Super Bowl Weekend

This weekend has a little bit for everyone.  On Sunday we have Super Bowl 47.  The collision of the coasts has the AFC Baltimore Ravens taking on the NFC San Francisco 49ers.  To top it off, the respective head coaches are brothers!  That is a first in the NFL’s  history.  I’ll pass on my predictions below.  Some folks, however, don’t follow football.  On Saturday, they get to enjoy waking up long before dawn to watch a groundhog determine how the rest of winter is going to play out.  You see, if the little rodent sees his shadow, we up here in the North get 6 more weeks of winter.  This is but one reason why we shoot these varmints when we see them.  This little rodent, known as Punksetawny Phil, will arise with much fanfare and anticipation on Saturday morning to pass on his normal bad news.

These times will be a nice break from all the doom and gloom of politics, the economy, and the off the wall stuff that all of that brings us.   Good Luck to the Super Bowl teams.  Enjoy Groundhog Day (would someone shoot that critter already).  But most of all, be safe out there.  It’s a dangerous world full of cops, politicians and woodchucks.
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Tuesday Night Open Mic for February 23, 2010

We come to open mic not a moment too soon! It seems the topics the last few days have lit a fire behind some people and the discussions have been great. There are obviously some fundamental differences in the starting points for different folks in the conversations. I hope that in the future we have the opportunity to discuss those starting points specifically, rather than lightly flushing them out in order to make a point on something else. For example, the taxes are or aren’t theft discussion is one that I will write about soon and we can have a whole day dedicated to that debate. Should be interesting. For the upcoming few articles I have some plans. Now that I can see Mathius is back among us, I will finish the answer to his post as promised. I will also be starting the series I have been promising. My thought is Thursday night for the Mathius article, unless a guest commentary article shows up in my inbox. And then Sunday night for the beginning of the series. For open mic tonight, I am posting fewer topics initially, simply due to time constraints. So there will only be two to start. But I will add others as time permits. Perhaps not until Wednesday afternoon.
Open Mic

What of the Global Currency Conspiracy?

International Monetary FundI have to admit that there have often bee things that I want to bring up on this site that I have chosen to not touch with a ten foot pole. There are things I want to discuss, but I am not a conspiracy theorist. Some examples would be the President’s citizenship and the “One World Government” stuff. I find the ideas interesting. I don’t know that they have merit. I really don’t. I have not spent ample time researching Obama’s citizenship status. I have also not spent ample time researching the one world government stuff. So I don’t know how valid the arguments are for or against either conspiracy theory. But I am afraid that even bringing them up would render this site as filled with conspiracy nuts rather than intelligent folks trying to get a grasp on the truth today. Yet I find that I want to discuss them, because I want to become more informed. So for now I offer this little foray into conspiracy theories.
Wacky Conspiracy Theory or Legit Concern?

Not Politics Tonight… Easing Back Into the Fray

alaska_flagWhew…. I have to say that I have missed being able to interact on the site. Paying 75 cents a minute is simply not possible when the Tuesday night post ends up with close to 900 comments! But I am back from my excursion to the Great White Northwest. It was a beautiful and restful trip. Rather than jumping right into the politics this evening I figured I would share a bit of my trip with all of you. I am hoping that no one finds it too boring that I do so. For those that are not interested in hearing about my trip or seeing any of the pictures that I took, I understand. Fear not, tomorrow we go back to our regularly scheduled programming and discussing politics. But for tonight, I ease back into the everyday writing practice of the blog. So what has kept me from my wonderful readers these last ten days or so? Alaska and Canada, my friends. And I wish I didn’t have to come back from up there….
Our Trip and Some Great Pictures

More Levity… The Money Hole

One of the sites on my blogroll posted this video that apparently comes from YouTube. I watched it and couldn’t stop laughing. So I figured that you would all enjoy the video. It is only a couple of minutes long and points directly to the madness that is going on in Washington today…

You can find the video here: YouTube – Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

The Importance of a Light Bulb

congressman-ted-poeAnother bit of levity here as that is needed every now and then lest we all go insane debating government. A friend of mine shared this with me the other night. The video is hysterical and there is a link to it at the bottom for those that want to watch it as opposed to reading the transcript here. It seems that Representative Ted Poe from Texas has an issue with government putting their hands into everything, especially the federally mandated dependence on foreign lighting. As I have said, he is becoming my favorite Congressman for a reason. It is well worth watching just for his rant. But if you choose to watch, watch the whole 5 minutes.
Reducing America’s Dependence on Foreign Illumination

A Quick Thanks

I don’t want to take a lot of time from all of you. I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site and adding their thoughts or even just perusing my random thoughts. I especially wanted to thank everyone who is passing the site on to friends. As some of you may have seen recently, I have reached a few milestones I set for myself, and I reached them far earlier than I expected. We have had over 1,000 comments on the site (over 1400 if you count the deleted ones!) and we have had over 10,000 page views! Both were big milestones to me and both were accomplished in less than 3 months. So a heartfelt thanks to every single one of you for helping me accomplish these goals. I hope that interest continues to accelerate, so keep telling all your friends! And don’t forget to leave me comments on what I can do to make the site better! Thank you again!

The State of the Modern Shopper

I must admit that is difficult to keep up with a blog every single day. But with the growing number of readers I find myself feeling the need to provide new content daily. Not that I am complaining, I love that so many are coming to read and discuss political issues. However today I have not had time to do any research and thus cannot contribute coherent political dialogue. But I wanted to give you all something to read and discuss and this issue is one I face daily….
Let’s Talk About Asshole Shoppers