combatants.. and believe their respective champions to be “fighting back” with all that phrase implies… insofar as this is the case, these people feel both justified and absolved of moral culpability in any actions (or escalations) they feel necessary utile.

              It is, for want of a better comparison, the misapplication of a mental version of a “stand your ground” law…. that, because I am simply defending myself, because I am “fighting back [against aggressors],” I can use whatever [verbal] force, whatever tactics I deem necessary.. and it is all [other side’s] fault.

              But it’s acting as though one is “standing their ground” while willfully ignoring the broader context of being in a long-running back-and-forth battle. It’s being in the 8th round of a boxing match and feeling that you are just defending yourself while ignoring all the blows that you, yourself have rained down on the other side. Worse still, of course, might be that the ‘other guy’ might ALSO feel he is just ‘fighting back’… and now you have two people who believe themselves justified in any behavior, and who will blame the other for any misconduct. (“I HAD to bite his ear off, you see! I was just defending myself!”)

              Especially when it comes to accusing me of having somehow absorbed the nonsense of Mr. Trump’s tactics.

              Again, withdrawn.

              I would like to see an example of where he went after someone on a personal level before they attacked him.

              Off the cuff? How about my favorite example?

              I will grant you that as time as gone along his view of “being attacked” seems to have become quite shallow, so to speak.

              I do agree that this has gotten more pronounced… these days, it seems, anyone failing to toe the line is the enemy….. but I have the sense that, in this, he is the victim of his own success. That is, this tactic has served him so well over the last several years that he has become quicker to reach for it as a response. Fear, as they say, will keep them in line.

              People are slower to denounce or oppose him when they know that the slighted footfault may be met with full-throated denunciation by a man who still controls enough of the base to destroy careers.

              I suspect – and admittedly, I am reading tea leaves here… it could just be late-stage syphilis – that he has simply come to lean on this power as a favored cudgel.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Fair example. Although I wouldn’t put that in the category of the personal attacks we are usually discussing. His ignorance about the lawyer’s group vs. the activist group was telling.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I do want to make one more substantive comment to your commentary.

                You decry the practice of using victimhood to justify or rationalize, or excuse, bad behavior by candidates/public figures. Those feeling victimized should not fall for this, per your argument.

                But tell me. What is the difference between them supporting their “person” regardless of what they say because they feel they are “fighting back” and oh, say some people who have admitted they would vote for an ax murder before voting for Trump? Wherein lies the difference in these two offenses?

                • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                  One should make the choices they make… but should do so for clear-eyed intellectually honest reasons.

                  If one wishes to support Donald Trump because they “feel victimized,” they should wrestle internally with those feelings, openly and honestly, consider conflicting viewpoints. Just because one FEELS like one is aggrieved and victimized does not make it so.*

                  If one wishes to be a nihilistic ass-bag and just vote for the person whose policies align with their own regardless of any other considerations, then they may do so, of course. And they should do so while self-aware of the fact that they have elected this heuristic.**

                  One need not be honest with others at all times – that way insanity lies – but one should always be honest with oneself.


                  * More to the point, the feeling of “we’re the good guys just trying to ressit [bad team]” is effectively writing oneself an ethical blank check. In your own defense, in the face of an evil aggressor, there are no limits on what you may do to “defend” yourself. Lie, cheat, or steal… manipulate the game.. bait and switch… play games with voter roles or election rules or who and when and how votes are counted… play games with gerrymandering… or even storm the capital to disrupt the counting of electoral votes… it’s all permissible if you believe yourself the good guy simply resisting a wrong.

                  Note that, while some of that only really applies to one side, the general gist applies to both. It is, simply put, a recipe for escalation.

                  ** And, while so doing, they should be honest with themselves about whether such policies really do align with their own, or whether they have been taken in by the color of the team’s uniform.

                  • Just A Citizen says:

                    The only part of that I disagree with is “while some of that only really applies to one side, .” I think all of it applies to both sides.

                    Here is the bottom line. I and others think the D’s started this escalation. Maybe you don’t but you have been wrong before. 🙂

                    That is not the point. It is how and when does it stop or does it just get worse. In order for it to stop, someone has to say enough is enough and stop playing the game. But even that will not stop it. Because there are other players, like the media. If one side suddenly goes all Statesman Like, I doubt the media will let it rest. And if one side stops, why would the other side? The vitriol seems to be fueling their ratings these days.

                    Now for the part you will probably not like. I blame the intersection of younger folks and the internet for both the escalation and inability to stop. This intersection created a public arena filled with snark, sarcasm and strong opinions with little tolerance for opposing views. All characteristics held by almost every “young generation”, mine included. That in itself did not cause the downfall of civil debate in the political sphere. It was when the politicians and media figured out that was the norm and they could garner audiences by following the recipe. Back when I got on this internet thing you could see a difference in postings between the older and younger generations. I think that has dissolved now. Everyone seems happy flinging Poo at each other. Because there are no truly personal consequences in a digital world. And flinging Poo generates “clicks.” That quote location was just for you. 🙂

          • Pirate, your objectivity compass needs some serious re-calibrating. Over 80% of the media leans to the left. It is quite noticeable during interviews. If they are interview Obama or Biden, it is all softball questions. If Trump or other R’s it is gotcha questions. Think back to Bush43. He never responded to the digs from the left or the media which infuriated most of us because they were easy to counter. Others except for, Palin and Gingrich, did not respond either. The R’s have been called racists, fascists, xenophobes, misogynists, Hitler, and a host of other vial names for years. This name calling is not from the rank and file but from members of congress and other high ranking Dems. Now the R’s do use names for the Ds but mostly this comes from the rank and file and not from the office holders. The MSM follows the same pattern.

            So it was refreshing when Trump responded in kind to the nasty BS from the left. We welcomed it, as someone finally was fighting back. I am sorry you do not like it but that is just plain tough. Trump was crude and rude in his responses but he as taught a new generation of Rs not to take the BS. Lake and De Santis are much smoother and more thoughtful in their responses but they clearly show they have learned.

            • So it was refreshing when Trump responded in kind to the nasty BS from the left. We welcomed it, as someone finally was fighting back. I am sorry you do not like it but that is just plain tough. Trump was crude and rude in his responses but he as taught a new generation of Rs not to take the BS. Lake and De Santis are much smoother and more thoughtful in their responses but they clearly show they have learned.

              I wonder when calling out a liar for his or her lies became “nasty bS from the left.”

              Trump taught a new generation of R’s how to lie through their teeth, be subservient to a con artist/cartoon barker, shed their integrity, and bilk their moronic supporters. Lake and De Santis, Trump’s disciples, have learned their supporters are as dumb as a bag of hammers and will want to believe anything they say. Trump taught “some” in America how stupid Americans can be … and he taught others nothing we didn’t already know (how stupid Americans are). 🙂

  57. Gezpacho for everyone! 🙂

  58. Just A Citizen says:


    I forgot what you told T-Ray. So tell me, when is your bowling trip to Las Vegas?

    We are currently planning a March trip to Pheonix area, maybe watch some baseball and play a little swat and follow. You guys up for a get together?

  59. I am the Walrus …

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    In case ya’ll thought the Never Trumpers was an original idea:


    I am sure SK can add to this.

    Oh, and don’t forget the Daisy ad where the Dems accuse Goldwater of being willing to wage a nuclear war.

    Who knew that years later this would lead to us seeing Paul Ryan push Granny in a wheelchair off a cliff.

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    So it looks like POTUS takes action not authorized by Congress or the Constitution but nobody has standing to go to the Courts to get it stopped.

    What the hell?


  62. Just A Citizen says:

    I thought they said the voting machines were firewalled from the internet. That nobody could break in and change the votes. So exactly what is it they are going to protect us from?


  63. Anita, we drew IN this weekend. I see you have IL. That could be tough as they are good for a change. Good luck. OSU is at NW and MI is at Rutgers. Cake walks for them.

  64. Next week we learn how Americans (the “we the people” faction) will handle an election between two distinct parties (at least in theory). Will they vote to maintain the status quo, which will NOT change for the better, or will they vote to allow future single party rule (i.e., putting election deniers in power who can overturn the voice of the same “we the people” faction). When candidates won’t commit to election results unless they confirm a win for their party while refusing to commit to accepting election results if their party loses, the choice seems obvious enough. Do we really want the Republican Party to rule the roost going into 2024 where they can deny election results they refuse to accept and setup yet another Trump (or Trump-like) presidency?

    Frankly, our corrupt to the core political system has left me no longer caring what happens next. I’ll be rooting for the Democrats to hold the house and the Senate, but not with the expectation that things will change for the better for the working class and poor. The Democrats drained me of any hope for a better day in America several election cycles ago. Republicans require us to support election deniers and strip ourselves of any hint of integrity.

    The Republicans have offered ZERO policies regarding how they would deal with inflation and/or crime. Democrats offer policies they either won’t or can’t enforce because of blue dogs within their ranks (i.e., Manchin and Sinema, two sellout Senators who rebuff all attempts to perform the bare minimum for the working class and poor).

    Next week we find out how we speed the plow to our own demise. Whether we stall the inevitable (Democrats hold both houses) or we speed that plow (Republican win either or both houses).

    The setup has everything to do with a Trump return to the White House. Will the levers of power over the 2024 elections be truly rigged by Republican Governors and Secretaries of State who will refuse to certify state elections Trump loses in a third attempt to win the White House, thus creating a true constitutional crisis, or will Democratic Governors and Secretaries of State hold the line against wannabe fascists (while enacting/passing little to no legislation aimed at helping the “we the people” faction)?

    The choice is yours, Amici. I’ll be watching and waiting (with cynicism) no matter which party wins the day. When there’s a socialist on the ballot, I’ll vote. When there isn’t, and there isn’t, I’ll be washing my hair …

    And if a complete incompetent/dumb as a bag of hammers candidate like Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, it’ll be an absolute proof of our collective and determined demise. Good luck, America. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      False premises lead to false conclusions. You start with the Big Lie and then spin a story that exists only in the depths of the left wing Conspiracy crowd. I think someone the other day called it BlueAnon.

      You love attacking Walker, but what does it say about us if Fetterman wins?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Inflation? The simple solution, offered by virtually all republicans? Cheap Energy.

      There has always been a triad for a successful economy, available labor, available raw materials and available energy. We have all three and have hamstrung all three.

      That’s the solution. EVERYTHING is based on the cost of energy. If the guy carrying a truckload of your favorite butter pays twice what he had been paying for diesel, then your butter will go from $ 2.89 a pound to $ 4.89. WHICH IT ACTUALLY HAS. My favorite beer has jumped $ 4.00 a case in the last month alone. back in the early spring it was $ 23.00 a case of DAB, now $ 32.00, mostly due to transportation costs.

      While we all could cut down on our recreational travel and most could even use public transit, just what will the folks using Propane or heating oil (topping $ 5.83 a gallon in NJ yesterday) do this winter?

  65. Just A Citizen says:

    We only had a few days of frost here at the place, a couple weeks back, when it up and snowed yesterday. Then last night we had winds sustained in the 30’s and 40’s with gusts exceeding 60 mph. Today relatively calm with leaves, branches and trash everywhere. I have a new bucket but don’t know who to thank for it.

    Because we haven’t had the hard freezing the leaves are pretty much still on the trees, with many still having some green. This week it is going to get down in the teens at night. Leaves that blew off last night are now frozen to the ground. Boy do I and Lil JAC have some work to do now.

  66. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, I admit I love this headline:

    Find Yourself Someone Who Loves You as Much as Journalists Love Crying Over Twitter

  67. Just A Citizen says:


    The sad thing is this twit of a woman has caused Police to use their valuable time on something that is not a crime and stupid to boot. Go ahead and arrest these kids and see how big the lawsuit for violating their free speech rights becomes. How big is the Cedar City budget? The real irony here is that it is the Karen who is actually violating the law, potentially, by posting videos of minors.


  68. Why won’t he share them? 🙂 This is hilarious. A certified moron and liar … fits right in with the GOP. Perfect Match!

    • 🙂

      You know Paradise burned down a couple of years ago.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Great story and tribute.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Reminds me of my own abject stupidity when I was that age wandering through construction sites on weekends and empty buildings slated for demolition. My Dad’s best friend had only two fingers on his left hand because of an “adventure” with readily available blasting caps in the coal fields when he was ten. Uncle Pete had a nasty burn scar on his lower leg from “discovering” what happens when you throw a match in an empty gasoline can.

      Question is these days, do you want these kind of boys or girly boys who wear masks on sunny days outdoors?

  69. Just A Citizen says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better. The R’s should be funning ads nationally on Monday, just reading this letter.


  70. S Kent Troy says:

    Democracy, Democracy, Democracy, that’s all I hear the democrats calling for. I wonder if they will switch to “Constitutional Republic” next Wednesday when DEMOCRACY kicks their collective asses.

  71. Just A Citizen says:

    I am strongly opposed to State Constitutions being amended to either ban or ratify abortion. Constitutions are about establishing a govt and then describing its powers. It should not be used to carve out special rules for one segment of society or another.

    Just as with efforts to pass National amendments for women, minorities, etc. In those cases the Constitution outlines the standard as “all persons” as it should. But then we have to add on a list of special people just to be sure.

    We should stop at “all people” and “such rights shall not be abridged in any way”.

    Abortion is a medical procedure that results in killing an innocent person. Laws dealing with its regulations should be within the legislative realm, not the Constitutional realm.

    The problem is the State courts now playing games with their laws to undermine Legislative solutions. The natural reaction is to create an Amendment. I urge the “conservatives” to avoid this tactic.

  72. Try it, you lunatics, you might like it. 🙂

  73. Ya know Charlie…unless I am mistaken, but I count more elction deniers among democrats than Repubs…….then I have to throw you in their…you are already claiming the Repubs are rigging elections or about to…..

    Not like Michigan’s new proposition #2…….

  74. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, first of all Red State commits a “distortion of the truth” with their headline and lead in to the story. The guy wasn’t just saying people should eat canned spaghetti.


    The irony is that if not for the Democratic Party’s policies he would be correct. What he describes is exactly how price increases are handled and why that is NOT the same as inflation. Because the more canned spaghetti people eat the lower the demand for other products and the costs come down.

    But when you just add more money to the system, people keep buying the steaks and burgers until one day everything starts moving up at the same time. Then when the money faucet gets closed down it all comes crashing back to earth.

    So as I said, there is great irony in his statement. I doubt he understands that, and I am sure most in Congress don’t.

  75. OMG…….Trump is no longer number 1……the Washington Post says that the last set of lies from Biden projected him to the number one spot on the Washington’s Post “bottomless lies” list. The criteria for making this list is repeated lies said 20 times or more…and the lies must be rated at 3 pinocchios or greater. Biden has surpassed Trump, according to the Post.

    The horror of it.

  76. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Well, folks, it seems I have to eat some crow.

    I have incontrovertible PROOF of voter fraud in the 2022 election.

    It appears that Mathius, a dead man, has cast a ballot in New York despite, you know, having been murdered by his wife last month.

    I guess the election really is rigged.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Been tellin ya!

    • Who said anything about murder? I thought he was……just…….missing. Then I heard about a secret room in the bowels of the Hammer with strange noises……then the Hammer gets stuck on a sandbar and the DPM is in denial…….perhaps bizzaro world in upon us.

      • Brandon did it.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        T̷̜̤̠̂̎̐͘H̷̭͆́̎͂E̶̫̊̄̑͘͝R̴̨̟͂͗̃̚E̷̤̖̼̟͚͝ ̵͖̳̬͉̔I̷̻̓̏̽̽̽S̶̢̡͖̗̱̏́͝ ̴̣̈̈N̵͙̘̪̪̉̽̿̾̑Ŏ̷̞́́̊͐ ̷̬͔̰̱̊͗̾́S̶̘͈͈͈͔̍̒Ȁ̸̠̊̒͌̕N̴͍͈̟͗Ḓ̸̱͚͈̍̐̿͌͝B̴̠̍̍͝A̶͙͔͍͈̓̄͐͐R̸̢̥̀!̸̎̃̇ͅ!̸̡̞̫̊̀͒͘͠ ̴͙̥̤͇͂͗̑́̕ͅ

  77. These are the believers … MAGA!

  78. I wonder if JFK, Jr. will be upset if there’s a red wave. As vice president to Trump and a ghost of Harris, he used to be a democrat. I guess maybe his death rumor turned him toward the the Republican party. And what happens if the blue team wins? He’ll be so confused. 🙂

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      And what happens if the blue team wins? He’ll be so confused. 🙂

      Don’t get your hopes up. There are only two outcomes of this election:
      1. Red Team wins.
      2. Red Team loses, but claims it won anyway… followed by it doing everything in its power (lawful or not, peaceful or not) to “stop the steal.” The “poll watchers” and all those spiffy new MAGA election supervisors and town clerks and so forth will simply “fix the glitch” so that their side wins. All the while the Blue Team will exhibit staggering new levels of fecklessness which had henceforth only ever been observed in a laboratory setting.


      But I wouldn’t worry about #2 too much. The Democrats are going to – per usual – snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Calling it now – Red Team landslide followed by two years of relentless conspiracy theory-driven “investigations” into Hunter Biden’s laptop.

      • Will someone please explain to me what a “Red Wave” really is? All this time I thought it was a Scarlet Pirate waving from his fore deck but obviously I am mistaken…..

        This election is going to produce some interesting things and it is a spectators paradise. Both sides are going to spin so hard, it might throw the Earth off its axis. The Hammer may actually get off that sandbar.

        • The “interesting things” will come in 2024 … I can’t wait!

          DPM: #1 with a bullet.

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            The “interesting things” will come in 2024

            Things like… this?

            “If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.”—David Frum

            The “interesting things” will come in 2024

            Things like… this?

            “But he saw too that in America the struggle was befogged by the fact that the worst Fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism’ and preached enslavement to Capitalism under the style of Constitutional and Traditional Native American Liberty.” – Sinclair Lewis

            (Often misquoted as “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”)

            The “interesting things” will come in 2024

            Things like… this?

            Tim Michels, 2022 Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin, told supporters at a campaign event that if he is elected his party “will never lose another election” in the state.

            The “interesting things” will come in 2024 … I can’t wait!

            Well, it’s not like they’re going to ever ADMIT that they’re fascists…. and it’s not like the “left” has enough of a spine to actually, you know, DO anything other than bend over and take it.

            So… the next bit is the part of the history class that is typically referred to under the header: “Causes leading up to…”

            We’re at about 1930-31, and heading full-steam ahead.

            I’m surprised you “can’t wait” since the next part is the one where they round you up and send you to a camp which, if you’re lucky, will be a “reeducation” camp. And, if not, well… it was nice knowing you.

            • The end of empire will come before the roundup, DPM … and, chances are we and Russia and ???? will blow each other up before the economy collapses.

              And if I’m wrong and they round me up too … I guess I’d have to take one of them with me (skills you never forget how to use). I do agree we’re at 1930-31 … if Trump skates the preclusion to running conviction(s), he’ll have his people in power and then the real fun starts …

              fun like: rounding up reporters and imprisoning them and political opponents … leaving Europe to Russia … maybe ganging up on China with Russia (or vice versa) … drilling everywhere … with the SCOTUS reversing gay marriage and contraception and rounding up liberals, etc.

              If Trump had the power Hitler was able to accrue in Weimar, he’d be every bit as bad … in fact, being his supporters are likely 10x’s dumber than those who actually supported Hitler, he’d probably be a lot worse.

              USA! USA! USA! 🙂

              • And if the Dems win? Will there be any change? Just reverse what you said and it will be the same….except the regime of the dems will be to eliminate the families as well. ( I hope everyone sees how stupid what I wrote sounds really weird). Neither party is going to round up anybody (unless the Clintons are in)..nobody is going to disappear and no re-education camps (sans CRT) will be around. I hope but I know there will be no cleansing of the established non elected. The FBI and the CIA will continue its unlawful ways, the EPA will continue to destroy the earth, and the FED will continue its destruction of the system.

                If any ballot counting goes beyond 48 hrs, and a conservative is winning, then the conservative will lose…that is the mantra. THERE IS NO REASON THAT BALLOT COUNTING SHOULD GO PAST 48 HOURS. NONE.

                On CNN this morning, there was a professor from Harvard that examined the last 80 years of voting. Here is his quote (or as near as I can remember it) He said almost the same thing I said above. Anytime you have late counts coming in, the party that is winning will lose….it has never failed for the last 80 years. He went on to say, any race that is “too close to call” and the counting goes on for days, it is almost certain there is fraud involved.

                Well, we shall see. If Texas is correct, we will have all ballots counted and in by 9 pm this evening Texas time. Last time 97% of the precincts reported by 9 pm….we shall see if it holds true.

                It is going to be a ride…..but I will miss most of this…..I can check in periodically but I will be on the border because we anticipate more illegal crossings en masse if the Repubs do sweep….we have orders to stop them. I don’t know if any of you have played paintball in the past. I used to Captain a team call Texas Shock Force and we participated in the championships many times. Paint ball weapons shoot 68 caliber paint balls up to 300fps by compressed air or nitrogen. It smarts pretty good when you get hit and the paint ball explodes on contact so you know when you are out.

                One of the new weapons we have on the border now is a similar weapon that shoots pepper balls at 600 fps by compressed air or nitrogen. when the pepper balls explode on contact, it releases pepper spray. It really irritates the eyes and skin when it comes in contact. If you noticed when the Argentinians tried to cross the river en masse, we responded with pepper balls and it broke up the crossing almost immediately and no one was killed or hurt except one of the agents got hit with a rock. We shoot for center mass and not only does a 68 caliber ball leave a nasty mark which will last for days…but it will also stain your clothes or skin. You can wash the pepper residue out of your eyes with running water but it still burns. It is non lethal and it works really well.

                Going to be fun!! adios and will check in periodically from the border.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I think you have been drinking the solvent used to clean your cannons.

              What an absolute load of Bulldookey.

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


                You’ll get a chance to see for yourself whether I was right over the next few years.

                Incoming Red Wave today…

  79. Just A Citizen says:
  80. Just A Citizen says:

    A little something to listen to while we get ready for Tuesday.

    • Cool sounds………Ok..so I will ask you….what is a Red Wave….is it just taking control of the House and Senate? Is it numbers? I ask because if the Republicans win all 4 Senate Seats and take the House by 45 seats…I can see Biden and Pelosi and Shumer saying it could have been worse. There was no wave.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes it is the NUMBERS, but it is also more than that. It is the change in voter sentiment, that is required to cause a major shift in numbers. It is also the potential extent of the house cleaning, that is in down ballot seats, like Governor to dog catcher.

        Remember back to the beginning of this cycle. The D’s will probably hold the House, but it will be close, and definitely hold the Senate, maybe even increase their number to 51 or 52. That was the story line after the last election and at the beginning of the J6 stuff. Even after the Gov of Virginia went to the R’s the story line didn’t change that much. So the “wave” partly has to do with the evidence of a severe beating in the face of promised victory.

        It is a given that no matter what both sides will spin it as you said, until the world shifts on its axis. The D’s will start the usual sole searching and blame game while the R’s will seriously overplay their hand. Or should I say underplay their hand, because they will probably focus on different stuff that makes little difference, like diving into the Biden Mafia Family.

        Besides we all know that even if the R’s were inclined, Mr. Biden would have to get on board or another half dozen D’s would have to join the R’s to override and veto.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          The D’s will probably hold the House, but it will be close, and definitely hold the Senate, maybe even increase their number to 51 or 52.

          I’ll take that action.

          I’ve got a bottle o’ Macallan 18 that says the Blue Team loses at least one chamber.

          And a can of Red Bull that says [Mathius’ redacted candidate] loses, too.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Sorry but you misunderstood my post. That was the prediction back at the beginning of the cycle. Especially by the Dems but even many R’s were doubtful of their ability to flip even one chamber.

            The D’s are now admitting loss of the House, although they keep pushing the “possible path to victory” bs with their media lackies.

            The interesting thing is how the R’s were pushing the story for the last month that they would take the Senate and maybe even get 54 seats. All of a sudden, two days before the election they are saying it is a toss up.

            Me thinks we have been subjected to a ton of gas lighting by both sides this year.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        P.S. When the Dems knocked off the Rs in Trumps midterm they also claimed it a “Blue Wave”.

  81. Stay classy MAGA. 🙂

  82. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe a little for to the point.

  83. Oz doesn’t know that the football team in the state (PA) next to where he (New Jersey) lives didn’t play Sunday … and then things got really weird … YOUR people are friggin’ nut jobs! 🙂

  84. Are they mentally ill or just dumb as a bag of hammers? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

  85. Just A Citizen says:

    I have a message for the D’s and MSM. You keep making a big deal about increased “political violence” and strive daily to blame the R’s or Mr. Trump, or some other boogie man.

    So please tell me. What did you think would happen when you kept pushing your bankrupt ideas on the rest of the American people? What did you think would happen when you locked them in their houses and destroyed the economy and then laughed at them when they complained. Or worse yet, you started calling the homophobes, racists, fascists, etc., etc.? Did you really think you could just keep all this up, even doubling down, and there would never be any blow back?

    After you made excuses for radicals burning down parts of cities and attacking Govt. buildings, calling them “mostly peaceful”, and then kissed the backside of those doing it, did it ever cross you mind that the rest of America would take note and start to wonder if violence wasn’t in fact the way to cause change?

    If the violence from the right was as bad as you are trying to make it you wouldn’t be able to stand in front of cameras crying about it. You see, the “other Americans” haven’t gone full Berserker yet. But if you keep it up, with crap about how the R’s will destroy Democracy, you may find yourself living out a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • Or worse yet, you started calling the homophobes, racists, fascists, etc., etc.? Did you really think you could just keep all this up, even doubling down, and there would never be any blow back?

      Sounds like the JACman is feeling his toxic male oats. A threat to the libs or just the start of one? Hmmmm …

      You see, the “other Americans” haven’t gone full Berserker yet. But if you keep it up, with crap about how the R’s will destroy Democracy, you may find yourself living out a self fulfilling prophecy.

      Yep, a threat. JAC says they’ll own the libs the old fashioned way if the libs don’t watch their mouths. They’re going to go medieval on the asses of dems (imagine what they’ll do to socialists!) … one has to wonder how many of the Uvalde police were MAGA warriors (since so many police are stupid enough to fall for the Republicans being a party of law and order) … so, were they ALL Republicans. A lot more likely than not … but then why didn’t they do their jobs? Maybe they were telling the shooter things like: “You keep shooting those kids … you keep it up and you may find yourself in some serious trouble.”

      The people in the video are MAGA/Q and infinitely dumber than a bag of hammers OR rocks. The problem isn’t them voting so much as it is them procreating. Sweet Jesus, if EVER there was an excuse for abortions … maybe even retroactive ones.

      I can’t wait for tomorrow. I took off from work Wednesday so I can stay up and watch the country fall apart state by state … and of course I’ll give SUFA updates as the night passes.

  86. Just A Citizen says:

    Along these same lines, what are the Jewish community in this country, and their lackies, thinking when they organize a total attack on people who criticize them. Like Kanye and that Basketball player, who are both black.

    Do they not realize that by organizing a character assassination and efforts to destroy their ability to earn a living that they are living up to the very criticisms that have been leveled against them?

    Talk about living up to the stereotype created by your enemies.

    • Good question, JAC, because since Israel has gone full blown apartheid state, they’ve a tougher time in the US&A with young people who no longer buy the bullshit AIPAC spews. You can be anti-Israeli Government and NOT be anti-Semitic. I am, but I suspect the Israeli/AIPAC ground game requires them to slap a label on anyone who dares criticize their government. Kanye’s problem was his use of the word “Jews.” Way out of line. I didn’t see the documentary Irving has posted about, but attacking people for being anti-Semitic on all fronts these days I suspect has more to do with AIPAC/Israel losing the youth movement, who thanks to technology, now sees how Israel has turned Gaza into an open air prison and will continue to gobble up the West Bank until it’s Palestinian free. The way they treat Palestinians is akin to being modern day Nazis … and like Q and MAGA and their insane devotion to an absolute con artist and criminal, they don’t care (much like the way you guys don’t care how or what it takes to defeat the Democrats (as if you have something to fear from that collection of feckless losers) … you’ll poke fun at Fetterman (who has been the LT. Governor that state prior to his stroke (still is, actually) while accepting Herschel Walker (which reminds me of all that Christianity you guys seem to proud of). So, so how do you marry yourselves to Trumpism?

  87. Just A Citizen says:

    Charlie asked what is wrong with early voting.

    PA is reporting that 80% of the early voting (mail in ballots) are Democrat Party affiliated. I have no idea why anyone would know that right now but that was the report. It has also been reported that most of those ballots were sent BEFORE the debate.

    So you have this huge Democrat get out the vote drive, pushing mail in ballots, they get massive numbers to vote all before anyone gets to see the Dem candidate cannot form a complete thought, let alone a complex one.

    Yeah, what can go wrong with early voting.

    • Party affiliation in PA is 46%, 39%, 15%, D, R, I respectively. I find the 80% D number unbelievable.

    • Do they use machines in any of the contested states? I ask because if the Dems win a seat or two (whether they lose both houses or not), you can then use the old “Dominion voting machines were hacked by Italians under orders from Hugo Chavez!” excuse. 🙂 I find all your attempts to try and relive 2020 hilarious. You couldn’t be more predictable. Come on, folks, get all your conspiracy theories out again … some of the voting may take days to count, and you know what that means … VOTER FRAUD! 🙂

      • Charlie, I am old enough to remember when voting was done on paper ballots and counted by hand in the majority of precincts in the country, especially outside the major cities. Tallies never took more than 24 hrs to be concluded and rarely more than 12 hrs. Final certification may have taken longer but the vote was counted reliably very quickly. We are now more automated than we have ever been so why does it take days? And the corollary, is why are you so gullible to believe this BS?

  88. Just A Citizen says:

    Of course he is:


    Just like last time. Wonder if the PA courts learned their lesson or if they just tow the Party line once again.

  89. S Kent Troy says:

    It is hilarious that the liberal, socialist, woke part of our society literally worships Western Europe and wants to follow them like little lemmings. Yet, on issues like abortion and voting where Europe is far, stricter than we are basically limiting abortion to the first trimester and voting to one day in person, our “elites” are strangely silent.

    • It’s even more hilarious that so-called Christians in America follow someone like Donald Trump (the “Chosen one”) … I often wonder how you start to clean the bullshit out of your ears. Do you shower upside down?

  90. Canine Weapon says:

    • LOL….even a dog can be funny at times. I wonder why there is no Feline Weapon……

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        I mean, while this IS funny of course…

        But, I’ve noted a big uptick of concern amongst the (many) Jews I know and associate with. There have been a number of conversations regarding where the ‘safest’ place to move is*.

        The Jews have their hackles up. It’s an evolved defense mechanism against millennia of goyem trying to murder them. They’re all scenting the wind like frightened deer. You might think they’re being paranoid, but that is definitely NOT the feeling within the Jewish community.

        * Ironically, the consensus answer is Germany.

  91. Just A Citizen says:
  92. Just A Citizen says:
    • And friends, somewhere in Washington enshrined in some little folder, is a study in black and white of my fingerprints. And the only reason I’m singing you this song now is cause you may know somebody in a similar situation, or you may be in a similar situation, and if your in a situation like that there’s only one thing you can do and that’s walk into the shrink wherever you are ,just walk in say “Shrink, You can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant.”. And walk out. You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and they won’t take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony, they may think they’re both faggots and they won’t take either of them. And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in singin’ a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said fifty people a day walking in singin’ a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement

  93. Just A Citizen says:

    Been a while since we condemned the public education system, so lets have at it, shall we?


    • S Kent Troy says:

      Ahhh! If you have the means and don’t send your kids to a non-public school you are doing then a great disservice. The wife having worked in both Public and Parochial schools has oodles of examples of kids from our Parochial school who have gone on to public high school and been bored to tears with the curriculum, years behind what they already learned.

      Vouchers are the answer and would financially benefit the Public Schools but the unions and the educational industrial complex will never allow them.

      Now how would they benefit? Simple. Right now the average Northeast Public School spends in the neighborhood of $ 22,000 per pupil. Give the parent a $7,000 voucher and you leave the remaining $ 15,000 (or a good portion of it) in the Public School pot.

      Our Post WW 2 town in NJ built schools for the boomers. I doubt that the current enrollment is more than half what it was in the 1950’s – 1960’s yet three of our five school board candidates claim “overcrowding” is a problem and want to build annexes.

  94. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Some thoughts:
    > Officially, of course, I condemn the act of violence. But I do understand the urge to throw things at Ted Cruz.
    > Cruz’s claim of having been hit in the head and chest is clearly bullshit as seen in the video. Looks like he took a hit to the forearm which I expect will leave a bruise.
    > While no one on the left seems to be condoning the action, the condemnation is decided muted. I doubt they’d be so mild about it if Biden or AOC had been the recipient.
    > The outrage machine on the right seems to have dropped the ball on this one. I would have expected far more gnashing of teeth.. but then, maybe that has something to do with Paul Pelosi’s recent hammer-assault?
    > White Claw does not deserve to be called beer.
    > That the guy had a pretty decent arm.
    > THIS is how you react when idiots throw things at you.
    > THIS is how you react after idiots have attacked you.

    According to details read in court, the suspect made a statement after he was detained, saying “I know I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.”

    • What they needed, the dumb fucks, was somebody on the other side of the street throwing at the back of his head at the same time.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Nice! A violence advocate speaks!

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        While no one on the left seems to be condoning the action, the condemnation is decided muted. I doubt they’d be so mild about it if Biden or AOC had been the recipient.

        [10 minutes later]

        What they needed, the dumb fucks, was somebody on the other side of the street throwing at the back of his head at the same time.

        Welp… ok… no one SANE, or in any real position of power/influence.

        • “… or in any real position of power/influence.”

          That’s the key, boyo … it’s all spitting into the wind … pissing into a hurricane … drinking decaffeinated coffee. We ALL lost a long time ago … some of us recognize it and have fun. Corporations 100, we the people 0 … and when enough of the “we the people” crowd are the kind of mutants featured at Trump or Mastriano rallies, you can flush all of it down the toilet, which is exactly where we are today. Gotta love it.

  95. Jim Clyburn should’ve thought about this when he shoved Joe Biden down the country’s throat. So go fuck yourself, Mr. Clyburn.

    Fool me once … good luck to the Do Nothings. I do hope you win in those battleground states, but you don’t get my vote (New Jersey isn’t one … yet). So, after the back to back superdelegate fiascos and the DNC’s never ending corruption … and the FACT you assholes [democratic affiliates/Pacs] actually bankrolled some of the MAGA candidates because you thought they’d be easier to beat) NEVER again. When there’s a socialist on the ballot, a socialist will get my vote. The lesser of two evils no longer flies. I’ll be watching and enjoying, no matter which useless party wins. It’s simple math. One party (the Dems) will stall the inevitable collapse by doing nothing should they retain either or both houses. The other party (GOP) will walk us backwards as fast as possible in their quest to be fascists. Right now they’re wannabe fascists with no game plan toward actual governing. It’s all about power for both parties, but the Democrats allowed this one, per usual, to slip through their fingers by promising the world and delivering Mcnuggets … that said, I have to say it’s the encouragement of our proxy war with Russia that demands I walk away from voting today. Our never ending commitment to wars is the straw that broke the phat dad’s back. We remain the world’s terrorists with our never ending bullying across the globe of nation states that refuse to allow the U.S. to dictate their government policy and/or exploit their resources and labor. They won’t eat our shit so now we have to eat our shit. Way to go, America!

    So, it’s hilarious. As scary as it feels, it’s hilarious. In the year 2022, the American people have allowed where we are today by refusing to flee the two party system and by ignoring third parties. The Democrats are where they are today by becoming a party of corporations and Wall Street (thank you, Bill Clinton) and ignoring unions and the struggles of the working class and poor. The Republicans are where they are today because of the discontent the Democrats allowed to fester by ignoring the people they used to support and veering toward the elite/professional corporate class. Republicans seized on the discontent of white people afraid of becoming a minority (they best get used to it sooner or later), and on the abandonment of the working class by Democrats (as if the Republicans ever gave a flying fuck about workers OR “law and order”) … and then Republicans appealed to the absolute worst in human nature … and America apparently has an overabundance of the worst (i.e., racists). And today people will actually vote for election deniers … whether they win or not, a large percentage of voters will turn to candidates who will only accept wins for their party. Nice democracy you have there. I can’t wait to see how that’s treated in future American history books … Wait! What am I thinking? It won’t even be allowed to be taught.

    Socialism bad? Then how come Wall Street and Corporate American is so dependent on it? We get what we deserve, whether we vote for it or not. This MAGA fiasco grows the same way the Nazi party did in Weimar in the 30’s (and the people of Germany had A LOT MORE than 2 options). We limited ourselves by buying into the bullshit/propaganda we were taught as kids and held to our chests as if it was gospel/reliable. It wasn’t. It never was. Politics is a dirty game dependent on corruption to form alliances. Both parties are invested in the same corruption by taking coin from the same special interests. I’m not sure how this march to madness ends, but right now the momentum is with the really bad guys vs. the other bad guys. Fuck the both of’em.

  96. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Place your bets: How many times will the Republicans impeach Biden?

    My money is on at least a half dozen.

    • The Over/Under is 3 …

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        If Red Team takes the house, I’ll take the over, and I’ll bet the farm.

        They’re going to impeach him the same way they repealed the ACA during Obama’s term: stupidly, pointlessly, and repeatedly.

        I wouldn’t be shocked if it passes 20.

    • ZERO. As it was with Trump, it would be an incredible waste of time and money. Personally, I don’t care to see 10 more seconds of Kamala Harris ever. Hopefully, MAGA winners walk into DC and take Pelosi and McConnell to the curb. That’s good enough to get us through til ’24.

      Tuesday, November 15th. Mar A Lago. Be there WILL BE WILD!

      • Anita, my love, if Garland has any stones at all, he’s indict Trump tomorrow morning. Then it can get as wild as MAGA wants … I look so forward to all of it.

  97. I just got back from voting here in Kentucky, and it was the longest line I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure what it means, but we have a constitutional amendment on the ballot about abortion, so I’m guessing that’s what has people fired up. I’ll be glad not to be bombarded with ads about it anymore.

    • Just got back home myself and I’ve never seen such lines. Have always just walked in and voted. Only a 10 – 15 min wait but our ballot was long. I’m hoping our big issue is getting Whitmer and her buddy, the AG Nessel, out of town. Fingers crossed

  98. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    I just got back from visiting [Mathius’ redacted candidate]’s booth. Some observations:

    1. Mathius’ candidate used public financing, and [other candidate] clearly massively outspent her.

    2. “SOMEHOW” little pamphlets for “how to vote” found their way into all the polling booths. These pamphlets, which looked very officious and showed how to fill in the circles, etc, just so happened to show all the Republican candidates and ballot items filled in. I’m sure no one here will see anything amiss with that.

    3. [Other Candidate] put out a large number of signs immediately in front of [candidate’s]. Many of [Candidate’s] signs were knocked over or went missing.

    4. [Other Candidate]’s booth had a very cute dog.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      1. Outspent is irrelevant. What was the “source” of the funding. Oh never mind, I see his candidate took “public financing”, which means she used STOLEN PROPERTY.

      2. Absolutely have a problem with that. That is almost certainly a violation of the rules/law. It would be here. So it is you who is amiss.

      3. In front of ??? Her HOME? I would call that clever, but don’t they need permission from the property owner? You do here. Stealing signs is also a crime here. Although only the really bad cases get prosecuted, because it is hard to catch the culprits.

      4. All is fair in love, war and politics.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        Firstly, [Mathius’ candidate] won by <200 votes. Unfortunately, he was absent from the victory rally due to his untimely death.

        That said, argue about stolen public financing all you want, but the fact is that money makes a difference. [Other Candidate] spent dramatically more, and it showed.

        I agree that the notes were a violation and, had they lost, they might have raised a stink about it. But as is, I think they’ll be satisfied with having filed a formal complaint and having them removed.

        Not in front of her home… although that would have been clever… but at the polling place and on public roads. [Candidate] put out signs and [Other Candidate] put a half dozen immediately in front of each of them – blocking them out. One more benefit of having a significantly larger budget. It is illegal to touch / move / alter an opponent’s signs here as well, but this is technically legal. As for her knocked over/missing signs, well… as you say, it’s hard to catch the culprits.

  99. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


    Republicans take the House and Senate by large margins…. they impeach and remove Biden… Harris is sworn in.. they immediately impeach and remove Harris…. McCarthy becomes President… he nominates Trump.. Trump is immediately confirmed… McCarthy resigns… Trump becomes President… and everyone on the right groupthinks themselves into seeing no problem with this… Trump continues bitching about stolen elections and leftist coup attempts while denying that there was anything wrong with how he came back to power… Charlie is rounded up and sent to a camp..

    • My wish list (why I will be rounded up and sent to a camp): Tomorrow morning Garland indicts Trump on stolen documents and obstruction of justice WITHOUT a Special Counsel (because the psychos in here and other MAGA maniacs will piss and moan no matter how they prosecute that piece of shit). Trump gets hit by Atlanta the day after. New York announces an investigation into the tax fraud he obviously committed in that state the day after Georgia slams him. And on the forth day of OJ’s nightmare, the DOJ nails him for conspiracy to defraud the United States AND inciting a coup. Trump has a nervous breakdown and is recorded sitting on a toilet bowl mumbling to himself: “I can blame the kids, I guess. Can I blame the kids? Or Giuliani, he’s the moron who told me to say I won. There has to be somebody to throw under the bus … “

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Put down the cleaning solvent. I warned you about drinking that stuff this morning.

      With the exception of the last part I say hooey. Since he says we cannot deport him due to lack of a passport, I guess a camp would be OK.

      On the other hand, if we deported him wouldn’t he have a passport for Russia or China, being a newly minted citizen of the Socialist Nirvana and all.

      • I love me some JAC! Socialist nirvana! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

        I won JAC over? About time, boyo! I’m proud of you, son.

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        Put down the cleaning solvent. I warned you about drinking that stuff this morning.

        Well, with the House projected to flip, we’ll see who is right about the impeachments. Though, with Blue Team holding the Senate, we won’t be seeing convictions for the crime of being Hunter’s father. But we can expect the next two years to be a relentless series of ‘investigations’ and ‘hearings’ on conspiracy theories.

        It seems that Red Team’s plan to run out the clock on the Trump/Jan-6 investigations worked. As soon as Red Team gets the House reigns, those are all done.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The hearings should be stopped. The House has exceeded its powers under the Constitution with the support of weak kneed judges.

          If this is a criminal matter then DOJ should be conducting the investigations.

          Congress’ legitimate role in this ended with looking into how the Capitol Police failed to keep the building secured.

    • The same crystal ball that was fired into the gulf?

  100. What booths? Near a polling place? I thought that wasn’t allowed. Interesting about the how to vote pamphlets, seems a little sus. Aren’t you in NY?

  101. What this election night needs is music!

  102. I told a friend it would be a red wave. He just emailed me: “Over here with your red wave.” 🙂

  103. Just A Citizen says:

    The Big Red Wave is amounting to a small surge lapping on shore, barely wetting your ankles.

    It is shaping up to be just what I suspected. As I said, there were suddenly mixed messages coming from D and R. The R’s were just pushing the whole idea of “closing races” way to hard. Giving people hope where little to none exists will not bode well in the future. The first to go is credibility, second is motivation to keep fighting.

    Washington State was one of them. Patty Murray ran a completely dishonest campaign and is walking away with it again. Proving that the Coast runs that State just as in Oregon.

    The post mortem is going to be very, very interesting to watch.

  104. Just A Citizen says:

    Headed to bed but I have to say there is something really hinky about Arizona.

    I understand the polling and pundits had a close race for the Senate, but Kelly is up by 17% with half the votes counted.

    But the polls and pundits had Lake up by as much as 4% in the Gov’s race. She is running way behind the person who she demolished in the debates.

    Oh, and guess which county is running late? Maricopa, the blue bastion of the State.


    ANOTHER Trump lackey goes down! 🙂

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Watching Red Team support Hershel Walker while simultaneously arguing that Fetterman was too brain-damaged… boy, that was an exercise in double-think.

      Fetterman ran a beast of a campaign.. have to give him that.

  106. I find it interesting in reading what happened……I saw something that is weird. Is it true that in the Fetterman/Walker race that if neither gets 50 %, then they go through it all again? And there is a 2% margin from independents that they will fight over? It all starts from the beginning?

  107. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    CNN National House Exit Poll:

    Age / Bias
    65+ / R+13
    45-64 / R+11
    30-44 / D+2
    18/29 / D+28

    Make of that what you will.

    • “Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over thirty who is not a conservative has no brains.” Winston S. Churchill

      • Another way of looking at that quote, T, is this: “Once you’re a conservative you don’t need a heart, so don’t have one. Fuck them if they can’t take care of themselves.” That’s pretty much the GOP party line, isn’t it? 🙂

  108. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Oh, look…. more incontrovertible PROOF of ineligible voters voting.

  109. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      One, it is very sad and two, just guessing there is more to it.

      But if not then I expect the shooter spent most of his time buried on the internet chat rooms.

  110. Just A Citizen says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      On being a Monday morning QB let me off this.

      I believe the key to the outcomes we see was ABORTION. The Dems were able to use this to regain ground they had lost due to the economy and their Woke BS. The Dems ran a campaign against Senate candidates claiming they would put McConnel in charge and he “would pass a national ban on abortion”. Exit polling show women breaking to the D’s and in some of these close races that is all that was required.

      This issue was down the list of major concerns during the early fall but rose to second or third by November. That had to be due to the Dems advertising campaign, and the FREE propaganda provided by the media.

      • This was a resounding rejection of Trumpism/Maga-ites, etc. Abortion, no doubt, was a BIG factor, but it’s the magic of Donald Trump (now responsible for 3 consecutive election cycles of LOSING). Will the GOP FINALLY come to their senses? Or will Ron DeSanctimonious seek Trump voters in his insane run for the White House, which began last night. I’m loving this. I really am. Sending the Trumpsters packing redeems at least an iota of faith for the American voter for me. An iota is better than nothing. That said, you’re still all crazy as the day is long. 🙂

    • What else is new? Nothing surprising here. A MAGA nut kills someone he thinks (or knows) is a Democrat. Somewhere in the rabbit hole of this shit-hole country, a few more MAGA nuts are likely thinking the same thing: “If we kill enough of them, they can’t win.” 🙂

      American Exceptionalism …

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Here is the most comprehensive analysis I have seen this morning. Not sure how much stock to put in these “exit polls”, or any polls, but here it is anyway.


        Note, the whole Trump thing was pretty much a wash with the anti Biden vote and neither were the big reasons for the outcomes.

        Look at Abortion and the demographic splits, where women were D +8 while men were R + 14. Given that disparity which favored the R’s there had to be a large turnout for the women in those states which went against the polling.

  111. Not one of my votes helped in a victory, except 3 of 4 school board candidates. Governor, Sec of State, AG and 3 constitutional amendments. Drag!

    • Anita, my love, you have to dump Trump. It’s over. His need for attention, like most 2 year olds, has run it’s course. He’s done. Toast. A stain on the country. If the GOP continues to hang with him, they’ll be toast in another election they should run away with (2024 Presidential) … he’s what he denies the most — a LOSER. You’re best hope is he’s indicted, convicted and precluded from losing yet another election.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You really don’t know when to hold your water do you!

        • Why hold it when I was expecting a wave of lunatic MAGA wins and it turned into a trickle? FETTERMAN! 🙂

          And if Kari Lake (the psychotic) loses, I’ll go to church sunday. 🙂

      • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FhGrZqZXEAAJ6Bj?format=jpg&name=medium
        Looks like a winning endorsement record to me. I’m still smelling something fishy. DeSantis won Florida in all but 5 counties. That’s where the red wave happened. DeSantis is establishment all the way. The GOP wants to end the MAGA movement like they did the Tea Party. So DeSantis gets a red wave, creating the illusion that DeSantis is the only guy who could beat Trump. Smells rotten to me. So go ahead and tell me how nuts I am. Gotta give Trump credit for working his ass off to get MAGA elected.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          With all due respect, Mr. Trump did not work his ass off to get MAGA candidates elected. Holding rallies and talking mostly about himself and continuing to whine about the last election is NOT HELPING.

          Now this morning he is trashing Republicans that lost because, per him, they betrayed the Big Steal story. Meanwhile those who didn’t still lost.

          Mr. Trump has a base and that base is not big enough to help the R’s win State level elections, except in certain already Red States.

          As for your other comment I really, really, really, hope you are not buying into this new conspiracy theory that DeSantis is a RHINO Trojan Horse.

          • I dunno JAC. The Never Trumpers are alive and well. Paul Ryan has his top 3 list of candidates for ’24 and Trump is not on it. Guess who is #1? Then there is DeSantis’ biggest donor, Griffin, only behind Soros and one other guy, can’t remember his name, in funding candidates. here is a clip straight from him:

            While he’s supporting one of this cycle’s biggest culture warriors in DeSantis, Griffin said most hot-button issues — abortion rights, battles over sex education and LGBTQ rights — don’t define his interests. He wants to improve the diversity of the GOP and blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world — two things he’s consulted with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about.


            THAT’S what his donor expects. THAT is establishment and Never Trump all the way. We already know how McCarthy and McConnell feel about Trump. We’ll see how it all plays out. It may be too big for Trump to handle. But something is for sure going on to get rid of him.

        • “I’m still smelling something fishy.”

          Never give up, JAC. Remember, “You have to fight to win your country back.” 🙂

          The Tea Party was nuts and so is MAGA … and if it continues to be rejected in the midterms (AZ and Nevada), it’ll be non-existent in 2024.

          Oh, and don’t forget, “It’ll be wild!”

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            it’ll be non-existent in 2024.

            The old farts have to die off eventually.

            And I don’t think the young folks are cut from the same cloth..

            D’s were +28 in the 18-30 demographic… another decade and we’re due for a HARD left turn. You can almost smell the desperation from the Red Team.

            • That 18-30 number surprises me a bit. I would have thought they would have been less enthusiastic about the party that locked them down and ruined their proms and graduations, but it is the Tide pod generation, so I guess we shouldn’t expect much from them.

              • It is the future of America! 🙂

                And their kids will be radical marxist socialists! 🙂

              • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                I always enjoy seeing people dismiss the younger generation(s) as stupid (“Tide Pod generation) as opposed to considering that they might have legitimate grievances.

                Has it occurred to you that the younger generations:
                > Believe in climate change and don’t appreciate that you are actively destroying their future
                > Support LGBT rights
                > Support abortion rights
                > Don’t irrationally fear the communism-boogeyman
                > Are less religious and dislike the GOP’s religious pandering
                > Are less xenophobic and more multicultural
                > Have never seen a GOP that does anything other than just say ‘no’

                No, surely, it’s just because they’re a bunch of stupid tide pod eaters. If they weren’t so stupid, they would surely agree with me!


                • Just A Citizen says:

                  You are kinda proving the point.

                • BINGO, DPM.

                • I was mostly joking about the Tide pod generation. I have two kids in that age range, and they are both smart, curious, thoughtful individuals. They also aren’t really into any of the issues you mentioned, and often make fun of their own peers, so like most generations it’s a mixed bag.

                • Just A Citizen says:

                  And then there is this:

                  The exit poll suggests that Democrats’ biggest hurdle to overcome involving younger voters is the turnout question: An ever-present issue that has dogged Democratic candidates for years. Younger voters have some of the worst turnout rates of any demographic, and this year was no exception: Voters aged 18-29 made up about 12 per cent of the electorate, a historically common share.

                  So about 60% of the 12% voted D. Enough to affect some Statewide elections depending on the State. Interesting in the story was about 46% of the young voters had abortion as the top issue. That is LESS THAN half.

                  Now with all that, there is no doubt that as time passes so does the majority demographic. But also remember this. My generation came of voting age big time around 1970. We boomers outnumbered everyone. We were going to change the world into a more “liberal” and “harmonious” place. Since then we elected Carter, Reagan 2x, Bush I, Clinton 2x, Bush II 2x, Obama 2x and Trump 1x. I do not think WE elected Biden, that was the Chinese. Not exactly a consistent record of hard core “left wing” thinking in that list.

                  The world is in fact a far better place today than it was in 1970, based on most actual data. Putting all the nostalgia aside.

                  • I do not think WE elected Biden, that was the Chinese.

                    Keep beating that drum, JAC. It gets funnier and funnier. Hold onto that water, brother! 🙂

                  • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

                    The exit poll suggests that Democrats’ biggest hurdle to overcome involving younger voters is the turnout question

                    The young are both busy with lives and jobs (unlike retirees) and also tend to (correctly) believe that the system is irreparably broken, so they (incorrectly) believe there’s no point in participating.

                    It’s hard to rile up young people to vote for an octogenarian. To them, “this” old white guy and “that” old white guy isn’t much of a distinction worth bothering with when you don’t believe your vote matters, both side suck, and the game is irredeemably rigged against you.

                    Decisions are made by those who turn up… and they tend not to turn up.

                    • Just A Citizen says:

                      Your rationale doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

                      Data since 1980 shows that when young people (<30) get over that threshold they increase their participation. So being too busy is not the issue.

                      I suppose they do think the system broken, every generation seems to think that. And then of course the younger generation of college educated have been indoctrinated to a pretty singular point of view, so there is that to deal with as well.

        • “Gotta give Trump credit for working his ass off to get MAGA elected.”

          And then dumped. 🙂 I love it!

  112. Yawn…….ho hum…..

  113. JAC…….I’ve been thinking…..putting on my logistics hat and cape (rumor has it that I am particularly good at this)…..but if the Houses are split, that is actually the best thing that could happen. There would be deadlock for two more years. There is zero hope for bipartisanship….zero. No more spending from either side….there will be constant arguing and no cooperation…stagnation occurs. My crystal ball (better that the one fished out of the gulf) says that the House may still go Republican…but by slim margins and certainly not enough to demand things.

    Now, there will be nothing going forward….the border will become a major issue. More people will die from fentanyl, especially children and no new laws will be passed except locally. In Texas, we lost only one seat locally that I did not want to lose but we picked up three more once democrat districts….down ballot races were decidedly red. And there are only 8 democrat counties left out of over 250 counties. Beto went down in flames as well as most of his supporters…$300 million from out of state went down with him. All of our senior state reps won handily…and our Supreme Court stayed red. As a State, we are doing better than most. Our gasoline is back down to as low as $2.30 in some places….but we have local refineries that help our situation. Maybe…just maybe…..we can be an example. I don’t know.

    But, I believe that grid lock will not relieve inflation and the inevitable recession….but, I think the deep red states will solidify their position and be much better off.

    Now, on to Trump…..I was never a Trump fan….did not like him but his policies (well, most of them were good) were good for the country…..but his mouth and ego have not gotten any better. Surely, there is another to run against him. The only way he gets my vote if he is the only one left. I will be forced to adopt the Mathius way of voting and his voting for an axe murderer scenario before voting anything left….anything. I do not like what he is currently saying and I do not like the name calling. He sounds like a democrat with the labeling and name calling.

    So, if we have a split in the Congress…..we will be better off for two years. That’s it for now.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I disagree because I am not sure we can weather two more years of this garbage, especially the border.

      So I think the better option would have been a Republican take over of both houses. Then if they could start passing rational legislation and make moves to deal with the budget and let Biden veto all of it.

      Then the people would see the Dem POTUS as the problem.

      In two years we will be in “recovery” because the Fed will chicken out and open the faucet again.

      • The problem, JAC, is the century. It’s 2022 … not 1822 … and women do not prefer being told by old white men how to govern their bodies … nor does ANYONE with a functioning brain want to see lunatics like Donald Trump near the levers of power ever again. What I’m looking forward to more than anything else now is the DeSanctimonious vs. Trump battle for the WH. Let the shit fly!

        • Just A Citizen says:

          So to you killing innocent people is OK because it is not 1822 anymore??? What bankrupt thinking. You also ignore the fact that abortion on demand is not popular among the larger majority, including women.

          • To me a man has NO SAY in what ANY woman chooses to do with HER body. The statistics are not in your favor, JAC. MOST WOMEN do not want MEN deciding how they should handle THEIR business. When MEN (especially YOU) get pregnant, YOU should handle it however YOU want. 🙂

            • We’ll, since I have a uterus and am therefore according to Charlie entitled to an opinion on the matter, I’ll give it to you.

              Anyone smart enough to remember when it’s Election Day and get themselves to the polls is smart enough to figure out birth control, so they aren’t really worried about their reproductive rights. They are really just closet eugenics fans. They don’t want those stupid, poor, (insert other unmentionable characteristics) people to reproduce. They are the Margaret Sangers of the world. But that’s just my opinion.

              • Jennie, Jennie, Jennie … if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. It’s as simple as that. My wife wouldn’t have one but supports the right of other women to make their own choice, for whatever reason. Again, if you don’t want one, don’t have one.

            • For someone who believes abortion is murder, you seem unbelievably happy and quite disgustingly proud, about the situation .

              • Yep. Because I support and trust women enough to KNOW my opinion has NO place in their decisions.

                • That’s what Margaret Sanger said too, when she wasn’t in the back room plotting the extinction of black people.

                  • Huh? What does that have to do with making your own decision regarding abortion? If YOU don’t want one, don’t have one. What’s so difficult about that?

                    • If it doesn’t affect you, why are you so insistent that other people should be able to have an abortion? Maybe it’s because you don’t want those people to reproduce. It seems awfully important to you for someone who can’t get pregnant.

                • You sound like you’re expecting a standing ovation. Just remember, you are not supporting women, you’re supporting murder. Takes a lot of self justification to delude yourself that much.

                  • Your prior President supported more murder with his imbecilic responses to Covid … first off, hiding the FACT he knew how dangerous it was very early on and then the moron’s insistence on holding large campaign events (only to LOSE) and spreading it even faster … it was a shame it didn’t kill him too, but it didn’t. His stepping up drone strikes (more than Obama) in the Middle East also killed many innocent people. I’m supporting a woman’s right to decide for herself. If you don’t want one, don’t have one. It’s pretty simple math.

                    • Seem to be in jail.

                    • More self justification. You can claim I support murder too, doesn’t change what you’re doing. Funny, you haven’t Once argued abortion isn’t murder.

                    • S Kent Troy says:

                      He left it to Dr. Fauci, the “expert”. In case you missed it the body count was higher in the second year with FJB. Again though, it was Dr. Fauci, the mad scientist at fault. The absolute KING of disinformation, Two masks, Three masks, Four masks?

                    • I believe life starts at conception (for the thousandth time) … and I also believe a WOMAN has the right to decide whether to terminate that life or not. It’s really not that difficult. You don’t want one, don’t have one (for the 10 thousandth time).

                      SK, I must’ve missed it when Biden was holding rallies with a collection of morons without masks turned into a super spreader event (over and over again).

  114. Good lord, things have changed. I remember teaching my Bolshevik daughter (when she was maybe 3 or 4) how to give the Italian salute to Ronald Reagan whenever his face was on television. She would literally slap in the inside of her left elbow with her right hand, raising her left arm in salute. If I came home and saw my kids (any of them) doing this red, white and blue these poor girls are being forced to do (propaganda bullshit), I think I’d hang myself. 🙂

  115. What a TEAM player OJ is … What could it be? Did DeSantis have an affair with Melania? Maybe DeSantis paid off a porn star too! I can’t wait for these two to go head-to-head … what a show! 🙂

  116. There is a new use of the word “nacho” being used on the new yard signs going up in the yards of Beto supporters and on advertisement billboards….

    Beto is “nacho” governor.

    Better watch out Louisiana…..Betoreaux is headed your way. He is changing his name yet again.

  117. Very late to the party on this one and it makes me mad because I didn’t find this out locally, I happened to see it in a comment section. They finally let John James win. Tack on another US House seat flipped from blue to red.

  118. Just A Citizen says:

    Yet another lesson of what happens when you don’t choose your principles wisely. There is the charlatan and then there are those who so willingly played his game, and took his money.


  119. Just A Citizen says:

    A good article which gives insight into the conflicts within a group that has become a major force in the Judicial realm. That being The Federalist Society.


  120. Just A Citizen says:

    Alaska is becoming very interesting with this bizarre election system they adopted. In reading up on it the proponents claimed it would moderate the outcomes because radicals would be less likely to win. In reality it gives those in a minority party, or minority of votes, the ability to actually elect then next winner.

    Right now in Alaska Senate race the conservative Republican is winning. But she does not have 50%. So in the runoff the last place persons votes are given to who that person’s voters identified as their #2 choice. Then if there is still not someone w/ 50% the next lowest candidate is dropped and their votes are allocated based on the voters designated preferences. In the Senate race the Dem is in last place. Murkowski in second. So if the Dem is dropped WHO did his voters pick as their #2? It is assumed Murkowski, which might give her the 50% she needs to win. So the Democrat Party voters got to pick the Republican Party’s winner. Note that before the Dems votes are allocated they have to first do the other candidates. There is about 7000 votes among “others”. Even if all of them went to the D that would not win. And if all of them went to the leader that would not amount to 50%. So it WILL come down tot he Dem votes.

    Now on the House side, remember when I said that Palin wasn’t out of it because of this new system? Well she is running second behind the Democrat by almost 50,000 votes. But the third place person is also a Republican and about 50,000 votes behind the leader. Combined, the two R’s have 50.9% of the votes. Assuming the “others” are all allocated to the leading Dem it will not be 50%. Which means it will come down to the third place person who is a Republican. Then the question is how many of those Republicans chose the Democrat as their Second Choice instead of the other Republican, who is Palin. It won’t take many to push the D over the 50% mark.

    I do find it interesting how the Alaska voters picked two Republicans for the Senate with a wide margin (if combined) but picked a Democrat over two Republicans (due to them splitting the total) for the House.

    As for the system itself, all I can say is “Oh what wicked webs we weave.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      PS. I forgot to mention that about 20% of the Alaska vote has not been counted/reported yet. So much of the above could become moot as that would amount to about 50,000 votes.

  121. Trump needs to run as an independent. If he has ANY balls at all, he will … while the rest of the GOP BEGS him not to do so … I can’t wait for all this shit to go down. MTG in 2024! 🙂

  122. Just A Citizen says:

    Devil’s advocate time.

    The downside of paper ballots. You can’t make timely changes due to the time needed to print and ship. So you get this:


  123. Just A Citizen says:

    I moved DPM’s post this morning down here in case some missed it.


    Inflation numbers came in “low” at “only” 7.7%.. but since the market was baking in 8+, that’s a win, I guess? The market is exhibiting irrational exuberance – possibly on the (dubious) belief that this will result in a more dovish Fed.

    Crypto is also in the crapper.. not 100% sure why since fiats are proving crypto’s raison d’être.. but BITO, the listed ETF is super cheap right now, so I might load up on it a bit as a flier. (I have theories, but I think it does come up eventually.)

    My puts aren’t doing well today (“hemorrhaging” might be a better description), That’s the nice thing about being long options though – you can’t lose more than you put in. But the rest of my portfolio is up a whopping 10.5%, led by some big (formerly deep-ootm) AAPL/GOOGL calls. Hurray for leverage! So I’m still going to call it a win.

    Selling off a bit here / risking-off. Doubling down on the European puts while they’re cheap on the back of an unearned “unicorn” rally over there (helped out by unseasonably warm weather which has protected them from having to heat their homes as much).

    Happy hunting, asylum dwellers.

  124. Just A Citizen says:
    • Can’t let it go, can you, JAC? Not to worry, you now have the house and you can investigate until the cows come home … I wouldn’t mind see the Bidens being held to account, but not UNTIL, Orange Jesus and his coterie of sycophants are cuffed and marched off to club fed. 🙂

  125. Just A Citizen says:

    Instead of the Trump supporters just hammering on Ms. Sears, maybe, just maybe they should just ask her the key question. Which the interviewer did not.

    What is it that you are seeing or hearing in the election results that leads you to believe Mr. Trump is more of a liability? What is it that you see that leads you to think he cannot win and/or lead the R’s to victory?

    Then maybe we could take an objective look at her points to see if they are valid. Instead of just falling into the knee jerk name calling and howling.


    • Well, put me on the knee jerk, howling side! I always wondered why almost nothing the republicans wanted ever happened. Then Trump came along and it became apparent, most of the republicans didn’t want those things to happen. Most did nothing to help him. The left with a little help from their Republican friends twisted every rule and institution they could to go after him. At this point they’re trying to destroy his business, his family, and even put him in jail. So what are all these repubs. doing, they’re throwing him under the bus. While saying how great he was, how he came at the right time to open our eyes but now alas, it is his time to go. He cost us the red wave, that They kept telling us was coming. I wasn’t convinced it was coming. I have to wonder why anyone would step up and actually fight for the republicans if this is how they are treated. So now I know why we always fail and why we always Will!!!!!!!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I caution against categorizing or stigmatizing an entire party due to the behavior of a few. I do understand the frustration but a more detailed look see is required.

        Gman used to do this and I challenged him on it all the time. Blaming the R’s for not doing this or that. When in reality those supporting our ideas are a minority within the R party. Such as those in the Freedom Caucus.

        Also remember, Mr. Trump lost his mojo on things like healthcare due to only 4 Senators. In fact, it was just one person who undermined the elimination of Obama Care. That was John McCain. Perhaps if Mr. Trump had not ridiculed him over other issues he would have voted yes on this issue instead of no. We will never know that for sure.

        We also forget that some of Mr. Trump’s agenda was stopped by the Courts or by the filibuster executed by Mr. Schumer and his crowd. And again, those 4 Senators.

        I do not think it fair to say a majority of the R’s did not want Mr. Trump’s ideas passed or implemented. But those supporting were not enough to overcome the rules of the Senate.

        Which leads me to why this election really hurt. Trump or no Trump, we stand little chance of seeing real changes towards the VDLG side unless the R’s hold 60 seats in the Senate. AND if we have the leadership of said Senate R’s on our side.

        All of this is why I warned everyone here during the Tea Party days that saving the country would be a very long and hard slog. Change would take decades, not a few election cycles. We are only ten years plus since then. We still have a long way to go.

        Do not lose faith, do not despair. Keep fighting.

        The game is won by those who play.

        • “I caution against categorizing or stigmatizing an entire party due to the behavior of a few.”

          The only people in that party who shouldn’t be vilified are those who did their best to get rid of Trump when it should’ve happened. Too late now. The stench of Trumpism is on all the enablers and for those who don’t get indicted for their special contributions, the dems will never let voters forget their complicity.

          He was toxic from day one, when all those morons were cheering him making fun of a guy MS, when he had nothing to say about Charlotte except to try and blame “both sides” and everything else. He was and remains a toxic piece of shit. I can’t wait for the shit-show war between him and his “chosen” spineless party.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            More Charlotte bullshit!

            • How could I expect you to NOT take the sides of Nazis? What was I thinking? 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Stop with the Nazi crap Charlie. It is uncalled for.

                • There were nazis in Charlotte. Why can’t you deal with reality? What the FK is your problem? Nazis and KKK and Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, etc. … did you not see Nazi flags in Charlottesville? When someone calls it Charlottesville crap, I remind them there were Nazi flags there. If it’s too close to home, that’s on whomever is offended for defending them.

                • The Charlottesville “crap” … The Unite the Right rally was an white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, from August 11 to 12, 2017. Marchers included members of the alt-right, neo-Confederates, neo-fascists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and far-right militias. Some groups chanted racist and antisemitic slogans and carried weapons, Nazi and neo-Nazi symbols, the Valknut, Confederate battle flags, Deus vult crosses, flags, and other symbols of various past and present anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic groups. The organizers’ stated goals included the unification of the American white nationalist movement and opposing the proposed removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville’s former Lee Park. The rally sparked a national debate over Confederate iconography, racial violence, and white supremacy.

        • I’ll make one caveat to my post. If Trump continues to attack DeSantis. He will defeat himself and the fault will lie with him and him alone.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Spousal Unit Leader and I had this very discussion a couple weeks back. While we hope he is not the nominee we couldn’t say we would not vote for him if nominated, given where the D’s are today and no other viable parties. We are also not that enamored with any of the other R possibilities at the moment.

            Our biggest concern was that if elected he may be to focused on revenge to effectively govern. And if he keeps this up he will not be able to get the R support in Congress he needs to get things done. It could be worse than last time if he keeps attacking R’s for no other reason than they don’t pledge fealty to him.

            Now add to that him going after DeSantis when DeSantis hasn’t criticized him or disavowed the Big Steal theory.

            I have not forgotten your very good point that if he does not win the MACHINE/ESTABLISHMENT/DEEP STATE will never be held to account. There is validity to that notion. If only he could get out of his own way!

      • I agree with V except change the R to P, as in Politicians. Its as simple as Trump is the outsider, his agenda doesn’t match theirs, so THEY have been having the temper tantrums since Trump arrived. They may be more polished tantrums and more wicked, but in the end THEY created the mess which led us to Trump. All of them.

        • The nail that sticks up the highest is the one that gets whacked. All organizations do not like the one that stands out. It triggers the immune response.

  126. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, if you really, really, really need to know the results the same day, or the next day then DESIGN the system to make that happen.

    But you don’t have to blame all the variations on some conspiracy to cheat. As I said a week ago, even Idaho has early voting. And we are as Red as you can get without banning Dems from holding office altogether.


  127. Just A Citizen says:

    A deeper dive into the hows and whys for this county in PA might answer some questions.


    Two women, in a district that supposedly favors Republicans. Yet the Dem won.

  128. Isn’t it amazing……the lottery is……racist. It is an example of systemic racism now. Why? Because the blacks and brown skin simply play the lottery when they should not according to Dems.

    I wonder when the insanity ends.

    • Lotteries were created to tax the poor and create the rich, just the opposite of our progressive tax system.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        My father who played the lottery (but always did better betting numbers, # 736) used to say the exact same thing. When NY started the lottery, as a way to “pay for education” he laughed. I a callow, unsophisticated youth disagreed.

        Years later it turned out that whatever the lottery earned was deducted from what would be normally applied by the state budget to education. So, technically correct but morally bankrupt. Right again Dad! I’m seventy-five have lived nine years longer than he, went way beyond him in formal education yet I’ll never be half as savvy as he was.

  129. Canine Weapon says:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      OK Dog, I have a story for you.

      My dog and I stopped once at a park while on a road trip. It was late fall and only a couple people were there. Signs all over, DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH.

      So I put his leash on, draped the cord over his back and we went for a walk. Somebody said, “hey the dog needs to be on a leash”. My response was of course “he is on his leash.”

      I am with the little guy on this one. Dogs should not have to walk around with a rope around their neck. The only exception is early training of course. I am not a complete Pirate after all.

  130. Canine Weapon says:

  131. Canine Weapon says:

  132. Canine Weapon says:

  133. Canine Weapon says:

  134. Canine Weapon says:

    Last one… I think…. no promises.

  135. Happy Veterans Day!

    May God bless you!

  136. Just A Citizen says:

    V.H. & Anita

    A kindred spirit?


    For those who happen to read comments let me say the first one I read criticizes the RNC for not supporting TRUE Conservative people in the primaries. They then conclude this is because the head of the party is just a member of the establishment.

    So let me set the record straight. The national parties DO NOT SUPPORT primary candidates. It would create great animosity within the party if they did, so they don’t. The National Party funding mechanisms are used to elect those picked in the primary step.

    • Yes on the kindred spirit. Its sad, but she’s smart to use the pseudonym. You never know what the spooks are up to these days. They might sic an IRS agent on you these days.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well you are certainly good at ridiculing others for their viewpoints. Even those who have actual science and engineering backgrounds.

      But since you are so darn smart why don’t you share YOUR SOLUTIONS with all of us. Please tell us how you stop the predictions from coming true, without starving half the world’s population to death, or freezing them to death, or both.

      • 🙂 It kills you when the actual scientists mock you. Why would people starve and freeze to death, JAC? If they didn’t 200 years ago, what makes you think they would now?

        • 200 years ago they were burning wood or coal in their stoves. Are you suggesting they go back to that?

          • I’m suggesting they use comforters. Something tells me freezing isn’t really an issue.

            • Something tells me you haven’t really thought this through. I’m guessing comforters wouldn’t cut it in Canada this winter. There are a lot more of us than there were 200 years ago, and without modern farming methods many of us would certainly starve to death. Ask the Sri Lankans how farming without fertilizers went.

              • The more the merrier (keep warmer). I think a modern world can handle it. Not saying it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but if they could handle it 200 years ago … then again, they would be dependent on people helping one another (anti-capitalism). 🙂

            • “Something tells me freezing isn’t really an issue.”

              Far more people die from cold than heat. And you are delusional if you think people are prepared to live w/o modern energy sources. Do you have enough wood cut, dried and stacked to get through a winter? Do you have enough stored food to live w/o a refrigerator or freezer? Can you hunt? There is not enough game in NJ woods to feed everyone.

              • Fearmongering much, T? How do you go from 0 to 100 as if that’s what would happen? Give me one of your scientific theories now. How did the world survive before oil was discovered. Riddle me that, Batman?

                • https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/04/10/texa-a10.html

                  My son lives in Houston and was in the middle of all this. We heard the tales of woe. No heat, no refrigeration, no stove to cook on. Such is apartment life. And this only lasted a few days in a relatively warm part of the country yet 200 people died.

                  My brothers were in the big wind storm in Cedar Rapids a few years ago. They had no electricity for over 6 wks. Luckily it was during warm weather. they emptied their freezers the first few days and had block parties but after that it was a daily trip to the store since they eventually acquired generators. Gas stations could not pump gas.

                  Ever been in a store when the lights go out? They can’t sell anything because it all priced by the barcode and computers. So even grabbing a pen and pad and toting things up by hand doesn’t work any more, if the kids can even do that.

                  Read the book “One Second After” to get a taste of what would happen if we were hit with an EMP.

    • NG is what drove US CO2 emissions down over the last few years. It is now increasing since Biden put limitations on fracking. We should prefer NG over coal or oil electric generation in the the third world. Wind and solar will not do, too expensive, requires too much land, kills too many birds, and is intermittent requiring fossil fuel systems for trimming. Another solution is nuclear, clean cheap, and safe. Africa is mostly plains so hydro is not a good option.

      Lurch (Keary) is proposing a $4T/yr money transfer from the rich countries to the poorer ones. So naturally with this much money on the table, there is massive agreement. So once again, this is not about saving the planet. It is not in danger. It is about wealth redistribution. Sadly it is the typical socialist play of bringing everyone down to the same level rather than improving the lot of the poor.

      This is not science, it is politics and religious zealotry.

      • That’s kind of how I ready your comment: “This is not science, it is politics and religious zealotry.”

      • Those big money transfers always go so well too. The corrupt leaders( of OUR choosing) use it to stay in power, not help their people, and the people are stuck with bad governments they can’t get rid of.

        • “of OUR choosing”

          Thank you, Jennie, for being honest. Both major parties are absolutely indifferent to the people they are “SUPPOSED” to govern/represent. One reason why I’m a socialist … and no, Socialist governments/pols can’t be trusted either. Why an INDEPENDENT of corporate or private money 4th estate is essential.

  137. S Kent Troy says:

    As my Dad once said, Didn’t matter if you stormed the beach at Omaha or if you were issuing blankets in Omaha, what matters is you served!

    Happy Veterans Day!

  138. S Kent Troy says:

    Applying addiction guidelines to the fiasco in NY and Pennsylvania and other places, A “junkie” or alcoholic has to hit rock bottom before he can climb back out of addiction. Apparently the voters in these places have not hit that spot yet. It ain’t going to be pretty.

    • Sour grapes, SK? The Trump vs. DeSantis show has already started. I can’t wait until he’s so pissed off he goes independent and FINISHES destroying the GOP. 🙂

      • S Kent Troy says:

        No sour grapes. Gross vote totals were the reverse of 2020 with the r’s outperforming, albeit in the wrong places the d’s. Did not think that abortion would bring out the gen Xers the way it did in the wrong places. From what I have heard it seems the big T’s candidates did well on the whole with some notable exceptions.

        Regarding the good Dr. Oz, no more a carpetbagger than Bobby Kennedy who used the family “love suite” at the Waldorf as his NY address or Hillary who suddenly discovered the NY Yankees, lost the day he did a great commercial on food inflation but closed with the word crudities rather than SALAD. Makes ya wonder.

        • “no more a carpetbagger than”

          All carpetbaggers … so? He’s still a carpetbagger … and now a loser … to a guy who had a stroke and could barely speak sense. 🙂

  139. Just A Citizen says:

    More Red Flags that say there should be a closer post mortem done to figure out why the disparity in numbers. This time it is NEVADA.

    Senate: The R is leading by 8,988 votes, as of an hour ago. Total votes counted for Senate is 919,965. Seems understandable given the D’s hold on Clark County (Las Vegas).

    House Races (4): District 2 (northern NV) the R is leading by 64,066 votes. Total votes cast is 272,265.

    Districts 1, 3 & 4 (Clark County): D’s lead in all three. There TOTAL lead is 18,423. Total votes cast is 206,757; 202,837; and 228,560 respectively.
    Total votes cast for House races is 9+10,419

    Governor: The R leads by 28,543 with total votes cast at 897,259.

    So what are the anomalies?
    1. 9,546 fewer votes were cast for House seats than for the Senate seat. Supposedly that many people voted for the Senate then skipped the House race on their ballot. This is in total, as in the whole State.

    2. 22,706 fewer votes for Governor than for the Senate seat. Again, supposedly that many people skipped the Gov’s race after voting for the Senate. The two should be comparable because both are State wide races. 13,160 fewer votes for Governor than the total for all House seats. Again, these folks supposedly voted for Congress but skipped the Governor.

    3. The R is leading in all counties except Clark. BUT, the D Governor is ahead in Washoe County (Reno). So those who voted for the R Senator voted for the D Governor, apparently. OR, they voted for the R Senator and did not vote for Governor. What makes this hard to understand is that the D Governor is strongly disliked by many, many people in the north, including Washoe County. He has been a very polarizing and divisive figure. So it is hard to understand how people would vote for the Senate and House but skip over the Gov. race.

    4. The R Governor is leading by 28,543 in a Statewide race. The total lead of the R House candidate over the other 3 D candidates is 45,643 votes. But the R Senate candidate supposedly only leads by 8,988 votes.

    Now, the D Senate candidate is the incumbent. She is not well liked across the State but she is powerful, as in she is “connected” to the D party machine, which includes everything Harry Reid set in place. The R is a Laxalt. A respected family in the State and he was the AG at one time. But the State has changed since he held office and even more so since his granddad held office.

    But if her “machine” has kept her within 8,9000 votes of Laxalt then why are the other D’s losing by 45,643 (House total) and 28,543 (Governor). The D Gov is also hated as I said above. Which explains the R’s lead. But we are to believe that the D machine could keep the D Senator close but not the D Governor. One explanation could be that the R Gov candidate is also from Clark County, just like the D Senator and D Governor. Laxalt is considered a “northern NV” boy.

    But then why would Laxalt be winning Washoe County and the D Gov also be winning Washoe County. Even if that margin is under 2000 votes. It just doesn’t compute.

    I am NOT claiming fraud, even if it is Nevada and the D’s have a “history”, especially in Las Vegas. I am saying is that when numbers look like this somebody should take a deeper dive. If I were the R party I would sure be starting to do this to better understand the apparent disparities in voting patterns.

    • “I am NOT claiming fraud, even if it is Nevada and the D’s have a “history” …”

      No, you’re just suggesting it in the most partisan way possible. 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Actually I am not. You are just making claims because you don’t believe anything except the fantasies that exist in your mind.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        If it smells like a rotten fish, attracts flies like a rotten fish and even the cats won’t come near, it is a rotten fish.

        • So, does that mean the Republicans who lost … their elections were rigged and the democrats who lost, those were fine? 🙂

          • S Kent Troy says:


            • You’ll have to provide them, SK. I had no problem with the election results. Where and when did the dreaded, radical, marxist Democrats cheat you guys again? 🙂

              • S Kent Troy says:

                Looks a lot like Arizona. Again I ask, if FRANCE can do paper ballots and get an accounting teh same day ……………….? So, rather than a 2020 nationwide hunt, routinely dismissed without investigation, how about specifically focusing on AZ and see how it shakes out? Might or might not be interesting no matter who eventually, in 2036 is declared the winner!

  140. Yeeeeeehawwwww! Let the Trump v. DeSanctamonious war begin!

  141. Colonel, do you know of Bacevich? I’ve read 2 of his books now. Interesting man … and honest. “Andrew Bacevich is a retired army colonel and Emeritus Professor of History and International Relations at Boston University. He is also the cofounder and president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.” His son was killed in Iraq. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1969 and served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War, serving in Vietnam from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1971.”

  142. Just A Citizen says:

    V.H. and Anita

    A different perspective on this De Santis is establishment theory:


    • I have nothing bad to say about Desantis, so far I like him. I just believe very strongly, that if anyone wins the 24 election other than Trump, we may or may not have won a battle but we will have lost the war. It will be a very strong signal that all the disgusting, immoral, and unlawful maneuvers by the Democrat party are A -okay.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I kind of agree with you. My hope is that whoever gets in, assuming it is not Trump, will then kick over the hornet’s nest and expose them all. DeSantis is the most likely, in my mind, but not an absolute. All the others, doubtful.

      • “disgusting, immoral, and unlawful maneuvers by the Democrat party are A -okay”

        I forget when the Democrats staged a coup. Remind me, please. 🙂

    • I spent some time last night reading a lot about DeSantis. I still believe he is backed by establishment types. But from all my reading, and it was from both sides of the aisle, DeSantis would be smart to just lay low for ’24. To keep this short, descriptive words are arrogant, harsh boss, stand offish, carefully crafted persona, smarter than “them”. The last one came from a freedom caucus member. To be fair, much of what I read was attributed to un named sources, but the hearsay seemed the same from his college days to his Navy days, to his US Congress days, and from his Fl Gov days. In multiple articles, the sources are either from classmates, the media, congress staffers, and donors. So now, my thinking is that the establishment is using him to divide the base..then cast off DeSantis for truly one of their own…Haley or some other RINO. It would all come out in public during the next two years and would make him look bad. Lay low for now, let Trump take the heat again, then he could probably win in ’28.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        So you are hearing the same description about DeSantis that were being spread about Trump. Let us not forget that Romney was very popular among his staff and coworkers. Just sayin. 🙂

        It seems as if we are in a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario. DeSantis will have a problem if he waits. His term is up in 2026, TWO years before he would run for POTUS. Not to mention the next 4 years for his Rep to be damaged by those who don’t want him. The problem with him running for 2024 is obvious, as you and V.H. have pointed out.

        I would add one thought to your post. The D media machine has been working hard for the last six months to undermine De Santis. Who knows how much of the rumors we here today were planted by them or the Rhinos, etc.

        This is perhaps why I know more and more people who are just throwing up their hands and walking away from not just politics but voting. That I fear works to the establishment’s favor.

        P.S.: Sorry about that squeaker loss by Sparty last night. Gonzaga just plain got lucky, given how sloppy they played. But was fun to watch two very well coached and pretty disciplined teams.

      • I too think DeSantis should wait if Trump runs. All they will do is tear each other down and hand the nomination to a Rino, like 2008 & 2012. Trump supposedly announces on Tuesday. Trump could appoint DeSantis to a cabinet post in the last two years of his next administration to keep him viable for 2028. Alternatively, he could name him as VP and put him in charge of reforming the bureaucracy.

        • T-man: Talk about delusional! TRUMP is the ONLY possible candidate who can lose to the Dems in 2024 (if he’s allowed to run at all). You have to be kidding, brother. He’s toast. All he’ll do if the GOP continues to do what they should’ve done 6 years ago is run as an independent and crush the GOP. If he’s the top name on the ticket, kiss it goodbye (unless Biden runs again and I don’t think he can).

      • Sparty appears to be handling Rutgers. We play Maryland in a couple of hours. Michigan and OSU have cakewalks.

  143. Just A Citizen says:

    I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this author’s comments. But this does show the importance of a State level political party structure and membership. We actually have some of this problem here in Idaho. While we have some strong Tea Party type groups and elected officials, it is more the old guard who control the power Statewide.

    It still amazes me how the incumbents and/or party favorites win when the electorate seems to be in a different frame of mind. All you here is complaining about X then when the election comes, X wins again.


    • My brother saw the same thing in Cedar Rapids. He was an active party member and a Tea Party supporter for reform. As the Tea Party waned, the old guard took back control of the local party using some questionable undemocratic tactics. He eventually stopped going to the meetings because the reform voices were being suppressed.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That is what I saw in Missoula County, Montana. But here in Kootenai County, Idaho the Tea Party prevailed. Now the old guard are raising hell with the media on their side, trying to undo the Tea Party and “Trumpsters”. They are called everything under the sun. But they keep winning. It is hilarious watching the local papers dance around the fact they are just out of touch with the majority of the voters here.

  144. Just A Citizen says:

    What is wrong with some of the election pontificating?

    Lets look at PA. How could Fetterman have won? Maybe somebody should have asked, how could he possibly lose. The Dems had a 549,000 voter registration advantage over the R’s at the end of October. The difference between Oz and Fetterman is 233,755 votes.

    The R’s make up 39.4% of the registered voters but Oz got 46.6% of the vote (+7.2%). Of course the D’s are 45.6% of the registered votes and Fetterman got 51% of the vote (+5.4%). But alas, the “other” category makes up 15% of registered voters but only 2.5% of those who voted (-12.5%).

    Oz’s votes represent 70.6% of the total R registered voter number, while Fetterman’s votes were 66.8% of the total Ds registered. “Other” category was 9.6%. NOTE: This looks like turnout but really isn’t turnout. For example, we don’t know how many within a registered group voted. Only who got votes. For example, many of the “other” registered might have voted for either the R or D. We don’t know at this point.

    But the takeaway to me is that R’s face a huge challenge in a Statewide election in Pennsylvania. Oz seems to have out performed Fetterman when looking at registered voters vs. votes received. But the D’s start out with a 549,000 voter advantage. Then consider that many of the “others” are probably left of center independents.

    I am seeing some saying the R’s didn’t get the vote out. I have seen no data yet that quantifies turnout by party. Only how people voted. In PA it could be that many D’s did vote for Oz but that was negated by lack of R turnout. We just do not know.

    But I think you can see by the Registration numbers, PA is a tough challenge for any R running a Statewide race. Then add to that the long history of D get out the vote success, when they need it.


    • S Kent Troy says:

      Another little factor that might just have something to do with it all was Oz’s religion, Muslim. While I love PA and the people, I have to admit that many of my relatives up that way would be hard pressed to look the other way at a Muslim running. Years back the small coal town my Mom came from finally got themselves a doctor, a Turk. Mom liked him (forty years a NYC girl at that point) , when my little guy got sick on vacation my wife liked him and thought him a good throwback to the GP days. The relatives would drive thirty miles to see an “American” doc.

      • I doubt it was his religion. I think the fact he lived in New Jersey was ONE reason. His attachment to OJ was the other. Time to face it fellas, Trump is toxic. I’ve changed my mind and now think even Biden would beat him. Not enough suckers want to go through 4 more years with that moron.

  145. Just A Citizen says:

    Friend of mine still living in NV told me yesterday he didn’t think Laxalt would survive the Clark County Trickle In Voting. He thought that Lombardo had a big enough lead he would make it.

    Went to bed with Laxalt still up by almost 8,000. This AM that is now under 800 with 5% still to count, the majority of which are in ……. Clark County.

    He also told me the current rules, which are extending the election, were installed by the Democrats who held the Legislature and Gov. chair during Covid.

    • I saw one video of an election official that said they were still receiving mail in ballots from the USPO. I don’t know how it works in other states but CA uses prepaid return envelopes. I did not think the PO postmarked those. I like IA’s rules. All ballots must be received by 8pm election eve when the poles close. Nothing after that.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You raise a legit question. Does the PO date stamp election ballots?

        I don’t think they do if they are sent postage pre paid. But I am not positive.


      • “Nothing after that.”

        Not even if it’s postmarked the day of?

        • Why do you have a hard time with rules?

          • Me? 🙂 Aren’t you the one still crying over a “rigged election”? … fake certifications okay with you? How about storming the capitol? Any chance you’re against Trump asking Georgia Sec. of State fo “find” him votes? How about “stolen documents” and all the “obstruction of justice” that encompasses? Tax evasion an issue? 🙂

            • S Kent Troy says:

              Here we go again with your innuendo! No facts, never facts just BS. Guess you get all YOUR news from “Media Matters” and “Politico” or the recycled MM and Politico stuff on the networks and the Papers.

              “The BIG LIE is that Donald Trump did something wrong as president. No one can tell us what that was but it has taken on the cloak of “truth” just because it is repeated over and over and over.”

              “He was “impeached” they say, first time around it was the Russia Hoax which in and of itself is a black mark on democrats they should never have recovered from. The second impeachment was over the wording of a telephone call with nary a word about how the present POTUS, then VP blackmailed the Ukrainian government and publicly admitted it for all who would bother to hear.”

              • I’m trying to figure out if you’re throwing another SK fit and have lost your mind in the process … or if you’re so delusional you’ve lost track of your FACTS. “The House of Representatives of the 117th U.S. Congress adopted one article of impeachment against Trump of “incitement of insurrection”, stating that he had incited the January 6 attack of the U.S. Capitol.”

                THAT was the second impeachment. What did he do wrong? 🙂

  146. No one is gonna kick over this hornets nest, not really. Have we kicked over Russia, Russia, Russia. No, Trump being President again ,against all the odds and all their hard evil work. That is the only way to make their loss front and center. It won’t be enough, considering all the people who have been persecuted but it would make a principled point.

  147. S Kent Troy says:

    The BIG LIE is that Donald Trump did something wrong as president. No one can tell us what that was but it has taken on the cloak of “truth” just because it is repeated over and over and over.

    He was “impeached” they say, first time around it was the Russia Hoax which in and of itself is a black mark on democrats they should never have recovered from. The second impeachment was over the wording of a telephone call with nary a word about how the present POTUS, then VP blackmailed the Ukrainian government and publicly admitted it for all who would bother to hear.

    • The BIG LIE is that Donald Trump did something wrong as president. No one can tell us what that was but it has taken on the cloak of “truth” just because it is repeated over and over and over.

      Oh, there’s a list of what he did wrong AS PRESIDENT, but you choose to ignore them. And you know what they are (all centered around the fake electors/GEORGIA “find me votes”/OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (mar-a-lago documents)/defrauding the U.S. Government/insurrection/sitting on his ass while watching it on television (although I don’t think it’s actually illegal to watch something you can stop on a dime, just immoral, but immorality is something MAGA doesn’t really care about.

      He was “impeached” they say, first time around it was the Russia Hoax which in and of itself is a black mark on democrats they should never have recovered from. The second impeachment was over the wording of a telephone call with nary a word about how the present POTUS, then VP blackmailed the Ukrainian government and publicly admitted it for all who would bother to hear.

      Actually, SK, you confused the first two. The second impeachment had to do with January 6. Either DOJ takes care of ALL HIS CRIMES or they do what is expected by cynics like me, just indict and prosecute on Mar-a-lago so as to legally preclude a second attempt at ruining the country as president.

  148. VOTER FRAUD!!!!! OJ has done it again. Implicated himself … who weaponized the DOJ again? 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      It certainly appears that this is a gross distortion of what Mr. Trump said. How surprising someone would take his words and spin them as proof of some nefarious act.

      I would add that while this issue is new, nobody has confirmed it actually happened. At least nothing I have read.

      • Those were his EXACT words but I’m sure Mr. Soros had something to do with it … maybe Italian satellites … or Huge Chavez … of course it didn’t happen. It’s another LIE by your Orange Jesus … another exaggeration and more bullshit that completely overturns his complaints about the Dems weaponizing the DOJ. Here, the moron admits it (whether it happened or not, he has to make himself more powerful than the absolute coward and weakling he actually is). Go kiss his ring, JAC. Get it in before he finished destroying your party. 🙂

      • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        It certainly appears that this is a gross distortion of what Mr. Trump said. How surprising someone would take his words and spin them as proof of some nefarious act.

        It seems to me that neither side should be permitted to have it “both ways.”

        Either his words can or cannot be interpreted as having facial meaning.

        The Petty Tyrant said, “[due to rampant voter fraud causing de Santis to fall behind in the vote count] I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended, just prior to them running out of the votes necessary to win. I stopped his Election from being stolen…”

        Oftentimes, folks on SUFA have made the allegation that he talks like a mobster. That his words carry (very thinly) veiled ulterior meanings. Other times, folks have argued that “his words mean exactly what he said, and it’s wrong to read deeper meaning into them.”

        It seems to me, when the Petty Tyrant says something overtly stupid or evil or malign, that people who support him see “a joke” or “4D chess” or “puffery” or some other mitigating charitable interpretation. But when he says things that they like, then he is being honest and should be taken literally.

        It seems to me, when the Petty Tyrant says something overtly stupid or evil or malign, that people who DO NOT support him see proof of his stupidity, evil, malevolence, etc. But when he says something that does not support this narrative, then he’s lying, blowing smoke, or posturing, etc.

        One member of this lunatic asylum has suggested that the Petty Tyrant’s words are, more than anything else, a Rorschach test.. that they don’t necessarily contain any intrinsic information – but rather exist as a kind of ink blot onto which his supporters and detractors project their own opinions.

        Here, he has said that he “sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys” ostensibly to “stop the steal.” Here Charlie sees action as metaphorical-and-malevolent (he, he’s weaponizing the government to steal elections), and claimed-intent as coded (eg, there is no fraud, he is just giving an excuse). Here, others see action as valid, intent as literal/justifying.

        Yet many, many times, the roles are reversed. For example, when he tells a crowd to rough up a protestor. There, Charlie sees the plain text as literal, the intent plain text (an incitement to violence, a threat against his enemies, an endorsement of violence and violent rhetoric). Here, his supporters see the language as coded “a joke,” harmless.

        See how that works?

        What his mouth sounds MEAN is determined by what the listener WANTS them to mean.

        So what are we to make of this statement? It is my opinion that we should ignore anything that comes out of his mouth / keyboard. The information (or lack thereof) cannot be reliably decoded. It may be that – at times – he switches between the two. It also may be that – at times – he decides post hoc what category to place them in. It may also be that his brain is so riddled by brain-worms that he simply utters whatever percolates up through the slurry of neurons without any comprehension of objective reality or object permanence and he means everything he says in the moment he says it, but that it need bear no more semblance to reality than the capricious utterances of a toddler. I believe, given this, that we should, instead, only focus on his actions.

        To that end, DID he “send in the FBI and US. Attorneys”? What instructions did he give them? Did he send them in to stop any Republican-favoring allegations of fraud? Actions, not words.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          To put a capstone on this….

          “[due to rampant voter fraud causing de Santis to fall behind in the vote count] I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended, just prior to them running out of the votes necessary to win. I stopped his Election from being stolen…”

          (via JAC’s link) Per Ivan Castro, a spokesperson for the county supervisor of elections, “The Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office has no documentation of any federal law enforcement presence during the 2018 elections. Also, to clarify, there is no evidence of corruption during the 2018 election cycle in Broward County.”

          So this was just a lie false. A flat falsehood all the way around. No evidence of fraud, no federal intervention. Nothing.

          I say false instead of lie because to call it a lie suggests intent and that is something I cannot confidently assert. But he cannot be admitting to weaponizing the FBI if he didn’t actually DO the thing he ‘admits’ to having done. One cannot confess to a murder of a person who has not actually, you know, been murdered.** (Clarification and caveat***)

          As I say, I suspect the brain-worms have got him.. that he truly believes in the fraud.. .and that he believes he DID order in the FBI, a legion of attorneys, the national guard, the marines, the foreign legion, and a squadron of Apaches*. I do not believe we can reliably ascertain whether he believes a thing, means it as literal or non-literal, etc. Nor to believe that his own internal interpretation of such matters would necessarily hold any kind of object permanence from moment to moment.

          He seems to honestly lack the kind of object / temporal permanence which would filter out such blatant and easily disproven untruths. I’m not sure we can ascribe motives to someone who is mentally ill in this manner.


          * Unclear whether this refers to the helicopters or Native Americans.

          ** Or, rather, one CAN.. but that doesn’t actually make the person guilty.

          *** Note: this doesn’t make him “innocent” either.. just that this particular “admission” is invalid. He may have done similar or worse elsewhere, but again, he didn’t do it here. So, to belabor the metaphor, just because he didn’t murder Bob doesn’t mean he’s not a murderer… he might still have murdered Alice. So ‘admitting’ to murdering Bob neither convicts nor exonerates him in the larger sense.


          See also: Schrödinger’s Douchebag

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Do not assign blame to lowly worms when Acute Narcissim is in play.

            Occam’s Razor my Pirate friend.

            • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

              Do not assign blame to lowly worms

              Withdrawn, with the humblest of apologies to the innocent brain worms who would have, in any event, long since starved.

              when Acute Narcissim is in play.


              Could also be neurosyphilis..

              I’ve known more than a few unhinged narcissists in my day… never met one so detached from reality, however.

              when Acute Narcissim is in play.

              Knew one guy who was convinced that his method of structuring a workplace culture was bigger than a cure for cancer. Literally. He said that. Repeatedly. In his self-published autobiographies – plural. Which are required reading during onboarding at his company. After which you take a test on the autobiographies. The answers to which are not “did you match the books,” but “did you match [redacted]’s answers when he took the same test.” And then your score is published company-wide, and used as a basis for internal promotion and raises.

              And yet, he was still nowhere NEAR as untethered to reality or self-contractictory.

          • “I say false instead of lie because to call it a lie suggests intent and that is something I cannot confidently assert. ”

            Are you f’n kidding me? 🙂 The guy is pathological when it comes to lying.

            • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

              Indeed… but can you confidently assert that he is sane enough to know the difference between objective reality and the one in his head?

        • In other words…..innocent until proven guilty?

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            More like: stop trying to read meaning into the meaningless.

            The Petty Tyrant blathers ceaselessly – often incoherently and contradictorily – the only consistency being that his supporters who read the tea leaves see good things while his detractors see bad things. It’s almost like reading tea leaves doesn’t work*.

            The solution is to ignore the tea leaves (Diet Coke leaves?) he is constantly spewing and try to focus on what he actually does. This, too, can be obfuscated by observers’ biases, but not to such a degree. There, at least, there is some objective truth to be had.


            * Everyone knows only haruspex works…

        • JAC posted below an article saying that the FBI and DOJ have no record of getting involved in Florida’s 2018 election. While we don’t know if that’s true or not, because, you know, the FBI would never lie… what we do know is that there were enough problems in that election that the Florida senate began its own investigation into Brenda Snipes over a several cycle pattern of FUBAR elections. She ultimately resigned and the senate investigation ceased. What’s a guy to do? Watch and wait til Snipes calls the race for Gillum, or get involved? We don’t know the extent of his contact with the FBI. Could have been as simple as a phone call to see how to proceed. Could have been that he plain whiffed on the question, not having the authority to do anything. All we know is he said it, but it didn’t happen. But we know a crooked election official lost her job over it.

          • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

            what we do know is that there were enough problems in that election that the Florida senate began its own investigation

            Interesting that, here, you seem to imply that the investigation’s existence is evidence of the underlying issues… but when the Democrats engage in their investigations, they’re witch hunts, prima facie illegitimate…

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Faulty what aboutism there Pirate.

              You have been doing this a lot lately. Taking a specific and then trying to project a generality. Often by twisting the meaning of the questions/points about the specific to fit your own narrative that everyone arguing against a D position is a hypocrite.

              Here the issue is “questions about the elections in Broward County. Those issues have been made public for quite some time. So Anita posts the objective fact that the Florida legislature looked into it and found many, many serious problems. And the person running the show had to quit in disgrace.

              But you take that as Anita condoning an investigation in this case because it was R’s and criticizing it in others because they were D’s. The issue on the table was reported fraud and/or maleficence in Broward County.

              I would also like to point out that the D led investigations could in fact be witch hunts and the Florida investigation into Broward County justified. Just because one is led by R’s does not make the one’s by D’s automatically respectable.

              Take the J6 at this point in time. Please enlighten me as to the “legislative need” for the committee to get ahold of the phone records of a Republican in Arizona? Let me help you out …. NONE. The D’s have in fact already developed new legislation to address the very issue the Arizona Republican was involved with, alternate slates of electors. So if I point out the objective reality that this continued J6 Committee is a “witch hunt” does that somehow make the Florida findings of maleficence also a witch hunt, or does it just make me a hypocrite?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Almost forgot, you also deployed a Straw Man when you assign what you decide is an “implied” meaning and then attack that implied meaning. When there was no such implication made.

              In this case Anita did not “imply” that the investigation itself infers smoke or fire. She said that because of smoke an investigation was launched. And then they found fire and put it out.

        • Which would require yet another investigation. Let the investigative games begin! 🙂

          Frankly, my assumption is he is what he always is: Either full of shit or attempting to project the power he never has (like most bullies who have never took a punch to the jaw).

  149. https://redstate.com/bonchie/2022/11/12/heres-the-big-thing-that-must-change-in-2024-for-republicans-to-win-n658013

    Opinions- In my experience, fixing the system later is unlikely. They do have a point though. Except the outcome will be never having secure elections again. I personally don’t remember republicans being for mail in voting, ballot harvesting, or early voting but I could be wrong.

  150. I’m going to throw this out there only as something I’ve read. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with it, because I haven’t given it any thought more than just absorbing what I’ve read. I may not even spit it out right so keep that in mind too.

    The topic is campaigning, or lack of campaigning. Two people in particular in the two most previous cycles. Biden and Katie Hobbs. Biden sat in his basement mostly, and his rallies filled circles. Hobbs flat out refused to debate Kari Lake. All we hear anymore is ballots, ballots, ballots. Trump and Lake are face to face with voters. Biden and Hobbs are all about the ballots, not voters. Why? Because ballots are more important than voters. Ballots win elections, not voters. Why waste time and money campaigning when the ballots do the work. Ballots cover for people like Biden who has cognitive issues and Hobbs who has common sense issues.

    That brings Fetterman to mind. How in the world…..nevermind. Bring back election DAY.

  151. Just A Citizen says:
  152. So, Trump says he made the DOJ and FBI help DeSantis win in 2018. His words. He literally laid claim to weaponizing the DOJ and FBI … what do you all think about that? Is he a) lying … b) admitting to a crime … or c) confessing? Come on, yous gals and pals, you know this guy best, right? What’s the dealio? 🙂

  153. S Kent Troy says:

    Colonel, since we are now guaranteed 2 years and two months of unfettered immigration at the Southern Border, you should consider giving us monthly updates.

    I’d love to see someone start graphing this since I expect a geometric progression. Those who took the “wait and see” attitude before coming, now have waited and seen.

    • Come on, SK. Answer the question … and feel free to use anecdotes.

      “So, Trump says he made the DOJ and FBI help DeSantis win in 2018. His words. He literally laid claim to weaponizing the DOJ and FBI … what do you all think about that? Is he a) lying … b) admitting to a crime … or c) confessing? Come on, yous gals and pals, you know this guy best, right? What’s the dealio?”

    • Hi SK……well, I used to keep y’all updated more than I do now but it was decided that since I am an eye witness without citations* then it is not credible.

      In the past, it has often been thought of as my opinion without fact**. The futility of it is that unless certain people read it in CNN or Politico, or some such rag, that if it contradicts what I say, then I am wrong.***

      But I will be happy to tell you what I am encountering in my area (Del Rio to Presidio, some 341 miles). I fill out the reports (most of them) and send them in. I am on the border a lot….and I encounter many people. I am in charge of 4,414 troops and personnel…the logistics and the assignments. I have a staff of 32.

      * I report what I see.
      ** What I report is factual. If someone chooses not to believe it, that is their problem.
      *** You can fill volumes with what is not reported.


      That said, the border is dangerous. Women and children are raped and murdered (no one cares). If the Dems cared, they would do something. They are doing nothing. They have the power to do something right now and they do nothing. this makes them complicit, in my opinion.

      I do not care that the Pirate and others do not like borders. As they say in Russia…toughski shitski. The fact is….there are borders and they are sovereign and they need to be patrolled and closed. Full stop. (screeeech).

      SK, for your viewing pleasure, I know FOR A FACT that the reports we send in are edited and numbers changed. For example, in the past 4 weeks in my area….We have had 4,312 crossings. Illegal crossings. Those are the ones we caught. Our cameras showed 1,244 “got aways”. I do not have the same problems that Eagle Pass and Southward have. Of that number, (4312) 78% of them are single males between the ages of 16 – 38. In this same time period, we had 312 reported rapes (including children) and 74 murders (those we found). We witnessed 187 executions on the Mexican side. Shot in the back of the head and thrown in the river…on tape…and it is remarkable that no tapes have surfaced.

      We have captured approximately 800 pounds of marijuana, 2,400 fent pills, 24 pounds of pure uncut heroin and various other amps.

      This is a typical month for us.

      • I’m also very interested in your updates. I’ve run them by my family and friends, and they’re interested as well. The only problem I have with them is that I worry more about you. When you don’t post updates, I just Pollyanna my way around knowing you have my back. 😉

  154. Just A Citizen says:

    There is a lot of information in this article that shows how sophisticated the campaigns are, especially the Democrats.

    Note the level of detailed knowledge about voters, who voted and didn’t, exactly how much they needed by precinct, etc. Note the picture of staff with computers filled with spreadsheets.

    All this infrastructure does not just appear during election night. It is working the entire time during the race.


  155. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thoughts.

    1. Remember when Planned Parenthood claimed they did not thrive on abortion money. That they were an essential medical clinic to the poor. Funny how so many of those “clinics” closed down as soon as the abortion business looked like it could be threatened. Some didn’t even wait. Wonder if there was a political power play behind them closing?

    2. Wondering why nobody has mentioned the college loan forgiveness as an issue that might have driven young people to vote. Why is it only abortion and fear for democracy that is mentioned? Could it be they don’t want to remind us of what a blatant “pay off for votes” that was?

    3. I do not think that any of the post election claims about what went wrong for the R’s are accurate. The usual people popping off with their usual axe to grind is most of it. And a bunch of CYA from the “conservative” pundits who were claiming a wave was coming. The answers to the hard questions are probably more complex and varied across the country than we are being told. Perhaps the simpler answer, although not complete, is that the D’s made great strides in 2018 and 2020 to solidify their control over several key states. When you can run a brain damaged oaf and win big that should say it all.

    Maybe we are simply outnumbered.

    • It’s TRUMP, JAC … that’s what lost you the Senate and gives you a tiny majority in the house (if you get the house). Everybody knows what the reason is. TRUMP … and I can’t wait (CAN’T WAIT) for him and DeSanctimonious to go head to head … right now DeSanctimonious is playing it smart and allowing Trump to bury himself with his BIG STUPID MOUTH … but in the end, he’ll threaten to run as an independent and then your party is quadruple fucked … and I’ll be smiley facing all over the joint. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

    • 🙂 It would be cool to hear the conversations between him and his homies after the show. Something like – they so stupid, they laughed at how stupid they are.

      • Tell you all you need to know: “Trump was one of the few people who came from the very class that had been taking advantage of a rigged system and admitted it was happening to the people while everyone else was denying it.”

        Yeah, well, if you didn’t know that before Trump, you were a moron. Accepting his version of “cleaning the swamp” adds a few layers of stupid to moron. The guy has been and will always be a con artist and criminal (both) … and you really didn’t need to live in NY to know that.

  156. Mother must have permitted father to FINALLY take a shit on Trump’s head. 🙂

  157. Charlie, who are you going after once Trump is out of the picture? What will you do for entertainment?

    • Why, Biden, of course … and I’ll return to shitting on the Dems (I’ve always done that, to be fair) … I was a Dem most my life, then switched to GWB (why my mother’s nickname for me was “moron”) … but Clinton did me in as a Dem … then Obama really shit the bed for me (although I didn’t vote in either of his wins) … now that I’m 66 with “maybe” one more presidential to vote in, I’ll probably sit 2024 out the way I sat out of 2022. Fuck it. Like I said, Corporations won “bigly/big league” … you guys can fight over the scraps. I’m reading the David Donald “Lincoln” now and enjoying it. So much for states rights loving Republicans, eh? 🙂

  158. Does it make anyone wonder how Texas and Florida (number 2 and 3 in population) have all their ballots counted and tallied within in 24 hours?(including mail ins, absentees, and drop boxes.)

    • We have 12 house races not yet called. One that I have been watching has not moved in several days. Makes you wonder what is going on. Five are trending read some by 3 or more % points. These are sparsely populated rural, mountain or central valley counties so should be fairly competent at county votes. CA03 which I have been watching is still listed as only 52% completed.

      • Well, I am sure that the longer the vote is “left open” more ballots can be found.

        • Its ridiculous. People need to be fired over it.

          • We have several districts with less than 200K ballots counted and still listed at under 60%. This is total incompetence.

            • Serious question. What’s the big deal, T? Whether it takes 1 day or 10 or 20, what’s the difference if an individual state (state’s rights?) decides to have pro-longed process? Arizona’s people seem very proud about getting it right.

              • Yes, it is a state’s right and, yes, they can take as long as they want. It is just incompetence as he said. There are plenty of states that have their elections decided within 24 hours. There is absolutely no excuse not to have a process in place but these states that prolong their counting makes it possible for fraud on either side. It is crazy. But, that is up to the people of the state and whether or not they like what is happening. I do not understand why Texas and Florida can, second to California in population, count their votes and be done with it in 24 hours. It makes no sense.

                I see one place where it can change in some states. Right or wrong, Texas and Florida have “drop dead” dates when absentee, early voting, and mail in ballots are due prior to election day. Texas, for example, requires that all absentee ballots and early voting ballots are in and tallied prior to election day and the results delivered as soon as the precincts close. It is a matter of logistics and planning. Pretty simple.

                It seems to me that prolonging the voting process invites fraud….no matter the side.

                One thing that surprised even me this time is when I went in for early voting (we have only two weeks for early voting), the machines that we use print out the ballot for you to double check. If there is a mistake, you get to invalidate that ballot and correct your mistakes. Once that is done, then you take your completed ballot to a final machine that will count your vote. In addition, we have a way to double check that your vote was counted properly.

                Why cannot others do this? Makes me wonder,

    • Republican exceptionalism? 🙂

  159. Mo Brooks calls OJ: “Dishonest, disloyal, incompetent, crude …”

  160. FTX collapsing……..wow.

  161. And down goes Kari Lake … 🙂

    Sure, make Trump the nominee in 2024. Go ahead, I double-dog dare yous. 🙂

  162. Interesting discovery on the FTX disgraced CEO……He gave 126 million to Democrats second only to Soros during the midterms…..Ukraine investing in the crypto trade through FTX using US dollars….does this mean kickbacks to the Biden Administration? I have absolutely no proof of kickbacks but the signs are surely there….and it would not surprise me.

    Now, you have a missing 20 billion and a bankruptcy being filed to protect….what assets?

    Very interesting….and the Dems constantly deride Republicans all the while they are in the pockets of Soros, et all…..including FTX.

    • Can’t remember if I read this or dreamed about it, 🙂 , but Zalensky wants a truce now that FTX is in trouble?

  163. Yes, it is a state’s right and, yes, they can take as long as they want. It is just incompetence as he said. There are plenty of states that have their elections decided within 24 hours. There is absolutely no excuse not to have a process in place but these states that prolong their counting makes it possible for fraud on either side. It is crazy. But, that is up to the people of the state and whether or not they like what is happening. I do not understand why Texas and Florida can, second to California in population, count their votes and be done with it in 24 hours. It makes no sense.

    I see one place where it can change in some states. Right or wrong, Texas and Florida have “drop dead” dates when absentee, early voting, and mail in ballots are due prior to election day. Texas, for example, requires that all absentee ballots and early voting ballots are in and tallied prior to election day and the results delivered as soon as the precincts close. It is a matter of logistics and planning. Pretty simple.

    It seems to me that prolonging the voting process invites fraud….no matter the side.

    One thing that surprised even me this time is when I went in for early voting (we have only two weeks for early voting), the machines that we use print out the ballot for you to double check. If there is a mistake, you get to invalidate that ballot and correct your mistakes. Once that is done, then you take your completed ballot to a final machine that will count your vote. In addition, we have a way to double check that your vote was counted properly.

    Why cannot others do this? Makes me wonder,

    • Charlie…..sorry, my post got shoved down here in answer to your serious question. I know your question was not aimed at me,,,,,,,,but what the hell…..I answered anyway.

      • No problem, Colonel. T-man … what I said. “What’s the difference if the count is accurate? Is it possible yours isn’t?” Remember, the GOP’s own people did their own “unofficial” audit and found even more votes for Biden in Arizona. Was that an attempt to prove the normal process was wrong? 🙂

    • What he said.

    • Why should they if states rights is such a big deal? What’s the difference if the count is accurate. Maybe your count isn’t.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      You DO realize that if this had been JFK-Nixon in 1960, we would have had the results by about 1982 using the new, current, improved way of counting.

      If France and Florida can do it by day’s end, the everyone can do it! Anything less smacks of something pother than incompetence.