The Party of Hate


76.5 Over/Under

The weekend is here and Chicagoans will be shooting each other again.  The number is for the number of shooting victims, not deaths.  I’m going with the over.  Black lives matter so much that they have made it easier to kill each other.  The LEFT are making this country a dangerous shithole in the places they control.  One wonders if Civil War hasn’t already started.

OIP (4)

OIP (3)

Happy Birthday America

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The Party of Chaos

Garage Pulls and Political Polls

Why Don’t Liberals Ask……

What theory of governance encourages the banning and burning of books, coerces agreement with its central tenets, practices revisionist history, perfects virtue-signaling, disparages dissenting opinion, invents social constructs to minimize speech, indoctrinates gullible students, revels in civil disobedience, holds idealistic appeal for young people, specializes in utopian platitudes and never, to be charitable, quite works?

Where is the Systemic racism always taking place that we claim to be so prevalent?

If black lives matter, shouldn’t there be protests in Chicago every day of the year?

Why is the Liberal media outlets so dishonest?

If we demand all refences to minorities from all freely sold products be removed, who does that leave as faces of the products?


Cancel Culture Cowards



Pathetic Pandering

Blacklash: Anger At Democrats For Cringe Kneeling In African Garb


What happened to the Covid Lockdown?

coronavirus_lockdown__nem_L6iQkheMore glaring hypocrisy or outright lies?  Were the Covid lockdowns necessary?  Well, just last month they were.  Beaches were closed.  Churches were closed.  Business’s were closed.  In many of these closed areas, they have not been reopened yet, but apparently the Right to protest is more important than spreading a deadly virus.  You can protest, but don’t dare go to church yet.  You can protest, but don’t open your business yet.  What the Fu…….  However, the best part of this has yet to come.  What if there are no virus spikes in high protest areas?  What if it’s a massive spike?  The Crats are in a no win situation where they have kept things closed, like NYC.  If there is NO spike, they killed the economy by over reacting.  If there is a massive spike, they failed to protect the citizens (which they have done anyway).  It wasn’t long ago the Liberal media was claiming Trump wanted to kill people by moving the RNC Convention and having it.  Oh the karma that is coming.

The Message Is Lost

I don’t know a single decent person who liked what happened to George Floyd.  What could have been a unifying message to all police has been lost.  The losers and dregs of society came out like cockroaches and acted like idiots, looting, burning, destroying business’s that had nothing to do with George Floyd or the cops.  Let’s remember, this didn’t start recently.  The Black Lives Matter Group are several years old.  This could get worse before it gets better.  Kent State 2020 may be coming.


Legacy in Flames

No Honesty From Obama Administartion

Sadly, the Left has no integrity.  The Crats and the Liberal media has destroyed any that they had.  As the numbers grow, people who don’t believe them are going to demand answers.  If Crats want to stay shut down, there will be violence.  Prediction:  Crats want to stay closed.  Prediction:  It won’t happen, most of the country will be open by Memorial Day, regardless of what the governors say.  Stay tuned, more fun coming!

Time For A Warning

meatI’ve been exploring many issues lately, one being the impending shortage of beef, pork and chicken.  This is real and going to explode very soon, as in, empty coolers at stores.  This will have a huge impact in the cities and suburbs.  This isn’t fear mongering, because most people can live without meat, but don’t think for a minute that panic will not explode (see the toilet paper issue).  When a Hamburger Helper meal costs in excess of 15 bucks, people will be very nervous.  This will also hit fast food hard, more closures coming.  It’s not a lack of supply as many animals are being euthanized, as in the millions.  The restaurant industry will also get crushed, even with the reopening occurring.  What I’m worried about is that only meat packing plants are being talked about.  Why not the other packing plants?  Hopefully this will be very short lived.  You have been warned.



Hostage Politics

Abuse of Power

“The presence of a nasty disease does not suspend any part of the Bill of Rights, no matter what some municipal, state or even federal politician may think.”

This should be especially true during times like these.  Let’s look at a few:

OIPZAWEL76NThe mayor of Champaign, Illinois, signed an executive order declaring the power to ban the sale of guns and alcohol and cut off gas, water, or electricity to any citizen. The governor of Ohio just essentially closed his entire state.
The Mayor of New Orleans signed a couple of emergency orders that can restrict the sale or transportation of alcohol and firearms.

Democratic Mayor of Greenville Miss, Errick Simmons issued an executive order Tuesday that all church buildings are to be closed for both in-person and drive-in services — and that the Temple Baptist parking lot service was in direct defiance of that order, the Democrat-Times reported.

These are just some of the nonsense that some people in power do when they can’t let a crisis go to waste.  This isn’t just a Liberal issue either.  These politicians (and the cops that enforce these illegal orders) need to be exposed and removed from their jobs..FOREVER.

What Will Be Learned

A Big Warning



Five More Weeks

Isn’t it amazing how such a small thing that can only be seen in a microscope is doing so much damage to the entire Planet?  Kind of makes all those Nuclear bomb exercises back in the 50’s and 60’s look silly.  But, here we are, slaves to a virus.  I wonder how long folks will conform before they just quit?  Now for some humor:  If Trump cancels the November election, will psych wards have to have field hospitals to handle the aftermath?  Could you imagine the Liberal media?  Just a thought  😛

A Worse Virus, Socialism

The Toilet Paper Fetish

One of the oddest things to take place due to the pandemic is the hoarding of Toilet Paper.  One would think this virus causes some major diarrhea the way people are buying it up.  I’ve seen videos and pictures of people leaving stores with nothing but toilet paper.  I mean, what the hell people, we all have to poop Ya know.  Subscribe to the NY Times and give the rest of us some solace knowing we can sit on our throne, read our Reader’s Digest and feel clean and fresh when we are done.  Geez Louise.

Anyway, times are sure changing.  Californian’s told to stay home, 14K cases now, versus a hundred just a few days ago.  Take care of yourselves, protect our elders and get ready just incase there is a major breakdown in society.  With so many young husbands and wives now actually spending so much time together, insanity and mass murder is sure to follow  😀

Meeting The Paranoids

As the country deals with the Covid-19 virus, people are starting to hit their panic buttons.  Many will be down right paranoid.  It’s going to be a problem for healthcare providers, as I saw during the Swine Flu epidemic.  Totally healthy people wanting tested will become common, interfering with those who need real help.  I’ll be watching as the panic grows, safely in the country, away from the Paranoids.

Bernie and Joe

It is starting to look like a contested convention, absent a stroke or something. 

Feel the Bern!

Will Bernie get screwed in the end?  Will his supporters riot when he does? How will Bernie pay for all his “free stuff” that he is promising?  Maybe, Yes and OIPMHXW6JN3

The Misinformed

What’s Next?

State of the Union


WASHINGTON D.C.—After completely mopping the floor with the snowflake libs on the Senate floor, the Trump administration fears that he is at high risk of drowning in a literal tidal wave of liberal tears during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

“The risk for liberal tear downpour is always high any time Trump speaks,” said climatologist Dr. Herbert Thwayne. “But under these conditions, the risk is driven up exponentially. Not only is there going to be a record amount of crying like a bunch of babies, but the melting snowflakes are going to cause a rapid rise in the sea level. It’s smart for the president to take any precautions necessary.”
For the general public, Weather scientists recommend staying indoors on Tuesday and for families located in blue states to wear life vests on Tuesday night.

Almost Over



AS usual, the Liberal media and the Crats made fools of themselves.  The Pro Gun Rally was peaceful, like previous ones, and they even cleaned up after themselves, unlike Liberals who leave a pathetic mess.  Now, it’s time for the joke called Impeachment, which is what the Crats have officially made it.  Sad time for the Constitution.

It’s Time