Interesting Read from Stossel

I apologize to all for my lack of posting the last week or so. I sequestered myself at a lake house with the family and ended up not having such a great connection to the internet. I am back now, but have returned to a hornet’s nest at work and it is eating up my time. I read the following article from John Stossel earlier today and thought it was interesting, so I figured I would share it since I didn’t have the time to write. I look forward to thoughts from all of you on what is certainly a different take on some of the things that are simply accepted as negatives in our society.
An Interesting Topic from John Stossel

Let’s Start With the Department of Education

I am baffled daily with the ridiculousness that masquerades as the United States Federal Government. I mean, really, is there a better example of elitist ass clowns who bleat on about fixing this and changing that all while completely ignoring all the obvious fixes and changes that need to happen? The debt debate has been a perfect example of the hopelessness that exists when one thinks that any of these fools are in the slightest bit interested in doing what needs to be done in Washington DC. The only thing that is more ridiculous than a DC politicians are the millions of Americans who play along with the charade, believing that this party or that party is really the one trying to fix things and the “other side” is a group of godless heathens intent on ruining the American way of life.
There Are Plenty of Prudent Trimming Options Available

Quick Debate Thoughts…

I watched the Republican debate in Iowa this evening. To be honest, I had not intended to watch. Tonight was the first pre-season NFL games and my Baltimore Ravens were playing the Eagles. As it turns out, because of the BS “broadcasting rights”, here in North Carolina the game was blacked out. I despise blacking out professional sporting events. The idea that everyone has the ability to travel to the game is ridiculous. Same happens when the Red Sox play the crappy Orioles. They will black out the game for the national feed and the station that has the rights to broadcast the game will not be showing it. Drives me insane. But, since I couldn’t watch my football game, I decided I would watch the debate…
USW’s Down and Dirty on the GOP Performances

Open Mic for August 10, 2011

Another Open Mic day arrives. This time I am a little bit better prepared as I actually have time to add some thoughts to the contributions that I am presenting. I have been trying to take more time lately and dedicate it to writing here at SUFA. I know that it may not seem to be so to everyone, but I am trying to make the articles appear on a more regular schedule, similar to what used to happen at SUFA. I still haven’t gotten to the point where I have time to write more than twice per week, so unless we have regular contributions from others, we aren’t going to get to the point of having new articles every day for a while. For today’s topics I have offered up an opinion piece written by James Zogby over at the Huffington Post, touching on Iran’s image within the Middle East, and a debate over what is “free speech” and what isn’t during a political campaign…
On to Open Mic

Change that USW Can Believe In

Over the last couple of years, the debate here at SUFA, and realistically across the entire country, has been over federal government spending and the ways to pay for said madness. There are all kinds of statements that get thrown around in this arena. We have the folks on the left, who espouse raising the income tax rate on the top earners in America as a way to increase revenue and help us “get out of the hole we are in.” We have the folks on the right who espouse lowering the tax on top earners as they are the job creators and thus will be the ones to get us out of the hole. And that has been the basic framework of the debate in American politics today. But both sides are equally flawed. And true to the American political spectrum, both sides falsely vilify the other, while neither side wants to admit that it is the drunken Uncle Sam feeling up your cousin that is the real villain…
Shared Sacrifice Means that Only You Sacrifice

Open Mic for August 3, 2011

As we continue the resurgence of Open Mic, I have put together a few small articles that I found interesting. I am, for the record, attempting to post more often each week. Although, as it is for many, I find myself often with very little time to research and write the way that I would like. But what I do here at SUFA I do because I have a passion for writing and an equal passion for following the world of politics. What I need is a machine that can take what I think and immediately put ink to paper for me (or fingers to keyboard, as it may be). I find myself wanting to write, but simply running out of hours in the day with which to do so. So instead I find that I see a topic and try to find a minute to throw the link into a draft for open mic and hope that I get time later to address it. As a result, here are a few topics I found interesting in the last week…
Communism, Drug Laws, and Iran’s Freefall Headline Open Mic

Angst Against the Tea Party

On Friday, I was working the afternoon away when a co-worker popped into my office and asked a question (work related). I gave him the answer he needed and he then asked if I have been following the debt ceiling debates and madness that is going on in Washington DC. “A little,” I answered with a slight smirk, as I didn’t want to get into a political debate in the workplace. But he pressed on. “These Tea Party people are ruining the country. They are roadblocking getting a bill passed by refusing to agree with either party. Our economy is going to go into the shitter all because of them!” Oh my. What to do? Put him in his place? Say nothing and let another ignorant soul wander the earth? Those who know me well enough know that I had no choice, really. I had to say something…
Of Course… This is the Tea Party’s Fault

Some Second Thoughts

I took note to some of the comments yesterday that some took great offense to the fact that I front-load my arguments and have negative things to say up front about some entities. As a result, I went back and read over my articles of the last several months. I can admit that I have become a bit more combative over the last year. Perhaps that should change. Perhaps not. I will have to ponder it a bit before I decide. But I do want to address a few things that will, I hope, help those of you who take so much offense to my words put things in their proper perspective. Maybe it won’t. I acknowledge that there is a chance I am talking to walls who will see the wrong in other’s statements but never their own.
Some Thoughts and Retractions

Entering the “Green Zone”; Leaving Reality

Many months ago I saw the trailers for the Matt Damon film, “Green Zone.” Just seeing the trailers was enough for me to see that it appeared to be an anti-American movie, so I decided that I wasn’t going to go give my hard earned money at the theater to watch it, despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed Damon and director Paul Greenglass’s previous Bourne movies. This afternoon, I was flipping through channels and found the movie starting on one of the premium movie channels. I figured if I didn’t have to pay for it, and thus risk giving money to a director who may be trashing America, I might as well give the movie a try. So I watched it. Exactly as I had figured, it was an anti-American movie from start to finish.
How Hollywood is Helping to Ruin America

Open Mic for Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcoming back open mic was quite a wise suggestion to me a week or so ago. When we eliminated the open mic we were under the premise that we would have several authors presenting regular articles and that would fill up our days each week. As we have found, getting regular contributions to SUFA isn’t as easy as one might think. Not that I hold any ill will towards those who intended to contribute weekly. Of all people, I know full well how hard it is to find time to write in depth articles with some research and facts. Far too often over the last year, I have been forced to fall back on writing opinion pieces that were long on rant and short on research. When I didn’t have time to research, I resorted to offering what was on my mind. That will continue, although I will continue to attempt to add researched topics whenever I can.
I Answer Comments to Start Open Mic

Font Change

I apologize for the font change that happened this morning. I didn’t realize that it would make the font so small. I have adjusted the font size while maintaining the style. For those that were having trouble reading it earlier today, let me know if this works any better. If not, I will try something else.

Don’t Fear Default… Goose and Gander at a National Level

This weekend was a “road trip” weekend for me and my lovely wife. A trip back to my hometown, which also included a detour to Hershey Park so that Mrs. Weapon could experience the wonderful world of chocolate for the first time. What Mecca is to Muslims, Hershey is to 52% of the US population. On the ride north, I listened to a minimal amount of news, instead opting for some music that the USWeapon clan could sing along with on the drive. But I did listen to about an hour of talk radio coverage of the debt ceiling discussions happening in Washington DC. As a result, SUFA gets this article because I am tired of hearing all the bull dookey around the topic.
The Time Has Come for a Reality Check

A Free Market This is Not…

The time has come for us to stop with the constant bashing of the concept of a free market by using the current status of the United States market as an example of its failings. While I will freely admit that the US market is one of the more free markets in the world (#5 according to the study shared the other day), to claim that this is a free market is naive at best and reprehensibly dishonest at worst. The reality is that the inequity in America, the faults of the American markets, and the examples thrown up as “proof” of free-market failure all have a single thing in common…
Stop Relying on a Lie as your Proof

Open Mic Returns… July 7, 2011

I hadn’t intended on returning the open mic format so quickly. I was thinking in another couple of weeks. However, tonight I didn’t have time to write and there weren’t any articles ready to go from me or the other authors at SUFA, so I figured it was as good a time as any to at least bring the concept back into the picture. While I won’t be adding any topics up front this morning, I will attempt to find time to add some throughout the day on Thursday, unless of course work explodes into madness, which has happened a lot lately. If nothing else, you all get a fresh thread to continue conversations on as the previous one was starting to gather some length.
The Return of a SUFA Classic

SUFA Officially Endorses Jack Bauer

I was running through the news this afternoon, just wondering what it was that I was going to write a short article about. Tons of topics available, but most of them were going to take more time than I had available to work on an article. I saw a particular story and chuckled to myself that what I read wasn’t really “news” so much as it was “business as usual.” The article was chronicling the news that, and I know this will stun many of you into wandering the streets and muttering “there’s no place like home”, the nation’s largest teacher’s union has officially endorsed Barack Obama in his bid for President in 2012. First, isn’t it a little early to be endorsing a candidate? And second, does an endorsement actually mean anything anymore?
Does Anyone Rely on Endorsements to Choose for Them Any Longer?

Voter Fraud is Acceptable… and Necessary

Here in North Carolina, our resident VETO machine, Governor Beverly Perdue (yes those Perdue’s), has been on a bit of tear lately. It seems that since the North Carolina legislature took a decidedly GOP turn in the last election, the staunchly Democratic Perdue has found that her only recourse against laws that the Democrat party deems unacceptable is to VETO them and then pray the Republicans don’t have the votes to overturn. There were a couple more Perdue VETO’s last week, but one in particular caught my eye and, in my opinion, show that the Democratic machine prefers that the election system remains open to fraud and illegal voting. It is apparent that the success of the Chicago machine had a dramatic effect on the party of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and of course, Perdue.
From ACORN to Chicago, Voter Fraud is a Democrat Tradition

A Little Voting Help Needed

Good Morning SUFA. I am requesting a little bit of voting help from all of you this morning. Many of our long-time readers are very well acquainted with Rani Merryman, one of my best friends since we were kids. Rani ran for office last year and, after a sucker punch from the GOP, barely lost her election campaign. Most of you were not eligible to cast your vote for her. But this time you are all eligible to cast a vote in a different type of contest. Rani’s sister, Sean Bockstie, is a really amazing singer whom I have had the pleasure of listening to for several decades now. Sean is singing in a contest and needs our votes to catapult her to victory.
Please Go and Vote for Sean in the Contest

Technically, We Are Legal Ass Clowns

The last week or so has seen a growing call for the President to withdraw participation in the conflict in Libya. These calls, which I certainly echo given my “defensive only” posture on the use of our military forces, are currently being based on the fact that Obama did not seek or receive Congressional approval to conduct this particular military action. Well, in the official answer from the White House this week, we were told that, TECHNICALLY, he doesn’t need Congressional approval for what is happening in Libya. His reasoning is that the war in Libya is too small to require Congressional approval and that United Nations has approved the action anyway.
Enough With the War Actions

STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Pictures Here

Poor Judgement is a Punishable Offense

I saw the other day that some of the SUFA regulars wanted to comment on the Anthony Weiner situation. Someone asked me for my thoughts. So I will offer them in this article, but I imagine that the title above already clues you in to what my position is on what Weiner is guilty of and what I think should be done about it. I will come right out and say that I absolutely believe that Anthony Weiner should be removed from office immediately. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I am sure at least two of our resident antagonists will claim I only feel that way because he is a Democrat. So you two can shut your pie holes up front on that aspect. I feel that way because he is a dirtbag…
It’s Great When a Total Dick Gets Caught Showing His

It’s Not Doom and Gloom… It’s Reality

I read the thoughts the other night from one of the long-time participants here at SUFA. They expressed that they don’t often come here any longer and that they probably won’t in the future because, in their opinion, they are not missing anything by not coming to SUFA. I can understand that. SUFA certainly isn’t for everyone. It requires that you at least attempt to set aside your personal dogmas and try to see different points of view. Certainly there are different levels of ability to do so, but that just adds to the charm. What I think makes SUFA great is that most of the people who are on here are at least willing to consider the different perspectives and address them individually (despite the fact that Charlie for some odd reason has fallen into the belief that BF and I share the same perspectives, which is really, really not accurate).
I Love This Country but Refuse to Stick My Head in the Sand

Crushing the Second Amendment

One small incident at a time. I was reading through the news today and stumbled upon a story about a man in Philadelphia that found out first hand that obeying the law isn’t good enough when dealing with the government representatives that we call the “police department”. The story struck me, but not because of the way that the man was, and continues to be, treated by the police officers. No, the story instead struck me because of the stance that the police department has taken in the months since the incident. They not only blatantly refuse to apologize for the way this man was treated, they have gone a step further. They issued a warning that anyone who undertakes a specific legal activity “will be inconvenienced” by the police officers going forward.  A prime example of government trampling our rights yet again.
You WILL NOT Freely Obey the Law

But I Killed Bin Laden!

Despite my inability to write regularly lately, I have continued to read along as best I can and to interject comments wherever I found the inclination. One of the things that I read repeatedly over the last few weeks was the notion that the 2012 election is already over. It isn’t a statement that exists in a vacuum here at SUFA. It can be found across the lame-stream media as well. The idea that because Bin Laden was executed on his watch, Barack Obama is unbeatable in 2012. This notion is not well founded, and is in fact ridiculous. The reality is that the only one who can get elected based on killing Bin Laden are members of SEAL Team 6 that went in to that compound and double-tapped that assclown in the cranium. Tonight I offer a short article on why I think that Bin Laden will hardly play into the decisions made by the people in November of 2012.
Obama Has Already Won in 2012? Oy Vey indeed

NOT Turning the Other Cheek… Run 2

USW Note: This article was run back a few weeks ago and happened to have the bad luck to have run on the morning the Bin Laden story hit the news. As a result, LOI’s hard work didn’t really get a fair chance to be discussed. Several people noted in the comments that they would like to see it run again later, and LOI also has a part two that this sets up. So here we have it again, so that it can get the spotlight it deserves…

The Colonel has shared his insights and information on Texas border violence.  I don’t mean to stray into his territory except to note that when someone shoots at Texans, they tend to shoot back.  When an armed helicopter enters Texas airspace (1), their response is to have ready sixteen armed helicopters.(2)  Brings to mind the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas”.

LOI’s delayed too long article (USW’s fault)

Guest Commentary – Truth’s Paladin

A great day for all of us today as we have a guest commentary offered by a writer who has not given us a guest commentary in the past. Black Order contacted me about doing this piece a few weeks ago. He had an idea about featuring a person who has had an impact in many ways on our government. After reading up on her, I was really excited about bringing her story to the readers at SUFA. I contacted her and we discussed the article posting. She has taken the time to come over to SUFA and read along a bit and was impressed with the discussions that come from our articles. She has agreed to do her best to stop by over the next two days and answer any questions and add to the discussion. So without any further intro madness from me, I am pleased to turn the floor over to Black Order who will introduce us to someone who deserves our support, and who I hope will one day have to change the tagline of her post to “Home of the Irate Majority
Black Order Introduces SUFA to an Amazing Woman

Nothing New tonight

I apologize to all but I am unable to access the internet this evening. I am able to post this via my iphone app for wordpress, but I am sure not going to type out a whole article on my phone and I cannot access the drafts that are out there. So thank Time Warner Cable for being the unreliable jerk-offs that they are. I will post something as soon as I am able.

Capitalism… Day Two

I have to tell you all how disappointed I was to not have time to participate in the discussions around the “Capitalism vs. Communism” article last week. Work intervened and I have failed over the last few weeks to maintain that work/life balance thing they way I should. But today I offer article number two around the idea of capitalism and do so with a caveat. I promised a short article that explained where I think capitalism falls short. And that is what I will offer. At the same time, in the comments below, I will try to offer some answers and replies to the comments from the previous article. There were some good points made, and there were also some ridiculous points made. I will attempt to offer what I can to both. So first, A few thoughts from me around where capitalism is falling short.
Click Here to Read More

Capitalism v Communism

In having some discussions with people over the last few days it has blossomed in my mind the idea that many of those who so vehemently lambast capitalism have no understanding what capitalism actually is. As a result they attack and attack using examples and historical incidents as justification for ending capitalism when those examples are no such justification. So I feel like I have to write this article to clarify that point, to help those who are floundering with those conversations gain some understanding of what my belief is in capitalism. Further it will help those who attack it understand why I refuse to accept the idea that some form of communism/socialism/fascism because it is not only immoral, but is also far worse for any people who aspire to live free.
Why One is the Choice of the Free While the Other leads to Slavery

Guest Commentary – EPA Budget Cuts Needed

Tonight I offer a guest commentary, something that we haven’t had since we started having regular contributors to the Stand Up For America dialogue. For the record, I am still interested in guest commentary pieces from all of you who read here but don’t have time to be a regular contributor. Guest commentaries are the best way for me to give a voice to those who haven’t built an audience that allows them to get their message out. Tonight’s commentary on the Environmental Protection Agency is provided by Scott Portman. Scott has written articles for a few sites out there and wanted to contribute the following to the dialogue here at SUFA. Thursday morning should feature the article that I have been working on and then I believe I only have one other completed article from the regular contributors, so send in your guest commentaries now!
Scott Portman on the EPA

If Not Now…. When?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I watched the countdown to the potential government shutdown last week with a jaded eye. I can touch on what I wanted to happen in a bit, but what I was watching for was to see how much further we would watch the talking heads go in demonizing their opponents and using emotional rhetoric to sway public opinion. I must say, I was not disappointed. As was true with every major policy debate in the political spectrum over the last few years, each side spouted more nonsense than could be fathomed. It’s just proof to all of you: When you set the proper expectations for those in the political landscape, they are very capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations. And BF has the audacity to say that politicians can’t meet our expectations…
There is No Good Time to Fix Things