INTERSECTIONS: Is it time to take a different road?

The past few days I have had a chance to think about where we find ourselves in the world today, whether we need to change directions and how we can do so if desired. This article will be the first in a series, I hope, looking at where we are and where we might want to go as a Country.

There are obviously many topics or issues within this broader subject. But today I want to start with some thoughts, and questions, on our foreign policy. This seems timely as it appears we are blindly stumbling into war in Ukraine. Many people have commented on the “reason” for Russia’s actions as well as those of others. It seems to me that many of these “reasons” are really just excuses used by Russia propaganda to justify their actions. While there are some grains of truth in these “reasons” the fact is Mr. Putin knows how to exploit them to achieve other objectives. You see some of the same rhetoric/action links with China as well.

So here we are on this road to where we don’t know. But if it is a road to a very bad place how do we change directions? How will we know when it is time, or how to make it happen? Let’s take a look at an example of a change and how it happened. And how that change helped lead us to our current location.

Prior to Sept. 11, 2001 there was an uneasy, and yes sometimes violent, “stability” in the world. This “road” had existed for decades. We wound up on that path following a deliberate change in our approach to international affairs following WWII. It took a long time for the bureaucrats and diplomats to achieve that status. While the fall of Soviet Russia resulted in some changes in power structures, it did not really change general US foreign policy. “Stability” and “Balance of Power” remained the primary buzzwords of diplomats and politicians of all major Nations.

In response to 9/11 Mr. Bush and other leaders effectively changed the path we were on to the one we find ourselves now. Unfortunately, I think this was done without considering the long range consequences. Or if they were considered, they certainly did not share their assumptions or conclusion with the rest of us. Other than the notion that “Stability” was now somehow linked with “Spreading Democracy” to places where the concept is completely foreign. One of the unforeseen affects of that action was that Mr. Putin, and other tyrants, changed their behavior, after we invaded Iraq. In essence, we gave all tyrants and despots the excuse they needed to invade whomever they wanted. We, the USA, changed direction after 9/11. This new road has had all kinds of intended and unintended consequences. So changing course may or may not work out in the long run. But if the new path is not desirable how to we pick the next path?

Since the Bush II years we have had three Presidents tell us they wanted to put us on a “new” road. To change directions. The first two failed and the third seems to have decided increasing speed is better than taking a different road. So if the American People elected three Presidents who promised a course correction then why do we seem to be on the same path? Remember, this is not the road we were on twenty some years ago. So why can’t we change? Claiming it is all the fault of the Military Industrial Complex is simplistic thinking as far as I am concerned. There have to be many other factors at play or we would be able to easily draw a line between the MIC and the current path. Remember, the MIC existed on the old path and many blamed it for that one as well. It is easy to claim money is the problem because money is always part of anything. But just because money is spent to achieve goals does not mean the goal is chosen only because of the money. Correlation does not mean causation.

There is no shortage of people claiming we need to just stop intervening on conflicts elsewhere. What happens if we pull back to our shores and stop intervening in conflicts between other States, or Tyrants. Are the lessons of WWII to be ignored? Or do they still apply? We see how easy it was to stumble onto a new road following 9/11, and how the consequences were probably not considered. Wouldn’t the reactionary “America First” strategy not suffer the same flaws?

The point of my article today is to primarily raise questions and point out how unforeseen pitfalls can occur, even when you think you are absolutely right. I don’t think anyone can have 100% accurate foresight. But I do think we can avoid many disasters if we pay attention to history and the reality in the world today.

I also do not see how we can decide on a new path today when we don’t seem to even agree on the general principles which should guide policies. If this were not bad enough, we are living with a partisan driven hypocrisy in our political leadership. Who cannot see that those who supported the Iraq and Afghanistan operations now oppose helping Ukraine. And those who viciously attacked Mr. Bush II over these wars are now in full support of fighting with Russia IN Ukraine. It is one thing to have divergent principles within the country, it is another when people change principles depending on who is in the White House or control of Congress.

As our discussions move forward I want everyone to keep in mind that foreign policy is but one issue. When considering this one issue we need to keep in mind all the others. Because they are all integrally linked. And they should all be consistent with a core set of principles and values shared by most, if not all, Americans.


  1. Canine Weapon says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      As you are a dog you probably didn’t know that is how you keep a cow from dying of bloat.

    • Be glad YOU are not here…..I have a “special tool” just for meddlesome dogs. Especially ones that can read and type.

      thank you JAC….I bet these whipper snappers have never seen one of these before. Just think, if we took a bunch of these to Washington, what a wonderful effect they would have….

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I am pretty sure the out gassing would violate the EPA air quality standards in the greater D.C. area. Just sayin.

  2. Canine Weapon says:

  3. Canine Weapon says:

  4. Jordon Peterson says clean up your own room first.

    Domestically we are in real trouble, divide along many lines (lack of unim), financially weak (inflation, debt…), fighting over trivia, massive educational failures, invasions at our borders, energy dependent (sold reserves), political parties more interested in power than country, military weak and divided and now with depleted stores, health care a mess based on $s rather than science, pushing a hoax in global warming, election security in doubt, …..

    We are better off than the USSR was in 1990 but headed in the same direction. A course correction is required.

    Until we get our own house in order we have no business telling others how to run theirs.

  5. Ran into our first significant shortage yesterday. The pharmacy can’t get one of my wife’s medications. We are now trying the shop-around method of filling the prescription. It is not life threatening but still troublesome.

    • Supply lines are shot everywhere on all kinds of things.

      This is what happens when businesses run as lean as humanly possible and try do everything via JIT. Put a little strain on the system, and things break.

      I know a certain socialist who might argue that this is a very good example of why health care shouldn’t be a for-profit industry.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yep, he would say that. Which of course ignores the reality of a govt run system. You know, the same one that had warehouses filled with medical supplies and ventilators in case of a pandemic. But couldn’t get the stuff distributed to the right places. The Govt. that hoarded ventilators in one State while demand dropped and other States suffered. The same Govt whose stored medical supplies were so outdated they couldn’t be used. The same Govt. which developed a Covid test that was worthless.

        You are correct in mentioning just in time inventory. However, we have now gone long enough that many of these shortages should have eased. But new ones crop up, that did not exist during Covid shutdowns. So you cannot just blame JITI. We seem to keep forgetting that a lot of people died the past two years. A lot of people who might have been making stuff or loading stuff or shipping stuff.

        • Your assessment is – in typical JAC fashion – largely accurate and fair.

          I will quibble that you cannot object to the failures of state efforts to respond to a black swan event like COVID as necessarily indicative of the whole of “what socialized medicine is.” There are plenty of governments that do not suck at socialized medicine in general.

          Are any of them perfect? Hell no.

          There are delays and staffing issues and shortages and and and and.

          And there is a very real and worth-considering issue of whether this stifles innovation, etc. And whether it’s worth the hassle/expense of medical school if your earnings are limited. Etc. All very worth weighing and fodder for a broader, more in-depth conversation.

          But, then again, I think it’s unreasonable to look at that in a vacuum without considering the other side. You can’t do a ‘cost analysis’ without considering the contra-case.

          38% of Americans report “putting off treatments” for financial reasons. 27% of those say it was for a “very or somewhat serious condition.”

          Likewise, nearly a fifth of Americans report failing to fill prescriptions and/or cutting pills in half or skipping doses to save money.

          Likewise, 23% of Americans are in medical debt and another 22% say they ahve previously had medical debt. Americans’ cumulative medical debt is estimated at $88 billion.

          So, yes, your example of the government’s failures is a fair point.. but you can’t make that argument without also considering the failures and flaws of the free market.


          I’ll add that my (comparatively minor) face cancer surgery cost $80k+.*
          I am fortunate in that my wife is a teacher, so we have an excellent medical plan. But even so, I am glad I did some homework because choosing to stay overnight changed it from an out-patient to an in-patient procedure, which meant that – rather than a few thousand dollar deductible/co-pay, I was OOP a few hundred.

          But if I were less fortunate, it’s almost certain this would have bankrupted me.. or I could have gone with a much lower standard of care.. or, maybe, I would have avoided care until it killed me.


          * Admittedly, I went to Sloan Kettering** and had arguably the best surgeon on the planet for that particular type of surgery,*** but still.

          ** Arguably the best cancer center on the planet – or at least, top 3. And that don’t come cheap.

          *** I asked the doc who he would want to do his surgery. Then I tracked that guy down, and asked him the same question. I repeated this until a consensus emerged that [surgeon] was THE guy for this surgery. Then I had him do it. But he don’t work cheap.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            How is it a failure of the free market that people do not buy what they cannot afford?

            The underlying premise to justify Govt. provided health care is that somehow we are all entitled to health care. Whether we have “earned” it or not.

            If such a fundamental obligation or “right” exists then it would logically flow to all things that do not exist in nature, but are provided by the labor of other humans.

            I got my Life Insurance bill this morning. A 100% increase over last year, maybe even more, I haven’t calculated the actual number. You get the point. Should the Govt. provide my Life Insurance because I cannot now afford it? If the Govt only pays part then who decides how much I pay and how much YOU pay?

            Now, to be “fair” there is not doubt that our “medical care” system could function more efficiently. But before condemning “free markets” maybe we should consider the cost of regulations imposed on the medical care industry. Medical insurance costs are higher in States which mandate more coverage. What a surprise. Paper work burdens and policies governing payments affect how Doctors bill patients, etc., etc., etc.. Govt subsidies increase demand when the supply is not adjusted. Prices rise. Again, big surprise.

            The Obama admins effort to look at Medical Care in a comprehensive manner was laudable. But they did not do this with an objective eye. They were trying to rationalize Govt. healthcare from the start instead of focusing on govt. driven costs in the system.

            One other ethical issue or concept that needs to be addressed. Why shouldn’t those who provide medical care make a profit from their work? And who are you or I to think we should decide how much profit? In fact, just imagine if we eliminated, or restricted profits. How many Doctors and/or Hospitals would still exist within a few years? If the only Doctors left were those who practiced medicine for purely altruistic reasons.

            I would like to propose and experiment. Before we meddle with health care more, let’s run a test on the Universities. Let’s remove all govt. subsidies and see what happens to the cost of College. Better yet. Let’s do that to some and let’s regulate fees for the others. Like limiting tuition costs to $15,000 per year at all the Ivy League schools. And not compensating Gov.t subsidies.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            One other note regarding the Black Swan called Covid. The issues I raised existed prior to Covid. The pandemic simply revealed them.

            Just as Katrina and other major Hurricanes revealed how broken our emergency response system was. You may recall, the Govt. wound up using Wal Mart to get water to New Orleans because they couldn’t get the job done at that scale.

            There are also some rules of efficiency and effectiveness that we should keep in mind when dealing with any issue. One of those is size of the institution. Larger may provide cost savings but it tends to bring slower and less effective response due to bureaucracy. This general rule applies to govt and the private sector. Smaller costs more per unit but is faster and more nimble.

            Government is the LARGEST Bureaucracy of them all. And its function lacks a profit motive which leads to LAZY or MISGUIDED thinking. Which is why we see decisions sway back and forth depending on “political” winds in so many agencies. Without profit to measure it all becomes about the mission as dictated by someone up the food chain.

            • Remember the school bus fiasco in N.O. during Katrina. They could not be used to evacuate people in an emergency because nobody was licensed to drive them.

              There is an old saying in the Navy when called to battle stations. “When the eagle files, everything fries. Put the penny in the fuse panel.”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just in time manufacturing is very fragile. One hitch and it collapses. Or single source. Japan was the lead in these areas. They are very land limited and are a uniculture. The banks and companies, at least in the past worked together in achieving the goal. They also abhorred outside thinkers. Group thing was a norm. Their entire semiconductor industry relied on one company to make photoresist. That factory burned to the ground. You cant make semiconductors without it. They were begging us to supply them. Our attitude by then was they could wait till hell froze over. We I experienced how the Japanese operated since my first corporate job in 1970. If you needed something from them and they felt threatened by your business theyd cut you off.

        Now our manufacturing has for economic and streamlining a lot of single sourcing. Unions no longer to do a general strike. Can target one facility and bring GM to its knees.

        The new laws in CA concerning union haulers only out of the Port in Los Angeles and long beach literally brought the container shipping to a standstill. There are also age old merchant shipping laws that are implemented by Congress to promote more US flagged vessels and help the merchant marine unions. A foreign flagged vessel can offload in New Jersey, but can not go then to Norfolk or Charleston. They have to leave entirely. Go to a foreign port before returning. That disrupts the supply chain. The super costs of diesel fuel hurts the chain. Depleting our reserves and sending it to China or Europe short thinking. One of the major suppliers of light Sweet oil to Europe was Libya. France and the US destroyed that country. And the UN sanctioned it and after a decade is still a disaster.

        The pipe lines that were blown up. That was not Russia. Charge d’affair Nuland pretty much admitted it was the brits and US that blew them up.

    • By the way, if you haven’t, you should check out

      They sell a lot of medications at a hair above production costs… you can save some real money.

    • The saga continues. The Doc sent a new prescription to another pharmacy so I went to pick it up. It is a controlled substance and I was two days too early. So I wasted a 1.5 gallons of gas. We have a 4 day supply right now. I can’t get out of the house on the weekends w/o loading the wife in our handicapped van a taking her with me. Just more stupid regulations to inconvenience everyone and cost more money.

  6. A tidbit from the border….the “imaginary lines” have shifted. The Cartel now owns about 12 miles of border in Arizona. They don’t need to cross in Texas, any longer.

    “Federal agents avoid patrolling roads in Organ Pipe National Monument” because they are dangerous and are closed with a sign posted that says….”Road closed due to known drug activity and police concerns.”

    • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

      (4th attempt.. I can do this all day long!)

      Maybe you should stop making “drug activity” such a lucrative criminal activity?

      Maybe there’s a reason people selling drugs are so dangerous, but you don’t see moonshiners waging open war with the police…… if only we could figure out the difference…….

      • I do nah see too many dying from moonshine….unless ye buy it in New Mexico. That stuff thar can take the rust off a oil rig.

        Now, in English, you still do not get it do you, sir. But, I tell you what…….since I do not do drugs, it will not affect me. But you do not seem to understand that legalizing all drugs is not the same as legalizing alcohol. Maybe it has not spread to your area yet, but all the little kiosks of legal and medical marijuana in New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma ( using my best Shatner rendition)…..they…..ARE NOW….mostly….owned…by,,,,,,the Cartels and the supply is Cartel run and if you grow your own, you will be burned out but……go for it.

        On Interstate 35, just across the Red River, there were several kiosks that were put up… there are only 2….the ones with the “Green” cross on them indicating medical marijuana…..They are not locally owned….not any longer. It is the same in New Mexico and expanding into Colorado. The police are not doing anything about it because they do not want them there. Neither does the Winstar Casino because they are now beginning to have problems from the element that goes there.

        But you go ahead and legalize it all. The price will drop in the beginning but the supply is still in the clutches of the Cartel and anyone who undercuts, mysteriously goes out of business.

        • The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

          Maybe you shouldn’t have fought your futile, counterproductive “war on drugs” so long that evil violent men built up sufficient warchests to be able to threaten peaceable trade?

          Also, it is too late for looking back… so rather than do anything to address the underlying problems, I know… let’s just keep doing exactly the same as we’ve been doing for decades – I’m sure THAT will make it better!

          • Of course it will not make it better……I do not have the answer…and, again, neither do you. The situation is simply not the same. Legalizing everything….(I say go for it) and you will be worse off…..but for some reason, you seem to think it will go away or ease up. It will not but is it worth the risk to try it when you know it is not working now….(legalizing marijuana).

            I am here to tell you, the border is not safe. Hell, even going to your enclaves down here are no longer safe. Mexico and the Cartels are…..well, here is what is said…..”Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y el Cartel.”.

  7. One more thing….you wants some eggs? Come on down to the border before the Cartel takes over on the new market. Eggs on the border are 89 cents per dozen.

  8. Just A Citizen says:
  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought.

    Edmund Burke, among many, argued that Liberty was not, and should not be absolute. Included in this argument was those things we call “Rights.” It was argued, in fact, that Rights were a distraction preventing sound governance (my nutshell summary).

    As the arguments go absolute Liberty would mean we are free to kill each other on a whim or steal others property. Since we shouldn’t Liberty cannot be absolute. Like many arguments on these subjects, that seems simple enough. But it is not complete.

    If absolute Liberty as described is deemed wrong then one should first ask if the “definition” of absolute Liberty is correct (note: a trick is to negate a concept by manipulating the definition to assure its failure). Then if it is correct and one still finds it unacceptable then the investigation should not just stop at concluding it is erroneous. What makes it erroneous? How do we know it is erroneous?

    In the example I have used, it is morality that undermines the notion of absolute Liberty. Liberty is bounded by moral standards. That does not mean that Liberty is not real or not good. It means that it is dependent upon a prior standard or principle.

    I am sure nobody is surprised by my thought this morning. Given how often I pound on the moral/ethical as the foundation for a better Nation. It just occurred to me this would provide a good example of how these philosophical concepts are connected.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    Another morning thought.

    I see one mental midget of “The View” TV show thinks gun owners have a mental disorder. I have heard this argument from many anti gun folks. We gun owners feel the need to “compensate” for something that is lacking.

    While this is nothing but a stupid cheap shot type argument the underlying question is the real issue. Yet THEY neve want to ask it. Or maybe they just don’t want the answer.

    Everyone should have the right to own the guns they want. That should not be the issue.

    Why do so many feel they need so many guns? That should be the question.

    Could it be that as our affection for Govt’s impact on our lives and the displayed behavior of our “neighbors” is the cause for increased gun ownership?

    If so, then why are we not addressing the underlying CAUSE?

  11. Watch the news……some of our drone activity has been released, much to the chagrin of the Biden Administration…….if they show it, I will not tell you what you will see…but if and when you see it, then ask questions.

    HINT: look at the Mexico side. Closely.

  12. Lawmakers in Texas are going after “rogue” prosecutors who they say refuse to enforce state laws for certain crimes or prosecute certain defendants by threatening to have them removed from office or subject to an investigation.
    “Every district attorney has taken an oath to protect and defend the laws and Constitution of the State of Texas. They are violating their oath of office and do not have the constitutional authority to choose which classes of offenses to prosecute.

    Our justice system cannot function when DAs are allowed to cafeteria-style pick-and-choose which laws to follow and which to ignore. It is up to the legislature to pass laws and for district attorneys to enforce them, period,” he added.

    Under the bill, district attorneys may not refuse to charge suspects accused of violent crimes as well as those suspected of property crimes and election-related crimes. In addition, prosecutors cannot refuse to seek capital punishment against those accused of committing capital crimes.

    They also can’t refuse to prosecute illegal immigrants in an effort to shield them from consequences of federal or state immigration laws.

    If it is believed a prosecutor refuses to apply the laws, the attorney general can require that DA to formally state their reason why and provide any material requested. Prosecutors can also be subjected to an investigation over their alleged failure.

    The bill would also allow any Texas resident to file a complaint with the attorney general’s office for the removal of a DA. If authorities believe the complaint is valid, the attorney general can ask a court to remove the prosecutor.

  13. S Kent Troy says:

    A few days ago, a Fox News weatherman was taking the # 1 IRT train home from the Upper West Side to his home in lower Manhattan. A group of teenagers got on, started smoking weed when they noticed an older disheveled man with wild hair. Without pause, they went over to him and lit his hair afire. The reporter, in a car half full got up and told them to stop. They immediately turned on him. They started throwing punches. He left the car and entered another. As soon as the train made the next stop, they followed him into the car he was in and again, with a car half full of people knocked him to the floor and gave him a severe beat down. Fortunately, he survived with relatively minor injuries. These kids were, in the word I used growing up on the streets of NYC, “punks”.

    Tonight I watched the footage of the beat down those five maybe eight cops gave the young man in Memphis. They too were nothing but “punks”. A bit older and with badges and guns but punks nonetheless. Their color, or that of the victim made no difference. That behavior is that of a wild mob, nothing more, nothing less.

    The saddest part was the abysmal lack of leadership in this group. Not one said “Stop”. Not one gave proper instruction to the kid lying on the ground or to his partners. Instead, they kicked, punched and sprayed everyone in sight with pepper spray, if anything enraging the other cops they sprayed even more. Not once did I hear the words, “Calm Down”, “Lie still”, “Relax”, “Take it easy”. Just a mob of punks.

    I can not emphasize just how poorly those “guardians” acted. Not a single one of them stepped up to lead, just acted like the enraged mob they were, feeding on their own frenzy. So, the young man ran ….. HE RAN FOR HIS LIFE and unfortunately lost the race.

    There can be no excuse, none. Here you have two instances of behavior reflecting the depths society has fallen to when civility and the “concept” authority have been both sent off to the scrap heap.

    I have had problems myself, in my youth with both, groups of street punks and overzealous cops. I was lucky. I survived, intact. I’m not so sure, circumstances being the same that I would today.

    • Right on, SK. See, we do love each other.

      This Memphis thing/murder … my first observation of the videos:

      1. Whatever happened to “license and registration, please?”
      2. Now that you bypassed that, why pull him out of the car and pepper spray him as if he just robbed a bank? The kid was being a lot more polite than you (the police) were.
      3. You guys (police) sure are in lousy shape.
      4. One officer: “I hope they stomp his ass.” He’ll regret that.
      5. Pepper spraying gone wild. The police pepper spray each other. The proverbial “circular firing squad.” Oy vey …
      6. You have his car and address. Why not show up to the home in an hour or so and knock on the door?
      7. Now that you’ve got him on the floor, why the dramatics? Kicking, punching, the baton tune-up. You thugs are fucked.
      8. Standing around catching their breath while the kid is falling to the floor repeatedly after being shoved back up. Bad optics.
      9. EMS(?) seemed afraid to touch the kid.
      10. The other cops watching … what a mistake. Your blue wall will collapse in 3, 2, 1 …

      I’d say bruised egos, but they charged the kid at the initial stop as if he robbed a bank. These MF’ers were completely out of control.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Yep! A total lack of leadership or even the potential. Nobody yelled STOP.

        The hypocrisy I saw on the NY News was amazing. All these lead cops talking about how horrible it all was, those Memphis cops, while a few short years ago they killed the guy (choking him) for selling loosies in Staten Island and whitewashed it!

        I dunno, the two things I first learned in my all to brief time in the Military was the use of the “command voice” and the obligation when senior leadership was not present and things were getting out of hand for SOMEBODY to step up and yell STOP.

        • Yeah, the Staten Island fiasco was FINALLY uncovered (not that it meant anything) by Mike Taibbi’s book, “I can’t breathe: A killing on Bay Street” … police policy not to reveal past incidents by any officer was blown by someone who leaked Daniel Pantaleo’s past record on the force. They’d probably have a lot less incidents like this if past issues (Pantaleo had cost NY City a small fortune in civil suits before he killed Garner) were made public. The demand they be terminated might help. Damn shame. And it puts a big black mark on the decent cops doing their jobs. It’s not a 95% good thing either. It’s a lot closer to 60-40 and I’m not sure which is which.
          Really good read:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In the lead up to the Watts Riors in 1964, the community leaders of Watts begged Mayor Yorty and the Chief of Police to NOT SEND black officers into Watts. Those officers were notorious for the beat downs shown in Memphis. No justification other than that they could do it and get away with it. White officers showed more restraint. Not perfect but far better. But the one thing even as a white upper middle class kid, you stayed as far away from the LAPD as possible. The Sheriff’s office .and Highway Patrol were far more professional

  14. S Kent Troy says:

    Part II, Tobacco and you

    As previously mentioned, all science is based on hypothesis, testing and drawing a conclusion based on resulting evidence. What must be done to ensure the testing is valid is to account for all variables. Something these days that seems to be ignored.

    Regarding smoking, one variable I’ve never seen addressed is the difference between a cigarette smoker, exhaling the smoke after taking a draw and one who didn’t.

    Last night I watched an enjoyable David Jansen film,
    “Twenty plus 2” filmed in 1961 when he was 29 years old. A sophisticated detective, Jansen was seldom seen in the movie without a cigarette. Interestingly enough, you would watch him light up over and over, taking a deep draw then talking without ever seeing any smoke leave his mouth. In real life, Jansen did the same. There are numerous interviews of him where he smokes and yet never seems to exhale smoke. Jansen, a fine actor, died at 48 of a massive heart attack.

    Now I grew up in a family of smokers. If I remember correctly, all exhaled. Smoke went in, smoke came out. When my Dad died of a non-smoking related lung cancer, at age 66, his physician surprisingly told us that despite a 50 year habit, he had the lungs and lung capacity of a teenager.

    The above of course is all anecdotal yet, one wonders if there have been studies?

  15. Buon Giorno, Amici!

    Two great games today but will either of them prove two teams are the best in the league? Hard to say, except all 4 teams today are by far and away the best teams in the league. In the NFC, I want the 49’ers because I love their defense, but the Eagles have what appears to be a great defense also. Same story as the prior two weeks: Can the rookie be rattled? I have no idea, except he got away with happy feet in both those games, at least in the first half, but seemed to settle down in the 2nd half of both games and the 49’ers defense held court. That should be the game of the year … at least on paper. We shall see.

    Over in the AFC, I don’t know how the Chiefs can beat the Bengals with a hobbled Mahomes. I don’t care what they shoot him with or how much tape they wrap around his high-ankle sprain, Mahomes will be limping again by the end of the first quarter. Burrow is the real deal, the best in the game, and if his offensive line can do anything close to what they did to the Buffalo Bidens last week, it’s a wrap.

    Let the best teams win … and please, please, please, without the help of bad officiating.

    Games on. Bet with buttons and not cash.

    • Don’t know about the NFC but I’m torn between Cinci and KC. Guy at work is a big Bengals fan so in solidarity with him, told him I’d go with the Bengals. But darn it, I like Mahomes and have for several years. I’m happy for all these young QBs. Brady and Co have become tiresome to watch. Sorta like how I’ve tired of the Crimson Tide.

      • What a weird NFL day, huh? The phantom catch in Philly, the injury to the kid, Purdy, game over. Then the Cincy-KC game … I can’t remember seeing that many flags in one playoff game. Usually you let them play. Not these officials. Ruined the game for me, no matter who won. Can’t see the Eagles losing to KC, but I couldn’t see the Bengals losing to them either. Mahomes is the ultimate warrior. Hell of a game, he played. Cincy’s 3 backups on the O-line made my beloved New York State Buffalo Bidens look like shit. Today the backups looked like shit. Tells me more about the Bidens than anything else. We’re pretenders. Jets get a decent QB, they take the division next year. I guess it’s time to watch hockey again.

        • I do not know what is going on with the referee’s now days. You cannot even look cross-eyed at a quarterback without a penalty…..a total replay of a down because they could not figure it out, an offensive lineman sneezes and it is illegal motion…really weird calls…..

          • It’s why my choice for the GOAT at QB remains Joe Montana … that dude won 4 super bowls when QB’s took beatings (concussions are us) … Brady is great, no doubt, but I have to wonder how great he’d be or how long his career would’ve been without the absurd roughing rules today. Exactly, Colonel, look at them the wrong way and out comes the flag.

  16. Colonel, have you read Don Winslow’s novels. They are novels (fiction), but the guy lives there part of the year. Curious what you think. I’ve read the other two in the trilogy, Reading The Border now.

  17. Interesting about the immigrants in the fancy hotel in New York. Protesting because they are to be moved to Brooklyn which is not as swank. They are claiming that it is unfair and inhumane to take them from their plush surroundings. Hee hee hee. They could go back home.

  18. And now, from the “I don’t believe it Department.”……saw where the United States is not letting Novak Djokovic play in the 2023 US Open because he is not vaccinated…….White House Press secretary Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, when asked why the world’s number 1 Tennis star is not allowed into the US when 250,000 illegal immigrants are coming in every month by just walking across the border without being tested……says: Your information is wrong. No one is just walking across the border.

  19. Testing…..this is only a test.

  20. Connecting dots about chickens and eggs..and feed?

    • It has been nearly 70 years but I remember feeding our chickens cracked corn and oyster shells. We had a hand cranked sheller for shelling the corn and, I believe, an electrically driven hammer mill for cracking it. The oyster shells provide the calcium for the egg shells and the grit they need in their gizzards to grind the feed. We had to buy the oyster shells. My brother and I feed the chickens each night after school and collected the eggs (~500). Mom candled, cleaned and crated them. The chickens were not caged but in hen houses with laying nests. I can’t tell you how many times I got pecked by a mean hen that did not want to give up her eggs.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yeah, look at all those connections. So what? There is no there, there.

      Now I am not saying these huge multinational companies are some cat’s meow. I am saying that this guy makes innuendo with no proof or even direct claim of cause effect.

      Are we to believe that Purina feeds is deliberately poisoning only private flocks in order to benefit their business partners? Is that the hint being given?

      • I can only say that I probably watch a couple dozen homestead channels and seems like everyone is having trouble with their layers not laying. I hadn’t heard any of them making a connection between feed and eggs. They all blame it on crazy weather. A couple, neither of the 2 channels on that particular video, have changed up their feed or have supplemented with adding to the feed. and have seen an increase in eggs. Then I saw the video I posted, and it could be an explanation. That’s all.

        • Tucker had a small producer on the other night. His production dropped to zero but as soon as he changed to a different feed it came back. This is all anecdotal but deserves some investigation.

          • In the comments they’re saying the guy who runs Natural News has an extensive lab set up. He is deconstructing the feed to see what he can find.

  21. Hmmmm…let me see…..classified documents now found in 5th location for Biden?

  22. S Kent Troy says:

    I am not much of a conspiracy theorist having always believed that you have to kill your fellow conspirators to keep it a secret BUT, this chicken thing is amazing. With eggs reaching $ 8.00 per dozen at some locations in the metropolitan area, one would think this story, that of 100,000 or so fried hens would have made some news especially in conjunction with the other stories. But, you had to go look for it!

    I’m going to put my conspiracy money these days on the vegans.

    • Yes….continuing the Great egg Conspiracy story…….the new thing is “egg Smuggling”……eggs in Mexico cost 89 cents per dozen….now, huge quantities are being stopped at the borer because the eggs are not inspected for disease and about 25% of the eggs are fertilized…..there is no inspection of poultry in Mexico and even bringing live chickens across the border is forbidden until quarantined for a period of 14 days. But, now, we have Egg Cartels…….

      • Oh, the new thing at the border is that you no longer can get cheaper gasoline in Mexico…..

        Go ahead and ask me why….

        Well, I will tell you. Gas in Mexico is sold by the litre. The current price is $1.23 USD per litre (1/4 gallon). It used to be 72 cents per litre. The Cartel’s add delivery charge to the border gas stations. The Mexican Government operates the gas staions called Pemex, but BP and Mobile also have some stations around….that is except on the border because they have been destroyed. don’t you find it interesting that the Pemex stations along the border are operated by the Cartels?

      • Oh yes, I forgot…..there are some on here who have heard of the Mexico locations called………”Boy’s Town” along the border? Every single major Mexican border town has an illustrious Boy’s Town. That is where you could go for some…..errrr…….adult culture. Now that the Cartel’s have officially taken over all of these locations, there is now a menu of……ummmmm…..”local culture” that can be purchased. Ages ranging from 7 to 67 (the oldest I have heard of so far). Most of the “culture” is kidnapped and brought to the border from many areas and their crossing money is earned this way.

        Now for the sad part…………………..there is actually a market for this and a lot of it from the US.

        • Ladies, I forgot to mention, do not be perplexed about the nomenclature of “Boy’s Town”…….it used to be that there were only women there….but the metamorphosis has taken place and there are a variety of “lads” available as well, whom also range in ages and are apparently well instructed in the performing arts.

  23. Miss me?

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Those of us who knew, knew. Those of us who didn’t, would not listen, do not listen and will not listen. The mindless “bots” just continue on their way to becoming cogs in the great new fascist machine, are worse than useless they are dangerous. The ones who will do the dirty work or stand by cheering as the machine grinds the “knowing” into pulp.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh me, Oh my! Tit for Tat, Getting even, or Two wrongs don’t make a right? Damn if you do and damned if you don’t.

    The R’s have voted Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Relations Committee. The response was a well known member of the mob/squad literally sobbing on the floor of the House while giving a stupid speech about “racism” towards “Muslims”. Someone should clue the clueless in that Islam or Muslim is NOT A RACE.

    But to my point. The R’s have used a political weapon created by the D’s against them. In my lifetime I have seen many times the D’s played these kinds of games assuming the R’s would not retaliate. Being “conservatives” and all. The R’s would return to normal decorum once they regained the gavel. That has changed over time and now the R’s fight back. Well sometimes.

    Is this a good thing though? As Mathius points out, two wrongs don’t make it right. But if one side simply gets run over every time the other plays nasty games, and never retaliates, how does the other ever learn a lesson?

    At the same time, this tit for tat behavior among the political elite seems to be resulting in nothing but an escalating war of Kindergarten behavior.

    Maybe it is all inevitable and jut part of the historically experienced decline in democratic style governments. Then again, maybe it is not inevitable but just a deliberate game of dividing and conquering the leviathan by those who can’t stand it’s success.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Things have gotten bloody in congress before and hopefully they will again. I’m still waiting for some congressman (or woman) to “cane” somebody on the House floor.

      When the other guy is kicking you repeatedly in the cojones in a supposed “fair” fight, you have two options, lose or do unto others as they have done to you.

  25. Pay attention. You lunatics could learn something here. 🙂

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Poor little liar, bigamist and and whatever the hell the word is for one who commits incest.

      • SK, I’m disappointed. Here I thought you’d defend her right to criticize a corrupt to the core foreign policy, but you fell right in line with the blind faithers … assuming she was all the things you accuse her of, what does that have to do with criticizing a foreign policy you yourself criticize for many of the same reasons? 🙂

        • Charlie, I do not mind criticizing the government….but you do not do it as a part of the Foreign Relations Committee. As a member of Congress. she has all the right in the world to criticize, but there is a time and place and Committee assignments are not the place…..and getting on a world stage is not the place either. Do it from within our system. Each time the house changes ownership, so do committee’s and assignments. Nothing new.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          She like Santos and Biden is a corrupt person and a facile actually not so facile liar. her lies are obvious but one cannot complain about an entitled person these days.

          Based on what we do know about her background, there are actually enough questions to raise the issue of revocation of citizenship and deportation should a thorough investigation bear the fruit I think it would. Strong chance that in addition to the above you have serious campaign finance issues and her actual parentage. We only have her word she is NOT the daughter of one of those Somali warlords. And, HER WORD AIN’T WORTH MUCH!. No more than Santos or Biden’s.

          Have fun!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What a dip stick. I wonder if she really believes her own rhetoric. And you have to love all the “clapping seals” enabling her.

      • They are clapping seals … but she’s spot on and only blindfaithers would disagree. I guess our foreign policy should be blessed for all the good it does the rest of the world (sarcasm intended). You guys kill me … 🙂

        • There is not one person on here, Charlie, including me that thinks that the Foreign Policy is good. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON, that I am aware of….Our foreign policy needs changing badly…..WE ALL AGREE… get off that horse.
          I will state again….the Committee is not a place to bash anything. It is not a place to grab headlines and create antisemitism……a committee member is not supposed to be a part of the problem but part of the solution.

          However, in your country, you would not even have committees.

    • There are 435 members of the House of which 212 are Democrats. I am sure that out of 212 members, they can find someone more qualified than her to sit on this committee. Also, if she voted to boot MTG off of her committees, then she is a hypocrite for complaining.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder what ever gave China the idea they could influence America by infiltrating our education system. Oh, never mind!

  27. I wonder why we are not bringing a Chinese Spy balloon down over US ptoprty.

  28. S Kent Troy says:

    Solution to Russia-Ukraine and it is thanks to the yeoman work my 9 year old grandson is doing on his Theodore Roosevelt project.

    When Japan and Russia went to war they wound up in a mess that started to stalemate. TR decided he would offer a truly NEUTRAL arbitration. He did, they did, it happened and TR got the Nobel.

    We are in a similar situation now. No aligned nation could step in as the US did in 1904 and offer a fair and balanced negotiation. Furthermore, the non-aligned nation would have to have some stature, Switzerland, Uruguay or Luxembourg will not do.

    India fits the bill! Somebody must talk to them and urge them to get involved as a peace broker. Despite their ties to the US and Russia they have studiously avoided taking sides for more than 60 years. They may buy their tanks from the Russians but they buy their planes from us.

    It would pull the rug out from under all the neocons and neolibs anxious to solve the “:Russian” problem by any means necessary including the big Ka-boom. They would have a very hard time explaining why India is not fit to broker a peace.

  29. Let’s see….Democrats win the house and replace everyone and remove members, and all is ok…Republicans win the house and they replace everyone and remove members but somehow it’s racists. The squad would have nothing to talk about if it were not for their time worn excuses and cries of racism. Boggles the mind.

    • Both parties are corrupt to the core, but you’re the one who pledges undying loyalty to their actions. Talk about boggles the mind …

      • At least, this time, you used the term “their” (to mean that in your mind, I am tied to both parties). There is no other choice, is there? I try to change the system the best that I can. I write letters, call offices, and vote responsibly and, right now, there are only two choices…right or wrong. There is no third choice as of yet. But, we can be like Mexico ….they have a plethora of choices every 6 years……but the PAN or the PRE win every time.

        Tell your boy Bernie to run for office….or any one of your socialist minded friends….maybe one day, they will win….otherwise, you try to change the system we have within the law.

        I will not, however, subscribe to burning, looting, or violent protests. That is no way to change anything,.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          “That is no way to change anything,.” Actually it is unfortunately one of the most successful ways of “changing” something. And the results, more often than not, end in tragedy.

          As I see the situation today I think we should consider that it would take creating about the same number of very highly motivated people to carry out either method of change. A minority will not carry a violent revolution to success in this country. So if it takes the same number then focus should be on the non-violent method.

          With that said, given the entrenchment of the Elite I have seen over the past 15 years I don’t think the peaceful way will result in serious change. Suppose we were to win a landslide in elections, taking Congress and the White House, along with 66% of State legislatures and Governorships. We would quickly find out we were still swimming against the current in the form of the bureaucracy, media, and the FED..

          Then there is the fact that to make truly positive change the American public will have to suffer some economic pain for a decade or so. Making our ability to keep control over the machine dubious at best.

          While the pessimist in me says the hell with it, the optimist in me says I will fight on, alongside my Texican brother.

          • Violence HAS BEEN an effective method for at the least incremental change in America … but the powers that be will NEVER let go of the ultimate power (government), which is why I keep telling you right wing lunatics that it’s over, the corporations/wealth elite already won. No need to fear socialism, although it remains your battering ram for maintain a status quo that is quickly destroying the empire. So it goes.

            • Violence has the reverse effect, in my opinion. All the looting and burning that has taken place over the last 3 or 4 years have not made me sympathetic at all, nor anyone else that I know.

              I still subscribe that the best way to win is from within….the elites got control from within and so did the media..and our government….it can be done.

              • “I still subscribe that the best way to win is from within…”

                Then you’re more foolish that I imagined, Colonel. The so-called progressives in the Democratic Party try go gaslight the rest of us on the actual left with the idea of change from within the party (as if the evidence thus far produced when a hint of progressive policy is put forth within their own party isn’t an immediate shut-down). Not gonna happen. Not on the left nor the right (although you lunatics came close with the Knucklehead Revolution — had Kari Lake been Trump’s VP, a genuine constitutional crisis would have occurred).

                • Not foolish Charlie…..practical. You offer no other alternative. Unless you prescribe to open armed rebellion.

                  • Which you do not prescribe to it or you would be all in on the so-called insurrection. Since you are not in to it…what other alternative do you have? DO YOU, my Plutonian friend, HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION?

                    • Just A Citizen says:


                      Believe me when I say that if he thought for a minute that his tribe would win such a conflict he would be all in on the violence.

                  • I offer nothing, Colonel. For the 10,000th time. They won (not you, them). The elite/wealthy/corporations. You may not feel it yet because you’re financially health. Most aren’t, but the squeeze has been on (thank you, capitalism) forever and although the wealth gap widens daily, those in the lurch have no way out. Neither party represents the people (that’s been evident my entire life). They’ll throw an occasional bone to the masses (to save themselves) but that’s it. Now they won’t even throw the bones. It’s over.

            • S Kent Troy says:

              Yes, they actually managed to kill a schoolteacher and a few children on a picnic. Was supposed to start forest fires in the Pac. North West.

            • S Kent Troy says:

              “Violence is as American as Cherry Pie”

              H-Rap Brown

              Ah yes, I remember it well.

              • BINGO. Truer words were never spoken. H-Rap was stating the obvious.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Except there is nothing uniquely American about it. It is part of human nature.

                It is not he summation of said behavior but it is part of it. Probably better put as the “capacity” for violence.

                • Well, any time people are exploited, they will eventually revolt (whether it’s the civil rights situations in the 60’s or the black lives matter movement now). The one American Exceptionalism we can count on is the absolute fecklessness of Americans to accept their situation. One would think the more the income gap widens and the exploitation of workers increases, the sooner a revolt might happen. Isn’t it ironic that the French people are the ones refusing to be bullied by the wealthy and the government. They shut that country down (so good on them).

        • Tell your boy Bernie to run for office….or any one of your socialist minded friends….maybe one day, they will win….otherwise, you try to change the system we have within the law.

          My boy Bernie is just another Democrat. He talks a great game and then folds like a cheap tent.

          I will not, however, subscribe to burning, looting, or violent protests. That is no way to change anything,

          So, the January 6th Knucklehead Revolution and those behind it should be prosecuted, correct? So far only the morons have been indicted/convicted. The scumbags who were behind it are walking around free as a bird. Nice justice system … and before you counter with more bullshit about other countries with more socialistic policies, know that some of them aren’t nearly as corrupt and will jail dirty bankers as well as dirty pols.

          • Canine Weapon says:

            I will not, however, subscribe to burning, looting, or violent protests. That is no way to change anything,

          • So, the January 6th Knucklehead Revolution and those behind it should be prosecuted, correct? I have been consistent. If they are guilty, prosecute, convict, and send them to the gallows. The guillotine is an alternative….but hanging is a nice method….lopping someone’s head off quickly is ok….but letting someone dangle for awhile after a broken neck, with a jerking leg or such is really effective.

            • Or do it the Comanche way….wet rawhide around the neck and let it dry out slowly…..nothing like suffocating to death over an hour in the hot sun.

            • ” If they are guilty” … and what if they are guilty and aren’t prosecuted? Nothing to see here, keep walking? The true American way … one system of justice for the wealthy and powerful … and the other one … the one that has incarcerated more people than any other country in the world.

              • and what if they are guilty and aren’t prosecuted? No one is guilty until they are prosecuted.

                Nothing to see here, keep walking? I do not like it anymore than you do. There is a clear double standard here…just like the rest of the world. There is a double standard in every single country out there where there is an elite class. I think it sucks but that is the way of the world. It has been this way…since before Moses was a mess cook.

                the one that has incarcerated more people than any other country in the world. Bull shit…..figures do not lie but liars can figure. I know how these graphs and charts are presented and how the numbers are skewed to show what you want them to show.

                Now, if you wish to argue that our laws are more draconian and the fact that we have more laws than necessary, then you will have argument.


                We can sit here all day and argue about the elite and double standard out there. We live through that every single Presidency. Money talks. take away the money and then strength talks….but you can never take away the money….someone will have it.

                Guns talk……control the masses with gun control and you will have a double standard worse than the money side.

                Charlie….there will ALWAYS BE AN ELITE CLASS. It is impossible NOT to have one. So we can argue that the little feller gets stepped on all day and you will be correct and I will agree with you. I bet there is not one person on SUFA that does not believe that way……You see it from the Republican side, you see it from the Democratic side and you will see it from the Socialist side….

                The real answer is……protect yourself….no government will protect you.

              • S Kent Troy says:

                I remember when I finally came down on the side of the death penalty, Jack Henry Abbott time. After that Charlie Foxtrot, for a year, I pinpointed cases where released, previously convicted murderers had done it again. I believe in the Daily News and NY Post there were about 17 cases reported in a one year period.

                So much for the BS that “If only one were innocent” then it was ok NOT to kill the other 99 guilty. Had those 17 been executed, 17 people would have lived! Simple cost-benefit ratio for accountants. Much more for the families of the 17.

                With the exception of Sirhan Sirhan, there is no such thing as guaranteed life without parole.

                • The death penalty is ALWAYS a tough one for me. Much like abortion was for a long time for me. Some people, emotionally I want to know will be killed by the state. Other times (and there are a lot more than 1 “mistaken death penalty case”) I fear the corruption within the entire justice process that elicits a death sentence. These nuts that shoot up a bunch of people I can see being put to death, yet this lunatic in Idaho, I’m curious about. The “why” of it and I’m not as sure he should be put to death. It’s a tough subject for me. When I think about the two guys railroaded for the Malcom X murder … wow, I want to see them handed $1 million for every hour then spent in jail. I think both are dead now (maybe just one). Those kinds of “mistakes” are a lot more prevalent than we like to admit. Starts with dirty cops, dirty prosecutors and judges (all having their own agenda for success) and someone slammed into hell who is innocent.

                  • S Kent Troy says:

                    C’mon, I lived five blocks from where Malcolm was killed when it happened. Those scum bags did it. The code of silence among the Elijah Muhammad followers is every bit as strong as the Blue Line or the Mob.

  30. And, of course, the Chinese say………………………….it is a weather balloon. Of course, it is.

    • We could always shoot it down, right? 🙂

      • Yes, and we should, but for some reason, no one is willing to do that. As I said above, I wonder if we are gathering intelligence data off that balloon and we don’t WANT to shoot it down.

      • I would also like to know from where it was launched. I can’t perceive the weather pattern to be such it would sort of float over the northern states where the bulk of our missile silos are….

        However, the Japanese did launch incendiary balloons during WW2 that made it this far.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Yes, they actually managed to kill a schoolteacher and a few children on a picnic. Was supposed to start forest fires in the Pac. North West.

          You do realize, that if we shot it down, the cost of the balloon will come out of Hunter’s Next paycheck. I loved that political AF Brigadier worrying about the extreme population density of Montana.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The weather pattern that brought the balloon to Montana is actually quite normal for this time of year.

          Note that the Govt has admitted they picked the balloon up when it passed over the Aleutian Islands.

          Our bitter cold weather this time of yeas often originates in Siberia then passes over the Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada before plummeting South.

  31. Canine Weapon says:
  32. Never question American foreign policy from within … because? Imagine have a committee that is a rubber stamp for policy. Oh, that’s what you want. Then what’s the point of the committee. Here, the FACTS:

    • S Kent Troy says:

      You realize of course, that YOU, Mr. Charlieopera are on EXACTLY the same page as Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Green, not to mention Laura Ingram.

      What’s that about strange bedfellows.

      What was that comment I made about the libertarian YAF in the ’60’s and SDS? Remember politics is a clock face not linear.

      • Yes, I do know we’re on the same page. Why you don’t see me attacking them for it. On FACEBOOK, I CONSTANTLY attack the Dems for being the warmongering party that pushed Russian into Ukraine (as well along with Bush’s wars). I suspect where we differ on those subjects has to do with me claiming (and believing it 100%) that America is the world’s biggest terrorist nation in the world (good intentions, although I don’t believe that for a second, mean nothing when we’re CONSTANTLY interfering with other sovereign nation states) while they’d upchuck their breakfast before admitting it. They believe in isolationism. I don’t, but I also don’t believe in unilateral military OR economic sanctions for the sake of imperialism/interference or hegemony.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          So typical of the left to argue that WE pushed Russia into invading Ukraine, but our response to Communist invasion or influence in our hemisphere was simply Capitalist exploitation for our sole benefit.

          The one constant is there is only one evil in this world. The United States of America and its adherence to Capitalism.

          I am thinking that if only we were a Communist Nation these people would somehow justify our invasion of others as righteous or “caused by the actions of others”.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            Don’t think, Tucker or Laura or I am “of the left”. Surrounding Russia was not a good idea in the 18th century, 19th, 20th or now the 21st. They do not like it.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              They have always been surrounded. That is the nature of their location.

              If they did not have aspirations of empire it wouldn’t matter who their neighbors were.

              • As long as they have those 6,000 nukes, JAC, you best call them an empire and forget the “aspirations” … in 10, 20, 30 years … there will be lots more “empires” (i.e., nations with nukes). Only the Colonel won’t be afraid because he’s still Ranger qualified. 🙂

              • S Kent Troy says:

                One could say the same about the good ole US of A.

                • Just A Citizen says:


                  Yes, we are bordered by others. And for some time one of them posed a threat. Did we invade that country with our military? No. We did barricade them when the Russians tried to send in missiles. The flawed Bay of Pigs involved sending in Cubans, not the US Military.

                  So the comparisons are weak at best. When it comes to Putin and much of Russia’s behavior under any of the tyrants who have ruled there since the 1800’s, they will construct whatever excuse they want to invade and expand.

                  There seems to be far too much blaming the USA on this and other issues these days for my liking. Russia could have sat down and discussed these issues like a civilized Nation. But Mr. Putin CHOSE to use violence to get what he wanted. NATO had nothing to do with it, in reality.

                • They already do, SK. Most don’t like us for the exact same reason. We’re the troublemakers. We do whatever we want to do both militarily and politically. We’re the #1 world terrorist.

            • You are the ultimate gaslighter, SK. No, you’re not on the left. Like I said, we agree for very different reasons. Yours, as is typical, is dumb.

          • JAC, can you deny that the U.S. (Blinken was part of it in FACT) pledged not push NATO “one inch” further east?

            It’s so typical of blind-faithers who ONLY criticize democratic party policy to cherry pick their beefs. Clowns.

    • Damn, Charlie, no one ever said do not question the committee….of course, you question it…and continue to question it. There is a way to do it and a way NOT to do it. Question it all you want and talk to the press all you want…..but there is a proper way to do it.

  33. JAC, I have an answer to Charlie somewhere in limbo….please release me…..

  34. Presidential quote: “More than half the women in my administration are women.” No wonder we are so confused.

    • He is a babbling mentally incompetent President.
      The last one was a babbling narcissist and evil SOB.
      The one before that was a smooth operator and total sellout.
      And the one before that was as dumb as a bag of hammers.
      And so on … American Exceptionalism! 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        So typical.

        Did you ever stop to consider that our Exceptionalism is that we can elect idiots and liars to the highest office and still continue to exist and thrive?

        • LOL…as bad as we are…we are still number 1? Says a lot for the rest of the world. My spousal unit asked me how many countries I have been in that were NOT vacation…….I had to sit down and add ’em up.

          1964 – (In high school) Mexico on a field trip for my school.
          1965 – (Still in high school as a senior) Canada on a similar issue.
          1969 – Vietnam ( a little excursion for the Uncle)
          1970 – Japan (recovering from a little excursion in the Central Highlands)
          1970 – Vietnam ( yet another little excursion for the Uncle)
          1974 – Rhodesia ( a private little venture )
          1978 – Colombia ( another little incursion for the Uncle )
          1982 – Colombia ( A return trip as if the first one was not enough, for the Uncle)
          1982-83 – Venezuela ( a sight seeing venture for the Uncle since I was already enjoying Colombia.
          1985 – Germany
          1986 – Belgium
          1991 – Saudi Arabia/Kuwait ( a little excursion for the Uncle)
          1994 – Italy/Bosnia ( The Uncle likes to travel )
          2001 – Afghanistan ( a shortened little excursion for the Uncle )

          However, while in Europe, I did ride their magnificent rail system to France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Switzerland.

          After Afghanistan, I have been in country except for Mexico where we have some property.
          She then asked would I like to go back to any of the European countries and the answer was an emphatic no. Nothing stood out to me except Japan…..I loved their culture there and they were very respectful. I could probably “THINK” about Japan………

        • Thanks for the confirmation, JAC. Yes, we the people are a feeble group. I agree. We elect who the powers that be allow us to elect and obviously not enough of us see the difference. You lunatics embrace it. 🙂

  35. JAC…..once again in exile. Have I pissed you off or something? I seem to get thrown in jail quite a bit.

  36. S Kent Troy says:

    Block II FY 2019 US$399,500.00, AIM-9X

    Ok, spiffy, we blow 399 grand to take down a balloon in a spectacular way that probably guarantees we recover nothing but fragments. Now, This wanna be USAF officer (medically disqualified) would have put about two practice 30MM (non-explosive) rounds (couple hundred bucks?) through it and watched it slowly descend INTACT.

    Wonder what WE are hiding?

    • I have thought about that as well….and I think everyone knows that this balloon was transmitting everything anyway as it floated along. So, shooting it down now does nothing but make Biden feel good and it gives great theater for television and the uproar it was creating all over the country….he had to do something.

      The proper way to handle it……and what I would have done were I in charge….is the minute that balloon entered US airspace over the Aleutian Islands, shoot it down without fanfare. Just do it. If you wanted brownie points, then you go on TV and say..

      .”Today, a Chinese spy balloon illegally entered US airspace over the Aleutian Islands and, as your President, I have a duty to protect the American people. I have done just that. I ordered the immediate elimination of a possible weapon of war that entered, unannounced and without permission, our airspace. Any further attempt at entering our airspace without authorization will be dealt with in the same manner.”

      One 30 second spot on National News…and it is done. Turn around and walk away from the podium because there would be no questions. Also, do not give it to the press prior to the TV time. Notify the TV’s that you want 5 minutes of air time for a national emergency declaration…..say your piece and return to normal broadcasting….then have your press office give a briefing to the press.

    • SK…..this type of confrontation is not in my pay grade. My knowledge of air defense is very limited. But, if I am not mistaken, 20 or so years ago, the Canadian version of our F18 fired 1,000 rounds at a “rogue” weather balloon and put over 100 holes with 20mm cannon fire. It did not bring it down. Instead the balloon kept floating away…I’m sure it eventually came down.

      Now, one thing that we let the Chinese know, is that a ship at 60,000 feet can be brought down pretty easily. Now, I do know that the F22 has reached a 65,000 ceiling before in testing. (The definition of the service ceiling is the height above sea level at which an aircraft with normal-rated load is unable to climb faster than 100 feet per minute under standard air conditions.) Now, being a pilot myself, you know that I flew a Baron G58…..its service ceiling was 20,728 feet. But its optimum ceiling for flying was 16,000 ft. I pushed the Baron to 20k but not without difficulty and a sluggish response…even at 18k, it would fly ok but the stall speed was at maximum….full response was 14 to 16k. I routinely flew it at 14,000k.

      Now, the F22 could reach 65k but not without difficulty and control issues. Whether jet equipped or not, any aircraft is still subject to aerodynamics of stall speeds and having enough air to power engines. (Jets or normal aspirated). Even the space shuttle and rockets are still limited to aerodynamics of stall speeds.

      Now, that said, perhaps the F22 could routinely operate at 60k without problems. I do not know this however, we certainly showed the Chinese what they wanted to see. Could we shoot this down. Since that altitude requires specific aiming and charging devices, I wonder if practice rounds would react the same. I do not know this. I do know that on a M! tank range, we shoot practice rounds of SABOT. Meaning they do not have an explosive charge of depleted uranium and the speed and accuracy is the same. I can assume that this same procedure can be done with aircraft….but with something of that size, would practice rounds actually bring it down. One wonders.

      The other thing….at that altitude, I wonder what the percentage of an actual hit on the balloon would be instead of a radio guided missile at the transmitter. I am sure that ego is involved here and no one wanted a miss or an incident like 20 years ago. So, they zoom in with a fancy missile. Now, I wonder, was the aircraft at the same altitude as the balloon or did we fire at lower altitudes and the Chinese learned the capability of our aircraft at those altitudes. Makes one wonder, did we give away a secret or two in preparation for Taiwan.

      However, perhaps I think too much, but military like minds do wonder these things. It would not have changed my decision, however, I would have never let the balloon get any further than the Aleutians. If the wreckage fell on a polar bear or seal… be it. We kill more animals with wind farms on a daily basis. I wonder why Canada did not try to shoot it down….but I think I have answered my question….they do not have an F22 and their Prime Minister is as big a coward as Biden.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Points well taken.

        • Yes, everyone is a coward except those who fire first and ask questions later. I probably agree with shooting it down over the Aleutians, but calling everyone else a coward is talking shit that can’t be backed up. Canada isn’t the country that started (usually under false pretenses) war after war and lost war after war. We’re brave enough …we just can’t win wars. 🙂

          • Charlie…you are a one sided record…….Sir, stick with the subject matter. My cowardice comment was within the subject matter of the balloon. We could have shot it down in a number of places where it was remote….a bazillion of them. Canada could have shot it down over a bazillion more places. Both chose not do to that most likely because they were afraid of some sort of retaliation. Biden only shoots it down after the amount of ridicule he was getting from the entire US. The damn thing hovered over sensitive areas and he still did not shoot it down. He had more opportunities to shoot it down over sparsely populated areas in Wyoming and Montana. Screw this excuse of damage on the ground……that is smoke screen. He hesitated most likely for the same reasons as Canada….he was either scared or in the other pocket (the first one is full) of China. Either way, it was becoming politically unpopular in a big way, so to save face, he shoots it down in the ocean. TO SAVE FACE ONLY. There is no other reason. To fear China is folly. Nuclear weapons are for deterrents…to prevent invasions. Those countries with nukes can fire back AND NO ONE WINS. China does not win, Russia does not win, and the USA does not win. NO ONE WINS. So, there is no fear of China nor Russia. M.A.D. is alive and well.

            There is no diplomacy to be had on violating airspace and a third grader knows that a maneuverable spy balloon is not something accidental or haphazard. They should be shooting the one down that is reported over Central or South America as well, but that is a problem for those countries.

            So, sir, my comment was on the subject of balloons…..and it showed. I wonder what Canada’s excuse is? I will never understand the fear of China……we have the greatest weapon of all that is non nuclear and non invasive……economics. No reason to fear.

            • Colonel, Colonel, Colonel … “To fear China is folly. Nuclear weapons are for deterrents…to prevent invasions. Those countries with nukes can fire back AND NO ONE WINS. China does not win, Russia does not win, and the USA does not win. NO ONE WINS. So, there is no fear of China nor Russia. M.A.D. is alive and well.”

              Nuclear weapons are for deterrents, except against Japan, twice. We all know the MAD theory, yet nation states can’t wait to have their own deterrents. Why is that, you think? The idea that we should fear anyone with nukes is folly, is absurd. All it takes is one lunatic (remember when Trump asked why we couldn’t use nukes, or was that also fake news?) … One lunatic and it can happen. Say, for instance, enough aid forces Russia to back off Ukraine and accept a “kind of loss.” That’s what’s folly, my friend … to think Russia OR China would ever accept a loss. Likely why China only engages in proxy warfare (we learned so much from them over time, eh?), so that the kind of conflict that could escalate to nuclear war is a lot less likely to occur. Sooner or later, so many countries will have nuclear capabilities, as they should want them, and then we’ll see how much folly a nuclear war is … unless, of course, we stick our big fat noses in the wrong place at the wrong time and a few hundred million people are turned to ash. Now, I don’t sit and shake in my boots over nuclear war, Colonel. I just know it’s a real possibility … and that the last people I’ll accept reassurances from, sir, and no offense intended, is someone from our military or any other military … because you guys tend to make BIG mistakes from time to time … and that mistake isn’t correctable once it happens.

              • I take no offense whatsoever……the military is designed for one thing….one thing only….to destroy.

                And I understand your issue on rogue nations…like Iran, for example. I do not fear Russia, nor China, nor India, nor Pakistan. Not in the least. However, I can share a smidgen of concern about Iran….I do not even fear the petty dictator of North Korea…..

                and, please, quit living in the past. Yes we bombed Japan…twice…and it showed the world and us, that it was devastating and the lasting effects are just now dying out. As I have said before, no POTUS of the US can just push a button and fire a nuke. Same thing in Russia and the same thing in China. Nukes are going to be prevalent the world over….but there is only one army, other than the US with nuclear capability to have a ground war…. and that is China and they will not do it. Russia does not have the capability to conduct a nuke war with invasion forces. Now, maybe you and I are not on the same wave length on the fear factors…..I am talking about ICBM capability. Not tactical nukes. Tac nukes are out there but I do not think, no matter the consequence of Ukraine, that Russia will fire tac nukes. There are three times the number surrounding Russia right now…and India is just a stones throw away from China.

                So, I guess in reality, there is a remote possibility from a rogue nation…but not from China, nor Russia. Even if we help out Taiwan, and keep China from taking it, they will not retaliate with nukes. It is no win.

                • “but there is only one army, other than the US with nuclear capability to have a ground war…. and that is China and they will not do it”

                  We haven’t looked too good in ground wars either, Colonel. Quite a few losses in a row in fact.

                  I’m sure you’re aware of just how close the US & the Soviet Union came during the Cuban missile crisis. If not for a heroic Russian soldier … and that happened twice.

                  All I’m saying is the likelihood is increased not only by rogue nations, but also by our stupidity (something I’m sure you’ll agree too is our governmental stupidity in foreign affairs) and/or someone else’s stupidity. MAD is a great deterrent to reasonable people under reasonable circumstances, yet we’ve had close calls already (i.e., Russia). I fear you’re way too confident in the ability of people to act rationally at all times. They aren’t.

                  • We haven’t looked too good in ground wars either, Colonel

                    Civilians are not too good at fighting, are they? Can’t win a total war without turning the military loose. When politicians run a war… is disaster.

                    And you criticized the last time a politician ran a war……we dropped two big bombs that ended the war and everybody freaks out.

                    Proxy wars are not wars. they are conflicts and civilian controlled. You want to decisively win a war…..turn the entire might of the conventional military loose.

                    Korea….politically stopped when we had China on the ropes
                    Vietnam…politically stopped when we had North Vietnam on their knees.
                    Iran/Iraq/Kuwait…………the US military won every single major engagement and politically stopped.

                    The problem is not winning wars…the problem is political decisions after winning the war.

  37. Just A Citizen says:
    • HOOOOWWWWWDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!…..and a wave of the Stetson!!!!!!! as good as any amen, doncha’ know…….and, everybody knows, that on the 8th day, God created Texas….so….HOOOOWWWWWWWDDDDYYYYY!!!!

      Anyway, to the lawyers…….persuasive argument is what it is about. You can baffle the minions with bullshit, make it sound really cool or bad, and sway a jury. You can find any research out there you want (just ask the climate change fanatics) to fit whatever scenario you wish……but a slick tongued mouthpiece is worth their weight in gold. Obama was a great example of slick talking with a persona. He was good.

    • I would think that after the massive lies told by the bureaucrats at the 3-letter agencies over covid, that the whole climate change pseudo-science would collapse.

  38. It is balloooooon, no more … 🙂

  39. Well, the balloon fiasco is over….and you have to love Bidens remarks on TV……he said he did not know about the balloon until it was over US and he immediately ordered it shot down…….He did not know……so he says.

    So, just who is in all the security briefings? It was picked up over Japan and we are supposed to believe that the POTUS did not know about it.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    The hard core Libertarians and some self claimed “conservatives”, really the L wing of the R tribe, have claimed for years that our “air waves” should not be publicly owned. Everything should be privately owned.

    Well let’s look at what could be the outcome of such a venture:

    Now, to be fair, the companies that have these air waves were granted such by the Govt. As the argument goes, if somone else wants to start up a service company like Dish then they are free to do so. But not if the Govt. controls the licensing and permitting of all the infrastructure. So that is a legit complaint. It is in effect restricting competition. Then there is the cost of building new infrastructure itself. The likes of AT&T, among others, are living off much of the infrastructure put in place decades ago, when Govt. controlled everything, along with AT&T.

    Should the air waves be private or should they be considered nothing more than the same as a govt. highway. In which case, private companies should not be able to randomly assign fees and cancellations to its potential customers.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    There is an easy way to solve the entire issue of voter rolls.

    1. No mail in ballots.
    2. Govt issued ID matching address to voting district (proper residency).

    Everything else gets complicated and expensive. So who opposes such simple solutions?

    • What? You want us seniors to vote in person? Oh, ok. If you insist……

    • Me. Why not mail-in ballots. You bought Trump’s bullshit again? 🙂

      They’ve been used forever (military) and suddenly they’re no good?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You refer to absentee ballots. Those have traditionally been very controlled. The military knows who the people are who vote, they hand out and collect them. Most states used to require an application with affidavit to get an absentee ballot. That is not what is going on today. So in essence you once again confuse eggs and oranges.

        Oregon and Washington have used mail in ballots for a long time. They claim they tested it for security before going all in. While I lived in Oregon the media screwed up and quoted care takers who said they filled in the ballots for the infirm folks in the old folks home and hospitals. These states also liberalized registration and drivers licenses, which are tied together. And they have never addressed issues with the voter rolls.

        Which allows mail in ballots to be mailed in quantity to locations where only one person could actually live, or where NOBODY could live.

        When you use mail in voting the security is dependent on an accurate mailing list that includes actual citizens and legal residents for that election. And of course, only once per voter. So that is why they should not be used as it is currently being done. Nobody has a clean and accurate voter roll. So just eliminate it.

        Mail in ballots get even worse when the signature verification programs/people don’t catch all the flawed signatures. Which has been proven by these folks diving into the system. I have personally witnessed issues with this step. And appeals over fraudulent signatures go unheeded by the County Clerks or Sec of State, depending on where the fraud occurs. They simply ignore issues over signatures, for the most part.

        So why do you defend a system that is so vulnerable to fraud?

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Unfortunately, he cannot tell the difference. In the more choice parts of NYC, generally, in the Public Housing behemoths, when a “general mailing” goes out to all residents, the PO worker usually just dumps the stuff on a table rather than take the time to sort and box it.

          Anybody who has ever visited one of those places (and they are NOT all PH. Projects) has seen it multiple times. What fun one could have with unregulated mail-in ballots! To bad I retired! Imagine half of the South Bronx voting TRUMP!

        • Why weren’t you crying about Mail ballots BEFORE Trump lost? Why did it become such a big issue, outside of the FACT his SHEEPLE (like yourself) repeat nearly every absurd statement he makes as if it’s gospel. I’ve read too much about mail ballots being fine to suddenly swallow your claims. I see without reading it yet that SK has issued yet another anecdotal story about his experiences … funny how they always correspond with the bullshit being slung by Trump et al … funnier how those issues never surfaced before cheeto-face lost in 2020. 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You have such a limited memory at times. I started complaining about mail-in-ballots when I moved to Oregon and saw what was happening. Before that the whole idea was just some dream being pushed by the Dems in the media. I hadn’t realized they got it done in Oregon and Washington.

            So when Nancy Pelosi started pushing the idea at the beginning of Covid I again raised the alarm.

            I have been against the idea from the first time I heard about it and saw it was tied to voter roles. Specifically, we are talking here about the general mailing of ballots to anyone on the rolls. Not the old school “absentee ballots”, which had to be requested by the voter and included notary public certifications.

            Way back when I also raised concerns over private party registration drives. Again so much room for fraud (see Acorn, etc,.) The problems finally showed themselves during the Obama run. Before that nobody cared, or is wasn’t so blatant. I don’t know which but I knew it was ripe for corruption. And that proved true.

            Yet you continue to LIE about my positions and now call me a sheeple.

            • First of all, JAC, I wasn’t around to read your complaints about mail voting. I’m not back that long. Secondly, you never answered my more important question (sins of omission?) … if EVERYONE voted in person, would you then fall back onto the “rigged machines” position, because THAT was one of the Trump bullshit stories being passed along with dead people voting and truckloads of ballots and 2,000 mules … all debunked (except in your mind?). So, genius, I didn’t LIE because I have read your complaints of mail ballots … but, you never did answer my questions, did you? Afraid?

        • Here’s the other thing, JAC. What difference would it make if people ALL voted in person IF (as some of the claims have been made) the machines are rigged? I mean, under what scenario would you accept the results of an election your choices lost? It seems to me (as the January 6 committee proved), that there were several different attacks being made on the election (the machines were rigged and turning Trump votes to Biden votes, dead people were voting, etc.) … you (and SUFA in general, although the Colonel “claims” he doesn’t–I’m still not convinced) seem to cling to anything and everything the GOP and/or Trumpworld spews. So, if EVERYONE had to vote in person and the machines are rigged anyway … or are they ONLY rigged when a Republican loses (like Kari Lake)?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Well if everyone voted in person then you could focus on the machines more easily, couldn’t you! Once you have killed off some of the alligators you can focus on those that remain.

            Maybe they should open up the software for random and independent inspections. Using computers to tally votes does provide avenues for fraud. There is not doubt and I noted when Mathius admitted this a month ago. Remember our discussion of using block chain and those pushing use of C-Stores and vote cards like lottery tickets? Your obnoxious commentary about machine counts notwithstanding, issues like those Lake experienced are real and documented. What was not well documented was proof the issue which arose was in fact dealt with in a way that guaranteed it did not change the results. Some Govt official declaring “it wouldn’t have changed the outcome” is not proof for me. I find it hilarious it seems to be enough for you. The guy who howls about how the DNC RIGGED THE ELECTION against Bernie.

            Hand counting is not perfect either. While it may be easier to validate it will obviously be much slower.

            Again, stop LYING about my position and comments. I have criticized our voting system for at least 2 decades. Once I saw it up close I could see the weak spots, then I started seeing the reports which validated those weak spots were being exploited. My views on the voting system are not based on the outcomes for R’s or Trump or anyone else. So stick a sock it why don’t ya!

            Now, as for BELIEVING the outcome of an election, I really don’t know if I ever will fully believe the results again. For any election. If I cannot verify the honesty of those doing the elections and see that safeguards are in place and enforced, then why should I. Why would you?

            However, not believing in the accuracy of the outcome is not the same as accepting the results. I recognize when you can no longer fight over a particular outcome. That does not mean you stop fighting against the problems you find in order to build a more dependable, reliable and trustworthy system.

            You know, thinking more on it I have one other thing to offer. More in the style of where I come from. If folks don’t want us to cry about them stealing the pie, maybe they should stop getting caught with their fingers in the pie.

            • JAC, if you dig back in the archives, you will find I was against computer voting from the start. It was my opinion when they first started making noises about it after 2000. Computers lack transparency and are far too complex for the ordinary poll worker or observer to spot problems. Also computers have a finite lifetime and are too expensive for at most 3 uses per year. It reminds me of the $Ms spent by NASA on a pen to write in zero g. The Russians used a #2 pencil.

              As for the time delay of hand counting, I seem to recall that elections were counted faster in the old days than they are today. That is because the precincts were smaller, better staffed and did the counting locally rather than at some large counting center.

              When I voted in 1980 in Groton, MA it was a step back into the 1880’s. Paper ballots that you folded in half long wise, feed between two washing machine rollers into the ballot box. The man turning the crank must have been born in the 19th century. It was in the old colonial town hall and the lines were not long. I have voted I think every possible way. Old paper ballots with an “X”, fill in the bubble, Hollerith cards, absentee, and now vote-by-mail.

            • “Well if everyone voted in person then you could focus on the machines more easily, couldn’t you! Once you have killed off some of the alligators you can focus on those that remain.”

              No need to read further. You’re the ULTIMATE SHEEPLE. 🙂

            • Using computers to tally votes does provide avenues for fraud. There is not doubt and I noted when Mathius admitted this a month ago.

              • Now, Sir Mathius……you and I both know that computers are run by algos……

                • computers are run by algos……

                  Fun fact:

                  I put in a trade for my employer. Shortly after the trade wsa in, a rumor floated that the Saudis were going to buy the company and the price shot up.

                  The broker’s algo screwed up, gave us a bad execution price, and cost us more than $300k.

                  So I am currently dealing with that. Right now, the Big Boss is keeping his cool because the broker may still fix the issue. But if/when they don’t, it’s going to quickly become my fault.

                  • Yeppers……..I do and have done a lot of trading over the years…I do use a broker but he and I are on the same wave length…I get tickled when the wild swings in the markets happen and people do panic selling because they do not understand algos….and how quick the algo triggers work… is a big boy game to play….and if you use managers, you sure do have to trust judgements, especially those who are handling 401s…..very scary now days.

                    • Well, in my case, they had my sell / VWAP order filled ~60% by noon (BBG says it s/b 41%). Then by 12:30, on rumor and volume spike, this was up to 80% and by 1:30, 99%. By 2, the price was up over 100%, but we had almost nothing left to sell, so we couldn’t capture that upside. Missed VWAP by a hair under 25% ($9.50 vs $12.50) on 130k shares –> $340k.

                      Worse, this is with a retail platform we switched to to save money on comms. If it were GS one of the other big boys, you’d just call up your rep and they’d credit your account or adjust the fill price and some trade-error account would eat it. But a retail platform doesn’t work like that – I’ve been in bureaucracy for 11 days now and I can only (intermittently) reach them by web-ticket. The Big Boss, an old hedge fund PM, doesn’t understand that things move at their own pace on something like this, and now has me threatening them with legal action which, of course, shuts everything down and brings in the lawyers.

                      If things don’t go well from here, it’ll be my fault. But, if things do go well, it’ll be because of his brilliant leadership.. funny how that works, no?

  42. Not that I’m a Republican, but I don’t want him to die. First, I want him indicted and convicted, then I want him to still run for President because there has NEVER been a more entertaining sinking of a ship than Donald J. Trump. I can’t wait for the primaries. This will be the most exciting shit show ever.

  43. S Kent Troy says:

    The “Atlantic” it’s like reading Pravda in the days of Stalin and I had a subscription for 10 years before they caught rabies. .

  44. “Mail in ballots get even worse when the signature verification programs/people don’t catch all the flawed signatures. Which has been proven by these folks diving into the system. I have personally witnessed issues with this step. And appeals over fraudulent signatures go unheeded by the County Clerks or Sec of State, depending on where the fraud occurs. They simply ignore issues over signatures, for the most part.”

    So, what you’re saying is this issue is ONLY to be brought up when a Republican loses? How’s this for an anecdotal story: My daughter, a devout Socialist herself, had her signature rejected by the Democratic machine because it had changed since the last time she voted. She was voting for Sanders in the 2016 primary and was rejected twice before she finally was allowed to vote. So much for not checking signatures.

  45. SK, remember who you are defending. You don’t get to call other sources fake. Not when you’re defending the biggest con artist in the history of the country. Or do you really believe every word Trump says … because if so, then you’re just an idiot. 🙂

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Biden lies, Trump exaggerates. Everything thrown at him has fallen off. they called Reagan the Teflon president. I guess Trump must be the new improved version of non-stick!

      That of course is not even mentioning “edited” versions of comments which I became a master at spotting in my teen years when I read Goldwater speeches then read, with shock, dismay and disbelief what the media said he said not to mention old LBJ comments on Barry G.

  46. For you dreams and defenders of Truth, Justice and the American way!

  47. Special note to AOC…….cattle eat grass, hay, and alfalfa. Some go to feed yards to be “grained” up…..if this is the case, then steak is plant based.

  48. S Kent Troy says:

    So the media has started claiming Trump KNEW of China’s spy balloons and did nothing. No proof, just pulled out of someone’s A**. Amazing what they can still get away with.

    The Steele dossier!

  49. Everybody knows that neither Trump nor Biden won……it was Alfred E. Neumann (Newman?). “What, me worry?”

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Yet another example of “activist judges.” Unfortunately, there is no way to remove these types short of “impeachment.” And obviously that isn’t going to happen.

  51. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday failed to slow down the House Republican push for new oil and gas leases on federal land, after GOP lawmakers shot down her attempt to require further study of the public health impacts of energy extraction.


  52. The Inflation Reduction Act showed that Americans earning less than $75,000 per year would bear the brunt of 60% of additional tax audits authorized as a result of the bill’s new funding for the IRS.

    The Inflation Reduction Act showed that Americans earning less than $75,000 per year would bear the brunt of 60% of additional tax audits authorized as a result of the bill’s new funding for the IRS.

  53. Just A Citizen says:
  54. BIPARTISANSHIP is alive and well in American politics when it comes to MONEY. It is a DIRECT INFLUENCE to governmental policy … whether it’s the Koch Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Big Oil, ISRAEL, SAUDI ARABIA, etc. The anti-Semitic accusations against those who criticize an apartheid state are TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT.


    • Capitalism … the method by which workers (and children) are exploited for financial gain. Also known as “American Exceptionalism.”

    • This is Iowa. Do you have any idea how much work farm kids do by the time they are 14? I was driving a tractor at 8, collecting eggs, feeding chickens and other chores. We moved off the farm just after that but when I was 12, I helped build our house. At 13, I went full time in the summer on construction crew. There are lots of jobs that kids can do that could be far better than staying at home playing video games.

      • “There are lots of jobs that kids can do that could be far better than staying at home playing video games.”

        You must’ve been one lazy SOB because further back in time kids were working in mines. Why weren’t you pulling your weight in mines? The point being, as much as I do agree that kids today have a nearly impossible guidance system (likely because both parents have to work and video games make great babysitters) … and are therefore wasting much of their precious time dicking around, that’s not going to change anytime soon. But, if you replace adults with children … duck when those pitchforks come flying.

  55. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

  56. Canine Weapon says:

  57. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    Y’aarrrrgh!! JAC be naught but a scurvy fascist a-sendin’ me to spam! Release me!

  58. One of the poorest states in the union (Red Republican State) … has MILLIONS robbed from monies designated for the most needy in the state. Brett Favre, along with his BFF Republican friends, ROBBED the poor. Why isn’t CNN, MSNBC or FOX covering this? 🙂

    American Exceptionalism, rob from the poor and give to the rich.

    • Is this what you are referring to?

      Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre’s alleged role in the Mississippi welfare-fraud scandal is only spiraling further into legacy-upending territory. New court filings show the legendary Packers player pressed former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant over text message for additional funds to construct an athletic facility at his alma mater, even after Favre was informed that using welfare funds for such projects “could result in violation of Federal Law,” according to the AP.

      The millions that Favre secured for the University of Southern Mississippi’s volleyball facility, the school where his daughter played, is being investigated as part of a probe into the Mississippi Department of Human Services and its misuse of millions in federal funding meant for “needy families,” Mississippi Today reported. Favre has not been charged criminally but is a defendant in a sprawling civil suit filed by the state of Mississippi earlier this year in an attempt to recoup more than $20 million that was “squandered.” (According to Insider, Favre’s attorney Bud Holmes said that Favre never knew the money came from welfare funds. Favre “has been honorable from day one,” and “He has done so much charity work—and that’s all it was here,” Holmes told Insider.)

      • Former Green Bay Packers Quarterback and Hall of Famer Brett Favre has been accused of using his “special access” to former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and other officials in his home state in order to influence roughly $8 million in welfare payments for himself, pharmaceutical company Prevacus, and a volleyball court for the University of Southern Mississippi, according to an expose published last week Mississippi Today—though Favre has not been charged criminally or accused of a crime.

        If he has not even been charged yet or accused of a crime…..well, never mind.

        • Doesn’t change the FACT that it’s the nature of capitalism … steal from the working class and poor (via exploitation or outright stealing) and give to the already wealthy. Of course he won’t be criminally charged. He’s a redneck in a redneck state with a redneck government. They still have accepted the south LOST.

          • * HAVEN’T accepted they LOST.

          • If I read the article correctly, it is not a state issue since it was Federal Funds….where is the Justice Department on this? If everyone is so damned guilty, where are the charges and where is the Justice Department? I don’t get it.

            Put everyone involved in jail……get them there. Or are you going to tell me that the Democratic Justice Department is in bed with the South?

            • Hey, it’s the country and government YOU’RE willing to die for, my brother. You tell me. You’re so anxious to defend conservatism … well, where’s their undying love of justice for all?

              • I do not know but you need to change your rhetoric……it is a very liberal democratic government….where is the justice from them? I think you need to get off the conservative versus liberal mime because I do not see any difference.

                • “it is a very liberal democratic government”

                  ONLY if you were born in the 13th century (or did the SCOTUS use an 18th century justification for ending abortion rights for women)?

                  You don’t see any difference between in AMERICA it is a dirty public hair different, which makes all you lunatics on this site calling the Democratic Party “Socialists” more than comical.

                • What has happened over the years is that laws have not been enforced…..pretty much everywhere. It is now a mindset….If there is a bad law out there, then change it.

                  For example, the immigration laws that are on the books,…..why are they NOT being enforced? By either side? The laws are quite explicit….follow the law. But the minute you allow selective enforcement…..the minute any prosecutor gets to decide which laws to enforce and which ones not to enforce, the you create lawlessness. It does not matter if you are liberal, communist, conservative, socialist or any of a variety of colors of skin. The law is the law is it not and it should not be blind. Rich or poor, famous or not famous… does not matter. Enforce the laws on the books… you agree?

                  • Of course, I agree. Do you agree this country has separate enforcement for separate classes? Do the wealthy get away with more than the working class and poor. Are laws applied equally? Cocaine addicts on the street will get arrested far more often and sentenced far more harshly than cocaine addicts in the halls of Goldman Sachs. Tax laws, murder laws, any laws … there is nothing close to laws being equally applied … and the ones you claim “change it” are the most guilty of protecting themselves, which is why you likely won’t see Trump or Biden or Trump’s kids or Biden’s kid indicted for anything … but if Charlie’s kids did anything near what those scumbags pieces of shit have gotten away with, they’d be doing time and in general population.

                    • Yes, the laws do not apply equally. I do not think of it in class but if you have enough money, you can by expert legal help. If you have enough money, you can buy politicians with connections to judges and law enforcement. But, you are going to have to better define working class. Being poor does not get you arrested more or less but it does have an effect on how you are represented or even get to court. I do not look at it as a “privileged” class.

                      Addicts in the street are going to get arrested more because…..they are in the street. So, this an argument that I have had with Sir Mathius before……selective prosecution is a pariah. If a prosecutor can pick which case he wants to prosecute, then you dilute the effect of law. So, if your son or my son got arrested for cocaine and a “large donor’s” son got arrested, I will agree that the chances of prosecution of our sons is 99 percent greater than the donor’s son. The prosecutor should either prosecutes all or none… selective prosecution.

                      Selective prosecution also leads to discrimination. White over black, black over white, pirates over anyone… doesn’t matter. Any selective prosecution on the basis of race, sex, religion….rich/poor….is just wrong and perpetuates division.

                    • Well, Charlie, I have an answer for you but JAC has to release me from the jail.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            “steal from the working class”???

            Just more Communist Rhetoric. Have to give you credit. It has been over 100 years since your experiment failed and you radicals haven’t changed the rhetoric do this day.


    If any of you that shoot a .45 ACP need some defense rounds……I have a source where you can get plenty. They are available on internet. Let me know and I will send you the link privately. I would do the link on here but not sure if that is legal or not. We use this round on the border and it is very effective. It will not penetrate a vest but it will knock them down and incapacitate them for about 2 minutes. These are now available to the public.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      In NJ, one can own hollow points but woe to you if you place them in your pistol or revolver! How’s that for common sense gun control?


    Now, I did not watch the SOTU address because I knew it was going to full of lies and stuff so I watched a John Wayne movie…..McClintock. I did not watch the Republican response, because, like always, the opposing party always chides any SOTU….I watched John Wayn’s movie…..The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. I decided to wait and read all the differing views and each of the differing polls. It has been entertaining….that said….. I guess Trump needs to win the next election if he wants to regain his title of “Liar in Chief”. It appears that he has been upstaged by Biden. All the fact checkers went back in the archives of news clips and past speeches of Biden…..

    Biden’s ill-conceived crusade against school integration busing in the ‘70s, his handling of Anita Hill’s testimony, the ‘94 crime bill, which he wrote, and his closeness with the financial services industry. Biden’s support and vote for the 1995 Balanced Budget Amendment has gone largely unnoticed, despite the fact that it put him squarely at odds with the majority of his Democratic colleagues at the time. By 1995, Biden had a record as a deficit hawk going back over a decade. In 1984, the Delaware senator had pushed a plan to freeze federal spending, much to the horror of liberals in his party—horror which he seemed to revel in all those years later. “When I introduced the budget freeze years ago, the liberals in my party said ‘it’s an awful thing you’re doing, Joe,’” he said, referring to his 1984 plan. “‘All the programs we care about, you’re freezing them—money for the blind, the disabled, education, and so on.“I meant Social Security as well,” he said. “I meant Medicare and Medicaid; I meant veterans’ benefits; I meant every single, solitary thing in the government. And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time and I tried it a fourth time. Somebody has to tell me in here, how we’re going to do this hard work without dealing with any of those sacred cows.” Even so, over the years, Biden has maintained that cutting social programs is the only way to ensure their continued existence. As vice president, he led the negotiations for the 2011 “grand bargain” that put Social Security on the table. Just last March, Biden called for means-tested cuts to Social Security and Medicare while criticizing the GOP tax cuts for not benefiting lower-income Americans. “Paul Ryan was correct when he did the tax code,” Biden said. “What’s the first thing he decided we needed to go after? Social Security and Medicare.”

    In 1984, Biden was a strong advocate of closing the Mexican border. “Our system”, he says, “cannot absorb illegal immigration. They must get in line with the others and go through our system legally. In addition, eliminating the anchor baby rule needs to go away. It is just more incentive to violate our laws.”

    There was even a news reel that showed Biden stumping on the Senate floor about eliminating ALL social programs including Veteran’s Benefits.

    It also showed Biden saying that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nordstream 2 pipeline would “cease to exist.”

    And Biden’s business dealings with China and the huge amounts of money he has received from our adversary and the huge amounts of money received from Soros and Pharma DWARF anything Trump did when he was not even IN office. Biden did these things while in various government offices. He has, apparently, reversed his decision on oil and gas drilling now saying that Big Oil is to blame for the oil shortages even when the permitting has slowed to a trickle.

    There is a huge list of Biden’s lies……so… where are we.

    So, Charlie, what ever crap Trump pulled while out of office pales to what Biden has done in office. (Notice that I am not including the alleged overthrow of the government. It is still alleged until you charge Trump and throw his ass in jail…but we both know that will not happen.)

    So, it appears that Trump has been upstaged by Biden. He, Trump, needs to reclaim his title. It is my opinion that neither of them need to run. Both are old news. We need some youngsters in there (who said that?)

    • I was watching Minnesota Fats vs Willie Mosconi duke it out while the SOTU was going on. Funny as heck and good entertainment. Fats lost but was a good sport. Howard Cosell called it. Good stuff.

      Re: Biden’s comments on cutting SS and Medicare and “everything is on the table”.. I watched a clip of a Biden/Bernie debate where Bernie asked Biden about those comments. Biden denied saying any of it several times. Bernie doubled down on accusing him and Biden still denied it even though its all on video, him saying those comments, in several different venues.

      Re: Trump running again. I’ve been pro Trump the whole way. But I keep adding to my reasons for not budging. Many remain the same. A business man with enough FU money to not be forced by an agenda other than his own. A business man who has actually contributed to building America, even if its just buildings and golf courses. Now, a history on the books of being an effective leader. My opinion that he won 2020, so he deserves a chance to reclaim the position, is the basis for my newest reason to support him…being…he keeps politics engaging for the average joe. No one else out there will keep the public’s interest on politics. Without Trump, people will zone back out and the swamp will keep on swamping. I also think he will put the breaks on the Green New Deal and make us energy independent again.

      Doesn’t mean that anything he does in a new term will stick forever, but 4 years is better than nothing. Also, the youngins are starting to make a stand in Congress, with, whether you like them or not, Gaetz. MTG, Boebert, Chip Roy, Byron Donalds, Jim Jordan. Also, the MSM is approaching dinosaur status. The news doesnt start and end with them at all anymore. Independent journalists and podcasters are gaining millions of followers each as cable news dies. (and no, this is not my endorsement of any of those named)

      At the very core of my soul, I don’t think they will let Trump win again. But our best chance for a recovery lies with him, the new media and Gen Z.

      • “Re: Biden’s comments on cutting SS and Medicare and “everything is on the table”.. I watched a clip of a Biden/Bernie debate where Bernie asked Biden about those comments. Biden denied saying any of it several times. Bernie doubled down on accusing him and Biden still denied it even though its all on video, him saying those comments, in several different venues.”

        Anita, my, love … you watched that clip from my podcast with my daughter. Yes, Biden IN FACT wanted to cut “EVERYTHING in the government” (his EXACT words) … why I keep telling you they’re ALL THE SAME.

  61. I tried posting this last night but the glue was too weak. Note this is not an anonymous source:

    • Geez….I hope this isn’t true. Greatest corruption ever.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yet this morning CNN is posting stories about the Republicans “Politically motivated oversight hearings.”

      A good friend brought up one of the many issues regarding Trump the other day. So I took the time to review the Russia Collusion, Blackmail of Ukraine, Covid, etc. with him. As I went over the long list of claims by the “left/Dems” and the end results of the investigations he was baffled. You see, he, like so many these days, doesn’t watch much news and doesn’t search out alternative sources. They rely on one or two they “believe” are objective, like NPR.

      When I got done I stated that the reality was that virtually ever single concern or claim of “conspiracy” from the Right about how the left “Conspired” with Govt employees and the Social Media elites to undermine Mr. Trump’s presidency have been proven true. Yet he was not aware because he only listens to the “objective” NPR or MSM networks.

      We did agree, however, that Mr. Trump himself was partly to blame, due to his generally obnoxious demeanor as POTUS. Had he focused on the attacks with laser accuracy instead of just screaming about “Fake News”, or making personal attacks on his adversaries, he might have faired better. He should have fired Brix and Fauci early on when he repeated Fauci’s advise that they had the outbreak under control in Seattle and then later claimed Mr.Trump didn’t respond fast enough.

  62. Just A Citizen says:

    Where lies the balance between the chaos of absolute freedom and the tyranny of “ordered Liberty”???

    That is the question!

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    I got a kick yesterday from reading a comment on American Thinker on an article about the crime in Denver, Colorado. Of course part of the story was that most cities with huge problems have long been run by Democrats.

    The person commenting agreed to this generalization then went on to blame the Libertarian beliefs employed by the Dems. First, there are many on the internet who constantly bash the ideas put forth by Libertarians as nothing but Anarchy. While true regarding Govt. controls it does not mean that the Libertarians believe in absolute chaos. They just happen to believe most people are Good and will therefor order society in a manner which is also good. Second, the critics fail to recognize a key part of the Libertarian argument. That is that virtually everything would be privately owned. Which means you would almost certainly not have large homeless drug addled populations lingering in shelters on the streets. You would not have rampant crime, as protection of individual life and property is paramount.

    In short, almost all critics of Libertarian beliefs don’t seem to have a real understanding of those beliefs. There is criticism to be had, it is just not in the shallow arguments we most often see. Similar to the “Capitalism is evil” stuff coming from the leftists.

    • How baffling it is that there is crime and death amongst people… you know… where people live.

      Shocking, really, that in Podunk, Idaho, population 6.28 people, 2 raccoons, and 8,000,000 cows) that there aren’t a lot of deaths compared to Denver, CO (711k).

      I mean… if only there were some way to normalize this kind of data and look at it on a per capita basis to see if the freakout is really justified… maybe someone somewhere could do some kind of magic and find out if violent crime (or even just crime in general) is worse in urban or rural areas… on a per capita basis..

      Since, of course, such an analysis is utterly beyond the realm of possibility, maybe we could just consider deaths in general? Alas, this too is impossible and we will never know the truth of the matter.

      Yes… all those cities run by Democrats… which is where all the people live…. somehow being the locus of where humans do human things…. utterly baffling, really… Hmm… you know what? Let’s play a game… you tell me which of these is a map of violent crime, which is a map of traffic fatalities, and which is a map of population?

      • Canine Weapon says:

      • The answer is simple….one of them is population, one of them traffic deaths and one of them violent crime……I do not care which is which…..but not exactly true. I am interested in one map and it is the first one. By looking at it, I can easily trace the outline of the I35 corridor from San Antonio. It could be violent death or traffic……it would be interesting to know which. I35 is a major interstate that links Mexico. It has a lot of traffic deaths on it but it is also a major route for illegal entry. I am sure there are statistics out there because there are statistic people that measure cow farts in Washington…..but I would like to know over the last two years, how many traffic deaths are related to illegal drivers.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your persecution complex often blocks you from seeing the point. I did not try to link Democrats, that was the article and person commenting. I was pointing out that the guy blaming Libertarianism as ignoring two major things. One, the Libertarians did not control these cities and Two, Libertarianism does not call over outright chaos.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One more thing. I am guessing that if you looked closer at the difference between generic Democrats running these cities and the more “progressives” and/or “social justice” types, you would see a difference within the “D” cohort. I note NY City as a test of this notion. Bad enough under one D then improved w/ an R then went to hell when a “Prog. D” took over. Of course it is not all on the Mayor of any city. These places are run by Police Chiefs, Commissioners, Boards, etc. etc..

        And then there is the bigger question. WHY in God’s green earth do people who live in cities vote for Democrats over and over and over and over again, no matter how bad their lives get?

        • And then there is the bigger question. WHY in God’s green earth do people who live in cities vote for Democrats over and over and over and over again, no matter how bad their lives get?

          One could ask the same of people who vote for Republicans….

          • Just A Citizen says:

            That is EASY. We don’t vote on the basis of taking your money or asking for more control over our lives.

            You ever notice how the D’s always use some kind of economic or selfish criteria to wonder why people vote R?

            Never occurs to them we are voting for Freedom not more handouts. And before you hit that button to post about poor R states taking more tax money, much of that money is given without us actually asking for it. Just happens that the Congress critter is rural states know they get elected with handouts to the City folks in their states. And there is the fact that most of our States here in the Inland WEST are owned by the Federal Govt., who pays a minimal tax to the States for depriving the States of the economic opportunities with Fed. Ownership.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            P.S. You DID NOT answer the question. Just deflected with “what about R’s”.

            Just sayin.

            • Mea culpa.

              Short answer: people are more tribal than they are smart.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Naw. Not buying that as the reason.

                People are tribal, but tribe doesn’t explain Cities across such a broad cultural and geographic space.

                As I have offered before, I think it is more about built in dependency on Govt. services.

                • Buy it, don’t buy it. It’s all speculation anyway.

                  What I would say is the logic fits both ways.

                  I think it’s unfair that you read all this as “my side favors freedom” vs “your side is blinded by dependency.”

                  I could easily flip that to “your side favors selfishness” vs “my side favors cooperation and mutual sacrifice.” I’m sure you can see how biased this is.

                  Rather, I think the right way to look at this – assuming you’re hellbent on ignoring the correct answer of tribalism – is to just say we have divergent worldviews and both sides are seeking to appoint leaders who will support their nominal interests.

                  What you’ve done is import your cultural touchstone (Freedom™) into their worldview, then judged them for their failure to achieve what you believe should be their goal. And then you conclude that they must be simply addicted to dependency rather than that they are holding out the things you see as “dependency” to be of mutually beneficial societal value.

                  It’d be as if a liberal looked at a rural community and judged it, saying that “conservatives are just too selfish and short-sighted to build anything better.” This would be completely myopic since it ignores that your goal of Freedom™ in favor of their goal of building a better world.*

                  I think it is more about built in dependency on Govt. services.

                  I think this is just a way of denying the agency of those of us who don’t share your values.

                  “Oh, no, it’s not that they have other priorities. It’s that they’re too hooked on government handouts and too dependent to see how self-defeating they are. If only they could pull their heads out of their asses, they’d see that the right and proper goal is Freedom™ and that my way is the right way! But, alas, they’re too dependent.”

                  That’s every bit as condescending as a liberal who says something like “people only vote for Republicans because they’re selfish, uneducated, and manipulated by culture-war propaganda. If only they’d pull their heads out of their asses, they’d see there’s a better way!”


                  * how this is defined is a matter of some debate, but let’s leave that off for another time.

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    You asked why and I explained it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make the “reason” true. Now whether the assumptions behind the reason are true is fair to debate. But let’s look at your evidence.

                    “I could easily flip that to “your side favors selfishness” vs “my side favors cooperation and mutual sacrifice.” I’m sure you can see how biased this is.”

                    I find it funny how often “your side” throws the word “selfish” around for people who don’t want the Govt taking their money or imposing itself on them. You see, “my side” also favors cooperation and mutual sacrifice. The difference is we do so “voluntarily” when the need arises. “Your side” uses the force of govt to enforce your view of cooperation and sacrifice.

                    But the key point is that “your side” judges how “my side” votes using “your” criteria. Statements like “they are voting against their own best interest” are abundant in this regard. But what does that statement really reveal? Seems to me it says “your side” views elections as a means to “benefit your own best interests”. How else could that be interpreted?

                    So once again, us stupid hicks from the sticks vote on the basis of who we think will do less harm to our lives, not who will get us more free cookies. Because we know that cookies come with conditions.

                    Of course in the past 40 years there has also been the “culture wars”. That does impact how Red State people vote, there is no doubt.

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    “I think it is more about built in dependency on Govt. services.

                    I think this is just a way of denying the agency of those of us who don’t share your values.”

                    Not what I am doing at all. I am stating a fact. Cities are far more complex things and they depend on all kinds of Govt to keep them running. Not that it couldn’t be another way, but it IS the way they evolved. So city folk know they need govt. to have things work. This predisposes them to think better of Govt. controlling stuff than someone who is raised without it. That is all I am saying.

                    An example of this, from my part of the world, is allowing bears to eat garbage. Eventually that is what they eat. Because it is easier and they forget there are other options.

                    Is is not that they desire dependency. It is that dependency is baked into the cake, and therefore they don’t think twice about it. But along comes a party saying we need “less govt”, or “cut this and cut that”. That threatens the perceived stability on which the city folks depend to live every day.

                    In my world there is little evidence of Govt.. For much of rural America it is the transportation dept for the most part (highways). Towns are run by mayors and councils who are on a first name basis with most folks. Because we don’t grow up with the presence of Govt everywhere we simply don’t see its need.

                    And what Govt we do see, Federal especially, we would like to get rid of, or greatly reduce it.

                    • So city folk know they need govt. to have things work. This predisposes them to think better of Govt. controlling stuff than someone who is raised without it. That is all I am saying.

                      Consider, also, that (other than minors) no one is forced to live in a city. It’s a choice.

                      There’s an election, generally, of the type of person for whom this mindset is suitable to choose to live in a city. And, of course, the opposite wherein a person with a *ahem* Freedom™-minded mindset will – by and large – ten to opt out of living in a city.

                      And city-minded folks tend to raise city-minded children. Likewise and conversely, the rural-minded folks. You’re saying, more or less, that living in a city causes you to become dependent on the thing that makes a city work. And I’m suggesting, rather, that there’s a worldview of collectivism that drives people of that type to congregate and condense. Or, if not “rather,” that this is at least a major factor.

                      So, again, you make the – I think flawed – assertion that city folks are “predisposed to think better of Govt” rather than that they view it as a means to an end. A necessary evil. A price to pay for the thing that they actually want. That being “civilization.”

                      Chickens and eggs, you know?


                      So we look around and see all these great things we get in the bargain – 24hr sushi restaurants and Starbucks and low per capita crime and longer healthier lives and broadband and same-day delivery and and and and – then then we look over at what you have – Freedom™, yes, but not much else that ranks high on our value scales. So we think our way is better. You think your way is better for precisely the same reason(s).

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    “Oh, no, it’s not that they have other priorities. It’s that they’re too hooked on government handouts and too dependent to see how self-defeating they are. If only they could pull their heads out of their asses, they’d see that the right and proper goal is Freedom™ and that my way is the right way! But, alas, they’re too dependent.”

                    That’s every bit as condescending as a liberal who says something like “people only vote for Republicans because they’re selfish, uneducated, and manipulated by culture-war propaganda. If only they’d pull their heads out of their asses, they’d see there’s a better way!”

                    That is TRUE. That would be condescending. But I did NOT say that. YOU DID. You are criticizing YOUR VIEW of how I look at you. Not my actual opinion.

                    You admitted that your tribe votes to support your ideas yet criticize my side for pointing it out and explaining that this is why we vote differently.

                    Seems to me you are over reacting to the word “dependency” in my comments. But is that not in reality what you are supporting? You use Govt to accomplish all these “greater good” things, to build a better world, but you cannot support that without taking the wealth of other people to do it. Or imposing “your rules” upon them.

                    It is obvious we have differing sets of values or “world views” as you call them. The biggest difference, as I personally see it, is my side is not trying to impose ours on you.

                    Here is where you try to insert “abortion”, so let me head you off. That is a much deeper issue than what you and I normally include in the category of “imposing my views” on you.

                  • Just A Citizen says:


                    One more thought. If the reason people have voted for Democrats in these big cities for DECADES is not the acculturation of dependency on Govt. then the reasons must be far more insidious.

                    Now, I have explained my comments to an excessive degree. How about you explain how “tribalism” accounts for this distinct voting patter.

  64. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like the lid has been torn off the septic tank we call the FBI and DOJ.

    Question now is what happens about all these revelations.

    Will the media finally have to admit the corruption or will they still cover for these ass hats.

    They have shown the world that anyone running for POTUS calling to clean up the mess will become a TARGET. So who is going to run on and then ACTUALLY accomplish “draining the swamp”.

    I don’t care what some think, Mr. Trump wasn’t really that good when it came to draining the swamp. He did cause them to reveal themselves, however. Hard to miss people when they fall into a “fit”.

  65. The “Law and Order” Party wants to free their thugs. 🙂

    • The “Law and Order” Party wants

      Charlie, Charlie, Charlie….

      The Law and Order Party™ has only ever been about law and order for you… or, well, you know, **wink wink** 🆃🅷🅴🅼. For themselves it is about maximal freedom and liberty (and minimal taxes) and living lives unfettered by the demands of broader society.

      Conservatism The Law and Order Party™ consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Well that is a bunch of hog wash. I think you should have to defend that as best you can.

        • I would caution you not to conflate the Law and Order Party™ (AKA the Republicans) with Conservatism writ large.

          The GOP has long been a bastion of legislating the crap out of others while bristling apoplectically at any perceived effort to control themselves (or their constituents). They see nothing wrong with invading the lives of others to tell them what to do and how to do it, but see it as a catastrophic affront to their Freedoms™ when the door swings the other way.

          A prime example might be abortion. Oh, it’s a states’ rights issue! We just want big government out of our states’ rights issues! Not 5 minutes after the ruling leaked, they were already working toward a national ban.

          Another example might be drug bans.

          Or Blue Laws.

          Or prostitution laws.

          Or sodomy laws.

          Or their relentless oppression of trans folks.. including bans on hormone therapy for adult trans people. And now Florida requiring information about childrens’ menstrual cycles in order to participate in sports. Or Texas’ law that causes investigations of trans kids’ parents by child protective services.

          Or the absurdly protracted battle for gay marriage. (Here’s a hint: if you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry another guy. But how does that give you the right to tell others how to live their life?)

          Anti euthanasia laws.

          Or any of their monomaniacal defenses of all things related to religious liberty… just so long as you aren’t a Muslim.. or, for that matter, a Mornon who wants to have two wives. (not that they’re a fan of atheists, either).

          Tough on Crime, the eternal mantra of the Law and Order Party™, faaaar too often seems to devolve into tough on THOSE criminals. How many – yes, I will go there – young black men have been outright murdered by police with impunity, yet the Law and Order Party™ always seems to find a way to excuse or write off the “bad apples” while denouncing the victims (“oh, well, he shouldn’t have done [x]” as though that’s justification for police brutality). White collar crime never does seem to get the same kind of attention, does it? Odd….

          Somehow, the Law and Order Party™, is pretty good at making things THEY don’t like illegal (or, at least, has no qualms about trying). But when it’s them on the receiving end, it’s a panic attack at the slightest hint of a gesture of a whiff that the left might try to regulate that thing. Every time there’s a school shooting, I hear about how the left is going to come for your guns and need to be resisted at all costs.

          No , JAC, don’t take it personally… this isn’t about YOU.. it’s about the Republicans.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I was going to address each of your complaints but your accusations carry such an absurd bias I want to address that alone.

            First, all the laws you recite have been around for decades and have been supported by Society as a whole. BOTH D’s and R’s. It is only in more recent times that the views about Homosexuals being married has changed. And while the R party did not support this “marriage” claim it did nothing to prevent homosexual folks from living together or otherwise participating in society. It was only about the Govt. Sanctioned Marriage.

            Second, your comments seemed to be informed more by a “stereotypical” view of the “left/Liberal” than on reality. As part of that, you ignore the differences or context in many of your examples.

            I will comment on the notion R’s have a tendency to support Police. I think that is true. But that is not an example of hypocrisy in enforcing laws, or as you say law for them but not for me. You fail to acknowledge two key parts of this issue. Most of the examples of police getting off after shooting a black kid is in cities controlled by Democrats. And in the past couple decades this includes Black Cops killing Black kids. You also ignore the fact that R’s call out bad cops when it becomes obvious they were in the wrong.

            There is no evidence this was a R vs. D thing, but more a general Societal tendency to believe in the police first. A tendency that is quickly eroding, I might add.

            • “There is no evidence this was a R vs. D thing, but more a general Societal tendency to believe in the police first. A tendency that is quickly eroding, I might add.”

              And it’s about time! Imagine how many people, especially black people, were roughed up and/or killed by cops in the past? No body cameras (not that that will ever make a difference in some prosecutions) … no accountability, which is odd, because while you lunatics on the right want cops to vote for your candidates (thus the public blow jobs by GOP candidates), many on the right (MTG, for one) have no problem with MAGA minions attacking the DC police.

              I mean, some of you lunatics can rationalize anything. 🙂

              • Some of us lunatics can’t understand how you believe that those attacking police were MAGA minions. They’re this close to releasing 14 hours of videos from that day. Wanna bet that the videos can prove those attackers were actually Antifa? There is already video out there of people in the very area where Ashley Babbit was shot, ditching their MAGA gear for Antifa black. Rationalize that!

          • You do know that prostitution laws, sodomy laws, and Blue laws are state laws… why are you pinning this on Republicans?

  66. Just A Citizen says:


    I moved this down here for more room.

    “Consider, also, that (other than minors) no one is forced to live in a city. It’s a choice. TRUE, for the most part.

    There’s an election, generally, of the type of person for whom this mindset is suitable to choose to live in a city. And, of course, the opposite wherein a person with a *ahem* Freedom™-minded mindset will – by and large – ten to opt out of living in a city.

    “And city-minded folks tend to raise city-minded children. Likewise and conversely, the rural-minded folks.” TRUE. Which is what I have been saying, though more winded about it.

    “You’re saying, more or less, that living in a city causes you to become dependent on the thing that makes a city work.” NO, that is not what I am saying. I am saying they are more dependent due to the nature of cities. This dependency is never even considered, based on my observations. It simply is part of what is.

    “And I’m suggesting, rather, that there’s a worldview of collectivism that drives people of that type to congregate and condense. Or, if not “rather,” that this is at least a major factor.” I don’t see “collectivism” as part of it. I think historically it has been primary economically driven. The cities provided factories, trading and banking institutions. More people, more money and thus more opportunities.

    “So, again, you make the – I think flawed – assertion that city folks are “predisposed to think better of Govt” rather than that they view it as a means to an end.” LOL, and how is that not saying the same thing?

    A necessary evil. A price to pay for the thing that they actually want. That being “civilization.” From my perspective there doesn’t seem to be much civilized about your civilization. 🙂

    “Chickens and eggs, you know?” TRUE, to an extent. I think both explanations are a little to simplistic. Economics obviously plays a huge role in the development of “cities” as a thing.

    • though more winded about it.

      How DARE you be longer-winded than me? Being long-winded is my whole schtick.

      With Black Flag out of the way, I am the undisputed longest-winded person here!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My friend. As I re-read out thread I am struck by the fact you seem to have changed the subject. Here we are discussing what makes up a City Mouse vs. a Country Mouse.

      The question on the table is WHY do Democrats control the Cities and WHY have they had this control for so long. It seems it takes some really bad things to align before Republicans get a chance to run the cities.

      As for the more “rural” America, and those Red States ya’ll talk about, I would like to point out that we have traditionally been back and forth. We had a long history of electing D’s AND R’s. Our D’s were, however, significantly different than your big city or “eastern” D’s. Ours were more “conservative” as a rule.

      So while I see the Red State country swinging back and forth, I see the Cities being PRIMARILY run by ONE PARTY for a very long time.

  67. Question for anybody………………what should the correct reaction be if American Technology is found on the Chinese satellite………….and what should the reaction be if it is found that American Companies sold the technology to China?

    I know what I would do, but am asking anyone here who wishes to respond.

    • All I know, Colonel, is that asshat Mark Levin on his radio show tonight, couldn’t complain more about what should’ve been done, then it was done and he still complained about it. How do you people listen to word that lying sack of shit spews. I listen to him for about 5 minutes on my way home from work. 5 Minutes is all I can take. What a pompous ass … but, hey, he’s loyal to the cause, even if he has to lie about what the cause is over and over and over.

      As to your real question: There’s nothing to be done. It’s the way of the modern world … not a goddamn thing can be done outside of what has already been done … and if you’re looking to blame American corporations or the government for selling technology to China, remember you’re a big time free market advocate. 🙂

      • I don’t listen to nor watch levin. He makes my head hurt. I am a believer in free market……but not where National Security is concerned.

        • “but not where National Security is concerned.”

          Then you’re a good old statist? Viva Fidel! 🙂

          • Yes, if wanting to keep us safe over money is being a statist, then I am a statist. I am a firm believer in capitalism and I am a free trader….but I also have ethics and morals over money……and despite what you may think, you can do both and still be a capitalist.

            Selling to the enemy for profit is neither ethical nor moral.

            • This has to be the funniest post you’ve ever made, Colonel. ethics and morality? Seriously? Was Wall Street acting with Ethics or Morality when it buried the world economy in 2007-8? How about during the pandemic, when the wealthiest among us (including some of those favorite Maga-Pols) received hundreds of thousands of dollars (or Tom Brady getting millions to buy a new yacht with)? How about what Big Oil did after losing a case overseas and having a lawyer put in jail because he beat them? The list could go on forever. Please. You have to be kidding me! 🙂

              • Not at all Charlie… CAN have ethics and morals. My family is living proof of that. We put those over profits consistently…..and you can sleep at nights. You do not borrow beyond your means and you do not file bankruptcy if things do not work out. You take it on the chin and do not expect the public NOR the government to bail you out. We live within our means. And, I am in stocks and bonds….but I do not deal with China or have stocks in those that do.

                Unlike hedge funds. ( Poking at Mathius intended. I have left him alone long enough. He would think I did not like him if I did not ***poke him from time to time.)

                ****Poke to mean prodding..not the old west definition.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      The “correct” action should be asking for a larger political donation next time around. Then we continue looking the other way.

      I remember an interesting chapter by I believe Bert Cooper in his book about Armored warfare in WW2. His unit billeted in a Ford-Germany plant during the war. being able to read German (an old time engineer trait) he uncovered documents indicating that throughout WW2, Ford Germany, through intermediaries in Switzerland continued communicating with Dearborn from ’39 to ’45. A lowly Armored Captain, though on staff, he sent the info and documents up through intel, where, of course, it died.

      When it comes to MONEY, there are NO borders nor patriots.

  68. Capitalism: an economic system of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.

    • I’m afraid I do not understand… are saying a train derailment is because of capitalists? Wow…….maybe I need some of what you are smoking.

      • You definitely need what I’m smoking because your ethical and moral capitalists on Wall Street made it a point to maintain deregulating dangerous trains (i.e., the brake issues). The derailment wasn’t the issue, it was the FACT that deregulating a former rail code is what forced people to flee and left toxic materials to burn after the derailment. It’s called oxygen. Try it, you might like it. 🙂

        • Well, sir, you are preaching to the choir here. We were in the over the road trucking business….300 hundred trucks and 550 employees. We owned interstate operating authority and intrastate operating authority in 7 states.

          With the stroke of a pen from the White House in the early 80’s…..the entire industry was deregulated on both the interstate and intrastate operating authority. When it was regulated, we had to prove fiscal fitness to maintain a safe fleet. This included maintenance records, driver’s logs, driver safety, and had to prove our fitness to the Interstate Commerce Commission and the various departments of public safety in the states. The 1980 Motor Carrier Act, under DEMOCRAT Jimmy Carter de-regulated the industry. He sun setted the safety regulations and did away with the Safety Division of the Interstate Commerce Commission. The result was an immediate lowering of driver’s wages by 50%……over night. It created a situation where anyone with a truck could get into the business and they DID NOT have to prove fiscal responsibility, post bonds, or provide insurance. They could set any rate they wanted and not be subject to Interstate Rules of Commerce.

          DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton, in 1995, went even further with de-regulation. He made it possible for trucks to come into the United States from Mexico and the drivers did not have to even read English or know street signs and highway warnings.

          So, it was the Dems that de-regulated the industry and we fought it very hard. Our company went from a net worth of 15 million to 2.1 million over night. Our profits dropped from 5% net to 1.1 percent gross on revenues of 20 millions. In other words, it put us out of business. We shut it down.

          So, you need to get off the Republicans on these issues. The Democrats are notorious for deregulation and Biden and his war on gas stoves and washers and dryers based on the same stupid “SCIENCE” that you climate believers follow is more examples of being in the pockets of big business.

          Add to that, the President Nixon opened the door to China, which was a huge mistake and now, under Biden, the trade deficit is wider now than at any time in our history. Combine that with the payoffs to the Biden family and the attitude of China being a competitor instead of an adversary, is just adding to the problems. You better shut China down now….and it can be done overnight without firing a single bullet fired.

          Does big business have Washington in their pocket? Of course, they do. But how much do YOU buy that is made in China…..including medical supplies and medicines. So, the issues with deregulation started long ago and has spanned many Presidents. When Reagan tried to rein it in, the Congress stopped him.

          • You capitalize DEMOCRAT as if that makes a different to a socialist. You also ignore the REPUBLICANS who were just fine with the deregulations. They’re ALL THE SAME CORPORATE SHILLS, but they keep the SUCKERS fighting over one another as if it makes a difference. The American myth of elections is exactly that, a myth. The ONLY different between the two corrupt to the core parties is a dirty pubic hair. It’s why I find it HILARIOUS when you lunatics on the right call the Democrats SOCIALISTS. 🙂

            • I capitalize democrat because you constantly are hammering Republicans as the party of big business. You do this constantly. You also hammer Republicans, on a consistent basis, as the party of racism and police brutality and seditionists. You constantly post Democrat sites as gospel. You constantly are siding with Democrat committees and hammering the Republicans…, yes. Despite your claims of socialist, you side almost consistently with the democrat side of things. But, I understand that is just you.

              • “I capitalize democrat because you constantly are hammering Republicans as the party of big business. You do this constantly.”

                Bullshit. I hammer both parties … I’m a socialist … not a cherry-picking capitalist (as you are). Despite my claims … 🙂 Democratic “gospel” … sure, Colonel. Convince yourself. 🙂 Both parties are corporate shills (and you know I’ve stated that 1,000x’s (give or take a few hundred) … you ignore that because you and most of the lunatics on this site have tunnel vision. Besides, it’s great fun getting a rise of your maniacs. 🙂

              • Oh, no! Another Democratic shill GOSPEL … 🙂

  69. All you lunatics will enjoy this form of enhanced greed made possible by a government by the wealthy, of the wealthy and for the wealthy. Why might yous like it? Because it involves Nancy Pelosi. 🙂

  70. JAC…release me please.

  71. Just A Citizen says:

    I cannot figure out why the Left Wingers have such an obsession over companies that buy back their stock. They act like it is some kind of hand out or something.

    What is wrong with retiring debt so that you might improve the overall financial health of the company?

    Then there is the howling about dividends. Because heaven be that lenders get paid a return on the debt from the company. At the same time they want “public ownership” of the company. So in their pea brains the public owns a company that is not allowed to pay it from profits, meaning the public gets squat from its ownership of said company.

    Basic economic and business courses need to be restored to High School.

    • Schools do not have time for that.

    • I have found that most of that ilk lack the basic understanding of finance. All they know is take without risk. I am sure that they want the public to have shares of a company without paying for it and then to get dividends with no risk.

      What is wrong with retiring debt so that you might improve the overall financial health of the company? This is a sticky wicket with me….I do not like the idea of taking Covid funds and retiring debt with that. It is legal but falls under Mathius’ awful but lawful. Then spending just enough of the covid funds on personnel to qualify for debt forgiveness. Now, the money was given to keep doors open but even companies with strong balance sheets qualified because there was no oversight. That bothers me the same as the mantra of too big to fail. It was free money with no oversight and billions are still missing. On the other hand, since the left is so big on equality, then even strong companies should have the same access to covid funds….and they did but no oversight. I have two sub(s) that qualified for Covid funds but I did not partake. I did not take the free money but I know plenty who did.

      Basic economic and business courses need to be restored to High School. This requires math to be taught in the lower grades but that is now considered racist.

    • “I cannot figure out why the Left Wingers have such an obsession over companies that buy back their stock. They act like it is some kind of hand out or something.”

      A) It inflates a stock for the SOLE benefit of shareholders … B) when tied to government policy (like BAILOUTS), it is supposed to be used for expansion and for the sake of employees … BAILOUTS turned into buy backs should be a crime … it isn’t because the entire economic system is corrupt to the core.

  72. JAC…in exile again….

  73. China has UFOs now too? Well, damn. Everybody knows Chinese stuff is cheap and plastic. Having a hard time believing any of this. Could they all play with their toys over Russia instead of Lake Huron?

    I have a headache. Go Chiefs!

    • Anita, my love … what a game! I’m not a fan of flag football scores and prefer a 17-10 or 10-7 game over 38-35, but it was an entertaining game … the problem, of course, is that an official made it controversial … they allowed similar and/or worse defensive holding penalties throughout the game, but picked the wrong time to call one. KC still would’ve kicked a field goal and gone up by 3, but at least the Eagles would’ve had a chance to tie or win it with 1:30 or so left in the game (but no time outs). Still, Mahomes proved his worth in that one … I thought it would be a blowout when he reinjured that ankle before the half, but the kid (couple with modern medicine) proved he had the stones to keep playing. Now, it looks as though my beloved New York State Buffalo Bidens (because “nothing will fundamentally change”) will lose a few of their better players do to salary caps, but they’ll maintain their pathetic coaching staff and condemn Josh Allen to the RINGLESS hall of fame (alongside Dan Marino and Jim Kelly) … so it goes.

    • Yes, I cannot believe that his answer was “it could have been aliens”…..unbelievable.

      We shot those things down with camera attached stinger missiles…..we saw camera footage of blowing up bridges, bunkers, tanks..all during the previous wars….and we do not have camera footage of these “UFO’s”……Why are they not releasing the photos?

  74. He knew? Impossible! Trump NEVER lies! 🙂

  75. Canine Weapon says:

    How do y’all feel about AI-generated Haikus?

    Charlie debates
    With the Colonel’s views so firm
    Compassion wins out

    The Colonel’s voice booms
    Charlie listens and smiles
    Their words now take flight

    The Colonel stands tall
    His beliefs, unwavering
    Charlie argues on

    The Colonel’s views harsh
    Charlie fights with love and peace
    A battle for hearts

    In the heat of fight
    Charlie’s passion shines brightly
    D13 defeated.

  76. “The object President Biden ordered shot down over Lake Huron on Sunday was described as “octagonal” in shape with strings hanging off, flying at roughly 20,000 feet. U.S. military officials had stated that each of the aircraft had no discernable propulsion systems.”

    So, show us the pictures. No discernible security reason why not…..or maybe it is the same reason that our surveillance balloons have been ordered grounded on the border. Well, no worries about that, Governor Abbott has recruited civilian operators of private drones put up over the border…..we do not need the government….they have their head so far up their ass they cannot tell “come here from SIC em.”

    Not to mention we are now beginning to down Cartel drones by order of Gregg Abbott. We now have permission to shoot them down and retrieve them even in the defense zone of the US. The last one we downed shows the cartels using them to avoid our patrols.

    By the way,, we captured our first Chinese crosser yesterday. Single male, 28 years old, built like a storm trooper, well fed……dressed in fatigues…but not to worry, I’m sure he was running from a repressive regime in China.

  77. Talk to y’all tomorrow….time to fly my section of the border.

  78. S Kent Troy says:

    Regarding the controversy over train derailments. The national railroad system is quasi socialist via AMTRACK. The roadbeds are an absolute disgrace, This is what happens when the government runs something. the “burn” by the government was an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS mess done under the auspices of the benevolent EPA with no comment from Mother Buttagig. I am sure that before too long the abogados will pop up with TV ads about people being exposed to PCB’s among other crap released. What a CF!

    • Yeah, I just heard that the government order a “burn” of spilled chemicals that created a bigger catastrophe than the derailment.

      • It was carrying a host of bad chemicals including vinyl chloride, hydrogen chloride (muriatic acid), phosgene, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene; the latter two being the least toxic but still highly flammable. Chickens are dying 6 miles away as are fish. HCl is not flammable but will do severe damage to you lungs. Phosgene was used in gas warfare in WWI. I suspect this train was headed to a refinery or chemical plant as many of these compounds are used in petroleum and chemical production.

        I saw a report that the derailment was due to a broken axle.

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Fascinating! The “idiot” government at work. Killing MORE chickens? Six bucks a dozen is not enough?

          I suggest if you have a lawyer in the family, a litigator, they hop on the first train to the site and start signing folks up. This will be a doozy, like 9-11 all over again.

          • The EPA has a track record of environmental disasters. Remember the mine filed with water they released into the local river under Obama. They were warned but failed to heed the warnings. Unintended consequences.

            • I have had to deal with the EPA when we were in the trucking business. I had a terminal in Houston on the east side where the chemical plants were…..the issue I had back then was what the EPA called “storm water runoff”….in short, we had to make sure that we captured and properly directed runoff on our property to prevent contamination in the event of high water. Ok, fine, that was reasonable……but the EPA, in their infinite wisdom, decided that if you were “downstream” or “down hill” from other companies, you were responsible for their storm water that runs across your property and any other high water as the result of storms that even ran off from vacant property. In the process, we were not allowed to create berms or raise gutters to redirect storm water into city run storm drains……(think about that for a moment). The EPA said that redirecting storm water into storm drains was not authorized and they tried to force every one to build holding tanks to trap storm water runoff (think about that one for a moment)….long story short, it did not go anywhere and the EPA did not prevail but that was just one of many stupid things that “crats” can do.

              So, a government ordered burn of spilled chemicals does not surprise me at all. Not one iota.

              • Educated idiots.

              • S Kent Troy says:

                We had a small tank leak in the Bronx in the basement of a 50 unit building. The leak was minor but, by law, the oil company had to call state EPA inspectors who were there on the spot. The guy told us that after we cleaned up the floor, he would have to come out and check the concrete. If it were cracked we would have to excavate until we found no more evidence of # 2. Fortunately, the floor was ok. The fact we were built on bedrock, specifically Manhattan Schist meant nothing to them.

                On Rte. 4 in Paramus NJ, there was a discount gas station. About 20 years back it closed, the excavation began, went on for two years and kept producing thirty foot piles of contaminated soil. Lord knows in what ultimate quantity.

                Son # 2, a Kinder Morgan employee, explained that under the Brooklyn Navy Yard site there were an estimated 16,000,000 gallons of oil seepage since the late 19th century. Slowly but surely it is being recovered!

                I am sure you have seen the controversy over the oil seepage in the underground cave storage bunkers in Hawaii. That’s Navy and AF oil and jet fuel.

                • Same issue with the Old Carswell AFB…(a SAC base) that was staffed with a host of b52s and nukes…..everything moved to Dyes AFB in Abilene now…..B2 and B1s…..Carswell renamed to Fort Worth NAS Joint Reserve BAse. It borders Lake Worth which is a city water supply. There are numerous buried fuel and oil tanks under the tarmac that were deemed to expensive to dig up and they pumped them dry, steam cleaned them with “tunnel rats” and left them. They claimed that the leakage did not migrate to the lake but estimated that since WW2, several tens of thousands gallons of fuel and oil seeped out. Who the hell knows. The base could not be sold to private enterprise because of the cost of superfund clean up…so they made a reserve base out of it….nothing but fighters there now…all serviced by above ground tanks and trucks.

                  • S Kent Troy says:

                    Yea, know it damn well. Led to some of the strongest reforms anywhere in the US. That unfortunately, like the frigging Titanic is how you learn.

                    Ever hear of the Cocoanut Grove fire? How about Happyland in the Bronx?
                    We pass laws and people ignore them or don’t think. The Cocoanut Grove disaster, over 400 dead I believe, was so bad because the main exit door was a revolving door, people were crushed to death getting out and jammed the door with their bodies. Fire exits were well marked but the smoke was so thick they couldn’t be seen. “Learning” from that you may have noticed that revolving doors are now flanked by conventional doors.

                    My Father was big on that fire and taught me to identify every exit at any venue I ever attended, something I do to this day and have hopefully taught my kids. I do the same with airplane exits.

                    Happyland was an illegal Social Club run by locals and torched by a disgruntled lover. The “owners” barred the fire exit to prevent people sneaking in. The fire was set in the stairwell. There was a big hue and cry after the 83 bodies were removed about the Government, “us” at the time looking the other way or we would be accused of racism. I cannot tell you how many apartments I found over the years with the city where illegal operations were going on, doors were barred, fire exits blocked or gated yet we were never able to enforce the damned law because of politicians, activists and the courts who would refuse us the ultimate tool of EVICTION. “Where they gonna go?” The damned judges woudl say.

                    Even those heroes of the FDNY were on the side of the poor, downtrodden. we had an abandoned building on Cypress Ave. where the squatters had barred doors, windows, boarded up secondary means of egress removed fireproof doors and broke through firewalls to enlarge apartments. Three years and no luck with the courts, DOB or HPD. I got a call one day from a Fire Lt. who wanted ME to do something. I suggested we do it together but he cowardly even refused to give me his name, the bastard, for fear of retribution from the brass. I had been in court multiple times and was accused by no less a personage than William Kuntzler and his stooge Ron Kuby of being in the ploy of “real estate developers” who wanted the site. Then there was the guy on Ogden Ave I believe who had three wives and three families, the youngest in an illegal basement apartment, below grade with no exit at all. When the boiler when BOOM, they got roasted mommy and two kiddies and somehow, that was my agency’s fault!

                    So as the bard would have said, the fault is not in the stars but in ourselves. Big Business, government (at all levels) and ordinary people are all at fault. Crap, “Wishful” thinking killed those people as much as anything else.

                    • There are way too many examples of why regulation became necessary (whether a necessary evil or just common sense). The mine wars in West Virginia were probably the best example, since the state immediately sided with the mine owners and hired “legitimate” goons to do their dirty work.

                    • S Kent Troy says:

                      Yes Charlie as they did in Pennsylvania till the POTUS stepped in. Then there was Harry S. Truman who scared the bejusus out of the Union and management with his threat in the steel strike.

                      There is usually a plague on BOTH houses and stepping in like TR or HST as a non-biased mediator with clout being unfair to neither side is the way to go.

                      As hard as it is, walking down the middle between two opposing groups is the only way to accomplish anything that lasts.

                      We should all be writing the PM of India imploring he act as a fair broker between Russia and the Ukraine. Otherwise we are gonna see 20 more years of bloodshed.

                  • Just A Citizen says:

                    Ah yes, the Communist’s favorite catastrophe. It is like some kind of holy grail for you folks.

            • Must be the EPA and NOT the mining companies. Sure … how much crack do you consumer in a single day? Put those kids back in the mines, right? Deregulate everything and watch the profits skyrocket! 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I suggest some Pepto to calm your stomach. Then some Oxygen to stimulate your mind. I think your CO2 levels are getting to high.

    • That calls for even more deregulation … because the one thing we can be assured of is that profit motivated businesses will always place the consumer ahead of profits. 🙂

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Shame you do NOT know anything about those mines and the “struggle” and Theodore Roosevelt and the “better” coal barons.

        Remember when old “Tough” Tony Boyle put the hit on Jock Yablonsky and his family? The UMW at its best. The Teamsters knocking off Hoffa was another great example of solidarity. They didn’t do it to encourage less internal corruption did they?

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Your homework for today is to research Philip Girard and Asa Packer.

        How’d that ultimate Progressive, Sam Bankrupt- Fraud, friend to the small investor, contributor to the dem. party (98.7% of his political donations, Romney got the rest) and generally “nice” guy make out? At least effing Madoff robbed the rich. I hear you needed two mil for him to even talk to you. Bankrupt-Fraud cleaned out crummy one thousand dollar life savings from people. ,

        • How about that ultra patriot Trump and all he swindled from his moronic followers. One scam after another (for the purpose of legal fees my ass). One scam after another … Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump vodka … most of clothes made in your favorite place, China. 🙂

  79. Just finished reading an article titled…Invasion of privacy. It says that the fingerprints of unvaccinated teachers are flagged and sent to the FBI. This is in New York City. The city is being sued, apparently, because teachers who refused the shot were flagged in their file. The teachers were fired. So, it appears that it is a criminal offense for not being vaccinated in New York City or at the very least being treated as if they are criminals.

    There is a companion article that says the New York Supreme Court has ordered all fired teachers be re-instated with back pay.

  80. Still trying to get my day started after an intense night glued to a scanner following the drama at Michigan State. Active shooter stayed active for several hours. Last I heard was 3 killed and 5 injured. He was all over that campus and the cops had their hands full. He walked right past the apartment complex my niece lives in. Rattled her pretty good. She’s still shook up. Thankful to have been able to follow in real time on Broadcastify. They got right to the point once they located him in the end. “Shooter down. He shot himself. No pulse. Everyone slow down now.” Scary several hours. Perfect ending. Wow.
    Sparty Strong.

  81. More info the train in Ohio. A video security camera a few miles from the accident saw flames or sparks from one of the trucks on a car. About 20 miles prior to the accident, a hot box camera alerted to a problem. Hot boxes are the boxes containing the journal bearings with packing and grease on the end of the axle. It is not unusual for a bearing to go bad and set the grease on fire. In the old days, the caboose personnel’s task was to watch for hot boxes to alert the engineer and stop the train. Trains no longer have cabooses. Today they use infrared cameras at track side to record the bearing temperatures. The camera alerted the train crew but it was still rolling 20 miles later when it passed the next camera at Palestine, OH where the axle finally failed causing the accident. This is still preliminary but it does explain the derailment.

    Also the HCl and phosgene are byproducts of burning vinyl chloride.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Based on that, what we have here is typical human failure. For whatever reason the crew decided to continue. Regardless of “corporate” the job of an engineer or pilot or inspector or cop is to do the right thing PERIOD.

      Don’t know is any of you watch “Aircraft Disasters” on Smithsonian Channel but to my wife’s annoyance it is one show I do not miss. A great “detective” show where, when they present you with the initial crash, taking you into the cockpit with actors, you get to play Sherlock Holmes yourself. Then the next hour is spent dissecting the disaster. These days, human failure abetted by technology the pilots do not completely understand seem to be the culprit more often than not. Surprisingly after years of watching, I have no undue far of flying.

      They have covered in the past 11 or so seasons two accidents that have bugged me since I was young, the 1950’s, mid air collision over the grand canyon which with a 100% clear sky should have been impossible and the more complicated one of two airliners over Brooklyn in the early 1970’s. The Canary Island gem of two 747’s in fog in the ’70’s is a heartbreaker.

    • Yes, T Ray… can give people all the tools they need to recognize impending disaster. It is the same in the shipping (high seas) industry, trucking industry and airline industry. All the tools are available except for human error.

      I read the report on this latest derailment and I read the report on the latest Boeing 777 incident in Hawaii. All reports are available through the Transportation Department.

      The derailment was not a cause of anything but the engineers not seeing the warning signs or ignoring the warning signs. Had they stopped the train, this would never have happened. All the fail safe components in the engine worked as did the signals sent to control stations along the line.

      The latest airline incident really bothers me because it is a continuation of earlier 777 incidents where the computer fails and it required the pilots to have to take over and handle the situation and it almost ended in catastrophe. Ok, that is not what bothered me. Once the failure occurred, and the pilots recovered the aircraft (it came within 750 feet of crashing in the ocean), they made the decision to keep flying the aircraft to destination by turning the system off. Now, as a pilot myself, being alone or with another pilot when you have such failures, continuing on is a decision you can make. But, NEVER, with passengers. NEVER. You cannot over ride human error.

      Companies go to great expense in training and equipping their assets with the tools needed to mitigate catastrophe. But you can’ fix stupid. (John Wayne was right about that one).

      Computers are tools. Nothing more. It still takes humans to over ride system failure.

  82. Red State, Red State, Red State … 🙂

  83. The United States (no matter which party is in charge, although the Dems are a LOT more culpable) are the number 1 terrorist nation in the world. Even Tucker also Jimmy Dore to state that FACT.

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Interesting quote I read last night from Bush the younger after 9-11 that I missed twenty years back about us bringing the blessings of liberty and democracy to the rest of teh world. Had I heard that one back then, i would most definitely have taken a different tack. The SOB actually said he was going to “nation build”.

      • Yep….Nation building is wrong. No matter who does it. But I ask you…..when do you stop it when it is plain that other countries are doing it? Do you compete? Do you attack? Do you take a side line approach, as we did with Germany and Japan, and do nothing until it is too late? What do you do when an existing threat is looming on the horizon?

        Russia is a wanna be. They are no threat. North Korea is like a tick bite…annoying. China is the threat and nation building they are doing in a big way…….continuously. AND, they are doing it effectively. When do you stop it?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          My short summary of the situation today.

          We have had the Peace Corp for 60 years. The purpose, to build good relations around the world.

          China buys off the Govt officials. The purpose, to build an empire with the resources of others.

        • As long as we (the US&A) have 6,000 or so nukes, there’s nothing to worry about. Same goes for Russia and the other countries that have nukes. It will get worse when even more countries have them, but there is nothing to worry about as long as we have nukes. Russia, no matter how delusional you want to be, Colonel, is a “be” because of their nukes. You keep insisting nobody will use them. How do you come up with that with so much confidence. I should remind you that the so-called great military minds that insisted we’d win in Vietnam, et al, were wrong. I suspect (and I have ZERO military background), that if Russia were invaded and losing bad enough, those nukes would fly … and it doesn’t have to be Russia. It can be any nation with nukes that decides to launch one (including us).

          • I am perfectly 100 percent confident that the US will never again launch a nuclear anything as an offensive weapon. We will only launch if attacked.

            You seem to think that if Russia gets on the ropes they would launch a nuke just because….why? No one wins….they lose either way or are you saying that as a parting shot to prevent someone from winning, it is better everybody lose?

            No one wins……No one.

            • I think any and every nation state, especially when headed by a tyrant, will launch in a heartbeat before accepting defeat. You’re too confident about what we’d do and/or wouldn’t do, Colonel.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            Russia won’t lose. Ask Napoleon and Hitler. They can get hurt but eventually WE will run out of Ukrainians.

            • I agree that everyone loses in a nuclear exchange, but SK has a point. We will definitely run out of Ukrainians long before the Russians lose that slop-fest. That’ll likely go on another 10-20 years unless either or both of the leaders are out on their asses or dead (and replaced by rational people). I wouldn’t count on it.,

              • S Kent Troy says:

                Write the Indian PM and ask him to do a Teddy Roosevelt and act as a fair broker. The Indians have long, back to my youth, been obstinate in their neutrality and are probably the only major power (yes, they have become a major power though ethnocentric American State Departments refuse to accept it) who can step in tell the West to F–K off and solve the damned thing. Our Zelensky puppet may sputter but screw him.

  84. S Kent Troy says:

    Most here are old enough to remember when Marlon Brando sent Sacheen Littlefeather to accept his Oscar for the “Godfather” allowing her to protest in his name the treatment of the American Indian. Little did we know, until her death that she was as fake as Elizabeth Warren.

    A real heartbreaker, almost as much as finding out Iron Eyes Cody, famous for scores of movie Indian portrayals back to the 1920’s, not to mention his iconic “tear” in Public Service videos about the pollution of the country in the 1970’s was in fact a Sicilian from Brooklyn.

    Hopefully there is no scandal waiting in the wings about “Tonto” Jay Silverheels.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I don’t know his history but I always thought Tonto did not look like any Indian I grew up with. Maybe a “breed”.

      • Jay is a Canadian Mohawk Indian although his mother’s maiden name is Dockstater which is a common German Palatine name from the Mohawk Valley.

  85. JAC…in exile.,,,,,,,,,,again.

  86. Just A Citizen says:

    I love the good ol’ country boy style of Senator John Kennedy. Today’s gem is in his comments on the briefing about UFO’s and the shoot downs.

    “The only thing I feel confident saying right now is that if you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly,” Kennedy explained.”

  87. One for the Colonel (me attacking Dems) … we all know the deal Mayor Pete and the other Dem nominees made to subvert Bernie Sanders kicking their asses … so the zombie Biden reward mayor pete and he’s been useless as tits on a bull … except he’s been worse … a lot worse. Profit over people … the American way (and that’s what ALL of you lunatics on this page have to come to terms with [although you never will]) … capitalism is the vehicle of obscene greed at the expense of the proud patriots … maybe when it happens closer to home?


  89. Yes sir, I get that but China’s resolve is much deeper….much deeper. Strategically, look at it. Look at where the control is…..the much vaunted, and needed Panama Canal….both ends owned by China….not Panama. We,
    stupidly, gave up control. They could close the canal in minutes without firing a shot. Loon at he island building where they have encroached upon other sovereign nations and took atolls and have claimed and built deep water military bases designed for submarines and launching sites. Their claim of the South China sea and international shipping lanes. The takeover of the two most western islands of the Philippines and no one is saying a word.

    In May, Solomon Islands signed a secretive security agreement with China. While the details of the deal haven’t been made public, a leaked draft suggested that People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessels would be permitted to make logistics stops in Solomon Islands, raising concerns that Beijing may be planning to establish a permanent overseas presence.Since the deal was signed, Sogavare has been accused of consolidating power along Chinese lines. Last month the state-owned broadcaster, SBIC, was brought under the direct editorial control of the government, while Sogavare has gone so far as to suggest banning foreign journalists from the country.
    Beijing has also deepened security cooperation with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSPIF), which Chinese police have begun to train. The Solomons are a British protectorate but the British are now prohibited.

    Also in May, the Fiji Islands have been in contact with the Chinese for assigning Chinese naval units in the Fijis and training their police force.

    A permanent Chinese military installation in Equatorial Guinea is the culmination of nearly a decade’s investment in Africa – and will not be the last of such bases on the continent’s Atlantic coast

    The consolidation of Chinese military power on the continent in the form of such new bases – combined with the expansion of Beijing’s already considerable economic influence – would shift global power dynamics, eroding US dominance, and relegating Europe to the sidelines of international affairs.

    There are already approximately 10,000 Chinese enterprises in Africa, which, according to a 2017 McKinsey report, generated $180 billion a year in revenues and could reach $250 billion by as early as 2025. These commercial opportunities have resulted in 1 million Chinese citizens making Africa their permanent home since 2000.
    Beijing has integrated a military and security component into its economic partnerships with African states, making China’s defense presence in Africa part of the fabric of the continent’s development.


    Now, grab a map and plot all of these areas…..the Chinese are smart. They have integrated their economics and defense as a strategy.

    And we continue to build factories and exploit the very thing we are against….child labor, slave labor (meaning no wages paid), and predatory pricing. The Chinese learned well from the US….but that does not solve the problem, does it, except the elite class is much smaller and tighter and more restrictive.

    • Sorry, the above is intended for JAC.

    • PERFECT ANALYSIS, Colonel … “And we continue to build factories and exploit the very thing we are against….child labor, slave labor (meaning no wages paid), and predatory pricing. The Chinese learned well from the US….but that does not solve the problem, does it, except the elite class is much smaller and tighter and more restrictive.”

      Capitalism … you can’t have one (elite class) without the other (working class) … it’s like soup and sandwich.

      • My analysis may be correct, Charlie, but it does not solve the problem. That makes us our own worse enemy. To check the hegemonic thrust of China and their ambition to oust the United States as the worlds best super power, do we let it go unchecked or do we counter? China is far worse than anything we have ever done and that includes kids in the mines and slavery in the 1800’s…..but they are absolute in their desire to “take over” if you will….

        Do you let it go or wait until the shipping lanes in the South China seas are held hostage as a major trade route or they are successful, as it appears to be, in becoming the worlds largest hegemony power?

        Or…are you in bed with China? If you are not in bed with China, then how do you propose to put them in check? Do you propose to let them exploit child labor? Slavery? An incarceration rate three times the amount of the US? Execution squads in the middle of the night?

        • S Kent Troy says:

          Well. I guess that if they do this within their own CURRENT borders it’s their problem. If they export it, it is ours or actually, the worlds. Like ANYBODY cares!

          Looking at the cost of defending the world these past 80 years and especially from the Viet-nam era on, and the cost of the guns and butter society we have run these past sixty years, we are in absolutely no position to economically counter them. They have paid, through our borrowing for our own destruction, so far, without firing a shot. .

          And, looking at that border you guys are so valiantly trying to unsuccessfully defend, we are toast. Wonder what the average annual per capita cost of supporting those extra 5,000,000 (and counting) will be?

          I guess the only answer for the US is for Abbott to tell the Feds to stuff it and come arrest me. Confiscate all that unused fencing, put it up and start sending back all the immigrants you guys find. Or, bus them to Arizona so THEY get the message that the four border states have to act independently of the illegal and out of control federal government.

          • Good points, Kent. My only point is the inroads that they are making and very successfully. So, to maintain our position, we need to treat China as an adversary, just like they do us…..the KUMBAYA approach does not work and much like the other side of the world, strictly keeping to diplomacy makes us weak and the Chinese and most Arab nations see it as weak. But that is the way of things right now. We should not give up our hegemony aspirations.

            China needs us in the worse way. Want to bring China down…..erase the trade deficit which is the largest ever in history. Make them pay…we have leverage they do not have….our debt to them. Default on China payments while paying the rest of the world. Shut them off right now…..and that will hit us very hard for awhile. We need to reinvest in America and get the hell out of China.

            Russia cannot do anything to help them, their currency is in default all over the world. Hardly anyone takes the Ruble any longer. Fight China without firing a single bullet……hit them in the pocket book.

            • S Kent Troy says:

              No argument here. China should be focused on as a prime adversary. A few years back it would have been exclusively economic, now it is military. our demonstrated “weakness” has emboldened them and can well lead to the very same mistakes and miscalculations other previous adversaries have made. Just finished a good book on Japan’s literally stumbling into an unwinnable war on 7 Dec 41.

              My point is that we have economically weakened ourselves. I am pretty sure that Trump “got it” most especially by holding NATO’s feet to the fire on doing their fair share. Another point is that with China throwing around money on all the continents like a drunken sailor I wonder just how over extended they are?

        • “but they are absolute in their desire to “take over” if you will….”

          I’d have to argue that so are we (more so, I think). We’re the ones budding in militarily and with economic sanctions all over the world. We’re in Africa too.

          I think we made our bed a while back, Colonel. I don’t think there’s much we can do, except to try and stall the inevitable, but that won’t happen while both parties jump in head first (the Dems more guilty than the GOP regarding never ending wars). I still don’t know what to do about the border, except enforce the laws we have and give up on that dumbass wall. It’ll never do anything but make us look dumber than we already are.

          • Well you are correct about one thing, enforce the law. Let us do our job…we could close it up tight.. As to the wall…They actually work pretty well in channeling people. They do not keep anyone out and were never designed to do that but to force them to places we want them. Works pretty good. We do not use them north of the lake in Del Rio….do not have to. The terrain up there is our wall. Helicopters, horseback, and drones is pretty effective. The population centers are where the walls are needed. Those areas where the river is not very deep and not much current. I am very fortunate that in my areas, the river is chest deep and swift. You cannot run across it nor drive across it. But, as you said, enforce the law. that will do it.

          • S Kent Troy says:

            Without the wall what exactly do you have? Nothing! Nothing at all..

            • Build a wall and they’ll just bring a ladder. Or a tunnel. Or just make a hole. Or float in via balloon.

              You cannot defeat market forces with a wall unless you are willing to get faaar more draconian than even the bloodthirsty Texans will tolerate. Anything short of “shoot on sight” coupled with “and we see you” is a half measure designed to fail.

              See also: the American War on Drugs™ vs China’s war on opium

              You cannot defeat market forces with half measure. All you can do is make things worse and funnel money to evil, violent men. You have to alter the playing field, and that means taking the main driving market forces out of the equation: let migrant workers come here legally to work and legalize drugs. THEN anyone still crossing the border illegally is a bad hombre you can shoot on sight.

              See also: why are there no violent cartels selling alcohol / tobacco in America, but there are for illegal drugs… hmmmmmmmm

              • I resent this implication….we, Texans, are not blood thirsty. We are not hedge fund vampires….. we quench our thirst on Tequila (the real stuff and not that foo foo stuff you yanks drink in your umbrella glasses). We protect our property and do not doff our hats to trespassers and thieves. Walls are good for one thing only….to re-direct traffic like curbs re-direct water. The film you see on climbing over fences is in Arizona and California. They used to climb over them here…but not anymore…..a little invention from Vietnam called razor wire has significantly reduced the fence climbing. As to tunnels, that as well has gone by the way side….go ahead and dig under the river. We blow holes in them, ,without notice, and the river takes care of the rest.

                let migrant workers come here legally to work and legalize drugs. Yes, the key word being legally and not open borders. You and I will be in agreement here if we shorten the wait times and if the Feds will do what Texas does in the growing season and issue temporary workers permits through a sponsor AND make your sponsor liable for infractions. BUT…you still have to have a process of checking on people. Why do you think we have 74 countries crossing the border now…no checks. Who is coming in? Want to wait until after the fact when something happens? would you hire a nanny for your kids without background checks and references?

                I posted that we caught our first Chinese crossing illegally. I posted his age and the fact that he was obviously military trained and in perfect physical health…that of special forces operatives and wearing fatigues. How many have crossed that we do not know?

                Now, to deregulation of drugs. That is not working out well with the marijuana growers now….yes, it is deregulated and the states have taxed the shit out of them, just like cigarettes and alcohol, and the black market run by cartels is taking over and driving the legal guys out of business….you ok with this?

                It is the same with prostitution. I have no problem legalizing it but who runs it then? Deregulation of the prostitution and drug market? Let what happens….happen? You have good argument and I will grant that but what do you do? Let it seek its own level? If organized crime does come in and take over, as it apparently is doing with the marijuana trade, especially in California, do you just let it ride?

                • he was obviously military trained and in perfect physical health…that of special forces operatives and wearing fatigues. How many have crossed that we do not know?

                  Obviously, trained so well that he got caught crossing the border wearing fatigues…?

                  Maybe not so well trained, or else their version of “special forces” has more in common with “special education” than I’d’ve thought…

                  Has anyone tried offering him a crayon to eat?

                  • Well, we offered him some crayons and a coloring book but he could not stay within the lines.

                    By military trained, I am referring to his mannerisms, his physical appearance, etc. He reminded me of the bad guy in From Russia With Love except he was not over 6 ft and he was not blonde. He was, what the ladies refer to as “super buff”…he had muscles on top of his muscles. Your normal Chinese is not like this.

                    We, meaning my guys, did not catch him. One of my ranchers caught him. But the interesting part of this, he was not wearing proper camouflage. He was in a green pattern uniform but it is winter down here and the only green are the cedar bushes. Everything else is desert tan…..he looked like a walking bush. And, he was seen at night through night vision that the ranchers all have now.

                    He was not armed and had no drugs on him. He did not even have a knife nor identification except a green wrist band. He had no money and no phone. He was, as we say, clean. He was picked up about 1 mile from the highway….we tried to lay a trap at the highway but no one showed up. He was walking a ravine that led to the river. We scoured the area we believe he came across but did not find any discarded objects. He claimed not to speak English but we could tell he understood everything.

                    He was 18 miles from the nearest settlement of any kind, so there was probably a pick up car. My guess is when he did not show at a particular time, they left him there.

          • I’d have to argue that so are we (more so, I think). We’re the ones budding in militarily and with economic sanctions all over the world. We’re in Africa too.

            Yes, we have military bases in Africa…well, sort of….There is only one permanent base in Africa but we do operate various “contingency bases” in Africa. I’m not saying that China cannot do this…they can, but we need to pay attention. Our strategy should mirror China’s. They need resources as bad or worse than we do. China is employing the old cold war strategy but, unlike the old Soviet Union, they are much smarter in their application of this strategy. They are tying military occupation to economics. They have figured out that economics is more powerful than nukes and is an effective weapon to use and we are the ones supplying most of the money through our arrangements with China…..but that weapon works both ways. The resolve, if you will, is who blinks first. Our greatest weapon to China is also economic. They have to have us….we should hold that over their heads. But to do this, we need to be prepared for hurt. Especially in Medicines and peripherals.

            But in order to do even this…………….is to have an administration that is not in bed with China and a Wall Street that is not in bed with China.

            Capitalism is good Charlie, but one of the evils of capitalism is the ability to buy off politicians for favorable laws and regulations. Want to stop the excesses? Make it a law that you cannot have PACS (outlaw them) and make it a law that corporations cannot contribute to campaigns nor individual politicians. Outlaw “dark money” completely and make public the names of donors.

  90. S Kent Troy says:

    Ya’all remember when Bush Jr. screwed up on Katrina and the media pummeled him for the next three years. Well Biden’s “controlled” burn in East Palestine, Ohio may in fact be dwarfed only by the 9-11 Toxic plume.

    Buttgig is absent, probably breast feeding his twins and don’t even ask where the big guy is.

    Best part, The major media doesn’t even give a flying fart.

    • Maybe I blinked and I missed it… how was it Biden’s “controlled burn”?

      Even so, my understanding is that failing to burn it would have been a lot worse.

      My other understanding is that:
      1. Obama put in regulations that would have prevented this.
      2. Trump removed those regulations
      3. Biden failed to re-implement those regulations

      • They detected a hot box twenty miles before East Palestine and failed to stop. Regulations do not fix stupid.

      • S Kent Troy says:

        Who the hell do you think authorized it? Of course it was not Biden, maybe not even Buttgig or the EPA dwarf but their underlings signed off and from where I sit, you take the hit for your choice of underlings. Bush sure as hell did. Then again when a disaster like this happens, YOU SHOW UP! You send in FEMA.

        Pure bloody incompetence.

        So, the people who brought you the disaster tell you that there was NO better way after the disaster. Shades of Bush’s EPA Secretary’s 9-11 clean up!

        And just what regulations were those you speak of? T-Ray pointed out the problem was identified 20 miles back. If that’s true, what you have here is incompetence on the part of the crew.

        If Trump repealed an old rule on brakes, in the past TWO years, why didn’t Buttgig reimpose it? The administration seems to have altered or abolished every other Trump regulation in the world but Sec’y Pete is too damn busy being on vacation.

        • Who the hell do you think authorized it? Of course it was not Biden, maybe not even Buttgig or the EPA dwarf but their underlings signed off and from where I sit, you take the hit for your choice of underlings.

          Odd…. I thought it was the governor, Mike DeWine (R-OH)…

      • Yeah, you were too busy sucking the blood……it appears, on preliminary reading, human error by the most part. Failing to read the warnings being flashed to the engineer… least that is the preliminary. If they had stopped the train, as I am sure their protocol is, then this would not have happened…..or so it is implied.

        As to control burn…this is pretty sticky. It was not obviously controlled very well since the resultant fire created a more deadly combination that what was already on the ground. So, whoever the whiz kid was from the government that said burn it…..apparently did not do his job and find out what burning a variety of chemicals together would produce in a smoke cloud that would drift several miles…as it did, killing almost everything in its path. More human error.

        Ya’ can’t fix stupid……

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Expand your sources, please.

        Your claims are not accurate for one and the idea that the electric brakes in question would have prevented the accident is nothing but speculation. Because the engineer would still have to hit the button to trigger the breaks.

        • Sources? You know that I cannot copy and print sources….you tried to teach me did not take.

          I am saying nothing about electric brakes. I never even heard of them until it was mentioned here. I have, however, read from CNN and Fox news reports about the warning signs that were given or ignored. Now, that was their explanation of it. As I referenced, all of this is preliminary.

          This, I do know. All along the tracks there are sensors that have been installed to regulate speeds and warn of over heated brakes, rails, etc. I understand that these sensors pick up the heat of axles. I do not know how it works but that they are just there. I do not know, fer sure. what happened. I have heard on the news that the train was exceeding its speed limit. I have also heard and read that the sensors were flashing danger signals to the engineer. I do not know what kind of control panel there is up there but if it was anything like my plane, it is extensive and sophisticated.

          The other thing that I have read and heard as reported that there was also a broken rail joint. The other thing that I do know is that the braking system on a train is a safety designed braking system meaning that you cannot just lock the wheels. they grab and release much like the cars do on their anti lock braking. This could have been triggered by the engineer as I understand it. This is why it takes a 100 car train over 3 miles to stop from cruising speeds

          I am not accusing…BUT if the engineer ignored warning signs from instruments, that would be tantamount to a pilot ignoring warning buzzers or readouts in the cockpit of a plane. Jus’ sayin”…be interesting to know what the NTSB has to say when it is all done.

        • Expand your sources, please.

          Speaking to investigative news outlet The Lever, Steven Ditmeyer, a former top official at the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), said the “severity” of the accident was likely increased by the lack of Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) brakes.

          A rule was passed under President Barack Obama that made it a requirement for trains carrying hazardous flammable materials to have ECP brakes, but this was rescinded in 2017 by the Trump administration.

          Though the Obama administration did originally enact a rule requiring those better brakes on some trains […] Under the rules weakened by both the Obama and Trump administration’s decisions, that train was not being regulated as a “high-hazard flammable train.”

          The employees say there were concerns among those working on the train over what they believed was the train’s excessive length and weight — 151 cars, 9,300 feet long, 18,000 tons — before it reached East Palestine, which contributed to both the initial breakdown and the derailment.

          “We shouldn’t be running trains that are 150 car lengths long,” one of the employees said. “There should be some limitations to the weight and the length of the trains. In this case, had the train not been 18,000 tons, it’s very likely the effects of the derailment would have been mitigated.”


          [from December]

          Railroad employee unions are asking for a state law that limits the length of trains.

          There is no limit in state or federal law on train length. A bill to set 8,500 feet, or 1.6 miles, as the maximum train length cleared initial review in the 2022 Iowa Legislature.

          A spokesman for a railroad said trains of all lengths have been safely operated for years and longer trains reduce fuel and labor costs.


    • Yes……where is everybody other than blaming Trump. One thing I found interesting, and this did happen under Trump, was the elimination of the regulations concerning marking rail cars, limiting speeds in residential areas, limiting speeds with hazardous materials, and limiting the size of the trains.

      No one learned from the deregulation of trucking under Jimmy Carter. Regulations were changed or stopped regarding the driver qualifications, weight of the trucks on highways, speeds were allowed to increase to 70 mph and no longer limited on night speeds, hazardous materials were allowed to be re-routed and no longer had to take the loops around metropolitan areas, designated hazardous material routes were allowed to sunset and drivers were allowed to drive longer hours without proper sleep and rest.

      We put speed governors on our trucks that did not allow speeds greater than 65 day or night. When we did that, our drivers quit. They could make more money driving faster speeds and delivering more loads at lesser pay than with us. Safety went out of the window. I even provided our drivers with brand new Peterbilt’s every three years…but governed. To them, it was an embarrassment to be driving a brand new, state of the art “Pete” (Cadillac of the industry) and then be passed on the highways by ungoverned Freightliner trucks ( the volkswagon of the industry) that were driving at speeds of 75 and 80. So, keeping state of the art equipment and safety did not keep drivers. My pay scale was 2 cents per mile above union wages and we still could not keep drivers because of the speeds.

      The transportation department has preliminarily listed as excessive speed and ignoring the warning signs by human error as the cause of the train derailment. But I am sure that investigation is also going to reveal that the changing regulations allowed a much larger payload to be pulled on the tracks in both size, weight and length. When they did this to the trucking industry, you suddenly went from 72,500 pound payloads to 80,000 pound payloads and trucks could be longer than 48 feet and, on the interstates, you could pull doubles.

      When companies do not adhere to normal safety rules and the regs are thrown out of the window….expect the wild west. You either choose to deal with it or you get out. We got out. I did not risk liability law suits for faster speeds.

  91. By the way, Sir Mathius, you have not been forgotten. I have a substitute for steaks (sorry about that but too many regulations regarding dry ice especially being sent to the northeast). I am putting together some Texas tidbits fer ya. You can’t get them up there…..I don’t think. But do not get upset with me that when you partake of them, if you have an incredible urge to speak Texan, wear ostrich quill (full quill) boots, don a stetson and walk bow legged…well, you will just have to explain it away somehow. You will, of course, make everyone jealous.

  92. NTSB investigators have identified and examined the rail car that initiated the derailment. Surveillance video from a residence showed what appears to be a wheel bearing in the final stage of overheat failure moments before the derailment. The wheelset from the suspected railcar has been collected as evidence for metallurgical examination. The suspected overheated wheel bearing has been collected and will be examined by engineers from the NTSB Materials Laboratory in Washington, D.C. NTSB has obtained locomotive event recorder data, forward- and inward-facing image recording data and wayside defect detector data. NTSB investigators continue to review documentation, event recorder data and perform interviews. A preliminary report is expected to publish in two weeks.

    • Security footage captured in Salem, Ohio — around 20 miles west of East Palestine — before the derailment showed sparks or flames under at least one of the cars on the train, which was transporting goods from Madison, Illinois, to Conway, Pennsylvania.

      • “We have obtained two videos which show preliminary indications of mechanical issues on one of the railcar axles,” said National Transportation Safety Board member Michael Graham.This is known as a hot box, which is a term used for when a wheel bearing overheats on a railcar. In this case, the overheating led to a fire which then led to the derailment.

        Former State Rep Bob Hagan retired in 2021 after 50 years in the railroad industry. He says there are hot box detectors that alert conductors to stop the train.

        “We have, now, technology that can interpret any time a wheel is hot through that, and it would go via the radio where the engineer would be running the train, the conductor of course would be sitting next to them,” Hagan said.

        Graham says the train did drive through one of these detectors shortly before the derailment.

        “The crew did receive a wayside defect detector, shortly before the derailment indicating a mechanical issue. Then an emergency break application was initiated,” Graham said.

        However, the train was not able to stop in time. In a viewer video, you can see a wheel on fire as the train was still moving, just moments before it derailed.

        Hagan says in his 50 years on the job, he only got about 10 hot box alerts in which he had to stop a train. He believes cutbacks on railroad jobs are partially to blame for situations like we’re seeing now in East Palestine.

  93. Rally Time! No, not Trump. The Libertarians take the baton and run with it. This coming Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial. The theme is anti war. Speakers include Ron Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Jimmy Dore, Dennis Kucinich and many more. Ron Paul rarely travels anymore so having him speak is big news.
    They have an interesting list of demands that they will march straight to the White House. Many independent journalists will be there and seems as though the rally has been gaining wider attention the closer it gets to Sunday. Some old school musicians including Roger Waters and new school including Jordan Page and Tatiana Moroz. It has my interest since I’m feeling like I don’t have a place in the R party anymore. Their bullet point demands are explained a little more further down the page. Check out their site here

  94. Adios….

  95. S Kent Troy says:

    Kudos to all, there is a plethora of knowledge participating on this site!

  96. Oh…JAC……………I have an answer to Mathius in exile. Please release me.

  97. Just A Citizen says:

    On Monday a friend and I were joking about being prepared for the imminent alien invasion. You know, because of all the UFO’s we shot down since last week. While we were chuckling over the whole thing I made a comment that “wait until we find out they shot down some party balloons that got away from some kid at a birthday party”.

    We are reaching new levels of STUPID in our Govt.

    • A club in northern Illinois missing their balloon that fits the description of the one shot down over northern Alaska. It’s last known location was in that area at about 38K ft. The balloon was small, had a cylindrical payload and met the FAA requirements of under 6 pounds.

      I would think these balloons would need to be clearly marked as to owner. Also, are the lighted so that planes can see them at night? I know the sky is vast so the probability of a collision is small but spotting such a small device at 550 mph would be very difficult especially at night. If one got sucked into an engine if could lead to a catastrophe.

  98. I learned a little more on the train in Ohio. It was 151 cars long (9300 ft or 1.7 mi) and weighed 18,000 ton. Think of the stress on the lead couplers and the momentum involved. Also learned from by brother there is a box in the engine that transmits the GPS coordinates to the controller tower in real time so they know where every train is. The manifest is downloaded to this box, so the engineer has a list of everything on the train. That info would also be at the control center. Manifests would at minimum contain a CAS number for any chemicals if not the actual MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). With a CAS number anyone can look up the MSDS online. The MSDS gives all the variant names of the chemical plus all its potential hazards and remedial action if needed. Not only that, each rail tank car should have a fire diamond on the side.

    My brother worked for Collins Radio a division of Rockwell where the box was designed. They sold the design to Westinghouse. Collins designs and builds military and commercial radio gear and avionics.

  99. I’m sorry Ohio…..but your train derailment disaster…..does not qualify for FEMA. No, it was not a hurricane and, no, it was not a flood and, no, it was not a ‘nader……it was nothing more than a train derailment that is killing pets and animals and poisoning creeks and killing all the frogs and salamanders and is coating the creeks flowing into the Ohio river….never mind that the EPA official who declared the drinking water to be clean will not take a drink out of that water…..Never mind that your private wells are not going to be routinely tested for seepage over the next few months….You do not rate Federal tax payer funds to clean up the area as it does not qualify as a “natural” disaster even though it is creating a natural disaster.

    You can sue the train company all day long and the time it is going to take for it to wind through the courts is not stopping or helping the immediate problem.

    Oh, well…you must not have voted correctly.

    • Oh, well…you must not have voted correctly.

      Right you are.

      They voted for Mike DeWine (R) and a state legislature that is 2/3rds Red Team.

      I don’t suppose those folks could have done anything to prevent this.

      • I doubt that any legislature even knows these rules exist. Charlie posted an interesting piece….I thought it pretty well thought out….

      • And, as a State Legislature, I doubt they have ANY control over Federal regulations. I am sure that it runs the gambit that if they try to legislate Federal rules through the state, they would be shut down pretty quick.

        Texas has done that and we lost our Federal Highway funding except for the Interstate. This was over the continued building of the border wall and Texas is using the abandoned portions of the wall already bought and is rusting in fields. When we did not stop …..we were stripped of Federal Highway Funds. But…that is ok.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The Colonel is correct. The States have virtually no control over the rail roads. There is some interplay in setting speed limits thru urban areas. I know of several communities that tried to pass ordinances to stop certain trains or certain infrastructure. The Feds told them to go away.

    • We just had our own train derailment yesterday. Close enough for me to walk to, which I wouldn’t because I hate walking, but I’d ride my bike there. Only one hazardous chemical car which didn’t leave the track. It was several grain cars and several empty cars that fell out of line. No worries to the lake just across the street, which connects to a river, which runs through two large connected parks, which runs straight into Lake Erie 15 miles down. 👿

  100. JAC.. in moderation..

  101. Bada-boom, Bada-bing …

  102. Just finished watching an expose’ on social media where the media platforms are now being sued for a variety of things including censorship and no parental controls even though they advertise parental controls. Parents are beginning to sue social media for the content of media and they are winning. Interesting.

  103. Sir Mathius, on an unrelated subject….as a hedge fund vampire….if the reports are correct and the Fed raises the rate to 5.5 with the statement that they are going to leave them there for an “indeterminate period of time”, does that have you folks scrambling any?

    • Naw… we’ve all had that on our radar for a while now. The momentum and high-frequency guys might be a different story, but the deep value folks are just bargain hunting with an eye to hold until this all blows over, hoping to pick up 20-30% IRRs.

      (I bought a bunch of Microsoft back around 200, but now I’m loading up on Google… trying to decide what I think about Amazon…)

  104. S Kent Troy says:

    Funny, browsing through Barnes & Noble last night came across a book called “the Waverly Train Disaster” if explained how that disaster, before TRUMP mind you led to the beefing up of FEMA response. Seems that this kind of thing has happened before.

  105. Privately … A) because they’re cowards … and B) because EVERYBODY knew it was BULLSHIT. 🙂

    • Boy, THAT is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black… really need to move on.(Yes, I watched it all the through even though it was CNN)

      • 🙂 You, sir, need to drink the caffeinated stuff. You’re willing to allow someone who “allegedly” plotted an overthrow of the country you’re so married to you’d go to war for them (even when those wars were based on complete falsehoods), yet you want me to “move on” from a criminal facing justice. That is too rich for words, Colonel … 🙂

        • Actually, the catch phrase was designed that CNN cannot call out Trump after their jumping on the Russian collusion boat so hard.

          As to the overthrow…..again….PROVE IT…then put him in jail…..or turn him over to Mathius and the guillotine brigade.

          • But, I am on decaf……everything. One thing that all the Ranger training taught you was the caffeinated drinks and eats were verbotten if you were going in the field. BUT, as I have stated before, I do not drink (college did not count), never touched a drug even in the 60s and Vietnam, never smoked a cigarette and still do not….not a saint, I did try to deflower every girl I met but could not find any that were not already deflowered.

            Now, I will admit to a one time drunk….passed out drunk. I think I mentioned it on here before. In Vietnam in 1970, my team went out on a 4 day recon patrol that lasted for 12 days….we got cut off and had to E&E (escape and invade) Everywhere we went, we ran into enemy patrols looking for us (We had bounty on our heads) and we had to live off the land for 8 days. We could not get resupplied by air because it was during the monsoons and there is NO flying at that time for helicopters. We finally made it back…all 9 of us and all of us had wounds of some sort. We had a huge Banyon tree in our compound….so, we sat down under this huge tree and drank a concoction called Nam Pe (spelling probably not correct) was a Montgnard drink of fermented rice and something else I do not want to know. It was stronger than grandma’s breath at 4 in the morning. Probably would take the rust off everything….but we then mixed it with Papaya. Tasted like shit but we drank it anyway and it took its toll….we passed out for 36 hours, rain or shine under that tree. The resulting hangover was something right out of mid-evil times and we all survived that. So, that was it.

          • He PROVED it himself, but I am not in charge of the investigation or Cheeto-face would be in general population on Rikers Island.

  106. This will be VERY INTERESTING … Trump was subpoenad to testify in Proud Boys Seditious Conspiracy trial … and the Proud Boys’ lawyers sent it. 🙂

  107. I am very curious as to how you would , if you were in charge, any of you, stop bullying in school.

    • add to that, school busses and social media.

      • First thought – separate out social media because there’s an easier answer to that , but the kids wouldn’t like it. Second thought – separate social media between adults and kids. I’ve been following the struggle of cyber bullying in some of the groups I follow. I gets deep! Third thought. Bullying is a whole different cat these days. I don’t think there is an easy answer anymore.

    • I don’t think you can stop bullying, but nothing stops it faster than a punch in the jaw. I guess suspensions to the bullying parties.

      • I agree with you, Charlie, nothing like a punch in the mouth but the expose’ I saw was that teachers and administrators of schools do nothing and you cannot suspend them (or they do not). I’m sure you have seen the pictures on the school busses and such…..But the bullying does not stop at schools, according to this expose’….it continues onto social media and the statistics that were mentioned on their were astounding in that 4 of 10 suicides among teens are a result of bullying.

        I found this:

        In the US, 1 in 5 students ages 12-18 has been bullied during the school year.[1] Approximately 160,000 teens have skipped school because of bullying.[2] Students who reported that they were frequently bullied scored lower in reading, mathematics, and science than their peers who reported that they were never or rarely bullied.[3] The most commonly reported type of bullying is verbal harassment (79%), followed by social harassment (50%), physical bullying (29%), and cyberbullying (25%).[4] Labeling an incident as bullying can be important because it influences whether students tell an adult, as well as how adults respond to the student’s report.[5] More than half of bullying situations (57%) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied.[6] 6th grade students experience the most bullying (31%).[7] 70% of school staff have seen bullying. 62% witnessed bullying two or more times in the last month, and 41% witness bullying once a week or more.[8] Students are less likely to report bullying as they get older. Only 39% of high schoolers notified an adult of bullying.[9] 42% percent of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that the bullying was related to at least one of the following characteristics: physical appearance (30%), race (10%), gender (8%), disability (7%), ethnicity (7%), religion (5%), and sexual orientation (4%).[10] Over half of students ages 12-18 who reported being bullied believed their bullies had the ability to influence what other students thought of them. [11]

        Also this: Facts and Statistics

        90% of students in grades 4-8 report having been harassed or bullied.
        28% of students in grades 6-12 experience bullying.2
        20% of students in grades 9-12 experience bullying. (
        In grades 6-12, 9% of students have experienced cyberbulling.2
        Over 160,000 kids refuse to go to school each day for fear of being bullied. (Nation Education Association)
        70.6% of students report having witnessed bullying in their school–and over 71% say bullying is a problem.
        Over 10% of students who dropout of school do so due to being bullied repeatedly.
        Each month 282,000 students are physically assaulted in some way in secondary schools throughout the United States–and the number is growing.
        Statistics suggest that revenge [due to bullying] is the number one motivator for school shootings in the U.S.
        86% of students surveyed said, “other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” is the number one reason that teenagers turn to lethal violence at school.
        Nearly 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying.
        87% of students surveyed report that bullying is the primary motivator of school shootings.
        64% of students who are bullied do not report it. (Petrosina, Guckenburg, Devoe and Hanson 2010)

        • It’s a tough thing to police … and there’s no substitute for learning how to deal with one, but there are occasions when it’s best for a person to avoid the confrontation (not all kids fight alike, I guess). I don’t see how it can be policed without a swift kick in the ass but as you stated, legal implications preclude any adult from engaging. It’s one of those shit things there’s little to do about.

          • I think it is more about cyber bullying….I taught my kids to stick up for themselves….even if you fight and lose, you still win. They never had a bullying problem because they never backed down.

            • It’s only a problem if you allow it. That said, not every kid is comfortable with confrontation. You can lead the horse to water … and some prefer not to lead the horse … it’s a very tough problem to break.

  108. Rant. I’d like to go bully my butcher right now. Just bought a 3 1/2 pound tray of bacon. $18. I separate into 1 pound portions and freeze 2 pounds. This butcher should be ashamed of this tray! It looked good the way they had it wrapped, but boyyy, I’ve had to discard well over a pound of straight fat. Grrrrrr.

  109. Anita, my love … Tucker lied … they all lied … it was a grift all along …

    • S Kent Troy says:

      Anecdotal story. Back in 1965, I worked with a young CBS staffer on the Bill Buckley campaign. he was assigned to CBS evening news. I was impressed when he told me he had spoken to Cronkite on a regular basis. I asked him how uncle Wally could be such a common sense person on so many of the non-news reports he had done over the years but often let the liberal bias slip through on his news reports.

      He said he had asked Cronkite that very same question the year before at the Christmas party when Cronkite had a few Scotches in him. Old Uncle Wally supposedly said, “Son, when they pay you two million dollars a year, you say whatever they want you to say”. .

      • S Kent Troy says:

        The moral of the story: “Trust nothing until you can verify it from three independent sources.”

        My old man was a mensch.

        • What you’re saying, SK, is what exactly. We can’t trust the discovery? Tucker’s words … FOX hosts’ words shouldn’t be trusted, even when lifted from their emails to one another? Do you EVER allow that YOUR favorite news channel lies through their teeth? Now you’re going to tell us you don’t watch FOX. 🙂

          • No, SK is saying that we can’t believe any of them anymore. FOX shot themselves in the foot calling Arizona for Biden while the polls were still open and only 1% of the vote in. Viewers dropped them like a hot potato over it. I think there is truth to what Sidney and Rudy said…how much? Who knows because Dominion wouldn’t allow people to check their machines. By now, evidence is gone. We’ll never get a straight answer. Tucker and co believe there were enough ballots to cover for a Biden win, so they say Biden won. You will never convince me that there were as many voters as ballots. Its all about the ballots. 81 million? I have a bridge for ya Charlie.

            • Anita, my love … the 81 million were a direct response to Trump … he became toxic long before January 6, 2021 … he’d likely get 90 million against him in 2024. The 74 million for Trump was the desperation of the GOP … now it’s gone. They have a good shot with DeSanctimonious if Biden is still alive in 2024 … if they go with Trump, January 6, 2025 will be Part Deux of the Knucklehead Revolution. 🙂

            • S Kent Troy says:

              What people SEEM to deliberately forget is that the 2020 election was decided by roughly 60,000 ballots in key precincts in five or six states.

              No I DO NOT believe that 81 million individuals voted for Biden which means he trounced Obama’s numbers. I did see the 20,000 mules video and regardless of what Chuck says, I have not seen anybody challenging the video with any facts/credibility other than by saying, “I’m famous, believe me, believe every word I say because I AM FAMOUS, the video was a pile of crap”. In which case, their credibility is right up there with “there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”.

              Believe NOBODY, I think I said that before.

  110. Uh-oh, Spaghetti O’s … Democratic corporate media shills (CNN & MSNBC) ignore the story behind the story … FOX did also until they could make hey (and ignored Trump’s culpability) … neither party could care less about people … profit over people … the American way!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Well the first thing is that these cattle have to belong to someone. What is missing is who’s cows didn’t get gathered off the federal lands. Second is they are called “Mavericks” not “feral”. What an hilarious term for cows gone wild.

      Cattle who go to the wild side can be aggressive. Funny how even dumb cows prefer their freedom. 🙂

      I am assuming they couldn’t find enough buckaroos to push the cows off federal lands. So first thing that comes to mind is why not open up a hunting season on them. Seems that using helicopters is a very expensive way to solve the problem when they might get it done for free.

      • Correct….cattle are not like dogs, pigs, or cats. They are not feral…they are mavericks. Mavericks to mean that they belong to no one or are abandoned and left to forage on their own.

        Unlike the wild mustangs on Federal Lands, cattle that are wild DO pose a danger. Specifically, cattle can carry a variety of disease that other animals do not. Also, if they have come anywhere close to Buffalo, you have an added danger of a disease called Brucellosis. This a bacterial disease caused by various Brucella species, which mainly infect cattle, swine, goats, and sheep and the disease can be passed to humans by eating infected meat even when cooked.

        We test our cattle twice a year….you cannot fix it. destroy the animal that has it.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      A complete waste of time and money! Given the gutless partisan nature of Congress these days.

      On the larger issue within this is whether the R’s should impeach Biden for anything, or use impeachment as a retaliation against the D’s, for the BS they pulled with Trump. While I sympathize with the eye for an eye desires, I think a more sophisticated response is needed. Not impeachment begets impeachment. The R’s need to find a way to hit the D’s hard and where it will hurt. Where the lessons will be learned and not forgotten for some time.

      • How about the bullshit Trump pulled on the entire country? Doesn’t count?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Get a life!

        • S Kent Troy says:

          ya still have to define bullshit beyond what you call lies and we call exaggeration. That’s not to mention comments made in humor which without context, in print appear much differently than they should.

          I hearken back to the reportage on Reagan when in an off-air microphone test he began by saying something like, “Well, we attack Russia in five minutes”. I remember the actual recording and the joking that went with it and the reporting which was quite different.

          I’ve always been more interested in hearing and reading what he (anybody) said rather than someone telling me what he said he said. Don’t trust THOSE mo-fo’s since Viet-nam.

          “It is without doubt a CURSE to have a good memory!”
          -Lenny Bruce-

          • Right, so the emails revealed in a court discovery are not to be trusted. Do you have any idea what a lunatic you sound like? You make the case for the conspiracy theories those with functioning brain cells mock. It’s the same with Trump’s claim that anyone who takes the fifth is guilty … “mobsters take the fifth” … and then he takes it 440 times in one deposition … his words from his mouth on video … emails between Fox news hosts from their servers … very convenient, SK. While there’s definitely a coverup of Biden and his son vis-a-vis Ukraine, et al, nobody is claiming what has been found is fugazy. They spin it, but there’s no denying what is black and white. You provide great entertainment to us all. 🙂

            • S Kent Troy says:

              Even TRUMP is capable of learning. While I tended to share TRUMP’s original view of the fifth amendment, twenty years back or so, one may have noticed that the impeachment matter no doubt changed his view. Mine was changed earlier.

              In my case it was watching a man I knew and respected being brought up on federal charges and then me being a star witness for the defense. After a day and a half on the stand I was exposed to every lie and mistruth the prosecutors threw at him. Unlike the Star Chamber of the January 6th or Impeachment hearings in federal court, a good, knowledgeable witness who was there when the alleged “crimes” were committed could and did demolish the prosecutions case DESPITE incompetent unknowledgeable defense counsel. .

              To this day I have not recovered any respect at all for the Feds. The old saw , that a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich is absolutely true. A good, decent man was left financially ruined by a prosecution designed in retrospect to hang someone, in fact ANYONE, for flagrant abuses of Federal Loan housing guarantees which occurred because of mis and malfeasance on the part of supposed federal regulators who were more interested in their next job on the “outside” rather than doing their goddam jobs!. People walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars from fraud in those programs and the only ones the feds went after were low hanging fruit. They were encouraged by those very federal regulators to “gild” the lily on their applications and despite the fact that they delivered far more than 100% on their loans, the indictments fell like rain upon them.

              Like Hillary and Comey, if indicted or questiond by any feds in any case, civil or criminal, I decided long ago that “I don’t remember” or the Fifth is one hell of a lot better than being trapped in their web.

              See, we ALL learn.

    • V H… long as we have “selective enforcement” this will not change.

  111. If you’re not a woman, you have NOTHING to say about abortion. NOTHING.

  112. You know Charliie, you are a broken record. For someone who claims they are a socialist…a true socialist, you are no different than the news media out there…no matter the source. Your postings on here are about 90/10. Ninety percent against Republicans and 10 percent against Democrats. So, in actuality, you are a Democrat.

    You constantly harangue about how corporations are the pariah and deregulation is the problem and your effort at painting the Republican Party as the harbinger of slavery and such. You are ignoring history. You constantly are jumping on the “ALLEGED” insurrection and try to justify Democrat led investigations as gospel and truth. So, in my book, you are Democrat in drag. I wish to point at deregulation… is a DEMOCRAT thing. Started by Democrats for Democrats. But you jump on Trump for rolling back some regs when Obama started the whole thing on the railroads and rolling back safety regulations and you give a pass…..Three Presidents had a hand in this railroad debacle and two of them are Democrats. Democrats now, not Republicans, are blocking a myriad of relief efforts beginning with FEMA and claiming that since this is not weather related, you do not qualify for FEMA when FEMA was created directly for things like this…..disasters. You are a big government guy…..this has nothing to do with it is the fault of the railroad….EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD knows the railroad is on the hook for this and it will be held accountable. FEMA should be there right now because this is a disaster, turned into a natural disaster but some ass hat Democrat government chemist that did not do due diligence on a burn off of chemicals and the consequences of that. FEMA needs to be there and then collect from the Railroad Company that is the cause. But, no, because it was not caused by weather and no, because Ohio is a pretty good red state, everyone walks away from it. Had this happened in New York, the response from the government would have been over whelming.

    Everybody out there knows this and so do you. In actuality, as a true Socialist, you should be on the side of the alleged insurrectionists because it furthers the cause of pure Socialism and splits the government into factions, but you pick up the Democratic cause and you constantly quote the left news medias as gospel and you constantly harangue the conservative media as liars when, in fact, all news media only tells what perpetuated their cause and hides everything that does not benefit them. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. You know this and the public knows this.

    You should be all over Biden’s ass about his criminal connections with China but all you can think about is TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and now, Nicky Haley and Desantis… sir, you should be anti everything in America. You are anti military, anti capitalist, anti corporations, anti Republicans…..No sir, I change my mind about anti-republicans and change it to anti-conservative. You are for any republican that goes against Trump…If I did not know better, I would say that you have a love/hate relationship with Trump.

    Then you like to say… just like to get people fired up on this blog and you may take this posting as me being fired up about you….and you would be wrong. I am not fired up about you at all…you are fun to spar against but your slip is beginning to show. If you are indeed a true socialist, then act like one. Right now, you are beginning to bounce around like a kite on a windy day.

    So, what are you ? A socialist? A Democrat? A Republican? An Independent? A Communist?

    Perhaps I need to send you back to Pluto for some social engineering…those dust mites have infected you far worse than originally thought.

    Anyway, I still luv ya man…..

    • I love you too, Colonel (seriously) … but you’re the broken record, sir.

      “Ninety percent against Republicans and 10 percent against Democrats. So, in actuality, you are a Democrat.”

      That is about hilarious as it gets. Join Facebook if you want to see my rants against Dems. Mostly here I pick apart the insanity of conservatism. The total bullshit it requires people to swallow to have any relevance or credibility. I’m a socialist and you know it. You’re a Republican and you know it. What you’re trying to do is gaslighting. It’s amusing but still bullshit. I guess when you can’t respond to the posts, you have to attack the person who posts it (with claims about what my political affiliation is?) … that’s some weak shit, but if it makes you feel better, stick with it. That video about abortion is from Don Winslow, the writer I told you about who lives on and writes about the cartels, etc. He’s now become a total shill for Democrats (what you accuse me of), except he really is and in his process he picks apart the GOP … all on his own dime (so I give him credit for that). And most of his videos are very good.

      • TCH TCH, Charlie…..I was not even talking about abortion. There are two things I purposely stay away from…..Abortion (it is a no win argument) and Religion (another no win argument). I am merely pointing out what I see…and I see a never ending lambasting of Trump and republicans and very little on here about Biden and Democrats…..I will take your word for it on Facebook or other social media….this is the only blog I am on and will be on. I do not do social media…..I do not have even conservative social media.

        Again, please change your rhetoric…..about me and Republican ties. I vote a split ticket and have voted one since 1978…..There are many conservative to middle Democrats out there, especially in Texas. I am a true independent (or at least I think that I am) because I do vote a split ticket. Now, for sure, I lean conservative but I am not far right. I am also not very centered either….I lean right. There are some social programs that I believe in but not man…

        The other thing, that confuses me somewhat, is that I posted on here about your social side of it but you claimed that I was wrong when I posted about socialists countries….you said they were not socialist even though the list comes from neutral territory.

        So, if you are a true socialist, then you accept the following definition:

        1) a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
        2) policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.
        3) (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

        But then you say you are not a communist….

        Then I posted the only socialist countries that are listed as follows:

        People’s Republic of China 1 October 1949 Communist Party of China

        Republic of Cuba 24 February 1976 Communist Party of Cuba

        Lao People’s Democratic Republic 2 December 1975 Lao People’s Revolutionary Party

        Socialist Republic of Vietnam 2 September 1945 Communist Party of Vietnam

        But you made the comment that these are not true socialist countries and that by your definition, there are no true socialists countries.

        Then I posted:

        Socialist ideologies

        Utopian socialism.

        You said I was crazy or stupid.

        Then I posted this:

        Capitalism affords economic freedom, consumer choice, and economic growth.

        Socialism, which is an economy controlled by the state and planned by a central planning authority, provides for a greater social welfare and decreases business fluctuations.

        You laughed at me then and accused me of trying to rewrite history? So, I took definitions of socialism (as prescribed today) and tried to understand where you are coming from in trying to really (seriously) understand your position because you “SEEM” to side with the Democrats the majority of the time.

        So, now, I am thinking that I do not understand you as well as I thought I did…since you refute everything regarding socialism that I have posted…..perhaps you could “straighten” me out? That is to mean, help me understand your definition and approach on socialism because it does not seem to jive with the meanings that I look up.

        So, help me out friend!