The Election That Will Not Stop!

The counting of votes in many States continues this week. The Republican choice in Alaska, who was leading, is now behind the incumbent Murkowski. The incumbent will probably win as she will get more of the Democrat’s votes when they are reallocated. Thanks to the bizarre system in Alaska. Still not sure what will happen with the House race there.

But one thing is for sure. The system is now messed up in so many ways and in so many places. Efforts to improve voter confidence have wound up damaging it even further. Toner settings were not tested the night before? Really?

Then I heard this week of a county in Montana that actually turned in phone ballot counts the day of the election and had to rerun the counting. It seems they turned in a count based on the phony ballots they used to TEST the machines the night before the election.

I am thinking we should go back to putting stones in baskets or marbles in buckets and then just weighing them. Although I am sure it wouldn’t take long for someone to try and tweak the weights in hope of gaining an advantage.


  1. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    One wonders if sampling bias might be at work here.

    There are over 3,100 counties in the United States, many operating dozens or even hundreds of polling locations, all on different systems, using different poll workers and different methodologies and procedures, all of which, collectively, registered north of 150,000,000 votes, on a fast array of ballot types, counting machines, candidate lists, and ballot questions. And that’s all BEFORE we get into the legal shenanigans like registration purges, eligibility requirements, grab-ass with polling locations and hours, etc.

    We remark on “they didn’t check toner levels” or “this count came down to 3 votes” or “this or that improbable thing happened”…. but I think, frankly, it would be inconceivable for there to be NO such anomalies.

    We waste neither breath nor ink on a deep-blue or deep-red district which elects a correspondingly deep blue/red candidate in an immediate landslide. Nor, I think, should we. But, with the fact pattern of “obvious-expectation begets obvious-outcome,” the event is out of mind and, thus, out of consideration.

    One wonders if we focus on the oddballs and close calls and statistically unlikely events, while ignoring the thousands that went more-or-less “as expected” and “to plan”…. and that this leads us to a false sense of the whole having been more problematic than it actually was.

    It is as though one is trying to gauge the health of Americans by conducting a survey out front of the cancer ward.


    To be clear, I would absolutely defy anyone to claim that there is “zero” fraud, cheating, or other shenanigans (reminder: I saw some myself (albeit minor) personally, first hand). Just that, on balance, focusing on the exceptions, while a worthwhile topic in and of itself, does little to impugn the whole.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I agree with the general sentiment here. But, always that but, one of the problems is that the media and those in power seem uninterested in looking past those that become obvious. It seems the response is to attack and/or defend the anomaly, depending on political preference, then once it is put to bed we move on.

      I found the Montana example hilarious given I know the insides and out of how that particular county operates.

      Bottom line here is that our system depends on honest and honorable Citizens to make sure it functions according to the promises of free and fair. As the boomers fade so do the number of people volunteering to work the polls. Now you have more people paid, and the more money gets involved the worse it could get.

      The focus should be on Secure, Free and Fair. Fair is obviously a little redundant to the Secure part but not totally. Anyhow, we should be laser focused on creating election systems that achieve these goals.

      There will always be mistakes. We just need to build fail safes into the systems to deal with them when they occur.

      First on my list is to ELIMINATE mail in ballots.

  2. What day is it..?

  3. I like the marble idea. Meantime, maybe precincts should be smaller. Makes counting easier. Let the 5th graders count.

  4. S Kent Troy says:
    • Ah, yes… this is true, and doesn’t get nearly the coverage it’s due.

      The FTX C-Suite did, in fact, donate approximately 57 million to the Democrats.

      And also $22 million to the Republicans.

      • My question… did this scheme get by supposedly savvy investors….and, I wonder, what this does to the future of crypto… least for now.

        • how did this scheme get by supposedly savvy investors

          There are savvy investors. And there are morons with big checkbooks.

          I can promise you that the former took one sniff of the setup and bolted for the hills. Have you seen interviews with the “COO”? There’s no FUCKING way any DD/ODD meeting would pass her. Imagine sitting opposite the CO-fuckin’-O of a multi-billion dollar trading business who can’t tell you what a stop loss is, and who looks (and sounds) like a high schooler.. and then writing her a 7+ digit check. HA!

          The latter, though, well…… a LOT of business in this industry is relationship-based. I know and trust X, who “can get me in” on Y, and “don’t miss the opportunity” and “we’ll do the DD later” (and later never comes)…

          I have seen more deals than I would ever care to admit that were just “hey, wire Bob $500k and set up a call to learn more about the business.” Personally, I shutter at doing business that way, but the rich-rich look at it as relationships and “if you’re the guy who asks too many questions, eventually, they stop inviting you to the party.”

          None of these businesses have the bandwidth to do a full diligence workup with every petty investor. So your choice, as a big-ish-fish, is move forward semi-blindly or stay out of the game.

          You can ask all the questions you want when your checks are mid-8-figures and up (depending on the investment), but 7 and down..? Unless it’s a VC/microcap deal, it’s “shut up and give me the check or go away.” So they write lots of 6-7 figure checks, knowing that some subset are going to go bust, but hoping that some will score big. On balance, generally speaking, it tends to work since the relationships tend to steer people toward better investments despite the occasional landmine… and the medium fish tend to try to invest alongside the big-fish.


          All the above ignores that, sometimes, you can grease the wheels of a bigger investment firm by *ahem* influencing *ahem* the decision-makers. So a bigger shop might go with more of an “express” investment diligence process because the CIO (who just spent the weekend on the FTX yacht) is eager to move forward….


          But, yea, no administrator, no auditor.. c-suite with no experience.. no internal controls… based out of the Bahamas……. yikes!

          • Relationships…..yes, you hit that one and I have seen the same. It is amazing how much money is invested because of relationships. I get that….of course, I do not do that because I ask too many questions and, like you say, I just do not get many phone calls later because of it.

            What gets me most of all, is how many people that are responsible for trusts and 401 requirements and such just simply did not do their due diligence investigations. But, I guess the saying, a fool and his money are soon parted is a true statement. Amazing.

            I wonder, though, for some of the so called legitimate cryptos…….what is the short term future….

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Sir Mathius,

        Glad to see the Vandals nursed you back. They are good folks with the natural medicines.

        Agreed good Sir. AND, it is reported that Mr. McCarthy took a ton of this money and then used it to buy votes for his desire to be the next Speaker of the House. The scum floats to the top, more easily than the cream.

        • Glad to see the Vandals nursed you back. They are good folks with the natural medicines.

          The Vandals…? Is that why the room is rocking and I can’t find an exit..? Again, I just thought that had something to do with the Amantiado..

          Gotta say, though.. I’m impressed that the batteries in my phone lasted all the way to November 2024.. last thing I remember, it was 2022 and the Democrats were about to get slaughtered in the midterms…

          • Just A Citizen says:

            It was awful, so good thing you slept thru it.

            As for the Vandals, that haze you see is actually the smoke of the herbs they burned to help purge the poison from your body. The only bad thing about their medicine is they have not found a way to cause political conversions.

            You may see visions of strange characters, some holding lightning bolts and hammers and such for a while. Don’t worry, it will subside.

  5. American Exceptionalism … in a capitalist society, the people (health, financial situation, health insurance situation, etc.) NOTHING matters more than the economy. NOTHING.

    Profit before people will always rule the day under a government of corporate sellouts … and BOTH parties are guilty. BOTH.

    Why? Because Billionaires and corporations should never be denied their profits. INSANITY.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well, I have to give you your due. You really just never stop with the idiotic Marxist BS.

      Think about this awhile, my dear man from Pluto. Profit cannot be more important than the people because without customers willing to trade there is no profit.

      Second, a “corporate” business structure has nothing to do with the ethical standards of those running a company. Thieves are thieves and angels are angels. It doesn’t matter how big they get or what three letters come after their name. The world is not run by corporations. It is run by powerful people who have tons of money, which they made selling goods and services to other poeple.

      • Sure, JAC. Whatever you say. 🙂

      • This is funny. “The world is not run by corporations. It is run by powerful people who have tons of money, which they made selling goods and services to other poeple.”

        Protected by a) bankruptcy laws designed just for them and b) bailouts (i.e., idiotic marxist BS). 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:

          The funny thing is you think this somehow refutes my argument!

          Please prove bankruptcy laws are designed “just” for the corporations or “just” for the wealthy.

          I do agree with you that bailouts are idiotic Marxist B.S.. So we have that.

          • Bankruptcy laws for individuals were decimated by GWBush, if I’m not mistaken. And if you didn’t have idiotic marxist bailouts, what then, oh, master of all? 🙂

            Everything refutes your argument. You’re locked on Mars, my brother. Pluto would be a GREAT improvement for you. And here’s the opportunistic GOP shitting on Trump. What say you, master?

            • Bankruptcy laws for individuals were decimated by GWBush, if I’m not mistaken.

              You are mistaken, sir. What Bush did was tighten the individual qualifications so that you could not run up credit card debt and then file bankruptcy and then run it up again and have a continuous bankruptcy process. This was a good thing. Individual bankruptcy is still under chapter7 and chapter 13. Anyone can do it….it is just that he did stop the abuse of it. The only other aspect of it was that you had to make 2.7 million or less to use the individual codes.

              The business codes did not change except for the opportunity to run up debt under one corporate name, file bankruptcy, and then run it up under another corporate name and so on with the same officers and owners.

              He also tightened up the LLC and Sub Chapter S corporations to prevent corporate and personal from being filed on the same assets.

              • As long as corporations and billionaires get that free pass, Colonel. That’s all that will EVER count in the US&A. 🙂

                • What free pass? Bankruptcy? Do you want to eliminate all bankruptcy? I am cool with that as long as it is totally eliminated.

                  • Let’s start with Trump’s 4 casinos … all the Wall Street Banks that brought the world economy down (they were gifted carte blanche bonuses from Obama) … cruise lines, airlines, you name it, they LOVED socialism for the wealthy. How come they didn’t have to “sink or swim?” Now you’re going to tell me you’re against it all, yet vote for one of two parties that hugs those same corporate gifts. Makes no sense to me, sir.

                    • Let’s start with nothing…..and keep the discussion from Trump and on the subject of Bankruptcies. Are you for bankruptcies or against them? I have been very consistent on this. Bankruptcies are used by everybody and they are used as a dodge of paying bills. Either you make it or you do not.

                      Now, I will ask again….are you for or against bankruptcy? No matter who files them. The Colonel’s position is and always has been AGAINST

                      Is it possible to be too big to fail? The Colonel’s position is NO, YOU ARE NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL

                      Should there be pension bail outs for any industry, unions included? The Colonel’s position is NO…NONE….NADA

                      Should there be subsidies for any industrty? The Colonel’s position is


                      now, Charlie, keep Trump out of this………………….There are 4 questions up there….they do not require dialogue and they do not require innuendo…it is very simple…..They are easy yes and no questions…..can you handle this?

                    • Bring back debtors prison!

      • Profit cannot be more important than the people because without customers willing to trade there is no profit.

        Hopefully, but I doubt it, you protectors of the realm will figure that out because right now we’re going through the inevitability of capitalism and nobody on your side of the bridge seems to give a shit. 🙂

  6. Uh-oh, Spaghetti O’s … They nailed him again. 🙂
    BREAKING: Manhattan DA makes BOMBSHELL Announcement on Trump CRIMINAL Investigation … insurance fraud … Stormy is back!

    • If I had a nickel for every time they “nailed him,” I’d have… well.. a lot of nickels.

      Wake me up when they actually CHARGE him with something.

      • You gotta’ have the nails before you hammer them. 🙂 One of these 3 prosecutors has to be a hammer. Preferably all 3.

        • There’s an entire mountainside worth of nails, Charlie.

          The man is as crooked as the day is long.

          The problem isn’t “not enough nails.” It’s that he’s slippery as hell. That any prosecution, no matter how warranted, will be decried as a witch hunt and scrutinized to the subatomic level. That it’s politicized to the gills..

          But, mostly, Charlie, it’s that he’s rich* and powerful. And the rich and powerful in this country are not subject to the law the same way as you or I.

          And the Democrats are far too feckless to hold him accountable in any way that matters. And, frankly, they LIKE him walking free. He’s a living breathing donations/vote generator for the left. His mere existence brings out droves of anti-Trumpists – both to the ballot box and via their checkbooks. No one wants to kill the lucrative boogeyman. They love how he divides the right, how he makes them look like the cultists they are. Why would they give that up?

          No, Trump will never see the inside of a cell. Not ever. Not if he shoots someone in Times Square on live tv. Not if he lives to be 1,000. Abandon your false hope, Charlie. It will NEVER happen.

          *Maybe.. at the very least, he has access to the kinds of tools that being rich gives you.

          • My greatest fear about all of these investigations is what you said regarding his worth to the feckless party regarding donations AND the FACT he’d never win the presidency again. He’s the SINGLE way to guarantee the Dems win … even a zombie like Biden.

            • As Orwell put it, “the war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

              The Democratic Party LOVES people like Greene and Boebert and Trump and Santorum and Larry Craig and Roy Moore and Crawthorn and and and and and

              They are lightning rods for outrage and fearmongering that drive voters into the polls and dollars into the coffers. Every time that orange windbag opens his maw, the Democrats slap whatever spills out onto a flier and raise a million bucks.

              It is identical to how the right views AOC and Warren and Bernie and Clinton*. They don’t even need the real person or their views. They’re just a strawman to hold up and say “look at this! Vote Red or [evil leftist] will do [projection].”

              If the Democrats could rid themselves of Boebert and Trump and Green and all the other lunatics tomorrow, they wouldn’t. Just like the Republicans would not get rid of AOC and Bernie.

              It’s important they be SEEN trying to get rid of [evil extremist], but winning…? Winning would be disastrous.


              *ha! As if she was nearly as much of a “radical leftist” as they make her out to be!

          • Perhaps you can convince DPM to off load that boatload of nails he is carrying….the Hammer will finally get off the sand bar.

  7. Ya gotta give Schiff credit…….He is on the news now lamenting the fact that he is losing his leadership position on committees…..saying…..(you gotta sit down for this) there will no cooperation now that the Repubs have control.

  8. Just A Citizen says:
    • Do you EVER have an objective source? Red State. Wow, surprise, surprise. Your girl lost. And for a guy who claims he hated Trump, you sure seem to defend his acolytes (morons all of them). 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        This may be hard for you to understand, being a leftist and all. But in my world every person stands on their own two feet. And they are judged accordingly.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        The question my dear comrade is: Did the Arizona AG say what “Red State” said he said or not? Regardless of source, a quote is a quote unless it has been selectively edited such as the Charlottesville DJT quotes you are so fond of referencing.

        Sort of like why I watch Bill Mahr from time to time. While on occasion I have to reach for the bucket to retch other times like the proverbial broken clock, he is spot on.

    • Going to have to agree with Charlie here – albeit more civilly.

      RedState is a highly biased source.

      You would, I think, balk if Charlie had a similar habit of posting HuffPo hit-pieces.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Major Logical Fallacy flag thrown on both of you. Although I appreciate the more civil approach.

        Yes they are bias, and I have never disagreed. However, their reporting of events has been pretty good. A much better record than the MSM.

        As opposed to Charlie’s go to source here which is snarky opinion which he presents as factual evidence.

        Now, can either of you point to factual errors in this report? Also please note there is no defense of the person who lost. The issue on the table is a better election system.


        • Our liberal friends are quite vociferous about disenfranchisement when it happens to their side but are silent when the tables are turned. Misprogramming that many machines in just those districts is no accident. However, nothing will change until some people go to jail. Election integrity should be the goal of everyone.

          Of note, the illegal alien that attacked Mr. Pelosi was registered to vote, Green party. So goes our super CA motor-voter rules.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            The new oddity in this story is that we now hear they were in fact tested the night before and worked just fine. So how did the “toner” problem occur?

  9. Lesseeee………what is the difference between Huffpost and CNN other than the spelling? CNN is a total hit piece organization….or MSNBC for that reason.

    I am afraid that there is no reliable news source out there…….other than ME!!!

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    From one leftist to another. And they claim to be all about Democracy and freedoms and such.

    Note: How many here know that Mr. Trudeau and his administration are facing questions in hearings about the actions they took against the trucker convoy? That some of his own executives have testified against his claims about national security threats he used to shut down things?

  11. Germans are buying generators. Hope they are also stockpiling fuel for them. I think an investment in hamsters is in order. One hamster on a treadmill should keep an LED lit.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Great example of the media trying to have it both ways.

    Using innuendo to create doubt or opinion all while claiming there is not evidence, but that innuendo could be real.

    On the topic itself, I wonder why the D’s aren’t equally upset over the private meetings between left leaning Justices and the left leaning groups. Or the outright attempts to influence the Court by the Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and POTUS?

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Georgia Judge halts State law banning abortions after 6 weeks. The Judge’s ruling is based in a very interesting concept.

    “In his order, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney wrote that two major sections of Georgia’s 2019 abortion law were “plainly unconstitutional when drafted” and therefore void.

    “At that time — the spring of 2019 — everywhere in America, including Georgia, it was unequivocally unconstitutional for governments — federal, state, or local — to ban abortions before viability … Such bans were banned,” McBurney wrote. “[The statute] did not become the law of Georgia when it was enacted and it is not the law of Georgia now.””

    The real punch line is at the very end of the article. That a Georgia Supreme Court did in fact establish a Right to Privacy very long ago. Not that a right to privacy would trump a right to live, but it does muddy the legal waters.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    The author is raising a very salient point. Especially in light of how the USA is constantly criticized for trying to interfere with other Nation’s business.

  15. Let’s see…….Pelosi takes the reins and gets rid of conservative members on committee’s. Republicans now take the reins and vows to get rid of liberal members on committees……………..what is the problem here? Dems are crying foul at this expected return of favors…….geez.

  16. Mr. The Colonel,

    You got some ‘splainin’ to do…


    Under his bill, the District of Austin would report directly to the lieutenant governor and speaker of the House of Representatives. All city money, contracts, leases and property, including records, would be transferred to the district.

    Translated: let’s turn a major Blue city into mini-Washington DC, remove their ability to govern themselves and vest that authority in the Lt. Governor who is chosen by the statewide conservative majority who don’t live there… (Oh, and I’m sure they wouldn’t use their control over the city to suppress liberal voter turnout…)

    Texas: Land of Small Government… unless you’re not doing it the way we want you to!

    • No ‘splaining necessary………this has been tried before and it has failed every time. Austin is our liberal experiment as was Georgetown, which lasted about 5 years and then they decided that it was not working. (Georgetown actually went total green and it was a failure. Nothing worked.)

      Austin has turned into a s*** hole and no one wants to live there any longer. I sold my property out by the lake long ago… is almost as bad as Houston and Dallas….but, Patterson is a pretty staunch conservative….probably somewhere in the Southern Baptist clan.

      This bill will never pass and never stands a chance….however, not a bad idea. Austin went “woke” two years ago and leads the state in crime now. When I was there in the 60s, it was a great town. Lived there for 4 years. You could walk the streets at night without fear. Now, you cannot walk next door, I am told. Too bad.

      But rest easy, the State of Texas would never allow that to happen……it needs to but it will not happen.

  17. Curious what you lunatics think about this. I love it. 🙂

    • Stewart is a fucking savage.

      Like stepping into a cage match with a grizzly bear.

      There is no goddamned way I’d get in a room with him if I wasn’t 100% confident that I was on the right side. I have no idea why these people keep coming on his show(s).

  18. CBS confirms the laptop from he// is in fact the laptop from he//. So now they agree with the NYT only 25 months after it was published in the NYP. This is after MSNBC, NBC, CBS, WaPo, NYT, CNN, Twitter, FB, ……… all called it Russian disinfo after a push from the FBI and CIA. Tell us again how our “right wing” sources are biased when they got the story right from the beginning. Of course this has never happened before.

    Steele Dossier
    Spying on Trump’s team
    Alpha Bank Server
    Ukrainian phone call
    Fine people taken out of context
    French military cemetery
    Bounties on troops
    Gen. Flynn fiasco

    I could go on, there are dozens of stories the MSM has deliberately lied about either explicitly or by omission.

    • T, you kill me. Why not throw a few fruitloops in there? 🙂

      Fine people taken out of context? Really? Flynn?

      Now, this one I’ll give you. It’s legit.

      • So you still push the fine people lie. If you listen to the entire statement, Trump specifically excluded the white supremacists from the fine people line. The reference to fine people was over those that wanted to maintain the statues and those that wanted to tear them down.

        In the Gen. Flynn situation, Comey admitted he broke the rules by conducting the interview without the WH legal council present. The agents left the meeting feeling that Flynn had not lied. It was after Mueller was involved that the interview documents were altered. They charged him with lying about a question they never asked, sanctions. They also charged him with FARA violations which is normally not prosecuted. His legal team are the ones that filled out the FARA documents and then tried to defend him w/o admitting their mistakes. He eventually plead guilty when they threatened his son and had bankrupted him. Later Barr, your hero, investigated and found that there was no predicate for the initial interview, thus it was improper, thus the charges were dropped. It was the biased judge in the case who overstepped his authority and would not let go of the plea deal. Once again you are wrong because you listen to totally biased sources.

  19. S Kent Troy says:

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
    REMEMBER, NO Politics at the dinner table. Talk about Granny’s table back in the day, the time uncle George got so wasted on Elderberry wine that you found him asleep in the coal bin the next morning, Great Grandpa and Grandma’s trip over on the Mayflower, Talk about the kids or grand kids, talk about the upcoming whitewater rafting trip or a trip to WW 1 battlefields but NO Politics!

  20. GREAT advice DPM. Fortunately, Trump has permitted me to jettison many of my relatives to the netherworld … all Trump supporters, dumb as a bag of hammers, pure racists and annoying under the best of situations.

  21. Wishing everyone a great Turkey day of food and football…..the fare at the Colonel’s Bunker is……BBQ Beef ribs, jalapeno ranch style beans (no, not out of a can..I leave that to you Yankees), BBQ Chicken on the spit (not from a deli), Beef Brisket, home made potato salad, Green bean casserole, and dill new potatoes…followed by cherry pie, chocolate cream pie (already half eaten), some feisty eggnog (yes, I know it is not Christmas)….From midnight this evening to midnight tomorrow night, no news. No watching the stock market either here or abroad. No discussions of politics or religion for a period of 24 straight uninterrupted hours.

    After the hearty meal, then settling down to watch some football and try to determine which Dallas Cowboy team will show p to play…..probably with a nap or two in between. Daughter in the Cayman Islands with her family….son and grandson will be here….so that means some board games since it will be raining…..All of spousal unit kids have their own families and will doing their “thang” ……..will probably catch up on Yellowstone later in evening….

    Then I depart the next day for border activities. This weekend forecast to be…….lively. Do have a new vest that reportedly can stop even a 9 pounder but, alas, since the Hammer is on the sand bar, I find it unlikely DPM will be cruising the river.

    Perhaps I can send a para-raptor to drop some supplies to the woebegone stranded lads……

    • I forgot….do Pirates celebrate Thanksgiving or is everyday Thanksgiving in the pirate world.

    • jalapeno ranch style beans (no, not out of a can..I leave that to you Yankees)

      This dregs up an ancient (and only tangentially related) memory….

      followed by cherry pie

      Ok… buckle up. It’s time for: 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓣𝓻𝓪𝓰𝓮𝓭𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓟𝓲𝓮𝓼.

      The Mathius you know was not always a wizened old man. There was a time, lo these many years ago, when he was a young man… perhaps maybe 13 or 14.

      And Young Mathius, prone to wild bouts of enthusiasm, decided one day that he wanted a cherry pie.

      You may have just interpreted that as “he wanted his parents to buy him a cherry pie” or even for them to cook him a cherry pie, but no.. he wanted to make a cherry pie.

      Now, one could, I suppose, buy ‘cherry filling’ and pie crust and whip something up in an hour.. the store was within walking distance, after all.

      But Young Mathius… well, he was built a bit different.

      Mathius dragged his parents to a farmer’s market where he purchased a wild excess of fresh sour cherries. He pitted them by hand… so many cherries… … simmered ’em down (burned them)… pitted more, simmered them down again…

      Fresh pie crust from scratch. Now, mind you, Young Mathius had never cooked anything more complicated than a PBJ in his life, but he went at this very carefully… filling the crust, making a nice lattice top.. the whole nine yards.

      Never has a Talmudic scholar more studiously obeyed the text of his tome than did Young Mathius with the ancient cookbook which he followed. The stated preparation time surprised by hours as the young, naive, amateur chef monomaniacally sought to create the perfect pie specimen.

      Young Mathius, it must be said, overestimated the amount of cherries and dough he would need, for in the end, he produced not one, but three of the most gorgeous 9″ golden-crusted cherry pies that have ever graced the sight of man.

      Summonsing an almost superhuman reserve of willpower (that had never once been exhibited in the entirety of Mathius’ life before this point), he placed the pies on the counter to cool.

      And walked away.

      Thirty minutes later, having set a timer, and practically foaming at the mouth, Mathius returned to the kitchen to feast, to gorge himself upon the fruits of his labor.

      Yet, his pies were not where he had left them.

      Here, now, the first hint of panic twinged deep in Young Mathius’ gut, but he steeled himself, and forced himself to carry on. Fearing the worst, and knowing in his heart of hearts that his beloved pies were already lost, he bravely continued on.. the warrior who fights the last batter to the death, knowing that defeat is preordained. Fresh Sour Cherry Pies in place of Thermopylae.

      The first incontrovertible sign of disaster fell when he looked into the sink to find two empty pie tins. This, while tragic, was not a fatal blow, for a third was made, and he might yet feast upon this last. But where was it? – nowhere to be found. Not in the trash, nor the sink, nor the counter, nor the breakfast nook.

      Now, it must be said that Young Mathius had – and has to this day – a terrible sense of smell. But on this day, whatever deities wield the niche power over the olfactory sense organs of mankind smiled upon our hero, for the undeniable, unambiguous aroma of fresh sour cherry pie led him through the house like a bloodhound that had picked up the scent.

      Young Mathius found himself before the closed door of his younger brother, then. Forgoing the formalities of knocking, Young Mathius instead kicked open the door in a wild caricature of an action hero raiding the lair of a cartel. The door slammed open, the latch splintered, there was a monumental crash that Young Mathius never heard over the pounding of his own pulse in his ears.

      And there….

      In his brother’s room….

      On his brother’s bed…

      Sat Young Mathius’ younger brother… His very flesh and blood, Cain to his Abel.

      With a pie tin…

      And a fork…

      Having just taken the final bite of the third pie.

      Well, Dear Reader, it must be said that Young Mathius blacked out at this point and has no memory of the catastrophic violence that must surely have ensued that day.

      But what we do know is that Mathius was never able to eat so much as a single crumb. His brother, in a betrayal for the ages, had consumed it all.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Well this article is somewhat of a challenge. First, I agree with the general notion that the left is over reacting to the idea that State legislatures could do their job without their own Courts interfering. But I also disagree with the idea that the Constitution and Federal Law require electors be selected on election day, with minor exceptions.

    The Electors are in fact “selected” after the election and the deadline in federal law is the date by which the States, usually the Governors, must “certify” those selected.

    There are really two big things that could happen if SCOTUS goes with supporting the Legislature power theory. One is the State courts could not interfere with setting boundaries, i.e., gerrymandering. Second would be that the State Legislature could devise any means of election is desired. Including eliminating the popular vote for selection of Electors for POTUS.

    OK there is also the thing where the Legislature could force paper ballots and hand counts, or any variation it chooses.

    And for those who think that a State Constitution is supreme over all State Legislative actions let me remind you that this theory was destroyed when a California judge ruled that a Constitutional Amendment in California violated the Federal Constitution, and that decision was basically upheld by SCOTUS. I am talking about the Gay Marriage Amendment, in case you didn’t realize it. Thus is the price of making legal decisions based on political viewpoints. You get all these inconsistencies, and some can come back and bite you.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    So here is a fairly serious question this morning. What makes Pence think he stands a snowballs chance of getting elected? Why would he even stay politically active, beyond operating some PAC?

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    I see the narrative has suddenly changed over the shooting in Colorado.

    All week it was the MAGA’s and anyone with an R on their shirt that killed those folks. Today it is “The Edge Lord.” All because the shooter turned out to be “non-binary.” By the way, if you declare you are non-binary doesn’t that in fact make you binary?

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh this one is just sooooo ridiculous it is sad. First, it has been the powers that be who have brainwashed We the People into relying on police to resolve almost every dispute in society. So “they” should not be taking sides in this.

    The result of all this craziness is that an apology is not enough. Instead the supposed victim has to make a federal issue of the incident and then all the public figures have to pile on. And now we have a new malignancy among us, the “adultification” disease. Note how all the phonies running to the cameras focus on the little girl’s desire to do good. Nobody focuses on the point that what should one do when the see even a child “spraying” in the air, on the sidewalk and on trees? Especially in a world where they have been told to be afraid of everything.

    The neighbor over reacted. Sounds like the police did their job properly. The mom is over reacting. And the politicians and talking heads are doing their Vulture thing, being nothing but ass-hats.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    So in the “modern” era, we have a “persecuted” group of people declaring that they personally are being excluded if they cannot wear and “armband” that identifies with them.

    I wonder what happened the last time persecuted people wore identifying arm bands in a country that did not accept them? What the hell are they thinking?

    Another note of irony. The “color” that represents “all colors”, the one that would in fact be the “most inclusive” is WHITE.

    • 1. People should be able to wear whatever the fuck they want – up to, and including, clothes generally ascribed to the ‘opposite sex’ or nothing at all. You need not allow them in your private property or business, but in public, even if the sight might offend me, it is neither my right nor my place to control the actions of another person when their actions do not harm me.

      2. Color Theory is an interesting topic. It is true that white is the result of all colors, but only within an additive framework – that is, like light. But there is also a subtractive framework, like mixing paint, and there the color which would represent all colors is black. Also, neither black nor white are colors – they are shades.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        1. The issue was a sponsored sporting event. To your point, yes they can wear what they want, and I would include them wearing clothes of the other sex, if they choose. That is not “my” point. I was commenting on the irony of the younger generation wanting to wear “arm bands” that identify them as being part of a “persecuted” group. Especially in a country that does in fact persecute them. You of all people should recognize that irony.

        2. I did not comment on it but the other thing about white is that it does not allow for individual identity within the more inclusive mix. So in this sense, a multi-colored banner makes sense as opposed to a single color. I do, however, think that those who wish to push for actual inclusivity in society find a different banner than the rainbow. Especially given how it seems so many within the tribe that adopted that banner are anything but inclusive.

        • Would it not be more inclusive if the rainbow band was bordered by a white band and a black band? Or is that the equivalent of saying all lives matter?

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Yesterday I saw a story stating that a little over 12% of the California legislature fits into the Alphabet group. It did not explain how many were L or G vs. some other letter. But the number seems to over represent the group. Unless of course the Pirates theory of people hiding in the closet is valid. Then lord knows how many of us fit into the group.

    But my curiosity caused me to look up the percentage of gay folks in the country. So here is some data for you to consider. Perhaps the disproportionate representation in Washington D.C., over all other States, might explain why the issue always seems so hot and visible.

    • I find conservatives’ obsession with how others dress, identify, and who they find attractive to be oddly obsessive.

      Who gives a shit. Let people live their lives.

      I don’t really get it either. Honestly, I don’t. Some of it, sure, but other parts..?
      I just cannot wrap the soggy mush of my brain around it. But here’s the thing:
      it costs me nothing to butt the hell out and mind my own business.

      If a club caters to gay people or trans people or bi-people or drag queens or any other variation in this mixed up muddled up shook up world, well so fucking what?

      It’s not like they’re trying to force you into a gay marriage.

      They want acceptance. Human decency. Kindness. Civility. Respect. They want to be able to take a piss without Karens calling the cops. They want to read stories to children without getting death threats. They want to be able to take medication that they, and their families and doctors, believe to be necessary and appropriate without the the hospitals getting bomb threats. They want to be able to get married without a decades-long battle tenuously won by a single SCOTUS vote.

      I swear to god, I will never understand why any of this is even remotely contentious except insofar as demagoguery when the mere existence of gender and sexual minorities is treated as inherently sexualizing and “grooming” if it has any tangential connection to a minor. For the sake of the children, you see, all non-conforming individuals must return to the closet.

      I’d love to see a FRACTION of this kind of fixated outrage focused on the legions of molesting priests instead.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I do not think that “conservatives” are obsessed by such things. The primary reason we are spoon fed these issues is a media who wants attention, and some groups who need it to raise money. And that goes for both sides of every issue. How you identify is of no concern to me and most conservatives I know. But what is of concern is you trying to force me to use your pronouns or have me burned at the stake in the public square. That is what the issue is at its heart today.

        The concern over schools is a different matter. One which you obviously disagree. Why I do not know, because there is adequate evidence of things going on in schools which is beyond just someone wanting to read books to children. I will grant you that the affliction is probably not as wide spread as the media pundits and political groups would have us believe. But it is real and it has become visible to many people who oppose it, while still supporting the right of adults to live their lives as they choose. And they are not trying to force conformity on children. The opposite is actually happening, as in encouraging children to experiment or even seek medical alterations without suffering actual dysphoria.

        In fact, there was significant outrage over pedophile priests by conservatives and others. To infer that more people are concerned about the issues of sexualizing children than pedophile priests is just simply silly. In fact, they are the same concerns. Obviously you don’t think the current concerns are justified. But the parents who have experienced this sure do.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          P.S. Thanks for the Kinks link. That took me back for a few minutes.

        • I do not think that “conservatives” are obsessed by such things

          Then you are not paying attention.

          P.S. Thanks for the Kinks link. That took me back for a few minutes.

          Glad to be of service.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You know full well I pay close attention to a lot of things. So I think your response a little glib. And not befitting your usual intellectually based banter.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What timing. The following is somewhat related to the discussion we are having. The example is one about a liberal journalist who has seen the light on J.K. Rowling. The articles author makes a broader valid point. Since the author is Red State he misses the chance to provide an example from the right side, but it applies to both.

        The fact is that Rowling was being persecuted by the Transgender activism crowd for defending women. This is seen by everyone. This is what many “conservatives” are reacting to. Now you see a liberal reacting to it as well, once she finally did her homework.

        And the irony that I used “being burned at the stake” in my response to only find this article a half hour later. 🙂

        • The fact is that Rowling was being persecuted by the Transgender activism crowd for defending women.

          Objection! To-may-toh to-mah-toh.*

          You say she was “defending women,” but they don’t see it that way. They see it as she was “attacking them.” You’ve inserted a contested point as though it were a universally accepted premise.

          I’ll be honest, I’m not too “in the loop” about Rowling. Similar to my avoidance of topics related to the Kardashians, I just choose not to expend my mental bandwidth on celebrity outrage. So I don’t know what she said or didn’t say.

          Sigh…. ok,… give me a second….

          Alright… wow… I just read a lot more than I wanted to… she’s been rather vocal on the topic…

          Anyway, here’s the root:

          ‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

          Ms. Rowling tweeted (twote?) the above a few years back, putting her in the dog house with the trans community.

          See, it’s kind of a central tenant of their worldview that “trans women are women.” And this comment is directly rejecting the notion by explicitly trying “women” to “people who menstruate” **. This is, to them, a direct and overt denial of legitimacy.

          There’s a lot of back and forth, but essentially she seems to have doubled down and been labeled a “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist). The notion here is that she rejects the core tenant of trans that makes “trans” an extant thing: namely, that gender and sex are bifurcated, that biological sex is not the only way of looking at things, that gender is a malleable social construct.

          To Ms. Rowling, it seems, biological-sex is sex and there is no “gender” except as a synonym. In this framework – aside from perhaps post-reassignment surgery, which I do not see her discussing – there is no way for a man to be a woman or vice versa and thus, trans-male and trans-female do not and cannot exist. She persists in calling herself an ally, but reading her own words, and knowing what I do of the underlying philosophy, I cannot see how this is reconcilable. If a trans-woman is not a woman, then what is she? Still a man? If that is the case, then being trans means nothing.

          Further, to the “Exclusionary” aspect of TERF-ism, how is it an “attack” on women for there to be more women? Inherent in this notion is that there’s something bad about including them under the label which constitutes an attack. Why is “inclusion” an “attack”? Does a woman somehow become less of a woman, have less rights, less freedoms, because another person is now also a woman? If you claim to have become a Jew, am I now worse in some way that I would be justified in claiming that you attacked me? Am I “defending” Jews by rabidly asserting that you can’t join our ranks because you weren’t born of a Jewish mother? Or am I an exclusionary asshole?

          So, to the trans community, here is a person with a big microphone basically broadcasting the message: “you don’t really exist, stop trying to be part of my special group when you’re not!” and “you are what I say you are, fuck your feelings.” And they get pissed about this… and then she plays the aggrieved victim.

          If I tell a gay person that homosexuality doesn’t exist, can’t exist, and that they only think they’re gay because they’re mentally ill… the gay person is going to get mad at me. I might argue that I’m just “defending” some position or group, but they’re going to see it as an attack on them. I don’t see why I get to play martyred victim for people getting mad at me for the things I said. That’s some pretty narcissistic behavior to do something that others find hurtful and then act aggrieved that they would get mad at me.

          Does this make her right or wrong? Victim or aggressor? Hero or villain? That’s hard to answer – it strikes me as a matter of perspective and I can see it from different angles. But what it is not is black-and-white.


          *who the fuck says to-mah-toh??

          ** or, I suppose, if we generalize, to “biological women” *** since I don’t think anyone is actually suggesting that a pre/post menopausal woman is no longer a woman because she no longer mensurates.

          *** As the contested framework splits sex (biology) from gender (social construct), what Rowling’s tweet (and subsequent messaging) is saying by “women who menstruate” can be translated to “female-sex.” From here, the point of contention is clear: she asserts “female-sex (and only female-sex is equivalent to woman” and by logical corollary, anything other than female-sex (read: female-gender) is not a woman.”

      • “it costs me nothing to butt the hell out and mind my own business.”

        How exactly are people supposed to do that? It’s being taught in schools, it’s in children’s books and cartoons, a whole state is willing to kidnap your children and courts taking away parental rights. Who exactly butted in first? Not to mention butting out means allowing real harm to come to children. Hell let’s just make it legal for children of all ages to drink, take drugs, and whatever else they want to do.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          You mean whatever their teachers and care takers want them to do. Because mom and/or dad have not say in the matter.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    This is an OK article, borderline good, which addresses some key issues we have discussed here at SUFA for over a decade. I would like to continue the discussion along the lines of this piece. What are conservatives? What are liberals? etc etc. But first I would like to have some fun pointing out how even a “thinker” can make a technical error when trying to communicate.

    What is wrong with the following comparisons?

    “Ideologies, philosophies, etc. are not like that. They are the stances themselves. In other words, communism can never become capitalistic, for the moment it does, it is no longer communism. Atheism can never affirm a deity, for once it does, it is no longer atheism. A square can never look like a circle, nor can red look blue.”

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    For the life of me, I have never understood why a group who claims to really be only about supporting rational thought and objective reality over mysticism and dogma would adopt a symbol that holds deep meaning as evil, among many human cultures.

    If you are really about Reason the find a symbol to represent Reason and Enlightenment. Don’t use the existing symbol of evil.

    Then again,

    Boy it is sure weird how so many different stories on the internet thingy are fitting together today. Almost like divine intervention, or something. 🙂

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    You have to admit this Musk fella has a sense of humor. Quick witted this one.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    🙂 🙂

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Has fun returned to the internet? Well maybe only for Thanksgiving. But here is to hoping we get more.

  33. Sir Mathius…..I am a little confused… seemed to be very upset at t shirts depicting Auschwitz….and you seem to be upset at the wearing of the swastika…..yet you say that every one should wear what the hell they want. You are so upset at the wearing of such that you seem to think that this is going to be pervasive in the future and you think about another country or place to live?….so, they can wear it if they want but you also have a right to be offended by it. Is this not the same as any slogan or t shirt?

    Conservatives, such as I, do not like things forced on us. If I do not wish to be around or recognize trans gender…..then I should not be forced to be around or recognize trannies, correct? As I have mentioned on here, I have this in my extended family. My spousal unit has a grand daughter that wishes to identify with being male. Has a pronoun and everything and changes her name. BUT, she is still female. Full stop. Does she have a right to be whatever she wants to be….certainly. I don’t care what she calls herself but she is not a he. Ok Fine….but that does not mean that I have to accept nor should I be expected to accept it nor should be criticized for not accepting it. I am not between a rock and hard place but the spousal unit is…..but that is her choice. I will not change nor should I…..I believe the way I do and I am allowed to do that free of coercion or threat.

    If a club caters to gay people or trans people or bi-people or drag queens or any other variation in this mixed up muddled up shook up world, well so fucking what? Will you say the same about exclusionary? If a club does not wish to cater to the same nor allow them in, then are you going to say the same thing or are you going to jump on the discrimination ship. Where does this end?

    Well, sir, I am true to my word on no politics after midnight until Friday. I hope you have a great turkey day….you and yours.

    • As the wife always said, “What yours is mine, what mine is mine.”

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Your first paragraph sir says it all. I find T-shirts embossed with Che Guevera, the Swastika, or “Trans Nation” all equally offensive. Mr. Matt should find them all, according to his logic, equally acceptable. To me, all are being worn to offend someone else’s sensibilities. THAT is not to say I am not guilty as well by wearing my MAGA hat and 2nd Amendment T-shirt to be “in your face”. if you choose to be offended or outraged. I do not know that my Dad would have approved since he was not of the “fight fire with fire” school of thought.

      In an earlier time among people with a sense of decorum, all would be referred to dismissively as being, “In terribly bad taste”. The punishment for the bad taste would be limited to ostracism and dismissal as “not being serious”. That would result in there not being a need to “fight fire with fire”.

      By the way, I do LOVE the Che shirt with the skeletal head on it. That one is really in their Face!

  34. Just A Citizen says:


    Hoping the best for everyone. May PEACE be with ya’ll this day and those that follow.

  35. Happy Thanksgiving! Gonna be eating left overs for a week. 😀

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Happy day after, so let’s get going. Right off the bat we have this:

    If the method is profitable you don’t need a program to SUBSIDIZE it. For those that don’t know, that little inflation bill Biden brags about contained millions for research, development and implementation of Sustainable or Regenerative Farming.

    These methods have great advantages but are not scalable to the very large farms which produce most of our food.

    • Before 1960, I remember almost every farm having livestock thus had natural fertilizer to spread. After that, the feed lots disappeared and many farmers went to strictly grain farming. Those that maintained livestock, increased the herd sizes and thus had too much waste.

      Now we pay producers like the Col. to not grow corn while subsidizing the alcohol industry thus increasing the demand for corn.

      I am always skeptical about politicians who know nothing about farming dictating how farming is to be done.

      • Yes, one of the things that we seem to be doing correctly is that when we go to auction with our beef everyone knows we are grass fed with no steroids. We do not go to feed lots to “fatten” them up and we do not feed our cattle more salt so they drink water to gain weight. Now, in doing this, we do not make as much money by weight however, our cattle are the first to go on auction. We turn over 100%. We use our own droppings for fertilize mixed with water, iron, and zinc for our alfalfa fields to winter cattle with our own hay.

        On the money we are given not to grow corn…well, the charities love us.As I have told you before, we give the entire amount away to charity and take the deduction. They get the whole thing. Subsidies are a waste of money. No entity, corporation, or individual needs subsidies. If I were in power, they would be done away with (yes, I ended another sentence with a preposition…live with it).

  37. The farmer got up early one morning to do chores. A few minutes later, he came back in the house. The farmer’s wife asked, “What’s wrong.” He replied, “The battery on the mule is dead.”

  38. Buon Giorno, Amici. Norman Finkelstein and the rotting corpse that is the so-called “radical” Marxist left in America.

  39. “”Apple and Google need to seriously start exploring booting Twitter off the app store,” Caraballo told Lorenz. “What Musk is doing is existentially dangerous for various marginalized communities. It’s like opening the gates of hell in terms of the havoc it will cause. People who engaged in direct targeted harassment can come back and engage in doxing, targeted harassment, vicious bullying, calls for violence, celebration of violence. I can’t even begin to state how dangerous this will be.”

    What a crock of dung!!!!

    • Plot twist. Liz Wheeler floated this idea on Twitter and Musk replied to her with this claim. I saw the side by side tweet/reply but couldn’t copy/paste it here.

  40. A Texas middle school teacher bragged about “indoctrinating” students on TikTok and interrogated each of her classes about whether they believed a non-binary identity made them uncomfortable, Fox News Digital found.

    This just about says it…we shall see how long she keeps her job.  

  41. The man (Trump) is a genius. Attacking Jack Smith’s wife … 🙂

    • S Kent Troy says:

      You remind me of an old 78RPM record with a scratch……………..

      • 🙂 Learn something, SK. It’ll do you good.

      • Trump sends his moronic minions after the special counselor’s wife. Reminds one of Paul Pelosi, doesn’t it? Or maybe the lunatic who attacked an FBI field office in Cincinnati. Amazing how stupid his minions are. Getting themselves jailed or killed for a criminal con artist. One can only hope the special counsel has a special charge for the cowardly Orange Man. 🙂

  42. Ok TRay, I’m not playing with you today. Business is business. GO GREEN!

    And Go Buckeyes!

  43. A blue state vs. a red state … a college known for academics vs. a college known for knuckleheads … Wolverines vs. Buckeys … it wasn’t difficult for me to pick a team to root for … especially when it’s a coach who defies the popular passing offense and grounds and pounds the Ohio State team OUT of their own stadium. Ohio’s coach said they’d hang 100 on Michigan. Not quite, asshole. Enjoy the embarrassment for ANOTHER year.

  44. Well, JAC…..I was spared the agony. Kansas State beat Kansas and faces TCU in the Big 12 Championship….I do not have to agonize over whom to support.

    Interesting TV show this morning on ESPN and the college football standings. There was a long discussion on TCU and whether or not, despite their record, do not belong in the playoff hunt despite having beat 5 top 25 teams. It is interesting how the eastern seaboard writers shun the midwest and west.

    TCU will throw a real kink in the system by winning the Big 12 and being undefeated. It would be real hard for them to not recognize the accomplishments of TCU and not favor them over a one or 2 loss team.

    Very interesting, indeed. These pundits were saying that a re-match of Ohio State and Michigan and a re match of Alabama and Georgia would be better than any TCU team being in the hunt.

  45. Former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom said that the Suns’ mascot, a gorilla, has racial connotations.

    “In basketball, bro, just like, come on, bro. But you know what’s so, really crazy about it? They just tried it because they wanted to get the fans involved, and that’s the reason why they kept it, ’cause the fans loved it.”
    It seems to me that using the term “Bro” has greater racial overtones than a Gorilla, which the State and fans love.

  46. Twice the number of Americans were carrying handguns daily in 2019 compared to 2015, according to a new study published this month. 

    The number of respondents to the online survey who said they had carried a gun in the last month also nearly doubled from 9 million to 16 million in 2015.The study focuses solely on owners carrying a handgun on their person, not in their car.

    Yep, it is going to take vigilante justice now days with all this “woke” crap going on. Never leave home without it and neither does the spousal unit.

    • “Yep, it is going to take vigilante justice now days with all this “woke” crap going on.”

      Colonel, do you really believe everyone being armed would solve the crime problem? You don’t see any problems with people shooting the wrong people, or maybe shooting when they clearly shouldn’t? I remember the Zimmerman case in Florida was very controversial, but I never understood how a guy who stalked a kid because he was black and wearing a hoodie, then started a fight he lost, had the right to shoot the kid rather than take the beating he clearly deserved. His life wasn’t in danger … his ego was. There are a lot of armed people walking around with wounded egos (cops, for instance) who shoot first without reasonable justification.

      • Do you ever get your facts straight. Martin attacked Zimmerman not the other way around. He was banging Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk when Zimmerman finally pulled the gun and shot. The kid was high on drugs at the time.

        • One thing about the right. They love them some “revisionism.” Right. The kid buys Skittles, walks home and is stalked by a punk wannabe cop. The punk wannabe cop confronts the kid and gets his ass kicked. “Zimmerman finally pulled the gun.” Ha … is that how the right handles fights they start? No wonder they’re gun nuts. Can’t take a beating. Who said his head was being pounded? Oh, right, the guy getting his ass kicked. The one who shot the kid. Do you every get your facts straight? I noticed you haven’t addressed Trump’s latest white supremacist/Holocaust denier situation. 🙂

          • “I noticed you haven’t addressed Trump’s latest white supremacist/Holocaust denier situation.”

            Or did he clear that one up for you too? You know, his usual bullshit excuse. “I don’t know him. I never met him. … But Kanye (Ye), I feel for troubles people.” Yeah, right. 🙂

  47. Around 2,700 workers lost their jobs on Monday, according to a report from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal. 

    The company, which had become one of the largest furniture businesses in the country, sent a memo via email and text message to workers late Monday night and instructed them not to report to work the next morning. 

    In a follow-up email, United Furniture Industries said the layoff is “expected to be permanent and all benefits will be terminated immediately without provision of COBRA.”

    Wow…cold move. The company must be bankrupt and going out of business because not being allowed COBRA means that no insurance company is involved any longer. But, I think that Thanksgiving week was a little harsh.

  48. Welp!! That is the end of my bitchin’ and moanin’ and groanin’ for today. Have good day all.

  49. Why is it you think the GOP (at least the most powerful within the party) are so comfortable with Nazis? Just curious.

  50. S Kent Troy says:

    Funny, I thought the Orange Man wanted to bring back manufacturing from China. Jeez talk about revisionism! Say, what is the DATE on that piece?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Then there were the tariffs to make Chinese goods competitive and offset the “dumping” they do.

    • Except his shit is still made there. 🙂

      • Yes, what is NOT made in China….this is a real problem. Slave labor always wins and China is one of your countries you think is great?

        • Wrong again, Colonel. When did you hear me say China was one I think is great? Nice try. By the way, much of that slave labor is a direct result of their adopting capitalism (state capitalism, but capitalism nevertheless). Similar to the US&A, their government picks winners too.

          • Sorry about the China thing, I forgot you once told me you were not fond of them. You are quite correct about China. They are very smart. And since big companies are stock driven and dividends are what is needed to spur more investment, they are willing to give up intellectual property and 51% ownership to be there.

            And, therefore, I am part of the problem…..I admit it. The hypocrite in me is no different than the hypocrisy in all of us….(1) I am an investor and, (2) we all buy China products. Young Mathius once made the statement, why buy American and pay more when you can buy China and save more.

            I will say this, however, I do support mom and pop stores in my area whenever possible and I buy American made, whenever possible.

            Even if you do not buy from China, you are buying from India or Sri Lanka or Vietnam, Indonesia or some such…..and they all use child labor and slave labor. So, just where does the hypocrisy end? Hell, even Pluto has a black market.

            • “Even if you do not buy from China, you are buying from India or Sri Lanka or Vietnam, Indonesia or some such…..and they all use child labor and slave labor. So, just where does the hypocrisy end? Hell, even Pluto has a black market.”

              That’s called the inevitability of capitalism … profit before people. Works (sarcasm) every time. 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Yep, it absolutely awful when free people make decisions freely.

                Much better if you make those choices for them.

                And like all socialist types, you have no idea what causes large importation of foreign goods, nor what the affect is on the economy of the trading partners.

                • “Yep, it absolutely awful when free people make decisions freely.”

                  Probably why Socrates wasn’t a big fan. Yes, socialists have no idea about anything. We just sit back and watch the empire collapse because you guys who are doing it, know everything. 🙂

                • Nothing like a free man (albeit a moron) making decisions freely. 🙂

  51. Well, I mentioned on here a little over a year ago, how wrong you would be legalizing marijuana thinking that it would drive out the cartels and the bad guys.

    Let’s take a look at California, Colorado, New Mexico, and now, Oklahoma. The black market took over, the price of marijuana fell below production prices in the US, drove the legitimate business’ out of business. It is easy how it is done….price. Price controls everything….the black market is run by the cartels who use slave labor to outgrow the legit producers and run them out of business. The cartel growers use, men, women and children to grow their marijuana as payment for getting them into the United States.

    California is crying foul….Colorado lost its dominance last year, New Mexico has lost 90% of its legit market to the cartels this year and they just moved into Oklahoma about 3 months ago….and the medical marijuana sellers on the border of Oklahoma and Texas are disappearing.

    Yep, legalization works well. Closing the border not only will put a significant dent in the cartels abut it will also stop the labor for the cartels.

  52. Fauci…is….a….joke…………………and does not know what science is much less can probably not spell the word. Facing investigations into funding and his response to Covid, he now says…..let me get the quote……..AHH, here it is…

    “We keep a completely open mind as to what the origin is,” Fauci said. “Having said that, if you look at the examination by highly qualified international scientists with no political agendas — they’ve published in peer-reviewed journals — that all accumulated evidence, particularly relating to the Chinese bringing into the Wuhan market animals from the wild that should not have been there … the evidence is quite strong that this is a natural occurrence.””Does that mean we’ve ruled out that there was something funny going on and it leaked? Absolutely [not],” he added. “I and all of my colleagues keep an absolutely open mind. We’ve got to investigate every possibility because this is too important not to do that. That’s not incompatible with saying the scientific evidence still weighs much more strongly that this is a natural occurrence.”

    Now, let us follow the funding of the Wuhan Lab. He is a trapped animal and this is nothing more than how science is used and not used to support political agendas. How science data is manipulated to read how you want it.

    • Fauci is the epitome of a deep stater. Obama banned gain of function research but Fauci knew better so laundered the funds through an intermediary to fund the research in Wuhan. He of course knew better than anyone else that this research was necessary so overruled the elected executive. Naturally, no one ever asks why we are funding potential bioweapon R&D in a foreign laboratory. Then, when caught, he covered it up and uses confidentiality rules to prevent Congress from seeing the paper trail. Well the law of averages caught up and the virus leaked three years ago. In the old days, Fauci would have been drawn and quartered by now but we are too civilized to do that. Millions have died as a result of his arrogance. We should not call it the Chinese virus, it is the Fauci Plague.

      On top of that, he botched the pandemic response and cost even more lives not to mention the economic costs.

  53. A boil water notice was issued in Houston, Texas, on Sunday after multiple water treatment plants lost power.Houston Public Works wrote in a press release that the water pressure had dropped “below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s required minimum of 20 PSI during a power outage at the East Water Purification Plant.”Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city believes the water is safe, but they had to issue the boil water notice due to regulatory requirements. 

    Well, this is what happens when you have a democratic mayor shut down three coal powered plants that just happened to be built for the purposes of…..running water sanitation.

    ( By the way, this is the mayor that was ushered into office by the sudden discovery of drop boxes. This has now been corrected since drop boxes are now limited to ONE per county but this is the result of environmentalists.)

  54. Well, this just about says it all…..

    So imagine you’re being wheeled back to the operating room and the light sedation is starting to take hold, and you learn in that moment just before you go into surgery that both your surgeon and your anesthesiologist were admitted to medical school and admitted to their residency training programs based on criteria that were not related to merit, that were related to an ideological statement they made in their admission packet, or that the standards in their school or their training program were actually lowered to accommodate them because otherwise they wouldn’t have qualified for admission. 

    Well, the University of Florida med school is doing just that.

  55. Have great day everyone…

  56. Charlie, my friend, as to the weapons being carried……the bad guys already have them. The general populace needs to start carrying. How many videos do you need to see on the TV of the break-ins and the beatings and the general lawlessness in some of these cities. If you start gunning down these smash and grab robberies and these young people beating up elderly and things….being pushed onto subway tracks and such….and the random beatings on the streets…it will not stop. Not with the mamby pamby rules and no bail crap that is happening in some of these cities.

    • Colonel, how did the bad guys already get them? That’s the same defense of remaining in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. “If we pull out now …”

      I understand the macho methodology of fixing things … and it’s insane.

      • It really does not matter how……I have to deal in absolutes….I do not have the luxury of sitting back……fact…they have them. By bad guys, you understand I’m talking the criminal element, if you have open borders, you cannot control guns getting in. If you, this very day, took every gun from every person, confiscated every single weapon in the US, closed all manufacturing and sales….to where no one has a single gun…..
        The bad guys will have them back tomorrow.

        • Guns coming in? Most are made here. Yes, bad guys have them … and when everyone is armed, you’ll have a LOT more bad guys. It’s insane.

          • Actually, most of the guns are not made here…we import most of them. We are seeing a lot more of foreign weapons now on the border from Russia and China…mainly China.

            Yes, I am afraid that because of the lack of spine to tackle the criminals and the soft on crime issues, we are relegated back to the 1800s……take care of your own.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    Because they have all just been pushed into a closet and now feel free to come out. Of course that is the reason for the increase. Except these are children, getting life altering surgery.

    One other thought on the whole subject. We are told gender is not sex. Then why do “transgender” seek sex adjustment surgery? Bottom line, it is all about sex. The whole thing is about people who are unhappy with their assigned “sex”. So I have come down on the side of sex and gender are in fact the same, anything else is just an attempt to further confuse our language, for political purposes.

    • I have been saying for some time, that the party of science is in fact the party of science deniers, whether it is global warm, the Fauci Plague, gender is not sex, etc.

  58. So much for border patrol agents being clean.

    • Oh Charlie, for crying out loud……quit condemning the whole bunch for a specific issue. Geez, Louise,,,,,

      • I remember making a comment about this in the past (alleged rapes) and the defense of those border agents was staggeringly high here at SUFA. Okay, it’s just a few, I’m sure … but it’s also an opportunity for punks with badges to play warrior.

  59. Canine Weapon says:

    2nd Attempt.. because JAC is a fascist

  60. Canine Weapon says:

    Colonel, is this one of those am-bushes I’m always hearing about?

  61. Mathius…….With BlockFi now filing bankruptcy, how does your generation still view cryptos?

    • Or Canine, or DPM……….

    • 2nd attempt: Wow.. JAC is being uber-fascist today….

    • Canine Weapon says:
    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Fiat currencies cannot be trusted.

      Gold, of course, is the tried-and-true store of value, but the nature of “money” is such that “value” is nothing more than an artifact of mutual agreement. If people AGREE that dog shit is “money,” then dog shit is money – as legitimate and perfect as any other medium of exchange.

      It is in the nature of blockchain crypto that there be a public ledger and a transparent and “fair” proof-of-work / proof-of-stake method of creating a pre-established supply, and that all this is secured by the simple fact that (as far as you know, anyway) it is really hard to factor large semi-prime numbers. From these facts, we have just created an artificial rare commodity and a built-in means of moving it around securely. Basically, all the things that make gold “gold”.. if gold wasn’t so shiny or heavy.

      So, crypto… the problem, as I see it, is that the whole thing hinges on the notion of agreed-upon value (as do all “monies”) and there is no clear-cut consensus that any one of the thousands of currencies will be a winner. One supposes BTC or ETH (which is why I hold some of both) may prevail.. but they may just as readily be abandoned by the fickle mood of people who use (or don’t use) them. More to the point, many people view these not as a store of value, but as an investment with the idea that they should appreciate over time which is exactly the wrong way to view them. They SHOULD appreciate over time, but not as though they were stocks.. rather, as any fixed commodity appreciates with increased demand… and more to the point, it is the fiats that should depreciate around them.. crypto’s SHOULD be islands of stability amidst sinking fiats, but the speculation renders the whole into a nonsensical rollercoaster.

      All that’s to say this: it’s a gamble. There’s some “there” there.. but who is to say how much and where, exactly, the winning bet lays. As with the craps table: don’t put in anything you aren’t prepared to lose.


      Just an aside.. from a technical standpoint, it is almost trivial to convert proof of work from “cracking large semi-primes” to “doing meaningful work,” eg Folding at Home. Far be it from me to declare the “proper” use of people’s own resources, but the amount of energy globally devoted to “mining” bitcoin vs what that same processing power could do were it more productively channeled… well… it just strikes this ol’ pirate as wasteful.

      That is, Bitcoin could be completely unchanged functionally but instead of giving people esoteric useless number problems to solve, it could solve useFUL problems

      • Well, the description you gave matches mine. It is a young persons game…..I think we are light years away from cryptos being accepted as payment forms. From what I have read, the mining of cyrptos uses more energy than John Kerry’s fleet of jets. However, I am sure that in stardate 4545.6 that some form of electronic currency will be used in some manner but just as in Star Trek, gold pressed latinum is still around.

        I just wondered because I am being asked by my children and some grand children that are old enough to ask these type of questions about investing. I just told them that the future of fiat currency is in the strength of the country that backs whatever currency there is…..cyrpto is a computer generated “something” that’s value, right now, is in the strength of whoever believes in it. Like you, I said that my chances of winning on the craps table, in my opinion, are far greater than investing in crypto especially since I do not know how to mine it. I can take dollars and go buy a car or a hamburger….try taking cyrptos into your local store and buying things.

        I stay away from them because I do not understand the intricacies concerning cryptos….I did make a small venture into Coinbase..that was a joke. Lost 50% of the value before taking my loss and getting out. I do not believe it is an investment that the lay person should under take. But that is my viewpoint.

        It is the same with investing in gold or silver. Take a silver Liberty Dollar into a store….you might can use it but most likely not. But if your Silver dollar has a numismatic value of $25….at the hamburger joint, it is only one dollar.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          I think we are light years away from cryptos being accepted as payment forms.

          There are significant technical hurdles. For example, BTC refreshes every 10 minutes, during which you can “spend” the same bitcoin multiple times before the system figures it out. That means you’d have to stand at the counter for 10 minutes to make sure your payment certifies before you could check out. There are other versions and forks that work faster, but this essential problem remains.

          The bigger problems are (A) the fluctuation means that no store can reliably accept payment without fx risk unless they immediately sell it back on the market vs a more stable currency which is.. inefficient and risky to say the least and (B) there are so many coins that no store really wants to be bothered with accepting and understanding them all. A consensus needs to emerge and/or a better UX that makes the whole thing more wieldy to a non crypto-bro.

          From what I have read, the mining of cyrptos uses more energy than John Kerry’s fleet of jets.

          VASTLY more.

          At its peak, something like 1% of the global energy demand, if memory serves..

          However, I am sure that in stardate 4545.6 that some form of electronic currency will be used in some manner but just as in Star Trek, gold pressed latinum is still around.

          Star Trek has been clear that they no longer use money.

          Quark’s notwithstanding.

          I just wondered because I am being asked by my children and some grand children that are old enough to ask these type of questions about investing.

          Tell them that they should never invest in anything they don’t understand.

          Then go buy them a copy of Buffet’s rules for investing.

          …..cyrpto is a computer generated “something” that’s value, right now, is in the strength of whoever believes in it.

          That’s all money, though…. just faith converted to value..

          Like you, I said that my chances of winning on the craps table, in my opinion, are far greater than investing in crypto especially since I do not know how to mine it.

          Mining is a lost cause. The technical hurdles have long surpassed anything a lay person can do. Even if you bought a rig, you’d spend more in upfront and electricity costs than you’d make from mining. You can invest in miners who have set up massive centers near cheap power (eg, near dams and in Iceland), who take your investment to buy and run their hardware and then cut you a share of their profits. A lot of these are Ponzis, but some are legitimate.

          Nonetheless, if you have the money to burn, you might as well go out and buy yourself one bitcoin, then take it off an exchange into a “paper” wallet, laminate it, shove it in a safe and forget about it… if it’s worth something when you die, your heirs will find it and it will “disappear” before probate. If it’s not, well, they’ll get a good laugh out of it.

          There’s an outside chance that Bitcoin or Etherium emerge victorious and a coin will be worth a million dollars in a few decades. I wouldn’t bet the farm, but it’s worth a flyer if you have a few bucks to gamble with.

          I can take dollars and go buy a car or a hamburger….try taking cyrptos into your local store and buying things.

          People do buy things with cryptobut at this point, it’s mostly forced “proof of concept” kinds of things or illegal kinds of things.

          I’ve seen some options here and there, but it’s mostly gimmicky – again, vendors don’t want to take fx risk with a ccy that is wildly fluctuating and that they don’t really understand. Until these are solved, there won’t be any widespread adoption.

          I stay away from them because I do not understand the intricacies concerning cryptos….I did make a small venture into Coinbase..that was a joke. Lost 50% of the value before taking my loss and getting out.

          The intricacies are… intricate. The math is, frankly, brilliant, but it’s far beyond what a casual user wants to have to grok.

          You are wise to invest in the platforms rather than the coins. But, yea, win some and lose some.

          I do not believe it is an investment that the lay person should under take. But that is my viewpoint.

          I agree. But, again, no one should invest in anything they don’t understand.

          And the list of people who UNDERSTAND crypto is very small compared to the list of people who are chasing the hype.

          It is the same with investing in gold or silver. Take a silver Liberty Dollar into a store….you might can use it but most likely not.

          Is it “money” if you can’t spend it?


          But it IS a store of value that can readily be converted to money.

          You couldn’t spend a treasury bond, either, but that doesn’t make it worthless.

          But if your Silver dollar has a numismatic value of $25….at the hamburger joint, it is only one dollar.

          There’s a great story about a company in Las Vegas some years back that paid employees in gold/silver coins with face values of $50/$1. They paid tax on the face value arguing that it was legal tender and that’s what they were paying their employees.

          The IRS politely pointed out that this was bullshit and the coins were worth $1+ each, so the company was paying thousands in payroll and evading taxes.

          Needless to say, the IRS won.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            That IRS case still makes me angry. It was just another example of the corruption that pervades all three branches of our government.

            • Part of that story that doesn’t often make the rounds is that the company’s brother cashed out the coins.. people would get paid, then walk over to the guy’s brother who was standing right there, hand in their coin, and then get the actual value of their paycheck, and then the brother would sell the coins back to the owner.

              When you look at the whole, it’s a blatantly transparent step-transaction.

              If they hadn’t pushed their luck, if they’d just paid people and called it a day… and the workers were on their own to covert the coins back to cash.. and to pay the gains on that…….. well, maybe they might have had a chance. But the IRS rules are very clear that you can’t use step transactions to circumvent the law.

              This is called the Step Transaction Doctrine: that substance trumps form. There are a few tests the courts can apply, but generally the idea is that transactions which would be otherwise kosher are invalid if done in such a way that the net substance of the transaction is the evasion of taxes.

              For example, you are allowed to gift me 16k tax-free. But if you want to give me more, you can’t give 16k to me and 16k to D13, then have D13 give me that money. Well, you can, because it’s almost impossible to catch, but it’s still illegal. Each of those steps is individually legal and valid, but this would fail the “interdependence” test – that, D13’s ‘gift’ to me wouldn’t have happened if the other components (namely your gift to him) hadn’t occurred. It might also fail the “binding” test since you made D13 commit to giving me the money before you gave it to him. Because of this, your ‘gift’ to him was never actually a gift to him – it was a gift to me and he was just the intermediary.

              Here, the end result is what counts – that you gave me 32k without paying gift taxes – washing it through the ol’ colonel doesn’t change that. If step transactions were permitted, a billionaire could circumvent estate taxes entirely simply by washing their wealth through hundreds of thousands of ‘gifts’ through intermediaries. There’d be a website you could sign up for where they’d deposit 16k in your account and you forward on 15.9k, and all kinds of people would sign up – you could wash $32m.with only 2,000 Mules.

          • Yes, I jumped on the Coin Base on its IPO……bad mistake.

            • But, that is the investment business….if every call was perfect, you would be out of a job and retired somewhere……

              By the way, do I even rate a thank you for getting your ass off that sandbar?

  62. I am learning that one of the casualties of the Fauci Plague is logic.

  63. Hey, I’m still waiting for yous guys to provide a response to the Orange Man’s dinner with a Holocaust denier. I think, like what sanity is left in the GOP (if any), that yous also are DESPERATELY HOPING the DOJ takes care of Trump for you/them. How come no rushing to his defense?

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      You mean this guy?

      Yea… the crickets are chirpin’

      • Where’s JAC, T-Man and/or SK? Have they no new words? 🙂

        “… there are too many non-white people in the country.”

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Pretty easy actually. People in the know think he was sandbagged by the dope bringing Flores along. Regarding Kayne, he was apparently trying to talk some sense into him.

          Feel free to ignore what I wrote above. Been thinking on you and have decided you are the guy sitting next to Madame LaFarge as Sidney Carlton mounts the gallows to lose his head. Truth, facts mean nothing, blood lust is all that counts. Guilty, OF COURSE, otherwise he wouldn’t be mounting that gallows would he?

          Before you dredge it up and point it out, with proper warnings, I still DAMN WELL want to put land mines on the border right behind the ten rolls of razor concertina wire. It will ultimately save a whole lot more lives than it will take. 112,000 Fentanyl deaths enough for you this year? Perhaps nobody you know, or care about has been effected. That’s not to mention the assorted murders, child rapes, drunk driving killings and gang banging drive by’s going on.

          Have a nice day!

          • “blood lust is all that counts.”

            Says the man who doesn’t want me to dredge up his blood lust with land mines. Well, at least it wasn’t ANOTHER anecdote. 🙂

            And, sure, we should believe the Orange Man because he said so. You’re a classic, SK.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              What’s the difference, you don’t believe anything he says only because HE says it.

              • I think it’s the documented 33,000 lies/misinformention that makes it difficult to believe a pathological liar. If you don’t think he’s a pathological liar, you’re either full of shit or worse, willfully ignorant.

              • Notice how Bowers calls it like it is … Trump carpet bombed his party in Arizona … and it’s all about the truth vs. lies. Were both elections rigged? 🙂

        • What’s the problem? Trump didn’t even know Fuentes, but even if he did, so what. Trump can and will talk to anybody he wants to talk to. Isn’t that how its supposed to go? Got a problem – talk it out. You can’t just jump the gun, thinking you have a gotcha on him, especially when they basically ambushed him. Doesn’t mean Trump endorses what Fuentes thinks. Kanye pissed Trump off anyway, suggesting Trump be his VP.

          Just listened to the trio on Tim Pool’s podcast. They ended up walking off the set because Kanye felt Pool wasn’t letting him complete his thoughts.

          • Anita, my love, he’s yet to condemn the guy. Why is that, you think? 🙂

            And if he can talk to anyone he wants, that’ll make his near zero chances of ever winning another election even worse.

            • Charlie, snap out of it my man. How many times does he have to tell you people about this white nationalism stuff. You posted a clip yourself the other day of him condemning it. I’ve seen mashups of him condemning it a dozen times. The haters are still gonna hate and the supporters are still gonna support. I hope he doesn’t say anything more about it, but then you guys will have something to keep crying about. Maybe you should strike out at Kanye for bringing add ons to Trump’s place.

              • Anita, this white nationalism is nothing more than another fringe group…just like BLM and the like… leave it alone.

                • A fringe group with a significant voice in the upcoming Republican House majority. Good luck with that. 🙂

                  • We shall see, sir….we shall see…..I wish Texas (and I am sure you wish it also) would become a Republic again. Since the oil reserves in the Permian basin has more oil than the Saudis……we can sell our oil to you, then.

                    • Not much would make me happier. Oil companies without subsidies? Yes, I do love the idea. But you guys need to work on your electric grid before winter sets in again. Remember, you get no help from the US&A. 🙂

                    • Dont worry about our grid….Texas learned its lesson…..the wind generators did not work as expected…..and solar was ineffective given the weather issue…..we have re-opened a couple of the coal powered generators….but not worried about it right now.

                      We are maintaining our own power grid and not farming the control to non resident board members. We learned our lesson there as well….I think we have a handle on it.

    • That is because most of us, regarding the GOP, are smart enough to see through the dribble… still really think that the GOP is controlled by Trump. I can see that you do, so engaging with you on Trump, when more lies and outright wilful ignorance of law concerning Biden, is a free pass with you. Biden has hurt this country badly….more so than Trumps tariffs against China…..but that is ok because he is not Trump. More so because of climate accords and more so because of the border and letting in the malcontents…( no, not all migrants are malcontents..never said that) but the drugs are and the deaths from them and the deaths from open borders make Biden and this administration accessories.

      Trump is history. He will not carry Texas. I pay very little attention to Trump and pay much more attention to Biden because of the destruction of this country under Biden and his ignorance of what is even around him. Trump, in my estimation, had his 156 minutes of glory. It is over. He needs to sit in the back and use his money and evilness just like Soros does and influence things that way.

      So, with me, I am off the Trump train and your banter and vitriol against Trump, while laying off the utter devastation going on today, smacks of the “sky is falling” routine.

      • Biden is maintaining a status quo I, as a socialist, find reprehensible, but comparing his lies to Trump’s lies is pretty comical. Biden should be investigated for his dealings with Ukraine and his son’s gifted income. I have zero problem with taking down the Democratic Party, but as bad as it is (and it sucks), the GOP makes Pluto paradise. Your party remains a Trump party (kid yourself all you want about it). As long as there are enough Trump supporters to hand him the nomination for 2024, you guys are fkd. You’re right, he can’t win. Never again can he win, not even against Harris is she gets the throne somehow. He’s toxic and I’m loving the entertainment value of a con artist making a bigger buffoon of himself daily than anything else political. Biden is devastating the US … the US has been devastating itself going back to Mr. Reagan. What Biden pledged was the truth: “Nothing fundamentally will change.” (Translation: America is a scam for the wealthy).

    • Holocaust denier.

      Now, sir, please be complete and list the Democrats that think the same. I can think of three right now and that does not include the “Squad”.

      • If there are Holocaust deniers in the Dem party, they should be exposed. I haven’t heard of any. In fact, all I’ve seen from the Dems as regards Israel, is a race to drop to their knees to defend an apartheid state. If you know who they are, you should go after them. It’s as simple as that. Name them if you have them. I’m unaware.

        • I’ve seen from the Dems as regards Israel, is a race to drop to their knees to defend an apartheid state

          That’s all I’ve seen either.

          The accusation that “your side does [bad thing], too” is some kind of defense is always baffling to me. If “my side” (whatever that is) is antisemitic, fuck them, too. I swear, conservatives are biologically incapable of understanding that people on the left aren’t mindless cheerleaders for anyone with a D behind their names.

        • The entire squad is clearly anti Jewish…..all 9 of them and have stated so.

          • Oh NONSENSE ALREADY. They are anti an apartheid state. Come on, Colonel. You’re smarter than that.

            • I must be antisemitic too…?

              The entire squad is clearly anti Jewish…..all 9 of them and have stated so.

              Well, then, that’s easy.. just show me what they said!

              • Antisemitic incidents spiked last year around the same time members of the progressive “Squad” were ramping up anti-Israel rhetoric, with blue states being the hardest hit by the surge.The Anti-Defamation League’s annual report on antisemitic incidents observed a surge in incidents in May of last year, coinciding with anti-Israel rhetoric from members of the Squad that were strongly condemned by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., last may.”Over the past several weeks a growing number of House Democrats wrongly blamed the violence in the Middle East on Israel,” McCarthy said in May of last year. “In fact, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush irresponsibly tried to delegitimize our closest ally in the region, calling it an ‘apartheid state.'”he report found that blue states led the country in antisemitic incidents, with New York reporting the most at 416. But adjusted for population size, New Jersey led the country with 3.98 antisemitic incidents per 100,000 population. New York came in with the third most incident adjusted for population, with 2.06 incidents per 100,000.

                Other states to crack the top ten in antisemitic incidents were Vermont, which recorded 2.33 incidents per 100,000 population, Colorado (1.59), Rhode Island (1.55), Massachusetts (1.53), Minnesota (1.31), Nevada (1.16), Michigan (1.11), and Nebraska (0.97).
                Of the states to crack the top 10, only Nebraska voted for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, awarding four of its five electoral votes to the former president. The nine other states were won by President Biden.


                Close enough?

                • Not remotely. What did “THEY” say? I don’t give a flying fuck what Kevin McCarthy (who still can’t denounce Trump for having dinner with Holocaust deniers) says about anything. I keep a very suspicious eye on the Israeli lobby’s influence on the US&A sellouts. I’m also a HUGE (size too) follower of Norman Finkelstein (took a class from him a few years back on the Supreme Court) … Israel is an apartheid state. That is undeniable. When they criticize the Israeli government, they are NOT criticizing Jews. They are criticizing a government. Tliab can’t even visit her family in Palestine. Neither can Norman Finkelstein or Abby Martin or anybody with a platform who denounces apartheid visit Gaza or the West Bank. Gaza is an open air concentration camp and has been for decades now (you like Walls, eh?). No, Colonel, not remotely close.

                  • When they criticize the Israeli government, they are NOT criticizing Jews.

                    As a Jew – the only Jew in these parts, I believe – I certify that this is accurate.

                    Israel does have its good traits, but it is a rouge nuclear state that embraces torture, assassination, apartheid, and religious fundamentalism. While some (much) of this is understandable in light of their neighbors’ desire to, you know, drive the Jews into the sea, it is still not acceptable and is rightfully condemned.

                    The conflation of Israel and Judaism is no accident. AIPAC has spent a great deal of time and money linking these in the public mind such that any condemnation of Israel is viewed as tacit antisemitism, but that does not mean we need to accept their framing as the gospel truth.

                    They are criticizing a government.

                    Correct, again.

                    If someone criticizes a GOVERNMENT and you interpret it as an attack on a RELIGION or ETHNICITY then something has gone very wrong with your logic.

                    I can condemn Israel without being antisemitic the same way I can condemn the Vatican for sheltering child-molesting priests without condemning Christianity. If I accuse the Vatican of facilitating well-documented ACTUAL child grooming and pedophilia, does this make me anti-Christian?

                    • Happy to discuss this with you, Sir Mathius. Since I have been talking to the young Jewish population in my sector of Parker County, Texas, my eyes have been opened somewhat to things that I have ignored or paid no attention to because…..I am not a Jew. I simply do not care about religion or who calls them self whatever…..their business. However, I am not sure that I can agree totally with you. You seem to carry a slightly different different view than your counter parts here. Now, I forgot your age but I have been told by three different families now that they are somewhat at odds with the older Jewish people. I told them the reason I wanted to ask questions so they would know up front that I am not some boot jacked thug living incognito and spying on them. But, the gist of most of the conversations were that they are not afraid of the fringe elements that wear slogan T shirts and none of their children, (ages ranged from 4 to 13) have ever been approached or called anything at their schools. They do not hide their religion nor do they strut around screaming I am a Jew. They decorate with Menorah’s and the Star of David and even have wreaths on their front doors that say Happy Hanukkuh and one wreath that had the star of David in the middle of the wreath. I was invited into each of the three houses and each had what I would call a Christmas Tree but they called it a Hannukkah Bush. It was the same thing but adorned with all Jewish symbols and ornaments very much the same as our Christmas Trees are adorned with varying ornaments.

                      That said, here is what I gleaned from the conversations. They do not feel threatened….not by individuals or schools or neighbors. They feel threatened by what the world is becoming. They feel REALLY threatened by China and its influence and are against world banking with China and Europe. ( This one surprised me because 2 of the 3 brought this up ). To a family, they said that Europe was not the place to be if you are Jewish. But they also admitted that this feeling came from grandparents and great grandparents who lived and died back in the 30’s and 40’s. I was told that baby boomer Jewish generation is dying out (didn’t know they had one) and they told me that the younger generations understand that the 30’s and 40’s are over and they do not see the same thing happening again……..with reservation on China. ( I found that interesting). To a family, they said that they do not like the advertisements on TV depicting the Jewish people’s as incapable of taking care of themselves with all the begging for funds to send to Israel. I found that interesting and I asked why. I was told that it makes them look like they are weak and the appearance of weakness in the minds of others is something they feel. They all have some relatives living in Israel…some that are still alive and very old….97-101. None of them are starving like you see on TV, they said.

                      I did hear a lot about apartheid. this is where you and I are going to disagree some. Because the issue of apartheid seems to be a very strong issue with them. One of the things that they said was they understand that the United States was very instrumental in them setting up a Jewish State. They also feel very strongly that they have a right to what is termed Palestinian Lands…..taken from the Jews of old. (I will have to bone up on my history of the Middle East from waaay back.) They always feel that they are in the shadow pf the United States and until Israel became independent from the subsidies from the US…nothing will change. They do NOT want to go live in Israel. Once their relatives have died off, I was told, that there tie to Israel, except for some heritage of religion is finished. ( I even had one remind me of you when he said, “I know that does not make me a good Jew but it is time to move on.” I was told that there is nothing in Israel that makes them want to leave the US.

                      But, where I will take some issue with you is on the antisemitism. I have always heard the term and I understand what it is supposed to mean but both you and Charlie (I am renaming him to Orange Man Charlie because he is just like Trump) made some comments on antisemitism. I did ask the question as to whether my neighbors felt like the US was antisemitic and the answer was no but they did feel very strongly that Europe was VERY antisemitic. So, if you can call people names and label them under a protest to apartheid then you somehow justify that as against the government or the state. But if a sitting Congressman wants to end all funding to Israel, he is somehow antisemitic and against the Jewish people.

                      Anyway, I have to admit I had my eyes opened somewhat…and it reminded me of the little tizzy you and I have when I said that the days of Rosie the Riveter were over and that the newer generations had no concept of what it took back then to survive, you took great exception to me on that and said….THIS IS NOT THE 40’s any longer…….which, curiously, the Jewish families said.

                      One last note….much like you said above…..Does having dinner with a clearly antisemitic person automatically make you antisemitic? I play golf with a Jewish Rabbi… guy with a great sense of humor and when he hit a ball into a sand trap, I joked with him that it should be easy given where your people are from….and he fired right back and said that “you would think that wandering a desert would teach things about the sand…but apparently it does not because even praying to god…I still cant get out of traps. I supposed Charlie would call that antisemitic.

                    • Exactamundo, DPM. Don’t get me started on the Catholic church … 🙂

                    • Now, I forgot your age

                      I am as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth.

                      I have been told by three different families now that they are somewhat at odds with the older Jewish people.

                      Interesting… I see your response below this, but are they at odds on the topic at hand: that is, a rising sense of “we’re headed in the bad direction” insofar as AMERICA is concerned?

                      Again, my point was never that we’re going to have pogroms tomorrow. It’s that our trajectory is in that direction. Its a tornado watch vs a tornado warning, if that makes more sense to a yokel like you.

                      and each had what I would call a Christmas Tree but they called it a Hannukkah Bush.

                      The thing about the Hanukkah Bush is that, in a fight, the menorah always wins. For this flammable reason, it is best to keep them very separated.

                      But if a sitting Congressman wants to end all funding to Israel, he is somehow antisemitic and against the Jewish people.

                      As long as he is doing so for a secular reason, that’s fine.

                      Does having dinner with a clearly antisemitic person automatically make you antisemitic?

                      If you don’t know that when you sit down, well, whatever.

                      But if you don’t leave once you find out, and condemn the guy, then you’re part of the problem.

                      Imagine you find yourself sitting down to dinner with a friend… and David Duke. Are you going to stay and finish the meal and have nothing bad to say about the guy afterward? Of course not.

                • Katie Halper was fired from Rising for her defense of Tlaib and her criticism of an apartheid state. Look at all the human rights agencies that label Israel an apartheid state, including B’Tselem.

                • One other thing regarding Israel and AIPAC. Loyalty Oaths. 35 states have enacted anti-BDS laws (you can’t protest against an apartheid state in “35 free states” of the US&A. Israeli is an apartheid state, FULL STOP. You have to be willfully ignorant, stupid or a phony to even think it’s not.

    • Nothing to defend Charlie……nothing to defend.

  64. Just A Citizen says:
  65. S Kent Troy says:

    An SKT fable for Charlie.

    Once upon a time there were these two Dominican construction workers.

    They were hired to demolish a vacant house. As they were removing a bearing wall, the second floor collapsed. One guy jumped back quickly and only received a splinter (A BIG SPLINTER) in his right hand as he pushed away a falling joist. The other was not quite as fortunate. A joist fell on him, cracking his skull, breaking his collar bone and smashing his left foot to bits. He was out cold.

    When the paramedics arrived they took both to the hospital. In triage the head nurse immediately sent the guy with the splinter, (THE BIG SPLINTER) into the ER to be treated. Since the hospital was full of Covid (variation 19) patients the other poor fellow languished in the hall. Then he died.

    Later that day, a young intern asked why they had treated the splinter victim and ignored the fellow with the more serious injuries? The head nurse patiently explained to our intern that under the new guidelines established for fairness by the Biden Administration and Facebook, ALL injuries would be treated equally and of course fairly. So, no matter whether you had one cut or a thousand cuts, the flip of a coin determined the severity and urgency of your treatment which of course was fair. The young doctor nodded his head, took off his white jacket, dropped his stethoscope to the floor, left the hospital and took up a new career as a drunk.

    The moral our little story is that while equivalency may be “fair” in the broadest sense of the word, in the real world it doesn’t quite work.

    Hope that is not too hard to understand.

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      Whatever you’ve been drinking, you should put the bottle down and back away.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        I remember once having to recite and then explain the meaning of the fable of killing the golden goose to a multi-million dollar property owner (when mere millions meant something) . Some people just lack imagination I guess.

        • Yes, the world awaits your explanations, SK. What would it do without you? 🙂

          • S Kent Troy says:

            At least what I do is grounded in fact not speculation and wishful thinking. How’s Madame LaFarge doing anyway?

            • If being out of your mind qualifies, you’re the man. FACTS? Yeah, right. Your explanation of why Trump had West & Fuentes at dinner says it all. Just repeat what his sycophants tell you. You’re a walking billboard for bullshit, SK. 🙂

    • What DPM said. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes Sir, there are real world outcomes when trying to live a fairy tale.

      Yesterday I realized that firewood is another great example of how socialism works. You see the ladies in my house do nothing to prep and bring in the firewood. They just burn it. And since they have no labor or cost tied to it, they burn it and burn it and burn it. Each day asking Lil JAC to bring in more wood and more wood.

      A microcosm if you will of how welfare states rot the fabric of society.

      • You could always act like a free man and sit on your ass instead of getting the wood (your world). But here’s another “ah, capitalism” moment.

        • What the hell did you expect? Biden has always done these things. Nothing new…he hit the grand stand prior to the elections..,,now……..,he is doing just what this administration does….However, he will sell out and give them what they want regardless of cost…..AND I am betting it will be done with subsidies.

          • What did I expect? You forget I’m the socialist in the crowd. 🙂

            Yes, he’s a pathetic, opportunistic, capitalist pig (The Senator from MBNA.” MBNA was a shady bank/credit card company that Joe lobbied on behalf of so much …). He’s also a big league liar. I expected nothing different from him. In fact, the ONLY reason I voted for him in 2020 (and I don’t vote for Dems) was to help New Jersey rid itself of Trump (although my vote was pointless). I did not vote in the midterms and will vote for the socialist in 2024. Of course it will be done with subsidies, Colonel … which is why I laugh my ass of when you lunatics (not you so much) call Biden a radical Marxist … it’s fucking hilarious to hear, see or read where anybody with a functioning brain actually calls ANYONE in the Democratic Party a “radical Marxist” … but, let’s face it, it’s all the GOP has … and they always run with bullshit, so it fits them nicely.

  66. BOTH the GOP AND the Democratic Party couldn’t care less about workers. The 2020 GOP Presidential convention was as anti-union as it gets. The Democrats swear they’re for labor, then stab labor in the back every chance they get. TOTALLY FUCKING USELESS to workers.

    Republicans love to condemn the state for any interference with business … yet they have no problem with the state telling workers what they can or can’t do. And the Democrats just lie through their teeth about their love and support of unions.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Being pro worker does not require one to be pro union.

      I never participated in a union while working and none of my businesses were union. Yet everyone seemed pretty much happy with their jobs.

      • Perhaps the workers where you worked were treated well. That happens, you know, but not nearly in most cases. In most cases, owners will grab whatever they can for themselves and/or shareholders and the workers be damned. If people want to work under the OBSCENE conditions railroad workers work, they should knock themselves out. Let’s see how they enjoy no sick time, absurd schedules, and a termination policy that is also obscene. They just reported record profits … again. Care to share? No, of course not. So, I totally support rail workers staying home and causing an economic catastrophe. Until the workers of this country accept that they are second class citizens and unite in a general strike, they’ll be treated like second class citizens. I hope they strike for as long as it takes to bring the country to its knees.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          It is reported that 60% of the US workforce is employed in a family business.

          I suspect that far more people are treated fairly than you realize. Anything else just wouldn’t fit into your class warfare world view.

          • And the 40%? Assuming your stats are correct, the 40% can go to hell? If you don’t think there’s a class war going on in the US&A, you’re a fool. It may not be a movement (because Americans, quite frankly, are asleep at the wheel), but it’s there. No sick time for rail workers. Sounds like a plan. 🙂

  67. Well, I guess that the Iranian soccer Team will now be executed.

    • They made enough trouble for themselves when they supported the woman of Iran. Sad to imagine what they’ll go through now. Nothing like religious fundementalism to fuck up a cup of coffee (hear that, Christian nationalists?).

  68. It’s that our trajectory is in that direction. Its a tornado watch vs a tornado warning, if that makes more sense to a yokel like you.

    See how easy that was?

    Now, to answer your question….no, I did not get the idea that they thought the US was headed that direction at all. We did have discussions concerning t shirts, slogans painted on churches and synagogues, and destruction of cemeteries and such but we all agreed that it was pretty equal across the board. Now, one thing that I forgot to tell you was that they felt that in cities like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles, they thought that the antisemitic was worse there than anywhere. One of my neighbors said, you have had more problems with the desecration of Confederate Soldier graves and Jews have had here. He was right about that one.

    One other thing, they are very afraid of the “woke” movement.

    • Question for you…..Sir Mathius. Do you think that this woke movement is enough that you could become a target? There was discussion about something called the Re-constructionist Jewish Movement? I do not know what that is…….dont have the time to research it.

      • Frankly, my dear sir, I have no idea what the “woke movement” is.

        You see, I see this phrase used to mean different things on the left and right. On the left, well, it’s basically interchangeable with “empathy” and “awareness.” On the right, it seems to mean some version of “political correctness on steroids” enforced by mob justice.

        The left used the word woke for like, a week before realizing it was a stupid and meaningless term. Then the right hijacked it (as they did with CRT) and uses it to encompass everything that is done (real or imagined) in furtherance of any kind of political correctness or just general progressiveness. They also deliberately conflate “consequences of being an asshole/racist/bigot” with “victimized by the woke mob.” Similarly, they conflate [acknowledgment of uncomfortable truth] with “woke-ism” whatever that may mean in this context.


        To your question, could they come for me? Sure. There are crazy people everywhere and the internet is a mob.. if I cross the wrong “influencer” and get lit up on social media for saying that criticism of Israel is not antisemitic, well, I’d get doxxed pretty fast and then they’d read through the mountains of posts I’ve made here, pick out the worst parts (and strip out context to make innocuous parts seem worse), and basically destroy my life. This happens all the time. (check out this terrifying example).

        But insofar as there exists some kind of “woke movement” it is disingenuous to define it by the lunatic fringe and internet trolls. If there is such a “movement,” then it is simply one that wants to acknowledge empirical reality and address uncomfortable truths in order to go into the future as a more perfect union.


        Is it “woke” to teach that Washington was a slave owner? How about the bombing of Black Wall Street? Trail of Tears? Manzanar? Tuskegee Airmen? Anti-homeless architecture? That gay and trans people exist and should be respected?

        If we accept the left’s caricature of the right, the right wants to teach some kind of whitewashed American Greatness version of history, devoid of any of the lessons of our past, and any acknowledgment of any systemic problems in its present. Is this Anti-Woke?

        The truth, and the best path, I think lies between these two… neither teaching that America is evil, nor that it is perfect. Not that it was innocent historically, nor that it was substantially worse than its peer nations and civilization grew into a more enlightened age. Not that the present is so terrible to everyone, but not that it’s exactly “perfectly fair” either. Not that “you should cut off your penis and be a girl,” but that “it’s ok if someone is different and you shouldn’t be mean to them for it.” Not “let’s all watch porn in high school sex ed,” but also not “let’s pretend that sex doesn’t exist or that abstinence-only works.”

        “Woke,” such as it is, such as I can make it out to be, as it is within my mind… is only a pressure to move toward a recognition of ugly and often uncomfortable reality in order that we may learn and grow and improve. The idea that not being woke (read asleep) is, well, having one’s eyes shut to reality.. and that this is not the right way to go through life.

        • where to begin….let’s start with CRT because we have thrown it out of our classrooms here. If you wish to teach history….then teach history. The WHOLE history. ( I have never been against this ). Do not, from either side, cherry pick history. For example, do not teach that only white plantation owners “owned” slaves. This is not true at all. You should teach that slavery in the US extended to both sides of the race issue and some of the largest slave owners were blacks who bought and sold people as slaves. You should teach that after Lincolns proclamation that freed the slaves in the South…Northern slave owners did not free their slaves until 1866 when the last of them were finally freed. If you want to teach history, then teach truth. Slavery was not a white thing…..they were sold by black tribal leaders to slave traders of all races. So teach the truth.

          Was CRT hijacked? Well, if finally being awakened to what was in the text books, then, yes, it began to get hijacked by parents who read these books. Parents who did not pay attention to in the past but do now.
          You do not ban books like Gone With the Wind or To Kill a Mocking bird because they were racists? Far from it…..It was the sign of the times. Why not teach the history as it was….like the fact that a white lawyer saw through the hypocrisy and defended a black man. A fact that seems to be lost. There was a great lesson in that book about the deep DEMOCRATIC south and its views of blacks being inferior and how Kangaroo Courts hung black men because….they were black. That was history but it was also history that whites stood up and changed things over time. Teach that.

          Want to be respected for being homosexual or transgender? Great!!! Do not force it upon society that disagrees and then call them names like homophobic because that destroys the movement of acceptance. If someone disagrees then the same rights that you have to be homosexual is the same right that I have to disagree. Wokeism to me is not about empathy at all… is all about force. It is all about, “unless you believe like me, then you are in the wrong.” Shit, don’t tell that to us Texans. If you wish to cut off your penis and slap in a Vagina…..all you have done is altered your appearance. You have not changed your sex. (This is probably the difference you modern guys have that will differ from me). You are simply a guy that altered your body (for who knows what reason) and wants to be a female. If that is what he wants…that is his choice but it still does not make you a woman. THAT is my belief and I am entitled to it without being classified in any manner. When you start saying that it is our way or the highway…..Im taking the highway every time.

          The use of pronouns is just fine, if that is what you want. But….to force it on others is flat out wrong. This is why I will fight it until I am dead……the forced acceptance.

          Reality is a perception. The reality that you wish to call yourself Geraldine is great but you are still Mathius to me and that is also great.

          As I told you before, I have this issue in my family on the spousal units side. A young girl that wishes to identify with being male (cuts her hair, wears breast binders, boy’s clothes)……her parents fall for it and go with her wishes. Cool beans if that is what they want to do. But I do not have to accept it and I should never be ostracized because I do not accept it. The family knows that I will call her by her given name and not some pronoun she wishes to use and, likewise, if her and her parents do not wish to be around me…then no sweat. But to call me names because I do not accept their way…..has nothing to with empathy and everything to do with…if you do not do what we want, we are outta here….so…dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          Those are my points.

          • The reality that you wish to call yourself Geraldine is great but you are still Mathius to me and that is also great.

            Interesting you should say that…

            Because my name ISN’T Mathius, is it? That’s just a name I’ve asked to be called and, because it’s no skin off your back, you went ahead and called me it. You know my name, and you could easily call me Matt instead – and sometimes do – except that that isn’t my name either. That’s also a made up name that people in the real world sometimes call me (often, whether I want them to or not). My name, as you well know, is Matthew.

            So, explain it to me like I’m five: why is it easy to accept that Matthew is Matt is Mathius, and you will just call me whatever I want.. but if what I want crosses a gender line, then it’s somehow impossible?

    • It’s a tornado watch vs a tornado warning, if that makes more sense to a yokel like you.

      See how easy that was?

      My bad… I should have remembered my audience.


      But, given this clarification, can you see better what I’m getting at?

      Can you see how we Jews, with our finely attuned (and admittedly a bit twitchy) meteorological equipment, might be picking up something that a goy like you might miss?

      Can you see how the components are there, even if they aren’t in the necessary concentrations and potencies?

      • Yes, I can see some of your rather sensitive but salient points. I do not put up with crap and I am outspoken about it….but I also do not go up to someone with a CHE t shirt and call him names and a sociopath and a socialist and deride him… is his right to wear that t shirt. I have some very racist friends but I do not disassociate myself with them nor do I…but I will argue with them if warranted. They also know not to discuss things with me if they already know my position. I call them out on it but I do not choose my friends because of ideological differences. A couple of them hate the military and disagree with me vehemently on the border..(they sound a lot like you at times) but they know what I do and it does not affect our poker playing or golf playing or bowling…..nor should it. If you pick friends and wives and family by ideology, then I think you are missing the boat.

        I know this may sound archaic to you, Sir Mathius…but I have spent a significant amount of my life in a military dedicated to giving you the right to think and say what you want….You and I can converse…we can disagree…and no manner of what I do will convince you how wrong you are…..but then again, no amount of argument you give to me is going to change me. (Unless I see the reasons and agree with them). So there we are, my friend. I am a better friend to you than that damned Pirate.

        • I think some things are deal-breakers.

          Being a racist is a dealbreaker. I won’t be friends with a racist.

          The fact that some of your “very racist friends” likely want me dead SHOULD be a dealbreaker to you, too.

          • Nope, it isn’t…( they are looking for you now )……being racist is also a subjective term. However, that is to also say that will not don a white sheet and hood if asked because I do not believe the same way. Jon Stewart said it correct? If you shut off dialogue and censor people and disassociate, how can you EVER have dialogue?

            • I like Jon Stewart but he shit the bed in his interview with Hillary Clinton and Condy Rice. WTF, jon? Softball city. Never ONCE did he ask what the hell gave us the right to invade either Afghanistan or Iraq. Not once. Not once did he push Clinton on Libya. What’s the point of dialogue if it’s going to have caveats as to what can or can’t be discussed?

          • The fact that some of your “very racist friends” likely want me dead SHOULD be a dealbreaker to you, too. Does this mean I am persona non grata now? Actually, no… one even mentions you are safe.

  69. Im probably going to ask a dumb question, but I’ve been known to do that before, so why not? This will also be a post and ghost as its time to get ready for work.

    Why does it matter that media and banking is owned by Jews? Why would banks cancel Kanye? Is there a rift between Jews and blacks? I don’t think that’s it because Jews get a bad rap from lots of people. Is it all about the Israel/Palestine business? I just don’t get it. And who wants what out of all of it?

    For the record, this Catholic school girl was taught that Jews are not the enemy of Christians at all. More like cousins, but Christians got it right, because, you know, Jesus. But I don’t feel superior nor inferior to Jews.

    • Why it matters is the core conspiracy aspect of the thing.

      If we control the banks.. and Hollywood.. and the media.. and and and.. then when [bad thing] happens, it didn’t “just happen.” The Jews did it.

      And, if you’re upset with the status quo… well, then… blame the Jews.

      And if you’re mad enough to actually DO something about it… you go after the Jews.

      It might seem pretty theoretical and a bit of a stretch.. but it’s written over and over again in our history.

      What’s-her-name also blamed California wildfires on a Jewish space laser… how much of a stretch is it from “Jews burned down your home” to “we need to find a solution to the “Jewish Question” once and for all”?

      It’s a long road from here to there, true, but it’s assuredly a step along the path. Each of these things, in isolation, is harmless… but COLLECTIVELY they keep moving in the bad direction.

      Is there a rift between Jews and blacks?

      Increasingly so. I’ve never known a Jew who looked down at a black man.. if anything concern for the downtrodden and oppressed is a core tenant of our faith*. (Perhaps this is condescending of us? But it’s hardly mal-intentioned.) The Civil Rights era, and Dr. King in particular, had a lot of support from the Jewish community. Support that we strongly continue to this day.

      But there is a vein in the black community of “The Jews are oppressing us” and also of Kanye’s idiotic “no, WE’RE the REAL Jews.”

      Sooo… yea… ::shrug::

      And who wants what out of all of it?

      Quo Bono.

      The vital question.

      The answer is that the people who benefit are the rich, the powerful, and the churches.

      I would ask you how the Spanish Inquisition benefitted from the persecution of Jews.. and the answer is that it consolidated their power while giving The People a patsy to blame and hate. Do you thnk the mega-church “pastor” actually believes that Jews are running the world? Or that shouting about it keeps the pews filled?

      And then there’s also just the simple fact that people don’t know.. and conspiracies are just sometimes a thing. People believe things. And what they believe they repeat. And then others come to believe it, too. There are people who insist the Earth is flat – no one (to my knowledge) profits from this belief.


      * “Our” here used to denote reformed Jews.. the Orthodox… well.. they’re a different breed and hooooo boy! are they racist!

      • Is Orthodox the same thing as the Re-Construcionist Jews I was told about?

        • Quite the opposite.

          Reconstructionism is Reformed Judaism taken to such an extreme that it barely qualifies as a religion anymore and is more akin to a moral philosophy. It’s probably the fairest answer to “what kind of Jew is Mathius.”

          Reconstruction is basically “our religion is made up, but has significant cultural value.”

          Orthodox is basically “our religion is the end-all-be-all of existence. We’re going to make it the core of our culture, our identity, our worldview, and our education. Our children don’t need history and math… they need to learn Yiddish and study ancient rabbinical debates. Anyone who doesn’t follow it to the finest detail (and exactly the way my sub-sub-sub sect believes) is sub-human. In fact, we love our religion so much that we’re going to read between the lines and live by a whole other book that interprets our book and expands on the laws. We’re not going to try to get you to join because fuck you. Oh, and we’re also going to wear funny hats.”

          If you’re bored with a few hours to kill.

          • I lived in a Lubavitcher community in Brooklyn (used to be all greaseballs like myself) 🙂 My immediate neighbor was the nicest guy in the world. I made the mistake of trying to shake his wife’s hand once but they very politely told me that’s a no-no. I used to turn their electricity on when they weren’t allowed. Further down the block, some of the same community didn’t much care for me or my wife, but I think it was because we were renting the house while saving to buy our own (3 divorces will do that) … interesting people, though. I wound up reading a few books on the subject. Moshiac is coming was plastered all over Eastern Parkway where there was a big Lubavitcher community. As I understand it, another orthodox group located mostly in Williamsburg Brooklyn didn’t get along with the Lubs and often attacked them. I forget their name.

      • If we control the banks.. and Hollywood.. and the media.. and and and.. then when [bad thing] happens, it didn’t “just happen.” This is what happens when you are in control….you WILL get the blame even though you may not be to blame…..this is reality. (Bazinga)

  70. ….. blamed California wildfires on a Jewish space laser… You got space lasers too?

  71. The new animated Disney movie “Strange World” is underperforming at the box office and is estimated to ultimately lose $147 million. The film also features the first openly LGBTQ+ teenaged Disney character, who discusses his crush in the movie. 

    Film critic and author Christian Toto said of the film bombing: “Hollywood doesn’t fully grasp the ‘go woke, go broke’ mantra.” 

    Talking to Fox News Digital, he added, “In some cases, parents are avoiding content with sexual conversations. Parents are [savvier] today. They use social media and get feedback on films from their peers either online or in person.”
    In June of this year, the Disney Pixar movie “Lightyear” similarly underperformed. It featured a gay kiss, and Pixar initially removed the scene before adding it back as Disney publicly opposed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts to bar sexuality and gender identity discussions in elementary schools. However, Toto thinks that poor performing movies might ultimately force a course correction for companies like Disney: “Hollywood doesn’t fully grasp the ‘go woke, go broke’ mantra, but some executives are getting the message. We’ve seen woke regrets at Netflix and Warner Bros… Disney may soon realize that woke isn’t a money-making position.” 

    • God forbid Hollywood deal with reality. 🙂

      Hey, here’s one I’m sure all you right wing nutjobs will enjoy!

    • The film also features the first openly LGBTQ+ teenaged Disney character, who discusses his crush in the movie.

      Correlation is not causation.

      They also completely failed to advertise it. I had no idea it even existed until I started seeing ads about its failure – and I usually take the kids to see the big Disney movies. This looks great for them, but we had no idea.

      Also, not for nothing, but theater is a dying industry anyway – let’s see how it does on streaming.

      In June of this year, the Disney Pixar movie “Lightyear” similarly underperformed. It featured a gay kiss

      The pearl-grasping over this kiss is pathetic. It’s barely a peck in the back of the scene as a door closes. I had to watch the scene twice because I didn’t even catch it the first time.

      Frankly, if you are so fragile that you can’t handle that, I have no idea how you exist in 2022.

      Lightyear bombed because it was a blatant cash grab that, in decades past, would have been a straight-to-VHS movie. Maybe it also failed because of the religious right’s pearl-clutching.. if so, it’s just a self-fulfilling prophesy that says “we can’t handle even the tiniest bit of reality, so we’ll boycott anything that offends our delicate sensibilities and then blame you for going 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 rather than our absurd hypersensitivity.”

      All that means is that the studios will (eventually) stop half-assing it. They’ll make movies that lean into inclusion for those of us living in the real world, and they’ll remake It’s a Wonderful Life over and over again for you.


      It continues to baffle me how the mere existence and inclusion of gay characters, however minor, is somehow “𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔,” but a straight couple would be a complete non-issue.

      If your definition of 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 is such that gay people have to be kept 100% completely out of the media, you’re as much a dinosaur as whatever studio executives made Lucy and Ricky have separate beds or made Jeanie wear that belly button covering tassel.

      But this is what I’m talking about. Gay people existing and being part of media isn’t 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔. It’s a reflection of reality. Gay people exist. Acknowledging reality isn’t 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔, it’s acknowledging reality. Having 1,000,000 straight couples and a handful of gay ones isn’t 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔, it’s catastrophic underrepresentation – and that you would balk at even that little bit speaks volumes.

      • I only posted it to show what we had been talking about. I did not write that piece…damn, my friend…it is discussion. I have no kids,,,I do not do Disney…I dumped their stock at the right time. I do not give 2 shits about Disney at all.

      • I thought a lot on your reply, Sir Mathius….and the bottom line is that profit and costs rule the movie industry. It appears, from several articles I have read, that the movie bombed because people did not want it. They did not pay, publicly, to go see it. This movie and others like it. The world is not ready, me thinks.

        Disney brought Iger back for a reason. Profit. From the articles I have read, Disney has had a 41% drop in revenue (or thereabouts) since Chapek took over and fundamentally changed its position on several things. They lost long term employees and people just quit coming. They tried to blame Covid but since opening, the people are not coming back.

        You and I, sometime ago, had a long conversation about boycotts. I do not like them but you convinced me to look at it from an economic standpoint. I think you are correct. Walk away or do not support if it goes against the grain. We agreed that the best thing to do was “walk away.” I agree… with the pocketbook and not some emotional response. I sold out of Disney when it changed leadership and policy because I do not agree with it. I do not buy their movies nor their products. I think that that is probably the best way to handle things………through the marketplace and apparently, that has happened. The streaming services were a failure…..big time, according to the economics.

        The one thing that makes me laugh was the $23 million reportedly being paid to Chapek to leave.

  72. A CNN insider told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that “morale is as low as it’s ever been” at the company, as anxious staffers wonder about their job status. They described some employees, however, as possibly welcoming the severance and a fresh start if they indeed did lose their jobs.Licht, who took over CNN after the ousting of Jeff Zucker, was tasked by boss David Zaslav earlier this year with making a further $100 million in cuts as part of a broader Warner Bros. Discovery budget-slicing effort, according to a Puck report. Licht initially told staffers this summer that layoffs were not on the horizon, but Zaslav’s directive changed his plans. When you have ratings that are light years below Fox ratings, it is time for a change.

  73. Sir Mathius…………..this is another example of what some of us to consider is “wokeism” philosophy,

    A Daily Mail investigation, which examined a database of convicted sex offenders in California, found that there were more than 7,000 pedophiles convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age,” who were released from prison after serving less than one year.

    • What in the everloving FUCK does that have to do with 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔?

      This, again, is what I’m talking about… to the right, literally everything you don’t like that they can even remotely associate with progressivism has somehow become 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 to you people.

      If you’re so outraged about convicted sex offenders serving short sentences, that seems reasonable. But what makes this 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔? That it happened in California? So if I point at the Vatican protecting hundreds of pedophile priest, surely that must be 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔, too, right? Ah yes, the infamously 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 Vatican.

      • No sir… is the “soft on crime” approach…..the progressive soft on crime approach that gets lumped with it….I was just giving you an example of how it is viewed….it is viewed as woke because of that…right or wrong,,,it is viewed that way……the same way that Jews are automatically associated with things. But woke gets the blame.

        • 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 is the new 𝓒𝓞𝓜𝓜𝓤𝓝𝓘𝓢𝓜.

          Everything I don’t like is 𝓒𝓞𝓜𝓜𝓤𝓝𝓘𝓢𝓜 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔.

        • And the same thing for the VAtican, as you put it. Progressive movement is decades old. From the 1960’s forward. It continues. Protections of this kind are being linked to progressives… have said that there are factions within the Jewish community that are…….whatever. I am not picking on anything but in keeping with what link you sent me, I offered a recent example of what is viewed woke. You know I am conservative mostly but I am smart enough to see these things…..spirit of discussion, you understand. It is PERCEIVED.

    • My dad gave me a general rule when I took over the family business. 1/3 overhead, 1/3 payroll, 1/3 owner.

      This example shows $1250. Owner gets 600, overhead (middle two rows) gets 600, employee gets 50 divided by 7, or $7.

      I call bullshit on this example.

      • This very much depends on the company.

        I have seen allllllllll kinds of structures.

        The real question – because this is capitalism – is how much leverage The People have. If it’s the job market has slack, the pay will be shit. and the profits will be hoarded for senior management, the executives, and (most importantly) the investors.

        Put another way: the only reason they pay labor more than a $1/day is because of the minimum wage. The only reason they’ll ever pay more than the minimum wage is because the workers refuse to work for less.

        Nothing other than “we can’t do [business] because we can’t get labor to work for us” will EVER get the capitalist class to give them a penny out of their own pockets.

        Are there exceptions? Yes.
        Are there models that rely on higher than average pay to attract and retain higher quality employees? Yes.

        But, if a Bezos could get away with chaining you to your station and paying you in dog food, he would.

        • I think that the investors are probably the largest issue public companies have. Without dividends and without returns, investors will not invest their money. I am not in the habit of investing for “feel good” purposes and I doubt that many investors are. As an investor, one thing I watch closely are balance sheets. Debt to equity ratios are extremely important to me as the the amount a cash a company has to ride hard times. Cash flow is how companies work. There are a lot of well run companies out there that have good policies and attractive pay and still pays investors.

          But, if a Bezos could get away with chaining you to your station and paying you in dog food, he would. No question about it.

  74. “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.” John Adams (1819)

  75. 3rd Attempt, because JAC is a fascist… breaking it into two pieces…


    When in the history of the human race has language EVER been fixed?

    Things change. Language evolves. Sometimes it’s “kids” using newfangled words that I need to look up like “yeet”.. sometimes it’s just new malapropisms that seep in from the aether. New inventions, new ideas, new technologies. The “word of the year” is gaslighting – once a niche idea of psychology, and now an increasingly mainstream understanding.

    Sometimes, we, as a society, just kind of decide that something needs to change. Maybe it’s one person or one group that gives the initial push, but it’s society that carries it through into the culture. Some people always dig their heels in and insist that the Old Ways are somehow immutable. But they always lose eventually. Though, sometimes it’s just because the old farts die off.

    You’re an old fart. You tell me what happened to the word N****r. I wasn’t there, so I didn’t see that one firsthand, though I’ve heard stories. But I WAS there in the ’90s when f*g was used constantly and universally as a pejorative… and I’ve watched over the last few decades as – kicking and screaming – society has come to accept that things are different now.

    • Even in just the last few years, there’s been a push to adopt “they/them” as a singular non-gendered pronoun. Well, it started as a push.. but it has increasingly just become “the way people talk” as momentum builds. It has been an uncomfortable transition for me as the grammar-nerd in me rebels, but it is ultimately harmless once I get used to it. Time moves on. Language moves on. And, frankly, a non-gendered singular pronoun is a useful linguistic feature – even aside from the LGBT community, it’s useful to be able to refer to a person whose gender you don’t know without defaulting to male. I exchange lots of email with people globally and have no idea what gender they are… ‘they’ helps me avoid rudely referring to a woman with male pronouns. So, I could be an ass-hat. Proclaim loudly that “they is plural by thunder!” But what’s the point? Language is going to move on with or without me.

      It’s not a hill worth dying on. The point of language was never to be a purist about one specific version – it’s to communicate. The means of communication changes constantly. Insisting on your own way has never worked – it just leaves you out of touch.

      So it was then, so it will be again, so it will always be.

      Is this a hill worth dying on?

      You can be as mulish as you want, but people demanding respect has the support of the youth (read: the ascending power). Fight it all you want, but you’re going to give in eventually, or your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to look at you the same way you might have looked at your own forbearers who refused to stop calling black people n****rs.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “Language moves on” is an unthinking response, actually a bit of a rationalization for what is happening to our language.

        These are not the kind of changes one sees over time, as words can take on new meaning or change in their spelling. This is DELIBERATE destruction for no greater good than “look at me”.

        • The change in question has a meaning: it’s to stop being assholes to gender and sexual minorities. Just like we stopped calling people “queers” and “f*gs” and “retards.” Just like we stopped using the word “n*****r.”

          Or it can be functional: “internet” and “blog” and “stream” and “cell [phone]” and “tweet” and and and weren’t really words until recently or have taken on new meanings and new connotations that improve communication.

          And it can be both: “they” as a singular non-gendered pronoun is both a respectfulness thing and a functionally useful linguistic too.

          Also, it can be completely arbitrary and meaningless… “groovy” was a popular word for a while… and then it wasn’t.

          I’ll reiterate that language – itself – is nothing more than a means of communication. A shared medium through which information is conveyed. The medium is constantly changing and evolving… sometimes organically, sometimes not.

          The push to turn CRT and 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 into the bullshit versions the right imagines them to be are inorganic, too…. but I don’t see conservatives balking at them. Odd… it’s almost like they only really choose to be linguistic purists when they don’t like the direction of the change……..

          Nonetheless, you can dig your heels in and insist that [thing] means what it meant when I was a child… but it won’t change the fact that people hearing it will hear something other than what you might intend. All this intransigence does is make people sound to the newer generations the way your grandparents sounded to you when they refused to let go of absolute language.

          Imagine an Old Timer.. say a Depression-era guy.. who insists that there’s nothing wrong with referring to black people as n*****rs. That it just means black and that’s the RIGHT and TRUE way of looking at it because that’s how it was for him and it’s just these inorganic arbitrary PC-gone-amok libs forcing changes that he’ll never accept. What do you say to him, what do you think about him? Why is this different than that?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            The “change” has no meaning. It looks and smells like a child’s tantrum. Only more dangerous because of all the weak kneed dolts out there willing to play the game. You don’t gain respect by acting like an idiot or making up stupid stuff and then trying to force the world to comply with your delusions.

            If you really think this use of pro nouns was just in response to derogatory treatment you are the one who is deluded.

            As for the word nigger, it still exists and it still has the same meaning. It has just become socially unacceptable to use it. Just as the word faggot. See how that works? A kinder and more accepting society drops usage, it doesn’t invent a new use of existing words that destroy communication.

            It rode to town in the back seat of the cab. None of the people shopping saw it.

            Go ahead, and tell me what is being communicated with your new fangled language rules.

            • The “change” has no meaning. It looks and smells like a child’s tantrum.

              I’m sure that’s exactly how it looked and smelt when there was a push to stop calling black people n****rs.

              Only more dangerous because of all the weak kneed dolts out there willing to play the game.

              What in the world is “dangerous” about using different pronouns?

              You don’t gain respect by acting like an idiot or making up stupid stuff and then trying to force the world to comply with your delusions.


              Perhaps not.

              I think a culture of showing respect and of being considerate begets a more respect and consideration. But what do I know?

              Either way, no one is “forcing” you to do anything. Adapt to the changing times or don’t. But you don’t get to stand in the path of societal shifts and play victim any more than an Old Timer who belligerently holds on to racist slang.

              Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence. People can – and will – consider you a bigot. Tick Tock.

              You don’t gain respect by acting like an idiot or making up stupid stuff and then trying to force the world to comply with your delusions.

              So you have elected to die mad about it.

              But, someday, you will die. And those of us you leave behind will carry on with the newest iteration(s) of language without you.

              And your grandchildren will look at you the way you looked at [theoretical grandparent who refused to stop calling black people n****rs].

              It has just become socially unacceptable to use it. Just as the word f****t. See how that works?

              No. Because where once it meant just a black or gay person, it changed into a slur, picking up connotations that overwhelmed the denotations in lay usage.

              Similarly, “retard” was a clinical term for mentally disabled people. THEN it became a pejorative. THEN it became unacceptable to use.

              A kinder and more accepting society drops usage, it doesn’t invent a new use of existing words that destroy communication.

              Your arbitrary distinction is, and always was, meaningless.

              Words change all the time.

              And I’ll repeat that 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 never meant whatever it is that the right uses it to mean until recently. Yet you (or at least others here, anyway) seemingly have ZERO objection to a concerted effort by right-wing think-tanks and astroturfers who deliberately contort its meaning to your own ends.

              I’ll just put this here – again – even though I’ve posted it several times and no one has ever responded to it.

              Go ahead, and tell me what is being communicated with your new fangled language rules.





              Simple stuff, really.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Re; you last list, Bullshit! Clear enough?

                And since I did not bring up WOKE, why are you beating on that drum so hard?

                • Re; you last list, Bullshit! Clear enough?

                  Just shouting bullshit does not make it so.

                  You assert that words shouldn’t change meanings, that they should be rendered obsolete and abandoned and only need words should be made. Then, in refutation of the example of “tweet,” you seemed to fall back on but that’s a company /brand… so I gave you several samples of companies / brands that got… errr… wordified.

                  And since I did not bring up WOKE, why are you beating on that drum so hard?

                  Because it’s a perfect counterexample.

                  All the bitching and moaning about the left’s “forcing” new language.. their nefarious evil “abuse” of language… of changing the meaning of existing terminology…

                  And then when it’s the right doing it, as with 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 and CRT, somehow it’s crickets and easy acceptance.

                  To put a fine point on it, sir, I call blatant hypocrisy: you, and T-Ray, and others are grasping at straws and meaninglessly arbitrary ad hoc justifications to claim some kind of linguistic purism that lets you balk at changes favored by the left… all the while, you turn a willfully blind eye to changes favored by the right.

                  I gave you a naked admission by the guy behind the campaign against CRT. He openly brags that he has successfully “decodified the term and will recodify it” to mean a host of unpopular views. He BRAGS about this. And none of the people who incessantly whine and grasp pearls about 𝓦𝓞𝓚𝓔 pronoun usage have fuck-all to say about this. Where’s that zeal for linguistic purity? Where’s that rage against special interests “forcing” changes? Where’s the adamant refusal to accept any change to the meaning of a term?

                  Oh. Right. It’s nowhere. Because you, and T-Ray, and D13 don’t ACTUALLY give a single flying fuck about the purity of language. You hide behind it like cowards because you are too afraid to be honest with yourselves or with me and admit that you just don’t want to accept that particular change. That gender-minorities are not illegitimate in your eyes and that you don’t give a shit about showing them respect. That and you would rather be offensive assholes to them than do them the barest minimum of human courtesy at literally zero cost to yourself.

                  Call “Matthew” Matt? Sure? Call Matthew “Mathius”? Sure. Call his various alter egos by even more made-up names? Sure. Go along with them being other species? Sure! But by all means, dear sweet jumpin’ Jesus, we best be drawin’ the line at name and pronoun changes that cross the GENDER line… that’s the big bright line in the sand that we must never ever, ever, ever cross. That’s the motherfucking Rubicon right there.

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    I called bullshit on your list because that list has nothing to do with the communication issue reflected in the sentences I wrote. Just substitute the list of words for “it” in the sentences and tell me they make any sense.

                    Your entire line of argumentation in effect is telling me I am not compassionate or considerate of others identity if I do not use some arbitrary pro-noun of their choosing. You are telling me I must accept any crazy notion in order to have compassion. I am sorry but I reject that notion in its entirety.

                    I do not have to call you a unicorn in order to feel compassion for you as a person who is confused about who you are. I can be respectful to you and treat you like anyone else without calling you a unicorn directly. The minute you place a demand upon me to use unicorn to address you, or you will declare me unfit, is in fact disrespectful to me.

                    Frankly, I find it somewhat mind boggling that you are conflating how a term like Woke can have its usage manipulated for political purposes, with the communication issues caused by using pro-nouns based on personal preference, rather than established rules of grammar.

                    Thus my example of “it” going to the store. What is “it”? Is “it” a person or a thing? Is there one thing/person or more than one? How can we know if words are assigned based on individual desire?

                    Now as to your more abrasive comments. I have a long established record here of defending the proper use of our language, and noting where deliberate efforts have been made to create confusion or worse, push people in a particular direction. I have also long admitted that while English is my first and only language, it is also my worst. But even with my limited knowledge of it (she, her, him, his, it, them, 🙂 ) I know that grammar, and definitions, matter in our ability to communicate. I also know that this craze over pro-noun usage is not the same thing as how other words morph in meaning or are manipulated for political gain. Although, the latter of these changes can confuse our ability to communicate. Such as your concern over “woke” becoming an all inclusive pejorative. Note: As I posted below, the muddling of “woke” is not all the doing of the right. I am thinking the evolution of this word may deserve a separate article.

                    My refusal to accept this arbitrary use of pro-nouns has noting to do with my opinions about gender and/or sex. I do see your concern, however, when it comes to the use of feminine vs. masculine pro-nouns demanded by someone who is the opposite gender. But this personalized use of pro-nouns is not limited to her vs. him in this particular situation. It has gone beyond that.

                    • The minute you place a demand upon me to use unicorn to address you, or you will declare me unfit, is in fact disrespectful to me.

                      Trans person: Please treat me with respect and decency.
                      JAC: Ok – I’ll treat you exactly like I treat everyone who isn’t trans..
                      Trans person: Great, but see, I am trans, so my name and pronouns are not what they were when I was assigned at birth. So can you please use these instead?
                      JAC: No.
                      Trans person: It costs you literally nothing to call me by the name and pronouns I prefer.
                      JAC: Nope, sorry. Can’t do that.
                      Trans person: But you’re good with pretending that you’re talking to a pirate, a dog, and horse that types.. You’ll use nicknames and usernames and pseudonyms…
                      JAC: True, but I draw the line at swapping pronouns or acknowledging your name change to make you comfortable.
                      Trans person: That’s very hurtful to me.
                      JAC: Stop disrespecting me!

                      Now as to your more abrasive comments.

                      As to those, I stand by what I said, if not the tone in which I said them.

                      This insistence on linguistic purity is a cop out. It’s an ad hoc defense some fixed idealized version of English as a way to justify a refusal to be considerate to a gender-minorities.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Oh, one more thing. Twitter as in the thing people use is a Company/Brand name. Not a change in language. Tweeting is a new word which derives from twitter, to convey a specific activity on Twitter. It seems that twittering was just to long for the users to use it.


            • Nonsensical arbitrary distinction again.

              Jeep once meant the specific car, then it meant all cars of that sort, then Jeep fought an aggressive campaign to preserve its branding, and now it means the model car again.

              Kleenex may legally only refer to the specific company product, but in parlance, it means any tissue.

              Xerox means to make a copy whether you use a Xerox copier or not.

              Bubble wrap.

              Band Aid.


              Crock Pot.




              Ping Pong.








              • Just A Citizen says:

                Apples and Oranges Mathius. Apples and Oranges.

                • How so?

                  • Just A Citizen says:

                    We are talking about the misuse of pro-nouns. Not nouns and not the normal evolution of language.

                    Assigning a type of word to a completely different type is not normal evolution.

                    • Of course, it is!

                      Thou got lost somewhere along the way. Its usage fell to he/she with he generally being the default. And now “they” is being re-adopted in lieu as the new version.

                      Jesus, JAC, who gives a shit? Noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adject… what difference does it make? Why is a nous malleable but a pronoun is sacred?

                      It’s all made up! Just a way to get an idea out of one brain and into another.

                      There are no rules. Nothing is holy.

                      You persist on calling it the “misuse” of pronouns, but what I’m telling you is that rules change. The rule is actively, literally, changing in real time. You can call it a misuse all you like, but to many – and increasingly so – it’s just the new normal.

                      Die on that hill if you want.

            • Reply went to spam

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Welcome to Babylon!

      • Yes, I am an OLD fart…..I am quickly getting to the age that you must be very careful when a “fart” is imminent…….what used to me may not be now days…..

        Everything you say is spot on. I have no problems with it. Personally, I never used the “nigger” word. I was taught not to and I taught my children not to and I’m sure my grand children are being taught properly.

        You and I share the same feelings about grammar. I grew up with phonics. I also grew up with writing and sentence construction. Diagramming sentences. I also grew up with working out math problems showing my work. How did I get to the answer. I did not grow up with key boards and the spelling that is now acceptable… U R for you’re and examples like that, I get laughed at all the time because I spell out texts.

        You showed a link to Perry……and I remember back when Clayton Williams (republican) lost the governorship to Ann “Grannie Annie” Richards (Democrat) over a camp fire comment on a round up in West Texas. You do not disrespect three things in Texas….Hats, Horses, Women. AND you damn sure do not make comments during a campaign around a camp fire with reporters present….

        His comment: Rape is a lot like the weather. If it is inevitable, you may as well lay back and enjoy it. That did not fly at all….I know it was a joke and it was meant to be funny….but it was not to me and it was not to the electorate. He had something like a 15 point lead….lost it overnight,.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Don’t know when he said that but a trusted and true NYC Meteorologist by the name of Tex Antoine said it on a New York WABC broadcast. Lost his job, wife and career in one quick hurry. Poor bastard was drunk on camera at the time as I remember it. Antoine was interesting to me. As a NY weatherman I’d watched him for years. In the Army in ’69, he appeared in a number of WW 2 era educational filmstrips wearing Captains bars that the military never bothered updating. I learned all about the dangers of frostbite and trench foot from him (including the doctors using wire cutters to remove blackened, withered, dead toes)!

          “On November 24, 1976, on the 6 p.m. broadcast, Antoine’s weather report immediately followed a story about the attempted rape of an eight-year-old girl.[2][11] Antoine thereupon quipped: “With rape so predominant in the news lately, it is well to remember the words of Confucius: ‘If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’.” (The same quip would outrage women’s groups when recounted by Indiana University coach Bob Knight during an interview with Connie Chung in 1988 and would help derail Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams’ 1990 election bid. Also, Confucius did not really say that quote.)

          Within 25 minutes of the comment, the station received 665 calls from mostly irate women about Antoine’s insensitive comment. Despite the on-air apology, WABC wasted no time suspending Antoine. Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel led the 11 p.m. newscast that night with the official apology from WABC-TV. After the station apology, another 450 calls were made, including a quarter in favor of not suspending Antoine after making the on-air apology.[12] The comment was not the first occurrence of controversial remarks by Antoine. In February 1974, over 100 calls were sent in for the broadcaster using a profanity on an open microphone.[13] A day later, network executives hinted that they would probably forgive Antoine for the controversial remark.[14]

          With Antoine off-air, weatherman Storm Field took the position as the evening weather forecaster. Grimsby, introducing Storm Field quipped “Lie back, relax and enjoy the weather with Storm Field.” While the reaction to Grimsby’s statement was not as severe as Antoine’s, the impact of the statement offended women as well. The newspapers noted that Ellen Bradley, a rape victim and a secretary at the station, wrote Grimsby a stern note about making such a comment on air.[15]

          On December 2, 1976, while on a no-pay vacation in the United States Virgin Islands island of St. Thomas, it was reported that ABC executives told Antoine that he would not lose his job.[16] Despite this report, a week later, WABC told the press that no final decision had been made. Protests were being held in front of the ABC headquarters from the National Organization for Women (NOW), who demanded Antoine be fired.[17] The decision was announced on December 18 to reinstate Antoine in a non-televised role. Instead of forecasting on television, he would assist Storm Field (who was hired in March 1976[18]) with forecast production.[19] However, his contract expired in March 1977 and was not renewed by the station.[20]”

          Antoine closed out his career in 1978 with a brief stint as weatherman for WNEW-TV.[21] Died in ’83 at age 59.

      • Thee doth protest too much.

  76. Just A Citizen says:
    • I love it when you lunatics equate Democrats with socialists. It’s all you have left, because your party has shot right past pluto … 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Are you going to sit there with a straight face and tell me they vote for Republicans or Libertarians? And the story is not about just Democrats, but one particular brand of Democrats and how they are taking over the Democratic Party.

        • I love it when you lunatics equate Democrats with socialists.

          Are you going to sit there with a straight face and tell me they vote for Republicans or Libertarians?

          If you’re going to apply this logic to the socialists and commies because they (reluctantly) vote for the Democrats, then you have to also apply it to the actual-fascists and actual-racists who vote Republicans.

          Just sayin’…

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It was not my logic, it was Charlie’s.

            The article was about the socialists aka “Progressives” winning biggly in the last election. They ran as Democrats. Are you going to deny this reality just to play “what aboutism”?

            • Progressives who drop to their knees EVERY TIME. There is no such animal in the Democratic Party (including Sanders, AOC, et al) … they wouldn’t be in that fucking party if they were socialists. Oy vey, vey iz mir (you explain the Yiddish to them Mathius).

            • Where did they win? They call themselves “progressives” and vote nothing like one. Your brain is embedded with so much democrat = socialist = communist, you’ve lost reality.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            P.S. Actual fascists seem to vote Democrat these days. Racists do not seem to vote for any particular party. They exist across the spectrum.

        • ” one particular brand of Democrats and how they are taking over the Democratic Party.”

          I’m going to sit here and tell you the following: 1) you’re out of your mind and 2) what part of the Democratic Party can be labelled “socialist”? Seriously, are you that thick? The so-called progressive movement in the Dem party has buckled at the knees on every single issue (including the railroad now) and is more akin to Republican light than what Democrats claim to be. Your party has moved off the charts to the right and are now a joke that can’t win a general election. You do us no service because it permits the Democrats to maintain the status quo (“nothing will fundamentally change” and it hasn’t).

  77. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting theory and claim. However, if the zip code is all that is changed, then where did all the ballots go? They were undeliverable, supposedly. So were they sitting in a single post office or many post offices? I submit that if looked into one could in fact prove whether the zip codes were changed. And since when do election commissions mail out ballots? In all States where I lived the ballots are mailed out by the “clerks” of the county you live in.

  78. Just A Citizen says:

    WOKE! It has a long history. By the way, it was not the “Republicans” or “Conservatives” who assigned broader meaning to the modern use of the term. It was the “left” itself. Or should I say herself or himself, I am so confused. Anyway, once they started adding more stuff to the word the “right” started using it as a pejorative. Just like “communist” or “socialist” or “Progressive”. Kind of like how the “left” uses “evangelical” or “conservative” as a pejorative. Anyhow, enjoy a trip down history lane:

    The Wide Awakes were a youth organization and later a paramilitary organization cultivated by the Republican Party during the 1860 presidential election in the United States. Using popular social events, an ethos of competitive fraternity, and even promotional comic books, the organization introduced many to political participation and proclaimed itself as the newfound voice of younger voters. The structured militant Wide Awakes appealed to a generation which had been profoundly shaken by the partisan instability in the 1850s, and offered young northerners a much-needed political identity.[1]

  79. Alright people, stop with all the nastiness. It is unnecessary and just makes people more likely to be nasty to you. I came to Sufa to get away from personal attacks. Didn’t expect perfection, we all are human, but we can do better than this!

  80. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius, more on pro-nouns.

    You said: “Thou got lost somewhere along the way. Its usage fell to he/she with he generally being the default. And now “they” is being re-adopted in lieu as the new version.”

    As I said, the type of words do not change willy nilly. Other words come to replace them but still fall within the same type and are used to convey similar meaning in communication. From Wiki:

    The word thou /ðaʊ/ is a second-person singular pronoun in English. It is now largely archaic, having been replaced in most contexts by the word you, although it remains in use in parts of Northern England and in Scots (/ðu/). Thou is the nominative form; the oblique/objective form is thee (functioning as both accusative and dative); the possessive is thy (adjective) or thine (as an adjective before a vowel or as a possessive pronoun); and the reflexive is thyself. When thou is the grammatical subject of a finite verb in the indicative mood, the verb form typically ends in -(e)st (e.g. “thou goest”, “thou do(e)st”), but in some cases just -t (e.g., “thou art”; “thou shalt”).

    • There is more to it than that. Thee and thou are like du and Sie in German. “du” is the familiar form of you while “Sie” is the formal form. You would use du (thee) with family and friends and Sie (thou) otherwise. English lost this along the way as we lost gender specific nouns like in German or Latin languages.

  81. Bills win, 24-10 … Kanye West goes full Nazi … Orange Man remains silent … is the GOP embracing the Third Reich?

    See what happens when you don’t teach actual history? 🙂

    2024 is going to be a blast!

    • Bills win, 24-10 Yawn…unless you are a bookie.

      Kanye West goes full Nazi Yawn……

      Orange Man remains silent Now, if he keeps his mouth shut and Congress goes totally lame duck and all spending bills are quashed…..this is a win

      is the GOP embracing the Third Reich? You will have to explain this one to me. I’m just an old baby boomer.

      See what happens when you don’t teach actual history? 🙂 See what happens when you do not teach the correct and FULL history.

      • Kanye West goes full Nazi Yawn……


        With all due respect, FUCK YOUR “YAWN.”

        You tell me I’m seeing things.. but one of the biggest media platforms on the right wing is openly hosting a guy defending the Nazis, denying the Holocaust, and declaring his love for Hitler.

        You always talk about studying history… this is how it begins. Every goddamned time. Over and over throughout our history. Assholes and idiots spread hate and lies, then they become more and more and more and more accepted and mainstream. It takes some time to build up momentum, but eventually, we get to the ‘pogrom’ portion of the agenda.

        You know what let the Nazis rise to power? The goddamned INDIFFERENCE of the people who didn’t see themselves in the crosshairs.

        Pull your head out of the sand.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          First of all, what media platform on the right wing is openly hosting him?

          I saw his comments, and while he does deny the Holocaust, he did not just defend the Nazis in totality and he did not “declare his love” for Hitler. I don’t know if he “loves” Hitler or not. But he did not declare his love in his statement. Should we not be precise in repeating someone’s statements? Instead of reading into them things they did not say?

          I share the Colonel’s view on anything Kanye, Ye, says. I don’t think anyone is really listening, first of all, and he has gotten to the point where he makes no sense when he speaks. Even his comment about recognizing the good things done by Hitler made no sense. He has devolved to a caricature of a raving lunatic. I almost posted his comments yesterday in response to our discussion about how language evolves. As an example of what happens when “you have no rules” in language usage. You fail to communicate.

          You are one to always talk about how putting up one offs, a few individual crazy people, is not sound argumentation nor a good reason to dictate responses. But now you seem to want people to react to this obviously sick person. I understand your “concerns” but it really does beg the question. When are we supposed to ignore these “crazies” and when are we supposed to be concerned? Is it the number of crazies, their status, or the particular crazy “thing” they are pushing?

          Meanwhile I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for indicators of a growing real threat. By the way, I do think your Tribes Spidey Senses are applicable to places in Europe. The anti-Semitism seems to run deeper there than here. Even though it used to be pretty strong in the USA, it now seems limited to the fringes here.

          • Should we not be precise in repeating someone’s statements?

            Oh, I’m sorry.. he only “likes” Hitler, but “loves” Nazis (and doesn’t think they should be called evil) and believes that there’s good in everyone “especially” Hitler.

            And the Holocaust didn’t happen.

            And Obama is a Jew.

            And the Jews control the media and are trying to destroy him.

            And the Jews froze his bank accounts.

            You are one to always talk about how putting up one offs, a few individual crazy people, is not sound argumentation nor a good reason to dictate responses.

            No. I want people to react to the fact that a major platform with millions of viewers knowingly hosted a guy well-known to be a raving antisemite.

            West is nuts. Bonkers. Off his meds. If he didn’t have fame and fortune, he’d be ranting on a street corner somewhere.

            The problem is that Alex Jones, with an audience of millions, put a microphone in front of him and let him spew his bullshit. And not just that Jones did this, but that millions of viewers tune into him.

            The point I’m making – that I’ve been making – and that people here are generally ignoring – is that this country has been taking gradual baby steps in the Bad Direction. And that is making prickling the hairs of my neck that are honed to be sensitive to approaching Cossacks.

            I’ve been saying that, slowly but surely, we’re heading along the Bad Path that makes us Jews very nervous and which has historically ended with pogroms, forced conversions, and exterminations. Every time someone like this gets onto a major platform and spews their racist bigoted bullshit, it gets more and more normalized. That normalized hatred leads to othering and from there to “the Jewish Question.”

            Don’t tell me – it IS happening here. Just because we aren’t at the Manzanar or Kristallnacht phase doesn’t mean we aren’t headed in that direction while folks on the right plug their ears and cover their eyes chanting that it doesn’t look like anything to them.

            I am trying – desperately – to get you and everyone else here to pull your heads out of the sand.

            Because the INDIFFERENCE of good people is what lets bad people do terrible things.

            You are one to always talk about how putting up one offs,

            The POINT, JAC, is that this is NOT a one-off.

            It is a pattern, a trend, an increasingly common and increasingly brazen trend.

            West on the Alex Jones show is just the most recent. And, to my knowledge, the most blatant. And for the crime of creating the “I like Hitler” and “I love Nazis” soundbites, he will be excised by people who were just fine with those views as long as he didn’t say the quiet part out loud.

            No, JAC, the problem is that this is just the latest step. That it won’t be the last step. And, if history is any guide, by the time you see the trajectory, it’ll be too late.


            If you had lived in Germany in the first half of the last century, at what point would you have looked up and said “whoa… something bad’s going on here.. I better speak up for the Jews before Bad Things start happening”? 1920? 1930? 1940? Or maybe just in retrospect in 1950? What would have been your tip-off? How much hatred, how much demonizing, how much othering, how much antisemitism would you turn a blind eye to, minimizing and calling it one-offs, before you noticed the sweep of history?

            • Mathius…….let’s say that you convince me….what would you have me do? What are you doing? Who owns all the platforms that these bozos are on? Are they aassp0ciated with the MSM. Are they cable platforms?

              Indoctrination in any form is steps or giant steps but your level of emotion is well earned….I feel the same about indoctrination of school children.

              Do you think that I should start reading and watching these idiots? I do not think so……but the minute a parade or something happens with Nazi symbols (like Portland, et al), are you going to say that they have a right to march or are you going to go down there in open confrontation. Or, do you vote with your money and your feet? What do you do?

              Do you want to close down the platforms? Do you want to regulate speech or content?

              • Mathius…….let’s say that you convince me….what would you have me do?

                I would have you convince your friends and family.

                are you going to say that they have a right to march or are you going to go down there in open confrontation.

                Why not both?

                Or, do you vote with your money and your feet? What do you do?

                You bet your ass I do.

                And right now, my money is glancing at German and Canadian real estate.

                Do you want to close down the platforms? Do you want to regulate speech or content?

                People can say what they want.

                But freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences and freedom from being challenged.

                No one should do any business with Jones or West or Fuentez. No bank should be wiling to give them a loan, no hosting company should be willing to take their money. Not by law but by the demands of the consciences of the people who work at those companies, invest in those companies, and under threat of boycott from other customers.

                Jones shouldn’t be able to set foot in public without people calling him an asshole. Cabs should refuse to pick him up. Restaurants should refuse to serve him. He should be a pariah.

                • He should be a pariah.

                  And the fact he’s not yet (or that you SUFA lunatics) haven’t condemned Jones, West, Fuentes & Trump, suggests you’re all fine with racists, anti-Semites, Fascist wannabes and making a mockery of so-called Christianity. I’ve been saying it since 2015 … the marriage between Trump and Evangelicals is beyond an oxymoron. It’s hypocrisy from one side or the other.

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    You do not get to decide what it is I or anyone else believes or actually supports. You are playing a game, a very dangerous game. It is in fact the same game that was played by the Nazis and Bolsheviks. “This guy is poo and if you do not agree then you are poo”. No discussion. Just march your backside off to the Gulag.

                    Frankly, if I took time out to condemn everyone you people scream should be condemned I would never get anything else done. Normal people tend to filter out the noise and focus on the really important things.

                    You also have a strangely selective memory when it comes to what people at SUFA have said about something.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Boy am I lagging behind this morning. OK, ignore my comment to ignore my comment. Let me respond to you argument. That being the “trend” and whether we are really hiding our heads in the sand.

              As to the trend, I simply disagree with you at this point in time. Why? Because I remember when the Nazi garbage was far more prevalent than it is today. It appears to me that with the click bait strategy of the MSM combined with invention of the internet, the Nazi garbage, including anti-Semitism, is just getting more air time. It is not gaining a growing following.

              Now that is my view from where I live and based on the stuff I read and watch. Which is frankly somewhat limited given the magnitude of stuff out there. Before you ask, I do sometimes watch or read the crazy people like Alex Jones. Because I want to know what BS they are pushing, how they think, how they manipulate and try to influence others.

              I do see enough media to know that some people believe there is an increase in anti-Semetic attacks in your neck of the woods. I cannot assess the validity of the claim it is increasing. But if it is, as you stated before, then I would ask by whom and why? Why is it increasing in your neck of the woods and not mine? Where the actual Nazi wannabes come to hide out, remember.

              I also think that the fear of growing anti-Semitism is a mixed bag. More and more people question Israel’s actions and will defend the Palestinians no matter what. This is very often portrayed as anti-Semitism in the media. This is an increasing trend in my view. The other is the outright Nazi types pushing their white race BS and anti-Jew BS. I do not see these people increasing in the USA. I do see evidence that they are increasing among the young people of certain European countries.

              So my dear friend, I do not have my head in the sand and I am sure that neither does anyone else here at SUFA. Most of my friends do not have their heads in the sand either. But I do have some who do and they are on both sides of the political spectrum. They have checked out because it has all become BS to them. Sometimes I think it would be nice to joint them. But my sense of Duty to the Country will not allow me to rest. I remain on guard.

              Note: You would not respond kindly to me if I accused you of having your head in the sand just because you disagreed with me. I have done it and your come back was sharply pointed and taken to heart.

              Another observation. I see an increasing trend of “racist” type commentary among people in my area, but not anti-Semitism. This has come with the immigration of people from large cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. I am not sure they are really racist or just lazy in thought and speech. But they do seem to have opinions which are stereotypical based on the garbage they were experiencing where they used to live. The odd thing is that we are also experiencing a huge growth in the minorities which some of these folks criticize. Especially Black people. Some day I will get a chance to ask one of these folks, Black folks, why they moved to an area the MSM portrayed as a hot bead of Nazi Racism.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Please ignore my post and questions. I should have read to the bottom first. Seems you kind of addressed some of my questions in your discussion with the Colonel.

  82. Sir Mathius,,,,,,question for you in your sector of business…..How much attention do y’all pay to the Labor Participation Rate and the consumer debt reports as it pertains to future planning in your profession?

    • Not really my area. I pay almost zero attention.

      • Hmmm…ok….I guess I really do not understand exactly what you do (None of my business) but was going to pick your brain….although DPM says there is nothing up there….

        • I’m the COO, so I’m not really on the investment side.. I know a fair amount because, well, you know.. I have to, and I’ve been around. But I don’t get that in the weeds on this kind of stuff. That’s mostly CIO territory.

          I focus on making sure the lights stay on, we’re protected from every angle, risk is properly mitigated, cash controls, security, reconciliation, reporting, regulatory, so. much. paperwork., taxes, legal, etc.

  83. Infowars with its several-million viewers hosting a mentally ill celebrity who is too much even for Alex Jones. The guy was given a massive microphone to talk about how the Holocaust didn’t happen, how the Jews control the media, how Obama was an evil Jew, how Nazis aren’t actually evil, and how he LOOOOVESS Hitler.

    And, yes, he’s mentally ill. But he was still given a major microphone. And the GOP loooooves loved him even though his positions had been well known for years… right up until the moment that he got too explicit for plausible deniability.

    Oh, they’ll hit him with the bus NOW, but only because he was too explicit for deniability. The crime was never spreading antisemitism and conspiracy theories and hate – it’s being a political liability.

    So, do please tell me again how I’m imagining things.

    • Not going to say anything about it because I did not know who this person was until y’all started ragging on him…but the only thing I watch in TV is business news. I like to watch all the business commentators from all the networks. I do not watch late night TV nor late night comedy. I do not watch the Sunday news shows either….none of them are true and they all hate each other.

      Since I claim to be a conservative and an independent, I do not follow the rag commentaries. So, I simply do not give a rat’s ass about whom or what this Kanye West is….I do not care to learn about him because he is a non starter. Does he hold an office? Does he influence or write policy? Is he any different than the rest of the ass hats on TV and in Congress on either side? And, save me the time…just what is he a celebrity of?

      • Ye (/jeɪ/ YAY; born Kanye Omari West /ˈkɑːnjeɪ/ KAHN-yay; June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer. He is regarded as one of the most influential and controversial hip hop artists and producers of the early 21st century.

        Is this the guy y’all are obsessed about? If it is, then there is no wonder I do not know whom he is. I am not a rapper, I do not listen to his songs, I do not wear his fashions…..and I do not follow hip hop.

        • Do you listen to your former President? Is racism/anti-Semitism a deal breaker for you? Maybe, but it sure isn’t a deal breaker for the GOP. Even Biden will beat you again. Trump has completely shit the bed for the GOP … and they’re still afraid of him. Snowflakes. 🙂

          • Is racism/anti-Semitism a deal breaker for you?

            No. He has been quite explicit that it is not a dealbreaker for him.

            • Shame.

            • You very rarely take me out of context…but you sure did this time. Here is where…..we were talking about acquaintances and friends…not political philosophy and political figures and running this country.

              I will NOT pick my friends from the standpoint of ideology and to do so, quite frankly, is wrong. I have many good black friends that were ardent Obama supporters and I did not turn my back on them because of it. Now, I do not support their position. You once used an anecdote of voting for an axe murderer instead of Trump. Now, I could take that as gospel or I could take it that you were making a point that it would take an awful lot of something to vote for Trump. I do not lump you into being an axe murderer.

              Do not lump me into a right wing racist that supports Nazism. I do not. I do not know who those people were or are…..they are not in my line of sight. I know history very well, sir and I also know what happened in Europe and what caused it and what became of it. I do not support antisemitism in any form you both know this. The fact that I simply do not give the time of day, nor will I, to those bozos mentioned does not mean that I support them. And now that I know who they are, I am still not going to follow them. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM….until it is time to care.

              History is not unfolding here and you are certainly not going to get in on TV. I do not read right wing shit and I do not read left wing shit. I am a realist and you know this as well. So, no, I am much deeper in picking my friends. Quite frankly, I do not have any that are alt right or far right. I guess water seeks its own level theory is at play here. I do not have any that are Nazis or even believe in this alt right or far right crap. There is no room for this. We got caught on Trump…not again. But, right now, there is no alternative….certainly not the left side of things. The asshat that replaces Pelosi now reminds me of the two guys you mentioned. So far left…..But that is politics.

              You already know my stance on Trump and the Texas stance on Trump…..he is history. He is NOT on my radar except at voting time when I will vote against him and my veteran’s group will not support him. But the reasons are not who he pals around with solely. It is about a plethora of things that has turned me against him. So, no, I do not care about these bozos.They are all the same….Don Lemon, Whoopi Golberg, the Squad….all the same sort of trash that does not deserve a bit of wasted breath… of yet.

              As I have already told you, I call friends out on various things but I do not disassociate with them…it seems to me that the opposite should be done,. How do you try to convince people otherwise if you shut off dialogue.

      • Not going to say anything about it because I did not know who this person was until y’all started ragging on him…[…] I do not follow the rag commentaries.

        Maybe YOU don’t, but millions of people DO.

        Does he hold an office? Does he influence or write policy?

        No, he’s not an elected official, but yes, he has influence. And he’s buddies with Trump.

        Is he any different than the rest of the ass hats on TV and in Congress on either side?

        He’s (clearly) mentally ill. But he still has a large following and keeps getting access to large platforms like Infowars. So is he worse than other people like Boebert? In some ways. He doesn’t have their kind of direct power, but he’s also more openly antisemitic.

        Most ass hats on TV will stop at plausible deniability. Kanye will straight up say he loves Hitler and that the Jews froze his bank accounts.

        And, save me the time…just what is he a celebrity of?

        He was a musician and, frankly, a talented one.

        But his mental illness has been on display for years and is clearly progressing. He married a Kardashian and had some kind of uber-dramatic stalking/harassment fallout that tI haven’t paid attention to.

        Eventually, he became a Trump supporter which gave him a big boost of publicity (I’m sure this had nothing to do with Republicans wanting to hold up a prominent black celebrity supporter).

        His antisemitism has been known and increasingly verified and increasingly transparent for years. (note the datestamp>)

        But people keep giving him a platform for some reason. Yesterday, he went full Nazi-apologist.. and for the crime of violating plausible deniablity and the worse crime of creating a soundbite, he will finally be excommunicated.

        But – and I cannot emphasize this enough – who he is and what he believes has been well known for years. They knew he loved Hitler for years and didn’t care. The GOP and the right are going to cut ties with him now ONLY because he has become a liability, not because he loves Hitler.

  84. Alexander Emerick Jones (born February 11, 1974) is an American far-right[10] and alt-right[11] radio show host and prominent[a] conspiracy theorist.[25] He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which the Genesis Communications Network broadcasts[26] across the United States (syndicated and internet radio).[27] Jones’s website, InfoWars, promotes conspiracy theories and fake news,[28][29][30] as do his other websites NewsWars and PrisonPlanet. Jones has provided a platform and support for white nationalists, giving Unite the Right attendee and white supremacist Nick Fuentes a platform on his website Banned.Video, as well as serving as an “entry point” to their ideology.[

    Is this is the other guy you mention all the time….Who the hell follows this jerk? The fact he has a show in Austin, Texas tells me all I need to know and avoid. I do not read info wars, news wars or prison planet as listed above. I could care less. If this guy hosts a show and puts idiots on them (much like The View and such) I do not have time for them.

    My question is….why are y’all following him and quoting him? Being far right and alt right does not make one a conservative. Also, I do NOT intend to follow either one of these people because they do not speak for any majority anywhere. They appear to be a waste of air.

    • The idea that you don’t know who he is is, frankly, irrelevant.

      He has made hundreds of millions from his show(s). He was recently sued for lying about Sandy Hook and harassing the parents of the victims. He has a massive reach and a massive platform with an audience easily in the 8-figures.

      • If I do not know him…how would I know his stances. I do not watch that trash. The lies about Sandy Hook…no one buys into his crap…not in my area anyway.

        • I find it unfathomable that you didn’t know him. He’s been a MAJOR player on the right for a long time now.

          His lies about Sandy Hook resulted in the families receiving death threats, the children’s graves being desecrated, and a campaign of harassment spanning years. The defamation suit(s) against him (one of which was in Texas) have been a major news story for several months (including a whopping $965,000,000 judgment against him).

          But even if YOU are somehow unaware of him, that doesn’t change the fact that millions of people on the right DO listen to him and watch his shows.

          The argument “I’m unaware of that massive platform” doesn’t equate to “that massive platform doesn’t exist” nor does it mean that “the antisemitism it’s giving a voice to is irrelevant.”

          Neither does “la la la I can’t see it” change any of the facts around its existence. Jones does exist. He does have a show. It does have an audience of millions. It does have influence well beyond that. It did knowingly give a platform to an actual literal explicit Nazi sympathizer. And that actual literal explicit Nazi sympathizer did spew his love of Nazis and Hilter and his denial of the Holocaust and his accusations of Jewish banking conspiracies to millions of people. And your response is to say “well, I’ve never heard of the guy” as though that negates any of this.

          My grandfather drove a tank in WWII and was in the Battle of the Bulge. I don’t know about your father, but I’m guessing he might have done something similar. Do you think either of them would take this so cavalierly?

          • Yep, Dad was in WWII but in the Pacific. He fought Japanese. He was a navy ensign that was in charge of a squadron of LCVPs…drove the marines into the beaches at Iwo Jima, Saipan, and Okinawa. His hatred was the Japanese and we had, at time, discussed the atrocities of the Japanese interment camps to that of Nazi Germany. He would think the same as you do and as I do that any form of those governments and the atrocities they committed were wrong.

            I am not changing the facts around anything. I simply made the statement that I do not follow any of those people you asked about. I have NEVER EVER watched a single program of theirs. Just as I have never ever wat a single episode of similar programs like The View. I have read about them and some of the things they said, but I am not an activist. I will vote and not support those lines of thought.

            He’s been a MAJOR player on the right for a long time now.

            I find it incredible that you think I would watch something,,….especially at night. Hell, Mathius, I did not even watch Johnny Carson. I do not watch late night TV…..I prefer to read. I very rarely watch nighttime TV at all…..and if I do, I am fond of the National Geographic channel. I do watch local news for weather and traffic reports….but that is it. I DID read about the Sandy Hook crap because it was Texas and I am here to tell you that nobody supported his viewpoint nor did he get very far and the fact that he is out of Austin ( I did not even know that until I read about his background ) is also a laughable issue with most Texans….

            But, you know what? I will ask around about the both of them and get a general feeling. I am now curious.

            • And for the record, other than some articles I read from time to time….my Trump information comes from Charlie. Again, I do not care for the man and he does not represent me so I do not follow his press conferences and such.

              The only area that I think you and Charlie derive you opinions of Trump where I am concerned is that IF the man is guilty…charge him, try him, convict him and put him away. I feel exactly the same about H Biden….got something on him….the charge him. try him, convict him and put him away…otherwise shut up.

  85. More to the point, can someone (other than Charlie) please acknowledge that it’s completely FUCKED UP that a talk show in 2022 is giving an audience of millions of viewers to a guy denying the Holocaust and accusing the Jews of controlling the media, etc?

    Can we please – PRETTY PLEASE – acknowledge that this is a troubling sign.

    Can we PLEASE acknowledge that this is a stop along the Bad Path that ends in pogroms and gas chambers? That we’re still not at “tornado warning,” but we are one more step deeper into “tornado watch” today than we were yesterday?

    • Not defending the guy in any way, so don’t get it twisted! First off, he married a Kardashian. THAT probably didn’t help his mental status. Then his mom died and that messed with him. Understandable. Then he was actually diagnosed bipolar. Then he took a lot of heat for warming up to Trump wearing the MAGA hat, BUT…that also “woke” his followers to, if nothing else, start questioning everything in government. THAT is a good thing. Fast forward to present time and I don’t think HE even knows what is what. The conservative shows I catch, report on his shinanigans as stories of interest and don’t know what to make of him either. My take is that he probably DOES ‘feel some type of way’ about Jews. He sees them as trying to destroy him. And who wouldn’t feel that way if a group is out for you? This just happens to be Jews. I would ASSUME he would lash out the same if it were Christians out for his head. But this is a mentally ill person, so who knows?

      Stepping back, I think Milo is the shit stirrer. It was Alex Jones’ people who put Milo and Kanye together. Milo brought Fuentes into the fray. Milo has vowed to destroy the Republican party for being part in cancelling him. Now we have a trio of crazies meeting with Trump, a top dog in the party. Trump got trolled, plain and simple. I doubt we’ve heard the end of it. Meantime, I bet the Republican party is loving all the bad press for Trump.

      As for Jones and Pool giving Kanye a platform…clickbait. Period. And we haven’t even gotten into Kanye and his ties to Balenciaga. WTF?

    • Where was all this emotion when BLM and Antifa (leftist brown shirts) were actually burning, looting and murdering?

      • It was there. You just willfully ignore it. I have been adamant in my denunciation of rioting, looting, and violence.

        And now that you’ve tried obfuscation, would you care to respond to the topic at hand?

        • You are very good at CYA. I have never heard you condemn BLM, a black supremacist, Marxist, violent, grifting group based on a lie. Nor have I heard you condemn Antifa, another fascist group of thugs and the brown shirt army of the Democrat Party. Have you ever condemned Obama, Biden or Harris of every supporting or rubbing elbows with leaders of these groups?

          Your demand that I condemn Trump for dining with them is called a Republican pounce question. It is a favorite tactic of the MSM. Rather than address the real issue, you pounce on any nearby Trump supporter to get their reaction. But it never happens to a Dem. When have the Dems been asked to comment on or condemn the antisemitic comments of other Dems or the anti-MAGA comments of Biden for that matter? I consider the latter to be a far bigger threat to this country than the former. So will you condemn Biden for his anti-MAGA comments and Clinton for here deplorable label?

          I am not a fan of West nor have I ever followed him. He appears to be a successful artist and business man. In his business dealings, could he have come into contact with media and banking moguls that thwarted some of his business activities? Could these individuals have been of a unique ethnic group? If so could he have real world reasons to distrust them? I have no answers to these questions since I have not walked in his shoes, and neither have you.

          I have said in the past that I see far more hatred, division, racism, fascism, authoritarianism, violence, and tyranny from the left than I have every seen from the right.

    • So acknowledged.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      No, it is not Effed Up. The really sad part is that the platform wasn’t main stream. That is how you expose crazy, bring it into the bright lights.

      Oh, there is this thing called America as well. The place where Freedom to Speak is supposedly a right. So I do not agree with using the power of hate to shut down platforms where crazy people talk. I am more about putting them out there where all can see and where reasonable people can shred them, again for all to see.

      I would like to know why you think Alex Jones’ show is “right wing” or that he is on the right. I saw some of his stuff years ago and he spouts off the same stuff I here from Charlie Stella about the corrupt people ruling over govt and the evil corporations who have bought them. He pushed just about every conspiracy that came along, regardless of which side created it. The only time I ever saw him get behind a politician was with Mr. Trump. At that was because he wasn’t a politician.

    • Of course. Now lets see them come down on the thousands of cheaters from the other side.

    • If there is guilt, then there should be punishment. Pretty simple.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Excuse me but from all I read this case was not about “equipment tampering”. It was about dong illegal things to gain a copy of the equipment programming so they could investigate it. An illegal act but not an effort to “tamper” with the equipment.

      Now if you have other info I would be interested in reading it.

  86. JAC…moderation, please.

  87. Charlie, you asked if I even listened to ex-president Trump……the answer, as I have said before, is no. He does not take up space in my brain any longer. I have made up my mind.

  88. Quite frankly, Mathius and Charlie, I am surprised you think that Trump is the GOP….and that the people in the GOP support him to a T…….and I am surprised that you think people should get up and get in his face.

    Quite the contrary….we will vote come election time. Any other palaver is a waste of breath. Charlie, and you, do not know who is still behind Trump. That remains to be seen……

    I’m telling you, Trump will not carry Texas in the primaries or the general election. I would not be surprised at all if a bunch of red states feel the same.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think that will entirely depend on who the other choices are.

      I will add that if the R’s run a herd that will increase his chances of winning. Just as it did last time.

      • JAC….maybe so but he has shot his proverbial wad with me…..but you are right about one thing, the more they run against him the greater chance of the voting being split to his hard core, which I do not think is very large but might be formidable enough in a large field.

    • If he gets the nomination, the Reds will fall in line. I don’t think he’s the party – I think he commands a moderately sized bloc which is critical to the success of the party at the national level, but that’s about it.

      But I don’t think I was talking about Trump just now, was I? I could swear I was talking about Alex Jones and Ye.

    • He (Orange Jesus) is definitely fading and fast, but his core support is still there. If he wins the first few primaries, he’s in. The DOJ may make it moot by convicting him of an offense which precludes his running … but at this point, the effect he’s had on the GOP is significant and you’d have to be kidding to think otherwise. Just look at what’s going on with McCarthy now (a handful of Trumpists can keep him from the speakership). He’s likely get it, but then he’ll have to appoint some of these Trump nuts to committee chair positions (Marjorie Taylor Greene, for instance). You’re wrong here, Colonel. I agree he’s fading fast, but his long term damage isn’t going away anytime soon. It may get crushed in 2024, but that would mean the GOP is back in the minority in all 3 branches. Look at the statistics in Arizona alone. People voted for 1 “normal” Republican with more votes than they did for the Governor, Kari Lake, et al … meaning they refused to vote for Kari Lake, et al (that nut job Secretary of State, Finchem?) … As long as Trump-like candidates exist in states that aren’t pure red, your party is fucked.

  89. Repeating my question here for more exposure:

    If you found yourself living in Germany in the first half of the 20th century, when would you have looked up and said “whoa… something bad is going on here”? What would have tipped you off?

    Remember, things didn’t start with gassing Jews and communists and homosexuals in massive concentration camps. It started with some version of “Make German Great Again” and a slowly escalating drumbeat of othering and blaming those groups. There was a failed coup. There was the burning of the Reichstag. There was Krystallnacht. There were purity laws. Lügenpresse.

    Assuming you and your loved ones weren’t on the chopping block, what would have made you look up from your newspaper and say (A) “something going wrong here” and (B) “I’d better do something about it.”

    Would the “I’d better do something about it” part have come late enough that doing so had become dangerous enough that you might decide to keep your head down instead?

    Would you have perked up in 1920? 1930? 1940? Or maybe not until 1950.

    I challenge you to be honest and realistic with yourselves. No cheating and looking at as-yet-unwritten history books or postulating unrealistic powers of observation. Try to really put yourself in the shows of a patriotic German citizen of the time.

    • I think the early 30’s would have been where I would have noticed……then that begs the question, I sense something wrong here….what do I do?

      The example I will give may not be accurate but I believe that you agreed with BF on this…..I asked him straight out that if he was with his family at a mall and saw a car being broken into or a woman being harassed…..not raped….just harassed…..would he intervene…..He said no, I would have to think of my family first. He did not ridicule me about intervening but he did say that I would be wrong intervening because I might get killed and leave a family…….

      So, in today’s time……what do you do? When is it time to get involved in this crap and how do you get involved?

      • The road to Bad Things is paved with indifference of good men.

        • EXACTLY. You intervene. I have an anecdote but won’t bore you with it. You simply intervene (unless you’re unable to for some physical or mental reason). Leave the indifference for when your dog shits on the rug and you know your wife will pick it up if you don’t. 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Not indifference but INACTION.

          A lot of people cared, in Germany and at times here. They just were not willing to ACT.

          So when do you act and how do you act? How do you act without becoming the thing you are acting against?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The alarm would have sounded when they started organizing groups that then began doing things. When Hitler was let out of prison and they formed a “party”.

      But then again, my answer is in fact swayed by what I know was the outcome and not what was known at the time. Remember, the whole Nazi thing did not overly emphasize the Jew Problem in the beginning. Oh, it was there, but not to the level that even alarmed all the Jews. While the Spidey senses went off for some it did not go off for millions of others. Hell, his major scientists were Jews and kept thinking it really wasn’t going to go badly. Until it did.

      Based on my knowledge of history I have to say it is about “organizing”. That is why the Antifa and BLM stuff really raise the hair on my neck. It is one thing for some to spout stuff, it is another when they can start organizing to influence an ever greater number and then motivate them to act.

      Until that point we have little choice but to tackle the crazy stuff via direct and indirect rebuttal. That can be done without scaring everyone into thinking the next Nazi takeover is around the corner. Because you see, that leads to abuse. Like we are seeing with the POTUS accusing half the country of being neo-Nazis because they disagree with him.

      • Remember, the whole Nazi thing did not overly emphasize the Jew Problem in the beginning. Oh, it was there, but not to the level that even alarmed all the Jews.

        That’s kind of my point…

        The path to Bad Things doesn’t come right out and say “we’re going to gas the Jews”.. it works its way up to that, slowly, over time.

        Remember, the whole Nazi thing did not overly emphasize the Jew Problem in the beginning. Oh, it was there, but not to the level that even alarmed all the Jews.

        You say the Jews weren’t alarmed and I would bet you that they were.

        Not 5-alarm fire alarmed. Not Tornado Watch alarmed. But hackles pricked “I’ve got a bad feeling” alarmed.

        Oh, not everyone, not universally. Not at first. But remember, Jews have a long history of this kind of thing and it’s deeply ingrained in our culture that people will try to murder us from time to time.

        Remember, the whole Nazi thing did not overly emphasize the Jew Problem in the beginning. Oh, it was there, but not to the level that even alarmed all the Jews.

        So… yea…

        That kind of sounds like today, doesn’t it? “oh it was there” but not “overly emphasized” and Jews aren’t necessarily full-blown panicked, but mildly alarmed…

        Until that point we have little choice but to tackle the crazy stuff via direct and indirect rebuttal.

        Just so.

        The goal of this whole exercise today has been to get people here to see what I’m seeing and see the path that we’re on. You called it a ‘one off’ and D13 acted as though it was irrelevant because he’s somehow never heard of either of them… but what I need is for you to perk your ears up and realize that we ARE in the early 1930’s and headed for the late 1930’s unless more people start pushing back. And you’ll never push back if you don’t think there’s anything to push back against.

        That can be done without scaring everyone into thinking the next Nazi takeover is around the corner.

        I feel I’ve been very clear that this is still early innings.

        Torado watch, not tornado warning.

        1930, not 1940.

        It’s not about where we ARE. It’s about the path that we’re on and that people are not paying attention to the fact that we keep tiptoeing in the Bad Direction.

        Because you see, that leads to abuse. Like we are seeing with the POTUS accusing half the country of being neo-Nazis because they disagree with him.

        I can’t help what other people say and do.

        I can say that a big-ish right-wing celebrity went on a major platform and spewed Holocaust denial and antisemitism to millions of people. And I can say that the left seems apoplectic about it while the right is…. not.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Here is a big part of the problem:

          “So… yea…

          That kind of sounds like today, doesn’t it? “oh it was there” but not “overly emphasized” and Jews aren’t necessarily full-blown panicked, but mildly alarmed…”

          You see, anything and everything can fit into that summary. I scream about the threat of Socialism taking over and you tell me not to worry, it is overblown. Charlie tells me I am full of it because they are not “real socialists”. T-Ray and I see major threats and more violence from the left. You say BS. But I need to wake up to the anti-Semitism that is growing out of control. I do not see it. You say I am hiding my head in the sand.

          You can claim anything is a growing threat and I can do the same. But not all things are really a threat and not all are really growing.

          Now are you trying to claim that Kanye West is a “big right wing celebrity”?? And you want me to take your warnings seriously? Seriously!

          One more thing: ” You called it a ‘one off’ …” NO SIR! I did not call it a one off. I was making the point that you, yourself have claimed this of others that we call out for their BS. Even though they are not alone. So using your standard this clown is the same. I do claim, and still maintain that Kanye West is not really relevant to the majority of people. And neither is Alex Jones.

          They deserve watching not because they can create a movement but because they can move a minority of crazy people.

          So let me ask you this, as it is related to my last comment. Is it really a growing anti-Semitism that is out there, or is it only the occurrence of anti-Semitic “acts” that has grown? In other words, are opinions being formed or are just the same crazies now being motivated to act out their BS?

          • So let me ask you this, as it is related to my last comment. Is it really a growing anti-Semitism that is out there, or is it only the occurrence of anti-Semitic “acts” that has grown? In other words, are opinions being formed or are just the same crazies now being motivated to act out their BS?

            Perhaps it’s growing, perhaps not… hard for me to say.

            What I can say is that it’s being normalized, mainstreamed.

            A decade ago, something like this would have been a major story with universal condemnation.

            Now it’s “yawn.”

            Once antisemitism goes from “horrific” to “bad” to “yawn,” the next stop is “normal” and/or “accepted.”

            That’s where the Bad Things start to build momentum.

            • “What I can say is that it’s being normalized, mainstreamed.”

              Look at how much you Sufa-nuts are questioning it. Mathius is correct. It is being normalized. It is the banality of evil and the fact a mainstream political party can’t find enough members with spines to condemn it is pretty revealing.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Is everything you know about the world just made up in your mind?

                Your comment has no relationship to reality.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I think you should consider the possibility that it has moved to yawn because we, collective we, feel we have dealt with it as a society and don’t see it as anything but BS.

              I don’t see how you can say it is becoming mainstream when almost weekly the MSM, which I include cable as part of, have some story about how anti-Semitism is on the rise, or trying to link some politician to some other racist neo-Nazi type. Your narrative seems to be based on Kanye West getting an interview with Alex Jones. Mainstreamed? Really???

              If it was being mainstreamed then how could the accusations of anti-Semitism, racism, etc. carry such damaging weight as they do today. Hell, member of both political parties are constantly pointing out anti-Semitism and its evil nature. Although they usually point only to members of the other party. But recently both parties criticized some of their own for statements which could be “construed” as fomenting anti Jewish sentiments.

              I will add one thing though, that could fit your narrative. The more people cry Wolf, the more they beat up on people for stuff that is not real, the greater the threat they will begin to turn them against you. Remember that video discussion I posted from Red State with the Black and White pundits. Remember what the White guy said his fear is that the more White People are called racist and attacked, the more they may actually turn into racists?

  90. Just A Citizen says:

    Boy if this doesn’t represent a lot of the problems we have discussed here about how people are being manipulated, coerced and the general downfall of civilized debate.

    • The case was correctly decided.

      That doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Nor that the court isn’t biased as all hell.

      But “stopped clocks” and all that..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You talking about the Dobb’s case being correctly decided?

        That aside, I did not post that to raise the issue of Dobbs. or Roe. I posted it as an example of what happens when your notion of boycotting those who say things you don’t like takes hold and it turns out almost just as bad. A lawyer lost her job for expressing her opinion, one that didn’t even have any real anti anything attached to it.

        • By her own account:

          Later that day, Hogan Lovells suspended my contracts, cut off my contact with clients, removed me from email and document systems, and emailed all U.S. personnel saying that a forum participant had made “anti-Black comments” and was suspended pending an investigation.

          Seems something she said in there (presumably something about disproportionate abortion rates within the black community) was interpreted as racist.

          So, again, by her own account, she was ostensibly fired not for a lack of outrage over Roe but over what others perceived as racism.

          Was she racist? Did she misspeak? Was the firm overreacting? Was it a pretext? I have no idea. I wasn’t on the call.

          I only have one side of this story.

          Nonetheless, we can just as readily substitute “racism” for “lack of outrage over roe” and your core point holds up tolerably well.. to whit: she was fired for expressing her opinion.

          And, to that, I say, such is life.

          I was actually fired once.. or let go.. or quit.. I suppose it depends on how you want to look at it. But the upshot is that I badmouthed a shitty employer to someone I thought was a friend and it got back to the company who fired me.. or, technically, let me resign. Should they have had some obligation to keep me around when my views were clearly at odds with company orthodoxy*?

          Shit happens. You aren’t entitled to a job when you do something the employer thinks is unacceptable unless that thing is in a protected category. Which neither legal opinions, nor racism, nor badmouthing shitty employers qualify as.**


          * That orthodoxy being the wrongheaded opinion that they weren’t a shitty company.

          ** And, for the record, this sentence is grammatically wrong and I don’t give a shit because the rules are made up and don’t matter and I can do whatever I want to the English language and no one, not even you, can stop me.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Does that mean I can put the quotation marks where ever I want now and you won’t correct me? 🙂

            Per the article, one person on the call claimed it was racist to point out the disproportionate number of abortions among Black women. But point of order is in order. The company organized the call claiming a “Safe Space” for everyone to share their thoughts.

            Never said she was fired over her views on Roe. Yes, she was fired for expressing her opinion. But why? Because of the “reactionary mentality” that has been created by the so called “Woke”, or “Social Justice”, movement. Sorry if you don’t like the names but I don’t know what else to call this crazy stupid shit. Oh there we go …. CSS

            Perhaps my bigger point can be summed as this. Far to many people are malleable. If you keep yelling that there is a racist under every bush, pretty soon people will see a racists under every bush. If you keep yelling that there is an anti-Semite under every bush, pretty soon they see an anti-Semite under every bush, and if you keep yelling there is a Jew under every bush, well then you have The Jews dominating the brush field. And then if you start screaming for action against those under the bushes, you get CSS, and people’s lives are destroyed.

            In this case an obviously NOT racist statement was taken as racist. How? Because the mob has decided it is, truth doesn’t matter anymore. CSS is the rule of the day.

  91. Just A Citizen says:

    Now, after all we have gone through this AM I would like to take up a bit of a contrarian view. To kind of highlight the problem with stereo typing groups based on those we think harm us.

    The huge complaint about what is “anti-Semitic” is that people lump “The Jews” as a group while at the same time going after the elite institutions, like the media and banks. Mathius himself has admitted that Jews have excelled in these fields, among others. They are probably over represented in these areas, based on population. So you have people who become aware that the machine is grinding them to a pulp. They look up and see the machine and they see that Jewish people are running that equipment. So they rant at “The Jews” for cancelling them. They demand The Jews be crushed.

    At the same time:

    A bunch of people feel like the system is beating them down. They look up and see “white” people in charge of the equipment. They start crying out that “white” people are evil and should be crushed and made to pay for the sins of their grandparents or parents, or all whites who lived anytime in the past.

    • “They look up and see “white” people in charge of the equipment.”

      You think? You think they just looked up and noticed this? 🙂

      • We are re-segregating society. It must be the evil MAGA white supremacists!

        No wait, it is not. It is the rich white elite progressives. OK all is good.

  92. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, well. This is interesting data. As I have said before, recounting the same fraudulent ballots is not an audit, it is not proof of a fair election.

    We have got to get a handle on this election integrity stuff before it is used to exploit the American people, convincing them to sit by while the Powers that Be take over the system. You cannot fix the system by sitting on the sidelines. And if this means a true audit shows no fraud then so be it. But we have got to get past this pretty darn quick.

    • Can you prove they were “fraudulent ballots”? Of course not. You kill me, JAC. That’s some assumption … 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yes I can. Wisconsin and PA Courts have said so. But they still let them be counted. And when people raised issues they just recounted the same ballots and then claimed “no problem”.

        But other than those two cases I personally cannot prove any particular ballot fraudulent. Others claim they have. But the same crickets show up to check them out. Of course that is really not the issue here. Normally I would say, “but you know that”. But given your other responses I am not sure you get it at all.

        • Who is the election denier? Its the people who refuse to acknowledge there are big problems in these elections. Big enough to sway elections.

        • 2000 Mules showed people dropping multiple ballots at multiple boxes. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states (except CA). By definition harvested ballots are illegal. But then we have ostriches running our government.

  93. The DNC and D members of Congress colluded with twitter and probably the other tech giants to silence the speech of their opponents but who Trump dines with is more important than the first amendment.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Of course it is. One caused people to look at them, so they scream NO, look at HIM instead. Keep the peanut gallery off balance and confused.

      • A few years ago, we heard about Muslim FGM practices and how it had to be stopped. Now we celebrate grooming young children and confusing them about their sexuality, chemically castrating them, and lopping off body parts. But I must not use the wrong pronoun with Johnny/Joanie or I will hurt their feelings.

        Our daughters are forced to compete against and to disrobe in front of a sexually confused physically intact male child. His rights are more important than the rights of the many girls. Woe betides the girl that uses the wrong pronoun.

        The government sends me a $1200 stimulus check for which I am to be eternally grateful but then devalues my life savings after working for 50 years by 10x to 100x times this amount. But I must use the right pronouns.

        The Fauci Plague has been upon us for three years now. During that time, we were told it was caused by bats, wear masks, stay 6’ apart, close our businesses, stay home, not go to the beach, take the “safe and effective” vaccine or lose your job, not fly or some other restriction. The masks did not work, the 6’ was pulled out of someone’s arse, outdoors in the sunlight was the safest place, the shots were not safe, effective nor even a vaccine. The sick were pushed into nursing homes thus spreading the virus to the most vulnerable, kids were forced to wear masks which trapped CO2 and pathogens resulting in headaches and other respiratory illnesses, schools were closed and the kids were forced to the take the shot despite the known fact that kids were not vulnerable to the disease and the shot was dangerous. The CDC never seriously looked at cheap solutions such as vitamins, zinc, HCQ, and ivermectin. They did not conduct timely studies on the effectiveness of these medications or on the effectiveness of masks and other mitigation methods. But God forbid I use the wrong pronouns.

        Twitter and the other tech giants colluded with the DNC and government agencies to squelch the Hunter Laptop story, election issues, and any “disinformation” about the Fauci Plague that disagreed with the CDC (Fauci). So much for freedom of speech. Do I get my first amendment right back if I use the correct pronouns?

        I live in CA so if I want a new car after 2035, by executive decree (not legislative action) I must buy an electric car. But this summer we were told not to charge our electric cars because there was not enough electricity! I have had to drag out the generator at least 6 times this year to keep the house cool for my wife and the food cold in the refrigerator and freezer. But after 2035, I will not be able to buy a gasoline powered generator as all small gas engines are banned again by executive (imperial) decree. Will I be excused if I use the correct pronouns?

        We are funding a war in eastern Europe with my tax dollars and deflated savings. The EU, collectively, has as many people and as much wealth as we do. Why must we fund this war? Can I get my money back if I use the correct pronouns?

        Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Keep people off balance with the trivia while the country is stolen from under our feet. Or as the Romans did bread and circuses.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Well said and you are privileged to now PAY BACK all those black people that your ancestors discriminated against. Hate to say it but if I were younger, I’d move to CA and open up a Cadillac dealership! Make a bundle over the next few years.

          • I am the family genealogist. I have a running list of all descendants of one patriarch that served in the military. The number is near 200 vets involved most of our wars. The number grows substantially larger when other branches of the family are included along with my wife’s family. Many served in the Union Army in the CW. Not one on the other side. My family paid the price in blood.

          • “I’d move to CA and open up a Cadillac dealership! Make a bundle over the next few years.”

            SK, you belong on the Alex Jones show … show pride in your racism! 🙂

            • S Kent Troy says:

              You see racism there? What would YOU do with free money? My tastes run towards a Porsche 911 Targa or if I could find one, a ’63 Austin Healey 3000.

            • S Kent Troy says:

              Once upon a time I knew a man in Harlem, my tenant at 115 West 141st street who I had become fast friends with. A veteran of the 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning or the Electric Strawberry, look it up) he actually participated in the battle made famous at the end of “Platoon”. Street smart wily guy who had a lot of health issues. I remember helping him with a VA claim for disability which finally went through.

              Because of his diabetes, he had lost about half his teeth and was only in his mid-late 40’s. The VA does not or did not do teeth back in the ’90’s. You would watch him struggle eating which was a shame in general. I’ve had teeth problems myself over the years. Bob was a hard worker but a bit of a con man. He provided good local intel to us (did not want to rent to any drug dealers if I could do something about it) which he was paid for.

              When the VA came through, he got a lump sum check of about $ 30,000. I remember how happy he was. I immediately started talking about getting his teeth done which he said was his first priority. Didn’t see him for about a week and when I did, he was behind the wheel of a new Buick, all tricked out! Teeth be damned.

              Anecdotal, absolutely! Instructive, INCREDIBLY!

              So, tell me what is racist about that?

      • JAC, did my response go to the dark web?

  94. S Kent Troy says:

    So, the 2020 election was not stolen huh?

    Well the Musk info dump makes it pretty obvious that there was certainly ENOUGH of a hand on the scale to turn 40,000 votes in three to six states to guarantee an electoral college win, doesn’t it?

    Poor Elon, he is going the way of Snowden and Assange but does not realize it yet. I’d hate to be in his shoes.

    Any fool who thinks something will “happen” to rectify any of this is deluded. THEY control the reins of power, investigative and prosecutorial authority. The other two parts of the government, legislative and judicial are becoming irrelevant and mere window dressing like teh post Caesar Roman Senate. Funny how the Fascist oligarchy built up these past 30 years and was all but ignored. the paranoids can damn well speculate now about us deliberately ignoring Osama Bin Laden and allowing the plans for 9-11 to go forward just to deliver the PATRIOT ACT.

    The Sam Bankman crypto-fiasco and the response, ie. he is some kind of a Robin Hood because he stole from the rich and gave to the DNC for the “RIGHT” reasons is amazing. I thought I’d throw up when I watched him get that round of applause from my “betters” the other day when he feigned total innocence. Nothing is gonna happen to that jerk. Probably be elevated to be the Secretary of the Treasury in Biden’s second term. Poor Bernie Madoff. never gave a dime to the political parties. Life would have been so very different for him and his family had he snuggled up to the Clinton’s and Obama’s. .

    Anyone remember Frank Church after Watergate and Viet-nam. The SOB was onto something.

    • I can’t disagree with you.

      • Of course not. A collection of nuts remain nuts. 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:

          An ad hominem fallacy is one that attempts to invalidate an opponent’s position based on a personal trait or fact about the opponent rather than through logic.

          • Give it up, JAC. The only people you convince are the ones on this safe site. Spew your bullshit in public and you’ll be laughed at to your face rather than here. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      You have to love how the media is claiming “Twitter LEAKS” are trickling out.

      Mr. Musk OWNS the company. Yet his release of internal communications between Twitter employees and Government officials is LEAKING. Really?

      Also noticed last night there was ZERO mention of the Twitter revelations on the MSM websites and the only mention on Politico and The Hill was about Musk Leaking information. Politico even went as far as to discuss the Hunter Biden laptop content and then added that “there is no way to prove whether some or much of the information was added to the lap top after it was found”.

      Got that? They are questioning the accuracy with the old “We can’t prove the negative” so the “negative could be true”. How much you want to bet that is the story line among the “left” on the internet thingy this coming week?

    • “So, the 2020 election was not stolen huh?”

      Give us an anecdote, SK. Prove it. Just once. 🙂

      • S Kent Troy says:

        If you READ, if you CAN, the tweets released, as they say in the law business, it becomes SELF evident. Remember I am not talking ten million votes here, merely 40,000 in select precincts in select states. A snap!

        • I’m sure those 40,000 will be brought up for the 61st (Or is it 62nd) time and tossed out of court just like the others … and by Trump/Republican appointed judges … who must all be part of the Deep State’s attempt to save the country from blood drinking pedophiles and Jewish Space Lasers … you keep diggin, SK. Something tells me you’re on to something. You’ll get your boy, the Nazi lover, back in office before we realize it. 🙂

          • S Kent Troy says:

            Nothing can be done and that is obvious but it can and should be pointed out. Historians will record 2020 as the most corrupt US election ever. I do not particularly give a proverbial rats ass what you think. We now KNOW a big hand was on the scale that is undeniable. But knowing you, Putin probably put out all those Twitter internal memo’s.

            • “Historians will record 2020 as the most corrupt US election ever.”

              If I were you, I’d put that bet in. I’m sure Vegas has a category for lunatics. Already judged the safest election ever, I doubt it’ll fall to the bottom … unless, of course, Red State is doing the reporting. By the way, what’s your latest excuse for Trump not condemning the Anti-Semitic conversation his BFF Kanye (Ye) had with Alex Jones (two icons of credibility there)? Are you still defending Nazi defenders? SMILEY FACE … 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Have you stopped beating your wife yet? You must answer this question with a yes or no. I demand it.

                I also demand that you denounce your friend who talked to a guy who knows another guy who said someone he knows said something racist.

              • S Kent Troy says:

                Time to ignore you again!

                • Can’t blame you. It sucks being made a fool of.

                  After another week of Trump and his BFF’s making overt anti-Semitic comments (“like Hitler” … “Hitler did some good things,” etc.), it’s impossible for Christian Nationalists, or anyone else still supporting Trump, to deny the obviousness of his anti-Semitism/Racism/Xenophobia, etc. If one wishes the Jewish community a Happy Hanukkah with memes on Facebook and continues to support Trump, it doesn’t change the fact they are supporting a blatant anti-Semite and all his demented friends (Holocaust deniers included).

                  Now the orange man says we need to throw out the constitution and install him as President.

                  And the GOP remains silent. His supporters remain silent.

                  So, what’s new, fat man? I’ll tell you “what’s new” … my FEAR that the Democratic Party will go out of its way to influence the DOJ to NOT indict Trump for the simple FACT that they know he will be the most beatable candidate (the one they thought he was in 2016). He is that now. Totally beatable. He will never win a general election again in the US&A. In fact, I think it is Trump’s ploy right now, to 1) try and frighten the DOJ from indictments, and 2) knowing the Democrats are salivating at him being the GOP Presidential nominee in 2024.

                  Whether Trump is clever enough to play the DOJ and Democratic Party enough to avoid indictments remains to be seen. In the meantime, he continues to spew insanity that only blind faithers (i.e., Christian Nationalists or not) are willing to ignore.

                  I was brought up Catholic and was (by parental edict) an altar boy. I rejected my faith early on and haven’t looked back once. My wife is a believer, albeit a cherry-picker, but neither of us could ever justify supporting anyone as blatantly prejudiced against Jews, Gays, Muslims, Blacks, etc., as Donald Trump or any of his BFFs.

                  There is NOTHING about Donald Trump that resembles the teachings of the Biblical Jesus Christ. NOTHING. Remember that when you defend him and then go to Church and take communion. Remember that when you defend him and post “He is Risen” Easter memes or “Happy Hannukah” memes on Facebook. Remember that when you defend him knowing the mob he sent to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, beat the shit out of law enforcement and defecated in the halls of Congress.

                  Nothing says USA! USA! USA! like a twice impeached loser who wants to throw the constitution away and be installed as President …

                  Talk about American Exceptionalism. If you’re still supporting him, YOU qualify! 🙂

                  • Talk about KoolAid drinkers! You upped the ante by spiking yours.

                    • Anita, my love, how so? What in that post isn’t a FACT? 🙂

                    • You spin everything, Charlie. How can he be BFF’s with someone he didn’t know? And yes, you forgot the part where he didn’t speak too well of Kanye and his mental health. At least get the story straight.

                  • overt anti-Semitic comments (“like Hitler” … “Hitler did some good things,” etc.)

                    What really drives me nuts is that this is NOT an antisemitic statement (as quoted). Only a cartoonish caricature of Hitler has his without ANY “good things” to his name. People seem to imagine that the guy just sat around muttering “Jews” over and over again and thinking of evil things to do.

                    He banned animal cruelty.
                    He passed some of the world’s first real environment protection laws, including national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
                    He created Mother’s Day as a holiday in Germany
                    He set up government subsidies to support children (eg, child-welfare)
                    He sure as hell stimulated the economy (you know, before destroying it)
                    He was a big supporter of the arts
                    He almost certainly got us to the moon (See: Operation Paperclip).

                    Oh, and of course, the best thing he ever did: he killed Hitler.

                    overt anti-Semitic comments (“like Hitler” … “Hitler did some good things,” etc.)

                    So, yea… the problem isn’t Kanye’s ‘he did some good things’ or even his ‘I like’ schtick since it was couched in a squishy framework of “I like everybody” and “everyone has redeeming qualities.”

                    But the Holocaust denialism, the “looooove” for Nazis, the “I like everyone” / “Even Hitler?” / “Especially Hitler” bit… and most importantly, his representation of Jews as a secret cabal controlling finance and Hollywood… Yea… that’s just indefensible.

                    But, ultimately, Kanye is mentally ill. I can’t really blame him before being crazy – he’s crazy – and crazy people say and do crazy things. I blame Alex Jones and their respective “handlers” and enablers for giving him a platform.

                    I can’t fault a crazed gunman for killing people. But I sure as shit can blame someone who knowingly puts a gun in his hand.

                    Similarly, the Stochastic Terrorism – in this case – is not truly the fault of the speaker. It’s the fault of people who knowingly put a microphone in his hands.

                    • “He was a big supporter of the arts” … yeah, as long as the artists were anti-Semitic (like Wagner, his favorite composer). To be fair, Wagner was brilliant, but I don’t think that was Hitler’s litmus test. 🙂

                      Ye may be nuts, but the Orange Man still has yet to condemn Ye’s good friend, Nick Fuentes, or anything Ye said. So it goes …

                    • Woops. Put my comment in the wrong spot…should be here.

  95. S Kent Troy says:

    Just finished an interesting “alternate history” book called “Final Impact”. Decent yarn about a 21st century “Rimpac” type fleet being wormholed to 1942. Resulted in allies and Axis getting 21st century technology which changed the way WW 2 was fought.

    All in all an enjoyable read after being deeply immersed in real history for a couple of months learning about the CBI and Southwest Pacific campaigns mostly.

    HOWEVER, politics seems to rear its ugly head everywhere. A main character, an investigative 21st century journalist in the novel goes full bore on J. Edgar because of his attempts to sabotage the newcomers and the “future” history they bring along. Ultimately he is disgraced and forced to resign by FDR. He then kills himself.

    OK, no problem, the author set that up well. Later in the story she discloses that she receives truckloads of hate mail and tells a colleague how surprised she was, “in the 21st century, I thought that the only crazies were the people who listened to talk radio and watched Fox News.”

    The book was written 15 years back and it is so incredibly evident that the author, like most leftists never listened to talk radio or watched Fox news. A quick and dirty cheap shot! Ruined the whole damned book for me. 15 years back, who exactly was talk radio except Rush Limbaugh?

  96. Mathius……Because I wanted to make sure of things, I watched this Kanye JOKE and this Alex Jones show……I have come to the conclusion that the world has some really weird people. No one…and I repeat, no one could possible take this Kanye (whatever he is) seriously and no one thinks he is a representative of the GOP except for maybe Charlie. This guy is more looney tunes than even the Plutonian Orange Man.

    As to Alex JOnes, there was nothing there that would inspire me to ever watch his shows and I would like to see just how large is audience is….you say millions but I do not know how to measure. I am sure there is something out there.

    However, you have said some things that I find extremely controversial that smacks of…….the very thing you said we should be aware of and what Hitler and his party did early on before he became Chief Pariah. There is no in-between stance on free speech, is there? If there is, then would we be guilty in stifling free speech? Even the rhetoric which we hate? This Kanye guy is clearly off his rocker….I mean, from outer space but does he have a right to what he said, and does this Jones guy, who must be from the next planet, have a right to show what he wants?

    We have seen censorship from Twitter, Apple and so on for years. Now, Musk buys Twitter and starts to release documents on the news and everybody is in a flux of disbelief that he would do this. However, Musk bought Twitter on the pretext of no censorship but now has censored Kanye….I have a real problem with censorship because I perceive that as being a slippery slope. We are already on it but it can be halted…but where?

    • As to Alex JOnes, there was nothing there that would inspire me to ever watch his shows and I would like to see just how large is audience is….you say millions but I do not know how to measure. I am sure there is something out there.

      Jones’ show averages between 10k and 1m daily viewers.

      His Kanye interview netted 3.1m viewers. That’s about 1% of the US population.

      The YouTube and Twitter feeds of the show were in the millions, also, before being taken down.

      But this is misleading. That’s just his show, basically a podcast.

      He also owns InfoWars, with daily traffic in the millions (obviously, with significant overlap). And InfoWars is a prominent feeder in the alt-right / far-right media ecosystem, so even if you don’t read InfoWars, you almost certainly read something heavily influenced by InfoWars.

      I have come to the conclusion that the world has some really weird people. No one…and I repeat, no one could possible take this Kanye (whatever he is) seriously and no one thinks he is a representative of the GOP except for maybe Charlie. This guy is more looney tunes than even the Plutonian Orange Man.

      Kanye has been banned from Twitter where he had over 30 followers. For reference, though some percentage of that were undoubtedly bots, that’s roughly twice as many followers as there are Jews.

      He still retains his TikTok account with 1.9m followers.

      No one…and I repeat, no one could possible take this Kanye (whatever he is) seriously

      You keep missing the forest for the trees…

      It doesn’t matter if they take him seriously.

      What matters is that he’s broadcasting antisemitism into the world. He’s NORMALIZING the ideas. He’s making it more acceptable to be antisemitic, to deny the Holocaust, to accuse Jew cabals of running banking and the media, that the Nazis weren’t so bad.

      To put in terms that may resonate with you a bit better: He’s moving the Overton Window.

      the very thing you said we should be aware of and what Hitler and his party did early on before he became Chief Pariah. There is no in-between stance on free speech, is there? If there is, then would we be guilty in stifling free speech? Even the rhetoric which we hate? This Kanye guy is clearly off his rocker….I mean, from outer space but does he have a right to what he said, and does this Jones guy, who must be from the next planet, have a right to show what he wants?

      You persist in conflating GOVERNMENT “censorship” with PRIVATE CITIZEN “condemnation.”

      I am not, have not, WILL not call for the government to silence Alex Jones or Kanye.

      Free Speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequence.

      I, a private citizen, think Kanye is mentally ill and ought to be in a psych ward. But I think Jones is a sociopathic asshole who knowingly facilitated a nazi apologist and gave him access to an audience of millions.

      Shout “the Jews are a threat” enough and sooner or later, you get a Moral Panic, a pogrom, or even just lone nuts. You make it easier for other, and more serious, Nazis and antisemites to come out and ratchet things up even further. This is dangerous and Jones knows it and he. does. not. care. He cares about getting that sweet sweet advertising revenue.

      • Yet, when white people and Christians complain about being attacked constantly, even through the school system. You say we are whining. Like you said, you say it enough times and bad things happen. You also complained about people saying negative things about extreme Muslims, yet it’s okay to say bad things about Zionists. I find it hard to understand the difference between these things. Or to come to a conclusion on how it can be made better.

        • Yet, when white people and Christians complain about being attacked constantly, even through the school system. You say we are whining.

          You’ll have to be more specific.

          A lot of the “being attacked” I hear about is more readily translated to “we’re used to getting our way and feel victimized when we aren’t able to force ourselves on others.” (see also: book banning, school prayer, “In god we trust,” anti-LGBT, etc)

          Like you said, you say it enough times and bad things happen.

          Unclear what you’re getting at here…?

          You also complained about people saying negative things about extreme Muslims,


          I complain that normal Muslims are treated like extremists or alien. I balk at the fearmongering of Islam as though it were somehow evil and nefarious in a way that Christianity is not. (especially in the aftermath of 9/11, and Trump’s “Muslim Ban”).

          But I think you’ll find it difficult to point to anything I’ve said that is defensive of “extreme Muslims.” Or ANY religious extremism, for that matter.

          yet it’s okay to say bad things about Zionists. I find it hard to understand the difference between these things.


          I would say it’s ok to say bad thing about ZIONISM.. or, more accurately, a certain aggressive and militant and apartheid-ist version of “Zionism.”

          It’s like saying “I’m against the Crusades” vs “I’m against Christianity.”

          I’ve long held that you can be against the misbehavior of THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL and of supporters and instigators of those positions without being inherently against Judaism.

          Likewise, I can condemn the Vatican’s willingness to protect and hide pedophile priests… but that doesn’t make me anti-Christianisty.

          yet it’s okay to say bad things about Zionists. I find it hard to understand the difference between these things.

          To put that a bit more succinctly: “Jews” are not interchangeable with “the government of Israel.”

          Or to come to a conclusion on how it can be made better.

          Unclear what you’re getting at here…?

        • ” … yet it’s okay to say bad things about Zionists.”

          I “think” there are levels of Zionists, some of whom (to me) are no different than Nazis. Radical Islam and Zionism aren’t so far apart.

      • My mistake on your censorship stand, I thought you wanted regulation. I can’t abide that….but you clarified it.

      • You rant against the followers of Jones, et. al., but say nothing about those the follow the known liars at CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. All these outfits have carried the water for Obama, Biden and the DNC. All got the Russia hoax wrong. All got the Hunter true story wrong. All got the “hands up don’t shoot” story wrong. All got the Covid story wrong. All have been caught in lie after lie over the last several years. Their following is many times that of Jones but you are fixated on him. In order fix what is wrong with our government, we need a truly unbiased fearless honest press. Until that happens, we have no chance of reforming government.

        I said that Trump is the canary because he has been the lightning rod that directed our attention to how messed up our government is, how deep the deep state is, how imperial our executive branch has become, how corrupt our justice system (DOJ & FBI) is, how over regulated we are….. Trump, however, is not the serious reformer we need to fix our ills. We need someone far more serious and astute but we also need a Congress and a press how are committed to fixing the problems. It starts with the press.

        Until then, pronouns, Nazism, racism, abortion, LBGQT (whatever) are just distractions meant to divide us and take our attention away from the real problems. Sadly, I see people on here who have fallen for the ruse.

        • You rant against the followers of Jones, et. al., but say nothing about those the follow the known liars at CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. […] Until then, pronouns, Nazism, racism, abortion, LBGQT (whatever) are just distractions

          That you cannot see the difference between the Pronouns (the drive for courtesy toward gender minorities) and Nazism (the drive to murder those same people, plus Jews, Gypsies, Communists, non-whites, political dissidents, etc.).. that you cannot see this distinction, that you think the likes of Fuentes and Kanye and Jones are on even remotely similar to CNN……

          That you think the mainstreaming of Nazism is just a distraction and now, you know, the mainstreaming of people whose ideology involves murdering me and family……

          There’s no point in having this conversation with you.

          • BS, we had a whole summer of burn loot murder and you basically cheered but with you covering your arse with the caveat that you do not support violence. Meanwhile the MSM lied to us daily but you said crickets. You even propagated the lies. Your family is in no danger except in your mind.

            • “we had a whole summer of burn loot murder ”

              Much of it propagated by undercover cops. And how many murders were there? How many assholes like that stupid kid in Wisconsin who decided HE needed to carry an AR-15 into a raucous situation (even though he didn’t live there) … please. Your side is nuts. 🙂

              • Oh I get it the summer of burn loot murder was under cover cops who virtually arrested no one but J6 was an organized white supremacist attempted coup and no government agents were involved.

                • The difference being, cops were caught during BLM. There were a few cops on January 6 who allowed access to the capitol for the lunatics (but that’s because those morons still believe Trump was the law and order President. Those types of cops want nothing more than the right to beat the shit out of civilians and/or kill them with immunity. I call them punks with badges. There are LOTS and LOTS of them. 🙂

                  • No, Charlie. The difference is that liberals think people who broke the law should be arrested and charged whether the person is on the left or right

                    Meanwhile, conservatives think only people on the left should be charged.

                    Also, conservatives seem to think stealing diapers is more serious than attempting to overthrow the government.

                  • It came out in court that the FBI had 6 CHSs inside of the Oath Keepers including the VP. There are videos of Feds in the crowd in J6. Who is Ray Eps? Please supply proof that BLM was infiltrated and encouraged by the police.

        • Smartest thing you said: “It starts with the press.”

          Yes, except I have a feeling you wouldn’t like the independent press anymore than you do the corporate shills (one of which, you left out, FOX). We need an independent 4th estate … good luck with that in our current capitalist economy. It will NEVER be permitted. We are experiencing the inevitability of capitalism, whether you’d ever entertain it or not. Hold onto your butts, because it’s gonna get a LOT worse.

          • Smartest thing you said: “It starts with the press.”

            Is that the Lügenpresse?

            • 🙂 I’m sure the SUFA-Squad would call it that, but no matter, it’s far too late for a legitimate 4th estate, which leaves us with two slightly different versions of a main street lying press (one for the GOP and a few more for the DNC). Gaslighting is their role … and it sure seems to work. 🙂

  97. Yo JAC…I think I am in moderation again.

  98. A few Republicans want to look forward. Most won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. Like SK, they still believe the 2020 election was stolen … and they’ll defend the Orange Man to the end … of their party. Surprised not to see SUFA-ites commenting on a guy who wants to toss their precious constitution. 🙂

    • Trump is wrong to say we need to suspend the Constitution. He is right to be angry because the DNC, FBI and our intelligence agencies did in fact interfere in the election which makes it fraudulent. The problem is that much of government no longer works within the Constitution so essentially it is already suspended. We need to reapply it forcibly and make the offenders pay a severe price for their offenses. Trump is the canary, you should be far more upset with the existing power structure and what it is doing.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Trump is wrong but let’s face it the “Constitution” to paraphrase Von Ribbentrop has become a “scrap of paper”.

        They do what they want, it takes years for it to wend its way through the courts, the courts shoot it down, they then either ignore it or merely “tweak” it and start all over again! The EO bullshit is beyond belief!

        Frankly I do not know what the hell the Donald is talking about if he is quoted correctly. We should be beefing it up, not weakening it.

      • “We need to reapply it forcibly and make the offenders pay a severe price for their offenses.”

        Just curious. Does that include an attempt to overthrow an election?

      • T-Man, you do realize that Trump’s claim of fraud has had to do with outright fraud (the dead voting, ballots shuffled threw machines twice, truckloads of ballots, mules, etc.) and nothing to do with what you’re whining about now. Also, there have been more than a few people who testified that he admitted he lost. I know, I know … they’re lying and he’s telling the truth. 🙂

    • What’s to comment on? Can you find me a Republican that thinks that way? Never mind, it does not matter. Most, if not all my conservative friends, do not stand behind what he said, no matter the context. Trump is done.

      Unlike democrats that think the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” that can be changed on whim….

      • The constitution is changed ALL THE TIME, Colonel. Judicial interpretation is not rigid, nor should it be. A flawed document from centuries ago needs to adapt to the times.

        • A flawed document from centuries ago needs to adapt to the times.

          If the Founders could see modern America, their first thoughts would be HOLY SHIT GIANT FLYING METAL BIRDS!!!

          I don’t know that we need to treat them as some kind of infallible wisemen.

          • “I don’t know that we need to treat them as some kind of infallible wisemen.”

            You’ll notice it’s only when it’s convenient that they want to make believe it was written in stone and is the gospel according to St. Ronald of Reagan. The politically appointed SCOTUS (with absurd lifetime careers WTF were those “founding morons” thinking) will read and interpret it politically.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Strawman Alert!

    • Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution in Truth Social post

      I’ll bet he wants to preserve the Fifth Amendment, however….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You are one to almost always nit pick statements from those on the left when attacked by those on the right. So, technically, Mr. Trump DID NOT call for “termination” of the Constitution.

        He called for suspension of certain parts relating to elections. Now it is easy to argue that is a call to suspend the document, which the leftwing media is doing, because they are lazy and in the tank, but for accuracy sake it is not.

        The statement itself reflects his absolutely shallow way of spewing what ever comes to his mind. I do not know if he truly thinks this is appropriate or if he thinks these kinds of statements someone force the point into the public arena. That would be consistent with his flame thrower style.

        It really doesn’t matter, however, as such a statement goes beyond the norm when it comes to the Constitution and its relationship to We the People. Bottom line, he continues to dig his hole deeper without even being forced to do so. I am beginning to wonder if he even really wants the job again.

        • “I am beginning to wonder if he even really wants the job again.”

          Even that moron knows he can’t win again. All he’s doing now is his revenge tour. He’ll bring your party to its knees a dozen more times before it figures out he (and his supporters) aren’t worth it … and by then it’ll be too late. You and I both know the GOP wants nothing more than for Trump to be convicted under a statute that precludes him running again.

          • Eric Holder is saying that we’ve been conditioned enough to accept the political violence about to happen with an indictment of Trump. But we get a twofer cause Hunter is going down too. See how fair they are?

            • The conditioning started in early 2020 and it was not the MAGA crowd.

              • Go back further. Ferguson, Mo. Michael Brown shooting and riots that followed. Who was the AG? Holder. Things that make you go hmmmmm

        • He called for suspension of certain parts relating to elections. Now it is easy to argue that is a call to suspend the document

          The distinction is actually irrelevant.

          What he’s calling for is to throw out the results of the last election and have himself anointed king President by some kind of fiat.

          I don’t think he cares much how this happens… legitimate win, fraud, lawful-but-awful hijinks, literal coup, or being anointed by partisans on the Court. As long as he gets what he wants (and what he feels he is entitled to).

          An unhinged narcissist like Trump doesn’t care if he throws out the baby with the bathwater.. just as long as he gets his way.

      • 🙂 He can’t seem to stop himself from repeating the fifth, can he?

        Come to think of it, ALL his BFF’s did the same thing (Flynn was a classic) “Fifth. Fifth. Fifth …” 🙂

  99. “Trump is the canary, …”

    He certainly spoke like one … then went and followed the same script domestically. It’s good to see you still think the election was fraudulent. You still can’t imagine people seeing Trump for what he is. Smoke crack much?

  100. Anita, my love … what did I spin? Assuming he was clueless about Fuentes, has he yet condemned him? Not that I know of.

  101. 🙂

    • Test
      So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!

      • So where is he advocating terminating the Constitution?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          He didn’t. But he sure did fumble the ball without even being hit.

          • What am I missing? Maybe he just didn’t say it clearly. Maybe I’m off. I read it as…if you accept a fraudulent election, then YOU (Ds) are trampling on the Constitution.

            • Correction… Not just Ds…all the election deniers.

              • Anita, my love, HE (orange man) doesn’t get to declare the election fraudulent and therefore be installed as the rightful President. There are courts, 61 of them they tried (some with Trump appointed judges) … he had no case. Nothing. Not the Mules nonsense or anything else. He lost. He’ll lose again if he runs/if he’s allowed to run. He’s toxic to a general election. Even his handpicked morons like Kari Lake couldn’t win with 8.5% inflation. What else to you need to accept that FACT he’s a con-artist and is ONLY concerned with himself (and his legal battles)?

                • Yeah, we’ve heard all that. Doesn’t make any of it true. Can you tell me where Trump is throwing out the Constitution in his tweet? He’s not.

                  • Anita, my love, he wants to suspend it. That make sense to you? Do you think civilians should be permitted to suspend the constitution? Do you think presidents or former presidents should be allowed to suspend the constitution? Come on, you know better. 🙂

                • Are you really paying attention? Look at what just happened in Maricopa Co. Had the roles been reversed, the screams of voter disenfranchisement would be deafening. Insufficient poling locations, long lines, misprogrammed printers, tabulator malfunctions, Box 3 ballots mixed with counted ballots, witness testimony after witness testimony of voters being disenfranchised. It is either incompetence or fraud but I do not accept the former after all the hoopla about 2020 in the same location. I don’t care which side of the aisle you are on. This should anger you.

                  • Well, with all that evidence and courts of law, I’m sure Kari Lake will call for suspending the Arizona state constitution and being installed as Governor. 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:


              What you are missing is his inability to raise questions about the 2020 outcome without falling into the very trap his opposition built for him. They have spent 5-6 years portraying him as a loony tyrant. So what does he do?

              He calls for “suspension” or “overturning” actual Constitutional provisions. By doing this he not only shows his inability/unwillingness to play the game he must play to win, he shows a level of ignorance about the Constitution that is troublesome.

              UNFORCED ERROR as in FUMBLE.

              He did not say the D’s were trampling on the Constitution. You have to read that into his statement which isn’t even close to that. The Twitter release should have been a powerful political win for him. He blew it with his usual bloviating response. Basic rule, think before you speak. The man has little to no self control. So I am sorry but this was an unforced fumble.

              Just so you know the difference, he should have howled about the COLLUSION and that the election was NOT FAIR AND FREE. He should be calling for criminal investigations of the White House for CENSORING SPEECH during an election and using their authority to essentially create PROPOGANDA. He could make great hay going on and on about the deficiency of out laws when it comes to dealing with a fraudulent election. Of course having outside groups tip the scales is not “fraud” but it is also NOT FREE AND FAIR.

              He could do all of those things and come out smelling more Rose like. Instead he called for suspending certain laws and even parts of the Constitution and then having himself INSTALLED AS POTUS.

              • Anita, my love, dare I say it, JAC is right/correct. Mr. Trump is his own worst enemy … and aside from that, he’s an incompetent fool and a horrendous businessman. I can’t wait for someone to leak those tax returns. Oh, baby, a new investigation would be born 2 minutes later. TAX FRAUD.

              • A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.

                Grade school grammar says to take all descriptors out and go from there. So…
                Fraud allows for the termination of rules….

                Yes, he fumbled on the delivery. Would have sounded different in person. If you allow the fraud, then rules go out the window. I don’t think I’m reading anything into it.

                • You may consider this a stretch but oh well. If you ignore the rules, you end up with fraud.

                  Doesn’t change my mind. From my take he didn’t call for suspending anything. Those who committed the fraud have gone against the rules.

                  • The ONLY person ignoring the rules was Trump. He tried to pass fake certifications, he tried to have the DOJ claim they found fraud when they didn’t, etc. He’s a criminal of extraordinary magnitude … because too many of his supporters believe a pathological liar. So it goes … and so goes that party.

      • So, which is it, Anita, my love … was it Massive Voter Fraud that was never detected … or yous taking a page from the Dems playbook (i.e., Russia) and blaming high tech? The votes that were counted were legitimate and he came up short. If you don’t think 81,000,000 people HATED to see his face, never mind hear his voice or vote for him, you haven’t been following. 🙂

        • The guru Charlieopera has spoken. All the votes were legitimate, the Great Karnack divined it.

  102. Incoming House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark of Massachusetts on Sunday recalled one of her children “waking up with nightmares” due to concerns about climate change.

    One in five children are having nightmares about climate change, according to a British survey on Tuesday, as students globally stage protests over a lack of action to curb global warming.

    About 17% of children in Britain said worries about climate change were disturbing their sleep while 19% said these fears were giving them nightmares.


    Here comes the next round of BS from the Climate change mantra. What next?

    • “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” ― Abraham Lincoln

      Someday they will wake up and realize that none of the predictions came true. But in the meantime, they will be unhappy, childless, poor and without any rights. The globalists will have won.

    • ESG scores

    • Couple of thoughts…

      1) Older daughter has anxiety*. She has expressed concern more than once about Climate Change (especially since it’s December and it still hasn’t snowed here). She has had plenty of nightmares about plenty of things, but not Climate Change so far as I am aware.

      2) There’s no fucking way 20% of kids have had nightmares about Climate Change. Not unless this is a survey of Al Gore’s children (assuming he has five of them).

      3) Climate Change is real because it’s real. Scientific consensus doesn’t give a single flying fuck about whether it’s scary to children.

      4. Just because children fear [thing] does not constitute any grounds for doing (or not doing) anything. it is no basis whatsoever for policy. The attempt to tie the threat of Climate Change to “won’t somebody please think of the children” in this sense** is sheer manipulative tripe. It is an effort to make a new crisis (children’s nightmares) which is immediate rather than the more-readily-ignored distant crisis.***

      5. There are fruit flies in my office. I must have killed 50 of the buggers, and they just keep coming. This has nothing to do with the topic at hand… just sharing.


      *actual, legit, diagnosed anxiety, complete with panic attacks – not the soccer-mommy “I know my kid” and want special treatment version.

      ** as opposed to “won’t someone think about the post-apocalyptic hellscape we’re creating for them decades down the road.”

      *** Someone got the memo about how successful the “won’t someone please think of the children” line is**** and is attempting to try to wield the strategy. But that person doesn’t realize that the reason this is so effective is that it asks nothing of the panicked person… the fearmonger and fearmongered-to do not need to sacrifice a penny or change anything about their own lives in order to freak out about [them]. The rules and laws and changes they seek impact themselves not-at-all (or improve their own lives at the expense of others). In short, it is a “free” way to experience feeling like the hero, and all costs are borne by [them]. But combatting Climate Change would require a personal expense and personal sacrifice and doesn’t just hurt [them]. People won’t fall for “think of the children” when you’re asking them to make sacrifices for those children.***** Consequently, it is not suitable for this strategy.

      **** See also: drag shows, trans-youth, Satanic Panic, book banning, bathroom bills, etc… ooh.. and the always popular Blood Libel.

      ***** If this worked, all legitimate child-affecting issues would have long since been solved.

      • “Climate change is real because it’s real.” Great logic. Now explain why not one single prediction has come true, storms, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, etc. are not worse, the correlation between CO2 and temperature was broken 20 years ago, the computer models have all proven to be wrong, and if one looks at the real temperature data or the satellite data, temperature is actually decreasing. Don’t let the facts interfere with your religion.

        • T-man is back to ruling the roost of scientists. 🙂

            • S Kent Troy says:

              The hubris of a human being particularly a secular human being who thinks for a single moment that mankind can stop climate change is mind boggling. While I agree that pollution can indeed have an effect, I am stopped when I think back to the absolute hogwash thirty and forty years back about the OZONE layer. Back then, if you research, you will find that what was said was what had been done was totally irreversible! Then again we have the predictions of self taught clima6te “expert” ALGORE who told us, with certainty and a straight face that by the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, if not sooner, NYC would be under, I believe 17 feet of water.

              I will NOT even discuss the increase of Polar Bear populations around the world over the past few decades.

              I will point out that you “climatists” are your own worst enemies having done the Chicken Little thing way too often or, if you prefer, having cried WOLF too often. Remember the purpose of a fable is NOT to entertain but to EDUCATE.

              I think we in the West have done a bang up job with reducing our pollution. The best example is the discussion T-Ray and I had about the 2022 Chevy Malibu being cleaner by over 95% than the ’62, out of the showroom model. Which cannot be refuted.

              Should anyone really, really want to do something, I would suggest two courses of action, one long term the other short.

              1. EDUCATE the world. People who are educated realize that they do not need 15 children to farm the south 40 nor will their children die of disease nor malnourishment before they are ten. . Generationally, their footprint markedly decreases. As proof I offer the current educated folk birthrate in the West. Not even replacement levels.

              2. Treat China and India as developed nations and DEMAND they follow what we have done in the great clean-up since the 1950’s. Should they fail to do so, sanction them. If the west stops buying their crap produced with filthy energy, they will have to stop its production.

              • “DEMAND” like real men like SK … and not snowflakes “having done the Chicken Little thing way too often”

                🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 What would the world do without SKs?

            • Yale and George Mason University studies? Really?

              • S Kent Troy says:

                Seems to me there is one whole lot of DEMANDING going on in THIS country for the past few years! Not? Shots? Masks? School and Church closings? Getting rid of gas powered vehicles by 2030? Banning light bulbs? Demanding certain pronouns?

                Went to lower Manhattan a few months back. Brought my SCUBA gear, didn’t need it.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Sure they are fruit flies and not Gnats? The latter come out this time of year when it warms up a little.

        • Hard to be certain…but given the images, I pulled up online, I’d have to say you’re probably right… annoying little buggers, but at least they’re easier to kill than houseflies.

  103. It’s a good thing that I do not drink coffee……tipping a barista? What next, tipping the drive through window at McDonalds?

    • Col. You and I are old enough to remember when gas stations pumped the gas, washed your windows, checked your oil and gave Green Stamps and never expected any tips. Get yourself a pocket full of Mexican or Chinese coins and use those.

      • “Get yourself a pocket full of Mexican or Chinese coins and use those.”

        What a good capitalist. Now, to be fair, I don’t always tip for a cup of coffee (unless I have actual change coming, then I do), but T-Man’s response, while valid, refuses to accept the changes in culture and economics. If you allowed someone to do all that work at gas stations and didn’t tip him, you should be embarrassed. Jesus was NOT happy with your decision. At least not MY Jesus, the socialist one. YOUR Jesus was probably egging you on to steal his squeegee while he checked your oil. 🙂

        • Yes, my young padawan, things were different in the good olde days. But then you live in fairy-tale land.

          • Imagine a devout capitalist tipping someone? 🙂 If I had to bet, that’d be the fair-tale land (a capitalist tipping someone).

            Yes, as I remember it, back in those good olde days, black kids being bused into our neighborhood were met with adult males and their baseball bats … not to mention real estate offices being firebombed (although this is probably a few years beyond the guy checking oil) … but it’s relevant to the good olde days. See SK, you can prove something without an anecdote. 🙂

            • When we lived on the farm, like all the other farm kids, I rode the bus to school. We had no real estate offices in town. No one got fire bombed or picketed. We did move outhouses to the schoolyard along with any other loose machinery we could find on Halloween. Main street was two blocks long with buildings on only one side. At one time we had an airport that Lindbergh would occasionally land at. Later we had Sky King’s twin Beech in town. We also had the grand national tractor pull winner; a Minneapolis-Moline chassis with an Allison V12 P38 engine. Oh, nearly everyone had a gun so there was no crime. You could leave your car in the driveway with the keys in it overnight and leave doors unlocked. If you did something bad, your Mom knew before you could get home. But then you probably consider this a a fairy-tale.

              We did watch the troubles in the big cities on TV and wondered what was wrong with you idiots.

              • Idiots? You should’ve come to Little Italy back in the day. No crime because the boys took care of it. I no longer go near the city, but that’s because I’m lazy in my old age. We never wondered about country bumpkins. We knew they kept it real (marrying their cousins, etc.) … 🙂

              • By the way, those firebombings came from all the white who fled Canarsie to set up Trump camps in Staten Island, Long Island and a few places in NJ. It might make Trump and Nick Fuentes happy to know they have racist supporters scattered all over the joint. 🙂

      • Yes sir…if you want some pesos…I am in the right place.

  104. Word is the Orange Jesus is trying to walk back his comments about the constitution. You know, the comments some of you defend. 🙂

  105. Worth listening to:

  106. T-Man, you’ll like this (I think) … maybe not. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The hypocrisy of you and these “people” is palpable.

      You rage against Corporations, the rich, and “monopolies”. Yet you want to allow labor to form a Monopoly so powerful it can destroy an entire economy.

      The real irony is that if your utopia were implemented it would not be long before the gov.t would be dictating the contracts, and those would be to the advantage of “the people” not labor.

      One other thing. This idea that Reagan began an era of union busting is just BS. I can’t put it any other way. The real decline was due to fundamental changes in the economy and the attitudes of employers and employees. Less traditional industrial manufacturing…less union power.

      If both parties were in agreement with union busting the Teacher’s Union and the SEIU would be history.

  107. Canine Weapon says:

  108. And now….we have automation…..more and more automation. No holiday pay, no sick leave pay, no vacation pay, no social security matching funds, no workmen’s compensation., no liability insurance cost…..etc. Unfortunately, you can be replaced.

    In Fort Worth, we have a massive rail yard and switching station. I had the honor of being able to visit their control tower. Very much like a control tower at major airports. Very automated. I watched as 8 different trains, each with at least three engines to power them were being stationed all at the same time with just two people. All done remotely. It was an amazing feat to watch as they hooked onto and unhooked from arriving and departing trains without the use of personnel. No switch men….nothing.

    Even when the train engines went to the maintenance facility, it was done remotely. And, much like the cars of today, new newer train engines have the computer module hookups to run diagnostics. The only personnel there were maintenance personnel to fix what the diagnostics showed.

    I was showed a train coming in from Houston where the engineer turns over control to the remote system and much like something from Star Wars, the control tower takes over when the unit is 30 miles out and starts regulating speed and being assigned specific sidings and tracks. I saw where each manifest was in the computer system and they knew which cars to re-route, which cars to unload, which cars were empty to be loaded, etc. and all of it done remotely. An amazing feat of logistics.

    talking to the tower chief, he also said that 40% of the trains that run intrastate are all remote. He cited the examples of coal trains from west Texas going into Houston, San Antonio, DFW, and Austin had no engineers on board at all. These were designated routes and the cars did not change. They run the same routes and load and unload remotely. All the technology that is coming about has reduced labor dependency by over 50% and that is a huge savings.

    No reason for this story except that automation will eventually take over….

  109. A gas station owner in Philadelphia recently hired security guards armed with AR-15s or shotguns and decked out in Kevlar to protect his establishment from the city’s rampant crime.Neil Patel, who runs a Karco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, said he recruited Pennsylvania S.I.T.E. state agents to protect his employees and customers after his store had been repeatedly ransacked, according to local Fox affiliate Fox 29.”They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level,” Patel told the outlet. “We are tired of this nonsense; robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs.””We wear Kevlar, we are trained, my guards go to training every other week, they’re proficient with [their guns] and with their taser, they know the law,” Chief Andre Boyer said.

    Moral of the story: Patel added that his business has stopped experiencing any incidents of loitering or other crimes since he beefed up security and his insurance costs has been reduced by over 75%.

    This is what it is going to take.

    • Yes, arm EVERYONE with AR-15s! It’s not like people act irrationally. It’s not like something could go wrong. What a GREAT idea. Innocent people might die, but that’s the cost of liberty! 🙂

      • So, you are even against trained and armed security guards? Amazing.

        • I didn’t say that. I said your parting statement about “this is what it will take” is insane, because how many AR-15s, etc., do you need to secure a business 24/7? Do you really think everyone being armed would solve more crimes than it would create? I always think about cops when these issues arise. I think about how many fragile egos are wearing badges and can’t handle someone talking back to them. The same goes for anyone with the power of a handgun. They get a lot braver having that power. I suspect they’d pull those guns a lot quicker. Shots fired near or in a business environment may find a stray or two dozen hitting passersby. Is that the price of liberty? Nonsense if you think so.

          • Ok, Fair enough…..but it appears that you are ignoring the bottom line which is…

            Patel added that his business has stopped experiencing any incidents of loitering or other crimes since he beefed up security and his insurance costs has been reduced by over 75%.

            So, isn’t it true that the converse would be in effect here? If they stopped the crimes and no shots are fired, then no innocents are killed….except the criminal will simply find another store to rob.

            Sorry, Charlie (no, not the Tuna ad) but it is going to take the common person to rise up and protect him/herself. If you are going to kill gutter rats….you have to be in the gutter.

  110. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? One potential answer is that the chicken was first, and the egg was in it. So it is with our current dilemma: which came first, the corruption of science or the censoring of speech? 

    It appears they’ve walked hand-in-hand for quite some time, becoming all the more apparent with the consolidation of social media power and the collective efforts of federal bureaucrats who wish to control not only what you think but especially what you say. During no time in human history was this more obvious than during the COVID-19 crisis where social engineering tactics were used against the American public, not to limit your exposure to a virus, but to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government sanctioned narrative.

    Throughout the pandemic, doctors, scientists, patients, and families were censored, shadow-banned, blocked, and punished for having views, opinions, and research findings disfavored by the government and their chosen gatekeepers. Hard fast truths that have become indisputable over time, ranging from the effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to the potential dangers of Remdesivir and the failures of the vaccine were labeled as “disinformation” and “misinformation.”
    This was done in direct collusion with social media companies, allowing the federal government and its senior officials to effectively silence legitimate debate in the modern public square. And just as George Washington warned in 1783, “dumb and silent” many of us were “led, like sheep, to the slaughter.” Still the government’s message remained clear: trust the science and believe Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    Fauci, who believes he represents science itself, has a long history of silencing dissent, neutralizing debate, and destroying the career of any scientist who disagrees with him by ensuring their research is never funded, published, or taken seriously. Many a scientist over the past fifty years has been vilified, ridiculed, and sacrificed at this altar of Fauci-ism and the profits that come with it. As a result, he has never been forced to debate or prove anything over his 54 years with the NIH.

    ‘Nuff said.

  111. A 56-year-old concealed carry holder shot two would-be teen robbers this morning in Chicago after the suspects pointed a gun at him and “demanded his belongings,” police say. 

    The incident unfolded around 6 a.m. in the city’s west side when a vehicle with “three males inside” approached the victim, who was inside his own vehicle, Chicago Police told Fox News Digital in a statement. 

    “One of the individuals got out of the vehicle, pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded his belongings,” police said.
    “A struggle ensued before the victim,” whom police say legally owned a firearm and was a concealed carry license holder, “withdrew his weapon and fired several rounds.” The driver of the suspects’ vehicle sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, while a second male was found several blocks away with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, according to investigators. Police added that all the suspects were unidentified teens between the ages of 15 to 18, while the victim targeted in the alleged robbery attempt was not injured. 


    yup….gotta love it.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The “fun” part of this will be that outfits like Mike Bloomberg’s “Common Sense about guns” will list those little bastards as “CHILDREN KILLED WITH GUNS” should they die.

      • Yes, but it is the bottom line that matters. Reality. Age and guns are not relative. a 15 year old with an UZI is just as deadly as a trained soldier with an Uzi. Both will kill you instantly and easily. A lesson I learned in Vietnam with an armed populace of the VC using children as young as 7 with weapons.

        Bottom line is………..the pointy end will expel a high speed projectile that will rip the life right outts ya…….age be damned.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          See, the shift changer changes the topic to babies in their car seats. Ignoring the issue of little gang monsters. The other day a ten year old, known for torturing animals and being totally without conscience MURDERED his mother because she found out he used her credit card to order the new improved all blood video game she refused to buy him.

          So, that goes into the statistics as a gun death as opposed to a death by a mentally deficient monster who should have ben locked up a long while back, when he set fire to the first cat.

          Apparently few people saw the “Bad Seed” movie, an instructive movie if you know any psychologists worth their salt and the cute, little, homicidal nine year old with the pigtails.

    • You love this too? Don’t forget, it doesn’t include the number of people MURDERED by over anxious/fragile ego cops. Sure, SK, those little bastards … A baby in his car seat. A man in bed. A girl walking with her mother: Stray bullets killed each of them days apart as surging gun violence ripples through the United States.

      • The crux of your story is drive bys and gang shootings and not people protecting them selves………but I ask you this… have seen all the news stories of people breaking into stores, flash mob robberies arranged on line, wanton muggins on the street……..what would you have the innocent victims of these crimes do? Let them continue? Or do something about it. I am in the do something about it crowd.

        Now, I am not likely to become a victim. I am constantly aware of my surroundings. If I see a group of people walking towards me, say, on the street or even a mall, my spidey senses are constantly on alert. I stop until they pass, I do not avert my eyes, and I follow them with my eyes until they are out of arms length, then I continue my journey. I am armed and I am always ready and so is the spousal unit. If I can walk by them creating at least an arms length then I also continue walking but I always look over my shoulder. I always make sure my right hand is free and if it is not and I see an encounter, I will make sure I switch things to the other hand. I will not be caught off guard. Shame on me if I am.

        Do I like living this way? No sir, I do not….but there are punks everywhere. I long for the days when you could leave your home unlocked or your car unlocked but not today.

        • My point is stray bullets, Colonel. NO matter who fires the gun, when on a public street, the chance for an “accident” rises significantly. Cops often use the excuse of never knowing if they’re coming home alive when they leave their homes … what about all the people killed by guns who left their homes not expecting to die. The more guns, the more accidents. It’s simple math. I’ve been confronted on a train (not with a weapon) but a couple of punks. Back then I was still pretty big (270 or so) but had been lifting in powermeets for more than 40 years. I welcomed the potential because I knew no matter what happened, one of them would get a broken neck. They sensed it (I suspect) and just trash talked until they got off at another subway stop. If they had a weapon and showed it, I’m not sure my past would’ve helped. A gun is a great equalizer (for the weak as well as against the strong), but when there are a flurry of them, accidents tend to happen. I would think using cameras to catch someone screwing with a business is a safer way to pursue deterrence. I’m sure the business with AR-15s will be safe because of the weapons, but that doesn’t change the potential scenario of things getting out of hand. America is lost on the gun issue. I’m not against gun ownership (handguns, shotguns, hunting weapons), but I am against AR-15s for lunatics like that little idiot in Wisconsin thinking HE was law enforcement (not to mention the psychotics who shoot up a grocery store, church, movie theatre, school, etc.).

          • Yes, stray bullets can be deadly. Cameras do no good unless there is enforcement and we know there is no enforcement or very little. I recall the Japanese Ambassador (cannot remember his name) back during WW2 making the statement that in attacking the Continental United States, you are attacking more than the army…you are attacking a civilian populace that all own weapons and you will have to watch every blade of grass or bush or tree. (words to that effect)…yes, we have a lot of guns out there. Even I think there are too many….but too many in the hands of the wrong individuals. AND, I do believe in the old adage that if you outlaw all guns, then only the outlaws will have guns

            I am not so sure that the Japanese Ambassador’ words are not still prevalent today.

            Unlike you, I am not a formidable imposing figure. I am Special Force, yes, but not the stereotype you see on television….I am a mere 6 ft tall, and 185 pounds. I am however, well trained in the manly art of self defense. I profess a 4th degree black belt in the martial arts and having taught self defense classes to the military for a lot of my time, can still probably handle myself in a bout of fisticuffs….if necessary. But, when I used to fight on the Karate circuit (long before MMA) there was always one thing that stood out. I have never been in a fight, refereed or not, where you did not get punched. I have an aversion to getting punched. I used to be quicker in my youth….you know, jump kicks, spinning back kicks and such…but that was youth. Now, I must use treachery….I cheat. There are no rules governing fights any longer and I will do what ever is necessary to win. Old age and treachery can out do vim and vigor every time.

            So, I carry. I am not a believer in carrying a Glock 40 or an ACP 45 unless I am going into known problem areas like the border. I am a very good shot. I am Ranger and Special Forces qualified in small arms. I carry a lightweight .22 caliber Walther. It holds 10 in the mag. It shoots a 22 LONG rifle hollow point bullet. Now, you need to stop and think about that for a minute…don;t laugh until you see what a 22 caliber long rifle hollow point will do from 15 feet in the head. You will be just as dead from that as a Dirty Harry 44 caliber handgun. The spousal unit has one just like it and she is almost as good a shot (I taught her how to shoot but not everything. I have to have one trick up my sleeve). It is light weight, easily concealed in the summer time…I do not believe in advertising an open carry weapon…..the moral of all of this is to say……Yes, there are crazies out there…but you keep mentioning the one or two individuals that were…..well…stupid. I would be willing to wager, that most whom carry are very conversant with the use of firearms and the law and will not endanger the public….and probably do what I will not do…and that is hesitate. I will not.

            Charlie, as much as I would like to believe that law enforcement can handle things….it is apparent that today….they cannot and I think more and more people are coming to the realization that they need to protect themselves and that is not without risk.

            • I do admit to being a crazy assed Texan….I ride horses, can rope (sort of), drink Dr Pepper and eat churros by the bushel full. I can shoot of horseback at a dead run and hit the sky or ground, whichever comes first. I have a crazy Texan Rebel yell., that scares the living shit out of my horse, cattle, birds, people..even me at times…..I eat REAL chili with jalapenos and can throw down one tequila Mescal shot without my eyes watering and slurred speech. ( There is nothing worse than a Texas accent that is slurred ). If I slam down two shots of Tequila, I eat the worm and I start quoting Burma Shave poems.

              I have a good friend that sails around LaGuna Madre when he is not stuck on a sandbar and a crazy friend from Pluto…..So, as you can see, I am NOT crazy.

            • Colonel, you are less than 1% of the population as regards self-defense, armed or not. That’s my issue. Of the other 99+%, maybe 20% are well trained with arms, leaving 80% (about) having ZERO clue. Maybe 30% of them are cautious, leaving 50% who are not cautious. How do you tell the good guys from the bad ones? If they’re robbing you it’s obvious. Until they’re robbing you it’s not. I’d say at least 10% (total speculation) of the armed population are ego fragile individuals (like MOST cops) and they’d make the mistakes that cause an unwarranted death. By the way, you can be my bodyguard anytime. 🙂

  112. Just A Citizen says:

    I was living in Montana when this issue of boys in girl’s bathrooms first emerged in a major way. The local Preacher who opposed it was ridiculed in public by his own daughter as being delusional and homophobic.

    We were told there is NO problem. Zero, nada, zilch. Problems could never arise as these people are not inclined that way and claiming anyone could abuse the cross dressing standard was nothing but “fear mongering”.

    Yep! I suppose now we will be exposed to a campaign of “this is just a rare exception”, so stop being afraid for your daughters.

    Note the effect of the PC culture on those who should have intervened. When being cancelled becomes a real threat the criminals will win, EVERY TIME.

  113. Just A Citizen says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Democrats, in their continuing desire to meddle in Republican business just to embarrass Mr. Trump decided to vote with the Freedom Caucus candidate, instead of their own or Mr. McCarthy?

    I would also like to note that this howling against those opposing McCarthy applies to those supporting him as well. If the Good of the Party and the Good of the Country is at stake, then YOU back down. Kiss my grits you weasels.

  114. The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling..,…wait…not only is the sky falling …WOLF WOLF WOLF…there’s wolves everywhere…..

    The Washington Post published a report Monday slamming Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” programming for featuring too many White males as shark experts and continuing to peddle “negative messages” about sharks.

    The report highlighted a study done by the Public Library of Science led by Allegheny College biology professor Lisa Whitenack. The project observed that “Discovery’s programming emphasized negative messages about sharks, lacked useful messaging about shark conservation and overwhelmingly featured White men as experts — including several with the same name.”
    However, the piece stated, “when the scientists appeared on her TV screen, she rarely saw any women she could look up to.” Thinking about that later in life, she lamented, “I don’t come from a family of scientists. I didn’t see very many people that looked like me on television.”Was ‘Shark Week’ feeding audiences the wrong messages about sharks — and who studies them?”In addition to the study revealing the programming’s negative depiction of sharks, it “featured more White experts and commentators named ‘Mike’ than women,” noted Arizona State University conservationist David Shiffman, the study’s co-author. 

    And, now we have that the teaching of math is discriminatory against minorities, especially blacks.Teaching phonics and sentence writing structure is now considered discriminatory against blacks. Requiring a thesis in classes is now considered discriminatory. And now there is a push to dumb down entry requirements to colleges because the teachings in high schools is discriminatory and requiring testing procedures like the SAT and ACT are discriminatory to blacks…..

    Yes, the Sky is falling…..and it is falling on deaf ears. True discrimination discovered out there is now going to be considered….oh no…something else. Get a life folks.

  115. Sing along with Charlie:

    Ooops there goes another Trump-picked candidate.

    The Donald is having a REALLY BAD week. 🙂

    • That Trump-picked candidate has a severe mental disability.

      Severe brain damage.

      And he still got ~48-49% of the vote.

      You might see that as a loss for Trump, but it’s unfathomable to me that Walker should have gotten even 10% of the vote.

      Turning someone who should have been slaughtered into a tight race might be a technical loss, but a pragmatic win for Trump.. it shows how much power and influence he still has within his party to drive turnout.

      • Amazing! And Fetterman is your hero.

        • Fetterman in a coma is more informed than Walker. I have to agree with Mathius … how Walker came THAT close is pretty telling, although winning primaries with Trump candidates is about a guarantee they’ll lose in a general election (or is it erection?) … 🙂

        • T-Ray,

          Amazing! And Fetterman is your hero.

          I’m reasonably confident that the only thing I’ve ever said on here about Fetterman is to post this.

          But, if you’re asking.. I’ll answer that I haven’t followed Fetterman that closely. I know that Oz is a piece of shit and a snake oil salesman (in addition to being a carpetbagger). But my understanding – and I could be wrong – is that Fetterman suffered some auditory and speech impairments, but not neurological impairments.

          I don’t think he and Walker are remotely equivalent. But again, I haven’t been paying too much attention.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Please tell us what Dr. Oz did to earn the title “piece of shit” and “snake oil salesman”?

            Is he not a real Doctor?

            Did you also call out the carpetbagger called Hillary Clinton? I am guessing you even voted for her.

            • Dr. Oz has made a career out of selling miraculous too-good-to-be-true cures and remedies on TV. He has made hundreds of millions of dollars by selling “miracle” weight loss pills that don’t work, skin care bullshit that doesn’t work, “alternative healing traditions,” and selling people false hope (read: taking advantage of the desperate).

              When he’s been called to account, under oath, he waffles.

              He is, frankly, and simply put, a conman who uses his platform and name recognition to hock untested, unproven, and sometimes dangerous “cures” to vulnerable people. He wields the name “doctor” to buy credibility, but what he’s selling isn’t medicine.

              As for Carpetbagging… I actually don’t really have an issue with carpetbagging… but, well, the shoe fits.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                So what you are saying is he would make a great “politician.”

                I will add, how will that be any different than the guy that got elected? Is it really just about the scale of their personal enrichment?

                To me the snake oil salesman is better because the politician is abusing his/her office while doing the grift.

                • The flaw in this comment is that you infer that I am making comparisons whereas I was simply asserting facts.

                  It is entirely possible for me to loathe BOTH Clinton and Oz, and for different reasons. Just stating the opinion (empirical fact) that Oz is an animate semi-sentient pile of horse shit has no bearing on Fetterman or Clinton or Biden or Trump.

                  Further… I feel that my disdain for Mrs. Clinton has been thoroughly established on SUFA. Why you, of all people, might imagine that anything I say in criticism of anyone else might in any way present a double-standard by way me supposedly supporting / excusing / condoning her is baffling. If I could, I would chuck them both in a volcano – and if you forced me to choose only one, I’d choose her.

                  THAT SAID:
                  > I assert that Oz is a snake-oil salesman. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that Oz made hundreds of millions knowingly taking advantage of desperate people. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that Oz is a carpetbagger. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that Oz is a piece of shit. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that Walker has suffered significant brain damage. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that he is a conman. Do you refute this?
                  > I refute that he uses his “doctor” title to deceptively sell non-medical non-scientific goods. Do you refute this?
                  > I assert that my understanding is that Fetterman is no where near as impacted by his stroke(s). This may be wrong, but do you refute that it is my understanding?

      • S Kent Troy says:

        I do NOT notice an appreciable difference in speech pattern between Walker and NYC’s Mayor. But then again I am not a racist putting down someone’s accent because of their skin color. Regarding content of speech. I see no really great differences either.

    • Be honest now, SK. Did you sing my song? 🙂

  116. This… This is a union. A union… for businesses…. to collectively bargain with Facebook.

    What in the everliving fuck kind of post-capitalist hellscape are we living in?

  117. Canine Weapon says:
  118. Hmmmm…just sitting back and listening to all the pundits. I don’t think the Georgia election came out any differently than expected. The Dem machine did well canvassing and getting the population centers organized. Good job.

    I am not so sure this was a huge win, as is being touted. Walker is not a proper candidate. He is politically not connected and his best attributes were left on the ball field.

    Fetterman, to quote the Three Amigos, is a “scum sucking pig” and “the son of a motherless goat”….but he won with 51.4% of the vote. Not exactly a horn tooter as the left would want us to think. They should be worried that Walker got as many votes as he did. Hell, the Dread Pirate could have beat Fetterman. They better look at that message. They also better look at all the last election down ballot races and governor races and state senate races that did not go well for the left. …..They better look at the school boards that are throwing out progressive members by the bushel full. They better look at how parents are now becoming more involved in all this indoctrination in the schools and the school books. They better take a hard look at places like Texas that are throwing out Dems along the southern border that have held office for over 40 years. They better look at losing the Hispanic population. Giving amnesty to 20 million undocumented is NOT going to work in the Dems favor, me thinks. The Hispanics that I know, and it is many, do not like amnesty at all and they support a closed border. It is showing up in the political spectrum now. The Dems better look at how their margins in the HOuse and Senate have been degrading over the last decade…..interesting trends out there.

    I wonder…………..what this will do come election year 2024. Who will run in Trump’s place? DeSantis? He does not have name recognition. I do hope whoever runs, is against Biden. I do not think that over the next two years, the Biden’s will fare well…..Trump is on his way out…..the Biden team is losing ground, I think….so who runs….Newsom?

    Crime is not being addressed at all.

    Elon Musk is now a pariah when he used to be a hero to the left….releasing all the twitter messages is a good thing and it is beginning to show the involvement of government in influencing elections…this will come out over the next two years. Appealing to the “Hunter Biden was a drug addict” is not going to fly….I think you will see more politicizing of the FBI and the Justice Department to shut Musk down….

    Yes, it is going to be interesting.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Nice take Colonel. I agree the string of democrat “victories” was a series of very narrow margins. NY and AZ are also examples. Theoretically, the left should have blown away the opposition. the lesson “they” should have learned is that people are getting frustrated.

      Listening to Lake’s comments on the radio yesterday, I was struck by two things not apparently yet connected. The dems have done an excellent job with early voting, leaving the republicans as the bulk of “traditional” election day voters. In Arizona at various time of the day up to 60% of the voting machines were either down or defective in some way. So, while we have probably 100% of early votes counted, we have no idea of what percentage of voters in the election day fiasco were NOT counted or who walked away after five hours of waiting. This in a race where the candidates were separated statewide by 17,000 votes!

      • 🙂 SK complaining about long lines? 2 hour waits in some areas of Georgia. Yes, they were very close election wins and the Dems continue to thank Donald J. Trump for making it happen. When do you lunatics realize he has destroyed your party? What will it take? You were supposed to, via “tradition,” blow them away in the mid-terms (without 8.5% inflation). You didn’t because of El Shit-for-brains (a.k.a., The Donald). If you think anything will change before 2024, let him be your nominee again. You’ll get blown out of the water … and by MUCH BIGGER margins.

    • It ALL has to do with Trump, Colonel. His hand-picked losers will continue to win primaries so long as Anita, my love-types continue to show fealty to a lunatic. He’ll continue to get his picks through primaries and they’ll continue to lose in general elections. The GOP needs to jettison the piece of shit but they simply don’t have the stones.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You still don’t get it. These people do not win primaries because of Trump. The real irony is that you should be cheering for them not denigrating them all the time. Because they are OUTSIDERS. It is only outsiders who can really begin to clean up the swamp.

        • Curious if you think Trump, The Outsider, cleaned the swamp?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I think he cleaned some but generally speaking, no. But I did not expect him to do it on his own. I did not expect him to make much progress at all, given the makeup of Congress. And frankly, POTUS cannot do the entire job that is required.

            What I do think Trump did was EXPOSE it for what it is. Before Trump it was very easy for the MSM and talking grifters to cover up the whole mess by calling the rest of us conspiracy nuts. Now the “deep state”, as some call it, has shown itself.

            So what do we do about it? We attack those who want to clean it up because of their association with Mr. Trump, or some other caricature of an evil Republican. Or we just keep sending the same people back to D.C..

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Your link under “swamp” is a perfect example of how the “deep state” protects itself. Note how they called him a crook from the get go. Yet what he did is exactly what the “system” demands he do. The “system” created by the swamp monsters themselves. As Chapelle said, he was an honest liar when he said, the game is rigged and I know how to play it.

        • A populist movement can go one of two ways: Sanders v. Trump. Obviously, I would’ve opted for Sanders but the Democratic Party (the one often called a “radical Marxist” party) made damn sure Sanders couldn’t and wouldn’t win. I’m all for populist/outsiders … as long as their on my side of the schoolyard.

      • :::SLAP:::


        Just kidding. Been waiting to use that line. Who better to use it on. 🙂 🙂

  119. Eighty-one years ago, Dad was in the middle of the black smoke. Wheeler Field, HI Dec. 7, 1941:

    • Dad 3rd from the left a couple of days later:

      • A Pearl Harbor Day gift from me to you…


        V2.. a bit more aggressive coloring and also blown up:

        • T-Ray,

          Just want to make sure this didn’t get buried.. thought you might want it.

          Or not.. what do I know?

    • The tent area where Dad was quartered prior to the attack. He was standing on the road between the tents and the lined up planes when he saw the first bomb fall. He dove back into his tent to retrieve his helmet and rifle from under his bunk when it exploded and leveled the tent killing all his tent mates. He was out during the remainder of the first raid but was awake and active for the second. They had been issued ammo and side arms up until Dec. 5 when they were collected and locked in the armory in one of the hangers. Dad was involved with breaking the lock on the armory to retrieve weapons and ammo between raids.

  120. Just A Citizen says:

    When you make feeding pigs part of your work you will get more pigs and more pigs coming to the trough.

    This is how a Republic is lost. This is how the Socialist Rot seeped into our system of Govt. Please tell me how we will ever get rid of it.

  121. Just A Citizen says:

    I think this piece is an over generalization of the problem, namely grifters, but it does identify some of the issues with R’s winning these days. Don’t get me wrong, there are many grifters. But I do not think the statement that the D’s want to win and the R’s just want to get paid is correct nor justified. It is in fact just as destructive as other unsubstantiated comments about vote fraud, that might discourage people from voting.

  122. Just A Citizen says:

    The Court’s ruling on this one is going to be very interesting. Seeing how many ways they can split the pie and spin the outcome. Will they toss it and say it is not the right case, try again. Toss it with prejudice. Or try to fine tune the findings to make both sides angry?